Dunkin Donuts Corporate Office

Dunkin Donuts Corporate Office Address

Dunkin Brands Group, Inc.
130 Royall St
Canton, MA 02021

Contact Dunkin Donuts

Phone Number: (781) 737-3000
Fax Number: (781) 737-4000
Website: http://www.dunkindonuts.com
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CEO: Nigel Travis
CFO: Paul C. Carbone
COO: Paul E. Twohig

Dunkin Donuts History

Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg.  The first location was in Quincy, Massachusetts.

In 1955, the first franchise opened in Worcester.

In 1963, the chain opened their 100th corporately owned location.  In 1964, the 1000th franchise opened.

In 1990, the 2000th location opened.

In 2004, the company headquarters was relocated to Canton, MA.

In 2006, the company was acquired by several private equity firms lead by Bain Capital.

In 2007, the first location in Taiwan was opened.

Dunkin Brands, the parent company of Dunkin Donuts, went public in 2011.

The company currently operates over 10,000 locations in 32 countries worldwide.

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mt February 26, 2015 at 2:16 pm

Really? You stopped giving senior citizens discount on certain items? Ordered 2 combos and was told no more senior discounts on combos,orders from corporate?? Really? store#341157


laura torres February 26, 2015 at 7:55 am

Elizabeth ave. In elizabeth nj. The customer service is horrible. They are always rushing your order. And when they give cream cheese on container it always looks dirty. Already complained to the store. And they just said the employee did not clean the fork they put cream cheese in. Yuck!!!! Also when there is a promotion to get free coffee always with attitude.


Chelsea Mckeever February 21, 2015 at 1:34 pm

Who knows the hr office phone number


Tammy branch February 17, 2015 at 10:35 pm

I believe


nadine February 16, 2015 at 8:11 am

Store # 343570


Every time i order my favorite drink (dunkacino) it taste terrible. After the 6th time i asked the employee if the machine was broken it looked like i was drinking hot water with some cream in it… and she told me they do not have a machine at this location they mix it themselves. Its terrible and not the same. Willl no longer be getting my favorite drink anymore. :(((


Elida A. February 12, 2015 at 1:43 pm

The store located on:

2000 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

I walked in at 10:45 am hungry and in a great mood. There were three customers already sitting enjoying their meals but the counter did not have any customers waiting. I then walked up to the counter and waited for a few minutes and no one showed up. But then a young male employee walks by the counter, all the while he had his attention fixed to the television set which as showing a sports game, and literally walks by me without saying a single word. I stood there in disbelief of what was happening, then the employee turned away and continued to walk back to where he was and left me at the counter hungry and confused. I noticed there were two other employees in the kitchen area of the restaurant. One girl was seemed to be washing the drive up window and the other man was leaning against the wall on his phone. I have never been ignored like this in 25 years of living in this city. I cannot believe the level of disrespect I was shown and I will never be returning to this restaurant. But just down the street there is another Dunkin Donuts establishment and they are extremely attentive and serve you with quick and precise service. I understand that these businesses are franchises but this form of behavior cannot be good for the name this franchise represents.

Thank you for your time and understanding,

Elida A.


Jamie Ward February 11, 2015 at 9:35 am

I would also like to confirm this! The middletown location is terrible, there is nothing nice about the management there and I feel remorse for the employees.. along with the Watertown (CT) location, I understand it is close to Waterbury but this store has turned very “ghetto” the managers language is not very acceptable by many of the customers, and the way the manager speaks to the employees is the most unprofessional I’ve ever seen at any store. But what also blows my mind is that half of the employees also speak like that. I have also witnessed the manager sitting in a chair … in the drive-thru, while still being snappy to her employees. This location disappoints me; it use to be somewhat nice but now they’ve gotten held at gun point, customers have come in trying to fight certain employees (the employee got feisty right back) AND the manager had almost gotten into a fist fight right outside next to the drive-thru with a couple women(African Americans) so they were VERY loud; was hard to place my order..had to repeat it cause they couldn’t hear over the yelling of their manager… This store is a disgrace, and i feel bad for the 2-3 good workers there( if there are any left) I stopped going to this location, permanently.
To Lisa; I would definitely pursue and I wish you luck, I am also sorry to hear about the mistreatment of your daughter. Dunkin’ Donuts really aren’t worth to work at anymore huh and its sad. This corrupt management needs to stop. Trust me, I’ve worked there and my manager was docking my pay.. behind my back. I had to find out by keeping all my clock out slips and adding my hours up myself… just to find the Manger deducted hours..after telling me to stay most days to help. I’ve tryed to contact corporate and it’s not going very well, that’s how I ended up on this site. I wish you and your daughter luck and justice.

