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Dish Network Corporate Office Address

Dish Network Corporation
9601 S Meridian Blvd
Englewood, Colorado 80112

Contact Dish Network

Phone Number: (303) 723-1000
Fax Number: (303) 723-1999
Email: Email Dish Network

Dish Network Facts

Founder: Charles Ergen, Candy Ergen and Jim Defranco
Date Founded: 1995
Founding Location: Colorado
Number of Employees: 16000

Dish Network Executives

CEO: W. Erik Carlson
CFO: Steven E. Swain
COO: Charles Ergen

Dish Network History

dish 1


Dish Network, commonly referred to just as DISH, was founded in March 1996 as Echostar.  The company was originally a distributor of C Band satellite TV systems.  They launched their first satellite Echostar I at the end of 1995.  They made their first broadcast in March of 1996.

In 1999, Dish was the first to release a HDTV tuner.  In 2003, Echostar IX was launched, which allowed broadcasting of all local channels to US consumers.

In 2011, Dish acquired the assets of bankrupt Blockbuster Inc. and subsequently added Blockbuster Movie Pass to their offerings. That same year, the company spent more than $3 billion acquiring cable and satellite companies who were failing or in bankruptcy. Dish 2

Dish also attempted to acquire Hulu in late 2011, but Hulu owners declined to sell.

In 2012, Dish dropped Network from their name and just goes by DISH.  Their parent company is still called Dish Network.

Dish’s main service is satellite television, although it is considering adding satellite internet to its line up. It has petitioned the FCC, but remains in limbo at the moment. The company’s offerings are similar to other satellite and cable companies. Viewers can choose from a series of service bundles, paying more money for more channels. Company officials believe that by offering something different (internet) they have a better chance of standing out from their competition.

dish 4  Dish Network independent dealers have repeatedly been charged and fined for employing illegal telemarketing tactics, such as violating do not call lists and making calls in which a live telemarketer does not connect promptly after the call is answered.

The company has been sued and countersued dozens of times over the years. Dish admitted in 2001 that they had employed more than 100 law firms and countless attorneys to handle these lawsuits over the past decade alone.

Dish currently services over 14 million customers in the US and in 2015, annual revenue of $15.1 billion. Dish is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: DISH. Headquarters for the company are located in Englewood, Colorado.

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Dish Network FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Dish Network?
Answer 1: The phone number for Dish Network is (303) 723-1000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Dish Network?
Answer 2: The CEO of Dish Network is W. Erik Carlson.

Question 3: Who founded Dish Network?
Answer 3: Dish Network was founded by Charles Ergen, Candy Ergen and Jim Defranco in 1995.

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Linda Arnold October 15, 2019 at 9:57 am

I too have been with Dish for 20+ Years. We recently had a new roof put on and needed to have our satellite dish realigned. We called on October 2, 2019 and was told that we would have to wait until Oct 14, 2019 for anyone to come out.
On Oct 14, 2019 we waited all day for someone to come out, first we were told someone would be here between 6:45 pm – 8:00, then we were told it would be 7:45 – 9:00 pm. I called dish and said that this was unacceptable as it was close to 10:00 pm and no one has showed up. They said that someone would call me in the morning to set up another time. On Oct 15 Southern Star called and they would get to me on Oct 16 between 8:00 am and noon. The caller stated she was doing me a favor by getting me an appointment the next day otherwise I would have to wait until the following Monday. Dish contracts out their repair service to Southern Star who is the regional repair service which is close to 600 miles from my home. I have never been so rudely treated by anyone as I have by Dish and Southern Star. They could not care whether you are un happy or not. I don’t know what has happened to this company but they are losing another company. This kind of attitude from both their employees and their subcontractors. I am seething inside at their attitude. They yell at you over the phone and think they are doing you a favor and a service. As of today I will be switching over to another provider.

One unhappy and disgruntled customer.


connie sklapsky October 5, 2019 at 11:07 am

I also have been with Dish for 20+ yrs and will be pulling the plug!! I have 4 other neighbors who are also going to take the plunge and I am considering contacting the rest of my neighbors in doing the same. We have lost ABC LOCAL channel for over a YEAR now, let alone HBO, CINEMAX, and now 2 of our sports networks BIG TEN and FX1
Whoever is doing your negotiating needs to be FIRED. I also think the CEO needs to go, for allowing this to happen. I am SURE your stockholders are not very happy!
I am sure I will not be contacted concerning this e-mail, but I sure hope this gets to Corporate!! I’m not holding my breath, and if so, will already have switched to Direct TV.


Bob McCool September 28, 2019 at 5:10 pm

I have been a loyal Dish customer for 16 years and now I believe its time to move on to another provider. All Dish has done is lose channels and raise my monthly bill. I called today to cancel and they told me I would have to pay a cancellation fee of 158.00. I have been with DISH for 16 years and they want to charge me a cancellation fee. This is totally unacceptable behavior and unethical to saythe least. I’m very disappointed and would not recommend Dish to my worst enemy.

I cant believe I’m going to say this after 16 years, but I hate this company!!!


F**k Dish September 27, 2019 at 12:23 am

Pitiful company with huge exposure to china. Stock price falling from people disconnecting. Will soon fail.


WILLIAM McCord September 27, 2019 at 5:01 pm

I’m gonzo in 7 days if the Fox channel loss debacle is not solved. I thought I’d be getting Pac-12 + local NFL, but no longer. DISH is really pitiful. Too much other competition to put up with this nonsense.


Melissa S Wortham September 21, 2019 at 5:54 am

I had an awful experience with Dish and really seem to have these experiences on the regular. On September 13, 2019 I called DISH to start the process of getting a receiver replaced. I got a very rude CS person and I hung up because I was not getting anywhere. I called back and I was transferred to a higher level because I was trying to get my Remote paired with the receiver. I have an extra receiver that I pay for each month because I get struck by lightning and I have a surge protector that does not work and to add more salt to the wound I purchased it FROM DISH. I got an empty box from Dish for me to send the fried receiver back. I did not get a replacement. I called and got this little CS person and she transferred me to the next level of people. I am suppose to get the next boxed/new receiver sent out. I have been with DISH since 2002 and referred people to them. They are getting worse with Customer Service and communication. Something needs to be done. They protect the higher ups and you ask for a call back and they transfer you to leave some place to leave a message. It is funny to me that go up on the price and get worse the service.


Julie Moberg September 8, 2019 at 10:49 am

I hate Dish, would never recommend this company to any one who wants satellite service. 9 months ago they took away our ABC station, never has made the effort to let us know how long it will be or what is going on with the negotiations. Then 1 month ago they took away our Fox Sports Network. This is without a doubt the worst satellite provider that there is in the country. I have contacted them several times about some type of credit, and they honestly said that they would give me a one time credit of $5.00 for 9 months of not having our local channel of ABC and now our Fox Sports Channel. Are you kidding me, what planet are they living on. As far as I am concerned our contract with Dish is null and void, since they broke their end of the contract by not being able to provide us with our channels we were promised. I had much better service with Direct TV and wish we would have stayed with them. Word of mouth is the best advertisement I can give Dish, and never would I recommend them to anyone. All the money we are paying every month for channels that we can no longer get, and they want to give me a $5.00 credit????? They can put their satellite where the sun does not shine!!!!


T.R. Warren September 7, 2019 at 12:39 pm

The joy I felt subscribing to Dish three years ago has constantly eroded over the past 36 months to where I disgusted, disappointed and outright angry at this corporation and its management practices. The last straw occurred several months ago when Dish took one of my local channels (WSMV-Nashville) off the air over a contract increase dispute with Meridith Corporation and replaced it with cheap propaganda touting how great Dish is…..(only in some parallel universe!!!). Not only has Dish deprived me of the local news and program-ming of the local television station, but it has made it impossible for me to receive NBC programs. I don’t give a damn who is responsible for the so-called “bad faith” contract negotiations between the two corporations, but having already missed local and network summer programming, I WILL NOT MISS THE START OF THE FALL TELEVSION/CABLE SEASON AND THE START OF THE COLLEGIATE AND NFL FOOTBALL SEASONS, NOT TO MENTION THE START OF MLB’S PLAYOFFS AND WORLD SERIES! Since Dish has not bothered to keep subscribers informed on where their freeze-out is, I can only presume my time with Dish is about to come to an end for the aforementioned mentioned reasons. Contract or not contract, I will politely tell the villain in this ugly matter to cancel my service and come get their damn disk on my rooftop. Dish typically try its scare tactics of me about leaving before the end of my contract, but as a 70-year old former attorney now living on a meager Social Security, I will prolong a court settlement only after Dish has spent thousands of dollars to collect what I might owe to an undependable, greedy corporation for a last contract year. In the final analysis, I cannot decide who I am most angry with: Dish for its disloyalty and unprofes-sionalism to towards its subscribers like me OR me for stupidly thinking Dish was ever a better choice than past, ugly experiences I had with Comcast and Directv. I now see once again if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….it’s a damn duck!! Dish is a ‘duck’, and it joins the hall of shame with Comcast, Directv and all the other television/cable companies operating in the U.S.


Horace Jowers August 19, 2019 at 4:10 pm

We were told that we would be updated on the dish/fox sports disagreement but the last update was posted on 8/2/19 2pm mt, and today is 8/19/19 1 pm mt. This is highly unprofessional, and maybe even unethical when you consider that we as customers were told that alt least we would get updates. From my viewpoint I wonder if negotiations are still ongoing or what is going on. Please give me an honest answer. Thank you.


michael August 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm

I am sooooooooooooo sick of dish network
IF the fox sports channeks and the broadcast fox are not back up in 7 days or less contract or no contract I am leaving this peace of trash company and I will make sure many other people do the same
directv has offered me a great deal


James E Edmondson August 14, 2019 at 9:58 pm

What Dish idiot thought it a good idea to shove Google Assistant down our throats? Can you say P.R. nightmare. REMOVE IT OR I AM GONE!
I don’t give a damn what kind of deal you made with Google!!!!
REMOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P. Johnson July 13, 2019 at 6:33 pm

We have been a customer of Dish for close to 20 years including our other place of residence before now. With the rising prices we decided to go somewhere else but after 6 months decided to come back to Dish. When I called I was told it would be over 2 and a half weeks before it would be installed. We made the appointment for July 13, 2019 for 12 noon to 5 p.m. I received a confirmation email on Saturday July 12, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. for the next day. My husband took off work to be here but no one called, emailed or texted all day.When I called at 4:45 p.m. asking where the tech was, I was told you wouldn’t be out today that I would have to reschedule for July 28, 2019. I asked why I wasn’t informed all day and was told a story of Dish didn’t have my correct number. I don’t appreciate being lied to because YOU have had my phone number for close to 13 years…but now you have the wrong number?? I’m shocked, extremely upset and disappointed the way you treat your customers. I never expected to be lied to or treated this way. I will take my business else where and will be sure to tell everyone we know the way we were treated and not to call Dish!!!


Mark July 25, 2019 at 9:47 pm

I know exactly where your coming from. My ordeal was over a two month period and I’ll advised by their technician that came to fix an outage from a storm. It’s a very long story and I will be sitting down this weekend to draft a letter to the BBB for the horrific experiences I’ve had over that period of time. I would not advise ANYONE to order Dish services. They epically failed from the phone center to.showing up and fixing a problem. They wanted me to concede a third day to wait around for them to show whenever they felt like getting around to me. If I’m going to wait around it will be for someone that knows what they’re doing. I had DirecTv for 9 years and never had a problem. That’s were I’m headed back.


Alan Brucks July 4, 2019 at 8:29 pm

On July 3rd two employees of Dish were at my front door. They claimed to be with Spectrum which we have and were making sure we were getting the best channels for our money so we let them in the door to check our equipment. After a few minutes my wife determined they were with Dish and repeatedly told them we were not interested and to leave. When that didn’t work we had to threaten them with a gun.


Sharon June 24, 2019 at 10:37 am



Shari Vernold June 25, 2019 at 10:19 am

I was going to get it, until I saw they tapped in my bank account with out my permission. I am filing a complaint with the FCC


Paula Hennis July 10, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Did the same to me. I was just calling to price the service. The guy total me they could “hold” my specifications and I wouldn’t have to go back thru everything if I decided to switch to dish. He assured me he wouldn’t charge my card anything. He lied and then jackass at customer service informed me he wasn’t being condescending by explaining to me that it was unfortunate and I’d get my money back in 3-4 days like everyone else. Direct are shysters, too. Is there any honest business out there anymore?


Barbara EVENSEN June 23, 2019 at 4:20 am

I believe I saw that Dish has received numerous JD Power awards. All I can say about that is JD Power must have lowered the bar so far that it’s no longer credible. This company (Dish) is absolutely the worst when it comes to honest dealings, responsive customer service and quality of product.


Lillian Warden June 6, 2019 at 5:27 pm

I doubt that the executives at DISH review these complaints about their company and their employees and the customer feedback falls on deaf ears and filed away. I know that at my work, people are accountable for bad performance and poor customer service. I doubt very much that anyone at DISH gives a hoot about us “little people” even though without customers they would not survive in this competitive market. Shame on DISH.


Lillian Warden June 6, 2019 at 5:21 pm

Also, there is never a call back number to speak with the person you spoke with. I specified when asked what channels I frequently watch and I gave them the few, including FOX News. When the installation was complete, I tried to access FOX News and come to find out it was not included as part of the “Flex” package I received. I immediately called and they said the it would have to be added at a cost of $10 monthly. I have to tell you that I will share with everyone I know to stay away from DISH. I should have selected XFINITY in hindsight and cancelled my existing DISH service.


Lillian Warden June 6, 2019 at 5:07 pm

I would like to file a complaint regarding the information I received and the deplorable customer service provided by your “Customer Loyalty” section. I was not happy with Direct TV and received a flyer in the mail offering $300 gift card for transferring services to DISH. As an existing DISH customer and a second address, I chose to pursue this option for my main address in order to cover the cancelation fees tied to Direct TV, which were close to the $300 gift card offered. I went ahead and told the first representative that information (who was foreign) and was transferred multiple times. The installation was scheduled and I called back to reconfirm the Direct TV cancel fee and the DISH regarding the gift card. A person named Dean checked and he had no record of me providing the “code” on the flyer that prompted the switch. Bottom line, they agreed to only a $150 credit. I was furious and asked for the corporate office, to which Dean said those calls would be routed come to him. Basically that it would not do any good to reach a higher source. He then added that DISH received the highest JB Powers rating for customer service when I said that I would share on social media my very negative experience. Basically calling me a liar regarding the gift card secret “code” which I probably discarded once completing the order. He had taped conversations where a code was never mentioned. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!


sean May 31, 2019 at 4:25 am

Dish Network Representative,
I would like to file several complaints regarding Dish Network’s customer service representatives, salespeople, and your resolution department. I signed up for a Dish bundle package on April 27th of this year. The representative that I spoke with went over several bundle plans. The plan I selected includes tv, internet, and landline for $138.00/mo. I was charged $49.99 on April 27th for some type of service that would be applied to my account which it was not. I was also charged $29.99 for some other expense that was not applied to my account. I was then charged $77.28 on May 14th for the tv service. I was then charged $93.28 on May 29th for the internet service. I was told that a $50.00 credit would be applied towards my internet bill for the first month which it was not. So far, I have spent over $250.00 for a bundle package plan that should, and was told, would cost me $138.00 month. I feel that I have been lied to, misinformed, and being overcharged by Dish and Hughes internet services. I called Dish’s customer service a few times on the 30th of this month and was told I had to call Hughes. I called Hughes and was told I had to call Dish. I called Dish and Hughes at least 7 times to try and get the billing resolved but got nowhere. Dish’s customer service is horrible and when I was trying to discuss my billing, the representative was laughing and put me on hold for over 10 minutes, I finally had to hang up and call back. The representative was a female and spoke with her around 5:00 pm West Coast Time. I also called Dish’s resolution dispute team and given the run around again. The issues I have with Dish and Hughes overcharging me and misleading me need to be resolved. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB, Consumer Affairs, and the Attorney General’s office. I will pursue this matter until I am billed the $138.00/mo. which is the correct bill each month and what I was told when I signed up for your horrible service. I am beyond pissed off and do not like being lied to, overcharged, and mislead. Your company needs some serious changes made when it comes to customer service; understanding the customer’s situation; not interrupting a customer; listening; and not laughing or giggling because only dim-witted customer service representatives do this. I also spoke with another customer service representative around 4:00 pm who sounded like he just left the bar and had a few too many drinks. The customer service representative that I spoke with at Hughes around 6pm said that he would reduce my internet bill from $93 to $70 a month for the next 7 months. How generous of him and leads me to believe that I am still being overcharged because the total of $70 and $77 per month is still more that what I was told I would be charged for my bundle plan and this is just unbelievable!!! I would appreciate a response from someone within your department to investigate these matters because I will not let this go until I am billed what I was told and will continue to pursue this indefinitely!!!

Sean O’Reilly


marie zupancic January 5, 2019 at 11:11 am

On 1.4.19 I went to the AT&T mentor store to inquire about TV service in my area. The sales person suggested a dish for my TV services. Bob recommended the “select” package, and gave me a quote of $54.00 a mo. Sounded too good to be true, and it was. After ordering this with an install date of 1.10.19, I come home to several e-mails from AT&T informing me that this is a 2 year contract, and after month 13 the service would be $78.00 a mo. for the remaining contract, and a fee of $20.00 a mo. if cancelled before the two years. Wow, NONE of this was disclosed at the time of purchase. The only alternative I have is to cancel this order, and possible cancellation of all my AT&T services. What happened to FULL disclosure on your part. Very disappointed in AT&T
Ms. Zupancic


brian bowlin December 22, 2018 at 8:57 am

A total of 15 yrs with you guys always ordered screen cleaner plus 2 remotes and had them put on my bill well i called to have a voice recognition remote ordered and put on my bill but they say they can not do that.. Completely upsetting. 15 yrs never been late have had 2 accts in my my bill some time runs $200 plus you raise the bill and we lose some channels but i can not get a 30 dollar remote put on my bill..i will stop telling people bout you guys very disappointed in you guys. If that is how you going to treat your valuable customers then maybe i might have to start thinking about other means feel free to contact me at brianslooking4u@ yahoo,com


Debbie McBride November 19, 2018 at 6:13 pm

PLEASE add to your lineup the channel OANN.
I would change Providers if you would add this channel.
Thank you.
Debbie McBride


Raechel Bott November 8, 2018 at 9:21 am

I had to go through the better business bureau to try to resolve my issue. after cancelling my service one year ago, I was told Dish, they instead put my account on ‘hold’. They began charging me for a service I haven’t used in a year….to the tune of 655$! The representative, manager, and guy from the office of the president, states they are under no obligation to inform me they are reactivating my service! they didn’t send one notification, one statement, one bill, nothing. Just accessed my bank account and stole my money then did NOTHING to resolve it. Disgusting people. Disgusting service. p.s. I was a perfect customer since 2013…didn’t matter one bit!


Breezy rehm October 21, 2018 at 11:00 pm

breezylvx@ hi I’ve been a customer for approximately 15 years I was adding on a couple of channels and Wallys on my service when your technician came out he jumped on my roof without permission and I was in aware that he was going on the roof and I have big dogs in the backyard so I was a little upset and I confronted him and told him he needs to ask me if he’s going to go on the roof he got mad and left my property when I called to talk to the company and try to get somebody to come back out nobody would help me they were very rude and it’s continued to be a very rude treatment. I have always paid my bill for years I don’t understand how you can justify treating me so poorly.


Jason September 15, 2018 at 5:03 pm

On July 4th, 2018 I left the United States for a 2 month travel Africa work/vacation in Africa. Prior to my departure I contacted DISH to enquire all that I needed to do to suspend my service for the duration of my absence and also as to ensure that my service will be turned back on when I return on September 4, 2018. The phone attendant assured me that I did the right thing by notifying DISH of my departure and assured me that all was well and in order and that I should call DISH upon my return. Nothing else was mentioned and or discussed. I felt assured and left in good spirits on my work/vacation.
While on my travels to some remote regions with a 7hour time difference, sparse and intermittent phone, internet, Wi-Fi service and sometimes no electricity, I was very surprised to suddenly receive an email from DISH threatening interruption and even further to disconnect my service for non-payment. After many time consuming attempts an opportunity and condition availed itself. I then informed the attendant that I was I Africa, that there is a 7hour time difference and that communication was nearly impossible to non-existent. But I seemed to be deliberately ignored, not heard or simply not getting through. It was very frustrating.
After several stressful attempts and disconnects I finally spoke with someone who rudely demanded immediate payments. I again tried to explain that I was in remote Africa. But the attendant was abhorrent. I was given the assurance or led to believe that all was well before I left the US on my trip so I was taken aback, shocked and surprised by the impolite tone of the attendant. No matter how much I tried to explain my situation she refused to acknowledge my situation and demanded I pay the amount on the phone. Again after many tries and failed attempts I did pay and thought that all was well only to return home to find my service disconnected. I called DISH to get an explanation but no one was hearing me or chose not to listen.
I thought I was dealing with customer service. I am a customer, where is the service? I did not expect an unfeeling, unemphatic and gestapo-like treatment and would encourage that your staff be trained in all areas of customer service and situations. Staff should be courteous and with a listening ear to really listen to the customer and not interrupt and / or interject their own biography. Staff should be able to accommodate all global situations or have travelled and have such understanding of a myriad of situations and not be myopic in what they would do. It is not their situation. Staff should be truthful and honest and give the customer options that would enable the customer decide and make wise choices. Staff should do as is promised and not change the rules mid-stream. After all the agreement was changed while I was absent.

Because of this unprofessional and aberrant treatment I have not turned on my service since my return because I am seriously considering taking my service to another provider, if this matter is not promptly, adequately and professionally addressed and where I am valued as a customer.
Why is your contact information so difficult to access? It’s as if you are hiding or not wanting to be directly contacted except when you want to collect monies. One can only help if one cares and really listens… but one can only do so if one is so trained. Everything comes from the top. EVERYTHING.


Jeff Bergstrom September 10, 2018 at 8:30 pm

I purchased $706.98 worth of equipment on 27 April, 2018 and it was delivered on 1 May, 2018. We had problems from the start. Every time we contacted customer service, there was a different excuse. On 31 August, 2018 we were told that the equipment was defective. The customer service representative said that since it was under warranty, we could get a full refund. She transferred us to another department to process it. The two gentlemen at this department said no refund, past 30 buyers remorse. We never got off the phone and now over an hour in, we got transferred to Samantha at the corporate office. She clarified the 30 day policy, but listened to us, while on hold, she listened to the recordings and came back and confirmed that we were promised a refund. She said if we bought the equipment from them, she would have issued it right away. Since it was for our RV, she would need 2 to 3 days to figure out how to get us a refund and how to return the equipment. She never called us back. When I called corporate again, she was always busy, but they said she tried to call us twice a day for two days. I received one call and the party on the other end hung up when I answered, no messages left. (866)215-1048. We are into our second week of 2-3 days. This morning I spoke to George (IX0) employee number, he never called back as promised. So I called this evening and spoke to Rosey (2EL) and she said no refund, and I asked about defective equipment replacement, she had no answer and said an email was sent up today and could be another 3 to 5 days to hear back. I asked for the corporate address, she would not give it to us, I got it, Rosey was willing to give me the information to sue. We do not want to sue, just for DISH to fulfill its promise. My wife is going through chemo and radiation treatment right now. I am a 20 year combat vet, we do not need this stress caused by your employees. I can be reached at jeff63h@ Most of the phone conversations were done on speaker phone, that why I say and we.
Please do the right thing at this point and contact me for a refund as YOUR representative promised and Samantha from your corporate office promised.
Jeff and Kerrie


walter smith September 3, 2018 at 1:23 pm

I have not had any service in nine days ,I called dish they said the earliest they could send a tech would be nine days, today is day nine,no show. icalled dish, they said they have no appointment scheduled for me the earliest appointment would be another seven days. if this is the best service dish can provide it is totally unacceptable,sorry I have a contract, never again !!! ” DONE WITH DISH”


DM August 25, 2018 at 6:55 pm

Give me freedom and let me cancel my contract for the lousy service Dish provides. I have never been soooooo unhappy until I was fooled by Dish and lied into a contract. I wanted to get a package which was less than I was paying for and requesting the channels I needed and guess what? DISH lied. They said Oh yes we have all of the channels you want in this package as long as you sign up for 2 years. Well guess what, I was so excited and trusted DISH that I accepted it. Well now I have had to pay for two additional packages to get the channels I was told I was getting and also not even getting Univision. Of course DISH blames Univision and Univision blames DISH. Guess what, either way the Customer is the one who is paying it. Is it fair? Now I have requested for an antenna and guess what, Of course I won’t get one because of the area I live in. Come on now, Give me a Break. So now I am paying more and getting less!!! Is this fair NO!!! And I am stuck with DISH. Biggest mistake I have ever made. Will something be done? I would just once like to get an honest answer and an answer that will fix my request and not cost me more. This is going to be the worst 2 years I will be spending money on without getting any kind of service. It is like buying a LEMON of a Car. I hope you are enjoying messing with customers.


Damion Hart August 24, 2018 at 3:12 pm

On 08/22/2018 at approximately 2200 hours I contacted dish tech support and spoke to a rep regarding me SECOND Joey3 in my bedroom was not working properly and explained the steps I had taken to try and get it to work. Of course the rep did not listen and I had t go through all of the same steps with the same negative results. The rep then scheduled a tech appointment the next day which kept getting posted later. The tech Dan arrived and troubled shot the issue and informed me the Hopper 3 box in living room was defective (only had two months). The tech replaced the hopper 3 and again tried to connect the joey 3 in my bedroom but stated he could not because for some reason my account now SHOWS my only have one joey3 not two joeys 3 which were installed just two months prior??? The tech called dish support and was informed that the second joey was removed from my account??? WTF?? i have tried a few times as of my typing this friggin complaint letter to try and figure out WHY I STILL HAVE NO DAMN SERVICE IN MY SECOND BEDROOM? the first was a smartass online chat assO., and I tried to call and request to speak to a member of management or supervisor and i got so frustrated with the person speaking on the phone who i can hardly understand their english?

IM SO UPSET WITH DISH AT THIS MOMENT! I switch back from Directv two months ago and never realized i would have to deal with this low customer service and stupidity!

HELP!! i just want to watch tv in my bedroom as i go to sleep! Im sure you don’t want to hear all the medically issues the banged up medically retired disabled use veteran has and how much this crap service had impounded them!!!


STACIA m FEATHERSTON August 21, 2018 at 12:51 pm

I have called every month to get my bill- again they told me it was mailed and I should receive it in 10 to 14 days. Which is after my due date. Once again they pull that scam and charge you a late fee. What do you have to do to get them to mail your bill so it arrives BEFORE THE DUE DATE? I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I CAN CANCEL. Just for the record, I am not paying a late fee, if you cannot get it here in time, then you can wait for payment- will not force me to pay by credit card or on line. People beware, customer service is none exsistant.


Karla McCullough July 27, 2018 at 6:52 pm

I have a special needs daughter who is also a single mother of 2. Her services had been interrupted so I called in to see how much it would cost for her services to be restored. I was told $53.00′ so I took 200 out of my SSI money & made a 200 dollar payment to cover the next up & coming bill. Now their saying that she needs another $10.00’s because the bill came out just as UI was paying the 200’s. I thought that’s why I was paying $200.00’s.? WTF I’M SO FREAKING ANGRY RIGHT NOW.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t afford to pay the 200 but I was trying to help her get ahead. Now I’m out 200’s & she still doesn’t ave TV. WTF DISH.? Get some new people who know what the hell the’re saying. Oh then I didn’t even get an e-mail confirming my payment. If UR THINKING ABOUT GOING WITH DISH.!!!!!!! PLZ THINK AGAIN……I give them a BIG FAT MINUS 10 ********** for being uncaring. Rude & Driven by the almighty dollar. DON’T BELIEVE THEM WHEN THEY TELL YOU THAT UR A VALUED COSTUMER BECAUSE THAT ONLY COUNTS WHEN THEY’RE TRYING TO WIN UR BUSINESS. AFTER HAT THE ONLY THING THEY VALUE IS YOUR MONEY


tj chambers July 18, 2018 at 8:31 am

I ordered dish network for my 73 year old mother in-law. Account is in my name and I pay for her service. The Technician came out and installed the dish then scammed her into purchasing sound bars for 513.00. You are taking advantage of the elderly. She does not need sound bars nor knows how to use them. I did not authorize the purchase. It is a shame that your company is taking advantage of the elderly by pushing up sales of items they do not need or even understand what they are. Shame Dish Network. I should have stayed with Direct TV.


Barbara Collins July 15, 2018 at 9:03 pm

First, let me start by saying, we are long time customers of DISH. For the last six months I have tried to work with your company to resolve the issue of 4 of our local station being blocked. We allowed you to try the inside OTA receiver. It didn’t work. Then a tech came out and spend less than 30 minutes installing an outside OTA receiver (by the way he mounted this to the DISH mount on our roof). We found out it should have never been installed that way. I contacted a local company and had them come out and look at the installation. They said it should have been mounted on a separate pole and extended above our roofline (we have a one story home). After a phone call last week with someone in your Loyalty Dept., I was told they would come out Friday and they would get the antenna installed on a pole to extend above our roofline. When the tech arrived, we were told he it could not do that. Now, the only reason I stay with DISH after I talked with the gentleman in the Loyalty department was he promised it WOULD BE DONE. I had already made up my mind to disconnect DISH and go with another company. So…after I was told by the tech he couldn’t put the OTA on a higher pole, I went ahead and changed to another source. I called DISH that day, July 13, 2018 and told them to close my account and send me boxes to send back the receivers. I also asked they send me a confirmation to my e-mail. So today, July 15th, I had received nothing so I called again. The lady I talked with said there would be an early disconnection fee because in my conversation with the man in the Loyalty dept. I had agreed to a new contract. I did no such thing. I agreed to have the tech come out and if he could fix the antenna so it would receive the local stations, I would agree to stay with DISH. I will not pay a disconnection fee when the promises that were made to me were not done. As of this date, I owe nothing to DISH and will not pay any bill you send me. This is one of the poorest representations of customer service I have ever had.


jay goding June 2, 2018 at 2:25 pm

i want a follow up to the following discrepancy made by your tech:

Here’s a transcript of your recent chat session.


Thank you for chatting with DISH. As requested, here’s a transcript of your recent chat session with us.
General Information
Chat Start Time
Chat End Time
Chat Duration
Interaction ID
Jun 02, 2018 13:40:58 GMT
Jun 02, 2018 15:29:21 GMT
Auto-Generated Message (13:41:00 GMT) : DISH: Hi, I’m the DISH virtual agent. I can help you with many things. If I can’t, I’ll connect you with someone who can.

DISH: How can I help you?

Visitor: I have not been contacted yet this AM about my install? I was told by the technician that arrived on Thursday that I was being expedited for a morning install today? please advise the status of the technician, thanks!

DISH: I’ll connect you with someone who can help you with that.

DISH: First, I need some account info. May I have your first and last name?


DISH: May I have the 16-digit account number or 10-digit phone number listed on your account?

Visitor: jay goding

DISH: I don’t think that’s a valid account or phone number. May I have the 16-digit account number or 10-digit phone number listed on your account?


DISH: Last question: may I have the 4-digit security code associated with this account?

Visitor: XXXX

DISH: Thank you. I’ll connect you to an agent who can better serve your needs.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:41:18 GMT) : Hello Jay, thank you for contacting Dish Chat Support!
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:43:09 GMT) : I show that the technician is scheduled 12-5
8255909737551850 (13:43:15 GMT) : XXXX
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:44:13 GMT) : I show that the technician is scheduled 12-5

Justin_OPID_3VK (13:46:32 GMT) : I show that your technician is scheduled 12 noon to 5pm onXXXXXXXXXX
8255909737551850 (13:46:53 GMT) : that is not what I was told
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:46:59 GMT) : I do apologize.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:47:46 GMT) : I show that is the appointment time that was available.
There were notes added to the account stating you wanted to be the first AM appointment.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:48:08 GMT) : I can reschedule it for 8-12
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:49:57 GMT) : There is an appointment time from 8-12 if you would prefer that time.
8255909737551850 (13:50:29 GMT) : you guys gave me the apt for Tuesday and the tech said they would escalate me for today so if that’s not going to happen by noon. cancel my install and everything else associated with my account. this is the second time I was deceived. first with me paying an additional $75 for the wireless setup to where I had provided that info to the customer service rep that opened my new account. tech arrives on Thursday with none of the equipment to make this happen. there was no misunderstanding on my part but yet tech arrives with wired equipment and indicated that the customer service rep was to blame. I want results. I do not embrace excuses.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:51:54 GMT) : I apologize. I show in the notes that you were given 12-5, disclosures were read and accepted and the appointment was scheduled.

I see that there is an appointment onXXXXXXXXXX from 8-12. I can reschedule the appointment for you if you would like so that you will have the 8-12 time.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:52:46 GMT) : There are no appointments available at this time beforeXXXXXXXXXX
8255909737551850 (13:52:54 GMT) : nope. today or nothing! I made it crystal clear with the tech and he as well that I will be serviced today by noon. either make it happen or cancel accordingly. thanks for your time.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:53:13 GMT) : I do apologize, but we don’t have anything beforeXXXXXXXXXX
8255909737551850 (13:53:32 GMT) : yes there is! the tech told me this past Thursday! don’t fn put words into my mouth please
8255909737551850 (13:53:39 GMT) : cancel
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:54:21 GMT) : I can cancel the work order, that is not a problem, but just know that if you call to reschedule the work order, the 5th will not be guaranteed to be available.
8255909737551850 (13:54:23 GMT) : I want my funds credit back to my account
8255909737551850 (13:55:08 GMT) : i am not going to wait any more than noon today sorry
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:55:29 GMT) : I do apologize, but there are not appointments available beforeXXXXXXXXXX.
8255909737551850 (13:55:42 GMT) : then contact the tech
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:56:18 GMT) : If there are no appointments available before the 5th, then we cannot make an appointment. I do apologize.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:56:37 GMT) : All the appointments before the 5th are booked up.
8255909737551850 (13:56:53 GMT) : stop apologizing for this. just cancel me all together. i have exhausted way too much energy on this
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:57:40 GMT) : Alright, bear with me one moment.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:58:12 GMT) : Just know that if you go to set up a work order again for installation, that the appointment time that you hadXXXXXXXXXX 12-5, may not be available.
Justin_OPID_3VK (13:58:52 GMT) : Verify for me your address please.
8255909737551850 (14:00:53 GMT) : XXXX Hawkins farm rd
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:01:43 GMT) : Thank you.
8255909737551850 (14:01:46 GMT) : 24503
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:02:08 GMT) : I cancelled the work order, and I submitted a refund.
The refund will take up to 7-10 business days.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:02:19 GMT) : I again apologize that you cancelled the work order today.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:02:20 GMT) : Is there anything else that I can assist you with at all today?
8255909737551850 (14:02:45 GMT) : no i want my refund now
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:03:12 GMT) : I submitted the refund, and it will process and you will receive it within 7-10 business days.
8255909737551850 (14:03:56 GMT) : you take my money in seconds and i have to wait 10 days
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:04:07 GMT) : There is a process to refund.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:04:28 GMT) : Plus, most banks don’t operate on weekends.
8255909737551850 (14:04:35 GMT) : who is the technician that came to my house on thursday
8255909737551850 (14:05:05 GMT) : i want him to be accountable for his actions
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:05:05 GMT) : I am not sure.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:05:49 GMT) : There were no actions taken. Your appointment was scheduled forXXXXXXXXXX 12-5 that was the only day earliest that we had available.
8255909737551850 (14:05:57 GMT) : look at the work order you cancelled that had him arriving at my house thursday
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:06:27 GMT) : Your Work order was forXXXXXXXXXX that would have been Tuesday.
8255909737551850 (14:06:41 GMT) : i want my $50 and $75 credit to my account
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:07:05 GMT) : I submitted the refund, and that will be processed and you will receive it in about 7-10 business day.
8255909737551850 (14:07:19 GMT) : i don’t give a s**t what time you had on the work order. i want the technician that told me that my install would be today AM
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:08:39 GMT) : There are no note stating that the appointment was for today, I do apologize. The appointment was set forXXXXXXXXXX from 12-5.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:08:59 GMT) : I looked at the notes, and that the appointment that you were given, the disclosures were read and accepted.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:09:13 GMT) : I do again apologize for any miscommunication.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:10:35 GMT) : I was able to cancel the work order that you had scheduled, and I submitted the refund.

Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
8255909737551850 (14:12:32 GMT) : yes i want the tech
8255909737551850 (14:13:09 GMT) : i want to know who this guy is and why he would promise to make this happen
8255909737551850 (14:13:13 GMT) : today AM
8255909737551850 (14:13:23 GMT) : this is bs
8255909737551850 (14:13:38 GMT) : exhausting my and my daughter’s time to sit here and wait
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:14:14 GMT) : There was nothing available today, I do again apologize. I already cancelled the work order and submitted the refund, per your request. I offered to reschedule the appointment forXXXXXXXXXX 8-12 and you declined. I already informed you that there was nothing available beforeXXXXXXXXXX.
8255909737551850 (14:14:58 GMT) : i don’t give a s**t about the appt anymore. i want the tech’s name and i want him reprimanded
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:16:43 GMT) : I do apologize, but I do not have the agents name. I apologize that the information was incorrect, but I have resolved the issue based off your request. I do ask that you please keep this chat professional, and refrain from using profanity of any kind. I am only assisting you, so there is no reason to be vulgar to me.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:19:10 GMT) : Now that I have cancelled the appointment, and I have submitted the refund to you, there is nothing more that we need to do.
8255909737551850 (14:19:27 GMT) : you are taking this way too personally and not professionally. i am not attacking you personally.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:19:58 GMT) : I am just stating that you don’t need to use profanity. I have assisted you.
8255909737551850 (14:20:31 GMT) : i can use what i feel and if i feel that i have to use vulgarity to get my point across i will
8255909737551850 (14:20:41 GMT) : i want the tech’s name
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:21:34 GMT) : You don’t have to use profanity to get your point across. You already stated what you wanted, I cancelled the work order and submitted the refund. I do not have the agents name that you spoke with, I do apologize.
8255909737551850 (14:22:59 GMT) : i was told that you do by the dispatcher from this third party that you use to contract the installations. so someone is lying! i have her on the phone now and that is what she says
8255909737551850 (14:23:20 GMT) : again i will use profanity where it fits. your are not my god
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:25:15 GMT) : XXXX is the operator Id number of the agent that you spoke with who set up the appointment. That is all the information that I have for you on that agent. I will ask you to not use profanity, for I have done what you asked. There is no need for profanity.
8255909737551850 (14:25:55 GMT) : again don’t tell me what i can say or do.
8255909737551850 (14:26:22 GMT) : operator = tech?
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:26:53 GMT) : That is the operator Id of the agent that set up the appointment. That is all the information that I have.’
8255909737551850 (14:27:06 GMT) : i want the technician
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:27:53 GMT) : I already cancelled the appointment because you said if you couldn’t get one today, which I explained there was nothing available beforeXXXXXXXXXX, then you wanted the appointment cancelled and a refund. I did just that for you.
8255909737551850 (14:28:55 GMT) : and now i want accountability of the technician that said he would be here this AM despite what the order said. so who’s this dishonest technician that got our hopes up
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:29:33 GMT) : I already stated that I am sorry that there was misinformation, but there is nothing more that we are able to do at this time.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:29:53 GMT) : You were told the appointment wasXXXXXXXXXX from 12-5, disclosures were read and accepted.
8255909737551850 (14:29:53 GMT) : sorry’s not good enough
8255909737551850 (14:29:58 GMT) : sorry’s not good enough
8255909737551850 (14:30:13 GMT) : i want the tech
8255909737551850 (14:30:20 GMT) : no i was not
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:30:26 GMT) : I gave you the operator Id of the agent.
8255909737551850 (14:30:27 GMT) : the tech did not me
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:30:32 GMT) : that is all the information that we have for you.
8255909737551850 (14:31:05 GMT) : for me but not for what’s in your database. i want the techs name
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:31:34 GMT) : I don’t have the agents name, as I have told you repeatedly. I gave you the information that I have.
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:32:00 GMT) : Is there anything else that I can assist you with at all today?
8255909737551850 (14:33:20 GMT) : i want this escalated
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:34:08 GMT) : I can get you a supervisor, but there is not much more that they will be able to do. I already done all that you asked. Allow me one moment.
8255909737551850 (14:34:17 GMT) : apparently you cannot assist or not empowered to do so
8255909737551850 (14:34:40 GMT) : get me someone who can then
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:35:17 GMT) : Bear with me one moment.
8255909737551850 (14:35:23 GMT) : baring
8255909737551850 (14:40:40 GMT) : well? waiting impatiently
Justin_OPID_3VK (14:40:56 GMT) : I am waiting for a supervisor. Thank you for your patience.
Info (14:41:21 GMT) : Justin_OPID_3VK has transferred this interaction.
Info (14:41:21 GMT) : The interaction has been transferred to darrell_OPID_9SQ
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:41:25 GMT) : Hello, my name is Darrell. How may I assist you today?
8255909737551850 (14:43:05 GMT) : has the cs informed you of my challenges?
8255909737551850 (14:46:20 GMT) : hello?
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:46:34 GMT) : I apologize, I was reading through the previous chat
8255909737551850 (14:46:58 GMT) : well that’s fine just let me know so i am not wondering if you are there or not
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:47:40 GMT) : I do understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience. However, we do not have a tech available any sooner than 6/05. Your work order was already canceled and your refund has been submitted for processing.
8255909737551850 (14:48:52 GMT) : yes i got that from your subordinate; however what i am not receiving is the tech that stood here in my house telling me regardless of the 6/5 appt that he would be here now to do the install. so who is he?
8255909737551850 (14:49:12 GMT) : i want him to be accountable of lying in front of me and my child
8255909737551850 (14:49:37 GMT) : i do not teach her to underpromise and overdeliver if he could not meet that expectation
8255909737551850 (14:49:52 GMT) : sick of being used
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:49:53 GMT) : I am not able to give you the name of the tech. I can submit feedback to their supervisor for review but that would be the most I would be able to provide you with today.
8255909737551850 (14:50:16 GMT) : why not?
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:51:29 GMT) : There are many reasons why I cannot provide his name. However, I will say that for security reasons I cannot give you his name. I will gladly leave feedback to his supervisor for review.
8255909737551850 (14:51:32 GMT) : there is no policy for this i jusked asked your dispatcher from a third party
8255909737551850 (14:51:41 GMT) : not good enough
8255909737551850 (14:51:58 GMT) : this will not be resolved unless i force the issue
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:52:12 GMT) : I am sorry for the issue but I cannot and will not provide you with the tech’s name
8255909737551850 (14:52:18 GMT) : i do not embrace all of these excuses. i want results
8255909737551850 (14:53:23 GMT) : i want to see him accountalbe
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:53:24 GMT) : The best result I can give you is to submit feedback to their supervisor.
8255909737551850 (14:53:30 GMT) : then do that
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:53:31 GMT) : That is the most I can do for you today
8255909737551850 (14:53:53 GMT) : i want to be in the discussion with him on the phone with his superior while this is going on
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:54:03 GMT) : That simply will not happen
8255909737551850 (14:54:40 GMT) : well i know where he lives and will confront him about this inconvenience
darrell_OPID_9SQ (14:56:05 GMT) : Sir, there is no need to threaten to physically confront one of our employees at his home. I would strongly advise that you not do that.
8255909737551850 (14:57:35 GMT) : threaten? who is threating? don’t put words in my mouth!
8255909737551850 (14:58:12 GMT) : he told me where he lives and i will let him know constructively what i think about his service
8255909737551850 (14:59:08 GMT) : don’t you tell me what i can do and what i cannot.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:00:12 GMT) : The technicians do not set the appointments. I don’t know what was said but I will be sure to let his supervisor know about the issue.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:00:52 GMT) : I am not trying to tell what to do I am just advising that for everyone’s best interest that you may want to rethink going to his home.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:03:40 GMT) : I noticed that you have been idle for a few minutes. If we do not hear from you within the next minute we will be disconnecting this chat to assist other customers
8255909737551850 (15:03:44 GMT) : i am telling you what he said. why would i exhaust all this energy on this? why? because
8255909737551850 (15:04:40 GMT) : i just want to be sitting here being an asshole or hold someone accountable for their actions. i would say the later
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:06:10 GMT) : I do not know and I am not disputing what the tech said to you. I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure. However, at this time there isn’t anything else that we can do. Employee issues are personnel matters and are not open to anyone other than the Employee, their supervisor, and our HR department.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:07:11 GMT) : If the tech made a promise to you that he could not keep then that will be addressed. It just isn’t something that you would be privy to.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:10:25 GMT) : I noticed that you have been idle for a few minutes. If we do not hear from you within the next minute we will be disconnecting this chat to assist other customers
8255909737551850 (15:10:33 GMT) : and why not? i was privy of him conveying me a message that he was going to be here now to fulfill my expectations. so why i cannot be? how am i going to know whether or not my message will be accurate with him and his supervisor?
8255909737551850 (15:11:25 GMT) : if he is lying to a customer what makes you think he is not lying to his sup?
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:11:50 GMT) : Sir, we have been around and around with this issue. No matter how many times you ask, your request to be a part of that conversation simply will not happen.
8255909737551850 (15:11:53 GMT) : this is one sided
8255909737551850 (15:12:07 GMT) : he knows where i live and was inside my home
8255909737551850 (15:12:24 GMT) : i will continue my banter
8255909737551850 (15:12:33 GMT) : i find this repulsive
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:12:48 GMT) : I am sorry that you feel this way.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:12:57 GMT) : I can assure you that the issue will be addressed
8255909737551850 (15:13:00 GMT) : feel? i have no feelings
8255909737551850 (15:13:15 GMT) : i want results
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:13:41 GMT) : There is nothing more that I can do for you in this matter.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:15:54 GMT) : Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
8255909737551850 (15:16:00 GMT) : i want feedback on this matter
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:17:09 GMT) : You can go to our website, and you can submit feedback there that will go directly to corporate.
8255909737551850 (15:20:17 GMT) : who in corporate may i contact?
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:20:58 GMT) : You would submit your concerns there and corporate will review it. There is not a specific name as there is a department that handles those.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:23:20 GMT) : Is there anything else I can assist you with?
8255909737551850 (15:24:37 GMT) : why would i need to submit my concerns again? it is all here. you should forward my distain to corporate.
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:25:46 GMT) : I will be submitting this for review. I was simply giving you another way to directly submit them. However, there is nothing more that I can do for you in this situation.
8255909737551850 (15:25:56 GMT) : gotcha
8255909737551850 (15:26:17 GMT) : thanks for your time
darrell_OPID_9SQ (15:26:29 GMT) : You are welcome and you have a great rest of your day!


