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Famous Footwear Corporate Office Address

Brown Shoe Company, Inc.
8300 Maryland Ave
St Louis, Missouri 63105

Contact Famous Footwear

Phone Number: (314) 854-4000
Fax Number: (314) 854-4274
Website: http://www.famousfootwear.com
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Famous Footwear Facts

Founder: Neil Moldenhauer
Date Founded: 1960
Founding Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Number of Employees:

Famous Footwear Executives

CEO: Diane M. Sullivan
CFO: Russell C. Hammer
COO: Richard M. Ausick

Famous Footwear History

Famous Footwear Logo

Famous Footwear is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brown Shoe Company.

Famous Footwear was founded in 1960 as Neil’s Factory Shoe Outlet by Neil Moldenhauer.  The first store was located in Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1963, the company hired Brian Cook to work in the stockroom.  He would later become CEO.

In 1964, a second location was opened in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  This location was called Famous Footwear.

Famous Footwear Store Front

By 1974, there were 15 stores all operating as Famous Footwear.  A majority stake in the chain was purchased by Cook, Dave Orfan and a group of investors.

By 1980, there were 36 stores.

In 1990, a distribution center was built in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Famous Footwear Interior

By 1993, there were 722 stores in 44 states.

In 2008, the company headquarters was shut down in Madison and all operations were moved to Brown Shoe Company headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

In 2018, the company reported record sales for the second quarter of 2018.

Today, the chain operates over 1000 stores.

Famous Footwear Logo 2


Famous Footwear FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Famous Footwear?
Answer 1: The phone number for Famous Footwear is (314) 854-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Famous Footwear?
Answer 2: The CEO of Famous Footwear is Diane M. Sullivan.

Question 3: Who founded Famous Footwear?
Answer 3: Famous Footwear was founded by Neil Moldenhauer in 1960.

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Jessica goff July 16, 2019 at 7:16 pm

Bought a pair of shoes and noticed rips in the mesh on the inside of the shoe I obviously didn’t try on in the store. I didn’t notice until I got to work wearing them and had no choice but to wear them the rest of the day. I tried to exchange them but there were no more. The manager wouldn’t give my money back or even store credit. He said I’d have to get shoes I didn’t want or nothing at all. As someone who’s always bought my shoes here I’m done. You couldn’t even tell they had been worn but I was honest unlike this company.


Jessica goff July 16, 2019 at 7:17 pm

And yes I had my receipt


Lavonda T Craft June 6, 2019 at 3:11 pm

Me and my daughter went into famous foot wear in Terrell,TX today and was checking on some shoes for my son age 7. We did see anything we like so we left to come home by the time I turned to get on I20 West I had two police cars behind me so I was like what is going on. The officer told me they got a call saying we stole so shoes out of there store so the call and said what kind of shoe was taken the worker at the store say some nike slides. Me and my daughter both said nike slides we have on Jordan’s slides si they checked my car and didnt find any slides other then the ones on our feet. I am a black lady that dont have to still anything because I work for what I want for me an my kids dont have to take anything. I feel that they saw some black ppl and wanted to harass them. I will never go back to another one of there stores again for nothing at all and will make sure ppl that are close to me dont go either.


Diane Anderson June 4, 2019 at 10:54 am

Monday June 3, 2019


MaryEllen B May 10, 2019 at 2:16 pm

I checked with my bank. My refund has NOT been applied to my inactive card.
Can you send a check?

I want MY money!

MaryEllen S Brill

Earlier correspondence:

Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired, without an alternative way to receive my refund, MY money!
This is an arrogant way to treat your customers.
Obviously, I will not shop with you again. I will do my part to make sure your poor business practices are well known.


MaryEllen B May 10, 2019 at 12:57 am

Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired, without an alternative way to receive my refund, MY money!
This is an arrogant way to treat your customers.
Obviously, I will not shop with you again. I will do my part to make sure your poor business practices are well known.
Order number: 1584926069
MaryEllen S. Brill
*I paid for the order with a debit card which was later compromised. The card was deactivated. I was told by FF that I have to go to my bank as they have no way to re-issue my refund.


Sandy Wicklund December 5, 2018 at 6:40 pm

Back in Late August I purchased a few pairs of sneakers for the beginning of school. My son mentioned that one of the pair that he has worn maybe 3 times is beginning to separate from the shoe and fabric. Today I visited my local store # 2319 and spoke with Erin the manager who happened to be there at the time I walked in. I showed her the shoes, explained I was a rewards member and the situation. Without hesitation she informed me that nothing could be done as it was past 60 days which is their return policy. I shared with her my disappointment that they do not stand behind the product they sell. She didn’t care to even look at how many times I have purchased items in her store. She didn’t care, didn’t want to help and clearly showed that the Rewards members (gold) really do not have a value. I will be using the last of my rewards and taking my business down the road to the Tanger Outlets. Very disappointing service today.
I will also add the sneakers soles are still white as they were hardly worn.


Bietz October 4, 2018 at 5:51 pm

I am a GOLD MEMBER and have been for years. Meaning I spend A LOT on shoes at Famous. A LOT. I NEVER bring back shoes or exchange. NEVER. And I wanted to exchange ONE PAIR and it CANT BE DONE. Really??!! One pair. So I have to take my shoe buying business to other stores WHICH IS NO PROBLEM. I will find someone else who wants my $$ Because where does loyalty get you – no where.


Wynita Meeks June 19, 2018 at 5:05 pm

I will never shop here again. In-store, or online. I had the worst experience ever. Not only did I not receive my package, but I called them and they told me to file a police report and a report with fed ex. I was unable to file a police report, because the rules for mail theft are a bit different in new york. Long story short, they refuse to give me my money back or reissue my packages. Told me to go through my bank or credit card company to file a dispute for the charges. Terrible customer service, terrible experience. I regret ever making the order. This is why they’re rating is so low and noone shops there now. Never in my life have I had to ever go through this with any company. But I stand by my words, when I say after I close this chapter with this company, this will be my first and last time ever shopping with them again.


Stephanie Gillette January 25, 2018 at 9:10 am

I recently made a return and received a nasty note from the clerk (spit out of the register) that famous footwear will return this time but won’t next time. I’ve been shopping with you for years. Due to personal situation I’ve been ordering more online. I have returned more than I usually have than when I go to the store and try on shoes to purchase. I returned shoes in the condition they came and with a receipt because they didn’t fit or I ended up not liking them. Isn’t this accounted for when customers order online? It’s not worth it to me to be made to feel like a criminal when I’ve been a really good customer. I will shop elsewhere because there are many other choices than going to famous footwear. I’m very disappointed.


