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AT&T Corporate Office Address

AT&T Inc.
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

Contact AT&T

Phone Number: (210) 821-4105
Fax Number: (302) 655-5049
Email: Email AT&T

AT&T Facts

Founder: Alexander Graham Bell
Date Founded: 1882
Founding Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Number of Employees: 273210000

AT&T Executives

CEO: Randall L. Stephenson
CFO: John Joseph Stephens
COO: John T. Stankey

AT&T History

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The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T for short) has a long history dating back to Alexander Graham Bell in 1882 in Boston, Massachusetts.

In recent history, the company was known as SBC Communications after the government break-up of the original AT&T in 1983.

SBC purchased AT&T in 2005 and took on their brand, logo, and marketing for the entire company.

In 2006, the company acquired BellSouth.

AT&T Sign

In 2008, the AT&T corporate office moved from San Antonio to Dallas.

There have been many recent acquisitions including Cellular One, Centennial Communications, Wayport Inc. and Qualcomm. AT&T Building

In September 2018, the company announced that it has introduced a suite of blockchain solutions to allow enterprises in various industries to track and manage information more efficiently.

AT&T is currently the largest provider of fixed and mobile telephone services in the US.  The company currently serves over 100 million mobile customers.

AT&T Logo



Question 1: What is the phone number for AT&T?
Answer 1: The phone number for AT&T is (210) 821-4105.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of AT&T?
Answer 2: The CEO of AT&T is Randall L. Stephenson.

Question 3: Who founded AT&T?
Answer 3: AT&T was founded by Alexander Graham Bell in 1882.

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Carol Griffin December 2, 2019 at 4:03 pm

WORST, WORST, WORST service ever!! If I had had the option to rate AT&T at 0 even that would have been too high, but I had to give at least a one. Right now I’ve been waiting 1 hour and 8 minutes to get an appt. to update our direct TV equipment per a letter from Direct TV. According to the letter this should be a “simple fix” at “no additional cost”.

Now, after one hour and 20 minutes on the line and after speaking with 3 reps in at least 2, possibly 3 countries on two different continents, Francisco in Mexico City was able to schedule the appt. and not try to charge us as the first two reps insisted was necessary. Once we got to him (after an hour) it took him another 20 minutes to find our account and schedule the “simple fix” service.

This kind of wait (actually, it usually takes at LEAST an hour and a half) is par for the course every time we have to contact AT&T/Direct TV for any problem, big or small. The attitude of Corporate AT&T (not the underpaid, outsourced Customer Service reps who try, albeit with woefully inadequate training, to help) is “We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the phone company.”


Kelly Ashman November 22, 2019 at 1:58 pm

5/26/2019: I called my AT&T to see if I could lower my bill ($205.27/mo). I spoke with a representative (Jerry order #56-803000011563328) who promised a lower bill to $169.65/mo with an additional line, less shared data (from 20GB to 6GB) AND upgrade my iPad to iPhone 7; my contract was also extended by 2 years-effective 6/5/19. I told Jerry I didn’t need a 4th line. He told me that was the only way to reduce my bill. Because this plan sounded like a good deal, I confirmed with Jerry the costs and plan details – took extensive notes of our conversation.
Plan was to include: Unlimited Talk/Text, 6GB Rollover Data, Data Overages no charge – just slows down, Canada calling, keep National Account Discount @ $22.50/mo.
Total confirmed monthly Charge: $169.65
When I received my bill the next month it was $242.13, which is much higher than the promised $169.65. So, I called and tried to get it straightened out. AT&T adjusted my bill to $160.29 & I paid it. I was told it would be corrected. This has happened every month since.
In Aug. I was billed $183.65 when I called to get my bill corrected, I told the AT&T rep (Amy #AB596G) I didn’t care what she did to fix my bill-just fix it to the agreed upon amount. I also told the representative I don’t need or use a 4th line, I don’t care what you do – CORRECT MY BILL TO THE PROMISED MONTHLY FEE, uphold the agreement made on 05/26/2019. I was not informed that I would be charged $305 for trying to get my bill corrected. I had requested to speak with a supervisor, but a supervisor was not available; supervisor never called me back. I learned the next month that she canceled the additional 4th line which initiated a “CRAMMING” cancellation fee of $305.
I called in Sept to get this corrected, was told it could be, “IF they can run a credit check”. I said “no” to their credit check – there was no need as I was not purchasing anything. I have been a customer for 13+ years. Again, I requested a supervisor to speak with to get this resolved as I have spent more than 7 hours on the phone with their customer no-service. I again never received a call from a supervisor as promised. My October billing $164.41, I called again regarding the overcharge of $318.49 charges, requested a supervisor; was told a supervisor was not available but would call me back. NO CALL received. November billing $152.94 + $5.75 late charge for the $318.49; 11/19/19 I paid $158.69 then called again to try to fix my bill.
11/19/2019 Today, I finally spoke with a supervisor Arnell, she offered to lower my bill by $203. This $305 + 13.49 from July overcharge was not authorized. I was not made aware of this $305 charge prior to it being assessed. AT&T made a verbal agreement with me and has not followed through. I have paid my monthly bills, today they cut off my service. AT&T has refused to remove this “CRAMMING” charge.
AT&T has not lived up to the agreement made on 05/26/2019 when my plan was amended and extended. This is not fair to the consumer. Resolution would be that they honor the agreement made on 05/26/2019 and remove the $305 cancellation charge and $13.49 August over-charge.
I appreciate your assistance with this issue and look forward to a resolution.
Kelly Ashman


Shawn Ellison November 15, 2019 at 3:26 pm

O where to begin…….worst Customer Service coming from a multi billion company! Ever since I upgraded to 4K receivers I have had problems with my 4K TV’s freezing. So I called to set up an appointment to have them come out and take a look at it. So a few days later had the same issue so they came out a second time to switch out my main receiver. So I was away for a few days come back home and I go to watch tv and nothing is working it took over a hour to finally get my tv up and running. So I contacted AT&T a third time and got the run around that it would be 3 weeks before they can come back out. Well at this time I was NOT HAPPY, 3 weeks until someone comes out is UNSAT for a problem I have been having and made AT&T aware of the problems each time it has happened. My hope that someone from this UNSAT company will first read this and respond but I don’t see that happening!


MaryBeth McCrary November 12, 2019 at 8:47 pm

Worst customer service ever. Been a customer of AT&T for over 20 years, I have my internet, wireless and TV through you. My mother in law’s current phone isn’t holding a charge. I order a new phone through the website and use the chat and they say that the phone can’t be delivered directly to her but we have to have it delivered here. We get the phone I mail it out and it gets lost within 5 days. The phone has never been used, you can see that and it isn’t activated and I spend hours and hours on the phone with everyone being transferred from one person to another with no help on how to get her a new phone without it costing me more money or going through insurance. I remember 10 years ago having an issue with someone stealing my daughters phone and I was taken care of. I can see that At&T is going down hill and fast. I hear more and more how horrible customer service is. Not to mention I pay way to much money. Time to shop around for new phone, internet and TV service. Sad that ya’ll are willing to lose customers so easily. Customer Service isn’t what it used to be that is for sure. Sad


Fleming November 6, 2019 at 2:57 pm

The worst in incompetant representatives, Spent over 20 hours over he phone repeating myself over and over because they don’t understand, They supposedly make notes of the conversation but can’t refer to them so I repeat myself. This problem over a 1 yr and half old now they basicallysay your screwed with a lost phone that was returned to us over 6 months later. This was insured they got $$out of me and then pay $ for replacement phone. Now that I’ve returned the stolen phone they will not un blacklist my replacement phone, that was after talking to a supervisior Joe R. Total waste of money to be a customer of Att, that will not be happening for long. Filing a grievance with corporate, hope making the big bucks stolen from the not so rich subscribers I will still be hopeful, but since I have a big mouth I will tell everyone about the poor service.


Patricia Costello November 1, 2019 at 7:15 pm

So earlier today I had the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE with your offices in The Philippines. After waiting 1hr 53 min minutes finally got Sam & Renata from Mississippi. Both ladies graciously heard my complaint and frustration and both took the time to explain the Extra warranty and protocol on replacing expired devices. Even though my service was unable to be reinstated over the phone. The proper training and communication made a world of difference. These two ladies should be recognized for providing exceptional customer service. My device’s card has expired. Resolution replacement of device needed.


Patricia Costello November 1, 2019 at 3:26 pm

We have been LOYAL CUSTOMERS going back to when this Company was known as Pacific Bell. Today we tried getting assistance with a FAULTY DVR RECIEVER got run around from operators taking calls from overseas. Told we’ll send a technician your box is FAULTY, then slammed with 99.99 service fee???
Argued this isn’t right and asked to speak to SUPERIOR, Victor or Vicente said, “WE DO NOT TEST OUR EQUIPMENT.. YOU GET WHAT YOU GET. IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET ADDITIONAL COVERAGE “.
How is is the CONSUMERS RESPONSIBLITY to ENSURE that the COMPANY to whom is being paid for Responsible for their equipment?!?!?
This is simply DISGUSTING & UNACCEPTABLE. I’m sure Mr. Bell would be ashamed and disgusted of what his company has turned into and the VALUE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE has gone TO SHIT!!!
Almost 2 hours of going over same thing over the phone and no resolution.


Angela Warren October 24, 2019 at 1:18 pm

Good Evening,

I have being trying to upgrade my line, and add an additional line to my account for four months. I have has several AT&T customer service represented assist me and none of them seem to know what they are doing. I have had three supervisor that were to call back with a resolution, and never got a response. I have been a long time customer with cable, internet and wireless service from AT&T. I just got off the line again with yet another representor that could not assist in completing my order. Can someone please help me with my order.


Sandra Stultz October 24, 2019 at 12:28 pm

Horrible customer service. We got two cell phones added to our account. We got slammed by AT&T Westminster, MD location by Kaleb, Manager. We have (had) Verizon for 60 years with internet/phone bundle. Kaleb closed our Verizon account without our permission. Now, we have no internet/phone line. I spent over 6 hours on the phone yesterday with AT&T and Verizon. I would not recommend AT&T for any service. Kaleb said call AT&T, AT&T said call Kaleb, we even stopped in the store. We were slammed by AT&T. Please Mr. President help me get my Verizon account back with internet/phone (landline) bundle like yesterday. I have reported AT&T to the FCC.


Nestor Chardon October 21, 2019 at 3:15 pm

I need someone from corporate to please contact me. What a nightmare dealing with AT&T customer service and loyalty program. Over 8 telephone calls and hours wasted for nothing. Just wanted a new telephone. I agreed on a iPhone 8 for .99 (one time charge) with two years contract without any changes to my contract. Suddenly, I received my bill with a monthly increase of $21.81. Someone changed my plan. I was promised 0 increases. Now, every time I call, seems like everyone wants a commission, they are telling me, the last person who did this for you was wrong or, did not do it right. I am very concerned and confused. Been with AT&T for over 14 years. Not happy with the way business is conducted. Must have a uniform way of conducting business.


Sandra PRESTON October 7, 2019 at 6:56 pm

I have been a loyal customer of Direct TV for over 25 years. My complaint is with AT&T. I have always paid my bill on time. I paid my bill in Aug. through my bank since I was out of state. Long story short–I was not given credit for the payment. It took me over 4 hours to try and resolve the problem plus 2 visits to AT&T stores to try and show the reps there that indeed, I had paid the bill. I had to fax copies proving that I was right. I get a phony e-mail saying they might take 20 days to resolve the situation. Well, 20 days have come and gone–no one gets back to me saying they have credited my account, nor any form of “sorry for your trouble”


Sandra PRESTON October 7, 2019 at 7:02 pm

Also, when I receive my bill, I’m being charged a late fee!! What is going on? I specifically asked for a manager, state-side, to talk to—whoever I was speaking to, disconnected me. Also, I asked for an e-mail address to write to the billing dept., was told there was no e-mail address. I really don’t want to change my satellite coverage but, if I have to go through this all the time—-I don’t need the hassle!


Joseph Nawrocki September 23, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Today’s date is 9/23/2019. We have been with ATT since 1994. We now find we are not considered important enough by ATT to understand our problem. This necessitates us going a different direction if needed. My wife sustained a stroke July 4th. I took over the business of our house. I went to ATT to lower our bill-account number 110839026. I spoke with a gentleman convincing me he could lower my total bill by adding TV. We discontinued ATT TV U verse years prior. I followed his advice. When scheduled to install the so called “box”, we had to reschedule. Before they returned, I felt did not seem correct adding tv and paying less. I went back to ATT and spoke with Robin Cantrell a few weeks ago. She spent an hour educating me how this statement from the previous gentleman was not accurate. She restructured the services excluding tv services we really did not want in the first place…until the first gentleman. Now I received a charge on my last bill of $314 including $173 for TV services I never received. The previous bill was about $200. I went back to ATT today and was fortunate to find Robin again. She explained she could do nothing about the tv part and gave me a phone number. I called and spoke with Ishalee. I explained being misled by the first gentleman. I thought I was helped by Robin-until the bill. Now I am being billed for tv services I never received, that I tried to discontinue weeks before, and never had a “box” installed. Ishalee was great speaking on my behalf to what she referred to as the “back people” with more decision making authority. She put me on multiple holds. I felt like whoever she was trying to help understand, were telling me indirectly-so sad too bad with all the holds. I asked her if I may speak to these “back people” and she tried again and no one – to step up and answer my phone call. The total phone conversation was 1 hour 16 minutes. I commend Ishalee for her help on my behalf. I am not sure why the so called “back people” with more authority would not speak with me. Or was it up to Isahalee and a “play” to put me on hold multiple times. As a physician I have front people answering calls but if needed or unusual, I take the phone call. ATT does not seem to honor maintaining customer loyalty. It appears ATT can afford the big sign and payments on the stadium in my home town of Arlington, for the Cowboys football but cannot understand my $300 extra charges for something I never received, never had installed, never used, and never planned on using-$173 for phantom services and $161 to discontinue the phantom services. Thank you for allowing me to share. I will wait to receive any appropriate communication from ATT before making decisions and if needed adding this experience on Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media we use to help others not end up like this did.


Thomas Hanley September 18, 2019 at 3:54 pm

Customer service lines have been difficult to use when inquiring about complex billing concerns. On multiple occasions, numerous days, got to problem description and potential resolution level discussion, when the line “disconnects”. This “disconnect” trend even happens with the MY AT&T chat for the same purposes. More specifically, the discussions were to reverse erroneous INTERNATIONAL ROAMING charges to my children’s lines explicitly. These conversations are interrupted by the “disconnect”, only to have to start all over again with the next CSR. VERY FRUSTRATING, especially, when potential late charges are threatened to the erroneous charges (not small SUMS).


nancy macclugage white September 17, 2019 at 10:32 pm

on july 22 2019 I called to disconnect my direct tv services as my husband passed away and I was told that I couldn’t cancel over the phone I had to go to an at&t store. I went to the at&t store they told me I had to bring their equipment to a ups facility. I brought the equipment to ups and got a receipt on july 24, 2019. At the end of August I noticed at&t was still taking the payment from my account. I called again. They told me I had to go to the store with my problem. I went today and was told that the store couldn’t help me. I had to call and the young man there helped me with the call. I finally believe that the service is finally cancelled, but they will only refund one month and not the two since the cancellation was not handled on the first call. You have got to be kidding. HELP!


Elizabeth and Ronald Kneeland September 5, 2019 at 4:56 pm

Is it corporate incompetence ? Is it company policy to treat customers like crap?Or to lie to customers , Or to have mangers hang up on customers? Even High level managers? I have been on the phone with AT&T for OVER 4 HOURS TODAY AND HAVE BEEN HUNG UP ON OR SENT BACK TO THE MAIN MENUE AT LEAST 6 TIMES. It seems to me that this is the corporate culture for AT&T. They took $309 from my account when they said a hold was put onto it and I would not be charged because they had FAILED to send me a simple Packing Slip. After 3WEEKS they had not even sent it out yet and charged me. They do not know me I WILL NOT LET THIS GO.


Elizabeth and Ronald Kneeland September 5, 2019 at 5:00 pm

By the way I am a Disabled American . I can write reviews and blogs all day long


Lisa Killerlane September 1, 2019 at 5:22 pm

I wish I would have read the customer complaints BEFORE I decided to switch from Verizon to AT&T for cellphone service. I have been an AT&T customer for quite some time for Wifi and Direct TV and had been quite happy with the customer service. After signing up to add wireless service, my experience with the communications giant has turned in to a nightmare. I was given false information about the pricing for wireless service, the cost of the phones, and the taxes that I was charged. I returned my phones and cancelled within one week. I have the return invoices for the phones and AT&T is trying to charge me close to a thousand dollars for the 2 phones that were returned 5 weeks ago. I have spent almost 2 hours this week on the phone with their customer service team who have been of zero help. One of the supervisors actually hung up on me. Now I have to waste another hour of my time to go back to the store where I purchased AND returned the phones because the communications giant apparently has no communication between their stores and customer service centers. I would like to know who I can bill for the hours that I have wasted trying to fix an issue that should have never occurred in the first place. Why can’t your customer service agents look up a copy of a return invoice when the invoice number has been provided? I offered to take a picture of the invoice and email it to them and was told that customer service had no access to email. How is this possible AT&T?
A very unhappy customer,
Lisa Killerlane


V Burdette August 30, 2019 at 12:30 pm

It’s incredible that this company still exists. AT&T , you people are the worst suppliers , no customer support unless they can sell you something else more expensive and not even service you need. They all lie, make promises which are also lies and never happen. They do not respond to your e mails for help or phone calls. They continually push more services on you You don’t need or want. They over charge your monthly bills claiming your contract expired, which you never got notice of. Threaten you will higher rates….
IE, Ms Bivins with Atlanta AT& T , at first via e mail seemed to be helpful and stated she’d been there 17 years and wasn’t going anywhere. I was concerned because you cannot ever get the same human a second time whom you may have talked to before regarding your phone issues . Oh no she said, I’ll be here just e mail me and I’ll respond. We’ve emailed her over and over , but as usually no response at all. Again….,lies lies.
This place has a monopoly and that’s about all. The worst service people and company in the USA.
I wish you’d close and save us all the frustration and wasted time( not to mention the money wasted )with this discussing so called phone company.
You’ve lost all ethics, class , fairness and true customer service you were once know for. Your employees are pushed so hard to sell sell sell , there isn’t an honest , respectable one there. One day all this is going to come back tumbling down on your
heads, success as your reputation is and ratings serve you true, so low and negative you’re below the worst ratings available.
A customer for 40 years…..I’m done with you forever.
Unfortunately, none of you executives or employees give s flip about any of these customers complaints.
You can be sure, one day pay back will hit you, when it does you’ll not survive. That’ll be s great day and we are looking forward to it! The sooner the better.
Business owner in Atl, Ga


sam Francis August 7, 2019 at 7:58 pm

STOP outsourcing! Horrible customer service. Can’t understand a word being said. They generally don’t know what they’re doing! Read off-script. I could get better results googling, Watch out big boys…you’re going down if you don’t play nice with your customers, We do have choices…


dhughes July 24, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Stephenson and his elite staff have jacked up monthly charges once again. It is written somewhere, the rich will oppress you, causing you harm while they profit. ATT is a prime example of institutional evil. Their relationship with TV program owners, is likened to drug cartels and government. Pride comes before a fall, ATT will certainly fall one day and it’s leadership will be shamed and held accountable for their selfish arrogance and greed. Truth speaks for itself!


Dr. Daniel Hay July 17, 2019 at 4:16 pm

Horrible Company. Will be reporting to the FCC. Please call the FCC to complain and file a lawsuit if you have to.


Dr. Daniel Hay July 17, 2019 at 4:03 pm

I signed up with AT&T for my business and made the biggest mist-take of my life. In order to woo me from SPECTRUM, I was promised I would have service in my office within 3 business days. On the second day, I got a text message telling me my installation would be 1 week out. I called and was transferred to multiple different departments and in some instances, I was told supervisors or managers would call me back and they didn’t. On the date of 7/17/2017 the date they were supposed to come and install me phone, internet and Uverse, they did not show up. The tech documented he came to my office and had no access. I was in my office all day with my employees with the access key to the communication closet but no one came to my office or called. I called AT&T again and was told that they would have to reschedule me another week out. Each day I have been losing $2,000 + and AT&T does NOT give a crap. They are totally showed no concern for my business or the losses I am encountering and treated me with disdain. They also refuse to give you pertinent internal numbers like their dispatching dept. or corporate telephone to make a complaint. If you are considering any service for your Business or personal, STAY AWAY from AT&T.


Heather Biciste July 16, 2019 at 6:08 pm

Please call me My Acct Isnt Correct and ive called 5 times and asked for a manager and refused.


Elizabeth Yanes July 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Attn: Randy Stephanson
When I signed up for ATT is was told that the price i was told that my bill would $109 and that would be locked in for 2yrs. One year into it went up to $150. I spoke to a rep and she said there is nothing she could do after being on the phone for 35 minute she transfered me to a manager on duty one minute into that call as he was reviewing my account he put me on hold but actually hung up on me. I was told that the contact was for 2yrs and the promotion was for 1 yr ….VERY miss leading. I am very frustrated . Please resolve this issue .


Elizabeth Yanes September 6, 2019 at 2:12 pm

still no response


Beverley Burgess July 11, 2019 at 6:19 pm

So I needed a replacement box for Direct Tv. I called and 1 was sent quickly. I asked what to do with the box that did not work. The lady checked and said they did not need it back. 2 weeks go by and I get an email on how to send the box back to them. I called Customer service and spoke to a man. He said I do not need to return the box. I go to pay my bill today… guess what? I’m charged for the box! Of course I am… so I call customer service. Your customer service outright sucks!!!! I have been with direct tv for over 8 years. Never had a problem until ATT put their name on it. I have to pay for the box. Guess what? I don’t have it. I had 2 of YOUR EMPLOYEES tell me that I did not need to return it. They said I rec’d the email, it says to return it. I called! Your people said not to. Its even in my account that you read back to me so graciously. Of course I asked for a copy of that, and they said they couldn’t give me a copy… Of course not!! So guess what ATT??? I cancelled my direct tv and I wont be paying for the equipment. Have your employees pay it for me. They told me not to return it. And when I said cancel my service…your people didn’t even care! Not one bit! She went right into cancellation mode! Here’s what you need to do next. At this rate you wont have to worry about customers! Shame on you!


Mary Ostrander July 8, 2019 at 12:12 pm

I am an 80 year old, disabled female who attempted to discontinue my service with Direct TV/AT&T. I called the customer service number numerous times and was told I had to have a pin code (I have never had a pin code) to discontinue my service. We all know that individuals can be identified on the telephone with pertinent information; they refused to offer this option to me and were extremely curt and rude. I was told repeatedly (by several individuals who didn’t speak fluent English) that I would have to drive to an AT&T store to get my pin number. I don’t drive nor do I have access to a computer. Again, I am 80 years old and disabled! No efforts were made to attempt to accommodate me; they hung up the phone on me more than once. They are obviously attempting to retain accounts by making it extremely difficult to discontinue service; this is not a privacy issue…… is CLEARLY an effort to retain service!!! AT&T has clearly lost credibility with this type of service (lack thereof).


WANDA GRAFTON June 25, 2019 at 5:42 pm











Wanda J. Grafton
I will leave the address and cell phone numbers off at this time and will assume that you can reply by email or find me in the system if you are interested in providing customer service, which you of course are not.


Miguel Contreras July 3, 2019 at 9:47 pm

Good luck Wanda!! I’m a retired ATT manager (24 yrs svc) and I have been getting the run around for 2 days. I’m trying to get proper service for my 85 year old mother. ATT sold her a package with internet which she doesn’t need and can’t use without a computer!!
Sadly, the CEO Randall Stephenson will never get wind of this issue with you and me!
Is it any wonder that ATT has a rating of 1 star out of 5????
Again …. good luck!!!


sarah i lilly June 9, 2019 at 9:30 pm

I signed up for a bundle ..t.v. phone internet for 100.00 a far they hooked up my t.v. gotts to wait 2 weeks for my internet and phone.. i called them and told them to shut off the t.v. im staying with comcast..they told me i would have to pay 200.00 dollars to get out of my contract after 5 days ..I said what contract i aint gott my freaking internet or phone yet…you all broke the contract..


Bruce Martin June 7, 2019 at 10:33 am

Re: Politically biased CNN/other broadcasting has big cost
Unmitigated, gross bias against either a US President or President Trump brings a loss of audience of these types: (a) patriotic citizens who don’t want their President’s official functions to be handicapped to the detriment of the USA, (b) observers of the political scene offended by unfair or injudicious dogmatic criticisms, (c) loyal supporters of the President or his agenda who do not find logical arguments in the broadcast to evaluate or reconcile with prior understandings.


Donna Fallin June 5, 2019 at 4:38 pm

It’s me again Mr. Stephenson. I sat here reading and reading all the stupid mistakes employees and company are making. My entire family retired from AT&T. Mom, and 2 aunts. AT&T has more $ than GOD. and doesn’t care, best I can tell. Also would like to know if anyone has the job of reading these messages. Doesn’t seem to me like you do. One angry customer.


John Earnshaw July 28, 2019 at 8:57 pm

I am a stockholder in AT&T through my SEP/IRA account. I am planning to sell my stock in AT&T. Ticker symbol T in the Wall Street vernacular.

On June 30, 2018 AT&T per share was at $32.11. On June 30, 2019 AT&T was at $33.51, an increase of $1.40.

By comparison, PNM Resources Inc ticker symbol PNM on June 30, 2018 was $38.90 and on June 30, 2019 was $50.91, an increase of $12.01. PNM Resources like AT&T is a regulated company. PNM Resources has subsidiaries such as Public Service Company of New Mexico and Texas-New Mexico Power.


Donna Fallin June 5, 2019 at 4:31 pm

When we orig. Got direct tv the bill was $125.00. Now my bill changes monthly. Now that AT&T own direct- your bill is figured on what the monthly special is at this time?? Does not compute. People on fixed income need to know what there bill will be monthly, not ever changing. I did finally get a young man Who was able to “fix the bill next month” I have to pay more to keep service, even though we gave up all our movie channels???WTH? Someone in corp. should read this and call me. Your employees refuse to give phone no. or address to corp. Thought that was a law. I have an account.?? 404-277-XXXX


Bruce Martin June 5, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Obviously CNN is so politically biased that their viewer ratings are dropping materially – especially since their constant Russia/Trump/Collusion diatribe against Trump of the last two years has been found wanting of evidence.
CEO Stephenson may be committed to not interfering in CNN politics, but at least he can direct the CNN CEO to do SOMETHING to improve their viewer ratings. And, I don’t think it would serve that purpose to start a pro-China political drumbeat.


thisjustin October 7, 2019 at 10:30 am

CNN is not biased, they just report the truth about the president and he has a problem with that. Stay with Fox, the propaganda network.


Edward Scanlin June 3, 2019 at 12:22 pm

I am a 90 year old former AT&T Trunks supervisor. I retired in 1980, a few years after the “split”. I worked with AT&T supervisors my entire “toll career”. I had very little contact with District level supervisors at NW Bell. When the split occurred, I was abandoned. I was abused by not being rewarded with raises,
promotions, benefits etc. For years, I never paid a “telephone bill”. I was
known as a 100% concessionaire. When I retired, passing through Companies
known as U.S. West to the current group, Century Link, Most of my benefits have been lost. Now, on a thirty eight year old pension, my wife and I are struggling along eating beans and bologna, Mac and cheese etc.
Perhaps someone at my first home AT%T can give us a few months of peace
We are now paying $50.00 for our Century Link telephone and $100.0 for our
AT&T TV provider. WE NEED HELP


donna cavanaugh May 29, 2019 at 9:46 am

I already contacted the Better Business Bureau about this issue. When I got triple play with AT&T they told me I would get a $200.00 visa reward cart after 6 months of service. Called after 6 months told me the time frame to register for this 120 days expired. I counted on this to help pay my tax bill I am 72 widow living on SS only, when my year of service is up I will CANCEL AT&T.


Atampokah EL May 9, 2019 at 8:35 pm

In August 2017 I received a delinquent notice, I called At&t immediately, talked with several agent trying to explain I sent the payment on time and they had received the payment. weeks later I am still calling trying to resolve issue. I wrote letters and verbally requested that service not be interrupted. During the interim I received a check from AT&T for the amount I sent to them. Furious I called and asked why the payment was returned and not applied to the account I asked that they void the check and apply payment properly to the account, the agent insisted I send them the payment which was delinquent, I could not get the space cadet to accept my suggestion. I then contacted the Ceo.s office which was difficult to say the least. One number was not valid and the second number took several attempts, I discussed the situation with someone in the office also stating my service not be discontinued because I’m the caregiver of my then 95 year old Father . Shortly after I tried to make a telephone call , the telephone was dead, I tried to turn on the T.V. -no service, tried the internet gain no service. I had to wait until someone came over with a cellphone so I could call At&T.
recuperating from this catastrophy, In February this year I again received a delinquent notice again I have been trying to resolve this issue, about a month ago I was told by an agent a check had again been sent , instead of the payment being properly applied to the account again I suggested the check be voided and the amount be properly applied to the account .Again my plea was not accepted , then I found out you can’t reach the corporate office using the telephone numbers posted on the internet. about a week ago I was told that the payment check amount had been returned to my checking account which I didn’t believe possible. I called again this week and again after hours on the phone another agent told me the payment had been returned to my bank account. To a late payment I sent the current payment due plus the delinquent amount , minus the late fees to the corporate headquarters.

Today I went to the bank to see if the missing payment had been retuned to the banking account, It had not. I am now trying to fax the CEO and looking for another service provider.Cusomer service does not exist at AT&T, we have veen cusomers for more than 40 years.


Deb Yockey May 8, 2019 at 7:02 pm

We’ve been longtime customers for years. We have been on the $30.00 a month prepaid plan for years. We wanted to purchase 1 gigabyte of data b/c we were going on a trip and wanted to use it as a backup to our GPS system. We paid the monthly bill and bought the data for an extra $35.00. My husband asked the sales rep at the AT&T store how long the data lasts…month or until it runs out? The rep said until you use up. He asked the rep this question TWICE! The rep said yep, until you use it up (giving no specific time you had to use it up) and then it’s gone. This month, I get a rude surprise when I prepaid my plan, it didn’t go thru…Five dollars short. Called AT&T to find out what the problem was, they said the plan was changed to the 35 dollar plan and the data was gone. I never said anything about changing the plan to $35.00 per month! So apparently we paid $30.00 on April 2 and $35.00 on April 8. Paid for 2 prepaid plans($65.00)in the same month. This is highway robbery at it’s best! Sales rep either didn’t know what the hell they were talking about or is a liar and was out for a commission! At the AT&T store they offered a $10.00 credit or hit the door. Both the sales rep and the asst. manager were VERY RUDE! Didn’t get a survey after we called 611 like we usually do either. They must only give these to the satisfied customers b/c they don’t CARE to hear the complaints.


Don C Watson May 4, 2019 at 6:15 am

I had gotten a bill from my Cable and Internet provider which was very high. I went shopping and found ATT. Called ATT got rep in Nashville. Described what I wanted a quote for monthly rate for Direct and Internet. Told the rep I do not watch sports or news channels. She asked what did I watch. Told her my favorite channels which was 6-8 channels. She told me for those channels I needed the “choice tier”. So for the direct and internet I was quoted $112 a month. Got it installed in 2 days- “good” Internet worked good. I was shown how to operate the remote by tech. I ask him to turn to Western channel. OOPS I don’t have it. to get that channel I had to bump up to the next tier-which is another $14…Then to watch another one of the channels I was told was on the choice package–WRONG AGAIN


shelby vincent May 3, 2019 at 10:54 pm

When an ATT communication tower stopped working in my neighborhood, my cell phone, with ATT subscription, would not send or receive calls. After a week of no service on my 5S I phone a ATT rep offered me a replacement 7S I phone, I gladly accepted. I returned the 5S i phone as requested on 2/22/19 and web site showed the i phone was delivered to ATT warehouse on 2/26/19. ATT has billed my account $549.00 for the 5S i phone that was returned to them and has refused to credit my account for the i phone for over two months.
Mr RandallStephenson, CEO, Please get some one in authority to resolve this matter for me, I have been a ATT customer for over 40 years.


rawle zintz April 29, 2019 at 7:39 pm

I changed back to at






Linda Kelly April 27, 2019 at 9:26 am

This complaint isn’t about your site. But it is about the service I received getting a Dish install. It was schedule for 4/26/ the job was not finish because of whatever the reason. I talk with the person scheduling the work that the Tech would be back the next day.That should have been the first thing the next day. without question. I get a tech for 12-4.But the Tech was in front of my door. He then pull off. I wanted all day on the 26th, now I suppose to wait from the hrs 12-4. To have my day wasted again if something don’t work. What I’m upset about is that I should have been his first job. It wasn’t finish. The only text I should have gotten is he will be here the morning. The Dish was install just needed to finish the install from the dish to the box. I’m very upset, I have trust you all for phone service for many years. this is unprofessional service not to finish a job you started


Cheryl Andrews April 22, 2019 at 10:32 pm

I recently changed from WOW to AT&T because I was told fiber optics would be better for streaming. On March 22,2019 my internet went out and was not back on until the afternoon of March 25. Besides not having any internet service, I had a data overage on my phone bill which cost $120. I think due to my inconvenience and my high phone bill, I need some kind of compensation. What can be done about this?
Cheryl Andrews


Marla Brandt April 14, 2019 at 9:34 pm

My story is long and complicated. It basically ends with AT&T charging me a total of about $700 more than they said they would and with several visits to the store and countless hours wasted on the phone. The modus operandi seems to be to just pass the customer around and do nothing to help. The people in the store said I needed to call the customer care line. The customer care line said I needed to go in to the store. I’ve only been an AT&T customer for 2 days but I can’t wait to be done with them. This is the worst customer service I’ve experienced in a very long time…and the most dishonest salesmanship.


Lynda Lewis April 12, 2019 at 2:38 pm

Dear Sir or Madame,
I changed to the ATT Uverse internet and phone. I have had nothing but issues with the service dropping, phone lines buzzing so loud that you can’t make a call or receive a call. I have contacted AT&T customer over eight times and had service tech out to my home. We have replaced inside wiring, we have replaced motems, we have replaced plugs, we have replaced surge protectors, we have replaced computers, NOTHING has helped. I have requested the outside lines be replaced (ATT refused) I have asked that the outside lines be checked repeatedly again nothing. I pay my monthly invoice every month regardless if I have received the service I am paying for. I have requested a refund of the payments to-date, received nothing. Your customer service area can do nothing but read from a script. (After all the phone calls I now have it memorized as well as your employees). So, after 40 years of using Bellsouth/ATT I am now forced to seek service from another provider. Which I will not lie is difficult where I live. I am disappointed in your customer service employees. The techs have tried everything, they have made the request for a lineman, and again nothing gets resolved. I will let everyone know the type of service received and be very vocal in advertising for your competitor.


Christine Danaher April 9, 2019 at 9:38 pm

It seems we have problems with this a-hole company all the time. Just got off the phone with there stupid customer service that took 6 phones calls to get fixed. Ever since they took over DirecTv it has been messed up. The CEO of this company is there to collect his paycheck and doesn’t give a sh*t about anything else. This company is so pathetic and so are the people that work for it. Most of them can’t speck English. We are going to look into other areas to get our TV from and as far as I’m concerned, they will never come back into my house.


James White April 9, 2019 at 2:49 pm

To: Randall L. Stephenson, President

Dear Mr. Stevenson,
I am sorry to have to ask your assistance, but after searching for the proper person to address my issue on your web site, I find there is no web page or email link, so I hope that you will forward this issue to the responsible manager.
I have an ATT Wireless phone, and I received a text message:
“Error 102-The registered address does not match the actual device location… Call 1-800-331-0500 or visit”
There are 2 problems: 1) when I go there on my computer, I get a “missing link/page message. 2) the reason for the error is that a programmer did not take several items into account, and generated a false error message.

What actually happened, was that I had the ATT MicroCell delivered to me at my Dana Point condominium because the wireless signal is unreliable in that area. However, I live and pay my bill in Gardnerville, NV. My tenant saw the error light was lit on the device, and unplugged it and re-plugged it, which was interpreted by your system incorrectly. It generated a false error message, because it probably compared the Dana Point address location of the Microcell with my home billing address in Gardnerville, NV. They are different, but that option was not not programmed and generated the error message.

As a result, I spent 45 minutes trying to access your website. I finally called the 800 number, and explained the problem to your agent, who got the issue resolved. But the problem with your computer programming still exists!

What is needed is the program that generates a location error needs to be fixed and the reference to the missing web page also needs fixing.

I know, because I have been a programmer and a programming supervisor for many years. If the programming error is not fixed, it will continue to cost AT&A unnecessarily, and waste your representative’s time as well as your customer’s time.

Please pass this information on to the manager of the responsible programming group for the MicroCell location check and error message.

Sincerely, James White
Gardnerville, NV 89460
Email: jwhites@


Angie McCaskill April 3, 2019 at 10:03 pm

We have had att internet since it was southwestern bell. Before att bought SBC our internet worked great. It has been a nightmare since. We have moved 3 times and loyal customers moved our service with us. We were one of the first to go out on a limb and get U-Verse. It worked great for about 2 years then they had to move us back to direct TV and a land line phone. They could not fix it even though it worked great for 2 years and we didn’t move or change anything. Well- 4 years ago we moved into a totally WiFi house. We of course signed up for att. Service is terrible and intermittent at best. We have had numerous techs come out to our house after sitting for 2 hours with a tech over the phone telling us to unplug this and reboot that. It tiring us on hold for hours and never fixing anything. We signed up for Gigi power and have bought extenders and have done everything they have told us to do but our service will not work for more than a week. Im passed being upset!!! The customer service line is a joke. No one speaks English and they just repeat how they are sorry and understand what I am going through as they read it off there prompt. No one cares!!! Our service if horrible!! We have a new house and don’t want another company coming out and drilling holes in our new house and messing up all the expensive insulation in our attic or we would have cancelled att long ago. I can’t believe no one at att can fix our problems and make it work longer than a few weeks. I would rather be beat than have to call att customer service and waste hours of my life so our service has not worked for 48-72 hours before we call for help. Then they want to schedule at tech to come out 3 days from now. We have wasted probably years of our life on hold with att. I just wish someone cared about their customers!!!


