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Choice Hotels Corporate Office Address

Choice Hotels International Inc.
1 Choice Hotels Circle Suite 400
Rockville, Maryland 20850

Contact Choice Hotels

Phone Number: (301) 592-5000
Fax Number: (301) 592-6157
Email: Email Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels Facts

Founder: Business venture
Date Founded: 1939
Founding Location: Maryland
Number of Employees: 1987

Choice Hotels Executives

CEO: Patrick Pacious
CFO: Dominic Dragisich
COO: John Bonds

Choice Hotels History

choice 1

Choice Hotels started out in 1939 in Maryland under the name Quality Courts United, a group of 7 motel owners.  The name was changed in 1969 to Quality Motels and again in 1972 to Quality Inns.

From 1946 to 1964, the company had a marketing agreement in place with Best Western because they operated on different halves of the US.

The company began franchising in 1972 and soon was over 300 locations (less than 40 company-owned).  In 1982, the company pioneered segmentation in the lodging industry and the company grew quickly in the 80s and 90s.

choice 2

In 1992, Choice Hotels became the largest franchise hotel chain in the world.

The company is best known for their recent string of popular television commercials, featuring a tagline which says “Badda Book, Badda Boom.” choice 4

In December 2017, the company announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire the brand and franchise business of WoodSpring Suites from WoodSpring Hotels Holdings for approximately $231 million.

The company stock gained 7% in value in the 2018 fiscal year.

Choice Hotels launched a new advertising campaign in mid-2019, aimed at luring business travelers.

The company has been plagued with complaints about bed bugs, including a young boy who stayed with his mother at a Bozeman, Montana, Quality Inn. 

There are currently over 6000 locations operating under 10 different brand names, including Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Rodeway Inn, Quality Inn, and Econolodge.  The Choice Hotels corporate office is currently located in Silver Spring, Maryland but will be moving about 20 miles to Rockville in 2013.

choice 6

Choice Hotels FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Choice Hotels?
Answer 1: The phone number for Choice Hotels is (301) 592-5000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Choice Hotels?
Answer 2: The CEO of Choice Hotels is Patrick Pacious.

Question 3: Who founded Choice Hotels?
Answer 3: Choice Hotels was founded by Business venture in 1939.

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Patricia Chase November 8, 2019 at 6:57 pm

Attention: Mr. Patrick S. Pacious, CEO

In regards to my situation on 10-11-19. No one has contacted me and I would like to get it resolved. All I’m asking for is the 20000 points that I used for the EconoLodge on 121 E. Mill Creek Road in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

Would you please contact me in regards to this matter.

Patricia Chase


Patricia Chase October 30, 2019 at 1:06 pm

Made reservations online showed a beautiful picture of hotel. When we got there we were totally shocked to see what shape EconoLodge on 121 E. Mill Creek Road in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Someone from corporate needs to check their advertisement online as the pictures are outdated and false advertisement. We checked into the hotel on 10-11-19 checked out on 10-13-19. The rooms that they assigned to me was 135-234. We checked the rooms out. I was not happy. I could not lock the door. Felt very unsafe. Dead bolt did not work. No coffee makers. Wash cloths looked like dirty rags. Also, my husband is handicapped and they put us on the second floor. There was an elevator but was concern on the condition it was in and if it broke down you would be stuck in the elevator and there was no maintenance on site. The air conditioner did not work. The knobs on the air conditioner were broke. Television did not work. Pool was green. I went down to the office to inform them of the situation and there was no manager in the office just one employee running the front desk. These hotels should be checked on a yearly basis to make sure that they are up to spec to avoid issues like this. There was a few Choice members that was not happy at all. My husband and I was so disappointed. My husband sister and niece came to visit us for the first time. We wanted to surprise them by taking them to Pigeon Forge as it was the nieces 60th birthday. We were so embarrassed. The reason why I became a Choice Member was to avoid hotels like this. Someone from Choice and the EconoLodge manager was to contact me of this situation and I have not heard from anyone. After I checked in later that evening, I called Choice and talked to Gwen. I told her about the situation and she did not seem to be concerned about the issue. I called Choice again talked to someone else told them of the situation. She gave me a Reference #9638303. She insulted me by offering me 2000 points as I used 20000 points to stay at an hotel in these conditions. This situation should have been dealt with one phone call.

Patricia Chase #PXC28153
XXX Caney Creek Drive
Crossville, TN 38571

(863) 840-2XXX


Patricia Chase November 8, 2019 at 6:38 pm

Attention: Mr. Patrick S. Pacious, CEO

Would you please contact me in regards to the situation that happened on 10-11-19 the hotel that. we stayed in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

My email is chuckiechase@

I would very much like to resolve this issue. All I’m asking is for my 20000
points back.


Patricia Chase


Jim Besong September 27, 2019 at 11:25 pm

We recently stayed two nights at the Woodspring Suites in Gainesville, VA. If you are looking for Section 8 housing, this is the place. If you are looking for a motel, keep on looking. The first problem we encountered was the security door did not lock. We were able to enter without a card key as well as veryone else who came in, including people who were not staying there. The second day we went to a function and returned at 8:10 pm only to find our room was never cleaned and the towels and linens were piled up on the bathroom floor from the previous day. We called numerous times to get clean linen only to find that there were NO employees working between 8 pm and 8 am. I was told the regional manager would be in on Monday. I called and the fellow hesitated and said he wasn’t there. This was the rudest and most pompous a** I’ve ever had the displeasure of speaking to. He basically told me they only clean the rooms every fourteen days and then hung up on me. I will NEVER stay at a Choice Motel again. By the way, I filled out their survey and requested to have someone to contact me regarding my experience; never heard a word. Choice Hotel customer service is non-existent.


Dina Bernadel September 24, 2019 at 10:39 am

Good morning

I want to share my recent experience about my stay at the Quality Inn, 12340 I-10 Service Road, New Orleans LA 70128.

I work for Bluegreen Vacations and that was my first time staying with Choice Hotels on an employee booking. I was excited because as a Bluegreen employee working for a company who partners with Choice Hotels I do rave about Choice Hotels when I talk to our guests who travel with Bluegreen Vacations and stay at a Choice hotel.

First they checked me into a room that smelled and I couldn’t get the door to close. I went back to the front desk to let them know and they gave me another room. When I went to the second room since it didn’t smell like the first one I decided I was going to try it since I was going to be there for only 2 nights. I went to take a shower and there goes a small lizard in the wall. I decided to brave it out since it was a small lizard and I was extremely tired after a long day at the French Quarters. After the shower I was heading to bed and right next the headboard there goes another small lizard on the wall. At that point there is no way I was going to sleep in that room, so I got dressed, picked up my stuff, head downstairs, gave them the room keys and told them I am so disappointed and discussed that I will not stay there and ask for a refund. Imagine close to midnight at that point trying to find somewhere else to stay. Was such a disappointment.

Anyway I wanted to share my experience. This needs to be reported to the general manager of that specific hotel so someone else does not have to have that experience with lizards in their room.

As a Bluegreen employee I will give Choice Hotels another chance in the future but I will be very picky on the reviews moving forward.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Dina Bernadel


Beth September 16, 2019 at 11:44 am

After staying at and having a horrible experience at Quality Inn in Pontiac, Illinois, I wrote a letter to corporate and over a month later the letter was returned and stamped “Undeliverable”. I then called and was told there is no address for mail and when I said, “Yes there is. I know all corporates get mail.”, she hung up on me. That happened today, 9-16-19. So I will fax my original about the clerk at the front desk and how she treated us. I was resting in my room and I called THREE TIMES to the front desk and on time two and three I was told, “They’ll get there when they get there”, that is totally unacceptable and I am not used to being talked to this way. The older couples cleaning the rooms said they did not know I called at all, much less three times, and the bed was finally made and fresh towels delivered at 3:30.
Surely there is someone decent in Pontiac, Illinois, who knows how to talk to people. If I owned that hotel, that gal would be FIRED. She obviously doesn’t know how to treat decent people who know a thing or two about how to be treated in a hotel.


Allison Steiner September 6, 2019 at 11:11 am

I stayed with my special needs son at quality inn cranberry township pa and he ended up with a bacterial/fungal rash from This hotels pool. Even had to take him to er behind the hotel as he could not even walk he had a rash with blisters on his leg to his groin. I emailed the gm from the email on the card as front desk staff didn’t even apologize at check out called complaint department only to get a case number and email stating decision is up to individual hotels was given a different email for this gm have now sent four total emails including pictures of not only his rash but the filthy room have yet to hear back if I need to I will dispute with credit card


Kyle Donald Korten July 13, 2019 at 5:03 pm



Did they make it so that they have blankets under the bed sheets of their bed in their hotel, motel, inn and lodge rooms?

What were and are all brands past, present, vintage, and retro of the Choice Hotel Brands as well as Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Quality Inn, Econo Lodge and Rode Way Inn? What are the differences among all of them?

What are the evolutions of all of the Scotchman of Econolodge and the Plaid?


Daryl Traster July 15, 2019 at 5:39 pm

please take the setup opening at
opening new Rod way inn we setup time and date
all downtown and midtown at 31 cumming street
all please add new job up help new rod way


Patty Wright July 10, 2019 at 9:32 am

Quality Express Inn & Suite is not worth visiting. Their General Manager Raj Patel is a liar as is their employee Edie. I booked a room with Edie with handicap accommodations and got there and it was not handicap accessible. Long story short, Raj said I had to call back in two days and talk to Edie, a employee, to see about getting my money back. Why should I have to talk to a regular employee verses the general manager? He had already told me I wasn’t getting my money back which is very unfair. I was lied to by him and his employee just so they can keep their money and of course the employee isn’t going to tell the truth because it could mean her job. DON’T trust them and they don’t care about handicapped people.


J.B. August 19, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Which location did you stay?


Lori Good July 8, 2019 at 4:42 pm

Can’t even tell you how bad my whole experience was, Manager Connie Cain should not be in the hospitality business, I was double and a half charged, if thats even possible, still no refund So many things wrong


Gail Hercher July 11, 2019 at 10:37 am

I am writing to express my dismay about my experience at the Rodeway Inn at 2405 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico. As an art professor, I came to Santa Fe to see this artistic town and take an advanced class. Sadly, after I arrived, my husband (in Calilfornia) became very ill and I had to return home after one night. The management of the hotel were not willing to refund the amount I’d already paid ($437.67) which is a heartless policy and, perhaps, even illegal.
I kindly request that you refund the balance of what I paid to you. Many artists, visitors and professionals visit Santa Fe and, unless I hear from you, I will discuss my situation with the Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and write a letter to area news outlets suggesting they not advertise or recommend the Rodeway Inn here.
I hope you will do the right thing. Gail Hercher, M.F.A.


Maggie King July 3, 2019 at 5:07 pm

I been waiting on call email or call from yall its been almost a month i stayed at one of yall hotels an it had a bed bug in it i been going threw it every since then i need for yall toget in contact with me i got pics an like i said i never seen a bed bug before into my daughter told me what it was an now I’m going tgrew it


Deb Reller June 27, 2019 at 11:46 am

We stayed 2 different nights at the Comfort Inn in Wytheville, VA on May 31, 2019 and again on June 8, 2019. We registered a complain with the front desk the morning we checked out. We found the sheets had not been changed in the bed our 9 year old granddaughter slept in and NO ONE seems to be concerned about this. We received a $16 refund from the hotel after we got home and we’ve been in emailing the GRDESK@ for 2 weeks now and were offered $25. I have photos to show the black hair under one of the hard pillows and a poop stain down one side of the bottom sheet. We aren’t fussy people but were totally disgusted with dirty sheets.

We are also frustrated that none of the customer service people who have replied to us seem to be taking this issue seriously. Will someone in corporate contact us please, 330-329-XXXX?

Thank you,
Deborah Reller


adrianne pepitone June 23, 2019 at 5:57 pm

I checked into the Sleep Inn & Suites in Laurel, Maryland on Friday, June 21 and checked out on Sunday, June 23. On Saturday morning after my first night, at the hotel, I noticed 3-4 “mosquito” bites on my arms. I assumed they were “mosquito” bites. The next morning, Sunday 6/23, my “mosquito” bites increased exponentially to 14 “mosquito” bites on my upper arms and face!! Upon going out to the hotel parking lot, at 8:30am, on Sunday morning, I noticed about 10 mattresses wrapped in plastic out by the hotel’s dumpster.
I now started to put it all “mosquito” bites were “bed-bug” bites. I immediately went back into the hotel and asked the front desk person if they had a bed-bug infestation and she said “yes”. I asked for the manager and she said his name was Alan and that he would be in at 3pm. I called Alan at 3:30pm and Alan told me he was aware of the bed-bug infestation at the hotel. He told me they are in the process of changing the mattresses and they were starting from the top floors of the hotel. Alan said they were CURRENTLY CHANGING MATTRESSES ON THE 4th FLOOR. I was given a room ON THE 3RD FLOOR…Room 326, when I check- in on Friday night 6/21.
I now have a total of 17 red, swollen, and itchy, bites on my fingers, lower arms and upper arms as well as one bite on my face.
Why I was placed on a floor where the mattresses were not yet changed nor the rooms fumigated is beyond my comprehension. Tomorrow, I need to take time off from work and go to my dermatologist and get a prescription for Cortisone ointment to help stop the unbearable itching!! I booked this room through Hot Wire….Hot Wire called Alan and Alan said he could do nothing in terms of refunding my money $156.94 until Monday when he would speak to the Corporate Office. I believe I am entitled to more than just a refund for the room…what about my pain and suffering? What about my medication and doctor’s visit? What about the negligence of the hotel for putting me in a room that they knew full-well did not have a new mattress nor was fumigated. Shame on that Hotel..for treating a guest in such a thoughtless, uncaring and unsympathetic manner.


Lex Madera June 6, 2019 at 2:59 pm

It’s been a while since I’ve stayed at a Choice Hotels property. My comment is about their current advertising campaign.

I’m sick of it! Please! Come up with something new! It’s all hat no cattle. It tells me hardly anything useful to make a thoughtful lodging choice. I want to shoot my television every time I hear that damn catch phrase. Ba-da boom this!


Deanna Brewer June 4, 2019 at 1:40 pm

Stay at the Renton, WA Clarion

I was checked into a room that had blood splatter all over the black out curtains. After zero help from the hotel staff I asked for a refund and was DENIED. Then the “manager” Amy called and was beyond rude and basically called me a liar and said I should have inspected the room upon check in.

The hotel staff also took pictures as well as I did. I find the treatment as one of the worst I have ever had and I am someone that stays in hotels weekly for business.

As most businesses are aware customer satisfaction is what drives business. And at this point after the treatment I received (oh did I forget to mention I was double charged)I will most likely NEVER stay at a Choice Hotel Again!


Teresa May 30, 2019 at 1:07 pm

Had a horrible experience at Woodspring Suites Fort Myers Northeast.

It is on their website that it is a choice brand hotel. They do not offer rewards.
Was being charged a different amount each night. The front desk staff was very rude and not helpful with the explanation of the room rates. I was quoted one rate then when arrived was charged more than the quote and also being charged more than what is on their website and when asked about that, I was told that is the weekly rate broken down nightly. Which I was staying for a week but was never offered the weekly rate.

Also, when I called Choice Headquarters all they did was tell me that they were not officially a choice brand hotel that is why they do not offer rewards. Well, in my opinion this is false advertisement and the choice logo should not be used on their website until they are officially a choice brand hotel.

I have been in the hospitality business for over 20 years for a different major hotel brand and have never experienced this nor would myself or any of my staff treated a customer this way.

Will NEVER stay at a choice hotel and will not recommend choice to anyone that I know.

Pay all this money for a room and can’t even get the benefits of the choice rewards.


Kathy May 7, 2019 at 5:42 pm

We booked the Clarion Downtown in Anchorage Ak. The shuttle from the hotel to the airport was the only good thing about this hotel. When we checked in at 9:30pm we went into our room. The room was dirty – when we pulled the bed cover back we saw “fresh blood” stains on the sheets. We contacted the front desk. We were told to go down to the front desk and get another key, the desk clerk told us to check out the room and if it was acceptable – we would have to move rooms with no help from the hotel, we also had to bring the key back down to the front desk. We unpacked and found that the TV did not work. The next morning we spoke to the am desk clerk, she said that the manager was not yet in but would let him know when he arrived. Later that afternoon, we returned to the hotel, we asked to speak to the manager, he refused to speak to us, so we had to speak to the desk clerk and she would go back and forth to his office to get his answers. We were told due to the “health” issue he would compensate one nights stay. When we checked out, I requested a receipt of the credit, and the manager had only credited $10.00. The clerk called him numerous times until finally he answered his phone, he would not explain why he only credited us $10.00 and again refused to speak to us. The clerk was embarrassed by his attitude and continuously apologized for his behavior. We called corporate to complain and we could only speak to representatives from other countries. We asked to be transferred and continued to get cut off. We still do not have this resolved, after being on hold for over 2 hours. We found the corporate office and phone number in Maryland and will call them in the morning. Very disappointed in the Hotels business practices and will never stay at any of the Choice Hotels.


Teri April 4, 2019 at 6:41 pm

CHOICE IS AFFILIATED WITH CHOICE PRIVILEGES POINTS I originally booked a room and got a confirmation number and the app wouldn’t let me use cash + points and when I tried not only did the company run my card 14 times they created a fraud alert on my card and put my account on hold and they also ran my other credit card. The Choice app will not let you book with points/plus cash. Only one rep tried to help me but nothing got fixed and they canceled my room which was for my bday weekend and I still haven’t used my points and my card has pending charges from this CRAP. I currently have 9,400 points and I can’t even use them for cash + points. In addition, I even had a member service worker hang up on me. I have called several times and it is as if nobody can fix this and have a room reserved for me. please someone help me!!


jerry coyle April 3, 2019 at 11:31 am

Comfort Suites W Bay st Savannah totally mismanaged by Jay Laxmi Inc. very under staffed broken elevator for three floors only three chambermaids. Hours to check in and wait for a clean room until 7:00pm. Everyone irate. Woman behind the desk (only other employee working on very busy Sunday March 31,19) kept her calm and was very nice working her a** off. Laxmi Inc liscense must be revoked. Gave Choice Hotels and Comfort Suites a very bad name and lasting impression to all the guest. No one will forget that day. Height of tourist season.
my number is 570 313 XXXX


Andrea J Turner March 30, 2019 at 1:12 pm

Please stop the BuddaBook, BuddaBoom comercials. They give an impression of a low class hotel.


Michael Balin March 26, 2019 at 2:44 pm

We were guests at GA 323, Comfort Suites, Savannah, GA on Saturday 3/23. The property rather than being in the “historic district” turned out to be located on the outermost edge of the “historic district”, in a somewhat sketchy area.The rate was very high, and as it turned out-parking was an additional $10.00. I have never before been charged for parking at a Choice property. The online reservation was handled correctly, and check in was routine.The room was comfortable. Leaving the next day, I forgot to pack my bathrobe.
In calling that evening- a desk clerk took my name and asked me to call back on MOnday. Doing this, I spoke to Alexis who informed me that they had my bathrobe, and information. I asked for this to be sent to me, as a courtesy, in view of a longstanding history of my being a Choice customer, and in consideration of the very high rate paid.
I noted that the rate had dropped by about one half on the day we checked out. Alexis said she would contact me back. This did not happen.On Tues. 3/26, I called once again to follow up, speaking to Ryan\, and reiterating my request that they mail my bathrobe.
The request was not honored. Ryan asked me for a credit card number, saying that they had no way to pay for the shipping-which cannot be true. Nobody is going to accept my credit card number from them, either. I reiterated, that as a long standing Choice customer, a little courtesy would go along way with me. Additionally, I was placed on hold for several lengthy periods of time, and was not able to speak directly with the GM, or the owner. . If this was my business-I’d take care of the customer. I am very disappointed that a small, not costly, courtesy was not extended.Mostly what was experienced was just a run around. I will not stay at this property again.


Kenneth J. Kripke March 23, 2019 at 10:26 am

This message is directed to Customer Services:
Two confirmations with the same date and number were sent:
Confirmation # 63247327, Date of notification of confirmation Thursday, March 21, 2019.
I am being double billed for the reservation. I have attempted to contact through your Customer Relations Number, but, I have not been successful…Extended wait times with no response. It is imperative that this matter be reconciled. I expect a response regarding this matter as soon as possible.


Ruth Fowler March 22, 2019 at 1:50 pm

I recently moved from Washington State to California, driving all the way. The first night (3/1/19) I stayed at a Choice hotel in Smokey Point (Arlington, WA). It was very nice so I decided to stay in Choice hotels for thentire trip taking advantage of the stay 2 nights, get 1 night free offer. I made a reservation for a Rodeway Inn in Roseberg, OR. online for 3/2/19 not knowing anything about the area. What a shock! The area was rundown and the hotel was dilapidated, paint peeling, not clean and room smelled awful. I stayed because I did not have another choice at that time. I was very tired when I arrived, but decided to make a reservation for the next night at a Choice hotel in Tracy CA. In the morning I checked my reservation and found out that I had neglected to change the date on the “online app”, so my reservation looked like it was for 3/2/19 instead of 3/3/19. I immediately called the hotel, apologized and asked them to please make a correction and explained that I made the reservation when I was tired and very unhappy with where I was staying. They said NO. They could not help me.It did not matter about the circumstances. I was considered a “no-show” .They said I could stay there, but I would have to pay for the room and would lose my Choice hotel points. I suggested that this was not very good customer service. I also saw that I was charged for the room $91.63….for a room that I did not stay in!!!!I I would like a refund for the $91.63 to my visa card! I would also like a reply to this email within asap. At this point I would have to give Choice hotels a very low grade…please prove me wrong. Ruth Fowler, 360-899-XXXX


Pepper March 11, 2019 at 12:27 pm

Horrible experience! Disrespected by staff…rude comments made…will never visit again!


Kim Barnett February 2, 2019 at 3:17 pm

Regarding my stay at the Comfort Inn,
1520 Commerce Ln., Joliet, IL
June 30-July 1, 2018

Every year a group of us go to Joliet for the Nascar Races. We had stayed here before, a few years ago, and based on the price for 2018, decided to return. I booked two rooms and had to cancel one (about 2 weeks prior to event), since one couple decided not to go. When we checked in, the desk said the one room was never cancelled and, in fact, another room had been added. After talking with the manager, he said I should call corporate. After an hour on the phone with corporate, no resolve and I was charged for the two additional rooms. One being for $118.64 and the other for $224.87. So we return home and after several phone calls to corporate, and about three weeks later, all was resolved and my monies were returned. The frustration with the hotel directly and with corporate has left a “sour taste” in my mouth with Choice Hotels and, most importantly, the specific location referred to in this letter. I know, in the future, we will not be staying here.

Fast forward to October. I was reviewing my credit card account online when I noticed a charge from the same hotel in Joliet for $224.87! The only thing I can say is how disappointed I am with Choice Hotels and, more specifically, the hotel in Joliet! This is none other than a fraudulent charge to my account! A call to my credit card company to obviously get a new card with a new number, so that the hotel does not attempt this fraudulent practice again! My only hope in this matter is that Choice Hotels makes a great effort in seeing that this particular hotel does not let this happen again – to anyone! The insincerity of the owner/manager is, by far, unacceptable in any management of business. I am embarrassed to tell friends and family that Choice Hotels would allow someone like this to own/manage a hotel with their name on it.

After using all of my earned points with Choice Hotels, I am highly considering using another hotel chain or service to book my hotel rooms.


Frank Muellersman January 13, 2019 at 6:31 pm

Checkout this Facebook link. Not very flattering for Choice Hotels Quality Inn in Fort Dodge.


Penny Cobb January 3, 2019 at 10:05 am

I have to say how disappointed I am that your company only wanted to offer up $60.00 after i just had spent over $600 for three rooms over new years eve.
Not only did the party we paid for cost 60.00 each couple, but the adult beverages were stale and out of an ice chest. They were over 9 months old and looked as if they had been in and out of the ice chest. The decorations were 2 plastic images of cowboys, a couple of cowboy hats on the coat racks and the 2019 gold balloons behind the band? Really $60.00 for that. The grazing table was lil snack bag of chips to offer quest. Grazing at its best! NOT!!! I had a suite, the only difference of the luxury room and the suite was a sink in the living room next to couch?
I was embarrassed i had told friends it was fun the prior year. It was except they had stale beer last time too? This recent New Years party was awful. I have asked for my money back and they only wanted to offer me 20.00 at first then they went to 60.00. Please!!!
To think i was about to have a wedding reception there too. NOT know or ever will i go back to any venue that is owned by the choice hotel establishment.


madilyn December 21, 2018 at 11:33 am

what happen to choice hotel i had booked a room for 12/20/2018 when i got to the prop the front desk tells me that sense i live in sarasota county or manatte county which is in florida we are not allow to give me a room he did any way what kind of bs is that corp has a little thing going on dosent matter if your in a hotel or a store the now post that they have the right to refuse your servers so now the hotel is jumping on the bandwagon am really mad with this if you dont want to be in the hotel business then get out of it comsumers are the ones who make the business or we can break the business just because i live here so now am going to find another hotel chain shame on you choice hotel i think the company has forgot where they came from so sad


Kenneth Moura December 3, 2018 at 2:07 pm

Mr. Patrick Pacious, Chief Executive Officer

Dear Sir:

Your franchisee, the Comfort Inn in Blacksburg, VA, is not representing your brand well. In fact, the general manager is arrogant about the fact that he does not report to Choice Hotels Corporate and is not intimidated by negative feedback made to corporate.

During my three night stay, November 22-25, I experienced a problem during one of the days. My room was not serviced on the 23rd. When I returned late at night and noticed that fact, I reported it to the front desk. The clerk said, “that happens sometimes” and then tried to lay the blame on me by stating that, “some guests forget to remove the Do Not Disturb tag from the door.” I assured her that the DND tag was not used by me or the two other people in my party.

When the General Manager, Ron Alcorn, was looped into the issue, he perpetuated the lie about the door tag and offered no more than an insincere and perfunctory apology. When I indicated I would escalate the matter to corporate, here is a portion of his email reply:

“I certainly appreciate your touching base with me once again concerning the injustice you experienced here at our property during your recent stay. We are a franchise of Choice hotels with good scores, good reviews and great customer service so your threats of contacting anyone are not of concern to me since it has actually been your handling of the situation that has been unacceptable.


Ron Alcorn
General Manager
Comfort Inn Blacksburg
540-951-1530 fax”

My guess is that Choice Hotels does not condone this sort of rogue arrogance from its franchisees when it comes to brand identity and customer relations. If that is not true, then Choice should disclose which of its hotels are a franchise and thereby not subject to Choice Hotels’ high standards for guest satisfaction or corporate principles.

Blacksburg, VA is a college town with dozens of hotels representing all brands. This experience would certainly drive me away from this property and from all Choice Hotels options.

Please contact me and let me know if there are different expectations from Choice owned properties and those owned by franchisees. I will base future hotel needs on your response.

Thank you.


Pat Callan November 5, 2018 at 11:51 am

Dear Sir:  I made reservations for three families through 04 /15/2018 (6months in advance) for Friday and Saturday night dates October 12 & 13.  These reservations were made before the date because of it being a football game at University of Alabama.  
I reserved three rooms = one room for me and my wife (Patrick Callan), one room for party #2 (Brian Forte) and one room for party #3 (Roger Forte).
The payment option I selected was to be made at the HOTEL arrival time NOT the entire amount of the 3 rooms automatically withdrawn from my account ($842) a week before and without prior notification.
We (Us and party #2) arrived at Quality inn in Bessemer 10/12/2018 at 1100 a.m.  The front desk check in went well, received our keys to rooms, we could not get into our rooms yet so we came back around 3pm. At that time, we were told our room being #100 on bottom floor was ready. We walked in the room and was shocked to see ceiling above bed and sink area covered with black mold, parts of ceiling chipped, stained from something, it was totally disgusting!  We immediately went to the front desk to inform them of the problem and to ask for another room.  The front desk noted the problem, then informed us they were fully booked.  We were extremely lucky to walk over to the next hotel to find that someone had cancelled their reservation and we got in!
Naturally we asked for our room to be cancelled. The front desk clerk said we would be reimbursed for our Friday and Saturday night reservation, but She could not cancel (She was not Allowed to) I’ve never heard of that before. She arranged for the manager to meet us the next morning at 0800 to discuss.
Party #2 checked in at QI the same time as us, they mentioned their non-smoking room smelled like smoke but could tolerate it for two nights.
Party #3 checked in at QI in early evening around 7pm.  They went in to their non-smoking room and it smelled like smoke, they refused to stay there those two nights and informed us they were looking for another place nearby.    
The next morning at 8am I walked over to the Quality Inn to meet hotel manager.
At first, He would not refund any of my money (NONE). After talking with this man for 10 or so minutes he told me he was through with this conversation at least 5 times!! I informed him he had $842 of our money and I was not through talking to him. I am an easy-going person but this was the worst manager of a hotel I’ve ever seen. The manager informed me he “walked in Party #3 room and said it was a non-smoking room and would not refund the money”. (Somebody’s been smoking in there)
I asked him to go with me to our room #100 to see the stained black mold ceiling, he said “this conversation is over with”.  Obviously, he didn’t go to our room. I asked this Manager who his Boss was and he informed me he did not have a Boss. (Oh but Sir you do) He did return 2 nights, but, He still owes me for two more nights. My Wife and I work hard for our money and this hotel owe it to us. We did not cancel because we could not make it or were late or anything else, we canceled because your hotel did not provide what we Booked (6 months in
advance) filthy room and a room where people have been smoking. We took 4 pictures of the room, see below. 
I hope to be reimbursed for this inconvenience and I am fully open to discussing this with someone from your organization.  Feel free to call me on my cell phone at 850-982-XXXX (if I don’t answer it’s because I am at work) leave a message, I will be glad to return your call.
Thanks Pat Callan


Tracey Robinett October 30, 2018 at 8:26 pm

Choice Hotels is the WORST Example of Customer Service Support or any type of assistance. I was a few points short to get a free stay so I purchased 3000 extra points. They waited SO long to deposit them into my account that I could not use them. Later they FINALLY deposited then when I no longer needed them. I called them several times asking them just to deposit them so I could make a freaking reservation and they could not do that. They could not put the points in and then they FINALLY did it and now I have points that I don’t need nor will I use. I am so OVER this complex system and NO ONE EVER helps you do anything. I am sick of Calling India and I am sick of uncooperative customer service representatives who do nothing but say why they can’t help you!


Susan October 24, 2018 at 2:53 pm

My husband and I have stayed in many hotels and motels. Your advertisement with the idiot who says “Badda Book Badda Boom” makes me think you have lost your goals in filling vacancies. That is the most inane commercial I have seen. We turn the sound off or change channels as soon as it starts. What “college idiot” got you to put that on the air. Show your Rooms and Amenities instead. The college graduates today seem to have graduated with half the brains they started with. Please rethink your advertising. You are better than that!


Margaret McBride October 23, 2018 at 10:07 am

I cannot believe you you feel that your new tag line “Bad a book – bad a boom” is popular. Everytime I see it on TV I cringe! It makes no sense and makes your people look like idiots. You have spent a lot of money for an ad that makes me want to stay someplace else that is operated by a company with some class.
Sincerely, Margaret McBride


Linda N. September 20, 2018 at 1:00 pm

I have tried to cancel a reservation 2 weeks out and I am getting the run around. First I call the hotel directly and they say too bad, you will be charged anyway. Then I call corporate, where I speak to someone in the Phillipines and they call the hotel but the employee can’t reach the general manager. So she gives me a case # and says to call back and then hangs up. Why can we not get issues like these resolved from someone that is willing to put customer relations first!!! Obviously, they don’t care as each hotel is totally independent and they can do whatever they feel like doing and the customer is left out in the cold. This will be the last time with this chain since they don’t really care.


Elizabeth Perry September 18, 2018 at 8:55 pm

Yall should Love your employees like yall Love yall guest..we are an important part of the company as well and some of us give are all to help keep your company alfoat.


Sylvia Jones December 31, 2018 at 1:02 pm

I am right now trying to decide how I am going to handle my unwarranted termination. I was accused of showing a guest something on dollars on the net which I did not and can prove it. Another gsr admitted to the person that wrote me up that they did that and they were asked if they knew this was against company policy? They replied no it was never relayed to them but they didn’t get wrote up. I was accused of yelling at a guest during check out time who’s been there a week I have been there over an year with no complaint of that sort. No one came to me to ask about the situation nor the write up came from someone who works at a totally different location has never worked with me on a morning shift because they had me working shifts all by myself except he and maintenance. Plus had another person to whom I don’ t know sign off on the write up who doesn’t even know what she is signing off on is true and it’s not. Where is our protection from our team to make sure that we are ok. I don’t want my job back I just want the truth to be told and to get what I am entitled to and to get the termination off my record. I know I have a case l would like to handle it without legal assistance but my livelihood is on the line and I have no desire to work for a company that operates in unprofessional way. You have reps that are repeatly are late
, found sleep on the job. Suburban Estended Stay .


Rob September 12, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Here’s a better quip for your commercial…..Bada Book Bada Room!… I’ll see myself to the door…lol


Carol August 29, 2018 at 3:54 am

I would like to make mention of a few things I found disturbing while at Quality Inn in Walker, Muchigan, and hope they will be addressed.

The vent in the bathroon appeared to be filthy. The sink in the room backed up to the top when used for any length of time. The air conditioner/ heater cover was busted up badly and looked like a piece of junk. There was a burned out lightbulb in the nightstand nearest the bathroom. The internet was so weak I had to go down to the front lobby in order to use it. There were spider webs all over the staircase rails leading to the second floor. There was no fruit available for breakfast, to the dismay of several customers. The eggs and gravy were almost cold. All unnecessary. Paying attention to detail is important in your business.

Your front desk girl, Lola, was very nice and helpful. Her kindness was appreciated.

All of these items can be verified. I doubt any of these have been rectified. We were in Room 208 for one night.

Thank you for your time and prompt attention to this matter.


daryl traster August 28, 2018 at 7:09 pm

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diana hoyd August 15, 2018 at 9:29 pm

stayed lots of times at the quality inn port clintion ohio. so we decided to spend our 50th wedding there. the place was not clean. carpets so dirty, cobwebs in bathroom behind toilets. if this is quality wont be doing that again, how come its that way, what has changed so much that it upset our 50th wedding anniversary. door cards never worked. air cond. was broke. used the hot tub in our room and parts fell off in our hands. we are changing our minds about your brand of hotels. thanks for a bad stay at a time which should have been very special to us


Thomas Hewitt August 14, 2018 at 8:55 pm

I had booked the Quality Inn on Kidder Street Wilkes-Barre PA for June 1 to June 7 When we checked in they charged the week stay to my Bank America debit card. We went to room 127. It was not what I reserved. I called front desk and was told that was all they had as they were sold out. Well we had no choice but to stay. As we started to settle in we noted many things bad with this room. The security chain was held on by one screw. The refrigerator had dirt and mold in the door gasket. The chair was covered in stains not little but many big stains. The air conditioner did not work well and the water was coming out onto the floor. There was a musty smell to the whole room. Dirt and mold in the hem of the drapes, and I noticed this for many rooms as you could see them from the outside. The fire alarm system was out of order. We had no choice but to stay in this run down room for the night. We had our two granddaughters with us and one of them has asthma. The next morning I found another hotel to stay at Woodsprings Hotel. When I went to check out the clerk said she could not return the money they billed for the week to my debit card. Told only the manger could do that and to come back at 3. I returned and the manager said I booked for the week and I would not get a credit back . I said that was stealing she called police but they never showed up and she would not credit my card back. I called my bank and filed a complaint with them. They credited my account with the money, until this was settled. Well my bank called me today and said the hotel was not budging and wanted the money. I had talked to someone in corporate and said they would take care of it, if the bank would not. So now we are at a point where this looks like someone has got to give in, that will not be me. I do hve many photos to backup my complaint. If I had stayed all the nights then I would have no argument but I did not Please take care of this matter


Tiffany July 28, 2018 at 10:27 am

Booked a room with my jobs discount provider…Was told my hotel stay he could not check me in because “he wasn’t paid”….When you are part of a discount group the customer pays them, and has a reservation, their payment is through their partnership….Showed the staff my CONFIRMED reservation and he was yelling at me “ I can’t check you in”…He was trying to register me when the discount provider confirms my registration is sent when I booked my room, and she told him multiple times there was no REASON I could not get a room he has confirmation was paid for.Called discount provider and he tried to say he didn’t get my information, but you could hear fax coming through both times she re sent it during my call…If you don’t understand the the process to partner with a discount provider don’t do it!,. I was screamed and yelled at in front of my son when I was seeking refuge from a 90 degree house due to broken AC….I will never stay in any choice hotels, EVER!,,,the discount company was disgusted and has it all on a recorded conversation where there was no valid reason I could not check in, you’ve lost their business ALSO!…I had to go three days without 200$ waiting on refund when I still had to book another room…I am a nurse who servers the community every day, what type of people or business kicks out a person WHOSE paid because your too incompetent with the process…SHAME on YOU!…


Nancy Kathleen Warwick July 26, 2018 at 2:54 pm

I see I am not the only one having problems with choice hotels. We stayed in a Clarion in Aiken, SC. The room was filthy, it smelled moldy, the television wouldn’t work, the telephone didn’t work, and the sheets and pillow cases looked dirty grey. The desk clerk even said she wouldn’t stay in that room. She gave us another one which wasn’t much better but it didn’t stink. We never were able to get WIFI, the shower in the second room had such low water pressure, a shower was next to impossible. I was charged for points that I did not agree to and was then downgraded to a cheaper room because of it being so filthy, but I did not get a refund and they said I would not. We will not be staying in another choice hotel. They have totally lost our business.


TAMI GREGOIRE June 29, 2018 at 6:24 pm

I called the Clarion Inn & Suites in Weatherford, Tx. to reserve a room exactly one month before my stay. The front desk and manager told me that my credit card did not go through because their credit card machine was not working. They also told me that they would call me the next day to confirm that my credit card went through and to confirm that I have a reservation. I never received that call and assumed I did NOT have a reservation. In the meantime, I did reserve a room somewhere else. Almost two months later, after my stay in Weatherford, Tx., I was charged $112 to my credit card at the Clarion Inn & Suites. I tried to dispute the charges with my credit card company and with the manager at the Clarion, but it was my word against the managers. I feel like I was scammed!! I will let every travel company and travel website know how I was treated at the Clarion Inn & Suites in Weatherford, Tx.!


Nathaniel james June 16, 2018 at 6:54 pm

Hello, the below took place on 5/11/2018- My sister passed in Texarkana and i stayed at the Comfort INN on the Texas side.

The only reason I had to get this removed because the hotel manager unethically threatened to not give back my $250 which one of his workers lied and said I smoked. Under his conditions; he asked me to remove the survey and he will give me my smoking fee back, after he confirmed I never smoked in the room from his assistant manager Ms. Luis. I am totally dumbfounded that you all will allow someone to hold 250.00 because they did not like some of the words I mentioned in my personal survey. I have 7 kids!! I could not afford to play games with this manager and my kids needed food. Not only did he take over 30 days to refund my money, he then took an additional 80.00 because he said his hotel rate was incorrectly entered, but I have a receipt for what I agreed to pay. Once again, I couldn’t argue being he has the upper hand with my money and my kids at home starving. He finally sent me back 180.00 with no sympathy of my sister dying, or any concern of the entre misunderstanding. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER spend 1 damn cent on any Choice hotels in my life and I will make sure I spread this word to all of my 55000+ followers….he totally treated me and my kids unfairly and has no morals. I hope the hotel he works in burn completely down and that manager never makes another dollar in his life.

If you even slightly cared about me and my family being done wrong by this manager, you would start an investigation. I know I am going to the states attorney and General Attorney because of this unethical behavior and I never agreed to pay what he took out of my 250.00.

I have my proof he charged me the 250 for never smoking and the room charge which I agreed to but when back and charged me something differently with no receipt and without my approval.
Manager # 209-499-XXXXX


Janet May 27, 2018 at 12:52 pm

I’ve booked a future reservation at a Comfort Suites in Kyle, Texas and after asking 4 times still have not received my email confirmation. I’ve even given them a second email address, done a test myself which worked and it never came through. I’ve confirmed the email address numerous times and it’s been 1.5 weeks since making the reservation. I’ve stayed at Choice Hotels in NC several times in the past two years with no email confirmation issue. No one at Customer Service can help you and you get no where ! All of them also act as though they’re a Supervisor … haha. I constantly get kicked off of the website while on it as well. My reservation also isn’t showing up in my Upcoming Activity even though two reservations in SC and GA are showing up although they’ve been cancelled. These are minor issues but their website should be updated accordingly, working correctly and we should be able to receive an email confirmation. I don’t think it’s too much to ask !!!! Do better Choice Hotels or more people will drop you and start using your competitors like myself !!!! You have lots of complaints here so obviously upper management and hotel staff can do a lot better than you’re currently doing and have previously been done !


Ron Johnson May 15, 2018 at 12:54 am

On May 11, 2018 my wife and I arrived at the Comfort Inn in Henderson, NV for a 2 night stay. I had been given the rate of $124.45 plus tax as a Choice Privileges member and a senior citizen on the corporate website, not a 3rd party site (confirmation # 77648129). My son and his wife were also checking in at the same hotel. I was surprised to find that his rate was $95 plus tax. He is neither a Choice privileges member nor a senior citizen. When I requested the same rate as my son I was told that he booked his stay on a 3rd party website so it was cheaper and they couldn’t do anything for me. I pointed to the sign on the counter that stated “Book direct on, Get the lowest price, guaranteed. Always. Badda Book. Badda Boom.®It’s that easy. I was refused by the clerk to honor that policy because “they were not a corporate hotel and did not have to follow that policy”. I asked for a manager and she basically told me the same thing. She stated that I would need to call Choice Hotels corporate and talk to customer services. I called corporate customer service and after being bounced around by a ridiculous menu and being put on hold because “due to heavier volume than normal a representative would answer as soon as possible.” As soon as possible meant 10 minutes. I was finally connected to someone who listened to my problem and told me she would connect me with someone who could help me. After another 8-10 minutes a salesman answered and after I told him why I was calling he offered me a great deal on a new program about some new hotels being opened. When I told him I wasn’t interested on any “deals” he rudely told me he would connect me with someone in customer service. Guess what, after another 10 minutes I was connected to the same department I started with (a different person). After explaining my situation, she quoted some obscure policy about 3rd party websites being cheaper and she could do nothing. When I quoted her the statement on both the hotel counter and the Choice Hotels website that says “Book direct on, Get the lowest price, guaranteed. Always. Badda Book. Badda Boom.®It’s that easy “, she repeated her same statement to me about company policy. Believe it or not, I repeated my same comment 3 times and she repeated her same comment 3 times. It was like I was talking to a recording. By then, my frustration level was so high I asked for her supervisor and was told she “could connect me but the answer would be the same.” I asked if I would be put on hold again and she told me “it might take awhile.” I was so angry at that point that I hung up and went back to the desk and told them to cancel my reservation, that I would spend my money with a company that treated their customers as if they are valuable. By the way, I went to a nearby Hilton and when I told them what happened at their competitor the clerk, on her own, trusted my story and honored the lower price that my son was given. (At that point I would have paid more out of principle.)

