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AutoNation Corporate Office Address

AutoNation, Inc
200 SW 1st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Contact AutoNation

Phone Number: (954) 769-6000
Fax Number: (954) 769-6537
Email: Email AutoNation

AutoNation Facts

Founder: Wayne Huizenga
Date Founded: 1991
Founding Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Number of Employees: 26000

AutoNation Executives

CEO: Michael J. Jackson
CFO: Cheryl Scully Miller
COO: Lance Iserman

AutoNation History


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AutoNation has its roots in the 1981 founding of Republic Industries, a company specializing in waste disposal. The company began selling used cars with the acquisition of Auto Nation USA in 1996. Some dealers began seeking out Republic to sell their dealerships because of the long-term contracts. In 1996, Republic built twelve AutoNation locations.

In 1997, Republic began purchasing new car dealerships. The same year, the company acquired Alamo Rent A Car.  The next year Republic acquired several more car rental companies, including Spirit Rent-A-Car, Value Rent-A-Car, Snappy Car Rental, and EuroDollar Rent A Car. autonation 2

In 2009, AutoNation announced the AutoNation Payment Protection program, which promised that any Autonation dealership would buy back any car at market value, should the owner lose their job.

In August 2013, AutoNation announced the sale of its 9 Millionth vehicle, a record achievement in the auto industry.

In late 2017, AutoNation announced that Waymo, a developer of self-driving technology, enlisted AutoNation to maintain and repair their driverless fleet vehicles. autonation 4

Today AutoNation is the largest automotive retailer in the United States and is the leading provider of new and pre-owned vehicles. The company owns and operates 371 dealerships across America selling 32 different manufacturing brands in 15 states.

AutoNation trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AN, is a member of the S&P 500, and is #177 in the Fortune 500. AutoNation has 26,000 employees and had $20.86 billion in revenue in 2016.

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AutoNation FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for AutoNation?
Answer 1: The phone number for AutoNation is (954) 769-6000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of AutoNation?
Answer 2: The CEO of AutoNation is Michael J. Jackson.

Question 3: Who founded AutoNation?
Answer 3: AutoNation was founded by Wayne Huizenga in 1991.

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Marigold Martha Carlisle February 14, 2019 at 1:38 pm

My husband and I bought a vehicle at Auto Nation in North Austin last year. Bottom line amount after rebates etc was $30,698.00. A 2019 Chevy Colorado. You go through several people before your financing is complete. Our last stop was in a financing office……when asked if we wanted to add the extra insurances available – both my husband and I said no. The lady refused to take no as an answer. My husband and I are 55 and 61 years old……its 8pm at night and we get up at 530am every day. She wore us down. We signed for the extra insurance $7,000 plus dollars plus interest, etc etc etc. I went back the next day after some sleep and told them we didn’t want the extra insurance. Finance still tried to sell us the insurance, I even had a phone call after I left the office from the lady the night before and she tried talking me into keeping the insurance. I finally said “listen, I do not nor will I pay for the extra insurance…’s a waste of hard earned money.” Almost hung up the phone. I fought the dealership on this with phone call after phone call for up to 3 weeks. They promised to take care of the extra charges. We had after rebates etc a purchase price of $30,698.00 plus tags and miscellaneous items to reach a grand total of $34,498.00. We gave them 15,000.00 cash down on the vehicle. That brings the loan amount to $19,498.00. The bank that they financed us through has us at $27,525.61. Have called Auto Nation in north Austin…..I feel like I am getting nowhere. My next stop is to contact the Corporate Office. I want to pay the rest of the vehicle off. I am paying interest because Auto Nation said it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get it all adjusted with the bank. It has been over 2 months and it’s still not right. I am paying interest at the bank on a loan that is accelerated because I can’t get the dealership to get things straightened out. My husband and I have purchased numerous vehicles from this dealership. I will never purchase another vehicle through Auto Nation. I was going to pay cash for the vehicle at the time. We own a small business and wanted to buy a small company truck for the end of the 2019 season before taxes. My husband talked me into the loan thingy. I agreed, to a nightmare.


Deborah Huntsucker February 12, 2019 at 6:47 pm

On Jan. 26, 2019 I took my 03 Toyota 4 runner into the dealer at 6300 W. Sahara bl., Las Vegas. NV to only have the codes reset from having the whole complete top engine rebuilt here in Pahrump, NV. I was told that only a dealer could reset the, My husband & I drove the 67 miles to Auto Nation and the drive was smooth, arrived at 10:30 for a 10:45 appointment. Michael Bigness said I had to have a Diagnostic done first so I said ok because I know it is in the car under the dash. 3.5 hours later we got our car back, We went to leave and the oil light was on and the engine light was flashing, and the engine was shaking so bad and it wanted to stall we couldn’t even make it out of there driveway and turned it around back to them, after another 2 hours we got he car back and it was still extremely bad, it was 5:30 and they were closing in half hour so I called them and told them how could you even allow us to drive this car in this condition knowing we have to drive to Pahrump, NV and that if we broke down someone would be paying our tow bill and also I wanted my diagnostics refunded and they agreed. We drove home to Phrump at 50 miles per hours or less, it was late, next day I called my mechanic here in Pahrump the mechanic that rebuilt my top end.In the meantime I have made several calls to Auto Nation to find out what the mechanic had done to my car and what the mechanic had taken apart, no one would talk to me until after the 5th call to them. so I filed a report to BBB, then when my mechanic called me this morning to tell me that the ignition coils have been changed out that they are all different colors that only 4 of them say Toyota and dirty old spark plugs had been put in too so I called corporate and spoke with Henry who took a report, but that is not going to fix my car. My car only had 129922 miles on it when I took it to Auto Nation and it had 129405 at the time of top engine rebuild, so 67 down to Auto Nation and 67 miles back to Pahrump with that said I had only put 383 miles on a rebuilt top end motor. My car was running the best ever since I bought it, now I can’t even drive it. I don’t know why they even went into my motor they had no authorization to do so, the changes out my ignition coil and spark plugs and gods know what else they did and let us drive a death trap home. I had told them how great my car runs just reset the codes, then my mechanic finally gets a hold of them and they tell my mechanic a completely different story, I know they are trying to cover there butts, but in order to do a compression test you have to remove the ignition coils and it is all on the paper work from Auto Nation, so who’s ignition coils & spark plugs did they put in my car.because they were not mine. I have photos of the work from my mechanic here in Pahrump of the work that was done on my car, what my mechanic purchased and how it performed when my mechanic was done. I want Auto Nation to replace my ignition coils, spark plugs and labor that it is costing me from the error they have made by there mechanic at 6300 W. Sahara Bl., Las Vegas NV.


Kristen Velazquez January 29, 2019 at 9:31 am

I traded in my 2017 honda accord on December 14 I signed a contract for a new 2017 jeep Cherokee. All finance papers were signed and I was guaranteed financing was done. Just a few days ago the dealership contracted me and said the finance fell through and I need to bring the jeep back. My honda is paid off now and closed . the dealership is saying honda finance is going to reinstate my lease on the honda but I called them and they said it isn’t possible for them to do that. And the are hounding me to bring the jeep back . So I dont know what to do.


D. Horvath January 28, 2019 at 1:33 pm

We purchased a 2018 Honda CRV from AutoNation Chandler, Arizona in August. We received an e-mail of our service appointment would be Wednesday, January 30th at 4:45. We wanted a couple other items repaired and an item added. We have called AutoNation Chandler once a month since September 2018, to have these items added to our appointment and even told they would have our service rep return our call as they were not sure if I would need a loner car or if they would be able to complete it all at this appoint. I have never been called back and there is no place to add other items to the repair order online.
This is the worst service ever. We have owned two Honda’s for over 20 years and never ever received this poor service from Tempe Honda!
This Honda dealership has some major customer service issues, let alone the problems with them requesting documents from our back that we made 5 phone calls to AutoNation Chandler concerning!


Mr Horowitz January 26, 2019 at 10:19 pm

26 January 2019 today i had a bad experience with my 2017 XTS the Rear Air Suspension broke. The vehicle was bouncing like i was driving over speed bumps and railroad tracks. I returned home to see the tops of the rear tires not visible . I called Auto Nation Cadillac wpb FL . The service writer was no compassion and told me to drive it to the dealership This to me was unsafe . I refused and i contacted Allstate Motor Club they send me a tow truck . Upon arrival at the dealership my experience got worse. The service writer while taking my information kept telling other customers to give him a Good Review that he had 2 prior bad reviews and needed to get good ones to rid the bad. He then examined my car and said that i had Hit a Curb because on the drivers left rear tire there was a bubble on the sidewall He wanted me to buy a tire. I told him Curbs are on the passengers side of cars and the tire damage more than likely happened from the broken suspension and i want to converse with his department manager He refused me to do that .He said to me he will call me in a few days to tell me about tire replacement. this service writer needs Training very very badly . How to converse with Cadillac Owners. There was more details that did not go well with him i will be glad to Talk with AutoNationCorp on the phone Monday 28 January 2019 . I do want this issue addressed i do want two new tires put on the Rear of my car at Dealer Expense . The dealer can take the money from the incompetent service writer who wanted to Endanger my life telling me to drive 30 miles on interstate 95 to get to the dealership and endanger lives of others on the road. This is not a KIA or A mini cooper its a CADILLAC I am so upset …
Mr Horowitz wildcardsworld@


Arthur January 22, 2019 at 9:48 am

I was an auto nation employee up until last friday, the 18th, after having a conversation with 2 bosses after 1 month of employment was told that I “ didn’t have the tools” to be a warehouse mgr., now mind you I can take constructive feedback from superiors with no problem, as I knew it wasn’t a qualified attack personally, but when I know and have documented what is really going on behind “ the curtain “ I just had to speak out, my replacement,that the people who told me that I didn’t have the tools to manage, go on to hire a person with minimal working knowledge of how to operate and manage people, I myself like to be able to direct my workers by “ patting them on the back for jobs well done”, He on the other hand ,along with the other two bosses, seem to think that by saying” i will write you
up”….Somehow I don’t think I would work for myself if I had to resort to “ hostile” comments in order to get my workers to work, that works just the opposite, no one wants to work under duress, now on to the real problems at the dealership where I worked, I was called into the office after being demoted, was told I was to undertake the returns of After Market parts, My superior Casey Brown(Parts Mgr) called the office of the Mgr of the After Market parts to let him know that we were going to start sending parts back….His reply ( now mind you Casey had been employed since Feb at this place it is now Oct)…Casey ,this was supposed to have been done back in February, apparently to no avail, Then they took away my overtime , no problem I like my Saturdays off, but when the new mgr of the Warehouse told Casey he didn’t want to work on Saturdays I was told if I didn’t work on the Saturday mandated I would be written up three times til I was fired, yes in front of Brian Pierce, Corey Johnson….mgrs, I have worked since I was 12 yrs old and have never , ever just walked off a job in my life, but this one takes the cake, so I started to document and take pictures for the 3rd time I was put in a position of where in my heart I was being disrespected and abused mentally, every company has a policy if you use their property…I e…car and or truck and have an accident you have to submit to a urine test…..well I don’t know who has glossies on who at that dealership but when I was the warehouse mgr I had an employee who drove a company truck (Fernando) who blew out a tire and demolished the rim, although no one got hurt, that was a violation of company equipment and “ No Urine Test”, I began to wonder why, begin digging deeper, come to find out the Mgr who replaced me (allegedly) sold marijuana to my worker who had the wreck in a company truck…..good hire, I think not, both of them, let’s go back to when he wasn’t with the company , I was told by my workers that before he became my replacement, that he was bragging to employees about “ being able to smoke marijuana all day and he hopes to pass the urine test so he can be employed at that dealership “,… oh and there’s more,,,,I’ve got documentation of Brand New Parts being thrown away AFTER 2 INVENTORIES and so i question the (new)warehouse mgr about this ,he looked at me and said finger to mouth like “ shushing me” ..” it’s a SPECIAL PROJECT “ , and to this very day they are still trying to find money to appease upper management, doing that will definitely not solve their problems,…,I’ve got documentation of OSHA violations, pictures of at least 4 people using an OSHA mandated vehicle where you MUST have certification whe using a forklift, NONE of those employees have been certified,They have NO HSE advisory department, ..Example: my coworker was given a pair of gloves since we move “ razor edged” parts …I e….fenders, side panels,…After using the gloves to their maximum potential my coworker asked for another pair and was told verbatim “The first pair was given to you but from here on out YOU will have to PROVIDE your own”….Oh ..there is even more GmAutonation now has mandated, well at least THE PLACE I USED TO WORK AT, that if you are am GM EMPLOYEE and you have to work on Saturday,that you HAVE to take the following Monday off so they won’t have to pay you for overtime BUT yet Rush Data workers who get paid by the day can work all they want…..hmmm fair , I don’t think so but I might have an argument there, but here is where I drew my line…..getting put to work in a offsite warehouse that was flooded after Hurricane Harvey that has mold, no working bathrooms(was told by Casey,Brian,and Corey if we need to use the bathroom go across the street to use whataburgers or wing stop bathrooms, no running water, and EXPIRED fire extinguishers……I sure hope someone will read this , I’m just a person who for all life’s purposes wanted to improve a company, knew what I could bring to their table and got slapped down …..But I’m The One With No Managerial Skills………..


Josh January 23, 2019 at 1:56 pm

Send your contact to crwilliamsmd@


Randee in south bay, ca January 19, 2019 at 5:11 pm

I will never work with Hasan Roberson at the auto nation acura location again in my life. I spend 5 HOURS at this lot LAST NIGHT and came back THIS MORNING because of a loud humming noise the car made every time I drove over 60 mph, clicking sounds when the ac is on, and a very loud engine. Granted, the car was a 2011 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo with 70k miles, but there were no accidents and 1 owner. I’ve purchased from autonation before so I trusted their 125 point inspection promise, but clearly this car didn’t make that list. I WAITED FOR TWO HOURS THIS MORNING before the service manager informed me that they HADN’T EVEN LOOKED at my vehicle. The MANAGER HASAN ROBERSON SAID HE COULD NOT NEGOTIATE A PRICE DECREASE OF $3700 between the jeep and another car I was interested in to KEEP MY BUSINESS AND THEIR SALE. Why would I WASTE OVER EIGHT HOURS of my time to LEAVE WITH NO CAR?? After witnessing other buyers in “BETTER” FINANCIAL SITUATIONS have their pick of vehicles BROUGHT TO THEIR FEET, I understand that I WAS NOT AN APPRECIATED BUYER. Then to INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE with other vehicles with OVER 90k miles, LOWER PRICE VALUES, and even WORSE QUALITY than the jeep, it was clear I was NOT CALLED. Even after I WAS APPROVED FOR THE VEHICLE AND THE SALE WAS FINALIZED, I still was ENCOURAGED BY THE EMPLOYEES to RETURN THE CAR OR CHOOSE SOMETHING OF A LESSER VALUE. My letter will be proofed, edited, detailed with names, dates and times TODAY and addressed to everyone at the Fort Lauderdale office!


Dave January 10, 2019 at 4:46 pm

AutoNation has no business representing luxury brands. Audi in Plano, Texas is a prime example. Disorganized from the start. No communication between management, sales, and service. They do not return phone calls from their customers and they do not respond to legitimate email complaints. This is a problem from the General Manager (Travis Miller) all the way down to their sales crew. I can’t express strongly enough how badly this dealership is run. Having worked in the industry I know how things should be done. Anyone that can’t get a car into the shop to be inspected and detailed after a deal has been made has no business selling Audi.


Sean Wilson January 9, 2019 at 1:36 pm

Add on They are in St Petersburg, Florida. Autonation Ford


Sean Wilson January 9, 2019 at 1:34 pm

Look I had great experience after we purchased the Mustang for my Lilia Vento few years ago. However, the service department is the most inept people I’ve ever encountered. Last year I bring the car to get transmission fluid and other work done. 2.5 hours past I asked my advisor, who is supposed to be on it what is going on, she goes comes back tells me the mechanic was standing around he didn’t know how to change the transmission fluid! I said I am leaving; she didn’t say anything just okay. Well, spoke to a couple managers and they reiterated what she said he was kind of embarrassed and didn’t ask for help. They made it right but okay still bad. Just recently after and oil change and tire rotation I call 2 maybe 3 times trying to get info on my squeaking tires. Nothing no call backs nothing. Finally take it in and the diagnose as needing a bearing in one of the struts. I tell them sounded like major noise from both sides. Nothing. Idiots. Leave as soon as I went over a bump it was terrible. From the time I was a teenager basics and fundamentals say drive the car after repair. These fools never did. I took it in and they ended up switching out both lower arms on the car. Had to take it back a few days later because of squeaking, Since has not been as frequent, but they just lost a customer that was looking for a car for his mother and himself. Tried to find main number or email nothing bunch of fkn crooks. Everyone has a customer service line for thing slike this. Just shows they don’t give a damn.


Richard Luyanda December 28, 2018 at 11:39 am

I worked at AutoNation Honda for 8 months at Lewisville. I love the pay plan but the GSM is unprofessional. He treat his sales employee like we in military. Always try embarrass me in front of other sales employee. I don’t know if he ever been in management before but he is not very good at all.


JAMES WATKINS December 28, 2018 at 7:05 am

VERY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH AUTONATION USED CAR SALES IN FORT MYERS, FL. On 12/16/18 I traveled from Kansas City to Fort Myers, FL to purchase a used 2001 Camry LE for my daughter. I paid for the airfare and hotel which cost over $720.00. I paid cash money for the car. The used car sales business manager was rude and condescending to me making fun of why I would travel such a long distance to by an old used car. He acted like this was not worth his time. Again, I paid cash money for this car. I asked the business manager for the car title and the Florida issued DR123 and he did not know where these documents were located. I asked him why he did not know where these were located and he said that I am dealing with a large company. Seriously, that was his excuse. I told him to go find these documents as I want these because I paid cash for the car. Again, he was rude and acted liked this was not worth his time. He left and came back to tell me that these are located in the Fort Lauderdale office. He told me that both documents would be sent to me overnight. Two weeks later, I still do not have the car title or the Florida DR123. Question 01: How can any Autonation business manager not know the location of the car title and the DR123? Question 02: Why would any Autonation business manager make an excuse that customers are dealing with a large company therefore the business manager does not know the location of the car title?
Question 03: Autonation is a large company with many resources so how can they not send a car title overnight as promised by their business manager especially when the car was paid in full with cash? BUYER BE WARE!


Terresa and AJ Johnson December 10, 2018 at 11:45 am

I have the Worset exoerience if our life with every Auto Nation we have delt with Auto Nation Honda Memphis, TN tried to sell us 2012 Range Rover with a blown head gasket luckly it ran hot before we could leave, they were going to keep our money even though we didn’t buy the truck had to di a stop payment on the check. Auto Nation Ford Mobile, AL even worset they are a bunch of liars and crocks, first they tried to get us on not repalcing the broken lights front and back by giving us a signed document with an “X” not a signature i still have the document I had to confeont Frsd to get a proper signature, next the sidn’t have the title to the truck after we signed and the vehicle arrived to us a week after signing. Due to Auto Nation not having the title they had to reissue a temp tag which has now accumulated late fees, Mississippi Tax Collectors received the title work improperly filled out everything was abbreviated so they’re not sure about the sales tax didnt put on there we paid $3,000 down. So what do they expect the Tag Office to do with sloppy paperwork. I have called Melissa left a voicemail I have emailed her no return email as usual this is how she operates, we had to cintact the salesman Walter Forrest to contact Jennifer or Jessica inorder to get the temp tag. I dn’t recommend Auto Nation to anyone stay away. I jave called the corporate office left a message for Sheryl or Mr. Jackson to return our call no response yet. THIS IS SAD AND BAD BUSINESS!!!!!.


SUIVIN December 9, 2018 at 5:08 pm


Terrible experience with Auto Nation Ft Myers Toyota dealership . After an agreed monthly price via email, provided credit card as deposit in good faith, rented a car one way, booked an overnight stay at a hotel in Ft Myers and high expectation of getting a new vehicle. Dealer attempted to pull a Bait n Switch . Sales Manager and internet personnel presented new paperwork with a higher monthly payment. Claiming in order to be at the agreed price he would need to remove from the sales order two line item warranties amounting to $1200. Needed to “justify” the agreed price to higher management. The three year warranties covered for dents and interior material. Otherwise the price would be an additional $19.00 in payment. Manager and the internet person both claim the warranties were just offers and not inclusive in the deal. “CAVEAT EMPTOR”


Jon December 7, 2018 at 9:46 am

The company says it takes care of its employees. Making them wait 18 days between pay checks during the holiday season is ridiculous and not taking care of them. I’m sure Mr. Jackson doesn’t have to wait 2 1/2 weeks. Get it together and take care of the people who have made you millions.


Bradley Noonan December 6, 2018 at 4:12 pm

I have a consumer complaint on a Lease agreement from Autonation Delray


Rona Miles December 6, 2018 at 4:11 pm

I have a consumer complaint on a lease agreement from Autonation Delray 2016. Can someone contact me urgently. Thank you


Michael carlson November 15, 2018 at 12:19 pm

I would love a call back from the Nevada regional. I have left 2 messages.


Jacob Rydz November 7, 2018 at 5:05 pm

Have bought two hondas from this dealership, and a nissan from autonation in the past.
Brought my 2014 CRV for service at the Hollywood Fl. location today nov. 7, 2018
The service was terrible.
This was for an oil change, a repair covered by the extended warranty which they honored,
a brake job, and tire rotation.
Brought in the car at 9am and told the service advisor that I would wait for it.
At about 1 pm they told me they were really backed up and they would get me a rental car.
They did that, and at 2;30 I came back to get my house keys from the chain holder and they told me my car was ready.
However they did not do the tire rotation that I had requested.
The service advisor did deduct that and gave me some minor discounts, which did not make up for my stress, aggravation, and loss of job time.
The car still trembles somewhat, which was what I brought it in originally.
but, I will not bring it back there, for lack of trust.
This is definitely the last time I set foot on this dealership, and will tell all my friends to avoid going there for any reason.
The service advisor was polite, and helpful, but he is at the mercy of a very disorganized and unreliable service department.


Dave scott October 22, 2018 at 7:49 pm

Bought a BMW from Henderson NV bmw. Do not go there. These people are scum. GM, Finance Manager and Sales manager are liars. Car only went 47 miles before I had problems. Got it out of shop and went a little over a hundred miles and had the same problem. Argued with GM for a couple weeks. GM has no social skills at all. Sold vehicle for a huge loss. Tried to cancel extended warranty, but GM won’t send in paperwork. $4,000 loss on that also. Avoid BMW Henderson Nv.


Lisi Forte October 9, 2018 at 9:42 am

I’ve had the worse experience with Autonations i have been calling the local dealer where i purchase my vehicel for the past week or so. i need to know information on my extended warranty because my vehicle is at the shop (another dealer nothing to do with autonations) they have also called autonations to receive the same information and to this day no one has the courtesy to return our call. i then called corporate and process a claim with a girl by the name of Renee and i was to receive the information within hours to my email, im still waiting. this is a very unprofessional. this is the last time i will purchase a vehicle from Autonations.


stephen harold October 5, 2018 at 4:45 pm

To whom it may concern,
My name is Stephen Harold and I have been a customer of Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston since I purchased a 2014 Toyota Corolla S Sedan Weston (VIN # 2T1BURHE5EC150118, Contract 123623) on Sunday August 27, 2017.
I have been a good customer of this company but over the past year I have been consistently treated poorly. This culminated with an incident that happened on Tuesday October 2nd 2018, at the Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston location where I was physically threatened in front of my daughter, staff and several customers by Consumer Financial Services Director of Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston, Gary Sigal!
I had spoken to the Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston Service contact person, Alina at 9.41 am earlier that morning and she confirmed that my car was ready to be picked up and that I should pay a total of $1,000.00 as that was the level of my excess coverage with my insurance company, Geico. She stated that she would have been available no later than 5.45 pm. I ensured that I left work in Miami early such that I arrived at 5.10 pm. I first approached the first service manager who worked on my car, Mr. Riveria, but he was extremely quick to dismiss me and let me know he was not going to be involved and that I should seek Alina. I then asked several persons but nobody knew her whereabouts. I then went to the cashier window to pay the sum owed and retrieve my car. It was at that time the cashier gave me a check to sign issued by Geico and then would be paid over to Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston and I complied. She then told me that I should pay a sum of $1,350.00 which was over my excess of $1,000.00. I asked what is the additional $350.00 was for but she said she did not know but she was not going to return my car until this was paid. I was very confused and stunned and asked to speak to a manager. She initially said that because Alina was not there noone could help. I then went back to Mr. Riveria and told him my problem and pleaded with him to allow me to speak to the most senior person on property. After waiting some time I went back to the cashier and again tried to get an answer to my initial question. She then told me that I had a check for Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston in the amount of $350.00 and that I need to either return the check or pay the total of $1,350.00 she initially quoted. I again told her that I have received no such check and I need to have my car returned. At this point I was extremely frustrated and upset at the flippant manner in which I was being treated and continued to demand to see someone senior at the company. Eventually a gentleman named “Len” said he is the most senior person and was willing to listen to my concerns. I requested an office to speak in private because I did not want everyone to hear the intricate details of my situation but he said no and we should continue to speak at the cashier counter. I told him the details of what transpired and he then replied that I have a check for Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston and that I would not be able to get my car until I returned the check or paid the total of $1,350.00. No matter how I explained that the information they are stating is incorrect it made no difference.
In the middle of midst of me speaking to Len I saw an individual coming closer and closer to me. The man then said that he was Mr. Gary Sigal, Consumer Financial Services Director of Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston, and that he spoke to me in the past. I then realized that he was an individual who I called and emailed in the past month about another matter and I was treated with scant regard and great disrespect by him and his direct staff member Manger Mr. Alvaro Caraballo who did not return my emails and phone calls for months. I told Mr. Sigal that he has shown me no respect when I pleaded to him so he cannot help me now. I then continued to speak to Len.
It was at this point Mr. Sigal began to get closer and closer to me while slamming his hand in his fist. He continued to do this and tell me that I should shut up or else. He came within inches or my face and became very threatening and angry and told me to get out and off the property. I told him that I have legitimate business and as a customer I have a right to express my concern and demand answers for my situation. Mr. Sigal continued to act threatening to me and I asked him why he was punching his hands together so close to my face. I asked him if he was going to hit me. He stood menacingly in front of me and then stated that he was going to call the police despite the fact that I had done nothing wrong. He went on his phone as I invited him to call the police as I know I was fully within my rights. Eventually Len said there was nothing he could do and that I should call Geico. I called Geico and spoke to a Ms. Buckely and she stated that I was 100% correct and they have no reason to hold my car. I made her speak to Len and after reviewing his records he admitted that I was correct. However, he then stated that no-one could complete the paperwork and that I have to come back tomorrow. Throughout this entire conversation Mr. Sigal continued to look at me threateningly until I left at 5.45 pm.
I left feeling cheated, embarrassed, upset knowing that I was 100% in the right and yet was treated with absolutely no respect by anyone at Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston. However, none of this compares to the aggressive nature of Mr. Sigal and menacing manner in which I was addressed. I have several witnesses to the entire ordeal including staff members of who agreed that his behavior was totally out of line and unwarranted. The cameras also captured the entire situation.
I need this situation to be addressed as I continue to be a good customer of Auto Nation Toyota Scion Weston and want to ensure that I am treated like a human being and not an animal. I do not appreciate being threatened in front of customers, staff members and my own child. I am still contemplating reporting this matter to the police as I fear the next time I visit the location, Mr. Sigal may not be able to contain his anger and continue to threaten me.
Your faithful customer,

Stephen Harold


Mark Thomasson July 26, 2018 at 11:02 am

I bought a 2015 Ford Explorer from the Autonation Ford Gulf Freeway in Houston, TX and there was a recall for my front door panels, so instead of replacing them, they “fixed” them. Well not even 5 months later and they are falling apart again, and now they are so bad, they can’t even repair them, they need to be replaced. And so I talk to the Director Steve, who was extremely rude to me and basically told me, there is nothing they are gonna so about it, I’m just screwed. They aren’t going to replace them, unless I spend thousands of dollars on new ones that they screwed up even worse as when I brought them in. I haven’t even had this car for even a year and already it’s falling apart inside. It is still under factory warranty and I bought other warranties thru them and they aren’t doing anything to fix my vechile. Everybody in the service department has been rude to me and now I know why cause it comes from the attitude of thier boss, Steve. Don’t ever get a vechile at Autonation Ford Gulf Freeway in Houston.


Deborah L Harding June 25, 2018 at 9:45 pm

Sorry – this is a little long……….

Sad because I had a terrible customer experience with Auto Nation Honda in Lewisville. We have traded there for years – bought 6 cars from them.

Tried to call the service department to talk about the extra coverage I purchased for my Odyssey and the hail damage we got a couple of weeks ago. Something was wrong with their IVR – tried to contact every department available and got looped back to the main menu never to get connected to anyone.

Went into chat on their web site – selected “service” on the chat subject drop down menu. Andrea C responded that she could not assist me with questions around service. (I’m thinking to myself then why do you have it in the drop down menu?) She refers me to an 877 number – I go to look at the number I had been calling to compare to the number she typed – and before I could do anything she tells me to have a nice day and closes the chat window preventing me from verifying the number to see if it is the same number I had been calling.

I’m starting to fume……….

I reach out on the AutoNation Honda Lewisville Facebook page – I get the same message. Telling me to call the 877 number. I try calling 2 more times – get the same result – continue to loop back to the main menu. I try to tell them something is wrong with their phones – they again tell me to call the 877 number and to have a nice day.
I email my sales rep. He responds in minutes – I explain my issue and he sends me another phone number. I call and get the receptionist at the physical location. She tries service without success and comes back to explain they are very busy.

I fume a little more.

I call back asking for the General Manager – the receptionist takes my information, and provided a few details and she says she will have the GM call me back. I wanted to personally provide feedback on my experience. That was 2 hours ago and they close in an hour.

After doing business for over 15 years – I am just not sure I want to go back.

Still fuming……….

#hondaneedscustsvctraining #poorservice


Sandra Latham June 18, 2018 at 12:02 pm

I purchased my 2017 Traverse LT there last August. The service I received from sales was truly amazing. They worked hard to get our business and made us a deal we couldn’t refuse. It was a very pleasant experience.

However, after the sale was final, the after sale experience was a nightmare. The new car we had purchased had a couple of chips in the paint that the dealership agreed to touch up for us. All we had to do was make an appointment at our convenience. This was very challenging for me to do since I am very limited in my job flexibility as a school teacher. I made an attempt to contact them over winter break when I finally had some off time available. I tried calling Abraham (salesperson who sold us the car) and the sales manager, Ronnie Pryor. I left message after message and my call was never returned. I went in within about a month of trying to contact them to get my car looked at. It was then that I finally was able to talk to Ronnie in person. He told me that I didn’t need to make an appointment, just to let him know and I could bring it in to get the paint chips fixed. I said I could do it over spring break so he told me to call him then to set it up. When spring break finally came in March, I tried calling him again. I left messages again. He never returned my call. Come to find out he was on vacation (found this out since his voicemail inbox was full). After many many more phone calls I finally talked to another manager. He was able to put me in touch with Abraham. Abraham told me to bring it in right away and he would get it taken care of, that they would try to squeeze me in since their paint people were very busy. An hour or so later I arrived at the dealership. Abraham took my car back to get it touched up. Within just a few minutes, 5-10 min at most, Abraham brought my car back. This surprised me since he had already informed me that they were really busy. However, when he got it back to me, he told me they weren’t and they were able to do it. I went to check my car and was very disappointed with one of the touch ups. One spot they touched up looked good, but on the other deeper chip, the paint looked like a big glob that was very uneven and not smoothed out at all. When I confronted Abraham about it, he explained that they couldn’t even it out because it would mess up the paint around it. As much as I found that hard to believe, I went on my way and left the dealership. When I got home and showed my husband, he was surprised it looked that bad as well based on previous touch ups on our other cars at other dealerships.

After our purchasing experience at AutoNation, I thought this would be our ‘dealership for life’ because it was so different than most of our previous car buying experiences. However, after going through the process of trying to get a couple of small paint touch ups and seeing how poor the customer service and communication were, I don’t plan to do any business there again, including even the first free oil changes, or recommend AutoNation to anyone. As a dealership that repairs cars and does touch ups all the time, I can’t believe the awful touch up job they did on my brand new $30K car in such a visible spot. I am very upset by the fact that the touched up spot on my car looks horrible, seems to be getting worse, and looking at it serves as a constant reminder of my terrible experience at this AutoNation.


Jeff Lan September 18, 2018 at 1:42 am

On December 22, 2014 I purchased a new 2014 Ford Flex for my wife. Despite some minor hiccups during the sales process, she left AutoNation Ford in Katy, Texas very happy with her new car. She proudly showed it off to all of her friends and family, gushing about the spacious interior and everything else that had us searching for a new vehicle to begin with. We were both happy to have a brand new, reliable vehicle and even purchased the Ford Extended Service Contract to ensure future worry free ownership.
Much to our surprise, about 6 months later the car failed to start and we have since been plagued with random failures to start every so often. Each time a service technician inspects the vehicle, they tell us nothing is wrong with it. We didn’t think too much of the issue initially but my latest experience with AutoNation Ford, has left me beyond exasperated with their categorical denial of service and terrible customer service.
There have been many service issues related to this vehicle relating to a failure to start but unfortunately I only have doXXXXentation as of January 25, 2016. On this day our Flex did not start and I have included the work order stating as such for which the technician found no issues. Less than five months later on June 11 we had the same issue and the battery was replaced. This battery, picture included, has large lettering on it stating, “36 month free replacement warranty” and “100 month limited warranty.” When the battery died just 27 months later I contacted AutoNation Ford yet again only this time I was denied any level of service unless I paid for everything. When I mentioned the extended warranty, the first response was for me to look up the paperwork to see what was covered. When I asked if they could look it up, as they were the ones who sold it to me, I was read a riot act of various term and conditions. In order to simplify things I explained that my battery, which boasted of a 36 month warranty, died after 27 months. I was told that “batteries aren’t covered” and that since the manufacturer’s warranty had now expired, AutoNation was not going to service the vehicle without a fee. They described this a “Ford policy.” Given AutoNation’s refusal to accept any responsibility, I was forced to purchase a battery elsewhere for $245.66 and install it myself.
Poor customer service aside, the Ford Extended Service Contract is largely worthless. The term “extended warranty” that was used to sell this service contract is very misleading as this product is an insurance policy governed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, who I will also be contacting, as proper disclosures were not given nor were terms of the contract honored.
Lack of Disclosure: The paperwork I was given, and included a copy of with this letter, does not explicitly state which plan I have; PowertrainCARE, BaseCARE, ExtraCare or PremiumCare therefore I am unable to understand what my specific terms and conditions are.
Failure to Honor a Contract: In accordance with Section 5, it is stated, “We will… reimburse You for the Vehicle’s servicing in the event of an Emergency Service or Repair, or for the repair or replacement of covered Failures and repairs needed to a non-covered component caused by the Failure of a covered component.” AutoNation was given an opportunity to repair my vehicle during the time of Emergency Service as my vehicle was inoperable but declined. I was subsequently forced to do the repair myself for which I submitted a request to AutoNation Ford which was again declined.
Failure to Honor a Contract: When my vehicle was disabled in my driveway I requested roadside assistance in the form of either a jump start or tow so that I could bring it to AutoNation for servicing. I was told that such services were not covered and that I would pay out of pocket. This is a blatantly false statement as per Section 6A and subsection 1 states items (c) battery jump starts and (e) towing when the Vehicle is disabled are covered.
As per AutoNation Ford’s lack of disclosure and failure to honor a contract, I am requesting a full refund of my service contract in the amount of $1799. I purchased this item in good faith that my future service needs would be met as per the AutoNation Pledge however it is clear that AutoNation Ford has no desire to back any of the products that they sell. I am also requesting a reimbursement in the amount of $245.66 for a battery I was forced to purchase elsewhere as AutoNation Ford refused to honor the 36 month free replacement warranty.


Brandon Strait June 15, 2018 at 6:27 pm


I purchased a used car from Mercedes Benz San Jose about a week ago. The transmission feels like it is about to go. The car jerks violently when shifting gears. It is not safe. The dealership won’t communicate with me. I’m in desperate need of help.

I understand I am a small fish here, but a resolutions is very important to me and for my safety. And I will do everything in my power to return this lemon vehicle. Please allow me to explain further and provide assistance.


ANGELA HARRIS June 13, 2018 at 11:43 am



Jamie Busby June 7, 2018 at 1:26 pm

March 2018 I was in contact with salesperson Susan about a 2008 Chevy C15 “Suburban”. After lots of email correspondence I made a very long drive to Frisco from Kemp, Tx to look at this vehicle. The vehicle was not fairly represented but the used car mgr was willing to make necessary repairs to the said vehicle to make the deal happen. I was put into a loaner as they wanted my trade that day instead of letting me drive my car until the work was completed and I could take delivery of the 08 Suburban. Even though they knew I lived a long distance away and had plans to leave town soon to attend the Houston Live Stock Show with my son who was showing there. well it was two days before I had to leave and the Suburban was still not completely ready due to a delay in parts being delivered. I was not comfortable traveling in the loaner car and asked if I could get the Suburban and return it to have the rest of the work completed after I returned from Houston. The sales lady got back with me and told me to come get it the next day, day before I had to leave at this point. I make the drive to drop of loaner and pick up Suburban and due to a wreck I am unable to access the service road that the dealership is on. Susan says no problem I will have my husband meet you at the next intersection in a Mexican food restaurant parking lot. Ok great I do this, the switch takes less than 5 min and im off and driving back home. I get maybe 2-3 blocks and the Suburban starts idling extremely rough, shaking, transmission shifting funny, miles to empty doing weird things. I stop and call Susan. She says turn around bring it back we will have the loaner waiting. I call my husband next. At this point we decide something more going on with the Suburban than we were led to believe and just want to get our trade back, unwind the deal, no money had exchanged hands, no loans were necessary or anything. this was an even trade. so I return to the dealership explain this to sales lady, used car mgr, sevice mgr and finally get my car back. Knowing I had to leave the next morning I felt this was my best option and the safest thing to do. No hard feelings just chalked it up to bad timing and wasn’t meant to be for us. Fast forward to today. I have received notices from North Texas Toll for toll charges on the 2008 Chevy C15 that was never registered to me for dates that I did not have possession of the 2008 Chevy C15. I have contacted NTTA and they cant help me. I have the burden to prove that I did not own this vehicle. The loaner vehicle and the 08 Suburban were never in my name and to have had the dealer is Frisco fraudulently report a Buyers Tag saying that I drove the 08 Chevy C15 on the dates of March 2 and March 7 is outrageous and completely untrue. The only date I was even in the Suburban was the day I picked it up in a parking lot and it then had mechanical issues and I was told to return it by the dealer, I did not accept final delivery of the vehicle and the deal was undone at that time. I am asking that I receive a letter stating that there was an error in reporting and that I was never the legal registered owner and I am not responsible for these charges sent to me and to the NTTA. I have contacted my sales person Susan who responed with” I don’t know what to tell you” then left me on hold for 30 min when I ask to speak with her mgr. I then called back and left a msg for the Used Car Mgr asking for a response within 24 hrs before I escalated this to the next step. And no return call from him either. I am again requesting a response within 24hrs before I move on the BBB and other Social media outlets to get this resolved.


Ricky McNeil May 18, 2018 at 6:50 pm

Extended Warranty Fraud–Warranty Fraud at Auto nation Chevrolet Cadillac – Amarillo TX (806) 356-5600– I purchased an extended I bought a GM extended warranty from a Texas auto nation dealership in Nov 2016, took my vehicle into the shop last week, I was told by GM warranty that the dealership did not complete my paperwork and the warranty in not good, dealership accepted my payment and I have signed/processed contract in hand.

I have talked with Finance department Johnathan, left messages with Abby in finance, talked with Kim in the office, who at first said that was nothing they could do and somebody should have contacted me and was sorry. I have left messages with GM, Eddie, with no response.

When I called GM warranty, they advised me that the problem was with the dealership since they did not submit a signed contract, which I and the dealership has. My truck has been in the shop for repairs that I am waiting for over a week and this is an extreme hardship. Now Parts and Service Director, Terry, would not provide last name, said there was nothing he could do, but refund my money, yet no warranty.


Jason Johnson May 7, 2018 at 1:07 pm


Please read the email below that I sent to the dealership. My Toyota Tundra that I purchased on 03/17/2018 is still at the service dept at Autonation Ford in Frisco. I have ONLY had possession for 5 days since I purchased it. It was sold with a broken power steering rack and broken strut and the manager KOLBY WAHL at Autonation Mercedez Benz of Greenway in Houston has refused to fix the problem that the truck was sold to me with.

My number is 940-594-XXXXX if you need to call me. Thanks Jason Johnson

Hello Don,

Hope all is well and your month is turning out to be a fruitful one. I can’t say enough how impressed I was with my experience buying a vehicle from you and Autonation. While the experience was fantastic, unfortunately the Tundra has not been.

Since I purchased this vehicle from Greenway on March 17th, I have only been in possession of it for 5 days. The rest of the time, it has been at Autonation Ford in Frisco’s service department. If you’ll recall, I called you after getting on the highway soon after I took delivery of the Tundra and stated that something was wrong with the steering/suspension.

I had taken the truck soon after to Autonation Ford in Frisco on March 21st. They inspected the truck and informed me that it appears that the truck has had a pretty serious impact which has broken the power steering rack and the passenger side strut/shock. Carrie, who is the service writer at the Ford store has been taking care of me. Her direct number is 972-335-5012. She has informed me that the power steering rack is covered under the warranty but the strut/shock is not and she would need approval from your store to complete the required repairs.

I am asking for your help here because I can’t imagine that your store would be ok having a safety item such as steering and suspension be broken upon delivery especially after being inspected/serviced at your dealership. Cosmetic things on a pre-owned vehicle are totally understandable but safety items such as these that affect the driver’s control of the vehicle are a pretty serious concern. Being that this truck was sold to me like this would lead me to believe that your management would (#1 want to know about it and #2 make it right).

Look forward to your reply and hopeful resolution.



