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Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N 24th Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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Phone Number: (602) 957-4200
Fax Number: (602) 957-5641
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CEO: David Kong
CFO: Mark Straszynski
COO: Scott Gibson

Best Western History

Best Western was founded in 1946 by hotelier M.K. Guertin as an informal referral system for member hotels.

By 1963, there were 700 member hotels, making them the largest chain in the industry.

In 1964, Canadian hotels were admitted into the association.

In 1977 the company began using the phrase, “world’s largest lodging chain”.

In 1980, Denmark, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland joined the association.

In 1995, the company launches website.  By 2005, the are booking $1 million in reservations per day online.

In 2004, Best Western became the official hotel of Nascar.

Today, Best Western is made up of over 4200 hotels worldwide with nearly half of those in North America.

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Donna paola February 20, 2015 at 11:14 pm

Have been in this hotel for almost 1 year there has been several issues a couple taken care after waiting months. The owner is a decent person but this is not personal . It’s regarding the emergency issue in my room. I presently do not have a working heater. I made him aware of the issue when my unit first began to show signs of dysfunction approximately 5 weeks ago and continued to ask them to come and take care of it. I had one of the service young man come to my room several days ago at that point it was totally dysfunctional. I could not regulate nor turn the heating off. After reporting this knowing my situation it took 3 days for anyone to come and look at it. All he did was pull the front piece off the wall unit & claimed to have turned it off and recommended I use it this way. Until they get the thermostat. Up to right now the unit does not work at all it is 17 degrees I must use the oven to heat the room needless to say how unhealthy this is for health reason’s also after the service person removed the front cover from the unit it is filthy dirty, dusty cover it appears like it hasn’t been clean since the opening of this particular hotel. I want some resolution. This is a constant issue here negligence I will contact my attorney making him aware of this I have photo’s. Also regarding the clean up of ice & snow is another serious issue. Also have spoken with the owner regarding this it is in a hazardous state.. every time I exit my room or my car I’m frightened I am going to fall due to lack of proper clearing of ice. This is not what good standards of what a decent hotel should look like. If I get I’ll or fall & get injured or my health becomes an issue I will take this further. Believe me it took a lot for me to finally write this but I realize I’m doing myself & the owner a service. By not getting issues taken care of regarding this hotel. This is my second stay here while I’m waiting for my condo’s availability. Last year I also was hear close to a year I can go on & on about complaints I have had to make that continues to be overlooked. This I cannot overlook due to the mere facts that I can freeze to death or burn one or the other not mention the filth from the wall unit that operates both heat and air conditioning. I’ve already had an eye infection. Due to the filth of the air unit and I now have learned why I could not wear my contacts caught an eye infection due to the dirt, dust, particles, from a poorly maintained wall unit. This is unbelievable. For it being 2015 this unit looks like it’s from the 80s I don’t believe Best Western had this in mind when some of your hotels in other states, & areas are amazing & up to date. I’ve done & do quite a bit of traveling. I do hope I hear back via my cell # is 609 453-**** you have my email.
Best Western
701 black horse pike
NJ 08232 room 129
Sincerely D Paola Rosenberg


Dan Pavella February 17, 2015 at 6:42 am

Just finished a 9 day stay at Best Western Sarasota FL.. Truly it was a real pleasure. The room was clean and so was the entire facility. The staff was friendly and took care of every need. The morning breakfast was wonderful and fresh every day. Checking in and out was no problem. Parking was ample. Heated pool and hot tub were clean and well taken care of. It seem all the employees who we were in contact with- loved working their.
The manager Mark Peterson- is a hands on guy . It seems all his staff love working with him. I will be going back again to Sarasota and will be using this Best Western again.


Dave B. February 14, 2015 at 6:11 pm

Location – Best Western Bay Harbor, Tampa Florida
Dates:Feb. 9 to Feb. 12, 2015

Problems with customer service occurred every day.
We contacted the front desk every day – sometimes with the same problem
and sometimes with new issues.

These include:

1) Originally assigned Room 327 unloaded clothes and bath items.
After coming back from lunch noted there was no city view
just a 6 ft. concrete block wall.
Got reassigned to Room 631 and had to move all of our stuff.
This should have been caught by the hotel on our reservation.
Failure that resulted in us wasting time moving around.

2) From Feb. 9 thru Feb. 11 toilet was flushing very slowly and almost overflowed.
Front desk was informed each day and no one came up to fix!
Failure that resulted in us having to contact hotel and hope for a fix!