I will relate this incident and lack of service to everyone I talk to about hotels, and I’m sure it will be quite a few until I calm down about this. Since this is a review blog, because I cannot find anyplace on your website for a comment, I’m fairly certain that I will never hear from your company, which will add more fuel to the fire.


Ron Johnson May 16, 2018 at 6:03 pm

I’ve not yet received a reply.


Larry Ford February 1, 2018 at 9:37 pm

Several times, I have taken advantage of the Privilege of getting a free night for 2 stays. However, the most recent time, I did not get the reward and called customer service. Eventually, I was transferred to “upper management.” She was definitely not upper management. She said that I had not signed up for the promotion and wasn’t eligible. Actually, I did the exact same thing I have done previously and, on every reservation booking, was assured that I was participating in the program. Essentially, that means that I was mislead several times and “upper management” had no authority to correct it.


michelle January 29, 2018 at 1:47 pm

Terrible experience at the Quality Suites on Turkey Lake Rd in Orlando. The room and particularly the bathroom was filthy! The towel rack was hanging off of the wall, caulk was missing.. Dirt and grime everywhere. I was charged a non-disclosed ” hotel service fee” a few days later, which the manager said that everyone is charged. She failed to provide me a signed copy of my check out sheet. The manager was rude and indifferent. She actually told me to go ahead and call the better business bureau! I see on the website that she is mentioned in several reviews with poor remarks… I had no choice but to stay there as my business had already paid for the room for me in order to attend a nearby conference. I will never stay there again, nor will I recommend this place to anyone, and I am going to report it to the BBB. Apparently, even corporate doesn’t care as I see all of these awful reviews on this site as well!!! Poor excuse for business!


Sue/Allan Farsdale December 21, 2017 at 12:14 am

Had bad luck in the past staying at quality inn. Had car trouble early and quality inn at Trinidad Co. was the closest for the time of night. Was disappointed with the room only. Room 133. Bath tub inside and along outside need repairs. Also under the sink area needed repairs and paint. Also the main curtains didn’t close all the way. I was also disappointed in no discount for military or senior rates. I have stayed at better hotels for the rate that was charged. I think you need to do some changes/the needed updates not just the first impressions when you walk in, and maybe more people may stay and enjoy it.


Joe Bizzell December 6, 2017 at 9:33 pm

This is a nasty overall chain. I had no idea when this hotel was booked. So, here goes. We stayed at the Clarion Inn in Columbus, GA. For Thanksgiving visiting family. I tried to check in early. I was told that the room is not ready and to come back at 3 pm. So we checked in at 3pm. We put our stuff in the room and left. The next morning we noticed hair in the shower, a dirty coffee maker, dirty refrigerator and a dirty microwave. With dead bugs on the bathroom floor. Their was also thick dust on the tv and furniture. Cob webs on light fixtures in the hallway. The parking lot was dark at night time needs more light. Soooo we go to the breakfast buffet. This hotel was the Holiday Inn. I stayed here about 3 years ago and decided to stay again for the holidays. It’s now a different hotel. So at check-in no problem. Staff was helpful with giving location of restaurants and the mall in the area. In the morning I went down to the buffet that was provided. The pictures on Yelp do not match what was provided today. Ellis GM was not here today. No fresh fruit, cold food, no coffee, no varity of cereal, bacon soaked in grease and no waffles. But they leave out over night the syrup and other waffle items. To eat on the bar they had eggs (real), bacon, biscuits and diced potatoes. Trash can didnt have a bag and it was under the utensils. I have pics on Yelp. To show what I am talking about.
One guest told me she found beer in her refrigerator. She checked after the first night. She told me she paid over $100 to stay their. She paid $98 too much. I should have paid $10 more dollars for a much cleaner room. People at the first desk where wearing black Raiders jacket, head scarves, smoking in front of the hotel doors where customers were walking in and out of the hotel. The whole morning shift were outside smoking cigarettes with their boyfriends.


Alicia February 1, 2018 at 2:52 pm

I am a women small business owner of a electrical contracting business. My company just finished a renovation at America’s Best Value Inn & Suites located at 9988 Market Street, North Lima, OH 44452. After watching Undercover Boss I realized that I was in the wrong business! This Message if it gets back to Steve Joyce the CEO of Choice Hotels I would like for you to know that because the owner Anup Patel of this hotel did not pay us for work that was done has left me and my family without any income coming in also not to mention not being able to pay my employees. I have filed a lien on this property but that does not seem to help the situation of getting paid. I know you cant do anything about this, but it hurts to know people can be work so hard and not get paid a penny. I watched you on Undercover Boss you seem like a very genuine and heart filled family guy. If only you knew my situation. Thank you for listening, Alicia


Kati December 1, 2017 at 11:35 am

Took numerous photos of my room. Dead frog, alive bugs on walls, endless burn holes in blankets and sheets. Heavy odor of god knows what,.. seriously bad body odor? Asked for another room to find it not any better. Left. Went to a posh hotel up the road and slept wonderfully knowing the room was bug free.
After numerous complaints, I received an email from the “GM” stating I would recieve a refund. Ha! Insult adds to injury.
This line of hotel chains is only out to get the consumers money. Screw the condition of the room. You bastards take advantage of people looking to get a good deal. It’s true, you get what yoy pay for.
You all should be ashamed of how you accomodate your fellow human being. You should be ashamed by the person who runs the hotel and fire him and the crappy cleaning staff.
These rooms are pathetic.


mistie October 30, 2017 at 2:38 pm

I currently work as an office manager for a local auto shop, one where the owner does quite a bit of travel for work. This was not the first time he has stayed at this establishment but it is most definitely the last. Through my own experience in the last two hours, I can say the level of professionalism and basic customer service is severely lacking, if not nonexistent. My boss checked in 10/26 for a reservation of two rooms with two queen beds for himself and one of the mechanics, with a check out of 10/27. From the start there were issues where it was either the key cards or the actual lock itself, where neither rooms could be successfully accessed. Six times they had to go to the desk for assistance because the key cards were not properly working. Not to mention the condition of the rooms, which were deplorable, absolutely filthy and disgusting. Even the most basic hotels boast of having a clean room, which at over $120 per room before taxes, you would definitely expect. This establishment failed that expectation miserably, as well as the expectation of basic courtesy or professionalism of the front desk clerk. They were exceedingly rude and when asked about a manager, my boss was given the run around.

And today, when he requested that I call with his complaints, I was not only treated with an unacceptable and unbelievable amount of rudeness from the clerk, I was given the run around for a manager. I had called in, and the young woman was polite until I informed her that I needed to speak with a manager, that I had to lodge a complaint. I was placed on hold with sarcastic tone after being told that all managers were in a meeting, but that she would try to pull one for me to speak to. When she came back on the line, I was told that I was being transferred to the requested manager…expecting to speak to a live person, imagine my surprise when I was instead sent to voicemail. I left a message and immediately called the corporate line. I was on hold for an hour before I made contact with a live person.

He was polite and professional as I lodged my complaint and I was placed on hold while he attempted to contact a manager at the facility I was complaining about. HE was actually able to make contact with a manager while my boss and I were given the run around, and he came back onto the line to inform me that $20 had been taken from each room and that the manager was going to stand by that. His platitudes were insincere as was his apology for the poor experiences that we had, as well as the apology (which I can’t help but find insincere) from the manager at the Eugene Comfort Inn.

I can promise that I will not be recommending the Comfort Inn in Eugene to ANYONE, and if asked I will most definitely be sharing this experience. If there was a star rating, I’d give it as low of a score as possible.


KATELYN October 24, 2017 at 2:16 pm

I worked for he comfort inn and suits in greenwood sc and the owner/ general manager Mike Patel refuses to pay me for working. You have a horrible person ruining your brand. The hotel he runs is nothing burn trash. There are bugs An mold all in there An day he refuses to fix it because he is so cheap. They are wires hanging out of walls that is a huge safety hazard because he refuses to spend the money to fix it. YOU HAVE A HORRIBLE DISGUSTING MAN RUINING YOUR BRAND! Refuses to pay employees and sexual harasses them. Will never recommend any of your 11 brand of hotels to anyone An will never stay in one ever again.


Cynthia October 23, 2017 at 1:05 pm

Hotel: Comfort Inn, Lacrosse, WI

First, anyone who gives this hotel any stars must not mind dirt and rundown places. This place puts the FLITH in FILTHY. I think it will be a LONG TIME before we stay in another Comfort Inn irregardless who owns it. Booked this hotel in August for team soccer tournament. Arrived Sat. 10/21/17 afternoon to be checked into a room on the 1st floor. We opened the door and your eyes watered. The smell was musty and the carpet was stained. We immediately opened the window and shut the door. However, the door wasn’t locking shut. We informed the front desk whom walked down to verify. Also mentioned smell which he acted like “what smell”. He asked us to come inside the room and explained that the hotel was booked. We told him that we couldn’t stay in a room that didn’t lock. We ended up getting another room on the same floor, this one didn’t smell as bad but the maid said she would fog it while we were at our soccer game. And yes, she showed us this gadget called the FOGGER JR.

After some thought, we realized some of that smell was pet urine.

We returned to the hotel with the boys, we were unable to get into our new room. I stayed in the hallway while the others went to see about our room keys. After almost ten minutes, I walked down to see what was happening. I turned the corner and saw our luggage sitting on a luggage rack. It turns out the hotel overbooked and messed our reservations up…Thus, evicting us. I begin to question how their mess up could cause them to not honor our stay, we had already check-in? We had a confirmation #? We gave them our cc?

The rude man in an ACDC t-shirt, Adrian? behind the desk kept over talking me. When we had asked him for a copy of our paperwork, the paperwork we signed upon check-in, giving him a credit card, he said that it had been shredded and that we were not charged. We demanded to speak to a manager and/or owner. That mouthy man said “no” and told that we were making a scene in front of his customers. When I challenged that remarked, he told us to leave or he would call the police. You bet then I called him the axx he was and we left that stinky, dirty, foul place. I’d rather stay in my vehicle then stay at this dump.

And if these people are a reflection of Choice Hotels customer service, good luck! I would fire them all. No way does this property meets the standards that we have been experiencing at other Comfort Inns.


howard October 20, 2017 at 2:24 pm

45 minutes on the phone and no one responds to any phone number I have dialed. We have been members for over 20 years and this is the sorriest service we have experienced.
I know you will reply with some form letter saying how sorry you are but that means nothing. The stupid recordings we we subjected to for these 45 minutes are totally annoying


Jim Beswick October 9, 2017 at 8:13 pm

When making a reservation for rooms today I was switched to someone without my consent. This person was trying to get me to agree to a special offer.I did not have my conformation number so I wanted to make sure I had the rooms. I told him I was not interested and to please reconnect me to the representative, but he kept talking.. I asked several times but he would not switch me back. I raised my voice but to no avail. I kept hearing his speech. I had to hang up and call back. I got a different rep and got my conformation number. We have stayed almost exclusively with Choice and never had this problem.It seems that I could explain better talking to someone instead of Email. My acct # –JXB 05511


Lionel Becker October 9, 2017 at 2:48 pm

My husband and I had the most horrible experience while trying to check into one of hour hotels. On 20 Sept 2017 we tried to check in to our hotel, only to find out that my confirmation date sent from your organization did not match. After several attempts to get the date issue resolved, to no avail they rudely hung up on me, upon calling back the reservations line, the agent told me to call the customer service line to see if I could get the matter resolved. The customer service line prompted me to call back tomorrow. There we were trying to check in and encountering all these hassles, but wait it gets better, I call the reservations line once again (for the eighth time) had the manager explain to the reservations agent that the check in date on my tablet and the one he received on his confirmation e-mail were different and the dates needed to be changed. The reservations agent told the manager that he should make the changes himself, to which he replied that he no authority to do so. The reservations agent told him there was nothing he could do at his end, and instructed me to call back in the morning. What to do, what to do. I went ahead and made another reservation with he hotel manager and tried to get some rest before continuing our trip back to Texas. Upon arriving home the next day I called the reservations line to get the matter resolved, only to be disconnected. Upon calling again I get another agent who told me that the other agent was trying to get rid of me so he hung up on my, he also proceeded to tell me that there was no such thing as a customer advocate line and that they had lied to me. Upon checking my confirmation e-mail, I discovered that the check in date had been changed to coincide with yours. Anger does not begin to describe how I felt to learn that an organization could be so dishonest. I am now stuck with 2 bills one for the stay on the 29th of Sept and one for the 29th of Oct which I did not make. I expect that this second reservation on 29 Oct 2017 be canceled, and an e-mail be sent to me with that transaction. Your assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


trina j floyd October 9, 2017 at 11:49 am

I have had the worst experience. I made two reservations at two different comfort suites locations. I called to cancel the reservations 24hrs in advance and was still charged $376. for two rooms at $188 each. When I called customer service number they asked me “do I have proof that the card was charged and proof that I called to cancel”, also, was informed to calm down “it’s only money”… when tried to ask for corporate office contact infor, I was told that they did not have it and for me to look it up. This is the worst ever,I have sent an email requesting for this to be resolved and will take my complaint to BBB AS WELL. They will not refund/reverse my funds, and that is FRAUD/THEFT.


MsRan December 6, 2017 at 2:26 pm

We are currently going through the same thing. The Comfort Inn in Kent Ohio charged our card without our consent and made a reservation without our consent. The manager is rude and refuses to refund our money of over $400. We are really hoping corporate helps us because if not, we will have to get a lawyer involved. You are right, this is nothing but THEFT and they need to be held accountable


Stan Williams October 5, 2017 at 5:13 pm

On October 4, 2017, I was blatantly racially discriminated against by the manager at the Comfort Inn/Suite located at 1776 W 2550 N. Ogden, Utah 84404.


CThompson October 5, 2017 at 8:35 am

I am a Privledges member, don’t really expect much from that fact except maybe a little more help in providing what I need. In all the years both before and after becoming a member I have never once been told that they could not gurrantee the room I was booking (especially when booked severlal weeks prior to stay), till yesterday. Now I do not request a specific location frivilously. In fact if I had my druthers I would prefer a top floor room, but due to medical condition that can’t be fixed I need the first floor. I don’t care that handicapped rooms on other floors are near elevators. I know from personal experience they break. I cannot climb stairs. I have 2 failed knee replacements. When my knees bend about 20 degrees they don’t hold and I go down. I was in a Comfort Inn in Harrisonville MO to see the Eclipse. Prior to that visit there had been massive rainfall and resulted in flooding which the motel was renovating due to. They gave me the ground floor I asked for. Unfortunately on the night of May 21 it started raining. The night clerk woke us to have us move our vehicle in case the rain caused more flooding. Unfortunately by the time car was moved and husband got back to room it was coming in ground floor. By the time we were moved to a higher room (we could not leave as the water level was knee deep and I could not walk in that on top of it being rapid current) on the 3 rd floor then they shut the elevator down due to possisble electrical shocks or worse (water and electricity do not mix). So about 3 hours later when it got day light rain had stopped and water level had gone down I had to come back down the 3 flights of stairs. Now that in itself is not a big deal to somewon with good knees but it took almost 45 mins to do so and I was scared that every stejp I was going to fall. Now the clerk that night did a GREAT JOB mother nature did not ask her permission to rain. That is just one reason I need a ground floor room. Back to originnal complaint I was reserving a room in York PA at the Comfort Inn and was told could not gurrantee ground floor. So I call customer service and was told they would make it happen. Then Reservations goes thru motionns of making me happy and reserving room until I ask for sure the room was on ground floor and I was told they would put my request in but could not qurrantee it but handicap room were near the elvevators (How stupid is it to put Handicap Rooms on any floor than ground floor. There are reasons we are handicapped not because we want to be!) Now I have for the major part of my dealings with your motel chain have had great rooms and service. Only twice have I had reason to compalin 1st ay Clarion Inn In Colorado Springs Colorado. Yes room on ground floor but only way to it was to go down stairs or walk thru the Quality Motel to get to the room (again stupid). 2nd my brother reserved me a room at Quality in Longmont Co. They gave us a handicapped room with a bed that had no legs on it the foundation was on the floor which made the bed only about 14-15 inches off of floor. Now when your aren’t supposed to get your butt lower than your knees that was a real jproblem and was told no other rroom available until next morning checking out the clerk said there was another room we could have been moved to. Needless to say I reserved room with andother chain since you did not want my business. And as soon as I can use up my pints you won’t havve to worry abbout my staying with your chain again Would it have been hard to tell me that the ground floor room was already reserved would not have made me as mad as the run around I recieved.


marianne green September 27, 2017 at 10:59 am

My sister and I stayed at the Quality Inn, Tinton Falls NJ, on August 19, 2019.. We were in room 130. The room room had an awful odor and had mold on walls (my sister took pictures, which you will receive later. The bathroom was disgusting, with mold around tub surround…you really need to check into this hotel. I will never go back there again, and I would like a refund. Your customer service dept. is difficult to contact. I will NEVER go to any of your hotels!!!


marianne green September 27, 2017 at 11:01 am

Also I was given 6000 points and was told it was a free night stay…Turns out you have to have at least 10-12,000 points…Customer service refused to add those extra points…I will be sending the pictures of the mold in the tub surround and in bedroom…


Bill Stanley September 22, 2017 at 2:39 pm

Move on , not worth staying at this chain complaint #8888125
Double charged on card , dirty rooms , drunks at front door, horrible breakfast, rude GMetc , better chains an corporate is a joke !!!


Margaret September 18, 2017 at 5:23 pm

Due to hurricane Irma being such a Cat Five decided to leave my home in the hopes that I could wait out the storm in hotel on safer environment. I booked one hotel on my own and was ready to leave and upon telling family that also resides in FL told them of my intensions.
They had booked also in Nashville with a place for cheaper price and convinced me to cancel and I booked on line with a Quality Inn Nashville TN…. BIG MISTAKE. I included information that I had a 15 Lb. dog. I drove 19 hours in traffic was very tired checked the bed it looked ok went to bed. The next day in pulling shower curtain back there was a large hole in shower and black stains as if it had had a leak and that there had been mole problem also there was an area on the wall next to bed where attempt had been done to do some patching on drywall and it was coming loose. I reported these problems and was told will check it out tomorrow… day I saw person that I took to be poss. housekeeping management I ask him if he was going to inspect my room and he said yes but never saw this man again..I understand that this was a difficult time and rooms were full for days due to those trying to get away from hurricane and none to be had but if your problems are totally ignored what do you do?????? There was a fight outside my door I called fromt desk they in turn called police….I had to stay inside my room for two hours due to the hall wwas a crime scene. I spoke with man at front desk again for change of room and his answer was NO that I had a dog and that all pets were on floors 2 or 3rd due to the 4th and 5th floors were for old people that had allergies…… I was told that it was an In House problem that the lady was in hospital, one man in jail and I think the 3rd person was fired???????? I also few days later saw two police cars enter the parking lot I was checking out next day and more than ready to leave this motel in my rear view mirror. Upon arriving hoe my sister in law said she located a bed bug the next day that she arrived home did she bring this from there ??????? Exterminator ID the bug as being bed bug….I am not nieve enough to say that the price you pay for a room will prevent this happening but now she is paying for treatment but I have stayed in many rooms in the choice realm and all have been clean, appeared to be very very clean and did not make me feel like a second class citizen for having a pet and even better no bed bugs found. I would remove this one place from my registry and require them to get their hotel cleaned up. I have pictures of room damage if you are interested but for some reason I think that I will never be ask to show them. All in all I think the hurricane would have been more of a care free happening than staying in conditions that will last for a life time. as living in a filthy, bug infested place. The bottom line is I should have road the storm out at home or slept in my car. I would have been safer…….


Barbara Howard September 18, 2017 at 11:57 am

Your booking has been canceled for US$ 171.9.
Dear Barbara howard,
Your reservation at Sleep Inn Owensboro is now canceled. You don’t need to do anything else, but if you have questions for the property, feel free to contact them at +12706916200.
Sleep Inn Owensboro
Owensboro (Kentucky), United States of America
Phone: +12706916200
Email property
Friday, September 15, 2017
Sunday, September 17, 2017

My credit card was charged 174.90
I would appreciated you crediting those charges. I spoke with the manager at your Owensboro, Ky Sleep Inn and she gave me the run around. She also was unwilling to give me corporate information. This cancellation tells me I need to do NOTHING ELSE. I have been on hold for 47 minutes waiting for an agent at your corporate office. Really???

Please see that my charges are reimbursed,

Barbara Howard


Joe Gomez September 16, 2017 at 4:14 am

Friday September 15th


This is regarding the location:

Econo Lodge Midtown
2412 Carlisle Blvd. N.E.,
Albuquerque, NM, US, 87110
+1 (505) 880-0080

Name: Jose Gomez
Check In: Friday, Sep 15, 2017 (2:00 PM)
Check Out: Saturday, Sep 16, 2017 (11:00 AM)

I arrived at the location at about 9:45pm when i seen the hotel attendant standing out side with a male individual. I asked him if he had any rooms available down stairs. He said only dbl beds. I said ok great, Is it less expensive to book online? He said yes that was recommended. So I booked online and waited for the attendant to return. He was with the same individual and they went to the other side of the hotel. When he returned i let him know i booked a room and was ready to check in. He proceeded to get my information and let me know there was a 100.00 dollar authorization charge. I said ok so I gave him my credit card i booked the room with. He said sir your card was declined! I said that it was odd and gave him another card. He said sir this one did not decline but for what ever reason it won’t go thru? I patiently waited for him to call several individuals over the phone to get this resolved! After about 20 minutes I got really frustrated and said this is ridiculous! He then asked me “Can you please go to an ATM and take out $100 it’s your best option”! That’s when another individual walked in to the office and said “Just take his credit card information and check him in”? The attendant said “Sir i cannot check you in without a 100.00 dollar deposit”. There is an ATM at the gas station. There has been people that have trashed our rooms! After driving 13 hours i wasn’t having it! I got very upset and I asked to speak to the person on the phone!! I did raise my voice and say this is bulls**t!!! And I told him that this is not the way you treat your customers? We proceeded to have a yelling match in front of two other people trying to check in! I presented payment it’s not my fault your system is not working! I’m exhausted !Thats when the individual that was with the attendant this whole time said. “Whats up f-er you don’t know who your f-ing with”!? At this point I was furious! He grabbed what looked like a purse and got in my face and said “What the f**k”. “You have no idea who i am”? That’s when another customer asked if he worked at the hotel? He said he did not work at the hotel. I then asked the attendant who this individual was? He said he works here! The other customer was visually upset as well! Then that individual said he was gonna call the police on me?? He went outside and got my license plate. I said well I will call the police as well! I moved my car to make room for incoming customers. I’m writing this email out in the parking lot waiting for the police! After about half an hour, the attendant and the individual that can’t control himself, came out with another individual. He kindly asked me to leave. I said can I get the managers email so i can email them this altercation situation. He gave me an email and left. I immediately left the property went across the street. Where I notified the security guard on premises about the situation, that i was waiting on the police!

Please Advise here is my info:

Jose Gomez
Joe_paramout at


John September 6, 2017 at 11:07 am

How dare you show such contempt and disrespect for your customers that you have ignored 12 attempts plus 5 calls to resolve the issue below.

I have spent over an 2 hours and endured 3 hangups from your incompetent staff in India and the Philippines who have zero interest in resolving my issues. Their refusal to transfer to an American, which I believe is against federal law, is typical of the f…k you attitude of your hotel group.

I stayed at your Quality Inn at 200 North Mountain Road, Harrisburg, PA, 17112, US
Phone: (717) 540-9339 Fax: (717) 540-9486
​ on August 4t​h and had probably the worst stay ever in the years I stayed at your hotels.

​To​ start off, your website and staff at the hotel gave me incorrect directions to the hotel resulting in a 45 minute tour of the slums of Harrisburg. The response from the front desk representative was that I obviously made an error and didn’t follow the directions correctly.

When we arrived, the hotel lobby and public areas were filthy and crowded. This was followed by the check in where we were placed in a room with a broken TV and phone. Additionally, the room had not been updated for 20 years, was horribly decorated, had a marginally functioning toilet (we had to hold the lever down to get it to flush). As far as the phone was concerned, I called down to the front desk because the message light would not go off and was tersely informed that the directions to turn this off were in the room. The television, dated 1998, picked up 3 channels.

During the evening we were barraged by noise from creaking walls and total lack of insulation. I called down again about a quiet room and was tersely informed that this was an old hotel and all the rooms were equally as noisy.

In the morning, we checked out the free breakfast which was located in a crowded, and again, less than sanitary condition which resulting in being forced to have breakfast elsewhere.

​The hotel charged us 16000 points (higher than any of the other free stays we earned during our trip). The conditions and incredible rudeness and attitude of the hotel staff, especially the evening front desk person (a woman in her 60’s) were unacceptable. Because of this, we would like our 16000 points returned to us.

In addition to this, I wrote 2 reviews on your website. Neither were published or responded to which shows deceit and dishonesty on the part of your hotel chain and represents false advertising and representation on your part.

Having to wait over 2 hours to be passed along to 3 foreign people and with each saying another departments handles this type of complaint is nasty and obviously designed to wear your customers down to a point that they will give up in frustrations, thus relieving your company from taking ownership of issues that should be addressed by you. Yes, it’s all about money for your CEO. Because of this unacceptable policy, I would also like to be compensated with some points.

Every other choice hotel we stayed in were great,

You have a big problem with this quality Inn staff and hotel conditions which border on the economic reality that the hotel might be better off being torn down and replaced..

Hopefully an American will respond and address these issues including doing what’s right by me in this situation.


Ed Glazer September 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm

My wife, son and 2 grandsons had confirmed reservations for 2 rooms at the Quality Inn in Bellingham, WA. When they checked in, paid, and went to the rooms, both were filthy with urine stains and dog hair and smelled horribly. They were given another room on 3rd floor. My wife and grandsons went into the room, was fine, and my son asked the clerk if we could get a refund for the second room or be given the second room that was already paid for. He got the manager who me my son in the hallway, and my son again asked for 2nd rm. or refund. The manager got very agitated, used his pass key to open the door of the new room, remember my wife and grandkids were in the room, didn’t knock, did something with his pass key, shut the door, and told my son to get out of the hotel. He didn’t argue with him, just knocked on the door, told my wife that they were being kicked out. They left and found another hotel, where they were treated with respect.
Later when I called the hotel and spoke with the manager I asked him if he kicked them out he said are you going to argue with me? I said I just want you to answer my question, “Did you kick out my wife, son, and grandkids?” He said “Yes.” I replied, “Then in that case I am filing a complaint with the BBB and with your corporate office.” He said “Go ahead, I don’t care.” With that I told him I was ending the call, and hung up.
Try to get someone to respond at the Corporate offices in extremely difficult. Was told my operator they don’t/won’t connect with any executives. Could email, and someone would get back to me. Customer Relations #, on hold for over 13 min. Finally hung up. Called regional office in Phoenix, wouldn’t connect me with anyone, referred me to customer relations. Someone from Corporate did call back. Listened to the whole story. Gave me a reference # and told me someone from the hotel would call back. Unbelievable. I do not want to speak with anyone from the hotel. Corporate, doing nothing to resolve this. Assuming NO responsibility! In our future travels, Choice Hotels will NOT be even considered. When you cannot even speak with/contact an executive, especially one in the service industry, is sends a real loud message.


Q Crandol August 30, 2017 at 3:27 pm

On July 13, 2017 I had a reservation for Comfort Suites at 54069 Plummer Blvd Suffolk Va. which my 1st confirmation for my arrival on 7/13/17 was #20332287. I called the hotel to tell them I was running late and they said they did not have a reservation for me and they was booked. I explained to them I made prior arrangements and had a confirmation number. I stated to him how could they not have a room when its been confirmed by email. Anyway I called the 1-800 number which I spoke with a lady named Kayion which she stated there was availability at that location on Plummer Rd. She booked me another room at the same location. my confirmation for that room was 21017485. I went to the location and when I got there the front desk who was rude stated he was full. I’m like how can you be full when I just called the 1-800 number and they booked me a room. He stated he did not know and proceeded talking to someone else. I had my newborn baby with me and was tired and very aggravated. I never received a call or email of cancellation. I called back to the 1-800 on several occasions to no prevail Reference# 8862185. I also have called the hotel Comfort Suites which I finally talked to A man named Francisco who stated he was going to give me a comp room to this day I have not been accommodated. He just keep lying, I have been a choice member since 2005. What ever happen to customer satisfaction. This is one of the worst type of management I seen in a while no one is hardly ever there as far as managers on the premises especially on the weekend. I do not recommend that location and I am very big on customer service.


Jack M. Hood August 26, 2017 at 5:48 pm

Dear Member Resolution,

In your response to me you repeatedly thank me for my patience while your system is not providing me the elite benefits and rewards that I have earned and I must say that this is not a matter of patience.  I’m now staying at my second Choice property (Sleep KY088) on my current vacation with several more stays already booked.  A while back when I first brought this matter to your attention I was credited with 2000 points for not being recognized this entire year as an Diamond Elite member when I arrive at your properties.  While the 2000 point credit was a nice gesture, it is far from what I should have received as a Diamond Elite member during my stays this year.  Tonight will make my 18th night stay at a Choice Hotels property so far this year.  That is many times not being recognized as a Diamond Elite member, many times not being offered Diamond Elite benefits and rewards and many times not being offered an upgrade on my stay.  I don’t think the 2000 points that was credited comes anywhere close to the potential benefits and rewards that I’ve lost out on yet I remain loyal!  I’m more than holding up my end of the bargain in being a Choice Privileges member, but you are not and continue to send excuses why that is.  That is not how you should be doing business and certainly not how someone who has been a member of the program since 1999, 18 years, should be treated nor should Choice Hotels Corp expect that their members should remain patient while you state you are fixing  issues with your system that are not the fault of the member.

18 years of Choice Privileges membership, hundreds of stays over the years and now that I’ve retired after serving the United States in the military for over 33 years, I have been able to attain the highest level in the Choice Privileges program.  I’ve spent a lot of money at your hotels to reach this Diamond Elite level and have stayed enough this year to cross over into Platinum level for this year in just a couple more nights and have more nights already booked to well cross into that plateau and have full intentions and expectations to once again this year to reach Diamond Elite level again for next year.  For you to  tell me that the problem is being worked on and my patience is appreciated is inadequate.  I do have other options and am now giving  serious consideration to looking at others in the hospitality business for my stays and going with their loyalty program instead of continuing to stay with Choice Hotels and the Choice Privileges program after all of these years.  To me that is a real shame.  By being a member of the Choice Privileges program I am supposed to have several privileges and it is not right to advertise your program as doing that when it is not true.  With the size that Choice Hotels Corp is there is no excuse that your system cannot perform as you are currently advertising and have been advertising for years.  It is just ludicrous that you cannot have your system performing as it should within hours of discovering that it isn’t do so and being notified of this problem by your customers.

If this isn’t resolved very quickly it is my full intention to do several things… 1.)  To file a complaint with appropriate representatives in the hospitality industry and rating systems.  2.) To file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau and make sure they are fully aware that you are not doing as you advertise.  3.)  To file a complaint with each of the states’ Attorney Generals that I have stayed in at a Choice Hotels property.  4.) To look into a possible class action case on behalf of all Choice Privileges members who have had the same experience as I have had due to Choice Hotels Corp. inability to honor the benefits and rewards that have been promoted by the corporation and not taking immediate and appropriate steps to ensure that the corporation is fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities to it loyalty program “Choice Privileges” members.

I certainly look forward to a more positive, fair and honest response from you and hope that I will not have to follow through with any of these actions.  Believe me, I will take these actions though if a better response from you is not received.  This is not how I expect to spend part of my vacations each time I travel.  Arriving at Choice properties and being disappointed time after time because I’m not receiving what was promised or treated as expected per the Choice Privileges Elite membership promises per each level.

The matter is in your hands and I my next steps will depend on you.


Jack M. Hood


Beatrice Coates August 20, 2017 at 4:47 pm

We recently stayed at the Germantown Quality Inn on Wolf River Rd. Upon entering our room, it smelled moldy and musty. It was late, we were tired and went to bed. The next morning we noticed black mold on the ceiling and wall. We were supposed to stay 3 days but got out as quickly as we could. I informed the front desk of the mold. She said “I’m sorry” and proceeded with our checkout.
No offer to comp us so will dispute the charge. Other guests have complained of the same, but nothing was resolved. Professionals need to take care of the problem asap! Sisters allergies were affected. Beware!


Frances O August 16, 2017 at 5:21 pm

I have some great experiences with Choice hotels, especially Comfort Suites, but lately the service has been very poor. We traveled to Bethlehem Pennsylvania celebrating my Husband’s 50th birthday because we wanted to go to the casino there. The person that made my phone reservation put us at a hotel way across town. the first hotel we got to near the casino, the person on duty was so rude and would not accommodate us at the price quoted over the phone so we traveled to the other hotel This was such an inconvenience. Once we got there, now this is at midnight October 28, 2016 when my Husband turned 50 years old, we were checking at the front desk because a mistake your agent made. Ok we go our room the bed was not made, there was an empty water bottle and soda can on the desk and the bathroom had trash in. We go back to the front desk and they put us in another room. We put our bags down and went to celebrate as planned. We got back after a couple of hours and the heat didn’t work. Too tired to change rooms because had traveled from Charlotte North Carolina, we called the front desk and told them about the heat so it could be on record. In the morning while checking out, the manager was kind enough to refund our money. That issue was resolved and we went on our way.
I called the customer service line to complain about the agent putting us at the wrong hotel and was given 4,000 points.
We traveled to Connecticut on August 4, 2017 and stayed at the Econo lodge in West Haven, Ct. We wanted to stay in the room that we stayed in when we got married and the young lady at the front desk was nice and granted our request. The room smelled just like mold and mildew and the carpet was so nasty. We went back to the front desk and the girl gave us another room around the back. It was near the dumpster, creepy and appeared to be unsafe so I went back downstairs and she gave us a room on the second floor in front. It wasn’t the best but we took it because we were tired.
We went and got something to eat and came back to unload our luggage and got in the elevator and got stuck. There was a different young lady at the desk now and she was so rude. She said her husband or housekeeping had just gotten off the elevator so I asked her to ride up with us since she was so sure nothing was wrong with it. It never came back down and when walked up to the second floor is was stuck up there. her attitude was horrible.
Again, I called to file a complaint and a very nice young lady by the name of Wendy took my information and called over to the hotel. The manager was so rude to her while I was on the phone and was yelling at her and hung up on her. Wendy gave me a ticket number and said she would follow up with me to see if the manager resolved the issue. I had not heard anything so I called customer service back on 8/15/2017 and Wendy was not available so I spoke to Martha. Martha said that the manager said he sent me an e-mail apologizing which was a lie. I have not from him. Martha tried to make due by giving me 5,000 points. After thinking about it last night, 5,000 can not even get me a free nights stay so I called back to speak to Wendy and some rude lady by the name of Lauren would not let me speak to Wendy and she said Martha gave me 5,000 points and that was all that could be done.
What has happened to choice hotels. The service customer service has gotten really bad and do you inspect your hotels because they are really nasty. I feel that with all the trouble we have been through that you would make good on your service and at least give us enough points to stay at a nice, safe clean hotel.
SOOOO disappointed in Choice Hotels.


Stephanie August 6, 2017 at 8:52 pm

I recently stayed part of a night at Rodeway Inn in Nashville, TN on August 4, 2017. The location is 311 West Trinity. The staff was rude!!! They room was dirty, the shower was to small to take a shower in!!! At 11:00 PM, two men banged on the door of our room saying that they had a report of an electric outage in the room. We had been a sleep when the banging started!!! Then they tried to come in the room with a passkey. My friend pushed the door close and I told them there was nothing out in the room. I then tried to call the front desk to report this, but of course with everything else that was horrible about the room, the phone did not work!!! I then called the front desk on my cellphone to report this and the manager would check it out. When I did not hear anything from him, I had already called another hotel in Nashville to make a reservation, cause we were afraid for our lives!!! I then called the front desk again cause the banging on doors had started AGAIN!!! He told me he would be out there to see what was going on. When we went outside the room, he told them to stop working, and told us to go back into our room!!! I loudly told him we were not staying at this hotel anymore and I demanded a full refund!!! After he made me wait in the lobby while he waiting on what I would say were call girls, he told me I would only be getting half of my money back!!! I told him that I wanted a full refund and he told me that he was only getting half of my money back!!! He told me I could take it up with the Operations Manger Saturday when he would be there!!! Since I could see from the business card that he gave me for the Manager, it was a family member, so I decided to contact the Corporate Office. I have never been treated so rudely at a hotel!!! I am asking for the remainder of my hotel bill since again we feared for our lives at this hotel. If I do not hear back from someone in the next few days, then I will be contacting my Lawyer and he will be contacting the Corporate Office. NOT HAPPY!!!


Theresa swanson September 14, 2017 at 2:51 pm

I notice you stayed at the same hotel there was a issue with bed bugs an they refused to give our money back as well as take care of the expenses revolved around the bed bugs an the property an clothing they had now had the chance to infest


Carol Gordon August 2, 2017 at 5:31 pm

This is to President of Choice Hotels,

We were guests at your Comfort Suites in Palestine, Tx Jul 29th and 30th. We were there for a funeral. Quite a few family members stayed there. Our credit card
numbers were all violated from that hotel. The manager, Carol, said no one there took the numbers. She said she would look deeper. We feel someinevat corporate
level needs to get going on this. One card used overseas.
This has never happened to me in the past and hopefully the last time. I want a reply to this message ASAP.


Carol Gordon August 3, 2017 at 9:51 am

Eight people in our party staying at Comfort Suites in Palestine, TX on July
28 and 30, 2017, had our credit card and debit card information stolen after making reservations. They have been used all other the US and overseas. I want this issue addressed.


Robin Palazzolo July 27, 2017 at 2:21 am

Dear sirs/madam,

My husband and I and our best friends (from Texas) were on our way back from Mt Rushmore decided to make reservations in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I choose Roadway Inn, #1…. it was on our way to Denver airport (where we have to take our friends tomorrow 7-27-17) and #2…. it had accommodations which I needed, i.e. Location, Cost, free wifi and free breakfast (which my husband and our friends enjoy).#3 rooms on ground level, as I have had several back surgeries. We arrived around 5:00 pm and went to our rooms (125 & 127). Our rooms smelled like Wet Towels and/or Mold, I also was not able to get on the WIFI (which I need for work). My friends could not get the TV to work or get on the WIFI either. After spending 2 hours on the phone with “Apple” and finding out there was nothing wrong with my devices and my friends and I resetting our devices, we went up to the front desk. The girls at the front desk said ” you just need to reset our WIFI and all should be fine. We could get WIFI there and going back to our rooms found out we no longer had a connection, I went back to the front desk to change rooms.

Your employees are VERY, VERY RUDE. I told the girl (with the blue hair) that I had to have internet and that I needed to change rooms. A man came out from the office and told me “not to speak to her that way”. I was then furious! I told him that I had to have internet and he said to me ” there has been an issue with people hacking into you internet and that I needed to call Deep Blue and let them know about the issue”. I asked why I needed to call them when I was the customer at Your Hotel? He then proceeded to tell me they could not do anything about it. I told him that I was going to contact his corporate office and I was told “just try”. I told him that he needed to learn how to treat his customers as I was walking out and he came back with some remark that sounded rude but, I did not hear all he had said.

I work for a Major Corporation that are the owners of NBC and I will make sure none of our employees, from our President to the new employees stay with any of your hotels. I received our companies highest customer service awards, and I would never treat a customer so rude!


Lennis July 26, 2017 at 4:19 pm

Hi, reservation #19656941 I stayed at the hotel and I had towels with blood samples on it and then someone called the hotel and the representative gave out my information to the person whom called who was not on the reservation. I have made a complaint and not one has called be back yet. I called 301-592-5000 and was transferred to the same customer relations department where I never received a phone call back.


M R Knox July 26, 2017 at 12:51 pm

I just wanted to share our experience with the Quality Choice Hotel on Northhampton Drive in Norfolk Virginia. We checked in with no problems. The room (#476) was a suite and adequately sized for us. We noticed that the carpet had not been swept. The queen beds were just fine. The bathroom on the other hand looked as if it belonged somewhere else. The fixtures were coming out of the walls and one was even really rusted. The mat inside the tub was dirty and grimy (according to my husband). I was afraid to use it! The bathroom corners had crusted dirt and grime in them. The wallpaper was peeling at the top and the bottom. The lobby looked partially cleaned as well and the eat-in area the tables were dirty with grease spots on them. The carpet was dirty and the other floor areas looked as if they had not been cleaned as well. The lobby bathroom was very hot, dirty and stinky. A bathroom is the last place that should be hot. Can you imagine the germs and bacteria floating in the air? I was also told that someone went to get some orange juice out of the dispenser and a clump of mold came out; someone also indicated that another person had an experience with a waterbug coming out of the juice dispenser. Disgusting and repulsive! This is totally unacceptable! While this hotel is not the best place to stay in it’s present state; that can change if the people that own it; and the people that work there genuinely cared. This place needs some serious attention! I don’t know if its management or the employees, but no one seem to genuinely care about the quality of of this place. I’m in management myself and I know that everything, whether it be positive or negative, reflects back to the owner or the person in charge. I hope that corporate pays attention to these comments because not doing so can be detrimental for business. Word of mouth is the best advertisement any business could get. When people are happy they share just as when they are negative. Personally, I don’t plan to stay in any hotels that are in the Choice Hotels chain; simply because I can’t be sure that they won’t be like this location. We paid $400+ for 3 nights. No that’s not the most expensive amount one can pay, but we had a right to expect the place to be clean and not have to use fixtures that may fall off at any given moment; walk around on dirty carpet or shower on a dirty mat. Hopefully these words will be shared with someone from Choice Hotels that gives a care and can do something about my complaints. These are small changes that can very easily be rectified. Thank you for considering my complaint.


