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Chick-Fil-A, Inc.
5200 Buffington Rd
Atlanta, GA 30349

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Phone Number: (404) 765-8038
Fax Number: (404) 765-8012
Website: http://www.chick-fil-a.com
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CEO: S. Truett Cathy
CFO: James B. McCabe
COO: Dan T. Cathy

Chick-Fil-A History

Chick-Fil-A was started in 1946 by S. Truett Cathy with the opening of the Dwarf Grill (now called the Dwarf House) in the Atlanta suburb of Hapeville, GA. In 1961, Cathy discovered a pressure cooker that could make a chicken sandwich as fast as a hamburger and Chick-Fil-A was born. In 1967, the first Chick-Fil-A opened in the Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta.  The chain expanded quickly in the 70s and 80s by opening locations in suburban mall food courts. In 1986, the first freestanding location was opened.  The company continued to expand with mostly freestanding locations for the rest of the 80s and 90s. Chick-Fil-A current have over 1600 locations in 39 US states, Mexico and the Phillipines.  The Chick-Fil-A corporate office is located in College Park, Georgia.

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Chris January 26, 2016 at 3:22 pm

I have always loved Chick-fil-A but am so disappointed to see they’ve taken away the original barbecue sauce and have replaced worn a smoky flavored barbecue sauce that does not complement the seasonings of the chicken. I’m greatly disappointed and hope they’ll bring it back! I usually eat there at least twice a week on my weekly travels but have stopped that because I do not care for any of the other sauces with the chicken.


frankie Martinez January 22, 2016 at 3:04 pm

Save the cow he loves chick fil a

Love chick fil a …….. great food


Concerned parent November 13, 2015 at 11:23 pm

I have worked for chick fil a in Midland ga for some time before I decided to quite. They are very unprofessional. While there I have seen a lot of things managers that treat their workers unfair, team members sleeping with other co worker and even stealing money. But if your a cashier or a cook they treat you like you are beneath them. This restaurant needs to be looked into. Because those same team leaders and mangers that have done awful things in that store records are have been overed up and that to me isn’t far to those people that have been fired for stupid things that try and use them for references can’t because this store will give them a bad name or even for people that have quite the restaurant have been giving a bad name when other jobs call them. There’s one or two managers should be fired won’t give any names but they know who they are and I know for sure shouldn’t be working in a so called Christian restaurant. Hopefully if the right people reads this they will be fully looked into.


Jeannine November 11, 2015 at 12:56 pm


I live in beaufort, SC and the chick-fil-A is never disappointing here. However, I don’t understand how on veterans day they do not honor the free meal. Everywhere online it displayed the promotion and the staff was confused on why they weren’t honoring it.


Sandi December 31, 2015 at 11:52 am

THis reads like a lack of training and/or communication! Im so sorry for your troubles. I too am a customer – but if I was a manager or operator I would fix the situation.


Hersh October 25, 2015 at 9:46 pm

Hello, I live in TN, and we are in desperate need of another chick fil a. You see, we only have 1 chick fil a in a city that has over 500,000 residents, and it’s across town on the busiest road in America. Please, please, please plan to build another chick fil a closer to where I live, and I will love you guys forever.



eli August 27, 2015 at 3:13 pm

I loved chick Fila and decided to work there about 15 yrs ago at 2 locations left in good standing the restaurants are closed now. it seems like in the past 5 yrs chick fila has gone to the worst, you have to know some one to even get an application and when you go to check on it the operator is always gone doesn’t matter what time and the store managers and staff are so rude me and my home group has boycotted since 2013. why should I support and company that treats you like crap its not right


Tj Brinson August 11, 2015 at 3:03 pm

I work as EMT in central Florida I get offended every time I go because firefighters gets a discount. like saving lives do not matter. I would rather you not ask me what am I then say only firefighters military and police gets discounts.