3) Feb. 10 1st floor hallway flooded. Could not use exercise room.
Very disappointing and lack of access to hotel feature.

4) Feb. 10 & Feb. 11th water in sink and toiler had strong sulphur smell.
Couldn’t use coffee in room and ended up with stomach cramps.
Again spent time each day contacting front desk about this.
Could not use coffee maker in room and had to be very cautious with water
A very serious condition that could result in many visitors getting sick.
Might want to call in OSHA or City of Tampa to check out.

5) Feb. 10 & Feb. 11, coffee station in lobby was dirty with sugar, coffee creamer
and water on the station. Front desk again contacted. Hotel attendant
ended up rudely pushing me out of the way on Feb. 11 to get to coffee lids.
Hotels guests could easily get sick from this condition. Need to contact
corporate on changes needed.

6) Feb. 11 at 8:30 pm, called the front desk and requested a wake up call for
5:00 am on Feb. 12 to get to airport on time. No call was made.


Lisa Adkins February 13, 2015 at 12:32 am

Stayed at best western in frankenmuth Michigan worse place . And I will never stay at another started last year birthday get away love frankenmuth thought I would stay there instead of other hotels I usually stay at . I hurt my knee real bad on broken ladder in pool . Was not told renovations was going on my 3 year old started having g breathing problems from dust and debrie as well as my husband . WiFi would not work poor channels on television . Talked to manger was promised free nights stay on my rewards card and a 25$ gift card for hotel after being forgotten about called corperate was sent gift card assumed my free night was in my rewards card . No the manger never put it on did not find out till last weekend when I booked another 2 night stay after many calls I finally got 25$ put back on my credit card but did not get my money back for I was promised to get for my miserable stay ruined my birthday weekend 2 years in a row . Rude people lie after lie my knee is still giving me trouble but no one at hotel cares or corporate cares either . Contacted better buisness buero and will keep calling writing reviews . Big company’s that just lie and don’t care about there guest . Was told by the last woman I spoke to that the CEO said she speaksfor him and when I asked to talk to someone above her she was very rude and hung up on me . This is the way your company treats people I will make sure everyone I speak to will know how horrible this company is . Dirty rooms unsafe conditions rude staff I could go on for days . All I ever wanted is what I was promised reimbursement for the nights I stayed there. But no one will call back or even try to fix this situation . There is a file with all my info and complaints but I’m sure even after this message I still will not get a call and nothing will be resolved. My family friends and everyone I know will never stay at a best western . Worst company I have ever delt with and ppeople need to know the truth I will keep writing reviews on every site I can find.


Lucio December 11, 2014 at 5:57 am

Great site. Lots of useful info here. I’m sending it to several buddies ans also sharing
in delicious. And of course, thanks on your sweat!


Robbie November 13, 2014 at 8:17 pm

We had a Great Room at the Vicksburg, MS Best Western, last minute choice. Needed a room that was Pet Friendly as well! A previous night at BW in Hammond LA was not the best!

We have been Reward Member for many years. The Room was Clean, all of it! The room was quiet and one of the best full meal breakfast’s eaten at any of the many motel we have stayed . The staff was great and attentive . The pillows are the best ever!


Carlton Brank November 11, 2014 at 3:00 pm

I just posted my comment and somebody took it down. I don’t like that.


Carlton Brank November 11, 2014 at 3:03 pm

I am going to post this on my face book page I will get a response then


Carlton Brank November 11, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I stopped by the best western motel in east St. Louis the T.V. didn’t work. They had roaches. I did read that there were no pet. So I checked the person that ran the office came to fix The TV he couldn’t fix it. He saw my dog bowl. He called me a nigger. I pay 50 dollars for the room. He would not give me but forty dollars back he said he was going to call the police. He had a prosidict hand he was middle eastern desent. I am from the Lafayette IN area. I am a Christian my church is 2500 members strong. I am going to ask my pastor to boycott best western hotels and motle. He used profanity to. With a faslse hand he sould know better because god took just one hand and speared his life he should prise god. Are his god. That ten dollars he took from me it is going to cost Best Western a whole lot more. The pricible of it. I am Mad.