Enchanted Shopper December 29, 2017 at 1:21 pm

My mom who is 71 years old and my aunt 68, went to the store in Rio Rancho NM, Enchanted Hills shopping center. They had only walked in for a minute knowing what they went for were asked to leave the store without knowing what they done. THey were told they were not welcome there and we’re told already to never go back to that store. No explanation was provided as to why they we’re not welcome there. Once they came home, they immediately called me and told me what happened. I made a call to the store and asked to speak with the Manager. She did not want to release her name. It was the same person that answered the phone and I do not know if she was really the Manager. when I asked for her name, she said why. so I went on to explain what happened a couple of hours earlier. I was put on hold 4 – 5 times and never got an explanation as to why they we’re asked to leave. Reason for my phone call was to ask if they we’re to show up to the store to shop, would they be asked to leave again. Manager stated, more than likely yes, I have the right to refuse service to whoever I want. This store is the closest store to them and cannot drive further into town. Besides the employees, the Manager had bad customer service and I don’t know if her name is really Amanda. I will take further action to complain to Corporate Office and see if they can help at all. I don’t want my mom and aunt to be embarrassed again or even get the police called on them to be escorted off premises which is uncalled for.


carole December 3, 2017 at 9:30 am

went shopping yesterday at the Manchester Nh mall. After asking a very nice saleswoman is I could use my two coupons and receiving a yes reply, i proceeded to checkout. While there the 30 something cashier informed me I could not use them both and didn’t I read the coupon. He then proceeded to try the other one and tell me I couldn’t use that one either. It’s not that I couldn’t use the coupons (one of which was a birthday reward!) it was the incredibly condescending and rude manner in which he spoke to me. I left the coupons and the shoes and will NEVER go back to that store again.


tamico s Miller October 24, 2017 at 6:28 pm

Bought 2 pair of $$$ shoes and after wearing the for a few days, they hurt my feet so bad but can’t return them, no I’m out that money, I won’t shop here ever again. Shame on you FF, YOU should stand behind your products!!!!


Charleen Bell October 10, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Hi My son and I shop Famous Foot Wear in Glens Falls, NY. We have bought things in Glens Falls, NY. My son and I went into Famous Foot Wear in Clifton Park, NY. My son was looking for shoes. I was looking at sneakers. I have to look in the children section. I have a small foot an adult size 5 eee. I was told I could fit into a size 6 or 7. That s not my size.. I am upset because you trying to sale me something that is to big for my foot. Charleen Bell


Bradley Hartloge August 22, 2017 at 8:20 am

I bought a pair of shoes in store, Igor a pair half off except they didn’t have my size in this one. The manager ordered it for me to be shipped to my house. The package never arrived. I tracked it, fed ex said it was delivered the Saturday before. I called Famous Footwear to tell them what happened. They said ” we will put in a claim with fed ex, and someone will email you to let you know the outcome.” I still haven’t received an email and it’s been over a week. I called again and all she did was tell me the same thing. Initially they should have asked me if the package needs to be signed for. I live in an apartment complex. It’s sad you can’t leave packages on door steps these days. I was under the impression it was going to come by mail, and be put in the package box part of my mail box. I wasn’t told it was going to be delivered to my door step. I would have said, it needs to be signed for, or dropped off at the office. Now it seems like famous footwear don’t want to help me and I’m out 50 bucks!


estella tucker July 14, 2017 at 11:15 pm

I really upset for years my shoes,my children’s now my grand children shoes have come from famous footwear .on July 5, 2017 I order a pair of sport sandal’s for myself package came just like they said within a few days. The wrapping and box looks like they came from the trash. Going to return them. Lots of my shopping is done over the internet.never received anything like this.


Teresa Kennelly July 12, 2017 at 10:42 pm

First off im dusgusted in the store we have in Jamestown nd. The assistant manger was awful she was very rude! I bought a pair of $90 sandles and mind you I never wore. I bought with poor judgement. I took back 2 days later for a refund I had receipt and box. I was told I cannot return because I used my debit card. What!!! That is my form of payment everywhere I go. Crazy!!! I just left but I will never step foot in Famous footwear again @


Cece August 14, 2017 at 8:49 pm

As a former manager, you will get cash back on debit returns. It’s Company Policy. So I would go back, and call corporate from the store if you have to.


Andrew Powell June 4, 2017 at 2:18 am

I would like a refund and cancellation


Pamela February 23, 2017 at 1:06 am

I went to a store here in Phoenix Arizona where I live tonight. To return a pair of piuma tennis shoes, with a receipt. That had about 43 days. They were worn maybe 6 times. and they were falling apart. They were bought on a promo for $55 with another pair of Shoes regular $40 for $20.
First thing they asked me was did I have the box. No I did not. All I knew was on my receipt it said I could return if it was less than 60 days. Now I’m being told if I don’t have the box they came in I cannot return them. I tell them they are defective they’re falling apart! they only were worn about a half a dozen times. Now I’m told oh no you cannot return these , if they were worn! I am oh what?
These shoes are defective they are falling apart. You mean to tell me you don’t stand behind your products that you carry? OK then I’ll just get something else credit in the store I’ll find something else. Then I find out I can’t do that either because they’re not having the half off by one half off sale anymore . They are not allowed to do anything so I’m just basically stuck with a pair shoes that are falling apart. This is ridiculous. Finally after I throw a stink they tell me they will get in trouble, but they go ahead and will refund my money. Then I find out I’m only going to get $35 back. Not the $55 that I paid for the shoes that are falling apart.
Reason being because I had bought a pair of shoes that were 40 the second pair and got them for 20 so they will deduct that 20 from the pair I paid 55 for.! I called back again and try to ask them if I could just get something else in the store for 55$
The girl said no. I said I guess I will have to call corporate and see what they can do for me. She said you go right ahead and do that.
Well I guess I won’t be shopping at famous footwear anymore. Terrible customer service and terrible return policy. I will call corporate and let them know that they lost a great customer today.


Joan Tomlinson January 21, 2017 at 4:58 pm

I bought 2 pairs of shoes at Famous Footwear and when I got home they just weren’t right so I took them back a few days later with my receipt and they said I had to show them my drivers license which I didn’t have with me. (I had paid cash). They said it was policy. I started to get really upset and the manage was backing up and finally said ok I will give you your money. the information on my license is no ones business. when you pay cash and have a receipt that should be it. ( I actually told the manager to( stick the policy up his a**.).. The store was at 2120 Southgate road in Colorado Springs, Co. I am 76 years old and I don’t have to put up with this sh*t!! Never going back.


Dave Ripp April 10, 2017 at 2:57 pm

I get why youre mad but being a c**t about it wont solve the problem you f**kwad.


Diane Cimino December 16, 2016 at 5:10 pm

I just purchased a nice pair of pumps for a good price at Store#1054, Foothill Ranch, (12-16-2016) Associate# 243366CA. As I entered the store, two employees were talking together and neither of them looked up as I walked by. I went through the shoes and tried on maybe 3 pairs, still not one of the employees came by to offer assistance. I decided on a pair and started to walk toward the front of the store as one of the employees walked by. At that time, I said to him that no one offered me assistance and he said that was why he was walking toward the back of the store. That was cheesy, because he never acknowledged me until I spoke to him. I told the other employee the same thing. She replied that they were in a discussion, as an explanation as to why they didn’t greet me. After I paid for my shoes, she gave me my receipt and did not even say thank you, she just said “here”. Probably because I called her out on their poor customer service. By the way, I work in customer service.
Although you have good shoes and good prices, I will never shop in your store again and will tell all my friends this story.


