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Duke Energy Corporate Office Address

Duke Energy
550 S Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Contact Duke Energy

Phone Number: (704) 382-3853
Fax Number: (704) 382-3814
Website: http://www.duke-energy.com
Email: Email Duke Energy

Duke Energy Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Duke Energy Executives

CEO: Lynn J. Good
CFO: Steven K. Young
COO: Marc E. Manly

Duke Energy History

Duke Energy was founded in 1900 by Dr. Walker Gill Wylie as the Catawba Power Company. The new company financed the building of a hydroelectric power station along the Catawba River.

The Wateree Power Company was formed in 1917 as a holding company for utilities owned by new investor James Buchanan Duke, and in 1924 the company changed its name to Duke Power.

In 1927 subsidiary companies, including Catawba Power Company, were merged into Duke Power.

Duke Energy owns 58,200 megawatts of base-load and peak generation in the U.S. and serves 7.2 million customers.

The company also 4,300 megawatts of electric generation in Latin America.

Duke Energy operates primarily through four main operational units: Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Ohio, Duke Energy Indiana and Duke Energy Kentucky.

The company trades publicly on New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DUK, is a member of the S&P 500, is #153 in the Fortune 500, has 27,948 employees, and had $24.7 billion in revenue in 2013.

Duke Energy FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Duke Energy?
Answer 1: The phone number for Duke Energy is (704) 382-3853.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Duke Energy?
Answer 2: The CEO of Duke Energy is Lynn J. Good.

Question 3: Who founded Duke Energy?
Answer 3: Duke Energy was founded by in .

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Cheryl D Benson October 31, 2018 at 4:12 pm

cdhbenson@ aol.com
Outstanding job by Duke Energy during the aftermath of Florence


ROBIN HARRIS October 22, 2018 at 9:24 pm

Today, the day before, and the day before that, I tried to pay my bill. The security process that you made my do was not needed. Who want to pay my bill. I do not because the rates are so high, so would someone want to pay my bill. I was not feeling well and the madness stressed me out. You got your money and now I have a headache, stressed out and upset.
Robin Harris


Pam Hirn October 22, 2018 at 4:51 pm

I just got off of the phone with the absolute rudest employee I have ever encountered in any business. Your company should be ashamed of the fact that you hire people with such poor customer service skills. I called and just want to pay my bill and have a receipt sent to me. He refused because I did not have my tax ID number available. I asked him to note the account that I called and tried to pay, but he said he was going to put different facts in in.


Alexandra June 26, 2018 at 9:35 am

I cancel my services on May 9th. I was told my security deposit would be applied and refund after 30 days. It is now 6/26 and I am still getting the run around!! It’s horrible that this corporation will quickly disconnect a person who can not pay a bill that’s over plus make them pay a reconnect and more. Yet they are not held accountable.


Charles Rogers February 5, 2018 at 12:44 pm

I am not having any luck with your customer service dept . all I want is to see about having a night light installed in the front of my house. already have talked with duke twice was told someone would be in touch…….due to some boundries changes with Withlacoochee river electric I wound up with duke, but with all these customer service complaints that im looking at I want my old power company back


marguerite davies October 1, 2017 at 1:46 pm

I am writing you this note to let you know how disappointed I am with your company. I accidently sent a check on a closed account. I immediately sent the proper payment plus a forty dollar returned check fee. My payment was not late. As long as I have been dealing with Duke Energy, I have never before had a late payment or returned check. I was very surprised to see that I needed to make a five hundred and twenty dollar deposit with my next energy payment. I think this is disgraceful. I tried to talk with someone at Duke, but I could never get a live person, so much for customer service.


Ashley May 9, 2017 at 11:34 am

Crawfordsville, IN

Called on April 17,2017 to pay my bill, the phone svc said zero balance. Talked to customer service and was told that my meter was misread and that they CREDITED me enough to cover the bill and that i wouldnt have a bill until May. I was very angered to find charges from March on my May bill. Called and talked to 3 people on May 5th and was told that they re did the bill after i called and that i owe for March still. They offered a payment plan or budget billing to help with their mistake. I am over the top angry. I was told they will not be removing the charges i was told i didnt have to pay. We have had nothing but trouble with them since 2014. And its funny how every time they mess up, i miraculously dont get a bill in the mail for that month. I have paid so many late fees for their mistakes its outrageous. I think i should be reimbursed these late fees to cover the bill i was told was credited and then some!!!! Wish i could talk to someone at corporate because Indiana’s customer service is not helpful and to be quite honest, clueless.