Greg Conway July 14, 2015 at 10:03 pm

I went to one of your restaurant with a brown UPS uniform, said didn’t qualify for a free meal, but someone else from work with the same uniform got a free meal. People with black paints, pulled ip white socks & white shirt got the free meal. Two guys said went though libe a few times and had a few meals already, and going to some other locations.. I had to pay $7.98 for a meal… Doesnt seem fair to me…..


AJ Essington June 20, 2015 at 12:39 am

I’ve been to Chic-fil-A several times over the years and I have not been talked to & treated with respect, with utter RUDENESS. One time I was with my mom & she saw it. So I will no longer go to any Chic-Fil-A on the planet no matter what! McDonalds treats their Customers better than Chic-fil-A does! I urge everyone to stay away from Chic-fil-A until they fix their Customer Service problems.


DiTomasso June 4, 2015 at 3:22 pm

I just called the help desk to issue a complaint against my operator, and I really felt like they don’t care. A manager of mine threatened me with a knife and touched me inappropriately, and when I went to report the situation my operator called me a liar. Then a week later the same manager touched another girl inappropriately and my operator changed her schedule so that she wouldn’t have to work with that manager. My manager also called me a liar and that my opinions and feels are wrong and I shouldn’t have them. Further more my operator has told me I am worthless to him. There were eye witnesses to what had happened to me and my operator told me it was my fault and I needed to just do what I was told and that I was wrong for reacting the way I did. My operator proceeded to write me up and suspend me for a week for insubordination, however if feelings are wrong why does my manager’s feelings count?


Doug peters May 20, 2015 at 10:18 pm

filing a complaint with the American disable association ref to the handicap parking at most of the restaurants .they put the drive Thur lanes behind where you need to park and the people do not want to either let you in or out .have already been involved in a minor accident because of it . And if you park in a regular spot you can not get Thur the line of car for there is no space due to the lack of courtesy for one to use their mobile device .


Jessica May 11, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Wanting to start out saying that I am very happy with all of my Chick-fil-A experiences, they are doing a great job. But I’ve noticed that there are only two in the Bryan/College Station, Texas area. I would like to request that the idea of more restaurants in those towns be considered. The one in Bryan is completely out of the way, most of the time.


Eileen Humphrey May 3, 2015 at 5:20 pm

I have a brilliant idea of a Chick-Fil-A “slogan”. Who do I mail it too?
Eileen Humphrey


Elsie April 12, 2015 at 3:01 pm

I am a 16 year old worker at Chick Fil A at 2650 N Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale Florida and I’ve been fired for the most stupidest and outrageous reason because I didn’t show up to work for the first time but there are plenty of teens at the job that has missed more then two days and still are currently working there and I believe it is not fair. They called me 2 hours i was suppose to originally go in and i told them i wasn’t coming in today. I had requested that day off because i had competition, i was told that we weren’t doing it anymore so i picked up a shift for that day, then i was told we were doing it again. I put up my shift for grab and no one picked it up. I put it up several times and no one still picked it up. When i was dialing the number for my job in which they never pick up the phone for employees or customers, one of my team leaders who is suspended from the CFA for acting and being disrespectful and not being a good team leader called me 2 hours i was suppose to come in saying didn’t you request that day off. I said yes i did and i explained the story. Then he passed the phone to another team leader who is very disrespectful, not welcoming, and in my opinion who doesn’t like me starts talking saying i have responsibilities between my job and whatever i do and I have consequences followed up after that. I said okay and he replied with he will call later and let me know what my consequences were. I didn’t receive a warning whatsoever and this my first write up. I never received a call back. I check my phone and i see that all my days i was schedule to work was removed and i thought that was my consequence. I log onto a website named Schedule fly where we check schedules and request days off etc and im not able to log in. One of my coworkers search up my name and its not showing which means that they removed me from it. I’m getting calls from coworkers and messages from a CFA group chat with all the teen employees saying i’m fired and that the team leaders assumed that i just didn’t want to show up which is never ever the case because I never missed a day. I come in, do what i have to do, then go home. I do certain jobs and my team leader that shows off hatred to me tells me and I quote ” Never ever bag again please”. That is my job, so since your telling me not to bag i can’t do my job. I call the two team leaders who called me earlier and none of them picks up the phone, respond to my texts, or gives a call back. Till this day, I haven’t received my consequences and I texted my team leader and i never got a response. They have been lessening everyone hours to where all or most of the employees want to leave and get a new job and they all feel disrespected. I’m not the only person who they fired without notice or with a warning. They fire people for no reason and with no paperwork. I have plenty of people who said that they will vouch for me and who is supporting me because they believe its not fair and I agree with them one hundred percent. They have been over labor and certain people believe that they needed someone to fire and because i didn’t show up they chose me in which may be true. I am contacting corporate and getting to the bottom of this because i believe i deserve justice. They are the most unorganized, disrespectful CFA I have been to because when i visit CFA Pompano, everything there is peaceful and in order. They need to get their priorities straight and be better leaders because our operator wants the teens to look up to our team leaders and let them be our role models, learn how to give back and many more but that hasn’t happened. Everything was running smoothly in the beginning and now it is a catastrophe. My operator is ever hardly there and I have no problem with him. He needs new team leaders, ones that will follow the rules and stop being hypocrites because they assign rules and never ever follow it.