PS to corporate: Mike Grader needs to stop looking at how the stations are put together and start looking at the managers.


misspaix February 9, 2015 at 9:09 pm

i was a full time emloyee at dunkin donuts, a week ago a found an other job, so i talked to my manager about that the Feb 2th and we have agreed that my last day there gonna be this 14th, but the 7th i went to check my schedul, i found it empty for all the week wen i asked my manager she said that she was thinking that i’m gonna leave the 7th, i said no we already talked about that and it should be the next week, she was like “i’m not gonna change it ” no i m without work for 11 days, i told the district manager but she doesn t want undersatnd any thing, i’m really disgusted , a very bad management


Robin February 9, 2015 at 8:35 pm

Dunkin Donuts at 6550 US HWY 6 in Portage, Indiana has the worst management I have ever seen. My daughter started in November, was told false information and got in trouble for it. The manager (who does not speak very clear English) openly told her that they were 8 months due in rent and that she would try to get her back on the schedule. She was on the schedule for 2 more weeks (only 4 days, each shift was 4 hours) and she was told that she was done. The only reason they could give her was that she was waisting her time there. I agree, my daughter with a 4.3 GPA is definitely waisting her time at a place that can’t get themselves together. She deserves more than 8 hours a week while she’s tryingo pay for her own car. I will never buy Dunkin again and I will make sure everyone I know won’t either.


Kevin February 9, 2015 at 6:28 am

On 2/7/2015 at 9pm I visited the naperville il location at rt59 and 95th street. Worst experience ever!!!! Hands down… I was eating my ice cream and came across a dark hair in it, immediately grossed out I stopped eating it, I waited and went inside I told the the gentleman that was in there that this is gross there is a dark hair in it. oh my it gets better… He then blamed it on my girlfriend. I said I’m blonde and she is blonde, it’s not ours… He then said that we put the hair in there. I said that is fucking ridiculous! I want my money back. He came up with bullshit excuses like my register is closed and stuff… I asked him for corporates number. He fiddled with 2 men yes under the counter shrugged his shoulders and said I don’t know. THIS IS REDICULOUS! AND HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! You won’t see me in a dunkin donuts anymore.


Sharde February 8, 2015 at 6:51 pm

I am enraged and distressed at my experience today at a particular Dunkin’ Donuts location:
Sugarland Plaza Shopping Center
47010 Community Plaza #180
Sterling, Virginia