Margaret Oleskiewicz March 21, 2019 at 3:13 pm

I went to an AT&T store to purchase a new iPhone. My plan was to give my husband my old iPhone 5 since he doesn’t have – or really want – a cell phone. I was told there was a BOGO deal, so my husband and I each got a new iphone 8. The sales associate took my payment. When the first bill arrived, I was stunned to find out that because I paid for my phone, it negated the BOGO. My sales associates NEVER told me this! I certainly would’ve put my phone on the installment plan IF I WAS TOLD this is how the BOGO works. Countless frustrating hours on the phone and at the store attempting to resolve this, but I’m told there’s nothing can be done because of the way the computer system is set up. I’m literally begging someone to help me get what I was promised.


Nora A Burdi March 20, 2019 at 7:15 pm

I am writing to you in regards to an email that I received yesterday. Your Account Order Your Account #: 512020100429. I NEVER ORDERED ANYHTING. I call customer support and she informs me because ATT, NOT ME, now has 30 gb, they changed my plan to include that, WIHTOUT MY PERMISSION OR NOTIFYING ME, and increased my monthly bill by $60. That is a lot of money, may not be for you Executives, but it is for people who are on a budget. Who do think you are to scam people like this. I have been a long time customer since Cingular. That is a long time, and to be mistreated like this is despicable. I felt so bad for the customer support agent, who was so apologetic, and it was not her FAULT, it was the Executive staff’s fault. TO put them in such an uncomfortable position, to field the calls for your GREED is unprofessional. You should be ashamed of yourselves. There will be people that do not look at their bills and will just pay, which is what I am sure was your strategy, all about the bottom line. I am sure you will lose a lot of customers on this latest stunt. I will be shopping around and I am also looking in to filing a complaint with the better business bureau. You have no right to change plans without asking the customer. You are supposed to OFFER it, not manipulate customers. Scam….


J & H Tolbert March 19, 2019 at 12:05 pm

We have been continually and fraudulently for equipment that had been returned for the past 6 months. I have to contact customer service, I use that term lightly, every month in order to have a $10.00 charge removed. I have supplied receipts and confirmation number information each time I call! I was assured by a supervisor last month that I would not see the charge again on my bill in the future….sure enough there it is. Another call, this time to a manager and still waiting over an hour for a 15 minute call back promise.
I have filed a claim with the attorney general’s office for fraudulent billing practices, received a claim number and now I wait.
Let’s see how the Texas ‘good ole boys’ handle it.


Robert Zigler April 9, 2019 at 2:27 pm

I am going through a similar problem except mine is with direct tv which is a part of att since last year.I was with them for over 20 yrs.When my locked contract ended my next bill was doubled so I canceled service.Trying to accomplish this by phone was impossible,after being shuffled around to various agents for 45 or more minutes they hung up.I then called their chat line and was able to get a cancellation number after many texts back and forth. WAY TO GO ATT.


Leah Burt March 15, 2019 at 2:47 pm

I have NEVER received more terrible customer service in my ENTIRE LIFE! I am in the process of writing a letter that I can only hope reaches someone who actually gives a crap about the company’s customers. I am highly doubtful that it will make a difference. In February I paid all three phones on my account off. I knew it was weird that my “FREE” phone was showing a balance especially after paying $323.00 for it at contract signing. Not only did they apply one of my retail installment payments to March’s bill that hadn’t even came out yet BUT they also applied another retail installment payment to my “FREE” phone account instead of the phone that in REALITY did have an actual balance. I am now being told that there is NO WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK THAT WAS APPLIED TO THE FREE PHONE BY MISTAKE! In order to upgrade my I phone 7 I must give it to them plus $99.00! They have kindly expressed MANY times that I still have a $250.00 credit balance on the “FREE” phone account that will be given back to me $23.34 a month by applying it to my bill…. When looking at my bill my balance goes from $263.00 to $253.00 when the $23.34 credit is applied… WHERE IS THAT OTHER $13.00 EACH MONTH???? They told me that if I cancelled service I would NOT get the $250.00 credit that is listed to me! So the $233.23 I JUST DONATED TO AT&T IS JUST THAT DONATED!!!!! NOT APPLIED TO THE PHONE THAT ACTUALLY HAS A BALANCE, NOT APPLIED TO A BILL BUT CREDITED TO ME $23.34 PER MONTH. Two employees told me I messed up when paying on the free phone account instead of the account with an actual balance. It is my fault for donating $233.23 to AT&T. I should never had paid off my “FREE” phone! WHERE DOES CUSTOMER SERVICE COME IN? WHY IS THERE NOT AN EMPLOYEE THAT WORKS FOR THIS COMPANY THAT EVEN CARES ABOUT IT’S CUSTOMERS?! WHY IS THERE NO EMPLOYEE WITH THE ABILITY TO APPLY MY MONEY TO THE PHONE THAT IS NOT FREE? WHY DO THESE “MANAGERS” NOT ANSWER TO ANYONE? WHY DO THEY REQUEST TIME OFF THROUGH A COMPUTER AND GET A COMPUTERIZED RESPONSE? THE LAST GUY I SPOKE TO TOLD ME THAT HE ANSWERS TO NO ONE AND HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HIS SUPERVISORS NAME AND HAS NEVER MET HIM?????


Leah Burt March 15, 2019 at 2:56 pm



Sharon DeCant March 7, 2019 at 8:43 pm

So, back in November, I walked into a local AT&T retail center. I joined the Military Appreciation program and I bought a new Samsung Galaxy 9S. I was told that since I had purchased the Samsung, I would receive a $100 credit on my bill after 3 billing cycles. After the third billing cycle, I had not received my credit. So, I reached out to the AT&T chat (please bear with me as you are going to get the results of two separate chats:) Below are the results of THAT chat dated Feb. 21st:
AT&T: Hi, I’m AT&T’s automated virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Me: Customer service rep
Let me get you to a specialist. Please tell us your first name.
Me: Sharon
Thank you. You will now be connected to a specialist who will assist you.
We are now transferring you.
Agent Ariana S enters chat
Ariana S: Hi! My name is Ariana S. I’m happy to help! Let’s get started.
Ariana S: How can I help?
Me: 1. I’m supposed to have a $100 discount on my bill because back in October I bought a Samsung. Last month, when I came to chat, they told me it would be reflected on this month’s bill. I don’t see it
Me: That’s the first problem
Me: (and I’ve only got 15 minutes to get this recolved before I have to get to work)
Ariana S: I’m happy to help!
Ariana S: Please allow me a moment to check this for you.
Me: This needs to be resolved…not your fault but I’m getting really fed up
Ariana S: I would feel the same if I would have been at your place
Ariana S: May I know did you return the device at the store or via mail?
Me: I did not return a phone. I purchased a new Samsung S9 in store and was told that after 3 billing cycles I would get a $100 credit on my bill for purchasing that phone!
Ariana S: Got it!
Ariana S: Thanks for the info!
Ariana S: Thank you for waiting.
Ariana S: I can see that as per the military discount you were eligible $100 credit for the purchase of S9. As you have already paid 4 installments and it has not been applied, I will go ahead and raise an urgent case for it so that it is applied before the due date.
Me: I would appreciate that and if it’s not applied before March 6th, I will be back and even less happy
So, a week later, i still don’t see the credit to my account and I”m back in chat once again. Below are the results of THAT chat dated Feb. 27th:
Reference Number: 732499553945585471
DATE/TIME: 2019-02-27 05:39:09
Your chat transcript:
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE – All replies are automatically deleted.
  : Hi, I’m AT&T’s automated virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Me : Customer service rep
AT&T :
So I can assist you further, please select a product I can help you with:
Mobile Phone
AT&T Internet
U-verse TV
DSL Internet
AT&T Digital Phone
Me : Mobile Phone
AT&T :
Let me get you to a specialist. Please tell us your first name.
Me : Sharon
AT&T :
Thank you. You will now be connected to a specialist who will assist you.
Vincent Smith : Hi! My name is Vincent Smith. I’m happy to help! Let’s get started.
Me : Back in October, I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S9. I was told that after 3 billing cycles, I would receive a $100 credit to my bill. That still has not taken place. I was here in chat a week ago and the agent told me that they had escalated it and I would see the credit before the billing was charged to me.
Me : That is happening next week and I still don’t see the credit. I’m getting angry dealing with this.
Vincent Smith : Hello Sharon, I can help you with that
Vincent Smith : Let me take a moment to review your services to see how I can help.
Me : That’s what everyone keeps telling me and yet no one has actually helped yet…
Me : Last chat was Feb. 21 with Ariana S.
Vincent Smith : I completely understand you concern.
Vincent Smith : Please allow me a moment to check this for you.
Vincent Smith : Please give me a minute while I look into this.
Me : While you are looking into this,I need to step away from my desk for just a moment. I’ll be right back.
Vincent Smith : Sure!
Me : Thanks. I’m back
Vincent Smith : You’re welcome.
Vincent Smith : I have checked the details on your account and yes, I see that you are eligible to receive the $100 credit as you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 on Nov 11th. And you have also completed the 3 Billing Cycles.
Vincent Smith : Please do not worry, I am creating an Urgent Case for you, and I assure you that it will be resolved within 7-10 Business Days.
Me : Well, sadly, I am going to worry until it is resolved. :-/
Vincent Smith : I can understand it completely.
Vincent Smith : I just had a conversation with my supervisor and I assure you that it will be resolved within 7-10 Business Days, you can also save this chat for assurance.
Me : I always do. 🙂 thank you
Vincent Smith : You’re welcome.
Vincent Smith : Thank you so much for understanding, we really appreciate your continued business.
Vincent Smith : Just to recap, I have created the case for not receiving the $100 credit. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me : That remains to be seen. LOL.
Me : Not at this time. Thank you
Vincent Smith : You’re welcome! Thank you for choosing AT&T! We appreciate your business.
©2018 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and Globe logo are registered trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Prop

Now, March 6th rolls around, which is my due date and I check and sure enough, NO CREDIT has been applied to my account. I’ve been told THREE times that I’m going to get this credit and it still hasn’t shown up. So, I go back to Chat one more time. Here are the results of that chat on March 6th:
Reference Number: 744040067462851311
DATE/TIME: 2019-03-06 04:57:23
Your chat transcript:
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE – All replies are automatically deleted.
Me : Customer service
agent :
Let me get you to a specialist. Please tell us your first name.
Me : Sharon
agent :
Thank you. You will now be connected to a specialist who will assist you.
agent : Hi! My name is Gia. How can I help?
Me : Hi Gia. So, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 in November. I was told that I would get a $100 credit to my bill after 3 billing cycles. I am now on the 4th billing cycle. I have been into chat TWICE this month to get this taken care of and I was promised that it would be taken care of before my due date which is today and it has NOT been taken care of.
gl688s : Hello Sharon!
Me : I have both previous chats to show this information. BOTH times it was supposedly escalated and promised to be taken care of. I am NOT happy with this “customer service”
gl688s : I am so sorry about this.
gl688s : And I totally understand how you feel.
gl688s : Allow me to review the notes first, verify the actions taken and will do my best to help you with this
agent : Please allow me a moment to check this for you.
Me : ok
agent : Thank you.
gl688s : Sharon, I have verified that there is an urgent case created for this, I need to check for further details
Me : Please do. Again, I was promised it would be taken care of before this billing cycle and my payment comes out today so I’m guessing it’s too late for this one, but I do NEED this taken care of.
gl688s : I understand you, I will do my best to help
agent : Thank you for your patience. Please give me another moment to look into this further.
Me : Sure
agent : Thank you.
gl688s : Just to confirm, have you enrolled to the first responder discount?
Me : I’m a veteran so I’m enrolled in the AT&T thanks program, if that’s what you mean
agent : Thanks for the info!
agent : Thank you for waiting.
gl688s : Sharon, may I know where did you process this please?
Me : I started this whole process at the AT&T store here in Nashville back in November
gl688s : So I can further review as on my end I am seeing here that the $100 credit was for First Responder Appreciation Offer
gl688s : I am looking for the military appreciation offer
Me : Look, I’ve been told over and over that I qualify for this offer. I was told that IN store the day I purchased the phone..only reason I bought this particular phone. I am going to be beyond ticked off if they try to back out of it now. I’m furious with AT&T right now. I know it’s not your fault but this is bull
gl688s : Please I am doing my best to get this fixed
Me : First chat regarding this: Ariana S: I can see that as per the military discount you were eligible $100 credit for the purchase of S9. As you have already paid 4 installments and it has not been applied, I will go ahead and raise an urgent case for it so that it is applied before the due date.
gl688s : Once I find the right offer I can process this immediately for you
gl688s : I just need to review this thoroughly so I can get the approval
gl688s : And the line xxxx is this transferred to your account right?
Me : That is my number
agent : Correct.
gl688s : Allow me a couple of minutes to review this further
gl688s : Sharon please bear with me, I am now involving my supervisor for further assistance
gl688s : If needed will it be alright if I connect you with her? In case she needs to directly chat with you.
Me : Why should it be this difficult to get what I was told I was paying for?
Me : Yes, that’s fine…
gl688s : I am so sorry that you have to go through this
gl688s : We need to review the eligibility first and we also need to get approval for this, once we created a case this will be again reviewed by the back office team
Me : ‘I’ve been with AT&T a very long time, but this is really pushing me to want to change.
Me : I’m sick and tired of being run around. I was told in the store that this was the offer. I’ve been verified in two previous chats that I was eligible. Now, you’re telling me that it has to be verified all over agian.
Me : Some appreciation
Me : SMH
gl688s : We do not want ti lose you as a valued customer, and we will certainly do our best to help
gl688s : I would really love to help you out right now and if it were for me I would have done this for you already, however I am only bound to follow the processes that we have here in AT&T and with my level of authority I can only do so much, that is why I am involving my supervisor now, to get this resolved once and for all
Me : That’s what I was told the previous two times…involving a supervisor to get it resolved yet here I am once again spending way too much time on an issue that should have already been taken care of.
Me : Second chat: I have checked the details on your account and yes, I see that you are eligible to receive the $100 credit as you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 on Nov 11th. And you have also completed the 3 Billing Cycles.
Me : Again, I’ve been verified eligible for this twice already (not counting in the store when he verified me) and here I am.
gl688s : I appreciate all the information, the case that was previously creates needs further verification that is why we are going through this again
Me : Ridiculous and again, lousy customer service if these people aren’t doing their job right in the first place and making promises about having it taken care of.
gl688s : I understand how you feel.
Me : Doubtful
gl688s : So sorry for this.
Me : Again, I understand this isn’t your fault, but again, this is absolutely stupid that I’ve had to come back here THREE times to get this handled when it should have (1) never have had to be addressed in the first place and done right in the beginning and since it wasn’t (2) taken care of the first time I entered a concern about it.
gl688s : Yes I understand your concern
gl688s : That is why I want to help you out and make sure that this will be resolved once and for all|
gl688s : So to save you from further inconvenience
gl688s : and to get what you are promised
Me : And both previous chat reps involved a supervisor to get it taken care of yet again, here we are
gl688s : Have you spoken to a supervisor direcly>
Me : Not that I’m aware of.
gl688s : I will get my supervisor to join us and you will be directly dealing with her. I am relaying the concern onw
gl688s : *now
gl688s : So you do not have to repeat everything.
Me : thanks. I need to get this moving because I also have a job to get to and can’t sit here all day
gl688s : Connecting you now
ks7740-e : Hi Sharon!
Me : Hello
ks7740-e : I understand you want to follow up on the credit. Let me check on it.
agent : Thank you for waiting.
ks7740-e : We checked the purchase date for your Samsung and promotion at the time of purchase and we had the $100 offer under First Responder discount. There was a credit case created however it was declined since account is not eligible for the promotion. I’m sorry however there is no credit due on the account.
Reference Number: 744040067462851311
DATE/TIME: 2019-03-06 04:57:23
Your chat transcript:
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Me : Customer service
agent :
Let me get you to a specialist. Please tell us your first name.
Me : Sharon
agent :
Thank you. You will now be connected to a specialist who will assist you.
agent : Hi! My name is Gia. How can I help?
Me : Hi Gia. So, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 in November. I was told that I would get a $100 credit to my bill after 3 billing cycles. I am now on the 4th billing cycle. I have been into chat TWICE this month to get this taken care of and I was promised that it would be taken care of before my due date which is today and it has NOT been taken care of.
gl688s : Hello Sharon!
Me : I have both previous chats to show this information. BOTH times it was supposedly escalated and promised to be taken care of. I am NOT happy with this “customer service”
gl688s : I am so sorry about this.
gl688s : And I totally understand how you feel.
gl688s : Allow me to review the notes first, verify the actions taken and will do my best to help you with this
agent : Please allow me a moment to check this for you.
Me : ok
agent : Thank you.
gl688s : Sharon, I have verified that there is an urgent case created for this, I need to check for further details
Me : Please do. Again, I was promised it would be taken care of before this billing cycle and my payment comes out today so I’m guessing it’s too late for this one, but I do NEED this taken care of.
gl688s : I understand you, I will do my best to help
agent : Thank you for your patience. Please give me another moment to look into this further.
Me : Sure
agent : Thank you.
gl688s : Just to confirm, have you enrolled to the first responder discount?
Me : I’m a veteran so I’m enrolled in the AT&T thanks program, if that’s what you mean
agent : Thanks for the info!
agent : Thank you for waiting.
gl688s : Sharon, may I know where did you process this please?
Me : I started this whole process at the AT&T store here in Nashville back in November
gl688s : So I can further review as on my end I am seeing here that the $100 credit was for First Responder Appreciation Offer
gl688s : I am looking for the military appreciation offer
Me : Look, I’ve been told over and over that I qualify for this offer. I was told that IN store the day I purchased the phone..only reason I bought this particular phone. I am going to be beyond ticked off if they try to back out of it now. I’m furious with AT&T right now. I know it’s not your fault but this is bull
gl688s : Please I am doing my best to get this fixed
Me : First chat regarding this: Ariana S: I can see that as per the military discount you were eligible $100 credit for the purchase of S9. As you have already paid 4 installments and it has not been applied, I will go ahead and raise an urgent case for it so that it is applied before the due date.
gl688s : Once I find the right offer I can process this immediately for you
gl688s : I just need to review this thoroughly so I can get the approval
gl688s : And the line xxxx is this transferred to your account right?
Me : That is my number
agent : Correct.
gl688s : Allow me a couple of minutes to review this further
gl688s : Sharon please bear with me, I am now involving my supervisor for further assistance
gl688s : If needed will it be alright if I connect you with her? In case she needs to directly chat with you.
Me : Why should it be this difficult to get what I was told I was paying for?
Me : Yes, that’s fine…
gl688s : I am so sorry that you have to go through this
gl688s : We need to review the eligibility first and we also need to get approval for this, once we created a case this will be again reviewed by the back office team
Me : ‘I’ve been with AT&T a very long time, but this is really pushing me to want to change.
Me : I’m sick and tired of being run around. I was told in the store that this was the offer. I’ve been verified in two previous chats that I was eligible. Now, you’re telling me that it has to be verified all over agian.
Me : Some appreciation
Me : SMH
gl688s : We do not want ti lose you as a valued customer, and we will certainly do our best to help
gl688s : I would really love to help you out right now and if it were for me I would have done this for you already, however I am only bound to follow the processes that we have here in AT&T and with my level of authority I can only do so much, that is why I am involving my supervisor now, to get this resolved once and for all
Me : That’s what I was told the previous two times…involving a supervisor to get it resolved yet here I am once again spending way too much time on an issue that should have already been taken care of.
Me : Second chat: I have checked the details on your account and yes, I see that you are eligible to receive the $100 credit as you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 on Nov 11th. And you have also completed the 3 Billing Cycles.
Me : Again, I’ve been verified eligible for this twice already (not counting in the store when he verified me) and here I am.
gl688s : I appreciate all the information, the case that was previously creates needs further verification that is why we are going through this again
Me : Ridiculous and again, lousy customer service if these people aren’t doing their job right in the first place and making promises about having it taken care of.
gl688s : I understand how you feel.
Me : Doubtful
gl688s : So sorry for this.
Me : Again, I understand this isn’t your fault, but again, this is absolutely stupid that I’ve had to come back here THREE times to get this handled when it should have (1) never have had to be addressed in the first place and done right in the beginning and since it wasn’t (2) taken care of the first time I entered a concern about it.
gl688s : Yes I understand your concern
gl688s : That is why I want to help you out and make sure that this will be resolved once and for all|
gl688s : So to save you from further inconvenience
gl688s : and to get what you are promised
Me : And both previous chat reps involved a supervisor to get it taken care of yet again, here we are
gl688s : Have you spoken to a supervisor direcly>
Me : Not that I’m aware of.
gl688s : I will get my supervisor to join us and you will be directly dealing with her. I am relaying the concern onw
gl688s : *now
gl688s : So you do not have to repeat everything.
Me : thanks. I need to get this moving because I also have a job to get to and can’t sit here all day
gl688s : Connecting you now
ks7740-e : Hi Sharon!
Me : Hello
ks7740-e : I understand you want to follow up on the credit. Let me check on it.
agent : Thank you for waiting.
ks7740-e : We checked the purchase date for your Samsung and promotion at the time of purchase and we had the $100 offer under First Responder discount. There was a credit case created however it was declined since account is not eligible for the promotion. I’m sorry however there is no credit due on the account.
Me : I am due the credit under the military appreciation discount!!
Me : I’ve been told this over and over and over
Me : I have both previous chats showing that I am DUE this credit. One of them specifically states that I am eligible under the military appreciation. I was told this in the store when I bought the damned phone.
Me : Dated February 21: Ariana S: I can see that as per the military discount you were eligible $100 credit for the purchase of S9. As you have already paid 4 installments and it has not been applied, I will go ahead and raise an urgent case for it so that it is applied before the due date.
Me : “AS per the military discount” that’s what it says!!
ks7740-e : Let me confirm that.
Me : Dated Feb. 27th: Vincent Smith : I have checked the details on your account and yes, I see that you are eligible to receive the $100 credit as you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 on Nov 11th. And you have also completed the 3 Billing Cycles.Vincent Smith : Please do not worry, I am creating an Urgent Case for you, and I assure you that it will be resolved within 7-10 Business Days.Me : Well, sadly, I am going to worry until it is resolved. :-/Vincent Smith : I can understand it completely.Vincent Smith : I just had a conversation with my supervisor and I assure you that it will be resolved within 7-10 Business Days, you can also save this chat for assurance.
ks7740-e : Thanks for the information.
ks7740-e : I’m still checking the line xxxx.
ks7740-e : With the promotion for Military Starting November 10 – December 31, xxxx, one of the qualifications is to have a new line activated. Upon checking the line xxxx, this line is an existing line that came from another account under a different name. I’m sorry however to qualify, it must be a new activation.
agent : Just checking to see if you are there so we can continue.
Me : I am
Me : I am also furious. No one said it had to be a new activation…ever was that even mentioned
ks7740-e : I understand where you are coming from. We don’t know what transpired with your interaction with the previous representative as we only follow one process here in AT&T. I could not apologize enough if expectations were not clearly set.
ks7740-e : I am sorry we have been unable to reach a resolution that is acceptable to you. I’m sorry however the account is not qualified for the promotional credit.
Is there anything else that I can help you with? 
Me : Well, it wasn’t clarified with any of the other reps.
Me : That IS on you
ks7740-e : I’m sorry however the account is not qualified for the promo credit.
Me : Well thanks for the so called appreciation of your long time customers. This is total bull crap. Total!!!!!!! I’m so fed up with AT&T and your lies and falst promises.
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Do I need to explain to you how angry I am about this? I purchased a VERY expensive phone and was told I would get a $100 credit. Not once did anyone EVERY say that it had to be a new account. It WAS a newly activated phone I’m beyond livid and I’ve been with AT&T for years and years and years and this is really making me want to leave and find other service. YOU and YOUR COMPANY need to stand by what you promised and give me my $100 credit!!! I know AT&T isn’t going to go bust over $100 and I will report and leave reviews about this if it isn’t handled as promis


Kati March 1, 2019 at 11:56 pm

Paid off my cell phones 5 days ago. It took 4.5 hours of phone calls, 3 chats, two escalations to get a false positive response. Still can’t get phone unlocked because request is answered “amount owed on account”. Just spent another hour on the phone getting nowhere. Over 13 years with AT&T and their customer service just keeps spiraling downwards. It’s now customer disservice or move on…they’ll even hang up on you.


Rhonda Wickering February 27, 2019 at 8:08 pm

I am so tired of being lied to over and over by your people at DirecTV. I was MADE to accept and new receiver (even though I did not need one) and was told that I need to send the old one back and I would be receiving a return label. This was in Nov. 2018. I still have not received the label. When I called about the label again, I was told to take it to a UPS Store and they would send it back. I called the UPS Store and was told that this is a LIE!! They need a return label. There are others in our town having this same problem. We have decided that if you won’t do anything about this travesty, we may have to start a Class Action Law Suit against AT&T. I used to work for attorneys so getting one will not be a problem. If this problem is not resolved, I will be posting the problems we are having on Face Book, Twitter and You Tube. It’s up to you….you’re turn to jump through the hoops. We are tired of the lies.


JESS Riddle October 28, 2019 at 11:27 pm

Ronda Wickering I just read a older post from you dated Feb. 27,2019 lodging your complaint with AT&T. I don’t know if you ever got you complaint solved or not. However, I have spent a good part of my afternoon reading similar complaints from AT&T customers from all over the country some much worse than yours. Of being mistreated and defrauded through deceit and lies. There is a common thread running through them all, the customers were lied to over and over again while they were put through torturous activities and efforts while receiving rude and ignorant responses from various AT&T personnel. They received no help while their charges continued to rise up and up. No one can fight them alone but if we organize and stand together this is prime for a class action law suite . They try to make you believe you have signed away your rights and agreed to arbitration which is another lie. certain rights can not be signed away, in a contract of adhesion such as this and they stand liable. Please contact me by phone or email my phone # is 623-217- XXXX. now e-mail jrsr100@ now please don’t pull an AT&T and not respond.
Thank you Jess


Sharon February 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I have been a long time At&t customer and decided to switch to another service. In order to do this we needed to unlock my Iphone which has become a nightmare!!! Trying to unlock it both online and at an At&t store it keeps saying it can not be unlocked because we still owe money on the phone but when they pull up my account it states we do not owe any money on the account which is the case!! After 5 days of trying to have the phone unlocked with on line, on the phone at 611 or going to an At&t store NOBODY seems to be able to unlock the phone, because it continues to say we owe money on it and we don’t!! We actually have an $80.00 credit. Soon it will be March 1st and I am sure they will be trying to bill us for another month!! Nobody at At&t can help and we keep being told to talk to another person!! ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


Andrea February 25, 2019 at 4:47 pm

I had to cancel my service 5 times before AT&T closed the account. It took 5 DAYS for them to actually close the account; which seems deliberate so they can charge me for another full month of service. I have called 8 – 10 times regarding this past due bill that won’t go away even though each incompetent phone Rep. promised that the bill would be corrected. 2 months later still fighting the fighting. Unbelievable.


Lisa B. March 1, 2019 at 1:16 pm

I have been with att wireles for approx 10 yrs. renewed for a 2 yr contract I believe. I state that because the deal I got was a back to school special ; buy a j3 phone at sale price and get the j7 phone free. For 7 months I have been charged an installment fee for my j7 phone which was supposed to be free. I’ve called at least 15 times, checked into filing a complaint with the fcc. What does it take to get someone to push a button on a computer to stop billing for the free phone and to honor atts end of the contract. A reply would be nice. I have been told 3 times that someone would get with me in 48 to 72 hrs. Hasn’t happened yet. Waiting for resolution after 7 maths.


Jeff in Phoenix February 21, 2019 at 2:59 pm

Acct# 062788738
Working for a Government entity, I am used to paying recurring billing online. I usually spend +/- 5 (FIVE) minutes for the multiple DISH TV bills I regularly pay every month: the SOLE / only Direct TV bill I now pay took +/- 30 minutes to pay solely because DirectTV has _NO_ online payment options for COMMERCIAL/ Government accounts. I have to rely on a Direct TV CONTRACTOR (Commercial Call Center dba DirectTV’s “Customer Service Department”).
I wish to heck that
a)the powers-that-be at ATT Direct TV would get their collective heads out and offer Commercial/ Government accounts to pay online as they do for Residential customers and
b) AT&T Direct TV would list contact info for an actual ATT Direct TV _EMPLOYEE_ rather than (hiding behind) a commercial call center- perhaps there would not be as many complaints filed on a public forum and customers would stay with ATT Direct TV . As I previously stated, DISH TV offers this & superior quality to boot.
Come on ATT, it’s the 21st Century!
Please contact me for further elaboration- but I will not hold my breath.
You have my contact info listed under my account number.
J. Davison, PHX, AZ


Kevin February 19, 2019 at 11:49 am

I’ve been a customer of DirecTV for just about 20yrs. I recently received a letter in the mail stating that I need to upgrade my DirecTV equipment or I may lose my local channels. With this I called to setup an appointment to have a technician come out and upgrade my equipment. Let me back up just a little, about a year ago I had a DTV technician come out to upgrade my equipment the technician looked at what I had and told me that he could not get on my roof; see my dish is mounted to the side of my fireplace. So I told the technician to not doing anything and to cancel the appointment. Now back to the new appointment, when I made this appointment, I told the person on the phone that I was NOT going to relocate my dish as it has been in this location from my first day of service with DTV and it was installed by DTV back then. The person on the phone said that they would put this in the notes. Well once the new technician arrived he looked around and told me that he could NOT get on my roof that AT&T policy did NOT allow him. But he did say that where my dish was currently located was the best place for it since I have a lot trees to get around for the signal. With this I got on the phone to try and get this worked out, I got transferred to the promotion department. After going through everything again. I asked if they could just drop-ship the equipment to me at my home, the guy had to put me on hold, when he came back he told me that because it was an upgrade they could NOT mail the equipment to me that a technician would have to do the install. I informed him that, that would NOT be possible because I was NOT going to relocate my dish because I was NOT going have them drill holes in my roof to mount the new dish. I also let the person on the phone know that the very day I lose my local channels, that would be the day that I would cancel DTV.

It appears to me that since AT&T has taken over DirecTV there is a gap, from what the technicians are more than willing to do and what they are allowed to do, and as a customer I’m caught in the middle and that’s very disappointing to me. I am hoping to have this issue resolved and remain a loyal DirectTV customer.

Best Regards
Kevin McNemar


Kevin February 19, 2019 at 11:46 am

letter in the mail stating that I need to upgrade my DirecTV equipment or I may lose my local channels. With this I called to setup an appointment to have a technician come out and upgrade my equipment. Let me back up just a little, about a year ago I had a DTV technician come out to upgrade my equipment the technician looked at what I had and told me that he could not get on my roof; see my dish is mounted to the side of my fireplace. So I told the technician to not doing anything and to cancel the appointment. Now back to the new appointment, when I made this appointment, I told the person on the phone that I was NOT going to relocate my dish as it has been in this location from my first day of service with DTV and it was installed by DTV back then. The person on the phone said that they would put this in the notes. Well once the new technician arrived he looked around and told me that he could NOT get on my roof that AT&T policy did NOT allow him. But he did say that where my dish was currently located was the best place for it since I have a lot trees to get around for the signal. With this I got on the phone to try and get this worked out, I got transferred to the promotion department. After going through everything again. I asked if they could just drop-ship the equipment to me at my home, the guy had to put me on hold, when he came back he told me that because it was an upgrade they could NOT mail the equipment to me that a technician would have to do the install. I informed him that, that would NOT be possible because I was NOT going to relocate my dish because I was NOT going have them drill holes in my roof to mount the new dish. I also let the person on the phone know that the very day I lose my local channels, that would be the day that I would cancel DTV.
It appears to me that since AT&T has taken over DirecTV there is a gap, from what the technicians are more than willing to do and what they are allowed to do, and as a customer I’m caught in the middle and that’s very disappointing to me. I am hoping to have this issue resolved and remain a loyal DirectTV customer.

Best Regards
Kevin McNemar


Traci Jordan February 6, 2019 at 5:14 pm

Does anyone at the corporate level read these concerns. It appears that the same poor customer service continues with absolutely no changes. Does anyone respond and help the consumer with their legitimate concerns regarding customer service. Randal Stevenson are you hiring for a Customer Service Director. I’d like to apply. How do I do that?


Joe January 30, 2019 at 9:17 pm

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Book 2 computer from AT&T. I tried to install Microsoft office 2013 on the machine, I was unable to get it to work so I reached out to Samsung through chat on their site, I was told that it was a Microsoft issue, I reached out to Microsoft for assistance with the issue, the tech worked on the computer for a combined 8 hours of two days with no success, I asked if I should replace the machine and he felt that I should. I called AT&T at 8 am to see what I had to do to exchange the computer for a new one. I was told to call the loyalty dept. at 9 am when they open. I called at 9:15 am and after being transferred to several people none of which could tell me how to exchange the unit, I made the decision just to return it for a refund. after being transferred all the country being placed on extremely long holds, and hung up on I called the retention department to see if they could tell me how to send it back for a full refund, they didn’t know how so after seven hours on the phone I decided that I had had enough, I person that I spoke with told me that I could take it to an AT&T store to return it. I took it the store on Centre Dr. in Fairborn, Oh. and dropped it off. The person at the store stated that they would just put it in the trash. I called the customer NO SERVICE line and asked that they note the account about where it was taken and what the customer NO SERVICE person said as I was leaving the store. Given the number of people that I had spoken to and the customer survey that I had completed on the AT&T site I am amazed that nobody from management has reached out to me to try to resolve the issue. I have been a loyal customer for more than 6 years, I guess it’s time to look for a new carrier.


Robert E Lynch January 7, 2019 at 11:17 pm

AT&T should stay out of the culture war if they want Christians as customers. Your commercial with a young lady babysitting for two men going out for the evening is an obvious attempt by AT&T to normalize homosexual families. It only serves to disenfranchise a large portion of your customers.


Nina January 2, 2019 at 11:54 pm

Been a customer for years and now they are trying to rip me off. I have called several times to fix issues that they created and they have refused. Some reps have hung up on me, some have been rude, and others claim they put in claims, but never goes anywhere. They are charging me for a phone I did not have for the past two months. Then, they told me to file a lost phone with my insurance and so I did. Now, they are turning my other line off saying this was the line I said was lost. It is not even the same kind of phone. I will be finding ways to file complaints with everyone I can if this is not resolved soon!!!


Carol L Ackley December 28, 2018 at 3:39 pm

I am so frustrated with this company, I am sorry to say I have been with them for over 8 years. Today is the last straw, I will be looking for a new phone company with in the month. I have had the same issue now for over three months and I have had three different people state they have taken care of this issue. Now my phone is off and the money I owe is from a supposed fix that AT&T took care of per all the confirmation numbers that I have received for this issue. Company is terrible and so is the customer services.


Carol L Ackley December 28, 2018 at 3:30 pm

I would like to know why after 3 attempts to correct a billing issue that AT & T turns off my phone when this issue is supposed to be corrected.


Ben F. December 27, 2018 at 4:03 pm

I would like for upper management to reach out to me regarding a huge issue that I am currently having with my account.


roy reaves December 19, 2018 at 5:31 pm

I went to the att and got 2 phones for me and my wife I told them what I wanted to pay because I was on ss,3 weeks after I got the phones I get a bill for 400.oo,i called and they said that is my problem ,then at the in of the month I get a bill for 900.00 ..this co is a rip off and I am going to take them to corurt and get my money they after I paid for the phones this co needs to go back in time when people did the right thing .this co is a joke from tv ,phones,sucurity,and anything else tere in they need to put my 900.00 back in my acct my bills were past due cause of these people who don’t care about any thing but there selves and money..


Janet December 9, 2018 at 8:28 pm

It is a shame that att does advertisements on TV for Veterans, to get discounts for Direct TV, Internet and Phone. We changed the name on the account to get these discounts for my husband.which is a Veteran. When I called to get these discounts they said that he would have to buy a cell phone. I don’t know about anybody else but I think, that this is discriminating against some Veterans. What if a Vet is on a budget, and only can afford what he has all ready in is home. I don’t know if this makes any seance to any body. I don’t feel that some of these Vets are being treated wright.


bossmann November 27, 2018 at 9:55 pm



Gerald Blout November 23, 2018 at 6:44 pm

I have been through the most horrendous customer service interaction ever experienced with a business. I have made at least 5 calls to att customer service. Your automated answering robot, tells me 5 times how “I am a valued Customer” and then proceeds to handle me like you wish I was somebody else’s valued customer. 5 Times I’ve attempted to get to Fraud one time I was successful, the young man asked for the other phone number involved, I did not have it looked it up, I asked “can you call me back for the needed info”, no, when we hang up the call is ended. you’ll have to call back. So twice customer service transferred my call to Fraud? and it rang one time and disconnected. Once the CS person transferred and I listened to your music for 18 minutes. finally hanging up. I looked for corporate contact to let you know your Customer service and automated answering is the most frustrating, least help of any business I’ve ever had to deal with. But on my contact to corporate, you put me back in Customer Service rotation once again, and I was denied even that opportunity. So now I’m left with this whatever this is. A fraud issue still unresolved because your fraud department closes down on holidays’ I guess, but far as I know the holiday was yesterday? but then that’s AT&T Customer “NO” service I guess. A less than happy AT&T customer desiring to receive help to resolve a troubling breach of security.