Jay Jenkins March 27, 2015 at 7:47 pm

God says you should not judge but look how u treat the gays ur disgusting with your views u don’t run a Christian company you’re running a hate felt ungodly company God loves the gays u should 2


Anna February 17, 2015 at 12:10 pm

Hello I went to chick fil a on Marbach rd in San Antonio Tx on Friday 02/13/2015. While I was ordering my food for my family and myself there was a traffic accident as i was saying my order. when i drove up there was an employee outside with a register taking the money and going over our order. I had forgotten to order an extra chicken sandwich so i asked if i could add a chicken sandwich to order and he said sure. added it up and gave me a new total. i paid him went up to drive thru window and asked the girls that were at the window, i say girls because there were two girls looking at the accident that had just happened. i asked the girls did you put the extra chicken sandwich i ordered with the guy at register. they both laughed and said yes. I asked them again is it the extra chicken sandwich i just ordered with guy at the register? Again they both said yest it is in there. I get home start pulling out the stuff and low and behold the sandwich is missing. My husband gets on the phone and calls chick fil a. He asked to speak to manager and manager states he has to pull up the recording and asked for receipt number. he told my husband he would have to call him back. at this point my husband assumes that all you guys need is the receipt and that if he just heads back to chick fil a he would get the sandwich that was never put in our bag. He gets to this location and asked for manager and the manager told my husband i have not had a chance to pull the recording because he is busy. My husband tells the manager why cant you just give me the sandwich you all forgot to put in bag? He said its policy that they review tape before they can do anything. My husband got very upset because we have never been treated this way by any fast food restaurant. my husband got a little loud with the manager and the manager could care less that my husband was upset because they did not do their job right. The manager asked my husband to leave and my husband asked for his corporate office number and he told my husband here is the card call them if you want. My husband called corporate office as he was walking out of chick fil a. He spoke with someone at the corporate office but the girl he spoke with took down his complaint and stated someone would call him back and today is February 17th and no call back has been received. I used to love chick fil a and my kids did as well. The fact that they are Supposed Christians made us want to support them even more as we are Christians as well. i used to go to chick fil a at least twice a week. I will no longer go to chick fil a, as i see that no one cares how these restaurants are being ran. And if this is truly their policy than i do not want to go thru this ever again so i just wont go. Very disappointing. I will also tell all my family and friends what we went thru so that they do not ever go thru this themselves.