Drew Pollock May 31, 2018 at 11:53 pm

How does a massive company like dish network not have an email to some one in the management department????? This is an absolute first time I’m ever seeing such poor management with in a massive company like this! All I wanted to do was report an unprofessional job employment opportunities post some subcontractor made on Facebook. But no can’t do that without trying to sit on a chat window for ten minutes that was no help. Than try to call a number and talk to someone who doesn’t have a clue what the email address is to contact someone of some importance so that I could send them an email showing them someone that was poorly representing their company… no wonder I’ve seen so many bad reviews. If dish can’t take some kind of action and improve their customer and employment services they will never become the best! They will always be mediocre at their best!!!


Jo May 31, 2018 at 4:37 pm

Have had bad reception for the last two and a half years since installation and all service calls have only made it worse. Numerous service calls lately have been no-shows by DishTv. We’ll see if the next one is also a no-show. Asked for another service person from other than the franshee that installed it wrong. After promises and rescheduling it kept being scheduled with the original installer. Will they get it right this time????


Patricia Wilhelms April 27, 2018 at 1:29 pm

My husband and I received a very rude call. From one of your foreign persons an such a very a rude person. We have been with Dish a long time an paid our bills on time an full amount.. Dish was always going out an still we paid there bill. We will never go with. Dish well never see us as a customer any more. We paid the darn bill an they still bother us. Better wake up dumb Dish Corp.


Barb March 29, 2018 at 3:52 pm

I am a customer writing to ask that Russia’s English-language broadcasting network (RT) be removed from Dish. This network has been deemed by U.S. intelligence agencies as part of Moscow’s “state-run propaganda machine.”

Today it is being reported that RT is being removed from television screens in our nation’s capital at midnight Sunday 4/2/19 — when WNVT and WNVC, a pair of digital stations in northern Virginia that carry about a dozen foreign news services including RT — will go off the air.

In the interest of fair journalism & protecting our country from dishonest propaganda originating from Russia, Dish needs to follow suit and do the same.


Nancy Johnson March 22, 2018 at 4:10 pm

Just terminated my Dish Internet service, after 1.5 years, because it just wasn’t working I work via Internet, and Dish has actually cost me $ because of all the work I haven’t been able to do. Dish “technicians” know nothing. The network engineer with the company I work for has tried to help, giving me questions to ask the Dish “technicians.” These “technicians” don’t even understand the questions, and so can’t answer them I FEEL THAT DISH BROKE THEIR CONTRACT WITH ME BY NOT DELIVERING USABLE SERVICE, but Dish wants to charge me nearly $100 for “breaking my contract.” Dish is the one that has broken the contract, and $100 is chump change compared to the work Dish has cost me. I REFUSE to pay this outrageous charge, and if Dish presses the issue, I will drop my TV acct also. Dish used to be a good company with excellent customer service, but they’re not anymore!


James Jones March 14, 2018 at 3:07 pm

Had fishnet never got good service, billing always wrong, no clear picture and sometimes would not work. When I’d call for service it fell on deaf ears. One year later I’m fighting $140.00 bill I got from collections saying I terminated early which I didn’t, the company is a shame nothing more.


cal March 10, 2018 at 3:22 pm

couple months back , we did not have cable service for about an month, due to lack of funding. about an month later we called dish, an was told we have an over due bill , for the month we did not have cable service. and we paid about one seventy for the previous month, plus the month just to get dish network service again. and now we are told we got to pay in advance for this months service .we are cut off cable service , 1 week early. we payed our bill february 13th 2018…dish , is fishing for money , in way’s , they got the upper hand for our $$$$$$$$$. please help me, is there any pending law suits …..


Velma Nugent March 1, 2018 at 7:01 pm

After having Dish for 10+ years I decided to go to the auto pay. Figured I would save time then writing a check each month. So my son helped me, over the phone, and I gave him the banking info. Well I accidently gave him for extra numbers, the check number, and so when it was time for them to draft my account……OOOPS! Well it went back to the bank and they called me. So I called my son to see if he could straighten this out. Well he tried to make the mistake right and Dish says no, you can’t use the auto from your checking because it had to be returned. How long until I can use it, 6 mos. Guess Dish never makes mistakes, but you surely can. I admitted I made the mistake but now I have to write a check for 6 mos. just cause poor Dish Network got their poor little feeling hurt by a return, that I also have to pay, but I’m not complaining about that I made the mistake. Maybe I should look into Direct TV, and then throw poor little dish’s equipment into the ditch and call and tell them to come pick this stuff up.


priyanka roy February 18, 2018 at 1:20 am

For the past 7 days my dish tv signal is not coming. Few days back the same problem was there,complaint was lodged.The technician came changed the whole setup box, cabling and made handsome bill.The bill was paid.After few days again the same problem and complaint was lodged. Again they are asking for handsome bill and including the technician visit charges.Such poor quality of material are provided by Dish Tv, so that problem keep on repeating and they make handsome amount of bill. My dish tv id is 01524372839. Your customer care and local executive are very arrogant and non cooperative.My request is refund my money (advance recharge for three months) and please disconnect my dish tv connection forever. I will take some other service provider.Very poor quality you dish tv…Sir I am sorry to say like this…

On 17Feb,2018 your executive promised to pay visit of senior technician on 18Feb,2018 between 10-12 am. But on 18Feb,2018 at 11.30 am I got a message that he will visit between 4-5 pm.How much we have to wait to get our issue resolved its better to say good bye to dish tv for such poor response,sub standard material provided and false promises. My phone number 836803XXXXX


priyanka roy February 18, 2018 at 2:44 am

Thanks a lot Sir/Mam for such a nice cooperation shown. After I approach to you my complaint was attended at priority . I would like to thanks once again to all of you.


candy February 3, 2018 at 1:37 pm

I have had trouble with Dish for the last few months. They told me my bill is $87.14 for the next year until Jan 29th 2019 however I got my bill and it is now $92.14 because of a rate increase and they don’t want to HONOR the $87.14 WHICH I THINK IS WRONG AND NOT RIGHT SINCE I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER OVER 20 + YEARS!!! You talk to people in Mexico and they don’t seem to care you have been a customer for years. I AM NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER AND WILL PROBABLY NOT GET A RESPONSE FROM ANYONE IN CORPORATE. !!!


Kristina Barragan April 21, 2018 at 8:46 pm

Dish treats there customers really badly
The way they talk to there customers
Is so disrespectful i can’t believe it i am a returning customer with them and i came back to them because i had good experience in the past now i wish i wouldn’t have returned to them i didn’t get a bill this month and since i just came back to them less than 2 months ago i didn’t know bills are due on the 19th so they disconnect me on a Saturday afternoon bank’s are closed they are refused to turn me back on till i pay well i guess im screwed till Monday
The manager was a huge jerk told me it wasn’t his problem that i Didn’t keep track of my bill and told me told me to call back when i have money to pay bill till than i would not get turned back on till than i explained to him i couldn’t do anything about it that have the money to pay but that bank’s are closed and he just kept running his mouth i can not believe dish treats there customers this way


Juan C. January 30, 2018 at 9:13 pm

Im being charged for services that I had for 1 week. I was told by the rep that I can cancel at no charge. After numerous calls and all the run around, they are trying to charge me for early cancellation. Each person I have spoken to has tried to give me the same rebuttal off their screen. This company is a joke! I told them I would pay for the service that I had and that the tech did very minimal work to install. They even hung up on me cause they didn’t have anything else to respond. The last person that hung up was Marisol an account specialist or the one above that. Very professional…


W Peters January 30, 2018 at 8:07 pm

Follow up to previous comment is that the dish network technician been putting the part fix off for more than a week.


W Peters January 30, 2018 at 8:05 pm

We are currently guests at the Extended Stay in Fairbanks, AK and this company is a dish network customer.

Dish Network has be out as we are told for almost 2 weeks. The people at the front desk have been told that a part is needed and the dish network technician was supposed to come and install it last week that is part is in.

They have told us that dish network technician was supposed to be here for the install before 5pm today and at this moment they are a no show.

What is wrong with your representatives that they cannot keep their word or perform their function to keep dish network customers up and running.

After what we have experienced just with your representative here in Fairbanks, AK I promise you that dish network will NOT ever get our business. Your service technicians truly are the bottom of the pits if the information provided to us by the front desk is accurate.

I’m so glad we found out how awful your service is in Fairbanks before we went to you for our cable tv. Maybe Direct TV is the better choice but we shall see.


Laureen A January 4, 2018 at 5:12 pm

Dish has supplied services to a woman in 2012 and again to her partner in 2015 using my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! They defaulted both times and creditors came after me since it was my SS number and the same first name. We don’t even reside in the same state as the customers! Reports have been filed both times. I have had to lock all creditor accounts and have been met head on with many organizations that didn’t know what to do to put a stop to this practice. How can DISH give service to people and not confirm that their information is legit?! This is ID theft at its best. We know who the people are but the system doesn’t protect the victims. Attorney only interested in representing people on trial for ID Theft. I have been unsuccessful in locating an attorney to put these people in jail and also hold DISH responsible for honoring service to people with false doXXXXentation. What’s next? Perhaps they want to purchase a house using my SS number? I wonder if they are legally in the USA? DISH could care less. It is more important to make it convenient and fast for people to get service rather than protect potential victims. I am willing to start a lawsuit against DISH for big dollar amounts that maybe would get their attention enough to change the way they credit check their potential customers. Any lawyers out there willing to work contingency at about 75% for his/her fee? this isn’t about money for me it is about protecting my good name and credit. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO TO HELP THE VICTIMS AND IT APPEARS THERE IS NO MONEY TO GAIN THUS NO INTEREST IN CATCHING THE FRAUSDSTERS.


expat community January 4, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Awesome website you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any community forums that cover
the same topics talked about here? I’d really like
to be a part of community where I can get feedback
from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest.
If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks a lot!


Timothy Downey December 9, 2017 at 3:40 pm

I’ve been a dish customer since early 2000. I’ve recently moved. I had an install appointment for today from 8am-12pm. Dish has called today and rescheduled twice. First from 1pm-2pm and now from 2pm-3:15. If the install takes 2 hrs. then that’s my entire day. I’ve had to move or cancel any commitments that I’ve had scheduled for this afternoon. If the tech does come at 3:15 and the install takes a couple of hours then my whole day is gone. I’ve called customer service and spoke with operator # PTR and GCC. Both said that they would contact the field coordinator but there was nothing else they could do. They couldn’t send another tech, they couldn’t issue an account credit; nothing. I understand things happen so I can be patient but this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!


Jennifer December 6, 2017 at 1:51 pm

This company is a hot mess. I have a charge from three years ago on my credit. I was told back then that it was for unreturned equipment. The equipment was returned. We had poor service when we had it. We moved across country and didn’t have a local office to us. I tried to reach an executive, as the negative mark is affecting my overall credit. I get a lame chat where they basically tell you what they can’t do, and now say the fees are related to termination fees. We got crap reception, and then no available service in the area, and when we were told we could return the equipment and the fees they’d charged would go away, now they refuse and deny. crap.


Jennifer December 2, 2017 at 9:37 pm

Ok, I was asked for my credit card number to see if I qualified for Dish and I was qualified. I had their service for awhile but the prices kept going up and I could not afford to pay them anymore so I had to cancel my services with them and I ended up getting a bill of over $500, most of it being for the cancellation fee and after two months of not being able to pay all of that money back, they tried to take it from the credit card that they used to check my credit with. First of all, I never gave them permission to take any money from that credit card and secondly, that is not a normal credit card. It is a government issued credit card that is only for my SSI payments. So not only are they commiting fraud by trying to take an unauthorized payment but they are trying to take my SSI money that is not even legal for them to take! When I called the number on the back of my SSI credit card, they told me that they are getting a lot of complaints of Dish trying to take their government assistance money as well! I have no idea how this company is getting away with all of this fraud and corruption but someday it will catch up to them and I hope it is soon!


rip November 14, 2017 at 11:30 pm

I have in writing from a chat conservation a quote for the hopper upgrade of 103.01 and based on that quote from dish network I ordered the install. after the upgrade was complete I contacted dish network with a question on my billing. At that time dish network informed me that they would not honor the monthly charge I was given. I contacted the ceo Charlie Ergie and was contacted by someone who made other offers but stated dish network would not honor the monthly charge I was quoted when i accepted to upgrade. Anyone who wants to see a copy of the chat can contact me at buschpiwo@ I want people to actually see how dishonest dish network actually is and how they provide false information to get you to upgrade. the statements made are based on the actual information I have. I requested dish network to remove the upgrade based on their breach of contract and put me back to where I was. The upgrade was removed but what happens next is still unknown


Martin Ganz November 13, 2017 at 6:55 pm

Unlike the other Arizona TV services you only have one channel for the Hopper for the PAC-12. This has caused much concern and anger at your televising of Pac-12 events on 406-01.

A number of times you have listed PACN, Arizona State University, games for broadcast but instead showed PAC-12 local games instead. Example: Arizona State played a Basketball game against Idaho State last Friday and was listed for PACN broadcast. It wasn’t there in Arizona. Instead you gave us a game from PAC-12 California (Fullerton and USC). Apparently it was on PAC-12 Arizona but you don’t have a channel for that when PACN is showing a game. This doesn’t happen all the time but it was the 5th time this season it has. Minor sports many times.

Now – this problem didn’t occur with Cox Cable, Prism, and Orbital, because they have a second channel, one for the NETWORK and one for the LOCAL (PAC-12 Arizona). On top of that other providers show all PAC-12 channels which, PAC-12 informed me you could have for free. This doesn’t happen often but when my contract runs out I will go back to Cox cable if, at least, you don’t provide an alternate channel. I love DISH but this seems easy to fix. When you show Arizona State games, show them in Arizona at least. By the way, my son was at the game and your cameras were there with your TV timeouts and interviews. My next door neighbor watched it on Cox.


Kyle October 23, 2017 at 6:58 pm

I was a longtime customer of Dish Network. After coming to accept the fact I will never have a consistent signal due to heavy snow load / stormy area, while living underneath a large tree canopy in a canyon, I decided to cancel. Not to mention I can get anything I need online. This is when the HORROR story started. You read about the stuff folk have to go through to cancel these type of services: multiple calls, getting bounced around, etc.., and you hope it would not happen to you but it did. The first time I called I was routed through Frontier to Dish and engaged in the cancellation process with an agent who told me they were one to speak with about cancellation. One month later I and my fiancee get dinged on the account for another month of service. On August 23rd I called Dish back and spoke with an agent who presented himself as part of the correct division for cancellation. I went through the process again. Well, the next month I get dinged again. So I call for a 3rd time (admittedly a bit hot under the collar) and ended up speaking with Agents Lydia SP9 and Shane 3KJ. While on the surface polite they entirely lacked any understanding or empathy of what occurred. Shane 3KJ could not have cared less that one of their agents posed as part of a division that they were not a part of. He even confirmed me contacting Dish previously on August 23rd and an un-applied partial refund (unknown to me, and why not applied I do not know) based around that call. In short they told me my account was now cancelled (I can only hope for a 3rd time) and that I’m stuck with the bill for the last two months. Heck, Shane 3KJ just would not take my request to cancel seriously. He kept pushing and pushing for upgrades and such, telling me how great they are, and not listening to me. FUTURE BUYER AND CURRENT CUSTOMERS BEWARE. I wish I did not have to doXXXXent this incident where I can online but what recourse does one have when their money gets what I would consider unfairly taken?


Bill Georgeff October 2, 2017 at 1:11 am

I am a long time Dish-TV customer that is generally VERY satisfied with your service AND I also have been a yearly NHL Center Ice subscriber BUT this year I cancelled because of the ongoing dispute between AT&T Sports and Dish over Las Vegas Golden Knights (and probably Pittsburgh Penguins) games which have been BLACKED OUT for Dish customers

I requested the Center Ice cancellation with El Paso supervisor “Rusty” on Tuesday September 26th and he assured me it would be taken care of BUT as of October 1st it is STILL on my bill. I would like to get this resolved because I will NOT get Center Ice this season IF the Golden Knights and Penguins games are blacked out


Robert Flores September 27, 2017 at 11:36 am

I was with Dish Network for 2 years on their contract which ended August 2017. In this contract, I elected to go with the first 12 months with a small monthly fee and then the larger fee for the last 24 months, in this I was suppose to be grandfathered in from any price increases. As I examined my billing in detail. I noticed that my price varied for 6 months in the first 12 months and again in the last 12 months for about 6 of those months. They continued to add me to their price increases. When I contacted customer service I was told that a submission was going to be sent in and then I would get an answer in a couple of day….several weeks go by and nothing. I called back and spoke to someone else and it was checked on, them when the customer service rep came back, he started trying to sell my on a new package…really! Dish owes me money but they want to sell me on a new package! Crazy! I responded that I wanted the overcharge taken care of first. So his solution was to give me a $30.00 credit each month for the next 3 months…I could not believe it! I responded no! He put me on hold to ask a supervisor to override it and give me my $88.17 credit at one time, he was told no by that person. So I cancelled my service….Dish lost a customer for $88.17! Its really wonderful how Dish takes care of their customers….NOT! They could care less! I will NEVER use or recommend Dish Network to anyone period!


Lisa Roberts September 27, 2017 at 8:06 am

I’m just flat out tired of Dish and their money grubbing. I have been with them for 17 years and have never once been offered any incentives, special offers, rate decreases, absolutely nothing for my loyalty and my bill just keeps going up. I want something in return for my loyalty or I’m dropping them. I want access to incentives to stay with Dish like the incentives for new customers to come to Dish. Not that anyone would listen or gives a crap. I just wanted to say it.


Angie Barefoot September 15, 2017 at 5:41 pm

At this time if someone does not call me back from Dish Network about my complaint then after 20 years of service….we will be switching to either Time Warner or Direct TV.


John August 28, 2017 at 5:16 pm

I have had Dish service for almost two years.
Back in June Dish did an online software upgrade to my Hopper receiver.
My service hasn’t operated properly since then. The only thing that still
works is Dish sends me bills.

I have spent MANY HOURS trying to get help without any help.
Back in June I spoke to Devin in Columbus OH and was sent to
a supervisor in Columbus OH. I received no help.

Then I called and spoke to Michelle in Virgina and was transfered
to a supervisor. Then I was transferred to a manager Josh. Josh
said that he would have someone from technical support contact

I then started receiving emails from Zach M
Qualtrics is not a Dish Company. This must be their way to skirt
the issue.

Today after 2 hours and 20 minutes I finally got to speak to Edna
supposedly at corporate head quarters. Edna was not a nice
helpful person. At the end of our conversation I asked her for
Dish’s corporate address and she REFUSED.

Dish is not customer oriented.


ana August 26, 2017 at 4:30 pm

I have had dish for one year. The guy that Installed it was an idio6t! Took two days and then another came OUT TO FIX five things. Over the last year 8 more came out. Finally got it straight. One of the guys charged me and I wrote a CHECK FOR 200.00


Pat August 17, 2017 at 11:30 am

Really have no clue what all the complaints are about, We have had Dish service for more than 2 years and never had a problem with billing, customer service or anything else. I have referred may people to Dish and will continue to do so


Greg November 4, 2017 at 10:23 am

Good luck


elisia August 16, 2017 at 4:48 pm

so dish came out to my home to install they equipment .after every thing gets install the guy calls in to get approval they tell him I have a pass billlllll but they see on they end that I had bankruptcy but they need the discharge papers til they get them they just left everything hanging..u cant fax the paper or email u have to mail it to them what kind of XXXXX is this who fault is that and they ran a credit check that should have been takeing care of befor they even started the job……sooooooooo piss


Michael Domingos August 16, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Hello to anyone paying any attention.

I have subscribed to your service and liked it. One day several months ago, your entire service simply vanished.Since then I have tried to call so many different people that work fr you that In would be surprised if yo didn’t all know me by name. Absolutely zero results

I would rather not do this but if i don’t get my dish back and my money back for the last five months, I will call THE PUBLIC UTILITIES and simply have your entire operation shut down.

I am sorry for the harsh language , but I am not kidding, it seems to me like every company i deal with is pulling scams on everyone. If you could please give me any information so that I don’t have to keep running in circles with your employees t would be great.

Thank you for your time .

Michael Domingos


Vincent P Furia August 5, 2017 at 1:17 pm

I have dish and two 311 units and they worked in April 2017 My wife was using it and then they stoped working. When I got there in June I called dish I was told that those units were able to the work anymore they need to be upgraded to HD units it did that but dish will not credit me for the time I was with out my dish it was like 3 months with out tv. Now dish sent me an email say my dish is cancelled and I have to pay cancell fee

This is not wright


notyourtypicalfool August 5, 2017 at 4:49 am

I don’t appreciate anyone trying to influence or dictate what channel or type of programming I choose to watch , whatever it may be , that is my choice and for nobody else to make but me , I noticed the removal of channel 280 from the programming guide , it is obvious that this was because that is RT, a Russian news channel and our government is determined to make them our enemy and don’t want any other views other than their own expressed by anyone , so much for freedom of speech or of the press along with the rest of the constitution that they continuously ignore , these things make it pretty obvious they intend on making use of the law they passed making it legal to use propaganda on the people in our country ……


Rhonda August 4, 2017 at 10:44 pm

Hello, I am writing you all because you all do not have a lot of black television stations on Dish. Just BET and Own! You all need to add Centric, TVone, and The Word-a black Gospel television station. You all rating bad on black peoples because they all go to Dicertv and Spectrum.( I am black! ) You all high too. One bill was and now go up to $178.15 -almost to $200.00. The internet is bad too. I want to leave you all but hard to make my mind up.
You all need to do something now . All those shopping network channels need to go off. Your costumes should make their own choice about what channels to choose. It means to take off the shopping network channels off their television. I want that and Centric, TVONE , and The Word. Please, take off my shopping channels off my television .



Signe July 23, 2017 at 1:50 pm

I have read a dozen or more DishNetWork complaints of recent postings.
I had been a DNW customer for over 15 years, their prices seem to continuously increase where I was paying over $130 per-month, that’s crazy. So I finally decided to try Directv, got their locked in price of $97.00 per-month for the same 250 plus channels I was receiving from Dish. I don’t have the channel auto-tune like before, but the price definately makes up for that fail. I am glad I read the blogs about DishNetWork poor service and terrible customer service, I was considering going back if their price was a bit less than Directv. Neither provider has good customer service reps. but that’s pretty much with any large company, but for an executive personnel to be rude and not return/call a customer back to help resolve a problem, that speaks mountains about the company it self. Posters thanks for the great information and your honest reviews of DNW service and customer service. “I will not be going back”. One last thought, with so many customers leaving DNW for other providers look like that would shine a light on them that something is wrong and needs fixing.


john payton July 18, 2017 at 11:58 am

I had an unbelievable phone call yesterday from a Dish representive. He told me the following info;
My 24 month PRICE LOCKED contract was being terminated 3 months early.
My monthly charge was going from $90.90 to $106.
I asked why? he said, that a big corporation wanted to buy Dish, so they were increasing their revenue to make dish an attractive buy. He also told me, that other 24 month PRICE LOCKED contracts were also being terminated early. If they can terminate contracts early, they should have said so, when people signed up. I asked the man “don’t you think Dish might get sued”? He replied “most likely that will happen”. BTW. Dish is still luring customers with the PRICE LOCKED contract on the web.
This does not pass the smell test and just might be illegal. I’m going to run this by my attorney and see what he says.


dave July 8, 2017 at 6:08 pm



Gaby Martinez July 13, 2017 at 3:34 pm

This also occured to me is there any way to send this to an editorial. To warn people the awful service a man in corporate was so rude his name was Carlos he was unprofessional and didnt help claimed to be one in charge and wouldnt pass me to his supervisor. Did anyone else experiance this.


this site July 1, 2017 at 9:30 am

WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching
for dish corporate office


Laureen A January 4, 2018 at 5:23 pm

If you find contact information for the CEO let me know. They gave service twice to a woman using my first name and my social security number! It has caused me stress beyond belief and I want to share this with the CEO. When I find an attorney willing to take on this case, I want to know who to tell them to mail the summons to.


LANG June 27, 2017 at 7:50 pm

I have never been sch displeased with a cable company as I am know. In the beginning I was told that if I pay the first month bill and a small deposit I would have service within in a few days as a matter fact they was here the next day. The gentlemen that installed my servie did not properly installed the dish outside so of course I was out of service for the week till somone came out of course the entire installment was unprofessional and was not even set up for my 55 inch tv with small hdmi cord just enough to barely hook to the tv. Next scenario everytime it sprinkles I lose service I mean hours at a time. Last I was never tod that I would be paying in advance like most my service was not auto pay and I was unware the 30th day had come my service was interrupted. I called to speak to a rep of course they were all unproffesional the first rep I spoke to I asked her regarding why and I’m teling her I was never explained this so of course I ask her to transfer me to someone that I can either talk to better then her or maybe I should cancel low and behold she cancelled my service w/o even a compromise the bill was 66.93 to restore I had an issue with no one telling me that okay Mrs.lang we bill a month so in 30days you will need to pay. Anyway I spoke to a rep she say all your service was cancelled and you are now billed for early cancellation fee..I just couldn’t believe my eyes how they was so willing to collect a etf then to keep a customer from cancelling there service so I agreed to pay the bill now th rep tell me ohh you owe 106.85 now I’m like how she say because all your service was cancelled you lost promotions and pricing , again I could not believe my ears. The rep JOY kjm told me that all service was removed even my 3 mths premium channels ..Now here is where the issue lies you cancelled me now I have to pay 69.00 for a basic package anything additional I will be charged for..
if corporate does not read this I will report this to the BBB.


Jennifer Lundy June 27, 2017 at 1:14 pm

I have tried repeatedly to cxl my service as I have gone with another provider. each time I was told I had verbally agreed to another 2 yr contract when I placed a call in May to ask about lowering my bill. I dispute this entirely! I asked to be provided something I may have signed and they said I had verbally agreed to it. I asked to hear the call. On my second to last call to them I spoke with “Victor” in the “Office of the President” who stated he could place my service on hold for $5 per month to give me a chance to try out the other provider. I agreed to this but still disputed the verbal agreement they said I entered in to for a new contract. Victor told me he would look for the call but that he didn’t even know why I would have been placed into a new contract as I had not received new customer pricing nor had I received any upgraded equipment. Very pleasant and promised he would call me back stating, “I promise I will look for this call and call you back either way because if we don’t have it or don’t have you agreeing to it, I cannot legally hold you to the contract.” He never call back and I placed a second call a few days later and got the same office. I think the new man I spoke to was “Ben”, but I could be wrong. He again started with the early termination fees and I explained to him that I did not agree to another contract and that I wanted to hear the call. He placed me on hold and said, “Well, there are notes in here saying that Victor did listen to the call and you did agree to it.” I said, “I don’t believe that and I want to hear it.” He placed me on hold, came back and said, “Our calls are for training purposes and if you want to hear the call you have to provide us with a subpoena.” Things didn’t go well from there, as I told him several times I did not see how it was even legal to try to hold me to something that I dispute and that they refuse to prove to me. He said, “I have told you how you can hear the call” I simply want to cancel my service and have been with Dish for 6 yrs, I did not agree to a new contract and dispute any and all charges for “early termination”. I asked for boxes to be sent so I can send the equipment back, but was told in order to do that, they would charge my card on file for the early termination fees. I sent an email to care at on 6/22/17 about the complaint and have not heard anything back. I have filed with my Atty Gen. Office, the BBB and am filing one with the FTC next. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that a company can just tell you to “believe them” when you are disputing something and then refuse to provide you proof that backs up their claim with providing a subpoena. I don’t care what happens from this point on, I will never allow DISH back in my home!


Eric Smokler June 27, 2017 at 12:15 pm

Awful customer service since they “upgraded” the software. It has been 12 Days and they still haven’t fixed the service. Plus when I called today, I learned that they started working on my part of the problem 3 … yes, just 3 days ago.


Paul Kruger June 24, 2017 at 1:09 pm

DISH has really gone down hill. I had their service a few years ago and was pretty happy.
Tried to get it again and gave up. Three no-shows. Twice they canceled my install as well as closing my account with no reason, no notice nothing. Just left me hanging with confirmed installation dates.

I think their level of support and competence has nose dived. I probably, through their neglect, dodged a bullet. Will stay with Cable despite the higher cost. At least it works all the time and if they miss appointment they give me a $20 credit.

Avoid DISH! You will be glad you did.


sylvia Lopez June 15, 2017 at 4:02 pm

TO whom it may concern Aim so disappointed with dish service. my dish box went out a couple of months before my contract was to end. I called customer service and told them my dish box was not working they tried to trouble shoot and fix it .But it could not be fix the customer represented told me that I would need a new dish box and that they can send me out a new dish box and that there would not be no charge for the new dish box. That is all the represented told me .The represented never told me that I would be put on another two year contract. if I agreed and got another receiver . I did not find out that I was put on another two year contract until I called dish to get my ending date for dish .I was so upset that the represented never once told me if I agreed to another receiver box that I would be put on another two year contract. I called and complaint and was told the calls do not get recorded and that there was nothing that could be done on the dish end. I was so upset my health was not well for awhile. I will never recommend anyone to dish service no matter how much they pay to recommended someone .


Nanette Strother June 13, 2017 at 1:32 pm

For years now we have been receiving MASNHD, ESPNUHD and other stations in High Definition. Starting about 2 months ago, these HD stations disappeared (with the message “Complete Signal Lost”.) I think it is unfair to your customers to remove stations and expect them to continue paying as if they existed.
I have complained to your people repeatedly, but their only response is that “we are aware of the problem and are working on it”!! TWO MONTHS?????
If your company knows of this problem and has failed to correct it, you should fire them and give your customers a discount reflecting channels that they are paying for, but not receiving!
My next step is to get in touch with the Corporate Offices or maybe they are also working on the problem!
Im not sure it’s good or bad to see so many complaints!!


David Duncan June 12, 2017 at 12:46 pm

The following complaint was just sent to the Federal Trade Commission on June 12 2017.
I have had dish for several months now. Started having problems with satellite receiver again two days ago. Screen was going black. Sound but no video. Called Dish helpline. They did what was called a “partial reset” which should have reloaded all software. This did repair the black screen issue but I was left with another problem. The apps are not working such as online account information (which I use to check and control my costs). I called today Monday June 12 2017 and told them the problem. After some trial and error by the service representative I was told it would be turned over to engineers with no time frame for repair. My concern with this is: I’ve had issue’s from Dish in the past turned over to engineers who never resolved the problem or even gave the common courtesy of calling me back. I expressed my displeasure in their lack of knowledge on this issue. I was then told I would be turned over to accounts. Bribery is not what I want. I pay around 138.00 dollars a month right now to Dish and a large number of features on my satellite receiver are not working. I’m bound by contract right now and cannot change services. I want what I’m paying for not lame excuses.


Jessica June 6, 2017 at 9:38 pm

So I had dish back in March 2012. I called a few weeks ago to ship back the receiver I had from them that I found and wanted the charges taken off my credit report… the rep said they issued the boxes to be sent out and that ion e they receive it the charges would be taken off and they will contact the credit agency to remove off my credit. Nothing but lies!!! I called today to see what happened to the boxes, and the idiot rep was trying to get me to go to a dish store to take the box after o told her numerous times that I essentially able to because there isn’t any store near by nor had the means to get to one.. I asked for the supervisor and she tried her best not to transfer me. Finally she did. I explained the issues now for the 2nd time and was able to get the receiver cost taken off as the rep said the receiver is now opselete and didn’t need to be returned. I asked was the bill now clear.. stated no that I was charged an etf fee.. I explained to them that it wasn’t my fault that the location I moved to didn’t allow dish and also stated that the service sucked at time and never had all the channels I was paying for. My way make a long story short I ended up speaking to 5 different ppl, and the last rep Mattie was a XXXXXing idiot.. she said I could not disputing the etf fee as they were valid (when yes I dsc my srv 1 month shy) but was being charged 7 months of etf fees.. I asked her when did I dsc my srv and she said she didn’t know because it was sent out to a collection agency but again the charges were valid based on the “contract”. So I stated I cancelled 1 month shy of the 2 yrs and that she was contradicting herself.. so if I were to be charged anything it should only be for a month…. SHE WAS UNABLE TO TELL ME WHEN I DSC MY SRV… BUT YOU PPL HAVE THE NERVE TO TRY AND CHARGE ME 7 MONTHS OF ETF FEES THAT YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHEN MY SRV WAS DSC…YOU PPL ARE HORRIBLE AND I WILL BR CALLING THE MAIN OFFICE TO RESOLUTION. If no resolution get ready for a lawsuit.. I don’t care if it’s just for 123.00 at this point…. 🖕🏻


Arun Maheshwari May 24, 2017 at 3:41 pm

They keep calling to sell their services although all my numbers are on “do not call” directory. I tried calling you but impossible to get a human being,


Alison DeBruhl May 22, 2017 at 12:34 pm

I’ve been very displeased by my latest experience with DISH. I tried to go into the store last week and told the man at the door (I was never allowed to go inside) that I was there to cancel my service and needed my account # and PIN number to transfer my service to Cox. The man told me that he would give me no information to help me transfer my service to Cox. Hopefully, my account # will be on my next bill! I told the man that I have a cell phone with AT&T, but he wasn’t impressed. I did get service from Cox, and the wires to the dish have been cut, but they haven’t come to get it yet. If they’re waiting for me to send it back to them, they’ll be waiting a LONG time.


john payton July 18, 2017 at 12:05 pm

The companies Dish and Direct do not want their dishes back. You can take it down and sell it for scrap at a junkyard.
It costs them too much in labor to send a man to remove the dish. It is cheaper to just throw it away.


Brittney May 15, 2017 at 3:39 pm

Over $200 was added to my bill because of 2 unreturned joeys. I sent the joeys back and tried to pay my regular bill but the rep said no I would have to pay almost $500 even tho it showed that the joeys had been returned. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told No by the rep on several occasions. Each rep told me different amounts that I’d have to pay to get my services reconnected. I was also told that my bill would be adjusted and it never was so it looks like I’m going back to Spectrum. Dish really has put a bad taste in my mouth and I’m over them.


john payton July 18, 2017 at 12:08 pm

If you have paperwork showing the joeys were returned, then tell Dish to “SUE ME”. They won’t sue you and if they do, you will have no trouble winning.


Ellen Gordy May 12, 2017 at 10:08 am

I’m pursuing a lawsuit against Dish for their illegal practices of constantly adding charges to your bill without prior notification and authorization. My attorney mentioned a class action suit due to the countless customers that are being treated the same way. Who’s with me?


Peter Adams May 12, 2017 at 4:37 pm

I’d like to join in with you. I keep a journal of wrongdoings.


Jay May 22, 2017 at 3:21 pm

Ellen & Peter,
I would be interested as well.

The short and sweet of it is…….I left Direct TV over a year ago for just this issue. Constant price increases. I saw the television ad for the “3 year price lock guarantee” with DISH, so I went with it. I was assured my price was my price and would not go up. After a year, they raised it $10.00 a month, saying I was initially given a promotion that is now expired. They said the “price lock guarantee” only applies to the network channels and equipment, nothing else. Regardless of their commercials and on line advertisements “guarantying” the price and defaming their competitors of hidden fees and price hikes. At that point, decided to write to their Corporate office (the CEO). Within an hour I received a call back by a Customer Service Rep who said he understood my issue and corrected the problem. That lasted two months and they are at it again. Now increasing my Equipment Protection Plan by a dollar a month. I know it isn’t much, but it is the principle. I again spoke to Customer Service and this time I was told that nothing can be done. So I guess this loop hole allows them to add how ever much they want to other areas of my plan. At will, and for how ever much they decide. Price Lock Guarantee?


Lori Mostrom June 14, 2017 at 4:02 pm

I have a whole list of wrong doings, lies, horrible customer service etc and I’ve only been with dish a month. They refuse to let me out of my contract even though complaints and problems took place in the first week of service. I want in on a lawsuit if a class action is filed for sure.


Zachery Black June 20, 2017 at 8:05 pm

I would love to be apart of this lawsuit they just pulled $400 out of my account without permission so now i cant even feed my child or pay my house payment. The costomer service reps are a joke as well as corporate too.let me know what i need to do as far as this can go i need my money back.


Kathy Ellis June 23, 2017 at 9:28 pm

I am very disappointed in DISH, for several reasons. As to YOUR request, within about 3 months or so of finally getting BACK to DISH (I had them for 13 years before – all good), my “$99” bill suddenly went up about $10. I called to find out why, and they said, “Well, we added the product protection service fee, which you DEFINITELY want! This is to make any necessary service calls covered by the “insurance.” First, I did not ask for this. If I didn’t want it, I would have to notice it on the bill, call the, and cancel it. Now that I have a NEED, they are wanting to charge me $200 to make a house call. I’m with you!


paulette sheetd July 10, 2017 at 9:25 am

I would love to join a lawsuit about dish my bills are always wrong they lie to customer about what we are paying for , they say free noway peter I keep notes and all about bills


Pegi July 11, 2017 at 7:08 pm

I am if you are still doing it


Josefina Nieves July 18, 2017 at 5:05 pm

I am having issues for 2 1/2 months trying to return their receivers and controls that are not my problem of being outdated. They are quick to collect but customer service sucks, they have changed for the worse. I am currently in collections and they keep harassing me for final payment not until this equipment is off my floor, Yes would love to be included in the class action. I will be shipping the equipment to the Corporate office, they can recycle the equipment how they see fit, where the sun don’t shine.


Laureen A January 4, 2018 at 5:31 pm

I want to pursue a lawsuit also but can’t find a lawyer since it related to ID theft. They gave service to a woman with the same first name as mine and using my social security number on two occasions! I have never had DISH service. Their not screening potential customers to see if their doXXXXentation is legit. My life is turned upside down trying to lock all credit activity but had no luck yet obtaining a PIN for my social security number. I don’t know if my problem falls under the class action suit but if it does, I am willing to get on board. Something has to be done about this company!


Likeyoucare May 1, 2017 at 4:16 pm

I have been a dish technician for many years. There is a reason you guy”s site is nothing but complaints. It is true,dish doesnt care about people,families,its employees,or anuthing,exept money. Just to work for dish usually costs me about ten thousand dollars per year. The other techs dont do their jobs,but no one cares,as long as they make sales. None of us are getting hours,because everyone in the free world is cancelling their service. This company is going to sink,because all the guys at the top see are numbers,and none of them have the nuts to put in a little elbow grease to fix it. This compay will sink. Like a terd in the toilet. And,when it does,i hope someone forgets to flush,so it can sit and rot,like us dish employees get to do. Thanks for being heartless, and greedy,and not giving a damn. Going to make finding a new job much easier. Ill just tell them ive spent 6 years working for dish,and theyll probably pay me in advance. Greedy basterds


Kathy Ellis June 23, 2017 at 9:34 pm

Nice to hear from a tech. I actually had a very concientious, knowledgeable and nice tech install my latest service. True, he tried to “up-sell” me with a Sound Bar, but I didn’t mind because I was in the market for one anyway. I think you guys (and gals), along with the people on the very front lines on the phones probably have the toughest jobs in the whole corporation. You want to do a good job, you want to be proud of your company, and you want to LIKE your job! Then they tie your hands … you are right, just for the money. I’ve had a recent very unpleasant experience and am preparing to write to every executive and director I can find, as well as the FCC. I’m sorry if when they “sink” you are out of a job, but I think you may be right – any competitor should be happy to hire a concientious employee who just wants to be able (and enabled) to do a good job. Good luck.


Christine April 28, 2017 at 12:47 pm

wow. Just had a customer service rep. call for the first time. Why he called not sure, just to go over the bill again…Sad that such a large company can’t work with you or explain why they keep charging you, even when the cut my service off for 108. dollars..If I worked for dish I would do everything in my power to help my customer. Guess because they are so large the can do this, but its disappointing when you get no help or compassion!!!! Good luck to all the dish customers out there, you will need it!!! Thank you dish and Steven who called for the first time for NOTHING!


Christine Chausow April 28, 2017 at 12:26 pm

WOW. A lot of bad comments about dish. I know why now. Been with this company for 9 years. Once you and AT&T broke away from you, it through my billing cycle off. I am disabled and on a fixed income. Wanted it changed back to the 3rd of every month they would not do that. Why are the customer service reps., so Rude. They STOPPED my services, charged me fees, mined you i am not in a contract. Now I owe, went from 108. first person i talked to . 2nd person 115.,3rd 147 and now 172. WHAT!!!! shocked and disappointed in Dish.. No one ever called me to see if they could help me or show concern about what was happening to me..Dishearted by this company


Cam Buckley May 6, 2017 at 7:11 pm

I am in agreement with all the comments above. Since my husband passed away and I had to cut back, all I’m having is trouble with Dish and their reps. I’m about to change even though they now claim I have 20 months left under contract! What the hell are they talking about? My husband and I where with them for years. Now I can’t even get my local channels! I can only watch what I had recorded! I am a disabled widow on a fixed income, what do they care.


Paul Brown April 25, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Really, I went to and I find more setup for having us, the customers, do your negotiations for you. These negotiations to get NBC back should not have taken more than a week, if they were going to happen at all. Maybe you Dish company executives know this or maybe you don’t but I was told by a Comcast employee that NBC and Comcast are in bed together, one of them owns the other or something like that and it would be obvious to me that if that were the case then you are just getting slammed by the combo of NBC and Comcast to hurt your company.
I have been getting the same answer from your customer support, stating that negotiations are going on and they hope to resolve this very soon, I’ve been hearing this for nearly 2 months. So I am sick of paying Dish the same money for 1 less channel when there are only 8 or 9 channels that I do watch on dish.
Comcast here we come!


Tina April 23, 2017 at 7:23 pm

My son is a Tech in Indiana,PA. He is one of your top employees. But your employees are not treated very well. He has a family and can barely make ends meet, even though he does better than most of the techs there in sales. Also you should be giving them family medical coverage. You aren’t family based. You don’t care about anything but lining your pocket with money.


Rhap April 23, 2017 at 4:32 pm

I just got off the phone with customer service. “Local service you can trust” is your slogan, yet nothing could be farther from the truth. I have been a “loyal customer” through all the ups & downs with this company, & never changed my service. I missed the entire Olympics, walking into the office everyday during that time to be asked if I had seen this event, or that event. My answer daily was “no, we have Dish remember”. After many responses of “oh you need to change, their service is horrible”. I stayed loyal! Dish’s response was “we will give you 1 free movie rental for your inconvenience”, that was a pathetic attempt, not to mention insulting. If I want a movie rental I will ust pay for it myself. I’m not sure if any of you turn on a television, or look at the Internet, but I live in Central Oklahoma also known as “Tornado Alley”. Our local channels are what keep my family safe, we rely on those channels to know when it is time to go underground. Each major channel is equally as vital as the next. You’re talking life or death! I just looked at social media today to see 45 responses on why in the world we were still using this company. I should have disconnected months ago. I pay monthly for the convince of turning on the TV to see what severe weather is headed our way. Customer service today offered me $10 off a month for the next 6 months. How does $10 off a month keep my family informed of severe storms? Today is the last straw with this company. I pay monthly & on time, & I have for several years. It’s a shame, not to mention an absolute lie to advertise “Local service you can trust”. I am very disappointed, & have been for months. I am currently researching other cable providers. All of this over a “free local channel”. Money & negotiations, over the safety of others is beyond my comprehension. I do know however if enough people disconnect, there won’t be any money to “negotiate” over. I do look, forward to speaking to some one from your company soon. Sincerely, Rhapsody.


Nicole Edwards April 13, 2017 at 11:12 am

This morning $340 dollars was stolen by your company out of my account. A roommate of mine started an account months ago and used my card for the first payment. I do not know where he is, I do not have dish network and I did not authorize this. I called your company and no one could help me. I will speak with my lawyer about fraud charges against me. Dish network had no right to steal my money.


Loreen P WyantI July 3, 2017 at 11:15 pm

I am having the same problem they even told me they would fix it then I talked to a nice man named Tony in corporate and he is fixing everything! 866 215 XXXXX


Fred Lozen March 29, 2017 at 12:32 pm

Congratulations to the Dish Network, who have upgraded thier system so well, that it is now virtually impossible to pay my bill. This morning the site would not accept my password, “chat” my phone number, and neither would their (via phone) customer service. I finally reached a representative on their new account line who re-directed me back to customer service, who would sill not accept my telephone number. After three attempts I finally reached someone who could not find my service in the computer at all… so after wasting hours on this I’ve decided that DTV might be a much better service… God knows their customer service couldn’t be any worse.