Watersisland December 16, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Carlton, carlton, carlton! C’mon. If you were really a Christian you would know that God is spelled with a capital “G”. And you’ve done it more than once. Prosedict? Pros-e-dict? Did you mean “prosthetic”? And if you “did read that there were no pet” (sic) WHY did you bring your dog? Or “dog BOWL” or what ever? Middle Eastern (Caps, Caps, Caps!) desent? Did you mean “descent”? “Motle”? ? “Motel”?. Doesn’t it ever LOOK wrong to you? “Faslese”??? “False”? “speared”? Really? With a “Spear”? Or did you mean “Spare”? BTW…what does the fact that the attendant was Middle Eastern and had a prosthetic hand have to do with anything? “Prise” ? No such word! Did you mean “Prize”… or perhaps – “Praise”? “The pricible of it” (sic). No idea WHAT you were even trying to communicate with that blurb. As for the punctuation, I’d have to copy the entire “Harcourt Brace” text to address your grammar and punctuation.
Hey, Carlton…I attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN back in the mid 70′s. Your acknowledgement of being from Lafayette must be an embarrassment to all that live or ever lived in that area. Surely the elementary schools there are able to teach better than that! Some of your attempts at communications can’t even be addressed as grammatical, spelling, syntax errors, or punctuation. Carlton — go back to school! Hey, at least I see you’re quite skilled at spelling the word “nigger” correctly. Do you work for the Klan by any chance?


Brangela West October 26, 2014 at 9:52 am

If there was a way I could give Best Western Executive Inn at 2800 US Highway 84 East, Cairo, Georgia 39828 negative star(s), I would. My whole experience was HORRIBLE. I called and made a reservation the day of arrival (4:45 p.m.). I gave my credit card information and drove 4 1/2 hours to this LOW BUDGET hotel. I arrived after midnight to find out that management (Craig Ward) CANCELLED my room at his request. Per Craig, the rude guy at the service desk, if you do not arrive at Best Western by 6:00 p.m., Best Western cancels your reservation. Per Craig, that is their policy. IF this is their policy, I should have been made aware of this policy when I reserved the room and gave my credit card information at 4:45 p.m. The rate I was quoted on the telephone was not the rate charged to my credit card. There is a $30.00 overcharge discrepancy. The phone in the room did not work and the front desk did not answer the telephone after numerous calls from my cell. There was no internet and the continental breakfast was a joke. After discussing my dissatisfaction I was treated very rude. I have reported the incident to the corporate office, which will go to the GM of The Best Western in Cairo. Good luck with that. I will NEVER go to another Best Western again, especially not the one in Cairo, Georgia. It is Horrible. It is Awful. It is low budget and over-priced. You would better off sleeping in your car.

Our whole family stayed at this hotel for a funeral (that is the only reason it was full this particular night). It is a shame you have to deal with the loss of a loved one and at the same time, have issues at a hotel with unsympathetic employees. Never again will I visit this hotel.


James M. Paquin October 11, 2014 at 9:23 pm

I booked a room at Best Western on October 4, 2014. I was told it was 98 dollars. The room was fine, no complaints until I found out a week later that they took 250 dollars out of my bank account. My banks fraud prevention left me a message on October 5, 2014 but I didn’t listen to it or call them back Until the October 11. That’s when I found out that they took 250 dollars. I called Best Western on the 11th and the lady said yes they charge 250 at first and then refund the difference within a week. She said the clerk should have told me. Well he didn’t. I don’t know if I got the refund, I’ll check Monday with my bank. I was so angry because of other negative things happening in my life. They are fortunate that I am a good person. If they do this to the wrong person there could be very serious consequences.


Anthony October 5, 2014 at 2:54 am

At Universo in Rome
The wash basin in the room does not have a standard plug but a gadget that may have worked when new but not any more. It does not hold the water in the basin with the result that vast quantities of water go to waste having not been used for washing.
Please sort this out a.s.a.p.
The saved cost in water will pay for the change over.


steve ruff September 12, 2014 at 2:41 pm

My wife and I stayed at the Best Western Plus, in Portsmouth, NH from 8/21-8/24. When we checked into the room, I noticed that the bathtub had a ugly, huge caulk patch in the floor of the tub. On our first morning, my wife attempted to brew coffee using the hotel provided coffee pot, but it did not work. We requested a replacement that was delivered sometime that day. Linens were not changed, so we had to ask if the linens would be changed. On 8/23, my wife and I left the room for the day at 8:30 AM, we returned at 8:30 PM and discovered that our room door was left partly open and unlocked by house keeping staff…all day! So anyone in the hotel could have just walked into our room at anytime they wanted. Fortunately nothing was missing, however, it was unsettling to say the least to return to our hotel room at 8:30 at night to find our room un-secure with the door part way open. I will not be staying at Best Western ever again.