(703) 433 – 9000

Let me explain why…

This morning around 6:10 I pull up to the drive thru intercom to place my order for a Mocha Iced Coffee cream and sugar, and the twenty-five piece chocolate and blueberry glazed Munchkins. I was told there were no blueberry Munchkins, so I said then just all chocolate glazed. I pull up to the window to pay and received both the box of Munchkins and my coffee and headed off to work. I was driving for about two minutes and stopped at a light. That is when I took a look inside the box to find a whole box full of REGULAR glazed donut holes, not chocolate.. this made me confused.. did I not make myself clear as to what I wanted? I asked myself. I took a look at the receipt and it was confirmed that I had, since it said chocolate glazed on the receipt. If I was not headed to work, and not on a time crunch, I would have turned around and went back to get what I had asked for. I honestly wanted to let it slide and just eat what I had received because I was hungry, if it were not for my previous visit that was not pleasant. At this point I have let too many issues go by at this particular Dunkin’ Donuts and I have had enough.
I called them around 6:30 to ask to speak with a manager on duty and was told there was no manager. I asked when would they be coming in, and she replied she did not know, maybe nine or ten o’clock. I asked her name twice because she was now not making her tone clear, so I heard either Kelly or Nelly.
Because I work out in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and I did not get off work until about 3:15 in the afternoon, I was not able to make it back to the Dunkin’ Donuts until about 4:05. There were two guests in front of me placing an order, and it did not seem like there was any sense of urgency behind the register because it took me fifteen minutes to get up there. When I finally was able to, I explained that I came through the drive thru this morning, and asked for chocolate glazed, and it even said that on my receipt though, that was not what I was given. She looked at the receipt and asked if I wanted to the chocolate glazed. I said no I just want my money back and gave her the credit card that I used. She asked a girl next to her some question and I overheard her say that she did not have a password or basically the authority to do a refund on the register. She then told me to wait, so she could call her manager. She took out her cell phone at the register to call her manager. I do not know what was said, since she spoke Spanish to him over the phone. Then, once she got off the phone she went to the other side of the register where I could not see her, and took about a minute to come back with cash. She pushed the box back in my direction and I pushed the box back in her direction and asked for my credit card back. She threw the card in my hand and once I picked it up from the counter, I walked out. (She was wearing glasses, name on the receipt was Elisa, but I do not know if that was the same person I dealt with because she kept the receipt)
What made me confused at this whole interaction was that why was there no manager on duty? I called at 6:30AM and was told there was going to be one around nine or ten o’clock, and I get there after four o’clock and she is calling her manager. Which obviously says to me that there was no physical manager there. Why did she not apologize at all? Not ONCE in that whole interaction did I hear an apology for the inconvenience. Why was I given cash back and not even explained why I am getting cash when I paid with my credit card? Why was I given attitude and why did she throw my card? Worse customer service ever. Obviously was not caring at all about the situation. Also, why was the same person who gave me my order at the window around 6:10AM still on shift around 4:30PM because I saw her walking back and forth behind the counter. So no manager on duty, yet an employee can be working for over eight hours…?
As I have stated before I have had numerous concerning issues with this particular Dunkin’ Donuts and had hopes that things would change and get better, but they have not, and I am tired of letting it go.
My previous experience was asking for the same Mocha Iced Coffee and a chocolate frosted donut. Though when I was given the bag I saw two donuts, one was chocolate and the other was a regular glazed donut. I said I did not ask for two donuts let alone a glazed one, those words never came out of my mouth. She said well I already charged your card.. She said that like it was my fault she charged my card for an extra item I did not ask for. I let it slide by asking for a second chocolate frosted donut. As I pulled away I realized I was not even given a straw, so I had to go inside to get one.. So aggravating..

I hope as a corporation you truly look at situation as a problem. Just because I spoke up to say something does not mean others are not experience the same issues. This location in general needs to be fixed because in the Sterling, Virginia area there are not too many Dunkin’ Donuts where I live and this location is more convenient for me. Though it is sad to say I am never going back to this particular one. Between the management and employees I have had enough.


debbie February 5, 2015 at 6:49 am

I want to know when is it okay to fire an employee for one mistake, and not a manager who drinks on the job and gets paid for it. Both district mananger of the store and store manager curses at the employees, down talk to them, and then some. Not to sound a little rude but dunkin donuts was by far the worst job ever. The store did not have a manager for a while after one of the best managers quit, due to poor manners from the store district manager.


Anthony February 4, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Hi i would like to talk to someone about a great business investment about opening a store in my area that would more then likely get ur company alot of money and business because its a highly populated area due to the giant shopping mall near by…if this catches your interest please comtact me…thank you


Michael January 30, 2015 at 9:39 am

Is there anyone I can contact about an owner/operator of a franchise treating an employee poorly, it may be an independent franchise but it is your corporate reputation as well, and employee moral and treatment will generate word of mouth that is easily as effective as advertising. ‘What America runs on’….? honestly for the moment I’m running somewhere else, MAYBE another Dunkin maybe not. If you have Management Standards or Best Practices in place…..someone isn’t listening.


jennifer January 30, 2015 at 12:25 am

Don’t ever work or go to the dunkin donuts in washantinmills ny on Kellogg road it’s the worst place to work for or go to the manager nick is mean to his workers and to ppl that come in


