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Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N 24th Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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Phone Number: (602) 957-4200
Fax Number: (602) 957-5641
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CEO: David Kong
CFO: Mark Straszynski
COO: Scott Gibson

Best Western History

Best Western was founded in 1946 by hotelier M.K. Guertin as an informal referral system for member hotels.

By 1963, there were 700 member hotels, making them the largest chain in the industry.

In 1964, Canadian hotels were admitted into the association.

In 1977 the company began using the phrase, “world’s largest lodging chain”.

In 1980, Denmark, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland joined the association.

In 1995, the company launches BestWestern.com website.  By 2005, the are booking $1 million in reservations per day online.

In 2004, Best Western became the official hotel of Nascar.

Today, Best Western is made up of over 4200 hotels worldwide with nearly half of those in North America.

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james james February 3, 2016 at 5:51 pm

was going to talk to someone at BW—no answers-no call-backs—–if you are looking for meth/ heroin or a prostitute check into the Garberville,California Best Western Humboldt House Inn—-this place sadly has turned into the motel 6 of this town ! I would not bring children or a female to this area—-after reading the other comments here I have little faith that this post will make a difference………


Carla January 30, 2016 at 9:35 am

I emaied my complaints about my stay at the BW in Charleston,Wv, 3days ago no reply ftrm the mgr. BW apparently does not care about their nasty hotels and unhappy employees. They might listen when their hotels are empty of customer.


Kayla dugger January 29, 2016 at 7:38 pm

I was a housekeeper at best western in burley I’d what bothered me is they don’t let you wash the top blankets. I was fired due to my pregnancy medical issues it’d sad really


Essie Tolbert January 29, 2016 at 2:18 pm

January 29th 2016 stayed at the Best Western in Greenwood Mississippi 635 highway 82. First night everything started off ok woke up this morning with my face swollen and bed full of ants. I reported it to the front desk and they told me the owner is out of town. I am a Best Western Platinum member and this by far is the worst Best Western I ever stayed in. Would like for someone to contact me so I can show them proof of my face swollen because of being bit by ants.


Maria D.L Martinez January 25, 2016 at 1:32 pm

Best Western discriminate’s on it’s employee’s especially the Best Western in San Antonio, Tx Ingram Loop 410 Sea World I was fired because of my condition that’s illegal that’s discrimination because of Disability Juan Martinez is rude and treat’s female employee’s like crap very unprofessional I can’t believe this company allow’s a Manager to work there and let get away with all he does Best Western discriminate’s people with disabilities!!!


Maria D.L Martinez January 22, 2016 at 12:43 am

I was a Housekeeper at the San Antonio, Texas Best Western Sea World Loop 410 Location the Manager Juan Martinez fired me because of my my Disability I have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex it’s a rare disease not contagious causes seizures I did give him my Doctor’s excuses saying I need to have 2 day’s off he told me if my Doctor’s excuse paper’s were fake and he asked if my illness was contagious which is not but he fired me because of that I can’t believe that Best Western would let their Manager worker whatever he want’s that’s discrimination and I tried to get unemployment I was denied now im trying to find a job so I can get Health Insurance to be able to get to see Doctor’s again because of that I’m broke.


Tiffany Vorhis January 19, 2016 at 7:52 pm

The Best Western in Sayre, Pa hired my Husband’s contracting company to do some work on the hotel. The work was completed 2 months ago and we have yet to see a dime. The Manager informed us that they are not paying any of their bills and we most likely will not be getting paid either. I called Anita, the account Specialist and left a voicemail…3 days ago! Worst business ever!


Bob Clark January 12, 2016 at 4:26 pm

Never again with Best Western!!! Both local and Corporate Best Western have simply blown us off. Not even a courtesy call as follow up to the multi thousand dollar loss of our trailer and it’s contents as it was stolen from beneath the “Warning, Video Surveillance” sign, but they don’t have video surveillance! Just awful customer concern! A corporate comment was “hope you have good insurance.”


