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Fred Meyer, Inc.
3800 SE 22ND Ave
Portland, OR 97202

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Phone Number: (503) 232-8844
Fax Number: (503) 797-5609
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Fred Meyer Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Fred Meyer Executives

CEO: Michael L. Ellis
CFO: David Deatherage
COO: Lynn Gust

Fred Meyer History

Fred G. Meyer started out selling cherries from a stand in Brooklyn, NY.  He eventually expanded to selling cleaning supplies and cereal.

Meyer opened his first permanent location in Portland, OR in 1931.  In 1951, he built a large warehouse in Portland that was torn down less than 5 years later to build the Banfield Expressway.  Warehouse operations were moved to Swan Island.

In the 1960s, the company acquired Marketime Drugs and The Roundup Company.  Marketime expanded their territory to Seattle, WA.  The company was operating in 4 states by 1968.

Fred Meyer died in 1978 at the age of 92.  In 1982, the company was purchased by private equity firm KKR.

The company continued to expand and acquired other companies in the 80s and 90s.

In 1999, Fred Meyer merged with the Kroger Corporation.

There are currently over 130 Fred Meyer stores in the US.  The Fred Meyer corporate office is still located in Portland, Oregon.

Fred Meyer FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Fred Meyer?
Answer 1: The phone number for Fred Meyer is (503) 232-8844.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Fred Meyer?
Answer 2: The CEO of Fred Meyer is Michael L. Ellis.

Question 3: Who founded Fred Meyer?
Answer 3: Fred Meyer was founded by in .

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Karen November 20, 2019 at 6:10 pm

Fred Meyers on Debarr in Anchorage, AK
Tues 11.19.19 I went in to buy a small amount of apples – I normally use my debit card and get small amounts of cash back – since AK USA Credit Union is right there… I used my debit card and a small screen popped up that said to use Debit card to get cashed back it was going to charge me $.50 — I immediately looked up at the cashier and verified – she agreed that to get cash back it would cost $.50 for the amount I was requesting… I said this is dumb – I will just run my card for the amount of my apples – at which point she said… “if you use your debit card it will still cost you $.50″… I replied, “Fine I will not be back then… you can have your apples!” and I walked out….
Since this point I have connect that manager — she was the one that was cashiering last night… she took no responsibly in her action…. said I guess we both had a misunderstanding….
I feel that this new policy from last month is not a legal policy since my bank does not charge me to use the debit card…. why is Fred Meyers making a profit?
Since this point – I have talked to several people that use to be loyal Fred Meyers Customers that have begun to shop at other stores like Carrs and Walmart – just so they can use there debit card as the debit card was intended.


Tracy Morgan November 10, 2019 at 7:30 pm

I am writing to complain about my local Fred Meyer stores in Fairbanks Alaska. I have quit going entirely to the West Fred Meyers. I used to drive across town in order to shop there. I have called corporate and been treated pretty rudely by people of the phone. I had called because so many items I used to buy are no longer on the shelves. I cannot eat soy in any form and there are very few items which don’t contain soy. (Check the ingredients, about 95% have soy of some kind in them!) I was told they didn’t have a clue why those particular items weren’t sold anymore and look somewhere else for them. It is Alaska, we don’t have very many options to shop. I stopped going to the West Fred Meyers because all at once they went from having cashiers to help, to they want us to use self serve or tag and bag or something of that sort. One a Saturday afternoon they had only 2 cashiers!! I complained to a manager and he told me I was old and needed to get with the program! I have also noticed even though the customers are doing the work now the prices just keep going higher and higher. The usual excuse is transportation costs. Well oil is the lowest it has been for years and the prices keep rising. The manger said that paying cashiers cost too much. I told him I wouldn’t be back and I haven’t and I won’t even though I enjoyed shopping there and bought extra items because I was looking around. At the East Fred Meyers I have had problems as well. Items I use and want to buy are no longer available. When I talked to the customer service person about who I could talk to she told me to go on Amazon and buy it from there! We were discussing a frozen food item. I don’t suppose anything will change but I am telling you what is going on and why I do as little shopping as possible at Fred Meyers.


Ladysheets May 28, 2019 at 6:26 pm

Once again I was overcharged at Fred Meyers in Brookings Oregon. It happends a lot and today it was a 4.00 overcharge on shrimp that was advertised as on sale but I was charged the full price. I got my refund with no problem but it happens way too much. Not only to myself but our whole town is noticing it.


william mackenzie April 16, 2019 at 9:06 pm

I can’t believe Fred Meyer Jewelers has partnered with Progressive Leasing to rip off customers, particularly low-income customers who can afford the damage the least.

Have poor credit? Not to worry. Fred Meyer Jewelers will help you get what you want by leasing it through Progressive Leasing. And they’ll do it with a smile, while setting you up for a potentially exorbitant bill.

Read more: Ripoff Central: How to pay twice the retail price for jewelry at Fred Meyer…and some other stores, too.


Lisa June 27, 2019 at 8:43 am

You get a contract to how much it cost`s nobody makes you do it. Read your contract it


Lisa June 27, 2019 at 8:47 am

It is not a rip off it`s rent to own just like rent a center or things like that. Please people this is not Fred meyer jewelers fault you do not read your contract, nobody is ripping you off.


Carl February 10, 2019 at 7:54 pm

I am extremely disgusted by your Grants Pass Fred Meyer.
While I was turned on to this store by a friend and really love many of the staff and variety the store offers (as well as the rewards). This store is completely mismanaged and often rude by a select few employees while the good staff leaves.
An example of “good” staff was Brian in the meat department. One could not ask for a better person to help you with their meat selection, yet to poor management, he is now gone.
As for me and my immediate family, we all shop there (this includes adult children) and just yesterday we spent almost $200 combined. YET when I go to pick up some recyclables in the parking lot I get accosted by a rude security guard and staff manager (Jesse).
It is inconceivable how a store one does business with and one where all their bottle money goes back into would treat a customer this way (not to mention this is good for the environment, which is why we have the Oregon Bottle Bill).
Sadly this is now the 3rd event and complaints to management falls on deaf ears. So speaking with the local management is clearly NOT an option.
It is also noteworthy that no other local grocery store acts this way, not Safeway, not Albertsons, not Grocery Outlet

What is also noteworthy is that I am only in this situation because I had to go online with my business (which does not pay all the bills as my previous business once did) & move to GP so as to flee a predator that harmed my wife and daughter and now have bills for counseling to pay on as well. Believe me, I am not doing this for recreation, I am simply trying to supplement my income that simply cannot pay these bills (as well as other bills incurred)
Just as noteworthy and what is utterly disgusting is in this latest assault upon my picking up bottles, the other staff member refused to even have reasonable discussion and look at the proof I had that I was in my legal right to pick up recyclables.
So not only is this store behaving morally wrong, it is breaking the law (see quote from email below). It is not up to your staff to interpret what Constitutional rights apply to whom.
I now ask that a regional supervisor address this serious concern before I feel the need to take this public (which would be the next step as well as publishing web-blog documenting this)

Randy xxxx
to me

Show this to anyone who might give you trouble. While many are not aware of this US Supreme Court decision, this is not an excuse for said persons telling you that you cannot collect bottles in areas open to the general public.

Anyone and/or their employer that does not respect this ruling is in violation of your Constitutional rights and subject to legal action/lawsuit.
Telling a customer they cannot pick up recyclables in a public parking (even if private property as long as it is open to the public) is no different than telling an African American to go to the back of the bus. Both are a violation of your Constitutional rights.

California v. Greenwood, 486 U.S. 35 (1988).
The Court believed it to be “common knowledge” that garbage left out in receptacles in public places* is readily accessible to “animals, children, scavengers, snoops and other members of the public.”

*Legal Note:
“Receptacles in public places”, while it may include general parking access of shopping centers or similar, it does NOT include areas marked employees, staff, etc. only
As well, this constitutional right does not supersede laws such as litter laws, in other words making a mess while scavenging can be considered a violation of the law. Nor does this court decision protect an individual if they break loitering laws, impede ingress or egress of employees, patrons, etc., or if said individual acts in a manner that could endanger others around them.


Rebecca R Rouska December 13, 2018 at 10:01 pm

so sorry but your DIP fashion is so cheap looking. I do mean quality.

I still think the other clothing lines were nice and something I would buy. Edition, Laundry
and Gloria Vanderbilt. So keep those in mind the DIP is exactly as it sounds a Dip and nothing more. Keep in mind customers are always right even if u think they are wrong.
We buy the product!!


jody Bennett December 10, 2018 at 12:58 pm

I had worked at the Chinden Glenwood store for 11 years in the Deli.. We always had some thing out by 7 a.m. I still go in there to shop but the Deli only has 4 items out. It is usually 10 a.m. or later when I go in and they still don’t have every thing out. I was in there today at 10:20 and wanted Burritos. I was told not until 11:00. I then told them they should have more items out early. Chicken is not a Breakfast item. Burrito, snack stix and JoJo are a Breakfast and lunch or dinner items. Chicken is Lunch or Dinner only. You also need to start your Breakfast items again. I have made many complaints to the store Manager and nothing get done. Your Deli Manager is so rude. Guess it is time to shop somewhere else.


Celeste Vigil October 19, 2018 at 1:39 pm

I live in small town with just a Walmart and Fred Meyer (not even a super Fred Meyer); the store has carried the best Fruit Medley salad and mini Naan bread. They discontinued these items. The Fruit Medley they said was do to “astetic” reasons. Looks, really, and they said it was due to an outside vendor. It was a popular item and sold out, why discontinue. I’m mad!


Vicki Cantlon September 26, 2018 at 10:04 pm

I used to buy your Kroger vitamin enhanced water, Campbell’s split pea itch bacon soup, and John Frieda Radient Red shampoo and Conditioner from my Freddy’s on W. Overland Road in Boise. You have discontinued all three. Can I get a special order from the store or are you forcing me to go to Albertsons? Please let me know soon as I need all three.


Rebecca R Rouska September 20, 2018 at 12:37 am

As a customer who shops quite often between two stores.
Fred Meyer at 14700 SE Division 97236 and 1111 NE 102nd Ave portland, oregon
I am very disappointed with the change of the apparel departments of both stores.
It looks bare and only one line of clothing to buy which is to loud for me.
You have taken away some great brands such as Limited Edition and Laundry and Gloria vanderbuilt. I felt like I was walking into a show case instead of a clothing store. Who ever put this together was not thinking of a little variety. I love the round racks and choices now I see NONE. Nothing for the BABY BOOMERS at all. Another customer said the same thing. I would prefer to shop now at JC Penny’s now a lot of quality and variety and even Walmart although their quality is not the best
Take a second look at this apparel section ad spruce it up with lower tones and more variety.
Your shoe section is great though


Sandy turner August 25, 2018 at 10:38 pm

We are so disappointed in the Coos Bay store. Supposedly some changes are being made but it has been 6 months and nothing is improving. We spend hundreds of dollars there and will no longer be shoppers there. The store is virtually empty, several of our favorite products are no longer carried and the employees are ruder every time we go. We supported Fred Meyer because it was northwest owned and operated but will no longer shop there because they can’t get their act together.


Al July 28, 2018 at 3:43 pm

drugstore Dept: Please Stop Carrying KVK TECH Medications. This particular brand has complaint after complaint stating their medications are under-dosed, ineffective and are making people ill. Why is this the ONLY brand of Oxycodone medication you will carry??? A legit U.S. drugstore should Not be carrying a Fake ineffective brand of medication. KVK TECH is corrupt and under-dosing their medication and then selling to pharmacies extremely cheap. The last bottle I received smelled had a terrible weird smell and was so ineffective & under dosed I spent an entire month sick as I could not return the medication. I almost had to go to the E.R. The pharmacists should have returned all of it based on the smell alone…How is this being allowed to be passed off to customers. This is completley unacceptable to receive this pure garbage from a legitimate drugstore. Please start carrying a more reputable brand such as Mallinkrodt or Actavis. I would much rather pay more for a medication that works than to receive this KVK TECH brand of garbage leaving me sick & in severe uncontrolled pain all month. Im sick & tired of getting this garbage. Look online at the thousands of complaints against KVK TECH!!!


Bonnie May 24, 2018 at 5:29 pm

Fred Meyer does not give a crap about their customers! I am elderly and was so disrespected at BattleGround Fred Myers. She humiliated me and embarrassed me in front of other employees and customers. I will never ever go back. Oh it is Fred Meyer’s policy not to apologize to their customers ! Bonnie Kunkel


SALVADOR HERNANDEZ October 3, 2017 at 6:18 pm

Please do something about your Salmon Creek store. There has been a gradual decline of customer service by employees, especially the Deli and Bakery.
Hot food is not being replenished, and when asked when there’ll be more employees just shrug their shoulders. The work area has become pretty cluttered and disorganized.
Over a year, hot french bread has become extinct, except for very few pieces made 1 or 2 times on weekday afternoons and never on weekends.
Thank God for Walmart; they have french bread ALWAYS and at 99 cents. But I’d rather shop in my neighborhood store.


Karen Budak September 28, 2017 at 6:30 pm

I want our Chocolate Yoplaits back on the shelves! That is ridiculous to discontinue something that everyone loves! What in the hell is going on with the Management of Fred Meyers! The place started down hill about 2 years ago and has proceeded downward since! We live on the coast and count on Fred Meyer as our one and only big Grocery Store! I want our prices back as well, you are overpricing much of your goods which is something us retirees on retiree budgets can not afford! Brookings is made up of Retirees!


Karen Budak September 28, 2017 at 6:17 pm

I cannot believe how prices are going up and in some cases exorbitantly! We have been here over 10 years on a very low income and was able to afford shopping at Fred Meyer but as time has gone by, it has become less and less food we are able to get on our budget! Like yesterday we went in to buy a few things like our Bacon that we have bought for the entire time at @ $9 – 10 dollars and yesterday it was almost $22.00!!!!! That is unreal! Your Killing us! A lot of Seniors and retired Veterans live here in Brookings and count on our local Grocery Store for their food but it is becoming less and less food for the buck and soon at this rate we will not be able to afford to make it through the mouth! Also, things that we buy on a regular basis is becoming less and less available for one reason or another! This is very scary to us, we have to eat like any other Human so lets try not to out price what we can afford!


Bari September 10, 2017 at 7:07 pm

The local Fred Myer Palmer AK is unbelievable they must be making a fortune from shoppers who are not aware of this stores tactics which have been going on for months even after complaints filed. There is a shelf price and apparently a register price which is always higher and by the way this is not the local sales tax. One purchases an item at one shelf price then at the checkout the same item jumps up in price, anywhere up to one dollar .One challenges the cash register price and told that they have no clue how it happened. One goes to the customer service same story , they have no clue and do they do anything about this ? absolutely not they continue this underhanded practice as it continues week after week after complaining to the management.


Laura August 13, 2017 at 3:20 pm

Walker Road Fred Meyer is the worst drugstore in the world. I have used Cornelius Fred Meyer drugstore with little trouble for 5 years. Changed to the Walker road drugstore and in 6 months I have had nothing but trouble with the service and getting my prescriptions on time if at all. This drugstore is losing not only revenue but I plan to tell the world about the horrible service and no consistency of “rules”. Take your business elsewhere this store is no good.