Seth Ronald January 29, 2015 at 8:05 pm

1/29/2015 Pineville, Charlotte NC,
I come to this store about twice a week and order two scoops of rocky road on a sugar cone. I have never had a complaint with this store and the employee’s always have a great attitude towards me and my wife. I have nothing but positive Opinion’s about this store and hope it stays for a while.
,Seth Ronald
8334 Pineville Matthews Rd Charlotte NC


karen sargent. January 24, 2015 at 9:46 am

Hi I bought a bag of you Dunkin Donuts coffer at walmart in clearwater fl.I have bought it several times before as I loved it.Thist time it did not taste like Dunkin Donuts coffee.very disappointed.wont buy it again.very disappointed.


melisa January 20, 2015 at 8:18 pm

I visit the dunking donuts in pompano beach fl located at 2250 w sample rd and every time i go its someone new and lately it alot of Spanish speakers so communication is bad.who is the manager at this location? Cause they not thinking about the public when it comes to communicating with the customers. Fix this mess .


Sergio February 6, 2015 at 5:28 am

Expect ALOT of Spanish and Brazilian (Portuguese) speakers in that area. If you go a little north (Boca Raton), there are more English speakers — 441 / State Road 7, a little south of Judge Winikoff Road. There are also a few busy ones in Coconut Creek where English is still the first language !!!


Anne Pendleton January 19, 2015 at 5:05 am

I have finally had it with Dunkin Donuts. I am so sick and tired of getting coffee that is either burnt, not how I ordered and having to repeat the order several times due to language barrier or drive through headset not properly working.

I recently ordered a coffee at Cumberland farms and it surpasses DD in taste and price.


Jane Coghe January 17, 2015 at 2:28 pm

I talked to your general manager in the Boardman location this is Fraud i will never go back to any Dunkin Donuts ever again she refused to even reverse the money i was never even there on the 1/16 of this month If i have to get an Attorney i will
1/16/15 DUNKIN #347398 Q35
Location: BOARDMAN , OH
Purchase Date: 1/16/15
Category: Fast Food
(Pending) -$1.42 $0.00
12/5/14 DUNKIN #347398 Q35
Location: BOARDMAN, OH

Purchase Date: 12/3/14
Category: Fast Food
Purchase -$3.89 $487.66


Jerry January 16, 2015 at 3:29 pm

I learned a valuable lesson. Never, never, never EVER buy coffee at Dunkin Donuts! Why? 3+ reasons: 1. the price is about 3X McDonalds Sr. Coffee; 2. the cup is about 2/3 size of McDonalds + the cup has a false bottom (so, you don’t get as much coffee as you think) and 3. it is not as good as McDonalds!


Lisa January 14, 2015 at 1:06 pm

My daughter works at a Dunkin an Donuts in Mechanicville NY.
She was promoted to management position after her manager just QUIT. She was never properly trained and even though she told the district manager on several occasions she could not do it alone she got NOTHING in any response and help. Monday she was informed that this position was not working out, they made her leave early that day and told her she can no longer work in that store and must get hrs in another store location. I think your company was total unfair!!!! I will preach to anyone who will listen all over the internet, etc.. about how your company treats employees that are willing to go above and beyond for your company benefit only for your company to screw them over. Maybe the labor board needs to check you guys out!!!


they don't care January 27, 2015 at 12:10 am

I also agree, these private owners and unfair district managers are the worst ever….its all about the money…..Jacksonville, FL


Linda January 10, 2015 at 11:06 am

My daughter works at a Dunkin a Donuts drive through in Weymouth , Ma.
She is 20 and they have been having her open the drive thru and she gets up at 3:00a m and goes to work. 2 days ago she was up at 1:00am sick. Vomiting. I told her to stay home, but she said I can’t. I had to drive her because she as afraid she might get sick driving. She opened with another person and about a half an hour later she called for me to come and get her. Someone else had come in and they told her to go home. Well she was sick the whole day. The next morning she got a text from the manager telling her not to come in. Today January 10, 2015 she went to get her check and they told her she was suspended for a week and when she does come in next week they will let her know if she still has a job. Dunkin Donuts does not let its employees be sick, if you are there are consequences. People get sick like it or not. Give these kids a break, she never takes a day off for nothing.


