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CEO: Donald H. D'Amour
CFO: William D. White
COO: Charles L. D'Amour

Big Y Foods History

Brothers Paul and Gerry D’Amour bought the Y Cash Market in Chicopee, MA in 1936. Y Cash Market was at an intersection where two roads converged to form a Y.

In 1947 the D’Amour brothers opened a second Y Cash Market store. In 1952 the brothers opened a 10,000 square foot store in Chicopee, MA, near the Westover Air Base. Because the store was bigger and more modern than other supermarkets in the area, the brothers named the store “Big Y Supermarket.”

In 1960 the brothers expanded to Northampton, Massachusetts with a 30,000 square foot store, the biggest in Western Massachusetts at the time. By 1968 the company had six locations.

Big Y turned 50 in 1986; on this anniversary the chain had 21 locations and 1,600 employees.

Today Big Y has 60 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, many of which are located in the metropolitan areas of Springfield, Worcester, and Hartford. Big Y is one of the largest independently-owned supermarket chains in New England and employs 8,500 people.

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Linda Laurello March 8, 2017 at 6:52 pm

Hi My Name is Linda Laurello and I live in East Haven CT. I shop at the Branford CT Big Y. I love the store and all of the employees. I shop 5 days a week and purchase chicken breast everyday. For the pasts 3-4 months, I have been spending a lot of time trying to get packages that look halfway decent. It really amazes me how they can put 4 nice breasts in one package and then include one that is white/grey and slimy. I have also been finding ones with lines and when those are baked they are slimy. I give my dogs baked chicken each night and this week me and one of my dogs has had a stomach issue and I know it is from the chicken.

I belive Morning Star provides the Chicken Breast to Big Y.

The price is another issue – $3.69 per pound is very high. I wouldn’t mind paying it if I knew I wasn’t throwing away about a pound per package. The other customers tell me I am crazy to buy your chicken as Stop & Shop has it for $2.99 each day.

I believe if you lower your price, those customers would buy your chicken,

I would like to receive some type of compensation as I am $100 a week on your chicken,

thank you Linda Laurello


SAShenoy February 16, 2017 at 9:08 pm

This is “the worst” BigY store (Southwick, MA… store:0008) I have ever shopped at and ordered from. It is so amazing that your employees dishing out Pizza very well manage our order every single time… WOW! How do they manage that? They have very successfully maintained their standard of getting it wrong every time. What kind of people work at that place. It is so frustrating… my 6yr old daughter went to bed without having dinner. She wanted to have pizza and your “World Class Employees” screwed it up yet again. How does that make me feel?

This is not the first time… it has happened so many times… seems like they do it on purpose… Our order is the same every time, 1 large white veggie pizza, no bell peppers, square cut. This clearly means there should not be any meat… but we are served meat! When it happened the first time we said mistakes happen… so called and they made us another. So, next time when we ordered, we placed the same above order and this time mentioned what had happened to our previous order… so, the person taking the order said OK, will be careful… Were they careful? NO. Oct 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th, 2016, (I remember this time frame because we had a major water damage in our house and our kitchen had to be closed), one of those days we had placed our regular above mentioned order and guess what… there was meat in our veggie pizza. We did not have the time, patience or the drive to call and complain at that point as we had bigger issue at hand. Another time, in Jan one of the Saturdays… either the 14th, 21st or the 28th, we place our regular pizza order and another large pizza half veggie with sauce and half cheese… these guys get our regular order correct, but then only make half pizza with sauce and veggie, but forget to make other half with plain cheese. My husband was their for half an hour while our guests at home waited and wondered where he disappeared. It was very uncomfortable situation for us in front of our guests.

Another incident… we wanted water, bottled water and went to this same store and asked some one working there where the isle was for water, this guy, simply says… I work in the bagging area and that he was not sure. He could have asked some one to help us… but saying that he just walked away. Wow Wow Wow.

Another time… at the Deli… in August or September, 2016… I was pregnant with gestational diabetes and was looking for wraps, bread… anything with low Carbs in them so I get to eat something and not stay hungry. I saw wraps at the deli which met my criteria an asked the lady at the deli if she could get me that particular wrap… she said she had to get it from the freezer, to which I said good and stood there, while she kept doing what she was doing and after 5mins seeing me there she goes, oh.. it will take me a while to get it from the freezer… if she did not have the intention to help me why did she offer to? I was so disappointed.

BigY, 195 College Highway, Southwick, MA 01077 is the worst store to shop at. Bad attitude shines at that store. We have been to so many other BigY stores and have had such good experiences where your employees are truly “World Class”. Southwick sucks and reeks of incompetency and low standards in every department. Your employees should be grateful that they have a job to keep which feeds them and keeps them warm. They act like they are doing us a favor, but no, it is their job to assist people who come to shop there.