Elephant August 12, 2017 at 4:58 am

Back in 1999 I was in Aloha, Oregon visiting a business partner. After a few mornings of asking her and wondering what the temp was outside, I had the experience of entering a Fred Meyer for the first time in my life. There I purchased her an outdoor thermometer for her patio. That night I bought it to her. She told me she had a nice one but it wasn’t mounted. She then mounted it, and requested that I return the newly purchased item. So, the following day I went into the same Fred Meyer in Beaverton, Oregon and asked for a refund. I had a pristine item and the cash receipt in perfect condition. The receipt was for 19.99, the cost of the item (no sales tax in Oregon). I was denied a refund, for not having my ID with me. I just took the item and receipt when I went to the store (besides fresh air, my only reason for going out that evening), and not my wallet, which I left in a dresser drawer. Now, I am not saying I would have shown them my ID even if I had it with me, but I didn’t have it. Needless to say, I was pissed off. The cashier who sold me the item was 20 feet away at the same register she was the night before. Remember, that was my first time EVER in a Fred Meyer. Cash receipt, pristine item, paid with cash and 24 hours later at the same store. The way they demanded my driver’s license as a way to deny the return made me boil inside. Not at all stated on ANY policy of theirs.

So now, 2017 and 18 years after that incident, my company is transferring me to Oregon. Let it be known Fred Meyer, that I will enter your establishment often. Not to purchase a damn thing, but to pay you sXXXXbags back. I will break, mutilate, destroy or otherwise make unusable any and all items in your store that I can reasonably and safely do undetected. Even if I just snap a few thermometers once or twice a week as I reach for them. Or spray paint from a palm size container onto Columbia sportswear and other higher end apparel. But oh, trust me. Just as I have taken the time to write of this incident 18 years after the fact. How I still get bent just thinking about it, my damage will go far beyond just a few thermometers and $19.99.

It’s ashamed when a company like Walmart overwhelms other stores and forces them out of business, thus killing competition. And make no mistake about it. Fred Meyer has a much higher quality of product than Walmart. But I don’t give a XXXXX. I have read much about Fred Myer over the years, and they have some really deceptive and downright larcenous practices.

I have already purchased a home in Oregon, and will probably retire there. So, possibly for decades (unless they go under sooner), Fred Meyer will suffer the financial lose I will be heaping upon them. And trust this. I can destroy far more than the biggest thief could fleece from them. My aim isn’t to profit from this, but to cost them. Like they cost others.


J December 1, 2017 at 1:22 am

Made up story. If receipt present ID not required. Lying about interaction.


Tyson August 9, 2017 at 1:08 pm

I was at the Fred Meyer on bakerview in Bellingham late last night trying to get some last second shopping done in the last few minutes before closing. I was stressed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Then i can just feel someone breathing down my neck. Sure enough there is one of your security people following me like im doing something wrong. Which yes was. Bothersome but i can deal with it because its his job. So i walk up to check out with my stuff and im trying to check my bank accounr balance. Thats when i realized my direct deposit hadnt hit yet. So i didnt have enough money which was already embarrassing enough for me. Then i hear from a group of your employess standing around one of them say “oh no now i cant steal all this stuff ” and they all laugh and are staring at me which humiliated me. I was shocked that they would act that way and say that about a customer loud enough for anyone listening to hear. It was so unprofessional and offensive. I always shop at fred meyers but after this experience i dont think i will ever return and i feel like i should share my story of how i was treated with anyone who will listen. I really hope you hold your employees to a higher standard than what they showed last night harrassing and humiliating customers


Marlyn Lewis July 29, 2017 at 7:44 pm

Hello Fred Meyer Management.
I was in your Tualatin, Oregon store last Saturday July 22, 2017 at 12:15 pm to do my weekly grocery shopping. This day I was starting in the Produce area when store announcements blared regarding “Code Adam”. I turned to a fellow shopper and asked what is this? Gentleman informed me that 3 children were separated and missing from Mom.
At this point, 2 young men (employees) from Produce sprang into action and ran to the store entrance. I assume this was their post. Kids were stopped from exiting the store and were questioned. The drill – to prevent kids from being taken by strangers.
As it turned out, these kids had wandered off in the store and were now under the watch of an older man perhaps dad or a relative. “DAD” was questioned by staff before the lost mom was reunited with the family.
Glad to have witnessed a happy ending.
Kudo’s Fred Meyer for training your staff well on how to immediately respond to missing kids.
Kudo’s to your employee’s Muhamoud & another young man and also to the young gal that responded.
Staff were attentive and professional.
Just another reason to love your Produce Department.
Marlyn Lewis
Lake Oswego


William July 13, 2017 at 7:55 am

Who buys food from unhappy disgruntal employees that dont want to be there.
That energy passes on through the food we eat and is very unhealthy for us…
then look at the majority of managment at hollywood west, rotten teeth. Do these people have a dental plan or make enough money to take care of them selves. Or is fred meyer so cheap and greedy that those are the only people willing to take such a bad job…
Fred Meyer, time to close down and shut tbe doors. The Boycott is comming


Kaye Hanno July 12, 2017 at 10:21 pm

I was grocery shopping at Kent Fred Mayer today and it was taking longer than I thought. I was checked out by Esmeralda while she was checking me out her manager came by to talk to her about what she was doing wrong she stopped checking me out to talk to the manager all he had to tell her was she was not asking for customers rewards cards when checking them out My elderly terminally ill father lives with my husband and I and I needed to get home as soon as I could as my husband had to go to work I told the cashier I was in a hurry to get home and I asked for help out I was standing there waiting for help out and even though the cashier had called for help out non one came to help me so I started out of the store and Kathy one of your employees who was one her way to the restroom was kind enough to help me out with my groceries I spent almost $200 on groceries and I feel I was treated very unprofessionally and not in a courteous manner I will not shop at Fred Mayer again. I was told that every time you shop at Fred Mayer that you are supposed to receive double fuel rewards I told the cashier that and she said it was not everyday it was only on TH FR and she did not give me the fuel rewards also when she was ringing up groceries they were ringing up for more than the price on the shelf she was arguing with me about the two different prices I had to insist that she give it to me for the price it said on the shelf I should not have to argue with the cashier when I know what the price was on the shelf


Elizabeth Chess December 14, 2017 at 8:33 am

Hello! I just was reading some of the experiences ppeople have had w/Fred Meyer Corp. so I thought I would share my story as well;… On or about 8-12-2012, I was on my way to a friends house when I stopped in at QFC(Quality Food Center), a local grocery store, to pick up some styrofoam cups for my friend. As soon as I walked into the store I found an employee, told them I was in a hurry and could they please(TAKE ME TO THE CUPS) I said it twice…Please take me to the cups, I’m in a hurryand don’t have time to hunt all over the store for the. The gal walked me down the front of 2 aisles, told me they should be at the end of this aisle but if it’s not just look around the end of cause it could be around the corner.I didn’t find them where she sent me. When I finally did find them they were on the top shelf over 6ft. high. I am 5ft 4in.I looked around to see if there was anyone that could help me but I was alone so rather than waste more time finding someone else I tried to get them myself. Something I won’t do again! I tried to reach them by standing on the bottom shelf but my hand slipped off because I put it on the deal where the price goes. Anyway, I fell, broke my wrist in 3 places and now am VERY limited w/the use of my left hand. Not to mention the amount of pain I am srill dealing with 5yrs. and 2 surgerys later. What really gets me is that the store manager had a “protocol” in place at the time.– Employees that were asked where products were, were suppose to take the customer to the product!!! But this is NOT happend. I was left alone! Their lawyer argude that , “what is a protocol anyway? We could have protocols for anything– the judge bought it! All it said to me is that if you work for Fred Meyer Corp.YOU DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES!!! i have a metal plate in my wrist now.2 surgerys,a pinched nerve- I can barely p/u a gallon of milk. I can’t french braid my hair anymore because my fingers don’t work right. I can’t cut hair because I can’t hold the hair in the fingers on my left hand. I could write a list. They Never even offered me anything for pain & sufferring. I knew I wouldn’t get rich but shoot, $150,000.00 That’s an easy tax write off!! I’m the one that has to deal with the arthiritis for the rest of my life!!! I don’t know that I’ll be doing any more shopping in the Fred Meyer establisments–Not being treate like this!!!!!


Carolyn Marian July 4, 2017 at 1:22 pm

there is a gal who works in the jewelry department at the shoreline Fred meyer. She is a very good sales person. I have made several purchases from other employees but I choose to work with her. I stopped by the jewelry counter, just to look not to buy, and a sales person approaches me. I told him I wanted to wait and work with the “my person”. He’s pushing to make a sale and wants me to step over to some other counter to try it on and I am saying “no, I will wait for “my person, she will let me try it see it!” I did not like his style, I had no intentions of making a purchase from anyone other than her. His selling tactics were very unprofessional. Then to top it off he asks me who “she” is and then advises me that he is the manager and he will write her up! I looked at him in total shock! Write her up for what? Why is a department manager saying this to a customer? I scolded him and told him he just lost out on a $2500.00 sale and left the store. How did this person get hired? I went back to the jewelry counter yesterday and told “my sales gal” the story of her backstabbing boss asking for her name so “he can write her up” and take her sale. She was kinda baffled by the whole episode since she wasn’t there to know what went on in the first place. While I am having a conversation with her and still considering purchasing, I turn around and “mr mgr” is standing about 5ft away focusing his attention on us. He is probably embarrassed because he is listening to our conversation and I called it on him. I told him he was ease dropping and to leave. He then said I called him a name and he waved his hand calling security. I told him he was a an ease dropper and a liar. i have since found out the jewelry department has had thefts as a result of showing customers jewelry and running out of the store. If this is the case, do not reprimand an employee for trying to make a sale. Other security measures need to be addressed. Move the department location, install glass doors but do not insinuate stupid threats to customers about an employee to make yourself look better. I won’t buy it.


Elissa June 28, 2017 at 7:29 pm

On June 10th, 2017 I purchased a bracelet for my daughter in law at the Fred Meyer in Renton Washington. I made a separate purchase of a ring for myself.
Monday June 12th I discovered that I had been charged for the bracelet but was charged twice for the ring $576.39. I called and started case #825604 and was told it would be 3-7 days to return the money they weren’t entitled to. Seven days later I called and they said I had to wait 7 BUSINESS DAYS. Seven BUSINESS days later I called and they said it could be up to 12 business days. Today is that day no money has been returned. I called the store (FM Renton Jewelry) and the message says they are temporarily not able to answer calls and they are working on the problem. I called the customer service line and after pushing all the buttons to get to the correct customer service person, they announce that they have too high call volumes and hang up on me. I am so pissed that I want to call the police to report the theft and also call Jesse Jones KIRO 7. This has taken up so much of my time and energy. I had to rearrange my bills so I wouldn’t bounce and now my house payment will be short if this isn’t resolved before the 30th (14th BUSINESS DAY). Thank you Fred Meyer. Please resolve this.


Gregg Teslovich June 21, 2017 at 4:41 pm

Just speaking with Taylor who suggested I contact FM about this suggestion. Having shopped at FM for decades I one day observed how 99% of customers place their items in a haphazard array of directions on the conveyer belt. Consequently half the cashiers spent time rotating bar codes downward and half rotated items upward for hand scanning. Wouldn’t it make their lives easier (job retention as well as less wrist strain) if customers took a few extra moments, while waiting, to orient their items all in one or the other direction. This would have the additional benefit of making the lines faster. How to do this without antagonizing the shopper is to place a friendly worded (perhaps with a cartoon) triangular cardboard display at the start & top of the conveyer belt.


KarlHungus November 7, 2019 at 8:27 pm

When everyone orients their barcodes the correct way then we will know communism works!


Dee Wilson June 21, 2017 at 1:10 am

I have been trying to purchase some Black Walnut Ice Cream; however, for reasons to that are not clear to me, I was informed that Black Walnut Ice Cream is not sold in any stores in my area. . However, they suggested that I contact the Customer Service Desk at Fred Meyer and request that they purchase this product. With that said, is it possible to stock the product at your Fred Meyer store in Puyallup off 176th. I would greatly appreciate your efforts. Thanks


jonathan nevius May 9, 2017 at 1:30 am

fred meyer is the worst place to work. I worked there for 6 years and my wife work there for over 12 years and they treat her so bad. they don’t care about you or your outside life they care about making money only! we have a 1 year old and they keep making my wife close 1115 and then have to drive 30 mins home. there is no day care services open until midnight, all we were asking is to have her off by 8 pm 2 days a week and still work the weekends. so she called out for 2 days because we don’t have day care open that late any where in north seattle! they have suspended her for no call no show because you have to call within 2 hrs before your shift. she called the manager and told him she was not able to work those days only if she could get off earlier. they denied the time. they also have been denying all of her vacation time that she puts in, then this last Friday she was suppose to close starting at 115 pm to 1115 pm then called us on Friday morning and said no call no show again! they had changed her schedule to 700 am on Friday. what a joke this company is and we will be seeking advice.


Amanda April 20, 2017 at 5:16 pm

Everything I have bought from Fred Meyers is crap!!!!! From clothes to tools to home goods even shoes even board games and kids toys. It falls apart! It’s all garbage your selling at explosive prices. Fred Meyers must be buying stuff at 99 cents store and jacking up the price. I bought a shirt that feel apart as I was wearing it for the very first time. I will buy from Fred Meyers again! You couldn’t pay me to spent money at your store or your bottom dollars cheap gas that destroys our cars


Woody Cortnet April 14, 2017 at 2:54 pm

On thursday april 13 I csme in to the Fred Meyer store at the Spokane Vallet Mall. There was a mistake in the ring and a certified diamond was not installed per the reciept. I layed out my rings and paperwork. After that an employee with glasses that would not identify her name started in on me. She melted down so badly that I had to call security. He calmed her down and the manager made her go onto an office to avoid any more of her mouth. She was so loud that people on the mall hallway avoided the store.
So the manager is going to install a certified diamond, and fix the deal I have been trying to repair since 11/2016. Diamonds fell out twice.
You know, stuff happens, but if you have to call tje cops on a loud, disrespectful employee, just fire her!! I did file a corporate complaint. Cameras and police reports help with the proof I will need.


Elisabeth S. February 21, 2017 at 1:50 am

I am a former employee in a Boise store. I quit. I never received pay for my last day of work and have contacted the HR twice now to find out why. She never called me back after she said she was going to and I left a message the second time but still no response. This is extremely bad business and is one of many reasons why I left. It’s a week past the 10 days according to Idaho labor laws for an employee to receive their final paycheck. I will be contacting the Dept. of Labor and the Better Business Bureau.


Lisa Pie February 18, 2017 at 10:40 pm

I am reporting a complaint with Corporate Office of Fred Meyers regarding the Fred Meyers at; 365 Renton Center Way SW. My last two visits at Fred Meyers meat department have been the worst interactions I have ever had with Fred Meyer. Both of the workers in the meat department are rude, not helpful, they make you feel as though your a bother, and that they would prefer not to help you.