eve January 10, 2015 at 7:15 am

The management at 104 North Main in Attleboro ma. This pour girl you could really tell she was cleary upset. Her Manager yells to her for no reason to go home. That women is EVIL!!!!!! Who ever gave that women a job is the dumbest peson alive, those employees do not deserve to be treated with such disrespect.


tina r January 8, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Renee,shouldnt even be at dunk in donuts working…she is very nasty 2 guest and people that works there….she is very nasty lookin….and has a very nasty mouth….


Deanna January 7, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Refuse to go into the dunkin donuts near me anymore. Everytime you go in they think it’s funny to make fun of customers. Then they laugh and speak in another language. You know they are saying things about people. It’s disgusting. If this is how Dunking Donuts wants to be known, then they can keep it. And after the location in Sayreville was shut down for bugs…it makes it even worse. Corporate needs to check these locations out.


Alex January 2, 2015 at 12:56 pm

The worst Dunkin to come to they always get your order wrong and if not they don’t have cream cheese, honey or other items you order and manager is rude to employees


Alex January 2, 2015 at 12:58 pm

That the new dunkin donuts on market St in Paterson Nj 07513


Mimi Williams December 31, 2014 at 5:03 pm

The location in north fort Myers and 41 the manager could use better customer services skills and better a management skills I made a complaint. Also there are bugs in drive thru which is terrible for a cooperation


David Mitchell December 26, 2014 at 1:06 pm

The location at 990 Grafton St Worcester, MA is atrocious.I’m not one to take time out of my busy day to complain but someone really should have a heads up on what’s going on with this place. Going throu the drivethrou, litereally 3 out of 4 last orders were wrong and the one that was correct, I only received half of the order (this location has a 0% competency rate). Ironically it only gets worse as you park (in the filthy trash filled parking lot) and go inside to correct the order. As I stood at the counter waiting for service, I observed the only 1 worker in sight use the same rag to clean the floor that was then used to clean the patrons tables. Also to top it off, the men’s bathroom reminded me of the restrooms one might expect to see in a run down dive bar in a 3rd world county (overflowing trash recep., urine covered toilet and toilet paper, flys on the wall, and a sink you wouldn’t wanna wash your boots off in). Even though no one at this location takes time to clean or listen to get your order correct, I took the time to take picture of what I’m writing about. If your intrested in seeing what I’m talking about, please feel free to respond and I will forward them with pleasure. Keep in mind the pictures also have geo location, time, and date to prove they were taken at 990 Grafton St.


nathan chaffee December 23, 2014 at 8:44 pm

I work at the dunkin donuts in grand central plaza in horseheads newyork, this is bs, i turned in an employee for trying to perform sexual relations with another employee at our store while she wason the clock and i turned around and found out it was true, and i reported it to the manager and went to him in confidentiality and told him what i know. He turned around and had an hour l long conversation with her in his car 5 stores down and these 2 still have their jobs, it is an indian run store and i undersrand looking out for ur family i get that, but when its sure shot at grounds for termination and they still have their jobs? How is that possible it makes no sense we are supposed to have a friendly envirnment to serve customers in a happy place not haveing sexual encounters down by our dumpsters while another employee is takeing care of customers all by herself, I can’t get ahold of my owner to get help with any of this and so im gonna put this on here and hope something finally gets fixed


George Semich December 21, 2014 at 7:39 am

Dunkin Donuts offered an excellent product in the Dunkin Decaf Whole Bean coffee. If you chose to discontinue this product line, why won’t you consider making the Dunkin Whole Bean Decaf available again in the 5 Lb. bag for online ordering? I appeal to you to keep loyal customers who have purchased and enjoyed this product. The only fresh decaf whole bean coffee can only be ordered at the counter in your retail stores. Obviously, Dunkin Donuts has not begun to use ground decaf in your many store locations. Hopefully, you will consider this request to satisfy customer loyalty,