Mislead Woman April 27, 2018 at 11:37 am

Bought truck 3-19-18, transferred from Houston, Texas Auto Nation. Broke down first night, water pump, noticed noise of turbo boost, opened sun roof and clips were broke and won’t close. immediately called sales rep for assistance. Transfer Driver should have said something. Obviously Houston Texas Nation did not do INSPECTION. Took truck to local repair shop. They stated the Engine Codes were wiped cleaned just recently and printed out report showing us. We had to pay for Water Pump repair to only drive truck back dealership. To date today 4-27-18, truck is still sitting in same spot we parked it at and sales manager agreeing to fix/repair the problems giving misleading information and lies about the repairs. From parts being on back order when local ford dealership has the parts in stock, to waiting for approval on which budget funds would pay for repairs and etc. They even took a picture in false intentions showing truck in their shop with boxes of parts stating that it was being on worked on and anyway now. Only to find out it was staged and more lies about no parts and still on back order and waiting on paperwork from Houston Texas Auto Nation. At this point they are just stalling and not willing to get the job done. I work for a law firm and have started correspondence to Houston, Texas Auto Nation, Local Auto Nation and Auto Nations Corporate Office to give them benefit of a doubt to respond and then soon thereafter began our legal case against Auto Nation.
AVOID Auto Nation in its entirety. They Stonewall and are not ever customer friendly or courtesy and most of all never keep their word on any promises and their standards of treating a customer fairly and honestly.


Ebony Rivers April 26, 2018 at 2:05 pm

****Do Not purchase a car from auto nation ****
I purchased a car 4/14 I noticed 2 issues brakes and tapping Noise from the front right in of the vehicle I call the dealership to return the vehicle Monday April 16 within the 5 day guarantee no questions asked they refused to take their car back. Then after the 5 days they call stated I want return the car I did. Now they don’t want to release my down payment money…don’t waste time or money$$$


Robert G Transue April 20, 2018 at 10:03 am

I purchased a car from an Auto Nation dealer in Brunswick Ga. I purchased a warranty that included oil changes and tire rotation. The dealership was sold and there is no dealership within 100 miles that will honor the warranty. The new dealer that bought the company tried to do it but Auto Nation won’t allow it. Now, Auto Nation’s answer is to cancel the warranty and give the money back to the lien holder and advised me to purchase a new warranty out of pocket. I will say now that from the first minute I started dealing with Auto Nation I have yet to feel like a true appreciated customer and will never again deal with Auto Nation or recommend anyone else to do so. It is sad that the supposed largest car dealer in the nation cannot manage to work out a problem like this and have satisfied customers.


VP April 14, 2018 at 1:50 pm

Being that the dealership can’t stop emailing me as if I was a satisfied customer,
below is my response in hope that they will just go away:

You’ve already called me regarding the WORST vehicle purchase experience I have ever had anywhere.

This no price haggling piece of garbage you sold me broke down dead in 72 miles. You towed it back to your shop
and contacted me in hopes of giving it back to me or selling me another overpriced abused vehicle evidenced by an obviously
stressed engine when driven on the highway. That vehicle was pulling whatever on a class 3 hitch which is not designed to do so. I fully expect you to remove the hitch in hopes it will not break down again before your so called satisfaction guarantee. and of stick someone else with that vehicle, unbeknownst to them.

On top of all that you have all that you have the audacity to charge a $700 dealership fee. For what? You did nothing to that vehicle but a crappy vacuum job and an Armoral soak/bath to the point I had to wash my hands the few times I drove it and wash the clothes I was driving in. The interior cleaning and detailing was atrocious, there were fool particles and dirt in every nook and cranny .The digital clock/audio/temp display was broken and you had no inclination to fix it even after I asked. The vehicle also had no rear seat headrests and again had no intention of supplying any even after I asked to potentially get them from you at a charge. Legal? I don’t know. Pathetic with your dealership fee, definitely. BTW The dealership smelled like arroz con pollo and had nightclub dance music playing all day. For real?

I left your banana republic style business tactics to the suckers that you will find to unload your crappy vehicles and customer
service practices to find honest, fair priced and professional dealership in Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area and purchased a great vehicle for less than you tried to soak me for.

The only bright spot was with the courteous salesperson Daniel and your friendly and helpful ladies at the cashier counter.
I hope they all leave you as they are far more deserving than to be working in your establishment.
The rest of your place is an embarrassment to the honest Miami business community.

I will never set foot in your establishment again nor will I ever recommend Autonation anywhere to anyone, in fact, now that
you have proven your communications systems aren’t even reconciled by continuing to send me emails regarding my grueling and disastrous 3 day experience at your dealership, I am putting reviews on every site I possibly can to warn potential customers about how you conduct business. And, I’m now going to send this to your corporate office as well since you have
provoked a regurgitation of this huge mistake of a purchase memory.

Thank you for your continued and unrelenting contact/emails to me regarding my purchase of one of your vehicles.

You can stop now.


Oti Gimenez April 10, 2018 at 10:09 am

Purchased 2016 Chevrolet Equinox
Danny Martinez -Sales
Issac Moreno – Finance
Danny Mondado – Manager
Janz Alvarez – Used Car Manger

Janz Alvarez told me he would order the part and would let me know when it got here.
Called several times and each time I was told I would be called.
Trying to reach anyone there is a full time job. The operators transfer to extensions that you can leave a message because it full and not accepting messages.

I emailed Issac Moreno regarding the part. Since I could not reach him by phone. He assured me I would get a call when the part came in.
Could never speak with any of the people that were very eager to sell me the car.

I received an email from Danny Moncada asking me how he could help.
He would let me know when the part was in. Never heard from him.

Emailed from Alain Josep telling me he would like to offer me his personal assistance.
I emailed him back and have not heard from him. But he wanted to offer me his “personal assistance “.

I called and was told to come Monday 4/9 at 9:00 and ask for osmani perez.

Got to the dealer at 9:00 asked for Mr Perez and it seems Mr. Perez doesn’t come in until 1:00.
I spoke with one of the many managers(Janz Alvarez) who told me Anton would be here in about 10 minutes to replace part.
Issac Moreno came to say hello.
I expressed my dissatisfaction and all he could say was “I understand”.
9:50 and Anton is nowhere to be found.
10:15 went to find out where Anton was. Was told he doesn’t get in until 10:00
In speaking with Anton he tells me he’s had the part for over a month. I was never called to tell me it was there.
Asked to speak with Alain Josep. He never showed up. What a way to offer customers his “personal assistance “.

I’m so sorry I ever came here to purchase my car.
They are very eager to sell but service, customer service and follow through is horrible.

This car was not given to me free. I paid for it and I refuse to be treated with the lack of respect and indifference. They are not very professional.


robertspitzer April 5, 2018 at 6:12 pm

I took my 2017 Mercedes-benz Winnebago motorhome on 04/03/2018 to the Wesley chapel store I had the best service from the service manager brian gerharz and the teck that worked on my unit told me things I need to do to keep unit in great shape I will tell all about this store keep up the good work thanks bob spitzer


Steven solano April 2, 2018 at 8:45 pm

Stay away from autonation Honda in Sanford, FL! Absolute the worst customer service on this planet! They are incompetent and do not care about there customer! They only care about the bottom line! The whole management need to be fired with the general manager being the first! Worst experience of my life and I warn everyone to stay away or you will become there next victim!


Steven Solano April 2, 2018 at 8:32 pm

Autonation Honda in Sanford, FL is the worst dealership I have ever done business with in my 40 years of life! I strongly urge anybody in the market for a new Honda to avoid this place at all cost! There scam artists and incompetent and do not know what customer service is or how to run a business! They might as well not even have a general manager because no matter how many times we called and left messages she would not speak to us! She is the ring leader of this circus and they all follow by example! Can u believe my wife called at least 15 times today for Richard and Anna and them too would not return her calls like there the victims in this whole mess they caused! My wifeDrove around for over a month and a half and her new pilot and just a couple of days ago they told us that the car had to come back because the deal was an approved! this is not what they have been telling us for over a month now we have talk to them repeatedly because they kept calling my wife every couple of days asking for a new form or a new copy so finally me and my wife started asking if something was wrong and Richard kept telling us know that everything was perfect we had nothing to worry about even after we got a certified letter saying that the car had to go back I was ready to take the car back immediately and once again Richard got on the phone and told us that that the letter was sent out accidentally that he apologized that he was very very sorry it was an ugly letter but that everything was fine and the deal was perfect! We tried to give them the car but they keeper there lie going and going for well over a month and went as far as paying off her trade in with Wells Fargo! We received a certified letter from Wells Fargo letting us know that the car had been paid off by AutoNation and that they now have the title! So Anna told us that all she had to do was call in favors because they have a great relationship with Wells Fargo and she would get our loan on the trade in reinstated! So let me get this right!! This was Saturday!! Now today is Monday the 2nd of April! We’ve been calling autonation Honda all day to get our down payment money and and our old car and return there pilot and there all avoiding are calls! You think they would want the pilot back but like I say we called and called and it has went as far as the secretary forwarding our calls to a voice mail! This shows you how childish and incompetent the management at this dealership is! There is so much more I could complain about be I would be writing for another two hours! I urge everyone to stay far away from this evil place!! They don’t know What customer service is and they do not know how to run a business owner of this company would be well advised to fire everybody he’s got running that place the first person I would fire would be the general manager! Stay far far away for these scam artists or I promise you will be next! This has been the Worst experience of my life and a real life nightmare!


Kevin Jones March 20, 2018 at 11:04 pm

I wish I had read all these negative reviews before I went to autonation parkmeadows in CO. All I wanted was some new windshield wiper put on my car before I bought it. Of course it wasn’t done. I emailed the first time it rained and needed the wipers and the GM Mark Perry there called me and yelled at me and told me to buy my own damn wipers. And yes he did use the word damn..He accused me of being bullying and aggressive with his salesman. I was no such thing. That is not in my nature. If anything he was aggressive, rude and and the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. He really helps perpetuate the the stereotype of sleezy can salesman.

All I wanted was a lousy set of windshield wipers. And I get this idiot calling me to yell at me. Thanks Autonation. I will do everything in my power to keep people from shopping there.


George godoybaca March 20, 2018 at 9:51 pm

I purchase a new 2016 Chevrolet Suburban 0 miles at coral gables auto nation at 42 ave nw 8 st at 6,000 miles the suburban star shaking like if the car is going to turn of, I took the car for service and they keep the car for one week and the result was that the car is ok because their not check engine on, at this time the problem continue and every time I took the car for service. I always tell the service Dept the problem of the car. I am very dissappoinment about the car and the dealer, I will never recommend to nobody ro purchase a Suburban


GARY TEMEL March 10, 2018 at 6:33 pm

I called after seeing on, auto trader, and dealers actual website for a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ss for sale several other dealers are taking anywhere from 8k-22k off sticker since 2018 has been out for awhile. Spoke to salesman at Auto nation Chevrolet Green acres in Florida. When spoke to salesman said he would check and see if car was still there and take a few pictures as he did. Told him I saw on web site and that i will take car. He then calls me back and says sales manager said it was a mistake and then says i can sell it for 8k off sticker only. There are 2 other cars on site with large discounts and also have seen them discounted other dealers and confirmed as high as 20k off and verified with dealers but wanted this car. Took about sneaky Corporate needs to know about this and see what a bad name this is giving Auto nation for not honoring the price.


Jackie Tinsley March 6, 2018 at 1:27 pm

AutoNation has refused to comply with a certified state issued income deduction order for child support. AutoNation Ford in Sanford has been supplied this information 3 separate times through certified mail. The State Revenue office has been given all the information collected since August 2017. I have been advised that an injunction can be filed against AutoNation . Since even with communication with the dealership manager, and other representatives from cooperative offices the order has not been complied with this would be the next step to this process.


peter dixon January 11, 2018 at 12:52 pm

PLEASE BE AWARE OF BAD CHECKS AND STOP PAYMENT ON CHECKS FROM AUTO NATIONS STORES IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA ON NOVEMBER15 2017 at the auto nation stores volkswagen in las vegas located 6375 west sahara ave 89146 702 605 5802 I have referred some friends and lots of people to auto nation your saleman will give you a finders fee and you can get a bird dog check for referring customers to auto nations car lots i am very upset to the point auto nations wrote me a check in DECEMEBER 2017 for 100.00 and i toke it to my bank here in las vegas and cashed it two weeks later auto nation put a stop payment on the check for no reason at all i went down to the volkswagen store and the audi store right next door to each other and i was told by mr richard manger i told the finance manger to give the check to the salesman why would i do such a thing when i need it the 100.00 to buy some toys for my kids for chirstmas THEY just playing games so i contact nations headquarters account rec. dept 954 796 6000 i talked to ms queen i was told that the check was written for 38.00 and not a 100.00 i gave them all in formation and copy of the check and i am still getting the run around so this wont happen to you i am warning you not to refer any more customers to any and all auto nations store there actions has cause me to go in check systems and messed up my checking accounts please be aware do not except bird dog checks from any auto nations stores across america they have bad checks and they could and will STOP PAYMENT PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND I AM ASKING FOR 2000.00 OR 2500.00 DOLLARS TO SETTLE THIS MATTER AND A WRITTEN LETTER TO MY BANK AND TO GET AUTO NATIONS TO WRITE A LETTER TO CHECK SYSTEMS AND REMOVE THAT STOP PAYMENT BAD DEBT FROM MY CREDIT IF ANY ONE NEED MORE INFORMATION CONTACT ME 702 682-XXXXX


Donald A. January 4, 2018 at 3:28 pm

What a terrible experience it has been purchasing a vehicle from autonation.
I bought a certified Jeep liberty 2010 on December 29th 2016 and in less than a year I will have to replace the water pump and lines, transmission lines, transmission cooler, and transmission itself. This is over 4000 dollars in work and when I contacted the service department at the dealership they basically told me well that’s the way it goes with used vehicles we cant help you. I glad to have spent 12,000 dollars on a used vehicle to need to spend 1/3 the purchase price to keep it running. Auto Nation will never get any of my business again and I will post this complaint everywhere I possible can to hopefully save somebody this hassle in the future. Its nice to see how they treat veterans and students who are trying to get a reliable vehicle. But I guess that the way it goes.


Shawn December 29, 2017 at 12:08 pm

We recently stopped by autonation airport in Orlando FL to purchase a new SUV. The lot had no customers which should have been my first clue considering every dealership in the surrounding area was very active that day. After roughly fifteen minutes of looking around a salesman finally greets us. We start asking questions and immediately realize that he has no clue about the cars. Understanding that he may or may not be new we continue to work with him but instead of asking questions we look at the stickers. We then noticed the stickers themselves were not correct. On many cars the interior color was wrong or the sticker would claim to have the driver convenience packages but none of that package appeared on the car, etc. we had already been looking for weeks so we knew exactly what we wanted and when we couldn’t find it outside the salesman brought us inside to speak with his manger Andy. Andy started off relatively nice but that quickly changed. Andy said he found the car but we would have to make a deal to bring it over. We told him no that we would just drive to see it. Andy talked us into working out some numbers before we departed. During this time he talked down about what the salesman showed us which Should of been my second clue to leave. I gave him my price point (which was met later that day on the same exact trim at a competing dealership) Andy laughed at me, crumbled the paper and said “have a nice day”. We walked out astonished but decided we would contact the other dealership ourselves and just try to work with them. I call that dealer which was two and a half hours away and give him the information. The salesman informed me that the car had already been sold earlier that day. So they were trying to sell me a car that wasn’t even available. At the end of the day we received the car that we wanted from a competitor at the price point we were happy with and autonation airport permanently lost another customer. The disrespect in that dealership on the sales side was beyond belief and I truly hope corporate can fix it.


Randy December 20, 2017 at 6:44 pm

NEVER TAKE YOUR CAR TO ANY AUTONATION DEALERSHIP ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!,, I left my Duramax with them for for warranty work on the emissions system. Work was expected to take 1 day and ended being over a week. Sometime within the service appointment they smashed into my truck with another customers car. They called to notify me of the incident. I asked for a doXXXXent explaining the incident, and that they would warranty the respiratory work. They said no problem and assured me there was a new Silverado loaner truck waiting for me. I came to the dealer in a snowstorm looking to pickup the loaner, which was a total lie, cuz they only has a small car, and the parts for my truck still haven’t been ordered like they told me were. I didn’t take the loaner and I told them to just contact me with my requested paperwork when the truck was finished. The next days to come were all filled with lies and BS excuses so they can continue to have the truck longer to finish the body work from the accident. I tried calling Autonation corporate office for answers or any resolution, and they just totally blew me off. I finally went to pick up my truck THREE WEEKS later from the initial appointment They still charged me for the service, even after they said it would Be waived for my inconvenience. The truck is covered in overspray and the paint has dimples in it. I told them I want the numbers for both the owner of the dealership and another for a Chevy rep. He wrote the numbers down for me and I left in my truck. I went home and called the numbers which were both only for Chevy roadside assistance, he sure pulled a fast one on me. This dealership has the absolute worst customer service in the world, and they will never see one of my vehicles again. I work in a very large company employing nearly 3000 people in area and I will spread the word for sure. I filed a complaint through Chevy for the body work repairs. and I assured them the repairs will not be made by this dealership if at all possible. I am a very pleasant and professional person and this not the customer service I expected from a dealership


CF December 19, 2017 at 4:17 pm


I brought my 2012 Ford Explorer to fix a warranty power steering issue. When i picked it up it was worse then when i brought it to them. I have three warning lights going off. They broke the sway bar and tried to get me to pay to fix something they broke. I have tried many times to get this dealership to fix my both my cars and they NEVER do a thing but make it worse. I spoke with a Autonation representative that he informed me that he works for Autonation and not the dealership. He told me that this dealership is the worse our of all of them and they will not hire good smart people. He told me that fire employees every month because they dont do there job. I know have a car that my wife cant drive with our two sons because its unsafe and they REFUSE to fix it. I dont know how any company can have there name on a business that work so dishonest. NEVER NVER NVER USE AUTONATION FORD IN LITTLETON, COLORADO – THIS IS THE WORSE DEALERSHIP IN THE USA!!!


Janet Ingram December 18, 2017 at 8:26 pm

Purchased my vehicle on August 15th, 2017. Well here it is December 18th and I get a notice from Mopar that a Safety Recall is still open on it. The recall came out on July 7, 2017. More than one month after I purchased it. They gave me a paper to sign stating there were no open safety recalls on the vehicle. I’ve been driving this vehicle around, transporting grandchildren and friends for four months, with the possibility that the airbag on the driver’s side could be activated. This could have been tragic, for myself, my passengers and any other drivers that I could have had an accident with. There were also 2 other recalls on this vehicle. Talk about selling something under false pretenses. I lost everything I own except for my dog and this POS car to Hurricane Harvey. I’m about at the end of my rope. I will contact the Texas State Attorneys Office regarding this issue. NEVER AGAIN AUTONATION. Bunch of CROOKS.


your vender December 11, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Well Well Well, I guess Auto Nation wants to run off all their customers.

We have ordered parts three days in a row and every time the new central delivery system in Denver takes 2 days to get us our parts it looks like we will be looking for a new dealership to work with parts are no longer a priority for this company …
ps: part was ordered by 9:00 am the same excuse each time we did not get the pick tix
Sorry I will be taking my $25000.00 a year somewhere else

What a way to ruin a good relationship

Eric Martin,, you’re the person trying to implement this strategy if you don’t have the competent people to perform the task then do something about it … 123


Abdool S Saleem April 19, 2018 at 2:30 pm

I have a 1987 Toyota cressida at one of the Autonation Toyota I regret taking my car there one week and a bunch of bull s**t I really hate my self for not doing more research on this company from the manager to the service advisor no one tells the truth I really hate places like this ,big corporations and they don’t give a s**t about customer service I have more to say but I have to stop for now


Freddie Falke December 7, 2017 at 7:28 am



Freddie Falke December 7, 2017 at 4:46 am

Very disappointed in the under handed way they treat people for instance took my 2000.00 dollars as a down payment, but was not able to get loan approved. Auto nation kept my 2000.00 when I returned car to dealership. Which is against the law my money should be returned to me but was told I had the car for an extended amount of time and that is the reason. Which was not my fault that the dealership did not contact me to return it. But just kept on trying to finance this is theft of my money. Contacted new car manager with not assistance in help. THIEF THIEF THIEF…..


Tonisha Bnjamin December 5, 2017 at 9:40 am

I have had the worst experience of my life with AutoNation on Victory Drive, Columbus, Georgia. I purchased a 2009 Dodge Challenger from them on April 28, 2017. My sales associate Paul Hollaway sold me the vehicle. The vehicle was located at another lot in Columbus, Georgia. My sales Associate got the car from the lot on 04/24/2017 and sold it to me on 04/28/2017. I put full trust in my sales associate in helping me find a dependable car. I explained to him, I have 4 kids, 2 in college, and a brother that is paralyzed that has to be taken to doctor appointments. I needed a good car. I could not afford the warranty, so I checked the car fax,-1 owner, no accidents. He said the car had been serviced and promised me that was a good car. I was not going to purchase it because the payments was to much with the warranty added, but he insisted on it was a good car. I purchased the car and had to bring it back to service department 3 times about a noise under the hood. Well, it’s 7 months and motor is gone on the car. I am stuck with a car payment (owe 11,000.00), $8,000 in order to get new motor and no car. I have tied to talk to my sales associate, the used car manager and the General Manager won’t even return my calls or come out and talk to me. He sent a message to me and said tell her there is nothing I can do. He did not have the decency to even come out and say a word. I tried to talk to him twice and he told both used and new car managers to tell me, he could not do anything for me. Customer Service was horrible. They sold me a car that they new was not fit to sell. That is why he was rushing the sale. I am ashamed, out of a car, stuck with a bill and don’t no what to do from here. I only had the car for 7 months not even a year and the motor gone. The point of inspection was declined and not done when they transferred the vehicle to their store. It’s not right and I do not see how someone can sleep at night knowing you have sold a car that was not fit to sale. HELP needed fast!


tahir December 4, 2017 at 9:21 pm



Christian December 1, 2017 at 7:21 pm

I will never buy anything from AutoNation ever again, the way they do business is horrible and unorganized I had bought a 17 ram 1500 from AutoNation in Katy,Texas the salesman Nicolas Dallas continue to text me weeks after I said no and stop running the credit app after all that he promised me a price that was pretty good, told him I will come in and close out please have everything ready and I show up and nothing was ready at all, I spent a total of at least 5 hours there sitting trying to buy the truck then having them misplace papers that were already sent or handled a week prior, and then on top of that changing the monthly price, when before coming in he told me I made it clear is this the price if not I’m not wasteing my time he replies yes yes, show up wasted hours to finally still pay over what he had promised, then I get the truck and had it for a couple weeks and each week they called asking for soemthing new copy of a pay stub that was already provided but they lost, in my mind if you agreed on price you sign the paper work and walk out he door the deal is done but no! They lost the papers and the bank canceled the application, and they told me on the 30th of November that the bank wants the truck back I said okay I show up and of course nothing was organized Nicolas, continued to ignore me and cut me off while I was talking to him to go after another customer I got so fed up after sitting there for another 2-3 hours with no help I said here is your truck give me my car I traded in and my down payment I’m done here, they said okay I get the keys and they said well you owe us over $1000 because we changed the tires we pulled it dents we did this and bat had to get it certified as a used car and paid the fees i went to the car and they did nothing! Same tires no dents they looked it over and it reduced to $700 and change they were trying to hard to not give me my money back, and now I’m still waiting for my license plate and registration sticker to my old car and had to pay for the car note on that since it was past due cause of the fact that i got the truck few days prior to the car note being due, and I called the corporate office number couple days ago and left a message and have yet to receive any kind of answer I will never ever walk into a AutoNation dealership again.


LATOYA LEWIS November 30, 2017 at 10:41 am



THOMAS Rebman November 15, 2017 at 6:10 am

Purchased a Mercedes at their Orlando Maitland location in May 2017. Paid off the auto in September 2017 and cancelled the extended warranty of which Mercedes processed it 10/14 and now the Financial guy at the dealership is stalling and giving the run around. As one who buys a new car every year, I can promise that I will not give my business to an Auto Nation dealership if this is how they like to do business. As a professional who deals with people everyday and in several auto enthusiasts clubs I tell everyone about Good and Bad experiences.


Anthony December 8, 2017 at 1:43 pm

I am having the same thing with autonation Mercedes orlando north. 3 monthdbif trying to get my tire warranty back for a car I do not own.
I complained to the Fl Attorney General . Nothing yet


Unhappy Customer November 13, 2017 at 10:56 am

The email I sent the area manager who decided not to get back to me within 48-72 hours

I was hesitant on bringing my car here for repairs based on my previous experiences here but I took it anyway on Sept 11th, they started repairs on Sept 15. It’s now Nov 11 and I still don’t have my car. So here is the timeline I currently have:
Oct 5th – I CALLED Tom for him to inform me that the main part wasn’t in yet but HE WOULD GIVE ME A CALL when it does come in.
Oct 20th- I CALLED again for him to inform me that the main part is in and they currently have their two best people working on it and to give them a week or so.
Oct 25th – I CALLED again for him to inform me that they have to take out the motor and they only had one person who can do that so that’s the holdup and to be patient( What happen to the two best people working on it again?!?!?!? but who cares)
Oct 31st or Nov 2nd – I was informed that Tom no longer works there and Jesse and his team would be taking over it. They would have it finished by the 10th or 11th, No promises, which at the time was fine to me.
Nov 6th – Jesse called to give an update, we were still on track.
Nov 8th – I called to make sure we were good for Friday or Saturday. They agreed if no issue came up that we were good.
Nov 11th – I went to the collision dept to visually see the car since I didn’t receive a call saying the car is complete.

Here we are the car is completely back together minus a few items. I was told the tech guy who took the car apart isn’t the same person who put the car together so they have misplaced those few pieces and now I have to wait for them to find where the pieces are basically.

NOW HERE IS MY RANT!!!!!!!!!!!

COME ON THE F**K ON MAN?!?!?! 56 days later, 3 car notes later (since its due on the 12th). Here we are trying to find pieces that some tech lost. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE LEFT the office without finding those pieces and putting the car back together fully. I have appreciated the new approach from Jesse and Team but what the hell are we doing here. Like I’m hitting EVERY DAMN bump in the road just to get my car completed. The idea that you will get paid your full amount regardless since the insurance company is paying for it is what is bothering me. No discount or anything can be offered to please me. Like I told them, the pressure is on. I’m going to come up there every day to see the car and I want an update till I get my car back. Why should I continuously be inconvenienced by some tech misplacing the pieces or your employee at the time lying like there was no tomorrow?!?!?!? What weight does an apology hold when your guys are holding my time hostage?


A November 30, 2017 at 7:55 am

I have a similar complaint with their customer no service. I have tried for months with constant calls, visits and emails with nothing but excuses to no response. Try a letter to the Attorney General of your state, the CEO and the Stockholders that might get their attention.
That’s what I’m doing now, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Marc November 7, 2017 at 8:10 pm

I believe my vehicle was sabotaged at Auto Nation Mercedes Benz of Miami.
I went to Auto Nation Mercedes Benz of Miami for a car starting issue to have the Service Department tells me after having my vehicle for several weeks that say my vehicle has a oil leak, a radiator leak, multiple suspension failures and needed a host of new parts and repairs in excess of $12,000. The “check tire air” light come on, and suddenly the Service Department says I need a plethora of expensive new parts and very costly repairs.
There is absolutely positively no doubt in my mind after 31 years in the US Army Military Police and 26 years in US Department of State Federal Law Enforcement that the Service Department at Auto Nation Mercedes Benz of Miami is attempting to rip me off. They are trying to squeeze more money out of me by doing unnecessary repairs. What drives them to cheat and push unnecessary repairs is extremely very high pressure by their bosses to perform unnecessary work for the shop to stay in business with high profit. Let me tell you how I know my vehicle was sabotaged at Auto Nation of Mercedes Benz of Miami. Several years ago I had a similar issue. At the end of my warranty period the Service Department said my vehicle needed thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of repairs, so I traded it in on a Friday afternoon, the very next day Saturday my vehicle was reportedly repaired, cleaned and SOLD on the lot. I witness this with my own two eyes at the Dealership and it was confirmed by the Sales Department with my own two ears.
My vehicle has been expertly maintained only and exclusively by Mercedes Benz Dealerships while it was certified preowned, while under factory warranty and also while it was under extended warranty. Suddenly a hodgepodge of issues and a cornucopia of problems mysteriously went wrong with my vehicle when the Service Department believed my vehicle was still under extended warranty.
Again. I believe my vehicle was sabotaged at Auto Nation Mercedes Benz of Miami. Please conduct a complete comprehensive investigation and respond to me.
Very respectfully,
Marc Garcia


Mark J Smith October 31, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Starting last week, I have been trying to buy a new 2017 Ford XLT Super Duty crew cab pickup that I found listed on for $52,330. They all listed that a total of $2750.00 was available with cash back and a rebate, as incentives. They further listed the finance rates for 36 months at 1.9 percent interest. The truck is Race Red and has the options that fit my needs. I contacted the dealership through The sales persons name is Xavier Johnson. I told him I wanted to put $20.000 down and finance the remained at the 1.9 percent rate. He emailed me an invoice for $54,127.39 as a $1250 rebate bumping the price up nearly $2500. Out of frustration today I emailed his manager asking him to intervene. I got a call from another person saying that I should look on their website and not The dealership is Auto Nation Gulf Freeway in Houston, TX. All I want to do is buy the truck at their price. It seems all they want to do is play games. I believe this bait and switch tactic is consumer fraud. I intend to contact the AG of the state of Texas and let them look into it. These people shouldn’t be in business!
Mark J Smith


Will Helling October 31, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Tried to get a oil change on our Tacoma at Auto Nation Toyota in Centennial, Colorado. 2 weeks out, what is up with that. The same dealership said after my last oil change that it needed front brakes, checking the pads myself found more than 50% left, what is up with that.
Doing the front brakes on my sons Tacoma, Toyota service manual recommends a rubber grease, Toyota Part #08887-01206, to lube the calipers and slides. Called the parts department at Auto Nation Toyota in Centennial, $63 dollars for the item. Went online and purchased the same Genuine Toyota 08887-0206 for $10.50, what up with that.

Done with Auto Nation Toyota, what a joke.


Chris lobo October 30, 2017 at 11:46 am

I have been so disappointed with my self … first of all to go for Ford Truck n AutoNation … I don’t know if it was unfortunate on my side with the decision … I have brought the NEW Ford F150 2017 on 23rd of September 2017 @noon … the brand new truck from the showroom AutoNation Dealer .. same day in the evening the Truck did wanted to move forward or back n was seized we had to get it towed … soo embarrassing .. late nite with my family with me . the Dealer or Service department letter check or dnt know what said it was battery problem .. I have some picture attaché for the weird sign shown …
After 4 day we get the Truck back saying it was just a battery problem …. “the service need to check why a brand new car gave a problem before returning “ Truck return on 26th evening gave the Truck back ..
14th Oct 2017 the history continue the Truck didn’t move forward or back with weird sign attached pictures … the car was towed … .. ever since then we been going the sales managedMr. Calvin gave a a different Truck to drive back …
After few days .. after several calls to sales n Service department we get a call saying the ford will come n check
Today 30th Oct 2017 we don’t know what has happen wit the Truck … or why we need to pay the insurance, loan for the Truck ..
I am not gonna take a the Truck back even if it has been fixed … coz what I have experience in just 10 day .. twice with the Truck … a brand new truck … cannot never want to experience it again …
Especially with ur family …
When the second time same thing occur we just missed with an accident … With Gods Grace
When the Truck is put in drive goes reverse …
Why should we suffer because the Service department did-not diagnosing the Truck before returning to the Customer …
I have brought the Truck from Sales Department
With Sam was the sales rep
And Mr Calvin was a Sales manager .. i know them … y should I check or contact or check wit ford hotline for an answer or keep calling the Service departme


Joe Owens October 26, 2017 at 9:48 am

AutoNation Brunswick, GA: I had a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 21,000 miles on it and I had to put the Jeep in the shop for radio issues on three separate occasions and they had to replace the radio three times but I continued to have issues with the radio doing the same on all three radios. The radio’s would lose power just out of the blue and I would have to reset the radio’s every time it shut down. I contacted the Jeep Corporation sometime during the first week of October and spoke with Shanny, I think that was her name but not sure, about the issue and she put me on hold and contacted the service manager Jeff at the Brunswick, GA. dealership and she got back with me soon after I was put on hold. She advised me to contact Jeff and she gave me his number. I contacted him immediately after getting off the phone with her, to set up an appointment and I advised him that I would need a loaner vehicle until the issue with the radio was resolved. He told me that he would have to get with AutoNation about getting a loaner and that he would be bringing in specialist to help with the radio issue. Well, I did not hear from him until I contacted him on 10/09/2017 and I called him and got his voicemail so I left him a message to call me so we could set up the appointment to get the Jeep in. As of 10/24/2017 I still did not here from him so I traded in my Jeep Wrangler for another vehicle. They could have at least called me to let me know how things were going but they did not so I got fed up with their system and said, ” You know what, I’m done with them never will I do business with them again”. Sorry AutoNation you lost a good customer and if anyone was to ask me about your service dept. I would advise them to take their vehicle to some other service dept that will work on it with better results from what I got from your service dept,” have a nice day!!! Respectfully Submitted this 26th day of October 2017.


THOMAS Rebman October 26, 2017 at 7:26 am

Purchased a pre owned Mercedes at Mercedes of Orlando Maitland and purchased an extended warranty on it even though car had 20,000. Fianced through MB and car paid off within 3 mo and extended warranty canceled. MB sent dealer a check within 10 days and I am being told by finance manager it will be 6 to 8 weeks. Very poor business practices. This left a sour taste and as one who purchases a new auto every year, I will second guess shopping at an Auto Nation owned dealership.


Djuana Tate-Cook October 16, 2017 at 5:09 pm

AutoNation Buick GMC PARKMEADOWS COLORADO gets 1 star from me ONLY because I can’t give 0 stars.

HORRIBLE BUSINESS, AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I don’t have the time nor the energy to go into the fiasco of a car buying experience I’m having with them but KNOW FOR A FACT that will never do business with this company again!!!!!! Nick and Joe in finance are completely incompetent and should seriously consider a new line of work!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Sales manager today.. at least he listened and acted as if he cared.



Val October 16, 2017 at 2:44 pm

I work for autonation collision in corpus Christi tx store 102884 and my pay was cut for no reason they said the guy before me deserve to it more then i did there was no paper work saying i was going to lose my pay i dont think that s far i call hr to complain and no answer back very bad company to work for no training what so ever i left a good job to work here very poor management.


Tasha October 13, 2017 at 9:44 pm

I have never had a problem with Auto Nation until now. I took my chevy in to have the oil changed, and because it was overheating. While it was in the shop it was explained to me that I had a ‘massive oil leak’ and that my breaks also needed to be replaced. I gave the go ahead to have all the repairs done via voice msg because Bryan did not answer. Later that day, I was told my car was finished and ready to be picked up. I picked up my vehicle and paid the amount due. A few days after I had it back, i noticed the oil spots in my driveway. One week after having it back, It overheated again. I took it the very next day back to Bryan. Now I’m being charged OVER 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS if I want my car fixed. AGAIN. If my car was fixed it should not have overheated again. Unfortunately I do not have that kind of money to do the repairs at this time so I agreed to return the loaner car and pick up my car. I was told I would only have to take care of the diagnostic fee when I pick my car up. Seriously??? I have nothing but nice things to say about Bryan. He has been very kind and generously offered me a loaner car while I figure out what my next step would be. But someone at this business needs to get things together. I don’t get how you can charge a for repairs that obviously did not get fixed and then charge even more a week later for the same repairs. Once I am able to get the repairs done, I will be seeking legal advise to get reimbursement from your company.


Cindy Durden October 9, 2017 at 7:10 pm

I would like to pay a complement to your Service Manager Nick Dudley at Autonation North Point. The engine in our car went out while we were on vacation in FL. The car was taken to Bill Cramer Chevrolet. We were having issues with our warranty and I called him not knowing what else to do. He contacted the warranty company and the FL Dealership and helped with getting the warranty company to cover the repairs. He kept us updated all thru the process and told us nothing but the truth. We now have our car back home in Georgia and it is running great. I don’t know what the out come would have been if he had not stepped up and helped us with this process.


Steve Goldberg October 3, 2017 at 5:01 pm

Negotiated a price for a vehicle and was up charged $600 for embroidered mats and tint. When I tried to have them honor putting on the tint, they reneged. When a dealer reneges on something as small as tint I can just imagine what would happen when a real auto service concern happens…

We went to AutoNation because of their fight towards breast cancer and lupus. We advised them that because of her lupus tint was a must and even though the price was ridiculous high we weren’t concerned…

I would forever pass on doing any business with this company ever again. We are a first time buyer with them and we own a fleet of vehicles aka Prius that I just bought….never again ….the epitome of pettiness and very disengenous …


Eve September 29, 2017 at 2:40 pm

Completely unhappy with my new leased car, havent even had it a week… dealer wont let me trade. Never again Autonation Mini Valencia, never again.


Andres abraham September 28, 2017 at 2:03 pm

I have a lease they made me do alignment to a corolla 2015 with 14 000 miles away and charged me 100 dollars is unfair don’t buy toyota in autonation Weston!!!i


Mike Worthington September 26, 2017 at 11:01 am

Toyota Autonation Mall of Georgia. I made an appointment for 10:30 am for an oil change and tire rotation and arrived at the dealership 10:15am. I had my two young grandchildren with me. Two and a half hours later they had yet to take the 2013 Highlander back for service. I had to ask twice for my keys so we could leave. I left after wasting the morning without any service to my vehicle. I have tried unsuccessfully to reach out to both the service manager and the general manager to no avail. I then left a voice message with corporate customer service for them to call me, again to no avail. I will no longer buy another vehicle from autonation nor utilize their services,


AJ September 18, 2017 at 9:58 pm

To whom it may concern,
I first off want to say I have purchased my vehicle in 2015 at Allen Samuels in Alliance North Texas. I had gone to a dealership in Hurst Texas which had the truck in white but sold so that was the reason I ended up in Allen Samuels in Alliance North Texas. The purchase was the easiest purchase I have ever made, no hassles, haggling, smooth as it should be. I was in the truck I wanted that evening. Months passed and I was to pick up my trucks registration and even had it detailed and topped off with fuel. This still was Allen Samuels in Alliance North Texas. I had THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever! I received customer service from parts, services and even my salesperson and had no issues whatsoever. I was told to take my truck back if I had any issues. Months passed and I had “service engine” come on. It was a sensor which needed to be replaced. Now I returned to Allen Samuels in Alliance North Texas WHICH NOW was AutoNation in Alliance. It was a Monday and the first thing I noticed was that the service group had changed from me just walking into the door to ask if I could speak to a service advisor. Now, you would think that changing the dealership name wouldn’t matter… wrong. I had to come back to even leave the truck to get it looked it. For starters I won’t mention any names but If I get this email answered I will gladly give all the names of who have somewhat made AutoNation an awful experience along with the paperwork, and receipts, dates etc. I took the truck to have it looked at on Tuesday but I was told that the service technician was back up so I was to leave the truck. Okay, seems reasonable although I had an appointment. Left in a loaner which was nice at the time. I received a phone call Friday that the truck was not to be ready until Saturday. I had left out of town so I would not be back until Monday. Okay, so I returned that following week to pick up my truck. NOT WASHED TOPPED OFF or anything. I was told that the truck had a sensor replaced. Alright, I drove away and off to work I went. On the way home from work, the light turned back on, “service engine.” A little irritated at this point and called AutoNation to have it looked at again. Truck was to go back later that week. This time I took it in and the service associate said that the computer module needs to be updated and the lock on the center console needs to be replaced. Okay, now keep in mind the truck was there for about a week… so these issues were new to me but not to them. Truck was left again for a day. I returned when it was ready. Now I may have forgotten to mention that I always keep my truck clean and in tip top shape. When I got home I usually inspect my truck for debris, bugs, etc. There was A CHIP! NOT A ROCK CHIP BUT A TOOL OR KEY CHIP on the front bumper. I was pissed but kept my cool. I took it back to have it looked it and I was told that they would fix it. The truck is pristine and has always been. Low miles and garage kept. So let’s forward to when I got the truck back. I checked it and it looked good. This was in Novmember 2016. Now I detail my truck before I store it. So I was ready to wash it and detail it when I noticed these scratched on the front grill!! I WAS SO ANGRY. I took the truck to have a sensor replaced, which took a week, returned because the engine light came back on. Then was told to update the computer, and have the lock on the center console fixed. FOLLOWED BY A CHIP on the front bumper. NOW SCRATCHES which were deep. I called them and said that I would like to have this fixed without having any more damage to the truck. Not ever losing my cool. I was informed that they would call me when the body guy was there. NOW ONE WOULD THINK A BODY GUY WOULD BE THERE ALL THE TIME. Okay, I understand. Didn’t get a call back. FORWARD TO CURRENT TIME. So I wanted to get an alignment due to the fact of the feeling of the truck steering to the right. i was at the 13,102 mile mark. This was two months ago. I have the receipt and the alignment records, along with all of the services for the vehicle. I was told to have the alignment I would need to drop the truck off. I asked for a loaner and they said they would have one at my appointment time. I arrived at the time i was told and no loaner. I had to go to enterprise and have a rental card charged to my credit card as a “deposit.’ Along with paying for gas. NOW the truck was left for an alignment. Day later I return to pick it up WITH my mentality of doing a 10 point inspection myself. OF COURSE there are more scuffs and this time around the door. I about gave up but I remember that I PURCHASED A NEW VEHICLE WITH 0 miles! NOW LESS THAN 15,000 miles to date. So again I reach out to the service associate who tells me to bring it in. They fix the door scuff and proceed to take pictures of them. I remind them that they damaged my front bumper months back. They take more pictures and they informed me that the service manager would be informed and that these pictures will be shown to him. The alignment was done and I was on my way home. An entire month passes of me calling and calling to leave multiple messages. Finally he returns my phone call to tell me that he will not repair the damaged bumper and grill. EVEN THOUGH the truck only goes to the AUTONATION dealership. I live down the street and I don’t even drive the truck. Well, that was that. This may sound as a he said she said scenario but i have all the paperwork which proves when the truck was serviced which shows the mileage. The truck continued to steer to the right but I’m not taking my truck back to them until they decide to treat customer vehicles the way they should. Allen Samuels was the best experience I’ve had and AutoNation doesn’t even compare to them. Brand new vehicle is now scratched and damaged from the new company that took over Allen Samuels Alliance. With all this said just a reminder if you want your vehicle “serviced” damaged and never hear from the service manager even though he has proof of the damages… go to AUTONATION!!!


Thank you,



Thomas Smith September 18, 2017 at 5:53 pm

I bought a brand new F150 from your Katy location. I was told by my salesman in a email a week ago that my 2nd pair of keys was mailed and I have not received them. I have emailed and texted my salesman and have not received any feed back. I emailed sales managers also and nothing. I have called also and nothing. What horrible cust service!!!