My visit this evening with the older lady (I’m sorry i don’t know her name) that works in the meat department put the finishing touches on it for me, not only did she give me incorrect information she lied to me. I was asking for meat from behind the counter and I was told by her that; “that was the last she had so she wasn’t willing to give that to me, she gave me a prepacked ground beef, however when I went back over there about 20 minutes later she had put more fresh meat out behind the counter. I was going to ask her about it, however she never came out the back.

It appears my interactions with the workers in the meat department are different from other Fred Meyer shoppers, and I am hoping this is not based on my race, but from my point of view this seems to be the reason.

This Fred Meyers is my neighborhood store, and I shop there on a regular bases, at least every other day, and for the most part those working in their have been helpful, however after the last two visits to the meat department I don’t see myself buying meat from there anymore.

I’m hoping you will take my complaint serious, I know that I am one person and it would be easy not to take my complaint serious, but I’m hoping you will look into it. I know how important customer service is to a business, I deal with a variety of people on my job daily and it has been my goal for over 20 plus years to treat people the way i want to be treated, and I can truthfully say that I have never had a complain filed against me.


Lisa Pie


Jamie Cramer February 1, 2017 at 1:47 pm

I despise this store more and more-
They did a huge upgrade a couple years back, and jacked their prices up, but failed to do things like install decent self checkout stands.
Yesterday I realized that I threw away my insurance benefits card because their drugstore throws your card in the bag along with everything else, AND does not even bother to tell you that they have done so!
I called and spoke with the manager, and he was nothing short of rude.
They have made numerous mistakes with billing and filing prescriptions. I am now moving all prescriptions to the one remaining independent drugstore in Astoria, Oregon.


Yaser February 8, 2017 at 6:22 pm

I have been treated very bad yesterday night @ Meyer of orland park Illinois location the at the drugstore from 2 different lady’s working over there & I think they have problems because of my color they treat me so bad & one of them she call the maneger when the maneger comes he was very rode with me base in what is the drugstore worker she told him in the phone & he don’t even asked me what is the problem & I have been fill up my proscription & shopping over 5 years


Sheri Smith December 24, 2016 at 6:29 pm

December this year in Redmond OR has had snow on the ground more days than no snow.

But it appears that this store does not care about its customers because the snow has been left on the parking lot since 12-6-16. Now most of the parking lot is covered in ice and on 12-16-16 my car got stuck 4 times and your male customers had to come to my rescue so I could leave your store. I would not have gone to your store except I needed my drugs from the drugstore.

Other stores in the area, Walmart, Albertsons, banks etc,, plowed and sprinkled ice melt to
clear their parking lots. I will not attempt to shop with Fred Meyer during snow days again
when I can go elsewhere.

I don’t feel it is too much to ask that this store accommodate their customers unless you think you have enough customers already.


Susan December 20, 2016 at 4:39 pm

My family has been shopping with Fred Meyer Jewelers for many years and today you LOST all of my business and any one that will listen to me! I purchased some pieces for family members for Christmas and needed to make some changes along with having a ring repaired. We purchased 4 different items and where sold your warranty on all items under the pretense that it would cover them if there should be a problem. Come to find out the items we purchased would not have been covered if a stone would have fallen out! It would only cover prong repair or/and resetting a stone. My ring that my husband purchased valentines day 2015 along with the warranty, I was told also doesn’t cover stones only prong repair and resetting of a stone. Not sure why I have the insurance. I returned part of my purchase from the other day and will most likely return the rest latter tonight and take my business elsewhere. To bad since we have a wedding, graduation and 25th wedding anniversary coming up soon.


Doug elrod December 16, 2016 at 12:37 pm

Takes a really brilliant person to close the north entrance to the Everett wa store and effectively eliminate 100 parking spaces the on the busiest week of the year. Doesn’t anybody know the 7 ps of proper management?


B November 22, 2016 at 6:58 pm

NOV 21, not NOV 22.


B November 22, 2016 at 6:56 pm

The Coos Bay store is great, but the Fuel station, not so much lately, I’m getting my fuel elsewhere now. on NOV 22, around 6pm, I pulled up along with three other vehicles at the same time. (A car, Pickup, Minivan, & my pickup) The station was somewhat busy, but quickly died down as they left. Me & the three other vehicles waited for service that never came, two employees stayed in the hut, while the other two went on break together, finally, two additional vehicles showed up after us, the employees BYPASSED all four of us that have been waiting for what seemed about 15+ mins now! All four of us drove off in a line. WTH?!


Kimberly November 21, 2016 at 6:04 pm

I just got fired from the battle ground location for doing absolutely nothing wrong by the apparel manager Linda, after multiple tries to get her to not schedule me when I can’t come in ( also says it in writing the time I can and cannot come in ) and after speaking to HR about this problem I was fired the next day as she said and I ” retail just isn’t for you, I’ve been told that you have left work early multiple times and that your scheduling is always wrong and you can’t come in I’m gonna have to fire you if you can’t do your job most of it is your attendance you don’t show up on time and always leave work early” 1 I have never left work early I did get talked to about needing to ask before I used the restroom once other than that I got multiple compliments from ( carry) pic or patty also pic I needed to not come in 2 because my 2 month old was extremely sick and I called ahead of time what did you want me to do exactly?!!!! Leave her in the ER!!!!! and once again never left work early or was late. Losing my job I believe was because she didn’t like getting a talking to because of me not being able to come in when she scheduled me and that is not my fault! So she decided to get rid of me! As I’ve been told she does if she doesn’t like someone! As I walked out crying all the pics started crying as well not knowing what the hell was going on! Just no I’ll be getting a lawyer!


Katie greenwood November 12, 2016 at 12:29 pm


I haven’t been able to find any answers by searching on Google or anything. But I was shopping at fred Meyer and when checking out the clerk asked me if I have a rewards number. I responded no, and the person behind me offered to put in their number to use for my purchase.. but i was unaware that if I had something(s) that needed returning (even with my original receipt)… That I wouldn’t be able to return them.. even though I have the receipt. And on top of that.. my husband who’s out of town for work, is the card holder of the debit card used.. so I don’t see how this is fair, I didn’t ASK the person behind me to use their rewards number for my purchase, but I didn’t know accepting that offer would make this happen.. like for instance, say I got some things given to me, bought by a relative.. who i cannot get ahold of to ask their rewards phone number… And they live out of state, and used their debit card.. (because this also happened to me) and I didn’t like what they got me, went to return it with original receipt… And got denied because i didn’t know the rewards number and my family member used their debit card… I just do not see this as being fair.. it’s actually very unfortunate, the customer service treated me so poorly, and I am such a loyal regular honest customer, yet I am extremely upset, and almost completely wanted to stop shopping at Fred Meyer. Which sucks, because Fred Meyer happens to be my number 1… FAVORITE store!!

Thanks for your time..

-highly dissatisfied customer, Katie.


Erin Bell July 13, 2016 at 11:22 pm

I have 2 teenage sons that have each been employed by 2 separate Fred Meyer stores.Lacey and Tumwater Washington. Your company is a joke.There is NO rhyme or reason to it at all.Your staff is unprofessional to say the least.If you only knew or took the time to see how people that are being hired are treated maybe you would not have such a high turn over .Your employees look miserable on any given day,no-one is ever smiling,no-one ever says hello….and I am now speaking from me the customer not the mother of my 2 children that wasted their time with your company.
I am not sure you will ever read this or do anything with it, but your human resource person at the Lacey wa store needs MORE TRAINING and they all need to go by some actual guidelines of what’s right and wrong.Your company and the way employees are treated is a joke!!They make up rules as they go along that don’t even pertain to anything!!
Change some things please,young people seeking employment and just starting out should not,be treated this way.Thank goodness my oldest son has moved on to a wonderful company for 3years now that treats him well.I am just sad that I encouraged my other son to apply to Fred Meyer and waste the last 3 weeks with your terrible company.


Sandi June 15, 2016 at 7:33 pm

I love the friendly and helpful associates at Freddy’s EXCEPT for the customer service desk. There is almost always a long line and only one beleaguered associate trying to help. I commonly stand in line 15 minutes for a 1 or 2 minute transaction. Sorry Freddy’s, but Walmart has you beat all to pieces at the customer service desk!


Cheryl Hanford May 23, 2016 at 4:19 pm

I was told by your bread stock people that your Raisin and Nut bread had been discontinued and also Campbell Split Peas and Ham soup.It was suggested that maybe because the store does not sell a large amount. Well, the shelf has only four or six loafs supplied and I buy four of them and freeze. On the same shelf will be 20 raisin and Cinn muffins at $10 for 10 pkg. I am so disgusted with the removal of these two items. I will have to go to Safeway or Albertson to buy any pea soup.


Chanelle April 21, 2016 at 2:04 pm

Joann at the Tacoma 72nd and Pacific ave location is very rude, pretentious, and condescending. I attempted to purchase a back brace that ended up being stocked in the wrong location(fred meyers mistake) She went to price check it and told me i must have put it there, although there were plenty of the same back braces there. I have better things to do then stick at Fred Meyers. Directly next to it was a knee brace. It turns out the price was for an ankle brace no where in sight. She never returned with the brace assuming i wasn’t able to purchase at the price rung up. I asked where is it? She said, “oh you wanted it”. Well…duh Blondie. I asked her name and department. She chose not to give it to me. I asked the manager he said she works in cck. Here comes super Joann antagonizing me again being ignorant, rather than going to work. She wanted me to attack her but i will as i pray for her soul. God is going to change her ignorance to wisdom. She’ll know next time how to operate in customer service


Pissed Off Customer February 18, 2016 at 9:09 pm

East Salem Store has lost customer service. Will NEVER go back to that store.


Michael Donley January 9, 2016 at 8:12 pm

Wilsonville Store. Wondering why they are only have lotto sales at the Lotto selfserve machine This is one of the biggest jackpots. Just bought my ticket. Messed it up and bought it for the next 10 draws. Not a happy camper. I had never used a machine before.


Jon Myers December 23, 2015 at 10:28 am

I would like an email address or phone number for the supervisor of a Shawn PidXXXX of the Happy Valley, OR store. My experience with this Store Director was extremely unprofessional and antagonistic. I would like to share my experience and am hopeful that I will be contacted by someone soon.

Regards and thank you.


Steve February 18, 2016 at 11:22 am

I have had an unprofessional experience with the entire management staff, including Store Director of the Cornelius, OR store. I find relief in knowing that I am not alone, however, I question the capabilities of this company’s hiring/promoting intuition knowing there are more than one case similar to mine.


Cindy July 15, 2016 at 4:15 pm

Corvallis oregon customer service is a joke they have rude people working . AND so super slaw. I’M TIRED OF IT AND WON’T GO BACK.


Michael Smith December 21, 2015 at 7:25 pm

May I use a FredMeyer Rewards Rebate (Crooked River Ranch, Oregon) at Foods Co. (Santa Maria, CA)?


Shaelyn S December 9, 2015 at 5:43 pm

I was solicited by an FredMeyer employee for his personal business which he owns. He has told me a few times to make sure i don’t let anyone know that he was working at Fred Meyers when he approached me with what he wanted. I have dealt with sexual harassment, coercion, blackmail all in the last 3 months from this man. I’m afraid of him. i have 3 months of conversation between the 2 of us which shows a lot of evidence. I have decided to contact some attorneys in regards to this matter. i am a partially mentally disabled survivor of sexual abuse and was taken advantage of by this man. I would like to discuss this with someone from Corporate regarding my rights and decisions.


Carly B. November 24, 2015 at 3:28 pm

I was in your 7250 pacific ave. Store this morning. I was shopping with WIC checks and they wouldn’t let me get half of the stuff on my checks so I had her call the manager. His name was Adam and he was insanely rude. I had just listened to them both not take a legitimate coupon from the customer before me. Now I go up with all of the items my book allows. I keep it with me. She tells me no canned milk, even the isle says I can have it, no. Cheese, is this a pound you can only have a pound. This is a poor area of Tacoma, what do you think that says to people around me that were watching them. I have tried emailing you on your website it must be broken. I think I will take to my mom groups on facebook if I don’t hear back from you soon. You have my email.


Aimee Cruz November 12, 2015 at 3:58 pm

This was at your Redmond, WA Fred Meyer Jeweler location
17667 NE 76th St, Redmond, WA 98052

I would like to share my experience with you on my very first time in a Fred Meyer Jewelers store. I have always shopped at Kay Jewelers for any piece of jewelry I have gotten, but since I shop regularly at Fred Meyer grocery I thought I would try the Jewelry store.


It was bad from the very start. I came in to get my ring cleaned and to find my husband a wedding band for work (something cheap and can be scratched) As I was talking with the employee I made a joke about how it took longer to find his ring than it did for him to find mine.. Her comment was my ring was “cute and simple” SIMPLE is the exact word she used to describe my wedding rings. She does not know what the back story could have been with my ring. Maybe my husband worked his tail off for years to get me my ring, and that’s years of hard work I am wearing, maybe it was the ring I picked out that I feel is my dream ring, maybe it was a ring handed down. She has no idea, but to call a customer’s ring “simple” is like telling them they have a cheap ring.

So now on to my purchasing experience:

1. I picked out a ring for my husband and during the check out the employee told me my total would be $86.83 (this was the final total after tax) so as she is trying to use my card (I just opened a Fred Meyer Jewelers credit card, and only had a paper copy) she says she is unable to make the purchase and brings over the manager. The manger then has this idea to purchase a gift card with my credit card and pay that way. Smart move manager, now if I want to return it I have to get store credit, and not back on my credit card. Makes no sense how I can purchase a gift card with my credit card, but not a ring.
2. I ask her how long it will take to get my ring (just out of plain curiosity) and she said she didn’t know she said between two days or up to 2 weeks. I have always been give a time frame, I know they are never exact. But hearing “I don’t know, usually 2 days but up to 2 weeks” isn’t really reassuring.
3. She has now purchased my gift card and while giving me the receipt I realized that the manager has now changed my total from $86.83 to $111.67. So I ask her why my total was different and she tells me that it was for the lifetime warranty on the ring.. I did not ask for the lifetime warranty nor did I want to purchase it. She also never told me she was adding the purchase on my card. The whole reason for my purchase was a ring that could get dirty and scratched.
4. As the original girl was filling out my customer info she asked my billing address, which I gave to her no big deal. After they gave me my receipt I noticed that not only she entered my address incorrectly but that she also decided to click the little box that’s says “shipping address same as billing” without even asking me if I wanted it shipped to my house. (Which this is the very first time I have ever ordered from a jewelry store that did not ship to the store) So when I told her of this mistake they told me there was no way to change my address, they called in and said they can change what the employee messed up, but there is no way they can ship to a different address. Well here we are mid November, what if this ring was a gift for my husband and I didn’t want him to know? She never asked. Luckily enough he knows, the only issue is; no one is at my house to sign for my package! What do they suggest? Me calling fed ex to have it sent to Fed-Ex location and have me pick it up.. So now I have to go out of my way because of their mess up? I also work the hours that they are open, so now I have to find a way to get the ring.
5. So asking if I could cancel my order, because I now have no way to get my package I was once again told “there is nothing we can do” and I can’t get a refund until they have the product in hand. So now I have to find some way to get to the fed ex location because my house and work are 20 minutes apart one way, all while I am at work during their business hours. But then when I do get the product to return I now have to receive store credit, because of this so called “credit card” issue.. Well played manager.

