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Fifth Third Bancorp
38 Fountain Square Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45263

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Phone Number: (800) 972-3030
Fax Number: (513) 579-4312
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Fifth Third Bancorp Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Fifth Third Bancorp Executives

CEO: Kevin T. Kabat
CFO: Tayfun Tuzun
COO: Greg D. Carmichael

Fifth Third Bancorp History

Fifth Third Bank is a U.S. regional banking corporation and the principal subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp.

Fifth Third has its roots in the 1858 opening of the Bank of Ohio Valley in Cincinnati. Third National Bank opened five years later and acquired the Bank of Ohio Valley in 1871.

The name Fifth Third is a result of the merger between Third National Bank and Fifth National Bank in 1908.

Fifth Third Bancorp operates 1,325 branches in a dozen states in the Midwest and Southeast.

Fifth Third Bancorp is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol FTTB, is #361 in the Fortune 500, is a member of the S&P 500, has 19,500 employees, and had $6.26 billion in revenue in 2013.

Fifth Third Bancorp FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Fifth Third Bancorp?
Answer 1: The phone number for Fifth Third Bancorp is (800) 972-3030.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp?
Answer 2: The CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp is Kevin T. Kabat .

Question 3: Who founded Fifth Third Bancorp?
Answer 3: Fifth Third Bancorp was founded by in .

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Dorothy S. July 8, 2019 at 2:09 pm

Ever since 5/3 bought out MB bank in Lemont, IL I’ve had problems with my checks NOT being accepted by various grocery stores & our local Walgreens whom I’ve done business with for over 40 years. Found out they all use telecheck and they CANNOT reach anyone by phone to verify the account or that there is sufficient money in my accounts.

Am getting to the point that I’ll look for another bank!


Tom Signorelli June 25, 2019 at 10:16 pm

The worst transition in all of the world of banking. 5th 3 rd is horrible. terrible customer service. We have had our current account for almost 20 years and they tell us we are new customers so we have to wait 3 months to be able to deposit checks mobily. Customer service says ” well that’s our policy. Shove your policy up your arse


Ronnie W. Thrasher May 21, 2019 at 3:53 pm

Complaint to the news media:
Kevin Kabat, CEO,
and Brian Berning, Letter Opener
Fifth Third Bankcorp
I have been trying since the last of April, 2019 to talk to someone in the loan company. My loan was with MB Financial prior to the planned late notice by you and MB Financial pertaining to your last minute notice of merger. At that time I had three payments left on my Can Am Motorcycle and even mailed to you the check number and date of each payment beginning with the scheduled July 1, 2013 (see? I was even two months in advance of the debt. If not early, every payment was at a minimum made on time, every time, and subsequently posted as such by MB Financial. In fact, .you just cashed and deposited my check mailed on May 3, 2019, and then processed by you on May 15, 2019. About trying to talk to someone in your loan department? Well, I have tried many times to call you, but when I do get your switchboard, I have to give my loan number and my social security number . . . and, know what, even then I am told that the data I give your computer does not match.
Hey! Say Hello to Brian Berning, Thank him for signing for my check info and complaint information.What a group of people you are! 2.6 stars for honesty and integrity, and some other kin of stuff.
Not trying to say anything derogatory. I am sure you all are the height of integrity and stuff like that. Just trying to say you need to tighten up the bookkeeping and response issues in your daily business.
Thank You,
Ronnie (Ron) W. Thrasher

cc: & Chicago


Pauline F. Shea April 26, 2019 at 2:04 am

April 24, 2019
Before I list my complaint below, may I suggest to anyone else having a complaint about 5th/3rd also send a copy to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, P.O. Box 2900, Clinton, IA 52733-2900. This is the entity to which I was directed that provides supervisory oversight for certain consumer protection laws and regulations. My complaint of Feb. 20 was forwarded to that bureau.