Mike Erickson September 7, 2014 at 8:43 am

False advertising! I’ve been a LOYAL B/W Diamond Rewards member for two years. As your records should show, I stay at B/W’s along the eastern U.S. often, or at least have been. I now sometimes stay at other hotels due to your bullcrap rates. To be as brief as possible, allow me to explain.
I receive ‘offers’ and ‘promotions’ via email offering me ‘up to 20% off’ when I book through I register for these ‘offers’ as required. When I go to make a reservation, I see ‘NO SAVINGS’ what so ever! My rate is actually HIGHER than a ‘NON-REWARDS MEMBER’! I’m also a ‘AAA’ member. You ADVERTISE that ‘AAA’ members receive AT LEAST 10% (up to 20%) off regular rates…another LIE!
Here’s the proof (recent rate inquiry for a S.C. B/W hotel using ‘’.
NON-Rewards member (anybody)=$65.03
‘AAA’ member rate=$65.03
Diamond Rewards (me, signed in)=$65.03 (B/W rewards rate)
‘AAA’ rate (signed in)=$65.03
There is NO SAVINGS! “ANYONE” gets the same rate I do. Where is MY ‘up to 20% savings’? With AAA, where is my ‘at least 10% off’???
To add even more insult, the ‘walk-in rate’ with coupon is $49.99!!! I understand the restrictions with this coupon.
So basically, being a LOYAL DIAMOND REWARDS MEMBER, I pay the same or more than a non-rewards member. Where are my savings. The only benefit is obtaining rewards points.
Being in the ‘transportation business’, I offer my ‘loyal clients’ a discount (because I want to keep them as a client). What is your business ethic…to FALSELY offer me a ‘discounted rate’?
Needless to say, I am, and have been, disgusted with your ‘false advertising’ techniques. Show your ‘Loyal’ members some respect.
And yes, I am aware of your ‘program’ policies, so please don’t respond with a nonsense reply. I look forward to a prompt response. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Mike #6006637417315074


scott August 26, 2014 at 6:41 pm

it is sad the my first time and my last time staying at a best westren. i was charged for following the rules at a best westren and than i was lied to and called a lied to. the manager and the own were both rude and did NOT want to talk to me at all and told me there was NO Corporate Office. i will tell people to stay some place beside best westren


Pat S. August 14, 2014 at 5:51 pm

This week we stayed at the Best Western Plus in Leland NC., the hotel looked just like the photos on the internet, inside and out! I never travel with my dog because pet friendly hotels are usually not clean and they smells. But this trip I had no choice.
My small dog stayed with us, and to my surprise! the room was spotless and smell fresh.
I checked ever where for poor housekeeping but did not find any thing to have fault with. The linen were spotless, the towels were excellent and the pillows & beds were comfortable.
Mary at the front desk was delightful in every way; pleasant, cheerful, informative, and resourceful (we felt at home) she was helpful in finding us a dog spa for the dog..
Thanks Mary!!! Housekeeping staff were very nice and helpful (excellent cleaning).
Wonderful breakfast! We thank you all at Best Western Plus in Leland, NC for making our stay delightful. Only wish you were closer to the beach.

Pat S.


Ralph Miller August 6, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Good day – I believe my questrions are answered in following e-mails. I just spent twenty minutes on the phone ( Seventeen of it on hold ) w/ your representative after waiting ten days to be contacted ” as soon as possible “. Was told your representatives arte too busy to contact me yet and there was nobody that had the power to grant me any kind of a request like I had asked.


View this email with images.

Dear Ralph Miller
Member ID: 6006637391620010

Thank you for participating in our 2014 Jump Start to Summer Promotion!

For your 2 qualifying stays during the promotional period, Best Western is happy to present you with a $50 Best Western Travel Card® good at any BEST WESTERN®, BEST WESTERN PLUS®, or BEST WESTERN PREMIER® hotel through September 1, 2014. Please print this email and present at checkout to redeem.

We truly value your business and thank you for your loyalty to the Best Western family
of hotels.

Glen MacDonell
Managing Director, Best Western Rewards


Travel Card Terms and Conditions

Expires September 1, 2014

Please do no reply to this email. Replies will not be read.
Should you wish to unsubscribe from receiving further offers from
Best Western International, simply click here to unsubscribe.
Click here for our privacy policy.