So for my first experience in a Fred Meyer Jewelry store, it did not go well. I will continue shopping at Fred Meyer grocery but I will never step foot in the jewelry. I will continue going to Kay, and I really regret not going there in the first place.


Keith rautio November 5, 2015 at 10:47 am

I was insulted and scammed by your 72nd and Pacific ave Tacoma jewelry store employee on 10/18/15.
I complained to the store manager immediately and was told that the general manager would cintact me. NO REPLY. ..
I the emailed a complaint that went to krogers corporate in Cincinnati, and got a email that a representative of krogers /fred meyers would contact me within 24 hours. NO REPLY ..
I then called fred meyer corp and was given a phone number in Raleigh, NC. ,to verbally express my story of what happened and the representative insured me that the chian of command line of management woyld get a notification of my complaint and someone would contact me. It’s been a week as of today.NO REPLY. ..


My father said, everyone has 12 good friends and by the end of the week, 2400 people will know if you did good or bad.
Keith rautio


Aimee November 12, 2015 at 7:41 pm

After reading your comment, I was wondering the email that you used to send your complaint? I am trying to find a good contact to email about mine.

Thank you!


Amy Rosenberg October 30, 2015 at 8:55 pm

I was followed while grocery shopping at the south salem fred meter today and told to leave because I am a jewish, in worse terms, she didn’t have her employee tag on and called me a kike and to go to the kosher section. The management would not admit that she worked there, and said the tape was on the fritz. so disappointed in this store, I have no idea what to do next.


Amy Rosenberg October 30, 2015 at 9:11 pm

If this is removed while in moderation I will contact the AJC. Then you will have all of the Jewish people that you just love so much all over there… 🙂


Steve Mapes October 28, 2015 at 8:22 pm

Lynn Gust quote on about Oregonians wanted the state run liquor store to end ,
This is absolutely Mr Gust own fantastic fantasy that no one wants beside the him and other 1% .


Trevor October 22, 2015 at 10:13 am

Hello, i have a question about store number 391# with the HR department i received a phone call from the corporate office about a job application but when i show’d up to the Fred Meyer in Totem Lake apparently they were gone on Vacation time, i last show’d up about two week ago dated 10/15/2015 and also 9/20/2015 i been up to the front desk and waited for customer service too. From who i talked to on the phone from Corporate after fire you we never work with you again pretty much on the phone line. i’m just wondering if that was the case.


Paul Ehrlich September 21, 2015 at 12:11 am

To top management, marketing, and sales:

I am a retired marketing communications and PR consultant. I watch how people react to marketing ideas and I know when they are and are not working.

This past week, your Oregon City store began a promotion that uses loudspeaker announcements to call shoppers’ attention to one or more new promotional efforts. The announcements are loud and very intrusive on the shopping experience. I don’t listen to the announcements. I just want them to stop…NOW.

I have watched other shoppers cringe at the noise of the announcements. Like me, everyone else seems to wish it would just go away. No matter how slowly or clearly the announcer tries to speak, it is barely understandable and we do not care. When I was speaking to my wife on my cell phone, she could not hear me due to the background noise that she found obnoxious as well.

I love shopping at the Oregon City store. I sometimes shop for clothing items or hardware or garden supplies. And my wife and I buy most of our groceries there. And I buy gas for my pickup at your gas pumps.

BUT – I will not tolerate the loudspeaker announcements. I’m not looking for the Kmart shopping experience – I avoided Kmart like the plague, partly due to their constant obnoxious announcements. Their “blue light specials” could not save them and I doubt that a similar strategy will improve sales at Fred Meyer.

When I talked to your store managers about the noise, they said many people had voiced similar complaints and suggested I fill out a comment form. But they also said that they have no control over that kind of promotion – that it is a corporate decision. So, I’m appealing to you to stop that promotional strategy.

If you want to call attention to a particular promotion, station an employee or two in strategic locations and have them talk to shoppers directly to let them know when and where to find a demonstration or promotion. Place the promotion in the most visible place to make the most shoppers aware of it.

But above all. Turn off that horrible noise to which no one listens and everyone wants to just end.


Judy Sherrill Colannino September 13, 2015 at 6:23 pm

Dogs in the store, this is a problem! More and more people are bringing their dogs (pets) into the store and placing them in the carts. Me and lots of other people have a real problem with this. This is a food store for people not animals. I don’t want to put my food in the basket where a dog just sat it’s rear end. I can’t believe this is okay with the Health Dept. I asked the store their policy and they said ” for now it’s okay” Well it’s not okay with me. I will be contacting the Health Dept. In the meanwhile I will be using Fred Myers bath towels to line my basket, then they can wash it or toss it. This is a serious problem, what’s next??? Can I bring my pet snake, lion, tiger, rat collection????


Kim Cleveland August 21, 2015 at 4:20 pm

On 6/6/15 I went to FM store #660 just to get my battery to a Seiko watch replaced. Next thing I knew, the associate broke the crystal on my watch. The associate was very shaken by the incident so I didn’t want to make him feel bad about it and was fine with them sending it out to be replaced with no charge for the battery or the crystal of course.
Well, it is now 8/21 and I have yet to get the who thing settled. The customer service is terrible. I have had to initiate the calls to them each time to check on the status. I found out that the associate who accidently broke the crystal walked off the job. The manager tried to get me to take a similar watch which was Solar but I declined and asked for the cash value instead which was the other option but she seemed to not be happy with the idea. Whatever happened to customer service and that the customer is always right?
The manager told me that the check would be ready in a week. Well, a week has long past gone so I have called again and again. Today I finally spoke to the manager and she told me it would be another week because the check has to be approved by Legal etc. (Well, why didn’t she tell me that before) so, here I sit waiting and waiting. I just can’t believe this is happening. I used to work for a jewelry store myself years ago and we would never have been able to treat people like this!


Kim Cleveland September 3, 2015 at 8:58 am

Just me again. It is now September 3, 2015 almost 3 months to the date of when I first went into Fred Meyers just to get my battery changed at store number 660. Guess what? I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN REIMBURSED FOR MY WATCH!! What an absolute joke!


Amy Rosenberg October 30, 2015 at 8:58 pm

The management just told me what I wanted to hear also. I thought the same thing ” the customer is always right”. not at Fred Meyer. they tried to frighten me like it was my fault. for being jewish. read my comment and i am hoping you can help me with a solution. My attorney will not be in until monday.


Kim Cleveland August 21, 2015 at 4:17 pm

On 6/6/15 I went to FM store #660 just to get my battery to a Seiko watch replaced. Next thing I knew, the associate broke the crystal on my watch. The associate was very shaken by the incident so I didn’t want to make him feel bad about it and was fine with them sending it out to be replaced with no charge for the battery or the crystal of course.
Well, it is now 8/21 and I have yet to get the who thing settled. The customer service is terrible. I have had to initiate the calls to them each time to check on the status. I found out that the associate who accidently broke the crystal walked off the job. The manager tried to get me to take a similar watch which was Solar but I declined and asked for the cash value instead which was the other option but she seemed to not be happy with the idea. Whatever happened to customer service and that the customer is always right?
The manager told me that the check would be ready in a week. Well, a week has long past gone so I have called again and again. Today I finally spoke to the manager and she told me it would be another week because the check has to be approved by Legal etc. (Well, why didn’t she tell me that before) so, here I sit waiting and waiting. I just can’t believe this is happening. I used to work for a jewelry store myself years ago and we would never have been able to treat people like this!


r dannells July 15, 2015 at 9:23 pm

My experience with Fred Meyer

Tomorrow marks one year getting terminated from Fred Meyer after 18 years of faithful service. April 19th 2015 would have been my 19th year. I started working at Fred Meyer in 1996. I was a married eleventh grader still in high school who needed a job with health insurance to take care of my young family. Four years later the marriage ended and I needed to take full custody of my then four year old daughter and the rest of the years went by.

It has been a hard road. I have learned much this last year. One of the things I learned is that some employers are willing to do anything to get rid of you once they decide it’s time for you to go. Maybe you are you are making too much money or you don’t want to play the salary game or they realize they can get someone less expensive to do the job you once did.

I also learned sadly that some co-workers are willing to deceive, and throw you under the bus if they think it will benefit their careers and that some employers are willing to take corresponding actions if the result would mean the removal of an expensive long time employee.

After I was terminated the main office transferred all the players involved in my removal. This is a standard practice to make the grievance process more difficult to investigate. The loss prevention manager Henry Roweland was transferred. The assistant manager Justin Lopez was transferred going into a holiday which is unheard of; to remove a key manager during a store’s most profitable time, but it had to be done to askew the investigation process. The back-up 4th Ronald Tate my relief took my position for a time and then he later was promoted for his involvement into MD1 training. The food manager Andy Morehouse was promoted. Justin the assistant manager who had been transferred was soon promoted and came back to my old store as the new food manager where he is today. The woman who was hired to replace my 40 hour position quit after 4 months. She was being paid half what I had been getting paid. Almost everyone involved in my termination got promoted. That was how corporate rewarded those involved in my removal.

I learned that the store director is not your friend, no matter what you do, what they say and the conversations you may have over the years. You are ultimately a tool they use to run the store and you basically slave everyday to fatten their sales bonus. Regardless of what they may say to you, they will not help you personally if you have been targeted for removal. If they or any other of your superiors friend request you on facebook they are not doing this to get involved positively in your life, they are usually doing this so they can spy on you to get additional information in the example of if you ever missed work. Anyone who is Facebook friends with their superiors should go into their facebook settings and put that person on, ‘restricted’ status, if they don’t block them outright, that way it shows you as still being FB friends, and they will not see much of what you post so that info cannot be used against you later.

Before I was terminated there was an instance that stands out that I know now played a factor in the decision for my management team to terminate me. What happened was that for a time our daily prime time scans (how many out of stock items we had daily) were always high and we were instructed by the food manager to not scan all the product outs so we would have a more favorable out of stock scan score for our main office. My co-worker and I refused to take this action because it would be considered falsification of records and it could get us fired. We instead suggested to our food manager that we focus on training so behaviors changed, so the results would change. Our food manager was not happy at our refusal. He just ended up doing the scans himself or having Ronald Tate do them and magically our numbers improved… An email about being asked to falsify the scans was sent to Daron Maygra the store director, but there was no follow-up done about it. Salaried managers stick together. That food manager still works for Fred Meyer and he later was promoted to a larger store.

A short time after this instance I was cautioned in April of 2014 during my yearly performance appraisal review with Andrew Morehouse the acting food manager, though my review was mostly positive, he said I had been in the present position for far too long (12 years), it was a waste of my abilities, and I was keeping other people from getting promoted by holding onto this position. He said I am not threatening you, but you should, “move up or move on” so your position doesn’t get removed from you… I took this as a threat. A few months back Andy had scheduled me during a time that was outside my doXXXXented availability. I have always done the 3rd shift at Fred Meyer. 3 pm to 12 am. Andy scheduled me to open the store at 7:00 am. I told him I was unavailable during this time because I had my then 4 year old son in the mornings, while my wife was working at Starbucks. Andy did not like this, and said he could schedule me during this time if he wanted to, and he wanted to because he said my execution of tasks was better than some, but he said he didn’t want to have a hassle with the union because they would point out that I’d been closing for 12 years, so Andy had the schedule changed back to what I usually worked.

I told Andy I liked the food 4th position, it worked with my life balance and I was not interested in a salary position because it would increase my work hours, responsibilities, and my costs without increasing my pay. The compensation was not worth the true hourly cost of the position as many have found out the hard way. The other truth was that I was pro union. I had seen too many people get hired, fired and lives ruined by deceptive tactics and fake promises done by salaried company people at the direction of the main office over the years to want my labor to contribute to that ideal. To resist from being caught in this problem myself and myself getting fired, I did my job to the best of my abilities for 18 years, had an excellent attendance record, (had a 4 year period where I missed no scheduled work) solid yearly reviews, no disciplinary record, no write ups and no suspensions, just a verbal my first year. I worked 40+ hours a week and took care of my family and myself. It never occurred to me that since Fred Meyer couldn’t find a normal way to remove a protected union employee they would create a reason to fire me.

July 12th 2014 I was brought into the office of store director Daron Maygra where he told me I was being investigated for the falsification of the stores temp charts. He claimed that I had falsified the temperature records two weeks prior. I do not know why he waited two weeks to talk to me about this claim. I was in disbelief. The temp chart book was a mess, but not on account of me. My record keeping is very thorough. I did the temperature readings myself or had someone else do them if I couldn’t. I had mentioned the poor condition of the temp charts to management’s attention multiple times saying that it needed corrective action. Temps were not being done regularly by all employees, they were too busy or got interrupted and the book was only being corrected to show compliance when it was leaked to us by the regional supervisors that we were due for a food audit by the health department and to “ensure our temp books were 100%.” I had made copies of those temp charts to show management where the errors were occurring. I firmly denied the allegations, was suspended anyway, left the store, contacted my union rep for personal counsel (the first time having to so in my entire 18 year career) and went home to figure out what was happening.

July 15th 2014 fully expecting to be exonerated, Daron Maygra fired me in his office after 18 years of service, two week after I had moved my now 18 year old high-school graduated daughter out the house to her new life in Portland and 3 days before I was to leave for our yearly two week summer family vacation. How is that for timing?

In the days following, my union rep said that if I had ever cost the store any money in the past that the Fred Meyer corporate office would fight tooth and nail to ensure that I did not get my job back. I thought about that and the only thing I could remember where I was involved, that had cost the store money, was my testimony at the past union hearing concerning two associates that had been wrongly fired by previous store director Mark Shirk. My testimony had gotten them their jobs reinstated with back pay. They still work at that store today and they are wonderful people. Prior to that hearing Mark Shirk had personally threatened me in his office alone, with the door closed that if I didn’t say exactly what he told me to say about those two associates at the hearing he would see me fired. That was a big mistake for him. I was quiet and nodded my head which led him to believe then I would do as he asked, but once I was at the hearing in front of everyone I gave the truthful testimony as I’d planned, of what really occurred with him and those two associates that night and read them my journal accounts. I knew that day that I had probably sealed any possibility of moving up with the company, and I’d need the union for protection from then on, but so be it. I won’t be bullied by anyone and neither should anyone else.

Mark Shirk still works for Fred Meyer in Idaho. Many employers do not terminate these types of mangers regularly, they just move them, because corporations feel they still need to have some of these managers around, who are willing to play dirty if meeting those sales numbers in a just and ethical fashion has not worked and they need to try something else. Running a business is a numbers game, and corporations really don’t care much how you meet your numbers (sometimes that don’t want to know how), just as long as you get those numbers.