In 2018, I opened acct with 5th/3rd in response to offer of $200 bonus for doing so. I met all requirements connected with the offer. When I closed the acct in May of 2018, $48 was withheld for Fed Income tax. I complained about this at the time & was told a 1099-INT would be sent to me in Jan. This meant I would have to file to receive the $48 back.
When I rec’d the 1099-INT in Jan of 2019, it did not show the $48 withheld. Trying to get a corrected 1099 form was a very trying experience and held up my filing a return to receive back other withheld money. I was given incorrect numbers to call, run around explanations and treated with rudeness. A corrected 1099 was sent to the 5th/3rd branch, but none to me and I was never notified of this.
Toward the end of March, I finally found out through many more phone calls that the branch had a corrected copy and I got a copy from them and was able to file by April 15th. I still wonder if the $48 was ever sent to the government as it should have been.
Every time I see the ads on TV about 5th/3rd being so smug about having 120% excellent customer service I want to vomit. From the many other complaints I’ve just read, I imagine many others have the same feeling. How such a bank can stay in business is beyond my understanding!


Linda Raychel February 12, 2019 at 4:44 pm

I have been trying for months to get in touch with your bank to no avail. You have operative phoneline that place you on hold and music or hours on end. I have a problem with your bank and how it operates. I am forced to oversea phone center and expected to give my social security number to strange people in foreign land and they have full access to my business (address, DOB, financials, etc). I need to be contacted and have not been provided the opportunity to speak to some one. After 6 days and hours waiting on hold I was able to speak to someone. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. You have not regard for your customers. YOU SHOULD Be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. I would never recommend this bank to anyone.


Michael brummitt February 9, 2019 at 12:02 pm

I Michael Brummitt have power of attorney over my mother dulcie Brummitt including all power over her accounting apopka Florida branch has refused to give me copies of 14 months of statements my attorney has advised me if I have to go to court that he will ask for court cost and attorney fees


Tracy G January 23, 2019 at 1:58 pm

My car was a total loss and my insurance company paid it in full 12/06/2018 and to date the check hasn’t been cashed, my credit score has decreased severely and I haven’t been able to contact anyone at Fifth Third Bank. My next step is to contact the attorney general, BBB and the credit bureaus..


JOSEPH WARREN November 24, 2018 at 4:28 pm

My Branch location is 11005 Kinsman Rd, Cleveland, Oh 44104..Savings Acct Number 589541 052050XXXXX and Access 360 Card Number X3228 (gave card to bank teller–so don’t have the full account Number).

As of June 1 thru August 31, 2018 I had an Access 360 Card balance of $9.99. On Sept. 1, 2018 a $4.00 service fee was deducted leaving a balance of $5.99. On Oct. 1, 2018 a $4.00 service fee was deducted leaving a balance of $1.99. On Nov. 1, 2018 a $4.00 service fee was deducted leaving $-2.01 Overdraft balance?????. I had tried several time during the month of October to use the card but he pin number was not recognized.

I went to my Branch on Oct. 31, 2018 and closed the Savings Account. It had a balance of $354.16. I was paid in cash $338.16. What happened to the $16 difference (the associated at the Kinsman branch explained why a couple of times—-which I did not understand!!!). I was advised to go to a full service bank where I could cash out the $1.99 balance on the Access Card. At the branch located at 12401 Cedar Road, Cleveland Hts., Oh 44106, I was told the card was expired and advised to talk to a Manager. I then noticed and told the teller the card was in my husbands name and was told I probably could not cast it out. Totally FRUSTRATED, I gave the Access 360 Card to the teller and told her to destroy it.

I opened the Checking Account with the Fifth Third Branch on Kinsman about a month after it opened and used it for many years. After awhile, I changed it to a saving account and had an annuity direct deposited into the account. Recently, the bank was no longer full service, but I continued to use it until too many fees began coming out of the account!!! Fifth Third has lost a dedicated customer who enjoyed having a branch around the corner from home. Fifth Third changed the function of the branch. Fifth Third took out a fee from an Access card that had very little money. Fifth Third deducted a $4.00 service fee one day after I closed my Saving Account which the Access 360 Card should have been attached to. I don’t understand your procedures and I didn’t like the unnecessary monies Fifth Third Bank took out of my Saving Account balance when I closed it and why all the fees from the Access 360 Card!!!.