Coy March 13, 2017 at 9:29 pm

Very rude customer service reps, bill keeps getting higher every month. I’ve been with Dish for more than 3 years and ready to terminate service. Starting to believe they are adding extra charges on my bill…..please avoid service with DISH


Gary March 29, 2017 at 4:54 pm

I am in the same boat. I recently been with dish for 4 years and my bill keep getting higher and the Office of the President just advise me that if i call more than once a month that I will be terminated for calling them so much. I could not believe they told me that and when I look at the contract it never state I can not call them once a month so I decided instead of me breaking the contract I will call them every day to mess me them only to have them terminate me and if they try to charge me for a 3 year contract I will sue in court for not stating that in the contract.


Dean April 4, 2017 at 2:50 pm

Same thing happened to me and I was with them for more than 5 years and when I called in It was something they screwed up, so for the hell of it I called them back, and got another call from the Pres Department, scolding me like I was his kid and I told them to shove it and switch to DIRECTV got locked in for 2 years, couldn’t be more happier


Heather March 10, 2017 at 7:15 am

I have left 2 vm for the corporate office at this point. I called last month to renew a contract so that I could get a better rate, the guy on the phone told me it would be $85, in which the customer service supervisor informed me she HEARD him say in the recorded phone call, and when I got my bill it was $100. They agreed to waive my cancellation fee. Wow, thanks, you would rather lose a customer than fix the wrong that YOUR customer service agent did? Technically we have both entered into a co tract for the $85, so I’m sure how you think you can just cancel someone when it is on recording what I was offered and what I signed a contract for. Dish does NOT care about their customers, long going, or new. I’m hoping this can get fixed, I don’t want the hassle
Of having to take off work to wait for a new company to come out. Seeing as, again, we are both bound by contract at this time.


kielbasaman March 3, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Obviously the long history of illegal telemarketing scams by DISH are very lucrative. According to the Federal Trade Comission: 57,606,609. That’s the staggering number of illegal telemarketing calls a federal judge in Illinois has ruled that satellite TV company Dish Network is liable for. The Order granting partial summary judgment against Dish is the latest development in an ongoing case filed by the Department of Justice on behalf of the FTC and in cooperation with four states – California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio. The complaint alleges that Dish violated the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, related rules, and state telemarketing laws
The satellite-television provider added about 694,000 gross paid subscribers during the quarter ended in December.

Over all Dish reported a profit of $342.7 million, or 70 cents a share, compared with a loss of $125.3 million, or 27 cents a year earlier.
You’d think Chief Operating Scammer Charlie Ergen · Net worth $16.70 billion should be wealthy enough to stop using illegal telemarketing scams to pad his fortune,


Bill Hobbs February 13, 2017 at 12:13 pm

2/2 paid 120.00. Bill due was 119.98. Dish at the same time took an UNAUTHORIZED 119.98. So I was billed in total 239.98. When I discovered their error, I contacted them. Received and answer on 2/11 that they would refund the 119.98….wait for it, in 19 days which is 2 March. I have been calling and have been told that there is nothing to be done and I have to just wait. In my opinion your stealing that money you took without authorization for an entire month. Dish has the ability to return my funds immediately but refuses to do so. I would change service provider but dish had me over a barrel. The other providers out here are worse.


Khalia Carey February 8, 2017 at 8:36 pm

Dish Agent was rude and hung up in my face and was talking while I was talking


danny hayden February 6, 2017 at 5:51 pm

wrote a really bad review about my experience with dish!! apparently dish kicked it out — didn’t like what I wrote!!!! to make a bad review short just keep away from DISH NETWORK they suck and lie !!!!


Mike V February 3, 2017 at 12:41 am

A Bunch Of Total Idiots!!
Incredibly crappy company, the only one worse is DirecTV, but both are absolute garbage, Dish just charges less for equally bad service. Their “Hopper” is hijacking my internet connection and downloading 25-35GB and uploading 5-7GB of data every 24 hours, when I’m not streaming anything. All I can get out of the idiot offshore “tech support” is meaningless answers that the box periodically downloads updates (which might consume 10-20 MB). They have no clue what they are talking about regarding internet usage. I would have to be watching Netflix in HD for 10-12 hours a day, and I haven’t watched it for a week, yet every 24 hours another 25-35 GB of data is used by the MAC address of the Hopper. These people are idiots and their service sucks. Unfortunately if you want a big vaiety of channels, you have to put up with this crap. I can’t wait for someone to come up with a pure internet service, where you can watch what you want and only pay for that.


Isabel Lopez January 20, 2017 at 12:08 pm

 DISH is full of LIARS !!!!! I was never told when I got this excellent package by the sales person or by the installer that for me to get all their wonderful services I would have to have internet I am on a fixed income and just added Dish to try and save some money and watch local TV and a few extra channels it went from 29.99 to two rooms for 64.87 and now I am informed that they DO NOT HAVE  TO DISCLOSE ANY INFORMATION  ABOUT NEEDING INTERNET, SO TO GET ALL .SIMPLE ON DEMAND  I HAVE TO GET INTERNET  SO  now it’s going to cost me more than I can afford I was lied to by the salesperson and by the executive manager Victor operator# LVY Who claims he is the highest person AT Dish that I can speak to cancel well I’m going to go as high as I can this is not fair !! By omitting that important  part of the service needed THEY ARE LEING TO CONSUMERS ! !   especially when your elderly and On A fixed budget you shouldn’t be manipulated and lied to by Dish this is not good customer service !! The manager  Victor claims they do not have to disclose this  information  because they are not proving Internet but I saw an  advertising  of Dish ,with internet-based  offers ,  he claims I can get on Demand  but only certain channels ,  but they don’t  know which  ones, then he said ooh you can get on Demand without  Internet access  but you have to pay for , it I SAID WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT YOUR LIEING AGAIN !!!  I went thru the steps on my remote and was  able to get some on demand for free by bypassing the main menu  then he changed his mind and said well then we gave you  some on Demand so we have  a contract and you can’t  speak  to anyone  else bottom line if you disconnect  we will charge you the Earl  Disc.Fee!  DISH HOW DARE YOU  MANIPULATE  PEOPLE  LIKE THIS I AM NOT STOPPING  HERE THIS ABUSE HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!


Isabel Lopez January 20, 2017 at 12:06 pm

is full of liars I was never told when I got this excellent package by the sales person or by the installer that for me to get on the man I would have to have internet I am on a fixed income and just added dish to try and save some money now it’s costing me more than I can afford I was lied to by the installer the salesperson and by the executive manager Victor operator Levy who claims he is the highest person on Dish at this that I can speak too well I’m going to go as high as I can this is not fair veterans the service should include everything not telling a consumer that to be able to receive all the wonderful Services you need internet by withholding that information is lying this is fried this is fried advertising and especially when your elderly and Onna fix budget you shouldn’t be manipulated and lied to Dish this is not good customer service


Gene Strecker January 17, 2017 at 8:53 pm

Dish and the local channels are having another contract dispute. As a result, the local channels have been turned off. Dish has no answer to the problem and no answer as to how I will be compensated for the service that I am being charged for but not receiving. I do not have ability to use a antenna in the area I live. A representative tells me that he believes the situation will be resolved soon. Meanwhile, with 3 major storms approaching, I have no local channels. No warning, just turned off and I’m paying for the service. It seems to happen around major sporting events and now the inauguration. I have been a Dish customer for many years and paying too much for too little. Soon to go Charter..


John Buchle January 17, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Dish network has dropped over 200 local station. Unlike Direct TV, Grande, Time Warner. It is unfortunate that Dish does not see the same value in our programming as we do. KWTX and Gray Television are number 1 and number 2 in over 50 markets including Waco, Killeen and Temple Texas. Gray Television has a greater rating than every other broadcast stations and cable channel combined. Dish refuses to keep the same programming as other providers. Gray Television has offered an extension to Dish but Dish refused. So, the million of fee paying customers cant drop Dish cause dish wants to make them keep there contracts and pay a fee for early termination. Wow, when I signed my contract I was told that I would get channels and now when Dish takes them away I still have to pay. That is crap. I will get out of this contract and I will advise all of Waco, Temple, Killeen residence in a blog to avoid Dish network. This is like telling a person they are getting a Corvette we pay for it and then later you come to our house and take the Corvette we paid for. That is theft. I feel like I have been stolen from.Not to mention all the millions of customers. I will not pay a termination fees to Dish for a service I am not receiving and I will discuss with my Attorney. Ignore this if you want but from what I have read in these reviews you guys may lose lots of money. I have to go to some stores here in Waco and tell people to not sign up for Dish. Have a worker ask me about what service I use and have them be Dish. I will tell them what I think and anyone else coming into sign up for Dish. Crooked.


Regina Brown December 21, 2016 at 4:15 pm

To start off, every time I called Dish I kept getting bounced around from person to person in another country and not the US, who barely spoke English or understood what I was asking or talking about, along with getting disconnected a couple of times. Even with all of that, I tried to still give Dish a try because I had Dish in the past when I lived in Palmdale, CA. I tried to establish service at my current residence on 12/19/16 a year and a half later, and it was deemed by the installer, because of the way my unit sits, I would not be able to have the Satellite set up therefore the monies I had to pay upfront out of pocket, would immediately be refunded. The installer immediately called dispatched to let them know the installation didn’t and couldn’t happen and they were going to call me in 15 minutes. They never called me and I had to call them when I realized an hour later I never received a call from them. When I called back to ensure that would happen, no one seemed to know what I was talking about. I’ve called several times since Monday, called several times on Tuesday even being told today, Dish didn’t owe me $147.61. One lady even asked how much is Dish supposed to be refunding me because she didn’t see anything. When I finally got a person on Tuesday, he said he would assure me I would have refunded immediately. I didn’t put the $147.61 on a Credit Card, it was taken straight from my bank account and I need it back in my account sooner than 7-15 days or I will file a complaint and fraud against Dish with my bank TODAY. Dish took the money out of my account on 12/17/16 immediately, before you could even send the installer out, so it shouldn’t take 7-15 days to put it back.

It is pretty sad that, the great customer service Dish once had about 4 years ago, is now gone. I will also be adding my complaint to the 858 comments that I see on Corporate Offices & Headquarters website, seeing one as early as 12/17/16.

TOTALLY FRUSTRATED AND DISAPPOINTED WITH DISH!! I will never suggest or subject anyone to your Customer Service.


Kathy Reagan December 17, 2016 at 9:18 pm

I forgot to mention that Cory Allen or any Dish representatives will not answer or return our calls! I have his business card with a business number, Fax number and his personal mobile number. What good are these numbers when you don’t get action by any of them??? If this isn’t admitting guilt, what is it!


Regina Brown December 21, 2016 at 4:09 pm

I’m having similar issues.


Kathy Reagan December 17, 2016 at 9:14 pm

My story begins on 10/19,2016. A man (Cory Allen) knocks at our door. He assured us that he was not selling anything. He said that he was here to upgrade our equipment with DirecTV. So, we let him in and he starts telling us what he would do for us. It sounded good, so we listened.
Cory Allen is from Gilbert, AZ and we are in Oro Valley, AZ.
We should have known that something was up when he is upgrading our equipment on a Sunday afternoon. So, after convincing us that Dish was better that DirecTV, we thought we would give it a try.
I said that we had just entered into a contract with DirecTV about 6 months ago. He assured us that he would take care of the cancellation of Direct and we would pay no penalty. A month later, we received a statement from DirecTV. I called them and they informed me that nobody had cancelled any part of our account.
The installer was another story. He stole our DirecTV dish. We were told by reps at our ATT store and others to press charges and what he did was theft! I am writing this today because I just got a payoff bill from DirecTV for $380.00. Unreal what Dish can get away with!


Shauna November 29, 2016 at 8:51 am

We have been with being able to watch our dish in the living room. We contacted a dish representative and walked thru all the necessary steps to try and fix the problem. We were told that the equipment malfunctioned and we’re being sent a new upgraded one. Well it got sent to another state I have called numerous times and have been told many things, we were watching TV on a small one in a small room. I was told it was going to be over nighted to us and that was 11/23/2016, understanding that there was a holiday the next day. They told me I should be getting a new package by Friday. It came and went called again was told for sure Monday as it was processed on Friday, to be shipped. Never showed called yesterday was told only on the 11/30/2016 we will be getting the new equipment as it was processed Monday 11/28/2016. I would like to know why i have been lied to on numerous occasions and why my cable has been cut off also how come they couldn’t just have a dish tech come out and fix the problem right away instead of us having to do it ourselves. I know there is one around where we live because he installed the dish.


Minnie D November 22, 2016 at 9:27 am

I am contacting DISH corporate, Illinois BBB and State Attorney General office, as well as Hotmail Abuse. I phoned Dish last night because my Hotmail account wasn’t working. After speaking to some guy I could barely understand (very broken English), he said it was Hotmail fault not Dish (ok) and gave me a number “to Hotmail”. I repeated the number and assured it was Hotmail I was calling (yes). I called the number and knew I was in trouble with the man’s greeting (“Hello?”). I said I was told this was Hotmail (“it is”). He, too, had a very poor grasp of the English language, then went on to say he could “most certainly fix your problem, and then it will cost you.” He proceeded to tell me that my cost would be several hundred dollars to “fix” my problem. I told him this was a scam and hung up. I then called DISH back to complain and the guy told me he was stumped that anyone would give me Hotmail’s number “because we don’t even have that number in our rolodex” (who still uses a rolodex?). But anyway, he assured me that that’s something they don’t do. When I said I was lodging a complaint against the first guy and asked his name, I was told for the guy’s safety he couldn’t give a name, that DISH gives them a “3 digit number” and that’s all he had, but still couldn’t give it to me! He agreed that I should’ve never been told a Hotmail phone number, nor that a fee would be charged. I later – ON MY OWN- “fixed” my Hotmail issue. Apparently, there was an update to Hotmail that changed its appearance and how it works and it’s now working fine. I just had to verify things for the security feature. That’s ALL! But to think that DISH personnel gave me a number to call to spend HUNDREDS of dollars to “fix”,is beyond belief. And I am POSITIVE that those two guys were working together to scam DISH customers. So I am pushing this to everywhere so NO ONE will be given this scam again. PEOPLE >>> DO NOT PAY TO GET YOUR EMAIL WORKING….. just fix your security feature to allow access!!


Gwendolyn Rogers November 7, 2016 at 2:36 pm

My mother, Vivian Smith- 94years old, received a call from Whitney and my mother approved your Dish network, with sports channels . She says she was not told she was entering into a contract.. But was informed the cost would be $30 less that her present cable provider. She was a happy camper until she couldn’t access her sports channels. when we went to game finder , it gave us the channel to get her game and it was not there. We called and the customer service said you all were not in control when a channel/vendor decides to bloc the channels. Bad response. This is a long story…let me stop here WE tried to cancel the service and they saidwe have to pay $20 per month for the remainder of the contract. I can’t believe you have to pay for something you didn’t get.
WE have contacted the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan for consumer fraud. My mother has received a bill for $428.97, which we will not pay. She can’t pay a bill for something she didn’t receive. The Office of the President wouldn’t even listen and what she heard , she didn’t care just keptsaying ,, you will get a bill for the remaining months of the contract. WOW!! Customer service who doesn’t listen to reason. My mother would still have the service if she got what she paid for. This is consumer fraud. and its a terrible experience my mother had to endure. #8255 9098 9496 4995. CANCEL THE BILL AND WE WILL NOT HAVE TO GO THRU THIS. Thanks for your time.


LOLA November 4, 2016 at 3:08 pm

On 19 February ; I spoke with a Representative from DISHNET who sold me a package that I thought would meet my needs both in price and entertainment.

The following things were not discussed based on the billing and entertainment:
1. I was asked for a Credit Card # for background Credit Check.
2. He did not express to me that there was an equipment protection plan being charged against my account.
3. Pricing was not $79.00 per month as promised by the Customer Rep.
4. The REDZONE does not allow you to watch an entire game; only highlights. The representative did not explain that to me.
5. Noticed that I was not receiving a bill in the mail; I called and was told that I signed up for autopay with my Credit Card. I was TDY a lot and my spouse paid it without questioning how DISHNET was authorized to use my Credit Card. This is considered fraud; there was no consent to taking this action.

I would like someone from the Corporate Office to call me.


Laureen A January 4, 2018 at 5:58 pm

there is another person on this page planning on a class action lawsuit for bad business practices and looking for others to participate. You should read her post and join it. I don’t recall her name. I had DISH give a woman service with SS number, her name is the same first name as mine is. Dish dis this in 2012 and in 2015 did it again with her partners name and my social security number. Really bad practice when they don’t confirm that doXXXXents supplied are legit.


RICK October 31, 2016 at 6:27 am



Kirti A Bakshi October 28, 2016 at 2:55 pm

Dear Sir, This is in regards to continue issue going on from last couple of years. The technician came to replace my old DVR and he has broken my electronic devices drop the shelf. He wonts me call you for to record incident. I have called your customer service personnel but there was no help at all. Finally I have wrote a letter to your CEO Joseph. He called me and I have explained him my situation. He has given me cost fore life. Today I have received an email that my prize has changed. I called the customer service but there is no help. I don’t know what to do. I need help.

Thank You

With Regards
Sanjay K Bakshi


Greg October 20, 2016 at 3:07 pm

Today is 10/19, I cancelled my Dish service 8/22. There’s over thirty dollars in credit on my account for 2 months. I had no contract obligation to dish, and equipment was received at Dish on 9/12. That delay was their fault in sending their return info.

Today, as it has been almost two months, I called dish to ask where my refund was, I was advised, get this…Dish does not send refunds unless a customer requests it!

I asked does that mean Dish will keep MY money indefinitely if I do not ask for it? The rep chuckled and said that is exactly what Dish does.

I failed to see the humor. I asked if this was legal…no response.

I asked how long before my refund…20+ business days, AFTER the “check” clears the bank. I asked what that meant, rep could not explain, nor could he tell me which bank(s) he is referring to.

I asked how much interest I was going to receive, similar to a late fee Dish would charge for having my money for 2 months…he chuckled again. I was not trying to do a comedy routine, I wanted serious answers.

I do not see how this can possibly be legal, let alone keep someone else’s money that is not really Dish’s, and do it in what, good conscience, as this is done for the benefit of our customers.

I searched online for Dish’s code of ethics. I would love to have read where Dish considers keeping money from this type of situation honorable, ethical, or even just in the best public interest. The only code of ethics I found was “DISH Network Corporation Code of Ethics for Financial Reporting” which appears to be reporting for Wall Street. Guess Dish does not have any ethics when it comes to keeping money that is not theirs to begin with.


William Lowry September 26, 2016 at 3:17 pm

Dish Network installed a system at my residence and I did not sign anything but instead received a copy of a contract with a forged signature.I asked my lawyer and he says Dish can’t make me stay in a contract I did not sign.The only reason I kept service as long as I did was they threatened me with early termination fees and I was afraid it would go on my credit report.I tried numerous times to get this resolved but it is time to file a lawsuit and obtain warrants for the contractor that did the install.


Ronnie Humphrey January 3, 2017 at 5:40 pm

I have experienced the same problem. Dish says they have my signature on a contract. I haven’t signed anything and they are attempting to charge me $533.71. I asked for the alleged signed contract and they will not furnish it. I happen to know the technician that partially installed equipment and plan to file forgery on him if they ever provide me with this fake contract. I had problems with the services in the first hour and could not get if fixed. Texas law provides a couple of different laws to protect consumers from this type of theft. They are violating laws and frankly don’t care. I sent a dispute form in and will go through formal arbitration with them and will request that this arbitration be done in Texas and remind them that our laws in Texas do matter. By the time that the arbitration hearing occurs, I will have filed criminal charges on the technician and because I am a police officer I will personally accompany the technician to our county jail. Maybe Dish will bond him out but I seriously doubt it.


Loretta McCain September 23, 2016 at 9:59 am

I received a call yesterday, 9/22/16, informing me that I needed to update my boxes because they were not compatible with the new location for your satellite. The gentlemen said if I did not update I would loose my service within a week. He said they would sent out the equipment and have a tech come out and install it. I was not to pay the tech however there would be a refundable charge of $185,00 for the upgrade. I said why should I pay when Dish called me. After going back and forth he said he would reduce it to $50.00 I again told him NO. He said then within a week I would no longer have service. I said if my service was stopped I would notify my atty. I heard other customer service reps in the background calling customers with the same statements most likely targeting seniors like me. I don’t know if there is a quota amount that they have to have each month and that’s why they are calling but to me it’s a SCAM!!. I later went on your chat line and was informed that I would have to REQUEST an upgrade and there was nothing showing on my account. Maybe if you had customer service in the US it would be harder for these practices to happen. (just saying) Hopefully I will receive a reply to my complaint that will come from YOU and not overseas.


Unhappy September 18, 2016 at 3:00 pm

The customer service is terrible that u u sign a contract. Cuz when u have a problem the people u talk with are very rude n un helpful supervisors are worse. If I could get dish off my roof it would b on curb


William Lowry September 26, 2016 at 3:06 pm

Dish Network installed a system at my residence and I did not sign anything but instead received a copy of a contract with a forged signature.I asked my lawyer and he says Dish can’t make me stay in a contract I did not sign.The only reason I kept service as long as I did was they threatened me with early termination fees and I was afraid it would go on my credit report.I tried numerous times to get this resolved but it is time to file a lawsuit and obtain warrants for the contractor that did the install.


M Mike September 18, 2016 at 2:24 pm

Mr. Joseph Clayton
President and CEO

Dear Sir:

Your company rep, Shea Hensley, is also representing an alarm company (Solvent Security) The reason I called Dish I believe I was having some problems.

The repair person was Shea Hensley as we spoke, he seemed rather concerned about the security of my home, gave me some story about burglars’. I do live in a gated community and I also have an alarm system (local). Mr. Hensley informed me that there would be NO added cost, for this alarm even though there was an emergency button.

He called Century Link, got my cost of phone, WI-FI and Verizon, and on the back of his card wrote down, $246.00. He told me my monthly costs would not be increased. It was not for the first three months then I got hit with a bill of $59.99 month from the alarm Company. I called my bank had the charge reversed at the cost of $30.00, each time the bill comes in, I have to have it reversed.

I wrote a complaint to the AG state of AZ. still waiting for a reply. In the mean time my credit is slowly being ruined, because if I pay this bill I can’t buy food. I am also honorable discharged from the service, I am on dialysis, $700.00 a month medical bill I am know 86 and this is too much for me to handle!

Are you part of this Co. called Solvent Security, If you are, please have this taken out, and have a good talk with Mr. Hensley about dishonest business practices!


Christine James September 9, 2016 at 8:19 am

In June of 2016 my wife called Dish Network to add service to a second location which we use on weekends and holidays. This location has no mail service so she asked that the bill for this second location be sent to our home address. In August of 2016 we found our service had been suspended due to non payment.

After calling customer service we discovered they had been sending the bill to the second location street address which has no mail service. They informed me they would restore service as soon as I made payment and then informed me I had 48 hours to pay or I would be turned over for collection.

After a few hours online I found a ton of other complaints just like mine

Wonderful service for a customer who has paid their exorbitant monthly bill for 10 years. In addition, the installation at the second location has never been completed. The dish is being held in place with a pile of rocks and the cable is still stretched across the yard and has never been buried. Perhaps payment should not be made until they finish installation.


Amanda Johnson September 8, 2016 at 2:08 pm

To whom this may concern in the corporate office.
17 months ago in 2015in the beginning of that year I established services in Atlanta Georgia and at the time of service acceptance I had to pay a fee before services would start. I didn’t have the funds and it was a special going on so if I didn’t pay at that time the special would be over so I borrowed the monies from a friend and he used his bank information.
In July 2016 my services was interrupted due to financial problems to be Frank lost of income so I could no longer keep services going. I called and told the rep that I would be returning my equipment 6 weeks later I finally received the boxes 1 week later I returned the boxes.
On September 7th I received a collection letter stating that I owe $560.85 I then called the collection agency and spoke with a agent I then asked her how is it that I owe $560.85 she said Dish charged $340.00 for a cancellation fee which covers the seven months left on the contract plus the remaining balance owed for the months of services mind you I was told that I had a pay as you go account meaning when you don’t pay your services will stop until I pay. That’s fine well services went on for 1 extra month so that mean July, and August 2016. I told her that had to be wrong she said well call Dish I only have what they sent to us.
Ok I received the collection notice Wednesday September 8th 2016 that same afternoon I called Dish and spoke with a account specialist his name was Nick I asked him the same question why do I owe this much monies $560.85 he then said the reason being $340.00 is for the remaining months you had left on your account and the rest is for the services rendered I then asked him why did you guys charge me for 2 months he said I’m looking at the account and we gave you credit for those two months mind you my dish bill every month was around $125.00 with taxes I told him well I don’t have that kind of money he said there’s nothing we can do then I said well thank you he then said that you will be contacted by the collection company soon I told him I know already I have the paper. Nick then saids there’s no way you can dispute yeah I did ask that question Nick saids to me the only thing you can do is restore your services pay $227.00 and I will waive that $340.00 fee. I told him I will see what I can do we hung up.
Thursday morning @ 9:00am the friend who helped me pay for the starting of my services in 2015 called me and said Dish Network took $340.00 which means you guys took it upon yourselves to make an unauthorized transaction. This man name is not on my account he has nothing to do with my account. He told me if his money was not put back he was sending the police to my house and he’s filing theft charges. I then called Dish and spoke with a dish representative and told her that took unauthorized monies from an account that was not mine and the account holder said if his money wasn’t put back that I would be arrested and I stated that I was not going to jail for anyone,the rep puts me on hold comes back and tells me being that this was the card used to start services that’s why we got the monies from that account again can I or the account owner dispute can you put his money back what can you or I do can I speak to your Manager,Supervisor or someone from the corporate office she told me no there’s nothing no one can do and hung up the phone. I asked my friend did he call his bank and said yes that there wasn’t any thing that they could do because the charge was pending. Now I have a case against me and I lost my best friend and I owe him $340.00 and Dish Network didn’t care and I believe someone needs to attend to this matter asap give that man a refund and some. You guys have put me through HELL and I already have gone to Consumer Affairs next the BBB and Facebook I will tell the whole world about this. You should not treat patronages like this because with out us you have nothing. So I hope to hear from someone real soon. You have my email address and here’s my phone number 678-640-XXXXX.
I would say have a nice day buy why should I when my friendship has been lost and I maybe looking at time…. I hope you feel good about yourself and your company…..
I will tell everybody not to deal with Dish social media is where it starts……


DK October 13, 2016 at 1:15 pm

First off, your friend can file a dispute with the bank since the bill is not his/hers. After the charge leave the pending stage at the bank he/she then can file the dispute and the bank will reverse the charges back into his account . He has no case against you, his case is against Dish for unauthorized us of a bank card that should have been for a one time charge (if he/she specified one time).


KEITH R WILDE August 28, 2016 at 9:37 pm



Pete S August 25, 2016 at 5:43 pm

I had a problem an felt I was treated unfairly.I emailed the corporate offices.I got a call back within 2 hours.And my situation was resolved to my satisfacation.Thank You Dish for doing the right thing.I’m back to recommending you.


Greg October 20, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Hey Pete,

Would you consider sharing that corporate email address here? Appreciate it.



Tammy Robinson October 20, 2016 at 6:33 pm

The corporate email and snail mail address is in our listing


Michael August 24, 2016 at 6:54 pm

You f-ing cheap basturds this is the worst company I have ever seen make the f-ing deal an get channel 19 whnt back on . or do I need to come kick the crack out of you rich a**?


Ashley C. August 24, 2016 at 3:04 pm

I let a friend use my debit card to activate is account with dish network. After a few months of NOT receiving any reception do to poor tech installation and pointing the dish straight at a try and the bill being paid with my debit card for those months my friend decided he was going to cancel with dish since they couldn’t find a way to fix the problems. Then he receives a letter in the mail letting him know that my card will be charged if he doesn’t return the equipment which keep in mind he had the basic channels and paid over $200.00 up front to get this equipment. Now that he has returned the boxes and all that goes with they are charging my debit card $378 and they are calling it a final bill. Yes, I know this because the people whom he spoke to today this is all they said. They refuse to take the charge off of my account and bill him. So, I will be going to the bank today to dispute this charge. They may not take money off my card for a final bill with out my permission. That is why when you pay something by phone or via internet you must agree to the current charges. Well, I don’t give you permission to take my money from my checking account, the money that i work for without my permission. So, now this is all in dish’s hand lets see how they are going to handle this.


Blake Clark August 16, 2016 at 7:05 pm

So I call dish and asked to have my receiver upgraded to hd, I have had dish for almost 2 years and always had the plain jain receiver. When I call the representive tells me that I qualify for a free upgrade I say great and she tells me that I can add a receiver for just 8 dollars. So I agree to pay the eight dollars (no big deal)….so I pay the eight dollars and setup the appt. for the tech to come and upgrade and add a receiver. So the tech shows up (2hours late) and proceeds to hook up everything….about half way through this appt. he comes up to me with his phone is his hand… I take the phone and its a dish representive I say hello and she says well sir it appears that you need to make a payment of 24.98 for the second receiver to be activated…would you like to make this payment with card on your account ending in @#$% I go no I am not paying this amount and she proceeds to tell me that everything will be fine that she will waive the amount….so I hand the phone back to the tech and he proceeds to finsh up his job…. after everything is done he leaves and I check my card balance on my mobile app and the 24.98 was off my card. I have called dish 10 times and they only wana offer a 10 dollar discount for three months….Last time I checked it was illegal to pull money off someone’s debit card with out there permission….I am taking them to court wish me luck


John manning August 10, 2016 at 12:56 pm

This is for everyone…I was in a major motor vehicle accident and yes I got behind on my bill…so I called dish and let them know as soon as I got back to work I would be paying my bill…so I went back to work and called them and asked what I need to do to get my Internet services back on…Rachel the agent I was speaking to Said all I had to do was pay 133.00 and my Internet would be back on with the next 2 hours…so I did and waited and nothing…so I called back…and they said I would have to get a new modem…then they said I would just have to wait 24 hours…so I did and nothing…so I called back what I paid for was TV services and nothing for the internet…and I would have to be pre qualified again to get Internet services…which I was denied…so they tell me If I paid my bill for 2 months I would be pre qualified again…I was like ok fine…the I get 2 emails that they are sending me boxes for my hopper and my modem…so I call back and ask to speak to a supervisor…I get ahold of Alfonso and he puts me on hold gets back on laughing…then puts me on hold again gets back on and says “sh*t “…and hangs up…yup now I’m pissed…so I call back and I talk to Dave his supervisor…and that’s all I get I’m sorry…and did to slap me in the face more they wanted to give me 5.00 off my bill for 6 months..that’s just a slap in the face…so you want to talk about pride…my title is Sgt manning usmc…I have more pride then all 3 of you combined…now my childern can not do their home work cause their text books are on line…now I’m trying to call you and to speak to one of you to explain what I have been going through…and I have been on hold for 30 mons now


Katina May August 9, 2016 at 6:03 pm

I have been on the phone with Dish customer service ALL AFTERNOON!!!! First of all, when I first signed up for Dish I was told one thing and was given another and it took days for the problem to be corrected. Then I was promised a $50 gift card for singing up and NEVER received it. After days of calling and complaining I received it in credits which was fine with me. Since then I have had to call them every other month to get new remotes because they wouldn’t work! I changed the batteries (good ones and cheap ones) and half of the remote still wouldn’t work. When I reached the 1 year mark I was sent a letter saying that my promotion was up and my bill doubled in price which wasn’t true because it was a locked price for 2 years not 1. I called to speak to someone about it (not to mention the fact that earlier that morning my children came running into my room yelling about the channels that they watch was going to be blacked out ) and was told TOO DAMN BAD!!!!! Then I asked them about the channels that was being blacked out and was told that my kids could watch other channels and it was nothing they could do! Now today I called because all of my HD channels were out (which is 90% of the channels on my TV) and my favorite show is coming on tonight (I’ve been waiting all week for this show) and I thought the customer service lady was helping me but instead she erased ALL my channels! WTF!!!! I’m so tired of Dish and their bullsh*t! Every month I pay for their services and I expect my service to be straight! I don’t expect nothing but what I have paid for and it’s like pulling teeth to get just that! I would NEVER recommend this service to ANYONE not even my enemy! I have had to call Corporate too often in order to receive results and that’s not suppose to happen. Oh, also today the customer service lady told me ” I can give you the number to a Dish store that’s only 5mins away from you and you can ask them if they have a tech that can come fix your service today”! Since when do customers call around to find a tech to fix their services? Isn’t that their job? I have decided to seek out other services because I can’t continue to pay for services that I’m not happy with!!


Kerry Cole August 8, 2016 at 5:33 pm

I’ve only had Dish for 13 YEARS . . . . . you can look it up.

NOT via MAIL. !!!!
When I called, – JENNA WOODLAM – ( if that was her name) the call was on Aug 8 1026 15:36 hrs 720-514-7197, said I REQUESTED a DISCONNECT in a letter.
*** I DID NOT *** I have the letter.

The letter was a ** COMPLAINT ** about Dish dropping Channel 4 FOX (in KC).
JENNA WOODLAM REFUSED to acknowledge that I DID NOT REQUEST a disconnect or that it was even DIsh’s fault.
JENNA WOODLAM – REFUSED – to allow me to speak with her supervisor because, as she said, she had no one above her to speak to as she was in the “Corporate Headquarters”.

IF you ever want a “TEXT BOOK” example of how to really anger a LONG TIME CUSTOMER and make them go to ANOTHER satellite provider . . . .. . this is the way.

Thank you for the years of wasted loyalty . . .


Machele Brunson August 3, 2016 at 6:03 am

This complaint is for the CEO Charles W. Ergen, I became a disk customer 4/16 and now I’am not. The reason the dish outside my house was installed in a location were a tree branch was in front and every time the wind blow my tv would go out. This happen one day over 20 times and I was trying to watch my favorite show. The next day I call dish to inform them of the problem. And asked could you send a service person out to turn the dish away from the branch? Well I was told there was a fee of $159.00 to send a service person out. So I told the customer service rep. I’ve only had your service for 2 months. No one mention this up front to me. But I asked why would the service man turn the dish that way?Knowing that a big tree was there and when spring begins the tree leaves and limbs starts to grow and block the dish. I felt I shouldn’t be charge because number one I wasn’t inform about the fee and number two I am a new customer which the fee should have been waive and then inform going forward for any reason there will be a charge. I disconnect the service beacue that but a bad taste in my mouth and your customer service rep. Trenton RK8 was very rude and I then asked to speak to a Manager and he infomr me only a supervisor was there. I spoke to the supervisor name Jeremy who basically ther was nothing he can do and if I wanted him to transfer me back to customer service to have my service disconnect. What supervisor does this to a new customer. I will never recomment anyone to get your service because of your employee disrespect to new customer. You do know word of mouth is your best business promotion. Now I get a bill for $484.67 early disconnet fee which I will not pay. I will pay the balance when I hear from you. I would like a response back as soon as possible. Have a blessed day, Thanks


Freddie July 26, 2016 at 8:56 pm

I’m with all of you!!!! I decided to try Dish in Nov 2016. From day one the Hopper wasn’t working and the customer service dept. said I had to unplug…that didn’t salve the problem! Here I am 9 months later have had 6 tech’s to my home, 30+ phone calls (even to corporate). Took ID from each person I talked with and the time of day and the time on the phone. I am DOWN with DISH and am calling to have it removed from my home! I’m horrified though to see what all you have to say in conjunction with this company. I wish I would have seen this page before I ordered Dish. The last tech that was here plugged into my HDMI outlet saying maybe this would fix the problem but when I went to plug into my HDMI outlet to use my Chromecast it no longer works!!! Now what do I do? That was an $800 TV in 2010, since then my husband divorced me and am living off of disability alone. He supposed to be paying support but chose not to! I can’t afford to fix my TV or even know if it is fixable, I can’t afford to eat! I wish we could take a Class Action Law Suit out on them. If I were paid for all the hours calling them about problems, waiting for tech’s and not having TV service working, the charges would be great! I’m disabled with severe health issues and the last thing I need is extreme stress from dealing with Dish! Anyone have any idea of what TV company or service is any good? Directv I had for years as well but went through crap with them too! Sincerely, Freddie


Steven C Goble July 21, 2016 at 1:38 pm

Signed up with Dish 4 months ago and for the last month all Tribune channels have been blacked-out, because of fee disputes… I have sent numerous emails… My responses are form letter… Here is an email I got from Tribune…

E-mail from Tribune 07/05/2016:

Thanks, Steven, this is typical of Dish. They tell you to call the station, KTLA, even though they know the individual station has nothing to do with these negotiations. That’s a waste of your time and energy, and is designed to confuse things and over-burden our station personnel.

What they’re not telling you here is that we offered a 60-day extension, they offered something like 48 hours, which would have done nothing given the pace at which they negotiate. They rejected the 60 days. We declined arbitration because they had failed to even make a timely and reasonable counter to our initial offer. Wanted to go straight to arbitration without really negotiating.

I could go on…but you get the point.

We’ll keep trying but it takes two to really get this done.

Gary Weitman, Tribune Media

I regret ever leaving Time Warner Cable… I was with them from 1988 to 2016 and never had problems like this… Dish’s customer service is useless and so are their supervisors… No body seems to give a damn!!!

By the way… Dish has blackouts all over the country… If I remember… There are over 17 states that are experiencing blackouts… And it is all over “Money”… Dish is so greedy that a few large broadcasting companies have threatened to “Pull their channels” from the Dish Network

A Very Infuriated Subscriber


Marguerite sale July 20, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Dish came out to connect two power relocaters,at the cost of $211.99. After putting two large holes in our wall,they found they could not install them.
They took the parts and left,leaving the holes in the wall. Many calls later,nothing has been done about it.
Called the so called presidents office,nothing. Time for a lawyer


Mary Ann Alberts July 18, 2016 at 5:23 pm

Well to start off I am a new customer to Dish. Imagine have an appointment scheduled and you wait all day at home for them to come between 2-4 and an Email verification and THEY DONT SHOW UP. After calling them at 4:30 they say the people that they sent the order to never received it and they never came SO they scheduled another appointment for the next day between 12-2, LORD AND BEHOLD, THEY DID NOT SHOW UP. I call them and they say the person who was coming could not come but they are getting someone else, LORD AND BEHOLD MO ONE SHOWED UP.
My husband is disabled, had multiple strokes, I spent 3 days on the phone with these people and let me tell you 3 IT PEOPLE, not one could figure the problem out. I had to cancel 2 doctors appointments for my husband to wait for them and stay at my place in PA and they never came. No TV in the mountains and rain, while being in a trailer. Was supposed to be a few days of get away to relax and it was nothing but A BIG HEADACHE still not resolved.
I had Direct TV for 10 years never a problem and had to give them up cause their signal was lost cause the trees were blocking there satellite and they couldn’t get me service and I am so upset.
Today I tried calling the CEO’s office and to no avail they answer Corporate offices but another false advertisement, they connect you to a customer service person.
After going through more crap they connect me with the presidents office and a lovely lady spoke to me and I AM ONLY HOPING THAT SHE IS GOING TO LIVE UP TO HER WORD AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THE ISSUES WE SPOKE ABOUT.
She did do good for me and when I am returning to my trailer she is going to personally get the service people herself. We will see.
Worse company and staff people I have ever delt with.
Would not recommend the DISH to anyone. And the are not cheap.


Charles Colvin July 12, 2016 at 10:45 am

I ordered dish for my sister in Madison, Florida. Five months later my sister passed away, I called dish and cancelled the service. Without informing me, dish debited my domestic partner bank account for $476 for early termination. I would not have cancelled if my sister had not died.

I live in a condo in West Palm Beach, Century Village has a contract with comcast and the service is included in the monthly association fees.

I can not even get a hold of Charlie Ergen, I was buying C band equipment from him in the 80’s before dish existed.

As in the old saying, “Buyer Beware”, what a horrible company Dish is!!!!!!!


Delani Lewis July 12, 2016 at 10:41 am

I have been a Dish customer for the past 2 years and because of budgetary constraints, I called early June to cancel our cable services. The cancellation was to be made effective 07/04. On 06/09, I received a confirmation e-mail stating that my services have been cancelled and that I would only be charged a return fee for the equipment. The third week of June, I received an e-mail stating “Your DISH bill is now available”. This bill itemized services for 07/05-08/04 for $126.49, what my normal bill has been this whole time. Immediately, I reached out to customer service through the MyDish portal. The representative re-assured me that I would not be charged and that the bill is system generated and to disregard it. Also at that time, I tried to cancel AutoPay online (realized it has not been made an option for the customer to cancel online) but since the rep had assured me I wasn’t going to be charged anyway, I didn’t pursue this any further. On 07/05, a charge for $126.49 hit my bank account. I called immediately and spoke to a representative. He stated that I was charged in error and that my refund would be placed back in my account within 2-3 business days since it was an error on Dish’s side. Friday, July 8, I had still not seen a refund to my account – I called customer service. The rep explained to me that there is a process and that my refund would not be made until 7 days after it had cleared. Well, the payment had cleared on 07/05 so she said by 07/12, I should be seeing something – either a refund or a notification saying that a refund would be sent by check. In this time, I had also emailed Dish care and they reassured me that the refund would be processed within 7 days as well. I followed up this morning and spoke with Andy. She had told me that I was not going to be refunded until the equipment was returned. This is incorrect. Not once, in all of the other conversations I had with Dish representatives, was it mentioned that I would be charged for a full month of services until I had returned the equipment. I escalated to the supervisor, Wesley. He took ownership and stated that I was erroneously charged and that a separate charge for the return fee should have been made. I asked that the situation get rectified today but he was unable to do so for me.

My frustration stems from Dish not upholding the expectation that they set with me. The expectation was that 1) I shouldn’t be charged for services I am not receiving (which turned out to be incorrect) and 2) that the erroneous charge would be refunded within 7 days (also not correct). I am ready to get this equipment out of my house so rest assured (and I will keep my word as a customer), I will be returning as soon as I received the boxes that have been sent recently.

I would have been more than happy to be patient through this whole process but I was not being kept in the loop and kept getting the run-around. I would hate to think that you do this to all customers. Not allow them to cancel their autopay online, have a rep reassure that they wouldn’t be charged after they cancel their services but still you get to charge them for another month. That would not be morally correct and that is operating on deceit. I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt but for my issue not be resolved after 5 different contacts with Dish, I am thoroughly disappointed and have to assume that I am being swindled.


amy bishop July 9, 2016 at 8:58 pm

I was told I was eligible for free upgrade for hopper3,and would not be placed in another I call to get it and I’m informed,you will be put into a 8 is no longer with dish,they sent 1 antenna out but we have 4 tvs.they keep ssayingtheir trying to keep price down,but still goes never get a straight answer from anyone there ,even corporate. Which I’ve called,emailed and complained probably more than 10 time in 6 months.they never do what they say they will do to fix the problem. They could care less about the customers. Very upset customer


Patricia Huerta July 5, 2016 at 2:53 pm

I have had Dishnetwork for over 6 years. In the last 2 years I have had nothing but problems with both the Internet & TV service. 7/3/16 was the final straw that broke the Donkey’s back, I ordered a PPV and it wouldn’t play because of their screwed up programming. I had paid for this and at 1st the CSR said no refund until I pointed out that charging someone for something they could not get was tantamount to fraud, then he cancelled the film, but still kept the payment. My internet is slow & spotty, I was told I had a free upgrade on my new receiver, but they charge me $10/month, that was after I sent my old receivers back to Dish even though they belonged to me & I was told they were now obsolete (it took them a year to tell me why that was the reason my TV reception was terrible). After trying to convince me to stay and not succeeding the CSR them said that I had to send parts back to them from both the TV dish & the Internet dish and would be charged if they didn’t get them back. Well the internet is no problem, but the TV dish is 30 feet up a pole off the ground where the Dish tech. put it. So my question was, why can’t they send someone out to get this and why am I paying a $10.00 fee per return label box when there is a technician 5 miles down the road from me. I am a 62 year old woman and if I fall trying to retrieve their garbage parts then I guess we’ll just need to get an attorney to recover personal injury costs. Before anyone subscribes to this network, do your homework, they are not what they represent themselves to be. Customer service is not a priority and neither it seems are there TV programming & internet services.


friday July 5, 2016 at 2:32 pm

Prices change monthly, customer service was AWFUL and the supervisors when they let you speak to one was worst. Dish will never get my money again and I’m glad that my co workers got to witness the communication between us because now they will never use Dish.


Jessica Sealey July 4, 2016 at 2:45 pm

I’ve been with dish for over two years.. I called dish to get my service transferred to a new apt. I had an appointment scheduled for 7/1/16 but had to reschedule because the electricity wasn’t turned on as yet.. The agent to me my new appointment was for 7/2/16.. Stayed at home all day waiting for a phone call or a tech to show up.. Decide to give the cust. Service a call around 4pm to ask what happened why no one called or show. To be told that the agent scheduled me for the Monday 7/4/16. Everyone fail to mentioned that I needed a permission letter from my land lord.. The tech call the morning of 7/4/16 already with an attitude. He ask about the letter i told him he was the first person the ask about a letter no one told this to me & ive never needed a letter before.. He ask if I had live in a building before I said yes what u think I live in a hut.. He shut me down completely.. ” Today is not the day for being smart am not in the mood & I have things to do”.. His name is Eian in St.Thomas.. mentioned to him that no one ever ask me for a letter & my land lord went on a cruise.. He said ” oh well since you want to be smart I would’ve done u a nice favor but call cust. Service and have them make you a next appointment for being rude and hung up”.. Email my landlord and got the permission letter 5 mins after he hung up.. Now calling to see if he was coming or sending an other agent they keep transferring me to other agent with no help.. Now here I am writing you on7/47/16 @ 2:42pm no cable..

Am getting rid of my service.. I work to hard to pay for bad customer service when everything that happened was the company agents fault.. I would never Advice anybody to get this cable from dish.. Instead of just fixing the mistake which was cause by mis information from the agent..