Bridget McDade July 20, 2017 at 7:07 pm

Dear Sir,
I stayed at your Quality Suites on my first time ever going to see Memphis Tennessee out East by the airport on July 6-10th. On my first night, I wanted to leave but didn’t want to disappoint my son as we were to experience the outlet malls, Beale Street and Lorraine Motel. About an hour after being in the living room area a huge XXXXroach began crawling across the ceiling. The front desk attendants told me that night they would send someone to spray. The next night a spider was found crawling my sheets in the bed. After three days, no one ever came to spray and my friend woke up from sleeping on the hideaway bed with red bite mar all over her arms and chest. I didn’t include the photo of my friend because of her being female but the bites were again all over her chest area and neck. I think it’s terrible we must go through all this posting and there’s no direct information on who to contact and how.
I can be reached at 314-423-XXXXX


Lori Skinner-Kral July 17, 2017 at 1:42 pm

We stayed at the Comfort Suites in Kodak(Sevierville) TN this past Fri. night. We have stayed there many times before and it is a great place to stay; until this Fri. (7-14-2017. We checked out on Sat. morning after enjoying an excellent breakfast there. On our way home to Crossville, TN, I realized I had left my gold diamond earrings and my Claddagh sterling silver earrings on the night stand. I called the hotel and the very nice lady said nobody had rented the room and she went up to see if my things were still there. They were not, and the only person that had been in the room was the maid. She said if anything is found in the room, the maids lock it up in the managers’ office. She said the manager would call me Monday morning. She did not. I called the manager and she said nothing was turned in. I told her I was 100% sure I knew where I left them and if the maid had turned them in, I would send her a reward. I told the manager I would file a police report, which I did, she has a maid who is a thief working there. I very much doubt she even interviewed the maid. As much as we always liked this place, we will never stay there again or any Choice hotels again. I realize it was my fault, but, I never thought they would hire a maid who steals..


maryann gentille July 26, 2017 at 10:01 am

my boyfriend became a member of choice hotel based on my recomndation and during our stay at comfort inn in independence Ohio on Quarry lane my i pad was stolen from our room. this is the 1st time after many stays with choice hotel that anything was taken. my member number is MXG 21413 and if you check my past reservations you can see i am a loyal member. the manager of this hotel has done nothing to appease my loss and acts like this is my fault. my i pad was out for several days being used and charged, and on the 4th day i shut it off and placed it in my carry on bag along with other items. the last day before checking out, my i pad was still in my bag but the next morning we checked out early around 6;30 and drove home, my i pad was missing. i notified the choice hotel immediately and the next day as well, and the manager has done nothing. i even think she knows of this thief working there and may be in on it herself. can you help he stop another guest from being a victim this LG tablet pad has a value of $500.


Sally July 17, 2017 at 10:50 am

RE: Terrible Stay in Mackinaw City, Mi.
OMG We checked in to a Quality Inn July 9th for a 5 night stay. We left after 4 nights. The room #157 was terrible. Curtains stained and torn, sand in the door wall track and balcony, dirty window sill which looked like mold, a spot of mold in the shower, the nozzle pulled away from the wall in the tub, lock on the door wall door broken and a rod across the door to keep it closed so no one could get in, they gave us a handicapped room which we didn’t need or want and the worst part??? We had friend come over for a visit with their 2 grand kids and they went in swimming. OMG SXXXX in the hot tub the water in the pool wasn’t even clear and the whole area was dirty. Even the kids said oh it was so yucky!! We paid 671.00 and couldn’t enjoy the pool. We left early and because we paid cash, the girl said, oh get a hold of corporate if you want any money back!! We have a card to get points but we can throw that away and never use it again. Now I have to say my husband does stay in Marshall, Mi. and that one is great. This isn’t the first time we have run across dirt, stains and just plain un kept places. You need to check up on your hotels if you are going to keep your name on them!
Thank you
Sally Barrett
734 676 XXXXX


Bill July 17, 2017 at 10:29 am

Dear Sir/Madam:

This e-mail is to let you know that we will never stay in another Choice Hotel. Your main webpage is very confusing. We recently searched for a hotel and your page shows the “EVERYDAY RATE” as the default choice. After searching, the price showed and we booked the room only to find out after that the rate choice changed to NON-REFUNDABLE. I immediately called your Customer Support number and I was informed that only the Manager at the Hotel could refund the payment. My wife called the Manager and explained our situation. The Manager “Lindsay” was very nasty and had no compassion whatsoever.

The reason we wanted a REFUNDABLE room in the first place is because my wifes Father is going through major health problems and we weren’t sure if we would be able to leave him and go on vacation. His health now took a turn for the worst and he is in the Critical Care Unit at our local hospital and we are unable to travel anywhere. We explained this whole situation to the Manager and she did not care.

We now have no choice but to Dispute the charge. We will also be leaving negative reviews throughout the internet and be sure to let all of our friends and family know not to stay at Choice Hotels.


William Morin


Christina Franks July 14, 2017 at 11:12 am

To whom it may concern

This is my complaint about my stay at
The Comfort Inn Rivers Edge
132 n. Main St
Huron, OH 44839

My family and I stayed at the comfort inn rivers edge on Monday July 10th, 2017.
When I made my reservation I clicked to add a roll away bed to my reservation. At check in I asked if the roll away was already in my room and ready since I booked it in my reservation. She said no they didn’t have any it was 1st come 1st serve. I was pretty mad cause I really needed it and if I would of known you take reservations but don’t know how to hold one then I would of went to a different hotel. I’ve stayed at comfort in the past and never had any problems.
The hotel smelled horrible I really wanted to leave after i checked in and went into my room the smell was even worse horrible stink. This hotel really needs to close and do alot of cleaning and get a airfreshner system. But we stayed and dealt with the smelly room and no roll away because my family was tired. After being in the room for alittle bit we started noticing all the ants the room had I killed over a dozen of them just within an hour of being there. Now I couldnt sleep knowing there ants in the room. The carpet was also so discusting and so stained up I didn’t even want to walk around without my shoes off I have pics to prove it was nasty. The wall outlets didn’t even work we needed to charge 3 phones and only 1 worked in the entire room actually worked.
The towels I used after showering smelled so bad I didn’t even want to use them. Since the room smelled so bad now my clean cloths I had to wear next day smell. Ive never been so disappointed in staying at a hotel then I was here, and I spent almost $100 for a Monday nite for this dump of a hotel.

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Rebecca Waller July 11, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Me and my husband booked Saturday -Tuesday at Quality Inn in Martinsburg, WVa . When we returned Monday evening from leaving that morning at 10am our room was not cleaned no big deal called the front desk just to see where we could empty the trash after calling 3 times no answer I walked down to desk. I see the front desk clerk just standing there and I said I tried calling you she says yes I know I was on the other line what do you want. I thought that was rude to greet a guest and told her so. She says I’m not being rude what do you want she says again. I said the maid didn’t clean our room before I can finish saying we just need to empty our trash she interrupts me and says again what do you want. I said the maid saw us leave just wanted to know why she didn’t clean our room at this point she says what did she look like I said you want me to describe her she says yes I thought that was strange so I did. I said she’s white short with brown hair like you. Then she proceeds to tell me we have 30 minutes to leave or she’s calling the police I thought she was joking who calls the police over a complaint about housekeeping. So I go back to my room and 15 minutes later the West Va police are knocking on our door and says management wants us to leave the property. So we did and requested a refund for Tuesday night to be told by the police we have to file a civil suit so we will contact a lawyer. We have stayed at several hotels been on cruises and have dealt with people in the hospitality business and have never been treated like this. We will never stay at the Quality Inn again or a Choice Hotel affiliate. She ruined our vacation.


Nakia Scott July 10, 2017 at 12:37 pm

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to serve as my formal complaint regarding the poor service and harassment that I received at the Comfort Inn located at 5455 Windward Pkwy W, Alpharetta, GA 30004.

I made two reservations at this property to stay for a family reunion over the 4th of July holiday weekend. One reservation was originally made in my Aunts name, but on June 19th, 2017 I called customer service to have the reservation updated to my name and my credit card. I was advised to call contact the hotel directly to let them know I would be checking in. Upon check in-I provided my ID as well as credit card information and checked into both rooms without issue.

On 7/1 around 12pm, I called the front desk to request additional towels due to our room not being serviced. I was told that this was a self-service hotel and I had to come get my own towels. Frustrated, as I have NEVER been told this before, I saw the housekeeping on my floor and grabbed towels from her myself. On 7/2 around 1pm I again called to request more towels and to report that the sink was not draining in the bathroom. I was again told that this is a self-service hotel and I needed to come down to get towels and that someone will service my room when they can. I then asked the gentleman on the phone, who identified himself only as John, who the manager was because I was unhappy with the level of service being provided. John stated he was the manager. I asked who was his manager that I could speak to. He refused to give me a name or any contact information. He then stated that I must show him my ID when I come downstairs to get towels. I went downstairs and saw the housekeeper by the name of Mercedes cleaning rooms on the first floor. I approached her directly and asked for towels in which she provided me without hesitation, as she had done the day prior. I was then approached by John while getting the towels who asked me what my name was then demanded that I show him ID. I stated that I already provided ID and my credit card upon check-in and did not need to provide it again. He began to follow me and ask me a variety of questions as I walked back towards the elevator. I asked him to please leave me alone and he began to raise his voice, demanding that I answer his questions. I then advised him he was making me extremely uncomfortable in which caused him to become even more verbally aggressive. I repeatedly asked him to stop and that he was making me uncomfortable as I continued to walk away from him. I pressed the button for the elevator, the doors opened and I stepped on and pressed my floor number. He stood in the opening of the elevator and held out his left arm preventing the elevator from closing. He continued to yell at me. I walked passed him, under his arm and took the stairs. This ended his confrontation. I immediately called my aunt, who originally made the reservation and advised her of what happened. She called and spoke to John directly and was given the same aggressive tone. He refused to provide her with his last name or contact information to file a complaint.

I checked out of my rooms on 7/4/2017 approximately at 11am. John was at the desk and I asked for the receipts for one of the rooms. He then asked me for my ID, I stated he didn’t need that to give me the receipt for my charges. I asked for his name, he refused to provide his last name again stating that it was not needed. I advised him I would be making a formal complaint and he began to raise his voice and tell me to get out and that he called corporate and that I would never be able to stay there again. I did NOTHING wrong in this situation. I did not damage any property, disrespect him, no noise complaints, nothing. During my stay, my room was NEVER cleaned nor was the sink drainage issue fixed, the comforter has yellow stains and the air conditioning had mold. I have never been fearful of a hotel manager before nor received suck horrible service in my life. Comfort Inn has lost a customer for life!

I am a woman who was alone being yelled at and followed by a male who is supposed to be a manager of a property in which I was a paying customer. This all happened because I asked to speak to someone about the service I was receiving.

Nakia Scott


Diane Hinojosa July 9, 2017 at 7:26 pm

Hello. My name is Diane and I am a member of Choice Hotels. I travel often and I always choose Choice Hotels for my stay. My father and I love to travel up to Corpus Christi and we typically stay an average of two weeks at your hotel near the beach. We do this twice, sometimes even three times a year, or as our schedules allow me. This year for my birthday I decided to invite family to go with me on vacation since they had ever experienced a vacation before, much less to the beach. I booked two rooms and paid ahead of time. One room was for 6 days and the other (my room) was for 8 days. Prior to our arrival to Corpus, we decided to visit San Antonio for my birthday dinner and to visit the nearby attractions. I booked a room at the Econolodge Downtown South using my reward points, which I loved because it allowed me to book the room at no cost. When I arrived to the hotel, the attendant began a (what I thought was) a friendly conversation. She asked questions regarding my stay such as if I was staying for business or pleasure. I answered her accordingly without any hesitation. She also asked me to write down my license plate, however, she did not give me any hotel doXXXXent to fill out with the information. She simply tore a piece of paper from a scrap piece of paper and gave it to me and asked me to doXXXXent the information. I did not think much of it at the time, as my vacation had just begun and I was very excited to begin my adventure.

The following morning I find that my sister’s car was broken into and who ever broke into the vehicle also attempted to break into my truck, however, they were unsuccessful. They attempted to also steal my tool box which is in the back of my truck but failed at that as well. I contacted the police as 400.00 cash, a tablet, phone, and other items were stolen out of my sister’s car. I asked to speak to the manager and they gave me the run-around for several hours. I was on a schedule and was required to check in at the Corpus Hotel that day, therefore I was not able to stay and wait any longer for the manager. The manager never showed to review the security cameras which would have identified the person as the cameras were pointed directly to the vehicles. I began to think about the situation and had a funny gut feeling. Why was only my car and my sister’s targeted? No other car had been distributed. I also then wondered why the attendant had asked for my license plate on a scrap piece of paper and questioned me at check in.

As I began to become more suspicious, I decided to check the reviews for this hotel. I knew that if any similar situations had happened, there might be a connection. As I reviewed the comments on the reviews, I come across numerous reviews where other people’s vehicles were also broken into, as well as people’s rooms. Yet, according to the reviews, the manager acted the same as in my situation. Refusing to cooperate. I understand that blaming anyone for this situation can be dismissed as paranoia, but it is greatly concerning that a hotel would have numerous break-ins and do nothing about it, unless, of course, the break-ins were an inside job, which would explain the initial questioning and doXXXXentation of my licence plates at my check in. Either way, I can not understand how Choice Hotels would allow for this type business. This was only the beginning. It gets worse.

As I stated, I had already paid for two rooms, therefore on the morning of the 29th, after submitting the police report and waiting on the manager, who never showed, for numerous hours, we decided to call it a loss and continue with the vacation. We drove to Corpus to our regular hotel, which we book every year. I arrived at 12 and the receptionist received me in a very unpleasant manner, acting as if she did not want to be there. She then proceeded to tell me that the rooms would not be available until 3 oclock. I had an infant with me and my pet. It is, in my opinion, unacceptable to allow a family to sit and wait 3 hours in the hot sun, even after booking the room with a month in advance and pre-paying for the rooms. I told her that I would be back at the time that she had given me and decided to go grab lunch meanwhile. At about three thirty (I decided to give it half an hour more so that the rooms would be ready), I headed back to the hotel to check in. The same lady attended me and had the same attitude as before. I am not quite sure why she had that attitude. I was neither rude nor demanding at any time of my check in and was courteous. As she checked the rooms, she then advised me that she only had one room upstairs and the other downstairs. I advised her that I would be needing two rooms on the same floor. She said “let me see what I have”. She then proceeded to turn to her co-worker and state “Oh my God. I’m going to murder her”. Now, I’m not stating that the remark was made about me or towards me, however,making those types of statements as a customer makes a request is unnecessary and uncalled for. I still remained calm and collected and just brushed it off. She gives me two keys to the rooms without specifications as to which room is which and we proceed to settle in at this point.

Later that evening, I decided to take my sister to the hot tub, which I have used many times before during out countless stays at this hotel. My sister had been working hard to save up for this vacation and was looking forward to relaxing in the hot tub. She had even stated that it was one of the things she had been looking towards on this vacation. Well, as we make our way down to the pool, we realize that the hot tub has been removed. An utter feeling of disappointment just sank in. We were very disappointed and at this point I was upset because the amenities on the website still stated that there was a hot tub which was not only a lie, but misleading. Regardless,we were already there and we had to try and make the best of it.

I remind you that at this point I am already dissatisfied with Choice Hotels. I am beginning to question my customer loyalty with this company, but there was still a couple of days left and things could possibly still turn around. One morning, I make my way down to breakfast with my baby and father and decided to have toast. As I took a piece of bread and make my way towards the toaster I see something move out of the corner of my eye. Two roaches were crawling on the very table that the pastries were on. As I walk towards the trash can, I see two other roaches on the opposite wall crawling on the wall and they then crawl behind the trashcan. My father did notify an employee because he told me that he had seen roaches crawling all over the coffee machine when he had come downstairs early one morning for coffee. It was just gross and disturbing.

There was another incident as I checked out one of the rooms, however, it is unnecessary to specify as I think I have make it quite clear how dissatisfied I was with my entire stay at these hotels. I have always enjoyed staying at the Quality Inn at the Beach in Corpus and have never had second thoughts about booking a room through my Choice Hotels account. However, it goes without saying that I will be reconsidering my loyalty to this hotel chain. I am going to state that the purpose of this email is not to receive anything for free. I am not the type of person to typically complain about things in any manner. However, thousands dollars later, I feel that as a dissatisfied customer, I should allow you to see how your hotels are leaving customers severely disappointed and unsatisfied. My stay at these hotels were discouraging to future bookings. I do not know that I want to ever book another hotel with this hotel chain. It saddens me to feel this way because I have been booking at this particular hotel for years. But this year, it was unacceptable. I hope this feedback allows you to reflect on the quality of service these two hotels are providing your customers (or lack of).

Thank your for your time,
Diane Hinojosa


Deborah July 9, 2017 at 5:19 pm

I recently stayed at a Quality Inn room in Waco, TX. The staff was very nice and helpful, the condition of the hotel was…marginal. The carpet appeared to be dirty and very out of date. The elevator was filthy with dried, splashed and dripping liquid easily visible on the walls.
It was quiet and for my purposes, just “ok”.

After getting stuck on the plane (due to a storm) for three hours , getting off the plane for an hour, getting back on the plane and waiting another hour to take off, I missed my connection in Portland, OR.

I had just enough power left in my phone to contact my husband to let him know what was happening and to ask him to get me a room in Portland as my connecting flight was the last flight out that night.

When I tried to get my points, I was denied because my husband made the reservation. When I got to the hotel, I paid for it with MY credit card, I stayed in the room and get this: THEY AUTOMATICALLY GAVE MY HUSBAND (WHO DOESN’T TRAVEL) A CHOICE ID /ACCOUNT# AND HE NEVER EVEN ASKED FOR ONE OR SIGNED UP FOR ONE! WHEN I ASKED ABOUT GETTING THE POINTS, THEY REFUSED AND SAID THEY GAVE THE POINTS TO HIM! WHEN I ASKED FOR THE MANAGERS NAME AND A CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER I WAS TOLD 1-800-4-CHOICE…THE RESERVATION LINE!! NOT THE CORPORATE # AT ALL!! If someone has to jump through hoops to get credit for the money they spend at these hotels and they’re marginal at best…WHY BOTHER!!!


Nannie Evans June 30, 2017 at 12:56 pm

This is the email that was sent to me today by the General Manger of the Clarion Hotel, because I left a negative review of the hotel .

Dear Nannie,

Everything you stated is not the fact, if that was the case why you damage my property and ran while the police was coming, please Do not return.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our online survey regarding your recent stay at our hotel.

Your feedback is very important to us and we can assure you that we will use this information to do everything possible to create an enjoyable experience for each of our guests. We hope to see you again soon!


Sandra Brown

General Manager
Clarion Inn & Suites


Margie Brendez June 29, 2017 at 3:20 pm

CEO: Stephen P. Joyce
CFO: Simone Wu
COO: Patrick S. Pacious

I am writing this letter in regards to the frustration I have endured since 6/12/17 with Choice rewards customer service. First I would like to say we have been loyal Choice Hotel (rewards) customers. Recently I have made a few up coming reservations at a couple different Choice hotels. On 6/11/17 on one of my reservations I was given a quote for my rates but the reservation email I received was different than what I was quoted, so I called back around 9:40 pm and was given your customer relations number 1-800-300-8800 and was told I’d probably get a free night behind that mistake. I then call and spoke with Ellie at 3:52 pm on 6/12/17 in customer relations, she said they would check out the recordings about my reservation, she gave me a case number and said it would take a week. I had been waiting for a call back about my case for over a week but I received nothing, so I then call back at 1:09pm on 6/21/17 and speak with Chrystal and she said that they found in favor of me on my case and offered me 8,000 points. I then replied that I’d rather have the rate that I was quoted, she then puts me on hold, comes back and says that the general manager at the hotel said they would do that and I’d be getting an email. On 6/23/17, I still hadn’t received the email so I called back again to customer relations, spoke with Shante’ at 3:25pm and she said that she’d contact the hotel manager and have them get the email of confirmation out to me. On 6/28/17, I still hadn’t received the email that I was told I was to be receiving for several days now so I called customer relations again at 3:37pm, spoke with Josh and he then proceeded to tell me that it was not possible to provide me with such email because the hotel was taking care of it on their end. I proceeded to ask him about why this wasn’t possible? It’s a simple email verifying the quoted rates for each room, each night on the specific days at the specific hotel. What is so hard about that if everything is correct? I mentioned that I did not want to travel at that distance, get there and nobody at the hotel has knowledge of the situation and I get charged the full rates. The call gets closed out and I then call back to speak with a supervisor/manager. After being put on hold for 30 minutes or so I finally get transferred to Walter and he tries telling me the same thing. I then tell him, I would had to take this situation public because word of mouth does go far, especially on social media and he then says he’d get that email out to me by end of day. I did receive an email but it has no reservation dates nor the establishment but it does have the quote for each room at each rate per night. I then call the hotel because going through all of this, and it’s an email from the hotel I was originally asking for but not getting, it seems like they may not have acknowledgement about this matter. I speak with Nicki at the hotel and she tells me they would change the rate in the system but they’ve been waiting on Choice to give them confirmation that Choice will be giving them compensation. I told her I was going to contact Walter back and she asked if I could have him call the hotel so they can speak with him as well. I then send Walter a reply to his email asking him to add the reservation dates and establishment to the email along the the quoted rates. I get a call back from the customer relations number at 2:07pm today 6/29/17,but it was not Walter but this man proceeds to tell me that the hotel will not be giving me my rooms at the rate I was quoted and that I would have to pay the full price of the room on all nights and there would be compensation after the stay! I am livid to say the least! I told him that is not what is doXXXXented in my case and that I was told differently and I am not going to be paying the full price. I will take my business elsewhere if this issue is not resolved in a timely manner, for I have been dealing with this matter for basically 3 weeks and should not be dealing with such horrific customer service! I haven’t been close to having high blood pressure but I’m sure after going through everything I have endured through Choice customer service, I may have it now. To be honest, I would really like this matter to be taken care of asap since it’s already been 18 days of stress in dealing with your employees and booking is of a timely manner or I will need to move in a different direction. The worst customer service I’ve ever had!
Margie Brendez
Jefferson Cherry


Margie Brendez July 10, 2017 at 7:45 pm

Needless to say, I haven’t received any reply what so ever from anyone from Choice hotels. I find it ridiculous that Choice is not a company that stands by it’s word and I choose to not deal with people of that stature. Therefore, I have canceled all of my reservations with Choice hotels and have gone with another branch of hotels.


Jodi June 26, 2017 at 10:04 am

My daughter, 3 toddler grandsons and I went to Virginia Beach and stayed at the Quality Suites on 6280 Northhampton Blvd. It was a disaster. We arrived at 3 pm and were told we could not check in until 4 pm because our suite was not ready. That was acceptable. Once we arrived in our room we were pleasantly surprised at the layout of a living room with a sofa bed and a bedroom with 2 queen beds. THAT is were the pleasantries end. My daughter was getting ready to bath the children, only to find out our room had NO towels. So I went down to the service desk and was given towels. Upon my return to our room, my daughter informed me that we had NO shower curtain. So instead of making the trip back to the service desk, I tried to call housekeeping only to find that our phone did not work, in fact the second phone didn’t even have a cord attached to it. So I trek back down to the service desk, explain the situation and asked if our room was really cleaned since there were candy wrappers on the floor by the night stand. Housekeeping arrives at our room with a shower curtain at which time I point out the stuck on “something” on one of the bedspreads. After another trip from housekeeping to replace the dirty bedspread, I question where the blankets are for the sofa bed. I was told that I had to use the blanket from one of the other beds, leaving my grandchildren without a blanket. Housekeeping said she would look, but there was no guarantee that she would be able to find one. Luckily she did.

Oh, did I mention that was daughter was on business and the Internet was not working so she had to use her own data plan. When we asked about that, we were told that it was an ongoing problem and the “tech” would be there some time that week to try and fix it since he was coming from out of town they had to wait on him. REALLY!

If we weren’t traveling with 3 toddlers and my daughters business supplies, we would have moved to a better hotel in a minute.


Shelia Ward June 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm

I have been trying to send a review for my husband and I stay at the Comfort Inn in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The site would not take my conformation number. I really need to tell you of my wonderful stay at one of your hotels and to mention two compassionate employees. Cori at the front desk and Leslie in housekeeping. I recently had to be in Louisville, Kentucky for eye surgery. My surgery was scheduled for nine a.m. I was released four hours later. Check in at the hotel was four p.m. we took a chance that maybe we could check in earlier as I needed to lay down . Cori at the front desk went beyond our expectations. The room we booked wasn’t ready yet but the one next to it was. Cori called housekeeping to make sure it was indeed ready. Leslie made sure that all was ready before we even got to the elevator. Leslie called me a little while later, introduced herself and said she had heard I had eye surgery and was there anything I needed that she could get for me. NEVER have I had such services at a motel. The motel itself was beautiful, clean and comfortable. These women made my stay wonderful so I could rest up for my check up the next day. From now on I will only stay at your motels. Please let everyone know what quality people you have working group for you. Our reservation was in my husband’s name. Larry Ward. We stayed June 21, 2017.

Shelia Ward
Hopkinsville, Ky. 42240


Kandise Edwards June 19, 2017 at 11:09 am

To whom this may concern, June 19, 2017

CEO:Mr. Stephen P. Joyce
CFO:Mr. Simone Wu
COO:Mr. Patrick S. Pacious

I am writing this letter to inform you all on the TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! my family and I had at your property located at 3366 Busbee Drive NW Kennesaw GA, 30144. On Friday June 6/16/2017 travelling from Chicago IL, to surprise my grandfather for father’s day weekend and chose to stay at your property for the first time since it was close to the residents of my grandfather. As we arrive around 9:00 p.m. my mother proceeds to enter into the property to check in and approximately 5 minutes after we hear a loud booming noise with fire exploding, the other guests as well as myself outside assumed it was fireworks until we noticed all of the lights went completely out in the hotel. As I tried to enter into the door, due to it being automatic of course it would not open, my mom was stuck inside with the front desk agent by the name of Amanda. She was the ONLY EMPLOYER at the property at the time and helped as best as she could. As I was standing outside my mom came up from the stairs that lead to the pool area to make sure we were ok, about 15 minutes later Amanda was able to manually open the doors and as I am standing outside with my 9 month old, 5 year old, and 11 year old plus my luggage a group of gymanists saw the need for help and took our luggage up the exit stairs while dark, no air conditioning, to our room which was on the 3rd Floor. Amanda opens the door and let’s us know that Connor the p.m. Agent will be working tonight the lights will be on shortly and we need to retrieve our key cards from him. Since there was no lights, air conditioner, or anything electrically functional we had to ruin the surprise and go to my grandfather house early so that we could charge our electronics and cool off. We returned to the hotel at midnight, lights were on Conner was sitting at the front desk and once we gave him our room number he informed us that Amanda let him know what had occurred, he apologized and insured us that Stacy the General Manager would be in on Saturday and would compensate us for the first night due to the inconvenience.He then collected $549.50 in cash for the entire stay from us. We get up to our room and everything is working besides the television. So now we wake up Saturday to work out and go down to the fitness center and out of order signs are posted on the equipment. So my mother and I made the best out of your property and walked and ran your parking lot for exercise. We spoke with courtney Saturday morning explained everything that had happened and how dissatisfied we were, we mentioned the refund that connor has promised us and she insured us that she spoke with Stacy and she would definitely be doing something for us. Not to mention that on our visit to surprise my grandfather for father’s day I recieved a call at 8:00 a.m. that my Father HAD PASSED AWAY DUE TO A HEART ATTACK. so not only do I have to deal with the dissatisfaction of the hotel and the amenities that are not available, but now I have to deal with the passing of my Father. Monday morning arrives and we go downstairs to finally meet Stacy the General Manager, she comes up to the desk as were explaining the entire situation, she cuts us off mid conversation apologizes but informs us that the Owner of the Property WILL NOT BE GIVING ANY FORM OF REFUNDS, she constantly kept blaming the employees who were very helpful.I even mention the passing of my Father, she apologizes again but still informed us their was nothing they could do. She gave us the 800-424-6423 # and told us to contact them but their is nothing else she can do from this point on, but since were so dissatisfied we can just go ahead and “check out now” even though are reservations are until Tuesday June 20,2017. To add insult to injury the nerve of her to handle the situation in this manner, and she is a General Manager WOW. My family and I usually stay at Marriott Proper since we are Diamond members and my Stepfather is retired from Marriott but they were booked, so we decided to try your property out, the best part of this trip was Amanda,courtney,and Connor kindess along with the housekeeping staff.I WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER CHOICE HOTEL PROPERTY AGAIN!!!! I have worked within the hospitality industry for over 15 years from Macy’s on State Street in Chicago to the Palmer House Hilton I have never experienced such unprofessionalism until now. I travel frequently, unfortunately my next travel will be to burry my Father on thursday. In my opinion not even a one night compensation will justify the dissatisfaction we experienced through out our stay.Hope you resolve this matter so that no one else with have to experience what we have.

Best Regards,
Ms. Edwards


Gerry DeLucia June 13, 2017 at 10:54 pm

CEO: Stephen P. Joyce
CFO: Simone Wu
COO: Patrick S. Pacious
The porpoise of this letter is to inform you of my frustration and discontent I am experiencing it with your customer service in general.
We are trying to resolve a situation since the minute we received the confirmation of a reservation and it has been a nightmare. We are trying to reach the manager of the hotel in Levittown, PR and she is ignoring me completely. After multiple attempts of trying to contact her by phone and two emails NO RESPONSE AT ALL, WHAT SO EVER!!! Instead she just left a note for us with her employees. Ridiculous!
The customer service at 1-800-300-8800 is also a joke. You need to wait around 15 minutes for somebody to answer and when they do, they put you in hold for 15 minutes more or transfer you to a answering machine. I had one of your managers tell me she would call me back in one hour and I never heard back from her. Another time I asked for a manager I was put on hold and after over ten minutes it went to a machine,REALLY? I am trying to resolve my problem before I make it public. I am very upset and frustrated. There is no way a customer should be treated or ignored the way your company and upper management has been doing to us. I’m forwarding for second time the letter I sent to Brenda Bauzo. We have stayed in many hotels all over the country and different parts of the world and never have we been treated so poorly and with such a low level of customer service as we have from Brenda Bauzo and your customer service staff. I was also told that I would get a call after three to five business days after they investigated my case and that didn’t happen either, I had to call again and get put o hold again. I hope to resolve this problem in the next few days or I will be moving in a different direction. Having one customer not satisfied results in not having customers in the future and a very bad reputation. This is the first time I have had this kind of problem in my life and I travel a lot!
Gerry DeLucia
case #8800500


Gerry DeLucia June 14, 2017 at 7:35 pm



Carol Adams & Kathleen Eddings June 7, 2017 at 9:49 am

I made a reservation at Quality Inn Flamingo, Atlantic City, NJ for Friday June 2, 2017. My 73 year old sister and I (65 yr. old) pulled into the parking lot and knew as soon as we saw a prostitute and 3 male thugs this would not be a safe place to stay. We started driving looking for a different hotel which we found (Marriott). I was able to secure a room for the night in a much cleaner, safer, and customer friendly hotel AND the cost was less than what I had been quoted for your hotel. We immediately called the choice hotel and was told by the clerk we would not receive a refund. I agree we were outside of the cancellation policy but your hotel was not even close to what your website represents. We immediately called customer service and was told we could receive a credit on a different hotel so we agreed to that since we had a reservation with Choice hotel already booked at a smaller town location. When I contacted the upcoming hotel about our reservation our credit card was still being held at the location for payment and there was nothing in their file about a credit. I am waiting 24 hr. to here back from Customer Service about this problem. If I hear nothing I will cancel future reservations with Choice Hotel and proceed to write reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, and any other social media I can possibly access and recommend no one stay at a Choice Hotel! I would urge all complainants to do the same.


Brenda Heaton June 2, 2017 at 7:39 pm

bjw7 at
I stayed at the Quality Inn and Suite in Destin Fla on April 28th. This place was filthly, moldy, with urine smelly carpet, so sticky you couldn’t walk on it. Black mold growing on the ceiling, Popcorn ceiling hanging in strips, door would’t open properly unless you shoved it with your shoulder. Wouldn’t close properly and had a 1/4 inch between door and frame allowing light. Greasy stained chairs and sofa, Shower didn’t work, I heard vermin or something in the walls during the night. I was so afraid, I kept the light on all night and shoved one of the nasty chairs under the door handle. The information paper on the phone was so dirty and old there was no way you could read it. The sprinkler was so rusted that in case of a fire, not sure they would work. I was scared to go to the vending machine for ice, nasty dirty stairs and vending area. I could go on and on but I have tried numerous times via phone calls and e-mails to your customer service to ask that this property be inspected and closed down. I was truly traumatized staying at this place and was ill for two days smelling the mold and filth, I cannot believe this place stills has a Quality Inn Franchise. I am asking for a refund and for someone to please look at all of the rooms at the property. It’s a disgrace and horrible.


Christina Heppner May 30, 2017 at 12:16 pm

Hello, I am writing to discuss the Econo Lodge in Willowbrook.
I accidently booked two 92) rooms form them thru Expedia and have had nothing but problems with them management needs to learn customer service and kindness.
They ended up taking the money from my bank account and now I am in the negative and all of my checks are bouncing. I am stuck paying over $124.00 in overdraft fees. This is just ridiculous. Never again will I stay at a Choice hotels unless something is done about this.


Lynne Cheek May 10, 2017 at 4:31 pm

After 9 (nine) phone calls and 90 minutes of discussing ref: 8761104, my concern was resolved. However, after needing to create a NEW Choice Privileges online profile, I was told by the IT and Customer Service departments, I have to wait 3-5 days for the “escalation department” to contact me to resolve the creation of a new online profile. It seems the issue is related to my inactive account details because after I attempted to create it, this sentence appears:
“* Sorry, a possible duplicate account exists with the information you provided.”
So, I am posting this comment to see just how long I have to wait for a timely response from Choice –


Lynne May 18, 2017 at 12:10 pm

Good Morning,

No response for 8 days. As of today, I still cannot create a new profile for my new Choice Rewards account. Your customer service is terrible.


D Carpenter April 24, 2017 at 1:18 pm

I see that Choice Hotels has little or no responses to any comments. I just spent 2 nights at the Econo Lodge in Fort Oglethorge, GA by the Chicamauga Battlefield and it had XXXXroaches. What does this tell me as a regular customer of Choice Hotels? Why would they let this property get away with this kind of stuff? It is run apparently by a family from India. They seem like nice people, but seems like they are running the place till it falls into the ground and trying to suck every dime out of it they can since they obviously don’t want to spend a dime on it to take care of XXXXroaches. That really gives Choice Hotels a bad name because there are a lot of good EconoLodges, but to let somebody run one into the ground is inexcusable..expecially when they are charging $68 a night for a room worth $30 a night. I could get a better room at this place at Motel 6.


Linda McDaniel May 1, 2017 at 12:03 pm

By the comments on this page it appears that my experience is normal for your facilities, which is UNACCEPTABLE. Had a 4 day stay in Panama City Fl @ Comfort Inn & Suites 3602 West Hwy 98. This place looks good from outside and the lobby AND then it stops. Once we got on Elevator the floor tile was filthy. As we walked to our room the carpet was stained (have pictures for all issues) and looked as if it had not been cleaned EVER. In the room the carpet was dirty, the sofa when you sit on it you could feel the springs, then I noticed the it was stained and old (80’s style). Around the phone numbers was dirt. In the bathroom, walls dirty, decor around lights and hinges rusted.
I have never stayed at a place this filthy and the only reason I didn’t ask for my money back and leave immediately as there was a Jazz Festival in town and all hotels were booked. People were there from all over the United States and Canada, what a poor example of a Choice Hotel that your CEO Mr. Stephen Joyce is on TV selling.


LaKesha L. Williams April 17, 2017 at 4:48 pm

My family and I checked into the Comfort Suites Bypass on 4/15/17 for a weekend getaway in Williamsburg, one of our favorite places to visit. The next day my daughter and I went to the pool for a while and we really wanted to get into the jacuzzi but after looking at it, we decided to call the front desk because in the middle of the foam caused by the jets there was a greenish/black discoloration. A gentleman came and switched the jacuzzi back on and said: “there it works fine.” I attempted to tell him that it wasn’t that the jacuzzi was not working but that it had some type of discoloration that appeared to be a build up of dirt, however, he continued to talk over me and did not give me an opportunity to fully explain myself. His last remarks were that the foam may be some residue from peoples’ bathing suits, which didn’t add up. A few minutes later, another gentleman came in, looked at the jacuzzi, looked at me and walked back out without saying anything. After being in the pool for about an hour and notifying the staff of the problem, my daughter thought it would be ok to try the jacuzzi hoping that maybe they had filtered the water through a system. She was in the jacuzzi for less than five minutes before she started to itch and burn and had to get out. She immediately rinsed off at the shower in the pool room and we went to the front desk to report what had happened. The two gentlemen there unsympathetically apologized and were quite rude as they were earlier. By the time we got upstairs to our room, the rash that started on her left arm began to spread to the other arm, along with her back and also on her neck. We called the front desk again to let them know this and asked about where the nearest hospital was. Again, very unsympathetic and unconcerned were the attitudes of the men we spoke with. We decided that we were going to attempt to try Benadryl first and they provided a map to get to the nearest Walgreens. On the morning of our check out 4/17/17, we were apologized to by the manager who told us that there was Benadryl in the desk that could have been offered to my daughter and he would be happy to repay us for the amount of the Benadryl.

The whole situation is unsettling, as my daughter has been an avid swimmer and user of jacuzzis for years without ever developing a rash, but to offer to pay for the Benadryl after an obvious oversight of the hotel is unacceptable.

Our stay was cut short due to my daughter being medicated by Benadryl, covered in a rash, experiencing dizziness and unable to participate in the remaining plans that we had. We use Choice Hotels very often and have never been treated so poorly. Corporate was called, and after being offered 5,000 points, then 10,000 points, we were refused the opportunity to speak with a manager and told that nothing else could be done for this terrible experience. The itching and burning returned and we took my daughter to the ER at Williamsburg Regional Medical Center to ensure nothing else was wrong. The hospital noted that she was obviously suffering from a reaction caused by the jacuzzi.

The way we were treated from the gentlemen we reported it to, to the young lady at corporate by the name of Jade ID # 0136 is completely and totally unacceptable and poor customer service, especially for a Choice Hotels Reward Member. I will be in contact with the Health Department and have already contacted local news outlets in Williamsburg VA, and if necessary will be in contact with a lawyer to see what our options are because everyone needs to know what we experienced and how we were treated, belittled is how my family feels. Especially after being offered only seven dollars as a poor attempt, what a slap in the face for our ruined family getaway.


Shaquita Thompson April 12, 2017 at 6:45 pm

I work for your company here in Greenville SC at Rodeway Inn I really think that we should get raises, paid time in a half for holidays, and bonuses the Manger is Mike Petal supervisor is Ben Duke the house keepers should get more respect we don’t have enough girls to clean the rooms some of the workers have 20 to 35, 40 rooms a day that’s not right somebody need to come and have talk about this issue..


Dixie jones April 7, 2017 at 7:32 pm

This evening, April 7,2017, the Quality Inn in Crossville, Tn, refused to accept American cash for payment on a reserved room. He is in the area with a Civil Air Patrol mission preparedness training. Very upset and angry. Will stay at Red Roof in same area. They accept American money.


Joseph Neeb April 6, 2017 at 12:05 pm

I recently stayed at the Comfort Suites in South Point, Ohio on Tuesday March 28th, 2017. I am usually not one to complain about hotel stays and understand that things don’t always go perfectly, but I felt that I needed to make someone aware of the recent stay I had in South Point, Ohio. And because I am not getting a response from my emails I decided to share. I checked in very late, approximately 1:00 am, because I was visiting a friend at a nearby hospital. After unpacking, I see a mouse in the middle of the floor. I changed rooms and after settling in again discovered that the television did not work. I called the front desk and was told to pull out the television and restart the modem. After 20 minutes of working through steps to restart the modem I quit and went to bed.

I asked to speak to the manager the following morning and was told that he was not there. I asked if he would give me a call. That was 8 days ago. I have sent 2 emails to the Choice hotels guest relations and have not received a response. I have tried to call the phone number but hung up twice after spending approximately 30 minutes on hold each time.I attached a picture in my email and will be happy to send the video that I took of the mouse.


Edward Ely April 6, 2017 at 12:01 am


I have a matter that could be a real disaster for your organization. I received a statement from your system regarding my Choice Priviledges Awards account.

The name on the statement was incorrect, the account number was incorrect, and the awarded points total was incorrect. The name was the name of an acquaintance, but no mention of this type of account or service has ever been discussed.

I phoned your service number (offshore?) for help and I think it was corrected for my account—-


Ed Ely
edely at
(817) 996-XXXXX


Diane Warfield April 5, 2017 at 8:00 am

My stay was for April 4 2017 at economy lodge Easton MD. Upon check in all looked good. Around 12:45 am I woke up scratching and upon turning on light saw two bed bugs in my bed!! Horrific! I didn’t get much sleep that night…I used 8000 of my points and for what? To sleep with bed bugs..Am requesting my points be reinstated…Will let management know in morning about the bedbugs and will never stay here again


David Guion April 2, 2017 at 7:43 pm

I checked in to the Clarion Hotel Palmer Inn Princeton NJ for a stay from Monday the 27th until Tuesday morning of the 28th. Upon leaving the property to go to my first business meeting I realized that I did not have my wallet. Too far from the Hotel to return for my wallet and get to the meeting on time, I went to the meeting called the hotel so they could locate it in the room. They informed me that the house keeping staff had already located it and removed it from the room and brought it to the front desk. My partner who was traveling with me returned to the hotel for the wallet while I went to my second meeting. My partner called me from the hotel upset that when she received the wallet it appeared that the contents had been removed and stuffed back into the wallet. The cash that was in the wallet and counted before we went to bed the night before was missing, 1, $100 bill- 1, $20 bill- 3, $5 bills and 8, $1 bills totaling one hundred forty three dollars $143.00. Only two people according to the hotel manager had access to the wallet the house keeper and the woman at the front desk had touched or had access to the wallet. And by the way the manager was there to return the wallet and in spite of the fact that only two of his gest services people touched the wallet he believed that they didn’t take the money.

The reaction of the manager was without any hesitation was that the house keeper who makes about $10 and hour doesn’t speak English and was holding about a half weeks pay would not have any inclination to take the money. She could not look my partner in the eye and wan turning her head away when being confronted about the missing money.

When I asked for the insurance company that provides liability for housekeeping situations he did not provide the information. A police report was filed incident #17-6397 with the West Windsor Police department 609 799 1222.

I would like to have my money refunded. I travel weekly for my business and have stay for thousands of nights in hotels. I have never had a wallet jacked and money lifted or any item left behind stolen.


R. do April 2, 2017 at 4:29 pm

I want to report avery bad experience at the Sleep Inn in Aiken, South Carolina. I went there on the April 1, 2017, at approximately 1655 hours for a room. The were two ladies (Raz and Chubyby white lady) at the counter. The chubby white lady gave me a room. I went to the room (220) and there were clothes all over the room. I decided not to enter as I did not know as if there were foul play or I could caught the person or persons in a compromising position. Totally unacceptablable. I was given another room in 107. But it did not end there. The room look cleaned until I went and took a shower. There were mold and mild around the shower head and faucet. Also dust on the refrigerator and you could write your name there clearily. It is obvious this place needed an upkeep. The next morning I down for breakfast and it was less than desirable. There were a numerous of young kids due to a basketball tournament. The two ladies who worked the area was totally disrespectful. Walking betwqeen the youngsters without saying excuse trying to replenish with egss and sausages. Well upon checkout, I stood there for approximately 30 minutes while the other female staff tried to accommodate another person in checking out. She was having much difficulty in her duties. As a person working for the federal goverment for over 36 years either with Deparment of Justice or Department of Defense, she were defintely incompetent as I have performed duties in this area. I guess it is the best they can do. There were another guy (Indian guy) who later identified himself as the manager. He seen me standing there about 8 feet behind the other person who was trying to check out. The reason for me standing farther back as I could hear some of his personal information. Not once did he (the manager) ask me if I needed any assistance as he was on his cell phone, the computer, or the receptionist telephone. In fact, he gave me a disgusted look. The other guy in the line said I could go to the other line. First, another man can not speak for another man especially not for me. Second, it is not his repsonbility but that is the manager. If other person noticed me standing there so should the manager as I was in the vicinity of hotel receptional area. Now as soon as a white couple came in the area, the Indian guy immediately ask if they needed anything. The white male pointed to me as he knew I was in line. Of course, I stepped up and ask if he had a problem. I almost lost all of my professionalism I learned over the years working in the federal government as a law enforcement officer. I requested he called the police and he declined. Yes I am a black man and never use race as an excuse but too many times people pre-judge many of the young African Americans. This is how many are treated. I am reporting it because he could have gotten ugly. He assumed I was average Joe and believe he could treat me any way he felt like. As soon as I brought my friend on the inside who happen to be white then he was being apologetlc. By the way I am a veteran of two wars who have done more this country than this guy could have imagined. I want more and more people to report any injustice regardless of the gender, the race, or culture. In closing, I thank my God I am a change person.