NATALIE October 25, 2018 at 2:02 pm

July 9th – Began Working at Charpie
July 12th – Received First Paycheck, Deposited electronically through mobile App
Fifth Third gave me $100.00 off of the check, spent about $60.00. Woke up the next morning with a negative account and Fifth Third saying Charpie Construction was NSF. I called Fifth Third and they spoke with my boss, Al Hallman. Al cancelled the check and wrote me a new one. That check went through Friday night with available funds Saturday morning. I walked into Walgreens the following Wednesday to my card not working at Walgreens, I get home and check my balance on the App and I was negative $300.00 and some odd dollars. I called Fifth Third asking what had happened and they said they didn’t know. Then they gave me the money back.
July 26th- Deposited my third check and they wouldn’t do the deposit; I had to wait 7 days.
July 27th- I called Fifth Third and spoke with customer service again telling them that the checks were good and why did I have to wait? And customer service said that I was being fraudulent and that I was counterfeiting checks and I had to prove to them that I wasn’t and that there was money in my employer’s account. I then asked customer service what was going to happen with my account. They said I was no longer allowed to have an account with them and that they are closing my accounts. I told them I was going to open a bank account somewhere else with the check I just recently deposited to them through my mobile app since customer service had said they weren’t going to do anything with it because the check was fake. So, I gave the check to my dad and he deposited it into his Chase checking account without any problems.
-Admitted into hospital-
Early September when I came home I received a refund check from Fifth Third for $18.00 and some cents.
Had a secured credit card that I opened with $300.00 of my own money, Fifth Third closed that account as well and reported it to my credit report as a bill for $489.00 that is delinquent.
Try an open an account with Chase – Declined
Tried and open an account with Bank of America – Declined
Tried and opened an account with TCF – Declined (TCF explained to me that they are a second chance bank which means if there is a problem on my account it wouldn’t be a problem unless there is fraud on my credit report)


Phillips July 27, 2018 at 1:24 pm

most awful banking experience in last month ever closing my branch all about corporate greed will change next town over shame on you all


Pytrta Payton June 29, 2018 at 10:57 am

This unfair practice of holding debi transactions instead of applying them at the point of service will cause me to leave 5/3. I know banks are in busing to profit, but causing customers to incur multiple overdrafts is criminal. Also I have overdraft protection with a linked account which doesn’t help because of the unstated rules that are another set of sabotaging tactics. I like working for 53 but I expect better ethics than what I’ve experienced.


Julie October 12, 2017 at 11:39 am

To Whom it May Concern,

5/3 Bank actively markets to it’s bank customers to refinance their mortgages. I’ve been in my condo 6 years. I purchased a foreclosure, using first time home buyers money and had no issues with them approving this. Admittedly, back then the complex was not in the great shape that it currently is. In the last 6 years this complex has improved very much. This complex has a very high occupancy rate, has no late HOA fees and runs in the black. It is a beautiful complex filled with people who care about their homes. Values have appreciated greatly in the past couple of years. Mine is appraising for more than double what I paid for it. Turnover is low, but in the rare cases one unit does reach the market, it is sold rapidly. Ranch units have a waiting list. I know all of this because I am a Board Member of the Association.

There are two empty lots in the back of the complex the original developer chose not to build as this project was taking place during the recession. All the other buildings are completed as are the grounds. The back lots are maintained.

I’ve been a good and loyal customer of this bank since I moved to Michigan. I have checking, saving and credit card accounts with 5/3. I have always, up till now, been treated fairly and with dignity. My local branch has always been very helpful and kind and on top of things. I am a military veteran. I have an outstanding credit score. I have a 6 year history of paying a mortgage, never once late. I wanted to refinance my mortgage as I would like to get rid of my PMI and get some cash out to make improvements and keep things updated as needed.