Each Best Western® branded hotel is independently owned and operated.

Best Western International
20400 N. 29th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Thank you so much. We were able to utilize Best Western earlier seven evenings in the March – April time frame this year. As a net result, they have sent us a voucher for $50.00 to be used by September of this year. Unfortunately, we are still recovering from an automobile accident and are not sure we can make that time frame. None of this is your fault obviously, and this has been an ongoing issue. This last Spring was the first time either of us have been able to travel to any degree and we probably took it to an extreme.

Again, thank you and we are so looking forward to being “ On the road again “.
*****Please Do Not Respond To This Automated Reply*****

Thank you for contacting Best Western Rewards.

Your request has been received. At this time we are experiencing a large volume of e-mails and appreciate your patience. A Best Western Rewards representative will be contacting you as soon as possible.

If your concerns require immediate attention please call 800-237-8483 (accessible from North America only).


Carol August 4, 2014 at 9:07 pm

Bed bugs


Billy Q August 4, 2014 at 3:29 pm

I recently stay in B W at Tallahassee seminoles they advertising is non smoking room I got a room that smell like cigarettes from the shower to the front door I try to use the phone to call the front desk and didn’t work either finally we change room put everything down and left came back late afternoon about 6 or 7 pm and the air inside the room was warm I try to cool down by change it to the highest speed and was there allready call the front desk for them to send someone and the awnser was that they dont have anyone to fix the ac that they just can chage me to other room or for my to talk to the owner in the morning we complain in the morning and a manager came and told me that thats the way the ac is set for the room and y reply no sir u can raise or lower the temperature in the room by the speed of the fan and the hot and cool knob and this room ir warm the air is not cooling enough the room so something is wrong with the ac he stepped out and came back and told me I will reset it for you and when to the knob turn the ac off and turn it back on and told me that the ac was reset all this was in front of me I’m a engineer (maintance) for a builbing so that is part of my duties and this was totally wrong and I decide to send this to corp


Elaine Pankow August 2, 2014 at 1:12 am

First we stayed at many B.W. and the one in Williams the staff all where very special great service.. I canceled one in Logan as we thought that is where we would be, I called around 2:30 and was told I would be charged $50 I was told they have a 24 hr rule, which I did not know. the others where by 4 pm.. You have a sign in all B. W. that state you receive a night free after 3 separate places, the sign does not state you can’t use the free night until 3 or 4 weeks later. Since we where on a trip, we sure can’t f afford another big trip and use our free nights. Then we have to use them by January 31st.. The rewards are very nice, but I wanted to use 2 free nights since we where on a large trip. We can’t afford another trip for several years..I feel we deserve something since I was told that I would be able to use the free nights on our trip. You ca see from the record now many nights we spend at a Best Western. Thank you for your time Elaine Pankow.



michelle anderson August 1, 2014 at 11:14 pm

I booked 3 rooms at the Best Western in San Diego, CA where I received confirmation numbers. Confirmed twice & was assured everything was reserved. One week prior to leaving I received a message to call the manager Onka who proceeds to tell me we were only on a waiting list for $139 a night but the rooms were really $209 the new employee made a mistake, but if I could write a nice statement about her & the hotel she could over ride the system & let me have them for $159 a night. One of the parties got lost & was going to be a day late so we called to make sure the room would still be held. Was assured it would be held but we would still need to pay for that night. No problem that was fair & we understood. Well when we arrived after a long drive we were told it was marked as no show & they had no rooms. No hotels had rooms due to comic com so after an hour of arguing they gave us a room at the expense of someone else according to them. I feel bad for whoever but our whole family was staying at that hotel because we were all in my little brothers wedding . Now today at look at my credit card statement & they charged me an extra night. I have never had such a problem with dealing with a hotel. I don’t know how many new people they have but everything was always blamed on them. We will NEVER stay there again. Thanks Onka & Nicholas for making our vacation stressful & less then it should of been.


michelle anderson August 2, 2014 at 1:16 am

I forgot to mention this was the Best Western Yacht Harbor hotel in San Diego, Ca. I will be putting my opinion of this place on TripAdvisor like the manager Onka (not sure of spelling) asked me to. Unfortunately it will not be what she asked me to write.


Emily July 31, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Blood on the pillowcase. Bright red blood. Gross and unsafe. Need I say more?

This was at the Best Western in Statesville, NC


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