Kerry Iacon March 11, 2017 at 6:44 am

The room was definitely NOT cleaned AT ALL and it smells so disgusting that it’s gaging me as I write this. My face is forced to look as if I just smelled the most disgusting fart and mildew and EWWWWWW that I’ve EVER smelled.
It’s HORRIBLE!!!! The AC wasn’t working when I arrived but they switched the breaker n it worked. I turned it on cuz it was stuffy n stinky. But it’s wet feeling n just plain foul in here now that I turned it on. Even if I turn it off. It’s rank. I see why they disabled it. OMG!!! It’s freakin AWFUL. I’d leave, but I have no car or money to get another room since I know getting my money back would be impossible, considering I was rented a filthy room with broken glass all over the floor, old used tissues under the sheet, and horrible stank aroma for $95! I want my money back!!!!!
Plus I’ve had people trying to come in n lure me out all night. Creepy. Nasty. Grimey is what I have to say about this place.


Anonymous D March 9, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Hello Choice Hotel Management:

I had the worst time at your hotel in Atlanta Ga. The CLarion Hotel 2001 Clearview Avenue.

1. The room i was in sharing with my so called friend is full of mold on the bathroom ceiling in between 341 room and above and against the wall by the window. It’s a health hazard.
2. The day manager must have mental problems herself. I was suppose to stay with my friend to recover from a surgery and do my rehab. But the manager wanted me out and said i was trouble. She said i was loud and disturbing the ppl in the rooms all around me. How could i be doing that if i was watching tv by myself laying in bed and minding my business. Walking the hallways exercising and getting picked up for my therapy sessions. I dont know why it was a problem with the manager. I had to go through the front entrance in order to catch elevator because the others elevators near the room were and are still broken.
3. Your manager made a deal with my friend to get the room i can understand but he tols me he had to do some favors for her. I know that is not normally practiced but find out and usually those favors for my friend is usually sexual in nature.
4. Now my friend has the room a big mess just like the other times ive been kicked out because of his messiness and dirty clothes all over. Very true. Now he has a young girl who is like a prostitute who only has spent her days looking for guys to have sex with when she has nothing better to do. .
5. The only noise coming from the room is when they were laughing next to me at 1am and early in the morning while im trying to sleep and letting my friend to keep it quiet.
6. I just don’t understand why your manager was so trying to get me out so bad. What was her problem? Was she at the door to check up on me me? I was quite by myself just resting my hip and sleeping eating and watching tv.

So that was my bad experience with your hotel…..Your manager is a real XXXXXX. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone with a person like working on your staff. The young man who helped me out was really nice to me. He works during the day. I give him a thumbs up.

So nobody go to that Clarion Hotel. I know the room i was in was full of mold and maybe that’s affecting my friend in his judgment. If you need anymore info on that room number you contact me via email given. Ill be glad give you details. I know friend has room until the 15th. But i myself have to pickup the rest of my personal items before than. I was forced out by manager with false lies and thats not fair and not to be f-ing rude.

SIncerely yours,
Anonymous D


Dolly March 3, 2017 at 12:56 pm

The Rodeway Inn in Tampa, Florida on 2/24/17.

We arrived late at night, so we didn’t see much of the lay out until we attempted to get up to the second floor to our room. There were teenagers and trash on the steps and one of the teenagers didn’t even move out of our way. The stair access is not easily visible and there was no one around, which made us very uncomfortable.
As we approached the room, we already had a bad feeling of what we were going to find but had hope. When we entered the room, we gasped! The smell of smoke (even though we were told twice that we had a non-smoking room) was strong, the walls were filthy and the paint was peeling, the bed comforter had stains on it, the window curtains were wrinkled, the bed sheet had a burn hole in it, the shower curtain had mold all over the bottom but the tub and toilet were clean. There was no cover to the thermostat, a red stain (we hoped it wasn’t blood) on top of the ice cube bucket, the floor was filthy; the overhead lights in the bathroom and bed area were filthy. As you can tell by our pictures, we are not lying. We tried to sleep but it was impossible. My husband and I ended up arguing over my choice instead, which was not what I had wanted on our last day in Florida. This one evening, ruined what had been a wonderful vacation.
We’re not sure if your staff checks your properties but this one should be addressed immediately. Just because we paid $74.03 for the night, including taxes does not mean anyone should have to be subjected to these conditions.


Bradford Pace February 10, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Yes, my name is Bradford Ryan Pace. My phone number is 843-609-XXXXX. A woman by the name of Jammica Smith overcharged me, charging me twice this last August, June, July, or the year before the same months and kept my stuff after calling her and was going to pay to have m stuff shipped. Get back with me when you can. She is very rude, and sells drugs there. Check her for drugs also.


R D McLean January 30, 2017 at 3:43 pm

Made a reservation with an agent this morning around 11:30am, she said her name was “Rebecca” I doubt that was true, she could not speak good English. I called back a half an hour later to cancel that reservation as I was in the wrong area, Jose would not let me cancel my reservation. I have disputed the charge with my CC company, when I spoke to my CC customer service rep he indicated the charges had just gone through about 2 minutes before. So I suspect Jose’ and “Rebecca” hurried up and put them through. I will be contacting the CEO of Choice Hotels as I have found his corporate email address on line. It seems this is a common problem with Choice Hotels.


Roxann Lndsay January 19, 2017 at 12:05 pm

Ordered gift card 11/30 using points and extra $$. Never received it and no one seems interested in checking into the problem.


Minnie White January 14, 2017 at 10:44 pm

I am currently staying at the EconoLodge with my son and daughter. my son worked at the hotel for about a month as needed. He was in the lobby having an conversation with another guest when the owner came in telling him to go room to room and clean and take out the trash, when he told her that he is a guest not an employee she replied “your staying here, its a two way street so do it” my son left and told me. then another night my son was on the computer in the lobby when she came in telling him to do more chores so he again left once he was outside she told him that he was not allowed in the lobby. my son asked her name she did not say anything back got in her care and left. Our stay at the hotel has been great til this and my only issue was with the owner.


William Taglianetti January 9, 2017 at 1:34 pm

Hi, I am 75 years old, live in Florida and when I travel, if possible I choose Choice hotels. I will be going o a wedding in RI on June 30 and booked a room at the Comfort Inn at the Providence airport. When I printed my confirmation, I noticed it had the wrong date. I had types July 1 leaving on July 2 (one night. The dates it gave me was April 16 departing April 17? Where these date came from ????. I called to change the date and was told it was all booked up (6 months ahead of time). There must be a room? I can cancel but there will be no refund, never heard of such a thing 4 months before stay. Can you get us a room or at least a refund. If NOT needless to say you lost a customer and others I talk with.
Forgot to include Reservation Number – 8098899684728 (SORRY)


april womack January 2, 2017 at 8:22 pm

The American flag has been displayed for months at Fort Dodge Iowa motel in a very disrespectful manor. The manager says it is no big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL! This is how your company allows our flag to be represented? Shameful! Photos have been posted on social media. I hope your company hears about it from thousands.


Jessica Barrett December 28, 2016 at 2:53 am

I made reservations two months in advance, to stay at the Comfort Inn, in Seaside OR. The day of arrival, I received a phone call, (while on the road driving) from the hotel, five hours before check in. The front desk women, stated my credit card had been declined. I explained to her, I’m traveling and only using cash. The women stated, they could not have me pay in cash and I needed to get a credit card, to pay for the room, even if I had a friend or family credit card, I could borrow.

I stated to the women, I have a debit card, but am not going to use it on my trip, plus I made it possible to only have a small amount in my debit account. The women said she couldn’t have me stay with them, without using a credit card and canceled my stay. I was already on the road, driving 500 miles to Seaside. I was livid and would NEVER recommend anyone, to stay at a Comfort Inn, if you’re planning to go on a vacation, only using cash, as a form of payment!

I was so happy to find a hotel in Seaside OR, that appreciated my stay and my payment of cash!


Steven R. Sterling December 17, 2016 at 12:09 pm

I would like to relay the treatment I received at your Quality Inn in Clinton, South Carolina. I am an elite member and I stay at your hotels every single week of the year because of my work. I probably spend $20,000 a year at Choice hotels and I am outraged at the treatment I received at the Quality Inn in Clinton, South Carolina. First of all, the room was filthy. I walked across your carpet in the room a couple of hours doing some paper work, wearing white socks, and after two hours the bottom of my socks were deep brown. That is disgusting. Secondly, the shower head had black nasty stuff all over it so I cleaned it myself. After three paper towels, which were completely black from mold or just plain dirt, it still was not completely clean. Is it my job to clean your rooms when I am spending so much money at your hotels? But now I am going to tell the treatment I received from the staff at that hotel is what really enrages me. I went to check out and the front desk girl was sitting in a chair ASLEEP. I tapped on the door to no avail. So I slid the open a bit to tell her I needed checked out. She woke up and went in a tirade screaming at me that I was not supposed to open that door. Yelling at the top of her lungs. If I was not supposed to open the door then why was it not locked ? Then after my work I went back to the hotel to tell the manager what happened. She was totally unresponsive and she was just taking up for that girl sleeping on the job. I could tell I was not going to get anyway with her I asked for her name and she refused. By the time I was walking out she was yelling at me. What kind of operation are you running there. If any of my employees treated my customers the way I got treated, they are terminated and they all know that going in. I am so disgusted I will never stay at your hotels again. I will sleep in my car before I stay at any of your places again. You check my account and see how much money I spend at your hotels, and I get treated like I am a criminal. What’s wrong with your people? And what’s wrong with a company that allows those type of things to happen to your best customers? Your operation is terribly run and I am going to do everything in my power to dissuade anyone from staying at your hotels ever again.


Brandy Newton November 22, 2016 at 5:47 pm

I was recently approached by a man, Sam McDowell, in the Stillwater, OK. area. He offered me a job as his personal assistant. He was dressed nice and really professional. He has tried to set up several interviews with me but, cancelled last minute. I am just wondering if he really is employed with this company? If not, I just want you to know he is saying he is and using your company name. If you need more information I have a phone number for him. I would love to be employed by this company but I want to know if this legitimate or not.

Thank You!


Mark KUTSCH November 21, 2016 at 11:44 pm

Iam a Diamond member and have been for 10+ years. I believe I’ve stayed over 700 times at choice hotel properties. I know where the decent ones are and where the crap ones are so I don’t stay there. Customer service is usually very marginal and rarely helpful. But IVE BEEN VERY LOYAL to the brand. As I’ve said I’ve spent over $50,000 with choice hotels

I had 259,000 points in my account. Well I was Cyber Hacked and they STOLE all of my points. I feel violated!! That costs me $2500. I called the escalated resolution dept and asked for help and they told me it’s my responsibility to protect my account. Why? What do I know about Internet security They told me to change my password and I did (they told me I refused. That’s BS! Why would I refuse ?). They claim they told me to open a new account. Another LIE! I swear on a stack of bibles I was NOT offered that until I called in a 5th time. The story could go on. But the supervisor called me and refused to replace my points. She was like a robot. Just didn’t care. Well if this is how choice hotels wants to Treat their diamond members it will COST them a lot more money $$ in short run. They’re a billion dollar company. I travel 75 nights a year selling furniture and make $57,000 I spent five years saving those points to take my family on a vacation and I was wiped out in a minute. Whats it matter to choice hotels to help a VERY LOYAL customer. I just said I spend $5000 a year and so far at least $59,000. I swear. I plan to tell every friend and family member I have to TO Avoid choice hotels. I personally will change my loyalty to Nrst western and Marriot and country suites. I just stayed in a country suites for $69 across from the comfort inn I was going to stay at $99. The country Inn was nicer for LESS. Maybe they opened my eyes to better options. Sure I like the points. Bug I’m sick of the poor service. The $2000 or less it might cost them to replace my points. Is going to cost them 10-20 times more in the LOST business. I also will go to YELP and anything else I can think of. I’m asking someone to call me and help me out. I even offered to take half my points back. But they just don’t care. Please show you care. I want to stay loyal. BUT I SWEAR I WONT! My phone # is 847-729-7427. Leave a message. You have my E mail. PLEASE HELP ME. Make the right business decision


Octavis Seabrooks November 16, 2016 at 1:14 pm



Denise November 13, 2016 at 10:34 am

I would love to know where one of your general managers has the right to use vacation time of one employee just so another employee does not lose a day of pay, as she no longer had any vacation time coming and needed a day off to take her pet the vet?? Also how she can stand there and yell at employees in front other employees and guest for that matter, give away rooms for free to basketball teams in return for season tickets and -tshirts, and allow family members to stay for free for weeks???? I travel a lot for work and have found this totally unacceptable, please respond to me as I am about to take my business somewhere else. I am usually in this particular hotel 2 to 3 times a week and have just had about enough


Ray Juak October 20, 2016 at 11:27 am

I am a Diamond Level Member at Choice Hotels. I have tried for weeks to get an answer to what I think is a very simple question to no avail. Question: “How does one find their “extra” points on the Choice Hotel member web-site? I can see my total points, but not the supposed “extra” points distinguished from the total points for a stay. I have called India 5 times and spoke with nice people I can’t understand, written several “back door” e-mails (one cannot make a direct e-mail contact) and received a few responses that where kind and of no help. When one clicks the “customer service” icon on their web page you get phone numbers to speak with more nice people who live in India. If you click “contact us” you get the same phone numbers for India. When you try to find a place to e-mail someone, as I did again today, after several hours of searching one gets a red notice that they are improving their site.

Life is made so complicated by Choice that it is time to move on to a Hotel that has a web page that works and you can actually communicate with someone.

So unless I can get an answer it will be by-by Diamond member.

P.S. I have many easy ways to be contacted and I am just a person with a few friends not a company with millions of guests.

P.P.S. I only speak English.

Ray Jusak
rayjusak at


erika September 4, 2016 at 6:44 pm

St. George, SC
Terrible and Filty! When I asked for acknowledgement in writing that I was checking out because of live and dead BED BUGs, the owner refused. I called police and filed a complaint. Avoid at all cost.


Savannah Sturghill August 30, 2016 at 10:34 pm

Requesting update


Savannah Sturghill August 30, 2016 at 10:25 pm

I have not received any response to a complaint from corporate or from the hotel manager, regarding the bedbugs on August 18, 2016, at the quality inn on I 30 in Garland Tx.


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Bryant Melvin August 15, 2016 at 10:00 pm

To whom this may concern,
I recently stayed at the Suburban Extended Stay North West in Richmond Virginia. During my stay, I was asked by another Guest (Dawn) to go outside and smoke a cigarette. She told me that she had been in the military and her husband had died and that she had checked into the Suburban Extended Stay Richmond hotel seven years ago and never checked out. She wants to leave the place, but is strapped for resources. I pointed out that she could use her Choice Privileges points to help pay for some of her stay. She didn’t know what I was talking about. For seven years, Dawn had been staying there and the hotel staff never told her about the Choice Privileges program. I told her that she would have to claim her points before she checked out to move somewhere else, and she asked if I could help her arrange to become a member and get credit for her stay, so I tried. The manager at Choice Privileges was willing to give Dawn credit going back one year, she was tickled. We went to the front desk with the speaker phone on with the Choice Manager to get Dawns confirmation number as requested. When the Hotel Manager (Cheryl) overheard the request, she became irate. She would not provide the Manager with Choice Privileges any assistance with the matter. Cheryl (the hotel manager) then started making accusations against me. I’ve been in field service off and on for about thirty years, traveling in North America and Europe and never have I been accused of trying to swindle anyone. But, Cheryl accused me then and again just today in an email that she sent me. I was going to let this go, but not now. I have done nothing wrong and believe me; I’m telling everyone that will listen, what I have just told you.
Best regards,
Bryant Melvin


d. patrick August 13, 2016 at 3:01 pm

I am writing in regards to our stay in your Sleep Inn in Post Falls Idaho. I had stayed there before and was happy but this time was not satisfied at all. It was not as clean as it had been before around the edges of the room and there where spiders in the room. Called the desk clerk who was very nice, she came right down and captured the spider which was about 1 1/4 in inches long. The next morning when I went to take a shower there was about half a dozen baby spiders in the shower and I discovered one medium spider actually in my bed. Sorry to say will never stay at that hotel again.


Marcus Maya August 8, 2016 at 2:07 pm

Where do I begin? Cleanliness is a big problem at the Salisbury, NC Econo Lodge. The bathroom smelled like urine, the grout on the tile walls and floor were grey and had not been properly cleaned in what seemed to be a very long time. The sink area was sticky and had not been cleaned properly. The furniture was sticky to the touch because they had not been properly cleaned. The bedspread smelled dirty. The A/C was very old and was not turned on when I got there so it added mustiness, heat, and humidity to the room. The first room I was given had a TV that didn’t work, so after insisting to be changed, they did. Many parts of the outside concrete walkways have been repaired in a really uneven and unprofessional way and painted over with outdoor paint where in some locations do not match previous coats of paint. I was told that many of the rooms are under repair and there are many sketchy people walking around late at night. Some of these sketchy looking people might be the same people that are ‘fixing up the place’. I booked this room two weeks before and asked for a room not facing the highway. When I got there, they told me that all rooms on that side of the building were under construction. Hence, lots of highway noise at night. I’m a light sleeper so I did not have a good rest. There was one couple that checked in right after I did and they took one step into their room and went right back to the check in desk to get a refund and left right away. You could tell that the female was really disgusted with the room. The place really needs many months of repairs and lots of money to get this place back into an acceptable condition. I hope that the Econo Lodge people read this and shut them down till they can get this place into a proper condition.


Berry August 7, 2016 at 9:52 pm

This is about out experience in Comfort Inn, based in Munroeville Pittsburg. We made our reservations two months ahead for our stay in month of Aug 6-8, 2016. When arrived we were allocated a room in block C which was in a bad shape. Toilet flush not working, exhaust not working, AC making loud weird noise, shower tub water clog to name a few. Within a few hours we requested for a change at front desk with Sabeena. She was kind enough and mentioned…the rooms were not available so she would send us a maintenance person to fix few problems so we can spend the night in the same room, and the next day she would move us. Unfortunately Debbie at front desk, the person who had allocated us the room in the first place, plays a role and allocates another room for us the same night. Honestly the only difference in the other room was the “# of the room” otherwise all same situation. This is now at 10.00pm we are moving the room and finding that nothing is different. We are still in the same situation. 10.30 pm we hear a knock at our room door…Debbie knocking at the door looking for a basket which is not even worth 25C and a garbage bin, which she thought we moved from the first room to the second room. Then she makes calls couple more times asking all kinds of different questions which were not even relevant. We came all the way from Toronto to spend two nights in this motel. I am sorry to say we had a bad experience. Do you think this was necessary or do you call this a good customer service? In my opinion your staff have to be more understanding and client service oriented and be more welcoming making the customers who has been on the road for 7 hours feel at home. Lastly I would also like to mention, that if the rooms are allocated to guests, you should make sure everything is in good working condition rather than just handing out the keys and leaving the guest to deal with the worst scenarios and having bad experience.


Terria August 7, 2016 at 3:08 am

This is my official complaint that an individual at 9727 NE Sandy Blvd Porttland, OR sent my agency an email with another person’s credit card and ID information along with a credit card authorization form from 6/23/16 that was forwarded or emailed to me on 8/6/16. When I tried to address this with the manager on shift I was denied speaking with that individual twice stating that I would need to speak to Heather in the morning, but the said supervisor never came to the phone nor stated they would return the call.

If your company has so easily compromised the integrity of someone else’ credit card information I am very nervous of those implications. If there are any charges to my credit card that I emailed on 8/6/16 I will be speaking to an attorney.

Thank goodness I am not someone who would commit fraud or else Mr. would be very upset. I was also trying to ensure I followed through and provided the cc authorization form for my client as I told the Assisting Manager, Zac, I would. I did not manage to finish conducting my business due to the supervisor being unwilling to take my call and/or return my call.

Both of your employees need a course in customer service/supervisory skills as you should never not address someone’s complaint even if all you could say was “Ma’am, I am sorry this occurred, but my General Manager, Heather, is better able to rectify this situation than I am.” I hope this is not the status quo at your hotel.

Also the front desk person placed me on hold in the middle of my sentence which is beyond rude.


Linda Woode August 6, 2016 at 4:14 pm

8/6/2016 To Mr. David L. White, CFO, as Chief Financial Officer I hope you are concerned with the awful way Comfort Inns, especially Bethany, MO are being operated. This will affect your bottom line.
7/27/2016 Checked in at 9 P.M. to #304 lighting 1 light, no running water in sink, at 2 A.M. toilet overflowed. Desk clerk first said no rooms, then took us to #111, mouse droppings all over the floor, told us they were “just bugs”. 3 A.M. Tried checking out, clerk couldn’t work computer then received a credit statement. Today it is on our credit card statement. Have tried calling every number on your website finally got someone who said, “that is awful” gave me a reference number of issue #8560255. No answer from Mgr of Inn. Sent 2 emails to a corporate (?) email and 1 to Mgr of Inn. My blood pressure went sky high, sending me to ER room in Bethany and on to Kansas City, MO hospital. How on earth do you expect to stay in business, or is this just a write off for you. We have always stayed with Comfort Inns and been pleased until this dump. I expect an answer and to have all charges dropped from our credit card.
Linda Woode


Susan Weber August 3, 2016 at 5:13 pm

Dear Mr.Joyce,
I am writing again about our group experience at the Comfort Inn, 1675 .E.Sherman, Muskegon Michigan on July 20-25th. I emailed you a letter telling you about the rude front desk clerks, Avery and Dee and worse was the manager’s Mary attitude.Upon check in I was told by Dee at front desk that I had two rooms. I put one under Chuck Raby name because he was the only team parent that didn’t have a room. I told Dee that I wanted my credit card off the room and she assured me that Chuck would be responsible for the room charges. The night before check out I asked Ann at the front desk what my charges would be and she told me $627.56 which was correct. Upon check out I received my receipt with that charge and a 0 balance. I don’t know if you received my email but now I have received my Visa statement and have been charged one night in the amount of $155.39 for another client’s room that he never showed up until the next day. I had guaranteed all 15 rooms with my credit card and as the baseball parents checked in they used their own cards. One of the dads didn’t check in until the next day (unbeknownest to us) and I was charged for his no show. I again went to the front desk and was assured that Chuck Raby would be responsible for his room that it wasn’t my problem.
Well I am charged for the night he never showed up. Another member of the group overheard Avery arguing with Chuck Raby about the amount he was being charged and obviously his foul mouth overruled the charge. He was charged 400 and some dollars.
I would like this amount of one night’s stay taken off my Visa since Dee and Ann assured me that I would not be charged.
As I put in my first email to you, this hotel was excellent in every respect except for the front desk staff Avery and Dee. I think their poor attitude was a result of the manager Mary that was the rudest and most obnoxious person I have ever had to deal with in my 25 years of being in the travel business. Her poor handling of our group reservations and her lack of respect for her fellow workers and clients was mind boggling. When I made the reservations with her, I asked for an email and was told that wasn’t there policy. Next day when I called hotel to reserve 4 rooms with my credit card and correct names the first three reservation numbers she gave me didn’t work. Then I found out she only confirmed 2 nights instead of 4. Jessica at front desk was efficient and hard working and corrected Mary’s mistakes. Time after time our team families had problems and poor Jessica had to straighten them out. She was a life saver but our problems didn’t end there. They continued after we checked in but that is all in my first email.
Please refund my $155.39 on my credit card.
Just for your information our team won the Micigan tournament and went to the World Series in Toledo. We booked all our rooms at the Quality Inn in Perrysburg and what a difference in our experience. The Quality Inn staff from front desk, housekeeping to breakfast area was AWESOME. They were so well organized and helpful that we are going to book there again next year for the tournament. We put it on facebook what a great property so there is hope for Choice Hotels again! Please let me know the results of this email. My reference number is 8558166 for Choice. Susan Weber


Ann Coleman July 26, 2016 at 8:43 pm

There is a quality inn in our town of Chestertown , MD. It is such a shame the way the new owners have let the hotel fall into shambles. Over grown bushes and grass , no reg coffee for rooms, no shampoo for rooms. Breakfast almost non excitant, hot milk or no milk, dirty counters and floors reminds me of something would find in the ghetto’s of New York. Shameful I am ashamed of the way it has fallen in all ways. Who ever is in charge of quality control needs to visit this place ASAP needs to be shut down. Roaches running all over the place. Come on have a little pride in what you want people to pay. Your hotel is not worth half the price you are charging. Oh yeh almost forgot the pool it is a yellow geen
Wake up and get this hotel back to the hotel it was when you took over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrew DelCid July 25, 2016 at 9:07 pm

To whom it may concern,
I stayed at rodeway inn and suites located at 2440 state Road 84 in Fort Lauderdale florida. I stayed here for four days and each day that I came back to my room after having it cleaned and serviced, I found my room to be unlocked. I went down to the management desk in order to express my concerns and to make sure that no one had entered my room. I was informed, very rudely, that since I couldn’t prove something was taken that they would not watch cameras. First of all my room should have never been left unlocked. I am paying to stay in your secure hotel I think I deserve a sense of security. Especially since my 8 year old daughter is staying with me as well. And second of all, being a manager, it’s your job to handle customer complaints and to ensure the safety, security, and ultimate happiness and guest satisfaction. It just gets worse. After placing a complaint I was confronted at the pool area where me and my daughter were trying to relax. The manager came up to me and offered Me alcoholic beverages for my inconvenience. I don’t drink. I informed him of this which proceeded to make him ask me, in front of my daughter, if we could discuss this as men. I told my daughter we were going back to the room because this guy would not leave me alone. He followed me back to my room, I’m sure this IS on camera, and I locked the door behind myself. I will never stay here again and I will be sure to tell others the same. Most horrible hotel I’ve ever been in.


Drum July 25, 2016 at 3:25 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a loyal customer of Orbitz and Quality Inn hotels and have always appreciated the good customer service you both offer.  Recently, I experience a very unpleasant situation at your hotel the Quality Inn & Suites Cincinnati Downtown (OH375 located at 800 West 8th Street) which leads me to not stay at one of your hotels ever again. 

I am writing to make you aware of the unbelievably poor customer service I received on 7/22/2016.  When I arrived at your hotel after a 6 Hour drive I walked to the front desk to inquire about my reservation that I had made through Orbitz.  I was told by the front desk staff that my reservation was canceled due to a credit card problem. The worker also said that now that it’s canceled I would have to pay full price for a room if I want it.  They canceled my reservation without even notifying me.

What I think happened is that I booked this reservation close to a year ago and I since then have been issued a new bank credit card, but the card information is still the same so I am unclear as to why there was a problem and why I wasn’t notified f the problem.

My past travel experience has always been that the credit card was used to hold my reservation unless otherwise notified and that I would pay my balance upon checking in and/or once I departed from my stay. 

What is even more upsetting is that I specifically called on July 21, 2016 to reconfirm my reservation and spoke with the Front Desk Supervisor Ryan, who stated to me that he’s the supervisor and that my reservation was booked, and he will see me tomorrow (7/22/2016).  

Also I have the itinerary from Orbitz stating that I am booked at the hotel; in fact it states on the itinerary “your reservation is booked. No need to call to re-confirm this reservation”.

This has been the worst vacation experience I have ever had in my life, and now I am afraid to use both Orbitz and and Choice hotel.

If someone could professionally handle my complaint and get back to me with how this situation can be rectified I would greatly appreciate it. 

Stanley Drummond
dzonesports at


Amanda Floyd Martin July 21, 2016 at 11:20 am

I am hugely dissatisfied with the service that I have received from Choice as a company and Econo Lodge as a hotel. I called in to the 1-800-258-2847 number on July 11th and informed the representative that I made a reservation online but need to add a coupon code. The reservation that I made was competed on July 10th (32697117) I asked her should I cancel the reservation or could she apply the discount to the reservation. She assured me that she could simply add the discount and that I would have two rooms as originally booked. I provided her with the coupon code of 00263630. I received the confirmation via text and assumed that all was correct. When I arrived at Econo Lodge, I was told that I had 4 rooms (not 2) and would have to pay for all of the rooms before management would give me any keys. I explained the situation to the manager (Vinny) and his response was “Someone is going to pay me, either you pay me or they pay me but I will be paid for those rooms.” My children were stuck in the car for 2 hours after being in the car for 12 hours while I attempted to resolve the issue over the phone with Choice. This took place at 10pm. The first representative that I spoke with stated that he could only see two rooms reserved. He initially attempted to resolve the issue with Vinny but the phone disconnected. I called back and spoke with another representative as well as her manager who both also said that they could only see two room, not four. The manager stated that she reviewed the previous call made and understood my frustration. Vinny was adamant that if I did not sign the credit card statement for both reservations that we would not be allowed to check in. The representative begged him to not bill for the additional rooms and to call guest services the next day when someone would be available to assist. Needless to say, I had to sign the slips so that my family and I would have somewhere to sleep that night. The next morning, Monday July 18th, I called guest services and the representative asked, “what hotel do you work for?”. I stated that I do not work for a hotel, I work a large health care organization. She proceeded to tell me that I do not have a discount. Discounts are only applied if you work for a hotel. I informed her that the discount is through a company called benefit hub and the discount was not the question or concern. The concern was that the initial person that I spoke with told me that she resolved the original reservation but did not and now I am being penalized for it. This representative then stated that the charges are at the discretion of the hotel manager. I asked if I could speak with someone above her. I have NOT received a call back as of yet. I was charged to stay in a filthy hotel that does not deserve the nightly rate of one room. The manager was very condescending and rude. The staff looks as if they are drug addicts. There was a spider infestation. The only benefit of this place is that Dairy Queen is next door. Again, I am hugely disappointed in the treatment received and I feel as if it would be a disservice to the general public to not share my experience.


Holly Kronk July 20, 2016 at 10:30 am

Good morning! I want to enter a report on the Sleep Inn in Hagerstown Maryland. I anticipated a good review here as I am pretty loose on hotel condition/behavior etc, however, I have to make a not so good report. Items that need to be worked on include:

1) Breakfast – dirty areas even after closure of the day
2) Children behind the desk answering customer questions…a 18 year old cannot rent a hotel room, why should someone less than 10 be behind the reservation desk and with an infant laying on the floor to boot?
3) Courteousness? Non-existent
4) We had a four day stay – room was not cleaned two of those days. We had to go downstairs and get them to find out why they had not been cleaned…by 5:00 PM! We were told by the maintenance staff we were not on the list – when you stay four days, you collect money for four days, how could I not be on the list of staying four days?
5) Non-existent personnel at the desk to check out. We left door keys on desk.
6) Garbage all over the 3rd floor, pizza boxes left for two days, dirty towels left for two days, if this is a weekly motel – advertise it as such!
7) Wet floor on 3rd floor – extreme smoke smell – how can it be smoky on a non-smoking floor – I hope you got your extra money for that.

Unfortunately, Sleep Inn is just that. A broken down old hotel conversion…we have stayed in other Choice Hotels – did not get the same response. I guess it is just a matter of time before I stay in CHI again.


Deryck Ramdeen July 14, 2016 at 9:59 am

Choice hotel customer service does not exist I try for three days In order to each some one to share my very BAD experience and was unable to reach some one. I even try their home office in Silver Springs M.D. and the person on the other end just said that they can not help me. They would not let me speak with some one in their management group.
They just passed the buck back to customer service which does not exist. You are placed on hold for hours and then the phone goes blank .our states represented need to get involved in getting choice hotel to provide and protect us from being rip off by their customer service and hotels owner .It seems that any dump could sign up with choice hotels.


Robert July 14, 2016 at 12:16 am

Hello, I am unsure how to contact the correct address, I do hope you will forward this to the correct address for us, in advance I would like to thank you. Myself and my wife are nurses and travel a lot for our job, we often stay at choice hotels, as the price is fair for the quality of the hotel. However during our stay at the Rodeway inn of Roswell, address 2803 W 2nd st Roswell NM 88201 , email address GM.NM408@ choice phone number 800-228-2000, neither of us have never been treated so poorly, at any hotel in our lives. We were called during our vacation,with a message  left which stated we were no longer allowed to stay at the hotel, and we had to come to the office to collect our belongings. There was no reason stated as to why this happened. I do know that earlier in the morning i did go to the office to take pictures of the hotel. As The the pictures on the website did not portray the hotel correctly in my opinion. I then came into contact with one of the hotel staff. This person asked what I was doing, to which I told her the above. At this point I informed her that I just wanted to take pictures and had nothing else to discuss with her. Now that you have a back story, We would like to let you know that We will never stay at another choice hotel EVER. How would you like to be called on your vacation and have a message left stating that you are no longer welcome, and locked out of the room? Now we both know that the loss of a couple of people means nothing to you, or any of your other hotels. However, word of mouth about this will go further. We both are appalled by the disgusting treatment we received from your manager or owner. We just do not understand how you can attach your name to this kind of person.


Mercia Shoughrue July 13, 2016 at 12:55 pm

OMG worst hotel stay of my life and I’m over 70 years old. Econo Lodge in Somers Point New Jersey was not inexpensive – $294 for two nights and is was like motel hell. The room smelled awful, cigarette hole in comforter, had not been updated since the 70’s. The clientele was scary…… door were constantly fighting, cursing, slamming doors – it was a nightmare. I was alone and afraid to go outside – this was during the day. This is such a great location it is very sad that someone does not give the rooms some TLC and train the franchisee how to run a proper resort motel. I was not looking for price but was looking for location as all festivities I was attending were in Longport & Margate. The local is a gold mine going to waste.
I feel as if I should not be charged at all for these nights. but one night refund is what I am truly hoping for. I should have had a better place to stay and experience while there. I should not have to come into a room and make multiple requests, especially as a senior citizen. I hope to hear back from your very soon on this matter


Karen Gadberry July 7, 2016 at 2:31 pm

On our return trip from our vacation we stayed at Comfort Inn at Klamath Falls, OR.
I forgot my small pillow in the room and called to let them know.
they gave me a phone number to call to ship it back.
They also said it is illegal for them to ship anything back to a customer.
Talking to this other company to ship my pillow to the eastern half of Nebraska the cost would be $33.00 including the cost of the box. Or I can go UPS at $22.00 plus the cost of the box. I checked the post office and to send the pillow back in a FREE FLAT RATE BOX it was only a tad over $16.00. They will do nothing about it.
The so called assistant manager (his name is Joe) is a jerk. He does not mind at all if he argues with his customers. Think I will find a different company to be members of because this one sucks!
I had that company take the pillow back to the hotel because I was not paying some inflated price. I talked to the so called assistant manager and not only was he not helpful but was very rude.


Renee July 7, 2016 at 6:34 am

I stayed at the Sleep Inn University Place at 8525N Tryron St. Charlotte Nc. Geez what a mess. Dirty the a/c leaked the rugs were wet my comforter was wet because it slightly hit the floor. I was trying to get breakfast and the workers were a pain in the butt. Two of the ladies were in the way. The windows dirty the a/c filters hadn’t been cleaned in years. The check in lady was rude. Never again.


Alan July 1, 2016 at 10:44 pm

After a week at Hospitals in Philadelphia we returned to our room at the Philadelphia airport Clarion. It is 10:40pm and the music is so loud it feels like the walls are vibrating. I walked up through three floors and the music still carried to those levels. I’m on the second floor and guests were all coming out of their rooms. The front desk said there was nothing they could do about it. That the sales people sold the space and that was it. This is a hotel not a night club. What about your guests that pay for their rooms??? I would not recommend a choice hotel to anyone nor would I stay at one again. I will however continue to share my experience on the internet until the noise stops and I am allowed to sleep.


Marjorie Hebda June 26, 2016 at 3:15 pm

My husband and I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Kent, Ohio on May 29, 2016. The woman who checked us in was very pleasant. Not long after we arrived and settled into the room, we noticed an odor. The trash in the room had not been emptied and it had a dirty diaper and black bananas, along with other things (We didn’t search through it). When my husband went into the shower, there was an old. dirty washcloth on the shower rail. It didn’t show up because the curtain was white, as was the facecloth. We had already gone to the desk about the trash, and hoped that all was well. It made us wonder if the room was cleaned at all, and if the bedding had been changed. It was the most expensive room that we stayed at during our travel, and the most disappointing.


Rosario Guzzi June 23, 2016 at 4:00 pm

I made reservations on 06-21-2016 for my granddaughter, her 4-year old daughter and her
fiancee. My granddaughter’s arrival was pleasant, the staff professional. Two days later
all three were infersted with bed bugs! To my chargin, I discovered later that this Rodeway
Inn in East Windsor, CT, has been cited previously for the same violation. This experience
has also taught us to investigate the hotel prior to booking. Admittedly, we stayed at the
Daytona Beach Quality Inn previously and it was a exceptionally clean and inviting. I believe it would be prudent for Choice to “its sails,” shedding what will eventually convince
me that my Marquis membership with Marriott is still the one I should travel with.


Stephanie Hering June 21, 2016 at 11:17 am

Mr. Joyce & Mr. White,
Just by reading through this string of email’s you should be thoroughly embarrassed and discouraged in the level of service that a majority of your staff represent. Choice Hotels is definitely at the very bottom of my list and seems to be a trend from what I’ve read. I won’t bore you with the details of my horrible stay at your Comfort Suites in Fairview Heights, IL. All I’ll say is you should truly consider an overhaul from the top down in most of these Hotels. The GM at this hotel (Teresa) is a confrontational unpleasant woman. For that woman to have a title of GM in a customer service environment is astonishing. I travel often and will be sure to go out of my way to not stay at another Comfort Suites hotel after the way I was treated this past weekend. I did wind up checking out early and had to leave the rest of my party. You do have some very nice workers, however their friendliness and nice attitudes will always be overshadowed by the rudeness and smugness of managers and GM’s like Teresa.


Anita J. June 16, 2016 at 1:14 am

This is a review of a recent stay at The Clarion Hotel 1612 Sisk Road, Modesto, CA, 95350, US…..We checked in on Saturday 6/11/16 , check in was smooth and the woman at the desk was very pleasant and professional. The Lobby was updated and clean. We had requested a room on the first floor but instead were given a room on the second floor, this hotel does not have elevators. The room was in deplorable condition…smoke detector was missing and had a gaping hole where it once was supposed to be hanging, pictures were missing, the sheets had holes in them, bathtub faucet had a steady stream of water running from it, curtains were barely hanging on and the refrigerator did not work. We called the front desk and they sent a maintenance man right away. He took one look and said I’m getting you moved to another room. 10 min later we were headed to a new room.The NEW room which I’m sorry to say was just as bad as the first room if not worse. We did not discover the condition of the mattress and bed pad until the next day. Needless to say I was appalled. I can only describe the dark spots we found as pooled, congealed blood. Very large yellow stains covered the mattress and pad as well as a very dark hair, we have very light hair. I did tell the front desk at check out, showed her the pictures and emailed them to the hotel. I also contacted choice hotels GM and mailed him a copy of the pictures as well. I am a travel agent and have posted a review with pictures on my group page. We’ll see if anyone from choice hotels responds. This Hotel should be avoided at all costs and they need to be reported to the local health department.


tina June 14, 2016 at 7:10 am

I work at the Comfort Inn in Stephens City Virginia the employment there sucks people were not treated equally people are not treated fairly people were also bullied by other employees. I was also promoted to assistant housekeeper and in 3 months by the time that I quit I was still not trained as assistant housekeeper so I was lied to about the position. I was also told that I was given a 25-cent raise thinking that it was because of the promotion but it was only because they had bumped up to pay for the other housekeepers to $8 an hour so I was given a raise because of that not the promotion. my time there in 7 months I had probably seen about 15 to 20 employees be hired and leave because of the bullying and people not getting along with other people or not liking other people so basically they just talked bad about the people or gave them harder work or made them do upstairs every day…also working there there is no first aid kit there’s no bad days there’s no nothing you tried to go find a Band-Aid cuz you cut your hand and they only have extra small ones or don’t have any at all. I also seen them work a girl that had an injured foot and worked her with no shoe on while she cleaned rooms and bathrooms. she had an open wound on her toe and was allowed to work like that without covering up with proper bandage. my experience at Comfort Inn during the seven months I was there was nothing but horrible.


Kathy Donham June 13, 2016 at 8:41 pm

We had reservations at the Clarion in Cornelius NC, I can honestly say I will NEVER stay at a Clarion Hotel again. We arrived and were told we had to pay for the room in full for the whole weekend. While we were walking around after check in we went to check out the pool since the weekend was going to be 95-100 degrees the pool would be great. Wrong the pool was closed by the County Health Dept. but the doors were unlocked and the gates outside were unlock, they just had signs posted. People were in the pool swimming and had no idea it was closed and when the front desk was advised they did nothing about it. Our room did not get serviced, no clean towels, no more coffee, or soap/shampoo or other items. We had to go get our own clean towels at the front desk with the guy on duty telling us they hired new cleaning staff and they did not know they were to clean occupied rooms. On Sunday we our towels we got from the front desk were hung up for us but again no coffee, soap/shampoo. Sunday night more people were in the pool swimming and again the front desk was told and did not explain to the people about the closure of the pool. On Monday morning while we were checking out the cleaning staff was busy cleaning the front entry way and flooring. Yep cleaning, they used wet bath towels and their feet and pushed the towel around on the floor with their feet. I had 2 other groups of friends staying their also. One had a hide a bed, no sheets or pillows there were bodily fluid stains on the mattress and holes in the mattress. The other room they received no service at all. I cannot tell you just how poor this hotel was. This is suppose to be a smoke free hotel but as we are walking to our room people are smoking and the hall way stunk of cigerettes. The outside looks very nice, the photo’s look very nice but when it comes to service in a range of 1-10 10 being the best hotel I think I would have to give this a -5. I bowl with 24 ladies and we travel quiet a bit and we stay at a lot of hotels, you can be sure Clarion Hotels will NEVER be on our list of hotels and I’m sure this will include any CHOICE HOTEL.


Say What June 6, 2016 at 8:59 am

So if you stay at a Roadeway Inn – Your Room Key NoT Only works with your door Key, it works on ANY room door. So make sure you are ready for visitors. Any visitor any time!

What a way to run a Hotel, after running mom and pop hotels into the ground, your customer safety in mind shows you care.

Do not stay anywhere where everyone has a key to your room, just saying!