Dee November 19, 2018 at 10:34 am

Apparently the only thing ATT is good at is generating revenue. I cancelled with ATT according to their cycle cut off date and they are still billing me and charging a late fee. This has been going on for 2 months now, dispite hours of MY TIME trying to clear this up calling them and reaching out to them by visiting one of their stores. I’m sick and tired of the “politeness” when you call and nothing gets taken care of. One time I spoke with this young woman, who was very rude and offered me a $25.00 credit on a $106.00 bill that I did not owe. Clueless!!!!!! Fix your mistakes ATT. Customer service is not just one of your polite robots saying they understand, it means taking care of the problem. What does it take to resolve an issue with ATT?


Alberta Carree November 17, 2018 at 6:46 pm

I have had the worst experience ever wit At&t. I had called to get phone service transferred on the 24 of November. I wanted it turned off at one address one turned on at another ace on the 24. I have spoke to about 5 people , all asking the same questions. They turned my phone off and and internet. Now I have no phone service service. I have spent countless hours speaking to people trying to straighten this out. They promised to return my calls but no one did. The tech come out thirty minutes later than scheduled and called me and said that he could not get the internet turned on because there was no internet running to the house. He said that he did not see a order for it either. Now three days later, internet still down. They seem not to value their customers because after all the calls no one has reached out. It is sad that this big company won’t value their long time customers. I may soon be calling the news channel. I am tired of waiting, I have paid my bill.


Donald Ocke October 4, 2018 at 2:41 pm

I recently bought some AT&T stock (advise from a friend of mine), I did not know that AT&T owned CNN, if I had known I would not have bought it. Cnn is an ultra liberal network that does not like the US CONSTITUTION or capitolism, I don;t understand why any corporation would want to own such a company. Being a stock holder I guess I own part of CNN, but believe me it will not be for long.


tonia smith October 3, 2018 at 2:18 pm

att suck double charging, can not explain the overcharges. stating its taxes. who charges
$60.00 in taxes????? I want my money back. they charge me upfront for a upgrade then
charged me again on the bill!!!!!!!!!!!!


shahnawaz ansari October 1, 2018 at 6:45 am

facebook castamer care number


shahnawaz ansari October 1, 2018 at 6:37 am

sir mr second account was hacked so waht can i do


Pam September 27, 2018 at 5:21 pm

Hours on the phone with ATT today. Spoke to at least 5 reps. Simple request.
1. Transfer account responsibility from our son’s account to us.
2. Change account plan from 15 gig to 5 gig.

Should have been accomplished in 15 minutes. Instead we had the most horrendous customer service we have experienced with ANY company in the last many years.
Have had issues with phone representatives at ATT previously – very long calls, but today was the worst. (Just a side note. Those reps we spoke with who seemed to be in a call center could not hear us and we could not hear them because of the noise level behind them wherever they are.)

No representatives seem to know any simple answers for simple questions. No rep we have spoken with knows how to give simple instructions .

In our case a person should have been able to quickly list the 6 or 8 steps needed to complete our request.

Absolutely horrifying that we had to stay engaged with ATT for a half of a work day. Are you going to pay us for our time?

We will see if the 2 tasks were accomplished properly. If not, it is time for us to give our loyalty to another wireless company and to let our friends know what to expect from ATT. So tired and exhausted from this effort that should have been pleasant and easy. Is there anyone out there at ATT corporate that cares?


danny w surratt September 6, 2018 at 5:39 pm

I am so sick of at&t you suck !!!!! You are to Big of a company always being transferred around from one recording to person to recording .


Pat Stryszak September 4, 2018 at 5:43 pm

I am leaving atnt as soon as I find a company. how can your employees give you a credit and then take it back. I sent the phones back. I gave them the tracking number then they told me they didn’t get them. I gave them the tracking number. Then after months of fighting they gave me the credit and I went to pay my bill today and it’s back on there. I had enough. Im done fighting. I tried to call corporate and I get put on hold. I looked up an email clicked on it then it went back to the website to the live chat. I have the whole conversation of the live chat and they wouldn’t listen. WHAT HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE?????? how is corporate suppose to know what people are going through? im still on hold as we speak. I foster veterans out of my home, fostered many of children, teach in church why would I try and lie about this? they didn’t care nor did they listen. you officially lost us as customers.


B.W. Fowler August 31, 2018 at 4:46 pm

After deciding to switch cell phone carriers due to “very poor to no service” I contacted your service department and requested unlock codes for my two cell phones. I received the code for one phone promptly and after nearly a week later, and not receiving the second code, I was at my wits end. At this point I called the corporate office and explained my situation. The next day I received a call from a very nice and helpful lady by the name of Ruth, Case Manager. She reassured me that she would get my issues resolved and she did just that! Kudos to Ruth! You need more people like Ruth!!


Patrica A. Cornell August 28, 2018 at 1:24 pm

Dear Mr. Stephenson, I totally understand since retirees can no longer benefit the company, you don’t want to increase any of our benefits; also changing our health insurance. The policy doesn’t make my life easier, but I do understand.
What I don’t understand is WHY I can not get a signal on my cell phone at our home & have to drive at least 13 miles to get a signal. I was advised ( by a customer service rep.) to buy a new 4G phone & then I could get a signal. Well, new phone & I go on vacation to Wyoming.
The new phone is very pretty, but does not get a signal any better than the old one.
I was always proud of working for AT&T/SBT. All I want is a signal; the neighbors who have Verizon get a signal. I don’t want a Verizon signal; I want an AT&T signal.
Thankfully I am old enough for my wants not to hurt me.
Sincerely & Respectfully, Patricia A. Cornell


Connie 10 August 23, 2018 at 1:41 pm

ATT changed their auto payment (credit card) date, so I was charged $122 (correct amount) on August 8th, but then again on August 21st for $144 (missing monthly credit). It is BAD enough that I paid twice in one month, but to have the incorrect amount and no one can fix it is ridiculous. I already spent 2 hours trying to get it resolved and so far, the only response I got was that’s it’s automatic and they cannot do anything. They apologize but offer no resolution. So, now people are dumber than computers?


Ralph Personius August 9, 2018 at 9:41 pm

I have been 7 going on 8 weeks trying to get an issue resolved with the modem that was returned on June 12. The bill office (THE BACK OFFICE) says that it was not returned an will not remove the $150.00 plus late charges on my bll. I have provided them with the UPS tracking number and the name of the person that signed for the modem yet the charges still say on my bill. Now I’m being threatened with the suspension of services if I don’t pay the charges in full.
In this day of computers it only take a push of a key for this to be taken care of. Unless this is AT&Ts new way to rip of the elderly that may not have held onto their return slip from UPS. My account number is146208800.
You may call and we can go over what has been going on, But if you are not in a position to do something as the has been the case with the 9 different people i’ve talked to about this don’t bother me and I’ll find a way that wont be so nice.


Melissa Roman August 5, 2018 at 11:57 pm

Since making the disastrous choice to use AT&T, I’ve had nothing but problems with the service itself and especially the hours, hours and more hours waiting to get any customer service! I am not exaggerating when I tell you I have lost over 24 hours of my life getting simple things sorted out. Took me months to finally be able to speak to someone that understands English and conducts business like a professional, just to cancel my service. Now it’s been months since and I am still getting bills. Time and time again I call to no avail. Waiting on hold for hours, only to speak to an incompetent. I can go into detail and waste several more hours of my time explaining! I have absolutely no more patience with this horrible company and since I can’t contact anyone to speak to either on the phone, chat, Facebook, Twitter or your message board I am here to tell you that this bill is not valid and it won’t be paid.


Jonathan Wilkes August 3, 2018 at 2:07 pm

AT&T Sold me a product that I really loved.
Then they told me that they could not supply the service that was sold to me when I bought the product! They tried bait and switch tactics and in the end I had to return the product that I purchased. When I went to return it prior to the 14 day trial period, they did not want to take it! The return took over 2 hours and I still did not get reimbursed what I paid! I have to wait two weeks and see if they will give me my money back!!!!!
I hope some one starts a class action suit against this company!!!!!


Melissa Roman August 5, 2018 at 11:58 pm

I’m with you on that.


Douglas Marco August 14, 2018 at 3:08 pm

I will join your class action.


Frank Alison November 27, 2018 at 1:13 pm

If someone starts a class action suit against A T T please add me to the list of clients that have an account with A T T . I have nothing but disrespect for the company where they promise something and in return we get a long line of complaints against the company. I have been since Oct. 5 2018 trying to get phnes but to this date nothing other than a group of hired help who say they can help but in the long run do nothing but speak words that they cannot fulfill. I musthave talked to at least 25 different peopleall over this country and thePhillipines and no one can help. cannot get to talk to a person in charge anywhere. Long live A T T and their unpleasant system of not taking care of their customers especially after being with them for over 18 Years


Joe January 31, 2019 at 7:52 am

I bought a computer that didn’t work, I spent 7 hours on 1/30/2019 trying to find out how to exchange or return. I finally dropped it off at a local store and started the refund process with my credit card. I also wrote one of these comments that has since been deleted.


Leah Burt March 15, 2019 at 3:01 pm



Kevin miller July 22, 2018 at 10:24 am

i have been a customer of att for 32 years and this past year has been so bad i an thinking of leaving att and tell all of my friends to do the same . about 2 or 3 years ago or longer i am not sure the date but i was contacted by att about switching to u-verse that i could bundle my services together and would make it cheaper and i was asked what my services were i told the person that we had internet landline cell phones and i was asked how we used our landline i said we only use it to received doctor appointments and i was told under u-verse it would be $10.00 as long as i stayed with u-verse and i was not told at any time it would change and then my bill stared to change and when i call att to see why it has changed they told me it was a promotion for the landline that is why it went from $10.00 to $42.35 and i called last month of June and then i was told it was a promotion for 2 years and it would be reinstated and this month of July my bill went up again by $26.00 . that is when att was charging me $42.35 for our landline so it wasn’t reinstated and i talked to at lease 5 or 6 people yesterday July 21 2018 and not one of them corrected the problem and i talk to one supervisor and she was no help at all so in closing i may very well be taking my business else where


Mark July 16, 2018 at 2:56 pm

I‘m writing to complain about Directv’s billing practices and to clear my small balance due.

My story begins as a very happy Directv customer for over two years. I was receiving monthly paper bills from Directv and paying on time thru April 16. 2018. On May 16, I left for a three week vacation in Europe, returning June 6. A few days later, on June 10th my Directv service was shut off while I was watching one of my favorite shows! I called Directv immediately and was told that I had not paid for service since April. I paid the past due and current charges totaling $292.23 with my credit card and service was restarted within a few minutes. On 6/18 I received a directv email invoice and decided to check it out. The monthly amount had increased $31 from $144 to $175 so I check the reason for the increase. This is where it all goes bad!

I notice a charge for $20 to restore my service and $11.00 in other new charges. I called Directv customer service I told them that I did not get my usual paper invoice and I felt that I should not have to pay that restore charge. They stated that I was on paperless billing. I told them I never signed up paperless billing. (However, I did start a new paperless AT&T wireless account in March 2018) Did this cause my directv paperless billing? Maybe!!!. I was told that they would look into removing this charge and get back to me in 48 hours. Well you guessed it; they did not get back to me. So on 6/20 I cancelled my Directv. I returned all the Directv equipment within a week and got my final billing. The $20 charge was not removed so I deducted it plus $.14 sales tax from my final payment.

I have now gotten to 2 additional emails telling me my balance is $5.14. How they got the $5.14 number is a mystery because I cannot view any new billing information. I’ve called Directv each time to get this resolved. Today I was told that my balance is $20.14 not $5.14 and that the restoral charge could not be removed.
Directv customer service is unresponsive and useless.


Victoria H. July 5, 2018 at 9:09 am

I have been an AT&T customer for over 25 years and I have never been more disappointed whit in past experiences as this most recent experience. My internet and phone system stop working on June 11, 2018. I called for services and was told they would FED Ex and new modem within two days. I waited a week and nothing came. A tech called me and said his name was Oscar and they was still working on my case and there was no need to call back. I waited another couple days to called back and was told that a modem was scheduled to be sent out on the 17th. Nothing came. Called for the third time and still received no help. Called a forth time and finally received an appointment for June 27. But do to a bad storm and power failure the tech who came out could not do anything. So I called a fifth time to re schedule .Please keep in mind each call lasted up to a least 30 minutes. So in spite of your rude and incompetent employees(please listen to the tapes) I finally have internet and telephones services July 3, 2018. I thank GOD that I did not have to call the police, the fire department or for an ambulance because I did not have a telephone for over the weeks. But then again no one at AT&T gave a damn.


les July 2, 2018 at 6:14 am

i have been with at&t for many years just got the newest note 8 and love it but when i went in to a store where i live i got treated very wrong the sales person did not tell me all about how to work my phone on the charging so because i forgot my my charger at a friends place i tried to use my old one and it broke that part of my phone i tried going back and talking with him and he was rude to me and said at&t will not help me this has been going on for 2 months now at&t told me i could get a new phone the stores say something different why cant the stores and at&t be on the same page so now i got to call someone from the main office for help im tired of getting lied to from lower at&t workers


thomas wessell May 28, 2018 at 10:43 am

Mr. Stephenson,
if you would stop spending company money on favors and take care of the company’s customers maybe AT&T would not be such a dour word in our culture.


Robert Quincoses May 25, 2018 at 12:10 am

I’ve been an At&t customer for the past 3 or 4 years; longer if you count periodically due the fact that these service providers treat new customers better than they do currents customers when its time to renew your contract; so I’ve packed up equipment many times and changed providers based on principal; something I’m not sure these large corporation realize still exist in the greatest country of the face of this earth; with the greatest, most amazing and patriotic citizens in the world. My story is unique in that not has a local At&t store here in Hialeah, FL, located of N.W. 67th, Ave., and 164th, called the police to have me escorted out of the store because I went there to resolve an issue of service that At&t had not resolved for almost 3 weeks, pertaining to my internet, cable and cell phone; even after making 2 previous trips to another At&t store; working with At&t employees to try and fix the service interruption, non service; and each time within 1 day, service was either interrupted, tapped in, cut; with one, or 3 services; my mother then went to the At&t store to try and resolve the issue, same result 1 day later. We then requested to have a service call, which took 4 more days for service representative to come to the condo; for which he changed the main modem and serviced all three TV’s, each one individually at length; all seemed corrected, except the following day, we began to experience cell phone issues again; and at this point, I wasn’t sure what to do. So I go to this local new store for the first time; I don’t what At&t says, will say, or can say. I have a masters degee, a law degree; have working as professional and in corporate America since laws school. It wasn’t that they couldn’t help me; they was an immediate concerted effort to keep me from resolving any issues with my cellular telephone service; At times, each one of the employees walked out of the store to make phone calls on their cell phone; they all knew who I was and what I was asking; yet they seemed like they didn’t know what to do about it; and I can tell you, it wasn’t corporate At&t they were calling. But I’ll tell you what to decided to do; they called the police to have me escorted out of At&t store property for trespassing; and told by the officers after with speaking to the woman manager, that I needed to leave, because they didn’t want to charge with trespassing, but it’s what the store manager was saying she wanted them to do. Can you imagine, An American Corporation, who even now, are litigation the biggest merger in US history between itself and Time Warner, and it’s only answer to American citizen, and customer for years, who walks into its store for help concerning a matter that has left him without cell phone service for over 2 /12 week; who explained to them that he was a victim from an online Malware attack; a very dangerous malware attack from a manipulative attacker, who accessed everything from banks accounts, to unemployment information, and everything else social medial, emails down the line. Do you understand the way these corporations, social media and service providers have set up shop, without the cell phone or the telephone number you listed on your account; not just any cell phone or telephone number that can be added subsequently, you cannot even recover your emails, social media accounts, or anything else down the line. Yes, I went to the back and found out since I have been unemployed, and with $2.09 in back, the attackers made three (3) payments out of my account, via wire transfers as if I made the payment for .50 cents each. Less than a week when I didn’t receive unemployment benefits, I went online to find out they went online as if they were me and shut down my benefits as if I had informed the State of Florida I no longer needed benefits. Two days after the home service by an At&t service man, we discovered an entire network that had been created, on our home system; a perverse network, but it could only be accessed by me on the new smart television I purchased 8 prior, but never used the smart aspect of it much. For some reason I accessed the network part of the smart television; and there before my eyes were things I did not think could exist in this, the greatest country on the planet; but there was diagrams listing each individual rooms, with titles such as kitchen, mother’s room, master bedroom, and more that I’m not going to discuss here. We then decided to drive 45 mins. to an Apple store, but the waiting list was 2 hours, so we decided to go into the At&t store next door; we met the most intelligent, helpful, and truly for At&t rep. that made any sense, and within 20 minutes had my cell phone service up and running for the first time in 3 weeks. 3 weeks that I could not secure 1 single email, social media accounts; which I only have maybe 3 or 4 email accounts and 3 social medial account. I began to work on the now 57 social medial accounts; live tv; XXXXX, and other accounts that reveal criminal activity at the highest level; for which evidence clearly and concisely details; yet even as of 3 or 4 days ago, we began to experience issues with our service; signals seemed to blocking At&t, either in or out; but we called on no less than 4 or 5 additional occasions in the past 5 days; on the last occasion, we spoke to rep., who finally seemed to resolve our issue in 15 mins.; but the previous call, 3 days before was the last straw where we have lost all faith that At&t has not been honest, upfront, or even legally by running interference or worse for criminal activity. We called them prior with service, all although having issues, and were told that they needed 9 hours to cut or discontinue our service in order for us to get service; No listen to me; we called with service, cell phone, cable and internet; poor, sporadic, but with service, and were told they had to put in a stop or hold on service for 9 hours in order for us to have service. When 9 hours turned into 3 days, 4 calls and still no service. With this filth, and network, or I’m not absolutely sure what it is, or where it was created, or sent from into our network; our home….with the highest expectation of privacy that exists in the law, in this greatest county on the planet; we lost complete faith in any and all integrity with At&t; We’re no longer under any contract with them; I still have the service here up because I’m mapping out my own answers and will figure out who, what, and why? We’re just working class Americans, no one of interest to anyone; but without that cell restored; it has allowed whoever choose to target me with an online malware to loose what little I had left; and at this point, what is left is only my name and my word. And I hope whoever continues to now threaten and force, and continue to attack, whether online or in person; yes, its become physically interactive; and it seems like the At&t’s of the US have all the resources, money, assets and power; where do you go with something like this; I’ve tried initially, but it only serves as self defeating; it sounds like something that happens in the movies, but wake up America, its alive and well right here in the greatest country in world; and if they want to take the last 2 things I have; my name and my word; they better be prepared to take them from cold, cold, cold body. One doesn’t belong to me, it belongs the my Lord and Savior; the other my father gave me, and its not mine to give. I have nothing else, its all been taken.


Randi Burson August 27, 2018 at 8:48 pm

I feel you . I recently moved to Florida and after several emails and postal mail I decided to give ATT a try. It has been a nightmare!!!
I, too, am educated with a MSN in Healthcare Admin and Leadership. 20 years as an Executive in the ever-changing healthcare world and haven’t seen anything like this in my life…..except for Verizon (total crooks)! For almost two weeks, I have had conversations with at least 10 “Asian” customer service and tech support people that can not understand what I’m saying and I can hardly understand them. All they want to say is “Um Hmm….hold on …..let me look”and then repeats the same thing I just said like they are stalling for time. I have had two technicians in my home and spoken with a “loyalty manager” in texas who all told me I could get the Sports Package on my cable for Fox Sports South (I’m originally from Georgia and a die hard Braves fan). I was told by the loyalty support guy in Texas that the “tech team overseas didn’t know what they were talking about and I could get the channel I wanted on U300” which mind you is two times the upgrade from the family package.
The second technician that came to house put a “booster pack” on my internet BUT NEVER TURNED THE DAMN THING ON so I thought it wasn’t working. So of course, the Asians tried to tell me I needed to UPGRADE my internet to 100MBS to solve the problem (which of course was an additional charge). Then the technican comes out on Friday and he figures out the damn thing wasn’t even on so he tell me I only need the 50 mbs that I was originally quoted. And that the Sports package was now loaded but he couldn’t get the channel I wanted to come up….just give it an hour. Of course, he left. Still no FOX SPORTS SOUTH! I call back today, get another ASIAN who repeats and repeats what I say. And tells me the channel I want isn’t available unless I go up to the most expensive package they have U450 which will be an additional charge. I tell her I want my channel and upgrade at the price I was quoted and no additional charge that that is false advertisement. She puts me on hold and 5 min later comes back and tells me “she very sorry, no can do, will be more charge….very sorry”. I then ask to speak to a supervisor. She says, “i doXXXXent you want supervisor to call you”. I said no, I want one now. She said, “I doXXXXent you want supervisor”.
I don’t know what to do at this point. I still don’t have the channels I want. I still have had no one call me. I’m still not satisfied yet my bill is $150. This borders on fraudulent and criminal activity. False advertisement, and straight lying to customers.
I think we have enough dissatisfied customers for a class action suit.I would really like to hear back from Corporate and see how they can resolve this and provide better service.


Brenda Laramore May 13, 2018 at 3:51 pm

I purchased 2 S8+ from AT&T after being with Sprint for over 17 years i decided to switch. I purchased my phone and my case for my phone from ATT on 6/14/2017. my phone fell while in the case and the back of the phone and since ATT or Samsung will take responsibility for it I filed a complaint with the FCC to get help on getting it resolved. ATT was quick to replace the case but not the phone. SMH! I spoke to a gentlemen in the FCC department with AT&T and they sent me this cheap LGK20 phone so that i will have a phone. I have a 128g sd card that i cant even move my apps to because it won’t let me and i even formated the sd card. In the meantime, i have sent my phone in to Samsung to get fixed and they want to charge me 216.00 to fix something that not even broken. they want me to replace my LCD screen that not broken! Its the back of the phone that is cracked. Samsung has lied so that they can get money from me and it aint gonna happen! AT&T. IF THIS IS NOT RESERVED WITHIN 14 BUSINESS DAYS (5/25/2018), VERIZON WIRELESS WILL HAVE A NEW CUSTOMER AND XFINITY WILL HAVE A NEW CABLE AND INTERNET CUSTOMER! THERE IS ALREADY A WAR OF THE MOBILE PHONE COMPANIES OUT HERE AND THEY WILL BE HAPPY TO GET MY MONEY!


Catherine Buda May 13, 2018 at 10:11 am

I am alerting you that one of your employees from AT&T/Direct TV/First Choice Communications; 638 W. Broadway Rd., Suite 401, Mesa AZ 85210 assaulted a 71 year old woman in Sun City AZ on May 12, 2018 at 3:15 pm, while canvassing an elderly neighborhood. His name is Mitch Mullins, DOB 10/19/19XX, license #: CEC 8250; Black Nissan Juke. This violent employee went to another home and verbally assaulted her even though she is a AT&T Direct TV customer. Mitch Mullins then conned his way into another home demanding the homeowner give him water and cookies. He wanted her to leave the room and he demanded this 3 times and was refused each and every time. Mitch Mullins had her sign a blank contract and would not give her a copy and then left with it. He then came over to my home and was told we did not want cable. He then went to another neighbor and and profusely banged on the door instead of ringing the doorbell. He was told to leave by us which he did not like. He then proceed to run toward me with a water bottle in his hand and proceeded to throw the contents at me while circling me to hit me on the head with the bottle. All the while he was shouting very vulgar obscenities (e.g., “I am going to stick my d**k in you, “you dirty mother f-er”, “you whore,” etc. He was told repeatedly to leave and he would not let me run away from him so I had to pick up some pebbles and that I would throw them at him if he didn’t leave. Unfortunately, I had to do it to protect myself. He had already ran away and went down another street. We followed him in our car to get his license number to give to the police all the while calling 911. The police were called and a complaint was filed with the County Attorney Office. Mitch Mullins used his position to terrorize the elderly in Sun City AZ. This is elder abuse and we do not have to tolerate it. This positing is for anyone to beware and not fall victim. This is to expose and depose this violent employee of yours. Hope this matter can be resolved in our favor.


Ellen L Smith LTC USAR Retired April 23, 2018 at 2:38 pm

I started out my cell phone career with AT&T. Do to cirXXXXstances beyond my control, I had to use other carriers for quite awhile. So when Direct TV told me of AT&T promotion in September of 2017, I was glad. However, now I am very sorry that I switched from Sprint with my twin sister. Promises were made that were misinformation and have not been followed at all. Promises made: 1. New phones–Ellen Samsung S-8 Plus, Elaine S-8
2, (Wrong) We get to keep old phones 3. (Wrong) AT&t will call Sprint to settle the bill
4. We will get what is left on a $650 Gift card each (x2) 5. Our Direct TV and AT&T bill would be combined to $280.00 or less. Sounds good, Right. We got our phones by special delivery and we were very happy with them. We waited and waited and waited and we finally started inquiring in January, 2018. We continued to get new information such as we needed to turn the old phones into AT&T to get the process started. So, I took the phones to AT&T close by and they refused to keep take them. They said it was too big a mess. So today is April 24, 2018 and all I have gotten is the run around. “It is too late”, “The back office will call you on Monday”……..”Wednesday”…..”Friday” No calls. Now I can’t get anyone to talk to me. I wish CBS was working on this now. This is sure BREECH OF CONTRACT in my book. I will give AT&T Until May 1 (7 days) and then I will start the law suit and Attorney General of Kentucky and BBB complaints. And , by the way, I am a woman, a disabled veteran and retired.

Ellen L Smith


Mike O'Kane April 24, 2018 at 9:16 pm


Every company wants to do its best and when things go off the rails to the point it becomes consistent, the CEO wants to know. Most CEOs only know what they are told or see on reports but AT&T’s CEO puts his email out there. Seems he wants the feedback. You can find him through google or his name is Randall Stephenson and his email is rs2982@ .

Stay professional, as I am sure he will be, and help him see through the curtain others have placed before him. Given the message, he may have to hire additional help to answer his emails so cut a little extra time out for him to respond.


see this here April 3, 2018 at 9:14 am

Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the
issues. It was really informative. Your website is very helpful.
Many thanks for sharing!


Annette Crenshaw March 27, 2018 at 5:19 pm

The absolute worse, I will not pay my money to a company where workers in Philippines lie to you, I will be contacting FCC, Have already asked for recording of my conversation with rep, Loyalty Dept. in Las Vegas says requested them to be expedited then transfers me back to Philippines. Resolutions dept who knows where says i can send a email to president from where?


Darci March 28, 2018 at 1:22 pm

DON’T SWITCH INSTEAD OF SAVING $$$ I HAVE NONE OF PROMOTIONAL COMPENSATION & OWE $800 FOR CELL SERVICE TO BOTH VERIZON & ATT F0R SAME MONTH ATT OUTRIGHT lies MISREPRESENTS ITS bait & switch PROMO SUPPOSED TO COVER COSTS OF SWITCHING INSTEAD HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! NOT ISOLATED INCIDENT OWE $323 ATT(told would be $124) &VERZON $468 (@300 DEViCE installment ATT was 2 pay) IM FURIOUS! not to mention ATT was to pay $179 per TRADE IN 4 TWO IPHONE 6s/ instead $49 store credit NO VISA CARD FOR $358 ATT promo of $650 pr line 4 costs of switching from verizon promo stated ATT to SEND $300 reward card NEVER GOT! PLUS BOGO free OFFER for 2 iPhone 8plus I was charged for BOTH phones??? ATT has no problem sending texts & updating bills but NOTHING RE WHERE ALL THE THE INCENTIVES I WAS PROMISED are


Darci March 31, 2018 at 7:30 pm

ATT practices are a”MONEYMAKER & CONSOLIDATION of dependence on their services HOWEVER ATT & DIRECTTV ARE GATHERING NEW CUSTOMERS WHO ARE MAKING DECISIONS W/ FALSE & MISLEADING INFO BY ALL EMPLOYEES- ALL CALL CENTERS/ ATT RETAIL STORES /DALLAS/AUSTIN/PA/SOUTH EAST ASIA & THEY BOUNCE PEOPLE BETWEEN ALL WHILE BILLING THEM MORE WHILE PROMISING LESS IT BORDERS ON STEALING/W ACTIVATION FEES NEVER DISCLOSED THREATS OF DISCONNECTION WHEN HAVING JUST SWITCHED WHEN BILL IS TWICE WHAT EXPECTED THIS HAS TO BE LEGALLY DEALT W A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IF YOU ARE A LAWYER WILLING TO TAKE THIS CASE ILL BE YOUR FIRST CLIENT I read all of these complaints and I M BAFFLED WHO IS RUNNIN THIS COMPANY? is it like a mafia with the acquisition of Directtv ? having Uverse/wireless/directtv & being now able to combine & consolidate offering incentives/300 reward cards for becoming more and more dependent on this company. Offering 400 reward cards for keeping services when having moved ( both I Have personally qualified for BUT have never received) FCC must get involved as ALL of the services ATT/directv/Uverse entail everything needed by each person in modern society. They have no business doin business with the current lack of customer service based on lies/mispresentation incentives leaving out the loopholes they never communicate prior to customers’ agreement to switch from verizon to ATT in wireless dept/or change tv & internet to be a direct account from previous uverse account ALL of which becomes a labyrinth you can never gain solutions from or anything close to the pricing you were promised


orin jackson March 21, 2018 at 4:59 pm

F-ing AT&T sells you everything, then lies about the price, bills you higher later and you can never reach anybody to speak with them…..except Habib in India……..


Joyce March 17, 2018 at 1:46 pm

AT&T is the ABSOLUTE worse business company I have EVER had to deal with in all my 55 years of being a business professional! The customer service representatives tell you one thing and then when you get your bill it’s a lot higher that what they told you. When you try cal call them to fix the problem, you can NEVER get anyone to actually help you! You keep getting transferred or given other numbers to call and no one helps you. Most recently I was told I could save over $50 on my monthly bill. They said if I switched my business plan to a wireless plan, they would not charge me for the cell phone (only the sales tax which I had to immediately give them my credit card info), AND they also said I would not be in a contract. When I received all the information on my email, everything was totally different, including charging me for the phone! Today is 3/17/18 and I’ve been trying since 3/7/18 to get this problem resolved and after wasting over 4 hours of my time on the phone and calling a million phone numbers and getting transferred a million times, the only information I received was to send back the phone which I did on 3/13/18. Yesterday I went to another company to change carriers and get rid of AT&T for good and the new carrier said AT&T told them my account is FROZEN and they can’t port the phone number!! I then called AT&T myself and the cust service rep said everything looked fine on my account and he couldn’t understand why the phone number wasn’t ported! I then got transferred to 4 other people who couldn’t help me and the last one they put my on hold for, disconnected the call!!! I guess I will have to write to the CEO, Randall Stephenson, again (I’ve had to do this before) and see if my problem can get resolved. I know I am not the only person that has experienced problems with AT&T because it seems like EVERYONE I talk to can’t stand dealing with them! One more thing I may add…I have ALWAYS paid my bills on time!


Larry Garrett March 21, 2018 at 5:30 pm

What address did you write to Randall Stephenson at? Thanks


Richard Vella March 12, 2018 at 3:01 pm

AT&T is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with! Your customer service people are a bunch of liars! You do whatever you want because you’re so big! It’s just an amazing company I was actually rooting for you to buy time warner! But now I hope you don’t, I hope the government wins. In fact I’m probably going to make a complaint to the attorney general of Massachusetts!


A.Abedi February 16, 2018 at 1:59 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to inform you about my Idea regarding to the charging the battery of electrical devices such as cellphone, tablet, laptop, etc, without connection to the electrical sources.

In this method I used the special materials from green energy and the benefits of this method are including: energy saving, reduced the environmental pollution, costs, time,

At the moment I’m living in Iran and my expertise is Nano technology , and would be my pleasure to give detail information regarding to this Idea at any branches of your company in middle east which is close to Iran.

I would appreciate your concerns regarding to this matter.

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Michael West December 26, 2017 at 2:37 pm

I was an AT&T landline customer for 37 years with a sterling payment record. I paid $235/month for internet, telephone and TV. I paid $60 per month for cable internet. I paid $45 per month for AT&T landline phone and I paid $130 per month for DirecTV cable with HBO. I was a DirecTV (account no. 28562770) customer for 3 years. My payment records were excellent. On June 8, 2017 Christine (Employee#KM5655) a DIRECTV representative offered me a DIRECTV family package. The representative stated that I could lower my total monthly cable bill if I got an AT&T-DirecTV bundle package. I was quoted a total price of $129.96 per month with tax for AT&T internet, phone service for $39.99 (Advertised price), and DirecTV Family Package with HBO only for $89.97(Advertised price). AT&T phone installation cost was $99 and would be paid in 3 equal installments ($33/month) attached to my cable bill. I agreed to a 1 year AT&T-DirecTV bundle contract for the bundled services. A phone installation date of June 14, 2017 was set. Christine gave me confirmation number 3331281820. Christine stated that I would be charged $180 if I cancelled my bundled service agreement within 1 year. On June 14, 2017 AT&T removed my landline and installed a digital line with phone & internet. For some inexplicable reason AT&T created a new account (#251257181) with the phone installation. Payment was made to DIRECTV on or around June 28, 2017. In July 2017 all my services (Internet-Telephone-TV) were disconnected for non-payment of my bill. AT&T stated I owed $273.47 and was past due $89.97. The total charges on my bill for July 2017 were $404.05! I had to pay $273.47 to restore my services. My cable TV service was not restored and my previous DIRECTV account (#28562770) was closed by AT&T. AT&T charged me activation, reactivation, and installation fees for a new DIRECTV account. AT&T added multiple premium TV channels (Cramming) to the new account. I had only requested the HBO premium channel. AT&T never obtained my agreement or permission about any account modifications. I never consented to an increase in price. The original agreement (contract) was to reduce my monthly payment. I previously was paying about $130 per month for cable TV services. I called AT&T several times trying to resolve the billing mistake, restore cable-TV service and receive an explanation why my DirecTV account was closed. I spent several hours on the phone and internet talking to representatives. I sent letters and “chat” online with AT&T about my situation. AT&T representatives acknowledged seeing notes on my account regarding the closing of my DIRECTV account but didn’t understand the reason. AT&T representatives stated that I did not have an UVerse account and I should contact DIRECTV. DIRECTV representatives stated that I was an UVerse customer and transferred me back to the UVerse section. All representatives stated they didn’t have any record of an active DIRECTV account for me. In August 2017, I attempted to obtain a different telephone and cable service due to poor telephone service and no cable-TV service from AT&T.
AT&T would not release my telephone number. On August 11, 2017 I talked to Adam in the AT&T “Loyalty/Retention” department. Adam determined why I wasn’t receiving cable-TV service but stated he could only fix the technical part; I would have to talk to billing to correct the statement errors. I requested termination of all services from AT&T. Termination request were performed by AT&T representative Dana. I received an email from AT&T stating they are installing Internet-Phone, and DirecTV cable. On August 12, 2017 I received an email from my closed DirecTV account confirming my termination and was being charged a termination fee. I hadn’t received cable-TV since the disconnection in July 2017 and the telephone service was questionable.
On 12/18/17 I received a copy of the letter sent to the FCC Appeals Bureau from AT&T Office of the President. AT&T stated that on 12/12/17, I refused to speak to AT&T unless it was a recorded line. I previously attempted to communicate with AT&T by telephone, chat, mail, and certified USPS mail about this situation. My account was sent to a collection agency stating I have an outstanding balance of $246.55. The erroneous outstanding balance was created by AT&T billing errors when my DirecTV & AT&T account was combined. I spoke with AT&T representative Via Tomos from AT&T Office of the President on 12/18/17 about my account situation. She stated that I cancelled the contract and was responsible for late termination fees and other charges. She stated that I was only without cable-TV service for 2 weeks according to their records. She stated that AT&T would not remove the early termination fees. She stated I would be contacted by the DirecTV manager because she didn’t understand other activities and charges on my account. This feels like Déjà vu.


Carole Robertson December 22, 2017 at 2:55 pm

May I PLEASE have someone from at least middle management contact me about the challenges I have been having with AT&T broadband, VoIP, and the ugly red headed step-child… DirecTv?  I have been quite a happy customer of DirecTv for 20+ years UNTIL the big MOVE!!  I did my due diligence, so I thought, to bundle services in order to keep my beloved DirecTv and unfortunately since August, I have had a NIGHTMARE on my hands!  All I want to do is for someone WHO CARES about the end user (customer), outside of your call centers (script reading, tunnel vision, robotic staff) who no one knows who’s done what, how, when and why… NEVER doXXXXenting, to TALK TO ME SO WE CAN BOTH GET ON THE SAME PAGE and settle this billing problem once and for all.  I do NOT want to have you come in and pull everything out (as I had been considering even switching my cellular service from Verizon since I now live in Texas to AT&T), BUT am just about at that point.  I have spent at lease 10 man hours and several days of frustration getting transferred to this person and that and given excuse after excuse.  As of today, 12/22/17, this is it.  Either someone contacts me quickly to understand what has taken place and FIX THE PROBLEM or I go elsewhere… and leave behind more than just this complaint.  The time has come where COMPETITION is the rule of the day again.  Belly up to the bar or lose yet another…  


Willams December 24, 2017 at 12:59 pm

Pissed beyond measure CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!


John Marcoullier December 22, 2017 at 12:35 pm

Dear Mr Stephenson, My father was a proud employee of AT&T for 30 + years starting in Boston and ending in Providence. He enjoyed retirement for a few years before dying at age 67. It was a comfort to him knowing his wife would continue w/ his pension at a reduced payout. He was also promised by AT&T the pension would receive regular COLA increases. This however has not occurred save one instance. My mother has been collecting the same $11,000/year for the last 20+ years. I do her taxes. I know. If you are able to announce to the world the $1,000 bonuses to some 200,000 employees perhaps you can see your way to send more $ my mothers way. She’s still in Rhode Island in the same home my father provided her where I was raised along with four other siblings. Have a Merry Christmas. See you on TV during the AT&T golf classic.


s,shepherd December 20, 2017 at 5:55 pm

i have had the worst exprience with att employee on keeping their word.i had 3 app. and no one showed up to install internet at my home .i am very disappointed in their services….with 10 being the worst i give them a 10+


Stephanie December 6, 2017 at 5:51 pm

I got the AT&T internet, home phone and uverse in July. We made several apt to get installed, half of which they didn’t even bother to show up for. When they did show up they gave us a temporary phone # but didn’t bother to tell us. We had sick parents and didn’t even know we didn’t have a working phone #. Then the billing problems started. As if that nightmare wasn’t enough to scare me away from AT&T forever, I got cell phones. I spent 20 yrs with Verizon and loved their customer service and their service. I went with AT&T because I was told that they don’t charge the line access fees, the activation fees and that I would get a $25 credit on my TV. Well, my first bill came and of course I get charge line access fees, activation fees and now, somehow, I don’t qualify for the $25 TV credit. GO FIGURE!!! AT&T is a bunch of liars!!! Today I was told that their headquarters doesn’t have a phone #. LOL, a phone company with no phone # at headquarters. My bill is more for 2 phones with AT&T then it was for 3 phones with Verizon. AT&T is a trashy company!