mike combatti December 18, 2014 at 3:38 pm

I live in south Carolina in gaffney my friend is the new manager of the new store worse place ever how they got a franchise no clue he caught a employee unlocking the door after hours and stealing from safe he fired her then the district gave her job back then that night her draw comes up 40 dollars short and the district tells my friend he’s a fault HELL NO u gave her job back not him my friend tell them they can’t do this cause it not company policy and the district says its ok. See he’s married to the daughter of the franchise owner sad huh how u guys allow some one like this to own and buy into your company make u guys look pretty sad its been open for one week and gone three 12 people already sad when u guys gonna step up and take control before people distroy your name all I can say Starbucks don’t play games and u wonder why please feel free dunking yo contact me there is so so much more going on here to


Antanette Jones December 7, 2014 at 2:57 am

I was fired from dunkin donut because I made a sandwich wrong reason why it was made wrong is because I was never train to make a sandwich I was never taught by anyone and the manger there is very rude talks to the customers and the employees any kind of way as if we are nobody really need help speaking with someone about this manger at 901 Nw 17 St Miami Fl manger name is Tedora Jones


Alonzo December 1, 2014 at 11:42 am

I recentley visited dunkin donuts in Naples florida. Address being 8885 davis blvd. they are horrible. My friend works there and says the manager doesn’t order enogh products and just hired all her friends from panera bread to work there and that one of the lady there that was manager always comes late and nobody ever tell her anything. I believe that they should always get there on time and not overtime the employees.


George November 26, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Dunkin Donuts has apparently decided to eliminate sales of it Dunkin Donuts bean decaf coffee. This is an excellent product. So, for many of us loyal dunkin supporters, it may be time to make a switch. The only answer I could get from their consumer office was that it was not selling Dunkin Decaf bean coffee any longer.


sabah otefi November 23, 2014 at 11:42 am

never have I expeLast saturday November 22,, 2014, I went to the drive-through of the store of Dunkin’ Donuts Address: 17521 Roosevelt Rd, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Phone: (630) 629-9026
, to purchase a large coffee . About a half mile down the road, when taking a sip of coffee, the lid popped off and spilled on my chest and my arm. I was forced to get medical attention (emergency room) to ensure my skin does not get infected and to ensure it heals appropriately. Moreover, not only was this very painful, I was diagnosed with second-degree burns on my left arm
my coat worth $3000 been domage. i try to contacet the manager in the store but every time no body thier.

After all of this, I just keep asking why the coffee cup was filled all way to the limit?, why the coffee was served at a temperature which the average person can not actually drink?, why the lid was not fastened right? why this company does not take the appropriate precautions after many notorious industry lawsuits? Is Dunkin’ Donuts really concerned about the safety of their customers? I have medical bills and potentially permanent scarring due to the excessive temperature of the coffee and the faulty means in which it was served. I frequently have coffee from various merchants, but rienced anything like this before.
can you please contect me


Theresa November 18, 2014 at 9:13 pm

I was in dunkin on Saturday about 8:45 p.m. and the girl asked if she could help me and I said I’d like a coffee then she said I just dumped the coffee and she was closed, the Pittston store closes at 11:00 p.m I was very disappointed plus the women behind me could not believe what she said (closed before 9:00 p.m.) she could have made a pot of coffee because a few other people came in afterwards, so they either went to turkey hill or donut connection. This is not good for business. I also get 100 munchkins every Sunday for the children at our Church and I don’t even get a discount. I would also get 4 dozen donuts at another store because they give me a discount, the store doesn’t carry munchkins. I stopped going to dunkin for awhile because I didn’t always get along with your manger and I thought things would be better this time around but I guess not. You do have some good help in the Pittston store.


Paule November 13, 2014 at 10:44 pm

This evening an employee of the Burlington Mall Dunkin Donuts almost hit my cousin and me with her vehicle in the parking lot. Instead of stopping to apologize she called us monkeys and Ebola bitches. She was wearing her Dunkin Donuts visor and t-shirt. Because I am educated and not a hateful person all I called her was a Dunkin Donuts bitch. My cousin and I are beyond offended by your employee and your brand. I will be following up with an official complaint.