Summer February 10, 2015 at 10:43 am

This morning my husband and I went to get breakfast from the Chick-fil-a in Boone, NC and while at the window to receive our food the girl at the window started provocatively hitting on my husband right in front of me. This was out of line and uncalled for and totally inappropriate. Chick-fil-a is a Christian company who should hire employees who will respect their customers. On top of being completely insulted and aggravated I called the manager who told me he did not have time to deal with such a minor problem. To me this is not minor, having an employee leaning out of the drive through window asking my husband out in front of me is completely unprofessional and I want corporate to know how the manager totally disregarded my complaint on top of his employee acting completely unprofessional. I am a manager at the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott which is located right behind this Chick-Fil-A so I am very conscious of how employees should and should not act on the job.


Wes Haithcock February 3, 2015 at 10:28 pm

Me and my wife picked up some food foe our local chick fil a After my wife had ate about half of her cicken soup we found that it had a dead roach in it. This is very disgusting I can not believe this from chicj fil a. I am wondering is chick fila going to do anything abiut this or not.


Matthew Caleb Hollingsworth January 24, 2015 at 4:24 am

To whom it may concern,

Good evening, my name is Matthew Caleb Hollingsworth and I was recently, and very briefly, employed at Chick Fil A Tuscaloosa South, store number 03151 I believe, but unfortunately had to resign. I am contacting you to raise awareness of how this process was handled by the management of this store. I am a full time student at the University of Alabama and hoped to be able to get a job to provide myself with a little bit of supplemental income. Unfortunately this employment was short lived. I had explicitly said I did not want to work Tuesday or Thursdays, that I wanted those days for homework, and that I did not want to work too late as I had to be up at 6 am to make it to my morning classes. On my very first schedule I discovered I was scheduled to close every time I worked, and was also scheduled to work on a Thursday. I also did not leave the store until after 11 that night, much later than I was repeatedly assured I would be out by. When I brought this up to the manager during my next shift he informed me that I was only hired to close. This was not made clear to me beforehand however, there was nothing more than a comment in passing about how I was available to close. When my grades began to decline I became alarmed, as I am only able to afford college because of an academic scholarship, I must work hard to maintain it. The next morning I then sent an email, using the address that had sent me my work schedule as I had been given no other email to use, hours before my shift was scheduled to start explaining that I was very sorry for the inconvenience and that I had accepted this job before seeing how much work my classes this semester were going to be, and that with my grades suffering already there was no way I could continue working. I also included in this email that I was resigning, effective immediately, and again apologized for the inconvenience I knew this was. I did not receive a response the entire day and it was not until the next day that I then received an email explaining that I was fired for being unable to show up to my shift, and that in order to get paid for the small amount of time I had worked that I needed to bring in my uniform I had been given. When I went to hand in my uniform I inquired about the email I had received, and told the manager that I had already sent one beforehand explaining that I was resigning and was there anyway we could get the “terminated” status changed to a “resignation” status, and that I could easily pull up the email on my phone if he would like to see evidence to verify what I said. He said he didn’t want to see my email, that this was simply, “how we do it.” When I then pointed out that the handbook I was given, the handbook I had to read and sign before I could start work, says that Chick Fil A is an “at will employment” he only responded with, “It says that?” After I replied that yes, it did indeed say that, he said I was wrong and that I am supposed to provide a two weeks notice before resigning. I then responded and said that the handbook states it is appreciated, but not necessary. He again responded and said that this is just, “how we do it.” After I again stated that I had quit, and wanted the status changed, I was informed that I had not “professionally quit.” I tried to argue that it did not matter, quitting was still quitting, and I was told again, for the third time, that it did not matter, this was just, “how we do it.” I then simply said, “fine” and left. That was a couple of days ago, I have yet to receive an email, or even be paid for the time I did work, even though I returned my uniform. I request that something be done about this, I have eaten at Chick Fil A for many years, and have enjoyed it, but this treatment was absolutely ludicrous, and I shall definitely not be visiting that particular store anytime soon.

