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Denny's Corporation
203 E Main St
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29319

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Phone Number: (864) 597-8000
Fax Number: (864) 597-7708
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Denny's Facts

Founder: Richard Jezak & Harold Butler
Date Founded: 1953
Founding Location: Lakewood, California
Number of Employees: 8250

Denny's Executives

CEO: John C. Miller
CFO: F. Mark Wolfinger
COO: Christopher D. Bode

Denny's History

Denny’s is a full-service fast casual family restaurant chain. The restaurants are known for being open 24 hours where allowed by law and for serving breakfast all day.

Denny’s was founded by Richard Jezak and Harold Butler as Danny’s Donuts in California in 1953.

By 1959 the chain had expanded to 20 restaurants and was rebranded Denny’s to avoid confusion with a similarly named chain, Doughnut Dan’s.

In 1963 Denny’s began franchising and today most Denny’s restaurants are franchises.

Today Denny’s has 1,600 franchised, licensed, and company-owned restaurants across the United States. A further 100 restaurants are located internationally in Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Guam, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile, El Salvador, and New Zealand.

Denny’s is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol DENN, has 8,250 employees, and had $460.02 million in revenue in 2013.


Denny's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Denny's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Denny's is (864) 597-8000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Denny's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Denny's is John C. Miller.

Question 3: Who founded Denny's?
Answer 3: Denny's was founded by Richard Jezak & Harold Butler in 1953.

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joan m medley March 24, 2019 at 11:48 am

the server Annie D
she was great and she had to explain to the customers why they were out of 3 or 4 different items. when we asked her for a sandwich and to leave an item off of it the cook could not figure out how to prepare the sandwich. my food and someone else’s was burned on one side I received the wrong toast all in all this server was great and should get a raise but the cook needs to learn how to cook without burning the food. we will probably not go back to this restaurant again #7359 when I called and talked to the manager she blamed the corporate office for lack of enough food.


larry January 28, 2019 at 1:50 pm

I tried the new gravy and was warned by the waitess that the gravy had changed and that alot of people do not like it. I did not and will not order again. I asked if the cook dumped a large amount of pepper in the gravy and was told that was just the way it comes. I think the change was a big mistake.


Jon Swalby January 20, 2019 at 7:13 pm

Friends, I eat at my local Denny’s (Bataan Memorial West, Las Cruces, NM) at least once weekly. More often than not, I’m there twice weekly.
The service is always good and the food is generally fine. I’ve had a few issues that were always rectified quickly.
One of the meals I order regularly is the biscuits and gravy. I like it and it generally is just enough to fill me. Lately, however, you have switched to a “new” white gravy. The new gravy is unacceptable at best. I’ve tried it four times now. On one occasion, it was good. The color was white and the taste was OK. But the other times, something was wrong with it. The color was brownish, as if slightly scorched. The flavor was so salty as to make it inedible. The consistency was grainy. I gave the item my last try today. Again, it was unacceptable. My server tells me that I’m not the only one who has found this new item to be a giant step downward. She also tells me that her manager has addressed this problem to corporate. Hopefully, you’ll take action soon.
I’ve worked in the food and beverage industry business for 35 years. I’ve seen “new” products come and go for various reasons. Usually, the reason is the cost of the item. We’re alway looking for ways to keep our COGS low. But there comes a time when we make a wrong decision and have to switch back just to maintain our roster of return/regular customers. I’m afraid you’re at this point with the new gravy. It’s time to switch back to a predictable, OK tasting product.
Jon Swalby


sylvia January 14, 2019 at 8:49 pm

This was my second visit to this restaurant within a six month time. The first time I found tables that had dirty plates which had not been removed. More than two thirds of the tables were dirty and lined with dirty dishes and had not been cleared. The first time I visited your establishment I asked the hostess why it was so unkempt and she informed me this was a one time deal and they were under staffed. It took forever for my meal to be served.
Five month later I figured I would give this another try. It was worse then the fist time. It took the hostess 10 minutes to seat me. Mostly all the table which were not occupied were littered with dirty dishes. The waitress took fifteen minutes just to take my order. The people across from me were complaining they had been waiting for a very long time for their food.
In a nut shell I got up and left. Terrible and deplorable conditions. I was seated by the restroom and heard people coming out saying how disgusting the restroom was.
I will never come to your establishment again. I will also tell people how unpleasant this experience was.