Natalie Copeland May 31, 2016 at 4:22 pm

I was hired at the Econo Lodge in New Braunfels Tx and I just have to say I have worked at a few hotels before i got to this one. in my experience i have never ever been told to walk away leave my front desk unattended to go up stairs 2ND floor to a cash room to check to see if everything is accounted for that is done by housekeepers. so I go and check room everything to me seemed fine. I missed two guest pillows, I had no idea how many pillows were supposed to be in there then again in my experience there are 4 in a king bed room and that was what I was going by but due to the lack of training and poor communication skills by the owners i had no clue. it seemed they only had something to say when they catch you miss something or make a mistake like missing to extra pillows not something missing but something extra. so instead of talking to me like an adult and as a person she screams at me and making accusations. the owners wife is very very disrespectful she has no respect for the employees there or the guest. I asked the manager to assist me with a guest refund he got very angry with me because I bothered him about that and it wasn’t an emergency and since the guest made the reservation online (not 3rd party) it was not the hotels problem and if they call back to tell them to call where they booked the reservation. and I just felt in my experience that that was not the right way. them being a member and wanting to here from someone about a charge was not a concern in fact I was being yelled at for bothering him for a non emergency issue because he was to busy. I got the impression that I was only to bother them if the hotel is burning down. in the month I was there I had to train 3 girls who had know idea how to run a front desk they had no experience no traing from the manager (17yr old daughter) or owners. they were thrown back there to learn as you go. just as I was i felt bad for them they had no idea how to handle front desk guest disagreements basic front desk tasks. I saw two housekeepers quite the same day they were hired coming in the door crying because of the wife the way she talks to them. I was so disrespected by her she almost had me in tears too but I would not let her have that satisfaction with me even when she got in my face I grabbed my stuff and walked out. I was trying to explain to her but due to them not allowing you to talk accusing you of having an attitude so they don’t have to here your explanation is not the way a Manger or an owner should run a hotel in the time I was there saw 4 people quite. they have recently bought this hotel and they have ran it in to the ground. and ran people out the door. yes they are owners but they do not represent the choice hotel brand as 100% Customer service satisfaction they do NOT care about their guest or their employees! survey really needs to inspect this place. I was on the inside and thing just don’t seem right.


David Scott May 30, 2016 at 3:06 pm

I Am having the most difficult time getting reimbursed 63.25 + 11.50 that was debited from my account on the 23rd. & the 26th of May. I paid cash my entire stay, which they aren’t arguing. Management has blown me off, so to speak. I have taken my bank statements to them, and still I was told the charges were ONLY PENDING, that in a day or two it should “COME OFF”. U have stayed at this Quality Inn for over 2 years now, never any incidents til now. Six Flags Location off Randall Mill Rd. They require a credit card w/ id as a back up, but, promise to inform you of All and Any Charges prior to its usage. They didn’t keep that promise(so now I am left trying to reach Coorprate Offices in hopes they will remedy this situation as soon as possible. I too, am on a limited income and need my money.)


Joe Rodriguez May 26, 2016 at 8:08 pm

I have to stay at the Rodeway inn in Corona for work here and there sometimes. Its nothing too fancy, but I usually only have to stay for a day or two and I’m not much of a complainer normally; however I think there are some things worthy of being pointed out here. I’ve had quite a few times where I went into a room, and there were no towels in there. My key wouldn’t work, and the sheets had stains and holes on them. Most of the time I would end up dealing with one of the nice guys at the front desk and they are quick to fix the issue, but a couple of times I got the manager who never seemed to want to own up to these reoccurring problems. He and his family own the hotel I assume because I see them walking around speaking to one another in their language and any time i see them walking around i smile and say hello and they just look at me and don’t say anything. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t speak english or something or if they are just rude because they won’t even smile back. Seems like they only like their race of people because anyone who’s white or latino or African or Asian or anything else they don’t even acknowledge us. But i’ve seen them be polite to other Middle Eastern people. There was one time when the older man (who i’m assuming is the manager’s father) was hosing down the pathway in front of the upstairs rooms, and he literally shot water underneath our door and made a huge wet spot there. I told the management there and they just said to place a towel down but didn’t do anything in return for that even happening in the first place. They also don’t enforce any type of dog control here. A couple of times i’ve seen people who have large dogs, take their animals into the pool area and just let them run free in there which by default makes it to where no one else can come in. I don’t know anyone who’s going to go into the pool area knowing there’s an unshackled dog in there. Lately i’ve just seen more of these problems escalate and despite complaints directly from myself i have seen no changes.


Anonymous May 26, 2016 at 7:33 pm

My family and I went to stay at the Rodeway Inn in Corona Ca on 6th street last week. We’ve been here once before, and the main problem then was just that the management didn’t seem too big on hospitality and the people who owned it would linger around the hotel leering at people, and wouldn’t say hello or anything. They would just stare. This time anyway, we were bogarted with a random cable installation that we were not informed about when we checked in! We were expecting to be able to just relax in our room and enjoy each other’s company, but instead we were disturbed and couldn’t sleep in because we had to allow them to come into our room and do a job that we were totally unaware of. Not only that, but the management didn’t do anything at all to accommodate us and did not apologize or anything. We didn’t pay $90 to be interrupted and have time that WE paid for taken by having people invade our time and space. I felt sorry for the young man who was on desk duty because when we complained to him he told us that he didn’t even know that they were installing cable that day. What kind of management doesn’t even tell his staff what is going to be taking place on the premises?! It’s absolutely crazy. And to not get an apology, or some sort of discount or something is unprofessional, and extremely disappointing. We won’t be staying here again.


Robert Oldham April 29, 2016 at 4:43 pm

We used to stay at the Comfort Inn north of Evsnsville IN. The one right off if I64. We would stay there once a month for 2-5 days. We stayed there several years and over the course of time the overall quality of the facility went south fast. Biscuits were hard. The only time there was any meat was during the Frog Follies. The gravy was kept and used daily. There was hair and dirt around the toilet and under the sink. The shower heads did not dispense water very much. In fact I ask for and got a new head and replaced it myself. I brought these problems to the attention of the owners but things never changed. Towels are thin and stained. The reason we quit staying there was brought on by getting two dirty rooms. We went to the room and there was hair and toothpaste in the sink. I returned to the desk and was given another room but it smelled of body odor and there was hair in the tub. We then left. I do know that a review on their website was written by an employee and they tried to get another one to write one.


Tim F. April 27, 2016 at 4:03 pm

Complaint regarding recent stay at the Comfort Inn 5828 I-27 Lubbock TX 79404
My wife and I arrived for a wedding Thursday April 21st and our room was not as clean as I would have expected, the curtains were torn and there was water soaked into the carpet by the refrigerator on the floor. As we had just driven some 5 ½ hours we were tired so we stayed in that room as we were too tired and needed rest. Almost immediately we attempted to get on the internet and found that the system was most difficult to get on and would kick us off every few minutes and then it would take another 20-40 minutes to get back on. On Friday April 22nd in the morning my wife found out the in room blow dryer did not work and we informed the front desk. The front desk told us they would get another one for us ASAP as I had informed them that we had a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner that night and a wedding the next day for our son. We kept checking throughout the day and we were told each time that they had not received a blow dryer. My wife was unable to wash her hair for the rehearsal or the dinner as we waited too long since we kept being told we would have one sometime that day. The next day very early in the morning I called the front desk because the Wi-Fi service was cutting in and out and we couldn’t get on for more than a few moments at a time and then it would take another 20 – 40 minutes to get service again. The front desk manager on duty Tasha told me then that there had been “a line cut” sometime days earlier and they were experiencing problems with their Wi-Fi. Obviously they knew this before we checked in but there were no signs to notify us and it was not mentioned. I also told the manager on duty Tasha about our TV which had quit working that night and we could not get it to work again. Then I told her about the blow dryer and that we were thinking about leaving the next day if those things were not fixed. She immediately brought up a blow dryer. I asked numerous times to have the GM Debbie to contact me so I could speak to her before we checked out but she never did even putting it in writing and handing my information to Tasha upon check out so I could speak to her after we checked out. I was contacted on Tuesday April 26 by Comfort Inn employee Al who said the GM Debbie had asked him to phone me and to offer me 2,000 point in their frequent stay program. I let Al know that I was not looking to open a frequent stay program so the 2,000 points was not something that would result in any relief from my concerns. I again asked to speak to the GM Debbie and was told she was unavailable as I asked to have the contact information, any information e-mail, address, phone number) of the ownership of the Comfort Inn in question. Al told me he did not have that information and that the only person who did have it was the GM Debbie. I then asked for contact information to the GM Debbie’s superiors and again I was told that he did not have that information and the only one who did was the GM Debbie. So I expressed my surprise that the only person that could provide me with any form of contact information to share a concern about the GM Debbie for not contacting me after numerous request was the GM Debbie herself. I could not get a supervisor name, an owner name so I ask for a GM name of another property which I was provided and I called that location and expressed my concern regarding this entire disaster of a vacation stay at the Comfort Inn in Lubbock. This GM did take down my information and she is going to follow up on my behalf as she apologized to me many times and assured me that what I was experiencing was not acceptable nor within company policy. I will await the call from her boss upon her return sometime later this week. Since all this has transpired I received a 17 second voicemail from Debbie (I assume it was the GM Debbie at the Comfort Inn at 5:57 PM Tuesday night as a result I believe of the manager Al sharing with her my deep concern that she was not providing me with the type of service I expected when traveling and staying in any hotel and having problems. I returned Debbie’s call at 806-559-8493 at 8:48 AM Wednesday morning upon listing to the voice mail she had left the evening before. It is currently 3:03 PM Wednesday 4-27-16 and I have not received a return phone call.


Anonymous April 23, 2016 at 10:38 pm

Ryan who is now a Front desk Manager at Comfort Suites OHare in Illinois in Schiller park as be the most horrible manager of all. He’s only been there only FOUR DAYS and thought he’d be ok to fire someone saying it was a “no call, no show” when the person called him to state she was going to be late, not only that but she started at 3 and got there at 310 and made the call to him at 213 and 245 and he didn’t answer both calls. Let me remind you she as never been late or anything and would never pull a no call no show. He didn’t care, he went on stating he wanted her off property and didn’t even let her stay and keep her job. The handbook DOES NOT anything about that. I will make sure something is done here and I hope you guys do as well and give her, her job back. She knows more than everyone at that hotel. Thanks


Julia April 11, 2016 at 11:48 am

I have been on the phone o hold for over 2 hours now. I booked a room on choice hotel with the privilege program using no points and a duplicate room was booked on the website so I have two rooms for the same night costing twice the price. I have talked to reservations that say “Oh you have to talk to customer service.” I called the hotel and told “Oh, you booked it at the pre advance rate. I cant do anything for you you will have to talk to customer service, heres the number.” I have been connected twice and gotten hung up on twice. 2 1/2 hours later here I sit on hold. That is totally unacceptable. WORST customer service I have ever run into. Just want the duplicate room taken off…is that really too much to ask for?


Melissa April 1, 2016 at 6:36 pm

I hope this complaint is read, but if the service I received here at the Sleep Inn in Wilson, NC on April 1st 2016 is any indication, I’m not expecting much. We have listened to the people directly above us for almost three hours straight sound like they are coming through the ceiling they’re so loud. I have NEVER called down to a hotel office and complained, ever. But I did and said I couldn’t deal with it anymore. The girl who answered was not apologetic, not friendly and already had an attitude. She said she’d call up there. Then she called me back a few minutes later and with the smartest sarcastic attitude tells me, ” well I went up there and I didn’t hear a thing” I asked her if she was insenuating I was lying and she snickered. I told her I would be calling her back and she will have to do something. She said ok and hung up. I wish I knew how to make a complaint so that I know for sure this will be read and followed up on. I am livid. I have never had to do this. Will never stay here again! If this happens to be read, the lady’s name is Dana.


IRENE YBARBO April 21, 2016 at 11:10 am

Don’t count on their help. I booked a room for one night for a certain date. When I got my confirmation the date was different. Needless to say, I had to pay for both nights because the incorrect date reservation was non cancellable, non refundable, non changeable. I know and verified the dates on the reservation yet it appears it was
changed and not by me. So don’t hold your breathe…I called everyone I knew to call and got nowhere. But for sure I will NEVER again stay at a Choice Hotel and will tell everyone I can of my experience. They have no integrity and they operate in an underhanded method!


Steven R. Fraley March 30, 2016 at 11:55 am

Can someone tell me when and why the significant savings member discount code #00937623 (VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars 8th district auxiliary ) was discontinued! I have utilized this discount since I became a choice program member which is 15+ years. It seemed to provide me with better savings vs. the other discounts available to me. I used it as recently as the end of February but, when I tried to use it last week the reservation agent said it came up as a business code and couldn’t/wouldn’t be applied! Can it be reinstated? If not, what can I utilize in the future that will provide me with the same or better discount for my future stays? I appreciate your loyalty program and the savings/benefits it provides to the members. Thanks in advance for your time and I greatly appreciate your efforts in this regard. I look forward to a favorable response at your earliest convenience.


Phil king March 3, 2016 at 2:48 pm

McHenry, Illinois 60050

To whom it may concern:

On January 8th, 2014 I lost my mother, Lisa King, to suicide. A few months later I lost my best friend in a similar situation. Dealing with those losses has been difficult and as usual I turned to running to help get through the hard times. About a year ago I decided that I wanted to find a way where running all those miles could help somebody other than myself.

In an effort to help others not have to go through what I have, I started a personal campaign with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. On March 28th, 2016 I will be running across the country on the northern portion of the American Discovery Trail from Delaware to California to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. The trail covers 4,803 miles and my goal is to average about 180 miles a week. I will be leaving on March 28th, 2016 and hopefully be finished by the end of October. My goal for the run is not only to raise money and awareness but to create a movement where we can eliminate the stigma that surrounds suicide and mental illness. I want to change the atmosphere of shame and guilt to one of love and compassion.

If you are interested in helping out or just following the run, please visit my website and other social media pages. Also, here is a video that explains the purpose of this journey: Run for Lisa King Reach Out Video

Website: Runforlisaking

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

Facebook: Runforlisaking

Twitter: runforlisaking

YouTube channel: Run for Lisa King

In life you find a cause to believe in and to motivate yourself to become a person that people can see as a beacon of hope to go on living and believe that you can change your life everyday to believe you’re special to someone.

Kind regards,

Phil King
Advocate and Long Distance Runner

Philipking0203 at

runforlisaking at



Deana C January 22, 2016 at 2:07 pm

Where do I begin. I booked 4 nite stay at Comfort Suites Paradise Island. Got verification from Bookit. Com that it was paid. I get to the Hotel and the manager tells me that did not pay them and if I wanted to stay there I would have to get reimbursed from Bookit. I said that is all the money I had I do not have money to pay them I already pd. Showed them the receipt. From Bookit. She let me use the phone and was on it for an hour, Bookit said they would call hotel and straighten it out. The manager said we are on the phone with them right now, you are all set ,you can check in now that was 1/14/2016. I gave them my card # so I charge to the room. I then look at my balance they took $500 from my acct. I called the desk they said they put a hold so they could get paid for purchases I made at the hotel and they would release it when I checked out. So 1/18/2016 comes I get express checkout bill under my door, top sheet was to sign for top charges. The bill attached was for $123.02 for electric usage charges, maid services and one meal at the restaurant there. Signed it and left. Tuesday I look at my bank statement not only did they not release my $500 they took an extra $883 . So I got hold of the hotel they had the accountant email me . He sends me the top sheet. That I signed with 2 receipts, that had S.O.F On them with a copy of a room bill for total stay. I never saw that bill. So I called Bookit they said we paid them on the 14th . So the Bookit person called the hotel and checked on it . And there dept which pays the hotels and the hotel refused to take the payment. The difference between the Bookit price and the hotel price is $350 I am a single mom who struggled to save for this trip. I do not have the money to double pay. I feel cheated , and I feel this is fraudulent on the hotels part. If you do not want to except Bookit don’t let them advertise for you!! Also I also booked transportation with Bookit from hotel to airport and back . They got paid no problem, they totally ruined what was supposed to be the best vacation ever!!!!!


Peter Benedict January 9, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Kudos to employee, DIANE, at Quality Inn, Wickenburg AZ. Found room for us during very busy Gold Rush Days Feb 2016. We were going to have to cancel our Booth. She is just wonderful.


Anonymous January 8, 2016 at 10:33 pm

Your Comfort Inn at 3815 S Lincoln Ave, York, NE 68467 really needs new ownership. The owner Kim and Jason Payne need to be replaced. Specifically Kim. She is a vile woman to put it mildly. Has no problem swearing at her employees within places that a guest could hear. She treats everyone like she is better than us. I was told personally that she didn’t like me the minute she met me. When I started our interaction was all of three seconds. She has no professionalism at all. Goes straight to yelling and swearing instead of talking to her employees. This is not how Choice should be represented. If I could I would turn down every guest staying here. Yes that would mean I’m out of a job but it also means at least temporarily she doesn’t own a business. She focuses only on one thing you may have done wrong but makes no acknowledgement of the things you do right. There is no positive feedback. Choice really needs to investigate this hotel and the owner.

The manager also needs to be talked to. She feels the need to talk to all her employees like we’re her two year old daughter. She does not listen to any ideas and when you know more than her she gets very offended. Like our hot tub. It’s green. Usually means there’s metal in the water. She is adamant that it’s normal and will not proceed to troubleshoot the issue. She likes to change schedules without telling a person until she’s already changed it and also likes to say we owe her, actually told me she owned me for the rest of the year because I went home sick (ended up in the ER that night), if she covers shifts and apparently does not realize her job as a GM is to cover shifts when the other employees cannot. She hires people under false pretenses saying they’ll be working one shift and then schedules them the shift she really wants them on, usually the 11pm to 7am shift no one really likes. I was told not to tell a new hire that she would be our new night auditor.

I think it’s disgusting our pool towels are old, stained, and ripped towels. I don’t know if that’s Choice Hotels policy and if it is it needs to be changed. I know personally if I picked up a “clean” towel and found it covered with stains I would be appalled.

There’s a reason that most new employees only stay a couple days and then turn around and leave. As soon as I find myself another job I will also be leaving and you can bet I will make sure no one I know applies here.


Patty December 17, 2015 at 9:35 am

My husband and I stayed at the Comfort Inn-Orlando Florida/Buena Vista located on Palm Parkway. It was the WORST experience we have had. We arrived on December 12, 2015, at 2:30PM, we were sent to our room located on the 4th floor. There was a housekeeper next to our room and she told us that we could not go into the room because it was “wet”, she then told us the room is being painted and it is still wet. How doses the desk clerk not know the room is being painted. When I went back to the front desk to get a new room, I told her that I did not want to start my vacation this way. She just shrugged and said she did not know the room was being painted.

We were sent to a room on the 6th floor. The room smelled musty, I know this is Florida, but leave the air conditioner on to get the humidity out of the room. The bathroom was really small. It was like going into a public restroom where you have to almost stand on the toilet to close the door. The tub was small you had to stand with your feet together, the floor of the shower felt hollow. In the pile of clean towels was a dirty washcloth. It looked like makeup was on it.

The beds-what a nightmare. Did you see the movie “Pycho” remember when Norman took mother to the basement and her bed had a big indentation-that was how the mattresses were. My husband and I could not sleep in the same bed. On the 3rd night, my husband pulled the sheets off the bed and found a clothing tag in the bed. So that meant to me that the bed sheets were not changed.

We checked out the next day cutting our vacation short. When we checked out no one asked us how our stay was. How do you run a business like that?

We have a 25,000+ points and we will not use them, we are extremely disappointed and will never stay at Choice Hotel again. Doesn’t corporate check on the hotels that they recruit to be part of their corporation? Shame on them.

A copy of this is going to be sent to corporate, it probably won’t make a difference to them, but it will make me feel like I am part of solution.


Donna December 12, 2015 at 5:54 am

First, I need to say after reading 177 complaints about Choice Privileges now I’m wondering about your company if you really care for your costumers and their complaints. I was on hold for 23 minutes holding for customer complaint and still no answer. I am very DISAPPOINTED, Shame on Choice Privileges using this motel ( hourly motel) in making my reservation I asked if this hotel was like Comforts hotels…Rodeway Inn is a motel NOT a hotel. Second room # 131, the beds are horrible worn out, the rooms are not clean and the towels are filthy ( we had to by towels to use) … and this was my second room, because the first room #125 was not clean where someone(s) else had been laying in the beds and the smoke detector was beeping. There was so much disturbance from outside we woke up frighten from the noise. In trying to go back to sleep the noise woke us up again at 3:30am so we decided to get dress an leave. For, the cost of this room, false information on reviews given and only 3 hours of sleep I need to get a REFUND. If this is the type of service that can be expect from CHOICE in the future then I need to reconsider NOT using you all in the coming year(s). Reservation # 66574385


mary December 11, 2015 at 10:29 am

I was notified on Dec 2 that my points that I struggled to get at choice hotels will be expiring. I didn’t know that they expired moreover, could CH have given us a more advance warning than several weeks so we can make plans? Airlines give customer 3 or more month warning. There’ no way, I can work within this short time frame and during the holidays. My time has been wasted trying so hard to earn these points. Very disappointed.


Mary Lou Logan December 8, 2015 at 3:38 pm

My husband and I have been Choice Members for several years and have usually been happy with Choice Hotels. I am sure you would like to know if one of your motels is not up to standards so as not to reflect badly on your company. One such motel is the Roadway Inn in Waco, TX. After checking in, we found our room had not been cleaned from the previous guests. We were then moved to another room. The next morning I walked into the bathroom and saw two large roaches climbing up the wall. There were also several baby hatchlings on the counter. We packed up and got out of there as quickly as possible. There was no way we would have eaten the free continental breakfast there. If the room was roach infested, I shudder to think of what the kitchen would have been like. You really should get this motel off your list of affiliates. I hope for a better experience at our next Choice Hotels stay.
Mary Lou Logan RAL1117


Sally and david laird November 28, 2015 at 11:48 am

Final F you from redding…went to the comfort inn to rent a room because our house is in the back of a Uhaul from moving out of redding and we’re wiped out…comfort inn tells David they won’t rent to him because he lives in redding and AB109 (parolee’s) are not allowed. At this point I wouldn’t have given them my money if they were the last place on earth. After tellin them what we thought we told them to XXXXX right off…NEVER GO TO COMFORT INN!!! Will be calling corporate tomorrow. My husband ISN’T a parolee…that’s what pissed us off so badly and where the hell did this manager get off calling him one..we were sooo tired and that was just soooo wrong.
David: Yes it boiled down to if your a Redding resident you cannot rent a room at the COMFORT INN! Had I been not thoroughly exhausted I can guarantee the police would have been involved. They made me feel like my civil rights had been violated and I won’t stop until I have recievd a formal apology from corporate, the toothless manager(whom resembled a homeless person) was very rude and disrespectful informed me that if he rents to one Redding resident, he would then be obligated to rent to all Redding residents? So in the eyes of comfort inn you all are AB109 parolees who doesn’t deserve to be able to stay at the fleabag motel.


Dannette November 27, 2015 at 12:56 pm

My stay was ridiculous! I was at this hotel for 4 days and never received maid service. I even asked and they said it would be taken care of. I am a Choice Member and this is the treatment that I receive?? I asked for a trash bag and took my trash to the front desk. This is unacceptable and I will take my business elsewhere!


Carolyn cowsert bramlet November 24, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Am very disappointed in Choice Hotels phone support. Some are not knowledgeable, some have lied to me, some have put me on hold so long the call ends, some have connected me back to the initial menu as though I had just called initially, some have been rude. WHEN I ASK TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE TO FILE A COMPLAINT & I AM DIRECTED TO THE CUSTOMER RELATIONS. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE PROMPTED THIS COMPLAINT. Have run out of patience with this sloppy phone support.


Carolyn cowsert bramlet November 24, 2015 at 3:05 pm

The above complaint is concerning CHOICE HOTELS itself, – not a specific hotel.


Jennifer November 22, 2015 at 11:44 pm

My family and I drove in for a wedding in Indianapolis and thought the price and location of Comfort Suites City Centre on West St. was the perfect place to stay. I had booked online as well as spoke with a representative on the phone a few days prior to our arrival. We traveled with our children and were happy to know that there was an indoor pool (since the children wouldn’t be attending the wedding, at least we could make time for them to swim). When we arrived and checked in, I was advised of an additional parking charge of $20.00 per day to park in the parking garage, this was not disclosed to me when I made the reservation, or on the website. After a 5 hour drive and running short on time to get to the wedding, I signed the paperwork and took the room. While walking to the room, we noticed a sign posted on the pool door stating “the pool is out of service until further notice”, again something I was not notified of while booking my stay. We got the kids situated in the room while the adults got ready for the wedding. The kids said that they found animal poop in the bed, in all of the chaos, I didn’t investigate their claim (I just want to say that the kids aren’t little, the oldest is 16). We got back from the wedding late and went straight to bed. Since we couldn’t swim in the morning, we got breakfast and started to pack up to head home. While getting ready, I noticed what looked like animal droppings in the tub. In all fairness to the hotel, I never picked it up to investigate it, however we all passed on showering that morning. There was water flooding the floor from the valve below the toilet and the couch cushions were flipped over to “hide” the stains. When we were leaving the room I had the kids check the room to make sure we did not forget anything. I was DISGUSTED when the kids found chicken and crackers under the bed… we DID NOT have chicken or crackers during our stay!! All of this went unseen by the adults with our rush to get to the wedding and I am appalled that my children were stuck in that environment! I wanted to get the hell out of there, so we left immediately! I ended up paying $211.00 for a 1 night stay in a hotel with NO pool access, broken toilets, stained furniture, (possible) animal droppings in the room and old food under the bed…. NEVER again!!!


David November 18, 2015 at 6:07 pm

Stayed at the Rodeway Inn in Fort Lauderdale (FLL/Cruisport) on 15 Nov 15 -16 Nov 15. Worst hotel exp. of my life. Some of the staff at the location are very unpleasant. The Hotel staff treated me like crap. I reserved the hotel with the expectation the hotel would be of at least three star quality- it was not. The previous guest comments were consistent with my experience. Members of the hotel staff were rude and unprofessional. When I arrived at the hotel I requested shuttle service to the airport- consistent with what was advertised. I was told that the airport shuttle would not be available for the time I requested and I would need to arrive at the airport four hours before my flight time. When I requested to know why, I was told that the shuttles would be transporting other guests and would be busy. However, I was told that the manager may be able to assist with the shuttle, but because of the staffer’s position, he could not make that call. Subsequently, the manager, Mr. Vincent Izzy, called and I asked to speak with him via telephone and requested shuttle service. I explained the advertisement and the expectation of shuttle service. He replied “Well, I am glad you can read, but if you read closer the shuttle service is based on availability.” I replied to him that I am an attorney and I can read and it’s easier to just provide the service, if he can, then us going back and forth arguing. His reply was that he is Jewish and has a family of attorneys. I am not sure what being Jewish had to do with the conversation, but through his tone I can only assume that it meant that he was in some way better than either me or people of another religion. In the context of a conversation about customer service, stating his personal religion, Jewish, as a way of either intimidation or bravado, is highly inappropriate and displays either a lack of discipline/self-control or lack of commitment to his job/and or profession. I explained my disappointment about the shuttle service and asked for another room and was told that for additional 20$ I could upgrade and then he would provide the shuttle service. Further, I was obligated to rate the hotel at 4 or 5 stars- this was written on the receipt. I agreed and paid the extra money. When I arrived at the room there were bugs in the room and the bed comforter had a brown stain in the middle. The shower door was broke and there was a hole from where the door had slammed against the wall. Also, the tub stop was broken. The manager knew this at the time and still placed me in the room. The staff person mentioned the tub being broke and the manager instructed him to put my spouse and me in the room anyway. I learned that later. When I went downstairs the next morning to retrieve a copy of my receipt with the requirement to rate the hotel 4 or 5 stars, I was told that I could not have a copy because it was with HRC, which is literally another room in the hotel. As I discussed why I needed the form he told me that “He is having to repeat himself multiple times.” The staff person was young and obviously lacked training in customer service, but the worst part is, another employee who was older sat by and let him just say what he wanted to say. The culture at the Roadway Inn appears to be one where the staff could care less about their jobs and wish people would just leave them alone. As I was at the counter for checking in- I heard multiple people make complaints about the bathrooms, the smell, and the lack of urgency to fix the problems. This hotel needs a new culture change- starting with the manger, Vincent Izzy.


Keith Schilb October 31, 2015 at 3:55 pm

I recently stayed at Comfort Inn, 412 White Bridge Place, Nashville, TN. I was with a party of three people with three rooms. DO NOT STAY THERE IF YOU USE A CREDIT CARD!!! Everybody’s credit card was cloned and used. One of my party only used the card that was cloned at this hotel! I contacted the hotel management but I was told that none of his people would commit a crime and that would not happen at his hotel. The manager acted like it was not an issue nor does he plan on doing anything to protect his future guests. Myself and one other of the party have been in law enforcement for over 25 years. I have a call into the Attorney General for TN and will be contact the TBI and the U. S. Secret Service on Monday. The hotel management doesn’t care who is robbed or inconvenienced since I have now had to get a new credit card and put a fraud alert on my credit reports.


Gail Henry October 26, 2015 at 10:33 pm

I recently stayed at a Quality Inn in Kingman Az.
It was one of the worst experiences in a hotel I have had in along time.
First off the Internet was really bad at best if it even worked at all. Second the TV channels were very limited 12 channels to be exact. With nothing at all to watch. Then today I was checking my bank account and found they had charged me 3 different times for 1 room. I called and said something about it. The person said two of the 3 charges would drop off. My problem with this is the room wasn’t worth the original charge much less a temporary deposit of over a 120.00$ . If something isn’t done regarding this problem to my satisfaction, you can gaurntee I will be reporting your hotel to the BBB. My husband stays in alot of hotell and it would be in your best interest to make this right.


Barbara Hosmer October 18, 2015 at 8:41 pm

Had horrible experience at Quality Inn, Troy Alabama. Made reservation day ahead, Got there 8 hour drive. Room smelled horrible. Bugs in bath room , ask for money back, the girl said I had to give a 24 hour notice, I had just made reservation 24 hours ahead. Called all the phone numbers to file a complaint, no answer, wanted a refund or free night some where else. but I CAN NOT SEE HAVING TO SLEEP SOMEWHERE THAT IS SO DIRTY.


Jason Cromes October 13, 2015 at 3:29 pm

October, 13, 2015

Quality Inn Corporate Office
Guest Relations Service Center
6811 East Mayo Blvd, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85054
Attention: Customer Complaints
Re: Horrible stay at Quality Inn & Suites (MD116) 1 N Second St. Laurel, MD 20707 (Room 415)

Customer Relations:
I recently stayed at a branch of your hotel chain, The Quality Inn & Suites (MD116), checking in 10/10/2015 and checking out on 10/11/2015 and this was a horrible experience to say the least. I have been a loyal customer at your hotel chain over the years and this was the worst stay I’ve ever experienced at any of your hotels and as a loyal customer I expect much better service and expect to receive the room I pay for.

For this stay at the Quality Inn & Suites, I reserved my room on your website, ( to book a suite (1King bed, smoking room, suite, with a 2 person sofa bed). While booking the hotel online I even contacted hotel management to verify that this was the correct suite and that I would be receiving exactly what I reserved, as the differences in suites on the websites were very unclear. Management verified that this was the correct selection. I verified with management, because I called the night before and the front desk attendants didn’t know the set ups of any rooms within the hotel, which I thought was odd since they work there. On the day of check in (10/10/2015), prior to my arrival I received a call from the front desk (12:53 pm) verifying that I would be arriving to check in today, and I let them know I would be there and still wanted my room and I would be there to check in shortly after 3pm, when check in begins. However, when I arrived they checked me in assured me this was the correct room and swiped my debit card to withdraw the funds from my account and gave me my room card keys. When I entered my room immediately after check in, it was completely wrong. It was a half a suite with a king bed and 2 chairs and a desk, instead of the full suite with a king bed and 2 person sofa bed.

Immediately after noticing this I reported this to the front desk and they looked into it and told me they would try to get this fixed, so I waited patiently for the next hour, but their solutions to the room mix up were even worse. Instead of giving me the room I paid for, here were the options they presented me with: (1) a regular non-smoking room with two double beds, which they later told me was no longer available; (2) We can refund you your money at this property and you can pay for 2 additional king bed rooms at our other property (Now, if I reserved a king bed suite with a sofa bed and they messed up my reservation, why would I be inclined to purchase two additional rooms at another location, knowing the refunded money wouldn’t be back in my account for 3-5 days, so that would be like paying for 3 rooms and I have never heard of making the customer pay double for a mistake the hotel made); (3) Then they offered to give another guest’s suite who hadn’t arrived to check in yet ( This is what I think happened to the suite I reserved. They gave it away to another guest.); (4) I can take a regular king room (not a suite) and they can give me a roll away bed at a reduced rate of $90.33 instead of the $132.26 that was initially charged to my card and I am still waiting to be refunded the difference in the balance (I reluctantly accepted this offer, because I had no other choice, they already had my money and I had guest coming to meet me from over 100 miles away). After accepting this offer, I requested a receipt reflecting the new balance, but the front desk attendant told me they don’t provide receipts here, which I thought was odd, as they provide receipts at all other Choice Hotels. I was finally able to get a receipt for my stay at check out from a different front desk attendant.

After entering this room, I was highly dissatisfied even more so, but was stuck at this point and had to make the best of the stay. Here were the problems with the new room they provided: (1) The shower was not in the bathroom, instead it was next to the bed; (2) There was nasty blue goo stuck to the ceiling hanging over the bed; (3) The roll away bed they provided was in bad shape and the mattress part was torn and stained severely; (4) The chair at the desk in the room was broken. When you reclined in it, it made a loud noise and almost gave out; (4) The power and phone outlets were not secure in the wall and wires were hanging out; (5) The headboard on the bed was greasy and stained (6) The view the room provided was the back of a tire shop with men urinating on the dumpster; and (7) The elevators were like a death trap, they got stuck in between floors on almost every trip. Not to mention when hotel maintenance brought the roll away bed up, they didn’t set it up or anything and were busy talking about getting off and going to get drunk at this hotels other property.

This hotel experience really put me in a bad spot that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. My fiancé and her family came to visit from over 100 miles away and I mainly reserved a suite at your hotel for them to stay at, while they were in town, since it was close and I have had good experiences at Choice Hotels in the past. However, the hotel was so bad, they were unable to stay there and ended up driving an additional 30 miles to Baltimore, MD to stay at one of their relatives homes, because the room was in such bad shape and there was no place for everyone to sleep and nobody felt comfortable taking a shower in the open. We were all completely unsatisfied with this hotel and something needs to be done about this, as this hotel and their staff don’t reflect the values and quite frankly tarnish the Choice Hotel brand. This was a completely waste of $132.26.

I don’t wish this experience on anyone, as most hotels are guest friendly and strive to provide their guest with the best experience possible and satisfy all of their needs while frequenting the establishment. People can be traveling from anywhere in the world and it is just wrong to allow them to arrive there, take their money, assure them their reservations are correct, call them in advance to verify they are still coming, then when they arrive everything is wrong with solution in place to the problem the hotel staff created. I would like to respectfully request that this hotel is thoroughly reviewed for their practices and unlivable conditions they are providing their guest and I be compensated for this horrendous experience that not only placed me in a bad situation, but also my guest. Lots of money was spent on this horrible experience (Quality Inn room cost, alternative place to stay, 100 miles in gas, etc.) at your hotel not only by me, but my guest that drove over 100 miles to stay here and couldn’t, because one of your front desk attendants messed up my reservation that I placed in advance. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Jan spillane October 4, 2015 at 2:19 pm

I never got my free room stay after staying 2nites
Tried to book and computer down.Was also told I did not have enough points to do that. No one told me about points
You owe me money back on my last stay in Marshall mi. You can contact me for further info.


Anthony October 2, 2015 at 6:26 pm

I had to cancel my travel days from NY to FL which included
Comfort Inn Confirm: 54612542 (10/5/2015; Comfort Inn
Confirm: 54616170 10/5/2015 & 54618162 10/14/2015)
because of the hurricane and flooding problems as well as
NC, SC, VA state warnings regarding flash flooding, floods,
road wash outs, dangerous travel. As a 100% disabled Veteran,
and Choice Member, I tried to get those cancelled or at least left
open for a date in the future when it is safe to travel, hopefully
within a day or two past the original plans. Several efforts to
see about these issues resulted in Choice refusing to cancel, change
or alter dates since they were “advanced purchases”. Further checking
with various state and federal authorities it seems Choice is “taking funds”
during “Hurricane Warnings” knowing full well customers are unable to
access those hotels, travel to or from or would be in immediate danger.
As a senor/disabled person I am left with no recourse but to seek legal
remedies, notify public media, etc. and warn all seniors, veterans and others
“not to use any Choice Hotels” and seek others in the areas. Join me in
this boycott and if you wish to be part of a “class action” complaint, please


sandy September 28, 2015 at 2:57 pm

I booked a room at comfort inn Columbia city Indiana, for my grandson wedding night. when he and his new wife got there at 11.30 p.m. the bed in the room was not made.they went to the front desk and the person there told them..its pretty bad when the 3rd shift employee has to find housekeeping…. I called the hotel to ask for a 50% refund and they told me all they can do is refund 15.00. that is an insult for a room I paid 125.00 for. never will I or anyone else I know stay at a choice hotel.


Jens L Lutz September 28, 2015 at 12:54 pm

I am a choice member. Ever since your company has introduced your new website, it has been non functional in completing reservations. I have called and emailed your IT department with no response. The site works up to the point of “book room” after which an error message (Sorry, we could not book the rooms you requested. Please try again) is displayed. I have tried on my IPad, laptop and office computer and all fail to perform. Your representatives in reservations concede that there is a problem but it has been several months now and apparently your wasting your money on an IT department who cannot deliver an operational system.
Best regards,
Jens L Lutz


Rosetta September 19, 2015 at 7:06 pm

Mr. Stephen P. Joyce

I am currently a guest in the Comfort Inn and Suites on 180 Gamma Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. I have been here since August 10th as a guess I was asked to move out of my room due to some maintenance services that the hotel was conducting for 2 days that week which would be Wednesday and Thursday. I was aked to move enough items to last for 2 days as I was reassigned to a different room. On Friday September 18, I went to the front desk to ask them at what time should I move back to my room. I was informed that the maintenance was going to take a little bit longer than they thought. At that time I ask front counter could I please have a key to go into the room to retrieve the rest of my things. The lady behind the counter informed me that she could not give me a key because they had packed up my things and tossed them in the hotel laundry room in BIG BLACK TRASH BAGS, and they register room to someone else. No one at this hotel contact me about removing the rest of my items out of the room. This was a violation of my privacy they had no right coming into the room removing my things without my permission this is a violation and I will be taking action against this hotel!!!!! Very unprofessional in customer service .


Michael September 16, 2015 at 11:03 pm

Mr. Stephen P Joyce, CEO
Choice Hotels
10750 Colombia Pike
Silver SpriI have never been treated like this my wife made reservations to take a trip to La-cross Wisconsin booked a room with this chain she happened not to look at my church calendar and I have retreat planed for that weekend I can’t get away. So I asked to move the date to the next weekend they actually will not move it they are just going to keep the money can you believe that. I know times are tough but now it’s ok to steal money from you she as call so many people it just a shame a great Lady with all her plans to get away for the first time this year and this is what we get treated like. oh I wonder if that is customer service all we wanted is to move it to the next weekend and we were willing to pay more I guess it’s not so Choice

My poor wife has 2- 8” rods in her back because of a car accident and the guy not stopping I had to cover all the bills all she wanted to do is make me happy and spend some time with me
We work hard for our money. I didn’t want any back only to move the date and we have talked to 6 people and none of them will help us is this how you make your money?



erik September 19, 2015 at 8:53 am

Yes it is how they make there money. I work for a choice hotel an have not got paid for the hours I worked. Went to all the outlets now the next payday is here an guess what 7 hours are missing as well as ot I worked


eduardo trullenque September 16, 2015 at 11:32 am

September 15, 2015

Mr. Stephen P Joyce, CEO
Choice Hotels
10750 Colombia Pike
Silver Spring MD 20901

Probably the worst customer service I have witnessed

Mr. Joyce

My name is Eduardo Trullenque, (reservation made under Thomas Victor) former Food And Beverage Manager for Columbia Sussex and Interstate Hotel and Resort. During my 7 seven years in Hotel industry I have encountered thousands of guest. First this hotel has the worse customer service witnessed. Associates are on there cell phones, outside on the parking lot exposing themselves to the guest Uniforms wrinkled and stained were being worn by a back of the house associate. The worse employee the Quality Inn has goes by the name of WILLOW. EXCUSE ME I HAVE TO STOP AND MENTION THE FOLLOWING: “I have been waiting to speak the GM of the since (9:00am, it is now 9:54 am and it has been notified that the GM will not be able to see me today. This is very expected, what was not were the 15 minute news bulleting given by the front desk agent where it was being notified that the GM was just about to come into the lobby and meet with me.) WILLOW NOT ONLY DEMONSTRATE AN AIR OFR ARROGANCE WHEN TALKING TO THE GUEST, WARES AS UNIFORM THE TRADIONAL TRADITIONAL GREEEN SHIRT AND KAKIS PANTS WITH HIS OWN TAILERED MADE MOTELY CREW JEAN VEST THAT IS COVERED WITH SPARKLE
THE ENCOUNTERS I HAD WITH WILLOW WERE: 1. CALLING MORE THAN TWICE FOR A PHONE TO BE BROUGHT UP TO OUR ROOM. 2. AS HE SPOKE TO THE GUEST HE WOULD TURN HIS BACK OR IN BETWEEN HIS TEETH. 3. WHEN CALLED FOR NEW SET OF TOWELS (granted every time we made a call from our own personal phones.) MR. WILLOW SAID: “WHY DON’T YOU COME DOWN HERE AND GET THE TOWELS YOUR OWN GOD DAM SELF.” (stop the press I was just visited by Mrs. L. Rodriguez -front desk manager-in substitution for the GM at 10:25; very kind and comprehensive woman).