Betty July 2, 2016 at 9:58 pm

I left AT&T to become a Dish Network customer and was never mistreated as a customer. Your supervisors didn’t seem concerned about how the previous representative treated me or that I may leave your company. They both had a very disgruntled attitude as if they hate their jobs and their customers. I’m so disappointed in how my situation was handled and the lack of respect and integrity received.

I realize I may not get a response to this issue but felt like you should know how your company is represented. Thanks for taking the time to read my complaint.


Dennis July 1, 2016 at 5:35 pm

Your service sux , you force people to keep the service . I tried 1 hour after having Dish installed , to have it taken out and was told I had to keep it for 2 years or pay early termination . You run your business by forcing people to keep you garbage service .
I make it a point to let people know , Cox is there better bet for service


Ellen Lowdermilk June 30, 2016 at 5:14 pm

I only lasted 5 months. It is worth every penny of the $400.00 to get rid of Dish. Rude doesn’t even begin to describe what nasty, stupid people these are. I guess I am one too because I fell for the hype, but hopefully someone will go after them legally. If so; count me in


? June 28, 2016 at 7:14 pm

I have been a costumer for 2 years now… I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, they are rude and unprofessional caring … I was refused my right to talk to a supervisor, so I had to call corporate office , they seemed to not care about my complaints or my concerns … horrible company…. I’m switching to direct … over it


Jessica Sealey July 4, 2016 at 4:36 pm

Same here… Every time I ask for a supervisor it’s was like asking them to kill them self.. Am
Like listen plz put a supervisor or manager on the phone… I was denied speaking to a manager.. They are rude and so unperofessional


McG June 28, 2016 at 11:43 am

I would like to say that I think your company is a joke. A military member that we suddenly retired, does not have a home or a job lined up once released from active duty and the best you can do is lower the package to a vacation deal. Still making is pay even when we don’t get to use the service and don’t know when we will have a place to trim it back on. Oh and not to mention that while it is in vacation mode it doesn’t count towards the 2 yr. contract so I am screwed either way. The only way you will allow a military member to break a contract is to move overseas. That is BS and why should we be expected to continue to pay for a freaking service we can’t use and may not be able to use for months. Makes a lot of sense to continue to pay for the service even when you don’t have much of an income coming in. Keeping it classy Dish. Real classy. I can’t wait for the contract to be over so I can get rid of this OPS service.


Wanda Pierrehumbert June 27, 2016 at 3:35 pm

9dear sir I have had dish for many years I wonder if u ever thought of have a package of for family’s program we want to watch such as family station we can choose and pay less I love Christian stations family local channels a u chose package they took care.ily off I love family cause I don’t want all this bad stuff coming on I talk to them stuff I never watch thank u very much appreciated if u would consideration lots others whor like me the thanks wanda


Pat Koehler June 27, 2016 at 12:14 am

How come when I attempt to contact Dish through the email or website provided, a site to order your product comes up. There is no option to contact Dish.


“I will never use Dish services. Your commercial for the Hopper is disgusting. Two siblings arguing, calling each other insulting names An example is the phrase ‘bugger butt’. At a time when children are having to be taught to NOT bully, insult or be mean to each other, you put out this commercial. Shame on you!! You need to hire new advertising staff.
Please know that this one comment carries the weight of thousand of comments. For every one person who writes, thousands more feel the same but do not have the time to contact you.”


Tammy Robinson June 27, 2016 at 3:18 pm

We have updated the email contact link for Dish. Good luck to you!


Sam Stillwell June 24, 2016 at 11:44 am

I have been trying since November to get the Netflix package offered in the promotion I paid for. I never got to and have been trying since November. This morning The supervisor hung up on me because he no longer wanted to talk with me. Everyone apologizes to me but no one can ever solve the issue. I have two home and have your service at both. I have been a customer since over 12 years ago, I have never had issues like this. Please respond. 913-909-XXXXX


Tonya Tisdale June 23, 2016 at 9:58 pm

We have had dish service for several years and I have never been as disgusted with the service as I have been the last 6 months. We have always paid our bill on auto pay, never had any issues until dish made changes to the system, which in turn knocked our auto pay off. When I called the 1st time I was treated as though I did something wrong, I was treated horribly and told I needed to pay my bill in full. I have repeatedly called trying to get the auto pay set up on the same schedule, as I have other bills to pay besides dish. Each time I have been treated miserably. Today I tried again with the same if not worse customer service. I was treated as though I was not worth the time and spoke to like I was an idiot. I’m done. Send me the boxes I’ll switch for good to Comcast. Dish should be ashamed to have customers treated this way.


Tom Wilhelm June 20, 2016 at 12:35 pm

I purchased a HD3000 Tracker King Dome last fall for my 41 foot coach. I also added a VIP211Z receiver. I could not get it to work quickly so gave up since I needed to get the coach stored for the winter.
On fathers day last Sunday I spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone with Dish trying to get all working with numerous phone calls and service technicians. They finally determined that the receiver was bad. Why could they not know this after 15 minutes. The behavior never changed during the entire frustrating phone episode. The signal was acquired full, check switch shows all is OK, message comes up that receiver is not activated, Dish activated receiver and their information says it is activated but the message on our TV says receiver is not activated. They want to send me a new receiver but it will arrive after we leave on our trip. They will not send one next day to replace their defective receiver. I have a Dish service warehouse next door but they cannot give me a new receiver because Dish will not give them a work order to hand me a receiver.
Dish supplies terrible service. I own CES. We are a service oriented company. If our customers need service or parts we are on it same day or next day. We could train Dish when it comes to providing excellent service.
Dish has now told me where I can go to a Dish dealer and pay for a new receiver on my own to replace the defective receiver that Dish sent that they will not replace quickly.

I find it amazing that Dish is still in business.


Paul June 19, 2016 at 8:53 am

I am done with dish network. Let me first start off with saying you don’t appreciate your customers. I have and as many have put up with the horrible customer service with cable companies, which is the reason many consumers have switched to you, by far you agents and there we don’t care about the customers attitude is a disgrace to any business, and to lie and make stuff up is so unprofessional. I called several times with concerns over the past week each time I get a rude agent that has no concern on keeping me as a customer. They are so quick to get you off the phone whether that is you cancelling or not. I own a business and if I treated my consumers this way I would be bankrupt and out of business forget the ethical part of business practices. My bill has never be a day late and the thanks I get is let’s be more than happy to cancel your service and lie to you. Dish you have made a disbeliever out of me and with my business I will pass on my negative experiences with my clients and we all no the rule one know two that knows three and so on, so my way will be to start a public blog and forum about Dish Network and to plead with anyone who has or is looking to go with any other providers than you. I know this message will be as useless as shredded paper to write on, but it was the last way of trying to get through to Dish that they have serious issues going on, and I know they are not blind to it, they just don’t care.
Current soon to be past customer !!!!


Jonathan Blessing June 17, 2016 at 3:51 pm

I am very disappointed in the results that I got from the people I talked to,I was transferred 3 times and then put on hold only then was told that I needed to give them personal information and all I wanted was a price on getting service at our camper in Wellsboro PA.
I really don’t see the problem on just getting a price on this .
I have been with you for over 15 yrs and never had a problem with service but now I am thinking of switching to direct TV or going local.
I would like to here from someone soon about this matter or I will be dropping dish network all because I couldn’t get just a price on this, also why would I have to have another account made when I have one already.


Felicia June 16, 2016 at 1:08 pm

I am so dissatisfied with this company, I have never seen such poor customer service and a company that treats their customers so poorly. I have been speaking with the Office of the President and have asked on numerous occaisons to be allowed to speak to someone on the cooperate level, and yet they continue to tell me that i cant, however they want me to pay my bill every month and gladly accepts my money. I am getting ready to file a class action law suit against them, and if there are any other customers that would like to join in please feel free to contact me at the above email address. I know there are consumer laws and rights and i feel like my rights as a consumer has been violated, and also i have a very reputable attorney that is ready to proceede. So please feel free to contact me if you would like to join


Tammy Sons June 16, 2016 at 12:14 am

On 5-27 I asked for Dish to come re-connect dish to our home that partially burned and we’d finally got to move back in. The tech came and re-installed our new dish, didn’t put the 3 legs in the ground and it fell over the same night. Also, he claimed he was exhausted and only hooked up 2 tv’s and was it okay with us to come back following day, I said yea. I waited 3 days and he never returned. I called Dish and they sent another, he left saying the receivers didn’t match the address. I didn’t know what to say. I called Dish and they asked how many accounts I had. I told them 2. We’d moved into a mobile home on the back of our property and had dish turned on there also. It was a totally different address but the dish rep. put our same address on the 2nd install location.
Needless to say, our receivers at one location didn’t match the other location because they’d made a mess at install. This took me 3 days and numerous hours of explaining to get this straightened out.They sent 6 more tech’s out, yes 6 more. They’d send one for one account then another. All the techs was so confused they’d say there was not enough time allotted to do a new install and leave.
I called 9 days later to get direct tv back. I hate direct tv but I’ve never been done so bad as I’d been dealing with Dish. I do not feel it’s right to pay an early termination fee. It’s not my fault Dish wouldn’t install our service. I have begged and pleaded with each installer and they’d walk away. Never again.
I own an storefront business too and I’d much rather give someone their money back, especially if it’s my fault than to get a terrible reputation online. After I leave me reviews everywhere, Dish will stand to loose a lot more than $350.00 Think about this.


Daniel Fore June 15, 2016 at 10:23 pm

Tried to quit Dish by chat, email and facebook. They demanded I telephone in, then listen to a “lengthy termination process” before I go. I demanded them to close my account forthwith and hung up. They sent me an email saying they were sending two boxes for me to box up their equipment and mail it back to them and charging me $20 for the shipping! Screw Dish. I did not agree to these charges nor were they discussed with me. Screw you dish. I’m sending you a bill for the time it takes me to package up the units, take them to the post office and wait in line to ship them. My rate is $125.00 per hour. Screw you Dish.


Tracy Aiken June 15, 2016 at 12:11 pm

I am so discuted with your company the sales reps you have are unperfestonal and disrespectful. I tried to get service for our family home they stated my grandmother had an outstanding balance this is not even possible she has never even had service with you. My grandmother has been passed away for sometime now and your people want her death certificate under no cercomstances with I give up my grandmas personal information to these idets you have working for you so they can steal her identity and create more bogus accounts!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!


Betty June 6, 2016 at 12:44 pm

Dish socks there reps lie threw there teeth I’m so unhappy with this service and they want to charge me hundreds to get out but they can mess with your bill and you can’t do a thing about it I have been waiting for my refund for a month I bought a sound system and returned it now I can’t get my money back 374.00 going to get out of this contract if I have to join class action and or turn them into the better business Bureau


Mike Rathbone June 4, 2016 at 11:02 pm

Since coming to Dish Sat. Internet, it has been one pain in the butt after another. Not only is it useless in bad weather, it sometimes just won’t work at all regardless. It is horribly slow, annoying, and is disrupting my ability to operate my e-business…I like the TV service, other than it blowing out in bad weather, but the internet service has got to go. I would like to be let out of the Internet part of the agreement based on the fact YOUR Reps did not mention its flaws and shortcomings, that it is costing me money in lost sales because I can’t properly operate the business due to it screwing up. I’m willing to keep the TV part, but I want out of the Sat. Internet period.


Mike Rathbone June 4, 2016 at 11:36 pm

To finish the conversation, my son is a computer guru for a major international company and he tells me, after walking through numerous attempts to fix the problem, that it is YOUR lousy equipment/service causing the problems. For that reason, I want to be let out of my agreement based on this without penalty ASAP.


Mike Rathbone June 5, 2016 at 9:33 pm

Yet another day of dysfunctional internet problems. The account is under June Whitehead, of Columbus, MS so lets get this over with already. We’ll keep the TV Dish, you can have the Internet Dish and all the trimmings back and we’ll call it a day. I can’t be more fair than this. Be reasonable… and I will too.


Mike Rathbone June 5, 2016 at 10:01 pm

They are taking complaints over at the site.


Mike Rathbone June 18, 2016 at 12:24 pm

Dish sent a box to ship the Internet parts back, came with a label, nice box, all padded inside….and when I called to have UPS pick the box up, well, that came with a nice $9.33 charge. Why am I paying YOU to ship YOUR equipment back to YOU???? All in all though, it’s a small fee to be rid of such a sorry internet experience. Good riddance.

Pete June 3, 2016 at 9:07 pm


I was an active Dish Network customer when i logged into their website and spoke with a live Agent and negotiated a new 24 month contract. We discussed pricing and i even confirmed the pricing back to the employee for the initial 12 months of service and the following 12 months of service to clarify, i was answered back YES THAT IS CORRECT. Now 3 months into the new 24 month contract i was told those credits had expired and that they had no recourse and could not provide that pricing and also would only cancel the contract if i paid the $420 early termination fee and also paid to have the devices sent back to Dish. All agents i spoke with agreed this was a Dish employee error but that there was nothing they could do. Being a preexisting customer for some years and actually owning stock in the company and having referred my friends and parents to this company i am thoroughly disgusted. I will now be switching my parents provider and selling all the DISH stock i own. I will make it a point from now on to let anyone i know in person or via the internet of my disgust of how this situation was handled. I have never in all my years had such horrible customer service and or explanations provided to me. I was told yes we messed up and you have to pay for it. Thats like buying a new car for a fixed price only to find out 3 months in you owe another $70 a month. Very displeased cant say that enough even considering i saved the entire conversation with the Dish employee and sent that on to them and still nothing. GO WITH DIRECTV TV, COMCAST, AT&T, ANTENNA!!!! Anything but DISH.


N Little June 1, 2016 at 6:34 pm

I am sorry to say that I didn’t enjoy my DISH Network service, first they need to get more competent Reps., who will tell you the TRUTH of what your’re getting and not getting and not to just sell this mess to get brownie points or a bonus. I only had TV/Internet for approx. one month and up to May 2nd. So, you see that’s not long!! before I came real tired of paying for this disgusting ” Your plan’s Monthly Anytime Usage Allowance has been greatly reduced”. When I signed up for this TV/Internet, I made it plain that I wanted
HIGH SPEED INTERNET UNLIMITED SERVICE, and I DIDN’T GET THAT!!! Who the sam hill wants to keep purchasing additional data for some internet. So, I CANCELED THEM COMPLETELY …OUT!!!!!! Sent ALL the equipment back…CASE CLOSED!!! i USED TO LOVE DISH, but they have really become raunchy!!! Sorry, I’m getting a better deal from AT&T with the U-Verse…CHEAPER for all three than I was getting from DISH for just [2]!!! DISH…..get with the program, so you have over a million customers, big deal!, you are not treating 1/2 of them right. There are too many complaints against your company. TAKE NOTE!!


Linda Anderson May 26, 2016 at 12:28 pm

I have two accounts in two different locations with Dish. I recently tried to unbundle one account with Century Link and was told it would take one to two billing cycles for this to complete. After speaking with COUNTLESS customer service agents at DISH, no one can come up with a way around this. All I want to do is get a bundle with DISH that includes phone, internet, and television. This is just ridiculous!


Adrian Estrada May 24, 2016 at 8:19 am

Jorge L. Najera site manager of Dish Network @ El Paso, TX location is having an affair with Aracely Parada Technical Support Agent from DishNetwork @ El Paso, TX location. He is a married man, using companies tools such as his company Email & IM Chat & Company Cell, to cheat on his spouse. Corporate HR & IT can get the proof from the Dish Servers for any Emails & IM & Company’s Cell for inappropriate Emails or IM Chats to Araceli Parada or texts to her previous ending phone#8006 & current phone#3782. A manager can not have an affair with her agents per policy & not use the companies tools specially to do so it would be a terminal offense for him. I will continue to use social media to exploit this disgrace & unfortunately it will tarnish Dish Network which is not my intention. Please have your IT pull the Emails & Chats from Dish Networks servers as proof…


Lana Binnicker May 23, 2016 at 9:16 pm

Today I spent about two hours on the phone trying to get internet service for my Dish service that was connected last Saturday. The service had just been moved and TDS could no longer provide the Internet service. I had contacted TDS to disconnect service today. I was told by everyone at DISH today that they would not connect any internet service to my account unless I had terminated TDS, which I had. I then told the DISH people that I just wanted some info about the bundles offered. I was transferred at LEAST 7 times back and forth. I gave my name. number, and address each time. I have never seen such incompetence as I saw today and I would NEVER recommend DISH to anyone . I finally just told the last person I was too angry to discuss it any more and would call another day. I will think this day over and evaluate whether or not to even keep DISH. I will be calling around to compare service providers. I was a customer for two years and did not encounter this problem before today.
Lana Binnicker


Arlene Cowles May 21, 2016 at 10:32 am

DISH or their parent Co. Dish Network…..deceive and trick you into getting service from them. BEWARE … do not be tricked into getting service from them…you will regret it. I agreed over the phone to install their service in Nov. 2014 and as I was renting…and knew I would be moving the next year or so. I was very careful and made notes and told them that I would not agree to any contact commitment…and they told me I could cancel any time with NO FEE. When I tried to cancel this week after 18 months…after 45 minutes on the phone they referred me to “Customer Service” in the Dominican Republic. Who said “I signed a contract for 2 years”. I told them they were liers…they emailed me a copy – and it was a fraud. I knew I never signed – nor was told – nor ever received a copy of a phony contract. The C.S. A. said I had to pay even if they never told me about a 2 year contract! They said I had to pay even if I died! This is a very bad bad co. — tell everyone you know do not believe Dish…they deceive you just like a Pyramid Scheme to get more business!!!


Georgette Martin May 22, 2016 at 11:03 am

Same problem I was told ALL the companys offer 30 day trial checked and they do…… except dish network they didn’t even have my channel line up do I didn’t know what I was getting hate it DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!


Georgette Martin May 22, 2016 at 11:05 am

Moderation by who and for what?????


Georgette Martin May 22, 2016 at 11:09 am

Moderators in my opinion are FCC Attorney General and Legal action


Georgette Martin May 22, 2016 at 11:12 am

Dish network defiantly needs to be MODERATED!

Tammy Robinson May 22, 2016 at 11:19 am

Moderation by the admin’s of this website to stop spam and protect people from posting things they shouldn’t.


Mike Rathbone June 5, 2016 at 9:38 pm

Maybe if they were honest they wouldn’t need to moderate.

Hunter Smith May 18, 2016 at 12:52 pm

I started out with the promotional rate for 12 months and have seen my rate increase by 40%. When I tried to cancel service, I was told that the contract has a 24 month stipulation and I would have to pay $20 per month for early cancellation. I am a meticulous note-taker, and I am quite certain the customer service rep that I talked to originially neglected to tell me that–the customer rep that I talked to today said, “well, it’s in your contract.” I went back and found that provision buried at the bottom in the smallest type possible. So DISH, you have me for six more months based upon legality, but these are rotten business practices. The sad reality is that you treat new customers better than your loyal ones. You may get extra money out of me, but you have lost a customer for life after that and lost thousands.

Why is it so hard for you be up front and honest with customers? You just don’t get it. I read an article not too long ago in the WSJ about how many subscribers that you are losing. I guess I understand why.


Georgette Martin May 18, 2016 at 12:05 pm

I am having same issues with dish file complaint FCC 877-765-8388 also contact your stage attorney general. Send letter to doXXXXent to dispute resolutions at PO Box 9040 littleton. CO 80120 THEY ARE THIEVES!!!!!!


Kenneth Lamb May 17, 2016 at 11:37 am

Promised 200.00 Visa gift card back on March 11 2016. Never received it. Have spent 10 to 15 hours on telephone trying to straighten this out. Talked to 15 to 20 different representatives including account specialist,supervisors,and people in the Dish presidents office. They have been trained very good to give you a different answer every time hoping you will just get disgusted and hang up. You have to be just as hateful as dish is or you will never get anywhere. I was told in the end I could take a 200.00 credit or nothing at all, they could have done this back in March and save Me a lot of time. This just goes to show you that your time is not worth anything to them and all they are out to do is screw over you. Beware of any promotional from Dish,make sure you have bird in hand or be prepared to get screwed.


mike quintana May 13, 2016 at 1:50 pm

Had dish as well this is the most useless company in the world, we specifically talked about internet speed I was assured it would be enough for three computers and my TV, well they charged me more money for my downloads had to add extra money almost every two days the downloads were very very slow found out they did that on purpose in order to charge money for more downloads now the clarity of the channels were not good at all some channels we could even see thru all the lines or the channel would just drop off, I called them they send a rep to channel the problems I called again same problems the third time I told them to send me a rep an if you can’t clear it up I’m canceling service while technician was checking the connections he said this is as good as it gets …lol which was not good enough technicians says call the customer service while he was there I told the lady I’m canceling because your technician says my reception was not going to get any better the lady did not listen to one word I said she kept saying we need a chance to look at it I will send a tech to check out the problem I laughed and said do you want to speak to your technician right now he’s standing here looking at me talking to you, I gave him the phone he told her the reception was not going to get any better he gave me the phone back and she continue to tell me she needed a chance to come and check it out I said I’m sorry but send somebody to pick up this mess or the technician can take it with him she said know an she would have to charge me so I had to get to a higher person like a manager got one explained and she said we will still have to charge you I told her b.s sh*t pick your sh*t , they sent box’s and I put everything in the box’s and called them to pick it up … they said leave it outside on the porch and we will pick it up …. two months later after numerous calls to pick it up nobody ever came still have the sh*t….PATHETIC COMPANY…SORRY COMPANY i DON’T KNOW WHY THE GOVERNMENT LETS THEM EXIST…..THEIR THIEVES .


Richard Axtell May 11, 2016 at 12:30 am

This is the biggest piece of crap company I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They told me they had no contract and then when I wanted to cancel my service they send me a $500 bill.

They will scam you. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. They don’t care about their customers.

To the CEO, your company is trash, your customer service representatives don’t even live in the same country I have service in. You are a moron if you think you can continue to treat hard working Americans like this. Read these reviews on here and see how people feel about your garbage company.

To the knucklehead that’s paid $14 an hour to tell me I’m a liar – I hope your mother looks up from hell after fellating 1000 men and is proud of the piece of crap she brought into this world.

We need to have a class action lawsuit on these shysters. Nothing but a bunch of punks.


Richard Axtell May 26, 2016 at 11:42 pm

By the way, I believe they tell you that you don’t have a contract and then when you sign for the equipment they use that signature to put on the contract and tell you that you signed it.

This whole company is a scam. They’ll be out of business soon.


Bruce Bowdoin May 4, 2016 at 2:04 pm

This is crazy I have on e month left on my contract, I have no problem paying the one month left, I call dish because i am moving to the other side of the country trying to get them there equipment back and instead of helping me they are trying to have me sell the the service to the next tenant or a neighbor or family member. They insist on charging me a termination fee even though I have no problem paying the last month. Customer svc girl can bear lay speak English I asked for a supervisor he said he was president of the company clearly not I than hang up and call corporate office in Colorado explain what had transpired and they transfer me back to where I was just talking to. This company clearly does not care and is in serious trouble. I WONT BE USING DISH EVER. AGAIN or recommending them to anybody, not even an enemy.


Connie Cowart May 5, 2016 at 12:18 am

We have been a good customer and always paid our bill on time and our contract was up around after the 16th of January of 2016. back in 2014 we helped a friend get Dish because they didn’t have a credit card to get them a account set up. So they told us all they needed was a card to get them set up and they wouldn’t charge us anything . They didn’t tell us if they didn’t pay the bill that we would be responsible for the bill or we wouldn’t have done it . last year December 29th our friends called to see about cancelling and going to Comcast Cable TV. the son told them they better not take it out of their checking account when they canceled their service. So the customer representive that they talked to said that they could help them get out of it. but the Dish employee didn’t tell them how he or she was going to get them out of it .He or she went and got into our Checking account and took $160.00 out for there cancellation. They didn’t have our authorization to do so. so it caused our checking to come up short. We didn’t catch it till after the first of the year. When I checked my checking online and called and questioned them about it. because they still liked to this coming fall. We never got anywhere with Dish and they never refunded our checking account back. I told them that was stealing and they needed to be fired for what they did. they wouldn’t let me talk to anyone high up in corporate about this situation. They lost a chance for us to ever come back later when we ever left Comcast. I told them that we was going to let people know Dish is a company you don’t want Satilliate service from . that is a sorry way of treating your customers. they didn’t call us and tell us what they was taking out of our checking . We owed bills and it caused us to come up short in our checking account. My husband is on disability and that is all we have to live on every month!!


Carrie June 15, 2016 at 5:28 pm

The reason they require a credit card is if you terminate your contract or fail to send back your equipment they will run a process 6 times a day to try and get any money available on that card for their “fees”. I used to work there, run away!!!!!!!


Susan Schlatter May 2, 2016 at 4:51 pm

Anyone know a good Class Action Suit lawyer, bet we could get hundreds of thousands of people like us who would jump on that train in a heartbeat!


LaWanda May 3, 2016 at 7:26 pm

Hi Susan, please let me know if there is plans for a Class Action law suit I too have been screwed by Dish, so pleas keep me in the loop.


Susan Schlatter April 30, 2016 at 7:52 pm

WOW! It seems that Dish is making more money from people who are dissatisfied with their product than those who stay with them. I too am a victim of the dreaded “early termination fee” scam. Had Dish for 6 weeks, could never figure out how to use most of the stuff that came with the package, called to terminate and just got a bill for $513.44. REALLY????? I doubt there are many of us who would buy a pair of shoes without first trying them on, or a sofa without first sitting on it, or a new car without a test drive. But Dish asks for a committment from new customers, without even a trial period. Sounds unreasonable to me. At no time during my sign up conversation did the rep ask me about my living cirXXXXstances, such as, are you young or old, do you have kids at home, do you know what a DVR is? Yes I’m old, no I don’t have an 8 year old who can explain new technology to me, and no I don’t know what a DVR is. However, once you agree to their glowing terms, you are hooked. So, after reading the complaints of so many others, it looks like I will either have to pay what they ask, or have my excellent credit put in jeopardy. Will I pay, probably. Will I write a check for $513.55, absolutely not. They may get $23.61 this month, maybe $17.87 next month, I am, after all, attempting to pay the bill. I refuse to let this company take the money I, at 74 years of age, work very hard to make, after 6 weeks of having a system I had no clue how to use. I actually turned on my TV 1 time during the entire 6 week period and was so frustrated I never turned it on again. The only good thing that has come out of this is that I realize my life is much better without TV at all. I sleep better, have a better attitude and am a better person for not watching what I ultimately will end up paying big bucks for. Dish is a horrible company to deal with and I hope everyone who has been though this will tell all their friends to drop the company, or never start with them in the first place.


Georgette Martin May 18, 2016 at 10:49 am

Hi Susan I too am being ripped off by dish network we need a class action lawsuit! Please respond if we can make this happen thank you!


Angela Montgomery April 26, 2016 at 9:58 am

I have contacted several people even to be told I was getting the “presidents phone number” only to call and it says “we will connect you to the next avail agent”. We agreed to cancel dish early because several programming were being cancelled right after we signed up and we were moving. So then a few days later a dish rep tells me that the account specialists waived the early term fee of $440.00! GREAT! I can now use that money for my sons surgery and moving which I did. WRONG! 2 weeks later they charge our credit card. So I write in again and am told yes the fee was waived and I needed to call in to get the refund processed. So I call in and they tell me that I was told wrong and that there never should have been a waived fee. I have the saved conversations I can provide where both agents said it was waived. But Dish isnt budging. They are just saying sorry about your luck. You agreed and our people told you wrong so it is what it is. UM no its not. You told me you waived it so I shouldnt have to pay it. You have a recorded call when I cancelled and said I know about the fee, BUT I HAVE THE PROOF of both reps telling me its waived and i can get a refund. So this has been reported to the BBB and I plan to keep fighting this as its not my fault your employees “werent advising right”. If it was like a $30 dollar issue…no biggie but we are talking about $440. that I had saved to pay until you said its waived and so we used that in a medical budget and now you hit me with it. Someone needs to do the right thing.


Michael April 26, 2016 at 9:57 am

Did you know that Dish is outsourcing their customer service to Mexico City, Mexico…so there goes more US jobs…I will be leaving Dish and going to Direct TV


WILLAIM GANNON April 22, 2016 at 11:47 am

I have just talked to the highest customer service rep at corporate. She admitted that no one reads these comments or complaints. Dish has screwed so many people. They raise the prices every month. Its time to take this problem to the BBB AND THE FCE. SCREW DISH!!!


Ira Ebstein April 19, 2016 at 4:53 pm

I have tried every Dish Site to get online information from a “Chat”, automated system or even better, a customer service representative but Dish makes it very clear that they do not want you attaining any information without going through their higher trained (sarcastic) sales people who are not in any position to answer anything but the very simplest of questions.
So, even though I was very seriously considering dropping Direct TV and going with Dish, they have made it abundantly clear that they do not want to extend the normal online service.
Try asking the phone people for all of your cost with “estimated” fees, surcharges, local taxes. You see if you had this on line, just using a computer program one could get all of their answers and make an educated and no a pressured driven decision on their purchase.


daniel martinez April 17, 2016 at 11:19 pm

I’ve been with dish for some time and I recently restarted my services I spoke with agent SSA who I thought explained everything to me and from my understanding I was paid up till April I received a letter in the mail thinking it was my April’s bill for 340.25 when I thought I had paid my bill in advance I called to see why my bill was so high and spoke with agent DOMINIQUE1GS which was very helpful finding the issue and explaining the the fees and charges not paid but I as well thought they were paid as agent SSA told me different so I asked to speak to someone higher then her and passes the phone to GILBERTHXQ who pretty much tells me the same thing but tells me he can give me a 7days extention cause I have 3 days to pay or im going to have my service interrupted which I don’t think I’m at fault andshould be experiencing any interruptions of my services but I asked for at least till the 29 of April but was told it goes based apon the time the phone call was made so I told him I should’ve called on a Wednesday and i understand its niether of Dominique or Gilbert’s fault so I asked for someone higher and I requested Corporate Offices number I was told it was the same as customer service senetti plant Jennifer5H6 on the line who’s higher than Gilbert sounded to be about 18 really young and ignorant she gets on the phone real sassy and I’m explaining to her the my issue she starts telling me again what I was already explained by two agents that seem like they know there job anywho this unprofessional with attitude tells me I’m trying to explain it to you and then tells me to calm down she trying to help me she didn’t help at all but showed me how unprofessional she was JENNIFER5H6 AND AGENTSSA NEED PROPER TRAINING ON EXPLAINING THE CORRECT INFORMATION AND GOOOOOOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE CAUSE NOW I’LL BE GETTING MY SERVICES DISCONNECTED CAUSE OF POOR COMUNACATION AND TRAINING


amy bishop April 20, 2016 at 2:36 pm

They have no communication, or manners.told me 1 price day 1 and it’s doubled.out of contract now,and they art willing to keep us happy


ken April 14, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Had dish for five days, very poor or no service.was lied to on several ocasions.cancled service,was told i owe them over $500.00.


Sam April 18, 2016 at 2:53 pm

Ken, almost the exact same thing just happened to me on 4/13/16. I tried transferring my service (had no contract) to a new residence. I wasn’t told about any contract, but after about 3 weeks I decided to cancel. The explanation, I was told that after the installation tech finished and I signed his electronic device–that became the contract. Now they want a $450 cancellation fee.


Ira Ebstein April 19, 2016 at 4:55 pm

All they want to do is get you on the phone speaking to one of their hustlers. They care very little about giving the correct or detailed information.


Anthony Marrero April 14, 2016 at 10:57 am

I started My Dish contract with Claro PR. Claro never install mi residence phone line and because that I could never make the payment with Claro PR. The Automatic system of Claro asks by the phone number to continue but because I do not have it, they hook the phone. I go to the Central Offices of Claro in Puerto Rico and I was told that I need to go to Dish and I Visit central Offices Of Dish and I was told that mi contract was with Claro and Claro PR was the one that need to collect the monthly payment. Time has passed and Claro cancel the contract and now Dish wants to collect the penalty and is $420.00 and I have no guilt because I try about 8 time to do mi payments. This is My worst experience with Claro and Dish.
I tried to communicate with some manager or the central offices for help but nobody help and the answer is that I need to do the payment and I will not do the payment because I was not the responsible. This is my distress. Please if any member see this and can help I will appreciated.
My name is Anthony Marrero- 787-678-XXXXX and my Address was Urb Idamaris garden C caguas Puerto Rico 00725.


Charles E Horne Jr April 12, 2016 at 10:00 am

Like so many unhappy and disgruntled customers, I was shocked with a recent phone call to Dish. I called to check my bill amount and was immediately transferred to a rather nasty female employee. She stated I had called Dish to many times to complain about my bill and enough was enough. I was accused of possible poor bill payment, and receiving too many special pricing specials. First I have been with Dish for about 18 years, no breaks in service, no missed or late bill payments. But that wasn’t good enough for her. What I have done, several times over, complained about loyal customers being overlooked. Others jump in for 12 months, get specials and 12 months later leave. No loyalty. I have tried to receive special pricing whenever I could…… Who out there wouldn’t? But according to this woman I have violated the Dish system, called too much and are not allowed to call but once a month or risk being dropped as a customer. I thought this was a free country that allowed people to try and save money, and have the ability to fight for injustice…. Not at Dish, and now I can only call once a month even to do a service call. Customer No Service is alive and well at Dish.


Jeff martin April 20, 2016 at 4:14 pm

Simalar situation for me, seems I called for discounts too often now I am red flagged. I called in November last year and February this year. Previously reps were friendly even if I could not get my request, not the same now…if have a request for a corporate call back. Tick tock?


Ana Berdanier December 22, 2016 at 7:35 pm

Charles, just 3 days ago the same exact thing happened to me. Thankfully I didn’t have a contract with them anymore after 6 years of being with them. I just ended up canceling all services because of the same issues. After the experience I will never go back. I only worry about some of the things that happened to other costumers after canceling may happen to me.


JOHN April 5, 2016 at 10:55 am

Customer service and upper level management is very poorly trained in understanding what the customer is needing and saying to them ,, all anyone gets is please hold for short time ,, To the owners of this company YOU need to fully know what the services provided by you so so called company does for its clients !!!!! As far as anyone needs to know , if you have issues your so better off disconnecting the receiver and placing it in a trash receptacle and getting a DVD player and using red box for tv entertainment !!!! THIS IS THE WORST BUSINESS I’VE YET TO DEAL WITH ON AN ISSUE WITH THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT !!!!!! I AM TRULY SORRY FOR THE INDIVIDUALS THAT USE THIS SATALLITE PROVIDER !!!!


Sonia April 10, 2016 at 1:01 pm

Sonia says that I agree dish is the most difficult company 2 have service with u never speak 2 any 1 that speaks English & the employees really don’t know 2 tell u about ur account because their not train propley 2 answer the problems that their consumers have concerner their accounts. So Joe , I agree with U 100% on Ur comment


Johanna March 31, 2016 at 6:57 pm

Worst company to go with, I haven’t had the service for 30 days, and it been horrible. Now they want to charge me an early terimation fee for service that I haven’t had for thirty days. When I did the reach of a tv company I was told that if I dont like it or if there some reason that i dont want to go with company, I wouldnt be charge. Horrible. The customer service is horrrible, very rude.


MJ Bradley June 3, 2016 at 5:32 pm

Every one of these companies sucks. If you switch to Comcrap or DirectTV, you’ll end up making the same complaints.
On top of that, you’ll end up talking to the same Indian/Pakistani/Mexican “customer service” reps, because they don’t work for any of these companies, they’re just contracted. Rude idiots that have no interest in what you’re saying because it doesn’t concern them at all.
It’s just as bad as a monopoly when all the companies are equally incompetent.


LINDA DOBBS STEWART March 31, 2016 at 6:26 pm







Jennifer April 14, 2016 at 12:21 pm

I also have been a loyal customer. I’m disconnecting! A reasonable price is not to much to ask for.


John & Debbie Hermansen March 31, 2016 at 1:04 pm

I would like someone from corporate call us on our home number.
So exhausted from getting sent back to the same representatives who cannot do anything to resolve our problem with billing and contracts.


Quentin Hoover March 30, 2016 at 3:04 pm

I tried to establish service but wanted questions answered. I asked two questions and James would not answere until he received my social security number I relunctantly gave him the number he said I was approved and I again asked my questions which he answered and hung up on me after I got upset. This was last week I received a promotion in the mail for dish so I called again to get this all resolved. I spoke to three people carol ID# 47N she did her part I think she passed me to her supervisor Anne XM8? which passed me to Nicole A6Q which was not sympathetic but defending their procedure even though she agreed my question could have been answered before establishing service. Nicole was no help and offered no resolution other than a 25 dollar gift card that everyone else offered. Why is she in that position if she can not offer a resolution or to be sympathetic to a possible Dush Customer.


Anthony Landells March 27, 2016 at 12:15 am

I’d finally gotten the energy to kill off my Dish account. I phoned them on March 15th and they said it would take 7-10 business days to send me boxes. I said I was going on an extended vacation on the 28th and they said the boxes might not arrive before then. The person on the phone then suggested I could get a technician to come and collect the equipment (if I paid for a service call). In order to ensure it was all wrapped up I agreed to that.

The technician came out on Friday the 18th and said he can’t take receivers. I told him that was the whole point of him coming and he said his work order was to take down the satellite dish. I said I was assured he would be able to take the receivers as well. Eventually he said he would, but he can’t give an official receipt for them, but he’d put notes on my account to say he’d taken the receivers. He showed me on his gadget what he’d written.

After the technician left I phoned Dish to ensure the notes were entered properly. They told me everything looked good, and I was on schedule to cancel my service on Tuesday. I asked which Tuesday they meant and it was the 22nd. I asked why I would want service when I had no equipment, and why it hadn’t been cancelled on the 15th when I phoned them. Apparently they can’t have a service call on a cancelled account, so the person I first spoke to set a random cancellation date in the future and I was still being billed. The person I spoke to on the 22nd said she cancelled my account (and I got email confirming I’d cancelled), and that everything was done (my equipment returned, billing payments up to date, etc.).

Then on Saturday the 23rd I received 5 phone calls during the day from an unknown number, never leaving a message. Looking online it seems like it’s a number Dish use to try to get customers to return to them. 5 phone calls…

On March 23rd I received email from Dish telling me they were about to send me some boxes to return my equipment, which listed the receivers I’d already had taken away by the technician. I phoned Dish *again* on the 24th (since they’re support lines were closed by the time I got the email on the 23rd) to tell them not to send boxes, and remind them I’d returned my equipment. They confirmed that the notes show I’d returned the equipment but the boxes are sent automatically by “the system” when service is disconnected, and they can’t do anything about it. I pointed out that the message indicated to call them if I want to change the delivery address, so there must be some sort of management. They told me if I changed the delivery address they’d just send another set of boxes…

The boxes arrived on March 25th which is fortunately before I left for vacation. On March 26th (today) I received phone messages from Dish “reminding” me that I have to return equipment or they’ll charge me for the receivers. It’s beyond ridiculous.

I sent the boxes back with a note saying I’ve already returned their receivers via the technician and that they should check the notes in my account. I’m sure this won’t work for them and they’ll try to charge me for them, and I’ll have to waste more time on the phone trying to sort it out once I get back from vacation.


Eve March 24, 2016 at 1:55 pm

I moved out of my house and in with my sister until apartment was available. I contacted Dish, paid balance and returned the equipment. Once I found an apartment, I call back to get it reinstated. I was told that the previous tenants had Dish and had not cancelled their service, nor returned the equipment, and I could not get service because they can’t have 2 accounts at same location. What does that have to do with me. I asked for corporate’s number and was told they did not have a number , but had an address that I could mail my complaint to. after reading these complaints, it may have been a blessing in disguise.


Barbara Gandy March 23, 2016 at 5:36 pm

For four years I made my payments on my account electronically paid from my bank account, then Oct, Nov, Dec 2015, my account was paid by a credit card that was not mine as well as by me and my bank. Two payments for these months were received, but they could not find where my money was credited from the bank. I have spent Nov and Dec trying to get this issue resolved thru your account representitives. I faxed all the proof of payments from the bank that I have five separate times but it was never received, how convenient. Then week one of Jan, I contacted the Office of the President, talked to Jean Murphy who sounded sincere in helping resolve my problem. I even faxed more info showing no problems sending my money 6 mos prior to my account being paid by someone else’s credit card and my bank. This time my faxes were received and after 3 weeks were WORKING ON IT, were turning it over to the research dept. Now almost six weeks later I have had no return calls when messages left to Jean Murphy or follow up on her end. Now it is 3/23/16 another left voice message. I talked to the representitive on the phone to see what follow up in my acct and was told I needed to talk to my bank, which I have been in contact with over the months. So today I contacted corporate and while I was leaving this comment, I have been on HOLD for 30 mins. What kind of reputable company does business like this, not resolving issues for over 5 mos. I guess my next step to resolve this issue will be filing a complaint with NC state attorney general or contacting a personal attorney to get someone to talk to me about my account. I will be telling my story to everyone on the world wide web and not recommend subscribing to DISH


Joe Merante March 21, 2016 at 8:11 pm

I was lied to by the “$49.99 TV and $19.99 Internet” ad! I spent 1 hr & 34 minutes on the phone, promised Internet with 3 GB speed unlimited for $19.99 then told they could give me Hughes Network for $52.99 per month! They played back the recording and then just said “Sorry we can’t give you that” and that was it…F-ING LIARS!!! Hidden costs like an extra $50 for Internet Installation and then the ad says “a gift card for $100” then they said “we can only give you $25, sorry”. What a f-ing joke this company is and then you can’t even get ahold of their corporate offices to relay the lies and deceit…f-ing joke company with false advertising. The FCC should be told of their practices….


F. J. Long March 21, 2016 at 12:51 pm

A new customer for less than a month..only talked to 8 Dish representative trying to get my service and billing corrected. Great public relations when the corporate Headquarters will not answer the phone. I love being on hold for an extended time each time I call. Pathetic service!!!


Stacey Beaudry March 18, 2016 at 2:36 pm

I would really like to know why you won’t make any type of payment arrangements?? I have been a customer for at least 2-3 years. First cable company I’ve ever had that won’t do payment arrangements.


Cha April 1, 2016 at 2:51 pm

Dish gives you up to 40 days of past due balance until the service gets interrupted so I think that is plenty of time to make your payment.


Paula Rose March 18, 2016 at 1:30 pm

I believe that they would do that; I ordered a “bundle” pkg. Needless to say, they do not have access to Century Link lines in our area. After 3 attempts to get internet and phone, Century Link is the one who informs me the only contracts they have are with Direct TV. Dish is not allowed to access their lines in our area. Tried to cancel the whole thing and they told me I was stuck with them for 2 yrs. Nothing I can do about it. Said there wasn’t anything wrong with my tv service……which they removed channels from because I wasn’t on the bundle pkg anymore. They did not inform me that they had no access, just kept lying and making excuses until finally, after a month, a supervisor admitted that there aren’t any bundle pkgs in our area. Still don’t have any of what we agreed upon but according to them there is nothing I can do about it. I’m going to notify BBB and contact a lawyer to see if anything can be done.


Kathy March 18, 2016 at 10:50 am

I cancel my service with dish and pay the remaining balance February 2015 because I was called away on military duty in November 2015 I received the bill I was notified by the tenants who I rented two when I return off of duty I notified dish of this and that and was told that my service has been re-stated when I explain to them that I did not give me XXXXX for them to reinstate my service and what was done it was illegal and that my tenets have time warner cable so it wasn’t any way that the service could’ve been reconnected because the boo when I explain to them that I did not give a mission for them to reinstate my service and what was done it was illegal and that my tenets have time warner cable he then apologized and told me to disregard the bill but that I needed to send the equipment back and that he would send return labels I didn’t return the equipment and in mid January I received another bill when I called about that bill I was told that they did not receive all the equipment so I did get confirmation from UPS that the boxes have been returned and notified them again in regard to this man he then apologized again and told me to disregard the bill The last time I called I was told that they needed all the equipment that I told her if she wanted the disc itself that they need to send someone out to retrieve it it is mid much no one’s come out to retrieve it and I still have another bill when I called the corporate office for help in ring ring ring and suddenly disconnected this is very sad it appears that this is the worst company and I’m so sorry that I’ve ever dealt with t this is very sad it appears that this is the worst company and I’m so sorry that I ever do without you them


Judi Freeman March 18, 2016 at 9:11 am

Dish Network SUCKS….They don’t train their technicians properly. They hooked up my sisters neighbor and their incompetent technician cut her wires and took them with him. Dish network doesn’t want to take responsibility for their negligence due to their technician causing property damage to another person WHO IS NOT A DISH NETWORK customer. They had no business cutting her wires. And they want her to PAY HER PROVIDER to fix their mistakes. DON’T USE DISH NETWORK…I USE DIRECT TV AND HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM


Riki Current March 18, 2016 at 5:13 am

So on Tuesday March 15 i called and. put a pause on my Dish account wich took about 1.5 hrs out of my day when i work 10/12hrs six days a week!! I also changed my security code on March 16 my roomates called me telling me information about my account that they could not of known with out one of your employees calling them. So i called Dish and asked to speak to a manager the manager told me there was no way that could happen and was verry rude. when i got home at 1:30am on the 17th i recived a email saying my pause was removed!!! I fill verry disrespected and worried about who can all get my information or change my account without my permission. I would not recommend it to anyone!!! So now after i have already spent about 4 hours on the phone I get to spend my morning off stressing on dish!! There is no possible way they could have got my new security code due to the fact that I changed it the night before and have not spoke to them since
Dear Riki,

You have placed your account on DISH Pause. DISH Pause is a program that allows you to suspend your DISH service for up to 3 months at a time. If you have not removed DISH Pause at the end of 3 months, DISH willautomatically restore the previous services on your account.
Account Number: ************4529

Dear Riki,

You have removed your DISH Pause. As a result, DISH has restored the previous services on your account effective today.

