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Fred Meyer, Inc.
3800 SE 22ND Ave
Portland, OR 97202

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Phone Number: (503) 232-8844
Fax Number: (503) 797-5609
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CEO: Michael L. Ellis
CFO: David Deatherage
COO: Lynn Gust

Fred Meyer History

Fred G. Meyer started out selling cherries from a stand in Brooklyn, NY.  He eventually expanded to selling cleaning supplies and cereal.

Meyer opened his first permanent location in Portland, OR in 1931.  In 1951, he built a large warehouse in Portland that was torn down less than 5 years later to build the Banfield Expressway.  Warehouse operations were moved to Swan Island.

In the 1960s, the company acquired Marketime Drugs and The Roundup Company.  Marketime expanded their territory to Seattle, WA.  The company was operating in 4 states by 1968.

Fred Meyer died in 1978 at the age of 92.  In 1982, the company was purchased by private equity firm KKR.

The company continued to expand and acquired other companies in the 80s and 90s.

In 1999, Fred Meyer merged with the Kroger Corporation.

There are currently over 130 Fred Meyer stores in the US.  The Fred Meyer corporate office is still located in Portland, Oregon.

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Paul Ehrlich September 21, 2015 at 12:11 am

To top management, marketing, and sales:

I am a retired marketing communications and PR consultant. I watch how people react to marketing ideas and I know when they are and are not working.

This past week, your Oregon City store began a promotion that uses loudspeaker announcements to call shoppers’ attention to one or more new promotional efforts. The announcements are loud and very intrusive on the shopping experience. I don’t listen to the announcements. I just want them to stop…NOW.

I have watched other shoppers cringe at the noise of the announcements. Like me, everyone else seems to wish it would just go away. No matter how slowly or clearly the announcer tries to speak, it is barely understandable and we do not care. When I was speaking to my wife on my cell phone, she could not hear me due to the background noise that she found obnoxious as well.

I love shopping at the Oregon City store. I sometimes shop for clothing items or hardware or garden supplies. And my wife and I buy most of our groceries there. And I buy gas for my pickup at your gas pumps.

BUT – I will not tolerate the loudspeaker announcements. I’m not looking for the Kmart shopping experience – I avoided Kmart like the plague, partly due to their constant obnoxious announcements. Their “blue light specials” could not save them and I doubt that a similar strategy will improve sales at Fred Meyer.

When I talked to your store managers about the noise, they said many people had voiced similar complaints and suggested I fill out a comment form. But they also said that they have no control over that kind of promotion – that it is a corporate decision. So, I’m appealing to you to stop that promotional strategy.

If you want to call attention to a particular promotion, station an employee or two in strategic locations and have them talk to shoppers directly to let them know when and where to find a demonstration or promotion. Place the promotion in the most visible place to make the most shoppers aware of it.

But above all. Turn off that horrible noise to which no one listens and everyone wants to just end.


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