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Cisco Corporate Office Address

Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Dr
San Jose, CA 95134

Contact Cisco

Phone Number: (408) 526-4000
Fax Number: (408) 526-4100
Email: Email Cisco

Cisco Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Cisco Executives

CEO: John T. Chambers
CFO: Frank A. Calderoni
COO: Gary B. Moore

Cisco History

Cisco was founded in 1984 by husband and wife Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner.  The company name comes from the city of San FranCISCO.

The company’s first product was a multiple-protocol router designed by Bosack.  The company’s first CEO was Bill Graves.

The company went public in 1990.  Lerner was fired the same year.  Bosack resigned in protest.

The company acquired several Ethernet switching companies in the early 90s including Grand Junction, Kalpana and Crescendo Communications.

In 2000, Cisco became the most valuable company in the world before the dot com crash.

Today, Cisco is the world’s largest manufacturer of computer networking equipment.

Cisco FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Cisco?
Answer 1: The phone number for Cisco is (408) 526-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Cisco?
Answer 2: The CEO of Cisco is John T. Chambers.

Question 3: Who founded Cisco?
Answer 3: Cisco was founded by in .

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Managing director January 10, 2019 at 6:04 am

I am from GEC Zanzibar Tanzania East Africa..
We are mostly dealing with telecommunication for both voice and data services,and installations.
Will u please let me have RFI about Cisco products i.e routers and switches.
Your reply is vital important


Sandra April 23, 2015 at 3:08 am

Dear CISCO this is in regards to your CISCO linkys router . MY HUSBAND AND I PURCHASED A PLAN WITH YOUR COMPANY THE PRICE WE PAID WAS 4,000 dollars (AMERICAN) for this money CISCO assured us in our contract that CISCO company would ensure a secure safe wifi . WHAT A JOKE THAT COST US TEN TIMESTHE AMOUNT WE PAID YOU .ONE: I worked with one of your techs I have all his info for four hrs as he set up our secure safe wifi router. Two : CISCO sold linkys to a foreign co. Without informing its customers of this all and everything as we continued to work with the CISCO linskys router was up to everyone we were not informed by CISCO that they decided to sell the linkys router and as a result all personal business transactions were continued to be used daily on a router that you stated in a contract would be secure for life. Our lives were and now are a open book and being in business you can not even in your wildest imanagation know the ruin of our lives. I dug deeper to find out our family was not the only one in this scam. Many other AMERICANS HAVE LOST EVERTHING IDENTITY MONEY OUR LIVES . So I contacted the government for one since our information was sold to a foreign company and they were shocked when they saw the contract we had from CISCO and the claims they made for secure safe wifi connection for LIFE THIS WAS NOT MADE KNOWN TO THE COMPANY LINKSYS WAS SOLD TO WE AND THOUSANDS OF AMETICANS HAVE LOST EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF THIS THE LEAST CISCO COULD OF DONE WAS ALERT ITS CUSTOMERS THAT THAT ROUTER WAS BEING SOLD AND OUR PRIVATE INFORMATION OUR LIVES WERE NO LONGER SECURE OR SAFE AND HERE WE ARE BUYING NEW COMPUTERS DOING EVERYTHING U CAN THINK OF TO FIGURE OUT WHY VIRUS AND OUR ILIVES WERE ON THE OPEN MARKET NOT JUST US THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO PAID 4,000 for this service . Where does one start well the federal trade commission was one place that assured us that this would bel looked into by the federal government and action would be taken a major class action against CISCO who should have made sure the contract we purchased with you remained intact . And a letter should have been sent to evey customer who now is without a name . There are no words that can explain what you have done to thousands of Americans .


albert j zubcak February 14, 2015 at 4:16 pm



February 14, 2015

Dear Mr Calderoni,

May I have the courtesy of your reply with respect to my January 6, 2015 letter to you below?



January 6, 2015

Dear Mr Calderoni,

I realize that as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Cisco-Linskys you would not normally become involved in a matter of such a mundane nature as I will narrate below. I come to you since no one else at Cisco-Linskys will take the time. I promise, however that I will be brief!

It has been a horrible several weeks attempting to have my new Cisco-Linskys EA6400 router, (hereinafter referred to as “router”) properly work in conjunction with my Cablevision Optimum Internet service at my home in New Jersey. I initially thought the router was defective and exchanged it at Staples for a new one…….but no, same problem. I had service technicians from Cablevision on 4 different occasions attempt to provide proper wireless internet service for me through the use of the Cisco-Linskys router but to no avail. At my request, the technicians rewired my house with new cable, replaced all splitters and associated equipment as well as the cable modem . They repeatedly told me that the Cisco-Linskys EA6400 router was for some reason incompatible or not able to provide the necessary wireless connectivity . I found that hard to digest but apparently they have experienced this situation with other Cisco-Linskys routers in other homes. Having performd the rewiring, etc,they finally convinced me and upon installing a new router, my wireless internet service became perfect. Yup, I was surely embarrassed but such is life. With the Cisco Linskys router, the wireless service was continually crashing. What a nightmare that was . Its now been 30+ days since they installed the new router and not a single crash or and other wireless problems. I gave Cablevision my sincere apologies for not taking their advise about a new router sooner. It could have saved us a lot of time and effort as well as unnecessary expense.