If you have any questions about this change to your service, please call us at 800-333-DISH (800-333-3474).

Thank you for being a valued DISH customer.



Gary March 17, 2016 at 7:17 pm

My mother’s Dish receiver failed. She contacted the Dish support representative and he instructed her to unhook the unit and he would send a replacement and a box for her to return it to El Paso. He would supply a UPS return label for the bad unit. When the new unit arrived she placed it in the furnished box to ship and hooked up the new receiver. The new receiver did not work. My mother then repeated the entire process a second time! The second receiver functioned properly and she thought everything was finally resolved. This was at the end of 2015. Now three months later she receives an email indicating that she is being charged $99 for the second receiver that Dish now claims they never received. From the first week of January. Three subsequent calls to Dush customer service yielded no satisfaction at all. Both Jasmine and Heidi indicated that Dish doesn’t retain any UPS records and the the customer was responsible for proving that the UPS label they generated was never received. The customer service folks didn’t seem to concerned that I was not a happy customer. They told me they don’t even log the “elevated” customer service calls. We will aggressively look for a replacement service that cares about their customers. In the meantime my mother will get stuck paying for a list receiver that never worked.
Customer satisfaction is a lost commodity!


Ben March 17, 2016 at 6:29 pm

I’ve had both Dish and Direct, and trust me, Direct is worse. Getting a promotion at a reduced cost is not better in the end. Direct has hidden fees, exorbitant cancellation clauses.

Assuming the mom is 74, the child isn’t also 74, right? Oh, that’s right, you have lymphedema because you won’t get off the sofa while you’re surfing free television at the expense of your mother. We get it.

Lastly, anyone that would use the language you use (even if hidden behind a computer on the internet) most likely speaks with his/her mom with the same filthy mouth.


Anna March 17, 2016 at 2:52 pm

So, today I had a run in with Dish Network. My Mom cancelled her service for something better on the 16th of February. Yesterday, she received a bill for service for 2/22/16-3/21/16, and for the next month 3/22/16-4/21/16. I called this morning to find out why she is still receiving a bill and why it was not cancelled on the date she called. Get the run around and finally get the service cancelled. They told me they are sending boxes for her to send back equipment and disregard the bill. OK, good. Here is the kicker. Part of the equipment they want returned is something called an LNB. OK, what is that I ask. It’s the eye of the satellite dish states the woman on the phone. So I say, you want a 74 year old woman to climb on her roof to dismantle the dish to get this LNB???? The woman on the phone responds rather politely, “Yes Ma’am”. WHAT???? So again I ask, ” You want a 74 year old woman to climb up on the roof of her house to retrieve this LNB from the dish to return to you?” Another “Yes Ma’am”. By this time I am dumbfounded and furious. How I ask do you suppose she does this? Woman on phone doesn’t know. Go figure lol. Finally get to a manager and get it straightened out and don’t have to return the LNB. But that is not the point. The point is, the woman on the phone apparently was not hearing what I was saying. My mother is 74 years old, and they were expecting her to climb on the roof and retrieve this part!!! As you can see in the picture, the LNB extends out from the roof a good 2 feet if not more. If Dish Network wants their f-king part, they should send a technician out to retrieve it!!!!!


Krysala Frye March 15, 2016 at 5:07 am

We moved from CA to ID while in the middle of our contract with dish network. Moving to a new area that offered more services from dish we wanted to add Internet services that were not available at our previous location. Our contract allows us to move and bring our services and add additional services available in our new area. We’re were told that the previous tenants of our new home had Internet through century link and never canceled their policy and that it was blocking us from being able to add the services our contract said we could add being they are available in our new area. It is solely this third party that is not allowing dish network to fulfill what our Contract says we can have. This is ambiguous in nature and is a breach of their contract, as the services are available in my new area. Because of this breach I wished to cancel and advised I should not have to pay an early termination fee since they are unable to fudill their contract. I talked to several reps who kept telling me this was not the case. I advised such reps that as a paralegal, the ambiguity goes to the customer. I was then transfered to Marisol at the office of the President who told me I was wrong, so I asked for her legal background as to why she thinks she can dispute the breach of contract. She advised she has no legal background. I asked for her supervisor and she said all the people in that office are of equal position and that there was no one above her. I told her to get me her legal team. She said she would submitt a request to have the legal team contact me. I asked for their name, she could not tell me as she didn’t know. I asked when I would be cobtacted, she said she didn’t know. I advised her I would be filing a complaint with the BBB, the attorney general, and I will open a law suit. She didn’t seem to care much. After hanging up with her, I already started on all of these.


Michael Jones March 11, 2016 at 10:44 am

Re: Claim # 8255909111282767-DC-257608

On January 25, 2016 a Dish Network Service Technician (Abraham) came to my house for a service call.

We had experienced more rain than normal and even snow is the past few days. Instead of pulling into my gravel driveway as any normal person would do, your technician decided to pull off into the grassy area in front of my house. He immediately became suck in the mud and tried to back up/go forward a couple of times before realizing he had made a serious mistake and was stuck in the mud.

He completed his service call and then called a wrecker to get his service truck pulled out of the mud. All this could have been avoided had he used a tiny bit of common sense. I took some pictures of the damage he caused to my yard. I pride myself in the way my yard looks and now it’s a real mess. I will have to have someone haul in some dirt to fill in the ruts made by his truck or I’ll have to haul dirt from somewhere and fill it in myself. The grass will have to be put back on top of the new dirt fill. The second option will be really hard for me since I am 65 years old and disabled.

I attached pictures of the damaged area and sent them to tiffany.vialpando.

This claim has been going on for entirely too long. I hope someone from Dish other than Tiffany.Vialpando st will see this comment and call me regarding the poor service I have received regarding this claim.


Shirley March 9, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Dish Satellite Company needs to be investigated. They are totally incompetent, lie, are rude and just plain ignorant. The service is terrible. You’re good for about 6 months, then everything is a repeat.

When I first got the service, they said you had to have a Hopper, “…every TV needs a “box” and didn’t I even have a box with my old cable service at my previous address? “ He NEVER said I had an option. Well, I’m not a technician so I agreed. It wasn’t until much later that I found out a hopper is a special device for technology that I didn’t use and would never use. Plus they installed the hopper in my bedroom which made a loud hum all night long and kept me awake. They were going to charge me a huge sum to have someone switch the hopper and joey in the living room, so I let it go. Then finally I found out that I never had to have a hopper…there is just a plain box that will give me the service that I needed without the unused frills. Now they are charging me a whole new 2 year contract from that date because they had to correct THEIR LIE, otherwise I would be able to cancel this service without a penalty in June 2016, instead of March 2017.

My remote went bad. I called, checked the batteries, plugged-unplugged, the whole series and she still refused to replace it. Three calls…Same routine. Wanted me to pay to replace it. I then added an insurance charge so they would replace equipment. I had to replace three remotes before a tech told me, “OH, they got in a bad batch from China. They’re all doing that.” Now I’m stuck with a monthly charge because Dish bought cheap remotes. Any changes generally bring a new 2 year contract.

For some unknown reason, my internet usage was going up and up. I tried to check if someone was getting in on my wi-fi. I very rarely ever used my computer during the peak hours. I had to keep adding $10 increments to get through a month. I tried to get them to tell me what times the service was being used and they were unable to provide detail, just some general info. They said their equipment doesn’t record that detail.

I found another service with unlimited usage which worked better for me and cancelled DISH internet knowing there would be an early cancel penalty. I was told my bill would be $122 (numbers rounded) including the penalty and then each month after that would be $43 for just TV. They said they would send out boxes to return the internet equipment and if it was not returned in 30 days, I would be charged for it.

A week went by and no boxes. I called and they said they would resend. Again no boxes. I called again and asked if they were intentionally not sending the boxes so I would be billed for the equipment. I said I wanted it shown on my file that it is their error and they were not to count the 30 days until I received the boxes. So still no boxes. UPS made three trips to my house to pick up equipment prior to me ever getting the boxes and the last trip said I was no longer eligible for pick up. DISH’s fault!!!! And no one told Dish I was ready to have it picked up. Again their incompetence. I received the boxes 34 days after I cancelled the service.

My contract with Dish is auto pay by credit card. I paid the $122 bill and the next day received another bill for $143…not my bill. A friend said I could dispute it with the credit card company which I did and called Dish to let them know I put the incorrect bill on dispute. They agreed it was a DISH Mistake and said that they had received the $122 payment and the $143 would be removed.

I got home one evening and my TV had been turned off. I called Dish and they said it was for non-payment of the $143. Another screaming match and then she admitted their error and that my bill had been paid. She said she would have it turned back on and just a moment while she checked what my reconnection charge would be. I told her, “You are crazy if you think I will pay a reconnection charge for your mistake.”

Today when I got home today, I had a bill for $198 unreturned equipment charge. Another high blood pressure screaming match that I did not owe that…they were not counting the 30 days from when they sent the boxes. She did admit finally there was a note on my file that I had been calling. She agreed that it would be refunded but in the meantime they’re using my money and costing me interest on my credit card.

Then she said my credit card was no longer good because of a charge back. She wanted my checking account information. I told her no way. DISH reviews say they are known for stealing money out of peoples checking accounts and there’s no recourse as there is with a credit card. It happened to my sister. Someone else at her address opened an account in their name. Dish billed that customer (who paid his bill) and double billed my sister because of the address. She had her bank put the money back in her account because the bank had paid a bill from a company she didn’t use and that account wasn’t even in her name. The bank should have questioned that.

So Marisol in Dish’s Office of the President, (she wouldn’t tell me her position/title except she was office of the president) said I must give her my bank’s checking account information for billing. She said there was no way I could use my credit card again for at least 6 months. I said this whole thing was their mistake. She kept arguing only her way. I told her I had been in business many, many years and there are always exceptions for company errors and mishandling. She absolutely REFUSED.

I said this is my final offer. “Take off the unauthorized and incorrect charges and continue to bill my credit card for the $43 p/month TV service and you will keep a customer. If not, you may turn off the service but you do it by your choice and will not get any penalties plus you will lose a customer and get a lot of bad press through the FCC, Consumer Reports, every available social media and my attorney. And you will never ever get my checking account information.

Shirley Shannon

MORE TO FOLLOW BELOW. This was the first letter to corporate.


On Feb. 8, 2016, I received a No Payment Due bill for -$100.24 CREDIT. I didn’t know why but assumed it had to do with them finally removing the $143 incorrect billing less the next month’s tv service. Then on Mar.7th, my service was disconnected again. I called and they said for non-payment. Now how can there be an unpaid bill when I have a $100 credit? I told them then that they could leave the service off, keep their $100, call it even and be done with it. I told the agent not to try to charge me early termination charges because this is the 2nd time they have mistakenly disconnected my service by their choice…not mine. He made NO attempt to check out the past incorrect billing so I hung up. I don’t have to have TV and will not be subjected to this kind of harassment. Keep going……

Then on March 9th, I get a bill for $190.59. This time I was transferred to an account specialist who said this was for early termination and unreturned equipment. How did anyone assume on the day that they disconnected my service that the equipment would have already been returned? Their policies are beyond stupidity. And again, I told her she could keep her $100 credit, leave the service off and we would call it even.

I am DONE WITH DISH FOREVER. I told her do not try to send this to a collection agency and try to ruin my credit rating. I am considering finding an attorney to wants to take on a class action law suit for the already 4522+ complaints on Consumer Affairs and if it hits the media, I’m sure many more will be coming forward with harassment complaints.

This is the 2nd time that I am sending this letter to the corporate office with return received receipt this time.


S. Gregory March 11, 2016 at 7:30 pm

I too have had the same problem I pay my bill they lose the money.. Today I got a past due bill for 2/16 but they cashed the check 2/12/16 the bill was 46.92 I paid 55.00 it wasnt due until 2/24/16 it was a screaming match corporate doesnt return calls, Guess what after 4 hours they found it they credited it to my old account closed 2007??? Then their reply was like it was my fault . The company is horrible and you cannot get ahold of anybody,


S. Gregory March 11, 2016 at 7:35 pm

Notify the Public Utillites Commission if you are in Texas. They must respond to them promptly or they are fined by that agency. That is what my intentions are. I guarentee if you have the doXXXXentation they will back you up and Dish will do something then,.


Pricilla Smith March 8, 2016 at 11:18 am

This is the worst company ever!!!! They have these fast talking foreigners handling the calls and you can not understand them. They set you up with things you didn’t ask for in order to close the deal. I signed up with a promotion that included a $50 prepaid card and constantly asked when I would receive it during the phone conversation. He said that it would be mailed, needless to say I never got it. I called to find out why and they said it didn’t come with my pkg. I said aren’t these convo’s recorded? Go back and retrieve it. I told them to credit my acct for $50 if they weren’t going to give me my card. They offered me $5. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! They also enrolled me in an autopay program that I never signed up for and once I told them to remove it, they said that my 3 yr guaranteed price pkg would go up without it. Never stated that was a stipulation and if they had I would have dropped them then and gone to Direct TV. I ended the convo by saying you guys are “FULL OF SH*T!!!!!” Absolute worst company ever, Run!!!!!!!


Julia March 8, 2016 at 7:05 pm

My husband and I spent three days going back-and-forth with their customer service. They did not understand English and barely spoke it properly I believe the majority of them were from the Philippines. I am not racist considering I am Hispanic , but I speak the language very well and I communicate properly. They were rude I was hung up on numerous times, and never answered any of my questions. They told me that dish network does not offer bundles?!?! Really?! That’s funny because that’s all they advertise! We have been dish customers since 2005 and we were looking to bundle our TV, Internet, and phone. We were getting quoted different prices and transferred to different people each time we asked to speak with a supervisor. Some of them refused to let us speak to a supervisor and others left us on hold. What kind of company is this that they do not want customers?! How do you advertise something and then when a customer wants to purchase that you are told that you can’t ? They told us they do not offer Internet or phone that we would have to call frontier. When we called and had our phone and Internet connected through frontier, we were told that dish network would bundle all three for a lower price. We went back-and-forth for about a week and as of today we resolved nothing! All we wanted was to have one bill and bundle with dish because we’ve been happy customers for a long time. I had no idea that I would have to deal with people who clearly should not be in customer service if English is not their first language! They could not explain things properly and became frustrated when I demanded answers. I tried to be calm and respectful but in the end I became agitated because of the language barrier. It is sad and pathetic that such a huge company doesn’t want our business or the business of others because we will pass along our experience with every single person we know and through social media!


Thomas George March 7, 2016 at 5:23 pm

Very bitter experience with DISH Customer Service today. I had a scheduled appointment between 8-12 this morning (3/7).

8 AM – Received a call from the tech saying they were on their way, I told him we were home and he could come by for the appointment.

9 AM – Call Dish to say the technician had not arrived even though the webpage (My Appointments) indicated he was at my home.

2 PM – Received emails from Dish with Attached Service Agreement and new 2 year contract signed by someone who is neither me or my wife. The rep tried to remove it put on HOLD and i asked for a supervisor. Chris 1 NU comes on line with a worst attitude for a Customer Service rep. He called me confused and was very vocal about the fact that the equipment was installed in my home and I was literally lying to him. I told him what the amounted to was fraud – someone signing for equipment in my name that was never installed in my home and now being responsible for its lease. He said it was not afraid and that I was confused the equipment was in my home. I proposed to send him the receiver id’s from the labels at the back of the equipment and he said I can’t receive emails, the field manager has to verify inspection before they would acknowledge my fraud complaint. He was adamant that the equipment was installed in my home and I was confused. I asked Chris 1NU to transfer to his manager, he claimed he was the supreme authority and nobody above him and so his response was either you listed to what I have to say or else I transfer you to L1. What a ridiculous way of handling a customer complaint and he is a Supervisor at DISH??? Absolutely unconscionable that DISH would sink so low with crap people heading their customer service lines.

An hour ago received a call from Dispatch, awesome guy to talk to Jack Villalobos – was bale to with few phone calls inside DISH that the equipment was not installed in my home, the technician DID NOT make a visit and I was NOT CONFUSED (as Chris 1NU asserted). He dispatched some technicians that just landed at my door. Unfortunately there is 1 hour plus work to be done and I have a commitment to go to so I asked them to reschedule. They dropped off the receivers and told me – no TV tonight looks like your old receivers might be deactivated. My day keeps on getting better!!

If DISH so demands my loyalty, they better damn well make sure they they are loyal to their customers and treat customer issues with the highest priority and address issues of fraud with higher priority and rigor. Supervisors like Chris 1NU need to be schooled to serve their customers rather than call them confused. Yes I am frustrated with the experience but NOT CONFUSED!!


Paul March 7, 2016 at 1:31 pm

Beyond the worst customer service in the world. 9 phone calls to be hung up on, told to go to customer service to be told to go back to sales and to be hung up on again. Executive offices customer advocate group was no better and gave me no assistance and got me transferred to a sales agent who states there is no internet service via satellite in my area. REALLY, HOW THE HECK DO I ALREADY HAVE DISH AND YET I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET SATELLITE SERVICE IN MY AREA. HUGE MISTAKE TO GO WITH DISH.


Josh March 2, 2016 at 12:09 pm

Worst company ever been faxing and emailing bank system ends to get a refund for over 500 bucks of charges in two weeks for the same amount everytime.there customer service b js terrible they won’t call me back tell me they never received my stuff


Brenda James February 27, 2016 at 5:14 pm

Just rude

They did this to me.

Ok this is the agreement I had with Dish Network

Hey I definitely understand that. I will get it applied for you. The disclosures will be below, and please let us know if you have any other questions. -Tommy F

Your bill will be reduced by $25 per month for 12 months. Your new monthly rate will be $68.49. You will see the credit on your bill created on 8/11. After 12 months you will pay the then-current price, which today is $93.49 per month.

On August 28th 2015
So with everything added on the total came to 71.96

So imagine my surprise when I opened up my bill and it was 6 dollars more this month.

Dish talks about how DirectTV always raise their prices seems to me so does Dish Network.
I’ve been with Dish since the days that my husband had to climb up on the roof and put the Dish himself so customer loyalty I guess means nothing.

DirectTV have be trying to get us to switch. I don’t want to but this is ridiculous to make a promise and then without informing me you break it.

So I don’t know if i should switch or just get a lower package. I wanted to keep some kinda TV but if my bill keeps getting higher I can’t afford that my husband has ALS and is dying I can’t afford my bill going up I don’t have that kinda money.

But I would tell anyone to think long and hard about any promise Dish Network makes with you I’ve been with them I think 15 years and they made me a promise and didn’t keep it.

So good luck to anyone who takes the introductory offer.

Eddie R. Here is my account number 8255 9091 8022 6711
Thank you for that information. The hint for the 4 digit pin is “Last 4 of Social Security number”. -Eddy R.

Thank you for verifyinr your pin. Our package, America’s Top 250, has changed in pricing by $5 and also your taxes have slightly increased. This is the reason why your bill has changed in pricing. We, like all other Pay-TV providers, must increase our prices to help cover increasing programming costs from channel owners. We pay channel owners for the right to air their content, DISH doesn’t own the channels. -Eddy R.
Correct you are receiving a special discount of $25 for 12 months. We also disclose in our service agreement that “You acknowledge and agree that DISH has the right to, without notice at any time and from time to time (including, without limitation, during any term commitment to which you have agreed), add, delete, rearrange, alter, change and/or eliminate: (A) any and all prices, fees and/or charges; and/or (B) packages, programming, programming suppliers, services offered by suppliers, software, applications, features and/or functionalities. “. If you would like to view this information, you may visit -Eddy R.

No I don’t need to read that you just explained how your company does business.
Scottie’s satellite calls me all the time about switching I’m going to call him.
Thank you for your time, Have a blessed and wonderful day.

We are sorry to hear you feel this way. We could lower your package to reduce your monthly rate. -Eddy R.

It would help because I’m not kidding around my husband has ALS he is dying. Every cent helps us right now.
Here is a link where you can compare the channels and prices of our programming packages -Erika P.

I mean really I was promised one thing then get treated and talk to like that I don’t know its just wrong and rude.


David Kay February 24, 2016 at 3:14 pm

This is the worst company I have ever delt with. People will not send out technicians. Customer service is pitiful. I cancelled and they turned me in to a collection agency when I never signed a contract. No one will call me back. If the collection agency calls again I will give this matter to my attorney. I will never recommend this company to anyone. They have no clue of what they are doing


Melody Harper February 23, 2016 at 1:35 pm

I AM SOOOO PISSED right now.. Not only do you guys NOT stand by your word, but you add on prices without my consent! You are LIARS and I WIll NEVER EVER refer you to anyone. It is bullcrap how you guys treat people, and make us feel like we are stupid. I know what was said to me, I know what I signed up for and now for the next two years Im stuck in a contract that WAS NOT was I agreed on. DISH NETWORK IS THE WORST cable company ever! and I will post on everything I see dealing with you guys HOW YOU ARE LIARS and you will add prices on and you dont stand by your word.Melo


Kristine February 21, 2016 at 7:00 pm

I have received the worst customer service in my life! I was tolooking lie after lie and when I said I want to disconnect I was told I had a very short amount of time to pay the outrageous disconnection fee or I would be sent tout creditors! I never once said I wouldn’t pay I but who realistically can pay outrageous amount right away!?! I would love to be contacted by cooperate or I will be filing a complaint with the BBB!


Cynthia Hopper February 5, 2016 at 1:29 pm

I have been with fishnet for over 6 years and have had the worst customer serve in my 61 years. I wanted Internet and phone added and it is 3 weeks later and no service. I cancelled the order today and I can’t get any internet or phone through century link because of a pending order. I have spent a total of 8 hours on the phone in the last 3 weeks. I want to get rid of dish forever. Also I have a total of 7 people that are also going to cancel their service with dish in support of me. I would love for someone in corporate to call me at 520709XXXXX so they know all the lies that I was told. I actually cried with the frustration. I will file a complaint with the BBB


larry rogers February 15, 2016 at 7:18 pm

me to Has anyone contacted ceo


P. Windom January 25, 2016 at 12:45 pm

My husband and I are both are both disabled and collect our paychecks on separate dates. My husband gets paid on the 4th and me I get paid on the 3rd week of the month, not on the 3rd of the month like most people. When we set up this account it was suppose to be set up for the 28th of the month, not the 23rd of the month. We had this issue last month, i called set it up for the 28th and had taken it off of autopay. Yet again, we wake up to watch Dish and find it disconnected for non payment. It is on your end, and it needs to be taken care of. You need to listen to your customers. Also you need to be able to work with the customers as well. Not set it up to suit you. I talked to Antionette a Supervisor and she refused to help us out. And i think your people need to work on their customer service skills, no matter what country they are in.


Michael haynes January 22, 2016 at 11:32 am

today I had the pleasure of speaking with DISH Network and reference to my son having tourettes he used profanity on the phone with she cannot control he advised him he had to read said he was sorry they advised him they were going to hang up the call if he could not quit using profanity my son took a pair of pliers that’s right a pair of garage pliers pulled his tongue out his mouth made it bleed so he could barely talk so they wouldn’t hang up on him unacceptable in my eyes DISH Network needs customer service that understand disabilities and handicapped I think I will be changing to a different provider after this …

Not handicap friendly company..


Phyllis Cline January 15, 2016 at 12:24 am

I will never go back to dish again!! 3 days of dish and the problems started! Don’t try to get a problem solved with them it’s a waste of your time.They have an answer for everything, and still nothing solved.Never in my life have I heard so many lies and excuses from anyone.I would rather pay a high price for Direct, then to have free dish for life! I am calling the State Attorney General and filing complaint against them! And in the meantime, I’m going to warn everyone about dish! RUN…RUN…RUN…FROM dish!!!


larry rogers February 15, 2016 at 7:20 pm

me two


Christine Garcia January 13, 2016 at 11:13 pm

Ok, so i was never toldthat this was a 24month contract. Because if i had been told i would have never signed with them. Then when i added two rooms wihout telling me they uped and renewed my contract for a new 24months. And when i finnally get someone that can actually speak english they tell me that i signed the tablet when the tech came to my house. Um, no they never showed me there tablet and i didnt sign anything. I’ve been waiting on my contract to end so i could get oht from under them. Not to mention that iver the past six months my bill has been increasing. They of course had some kind of excuse. Also during my service with them i have had nothing but one problem after another. Its almost something at least ince a month. I so fed up with them and there lies. I was never told i had a 24month contract. And i would not evem rexomend them toy worst enemy. I just gonna call corrperate, and hope i can get somewheree with them. Probbly not , but im going to try. They are about the worst company i have ever had to deal with. They insist there always right , talk iver you, never let you finish what you have to say, amd i can keep going on. But ill stop. Oh, and the last person i spoke with wouldnt evem let me spek to a superviser ir mnager. Then he just hing up one. Reallynixe people skis there, hugh?


Denny January 13, 2016 at 4:22 pm

Just got off the phone with Dish for the sixth time to try and get a gift card that was promised to me when I signed up for Dish last fall. I was told the first time the card was in the mail, this time I was informed I was not eligible for the card. After speaking to a very rude supervisor, I was told to call GoDish . When I ask if they were a different organization, I was told they were just a retailer and not part of Dish. In earlier conversations I had been told GoDish was part of DISH.

When I called GoDish, I was told it was just an oversight that I had not been sent the information. When I continued to ask questions, I was told I would have to send a company called MPELL a money order for some amount to cover the cost of sending me the gift card. This is just screaming scam to anyone who is reading this.

The Internet is full of comments about this scam and I feel foolish for having become involved. I have a two-year contract with Dish that I may or may not fulfill. I’m sure the FCC, BBB, and local and national consumer advocacy groups will be interested in these tactics. My calls to Dish indicated that customer care is not important.


Eldon January 9, 2016 at 9:10 am

I just became a victim to dish network. and I am also in the military, I can’t believe they stole 446$ out of my account. gave me the run around on the phone. when I called to complain and to take off some premium channels they keep the on my account and acXXXXulated charges. For future customers be careful or thinking to get it don’t get it stay away from dish.


Lori December 29, 2015 at 1:49 pm

I had service with Dish for 2 weeks and their equipment went bad ( on Christmas day ) I was told it would be 3 to 5 business days before I would get service back and was told “oh well, you have to deal with it.” I then cancelled my service and was told there was a cancelation fee of $480 – I was a customer for exactly 2 weeks.


Karlisha Cherry December 27, 2015 at 2:51 pm

I have had this company for almost 2 yrs in which my contract suppose to be up in April 2016.. I called today to make a pymt and make arrangements for a bill due Dec 7 and some so called supervisor by the name of Kevin CCP said I couldn’t just pay 125.00 that I had to pay that plus 130.00 that was due Dec 7..I told him that I talked to a rep not too long ago and she stated that I can do it but he said I couldn’t…he was really nasty and rude and telling me its better customers out here than me..he was over talking me and wasn’t trying to hear a word I was saying and on top of that he was cursing at me..who does that especially not a supervisor but its fine because I won’t pay another dime to Dish and and I will not be paying no 480 term fee either..they can kiss my ass and so can Kevin with his nasty ass


donald wasik December 27, 2015 at 10:11 am

we moved from indiana to geogia and since we have moved our bill has consistently been incorrect. this is such a bad imagine for your company. I am now looking into more of


Julie Chappelear January 8, 2016 at 4:15 pm

I was offered a $25 credit on my service for 6 months; being a good customer for over 10 years. I have had to call customer service for the last four months to have someone try and straighten it out. All but one of the customer service representatives have been very aggressive over the phone. Reading over comments for the last two months there seems to be many complaints on billing. Someone definitely needs to be looking into the billing departments procedures, computer problems?


Judy bond December 17, 2015 at 4:09 pm

I am so frustrated with dish I have been with them for over three years I never have had a problem until the last couple months. I moved in December and I got service transferred to my new address and had them add on two extra rooms when the installation guy came his order was for one extra room, but they added a Joey in the 5th room in my house for an extra one time fee of 50 dollars? REALLY 50$ ok well I needed it thinking they would not charge since I am a good customer never been late paying my bill. The installation guy all done I go and sign for the work he did in my home on a cell phone he is telling me what I am signing for the equipment and the work he did and that he did not damage anything. Come to find out that I signed for another 24 months WHAT REALLY NOBODY TOLD ME THAT can’t read the contract and work was already done, I also talked to a customer service representative to approve the extra box for 50$, and the representatives did not tell me that I would be locked into a contract for another 24 months I am so angry that it is all my fault and they did nothing but tell me you signed it WELL NEWS FLASH I WOULD HAVE NEVER SIGNED if the installation guy told me this is the contract for another 2 fricking years my bill has gone up from 69$ to 104$ without warning and they won’t remove my contract I have to pay them 480$ if I want to cancel no help what so ever from dish I would never recommend DISH to anyone


Amy Perham December 17, 2015 at 8:42 am

I have had dish for a few years and I went back and fourth a few months back about a dish that was put on the front of the house. After being transferred to at least ten different people, one finally tells me that the next month, once I have terminated my service, they would send someone to remove the poorly placed dish. I call back this month to set up an appointment and needless to say, I was lied to again. Please understand that customers make your business and having a representative of your company flat out lie to them can ruin a reputation. I have been a loyal customer, paid monthly on time and had a fairly large package with dish. Your poor customer service is unacceptable and maybe you should consider working harder to keep the existing customers. I have asked for a number for someone above and I get an address for a dispute resolution. Not one person answering the phone has tried to make it right unless I agree to pay an out of pocket expense for something that should have been done in the first place.


randylmcmunn December 16, 2015 at 7:23 pm

I called Dish Network talk to somebody named Ryan Ryan number JSH he replied he was the top dog no one was over him no future was could be for me I find that hard to believe what about hurricane comeWhat if something out of our control happens so top dog then what please please reply to me very unhappy with dish


Lydia Gonzales December 13, 2015 at 1:18 pm

I truly wish I would have read the reviews here first. I called to get new service, I know that some places do a soft credit check while others do a hard inquiry. I am not one to go around and just get hard inquiries. I wanted to make sure what their check was. I asked about 4 times before okaying a SOFT inquiry. I went through the whole process and wasn’t satisfied and said I would be shopping around. I asked again just to clarify it wouldn’t show up on my credit report. What appears on my credit report? Yep, dish network. So I did the chat with the representative online just wanting to get clarification and figure out why that representative lied to me. That was no help all the online chat consisted of was me asking the same question over and the reply being how many TVs was I wanting to set up, what package was I interested in. So thinking calling would be better, I called. Bigger headache. I spoke to two different reps,one tried setting me again and I told her no transfer me to a supervisor . I got some guy who was in technical support and he didn’t know the difference between the two checks. Okay now that’s concerning, so I asked again for a supervisor, after being told to hold for 1-2 minutes about 10 times..I got Elmo, no really that was his name. He was probably the worst of them all. He actually defended the actions of the rep who ran my credit and lied to me. He said that I don’t have an account so it’s not their problem it was Equifax not them. I said oh okay Equifax just goes around picking out merchants to run credit against. His response was well maam anytime you get any time you get any service there is a credit check. Ummmmmm not true but if you work for Dushku I guess I understand why you are misinformed. So at the end of the day I have one more inquiry that I didn’t count on, I still need service but can’t take another hit so leaves me stuck until enough time had passed. What really makes it ridiculous is that they would have ran another inquiry if I would have wanted to set service up today. Wooooowwwwww thanks for looking out for your customers. PLEASE think twice they are snakes and liars and highly uneducated.


Ann Burns December 11, 2015 at 8:33 pm

In the year’s time that I had dish, I had nothing but problems. After several months of calling I gave up and finally canceled or so I thought and also paid for the unreturned equipment fee. Fast forward to the next month and another bill and when I call I get informed me that I would be charged for the 3 unreturned boxes. Now the kicker, I only ever had two, one of which was returned,one purchased and now magically a third appeared which I never had. Then the agent told me I never paid, but than the agent continued to tell me that I paid the fee but than it was credited by dish, yet I never got a credit to my bank account and now you want to charge me again. Then oh we charged you, but that was for the unreturened not the MSRP. So if that was the case shouldn’t have they addressed that months ago instead of now telling me I have to pay an additional fee that I was told was the unretuned equipment fee. Can we say fraud? Certainly fits the definition in my opinion and will be filing a complaint with the BBB as I have given dish multiply opportunities to do the right thing, but all there employees do is lie to keep charging fees.
The moral of the story don’t ever do business with Dish, once you cancel they will try to get every nickel that doesn’t belong to them. As for me it sounds like I will be seeing them in court, as I have no intention of paying for a box I never had or yet another fee as I’m sure if I did they would just come up with another fee next month. I can’t wait to share my experience with anyone that will listen and hope everyone makes a better choice than dish and to the Corporate members, I do hope you start to pay attention to what your employees are doing. I may only be one person, but all of experiences wiil get out and you will lose business which means $$$. Something I know that CEOs” do care about.


Jamie December 10, 2015 at 8:14 am

I was an employee and I would never get dish. There employees doesn’t do quality work. They also have to sell 15 dollars worth of products to each customer. Cheap products lol. I quit after working for 6 days. Can’t see myself doing that kind of work and being able to sleep at night. The guy in summerville s.c. left a dish on someone roof without hitting any studs at all and over tighten all the lag bolts. One wind you going to have leaks and no service. Hope someone fix this


teneisha December 9, 2015 at 7:31 pm

I’m pissed off. Dish took 440.00 of my card. I never had dish,and ask them how they get my card info. They claim I co sign and authorized it. That’s a lie, because I have com cast. For someone to take money from a single mom,with no remorse that’s really sad. Example I could be standing right behind you in line,and remember your card number. Then call dish,and they can hook up cable,without any other information. That’s not professional or safe. And dumb as hell.


Rene Vielma December 8, 2015 at 10:19 pm

I have been with dish for several years now and much to my surprise, I am seeing that I am not alone in my complaint. I set up auto draft using my checking account – which is the first time that I have done that. So, for the Thanksgiving Holiday my family and I went out of town; upon our return Dish Network charges my checking account for 2 On Demand movies which for one – we never ordered nor were we home to order them. Those charges resulted in an overdraft fee. They continued for the next 3 days to get their money which resulted in more overdraft fees. In one day they tried over 6 times to get their money. By the end of it, I had over $340 in overdraft fees assessed to my checking account. I contacted Dish and spoke with Cheyenne transferred to Erika then to Sheila, then the supervisors named Amber and Crystal – which resulted in me getting EXTREMELY PISSED OFF, a refund of only $83.00 and my box is no longer working. I have never been so disappointed, lied to, frustrated, and completed horrified at the lack of communication skills that this company shows. I am in the military and we would never treat people the way that this company treats it Loyal customers and you want me to invite others… flipping way what so ever. I want to contact the CEO, COO, CFO and any one else that will take care of this situation.


Eldon January 9, 2016 at 8:58 am

i have read your statement they just did me the same way I am also in the military. did you continue further action and if so did you get any resolution?


Diane Cole December 7, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Can not believe what dish is putting us thru! they are a total lie and rip off. Have been trying for over 6 months to get problem straightened out but no help. Refused to pay any more bills until they corrected their problems with my account realizing eventually they would cut service. After 2 months of no service I get email they will deduct several hundred dollars from my bank acct!? Everytime I’ve called customer service I get someone who can not speak good English and sounds like they are reading their response and it’s a vague answer. DO NOT GO WITH DISHNETWORK THEY WILL STEAL YOU BLIND. All their ads about “no surprise” bills is a joke cause I asked specifically before I signed on with them if the price offered to me was permanent or was it going to suddenly increase. I was told NO that it was the set price. About year and half later bill went from $65 to $110. and refuse to stand by their original agreement.


Darlene December 4, 2015 at 3:48 pm

This has been an onging situation with Dish network, I have had several payments come out of my banking acct. from dish that was not applied to my dish account. I notice for the month of April and may the money was taken out, called dish was told that i had 120 days to dispute anything that was applied to my acct for a refund explained I was not looking for a refund just wanted the money applied to my dish account. I was told that i need to dispute it with my bank. I said I need to see it in writing that the policy says 120 days to dispute i never seen it written on the bill. I asked for the corporate number they said they did not have it, my banking account speaks for itself what happen to my funds its probably more money taken just have not went over all transactions from dish. No one seems to care about the money you spend on cable network who is taking the money is it CSR. I work hard for my money and need answers.


David Strassler December 2, 2015 at 10:13 pm

Mr. John Fhawn Wilson President of Dish said to call him his phone number is 866-215-1048 his direct line. Mr. Wilson phone has been discontinued I think he’s afraid of me. Come out and play Mr. Wilson and I promise to give you an education. Let’s start with fraud and it’s interstate which makes it also federal I was advised to report you to the police department I’m doing that this weekend you are also interfering with my business and this is the most important time of the year for me. You are violating a federal law called restraint of trade I suggest you return $650.00 that you stole because the end result is it’s going to cost you a minimum of $3,000.00 when I’m through with you so come out and play.


norma December 5, 2015 at 11:45 pm

Mr Wilson is a coward. You should know that by now


denise November 30, 2015 at 9:24 pm

OMG, for two yeas I have been fighting with them about my internet speed, they tell me it is fine and I tell them it is not! On the 10th of december I am switching and now they wont send a tech, But I am running at a 1/4 speed of what I am paying for!!! they will send a tech if I cancill my disconnect!!!! NO effing way!!!! YOU SUCK!!!! tomorrow will call corporate, because if my; contract is binding, so is theirs. JUST saying!!! This service sucks ALL the way around, caution before you sign with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Strassler November 28, 2015 at 12:10 am

I forgot to mention that this is interstate and you dipping into my credit card without my permission also makes it a federal crime I am also a veteran that’s right I saved your butt I have thinking about going to the VA and reporting you. Remember THAT I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH YOU. David Strassler


David Strassler November 27, 2015 at 11:58 pm

You stole $761.00 I do not have a an account with you ;however, you went into my credit card without my permission and took $761.00 out this fraudulent act is called stealing I have doXXXXentation from Chase Bank to prove it. Chase was able to get back $100.00 Mr. John Fawn Wilson is aware of the situation this has been going on now for months. I want my money or I’ll be forced to take legal action starting with the Better Business Bureau then I’ll report you to the IRS for not declaring the money that you stole as income and if you did it to me how many other people did you do it to last but not least we will go to small claims court and I will ask for punitive damages of 3 times the amount plus court costs and for the amount of serving you. You will have to come to Illinois for trial with everything it will cost you about $3,000.00 I suggest you stop dragging your feet and pay me now remember the clock is ticking. David Strassler my phone number is 847-791-XXXXX and my email address is XXXXX Your welcome David


Roberto November 15, 2015 at 9:58 pm

Have been with Dish for 6 years my wife had a major stroke and I was trying to get some help and all I got was turned down and no help was with DirecTV before and going back they are a company that puts customers first


Suzette November 10, 2015 at 1:26 pm

I had my dish service turned off today. I have been with them 5yrs and last week I called to tell them I would be going with another company so I could bundle. They offered me a ‘loyalty discount’ if I would stay. I said i would check around and call back. When I called back today I was told that the discount is half what I was offered last week, unless I want to increase my package.
I filed a complaint with the BBB, and gave Dish every opportunity to do the right thing and they would not. They would rather lose my business than keep their word. They refused to listen to the call where the offer was made. I asked one supervisor ‘Did the original representative just lie to me to get me to stay?’ He answered, ‘Frankly, yes.’
I have spoken to at least three customer service centers today, and one was in the Philippines and one was in Mexico city, the other in Texas.
I wish I had looked closer into how they do business before going with them.
There are plenty of complaints online, had I only looked. Now I will share my complaint and treatment on every social media site I can find. Dish has bad business practices.


Sean Pasche November 22, 2015 at 10:20 pm

Im going through a very stressfull time with Dish i was told i was getting the internet bundle they installed the TVs but i was told my internet would be installed a few days later come to find out i was told i dont have the service in my area so i asked out of contract and they told me 480 cancelation fee im upset no help ive been hung up on numerous times do i have a case with the BBB ?


Dennis Price December 2, 2015 at 10:01 am

File a breach of contract with Dish and with the State Attorney General where you live and if you can get TV you should be able to get internet. They have breached your agreement not you! Also file a complaint with your state Utilities Commission. Time for Dish to wake up! Have your call escalated to a manager not a dumb ass that answers the phone


Corey Kirkland November 9, 2015 at 1:00 am

I am absolutely unsatisfied with my experience with the incompetent “customer support” I have received through this company. I am in the military and I was sent over seas, I called and terminated my contract and I thought there was no issue, even though each representative I talked to gave me a different answer on how to handle the termination, good job being on the same page. I give this wonderfully ignorant employee my wife’s mailing address to her new home where she will be while I’m gone. So that she could mail back our equipment that we rented from DISH. Of course, I THOUGHT everything was taken care of. Now that I am in my over seas location, I receive an e-mail stating that I have not returned my equipment that I rented from this glorious company and that I will be charged $249 if I do not return my equipment before 28 November 2015, keep in mind, this statement was the ONLY bold statement on the entire email..almost as if to highlight it because it was an important date to remember. But guess what, I was charged the $249 less than 2 hours later! Keep in mind, today is 09 November 2015. Good job lying on that one DISH. So, I do the responsible thing and call DISH with a level head and try not to lose my mind. I speak to this wonderful employee that can’t speak English, nor can she spell common words such as “Meadow” which is now known as “Medow.” The sad part is, I had to explain to her that the spelling was wrong. At least it only took me 3 attempts to get her to spell it right. Then I get the wonderful news that I am being charged an additional $10 for them to send me their precious, gold plated, limited edition return box. I vow to never do business with this ridiculous company for the rest of my life. I will also encourage every person I come into contact with to go to their local park, find a swell stick that is quite sturdy and begin to draw pretty pictures in the sand for entertainment rather than dealing with this company. This company obviously advocates communism and higher taxes.


Chauncey Bingham November 2, 2015 at 2:27 pm

Boy do I have a few BAD BAD stories about DISH. As of this minute I am looking for an attorney to handle this so-F___ed up company! We have “auto” pay for Dish, have had it that way for over 5 years. About 8 months ago, Dish shut us down. I called they said my husbands bank card was NO GOOD! It not only still IS good, but is the card we use everyday. Dish screwed up something somewhere and put the blame on my husband. His card he has used everyday, but according to DISH, it is NO GOOD! Now, lets get on with the BIG problem we have right now today with DISH. We had Dish come out due to the fact that our bedroom TV was NOT working and Dish ended up re-wiring our place and doing such a sloppy job, I mean the wire was draped across my table and all my things on the table up to the dish! It is BAD!~ Finally after months of listening to Dish’s excuses and NOT getting this place re-wired I got a hold of the Presidents of DISH’S secretary Maria and explained to her what the problem was. This is a story that will have you on the floor laughing. Me I want to hurt someone! The call to Maria was good, she finally called me back and said she would do what she could to get this handled and before I knew it the next day was Saturday and not only did we have an appointment to get this place re-wired, but a boss came out to see the nightmare of a job that was done. Once the field “boss” showed and saw what was done and heard the problems we were having AND Miss Maria from the President’s office put in her 2cents, things had changed! We got this place re-wired and upgraded and the only costs were suppose to be the $14 more a month for the new services! Everything was finished, we were VERY impressed with how good the pictures were on our TV’S and we planned a Football Party for that following day on Sunday! That nigh Dish AUTOMATICALLY took it’s money from our account and Sunday am came! Company started to show and we went to turn on the tv and guess what? WE WERE DISCONNECTED! Here it is Monday and almost noon and still, we have NO TV! ISN’T DISH WONDERFULL! WE ARE NOW GOING TO GO TO COURT! Dish added an additional charge but failed to take it out of the OUTOMATIC PAY THAT WE HAD SET UP AND THEY DISCONNECTED US! ARE YOU LAUGHING YET? Dish told me twice this morning my tv would be back on within 10-15 minutes!~ laughing YET? THIS IS DISH!!!


JWats October 27, 2015 at 7:08 pm

Dish needs to understand what customer service and how to commit to it. False advertising is not right when you get an offer they should stand by it not try to manipulate the customer and some customer service reps say one thing and others say another. Could you please get everybody on the same page. I have already made several attempts at being nice about it and that does not seem to work. I guess that I will have to go a different way about this since they keep giving me the run around.


Tee October 24, 2015 at 11:50 am

This company provides a bait and switch tell you one thing do another have had constant equipment problems had for one yr will not have for another. Cancelling as soon as I get another provider. Very Disappointed. I was promised four $75.00 credits on my account The rep said she was only able to provide two credits at a time and once those were applied t call back and two more months would be applied. Once I did this dish has told me they can not provide me with the credits promised. I had equipment problems that is why I was to receive the credits. I have only had this service for 1 yr and have had to have two hoppers replaced. I will be canceling my service if this is how you do business. Promise your customer one thing and then change it later when it’s time to pay. I have paid my bill faithfully on time and I require the same service in return I will not pay for service I did not receive. I want to formally complain and I will to whomever I need to. Thank You.


Renee Graham October 30, 2015 at 8:07 pm

On September 11th 2015 I had installation from dish. The dish technician broke the frame to my window and the window. I have been trying to have this matter taken care of but I am constantly told through the claims department that I need to pay for an estimate to repair the window that the dish technician damaged. I do not think this is fair, & I do not think this is good business practice. If I would have broken any equipment from dish it would have been my responsibility solely to pay for the equipment why do I have to pay for an estimate to have a window fixed that a dish technician broke? This is been going on since September 11th and the problem has not been resolved. No one called to let me know the update I was just told today from a representative of the office of the president her name is Ingrid her ID number is, I was told that since I haven’t paid for the estimate this problem cannot be resolved. This is just an example of a big corporation taking advantage of little people. Dish Network has more money than I do I’m leaving work the broken window and frame that was done by one of their technicians.