Rita Russ December 11, 2018 at 10:56 pm

Ordered on line for delivery. They accepted my credit card and said the order would be delivered by Grub Hub in approx. 33 minutes. At 1/2 hour after delivery time I get an email saying my ordered was cancelled. No explanation. Told to call the restaurant for further information. I called, and called and called. No one answers. couple of time sounded like someone picked up the phone and promptly replaced it on the receiver. I called another Dennys close by me (Redwood City) to see if they had a different number for San Mateo Dennys. Again no answer. Called many times. No answer. This Dennys is on Norfolk in San Mateo. They probably will already have used my credit card so now I will have to hassle with the card company to get the charge taken off. I have never seen such service in my life. I will never order from Dennys again. No wonder they get such rotten reviews, You should know about this.


daryltrastrer October 4, 2018 at 6:30 pm

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roger deaton September 29, 2018 at 11:07 am



roger deaton September 29, 2018 at 11:12 am



Vince Chiappino July 22, 2018 at 7:44 pm

This morning about 4:30 am I waited for a a wait staff to give me a menu an ask what I would like to have , it never happened , an the one gentlemen if you would call him that proceeded to get rude with us because he didn’t want to do his job so we got up an left an his smart ass attitude an went to ihop here in Lubbock Tx we did do lot of business the at the slide rd location but will no longer because of management didn’t care how he acted.


ROGER A GREEN July 18, 2018 at 6:28 am

Dear Sir, My friend and I have visited the Altamonte Springs, Florida location for two of the last three Sundays for breakfast, and on each occasion the food has been delivered to the table barely warm….The restaurant was not that busy and there appeared to be plenty of staff working….The most likely cause for this happening is that the food is being left sitting too long before being brought to the table or maybe it is being served up on cold plates….Whatever the reason I would appreciate you taking a look into it and solving the problem as I am sure we were not the only ones it was happening to….I owned Breakfast and Lunch restaurants for around 30 years before I retired and I know all the problems you face especially with getting the right staff, and I appreciate the difficulty of the situation on any given day….Our waitress was clean and polite and we did not have any complaint about her…..Yes, we could have told her and sent the food back but I have heard too many horror stories of what happens to the next lot of food that comes out, plus we wish to eat at this location on a regular basis.
May I suggest that maybe the manager or someone in authority takes a look at this situation and resolve it….Or if you doubt what I am saying maybe send in someone that the staff does not know to check out what I am saying….Let them order breakfast and see if they are satisfied with how it is delivered to the table…I really hope that this can be resolved so that we can continue eating at Dennys.
Roger Green


wveopaseuth June 12, 2018 at 10:00 pm

I wanted to let you know I was very disappointed with the way the manager treated me at the dennys on Eureka Rd Taylor MI . I will never go back again she was very very rude. Highly disappointed as this was the first time I was treated like this at a dennys restaurant .


Sharon Smith February 21, 2018 at 9:40 pm

I have no complaint about Denny’s food or service. Everyone from the servers to the cooks and especially the managers are very pleasant. We take a group from our church every Wednesday and Sunday after church. We rarely miss. Some of us even go other days. I have a request though………Please put paper towels in the bathrooms. I hate those blowers. If not? Will we quit going?
Absolutely NOT. We enjoy it too much. Just a request, NOT a demand. God Bless You and Yours!

Sharon Smith, Pastor’s wife of The Church of God, Selma, California


Jesus Ayala November 12, 2017 at 8:46 pm

Good afternoon. My name is jesse ayala and as a LCcpl with not much income all is either budgeted or what not.anyways i took it upon myself to go to the nearest denny’s here on garey ave pomona calif. Upon ordering i noticed that dennys already celebrated on friday!! 11-10-11.!!
veterans day is 11-11-11 .so in order not to get any more embarrased i went ahead and paid . Im not upset i just wish this world of ours would make up their minds .and not use us veterans as a marketing tool . I saw many seniors with families walk in sit down and find out that it was observed the day before!! Denny along with other venues decided to not only manage to embarrase us and our families. You got us all to pack in our families .wives and the sisters to . We were trying to figure out why would a day like veterans day be attached to rules and exceptions. When i hit that dirt there was no time to discuss that..WE WERE GIVEN 11-11-11. FOR A REASON! SHAME ON ALL VENUES LIKE THIS . WHO WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF ALL MILITARY HOLIDAYS..