Maurice Gann September 18, 2017 at 3:13 pm

In February 2017 I took delivery of a new Honda CR-V, EX-L with navigation from AutoNation Honda of Mobile, Al. July 21, 2017 I had to jump start the CR-V because of a dead battery. After the jump start by my son, we went directly to AutoNation Honda Service Dept. I explained to the Service Advisor what had occurred, and she took the car back to the Service Bay. About thirty (30) minutes later my car was once again back in the drive up service lane. I was told that the charging system and battery were tested and both tested good. The Service Manger, a gentleman by the name of Ernie, looked up some information on his computer and found that Honda had issued a Service Bulletin, TSB 17-032, for the electric parking brake on 2017 CR-Vs draining the battery. The Service Mgr. then had the Service Advisor write it up, and take my car back to the service bay for the update to the software to be installed. About forty-five (45) minutes later, I was told that they don’t have the update and would have to contact their computer lady to program the three laptops used for software updates.
On August 3, 2017 I called AutoNation Honda Service Dept. to find out if the laptops computers had been reprogrammed with the updates required to correct the problem with my CR-V. I was told “yes” the computers had been reprogrammed, and that I could bring my car back in to have the update installed. August 9, 2017 I was back in the Service Dept. at AutoNation Honda for the software update to be installed. After waiting another thirty (30) to forty (40) minutes, I was told that the computers had either not been updated, or that the computer lady had not completely finished the reprogramming of the three laptops. I then asked to speak to Ernie who I thought was still the Service Mgr. I was told he’s no longer works there. (by the way, when I bought the CR-V in February the Service Mgr. was a lady, nice enough person). I was told a gentleman by the name of Brian was now the Service Mgr., but that he was not available. After arriving back home, disgusted, I called AutoNation Honda Service Dept. and again asked to speak to the Service Mgr. Again, he’s not available. I left my name and phone number and that he please give me a call. Waited all that evening to hear from the Service Mgr., no call. The next morning, August 10, 2017, I called AutoNation Honda Service Dept. and asked to speak to the Service Mgr., once again he was not available. I again left my name and phone number and again asked that the Service Mgr. please call me. NO call! Being fed up with not receiving a call from the Service Mgr., I called the General Mgr. of AutoNation Honda. I explained to him that going on three (3) weeks of not being able to repair my car was unsatisfactory. He stated he would check into the situation and get back to me. I left him my phone number. After not hearing back from the General Mgr., the next morning, August 11, 2017 I went to AutoNation Honda to speak to the General Mgr. in person. (when I got there I was let’s say “hot”) Anyway, I did speak to the General Mgr., and he assured me that the three laptops would be properly programmed that day. Finally! (then again maybe not)
The morning of August 14, 2017 I called AutoNation Honda Service Dept. to confirm the computers were programmed. I was told that the computers were fixed and when would be the best time to bring my car back to them for repairs. The next morning August 15, 2017 I was for the third time back at AutoNation Honda Service Dept. Again the Service Advisor took my car back to the Service Bay for software updates. After waiting two (2) hours, I asked the Service Advisor for a status on my car. I was told that it would not update and that the technician was trouble shooting the problem, and it shouldn’t be more than an hour. After that hour passed, I checked for a status once again and was told they don’t know what’s wrong it (my car), and that they would again have to call their computer lady. So I got my car back, over three (3) hours later not repaired! (Ironically, on August 24, 2017 AutoNation Honda sent me an E-mail asking about my experience with their Service Dept., I believe I’ve answered that)
On August 17, 2017 I called Tameron Honda of Daphne, Al. and scheduled a service date for August 23, 2017. Upon arriving at Tameron Honda, I was greeted with courtesy and professionalism. In two (2) hours, Tameron Honda Service technicians had replaced my battery, after testing the charging system and finding the battery tested bad (refer back to first couple of opening sentences), installed the software updates, ran the VIN of my car to check for any recalls, reprogrammed my XM music stations that would not tune because of the battery, and washed my car. Now by nature and being a retired U.S. Marine, I am not easily impressed, but the competent and knowledgeable staff and technicians at Tameron Honda impressed me.
Bottom line, if I have to drive across the bay to have my car repaired “properly” then when its time to buy again, I will once more drive across the bay.

Maurice W. Gann
CRV Vin 2HKRW1H89HH503952


Monty Hill September 14, 2017 at 9:55 am

To whom it may concern, September 13, 2017.

Here is my experience and story on how your Auto Nation Chrysler, 1606 N 26th Ave Phoenix AZ 85203 team treats their/your customers.

(September 3)
My wife and I Set up an appointment to see 2007 Crossfire advertised on Auto trader, Car Guru and Craigslist at Auto Nation Chrysler/Jeep – drove there to arrive at said time (1 hour commute) we were advised as we were pulling into the dealer that they could not find the car or the keys so.
Received a call later that day on the 3rd that they found the keys and the car so we set up another appointment for the 4th (holiday Monday)
We arrived as scheduled see the car test drove it, liked it and decided to purchase it (no financing $5K down balance on Friday when we picked up the car). After discussions with Don and 2 other sales reps, it took 3 + hours to fill out the paperwork with no financing and this was due to us having to wait on the finance guy (Sean?), the Dealer team advised us they could have the car ready the next day on the 6th if we wanted as it had been through all of the service and just needed to be detailed. We asked that they have it ready for us on the Friday Sept 8th as I was schedule to leave town on business and I wanted to be there when we picked up the car. So we all agreed and Auto nation “team” was to have a thorough detailing of entire car- check tires and advise on why there was a foam all of the side walls and ensure all of the safety, emissions and any recalls have been finalized (sounds simple) ALL TO BE DONE BEFORE FRIDAY No problem at all they we were told!
I was flying back from my business trip Friday morning so on the morning of the September 8th at (4 am) I emailed Don to confirm pick up time as I was going to be on plane for most of the day – 2:30 arrival and I received confirmation from Don via email all good and he’d see us there. Please keep in mind this was the first weekend my wife and I were “empty nesters” as our daughter left for University, this was also to be out first weekend living in Phoenix ( transferred from Canada) so we planned on a nice weekend away driving our new convertible with the top down just the 2 of us! Seeing Phoenix and the surrounding area! This was planned for a week!
Friday at 1:30 my wife and I jumped in an Uber and headed to the dealer (1 hour trip and $70 later) we arrived at exactly 2:30 as agreed! Only to find out Don went home ill and the car was not ready (receptionist advised me of this). After 20 minutes of waiting some random sales rep came over to advise us that Don was returning and he would straight everything out.
Don showed up 20 minute later and began to explain to me that when we talked earlier in the week we agreed the car was to be picked up on Monday??? (Lie #1) – I explained that we had not talked at all that week and that he was mistaken! I directly told (and showed him) the email I sent him that morning! Along with his response confirming the pick-up time as 2:30 that day! He then tried to convince me that he has called me earlier in the week Wednesday or Thursday (he said) and that I was wrong so I had to show him my cell log that I received no call from him or any auto Nation number which he agreed as it clearly showed he did not call me at all that week (lie #2).
He then informed me that he did not call my cell but he called my office line instead (lie #3), so I informed him (very upset) that I was not in the office nor was I even in the country for that week! I’d just landed in Phoenix and couple of hours prior to arriving at dealership – I was then informed he’d confused us with another Canadian couple and it was an honest mistake ( lie #4)
After about an hour and a half of talking and at least a half dozen excuses and conflicting stories from multiple sales/service people later (sorry I do not remember their names), we spoke with Adam and he informed us that they only needed to reset the airbag code but did not have the proper cord but they found a guy who could do it immediately and the car was already on route to him
Don arranged for us to take a “really nice” loaner car ( a Dodge Dart base model) and we ( wife and I) could go for a quick bite and they would call me immediately when the crossfire was back and if for any reason it could not be fixed that night ( very sure it would be) I could keep the car and Don would drive the crossfire to me on Monday! But your team took our money fast and efficiently!!
On our way out to grab a bite I took it upon myself to walk over to the service department and talked to Adam directly to ensure I would receive a call and he assured me he would call me personally as he understood why we were upset.
1.5 hours later no call from Don, or Adam! So I called the dealership and neither don nor Adam were available and no other manager could be found. So I was passed off to a young associate who informed me the car was not ready and I would have to come back on Tuesday as the parts would only arrive then, the funny thing is he knew what to say and I’d never spoke to him so your mangers simply threw the young guy into deal with their issue! BAD MANAGEMNT! I called them again on Monday to get an update, left a message with the associate who answered the phone and he would have someone call me back with an update and was assured I’d be called right back as the Manager was looking into the status – an hour later I called back talked to the receptionist and was told the manager was too busy and to hold!! Some young man picked up the Phone and advised me that the manager was not around but my car would be ready Tuesday and the part was on route.
Tuesday September 12th! Is here and to my surprise I received a phone call this morning from the associate Dave and he advised me Don was not in but he was call me with an update and that the part was scheduled to arrive this morning and I’d get a call later today with any update – 4:30 pm no calls so far! I called back and 4:45 and talked to a sale manager Bruce, once again explained my frustration, he assured me and gave me his word he would find the highest ranking mange in the building and stand there until he called me back as this was unacceptable – finally someone who was going to help!! Foolish me, an hour later no call back so I called again, the young associate Dave answered the phone, he’d just gotten back from Yuma and he was sorry but if he’d been around he would have called me!
It is now September 13th, I’ve not spoken with anyone of any authority, I tried getting the GM contact information but nobody will give it to me, so I went on your chat line and still no contact info.
This morning at 630 am, I get an email congratulating us on our new purchase and your company is proud to have served us and how they want us to setting up for a service program and to remember you for our next purchase – oh AutoNation Chrysler will be remembered for sure (If I ever get this car) as the most inefficient, improperly managed, disrespectful dealership I have ever dealt with and I will share this story with every person I can via my business contacts, all of the associations I am involved with, social media and will be sending a copy of this letter to the Chrysler head office. It will probably be swept under the carpet and hidden as that seems to be how this dealership runs.
I finally got the GM’s email address from the associate Dave (texted @ 7:30 am), so I send Jonathan ( The GM?) the above noted Email 2 hours later he sends me an EMAIL

“Yes sir I completely understand your frustration. I just spoke to my service manager Eric and voiced my frustration as well. I’ll get it handled”

Is this your leader, your man in charge?? I see now why the rest of that sales team do not have any customer service skills nor do they know how to deal with any time of issue or a disappointed customer – THEY DO NOT CARE and it is obviously coached from the top of your sales management team. I’m a branch manager in charge of 30 plus team members and we also have a service division, I have been coached, trained and have been mentored by others on how you deal with your customers ESPECIALLY IF there is an issue…Be honest, be engaged, care about their needs and show them you care, CALL THEM to discuss their issues and then call them again to ensure they feel their needs are being looked after.
I did finally receive a call yesterday afternoon around 2pm from employee Number 9 another service guy named Eric, and he explained how he was now on this issue and he will be my main point of contact – I bought a car and my main point of contact (after 11 days) I have a point of contact – A SERVICE MANAGER (I think he is a manager). Well he still does not have the tool, or equipment or part to fix our car and if “all goes well” I should receive some good news some time on September 14th! GOOD NEWS?? REALLY!?!?

I will continue this email later to ensure I keep an accurate account of how Auto Nation treat their customers and will share this updated email with whatever email I can find for Auto Nation as well as will share it with Chryslers head office and when we final get our car (If we?) it will be the last time I ever step foot inside that or any Auto Nation dealership for my personal or business needs.


Monty Hill September 14, 2017 at 4:40 pm

Well here’s an update – 1:40 pm on the 14th of September – no phone calls or correspondence from the professional at Auto Nation Chrysler – I emailed the GM this morning asking for his Manager/supervisors name but have et to get a response not has their service department called my as promised yesterday.
I’m getting the feeling it may be time to get a lawyer involved! More updates to follow .


Cassio silva September 13, 2017 at 12:11 pm

The Dealer AutoNation North Phoenix, is a terrible dealer, i got a car, paid cash for a used car, and after 6months they still didn’t give me the tittle yet, i went 6 times at the dealer and they always come with the same answer (we will see what is going on). the last time they almost asked me to leave the store. PLEASE DO NOT BUY CAR AT THIS STORE!!!! AUTONATION NORTH PHOENIX ON 26th AVE!!!!


Bill Cochrane August 28, 2017 at 5:36 pm

My story started when I went to your Arrowhead Chevy store. I ended up purchasing a used 2005 corvette with 10k mikes, that car was modified by a chevy store in Libertyville prior to me purchasing it. While looking at the car I was assured of its professional build, they showed me all the doXXXXentation, that it had been evaluated in the service department and that it was eligible for a warrantee. After meeting with sales and finance I was once again reassured they had a warrantee that would cover all of the things I was worried about, motor, trans as well as the added products headers, cam, supercharger etc. so with that assurance I went ahead and purchased the car and a $4,500 extended warranty. I even purchase glass and tire coverage. I was happy driving from PHX to Tucson but found little things that needed repair, rather than going back to Arrowhead I did those and more at my own expense just so I didn’t have to drive all the way back. Since then I shipped the car to my house in Dallas eventually those little things turned big. The AC went out amongst other things, after visiting several chevy stores on these items and being turned away for the “Mods” I was sent to a corvette specialist. They inspected the car and claimed that lots of stuff was poorly installed especially the supercharger, specifically the brackets. They did fix the AC and got it covered under warrantee as well as a few other things. Now I knew I was right about insisting on a warrantee. I didn’t drive the car for months but in showing the car it was clear my transmission had a problem going into reverse. I went back to the a shop and like the AC he submitted it to warrantee claims. It was denied, not because it would not have been covered by the policy on a unmodified car but given the Mods they declined the repair and canceled my warrantee. Staying very clearly it should never have been sold on that car. That the dealership either intentionally or unintentionally mislead me. Of course I called the Arrowhead store after many calls with the warrantee company trying to work it out. So here I am and I’m not not giving up. Its just not fair and it’s not good business. As nice as the finance guy I last talked to was he just told me the GM said he will only return the warrantee cost. Really is that fair. It cost me 3500 to fix the trans this time. By the way I’ve only put 6 thousand miles on it since I’ve owned it. After paying the repairs I get like 800 bucks back and no warrantee and a car I don’t want without one. This is simply wrong. Bad business and is the kind of thing that make people suspect of car dealerships. Maybe some people can afford to be mislead but I can not. I’m a hard working American, buying only American cars. Through my many calls and research It is quite clear that the original finance guy knew it wouldn’t be covered or at least he should have know. Perhaps he crossed his fingers and justified it by saying I hit my numbers. I don’t really know but I do know without equivocation I would not have bought that car without a warrantee. As a matter of fact my adult son and I sat with the finance guy for an hour on just what was covered and how great this plan was. He even claimed it was better than any other because it was also used on high mileage performance cars. Come to find out not only was the car not eligible for the warrantee it was the wrong plan for that car. The offer to repay me for a warrantee they sold me knowing or at least should have know was illegitimate and now dismiss me is unacceptable and I would think AutoNation is better than that. I asked Arrowhead to be fair when I called them asking to be reimbursed for the warrantee as well as my out of pocket costs and the value differential with and without the warrantee. But I got the take it or leave it offer. So last go round I am asking for what they should have really offered. I want them to buy the car back for what I have into it. I know that might not seem fair to you and it’s actually not necessary but it’s about as absurd as their take it or leave it offer. How can it be reasonable to send me what equated to 800 bucks after they sold me a car using false pretenses. I even reached out to the CEO and he sent me back to the GM and I got the same story except this time he blamed me for not doing the warrantee claim correctly. Really. Basically he blamed me that the warrantee company find out they had scammed them. I am now waiting for Mr Jackson to return my follow up message.


Christopher Sears August 26, 2017 at 8:39 pm

I want to recognize a particular sales person at the Auto Nation Ford location in Orange Park, Fl. August 25th my wife and I visited that location to purchase a Ford Escape. Karen Aliff assisted us that day. She was extremely knowledgeable of the Ford product.. She asked us a few questions to determine exactly what we were looking for. She showed us a Certified Pre Owned and a comparable new Escape. We traded in a 12 year old car and were offered way more than we ever dreamed we would get trade value. We made the deal and Jeff Holland assisted us in the financing. Shortly there after we drove off the lot in exactly what we wanted, and for a great price. I was also in need of a truck for work and decided because of Karen’s professionalism I was at the dealership the next morning when the store opened. The truck I wanted was at another AN location. The truck was brought to the Orange Park store and again an awesome deal was made on a pre owned truck with 18,000 miles for thousands less than a new truck. Again Jeff arranged my financing and I left thrilled with my car buying experience. Thanks Auto Nation and your great team. Best car buying experience for me ever.


Christine Morris August 23, 2017 at 3:15 pm

My disabled daughter and her disabled fiance were totally taken advantage of at the Auto Nation located at 7320 N. Broadway Denver, Co. 80221.
Because of their disability ( both are deaf ) they were led to believe many different things than the contract. The salesman Brian Maga told them to write a check for the down payment of 1500.00, the dealership would hold the check for 30 days while they found someone to borrow the money from to cover the down. Brian proceeded to inform the 2 of them that it would be ok if they could not get the money to merely return the car within 30 days at .99 cents per day .99 cent per mile. This was told to them at least twice, once in a text message.
Instead of telling them they couldn’t afford the car he continued quickly ushering them through the signing process. The salesman then added 399.00 for tire/wheel protection, 399.00 for theft protection and 399.00 for windshield protection without explaining that these were options and not required. Mind you these are two deaf people who have never been through this kind of buying experience, without any translation to assure they understood their options.
After 2 weeks they finally came to me and told me what they had done ( Sunday 8/20/17 ). I told them they needed to go back to the dealership. Take the car back as the 1500.00 check they wrote was not going to clear and they were unable to borrow the money to cover the funds. Jason immediately sent a text to Brian their salesman and told him he would need to bring the car back. Brian stated in a text reply that it was Sunday and there would be nothing that could be done until Monday. To bring the car back Monday and the charge would be .99 cent a day, .99 cent per mile.
I personally met the 2 of them at the dealership with their 2 babies to help settle the problem. I immediately asked for Brian’s supervisor, Jeremy Lohan to join us. Jeremy started to explain the contract to me. I told him I had read every word of the contract and that Brian had mislead the 2 deaf people. That they were told to bring the car back and the stated price in the text of .99 cents per day .99 per mile as per a text. To reiterate, this was told to them not once but at least twice. THIS IS SO MISLEADING AND DISHONEST! I cant even believe it!
Auto Nation was in the position to totally screw these 2 deaf people over and did! Brian and Jeremy took total advantage just to make the sale. Knowing these 2 were writing a check they did not have to means to cover, adding all additional added options without translation is unethical.
I spoke with the GM yesterday and got no where. Even with the misleading texts from the salesman, there is no accountability. The only response I got when I said the deaf couple would likely have to default was, “not my problem!” Auto Nation won’t accept the car back. Auto Nation will get their money from the financing bank.
“Now its the banks problem. SORRY.”
This is the most disgusting response I have ever heard in my life. This couple trusted your dealership.

I will be reaching out to the local media, our local district leaders, the better business bureau, and all of the social media sites.

I went to Auto Nation 8/21/17, simply hoping they would do the right thing by these people with disabilities. Obviously it fell on deaf ears……
Christine Morris
cmorris at
2000 Dodge Durango
Total Purchase Price approximately $10,000 with 140,000 miles
Just in case you needed more information on the transaction.


Sedrick Reeves August 22, 2017 at 9:47 am

Autonation Chrysler Dodge and Jeep is the worse car company in the Autonation network. First off you can never get a hold of anyone at this location. Not the operator, manager, anyone. I bought a car in May of 16 with the autonation oil change package which is 10 prepaid oil changes. i schedule my first appointment only to be told i do not actually have the package. After two weeks of trying to get a hold of anyone at this location, i finally get someone and they tell me my information was never entered in the system! Not my sale, not my warranty, nothing! no knowledge of me even buying the car and this is 4 months later! Mind you, the dealership is over an hour away. They tell me i need to bring the paper work back in so they can scan it. Funny they have no paper work but the bank comes for their money each month. After fast forward today 8/22/17 i go to get my oil changed after only using the prepaid services 1 time and i was told it expired! How the hail does 10 prepaid oil changes expire and i can never use it??? I am going to contact a lawyer and come after autonation for this. Biggest crooks ever.


Sabrina August 16, 2017 at 4:18 pm

This is the second time I have taken my Mercedes C-300 to the Autonation Collision Center in Torrance, CA. First time I took it there everything was great, no complaints at all, I was very happy. This time, my car has now been there for going on 3 weeks for repairs of only $3k. They kept blaming it on the insurance co and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. They said they were waiting to hear back on the supplement. After week two I decided to contact said insurance co to see what the hold up was. Obviously they haven’t received anything. Call the body shop again and requested to see what they had submitted to my insurance company. After 10 phone calls and speaking with the “Director” who said he would send it to me but never did a nice person working there finally did. They submitted the revised estimate to my insurance 16 days after I dropped the car off. I called the Manager/Director Dale out on this and he told me “I don’t have time to deal with you, I have payroll to do today” I’m furious and I wouldn’t recommend any autonation dealership or collision center to my worst enemy at this point.


Jennifer Newman August 16, 2017 at 1:30 pm

If you, or someone you know has been visiting BMW of Houston North that is an Autonation store located in Spring, Texas along I-45 I highly suggest you take your business elsewhere. This is a revolving door for employees, poor management practices, and lack of integrity from upper level management. After being told from management that their valets come from a second party contracting company, and that when my car was damaged it is to be expected from teenagers I surely do not believe that is an excuse when operating a vehicles that are easily over 30k. I will no longer be purchasing any future vehicles from an Autonation dealer, which is unfortunate because I have been a customer at this location for almost ten years. Each time I have became comfortable with a salesperson, they are fired, or quit. I have been experiencing the same dilemma with the service department. Each time I have went to the dealership for service on my vehicle I see new faces. New faces that clearly are not taught any demonstration of what customer service should be like. I do not blame the employees for this situations, but I blame management.


ANA RIOS August 14, 2017 at 3:08 pm

I took my Mercedes C-300 to the Fort Lauderdale Autonation collision center thinking I was going to get the service that Mercedes is famous for. The car went in for a bumper replacement which insurance was paying for because I was hit twice in a Publix parking lot.

They took over two months to repair/replace the bumper- something that should not have taken more than a few days and blamed the insurance company for the delay. Upon follow-up with the insurance company- it turned out the were lying about contacting them. Finally, approximately two months later- “Gilbert” contacted me “that the car was ready but that the numbers were not coming up the same when he punched them in.” They reneged on their original proposal (isn’t this illegal?) after they had done the work, and contacted Geico for a supplement which Geico granted. In the meantime they held my car until Geico agreed to pay them off.

When I finally went to get the car on a Saturday – they could not locate it because “I did not appear in their system.” When they finally brought it out- it had a cracked grill and they said they would need to call for another supplement. I took the car home and parked it in my driveway and that night I noticed that the bottom of the left front bumper was coming apart. As it was Saturday- I took the car back to “Gilbert” on Monday and on Tuesday realized the bottom right front bumper was falling apart. To make a long story short “Bill” the manager told the adjustor that I had caused the damage. Seems he believes I went on a joy ride and damaged the faulty bumper they stuck me with not just on the left side but on the right side too!

Autonation Mercedes Collision Center of Fort Lauderdale is atrocious. Bill and Gilbert are an unethical pair of liars. Same yourself some time, money, and grief and avoid this place at all costs!!


Darrell August 14, 2017 at 1:42 pm

To anyone who wants service on a Chevrolet please do not take it to superstition springs Auto nation Chevrolet in Mesa Arizona. When talking to them over the phone I informed them that the evaporator system drain in my new car has been draining into the cabin of the car for the last 3 months. They assured me that there is water damage that needs to be fixed and that the carpet will be pulled as well as everything electrical inspected and fixed. I was also told that I would get a loaner vechicle to use since this was going to take a while becuse the carpet would need replacing since there is probably serious threat of mold since there has been water under the carpet for 3 months. However when I get to the dealership the next morning the service techs are very unhelpful. Had 5 different employees walk by me and ignore my attempts to make contact for help. When Robert finally does help me he acts as if it is an inconvenience to assist me with the issue on the new car they sold me. He explains I would not get a loaner vechicle and that this is simple all they need to do is run the carpet cleaner over the top of the carpet. 3 months of water going into the cabin of the car and this tech acts like it’s not a big issue. Maybe the tech failed to realize I’m the customer and that this is a huge issue for me to have 3 months of mold growing because of a factory problem on a vechicle I purchased from them. Needless to say anyone who needs anything don’t expect them to actively listen to you as the customer and just treat you like you don’t matter to them. I went to their competitor in the area and they treated me so well and were more than happy to get the warranty replacement carpet and find anything the water could have damaged as well. I will NEVER go back to this service department ever again. It’s one thing to have such a good staff on the floor creating a great buying experience but the service department will ruin it. Consumers if you need service avoid this dealership.


cindy bagwell August 9, 2017 at 4:23 pm

. I would not advise anyone to take their car to Autonation in Albany, Georgia for service of any kind. We bought our 2016 Grand Caravan there in July 2016. I took it in on April 23, 2017, for an oil change and tire rotation. When I drove off the lot, I heard a noise and took it back. I was told it was road noise and no safety issue just bring it back for an alignment. No one even went out to look at my car. It got worse so I call them again and was told the same thing- no safety issue, nothing would happen to my car. Immediately after this call, my front driver’s tire went across 4 lanes of traffic. Thank goodness not much traffic. Long story short, the last I heard the damage to my car was over $7,500. I don’t know the end total. They didn’t want to give me a loaner but finally did (five as a matter of fact over a 2 month period). If my son-in-law had not been with me, I doubt I would have gotten that. I called periodically to check on the car but no one ever called me back. My son was told by the service manager that when I came to pick up my car that he, the manager and I would discuss the diminished value of my car. My lawyer finally had to write a letter for me to get my car back. Well, when I went to get my car I said I wanted the general manger to be with us to discuss the diminished value of my car. When he met with me he asked me what I had in mind and I said “What are you offering me.” His reply was, “Nothing.” They did not pay me any diminished value or offer me anything except to trade in and 10%. I didn’t take that because I was not going to let them make money off of me. Horrible customer service. I was lied to many times and would never trust them for anything. Oh, when I got my car and drove home a piece of it feel off. They did fix my car but took two months, five car changes, and pieces are falling off but nothing for diminished value of a 9 month old van.


Richard Howard August 9, 2017 at 10:47 am

I bought the Mercedes-Benz C250 mid-september at Mercedes-Benz of Miami the salesperson was very professional knowledge of product and kind unfortunately after that point it all went downhill there was issues with tag i was given the wrong tag they held onto my car title which I paid in full for the car now mind you I bought a Certified Benz when I took it in for a complaint with the rear left wheel making noise and the speaker will have horrible rattling noise I was told nothing wrong with the car to avoid conflict I just went on that noise on the speaker got worse and worse brought the car in for service complain again about the speaker noise I was informed that the speaker was replaced unfortunately it was not I complaint the service manager call me after a week said he will look into it and he would get back with me later on that day he never did I call the following day no one seemed to have any idea what’s going on I am so disappointed in this company


Martha Rivera August 6, 2017 at 8:44 am

Re: AutoNation Doral. My husband and I including my mom and mom in law have been purchasing cars from Autonation since 1999 Doral and Gables location. Mainly Doral where We were very comfortable with our Salesperson. Yesterday that all came to an end when in our attempt to lease a Camaro SS we were treated so poorly as though they did not want to lease that Car. We had a scratch that went around our entire car a key scratch which is Cosmetic no dents. Because of this the deal fell through even though I was offering a decent down payment and our credit scores are 825 each! That said there was no reason for us to not get the car we wanted. My husband was angry and I was to the point of crying because I was so angry. They do no value us as loyal customers and I will no ever lease or buy there again. My husband went to BomninChevy got the same car no hassle and Happy and Positivr experience. This DORAL location needs to have better Management and people that care about their customers.
It left me Angry and Sad and it was very unfair and a horrible experience. Please contact me if you need specifics. Thank you.


Jim Berry August 3, 2017 at 1:30 pm

cjim4ac at
I recently leased a car from AutoNation Honda in Valencia, and had a very nice experience. However I cannot say the same for AutoNation Ford in Valencia. I have had numerous interactions with their service department, and I have been basically disappointed with every interaction I’ve had with them. I have left several Messages for their general manager, after speaking to him almost 2 weeks ago, have yet to hear back from him regarding a resolution to the issue.
I would definitely refrain from doing business with AutoNation Ford Valencia. I have also left messages for their Western regional office twice without a phone call back.


Candy August 1, 2017 at 4:12 pm

I like the fact that you cant talk to anyone in the corporate office. If you are an employee and want any kind of information you want get it. My son worked 2yrs for this company and was fired right after his wife left him. He was already going through hell and cause the Service Manger didn’t like him came up with stupid stuff to fire him. How can anyone work for a company that lets Service Mangers run hard working people off, just cause he don’t like them. Then to find out that the Manger was giving bad references to employers that was trying to hire him and the human resource lady was good friends with the manger and was just has bad. Talking with our lawyer today, she wanted to know why my son did not get paid for his PTO. There is no one to ask cause no one answers the phone. To top it all off the head manger at the dealership informed my son he was wrongfully terminated. When he told that to the HR lady she told him it is what it is. Also went down to unemployment and they told him that he had been wrongfully terminated. You would think someone would care about an employee being wrongfully terminated. When others are leaving cause of the Service Manger you think they would look into it. This is a company I will never let any of my family members work for or buy a vehicle from. I believe you run your company the same way you treat your employees. We now have a lawyer to sue for wrongfully termination and this will also be reported to local TV stations. Hopefully someone will contact us and let us know where is PTO payment is. He worked for it and he deserves it.


Nicole Robertson August 1, 2017 at 9:45 am

Just found out that i purchased a car from Auto Nation and was sold and extended warranty that only provided me an additional 6,000 miles outside of the Manufacture warrant. so i spent 3000.00 6,000 miles. 2015 Hyundai Sonata no warranty after 66,000 . what a joke!!! Some type of warranty! Some type of customer service!!! Anything to make a buck off of the consumers.


Shannon Elkins July 30, 2017 at 11:39 am

Store 16400 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401 Auto Nation GMC
I highly recommend you send a representative to the above listed store. They don’t have a clue on how to conduct business: 1st I went in in mid may to exchange a lease to purchase a Ford Explorer. At that time I was planning on and questioned multiple employees as to why they were not taking the lease. I was informed that they will send me a check for the remaining balance once that check was received I could return the lease. I waited several weeks. At the original purchase I was informed my 1st payment would be June 29th. A few days prior to June 29th I called the bank that had called me to get info regarding the car. During that phone call I was informed they denied the loan because the dealership would not respond to calls or emails regarding questions about the car. A notable comment here is that is correct they do not answer there phones they do not call people back. More to the fact when you attempt to call there system says press four for a list of employees when you hit four it says it doesn’t understand that and hangs up on you. When you call the receptionist she forwards you to a human if if you ask for sales. Short of that you will not get a response. I ended up having to drive out there to speak with someone who informed me they would look into it and get back with me. No one got back with me. Fast forward to 60 days later I had to drive out there again. For the 5th time to get a temp tag because I didn’t receive anything for my tags either. I was told it would be at least an hour by the time anyone could speak with me in an attempt to get rid of me. I told her I would wait by this time I didn’t have a choice as my temp tags expired that day. 10 min later I was meeting with someone. During that meeting I asked if he could check into my check as I still had the lease and was making payments for both my new car to the dealership by the way and to the lease. I was told they were waiting for title from my last car so they couldn’t cut the check. At that point I reiterated and explained to the finance representative that this was a lease. We had just spoken about the fact that I’m not happy because I am sill insuring the lease plus the car plus the payments. Why am I explaining to the finance rep about how leases work? Then he tried to say they were working on pay off. There again I had to explain to the finance rep. That the remaining balance was determined back in May and therefore there shouldn’t be anything to check into. Fast forward again I finally get the check in the mail for the lease. I called Buick to see how I go about to return the vehicle to which I was informed I shouldn’t even have the vehicle and to get rid of of it immediately. I took it to Auto Nation Park Meadows they were great by the way and went above and beyond to assist me with returning the lease. They confirmed the fact that the lease should have been taken the day of the sale and that I still have to have to car inspected. I was under the impression that it was inspected the day I purchased the the Ford. So now long story short I had to insure the car for over 2 months and now I still could have to come up for money based upon inspections. I should have to pay this much money and pay this much extra cost because your dealership doesn’t know how to sell cars. In the meantime I am warning everyone not to buy a car from them. I work with over three hundred people and I am a recruiter so I talk to a lot of people. If I have to come up with additional money for an inspection I was under the impression I already went through I will call 9 wants to know to reach that many more people. In closing I highly suggest you send someone in to figure out why they cant read, don’t know how to do there jobs, why they don’t answer their phones ect. This was and continues to be now 3 months later the worst experience I have ever had or heard of in my life.


xiomara lugo July 26, 2017 at 1:58 pm

4th review

No one has contacted me back on the issue of my bad hybrid battery. The dealer (doral, Miami) sold me the car with a bad hybrid battery. I have sent emails and pushy people from headquarters or the general manager of the dealer has contacted me to sign waivers and to pay. When this is the entire dealer fault. They should not have sold a hybrid car with a bad hybrid battery. I invested my hard working money into this dealer for my vehicle and it came defected with a bad expensive battery and my oil pressure switch keeps going bad. I have replaced it twice at the dealer and now it is bad again.
So unhappy with AutoNation
I have contacted the CEO on twitter and nothing. I have left emails all over the place and just get pushy people. I tried to contact over the phone the CEO’s and get a response back from a pushy gentlemen wanting me to pay. I should have never gone to invest in this dealer. So many other better dealers in Miami I had to end up in the dreadful dealer with liars from the beginning till now and wanting me to sign waivers and pay, pay, pay for something should have been placed brand new for the new owners not to deal with this s**t. Certify the vehicle for the next owner.
Please help
You may reach me at 305-244-XXXXX

Xiomara lugo


Xiomara lugo July 14, 2017 at 10:19 pm

3rd review
Its been about 3 weeks from my last review and still my problem has not been resolved. Still have my car with a bad hybrid battery and oil pressure switch went bad again for the 3rd time, have so many lights on my dash coming out what type of car was sold to me by this dealer. All i wanted was a great family car for my kids and feel like they sold me a quick fixer upper. I wish that AutoNation would finally handle their mess and fix my car so i can put all of this behind me and begin to enjoy my extremely over priced 2009 vehicle. GMC will not help me. I have contacted the BBB for help filed my report because its incredible that going to such a huge dealer well known around the world that i would get a F***ed up vehicle and then they dont own up to it and handle the issue. A single mother with 2 kids this is the last thing i need on my plate, thats the reason why i did not go to any rinky dinky little dealer. Not only do i have the bad battery but also the oil pressure switch problem which by the way that piece runs about $600. I feel like i should not have to go thru this and review after review just to try to get things right. The vehicle was not free or given to me i had to purchase it and it was over priced the least thing they can do is make it right so this nightmare can go away. And once again i will not sign any waivers, this is my right to complain. This dealer from the begining the salesman promised something and ofcourse at the end was BS all he really wanted was to make his commission on the sale and stiff me with this over priced f***ed up car with a huge car payment that i even expressed to him that it was super high for me and it will be hardly impossible to make because of my 2 kids. From the beginning i was taken advantage of i truely think.
Please just fix my vehicle and battery problem


Michelle Moya July 12, 2017 at 7:15 am

I took my Ford F-250 to Autonation Ford several days ago to fix a drive belt. A few days later I get a call that I have an exhaust leak and would be needing a new turbocharger. Keep in mind, the original problem- was the drive belt that busted and needed to be replaced However, the new problem was that my truck wasn’t running right now and that it was going to cost $3000 to repair. When my truck was hauled from the location it broke to Auto Nation I stated to the service Advisor that the truck was low on Oil and if she recalled when we did an oil change. She advised that it was done a month ago and shouldn’t be low and that she would have her Diesel tech check. We then receive a call that it would cost $589 to remove the the upper and lower intake to locate oil leak. Hours later I call to check in see what the findings were only to be told that the turbocharger was bad and getting ready to break and that the exhaust was getting worse. No one said anything about the finding of the oil leak. At that time I decline all services and pick up the truck once I was off work. Before my truck left my location when the drive belt busted it drove fine. I was even able to drive it up the tow truck with no issues. I come to pick up my truck only to find that my truck barely moved and that the exhaust was loud. I immediately took my truck to get look at and found that the service tech failed to connect the EGR intake valve, lacking power to the turbocharger. They cross threaded the bolt into the Egr cooler and it didn’t go far enough in to hold the pipe flat against the gasket, causing the noise.
I don’t take time off of work to go to the dealer to “maybe” get a car fixed, I go there so it gets fixed right and I don’t have to keep going back to fix it again. The Mechanic left the EGR unplugged to make us believe that there was something wrong with the turbo to get a quick $3000. The Mechanic cross threaded the bolt into the EGR cooler cause the exhaust to have play to sound bad. I spoke with the General Manager and let me tell you, I wasted my breath. There all in denial and he’s covering up is Diesel Tech. I went to speck with Brad and was very honest with him and how I felt. He had no sympathy. He told me that he would investigate and get back to me before noon, only to be left hanging again. A great General Manager like Brad, would have the common courtesy to get back to me as he stated. Shows how much me feels about his customers!

We trusted AutoNation with our vehicle only to find out that they rigged the truck to sound horrible making us believe them. Makes me think how many other ppl paid for services that didn’t need to be done. Lying and trying to charge for maintence that doesn’t need to be done, is ridiculous. Beware! I didn’t think I would be screwed like this, especially from a service dealership.

I will make contact with corporate and hope that my issue can be resolved.


Mark Raymond July 10, 2017 at 9:23 pm

AutoNation Dodge Chrysler Jeep in the Roseville Automall is the worst place to take your car hands down. I took my 2012 Town and Country there to have my transmission rebuilt. They had my van for two weeks. I got the van back and the rmps started to jump and the car was rattling like crazy. I took it back to Autonation dodge and they kept the car 4 days. They told me it was a lose tie rod bolt. I drove the car less then 20 miles and my car made a loud noise. I pulled over with smoke coming from the engine. In just a few seconds after getting daugher out of the van. The van went up in flames. I was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Five months later a inspection was done on my van. Auto Nation also forgot to tighten the power steering hose. This cause my car to go up in flames. I have never receive a single apology for what they did. Run from this location.


shane breeding July 8, 2017 at 7:01 pm

I recently purchased a used gmc pick up from the Fort Myers FL autonation for 29k, nice truck I have been in the market for some time and this one was local. Unfortunately it is our rainy season and was not able to wash the truck for two weeks because it rained every day. The truck is white and hides allot of blemishes, while I was cleaning the truck, Waxing the hood and roof, I saw what is obvious hail damage. I return to auto nation to discuss a solution to this issue, Carlos the used car sales manager said he could barley see it and the roof damage was from luggage. I later left a message with a autonation # I found online and received a call to bring it in for a paint less dent Removal guy to look at, guy looked , laughed, told me to go to the collision center. They said they can’t help without the used car guy signing off on it bla.bla.bla. I just want my car fixed, I paid to much money to look at hail damage and to be treated like crap. The company I work for bought 40 units from this outfit 10 years ago, and they treat people like this, wow!


dana king July 7, 2017 at 8:41 am

AutoNation Spring Dodge Ram nearly cost me my life and did cause my Ram to burn down and I have the letter of proof and you now ignore me. Are you organized crime or just low life?


Michael July 5, 2017 at 2:58 pm

Lexus of palm beaches does not know what customer service is. Very poor. No response to several calls to the parts director and my service rep. Has been one year that I was informed I needed to replace my air bag–recall. My dashboard is melting. Have been told for MONTHS on back order. Now it is so bad that my car is smelling. Someone please return my calls and get this fixed.


Anonymous July 3, 2017 at 11:01 pm

Autonation Honda Roseville needs to hire lot potter to move cars and line them up.managers always telling sales rep to move cars around . Being americas largerst auto retail dealer please hire lot potter to do that so sales people can sell cars . Please look into it


Crystal Talford July 3, 2017 at 5:28 pm

Auto Nation Checrolet North Tichland Hills, TX ….Literally the worst place to EVER work for. Not only is the payroll continuously messed up and hours are shorted (over a year now happening multiple times and told you have to wait until the next pay period…If someone is off or sick pay has to wait until they return) now my husband gave notice, fulfilled it, his last day was 6/23….we got a notice today that we have no benefits starting from 6/26. We have children to care for and this company has done NOTHING ever to support their employees. If they don’t care for them they sure in the hell won’t care for the customer. So many laws being broken and NO one doing anything about it.


Crystal Talford July 3, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Not to mention working througj lunches, 10+ hour days. Not paid for it… mechanic so only gets “labor hours” and then what you do get paid … SHORTED! “Payroll messed up” every single time same excuse. No you take our insurance away??? How dare you.


Danielle Rickards June 29, 2017 at 8:49 pm

This was the worst experience i have ever had at a dealership. I went in on a lease return at Autonation Toyota Weston Sat June 24th, made and agreement to get another lease, they gave me my final price and i agreed and told the sales manager under the condition that they will not be calling me in a week to say nothing changed. I signed on the same saturday and took the car.
Wednesday night my salesman calls me telling me i have more paperwork to sign so i say weird but let me go in and see. When i get there they take me in a room to tell me i need to pay more money or they will take back the car. I told them i signed a contract for a certain amount and i am not paying a dollar over. The finance director of Weston Toyota tells me if i leave with the car i signed for on Saturday he will have it repossessed. Now i was in a previous lease which never had one missed or late payment. Is that the loyalty you show your customer or is that the A1 customer service experience??? I will never recommend my worst enemy to this place. The worst part about it was i always recommended people to this place and had all my services done here even tho it was not the closest dealership to me to think i would be cornered in a room given an ultimatum to sign or give back the car i got one week earlier. Shame on you weston toyota. You have lost a very good customer not that it seems to matter on bit!