Kiala December 3, 2016 at 10:19 pm

I want to make sure that the gentleman that i dealt with today at Famous Footwear gets the recognition he deserves.. I went into the Famous Footwear on 5044 N. 27th St. in Lincoln Ne 68521 today, which is across town for me but i have experienced horrible customer service at your other locations here in Lincoln so this is the only location i will visit anymore. My son wears a size 15 shoe and i know it is difficult to find that size in stores but your stores always has at least one option for tennis shoes anyways. We where greeted when we walked in and started looking around we found one pair but i thought i would ask if there where any other options. I went up to the registers where a young man was busy but he stopped what he was doing to ask me if he could help me. I asked if he could look up and tell me if you had any others shoes available in a size 15. He pulled up a few and i thought he would just point me in the direction of the shoes but he offered to pull what you had in stock and bring them over to my son. I was shocked and he did just what he said he would do, we ended up with several options, he said that is what he had in athletics but if we wanted a different style he would pull those for us as well. I want to make sure that this young man gets the recognition he deserves, his name is Josh Brown at store #3117. Customer service like this is rare! I will definitely keep going the extra miles past your other locations (of employees who have yet to learn what real customer service is about) to store #3117..


Jill Brisbois November 15, 2016 at 8:49 am

Famous Footwear – Please take a stand against hatred and pull New Balance from your inventory. As long as you continue to sell New Balance merchandise, I will never shop in your store or online. Thank you.


Ann Simms September 14, 2016 at 3:17 pm

I paid cash for a pair of shoes today and by the time I got out to my car I decided to return them. I did not have my driver’s license so Amanda refused my return. When I told her I had just handed her cash less than 5 minutes ago she got angry and ordered me to leave the store and never to come back. I told her I wanted my money back so she called the police. This is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to me. I paid cash, the shoes were unworn and I had a receipt. Amanda was so rude and so mean that several customers left and said they would never come back because of the way she was treating me. I know that I will share this story on social media and with anyone who will listen. I knew I should have gone to Nordstrom. The store I am complaining about is in Stow, Ohio 44224 and the manager’s name is Amanda. The incident took place September 14, 2016 at approximately 2:30. I will never step foot into Famous Footwear again and will make it my mission to spread the word unless your ridiculous and possibly illegal return policy is changed. I paid CASH, I had a receipt and the shoes were unworn; I should not need to provide my driver’s license which includes personal information in order to receive my cash back.


Drew August 13, 2016 at 8:37 pm

8/13/16 My mom went into a Famousfootwear in Visalia Ca and purchased some shoes. When she got home, she told me that they needed my phone to use a coupon. So I called and talked to the manager, and she was straight rude! I asked her about using a coupon and she tried using her” I’m the Manager” card trying to degrade me. Either corporate fixes their employees attitudes or I’m done shopping at their stores. Manager name is Teresa


DW July 8, 2016 at 6:00 pm

On 7/7/16 I was searching for a gift for a friend and my mother and I had several boxes of shoes when all of a sudden some strange Latina lady snatched one of the boxes out of my mother’s hand with no explanation or justification. Later on we realized she was an employee but she did not have the courtesy to ask if we wanted any assistance. How rude!

Later on another rude Latina girl came up to my mother with an empty box asking if either of us both had tried on the shoes that were in the box. When my mother replied that we had not since the shoes were not either of our size, the employee asked Are you sure?” What a dumb ass question! There were some Latina women in the same aisle trying on shoes yet nothing was said to them. All of this is on Famous Footwear’s surveillance video between 6:30 PM- 6:50 PM.

While I was at the register making the purchase, this second Latina girl took the empty box to another employee (also a Latina woman with long black hair) and instigated as they were both looking at my mother. I am not desperate, I am not a barefooted slave and therefore I am not foolish enough to spend my money in a place where there is blatant racial profiling going on. This is a serious legal matter and I will be pursuing this at my earliest convenience.


Autumn Contreras June 22, 2016 at 3:17 am

I went into Famous Footwear store in Woodland California on 6-18-16 to purchase my granddaughters three and four new converse. I had both of my granddaughters with me. There were numerous sales reps on the floor not one came up to me and ask if I needed any assistance. I finally was able to flag one associate down to see what size my granddaughters wore. She measured and gave me the size and walked away so by this time I was getting very annoyed. I chose a few pairs to have the girls try on no luck then I flagged another associate down. He informs me I have the wrong size the converse runs small. I had to ask him to help me out he of course did not offer. He grab two pair of shoes set the shoes on the seating area and walked away of course by this time I wanted to just walk out of the store because I was so mad for the poor service but my granddaughters had already picked out the converse they each wanted and wanted to wear their new converse so at this point I had to suck it up for my granddaughters because it was not their fault this issue occurred. Clearly by this time I was extremely annoyed! I walked up to the cash register to pay for the shoes my granddaughters were already wearing. The associate, Dave, same one that walked away and decided it was more important to socialize with friends instead of doing his job. He asked me for the boxes the converse came in. I stated I left the boxes back at the seating area because I did not know what box went to what shoes and at this point I could careless. He stated he needs the boxes I replied you can go grab the boxes as he is walking away to grab boxes with an attitude of course he tells me with an attitude that it is not his job to get the boxes. I said excuse me are you serious! I raised my voice and let him know he was very rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. He continue to run his mouth in front of my granddaughters and other customers. At this point I was furious and asked for the store manager. She came up to the register I explained what had happened and all she said was I am sorry! Took every ounce of my being not to go off because I had my granddaughters with me. I immediately asked for the Corporate office number because she obviously did not show she was concerned about the customer. I left the store immediately got into my car and contact the corporate office to make a complaint. The rep took my information and doXXXXented what occurred. He assured me the District manager will call me back. I have not received a call back. I will definitely be following up with a letter to the Corporate office. I will never shop there again and do not recommend anyone to shop there. The customer service was horrible!


Cristina May 17, 2016 at 9:10 pm

I am so tired of bad customer service and I don’t care attitude!
I went to Famous Footwear on Garth Rd in Baytown at about 11:30 am yesterday. I went in looking for some cheap shoes for work. I found some that I liked that were $26.99, I was surprised that they were so cheap so I made sure to look at the name of the shoe and double checked the price. Also I was surprised they had my size since there were only about 9 boxes of that type shoe. I realized I forgot my wallet so I asked Angela to hold my shoes I will be back in a couple hours. I went back at 2:30 to purchase them, they were already behind the counter. Julie helped me check them out and they rang up $39.99. I said no way they were $26.99. She went back double checked, and I stood there for sure she would come back with the right price! Wrong! I went back there to show her where I found them and all the boxes were restocked and price changed! I said no way I was just here 3 hours ago and the price said $26.99. She used her headset to ask the other associate and she said no she said she didn’t change anything so I don’t know what to tell you! She said you probably saw this price down here away from the shoes that I wanted. I said I know what I saw!! Of course the other associate Angela never came out to confront me! I said ok well I will submit a complaint to corporate and she said go ahead don’t care! She gladly gave me her name and the other. I called customer service as soon as I got in the car and submitted my complaint. The lady on the phone gave me 20% off coupon for my inconvenience, really??? Someone from corporate was supposed to call me back, as of 24 hrs no one has called me! So that just shows me that if corporate doesn’t care then their store employees care less!!! It comes from the top people!!! I know it doesn’t mean much for you to loose one customer but if your practices are to change prices at random then you are wrong!!! Social media has a lot of power now a days And you can be called out for your dishonesty, bad customer service and don’t care attitude!!! What happened to the customer is always right????


