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DNA Tribes Corporate Office

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DNA Tribes Corporate Office Address

DNA Tribes, LLC
104 Chardonnay Drive
Stephens City, Virginia 22655

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Phone Number: (571) 241-0280
Fax Number:
Website: http://www.dnatribes.com/
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CEO: Anne Dewey-Balzhiser
CFO: Eduardes Valaitis

DNA Tribes History

DNA Tribes was founded in 2006 in Arlington, Virginia,by Lucas Martin and Eduardes Valaitis. The company operates a personal genomics and biotechnology company which identifies the DNA of their clients.

The company provides easy, at home testing kit that uses a cheek swab kit.  DNA tests the autosomal STRs inherited from both maternal and paternal ancestors for a very detailed and comprehensive genetic ancestry analysis. As of 2015, the company updated their algorithms to include 80 new populations, including Greenland, Poland, China, and Somolia, to name a few.

DNA Tribes is still in operation, even after the death of Lucas Martin in 2015. Company headquarters are now located in Stephens City, Virginia.

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