Good Bye
Eduardo Trullenque
Reservation under Thomas Victor


Tamara Belgard September 12, 2015 at 5:53 pm

To whom it may concern
I recently was let go from one of your franchises just days ago when I was accused of breaking confidentiality upon a phone call your office received and responded to concerning bed bugs.I have worked in this field approximately 25 years 20 of them management I received a set salary for years and am grateful for my knowledge and experience I’ve gotten from working with different corp.all policies and procedures as far as in the housekeeping department have basically
Stayed the same at least I thought,I applied at a comfort inn in kelso wash and was hired as a room attendant even though my experience was extensive I was happy to work again in the field I knew ,what I was not happy seeing is a owner who does not treat the staff with respect for their hard work .His guidelines of labor is not even reality the housekeepers will never be able to stay in their allotted time with working with one par and not giving them the time they need for the extra duties piled on I did say something once to the owner about dividing the time according to what function they were doing such a high turnover and working short staffed constantly people quitting this was sad to watch I was there almost three years can’t say the atmosphere was welcoming it was actually a very hostile work environment created by the owner and management by the procedures taken to function it could be so different where the staff didn’t feel overwhelmed with the quantity of work given it has been a hard road.I want to let you know in my case I feel it was my knowledge and my speaking up for myself that has led to this purely because of comments that were made in front of others mocking my training I can put up with a lot of things but negligence to employees and guests is hard to watch this is what brings my email to you.We currently had a situation where the housekeepers wanted to know what they were finding in rooms if it would actually be health issues or what.The headhousekeeper did the right thing by blocking the rooms until a qualified pest control company could clear the rooms .The next day the owner arrives and was furious so many rooms were taken down,he proceeded to take matters in his own hands by having the maintenance man go into these rooms and use rubbing alcohol amongst vacuuming and changing bed skirts as the staff watched ,the headhousekeeper was made to feel she was obligated to go into some rooms and clean to not have owner upset with her since the maintenance man treated the room with rubbing alcohol .After this the others started refusing to go into a particular room which was reported to management and guest was going to be there for a lengthy stay ,this started the issue at hand .
The owner called his pest control company SPRAGUE to come and check the rooms for bugs but not before this turned very bad he literally came at three of us that day he told us the bug company would be coming by ranting and raving especially at me since I was suppose to be in charge,screaming in my face about time which if done correctly wouldn’t have had a problem .I could not believe the way he was acting until later.As we were pushed out of there apparently it was then the pest control company showed .The next day coming into work to see doXXXXentation that company found no bugs no fecal matter and went through all rooms in question in a 45 min time frame was a little far fetched we were told clean the rooms or leave well we needed our jobs so with the doXXXXentation who the assistant manager freely gave us I cleaned 16 c/os that day only still to be talked down to about my time wow I didn’t deserve that from management that is a extensive amount of rooms to do in a day with no others to help save time it was flat c/o s I am very upset by this time but carried on and finished my rooms .The staff went into rooms The following day to see the same issues finding bugs went into the room that had previously been refused to clean to see blood on sheets and actually took a photo of a bug she saw she took it upon herself to contact the pest control company to verify the bug was not a bedbug she emailed photos to them and the one she spoke to informed her indeed there were bedbugs in photo .Next thing the girl who did this was called into office and was apparently being repremanded for her actions she was still upset when she came to bring me into this .I did say how I felt to him about him acting unprofessional and screaming at us he then said I broke confidentiality I had a friend call corporate to make a complaint on this issue.I told him I didn’t know this woman and even asked him to do some confronting I really didn’t do that he then proceeded to fire me.I’m just speechless on this incident period ,I did not even know places like this existed I guess because I’ve been in management for so long I didn’t realize what employees actually went through to keep their jobs down to paychecks not right due to rounding possibly to much ot not being paid when due I know even I was due it’s like a whole set of rules .I am writing this to you so you understand what employees here are enduring I don’t think I will ever apply for a job with a franchise if this is how it is allowed to be run .Hope to hear from you on this I know it’s lengthy but I felt it was needed to inform you
Thank You for your time
Tamara Belgard


hannah September 5, 2015 at 11:50 pm

I used to work at the econo lodge in Williamstown,wv and while I understand that it is a franchise, I think you should know who is representing your brand. the owner likes to belittle, yell, intimidate, humiliate, and degrade his employees in front of customers. I myself have had this happen, as well as others in the recent past. it makes the customers very uneasy and uncomfortable. it makes his employees scared, upset and cry! he also likes to scam people out of their money. he makes us sign a statement saying that if we quit without a 2 weeks notice he keeps our checks…is that legal?? he has told us during training (which by the way we are not paid for) that if a customer shows up in a nice car, dressed nice, well spoken, to charge them a higher rate. I have even seen him charge someone who wasn’t paying attention an extra $10 and he said, they were so busy talking that they didn’t see or even notice me charge them an extra $10. he does not give the customer their receipt after we run their credit cards and instructs us not to as well. he also tells us to charge them a higher price if we think we can. there is no real set price. he told me that the coupons are just a scam to lure customers in so he can talk them out of the coupon and try and force them a higher rate. I felt very, very uncomfortable working for him. I hope that you investigate him asap! if you give him a heads up he will put on a lovely show for you. you need to do a secret shopper type thing to see how he really acts. I hope you can fix this problem. I would not recommend this hotel to ANYONE until either he is gone, or you put a stop to his ways. I will also be calling the better business bureau of West Virginia and get them involved as well. thanks.


Mitchell August 25, 2015 at 5:13 pm

I booked a reservation his morning via Travelocity which had a “book now and pay later” option for Ocean City Maryland Econo lodge during Labor Day weekend. Later in the afternoon I received a phone call from a woman named Janet from Econo lodge in Maryland. She wanted to reveries my credit card information since it was coming up invalid. I explained to her that at the moment I couldn’t get my card since it was not available to me at that moment but I can call back. I then asked her if she was trying to bill the card now and she said “yes” I told her that I booked through Travelocity and it was a book now and pay upon arrival. She told me in a rude voice”well that is not how it works here in Ocean City” I responded but that is not what is on the website and I have a screen shot that I can send eye. Then proceeded to tell me “if we don’t get payment today, your reservation will be cancelled” at this point I now ask to speak with a GM and she said his name is Wendall and I asked for his last name. She reponded with ” I DONT KNOW HIS LAST NAME! I DONT KEEP UP WITH EVERYTHING AROUND HERE!” I asked to speak with him and she said he’s not here! He may be here tomorrow! She then sarcastically goes on to say “I know my last name, it’s BOYER!!! I asked for a number to call GM and she said “you can call the number I called from” she goes on saying it is out policy to collect our money now or it will be cancelled. I
She said that it will not be cancelled tonight but over weekend if no payment is made. I said that I would li,e to take matter up with GM because that is not was is on travelocity website. After this conversation I was rather upset so I called customer relations and was informed that my reservation has been cancelled!! Now this Represenative proceeds to tell me that because it’s Labor Day weekend they must have a deposit! I told her but it states NOWHERE that hotel will need a deposit. I looked through all fine prints. It only states that if I cancell after 4pm August 29th the hotel can bill me a nights stay. I then asked to speak to a supervisor now becAuse Janet cancelled my reservation when I was supposed to speak with the GM the ne t day. Now a supervisor gets on the phone only to be polite in the beginning but rude middle to the end of conversation. She informed me that Janet had I fact cancelled reservation but re instated but Travelocity had cancelled reservation and I need to take it up with them. WHY DID JANET NEED TO CANCEL IT FROM THE BEGINNING IF I WAS GOING TO SPEAK WITH GM WHIM SHE SAID WAS NOT IN TODAY AND WOULD NOT GIVE ME ANY OTHER INFORMATION????? NOW THIS SUPERVISOR TELLS ME SHE WILL PUT IN MEMO TO SUPPER ISORY STAFF AT HOTEL FOR THE WAY I WAS TREATED BY JANET. I EVEN OFFERED TO DO A THREE WAY CALL WITH SUPERVISOR AND TRAVELOCITY BUT SHE WOULD NOT DO THAT!!!! So now I have no reservation! I was really treated with no professionalism and there was ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I really felt like when they heard 3rd party it was code for BLAME EVERYTHING ON THEM!!!!!!


Jim Cates August 25, 2015 at 4:22 pm

I just wanted to comment on our recent stay at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Branson Missouri. They gave us the room key and when we arrived there that’s what it was, a room. I went back to the desk and explained we had booked a suite. They were so gracious and gave me a suite at the lower room charge for their error. This was absolutely the most well cared for and cleanest place I have ever stayed! We stayed for five days. They were also the friendliest staff, from maid staff all the way through the Manager. Totally enjoyed my stay and will absolutely stay here on my future trips to Branson. Also stayed at Comfort Inn and Suites,both at Texarkana, one on the Arkansas side(nasty and dirty) going to Branson and the other on the Texas side(very nice) on the return trip. You need to consult with the operator of the Arkansas, not very well run, won’t be back there for sure.


karenbej August 25, 2015 at 11:30 am

I made a reservation Aug 6th for a Aug 9th arrival in Sante Fe NM. I always book a non smoking room, and most time 2 rooms as we travel with family frequently. I am a gold member. The reservation was confirmed by email on Aug 6,with the heading they are pleased to confirm by reservation and it give me the reservation number and a link to view the reservation details of which I did. Seemed everthing was correct. Than again on Aug 7, I received another email with a heading of See you soon and the same link to view reservation details which I did and confirmed non smoking rooms. On arrival we were told I had booked smoking rooms. My son took the smoking room, Thinking it couldn’t be too bad and they booked us across the hall in a supposedly NONE smoking room. Smell was TERRIBLE. we went out for dinner when we arrived back we were all sick, headaches and since I just had surgery on my throat I could barely talk. We went to the front desk and asked to be moved to non smoking room and they did move us. When I got home I called to see how there was a mix up and got the most rude person in customer relations for members, said that it did show non smoking but that the hotel changed the internet it self to non smoking and that if I had went further down on the two pages they sent me on the 6 and 7 I would have seen the smoking rooms. I told them I followed the link for my reservation details and that it showed non smoking. Got a supervisior named Stephanie who was even more rude than the CR person and she said the hotel changed the reservations I could go F myself and call corporation if I wanted but she would put into my complaint she was right. I am send all doc to corporate office attention Stephen P Joyce and we’ll see how that goes. However I also will not be using their visa card or hotels again.


DeYanne M August 20, 2015 at 4:08 pm

I’m just curious to know if anyone ever answered this number? I always give up after 30 minutes or the call disconnecting.
I’ve never experienced suck a lack of customer service in my life. Not even going to waste time writing up my complaint again, I know no one will read it. Disgusting! !


Audra August 18, 2015 at 11:03 am

I made reservations a month in advance for the Quality Inn and Suites in Mackinaw City MI for Aug. 14th and 15th. I called first to make them got a confirmation number then while on line I found that I could get the rooms cheaper if I booked on line. So I called and cancelled the phone in reservation and made the on line reservation instead. I even called and confirmed that they cancelled the right reservation using the confirmation numbers. So we get to Mackinaw on the 14th after a 5 hour drive. And they can’t find my reservation. Another woman walked out from the back room and says oh I cancelled that reservation. So they cancelled both my reservations. How did she know off the top of her head that she cancelled my reservation I made a month ago? And of course the hotel was booked. She tried to blame it on the commerce department of Mackinaw. That they never sent the on line reservation to them yet I talked to them at the Quality inn and they said they have it. They did call another hotel for us, Super 8, Which was small, dumpy and $60 more a night. Very disappointed with the service of the Quality Inn and Suites staff in Mackinaw City. Will never be back. Almost ruined our vacation. After reading the rest of these horror stories mine isn’t so bad, I will never stay at a Choice hotel again.


Anthony Abbatantuono August 17, 2015 at 12:21 pm

On August 7,2015, both my wife and I stayed at:
Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
3845 Veterans Memorial Highway,
Ronkonkoma, NY, US, 11779
+1 (631) 585-9500
When we first arrived, the room we were given was NEVER CLEANED, this was after we walked to the very end of the Hotel. We went back to the Front Desk and spoke to the night Manager, who by the way never apologized for the condition of the room. The second room we were given, had Tooth Paste all over the mirror in the bathroom, which was filthy. The inside of the room, the curtains were filthy and they did not close (the chain and track was both broken). The TV kept going out, and two of the lights did not work. I asked for another room and was told, nothing more was available. We had to stay, because we were leaving the next morning for a trip outside the country, and the Airport was down the street. We left the Hotel (if you would call it that) at 4:00 am in the morning. The same night Manager was there, and we explained how un-happy we were, her comment to me was “I don’t blame you, this place is a dump and I would stay at the Hilton down the street, the next time”. I could not believe this answer. If someone from the Corporate Office is reading this, I want all my money refunded or I will be going to the State Attorney Generals Office. This was our first and last time we will ever stay at a Choice Hotel chain again. Also did I mention, no one ever answers the so called Customer Service Line.


M. Coppock August 16, 2015 at 6:09 pm

I stayed Friday nite, August 14, 2015 at the “Quality” choice hotel at 3125 Toupal Drive, Trinidad Colorado. I am a “choice” member, stay frequently at a Quality Inn in Oklahoma City. I made a reservation here in Colorado, thinking it would be the same quality. I arrived too late to find any other motel in the area. This was disgusting. They have the pool in the main lobby. The coping around the pool slopes down and then back up, creating a ditch around the pool. This area is covered with green indoor/outdoor carpet, and has stagnant water in it, with brown sXXXX on top of the water, and along on the carpet!! The mold smell was horrible, even at the farthest back of the building where my room was. I could not find another place to stay, seriously considered sleeping in my car in the parking lot. I finally went to Walmart and bought a dust mask and air purifier, slept with a wet towel over my eyes and mouth to minimize mold intake. I was not going back in that sticking lobby to eat the ” free” breakfast I paid for. What a dump!!! How do you avoid the health department!! I took several pictures of the filth. I would attach them if I could. I will not come back here, or make any other reservation at a Chioce hotel.. This place needs closed as a health hazard. The carpet around the pool is an atrocious health hazard by itself, but water standing on this carpet long enough to breed and be covered with thick brown sXXXX???


Eck Nace August 10, 2015 at 11:34 pm

I’m a member of Choice motels and have been for some time now. We stopped at a place the other night in KY., and while standing at the check in counter, I pulled out my wallet to get my choice motel card out. When doing so, I noticed I had two different choice hotel cards (hum…)? I looked at them, I noticed each of the two cards had different membership (account) numbers on them..(hum..?).
When the check in teller got to me, I handed both cards to him and asked him, could you tell me why I have two different membership / account numbers and why they sent me two different cards? If you cant, is there anyway you can transfer the points from one card /account to the other so that I only have to manage one card/ account? He said he could not move points from either account and that I would have to do that on line / call them. SO long story short, today I got on the internet, went to my choice hotel account, got the phone number and called them. WHAT A FIASCO……….I told the guy on the phone my name and that I had two different account numbers and wanted to combine both accounts so that I only have one card/ account.
SO the guy on the phone asked me the following questions:
Can I have both of your account numbers? (Answer provided)
Can I have your first and last name as it appears on the account? – (Answer provided)
Can I have your address – (Answer provided)
Can I have your phone number – (Answer provided)
Can I have your email address – (Answer provided)
Can I have your email password – (WTH..I said WOW, it was over two years ago that I signed up for this and there is no reason for me to give you my password, I answered every one of your questions and I will never give out any of my passwords)
He said, well I can not open this account until I have all the information I need to prove you are who you claim to be..
I said my password doesn’t tell you who I am or who I may not be. I answered all your questions and gave you the correct answers. If you cant open my account then give me your manager.
Another guy gets on the phone.. Would you believe he asked me the same questions? He even asked me for my password to my email.. I cant say here what I said on the phone, but after I got done he said OK, I looked at both of your accounts and you don’t have any points on the one account but you have x-amount of points on the other account. I said; all this heated conversation over a password that you wanted and now you tell me there aren’t any points to transfer from that account? I said just cancel the darn account that doesn’t have any points and I will keep the other account that does have points.
The jerk said I can not cancel that account until I have your home email password………..
I said…(ah-you guess what I said) and I hung up on him.

A bank doesn’t ask that many questions and no place ever asks for a password…

Why in the world would two of your people ask for a persons home email password.. This is absurd and they need to be told to never ask for a password. With all the hacks going on now a days this question is uncalled for.


erik September 19, 2015 at 9:07 pm

They gave you two different cards an ac


patrick mccarthy August 10, 2015 at 1:22 pm

when attempting to make reservations for the comfort inn 5680 allentown blvd harrisburg pa was advised that there are no discounts available for the dates requested on oct 6th through 9th even for longtime dedicated gold card holders as directed by the new facility general manager mr patel after calling choice hotels numerous times and being put on hold for over 40 minutes with no answer no response no satisfaction is seems that its time to cancel my choice hotels gold card membership and find some other hotel chain that really appreciates their customers it appears that ceo stephen p joyces episode on undercover boss was just made for tv entertainment and in no way improved customer service


Chris August 9, 2015 at 8:56 pm

I have never had such a horrible experience in any hotel chain. Suburban Extended Stay in Myrtle Beach checked out several white families that had booked with points, filled the hotel and were not only unapologetic, but hostile. After 3 hours waiting on and off with customer service, I still had no hotel room, but was told that I would be reimbursed for my stay due to displacement, as well as getting points returned. The next day, I had to cancel my credit card due to mysterious unauthorized charges.
Two weeks later, I’, after several attempts to follow up by phone, I was told to email. Then I am told via email to call the customer service number again- like I have another3 hours to spend!!! I’m still out over $350 for what was an earned free night, and all I’m getting from Choice Hotels is a runaround.


Jose A Matias August 7, 2015 at 11:09 am

I really really think you should get out of the business. After all these years your hotels still are the worst. Doesn’t matter what state you operate, seems your hotels and your staff members are lacking. Your staff at the Clarion Hotel Marina & Coference Center in Dunkirk NY are the worst, and that’s from dealing with them over the phone.

They are rude, refuse to put you in touch with the manager, and when you get the manager, she is even worst than the staff. You also don’t seem to honor the prices you offer on websites. When you call that particular hotel, they give you a higher price and when you mention the online price their response is “book it online then”. Real classy. Truth be told, those people should be standing on the unemployment line instead of behind a counter.

Will never stay at a Choice Hotel again, ever.


Randy August 2, 2015 at 2:37 pm

Yesterday I attempted to book a room for three nights at the end of September through choice I filled in my check in and departure dates, went to the next page as prompted and filled in my personal and credit card information, then went to the next page to learn the web site had somehow booked me for one night only and that night was last night. I immediately called the hotel directly and was told that they were not showing a reservation yet and that I should call back the following day. I called this morning and was told by a different individual that I was billed as a no-show and there was nothing that he could do about it. He then gave me an incorrect toll free number to call to try to resolve it. I eventually ascertained that the number he gave was wrong, found the right one, and called. I spoke with someone before 9:00 this morning at 877-424-8423 who told me they had been having problems with the web site and that it would be taken care of but that I would need to call 888-770-6800 after 9:00. I did so and was then told to call 800-300-8800. Long story short, I have called that number three times and remained on hold waiting for someone to pick up for more than 15 minutes each time. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company and am sure it will eventually resolve, but over 45 minutes on hold without ever being able to speak to anyone is deplorable customer service.


Jeffrey Cohen July 28, 2015 at 5:03 pm

I stayed at the Roadway Inn at 1730 McDonough St, Joliet, IL, on Friday, 24 July and I have to tell you it was my worst motel experience ever. I am 57 years old and an experienced global traveler; the fact that this is the worst ever is saying something. I understand that the Roadway is not providing a Ritz experience, but in a word, that place is disgusting. So bad, that we would not take off our clothes or use the bathroom or shower. I appreciate that it is pet friendly, but my dog smelled so many things in the carpet, he would not lay down or eat.

There is a sign at the front desk stating that they operate under a license from Roadway Inn, they are carrying your name and they are on your website. If this is what you expect from your licensees, then get out of the business or enforce your standards. This facility is the grossest place I have ever stayed in the United States. The staff was disinterested at best and the bottom line is that they make your chain look horrible. When I checked out, the attendant did not even look up at me. My expectations for an economy motel are not high–just a clean, inviting, comfortable room. This failed on all 3 counts.
Some specific examples:

Would the smoke detector hanging from the ceiling pass fire code?
The furniture looked like it was straight from a junk yard with holes and cuts
The desk was missing the drawer
You could see through the lamp shade
The surface of the night stand was warped.
There were food/drink stains on the side of the TV stand
There were holes in the bedspread and blankets, and the pillows were flat.
It is also worth pointing out that I could not find an ice machine, they don’t leave the a/c on at the lowest level so you don’t walk into a stifling room, or that many of the lights in the room did not work.
I am not going to tell you how to run your business, but this place is not good advertising and does not make me ever want to consider staying at a Roadway ever again.


Carol Harris July 27, 2015 at 5:03 pm


Jul 21 at 11:49 AM

Stayed at the Quality Suites Intercontinental Airport West 15321 Vantage pkwy E. Houston Texas 77032 on July 17 & 18 2015. On Saturday The room was not cleaned. No one was in the room from 930am to 12 midnight. It was reported to the front desk and they said they would give the information to a manager. Never received a call from the manager. After calling the manager for three times her response was 2 ladies in the room told the cleaning lady they did not need anything. How does this equate for her to think that she didn’t need to clean the room. These 2 twelve year olds left the room at 930am. I returned at 12 midnight and no one had been in the room after 930am and the room had not been cleaned. I need a refund. Carol Harris ** Spinet Houston,Texas 77016 713 631-****-home/
Called back to your compliant line at 800 300 8800 compliant # 8319838 today/07–27-15 they transferred me to the hotel and of course the manager was not there. Am I going in a circle or what?


Marlene A. Balder July 23, 2015 at 11:23 am

We stayed at the Clarion Inn and Suites at Gatlinburg, Tennessee on July 15th and July 16th of this year. We received our bill which had a $30.00 Hotel Service Fee charge on it. When asked about it to the young man at the front desk, we were told it was for using the parking lot, have breakfast and using the wifi, $15.00 per day. On the website it states, Free Wifi, Free Breakfast and Free self parking. So what is up with that? Please respond. Thank you.


Cynthia Atha July 22, 2015 at 11:39 pm

Dear Mr Joyce, Mr White and Mr Pepper I had to stay several weeks in the Comfort Inn & Suites in Gadsden, Al there was black mold in the first room, pubic hair in the ice bucket, visible dirt around the toilet & I have pictures and videos to prove and back-up my story! The next room which I had to stay in until July 19, 2015, the air didn’t work, they changed it out and still didn’t keep room cool. My nephew who was there with me has a medical condition where he can’t be around any smoke and they were smoking weed in their room, selling drugs out of the hotel and the management didn’t care as long as they got room rates! I finally just gave up and vacuumed my own room bought cleaner and just done the cleaning until I left, talked to the owner and he could care less. The maid staff except for 2 was a joke, my nephew still takes a bottle at night and his bottle leaked out on the blanket they told me I couldn’t get another because they had to soak mine in bleach over night, I guess no one ever spilt any thing on the beds. I had to clean my room, change the bed sheets and even had to go to front desk to get clean towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner. The maid staff didn’t even give toilet paper, I was so glad to be able to return to my home, I will never stay at any of your establishment again, please feel free to call me 256-390-****! Waiting for a reply, please contact me at number listed!


Stan Knight July 21, 2015 at 5:36 pm

Just recently my daughter resigned as housekeeper at the Comfort Inn in Paducah, KY. She was a model employee and was given two raises and a verbal promotion to be a mentor to new hires in housekeeping all during this past year and a couple months. The general manager has some very unethical labor practices going on. I have text messages forwarded to me that I have doXXXXented from this general manager. These text contain comments such as threats to fire my daughter because she got sick and was under a Doctor’s care. This General manager in one text is telling current employees that she obtained hospital records that stated the hospital treated my daughter and pulled drug screen on her. The problem with this is that my daughter did not go to any hospital nor has she signed any release for this manager to obtain medical information. This manager is also telling my daughter on a text that the State of Kentucky is a at will employment state and she can fire her even with a Doctor’s excuse. When my daughter asked to obtain her employment records and pay for any cost to get them, she was told they were not ready. The manager told her she was going to put some write ups in her file. She stated that one of these would be that she was sent home drunk from there a week or so ago. This was when she was deathly ill and under a Doctor’s care but went into work because she was of the understanding that she would be terminated if she didn’t. She was never given an alcohol test to substantiate this event. I am writing this in an effort to raise your awareness that one of your motels has some very unethical labor practices and I am sure you would not approve. I will be encouraging my daughter to contact the Kentucky Department of Labor and most likely an attorney and file a formal complaint. There have been other employees treated this way and worse in the recent past and its time it stops. My goal is to obtain her truthful employment record and move on. There are other hotels in Paducah that need really good help and that’s where my daughter will be landing. Thank you for receiving this complaint. As a fellow businessman and civic leader I felt compelled to enlighten you before things at your business here in Paducah go South. Respectfully, Stan Knight July 21, 2015


Terrie Durden July 20, 2015 at 2:43 pm

After our June 2015 experience at a Choice Hotel in SC, I swore I would never stay at another hotel that had the Choice Brand. Soaking wet carpet and mold on the ceiling in the bathroom [both rooms] not to mention the rude uncaring indifferent staff!!!!

After a long exhausting day, we checked into the Quality Inn in Seneca, SC simply wanting a shower and comfortable bed to sleep in. The room appeared to be mostly clean and very well worn but considered the area. After we took our showers, we noticed that the carpet next to the bed was soaking wet. We took great care to make sure the shower curtain was closed because we noticed the huge gaping hole on the tub. Not to mention the recent water damage to the ceiling in the bathroom. We were to exhausted to say anything or change rooms. We climbed into bed expecting a good nights sleep BUT that was impossible because all we felt that night was the bed springs poking us. The pillows were beyond worn out also. We brought this to the staffs attention upon checkout the next morning and was told they would fill out a work order. I asked for a receipt for my payment and was told it had to be e-mailed to me because the printer was broken. It was at this point I noticed the Choice logo on the counter and thought to myself ….. no wonder the room and experience was so terrible!!! By the way, I was never asked if I was a Choice rewards participant….if I had been asked I would have found another hotel immediately!!!

Steve Joyce……you should have kept some of the money you spent on developing the Choice Brand and used it to improve the room standard at all the hotels!!!!!


Roni July 19, 2015 at 7:04 pm

I would like a email to send pictures of the disgusting choice hotel i booked to stay in tonight and couldn’t stay more then two hours out of disgust and fear that my belongings would be infested with something. I really would love for someone who truly cares about the company and there name to contact me via email or phone because i guarantee they would be as disgusted if they saw this hotel.


Cynthia McCall July 14, 2015 at 8:37 pm

Dear Sir or Madam:

We saw the Undercover Boss episode with Mr. Steve Joyce and saw the compassion for the Choice Hotel Company. I’ve been a Choice Club Member for many years and have never had this type of experience. We have stayed at many Choice Hotels over the years, as our daughter played travel sports (softball and volleyball) and were very pleased with the experience. I even set up the blocks for the other families to stay at Choice Hotels. All of this was true until Thursday, July 2, 2015 traveling for our family vacation.

Our intentions when leaving our home in Mills River, NC were to drive to Kingsland, GA and stay at a Quality Inn while traveling to St. Pete Beach, Florida. Unfortunately due to heavy traffic and several wrecks, at 10:45 p.m. we started looking for a room.

We saw the advertisement for Quality Inn, Hardeeville, SC and called inquiring about reservations. The reservation clerk was kind and said she had plenty of rooms and the cost would be $65.00 plus tax for the night. We decided to stop at Quality Inn because we’ve always had good QUALITY experiences. When we arrived at the hotel, it was the same reservation clerk and she checked us in.. We got to the room and should have immediately turned around and left, but we were so exhausted we decided to stay. The first thing that greeted us was musty smell and a XXXXroach climbing up the wall. The air conditioner was off when we arrived, so we turned it on. A mildew smell came out of the unit,.. On the way to the bathroom, there was another bug climbing up the wall near the sinks, which we killed. In the bathroom there were more bugs.

But, since we were so exhausted we decided to go to bed (after making sure no bugs were in the beds) and get some rest. Approximately 30 minutes after everyone fell asleep, my husband felt something crawling on his arm (not sure if it was a dream or real) but he couldn’t immediately fall back to sleep. He started looking around and saw several bugs on the floor and crawling up the bed. He killed it and took pictures of the bugs while the rest of the family slept. He should have woken us up and we should have immediately left, but he didn’t. As soon as daylight came we went to the front desk and talked to the clerk (not the same as had checked us in). The front desk clerk couldn’t speak English and couldn’t understand what we were saying. He had us complete a complaint on his clipboard which I scanned and there were several complaints about bugs in the rooms. We also requested a refund, but he said he was only authorized to give 10% which was not acceptable to us. He said the other manager would be in at 10 a.m. and could call us. Note: To date (July 14, 2015) we haven’t received that phone call.

The reservation clerk did not honor the $65.00 plus tax room rate. My card was charged $94.07 which I didn’t know until I checked my account.

We are writing now, partly due to the money error, but more because of the QUALITY of the Quality Inn. We feel corporate needs to investigate this situation as soon as possible. XXXXroaches are a health risk and can easily spread via luggage.

Put yourself in our shoes, taking a once a year vacation with your family and run into this situation, how would you feel? Thanking you in advance for helping right, the terrible wrong that we incurred.

We would appreciate confirmation that you have received this notification or maybe we should contact the Health Department. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Gerald Bulleigh July 8, 2015 at 10:35 pm

I’m not sure that this is going to do any good or not. I had a very hard time finding somewhere to contact Choice Hotels about one of their Quality Inns. We stayed at the Quality Inn (NM14871219) 6100 West Lliff Road, Albuquerque, NM. We stayed one night on our way to Kansas. First of all the ac was not on in the building at all so when you walked out of your room you were hit in the face with very hot air in the hallway. nest there were 8 pizza boxes on top of a cabinet that was in the hallway. Mind you we checked in at 4:42 pm one of with a check out time of 7:22 am that is a crazy check out time. We were looking for a place with a pool because my wife has a bad back and a pool or whirl pool really helps. Well when we went to the pool the water was so cold you couldn’t get in it. It was about 74′ that is really cold water for a swimming pool. As for the whirl pool the jets were so to high it was blowing the water out of the sauna onto the deck or straight into your face. We have stayed at Quality Inn before and never had such an experience. This was horrible and the district manager needs to be checking on this hotel in your line. Rather they are corporate owned or a franchisee owned they still carry your name and put out a terrible image of Choice Hotels. Something needs to be done and done now. We feel like it was a rip off of our $75.99 Since we live off social security we had to save a long time to make this trip and this ruined our experience since we didn’t get the rest we so needed to travel on. We hope that you will contact us and make this right and get with the hotel manager to correct these problems. Someone is not doing their job.


Valerie Peck July 6, 2015 at 2:28 pm

Steve P. Joyce
President and Chief Executive Officer
Choice Hotels International Inc.
1 Choice Hotels Circle
Rockville Maryland 20850

Re: Rodeway Inn, Huntington Station, New York

Dear Mr. Joyce,

I write to you to express my outrage and dismay over my family’s recent stay at the above establishment, owned by Choice Hotels, and to demand satisfaction for the experiences we suffered through while guests there from June 28, 2015 through July 2, 2015, when we gratefully checked out, heaving a sigh of relief as we did so.

We checked in on June 28, 2015 for what we believed would be a week-long stay (our house was sold and the next house was not quite ready yet), and we were charged $636 for one week, which we paid in advance. I called your corporate offices, as well, to advise them of my 2 service dogs in case I had any issues with on-site management.

Simply put, our stay was a nightmare. The room was a small single room, into which they crammed two double beds for two adults and a child, it was filthy and to this day I have no idea if the bedding was washed before we checked in (I refused to sleep between the sheets for this reason). The room certainly was not cleaned thoroughly before we checked in, as I found garbage on the floor from the previous occupant(s). We suffered from bug bites that produced lumps and bruises, but we still do not know what we were bitten by. I slept with one eye open and one eye closed due to this horrible condition. The sliding glass doors were broken and very difficult to open and close, though if someone wanted to break in they easily could have. I injured my right hand on these same doors; it is now a week later and I’m still having issues moving the fingers on that hand.

On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, my son and I were walking my service dogs and ended up interrupting multiple drug deals going on out of two separate cars parked next to each other, headlights on in the parking lot of the establishment, blocking the roadway, in full view of anyone and everyone. I note that this establishment does indeed have cameras on the grounds and could easily ascertain these activities if they chose to look. I quickly pulled my son around a corner, but he saw what was going on and he knew it for what it was, as did I. I have 8 years of higher education and my son is an honor student in high school. We’re not stupid people. These were drug deals going on out in the open on the premises.

Later that night, I cautiously went out to my car at approximately 10:30pm to smoke a cigarette before going to bed. The door was locked and I was flipping through the radio stations when, all of a sudden, there was a rap on my window. It was the police. Because of the reputation of this establishment, of which I was unaware, the police proceeded to search me, my car and my purse, assuming all the while that I was either a prostitute or a drug addict. I had to stand there and endure their search of myself, my car and my purse (I had no choice), I answered all of their intrusive questions, and I freely handed them my drivers’ license for identification. When they realized that I was who I said I was – an innocent mother who also happens to work for a very prominent law firm on Fifth Avenue in NYC, who was at the establishment with her family – and not a prostitute or drug addict, they apologized, grew very respectful, and proceeded to advise me of the reputation of this particular establishment and their reasons for detaining and searching me. Let me reiterate – I was not free to leave at this point; I was, for all intents and purposes, detained during this search. They told me that every other room contained a prostitute, a drug addict, or people on Section 8 housing that the county dumped there. They knew I was horrified by what I was being told. The fact that I was mistaken for a prostitute or a drug addict was especially mortifying to me. I’m still outraged and livid when I think about the treatment I endured, solely because I went out to my car, which was parked at a motel I paid good money to stay in. This should NEVER have occurred! Period! No ifs, ands or buts, and no excuses!

For the rest of the stay, which ended on Thursday, July 2, 2015, I had to worry about my son, aged 15, walking my service dogs by himself at the premises. He was under strict instructions not to leave the room except to walk the dogs. Nevertheless, I still had to worry about my son being accosted by the very same people the police warned me about. We ended up checking out three days early and demanding a full refund as satisfaction, which we did not get. Instead, on-site management claimed they had no control, the police shouldn’t have done that, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. In actuality, they do have control over what occurs on the premises, and the police have every right to come and go if they are aware of continual criminal conduct. What they don’t have a right to do is accost and search every guest in the parking lot, but that didn’t stop them from doing just that to me, while accusing me of being a prostitute. No real solution was offered during this discussion.

I am writing to Choice Hotels in an effort to obtain such satisfaction. You are the parent company of Rodeway Inn and, thus, responsible for what occurs at the establishments you own/operate. You cannot simply say “we were unaware” and expect that to hold water. I’m now making you aware. The fact is (a) two adults and one teenager were stuffed into a single room that they crammed two double beds into; (b) we were all exposed to filth and bugs during our stay (my service dogs are much cleaner than the average guest of that particular Rodeway Inn); (c) we were exposed to multiple criminal elements that apparently pervade the entire establishment; (d) I had to worry constantly about my minor son being accosted while at the establishment; (e) my minor son was stuck in the room for days and not free to move about due to the criminal element present at the establishment; and (f) I was mistaken for a prostitute and/or drug addict by the police who, apparently, are in and out of the establishment multiple times every day and night because of the number of prostitutes, drug addicts, and other assorted criminal characters that list this establishment as their home base of operations.

What I would like as satisfaction, very simply, is an apology from Choice Hotels for what we had to endure, as well as a full refund of the $636 we paid for a week-long stay at what turned out to be Motel Hell. It may not seem like a lot of money to you, but to my family, who endured long term unemployment fairly recently and are just getting back on our feet, it is money that we can’t afford to waste or lose, which is precisely what happened here. Imagine if that was your family exposed to filth and bugs, your son witnessing multiple drug deals, or your wife accused of being a prostitute. Would you deny them satisfaction? My guess is that you would not.


john mayhew July 4, 2015 at 9:20 am

We stayed at Econo Lodge in Southern Pines June 29 and 30. We asked for another room after toilet issues. The hotel was probably only about 10 percent booked…The hostess (possiibly management) told us we could not have another room. She said we were too impatient and the problem would be addressed…She said we might cause a problem in another room,!!!The nerve of that woman…
I do believe our wishes are to be granted as paying customers..
Thank goodess our 2 night stay in Lynchburg, Va.was great. All front desk personnel were friendly and helpful.


Jarod Garris July 4, 2015 at 7:05 am

Dear Choice Hotels,

Words cannot adequately express the deplorable condition oh the Econo Lodge I just checked out of in Omaha, NE on Dodge St. My room had a XXXXroach infestation in the kitchenette AND the bathroom! When I informes the foreigners running the hotel there was no apology and OBVIOUSLY no concern towards fixing the ossue. Room 124 should not be used until the room and sadly I am sure the entire building is bombed for bugs! I hoghly doubt I am the first customer to complain and it is painfully clear the owners could care less.

Quite frankly the health department in Omaha will be notifies bye of the inappropriate conditions. I am pissed off beyond words and will avoid Comfort Hotels in the future as it appears there is zero quality control of your independently owned hotels. I have never in my life stayed in a hotel where this situation occurred.


Jarod Garris
Former Choice Hotels customer


Phil Ross June 30, 2015 at 11:55 pm

June 30, 2015

Stephen P. Joyce, CEO, Choice Hotels International

Dear Sir: Until now and for many years, my wife and I were loyal, happy members of your chain and its Choice Privileges program. Sadly, that relationship may have ended — and may ultimately include legal action, if necessary, if we don’t derive satisfaction after you fully understand our experience over the last several hours, based on the lengthy, chronological description I’ve described below. I’m emailing you now — and will follow up by phone during regular business hours on Wednesday — with hopes that you’ll have a chance to review this. I hope that will help you fully understand what I originally had thought would be a simple, pleasant journey for an aging Parkinson’s sufferer but has evolved quickly into a costly and unnecessary nightmare.

Here’s the chronology:

Today (Tue., 6/30/15), I logged on to your website with the intent of reserving far in advance three consecutive nights — 9/24-26/15 — at a favorite site we’ve stayed at multiple times in the past, Comfort Inn & Suites John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA. My simple intent was to reserve the first night redeeming my points, 10K-plus from my Member # ending in XXXX0924; the second night using some of my wife, Maria Ross’s, 17K points for Member # ending in XXXX64717; and the third and final night paying the remaining balance combining the rest of my wife’s points and our Choice Privileges Visa card.

I chose the option of a reduced Internet advance rate of $65 for the final night, an advertised reduction of $16 from the $81 regular online rate and, as I was advised LATER via phone by a very competent customer service rep named David at your El Salvador call center, lower than the $89 rate for two adults, AARP/Senior, accessible room and free breakfast that was quoted if reserved by phone.

Before calling customer service, however, I had gone to the aforementioned website and entered — FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, NOT to make a reservation — time/date of arrival and departure, and let that sit, without further action by me on the website at the time.

Then I called the toll-free number to El Savador and reached, after a long hold period, a very incompetent, inattentive young woman with a thick accent and speaking far too softly to understand in either regard, despite several comments by me that I was having trouble understanding her. After I slowly and clearly gave her the location info and specs, rather than Santa Ana, she began repeating back to me info for “San Diego.” Within a few seconds, the call suddenly ended, followed by the Choice greeting recording.

I immediately redialed the same number and, after a short wait on hold, reached the aforementioned, very able David. He was so good that, in certain instances, he even volunteered new info of which I had been unaware even before I had to ask. I was disappointed, even shocked, when he informed me of the following: 1. In order to redeem both sets of points for me and my wife for the first two nights’ stays, WE HAD TO WAIT until 30 days or less in advance to reserve and use acXXXXulated points for redemption; 2. I could reserve the final night by paying in advance right now on my CP Visa card, but, to ensure the reduced advanced rate, I had to go back online to do so; and 3. That final step carried with it as part of the special deal a provision of no refund for cancellation. Before I completed the call, I asked for, and got, a manager named Alfred, with whom I shared high praise for David and low marks for the intelligible young woman whose name I never could fathom.

When I went back to finalize the third-night reservation — knowing fully of the no-refund provision BUT NOT BEING OFFERED any option to change the previous INFORMATION-ONLY dates from three nights to one — I pressed the button to reserve only the single, final night, as David had instructed, and, Lo and Behold, the final reckoning popped up showing my credit card charged in advance for three nights at a total of $194 plus tax.

After that I called back to El Salvador, and a rep named Albert advised me he’d transfer me to Member Services in Phoenix. A Phoenix rep named Dale was business-like, but hardly warm and welcoming; after listen patiently, he advised me there was no refund or adjustment possible, even though the misinformation was from your other employees and I had clearly explained that. He gave me your name, then I went to your corporate website here for added info.

As I previously stated herein, this is currently unacceptable and, if not satisfactorily resolved quickly, will result in complaints to the BBB, state attorney generals’ offices and other consumer advocates, and possible private or class legal action.

Here’s the bottom line: All I’m simply asking is for you, as the ultimate arbiter responsible for your company’s policies and procedures, and for your employees’ individual actions, to resolve this ASAP. My intent was — and still is, unless I get basically bilked unnecessarily out of my money for a service never provided — to stay three nights in the Santa Ana lodging of yours, using the already paid Visa transaction for the night of Sept. 26, and having the unintended charges for Sept. 24 and 25 either refunded, credited or in some way duly negated. If this gets resolved before Aug. 26, we will seriously consider reserving — IN ADVANCE, as I unsuccessfully was not allowed to do — the nights of Sept. 24 and 25, duly using CP points we had earned with previous stays at your company’s properties.

For now, I’m refraining from sharing this on social media, pending a positive, desirable outcome. However, be advised that could change if satisfaction is not achieved.
— Sincerely, PHIL ROSS, Denver, CO,


Alison June 27, 2015 at 5:20 pm

I recently booked 4 nights with Comfort Inn and Suites in Houston, Texas off the Southwest Freeway. This was my experience.
The first night there, I awoke to a very loud sound in the middle of the night. It sounded like a jackhammer on the other side of the wall. I got up and looked out my door, but there was another room next door. I was the next to the last room on that floor. After laying back down, throughout the night the sound came on and after what seemed like 5 minutes or so..would stop. The next morning I told the girl at the front desk about the noise…she acted like I did not know what I was talking about.
The second night, I awoke again to the same noises…this time it would come on and go off repeatedly and for long periods of time. Again it sounded like a jackhammer. THEN, my phone rang two rings. Now remember..this is in the middle of the night. THEN, the air condition unit started making a terrible rattling sound off and on throughout the night,
I had to be at work early the next morning and when I passed through the lobby no one was at the desk.
The third night, I got in late. As I was sleeping the “Jackhammer” started up again!! Then the ac unit was getting so loud I could not even hear the television. I called the front desk and told them someone needed to come check the ac unit. I was told maintenance would arrive….I called again….was told the same thing…no one ever arrive. Throughout the night the jackhammer would come on and the ac unit would rattle….THEN at 4:30 am the phone begins ringing. As I left the hotel I explained to the girl at the front desk that I wanted the ac checked and wanted to know what the loud noise was I kept hearing
MY LAST NIGHT….I come in from work….I turn the ac unit on… is so loud I cannot even think! The jackhammer begins its noise and I am so frustrated. Each time I speak with someone abut the issues..I am always told there are no other rooms available! SO, I try to go to sleep….then my phone rings two times and stops. The jackhammer is kicking on every 30 minutes and the ac is clanking! Somehow…when I did drift off…I am awaken to the smell of something burning. The ac unit was quiet….but was burning up. I call the front desk. I explain what has happened. It is 2:00 am…the young man offers me a new room but it is with two beds…I said I will finish my night right where I was because I had to get up early for work…but I wanted a refund from management in the morning for that night. I wake up…the room is very warm. It is Houston and the temperature outside was 99 degrees.
So I go to the front desk to check out. The manager is there and I explain to him everything that happened. I also told him I wanted a refund for (one) night. He tries to give the bull crap that I booked the room through a booking agency and they don’t offer refunds. I explained I booked through them directly. The girl behind the counter confirmed it and he began squirming. He said he could not give me a refund but he could comp me a room the next time I come to Houston. WHAT? After that miserable stay? NO! So I am now going to continue to try to contact someone with CHOICE and I am going to get this resolved….at my satisfaction! AND I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I AM SATISFIED!!!