I truly feel that I have been discriminated against because I own a condo. I am certain you will come up with plenty of bogus reasons as to why you won’t refinance my home and you will get away with it, but you and I both know better. You took my money, which is a big blow to my budget, took me thru the process, which I followed in good faith and I expect the other people in the process did as well until it got to the condo questionnaire. I passed with flying colors and at the very end you deny me because I own a condo and you don’t want to lend to condos. We can only think this because my management company states they have no issues with other lenders approving. Saving the condo questionnaire for last is despicable on your part. Not sharing with your Mortgage brokers that this is your policy places them in an embarrassing position.

I chose 5/3 because I believed the company to be very upstanding. I wanted all my finances to be taken care of by one entity. I thought this would be good for my future. How disappointing to find I was so wrong.

P.S. My management company states no one else has had this problem in this complex. Totally on you.


Angela September 15, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I reside in southwest Florida and live right inbyhe center of devastation from hurricane Wilma. My account, unfortunately has been in the negative for 58 days and apparently after 55 days, you close accounts. Every 2 weeks of those 55 days I have had a direct deposit go through to get back on track. I take full responsibility. Today in fact my “CLOSED” account has a deposit pending that would more than clear my negative balance. I have nothing. My house is flooded. The gas in my car is all I have left. I called the bank pleading to help me and let my deposit go through and open my account. I’m not asking for a line of credit, I’m desperate to not have to deal with collections and have a viable account in this horrible situation. I spoke with an “escalation support” representative that could only offer me his condolences ( Joe ID# 1MOCJF) and a “supervisor” (Maria ID# F1MOC3A) who could only do the same. I check my online banking everyday to see how close I have been getting to clear my account, which was the only positive I have going since this storm forced me to spend every last penny I had to prepare. But I knew that I was going to be clear today with my final deposit going through. I think it’s horrible that any Florida account would be closed days after this devastating storm that closed banks in my area. We are in a state of declared emergency. The president was in my town. I’m not asking for a line of credit. I’m taking responsibility as well as I can. Shame on you 5/3 bank. We’ve had no cell service no wifi, we have no electric no dry place to sleep and you couldn’t wait to close an account that has had deposits going in every 2 weeks since the acvountbwas negative. I feel like I’m being hit by another Irma. I have nothing. And your employees just spent an hour giving me there condolences.


the prophet June 24, 2017 at 9:47 am



Daniel Franklin March 9, 2017 at 7:42 pm

In Dec of 2016 I was at your branch in Newport KY. I used my Chase ATM card to make a deposit in the in door ATM not thinking straight. The ATM shutdown in the middle of the transaction and did no return my money.

A week or two later the check that we deposited along with the cash, was cashed but the newport branch would not tell me where the funds are, along with the cash that was deposited.

I have tried numerous times to resolve this with Chase and 5/3 only to be told the same thing by each bank there is nothing that you can do.

I have contacted a lawyer and will move forward with the next steps if this is not resolved by the end of the month.


Kathleen Huzarski February 9, 2017 at 5:57 pm

The Sequel to my previous post: This bank sent our insurance payment to the wrong address, through some entity called Bankers Insurance, under the wrong policy number. So, now, we had to charge the insurance premium on our credit card, as no one knows where our equity money is for this premium. We will be cancelling our escrow account, and opening accounts at Sun Trust as soon as possible. Cannot believe how this bank has degraded to where it is, now…bad information, no follow up…we are all done!


Kathleen Huzarski January 28, 2017 at 6:29 am

We are FURIOUS!!! Ready to change all our accounts to another bank!!! We have an escrow account, it covers taxes, homeowners insurance, and flood insurance. Our flood insurance is going to be cancelled because the morons at 5th 3rd bank never paid the premium, and have no idea where the money is that was taken from our escrow account to pay it.