Ronald Whitfield November 13, 2014 at 2:57 pm

I am a manager at Dunkin’ Donuts in Cincinnati on Glenway. I am making a complaint about the GM and owner. I just do not understand why I must submit false GSS to improve our rankings. That is lying and brings no merit to any GSS good or bad. I am now being singled out as a troublemaker. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So many disturbing things that I want to tell all!


JLF November 11, 2014 at 7:45 pm

I used to work for a Dunkin Baskin combo store as a cake decorator in Orlando, Fl. I was fired because I overslept. I had sent a message to the District Manager and she claimed she never got it. I worked there a little over a year and had never missed a day. She came to my other job to fire me and tell me that the cakes in the case at my other job look horrible! Who does that?!? She is so unprofessional! Everytime she comes into any of the stores, everyone cowers in fear of her. A place of employment should not be like that! She also called another employee retarded in front of drive through, with the window open, and a customer sitting there with her child next to her who was disabled. Customer came in crying and she sweet talked her way out of it! If she doesn’t like how you look, she will fire you! Doesn’t matter if you are the best employee or not. Promoted my assistant to my position who I was trying to get rid of because she is lazy, always late, leaves early, and had customer complaints!


Lisa November 8, 2014 at 7:18 pm

my 16 year old daughter works at Dunkin Donuts in Middletown Connecticut she’s been talked to like a dog since she started working there and today her manager told her that she ain’t the one to be arguing with basically threatened my daughter and I would like for everyone to know that and Dunkin Donuts corporate company to know that I will pursue that as far as I have to ain’t no one going to be threatened my 16 year old daughter my daughter ask the hiring manager to transfer of location because she’s having difficulties getting along with the manager at that location and he said that he doesn’t transfer people because of little arguments and I think that’s very unprofessional for a manager to talk like that to a 16 year old


kathy mitchell October 30, 2014 at 8:36 am

Yes, i would like everybody to know how terrible your dunkin donuts are being run here in louisville, ky. Yes, it is a frans and that is nothing that you can do about that. But, I was hired as a store manager in the middletown area of louisville, ky by a Christina the District Mgr. When i reported to work. It was a terrible sight. No one was properly trained. I was just throw in. I was talked to like a dog the hold time that i was there. 5 MGRS. walked out of the store in my time of so call training. I was never trained. I trained myself. Many customers have alot of issues with the District Mgr over the Region of Louisville, ky
She treats all of her workers and managers bad. I JUST though that you need to know that our name is being pulled down so bad in the Louisville, Ky. All because the owners are to afraid to let go of the District Mgr that is destroying our name. Our may not do anything about it but, i just wanted our to know. I worked there from April 1 2014 to Aug 25, 2014. I wished that someone can do a undercover boss that would be nice.

thank you


jan October 28, 2014 at 8:12 pm

no comment


jan October 28, 2014 at 8:01 pm

bussiness is slow for the last 3 or so months , travis isnt that around tha same time you said illegals are the future of our country? not to worry a lot of us americans went elsewhere for coffee and snacks and the retailors love it


lourdes rivera October 26, 2014 at 8:22 pm

There is not a lot of dunkin donuts near my house thebonly one is on comercial st chicago illinois. It is insane that the manager wont do my latte with almond milk because he said he could only put a shot of almond milk theyre crazy but around work they do it fine. Why these people dont understand I ask for almond milk because I dont want the dairy product


vaughn lukasavage October 24, 2014 at 7:07 pm

HELLO I was told Whittier & Long Beach ,California will be getting Dunkin Donuts Stores, so do you know when?? thanks!!


vaughn October 24, 2014 at 7:08 pm



Lisa October 21, 2014 at 1:21 pm

I live in Jamestown NY and our area is overloaded with Tim Hortons!! They are now planning on buying a local Pizza Hut and knocking it down and putting in another Tim Hortons!! That will make 6 or 7 in our small area…There is only one Dunkin donuts and it is in a gas station. I would love to see one in Falconer or downtown Jamestown NY..Please talk to investors and bring one to our area!!! I know of property on Main street in Falconer that is available and also on Washington street (the car miracle mile)….Please look into it…….


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