Immediately after my termination I filed for unemployment which I had never done before. You cannot claim unemployment if you are fired. You can however claim it if you can prove your termination was wrongful and you have doXXXXentation to support it. Anyone who knows me knows that after the experience of Mark Shirk I copied everything I put my signature on, kept a written work journal, scanned these doXXXXents and sent them to my personal email to leave a paper trail should I ever need them later and I am glad I did this.

Part time people: Did you know you can claim unemployment if you are scheduled under your minimum amount of hours? File once and the main office will ensure you get your hours after that. They do not want to deal with that tax mess.

You can also quit a job with cause and collect unemployment which you usually cannot do, if you can prove through doXXXXentation (a written journal) that the employer was creating a hostile work environment. How many managers have done this to you when your children got sick and you missed work? We only got six rolling absences a year or we could be terminated. They use this practice with more of the senior associates when they are trying to get rid of them as older employees cost the store more in benefits and pay in the long run. New employees cost the store much less. You will have to defend your unemployment claim, but it can be done, just be truthful, stick to the facts, do not exaggerate, and be organized in your doXXXXentation.

I received $404 a week (after taxes) in unemployment for 26 weeks ($10,504) while I looked for other employment. This paid our monthly mortgage for my family and some of our transportation costs. There wasn’t much left for food. Fred Meyer soon appealed my collecting unemployment. There was a phone hearing scheduled with a Judge. If I lost the hearing, I would be required to pay the unemployment back. My union rep said he would represent me at the hearing, but found out two days before the hearing that he could not represent me, because a previous union member had tried suing the union because they felt their unemployment hearing representation had been poor. So now I had one day to prepare to represent myself at the hearing alone. So be it. I faxed over 69 additional doXXXXents from the work source office to support my claim of wrongful termination against Fred Meyer. During the hearing the Fred Meyer attorney tried saying the doXXXXents I sent were not admissible because they claimed they had not received them, but I had anticipated this and saved the report that said the fax had been sent to the number they provided successfully and I faxed that proof over as well so the judge knew Fred Meyer had received them. I represented myself alone at the hour long phone hearing, with the Fred Meyer attorney, Daron Maygra, Ronald Tate, and Henry Roweland. Ten days later, The Judge after hearing the testimony and looking over the doXXXXents sided with me and I won the unemployment hearing. I continued to receive my unemployment benefits.

I still had to look for other employment and I wanted to work. The day after my termination I immediately crafted a new resume and began filling out applications. I hadn’t had to create a resume for 18 years. In the weeks and months after my termination I went to the local work source locations often to take their job training classes to update my skills. I filled out tons of online applications each week. I went to many job interviews looking for full time positions. I think most were hesitant to offer employment to me when I had an open grievance with an employer. I continued on.

I had to immediately adjust my household budget to stay afloat with our reduced income. We were not going to use our credit cards to survive because they are the most unforgiving if you lose your ability to pay. You can walk away from a house but you cannot really walk away from a credit card. I paid off the small balance on my credit card with my vacation cash out from Fred Meyer (They shorted me two weeks pay ($1400 after taxes), which Daron had said initially I would get, but then saying because I was termed I didn’t qualify for this year’s vacation hours). I decided I wasn’t going to owe anyone money, except for my mortgage and not be able to pay. We made our adjusted budget work and no money ever went on a credit card. We learned to live within our meager means.

I had to become a stay at home dad for a time when Annie switched from part time to full time to help support us, which was the fair arrangement since she was working and I was not. I cooked and cleaned, took care of my son, (which was an old hat from my single days, raising my daughter), took him to kindergarten now since we couldn’t home school him now with Annie working full-time. I continued to take work source classes, train and look for work.

The mental game was the hardest for me personally. You feel quite alone. I wasn’t in the store to defend myself from the stories my management team would say. I‘d hear what was said about me from my faithful co-workers and friends. I was angry, frustrated and felt betrayed. I don’t condone work place violence, but I understand now why it happens, because many feel when there is no justice what is left is only violence. I had my lowest of lows, the kind of lows where you just want to jump off the narrows bridge so it will all end, but you have to remember it would only end for you. Your loved ones would still have to deal with it. Sadly, we have lost some previous Fred Meyer employees to suicide over the years.

Everything gets evaluated when you lose your job. I had made the mistake of letting my job define who I was over time instead of using my free time (such as it was) differently and the monies from the job differently to define what I do and who I am. I had a family. I was busy. I raised my daughter alone without her biological mother for a time until I remarried and life just happened. But this condition kind of developed on its own though, over time, as it happens with many other busy Fred Meyer employees as they try to carve a life outside of Fred Meyer which is very hard. Fred Meyer does not support a true work life balance, though their public relations message will claim they do. They want you at work all the time, “For the needs of the business” they’ll say and then schedule some employees to close the store and then be back a few hours later to open. They will use you up entirely, taking your health, your family time and a marriage or two until you get fed up, quit or get fired.

I did things to try and stay positive during my unemployment. I investigated the facts concerning my termination. I worked on my grievance. I was very motivated to move forward. I exercised a lot. I tried to eat healthier, so I cooked new things, even on a reduced budget, which was easier when you have no money for food. I read. I visited friends. I looked for reasons to laugh. I leaned on family a lot. I wrote. I developed new hobbies and I learned to fish. I worked on my house, with the materials I had available. I learned to fix and repair things. I traveled and explored. I camped, hiked and climbed mountains in Montana with family. I spent time in nature.

I didn’t have health insurance after losing my job, couldn’t afford the (affordable) Obama care premiums ($5000 deductible and $300 a month). I could have health insurance or have a roof over my head. I went to a Tacoma free clinic a few times. A very humbling experience. I have asthma, a severe case then. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t sleep. I could pay the $600 for my asthma medicine or I could use my last $500 and remove all the carpets out of my house, which attributed to my asthma I thought and replace the carpets with cheap wood laminate. I did this and my asthma became much more manageable and in the process I started learning some carpentry.

In Winter December 2014 the water line to our house broke, wasn’t covered by the homeowners insurance and $2000 would be needed to fix it, which I didn’t have. We lived paycheck to paycheck. I dug up my driveway alone with a shovel, (the fun days were when the ground was frozen) and a borrowed hand-jack and replaced the entire 75 foot poly-pipe service line by hand and replaced it with PVC piping, repairing the leak and more than halving my water bill. It took me a week, (12-16 hour days), only cost $50 bucks, and it taught me plumbing.

In the Spring I removed part of my old deck that was dry rotting and built a sandbox for my son in its place. I dug up a 17 by 21 section of lawn in our backyard by hand and we now have with my wife’s green thumb a fruitful garden back there that has created for us organic, nutritious, food. A chicken coup, my son’s kindergarten’s classes chickens and $7 dollar ducks soon followed. We will have eggs soon and I am learning some gardening.

When my unemployment benefits ended and I still hadn’t found full time work I started getting desperate, I’d tried talking to Daron again, showing him what I’d found in my investigation, but he wasn’t helpful. He didn’t care. He said coldly, “do whatever you want.” So I have. He’d stonewall me when we’d make a doXXXXent request for the grievance or say the doXXXXents had been misplaced or couldn’t be located as he did at the unemployment hearing. I saw a side of him I hadn’t seen before. He is probably a good poker player. I realized then he had an agenda he had to follow. I was desperate for employment so I started applying for part time work in addition to full time. I had to get employed.

Eventually I found employment, a part time job, a six minute drive from my house. We had to refinance the house to get the skip a month option you get the first month since we were now broke and to make it a month before my first paycheck from when my unemployment ended, but we got refinanced in the nick of time, our payment went down $200 a month with a much lower fixed interest rate, and we made it and never missed a mortgage payment the entire time I was unemployed!

Things are continuing to improve for us. Much has happened and we have gown. My new job is going well. I have not had a bad day yet. The stress of Fred Meyer prepared me well for stressful situations. I will never allow myself to be in a toxic situation again where my labor or myself personally is not valued. I am learning fast on the job and becoming very proficient at what I do. I recently facilitated the largest sale for my department. What I am learning on the job, I have used to upgrade my house. The continued learning will pave the way for the eventual shipyard transition which is my goal. My part time work hours have stabilized some. I can’t get full time hours because of Obama healthcare laws, but I’m usually getting what I need and when I don’t, I aggressively pursue hours in other areas of the store, which teaches me new things. I’m actually working less than I did at FM yet I am paying all my monthly bills each month. I have no debts other than my mortgage. It is an odd occurrence. I have more leisure time now which has been nice during the summer. I am well liked at my job and I’ve made some work friends, but I do miss many of my old FM friends and co-workers a lot. Things will continue to improve for us.

Fred Meyer you put me and my family through Hell, but you didn’t break us and nothing ever will. We will always persevere and for now I am where I am supposed to be and I am glad I do not work for you anymore. I didn’t realize completely how corrupt Fred Meyer has become. Each contract you pay your employees less and less and shift the cost of living for your associates on to government social services like food stamps and welfare, like Walmart does and you are a billion dollar company always touting your growing profits! Your employee turn-over is through the roof, there are always lot of hopeful, new faces in the stores continually, and other positions you can’t even fill. No one wants to get into management anymore. Even the good ethical salaried managers are burned out. Many have stepped down, quit, been fired or died. You lost a lot of good people. Many at the top of management are just trying to stay there, posturing, and living off the efforts of others. No one wants to work for you anymore. Fred G. Meyer would be turning in his grave if he could see how his company has become.

I work only a short distance now from where I previously used to work at the Gig Harbor Fred Meyer. The nice thing about this is I often come into contact with many of the former customers I used to serve at the Gig Harbor Fred Meyer location for the nine years I was at that location. I was at Tacoma Stevens for the previous nine years. When my former customers recognize me at this new job or I recognize them, they ask why I don’t work for Fred Meyer anymore, and I make sure to educate every one of them with a condensed version of what I have shared here. They are always appalled that the conditions for employees have gotten this bad. I always remind them they can do something constructive about it. Send the corporate office an email and shop somewhere else.

Fred Meyer you used to give your employees time and half on Sundays. Then it was time and a third and I suspect in this current contract coming up Sundays will be made straight time no bonus. You are a billion dollar company! You have the ability to invest some of your profits in your employees! Employees that are well provided for work harder! The ending grocery scale wage for a 40 hour journey man was $19.45 an hour, a little over $40,000 a year. It takes about 5 years now (only if you are working full-time 40 hours a week, part-time takes forever) to get to that wage once you get on step one of the grocery scale. Employees don’t just want BBQ’s and food at work and certificates as appreciation. They want a livable wage. They want a work life balance. They want to keep their commitments to their children and loved ones instead of their requested time off being denied and being scheduled to work when they had requested that time off. They don’t want to have to get a doctor’s note to take a stress leave because it is the only way they can ensure their vacation time with their families is approved. They want a sincere thank you when a job is done well and to feel genuinely appreciated.

And this is the company you work for or that you shop at. I don’t shop there anymore. I don’t even buy gas there anymore. I won’t support companies that treat their employees the way I was treated and neither should you. If you do shop Fred Meyer ask your favorite cashier, how are things for them personally? How are they being treated? Get the answers, send Fred Meyer an email and then make your decision. I made mine.

Throughout this experience I also sadly found out who my friends were and my friends are. Some stopped talking with me when they found out I probably wasn’t coming back and I was no longer a benefit to them. You know who you are. That hurt a lot, but I’m glad I found out who you truly are. I gratefully thank those that stuck around and offered words of support over the year. I’m glad we are able to stay in contact outside of the store. You helped me survive this transition and I hope I have been helpful when you have personally asked me for advice.

Daron Maygra, I wasn’t the employee who took the temperature readings for the day you fired me for. Another employee took the temperature readings that day. (I have included that chart here again) Someone took a completed day’s temp chart that was undated (since our book had been a mess) and put the date on it for the day I was working, so it could appear I falsified the temps for that day and I could be terminated easily. That temp chart went through three other people before it got in your hands.

Len Lundy and Ronald Tate were both scheduled together in addition to me (Three journeymen) for the same time-slot that day, which had never happened before, the day I was suspended, and that schedule with both Len and Ron working with me, had been written BEFORE the alleged temp chart falsification had even occurred. The store was prepared for me to be suspended and fired. This was preplanned.

Justin Lopez the new assistant manager at the time asked me after he started at the store for an EMAIL from me explaining on a timeline on how I did my daily tasks and towards the end he was very adamant that I send it to him, so I did. I didn’t understand why at the time he was asking me for this. I realize now he wanted to know how to run the store in my absence and you know his work history with Fred Meyer and what employee related tasks Jim has used him for in the past with Fred Meyer. Specifically: To remove targeted associates any way possible.

Daron Maygra, you let me down. You would not speculate on the other cirXXXXstances I brought up even though they had relevance to the investigation and my innocence. You were blind to what your team around you was doing to fuel their careers, and when I showed you the evidence (which is included here, again) you didn’t have the courage to have made wrong right.

Ronald Tate – I was warned you were shady, as I found out the hard way. Remember when you used to fax the previous store director’s, (the one who hired you) 4:00 pm store walks for her, that she’d written hours earlier, to the regional supervisors, with her numbers, so it would appear she was still in the store, when she had left hours ago and left us all in charge alone? Taking that action is falsification of doXXXXents. You could have been terminated. Enjoy that MD1 training. You are a tool in every sense. You did what you were asked to do and you benefited from it, for now that is. Remember this, when a tool gets old it gets replaced and your time is soon coming.

I wasn’t a perfect employee, but I was good. I had my good days and bad days, and made mistakes just like anyone else. I am very practical and I do not put up with crap. I clean the crap up and fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. Some people didn’t always like the way I got things done. I was efficient, worked smart and was there every day rain or shine sick or well. I worked hard, made sacrifices and had my strong suits that served this company well over my 18 years and this was my experience.

I was quiet this last year on social media about this experience as I did not want to negatively affect the grievance procedure. Since that is over, I will no longer be silent about this experience and Fred Meyer. There is much more to say. There will be more to come on this and I will begin uploading more doXXXXents.

This is a public Post. Share it. Leave a comment about your Fred Meyer experience good or bad.


Kimberly November 21, 2016 at 6:18 pm

I to was fired my post is above I will not have money for rent and I don’t know what to do at this point I also just had a child and extremely pissed at my situation.


Rj June 21, 2015 at 10:17 pm

I bought bike and took to everett wa store =458 with purchased recipt To get replace or return and manager (rikz lawrence) said he cant help us with this issue and waste my time and said try in another store. And when i said i willl contact corporate then he said i can return this time. Is this normal?


Susan June 20, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Mr. Lynn Gust, President
Fred Meyer Stores
PO Box 42121
Portland, Oregon 97242

Dear Mr. Gust,

My name is Susan Wentworth. I live in Astoria, Oregon, and my local Fred Meyer store is located in Warrenton, Oregon.

Yesterday, while I was heading to the check out, I was approached by a Fred Meyer employee, a woman, who expressed herself as someone in authority. She informed me that my service dog (a very clean, clearly marked with tags and service jacket, 15 lb, well behaved, lying on my purse in the front section of the cart, cavalier king charles spaniel) could not ride in the cart. I was informed at the check out that dogs were too dirty and “babies ride in those carts”.