Nicholaus Prewitt January 12, 2016 at 1:49 pm

On 1/6/16 my co-worker and I checked in @ the Best Western Airport in Ontario,Ca the staff was real nice especially the floor manager.. On 1/7/16 our stay at the hotel turn for worst my co worker got out of his bed to open the curtains and that’s when the curtain came tumbling down on my co worker hitting him in is head causing him to fall and knock out one of his permanent tooth I immediate call the front desk for some help which they responded in a timely matter but the problem came in when my co worker had to go to the hospital and we couldn’t continue to our job that day.. I took pictures and I filled out a incident report but has not heard anything back from the hotel I took pictures of the room and curtain that fell… I still paid for the unpleasant stay…


Marcia Strickler January 6, 2016 at 12:35 am

I am a Diamond Rewards Member and stay at BW hotels all around the country. Most stays in the past have been great to good to acceptable. Tonight was by far the worst experience we have ever had with BW and the first time I have felt a need to file a formal complaint. If anyone from BW Corp reads this and is interested in knowing the details you can contact me through email and I will give you the gory details.

I tried to complain online in this site by clicking on the ‘send an email’ link but the link is broken and I received an error message.

I’m a tired, disgruntled and less than happy BW customer tonight.



Tracey December 29, 2015 at 12:48 pm

My experience with Best Western airport Inn , Ft Myers was a pleasant surprise. My two sisters and I had gotten a phone call informing us of a medical emergency with our mother. Mom needed emergency brain surgery. We drove from Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Javksonville to be by her side. Our first night was spent in the hospital waiting room. Our second night we were at BestWestern Airport Inn, we were pleased at how clean and nice the room was and how pleasant the staff was to us. But, we wanted to be closer to the hospital , so the next night was spent closer to hospital but in quite a sh** hole. After that, the longer drive was well worth it to be comfortable and safe, so back to Airport Inn Best Western we went. We stayed there for 3 weeks and can’t say enough good things about the staff. A professional, kind, knowledgable and compassionate group of people. If any of the Best Western staff needs training they should come to the airport inn best western in Ft Myers, Florida. They are truly exceptional people that work there. We are great full to these people for making us feel at home through Christmas and our crisis . Thank God that mom is on the mend and Thank God also for the staff at this hotel.


Joe Mack December 27, 2015 at 8:08 am

My mother recently passed away from a horrible bout of cervical cancer and with the holidays, the day after xmas was my first chance to take a break and mourn. While on our way, we stopped at the Best Western in Clifton Park, NY. When we arrived at nearly 10:30pm we were tired from hours of driving, it just started to rain, and we realized I could not locate my credit card but had plenty of cash. When booking the room I was informed by the front desk that I would need $50 on a credit card. We both had several cards, including a business card, but none that I could charge 50 on. I then offered to give my credit card along with a 200$ deposit plus the cash for the room in advance. We were told to go try the “Red Roof Inn”!!! What manager/owner/company would want this from an employee. We were forced to empty our car onto the street in the rain while we searched for a credit card. By the time we checked in, it was 12:30 and I was livid, destroyed, and just exhausted in every capacity. This hotel was empty in comparison to other hotels in the area and now we know why. When a franchisee lets workers of this caliber run the show, people notice, have horrible experiences, and systematically exclude places like this from their life. I will continue to share my experience on every possible social media outlet available in hopes that one day some person gets treated better on a day they really needed it. The female employee was late 40′s with very short plain and dirty blond hair with glasses.


kenny December 26, 2015 at 1:41 am

I want all to know how you will be treated if attempt to stay at best western in laplata md on Christmas day after long drive from myrtle beach SC I pulled in and parked walked in then out to my van to get things ready for my stay with my parents within five min I was surrounded by police and harassed with questions and demanded my id as many people watched I was so embarrassed and humiliated people was taken pictures of me as if I was a criminal video that may find its way to you tube giving me a bad name people will make up anything . after they knew I was there to stay I was told that best western wanted me to leave the property when I done nothing at all I guess the lady was upset she had to work on xmas and wanted to ruin my xmas as well and it did I was so upset I became sick can not stop shaking while finding another hotel the special party for my parents was now ruined all prepaired food was now sitting for couple hours I would not recommend this hotel unless you enjoy being treated like a common criminal all for just stopping in to rest up from your long travel im so upset I cant even write this complaint


Wanda Getz January 18, 2016 at 9:11 pm

Me and my husband are on our honeymoon. We always stay at best western. Tonight they were fixing a water main in the parking lot and shut off water before notifying guests. I called the front desk and it took them 5 minutes to answer. They stated they were just now letting people know the water was off. I told her no, you notify them ahead of time. This is rediculous. WiFi was down, they were rude, and we kept asking to be transfered to a single room instead of a double. They said they would hold us one, they never did. Seriously worse experience ever.


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