Gary Deckard November 11, 2017 at 11:58 am

I am very disappointed with the Denneys corportation. I am a veteran and kept seeing the advertisement for a grand slam breakfast for veterans. To me VETERANS DAY is NOVEMBER 11. I went to my local denneys and they told me that they did the special for veteran on NOVEMBER 10 just because the government took the day off so they could have a 3 day weekend. The action of Denneys Corporation is a slap in the face of all veterans who did not have the day off and were unable to partake in said promotion. I spent 3 tours of duty in Vietnam from 1965 through 1968. This is not the way to treat veterans who fought for your freedom. This is the second time that have been very disappointed with the service and attitude of employees of my local Denneys. I will never go to another Denneys especially my local one. The address of my local Denneys is 2801 W. Kennewick Ave Kennewick Washington 99336. My phone # is 509 396 XXXXX. My Address Kennewick Washington 99336


Regenia Newton November 6, 2017 at 8:26 pm

To all the above complaints, go to the Better Business Bureau website and FLOOD them with your details! Until someone tarnishes their ratings nothing happens because most are franchises. See my complaint & they have yet to answer…sad we keep you corporate folks making a profit and I will not darken any of your doorsteps ever again anywhere!
BBB CASE#: 90198582

*** If you have information you would like to provide regarding this complaint or need to upload a doXXXXent, click here. ***
Complaint filed by:
Consumer Info

Regenia Newton

321 961-XXXXX

Orlando, FL

321 961-XXXXX

321 961-XXXXX



Complaint filed against:
Business Info




2684 Lee Road
Winter Park, FL 32789

407 622-1545



Complaint status:

11/06/2017 No Response received from Business on 2nd Notice
10/24/2017 Phone Call or Time Extension Called and phone rang and rang, no voicemail . Mailed FINAL letter to business.
10/23/2017 No Response received from Business on 2nd Notice
10/11/2017 Reminder of Dispute to Business
10/11/2017 Consumer – Have You Heard From the Company
10/11/2017 No response to first notice to business
09/26/2017 Notify Business of Dispute
09/25/2017 Send Acknowledgement to Consumer
09/25/2017 Case Reviewed by BBB

Nature of complaint:

I placed an online order on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 12:13 p.m. & the email received said the order would be ready at 12:33p.m. I got to the restaurant, 2684 Lee Road Winter Park Florida 32789 at approximately 12:30 p.m. as the email instructed that the order would be ready at approximately 12:33 p.m. When I went inside the restaurant the waitress didn’t even see the order on the screen. When she swiped her card, that’s when she saw my order. She went to the back after seeing it. She never spoke of it not being ready, which would have given me the opportunity to decide if I wanted to wait or call and request a refund. Since I was not told any different, one can only assume that the order was placed. At 12:44 p.m., my food still was not ready and no one told me that the online order had not been received until I questioned how long it would be…the waitress said literally when i walked into the establishment was when the order was received; this information was divulged until about approximately 15 minutes later.

No one gave me the option of getting something else that was easily and readily available so I would not have to wait as long. After about 30 minutes, I observed two waitresses, a total of maybe 8 customers on both sides of the restaurant continuing to be seated and orders taken as I sat with time ticking! The staff was very rude to the customers and I observed one of the waitresses yelling at an elderly couple that was trying to get a seat in the area that she proceeded to block off with a wet cone sign eventhough they stood there in front of her. and then she proceeded to tell them that there was only two people working and they needed to go to the other side. Now mind you in her area she only had maybe about four customers two of which had already left and i know this because I watched them leave after they paid. In the course of waiting for my food, that should have been ready at 12:33 p.m. from an order that was placed 20 minutes prior on the online system, which apparently does not work especially if no one is watching the machines that will tell them when an order has been placed. I saw the manager come out about 45 minutes into me waiting as he was going to the bathroom, and he proceeded to ask me if I had been help and when I was trying to tell him that I have been sitting there since 12:33 and my online order was not completed and it is now 12:45 p.m. and the waitress distinctly said oh we have Angie in the back and she’s preparing the order now. After about another 10 minutes I’m waiting further, I was told that there was no apple crisp because I had ordered a hamburger an apple crisp at no time was I offered another dessert in its place. At 1 p.m. is when I received my order! This is ridiculous! The only thing I received was the burger and the vegetables with the dipping sauce! The manager, I did not get his name, is the one that bought me the food in the bag with no other condiments ie eating utensils, napkins. I even had to ask for a copy of whatever receipt they had of my order which he went to the back to get, which looks to be a print out from their order taking machine. It distinctly said the order was placed at 12:13 p.m. and estimated time 12:33 p.m. when I asked the manager about the fact that there was no apple crisps and could he give me back the credit of the amount I paid for the desert to my card, all he said several times was to call customer and when I asked him what he meant by customer, after saying it again, I realized he must be speaking of customer service! Its vert sad franchise managers can’t properly communicate with the customers. because when I said, do you mean customer service, he said yes call her and she will have to credit you back for the apple crisp. At not one time did he offer to replace the desert that I ordered with any other item that he had in the facility. Now I go to this restaurant several times within a month with family on weekends because we’re over in that area and I’ve never experienced this type of service before and because of their attitude and their unprofessionalism I will not patronize that particular restaurant again. Now we like Denny’s and I will continue to go to Denny’s, but not this one on 2684 Lee Road Winter Park Florida 32789.