Vivian Taylor November 7, 2016 at 3:27 pm

I am a non-account holder and visited a local branch today for the first time. The branch is located off of Cobb Pkwy & Lake Park Dr. in Marietta, GA. The Teller was very rude, non caring, and lacked the basic Customer service skills. She refused to recount/verify my funds after cashing my check. I was charged a $25 service fee to cash a check written by one of your own clients. She took a really long time to verify the check. It was a horrible experience! I would not recommend that location to any of my colleagues, clients, or enemies!


Anthony July 11, 2016 at 1:00 pm

I have been a long-term customer of Fifth Third and can say without question, I have never been more frustrated with a banking institution.
On Saturday morning, I received a large yellow envelope in my mailbox. Inside there was an extensive worksheet with the heading: Uniform Borrower Assistance. The worksheet started with, “If you are experiencing a temporary or long term hardship and need help, you must complete and submit this form with other required doXXXXentation to be considered for available solutions”. It then went out to explain that I am required to indicate whether I wish to declare bankruptcy and “transition out of my home”. The multi page worksheet then went on to ask questions about my assets, etc. The only other item in the package was a return envelope.

I was beyond upset as I was under the impression that my mortgage was up to date. I began shaking and sweating and immediately tried to contact Fifth Third customer service. When I tried to reach someone, I was informed by the recording that agents are only available Monday through Friday. My weekend was ruined. My plans were cancelled.

I stopped by my local branch this morning to figure out what was happening and was very pleased to know that my account is in good standing. The worksheet was sent to me because I hold a mortgage in West Virginia where flooding occurred recently (though not in my area).

I am furious that I was sent this very SERIOUS doXXXXent without any explanation. Why was there no letter? How is a person supposed to react to something like this? It appeared as though I might be in the process of losing my home (according to the doXXXXent).

The mortgage officer at my local branch was very understanding and professional and for that I am most appreciative. I am, however, trying to decide whether or not I will be keeping my savings and checking with Fifth Third after this.


Motley July 7, 2016 at 9:13 am

Hello, I am writing this letter to you to let you know of the horrible experience received at Fifth Third Bank on 1250 N Green River Rd Evansville, IN 47715.
On 7/6/2016 I drove up in the drive thru to deposit and withdraw cash with my daughter and grandson. This was my daughters pay check and accounts. I gave check signed with her bank card along with her ID.
This process we go thru every two weeks. My daughter has had account with Fifth Third Bank since she was in middle school. She is now 20 and has account now also for her son at this bank.
We have never been asked to complete a deposit ticket before this is something that has always been done for her and she has only had to sign if she received money back. On the 5th Teller Rhonda Meadons was the recipient of my daughters business. I asked that she please deposit check in checking account and give back 65.00 with 20.00 of this 65.00 to be in ones. ( I also wanted to let you know that only one other car was in the drive thru at this time and another teller was taking care of them.) She said I will need you to complete a deposit ticket. I told her that we have never had to do this before and asked that she complete it. She then waved it at me and said this is an official doXXXXent and you must complete. I told her that we have always had this completed by the bank in the drive thru and we did not have account numbers with us. She then stated so then you are telling me that you want me to complete this. I said yes please.
I was very upset at this point since I know this teller was just giving me a hard time. We waited a little over five minutes while she took check and cards to another computer or somewhere we could not see her. I then rang the teller button and asked what is taking so long is there a problem. The Rhonda Meadons then showed up at the window and said it is taking me this long because I have to look up your account info and complete this deposit slip since you refused to complete. She then asked me what I wanted her to do. I said do your Job and deposit the check and give us the cash requested. With the information that was provided to you this should not take this long. You are not busy with drive thru clients at this time. At this point I was hopping mad and told her to give me the damn check and her bank cards. I also should not have but I called her A XXXXXX since she was taking her time just because she was asked to complete deposit ticket.
I will tell you that some of my frustration was her attitude towards us and having us in the dirve thru for 10 minutes to deposit a check that was a little over 200.00 dollars with a small cash back request is ridiculous especially since she was clearly showing us that she was not happy with our requests and was going to make us wait because of it. My daughter had already signed the slip for her at her request.
I left the drive thru and came into the bank to talk with the bank manager regarding my situation. When I walked in I was asked by Rhonda Meadons would you like to talk to the bank manager and I did not even answer her when she said I guess that is a no.