Beverly Cura December 4, 2017 at 12:07 am

On Fri., 11/24/17, I went to the ATT store at 7150 Fairlane Village Mall, Pottsville, PA and asked to have my cell phone # changed. I’m home all day, handicapped w/MS, and was tired of all the solicitation calls. I’m signed up w/the DO NOT Call but still get between 10-15 calls a day. Young girl gave me a list of new numbers, I picked one and off I went.
On Sat., when I went on line to pay my bill, my normal bundled bill of $151.00 was $199.99.


Lemuel November 6, 2017 at 11:00 am

And the credit travels to one man who had the courage
and also the volition to express the data with the rest with the willing entrepreneurs and also the other normal population. Answer each of the queries inspired
to you on project developments and growth.

One in the biggest concerns for every single employer is deciding who gets higher priority – the
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Steven Layton November 5, 2017 at 11:16 am

I would like to praise the two AT&T employees that connected our home to the internet recently. There does not seem to be a specific email address for comment on this topic, so I will be using this forum to serve that purpose. As an aside, perhaps such a link should be created and made easy for customers to find. I am left hoping that the exemplary individuals that helped us do get appropriately rewarded, but unsure that this dialog will reach far enough to become encouragement for others.

We have long been disatisfied with the speed and care offered by our local fixed wireless internet provider. At the same time we were quite reluctant to switch to AT&T from experiences years ago regarding our telephone service.

I only know first names so hopefully saying that our house is in the North-East San Antonio Metro Area, and knowing the function served by these employees can lead your staff to their proper identity.

Ultimately, we took the plunge to switch to AT&T for internet.

First out was the installer, Jeff, October 31st, who engratiated himself by working with us to meet our wishes concerning the entry point for the house, and fully explained each step that he performed. He also alerted us to a noise problem on our lines that he felt was related to the aerial route of the incoming cable past a CPS pole-mounted transformer.

Before Jeff left he assured that we got our download speed and notified us that getting the upload speed seemed to be impossible.

About a day after Jeff left our download speed dropped to half, and then a day later our internet connection completely failed. Placing a service call was easy and the response visit was fairly quick.

Salvador arrived, November 3rd, to troubleshoot our problem and soon discovered that the aerial route and the transformer location were incompatible with our internet needs. Again, each step was fully explained and a ground-surface line was laid between the street-side box and our house which re-established the full download speed and slightly improved our upload speed. Salvador also placed an emergency order that will bury a shielded cable as soon a scheduling permits.

We are so very happy that we switched back to AT&T, and recognize that the new company deserves to be complimented in both their improved customer relations and with their technological solutions that allow high speed internet to reach properties at the limits of the last mile.


Permy Thuha November 1, 2017 at 8:49 am

RE: Return of Equipment Account # 159891650 – Very dissatisfied customer

I am returning the referenced equipment to ATT due to my dissatisfaction to address the billing and payments made on the account with both ATT and Direct TV. My efforts to address the amount owed have been flipped back and forth from ATT and Direct TV several times and nothing has been solved to-date. Let me make it clear, I would still like to have the Uverse and a phone line at 1718 Clay Street but the ordeal that I have gone through leaves a very bitter experience and taste in my mouth. This account was opened on March 1, 2017 and was closed on July 27 or 28, 2017. Based on the agreed plan that I had signed up/agreed to- my monthly billing should have been $113.85 for Direct TV, a phone line and Uverse Internet services. In those five months when the account was closed, I had paid $699.01. At that time the balance still owed is in excess of $600.00. How on God’s green earth does ATT/Direct TV charge more than $1000 for five months of account activities?
The combination of ATT and Direct TV billing in one account was a disaster where no one person understood or had access to the entire bill. I have spent at least six hours trying to unravel the billing nightmare with the collection agencies and Direct TV and ATT billing personnel. I am a professional accountant and to-date have not been explained how/why the five moths’ bill was in excess of $1000. At the time the account was closed the payments made were way in excess of the agreed billing plan. If somewhere in the process the monthly billing had changed, shouldn’t someone at either ATT or Direct TV have reached to me? I am sure that I am not alone with this billing problem.
Let me suggest that ATT and Direct TV should break up this union if they intend to serve their customers with integrity and transparency.
I intend to raise and this problem to the highest level(s) of management and look forward to a resolution and credit to my account so that I can decide the way forward.

Very dissatisfied customer.


Erica October 31, 2017 at 4:39 pm

I have AT&T Uverse Service bundles with TV (U300, Internet, and home phone) I pay $245 each month. This company allows their billing department to keep consumer’s money when the issue is their mess up in the first place. I came home one day in June to find that I had no dial tone on my landline. The technician and I went through troubleshooting for an hour that did not work. I called back in August to deal with another hour long troubleshooting call that didn’t work and the technician had the nerve to say it was my phone that may be defective. I called again in September and spent another hour on the phone and finally a technician suggested to send a Tech out. The tech showed up, went into my closet to access an AT&T box to run to signals and finally my landline service is back up and running. The two Techs that were in my home both agreed that I should get a credit for all the months that I had no service from June to September. When I called back the customer service rep tells me that my issue did not justify a credit for that period because her notes said my phone was fixed when I got off the phone with their reps the first couple times I called. I told her that was nonsense because the only way to have my phone fixed was to have a Tech show up to access the box in my closet. My phone never worked from June to that time. I escalated to a manager and she only gave me a credit from Aug. to Sept. because some previous notes said my phone was defective. Mind you it is a brand new cordless phone that I am currently using till this day. Bottom Line is, ATT will do anything to keep from refunding you your hard earned money. Their service is unsatisfactory!!! I deserve a credit from the time I called in June with my first complaint until the day the Tech came to fix my phone line!!! They have kept my money in their own pocket instead of rightfully giving it back to me! Everyone know that their services are very expensive. They don’t help you save any money but that is another story that I could tell about their uncaring service. The worst company ever! I will be moving out of this apartment just because of the number of unsatisfactory events that were not handled properly. ATT is out to take money and does not care about it’s customers!


DG October 30, 2017 at 1:27 pm

Been AT&T Small business and personal Customer since 1940’s when it was Bell Telephone, prior to breaking it up. Never changed. And the evil of the Patriot Act has allowed AT&T to dump on all of it’s customers because it collects data for the Government, which everyone seems OK with, since everyone buys into the notion they are not any threat until the Government says they are (wake up, America!)…
AT&T mandates contract “renegotiations” every yr “in order to get the best price for services offered”. Hate it, should be one price, the end.
Renegotiated contract in August, told would receive same contract as previous years due to good customer for decades, and never missing one payment, never!
Received bill following month, was almost $200 more than what bill should have been. Contacted parties at AT&T which guaranteed contract, told to pay amount from the previous month, they would ensure “problem” resolved. Payment made, early, as usual.
This month, received 4 different notices of amount due, all 4 reflecting differing amounts. Called AT&T immediately Friday, could not reach the three parties I was transferred to in August, due to the way AT&T has to put contracts into place, and who guaranteed last years contract, but did reach “supervisor” who lectured me, said the parties who guaranteed contract did not have authority, only he could resolve issue, which would have increased monthly payments over $50 due to “changes under News You can Use”, on BACK of bill and last sheet online. (should be on FRONT!). Was lectured about importance in paying bill, spoke in very condescending manner, refused to realize I was told other parties guaranteed contract and I was paying what told, I had been paying what I was told, obvious I was trying! He wouldn’t hear of it… Have never been spoken to by anyone so filled with authoritarian malice. After his spewing what an irresponsible person I was, how I was probably not a good business person (86 years, always in the black), I had to do what he said, told him I couldn’t rely on his information, that I was told by parties A, B and C, contract would not change; how did I know he was actually in a position to make ANY guarantees except it was his opinion of himself and his position, that according to him, my bill would increase, yet promised by others who said same thing about their authority to keep same contract. Would call Monday and try to get resolved. He also stated I waited too long to renegotiate, (not according to letters from AT&T and timely manner in which I took action) In office early this morning, service cut off, “cut off”, no phone, no fax, no internet, no email…NO BUSINESS! and this was initiated by power happy guy on Friday. Contacted office of President, they have proof I have been trying to get this resolved (computer notes), and are trying to get service reinstated until issue can be resolved. This is extortion, no one at AT&T has any authority except power guy, att service sucks, phones always crackly, internet slow, in and out, even Cell phone service sucks, but have no alternative to switch internet or land lines due to franchise agreements by corrupt individuals and politicians in city where I reside.
Wish we would all just boycott…demand from our politicians to investigate this “legalized extortion” and put a stop to it. But, waste of time, again, AT&T collects data for gov to spy on all of us and these decisions to allow this behavior are endorsed 100% by the swamp.
May or may not have service temporarily reinstated until issue can be resolved, but know I’m loosing money but who gives a crap. Government and AT&T will get all I have before all is said and done, just a peon after decades of loyalty to a company who’s decisions are made by persons who get to hide behind a closed door….brave bunch of #SW!@’s


jim h October 28, 2017 at 10:10 am

We brought a new home last year so I call direct tv not att , we did a two year plan for 100.00 month total, but every month we have to call now we are 1 yrs done now the new reason is because we don’t have att phone or internet so now the bill is going up. So ATT let me tell you I will do without then to have anything to do with ATT, and also by the way you talk to the US when you order from them any thing goes wrong afterward you talk to some oversea…. SINCERLY NOT A ATT CUSTOMER EVER……..


Bob Lackey October 17, 2017 at 4:17 pm

So I ask, ” doesn’t an appointment mean anything”. He looked at me like I had 2 heads.
This is the second time I have had issues with this store. I will never step foot in that store again!


Stephen Sholar October 17, 2017 at 10:18 am

As a retired employee it is difficult to realize how ATT can arbitrarily raise my rate when a 2 year contract was obtained. In Feb of 2017 I obtained a bundle, U-Verse TV, Internet and phone. My bill was around $149.00. Just recently, Sep 2017, I contacted ATT to have my telephone number changed of which ATT stated there would be no charge for the change. That is when my nightmare started with ATT. I received an ATT Conformation Statement showing an increase in my monthly bill to about $190.00. I called ATT approx. 6 times and was told since I changed my phone number the phone and internet promotion were eliminated, by mistake, on my two year contract. I was able to reinstate my Internet promotion; however the monthly phone bill issue has been a nightmare. ATT was never able to reinstate the $20.01 promotion but was able to give me a $12.00 promotional discount. All I did was change a phone number. Why is ATT not honoring the $20.00 promotion for my phone even though I have a contract with them? Is it OK for ATT to breach a contract whenever they deem necessary? The Louisiana State Public Service Commission and the FCC needs to investigate ATT for these practices because I do not believe I am the only individual that ATT is slowly raising their rates due to minor changes in service. At one time ATT was a huge corporation and was broken up by the Government. Appears they are too big again. I would like to see my issue resolved but I am not holding my breath.


Kathleen Boyts October 12, 2017 at 3:48 pm

On September 10, 2017 our home was in the epa center of Irma on Cudjoe Key Florida. We have not been back and in the process of clean up for the past 30+ days. The first responders were amazing helping getting the infrastructure back up and going fairly quickly. Cudjoe Key was one of the last to be reconnected to water, electric and other nessities. We are an ATT customer for many years in IN and then we transferred it to FL. Comcast not only told customers there would be nor charge to them till they had been restored, they also were restored to internet weeks ago.

This being said, we have made numerous calls to ATT and doXXXXented everyone front the time of day to whom we spoke to. Many were in the Phillipines and really were clueless to what had just happen here in Florida Keys. They even admitted it. We were told that a ticket had been issued and someone would be coming out to help us. As you can guess no one showed up even after serveal tickets were issued. This is now 10/12/2017.

Grace from Customer served has now called us on 10/12/2017, once to say there was someone at the house. Really…we walked out side and looked everywhere and even down the street…no one was here. She called 3 more times to say someone was coming. She stated she escalated the ticket, Still no one. ATT customer service is failing miserably and we have seen on social media that thousands if not more across the US feel the same way. I can say for a fact on Cudjoe Key Nextdoor the sentiment it that many are going to change to Comcast. ATT lost an major opportunity to step up to the plate and take care of thier loyal customers.

My husband runs his business from his home office and having internet it critical. We are seriously considering changing to another carrier. And for sure will be using social media to share our experience with ATT. It’s truly a shame that it’s driven by that mass number of customers that have not had this issue and those of us, even just one customer that just wants this issue fixed in a timely manner.

Repectfully Summitted


Laurie McMillan October 2, 2017 at 2:09 pm

On August 28th, I lost my home in the flood. I have moved in with my Dad, temporarily. Also, on August 28th, we lost AT&T services at my Dad’s. I have repeatedly called to get an update…to NO avail. On Wednesday of last week, I called again. I was told that the issues had been rectified and could not understand why I didn’t have service. A service tech was scheduled to come out on Thurs…between 1:00 and 4:00. Ha…NO SHOW. I called again and was told that the service had been placed on hold because they were still working on a cable. Of course, no one bothered to notify us. On Saturday, my Dad received his AT&T bill…for services that he has not had. No home phone. I just called again. I was transferred 3 different times…to people that I cannot understand…and who cannot understand me. Nothing was accomplished. I am LIVID!!!! Of course, AT&T doesn’t care! Guess I’ll start looking for services from somewhere else!!!


Michele Sholl September 25, 2017 at 7:42 pm

To whom it may concern:

I am a long term customer of AT&T, and have had many of the “perks” that come along with being an AT&T customer. For many, many years I had your roadside assistance, which we practically never used. My daughter called for roadside assistance on June 5 of this year and was told that they, Allied Dispatch, your provider, could not help where she was located, which ultimately ended in her having to call the state police and they aided her in getting an independent contractor, costing out of pocket $357. I have been trying to get my monies back from Allied Dispatch since July 1 to no avail. I have been given nothing but the run around by a Tiffany Hughes and an Ashley Vaughn, both of who are totally incompetent and useless. I have a folder full of emails from both of these young ladies assuring me that they are working on my reimbursement, but to date, I have not seen my money. “You” cannot call them because no one ever answers the phone, the only means of communication is email and if you are lucky they respond within a week. I was told originally that it would take at least 30 days for me to get my money back, but I think 90 days is a bit excessive. I have called AT&T repetitively, and they have been superlative, but ultimately it is out of their hands. In my last email to Allied Dispatch I assured them that if I did not receive my money back by 9/22/2017, 90 plus days after the original phone call on June 5 that I would contact corporate headquarters and recommend that you find another vendor for your services. I have NEVER had any unsolvable problems with AT&T prior to this. My recommendation would be for someone to look into the service that they are providing on your behalf.


Michele M. Sholl


what is a 401k roth ira September 15, 2017 at 5:16 pm

With a 401(k), you control how your money is invested.


clair toles September 15, 2017 at 12:14 pm

Today has been a bad day with att. my home phone has not been able to receive incoming calls. I have talked talked to Janey x2 ,sherri and sheree who gave me a phone number for Gloria my case manager 858-886-5500 case #NC1706264 of which when I called that number the person sheree ( she was really argumentative with me) and said this was the employee emergency number.. I called back to att got janey again and told her what sheree said that this number was att employee emergency phone number. janey said that this is the number for Gloria my case manager of which I am getting the run around from customer service.the installation has been completed but I still cannot receive incoming calls. no one would give me case manager Gloria phone number.


Gene August 26, 2017 at 6:32 pm

I made the biggest mistake almost 9 months ago. I switched from Comcast to AT&T. Never used the service before. I tried for 6 months to correct my billing. I signed up for the 89.99 bundle package only to start receiving bills for over $300.00 dollars. After reaching someone in the Executive office and a bill totaling over $1400.00, I was promised various credits. My services were turned off on two occasions and phone line interrupted once with a 98 year old person living in the home. The representatives basically called me a lie after reading all the notes and stating I decline the 89.99 bundle package. I paid over 1,024.13 (Jan – Aug) on a package that was approx. 102.00 with taxes. You figure the math. They had to nerves to say I still owed them 300 + dollars.

I had a different account with the same problem. The only difference is that they told me I was lying after the 1st bill came out. Again, I didn’t sign up for the 89.99 bundle package.

There are a few honest people in the company. One representative calculated the total and look at the credits and stated, “Mr. Cosey your account should show a credit”. Another representative sent me the original contract show I signed up for the bundle package for 89.99.

I refused to by the 300.00 so the service was terminated. Then they stated, ” I owe a cancellation fee of 380.” 2 services cancelled in one day for their mistakes. I stated, “See you in court”

Never would I recommend AT&T / DirectTV to anyone


Janet M Carrick December 28, 2018 at 12:17 pm

Thank you very much for your post.I have been with Cox for 27 yrs but after reading all of the above THERE IS NO WAY I would switch to AT&T.


Bonnie & Ronald August 22, 2017 at 6:04 pm

I certainly hope that this will be reviewed and responded to by someone in authority. If not, I will continue to write and call until I receive satisfaction. If all else fails, I will take it to the news station

On 7/6/17, we had an AT&T installer at our house to install the land line and internet. Direct TV was there at the same time. We were switching from Comcast to AT&T/Direct. That was the biggest mistake we ever made.

While AT&T installer was in our attic, he broke one of our water pipes. He calmly came in the house and announced that there was a broken pipe. We immediately turned the water off to the house. AT&T called a plumber and he came out and fixed the pipe. He asked the installer if he broke any other pipes and he told him “no”. The installer left. The plumber asked to turn the water back on, and when it was, found that there was another pipe broken. It wasn’t noticed immediately. The plumber was trying to discover why the water pressure was low.. then found out that it was due to the other pipe being broken. Turned the water off again, and fixed the second pipe. Roto Rooter was called by AT&T to come in and do the drying out of the house. Our garage ceiling fell in , the kitchen ceiling, the master bath and the third bedroom. All of our wood flooring had to be taken up, the walls cut, to remove the insulation that was wet (soaked). Roto Rooter was there for 4 days, drying out and removing the damaged walls, floors, etc. Roto Rooter submitted an extensive, detailed report, complete with photographs of all of the damage.

We have been in a motel since 7/7/17. We cannot stay at the house due to the open ceilings, walls, exposed insulation and all of the dust from removing the flooring, walls and ceilings . I have COPD, and just finished fighting breast cancer. My husband has had open heart surgery and suffers from PTSD. This situation is not helping any of this. We have been told that once a contractor begins to work on the house, it will be at least a month before it’s finished. This will include flooring, replacing the ceilings, walls, insulation, kitchen cabinets and painting everything again.

We are not asking for anything that we are not entitled to. We just want our house put back the way it was. By law, that is what AT&T is liable for. If we can’t get the satisfaction that is due to us, then, I guess the nice person will be replaced by a royal “XXXXXX”. If that happens, we will be suing for the house to be fixed, and, damages and emotional distress for all that we are having to endure.

The sad part is that we had already remodeled the house. Everything was new. And now, AT&T doesn’t want to put it back the way it was. We’ve been with AT&T since it was BellSouth. However, I would never recommend this company or Direct TV to anyone. They certainly don’t stand behind their customers.


jeff vega August 19, 2017 at 11:42 pm

Absolute worst bundle service after less than 45 day 8 calls to customer service 3 to billing ,3 to loyalty ,I still can’t get correct bill. Zero customer service, questionable integrity and unbelievably incompetent. I finally had to cancel for my sanity. I will never every use any of ATT services or recommend them to anyone .


marty prenner August 18, 2017 at 12:50 pm

I hope this review gets read in time to discourage possible perspective customers from making a huge mistake in going with U verse.

I sadly backed in to U verse 10 years ago. I was on the phone at that time discussing a problem with ATT, when the customer service person suggested U verse to me. I made notes along the way of that conversation, and not having a current provider made the mistake of joining U verse. What got my interest was being told that I had a “contract” that would keep all prices current. That unfortunately turned out to be a lie.

You are probably asking why did I stay with U verse for almost 10 years. here is the fact. Every single time I had a rate increase or an incorrect charge, U verse was quick to help and do the right thing at MY expense. Let me state that from the get go, I had a bundle, of phone,internet, and TV.

Here’s what you need to understand. EVERY TIME that you make a legitimate complaint U verse would resolve the situation, BUT it came with a non disclosed contingency, which was that one of the parts of the bundle would be extended. So, in reality you would not have your bundle ending on the same anniversary date as when you started with U verse.

ALSO, there is NO SUCH thing as a ” contract” with U verse. They are truly PROMOTIONS. And heaven forbid you fail to contact them prior to that specific promotion ending, they slam you immediately on the next bill at 100% charges. Than you have to do a song and dance, dump through hoops, COMPLAIN, and than they help you by finally doing the right thing and make the proper credits. WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW is that they continue to give you the latest PROMOTION, NOT A CONTRACT, for another period of time, BUT still extend certain portion of the bundle. Translation= you are once again not told that your bundle is ending along the way at different times.

The final straw was when I had enough of U verse, and finally severed the relationship this year on May 19th. I actually told them 3 weeks prior that I wanted everything cancelled on May 19, and that I was going with a new provider. Her is what the FAILED to tell me. THEY FAILED TO TELL ME NOT TO CANCEL MY PHONE. What I did not know, and they did, was that if the phone was cancelled I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PORT MY 30 YEAR HOME NUMBER TO THE NEW PROVIDER. It actually took me 3 weeks to get my number ported over to COMCAST.

U verse is a total joke. And by the way, COMCAST has an incredible picture reception.


LS August 14, 2017 at 7:11 pm

Are any of these complaints answered or does at&t lock you in and laugh? I was on the phone with your customer service for over 2hrs. and to no veil nothing got resolved. This had to do with your one of your many employee who sold me a phone and Insurance. I asked twice (and have a witness) if there was a deductible for use of insurance, he told me straight out NO!! 3 month later I get a bill for $250.00 for a phone that had a broken screen. The phone was not dropped and the agent at the apple store even inspected it and said it was a fall-tee screen. I feel you need to train your employee not to lie just to make quick sale. Or is that the way AT&T works????


LS August 14, 2017 at 7:13 pm

will be waiting for a respond!!!


J Smith July 26, 2017 at 2:20 pm

To CEO Randall L. Stephenson How could you justify the Want To Be Dictator using the address to the Boy Scouts Of America as a political platform. Dear leader Twitterlini must think these young men and children are his new Brown Shirts. This customer of many years and many services and (combat veteran) I am sickened by your support of Putin’s Boyfriend !


brenda goldberg July 16, 2017 at 6:12 pm

We signed up with at&t-directv on 3/26/17, install 3/28/17. we were promised a $ 200.00 gift card. NOTHING!!!! I have been calling the store mgr. Brian and he tells me they are backordered 6-8 month. I spoke to Deanna at ATT, and told it expired the end on march. the mgr does not HELP!!.And we should of received it last month. Since calling around I just found out that I had to send in my final bill for the switch. I entered them on June 16. Got shot down 4 X. Here are my tracking# 787537731 & 78753XXXXX.
I am so tired of me doing the work. I will be glad to let the BBB know how your company work and the mgr Brian works

5555 Whittlesly Blvd

plus your email address DOES NOT WORK
—– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–

(reason: 550 5.1.1 … User unknown


ml October 1, 2017 at 5:25 pm

The same thing is happening to me right now. This “manager,” Mark, told me to not deal with anyone but him due to all of the problems I have had with AT&T. He promised me the $200 Visa card, so I could break my contract with my other provider. I got $100 Visa card, and now they are saying the other hundred is in coupons! Seriously! Oh and Mark the manager won’t answer my emails. Last time this happened, I called AT&T. They emailed him to call me (today the AT&T rep said they don’t email like that. Oh, really? Last month they did). He called last time and said my emails were going to spam. He said he fixed that and had me email him right then. He got that email. So I’m back in spam? or being ignored? I have been told nothing but lies by this company, and I have been with them for 30 years! My stupidity.


thomas November 6, 2017 at 7:01 pm

on December 2013 the house was vacated and put on the market, It sold March of 2014, Prior to leaving the Aqueduct home, from the account changed four hands, to SBC Global sold out to AT&T franchise, AT&T U-Verse came to the Aqueduct house, removed my modem and installed their new AT&T U-verse internet system. then in about one year, I closed the account on Dec 2013 got cancer and was so sick I could not even make out how to write a check. My bank the Fraud department called asking if I approved AT&T to keep taking money from my account? I said no. My bank gave me $1,200 dollars for this years fraud, January to October 2017. then AT&T denied owing me and said I never closed the Account. now it is November 2017, they finally stopped billing my account after reading all these complaints we need a Class action Law suit filed on behalf of all those ripped off, but I contacted the State Attorney General which the FCC told me was best move next. after reading these I am going Big on the Law Suit Evidence demands a verdict. I still have Cancer and need more chemo, but I am going to fight these thief’s worse then mISIS or Killary klintonn


Yolanda July 7, 2017 at 6:37 am

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Frank Huyter July 5, 2017 at 2:10 pm



Frank Ciasnocha July 1, 2017 at 4:33 pm

I did a post earlier, why is it not appearing on here???


Evert Wright June 29, 2017 at 10:39 am

AT&T is attempting to acquire Time Warner which includes CNN. I personally have been happily using an AT&T subsidiary service, Cricket Wireless as have many of my relatives. If, however, AT&T acquires CNN in its current form with present out-of-control politically motivated management, reporters and personnel with no drastic changes made, we will be changing to another cell phone provider. Additionally I will not consider using any other AT&T associated products if I am aware of the connection until that blight is corrected or eliminated. It would be refreshing to actually have real news reported detailing the facts from all sides, not contrived drivel. Both broadcast and print news is sorely lacking such an unbiased information source at this time. Everything is opinion and innuendo. AT&T has an opportunity here to change that. I and my family will be watching.


Carla June 26, 2017 at 12:05 pm

AT&T used to be a good company. It’s making big bucks but no longer will provide service for it’s products. I spent 3 hours on the chat line trying to get service for a landline that was out. The chat line is overseas and the person will call you and promise service. If you are going to give up they will connect you with a line that rings for 10 – 15 minutes with no answer. After 3 hours I was finally connected to a live person who connected me with a repairman and was told it would be 6 days before our landline can be repaired.

3 hours and this is a communication company!

With the population exploding and the increase in customers AT&T has not increased their repair people for 2 reasons – it’s more money for the company’s CEO’s so they can buy that 5th or 6th house in Europe. And all they want to do is sell products and leave you in the ditch when your service goes out. It’s all about money that the wing nuts at the top care about!

Also watch out if you have a landline – they have made it known they are getting out of the landline business – another reason why we have to wait 6 days for repair! Thank God we didn’t bundle!


Martha June 26, 2017 at 3:15 pm



Martha June 26, 2017 at 9:00 pm

Has anyone noticed that the comment /complaint I left earlier today that was right under Carla’s comment/ complaint has disappeared from this article/ group? Well that’s ok because i have it saved and shows all. I hope y’all read it because this has been going on since September of last year. Why was my complaint removed from the site? I’m going to pay to put in the local paper what AT&T is and has been doing to all of us. Maybe someone of Power can help us. I’m going to also submit a complaint to our attorney general office and all that will listen to Stop This Money Hungry company from trating customers that is making them richer the way they are doing us. I Pray all of ayou will do the same. Martha. we’ll see if this one disapears as the first complaint did today.Martha


AL LUONGO July 8, 2017 at 8:43 pm



Teri June 24, 2017 at 1:40 pm

I am tired of talking to your customer service department and speak to representative from other countries. There are constant communication barriers that provide for poor customer service. I will join and encourage others to boycott at&t and direct tv until you decide to bring the customer department back to the United States


Kelly Little May 31, 2017 at 9:18 am

This is not my first complaint but my issue still has not been resolved and I don’t know what to do. I do everything I am told to do and still it does not get resolved. This has been an ongoing issue since May 3, 2017 when I signed up for the bundle deal with Direct TV, phone and internet. It started when I couldn’t get anyone to schedule an appointment for me to have the phone and internet installed. I finally got it scheduled for May 19, 2017. The next day I found out that I had to pick my dad up from Chemotherapy so I called to reschedule until May 22, 2017. I called 4 times and did chat and was assured that it had been changed. I also got a call from James in the porting department that my number had been ported and that they would be out on May 22, 2017 to finish installing my phone. I took the day off. No one ever showed up to install the phone or internet. I contacted chat and was assured that they would be out that day (May 22, 2017). No one ever showed. I called the escalation department on Tuesday May 23, 2017 and was told that they had come on the 19th and that no one was home. They then transferred me to the order department where I was told that the order had been closed since the work had been done. How can the order be closed when the work had not been done. They then transferred me to the repair department since they said this was now a repair not an order. The repair department gave me the runaround and would not tell me what the issue was and would not schedule anyone to come out. They then transferred me to a Ms. Black who informed me that since my phone was still active with Time Warner Customer Service had to do something or they could not finish the install. I asked her why no one had called me and she said they don’t call customers when there is a problem. I told her about all my calls, my rescheduling and my call from James and she proceeded to tell me that she didn’t believe me and that I was lying. She said this at least 10 times. She told me I would have to call customer service the next day because it was 6:00 and they closed at 7:00 so I couldn’t talk to them. Which made no sense to me but I did as she asked and called back Wednesday May 24,2017 and was told that my number has been ported, that I was already being charged for the phone and internet and that a technician was scheduled to come out on Monday May 29, 2017 between 9:00 and 1:00. I took the day off again and no one shows up. I lost 8 hours of holiday pay because of it. If I had worked I would have gotten paid the extra 8 hours for the holiday. The stress has been so much on me that last week I wound up in the emergency room with chest pains. Turned out to be anxiety but that was another $300 you cost me. I am changing to your service because of money yet you have cost me a lot. I am still having to pay for Time Warner which is twice as high as you are. I can’t disconnect my phone and internet until you come install them at my home. I have talked to the following departments numerous times without ever getting the same answer: Customer Service, Customer Loyalty, Escalations, Orders, Repairs, Porting, Sales, and Chat. I have also put in complaints with Corporate and Social Media. I contacted Social Media and they just referred me back to where I had already been for the last 3+ weeks. If my social media at my company did that they would get fired. If they can’t handle the complaint then they find someone that can. I do Customer Service and we have to be honest with our Customers, help them resolve their issues on the first call, give them correct information and treat them as important since they are our life line. Without them we don’t make money. If you don’t want me as a customer please let me know and let me know why. I don’t know where else to go or what else to do. NO ONE wants to help or give me the correct information. I was told that my number had been ported over which means you are saying that you have my number but haven’t yet given me the service. Can someone PLEASE contact me and let me know what I need to do to get my service.


Tim shreve May 25, 2017 at 2:19 pm

Your customer service is horrible. I made an appointme to get service installed on the 23rd. The tech came and had the wrong equipment. He was there for 10 hours and 3 days later, i still have no service. The equipment is installed, but no service. No one can yell me why. So, when your equipment comes back to you smashed into little pieces, i wont be able to tell you why, it just is!

You cant even get to a person that can solve the problem, just people who tell you different stories. Worst customer service ever.


Cristina Martinez May 24, 2017 at 9:10 pm

I have had AT&T U-verse and Internet service on and off for several years.
In late January of this year I decided to switch my Internet and TV service to Spectrum, as they provided similar services (actually, slightly higher Internet speed) and the promise of great customer service.
I called AT&T customer service around end of January – early February, to request for my service to be disconnected. I was informed that the Direct TV service will be disconnected and there was jo penalty, as for the AT&T U-verse, there will be a penalty. Late February I received a bill –  I called customer service to clarify that I had already requested for my service to be disconnected – the person I spoke to said that there was no record of my request. I started from the beginning, explaining that as of Jan 29 I had Spectrum as my provider, therefore did not need two different providers and two separate bills. I was told that I will need to return the equipment and that my request will be processed. Unfortunately, I had to go out of town and was unable to take care of that for few weeks – when I returned, there was another bill, even higher, waiting for me.
I called customer service once again (end of March) and I explained to them the situation – they told me that they do see where I requested for my service to be terminated (in February!) and that as soon as I return my equipment, I will have a $0.00 balance. They told me that I can return the box at any AT&T store – that did not turn out to be the case, as when I took it to the Town East Blvd store, they refused to accept it and instructed me to actually take it to an UPS store. I did so within a few days.
Around the same time, I was approached by phone by Direct TV / AT&T and eventually I was convinced to switch back to  AT&T. The representative I spoke with was very courteous – I explained to him the situation I was in, and he told me that as I am switching back, as soon as all equipment was received, the slate will be wiped clean. I proceeded to cancel my service with Spectrum and switched back.
I called AT&T customer service around May 7th, as I found a bill for the bill cycle 3/23-4/22 for $308.15; I was informed that both my AT&T and my Direct TV old balances are $0.00 (Lourdes was the rep for AT&T). Both representatives apologized for any confusion and instructed me to disregard the bill.
Imagine my surprise when I received a collection letter stating that I owe $308.15 for U-Verse services on my old account. I called the collection agency and unformed them of my previous week’s conversation with AT&T’s customer service – the representative from the agency told me that all she sees is that I have a balance and that I better pay it before it starts affecting other issues. She suggested that I call AT&T again. Which I did. I spoke with a representative who informed that I need to return the U-verse equipment. I informed her that I had already done so, and I requested to speak with her supervisor. I was on hold for 55 minutes. I hung up and called again – I was transferred 2 times; when finally someone got on the phone, they reviewed my account and informed me that I have a 0.00 balance due to the fact that the collection agency had “bought my debt” – also, I was informed that there is all they can see and that I need to call the collection agency. After asking for more details, I was finally told that they can see that I did have a $308.15 balance – as this information seemed to be quite contradictory, I requested once again to be allowed to speak with a supervisor. I was put on hold and had to hang up 45 minutes later, as no one picked up.To summarize, I am extremely disappointed not only that my few requests to cancel my service were ignored, but also that despite all my attempts to communicate and clarify, I was unable to speak with a supervisor, even after waiting for very extended amounts of time. I assure you that I never had the intention to pay for cable and TV service for both AT&T/Direct TV and Spectrum. I did cancel in a timely manner with Direct TV and followed the same suit with AT&T. For whatever reason, the U-verse part seems to have fallen through the cracks, I have to wonder if I made a mistake in switching back – the fact that I receive different and contradictory information not only when I speak with different representatives, but also when I speak with only one, along with the lack of access to a supervisor, makes me very uneasy about the current and potential future need of assistance from customer service.


NoOneYouKnowButTheyDo May 24, 2017 at 11:10 am

Day 1, DirecTV installed satellite in bad location, installed inside incorrectly, never tuned for signal. AT&T tech called cancelled that day, called the next, cancelled AGAIN! I INFORMED them if they did not show up for the next day appointment to send someone to retrieve ALL equipment from DirecTV!! After all, I received NO paperwork and I had NOT signed any paperwork! The remote malfunctioned that day. I called DirecTV, spoke with a spv., requesting a replacement. He absolutely Refused! I said, ‘Really’! He said, “uh huh”. I asked if he had to quit school early and how he was able to obtain a position there! I wouldn’t hire him, but I would educate him on manners with protocol and professional services! I informed him I would call the Arbitration Board first, then Corporate and file other complaints as well! I did exactly what I stated! Day 3, AT&T tech shows up. I informed him I had a name and password for the router, an email address and password for the att account. He looked at my 2 laptops, desktop, 3 iPads, a Mac, 4 iPhones, and 5 other cellphones. I was talking to a brick wall with solid mortar! He went out, back in about 4 times, then announced he was all done! I’m asking him for paperwork, and don’t you need my signature? He said, “no, we have everything “. He left. Needless to say I was angry! The Arbitration Board did FedEx overnight to me a replacement remote! Later in the afternoon of day 3, I went to the store. It’s less than a block and I needed to calm down. Upon my return in my mailbox was an envelope. I opened it and went totally ballistic!! Here another person has signed my name!! The outrage had my blood pressure just skyrocket!! I immediately called AT&T! COME BACK TO MY HOUSE AND GET YOUR EQUIPMENT AND NEVER COME BACK!! No one LISTENED!! I sent letters to the President, CEO, Attorneys, FCC, FTC, BBB, and I’m still CALLING everyday!! This was over a year ago! My phone doesn’t work! It’s usually busy if you try to dial put or in! 7 months after installation they finally sent a tech to relocate the receiver outside! He also repaired and reinstalled the inside connection properly for the t.v. reception! Just before the end of 2016, my phone worked for 28 hrs! Thrilling, right!! Every month AT&T has the audacity to bill me for services I do NOT receive!! My phone doesn’t work at present time! AT&T CANNOT EVEN SEND THE BILL ON TIME!! IT’S ALWAYS AFTER THE DUE DATE!! SINCE, I had to fight to have the email the original tech made REMOVED BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW THE PASSWORD!! SORRY, I DON’T SHARE MY PASSWORDS!! HERE’S WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING FOR OVER A YEAR! COME BACK AND RETRIEVE YOUR EQUIPMENT!! I STATED IT WITHIN 6 HOURS OF INSTALLATION!! I WAS SERIOUS THEN AND MORE SERIOUS NOW!! I HAVE STATED TO TOSS IT IN THE RIVER! OR AGAINST THE BRICK WALL AND CONTINUE UNTIL IT IS LITTLE TINY PIECES!! AT&T THINKS IT’S CUSTOMERS ARE NOTHING, WAKE UP CALL!! I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT YOU!! BUT I WANT YOU IN TINY PIECES!! YOU RIPPED ME OFF!! FORGED MY NAME!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!