Resolution: I expect for your company to refund me back my $3.49 plus tax for the apple crisps that I did not receive and if it was a good customer service gesture you will probably also refund me back the price that I paid for the burger itself as it was cold by the time I got back to the office which is why it was preordered to prevent this! AND I WILL DISCUSS HOW BEING LATE MESSED UP THE REST OF THE EVENING! HAD my order been ready when it was suppose to be, because that’s the reason I ordered it online to prevent me from being late coming back from lunch and the food wouldn’t have been cold and I would have been able to enjoy it!

I work in a professional environment that deals with customers on a daily basis, and we have always been trained to give the customers options or information when we are not able to assist them with what they needed. The same courtesy that I give my customers when they come to inquire about a hearing, I expect from other places that are supposed to act professionally in handling the public.

And because your company does not provide a direct email address on your website, I will be tweeting the above on your Twitter page to the attention of your chief executive officer, John Miller. I will also be sending this to the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against your company.

I expect the refund of the apple crisp dessert in a timely manner once this email is received. At this point it’s the principle of the matter because the whole situation could have been handled differently had the staff initially told me that the order was not ready because there was something wrong with the system and they didn’t get notification until they looked on the screen; therefore I would have been able to determine if I was going to wait for the order to be prepared or if I was going to leave and call you to get a refund to my credit card which I expect you to do at least for the apple crisp dessert.

Regenia Newton
Wed, 9:38 PM
Hi regenia! Welcome to Denny’s! Let us feed you.
Wed, 9:38 PM
See the above complaint & please direct to your CEO/DIRECTOR John Miller, I’m sure he’d like to know franchisees are dealing with customers under his company’s name.
Wed, 9:39 PM
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09/21/2017 Case Received by BBB

Case Description: Nature of complaint:

I placed an online order on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 12:13 p.m. & the email… (More)
BBB Designated Category: Refund or Exchange Issues
Case opened date: 09/22/2017
Case closed date:
Desired Resolution: Resolution: I expect for your company to refund me back my $3.49 plus tax for the apple crisps that… (More)

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Rficzere October 30, 2017 at 11:41 am

Visited Denny’s in Vallejo California,vehicle broken into and robbed in parking lot. Suitcase stolen,staff states happens daily. Broken glass everywhere in parking lot. No help from management. Stay away!


Your conscious if you have one September 9, 2017 at 9:19 am

I Walked into Denny’s approx 6:40 to have breakfast … and there was a young lady fidgeting with something behind the counter..I said good morning BC she never great or addressed me as one would expect a hostess or server does upon entering an establishment…when it appeared as if she was completing her task behind the counter I asked if she was ready to take my order and she said no somebody else would be with me soon then she proceeded rush to the back of the restaurant …so I grabbed a menu and sat myself in a booth near the front of the establishment … I waited approx 5 minutes or so and nobody came out to great me … meanwhile another customer walked someone immediately sprang from the back and came up front to great him and sat him in the back of the restaurant…. While I’m still waiting to be served more then 5 minutes later I sat in shook as I watched him being served immediately with beverages and a menu while his order was being taken… approx 2 minutes later an older lady walked in and ince again another service ran from the back of the restaurant to meet and great this older lady… at which I interrupted her attempt to service this older lady and I requested the manager…he casualky strolled out front the back of the restaurant himself within 2 to 3 minutes of my request as if I were inconveniencing him and I proceeded to explain to him what transpired in his establishment and his only response was he was a forced nonchalant apology and would I like to place an order ??!! And I responded by saying absolutely not amd as a matter of fact I will I never eat at Denny’s again after everything I witnessed!!!! and requested his name and the name of the lady that originally told me I would receive service upon my arrival… I asked for the information corporates information so this lack of good business practice and etiquette can be addressed… I was also floored when realized this lady that promised me service was only concerned with her shift ending so she was not the least bit concerned about me eating or receiving any manner of proper service when I walk into your establishment like countless other consumers ( African Americans, Mexican Americans. Chinese Americans, White Americans, Native Americans , Arab Americans, Christian, Muslim., Jewish, etc…) all help to keep your doors open nationwide …