According to the ADA “Any business that sells or prepares food must allow service animals in public areas even if state or local health codes prohibit animals on the premises.” Now, I always put a barrier under my dog as shopping carts in stores are known to be dirtiest places, with more germs on them than a public bathroom floor (and keep in mind that women who put their purses on the bathroom floor in public restrooms, also put them in the front basket of the shopping carts. Also, children have been known to pee in shopping carts……Please see these research links as they pertain to dirty shopping carts………….

Since shopping carts are even dirtier than the floor in the grocery restroom, I very much disagree and am upset with being accosted in your store for having my clean dog on a clean surface of my own, in your dirty cart.

From now on, now that I have read these articles, and know just how filthy shopping carts are, should I decide to shop in your store again, I will bring my own clean basket into the store and make sure that my dog is in her stroller.

Susan Wentworth, BSN


Shelly August 12, 2015 at 2:53 am

“in your dirty cart” …lol:)


angel_north September 10, 2015 at 6:10 pm

Susan I am also disabled and wanted to ask you if you at least went to ADA about this and report it. Not only are the offices in Washington D.C. you also should have a person within your city and if not at least your state. I also would report this to your Senator and member of the House…..


Judy Sherrill Colannino September 13, 2015 at 6:51 pm

We don’t know your dog is clean. Does he have pants on to cover is anus? The problem now is people are bring the pets in and placing them in the carts or just walking them through the store. What keeps them from lifting their legs and peeing on the meat counter? Sorry, this is a place for humans not animals. I don’t know any women that has placed her purse on the floor of a restroom. What’s next?


Amy Rosenberg October 30, 2015 at 9:03 pm

I had been shopping there for years until today. after reding all of these i feel a lot better. Thank you. i am sorry that this company is getting away this. i have contacted the AJC I was told to leave because I am jewish. The management was not listening or caring. at one point he set the phone down and i heard him say ” another one”..


chris April 11, 2015 at 11:23 pm

Me and the wife went tv shopping the other day, at fred meyers. They had a 48″ led tv posted for 399.99, but no statistics. So we asked to see the stats on the tv. The sales associate asked his manager if he knew more about this tv. They ended up showing us 4k tv with roku, and explained that roku pretty much makes it a smart tv. We were sold how could a deal like this be so good.
The electronic manager went to the back for some time, and brought out a box. I went to grab it from him, and he insisted on bringing it up to the counter for us. So we let him.

After we purchased our tv, loaded it in the car, brought it up stairs, and went to unbox it we realized that this tv we have didnt’t come wit roku, and is 1080.

So i called the store and asked if we got the right tv, and they said probably not bring it in and we will swap it out.
We than took the tv back, and waited for them to bring out this 48 inch 4k tv with roku. They brought out a 40 inch tv, 4k with roku… I asked where the 48 inch was, and they stated that they dont carry one, and there was some confusion with the “NEWLY” trained electronic manager and assistant that were helping us.
After dealing with corporate customer service, i came to an agreement with them witch sounded great, 42 inch tv 4k with roku and 100 dollar gift card for the inconvenience. She would just have to call back the store manager and would get back to me in 15 minutes.
When she called back she said ” ok we got your 40 inch….” I stopped her right there and said i thought we agreed on a 42. She went on to say once again it was a miss understanding/communication error, and if i wanted the 42 inch, i would have to pay full price of 499.99. At this point i could care less about the 2 inches i only could care about the principle that they have tried to pull a fast one on me and my wife twice. in under 24 hrs.
Is this bait and switch or just terrible training?

This link has the photos i took after returning to the store with my 1080 tv not 4k.


Mary March 30, 2015 at 9:08 pm

It is of NO SURPRISE that rudeness is what Alyssa received from the Thor Fred Meyers in Spokane, Wash.. The manager in the front line, Jacquie B., is very full of herself. Rude to older cashiers and very demeaning to all of them in general. Also customers need to learn that ” All Fred Meyers cares about is NUMBERS”. That’s what the monitors that look like TV’s are all about. If the cashiers can’t ring up a certain amount they are forced to sign a doXXXXent, which is used against them, if they want to transfer to another Fred Meyers. Forget customer service, waiting for a customer who forgot something in their order and they went to get it, to add to their sale. Fred Meyer wants their cashiers to cancel the sale and make the customer go back in line again. Problem is, by the time you get the manager to void the sale, the customer is normally almost back to finish their order. Fred Meyers is building more stores all the time, but don’t treat their employees good at all. I loved FM when I first started to work for them but can hardly stand to go into the one I had started with. I decided to go back to see if I could get re-hired after retiring. What a joke. I didn’t even get a decent return call. Then when I checked backed I got a rude comment the HR person. Fred Meyer has a habit of also hiring WAY OVER WEIGHT people to manage their departments. I don’t mean over weight by 50 to 70 pounds.–I am talking 100 to 200 pounds over weight. I don’t mean just women either. I have seen them rehire men who were involved with female employee while married who got transferred then placed back where they first were. They advertise healthy foods and life styles but sure don’t back it up. They have too many managers that really need to learn “how to manage” a department of employees in the correct way. Not by demeaning, name calling, writing people up to just make themselves look good. etc. I can also understand the employee who didn’t get trained in the bakery department. They just try to humiliate the employees instead of helping them out. Fred Meyers corporate does not care because they are all making good money and their managers make a big bonus every year at years end.


Dan Okrasinski March 21, 2015 at 8:10 pm

We heart Fred Meyer and spend several thousand dollars each year at your Gresham Oregon store by using our Fred Meyer Visa card. We are on a first name basis with all the clerks and checkers and provide them with a Christmas thank you gift every year. We have always had excellent service and have no reason to complain until recently. we picked up our medicine at the drugstore and noticed the co-pay had tripled on a regularly refilled prescription. Short version of my issue so please be aware.

drugstore said to call insurance, Insurance said no change on their reimbursement. They referred us back to Fred Meyer saying F.M. likely raised the medicine price. drugstore gave us a phone number of your business office who could not explain the increase co-pay and had no way to investigate. They said to contact drugstore. Looks like we are in a circle problem here.

I wrote a note to your “help site” stating all the details. So far no response in over a week or more. I would expect a return note saying they had received my comment and were working on an answer. Nothing as of 03/21/15. Would you be so kind as to let me know if you received my email comment and if you are willing to give me an explanation.
We still “heart” F.M. so your help is most appreciated


Dan February 14, 2015 at 5:45 pm

Today me and my wife went to buy a ru. Checked home depot first then tried Fred Meyer. they had a rug clearly posted 60% off. EXTATIC we grabbed the 2 left and the manager was rude and obnoxious saying it was another rug. Not the one directly below the giant red tag stating the price off lowest marked price. I’m truly furious that false advertising led us to believe we could get a deal and be crushed by advertising games. I belive we deserve the deal that was marked in the isle. I photographed the add and I will be taking my complaint to the BBB to ensure others don’t fall victim to the stupid gimmicks we all know well. The SALE game is false advertising.


Dan February 14, 2015 at 5:45 pm



Angie Alexander February 11, 2015 at 10:39 pm

Toda,y I made the mistake of trusting our local Fred Meyer for my prescription needs. I dropped of my prescription around 2:45. I was told it would be about 30 minutes. Working for Walgreens, I know it can get busy so I waited until about 4:40 to pick it up. At that time they told me the doctor had written the wrong year on the prescription. I asked if they had tried to call and was told that my doctor gets off at 4. I told them his office was open to 5. They asked me if I would like to use their phone to call, I say yes and the pharmacist dials the phone and goes on to help the next customer, I get the nurse who asks him to call her so she can get it sorted out, I tell the tech to let the pharmacist know what the nurse says, He rolls his eyes at her and helps 3 to 4 other people, The tech reminds him one more time and he leaves and goes in back, The tech comes up couple minutes later and says “Sorry, it looks like we missed them” Maybe he wouldn’t of missed them if he had tried doing his job during their business hours. At that point I just said,”well I hope for his sake,he never experience a kidney stone attack. I am in so much pain right now, I will probably be making yet another trip to the ER because Fred Meyer drugstore in Warrenton, Oregon couldn’t handle calling the doctor when they first noticed the mistake,


Alyssa February 11, 2015 at 2:42 pm

I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I spend a lot of money at Fred Meyers for my family and I and every time I purchase something I have to come back because the cashier never takes all the security tags off. I have never said anything until today, I figured after this happening the last 6 times I’ve bought clothes it was time the address the problem. I went into the Thor and Freya store in Spokane WA and a gentle named Brandon assisted me. I expressed my frustration and asked for a manager, he made a nasty face at me then proceeded to give me attitude when I called him out on his behavior. They manger came over and I addressed Brandons behavior and my frustration about the security tags and she was almost worse then her Co worker with the attitude. She gave me a half apology and told me that there was nothing she could do. Her facial expressions and body demeanor said enough about how she didn’t care about my complaint. I will no longer shop at Fred Meyers if this is how they are going to treat they’re customers. I understand mistakes happen but now I’m not upset about the tags, it’s about the rude customer service.


Linda Henderson January 12, 2015 at 7:55 pm

That is totally unacceptable as far as solutions are concerned…. Don’t tell me that you are the HR person.

I have been getting gas at Fred Meyer for over 8 years and have never had this happen. If I have a limited amount of funds in my account it will say that I am authorized for only that amount. But never, have they put a hold on my account nor will they ever do it again, because I am going to get a Costco card, their prices beat Fred Meyers anyway. I will also stop shopping at Fred Meyer and will let my friends know why.

Linda Henderson/ Children’s Programs

Buhl Public Library

215 Broadway North

Buhl, ID 83316

Phone: (208)543-**** Email: **

“Each day is a gift, as long as my eyes open to the will of God.”

Linda Henderson

To: ***
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 13:33:11 -0500
Subject: RE: Your Comments (#20640667)

Dear Linda:

Thank you for contacting Fred Meyer. We apologize for your experience and appreciate your feedback. Our company has an agreement with each bank and credit card company to place the hold on each transaction when fuel is paid for at the pump. The reason for this is that paying at the pump is considered an unsecure transaction, as there is no way to ID a customer. This hold is released when our company receives payment from the bank. The bank also has the ability to remove this hold manually. To avoid this from taking place we suggest paying for your fuel purchase at the window with the attendant.

If I can be of further assistance, please simply respond to this email or call 1-800-576-4377.

Thanks and have a nice day.


Kroger Customer Connect
The Kroger Family of Stores


gail August 9, 2015 at 6:29 pm

Wow, what a load of b.s. Are you saying your gas station attendants are not capable of looking at someone’s drivers license? Or just too lazy. Either way, you don’t think very highly of them.


Jamie H December 24, 2014 at 1:34 am

I had to give him for Christmas. I was told it would be done and ready Dec 23rd. I dropped it off Dec 15th. Not only was it not ready, it wasn’t even fixed or at the store. The customer service lady was RUDE and the assistant manager Mike was less then helpful. He told me it would not be more than 20.00. Not only was it NOT ready but it would cost DOUBLE the amount quoted, which fine but thanks a lot. I now have NOTHING to give my husband for Christmas and no watch. He called his watch guy and of course there was no answer. I only took it to Fred Meyer jeweler because they have always been good to us when purchasing in the past. I can only cry I am so disappointed


Nancy Jones-Smith December 10, 2014 at 7:48 pm

Went to Fred Meyer, West Bakerview, Rd., Bellingham, WA today. For several months there have been boxes of Satsuma oranges stacked on the floor at the end of the fresh fruit containers, in the fruit/vegetable dept. Shopping there weekly, I have not seen a price sign with this fruit. I asked the tall, middle aged, balding man who works in this dept. why there was no price on either of the 2 brands of Satsuma oranges. He told me that they had put a sign there, but the customers kept taking the sign off, and because there was nowhere to post the sign, there would be no price sign!

Well, when I walked back over to the Satsuma oranges, I noticed a large metal looking pillar abutting the boxes of Satsumas. WHY NOT PUT A SIGN THERE???? Upon looking at the Satsumas, I could not find any that did not have white mold/spoiled areas on them. Obviously, this employee really doesn’t care about customers, or doing the job he is paid to do. What laziness and negligence. He spends quite a bit of time laughing and talking with young female fruit/vegetable dept. employees, but he should really pay more attention to doing the job he is paid to do.


ardith tate December 8, 2014 at 12:38 pm

I am off this morning for some grocery and clothing shopping. Always before I would have headed for Fred Meyer on Chinden in Boise. Not anymore. For the last several months I have not shopped there and will continue to shop elsewhere until I can be certain there are no customers with firearms in the store. If I saw some one with an automatic firearm in the cereal isle or elsewhere I would be terrified and would leave the store screaming as fast as i could. I am not alone, there are thousands of us who feel the same way.


DEL April 22, 2015 at 2:00 pm




gail August 9, 2015 at 5:06 pm

The problem, former marine with no name, is we can no longer tell the good guys from the bad or severely disturbed ones. In fact, sometimes the ones doing the shooting were the good guys until they snapped. Is that really what you have to say to the families of those killed in movie theatres, malls, schools…, to the survivors of these mass shootings, and to people watching it on tv who are terrified to be in public places — get over your fear of guns, you whoosie. Very nice. I am with you, Ardith. The FACT remains that there is far less gun violence in pretty much any other country in the world because there are fewer guns. Most of the gun violence outside this country happens with weapons from the US that we gave them.


Ben Cooper November 19, 2014 at 11:06 pm

I went to the Grand Central Deli @ 6:15pm and the deli was out of chicken strips. The counter person said they aren’t out but are not cooking any more tell tomorrow. Being dinner rush they should still be available. What poor customer service. Won’t be eatting Fred’s deli for awhile.

Sad customer,


Lena October 30, 2014 at 3:54 pm

The email link is not working. I want to email, and the link is not working.


ken October 30, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Your store have the new debit/credit card machines ready for the chips.

It would be nice if you train your employees how to use them. I tried to use mine, and the clerk didn’t know about it or how to use it and had me swipe my card.



deanna October 20, 2014 at 12:45 am

I feel you need to know at corporate what you have as a store director. I am a older woman who has worked as a supervisor for Campbell’s. I chose to leave the production life to be with customers. I miss them but Jay Jones is not a a director to serve your store. He belittle his employees. Once I walked past his office and he asked why I was so defensive when he stopped me. I told him that he never had a kind thing to say. He said if you all get my asate scores up I will then appreciate you. I am sorry but I went through leadership training as a supervisor with Campbell’s and you don’t be little your employees to make them care. Walmart is coming and his attitude toward his employees is not going to bring in customers. I am already ready to spread the word about this man. You need to fix. I am sure you have had these complaints so I am not a uneducated woman. I have moved on to a production supervisor position but miss my customers.I have close ppl working there. Can’t see this go on. Please fix this. I am ready to picket and use my right to free speach


Amy Rosenberg October 30, 2015 at 9:06 pm

I will pickett with you Deanna!


Eli Hayon October 11, 2014 at 10:53 pm

Fred Meyer store in Mill Creek WA, runs out of Kashi cereal Heart to Heart Honey Roasted.

Why is it almost always out of stock which makes me drive to another store to get it

Other stores always have it in stock.