Renae Black May 19, 2017 at 5:01 pm

I have been a loyal AT&T customer for several years but have become frustrated with poor quality TV service and internet speed. For example, the service goes out at least 5 times a week right in the middle of a show. I upgraded the internet speed to highest level, but I found it to be slower than before. The price continues to rise. I eliminated the add on movie channels and still the cost if just too much. I tried to rationalize this, thinking the service is part of my entertainment budget for the month. Looking at it that way resulted in me having to be a homebody since it was getting so expensive. AT&T is cost prohibited so I canceled service and changed to another provider.
I called to cancel and the representative tells me I have a ~$250 early cancellation fee that I agreed to in March 2017 when I got a discount on a movie channel. She goes on to tell me the rep must have gotten my verbal consent for this and followed up with an email that confirmed the cancellation fee. The bottom line is that I was not informed of another year service or a verbal contract. The email was not a verbal or written contract either. They could not show me what I signed to agree to this 1 yr contract and then early cancellation fee. Show me my consent. They can’t do because it was never done. Now they think I will just agree to this termination fee.
If AT&T needs its customers to be locked into a contract then they need to make available a legit contract that requires written consent as with all other valid contracts. We sign contracts from many things these days such as buying a home, a car, renting a home, etc. Never in a million years would a verbal consent even be considered in these legal transactions. Why does AT&T think this works with their contracts?
I am glad I am leaving AT&T behind.
Be aware of these tactics. I am sure they figure it is too much work for customers to dispute these fees, but not me, lol.


michael diaz May 12, 2017 at 3:27 am

Please read transcript chat
Reference Number: 724333063502693942
DATE/TIME: 2017-05-11 23:41:41

I called customer service yesterday around 14:37 but never helped me on my reset.
I chatted with Kristoffer S online and reset my cycled as Peter Promise. But still not happy about customer service manager and representative whom said that it was impossible for me as a customer. They also said they gave me the wrong information. They treated me as a liar and is not good form me and my family.
my contact. 787-598-XXXXX crowmanpr at


Robert May 8, 2017 at 1:09 pm

I have had DirecTV service for 17 years and they have always provided great service.
I call on 04/4/26/17 and notified them I was going to be moving.
Gave all pectinate information for the relocation of service. On 04/01/17 I get a call saying they were available a day earlier and could send someone out same day for install. The tech gets there and tells my wife that we would need to go wireless and the cost would be $99.00, I say fine. He leaves because his work order did not have the wireless genies on it.
The following day a tech shows up and leaves. on Thursday a tech shows up and the wireless isn’t on the work order so he leaves. By this time I have already spent several hours on the phone with customer service trying to get it worked out. On Friday they send a tech to my old address. Finally on Saturday a tech shows up and his work order is wrong but he makes a call and gets it corrected and the service installed.
It took 5 techs, me having to take off a week and at least 8 hours on the phone to get service. The easy move was not that at all!! I would love for someone other than customer service to call me and explain what happened. I never had this issue till AT&T’s purchase was completed. It made the chore of moving even more stressful and aggregating.
I have employees and customer service, If they all acted tis way I would not be in business very long.
If you could give a negative star I would.
Horrible service! No customer care.


Art May 5, 2017 at 10:40 am

I have been waiting for 7 days for a response from a supervisor in San Diego named Alfonso. phone # 858-693-2207. His voice mail says he will get back in 24 hours. I have called 4 times in that period no response. I have to say that AT&T without a doubt has the worst customer service of any company that I have dealt with. In the past I have been hung up on and essentially lied too. After this issue I am going to look at Comcast to replace AT&T service.


Helen May 5, 2017 at 3:43 pm

Yes I’ve experienced the same issues I’ve been calling AT&T about my direct TV issues finally cancelled and was told no fees would be billed to me SURPRISE I was billed $410.00 spoke to 5 Customer service reps all said I would get a call back from ATT regarding this outrageous bill for cancelling my direct TV 1 month gone by no call ATT need to get better C/S people to work for you I won’t ever go back to ATT cable again, all of you at I hope you all loose your jobs here in the states I won’t have to worrie won’t need to talk to a rep anyone that speaks broken English or lies bad service I’ll pass it around to family and friends. bye bye for ever loosers


Alisa April 28, 2017 at 12:31 pm

I recently added a line after convincing my husband to port his number from Verizon to At&t, after doing this; I received a large bill from At&t and immediately called At&t to resolve this billing issue. My first call, the customer service rep wanted to go line by line of the bill which I had already explained to him which parts of the bill were in dispute, I explained to him that I understood the bill and I found to be an overcharge. He kept excusing himself and placing me on hold, this went on for a half hour, suddenly, I was transferred to someone else who was extremely rude and hung up on me. Then I call back, again, I wait to be assisted by the next available customer service rep, who again wants to go over the bill line by line, I was patiently allowing the rep to go through parts of the bill, when I finally said, look, I know what part of the bill I am disputing and I would like to go over why I am being over charged, she kept placing me on hold, once again I am being placed on hold, this time for longer times, when she finally came back on the line, I immediately asked for a manager. Without even saying anything she placed me on hold, about 2 min later a male came on the phone and stated he was the manager, he was extremely rude, very condescending, at this point only adding gas to the fire, when I asked for his name (mind you, I am supposedly speaking with a manager at this point) he proceeds to tell me he is not authorized to provide me with his name, it was only when I threatened to take it higher up the food chain that he told me “do you have a pen and paper ready”? I said, “you’re a manager, and you are not authorized to provide me your name, but I mention a corporate complaint and remind him (the supposed manager) that this call is being recorded by At&t and I will have the call as proof to his lack of customer service skills, lack of managerial skills, lack of professionalism, and lying to the client. He stumbled for a bit, and I ended the call. I spoke to 5 people total, spent over an hour and had nothing to show for it except wasted time. I am more than upset now, I have been with At&t for years, way back before they were At&t, you’re telling me this is what consumers both new and old have to look forward to with customer service? This is unacceptable and should be reviewed by corporate headquarters! These are the people you have representing your company, as a consumer of your products, I am outraged! I have read countless comments writing complaints to corporate about some of the very same things I have today, have their voices fallen on deaf ears as mine will?

I would like to have my issue resolved immediately, or I will take whatever necessary steps to cancel all my services with At&t and or seek legal counsel.

Please advise immediately. Thank you.



Tracy Tollefson April 19, 2017 at 8:09 am

I need assistance with a rebate. I call customer service and they tell me to call the rebate center, the rebate center says it is not through them and sends me back to customer service. This has been going on for over a month. No one seems to be able to help me. Is there someone I can call that can help me clear up this matter.


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Angie boeckholt February 14, 2017 at 9:42 am

i actually am very happy with AT&T. However, every month my monthly bill is $43 more. Can someone please help me so my bill can be correct going forward? that’s all I ask for. thank you so much! angie boeckholt


john February 13, 2017 at 6:15 pm



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Shantell Leos December 28, 2016 at 10:48 pm

I wish that everyone with a problem like all of us who posted here would just not pay them. Just stop using them. And open a line with another company. I wish that we could all do this all in One day so that they will lose as much money and time and have all the emotional distress we have all been fir ed to suffer through since they bought direct tv. I had them(AT&T) for 16 years and have Never had a problem until they bought directtv this year.

direct tv(which now belongs to at&t) told me that i have no service through them and and am not being charged anymore. But we’ve already paid for two months of service we really do NOT have over $600 and now have a new bill for a third month with them of $423.11. Wth?! They are literally a company from the Twilight Zone.


JTMK February 22, 2017 at 3:41 pm

A class action suite in in the future for these two fraud conspirators. Direct TV personnel appear to be trained con artist. They provide employee ID numbers a read cue cards knowing the info and/or responses they are giving you are completely false. They even hire foreign language cust serv. reps, like Vietnamese who spit out the same lies in a different language. Completely designed to deceive sales and service. Register your mail, log and record your phone calls, keep your fax transmission reports. Send everything to the three credit bureaus. Neither AT&T or Direct TV ever want to put anything in written form in response to questions, concerns or complaints. Communication companies designed not to use written means of communicating



Regine February 22, 2017 at 9:38 pm

We all need to pull together and bring a claim against them. My family signed up with them and it’s been a nightmare. I want out of the damn contract. They said that they could provide internet service but when they came out; of corse not. For signing up for the promotional deal that we would receive a gift card of 150.00 dollars. We still haven’t received it and we have call time after time and all we get is the run around. We call again on 2/20/17 and spoke to a supervisor named Josh which put us in touch with Irish she said that they mailed it on November 10 and she was going to escalation. We get a call today from direct tv saying that we didn’t fill out a form so we wouldn’t be receiving it. It wasn’t even direct tv giving it it was an promotional from AT&T. Unbelievable!!!! And I am paying even more a mouth for everything when I had it a lot cheaper with Charter. Internet and cable.


Brandon croy December 19, 2016 at 2:05 pm

******POOPY SOCK*******
Hey I’m Brandon Croy and I work on cell phone towers ..I have for the last 9+ years….anyhow on Nov 14 2016 was in Little Rock Arkansas at work on top of a 135ft mono pole and then I’m all of a sudden told to pick up my pants and show everyone my socks …yes while I’m on the top of this 135ft mono pole so I did and moments later I was told to De-rig my tower and climb down where I was accused of wiping my but with a sock and throwing it off the tower in very strying winds and it landed on the AT&T technician who at that time was working under me on the ground …yes this is a true story ….so anyhow I ended up fired on the spot and publicly embarrassed…the only person who acted on my behalf was Michael profit who is one of mastecs main guys in Arkansas ….he admitted in fron’t of us and his company which is on video from the security cameras in the loading bay that this was a lie ….it not only didn’t happen but couldn’t happen ….I would have a better chance of winning the lottery than throwing a sock off the top of a cell tower on someone working on the ground below me….the wind is going to push that sock or anything else that light away from the tower….period ….anyhow this technician who made this claim left and called his boss’s boss at AT&T and they called Michael Prophet at Mastec then Christy at 4G resources then my boss Anthony Strickland and made me show my feet and climb down and fire me….NO INVESTIGATION WAS DONE …just FIRED and was made to bring materials back and leave….since then I’ve lost my home, have not had the money to fix my truck , no Christmas money for my family and has ultimately ruined my name in the cell tower industry….plus has had an unexplainably bad effect on my mental health and I’ve pretty much lost everything I had over a lie…..please have someone contact me at 1-501-256-XXXXX or @ Croybrandon2 at….I’m in need of help resolving this matter before I take legal actions against everyone involved wwith this lie….I’ve already spoken to several attorneys and was told yes I do have a major defamation libel case ….a definitely odd but strong case….I’m also going to the media for help and would be willing to speak with someone from AT&T before this goes any further ….I simply just want this resolved and my name cleared and would like an explanation as why I’m having to go thru all of this and I’m willing to go as far as I have to do so….please have some one contact me by text email phone I don’t care…..but here it is Christmas with no house no family no job and no money…all that stemmed from a lie from AT&T on Nov 14th 2016….I have nothing left to lose ….literally nothing….so a legal threat for me posting as mentioned above that it might happen if I post this……. well ….as scary as that might sound….. well like I said I have nothing left to lose and I think I at least deserve some answers …..


Shantell Leos December 28, 2016 at 10:33 pm

Wow just wow. I will be there soon(your position) direct tv(which now belongs to at&t) told me that i have no service through them and and am not being charged anymore. But we’ve already paid for two months of service we really do NOT have over $600 and now have a new bill for a third month with them of $423.11. Wth?! They are literally a company from the Twilight Zone.


Meryene Nolan December 17, 2016 at 7:57 pm

Today I spent almost 120 minutes on the phone, spoke to, or got transferred to about six representatives, and still did not get my billing issues resolved with ATT. Wow! Unbelievable!


James Taylor December 9, 2016 at 7:00 am

Changing from Comcast to AT&T was a very big mistake. I was told my bill would be a certain amount and it is always more. I have to deal with what they call Customer Service and it is a nightmare. I think that I have things straightened out and then I get an E-Mail saying that my amount is the same as I just disputed. Nobody knows what they are doing. I got an upgrade in internet service for free only to discover that I had been charged. In the last month I have spent nearly four hundred dollars for services that I’m not quite clear on. I hate talking to someone with the accent and there is always so much noise in the background. I have tried chat and saved the conversations, only to learn that saving them means nothing because of course the next person I’m dealing with doesn’t have access to the conversations and can’t find where I have been granted an upgrade etc. I hate this company and I’m not giving it good references. I want to opt out of the contract but am afraid someone will screw up the terms and I’ll probably pay close to a thousand dollars before I get it disconnected. Did I say that I hate this company.


Meryene Nolan December 17, 2016 at 7:58 pm

Wow! I just had a similar experience. It is so important to research before you buy.


Rhonda December 7, 2016 at 3:25 pm

I need someone from corporate to contact me. I have a problem that only you can solve. Customer service can not.


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I have been on the phone with you people ‘WAITING FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS NOW. ARE ALL OF YOU OUT?????????????????????



Shantell Leos December 28, 2016 at 10:34 pm



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Greg Berg November 7, 2016 at 8:40 pm

You guys need to combine ALL of your service departments into ONE. ONE. STOP. SHOPPING for all of customer service. Think of the efficiency and the cost savings to your company. One manager instead of ??? 10? One group instead of 10??? No more runaround when you need service. Make it so Randall!


Jan Rutte November 1, 2016 at 8:43 am

I’ve been with ATT for around 20+ years. Since moving 6 months ago and transferring my ATT service to my new home it has been a disaster and an utter nightmare. I have called so many times regarding my spotty almost non existent DSL service I should probably be receiving a paycheck from ATT for the countless hours I have spent trying to rectify my issues. You have the worst customer service and wait times for technical issues and when they tell you they are escalating the issue for you it’s basically just their way of getting you off the phone! Or they transfer you to some nebulous phone number that doesn’t work. I have had it!!!!
I can’t wait until Google Fiber comes to my area because anything has to be better than your company and service.
I get surveys from ATT all the time but I seriously doubt that they even get read because if they did then maybe someone would be concerned enough to contact me to try to correct the issues I am having. I used to think Comcast was a horrible company but ATT is just as bad!
I doubt this email will even get any attention!


EachFrame December 8, 2016 at 2:09 pm

Surveys are read, just that the only part that counts is your rating of the agent answering the phone, if you deal with more than 1 person, the 1st agent is the only agent the survey is about.


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Sallee October 10, 2016 at 10:19 pm

I wanted to inform AT&T Corporate Offices about an AWESOME AT&T telephone service representative named Goddex W., who works out of your Alabama office.
He was the most patient, kind, informative and helpful customer service representative that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, bar none. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to deal with such a wonderful person as Goddex. I just had to find a way to bring it to your attention, as I was so impressed with the high quality of customer service I received from Goddex W., that I felt it was important to let you know.
NO Complaint here, only genuine PRAISE for AT&T Customer Service Representative Goddex W. in Alabama. Please thank him again for providing me with such excellent service. He is an absolutely wonderful human being, and was genuinely helpful in every way. Special Kudos and Blessings to Goddex W.! Bless you forever! ~SSY


M. Goria October 3, 2016 at 10:31 am

Dear ATT,

You have been the worst company to have services with for 1 reason, BILLING!
will you ever get the bill right? all you care about is overcharging people. I had a previous account that I waited on a refund for 3 months now and haven’t got my refund yet, but when you guys want your money, you know how to charge me well. It’s been a terrible experience, you have the worst customer service, you don’t care about your customers or their business.
I’m sick of wasting hours every month because you over charged me and messed up my bill. do you ever read the customers complaints? what are you going to do about this? NOTHING, AS USUAL. biggest douchebags in the industry.
I just want to say that you guys are the worst company ever and I’d be happy to see you get sued till the last penny in your pocket.


Shantell Leos December 28, 2016 at 10:42 pm

Same feelings.

I dont even have their direct tv services but have been charged for three months now. And when i didnt pay the direct tv part of the bill, they turned off our families 5 lines until we paid direct tv and the restarting fee. Wtf?!! I called them the company from the Twilight Zone


Girish Malhotra September 20, 2016 at 3:10 pm

AT&T has the worst record of customer service. Since they bought DirecTV they have ruined a good thing. Neither knows anything about billing and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

To make mockery of the the customers who put food on the table of AT&T employees they have this automated system and they hide behind it so they would not have to face their own stupidity of creating things that do not work.

I have spend TWO hours trying to fix my bill and no one after five transfers could fix the issue. I lowered my services to lower the bill but the bill went up.

I think Randall Stephenson and his team should pay attention to customers as I will be history when my contract ends.


Shantell Leos December 28, 2016 at 10:44 pm

Yes i cant wait for june to come.


i cruz September 16, 2016 at 1:29 am

does this business even give a sh*t about customers? do you even read the the complaints? about direct tv and your own? it took me 3 days to realize that this is a horrible company that scams ppl and just take their money. they only things i hear about this company is or are horrible things I will never use you again and will always tell my friends and family that this company and customer service are a joke. Need to fix your own problems so you ca have happy customers


Mark Murrell September 9, 2016 at 8:03 pm

I have had your u-verse service for five plus years. One day on or around May 29, 2016, I called into your Digital Life department after seeing a commercial on television. The commercial said, “Get Digital Life for only .99 cents.” I spoke with your customer service representative by the name of “Clinton”. I explained to him that I have been with my current alarm company for 10 plus years, and I pay $226.00/year for their services, but they didn’t offer a video camera system. I have my own personal video camera system with 5 cameras, but couldn’t view it from my phone, and I wanted to be able to use my smart phone with my system. I explained to him with my u-verse bill it’s about $198.00 with tax included. With the two bills, I’m paying about $215-$220.00/month. I asked him several times could he match that price or beat that price. Clinton told me he could. He started explaining what you all had to offer. He told me that you were running a promotion for .99 cents which included the cameras and a key pad door lock and or garage door key pad. I chose the garage door pad because we use the garage door more than the front door. He told me he could give me my u-verse for $140.00 plus tax and Digital Life for $55.00 plus tax which would be about $195.00 plus tax. (Clinton never explained or said the digital life only came with one camera and I would be charged $199.00 for each additional camera). We scheduled for you all to come out and install your digital life in my house.
Around June 6, 2016, a rep came at the scheduled time; he uninstalled my alarm system and video system, and then explained that I was only getting one camera. I told him what Clinton and I had discussed, and he told me that’s not what his order says. I told him to take it back, and reinstall my cameras and alarm system. He asked me to give him a minute; that he was calling his supervisor. He came back into my house and said for the additional cameras he could give them to me for $99.00, and if I buy one, they would give me one. I agreed. He told me I would have 14 days to cancel my service. I called three days later telling the support team I couldn’t use my services through my smart phone. They ran tests, and told me they would schedule someone to come out. After the tech came out and witnessed me not being able to use the phone, he put another junction box in the wall; it worked for a couple of days and started doing the same thing all over again. Example: As I’m pulling out of my garage, I don’t have WIFI service. I have to get out of my car, and push the manual push buttons on the garage door to get it to close. As I’m coming home it works just fine because I’m using others’ WIFI, but leaving my house I can’t use it. I called in again. They scheduled a tech to come out again. Once the tech was here, he ran his tests, and told me nothing was wrong with the system even though he saw me not able to connect to the WIFI standing in the back of my house. Your tech suggested that I spend $40-$50.00 in a WIFI booster, which I refuse to do. I called in again, and spoke with a u-verse supervisor by the name of TOM. We were on the phone for over an hour and 45 minutes. He explained Clinton could not drop my u-verse bill. He didn’t have authority to do so. He called digital life and spoke with them, and said he could only bring my bill down to $158.00, plus tax. That was the best he could do.


Derek August 29, 2016 at 8:12 am

Good Evening,

I’ve been a long time Verizon customer and know they have phenomenal service, but yet they are a bit pricey in comparison. In fact, I switched to Sprint for a day a few years back and they cut my bill in half but had absolutely no service at home. So I came back to Verizon with open arms and they even bought everyone new phones to show us how happy they were to have us back. It has been a few years and I hear some of my friends and family have AT&T and say the service is comparable, but the bill is a little cheaper. Hearing this, I am like okay…let me go ahead and give them a shot.

On August 19th, I bring my family to the AT&T store with an appointment scheduled for 10AM. There are a few people standing at the door for the Note 7 release, but not to worry I was at the store the day prior and they said not to worry, there will be plenty of phones. Doors open at 10AM and we are the 3rd customer to be greeted. I said, I scheduled and appt, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The representative said, well actually we take you first in that case. I informed them that I let the check in person know, but wasn’t handled any different than a walk in. Anyhow, my wife and I got the 2 last Note 7’s that were in stock. Unfortunately we had to stay there as hostages from 10am-2pm. Most ridiculous process ever. Supposedly there were server problems preventing phones from being able to be purchased. I was at a AT&T company store, not a retailer. Why did it feel like I was in a 3rd world country? I asked for an S2 Classic Gear Watch and they said they were out, but they would order me one and ship it to my house. I was like, okay that is fine. Between my phones, tablets, and watches…they had to get some kind of override to prevent me from paying $150 deposit. It took like 5 minutes and it was done.

Fast forward to today(Aug. 27th)…the watch is on back order for at least another month. I was advised to come to the store if that was the case and they would get me the S2 Gear Sports watch with no problem. I go back to the AT&T store, and get this arrogant customer service representative that apparently hates his job. He said he could cancel my order and get this done. I said, Great. 2 min later he said it is going to cost me $150 dollar deposit. I said there is no way I am paying $150 dollar deposit after having it waived previously. I’ve been inconvenienced by your company not having the watch, then setting false expectations of having the watch in a week which was ordered, and now telling me I am going to have to pay $150 deposit that was previously waived and approved. He said he could try to waive it, but it could take day. I asked, how could this take a day when it took 5 minutes last time? I informed him, I am going to lunch and shopping…but when I get back I expect the approval to be completed and the watch be in a bag for pickup. I came back 2 hours later to check on the status of the watch where he immediately told me he doesn’t have the approval. I asked for a manager and he told me there is nothing that he can do. After explaining the whole situation above, the manager informed me it was approved an hour ago. So how is it than in 3 minutes, I go from no approval, to it was approved an hour ago. Then the representative had an attitude with me and asked me very rudely if I would like a bag. I told him he has already been helpful enough. We won’t mention the fact that he (Alex M) didn’t even open the watch to verified it worked, show me anything, or offer insurance. The look on his face and the body language he provided was very unbecoming of any customer representative I have seen before. Even though I am with ATT at this moment, I can’t say that it has been a pleasant experience or that I can advise anyone else to go through this stressful experience. This transition period has taken away 8 hour of my life in your store. That is ridiculous. The worst part is, that I am having to spend my time with people that don’t even want me there. Verizon told me they were sorry to hear me go, but they would make it worth my while to come back. As a representative of AT&T, what can you do to ensure you have my business?

My thoughts are to waive all activation fees at the very least! I make over $50 an hour, and my time being forced to sit in your store would equate to a minimum of $400 plus not to mentioned the tension felt with dealing with such rude representatives.

Acct# 177061354447)

Store No. D19E (3460 West FM 544 Suite 500, Wylie, TX, 75098 (972)633-5256 )

OM Tablet No. 22

Transaction ID: XD19E1NGMABMH


Best Regards,


sites August 23, 2016 at 3:13 pm

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Yvonne August 18, 2016 at 6:54 pm

Back up Battery for Uverse. When we bought Uverse voice and internet we were told to buy a backup battery. We had a power outage for 2hrs and the computer stayed on but our cordless phone did not -becuz there was no power. The back of the bill says to get a backup battery for voice services including 911. Go to website and see how yo “connect cordless phone base station to battery backup” I went to the site & the pictures don’t look like the “Belkin” battery I have and there was no way to connect my phone to it. I was on the phone first with sales (because I assumed they sell the battery backup when you buy Uverse) who sshot me over to Technical Support, and I was on the phone for 54 minutes with a woman with an Indian accent who assured me there was no way to hook a cordless base to the battery. She kept putting me on hold to go and ask the technical people, she wouldn’t let me talk to them, and then she’d come back and say it couldn’t be done. I gave her the website and she looked at the picture and still said it coildn’t be done. I hung up on her in frustration. How can you have people working there that don’t know what’s available to the customers!! I called the concession dept. and begged this person to help me. She wanted to send me to Technical Support and I begged her to listen to my problem first. She did and switched me to someone who said we needed another part to attach to the battery so that the cordless base could be plugged into it. Please teach your people!!! This is so frustrating! The first Technical people didn’t even know this existed!! Please teach your people!!!


Jan Samples August 18, 2016 at 1:53 pm

I so wish I had read all of the c/o’s related to your company before I made the mistake of purchasing your services. I signed up on the 8th. On the 9th an individual came out to set up my phone/internet/Wi-Fi. He stated everything was installed before he left. When I tried to use the phone a few hours later, it was not working. I called the installer back the next day and he told me he would check with his supervisor and get back with me. I never heard another word from him.
After numerous attempts to reach a live customer service representative, I finally used the automated system. I went thru all of the recommended steps, still no service. I finally reached a foreign representative who I could hardly understand and again we went thru several different steps, still no service. At least she scheduled me for another appt. on the following day. When he came out he asked me if the previous tech had finished installing the phone and I said that he had told me it was all hooked up prior to his leaving. This new installer told me he hadn’t finished the job and had left a bunch of his stuff out there. So, once again the installation process began, however, once again he could not get my phone hooked up. First he tells me there is something wrong with my lines and it will cost me $200 to fix them, then he tells me there is something wrong with my phone and will need to get another one. (By the way, I have 2 phone outlets in my house. Only one was ever hooked up, so he said I will need to get a sat phone.) I remarked it was strange that I had had Cox phone service for years without a problem with “wires” or my phone. When he left I had what was once my kitchen phone hooked up directly to the modem in the spare bedroom so it would work. No kitchen, no master bedroom phones. In addition, I have been unable to set up my voice mail as every time I go thru the steps I was instructed to do, all I get is a busy signal.
The next Wednesday after this Sunday, they were supposed to come out and bury my cable. I got home from work, the cable had not been buried. After screaming at the automated system that I wanted to talk to a live rep, I was finally transferred to a real, English-speaking rep. I told him about all the problems I had had, including the fact that the cable had not been buried. He checked and said the invoice stated it had been done and he asked me to check! I said the cable is lying on the ground and has not been buried. He again scheduled someone to come out the next morning to bury the cable and told me he would call me at noon today and make sure everything had been done. After returning home from church that evening, I went out into the back yard again and saw where a cable had been buried, however, that cable wasn’t hooked up to anything. The end at the house was draped over the ATT box, they had buried it from the house, to the pole, saw it was not hooked up to anything, coiled it up and left it lying on the ground, also leaving the “real” cord lying on top of my yard. It is now 1 pm and I have heard nothing from the rep I spoke to yesterday. I am also concerned because the cable is not attached in any way running up the pole and will be left hanging and blowing in the wind if it is not, as well as with the fact that I cannot set up my voice mail. I am just appalled that a national company like ATT could be such a sorry corporation and that you seem to care so little for those who (foolishly) purchase your services. I am to the point that I am going to check with an attorney and see if, based on what has happened so far, I can get out of my contract. This has been one of the most stressful situations I have ever dealt with. Cox Cable is expensive, but at least I get the services I pay for, and good customer service on top of that, and without having to spend $200 for new wires or buy a new phone. I so regret ever getting involved with you.


Bob Loether August 15, 2016 at 8:12 pm

Upset, no, disappointed is a better term. I heard an ad from ATT for what sounded like a discount program for disabled folks. Came home and called ATT, yes there is a discount program but it is for folks on Food Stamps. I explained I was a 100% disabled vet and asked what programs did I qualify for — None. Food Stamps — yes. Disabled Vets — No. Silly me, I always thought the A in ATT stood for American ????


MNB August 8, 2016 at 1:18 pm

I have been a customer with AT&T since I got my first job and left home in 1983. I have never missed a payment until recently when my husband lost his job.

I received a notice on Saturday, 08-06-16 that “services may be temporarily disconnected” if payment was not received by Friday, 08-05-16.

I called AT&T on Monday, 08-08-16 to make payment arrangements so internet service would not be cut off. My husband depends on it to search for and submit job applications and our daughter depends on it for school. She has learning and emotional disabilities that make it difficult for her to attend regular classes. She attends virtual academy which are on-line classes offered by our local school.

Surprise – To paraphrase my conversation with AT&T – We already cut your service off. Sure, we will be glad to make payment arrangements. We will not turn internet back on until payment is made in full. Your husband cannot look for a job. Your daughter cannot attend school.

Let me get this straight. I can make payments. I still will not have service. Therefore, I have no reason to make payments.

I will begin looking for a new internet provider today.

I assume my account will be sent to collections. I can easily afford to pay $5.00 a month. That is way, way, way less than I was proposing under a payment plan. My account will eventually be paid in full and it’s not like I can lose my service since it is already gone.

Thankfully, I do not have a contract with AT&T for internet, home phone, or TV.

My husband does have a cell phone contract and he uses the phone for business. However, since he is out of work, he really doesn’t need it. If we don’t pay on that long enough maybe AT&T will cut it off too. We can then also make $5.00 a month collections payments for that instead of what he pays now. When he gets another job, he can get a cheaper plan elsewhere.

Thank you, AT&T, for how you reward loyal 33 years customer.


Disgusted Driver August 4, 2016 at 9:04 am

Driver complaint–Canton, Michigan
Driver of vehicle (B596511) goes through with an unprotected left turn while I was attempting to go straight through my green light. I had to stop short in the intersection to avoid being hit (T-boned) by the truck. The driver didn’t even notice me, because he was TALKING ON HIS CELL PHONE! I have called ATT to complain and reported it to the Canton Police department.


Robin August 2, 2016 at 6:00 pm

My son works for At&t, I thought what a great company. Wrong!!!! I had a heart procedure it was a last minute thing. Because of the risk, heart attack or death. He felt he should be there.
Well I found out after getting home that he was put on suspension the next day without pay for taking off to be at the hospital for my procedure. They want responsible hard working employees and then they treat them like dirt. I wonder if he hadn’t taken off, and I died on the table if they would have waited until the end of his shift to let him know. That to me is as low as you can go. If that’s not policy I think you should be watching your supervisors.


lori myers August 1, 2016 at 5:16 pm

I have been trying for 3 days to cancel my uverse. All I do is get put on perpetual hold. I took my equipment back to the AT&T store today only to be placed on the phone with an agent … amazing how the people in the store don’t get placed on perpetual hold, and was given a diffferent price per month for uverse then the price they billed me for this month or the price that I was given when I tried to get a lower monthly rate. I then came home and tried to call only to be placed on hold again. got on the website to cancel with live chat and of course couldn’t cancel on the live chat either. RIDICULOUS! it shouldn’t be this difficult to cancel my uverse service


C Daines July 29, 2016 at 10:52 am

If you are choosing to do business with AT&T, then you are choosing to do business with one of the most dishonest companies in America. They have no need to offer proper customer service or care whether or not you use them. They own the phone line rights. So, say you go a competitor, AT&T still makes money because the competitor has to pay AT&T for the use of the lines, etc. Wake up people! AT&T has a monopoly. That is supposed to be illegal but they also happen to service the US Government, so they pretty much get to do whatever they please.


disgusted July 27, 2016 at 10:24 pm

I have been fighting with att customer svcs since March, switched from Verizon to ATT,


vj August 2, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Experience same issues and the procrastination was originated by AT&T as the processing center is incompatible and dont know how to read the PDF attachment. Until I escalated to the supervisor twice from denial, he then realized there were 5 pages and the required data were on page 3 & 4. Besides, the store manager lied about the liability from AT&T who will pay off the last bill of my ex-carrier. The salesperson and I went through every criterion on her ipad since different salesperson has his or her own interpretation for selling the switch promotion. Now Sprint put me under collection since May as I expected as that time I should received the rebate card to pay off the final bill. I mailed out in early April 2016. It’s painful and horrible experience to deal with this scam. Now the third time I spoke with the processing center, they told me I had to pay off the final bill from Sprint from the first place. This is a joke and horrible. I read what I saw and the sales manager reminded me not to pay until i received the final bill from Sprint. Now, who’s suffer! I am under collection and AT&T said they will take another 14 weeks to process the same claim AGAIN…..Totally unbelievable and horrrible person! They made the mistake for reading impairment and continue to procrastinate my process. What a horrible corporation!


Jane July 25, 2016 at 10:56 pm

i have billing issues and was on hold with five agents trying to get to a supervisor. C’mon at&t I can take my business elsewhere! Highly discouraged customer!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bennett July 14, 2016 at 5:03 pm

I have never had a pleasant experience when calling. The English from the ATT Reps are sub par. I have spoken to 5 reps and nothing is resolved. ATT moved my cell number to my home like an idiot. Now I have a U-verse phone and landline phone, but not cell phone.
I’ve been transferred 10 times and nothing resolved as of yet.


Rich July 14, 2016 at 1:49 pm

Tried to order their U-verse high speed internet service on line. I was assured that the service was available in my area. Technician did not show up for first appointment. Called AT&T and was informed that the service order had been cancelled. Replaced the order, and also signed up for Direct TV to take advantage of a bundling offer. Rescheduled for both technicians to come out at the same time to do the necessary installation. Technicians didn’t show. After calling AT&T customer service again, I was eventually informed that, despite the AT&T website stating that the U-verse service is available in my area, it isn’t. Again, there was no call from AT&T that the technicians would not be arriving and that there was an issue with providing the internet connectivity I was looking for.

Bad news does not get better with time. I never could get an answer from any of the AT&T people that I talked to as to why I was not informed, and why the first appointment was cancelled by AT&T without notifying me.

AT&T needs to validate all the information that they put on their website, to include the availability of all services in all areas.

AT&T Corporate will be getting a letter from me (not that it will do any good), and a copy will also be furnished to the Better Business Bureau.


jessie billy July 7, 2016 at 5:10 pm

i hv been complaing to AT&T for the last 5 days i request a refund for the phone tht tnhey hv charged me double for and all they do is tell me its not there problem equesting tht my money b refunded all i ask wz for ths how long do i hv to fight AT&T it did not take you 5 days to take it out of my account so it should not take five days to return my money you hv double charged me for a phone in which i payed for online and now i can not get my money most people would just sit and wait but i am not tht person gv me my money and bk it wz on &/2/2016 whn u took it off also on 7/4/2016 whn you took another payment off gv me my money bk if they say AT&T say its not there problem well mayb someone needs a new job or i will take further action


Mr. King June 30, 2016 at 7:14 pm

Wow! I am so blowing away, after reading all the negative comments, but yet still AT&T does not care! After being a loyal customer for 14 years, I have gotten nothing but grief, one of the things that truly blew me away, when I called and ask for a corporate contact number, the individuals just basically hung up on me! I was like wow, I cannot believe that just happen, but it did. Really not expecting to get my problem resolved, no time soon, either find another service provider,or just continue to deal with the drop in service!


Mr. Tabibur Rahman June 27, 2016 at 10:52 pm

I have a Important Information for your AT&T company . Please send your E-mail Number or AT&T Chairman E-mail Number. My E-mail no is: tabiburepi at

Mr. Tabibur Rahman


joseph seward June 20, 2016 at 2:22 pm

This is to inform trhe CEO,CFO,AND COO of AT&T/DIRRECT TV. of an exting safetyissue that I have been trying to have resolved since the storm last week 16 June 2016. There has been a line down in the street since the storm and there has been nothing done about it. I have called a number of times about the issues and have been pretty much gaft off. I was told today that there was no indication in the past ques about the issue. This truly a safety issue and it will not be long before a cars bumper catches it and pulls the line off the powerline and building. I am hoping that no one gets hurt from ATT&T DELAY in response time to fix the issue. I was told today that a tech would be out today between 4 pm and 6 pm. Not Good for Business


Lizzybeth Martinez June 13, 2016 at 6:24 pm

What do I have to say that is not been said here already. Worst company, worst customer service. My story started April 7 2016 when I went to a store close to my house to do a merge (TOR) from my account to my husbands. Two weeks later I received an email saying that my account (the old one) was sent to collection due to an unpaid balance…wth, the account was never cancel or close, just merge. After they did that all the numbers on my account whent available on the system so anyone who needed a new number, guess what? would get mine…yes, any of my three lines. With different carriers. Tracfone, Cricket, GoPhone. So I will continuously loosing my service because every time someone pull out my numbers and activate it in a new service I will stop having service myself. Crazy right….and this is being happening since that date, on an on, a different number at a time. They just didn’t believe at the beginning, one of the reps even called me crazy. No one heard about that before, son I was just insane. Had to prove myself asking them to call my number so the other person could answer them. They have tried constantly to change my number, but this is my business number, I’m already losing money. And I’m losing my patience too. I’ve already change the numbers of two of the lines. But I can’t do anything else. I don’t have to say that I’ve talked to every department. No one knows what to do. Or how to help me and stop this. Ive had to explain so many times that is annoying. No one seems to be able to read the notes or figure it out. 90 out of 100 of the reps are disrespectful and not well trained. The last thing that they did was open a new account under my name and transfer my number to see if that would do the job and fix everything. But no, now I’m getting text messages that I have to refill my gophone number. I dont have a prepaid phone. When I called to TS they told me that my number was a prepaid with two others ones, OMG…had to go crazy trying to explain that I dont have a prepaid number neither less 2 others account. The guy that was talking to me just hung up on my face instead of transferring me to his supervisor so I could have more information. Walked for the hundred time to the store and the manager was able to talk to the fraud department and get the account of the lady that has my number connected on her prepaid account. Yes my number is now on 2 different accounts with two different names. How’s that possible, who the hells know, neither ATT. Thats why I’m still having all this disconnections every week. The local store manager have no idea how to help me, we have been on the line with technical support for hours and days. Nothing yet. Im going insane. I had a nervous breakdown yesterday. This is causing me a lot of problems at work and home. I need someome to be able to give a response and a solution for this, not a promise. I dont believe in promises anymore. I’ve tried my best to stay calm but I can’t any longer. I’ve waited enough. DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!