Melinda Gorman Dohmen June 26, 2017 at 7:21 pm

I am so FRUSTRATED right now with one of your Chrysler jeep dealerships. I dropped off my car for cylinder head maintenance 1 week ago tomorrow morning and have received 1 phone call (last Tuesday afternoon) during the entire time. The phone call I received was just to tell me they weren’t sure what was wrong with my car and they assured me (several times) that not only would they call me when they found the problem BEFORE doing anything so I would understand/know the cost, but also to let me know the timing. I NEVER have gotten another phone call, including NO responses to any of my voice messages. I AM BEYOND FRUSTRATED. that is so rude! my husband finally had to stop there on his way home from work last Thursday just to get some kind of idea. Meanwhile they never even offered me a loaner car. I drive a mini van, which means I NEED my vehicle. trust me, no one drives a mini van as a luxury comfort car. I have 3 kids and a full time job and I finally got a loaner car this past weekend after complaining.
Meanwhile I was scheduled to leave on vacation this past Saturday and drive. I had hotel reservations and people meeting us and still no phone call from the dealership when I called several times to ask for an idea of timing so I could understand how this was going to impact my vacation. and here I sit…one week later…2 days after my vacation was supposed to start…still waiting for a phone call and an update on my vehicle. they told my husband last week that it would be done this Tuesday at the latest, so I ask you, will it be done, do I dare return the loaner car and walk to the dealership tomorrow to wait for my vehicle.
My husband stopped again on Friday after work to try and get another update and to find out about a loaner car because on Thursday they had assured my husband they were just waiting for the part to arrive on Friday and were going to call me with an update once it arrived. well, when my husband got there on Friday and filed a complaint and spoke with the GM and the service rep assisting with my vehicle they both told him they hadn’t worked on my car at all on Friday even though the part arrived because they were “busy”. when my husband responded with “you told us you were going to start it today after the part arrived” they just shrugged their shoulders at my husband and said “oh well, we were busy, what can we say”. INFURIATING!!! i’m looking into local news channels to file my story. this is ridiculous how little customer service I have received and how no one seems to care at all that they took my vehicle, tore it apart and still haven’t worked on it….all without even calling me first and asking me. I want my vehicle tomorrow as promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


George June 26, 2017 at 5:23 pm

The worst car buying experience I have ever had! I purchased a vehicle 10 days ago. The dealership refuses to sign the one doXXXXented needed to finalize the loan. When I talked to the GM he greets me by not even looking up from his computer screen and saying what do I want and that he is very busy. When he called the finance manager in to ask about what was going on, the F&I guy says that everything is done and if it isn’t then it’s too bad because I already purchased the vehicle and I have to wait on their timeline. I called the corporate customer service number and left 5 voicemails in 5 days and still haven’t received a call back. What ever you do don’t go to Auto Nation!! If you do you will regret it!! It’s too bad they are just a big corporation that doesn’t care! They used to be good when it was Maroone.


Bob Picton June 23, 2017 at 12:10 pm

We purchased a jeep Wrangler at the Tempe dealership just over a year ago.

The vehicle has been plagued with electrical issues – alarm locking us out, hard start / cold crank (not a battery) AC fan not blowing – been in now for 3rd time with that issue.

So there are two points….
1) The car is obviously disappointing a breakdown every 2 months is not exactly acceptable. Yes sometimes this happens but a warranty and good customer service helps this….I bought the warranty but the customer service hmmmm.

So the first breakdown – Autonation hadn’t set up the warranty yet so I got stuck with the tow bill and no rental car.
Second breakdown I paid for the rental car and haven’t had a refund despite numerous voicemails being left. (numerous being 30 – 40 voicemails.
AC fan issues. In now 3 times and living in AZ that’s a problem……Obviously Autonation cant diagnose it correctly and they put new fan motors in as a go away measure. (Yes its intermittent but 2 out of 3 times it was inop when dropped off)
Then having made appointments to drop the car off and requested a rental car it took me 3 times of going there to actually get a rental car…..come on now that’s not ok.
Ive yet to speak to the service manager Eric….Ive left lots of messages been promised he will call etc….Why do I get the feeling that Autonations approach is to stonewall me until I go away.

So basically
I don’t want the vehicle anymore – its lost any enjoyment factor which is a big part of buying a wrangler. I think Autonation could step up here but I cant see it happening.
I want the money that is owed to me refunded.
I never really want to deal with Autonations repair facility again – but seeing we are stuck with each other I would Kinda like some respect. (returned phone calls and rental cars being there when I book an appointment etc)

No doubt Autonation will respond to this with an oh please call X they will help and I get to leave another voicemail…..


Michelle Johnson June 11, 2017 at 11:07 am

I have been coming to the Autonation dealership in Westminster, Colorado on 104th & Federal Blvd since 1993 and have bought several cars from them. My experience tonight with the receptionist, Pat, made me not want to ever step foot in this place again. My 2012 Honda Accord was towed to the dealership’s service department for service due to Honda 6-cylinder V6 Variable Cylinder Management VCM-2 Engine Misfire & Premature Spark Plug Fouling class action settlement. I was called today by the service rep, Jacky, letting me know the repairs were complete and my car was ready to be picked up. I couldn’t get to the dealership before the service department closed so they said I could pick up my car from the sales department before 9p. I showed up around 7:30p on Saturday, June 10 and told Pat, the receptionist, that I was picking up my car. She asked for my ID. While I was looking for my ID in my wallet (maybe took a minute) she became very impatient and said “anything with your name will do!” I handed her my ID and she said “who are you? Your name isn’t on the paperwork.” “What is the address on the paperwork?” I told her I have no idea what address is on the paperwork because you have it but I can tell you it should be the same that is on my driver’s license. I asked to see the paperwork a few times and she became very rude and treated me like I was trying to steal my car. I told her that she was being very rude and didn’t want to talk to her and asked to speak with a manager and she refused to let me talk to one. While I was walking around trying to find a manger, she chased me around the showroom floor yelling at me. I sat down at a table and told her again that I didn’t want her to talk to me. I finally was able to talk with a manager but because he was a sales manager and not the service manager, he couldn’t answer any of my questions… such as why isn’t my name on the paperwork, why is our address and contact information wrong on the paperwork, and why was there a “total due” on an invoice that was part of the Honda 6-cylinder V6 Variable Cylinder Management VCM-2 Engine Misfire & Premature Spark Plug Fouling class action settlement? I told the sales manager that I didn’t feel comfortable with any of this so I gave him my key and said I will pick up my car when this is straightened out. As I was walking out, I told Pat that they really need to get this straightened out. She jumped up from her seat, got two inches from my face and pointed her finger at me at attempted to rip into me but was stopped by the sales manager, Dan. She put her hand on my shoulder… at that point I felt physically threatened and told her not to put her hands on me. I have never been treated so rudely and with such aggressive behavior as a customer.

I walked out with the door and thought this whole thing was not right. I walked back in and told the manager that I wanted an invoice stating that I had a zero balance since it was covered under warranty and wanted my car.

After I left , I stopped to get gas and I noticed my hood has a new, small dent that was not previously there.

Worst customer service experience ever! This is not the first time we have experienced horrible customer service at this dealership. Before this experience, my husband and I were considering purchasing a new car; however, that is no longer the case.


Dawud Ali June 6, 2017 at 12:15 pm

Autonation Nissan Thorton Road in Atlanta Georgia ran a scam on me by Brian Bahista from the service dept. saying that I had a Bad Transmission and recommending a new Transmission which he priced at over $4,000.00. 15 to 20 Minutes Thereafter A sales person from Autonation Nissan Thorton Road called me and stated that he heard my 2005 Murano had Transmission problems and he asked if I wanted to get out of the Murano into another car. Due the Autonation Nissan Thorton Road dealership service recommendation for the 2005 Murano my wife, Regina Coppin, and I purchased a 2017 Nissan Versa the very day the Murano was serviced.

Solomon Ibharalu was the Sales Agent for Autonation and was very helpful though his boss (name unknown) who was doing th actual negotiating with us didn’t want us to keep the Murano and was insisting that we trade it in for the versa. Brian Bahista of the service dept. showed me a diagnostic report code numbers with the word transmission next to them. He used this report to prove that there was a transmission problem with the Murano.
I kept the 2005 Murano and purchased to 2017 Versa that day and asked for a copy of the diagnostic report it suddenly got lost in accounting according to Brian Bahista. Soloman Ibharalu tried to get the report from him while my wife was standing there looking on but according to my wife Brian seem to not appreciate what Solomon was trying to do. I then took the Murano to 2 different mechanic shops; Certified Auto Repair Expert, Inc at 4210 Jonesboro Rd Tuesday, May 9, 2017 and I also took the Murano to Nissan of Union City Friday May 12, 2017 for the car to be checked out again.

There was no mention or report of any transmission problems from the diagnostic report of either mechanic shop. Solomon Ibharalu Boss was particularly interested in separating us from our 2005 Nissan Murano while making a car sale under false pretenses which amounts to a scam to sell a new car.

I would not have bought a new car if Autonation Nissan Thorton Road service rep Brian Bahista didn’t say the Murano had a bad transmission. I feel that was duped into buying a new car. Therefore I can NEVER RECOMMEND AUTONATION NISSAN THORNTON service facility to a friend or colleague! Matter of fact I will work hard to warn my community about Autonation Nissan Thorton Road and the scam that was imposed upon me and my family. I also will seek legal help in this matter well. I will never purchase or service my cars at Autonation Nissan Thorton Road…that’s a promise.


Lisa C June 6, 2017 at 10:01 am

I have had a terrible experience with the Autonation Honda in West Knoxville Tennessee. I bought a Fit there in January of 2015 and I have nothing but problems with it. The dealership is not interested in helping me get the problem resolved But merely wants to blame the manufacturer. As they had said to me numerous times, they didn’t make the car, they just sold it.


JP June 1, 2017 at 11:20 pm

Autonation Toyota Las Vegas @ 6300 West Sahara Ave Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
I had a HORRIBLE car dealer and his name is EUGENE LEWIS. I bought a car here two weeks ago and Eugene asked me 3times why I am single and spoke about how available he is on test drive of car. So every time he asked me why I am single, I changed the subject back to the car and he kept getting mad because I changed subject to car and he kept giving me a mean glare while on the test drive of vehicle. Eugene also showed me some video(at 1st I thought it was gonna be a video about a car) of a nude woman shaking her butt which I thought was creepy and weird for him to show me a video like that. Eugene is very unprofessional. He also seems to have an anger problem, he yelled at me to make a left turn after he had already told me to drive straight to end of dealership. So, I eventually had to find a new car dealer(by the name of Khairull Nawab) from here to purchase car and he was helpful and Khairull was very professional(Eugene should learn from him how to be professional). Also, Eugene told me there is a Lincoln for sale, then right after he said that, he says,”oh, that’s right,you don’t like big things.” Then he said that 2more times. So I think Eugene is a pervert. Instead of him saying,”you don’t like big cars,” he says,”you don’t like big things 3times.” So, Eugene never had any intentions of selling me the Lincoln considering I told him I’m going to purchase the Toyota because it is a small vehicle. As I was on phone, Eugene told me to hurry up and that I am taking up his time, so that’s when I got new car dealer by the name of Khairull to purchase car from. I told the General Manager Nick Delecce about how rude Eugene Lewis was to me, and Nick said he sent Eugene home the next day and gave him a warning and that he knows what video I am talking about that Eugene showed me(I guess Eugene shows that video of a naked woman to his coworkers also). I’m surprised Eugene is still allowed to work for Toyota after treating me so rude(I think Eugene treated me rude because it was obvious I was NOT interested in him, and because I just wanted to speak about car, and because I am a female who came to buy car by myself, I don’t think he would have treated a male that way). So any females reading this should not buy a car from Eugene Lewis(description of Eugene/he is medium build to heavy set/short/bald head/African American).


Greg May 31, 2017 at 11:21 am

I told dealer that I did NOT want GAP. He quickly went through 31 pages of signing. Not telling me one was GAP insurance. Got home an hour later and saw the GAP. Called dealer and they said they would look into this. No word back. Dealer said they think there are two keys to the truck I purchased and could not find other key. I called twice with no reply about key. Drove back (60 miles) and the mechanic that I be friended found key. I own 5 cars and two motorcycles and buy a car every 3 years. WILL NEVER GO BACK TO AUTONATION.


Frank Standish May 29, 2017 at 12:13 pm

I’ll sum up AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway in one word. Amateur.

Zero communication from GM, Internet Sales, and two others working with me. (They did have fidget spinners tho, must be a training tool).

I finally tracked em down and responses were “our email has been down” and “tried to call, but it wouldn’t let me leave a VM” (later when I had to help the salesman use his computer, I pointed out the 1,200 UNREAD emails in his inbox. Lol.

Arrived to take delivery (deal/finance was all done). 5 hours later we were told “we don’t have time to wash it, can you come back another time?”

Lots of salespeople and employees outside eating hamburgers from the radio station, meanwhile, they are 5 hours behind pushing new rides out the door. Ridiculous. Need a leader in that location. There isn’t one there this week.


Orlando May 23, 2017 at 11:00 am

I planned on purchasing a 2015 Toyota Tacoma from AutoNation Toyota Corpus Christi where a purchase agreement was agreed on 05.17.2017 as per the described info below.
Deal #2080407 – Store # 498 Stk # FX078116 Cust # 5923970
Sales – Genaro Suarez Sales Manager Alex Chapa CFS MGR – Leonardo Espinoza
A copy of the signed agreement was sent to my credit union on the same day of the agreement and a check for the vehicle was issued for purchase which arrived at auto dealers location on the following day (05.18.2017).
I called the salesman to notify him of checks arrival and was told that he was unable to locate the check. Salesman Genaro Suarez contacted me the following day and mentioned that the vehicle had been sold to another purchaser after our agreement had been signed.
Sales management at dealership are unable to provide me with any information in reference to checks location and I continue to be charged interest on loan till check is returned.
Please provide me with some assistance on the ongoing matter at your earliest…

Best Regards,


Cherie C May 19, 2017 at 1:39 pm

My husband and I recently purchased a vehicle from AutoNation Toyota in Pinellas Park, FL. Initial visit was pleasant and salesman, John, portrayed as if he were going to go above and beyond for me to get the car detailed, fix the crack in the windshield and install XM radio at no charge. Upon returning for the detail and windshield repair, it appeared as if they did nothing at all. Car had spots all over the paint on outside, no difference on the inside of the car, windshield was not fixed. When I began to express my concern, the manager came out and told me I was being unreasonable. John told me to bring the car back in the following day and they would “detail” it again and fix the windshield. I dropped the car off and again the car looked no different. The XM was never installed as promised either. Not sure what AutoNations definition of detailing is but very disappointed in the service. They clearly make promises they can’t fulfill. Certainly not planning to ever purchase a vehicle from them again and will encourage others not to as well.


Auto Nation Customer May 18, 2017 at 1:12 pm

How wants to join a CLASS action?


luis padovani June 22, 2017 at 7:35 pm

Purchased a 2010 range rover in land rover of ft leaks water inside from unknown area..i mean a lot of water when it rain and all the electrical gets wet.semsors stop working back up camara etc…
I took the car in the 2nd time for the same problem
And because everything is affected one way or another the mother board gets damaged and causes a network of malfuctions…
Subsequently the car smelled like antifreeze and they are charging me.iys only 5 months since I purchased it please help.
561289XXXXX luis


Scott May 12, 2017 at 2:28 am

We were mislead by a salesman and manager at the Torrance Ford location. We were lead to believe our monthly payment and down payment would include our trade-in. When I persisted in asking, they said it did not include the trade-in. I have an email that was sent by the salesman admitting to this fact. Tired of being lied to. I expect a reply, because that would be the decent thing to do. I won’t hold my breath.


Arlene May 11, 2017 at 2:13 pm

After trying to get a key for three months for my tie down hooks for the bed of my new 2016 F 150 from Auto Nation Scottsdale Ford and guess I’ll try here. The dealership REFUSES to return my calls and that includes the general manager. I don’t know about you but I break my a** to buy a new vehicle and I can’t even get something simple as a $5.00 key that was never given to me. I think this a pretty poor way of doing business but I guess when you get as big as your company its, ” make the sale and screw you after” I’m sure glad I don’t run my business like yours. I would be shocked to even hear back about this complaint.


Rick Yegge May 8, 2017 at 1:39 pm

Concerning Autonation – Frisco, TX

Sold our Ford Explorer in October 2016. Stopped into Autonation to talk to them about receiving a refund for our prepaid maintenance agreement. Talked to Finance Manger David Cruz. After 2 months we called and found out he is no longer employed there. Have called numerous times since and have received no return calls. We have no idea how to get our money back??


Stacey Spencer May 2, 2017 at 11:53 am

Good Morning,
Autonation Bankston Ford in Frisco
At this point, I am no longer interested in the 2002 PT Cruiser you have available. The whole process of trying to purchase this vehicle has been a very unpleasant ordeal.

On the first day Friday 04/28 I made a cash offer, to find our Autonation is a no haggle dealership. This is perfectly understandable and I have no issue with the policy. The sales person Ali offered me a finance option for the PT Cruiser, which I declined as I wasn’t sure I wanted another payment.

On Saturday 04/29, I call back to the dealership to see if the car was available and would like to apply for the finance option. Per the sales person Josh the car was available and I was interested in the finance option for the car. Josh state that was great and I should come to the dealership. At that time I explained that I could not come as I had many things to do. I asked if I could complete a credit and to see if I qualify and if so I would come in. Ali called me back to confirm that I was interested in the finance option. Ali, then sent an email explaining how to complete the credit application to move forward with the finance option.

(At this point- Autonation could have simply stated, this is a cash only car) and that would have been an acceptable response.

I continued to receive text messages throughout the day from Ali stating he was still pending a response from the bank. This would make a person believe their request is being worked. I arrived at the dealership at 3:30pm on Saturday and I was told the same information. The bank had not responded.

I later received a call from a manager Kyler, who stated this, was a cash only car and financing was not an option. The banks they work with only offer loans that are $5000 and above. I asked why the sales rep offered me financing if this wasn’t an option. I explained to him my frustration of being misled all day and this was not good customer service. Kyler stated none of the sales reps ever stated financing was an option. (I have the financing offer in an email and text) Yes, it was provided. Kyler also stated that I was being over dramatic and emotional to the situation. (Don’t you think those statements are a little sexist. Really, you talk to customers like this?) I am very offended by this statement.

Kyler- again, calls me and states they would really like to help and they are calling in some favors to see if they can make a deal. I stated ok and ended the call.

Kyler- again called and stated due to it being Saturday that it would be Monday before anything could happen and was I ok with that. I stated that would be fine.
Monday, May 1, 2017- I received a call from Ali asking for my DL and Insurance as they still working on the deal. I emailed the requested information over. I did not receive any further communication from the dealership.

Today Tuesday 05/02- I still have not received any communication from the dealership. Car buying should not be this difficult, insulting, or demeaning.

This communication will be on all social media and the Autonation corporate office.


Yolanda Herndon April 25, 2017 at 10:10 pm

Hello my name is Yolanda Herndon and I purchase a truck that I purchased from Autonation Dodge. I am having alot of problems with the truck and I have ran out of options. I finally picked up the truck on the 4th of April after I was told that the truck had been inspected and the window was replaced and everything was good. That was not the case because now the problems really started. I drove it off the lot and the tire pressure sensor light came on so I contacted Jose (sales person) and he informed me to bring the truck back. So I did that and in the process of the service department looking at the tire sensor they also found that the O2 sensor was bad. I was then informed that the parts would have to be ordered and it would be fine to drive the truck until the parts came in. Drove the truck and the check engine light comes on and again I was told it was ok to drive the truck. Spoke to the service department to a guy name Eric and was informed that I could take it to any Autonation to have it looked at however that turned out not to be true. I went to Autonation Dodge on 610, Ford and back to Spring. Had to leave to go out of town for the death of my sister and as I was in San Antonio when the check engine light came on and stayed on contacted Autonation spring and then I was told to take it to Autonation Katy on the 12th of April where it has been since. I am now in a stand still with this truck because the only thing I keep getting is the screws are breaking and we are working on it. Almost 30 days has pasted and I havent even been able to enjoy my truck because it has been in the shop. I am requesting some answers or a different truck. This is my first time in over 20 years to purchase a vehicle from a major dealer and this has been a nightmare. Please help.


Jennifer Lee April 24, 2017 at 6:56 pm

I worked for Autonation Cheverolet Superstition springs for about 4 weeks. I received 1 paycheck. As I’m going through my ADP I noticed another check issued to me that I never received. You make it extremely difficult to contact your corporate office. The check was issued 6/2016. I didn’t receive it via mail and no one contacted me to let me know that I had a check ready for me. I have an image of the check I downloaded from ADP and therefore and wanting to receive this check as I paid taxes on it. Will someone please let in touch with me? Your company has horrible communication. I’d never not pick up a $300 check after leaving. Thank youj.


Chad Kosina April 24, 2017 at 5:33 pm

I have had it with this process. Rudy called me at 10:56 this morning simply stating call me back which I did 11 mins later at 11:07. I placed another call at 12:55 and left voicemails both times. I called back at 3:26 and he finally answered only to tell me that I had to call Nissan North America myself to get my issue handled. Rudy needs to go back through training on how to handle and solve customer issues. Why can’t AutoNation pay to have my car transported back to me through The prices range from $375-$575. Again, if the problem didn’t originate at your dealer I wouldn’t be asking but it did and it’s been a nightmare. This isn’t an unreasonable request. I’m tired of all the burdens falling on me. I haven’t even been offered a loaner from you guys. It’s just mind boggling. What is the resolution going to be? I need to know today please.

Rudy couldn’t even tell Nissan what I wanted which is why they told him I had to call myself. Those were his words back to me. I told him I wanted my car transported back to me. He told me he would make that request yet when I got him on the phone he couldn’t reiterate that back to Nissan. Please tell me this is just a bad joke?

We’re now four days into this nightmare.

I will say Rick, GM did offer $200 to get my car back but what should really happen is they should have just paid to get my car transported back to Katy. That’s all I was asking. It’s not hard!


Chad Kosina April 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm

It’s sad that I have to email you with a complaint/concern of this nature because your service supervisor, Rudy should be concerned enough to make this matter right. Apparently he doesn’t live by the mission of AutoNation’s way of servicing guests.

In Feb I brought my Maxima into your dealer because I had experienced power failure while driving back from San Marcos. Your techs serviced it and said there was no problem they could find. I told them that doesn’t make sense because cars don’t lose power if nothing is wrong. They said we checked it with a machine specifically designed for Nissan’s. I told them I was leaving for San Antonio in a few days and I didn’t want to experience this problem again. They told me that without a video my extended bumper to bumper warranty gold preferred from Nissan wouldn’t authorize any fixes. So I left your dealer and drove to San Antonio and about an hour into the trip my car lost power. I took a video as I painfully drove the car back to your dealer. The tech now finds as a result of the video that my transmission and alternator needed to be replaced. They fixed it but when I picked up my car the Alternator light was still on. I told Issac that I didn’t feel comfortable driving it out so they kept it another day but again couldn’t find anything wrong. I drove it for a month or so because my schedule didn’t allow me to bring it back in immediately and the tech couldn’t find anything wrong with it either time so I was waiting for a chance to get another video. I got tired of being told I had to have a video. I left for New Orleans over Easter weekend and guess what happened? That’s right, my car lost power again but this time I was forced to take it to Premier Nissan in New Orleans without a video. They ran a diagnostic check and determined my car needed another alternator. They have fixed it and have assured me that their top foreman ran all possible tests and now my car is good to drive.

My request to Rudy at your dealer was to have AutoNation Nissan transport my car back to Katy because this is a recurring problem that never was fixed originating at your dealer. Unfortunately, all he was interested in saying was that it was Premier’s responsibility to get me my car back. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to know that isn’t the right answer nor is it correct. So, here I am emailing you to ask if you are interested in helping me get ny car back from Premier Nissan in New Orleans or am I going to have to go to the expense of flying one way and driving it back?

It’s gets better just wait
AutoNation Nissan Katy Mills


Henry zabel April 18, 2017 at 4:58 pm

I purchased a new 2017 traverse and traded in a 2014 traverse I have purchased vehicles from Auto Nation Pembtoke for not been very satisfied this transaction took place at the Pembroke Pines location in Florida and from the sales experience which took way too Long the entire process has been a fiasco and the problems after receiving the vehicle that the insurance forms were not sent properly or not sent that the previous lienholder was not notified that the car was sitting at the dealer for over a month and now no call no calls that I’ve numerous calls that I made to the dealership have not been returned it is unbelievably poor management I never expected this level of incompetence he and lack of customer service from such a large operation today I called corporate and see if we can get a resolution to the various problems that we are having


Julia Naunheim-Hipps April 17, 2017 at 2:50 pm

I have to say after purchasing more than 15 cars, I have never experienced such terrible service. I bought a CPO BMW convertible with 19,000 miles. 4 weeks later, the battery dies. I had it jumped by BMW assist and drive it to the nearest BMW dealership. They try to start the next morning and the car is dead again. The battery died because the fuse box was corroded due to water leaking in the windshield thru the A pillar that caused the defroster to remain on. Then to find out the windshield is not a BMW windshield so all warranties fail. $3000.00 in damage. Sales person Gary Aggas, was not any help. I was 10 hours from dealership in Dallas and they say to bring the car back to dealership. That’s not possible because you can’t drive a car without a battery. No assistance from their service manager or salesperson to work with the dealership in St. Louis. It’s been three weeks in the shop trying to get them all to communicate and help a first time BMW. BMW of North America got involved and will replace the windshield with a BMW one at no cost. My insurance company had to be notified and they are picking up a portion. I get a call from the General Manager in Dallas and they will offer 1/2 of my deductible only if I remove the negative review. That’s $350.00. No deal.

“Run Forest a Run” from this place when considering purchasing any CPO car. It is a mega dealership that couldn’t care less about you it customer service.


Lucia Cervantes April 17, 2017 at 12:41 am

April 16, 2017

Mercedes Benz Of South Bay
3311 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrance, CA. 90505

Lucia Cervantes
Hashim Muhammad
860 East Realty Street
Carson, CA, 90745

To The Owner, General Manager, Salesman & Others,

After careful consideration & consultation. It has become necessary to inform all concerned, that Mercedes Benz Of South Bay knowingly sold me a defective 2007 GL 450 Vin # 4JGBF71E47A246589
From the day of initial purchase, until now this vehicle has been plagued with a defective Airmatic suspension system, transmission shifting issues amongst other issues.
Every vehicle manufacturer and dealership warrants to its consumers that the vehicle they sell are
Safe to drive. However not every vehicle sold is safe to drive. When some designer made a poor choice
Or some mistake was made in manufacturing process, drivers could be operating vehicles that contain deadly defects.
Despite many repair attempts the 2007 GL 450 Vin # 4JGBF71E47A246589 remains unfit to drive.
Airmatic suspension issues and the fact that the Air springs, and rubber bellows being such a common failure point.
The Airmatic suspension is one of the most common failure issues for anyone owning A Mercedes vehicle equipped with Airmatic suspension.
I’m requesting that this issue be addressed in the most fairest of ways, Fair for me as a consumer.

I, as a consumer and purchaser of a Mercedes Product. I’m entitled to receive a vehicle free of known
Your help in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. This vehicle transports myself and
5 children, and places us at risk every time the system fails.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucia Cervantes


Mike G April 16, 2017 at 5:51 pm

1st facebook post 4/8/2017 DO NOT BUY. Once they make the sale you can never get them on the phone to even solve a simple problem. Salesperson no longer works there and even the GM refuses to call back. GOOD LUCK

Their response on 4/11 2017 through facebook not a phone call.
Can you send me a message with some further details and your phone number? I can personally give your contact request to the GM so that he can be in touch.

My response on 4/11/2017 through facebook only because they won’t respond to phone calls.
I have called 4 times to get info on what’s covered on the extended warranty and extended maintenance plan. Calls were made to the finance department to have them send me any info and so far have not received anything. (last time I checked the Post Office still delivers mail).I have no idea what’s covered and what is not. I was also not aware at time of purchase that the extended warranty was through Auto Nation and not Ford Motor Company. MY MISTAKE especially after reading all these complaints. I have also called 5 different times to try and get a simple set of keys for my pickup tie down hooks that were not in the box with the hooks. The first time I went to use the hooks was the beginning of March and this is when I found out there were no keys. I did not inspect the box on delivery and accepted the salespersons word they were in the box. The only attempt with help was from Robert Rose who tried to find another set of keys but none were found. I was told that the Sales Manager (Robert Bittinggerr) was the only one who could get another set of keys. I finally called the Manager on duty and spoke to Michael and he said he would send a new set of hooks with the keys. We never received them. The key number was S18 and the original box looked like it went through a war. Please look up my phone # through your sales record. Purchase date was 12/4/2016. So far the time spent by me and NOT your dealership is a poor way of doing business Hopefully, I will not have to take this matter further.

Their response on 4/12/2017 through facebook. I’ve just sent your message personally to the Manager so that he can be in touch to answer your questions.

I’m still waiting


Roxanne April 11, 2017 at 5:48 pm

My husband and I purchased a new 2017 Altima on March 25. The initial interaction was great, no complaints. Then a week later I took the car back to get the windows tinted. They said it would take 3 hours and that there was only one car ahead of me. Now, I had made an appointment to get my windows tinted with our sales rep. When I got there, no one knew what I was talking about and there was no appointment. Over three hours later I didn’t receive a call that my car was ready so I had to call and see what was going on. When I went to pick up my car (with only 150 miles on it) there was a huge foot long scratch on the rear bumper. The sales associate first tried to insuinate that the scratch was already there. And then said i might have to go through my own insurance to fix it. I told them absolutely not and if they didn’t fix it then they can give me a full refund. So of course, after that I was told that I need to follow up with the dealership next week to schedule a time to bring the car in for repairs. So I call the following Monday morning and I was told there is a hold up with autonation’s insurance and once they accept my claim I can get it fixed. So I follow up on Tuesday and Wednesday. And when I still didn’t have an appointment scheduled I demanded to speak with a manager. The manager was great, got me in the same day to get the scratch fixed and gave me a loaner car. After the scratch has already been fixed I am still getting texts from my original sales guy that he promises to fix my car. No communication at all, how can he not know my car has already been taken and fixed?! It has been 2 weeks since I’ve purchased the car and I am still waiting on the green slip to go register it. When I called the dealership about the green slip the receptionist said the slip was there but didn’t know why no one has contacted me. Absolutely zero communication within the dealership. So now that I have already been down there FOUR times since purchasing the car, I have to make a fifth trip to get the green slip. The worst part is that I never got one apology from anyone at the dealership for all of their mess ups. No one offering to do the right thing or give me a discount or compensation for their pure neglect of my purchase. I am a customer but I have been treated like dirt. If this is how they treat their customers, you can be sure I will never be purchasing another car from this dealership.


Jennifer April 11, 2017 at 11:03 am

Let me start by saying this was the worst experience I have every had and its been going on since Sept. 2016. I took my Black 2013 Mercedes Benz C-250 for a minor dent on the bumper to have it repaired via my insurance carrier. When I went to pick up my vehicle I noticed there was white overspray spots on my vehicle hood, door, mirror and windshield wipers. Now they did not see that before they called and tell me my car was ready, NO!!! I pointed it out to the body shop manager Chris, he advised that they did not see it even though it was plain as day. He told me to go back to Hertz Rental and they will authorize another rental car since I had just turned in my car that my insurer was paying for. Ok so it took 2 Weeks to get the paint off. During that time they called and said the car was ready when I went they paint spray was still there. They took it back again to attempt to get the white paint off my black car. I went back 3rd time and there was still paint there. Finally on the 4th time I returned Chris told me they had to repaint the side mirrors and the windshield wiper but the other pain on the body of my black car was finally off. I took the rental car that they agreed to pay for back to Hertz Rental. Then a month later Hertz is billing my credit card for the rental car I advised that I was not to pay for this bill. I then spoke to Beverly who was to have taken care of this and she NEVER DID. Fast Forward ifs APRIL 11, 2017 and Hertz just billed my credit card again. I took all supporting doXXXXents and dropped them off to Beverly months ago and nothing was done to date. I called Hertz and spoke to Lori she advised the same that she has been trying to get them to pay the bill and to date nothing or no one has spoke to her. Its unfair that I am getting bill for a rental car that they are responsible for due to their negligence of getting white paint all over my black car. I should not be billed for this expense NO HOW NO WAY!!
I can’t believe the run around of getting this taking care of.. There is no way I am going to pay any part of this bill for their negligence and it taking the body shop 2 weeks to get the DAMN paint off of my car!!! HERTZ SHOULD NOT BE BILLING ME FOR ANY PART OF THEIR NEGLIGENCE. I want AUTO NATION TO TAKE CONTROL AND FIX THIS ISSUE …


Jennifer April 26, 2017 at 1:31 pm

I am still waiting on a response


Lisa Razor April 6, 2017 at 4:14 pm

I purchased a 2013 fORD FUSION preowned vehicle from the Autonation Honda on January 31st. On March 11 my car was overheating and I took it straight to the ford Autonation the tech saw where the car was registering overheating they kept over the weekend on Monday say they ran test and everything was ok. 1 week later the car overheats again I take back they had it for anothe 2 days called and said it was a coolant bypass cylandar and it was not cover on the warranty and i would have to pay 352.00 Well I just don’t see why I had to pay for it to be fixed if I havent had the car for over 30 days. When told if something goes wrong in first 90 days just bring it back and they will take care of it. Iwould have been satisfied if I just had to pay for part. I think Autonation should explain better what they 3 month warranty covers. This is something major to me if had not gotten it fixed it would have cause more damage to my engine. To say you all are the best dealership is terrible because you don’t stand behind your word.


Georgia May April 6, 2017 at 10:50 am

let me start my saying we have had the worst experience with autonation!
We used autonation of laurel, my husband surprised me with a 2008 ppv tahoe with very little miles! Gorgeous inside! Well autonation took 30 days + to finalize our loan (leaving us in the dark of things).
But my biggest problem with them now is, our back controls for ac and radio do not work; they told us to find a shop to figure out what was wrong with it, so we did.. then we told them we needed a new control panel .. they are making US find the part number and contact people to find the part and find someone to install it because their shop is not equipped to do it. Before we bought the vehicle we made them put in our contract that they needed to fix that. Still to this day they have not answered or found the part number and said it’s our responsibility.. rediculious.


dave hodgdon April 4, 2017 at 1:27 pm

I purchased a used vehicle March 29, 2017 from AutoNation Toyota. The used car salesperson, sales manager and finance manager were good people. I put $9000 down, my wife did not like the vehicle because it had no sunroof or backup camera or V-8. It’s a Hyundai Genesis. I’ve been fighting with the controller who I believe her name is Lynn about getting my money back. After showing proof that the check cleared a weak fax that could hardly be read however it clearly shows the check cleared immediately electronically. I make an appearance today after a few phone calls guess what no check. Walking with the salesperson I picked up on something he said we got a six cylinder with sunroof and backup camera. A sunroof and backup camera were two options not negotiable. Chatting with my wife for the last 10 minutes she can live without a V-8. We would buy that car right now however the process Lynn has put us through we just couldn’t do it. Since March 29 we’ve been trying to find this car because we thought you had to have the V-8 to get the sunroof and backup camera. If Lynn had given us our money today I’m 99.5% sure we would buy this vehicle. Whatever management does do not let anybody talk to this woman.


Reggie Mason April 3, 2017 at 7:13 pm

Purchased a 3rd car from the Leesburg VA store in December. They called us in March and told us they couldn’t get financing and to bring the car back. Finally after 3 weeks of trying to talk to someone about the issue, we got in touch with Dan. We came back in and he fixed the finance issue. 8 points above the original contract. Now the tags have expired and the car still hasn’t been titled. This store is a total mess on every level. They don’t call you back , everybody passes the buck and no one takes responsibility for anything. We are just customers that chose your company 3 times and this is how we are treated. I drive by at least 12 dealerships in MD on the way to VA.
Loyalty means nothing these days. I’m sure this email will go on deaf ears as well.


shawn January 22, 2018 at 2:28 am

Same…purchased a mustang in august, got a call in October to return vehicle…they approved me and I got the car, drove it OFF THEIR LOT… apparently the bank contacted them to get the car back due to financing but was because I was not employed for 12 consecutives months! My credit score was great. Such horrible management/director of finance, Lawrence, was threatening to keep my deposit also.I SAVED HIS TEXT MESSAGES and plan to use them…..then they charged me – to use my own vehicle – during those 45 days that the CAR WAS MINE! HORRIBLE experience with Lawrence and AUTONATION HONDA OF SANFORD FLORIDA!
they owe me 379.80 PLUS mileage getting to and from Sanford!! (SINCE


Larry March 30, 2017 at 10:02 am

I worked at Autonation Ford in Katy Texas. Ended up quiting. They still owe me money. .over a grand. It’s been going on 3 months . Nobody knows or how to do there job.


James April 6, 2017 at 12:19 am

Hi. Larry… Troy lost his job today.. Mr. Pete Hunter asked him how it was going yesterday when Mr Pete Hunter was leaving Troy said not so good… Pete Hunter said he would talk to him today.. Troy got to work, had a talk with Mr. Pete Hunter!!! He got fired today… I wish I could get H.R. corporates number…


Crystal Smith March 27, 2017 at 9:53 pm

Horrible experience with AutoNation Nissan in Georgia. Very very unprofessional. I need to contact the BBB it was so bad .


Krystal March 25, 2017 at 12:13 pm

I visited AutoNation Toyota today for the 2nd time since I purchased my new vehicle at another AutoNation location. With today’s visit the service guys trashed my glove box looking for the tire lock without my permission. Additionally the service advisor didn’t recognize the proper service needed on my vehicle. When brought to the managers attention he only made excuses on why the service advisors job was NOT to advise me of service. The service was never offered by the manager. The oversight was not accepted or addressed by the manager. I’m ok with the rep missing the service but the managers lack of ownership and willingness to address the issue and correct it is truely disappointing. I will not return to this location.


Gwendolyn Carroll March 20, 2017 at 4:31 pm

I put my car in the Body shop on February 6, 2017 and did not get it back until March 20 2017. They don’t tell you when you bring your car in to the body shop that its not really part of Autonation. They ordered more expensive parts than they should have because they thought that that In was paying for the repairs out of pocket. I had to do most of the work in talk to the insurance company. The lied about what was said but fortunately I saved the emails. They wouldn’t give me a phone number or actual email address so that I could speak to the General Manger. They are crooked.


Vernell Stepter, III March 20, 2017 at 2:57 pm

Auto Nations doesn’t provide a direct email contact for complaints. After reading all of the blogs on this company, I can understand why they might have removed it. I recently paid of a six year auto loan from the Auto Nations GMS Dealership on Mendenhall Rd., in Memphis, TN in February 2017, which is five years early. I sent all of the payoff information to the Finance Manager to recover a Gap Coverage refund, and I have never received a response from this manager. I made two additional contacts and still no answer. I submitted a BBB Complaint on this dealership this morning (March 20, 2017) to advise that this dealership seems to be avoiding paying my refund. As I look back on my original purchase in December 2015, I realize that I might have purchased a damaged vehicle. They gave me a bed cover that was not part of the accessory list, and they did not charge me for the bed liner. I believe there is heavy damage to the bed of the truck, but I have not removed the liner to see for sure. Maybe my complaint to the BBB will bring results on my Gap Coverage refund. I might have to deal with the truck damage on a different BBB complaint. I have to get someone to remove the bed liner to know for sure, on any possible damage.


grace bracamonte March 15, 2017 at 12:59 pm

I bought my Mercedes Benz C250 from the Mercedez Benz Dealership owned by Autonation in Pompano Beach on December 11, 2016. I put $5,000 down and then used a different card to put another $10,000. I, by mistake, canceled the transaction and then tried to do it again using my debit card. The power went out at that point and was unable to complete the transaction. Jonathan Reiss, the person handling my financing then said I should return with a check for that amount.
He submitted the down payment to be $15,000, incorrectly so.

I returned on January 6, with a $13,000 cashier’s check. The total amount I put towards a down payment was now $18,000. This wasn’t corrected by Mercedez of Pompano.

By February 15 I discovered the discrepancy and have been emailing and calling Jonathan who admitted the error and said he would apply it towards the total owed of the car. It is March 15 and the error has not been corrected! I’m missing the $3,000 difference and am very upset that this mistake hasn’t been corrected a month later. I’m also not getting a response from Jonathan!

At this point, I want the check of $3,000 mailed to me so I may pay it myself since no one at Autonation Mercedez Benz of Pompano knows what they’re doing!!


Kris Rocco March 13, 2017 at 6:52 pm

I had pre-qualified financing in place with Capitol One, it was supposed to be a simple deal. I told the AutoNation sales that I had financing in place. I utilized the “Auto-Navigator” tool, I found my truck – with VIN#, knew my APR %, and monthly payments.
It was supposed to be a simple deal. I had invested 3 days into finding my car. I sent the salesman my Approval Letter info, at 8:15am, so that we could get the process started. I told him and his co-worker, who was assisting in the deal, that ONLY run my credit for Capitol One! I show up about 5pm that afternoon – 3/3/2017- and as I was waiting to go to the financing department, I was getting credit alerts and I told my sales rep, and the woman who was submitting everything to stop running my credit!
Fast Forward to March 8th, I look at my credit and see 9 HARD INQUIRIES!!! I immediately was in contact with my sales person, who stated he would notify management. I called and was told that basically I couldn’t do anything about it. I was furious, I asked them to make it right, by having them removed. That’s all. I never heard anything from any manager, until I finally showed up and demanded answers. I explained and showed all my PROOF ( messages, PDF’s) stating that I explicitly wanted ONLY Capitol 1. I DID NOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO HIT MY CREDIT MULTIPLE TIMES! So, I didn’t get anywhere with the Finance guy, he said that he was sending an email regarding this matter.
I did my own investigation as well…. AutoNation is not a well oiled machine, their CFO, goes by a different last name, its not Cheryl Scully, its Cheryl Miller. I understand names can change, but a Fortune 500 company would have their top peoples information up to date. But it gets better, AutoNation still shows Micheal A. Maroone as the COO. He hasn’t been in that role since 2015!! I wanted to start sending these 2 people, the regional and district managers for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I have ascertained that information, and I am going to send my complaints to them.
BUT HERE IS MY CONCERN, They say that multiple Hard Inquiries don’t hurt your score, if your lender uses the newest models. every lender uses different credit scoring systems. HOW MANY PEOPLE have been in this same situation, and not realized it, and bought a home for instance, those Unauthorized inquiries could have sent a family’s interest rate up, thus costing them possibly thousands of dollars in interest. This has put my goals for my family on hold.
We live in an age that credit is everything. I work my butt off to get to where I am, we all work hard to build our credit! I have been stonewalled every since they took my $2,000 and I drove the truck off the lot. I have not received any news from the dealer, who promised he would get back to me by now.
I am sending this complaint up the ladder, now that I have the accurate, up-to-date information. I hope that everyone reads this soon, and understand that you have the right to finance through a company of YOUR choice, not theirs.
DONT FALL FOR THE “WE WANTED TO FIND YOU A BETTER RATE” A car is a major investment ( to me at least), therefore, I will always do my due diligence and homework.
Please do yours


Michael March 13, 2017 at 3:57 pm

I’m a good customer, ready to buy. I secured my own financing prior to visiting Mercedes of Bellevue and was ready to take a car home that day. It took 30 minutes to get an available salesperson, who (although was new) knew nothing about the GL450 I came to see. Test drive went fine. Decided to I liked the vehicle enough to purchase it. Was listed for $15,995, I offered $14,500 to start the negotiation expecting a counter somewhere in between…which would have earned my business. The Sales Manager, Michael, explained that company policy states no negotiations. Frustrated, and distrusting of paying just whatever the asking price is (guess I didn’t realize it’s a demand price not an asking price) I asked the sales manager to build value by doing a few things to the car…TRY to fix a rattle in the driver side mirror, replace a broken plastic drawer in the dash, provide a nav dvd that is missing ($40 to buy online) and re-shampoo the rear cargo area carpet. I was told NO to all requests. The “one price” policy that autonation has thoroughly tuned me off as a customer. I’m not asking for much, I just wanted to feel valued as a customer and like the dealership was willing to do more for me than just take my money. If the ability to address customer’s needs is taken away from the dealership employees, why even have employees??? Might as well just put the keys in a vending machine and cherry pick the customers that come by and just swipe their credit card. Terrible customer service experience and we walked away from the sale as a result. It’s not even about the price…it’s about feeling like we are unimportant and the dealership is not willing (or able) to do anything for us. It took 4 hours to go on one test drive and be told NO to every request we made…even after we gave in and agreed to give the “asking” price. Mercedes of Bellevue and Autonation lost a good customer last night. Too bad.