So why…..why they are always out of stock ??????? why…..why….


paula long September 23, 2014 at 4:09 pm

My best friend and her fiancé who shop often at your store in Brookings, , Oregon were shopping yesterday and mistakenly, Enid Williamson-Yates left her cell phone in the cart which she returned inside the store. When she realized she left her phone went back to store, checked with customer service and no one had turned it in. This phone not only was in an $97.00 otter box purchased at your store but a samsung galaxy3 cell phone through us celluar which is due for an upgrade next month was purchased at around $700.00+. Yes to a thief a wonderful gift but to Enid and her family a horrible experience with all family pictures, personal info, credit card #, ss# and so on. My question is can your store look on security footage?


Enrique Vallejo September 20, 2014 at 5:31 pm

I purchased a Skullcandy headphones set for $50. At the time of the purchase I was not told there’s a 30 day return policy electronics nor is it stated on your receipt. The headphones stop working properly in the first three days. I kept the receipt assuming that I can make a return at any time, due to the fact I was not told nor did I see a statement about the return policy. Good earbuds that I purchased are still in perfect condition sense I used him maybe three times in those three days them. I spoke to the customer service representative at the counter she stated about the policy and that I should contact Skullcandy this is my second pair of Skullcandy earbuds from Fred Meyer’s that don’t seem to function fully. I’m disappointed I will no longer be purchasing electronics or anything from Fred Meyer for a while. One customer is not gonna ruin your reputation for if you want return customers, policies as such should be in print on receipts


Alison Martin August 11, 2014 at 5:55 am

Lynn Gust, President

My daughter started her new job at Fred Meyer’s in Bend just a few days ago. She saw some things that made me decide to NEVER shop there again. Two cases of chicken strips left on a table overnight at room temperature, then used, not disposed of, (should have been in the freezer,) cakes that were supposed to be refrigerated at -10 F (left unrefrigerated overnight,), also not disposed of, a load of perishables left unrefrigerated for her entire shift, which may have been deli. These are food safety issues that are downright scary. The other issues were the treatment she was subjected to by the Vice President of Store Operations. She was not trained properly, (someone told her that it was because she works weekends.) She did watch videos about food safety, how to lift to avoid an injury, etc., but as far as training, she was just put on the schedule with little to no training. She was shown how to price items, and how to box up cookies, and french and garlic bread. She had a customer yesterday that wanted Italian bread in a long loaf, unsliced. The lady was abusive, but my daughter kept her cool, and tried to accommodate the woman, who refused sliced Italian bread, and also a round loaf of Italian bread. My daughter was stumped, not knowing what to do, and I think the customer herself, didn’t know what she wanted, because she kept saying, “No , the recipe I have calls for a long loaf of ITALIAN bread, unsliced!!!!” My daughter spent 15 minutes trying to find a loaf of Italian bread, and finally grabbed a long loaf of unidentified bread destined for the following day, that looked like it could be what the woman wanted, gave her that. She had another customer that wanted garlic bread. She said what she’d put out had disappeared very quickly, so she asked another employee, who told her where to get some in a certain area. The male customer became irate, told the other employee “she took bread from the pull-dated rack!” The other employee explained that all the garlic bread was dated for Aug 8th, (that same day), and it was edible, and also all they had. Another customer came in to pick up 27 cupcakes she’d ordered, wanted my daughter to tell her which of the cupcakes were pink inside, and which ones were blue inside (for a baby shower). My daughter had no way of knowing that, since the package was filled and boxed up prior to her shift. The woman also wanted her to open the box, remove 2 of the cupcakes, and put them in a separate box. My daughter, being alone, didn’t know how to tell which ones had pink or blue filling so she pulled the paper down on a cupcake, could see blue showing through the bottom half of the cupcake, and showed the lady. She also discovered that 4 of the cupcakes had a blue or pink ribbon on the bottom side of the cupcake, which identified them as either boy or girl cupcakes. The remaining 23 cupcakes were unmarked. The lady was a bit perturbed that the cupcake cup had been temporarily removed, but my daughter didn’t know how else to tell what the filling was. All the cupcakes were decorated in both pink and blue. During the 15 minutes while my daughter was frantically searching for a loaf of “Italian” bread, there was no other person working in the bakery, just herself, who had been left alone while the other employee was taking her lunch. She had a customer wanting a certain pastry, and had no idea what to charge for it. She found someone to ask, and got an answer, but in the meantime, the woman was doing a lot of eye rolling, and was very put out. I worked for Safeway in California, and rotated through every department in the store, finally becoming Assistant Manager, after 8 years. I still remember that training I received while on the job, and also in checker school, Produce Dept training, Inventory Control training, Bakery Dept training, Floral Dept training, and Wine and Liquor Dept training, where I became manager of each of those departments after hard work on my part. The difference between these two companies is unbelievable. The “man” in charge of store operations that was extremely rude to my daughter is a big boss? No wonder you have employees leaving frozen deli food out. When a store has problems like this, I blame the boss. One of the most important things in retail is to inspire loyalty in the employees, make them feel like they matter, and that you’re all working toward the same goal; which is increased sales and customer satisfaction. If you have a store full of employees that are routinely yelled at, told “you are a pain in my ass,” or “What are YOU DOING? Aren’t you going to get some bread out there? ” you are going to have a high turnover of employees. First, what does it mean to a brand new employee what you ask them “Aren’t you going to get some bread out there? What if the employee doesn’t know where “out there” is? She was not instructed on stocking the front of the store. She was so intimidated; she didn’t even know what to say. With a high turnover, you’ll have new employees poorly trained, if at all, trying to do a job that they aren’t familiar with. My daughter intended on working there for at least 4 years, while going to college part-time, but after seeing the way things are run there, she decided to give her notice. The same man was in her department today, chewing out my daughter’s immediate manager, pointing at my daughter, and talking about her loudly, (in front of her, and also customers, I might add,) the bakery manager told the man, company executive Rick Heffner, that my daughter was new, and that she had already given her 2 week notice. He said “Oh, okay,” and seemed happy about it. My daughter never had a chance. She was not trained on anything but the very limited basics in safety, was not told about the bread in the front of the store, (that Rick with the red face was furious about), couldn’t identify loaves that looked the same, but had no labels on them. By the way, here is what it says about Italian vs. French bread: You have to remember the customer that refused a round loaf, wanted a long loaf with rounded ends…Sounds like French bread to me! She was really so rude that I wondered if it was a blind checker test, to see how my daughter coped with an extremely rude customer. (She did GOOD!) That’s what my daughter had just finished dealing with at 5:30 pm yesterday. I hope Rick Heffner reads this, I really hope his Board of Directors, and Kroger reads this too, because you don’t yell at a brand new employee, scaring and humiliating them for failing to do something they were not told to do. Your new employees are not mind readers, and can’t anticipate what their job entails, without better direction. My suggestion to Kroger is to wipe the slate clean, and get a new Retail Operations Vice President, before you get sued for poisoning someone with deli food that hasn’t been frozen or even refrigerated. No employee is going to keep things like that to himself when he/she is treated so rudely. When things like this happen in a store, I tend to blame the top dog…and in this case, I believe he deserves the blame, for all the reasons stated above. He is a top executive of Fred Meyers. He of all people should make sure his employees are trained, so when they are working alone, they know what they are doing. I sure wouldn’t have put an employee by herself after two days of boxing cookies, and bagging french bread and garlic bread. That is the total extent of my daughter’s experience in the Bend store.

Update: My daughter was scheduled to work 12-9, was called about 10am, and was asked to work 1-10pm. She said she would, and the lady that called her in for grocery did comment that she knew my daughter wasn’t trained in grocery, but it’s not hard. She arrived early to find out who her supervisor was, for some direction, and his name was Matt. He was short, abrupt, told her “you’re taking a ½ hour lunch, then complained to another employee that he had two people working grocery that had no experience. Why did Fred Meyer call her in to work grocery, knowing she had absolutely no experience, and would be working under a man that was very irate about it. My daughter went to lunch for a half hour and clocked back in, where Matt again was short with her, and she decided she wasn’t working another minute. She clocked out and came home. My maternal aunt worked for Fred Meyer when he was still alive, managing the Apparel Dept. for many years. She left and went into real estate when Fred Meyer started changing.

I have read many online complaints about your company in the last two days, and what is obvious to me is that you have management that is sub-par. I am not speaking about my daughter’s bakery manager, but the upper management. It is also obvious that you don’t care what the customers think, or you would want your employees to be well trained, so your customers aren’t dissatisfied. I wonder how many people were served chicken strips that should have been thrown away. Two cases of them! I wonder how many people can attribute their food poisoning or stomach flu to what they ate at Fred Meyer in the last two days. My daughter also saw a load of perishables sitting on the floor, unrefrigerated, and no one bothered to break down the load, just left it where it was. I hope the Deschutes County Health Dept gets wind of these practices.

Alison Martin


gail August 9, 2015 at 6:20 pm

I have been reading all of these complaints and have reached the conclusion that Fred Meyer stores have turned to crap since Kroeger took them over. I have had the most horrible time trying to get something done about a smart tv that has never worked properly, being passed back and forth between Phillips electronics and f.m. After reading everyone else’s similar experiences, I am done with f.m. They really shouldn’t be so nasty with customers. Even in this little hick town of Grants Pass, OR, we have a Walmart, a Grocery Outlet, a Winco, and a Haggen’s within walking distance of their store.


Tina August 10, 2014 at 3:25 am

My concern is that while shopping for wedding rings, I had found one on clearance that I fell in love with. It was quite expensive but 60% off was a deal. While looking at a booklet on rings that night , I saw the same ring for cheaper than what the price was before the 60%off. When I went in and asked about that, I was told that the cheaper price was a sale. Well no, because the prices in the book were that price and all the rings. So no sale, that was the price. Anyway, my question is, the ring should be 60% off the price in book. Correct??? If not, this is a huge bait and switch. Faithful customer which I hope to continue if the price is right.


SweetSue August 9, 2014 at 11:04 pm

Looks like we have a number of Freddy’s complaints. Mine is about customer service or lack of it. I’m afraid the clerks are not getting the proper training in how to speak in a respectful way to their customers. I’m seeing it more and more often. Todays clerk was insolent. As a former customer service manager, I think it should be brought to Fred Meyer’s attention. It will certainly keep me from shopping there if it continues.


Craig Klucas August 1, 2014 at 6:38 pm

While driving around to various Fred Meyers in Vancouver the other day I noticed that many of the Fred Meyer signs were covered up by trees growing in front of them. Can these trees be trimmed or cut down in such a way as to show the FM sign? You guys pay a lot of money for the signs and the only time I can see them to know when to turn is in the winter. Thank you for your time. Craig Klucas


Stephanie June 19, 2014 at 10:27 pm

Will there be a Fred Meyer opening in Williston ND anytime soon?


Soils Plus June 2, 2014 at 10:48 am

Soils Plus LLC
Contractor License #SOILSPL877RT
508 North Oak St. Burlington, WA. 98233
Phone: 425-754-1881 E-Mail: January 13, 2014
Fred Meyers
920 S. Bourlington Blvd.
Burlington, WA. 98233
Monthly Maintenance Proposal

Scope of Work:
Monthly service pricing, on site all inclusive $2,599.75 per month includes tax. Note: based on a 12 continuous month agreement.
Clean, trim all trees, prune, re – bark all Flower beds,
Repair irragation as needed / winterize all systems
Power wash all walkways Monthly
Mow all grass area as defined by owner.
Bark all flower beds Bark included in pricing
Weed flower beds as needed

General Notes:
Only work specifically outlined is included in our Quotation.
Proposal valid for 30 days.
Signed agreement prior to equipment arrival via e-mail
Soils Plus LLC supplies all equipment and labor to complete the project.
All work performed will be base on daily visits to properties for inspections.

Site Specific Notes:
No additional charges for barking of beds all inclusive.
Lighting in parking lot bulb replacement time and material

Sweeping of parking lot of parking lot to be done by others unless requested by property owner and a change order in writing for additional costs has been agreed upon.
Snow removable of parking lot to be done by others unless requested by property owner and a change order in writing for additional costs has been agreed upon.
Survey and engineering if required, by others.
All required permits to be obtained by others.

Agreement signed _______________________ Date: _________

Have sent to Corp. and dropped off with manager and have met with no responce


Lori Hazen June 1, 2014 at 4:57 pm

I was shopping in your Oregon City store last night, which is my usual Fred Meyer location. There was a sale on the largest size Oscar Meyer beef bologna and the rack was empty, so when I went through the checkout, I asked for a rain check. The cashier looked at the ad and said she couldn’t give me a rain check on sale merchandise not in the ad. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is to me. My only source of income is Social Security and I try very hard to stretch my money as much as I can. I am truly one of your one-stop-shoppers. I just don’t understand why a sale item has to be in the printed ad to qualify for a rain check. I would like a response to this matter.


Keli May 7, 2014 at 3:46 pm

How lovely it was to receive some extra coupons for the Grand reOpening of the Warrenton Oregon store. Only problem with that is it would help if they ACTUALLY ARRIVED when they would be able to be used! It doesn’t do any good to send out coupons that are dated for the week BEFORE the coupon gets here.
Thanks for nothing!


michelle Rodriguez May 1, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Hello, I’m trying to understand why females are allowed to be out in the dark at night gathering shopping carts by themselves. Many times the lot is almost empty as it’s open until 11:00 pm and I see these young girls out walking the parking lot gathering carts. If you go to any college campus, you are told to never walk alone, use the buddy system. Why wouldn’t Fred Meyer incorporate that into their rules as well? I worry about these girls and seems like the management should as well. We are at the Scappoose, OR Fred Meyer and I’m sure this practice happens at all of them. At Safeway they don’t allow this so it seems Fred Meyer shouldn’t either. We have alot of weirdos running around here and everywhere for that matter.


heidi April 21, 2014 at 10:23 am

Purchased a wedding set about 20 years ago, also purchased the diamond plan. I took my ring in regularly to have cleaned and inspected, even had repaired a couple times, the prongs, also about 3 years ago finally had it sawtered together. Never got the plan signed, well first of all who carries that around in your purse?? So a year ago, one of my little diamonds fell out, so I took in to have replaced, which should of been free, due to having the diamond plan. Well i has told that it would be $300+, because i did not have proof that i took my ring in every 6 months. Very frusturated and feel that i shouldn’t have to pay to have it replaced. They should keep track in computer system every time that you come in. They were able to tell me when the last repair, inspection by jeweler was and funny thing is, that it was like a month before the diamond fell out and they didn’t fix the prong or mention it to me….. All i want it for my ring to be fixed and made right. I will not purchase any other jewelery from there and i have told several friends and family also.


exfreds employee March 29, 2014 at 11:05 am

Store #2753 very rude manager nancy doss. Rude to employees and cant keep employees around customers constantly complaining about there’s always new employees. Hate I had to leave my job because of her attitude towards me I was very uncomfortable working there and was hard to even get in my car and go every day.


Perry P. Perkins March 10, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Hello, my name is Perry Perkins, and I run an outreach program that teaches free basic classes on nutrition, shopping, and home cooking skills to at-risk youth who are coming out of the Oregon foster care system to live on their own for the first time.