To add insult to injury was my experience when I called Cisco- Linskys to return the now, very unwelcome in my home, Cisco- Linskys router. The first Cisco Linskys rep I spoke to told me there was no refund available even after I explained my situation. I asked to speak to her supervisor . She was extremely reluctant to connect me with the supervisor but finally she did so. The supervisor after continuously interrupting and attempting to belittle me, happily told me there was no refund available . She just would not let me explain my situation which, to say the least, has made this very frustrating event….even more frustrating. It seemed like her goal was to get me off her phone line as quickly as possible. I told her I was going to bring this matter to your attention (Maybe she didn’t know who you are in the Cisco-Linkskys hierarchy or maybe just didn’t care?) but it didn’t make a difference to her at all. And by the way, it took 27 minutes for that supervisor to come to the phone after I asked the first rep to let me speak to a supervisor. More frustration?—-you bet—UGH!

I am not a techy (Like so many others, I expect the computer system to work perfectly each time I press the on button) so why the Cisco-Linskys router gave us such a problem, I haven’t a clue. Why the new router from Cablevision works perfectly is equally puzzling to me. Forgetting for the moment the arbitrary and less than professional attitudes and treatment I received from Cisco-Linskys personnel, all I was asking for was to be made whole on my purchase price of the Cisco-Linskys EA6400 router—which wouldn’t work. I bought it—I expected it to work—but it didn’t—nothing I did wrong). I would just like to put this matter to rest at this stage and forget about it. I hope you can do that for me by sending me a check for my purchase price of $160.49 for the router which I am returning herewith. A copy of my redacted credit card # Visa credit card statement and purchase invoice from Staples is also enclosed .

Mr Calderoni, thank you for listening to my tale of woe. As a former senior vice president at Vornado Realty Trust (I recently retired), I had from time to time received letters of dissatisfaction from our tenants and clients and although I obviously never liked to receive same, I always appreciated the 3rd party view of my personnel and the services our company provided. So whether or not, you do forward my refund, at least you some have feedback on how some Cisco-Linskys personnel behave when, maybe, no one is around to see—for what that’s worth.

I hope you understand my frustration and disappointment and rule in my favor on this one and I truly appreciate your taking the time to listen.

Thanks, Have a great 2015!

Very truly yours,

Albert J Zubcak


Ricardo Zamora November 20, 2013 at 10:34 am

Troubles abouit my Smart Care, no part available and CISCO MEXICO does not respond my inquiery,

Cisco Personel Involve : ,

I have a core 6500 burned and my warranty include 27X7X4 an we have 7 days with this case open SR 628130617 RMA 85450911 // WS-C6506-E MX

No solution from CISCO, I will cancel all my purchases for the next years if I do not have an inmediatelly response


Sandeep XXXXar July 9, 2013 at 12:16 am

Cisco Team

My name is Sandeep XXXXar and I am from India. This is very important email and would request the Cisco team to take it seriously. In India, there is a company called-Aemidio, and the website is and, this company is breaking trust of some of Cisco customer. They are running a fraud Cisco campaign and selling customer plans worth $299.99,$500;$1000 and is breaking trust of customer for Cisco.
I was an employee of that company and when I found them doing this illegal thing, I spoke to head of that company with no go…I quit the company and thought of raising a flag to Cisco head departments in this regard.
Let me give U a brief idea how they are cheating and selling $1000 dollars of plans to Cisco customer….
1.Through Google adwords they created their campaign for Cisco support.
2. When customer search it on google by keywords ….cisco support,Cisco help,Cisco password, they simply get their website listed 1st in the list and customers dial the number thinking they are dialing directly Cisco.
3. When call lands here in aemidio, sales man take the control of your valueable customers and scare the customers that their network has been hacked and there are deadly viruses and hence they need to reset the network and everything need to reconfigure.
4.They pitch in the customers for $500:$1000 of plan to fix them by taking name of Cisco.
See I have lot many information about it.

Some of customer hung up phone saying Cisco sucks!! See this kind of reputation is being made by aemidio and if this would not b stopped, Cisco will loose good numbers of loyal customer.

Take this email seriously and pls get in touch with me . I will b more than happy to stop this trend of running illegal campaigns which is hampering someones business.

My contact number is 9953722858

Sandeep XXXXar


anonymous June 11, 2013 at 9:42 pm

Your company was founded in 1984. (like Orwell). Seeing the recent uproar about NSA wiretapping, your “Big Brother” inspired commercials, especially the part where the ambulance is said to be a “good listener” is not the smartest form of advertising. Connecting everything to everything, “waking” things up to “put them to work” also is disconcerting, since I seriously doubt most HUMANS want to envision themselves being made into automatons. I think if this is indeed your quest, you are making a very GRAVE mistake.


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