Julia Lamb March 10, 2017 at 1:29 pm

I have been dealing with the Collision Center in Corpus Christi for 3 months now. I brought my brand new Toyota Tundra in (we hit a deer before we even made a payment.) My truck needed some superficial damage on the front driver side. We first came in in January and this is now my 6th trip down here! Every time I come to get my truck there is more damage and it is in worse condition then when I brought it in after our accident. It has had FOUR paint jobs among numerous other issues!!! My truck has been in the shop more than I have owned it!!! I’ve only had it a few months and I’ve been making payments on a truck I don’t even drive!!! To say I am beyond frustrated and irate is an understatement!!! I just want my truck fixed right!!!!


Javi J March 9, 2017 at 8:03 am

The Savannah Dodge/Jeep service department are low down, dirty crooks. They initially gave me an estimate of $242.00 for a 60k service for my Dodge1500 fleet vehicle, then the day of it ballooned to $715.00. The girls who work at the front desk don’t know their own job, I guess they feel it is more important for them to check their Facebook than serve customers. Also be aware of a service writter named Teresa Guest she is a dishonest, ignorant racist that should be fired. Later that day when I came back to pay for the vehicle she lied to her boss and told him I must have made the estimate myself and put their name on it. Don’t go these people they take advantage of Corporate fleet accounts to make an extra dime.


Mellina Olsen March 8, 2017 at 1:20 pm

Mellina Olsen cancellation [#2790771]
I have been try to get my refund for 4 months, I turn in my cancellation papers into the Cancellation dept. AND THEY SENT ME THIS IN DECEMBER
We have cancelled your product. contacting the Finance Department at your Selling AutoNation Store regarding your refund. Please be advised, if a balance is owed to your Lienholder your refund may be forwarded to your Finance Company.
Can you please help me on this!!!! case ID.[#2790771]


William March 2, 2017 at 8:21 pm

You have a Sales Manager at your AutoNation Ford store in Wickliffe, OH named Danny Urbania. You need to fire this man immediately or I promise you I will take it to the police and embarrass that location. It’s a sad day when my ex-wife calls me for advice because your Sales Manager is harassing her via text messages and phone calls.

She is a customer there and when she calls to ask about trading her vehicle in, he asks if she’s married or single, and tells her he would like to be his “boy toy”.

She will no longer be purchasing vehicles from your store, nor will any of my friends or family. Congratulations on hiring that pervert.


michele summa February 27, 2017 at 2:19 pm

Autonation GMC in Corpus Christi Texas has terrible customer service. They were suppose to pay off our trade in back in DECEMBER. We are still receiving calls in Feb that it hasnt been paid. 2wks ago my husband went in and they were suppose to over night the payment. Well they didn’t. So i have been trying to get with a finance guy to see what’s up. They are too busy. I leave messages and no one calls back. GM can’t help much either. Beyond upset. This goes against our credit that later we need to buy vehicles.


Raul Martinez February 24, 2017 at 9:48 am

I left employment with AutoNation Buick GMC in Laurel a month ago and was owed a paycheck on the 10th of February. A deposit was made into my account then quickly reversed. I spoke with the office manager, Kerin Perrick. She assured me that she would have a check FedEx to me the following day. It is now the 24th and no check. Kerin told me yesterday that they haven’t been able to verify with my bank that the initial deposit was reversed. I called my bank and verified it in less than 5 minutes. Can somebody please help Kerin handle this simple payroll accounting procedure. If this was her money I’m sure it would have been resolved quickly.


Larry March 30, 2017 at 10:53 am

Autonation screwed me too


Tatiana Lucy February 24, 2017 at 8:24 am

Back in January on the 13th or so I had complained about AutoNation Nissan in Lewisville, Tx and their horrible customer service. Even had conversations on record and posted. Now that post have over 2k views! AutoNation’s rep gag contacted me thought that a simple solution would be a $50 gas gift card which was not what I was after by the way. I wanted someone to take some responsibility for crap service. I received my car back 6 days later with scratches all down the passenger side scattered in an almost perfect straight line. They tried to tell me they didn’t do it when my car was left in their
Possession to look at my power steering fluid. They somehow decided I guess to look at my shocks because after we dropped our car off we were called that the back left shock was cracked and needed to be replaced and that our power steering tank module was also cracked and needed replacing. After picking our car up we now had to argue the scratches which they stated they would take care of and I’ve tried to leave a message to schedule that since then and guess what no one not even the GM who we messaged (I have copies of that) has ever bothered to return a call! We heard rattling noises from the back for a few days, and my front sonar sensors no longer worked this time we filed a consumer complaint with Nissan USA because we didn’t know what was going on with our car. They had Grapevine Nissan take a look and what do you know…..Lewisville’s Nissan service guys NEVER SECURED MY SHOCKS!!!! I also stated my sonar sensors in the front no longer work and beep which they have because we bought that package and asked if my bumper was suppose to have a gap from the grill versus being flus. The bumper I was told “they are all like that”. My front sonar sensors/object detection feature….I have 2 guys on video stating my vin and stating I have it but they can’t find sensors on my bumper. Yet after they looked at my car when I questioned if my bumper could have been swapped if my car was returned dinged up, shocks not tightened and crap customer service. Grapevine stated all the sudden that everything was fine and that I don’t have sensors….I have sense contacted my insurance who has received copies of all the videos I have, proof from the Nissan website about the features on my car and pictures of 3 different 2015 models of my car and model with a bumper that’s guess what…..FLUSH TO THE CHROME!! In mine the chrome sticks out to where I can get my hand under it between the bumper and grill. I have now contacted my insurance who has started a partial theft claim and has received copies of everything as well as an attorney who I will be meeting with to discuss all of this. This is a short version of you will of what we have been dealing with for a month and a half now! Now USAA and attorneys can get involved since everyone just wants to brush this off. I don’t even know what else is wrong with my car but imagine if I had hit a pothole with shocks not secured while carting 3 small children!!!


Cathy February 23, 2017 at 8:35 pm

My son bought a used lemon at auto nation chevy on west colonial in Orlando Florida. Car had a shattered window with some other problems. We have a full warranty plus bought an extended on as well.
My sons car went to have some work done which is under warranty. Trying to make an appointment my son was told it could be seen in two weeks. He was also told that nothing will happen to the car it would be fine! Well guess what it got worse we brought it in and they would use warranty said my son shifts to hard, well that’s interesting the cars an automatic!! Worse place to go they would let us talk the manager rude never again will I go or recommend this place.


Jim Durbin February 23, 2017 at 1:27 pm

Just wanted to post something about the bad experience I had dealing with the Auto Nation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Southwest located in Lakewood, Colorado. I had questions about extended warranties and could not get anybody to contact me. Even after emailing back and forth with the store manager the person who was supposed to get with me didn’t. Then the manager himself stopped replying. I will never go back to that store and will actively discourage anybody else from going there.


Kenny Keshinro February 22, 2017 at 3:21 pm

To whom it may concern:
I bought a brand new Honda CRV a couple of months ago from Autonation Honda Lewisville Texas, and put in all the requested information to cancel my GAP Protection , but no one, I mean no one in Finance will get back to me when I requested for updates on when I should be receiving my Refund. I would hope this email gets to the right authorities for the guys to expedite my GAP Refund immediately. I have since refinanced my car and bought another GAP with them. I am saying this to say, I NEED MY MONEY asap.Thank you!!


Kenny Keshinro February 23, 2017 at 11:20 am

Please disregard the above. I finally got a response from the Dealership.
Thank you!


Anne Malave February 14, 2017 at 10:57 pm

My Experience at Auto-Nation 02/14/2017
In august 2016 our family was in need of a vehicle. We went to autonation and attempted to purchase a vehicle, but because of challenged credit we were denied. A few weeks later we received a call from autonation that there was a vehicle that we may qualify for. We decided to go look at the vehicle and see if we could get approved for it and we were. It was a 2007 Cadillac CTS that only had 62000 miles driven. That was their main selling point. A vehicle that was almost 10 years old with that many and in great condition. The salesman, Eddie Barlow, seemed to be rushing us through the process because he didn’t want someone else to jump on the opportunity. Since this wasn’t my first time purchasing a vehicle I thought it was strange. Eddie Barlow hadn’t been this aggressive the last three times we came to see him and now he was pushing aggressively for the sale. Casting my concerns aside, which I made very clear, I went ahead with the purchase. We soon found out that there was a reason for our concerns. Within days the vehicle showed grave issues. The car would not start while at work. We called autonation and they asked to bring the car back to them. We were able to get the car to turn on and drive it to autonation and we were put in a courtesy vehicle while they serviced our car. The service department held our car for a few days and called us when it was time to pick up the car. They determined that the car was in good shape because they could not recreate the problem that had occurred. They claim to have adjusted the leads going from the battery to the fuse box which were “loose” and that should have fixed the problem. We took our vehicle and from that point on we have experienced the worse performance of any vehicle we have ever owned. The vehicle would continue to shut off intermittently, even while driving on the freeway at 65-70mph. The car would experience violent jerks between 50-60mph. The occurrences went from once or twice a month to 3 to 5 times daily. At this point we again took our vehicle to autonation and it was then that they were able to see the car turn off and not start up again. The only way the car would start is if someone shook the fuse box. The car was in service for about a week and we were then called to retrieve it once again. We were told the fuse box had been changed, but when we asked about the other symptoms that we reported, we were told that they weren’t notified of those symptoms. During this time, we were in another courtesy vehicle. The vehicle was returned to us and as soon as we left the dealership we experienced the very same symptoms immediately. Violent jerking, Engine light and last but not least the vehicle shut off while driving. We immediately called them back and returned the car. We were then put into another loaner which we stayed in for 10 days. After ten days we were called to test drive the car with a service manager riding along. During the test drive we experienced the same symptoms we reported earlier except for the car shutting off. It didn’t shut off. We requested that these issues be repaired and were subsequently told that they were, however upon retrieving the vehicle we noticed that these repairs were not made: Vehicle Jerking while driving, hard idle. This is the fourth time the vehicle has been taken in for service on the same issues originally reported. At this point I believe the dealership knew the car had severe issues and sold it anyway. This is not a safe vehicle to be driving with my children and I’m very disappointed with the Cadillac CTS and with autonation. I believe that they have mislead us from the beginning. I will do everything in my power to make sure that everyone I know will know about this and will spread the word so that they lose clientele.

Anne C. Malave


Tom DeWitt February 11, 2017 at 11:27 pm

Wanted to share my experience with corporate while I was in to order a new car at Autonation Chevy in Valencia California. Called this dealership a couple months ago asking about a 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1 allocation. These vehicles are hard to come by but because of a positive and accommodating purchase I made at Autonation Jeep in Valencia a few months ago I thought for sure this was the place to go to for car purchases. But after today I am very disappointed and dumbfounded by the lack of integrity and honesty at the Chevy dealer. When I got a call from salesman named Chad that they had an allocation and would I like to come in to build out the car for ordering I thought great. But was I wrong. First thing I did was verify that the car was not going to be marked up beyond MSRP. Chad then confirmed with General Manager that there was not. After building out the car I presented Chad with my Military Discount voucher and was ready to write a check for the deposit they needed. At this time Chad says that The General Manager was not going to honor the General Motors Military Discount program. I then pointed out that the dealerships web-site has a link to the program and the build feature was specific to a Military Discount for this vehicle. His response is what floored me. I quote “we don’t make enough money off the Military Discount program so not offering it on this vehicle”. I tried to point out there advertising on the website which he went to but it did not make a difference. As a Navy Retired Master Chief of 27 years having served in three combat zones I have never felt so degraded in all my Military experience shopping anywhere. After the Jeep purchase I refered everyone to Autonation to include even my boss who just signed a deal for a Mercedes at Autonation. I feel so betrayed and sick to my stomach with regret for believing Autonation was different. Please feel free to contact me as I am sure you may have questions or need clarification. S/ Tom


Greg Smith February 10, 2017 at 8:41 pm

New car dealer in NY here. Bought car at Manheim auction from you on Oct 24 2016. Today is February 10 2017. I gave not received title. Called every department i.n Delray Nissan. No one can tell me if you have title. Is car stolen? Did you not payoff car as required by Law. Or is the customer who traded it in one of your several hundred customers listed below who are unhappy. Looks like you get several complaints on a daily basis. I dont care how big your operation is… sucks and sucks bad. Wake up before your bad reputation wipes you out. By the way we are a small dealer in business for 67 years. We do not have one bad review or complaint anywhere on the net! You could come to NY to see us and we can show you the proper way to sell cars and make folks happy!

Greg Smith
R.L. Smith Sales Inc
Rensselaer NY
Here since 1950 !
518 423 5929


Ron Medlen February 2, 2017 at 4:42 pm

We have a problem with dealership Need to speak with Western region manager or corporate office customer service. Parking issue needs to be resolved immediately. Please call Ron Medlen@ 509-315-XXXXX


Clarissa Gutierrez February 1, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Good Afternoon, I purchased a car last year from Auto nation in Coral Gables, They gave me a temporary warranty on it. But this year the car broke down on me in the middle of the highway. I called the dealer with complaints. They sent a tow truck to get the car not me. I had to call my mother to pick me up. This happened on Sun, Jan 30. 2017 around 10am. The dashboard had a message that said ” !Transmission pos. “P” only when stationary” The car wouldn’t move backwards or forwards. Today, Feb 01, 2017 the dealer called me to inform me that I need a new Transmission that its worth $9000. to replace. I advise Oni the coordinator that I don’t have that kind of money. They suggested partial payments. Even though they are offering me these consideration. I wont be able to pay this amount at all. Because I search this car on CARFAX and this vehicle was involved in a car crash (wreck) that later they fix it in order to sell it. All because it’s a BMW. As soon as the temporary warranty expired the car left stranded. I need to speak to the President of Auto Nation to resolve this issue. Because I will file a complaint with the Consumer Department to notify how these car dealers are selling cars with problems, that later on will cost people an arm and a leg for repairs. I will also contact the local Channel news in Miami if I have too. I want everybody to know how Auto Nation is selling used cars with hidden issues. I will communicate with the Bank that financed this vehicle so they don’t do business with your company anymore. This is a serious matter. I am very upset of this situation that I am going through with this 2010 750i. Please contact me today or else Thank you.


Kimberly Pratt January 30, 2017 at 7:09 am

What kind of corporation is AutoNation? Clearly you are a corporation only for the money. How do your customers expect you to take care of them when you do not take care of your own employees. You have a woman in your accounting department by the name of Glenda in one of your Maryland stores that has put several employees on a non-paid suspension for the exact same thing and with no evidence of any wrongdoing. These people of families to feed. When I call to speak to the only person I knew who would have the answer I’m told he is on suspension and they do not know when he will return if he will return. And he I know has three small children at home. How is he supposed to take care of them with no money coming in and no insurance. Will AutoNation pay for his lack of insurance penalty on his taxes. For my questions, I’m told to speak to a guy name Tim who is not only disrespectful, but very nasty too. Not that AutoNation cares, I work for the federal government and we are all about customer service. If I treated my staff and customers the way you do and you allow your employees too, then, I would not have a job.

Maybe the whole AutoNation Corporate Ladder should go on “Undercover Boss” to see what kind of people they have running their dealership and individuals within those dealerships. You have people throwing the knowledge based employees under the bus so they can jump on the corporate ladder.

Again, not that AutoNation cares, but my family and I will no longer deal with AutoNation. AutoNation is on our do not buy list and one more thing, I have a very large family based in almost all 50 states. AutoNation should know, the best form of advertisement is word of mouth and my mouth is closed.


Alexandra A Guida January 26, 2017 at 9:46 am

The car-buying experience has never been known to be easy. However, the way I was treated yesterday was inexcusable. I walked into AutoNation Ford of Miami after being a return customer, twice, in less than a year. I spoke to Ruben and we started negotiating on a 2017 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium(Stock # : H5255916 VIN : 1FA6P8TH5H5255916) in yellow that is in your dealership, Autonation Ford of Margate. I could not accept his final offer so I decided to go to your dealer since the car was there any way to see if you would offer me a better price. Before arriving to your dealer, I called and spoke to Elizabeth Hernandez. I told her my situation beforehand and she ensured me that may be able to make a deal happen. When I arrived, I immediately went to the car of interest, the yellow Mustang Ecoboost Premium. We went inside and started to make the deal happen. Two and a half hours later, credit application already filled out, the numbers were getting closer and we were one step further into me buying a THIRD car from Autonation ford, I was told that the stock number on the vehicle that I was trying to purchase was not correct and the new price offered was more money out the door than I could do. There was no respect of the time that I had wasted, the distance I traveled to get there, or my budget. I find it hard to believe that the #1 auto retailer in the UNITED STATES would have such a disorganized system that a stock number to a vehicle would not match the description, or that dealer would make an error and expect me to pay for it. This feels like a bait and switch. This is the exact thing that gets posted on yelp, google reviews, and reported to the better business bureau. I want to give Autonation the opportunity to do the right thing before I post my experience with you.


Cecilia Hernandez January 21, 2017 at 9:06 pm

I am writing in concerns regarding your service technicians and service managers at AutoNation Toyota Las Vegas. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for over 10yrs and have never experienced a problem. Manny Mendoza took good care of my vehicles but unfortunately he transferred to a different company. Last year, I purchased a brand new Toyota RAV4 2016 and it has been an amazing car, as expected. A few weeks ago, I took it for an oil change and maintenance service. I know that it takes a while for them to finish everything and they are always busy which is fine because I’m used to it. After 3hrs of waiting I had to check if my car is done and asked Allan Wright (service manager) because I will be late for work. No eye contact, sense of urgency, no empathy and very poor customer service. He just said, “I will check it in a minute”. He continued staring at his computer and I waited for another 30minutes looking outside for my car and Allan as he still sitting on his chair. I approached him the second time and there was another guy who’s name was Hugo Martinez, I asked if they can check for my car. Hugo looked at me from head to toe, approached one of the technicians by the door to their working area where I can see them. He whispered something to the guy, laughed and looked at me. He then told me it will be 20mins and he will work on it now. That means, my car was just sitting there for 3 and a half hrs and they will do it just now. Not even 20minutes I saw my car in the drive way, didn’t even wash it. I ignored everything because I was running late for work.

Few weeks later, I started hearing a strange noise from the engine. I brought back the car and was mer by Emmanuel Diaz who was very helpful. However, my concerns lie in the fact that my car was taken over for 3 days, major inconvenience, and no one can determine why. They waited for the specialist to ran some tests and finally got my car back last Monday, January 16th. They said that it could be a bad oil, but I just did an oil change! They put it a case number so that when it happens again and if I have to return my car to check again they have it in the system. Inconclusive.

My car has gotten worse! It has louder noise and it is harder to drive. Something happened or they did something wrong to my car. I would understand if I purchased it as a second hand car but it is brand new and only 1yr old. I have nothing but a good and loyal customer and referred lots of friends and colleague. You can track my records, this was my 3rd time purchasing cars from you. I am so disappointed. I need someone from upper management or corporate to contact me, as to why this happened and need a solution NOT another inconclusive test!


Angel January 19, 2017 at 3:23 pm

I am looking to get in contact with someone from corporate about a vehicle we purchased from one of your dealerships in Arizona.

We purchased a used Yukon about 7 months ago and we have had nothing but issues with it, having to put more and more money into it. Issues that should have been caught during the inspection that they claimed to do. The biggest issue was when it stranded us and our 3 kids – the issue being the wheel bearings were so bad on the car we could have lost a wheel while on the highway – this vehicle could have killed my family. We believe we were sold a clunker of a car that wasn’t put through the proper inspection.

When first speaking to the toyota dealership the woman said that the entire management team had be let go and there was all new management brought in due to similar issues and problems. This was why there was new management. She claimed that they would make it right and get us into a new vehicle.

After a few hours the GSM called me to basically tell me there was nothing that they could do because we bought it 7 months ago, put some miles on it and who knows what happened to it. The numbers are the numbers, they can’t discount cars nor pay off what we owe on this car. I am thoroughly disgusted with Auto Nation as a company because I cannot believe that we were sold an unsafe and unreliable car that we are now upside down on and all anyone says is too bad, spend more money with us.

We chose to purchase from AN due to its reputation, however I am disappointed with this process. The car is broken down in a parking lot and at this moment, we have no way of even taking our kids anywhere. Is this how your organization is really ran?



Jessica P January 19, 2017 at 10:00 am

I purchased 3 cars in less than 2 years from Autonation Ford Katy, 2 in one day. my car, a 2015 Ford Explorer, has had the toxic gas smell when accelerating which I have read and researched for the past year and a half and no resolution. I have children in my car and it is definitely not safe. i have filed a claim and no follow up phone call FROM ANYONE, i have left messages for the service manager several times at the dealership as instructed and NO RETURN PHONE CALL. The service men at the dealer tell me there is no fix and the fix they do have does not work.

This is horrible horrible especially when children are riding in this vehicle on a daily basis. I have to roll down my windows most of the time.

Someone needs to contact me and get this resolved or other actions will occur. I am not very happy. I love my car but not when it is TOXIC. i will never purchase another vehicle from Autonation.


milton l collins jr. January 15, 2017 at 9:36 am

To whom it should concern,i recently visited automation ford on 879 cobb parkway Marietta,ga.a got the most terrifying experience of my life.walked in on 1/11/17 to make a deal on a new 2016 f350 left over signed a buyers order on want we agree on and also had my wife pick me up left my vechicle over nite so I could get my finances done the next day,and they call me that mourning of 1/12/17 to ask me first about pay off. In which they already knew that than asked for phone number to state farm to verify pay off. And than not even 5 seconds later told me they had sold the remind you that I left make 2016 tundra on their lot over nite so it not be a problem with the deal the next day,and had another sales man call with those questions above and had him also tell me but I didn’t leave a can anyone tell me how in the he’ll can you pull out a deal right from under a consumer because they were getting their financing done the next day and they sold the truck.I had took off work at 1200 on the 1/11/17 to sign to receive the check in full for the 70,000 truck .when I got to the deal ship you know I were pissed since I seen the truck loaded get this on the back of a hauler going to God know where.when I walked inside I were told only one manager were there and she had to locate him .at that moment the Gm walked straight. By me out the door so now I’m thinking what the he’ll then he came back in the door and interduce himself to me at that point to who he were and told me some story a about another manager that were off had DT the truck as they call it what ever that is several day earlier wish is bull,because if you DT. IT AS AGAIN WHAT EVER THAT IS,why is the truck still parked up front on the sells line? Now all this happen as my salesman were off on the 12 th.the finance manager were there the 11th as this deal were put together and were there the day of the 12 th and not once came out there to speak with me about it.see a problem I have with any thing anymore is that doing this emailing and calling and texting is no good.I were and still thinking about driving down to ft.Lauderdale fla,and yes it a 10 or 11 hour drive just so I could speak personally with a real CEO that really has a concern for the business practices that I’ve and so of all of you have experienced ith this dealership.I call last week to corporate and had now done a response as of today.I would like to know how they feel about this transaction I’ve experienced with I’ve said earlier you can not get no one to respond from corporate.I’ve brought another truck on the 1/13/17 New one with the same check I had for automation ford and I would like to know how they feel about their company’s performance.


Richard C January 11, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Looking at the reviews it looks like this is the place to write a complaint that goes unrecognized. Wish I would have seen this corporate website before I purchased from Autonation. I’ll will let people know of this complaint wall whenever the topic of buying a car comes up. Good for laughs. These people don’t give a damn.

Please contact me if anyone from autonation even sees this. I’m not looking for a miracle like stepping in and helping resolve an issue like most companies do willingly. Haha. What a joke.


Cecilia Espino January 3, 2017 at 5:13 pm

I have a 2013 Ford Escape which I love to death, I recently had to take it in for a leak in the coolant, which I paid over $100 for a diagnostic to find out where the leak was coming from they replaced the coolant container and I have had to take it back twice because it is still leaking but my biggest complaint is I took it in to check my transmission because it seemed a bit sluggish and they had it for 5 days before looking at it at which time I had to pay for a rental out of my pocket for the car to be sitting at the dealers and then they told me they knew what it was and had to order the parts another week sitting at the dealers then when they said it would be done I called (they did not call me) to see what was going on and when could I pick up my car and they tell me the whole transmission needs to be replaced, my car is only going on 4 yrs old, I would like for AutoNation to help me in purchasing a factory rebuilt transmission, my car is barely out of warranty, I am a single grandmother raising my 2 granddaughters, I have always bought Fords they have always been good to me even to the point of people asking me how I like my car and I tell them I love it but after this I will have second thoughts about buying on or even telling people what a great car it is.


Angus January 2, 2017 at 9:57 am

I recently purchased a pre owned honda and needed to have some things addressed. My service advisor was Amy Windley. When I told her about my concerns with my car, she decided that it would be best to make appointment for another day. On the appointment day, Tresilyn Gordon helped me. She knew right away that a part needing to be ordered and it would take another two days to receive it. Amy Windley should have ordered the part, as discussed two days prior, so that it would be available for the scheduled service appointment. Now that the part has been delivered, I need to schedule another appointment to have it installed. Major inconvenience!!


Mike December 26, 2016 at 10:28 pm

Wife had car serviced car leaked oil on driveway and they keep blowing me off about fixing my driveway after they said they would take care of it.guess what. Still waiting going on a month. Called and left several messages with corporate still nothing. They think I’m going to give up.Not letting it go..they will fix my driveway sooner or later.


Ally December 15, 2016 at 3:40 pm

AutoNation Nissan Brandon
9920 Adamo Drive
Tampa, FL 33619

The USAA car buying service is a neat tool that provides great car buying information, discounts & certified dealer referrals. But the dealer experience was horrible. I received an email & phone call from Charles Browning w/AutoNation Nissan Brandon
9920 Adamo Drive
Tampa, FL 33619.

I set an appointment to meet w/ him on a Sunday (12/11/2016)@1:30-1:45. We get there & was told he was busy & was given another dealer rep. to work with. The rep had no information about what I was there for or what car I discussed w/ Charles.

I let the rep know I was a USAA member interested in a Nissan Sentra. I had a 2013 Ford Focus to trade in.

We were there for about 2 hours. Test drive, filled out application & did trade in value. The estimated trade in car value was between $8,868-$8,966. My payoff was around $7,000.00. The dealer was only willing to give around $6,000 towards the trade in.

I asked for lower payments & interests.
I was told by the manager he will get payments lowered & will get back with us on Monday.

I never got a callback on Monday. On Wednesday I sent Charles an email to check the status on that. I received an email back from LAURA IGARZA, stating that Charles was very busy & that she will get back with me. Later that day I called Laura, only to be told that they can’t lower the payments with out putting a down payment towards the new car.

Very unprofessional & was a waste of my time. Basically they will not sell a car with out any down payment. (Even though there was equity in my trade in). Didn’t even acknowledge me as a USAA member. Very disappointing in the car buying experience.


Kevin Gunnells December 13, 2016 at 9:55 pm

I took my car to Autonation collision center in Sarasota after an accident. It took almost 3 months before they completed my car and it still is not operating properly. I was told that they have a lifetime warranty on what they repaired, but when I took my car back to them about a problem in which they fixed, the representative took my car and in about 5 minutes later he came back and said that the mechanic said that there is nothing wrong with it. I am now forced to having to take my car to another authorized dealer to do something Autonation said they will do. I am seriously considering legal action against them because I know if they did it to me that they have done it to others.


Carmen December 7, 2016 at 2:59 pm

This is a complaint:
This review is for the Auto Nation on Victory Dr. In short, had a defective Jeep 2014 6months into buying it and they asked if I wanted to trade it in. I did and was given a 2016 Dodge Journey. They told me one montly payment when I drove off that day and 15 days later gave me a whole new contract with a different montly payment. Couldn’t give the car back bc “I wasnt allowed to” so I was stuck with a 700$ car note bc I refuse to give them a down payment! I traded in my 2014!!!!! Then they were going to do a tax transfer and only gave me 500 of the 1400 taxes on the 2016. This dealer failed to stick to their word and they shorted me all the way around and Im sitting here now to talk about extending a tag for taxes already paid for this year! The main objective is selling a car regardless of the clients situation. They baited me into a contract bc they sold me a defective car. I am not happy and will be sure to let Headquarters know and the accountant here though I dont think it will matter. Stay away from Auto Nation!


Alex tejeiro December 6, 2016 at 8:29 pm

AutoNation Nissan Kendall, 17305 South Dixie Highway, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 ,Sales 5 stars service not even one star , I got the worst experience with the service department including the director of service , last week I took my Nissan with a hatch problem , they told me they would have the part by Wednesday and they will give me a call , I end up calling Thursday , the director said he will call me back in 15 min , 5 hours later I got the call the part finally arrived to the dealer , I set an appointment for Monday at 9;30 am , Monday 8;45 I gave my car to the service advisor , I asked how much time will take to fix it , he told me around 2 hours, he also told me he will let the other service adviser know of my car because that person was the one with my order and he was the one responsible for my car , 3 hours later I go with the first person I spoke to and asked what is going on with my car ? He replied I need to see the other service adviser , he wasn’t there after 4 hours I decide to talk to the director of service I spend at least 10 minutes waiting inside his office, because he was with a costumer on the phone , I saw my service adviser pass and I left the director office and talk to the service person , when I ask about my car , he was lost , he ask me what car I said my car so he walk inside the mechanic shop and returned telling me he will ask for a rental, my car wasn’t ready I said ok , (the rental car is included in my extended warranty so you are not doing me a favor ),today around 11:45 am I got a call my car finally was ready so I drove to the dealer , gave them the rental key back and grabbed my car keys , the surprise my wife just opened the back door and I tried to close it with my key and nothing happened , I return back to the office to the same lady , the cashier and request to talk to a manager, she called the service adviser , I told her I want a manager not the service person , there was no reply nothing so I decided to go inside the director of service , and I was really upset and maybe I sound loud , but the frustration just started , he called me brother, I reply back my name is Alex not brother and again he called me brother I told him again my name is Alex but I guess that’s what the dealer has showed him on how to treat costumers like crap I told him I got a call from the dealer that my car was ready and is still broken he called me a liar saying they never called me , I got the voice mail in my cell phone , he told me he don’t remember me , after I spend almost 10 minutes inside his office and he was the one who approved my rental , he started to scream and acting like he wanted to fight me , nice costumer service I wonder if this is what Nissan shows you to deal with costumers , I request to talk to his boss he said I am the boss and if you want your car fixed you better calm down , I was surprised , for me sound like he was trying to bully me , of course he don’t care about costumers , for him I am just a bill , and nothing more than that , I walk inside sales and request to talk to the general manager he wasn’t there I ask who was the next person in charge of the dealer ,the front desk lady pointed at a gentlemen and I talked to him , this gentleman treat me with respect and show me , the way I supposed to be treated , he never called me brother and always gave me the reason , this is how you treat costumers this is how you show interest and concern for the frustration a costumer has, his name is Eddy and he is the general sales manager , now my question is , should I buy another Nissan ? NO I won’t , because in my mind now is every time I got a problem with my Nissan I will have to deal with the director of services , and for what he showed me honestly I won’t even consider to buy for auto nation again or recommend any of my family or friend either , Dealer address AutoNation Nissan Kendall, 17305 South Dixie Highway, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157


Nastasha Fathi December 3, 2016 at 5:45 pm

I have been in contact with you guys every week daily and no one is getting back to me with my issue I have had.


Mobile Co Resident December 3, 2016 at 2:56 pm

My experience with AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Mobile, AL has been a terrible one. Once Rob Breedlove, the new GM brought in last year, the store has had a sharp decline in both sales and customer satisfaction. That store used to be the “FLAGSHIP” of Mobile, AL and that made me proud. I bought several units from there over the years. Now, I refer anyone I know to anyplace but there. Hill Kelly Dodge in Pensacola, FL gets my referrals and their sale numbers get better every year as both their sales and service employees are happy to work there. AutoNation CDJR Mobile has declined over 60% in the past 12 mos. Their current Sales Managers are very new to the business and not trained much at all and that is a shame. Salespeople are miserable working there as a result.


Steve November 30, 2016 at 10:26 pm

Bought a jeep in north Fort Worth, I will not go into the unprepared and unprofessional manner that I bought the jeep. But I will say I ask them to check a couple of things on the used jeep I bought. There was a rattle in 3rd gear. They said “oh that’s normal”. Well no it’s not, it bothered me so I took it to Allen Samuel in Waco and guess what, they fixed it.
Now because of some changes in life I need to get a truck so after having the jeep for 5 months and 9000 miles thought I would trade it. I saw some deals on the net in Arlington so they responded to inquiry and just like buying the jeep they had the lowest trade in value. I had to fight for money on my trade when I bought the jeep now they just flat out insulted me on the jeep I just bought from them a few months ago. I fact $5000 less. Stay away from these jokers. You would think they would have some type of loyalty or concerned with customer service reputation but obviously it doesn’t matter to them as you can read after the sale service sucks and they don’t mind telling you pulled one over on you by paying too much for vehicle


Ben skalonjic November 29, 2016 at 3:53 pm

This company gave me the ugliest service in the world I have never been more disappointed with the company in my life. Autonation ford..on Phillips highway Jacksonville florida..
I brought the car in to check why it was stalling out on me at 60 miles an hour they said it was the fuel injectors had number 2 and number 6 changed for 1700 dollars came to pick the car up took it went on the highway stalled out on me right after picking it up droped the truck off again after paying for my own towing no it was a different problem they said that it was the fuel pump so I told them why would I have to pay for that when I already asked you guys to fix the first problem it was never fixed to begin with and then I’ve talked to the service manager on the phone and he said that if the problem persists after fixing it the second time for $1,200 that the problem would be theirs if it still continues well after it’s still continued so I brought it back again talk to the service manager her name was Nicole she said that nobody has the authority to tell me that it would be on them fixed on the house I’ve tried talking to her and argued with her over the horrible service she said I would get a free diagnosis I said that an employee of the company told me it would be on the company because they didn’t fix the problem I would have never change the fuel pump if I knew that I was going to get charged for it again when it wasn’t fixed when I already paid for the 2 diagnosis I have spent 3600 with this company and the problem still exists I am so enraged with this company it is one of the worst company I have ever been to service wise I now have my vehicle there for the third time and it will be the final time it’s been 3 weeks nobody has contacted me to tell me what is going on when I call to talk to my service manager I had no reply and no one is picking up the phone in the service department I have called 4 days in a row now complaint at the front desk to a lady named Amy she said she would get the service manager to call me back I don’t want to speak to that service manager anymore I would like for headquarters to call me back so I can talk to somebody with some sense today I’ve got a call back from my service manager and he left me a message saying that they think the problem is with the oil in the system I can’t reach anybody over there to tell them that they’re the ones who changed the oil on my truck it’s their oil so how can it be bad someone needs to fire the entire staff there


Connor Goff November 29, 2016 at 10:35 am

I have a serious issue with one of your dealerships that needs to be brought to attention. It has to deal with AutoNation Chrysler is North Richland Hills, Texas. On Saturday November 12, 2016 I took my 2014 Dodge Dart into the dealership to be serviced as the check engine light had come on. My car was finished with service, and I picked it up from the dealer ship on November 17th. The service adviser said that the Engine Control Module (ECM) and Transmission Control Module (TCM) were the issue and had been both replaced. Immediately after receiving my car, I knew there was an issue with the service they provided. All the shifts very rough, and the transmission had a problem deciding what gear to be in. Two days later on Saturday the 19th while driving my car, it slipped out of gear. The car said the transmission needed to be serviced, and my vehicle would no longer proceed past first gear no matter what was done. I tried contacting your dealership for several hours, but to no avail. The service department would not answer my phone calls, nor would they return my messages. After about 3 hours I was finally contacted by the director of the service department. He did manage to get my car towed free of charge to the dealership to be serviced so I at least was helped somewhat. I was given a rental car which was recently cleaned on the outside, but the inside was absolutely filthy, and reeked of marijuana. The service of my car was completed on Friday the 25th. Then this morning, November 29th, my check engine light came on once again. Not even 4 days again this time before the horrible work of the dealership was once again brought to light. I want to know why this is an acceptable practice for your dealership? My service from day one has been deplorable. Issues with the vehicle have not been solved, and further problems have been caused by the reprehensible service department. I am gone for work from 6:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. I do not have the time, nor the patience to keep taking my car to a dealership which will not fix it, and will only keep causing further problems. This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and any other agency that I need to so that this is solved, and recompense is made.


David Dale November 22, 2016 at 5:12 pm

I just purchased a used car, and there is no door keys that work and missing one of the fobs to unlock and lock the car. The only fob that came with it does not lock the car, tp fix these issues is going to cost hundreds of dollars to make the car able to lock and unlock correctly. The dealer keeps telling me to wait and they will contact the past owner for these items, still waiting over a week with no luck. Went back to the dealer today as scheduled by them to fix the fob issue and found out now they need to order the fob and have to wait for it to arrive and then get programmed. Still will not have working keys to the doors unless I want to spend over $300.00 to change out the door locks. I hope to hear back from you.
Thank you
David Dale
cameramandd at


Allen Schmidt November 19, 2016 at 7:52 pm

I had my 2015 camaro in for service here in Greenacres, Fl. I had took it in for an oil chage, wipers and front end alignment. Afte waiting for 2 hours to have this done, my car was returned to me with the bottom of the drivers door all scapped up and told that the rear end was Spraying fluid, and was told that this was no big deal and it is mandatory to road test each vehicle after an alignment. I told the service advisor and showed him the damage and he informed me that this has never happened before and he has never seen this sort of damage before. When I ask if if was safe to deive the car he said to be very careful, I believe this is a serious matter and was told that they could not fix it today. Now I am unable to drive my car and was told that some day next autonation would reach out to me about repairs to my car. Also the seat was way out if adjustment abd all mirrors were out of adjustment as well. Guess it was either taken off the hoist wrong or the test driver ran over something scrapping the bottom of the car and damaging the rearend enought to cause it to leak. Autonation has offered in no way to repair or replace the damage to my car. I guess an attorney will need to be hired to get this straight. So now I have no car and unable to get to and from my job. And by the way I have a disabled wife I care for and no way to get her to appointments. Thanks autonation for destroying my car.


Joe November 19, 2016 at 10:23 am

I purchased a used crv from your Hollywood Honda dealership. It was supposedly inspected by your qualified mechanics, with your 125 point inspection. I didn’t know it at the time, but the multiplex electrical computer had failed prior to my purchase, and an internal short with a control module caused the air conditioner to malfunction. The ac pressure sensor failed, the engine temperature sensor failed.


Jan November 11, 2016 at 9:13 pm

I bought a 2016 Chevy Trax. I had signed the finance paperwork after taking 8 hours and left with my car. They called the next day ( Thursday) asking me to come in
( Friday) to resign the paperwork because THEY switched banks and then they said my payment was going up. I said I would resign the paperwork only if my payment remained the same they finally agreed and it was signed. 2 weeks after getting my car I hit a lamp post. I took my car in to the auto nation body shop on Valley Mills drive in waco texas were I had just bought the car. They have had my car for over 5 weeks. They will not release my car because they said insurance hasnt paid for the last supplement. They told me i need to call the insurance company and find out why they havent paid. Why am i responsible for that !!! Isn’t that your collision people’s job ? I don’t work for autonation. I have no control over the insurance company – so I asked how much they were waiting on – he told me— I asked if I paid that amount could I get my car – he said yes – i told them I would pay that bill and continue to fight with the insurance company. As I was getting ready to pay the service man he THEN informs me that they hadn’t received payment on the first estimate!!! WHAT???? You have known this for over a month and just now telling me that the bank didn’t send the money from the payment the insurance paid !!!! What ???!!!! So they Still they refused to release my car. After telling me over and over – your car will be ready this Friday. Well this Friday came and went – then they said oh… next friday… then no… 2 weeks… then Wednesday..then Wednesday came and went and here we are Friday again.. then finally it’s ready but you can’t have it. Then he started Telling me it was my job to call the bank.. how can I do this if I didn’t know anything about them not receiving the check !!! They said they didn’t have my information for the bank !!! Again – REALLY !!!! You have all the finance paperwork in your finance department since yall did the financing with the bank !!! Called the general manager twice and he never called back. Went in to dealership .. he said he hadnt checked his phone messages in 24 hours. VERY POOR customer service!!! Said he wasn’t over the collsion/ body shop anyway. Really?
General manager of the dealership not over all areas ??? REALLY!!! Its not right for the customer to be penalized because the dealership and insurance are at odds . I have no control over either but yet I can’t have my car that I am paying for !! I will never buy a Chevrolet from an auto nations dealership or possibly from Chevrolet ever again. It is very discerning that Chevrolet is allowing autonation to operate in these fashions and giving Chevy products such a bad name and reputation !!! It’s real funny how yall were bending over trying to get the sale but now it’s like sorry- do we know you ?? We don’t care if you are happy now or not – we got what we wanted – sorry sorry sorry business ethics .