The bank manager then walked up and said are you the one that was just in the drive thru and was cursing. Not I see you are very upset I would like to help you can we go to my office and talk. She stated I am going to have to ask you to leave this bank. I am the manager and I have the right to do this. I told her I was not leaving without depositing the check. She then pushed the check back to me and said leave now.
I told her I was not leaving until I have closed all 4 of my accounts and I would not be returning to Fifth third at all. She then asked me to go to her office. I refused at first because I was trying to calm down. I then went to her office. She started to pull up the account information and once she had it up and saw how much money I was withdrawing she said I can go ahead and cash this check as a onetime curtesy. That made me even more upset. I know I had to leave this bank before I really blew my top.
When Kellie Ware did this she made me feel like I was not worth her time, but when she saw I was worth more than a 200.00 check she was willing to help. This was too little too late. I also let her know that she did not even ask why I was so upset but I told her that her teller was very rude and purposely had us wait for 10 mins because she did not want to assist with a deposit slip. She then said ok. I told her to give me the check and cards and to go to Hell.
I left this bank and went down the street to the next fifth third bank and received the treatment that we were used to and the curtesy of completing the deposit slip and only having to sign it for cash requested back. This took less then two minutes. The teller also gave my Grandson a sucker and I grandson said thank you and she said you are so welcome come back and see us again. She thanked us for your business and asked if she could do anything else to assist. I told her no and she said have a good evening and thank you for using fifth third. This is the service I was used to getting.
I will now tell you my daughter’s situation and why we really appreciated the curtesy of completing the deposit slip. In May of 2015 my daughter was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. This has affected her eyes the most in the last few months. She can no longer drive and has a great deal of difficulty seeing small print. I should not have to share this information to receive curtesy that I know your bank had always provided before Rhonda Meadons and Kellie Ware showed me that my service is based on the amount of money you have at this branch.
This has put such a bad taste in my mouth about Fifth Third that I will be closing and moving my 4 accounts to another bank. I hope that you use this story to improve on the customer service as I have filed this complaint with Consumer affairs and it looks as if you have many customers that have received poor customer service. I also just called Fifith Third customer Service and I was told that Fifth Third does not have customer complaint line or e-mail address. I could give to her over phone and she would pass to supervisor. I asked for corporate phone number and she we do not give this info out. I said thank you and I will just search online. WOW……..


Lynnette A Maroadi June 10, 2016 at 5:32 pm

We ALWAYS for years mailed our mortgage and car payments to our closest local branch office. Yesterday we get a nasty gram in the mail stating our mortgage is past due??? WHAT!! I call the number on the letter they look and see that May and June payments were not received, I proceeded to tell her that is interesting because the May check has been cashed. She suggested to call the branch we use so before that I asked her if I could just fax over the cleared check, “no call the branch first and see if they know where it is” so I call the branch in PA and the person answers First National Bank and informs me that Fifth Third Banks in western PA were bought out. Where is my checks going?? She said they forwarded the May mail to the corporate office in OH, okay can I please have a number well I only have an address and gave me the same number I dialed in the beginning for the past due payments. What the heck, who sells out to another company with out notifying customers? Especially ones that use other peoples MONEY for their homes and cars? I have had numerous problems with this bank in the past and I have voiced my concerns with the branch but now this is just out of control. I want answers as to where are my payments!!!!