Carol July 13, 2017 at 3:23 am

My comment to Dennys in Eureka Calif is that I expirence bad hospitality a waitress was being very harsh with me and verbal inexcusabable behavior as a on going customer I rescently in June 2017 expirenced bad behaviour from them so I complained to the day shift manager and now they said waitresses and manager said I couldn’t go in there restaurant no more to eat or otherwise use there restaurant at all because a waitress got caught for bad behavior this is inexcusable for me on there part cause for one I’m disabled and physically impaired and I don’t need that I want to file a complaint and I want to be compensated. The Dennys I’m talking about is on 5th st Eureka Calif


melissa gutierrez July 2, 2017 at 5:09 pm

I went in today with my brother hoping to have a good day. We order appetizers, they take a little while to come out. We started with onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and chicken strips. i take a bite into the chicken strip I’m eating it something is off i look at the chicken and it is completely raw not even cooked. The manager on duty came to apologize remade it. Our food comes out and my french toast are completely burnt. Who it seems like the GM stops by to drop off the apps again i let her know about the french toast. I’m already having a bad experience don’t want the french toast i would just like it off the check she’s says thats completely fine, and she will still like to being me out new toast. New toast get dropped off GM says she will stop by to see how everything is. I take a bite into the new french toast and its way under cooked. At this point i am not even hungry anymore. 10-15 min pass by managers nor the server stop by. finally i can get the server to get our check. after all this bad stuff not even eating any of my food i only get 5 dollars off. honestly worst costumer service i have ever received! i didnt go in with the intention to get any free food but the fact that my food came out raw not once but twice, and also burnt and all i get from the manager is 5 dollars off. all i wanted was an apology from them and my food to come out correctly which it didnt.
store#: 6606
servers name: Ana m
day and time: 7/2/17 1:01


Carlos January 14, 2017 at 6:20 am

I already complaint with the restaurant with help everywhere with everyone nobody seems to kare I just want to let u know that in Temple city California is a Dennys. 5603 Rosemead something is going on I been there like for 4 or 5 times at night 12am 1 or1.30 am Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sunday don’t metter the day I always caught this so call manager Rosalie making out with this guy I Don’t know if he is an employee customer is he is a busboy or a cook but this restaurant have a curtain doors so when I open this doors cause it was alot of noise I just can’t believe it they’ve sex they’re butt naked both of them yes the manager Rosalie and the cook or busboy costumer it doesn’t metter they didn’t kare they keep having sex inside the restaurant I when there again just to check if they keep working there and yes nothing happened to them they keep enjoying work and pressures what I know is that they brought her from another store for the same reason she was having sex in the walking with a cook


JUDY BROWN July 5, 2016 at 8:36 am


Sorry, I did not save receipts because I did not think I needed them. One month ago I ordered a super bird sandwich. The ham is usually piled up on sand wich but when I got my order, it had one very thin slice on ham.

IN A couple of weeks, I went in for breakfast and the waitress served me the wrong meal twice, and arguing to me that is what I ordered.

July 3, 2016, I thought I would give it a try one more time. I ordered one of the hot skillets and the food on there was only about 2/3rds the amount they usually serve. After that meal, I ordered a Sundae, (vanilla ice cream w/ caramel / roasted pecans. First the waitress came back and said they were out of roasted pecans, so I said just add the chopped nuts, them she came back and said they were out of vanilla ice cream, I gave up, but I will not go to this Denny’s again. IT NEEDS A NEW MANAGER


Earl Mayhew July 24, 2015 at 5:38 pm

today 7/24/15 we ate at Dennys’ in Chesterfield Indiana and once again were extremely dissatisfied both with the service and the quality of food. There was only 6 other customers there and all but one booth was clean and that was way down in the corner which for a person carrying and oxygen tank was very inconvenient. I ordered fish and chips which for the quality was terribly overpriced and came without tartar sauce and when I asked a waitress passing by if she would please get me some tartar sauce she snottily said I am not your waitress but I will yell her as For side dishes who ever heard of not offering coleslaw as a side when serving fish? The service was as bad as the food the fish was tough crusted I also ordered clam chowder and asked for it to come quickly as I was extremely hungry this is the second time I have been extremely dissatisfied. When you first opened both the food and the service was pretty good what happened.