David November 11, 2016 at 12:30 pm

I will go ahead and start form the beginning so you have as much information as needed. It was right around the 1st of February of 2016 when I purchased my 2014 Jeep Wrangler from Autonation Southwest in the Denver area. The sales person I had was great (Rahman was his name) so I do not want any of this to reflect on him. He was the main reason why I decided to purchase the vehicle. Where the issue starts is with service since I purchased my vehicle. My Jeep originally came with P rated tires on it. At the time of purchase, I was informed that another customer had bought a brand new Rubicon and did some upgrades to it. The dealership took the Rubicon Hard Rock rims and tires off of the Rubicon and put them on my Jeep. Those tires were the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain KM1 tires. This was part of the selling point for this Jeep as I was looking at the one I purchased alongside a 2013 Jeep. The 2013 Jeep would need tires very soon so I decided to go with the 2014 Jeep so I did not have to also purchase tires within 6 months of buying the vehicle and I was very happy with my choice. I purchased the 2014 Jeep with just a shade over 28,000 miles on it. Roughly 6,000 miles after purchasing the Jeep, I started to notice a decent amount of road noise being generated from driving. At first I thought it was not a very big deal as the tires that are on my Jeep are very aggressive and I know that more aggressive tires tend to make road noise when driving. A couple of weeks after I first started noticing the road noise, I happened to be looking at my tires after washing my Jeep and noticed a very strange wear pattern on both the front tires. I compared them to the rear tires and the rear ones were wearing normally. I started to do some research on what this issue is and it is called tire cupping. It happens specifically with these tires and more often on 2 Dr Jeeps due to the short wheel base. There are three parameters that can cause these tires to cup; the alignment being off, the suspension being off or the tires not being rotated. No other things have been said that would cause this issue besides those three and that comes form thousands of avid Jeep owners and enthusiasts across the US.

After I did my research, I wanted to try and figure out which of the three options above was causing this severe tire cupping. I was able to eliminate that it was the alignment or the suspension and I also had that verified by the GM at the Arapahoe and Havana location in Denver as I drove over there to seek an opinion. He also told me, after talking to his service rep, that he does not feel it is the alignment or the suspension. This means it most likely is due to not rotating the tires – but still, I wanted to be sure.

Taking a step back, I decided to have my service done at the AutoNation West location off of west Colfax as that location was closest to my home. Since I have purchased the vehicle, I have gone in now 3 times for service. The first time was for the 30,000 mile service, the second time was for a warranty speaker replacement( that is a whole different story as my part was on “back-order” for more than 2 months with several phone calls to follow up with it with no response) and the third time was just a couple of weeks ago for an Oil change. I have my service records form the 30,000 mile service that states the oil change was completed and that I had to have my transfer case flushed as part of the service. Paid to have the transfer case flushed and went on my way feeling good that my new Jeep just had its 30,000 mile service and all is good.

Going back to the present – once I discovered that the issues with my tires is most likely due to lack of rotating the tires, I called the AutoNation West dealership and spoke with a Steve Johnson in the service department. I told him what was going on and he also felt that it was due to not rotating the tires. Steve also informed me that those specific tires on that specific Jeep need to be rotated every 3,000 miles to avoid this problem from happening. Common knowledge on basic car maintenance will tell you that you should have your tires rotated at every other oil change. I am now sitting here thinking “why was I never told about having to rotate my tires?” Again – it is not the responsibility of the sales person to know everything service related about the vehicle. It is however the Service Adviser’s responsibility to know everything about your vehicle and advise you on what needs to be done. I then went to do some research on what is supposed to be done on a 30,000 mile service and compared it to what was actually done on my Jeep when I brought it in. According to the AutoNation Chrysler Jeep West Maintenance Menu as put on the AutoNation website, at 30,000 miles the following things are to be done: Change Oil. Replace air filter, ROTATE TIRES, inspect door latches, inspect battery and clean, inspect brake pads, inspect cooling system and inspect exhaust and transfer case. To to recap so far, 30,000 mile service was done roughly 2,500 miles after purchasing the vehicle and the service adviser was none other than Steve Johnson. That means that I took my car to Steve in May for my 30,000 mile inspection/maintenance and my tires were NOT rotated, and then when I talked to the same service adviser roughly 3 weeks ago, he said himself that they should be done every 3,000 miles. So that is strike one! Then I decided to do some more research on that Jeep’s recommendations were from the factory. In the 2014 Jeep Owner’s Manual, on page 635 it clearly states that tires should be rotated at EVERY oil change. This is the recommendation straight form the factory. My Jeep did not come with the actual owner’s manual upon purchase but I was advised that I can get it online if I need it. So a factory recommendation to rotate the tires at every oil change was not adhered to by the service department meaning that both the 30,000 mile maintenance and the oil change that occurred when I brought my Jeep in were supposed to have the tires rotated and it did not happen – that is strike two!

At this point (and to circle back we are at roughly 3 weeks ago at this point), I am pretty pissed off that I spent over $25,000 on a Jeep, purchasing an extended warranty to have peace of mind that I can drive my car with no worries as long as I keep up on the scheduled maintenance for 100,000 miles. I drove directly to the AutoNation West location (mainly because no one in the service department would return my calls) and asked to speak with the GM at that location. I showed him the issue of the tires being cupped and he went to go get his Service Manager Kevin to also look at the issue. Kevin, who was rude at first, told me straight up that the tires being cupped are not due to not rotating the tires at all. I showed him the print out of both the Maintenance Menu from AutoNation as well as the page form the Jeep Owner’s manual and asked that if this is what is supposed to be performed, why was it not completed. He responded in an unprofessional manner stating that it is MY responsibility to let the Service Adviser know what needs to be done to my vehicle when bringing it in for service. This sent me over the top and is strike 3!!! I am sorry, but it is NOT the responsibility of the owner of a newly purchased vehicle to enlighten a Service Adviser on what needs to be done, especially on a 30,000 mile maintenance. It is the job of a Service Adviser to ADVISE the customer on what needs to be done to their vehicle and then the customer can decide on what they are willing to pay for if needed. Kevin then said he would go ahead and rotate the tires for me free of charge but the damage that was done to the tires initially is irreversible. Me being still really pissed off – I told him to go ahead and rotate the tires as well as change my oil as it was due in 500 miles for its second oil change. Kevin also came into the waiting room and told me that he would offer me a “brother-in-law” deal if I came and saw him to purchase new tires when ready. Kevin finally advised me to leave my tires on the vehicle AS IS for the next 6,000-8,000 miles. Again – I am being advised incorrectly as these tires are supposed to be rotated every 3,000 miles – but OK. After a couple of days to let my frustrations calm down, I did some thinking on that advisement to leave the tires on there AS IS for 6-8K more miles. I asked myself why would I do that if they are supposed to be rotated every 3,000 miles and then it came to me. My alignment is due in 6-8k miles in which case I guarantee the service adviser would then “advise” me that my tires are cupped and this is due to the alignment being off – thus covering YOUR butt and putting the blame back on me when I come in for my 40,000 mile service – which is entirely unacceptable!!! I drove my Jeep for roughly 6,000 miles after I bought it and this started to happen, so what is going to happen in another 6,000 miles – the same thing!!

So where do I stand now? Again – it has been 3 weeks or so since I went to the West location and left extremely unsatisfied. My Jeep now has the same issues except it is in the rear instead of the front and this is all due to the negligence of the Service Team not properly advising me, the owner, on what needs to be done to my vehicle as well as blatantly missing not once, but twice rotating the tires as they were supposed to be done. Now I am left with a $25,000 Jeep that I am making payments on that I do not even enjoy driving because of how it feels!! AutoNation claims to be the nations largest new and used auto dealership, but I feel all your negative reviews are correct in the fact that you “butter up” the customer to make a sale and then after the customer spends his or hers hard earned money, they are just left out to dry. That is the total opposite of what Customer Service should be and how you should go about representing it!

So after this entire fiasco – what can be done to resolve the incident? Well – I will leave that in the hands of you to be able to decide. What I can tell you is I will not settle for an excuse on why nothing can be done, nor will I settle for some sub-par deal to try and make me forget about everything as Kevin presented me. What I would ultimately like is a brand new set of tires (and not the same ones as these have issues with 2 Dr Jeeps that are well doXXXXented but I would like an equivalent tire like the BF Goodrich All Terrain instead). I want to be able to enjoy my $25,000 purchase and have my peace of mind restored that I made a good decision overall. I am not asking for anything extreme but I feel it is compensation for the negligence and the hassle I have gone through so far since purchasing my vehicle. I am also no longer comfortable in taking my vehicle for service to ANY AutoNation dealership as your service reputation is far less than satisfactory based on the hundreds of negative reviews AutoNation currently has (and that is just the ones I looked at for 2016). I would also like to know what my options are as far as my extended warranty and such as I am paying for something in which I do not feel comfortable in taking my Jeep to AutoNation for service any longer due to my experience. Ask yourself this as I close. We all drive vehicles to and from work. We all get our vehicles serviced and we rely on the knowledge of the service team to keep our vehicle safe on the road and ensure it will run for as long as it can. If this was your vehicle, regardless of you working at AutoNation. would you be upset?


Fabian November 9, 2016 at 1:55 pm

They played me well and suckered me at autonation North Richland Hills TX. First off they sold me a “new” truck that had 1,700 miles on it on September 30 2016 and I drove it for a week and a half only to find out when I went to fill it up with gas for the first time that it would only take a quarter of a tank then would shut the pump off. Which was odd because when they filled it up for me the day I bought it, the sales man told me he had trouble “at the pump” but didn’t explain it was with the truck. So I immediately took it in and they gave me a rental. A week later after hearing nothing from them I called only to find out they had sold me a damaged truck, the fuel tank and fuel pump were damaged. To make matters worse, they hinted towards it being my fault. Some customer service huh, but of course I explained I only had it for a week and plus it already had 1,700 miles on it when it was sold to me, so someone obviously had driven it a lot before it was sold to me. The truck was not from this dealership, they actually picked it up from a dealership in Ennis. With that said they told me they would get back to me after they investigate this. What the hell??? No returned phone calls no help from my salesman, managers blaming each other for the delay. Absolute run around!

A month later and I still do not have my “new” truck. It is apparently still sitting in the shop not touched until the dealerships decide to find out which dealership is going to pay for this work to be done. They are also still trying to play the “we don’t know if you might have done this” card too, even though they sold it to me with this damage already done. I’m so stressed and saddened that I can’t even enjoy the new truck purchase and now have no clue if I’ll ever get this damaged truck they sold me, fixed. I’ve called the service department manager multiple times begging for an update and told “I’m still waiting on the sales department to tell me what to do.” So I called the sales manager myself and he ensured me this would be fixed ASAP and he would call me back, yet no call and no solution. I’ve called corporate and no help either. At this point my first payment is due and I only drove it for a week and now still a month later I’m in a rental. Not only all this but they also messed up the transfer of my MILITARY DISABLED PLATES, that they promised they could easily transfer for me at the dealership. I’m going to take this as high as I need too. If anyone can help recommend what to do, please help.Autonation North Richland Hills TX:


Inikii Reyes November 4, 2016 at 11:17 pm

My horrible experience with auto nation dodge in north Richland hills Used car department started at the time of my research… I spoke with Paola about a Dodge Charger… we talked about my trade and told her I was offered 4,500 for my trade… I lived a good ways away from the dealership to just go up there and have them look at it so I asked if they can go off the pictures and see what they can do… a few hours later she sent me a text (which I screen shoted to be safe if they try and lie) saying they would match the offer I had from another dealer…. I told her to make sure before my husband and I made the trip over there and she reasured me over the phone they would. So Saturday I took off to the dealership (my husband said he would meet me up there once the paper work was ready since it was going to be in his name) when I got there I was greeted by Alex… he seemed to know what was going on and told me Paola was off that day… Alex showed me the charger and I liked it nothing wrong… well it came down to seeing payments and out the door price… and of course they tried to throw the 3,400 for my trade bull… I told Alex right away that I need to speak with the manager because they said they would match my trade and I did not want to play the spending hours at the dealership game… well the sales manager said it was a mistake quoting me that price… and I told him why did he email me a buyers order with the out the door price on the charger then.???? Continuing to come up with excuses I told him that I need to talk to the GM but he didn’t want to let me… he had me talk to one of the other managers skinny with black hair… who tried the same XXXXX on me too… he offered to try and give me 4,000 for my trade and fed up at this point I said I will take 4,000 for my trade only if I get to keep thit after market radio I had car toys install… he said let me see what I can do…. keep in mind during all this back and fourth the other sales manager keep HARASSING me about working for them… I keep telling him no…. we finally came to an agreement 3 hours in they agreed to have one of their techs uninstall it or send it to car toys …. i started to call for insurance to get quotes on this RT charge… things didn’t work out how I wanted on it so I decided to look at a ’13 Durango they had… insurance worked out better for me on it so I decided to go that rout.. called my husband to let him know and he was on his way about an hour out… the whole time I was waiting for my husband and Alex was getting the paper work ready I keep asking him for a work order on my radio uninstall and asking if they could just send it to car toys… Alex keep pushing off my question with “well I’m busy right now with your paper work I’ll ask later” well that turned into me and my husband going into finance with no answer… finally I asked the finance guy Cory about it and he called over to used and they acted all stupid saying “oh she was supposed to take it to car toys her self” I told Cory “no they promised me they would take care of it” Cory told me he is going to print the work order because the used car department does things like this a lot… I thought that with the paper Cory lucky did for me I was in the clear for anything that they might try and do…. well I was wrong… when I left I told Alex we would come back the next weekend to pick up the radio… well today apart of me said to call and make sure they took out the radio and it’s ready for me to pick up…. OH MY GOD! It gets so bad…I called Alex and left a message… something in my gut didn’t feel right so I called and spoke with the skinny manger with black hair… he said that he never agreed to taking out my radio then when I told him yes he did and told him I have the work order he said that his tech tried to put the stock radio in and that I was broke and quickly said ” the people at car toys broke the stock radio” I told him there is no way… they are trained and certified to do that and I was in their shop while the guy did it the radio worked before he took it out… he continued to blame them saying they probably didn’t know what they where doing… when I told him that there is no way because I know that installer personally he said “well you arnt getting your radio all you are doing is manipulating everyone els and you won’t to me” I got so offended I said ” I’m not manipulating anyone I have a work order and you need to give me my radio” he then said ” I don’t need to do anything. You can just bring me back my Durango and come get your lancer” then hung up….. I called the new car side and left a message for the GM but I needed to get this resolved ASAP because it was so frustrating and the stress I was going through was bothering me so bad I was shaking. I called back and asked to speak to someone who was not on the used side that is in upper management close to the GM… I spoke to David… I told him my situation and agreed that they should of taken it to car toys… he said he is going to get my file and get the Work order and try to pull up the phone call recording from me and the manager in used and talk to GM for me. All I know is that the used car manager was very very very disrespectful with how he treated me and should not be managing a whole department if he can manage him self. I am praying David can be my blessing and the GM make things right. Also blessed that Cory in financ made that Work order. As far as recommending people to auto nation for a used car that will never happen and I’m making sure everyone I know hears my experience… but I will make sure they know the good people in this situation and will be glad to recommend them to the people I have encountered that has been helpful.


Jesse Carter October 31, 2016 at 6:31 pm

The purpose of this letter is to explain in great detail the amount of stress and lack of customer service I received during my recent purchase. Since the car purchase took me a total of 12 hours, I figured what’s another hour of my time – in order to express the dissatisfaction I felt. This is in reference to a purchase I made on 10/01 from the AutoNation on 7980 West Tufts.

From the time I walked onto the lot and was greeted by a gentleman with a spitter and chew in his mouth, I was somewhat hesitant to move forward. However, Chris was very nice and although he didn’t know the answer to a lot of questions – was willing to do whatever he could to obtain information. This was around 3pm on 10/01. I took one car for a test drive, decided it was the one I wanted – and moved inside to finalize the process.

We spent the next hour or so completing some of the initial paperwork and signatures, everything that would be expected. Then, around 5pm, the confusion and waiting started. Chris kept going back and forth with numbers, until finally meeting us where we needed to be on a rate – only to tell us later that nothing had actually been done with our file, and everything that was “agreed” upon was subject to change.

We proceeded to wait for another 2 hours and at this point – I was starting to get frustrated. Once finally introduced to the financing guy, Don, he also seemed confused as to what the point of the first 4 hours was. Don and I re-did the entire process that was completed with Chris – and Don also didn’t know exactly what the point was of the first back-and-forth exchange.

It was 11pm by the time I pulled off the lot, I had no idea that purchasing a car was a full day’s work. The entire time I was sitting there, apparently wasn’t enough time for them to clean the car, so I was advised to bring it back at a later date for the detailing.

On 10/04 at 1pm I arrived for the detailing appointment and was “greeted” by a lady upfront with: “Name?” told her my name. “Who are you here to see?” I’m not here to see anyone, I’m here for a 1pm detailing and do know about how long it will take? “What is the name of the guy that sold you the car?” His name was Chris. “Alright, I’ll have him paged and he’ll be with you when he can.” Okay, out of curiosity, do you know how long this is going to take? “2-3 hours.” I told her this was unacceptable due to the 8 hours I spent for purchasing the car, and requested a manager. Her general demeanor was very short and confrontational. Kenny then walked up, apologized for the experience on Saturday, told me he’d have it done in 45-60 minutes and would top my car of with gas for the issues.

I walked across the street to get lunch, and came back about an hour and a half later – 30 minutes longer than I was quoted, since I anticipated a delay – based off the lack of organization and communication I had witnessed thus far.

I then proceeded to sit in the showroom for another hour, not one person bothered to update me on timing, or offer an explanation. It was at this point that I found Kenny, he told me very abruptly “We are working on it, just busy man.” I must have heard how busy you guys were at least 10 times throughout my 12 hours there. As a person in sales, I do not understand how this is a logical excuse for providing horrible customer service?

It was at this point that I went and sat back down and waited another 30 minutes, when I decided it was my obligation to share with any other interested buyers – that they should go somewhere else. I would have done anything in the world to have restarted at 3pm on Saturday and gone somewhere else, and so I felt it necessary to share this with other customers that had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

This was the first time in the entire experience, that I was actually approached by employee. I believe his name was Danny – definitely a manger in a white shirt, and it started with him walking up to me like I was a 5 year old, and telling me to get up and leave. I told him I would love to leave, but I was waiting on my car to finish detailing. I told him to spend less time concentrated on what I was doing, and to go get the keys to my car because clean or not, I was ready to leave. Danny proceeded to talk to me for about 10 minutes, fueling the fire and creating even more of a distraction for your future clients – so I was enjoying this opportunity to vocalize my frustration with your processes and save other interested buyers. I made it very clear to him that if he would just go get my car, I was more than ready to leave. Instead of doing anything customer service related, he started to threaten me with calling the cops, continued to talk down to me, and then finally called the cops. I had zero concern for the cops showing up, as I had done nothing wrong. Worst case scenario, they would have told me that I do in fact have to wait outside for my car – and that would have been that. SO, what exactly was he doing wasting his time on that? How much more productive (and less of a distraction for your customers), had he walked up and tried to at least understand my frustration and tell me he was more than happy to pull the car around as-is, so I could go? How great would that have been?

Instead he threatened me with “knowing my personal information” and wasted 15 minutes on the phone with the cops, who were probably laughing on the other line.

Finally, my car pulled up and I immediately took it to a mechanic to ensure that Danny didn’t rig it or set something up to fail – this is the AMOUNT OF CONFIDENCE I had in your team. I didn’t have the full tank of gas that Kenny promised 3 hours earlier in the day, which I could care less about – but furthermore, items were missing from my trunk.

I will not go back for those items, or for anything else. I felt it my obligation at this point to vocalize how extremely frustrating this process was. I have already started a regular social media share to ensure none of my friends or family shop at AutoNation and I hope this letter somehow helps you improve.

Jesse Carter


Kerrie Wiseman October 29, 2016 at 12:59 pm

On July 9th 2016, I spent a total of six hours at the Autonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Katy Dealership. The salesman I dealt with was Phito Moise.

I had two Jeep’s on lease at that time, both of which were due to end the lease term (in fact I had extended both by 30 days as hadn’t had time to go to the dealership prior to the original term being up). I explained to Phito that I was looking to see what deal would be done, with the following options presented to him?

2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee – had some damage to the exterior, and was over on the mileage – I wanted to know if the dealership would take care of those costs if I entered into a new lease on a new Grand Jeep Cherokee. He said yes. I walked the vehicle with him to show him the damage, so that he understood what that was.

I also wanted to find out what the purchase price of the 2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee would be as my husband’s Patriot was also up on its lease and we might consider the purchase of the Grand Jeep Cherokee for him.

2014 Jeep Patriot – we wanted to look at two options with this, which were; purchasing it, or giving it back and walking away.

Throughout my six hours at the dealership, and with the various options being looked through and figures presented by Phito, we were consistently clear that if I were to hand back the 2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee and lease a new one (which I ended up doing), that we would have zero charge on the former vehicle as part of the deal. He consistently agreed to/confirmed this.

The conclusion of the day was that I drove off in a new 2016 Grand Jeep Cherokee.
Over the coming days, figures were provided for the option to purchase the 2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee, but they were not favorable in our opinion. We therefore confirmed we were going to hand the 2014 Jeep Patriot back. Phito got quite angry at this – said he’d been wasting his time looking at options for us and was only doing me “such a great deal” on the 2016 Grand Jeep Cherokee lease because he thought he was getting two deals. We corrected him at that point, stating that we had been quite clear on what we were looking at and what needed to be in place on the financial deal to make that an option for us.

Fast forward a few weeks and we receive a bill from Ally in relation to the 2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee (the leasing company that had been used for our two previous vehicles) for a total of $1, 515.30. The breakdown of this amount is as follows:
• Excess mileage $719.80
• Excess wear and tear $795.50

We took this bill to Autonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Katy, and asked to see Phito Moise about it. I presented it to him and asked why we had that bill given the agreement we had as part of my leasing the new 2016 Grand Jeep Cherokee. He denied ever agreeing to that deal, said I must have been mistaken, and that he had not said anything of the sort. He could barely look me in the eye! He is absolutely, 100% lying!

So I ask to see a Manager, whose name I have now forgotten. He was very pleasant but suddenly showed me paperwork that had “no trade” written on it that Phito had given him. I had NEVER seen that before. Additionally a gentleman called “Marco”, who was apparently the person that processed the financial deal, is no longer employed with them so there was no one to corroborate either version of the story. The Manager therefore said there was nothing that could be done. I refuse to accept that!

This is totally unacceptable. Phito Moise is lying, and he did a deal with us that he is reneging on and denying all knowledge of. We did the deal, in good faith, based on what we had discussed during the 6 hours at the Dealership.

We have been Autonation customers for years – and we expect the amount above of $1,515.30 to be paid to us to clear the bill that is with Ally. The bill with Ally is affecting our Credit as it is showing as an outstanding matter.

I hope that you will do the right thing and provide the customer service to us that we expect – honoring the deal that was made at the dealership, and allowing us to continue working with Autonation for our future vehicle needs.

I look forward to hearing from you.


John October 28, 2016 at 8:38 am

I made an appointment with Autonation Wolfchase on Monday 10/24/16 for Thursday appointment that week. After dropping off my vehicle and having breakfast I get a call telling they are sorry but they could not support service that day because they are two days behind with vehicles. After talking with the service manager; she then tells me she could work something out which at that point I was finished with Autonation. They lost a customer for life; I will not buy or service any vehicle with them again as this was the fifth incident with them over the last 4 years. One time they try to up sale maintenance I did not need other times the filling of fluid never occurred. Just getting a simple oil change usually takes 1-2 hours of wait time. Autonation service is broken! Poor management and poor executive leadership. It would have been nice if someone at WolfChase Autonation would have called me during the week to tell me they could not honor my online appointment for Thursday but that never happened. Sad state of affairs to waste my 6 hours of vacation time to deal with a busted appointment.


Chandler Brooks October 25, 2016 at 12:17 pm

Please Contact me Regarding my Cancellation of my gap insurance the finance company does not have a check from the dealer at auto-nation airport Orlando, FL,Safe guard verified Cancellation of gap on August 22nd. Please Resolve this issue is it is October 25th


Alex October 22, 2016 at 3:10 pm

I bought a 2008 Highlander from autonation in weston Fl. In July
I’m an OTR trucker Driver so my SUV sits for weeks at a time. when I came home at the end of August didn’t drive the vehicle so I could spend time with my girlfriend.
In September my girlfriend use the vehicle to take her daughter to Tallahassee for college.
B4 loading the vehicle my girlfriend notice that there was water on the passenger side floor so she decided to use the shop vac to remove the water.
At the end she vacuum almost 3 gallons of water from the passenger side.
I called autonation where I bought the vehicle they told me to take it to toyota service and have them look at it.
Bottom line it ended up costing me $967.00
Why should I have to pay for repairs that autonation should of checked b4 selling this vehicle!!!!!
My next step is to report them to them
Better business Bureau.
I feel like I got screwed here.


Ron Booth October 21, 2016 at 11:43 am

First I have noting but praise for Autonation Delray Beach, FL. They have been very helpful and have taken care of us and have tried to fix a problem with our 2015 Explorer without results. Not their fault. My Ford 2015 Explorer XL has a problem with exhaust coming into the cabin during acceleration. Ford has offered to fix but the fixes haven’t held. We really thought last repair was it but it came back with a vengeance and now I’m in need of a vehicle that won’t kill us when we travel on steep grades or pull a trailer. I really need help with this.


JACQUELINE HINDEN October 20, 2016 at 8:02 pm

jwhitehin at


Creashia Jackson October 16, 2016 at 5:26 pm

I received a letter notifying me of an recall on the motor in my 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I took my vehicle in to my local Autonation in Tyler, Texas so that the part could be replaced. They had my car for month and when I got it back my service engine light was on and my car was making a noise. My service engine light had never come on prior to taking my vehicle to them. I called the Autonation service department several times throughout the week and left several voicemails notifying them of the problem and received no calls back. Maybe five days went by and one night while I was in the process of moving my car BROKE down at 12am in the middle of a busy street. There was this big drop and my car started smoking and quit. It felt like my MOTOR FELL OUT. I could have been killed or injured due to the motor not being installed properly. I had to leave my vehicle on the side of the road and catch a ride to Autonation the next morning…. After they didn’t answer when I called. They repaired whatever they messed up and I was back on the road. Next I received an letter in the mail telling me that there was ANOTHER RECALL on something in my steering column. I noticed a clicking and ratterling in my steering wheel, my HORN stopped working and my airbag light came on. I told them about this and they told me the recall would not fix the issue in the steering column they then told me that they didnt have the parts to fix it and later told me that I would have to pay out of pocket to have it fixed. I am beyond FRUSTRATED when it comes to Autonation in Tyler, Texas. I have been provided terrible customer service in addition to having my life put in danger due to them inproperly installing my motor.


Brian Shaw October 4, 2016 at 12:22 pm

It’s no wonder the dealerships act the way that they do. Try to speak with ANYONE in their corp. office is a joke. Automated system that gives you the run around. Dial any number to try to get a live person (at 11:30am on a tuesday) and everyone of them go to voicemail. These people are the rudest, most unprofessional SCAM ARTISTS that I have ever seen.
********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** BUYER BEWARE *****************************************


Cris Murray September 30, 2016 at 2:19 pm

AutoNation Hyundai of Columbus GA., Asking $139.00 to test for a faulty $25.00 brake light switch on a 2005 Santa-Fe, is a rip-off. I had already checked the switch and also found several references to faulty Hyundai brake light switches on-line. And when I went to the parts counter to just buy the switch and install it myself, the clerk ask for the VIN of the Santa-Fe. I didn’t have the VIN for the Santa-Fe, I had driven a different car because of the non working brake light, I didn’t have the VIN. Without the VIN the clerk just stood there staring at the computer screen, and telling me they couldn’t look up the parts without a VIN. Walked out, order brake light switch on-line for $24.88, be here tomorrow. Won’t go to any more dealerships owned by AutoNation.


Ken hamsen September 20, 2016 at 10:44 am

Somebody please read, looking at your reviews on YP and even your own website it looks like you have a lot of problems.
BIG PROBLIM Burlison Ford auto nation, Bought and paid for a vehicle last week they said they need to move vehicle from another lot then told me they couldn’t do so because they had lent my vehicle out to a Nother customer as a loaner vehicle. Now what am I supposed to do without a vehicle, is it fair that I pay for a vehicle for somebody else to drive. This is very unprofessional And violate FORDS code of conduct Periscope they told me today that my vehicle is at their facility but it has an additional 3000 miles on it. How is AutoNation going to rectify this situation with me. Just to say oh I’m sorry, I think I should be compensated in some way willing to work it out but I don’t nation refuses to return phone calls and dealership just laughs at us VERRY UNPROFESSIONAL. I would like to know what I don’t nations remedies for this situation laughing at me in the face is not is resolution


Kim Zanone September 27, 2016 at 2:33 pm

My husband and I drove a vehicle Saturday morning. We drove over an hour to look at and drive the vehicle. We decided to pay your asking price, the paperwork gets started, we call our insurance agent and are then told there is a recall on the car and the company policy doesn’t allow the sale of the vehicle. While I appreciate that policy there are times you should be able to break that rule if the customer is willing to sign a waiver. The cars that don’t sell go to auction. Why not give your customer the choice to buy the vehicle if they are willing to shoulder the risk? I hope someone contacts me from corporate, because I have not heard from the dealership I went to. It was in Alpharetta, GA and the vehicle was a 2010 Mazda 3 s grand touring, with manual transmission.


Rick Rodriquez September 19, 2016 at 10:08 pm

I bought my 2015 corvette from autonation south in corpus Christi and I can not the service mangers to call me back about warranty issues his name is Tom Flores I swear this dealership sucks they will never get my business this autonation company how do u guys run such a business when you have all theset complaints


Lisa Otis September 13, 2016 at 3:32 pm

On March 26 we purchased a used car for my son from Autonation-Superstition Springs. My dad co-signed with my son. Warren Otis/Brett white. The salesman and the finance guy were fabulous. At the time of signing the final paperwork we were told that we were getting 4 free oil changes with it. The first oil change my son went for they said they had no information on it but they would cover it for that day. I have emailed concerning this a few times and i went in person to try to solve the problem and a manager told me it would be taken care of. I called this morning to make an appointment and was told there was nothing on file about these free oil changes. I have emailed the dealership today and have not been contacted back. My son needs an oil change this week and I want this problem solved now.


Cynthia S Burnside September 11, 2016 at 6:54 am

I do hope someone will read this and take it seriously. I have been a customer of Carl Gregory CDJR South Savannah, Georgia, and until recently, Had a 6 year relationship with one of the auto technicians there. He has been there over 2 years. So, I have witnessed what goes on there as a customer, as a visitor when I’d go see my ex there. I have been told my my ex much of the drama that goes on there regularly, the mistakes made carelessly by the service department, the lack of work ethics and some of the behavior and actions that he’s seen. I find it shocking, unprofessional and illegal! This Autonation is the slackest and most unprofessional dealership that I have ever been to. I bought a Porsche Cayman from them May 2015. When I was test driving the car, the salesman told me to turn down a street in a residential neighborhood. He told me that as the place to get the speed up. They could only find one of the keys to the car when I bought it. They assured me that the other was somewhere in the building and would find it and get it right to me. A new key costs about $500, and I didn’t like the idea that an extra key to my Porsche was floating around! Needless to say, no one was ever able to locate the other key to my car, and it was not replaced. Mistakes made on my paperwork that I questioned was shrugged off as not important! Also, not a soul seemed to be concerned. Once they had my money, my concerns were no longer of any importance to them.
I have been to the dealership many times since then and am constantly surprised in the things I hear and see there! Guys that wear red shirts hang out in the parking lot by the building smoking cigarettes and shirt tails are untucked with undershirts hanging out at he bottom of the work shirts. Some of the auto techs work in t-shirts or tank tops instead of the uniform, and they hang outside the bays smoking cigarettes. The parts girls and others are in the bays hanging out with the mechanics flirting and socializing and the mechanics are often socializing with the female employees in the other parts of the building. Affairs between employees there are ongoing. All seem to be on their personal phones texting more than working. Employees test driving cars FLY through the parking lot like it’s a race track.
I have been reluctant before now to report any of these incidents because I didn’t want it to negatively affect my ex’s job. A recent incident there has caused me to change my mind and report what I know. I also own a Mazda RX8 and the spoiler needed to be repainted. My ex told me he could have it repainted there, and that he and the guys back there in the body shop part would “work out a deal”. My car sat in the shop for over three weeks. Since I had the Porsche that I bought from you, I wasn’t concerned about it being there. After our split, I became concerned about the Mazda and wanted to get it back. I own and the title to the Mazda in my name only. The ex didn’t want to be cooperative and get it back to me, he’s the one that took it there, and I called his boss and Service Manager, Monty, about picking it up. He said there was no service record for it, and he didn’t think it was there. When I told him that I had personally seen it there in the body shop days earlier, he said he’d check on it and call me back. I waited and he did NOT return my call. When I called him back, he was very rude to me over the phone. He told me my car there was a “personal matter” between my legs EX, Victor Brooks, and me, and that he had no intentions of getting involved!! Even after I explained to him that this was NOT about a relationship breakup, but the car was mine alone, I bought and paid for it and had the title in only my name! Also, that I had never signed any paperwork about what would be done to the Mazda or any costs. He was still very rude and unhelpful. He even told me that he didn’t care if I called the store manager or the Autonation executives regarding this because it was a issue he was not going to get involved with! I contacted my attorney that same day, Saturday, and he said they had no legal reason to keep my car from me. I have no idea what transpired between Monty and Victor Brooks that day or on the following Monday. My car was returned to me Monday afternoon, though. I was happy to have it back even if it was returned to me in a mess. Still, I thought Monty’s attitude and rude behavior towards me was absolutely uncalled for!
I know for a fact that two of the mechanics there take a long lunch together and drink beer at lunch and then return to work on vehicles. Probably have the employees in the shop smoke marijuana on a regular basis. To pass the urine test, they purchase some kinds of synthetic urine form a head store and pass it off as their own clean urine! Marijuana has been sold on the Autonation property. It is smoked on the way to work and on lunch breaks, and I would guess on the property during the day. I know that supplies are removed for personal use at home, such as batteries and engine oil. Personal property that has been left in cars that customers trade in is kept by employees with no effort made to try and see if it was overlooked by the customer. I’ve seen a radar detector and new cell phone that was brought home to my home. The radar detector is in an employee’s car.
Aside from my own personal treatment, the thing that disturbs me most about that Autonation is the behavior and work ethics of the employees during time on the clock! The married, parts girl and my ex had, and may still be having, an affair that was almost exclusively carried out during work hours, which included countless texts, calls and sex. Before that relationship, he, a 40 year old man, and a 19 year old employee had a similar relationship at work and it included sex. Very unprofessional behavior! Another mechanic is having an affair with the service writer and they’ve been known to yell at each other if front of everyone. My ex was on that service writer’s team and asked to be moved to another team because she would give her boyfriend the most and best jobs. Keys are lost and stolen. Careless damage is done to customer vehicles. Negative posts about work and posts with curse words are posted on Facebook during the work day by employees.
I would rather my name not be used if you decide to take any action about this report because my ex has a history of violence.
I don’t mind being contacted if you have any questions about this, though.

Savannah, GA 31405


JOSE SACERIO August 31, 2016 at 9:51 pm

Looking for a new Honda Odyssey, went thru Internet Sales and was contacted quickly, however that was it… William “Nick” Nickerson was not very receptive when I provided him my criteria. No follow up. I arrived at Hollywood Honda next morning at 9 after a test drive waited for 3 hours until the finance maanger couldn’t get us the numbers we wanted. No wavering on dealer part to make the deal. We left to find finance on our own and decided to try out Rick Case Honda. Not feeling Rick Case Honda as it seems shady. They got numbers we can work with however, I wanted to continue to purchase from Autonation as i TRUSTED them. I contacted Nick Nickerson again and after some back and forth I didn’t hear from them. With two small kids I couldn’t be at the dealer late at night and conveyed that to Nick when I get the response of ” we had your deal done, YOU decided to go elsewhere.” That is the way AUTONATION trains their staff???? I have bought 5+ cars at autonation and now I’m forced to buy from a dealer I have never dealt with??? BS!!


Mukund Iyengar August 27, 2016 at 11:54 pm

Issue: training your Luxury car Sales Managers in Customer Relationship.
– Laurel BMW of Westmont Illinois
– Sales Manager: Mike Alder
– Purchased My BMW X-5 at Laurel BMW: 2010
– All Maintenance done in Service department of Laurel BMW (Great Crew)
– Went to Trade in X-5 for a BMW X-1
– Sales Lady Lilly Kolarski- was GREAT taking care of my needs.
– Sales Manager through Lilly communicated that he did not want to buy the X5 – even though it was bought and serviced at dealership – in good condition: due to 2- pending BMW recalls.
– Customer Loyalty has no meaning here – Wasted 6 years in getting car serviced at this dealership.
– Communication done in very poor manner through sales person: feedback I gathered was New Car Sales Managers do not trust their own Service Department or ability of Dealership to sell a used cars!!!!!
– If Customer relationship is not a top priority – I am sure AN would like to re-train their sales managers.
– As a previously loyal customer – refuse to do business with this dealership!!!!


Shirley Dat August 27, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Bought a vehicle in December 2015, brought it in days later because the windows wouldn’t go up and the a/c was not working. The used cars manager found a vehicle in for me and had it transferred to his lot without consulting me. I have four kids all under 7 and a spacious vehicle is a must to take them to school and go to work.

The second vehicle was a 2012 traverse. The car salesman and I saw the vehicle had no more than 65,000 miles.In late February 2016, the car’s head light was out, the windows had problems and the engine was louder than usual. When i went to pick the car up the same day, it came out to be 85,000.

I was shocked and devasted. I went straight to the service advisor and told him my mileage odometer has been tapered.

His name is Steve Waxman. He told me there is no way that the mileage can be tapered with. He told me on his end he saw on the car records, the mileage was about 83000 miles the date before I bought the vehicle and that was body work was done to my Chevy traverse 2012, while was not acknowledged to me via verbral and doXXXXentation.

I phoned the salesman and he said he will tell his manager. After he spoke to his manager, he told me there was a mistake on the paper work.

This was not a mistake, this is a misrepresentation of mileage!

In May, my car started to shake and my a/c was not running cold. The new service advisor stated that my car ran out of warranty for the a/c but my engine was able to get fixed even though now in August, the traverse went slow on me and my kids on I-95 because of the engine and traction.

No one reached out to me to fix anything until I called corporate.

Elaine from Corporate called me and informed me The lot will call me.

Mike Lucia did call me and we came to a agreement to switch cars. When i found a similiar car with the estimated mileage that I wanted from the vehicle I have now, he told me it us that a swap of cars but a trade in, he hung up in my face after he said some one will help me but no one did because they were supposedly too busy to help me.

My father went in with me to the dealership to speak to Mike Lucia. Mike Lucia was not busy and he refused to see me. Therefore he sent out David, the used car manager.

David made a scene after I confronted him about my car situation. We then came to agreement for them to give me $1,500.

Now it’s late August, I been put in circles. I went there yesterday after I picked my kids from school. The GM, Mike Lucia told corporate only approved $1000.

I told him that was not deal and Mike Lucia humiliated me and yelled that I deserve nothing, so everyone ( employees and customers) to hear.

The Delray Chevy Autonation is deceitful and unprofessional. That location first lied about the mileage to “trying,’ to help to not keep their promise.


lorena ahmed August 25, 2016 at 5:50 pm

This is an issue I am trying to receive follow up on but having no response from Autonation Peioria Jeep

Attn: Ron Role and Neil Underwood
Please read below and call to follow up as I have tried to receive follow up on this matter since 08.15.16. Below is the original email sent to customer support regarding the incident:
My husband and I went to the AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram North Phoenix at 16406 N 26th Avenue North Phoenix AZ 85023 on Sunday August 14, 2016 in the afternoon. We were assisted by Christian who was very casual in dress and presentation. We had gone specifically to look at a 2015 Grand Cherokee Laredo that had a manager’s special advertised online. We took a test drive in the vehicle and were provided financing numbers from Christian at 11.99% interest. Previous purchases via AutoNation Toyota have always been completed at 0%. Christian stated this was not possible and said he needed me to complete a credit app to see what interest rate I would qualify for. I stated I did not wish to have them run a credit check as I am in the middle of refinancing my home. He assured me it was not a credit pull hard or soft. However, he later mentioned my credit was good and that we qualified for 3.99%. I stated we were not looking to pay interest and that we would pass on the deal. He stated he was to go back and get us a business card. Another individual came out who did not introduce himself.

I am assuming we had a bit of a racial interaction because he assumed I was middle eastern and I believe he was middle eastern himself. I assume because of my last name he thought I was Muslim and not wanting to pay interest due to religious reasons. He approached the table dressed in plaid shorts, white polo shirt and props leg on a chair across from us and asks if it was against our religion to pay interest. I said no, as I did not want to pay interest because I have not had to pay interest in years in all my years of financing vehicles. He states he can possibly lower it to 2.5%. I said thanks but we didn’t want to pay interest at this time. He stated if we were to aim for 0% they would have to remove the 7000 dollar discount on the vehicle. We said it’s ok – we will not be buying at this time. The unknown ‘manager’ stated that is the best they could do. Christian and him then simply walked away and never gave us a business card or anything.

My husband and I walked out and over the loud speaker in the parking lot they start yelling BYE and singing na na na na GOODBYE. Another couple getting in their car asked if that was for them – I said – I don’t know – did you buy a car? He said no – I said then it must be for all of us.

I hate to say that the place itself or the experience was not professional at all. After my experience w dealerships like AutoNation Toyota and Subaru – I was appalled by the treatment we received when we decided not to purchase.