I wanted to bring to your attention two EXCEPTIONAL Fred Meyer employees at your Wilsonville, Oregon store (home/kitchen department) – Scott and Shelly helped us purchase several hundred dollars worth of kitchenware yesterday, to outfit ten new class stations for our kids. After a less-than-great customer service experience from a local competitor, we came to Fred Meyer and were treated like VIPs.

Both Scott and Shelly went out of their way to help us find everything we needed, assisted in loading everything onto big pushcarts, then ordered those things that there weren’t enough of (we needed 10 of everything!), and helped us save money (always important for a non-profit) at the same time! They were friendly, helpful, and made us feel like their highest priority.

We will be coming back to this Fred Meyer for ALL of our future needs, both for the outreach program, and our person chef services.

I just can’t express how impressed we were.

Thank you again,

Chef Perry P. Perkins


Walter Harris February 13, 2014 at 1:48 pm

Wow! after reading some of these other comments I’m almost afraid to say anything. But I’m that guy who just refuses to be treated like I never spend money st FRED MEYERS. My entire family shops at your store and has for a LONG time. I’m talking generations here. I’m talking LOTS of money. I’ve had the occasional employee that’s just having a bad day. This didn’t bother me. I’ve had bad products and mistakes made on price of purchases. They have always been dealt with satisfactory results. But the first time I attempted to use the drugstore, I was treated terribly. Yes im disabled after 40 plus years of paying taxes. Yes im on Medicare and yes it is a bad experience in itself. But I honestly don’t feel that just because “pharmacists ” have total control over weather I get a prescription or not I will lay down and take this. I’ve served my country, I will always help other people in need, even when I shouldn’t, and if it is ever brought to my attention that I have treated anyone like I just was in your drugstore Dept, I would get on man one hand and knees and beg that person for forgiveness. Although I don’t talk about or care to talk about how I came to be disabled, for my country, I do believe a full apology is in order. I must admit even if this is done to my satisfaction, I can’t promise I will ever shop at Fred Meyer again. Like I said when I receive good service, I comment to that person on the spot. I believe in rewarding as well. Anyway your newly lost valued customer hopes you all figure things out. But I doubt it.


Lori Stednitz January 28, 2014 at 5:35 pm

I was told that if I went online to complete a “short” survey I would get 50 bonus point for fuel and a chance to win $100.00 gift card. I went online and the survey was anything but short. I was asked every question under the sun, not about Fred Meyer but products, services etc. I had to enter my cell phone number and now I am getting solicitation phone calls on my cell phone. FIVE today. I am very upset about this misleading information and having my cell phone given to advertisers the minute I finished the survey! I should be PAID $100.00 for taking my time to do that survey. My recommendation to everyone is Don’t do it.


JOE JONEES December 26, 2013 at 1:52 pm



nik nikolish November 15, 2013 at 3:48 am

Fred Meyer, located in Boise Idaho, on the corner of Franklin and Orchard. My name is Nik Nikolish, and I live a few blocks from this Fred Meyer. My wife and I loved to shop here, it is so close to our home and VERY convient. A little while back, I was shopping for fall fertilizers, when I noticed these two larger sized, easy set-up, car ports. They were basically a small, tent like, garage. They were normally $340.00 , but were on sale for 50% off. I was very interested, but there packaging was in terrible shape, they were both outside, in the lawn and garden center, and had seen there fair share of rain and wind. I looked around for an employeeto help me get the heavy and awkward box, out from the storage rack it was in. I couldn’t find an employee, but soon came across a gentleman that I assumed was in management. I asked him if he could help me with the box and once he saw what I was talking about, declined to help. He was in his dress clothes, so I didn’t really mind. I just figured I would do it myself. He did stand there and watch. Once I had it freed and laying on itside, I could see that the back side was completely rotted thru the cardboard. I asked him if I could open the package the rest of the way to inspect the canvas material for rott. He told me that I was more than welcome to open it once I bought it and took it home. I asked why I couldn’t check as to I didn’t want to buy it, get it all the way home, to find out the canvas is damaged and then have to package it back up and return it. He said, that was the only way I was going to see inside the box and that he didn’t have time to deal with my situation and walked off. I was stunned at being treated that way and especially by some body in management. I am thirty five years old and have a very extreme baby face, I’m guessing hetook me for a teenager or was just having a bad day. I have been back to this fred meyer a couple times, and each time I want to see somebody in management to notify them of my situation. I have never told on anyone before, and am having a difficult time writing this email. I was with my wife two nights ago at this Fred Meyer and I saw this gentleman once again, he was having an argument with an employee and chewing this kid out right infront of customers. I guess I reached this point, and want somebody to talk with this man. I do not wish to give his name, but after seeing him tare into that kid I am in firm belief he has had complaints filed against him in the past. Sorry for the long email, but I would hate for this store to loose more customers due to his actions. My wife and I would really like some help in this matter……..I’m still wanting that garage/carport, if one is still available.

Thanks for taking the time in reading my email and I really hope this issue can be taken care of.

Sincerely, Nik Nikolish


Corey Bracken October 15, 2013 at 8:56 am

I have been discriminated against by the Fred Meyer Corporation on a few occasions for utilizing a service canine. I have brought this matter to their attention via phone, fax, email, and in person at a store level to the acting manager. These events have occurred over the past year and a half.

Yesterday evening, I received a call threatening criminal action against my person for contacting the Fred Meyer home office. Would this happen if I had my own attorney versus representing myself pro se? Could this possibly be abusive power? Are our protected rights being violated? The officer that contacted me intimidated me further by refusing to hear this. I hung up on him after requesting his supervisor to call me back. At this time I have yet to hear from the supervisor though I am in high hopes of them contacting my person today as I just left a message for them again. Please feel free to contact me about this matter as needed.


darlene himmelman October 14, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Our church group makes quilts and gives them to Lutheran World Relief and a local place where we can outfit people re-starting their lives. Unfortunately two of your colors are no longer available at all the stores I’ve been to in the Portland area. They are Fuscia and Kiwi. I think you have decided to discontinue these colors bur I would greatly appreciate knowing that this decision is ‘for sure’ and, if so, do you know where I could get them.
in the future, is there a way of knowing which colors you plan to discontinue?


Jonathan Gohs September 26, 2013 at 5:44 am

Me and my wife spend well over 1500.00 dollars every month in a store. Redondo Beach, near Midway Washington. We like Fred Meyer and the people there, if you make them strike I will not go back.
These people need to live also, I believe you in the corporate settings are set for life.


Gary Holt September 16, 2013 at 8:02 pm

I have two complaints: 1. When I purchased my matching mens wedding ring and ordered it in size 16, I was told it would take around 4 to 8 weeks at the longest to receive this mens ring when in fact it took more than 90 days. I was very patient and waited and finally received it. I did not get any deduction from the total amount owed for the trouble and time it took for me to receive this ring. 2. I went to Fred Meyers today (9/16/2013 at or around 4:12PM0. to shop at the Longview WA store on Ocean beach store (3184) and I went back to the electronics area were I meet and was asking questions about a blue ray 3D Samsung player and questions about the TV screens. Nick was there and another female Fred Meyer Employee. The female employee said are you talking to me and I said yes I was attempting to ask a question but if no one wants to answer a question I imagine I will just leave. She said she did not have to answer any questions because she was punched out and was not technically working any more, I informed them both that that was piss poor customer relations and I was not happy at all and that they were very rude!
They had time to talk to each other but not to answer any question. Is this the way Fred Meyers treats there customers now days, if so I will shop else were. Just thought you might want to know.


Heather July 24, 2013 at 1:12 pm

I would like to know why the remodeled Fred Meyers in Ellensburg Wa is not going to offer Black Boar sweet ham in their deli? For me to enjoy this ham I have to buy it in Issaquah when I am over there which is a 11/2hr drive from where I live. When I asked at the Ellensburg deli about carrying it they said they were not allowed to order it?
Please explain the reason.


Liz weber June 25, 2013 at 2:20 pm

The sandy or. Store is closest to me but I don’t want to shop there because while I am shopping my family or doctor cannot reach me on my cell phone!! I talked to AT&T and verizon and employees, they all said its because the store is in a hole?? The store can request a special tower system from AT&T. I know because I have one at my home in welches, or. To many times this has happened but not at Safeway down the street!


Grant Fraley June 7, 2013 at 3:45 am

I have a store employee stalking me in the store in Brookings oregon, I made a Confidential complaint with the main Office about the employee and didnt want her to lose her job just have her monitored the manage told her and went against our agreement and the Woman set Me up with her daughter and attacked me in the store twice last Month and twice at My Home , I filed a stalking Order on her daughter and the Judge Threw it out and they got together and Made up a Bunch of stupid unbelievable statements and the Judge ruled in Her favor and I got a Stalking Charge against Me instead and I was the One Being Stalked ! the brookings Police dept would not make a report for me with several witnesses that observed her daughter attacking me in the store and Her Mother followed me that day Outside the store and they would not look at the store Surveillance to prove my innocence so The Police are Corrupt for not doing their Job and Fred Meyers Wont Comment on the situation ! I am filing a appeal and getting a Lawyer to Make Fred Meyers get the Videos to show what really happened ! I am a Victim of a Tort or Slander and someone is going to Be in Big Trouble when the truth comes out of this Mess! so Dont Trust Fred Meyers store to Be up front and Honest , they wont return My calls, I have 3 Audio Recordings of their statements they made with me to try and do the right thing Here ! I spend about 500 a month there i their store and they just let the Court system slam me ! there are employees there that seen this woman following me around for some time now and she got away with this last week! there is No Justice in our county any more for the small guy on Disability that cant afford to Hire a Good Lawyer ! if any one knows some one who would like to take my case I would like to hear from you! it could be worth a lot of money to them !


Valarie May 28, 2013 at 10:55 pm

We miss Matt at the Brookings, OR store. There is a change in the air since Matt is gone. He use to be walking around talking to customers. I don’t see the new one doing that. We want Matt BACK please!!!!!!!


John roberts January 17, 2014 at 8:02 pm

Maybe if Matt would have not been walking around visiting, and doing his job he would still be there. Sounds like a friend of the family, not a loyal shopper like me. I have noticed a remarkable change in the store, lately and what ever someone did appears to have been a positive change. Keep up the good work. This store is my favorite..


unknown January 19, 2014 at 12:35 pm

if its the matt at my store u can have him back!!!PLEASE!!!!


unkown January 19, 2014 at 12:46 pm

if he came to my store, U can have him back,PLEASE!!Nothing wrong with them personally,just some people can handle certain kind of stores.


sidney mdonald January 31, 2013 at 5:29 pm

What is the reason Kroger/Fred Meyer in Brookings,ore is no longer carrying Iams dog food line,, all of a sudden discontinued all sold out,, matter of a few days no warning,, now many people are without the foods thier pets eat and rely on and have to drive an average of 50 miles if they have a vehicle or transportation to feed thier dogs, .. i go there specifically for the dog food and buy other products around that, but until i get the Iams back on the shelf or Kroger /Fred Meyer does i am done shopping there,, marketing is what it is called,, they want us to buy something else because Iams sells so well, so it disappears off the shelf so they can but a XXXXXty brand in its place,, i will not be forced to buy what i do not want,, people should demand it be put back for the consumers. i do not want Kroger brand dog food, no one else carrys it in our area,, like i said,, 50 mile round trip and for that Kroger be damned,, do without my business!


Dacei February 22, 2013 at 12:46 pm

They were just changing the size they were carrying.


Marie Baird January 18, 2013 at 9:39 pm

We live in Junction City, Oregon. We are served by one grocery store..Safeway..which is run poorly and under stocked. Junction City is expericencing a growth spurt. Two state facillities (hospital) and several businesses are now or have relocated here. New house construction is underway with the anticipation of the additional jobs. Most of my neighborhood residents drive 15 miles to the nearest “Freddies” which is on Division Avenue, in Eugene, Oregon. We are underseved in this growing community and there are no big box stores. FM would not have competiton. I want to validate my comments by adding that we have no connection to FM, nor do we know anyone who may work for Fred Meyer. That being said, we need a FRED MEYER….so….please…BRING IT ON.


sidney mdonald January 31, 2013 at 5:32 pm

watch what u wish for,, we are having problems with ours,, items we use constantly disappearing off the shelves, disconntiued and sold out,,marketing,, not a good thing, many people are not shopping there now for that reason,, they are good for a while but not for the longrun,,


Ann Birchfield August 18, 2012 at 10:39 pm



I would like to share with a situation that should not have happened at 365 Renton Center Way SW. The encounter in the meat department should have never happened and it was validated by one of my friends that’s works in the Burien Fred Meyer Meat department. So I feel like I somewhat know I wasn’t considered an unreasonable customer. I also notified the store manager on duty. So if she fails to notify you. and covers for him, I’m confident someone at Corporate will respond.

My situation started approximately 5:00pm, our time, when I asked the seafood counter employee (who was nothing but overly helpful trying to help me…way helpful!!) if he could check the back to see if there were family packs of cubed steaks back there. He returned to let me know one butcher when home the other was at lunch and he was unable to locate the family pack. As I’m leaving this same employee went out of his way to catch up with me to let me know the butcher employee returned from lunch.

When I returned to the meat department and told him what I needed, he said he couldn’t do that and that they have never made family packs of cube steaks…ever…and “we don’t even have a meat code for that”… I had him clarify he couldn’t do that. That’s when I called my butcher friend from the Burien store to see if that’s true….there is a Fred Meyer code for it and it can be done. I was still in the meat department. He was standing there. He shrugged his shoulders and said he can’t do something that can’t be done. WOW, huh?

Please also, visual in your minds, what this particular employee looked like. A tattered hat, long greasy black stringy ungroomed hair, street clothes that were REALLY dirty. No…he did not have on a clean cap. No….he did not even have a on a white coat like the other employee. He honestly looked like a stoner and it was gross!

He then came over to me and said”I supposed I could make a Family Pack from the smaller packages already out, but how many go into a Family Pack?” I literally said “Excuse ME!!!”. How do I know?”.

By this time, his appearance and his stoner mannerism was enough. I told him to forget it and contacted the manager. She said she would handle it.

I have no problem revisiting the store, but I’m a little grossed out that someone like him touches the meet. I have a very weak stomach and I’ll never buy meat at that store again.

Please handle this and retrain him on the appearance and customer service policy. I could tell from the other employee’s reaction that he was totally embarrassed. What happened should have never happened. I’ve always gone to this Fred Meyer for convenience, but I think I’ll start going the the Burien store which is not conveniently located for me demographically. Rarely do I buy meats at Fred Meyer, because I have a place I only buy meat from.

I’m giving my family a vegetarian dinner tonight, because I’m a little grossed out. I was not going to have my dinner touched by a greasy stonehead who was mad at me.
It’s for this very reason that I go to a place I trust handling because it’s that important to me.

I have included my email address if you need more information. Please keep my name confidential from the employee I am complaining about.

Thank you for your time. I hope this helps your company seek improvements in that area, in that store, so it’s not awkward for fellow employees and customers.

Ann Birchfield


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