Susan Allen June 1, 2015 at 12:47 am

We have just had an horrific experience at a Dennys in Austinburg Ohio 44010. A vile , hot tempered ,rude ,waitress ( that was not even my waitress) basically threatened us called us a liar and other names of total disrespect just because we asked the cashier for a complaint card to file for we never got to see the manager. Many people had been complaining about the cold air blowing on them it was freezing everyone had to leave their jackets on , it was cold out and my 91 year old Mother had to leave her gloves on. if we had not of already ordered we would have left. Had asked to see the MGR and so did the people behind us, no one took the matter seriously. The people next to us also asked for the MGR and could they MOVE to another area where it might be warmer. We had waited about 20 minutes and the place was not that busy either maybe 8 different tables in the whole place and the manager never came. Then we saw a man leave putting his coat on. About 10 minutes later we decided to move since no one answered us on if they would re-seat us. Then the other 4 behind us moved as well. Pretty soon everyone on that side moved. ( should have told them something but no one seemed to care about service or customers happiness). Then our waitress came back and we told her what happened and why we moved and we said hope she didn`t mind but my elderly Mother could not take all that could air and it was cold outside too. When our waitress came back we asked about the MGR again and she said , “oh he left a few minutes ago” so , we all said , “well didnt you tell him we all wanted to chat with him?” and she replied, ” yes I told him” and everyone said , “well didnt he think it was important enough to come talk with us?” So after that everyone else moved too to find warmer spots . We then got served and we thanked the girl for trying. Everyone thought that this was poor management indeed and two people got up and left which if we had not of gotten our food we would have too. Now the other four people left that were upset it was so cold and they had been ignored too were paying and we could here them asking where the manager was and why he didnt address the problem excuses were made that he left to buy eggs? lol Another time we heard them say he had to go to another restaurant etc? One said they didnt know and didnt even know his last name. We finished our meal and went to pay and were talking with the cashier and asked about the manager and what happened to him and could we fill out a complaint card. Right away this other boisterous waitress came over being very rude and verbal that she was tired of hearing me complain and that the A/C was not on and we dont turn the heat on because of the workers being hot. i said well young lady all of us sitting over there were freezing with cold air blowing on us from the overhead vents and everyone moved. Again she replies before I could even finish that she was not going to listen to me complain and said I was screaming at her…clearly she was the one getting loud and I was not even talking to her. Again I asked the other gal the (cashier) could I have a complaint card to fill out and get the managers name ignoring the loud comments from the the other rude waitress and she started in again basically stating I was a liar and using strong loud tones of authority to telling me off. I asked the other young lady does she always talk to customers like this and the other waitress interrupted me again stating she was going to call the cops and picked up the phone and did. This whole behavior is unexceptable and that rude loud waitress should not be working out front with customers. She needs to be repremanded for her behavior and from one of the other waitresses this is NOT the FIRST time she has accused and tried to intimidate customers.With in minutes the police came and I walked up to them and explained her odd hot tempered behavior and if I would have had a phone I am the one that should of called the police. Horrific behavior from a over bearing rude hot tempered waitress from a TRUSTED family restaurant is un-exceptable . We did not go out to eat to be ignored, treated rudely and then threatened by a woman who was not even our waitress. I have no fault with the other young little gals waiting on us. We do however find fault with the manager that failed to handle things before he left and fault with them having such a rude threatening type of waitress dealing with the public. This was NOT a bar it is a family restaurant and customers have a right to file a complaint anywhere else without being threatened. A huge disapointment for this restaurant called Denny`s which I can assure you we will never subject ourselves to that kind of treatment there ever again as also we heard other customers say before they left that night. Unbelievable that people can act that way and then have the gall to call police and blame it all on the customers because she felt she could get away with it. No one should have to go through that when going out to eat. Outside a young gal was waiting for a ride and asked me what that waitress was yelling at us for and I replied she didnt like me complaining about my 91 yr old Mother being cold and wanting to fill out a complaint card for how unprofessional the whole incidence was. The gal replied that she is always talking that way to customers and said really? then how does she keep her job and she replied she didnt know but she is a rude person. This whole thing is outrageous treatment and the police being called were not only a waste of tax payers money and ridiculous that we had to defend ourselves but they should have been called on her not us the victims. Next time…. any place to eat but there and we are local so they lost our business. Shame on her and that is what I told her for speaking to an elder that way and it was NOT funny nor something to smirk about , she needs reprimanded by corporate. Again we were outrageously treated there.


mister dawson May 3, 2015 at 5:20 pm

Can you believe the manager at the Sunnyvale Denny’s on South Matilda Ave swore at a customer for complaining about their poor service and shorting the customer their change and when you tried to call the manager they hung up on your before you even got to talk to them. Yes when I tried to complained I was told “why should I trust you” and “are you going to XXXXXX about everything.”