Matthew Caleb Hollingsworth


tiffany mcneil January 13, 2015 at 9:24 am

Very disgusted with your company. I was served a drink and the cup was completely molded around the lid. I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and have never been more sick and disgusted I’m my life. Someone needs to contact me back from corporate immediately cause I am not letting this go. This store is located in Pensacola Florida and its only been open for a few months on Navy Blvd!


Melvin January 8, 2015 at 9:25 pm

I was very disappointed when visit the down town Decatur store #01873 on January 8,2015 at 8:07. I was in the drive line and made my order and it was not correct therefore I had to go around again through drive through and when I got to casher and told that was missing one of the sandwich. She was very rude and said that they had put the sandwich in my bag. I show them that I did not have the sandwich. I ask for tea because I had to come back through to get my order corrected. First of all she the manager was acting like she did not want give my sandwich in which I had already paid for. I am so upset that I just can’t say what need to be said


Jonathan December 26, 2014 at 9:56 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

Went to Greengate Center ChicFilA in Greensburg Pa and was very disappointed!! And hence, will continue to tell everyone we know hiw horrible the experinece and to not go there ever again! First, the store itself was filthy and kids (workers) was standing around doing nothing! Food was cold and we did not get what we ordered. We asked to speak to the manager and the woman said there were no managers there. We sat down and began to eat and the soda was nasty! It tasted like soda water instead of pop! We came to learn the machine needed cleaned and of course instead, every employee was talking and laughing but not working! It looked like we had interrupted a party going on. When my wife brought up the food the man in the line said it was fine. She said it was cold and we had the wrong food but didnt realize until our children began eating. He said he couldn’t do anything about it because we ate some of it. Well in my opinion that is unacceptable. Our order was all messed up and they can’t do anything about it because my children were starved and started to eat regardless! ( before we could say anything ) …and soda awful ….dirty bathrooms and dirty tables and floors! Lazy workers!

Also….they said there were no managers well, that was untrue. About a half hour later my wife saw a woman …well, I should say a unsophisticated female person walk in and head in the back. We asked one of the workers who was that? I thought you said there were no managers here. they said that’s Lisa and she isn’t a manager. They said she does our marketing. UNACCEPTABLE! Why couldn’t she have helped, maybe picked up a broom not ran to her office or back room to sit?

WE WILL NOT RETURN TO THAT CHIC FILA ever again or any ever again. If you make a mistake you fix it. We called corporate and they could not help much because we didnt know the exactly who we delay with.



Adrienne December 13, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Hello, my name is Adrienne, and was Christmas shopping at the Beaver Valley Mall, Beaver County, on Sat. night Dec. 13, 2014, my husband and I wanted to get chicken sandwiches with fries, we love the Chick- Fil-A, in Robinson Twp., and have eaten there often, good service. However, Saturday night we were at the Beaver Valley Mall, we wanted to bring some chicken sandwiches home for our son, this was around 7:45 p.m., we asked the young girl at the counter, what time do you close tonight she stated 10:00 so that was perfect, we will finish our shopping and be back around 9:40 to order our HOT sandwiches to go home and enjoy.
The three girls were all standing around finally after about five minutes, one of the girls decided to wait on us, I was placing my order, and the girl said, WHAT SANDWICHES, we don’t sell sandwiches now, we only sell drinks. WHAT the hell would I be coming back for just soda. The three girls were extremely rude, and laughed at us, like we were asking the impossible, The girl that stated you were open until 10:00.
Honestly, for this being run by CHRISTIANS, they were rude, and laughed at us. One of the women that was sitting at the food court, came to our defense, and stated, talk to the manager, these young girls need to know how to treat people,with a little bit of RESPECT, and this will be the last time, we will EVER stop at CHICK-FIL-A again.and will tell my family and friends. WE spent our 35.00, on delicious pizza and sandwiches at ANTHONYS. Best of luck, those women workers, and driving your business away.


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