We might have not had the time to voice all this earlier, but today when I requested that they be careful while preparing our pizza with out meat getting on their, the guy said “I am sorry that happened, I will make sure it does not repeat again today”. I wonder if he even know how to read and write… because he screwed up our order big time… with meat in it and with bell peppers. This is our Transaction # 0889 on our receipt. I do not know if you can pull up all the orders we have placed so far using our card number… well, it is a mute point now, because I am going to talk about this to as many people as I can. I little went to be crying and hungry… thank you employees of Southwick, MA, BigY.

Very Angry Customer.


Amelia Leavitt January 29, 2017 at 8:48 pm

i don’t know why someone always has to spoil a good thing, namely your prune filled paczki donut. you certainly must have changed brands because now it’s like a runny diahrea. the consistency and taste are terrible. i used to wait for this time to enjoy these prune donuts , not any more. you made a horrible choice. i’ll be back to shop when you wake up. thanks


BigYBigBully! December 2, 2016 at 3:44 am

So many people complain about service at big y but have you ever stopped and talked to a normal employee? (I am talking about a non manager) about their experience with the company? About how they are hired without being told rules and then threatened when they dont follow them, how they have had all their hours cut before holidays (when they need the money the most) even though their stores are kept open in some areas 2-3 hours later then needed. If the store closed earlier then that person would have been working earlier when the help was needed vs. later on by him/herself when the store was empty. Did you stop to think the employees in big y are made to feel if they don’t pick up extra hours, work 12-16 days straight or more and grab double shifts they won’t get offered hours at later times, then the following weeks to they go from 40 hours to 17? An employee was told by management that his 2 year old son in the hospital from a car crash came only after the company, anything for the $, How about promised health insurance and after hired they taken back And now they have nothing….. Here’s one for you, I witnessed a store manager yelling at his employee making her cry because she went outside on her break for fresh air, saying her breaks are still big y’s time and not her time and she has to be available to work at any time during her break, funny I say her break but what is it if not just a scam telling their employees they have a break and then telling them they aren’t allowed to walk out of a stressful situation. Now I’m sure many people would agree but obviously you shouldn’t be walking off the property but since when can’t you get fresh air, no wonder your employes are always mad, their health insurance was taken from them, even in their 15 minute breaks big y works them and they can’t even go outside and look up at the sky, even criminals get the freedom to go outside (and yes criminals work and get paid in jail lol) hell walk by a punch clock and look at all the rules, they aren’t even allowed to take a break anymore in the café area because shoppers may not buy food there if they see an employee eating lol no just kidding once again it’s big y cuts down its employees for the mighty dollar saying that the 3 out of 10 of so tables I’ve seen in the stores I’ve visited being taken up by employes in the past could have been used by Customers but the employees are buying and eating food too right? no one seems to care when it gets pointed out that there’s never even close to a full house in big y café well not here in northern CT. Ask an employee about how they’re treated, and when they smile and say good, know that even that is big y policy, ask about the 10 foot program and how even when walking out the door every employee is required to stop and ask you if you need help. Look around big y sometime when shopping and imagine having to stop and Ask every single person within 10 feet if they need help, even if everyone said no you’d never get out the door or god forbid to the bathroom. And the horror stories about the intake where videos are shown making people believe unions are bad, you know what maybe that’s the problem. There is no oversight. They say big y is “Family owned and operated” and that’s supposed to make you feel better? Like a whole money hungry group of relatives couldn’t possibly cut theyre employees down to almost nothing just to make a buck…. And before you think “All supermarkets are like that” No they are not even close to as bad to their employees.


Mary November 13, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Please, please talk to your staff about the importance of not being patronizing when talking to the elderly and NEVER, EVER USE TERMS SUCH AS; DEAR, SWEETIE and HONEY!!!!

I am a 67 year old woman and every time I visit one of your stores – sure enough someone will use one of the above expressions when talking to me (when I complain today at the Wilbraham, MA store the lady insisted that it was a “term of endearment” – Yes, it is if my husband uses but not a complete stranger!!! By the way, females are the vast majority guilty of this VERY annoying habit. Thank you and if this doesn’t stop I will stop going to Big Y!!!


Carefree December 2, 2016 at 3:45 am

OK sweetie


Paulette Obertz August 18, 2016 at 4:04 pm

Dear Big Y
I want to thank you for you generous gift. I want to especially thank Bettie Boggis, from Corp consumer relations. I love my Big Y in Monroe ,Ct 06468 Great store to shop. Again thank you for all you do..

Paulette Obertz


Paul Vasseur January 25, 2016 at 10:48 pm

This is for the CEO of Big Y. I read recently that since the state of Connecticut has an open carry policy for firearms (providing the carrier has a license and a permit) that they are allowed to go into grocery stores among other public places. Some stores in CT have banned open carry in their stores and I was wondering what Big Y’s policy was. I, personally son’t like guns and think we have a right to feel safe while we shop in our neighborhood grocery store. i have shopped at your store in Manchester, CT since it opened more than 25 years ago. I like the staff and the environment and the quality of the food and service. I’m a 65 y.o. man with disabilities and I certainly couldn’t run out of a store if I had to because of gun fire. If your policy is to allow open carry (which I have never personally witnessed), I would have to think about going to a store that doesn’t. I’d be interested to hear from other customers about this. I understand there is a national movement to ban open carry in public places like grocery stores and libraries and hospitals, etc. The 2nd amendment didn’t mean for our neighborhoods to turn into the wild west. I think grocery stores should be gun free zones. What do you think?