Never, Ever again will I go to ANY DENNY’S


Aaron Weaver December 17, 2014 at 5:00 am

My name is Aaron Weaver & I came into a Denny’s restaurant located @ 1110 E. Shaw Ave, Fresno Ca. 93726 on 12/09/2014 (Tuseday Night) @ about 6:00pm & was their till about 8:3 members0pm. I was in a group business meeting in the partyroom located in the back inside the restaurant. I was present in the restaurant among 20 other members when the waitress came into the partyroom & took everyones order except mines & another member before leaving the room. When she came back for second time she brought drinks for 5 individuals at a time until at least 18 out of 20 recieved their beverages. She rutinely returned back & forth at least 4 times. During several of those times I made eye contact with her & she did as well & still past me by like I was never their & never spoke to me to find out if I wanted anything. Next she returned with food trays & begain to serve food to the ones who already receive their beverages (water, soda & coffee etc.) & still left me unserved & by this time I grew extremely irritated. She finally returned for the 5th & final time and came into the room & I was still believing she would reconize that I was not served & I was trying to be patient because I didn’t want to make a scene or believe this was being done on purpose but when your just constantly being passed by over & over again on 5 consecutive times than that’s an obvious & serious problem at least it was for me. If I’m not mistaken she was bringing refills to the guest who were already served & just kept on ignoring me & I understand I was badly treated as a guest & I don’t feel I should have to tolerate this type of treatment without a complaint. I decided to tell one of my business partners what had happened and she brought it to the waitresses attention & the waitress told her she had already ask me & I said that I didnt want anthing in a brush off voicetone. MRS. INGRAM can verify this. I was never asked. When another business partner heard how I felt & he asked her for 2 waters for me & another individual like myself who also wasn’t served & then she finally brought 2 waters for us only… never came back to ask me for anything else. I first complained to the “person in charge” an asian lady who told me she could not do anything about her conduct based on my complaint but she did give me the store manager’s name & phone number. I didn’t get her name. However as I was complaining to the (PIC) about the server’s conduct she came nearby to an area to make it look like she was just working but I was watching her to see if she was trying to overhear what I was saying about her & she begun smiling with a smirk on her face as if she didn’t care or like it was something to laugh about. This was utterly DISRESPECTFUL & UNPROFESSIONAL to say the least. I must say this… I use to worked in the restaurant business & I know from experience the correct professional attitude on how to conduct yourself in a restaurant invironment as an employee & this behavor of hers was absolutely atrocious! I eaten many times @ this particular location & I never been treated like this before. Being ignored than fabricated on & finally laught at… especially when everybody else in that room are eating & drinking except for two people who were never even served a glass of water! REALLY? Either she’s oblivious or it was flat out deliberate… & I’m guessing the second choice. I’m filing a formal written complaint against this waitresses outrageous conduct and this location for allowing such unprofessional treatment to be condoned. I filed a verbal complaint on 12/12/2014 (Friday Morning) about 11:30am & spoke to a representative by the name of “Akelia” so this compliant should already be of file but I haven’t heard anything back from this agency yet so I’m filing a written one. I can be reached @ three different numbers in Fresno Ca. These numbers are (559)243-9908, (559)906-5696 & (559)222-0495 for more information. If I don’t answer please leave a message. One of my witnesses can be reached @ (559)273-4525 which is Mr. & Mrs. Ingram if necessary. I had a business presentation tonight on 12/16/2014 (Tuesday) @ 6:00pm just like last week but when I saw the same waitress their from last week I skipped to go inside the restaurant because I’m not confortable being their after how I was treated. I have no reason to write up a fabricated complaint on this waitress unless it was true and I have nothing against her personally…just her conduct. I would like to at least know that my complaint was reviewed & looked into about last weeks incident. The waitresses name is “KIMBERLY!” thank you! Sincerely Aaron W.