Laurie June 8, 2016 at 8:12 pm

Absolute worst customer service known to man!!! I have spent appx 25+ hours on phone with every cust service location they have… i.e., every country BUT the US!!! This issue is regarding my husbands biz line. So he’s losing money everyday. Yet, I had to take breaks in between trying to get a resolution to avoid a nervous breakdown!!! Unbelievabley incompetant! The only thing these people know how to do is transfer u to another dept! Of course, it’s always the wrong dept! Asked almost everyone I spoke to, that they stay on line with me and explain issue to next person that can supposedly help me, so they can explain in terminology they would understand as well as saving me from having to explain, yet again! Was told several x, that they cannot do that–“can’t have addl person on line.” What?!?! You’re a freaking phn company and u can’t have more than one person on the line at a time?!?! BS! That, was bc they are told to hurry with the calls and spend as little time as possible. And especially don’t use up 2 idiot cust serv reps! Hell, doesn’t even matter given in this case, 2 heads are better than one, doesn’t exactly apply! Bc they’re all idiots! Do they even get trained? Going on 3 months without husbands biz line functioning now!!!!! Even tho all paid in full. So finally, need to go thru ordering to get nbr reinstated, ok let’s do that I say. Gotta go thru whole “new ordering” process. Fine-just do it. Then, they say there’s an old outstanding balance from “something” but we don’t know what it is–do you? They fg asked me if I know what husband owes for? Are you fg serious?!?!? You’re saying its outstanding, how about you tell me what it’s for?! They don’t know, I don’t know–end of call, they cannot help and reinstate biz (linked nbr) bc there’s “something” still owed. So, I thought I was mentally ready to tackle it again, few weeks later mind u. Same thing… There’s a balance from 2011 of a final bill. Ok, simple, send me copies of some of those bills as well as the final bill, I will check all my records, including bank records to see if in fact we do owe (which would be no prob, I would gladly pay if we actually owe it), I get, well, I’ll have to see if we can get that info to send to u, it’ll be about 5-7 days! Uh, no, u figure out today or by tomorrow latest IF we owe it, along with copies of everything u have, by tomorrow!!! So, left with, customer service person I was last on call with (out of Philippines mind u), “I’ll call u tomorrow,” well, I won’t hold my breath! So, biz line after 2+ months still not working even tho all paid, and no end in site for a resolution!!!!! 20+ hours of my time, losing biz due to their issue, and supposedly we owe something that they really can’t show us anything to prove we owe it!!! Wonderful. AT&T, YOU SUCK! You are the worst company I have EVER dealt with!!!! Oh, and a fam member worked for them for about 25 yrs in their offices, was told either transfer to headquarters in Dallas, or u have no job! After that many yrs of solid dedication, she is screwed!!! They don’t care about their employees, they don’t care about their customers. So what is it they actually care about? Oh, getting as fg big as possible (not spending money on training their foreign employees, and making sure they have enough fg money to load up execs bank accts!!). Doing a great job execs in making sure you are the only ones benefitting from any of your bullsheeeeiit!!!! I HATE YOUR COMPANY!!!! Oh, also have the bundled service set up at my mothers. Do u think the bill could be consistent? Nah! Let’s make it increase little by little so cust doesn’t really see that for a few months and they have to call in to figure out WHY THE F the bill is just going up and up and up!!! Yep, line those pockets A-Holes! As long as y’all have your fg money then all is well with the world right? While I’m getting screwed with my moms bill from u, and we are losing biz left n right bc of some “2011 balance for something u can’t explain!!!!” Great job A-holes!!!! Now, I’m pretty certain it’ll take a lot less that 20+ hours for me to find other providers for both my moms place, and for our biz lines. So y’all can F—–OFF!!!!! I truly cannot stomach your company and your downright greed! Maybe you should fix your fd up company before you just keep buying up others?? What’d ya think? Huh? Take a break from just trying to be the biggest. Maybe work on being where you’re at for now, and work on being the best. Or at a minimum, decent with your product and better with ur service! Can’t stand your biz ethics and fact that all u do is screw your customers! Hope y’all are happy there in Dallas! No doubt y’all with the fully loaded pockets are. Sickening…


tim stoudt June 8, 2016 at 9:00 am

The billing issue i am having was not resolved. I explained the discrepancies and not once did agent ask the manager for clarifications. I still do not have an understanding for how i could be charged an installation fee for moving services (i hooked up all equipment) and ATT remotely “turning on” my internet. I was told i had to have a technician turn on and install the equipment so an appointment was scheduled. The appointment was not kept by ATT though and my wife had to miss work for nothing. When i called in to find out why the appointment was missed, i was promised that a tech would arrive between 2-3pm to assist. When the tech arrived, he said the internet was already “on” and he did not understand why he was dispatched. He was in my unit for less than 1 minute. Apparently a remote signal was sent to my unit to turn on the internet. For all the trouble my wife and I had to go through to just move my internet service 5 floors down, i am being charged a $99 new internet installation charge, and $.93 proration charge. Unbelievable! This company really knows how to treat its customers.


HARRY KRICHBAUM June 2, 2016 at 4:22 pm

I have tried to ‘come back’ to AT &T phone and internet service for over three weeks and have been unsuccessful. We had AT&T phone and internet service for over 29 years in Canton,Ohio .
We switched to Warner Cable because it sounded like a great deal. I’m not impressed by their phone service or internet and I’d like to come back to AT&T. Your computerized call system keeps trying to transfer me to the ‘repair’ center, and when I finally did get a real live person they said that no account ever existed for my name or number.
Our old address for 29 years (with AT&T was Canton,Ohio 44708. Our phone number for much longer has been 330-455-XXXXX our present address for the last 8 years is Canton,Ohio 44708 with the same phone number.I even paid extra when we moved to have more phone jacks installed. Now you don’t know me ?
What’s the problem ?

Harry R.Krichbaum
Canton,Ohio 44708 phone .330-455-XXXXX



Constance Jones May 18, 2016 at 4:18 pm

Oh how wrong I was. I wrote this morning of the problems I had had with ATT and the supposed resolution. Of course I was wrong. After the rep this morning assured me he had made the changes on my account to stop the bank draft bill payment and switch me to a paper bill in the mail, I checked my email and learned I had been switched TO paperless billing. I had to call all over Asia again and God knows where else and talk to several people. I was put on hold to “check” something multiple times and each time started over with a new person who had no idea that someone was supposedly “helping” me. Each one agreed to correct the information and apparently failed to do so. Each next person had some slightly different piece of information. As it stands right now I learned that the amount I was previously told that I now owe for 2 months of service is actually for just one month ! So my bill went from $76.91 a month to $172 a month !! This is because the promotion rate expired and I now have to pay “the prorated fees” that I was never told about. More straight up lies from AT&T. I am exhausted, angry and completely out of patience. This company is shamefully, abysmally mismanaged. May your CEO be fired and your stock value plummet.


Constance Jones May 18, 2016 at 12:52 pm

I agree with the prevailing opinion here that AT&T: 1- does not know the definition of “customer” (the guy who pays your salaries), or “service” (doing what’s necessary to have the customer successfully use what you sold him and under the terms you sold it); 2- does not show evidence of integrity; 3- nor of competence. I do not see any evidence that they are concerned about items 1,2 and 3.
I am a long, long time ATT customer. When an ATT person called and offered (unsolicited) a change from DSL to Uverse for internet service I initially said no. Then this person told me it would make no change to the services I already had and would be much cheaper. I questioned this but was told the reason it would be cheaper was because ATT was trying to switch as many customers as possible to uverse. I was quoted a monthly price during the promotion period that was $30 less than I was paying then and was also assured that after the promotion ended my bill would only go up $10 a month. I’m no math whiz but this is still $20 less than I was paying. Still I was hesitant because I had been misinformed (read “lied to”) before by ATT about their prices and asked questions for assurance. Eventually I took the plunge and had no significant problems for months.
However suddenly they failed to draft my checking account for the March/April payment. Then my doctor’s office informed me that they had been leaving voice mail messages to try to schedule my surgery for over 2 weeks though I had not received any messages. I had also noticed I was getting an annoying tone that sounded like call-waiting even though I hate call-waiting and had gone to the trouble long ago to have ATT remove that feature though at the time they informed me it would cost me more to remove it.
That’s when my “customer service’ experience began. First, the automated system that we all know and despise. Then the representatives in southeast Asia who are probably lovely people but who were not able to answer the questions I had or solve the problems I described and may or may not have understood me any better than I understood them.
There must have been a dozen of them all talking at once to all their customers in the same room and I could hear them all. I’d just as soon conduct business in the football stadium during Super Bowl. If you have trouble understanding one of them it is not easier when all talk at once. My second contact with Southeast Asia was quieter and the representative was a little easier to understand and the first useless answer he gave me sounded like corporate training, i.e., that the problem was the bill was not drafted due to “some issues in the system”. He assured me my account will be drafted for 2 months this time . When I asked why he quoted me an amount that is more than 2 times my usual bill he explained that’s because the promotional period has ended. And you probably guessed it…. the bill went up to as high as it was before I got this dandy service and was promised it would be so much cheaper. He assured me he did take care of my requested change back to paper billing and I will have to wait to see if that actually happens. He was unable to answer questions re: my mysteriously added call waiting or mysteriously missing voice mail but eventually transferred me to a tech support person IN THE USA !!!
This person was very helpful, courteous, understood what I asked and by all evidence has actually resolved those 2 problems.
In all I seem to have done better than most of you because it only took me a few days and several hours to have part of the problems ATT caused resolved, and it only increased my bill about $25 to $30 a month! Of course I’m probably speaking too soon.
By the way, I too discovered this site while looking for a phone number or address for corporate headquarters. Word of mouth is probably more effective than contacting them anyway.


Mrs Woods May 10, 2016 at 12:52 am

I am requesting you honor your agreement with me completely. However, if honoring the agreement is not feasible for you, then obviously my business is not valued. Therefore, please know that there cannot be a binding contract or business relation with us with any of the ATT/ Direct TV services I currently have.

Your records will show that I have been a loyal customer with ATT since before it was named ATT. My home-line, internet, and cellular phone service have been with your company for several decades. This loyalty to your company should not be in vain this reason. It truly should not be in vain especially now that I extended my loyalty to include my television service and agreed to bundle them all in one monthly service bill.

Speaking with a representative named Ms. Sha-ni (spelling) in Florida; we agreed to a 24 month contract that ATT/DIRECTV was to provide me with the following for the monthly price $203.00:
DIRECTV – Ultimate Package w/ unlimited data/ DVR for up to 4 rooms, and for three months – the premium channels HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz (after the 3 months, these premium channels was a quoted to cost me $13.99 per month)
Wireless (cellular service) – unlimited data, texting, and calls (including the monthly iPhone purchase payment)
High Speed Internet – wireless home service – 24 mb
Land-line telephone – National service
Plus, I am to receive a $300.00 cash reward card after installation. The installation occurred 8 March 2016. So far, I have only received a $100.00 cash reward card from DIRECTV.

Now, to my dismay, since this bundling/ services agreement made 3 March 2016, many things encompassing this agreement in reference to cost and services has gone array. Much of the technical issues have since been resolved thanks to Mr. Rich, Mr. Shaun, Mr. Phil, and Mr. Carlos. However, the charges quoted me now are far exceeding what was agreed upon on 3 March 2016 and exceeding what I paid before the agreement. This is totally unacceptable!

It must be said that with all the calls (speaking with Ms. Shani, Mr. Dave, the installation technicians and supervisors – Mr. Rich, Mr. Shaun, Mr. Carlos, more calls with Ms. Kim, Mr. Phil, Ms. Asia, Mr. Autoro, Ms. Aaron, Ms. Shauna, Ms. May, and lastly Ms. Payton) which were many hours (more than 20 hours) spent trying to resolve the cost, service, and rewards issues, this agreement has not held true on the part of ATT.

I request you re-assess the events of this agreement and honor the agreement as originally made on 3 March 2016. The agreement was to provide me with all the services mentioned above for $203.00 per month.

Your honoring my request would show that I am treated as a valued ATT customer who is sincerely appreciated so that my loyalty may become restored and not be in vain.


Frances Cordova May 4, 2016 at 4:38 pm

On January 27th 2016 I went to AT&T to add a line to my cell phone account for my mom, I was told that I couldn’t add a new line because I had an overdue balance owed on my Direct TV account of $185.00, (apparently Direct TV and AT&T have merged). I explained to the AT&T rep that was helping me that I didn’t and never have had a Direct TV account, she looked up the Direct TV account and it is a LA address, West Covina and the person’s name is Francis Cordova, my name is spelled with an e not an i , She said that somehow when you merged they Direct TV attached that other persons account to my cell account. To make a 4 hours and 6 people story short, people from both AT&T and Direct TV, Fraud management, to try to figure this mess out, and their fraud Investigator told me the same thing, they attached that other persons District TV account to my account just based on our similar names, nothing else matched, address, phone # or SSN. I was told it was going to take 10 to 20 days to get this off my credit now and they promised to fix this mess and gave me a long, long apology, 10 minutes after I hung up with the Direct TV’s floor manager, I received a call from Direct TV’s collections department regarding the unpaid balance on my account!!! And how the heck did direct TV collections get my home number, it is not listed! AT&T must have added my phone number to that other persons account I have never received a call before this issue came up.
On April 27th agene I tried to add a new phone line to my existing Mobil account and again I was on the phone for 2 ½ hours having to start all over with this exact issue, I was promised a call back since it was taking so long to try to fix this issue, I never received a call back.
Today May 4, 2016 I have been and am still on the phone for the last 2 hours 45 minuets trying to resolve this same issue all over again. What is it going to take to fix this mess that you all created? I have a total of 9.50 hours and I am still on the line, trying to get this issue corrected. What in the world do I have to do to resolve this issue?


edna woelpper May 4, 2016 at 2:37 pm

This is the worse company I have ever dealt with and reading the other comments, I see I’m not alone..The service they offer is nil and after almost 2yrs of back and forth calling for help with bad reception on my phone I gave up and cancelled them …All calls go on deaf ears and after spending 4hrs trying to get help, I finally gave up…I called corporate ofc and spoke with M rMmitchell but as yet nothing has been resolveded.. I always had high regard for AT&T but take my advise and steer clear of them…Thier trouble city…


Ramesh kapur April 18, 2016 at 3:40 pm

This is a stupid company , transferring all the calls to damn Phillupines who in order to disguise started saying theory are in BNew Jersey. We can barely understand let alone resolving any problems.

These people lack clarity and fumble all the time.

The crazy man acquiring the CEO position must wake up and rather quit. With poor quality of service, calls being directed to damn Philipibes and no recourse, he is slowing digging the grave for this company.

FCC must come in picture and impose hefty fines.

Further more, Att advertise online for $30 but when you call it is not available for that price in your area and almost charge double.

It is a shameless company headed by a stupid CEO


Brandon A Anderson April 15, 2016 at 1:35 pm

AT&T has the worst customer service. You cannot even pay your bill without it being a hassle. The phone customer service system is the worst. I canceled my service and 2 months later they are still billing me.


Sue April 28, 2016 at 5:14 pm

I could not agree more. It has been nothing but headaches. And the absolute most incompetent “customer service” I have ever had the misfortune to conduct business with. I am stuck with this shyster company for another year and a half. The Directv service is horrible, but attempting to get a representative to do anything than brush you off is an exercise if futility. When we switched from uverse to directv, they continued to charge me even though it had been canceled. Then not 1, but 3 different reps told me they would send out the recovery bag to send back the unit. I said “aren’t att & dtv the same company? why wouldn’t the installer take the unit back? Idiots, all of them. I cannot wait until the contract is done.


Cheryl Anderson April 2, 2016 at 10:49 am

I would appreciate some help. The televisions kept freezing up, then losing signal. I called technical support and they said they would send someone…. (this is in January 2016). The day off the NFL playoffs, the person showed up.

Tech Man #1 – Replaced all of the indoor equipment and unplugged my alarm system…. Put in a new router/modem and nothing I owned was connected to the internet. Said he would fix it; but didn’t. He left, everything still froze and I couldn’t watch TV. So I called again…

Tech Man #2 – Said the lines had water in them; but AT&T wouldn’t replace them because of the cost associated with it. He connected a new port that killed the signal to my house completely. Said he would have to put in a work order for a lineman to come out. Oh, did I mention that he replaced the line from my house to the pole and left it lying in my yard; although ALL of my utilities are buried… (This is still January)

Line Man #3 – I saw him parked down the street when I came home from work. He never made contact with me, so not sure what he did; but the TV still didn’t work. (and the cable was still lying in my yard)

Tech Man #4 – The first thing he did when he came into the house was UNPLUG my surround system. The AT&T equipment is on the other side of my basement. Not quite sure WHY he felt the need to bother my surround sound, but once he unlugged everything, he couldn’t get it back together…Once he was done with that and went to the equipment he should have been dealing with, he said that I was only getting a signal via one line not two… He inspected what was already done and replaced. According to him; the wires were not connected correctly and they were touching each other which resulted in interference.. So he re-connected the cables. He said the outside cable should not have been left lying on the ground and he would put in a work order. I asked him about the wire that Tech Man #1 left unplugged from my alarm and he said that he didn’t do the alarm system….I called AT&T and told them that he unplugged my personal equipment and didn’t fix anything and that my alarm system was not functioning. I was told tha a supervisor would call me within 3 days. NOBODY ever called.

Tech Man #5 – Left work again to be home for my appointment to have someone fix my alarm…. Well guess who shows up… Tech Man #4. So my first question was; Why are you here if you don’t work on alarms and don’t know where the wire belongs. He must have taken a crash course because he was able to re-connect it. So now that that’s done…. Lets talk about the TV that still doesn’t work. Hmmmm. Still not getting a full signal to my house. So he replaced the router again. (and he was kind enough to ask if I was able to get anyone to come and re-connect my surround sound system; which I hadn’t) He said that he would put in a work order for the cable lying across my yard….

Tech Man #6 – Showed up and said that since the people in Tech Support reset my system that he would not be able to tell what the problem was. He looked at the cable in my yard and said they shouldn’t have left that like that… (Ya THINK) But he was kind enough to send in a work order. It took him longer to put cones out around his truck than his conversation with me. Not sure why he came since he didn’t look at ANYTHING but the cable on the ground.

Tech Man #7. Here we are today… April 2, 2016… Had to call again because none of the TV’s worked and the new router / modem thing is flashing red. According to the girl at Tech Support, I’m not getting a good signal so she’ll have to set me an appointment for a Tech to come out… She wanted to set it for Friday and I told her that I will not be taking off from work AGAIN. So, I got a Saturday appointment. He is supposed to be here between 8-12, so I guess I’ll just sit here and wait to see if they come or if I’ll still be waiting (since FEBRUARY) for a supervisor to call…


Robert XXXXnant March 31, 2016 at 2:24 pm

They are the worst. In Smithfield, RI, they even threw us out for asking too many questions… they hire the worst of people, buy or GET OUT! This guy below here threw us out!

Josh Ashworth
Client Solutions Executive
AT&T – Business Integrated Solutions
P: (401) 298-0010

…So we went to Verizon’s and got a good plan! We were just about to go with their new plans. Josh also told us he already answered a question before and would not answered it again, but we forgot the answer. He also was upset that he spent a lot of time with us the first time, he said two hours. My wife was with me, it was less than 30 minutes. He’s a bald headed rude sales persons that is also the manager. We think he was mad because his low level salespeople sold us on their services and maybe he wasn’t going to get the commission. We used to be with Cellular and then Cingular. AT&T needs to discipline their managers because we will never go with AT&T!

I would have got going by phone but the calls to this store were never. No one ever answers. There is no voicemail, yeah, in this day and age! I called sales person’s phone number and got some dude that didn’t even know her. So, we had to go to the store to get answers to simple questions. We were just about to sign up but he kept telling us that he already answered our questions before!!!


L. Bajorek March 28, 2016 at 10:32 am

I have been trying to get my U-Verse fixed off and on for at least 3 years. I have had numerous linemen , prim techs and one tier 3 guy out. In this time, I have had my modem changed, a new DVR and guys out removing squirrel and water from their black cases on the lines and one linemen that said the the line was being squished between 2 poles. ( Which I am sure is till happening since it is still between the poles.) I have not gotten the problem fixed yet! On 3/27/2016 my DVR went out. My son in-law who use to work for AT&T checked it out and said my DVR was no good. So I called on 3/28/2016 first thing explain that I need a new DVR, and the guy on the phone tells me to reconnect the DVR so he could test it. I go through all the steps he asked me to do and he says yes it is the DVR (YOU THINK!). What surprised me was when he told me that I would have to wait for the DVR to come in the mail, and than I would have to return the old one to a UPS store to be shipped back. I requested someone to come out and replace it today and he told me it would cost $149.00 to do that. After everything that I have been through with AT&T these past few years, you would think that they would come and install this to make sure it is working properly. I have had enough of AT&T and their lack of consideration to their customers. I sure don’t see them correcting my bill with them for the time my system was down or I was having problems. So, in conclusion, If things DO NOT change with my service, I will have no other choice than to cancel AT&T and go with another company.


Ann Lee March 27, 2016 at 11:20 pm

Wow! Well, here’s my can’t-believe-it–att fact: I signed up for their DSL internet service in 2014. The modem cost $100 (no problem). The warranty expired a year later, and guess what? So did the modem. Shocker, right? After that year, my internet kept going out, and I had to spend over an hour every other month on the phone with a technician to help me get it back on. Finally, I was told that to keep from having to call them, there seemed to be a problem with the modem, and I needed to buy another one. That’s right, pay another $100 in less than two years of service to purchase another one .

You’d think that with all the extra fees and my rates going up twice in one year, mind you, that they’d realize I received a defective modem and generously send me another one free of charge. Especially, since I’ve been a loyal customer since the early 70’s. But obviously that doesn’t mean anything to att. The only thing they care about is how much more money they can get out of me. And I just know I’m going to receive yet another rate hike soon!!


Anthony short April 2, 2016 at 9:01 am

I’m not a customer just a person who work for a company that deals with at&t wireless retailers here in Mississippi. Now the work we did was renovation and upgrade there store. Doing the whole time I worked there I maintain a good work performance. At the end of the job how about I was arrested for Embezzlement. Affavidate sign by the manager here in Hazlehurst, ms. Now there’s no evidence of me taking anything from the store. This accusation has affected my life completely. I’ve lost two jobs because of this and I’m having a rough time dealing with this. I’m the guy that needs someone to answer this question. Where are the phones that’s worth so much that has ruin my life. Ask the manager of At&t wireless retail store in Hazlehurst, ms.


Jay Herring February 17, 2016 at 3:29 pm

I switched home service from DSL to U-verse and I am being double-billed. I call each month, on the phone for an hour and half only to be told it is corrected…it hasn’t! Absolutely the worst customer service I have experienced.


MG February 4, 2016 at 3:50 pm

I’ll keep this short – its basically the same story as others have listed, but this is for DirecTV. I was a customer for 17 years – obviously content with service until AT&T acquired. Rates sky rocked (jumped $50/month with no change in programming) along with little fees (seemed to keep coming every month). Finally a 55 cent fee for Regional Sports Tax was added. I didn’t have a sports package, but was told its a new requirement in my market. That did it. Canceled service and had Dish installed in less than a day. If you think customer loyalty counts with AT&T – think again.


Gwen January 27, 2016 at 3:09 pm

After looking over AT&T’s reviews, I can see I am not alone with the dissatisfaction of AT&T’s customer service but here goes:
On 1/14/16 I placed an order with AT&T for Internet and home phone. After spending nearly an hour and a half on the phone with the sales rep (verifying the availability and setting up the order) everything was good to go according to him. He set up the order for the 21st as it was going to be the earliest date to send a technician out to set up service. He stated that he would send me an email with all the information, which I never received. They did place the order and sent me the modem, as well as instructions on setting up the service. On the 21st, they activated the home phone but delayed the internet connection until the 25th with no communication on their behalf to inform me of the delay or change. During the week’s time, I called countless times as well as speaking with live chat agents to verify the service and see what the delay was. After talking to multiple reps that kept transferring my call due to it being another depts responsibility and each rep giving me a different story as to why there was a delay. One rep said the outside equipment needed to be fixed and they would send a technician out to fix it, two different reps stated that the service would be activated at 8pm on two separate days, a phone tech said it was a defective modem and he sent another one (despite the fact that it clearly showed on the interface that the problem was the connection was down), multiple other reps sent me to other depts with no answer and no resolution. Finally on 1/27 a level 2 specialist from AT&T contacted me to inform me that the service is not available at our house (I had to request several times to get anyone to even look into it). She stated that the sales dept must not have known that when they offered it to me and set up the order. When I asked her when the service would potentially be available, she said I needed to talk to the sales dept. Hold up, the same dept that placed an order for a service that is not available?? No Thank you! All and all I have to say IMO, AT&T’s customer service, sales team, and tech dept are some of the crappiest I have ever dealt with. I personally do not see how they maintain any customers with the way they run their business (oh yeah they have a monopoly over the internet in many areas). I still cannot understand how they can place an order, process the order, and have a paying customer in limbo for nearly two weeks and NO ONE AT THE COMPANY could find that information. I am also dumbfounded by the fact that nearly each person I talked to had a different reason or excuse as to why the service was not connected. When I requested Corporate’s number, I was told it was not available, but I could send a letter.

This has impacted my work as well as my husband’s. Internet is a requirement for our jobs and the 2 weeks I spent dealing with AT&T and their dysfunctional company has cost us time, money, and stress. A simple, sorry it’s not available would have been better than wasting my time when I could have been looking for another provider.


Imelda Fresquez January 25, 2016 at 8:40 pm

September 23, 2015, I canceled my mother’s cell that was under my plan because she couldn’t get a signal based on where she lives (rural). They allowed me to cancel and “would void the early contract termination fee” due to a lack of signal.
After numerous attempts to remove this charge and reassurance that “all is resolved” along with case number(s) and a disconnection in December, this charge keeps returning.
As of today, January 25, the disputed amount is now considered “past due” once again and they have charged an additional $30 for restoring our DSL that was also disconnected in December DUE TO THIS CHARGE THAT IS DISPUTED AND NOW PAST DUE.
What the heck is going on there?


Michael Alexander January 24, 2016 at 2:43 pm

I am not getting the right satisfaction I deserve AS A AT&T customer. I have the htc 610 phone and I have had to replace this phone 5 times because the phone was bad, and was told on today 1/24/16 that this phone I have is bad too I now must go to court to show why I deserve a new phone but not HTC I will never buy anything of theres again. I have people I work for who have had the same problem and just let it go but I have paid good money for this phone only to find out its a piece of junk that they are passing on to you all to sell I your stores and they are knowing this phone is bad. I will deal with this matter the right way as I know at&t does not have time to deal with my issues unless its in a court of law. Thanks for at least reading this email.


Dilip Patel January 18, 2016 at 4:25 pm

Talked to the office of the President on 01/18/2016 regarding a local training center that constantly bad mouth a property and takes a business away they have a code of ethics according to company CEO which does not mean anything I suppose.


Mark Malatesta January 18, 2016 at 2:46 pm

How can one company be so INCOMPETENT?

I have been trying to set up privacy manager for 7 DAYS!!!

The 888-591-5191 number has not been working for 7 days.

I call EVERY day because I am getting a FAX call from a PRIVATE NUMBER at 3am, EVERY NIGHT!!!
Every time I call AT&T they tell me it will be fixed that day but it NEVER HAPPENS.

This number is a national number to activate privacy manager and it does not work. For over a week now. How is this possible with a multi national company like AT&T?

And every time I call you pester me to buy something from you.

Why would I ever use AT&T for my cell service when you cannot even get my landline service squared away?
It seems your service reps and even their supervisors are so POORLY TRAINED that they have no idea what I am talking about. I have to walk them through how your privacy manager system works. How can one of your customers, maybe not for long, know more about how your services work than your own employees?

Mark Malatesta


Trish Thomas January 13, 2016 at 11:51 am

What a nightmare. AT&T needs to remember their customers SIGN their paychecks.
AT&T “Sold” a product that they couldn’t produce 100% out in our area; yet they have no problem billing for the service or should say Lack of service. AT&T needs to become more personable – the call in automated system can get a semi calm customer irate before every talking to a Customer Service rep.; then all the Customer Service rep can do is say “I am sorry you are having problems” I will be happy to help you resolve this” I am sorry that you are frustrated” and on and on. Well most of us WORK and we don’t have the HOURS to send on the phone with AT&T; along with having to take all the time off to meet tech support to work on service OVER and OVER. AT&T your customers time is valuable too. You pay your people, you need to be prepare to refund you customers for time above and beyond the regular couple times a year “repairs” Then today I was trying once again, to fix the nightmare caused from being force to switch to Uverse phone – after all the “auto” questions/prompts and being sent to wrong dept (having to go thru ALL the security questions each time AT&T sends you t the wrong person) I get a rude “customer Service gentlemen” in Tech support. Frustrated with going through all the prompts AGAIN – I said to him, why do you need a cell number, if we get disconnected AT&T NEVER calls their customers back – Your customers are forced to go thru the automated nightmare AGAIN. He then says I will not put up with profanity (which I never used – call should be recorded) which upsets me because I did not use any profanity, my voice got louder but that is it. Then he says “you need to calm down” REALLY who is he? Not a Customer Service person by any means. What customer calls in that isn’t having problems or frustrated after all the prompts FORCED to go through over and over????
ID# RX891W way to make your customers happy. Then you have the AT&T service rep’s that say I am not allowed to give you my ID# – well if you were kind and helping, would need to ask for it. AT&T needs help – funny how many have posted on FB and twitter how horrible AT&T truly is. Word of mouth can be your best friend or worst enemy.


Benton December 31, 2015 at 3:36 pm

i have a little story about sprint … i just want to thank AT&T for a signal on a phone while i’m in my house


Benton December 31, 2015 at 3:36 pm

contact me AT&T if you want the story


WW December 26, 2015 at 9:18 pm

For someone who’s been with att for over 20 years, I am so disappointed in how we’ve been treated when my family and I are loyal customers (who choose to keep the expensive service for piece of mind). We have 6 cell phone lines, internet, u-verse, and digital life. To think I have to call every month to pay the digital bill that they can’t seem to put on auto correctly. Every other bill comes out automatically with them, but this new one (att digial life)has been a hassel… I always find out it’s not active when I try to open my garage with my phone, or check the cameras because I have dogs, so I look to see how they are doing during the day. I’ve called 6 times since it was installed and every month they say it will get fixed to auto. Last time I called the rep had the nerve to say it was cancelled and I had to pay a reactivation fee, then verifyed the card that was already on file! Today, I called and spoke to a Lisa who says her supervisor was too busy (after waiting over 10 min for her to get on the line). She then informed me that she wouldnt be calling me back today, but possibly Monday. When i asked for the number to corporate, she said. I don’t know the number to corporate (which I know isn’t true).” For anyone who needs the Corp # it’s : 210-821-4105 opt 6. Lisa then said the other rep should have told me that they can’t do auto when setting up the account again after deactivation..The last rep said he would wave the fee since he saw we call every month. REALLY ATT! For anyone reading be happy that your calls are recorded because the reps aren’t taking notes as I found out today when I asked. She said,” there are no notes that you called to ask for auto”, but recordings don’t lie…possible ENRON situation… If that’s no longer available I will be sure to let the readers know….I’m just tired and I spend too much money with att to get treated any kind of way. We are a military family who needs the digital working at all times.. I wonder if BBB will be interested in my concerns since att doesn’t seem to care. I will be sure to tell others about my experience. I will also try to contact corporate to see if they are concerned about how there loyal customers are treated. TBC


daniel December 30, 2015 at 11:07 am

first thanks for the number, this is my experiance today

so 210 821 4105 opt 6 seems to be a worthwhile number, when the man transferred me he connected me to a man who was very sad, i ruined his year, complaining at the end of the year, i ended his year sooo badly, so funny, att executives write me a letter saying ic all customer service too much, and he is angry,,,,, he also claimed, at 11:01 est, that he wanted me off the mailing list so att wouldnt have to deal with my complaints any more, i told him att has NEVER dealt with my complaints, he THEN CALLED ME A LIAR,,,,,HE CALLED ME A LIAR,,,,,ATT is such a great customer oriented company,,,,,


Jean December 26, 2015 at 10:44 am

I am in the customer service field and I must admit AT&T representative needs additional training on how to deal with customers concerns and complaints. They are just there to read scripts which are annoying to customers. Management needs to look into how existing customers are treated when it comes to increasing bills. New customers can get the least expensive offers while customers who have been paying their bills on time for the year are treated badly. When explaining your concerns representative are still trying to sell you products although you are unable to pay the existing bill with them. PLEASE Management look into concerns of existing customers. Another thing is when representatives are asked for Corporate Office telephone numbers we are told on numerous occasions there is none. One representative gave me a number which was for billing concerns. How can you have a fortune 500 company with no corporate office numbers – that shows how much customers are taken for granted by these company.


Dina Gray December 13, 2015 at 7:53 pm

I was looking on this website to get an address so I can write a letter about the poor service I have gotten from ATT over the last two years. After seeing all the comments it is obvious that I would be wasting my time and energy, ATT does not care about their customers. Time to sell my ATT stock as management is asleep at the wheel.


Richard Baca December 11, 2015 at 10:14 am

I just wanted to give some praise to three of your employees from a store in Albuquerque NM. The store is at 10250 Cottonwood Park Dr NW 87114. The employees Jason Ward, Leonardo Moreno and Monica LeBlanc went above and beyond to provide amazing Customer service. We came into the store furious at Verizon and wanted to change carriers. The three individuals gave us great customer service which was our convincing point to change to AT&T. These three need recognition from corporate. Thank you so much to them for taking care of us.


Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:49 pm

Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:47 pm
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I too experienced a nightmare with an upgrade I had waited 2 years for. i have been a client of ATT since 1996. I went into their Union Square store in April of 2014 to upgrade my phone. We went in at the end of the night…it took 3 and 1/2 hours for this man to do an upgrade and change of service plan. 20 months later I still have not received proper credit for the upgrade…I was charged full amount on the phone and the service person somehow botched the billing. An 84 dollar amount has been floating in outer space until I accidentally found it trying to access old phone records from my prior account. It was at this time they revealed to me they were overcharging me on the phone. I asked for a call back from a manager and they turned it over to collections. They were not even billing me the 84 dollars. The employee was incompetent to say the least and I will be switching phone companies. You cannot get a manger of any sorts on the phone. I will be in Dallas, so I plan to visit the corporate office personally.


Daniel Island December 10, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I have recently got a phone from an AT&T store well 2 months ago and been trying to get ahold of someone that can help me with my problem… Ok I purchased a phone from a AT&T store in the mall near me kept it for 2 days took it back for a return at first they informed me I couldn’t return the phone after talking with so many people I finally got to return it but for some reason the store didn’t contact customer service and inform them that I did a return so you guys are trying to charge me for a phone I don’t have my bill is 854$ I went to the store talked to the manager that sold me the phone and she also took care of the return I told her my problem and told her all she had to do was call customer service let them know I returned the phone she told me no because last time I talked to someone over her about my complaint that I had to talk to that person so I said that’s fine of course only problem she don’t work in that store and I can’t get her number!?? Can someone please help me


Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:47 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I too experienced a nightmare with an upgrade I had waited 2 years for. i have been a client of ATT since 1996. I went into their Union Square store in April of 2014 to upgrade my phone. We went in at the end of the night…it took 3 and 1/2 hours for this man to do an upgrade and change of service plan. 20 months later I still have not received proper credit for the upgrade…I was charged full amount on the phone and the service person somehow botched the billing. An 84 dollar amount has been floating in outer space until I accidentally found it trying to access old phone records from my prior account. It was at this time they revealed to me they were overcharging me on the phone. I asked for a call back from a manager and they turned it over to collections. They were not even billing me the 84 dollars. The employee was incompetent to say the least and I will be switching phone companies. You cannot get a manager of any sorts on the phone. I will be in Dallas, so I plan to visit the corporate office personally.


will brasseur December 9, 2015 at 1:30 pm

All I wanted to get was upgrade from 3mb to 6mb DSL connection.
I got automated phone call it was done yesterday. and ETA first was 8 this morning.
still not faster.
so called AT&T and got transferred from one place to anther, and finally someone said there wasn’t an upgrade request on order, only a promotion change.
then called order department again, and they said it is on order.
what a mess.


Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:47 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I too experienced a nightmare with an upgrade I had waited 2 years for. i have been a client of ATT since 1996. I went into their Union Square store in April of 2014 to upgrade my phone. We went in at the end of the night…it took 3 and 1/2 hours for this man to do an upgrade and change of service plan. 20 months later I still have not received proper credit for the upgrade…I was charged full amount on the phone and the service person somehow botched the billing. An 84 dollar amount has been floating in outer space until I accidentally found it trying to access old phone records from my prior account. It was at this time they revealed to me they were overcharging me on the phone. I asked for a call back from a manager and they turned it over to collections. They were not even billing me the 84 dollars. The employee was incompetent to say the least and I will be switching phone companies. You cannot get a manager of any sorts on the phone. I will be in Dallas, so I plan to visit the corporate office personally.


B. Nealon December 7, 2015 at 11:37 am

In August I walked into an AT&T store to enquire about upgrading my cell phone. That’s when the nightmare began.
The rep sold me a bundle that included replacing my home phone service, but allowed me a discount on the newer cell. After a week of no reception, I returned the equipment. Had I realized it was a wireless setup, I would have known it would not work. An AT&T tech told me that if the rep had looked at a grid of my address, she, too, would have known it wouldn’t work.
I then attempted to port my home phone number, which I have had for 15 years, from AT&T back to my original provider. Twice weekly for 2 months, I and reps from both AT&T and my original provider went back and forth about failed attempts to port the number. In the interim I was without home phone service and callers received a message from AT&T saying that I “wasn’t accepting calls.” I can only wonder how many important calls I missed.
Then, in October, I received a statement from AT&T charging me for home phone service but stating “Payment is Not Required.” However, 2 weeks later I received another statement for $600+. Intending to spend time resolving the issue, I sent a minimum payment through my bank. Despite this, my cell phone service was discontinued a few days later.
As I was in the car when this occurred, I stopped in an AT&T store to determine the problem. After relating my issue, I was put on the phone with another rep. After repeating the problem, I was put on hold while another supervisor was consulted. When the call was resumed, I was told they could not verify my payment and my account was not “old enough” to discern a payment history. I’d only had it 2 1/2 (!!!) years!
The following Monday, I once again contacted AT&T, related my story, and learned that AT&T had me under not fewer than 3 account numbers. When that was discovered, I was once again put on hold. Finally, someone said, “Can I help you”? Heaven help me! I disengaged from that call and looked up an AT&T Corporate number.
I think we may have resolved the issue and resumed the cellphone service. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I long for the days when AT&T was “king,” and knew how to take care of its customers. Like so many of you, I’ve lived too long!