Robin Lineberger March 18, 2016 at 2:44 pm

This bank is out of hand. Gave Cary Underwood in Mint Hill, NC permission to pay off debts on my credit report but the people she said she paid states they have not been paid. So now I have been asking them since 2014 when I left NC to please send me the names of the people she paid and the amounts she paid them and they will not send nothing to me but bank statements which does not show anything but debts out of account. I told them I needed names and the amount but still today they refuse to give me any information. Also had to file a police report because someone used my account and took money out of it and they have done nothing. When I filed a dispute the lady was very rude and I told her she was and she told me she would deny the dispute if I did not shut up and listen to her. I told her she could not do that because it had to be investigated and she said watch me denied and hung up the phone. So now still today nothing has been done and they are trying to make me pay all of this money that was stole out of this account and I’m not paying one dime. This bank is a joke and needs to be sued or shut down. They will have to disclose where my money went to and who they paid. This is stealing from me and they know it. They state they don’t have this info but she should she paid it out of my account and had a file on everything but when asked they don’t have it. What a joke Cary Underwood you are a falsifier, perjurer, prevaricator and need to be stopped! I need to know what you did with my money and who you paid. This will not end until they provide proof of everything and correct this account. Also the 2 debt cards they said they sent never arrived and they have continue to leave these cards open until today 3/18/2016 A long time of not doing your jobs you think. They should of been shut down the day I called and reported that I didn’t get them. So who knows what has went on with this account!


Allen January 20, 2016 at 11:53 am

A guy named Adam at 53rd Bank telephone #616-366-4117 called me this morning in regard to my mortgage payment. He insisted that my payment was late however, they have my funds as it clearly shows on my account as unapplied credit. He was very belligerent and suggested that I was having financial hardship. I was a very happy customer of 53rd for quite sometime until this matter. I will be taking my business elsewhere because I refuse to be spoken to and treated with such disrespect. Adam needs a lesson on how to speak with a customer and he needs to remember he chose his occupation not me.


Antoine VAnce August 11, 2015 at 12:33 pm

Dear Fifth Third Bank and Fifth Third Mortgage Company:
I am a Realtor that is assisting a client in purchasing the property at 20438 Freeland St., Detroit, MI 48235. I was informed by my client’s mortgage lender that there is an open FHA case number that was assigned to this property for your borrower, Michael D Goins. The FHA case number was initiated by Stephen Boles for Michael D Goins with loan number 994034. Mr. Goins did not close this transaction and the property went back on the market and is now listed under a different real estate broker. My client’s mortgage lender cannot move this file forward until the open FHA case number assigned to Mr. Goins is closed. I have left Mr. Boles several messages requesting that he contact the property entity and have the FHA case for Mr. Goins closed. I have not received a response. I am asking that you conduct yourself in a professional manner and resolve this matter immediately.

By: Antoine Vance, Realtor
Community Choice Realty Ann Arbor


nancy outlaw July 17, 2015 at 12:59 pm

I changed my address 2 years ago and no one could get it changed in system. This caused me multiple late fees! I paid them an continued to try to get address changed even speaking to supervisors. I finally canceled my card an ask for remainder to be sent back as it was a pre paid card. I called to check on my deposit and again was told the wrong address then I spoke to supervisor Paula who was of no help at all but told me I need to pay 120 to have my refund returned. I am ready to get a lawyer if this is not resolved as I am trying to get resolved peacefully but if not I will demand the late fees as well. This has caused me such stress worrying you are ruining my credit. I have never had such terrible service. I received a letter to my house this week asking me to open a checking account. I can not trust you to get address corrected in two years why trust you with my money. Not to mention you are holding MY money and will not return it.