Denise Oberlies June 26, 2015 at 2:41 pm

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———- Forwarded message ———-

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 21:04:11 -0400
Subject: A Horrible Way to Treat Customers

Stephen P. Joyce
President and CEO—Choice Hotels International
Choice Hotels International
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Months ago, I planned and pulled together an ambitious vacation plan that had me visiting all over Arizona and some bits of New Mexico. Fortunately for us (or so we thought) our train arrived early on May 30th, into the Tucson station. Most unfortunately, the person at the Tucson Thrifty location took her disenchantedness out on myself and my traveling companion, my handicapped brother. We ended up waiting three hours at the Thrifty location for a car, but that’s another story. However, by the time we were underway, we were behind “schedule”.

By late afternoon, I was growing tired, as was my brother. I knew I couldn’t drive another 4 hours to get to Winslow, Arizona and our reserved room. I stopped for a snack and made a call to your your call center, with the view of moving my reservation from Winslow to somewhere in Phoenix, staying within your family of hotels. The lady I talked to assured me that it would be ok, found us a room just over an hours drive ahead, and called the Winslow location to move the reservation.

The Winslow location refused to allow it, and said if we didn’t arrive, we would be charged. I explained that I was tired, and more important, sleepy. Attempting to drive that far could end quite tragically. I needed to move the reservation, or could end up killed or killing innocent strangers by falling asleep at the wheel. The agent said that didn’t matter, there was nothing she could do. Really??? Really? This is how you treat your customers? This is how you want people to think, when they think of you? Unwilling to accommodate your customers, who through no fault of their own need to change, not cancel, a reservation?

I can and do assure you that when I plan my next trip, anywhere, I will be sure to give your chain wide berth. There are lots of options, when traveling, you have displayed to me that your locations should not be considered.

Sincerely Unhappy,

Denise Oberlies


Joe June 25, 2015 at 2:38 pm

Mr. Joyce,

I am emailing you in an attempt to get first hand communication.  It appears that employees of Choice Hotels speak on your behalf but do not allow anyone to speak directly to you. 

I have a problem with the summer promotion of “Stay 2 Nights and earn a $50 Gift Card.” This promotion comes from Choice Hotels, the franchisor; however, when I have attempted resolution,  the franchisor is all too ready to blame the hotels, the franchisees. Choice Corporate is not being accountable for their own promotion.  

A resolution needs to be made. I would appreciate communication, by email or phone, directly. I know you take pride in your company so I believe you would be helpful in finding a solution.

Thank you.

Joe Powell


Lewis Garza June 20, 2015 at 9:41 am

I am currently staying at the economy lodge in El Paso, 6/20/15 room#126 , I got up for the breakfast in the morning.I made the waffles,as I went to put the syrup on the lid popped off spilling the content of the bottle all over me,and ruining 200.00 worth of clothes,and when asked for corporate phone number I was given a cell phone carriers business number..


Julia June 16, 2015 at 10:36 am

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Subject: Comfort inn west 71st NY stay
Good morning,

I have attempted to resolve this issue through your “customer care” email with not even an acknowledgement of receiving my email. My daughter and I recently stayed at the hotel in the subject line for an award ceremony. Given its location and price point per night I was sure it would be at the very least, a comfortable stay.

It was anything but. I realize that part of the NYC charm is a certain aged look, but this hotel was beyond that. The bathroom was filthy, with a window that wouldn’t close, the walls were dirty, as we’re the floors, and there were roaches. This is on the upper west side!

I’ve brought it up to the attention of the front desk, but all I got back was, well, we’re booked. We had an event to attend, and were already out $800 for this accommodation so we were literally stuck.

What can I expect in terms of compensation? What should have been a great travel experience for my family was ruined to the point of us not wanting to return to our room.


Maureen Brennan June 8, 2015 at 5:39 pm

Mr. Stephen P Joyce

Dear Mr. Joyce:
This letter was sent to you at your Office in Silver Springs, MD and was returned to me ” unknown unable to forward” So I will give you a shorter version of that letter. I feel it is necessary you are made aware of a very unfortunate situation. I am a senior citizen at age 81 and my friend is also a senior at age 78. We stayed at the Comfort Suites West of Ashley in Charleston, SC. We advised the representative at the desk we each split the room cost by each using our own credit cards and advise them that we are both members of AAA. The total cost was $112.37 for the night. We stayed at Quality Inn in Beaufort, SC on May 22, 2015 and the total room cost was $120.99. From Beaufort we drove south via Hilton Head on our way back to FL. I was getting very tired driving, so we decided it best we stop in St. Augustine rather then attempt to go any further. The first hotel we spotted was Hampton Inn. The gentleman at the desk told us they were full for the night; but he just received a phone call from the Comfort Inn & Suites down the street that they just had a cancellation. It was about 8:30 pm when we arrived there. As we usually do, we requested AAA discount and asked to split bill on the two credit cards. The man spoke with an accent, causing us to misunderstand his speech. The next morning, Sunday, the same man was at the desk. He gave each of us a printout of the charges. The total bill for the room was $219.99, putting us into complete shock. I have never paid $200+ for a night in a hotel room; nor would I ever consider paying that much money. We questioned him about the charges and he insisted he told us that was the rate. Instead of being grateful to have the room occupied, with the recent cancellation, he chose to take advantage of us and increase the room rate. Then proceeded to tell us that is the rate for a holiday weekend. This is a totally unacceptable explanation along with his insistence that we signed a credit card printout agreeing to that rate. Our previous stays at Choice Hotels have always been without complaint and most enjoyable. However, one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. I am sure you would not wish for anyone to experience this kind of poor customer service and rip off as we were shown. I do believe it is important to make you aware of this very unfortunate situation.
An acknowledgement of this email would be appreciated. Thank you. Maureen Brennan


Anne Fullett May 31, 2015 at 3:37 pm

I have already called and filed a complaint but the outcome was the “general manger” sent me a condescending email and case was closed. I stayed overnight with my family, my daughter left her iPhone there, they found it immediately but told me they couldn’t look at it to find the owner or look up my room? It’s on it’s way back but be when I made the complaint I said it was a lost item, they excused the GM’s awful behavior. He was rude, he lied several times, he was out right nasty then denied it all. If this is the behavior of a general manager I’m never staying there or any other comfort suites again. This is the hospitality industry what a shame.


George Moon May 29, 2015 at 11:19 am

On 5/22/15, I went online at the Choice Hotels website to book a one-night stay at the Quality Inn & Suites on St. Augustine Beach for Sunday, May 24th. After I paid, using a credit card online, I received the confirmation screen stating my reservation was for that evening (5/22/15) and not 5/24/15, as it was supposed to be. I immediately (within five minutes) went on the website to change the reservation to the correct date (5/24/15). I was unable to do that online. I called the Choice Hotels website contact number (877-424-6423) and explained the problem to them. They said they were not able to help me; I had to contact the hotel directly. I called the hotel and spoke to the general manager, Mr. Depak. He said that he could not change the date to Sunday because there were no openings on Sunday. He further said he could not cancel the reservation because it was too close to when were supposed to arrive (which, according to the mistake, was that evening.) He said I should contact Choice Hotels. Even though I fully believe the mistake happened on the Choice Hotels website and was not my error, and even though I started to get this corrected within five minutes of the mistake, and did not use the room on the 22nd, the charge has appeared on my credit card statement. I fully understand the policy of not refunding a deposit in most instances that could result in the loss of revenue for the property. However, in this case, the mistake was not mine and was reported immediately. Therefore, no possible loss of revenue would occur. Needless to say, I am very disappointed that Choice Hotels has not been able to work with the hotel to correct this error. According to one of your supervisors, Eric (5/22/15), Choice will review the screen shots to determine where the error lies.


SPENCER WAINRIGHT June 9, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Mr Moon,
The same thing just happened to me on a Fayetteville, NC reservation. I’ve never heard of such a policy. It’s only forty dollars…but it’s my forty dollars.

I wish you luck with your pursuit. Please let me know how it turns out.
spence wainright


Brenda May 27, 2015 at 1:32 pm

I wanted to let you know that since, you are pulling your advertising from TLC (19 Kids and counting) I will no longer support you or use your Hotels. Thank God I have others to choose from for my stay away from home. You should be ashamed of your self for putting that almighty dollar before Godly programming! God said, whoever is without sin cast the first stone. We have all sinned. Josh ask God for forgiveness and that is between him and God. Thank you for not needing my or my family’s business.


Amanda May 31, 2015 at 3:32 pm

You are joking right? Is it gods work to molest little girls who are your sisters. It’s called incest. Those Duggars are hypocrites and they love the almighty dollar way more than their money making children. How could you defend them? What if it was your daughter? Would you stand up for that? You are blinded by a cult.


Josh C May 22, 2015 at 6:10 pm

I am not writing to get something free or a discount. Just thought you should know how one of your company members and staff operates.

Staying at one of you locations in Kismee Fl, Yesenia The manager gave us a dirty look as we walked in and did not speak to us. We proceded to our room and key did not work. We went back down stairs to be to the very unfriendly Yesenia.

We brought a friend of my sons from the park and his key did not work either. My children all sugered up from a day at Epcot range the bell a few times with manager Yesenia standing there. It really annoyed Yesenia. We had do stand and wait for our other person in our party for his parent to text a copy of his moms drivers lic to appease Yesenia.

Yesenia was extremely rude and was very inconsiderate. I asked her if she liked her job as she poured out that she was miserable. She said “NO IVE WORKED HER 20 YEARS!”

I’ve been in management for 20 years and managed 1000’s of co workers. I have simple beliefs. The person that has first contact with a customer is to look in the eye and be friendly, and if within 15 foot foot of a customer be friendly and greet them.

I know that this is a tourist area and I will probably never come her again. Just thought you should know how your management staff operate to the customer’s the reason for your and there job.

Regards, Josh C


Toni M Kett May 15, 2015 at 6:10 pm


Choice Hotels International
Guest Relations Service Center
6811 E Mayo Blvd
Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Dear sir or madam:

My husband and I booked a room at Quality Inn & Suites at Metro Center in Phoenix, AZ
for Sunday, May 10, 2015. We were given room 219. Our confirmation number was 17946976. Our Choice Hotels International account is CXK84480.

The bed was very comfy. However, some things were unpleasant:

1. My husband had to repair the security door latch that was broken.
2. There was a roach in the bathroom.
3. The air conditioning unit rattled.
4. Both drinking fountains in the lobby did not work; no water.
5. Dinnerware consisted of
2 mismatched plates
1 knife
2 forks
1 coffee mug
2 drinking glasses
2 juice glasses
6. Breakfast consisted of waffles, cereals, boiled eggs, and sausage.
7. Snacks consisted of 2 old and hard oranges as well as 2 wrinkled apples.
8. Since there were no phonebooks in the room, I tried twice to call the front
desk to ask for a local phone number. Never did reach anyone.

This property has a total lack of routine maintenance. It certainly did not meet the Choice Hotels standard we are used to.

We will be staying at the Comfort Suites Highlands Ranch Denver Tech
Center, 7060 E County Line Road from 5/18 to 5/23. I hope this stay will be much better than our last as described above. Confirmation number 84683916.


Toni M Kett
8676 E Stirrup Way
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314


John M May 15, 2015 at 11:59 am

To whom it concerns. Especially management.

My wife and I stayed May 3rd and 4th at the Comfort Inn & Suites I95 Outlet Mall n St. Augustine while visiting our in-laws in Florida. I booked 2 rooms; one for my wife and i and one for her parents. I am now back home from our trip and writing this letter/review of the hotel.

From the moment we walked in the room which Destiny told us was just cleaned, all we could smell was what smelled like rotten fruit. I let it go. Then after unpacking, we find someone elses dirty socks left behind next to the bed near the window. I let it go even though I was frustrated and realized no one actually “truly” cleaned the room. I wanted to request another room but my wife told me to let it go and things would get better. She also wanted to be next to her parents room due to her father’s chronic illness in case they needed us.

After coming back from dinner, my wife went to lay down on the bed closest to the bathroom and cut her ankle wide open on the middle section of the bottom of the bed where a piece of the bed frame steel was sticking out about 3″ from the frame. This was due to someone moving the bed and the steel frame was angled out in the center. At this point, I was FURIOUS to say the least. I went straight to the front desk to complain to a young gentleman at the front desk and just got a blank stare like a deer in the headlights. After asking me what he would like me to do!…..I asked if he at least had a bandage. His response…”I’m not sure.” Aren’t hotels required to have first aid kits? I know they do. After asking him to looks he said “I have a couple of small bandages” and placed them on the counter. I then asked if he at least had anti-bacterial ointment or anything similar. Again, I got a look like I just asked him to build a rocket ship. A few minutes later he came out with a mostly empty, old tube of ointment.

I went back to the room at a boiling point. The bandages were too small but luckily my in-laws had a gauze packet in their car we could use until morning before we went to Walgreens. Now, after coming back from lunch, we tried to enter the side door near our rooms and neither of the 4 keys to the 2 rooms worked. I went to the front desk and asked the girl why our cards don’t work. She responded it was OUR FAULT because our cell phones ruined the card due to interference with the magnet. WHAT?????? We didn’t even have our phones near the cards!

Now, we’re back in our rooms. My wife uses the bathroom and flushes the toilet. Guess what? YUP! The toilet is clogged and still running and won’t flush. I called the front desk and they sent one of the house keepers down. She went into our bathroom and came out and said “this happens all the time, poor system”. What does heck does that mean? Then she told us not to use much toilet paper! My wife replied that she barely used any. A moment later, the woman comes out of the bathroom and said “it should be “ok soon” and left. I walked into the bathroom and there was the toilet…still clogged, still running and now left with a plunger next to it. After about 5 minutes I finally got it unclogged.

Check out day arrived and me and my wife were anxiously waiting to get out. After my morning coffee, I approached the front desk at around 8:30am and asked the clerk (who happened to be the one that was working the night my wife cut her ankle open) if I could just check out then and leave the cards in the room when we left. He replied…”what room?” I named the 2 rooms. He walked over to the computer, printed out the 2 receipts and said “here’s your receipts!” No “How was your stay? Do you have any questions about your bill? THANK YOU for staying with us” ….NOTHING! He just handed me the receipts and walked away. I was never rude or arrogant to one person there. Even at that point! I wish I did get upset but didn’t want to make my father in-law upset due to his medical condition.

I cannot believe how poorly run this hotel is and how dirty the rooms are. I would not want to ever return. I actually felt embarrassed for the hotel. After EVERYTHING that happened, NOT ONE employee seemed to care. The worst stay I have ever had at a hotel. THE WORST.

Got an email from the GN offering $40 to satisfy me! How insulting. Obviously, this hotel brand has no concern or respect for it’s guests. None.

John Magnussen


mark May 12, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Iam sure this will fall on deaf ears but the quality inn in McDonough ga has the worst staff robin front desk agent is the most childish person talk about ever guess and down grades her co worker ask her how long she been there and her relay was long enough know my job she is rude and told me if I did like way she spoke to me the go else were as well as Robert the maintenance guy ive heard him talking rude to guest and other employee he walking around smoking more cigarette then doing maintenance my toilet ran whole time I was there and he never fixed he’s a joke housekeeping does a half as job cleaning the room dust on light fixtures and ac case bed half made no towels the manger been there 14 year but don’t know nothing about running a hotel when I ask her about discount she told me she have to speak with don and old manager that works with another hotel the whole staff needs to be fired and clean house bad place to stay STAY AWAY FORM HERE IF YOU WONT CRAPY SERVICE


Barbara Speller May 6, 2015 at 6:59 pm

I and my family were in Cleveland, Ohio for a family members funeral. We were coming from Illinois arriving about 6:00p.m. another group of family was coming from Georgia arriving about 7:00p.m. We were in need of four rooms. There were other family members coming from other parts of the country. In our group there were 6 adults. Upon arrival I noticed that there was a staircase in the room. We checked in, asked for the elevator or ramp to get to the upper level. We were informed that there were none. We then asked for a room on the first floor. We were informed that those rooms had already been rented to a wedding party. We asked if there could be some room reassignments? We were told no. The rep. was rude to us so we elected to leave but were told we would be accessed a one night fee for each room. That was something that was unreasonable to us, so we stayed April 17,2015-April 19,2015.
I was carried assisted up the stairs. This was very humiliating. Charles who is 80 something years old and walking on a cane was assisted up the stairs. Once we were settled in the room I wanted to take a shower. I asked for a shower chair. I was told they did not have one. This is one of the worst hotel stays I have ever had.
LISTEN ;ALL PERSONS WITH A DISABILTY STAY AWAY FROM THE QUALITY INN HOTEL ON EUCLID AVE., CLEVELAND Ohio !! Some of the staff were very rude they did nothing to help us resolve this issue. There was NO consideration given to a protected class of people. The supervisors on the customer service numbers are unaware of the law of the law, and are unwilling to speak to customers. So Shawn, why do you even bother to come to work? I hope you took my advice and went to the ADA website so you would know what your talking about. In closing, the bosses of this organization are very well insulated and are unreachable by phone. That is very unfortunate. I will not stop until this building is safe for anybody!!


Raymond Stepnowski April 11, 2015 at 8:37 pm

Dear Mr. Joyce: I want to tell you about an experience with the Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, NC Comfort Inn. I was driving from FL to NJ and needed a place to layover for the night with my dogs. At a rest stop in NC, I made reservations with this property and was given directions on how to get there. Once off of I-95, I screwed up and wound up who knows where. I called the front desk and was given more directions. Again, I got lost and what makes matters worse is that my Garmon, which I recently updated, said your address did not exist. I got on the phone again and spoke with the front desk clerk (tdarro) who stayed on the phone giving me street by street directions until I finally made it to the motel. What should have been a 1/2 hour drive took me 2 hours no thanks to Garmon but due to the excellent service and directions from tdarro, I and the dogs finally made it.


Paul lubash April 9, 2015 at 3:02 pm

This is Paul lubash and I am a member of choice rewards. I stayed in opelika AL last week for days. I got a paper when I checked out and it’s says how to get 2000.00 points to your acct. I did what it said to do on the paper. I never got the points. I called choice rewards and I talked them she not very nice and she was very rude and hang up me. The paper had choice rewards on it and the second part on the paper had email had choice on it too. I think that is false information on the paper and the Rep said they do not honor it and I want this email to go to ceo of choice rewards. I only way this problem will be resolve is that ceo of choice rewards contact me. The employee at the quality inn opelika al gave that paper. Very up set with choice rewards and I think the reps be nicer to people phone and be understanding about there stutation. I think choice rewards should honor that papper if you need a copy of it I will send it to the ceo of choice rewards.


Cary Carpenter April 5, 2015 at 12:21 am

The Econo Lodge in Rome,NY is a shabbily run hotel. I stayed there once in December 2013 when my Dad passed away. It took 2 hours for the room to heat up because they keep the heat either off or very low temperature. The hotel is currently being investigated by the Rome Police Department for continued “public nuisance” complaints and drug activity. 8 people have been arrested there since 2013 for selling drugs out of the rooms there. Steve Joyce needs to really do something before the city comes in and shuts it down for at least 1 year.


Emily March 22, 2015 at 10:26 pm

I stayed two nights in Marina, CA at the Quality Inn and it was the most unprofessional, unpleasant, and disturbing stay I’ve ever had. I’ve traveled to over 46 countries, and currently stay in hotels quite often for work. I’ve never written a formal complaint for a hotel, restaurant, or any establishment. This stay motivated me to contact the corporate office and complain.
The situation that the staff was so rude about was not only completely out of my hands, but the issue wasn’t even that alarming. I booked both my nights with a third party, one with and the other with The second night I booked with the advertizement which was posted all over the hotel. Completely advertized everywhere. I followed the instructions, signed up for the rewards program, searched the hotels in the chain from India to California, and even shared my discoveries with my boyfriend.
After booking the hotel for another night, the front manager (Theresa) and front desk (Kimberly) explained in detail how inconvenient it was for them to book a third party reservation. I feel very insecure about the safety of my credit card information after they stated that they have ‘no connection’ to the corporate entity and that they ‘have to’ put the advertizing in the lobby. Then, they ran my credit card again. When asked what kind of room they were charging me for, again came more complaints of how they are checking me in early. They had just called my room and asked me to come down and check in. The manager says she doesn’t care and that she has to ‘call the shots’ even though the room I was in wasn’t being cleaned. She wanted to move everyone to the first floor because she couldn’t handle managing the housekeeping staff it seems.
The rooms are terrible: dirty, missing light bulbs, and damp. The grounds smell like urine, from I assume pets. The parking lot is loud and the police arrived about 2 am.
Worst of all was the treatment at the front desk. I was reemed by them for booking the hotel another night with the promotion which was placed everywhere as I checked in. I expected a warm hello for joining their rewards program, not discrimination for booking online with their corporation.
This hotel has the worst guest services I have ever experienced in over 30 years of traveling and staying at hotels all over the world. I’m astonished that an establishment can treat guests this way.


daryl Traster November 22, 2014 at 11:48 am

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Jim Ellingson March 3, 2015 at 5:05 pm

The 2 night stay 1 night free in a 5 day period is a bait and switch – how? It takes 72 hours for your reward stay to be processed, 72 and 72 hours is 6 days. One agent just told me that it is going to take 5 days to process my stay on Feb 27, 2014. So if you want to get 1 night free in 5 or 7 days, it won’t happen. Also, you only have 2 rears to redem all your points (8,000) for a free night. BBB should be contacted on this bait and switch.


Elizabeth Rodriguez November 19, 2014 at 12:59 pm

I file a complaint about the quality Inn in hotel in universal blvd Florida, the place should be close down The condition in hotel are a health hazard.The rooms had water damage and were full of mildew and mold, bathrooms were all broken and rusted.The door look like someone tried to pry them open with crowbars. The hotel had to change my room over three times,they actually offer me a full refund wish up to this point I have not received I filed a complaint with the customer relations of choice hotels international where I receive a letter to call them so we can resolve this matter day or for me just one day refund,which I found appalling because I was a full refund of $ 274.00,furthermore I was informed by supervisor Dan in the customer relations department of the choice Hotel international,that as of October 22,14 they are no longer affiliated with the quality Inn so they cannot further assist me with this matter.meanwhile I did book this hotel prior to this date when they were affiliated with the quality Inn and they should be responsible. I hope that someone reach out to me soon so this matter could be resolved once and for all, and I receive my full refund.


TCollins October 31, 2014 at 1:55 am

I have sent emails to Stephen Joyce and others and to no avail!! The manager at Quality Inn in Downtown Atlanta won’t call me back either!!! I cannot believe the unprofessiona-ism that this hotel chain has!!!! But they will hear from me until I have a full refund for that horrible stay!!! Then! The website LIES and says they are newly renovated???!!!!??? How bad was it before???? They got box TVs and the channels barely came in! Green and blue lines!!!! No air!! Had to open the window which got me sick…I’m just tired of repeating this. But I bet they took my $92!!!


Mark Mansfield November 3, 2014 at 1:52 pm

I too have had no success in receiving a response to my numerous emails and letters to the CDEO, Stephen P. Joyce. So much for customer care. These folks are a joke.


Thomas Bernard April 2, 2015 at 5:36 pm

Hi Mark. Would appreciate the email as well. Much appreciated, Thomas


melissa sharp September 4, 2014 at 5:35 am

Oh did i mention the GM is also refusing to give my husband his last check.he has literally 5 hours to do so or the hotel is in a lot of trouble.the GM also refuses to sign government requested paperwork pertaining to his loss of income.i will be at the hotel at 8am.everytHing needs to be prepared as we gave Drew plenty of time to turn over the check.and sign a piece of paper.again i will be there in a few hours.and if i should show sone guests my pics of your bd bug infested hotel…than…oh well huh.


melissa sharp September 4, 2014 at 5:18 am

So my husband was employed at Quality inn on Garden of the Gods road in Colorado Springs, Upon him discovering bed bugs in two seperate rooms, he reported it to his GM. Rathar than shutting down the infested rooms, my husband was put on a two week suspension and when he called the GM, he was told he no longer had a job.but we fight fire with fire.we have pictures and videos of the bed bugsand of the pond like looking swimming pool.with this evidence we fully intend on releasing it to the press.i have already contacted the El Paso county Health well as the Colorado Department of Labor. I have a family to take care of and that is in jeapordy because your GM is lazy and wonder there is such a high turnover rate!


Stephanie R August 31, 2014 at 6:34 pm

My family and I stayed at the Econo Lodge in Ithaca, New York on Friday and Saturday, August 29th and 30th, we checked out on Sunday August 31st. Our experience there was no more then a travisty. We checked in on Friday, August 29th at 4:31 pm. We were told that we would be charged $125 per night and that the rooms were all redone. We stayed on the 2nd floor where our room #206 was connected to the room next door with a door that was only bolted and locked to seperate the rooms. That night the people in room 204 were very loud, screaming and yelling and banging things around. This went on all throughout the night. We complained the next day and they took off $25. We were satisfied with that. Later that day we came back to the hotel and walked across the parking lot to the Big Lots store to buy some snacks and my bank card was denied. Come to find out, the hotel double ran my card and charged it for $600. When we got back we were still on the phone with our bank and the front desk service rep fixed it but it caused problems with our account. Later that night the people next door started it back up with the noise. We told the front desk and she asked them about the noise and they said that they were just playing around. My daughter and I stepped outside so that I could smoke a cigerette and noticed that the curtain next to our rooms window was open. We saw the guy slug a girl. We went in and told the front desk and they said that there was nothing that they could do about it. They could not get involved. I have two children one 14 years old with autism and the other is 10 and when I was told by the main headquarters that they are not allowed to get involved with violent situations that happens at your hotel chain I no longer feel that it would be a safe environment for my children or myself. My family has always stayed at Choice Hotels and now because of this experience we do not feel safe. I really would like to hear from you and hopefully you can change your policies about the safety of your patrons and their families.


Paul Lambert August 30, 2014 at 10:31 pm

The main reason why I stay at a hotel is because of the pool, great way to get away and relax. Just now, I went to the pool, what a disaster. Kids jumping in the pool two at a time, constantly splashing us. We told Mario, the one at the front dedk. He goes in there and brings the parents some towels but did nothing. I went in there 3 times to complain. He told us, he couldn’t do anything. He said he couldn’t do anything about it. We told him the signs say, no diving. We told them to ask them to leave if they don’t obey the rules. He said he couldn’t do that. So, the ones obeying the rules have to leave? Ridiculous.


Katherine Shannon August 17, 2014 at 1:29 am

I have numerous complaints about this hotel.
1. There were bugs in our room. Some type of roaches I am assuming. We complained daily to the front desk and nothing has ever been done.
2. The rate for our room was changed after the first 3 nights without notifying us. I only noticed when I was given change.
3. My brother in law passed away yesterday as my mom was bringing payment for the nights stay. The girl at the front desk told us it was not a problem to use our deposit to pay for the room for the night and we would take care of replacing the balance today. First thing this morning we were called and told that we didn’t pay the night before and needed to pay. We. have been waiting all day for my mom to come but she understandably is being pulled 30 different directions. My stepdad was going to pay using his points but was not able to access the internet nor able to buy the 1500 points he was short over the phone. I spoke to 12 people today about the points and was told they would be available for reservation tonight. Then when I called back i was ttold they wouldn’t be available until 72 hrs after purchase.
4. The hotel is now refusing to give us back the remainder of our deposit. I had spoken with a Jolene at Customer Relations this morning who had called and spoke with them and said we would be receiving around $30 when we checked out.
I am extremely unhappy with the customer service of the hotel and your customer service lines. Iwas hung up on numerous times and I find it completely unacceptable that you can only make a complaint during business hours and even then things are not taken care of to satisfaction . I was under the impression that your hotel are 100% satisfaction guaranteed . After spending over $400 at your hotel I am certainly not satisified.

Please respond by email, it is the quickest way to get a hold of me.
Thank you.


Lisa Cross August 16, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Good morning, I have recently stayed at your econo lodge, in Merritt Island, Florida. I made reservation online, myself, my sister, and our 4 children. After traveling from Texas we all went in to check into our room, counter attendant that evening was super super nice very friendly, welcomed us to Merritt Beach gave us maps, restaurant preferences, just over the top AWESOME!!, a grounds keeper also there (has been working there since 70’s) amazing over the top nice and helpful as far as attractions to see, directions. Again over the top AWESOME!! On our departure day we went in for breakfast and who I believe was a manager ” Mr. Oral Ali” was at counter, when asked how many for breakfast we stated 6, we were all standing there. He tells me NO you can’t stay 6 in a room, we don’t book like that. I explained to him I had booked online and that everyone was accounted for in my reservation. He then preceded to call me a liar and stated very loudly “it’s against the law!!!” In front of my children! I explained to him I had requested the roll away bed in my reservation that I hadn’t lied about anything. He very quickly tried to basically shut me up, telling me he would serve 5 of us for breakfast but the 6th person would have to buy their own. Our children were instantly agreeing to give up a plate for the other! I told the kids it was fine that I wasn’t hungry anyway, your manager then says “you can have coffee if you want”, another guest that had just come from eating hears all this and says “oh it’s a wonderful breakfast your going to miss out”. TOTAL HUMILIATION!!!!!! I have never been so humiliated in my whole life! We slept 2 in a bed, 2 littlest children on roll away. I feel like I was treated like a common criminal! And DO NOT appreciate it! Had it been against policy for us to stay together ( 2 mothers with 2 kids each) traveling in a car 1600 miles from home, we should have been told up front at check-in, instead of being treated like I was. I am so disappointed in your hotels customer service! I will NEVER!!! Book a econo lodge hotel again! WORST HOTEL EXPERIENCE out of the 7 hotel stays on our trip, Which were all choice hotels. Very disappointed Customer!!!


Joni Vanstaern August 12, 2014 at 4:44 pm

To whom it may concern;

I love staying at your hotels but I have a problem with the point system when you run a promotion. Every time I sign up for a promotion it never takes and when I call to complain to the customer service line… THEY ACT LIKE I AM LYING TO THEM ABOUT ANYTHING I SAY. example the current promotion is 2 stays pays. I registered in early June 2014 and now it is August 12 I still have not seen any extra bonus points. I called the customer service line yesterday (8/11/2014) and they gave me 1 for my last stay saying I wasn’t registered I have actually registered 3 times as it always asked me to do so. In the past t would say you are already registered this time no. They say I never did and they can only give me the 1 time extra points. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED DURING ONE OF THE PROMOTIONS.

I am at the point why do I even have my card and why do I even use your website if I don’t matter as a client?

I travel all the time with work and I also send my employees to trips and assignments during the summer and fall and I always ask for a choice hotel ( I also make sure all my employees have a choice card) , but it maybe time to go else where. you know where I feel like I am a valued client and our business is appreciated.

Please advise me on what can be done. My next step to write the company corporate offices and the President of the company on what terrible customer service they have.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,


Denise Bachmann August 11, 2014 at 11:09 pm

Mr.’s Stephen P. Joyce CEO, David L. White CFO, and David A. Pepper COO,

I am a new Choice Hotels member and also a Blue Green Vacations member. Today I looked extensively for a beach front hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I located a hotel via the website that was beach front and had rooms available from 8/15/2014 through 8/17/2014. Perfect for taking some visiting family members to the beach this weekend prior to their returning to Texas on 8/18/2014. Visiting the Atlantic coast and swimming in the ocean was a high priority for the 2 children that are visiting us.

I had points with my Blue Green Vacation account available and I had enough to convert and use at Choice Hotels for 1 night. The conversion rate was TERRIBLE, but that is another matter entirely.

I called Choice customer service to ask them about the availability for the Econo Lodge Inn in Myrtle Beach and was told that there were rooms available and I should go ahead and convert the points then make the reservation online. I didn’t want to convert my points then find that the hotel didn’t have any availability. I converted my Blue Green points over to Choice. There is a fee of $35.00 to do this. This gave me enough Choice points to book 1 night at the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Beach Front Central in Myrtle Beach, SC – 20,000 points for a 1 night stay.

After I converted my Blue Green points and returned to the website to book a 1 night stay arriving either on 8/15/2014 or 8/16/2014 at the Econo Lodge Inn, the system would not let me, telling me that there were no rooms available. I knew this to be untrue because there were rooms available for 8/15/2014 for 2 nights stay. Logic tells me that if there are rooms available for 2 nights then there are rooms available for 1 night. I extensively searched the website prior to converting my points and found no limitations for the hotel.

I called back to customer service when the website wouldn’t let me book the reservation and asked them what was going on. A representative with poor English told me that there was a 2 night minimum stay at that hotel. I am extremely outraged. Why isn’t this very important information on the web site and why didn’t customer service tell me that when I called the first time??? I’ve now converted my points to Choice and can’t make a reservation to take my out of town family to the beach.

I made several more phone calls to Choice Reservations, Choice Guest Relations Service Desk and the Choice Service Center. On my final call I spoke with Shiloh in Pheonix. She called the hotel to ask if they would over-ride the 2 night minimum stay. I was not surprised when she came back on the line to tell me they wouldn’t allow me to book just 1 night. I asked her what I was supposed to do to find a hotel room on the beach for this upcoming weekend. She didn’t have a clue and frankly couldn’t have cared any less about my situation. She had total disregard for customer satisfaction. I conveyed that I was upset at this predicament and the loss of my Blue Green points to Choice that I could no longer utilize for this weekend on the beach.

I suggested that Choice could easily issue me enough points to book the room for 2 nights and this would resolve the problem that was clearly caused by inaccurate and missing information on the website. Shiloh was most unhelpful and had no interest in resolving a customer problem. Her response was to use my points another time. That is unacceptable since my family members will be leaving on 8/18/2014.

Thanks to Choice Hotel I’ve not only lost my Blue Green points by converting them to Choice, but have also spent $35.00 for nothing and will have to disappoint 2 young children that hoped to swim in the ocean.

There were at least 3 easy resolutions to this situation but Choice Hotels chose to do nothing to assist a Choice member and customer.
1. Assisting me (the customer) in finding a 1 night stay on Myrtle beach. This should have been easy for your customer service representatives and would have made me (the customer) ecstatic.
2. Crediting me (the customer) with additional points to cover a 2 night stay at Econo Lodge Inn in Myrtle Beach for 8/15/2014 through 8/17/2014. Again, would have made me (the customer) ecstatic.
3. Issue me a one night credit, or voucher for one night, or something to that affect that would have allowed me to book the room at the Econo Lodge Inn in Myrtle Beach for 8/15/2014 through 8/17/2014.

It is easy to see, at the minimum, 3 resolutions that Choice Hotels could have offered but I have not seen any evidence that Choice Hotels has any concern for their customers satisfaction. I do hope that one of you will attempt to contact me this week, prior to my family’s departure. My member number is DXB69431 (Elite Gold status).

Kind Regards,


Dan Somerby August 7, 2014 at 3:20 pm

Dear Mr Joyce,

I am writing you to let you know of a terrible experience with one of your Clarion Hotels in Lase Vegas, Nevada.

I am getting married in September of this year and made a reservation back in March so we world have a comfortable room to stay for a reasonable price.
However, another family member called to make a reservation earlier this week and was told the hotel would be closed for those particular dates in September due to remodeling.
I called the Clarion Hotel directly in Las Vegas on Monday of this week and was told an employee would call me to try to relocate re locate our reservation to another Choice Hotel in Las Vegas. I have not hear anything from he hotel who has my cell phone number and and email address.
I waited three days still not hearing anything I called again the Clarion Hotel in Las Vegas and was told they should be calling me soon to try to relocate to another Choice Hotel, but then the employee told me she has just been refund any deposits paid for the reservation.
Mr Joyce we have stayed at your hotels and have not had such poor customer service from any hotel ever.
How can we make a reservation months in advance and not hear anything about the closing of the hotel during our stay in Las Vegas? That is why we made the reservation months ago so my fiancée and I would have peace of mind to know we would not have to worry about a hotel to stay for our wedding.
I know you where on the TV show Undercover Boss and thought it is important to make you aware of a huge customer mistake on your hotels part.
This terrible and time consuming experience could have been avoided by a proactive approach by your hotel. If we had receive d call saying we are moving you to one of our other Choice Hotels due to remodeling we have happily moved to another of your hotels.

This negative experience has turned us away from your hotels.
I hope to hear from you in the near future.
My contact information is listed below.

Best Regards,

Dan Somerby


John Hutchinson August 5, 2014 at 1:55 pm

To whom it may concern,
I stayed in you Clarion Hotel in West Springfield Ma. I am very dissatisfied with this hotel all around. First thing was I reserved a non-smoking room and was given a non-smoking room that had been smoked in. When I went to the front desk to ask about the room being smoked in I was literally told I was crazy. The desk person told the maintenance person to go check it out. The desk person did not believe me that the room was smoked in, her name was Mayan. Next I was very disappointed because I asked for a room next to the pool and the person I made my reservations with told me that was extra no big deal. But your web site is very misleading about your water park. I pay $150 to stay in your hotel I should not have to pay to use your pool. They added 3 slides (one of them was not working) and also added some sprinklers then you call it a water park. Next I gave my Choice Privilege reward card for my points and my stay was never added to my account. I feel it was not added because the lady Mayan was upset with me because I said I did not like to be told I was crazy. In my opinion she needs to learn custom service. One positive note is your employee Isabel was very nice and did try to defuse the situation by giving me another room and a free breakfast. But this does not excuse the fact the way my family and I were treated by the one person. I am a frequently stay in your hotels


Nicole Thompson July 18, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Clarion Hotels Lexington is the worst hotel ever.


mr newton July 18, 2014 at 1:56 am



Lou Jahn July 3, 2014 at 10:41 pm

We went to the Comfort Inn, Deerfield Beach on 06/13-14/2014 for 2 nights stay. Checked in at 5:06 pm and Checked out at 10:00 pm. WHY? BED BUGS IN BED. I was FREAKED OUT.

Ms V. Foste (Clerk) said there would be no charge (duh) and we left. My husband had brought her the ‘proof’ of bugs (twice) on a tissue. They sent a Guy to spray the room for insects but that would not help the bedding. They offered an upgrade to another room but by then we had discovered a similar complaint regarding bugs and insisted on canceling our reservation. BTW at 5:15 pm we placed our baggage in the room and immediately left to join local friends for dinner. When we returned at 9:45 pm we discovered the first bugs then several more lower under the covers.

Just received our Visa Statement and we have been charged $94.85 on 06/13/14!!! NO REFUND. I am OUTRAGED. I would have EXPECTED a BETTER handling of the matter by a hotel like Comfort Inn. No satisfied customer in a resort area would cancel their room at 10:00 pm and attempt to find another unless the problems were severe. Our follow up calls to the General Manager found no interest in customer service and she claims the $94.85 will stay. Our next step is back to Visa and of course placing our story of woe and bad service EVERYWHERE!

Anyhow having recorded over several 100,000 Marriott points under prior business travel I would never had imaged a property with such poor CUSTOMER CONSIDERATION or SERVICE! Before considering Comfort Inn in Deerfield Beach FL buy some good bug spray and read all of the reviews possible and save yourself problems…we did move to a nearby LaQuinta and had far better facilities at less money!

Also when I did speak with the General Manager on a follow up call, and even though we brought samples of the bugs to the Front Desk, the GM claimed they did no see any when they looked and oh yes Florida might have bugs. SHE REFUSED to provide the actual name of the company owning the property nor the address or telephone # of Comfort Inn Headquarters. Totally uncooperative in all manner possible.


discouraged June 23, 2014 at 11:34 pm

This is regarding the 2 hotels on the beach in daytona beach. You have untrained staff at the hotels where angie hearns and becky of 2 choice hotels are managers at.
Why can’t your staff have informative, articulate info available when potential guest call in. Why is theres o much frustration and anxiety to get simple questions answered. How come you people arenever available for alleviating frustrationa nd anxiety. Are you people in a hospitality industry where you cater to the guest. After all I am not request that much from youepople.

Corporate needs to look into why i your staff is not prepared to do the right thing.

Please someone acknowledge poor working skills and fix theproblem.


Robert June 7, 2014 at 10:25 pm

To whom it may concern,

I was looking a place for my wife to get away while I was training out of state. She was stressed based on my long duration from being away from the house. I am currently staying at another affiliate of the choice hotel brand and I have received nothing but the best treatment here. I figured that based on the quality of stay at the location that Quality Inn would be a great choice for my wife.

Upon arrival to the location on Market Street in Wilmington, NC she was greeted by a nice lady who assisted her with her reservation. She gave her a choice of rooms to choose from and my wife originally selected a different room than she ended up with. The room was not a pet friendly room, and my wife explained that she had a dog. The lady informed her that it would be a service fee for the dog. My wife understood this. My wife checked in and then went to the beach. Upon arriving back to the hotel and a random individual followed her as she was walking her dog. This individual stated that the guy on the bench was going to report her for having a dog. He continued to follow her as she walked her dog. She then proceeded back to her room scared because this random individual, much larger than her, was following her. At this point another individual moving from the other direction started walking her way. My wife stated she was hurrying back to her room because this behavior was not normal and she was frightened. She fumbled with the key when she noticed that both individuals stopped directly behind her. She stated that if would not have been for her dog, a German Shepherd, she felt that she would have been assaulted. She slammed the door as she entered and then called me. My wife explained the situation to me and then I ask her to speak to the individual at the desk and explain to him what she told me.

He stated that the customers who was harassing my wife was nothing to worry about and that they were regulars. He stated that one of the individuals was a police officer. I then ask if he could get someone to escort my wife to her room so that she could obtain her stuff so she could depart. This request was to ensure that she would remain safe from the individuals who were scaring her. He stated that he would have the maintenance man escort her to her room. He stated the refund would have to be processed through Expedia since it was booked through Expedia.

After my wife explained to Expedia what happened, according to my wife Expedia stated they would authorize the refund if the hotel would allow it. The hotel stated that they would not do so since the hotel room was occupied and my wife had her dog with her.
I then called the customer service number listed for the Quality Inn off Market Street in Wilmington, NC. The telephone number was 866-611-6769, and upon completing the menu Veronica answered the phone. Veronica ask me for the information for the reservation. I explained to her that it was in my wife’s email and that I was in Arkansas completing training for my employer. She [Veronica] looked up the last name and confirmed that Amanda Yokeley has a reservation at the Quality Inn listed above. She then stated that under the noted section it stated that the hotel would not give a refund because of the reason annotated above. I then went on to explain the situation. My wife was going to her room after being followed by an individual to the pet area when she was walking her dog. Upon going to the room, two unknown individuals moving from two different directions stopped right behind my wife as she was attempting to open her door. I told Veronica that this behavior is not normal behavior. She then called the customer service individual at Quality Inn. After speaking with him she transferred back to me and stated that the individual who was behind her was a regular. I then stated so it is acceptable for customers to harass other customers and act in this way because they are regulars. Veronica stated that he was a police officer. I then subsequently informed Veronica that I too was a police officer, and this behavior is not tolerated among the police departments. She then stated she had to stand by the hotel in this instance. I then ask her a question. I ask Veronica if two individuals she did not know sat behind her why she walked to her door and stood there if she would have felt safe. She acknowledged that she would not have felt comfortable either.