• Christian was unprofessional
• The manager ‘onsite’ was unprofessional
• The religious remark was rude and unacceptable
• The religious assumption was unacceptable
• The yelling and singing over the parking speaker was completely uncalled for and unprofessional
• Not introducing himself or providing a business card was unprofessional
• Lying about running my credit report –
I received an update from my credit check today reflecting they did run a credit check after assuring me they were not going to run a check. Besides being mistreated at this dealership, they also lied about the credit check now dinging my score.
• Lack of follow up from management:
• I spoke originally to Dan Stewart 08.15.16 who assured me that he would follow up . When I received notification that my credit check was ran after being told it would not be – I left him 2 voicemails which he never returned.
• 0817 I spoke to AJ. AJ stated he was going to follow up and stated on 8.19 that I would be receiving an apology email. Supposedly he had spoken to Christian and the unknown manager from Sunday who no one has yet told me what his name is. This email was never received.
• 0823 I spoke to AJ again stating the email was never received. He said he was following up right there and then and would call me back. He never called back.
I’m not sure why we are receiving the runaround on this.
As listed above – overall the experience w this dealership has been horrible from the sales person to the management. I would like a phone call to further discuss and action taken for lying about the credit report, the racial comment and unprofessional behavior. I can’t express enough how frustrated and disappointed I am in this whole experience. Please note I am forwarding this to corporate as well.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Ziyad and Lorena Ahmed
480.788.XXXXX at

Any assistance is greatly appreciated


Amanda August 22, 2016 at 8:14 pm

AutoNation has once again failed to provide even somewhat satisfactory customer service. I lease a new car 3.5 weeks ago and I have been back to the dealership 3 different times because they cannot get their paperwork correct, even reprinting paperwork multiple times while I am there. I have been waiting for customer service to get back to me since the general manager did nothing at all to help the situation, he didn’t even chat with me. Therefore I chatted with your customer service online last week and they said they would either call or email me, but still I have heard nothing. I have a new car and because of you’re dealership I am unable to register the vehicle. I need this problem fixed immediately because it has already been about a month; soon I won’t be able to even drive the car because I can’t get it registered without the dealership finishing their paperwork correctly, especially without a correct VIN number.


Mikale Jackson August 17, 2016 at 12:31 pm

My Sonata went in for a recall, and when I picked it up they fixed five things and had to order another part. This was three weeks ago and I had to call them twice before receiving a response to bring my car back in next week. On top of waiting for three weeks, they thing I took my car for in is now worse, basically, my light does not turn off automatically now and it drains my battery. I hope it goes well next week, as this Brunswick, GA dealership has not been impressive so far.


Joyce Sewell August 11, 2016 at 9:30 pm

I took my car in for a recall to what is the pnly Dodge dealership in Mobile Al. We purchased the car used from another dealership. We gave our number and our name. When I did not hear anything back for two days I called. I was told the car was not there there was no car in my name I didn’t have an appointment. After a period of time they did finally find my car. It was under the name of the previous owner. They had called him to come to pick up my car. Now how did my car with my phone number and my name get under the previous owner’s name when I didn’t give them that name.
.. The apology I received was dry and unfeeling.
After reading all of these comments I have come to the conclusion that AutoNation does not deserve our business. We need to tell our stories to someone who cares.
That would be those customers who have yet to go to AutoNation


Raelyn Doro August 11, 2016 at 1:01 pm

I will never purchase nor recommend Autonation to anyone. I bought my jeep from an Autonation in Colorado not even two months ago and they never even inspected it. Not only is my A/C no longer functioning, but neither is my washer fluid or my speakers in the car. My tailgate is bent and damaged which they did not disclose to me, my radiator is leaking and has been since I got it, there is no weather stripping in my front windshield and my tailgate was never closed! I got on the highway and it flew open almost hitting a motorcyclist behind me. Come to find out, they never even tested it!! This company is shady and unreliable and every time I have tried to get this problem fixed they give me the run around and say all the repairs are going to cost me thousands of dollars which is a total scam seeing as they did not inspect the vehicle before selling it, which is not only illegal on the basis that they sold an unsafe vehicle but also there are a plethora of non-disclosure issues that I can’t even begin on. I mean what if my tailgate had hit that cyclist? How are these people so comfortable with selling a vehicle that is damaged without even telling the buyer? It’s bad business.


Rae J Dixon August 9, 2016 at 7:36 pm

The auto nation in columbus georgia, Northlake parkway dodge has the most rude, arrogant and belittling service manager I’ve ever ran across in my life.. Mr. Tyler was so rude that at this point I will take my charger to a Dodge dealer out of this city because they have broken my trust and I’ll never allow them to touch my car.


Jim G August 1, 2016 at 10:37 am

The worst DONT LEASE From them . Auto nation nation Mall of Georgia , Buford Georgia .. Never applied for registration of my car .. Had to go myself then try did not register my insurance .. DMV would not accept a binder from my insurance company because Autonation had already pulled one and only one can be issued. Nobody ever returns s phone call I’ve left two messages with the general manager there Jeff Godwin and no return call. Left two messages with someone in there tag and tittle dept . No return call .
You’ll never get anyone at the corporate office by phone in Fort Lauderdale .. When it says transferring to an operator ….. Apparently there is no operator because you only get the recording again ….so I paid to have my car registered which they never did . Now o need to pay for a tag again . Missed work because I can’t drive an un registered car … THEY SUCK!!!!!


Leann Randolph July 29, 2016 at 3:43 pm

I have had a terrible experience at the Spring, TX location. The service person is very rude, intermittently returns emails and phone calls. The service manager has yet to return my call regarding a refund from my warranty which was from May 2016.

I bought a Ram 1500 from Gillman dealership, the night I brought it home, the 3rd brake light was leaking during a rain storm. I was told to take it to AutoNation to have the light repaired, which was under warranty. I was told by my service person, that it would take less than 8 hours, I rented a car to go to work which I was told was covered under warranty as well. The repair took two days and I was charged for the rental.

I have been working on getting the refund for the rental since May. This service person is so rude to deal with, I hate calling her and made the decision to deal with her manager. No luck with the manager this week, he has never returned my calls.

I just want my money back from the rental and I promise, I will never deal with AutoNation again. AutoNation will never have to hear from me again.

All I am asking is my refund from the car rental, please. How can I get this money back that is owed to me?


Latila Boddie July 28, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Autonation on Highway 6 in Houston, Tx is the worst dealership I have ever dealt with in my life. The customer service there is absolutely horrible. The finance manager hung up in my face and would not give me his name. If this is the way upper management is trained to treat loyal customers, then your business will decline. I personally plan to trade in my vehicle that i purchased a year ago from Autonation because of the rude customer service that I experienced. I don’t want any dealings with this company. I suggest that any person that plans to purchase a vehicle, stay away from any AutoNation. Only thing that they are concerned about is making a sell. Once they have sold you a vehicle they could care less about the future relationship that they have with their customers. They will give you the run around. If you call in with a issue they will keep transferring you to different people who can’t assist you with the problem,and eventually you run out of options. Go where they value customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greg July 27, 2016 at 5:27 pm

I bought a car 8 months ago and I did not receive a copy of my warranty. I need to pick that up and I also need a record of all the work that was done to my car. How do I get that?


sarah July 25, 2016 at 4:00 pm

A shame and All lies…I NEVER will go to AutoNation. We purchased a 2013 kia optima on 6/18/16 NRH location. We were advised by the sales and finance department we had the preowned unlimited 60 day warrenty/125 point inspection “Yes I asked”… in addition we purchase the 2 year warranty. 7/22/16 we decided to drive to Kansas
The car shut off on the highway in OK city and would not start. Find out the engine locked up….on the highway no less think god we where not killed…Spoke to Manager Mr. Lovely no empathy and tried talking to me and my wife like we where children and stated OUR car did not come with 60day 125 point inspection…SUPRISING huh! He told us we would need to go through our warranty oh and he FAILED to tell us we would be paying $200.00 copay for in network or $400.00 out of network. NRH location new this car had a bad motor when the sold it to us…
And had us stranded for 4hrs in the heat. We finally got a tow through our insurance as Auotnation warranty is covered for accidents and they wanted us to pay $70.00 for a tow…buyer beware as the peerless customer service AND CORE PROMISES bid is a JOKE. OH AND WHEN WE PURCHASE THE VEHICLE CAR FAX ” HAVE NO FINDINGS”.


John July 22, 2016 at 5:53 pm

Auto Nation is nothing but I greedy cooperation. When business is slow the top goes don’t take a hit, the lower guys do. For example, other dealerships pay their techs 3/10ths of an hot to inspect, 3/10ths for an oil change and 3/10 for a tire rotation. Under Autonation for an inspection, oil change and tire rotation under the VCP plan, (if the customer his it) we get paid 4/10ths of an hour. Then people complain that we did a half ass job that’s b/c if theirs nothing but oil/rotates, it’s would take 20 oil changes to get 8 hours and that didn’t happen. They take advantage that their is no regulation on piece rate, meaning were not hourly, and when a customer gets mad, even if it’s just a sh*tty customer, the head guys of the dealer ship never have your back. It’s all made so they can find a way to take money from your paycheck to keep it themselves and people who buy from autonation only enable this extremely greedy dealership.


John July 22, 2016 at 5:54 pm

My spelling is a little messed up, I didn’t revise before I submitted.


Erica July 14, 2016 at 7:51 pm

I took my car into the shop on Monday to get a diag done because the Sevice Engine Soon light flashed
on but didn’t stay and then my car would not start twice. So we took the car in after calling to verify
that they could get a code even though the alert was no longer there. Take my car in and receive a call 2
hrs later saying that there was no code and they could not get the car to replicate the no start problem. Service advisor said car had been driven but there is no way it could have been because the mileage was
the same as it was when I took it in. Had the car been driven then they would have seen that the car
didn’t start. Once I took the car home and tried to go back out it did not start and has not started since.
I called to speak with service mgr on Tuesday and I am still waiting for a return call. I would really like to
find out why I paid 150 for a diag, they couldn’t find the problem, couldn’t give me a possible solution, and then I get home and my car has not been on since then. I could understand if I had gone to an after
market repair shop but I went to the manufacturer and they can’t tell me anything about a vehicle they
are supposed to be certified to work on? I find that unacceptable and bad customer service. To add
insult to injury when svc advisor went to get my car he brought back the wrong car. Really?????


John July 22, 2016 at 6:01 pm

As an employee, we’re not hourly, and the top cooperate makes it really hard to make money and really easy to lose it. Remember too were human we do make mistakes. Sometimes were frustrated b/c we work really hard for sometimes 10 hours but we get paid for four. So either don’t go to autonation or enable this greedy cooperation.


sandra Reino July 14, 2016 at 7:03 pm

A visitor at has a message for Michael J. Jackson – Chief Executive Officer of AutoNation Inc. – Email Address
This submission will appear on our website in the next 5 days at this link:
All personal info and your last name will be REMOVED from the on-site posting to protect your privacy.

From: Sandra A. Reino – uriella1999 at

Michael Jackson, I have tried to reach a human being at the 954-769-6000 for the last 30 minutes which has only added to my frustration and discontent with AutoNation. I asked to be connected with you (recorded operator voice tells me “Cannot connect “), to Cheryl Scully & Michael E. Maroone (same response from recorded operator).
My experience at the AutoNation Honda in Tucson has been nothing but humiliating, discriminating and disrespectfully as any I have had in recent years. The only person who treated me with respect from day one was James Frost my salesperson (who has little power) and Robert Rhino who tried to smooth things over once by offering me 4 oil changes. Here are the events:
1. I purchased a Honda Civic EXL and charged $3,000 on my credit card ($500 6/28/16 and $2500 6/30/16).
2. I told James that I was a COSTCO member, he told Joseph Butler who immediately came out to assure me that the price he gave me was below COSTCO.
3. I went home, called COSTCO, was told AutoNation was not a member but Chapman Honda was.
4. Emailed Chapman Honda and they emailed my discount as a COSTCO member (over $300 less than my quote from Joseph).
5. Printed and took that email into Auto Nation Honda, related the story to Art, showed him the letter and he adjusted the price.
6. Joseph said my car would be in Tucson on Monday July 11th, 2016.
7. On Monday July 11th I was at my credit union ready to secure my $10,000 loan ( writing a check for the $13,386.72 for total payment).
8. Called James asking for the v in number so we could proceed. James was told the VIN number could not be given until the car was delivered from Phoenix to Tucson so I could not secure the loan.
9. On Wednesday July 13th James called that the car was in Tucson. I said I could get a ride and be there at 3 PM but had to leave by 4 Pm. He confirmed this would be OK. I said I could write the check for $13,382.72 and come Thursday to complete everything. We agreed and I arrive a little after 3 PM.
10. The financial manager Dustin Gunn refused to let me take the car without full payment. I asked why and he gave several stories non of which I believed as several friends have already told me they purchased cars in Phoenix and drove to Tucson to set up payment. Even the Bank Manager of my Bank said she has not had this kind of experience with any auto dealer (By the way my credit score was 809). I offered them the $13,000+ check plus the $3000 on my credit plus they had a letter from my credit union pre-qualifying me for a $20,000. Dustin refused and said he needed full payment and offered James to drive me to the Bank.
11. 3 hours later, I missed my 4 appointment, I hand Dustin the $13,382.70 and $10,000 checks and he had me signing papers. I asked could I not come back tomorrow as I was tired and hungry. He refused. The paper I did not want to sign was the one stating that I checked out the car and everything was OK. I told him again I was too tired to be able to efficiently check out the car. Again he refused. So I reluctantly signed. When I went outside with James to learn the features on the car I immediately noticed a few marks on the car. James thought it was glue.
12. The \’icing on the cake\’ was when Dustin came out, and because of his incompetence, asked if I put the $13,382.72 check in the paper envelope. I said, “NO” but he wanted to look in the envelope anyway. When the check was not in there he asked, “Did you take back your check?” I asked if he was accusing me of stealing and did he want to look in my purse. He went back into the building in about 3 minutes opened the door waving the check.
I am wondering if this is the way all your customers are treated or just me because I was a woman only and an senior citizen.
I believe I deserve an apologize and some major compensation for all the inconveniences, disrespect, and accusation made against my character. I have already related my experiences to a room full of senior women at a breakfast this morning.


Rasquel Dunn July 14, 2016 at 1:51 am

On July 8th I took delivery of a 2012 Honda accord sedan at automation Honda located in Hollywood Florida off of Sheridan street. The sales team was pretty welcoming however after I signed the finance agreement contract and I drove off the car lot all HELL broke loose. Less than 24 hrs of purchase I was contacted and informed by the finance manager Udoma and Haywood I would need to return the vehicle because the car belongs to a customer that traded the vehicle 2 weeks prior who’s deal fell apart so until they can find a bank to approve that deal the finance team want to play it safe and have the vehicle at the dealership just in case it must be returned to prior owner. I then closed my business to rush to the dealership to return the vehicle when I arrived I was informed I would be placed in a loaner car until the situation is handled and they can locate a vehicle in the same year and model that would basically fit my deal. The service dept was backed up and they were out of loaner so I was told to stay in the vehicle until they figure out what to do. On Wednesday July 13th I was contacted by Haywood one of the finance manager and udoma telling me to return the vehicle and I would be put in a loaner until they find a car for me, in addition to that I was informed my deal is pending approval until a car is located that is the equivalent to that car I was initially approved for or should I say “preapproved” for even though I was given delivery of the vehicle that was actually a trade in that was incorrectly tagged and was available for purchase. I came in to purchase a car and ended up with the back lash of a screwed up deal gone bad. Lost a day lost of wages after going back to a dealership to return a vehicle I just purchased that I was originally given for a test drive…then told I was approved for… providing required docs and the down payment and purchasing insurance driving off the lot to be informed 24 hrs later it’s a mistake the car was a trade in from a deal gone sour….so now once again I must inconvenience myself and my business by going back 5 days later to the same dealership that I thought was reputable to go return a car I thought was my purchase that I signed a finance contract for actually belongs to someone else. So now I will be put in a rental car while paying auto insurance which by the way for a car that is not in my possession until one is located if any and now wait for the deal to be approved that should of been approved before my down payment was taken or insurance was purchased or driving off the lot….I need HELP AND ANSWERS FROM AUTONATION CORPORATE BECAUSE THIS SOUNDS LIKE SCAM NOT A REPUTABLE DEALERSHIP… I came in your dealership to purchase a car hassle free and stress free and now it’s turning a nightmare…


Rasquel Dunn July 16, 2016 at 3:42 am

Since writing my post the following day the General Manager (larry) at Hollywood location Autonation contacted me personally to apologize for my experience. He informed and gaurentee the situation would be resolved but he also demand i come in immediately to meet with so we can quickly find a a solution. When i arrived i was greated by Larry and Haywood both gentleman were apologetic and sincere. Larry and Haywood ensured my family and i was placed in a 2016 Honda while a vehicle wad located for me. Within less than 24 hours haywood personally dropped off a suprise to my business which was my car. I was so happy and filled with excitement however my husband needed the vehicle so he offered to go the extra to deliver our car personally to my husband at job. Thank you Autonation Honda of Hollywood. Your company truely is a true example of a dealership that isnt perfect but aims to please and get it right. I am truly satisfied with my new purchase and i wouod recommend anyone to experience great customer service and awesome deals when in the market for car by going to Autonation of Honda dealership…. Thanks guys!!!!


Elizabeth Brandes July 20, 2016 at 1:04 pm

The same thing happened to me as well! I had to return my car and haven’t gotten my money back! Please help Corporate! I need that money to buy a car!


Erin Head July 6, 2016 at 12:11 pm

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY!!! We first bought a used GMC Terrain from the Autonation Ford Frisco in February 2016. We heard a noise but was reassured of their 160 point inspection all their cars go through so we pulled the trigger and bought the car. Within the first 6 weeks we were in and out of the service department and they could not figure out what the problem was until the 3rd time we brought it in and it was of course a major issue, the timing chain. The dealership took the car back if we were to buy another car from them. We learned from our mistake and decided to go new so we wouldn’t have anymore issues. We sat at the dealership for 12 hours to purchase a new 2016 Explorer, due to the fact no sales person wanted to do the deal with us because they didn’t want to deal with the trade in of the Terrain even though this was all approved by the GM, Josh Patterson, who is NEVER in the office he is always on vacation and he nor anyone else will call you back. Finally the AGM Dustin, decided to sit down and do the deal with us and we finally walked out of there at 9pm. Was so happy with my new car until it started making a cranking/creaking noise by the right tire. I took it in the first time, drove around with them to let them hear it, in which they did, and they thought it was the suspension, but couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Brought it back in a second time, had another mechanic ride with me, even have it recorded and he thought it was the right strut. They ordered a new part and fixed it. On my way to go pick it up I get a call that its still making the noise and that’s not the problem. They keep it longer and the next week I get a call that it was something to do with the body seam that something wasn’t tightened enough during factory and they fixed it. I was assured I would NOT be back again for this. I leave the dealership and drive down Legacy and what do I hear the FREAKING NOISE AGAIN. I immediately call back to tell them, even record it again as proof, and was told not to bring it back yet. I tried calling the person in charge since the GM Josh is of course on Vacation, which is Vince. He wont return my phone call since this place has the WORST Customer Service and doesn’t fix any problems after you have purchased a call from them. They just want you to buy and then they wipe their hands clean from you. The service department said I cant bring it back until next week since in which the Director of the Service department will ride with me. I Don’t need someone else to ride with me everyone else already has. STOP SELLING CARS THAT DONT WORK OR AT LEAST FIX THE FREAKING PROBLEMS AND OWN UP TO IT.


Chas July 3, 2016 at 11:58 pm

You Autonation dealership in Waco, Texas has poor customer service. I was honest with them when I went in to try to trade vehicle in because I couldn’t afford them. The salesperson was great,. She did what she was told. Which was to put me in a $44000 .truck. So at first they told me they could and I went home to wait. The salesperson called and told me she was getting my truck ready. So after taken everything out of both vehicles to include removing my Military post stickers and toll tags off both vehicles, well when I went up to dealership, they then told me I need $2500. Well they could have honest enough up front and told me they wouldn’t be able to help. But know, all they did was get my hopes up and then bust my bubble at the end. If this the way Autonation Dealerships and Chevy is, well I will never my anything from them again. I had brought several vehicles from the Waco Chevy place since moving to Waco. But I think I am done now. Ford or Nissan looking good now.


Greg June 29, 2016 at 1:18 am

I bought a car from AutoNation on Bell north Phoenix on 10-5-15
I told them about a problem it was having a week after I picked up the vehicle.
It hesitating when I push on the gas. I brought it in and they updated the software and fixed it on 10-8-15. A week later it started hesitating and jerking again.
I brought it back again on 11-9-15 and they had it for 21 days.
They fixed it, not sure what they did. A week later started hesitating again when I would accelerate so I had to bring it back for the 3rd time on 2-15-16 and they had it for 14 days.
It started getting worse a week after I got it back. Worse than before. I decided to not bring it back because clearly they can’t fix it. I have talked to other fiat dealers and test drove 2 of the same year and vehicles and they did nothing like mine. They drove fine.
It is so bad now I feel unsafe in this car.
Every time I accelerate, turn corners stop at a light or any stopping period, even passing someone to get in the next lane.
It kicks when I am stopped at a light. I had to shut it off trying to get out of a parking lot because it wanted to go when I was breaking. I was afraid I was going to hit someone.
I am really surprised that no one can fix this car because it gives no warning lights or codes.
I feel they are not valuing me as a customer. No one is listing or fixing or really doing anything on a car that I bought 8 months ago. This car was very important to me because for the first time in my life I got a car that I wanted.
Now I just want it fixed correctly. This has been dragging on for 8 months now and has been frustrating and a big inconvenient in my life.
I am hoping by writing this maybe someone will listen and help me with this problem.
Thank you
Greg Coppens


Dr. Mohammed Alam June 28, 2016 at 3:03 pm

I recently travelled from NYC to your Mercedes-Benz of Hunt Valley dealership (located in XXXXeysville, MD) on last Thursday (June 23rd) and I purchased a used 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL 450. I wanted to leave the GL 450 behind and drive back to NYC with my old car. I was told that I could not leave the GL 450 behind and that I could leave my old car behind. Therefore, I left behind my old car in the dealership lot and I drove the GL 450 back to NYC. After giving careful consideration, I decided to return the GL 450 and I physically went to the dealership yesterday and I attempted to return the GL 450 using your 3 business days/150 mileage return policy. I am fully aware that I exceeded the 150 mileage limit because I was forced to drive the GL 450 back to NYC and I tried to use this rationale with Terrence (the used car director over there) and general manger Hamid Kaynama at the dealership to make an exception to your policy. I also offered to pay some penalty if needed. I called your corporate office earlier today (at 954-769-6000) and I left two voice messages with the eastern regional office. Since no one has gotten back to me; therefore, I am leaving this post so that someone in coporate could make an exception and help me out in this situation. Thanks in advance. Dr. Mohammed Alam.


K Angus June 28, 2016 at 2:07 pm

Service Advisor # 8722

Very unprofessional, LADIES BEWARE your service advisor may verbally abuse you here.

I purchased my vehicle February 2016. Today I visited Toyota for my 5000 mile service appt at 9:45am, I was told I need a tire roatation. I mentioned to my Service Advisor the A/C was making a ticking noise and if they could check it out for me. My experience in the service department was extremely unethical. The service advisor used profanity towards me and refused to get a manager after telling me that my A/C was not checked as written on my invoice. The service advisor stated “you go find the manager yourself, I don’t have to deal with this sh*t”.

They were unable to locate my paperwork and misplaced my key which explains why I was just sitting in the waiting area. No one came to give me an update on my vehicle.

It’s very important to make sure employees dealing with customers are courteous. As an AutoNation Employer, it’s also important to make your employees are mentally stable.

So much for Toyota’s Complimentary Service!


Erika Miller July 1, 2016 at 1:18 pm

The service here is awful. I have worked with Frank Bell twice and he has done horrible on both occasions. I don’t know if service is bad at every location but I will not be back to this location again.


Bill Victor June 27, 2016 at 1:29 pm

I received a response to my comment stating that my “comment needs moderation”. English is my mother tongue and I am told when I have written and spoken as a professor and/or an advocate that I do not need to moderate my language. Please respond to my comment in English and explain what more you need since I wish to speak with Jeremy Lex or his replacement. It is a simple request so I can obtain his telephone number and communicate with him .Will you respond reasonably ?Thank you. Bill


Tammy Robinson June 27, 2016 at 2:58 pm

The moderation aspect comes from the admin of this website. You might not need your language moderated, but others do. 🙂


Bill Victor June 27, 2016 at 1:25 pm

Ther dealership I deal with refuses to give me the number f the district laison with Autonation, Jeremy Lex.In fact the GM does not return calls. To possible get answers I am seeking could you email to me the telephone number for Jeremy Lex or his replacement if he no longer is employed by Autonation.Thanks.Bill


William Gutierrez June 23, 2016 at 6:43 pm

I recently purchased a “certified” 2014 f250 super duty from autonation ford in which the vehicle has breaking issues and A/C does not stay blowing cold. I advised the sales person of this the second day I had the truck and they asked me to bring it in to have it checked. They advised me that nothing was wrong with the breaks but the tech saw them a little dirty. I took the vehicle to a certified break shop and they advised me that the breaks were crystallized and the rotors would need to be cut down smooth. After a week of driving the truck the truck squeaks everyone I break and the A/c does not blow cold. I bring the truck in once again after advising the sales person of the second opinion I received on the issues and they said they would take care of it. They call me later in the day to advise me that the A/c was low on freon and they filled it and that the breaks were just fine nothing wrong. I leave the dealership next day to go to work and the breaks are squeaking again and the A/c will not remain cool. I call the sales person and the service manager leaving a voicemail with the service manager to never get a call back and the sales person to tell me she will email her supervisors to let them know about the issue. Well now we are going on over a month and I have not been contacted by any party at autonation and I am highly disappointed in the level of service I received. This is the second vehicle I purchased from autonation and you can bet it will be the last. I was deceived and lied too because the sales person now tells me that they sell vehicles with two types of warranties and mines just so happens to be the one were u buy something they are not guaranteeing even though I purchased an extra extended warranty the day of purchase. This experience left me to believe that injustice is the name of the game at autonation and that service isn’t the number one priority for their customers. Buyers be ware of the deception and bad service you will receive at Autonation Ford Ft lauderdale Florida.


ANKUR TOMAR June 21, 2016 at 3:56 pm

I buy 2016 honda CRV from Autonation Lewisville, TX.
I personally went to dealership to cancel my maintenance plan on 4/6/2016, they said it will done in max 6-8 weeks. I checked my loan account after 2 months and nothing happen. I’ve tried calling finance department and get transferred and no one answers. I am waiting to process the Maintenance plan cancel request so that my loan account will be straight. This is the only Email contact I was able to send to on the Internet. Can you please forward my request to the proper parties that will be able to processed asap. Please and Thank You very much. My customer # is 2825109 Stock# GG702831 Dealer# 111501 Autonation Honda Lewisville, TX.
Thanks Again, Ankur Tomar


Michael K. Jangie IV June 11, 2016 at 8:54 am

Please find the attached Live Chat record with your rep from Satuday morning 6/11/2016..I’d really appreciate someone to expedite this for me as I’ve been waiting over a month for response and didn’t realize you sold your Dealership until someone from Nissan Delray told me they purchased it from your company. I’ve attached copy of Gap purchase and recent statement from American Acceptance my old finance company. Please have someone follow up with me. Thanks for your help, Michael K.Jangie IV

An online assistant will be with you shortly.

Nicole Z said:

Hello! My name is Nicole Z. How can I help you?

Michael Jangie said:

HI, purchased a car from Autonation Delray beach Florida and I understand you sold dealership to Nissan Delray now. I’m trying to get refund for my Gap insurance that was canceled as I refinanced my car thru a Credit union. The car has been paid by Credit union which I had to purchase their Gap. How can I get my refund?

Nicole Z said:

Thanks for letting me know, Michael! You are currently chatting with Autonation Chevrolet Delray so let us go ahead and see what we can do towards getting you your refund.

Nicole Z said:

What is the year and model of the vehicle you purchased?

Michael Jangie said:

I’ve tried calling finance department and get transferred and no one answers. I’m trying to get my refund for my Gap insurance with Nissan Delray as I’ve refinanced my Nissan Altima with Credit union and had to take theirs. I’ve attached a copy of the payoff payment receipt from American Acceptance showing my \0 balance and original Gap purchase agreement. I can really use that as I’ve switched Jobs and am struggling with my bills. This is the only Email contact I was able to send to on the Internet. Can you please forward my request to the proper parties that will be able to cut my Refund check and I will stop by to pick it up when your company tells me it’s ready, Please and Thank You very much. My customer # is 5567610 Stock# 9C103039 Dealer# 104065 Nissan Delray. My Seller Manager is Michael Bretz. I can really use that \600 to pay bills. I will follow up with Dealer to see when I can pick it up. I truly Love my Nissan and will be back for a Rogue as soon as I’m not upside down on my loan. Please call me @ 561-932-XXXXX to advise when I can pick. Thanks Again, Michael K. Jangie IV

Michael Jangie said:

Nissan Altima 2009

Michael Jangie said:

That was letter I sent to Nissan Delray thinking they were Autonation

Nicole Z said:

Perfect, thanks for that information! I will note that for you. Should we miss you by phone and need to follow up in writing regarding your Gap insurance refund, what is a good email address we can also note for you?

Michael Jangie said:

Mrmjan at

Michael Jangie said:

So this is local Dealer

Michael Jangie said:

or 3rd party service

Nicole Z said:

Thank you, Michael! I will go ahead and send this over for you and see what we may be able to do. I work in the Business Development Center for Autonation Chevrolet Delray so a member of our customer service Team should be following up with you as soon as possible.

Michael Jangie said:

Thanks so much, any Idea how long it’ll take? And can u pls put a rush on it as I’ve lost my Job

Nicole Z said:

I’m sorry to hear that – I will certainly note that this matter is urgent but as I do not work in that department I am unable to give you an exact time frame but our Team does strive to follow up with our customers in a timely manner and should be in touch as soon as possible.

Michael Jangie said:

Do u have a number for Finance or who I can speak to

Michael Jangie said:

U work for Corporate or 3rd Party

Nicole Z said:

You are welcome to call us directly at (866) 662-1645. I work hand in hand with Autonation Chevrolet Delray in our Business Development Center, Michael.

Michael Jangie said:

Can u forward shatter

Nicole Z said:

I will send this over for you and a member of our Customer Service Team should be following up with you as soon as possible.

Michael Jangie said:

Forward the letter

Michael Jangie said:

Like Monday probably?

Michael Jangie said:

Or will they call today

Michael Jangie said:

which means your a hired 3rd party right?

Nicole Z said:

I cannot give you an exact time frame as that is not my department, Michael but I have noted your urgency and they will be in touch as soon as possible.

Michael Jangie said:

Thanks, ill be saving this chat in case I don’t get a response

Nicole Z said:

You’ll actually have the options to print the transcript when we end the chat also!

Nicole Z said:

I work in our Business Development Department and am offsite, however we’re open from 8-7 today and Customer Service will contact you as soon as possible.

Michael Jangie said:

Thanks so much, have great day


Shared by SumoMe

Michael K. Jangie IV


kenneth Manfredi June 10, 2016 at 5:50 pm

I purchased a Jeep from Autonation new in September of 15 and the jeep was in for warranty work this week or at least I thought. After bringing the jeep to AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Spring TX I was informed by the service Manager, Frank Freeze that he was not going to fix a cracked instrument cluster panel and said that I could pay 1600. for the repair if I wanted it fixed. He also determined that he did not have to fix this under the warranty based on it possibly being a non warrantied item because it could have been neglect. He further went on to say that any item brought in from customers that could be blamed on the owner would not be repaired either, loose gaskets, trim pieces that were loose, defective fabrics, and the list went on and on according to Mr Freeze. In other words if he determines that he doesn’t want to fix any item he can off to an owner. I explained that the crack started as a small item from the corner of the panel as a factory defect then traveled to through the panel as it now is at the middle of the panel. He was not going to fix it and that was it, the 1600. was my responsibility once I pulled it off the lot. My question is now based on this questionable warranty why would anyone buy a car or truck from Autonation? I have 2 Chevy Trucks that have been service by General Moters for many years and all their work and defective items were covered 100% I currently have a 2015 Silverado High Country that I have had in the shop for warrany work and everything I requested under the bumper to bumper warranty was covered no questions asked; Done. Buyer beware, DO NOT buy a vehicle from this dealer or any AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealer Address: 21027 Interstate 45, Spring, TX 77388, with these expenses you now will face based on the lack of customer service, concern and fraudulent misrepresentation of their new car warranties. Buyer beware.


Leann July 29, 2016 at 3:47 pm

At least you received a return call from this Frank. I’ve received nothing! It’s like they don’t really want to work there.


Lennis George I June 9, 2016 at 1:23 am

First off I would like to say that my main goal was to purchase two vehicle. While I pondered on what dealership I wanted to purchase my vehicles from, I knew that the dodge dealership in Brunswick, Georgia had a bad reputation until they changed from Carl Gregory to AutoNation. I took a chance and decided that I wanted to purchase my two vehicles from AutoNation. I went to the dealership and talked to a salesperson and told him I was looking to buy two vehicles. I made several trips to this dealership for a month, and I was getting tired of them taking me around circles and not getting anything accomplished. Finally I told the salesperson what I wanted and he said he would talk to his general manager and give me a call back. I waited multiple days and never received a call back, so finally I called the dealership and talked with the salesperson and he said the reason why I didn’t call you back is that my general manager told me we couldn’t help you. From that point on I felt very disrespected and misguided by the salesperson and the dealership. I decided that I would look for my two vehicles at another dealership probably Nissan, until my son that goes to college in Atlanta, told me that he was on the Savannah AutoNation South website and said that I might be interested in them because they had the vehicles I was looking for and they also had good reviews on them. I listened to my son and decided to give AutoNation a second chance, and that would be the best decision I would make. When I arrived at the dealership, before we even got a chance to get to the door, a salesperson named Kenneth Bulgh came outside and introduced himself to us and we told him about the situation that we encountered at the AutoNation in Brunswick. He told us that we will make sure you get your vehicles and make sure you get the best customer service at AutoNation South in Savannah. He showed me the vehicles that I wanted and we went inside and discuss the numbers, and filled out countless paperwork. Kenneth Bulgh really made me feel welcomed and respected because he always asked and checked on me during the process. I was there since the morning, and by lunch time Kenneth Bulgh bought my wife, two year old grandson, and I lunch. When we finally finished all the paperwork it was nighttime. By that time my wife had already left and Kenneth Bulgh did something that I wasn’t even expecting. He knew that I purchased two vehicles and he said he and his co-worker would drive one of the vehicles from Savannah to Brunswick. Once we got to my house he told me if there was anything I needed to give him a call, and I was very thankful for what all Kenneth did for me. He showed me that he was a very respectable, gracious, and generous person, and still to this day he sends me text asking me how I am I doing and if I am enjoying the two vehicles that I purchased. If I had to purchase any more vehicles in the future, I would purchase my vehicles from AutoNation South in Savannah, and I would like to do business again with salesperson Kenneth Bulgh. I would recommend AutoNation South in Savannah and salesperson Kenneth Bulgh to people who are looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Lennis George I and Son Lennis George II

CC CEO of AutoNation

P.S, (Purchased both vehicles 4/20)


John Rojas June 7, 2016 at 9:43 am

I purchased a used vehicle from Allen Samuels in Corpus Christi TX a little over a year ago and bought the extended warranty for a 2011 Cadi STX. I used the warranty one time for an AC problem last year. It was taken care of at no expense to me. Unfortunately it is now Auto Nation.

On 6-6-16 I took our vehicle in because the transmission is acting up. I dropped the vehicle off at 7am and I never had a call from service to tell me what the problem was. I had to call and leave a message at around 3:30pm to see what was going on. Service rep Jaime finally called me back at 4pm and told me the vehicle needed a computer update and that it was not covered. I asked him for number to the warranty co. and I would get back to him. I called the warranty company and they said they couldn’t help me with the update costs but if the update found something that needed to be replaced it would cover the costs. I told them they were a rip off and I would be canceling the coverage immediately. I then went to the dealership to pick up my vehicle. When I get there I tell Jaime that the warranty people said they wouldn’t cover it so just go ahead and get my vehicle I was going to cancel the warranty and get rid of that vehicle. Jaime then printed out some papers and showed me that they performed a free aliment check and that the alignment was messing up my tires and wanted to know if I wanted them to repair. This is total BS, there is nothing wrong with the alignment on that vehicle, there is not any uneven wearing on any of the tires! This was obviously a service rep trying to screw someone! I told him no please get my car. He then asks me to come to cashier, I said why. He said there is a diagnostic fee. I told him I was not paying that. He said give me a min to talk to manager. I had to wait 10-15 minutes while they discussed it only to find out the manager said I had to pay. I immediately walked straight to his office uninvited to talk to him face to face since he couldn’t have the respect to come tell me that himself. I told him that I was never told about that fee and I was not paying it. He arrogantly said that he would cover it this one time. What an ass!
Once I get my keys back I go straight to sales department to get with finance about canceling the policy they took care of me fairly quickly because they knew I was already pissed off.
I will never do any business with Auto Nation ever again and I plan to share this message on FB & twitter to let everyone know about this experience.
Extremely disappointed X customer,
John & Christina Rojas


kenneth Manfredi June 10, 2016 at 6:01 pm

I too purchased an SRT 10 truck from All Allen Samuels in Houston TX, The WORST experience ever. MORONS, could care less about the truck problems, brakes too small to accomodate the HP of the SRT 10 (V10 Engine 500 HP) went through calipers, discs and the list goes on they were unable to fix the truck but had no problem with the 50K for this mechanical disaster.,I unloaded this truck in 2012 to another Dodge dealer in Houston for a wopping price of 22 grand. Allen Samuels is Bad NEWS AVOID them at all costs. This is good advice.


Randy Bynum June 4, 2016 at 12:16 pm

Where do I begin… AutoNation Katy in Katy, TX has hands down the worst service department in the history of automotive dealerships. I purchased a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk from this location in Novemeber 2014 and have brought it in for nine recalls/software updates since the purchase. They’ve completely rebuilt the transmission after multiple attempts to even address the issue (I was eventually vindicated) and now I’m having the issue of repeated dash warning displays informing me to service the gear shifter which will spontaneously display all gears engaged simultaneously. I’ve been instructed by the service personnel that this is a minor issue and the vehicle is still safe to drive but realistically who wants to operate a vehicle without knowing what gear is currently engaged. The service personnel are beyond ludicrous. “Frank”, my latest service assistant, appears to suffer from narcolepsy. He appears to fall asleep mid-sentence and gave me the impression he’d rather be anywhere other than his place of employment. “Justin” is as helpful as a malignant tumor. Good luck addressing the male service manager, name unknown. This person has no interest in the customer and will remove himself from the room never to reappear when there’s even the hint of customer dissatisfaction. Avoid this department at all costs!! I’d get better customer service from Don Rickles as his mortal enemy.


Never going back!! June 2, 2016 at 3:30 pm

I have dealt with bankston ford for years bought 8 cars there. We went in this week and told them my son wanted to buy a truck and we found one and was told by the manager that he was 99.99999 % sure he could get it done. Then he came back and said we needed to be on another truck. There was a shop fee that he didn’t look at which was a negative for the dealership so they would not make it work. The other manager said he would try to fix the issues and call me the first thing in the morning. At 3pm I called and talked to one of the other sales managers and he said he would check and call back in 15 mins. At 454 I called and talked to another manager and then my son and wife got a phone call but I never did and when she talked to them the story of what happened changed to it was my issues on why he didn’t call. Think twice before dealing with them.


Anonymous Employer June 1, 2016 at 10:20 pm

Autonation Honda Miami…. It’s been worst place to work for …. GM thinks he is the owner of this place cutting pay plans like crazy, cutting managers and making them to work all day long without day off, threading his employer like XXXXX and disrespecting everybody bc he doesn’t know how to be a GM…. A lot of the employers are asking for transfer or just quitting bc the HR office don’t pay attention on what’s going on…. I think is not right to have people working for this big and “important” company where the GM treats everybody bad and making them feel like XXXXX… Your GM goes to the store drunk too happy and loud
Not good for a respectful company like “AutoNation “


Jeffery Caldwell June 1, 2016 at 8:23 pm

The worst experience ever in life. 2 weeks no return call ever number is answering service JOKE JOKE JOKE. BUYER BEWARE. ..


Cheryl Saenz May 23, 2016 at 6:30 pm

I had an appointment this morning for diagnostic testing and was 30 minutes early. The person called in and someone else helped me check in. I spent 6 hours in the waiting area and no one came to let me know about my car. I ended up getting a ride home with my mom because my son was getting out of school and seen my car in the parking lot. I wasted a whole day sitting there, thinking it would take a few hours. It would have been nice to know that having an appointment doesn’t mean anything, since I sat and watched people come and go. The service is not great at Auto Nation Dodge. I was very disappointed and still no call about when my car will be done.


Valerie Barnes May 20, 2016 at 11:52 am

Purchased a truck at the Spring,TX location. Salesman quoted wrong towing capacity, now stuck with the truck. Before the sale everything was fine, after we returned home and discovered his mistake, sales manager would only sell us a more expensive truck. It’s a 4 1/2 hour drive for us (each way). No apology, they could care less. Haven’t driven the truck since we got home. Sad in Louisiana.


Todd Talbott May 19, 2016 at 9:10 am

Mercedes Benz of Miami- The absolute worst Mercedes dealership I have ever dealt with and I have owned Mercedes for over 30 years. Poor customer service. Phone calls not returned. They have had my car for three weeks now and still have not fixed the problem they said it was fixed it and I went to pick it up. Not only did they not fix the problem, I paid $170 for a full detail and when they brought me my car it was covered in dirt. They service guy said “oh, we are doing some construction” Really? You brought my car to me dirty. Well I left there and within 2 hours I realized they had not repaired the problem and had to take it back. I would never go there again. The service manager and the assistant service manager should be fired!!! Trust me, they don’t care! I left messages for the manager Carey Perez and she never returned one call. Very typical of today’s customer service! If you don’t want to be of service to people in a service position, then get a different job. Don’t take your car here!!!!!


Keria smiley May 15, 2016 at 7:31 am

I have a 2014 dodge Durango. Autonation in Albany, Ga has had my SUV since Feb 8th, 2016. Today is May 15th, 2016 and I still have no truck. The dealership has not called me in over 2 months with a update. The general manager Bobby will not return any calls. I have been up there so many times that I stop going a month ago. Corporate office is just as bad and no help. You can’t reach anybody at the dealership and corporate calls me only once a week to tell me they have no update and that they can’t reach anybody. That’s really sad. But I am still making my truck payments with no vehicle. It’s just sad. The sad thing is they have no idea what’s wrong with my truck. It’s a lemon. Bought on March 7, e014 and first repair issue started April 17th, 2014. Has been you the dealer more than 10 times. The general manager told me my problem is “Durango”. SAD dealership. They really just need to buy that vehicle back


Jamie T May 13, 2016 at 6:07 pm

I have purchased with my husband 5 vehicles from the same autonation in mesa az superstition springs. I have been very happy with the dealership. However my most recent purchase was totaled in an auto accident on march 24th. The problem is I bought an extended warranty and GAP from the dealer. It has been over 6 weeks from the accident, and I went in and signed cancellation papers for the warranty on April 8th. To date the “autonation” back office has not sent the refund to the dealership and so the autonation GAP will not pay off my car. I have called and called the dealership and mostly they will not talk to me. That is the thanks I get for buying cars from them. I was going to by my next one from them also.. but really not helping me get my warranty return to pay off my car is really crappy, especially since it is their extended warranty and their GAP. I will not buy my next car from that dealership and will tell everyone I know to never buy from AutoNation. Seriously over what is maybe 2,000 you want to treat a loyal customer that way… Very POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE. your district office in Dallas only has a voicemail where no one answers the phone.. and I can’t find anyone to talk on the phone with in Florida either…


Michelle May 14, 2016 at 5:43 pm

I am having the exact problem! It is frustrating when the people who sold you the GAP insurance can’t even try to help you. Something needs to get done soon!