Delmer Fleenor July 8, 2015 at 4:39 pm

I have been trying to refinance my home since May 2015 and everything has been approved. No one can give me any information at the Valley Station office in Kentucky. I would like to speak to the CEO Mr. Greg Carmichael please. My number is 270-668-****.
God Bless.Delmer Fleenor


Wayne Hatch July 2, 2015 at 9:38 am

I paid off my auto loan 6/30/15 (17 months early) and requested a lien release be faxed
to me to enable me to go to the NCDMV and obtain my title. Previously I was told once the loan was paid off the release could be faxed to me within 2 days of the pay-off date.. Today, 7/2, I am told that 5/3 procedures prevent it from doing so. The earliest I could have the lien release faxed to me is the 14th of July because 5/3 has to make sure the funds are ” guaranteed”. Here’s the interesting thing. Checks are truncated and cleared through one Federal Reserve facility by electronic transfer of funds. 5/3 received my funds on 7/1 and my bank account was debited on 7/1. 5/3 has it’s funds; my loan has a zero balance. If collected funds were not sufficient to cover the pay-off 5/3 would have been notified on 7/2. My problem is that the auto has been sold to Nevada residents who plan on returning home on 7/12 and 5/3 refuses to release the lien stating that it’s procedures prevent them from doing so. Procedures are man made and there are always exceptions given certain situations. It appears that 5/3 trusted me when they lent me the funds for the auto but now distrusts me after the loan was paid off. Guaranteed funds??? Perhaps 5/3 should give their call center staff a lesson on today’s check clearing process. Their procedures appear still operating under the physical delivery of a paper check to the bank that it is drawn on. I anticipated that the release would be faxed to me no later than July 7th, but not to be. I asked for a phone number of a 5/3 executive to discuss my problem only to find out that they have sheltered themselves from their customers; perhaps I need to file a complaint with the Fed given my check was mailed on 6/23 and it took 7 days before it was posted to my account. My assumption is 5/3 received my check on 6/25. A call center supervisor stated all checks were processed on the day of receipt. Posting the pay-off on 6/30 is somewhat suspect. Delaying posting by 1 or 2 days adds a few pennies to their interest income. Is 5/3 doing this? I hope not.

All I am asking for some consideration to assist me to transfer title to it’s new owners in a timely fashion. Perhaps a call from a senior executive in it’s consumer loan operation is in order to resolve my problem.

Wayne Hatch


Ben McKenzie April 27, 2015 at 4:01 pm

I just learned That an employee of fifth third band had went into my personal information and started making changes to my account without my permission.


Nanci Bennett June 9, 2014 at 2:06 pm

Received the flyer to direct depoist payroll check and receive 200.00 dollars, it got thrown away by mistake, called the bank in Michigan on Saginaw street and they said can’t help you without the flyer. I called twice and neither person was customer friendly. You would think they would like our business and also let other people know about there services. I guess not..

Is there anyway I can get a replacement flyer.


Robyn Hall May 16, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Your Kirkwood branch attended my school Webster University on April 15 and I entered in a drawing to win a free gas card & to receive information on a secure loan. I received a call from Debora Bennett, Retail Personal Banker on April 22nd, that I won the gas card. When I returned her call she stated that she was very busy and she would mail out the gas card. A week passes by and I still had not received the gas card. I contact Debora and she states that I never called her back, I jogged her memory and she stated she will look through her notes and call me back. Debora sent me an email later that day asking if we could meet and discuss about the loan that I inquired about. I called Debora and we agreed for me to drive to the Kirkwood location on Monday, May 5th around 1:00pm so I can retrieve the gas card. When I arrived to the branch Debora informed me that she forgot that I was coming and did not purchase the gas card. She did apologized, offered me a cookie, and stated that she would mail the gas card to me. We sat and spoke briefly about the secured loan. Since that day I have not heard from Debora nor received the gas card that was promise to me. I contacted the Branch Manager, Mark Foley on May 8th and informed him of the situation. He apologized and agreed that this is bad business, but never rectify this matter. This here is a case of bait and switch. Debora and Mark are a bad representation of your company and I will never do business with a company that employees people that believe in unethical practices.

Robyn W. Hall


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