Chris Konar, MBA October 22, 2015 at 3:54 pm

Appeal and Complaint: Rule R12-7.
Contact with Tanya: Duke Employee on 10/21/2015, 10/22/2015, missing payment that Duke Cashed; setting up a new account that DUKE closed, not me…considering it a new account, with a deposit for someone else’s usage!!!!!! Charging me twice and $15.00 fee, plus late fee with DUKE….
Appeal by applicant or customer. Each utility shall direct its personnel engaged in initial contact with an applicant for service or customer, seeking to establish or reestablish credit under the provisions of these rules, to inform him, if he expresses dissatisfaction with the decision of such personnel, of his right to have the problem considered and acted upon by supervisory personnel of the utility. Each utility shall further direct such supervisory personnel to inform such an applicant or customer, who expresses dissatisfaction with the decision of such supervisory personnel and requests governmental review, of his right to have the problem reviewed by the Commission and shall furnish him the name of the Commission official to be contacted and his address and telephone number. Any customer who is not satisfied as to his deposit requirement by informal complaint to the Commission may file a written complaint with the Commission to be served on the utility under the procedure of Rule R1-9.
RE: Complaint per procedure of Rule R1-9:

1. Distortions of Commission rules and proper application(s) regarding “credit”
Rule R12-2. Establishment of credit by customer.
(a) Each utility may require an applicant for service to satisfactorily establish credit which will be deemed established if:
(1) The applicant owns the premises to be served or other real estate within the county, unless the applicant is an unsatisfactory credit risk; or
(2) The applicant demonstrates that he is a satisfactory credit risk by appropriate means including, but not limited to, references which may be quickly and inexpensively checked by the utility; or
(3) The applicant has been a customer of the utility for a similar type of service within a period of twenty-four consecutive billings preceding the date of application and during the last twelve consecutive billings for that prior service has not had service discontinued for nonpayment of bill or (4) and (5) are obscure and deliberately being utilized to burden this customer.
A. Client Comment: Spoke with: Veronica, Sky, and Johnathon to try and resolve on 03/24/2015 – 2:25 p.m. EST; 1 hour and .08 seconds…to no avail. Suggested taking 90 year old around town to acquire the deposit at churches, community organizations, DSS or New Hanover Senior Center. This suggestion is tantamount to subrogation of any “potential” loss from unpaid invoices to any/all customers, instead of the billion dollar corporation. See Below….
2. Misrepresentations regarding discretion of deposit(s): Misrepresentations of credit worthiness: I am not a “NEW CUSTOMER” have since 2005 (10 years) had multiple accounts at Scottsville Rd., Country Club Dr., Ravenswood Rd., and Old Fort Rd., Wilmington/Pender County with Progress and Duke, whom Duke would retain as a customer base in merging, acquisition or sale of company. Current account #371 421 3158 and Service Address: 637 Ravenswood Rd. , Hampstead, NC 28443. In addition service was generated in June of 2013 at this same address and subsequently transferred by the tenant, not discontinued by the owner. Account for 322 Lafayette st, Wilmington, NC 28411 #487 999 8419, account was paid by owner upon transfer of August 2013 by the Qurollo family. I am a current customer and credit has been established. Rule R12-5. Refund of deposit. The utility shall promptly return the deposit, plus accrued interest, at any time upon request, if the customer’s credit has been otherwise established in accordance with Rule R12-2 of these rules.
3. Bias of deposit bearing a relationship test to tenants usage, not current client, history does exist for current customer @ another address with Duke: Basis of usage: no current or past history with Progress and Duke of this mean average of $236.50. Current tenancy consists of 7 people, 5 children and 2 adults, considerably different than that of current customer or average family. Not based on realistic computations…and Utility Commission specifically states the amount of 2/12 is the MOST that the utility can charge, not what they MUST charge.
4. “Undo hardship”: The $456.00 deposit poses an “undue hardship” as a caregiver of 90 year old aunt, Barbara Register…..for someone making $15.00 per hour this would be almost “one weeks” pay, utility would be unavailable for many. For myself and Ms. Register this amount broken down is 1 1/3 weeks amount of income and bears no relationship to our “current” usage.