Bruce Pagano May 12, 2016 at 4:41 pm

tried locating a corp email etc to let the management team see whats happening. i know i would want to know in my businesses.

After 4 years of having my Sl550 serviced at this location for over $30,000…

Response By Email (Ashley L.) (04/26/2016 01:00 PM)
Dear Mr. Pagano,

Thank you for your email to Mercedes-Benz USA.

I am sorry to learn of your experience with Mercedes-Benz Coconut Creek. Even as Mercedes-Benz dealerships are independent businesses and solely responsible for their daily operations, it is certainly not something that you should come to expect at any Mercedes-Benz dealer. I also realize that repairs/replacements are seldom pleasant, especially when the service provided is not what a valued Mercedes-Benz customer deserves when visiting a dealer.

Please be assured your concerns will be forwarded to the General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Coconut Creek.
I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Kind regards,

Ashley L.
Mercedes-Benz USA
(800) 367-6372

Customer By CSS Web (bruce pagano) (04/25/2016 11:08 AM)
After 4 years of having my Sl550 serviced at this location for over $30,000 worth of repairs this last visit has required something I have never done. Write a poor review. I brought my car in for service, as the convertible top stopped working. no problem I thought . They repaired the car , I paid my $200 deductible and the balance of the $1500 was picked up by the warranty co. After picking up the car within 2 days I took I95 , the interior headliner of the car sounded as though it was going to come apart. I brought the car back to Mercedes assuming they forgot a part or pin and hence needed to finish or correct the job. After 3 days Mike Rispoli the service manager rudely told me there was nothing that could be done other than charge me $1200 to fix it . He claimed they never worked on that Part of the roof and it was just a coincidence that exactly as I brought it in for a roof repair that the interior roof headliner was now damaged. I explained it was perfect prior to the work done on the roof , but his reply was too bad I make the decisions!!!!! Amazing but you can see their dirty handprint on the headliner where “someone” obviously did push up or attempt to adjust it.
I find it amazing that a car with a price of over $110,000 new ,first of all needs over $30,000+++ worth of repairs at 50000 miles and 2nd and most important how a dealership such as Mercedes basically just walks away and says , not our problem.
Question Reference # 160425-000028
• Date Created: 04/25/2016 11:08 AM
• Date Last Updated: 04/26/2016 01:00 PM


Ulises March 31, 2016 at 2:05 pm

By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I bought a brand new Dodge Dart Limited about a year an a half ago. Last month we received a notice of the recall and took the car in. The car was at the dealership for over 4 hours and the mechanic told my wife that there was no issue found.
On March 31st 2016 I was driving the vehicle and the breaks completely went out luckily the hand break was still functioning and I was about 3 miles from home. I got home and called the dealership but the mechanic who inspected the vehicle was not in. I was promised a call back this morning. By 10am I had not heard from him.
I called in today and spoke to Kim at the services department and she was completely disrespectful when I asked about the call back I was supposed to get. She asked why I needed to speak to the mechanic so I told her it was regarding the factory defect for the breaks. She was then bold enough to say “Are you a mechanic? You don’t know if its a factory defect” (why would there be a recall on that specific part? hmm…) What irritated me the most is that she laughed about it.

I was able to speak to management and will have the vehicle towed in today. I will never again buy a Dodge vehicle much less any vehicle from this dealership.


bdavis March 31, 2016 at 8:45 am

Well it’s. Been almost 2 months since I purchased my vehicle and 4 trips to resign the paperwork and now that I am switching jobs and YOUR company screwed up and did not get my finance papers in when they were due they will more than likely not finance since the dealership did not get the paperwork in by the deadline so I had best get my down payment back after two months and my trade in otherwise my lawyers will be calling


Johnny Sasser April 12, 2016 at 12:36 pm

Hi can you tell me what happened in this situation? We had a similar situation and are in the process of contacting an attorney. Thanks


Laura Johnson March 24, 2016 at 11:27 pm

I totaled my car on 2/5/16. I have had nothing but delays since, especially when it comes to paying this vehicle off. I contacted Autonation to cancel my extended warranty, the first person I spoke with told me to wait until the car was paid off to cancel services. WRONG ADVICE, GAP will NOT cover extended warranties. Second time, I was emailed the form to cancel, which I signed and emailed back promptly. He contacts me 2 WEEKS later, asking for it. Ford Motor Credit took care of all of it for me, after I complained to them about the issues I was having with the dealership. This is the email I sent to a finance guy at Autonation Ford Arlington, Texas, after he asked for the cancellation 2 weeks later.

I emailed that back to you the same day you sent it, on 3/8/2016, over 2 weeks ago. I’ve checked my sent messages and it says delivered. If you never received it, why would you wait 2 weeks to contact me? I also called the number on your emails, and there was no way to even leave you a message, so I left a message with someone else explaining the cirXXXXstances, assuming you or someone would actually do something.
I contacted Ford Motor Credit and they took care of it for me. All portions of my extended warranty have been canceled and refunded to my account already, taken directly from Auto Nation.
I am extremely unhappy with the service I have recieved, or lack there of. I was willing to purchase a new vehicle from Auto Nation, however, with the lack of attention I was given during this process I changed my mind. I did purchase a new vehicle from Five Star Ford on Saturday. I had to explain the cirXXXXstances surrounding the open account at Ford Motor Credit, when I explained the problems I’ve recieved, I was informed that the original dealership should have been more proactive in handling my problems, since they are the one who sold me the policy. The first time I called to try and cancel the warranty, whoever I spoke to told me to wait until GAP had paid for the car, that was the wrong advice, since GAP will not pay for extra warranties.
I will not recommend Auto Nation Ford Arlington to anyone, I will most definitely recommend Five Star Ford. I will not recommend Gulf State Financial Services to anyone either, I will guide people to purchase their GAP coverage from an independent insurance agency.



Michael Jones March 18, 2016 at 2:20 pm

On 29 February 2016, I turned in my 2011 Dodge Durango Citadel for service. The problem with the vehicle was, it was leaking fluids from the front part of the car. Stains from this leak is all over the floor in my garage. I reported it to the service advisor, to this day, my vehicle is still at AutoNation. I called on it, Friday, last week, after not hearing from them at all, I left a message for the Service manager to call me. I am very disappointed in AutoNation in Mobile, AL, they will not keep you informed on the status of your vehicle, you have to run them down for answers, then they act like they are doing you a favor. I am paying the notes on a vehicle, that my wife cannot enjoy, three weeks have past, and still, the parts are not in, and no word from the Service advisor nor the Service Manager. The car loaner from AutoNation to us is a Dodge Voyager, what a piece of junk, no power. AutoNation has been my worst dealership experience ever.


Aaron reed April 8, 2016 at 8:30 pm

Austonation ford in mobile al screwed me. I bought a vehicle that had a problem with it. First they tried to convince me nothing was wrong with it. I finally got them to look at it and they have had it for a month now. Every time I call I get sent to another person and get the run around. By far the worst service I have ever had. I will never do business with them again.


Johnny Sasser April 12, 2016 at 12:38 pm

Aaron was you able to return the vehicle? We had a situation exactly like this happen so I was curious to how this turned out.


Katherine March 17, 2016 at 7:33 pm

To whomever is reading this,

Wow, I came on here to add a complaint about AutoNation Acura in Sanford/Orlando area and from the comments on here I can now fully understand why you customer service is horrible throughout out this dealership. I have never had such horrible customer service from and American made model dealership as I have had with this supposed high-end model vehicle that I purchased from this dealership. Enough has been said about how horrible your service is on this page throughout the United States. I will never purchase a vehicle from an AutoNation dealership. I will never recommend anyone to one of your dealerships and I really hope that as a whole you all work on your customer service. By what I read on here it looks like the customer service relations department is just as bad. Not wasting anymore of my time.


Jim Jankowski March 17, 2016 at 2:49 pm

It with our upmost apologizes that we send this correspondence notifying you that Cutting Edge Industries has place a lien upon Mercedes-Benz of Pompano, FL . It is out of nature of Cutting Edge Industries to seek legal remedies for faulty business dealings, yet at this time, it is the only procurement of debit settlement that we have at our disposal.

On or about November 15th, 2015, Cutting Edge Industries, Inc. entered into a verbal agreement with Brad Hodgen of Hodgen Construction for the various phases on the construction project taking place at Mercedes-Benz of Pompano, FL, 350 West Copans Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. This verbal agreement was based on the commencement of all landscaping including and not limited, tree removal and replacement, shrub and bush installation, irrigation installation as well as, all other landscaping enhancements. Cutting Edge Industries entered into this verbal agreement with complete confidence of reputations between all parties involved, good faith as to the intent of each party, sealing this gentlemen’s agreement of honesty and integrity with a handshake.
Once Cutting Edge began performance on the Scope of Works which was agreed and directed by Hodgen Construction immediately problems began to arise. Having twenty years of experience, it is known and understood that situations occur that demand immediate attention, change orders are created and must be carried out without any delay; these mentioned are understood. With that being said, excessive change orders and revision requests result in confusion and a breakdown of communications. It is with a plethora of communication breakdowns, an overabundance of revisions, and the unprofessional attitudes of Hodgen Construction employees, Cutting Edge began requesting contracts of Hodgen Construction. For five (5) months, Cutting Edge Industries requested a contract(s) be presented outlining details of scope of work, deadlines, and all other pertinent information to outline the project and responsibilities. On March 3rd, 2016, Cutting Edge advised Hodgen Construction that Cutting Edge would cease work performance at said job until signed contract(s) was presented for review and execution. At this time, Hodgen refused to produce any contract to Cutting Edge. On March 3rd, 2016, Cutting Edge Industries ceased all work with Hodgen Construction on Mercedes-Benz of Pompano, Fl, 350 West Copans Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069.
At this time, Cutting Edge Industries has final invoiced Hodgen Construction, Inc. for all the work performed at the Mercedes-Benz of Pompano in the amount of Thirty-Nine Thousand Three Hundred Ninty-Six Dollars and Zero Cents ( $39,396.00). In order to protect our financial interests for the work that has been completed, and the deposits/costs that have been incurred without recourse, we have placed a lien on Mercedes-Benz of Pompano in the amount of Thirty-Nine Thousand Three Hundred Ninty-Six Dollars and Zero Cents ( $39,396.00).
As of to-date, Cutting Edge Industries has received Zero Dollars and Zero Cents ($0.00) from Hodgen Construction for payment on the scope of work began in November 2015. Lien will not be released until the Final Invoice in the amount of Thirty-Nine Thousand Three Hundred Ninty-Six Dollars and Zero Cents ( $39,396.00) is paid in full plus and all further costs incurred and legal fees are rendered to Cutting Edge Industries, Inc.

Again, Cutting Edge Industries respectfully apologizes for the legal procurement of liens against your company and property. We do wish matters could have been rectified in another avenue. We do wish this situation will not tarnish any further relations that may exist between Cutting Edge Industries and Mercedes Benz of Pompano.
Thank you in advance for your understanding into this matter.
Best Regards,

Jim Jankowski
President & CEO


bdavis March 16, 2016 at 11:49 am

On febuary 2016 I went into the newly acquired auto nation in North richland hiss texas to purchase a brand new jeep compass……9 and a half hours later after dealing with a rude finance guy I left the lot with my jeep since then the finance guy is no longer there I get a call telling me I have to come In and sign 2 papers that the previous finance guy failed to have me sign ……..Saturday this week 03-12-2016 I receive a piece of mail from the company that financed me said we can not accept the terms in which they turned in please contact the dealer for the new terms I call them they say oh we just forgot to put a number in and it won’t change anything you just need to come sign a new contract I drive over there today to resign my papers and they inform me that they fixed it there was no reason for me to come in really I drove the hour there missed work and all and no dumbass from there could call and tell me I didn’t need to come in NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE FROM AUTONATION MY HUSBAND WANTED A NEW TRUCK HE WILL GET IT BUT NOT FROM YOU IDIOTS


Tim Duffy/Image One USA March 14, 2016 at 10:32 am


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Best Regards

Tim Duffy


Ali G March 8, 2016 at 1:51 pm

What an awful, poorly run, dishonest used car department at Auto Nation Cadillac in WPB, FL. I came in with cash in hand and a decent trade-in. Spent 2.5 hours in the building pretty much ready to drive the car out off the lot. At the last minute, I was informed that the car had an “emergency” recall just days earlier and they could not release the car per company policy. Poorly managed by the sales manager, but I understood, and agreed to leave my deposit and wait for the fix. Received a call later that week from the Used Car GM who expressed the car’s recall would be fixed in 30-60 days and was assured my trade value would hold as well as the price on the purchased vehicle. Received a call about 2 weeks later from the salesman who verified I still wanted the car. I stated YES multiple times. He basically stated: “If you want the car, we won’t take it to auction; otherwise it’s gone” My reply: “I am still interested. I am also still interested in the 3 year extended warranty”. About a week passed and I tried to contact salesman to get some additional info re: extended warranty. No replies for days on end. I was finally able to reach the Used Car GM who stated “We sold the car at auction, sorry to be bearer of bad news”. Ridiculous and cowardly. One last thing- while purchasing the car, I was encouraged to buy the paint and interior protection. On the brochure, it clearly states “For cars over 5 years old, many of these warranties do not apply”. I questioned this disclaimer, but was told everything is covered regardless of age of vehicle. Since I never ended up with the car that day, I called the Protection company directly who stated “After 5 years, we cannot replace or repair most items”. I’d rather have the sales department give me the truth and feel the pain, than be lied to and deceived therefore leading to never visiting such dealership again in future.


thomas February 27, 2016 at 4:15 am

Just so you know. I am the only one who can place the individual in the truck. If your trying to press charges against him. It might be in your best interest to rectify the issue with me. If you want my help.


thomas February 27, 2016 at 4:10 am

Dear autonation of laurel md . About a month ago. One of your vehicles was stolen off your lot because you had left the keys in the truck. The only reason you even know that this had happened is because i called and notified you that the vehicle was in a accident with my vehicle. You told me you would take care of my damages . But now you refuse to stand bye your word. The total cost of my damages is only $1900.00 . Because of your employees incompetence. Im stuck with all the costs. Not the most honest way of doing business. .


Sarah ByBee February 22, 2016 at 3:15 pm

Below is the comments that I have left on Facebook. This is only a portion of our experience and is prof that I have been dealing with nothing but horrible service for the last 9 or so months.

I am tired of getting the run around. We asked for The district managers Phone # ( Matt Brown) in which we where told he did not have one. “Really this is 2016”. Please have Matt Brown the district manager for Tempe Toyota call me in a reasonable amount of time. Meaning less than a day.

-Sarah ByBee
Please Process My Tags!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Tempe Toyota,
I am writing you on Facebook because nobody besides the operator can seem to pick up a phone.
It has now been 23 day’s since my temp tags have expired. We where told yesterday by Mary that a check was cut on the 20th for the tags and wasn’t sure why we had not received them. Well even if the check was cut on the 20th that is still 18 day’s late!!!!! The right thing to do is to provide me with another temp. tag until u figure out how to process paperwork. Please go listen to Mary’s voice mail and call me back. or IM me.
June 25, 2015 ·

AutoNation Toyota Tempe
AutoNation Toyota Tempe Sarah, we’re disappointed after your negative experience with AutoNation Toyota Scion Tempe. We take pride in maintaining excellent customer relations, and we regret that we have not met your expectations at our dealership. We’d like to resolve this as quickly as possible. If you’re willing, please contact our General Manager at (480) 420-3425. We’d appreciate the chance to make your experience a positive one.
Like · Reply · June 30, 2015 at 10:56am · Edited

Sarah ByBee
Sarah ByBee No thanks. I have had repeated problems in all of tempe toyota departments from day 1. With in 2 days of owning my truck I was at the service department getting doors fixed. I had to return 2x for the same issue. I could go on with the rest of my experience but it would not matter. If all of the locations departments have failed to deliver what is the minimum expectations of running a business . Then perhaps this a failure of the General Manager. I have repeatedly asked to speak with him and left messages. I have never received a phone call from him. At this point I don’t want to speak with him. You can have his boss call me.
Like · Reply · June 30, 2015 at 11:05am

Sarah ByBee By the way.. not only did you not met “My Expectations” but you did not met Arizona State Law’s Expectations.
Like · Reply · 1 · June 30, 2015 at 11:13am

Sarah ByBee
Sarah ByBee So here we go again!!! Guess what ? Door Locks are broken. We took it to Chapman service department because I wont waste my time with yours. Chapman went to look up the warranty information that we purchased through Tempe Toyota and Not to my surprise there is no record of us being registered. We have call and left you messages. listen to your answering machine.
Like · Reply · 3 hours ago


Sarah ByBee February 23, 2016 at 5:47 pm

Looks like AutoNation customer relations is just as bad as their local dealership Customer Service.
I have requested for you to have Matt Brown contact me in a timely manner. Well, it has been 24 hours and still nothing. I do not want to talk to the Finance manager, or GM of the dealership. I would like to talk to the district manager.


Sarah ByBee February 25, 2016 at 7:35 pm

I Still have not been contacted by Matt Brown.


Sarah ByBee February 25, 2016 at 7:36 pm

This is day 3 and I Still have not been contacted by Matt Brown.


Sarah ByBee March 2, 2016 at 9:59 pm

Still have not heard from your district manager.

Kris February 22, 2016 at 12:51 pm

I’m a very unhappy customer with chandler Arizona autonation on Gilbert and the 202. Terrible customer service, rude service manager. If you are a woman trying to get car maintence done by youself then stay far away. I would never recommend this place to anyone ever!
-received engine work and got my car back filthy. I can’t wait to hear back from corporate! Someone please contact me ASAP!!!!


Cliff Boyum February 7, 2016 at 7:49 am

AutoNation a couple years ago bought out Tousley Ford in White Bear Lake Minn. a place I have been doing business with since the late 80’s and have bought or leased well over a dozen cars or trucks over that time period. I have been looking for a used truck for sometime and yesterday I went into Autonation in White Bear mn first because over the years I have been treated fairly, along with a list of trucks of other dealers in the area of trucks that were similar in price and mileage, the first thing I noticed was their vehicles were way over priced and when I showed them that I could find the same thing for several thousand less in the hope that my being a loyal customer for over 25 yrs. they would works out a fair deal, out only would they not even budge on the price they gave me some BS story about all they do to their trade-ins to make them the best, they showed me the list of what they did to make it safe and road worthy and though that on top of the price they were asking, which is wrong in my way of thing that’s their job, being loyal I decided to see what they would give me for my trade-in to see what could be worked out, they continued to insult me by offering me several thousand less then my trade-in was worth. I was so pissed off I told them I would never step foot in the place of business ever again if that’s the way they were going to treat a loyal customer and that I was going to spread the word that if you want to buy a over priced vehicle and get nothing for your trade-in and get screwed badly then AutoNation is the place to go. its my hope word gets out across this country and they go out of business. Cliff


Sellers Bailey III January 30, 2016 at 9:39 am

In an apparent and misguided response, to Texas becoming the 45th state, to allow licensed, open carry of firearms by law abiding citizens; your Austin, Texas, Toyota/Scion dealership, decided to turn away customers, by posting signs that not only prohibit open carry (which, I do not mind so much); but also, licensed, concealed carry! Since this dealership was opened; there has never been a prohibition to customers, carrying concealed firearms. The management has been contacted and has been warned about the potential loss of business; and the liability; since no alternative form of security has been provided, for the protection of patrons. Myself and others, have been told that the decision was made by “the company”; not the dealership management. Where can we find your corporate policy; and who is the point of contact, regarding this issue?


Tony Varnas January 20, 2016 at 4:36 pm

I bought a “Certified Pre-Owned” truck on Dec. 20, 2015. On January 19, 2016 said truck went in for check light engine and other “warranty” repairs. They are telling me I have to pay $500.00 to replace wear and tear items on a 29 day old Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. To make matters worse, no answer at the AutoNation Ford in Katy. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!


Hector January 19, 2016 at 5:33 pm

Good afternoon,

I would like to let you guys know on incident that accured at your dealership. Auto Nation Honda Sanford. I went I. For a courtesy was which you guys offer to customers when they purchase a vehicle. I guess since I used to be an employee the Gm Julie Miller doesn’t like me being there. So for the last two times that I have gone there for a courtesy wash she has harassed me as and has approached me asking me what am I doing here and I advise her I am her for a courtesy was . Every time see see me there she has been nothing but nasty to me and that isn’t right I resigned from my postition there because it wasn’t the right place for me but left in good terms with and I don’t feel the way I am getting treated now as a customer of there. Yesterday she was yelling at me and invaded my space when I told her she’s gone going to talk to me how ever she feels as if I’m still her employee. Her response was “what are you going to do about it. And I told her I am going to curse you . I walked away from her as i was still waiting for my car to be ready. Didn’t think I would ever get treated like that by someone that I looked up to and looked at as a mentor. I will no longer do any business with this dealership nor refer anyone there bc I have referred people there. Julie Miller has been with you guys for a very long time and just bc I was a prior employee doesn’t mean she can talk to me as she feels like. Hopefully your office will address this correctly and not just push this off.

Hector Cintron


Ashley January 12, 2016 at 11:04 am

We went to your Cobb Pkwy location today to pick up a vehicle we were told would be ready. After FORTY DAYS of waiting for this vehicle WE STILL DO NOT HAVE IT. We purchased this vehicle and chose our options for shelving and such. Shelving that YOU sell. There is no acceptable reason why this vehicle is not ready after this long. In addition to all of this ridiculousness, we can’t get a straight answer from the employees at this location. No one knows what is going on or what the real reason for this delay is. We purchased another vehicle JUST like this one from a different dealership and had it within 3 days. The shelving was the same, the color was the same, everything was the same and that vehicle was ready and delivered to our local office. The answer we received when we got there to pick up the vehicle today was “it might be Friday of next week but it might be Monday”. That isn’t going to work. I need that car ready and I need it ready yesterday and that is what I deserve. I want an answer, I deserve an answer and if I do not get that I will take this to every news outlet in the metro area. This treatment is not acceptable. There is no way that you do not know what the status is of a vehicle that was purchased MORE THAN A MONTH AGO. If your employees are that slow then you need to reevaluate your business process.

On top of all of this, I have been making an auto payment for an auto that WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE. If we wanted a rental car we could have gotten it. We need compensation for the time we have been without this vehicle. As I am sure you know, it is hard to run a business without a car. That is why when one is in an accident it is replaced with a rental AT THE AT FAULT’S EXPENSE. You are at fault. Our issues were handled and taken care of. Again, this needs to be handled yesterday.


Aeriel January 7, 2016 at 6:34 pm

I visited Auto Nation Toyota off Thornton road in Austell ,GA today. Several weeks ago I called wanting a diagnosis on my Venza. When I called they offered me multiple appointment times. When I first arrived I was unclear on where to take my vehicle. Upon arriving I was greeted and a lady who took information on my vehicle. She later called me from an unknown number while I was in the waiting area , she did not state her name or who she was with. She failed to get any information from me including my name. My appointment , which I recieved a reminder e mail about was at 10:00am. I arrived at 9:45 that morning and at 12:30 no one was aware of the status of my vehicle. After waiting over 2 1/2 hours no one had looked at my vehicle. Later I was told appointments are not necessary and customers are first come first serve. I asked what the point was of needing to make an appointment was? There response was if they get busy they are still required to look at my vehicle that day . I am upset on how unprofessional and impersonal the staff was . I was also extremely angry that Toyota offered me an appointment time and did not honor it. I missed work and got nothing accomplished. I will not be returning to that location for any reason.


Pat Valdez December 24, 2015 at 12:49 pm

I purchased a 2013 Equinox from Valencia Chevrolet through my credit union promotion program. I have regretted it ever since. We have had so many electrical problems with this vehicle. Twice we were stuck in Oregon after traveling 1000 miles where we were unable to unlock/lock the doors. In addition, which is the worst that can happen, my grandkids were locked in my car unable to get the doors open and having to set the alarm (manufacture) off to get them out. After many attempts by the dealer we are still having the same problem. The only Auto Nation Chevrolet dealer is over 100 miles away which makes it impossible to take this vehicle in to this dealership. We have taken it to the closes dealership since we have had to leave it for several days and still having the same problem. I have attempted to call Auto Nation corporate office but only able get a recording. I just want to get another vehicle that I feel safe in for me and my grandkids!


Natallia Khasik December 21, 2015 at 9:36 pm

If you are bored and need a roller coaster in your life, you can definitely come to Auto Nation. I have never seen such irresponsible careless unprofessional people who do not want to take any responsibilities or resolve any issues. I can call, leave messages, email – they will tell you no problem we will take care of it, send us the paperwork, etc..etc – and nothing, no matter what you do or send or follow up, nothing gets done. You will surely get their attention when you want to buy a car – they surely want to sell it to you and promise “heaven” but then if you have any issues, you are in very simple terms screwed.
I have been dealing with my issue for over 2 months and all they need to do is to cancel the GAP policy that we purchased and returned the prorated money that are owed back to me. No matter how many cancellation letters we submitted, they do not seem to find them, we came and dropped it, then we emailed, then online, …and nothing. If this is not going to get escalated or anyone will start taking any responsibility and doing anything, we will go higher as well.


Tanya December 22, 2015 at 4:07 pm

Try owning a car from there. A judge rules it’s yours and they won’t show up for court. They’ve held it hostage for two years now. I have several voicemail from the general manager threatening me then my life!


Cliff December 21, 2015 at 8:44 pm


I am a Disabled Vet as well…

I don’t get it…

If You are 100% Disabled, how can You drive a Car?



Papa G February 10, 2016 at 1:02 pm

I have heard talk of a wheel chair with airhose capabilities plus uses eyes to direct your voice instructions when chair is driven into drivers location.
I have a friend w several yrs of making vehicles for handicap. I disabled but Lucky I can walk still. For now. So I try to keep attention to new aspects


Shelby November 18, 2015 at 4:38 am

I attempted to buy a vehicle from ur mall of ga location. Your sales associate 100 percent misrepresented your company by telling me that they had everything approved and that my deal was done. I had previously had a bad experience with another Toyota dealer who put us in a car for a week then told us they didn’t have our deal approved like they originally said. So the very first thing I asked the sales associate on the phone was just to please be honest with me. I drove the 2.5 hours it takes to get there with my kids and my husband got off work early as well to drive out there. 10 mins after I got there the sales associate said, they had nothing to offer me on the vehicle I just drove so far to get. That I needed to go to a different vehicle. Classic bait and switch I guess. But what really upset me a that I had told her if I couldn’t get that specific vehicle I’d just wait until next year, and she still assured me that if we made the drive we would b leaving in the vehicle we wanted. Will never consider doing business with this company again.


Barry November 17, 2015 at 6:01 pm

I bought a 2015 Nissan frontier and this is how iwas treated. This is what i wrote to my sales guy and Eric the GM. Oh I’m going too leave you some feedback. I’m a little upset right now. You and Eric lied to me that my payment wouldn’t start until January, you told me that “oh yeah your military discount is taken off that Nissan is doing right now, ” someone at your dealership stole a item off my trade in, you guys took exactly fricking 0 off the price of my car saying “oh yeah we are hooking you up,” you hooked me up alright and I will be hooking you guys up with feedback and my survey from Nissan. I have put window tint and clear bra on Eric’s car for free when he was at jeep and this is how I get hooked up. This isn’t the 90’s anymore where you screwed everyone and there was no social media but now there is big social media and being a 100% disabled combat veteran can get attention quick.

Thanks a ton


T. Stokes October 30, 2015 at 10:06 am

I purchased a 2011 Nissan Altima (54K miles) that was so-called “Nissan Certified”. I received the whole sales pitch from not only my salesguy “Nicholas Scopa” but also his manager that the “Certified” vehicles are a better buy because they go through a more indept inspection than just the Autonation inspection. On the way home from the lot (I live about 5 mins away) – the tire pressure light came on. The very next day I spoke to Nicholas about this and he said that it just needs air. Instead of putting the air in myself I took it back to the dealership for them to put the air and was told by the service woman that the censor was damaged and needed to be replaced! Oh and this is not covered ($280). Also we showed her that the radio display was blinking in and out. Oh that’s no covered either. I called Nicholas who never returned my call. A few weeks later the check engine light is on now. I put it on the diagnostic machine and get the code P0101 and take it back to Nissan on Pines Blvd and was told oh it just needs to be reprogrammed we can take care of that. At this point, I am steaming because this so called Nissan Certified is giving me more problems than any other used car with no certification that I’ve purchased in the past. I speak to the sales manager and was told – “We are running a business and if we believe everyone that comes back saying this was broken or not working when I left here , it would be bad for business”. I cannot speak for everyone that comes back but I do know that there is no way this car was properly inspected or “Certified”. I called to Corporate and somehow received a callback from the General Mgr David Labella. At this point, I am very dissapointed and worried about what else may be wrong with the Certified vehicle I purchased from Nissan Pines.


David Vaught October 25, 2015 at 8:46 am

It’s great that your helping with breast cancer, but do you have to contribute to the dumbing down of America in the process? In your commercial with the family identifying pink licence plate frames calling them plates, and the spokesperson calling license plate frames plates, you do just that. You can be certan that you have made lots of people think that licence plate frames are called plates. It just makes no sense.


Reid Toda October 22, 2015 at 7:45 pm

I recently bought a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid from AutoNation Toyota Hayward California.(10/17/15) During our test ride there was a hesitancy in ride (noise and slight surging) but the salesperson kept saying that AutoNation is the largest dealer and they will fix this no problem. After feeling relieved with what he said, that AutoNation would guarantee the performance of the car and to bring in that week and they would fix it no problem. That night we purchased it. 10 minutes after driving off, the engine light went on and the IMA stayed lit. We immediately called the next day and talked with the sales person and he said no problem that they would fix the problem no matter what cost and AutoNation has deep pockets and the cost to fix it would be minor to them. Now after waiting 4 days, this dealership is still waiting to fix the car and waiting for the cost. The salesperson is wavering and is making us very nervous about the purchase. The salesperson touted AutoNation many times during the sales process that they would stand behind their word and this deal. Please make sure the car is fixed.


Alan October 22, 2015 at 11:08 am

Good day to all,

how is it i can attempt to call, email and chat with Auto-nation customer service , but no one will ever call me to discuss my issues.

i have spoke with several online reps to which have assured me cs rep would contact me soon, this has yet to happen, i have called the dealer, i have emailed the dealer and still 3 months plus later i have not had the issues at hand resolved?


Jon new October 21, 2015 at 8:37 pm

I bought a truck from thorton rd Toyota in ga. When I arrived I told the sales lady Josephine Johnson I wanted a truck that still had a warranty. She took me to a 96 tundra that was beautiful. It had 70000 on it and she said it still had a factory 100000 mile warranty on it. I’m sold after months of looking for the right truck. That was in February of 2015. I took it to get service done on it two weeks ago and they told me I had no warranty. I went up to sales and she told the sales manager that she never told my wife and I that it had a warranty. The sales manager also told me I was full of it !!! Really !! I’m wtf! Not to mention that she said it was just traded in and she said she had to keep it to detail it, put it through a so many poor inspection and put weather guard floor mats in it. We picked it up and it still looked the same. No floor mats. Obviously no inspection or I wouldn’t be at the service dept finding out it had multiple problems !!


Nicole Brandon October 14, 2015 at 2:38 am

Always a Honda buyer, we were referred by a close relative to buy the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. I, my husband ( an ex-US Marine), and my twin sons both 8 years old, went to Autonation Toyota in Irvine last Saturday. We immediately noticed many people working there were of Middle Eastern origin and were communicating in their local language. We were greeted at the reception by a scantily dressed young girl, probably of Middle Eastern origin, who asked a salesperson (also a Middle Eastern) to assist us. The Salesman obviously was not experienced and could not answer any technical questions on the 2016 Tacoma truck. When my husband asked him the horsepower of the Tacoma, he replied “it is a big ass truck”. He kept on saying it was a 8 cylinder truck when it clearly said V6 at the back of the truck. He admitted he had never sold a car before and was hired by this dealership because he knew the General Manager, who, he said, was from Afghanistan. He proudly told us that most of the salespeople at this dealership are from Afghanistan. My husband asked the salesperson for a test drive and he said the dealership had misplaced the truck keys and are searching for it.
He took us inside the Sales Office to get pricing. The scantily dressed receptionist was giggling and titillating her curves with another salesperson, probably another Afghan with an unshaven beard. Because of his gestures, this salesperson was cracking off-color jokes that the receptionist was blushing and enjoying. I had to hide the view from my twin sons as they couldn’t get their eyes off her. My husband remarked in my ears that he hasn’t seen so many Afghans since he was deployed in Afghanistan two years ago. The salesman came back with the pricing with his Manager, also an Afghan. It was amazing to see the arrogance, ignorance and stubbornness of the Manager, as he simply did not want to make a deal with us. He told us point blank his offer is non-negotiable and we either take it or leave it.
After this attitude my husband did not want to deal with these people anymore and we decided to leave. We went to Toyota of Orange and bought the exact Tacoma truck from there, after test driving it, at a slightly lower price than Irvine. The salesman was friendly and knowledgeable and the atmosphere was pleasant and professional. They gave us the perception we were their guests, not customers, and were always welcomed.
We have nothing against Middle Eastern or Afghan people. It was the hostile and toxic environment coupled by unprofessionalism shown by Autonation Toyota Irvine Manager, Salesman and Receptionist that turned us off and we will tell all our friends and relatives of our horrible experience there.


Lorraine Brown October 2, 2015 at 2:05 pm

I purchased my 2011 Nissan Altima Coupe on last year in May from Auto nation Nissan Kendall located in Miami fl. The A.C compressor was gone by December. Auto nation is not willing to fix the issue as they state I do not have an extended warranty on my vehicle which should have been placed on my vehicle seeing as how I purchased every other protection tires, maintenance plan etc… this is a costly issue that I have been getting the run around from the sales dept including the finance manager and service manager this has been going on since December of 2014 and I intend on contacting the better business bureau, and whoever else needs to get involved. I really wish I would have done my research and gone else where.


Steve Ortiz September 20, 2015 at 8:02 am

I had the pleasure to work with Seth Hoffenberg from AutoNation Southern California, and I would like to please find a way to contact his management please.


Juan Torrens September 8, 2015 at 3:47 pm

if you need to buy a car do yourself a favor go somewhere were you are appreciated as a client. Automation is not this place from the finance manager to the general manager they just don’t care.
I wish I had done a little better research before buying my car.
The store I went to is Doral and they horrible.


Thomas Braun August 3, 2015 at 10:19 am

Just wait until you hear my story. I expect to hear back from someone at Autonation this morning


Erlinda Moscoso April 7, 2015 at 6:50 am

On January 27, 2015, I had a car accident. After estimator looked at the damage sustained, my car was towed to Auto Nation Collision. Because my car is a 2013 Honda Civic, I wanted the Honda people to work on my car. My thought was that they knew the car better than any other collision place. Now I am beginning to wonder if that was a wise decision! Marcus let me know that my car would be ready around the first of March. Even though I received calls from him about every three days letting me know the repairs were moving along, the date I would get my car back was moved toward the middle of March. When further damage was found another estimator went to the Collision place and another amount was given. My car insurance sent another check and paid for one month for a car rental. I received a note letting me know the car would be ready by the first of April. On April 1, 2015, I called to see if my car would be ready that week and was told, “there was massive, massive repairs and your car is still being worked on.

Out of my own pocket I have been paying for a car rental after the insurance paid for one month. I ask Auto Nation if they could lend me a car since my repairs were taking so long and at first I was told they did not have loaners. On Friday, April 3 I spoke with Marcus and he said, “We do work with you, I will be going into a meeting with management and will call you in 45 minutes.” I have not heard one word from him. I do not understand if he gives favorable reports and lets me know what I want to hear, but I am finding out what he tells me is not true. Leah Stern, the collision repair adviser, sometimes would give me conflicting reports that did not agree with what Marcus was telling me. She sent me pictures and I was shocked to see my car looking like a pile of junk! I have written to the BBB and to the and let them know about my problems with Auto Nation Collision. I know that I would never recommend Auto Nation for repairs.

Today I found out that the CEO of Auto Nation is Michael J. Jackson is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Auto Nation. I do not know if this complaint goes to him or if I have to write to him personally.


Philip March 17, 2015 at 10:25 am

I was in the market for a first car for my 16 year old. I saw an add from auto nation Nissan for a 2002 Honda Accord with 190000 miles. I knew this was high miles but I took it for a test ride. The car drove okay and I was able to get what I thought was a fair deal. Was I wrong!

I know that any used car is a risk and that the buyer should beware however the Auto Nation Nissan in Lewisville Texas sold a car that had major defects. Here what happened.

I purchased the car on a Friday afternoon with a check and then the dealer held the car for 6 days to have the service department check it over to make sure everything was okay with the vehicle as they claimed it was a recent trade in. During this six days they replaced a seatbelt buckle. When they finally delivered the car they said that it was good to go. I asked if there’s any major concerns and was told that mechanically it was sound. I was very annoyed at having to wait almost a week to get a car that I had already purchased but the salesman was adamant that I needed to let the service department make sure everything was in good shape. When I finally got the car I did some things to it that my daughter wanted, how ever after a week the trouble started. The reverse gear in the automatic transmission went out followed by very noticeable slippage in the forward gears. I took the vehicle back to the dealership a couple of week’s later and explained the problem to them. Auto Nation Nissan directed me to take the vehicle to AutoNation Honda in Lewisville to have them diagnose the problem. Once I drop the vehicle off at Auto nation Honda it took auto nation Nissan 3 days to approve the diagnostic test on the transmission. AutoNation Honda diagnosed that the transmission needed to be replaced at 2700 dollars. AutoNation Nissan would not returned any of the calls to AutoNation Honda to see what could be done. they never said they wouldn’t do anything they just never responded at all. The service clerk at AutoNation Honda left numerous messages at auto nation Nissan service department. I even went to the service department on two different occasions at auto nation Nissan and they promised me they would take care of the problem. I told them that I understood that it was a used car and that I would be unreasonable to expect them to cover all the costs. I was only looking for some type of discount to minimize my expenses as they checked out the vehicle prior and stated that it was in good condition mechanically. At no time did AutoNation Nissan ever talk with AutoNation Honda and after 6 days of having the vehicle at the dealership I eventually went and picked up the car. AutoNation Nissan despite the numerous promises to help me with this situation never did anything at all. they did not return any of my calls and eventually I had to have the transmission repaired at a local transmission shop. In my opinion they misrepresented the condition of the vehicle and refused to help after the fact and while I understand that it is a used car and that is sold as is I feel again that they misrepresented the condition of the car especially because they kept the car for 6 days to check it out as the salesman Cole told me. the whole process of trying to get help resolving the transmission issue was just a run around. 3 weeks after this run around I got the transmission repaired. Right after that. the air conditioning went out I didn’t even bother to call them as again it is a used car and once they sold it they had no intentions of helping me out. They had my vehicle on and off for over 2 weeks and did nothing to diagnose or fix the issues. The whole time I was assured that that they, Auto Nation Nissan would take care of me but they did not do anything. To be fair they did offer to take the car back and give me a credit when i brought the transmission issue to them, but by that time I had put considerable work in to the car repairing the cosmetic defects that I knew about when I bought the vehicle and of course the vehicle in stock were considerably more expensive.

My main problem was I feel that they were very unresponsive and intentionally gave me the run around.


D. Keller April 27, 2014 at 2:48 pm

I too have a complaint against AN, this one is in Austell Georgia. I am always suspicious of sales individuals because I always think they are in it just to make a deal whether it is legit or not, but we gave them a try. For legal reason I will not use the names of the members I am dealing with but, the transaction that my family went through was a nightmare to us. We signed a contract 3/20/2014 and a month later they needed more information from my son and his wife to complete the deal. The temporary tag expired on 4/20/14 and when I went to take the additional doXXXXents, I was told by a finance manger that due to the time frame of the contract, that a new one had to be signed and the car had to be returned until a new contract was signed. The explanation he gave didn’t make sense to me, now we are short a car with a family trying to make a living. The entire process should not have taken a month or more, even if the names had to be changed from one primary to another. I am in the mist of contacting the corporate office, to voice my frustration and lack of satisfaction.


sara mayer March 23, 2014 at 5:12 pm

I originally had a 2000 chevy impala and last year I had a problem with your service department charging me for ABS system that I probably didn’t need. After paying $744.00 for the part, my vehicle still continued having the same problem. It wasn’t until the harness was changed, a $199.00 part, that it finally worked better. I submitted a letter to you back on Dec., 2013 and Rick supposedly took care of the situation for me. However, I traded in the 2000 Impala for a 2013 Nissan Altima and used Auto Nation again in Pembroke Pines, which is the City in which I live. I purchased the vehicle having only 13,252 miles and still under the manufacturer’s warranty. I had checked the vehicle over before I purchased it and other than a few things wrong, like the passenger headrest not going down and a squeak in the brakes, and the console not fitting right, I brought the vehicle to AutoNation, P.P. to be looked at. While in their care, they broke a side section by the wipers. I spoke to Kevin, the Svc. Manager of Nissan, who by the way was very rude to me and he denied his workmen doing anything to brake that section, refused to fix my vehicle. I will never use your service department again. I had two bad instances with Auto Nation of P.P. The service rep’s are nice in the beginning and then they get nasty with you. I don’t know what type of service people you hire, but I feel your higher service manager’s need a refresher coarse in dealing with individuals. Just because I’m a senior citizen and a women doesn’t mean they have to be nasty with me.


Nicholas Karamessinis October 16, 2017 at 11:01 am

I left my Toyota Corolla at my local dealer for a Takata airbag recall and had the car stolen from the agency. Did not have use of the vehicle for a year. In the meantime it had been trashed inside, hit in the back, had 4500 extra miles on it and i know not what more. The police finally found it.
My experience with the local agency was positive but they have no authority to make me whole. The corporation as a whole has stonewalled me and i am now going to Small Claims Court. Avoid Auto nation at all costs.


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