Kristie Smith October 24, 2015 at 11:25 am

DON’T SIGN UP FOR DISH!! I rate Dish below Negative 0. Was with Directv for 12 years, just moved, thought we would try Dish for the first time, they offered Netflix free for 1 year, plus we wanted Glen Beck channel. Signed up on Oct. 8th, 2015, the tech didn’t even make sure all our tv’s were working properly before leaving our house. I called Dish later to inform them that we needed a tech out to fix the other tvs, they told me I had to wait until after our internet tech showed up to install our internet. They said it was two separate things, and I had to wait to get a tv tech out, after the internet was hooked up. Well the earliest we could get the internet hooked up 2 weeks later on Oct. 23rd. On Oct. 23rd the internet tech was late for the appt., I had set up for the morning appt. time, which was 9am-1pm slot. I waited until then, no one showed. I had to leave my house for other appts. that I had set, and at 1:24pm, I had received a cell phone call from the internet tech, which he left no message of course. The Internet Tech was LATE for the appt., so I called DISH, they didn’t care, said I was not home at the time the tech showed up, so they rescheduled our internet for Nov. 16th. So after 2 weeks with Dish, I still don’t have the service that we both agreed to and that I signed up for. DISH is in DEFAULT of contract, therefore once cancellation takes place, they should not be able to charge early cancellation fees!!


Patsy October 22, 2015 at 7:04 pm

This company is awful. They should go out of business. Beware..Beware
Do not use Dish..
They let a family member use my bank card without my permission. .billed my card on auto pay for 5 months. ..and Dish added me to the
account without my permission.
I never agreed to this. Now Dish refuses to refund me my money and they refuses to remove my name from the account..Fraud Fraud Fraud


Chauncey Bingham November 12, 2015 at 2:29 am

I hope you go to the STATE where you live and file federal charges for FRAUD and ILLEGAL use of your bank card WITHOUT proper and legal AUTHORIZATION from YOU! Oh trust me, I do NOT like DISH, we are with them right now, but NOT for long! This company is ridiculous in everything they do and how they conduct themselves in business and the blatant and total IDIOTS they hire! You my dear NEED to press charges against whomever used your card, make THEM pay all these charges, just turn this over to your local D.A. and they will make sure this gets handled as it should be! Good luck to you!


Deana October 22, 2015 at 1:38 pm

HORRIBLE company. Harassed a 79 year old woman after canceling her service. The equipment was owned by her and they had a person call her demanding $450 for the cancellation of her service and for not returning the equipment. There was never a contract as Dish came into her condo complex after another company went out of business. When I called to cancel the service on her behalf, they verified that her account was paid in full, stated that the equipment does not to be returned as it belonged to the previous company and that they couldn’t take possession of the previous company’s equipment. This agent threatened her that Dish would take her to court. STAY AWAY for the company. You will regret ever signing up for them!!!!!!!


tanesia October 22, 2015 at 1:11 pm



Marvin Hunt November 2, 2015 at 8:47 pm

They have lied to me numerous times and I intend to reach the CEO or someone other than the lying reps at Dish. I am sick of the lies that have cost me money by calling in from work to be home for a dish appointment and they change the appointment day with no notice at all. This is only one lie of the many.


David Morrison October 21, 2015 at 10:00 am

DISH is a complete joke of a company….. Their equipment failed routinely; tech support was dismal; and their service cost a fortune. I switched to Direct TV about a year ago and have nothing but good to say about them! DISH, on the other hand, continues to mail offers to my home address, this despite at least a dozen calls to get removed from their mailing lists. These are not letters from third party companies – they are direct from DISH. I’m completely fed up and will now be calling their corporate offices twice for every junk letter they send me. If that doesn’t work, I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau.


Angie October 20, 2015 at 2:36 pm

I will NEVER in a million yrs refer anyone to dish. I cancelled services w/ them asked them to cancel my auto payments. I received a letter stating my acct would be drafted on the 28th. I then received a letter stating it would be drafted on the 18th. I called dish and the Rep Jessica informed me that it would not automatically draft because the acct is closed!!! She ASSURED me that it wouldn’t. I check my acct on the 20th only to discover dish unauthorizedly drafted my acct. I spoke w/ several reps and supervisors that stated that it was drafted in error but there was nothing they could do about it. I will be definately looking into legal actions!!!!!


Chris Harris October 16, 2015 at 10:04 am

This was my second, and final time using Dish Network. They are complete rip offs. You’re told one thing, and they do another. I was told I would NOT be charged without first seeing a so called copy of my contract. I “supposedly” signed this contract, per your customer service representative. However, when i asked to be emailed a copy of my signature and contract, they told me it’d take 48 hours to email it. Its been 2 weeks and still, NO EMAIL. They did, however, send me a confirmation of payment email after debiting my acct without permission. In fact, I actually spoke to two people telling them to take me off auto draft that I never signed up for. I was told that I would be taken off auto pay. They say the calls are recorded but never have the capability to pull them. I guess they can only do that when its in their favor. This was after a threatening e-mail stating that if I didn’t sign back up they would draft my acct. I think the CEO Joseph P. Clayton should know that stealing people’s money is a bad way to stay in business. I know I am only just another account number in their system and don’t matter at all to a multi million dollar cooperation, but its little peon acct numbers like mine that keep businesses like this a float. I am extremely unhappy with the way I was treated, and in essence stolen from. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, as well as any family or friends that currently use dish or were considering it. Also I’d like to throw in that the friend who referred me never got his PS-4 that he was promised after I was the third referral. Imagine that…. Should’ve been my red flag….


K Cox October 15, 2015 at 3:12 pm

I am not a Dish customer but I was looking to purchase the service. After my experience, I will never become one either. I called your customer service line and asked to speak with a call center here in the United States but only received individuals in the Philippines. I was told I am not able to speak with someone here in the US.

If I wanted to do business with individuals in a foreign country, I would go there, but I do not wish to.
Thanks for showing your support for the US.


cindy hart October 14, 2015 at 6:17 pm

I have had the worst customer service of my life through dish last night and today. I have spent 3 hours trying to, believe it or not, buy an additional service for a 2nd house, but because the first person I talked to through a chat window couldn’t understand English, they put the wrong comment on my account. Which started a chain of horrible treatment from their representatives, who had a hard time comprehending the English language. There were two female representatives in the mix that were excellent in customer service but because of the lack of communication skills from someone online, they would not even tell me what he wrote on my account. They wouldn’t tell a supervisor what was on my account. Looks like I will be taking my business for 2 services to DirectTV.


P. Windom January 25, 2016 at 12:48 pm

Double check make sure they are not connected to dish in some way.


Donna October 12, 2015 at 6:58 pm

I pulled my credit report this evening and found that DISH had placed me in collections saying I owed an outstanding balance of $89. I contacted DISH immediately. I was asked to provide my social security number. After hesitating to provide the number I gave it to the representative. I felt that I was getting no where and asked to speak with someone higher. I was transferred to someone that said his name is Manny. After a second time of providing my social security number I was advised that I needed to contact the FTC myself and file a doXXXXent with them. Manny was of no assistance, wanted personal information such as previous cities I have lived in. When I asked him what information on file he had that shows I ever had an account with DISH he informed me he could not provide that information to me for security purposes. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. I need to provide information to DISH on an account that I have never had, but yet they cannot provide me any information on a file they supposedly have.

When I asked to speak with a Manager or someone higher several times he refused to transfer me and advised that there was no one higher available. I asked for the phone number for corporate he again refused to provide the information and hung up on me.

So….it’s okay for me to provide my personal information but DISH cannot provide me with any information they apparently have on my account. I have never had an account with DISH and will never have one after this experience.


Max Reid October 10, 2015 at 3:16 pm

Set up service between 8 – 12 on Saturday. No one showed up, no one called. Had to call them. Went through (supposedly) 4 levels of support only to be told it was going to be Monday. Cancelled my plans for them, they couldn’t keep theirs for me. Fortunately for them, they are the only provider with Japan Television, otherwise I would cancel them immediately. Will be dealing with corporate on Monday. Customer Service is of no service. Don’t bother to even try to deal with them, you won’t get anywhere!!!


n.m October 1, 2015 at 9:13 am

After my service was cancelled,UR customer service representative did not inform me if a charge forthe box to return ur dish box.Had I known this I would had refused the return box in would have took ur crappy equipment to a dish company in dropped it off myself.Dish caused me an over draft fee with my bank.Dish is the WORST service ever.In I really dont know why iam writing this if yall dont care about your customer.Its not like you are going respond.It just another complaint yall r going to ignore.


Heather September 30, 2015 at 5:09 pm

I am not a Dish customer, nor will I ever be a Dish customer unless there is a major overhaul with their service and the way they conduct business. However, I do possess knowledge of Dish services because I live in a home where Dish is the TV Provider. It has to be one of the worst services I have ever seen. First problem is the constant loss of a signal. Most of the time it’s raining, or the wind is blowing, or it’s snowing, but sometimes it just loses a signal for no apparent reason. And who really cares what the reason is when you’re on the edge of your seat, really focused on a great show and then it goes blank, signal loss. Secondly, the DVR is a joke. Why do I have to watch the same channel I want to record? That makes no sense!! If I have two shows airing at the same time, I should be able to watch one and record the other, but not with Dish. Someone told me you have to get the Hopper, and I would not pay more for that. With other companies, such as AT&T, DVR is included in the price and you can record up to 5 shows at once without having to watch any of them while you record! And I paid about $20 less for my AT&T service per month than the person I live with that has Dish!! Another oddity with Dish happens during Channel Surfing. They have the “Regular” channels listed next to the “HD” channels, so that if you’re channel surfing you have to press the button twice to get to a different channel. Or, you have to adjust so that you only “see” HD channels, but then you forget that you have additional channels that are not HD! Dish again needs to look at AT&T’s setup. They separate the HD channels from the Non HD channels. HD channels have a higher channel number. But, my biggest complaint and reason I will not ever be a Dish customer is because they constantly attempt to remove channels from their line up. I’m not sure how that can even be legal. When a customer enters into a contract and agrees to pay a certain amount of money for a certain service, they should receive the full service in which they pay for. Dish seems to have a big issue reaching agreements with other companies then wants to blame it on the other company and say that the other company is being greedy. In this case, this was said about 11Alive (WXIA-I think). We may lose this channel beginning today unless an agreement is made by 7pm tonight. I enjoy many shows on this channel including Days of Our Lives which I’ve watched for 20 years! Dish, the problem is not with the other companies, the problem is with you!! I have had TV Service with AT&T and Comcast and neither of these companies removed stations from their line up the way you do. Mr. Clayton (CEO) of Dish may need to find another line of work if he can’t better this company. All you have to do to see how worthless it is, is read the reviews!!


Felix September 30, 2015 at 11:28 am

And from the looks of all the post here, DISH is not to concern with customers.. It seems
it’s all about the money to them.

Just found out DISH NETWORK ruined my credit for lack of payment.. Funny thing I have never have had a DISH Account. They reported my name and ssn to a collection agency as well as Equifax. I called and tried to get some help they told me that they could not give me any information because they need to protect the possible identity of the CRIMINALS. They did give me a long list of thing I need to resolve the problem and all the work I have to do to Clear My Name. It seems if they were a little more careful and had procedures to avoid fraud instead of trying to make the sale.


Bradshaw October 10, 2015 at 8:42 pm

I second that !! They are beyond pathetic !


George Martinez September 27, 2015 at 12:09 am

Very disappointed in the Lies Told to me from Dish representatives and more importantly the Management team at Dish ! From day one when the dish salesman out right lied to me i was told that Dish was Exactly as reliable and as good at recording show as DIRECT TV! LIES !! I work for the Rail Road and have to record the shows well the shows would only record for a minute then turn off sometimes almost to the end right then me and my family would just sit there and stare at each other when our show was cut short ! Dish a bunch of incompetent fools would go through the same scenario to try and fix it a total of 40 Times
( not joking ) ! I knew the process better than they did ! They said the only way to fix it was to pay more for the HOPPER !!! So i told no f-ing way ! You guys lied to me ! so with a few months to go i stopped service when they tried to up my rate for sh***y service that never worked !! I ended up paying for termination fee then one month later they announced THE HOPPER IS FREE NOW !!!!!! THAT IS A SXXXXBAG COMPANY AND WHAT MAKES IT WORST IS THAT I TRIED TO GET A MANAGER INVOLVED AND THEY CARED EVEN LESS !!!!


George Martinez September 27, 2015 at 2:25 pm



Donald September 20, 2015 at 1:51 pm

I was on the phone with one of your representatives. As he asked me for my personal info I told him that I didn’t want to give him that yet. He insisted on telling me that dish had the best plans and I would be wasting my time shopping around. So he asked me for my info once more and I said no and his attitude changed. I was in the process of telling him my wife gets off at 2 o’clock and I would check with her and choose who we would go with and the representative hung the phone up in my face.


Maxine B. September 17, 2015 at 5:01 pm

I used to have Dish. I LOVED Dish. However, a competitor gave me a deal that Dish wouldn’t compete with. Didn’t like new company. My promo is expiring soon, so I called sales to get price on new service. “Troy” in sales is the nastiest, rudest sales person I have ever dealt with. He talked over me repeatedly. Didn’t allow me to get questions out. Literally treated me as if he already explained this to over forty people today and didn’t feel the need to explain it to me. Before I made any decisions or decided on a package, Troy began to ask for my personal information. I asked him if he was attempting to run a credit check. He responded that he can’t tell me what package I’m eligible for until he knows my credit worthiness. I let him know that my credit is very strong, but who would allow a credit check without even determining whether they want the product? Finally I said, “I’m done.” Troy’s response was, “Yup.” When I responded that he was rude, he began to tell me off. I hung up on him in the middle of his tirade.

Then I tried to call corporate. I wanted them to know why they lost a potential customer. I told the “operator” that I wanted to speak with someone in executive service. She transferred me to a regular account rep. I repeatedly tried to verify who I was speaking with. Eventually, just based on her low level of professionalism, and inability to tell me anything more than “if Dish can figure it out they’ll tell his supervisor to train him” and “I can transfer you to someone in sales” I again asked “Are you executive complaints?” She finally admitted that she wasn’t. I responded, “I give up” and ended the call. If Dish cannot/will not treat me well before I go into contract with them, how will the customer service be if I am locked into an agreement?


Greg W September 14, 2015 at 11:24 am

When dealing with DISH or any other company and your state is a 1 person recording state, use your cell phone to record your conversation.. If it is a 2 person state, you must tell them you, also are recording this call for “accuracy”. Then they will either continue or hang up. If they hang up and then call you, tell them this call is being recorded. You have all your evidence in one call……………………..SIMPLE!.


Patricia A. Leoonard September 9, 2015 at 4:05 pm

I am writing to let everyone who reads this know that DISH is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. When I called Dish,I asked the rep if there would be any problem with getting good service because I had heard from some of my neighbors that we were in a hard to service area. Oh, no the rep said, we have a lot of customers in your neighborhood. From day 1 we had nothing but trouble! It took 3 months of coming out once or twice a week to give us back service. They changed every piece of equipment we had an also had us go out and purchase higher grade equipment. Did Dish give me a discount for not providing full service OH NO NOT DISH, they just kept withdrawing funds out of my checking account That Dish is really good at!! When I called to cancel service because I was moving they said they would send me boxes, which they did- twice. I followed the return policy as they stated. Dish said that if the ID# on the receiver was one that was NOT to be returned-then don’t return it–I returned everything else except the receiver because the letter said DO NOT SEND BACK–now Dish is charging me $264 for not returning the equipment they told me not to return. DISH is nothing but corrupt thieves and their customer rep’s maybe graduated from KINDERGARTEN – way to go DISH! I couldn’t believe how many people think as highly of you as I do–I will never have anything good to say about your company and services.


bill September 8, 2015 at 12:46 pm

I am tired of being harassed by dish offices and are about to take legal restraining actions. You installed a service, it did not work after 14 hours of tech support over phone. The service did not work from day one. My roof leaked where you installed and caused house damage (expensive). I cancelled and never received any service from day one that worked within 48 hours of installation. I have talked to your “office of the president” multiple times who told me that all fees would be waived. Now, you keep calling me at least once per day at all hours and are not following directions from your office of president. If this continues, I will seek legal involvement, better business bureau, State Attorney General, social media and restraining legal action as you are now violating consumer harassment protection laws. You may contact me if needed via Email and provide a phone number for who I should contact one last time. I have been very patient, but you must stop harassing me now.


Tom Stark September 8, 2015 at 10:21 am

These people don’t even have a customer guarantee I have only been with these people for four days and I wanted to disconnect and they are trying to charge me $667.87 for four days they guaranteed that the Internet connected it never did connect. They also forced my partner to take television when we did not want TV we told the operator no television but yet we were told we could not get Internet without TV I know that to be a lie so don’t get dish network they suck


Melissa September 4, 2015 at 7:00 pm

We are a military family who received orders to move to the other side of the country. I cancelled Dish in 6/15 with a copy of my orders. Was told they would mail a box to return equipment. Did not receive the box. Called and was told just take it to the UPS store they know what to do. That didn’t work either. Called again and finally got my box and mailed equipment back. At this point they still have not cancelled my account. Today I called (4th call over 3 months) and was told I owe a pro-rated bill from 8/15, no mention of an early termination fee because I had resolved this earlier. I said “no I cancelled and gave you a copy of my husband’s orders in 7/15”. They said I rented a movie yesterday (what?). On hold again and she comes back and says “ok we will not charge you the prorated bill from 8/15 but we are charging the early cancellation.” I said “no you have my husband’s orders and have already told me that was taken care of.” On hold again and she comes back and says “we need your marriage license because you are the account holder not your husband.” I refused to accept this and kept asking for the supervisor. After going over this with 3 different acct specialist we finally get to one who eventually hangs up on us. My question is…If my husband is not an account holder and when I call the 800 number and it recognizes m
MY phone number then why are they calling my husbands phone daily? They haven’t called ME once. Also I had to cancel a credit card in order for them to not auto-draft anymore. I just want this horrible shady company to cancel our account as promised 3 months ago. Ridiculous.


Carolyn September 2, 2015 at 5:38 pm

I just called the corporate office and tried to talk to someone, I was just put on hold and for
gotten about. I won’t recommend anyone to go to dish net work. They use to be a great company now it sad how bad they are.


Carolyn carradine September 2, 2015 at 5:11 pm

Just call dish network, don’t try calling corporate offices because they just put you on hold hoping you go away. This use to be a good company i dont know what happen to it. Their founders wont treat customers like that they would try to resolve the problem.


Carolyn carradine September 2, 2015 at 4:46 pm

I haven been trying to get my dish network service turn on for 4 days and I kept getting the ran around and their customer and their service repo are very disrespectful . They say they won’t to help you but won’t.


Eric Brincks September 1, 2015 at 6:06 pm

I have never in my life seen a company with such illiterate people working there. They transfer you up to 6 times! I’ve spent 2 hrs trying to get what was promised me and only achieved this by calling corporate! Holy XXXXX I need a drink!


felicia September 15, 2015 at 6:19 pm

Do you still have corporates number I need to speak to them immediately


ola August 30, 2015 at 10:35 am

so finding out , that service reps will tell you any thing you want to here, even with billing , but when it comes to the bill the deal not on it , i argue with the reps , every month. i have had it , i even try lowering package , its only 3.00 less not a deal. i cancelled my cable they said they send me a return box and free label it take 30 days . so now they trying to bill me for august and no return box, account still active,wth, i want a company does what they pronmise to there customers


Sarah September 10, 2015 at 10:07 am

are you still having this problem? this happened to me as well, they promised me a refund as of 9/3 and i still haven’t gotten it. if you had your issue resolved, or if you are still having issues, please email me at s-mart**** , i’d like to see what techniques you used to try to resolve it.


Anise August 29, 2015 at 3:23 pm

I will be writing Dish Network corporate as well because I want to make sure you all see my complaint before I get in contact with my lawyers. I am being charged $10 for a cardboard box to return my equipment in and that’s for each box a total of $30. When there is a pre-paid shipping label already on the box so exactly what am I paying for? Its highway robbery. Also my service got disconnected today by a customer service rep name Tim ID#h57 when I only called in for him to make a note on my account stating that my services were out again meaning I had a complete signal loss and he even repeated what I said only to find out when I hung up my services said they had been disconnected. I cannot take it anymore I am completely done with Dish my services goes out at least twice a week and now this happens!


WILLIE SWOYER August 27, 2015 at 2:07 pm

After 7-10 years with Dish, trying to save money, we bundled with Directv, I stayed in touch with Dish since July 2014 about the 2 yr contract with Directv and after the contract was up we would return to Dish. From day 1 of cancellation, misled, lied to on suspension of account. I was charged a suspension charge and then 9 months later I started being charged 96 a month for services I could not even use. Every time I called in and requested a return box I was talked out of it by the C.S. representatives. I have had enough when I saw that bill for services not used. Never in this lifetime will we return to Dish being a lifetime customer. You are now telling me we owe you 245 dollars for services when the box was in a closet. Tell the truth from day one and we would not be having this issue today and you would have had a return customer.


Harry Urbanski August 25, 2015 at 9:50 pm

I have been with you people since the early 90’s when it was first available in our area. Back then it was fairly reasonable., but like all things time changes. So now I think its time for me to make some changes to. I have your best package the top 250, but since this Fox problem has just come up and my current monthly bill is $154.00 I have had it, i’am on a fixed income and things have got to change. And then you send me a statement to take your high speed internet service which I was thinking of by getting rid of my current carrier. But his latest problem with Fox is to much if it isn’t, Fox, its CBS,NBC, or some outher channel carrier. It’s chopping time. All I want is basic package cable channels, HBO package only, and my Hi Def You keep all the rest. Now that I’am retired i’am sorry I just can”t keep up with it. I’am going to be calling Dish in the next few days to work the best program for me. Again i’am sorry I have enjoyed your programing.But it isn’t getting any easier for the senior’s our middle class to keep up with this crazy unstable prices of everything going up every couple days.


Robert Czajkowski August 25, 2015 at 12:11 pm

Dish network is a scam. The representatives will tell you one thing and when it comes around the time they say oh no they never said that and make you out to be the bad person.when I first signed up for dish I only want to Internet.The representative told me I had to have dish TV in order to get Internet. well come to find out they transferred me to charter for Internet, so I called dish back to dish within the three day period to cancel my service. I was told I could put a plan on hold and if I still could not afford my service at the end of my Hold that I could cancel my service without any disactivation fees. Well my Hold came off I called to cancel spent over an hour on the phone fighting with managers. Finally they agreed and said that they were going to dis activate my services with no fees. But one month later I got a bill for $514.they are charging me that this activation fee. so I called back the people for that this activation said that I had service for one week so they have to charge me the $514. I’ve never once used my TV. My TV has been did activated for the last year that I’ve had it. Why should I be responsible for that disactivation fee for service that I’ve never usedand for service that I was told that it disactivation fee will be waived if we still were not able to afford it. This dish network is just trying to get money. I have 11-month-old son and another baby on the way. We are not some rich spoiled person. I work 40 hours a week and try to provide for my for my family paycheck to paycheck. We do the best weekend to stay out of it out of that and dish network is trying to get $514 from a hard-working family just trying to live day by day. what bunch of crooks. Don’t trust anything that a representative tells you. I was with AT&T for eight years. Never once had a problem with them they are honest people please go with AT&T not dish.


Matt Griffith August 24, 2015 at 2:37 pm

I have been with DN for over 10 years now. They have over charged me and tried to take money out of my account before billing date. I had to put a lock on my bank account to stop them. I finally canceled my account a few months ago and asked for a box to return my equipment. Still waiting for box. I moved across state and had to haul and store this equipment. They want me to pay to rent it but will not pay me to store it. I want to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Who wants to join.


Terry Herrera August 25, 2015 at 5:54 pm

you can count me in. this company has taken advantage of . my 73 year old mother.. my mother has a 3rd grade education and does not know how to read or write but they got her to sign up a contract for service and has a bill of over 250.00 monthly for a house phone and cable chanels now yes,yes include me in.


jw alday September 11, 2015 at 5:57 pm

Sounds great someone needs to bring dish network down. Their a bunch of rude people that only lie. Since my fist day with them I haven’t been able to even view any channels. Because they sent receivers that are obsolete. And made me purchase them. They are the worst company I’ve ever felt with. Charged me $284 for a service that I can not use. They need to be shut down. Its not about the money. Its about being treated fairly.


Linda Fulkerson September 1, 2015 at 10:42 am



Sarah September 10, 2015 at 10:09 am

I would like to join too, this is ridiculous


Lulu September 14, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Count me, I cancelled my services back in May 2014 the rep tried to get me to give my account to someone else so that I wouldn’t chance. I said no I wanted it cancelled & send me the boxes to return the boxes. I found out months later that they deducted my bank account for services in June & July. I called again in November & complained, the rep stated it was never cancelled, he would cancel, refund me & send me the boxes. Nothing was ever done. I called again in April 2015 & the rep then informed my account was placed on hold. He finally cancelled my account & mailed the boxes. Finally refunded me but only $110. In total I’m due a refund of $677.79. And I’m still on hold with the corporate office.


Thomas Calandra August 21, 2015 at 5:53 pm

I have been a loyal customer for THREE Years and I have been in need of help. I have had some setbacks both with deaths in my family, and overcharge with my bill. I have tried over a dozen times to get help from Corporate office and left message with a Mister Duffy. Every time I tried to call him is has been busy. I would like him call me and help me with my account, billing and Credits. I feel that I am getting ripe off and if I don’t get help within the next few days and have me service turned on I will contact the FCC, BBB and my State federal offices and report this problems. I will even look in a filling a class action law suite too and contact the New York Times and Washington Post to look into this too. I saw in the USA today about a $49.95 for 175 channels dish service too. I want this and also I notice about Direct TV they upgrade you FREE of Charge new equipment. Dish do not have that service.

Thomas Calandra


Melissa August 21, 2015 at 1:56 pm

After 20 years, they decided change my payment date by 5 days. I contacted them the telling them that I did not want it changed since I work with my money and budget. They said they changed it and guess what… they took out the money on the new date.


Evan Torch, MD August 19, 2015 at 10:37 pm

After 15-17 years, so long I can’t really remember, I have cancelled DISH.
I have decided that the new leadership has completely forgotten the standards laid down by Ergen and the other original execs. Now that Direct TV was purchased by ATT, the current executives at DISH see no competition whatsoever.
I have been unable to get a signal in my area that can support HD but stuck with them anyway! I also buy their top priced package with all movie channels. They DON’T GIVE A DAMN. In fact, all of their incentivization is for new customers–all of their effort is aimed at “cable converts”. At least now I can watch a game or a movie when it rains.


Robert Steele August 19, 2015 at 9:49 am

Well the theme seems to continue. I have been in the UK for 3 months on business, called and scheduled and had my service put on pause, no problem today i called to have it turned back on Saturday when I come home at midnight. was told NO, can’t schedule turn back on , only turn off, if i wanted it on, have to call the same day or turn it on today.. so they want me to turn it on today so they can charge me for these 4 days I am not home. NOPE its off, and what I will do , after years of being loyal customer is find another carrier, there are to many out there to be treated like this…… KMA Dish


Connie August 18, 2015 at 7:52 pm

We have had Dish for 6 years plus. We did some upgrades on our house and were told they would bill us over 3 month, then we got a bill for $500.00. When I called to ask why we got the bill, they said we could not pay over 3 months. When I told her that was wrong, we were told that was too bad, when I said I would cancel she said do what you have to do. Then they disconnected our service, I feel I am forced to pay, because I have paid for my boxes. Terrible service.


Suzan August 16, 2015 at 12:43 am

Dish needs to listen to their customers and HONOR their contracts with their customers and negotiate a contract with SINLAIR BROADCASTING immediately! Dish has sold us programming that included Sinclair…. Now they have to pay more to those channels… that is their problem… they already promised those channels to customers. Looks like we just need to call DIRECT!!!


Mike brooks August 20, 2015 at 11:29 am

I am so frustrated with dish there policy are ridiculous. I was told to change my policy from ore pay to post I would have to cancel my service. And wait two months . thats the most ridiculous thing every. When I asked to talk to a Surpervisor I was told NO. I am going go back to cable and I hope they re exam there policy. Never felt been so unappreciated in my life .


Wayne sykes August 13, 2015 at 9:27 am

I have had issue after issue from day 1 with DN, customer service is lacking to say the least, after sending the equipment back to them they take it upon themselves to access my bank account and withdraw almost $400 for “early termination fees”, now because of this I’m having to play catch up because this has caused 2, count them, 2 checks to bounce this morning, this is from a company that is supposed to be “family oriented”, after calling the so called customer service line I was told that I signed a contract with them, when in fact I did not, I wasn’t even home the day the system was installed, and the person that was there didn’t sign anything in my stead, DN HAS NO RIGHT to dip their fingers into people’s bank accounts when they get the urge!


Kay Roberts August 12, 2015 at 2:04 pm

Your Company owes me $192.00 dollars. I paid nmy bill on line and since it was never confirmed I thought it was not paid, so paid it a second time still not confirmed so paid it again. Finally a confirmation.
Then got four emails thanking me for all those payments. I called Dish immediately and was told I had to call back the following Monday, after four phones calls was finally told I would have to wait seven days for my money to go back in my checking account, after 10 days I called and was told oh no you have to wait i9 days. I asked if I called after 19 days would I be tolr period of time, or if they would ever return my money?
This is a totatly dihonest Company and it is shameful. I work , and we would never be this dihonest with our Clients.


Sarah September 10, 2015 at 10:10 am

did you ever get your money back? i’m still waiting for my refund that they promised as well.


Jon Laughlin August 11, 2015 at 9:10 pm

It is time for a class action lawsuit for breech of contract, failure to provide services as stated in the contract, failure to provide competent customer service etc. etc..
Anyone out there who may know a good attorney…let me know…


Cherrie Wellentin August 14, 2015 at 4:13 pm

I so agree. They lock you into a contract and then don’t fulfill it.


Kassy August 10, 2015 at 6:12 pm

One of dish networks drivers just killed my 8 week old full blood red nose pitbull puppy who was in my driveway. I don’t have any dish services. I live at the end of a dead end drive and I have no trespassing signs at the beginning of my yard (way before you can reach my driveway). I had just let my puppy out to do his business a few minutes earlier. I saw a van pull up in my drive so I looked out my window and I could only watch as the driver pulled in my drive hit my puppy then sped away. I immediately called dish, and after being switched around a few times someone in complaints took my info and told me that I would be contacted later. I have made a police report and am now trying to contact dish networks legal department to no avail.
Dishnetwork had no business anywhere near my property.


Maureen Rowe August 2, 2015 at 2:10 pm

Since we have had dish network, they have had to replace our receiver 3 times not counting this time and we have had the service less than a year. We have had to take time to make sure someone was home to accommodate dish, and the inconvenience of not having a TV for at least 3 days. So who is paying who? We feel you have not followed your contract, by giving us service, just inconvenience. This time we told them we needed 2 months of service paid back to us for the inconvenience, but all we got was “Kelly” talking over me and saying $10 off for 6 months was all she could do. Who says we want direct tv for 6 more months, so far their service is terrible, not reliable and to get any help you need to wait for 3 or more days. so how about you paying us every time we r without service and/or have to take a day off of work because your equipment is faulty. I am very disappointed in your service all the way around!


Nicole W August 1, 2015 at 1:35 am

I used to really Love D/N. Now they are becoming a greedy company. They claim DirectTv does the bait and switch. But I have noticed last year their prices have started to increase more and more. I’m very unhappy that they are NOW charging a $9.00 payment arrangement fee and only give you 9 more extra days. If your going to charge me a fee to have an arrangement then allow your customers to have a date that can make the payment on. If not then clearly the services will be disconnected. This is cable not a house payment, utility bill, etc! Now that AT&T and DirectTv has merged they need to dial back and keep their current customers happy or maybe take the time out and READ these complaints. If not a lot of their employeeswill be looking for jobs, including the CEO! I just found out today since they use reps in another country. You can ask to be transferred to a rep in The U.S. they will put a flag on your account so you only deal with US REPS!!!!!! I know sometime the grass is not always greener on the otherside. But I’m going leave D/N and see what DirectTv has to offer…Dish needs to understand their are more options out here NOW! Netflix and Hulu is now the way to go! Its a HELL of a lot cheaper! D/N is back in the 20th century! We now have many more OPTIONS! Wake up Mr. Ceo your that GREAT company anymore. With out Us there is No D/N!!!


Pradeep July 31, 2015 at 9:57 am

Please cancel my account effective 08-10-2015 as after patiently waiting for the system to bill me correctly for almost 5 months (copy attached) and every time I was told that the billing date is different from the change date of the programs and that the credit is being given in the following month.
When I had called your office sometime in September 2014 to either change or cancel my account as I had received a promotional package for 12 months for approx. $55.00 and was told that my bill will not exceed more than $62.00. But I never saw that amount on my bill. Now the new bill is considerably higher than the $88.50 that you are billing me.
Frankly I am tired of dealing with this issue on an ongoing basis and request you to cancel my subscription without any penalties as you the company have not kept your end of the bargain.

Please advise as to where may we return your equipment.


Bianca Duran July 30, 2015 at 7:19 pm

Dish did not make me aware of a 2 year contract when I made the deal on the phone when the technician came to install it I signed the contract electronically with no fine print. It wasn’t til after I signed it he told me about the 2 year contract and dish doesn’t want to cancel my subscription after not making me aware and it’s only been 1 day since they installed it


Kenneth Tennant July 28, 2015 at 4:50 pm

DISH installed their “services” (Drilling Holes into house WITHOUT Property Owner Consent or knowledge, cemented their satellite DISH into our back yard and laid the cable over the grass, without regards to lawn mowing, etc….). Now that the tenants are gone, I want DISH to remove their cement and satellite DiSH. They want to charge me $90. Who are these idiots ?


James Hodges July 22, 2015 at 7:26 pm

I justvgotn rid ofn time warner. but now have some other ignorant a__ to deal with from dish network. dish contacted me to offer me a special deal for a basic package and internet service. the man i talked to said that with both services including the taxes it would be $33 and change. about an hour later some one else called me and told me that it would be $47 and change. I called corporate headquarters and talked to a lady there, and she finely got it straightened out, but still no internet. I sit on the board of directors of a non-profit corporation here in Dayton Ohio, and if any of our people did the things dish people do, they would be out on their A__ so fast it would make their head spin. People lets see if maybe you just might get something right for a change.


Jodi Wecks July 15, 2015 at 12:34 pm

Good luck on trying to get a issue settled. I called and complained about the installation on one of my apartments. Mind you the apartments are PREWIRED for internet, cable. This install was done with drilling through my carpet in two rooms and putting a hole in the wall in the other bedroom and kitchen. How stupid is this and then trying for someone to get back us about what they are going to do. I have lost rent plus I have to replace the carpet. No one returning my calls, I have to initiate them. If not handled, I will not let my tenants install dish at any of the 26 apartments I have. Don’t use them!!!!


Sandra L. Middleton July 13, 2015 at 2:15 pm

Just switched to DirecTV to save some money. DISH has gotten too expensive. In going over my final bill, I noticed I was being charged for the Protection Plan that I had cancelled back in 2012!! I had it free for 6 months and when the promotion was up, I had to go to the website and cancel it, which I did (I have my dated, printed sheet). I also have a copy of each of the next 5 months bills (thru July 2012) which don’t mention anything about a charge for the protection plan! I assumed it was cancelled at that point! However, my final bill was showing a credit for $8.51 protection plan!?! I went to my DISH account online to look at my bills and each one is showing a charge for Protection Plan! I can only view bills back to 7/12/13 and that adds up to $188.00 that I was charged w/o my consent. I can’t look at any bills further back as they are not available to me online to find out when DISH started charging me again. I called Customer Service and spoke to one person who said they have “no record” of my cancellation. Funny…..the charges were not there from Feb-July 2012!! I asked for a Supervisor who gave me the same spiel but ultimately ended up giving me a TWO MONTH credit of $16. WOW! He said that was the best he could do and I should have been keeping an eye on my bills. I didn’t think I needed to watch them after 5 months of NO charges for the protection plan. Thought it was a done deal!

Anyway, I’m sending a letter to the Corporate offices as this is starting to sound like what AT&T just got busted for doing. I don’t want to burn any bridges here but right is right and wrong is wrong. And this is wrong! I just had to pay an early termination fee of $100 to leave DISH because we added a Joey in one of our bedrooms in early 2014 and this put us into another 24 month contract (I was not aware of this but whatever…). This is as bad as the phone companies. Makes you wonder about making any changes to your service at all. We will definitely think twice about this next time.


rosa July 13, 2015 at 1:26 pm

no one answers the CORPORATE OFFICE??? Really?


Diamond Clarkso July 13, 2015 at 8:11 am

I seriously have no words for this company ! I’ve had dish for almost a year & every single month my bill is messed up , they continue to charge my card more then what my bill is ! Every month I have to deal with someone who cannot speak English. When I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor I was what they thought was out on mute while they were practicing a different voice to return to the phone as a supervisor! I call the corporate office just to be directed to dish ! I want to speak to an American who is in charge ! I will never recommend dish to anyone ! I will warn them !


Craig Watson July 12, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I have been dealing with Dish Network since 2013 and still cannot get resolution to my problem. I need help to get a Congressional Hearing started. I have contacted the FCC, My congressman and the Louisiana Attorney Generals office to complain and start the process.
Dish continues to do the same thing that they were fined 6 Million Dollars for in 2009

Contact your states Attorneys Generals office and file a complaint. Also contact the FCC and file a complaint.

If you have had a bad experience with Dish, please contact me. I can be found on Face Book. Craig Watson, Minden La.


Thomas Calandra August 21, 2015 at 5:41 pm

I am having the same problems with bills that seen not as they advertise and to get help with there corporate offices since a joke. Do you advise that I contact my state Attoney’s generals office, BBB and the FCC for unfair practices and bait and switch? Thank you Tom


cynthia July 11, 2015 at 10:16 pm

I have no idea how in God’s name you people stay in busines . This has got to be the worst experience with customer service in my 40 years of life.! I called Dish Network at 530 pm my time and it is now 858 pm I have been hung up on, lied to, mislead, and now they have taken money out my account and have not rendered the services that were promised! I will be sending a formal email and I will be making a phone call actually I just made a phone call to the corporate office and if I’m not contacted in a timely manner I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and yall my sit in your cute cushy office and laugh and not care but this crap ” CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE ” that you offer sucks worse than anything I have ever experienced in my 40 years of life! I have been a customer for a long time, I have never been treated this bad by anybody! You guys say you’re here for the customer you guys say you want to help with this bullcrap that’s unacceptable! To be told by one agent yes will give you the arrangement then when I call in for the arrangemen to be told you can’t make the arrangement then to be told will do an arrangement this way and then be told by another that I can’t get it just to get hung up on by each agent that I spoke to! I set on the phone for three freaking long hours you took my money none of the channels I requested we’re given to me none of them things that y’all told me I was getting I got I got jipped in my package but you still took my money and I still don’t have one channel on this satellite that I have ever watched never watched them in my life. None of the channels I have asked for on here but hey if I cancel you charge my account well I guess yeah you don’t really care about your customers as much as you say you do because if you did regardless of what my bill was or was not you guys would have honored every single thing I was told I was willing to pay but I will not continue to pay a company that doesn’t give a crap about their customers! As if you would have a job if you didn’t have customers who do y’all think y’all are to treat somebody like that. If they don’t know the policy they shouldn’t be taking my phone calls! Thank you so much for taking my money leave me without a way to work because that’s my gas money you took! If I’m not contact in a timely manner I will be contacting whoever I have to to report this miscarriage of customer service and justice!


Julio C. Santos July 11, 2015 at 12:40 pm

What Customer Service Dept., ? Dish Network! customer service.., No there’s none.


ellen fuller July 9, 2015 at 9:17 pm

i closed my account in may and requested a box to return goods. no box. called again-foreign persons who do not understand. sent a box too small. called again requesting english speaking person- modem broke i called last year and wound up throwing it out and buying my own instead of renting.i asked for another box for receiver. le.tter came saying my equipment obsolete and get rid of it. letter came that my account will be charged if equipment not sent back. requested box and explained-no box came and my account charged 198 sending this to the fcc, bbb and communications with customers.


Bruce Earhart July 8, 2015 at 2:11 pm

unfortunately I was forced to cancel my Dish contract. The reason being inconsistency of billing and poor customer service. I guess I should not be surprised that the cancellation process was also handled poorly. I am being charged $10.00 early cancellation fee for a piece of equipment that was exchanged due to a equipment malfunction. Then i was told that I will be charged $10.00 per box for each piece of equipment returned to Dish. Since I cancelled in the middle of a billing cycle, i should have a credit balance. Coincidentally after the return of equipment and the bogus equipment based cancellation fee, I was told I have a zero balance. When I asked if I could have that in writing, I was told I would have to wait a month and call back and request a statement. In my opinion, this type of activity exemplifies very poor customer service. Too bad!!


Millicent Fila July 2, 2015 at 10:37 am

I am curious what type of training is provided for Dish Customer Service. Are they required to unscramble a problem and find a solution? Are they required to understand their product/platform first before jumping online and working the Chat feature or answering any customer concerns via email? Here is a bit of stupidity from your customer service department:

How is it possible for the movie to be FREEWAY but still require that I SUBSCRIBE. Dish programmers are complete idiots
2 hours ago

Good morning, Millicent. It is free but requires a subscribe to the channel that is offering the On Demand event. -Zach S

That is idiotic – clearly – and makes no sense. Particularly when I am ALREADY PAYING FOR THE CHANNEL. What a stupid response!

What channel is this movie coming from? -Zach S

Actually, I was able to find this on our receiver and a subscription to HBO is required to watch this programming. Do you currently subscribe to HBO? -Zach S

The point is – Zach – if I am browsing for titles under channels I subscribe to it will say FREE then WATCH. Why would it say FREE otherwise??? This is a programming error as I originally stated. If I am viewing titles that I subscribe to and this is only on HBO – which it is not because I have seen it on Cinemax – then again … programmer error. To answer your question I don’t subscribe to HBO. But you should already know that. Please forward to your manager because you won’t find a solution

It is free but does require a subscription to HBO. It may have been on Cinemax before but it has moved to HBO. HBO and Cinemax are owned by HBO. I am a Team Lead and the Supervisor on duty for Social Media. -Zach S
And your name is ?
Let me ask you something – do you work directly for Dish or are you outsourced? Because you provided a really stupid answer as well. If IIA searching under subscribed titles why am I being prompted to subscribe? I didn’t ask for a lead – I asked for a manager. Here is what needs to happen: you need to provide a valid response or this gross display of stupidity will go viral.

Zach S. and my operator ID is N6A. -Zach S
Not you – the lead. Sorry … forgot I had to spell it out to you guys

I am the Team Lead, Millicent. -Zach S

I work for DISH. I am sorry you feel my answer was stupid, however, it is the correct answer. There is no programming error. It is free to those who subscribe to the correct package. All free titles will show up and availability will depend on if you subscribe to the package. -Zach S

Then why would they come up as FREE if I am NOT subscribed to the channel? This is like arguing with a 6 year old. AGAIN – I would like to speak with your supervisor
I also want the mailing address to Dish Corporate

If you bothered to read what you wrote you would understand my frustrations. If you bothered to ask the right questions you might understand why I am so irritated

…. and guess what? “Zach S” didn’t bother to respond. Why? Because he has no idea what to say.

DISH was attractive only for the savings benefit – but God help you if you have to contact them to resolve ANY problem. They are about as bright as a blown out lightbulb and have the customer service skills akin to a sweatshop in Asia.


Lilian Garrick July 1, 2015 at 2:07 pm

YES! I too made that same mistake of leaving DIRECT TV for DISH! “Take the DISH CHALLENGE & if we don’t save U more than $250.00 we give U back money” THAT PR ADVERTISEMENT IS A BIG FAT LIE. They also sent me a promise to a FREE HOPPER upgrade & that didn’t happen either, telling me I didn’t qualify. I asked for the ability to have international channels & they installed the wrong satellite dish & gave me the most basic model receiver until I said something to the installing technician. Then I had to pay more…
I was promised 3 months of HBO, SHOWTIME etc. & because my TV service got interrupted coz I did not receive a bill, they said they rescinded that offer and instead of saving more my last DISH bill was $167 – $47 more than DIRECT TV!! And when I tried to contact CEO Charlie ERGEN to complain, I could NEVER get through & none on his so-called Executive Office staff fixed the problem …Last straw? They disconnected my service AGAIN without warning & this time it was on July 1st when I paid my bill on the 6/18 hoe is this a month????? This MAKES NO GOOD BUSINESS SENSE, DISH TV wud rather lose business than keep it!!!
I am really PISSED OFF! I pray I can get my DIRECT TV BACK!



Jim Ryan July 1, 2015 at 1:14 pm

After 18 years of unbroken service, I am ready to bag this outfit. Customer service is rude. We only use about 20% of the garbage (like Al Jazera TV that Gore sold out to), and faced with $129 a month bill that doesn’t have any pay channels. Enough is enough.


Shawn June 27, 2015 at 10:00 am

I made the big mistake of leaving Direct Tv for Dish network, due to the fact Direct Tv doesn’t offer any specials to long time customers. I thought I would sign with Dish get similar service at the reduced price. I was so wrong I started my service on 6/5/16. Immediately i started to notice channels disappearing, constant lost of sinal (even on nice days) and when it rained the sinal would continue to be lost up to 2 hours after the rain lets up. This past Monday we had showers for most of the day I lost my sinal and it has not been up since. I called Dish the told me they would have someone out on Friday (yesterday) after taking off work and spending my morning home waiting on a technician. I received an email stating “the tech had came and left due to no answer at residents”. I called Customer Service who basically told me I was lying about being home, and gave me a dead wrong description off my residents. At that point I requested to cancel the service and they informed me that after 21 days of horrible service they would be charging me early termination fee of $460.00. DO NOT…. I REPEAT DO NOT SIGN UP FOR DISH NETWORK THE SERVICE SUCKS LITERALLY INCLUDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


margaret ellis June 23, 2015 at 9:13 am

I have been with dish for over 20 years. i had you in N.C. and in AZ. i now live in TN and this is the worse service i have had. your internet service is so bad here and i never had to pay for usage. i had your internet in AZ for 13 years and never heard of the crap they pull here. when i did call the office here to complain about it and tell them i had to keep unplugging the router they informed me not their problem. gave me a number for the company its from. called them and was informed i would have to pay 40.00 dollars for them to fix it. the people at dish and the other company were rude and i can tell you this when my contract with you is done i will go with someone else. i don’t know if this is a TN thing or if dish has just gotten to where they don’t care about their loyal customers.