Additional Complaint Query:

Cessation of account, with no disclosure(s): Previous account July 2013 at same address #487 999 8419…tenancy is transitional, no disclosure regarding “closure and new account” policy. The utility always reverts back to the owner of the premises.
No disclosure of new account creation, after transfer to tenant, which is always transitional, not permanent: As previously stated; having been a customer for a decade of Progress/now Duke-Progress has this ever been an issue. At my request a form was utilized to transfer service back into my name. Credit checks are being used unfairly and generating hundreds of million’s of dollars for Duke to hold unnecessarily.
Late fees undisclosed, no itemization on billing to client, with no notice of late posting or mailing delivery (range 2-8 day arrival from 28443, Wilmington, NC to Charlotte, NC): Enclosed find a copy of billing from Duke, note the variations of posting. Duke employee blamed USPS. Called Postmaster in Charlotte area, Response: USPS is NOT holding/withholding mail from Duke Energy. Client bills have been paid promptly and until now never knew they may have arrived late OR were posted late by Duke. Duke does not disclose this information readily. They roll a 1% late fee into the next month never notifying customers of the untimely arrival or posting of payments. This should actually be a class-action suit.


Larry Johnson October 17, 2014 at 5:11 pm

We had the worst experience we could imagine on new power install.
It started in 2011, I called the Brazil Indiana engineering office for a quote. The normal engineer was on vacation. The engineer that came out and quoted us was Matt and he quoted us $30,000.00. We got our quote to run 1600 ft. and found out they ran to Mark Jones on Hawthorn Avenue 980 ft. for $2,500.00. I called them and wanted to know why I’m being quoted so high. We argued about this for a year. May 28 2012 they came down to $11,788.00. I wasn’t given a time limit and when I called up about getting it done I was given to a Matt Koenig. Matt jumps the price to $16,655.00 and tells me I should have jumped on it when it was $11,788.00. I let Matt know I wasn’t happy about this and he let me know he might raise it to $23,000.00. I filed it with the regulatory commission to lock the price in and Matt tried to raise the quote. I told him it’s locked in and he can’t do that. Matt then let’s me know what he can do is give me 30 days to pay or he will raise it to $23,000.00. I paid the $16,655.00, put the disconnect in and they scheduled the install. The week it was to be done they didn’t show up. The next week was solid rain and that’s when they came. They absolutely tore our place up!! It was so bad the trencher wouldn’t pull itself and they had to use an excavator to pull the trencher thru. The dirt was wet and none of it went in the trench. They piled the dirt three ft. high on top and left it. We had 1600ft. of water filled trench with 3 ft. of dirt hardend like concrete on top, some spots they had shoved the trench closed. Out at the road we had a pole with a transformer and they made me pay for a new pole. They put the same size pole with the same transformer back in. Why did I have to pay for a pole?? The biggest problem was they didn’t put it back in the same spot, the put it right thru my culvert pipe. This caused the water to back up on the neighbors property and to run across the road. I called them up and told them they have to fix it. They came out and scabbed on what looks like a 4″ pipe and elbowed it around the pole. THIS IS NOT A PROPER WAY TO FIX THIS AND WILL BE A PROBLEM!!! They tell my neighbors this was because we rushed them. This is totally not true. When they set the ground transformer 1200 ft. back on our property instead of going around the turn and backing up they cut across the yard leaving two ft. deep ruts. My wife and I spent over a month fixing this. We had to move the dirt and break it up and work it in and pack it over and over. We had about 150ft. that is so bad we can’t fix it. I almost rolled my tractor over. I called them up and told them they need to fix this. They sent a guy out to look at it and he has never been back. We had our drive where we could mow up to it and they left it totally rutted up. I had several really closed calls trying to grade it out and it’s still not even close to where we had it. My wife and I really unhappy with all this. Thank You for your time. Larry Johnson


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