Antonio Nelson December 4, 2015 at 6:27 pm

i am furious right now. i switched over to AT&T from sprint after being with them for 13 years. i work for DirecTV & now we are owned by AT&T i decided to go see if switching swithing my 5 lines over will save me money. basically i go into an AT&T store where i greeted by sales woman Aleshia T (which has been fired for giving fraud info to new customers auch as myself). i told her i was just coming to gather information and not to do no switching at the time. but the main reason i would not switch was because of i had to pay-off my sprint account 1st. she told me that all she need is my account info and that AT&T will handle all the balance that i have with aprint. so i was like really. so i was sold. i traded in my aprint phones for cheaper phones & switched over. that was 3 months ago. just sunday i gets a call from sprint about sending my balance to collections. i was stunned. i have talked with serveral reps & managers since sunday. they rather loose me as a customer than to at least meet me halfway. but they are telling me that EVEN THO OUR EMPLOYEE TOLD YOU THAT AND GOT YOU TO SWITCH OVER AND OWING SPRINT $1,265.51 there is not nothing we can do. when i left my bill was $216 & i told her i owe for the phones. but she goes on to tell me that WE got you covered. so from august to now i have had no contact with sprint until sunday when they call me about the bill before sending it over to collections. and AT&T doesnt care about the position i was put in by their employee that was fired do to situations such as mine


Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:47 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I too experienced a nightmare with an upgrade I had waited 2 years for. i have been a client of ATT since 1996. I went into their Union Square store in April of 2014 to upgrade my phone. We went in at the end of the night…it took 3 and 1/2 hours for this man to do an upgrade and change of service plan. 20 months later I still have not received proper credit for the upgrade…I was charged full amount on the phone and the service person somehow botched the billing. An 84 dollar amount has been floating in outer space until I accidentally found it trying to access old phone records from my prior account. It was at this time they revealed to me they were overcharging me on the phone. I asked for a call back from a manager and they turned it over to collections. They were not even billing me the 84 dollars. The employee was incompetent to say the least and I will be switching phone companies. You cannot get a manager of any sorts on the phone. I will be in Dallas, so I plan to visit the corporate office personally.


Michele Morgan December 3, 2015 at 12:23 pm

I am so FRUSTRATED!!!!
We have not service since SUNDAY!!!!
I am sick of getting a runaround!
I cannot reach a LIVE person!
Technician arrived yesterday and determined it was an outside problem.
No cyber shopping! No phone! I AM TIRED OF WAITING!!!
I want service ASAP!


Marian Feld December 1, 2015 at 7:46 pm

Sorry, original date of order was 11/28/15. Frustration accounts for my not noticing the incorrect date.


Marian Feld December 1, 2015 at 7:44 pm

I signed up for AT&T bundle on 10/28/15 and requested installation ASAP as we are elderly and have health problems. I was given the date of 12/10/15. However, I was told I could call the installation line on Monday and they could put us on an expedited waiting list. Sunday I got an email that the installation date would be 12/11/15 at a time which would not work for us. Monday, I called the hotline, finally spoke to a supervisor who was able to schedule us for today, Tuesday, 12/1/15. When the technician did not show up, I called and was told there was no other order than 12/11/15. After being on hold and with the representative for 22 minutes, he said that a supervisor would call me back. After two hours, I called back and after 21 minutes on hold and with a representative, I was disconnected. I called back and after 25 minutes on hold and with a representative, I was disconnected. Again, I called back and after 29 minutes on hold and with a representative, I was disconnected. Tomorrow I will be cancelling my order, unless I get some help and quickly. I thought Time Warner Cable was bad. This has been much worse.


Kim Simmons November 28, 2015 at 1:51 pm

On 11/25/15 I called and Spoke to Arturo in customer service explaining that I has received my ATT Uverse bill and it had a charge of $60.00 for an OnDemand charge for a boxing match. I explained to Arturo that my father (83 years old/dementia) had accidentally pushed the button and ordered the movie. He (Arturo) said he would give me credit for the amount and I thanked him. Today 11/28/15 I get on ATT to see if the credit is there and a BIG FAT NO!!!! I called customer service and spoke to Tam (Emp#MT318R) and explained the whole thing over again. She said she would/could only give me $30.00 credit. I asked for a supervisor and received Nicole (Emp#NT38TP) and explained again the situation with my father, that he was just visiting for the weekend. She (Nicole) explained that they could only give $30.00 credit, so I basically said that my 1st phone call and speaking with Arturo that he had just LIED to me to get me off the phone.
I absolutely HATE calling ATT customer service!!! They are the worst. I have been a customer for a really long time. In fact, I was the 2nd household to get ATT Uverse in my city when it was being introduced years ago. They spent 14 hours and 5 people to just get it installed.


Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:51 pm

Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:47 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I too experienced a nightmare with an upgrade I had waited 2 years for. i have been a client of ATT since 1996. I went into their Union Square store in April of 2014 to upgrade my phone. We went in at the end of the night…it took 3 and 1/2 hours for this man to do an upgrade and change of service plan. 20 months later I still have not received proper credit for the upgrade…I was charged full amount on the phone and the service person somehow botched the billing. An 84 dollar amount has been floating in outer space until I accidentally found it trying to access old phone records from my prior account. It was at this time they revealed to me they were overcharging me on the phone. I asked for a call back from a manager and they turned it over to collections. They were not even billing me the 84 dollars. The employee was incompetent to say the least and I will be switching phone companies. You cannot get a manager of any sorts on the phone. I will be in Dallas, so I plan to visit the corporate office personally.


Mike C November 27, 2015 at 10:02 pm

In 2008 I bought my first smart phone, already with ATT for 5 years, I stayed with them. I upgraded twice since then, never changing my data plan, which was unlimited. my Last upgrade being in Sept 2014. in Oct 2015, I get a message saying that I was getting close to my data limit, which I found hard to believe being I had unlimited. I called ATT and 45 mins later, the customer service rep said that I had changed my data plan when I upgraded. I told here I hadn’t and that it needed to be changed back. She took all my info and said she would “forward” it up the line and that I would receive a call within a week. No call, but a text 3 days later basically saying I was out of luck. On Nov 27th, I called back again and asked to speak with a retention rep. I explained everything to this person and she said that my phone I have now, a Samsung S4 did not support unlimited data and I was basically out of luck. I asked to speak with her supervisor, named Caleb. He proceeded to tell me when I did my first upgrade, in 2011, my unlimited data was changed, even though in Oct 2015 when I went to the ATT store here, I physically saw on the tablet the rep uses, that my unlimited data was still active in June 2014. So ATT reps tell one lie after another I asked. Caleb then proceeded to argue with me. I then asked to speak with his supervisor which he replied that this person was unavailable. I then asked for their supervisor, getting the same response. I then asked for ATT corporate office number, which he would not give but only said he could put in a “request” for them to get back to me within 72 business hours. I am betting I get no call. ATT has the worse customer service I have ever seen in my 48 years.


J. M. November 25, 2015 at 4:28 pm

Since April 2015 I called ATT and told them to disconnect my DSL services. Since then, I’ve had no internet; it was disconnected within hours of my call. Since April, I have been calling every single month to let them know to stop charging me for internet service I no longer had. They kept saying the same thing over and over and over and over, “This time it is disconnected, don’t worry”, and they took off the charges and again, through the same thing every month. On October 2015, I called again for them same reason, and the so called man in charge said that there was no record of me ever saying I wanted to disconnect, only records of the account being credited and that’s it. So he said that I would have to pay the whole amount and that the month of November was going to be nothing, well, surprise, surprise, It is still something. So after almost a year of headaches, what do I have to do stop this? Sue ATT for mental distress, because believe it or not, calling every month and ending on the phone for almost 2 hours just to get charges off for services that you don’t have, it is very stressing!!!!


Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:51 pm

Kem Dvornik December 22, 2015 at 1:47 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I too experienced a nightmare with an upgrade I had waited 2 years for. i have been a client of ATT since 1996. I went into their Union Square store in April of 2014 to upgrade my phone. We went in at the end of the night…it took 3 and 1/2 hours for this man to do an upgrade and change of service plan. 20 months later I still have not received proper credit for the upgrade…I was charged full amount on the phone and the service person somehow botched the billing. An 84 dollar amount has been floating in outer space until I accidentally found it trying to access old phone records from my prior account. It was at this time they revealed to me they were overcharging me on the phone. I asked for a call back from a manager and they turned it over to collections. They were not even billing me the 84 dollars. The employee was incompetent to say the least and I will be switching phone companies. You cannot get a manager of any sorts on the phone. I will be in Dallas, so I plan to visit the corporate office personally.


Renee November 17, 2015 at 5:08 pm

AT&T is a joke!!!! I really, really HATE I have to use this service but it is connected to my email address and that is the ONLY reason I have stayed. I only have DSL service with them because I REFUSE to have any other type of services they offer. If they can not accommodate with DSL why try anything else. I only ASKED if I could get my DUE DATE changed and was told over and over again they can not change my DUE DATE with DSL this makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. I am a customer who has been with AT&T for years and only ask for my due date to be changed to a later date and that can NOT accommodate. THIS is so frustrating having to call each month to ask for an extension so my internet service is not disconnected & charged a reconnect fee ALL because they do not want to change the due date. I’m going to change my DSL service to a more customer friendly and accommodating service like NETZO, VERIZON, TIME WARNER because AT&T sucks!!! & the customer service reps who barely speak English.


Dr. Henry October 26, 2015 at 1:15 pm

AT&T has taken my userid that is used of all of my online accounts and let someone else have it. They took it without any notification or anything. Last month, I logged on to pay my bill. This month, I can’t do so.

Customer service attempted to convince me that I was so intellectually stymied that I just forgot. It took me a little bit to figure out what they had done. Finally, someone admitted it to me.

So, they have provided another person with my userid that is used on numerous accounts. Talk about privacy. So, half the battle to breaking into one of my accounts has now been provided by AT&T. Think they would correct the matter? Nothing doing. They took it from me without notification or permission and don’t have the courage to make this right.


September H Bennett October 25, 2015 at 6:56 pm

I’m quite disappointed with the customer service provided by AT&T. After being told by a representative that they would NOT even try to satisfy my maintenance scheduling requests, I was then lied to concerning communications to the technician. In addition, in spite of a line issue beyond my control that deemed me without service, my bill was not adjusted, nor was there even an offer.

I also asked that my billing due date be modified to avoid continued payment issues. The request was omitted from the system and fees were subsequently added to my bill. The exact issue I tried to avoid!

To add insult to injury, I can’t even PAY MY BILL without issues! Customer service reps are not available 24 hours, nor is there an automated system. I called 3 different numbers to reach automated bill pay. Each of them looped me back to a closed office. I even “lied” to the system, saying that I needed tech support, but was still sent to the “closed office” line.

After my morning attempts, I came home this evening to find that my service had been partially interrupted while I was gone. I attempted to pay AGAIN, this time online, but received an error message saying that systems were down for maintenance!!! It’s like they don’t WANT my money unless it comes with the ridiculous re-connection fee!! I see what you’re doing, AT&T, and I assure you, once this is contract is over, I will not return to your trickery!!!


Teresa Thompson October 22, 2015 at 11:21 pm

I have never been so mad in all my life. My oldest son got married last year. His contract on our wireless account won’t be up until Dec. so we have kept him on our account. They have graduated from college and started jobs in their chosen field. Because he has a phone on our account, and because he has to give a contact phone number, he gave them the number he has on our account. And now every time he tries to pay his bills for u-verse and direct tv, they try to post it on my account. The first 2 times it happened, I didn’t realize who was doing it and told them that I didn’t make a payment and they had better not take money out of my ck’ing account. The next time it happened, I actually got enough information from the agent I was speaking to that I finally figured out what was going on. So I told them to not post it as a payment to my account because it was for their account. They said that he would have to call again and give their account number rather than a phone number. I told him that, but it happened again. They said it went through, so I sent my son the money to cover it. Well I went to make a payment on my account and the balanced seemed high. So I checked and the payment had not gone through. So I tried to make a payment with my checking account on the pay my bill number. It said it didn’t go through. So I asked to speak to a customer service person and they said that because I had blocked payments from coming out of that account, that my checking account is blocked for 6 months and I can’t make payments from it. And that if I didn’t pay my bill by today, that my phone would be cut off. I said if they cut our phones off, I would contact a lawyer tomorrow and sue their butts. Tomorrow my youngest son and I are going to an ATT store and try to get this straight. If not, I live less than an hour from Corporate and will be headed there on Monday and sit there until this gets straightened out. I seriously doubt anyone from ATT ever reads these reviews, but if they do, they better get this figured out ASAP.


Crystal October 20, 2015 at 7:15 pm

AT&T, you have got to be kidding me. First, I get a new phone and I’m told it’s a 12 month installment plan. I then inadvertently find out 12 month installment plan means 20 months in AT&T world. I stood in the store with an AT&T employee when purchasing my phone. We sat there and did the math to figure out how much I would pay in total for my phone. He had a calculator out. He then went over the terms and conditions with me. I said, “is all of this the same as what you just told me?” he said, “yes.” So I imagine you understand why I’m annoyed. I call “customer service” which is a joke. I was transferred to a supervisor and then hung up on. I called again and was told they could not do anything. I have gathered from my phone call that AT&T does not give a flying f**k what their employees say, they will not be upholding it and the customer gets screwed. I then asked for the corporate office address and phone number. I was told multiple times that that information cannot be given out. It’s a PUBLICLY HELD corporation. You have to be kidding me. So, through my real intense search on Lexis I obviously get your phone number and address, thank God the “customer service” refuses to give out that information. I was assured that a manager, who does not care about what I have to say, will be calling my in 72 hours and I can escalate this higher if I want. I asked if we could escalate over the manager that already said “we did take responsibility, we said sorry. That’s all we can do” and was told no. You guys are absolutely the worst and I really hope you plan on fixing this.


Steven October 18, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Worst business practices ever seen. They lie to get your business then when you call to figure out a resolution NO ONE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER HAS ANY AUTHORITY. The only way to get any service is to file a complaint with the BBB, and even then you will get the run around again. This company is engaged in criminal business activity, they falsify the business contract agreement and do whatever they please with your account. I WILL NEVER BE A CUSTOMER AND WILL MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE ARE WELL INFORMED ON A DAILY BASIS OF THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. The FCC is the next place i’m going if the BBB can’t help me. Then file a class action lawsuit against them for fraud and distress they caused. I’ve been dealing with a simple issue with them for over 2 months and still no one with any power have contacted me. I won’t rest until the people making the decisions and setting up their customer service practices are in jail for fraud.


Linda December 3, 2015 at 8:11 pm

You aren’t alone – they used to be a good company to deal with but over the past few year they have evolved into a nightmare!! You are soooo right – NO ONE IN THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER HAS ANY AUTHORITY and won’t even attempt to give credit when it’s justly deserved! If you file a class action lawsuit, please let me know!!


Linda McCollum September 1, 2016 at 9:07 pm

I’ve spent the last few months dealing with AT&T who conned me stoled for me lie to me my calendar is completely screwed up I get sawsan dollar cell phone bills and nobody has done a thing direct ify anything and I’m going to file a lawsuit against them so if you’re interested let me know as these guys are doing now is Illegal in a multitude of areas I think the local news would be interested as well for them to be pulling a con on customers absolutely blows my mind did they stooped to that level of fradulently lying to people and conning them into a sale by telling them they’re giving you a gift and then they charge you for it and then they lie about it and then they keep pulling money out of your account and won’t stop I look forward to hearing back from you on this matter. .I will be contacting several types of social media and i’m gonna get the word out to as many people as I can get so Customers are where of the type of company they’re doing with I am disgusted with AT&T as they are thieves, liars, con artists and really don’t give a crap about any of their customers so I think the public should know this and I really think the public needs to know about the tablet scam they’re doing now that’s a big one and taking money out of my accounts without my permission that’s a huge NONO. I just can’t believe they cooked up such a massive con thinking they weren’t going to get caught.

Excuse the grammar I’m using the voice typer haha we know series stupid she was made by AT&T anyhow have a wonderful night



C M Horrell October 16, 2015 at 1:42 pm

A year ago I got AT&T/Direct TV service. 1) Neither one takes any responsibility for issues raised. Each refers you to the other without response or resolution. 2) In direct opposition to their contract Direct TV allowed an unauthorized person – without asking for the required password – to access my account & purchase additional programming without my knowledge or permission. 3) AT&T failed to credit my account the July 2015 payment I made to them after numerous phone calls to them and numerous faxes verifying from the bank that the monies had cleared the bank, via electronic transfer, but AT&T has refused to investigate or credit my account. 4) AT&T is billing me over $300 for services they did not provide (and I am now getting billed from AT&T and Direct TV) for bogus services they have just added to the final billing statement. 5) Direct TV as of Aug said I only owed $53.00, but AT&T continues to add fees and refuses to credit my account for the July payment which cleared my bank in July.
I have heard from other people that AT&T takes money from people’s bank account for services they did not provide. This company is criminal. They are very willing to take if it means $$ in their pockets, but virtually impossible to get through to rectify their billing errors. I think it is high time to institute a Class Action Suit against AT&T for fraudulent billing practices and ‘stealing’ monies from their customers’ bank account.


Linda December 3, 2015 at 8:15 pm

Lots of other people are fed up with the dishonest actions of AT&T and their flunkies in the Call Center, so think about a class action lawsuit and don’t give up. You and I are but two of hundreds or thousands who are fed up with their dishonest methods!!


slp October 12, 2015 at 6:42 pm

I am now changing my service. My account was about to run its 24 month course so I received a notice. I went into my account and signed up to continue my service. I selected TV, then decreased my internet and then TV. I was given the charges in the 3 part system to approve. After finalizing my upgrades, I was given a worksheet that my services would be $98.00 a month. With that I approved. I received my bill a few days later and it was $184.00. I gave them the Order # and was basically told that it was incorrect. How could I be held to something that was incorrect? I asked for the processing address as I plan to file a fraud complaint in smalls claims court. They couldn’t give that information out. I guess I will have to go to the JP’s office to see how AT&T will be served. I will also notify the FCC and BBB, but first I just canceled my service and will be going to TWC for service. As much as anyone complains about TWC, I was never treated this by by them. They were always up front with my service.


Esther Stark October 9, 2015 at 10:59 am

Since my last comment on October 7th I have had 2 people from the “presidents office” call me and tell me that it was being taken care of from their office however their office is in California and I live in Texas so now I realize that epic proportions of disregard for paying customers has risen to an time low. These 2 men call and talk like they have some kind of pull in the company but I have yet to receive any kind of relief from my problem it seems that the at&t corp presidents office is only there to deal with “problem customers” They seem to believe an emotionless tone of voice in an even unemotional tone will placate the customer and calm the person they are talking too the first man I talked too Mr.Hutchcroft obviously felt he couldn’y deal with me so he had Mr.Kaughman call neither person even knew what kind of training or background checks at&t gave their employees or what they were doing to eradicate the problem still not sure what or how they were going to take care of the problem in Texas from California


Joseph minard October 9, 2015 at 10:26 am

This company is giving my mom a hard time with her service we had service in Nashville tn now we have moved to east point ga been trying to get internet and phone service for 3 days now these people can’t get off there lazy asses to fix it they keep saying it’s fixed and it’s not getting tired of this please if you say something is fixed then mean it


Esther Stark October 7, 2015 at 5:14 pm

I have had a problem with my service being interrupted daily for 21 days in a row in 21 days I have 6 tech support people every 3.5 days in my home over a period of 21 days I have contacted tech support and gotten hung up on promised ,call backs , had people tell me there were no issues even though my service has been interrupted,had a billing manager transfer me to to tech support after telling her I had already contacted tech support had a customer support rep robert #042Ra play childish games saying I’m having problems hearing you sorry maam can’t hear you put me on hold for extended time because he didn’t want me to report him to his manager I had one customer service rep all in tech support ask me if I was having problems why hadn’t I contacted at&t obviously I had over a daily basis of 21 days but he wasn’t listening. My service still isn’t fixed tomorrow will make 22 days since your techs are dispatched on the last interval of 1-4 from what I was told. I want to know why it has taken now 22 days a problem when I have on networking service person saying he knows what the problem is but it hasn’t been fixed why I have had 6 service techs in my home and all but 1 including a managing supervisor left out dated equipment and “fixed a power problem with outdated equipment with the managers permission. and my problem still isn’t fixed


Gerald Steverson, Sr. October 6, 2015 at 4:11 pm

Having subscribed to Bellsouth landline phone service after returning from overseas active military duty in the nineteen seventies, I’ve been a continuous Bellsouth/AT&T landline customer for more than 40 years. I currently use a cable Internet Service Provider (ISP) but wanted to subscribe to AT&T DSL service to use as a backup ISP. I called an advertised AT&T number on/about 9/28 to inquire about obtaining DSL service. After the AT&T agent did some checking, he told me U-verse Internet was available at my location and that AT&T did not offer DSL where U-verse was available. So we discussed U-verse Internet service and, after considerable discussion, I ordered 18Meg U-verse Internet service which was to be installed 10/5.

During our discussion, the AT&T agent told me the installer(s) would run a fiber optics cable to a box mounted on the outside of my house and run a cable ‘larger than the current phone line’ into my house. I pointed out to the agent that fiber optics cable had been installed in my neighborhood some time ago but that it had not been run down my street and that the nearest fiber optics cable was located at least 600 feet from my house on the street my street intersects with. I also told him that in earlier discussions about obtaining U-verse services, a door-to-door U-verse sales person had told me the fiber optics cable would NOT be run to my house but that my existing wire would be used and tied in to the fiber optics at the nearest node and that at that time I had decided against subscribing to U-verse because, in my mind, a chain (circuit) is no stronger than its weakest link (component) and so there would be no advantage to fiber optics in the neighborhood if my house was served by over 600 feet of standard copper wire. But the agent whom I called to inquire about DSL service assured me that if I subscribed to U-verse Internet service, the installer would run a fiber optics cable to my house. So with that information, I decided to sign up for U-verse Internet service and figured I would make it my primary ISP instead of getting the DSL for backup ISP as I had initially planned.

The agent also offered to ‘bundle’ my landline phone service with the Internet service, but I declined that offer because I want to keep a ‘wired’ phone.

When the installer arrived at my house at the scheduled time, we discussed the plan, and he told me he would not run fiber optics to my house but that he would use existing wiring to the house, a different box on the side of the house, and a cat-5 type cable from the box into the house. He also said my phone service would be carried by the same cable carrying the Internet service. Still believing that a chain (circuit) is no stronger than its weakest link (component), not wanting an Internet phone, and dismayed at having been mislead, I cancelled the installation.

I still would like to subscribe to AT&T Internet services, either DSL for a backup or, preferably, U-verse Internet to replace my current ISP. But I need to know what constitutes a proper installation of U-verse Internet service without affecting my ‘wired’ landline phone service. Could someone who can address this matter authoritatively please call me with that information? My number is 850-623-0607.

Thank you.

Gerald Steverson, Sr.


Ben Kenner October 1, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Please have some one to call me about a business matter with AT&T Corp. please. 972-832-****


Maria Hope September 30, 2015 at 4:08 pm

Please have some one to call me about a busyness matter with AT&T Corp. Maria Hope, 954-296 ****. account: 523015521631. Thank you.


Lee Adams September 29, 2015 at 4:54 pm

I would like to commend Chris Cary from the Midwest Center on his attention to details concerning our order N065-OY-795549 which was placed on 9/17/2015, which is now order number GBLEXT1766979. He understood our frustration concerning the ordering of this item. We order this item originally on 9/17/2015 and was advised it would ship overnight. I then called back into the AT&T call center on 9/18/2015 to question why it was not overnighted. I was advised this model was not available for overnight. When asked what he should do I told the call center agent not to do anything until I got guidance from my manager. When I came back into work on Monday 9/21/2015 I got an email from AT&T stating my order N065-OY-795549 had been cancelled. I called back into the center asked for a floor manager and was advised that the only thing they could do was to make a new order.

After, being assured that the phone would ship on 10/05/2015 with the same number that was on the original order, I signed the terms and agreement on 9/25/2015, on 9/26/2015 I received an email stating my order had been placed, at which point I went on line to see what ship date had been assigned only to note it stated between 11/08/2015 and 11/16/2015 or there about.

This is when I called back into the center and got Mr. Cary. We talked about this device and it being sent out to the stores since it was a new promotional item. He also advised me that should I be able to find one in a store near me we could set it up on the phone number I had, but not to do anything until I actually had the device in my hand. I checked every store within a 200 mile radius and found none.

I appreciate Mr. Cary’s honesty and his willingness to help in any way possible. He is very good employee and AT&T should be proud of him and his efforts.

As, for the AT&T handling of this matter in general, I am not pleased. First, the cancelling of my order was not authorized by me as stated in your cancellation notice. Second, I was told the item would be overnighted when I ordered it, only to find out that it was not even available for shipping until 10/05/2015. Thirdly, being informed that the new order would ship on 10/05/2015 only to find out after signing the second term and agreement for the new order it would not ship until between 11/08/2015 – 11/16/2015 has left us with a bad taste for AT&T customer treatment during the ordering process. Mr. Cary has displayed more drive and ingenuity to help resolve this situation by providing possible solutions. Were it not for the fact our newly hired manager, who is left without a cell phone due to an AT&T agent error in cancelling her order, and another giving incorrect information at the beginning of the process.


James October 1, 2015 at 4:51 pm

How come every area on the internet where you can read reviews about AT&T they all are very negative. Why would anyone in their right mind do business with this company?


ntbright September 22, 2015 at 1:04 pm



Mrs.MCKNIGHT September 25, 2015 at 11:19 am

Amen to that…they re awful!!I d just started an contract
account. My bill was 300.00 more than. Provided. I have filed through The FCC and BBB!!!!


Penny November 29, 2015 at 12:57 am

I agree, something needs to be done.
This is the letter I am sending to Call Kurtes and all the other places I can post it. BBB too.
I was offered a Bundle of phone, internet and Direct TV. I agreed to get a Bundle. After the Bundle was started. They informed me that they are going to change my phone line. To an internet line. I did not want my phone changed to internet. As it will go out during an emergency. We are disabled, and can not be at anytime without a phone. I wanted to keep my land line, no batteries or electric needed.
They did not bundle me. Full price all along. So I called to turn off the Direct TV, (7/5/2015) cause I can not afford it. They put it on suspension, as if I was not paying my bill. I asked them why I am being billed for something I do not have? Direct TV (10/14/15) and they turned it off. But it’s been off all this time? Then informed me that I owe $300.00 penalty.
I was told this Bundle, included the phone. They did not say I would have to change my phone from land line to internet. When they called to put me on intrenet phone I would not let them.
First bill of Bundle Jan 5, 2015. Very confusing bill. We were told that we would get HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX free. The bill shows a $48.00 charge for these channels. Made call for assistance many times trying to fix this bill. None of the assistance did what they said they would do to fix it. Made many calls to get it finally taken care of. Spent hours on the phone every month due to billing.
Charged me $42.48 for phone that was suppose to be only $35.00 when bundled. U-verse did not show up in this billing. Bundle means all together. Many calls we made to straighten this out. Never could understand what they were trying to do?
We bought our own router for our U-Verse to save money. But At&t was still trying to collect on the one we sent back and they received. More time on the phone, 3 or 4 times. They never did what they said they would do to fix it. Each person we spoke to had a different story. Each time would take an hour or more to try to settle the problem.
Spoke to Robin, Sam, Samora, Wyatt, Brenda, started to take more than names. Dorian 18889082509, David 18885734107 Max EEY77N and ect.
U-Verse on different billing. Sorry but that is not bundling. All ready getting late payments for some reason, I do not understand. This is outrageous. Where do you see me saving any money on this Bundle that is not a bundle.
I don’t see the bundle I was promised. I don’t see the savings I was promised. So why should I be penalized for a bundle deal that was not there?
Also, why in the heck was my Direct TV bill so different every month. It should of been one price every month. $70.77 1/2015, 54.19 2/2015, 89.35 3/2015, 133.67 4/2015, 36.79 5/2015, 82.68 6/2015, 82.68 7/2015. Every month something different. How can I ever balance my bills, when they keep adding things to my bill.
I have been with AT&T back when it was Ma Bell. I have had this same phone number for 40 years. I own my home and my Husband and I are both Disabled Seniors Citizens. We need you to help figure out what to do about AT&T. I can not afford to pay $300. penalty for something I never got. And I never got a Bundle or a good deal that they promised.
Got a call today that they will turn my phone off if I don’t send them $199.00 today. Also received a disconnect letter for $191.02, if not paid by Nov. 20th. I sent extra money over my current bal. to pay on some of the $300. Yesterday they really broke the law trying to collect this money. They took $295.92 out of my Sons PayPal account without permission. On top of the fact he is not even on my account. He dose not live here, he is my IHSS Worker and he helps me by talking to AT&T, as I can never understand where they are getting their balances.


Fustrated December 1, 2015 at 6:41 pm








Katrina Velasquez September 21, 2015 at 9:25 pm

I do not like at&t they over charge you way too much.
Every time I check my bank accountthey take out $600.
One month.

The next month they take out $786.
I’ve called multiple times to see what’s going on with my bill. The rep can never help me I asked for manager manager can ever help me.
I asked for them to give me a corporate number.
They said they sent the email to corporate to contact me I never got a contact back.
So I checked my email today I got an alert from my bank.
AT&T took out $1000. Plus some.
I’m not even with AT&T no more I’m with T Mobile.
But I’m still getting billed. I need all my money back I’m a widow raising three girls on my own.
I feel like I’m being robbed from AT&T constantly.
I did not get authorization for used to talk to my bank account..
I need for someone to contact me ASAP


Jerry L. Zendner September 14, 2015 at 3:17 pm

Jerry L. Zendner
Account number: 19972165

Recently my wife and I went in to a local AT&T store for a problem with my wife’s phone. While the AT&T associate was repairing the phone he inquired about DirecTV. We have been with DirecTV for 15 years. He looked at our account and said we are eligible for an upgrade. After discussing this, we decided to go ahead with the upgrade. A new account was established under my wife’s name. According to the AT&T associate the upgrade would only cost $33.00. A time was scheduled for a technician to come out and complete the upgrade.

When the technician came to install the new equipment, he discovered our equipment was wireless. The work order he was issued indicated we had land lines. I would have thought that the AT&T associate would have noticed we were wireless when he checked our account for the upgrade. We were charged a $107.00 installation fee to continue with a wireless system, and the technician had to go out and get a couple of components he didn’t have in his truck. The technician was very professional and did a great job in setting up the upgrade. We were told by the AT&T associate and the DirecTV Technician that all I had to do was call DirecTV and cancel my current account, once my wife’s account had been established.

When I called DirecTV to cancel my account I was asked why I was leaving DirecTV. I explained I wasn’t leaving DirecTV. We had another account setup under my wife’s name by the AT&T associate with the upgrade. He asked why I didn’t come to them, saying he could offer the upgrade. We thought it was all one company now. I told him it had already been done at The AT&T Store. When he persisted in this vain, I explained that it was just a quick stop at the AT&T store to have my wife’s phone checked and the AT&T Associate went on to offer the DirecTV upgrade. I asked what difference it made where it was done since AT&T and DirecTV were now the same company. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) then wanted me to have the two accounts merged instead of canceling. I asked how that would affect the billing? He said we would be charged monthly for the extra units we just replaced. Why would I pay for something I can’t use. I kept trying to close the account because we had a new one in place. The CSR wanted me to continue with the current account and kept giving me options that really wouldn’t benefit my account. When I finally told him to just close the account, he told me there will be a $160.00 charge for closing my account early because I upgraded to the Genie Wireless in May, even though he had just told me he could have offered me the upgrade. Why would we be charged a fee from the same company that just offered us the upgrade? And, why weren’t we informed that there would be a cancellation fee by the AT&T associate when he offered us the upgrade? He had all of my account information in front of him. Why did the CSR offer the upgrade if I wasn’t eligible? I don’t believe we should have been charged for the installation fee because the AT&T associate failed to annotate that we are wireless. I also don’t believe we should be paying for closing the account early when both the AT&T Associate, and the DirecTV CSR offered me the upgrade. This upgrade went from a simple $33 upgrade to a $300.00 fiasco.

Any assistance in resolving this issue would be appreciated.


Chelsea Elliott September 14, 2015 at 3:00 pm

I’ve never been so livid in my life! I got screwed on my phone because a manager didn’t do his job correctly the first time. I shouldnt have to wait 10 more days for a phone I should’ve walked out of the store today with my new phone that I’ve waited a week for now another week. At&t will be losing a customer.


Linda Plemons September 9, 2015 at 8:52 pm

On Aug. 06, 2015 I called AT&T to renew contract and see if there were any promotions on my U-Verse. I was immediately connected to direct TV and after long conversation I asked the lady to please switch me to U-verse as I didn’t want Direct TV. I spoke to a lady by the name of Lovette out of Pensacola Florida. I was assured a new promotion and to make a long story short the Sept bill was never adjusted. When I called At&t again Sept 08, 2015 the gentleman’s name Christopher out of Sacramento California told me that it was not possible what Lovette had quoted me. I gave him the confirmation # and told him that I had gone over the bundle contract three times. I am a senior citizen on limited income and have always had good service with AT&T. I am very upset with the way this was handled. Now I have to wait a year before I can change services as I can’t afford the fee to cancel. Just very disappointed and I know it wasn’t due to me not understanding the promotion as I asked the rep. three times to go over contract with me and the amount of money I was going to be
charged. Should I contact the FCC?


Lee Ramos August 20, 2015 at 7:40 pm

After being hung up on twice and on the third attempt sent to the wrong dept I was finially connected to Ms Shakiera Taylor in customer service on my fourth attempt.This young lady was extremely courteous and thorough.she stayed on the phone with me through several attempts at getting my fax issues resolved..If your first three customer service representatives had shown this amount of dedication and excellence I wouldn’t of even of considered terminating your service in my home.Although she could not resolve my issues because that dept was closed for the day and we missed them by seven minutes.It was for Ms Taylor sake I didn’t get rid of my service.Thank you,Lee Ramos (330)480-9577


Jim August 20, 2015 at 10:37 am

Acct# 113065005. I have had ATT dsl then moved over to Uverse when it became available so I have been with ATT for many years always signing up on August 20 for a 12 month term and ATT always makes sure to remind me that if I cancel there will be an early termination fee. No problem.

Last August I renewed for 12 months and took an increase. As I am preparing for my new 12 month agreement, I noticed that ATT increased my price in January and continued to bill and take my money for more than our agreement. When I called ATT for them to correct and refund me the amount they over billed they said it was valid.

Apparently ATT’s idea of a 12 month contract is that it only applies to the customer. They used a ridiculous argument that their agreement is that they give a discount and I still received the same discount BUT ATT increased the base rate thus the increase.

To make this even worse, 2 days ago and just 2 days before my current 12 month agreement terminates, I called in to make sure ATT cancelled my service at the end of this term. Their Representative said I had to call back on the day it expires to cancel to which I told them they could just terminate it that day (two days before the end of the 12 month agreement). The representative said if I terminated it that day (two days before the 12 month agreement expired) they would bill me $30 early termination fee.

So here we have ATT not honoring their side of an agreement and overcharging me $56 over 8 months and then they still have the audacity to threaten me with a $30 early termination fee 2 days before MY agreement is set to end.

I made sure to ask that each of my calls to ATT are being recorded so you can verify my story is just as I write it here. First Rep was Gloriane ID #GB0803.

If this is how ATT now operates I want absolutely ZERO to do with them. $56 cost them years of future business. That shows you the leadership fallacy and why their CEO and Executives staff does not deserve their enormous salaries.

Hello TWC internet and OTA.


kerry August 13, 2015 at 5:02 am

went on the inter net yesterday 8-12-13 to try and get my son a new phone 45min later I still didn’t get one the page froze to were you couldn’t use it. so I called in was on the phone forever I asked if it could be done over the phone and she said no you have to do it on the computer. Well how are you to do it if the page dose not work right… Why do you have the people in the offices if they don’t do anything? this is what makes people go to someone that really wants a job and help you get what you want. I wish I could get that job just sit on your nass and only answer the phone and do nothing at all for you. when you want to get payed for your services you get your money don’t you!!!!! Time to switch to someone else after 19 years. very very disappointed!!!!!!!!!


Gerri Williams August 10, 2015 at 10:40 am

This company PROMISED no hassle when I place my order. It has been a nightmare since. And corporate customer service is as bad as the basic customer service-pretending they can’t hear your-stating that when you ask for their manager-“it’s not relevent”. Terrible Terrible Terrible customer service. Will look to cancel this immedicately.


John L. Adelman August 5, 2015 at 10:37 am

As and AT&T/Cricket Customer I have experience violations of FTC in the Sales Practice Area, promised the full AT&T Wireless System at time of sale. Games Stop refuses to sell me a phone which I can use the number transportability act. Tech support is non-existent. Customer Service is rude and doesn’t understand complaints of crosstalk and duplexing on telephone calls.

As a Disabled American with brain damage. I am excluded from your Center for Disabilities because 1) I am not hearing impaired. 2) I am not vision impaired. 3) I am a prepaid customer. These concerns are violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and especially Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, I think.