Tina May 14, 2016 at 12:03 am

I went into Famous Footwear today in Oakbrook, Illinois. When I walked in 2 associates were standing talking, the woman spoke, no one ever came on the floor to see if anyone needed help. When I went to check out there was open food on the counter and the women said that the guy would help me. I stepped over he rang me up asked if I wanted a rewards card, never speaking or acknowledged me no greeting just talking at me. I was a little disappointed. He asked for my card after I swiped it and then asked for my ID, when I asked why, he gave some excuse. There was never an option for my PIN, he said there was. I was offended, not about my ID, I have nothing to hide, just the principle. I even told him, you never spoke or acknowledged me, he still didn’t say anything….Chris the assistant manager, you’ve lost my business.


Shelley January 22, 2016 at 9:14 pm

I was on a Facebook buy/sale/trade site. A girl was advertising her dream as a XXXXX star and to visit her page to support her. My friend is the admin of the buy/sale/trade site so of course I clicked on her to investigate. To my dismay Famous Footwear, it is a nasty picture and when you click it you must first click one of your ads!!!!!! I am sure that you don’t to be associated with this so here is the link XXXXXXXX

Please do something about this!!!!! I really like you guys and this is disgusting advertising!!!!!!


Rosemarie H. November 5, 2015 at 11:57 am

Last Friday my daughter and I went into the Fox Chapel store in Pittsburgh. After looking for a nice pair of shoes, we went to the checkout counter. Angeleca (the clerk) stood in the aisle for over 15 minutes speaking to a customer. I will grant you that while my daughter is trying on shoes, they were talking about how to read what sizes are available. But for at least 15 minutes, they were talking about plus size clothing and the inability to find them. I called the store and then spoke with the manager (all while being in the store). I was employed and my daughter is currently employed in the retail industry and if this had happened on our watches, we would no longer have jobs. No apology was issued and my comments were rebuffed rudely. The manager and employee need to go; customer service in that store is absolutely horrible and we will not return.


Amy S August 7, 2015 at 10:28 pm

I will never purchase a pair of shoes in famous footwear again! I always go into famous footwear to buy school shoes for my son, today we went to the location at the St. Augustine outlets. I came in with my mother son and 2 year old daughter. I was in the store about 5 minutes when my daughter started to complain about having to use the restroom. She started to grab her privates with how badly she needed to use it! I ran to the counter and politely asked while explaining that she was 2 years old and could not hold it. The girl at the counter said no, and that I’d have to walk all the way to the food court to use the restroom. It’s about a mile walk when your with a toddler! I said she can’t hold it and really needs to go!! She told me no again and said I’d have to walk to the restroom at the food court! Unbelievable, my daughter with panic in her eyes and me with shock! I said so I guess it’s okay if she pees herself?! I cannot believe it. I left the store and walked two stores down, I went inside explained the situation and was allowed to use their restroom, where my daughter almost peed on the floor. I thanked them and left. I went straight back into the famous footwear and asked to speak with her manager. While talking to her almost in tears with how frustrated I was, she apologized and I asked her if she would have allowed my 2 year daughter into the restroom? She looked me straight in the face and said no! Ha! I seriously hope they don’t have any children and are put in that type of situation. I am outraged, very disappointed and will never purchase another pair of shoes from them. They are horrible!


Feruza Supikhodjaeva July 28, 2015 at 11:15 am

On July 26, 2015 I went to Famous Footwear, store #66 on Winston Plaza shopping center 1180, Melrose Park, IL 60160 to purchase shoes. Several weeks prior, I had purchased shoes on line at that same store. The gentleman who rang up the sale, informed me of the buy one get ½ off the next pair and said that I had 60 days to find another pair of shoes and they would be ½ price. I just needed to bring in the receipt. I had decided to get another pair of the shoes that were purchased on-line prior as well as a pair on clearance. The store clerk said he didn’t know how to do that and called the supposed manager to assist. The manager, Merisa, came over to take over my transaction but became very confused since I wanted to use the ½ discount on the new on-line order and not the clearance shoes. I explained several times to her what I wanted to do and actually had to tell her how to do the sale, as she kept fixating on the clearance shoes. She became increasingly aggravated as she said the employee who rang the sale up originally told me the wrong information, was from another store, and that she could not recognize the original sale. Merisa continued to talk over me, would not show me her name badge, saying I did not need to know her name. Then she confessed that she was only an assistant manager, but told me that it was the same thing. I work in business and know a manager is different than an assistant manager. She again became increasingly belligerent, to the point where I cancelled my transaction of over $100, and decided to leave. It is unfortunate as I exclusively shop this store for the kids’ shoes. I easily spend over $1,000 year at this store for shoes. With such appalling behavior, it was the last time I plan to come to do business.
The behavior of Merisa, her loudness, made sure all the other customers heard our discussion as well, and impersonating a store manager is totally unacceptable. Such rude behavior should not be tolerated.


Melinda April 30, 2015 at 12:14 pm

Hello – I’m a regular customer of Famous Footwear. My experiences have always been plesant, shoe quality is good as is pricing. I’ve referred many consumers to Famous Footwear and look forward to your sales and rewards.

Today I received an email promo with the subject line “Your Mom called…” I have to say I was taken back at what appears to be a lack of sensitivity. Your PR/Marketing team should keep in mind that many people (myself included) have lost their Mothers. Holidays, specifically Mother’s Day, can be very emotional for surviving loved ones… the last thing someone wants is a painful reminder that their Mother’s can’t call.


kelli Nolte March 27, 2015 at 10:14 pm

I visited the famous footwear in Casper, Wy today, and the girl was so rude I was almost in tears. I told her that her rudeness almost cost her a sale and she SHRUGGED her shoulders!!! I then told her I would complain to a manager and she said “go ahead, I am the manager. I believe this is what happens when you promote kids in upper level positions. They don’t understand customer service. Unreal. I have been a rewards member for over 10 years, and like shopping there, but not anymore. Who can I complain to??? Who can do anything??


Penny Wiberg February 6, 2015 at 7:15 pm

From a past store manager in AZ I would like to commend Joseph at store 1760 in Royal Palm Beach Fl. I’ve been in there several times to get my husbands work shoes and this gentleman always goes above and beyond to make my shopping experience the best it can be. He’s very polite and helpful and very attentive to customers! He should certainly be someone who should be groomed for a store management position.
He’s a keeper!


Lynnet Stoll January 27, 2015 at 2:11 pm



Daivelys Roman January 21, 2015 at 8:50 pm

I wish I would have read these comments before attempting to make a purchase at their store. I just got back from their store in Davie, FL and wow was I surprised at the lack of customer service and just plain respect that these “managers” have for their paying customers. I picked up some sandals for my daughter and when they rang up differently than the tag said the cashier went to check and apparently the tag is for the ones next to those. Mind you, the ones next to the sandals are the exact sames one just a different color. He would not honor the price and I asked for a manager who said she would not override the price since there was no price in front of the sandals that it would be different if the tag was wrong but that that wasn’t the case. I said well, since there is no price could I just get the same price as the other exact ones. She said no, that was the price and that’s it. I asked her if she couldn’t reduce anything off the price since it wasn’t my fault that there was no tag and the ones next to them, the same ones, had a different price. Again she said no and then accused me of removing the tag!! I told her to check her cameras to see if I in fact did remove the tag. She said she wouldn’t. I said an effective manager would do it to get the sale and keep their customers happy. She said that the sales don’t matter. What kind of retail business doesn’t care about their sales? I think we found the problem as to why they are struggling! Never again!


William December 30, 2014 at 11:42 am

Wow. I wasn’t expecting to find so many alarming posts about the customer service experience at Famous Footwear. I suppose this has something to do with the lack of professionalism and training of the organization as a whole.