Cheryl & David Hammond August 12, 2014 at 2:36 am

This is not the first time I have written you to complain about the cleanliness of your dinner or your food quality. We live in Mexico, Mo. and we drive through Kingdom City and have eaten at your restaurant there on several occasions. But in the last few years when we have eaten there, it is not clean. Glasses dirty, bathrooms that are worse than outhouses. I know your cooks and waitresses have to wash their hands in these filthy bathrooms. I have complained about the broken holder for the toilet paper in the ladies bathroom many times, but when we returned it was still broken. My husband goes in the men’s room to wash his hands and there is no soap or paper towels and it is filthy. Today was the last straw!! Our food took a long time to fix and the food was cold!! The waitress told us that the owners were coming tomorrow and they were busy cleaning. But the restroom was still filthy!! We were told that if the owners did not show up tomorrow, they would be upset because of all the cleaning they had to do. Maybe you should visit more often or come unannounced. We won’t be back!!


Barbara Hermanek-Peck July 22, 2014 at 5:04 pm

July 18, 2014 my husband and I were stranded in Ogallala, NE after we hit a raccoon on I-80 leaving us without our vehicle and many hours from our destination. Our tow truck driver tried to find us a motel to spend the night in….only no rooms available in the 15 motels located in Ogallala. SO we went to Denny’s with all are luggage, etc. to spend the rest of the night (1:15am-7am). The waitress Jackie and her off duty waitress friends Lacey and Tristana felt extremely sorry for us! Thus “buying us breakfast”…. really? Going out of the way for strangers! After many minutes (on the cell) trying to arrange for a rental car so we could get to our destination—we find that there isn’t any car rental places in Ogallala but we’d have to go 50-60 miles back to acquire a car. SO how do we get from Ogallala to North Platte without transportation….No taxi service either! Well the news spread rather quickly through the restaurant that we were in great peril… then night cook ROB said, ” I’ll take you two there after I get off my shift”….OMG! this guy didn’t even know us but was so trusting in us that he actually would take us to North Platte! 7am and we were off to North Platte only find no cars available…. the Enterprise people then located another car rental place that had one car left–so Rob took us there…. and we were off! Now what I want to say….is this….HOSPITALITY personified!!! the Denny night shift people were absolutely the best….offering to get us a couch to “stretch out on” and offering pillows and blankets… the comment we kept hearing was “you’re in Nebraska and we take car of people”…. and yes, they took very great care of us! after having no vehicle due to the damage done to our car and unable to drive it, etc. to no motel rooms available to no other transportation available this team of people went way beyond their expectations of being JUST waitresses, night shift cooks, etc.!!! KUDO’s to a great Denny’s Restaurant!!! Love you guys….Barbara and Michael Peck


Julie Roby July 17, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Hello! I live near the former Denny’s restaurant in Corte Madera, California. A lot of hearts were broken when it closed suddenly a few months ago. Will you please find someone to reopen it, as Denny’s, for those of us who often enjoyed the food and the casual atmosphere ? It really left a big hole in our county. WE MISS OUR DENNY’S!!!


Julie Roby


John Mead June 26, 2014 at 7:18 pm

By far the most horrible slave driven restaurant I have ever worked at. I worked at Denny’s in venice Florida for 2 years 2012-2014. I was the 6 a.m. breakfast lunch cook I always would have to beg the poor ass managment to take a break because Alva, Pedro and Jack were to XXXXXing lazy and don’t even really know how to a cook a basted egg. Pedro would send me on break at 6:45 in the moring and most of the I would have to cook by myself all day long and have most of the time stay late and clean the line while Pedro and Alva would go to the bank and be gone for hours even at lunch time as I would struggle by myself. as ticket times would be at least 40 min. long servers would even have to come on the line and help cook. Then even though I was the 6 a.m. opener every other friday I would have to come back and work a car show sometimes until 9:p.m. and then be back at 6 a.m. to do it all by myself While the mangment were always walking around or were not even there. The reginal manger John Love really sucks he would hire the most unqualifed Mangament for the job. that do not even really know how to run a restaurant or manage people. John love Made Jack come all the way from Sun City fl. to Venice Fl to be our g.m. for what? 4 months later jack went back to sun city and Pedro became our GM. Pedro has no respect for people (bipolor ass). The whole restaurant was forced to quit exept 4 serves because he would not help and he had no respect for hard working people. Dennys cant keep a good cook to save their lives. As soon as I left everyone else left to. I heard it only went down hill from there. Dennys has the most unqualifed managment I have ever seen no respect and it all starts from the top with that prick John Love. I am a Certified restaurant manager GM for Peachs restaurant and would never treat people like XXXXX as dennys did. I will never go back to a dennys restaurant in my life knowing what I know about this XXXXXty slave driven no management company. So XXXXX off to all of Dennys Corperation. Mostly John Love asshole and bilor asshole Pedro no respect for people. Coming from a real certified restaurant manager.


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