In closing I would like to add what I pulled from the Choice Hotels websites in regards to customers.
Customers – We embrace the diverse backgrounds, languages and cultures of our guests and we are committed to providing an exceptional guest experience that goes well beyond the hotel stay. Our diverse partnerships, community outreach programs and relevant campaigns are developed to enrich your travel experience.

Our Value Qs Designed Especially for You
At Quality® hotels, we know you work hard for your money. That’s why you can always depend on us to give you great value. What matters to you, matters to us — and you’ll see that in everything we do. From comfortable beds and a hot breakfast to refreshing showers and friendly service, you get your money’s worth.

• Q Bed: Rest assured with premium bedding
• Q Breakfast: Hot, fresh and healthy
• Q Shower: A refreshing start to your day
• Q Service: Professional, responsive and friendly
• Q Value: Complimentary amenities

Your satisfaction is important to us.

Watch our guests find some serious value at Quality hotels in our new commercial.

Just fill that based on our most recent experience that Quality Inn and Choice Hotels missed the bar on this occasion. I am writing this to see if this behavior is 1) acceptable and 2) within the standard expectation of the quality of service that one should expect when they stay at a Choice Hotel. To further clarify, does the safety and concern of the customer matter or is safety not considered within the expectation of satisfaction within the company. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Robert Yokeley


Maggie Deese May 14, 2014 at 2:04 pm

Had to stay in Lancaster overnight for business and checking the internet, the Quality Inn had the highest rating so I chose it. However, the first room I was offered had bed bugs ( I have photos). The second room had hair all over the pillows as if the cover had not been cleaned after the last persons stay. The clerk offered me a room that she said had been renovated. It looked OK on the surface but I guess the renovations weren’t completed because the vanity front was only tacked to the counter and when I opened the cabinet it exposed concrete with sheetrock mud splattered all over and there were dead bugs inside the cabinet(photos taken).


Geoff Kershner May 5, 2014 at 3:42 pm

I had one of the worst experiences at a hotel I have ever had on Saturday. We booked through Expedia to stay Sat night May 3 at Quality Inn Monterey Beach Dunes. The manager, Theresa Machado, was the rudest hotel employee I have ever met. She insulted my girlfriend in front of her young children. The front desk staff was very nice, only when she intervened did it become unpleasant. We ended up leaving the hotel because of her. I travel frequently and stay often at both upscale and at budget hotels. I’ve never encountered a person who was worse than her. I’m happy to discuss the problem over the phone if anyone is interested.


Anonymous bc I stay here May 3, 2014 at 4:47 am

Suburban Lodge – Chamblee, Georgia
We acquired new management here in the last 60-days. The choice hotel values seems to be stripped from this location. Once a week housekeeping for the extended guests is now a do it yourself type of service. Once a week linens and towels are sometimes which means go buy your own because they have not been laundered properly. There are very inexperienced housekeeping and maintenance staff. The experienced ones have left. No toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, soaps, trash bags (you supply your own). This part I can get past if that is the way, but I would have preferred some type of written notice that these things were going to happen. We clean (vacuum and mop) our own space since we are extended stay. Washers and dryers need repairs and refunds are not given when they are not working properly. An excuse is given instead. Internet service is not consistent. No knowledgeable personnel on the premises who can resolve these issues in a timely manner. Bug infestation, bring your Raid and Bed Bug spray. The staff that are here seem to just be here for themselves and not the customers. I cannot recommend to anyone who comes In town. Makes for an uneasy stay because you wonder what will change next. Maybe you can verify that these changes are now accurate and the new normal for the Choice Hotels Brand.


Ms. York April 16, 2014 at 10:16 am

Reference Complaint Id#8037855: There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how bad my experience at the Comfort Inn, Gaithersburg, Maryland was. Where to begin? Should I start with the naked guy I found wandering around the hallway? Or, how about the crackheads and hookers staff allows to stay long-term? Gee, I don’t know…. What about the racism and discrimination against homeless residents? Hhhhmmnn…. I was a paying customer up until yesterday, when I had finally had enough. I’d called Corporate headquarters, “customer service” (which turned out not to really be of much service….), and was told by Lorelei that there was nothing she could do, that each hotel is like a franchise, independently owned and operated, and that the General Manager (who, in this case is Mr. Vira Safii) could basically treat residents any way he wanted to. Ok…. I hung up from that call dissatisfied, and still a little perturbed, but figured that was the end of it. NO. Lorelei, in all her wisdom – called Mr. Safii and told him I had complained. He then called me, saying that his feelings were hurt, that my complaint makes his hotel “look bad”, and that he wanted me out by tomorrow. Now, this is a man who knows we have nowhere to go, yet he and his bruised ego felt justified to kick us out – in the rain, no less. Then, he calls me back five minutes later, reiterating that his little feelings were hurt, and that he’d decided he wanted us out NOW. I said I had not made any other accommodations, was paid up through tomorrow, and that I’d consider his request to leave sooner. He called the Police, and instructed them to break down my door; Which they did. 4 Montgomery County police officers broke into my room, yelling and screaming at us to leave, because the manager wanted us out NOW !!!!! If this is how you’d like to be treated, and the type of horrid experience you want your family to endure when you pass through our charming hamlet – then, by all means – stay at the Comfort Inn; However, I don’t recommend it.


anonymous March 30, 2014 at 8:26 am

Umatilla, Oregon – Quality Inn. Never in my life have I heard of such unprofessional and disturbing behavior from their Manager. She constantly swears at her employees and around guest. She lives at the hotel and so does her boyfriend. She has Co-Workers lie to her boyfriend everytime they get into a fight and tells them not to let him know which room she is in. She has been seen being very sexual with her boyfriend right in the lobby. Instead of pulling her co-workers aside, she writes in a book that everyone reads and humiliates people right in the book. I am in pure disgust that my friend doesn’t even want to go to work because of the hostility and drama going on just from one Manager. I don’t see why Choice Hotels would allow someone like this to run one of their estanlishments!


Paul Philbrick March 20, 2014 at 6:48 pm

I would like the most consumer friendly Toll-Free phone number for contacting Customer Support for the Comfort Inn Group In USA and Europe. My Barkley Choice Privileges Visa last 4 are 1155. My Elite Gold card # is PSP0905-032030. My purpose is to find Comfort affiliationed locations while traveling without fixed itinerary from any location. My cell is 561-460-5729. E-Mail only please as it prints. I would be especially interested in the Florida Keys and Bahamas; London area, Amsterdam, France, and Rome. Staff should have Bi-Lingual capabilities. Any affiliated chain or independent will do. Should be reachable by web particularly and phone if necessary. Thanks for your support, there is no big hurry as I am looking for late 2014 or early 2015. Best, Paul USN-Retired (traveling Gov.-Air and one never knows exactly where one will end up)


Mark Phillips March 10, 2014 at 1:53 pm

During our stay from March 8th to March 10th housekeeping placed stained sheets and pillow cases on the bed each day. Also during the early morning hours of March 10th we were awakened by our one year old daughters cries. When my wife and I went to the play pen that the hotel provided we discovered roaches crawling around the play pen. When we contacted the management the forced us to leave and threatened to call the police if we didn’t. We began packing immediately while calling Choice Hotels customer complaint line. At that point the front desk repeatedly called the room threatening to call the police.

Mark Phillips (disappointed customers)
President, Phillips Technical Consulting, LLC
(313) 556 XXXXX


Janae Mosta March 4, 2014 at 2:34 pm

I recently stayed at the Quality Inn in Waynesboro, VA. At check-in I encountered a very rude man, looked to be Indian. This is not my first time staying her but my first time encountering this man. I would ask questions and he would not say anything back or give a short answer. We checked into our room and I carpet were soiled they need to be shampooed, the tub and a ring around it. I the ceiling had some sort of brown stuff on it in the bathroom. I was not pleased at all so I went and changed my room and again the floors were bad! It wasnt as bad as the other room. Needless to say, Ill give this hotel another try next time im not coming back.


CHARLOTTE ASSAD February 3, 2014 at 9:36 pm

On our arrival 1/31/2014 at ECONO LODGE (FLC01) 1601 S. Atlantic Ave. Dayton Beach, Fl. the young lady was very pleasant and helpful……after going to our room # 105 and leaving to go to dinner and coming back about 9:30 p.m. we turned down one of the queen size beds and found a VERY SOILED bottom sheet……truly unacceptable by any standards…….it was disgusting …….thank God there was another bed in the room…..we prayed that it would be CLEAN…….it was to late to call anyone at the office, but the next morning at check out I did bring it to the attention of the office help and even brought him to the room to show him….he was apologetic and said he would speak to the cleaning dept………after that experience it will be a very very long time before we go to an ECON LODGE……We felt that the CORPORATE OFFICE should be aware of this matter and what has your name attached to it…….Thank you.


Elizabeth Brooks February 1, 2014 at 12:49 am

1/31 at 5pm, went to Quality Suites in Rockford IL to drop my 7 year old daughter off for a birthday party. Two male employees stood about 3 feet away from the front desk, loudly complaining about the number of kids attending. When my daughter and I walked in, one of them said in a surly tone, “Is SHE staying here too?” I said yes, and he rudely directed me to “Sit down over there,” while we waited for the lady to phone our host’s room and let them know we were there. Another parent said that the same man had told them, “If we get ONE complaint, you’re out,” and had been rude to her as well. My daughter went and sat down, and I stood near these two males who proceeded to speak in a foreign language to each other while glaring at me. I said, “Pardon me?” and he said in a surly tone, “I wasn’t talking to you!” Meanwhile, the father of the birthday child came into the lobby, the man asked him how many children were coming, the father said about 15 and the employee began ranting that was too many. The father said fine, give me a refund and we’ll go someplace else, and the employee said, “Good! Go someplace else then!” The mother then came into the lobby and the employee got into a verbal dispute with her as well. I have NEVER witness such unprofessional, despicable, and outright discriminatory customer service in my life! The other male employee said directly to me, “If other people complain, we lose customers.” We had just arrived at the hotel, had not done anything to generate concern or complaint, these two employees took one look at us and prejudged us, which is the very definition of discrimination.

Usually, no matter what the problem is or who’s wrong or right, a person in customer service will say “I’m sorry this happened,” or try to figure out a way to make things right. This employee yelled, argued, threatened, created a scene right in the lobby, never once apologized, treated the couple and all their guests like they were intruding in his home instead of giving Choice Hotels their business. The other employee who’s concern was the other customers complaining and losing THEIR business not only lost the business of the birthday child’s parents, but mine as well as everyone who witnessed that atrocious scene. I will NEVER give Choice Hotels my business again if this is the kind of people they employ.


Elizabethy Kurz January 2, 2014 at 3:54 pm

My daughter and I stayed at Rodeway Inn Fayetteville NC on 11/23. The reservations were made by computer (confirmation # 135410906). At the time the reservations were made I was told that the $10 fee for my dog could not be included but should be paid at the motel in Fayetteville which I paid in cash and received a receipt. This month’s Discover statement included a charge for the $10 fee which I questioned but got no place. Unfortunately, I did not keep any paperwork but there should be a record at the Fayetteville Inn. Although it’s just

On 11/23 my daughter and I stayed at Rodeway Inn Fayetteville NC.. I paid cash for my dog at the time because when I made the reservation by computer they would not include it and told me to pay at the motel. Confirmation #135410906 The $10 fee was also included on my Discover statement. When I called the computer # for customer service I got nowhere. Although it is just $10 I am quite peeved. Furthermore , we had to change rooms because the pipe under the sink leaked and we were quite flooded. Needless to say, I will not use Choice hotels again.

Elizabeth Kurz


Alice XXXXan January 1, 2014 at 2:44 am

Good morning, I am writing you in a effort to voice my concerns and shed some light on an event that has just taken place at One of your hotels “Quality Inn and Suites Biltmore East”. Tonight as I went to the store for about 20 mins one of your employees (Jammie) called the cops on me saying my 15,3, and 9 year old were left in the hotel all day by themselves. Apparently my 3 year old was playing on the phone as they some times do and called the front office. I’m not sure what the clerk asked her but she said my mommy is not here. So the clerk Jammie then calls the room back and talks to my 15 year old and she, Jammie ask is this the room with no parent and my daughter says I’m not sure what you are talking about and hangs up. So then Jammie calls back and tells them to walk to the office or she’s calling the police. We are in a strange town on vacation where my kids know no one and if I go to the store and tell them don’t leave out this is what they are going to do. So Jammie calls the police. So as I get back from the store 15-20 mins later my daughter tells me what has happened so I called the office. And she says she has called the police and I will have to discuss the matter w them. So I said ok and walked to the office. I questioned her why would she call the police when I was only gone 15 or 20 mins she stated the room next door had complained at a lot of noise. I explained we had been there got 3 days and this noise wasn’t anything that had not been going on for 3 days. I also asked if you called my room and I didn’t answer or me the parent wasn’t there why not call the number u have one file for me. She looked in the system and indeed my number was on file. She stated well next time I will call. I also stated and if you thought my kids were alone why not walk to the room and see it for yourself instead of calling the cops first, I explained because i had a 15 year w my 3 and 9 year old, as I left the office window and as I walked back to the room I was greeted by 3 police officers on 3 different cars. One of the officers had already been in the room and saw my 15 year old and came back in front of me and the other officers and said she had a teenager there so she’s ok. They were there all of 4 mins apologize and went about there way. I walked back to the office and demanded the manager be called and Jammie stated she couldn’t call and explained how upset embarrassed and mad I was and how I really felt like checking out and wanted my month got the night back. She explained that I could check out but I wouldn’t be refunded any monies. I explained that she should have walked to my room once again before calling the police. I explained they were there for 4 mins and left. And how I wanted her to call a manager now. She explained that the hotel was privately owned and that the owner would not answer for me or her tonight and to call or come back tomorrow afternoon they would be there. I once again explain how furious I was by her calling the police and that my job had booked employees as well as myself here all the time and how I had personally booked 2 extra days and It would be my last for me and the company once I told them of this event. Needless to say I am staying the night because its 2 something in the morning but this will not go unmentioned of her stupidity. I will not make light of this situation and will be contacting every person at corp to make sure a fixable situation like this never happens again. Not to mention I’m a registered nurse so any little infraction as such could go against my nursing licenses. This matter to be honest had literally ruined my New Years and vacation and I feel like she should be reprimanded heavily.

Mrs XXXXan, RN


Mrs Jenkins December 20, 2013 at 7:45 am

Hello, I had an issue with the rewards department I won’t go to much in detail about because this message is not about the horrible treatment, but the awesome customer service I received from corporate (Diane) and from Ellen in the resolution department. Thank you both for making my Christmas a little brighter.


Leanne White December 16, 2013 at 10:49 pm

My husband and I spent a night at the Econo Lodge on 2934 Polynesian Isle Blvd. in Kissimmee, Fl. We spent one night there in room 230. We checked in 12/14/13 ans checked out 12/15/13. The room was not fancy to say the least. I checked behind the pictures and headboards, under matress before staying just like I always do. They go above and beyond to clean up evidence that they have bed bugs. The morning when we woke up my husbands leg was covered in bites. Soon after we checked out they showed up on both arms, legs, hands, and even his bald head. He is itching terribly and we have done our best to make sure they didn’t come home with us. I sure hope we didn’t bring any home. I will never stay there again and everyone should BEWARE! I thought better of Choice hotels. You may have franchises, but they should be monitored and have your standards to uphold. I am beyond disgusted and at a loss for what to even say about this hotel. I have taken pictures of my husbands feasted upon body and if they followed us home I am going to sue. The Franchise and Choice hotels. I called this hotel today, they took my info and promised a manager would call me back. No call yet. This is not helping the current situation. Just saying. Sincerely, Leanne White


m williams December 1, 2013 at 12:21 pm

As frequent customers at the rode way Inn in medina, I have never been more disappointed with a stay at that location. My boyfriend and I had an extended visit (3 days 2 nights) and after the first night I woke up with itchy bumps on my right arm and right leg. As that was the side I was sleeping on, I dismissed them because I have sensitive skin and sometimes get hives from certain detergents. Later day 2, I was sitting on the bed and noticed bugs on the pillow. I immediately went to the front desk and showed the employee my bumps and told him about my recent findings. His response was terrible to say the least. He said that there are hundreds of people who pass through here and while they can’t be 100% (understandable) they try for the best (not so understandable). So, he followed me down to the room where I showed him the bugs on the bed and as he apologized greatly, he tried to make things better by moving us to one of the nicer rooms they offered there. After gathering our belongings I went back to the front desk to get the new room keys and he told me that I can no longer have the nice room because they (the bed bugs) could still be on me and they don’t want to cross contaminate the rooms. HOW GROSS!!! When I asked the employee what to do about this, he said he could take my clothes and put them in the dryer because high heat kills them. I was so disgusted I just wanted to be in the new room where hopefully this problem will end. It didn’t to say the least. I woke up with bites EVERYWHERE. ( I even have one on my eye lid). It is disgusting to me that these people can conduct a business this way. You can clearly see this problem and not one person has tried to fix it?? Not only am I going to be so uncomfortable till these heal seeing as I have over 50 bites combined from the two nights, but I am also a server and can’t wear half of my uniform tops because they are so noticeable. It’s absolutely disgusting and I will be taking a picture of every bite I have ( no matter location) and emailing it to the corporate office. Something needs to be done about this.


Wayne L. November 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm

This was the worst hotel experience I have ever had! On 11/21/13 I checked in and upon entering my room 105 it was inadequate and did not match the description on the website. A Superior King Room is a false description on the site, the room did not meet my expectations of what I was lead to believe I was reserving and what is described along with the pictures posted. did speak with Joseph R. the front desk rep to resolve the error and assist me with my bait and switch reservation. Joseph told the rep that I could check out, this is not a solution I found acceptable.
The experience continued to escalate to worsening levels when I fell outside in front of the hotel door. I’ve requested copies of the hotel video. There were no signage posted and it was super slippery and wet and it had been raining. When I informed the front desk I fell and it was obvious from my bleeding knee and muddy clothes I was informed that it had been brought to the attention of management before but “they didn’t care”. I did suffer small I injuries and ruined my clothes from the fall.
When I reviewed my statement from American Express the hotel overcharged me at a total amount of $324.20.   Much more than my reserved rate of $237.00 I signed when I checked in. When I returned to the front desk and inquired about the incorrect charge, I was told that “I don’t see that charge amount and cant help you”.  I did call American Express in the presence of Joseph on speakerphone and American Express confirmed the multiple charges.  I am still waiting on a refund and rate correction. I also have no received a reason why I was over charged. I am curious if this fraudulent activity happens often to pad the books.
I did not elect to continue my stay at the Comfort Inn nor will I recommend or return to any Choice Hotel.
I have not received satisfactory resolution and will not EVER recommend or use ChoiceHotels or in the future


Dawn Hundley November 5, 2013 at 9:34 am

I received an email reminding me to spend my earned points and book a room for as little as 8000 points. I had 11,124 points. On 11/04/13 I made a reservation using choice privledges points in Tallahassee Fl. I purchased an additional 13,000 points the day before in order to secure a room at a hotel that had availability in order to visit my son on his birthday. I understand the points increase to 25000 points due to football season in a college town so purchased the additonal points to secure the room. It cost me $130. When I made the reservation I and selected the room I was offered to use the 25000 points or pay $135 cash for the room. I am extrememley upset that I paid $135 and also used the 25000 points for the room when just paying cash the day before would have saved me a huge amount of time and I could have kept my 11,124 points. I called the customer service phone # and was directed to 5 different people and was on the phone for over an hour an was told they could not return my 11,124 points but could only cancel the reservation and I could pay cash for the room. I would then have an additional $135 charge to my credit card and 25000 unused points that I do not need. I only asked that I be returned the 11,000 points and keep the reservation that still cost me $135 for the extra 13000 points. I would assume that a customer would not have to check the room rates to assure they are not getting ripped off and taken advantage of. The website was misleading – I followed the link given in the email and room rates don’t appear just points needed. I will no longer stay at any choice hotels. I am a high school coach as well as my husband and our teams will no longer use choice hotels.


Judy October 18, 2013 at 5:09 pm

Below is our letter to Choice Hotels and the response we received from the Stockton, California, Comfort Inn manager after our horrendous experience at the hotel. His response was far fetched!! He states that what we found was not the standard performance of the hotel. Baloney!!! It took quite a while for this hotel to get into the filthy run down condition that it was in. This place should be shut down. We have stayed at numerous Choice Hotels in the past, but will not stay at them ever again if this is what they have become.

Subject: Comfort Inn
October 05, 2013

We would like to Thank You for your recent stay with us. We do apologize for the inconvenience. It is theses kinds of objectives for us to focus on. These is not are standard performance.
Again my deepest apologies for the unpleasant experience you had here.
Amit Patel, GM
Comfort Inn
2654 W. March Ln
Stockton CA, 95207

I arrived at the Stockton, Ca. Comfort Inn during a recent trip. I’ve stayed at your chain in the past, so we went ahead and paid for a non smoking room. The place was filthy!! The blankets and bedspread had large burn holes in them. We were tired so stayed anyway. At dusk a fight broke out in the parking lot w/ people chasing a guy who barricaded in the office. The yelling went on for at least 15 minutes. Twice during the night someone tried to open our door. In the morning, we went to breakfast in the lobby, looks like the facility caters to bums. A person (who may have lived in the hotel) piled up a large quantity of food into to-go boxes and left with it. Also there were a couple of (obvious) drug addicts in the lobby eating breakfast. This was a very uncomfortable situation and having this hotel in your chain doesn’t make Choice Hotels look good. I will again be traveling often via business coming up in January, but will not stay at choice hotels.


Beth Huck October 13, 2013 at 9:00 pm

We were extremely disappointed in the Quality Inn and Suites in College Park, MD. The room had a musty smell when we initially walked in, the bathrooms were gross with wallpaper peeling off the walls, mold along the tub, and toilets were ancient! Our daughter stepped on a XXXX roach as she got out of bed in the morning. This was the worst place I’ve ever stayed.


chester fritz September 20, 2013 at 11:55 am

while wife and i were on a trip to the new england states , we stayed at a comfort inn in concord nh , the night shift check in clerk was very rude to us , we were pying cash for the room then we were also asked to pay a $50.00 deposit we are in our 60’s and we felt like we were being treated like we were criminals since we were using cash to stay at this hotel.clerk had me sign all sorts of papers for the stay but he would not sign the receipt i made out for my 50 ,, this got my wife and i frustrated but we were very tired from long days travels and need the room so we did not have to search for a different hotel. we went to the room and went to bed but i was restless and about 2;30 am i got up to go smoke and get a cup of coffee in the lobby , the late night clerk was at counter with head down as if reading something his shirt sleeves were rolled up and had tattoos on both arms not as if tattoos are wrong but it was not professional looking to be in uniform with sleeves rolled up ,, i went to the area where the coffee was to get a cup but the pot was empty the clerk heard me at the area and looked up said the coffee was right there where i was at but i told him that it was empty and he said to give him about 5 minutes and he would put more out , i went out smoked a cigg. and walked around a bit before i went back in and still no coffee ,, the clerk gets up and scurries out with another pot and he has on no shoes except for flip flops and no socks.. i get my coffee then decided to go to the computer in the lobby and it is not working he said it had not been working for days so i give up go back to room to try and sleep a bit more ,, i notice on outside of building it is covered with cobwebs and the doors to enter the hotel from the side of lot where you park are painted out black and you can not see if anyone is coming out of the hall to parking lot which can cause you to get hit in the face with the door if someone is trying to leave ,, was also told by the 1st clerk that there would be a receipt put under or door after midnight which it never was ,, then wife and i start getting ready to leave to continue on our trip and while she is getting ready i go to the lobby to check the breakfast , and get a cup of coffee it is now about 7;45 am and there is a guest sitting at the computer in the lobby using it and 2 other guests waiting to use it after i was told at 2; 30 in the morning that it was not working ( now i know that at that early of a time in the morning there are no computer repair people out working on computers so how did it get fixed between 2;30 am and 7;45 am ) but to make a long story short this was worst hotel stay ever ever ever will not ever stay at many choice hotel hotels again while on a vacation and this one never again it was the comfort inn in concord nh at 71 hall street but the morning manager did give us our money back


Helen Armstrong September 19, 2013 at 11:59 am

These programs are RIP OFFS. I registered for the August promotion….RECEIVE a $50.00 gift card when you spend nights at two different locations. We stayed in Junction, Texas and El Paso, Texas during the promotional period. When I called Choice Hotels to find out when the gift card would be sent to us, I was told that I made one reservation through EXPEDIA, and that made me ineligible. I explained to several different Choice Hotel employees that I CALLED AND MADE THE RESERVATIONS MYSELF BY TELEPHONE. Each person told me I was ineligible. Apparently, CHOICE HOTELS lies in order NOT TO HONOR THE PROMOTIONS.


PATRICK MORRISSEAU September 10, 2013 at 2:34 pm

I wish I had read these complaints before I booked a room with choice hotels. I used there service and have been treated badly. I made several attempts to amend the reservations with little success. Nothing seems to work with this company. I would never recommend this hotel chain to anyone and would warn and caution people to stay away from using this chain.


lisadavis August 27, 2013 at 9:59 am

To whom it may concern, I have been trying to get the corporate number for Quality Inn hotel which is now the Econo Lodge in Pocomoke city md. .The mangers there are Full Of It!It is run by a husband and wife,The husband goes into the check outs and looks for tips or whatever was left behind and keeps it for his own personal use.The wife stands behind him100%.They have an elderly indian couple that lives on the property and works from 7:30 to 9pm the guy is 79 and can barely walk the wife is 76 with use of one had. This couple cleans 31 rooms daily while two other African American house keepers have only 8 rms each and are rushed so that they wont make a lot of hours.The rooms are nasty and filled with mold!! An inspector really needs to go to this location because they will uncover all !!!!


fustrated bigtime August 21, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Let me tell you about my issues with choice hotels on 8-21-2013 2:38 pm. Called choice privileges program. Only to get a overseas operators who can’t speak, understand english. When you repititively repeat the same conversation overand over again. You get what, who, where what are you talking about. They have no concept, idea, undesrtanding as to what you say to them. You spend 1 and half hours trying to get a manager. Only to get the delayed speech routine, procrastination, delay, stalling. Your time and schedule for what you have to do this day is extremely compromised and inconvenient. These staff and crew members don’t seem to care. All they do is add insults and provocation.
When you finally get a supervisor you get the corporate phone number. Then you get a runaround once again. You are so livid by then and disgusted. You can’t talk anymore. You are so turned off and not interested anymore. Then when you get someone in customer relations and tell them you don’t want ot be reconnected to overseas optrs again. I ask consistantly stephanie who is above choice privileges. We are going around and around. Then I am back to square one with the overseas opts. I call back and get customer service again. Only to be told by another dinky optr that I can go to resolution. I said what is there direct number. They don’t have one. Then I get some nutjob donny who is like a runarway train that lost its caboose running down the track at 100 miles an hour, wors than an energizer bunny. And you can’t get a word in. But yet they sy how can I help you, and don’t give you the chance to tell you. They are so rude. You already have a situation that someone is upset. But they make it worse by interrupting you a 100 times and then it gets escalated even higher. I am inclined to believe what kenneth bartell says about choice hotels. The guys name is donny at corporate.

They make all these promises about what you get on your choice privileges and when you want to know why your not getting yours. You have to go through all these changes and get nowhere. That is all bs and a come on. You get nothing. Its a way to rope you in to be a guest, and then they don’t give you squat. Listen people don’t buy the advertising. It is bull. and I intend to contact all the agencies that regulate this company along with public officials and the media. We will see how long they get away with this phony advertising. To get people to stay at a place that is not what they promise.


Kenneth E. Bartell August 18, 2013 at 3:37 pm

I have been on the phone to two different places trying to get a resolution to my getting points for staying at Choice Hotels, which I do at least acouple times a week. Now, I am told that at one place I won’t get points due to using a coupon. I have never used a coupon and was charged $51.22 at Roadway Inn, 108 Meadow Ridge, Elk City, OK.
I am a Veteran and I don’t have to play games as I am able to take care of my expenses.

I stay at Choice Hotels like I said, acouple times a week and as of today, it tells me that the manager at the above mentioned motel is rude and told me I wasn’t getting any points and was very very abusive in our conversation. I tried to explain to him, I didn’t use any coupons and he would not listen. I was also told to find other hotels to stay in.
I can’t believe being an Elite Platinum Member #KEB10131 for alot of years, this is how you want your customers to be treated.


Barbara Williams August 7, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Dear Mr. Stephen Joyce, today 8/7/13 I heard you on the Steve Harvey morning show. I want you to know that these hotels/franschises are not what you believe they are. I stayed @ Comfort Suites1645 N. Dupont Highway Dover, Delaware with my 3 children the wkend of 8/2/13. The room had a moldy smell. The red pull out couch/bed was stained badlly. When you opened the bed the mattress was split open on the sides.The inner stuffings was falling out as was the springs!!!!
Staff came & removed it. The replacement was not ripped open but smelled. I have stayed @ this same hotel about 3 times in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & it was excellent. What happened?? Also,new management has taken over. Very unfriendly. Would not even say hello to you. But @ bkfst they watched you like you were going to steal something!! (every day) a very uncomfortable feeling. This hotel needs new furniture, a good mold cleaning AND most of all front desk staff & kitchen monitors need training classes on how to greet & meet guests. Thank you


KAREN RELEFORD August 7, 2013 at 6:55 pm

Mr. Joyce,
I want to express how disappointed I was when I arrived at the Quality Inn in Pigeon Forge. We were there to listen to a timeshare speech. We made reservations and was sent a picture of the hotel along with all the extras the hotel had along with the confirmation number. I believe your hotel was involved in a scam. We tried to call the company that was handing the timeshare and was hung up when I asked for someone who could speak better English. We checked in because we didn’t want the added charge that we would be charged by the scam artist. The room had spider webs, there were spider webs spiders outside the room, no table or chairs. We did tell the front desk about the spider webs and her reply “I thought they cleaned it.” An email was sent and we received a reply from Jetta Hefner and his or her reply was “we should have let them know and we would have let you check out with no penalties.” The maid was told she didn’t need to clean our room because we were not ready to see the sites and she didn’t even attempt to clean the second day. We called to get a different room because our room didn’t have table, chairs or even a desk and was told that Choice Hotels took all the tables and chairs out. We have stayed at Quality Hotels before and that visit was not any better. Your hotel in Somerset Ky is not much better. The elevator smelled like urine and the pool area was so cold you could not swim. I understand that Choice Hotel is the biggest chain. I can say that your General Manager Jetta Hefner is not doing the name Choice Hotels any justice. You should make it a practice and find out who is blocking out rooms to make sure they are a good company. I will pay extra and stay with Best Western. I know its clean, good breakfast, smells nice and pool area is free of trash.


Tim Wolfe July 24, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Choice Hotels International
Attn: Steve Joyce
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Dear Mr. Steve Joyce,

This letter is in reference to the horrible customer service I have received from Choice Hotels. I even contacted Rocco and nobody seems to want to help me. I am sorry this is not acceptable customer service. I am sending you this letter to see what you can do to help me with this horrible situation I am in because of a Choice Hotel treatment of a choice hotel member. This hotel is the Comfort Inn South hotel in Indianapolis, IN.

I have called the hotel and hotel owner every day since March 20 and have not gotten a response from the General Manager and the hotel owner has not called me once.

I have enclosed the videos I took when I came back to the hotel. You can see all of the furniture in the hallway from the elevator to my room #311. You can see when I enter my room it is prompted open. My sodas, snacks, clothes and suitcases are no longer in my room. They magically disappeared. I also video taped the security camera in the hallway and it is pointed to the hallway wall. I asked the general manager Tom to reviews the security tape and imagine this there is nothing on the tape and nobody saw a thing.

This business trip was a nightmare. I went home with no luggage. The owner of this hotel has never called me or spoke to me about this theft. They charged me $236.75 for this room which shows on my credit card statement. They should not have charged me anything for this room. When I arrived on the 16th the first room I went to the keys would not work so I could not get into the room. They gave me another room. Finally the keys worked for that room. Every time I left the room and came back the keys would not work. I would have to go back to the front desk for them to get the key to work. I was attending a conference at the Indiana Conference Center. On Monday the 18th I left about 7:30 a.m. to attend my meetings. I came back to the hotel around 8:30 p.m. that evening to find furniture scattered throughout the hallway. When I got to my room 311 the door was prompted open and my suitcases, diet cokes, clothes, and snacks were gone. My belongings were no longer in the room. I went to the front desk to inquire what the heck happen and the front desk Tom said they shouldn’t have entered my room because it was occupied. The owner is doing some remodeling and gave the vendors a master key to the hotel rooms. What kind of an owner would give a master key to vendors to the hotel rooms and not supervise them. Imagine this nobody saw a thing. The owners name is P.G. Raithatha and phone number is 859-494-9998. The owner was staying in Room 119 and was in the lobby on several occasions and never spoke to me or contacted me once. Never apologized or offered to pay for my stay. The employees asked him that he should at least replace my luggage and he said no just file an insurance claim. So I did a police report and have provided doXXXXentation for that. For a choice hotel this is unacceptable treatment of an hotel guest I should not have to pay for this hotel stay for being robbed at this hotel under their watch.

I have called the owner every day since March 20 and there is no answer or voice mail on this phone. I have called and faxed the hotel and still no response or phone call from them. I am willing to press any type of charges against this hotel owner.
I need to know the following:
The name and phone number of insurance agent handling the claim.
The status of my refund for $236.75
The status of check for stolen clothes $300.00
The status of check for stolen luggage $646.47
Plus punitive damages. I don’t understand why I am being treated like this.
I have been more than patient since this happened almost five months ago.
This is unacceptable…….

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Wolfe


David Webber April 26, 2014 at 8:19 pm

Attn: Stephen P. Joyce. CEO
Choice Hotels

My wife and I were on a two week trip. We stayed at a Quality Inn in Marshall, Texas, and had a nice experience there. Therefore had no qualms about checking in to the Quality Inn (AL224), 150 W. I-65 Service Rd., Mobile, AL. on 04/21/14.

I have never seen a hotel so filthy. In the first room, the sink plunger was stuck down and the sink would not drain. In the second room the air conditioner did not work (fortunately it was not August), the exhaust in the bathroom did not work, the shower rod was disgustingly corroded, and the carpet in the room had sticky patches all over. The tile in the hall areas was cracked and loose, a definite tripping hazard.

When we went to the lobby for breakfast the next morning, the sun shining on the doors and windows showed that they hadn’t been cleaned in forever. There was food running down the cabinets in the eating area, the tables and chairs were sticky and my shoes stuck to the floor. For $74.99 I think they can buy some glass cleaner and soap.

I don’t understand why there is no standard of service in your hotels. We had a pleasant stay in one place, and a horrible experience in the next. Does no one ever inspect establishments to make sure they meet your corporate standards? I hope you care enough about your hotels to clean this one up.


James Leeman July 21, 2013 at 2:58 pm

I am writing this comment about 2 different Econolodges. First one my family and I stayed at was in Fort Lee New Jersey. 1.) The furniture was broken. 2.) The mini fridge still had left over food in it from the last guest. 3.) The next morning my left fore arm was covered with bug bites. This all happened on July 10th we departed on the 11th to continue our trip to Georgia. I was charged $ 137.00 for this room.

The second stay was on our way home. We had driven over 900 miles on July 19 only to call for a reservation and be put in another Econolodge in Norwalk CT. . This room was smelly from the fact that the AC was not on and the curtain was left open so it was as hot in the room as it was outside. The toilet would leak all over the floor when flushed, the bathroom door would not latch, the chair was broken. It took 3 hours to cool the room down enough so we could sleep and when I brought all of this to the attention of the front desk and demanded a discount all she said was she would discount it $10.00 .. I do not feel that this is a proper discount.


Jame Leeman



Melissa Carrillo July 19, 2013 at 3:01 pm

I want to say that I thoroughly disappointed with your establishment’s business practices. I have been trying to get a quote for hotel rooms since February of this year for a wedding in October of this year and was given an excuse every time. And the one time in which we were finally “acknowledged” back in April, we were told it was “too soon” to reserve/block them.

I live in a midsize town that is within an hour of the West Texas oil boom, which has seen an in-surge of oilfield workers making San Angelo their home. And by home I mean the majority of them reside in our hotels. Your establishment is situated in downtown San Angelo and conveniently located next door to the Convention Center where the wedding reception is being held. However, it is one of the oldest hotels within in our city. It has been renovated and is clean but I feel that I am being taken advantage of because of the fact that the hotel is mainly occupied by the oilfield industry (who make a very decent living in comparison to the majority of citizens in our city) and your establishment can increase the charges knowing they have us over a barrel.

In comparison, our newer 3-star hotels such as Springhill Suites Marriott, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Staybridge Suites, Best Western, La Quinta, and Hampton Inn, average $174.00 per night (highest being Hampton at $204 & lowest being Best Western at $119) AND this is without a group reservation rate, which I’m sure would bring the price per night stay even lower. All are located in the Southwest part of town in close proximity of the Mall, movie theater, and franchised eating establishments. Your ratings on various travel sites ranks as below:

And before you ask, “then why don’t you just book a group reservation with them?”, I am, for those not willing or able to spend nearly $460.00 in sleeping arrangements ALONE to come celebrate a joyous occasion. However, because of the proximity of your hotel in regards to the reception and that we will be having some guests in attendance who are disabled, I wanted to offer them a nearby location.

If you took the time to read my complaint, I do appreciate it and hope that it will be forwarded to management. Although, I’m sure nothing will be done and your company will continue to overcharge everyday citizens in order to cater to the oilfield boom which will eventually fade away, either from its demise and/or the new apartment buildings & manufactured housing currently being constructed. Hopefully, everyday citizens such as myself will want to renew their loyalty with your company even though I feel it isn’t reciprocated or appreciated.


Melissa Carrillo


Debra Blanchard July 3, 2013 at 7:55 pm

I am leaving this comment here, because of my dissatisfaction with my stay at the Quality Inn in Annapolis, MD. Your manager at that Quality Inn property, Jay Patel, was rude, nasty and very unbusinesslike. I was given incorrect info when I made my reservation over the phone. When I arrived, Mr. Patel did not want to work with me, and instead told me he didn’t have to deal with me & to go somewhere else. An employee came out from the back & checked me in. I was forced to pay more than the fee I was given when I made my reservation, and the room I was given smelled so bad from cigarettes. The shower barely worked, and the air conditioner never got really cold. I have stayed in various Choice Hotels before, and never was I treated so poorly than my stay at Quality Inn in Annapolis, MD. This property should not represent your standards for guest satisfaction, and Mr. Patel should definitely not represent your standards of a manager or employee of Choice Hotels!


Bethany Walls June 13, 2013 at 12:38 am

Dear Mr. Stephen Joyce, Mr. David White, and Mr. David Pepper;
I will be writing a letter to the corporate offices but I also wanted to post on here about how the Comfort Inn and Suites Quail Springs in Oklahoma City has helped and blessed my family.
We were affected by the tornadoes that came through Moore, Oklahoma on May 20 and have not had a home to go back to. We had been renting a house (did not have insurance because we did not know just how helpful it would be). My family consists of myself, my husband and my two small children. We came to Comfort Inn and Suites on May 21 because we needed a place to stay while we could find another home to live in and try to start slowly rebuilding what we had and the things we needed to get back to a normal life. We thought that the fact that this particular choice hotel had an indoor pool would provide some fun for the kids so that they were able to treat it more as a vacation than what it really was.
After we were here for a couple of days the General manager, Jeannette, learned of our situation. She told me that they wanted to help and gave us two weeks free of payment. I could not believe it!! That was such a huge blessing, unbelievably huge. The blessings have continued; after things settled down a little bit we were able to start paying a little bit (but of course she has given us a discount lol). The staff here has been so wonderful. They are so friendly and have truly cared about us and our situation. They talk to us and make my kids laugh and smile. As a mother I will never forget the way that this hotel has helped children, the way they have helped us all. The people at this choice hotel, Comfort Inn and Suites Quail Springs, have turned a horrible situation that took almost everything from us to something that has been much better. We finally get to move into our new home tomorrow and am almost sad because these people that did not have to help took us in and cared for my family. They have touched my heart. I wish there was a way that I could repay them for what they have done, and one day I hope I can. But until then, I just want everyone to know what they did for us. I want them to be blessed as much as they blessed us. Everyone was amazing; from housekeeping and maintenance to reception and breakfast/laundry to managers. I have thanked God so many times for these people. I feel that they should get credit that is deserved!! Thank you!! By the way, I looked it up just to make it easier for anyone to find them; their property code is OK147. 🙂 Thank you!


celestina upton May 24, 2013 at 9:59 am

can someone please send me an email address to the person who oversees the econolodge in fargo north Dakota. I am getting no where with the front desk and the manager, I would like to resolve a problem that may 18th.


celestina upton May 23, 2013 at 10:04 am

how do I get ahold of someone in corporate office about a situation in their Fargo north Dakota Econo lodge… I been sending emails but no one is responding, please can you send me a address to someone who can look into a situation at that hotel. thank you.


Veronica Hall October 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm

My name is Veronica and my mother and sisters (Nettie Ford) stayed at Comfort Inn in Texarkana Tx Richill Dr. On 28th of Sept and checked out on the 30th.In the room that we was in there was bed bugs my sister was bitten by bed bugs so we called the front desk and they quickly moved us to another room and said she would talk to manager about competing the night for the inconvenience of having to check all our bag and clothes for bugs well the dayear of check we was given a 5 dollar discount went to front desk gave us managers cell number and we proceeded to call and talk with him needless to say he was very rude and disrespectful didn’t think bed bug warranted a night taken off so tell me what does and our entire stay we didn’t get any clean towels


April Ramirez-Chavez May 18, 2013 at 11:48 pm

I was denied service by the Quality Inn in Farmington because he said that my medical note from my Dr.’s office saying I need a service dog present at all times due to my medical condition could have been falsely made on my computer & that he could make that up on his computer & that the only thing that declares a real service dog & the only thing he will accept is an ADA Id tag. He didn’t even see my dog equipped with his service dog patches. I am humiliated & disgusted.


Rand Grove May 10, 2013 at 6:56 pm

Dear Mr. Stephen Joyce and Mr. David Pepper,

Please allow me to share my appreciation and respect for Jay Patel, General Manager of the Bremerton, Washington Quality Inn & Suites [WA706). Mr. Patel truly represents Choice Hotels International’s commitment to social responsibility.

On May 10, 2013 I observed a female pedestrian who seemed to be struggling with the unseasonable mid-day heat. This lady had stopped to rest in some shade in front of the Quality Inn Suites. Hotel staff were not yet aware of the lady’s presence since she was hidden by the landscaping in front of the hotel. Upon noticing me attempting to assist the pedestrian, Mr. Patel quickly came to offer his assistance. Mr. Patel immediately expressed compassion, and upon determining that the lady was hungry, returned with some food and water. It appeared that this pedestrian was likely homeless, and possibly suffering from dehydration and lack of nourishment.

Mr. Patel’s heartfelt actions are to be commended. He was not obligated in any way to get involved, nor did he seek or expect any benefit for himself. Mr. Patel is truly a credit to Choice Hotels International, and to the Bremerton community.


Randy Grove


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