I recently visited their location in Davie, Florida and also received very poor service as well. I was left standing in line for over 10 minutes (I was the ONLY customer) in line while the so called “manager” (Osvaldo) crudely left his register (after ringing up a sale) and went to assist customers who had entered the store WHILE I WAS ALREADY in line. Another sales associate was busy ringing up a purchase with a customer who also had issues with a coupon. In the meantime, Osvaldo returned to his register with the customers whom he had retrieved from the floor and politely proceeded to handle a return for them. I noticed that Osvaldo failed to ask for ANY IDENTIFICATION during this transaction as stated in their so called “company policy.” Nonetheless, when he finished, I was STILL standing in line and I moved towards Osvaldo’s register for ring out. To my amazement, Osvaldo informed me that he would not ring me out and that I should continue to wait on the other associate. When I expressed concern about why he chose to ring up a return, but not a sale…even though I had been standing in line FIRST and for some time … he simply told me that he did not think that I should have a problem waiting in line and that as manager, her saw fit to make sure the return was handled expeditiously and did not agree that my sale was even “equally” as important.

Nonetheless, I contacted corporate via email and telephone. I received absolutely NO email follow-up (not even that the concern was received) and was only told by the phone representative that my “issue” would be forwarded to District personnel and no further correspondence would be provided. Wow. I know of NO other company (private or public) that does not even BOTHER to follow up with a customer about a complaint (valid or not). The manager was rude and dismissive (in store) and telephone agents could provide little to no explanation about the company’s customer service expectations.

After contacting corporate once more (after several days had passed), I was offered a 20% off coupon towards my next visit. My response was a simple, yet emphatic NO THANK YOU. I would much rather take the self-provided 100% off discount and never step foot in a FAMOUS FOOTWEAR again.


Lisa September 16, 2014 at 2:49 pm

I was going to make a shoe purchase at the location on Hwy 6 in Houston, TX, but..since a rude employee puts the phone down to check on a shoe in stock and makes a nasty comment not realizing I heard what he said. So of course when he got back on the phone I asked was that comment made in reference to me and then he hung up. Done! Not worth my business.


Mary Ann September 4, 2014 at 2:40 pm

I must agree with several other people that your current commercial is in very poor taste. As a lunch room monitor in a grammar school I continually remind students not to put their feet on chairs. Your commercial has a child putting her feet up on a table where other students are eating. What type of message are you sending our youth! Hopefully their parents take offense at this commercial and choose not to purchase your product.


Cindy August 31, 2014 at 10:32 am

The commercial you have with the little girl that tells the cafeteria lady to keep the change and then she goes to a table in the girls look at her like she’s dirt till she puts up her shoes and then it’s like they’re all happy what kind of messages are sending to our kids. It just shows them that material things can make them popular and that’s not true at all I think this commercial is really uncalled for.


Wanda Alexander August 29, 2014 at 6:22 am

I saw your add where the young girl struts across the cafeteria with tray in hand and emphasizing her high top tennis shoes and throws her tray down at a table full of girls and slams her feet up onto the table and asks if there is a problem with it.

Yep, there is a problem with cheap shoe company sending out horrible messages as to how children should conduct themselves and there are many other underlying prejudice messages in this commercial.

Me, along with my many friends and their families, are banning your company FOREVER!


NANCY BOHN August 22, 2014 at 5:00 pm

I just saw your new add for childrens fancy tennis shoes which shows a girl in a school cafeteria carrying her lunch and struting around since she has a new pair of shoes which is ok BUT what she did after that was shocking.
She said down at the lunch table and put HER FEET UP ON TOP OF THE TABLE where other kids have their food for all to see her shoes!!!!!!! How dare somone putting their FEET where people eat!!!
First thats rude, second that is against school policy, third the school where my kids go this girl would have been yelled at or more.
You should not encourage children to do the wrong thing. Please take this ad off TV.
Thanks You.


Ann August 19, 2014 at 6:27 pm

On 8/ 17/2014 my husband and I took our four children to Famous footwear at 2350 Central Park Ave Yonkers, NY 10710 after church. We enter the store and because this were our first time at this store, my husband ask the person who was standing in the center of the store where can we fine shoes for my son. This person, which later we found out that she was the manager, point to the far end of the store. I ask her were are you pointing which aisle. She did not say anything like she did not hear me. So my husband and I and the children start to walk down the aisle and my husband said to me wow, the customer service here is not to good. She hear what my husband said and came down the aisle to us saying she did not like what my husband said and if we don’t like the way things is run there, my husband should take his family and leave. My husband who is a business owner said to her who are you talking to with that tone of voice. He also said to her this isn’t the way you speak to customers. My husband told her if his worker was to speak and be rude to the Customers like she is to us they would be fired. This rude women told my husband that she don’t care what he say and this is her store and she want us to leave. My four children was so upset over this. They did not understand why this person was talking loud in their father face and putting us out the store. I told my husband we are not going anywhere. Who is she to put a family of six out the store where they came to shop. I never in my life been so mistreated by a manager of a store or any one. This is how people of color be treated at Famous Footwear. When I got home I E-mail headquarters and told them how rude this manager was to my family. The next day I receive a e-mail telling me someone will contact my husband.No one contact him yet. This happen on the 17th and today is the 19th so now I see why this manager is rude. I told everyone that I know Do Not shop at any Famous Footwear stores. But this is not over I have a family member who is a lawyer.


Veritas August 31, 2014 at 6:47 pm

I THINK THEY ARE ALL A BUNCH OF RACISTS. Just look at my comment I posted BEFORE I READ OF YOUR EXPERIENCE. You should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and your local Better Business Bureau. However, who knows? They monitor this so they might not even have the guts to print my comments.


Veritas August 31, 2014 at 6:49 pm

This was my comment:

If your intention was to portray and demean black children as being so ill-educated as to put their feet on a table that is for EATING, then you should picture them in their home and NOT in school.
If your intent was to teach children that it is “COOL” to put your feet up on the table where all your classmates and schoolmates eat, SHAME ON YOU!


Bob Lillquist August 18, 2014 at 11:28 am

One of the worst customer service experiences I had had in years.
I’m a fairly regular customer of the Famous store in Mesa Arizona on Power Road.
I needed a pair of ankle high sweat socks. I found what I thought was exactly what I needed. The store had mens size small, medium, and large. I wear a size 10.5 shoes and the package of three socks I purchased read ” shoe size 9 to 12 ”
This was on Friday August 15th, 2014. When I returned home and tried on a pair of the socks (had to open the package to do this), I found that the socks were not just too small but I couldn’t even get them on my feet.
On Saturday I had my housekeeper return the socks for a refund. She was told during that visit that the receipt was not enough and I had to come back in with the credit card I used to make the purchase. This made sense to me as some stores do this and others just credit the card back.
On Sunday August 17th, I returned to the store with credit card in hand. I was told that the previous employee must have made a mistake and I couldn’t obtain a refund. The reason was due to the fact that I opened the package. I was told I could only have an exchange. I asked how could I find out if the socks were what I purchased without opening the package and trying them on? I was told it was just store policy. I then asked if I had opened them in the store when I purchased the socks and they didn’t fit, would I have to buy them. I was told no. So I asked a dumb question. If I could have turned the purchase down due to the fit in the store, the package would be open. If I bring them back the next day open and don’t want them because they are mis-marked and do not fit, what is the difference?
Anyway I told the salesperson who appeared not even willing to call a manager (maybe she was a Vice President) to just keep the socks, I couldn’t use them and not to worry about the charge because after purchasing over ten pairs of shoes for my fast growing grand-kids, along with shoes for my daughter and myself, I’d never set foot (pun) in any Famous store again. I also made sure she understood that all my employes in eight companies have a good reason not to shop with Famous.