Margaret Ellis


Mark Johnson June 22, 2015 at 9:55 pm

I attempted to open a third account under one person. I was told that dish headquarters will not let the same person open more than two accounts but I could go through a dish retailer. When the representative tried to transfer me I was put back to the general number with all of the options that did not apply to what I wanted. I finally got another representative who told me I can not have more that two accounts. When I spoke with his supervisor he told me the same thing. I ask him about going through a retailer and then he said I could do that(making the supervisor seem incompetent).
I would hope a large company as dish tv could handle more than three accounts for one person.

If a dish representative reads this I hope he/she reads all of the comments- ALL of which I read where negative. How can I recommend a business with such negative comments. I hope dish improves its customer service.


Diana Rodas June 21, 2015 at 7:09 pm

Dish network customer service is not good. They do not try to help the customer. I was supposed to be install on June 21, 2015 and confirm with email friday, Saturday, even that morning of installation. Noon time came call 1-844-686-2367 said was still on for install but let me transfer you to customer service. Customer service said no appointment for install until june22,2015. Let them know that is wrong because no one is home. Ask for my money back , they will not return my money. It will take them 7 days to get my money back in my bank account. Call them to let them know that my daughter is willing stay at my house and wait for them. Now they want me to pay more money to get a new account. Awful experience with dish network.


Jason Patterson June 21, 2015 at 4:49 pm

First of all this comment will never post due to the fact that I feel as if dish network is not a customer service related company. Customer is always right mentality does not apply with this company. For a week now I have been haveing issues with this company for a week now. No tv service for over 7 days. Well I had partial service but every 10 minutes it would shut off and upload for approximately 15 minutes. They send me a new box and expect me to install it. I had charter tv service before and needed a new box and a technition brought me a new box and installed it the next day. I never argued about it even though I thought it was strange I just said ok and went with it. I received the box while installing there equipment cut my hand on there equipment and got it installed. Well the remote wouldn’t pair up. So I called dish and they tried to walk me through it. It didn’t work. They said well we will have to send a tech out tomorrow. I said I have to work they said we can send one out Sunday I said its Father’s Day. Well I set the appointment for Saturday. I call my employees and let them know we weren’t gonna work Saturday of course not telling them it was because I had to wait for the dish guy. Saturday morning comes around and I’m just playing with the remote and I take a look at the old box and I see an antenna I look at it closer and up above it says remote antenna. Well I un screw it and try to pair the remote and it works. Which there was never a remote antenna in the box of the new receiver or on it and the tech I spoke to never mentioned a thing about any antenna. I’m happy I have tv now. I called dish and cancelled the appointment because I resolved the problem myself and didn’t want to waist there time. The next day I’m watching a movie and it just cuts out. I call dish, by the way this is the 5th time I have spoken to them in about 3 to 4 days. I spoke to a tech and after about 30 mins and it worked So I go back to find my movie and sart watching it again and about 10 mins later same thing happened it went out. Mind you the weather outside is beautiful not a cloud in the sky. I called dish again for the 6th time and I’m not happy at this point talk to one person sent to second person third person they all had the same scripted answer I understand, I apologise. I told them I would like you to send a tech today because I’ve been out of tv for a week and I’m tired of it so are my 3 girls that are 3,5,7 years old that love to watch cartoons and can’t for a week and I have to hear about it 50 times a day why can’t we watch cartoons crying at this point because they can’t. I don’t have a DVDs player because I don’t need one I pay $160 plus dollars a month for every channel dish has to offer. To get back to my story I ask them to send a tech out today which is Sunday because I have everyone coming over and have Father’s Day. My dad wants to watch ball games and sports today but no tv. The response to my question to dish guy on the phone was its fathers days so we can’t get a tech there today. I told the guy well Friday you told me you would get a guy out here Sunday but I told the no because it was Father’s Day and that’s why I missed work on Saturday to have the guy come out. So he said Monday I can have a tech come out and I say no way I can’t miss another days work because of this can you please work with me and find someone today? They say no. They offered me money I told them “I don’t want your money I want your service. No can do. Monday we can have someone out. I say no Ill just cancel this service they say ok and there will be a $200 dollar cancelation fee I hit the fan. I told him where he could put the fee and that we were done and to have someone get these boxes and dish off my roof and I said that I would take the dish off because I don’t trust them to fix my roof being I own a construction conpany. Then he tells me that will be a 60 filler fee and before all of this they offers me a $60 credit if I stayed. I told him he wasn’t getting a dime fro me and that’s it!!!!!
This company blew my mind. I have never dealt with a more selfish company in my life happy customers are the backbone of any company and everybody can’t be happy at all times but then you kick it into high gear and do whatever it takes to make them happy. I’m not happy. As soon as I putthe last period on this comment I will be calling charter and see when I can have them give me cable. I left my previous provider to save $10 a month. The 10 is well worth the customer service I received from them. So long dish I will be sure to tell every one I see and every home that I build and sell which is about 100 a year that a lot of people moving into this area from somewhere else that ask my realtor what is the best tv provider in the area the words dish network will absolutely never come out of my mouth and I will tell them my story!!!


Sherry Belloso June 19, 2015 at 12:00 pm

Never in my life have I ever recieved this kind of serviced with any organization. We are new coustomer to Dish and they did not live up to what they promise, not in cost not in service and definatly not is instalation. My internet still does not work, the installers did not even communitcat they were going to come and install, whe call customer serviced as was told to reschedule the install and intead of getting any kind of help we were pushed out 2 weeks further. This made it impossible for my son to do in online classes. Even now the services is so bad my son has to go to Mcdonalds to get internet services and do his homework out of the confort of his own home. The installer states it was our problem, He is only here to install the servise nothing more, he was rude to everyone in my home acted like we were inconvinencing him by comeing and do the install and instead of using the password my son chose for the internet connect he use a code that woudl be impossible for anyone to remember. He informed my son that no other password could be used. Spoke to a Supervisor who only applogized and instead of getting any kind of accomidations we are charged 85.00 more than what we orginally was quoted. I will be calling to cancel all my serviced by next week due to Dish did not come even close to what was promised or offered. Dish just has a bunch of nonscence be throwing out at us the conXXXXers with a lot of empty promises. Dish promises a professional install and low rates with great services, well I am here to say they are anyting but that.


Russell M. June 18, 2015 at 11:01 pm

I won’t stop until I speak with the CEO. I paid my bill and was billed $86 and a week later $78. I was told it was a mistake and the $78 was to be refunded. Today my services where shut off and non of my security information is correct. The first supervisor I spoke with told me I owed $90 and then transfered me to a line that rang for over 20 minutes before she hung up on me. The second supervisor told me I owed $146 and said he knows it wasn’t my fault but policy stated I had to pay the money anyways. They couldn’t wave it. I finally called back and got what I believed to be an American. She then told me my security code was incorrect and my mother’s name was listed. She then tells me that there is nothing she can do unless I pay $157! How’s is it going up?! I plan to contact better business Bureau and a lawyer for when you came at me with crazy charges. I record my conversation and all 5 persons I spoke with told me they were recording me as well. CEO of Dish; I’ll be on stand buy for a call from you.


Russell M. June 18, 2015 at 11:11 pm

I have called your corporate office and left a general message as I will call back in the morning. Very displeased; as a business graduate I find it unbelievable that you allow customers to be treated this way and still have business. I was laughed at and disrespected by your so called supervisors. I hope the fine print or disclosure covers treating your customers like crap. Requesting CEO to reply and contact me directly.


COLDD June 18, 2015 at 6:18 pm

COLDD supports the Colorado State Supreme Court ruling that employers have the right to a drug-free workplace. Yes, marijuana still counts as a drug under Federal law and in most states and municipalities.

When is Dish Network going to fire all the other potheads on your staff? Dish Network service has declined in recent years mainly due to employing so many recreational stoners, most of whom have so far evaded drug screenings or other detection. Given this week’s court ruling, marijuana perverts should no longer be allowed to work for Dish Network or anywhere else. There are plenty of clean non-users ready and willing to fill those jobs.


Dan June 15, 2015 at 9:24 pm

I was a DISH subscriber for over 10 years…almost since its inception. Unlike others commenting here, I never had a problem or an issue with the company. I always found DISH to be MUCH better than any cable company I ever used. The only reason I stopped using DISH was because I had to move in with a relative when medical issues left me unable to work. And that brings me to a DISH corporate decision upheld today by the Colorado Supreme Court.
DISH fired an employee because he tested positive for marijuana…marijuana he was using only when he was NOT working. The employee was using it for medical reasons…he is a quadriplegic. The court held that DISH had the right to fire him because marijuana is still illegal under federal law despite its legality in Colorado.
So, the feds need to get in line with the marijuana issue, but I’m terribly disappointed that DISH couldn’t have been more understanding about the fact that marijuana is the only thing that can help some people with their medical conditions.
Instead, DISH(and other companies) should be concerned with prescription or even over-the-counter drugs(like benadryl) that can cause impaired abilities for many job functions…drugs that can be used ON the job.


Dale Naylor June 12, 2015 at 6:48 pm

You need shut dish b
Down you have run a/ good Harley network to the junk network


Dawn Ridgway June 12, 2015 at 2:58 pm

I am at the end of my rope with dealing with customer service they won’ t let you talk to a supervisor when ask. Lie to you get different story from each person you talk to. My account is a total mess been trying to get it right have had nothing but bad service, have 2 properties if work on one they shut off the other one. They have no communication am9ngst customer service people dealing with same issue for 2 weeks told them to come get equipment from both houses today will not send them another penny. If corporate reads this feel free to contact me lol. Customer service is a joke.


chad June 9, 2015 at 5:40 pm

dang dish I read some of the comments on here you guys are a bunch of idiots. how in the world do you stay in business? I am glad I am NOT the only one you treaedt like crap. and I am so glad I do not have to put up with your BS anymore.goodbye and good riddens


chad June 9, 2015 at 1:28 pm

I am very disappointed at dash. you’re employee harassed my wife and when I ask for a supervisor I was not given a supervisor I was harassed myself this is why we will no longer deal with dish.I called corporate and was told this is how they deal with their customers again very disappointed and sad.maybe someday your eyes will be opened to the fact that this is not the correct way to deal with your customers. I’ve been in customer service for over 20 years and if I treated my customers this way I would be fired.this whole situation is very sad we just wanted to cancel our service not getting a lecture.I hope someday dish changes their policy and treat their customers with respect.


Cherish Barham June 9, 2015 at 12:16 pm

Hi, I called customer service to let them know my uncle Ocie Shute had passed away and the rep was trying to verify his account which i dont see the point of protecting his account since he is dead also he says he can transfer me to fraud prevention! WTF! There is no fraud he is dead hello! ugh I swear you need to get customer service thats here in the usa then maybe they would understand english! Last time my uncle went to the hospital his account was cancelled and my card was charged 400 dollars and if this happens again because your rep refused to pay attention then I will sue you! I will never order dish due to your customer service!


Ana May 24, 2015 at 7:14 am

I have enjoyed Dish for years and always refused to change to another service provider. I even just purchased a BB connector and a sling, I was in love! But lately I’m having serious thoughts of switching. I can care less about the recent expenses of my new equipment. It started with them cutting HLN and a few other channels it was temporary but annoying. (Not to big a deal) Then my issue came when they didn’t carry UFC PPV 186! Really? I had to go watch at a bar (extremely annoyed but temporary). I order every single UFC PPV EVENT ALWAYS!!! Now this is the final straw! I specifically pay for additional sports package to include MAVTV and they discontinued it! My choice to begin with dish years ago was because they had MAVTV. I pay quite a bit. I have every channel available (largest package) with every movie channel like HBO, SHOWTIME, EPIX, and countless others (I dont even watch them really just like having the option if I wanted to). But cutting MAVTV! NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! So I watch motocross outdoors that the season started on May 16th and what? I get to watch Moto 2 on NBCSP but can never watch Moto 1 because only MAVTV broadcasted it! Not to mention all the other sports events they pretty much exclusively carry. We pay the extra $$$ what ever the amount is to get this in the channel line up. It was part of a special package that requires additional payment. We should get what we pay for! I WILL NOT continue my services with DISH if this is not resolved! I just got xfinity Internet to hook up the equipment to work with Dish so I can use blockbuster home and watch anywhere with sling. But like I said I can careless I have no problem going with COMCAST and saving with bundle! As much as I like or liked Dish and its service I absolutely do not like having a specific network MAVTV that I SPECIFICALLY want and paid for to have simply discontinued. PLEASE BRING MAVTV BACK OR I WILL BE FORCED TO SWITCH.


EMMANUE May 23, 2015 at 7:48 pm



Jay May 20, 2015 at 9:26 am

I have had Dish for just under two months. It is by far the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. The sales was very high pressure and would not give me an opportunity to think things over and what I wanted. He actually said that I would be pinged on my credit report if we ended the call and called back. I went with a package that was free installation, free equipment and $55 / month. Dish came to install and realized that I had both power and water lines buried in my back yard. They said they would have my yard marked and be back Friday that same week. He handed me a cell phone with only a signature pad and asked me sign stating that he had done the work. I was not told that this was the contract nor was I offered anything to read. Then I get and email that says “your new Dish contract”. It was not the agreed upon price and I’m being charged equipment rental. Not to mention, after checking my bank records I find that I was charged for installation. The fallowing Friday a technician did show up to find that the previous technician forgot to call and have my yard marked. He said that he would have it marked and call to reschedule having the antenna mounted and lines buried. It is now March 20th and this was on April 3rd. I received two fallow up emails saying that they would be out, I took those days off and no one showed up. That alone has cost me over $300. Last week a neighbor came over to say hello and her little girl tripped over the line running across my yard. It was a bit tense and the issue still is not settled. I called Dish yesterday to find out when my installation would be finished. I was told that they would send out a tech but it would be a $65 charge. I told them no, I would not pay them a second installation fee for them to complete the job that they never finished in the first place. I am trying to find a way to reach some one in a US office to explain this situation to and try and get it resolved. As it stands, according to their contract with states “professional installation of the antenna” they are in breach of contract. With all of this in the first two months all I want to do is go back to Time Warner. They were by far not the best but their service, quality and programming were much better than Dish.


MARY LITTLE May 13, 2015 at 1:12 pm



Gary May 6, 2015 at 8:30 pm

you believe this baloney I was charge for a pay-per-view event that I never ordered wasn’t even in town been out of town for a month because of a family issue I call customer service they tell me oh well they connect me to the executive office of the president I speak the two gentlemen that are high supervisors by the name of Ivan ruder than crap told this wasn’t the welfare I am being charged 99.99 for the boxing fight that I was even here for they told me they weren’t taking it off what kind of garbage is dish network running they told me somebody access the remote from my house while nobody was here they told me if I didn’t pay it they were going to disconnect my service on Saturday . does anybody know how to get a hold of the CEO of dish network if so please text me email me help me out please


Gail May 24, 2015 at 5:35 pm

Hi Gary,

See below, is this what you are looking for?

Dish Network Corporate Office Address:
Dish Network, LLC.
9601 S Meridian Blvd
Englewood, CO 80112

Contact Dish Network:
Phone Number: (303) 723-1000
Fax Number: (303) 723-1999
Email: Email Dish Network

CEO: Joseph P. Clayton CPA
CFO: Robert E. Olson
COO: Bernard L. Han


Tina June 25, 2015 at 12:43 pm

When you call the number it says operator is unavailable and it ask you to input name then says name not found for any of the 3 names listed, then it routes you to the same dam customer service your trying to complain about….THIS IS CRAZY….DON’T GET DISH.


Matt Hurley May 4, 2015 at 5:31 pm

I will never do business with Dish again. As for their customer service department goes, I would cal it customer disservice. I had two accounts with Dish. I had health problems and was forced to go on disability. As a result I had to sell one of my properties which was a rental and I had foolishly signed a 3 year contract for Dish service for my tenants. Dish had no desire to discuss a discounted settlement of my account. Thjey told me I owe the $275.00 cancellation fee and if I didn’t pay it I would be turned over to collection! They showed no willingness to work with their “valued customer”. In the end they will lose both of my Dish accounts and I would caution all I meet never to engage in business with Dish. They are thieves with no compassion to their customer. STAY AWAY FROM DISH!!


Todd Gibson May 2, 2015 at 5:32 pm

we had been with dish for way over 10 yrs ,in march of this yr we canceled our service, sent equipment back, 9 i kept ll the confirmation emails) when I called in march they said our balance was 160.25 , i made sure they noted that on our account, and well now today may 2 2015, we were sent a notice from a collection company with the balance of 263.17 after i was told it was 160.25, i even made the Ann look at our old account ( we went to fiber and love it) sure enough it states ending balance 160.25, but oh no Ann said that was not correct i asked her to print out a copy of it and send it to me ,oh well i cant do that. was her answer, i will be contacting the main office on Monday, She also told me that if i didn’t pay the 263.17 it would go to collections, DUH hello it already did so a call will be made on monday.


steve scofield April 29, 2015 at 4:10 pm

a we need to make changes……….. we’ve were dish customers for at least 8+ years ….never had a contract ……….
we got sold u-verse by a salesman and we left dish ………..FOR 7 DAYS OR LESS ……….7 DAYS OR LESS ……..AFTER 8+YEARS
hated u-verse got you guys back ……..installer told my wife about the contract (we hesitated didn’t want a contract) …..installer said since we had been gone for so short a time …… that he would get the contract waived ………….so we didn’t know we even had a contract ………NO PAPERWORK WAS PROVIDED ( a handy feature for you guys and others those hand held devices eh??) ………….so the way we see it you stole 240 dollars from us to cancel a contract we were told would be waived …after having been good customers for a long time ………….so …..OK guys got your money …..
my wife and i will do everything we can from now on to make sure no one we come in contact with ever becomes a dish customer …..we are gonna bad mouth ….we’re gonna tell this story everywhere we go to everyone we meet . and gonna put this and other emails all over the internet everywhere we find your name …..people should be informed and . it’s true ..hopefully… we can prevent some people from getting tied up with a company that operates with what we now consider shady and deceptive business practices
enjoy the money ………..we’re gonna go have a couple of beers and talk to some people …………………………………………………Steve Scofield


Gary williamson April 26, 2015 at 8:56 pm

Dish Network charged an unauthorized transaction against my credit card. There has been a “credit pending” for one week. Legal action needs to be taken to get the funds released back.


India Scism April 26, 2015 at 6:22 pm

i have been a DISH Customer for a year now; during this year , I also opened another Account for my daughter in Colorado that I pay for. When I acquired my Home Account the Representative told me that we can also get Internet as well, we discussed it and decided to get DISH instead of DIRECT TV because the price was right and we could get our Satellite and our Internet on the same bill. We had the installer come out and he also told us that we could get Internet too, so we called it in and were Then informed that we could not receive Internet in our area! now, we have called over and over speaking to customer representatives and supervisors only to get rude answers and condescending comments for a year now! every other commercial on TV is about DISH being able to reach you ANYWHERE, but for some reason we were told otherwise and now we have two accounts with you and are unable to get Internet and the people we talk to about it act like its our fault or the nerve of us calling about it! i don’t wanna have to go to another satellite a!!nd Internet company for this inconvenience; I want respect!


KA April 22, 2015 at 9:20 am

dish is a joke and a bunch of thieves. pay over $100 a month for service and my equipment never works. I always have to reset my hopper. it resets itself in the middle of a program. had to have a new remote sent within a month I had to change the batteries and now today I had to call and fight for a new remote since its dead. cant wait til my contract is up


Thomas April 21, 2015 at 4:22 pm

If only the President actually knew what was going on with the call centers and how they treat customers. Actually ex customers. I would not want to have any long term investment in this organization. When told the etf was waived, then find out it wasnt and $450 was due because their “notes” dont support their guidelines for cancellations! wtf? really. So the old saying… one unhappy customer tells 10… hahaha not even …. more like a thousand or more will be told personally, (not too mention social media). Send the etf bill Mr. Dish, you just upset an 80 year old church gossip lady who is right now at a luncheon sharing her experience. Do you really think she cares about the bill or her credit report? House is paid, car is paid, been with the same credit union for 55 years. Good luck. Of course its a great smart business model to piss off an old lady and argue for hours over $450 which will NEVER be paid. So each month she will receive a bill reminding her how Dish screwed her over! SMART!!


James Nuckles April 17, 2015 at 9:54 am

I cancelled service and returned the equipment I was told to I even called to make certain that I was not making an error and now dish is charging me 300 dollars for equipment they told me to dispose of. And when you call to help they are not only condescending and rude but no one at the corporate office answers the phone to help. I spoke to a “supervisor” Nick ID 87D and he was useless trying to tell me even though some there told me to throw the receiver away the only way not to pay is to search the garbage dumps and return the equipment dish said was obsolete. I’m disgusted and as they say the best advertising is word of mouth.


Star April 15, 2015 at 12:38 am

Dish is horrible, all I have to say is…..Damn What The Hell Was I Thinking About joining Dish Comcast, Direct tv, and any other cable company offer better service than this piece of XXXXX company.


Larry Woolverton April 11, 2015 at 5:50 pm

I have to say that this is the worst experience I have ever had with any company I have ever dealt with in my life. I called April 1, 2015 to inform dish I was moving and to have them move my service and to hang my televisions three of them, on 4/9/2015. When the man gets there on the 9th of April to install my service at my new house, there was no place on his order to hang my televisions. Needless to say I was disappointed. To make matters worse on what was already a long day, I was treated to complete incompetence by one of the customer service representatives. She had no clue what she was doing and only made matters worse, when all I was calling about was to ask why my television order was incomplete on hanging my televisions. Finally after 45 minutes listening to here stupidity and lack of understanding I was transferred to another guy to put my on hold after getting the problem resolved only to ask me what day was good for me. Saturday 4/11/2015 they were suppose to come and hang my Televisions. When the guys got there not only did they not have the equipment to hang my televisions the order was only for 1 television not the three that I ordered. My wife needed to finish moving from our old house, but stayed to wait for the guy to hang the televisions. Our old house is 60 miles away and she has my baby (21 month old) and 11 year old son to try to take care of. But she waited and only to have the guy show up with out the equipment to only hang even 1 television. Lets not Forget the fact that I wanted 3 of them Hung on the walls. So I wasted yet another day waiting on dish to not only screw up my orders again, show lack of understanding and treated to incompetence yet again. Sunday is my only day off, and all I wanted to do was enjoy it by watching television and watching baseball games on my nicely hung televisions on my wall. I guess that is not going to happen. If I wasn’t so tired right now, and the fact that I don’t want to go with out television till I Time Warner Cable can come install cable Television, I would cancel my service right now. Monday I probably will, go ahead and cancel my service. I mean I don’t get it, your commercials say what an easy move it is going to be with dish and it is anything but that. I have every channel that Dish has to offer and I have never once missed a payment in 2 plus years. I am going to copy this e-mail and see how far up the chain of command I can go with this most horrendous service I have ever had with anything I have ever had to deal with.


Lauren April 10, 2015 at 3:04 pm

DISH NETWORK SUCKS! they fried two of my tvs during the install and are now claiming it was my electric that damaged their box which damaged my tvs and are refusing to replace or compensate me for the tvs!!! filing a suit in small claims court!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply April 4, 2015 at 5:41 pm

Your customer service is horrible I cannot get anyone to help me cancel this service within less than a 24th our period I must say I will be filing a suit against dish network


missy March 31, 2015 at 9:02 am

Can anyone help me on resolving my terrible dish issues,,,nobody ever answers ur calls or emails,,or resolves ur issues ,,,give differant storys everytime u do get someone on phone,,,,i need help with gettin corp office numb to speak to head corp office ,,,,,fed up with dish net work,,,,,,,if anyone can help me please email me at best***,,,,,,thank u


Rebecca B March 25, 2015 at 10:32 pm

Does anyone at DISH even care about all these horrible comments?


bobbie April 4, 2015 at 5:48 pm

No they do not they are definitely not customer service oriented I never had problems like this from direct TV they actually try to help keep thir customers happy


Suzette Blanton March 25, 2015 at 9:32 pm

If Dish was so wonderful they would NEVER have to have contracts that bind people, or early termination fees. Dish would have people lining up to sign up if they were so wonderful. All I can say is the bigger you are, the harder you fall, and I am an extremely angry, dissatisfied customer who can’t wait to see Dish FALL !!!


Shawn March 25, 2015 at 2:35 pm

I would not recommend dish to NOBODY. They did nothing but lie to me from the first day I called them. When you call them they say we don’t do that or we don’t say that bullllllll. I only had dish for 13 days and they want to charge me $480.00 plus more for this and that. The service man drilled holes on the front side and back side of my house?? Really????? I’m loose my job next sat. And I told them I needed a good deal oh we will give you one. Well that’s a lie. I talk to a lady about a week ago that said I could make payments . But now got a letter saying they are going to take it out of my bank account?. The letter said signed paper. I didn’t sign nothing. I’m tired of dealing with dish. All they do is make it sound so good.


Kevin farmer March 17, 2015 at 5:58 pm

Don’t bother calling the corporate office-these crooks hide behind a recorded message and no one ever answers. They farm their tech support out to inept morons that can’t fix anything. I find it disgusting that their recorded message talks about family pride. No one with any pride or self respect would treat customers te
He way dish does. I will cancel my service today and recommend to anyone that will listen, not to buy dish service. I have called 37 times in the last 45 day to reset my local channels. They have had my billing address wrong for a year and a half. I live in Texas and they have had my billing address in NC for the entire time. You win DISH! I give up. Another customer lost. If you think you are too big, just look at Enron! Enough said. Enjoy your perks while you can Mr. Clayton


Buffie Shaw March 14, 2015 at 6:10 pm

I have an 84 year old granny that can not get her Dish to be put in her retirement apartment complex due to the complex rules of where a satellite may be placed. They want to charge her $160 for her early termination $10 for the return box and $18 for tax. How is it fair that she has to pay all of that for something she can not use? Its not her fault that she can not put it where she could have reception. No poles or put on the roof is allowed in the complex. I have been a Dish customer for many years and now I am considering cancelling my service due to how they have treated my Granny. Something has to be done about companies that take advantage of people that have no control over their cirXXXXstances.


Maddie March 25, 2015 at 12:48 pm

SADLY, DISH has also been a problem for us.
The ‘tech’ told me to put the dish in my bedroom window . . . INSIDE MY HOUSE!


Lisa Ponke March 12, 2015 at 7:46 am

Dish Network is a total joke. I wish we had other options here, but our only other option is Direct TV which is an even BIGGER joke. So, we are stuck with the lesser of the two jokes. Customer service SUCKS. We were blown off 7 days ago by being told that there was a software issue on DIsh’s end that didn’t even exist. 7 days of screwed up tv and what did we get? A whopping $10 off our bill for 3 months. What a nightmare, I can’t even tell you how many hours we’ve spent with issues with Dish. I tell everyone I know if they have another alternative, go with it, do NOT go to Dish. I will be making a call to corporate later today too when I get home from work.


George Nichols March 10, 2015 at 1:21 pm

I wasn’t sure where to go to ask this so here goes I have been a dish technition for 5 years I worked for KCI satellite out of Pittsfield was a real enjoyable job now it has turned into a nightmare seems they care more about us becoming more of a salesman then a tech.I was not hired on to be a salesman I am not comfortable doing that.Now KCI has sold out to Galexy one from Bentonsport Iowa And or jobs are being threatened if we don’t sale your products.I really enjoy installing dish they tell us that it is dish that is making us do this I was just wondering who is to blame for making so many employees so un happy please respond thank you


Dennis March 6, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I have been a customer of Dishnet for over 25 years, with over 20 of those years beging on autopay. When I retired 3 years ago, I dropped the autopay and began paying month to month. However, as costs rise, I found myself falling one month behind. This was fine until about 6 months ago, I paid the minimum, not the full month behind but made up the difference the following month. My service has been interrupted. I had to pay 9.00 to get an extension. They claimed my due date was the 23rd, so i have paid that each month unti la month or so ago, they moved that date back and interrupted my service last month on the 14th, the previous month on the 16th so I had to pay for TWO Extensions each. This last month I called to get the second extension which took me to the 4th.. I was told a min. of 141.00 would keep it on til the 23rd. Today, on the 6th of March, my service is interrupted again.. they keep moving the date back but cannot move it forward until caught up.. After talking with several supervisors, who offered no help whatsoever and claiming with all the additional charges i owe 400.00 I told them to TAKE The boxes out and disconnect it permanently.
Apparently, being a long time customer of dish means nothing to them. I went for well over 22 years watching my bill being increased and when I added more sets several years ago, it actually wound up going DOWN from all the years I had been paying. This is ridiculous. I refuse to continue to deal with a company that has such little concern over a long time customer.


ramras March 6, 2015 at 8:21 am

Called dish network on 2/22/15, 3/4, 3/5, & 3/6/15 because of ABC On Demand dropping off after the automatic 3am update. I was told to reset the receiver on the 22nd & ABC & NBC on demand came back. Since the problem recurs daily since then I pressed the reset several times. Sometimes ABC On Demand comes back, sometimes it doesn’t. Was told each time that it was a “software issue” that was first referred to “engineering” , then today told that “engineering is working on it”. For ALMOST 2 WEEKS!! If they know it’s a problem, why is it taking this like long to fix it? I asked for a credit on my bill today and was blown off. The “Advanced Technical Support” person I spoke to today seemed to be linguistically challenged, couldn’t put words together to make a coherent sentence. I’m fed up & will file a complaint with my State & urge everyone who has a problem with this “service” to do the same.My State joined 2 others & successfully sued Direct TV for shoddy service. If they get enough complaints they’ll might do the same against Dish Network.


Deirdre Crouch March 5, 2015 at 11:39 pm

Hello Mr. Clayton,

I am writing you in regards to my terrible, unprofessional service that I received from Dish customer service from employees and representatives. I was trying everything I could to get this resolved through them. I will try to make this as short as possible. Firstly, I would like to say that I have enjoyed watching Dish. Now, when I first received my service at the end of October I paid my bill. In November I had gone online And saw I had a payment due by end of month. So, I paid the bill early not knowing that because I had autopay it will charge my credit card again. So, I called Dish to explain that I had already made the November payment why would another payment be charge. The representative told me because I was on autopay it automatically takes the payment. I then stated why would the system take a payment that was not due. The representative state again because I was setup on autopay. I then explained to the representative I have paid other bills early and have autopay set up and they do not take a payment when a payment is not due. I then requested the credit for the payment. The agent said he we reverse the payment back to my credit card.

Whatever was done for December I received another bill for January for $100.26, when the agent reversed the double payment he added $84.18 to my bill. The reverse was the same day which should have been a wash. So, I get a bill for February for $270.59 I called again. I explained all I owed was the $16.08 from the previous bill, 84.18 for this bill and $96.82 in movies. We both agreed that I should be paying $201.10 and my payment should go back to the $84.18. Before I paid the agreed amount DISH disconnected my service, which made me have to call again. The agent to me they disconnected my services because I had a return payment. Here I go again; I asked the agent to look at the number of months that I have had service there is a payment for each month. Please turn my service back on after over an hour on evry call to your company it is still not right. I explain my payments are due at end of month. So, the agent connected my services and I explained I will pay at end of month.

I just started receiving bills after bills increasing my amount due. They charged me for disconnecting my service I never requested my service disconnected. I explained to the agent the previous agent didn’t credit the account to reflect the $201.10. So, I get a bill with $577.39 for disconnect fees and they only credited $460.00 no of the credits from the $270 bill. The agent told me that he nor a supervisor could not make any credits I have to pay it then they would credit to my bill. I was livid, I have done more than required of me for DISH mistake.

To top it off DISH has removed me from my promotion plan and now my bill will not be the $84.18 as promised when I switched my service from Directv for 14 years. Also, it has been 3 months and I haven’t received my gift card for switching. I have enjoyed my service with DISH, please review my multiply statements and credit my account the correct amount and put my promotion back on all my monthly statement so that my bill will be $84.18 as promised for my switch. Please acknowledge the receipt of this email.

Thank you

Deirdre Crouch


Monty smith March 4, 2015 at 9:59 pm

I want to say this is the crooked mess I have ever seen!!! We have been with dish for over 30!yrs. started out 42.00 ever since then they would go up on prices.if you didn’t pay they would turn the tv off or pay what they wanted you too. After haggling about a bill they would finally give a credit for several months and then here we go again.repeat!!!! I would ask them tell me how much will my bill be I am on a fixed income. Nope couldn’t give you an amount because their game is to continually go up. After it hit 100.00 I had had enough. I’m 61 yrs old I don’t won’t to have to go thru this mess like this about a stupid bill!!! So they can take this mess and shove it, I’m done!!! I just wish they would do what they tell you, they know they have you over a barrel. But I’m praying that the whole mess will go down from the top all the way to the bottom!!! You don’t do people that way and get by!!!!!!!


Norgan Anderson March 1, 2015 at 8:05 pm

I know this message will probably fall on deaf ears or blind eyes, but i have to get it off my chest..Dish Network is by far the worse company I have ever worked for. But of course you already know that. Being voted worse company 2 years straight means that you worked hard at being the worse. But what I dont understand is why. For every employee you fire or who quits because of unfair treatment, it hurts your company image. Dont you know that these former employees have families and friends. Do you not realizes that these former employees talk. Maybe having 14 percent of the market is all you want,but it seem a little short sighted to me. I for one am going to tell everyone who will listen what was going on in the Albany Ga office. I wont be the only one ,ten employee has been fired in 4 months.. how short sighted! Anyway the truth always comes out. Hope to see you on 60 minutes one day


CONNIE February 25, 2015 at 10:25 am

I called DISH in the hopes of changing my provider with another if I could find a better rate.

First let me tell you I used to be a ‘telemarketer’ so I am aware of the tactics call specialist use to extort money from bank accounts, which is why I quit, I’m not a bully nor a thief!

Needless to say, I was EXTREMELY frustrated after an hour and a half and not getting any satisfactory results! I made it CLEAR that I did NOT want ANY of their services to all FIVE of the customer service (jokes) reps they kept passing me to trying to convince me to purchase TV and Internet. I even had a couple of them tell me their experiences with their providers!! My bank account was ‘hacked’ (for lack of a better term) several days later, twice, within 48 hours for just shy of a $100.00. My funds have still not been returned after 6 days!! So, now I’m angry and am filing this complaint with DISH and sharing with Facebook to discourage anyone who sees this that they may NOT want to go there! NEVER AGAIN!!!


donald b. aikman February 19, 2015 at 11:40 am

Please take me off your Mailing list. Thank you. Donald B. Aikman *** W. 1200 N. New Palestine,in. 46163


Muncie Morger February 17, 2015 at 6:21 pm

I had a problem with a Dish Network commercial. It showed a teenager coming out of the house with a cell phone in his hand. His father tells him they are going to visit Aunt Judy. The boy says that she doesn’t even have a TV for him to watch the game and she is crazy.
Then the Hopper Bunny appears with a new gadget and tells the boy that he can watch TV where ever he goes. As he passes his Dad, he says, “I hope she took a shower.” The father then says, “I hope so too.”
I found this very offensive to senior citizens, (I am 85 years old,))insulting, hurtful and depressing. The Senior’s at my Senior Citizen all agreed so it was not just me.
A friend gave me a phone number from her smart phone of the Dish Network Corporate office. For two months I was calling the wrong number and no one answered or it just rang and rang.
A few weeks ago I checked on my computer, (which I am not very good at,) and I connected with someone in the Corporate office. I thought I kept better records but at the moment I cannot find her name. I told her the about the commercial and she must have taken care of it. I only watch the Hallmark channels, HGTV and other channels in the vicinity. My husband passed away almost a year ago and I cannot watch any of the channels that we watched together. It is just not fun when you do not have anyone to share with. He loved the Military channel.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for handling that commercial. If I have any more problems, I know where to go with them.


missy March 30, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Haveing problems with my dish ,,,need help to find a ceo office president of corp,,,they give mevrunn around every month,,,can someone help me with corp numb or ceo numb of dish,,,,nothin but problems with them,,,.,please help me anyone……please send me email to help me with the terrible issues im haveing with dish network,,,,bes***,,,,thank u


Frank February 17, 2015 at 12:53 pm

After my father passed away I called Diash to let them know to cancel his service.. They TWICE tried to upsell me HIS service explainging that was a loyal customer. I Told them I was not interested. They again tried to sell me his service.
They sent me a box for his reciever. I sent the receiver back assuming everything was over, not so much. Two months later I got a call from a collection agency demanding I pay them $47.00. I had no idea why and they would not say.. After some research i found that Dish got MY address, which is in no way connected to my dads service, in fact, I live in a different state. I made numerous phone calls ( to the Phillipines apparently) who said they were sorry BUT THEY cant handle this.. The LOONG story short is I am STILL dealing with this.
This is prob the worst customer ser4vice I have ever dealt with and the kicker is ITS NOT EVEN MY ACCOUNT.. Good luck if you actually have these idiots as a carrier………….


Meka March 7, 2015 at 9:20 am

Worst companies that I’ve ever encountered. Never will recommend anyone to get your service. Installed the satellite on my apartment ground without asking permission of the rental office. A month later, the apartment office contacted and informed me that the satellite should not have been placed on ground. Called Dish to find out that it is my responsibility to make sure that was ok. Then called corporate office, I was told that the charges were valid and got charged $565 for breaking the contract. Ridiculous reasons to overcharge a customer! Don’t sign up wish Dish!


Robert March 20, 2015 at 10:09 am

My E-Mail was out, and the phones weren’t working. Dish said there was a defective outlet, and it would cost $100.00 to fix it. This was a blatant lie. I terminated my service, and they then told me that they had sold my phone number. I had this phone number for years, and it resulted in my losing both personal, and business contacts. We need to get Elizabeth Warren involved in what this company is doing. Dish now has the guts to bill me for service that I didn’t get. When you call they said they would connect you to the President’s office. What a joke1 Some low level employee answers the phone.


Donald A Ambeau February 17, 2015 at 8:58 am

I would like to know what is wrong with your customer service? I always pay my bill on time using my online payment center with Chase. On Dec. 11 2015 I made my payment but it never got recorded on my bill statement. I called chase and they said that the payment went the system and never came back. I called customer service and they said they would check into it and I should fax my bank statement which I did. The next month I received my statement and the bill was doubled. I called customer service and they said they never received the fax. I then sent the information by email and called customer service they said they looking into it. Next bill statement still didn’t have the correct balance. I called and I don’t think they understood a word i was saying. After talking the phone for 2 hours on Feb. 16 They said they would take care of it. Today Feb 17 my service was disconnected. Really What is wrong with your customer service.


William Poma February 16, 2015 at 1:26 pm

I have been with DishNet for over 10 years. our contract ran out and so we are on the program where they change programs at random with mostly commercials and charge $20 a month. I called and tried to upgrade to a program that would actually provide programming we watch. I told them about the programs that were advertised by them and they told me that was only for new customers. They said that they could not offer me ( a loyal customer for over 10 years not on contract ) the same offer to be far to the new customers. Wow! Really! DishNet has become just like those companies in the past that got so big they believe that they don’t need to be concerned with loyalty to it’s customers. If they actually take time to research it they will find these companies are no longer around. It is sad that they have forgotten that it was excellent service and care for their customers that got them where they are today!


Susan Hutcherson February 11, 2015 at 3:10 pm

Do not get dish internet!!! We got it last year and it was very sloppily installed. It never worked correctly and we had a technician out but it still was terrible. We called several times but the logs are “conviniently” not showing up. It is a slow service that often drops. I am a loyal dish customer – over 20 years – and they cannot waive the termination fee even if their product sucked. I am very dissapointed in the company I used to believe in.


Antonio February 6, 2015 at 4:14 am

My roof is damaged


gina February 6, 2015 at 12:20 am

The worst service ever. Everyone tells you something different and even the supervisors dont care about your concerns. They brush you off and want to move on quickly, as if they have a time quota like whe you go through a drivethru.. Saying sorry means nothing when it holds no value. The perception you give your customers is that you dont care. Not to mention, when you ask for a corporate number to file a concern/complaint they tell you there is none? What large corpoartation does not want feedback. Im told you have no such office that listens to concerns. Only the rep can file a feedback? Are you kidding? Most of the reps have no idea what you are saying, place you on hold more often then hey should and to top it off have limited English skills. The tech support is really not tech savvy more like just plain customer service. But apparently there is an advanced tech support who can help but have limited hours. Many of them are using guides and code books to guide you through. No real tech support. The worst of it all is all the mismatch information, reps not being consistent in their training, placing people hold too often but most importantly making Dish seem ljke frankly you just dont care. Its horrible. You tell the customer to read instructions that come but then you follow them only to not get anywhere. Then when you call your told to do the polar opposite. Be more customer friendly with your communication, services and customer service hot line. When asked to escalate to a manager i get a maybe, the crazy attempts to transfer me only for the call to drop. How convenient! This is so disappointing and down right wrong. If things dont improve and im not treated like a loyal deserving customer i will leave. Your bottomline profits are important however if you have no customers you will have no business.


Zac Hicks February 5, 2015 at 8:20 pm

I been with dish for a long time…. This is bullXXXXX I called to get my remote control reprogrammed and all i got was the run around.. This isnt the first time but this is crazy.. The rep even hung up on me.. I called back and was placed on hold listening to some recording that was first quite then the same recording. . Why… why are you able to take our money but when we need help we cant get it… The rep offer to send me a replacement remote but hung the damn phone up.. Im switching to verizon after all these years enough is enough. ..


John T February 4, 2015 at 3:40 pm

Attn Joseph P. Clayton CPA. I have been a customer for over 8 years. I called in yesterday to ask why my bill went up. I have been pricing your competition and asked if I could have someone review my service. I was directed to a ‘specialty loyalty service rep”. After he trashed the competition promo’s, he said that he would be able to offer a $65 credit per month for the next 12 months. Also, all my equipment would be upgraded to the Hopper and Joeys, at no cost to me. He concluded that there would be no contract extension. He assured me that I would be charged nothing for the upgrade and that the discount would start immediately. I agreed and set up a time to have a Dish tech come out, but I said that I needed something in writing to show the terms. I was very clear that I would not allow anyone in the house until I was able to see in writing what all the terms where so there would not be any misunderstandings. This is where the cart fell off the track. I was told by the specialty rep that he didn’t have it all worked up, but he would have the installation tech provide. The installation tech showed up about an hour ago. I asked him for the written terms/work order/ receipt and he said he didn’t have one. He said that all he had was a list of the items on his cell phone on what needed to be installed. He said that he was thinking it was a two year contract, and there where additional cost for installation that would be billed. The monthly credits where a customer service issue. He called customer service and we where told that it is Dish Networks policy to not put anything in writing, that the terms would show up on next months statement. I said that I needed to see what all would cost in writing and the customer service rep, along with her supervisor said they did not have the capability to provide. This is asinine! All I needed was just a receipt, or copy of work order, along with something that stated what the loyalty discounts would be and there was no additional extension of commitment(again I’ve been with dish for 8 years) before I allowed the to work to be started . The supervisor got rude and stated that she was not providing anything in writing and was removing any credits given to me. Ive read the thousands of horror stories on all the other consumer complaint web sites about how Dish Network customers where baited into signing up then finding out that they are charge for items/equipment that was told would not be charged.


margaret braulik February 2, 2015 at 1:24 pm

attn; Joe.Clayton. as a long time customer of Dish. its a shame you have to increase prices for a product that is so dysfunctional .I pay for 200 channels,have over 400,watch approx
30.of course its hard to find a program that is not a repeat.Also repeated programs go from
channel to channel. If I bought something faulty in a store I take it back,not to the manufacturer,you are selling channels so Dish is the one to make them correct. when you
increase the price I won’t be paying. Living on a fixed income will not allow it. Margaret


Caroline Snow February 1, 2015 at 10:51 pm

Dear Dish, good to have you back. I wanted to contact your corp. office and let you know how pleased we were to get dish back so quickly and most importantly I wanted to mention what a wonderful pleasue it was to have Toni as our Tech. He was on time very pleasant , prepared. He was so warm and friendly that we decided to invite him to stay for some birthday cake for my 20 year olds birthday! He is also a good singer. Customer Service is very important and the family would give Toni a 10+++!! I think he would be a great Tech./customer service trainer.


M. E. DIDOT January 31, 2015 at 4:27 pm

I have Dish Net for my TV Services and Cox for my Telephone and Internet Services .
Dish Net is trying to BILL ME FOR ALL THREE services.
It shows just 2 TV installations. IT DOES NOT SHOW INTERNET OR TELEPHONE
The Dish supervisor was not too friendly when I called to notify him of the error, but he will correct it–PROBABLY BECAUSE I THREATENED TO GO TO THE TV STATIONS THAT HELP ABUSED CUSTOMERS.
Does anyone have a used brain they could donate to Dish? GOD knows they need help!!!!!


joe E January 29, 2015 at 1:49 pm

For ten months I have tried to get my bills paid by mail, and it has been a big problem. Because Dish account payment are on every 24 days, it is a big confusion to the customers to understand the ups and downs of the bills. It seem that Dish has this calculated so they can manipulate the payments to their convenience.To make things worse, sometimes they send the bill on the regular base, another times they skip a bill so they can charge for late charge. Why not make the period of 30 days instead of 24? If Dish is reading this, please let me know why not. Thanks.