Judith August 10, 2015 at 1:09 pm

Please forward this to CEO Mr. Donald H. D’Amour. I called Betty 4 times, she never picked up the phone. This has been submitted to the Big Y Customer Service website:

Wednesday, 8/5/15, I had an horrible experience as a long term Big Y customer, in the Walpole Big Y. I did my weekly shopping and hoped to redeem a recent raincheck for a buy 1 get 2 free promotion. At the checkout, I had six of the raincheck items, as such I such I should have been charged for 2 items. A woman who was identified as “the front end manager” looked at the raincheck, did not listen to me when I told her that I should be charged for two, and charged me for 3 items. I noticed the error immediately and asked for my raincheck back so that I could get a refund at the service desk. I said “hi” to the girl at the service counter, showed her the raincheck and my receipt to verify that I had been overcharged. She looked at it and said I bought 3 and received 3 free. I showed her the raincheck and the receipt to confirm to her that I should have only been charged for two and offered to show her the six items in my shopping bags. She became explosive and loud and yelled at me “I don’t like your attitude”. She repeated this 3 more times. I did not respond to her verbal abuse. I simply maintained eye contact and offered her a penny so that my refund would be in dollars without change. After she gave me the refund, I left the store. I noticed the “front end manager” roll her eyes at me as I departed. In the surrounding community, shopper can spend their hard earned dollars at Hannaford, Trader Joe’s, Stop and Shop and Shaws. I will be doing just that from now on. If Big Y hopes to continue their successful expansion in the region, I suggest they embrace the retail mantra: “The customer is always right”. The employees of the Walpole Big Y, do not understand this concept. This customer was right then, and she’s right now when she tells Big Y management, with staffers like these – you are not in a customer service business. Your customers deserve better, and they will find that with your competitors. I will not spend another penny in any of your stores and will share that with my neighbors, friends and family.


vernon goddard jr May 26, 2015 at 6:11 pm

hello do you know the big y lets its worker treat customer like trash i call the big y supermarket the customer service rep betti think so i ask to speak to her boss and blow me off not tell him i wanted to talk to him if this how you treat your customer someone need to lose there job like the manger derck the manger at the spencer mass store he think it is no big deal that customer are treated like trash from worker in that store let see if the want to make it right talking to betti at customer service no gig seal how fast can they make it right


Andrew Foster March 7, 2015 at 4:42 pm

Please forward this to Michelle D’Amour.

Greetings. I’m writing on behalf of the staff at the Little Y in Southampton. My son Mattias recently aged out at 10 years old. He has some significant developmental delays. Andrea, Nikki, and the rest of the staff have been patient, compassionate, fun, and generally wonderful with him for many years. In fact, turning 10 was a mixed bag for him – wonderful for the new privileges, but sad due to no more LIttle Y. Now my 4 year old gets to play with them, and it is a highlight of his week.

Thank you for this service that serves children and their parents.

Andrew Foster


Chandra January 27, 2015 at 10:51 am

No one looks at these email about horrible costumer service in hewlette?


Heather November 7, 2014 at 10:01 am

I’m so glad to see that ‪#‎bigy‬ gives a crap how customers are treated by employees I’m so glad I have other options when it comes to my grocery shopping as I will never ever step foot in the chain again. Telling a customer to move because they are trying to navigate around your stupid thanksgiving display and you are behind me with a hand full of boxes is not my Damn problem. I Was Not Born With Eyes Behind My Head To See You there. Tried calling corporate but nobody available to take a call endless voice mail and I won’t waste my time leaving a vm so maybe someone from this “world class supermarket” will call me back. Move. Not Excuse Me. So done


Pamela Connett April 10, 2014 at 11:51 am

I would like to know who I can contact about an on going problem with my Silver Savings Card.. My big Y is Southampton MA, I have worked with at least 5 different people at different times to resolve the problem … each time they have assured me the problem in fixed . The problem has been on going since Dec 2013. As of March 2014 I thought it was fixed until my visits yesterday when the problem happened again and the cashier handed me a silver coin ….. I dont want the coins I have a card I want the savings …

My frustration is I think about all the savings Ive missed out on since Dec2013.


Den Gust February 4, 2016 at 4:09 pm

My wife buys lunch meat and always ask for the meat to be cut thin. The woman who was assisting seem to understating what my wife was asking for…But when my wife got home all but two slices were thin and the rest thick. I have once before had this problem, complained to the Stratford store and again I received my ham cut way too thick and that is jeopardizing my health due to I can only eat food that I can swallow and not choke on! I think your store needs an internal investigation on how employees are not following customers words, directions! Firing these numbnut no good sob’s who are hurting people’s lives. I ask that you contact us so you can better understand our point. I want to live and not choke on food from BigY Stratford CT.


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