Diana August 2, 2014 at 12:46 am

Famous footwear customer service sucks! Placed an order online their website clearly states allow 3 business days for tracking to post. It’s been6 business days and still no tracking. Called and spoke to a supervisor named Linda pretty much told me that my item had not been shipped and that she couldn’t get me a tracking number and that I needed to just wait 11 business days and hope my item arrives. Then on the11 th business day I can call back so they can investigate! Way to treat your customers!!


Casey Davis July 9, 2014 at 9:08 pm

I bought 4 pairs of shoes two for me and 1 each for my friends and before I bought them, I asked what the return policy was they said 30 days bring receipt. So when my friends and I tried to return the shoes they won’t let us. Im calling corporate.


Letty August 20, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Good luck in calling corporate. I won’t go into details but I called the CEO’s office to try to express my horrible experience with customer service, they don’t even know how unsatisfactory their customer service is nor do they seem to care. Obviously the CEO, Diane Sullivan, has no idea what the heck is going on with the company she is running.
To Ms. Sullivan, if I were you I would take a little time to read these comments, before you allow this, long time company to go down due to lack of customer service. Customer service is one if the easies issues to resolve in a company. Here I will make the formula easy for you…happy customers =$=continued success; subpar service=unhappy customers=lost in revenues=unhappy stockholders=unhappy board members=change in staff.


Shay July 9, 2014 at 3:15 pm

I too experienced horrible customer service at your store yesterday evening. My 80 year old grandmother is in town visiting. I took her into your store because there were shoes that I knew she would really like and that would be comfortable for her. I previously went into the store by myself to price them and make sure that her size was available before bringing her in because she can’t walk for long without getting tired. I went and got her and took her in to try them on and for her to purchase them. The pair she decided on were 49.99 as tagged on the shelf. After going to check out they rang up 54.99. I explained to the girl at the register that they were ringing up $5 more than they should have and pointed to them on the shelf which was directly next to the counter. She said, “Oh okay, well let me get a closer look just to verify.” She stated that we were correct that the product was not marked correctly and that the shoe was in the wrong place. We go back to the register and she tells my grandmother the same price. I told her that I understood that they were “marked incorrectly and were in the wrong place” according to her, but that they should honor the price that was shown. She said that she would need to check with another associate to see if she could give them to her for the price that was marked. She called to the back and explained the situation and asked if she could honor the price and was told that someone would be up in a minute. Then a second associate came up and agreed that they were marked wrong and said that she didn’t know how that happened, but that we were to pay the $5 more and that she would not honor the price shown. I told her that if they would not honor the price that it was false advertising and that we would buy them elsewhere. She shrugged her shoulders and made a face and turned away. I asked for the store number which was 1749. I did tell her that I would be calling or emailing the corporate office and she said, “go ahead” and smirked. We did not purchase the shoes from your store and will not ever shop at your stores again. I will highly recommend that none of my friends or family shop at your stores in the future. The $5 wasnt even the problem it was the principal of the situation. With today’s economy especially, customer service is THE MOST important factor in where people shop. I will always willingly pay more when customer service is excellent. By the look of the other comments posted this is obviously the way your company chooses to do business. Shame. If you are interested I was at the Hwy K location in O’fallon, Mo at 7:40 pm on 7/9/14 store 1749


Joan July 6, 2014 at 11:02 pm

As I am reading some of the complaints posted above, I am appauled that Famous Footwear is not taking drastic action to improve its customer service.
I was recently vacationing in Arizona, where I purchased a new pair of sneakers in the Sedona store, plus a few accesories (socks, etc.). I realized I had a coupon at home, and asked if when I returned home to NJ I could bring the coupon in to a local store and request a price adjustment. They said it woudl be no problem. I specifically asked if I had to bring in the actual items, and they stated that the receipt with the SKU #s would be sufficient. When I returned home, I visited the Nassau Park Blvd store to ask for a price adjustment. While I waited for the manager to come out of the back room, the employee I was speaking with was practically laying down on the register counter, complaining to another employee about how tired she was. Clearly she had no interest in doing anything at work. When the Assistant Manager appeared, she was visibly sick. She told me that she could not process a price adjustment without the original items being brought back into the store. I asked again if the item #s on the receipt were sufficient – she said No, and was clearly uninterested that I was annpoyed because the Sedona store had told me conflicting information.
After I left the store, I called the AZ store and anpother NJ store, inquiring as to their policy regarding coupons and price adjustments. They both told me that they could process a price adjustment with only the receipt.
So I called back the assistant manager at the Princeton store.
She told me she was very sick, and had no energy to argue with me about my issue.
How about staying home if you are that sick?
How about being concerned about customer satisfaction, and doing the job you are getting paid to perform?
I have been a frequent customer of Famous Footwear in the past, and I will never, ever make a purchase from them again!


DALE BROOKS September 14, 2015 at 4:19 pm

I should have read these comments before going into their La Quinta, CA store. It would have saved us the discomfort of dealing with sales staff that knows nothing about how to treat a customer, let alone make a sale. My wife is recovering from hip replacement surgery and her physical therapist recommended she wear a slip on, no lace up shoe so we went to Famous Footware. The young lady who helped us did direct us to these types of shoes and pulled one pair down from the shelf. This is when the help stopped. First we had to find where my wife could sit and try on the shoes. Next she asked for a shoe horn and was told it was in the basket, supposing I guess we knew where the basket was. The sales girl was more interested in hanging a promotional banner than helping my wife. We finally got a shoe horn only after I insisted that she help us. The basket was down an aisle hidden from view. Also the shoe horn was very small, no longer than three inches and unusable. I asked if they had a longer one and was told no they didn’t. About that time the store manager came out and i asked him the same question. He said it was the only one in the store. When I commented that I thought it strange that a shoe store didn’t have more than one and also adequately sized shoe horns the manager suggested we leave a take our business elsewhere. We were prepared to purchase two pair of shoes that retailed for $69.00. It won’t happen at now at the not so Famous Footware. If you own stock in this company sell it before they go bankrupt, which they will if they continue to drive customers away.


tracy May 30, 2014 at 12:24 pm

Several months ago I received an email add with a coupon attached. The coupon was expiring that day so I went straight there to buy my kids shoes. The store would not honor it stating it was expired. It wasn’t. It was the last day of the coupon. I let it go but you lost a sale.
Today my elderly mother gives me a $10 off coupon. I find a pair of shoes I loved and try to pay. Nope. They won’t accept the coupon because it wasn’t mine. Are you kidding me? You would rather lose a sale than give me $10 off????!!! That’s one of the dumbest business policies I’ve ever heard of. Now you lost a customer and a sale. I’ll be sure to tell my friends and family what terrible customer service your business exhibits.
One angry customer


ILOVESHOESINHOUSTON May 26, 2014 at 4:54 am

I hardly ever shop at Famous Footwear, however, I happened to pass by the 290 location (northwest shopping center location), and while inside I found some really nice “aerosole brand “shoes. I bought 2 pairs, each a different color. I paid cash, by the way.