John Smith January 29, 2015 at 10:08 am

My sister Sheryl smith is a current customer in Harrisonville, Mo. She is suffering from cancer and has lost all ability to speak. We called for an upgrade of service to include internet. Because she was unable to speaks I spoke for her. After explaining to the rep. Our treatment was unbelievable. We were informed that it was not their concern, and was ask if she could grunt her approval? We’ve been ask to share her story, which we will consider. Is this how Dish trains their reps to treat their customers? Or our you to big to care?


Debra Nottingham January 26, 2015 at 2:18 pm

I have miss a lot of programs while you were fighting with the airwave owners. Were can I see the missed shows seeing how I paid for him in my packet?


michael neikirk January 25, 2015 at 4:33 pm

Have had the worst customer service experience and the worst service by dish. I will so glad when direct tv is re installed this week so i can go back to a company that has respect for there customers and dont call the a lier or tell them its unfortunate they have to work but if your not home when the tech shows up he will not come back.


Nicole St.Pierre January 22, 2015 at 4:11 pm

I left Dish only because of their issues with FX many years ago. They were in disputes so we left. I have bounced around trying to find another carrier that had great quality like Dish, but was unsuccessful. I got stuck into a contract with Direct TV until recently and reached out to Dish to come back. I had been receiving promotions through the mail saying come back, we will do this and that for you. So, I called just yesterday, my whole account is gone, apparently they go away after 90 days? They could not honor any promo without an account, odd because how do they have my address then? No one would honor the promotions I received to get re-established at no cost, in fact, they wanted me to pay for services I had not even received? So today, I chatted with a support person who sent me canned responses. I loved Dish before, why would they not care about old or returning customers? I only left because they were losing channels that I watched regularly and had no eta to give on when or if the channels would be restored (which they were). I am sad that a company that I felt was above that would do this to me.


Tonya Lancaster January 19, 2015 at 2:38 pm

I have been with Dish for over 16 years. Several years ago, at Dish’s suggestion, we bundeled our service with CenturyTel (now called Centurylink) and doing this we got a $10. a month discount, so why not? Over two years ago we dropped our home phone but we continue to receive our bill for Dish, through Centurylink.
We are now wanting to add internet service to our package and NO ONE CAN HELP ME!!! They all say “Oh, your bundeled through Centurylink so you have to call them to make any changes to your service. I DID call Centurylink and they told me they have NO Affiliation with Dish anymore and she cant believe were still bundeled with them. Centurylink is now affiliated with DirectTV. (She said she could help me if I wanted to change to DirectTV and it’s a thought!) She called Dish for me and in a 3 way call she told the lady from Dish that she was “un-Bundeling” my account and she should be able to help me now.. That lady said she understood and transferred me to another lady who KNEW NOTHING!! She once again told me she couldn’t help me because I was BUNDELED!! I spent over 2 hours trying to get INTERNET from DISH. I have spoke to about 7 of your employees and even one superviser. I now plan on calling Excede Internet but wanted you to know how stupid this is!!
By the way, in Sunday school yesterday 2 other people said their plans were also still bundeled with centruylink. I told them that $10 you save means you have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL. I even tried calling your corporate office and after being on hold for 8 minutes I assumed I had been forgotten so I called back and this time they didn’t take the call (I was sent to the toll free number each time after that) I am not feeling that Dish appreciates my business or wants my internet business. I would think 16 years of paying my bills on time would warrant some “Loyalty and Service”. Apparently not!

Tonya Lancaster


cq01010 January 14, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Joe Clayton & the entire board at dish are liars and cowards. The board at dish hasn’t a set of cahones amongst the lot.
You lying schmucks have no intention of returning Fox News to the lineup. This is why I have scheduled local cable installation at my residence, once installed I am done paying the lying cowards at dish. Good luck collecting you lying cowards.


Mark January 13, 2015 at 4:30 pm

I have been a customer with Dish for over 20 years. direct is no better. We have no choice. I am going to minimum plan and buy sireus for my truck to hear Fox News. Dish stockholders should be pissed. The CEO claims he is conservative. He is a power freak. Funny how dish can decide what channels to give me, but I have to pick from their P”packages”– it is a one way street, huh. I guess Obama will be ultimate winner from this crap.


Mac January 12, 2015 at 7:35 pm

I am currently a dish customer with a contract. When my contract expires with Dish Network, I will switch to another provider that carries FNC if the differences between dish and Fox have not been resolved. I have talk to many people that feel the same as I and some have already switched providers. Fox is still the number 1 new program running and has been for several years. Does that not mean anything to Dish?


Freida Thigpen January 12, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I just filed a complaint with the BBB concerning the poor customer service with Dish Network. I will be locating another TV provider. The issues concerning the company is not worth the time to have service. I will also be sending my complaints to corporate office as well.


John January 11, 2015 at 11:36 pm

Lowered dish to cheapest pkg & got rid of equipment ( fees) second room .
Fios cheapie no dvr …… Carrying cost for two systems a washout … Might be a few bucks ahead 🙂


John January 11, 2015 at 11:32 pm

Ok…. Centurylink fios is in …..took their lowest pkg that included fox … Just needed the news


Curtis Hatton January 10, 2015 at 10:17 pm

This is for Joe dumb ass Clayton, I don’t know why you are not fired,
any jack ass stupid enough to give up fox news, with the largest audiences in the business, is out of touch with reality, I hope the board reviews your contract, and sends
your ass packing , I wouldn’t hire you to run a pay toilet. I hope the stock plummets and the company is bought out , and the new owners, get rid of all the pot smoking liberals
at dish. WAKE UP


T Shea January 10, 2015 at 4:36 pm

This is BS….



duane January 10, 2015 at 12:36 pm

dish network stole money from me and are holding my bank hostage because their website sent 2 payments through my bank and only one was approved by me. i called them the same day this happen and they said we can refund you 150.81 which was one of payments they sent to my bank.This happen on 1/2/2015 but still no refund has been return me yet and i been dish customer for 13yrs and being treated like this don’t make me a happy customer of dish network


John January 10, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Thanks Dish !!!!!
Asked for a copy of my contract just to make sure I signed it (wink)!!!!!
Got my copy .
Glad to see you had to pay 48 cent postage !!!
Lol. …. Now if everyone would ask for their contract… Let’s see…. Hmmmmm

12 million x .49 cents


John January 10, 2015 at 11:26 am

Some people view select channels 80-90 % of their viewing time . ( don’t tell me you can’t track that statistic)…..why not reduce their bill 80-90% ? ( and possibly wave the cancellation fee )

Somewhere down the road dish might come up as an option even after choosing another provider for a while !,,, ….. But not after that treatment 🙁

Remember -80-90 % ….. You basically blacked out their tv anpd are holding them hostage .


Sick of this BS January 9, 2015 at 5:28 pm

I wonder what kind of salary the CEO, the CFO, and the COO makes


Sick of this BS January 9, 2015 at 5:11 pm

I think it is about time for all you Dish Network raking in the money to get your act together and get FOX News back on the air and never been so upset with programming until now, been with Dish when they were EchoStar, the first program I watched was a Detroit Red Wings hockey game. I’ve been a FOX news watcher since it was Steve, Brian, and e.d. Hill. I don’t really think taking $5.00 off our bill is much compensation and I’m certainly not into free channels either, half would be more like it because you know darn well when this is all settled you well be raising prices.


Jan January 8, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Mr. Joseph Clayton
I have been with Dish for 2 months. I specifically stated that I required FOX news, your representative said no problem without mentioning that you were currently in negotiation FOX’s contract. Two weeks with Dish Fox was cancelled. I called Dish rep who told me it would be about 30 days and FOX should be back on. Dish offered to pay my next months bill for the inconvenience, I agreed to remain with Dish but requested the representative to doXXXXented our conversation.
I again called Dish 1/8/15 and they said they do not know when FOX will be back on, I told them I wanted to cancel Dish due to misrepresenting the services that I receive. I was told I would have to pay for the full 2 year contract and they do not have a 30 day satisfaction policy; when asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold 20 minutes then disconnected.
Mr Clayton I have been in business for many years and I know that this is no way to treat customers.


Haarold Kerr January 7, 2015 at 8:57 pm

I have had Dishnet for going on 7 years now. I am calling DirectTV to switch back to them. The reason: your assinine position on FOX news.

I will not reinforce the political ideas of the left wing with my money.

I have tried to talk to you clowns and no one seems interested.


Gary January 6, 2015 at 7:18 pm

Stop the hold out of FOX, the only reliable news source on TV, or Direct TV here we come. And I will not subscribe to DISH internet service as I was about to. RETURN FOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Robert and Noelia Dunn January 5, 2015 at 9:37 pm

Since we can no longer get the Fox News Channel we will be looking for another network that has it. We have been with Dish for a long time when we could have switched to cheaper networks. This is the thanks we get for loyalty. Sometimes we watch Fox News all day. We never watch CBS or NBC or any other left leaning channel. Get with the program, Dish, or else “Good Bye”.


Mark January 5, 2015 at 8:31 pm

I thought Dish was owned by a company in the Phillipines as that is who I talked with today. He did tell me they are receiving unfavorable reviews from the recent boneheaded decision to fight fox. Direct tv is now instantly behind in changeovers from dish. CEO, you better wake up. Stockholders, this CEO liberal is gonna tank your company. Better get it fixed now. Also, we in America are ready to pick our own channels and pay for them. I use about ten of the 200 I have to take in order to get what I want. How about addressing that , too.


Sick of this BS January 9, 2015 at 5:18 pm

I agree with you Mark about the ten of 200 , but if they allow that to happen our rates will go skyhigh, but then why should we have to pay for crap we don’t watch?


Terry Wilson January 5, 2015 at 4:53 pm

I am suing them as well… For false contract.


Belinda January 21, 2015 at 6:50 pm

I feel your pain. Dish SUCKS!!! I’m game for a class-action suit.


Unhappy Customer January 5, 2015 at 12:53 pm

By copy of this letter we are canceling your service. We have made our payments on time and have had no problems with your service until you removed our #1 and #2 stations, Fox News Network and Fox Business Channel. These channels were on in our home from 7:00 a.m. Until 11:00 p.m. We have moved several times and lived in different states having several different cable providers. We look first for Fox News Network and then second for Fox Business Channel. When we signed on with you last April, we had to go up a tier to obtain the Fox Business Channel. In our many moves, we have been serviced by Time Warner, Com Cast, Direct TV, and many smaller cable service providers. Not once have we had a “top rated” and “the most watched cable news network” removed from our program service.

We have called and emailed many times in the last two weeks inquiring as to how long DISH planned to take to get this matter resolved. DISH customer service can not give us a date as to when these highly rated and popular networks will be re-installed to us. Through Social Media, we have learned that DISH has made all kinds of different offers to their unhappy customers and have been inconsistent with their offerings. There is nothing you can offer us by money or another network that will replace the Fox News Network and the Fox Business Channel. They are rated “Number 1” for their quality and for being “Fair and Balanced.” Therefore, we view this as a breach in the DISH contract. DISH’s small print about programming changes can not stretch far enough to cover this willful breach in the contract with DISH customers.


Mary January 5, 2015 at 12:23 pm

Just watched an advertisement from Charter that is advertising to pay the total disconnect fee, give 150.00 gift card and no contract to switch from Dish. One way to get Fox back after 4 months with Dish without having to pay their outrageous disconnect fee.


Nancy January 7, 2015 at 12:04 pm

I have another way to dump Dish and not pay them another dime. 1. Discontinue authorization for them to charge my husband’s credit card, even if we have to cancel the current card and open a new account. 2. We are retirement age, our entire income is from retirement sources, which are judgment proof. 3. I was not a party to this contract, therefore they can’t come after anything that is jointly owned, tenants-by-the-entirety. EVERYTHING we have is jointly owned in this way.

We have been with DISH for about three months and it has been a nightmare right from the beginning! Their supposed “high speed” Internet service is total BULL. Half the time I can’t access the Internet at all, half the time I can’t even send an email. Fox is the second channel they have blocked that we watch a lot. I would bet anything that the channel for American Idol is next.

I’m DONE! They won’t get another dime!


margaret jones January 5, 2015 at 10:48 am

I also called customer service this morning. The representative was nice; after all he works for the company behind some cubicle probally making a little more than minimum wage. He said they could adjust my bill. It is not about the money with me, I just want my local new channels back and the Fox news station. I too will have to shop around for another cable company. I cant believe this company is trying to challenge a company that is as big as Fox. Get real Mr. Joseph Clayton or watch your company side down wall street.


David B H Seacat January 4, 2015 at 9:24 pm

Dear Ms Christine Wilson, Vice-President of Marketing

I am very unhappy with Dish’s decision not to continue carrying the Fox Network. So much so, I will consider discontinuing my service with Dish.


EDMOND C WALKER JR January 3, 2015 at 2:21 pm

I would like to say 4 hrs on the phone and still havent resolved the issue. I have been transford 14 times and then call dropped no call back.


Deborah January 3, 2015 at 1:05 pm

I am dropping Dish Network because Dish is no longer providing Fox News channels. I have been a Dish Customer for almost 17 years, I purchased the package that included Fox News, I no longer receive Fox News, but my bill will not decrease. DirecTv here I come.


trob January 3, 2015 at 11:57 am

Where is Fox News Channel?? This is ridiculous!!!!!


T Shea January 3, 2015 at 4:14 am

so how long and does it really get posted here?


Kathy January 2, 2015 at 7:42 pm

i am upset about losing Fox News but I am more upset WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT DISH HAS GIVING ME.


George January 2, 2015 at 6:17 pm

Been with Dish 8 years & I will be dropping them since the loss of the Fox Ch.’s Plus 6 weeks ago the had dropped Ted Turners Ch’s. & had to play their game of calliing & XXXXXXing with them! They have the worse Customer Service in the World! You always get someone in another Country to deal with & they don’t understand you most of the time! You have to keep repeating yourself then they screw it up anyway!
Goodbye DISH!!!


Elmer Johnson January 2, 2015 at 3:15 pm

How in GOD’s name do you reach someone in this Mickey Mouse outfit?????????????????

Does anyone have a clue what CUSTOMER SERVICE IS??????????????????

Please, if is at all possible, have someone in call me at @210-945-****!


Dave December 30, 2014 at 10:05 pm

This has gone on long enough, this is a form of censorship whether or not you are involved with the White House or not, is to stop FOX NEWS from reporting on the facts, unlike Obama’s netorks msnbc,cnn,abc,nbc, cbs and now dish! I understand that I have a contract with dish, you mite as well cancel it, for as soon as possible I will drop you like you dropped FOX! Within a year you (dish network) will be on FOX NEWS as a news report of your company filing for bankruptcy, and it will be of your own doing !


Deborah December 30, 2014 at 8:50 pm

OK…ATTENTION ALL DISH NETWORK CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS!!!!!! I have found that when you really want ACTION…TAKE IT TO THE HEAD OFFICE!! In this case, The Corporate Office…which is exactly I indeed will do first thing tomorrow morning! I have dealt with other Companies that have “Tech”, on-line or on the phone that have told me “I am as “high” up as you can go! REALLY? I guess these people think that we really are uneducated! I am here to say that I am educated and know what and where to find the information that I need to go “higher” up than someone that answers the call on the Customer Service Line! Below you will find the numbers of someone that might be able to help you more! GOOD LUCK!! Oh and as much I wish it did, this has NOTHING to do with DISH Network dropping FOX !
A Very UPSET Ole Lady!!
Dish Network Corporate Office
Dish Network Corporate Office Address
Dish Network Corporation
9601 S Meridian Blvd
Englewood, CO 80112
Contact Dish Network
Phone Number: (303) 723-1000
Fax Number: (303) 723-1999
Email: Email Dish Network
CEO: Joseph P. Clayton CPA
CFO: Robert E. Olson
COO: Bernard L. Han


Frank February 25, 2015 at 12:59 pm

Ask for the Executive Resolution dept. … They seem to have at least ONE brain cell


Teena December 30, 2014 at 8:43 pm

ok just got off the phone again… they have know idea about this offer… just want to sell me something else. Christine Wilson V.P. of Marketing, I find you dishonest, not reliable and full of BS. form: F2264621 or 7015 C-3.


Teena December 30, 2014 at 7:43 pm

wow what a disappointment. I was sent a personal invitation to receive a “pick your bundle today” from Christine Wilson V.P. Marketing. you could get 39 movie channels for $30.00/month (hbo, starz, cinamax, encore) for six months. we thought that was a good idea so I called and the person said for $30.00 you get 31 channels….? what the? I told him I just got the flyer and it was addressed to me, even had my name on it. he said it must be a mistake… I would have to pay extra if I wanted 39 channels.
again dish has proven to be dishonest. not only does my bill keep going up, now they have removed fox… and most of the channels are crap… info commercials. I think im ready to go to direct, at least I know what im in for. and by the way I don’t have a contract with them… im free to do as I see fit.


Ellen M. Waldman December 30, 2014 at 2:18 pm

You know, Mark, I’m with you – I hadn’t considered that the GOVERNMENT may be behind this, but it makes sense to me.
Dish Network, if you don’t negotiate to get FOXNEWS back on your cable line-up soon, we’re leaving your service for good. There won’t be any returning.
If you think for one minute that you’re deceiving Fox viewers with all your rhetoric, you don’t know your clients. That y’all didn’t realize this contract was coming up and failed to negotiate at the inconvenience of your customers, I think that pretty much says it all, in my opinion. Very incompetent!
PLEASE value we, your customers, and get FoxNews back on the air now!


Jason Scott December 30, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Dish must be ran by a bunch of XXXXXXXX ……. Bring back FOX or I’m going to Drop your ASS DIsh …


Cynthia Johnson December 29, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Here’s another one, besides cancelling Fox, Dish took a payment from my Card on file and made a payment that was not even mine! The same day, they got my regular payment. this overdrew my checking debit acct over Christmas and now it has cost me $200, and counting, my cell is disconnected, and we had no money for Christmas! They tried to say I did it over the internet???? So if you have a card on file, Please remove it or they will screw you too. “Sorry” doesn’t cut it. I will be going to Direct. Have had nothing but trouble since we got Dish. And did you know?? If you authorize someone on your Dish acct once, you can’t remove them?? What the HELL kind of operation is this?? Oh I will “refer” by telling everyone to NEVER CALL DISH!!!


Teresa December 29, 2014 at 7:16 pm

When are you people going to add Fox News back to your channel lineup? We have been Dish customers for years, ever since it was Echostar, and we expect to get the channels that we pay for. If we missed paying our bill you would disconnect our service. If we don’t soon and very soon get Fox News back we will be taking our business elsewhere!!! Why don’t you take some of the less desirable networks off and leave the one that people want to watch?


John December 29, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Dish Network just raised theirs fees by $2.00 a month recently. Now I lose Fox News which I watch every day. My two year contract is up so I guess the best thing I can do is switch providers. I have used Dish for many years but if they are not looking out for me, why keep their service. Their programming seems to get worst each year also.


Mark December 29, 2014 at 11:34 am

I believe the GOVERNMENT is behind
All of this!!


Mark December 29, 2014 at 11:32 am

Hey we are all being given a bone in letting us write our complaints .
They have blocked my last two thoughts
On how we can all get together on this


Mark December 29, 2014 at 11:29 am

Hey all
I just wrote in again!!
It was something they didn’t like to hear.
My thoughts were to all cancel at the same time!!
And stock holds sell all today!!
My thoughts have been blocked!!


Reverend Archer Wilkins December 28, 2014 at 10:19 pm

It has been a frustrating experience not to be able to watch week seventeen of NFL games because of your dispute between Dish and CBS and Fox. It is wrong to make a corporate decision that impacts your customers because of your company’s inability to negotiate a fair contract. Drawing a line in the sand impacts your customers and Dish is showing a total disregard for their base business. With the playoffs starting next week I am concerned that I will not be able to watch them. Believe me the wrath of the consumer will not be taken out on CBS or Fox regardless of the propoganda you continue to promote on both channels. I assure you if I am unable to watch the NFL playoff games beginning next Sunday 1/4/15, I will cancel my service with Dish at the end of my contract in June. You have attorneys and executive who are paid to come to terms with broadcast companies and I expect them to do their job before this weekend.
A very Disgrunted Customer.


Kim December 28, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Been with dish less tag 1 month … Took 10 days and way to many trips by service techs to get everything installed and in that time they cancelled Fox News, cbs, fox local and cartoon network and now they want to say “contract is a contract” … Customer service reps are rude and think it is appropriate to hang up on calls!!!! Counting the days till this contract is over. Any other provider would be better than this …. Better service with an antenna than this experience and costs a lot less too


Mark December 29, 2014 at 11:15 am

I got dish 13 months ago
I spoke first with a” TJ” in Reading Mass.
I hate to be bound to contracts . I had a choice between dish and Comcast.
Comcast could not come and hook me up for two weeks.
Dish could , deal was “NO” contract!!
They sent me a tablet
Now dish has taken Fox News away!!
I watch this channel and it was on dish when I took the service.
I believe dish broke the terms.
I believe dish is a left wing station and have taken fox down to stop the view of conservative people!!
This is a tactic to destroy the rights of the American people.
Look if there corp. offices are in CO. Why have they out sourced 75 percent of the phone/ tech jobs to other places other than the USA!! Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!!


Mark December 29, 2014 at 1:42 pm

I have written two responses here
Both have been put in moderation.
Guess they didn’t like the truth


John Trowbridge December 28, 2014 at 2:24 am


I have been a dish subscriber for almost a year — I watch FOX NEWS

IF you are not going to get Fox News back on the air PROMPTLY, then


Paul and serene December 27, 2014 at 8:49 am

It’s very disturbing how much we pay for service and one of the channels that is on all the time at our house is Fox News. We have been customers for over 18 years. Get it back or we will cancel and never come back. I don’t care for direct but will go to charter and add internet. Money out of your pockets. Greed will get you no where. Just remember who you have to answer to in the end and its not the ceo’s at Fox or any other corporation. Bring back fox news.


Andrew Snyder December 27, 2014 at 7:18 am


Well DISH, how does it feel to be extorted by your supplier? You have been extorting us, the viewers, as have DirectTV, and all the cable suppliers for years. And now that your getting a dose of your own medicine you cry foul? What do I mean? Well how is what Fox is doing any different than you charging the viewers increasingly higher prices for less and less desirable programming. How is FOX charging a ‘Surcharge’ to you any different than you charging viewers for packages that contain the most desirable channel; i.e., your standard programming is filled with junk that almost nobody watches, but yet if you want to pay more you can get HBO, STARZ, etc. No wonder people everywhere are effecting work around to free themselves from satellite and cable. I’m sure after you lose enough viewers you will finally reach an agreement with FOX, and I’m also sure that your profits won’t suffer because you will figure a way to have the viewers pay. We out here in the hinterlands put up with poor reception, increasing leasing charges for equipment and whatever else you can come up with to increase the bottom line. I pay DISH almost $1700/year to watch only about a handful of channels that you offer, many times watching old stuff that you recycle only because there’s not much else on. One of those handful is FOX. I’m less unhappy with FOX than I am with you, DISH. DISH needs to figure this out and get on with supplier the viewers with whatever the viewers want and at better prices not higher. Meanwhile you should know that my feeling is that DISH IS NOT STANDING FOR ME…DISH IS STANDING FOR ITSELF AND MAKING ME PAY FOR IT IN VIEWING ENJOYMENT. You may not lose as much viewership as you should for not getting on with this dispute with FOX in the short term, but remember we are people out here and we’ve got long memories. So when different opportunities present themselves, they will be looked at more closely than maybe they would have previously.

If all you’re going to do in response to this email is send me a standard form email formed by your marketing and legal team…don’t bother. I’ve worked in corporations my entire life and seen these all before. If in fact you’ve got some individualized feedback…please feel free to send it.

Currently not a DISH fan,

Andrew H Snyder
PO Box ***
Jericho, VT 05465
802-238-**** (c)
802-899-**** (h)


Mark December 26, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Cancelling due to loss of Fox. And by the way, they will make it miserable for you if you try to cancel. This company stinks in every direction. But stick it out and cancel them. As bad as the customer service here, my initial impression of DirectTV is very good.


Samantha Roach December 26, 2014 at 3:43 pm

I am really really irritated and tired of the constant “negotiating” for HIGHER” prices that Dish is doing regarding various networks PARTICULARLY FOX NEWS. I have been with Dish this time for 4 years and prior to that 10-12 years at a previous address. I did go with DIRECT TV for a short period and left to come back to Dish. It is frustrating to have good networks cancelled and still have miscellaneous “junk” channels increase that very few watch. If you do not negotiate a COMMON SENSE price to FOX NEWS and put it back on the air REST ASSURED WE WILL CANCEL OUR SERVICE.


Dave December 26, 2014 at 10:41 pm

I have called dish 4 times about this issue of FOX NEWS, once I was hung up on and two times I got 2 very good people on the line, as I stated to those Ladies, I will be done with dish when this censorship of FOX NEWS is over I pay for the type of service that I want and dish has removed this from me, you can drop msnbc,cnn and all the other left wing news shows so you can afford FOX NEWS. 80% of all dish calls this last week are about saving FOX NEWS !


Geneva December 24, 2014 at 11:22 am

We were originally with EchoStar so we have been a customer for a very long time. 99% of the channels/programming you offer are worthless. Fox is the only reason we have remained a Dish Customer. You charge too much, your service is poor exceeded only by your awful customer service. So no Fox, no Dish. I am sure Direct TV is very appreciative of this gift. I noticed your stock has dropped…dropped channels, dropped customers, dropped stock….got the picture!


Patricia Moore December 24, 2014 at 10:19 am

I want to share with all those Dish Network subscribers my recent trouble with Dish when I had to cancel my service… in October… and just this morning finally got an e-mail that settled my account fairly and received an apology for all that I have been through for the last couple of months…. Just in time for Christmas.. I want to warn all of you that are going to attempt to cancel your service to beware of how you do this. Do not even attempt to deal with Customer Service…. or the usual 800 numbers…. Go directly to the following e-mail: / Scott Kimble, Dispute Resolution Specialist, Executive Escalations Team…. Hours: Mon, Tue, Fri 10:30 am – 9:30 pm MST (720) 514-7276…e-mail: Good luck…. and if you find yourself dealing with a customer service representative that states “I am in the office of the President ) and starts threatening you…. perhaps to take your first born, or, L.O.L. simply hang up and call John or Scott Kimble at (720) 514-7276. and continue to blog as you proceed with your disconnect. I am so thankful to God for John who finally resolved this very stressful situation…. Patricia Moore


James December 23, 2014 at 7:21 pm

Seems constant that channels get blacked out over “negotiations”. You satellite companies do nothing but hurt your PAYING CUSTOMERS with this crap. You forget you do have a major competitor doing much much more on tv shows and movies and that is the internet. You satellite companies should get your heads out of your black tie asses and think more of the customer before that 14 million subscriber becomes 1 million and the satellite is a thing of the past. One satellite style came and went and then you people took over next will be streaming video and not satellite. Why do you think the tv’s are getting “smart”? Fix the blackouts and quits screwing over the customer.


Mac & Sue December 23, 2014 at 6:30 pm

We have been Dish subscribers for over ten years. Your service has been so-so, but we get good reception, so we have stuck with you. NO MORE!!! You cancelled Fox News, and we really don’t care what the reasons are – political, financial, or both. We pay for 80% of programs we don’t even care about, but the one station that is on in our house for many hours each day is Fox News. In any event, we have already contacted Direct TV. Whatever the extra costs involved, we intend to watch the one channel we refuse to give up. There is a long wait for Direct TV to install, but you’ve already lost, and I hope your company goes downhill as fast as possible. Nothing you do at this point could undo the frustration and anger you’ve caused among your customers. Life is too short to be pushed around by big liberal companies who think they can get away with what you’re doing. May you be blessed with all the repercussions your millions of angry customers can bestow upon you.


Jeremy December 23, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I have been with Dish for several years and have found that over time all of the channels that I enjoy are gone. I do however have hundreds of channels that I have no interest in. Your recent decision to remove Fox was the last straw. I will be switching to another provider and will press everyone I know who uses Dish to do the same.


George Bradham December 23, 2014 at 10:19 am

Why am I surprised that Dish dropped FOX. This is a Colorado company.
Did someone say LIBERAL. Management must be smoking a lot of that
stuff recently made legal in Colorado. Wonder how much they contributed
to OBAMA. Plan to switch providers ASAP.


m December 23, 2014 at 1:13 am

yay, leave faux news channel off; they’re all propaganda anyway


kaleto December 28, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Idiot. I’m sure you know Fox is “propaganda” because you watched it so much, right? Let me guess–you get all your information from The Daily Show.
Keep drinking the Kool Aid and smoking the ganja.


Gary Scandell December 22, 2014 at 7:03 pm

I heard your reasons for dropping fox but the truth is I do not care why. I didn’t want to do it but you are out and direct is in. They are swamped with installs, will take a few days. And you just raised the price five bucks. You made a business decision and I made an entertainment decision. ( If you need to save money cancel MSNBC word Is that there are only 8 people that watch that)


tim gregerson December 22, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Well, great. We just get back our programming with Turner Classic Movies, and now we don’t have Fox News!
You guys sure have a dumb way of trying to get subscribers to re-sign with you. I watch Fox News every night.
Your CEO on the Fox News channel trying to explain the situation doesn’t help.


Dick Wallace December 22, 2014 at 3:56 pm

FOX or bye bye. You have 24 hours to get fox or bye bye. Got a better offer pending from Charter. Most of your channels are ads. Not the 250 I pay for


cecile boss December 22, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Your not that good. Get fox news back or I am switching. I am sick of blocking channels we pay you enough


Maureen December 22, 2014 at 3:12 pm

DISH, You sure do like getting my payment every month don’t you. Well, keep dropping the channels and I will have to drop you. Been a loyal customer for over 15 years. I guess that means nothing to you does it.

Just not enough money in your fat paychecks huh. Greed gets you nowhere


Celia Chavez December 22, 2014 at 1:29 pm

You are going from bad to worse, sometimes there’s just not good programs on your TV stations, maybe you don’t want to pay for the good shows? And now dropped Fox News, I hope we’ll see a discount on my next bill, the area where we live force us to have some kind of retransmission and IT IS expensive! Have had Dish for years, sadly every time more dissatisfied.


J Naylor December 22, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Gone in 72 hrs if all FOX channels are not restored.


Mark December 29, 2014 at 11:25 am

I agree just shared my experience
I believe we all should call and cancel
The same time.
Anyone got an ideas how to organize this?
Some here are saying direct tv is better.
They are eating out of the same dish.. Get it
It s just paper work.
Same corp. owners.
Maybe if some of you are owners of stock in dish / direct you all should sell !! TODAY”!!


Paul December 22, 2014 at 11:56 am

We dropped cable TV twenty plus years ago and signed on with Dish Sat. Network and have never used another Sat. company. We are extremely disappointed that your company has dropped the Fox News channel. It’s the one program that is watched by our family on a daily bases.
We pay a sizable fee for several Sat. systems, a Tailgater and special programing. If Dish doesn’t get things fixed with the Fox News very soon WE WILL cancel our services.
I sincerely hope this isn’t motivated by liberal left wing politics.


Don December 22, 2014 at 11:20 am

I am along time loyal customer and it’s simple, No Fox News, No money from me!
I will cancel my service and switch to Directv or Cox. Dish did this same act with Fox News back in 1997 or 1998. Dish does not want to pay Fox News the subscription rate they have earned! I just spoke with a Dish Account Specialist and she offered me a $5 a month credit on my account. What a slap in the face!


JOHN HILTON December 22, 2014 at 9:23 am

YOU can find room for ALJAZARA or what ever AL GORE’s other rip off, and MSNBC and all the other liberal rags that pass for news..
GET FOX BACK ON or I’M O U T after many years of paying you too much any way.
Now I understand why you corporation is rated one of the worst by business leaders !!!
VERY UN-HAPPY (soon to be ” former”) CUSTOMER.


Neil Riddle December 22, 2014 at 8:09 am

I turned on my regular morning news show this Monday morning and had quite a surprise. Not one I liked at all. I’ve been with Dish for 10 plus years and I will drop you in a second if you don’t get FOX news back on the air. I’ve read around on the internet and it sounds to me like you are using some rather crude extortion tactics on FOX. The relationship has been good for both of you and the customer. I don’t want to leave DISH and I WON’T leave FOX so hope you get this resolved like today!!!!


lazlo December 22, 2014 at 12:10 am

My suggestion: Bundle all the Fox properties into a package and have you folks that watch that swill pay for it instead of the rest that dont watch any of it but have been subsidizing your viewing habits. This should give us none viewers a discount in the bill.
If you really want it so bad then you should pay for it.


Teresa Smith December 21, 2014 at 9:10 pm

What in the world is going on with you Dish Network? I have talked to so many people about how much I love Dish and how great they are and all the great programming they offered, I could go on and on. There is so much more I could say, however, at this point I feel like I have run into a brick wall. This morning I tuned into Fox News and it had been taken off completely! Why? What are you thinking? What is your point, what is the reasoning for such a seemingly quick decision. I don’t understand, what is wrong with you corporate? This is so sad that such a good thing has gone bad overnight, I am exstreamly saddened, disappointed and frustrated. And hurt to the point that now I am considering leaving Dish. Never in a thousand years would I ever think it would come to this. All I can do now is plead with you to reconsider bringing Fox News back on Dish Network, please. Looking forward to hearing from you really soon! Teresa


Jackie Knox December 21, 2014 at 11:27 am

Went on Facebook today boy there is a lot of unhappy Dish customers. I have been with you for years. I started watching Fox and Friends from their very first day and have not missed hardly any sense then. Why in the world would you drop them. ????? I’m hoping to stay with you guys but need my news fix.
Hope you read this post but most likely not.


Richard December 21, 2014 at 10:59 am

better get Fox back fast or i will be gone.


BARBARA ELJIZI December 21, 2014 at 10:17 am

WHY in the hell did dish drop fox news…..most of the dammmmm channels are shopping channels…now they drop dish…I pay GOOD MONEY to dish…..You, Mr. Clayton will be getting a registered letter from me…….Did Obama do this????


Wayne December 21, 2014 at 10:14 am

Have been a customer for many years with few complaints to speak. Programming Packageing is my biggest disappointment since I have my favorite programs which always seems to require me to move up in Package. Good marketing but with the removal of FOX programming completely, you have created a “no win” situation. I assume it is money vs political but regardless, I will go where I can watch FOX. So, Dish Programming best devise a way that customers like myself can get the viewing they demand. Most of the channels in a package have never seen my viewing address on the ratings scale. Fix the issue !!!!!


Ben December 21, 2014 at 9:35 am

just one thing: I don’t give a rat’s ass what it takes, but you better patch things up with Fox and get them back on air or you are going to lose another customer and I mean quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


george zink December 21, 2014 at 9:13 am

having been a customer of dish threw several years, I want you to know this morning as I turned on my tv. the only news channel that I watch . ( fox news) was no more. so after going threw a person in chinia, I have desided to shutoff my dish service . as of December 24, I will no longer buy your services. at dollars per month. your service is NOT WORT IT , SO THANK YOU DISH NEWWORK FOR BOWING DOWN TO KING OBAMA. your bussness is going down hill from now on. I only PRAY that more patriots will SHUTOFF DISH . and as a side note. being a combat wounded viet nam vet. the red communist of china armed our enemys. why are dish even in communist china. if I had known that the communist where reading my personnel info. you dish network would not have gotten 1 cent of my money


m December 23, 2014 at 1:15 am

You know, you really sound like a fearful little putz. I suspect you’re Christian, but I would say ‘oh what little faith you must have in God if you’re that scared and freaked out.’


kaleto December 28, 2014 at 1:12 pm

Well, I suspect you’re an idiot, because you are. Libtards like you are the reason this country has been weakened so much over the last 6 years. I’m sure if it were up to you, the only “news” we’d be allowed to watch would come from Stewart and Colbert.


Abhijit Maity December 20, 2014 at 5:34 am

I just visit your site and I asked for mobile no. I put my mobile number after that I get a call back from your side. Then I just told him I want to take a connection he told the price and offer.
Than I am tell that I will take your connection later on Feb 15 Then your agent said that why are you waste my time and why are you know all things & also said that why are you surfing our website . Is that services you are giving to the new customer . as I mindset that I will not go for your service and I will also put the case to social site that if anyone interest to take the connection and know something from seals agent then they replied “DON’T WASTE OUR TIME” .

Call received Number-+919212129928
Call time-03:32PM
Call Date-20/12/2014


Jan December 18, 2014 at 2:23 pm

I have had numerous issues with Dish in the past years and have gone on to a cable
network. Now I am seeing Dish wants to control our news, i.e. Fox News. and use it as a bargaining chip. There are other tv and internet networks that we can use. Get back to selling your product and stay out of the political arena. You will definitely lose subscribers. I for one will not go back.


Ben Murdick December 15, 2014 at 2:34 pm

We have been set up on auto pay for over 5 years with dish network watching our bill go up. We to bought into the internet scam on a 2 year contract. I have heard 3 different stories on that one and needless to say very little results. But the customer service we have received this time has been all lies too. We have as l said paid auto pay since we started with dish. The payment has come out on the 21st of the month for over five years. Except this month they took it on the 4th of December, posting to my account the 5th, I called the morning of the 6th and was told “oh big mistake your money will revert back to your account in 72 hours” big lie. I called just over 72hrs then I was told it will be there within the week another big lie. Now 10 days later I was denied my refund “SAY WHAT” in no way was I ever told that there was any possibility I would not receive any of it back. They passed me on to the specialist who told me that’s the way it always works.The bill regenerates on the 1st, so what if you have set up payment for the 21st if they get your money early they do not have to make it right with us the customer. What happened to honest customer service their employee’s just tell you what they want and it doesn’t matter if it is anything close to the truth or not. It does matter that they screwed up my bank account. As long as they got there money. They do not care if they took my electric money or food money so what we just get to figure it out. The lies I have heard from dish has me to this point maybe a lot of their customers should be looking at a class action lawsuit and get back some of our money. I am sure so many have been taken for it is not just me that is being lied to and robbed. I am now actively seeking a new cable and internet provider. Hope I can find a lot better deal and not ever have to be scammed into programing that starts out a lie, like my internet program.


Beth December 12, 2014 at 10:17 am

Re:DishNet “High Speed” Internet Service

I have been a Dish customer for well over twelve years now. I haven’t had anything but positive experience regarding our Dish Satellite T.V. service. I heard about Dish’s internet service, and thought well It probably will be just as decent to, and also will save me some money. So, I recently signed on a two year contract for Dishes high speed internet service in late August of this year(2014.) Since then, I feel that I have been bamboozled by Dish. The advertisement and all that it claims doesn’t hold true. I start having fast speed for maybe a day or two, and then I have slow speed, after a certain period of time. I get an email saying you have used 70% of your data, and the day of the next cycle period just started. I was told it’s because of other devices using the WiFi. When I talked to a Dish Representative, they made no mention of this. Had I known this I wouldn’t have signed onto this contract. I get better reception with my mobil phone service, and sadly my local telephone companies internet service that I formerly used prior to DishNet. It has been a pain in the butt, so much so that I’m considering hiring a lawyer to look into my situation.
It’s a SCAM! Don’t recommend it to anyone! Spreading the word where and how ever I can!
Disappointed customer


Tracie Stiles December 11, 2014 at 10:53 am

I have been a dish customer for many years.
I moved and was told because i was transferring the move of services would be free.
I had a 3rd party contract show up in a beat up truck,ratty jeans.
I called dish they stated this was a 3rd party contractor.
an hr.after the tech was here he stated he cannot put my cable up because 1 of the remotes are missing.he stated 1st he wants 30.00 cash,when i told him why couldn’t he put it on my bill,he stated he wasn’t allowed to do that.i told him i had no cash,but could write him a check,now the price goes up to 40.00.the 1st bill i get had over 80.00 of charges.a power surge protector 30.00,a dish cleaner 17.00,and a remote 40.00,i didn’t order this stuff,my husband said he found it underneath our couch 2 wks said they took off the charges and would do an investigation,its been 3 months they stated since its been 3 months they would also take the past balance 177.00 off my been 4 months-i write down names,times,dates,id numbers of people i talk too but they type in what they want.


sharon lopez December 3, 2014 at 8:02 pm

I have been recieving harassing phone calls ever since i stop services with them. i stop services and did not get the bill yet and i am getting phone calls saying i am pass due. but i did not get the yet..i finally recieved the bill and i call to find out it was not the final bill they tack on another amount..i am. still getting harassing call and not yet recieve the FINAL BILL. .ATTORNEY HETE I COME


dwight December 3, 2014 at 1:18 pm

after making multiple calls to the service center for repair on my service {ihave paid 7 dollars a month for seven years for a servive and upgrade package that was never used) i got virturely no coroporation out of these people. i had been without service for 7days and they didnt care. after the last call that I made to these people Itold them that if they didnt correct this problem today that I would. they said they would call me back in two hours or less to take care of this problem. no calls problem not corrected. now i am with direct tv who had a new install the next day. sorry dish you guys are totally iresponsible and dont care about your customers. Iwill be calling your corporate office for arebate of the seven years I paid for a servive contract that I couldnt even use. plus a rebate on my last bill. sorry dish your the loser here. you will lose more buisness because of the way I was treated.


Jamie December 2, 2014 at 9:24 pm

I was stunned today by the lack of real business knowledge and customer service Dish employees have. 3 days ago I spent about 45 minutes on the phone going thru step after step to try to get my receiver to provide the On Demand service THAT HASN’T BEEN WORKING FOR 2-3 MONTHS! At the end of the conversation I was told that my equipment seemed to be defective and a service tech would be out to see me on Tuesday 12/2/14 between 12-5. Of course I sat here all day and no one came. I called at 5:30 only to be told that no one scheduled a technician.

So I get sent to another Broadband employee who wants to walk me thru the exact same steps I’d done several times before. Mainly because the gentleman who helped me didn’t make notes on my file. So I wasted more time on the phone only to be told that in this situation they would need to simply send me a new receiver and I could hook it up. I’m OK with that and I agree to that plan of attack.

Here’s the kicker. I ask him who I could contact once I get my receiver working again about how Dish can compensate me for being unable to use the features of my TV for the past 3 months. And he tells me that I don’t pay for On Demand so there is no compensation. I try to explain to him that when a feature is part of an overall package of services that I purchase, then I am indeed paying for it somewhere and am entitled to all of the services that I was promised when I contracted with Dish. He continued to tell me over and over that I will receive no compensation because it’s not a service I pay for. I try my hardest to explain the simple business principle that having signed a contract with Dish that included On Demand means that it is indeed part of what they owe me and part of the reason I chose Dish over Comcast.

So I ask him who I would contact to discuss the issue further and he tells me he’s the ONLY person I would ever be able to speak to because he handles billing. Once again I try to explain. I tell him that unless he is the president, vice president, CEO or some other grand title at Dish, then there is indeed someone else I can speak to.

I finally felt so sorry for the little idiot that I had to let him off the hook. I understand that these people are simply looking up info on a computer and parroting back what the computer says, but obviously DISH places no importance on customer service and retaining the business they do have. So I’m excited to share just ho horrible this company really is

And I’ll be waiting for someone to contact me concerning compensation on my account for being unable to use On Demand for 3 months!


Kevin December 2, 2014 at 2:10 pm

So you people in the dish network customer service department, pissed me off so badly, that after seventeen, count’em SEVENTEEN years with one account and the last ten with a second account, I quit you! There’s no going back! I have contacted your rude, non English speaking employees four times now to get you to remove me from your damn mailing list! I still get THREE invites to come back every other week. On the odd week I get two. REALLY!? Ten whiny requests PER MONTH! LEAVE me the HELL alone DISH!!!!!


Brandon Redding November 27, 2014 at 9:29 pm

So where to start… Let’s start right at day one… The installation. So since I wasnt home the guy came up with some big story about how he couldn’t run the chord under the house because we don’t have anything set up for that to happen… When I have had cable in that room before… So he never went under the house. Instead he decided he was smart and drilled a hole through our brick and then drilled holes in our walls to run the chord. Not to mention he set up our dish in the worse possible spot so now our satellite barely works… Thank you dish! So I called and talked to someone in customer service because I was mad and asked if I could cancel my service with them to offset costs that I’m going to have to spend fixing this… She was VERY rude and told me no… Not what I want to hear. So that is problem number one… Next would be how many freaking times do they have to change the price on us? I feel like it goes up every week and then I have to call and ask why and they tell me about some hidden fee or upcharge… And for what? The very limited channels I have? Seriously?!?! So since I have called and complained about that so many times and been treated TERRIBLY and lied to EVERY time they said they would give me a permanent $10 credit to last the rest of my contract… Oh wait… Guess what happened… That went away away too! Surprise surprise! And then they constantly change what channels you have… Which is terrible. Especially when you have a kid and they get attached to shows only to have they taken away… Thank you dish for being my child’s bully and taking away things she loves! I will honestly say this has been by far the worse customer service and experience with any company I have ever had! And I know they say “I can’t talk to any supervisors” or anything whenever I call… Which I know is lie as I stated earlier. I just know for me personally I will never use dish again and never recommend them and can’t wait for my time with them to come to an end.


Jocelyn S. November 27, 2014 at 12:26 am

Why I signed up for dish two days ago, I was lied too. Today I attempted to order a bundle and ppv was told by the chat rep to call the specialist as they could fix it. Talked to her and she was a very unkind woman who didn’t speak enflish, she then transferred me to another unkind non English speaking woman who didn’t know anything either. Then I was transferred to the “Office Of the President” where I talked to the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever talked to. She was outright a b and she needs to work in fast food, not with the public. She hung up on me cause she is nasty before I got her name. This needs to be fixed, and fixed IMMEDIATELY!!! Figure it out DISH!!