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Carowinds Corporate Office Address

Carowinds, LLC
14523 Carowinds Boulevard
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

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Phone Number: (704) 588-2600
Fax Number: (419) 627-2260
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Carowinds Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Carowinds Executives

CEO: Matthew Ouimet

Carowinds History

Carowinds was founded in 1973 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 398 acre park was originally designed to be a resort, with a hotel, shopping, a golf course, and an NFL football stadium. The energy crisis that same year forced the park to change direction. Today, Carowinds is a highly popular amusement and water park.

The park currently offers 64 rides, including 13 roller coasters and 7 water rides. One area of the park is designed strictly for small children, named Planet Snoopy. The park generally operates late March through October, but has tried to remain open during weekends or holidays through December. Low attendance during winter months has led to closures December – early March.

Carowinds operates as a subsidiary of Cedar Fair Entertainment, who purchased the company in June of 2006. Company headquarters remain in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cedar Fair invested $50 million into renovating the park, as well as adding 4 new rides in 2016.

Carowinds FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Carowinds?
Answer 1: The phone number for Carowinds is (704) 588-2600.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Carowinds?
Answer 2: The CEO of Carowinds is Matthew Ouimet.

Question 3: Who founded Carowinds?
Answer 3: Carowinds was founded by in .

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Charmaine July 19, 2018 at 10:37 am

I cannot believe that Carowinds does not give disable people a discount because after all its not like they can ride on all the rides like someone without a disability!! It seems to me they do not care what is going on they just want you to pay their price and that is not good business.


Stephanie May 31, 2018 at 2:40 pm

You people are ridiculous! I live in IOWA and I signed up for the Pre-K pass for my daughter, You telling me that I have to drive all the way to NC to have is activated!! Why don’t you and your tech team come up with a plan to scan it online for your website, if you only need the birth certificate. You have all the money to charge me a ridiculous amount to come and have fun, yet you cant afford to make some adjustments to scan birth certificate in for proof. That just plain stupid, but COPORATE makes all the big bucks. Ridiculous!


Leslie Judd May 27, 2018 at 11:43 am

This weekend my family stayed at camp wilderness the 4 bedroom cabin. I paid over 1200.00 for two night stay. The place was horrible. Rat dropings on the bed, under the sink, spiders everywere. Dust so thick my sister face broke out. Carpert nasty and dirty. I complained instantly, one to be told by house keeping managers they didn’t know anyone was coming. They came to clean twice with only wet wipes. Stating they don’t get cleaning supplies. We were told that the big people at carowinds does not care, they are only focused I their new hotels. I we told by staff that when white clients complain they be their money back, but i was only told that the head lady Debbie knew about my complains but was too busy to come talk, that I would receive a email next week. Really? No manager to talk to, no other place to go due to hoilday and other events in town. I have pictures and recordings of staff. I am turning it in to the health department. I am calling the local news and releasing pictures and recordings! Maybe then I will get to talk to management.


Priscilla Hill December 4, 2017 at 4:54 pm

This past Saturday, my family and i went to Winterfest, , i took a special friend also. With me being a Goldcard holder, I got the impression from your website that guest that came with a cardholder got a discount but when we arrived after driving an hour there, putting up with the traffic, they told us it would be 64.00 dollars for the guest to get in, then he told us that the discount was for only Friday and Sunday night. We was furious , especially after it wasn’t on the website. Believe me when i say i wasn’t the only one mad. This is bad business and one person could really ruin a business like this. After this trip, really don’t know if I’ll purchase another Goldpass.


Marlene Vega October 29, 2017 at 10:13 pm

I was just at carowinds not even 1 hour into my visit they closed down all the rides , I went to guest services me along with all the other people that were in there , were there for a refund , all the employees at guest services were being very unprofessional,


Tyler Eller October 20, 2017 at 2:21 pm

I was employed by Carowinds and this was my very 1st job. I enjoyed it and planned on working for Carowinds for many seasons as I progressed through college. However, I was terminated due to “walking off the job”. However, 3 employees worked together to get me terminated and they treated me terribly when I was reinstated to come back after I put in a 2 weeks notice. They kept trying to find ways to make me feel unwelcome and tried getting me fired by getting me to be set off by gossip spilled by one of the employees. I enjoyed working for Carowinds until Joshua Williams refused to leave me alone and kept treating me terribly and I was reinstated to work at Rapids and my very first day I was disrespected by one of the team leads there. They all rolled their eyes at me when they realized I was working at their ride and kept gossiping regarding myself and other associates. My record was clean until I was peer pressured by a lead that demoted near the beginning of the school year into moving over to Plants vs. Zombies where gossip spread out regarding me on numerous occasions and I was not tolerating it. Even 2 male team leads at PVZ gossiped about me in numerous situations. On the last day I worked after the Rapids lead made me upset over the gossip that he knew would upset me, he proceeded to laugh with 2 associates that had previously gossiped about me my very 1st day back. Now that same associate (Joshua) told numerous associates that he was glad that he helped get rid of me? Is the company serious right now? Then, he told an associate before his last day that he hoped I committed suicide. After harassing me, putting his hands on me when it was not welcome or wanted, gossiping about me to the Afterburn crew about me and trashing my name. Causing me to blow up because he would not stop disrespecting me. I’m sorry but just going to HR or a manager was not going to help because Oscar Huitron and Joshua Williams ruined my experience. I kept trying to move locations because Josh Williams continuously moved into my areas. And once he was demoted, he chose to be in my area and purposely tried to choose Rapids (my ride location) but they would not let them because they knew of the trouble that stirred between he and I. Carowinds employment is not a playground or high school, you are there to work and you are there to make money and of course with the amazing benefits they have to offer, you can have a wonderful job experience. I am just expressing how I will do anything to return to Carowinds next season because I was done terribly wrong through my experience there and I would love the opportunity to return (regardless of department, hopefully could remain in Rides) next season and I understand termination stands out on my work history but then again, there were some things that went unnoticed that HR never saw in person or on paper. I was a fairly decent worker from what many people did and I did my job to the best of my ability so that the company could keep up to its great name. And might I add that I kept trying to put in 2 week notices because the associate continued to ruin my job experience by harassing me and touching me inappropriately. Thank you so much for allowing me to write this. If you need to view my work history, there are some verbal warnings (one of which was when I was “late” because the associate (that was a team lead at the time) told me to take an hour break while another said 30 and it turned all unprofessional. My employee ID # was 2002630. Thank you so much!


Neil Weber September 7, 2017 at 10:42 am

I thought you should be made aware of my recent experience with your Camp Wilderness reservation personnel, specifically Shari Caswell. I made a reservation for one night, 9/9/2017. My credit card was charged $50.39. I live in Florida and called on Wednesday to cancel my reservation due to the impending hurricane threat. Shari was considerate and said she’d cancel my reservation and due to the cirXXXXstance, refund my deposit. She gave me a confirmation number for my cancellation which was the original reservation confirmation number 2199986. Later in the day I got an email appraising me of my reservation and welcoming me. Obviously the reservation had not been cancelled. I called back and got Shari I spent a long time on the phone with her. I won’t bore you with all the details but she eventually gave me a cancellation confirmation number of 2202174. Now the bad part. She said she called “Corporate” and the computers are slow. She said she’d email me the cancellation later. Later that day I got what looks like a “SCREEN SHOT” with “ALL MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION” in an email which we all know is not secure. I will now have to request a new card before I get hacked. And, on top of everything else, it looks like she changed my deposit to $0 but I have not received a refund on my credit card. Please see that no one sends out personal data in the future and that my refund is processed.
Thank You,
Neil Weber


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