3 Days later I decided that I only wanted the one pair in black, so I returned to the same store to get refund, for the pair that I didn’t want.

I brought my drivers license with me as indicated on the receipt. The gentleman was very friendly and I handed him my TDL.

He gave me my refund in cash.

I asked him why Famous Footwear asks for ID and he replied something to the effect, “to track returns…there have been customers in the past that purchase shoes and make it a habit of repeated returns…”

I replied to him “that makes perfect sense. I wish more stores had this same policy.”



sheba mazen May 16, 2014 at 4:59 pm

I was just at the Pasadena location and the store manager Luis was so rude. I tried to exchanged a pair of shoes that I bought for my daughter on Mothers day and she tried to wear them said they were too big. He was so rude and dry it amazes me that he was a store manager. My first time shopping there and my last!!!!!

Address: 3389 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

Phone:(626) 351-3282


Tara Morris May 3, 2014 at 8:56 pm

My husband whon is disabled..His arm is paralyzed went into a famous footwear in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and WERE going to purchase a pair of shoes for our son and his birthday 2moro. We decided NOT to make a purchase because of the AWFUL employees working..My husband also happens to be black and it’s sad to see this ignorance this day in age still exists..He was followed throughout the store the whole 8 minutes he was in there and the employees Julie and Connor were very rude and disrespectful..before he went in the store they were glaring at me through the window..needless to say we will spend our money elsewhere from now on..which we later did


Debbie Blankenship April 19, 2014 at 2:35 pm

I am inclined to believe that FF doesn’t care about their customers or giving good customer Service. I purchased two pairs of Saucony Running shoes April 12th and wore one of then to the track where it ended up hurting the ball of my foot. I took the other pair back today and the manager told me she could not accept them as they had been worn. I told her I have never worn those shoes except in the store before I bought them. I wanted to exchange them for a Nike Air that has more support as I am walking in the Ovarian Cancer Walk and I need more support. She would not accept them and was extremely rude and called me a liar and I told her I was contacting corporate office and she told me to go ahead as they would take her side and tell her she was doing the right thing as that is the policy and that they would tell me to mail them the shoes. That’s fine as I NEVER wore them but how she got to be manager I don’t know and this is at the FAMOUS FOOTWEAR IN PASADENA TEXAS. She has long curly hair! Is this how Famous Footwear conducts their business?


june singleton April 15, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Never been treated so horrible. By manager and Corp
Definitely do not care about customers. Hey dumbasses, Customers should be first priority. We pay your salary. Lost a good customer. Alot of business, is word of mouth. I will make my lawsuit known.


Alice April 1, 2014 at 1:18 pm

Hi my name is Alice and just would like to say that I lost my wallet in Philadelphia store on march 26th and the nice gentleman Rob that waited on me, told me his name and asked if I needed any help. The sneakers that I wanted for my son weren’t available in the store, so he ordered them online for me. I didn’t realize to I got home actually the next day that I didn’t have my credit card case with over 13 cards. I tried to remember everywhere I was the day before. Anyway long story short after blocking all my credit cards my son mentioned going there, that was our last stop, so I drove over and Rob had put it into the safe, needless to say I was elated. Rob is a very nice young man and very honest. There’s always so many negative things and comments said or written, I just wanted to make sure that this didn’t go un noticed. thank you very much Alice Philadelphia Pa. 19114


Amy Evans December 4, 2013 at 9:57 pm

I experienced an extremely rude employee name Jovanni at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, NY FF!! I made a purchase on 12/1 for $68 & paid with my debit card. I went back on 12/3 to return my purchase. I was given cash back. I asked Jovanni “nicely” why it wouldn’t be put right back on my debit card. I don’t like having cash on me. There is a thief at my job so I never keep cash in my wallet. Jovanni seemed to be quite annoyed by my questioning this detail of the return. Now I’m getting pissed. He was so smug & so rude it was an awful experience!! When I went to leave, he sarcastically told me to have a good night. I did not dignify him with an answer. He then said under his breath which I’m sure he wanted to me to hear, “or not!!”. He needs to know that he’s a shoe salesman, not the F’N president of the US!!!!!!!


Liz October 28, 2013 at 6:53 pm

I was at the 1017 Montauk Hwy, Shirley, NY 11967 store yesterday, 10/27/13 to return a pair of sneakers. The transaction was fine, but the sales associate Yasmine was very rude and disrespectful towards her fellow co worker. She harassed her co worker, to the point that it clearly upset him, and made all of the customers uncomfortable.

She threatened to fire him while he was helping a family, and she was helping a customer. She continued to make nasty remarks to him while they worked on the line.

It was very uncomfortable. There is no need for such disrespect and professionalism. I dont care if you are a sales associate at a shoe store, or a Doctor, there is no reason for that.

If I do go into that store and see her working, I will make it a point to leave. She has no class, and needs to work on her attitude. I plan on calling corporate due to the fact that Yasmine does not know how to work with people, and her attitude casts a bad shadow not only on her, but on the company that she works for.


Tim Foster October 26, 2013 at 5:50 pm

I went into FF on 10-24 and purchased shoes. I used a debit card and offered 2 rewards cards that were declined as they were beyond the expiration date. I also gave the woman a rewards card to see if I had any points available to me. I was told there were no points on the card at that time. On 10-26 I returned without the receipt to get a refund. I did not need the the shoes as my work provided some shoes for me.. The shoes were un-worn still in the box that was in the F.F. Bag. The manager informed me that if the purchase was within the past 6 days she could look up the transaction with the debit card I used… After swiping my card she informed me there was not a record of the transaction. I provided another debit card and after swiping that card she said it too did not reveal a transaction . I then provided her the rewards ID card I had used and she said there was not a transaction on that card either. After my wife was finished browsing at shoes we left and I told the manager I would return with the receipt. I went to where I am staying and looked for the receipt, but could not find it.. I looked up the transaction on my bank statement online and found the transaction and printed the transaction record. I called the manager and told her I found the transaction and provided her a number. She informed me that she could not use a bank statement.. I said if you did not find the transaction when you swiped my card in the store , it must not be the right transaction and I would call the bank and cancel the transaction listed on my credit card statement.
I continued to look for the receipt and then called the bank . They informed me that a PIN was used and that would indicate fraud. As I believe I used the card to purchase the shoes I decided to return to the store and try another time to see if checking the card in YOUR system would result in finding the transaction. Also I wanted the store to verify the Customer rewards card to see if that turned up something different. When I entered the store, I was confronted by an employee named Marcus Thomas who informed me that if I did not leave the police would be called …that I had been in the store multiple times and I was rude to the manager.. I asked him to wait until he was through with the other customers as these erroneous complaints were embarrassing. I told him I was there once…with my wife…that I said I would go look for the original receipt and would be right back.. He asked me to go outside.. I then asked if he would try swiping the debit card, to which he told me he had no training for such duties. I asked for a corporate number and left the store. I then called your customer rewards folks.. After telling the lady on your customer support line my story and having her look up my rewards number, and the number on the rewards card I provided, it was revealed that the card I provided at the time of purchase DID in fact show a purchase of the shoes. The card is owned by my daughter Sarah. She told me that Sarah would need to return the shoes. I told her my daughter was on an exchange from Univ. Cal in Sweden and it was my debit card and my shoes, and i should be able to get the refund. Could she please call the store and ask them to honor the transaction. She agreed and contacted the store… She returned on the line and told me that the manager had accused me of returning multiple times and had used foul language . Neither of these were true and are erroneous accusations. I merely wanted to return my shoes (perhaps you have video cameras to verify ) I asked on the phone for a supervisor and after few disconnections I talked with a man who angrily told me he believes his manager and that I was forever forbidden in that store and no matter how much I tried to convince him to negotiate from a professional point of view he was eager to hang up on me. You are a big corporation, and losing me as a customer or my daughters, is no great loss for you. nor to me…(I will ask them to relinquish their accounts as well) As a minister of Music at a United Church of Christ I know I am righteous in my actions where I never used foul language, nor did I return more than the two visits.. The first to inquire if I could get a refund, and the second time to try with Mr. Thomas to seek a solution that would provide me the refund to which I am entitled.
I will truthfully state that your manager in the Brentwood California store is incorrrect with reference to this matter and in my opinion should not be in a managerial position if she doesn’t have the wherewithal to negotiate with the public. It is not worth my time to pursue this any further. I believe I am due an apology. I wil keep the shoes and shop elsewhere. Tim Foster
FF ID #373 3501520 My daughters, Sarah- FF ID # used to purchase the shoes is 4184198760


Erin Sullivan October 24, 2013 at 4:42 pm

Dear Famous Footwear Corp…
I recently saved up enough $ to finally get my kids school shoes. With my oldest son having a size 15,we have a hard time finding good brand shoes for him. We like the choices at your store so we have to make the nearly hour trip to your store in Chesterfield, Mi. I was there just 5 days ago… asked the clerks if there were any coupons that I missed in my email or upcoming that I should seek out. They said there was and will be nothing unless I have points to redeem. Ok, grim and bear it, 3 pairs of Nikes and 2 pkgs socks total 249 bucks… yikes. That was hard to do… this morning I find out that starting today there can be 30% offf total purchase… so I call store and ask if theres something we can do and they say No… they will get in trouble if i bring shoes back to return annd rebuy. i understand your policy of no previous purchases but wouldnt this fall into the price adjumstment category as its only been 5 days?? I could have saved almost 80 bucks had I known and now im feeling frustrated that I spent the time and $ to begin with… please consider adjusting the purchase for me. I am a single mom that has to pinch pennies all year round. i could really use the $80. thank you


Lillian October 15, 2013 at 7:21 pm

What is your policy on allowing employees time off to care for a spouse? My brother-in-law was told he has to come in and cover all his shifts even though his spouse was just discharged from the hospital following cancer surgery. I would expect a little more humanity and compassion to be shown.


june singleton April 15, 2014 at 6:34 pm

They have no compassion


Lisa October 1, 2013 at 9:52 am

A couple of months ago I walked into you oceanside,ca store to find a lady with not a small dog but with a large dog. This is rediculous. I was so mad I left. The dog was not a seeing eye dog didn’t have any type of vest. It even jumped and put its front paws on the counter, the lady pulled him down. Say the dog decided to relieve himself right there in the store. What if someone was highly allergic to dogs! Or a kid stepped on its tail and the dog snipped at the child! Is that when you guys will take it a little more serious. I have two dogs and two goats maybe I should bring them in. I tried calling the district right after I left, but office was closed. I was reminded when I walked into a target and saw another lady with her dog. I have 4 kids and would like to continue shopping at your store, but if dogs are going to be allowed in store I refuse to shop there.


Kathy September 29, 2013 at 11:17 pm

I purchased 2 pairs of shoes, and ordered them directly in the store, which the asst mgr, assured they were in stock, and would be shipped to my home, they ran my debt card, told me to wait a few days to track order, which I waited 5 days, couldn’t pull up the tracking number,so I called customer service, and they assured be it would be delivered last week, which it never showed up, so I contact customer service online, they wrote back after 2 weeks of waiting, we sold out, sorry, but we will send you a 20% coupon off next time, and you will recieve your check in 2 weeks, I was livid, I went down to the store and asked for my money back,since it was debit transaction, they could’ve given me credit or cash back, they refused. Suppossedly, I’m to wait 2 weeks, for a response back from customer service? , I contacted them, and now they want me to wait a month for a check? plus have the audacity to send me a 20% off coupon for the next purchase? I guess that’s why so many business in this country fail, customer service comes last, and you should expect nothing in return, is famous footwear’s motto.


Robert Gomes September 26, 2013 at 2:09 pm

Hi Famous Footwear, I was beyond offended with the discrimination Mrs Renee (manager)at Cypress Towne Center showed towards me.This morning around 10:00 am, i tried to turn in a application for a PART TIME assistant manager position. as it states on the front door seeking assistant managers! I was employed before and thanks to my good work ethics and great customer service I was promoted to assistant manager the first month employed. I have customer service experience and experienced in shoe dep.there was another employer who offered me more pay and more hours so unfortunately I had to let go of Famous Footwear. So last night 6/25/13 around 8:00 pm saw the sign and decided to apply once more with the company the gentleman (assistant manager) told me to speak to Mrs Renee and asked for my name and number wich he wrote on a sticky note.i told the gentleman I was employed before at the outlets location. Well this morning I tried turning my application to Mrs Renee and she dint bother taking my application she asked where i worked after famous footwear and that her Relative Sam Morrow already gave her a bad reference of me. I was surprised she asked why and I said because I worked fine allong with that employee I dont understand why he would give her a bad reference of me when he wasnt a store manager when I was employed so why would he have a grudge and try to degrade me??? I think it is the company’s decision of my opportunity not two relatives gossip! She dint even ask to take my app nor ask more questions she just wanted to confirm I was the person her relative knew. Instead of her genuinely taking my application like a professional for the company she was just stating my bad reference from her relative.i told her I have references and that guy (Sam Morrow) is not one of them nor have I filled out the application on line yet. A no call or just trashing my app would have been more respectful than her discrimination.she has no integrity nor she appreciates diversity!! After I told her corporate will hear from this disrespect she asked for me to give her the application, wich I was already at the door and denied it to her .because one foot away she dint even bother.this is not right I will seek a legal way to deal with this this is not right at all.thank you.


Kim Fennell August 27, 2013 at 8:29 pm

I understand exactly what you have stated, they are not professional and very rude and it is sad to see that in these days and ages that these things are still happening.


Maria August 18, 2013 at 12:39 pm

I’m so disgusted with the customer service I got at one of your stores. I have been there two times; the one that I like to go is thirty minutes away. I decided to try one more time. I went in the store and saw a pair of shoes I really liked; the best part was they were on sale! Yeah, right!!! There were three tags on three different shoes and the one I liked was one of them. I even asked the sales guy why they had such a great deal on them and he said, “Oh, it is because it is the back to school sale.” I said great. The total came to regular price. The sales guy asked the manager about it and she came out and said, “Yeah, I can’t give you the sales price because somebody moved the tag prices.” I said that the sald price was there. She responded “Yes, but it is not the right price and I would have to write an email explaining why I had to change the price for you.” I just couldn’t believe it!!!! I asked “Ok, can I have your manager’s name and number?” she gave me the 1-800 number, by the way. I did get the shoes after all that, but the more I think about it, the more I want to take them back! Ridiculous!!!!


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