Since I am your customer, treated badly, and being hung up on by Customer Service is not unusual. Promises made by call center managers are not kept. Never do I get an answer to system questions of non-performance like dropped calls and no signal in areas shown as strong areas.

I was unable to reach anyone on the telephone about these questions. It appears you operate outside of what is called “Laws Federal or State which to Protect the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts”; Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93 Section A.

I look forward to your response, please don’t make me send a Pre-Legal Demand and Title III Action against you, I am trying to find solutions. You have the Readily Available Affordable Technology (RAAT) to solve most of these problems but you are not using your technology to give me access to services.

My prayer is to hear from an Executive Response Person who will treat me with dignity, respect, good faith, and fair play absent discrimination against me for my station in life, age, and physical/mental limitations.

Thankyou for letting me share my experiences on FaceBook.

Warmest Regards,

John L. Adelman
978-744-**** Phone
978-336-**** Fax
*** Puritan Road
Swampscott, MA 01907


Crystal Johnson July 26, 2015 at 11:40 am

I would like to know what kind of business att Store number k936 1505 Texas Ave S College Station Texas 77840 is running there last I thought it was a wireless store,not a business for employes ie ( Dina Valdez ) to be using as a means to hook up with married men . Miss Dina Valdez guess she thinks it ok to store her personal number into my husbands phone during a new phone purchase and tells him to call her to go out . The audacity of this woman doesn’t stop thereiit has been 2 months now and she repeatedly text messages my husbands phone asking him out for whiskey. Does att not have any work place ethics or morals I mean come on your at work to sell service and equipment not trying to secure a date, sex,or sugar daddy’s while at work .


Sabrina Gunther July 22, 2015 at 3:50 pm

I am so upset I don’t know what to do I ordered a home land line 2 weeks ago was advised by the agent if I didn’t have my debit card handy she looked up where I was to pay it she did a Kroger and I did everything I was informed to do with a copy of a reciept tracking number ect…. I was scheduled on the 15th between 8 n 12 to get our service on an no one showed I called an they Informed me someone would be there by 8pm no show I called Thurs Fri Sat Mon Tues and todat Wednesday I have a heart condition an have to carry nitro 24/7 I have no cell service where I moved if I was to wake up in middle of the night having another heartattack I have no way of contacting 911 for help is all I am asking for is my home line to be installed that I paid for I have begged asked them to turn it on have been told my tech support is all they have to do is flip a switch ? Why would they take the chace on my life ? Please give me what I have already paid for god forbid I did wake up in middle night with a heart attack again ?


Sabrina Gunther July 22, 2015 at 3:54 pm

Not to mention we have a 39 yr old son that is in an out of WVU for cancer is not well and have no communication about him once I reach my home in the evening . The 15th the day I was to be hooked up my niece passed away no one could get ahold of me to be with my sister until after 9pm that evening due to me waiting on at&t until 8 went out of the ridge to see if they had left a message that I couldn’t get due to no cell service but got the tragic news of my niece 10 hours later this is totally out of hand


William Gintzel July 22, 2015 at 2:15 pm

I had a very bad experience with UVerse and was without any of the three services for five days. This was due to a severing of the hardwire lines underground by a boring crew who were installing conduits for you guessed it….ATT . I need to have an email address for the person who can address what kind of adjustment they want to offer for the trouble they caused me and the outright lies which I and my wife were told by ATT customer service personnel.

I have been an ATT customer at my current location for almost 41 years.


T Rose July 22, 2015 at 9:46 am

My Mother saw the add for AT&T bundle with DirecTV. She is 76 years old and was on the phone for over an hour having to call separately every part of the bundles components. HughesNet (?) charged her bank account. DirectTV kept calling but it didn’t say “AT&T” on the caller ID so she didn’t answer. The AT&T phone/Internet guy came out on the 20th of July and did that part. He “Didn’t know what to do about the DirecTV” part.” He just does AT&T phone/Internet. Now it is all messed up and we can’t get anywhere. Iy AT&T is going to offer a bundle, they need to do “one stop” shopping and not drive my poor Mother nuts. She even said “How can they do this to an old woman!!” “I wish I’d never done this!”
Thanks for the lousy service.


Abel Price July 21, 2015 at 4:57 pm

Dear Corporate Office,
My name is Abel Price my account number was 523170414896. I was an ATT user for many years. About a year or more ago I semi- retired in Panama, Central America. I didn’t want to lose my number so I kept trying to keep my number by placing the number on low rates. I didn’t use the number for 6 months but paid on a monthly basis, eventually I saw where my rate when back to normal so I called to cancel and I was convince to cancel at the end of the month because I would have a credit. the end of the month came and they kept charging me, and had to cancel for the second time. ATT continues to insist I owe a last month that if someone checks I had not use the phone for 6months or more, I had cancel not once but twice. Every time I called I attempted to talk to a supervisor and I was told the supervisor was busy or I got disconnected, when try to get a number for corporate I was denied a phone number. Although I had many years of satisfaction service with ATT, today I am so disgusted with ATT, it appears they get mad when you cancel service, all my dealings where pleasant until I decided I was going to cancel service. Although I requested an investigation, they are now sending me letters saying I am going to collection. So Sad.


Keila Cavicchi July 16, 2015 at 10:49 am

Your “manager” Lindsay, who works out of your Oklahoma City call center, took my wireless telephone number, email address, and my name and entered it into the National Do Not Call Registry’s database without my permission. She failed to realize I would receive a confirmation email from the federal government, notifying me that I needed to complete steps to complete this process. I had already informed Lindsay that my wireless telephone number has been registered with the National Do Not Call Registry for 10 years and NEVER gave her permission to use my personal information anywhere!

This is against AT&T’s policy. You do not allow your employees to abuse or misuse customer’s information without their permission. What else she might do with my information, I shudder to think about. Your customer service is horrific, and your customer service reps don’t have good note taking skills, nor does AT&T seem to understand the seriousness of the issue at hand. I do NOT trust you with any of my information. I just started service with you less than three weeks ago, and I WILL be leaving imminently!

Tell me, AT&T, is this how you train your “professionals?” Totally disgusted! Your escalations department promised to call me, and to date I have not received any communication whatsoever. Your company will slip further into the toilet as you continue to treat your “loyal” customers like pond sXXXX!


Mrs. Russell Myers July 14, 2015 at 1:36 pm

On 6-9 -15 I received bill from at &t and mailed check on 6-9-15. On 6-15-15 my bank statement showed that AT&T proceeded check electronically and was paid thru my bank. I now receive a past due statement for same amount plus late charge. I spent 2 hours on phone waiting to speak to rep. Who was absolutely no help, was disconnected on transfer to supposedly someone who could help. Waited an other 30 minutes and was disconnected again. I called again and after another 20 minutes I got another rep. Note that each time you have to explain your call all over again. I was finally passed on to a payment claims, explained the situation and was instructed to fax to them copy of my bank statement. I did within 15 minutes. Next day Saturday I get call from at& t with regard to past due acct. Left number for me to call. I called and was told number I called was not a working number. Called office again got a most rude person I have ever spoken to in my 81 years and was very rudely told that the they needed copy of front and back of my check. I explained that I do not get my checks back from my bank and that according to my bank AT&T have my check thru the process of the electronic check. This explanation was not good enough for AT&T rep.. My bank then gave me a trace number to give them and advised me that they were more than happy to hold a telephone conference call with them to resolve this problem. I have always paid all my bill’s the same day received for many years and this is first time I have ever had a pass due on any bill or my name. AT&T reps really need to learn that the customers pay their salary and deserve better attitudes and service . AT&T you would show more interest to customers complaints and especially those that pay their bills on time for years.


Mari July 10, 2015 at 3:37 am

Beware I suggest at this point when a representative makes a promise you demand it in writing . I have dealt with probably five plus reps 2 of which were managers . All make their set of promises and surprise not so. Now I have to start the game again . A huge bill!!! Not what I was promised . I have already been misguided to a store , two canceled orders and and incorrect backdate to top it off. Nightmare service.


Valerie D. Wienke July 9, 2015 at 3:48 pm

I’m a retired and have a concession which benefits told me it would not change. My internet service has been charge three dollars a month more. I called benefits and they told me to call customer service? I had to talk to four different people until one told me that everyone has to pay more? Were is my concession, and why do I have to pay MORE? Why doesn’t benefits know what I’m suppose to pay? A friend of mine also a retired telephone worker is paying eleven dollars for his internet, why am I paying nineteen?


Laurie Ausley July 9, 2015 at 3:04 pm

I was on the phone with ATT customer service just now for over 20 minutes. I was told the international dept could help me and I would be transferred. I was transferred to the wrong dept, and was placed on hold again for an extended period of time. I finally just hung up and called back. I asked for a supervisor because I dont have the time to be on hold again, and guess what? I’M ON HOLD!!! I’ve been a loyal customer since 1999 and ATT just sent me a bill for $687, and when I call to discuss, I WAIT! Can’t wait to DUMP ATT!!!!


Lisa Rollhaus July 8, 2015 at 8:07 pm

I contacted your customer service to report a payment I had made today as my account is past due by $30.80. I called at about 13:23pm CST on July 8th and spoke with a young lady to report my payment of $45. She wasn’t very clear on the phone and I kept hearing movement or shuffling so it was very difficult to hear her. She mentioned that they would need to put a note in their system for a payment plan. When I asked her what this entailed and to go into further detail, she just kept repeating herself. I even tried to be specific in asking if this meant that I had to give my bank account information or a credit card or if simply telling her about my promise to pay, as I stated as the purpose of my call, was enough. She only kept repeating what she had said before and went in circles. When I felt that this was going nowhere, I requested to speak to a supervisor. A gentleman got on the phone immediately, who was equally vague and became very rude very quickly. He identified himself as Justin Labord. I simply stated that I wanted to report my payment that I had made when he proceeded to repeat what the agent had previously said. Then he continued to speak over me when I attempted to ask him to also go into detail and also threatened to shut my service off if this payment wasn’t reported. What should have been a simple conversation turned into a frustrating ordeal – all over an amount that is less than $50.
I am requesting you review this call and investigate this young man’s behavior so that you can understand how this so-called supervisor is treating your consumers. I can guarantee I’m not the first person to encounter such behavior from him. It made me want to cancel my account with your company and go elsewhere since respect is not what your company provides. I did not ask to be treated this way and felt that the agent and supervisor overreacted to my questions to elaborate on your procedures. I feel sorry for any other customers who have to encounter this gentleman. I personally feel he has no place interacting with the public when he lacks the most basic sense of propriety and kindness. I would also like a response to my request so that I know that this is being taken seriously. I just want the same type of customer service I give my customers and I don’t think that is too much to ask.


John. Hassen July 7, 2015 at 1:31 am

Sorry to inform you of the bad service everytime I call to find out about my bill thy keep putting me on hold for 30 min I can’t keep calling back 7 times a day and not get answers , I been with att for 20 plus years not sure why endless delays this year recently
Please call me if u have further questions about the service my cell phone 850559**** john
Have question about bill and got no awnser no help just awful. Thks for your kindness to this matter john


Michele July 2, 2015 at 4:45 pm

In June of 2014 I signed up for a 1 year U-verse Promotional Offer. The Field Rep. handling my account stated at the time that after this period I could be eligible for a future discount based on Payment History, etc. Everything was great until the initial Promo expired. I spoke with the “Customer Loyalty Dept.” which approved me for a new Promo totaling $94/month (previous promo was for about $65/month). The July bill came with an amount due of $130.48. I called Att Customer Service about 2 weeks later. I explained the situation to the Rep. After a lengthy phone call I asked the Rep. to tell me how much my July Bill would be.The Rep. said $105, and that the discount I was supposed to receive would be reflected in subsequent bills. I asked if my account would be updated with this new info., and the Rep. said yes. I checked my account online a couple of weeks later, and the Amount Due was $130.48. I was forced to make a payment arrangement in this amount because the bill was due the next day. I decided to try “Live Chat.” The “Live Chat” rep. said there was no record of the promotional deal, and that I would need to call Customer Service. I called Customer Service the next day, and the Rep. told me my July bill was only $92.22. When I checked my account online later that day, the correct “Amount Due” was posted. I would first like to say that each Customer Service Rep. was professional, enthusiastic, and courteous. However, I don’t understand what Att’s customer service model is. There shouldn’t be four different people telling a customer four different things about their account, with subsequent Reps.stating that there is no evidence of the conversations you’ve had with previous ones. This is truly bad form.


Kim Gildow July 2, 2015 at 11:07 am

my parents live in Marietta Ohio – in the country and they are constantly having telephone issues, the local AT&T office has told them that AT&T is trying to do away with land lines. They are in their 70’s and need this land line! they do have a cell phone, but it does not work well because they are so far out in the country. My father would like a telephone number and name of someone that he can speak to about all the line issues that they have been experiencing. Thank you -Kim


Valeria Palmer July 1, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Sent to ATT customer relations:
I got up this morning and discovered that I had lost internet somewhere around 4 a.m. I called your “help desk” only to be told that there was an outage in Atlanta that would be fixed Friday. Now, excuse me for being snarky, but when I went to bed Tuesday night, I was pretty sure that I was living in a major metropolitan area of the United States of America in the year 2015 – not Albania or Rwanda or Paraguay. There really is no excuse other than an alien invasion or the zombie apocalypse (neither of which appears to have happened) for the largest telecomm company in the world needing 2 plus days to fix DSL service in a major metropolitan area.
Needless to say, this is making me very very very cranky and very very very unimpressed with AT&T’s “service”. One would think that since Google Fiber is planning to service many Atlanta suburbs in the near future that you would be bending over backward to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Instead, you have a near-impenetrable voicemail system and an attitude of nonchalance and unconcern that is … stunning. And not for a good value of stunning.


Laurie Ausley July 9, 2015 at 3:10 pm

Exactly. I’m going with Google Fiber here in ATL as soon as it is available in my area.


David June 26, 2015 at 4:42 pm

Mr. Stephenson,

I realize I am contacting you about a matter that may seem trivial to you. However, I feel that it is a problem that needs to be addressed from the TOP down.
I contacted your customer service today about having my account credited. The Supervisor, “Jim” stated he can only credit me $40.00.
The issue here, is not only that I have been over-paying AT&T for services I have not received, but that when brought to the attention of those who are “Responsible” I am treated as if I was/am not important. I get it, I realize a business needs to make money, you cant afford to credit everyone’s account and still remain the CEO. What bothers me the most is that I am supposed to be receiving an 18mbps package, please note, I have never once reached that speed. I order HD movies from or other providers and I am unable to watch them because of the poor connectivity. Why should I pay for a service I am not receiving? I had to stop playing video games because of the latency issues. Currently my speed is about 2.5mbps. Really?
I would like to receive a credit for the past year or so, that I have been overpaying for a service I have yet to receive. Because, your customer service manager “Jim” was so rude to me, I am going to gather all of the receipts for HD movies/tv shows I have rented and have AT&T reimburse me for the difference in costs of HD to SD. I would also like for AT&T to position a “node” closer to the surrounding area here. Currently, I am just over 5400 ft away.
Also, the tech that came out to fix the issue. He needs a raise. The guy did everything he could to help me, and was extremely professional and polite. Unlike your Customer Service Dept. I am amazed that AT&T has stayed in business this long with a Customer Service Dept like yours.
I am a small business owner, and based on the interaction with your Customer Service Department, I do not feel confident in AT&T handling my business needs.
Please return my email and a point of contact so that we can settle this matter, and hopefully I will have the service I am paying for.



Bob Gorton June 25, 2015 at 9:09 pm

I can only state that from reading the other posts that I am not the only unhappy customer.
I have been having issues with u verse. The signal freezes and pixelates. A technician came out (6-21-2016)at the last minute of the 4 hour window (8 p.m.). Nothing was resolved.
It is now 8:00 p.m. on 6-25-2015, the technician that was to return between 1:00-4:00 hasn’t arrived. I had called the support # and asked to speak with a supervisor at 5:00. I was informed that the supervisor was on another call. I asked that the supervisor call me back. It is now 8:08 p.m. no technicianand no call from the supervisor.


Randy Gelsinger June 11, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Is there any chance AT&T will get the equipment listed below so it’s UVerse customers can get local weather information from The Weather Channel ?

No “Local on the 8s” on Weather Channel

ATT-Uverse does not carry “Local on the 8s” on the Weather Channel. I contacted the Weather Channel to ask if it was possible. Their reply follows:

Thank you for contacting The Weather Channel Interactive.

AT&T U-verse is a wired system, just like cable, except that it uses phone lines to deliver the signal. Currently, AT&T U-verse subscribers will get what amounts to our direct broadcast feed; basically, a series of current
conditions and forecast products for the forty-five largest television markets, as well as regional radar and satellite depictions for the nation.

AT&T U-Verse has the capability to deliver local if they choose to do so. They just have to get IntelliStar computer units. AT&T U-verse has never signed an I-Star agreement with The Weather Channel; therefore their subscribers will not receive a local forecast experience on the eights of the
hour. (The I-STAR or WEATHER STAR computer is the piece of equipment that provides our cable affiliates with a local weather product on the eights of the hour, as well as on the weather strip along the bottom of the screen.)
In the best interest of their subscribers, The Weather Channel would like to see them add these I-STAR units, and we are more than willing to work with them on
it, but the decision is entirely theirs. Our advice would be to contact AT&T U-Verse, who is usually very responsive to their customers, and let them know that you would like to see them provide a local weather experience on the
eights of the hour.

We are always happy to hear from our viewers and hope you will continue to watch The Weather Channel for many years to come.


Chris Hoitsma
Solutions Center/TWC


Paul Kalamaeras July 11, 2015 at 4:03 pm

As myself being a uverse customer and meteorologist. I cant understand how your TWC network got away with a contract for 24 hour weather service. When now I see programs like fat men in the woods and stupid weather shows and rednecks.

You know i boycotted the weather channel ever since they put all the soap opera shows on there now.

Shame on you TWC.



Marie July 22, 2015 at 6:50 pm

I am so mad at AT&T , the service they provide is so bad, after reading 26 complaints and counting that other customers write in, I decide to contact these people to start a nation wide campaign against AT&T I have lost so much business because of AT&T, and I still have to find the money to pay them my bill next month AT&T shame on you for treating the people who keep you in business so badly.


Kay rouse June 4, 2015 at 9:21 pm

I’m sick and tired of having to reset my uverse cable box. I will be watching a recorded show and it will stop with a statement saying this recording is unavailable. Also, I am sick and tired of having my bill jacked up every 3 months. I call thinking I have what package I want and know what my monthly statement will be, only to have my bill increased a few moths later. Apparently the reps gave me a rate only good for 3 months when I TOLD THEM THAT I WANTED RATES THAT WHERE NOT ON SPECIAL TO STOP THE MYSTERY BILL THAT IS ATT. ALSO I JUST HAD THE SAME PROBLEM WITH THE BOX INTURUPTING WATCHING A RECORDED SHOW, CALLED 1800 # THEY WERE CLOSED AT 7:00 THE SITE STATES A 24HRS CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER. YOUR SERVICE IS CRAP FOR MY $200 A MONTH.


clementine hardaway June 4, 2015 at 11:57 am

Good morning. On today, June 4th I called AT&T to ask if a 1 time restoration fee of $49 could be waived. Mr. Oscar, badge #OR77OO74 which may or may not be correct said that wasn’t possible. I in turn asked to speak to a supervisor, asst supervisor, floor mgr, office mgr or custodial engineer that could possibly help me with my request. Oscar #OR77OO74 replied that with the exception of the custodial worker all were in meetings. I then asked for the # for the corporate office, he had considerable difficulty locating it. While he was searching I googled the #. He finally returned to the phone agreeing to my 1 time request of waving the $49 restoral fee. As he was ranting earlier with no, no, no I was writing my email to you. Oscar #OR77OO74 after doing his due diligence returned to the phone again with the # for the corporate office which I am about to confirm. Just called the #. There were absolutely no prompts which would allow for comments, no alternate info was given to report agent or other issues. Needless to say #OR77OO74 did provide bogus info. I’ll stop now because I am so angry I could go on and on. Sometimes people need to ask for help. I’ve never asked before but, I did today because I needs the help. I’m very disappointed in the treatment I received today from #OR77OO74 Mr. Oscar. Looking forward to hearing from you. Clementine Hardaway (773) 826-**** or (773) 895-****.


Pam Brisco June 1, 2015 at 1:34 pm

To whom it may concern:
My name is Pamela L Brisco-Harper, on March the 13, 2015 I call AT &T to get my phone number transferred to my new
@ 5298 Blue Ash RD, Columbus OH. I spoke with a you lady by the name of Chyanne, and a new young man she was
Training they were in Tenn. Well she talked me into getting u-verse, plus my land line, plus internet.
I called from my office phone, (I work for Chapter 13 Trustee ph# 614-436-****) the price was right.
Chyanne set everything to be turned on; on the 18th of March a tech by the name of Mike can out set it all up
He set up the u-verse, the internet then he tried the phones, Mike asked me what was my home phone number.
I told him the one that was to be transferred was 614-299-****. Mike look at me and said that’s not the number that
He have for being transferred to my address, he said it was 614-436-****, I told him that’s my work phone number.
He called AT&T they said they would have it changed by the end of the day on March 18th. Mike continued to work to finish
The insulation by 3:30 he called AT & T back they said they couldn’t change it then they would try again on the next day
• Which was Thursday March 19th? , in the meantime all of the calls that should have been going to Chapter 13 Trustee
Were still coming to my home. Mind you the phone number 614-299-5701 was still on that should have been turned off
On March 18th, that phone stayed in in my name till April. On March 20th since no one from AT & T could help me
Get a telephone line set up correctly (after I had been with AT & T home phone for about 34years)
I told tell to Cancel everything and I took all the equipment to UPS to return
I spoke with a young man name Josh; I explained what had happened for three days 614-436-6700 phone calls
came thur my phone line, the phone line that was to be transferred was still on.
Now I’m getting bills saying I owe u-verse $154.00, I also received one saying that U-verse owes me $49.00.
I don’t feel I owe anything after all AT & T took me through and I even got reprimanded at my job for their error,
Cause for 3 days 614-436-**** was not getting any phone calls and this is a Bankruptcy Business, we deal with
Judges & attorney and the debtors on a daily basis so the phones are a major part of our office.
If whoever is reading this letter understand what I’ve been thur could you please have your company correct their
Wrong cause I don’t want this on my credit. I’ve been a valued customer for many many years.
Mrs Pamela L Brisco-Harper


RJMoore June 11, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Write the Better Business Bureau. They will respond quickly and help you get your problem resolved.


Lisette May 28, 2015 at 9:47 pm

I was on the phone with customer service after waiting for almost 25 minutes my call was disconnected I call again and as soon as a agent was on the line my call Dixon extend again. You think they would have called me back to see why I was calling in the first place. I tell you they are so rude can’t wait to terminate my service with them.


Brandy Sandefer May 26, 2015 at 12:32 pm

I need corporate office to contact me. I have called and talk to numerous people and they are rude and they pretty much told me I can take my business else where. we have been with yall for 5 years almost we have our wireless and internet and cable with att. I have had numerous issues with my Samsung I got 2/14 and on my fourth device now. i do not like this phone it has been nothing but problems.


Vic Groner May 23, 2015 at 8:19 am

There is NOTHING worse in any company than to lie to a consumer, mistakes happen but a lie is inexcusable. I was awoke to day by a young man selling AT&T services. He stated”We just finished a fiber optic upgrade to your area and have a special offer” I said Fiber optic upgrade? He then proceeds to explain to me like I was a two year old what fiber optic does and how it works.
“You just did this upgrade?” i asked and he replied oh yes just finished the upgrade.
I had fiber optic service 4 years ago from AT&T, I know this for a fact because I had to wait 3 months for the line to be installed so they could hook me up. If the bills had stayed in line I would still have it, they priced themselves out of my budget.
Don’t fill my mailbox with crap offers then send a liar to my door. I dont care 100% for Comcast but now have to second think a return to AT&T.


Tameka Stewart May 22, 2015 at 11:44 am

My family and I have been with AT&T for a very long time. I didn’t have any issues until I added an second account for internet only. Well they have yet send send a bill for one of the accounts and every time I call I get the run around. They gave me a new account number and is not billing that account. They are billing the old account that no longer works. No one seems to know what they are doing and acts as if they do not know how to bill to separate accounts but wants to turn you off. I get see the bill online and they keep saying that they mailed it. Sorry you have not mailed my bill. If I can’t speak with someone that is going to correct this and give me some type of courtesy credit for the trouble that I have to go through, I will be disconnecting two accounts wit AT&T


Amy May 21, 2015 at 5:09 am

I’ve been with att since 2009. I’ve had multiple phones and upgrades.
I have a grandfather plan. Somehow they messed it up. I upgraded another line without any changes. I signed a contract. They should be happy. For some reason they want to charge me forty more dollars a month. Hello.
I bought the phone, I didn’t make payments. Why would this company overcharge me than prorate


Barbara Lindsey May 14, 2015 at 8:55 pm

To whom this concerns,
I was a great customer who really needed internet service and I choose att internet
I have had nothing but trouble with the modems and customer service
I haven’t had a month go by that I haven’t had to call because the service go’s out
The modems stop working and I have even had the line jack you installed get hit by lighting and cause damage to my home because it wasn’t grounded properly by your employee and I have put up with it
But enough today I waited for a tech who never came even though when I called in he was running late I was told until the 7 th call when I was informed no one was coming at 815 pm my last call and this started at your company wasted my day waiting for someone who was never sent! We home school and have live class online so we missed classes and also missed karate class which we pay for because I couldn’t leave my home waiting for your company !
So we may miss another day tomorrow but when I call brighthouse to get internet service at least I know the customer service office is around the corner and the modems usually work we have then at my office and never have an issue
Goodbye att it has been awful so glad to say good bye


bettina May 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm

i wanna to tell u right now, at&t uverse are a bunch of crooks, we canceled their service in feburary an because we bundled our bill they are trying to tell me that i was a month behind due to the way they do the billing cycle, that part i can understand but if they paid at&t wireless on time, an at the time that we canceled they DID NOT send at&t my payment, so therefore we were getting harassed by at&t wireless that we did not pay for the month of feb-march,an was going to shut my phones off so therefore, we sent the the money for those months, OKAY, we told u-verse of their mistake, so therefore they too sent at&t a payment as well, now u tell me why i have to pay uverse back the money WHEN IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE!!!!!,i wouldn’t have be behind if U-verse would have sent at&t wireless the payment they are were supposed to in the first place, i don’t see why i have to pay at&t $183.29 an Pay u-verse $183.29 also for again THEIR MISTAKE!!!!!,I WANT THIS RESOLVED IMMEDIATELY, THEY ARE THREATENING ME TO SEND ME TO A BILL COLLECTOR!!! i would very much appreciate it if u would investigate this very thoroughly because if u-verse does this to all their customers then someone is makeing a hell of a lot of money off hard working people who have to budget their money!!!!


LACHAE May 12, 2015 at 1:13 pm

LACHAE. 626-644-****


Ms Karon A. McCtee May 5, 2015 at 5:43 am

I need someone.from ATT.CORPORATION me concerning the Fire phone that I paid for from ATT Corporate OFFICE in Washington D.C.
My name is Karon McCree and my home number is (202) 550-*** and cellphone is,
Ms Karon A. McCree


john doe April 30, 2015 at 11:19 pm

I live in the 92119 zip code of San Diego, CA and am tired of the poor internet and TV quality of AT&T. AT&T needs to check their technicians in this zip code because their giving associates and people on section 8 free AT&T internet service and TV.


V April 11, 2015 at 11:48 am

I have the HTC One M7 and loved it. However, recently went through software update with AT&T, the camera default to ‘selfie’ mode only, unable to switch to ‘back’ camera. Spent over 6 hrs with AT&T between retention and technical team, did master reset twice, and they refused to provide a replacement. All suggestions were to upgrade and spending more $$$. I’m wondering was the software update necessary, or was it intentionally messed up the phone so you have no other choice to but to spend $$$ for new devices?

I’m definitely filing a complaint with the FCC via the link provided above. Also, when asked for fax number to file complaint letter, AT&T send you around and around in circle, rep after rep but same story line.


Pat Borders April 9, 2015 at 3:51 pm

To make a long story short (you may be able to get the whole story by checking my file) I feel I was unfairly treated trying to set up a U-Verse pkg last week. Talking to your rep I was promised a free new 39″ TV, a $100.00 Visa gift card and the channel line up I requested. Needless to say after talking to several more of your reps I end up without the above promises. The rep also assured me I would get Hallmark channel, I found out through other reps at AT&T they don’t even offer Hallmark. The final rep I dealt with was polite and tried to be helpful. I ended up with a pkg that will cost more than I hoped to pay, without HD and still no Hallmark channel. Not a very good week for an old lady.


Belinda Wallace March 28, 2015 at 1:15 am

I have been trying to resolve an issue with my services. I recieve a text that my current bill was $876. I have done everything I was told to do by AT&T and Bestbuy. My son up graded his phone and was given a new line instead. This wasn’t what I wanted so we returned the phone
Back to Best buy 12/25/2015 and in return the up grade was done to my phone line of 936 569-****. For some reason the correct return wasn’t relaid to AT&T. I have emailed the reciept of both trans actions thinking this would take care of the problems. I have cried alone with praying that this matter be handled. I do not have 2 Iphone 6 plus phone I only have one. I don’t understand why this matter hasn’t been resolved. I truly feel as no one wants to help me with this matter. I know the charges I’m to pay isn’t fair for I’ve returned the merchandise in question. These have been the most confusing 3 months dealing with Bestbuy and AT&T I really feel that I’m Being mistreated for the whole situation. Lord I dont know what else to do when everybody closes the door without handling the problem. Please in the name of Jesus help to resolve my problem.


Sam Sites April 17, 2015 at 3:19 pm

I know EXACTLY what you’re saying! I too upgraded and they promised me a gift card of $120, and a credit in 2 months. They sent me the wrong cell phones, and new numbers instead of keeping the same number I’ve had for 10 years with AT&T! Also my old SIM card would not fit the new phones anyway so I was told I had to send the phones back at buyers remorse, and there would be no restocking fee. I sent ithem back in less than a week of having them and of course I never activated them! I had to go to the AT&T store to get my new phones, so on March 8th I got the new phones, changed my plan to the mobile share and and also paid my bill so my balance was $0. 2 weeks ago I got a bill from AT&T for almost $2,000!! I freaked out! They charged me for all 4 phones even tho 2 of them were returned immediately and they charged me for both mobile data plans, pro-rated charges and restocking fees! I called them, was on the phone for almost an hour and she informed me after taking off some charges that her supervisor would have to approve it since the charges she took off was so high, and she would have to call me back….she didn’t call back so the next day I called them back, got a guy he read her notes and said it had moved up
to a higher level and they would have to call me back but it could take up to 14 days because the supervisor handling it was backed up almost 2 weeks and in the meantime my services could be interrupted!! I was furious, I talked to yet another higher up and he put a hold on my account so they couldn’t shut it off. I just got this bill less than 2 weeks ago and at the AT&T store when I got my new phones I paid my bill and my balance was 0 so this is crazy!!’ I’m going to file a complaint also!! I will not pay what I don’t owe. Even tho I’ve been with AT&T for almost 10 years I’ll go to Verizon if they do not resolve this and fast!!


Schmidt April 23, 2015 at 5:56 pm

I feel your pain. I am going through a similar situation with AT&T. They tacked $500 on to my monthly bill saying I did not pay for the two cellular phones I purchased way back in August of 2014! I too sent them every form of doXXXXentation I had at least 10 times now. It has been over a month and I have gotten nothing but excuse after excuse and no refund and was told I need to wait until the “back office” looks into this. From reading other comments, it looks like this is their practice.


Rosa Pitti March 14, 2015 at 2:18 pm

FECHA: Marzo 17, 2015

DE: Rosa Pitti
** S.W. 210 Terrace
Miami, Florida 33177


ASUNTO: Queja por Cargo de Llamadas Intl-directa a Panama

REF.: Celular AT&T # (786)417-2209
Nombre: Luisa E. Lima
Cta # 423235359074

1. Despues de decadas de ser cliente de AT&T del servicio de Telefono Residencial # y Cta (305)256-7425 961 0445 a nombre de Jose Rosa L Sierra., contaba con el plan basico no incluia llamadas internacionales ni otros adicionales.
2. Con frecuencia realizaba las llamadas Internacionales a Panama con tarjeta de llamadas BLACK 011 del telefono de la casa, sin ningun problema de cargos por llamadas directas u otro inconveniente. Siguiendo los pasos a. marcar # de Tel. de acceso, b. Marcar el # del Pin, c.Informacion de Balance Disponible d. Marcar el # Intl-Panama, e. Al concluir la llamada,nuevamente marcaba el # de Tel. de acceso,para confirmar el balance disponible para la proxima llamada.
3. Cancele el servicio telefono AT&T Residencial, de igual forma el servicio de internet, debido al incremento de la Cuenta y la necesidad del ajuste de mi presupuesto.
4. En Diciembre,2014 necesitaba hacer 2 llamadas internacionales a Panama al celular #011(507)666-00546 con la tarjeta de Llamada BLACK 011, le pedi el celular # (786)417-2209,Cta AT&T # 423235359074 a mi cunada Luisa E.Lima y realice otra llamada en Enero, 2015 al telefono de casa # 011(507)226-5462 en Panama . Segui el mismo procedimiento para efectuar las llamadas #011(507)666-00546 SITUACION ACTUAL
1. Mi cunada,Luisa E. Lima recibio la cuenta AT&T #523235359074 del periodo 12/04/14-01-03/15, donde aparece reflejado el cargo por $62.52 por las 2 llamadas Internacionales a Panama al celular #011(507)666-00546, las cuales se habian hecho por medio de tarjeta de llamadas BLACK 011.
2. Hicimos varias llamadas a At&T- servicio al cliente, tanto mi cunada(Luisa E.Lima), como yo(Rosa O. Pitti) solicitando una explicacion sobre la cuenta y esta fue la respuesta:
A. AT&T supone que probablemente se marco de forma incorrecta haciendo uso de la tarjeta BLACK 011 de llamadas internacionales, Les explique la forma como la hacia siguiendo los pasos a. marcar # de Tel. de acceso, b. Marcar el # del Pin, c.Informacion de Balance Disponible d. Marcar el # Intl-Panama. Que cerre el telefono despues que me dieran la informacion del balance disponible y despues marque a Panama directamente. Yo les asegure que no era asi.
B. Al explicarles que anteriormente habiamos usado la misma tarjeta de llamadas Internacionales BLACK 011, de un telefono AT&T en casa (#305 256 7425), sin tener ningun problema con cargos adicionales a la cuenta del servicio mensual. Nos dijeron que la tarjeta de llamadas no fue detectada. Por lo que le dijimos, que no era responsabilidad de nosotros que el equipo de AT&T hubiera fallado al no reconocer el uso de la tarjeta de llamadas internacionales BLACK 01.
C. AT&T, nos propuso eliminarnos el cargo de $62.52, de las dos llamadas a Panama (a cellular) de Dic.,2014 quedando pendiente el cargo de la llamada a Panama (a tel. residencial) de En.,2015. Si aceptabamos cojer un plan de $5. Mensual para el celular #(786)417-2209 Luisa E. Lima. Esta propuesta no la aceptamos porque mi cunada que es la duena del celular, no realiza llamadas a Panama.
D. AT&T, al nosotros no aceptar la propuesta del plan de $5. para llamadas Internacionales a Panama, nos dicen que el cargo de $62.52 es correcto y que es responsabilidad de BLACK 011, que la tarjeta no funciono.
E. Contactamos a la compania BLACK 011, presentandoles el contratiempo que tuvimos con AT&T al realizar una llamada internacional a Panama. Dandoles el Pin de la tarjeta y detalles de lo sucedido y nos confirmaron que tienen un Sistema grabadas las llamadas fecha, minutos etc. de las llamadas realizadas, que es el proposito de la compania mantener la confiabilidad con los clientes, que si estabamos dispuestos a presentar un reclamo ellos estaban disponibles.
F. En resumen el cargo por 2 llamadas a cellular y una a telefono en casa a panama, efectuadas con el celular (786)417-2209 Cta #523235359074 Luisa E. Lima, las cuales se realizaron con tarjeta de llamada internacional BLACK 011 es por un total de $125.17,con el siguiente detalle:
Cta. Dic4/14 – En.03/15 = $62.52
Cta En4/15 – Feb03/15 = $62.65
Como actualmente, no soy cliente activa de AT&T, no puedo escribir en la pagina web para presentar mi caso. Hasta la fecha me encuentro en espera del un cheque de reembolso por el servicio de Internet Cta # 120816251, el cual cancele porque el cargo no se ajustaba a mi presupuesto.
Tambien. escribi un Post en la ventana de AT&T Facebook, solicitando una explicacion al cargo.
Solo, queremos dejar constancia, del descontento que sentimos como clientes de AT&T. Cuando tuvimos el servicio de internet y de telefono residencial siempre llegamos via telefonica o via Chat a un entendimiento razonable.
Efectuamos el pago completo de las dos ultimas cuentas del Celular(786)417-2209 #523235359074 Luisa E Lima, para evitar recargo y corte del servicio,para posteriormente comunicarnos con AT&T, presentandole nuestra inconformidad.
Ante todo, consideramos, que no es correcto que AT& T, evada una responsabilidad de un error al no detectar la tarjeta de llamada Internacionales BLACK 011.
Les deseamos exitos a todo el equipo de AT&T en las funciones para mantener a los clientes satisfechos para este ano 2015 y siempre.


Steve March 13, 2015 at 12:12 am

I have never felt so unappreciated and disrespected in my life. I have gone into several stores for resolution and each time i leave more upset about my situation then when I got there. i can’t get anyone to help me or even call me. I am a veteran and have been treated better overseas by people who hate america than I have been by at&t these last few months, Please contact me at 801-791-6924. If nobody answers plese leave contact information I can call back on. This is my last effort before taking it to next level! Please hurry and respond! Thanks.


Marie Hartzell March 10, 2015 at 3:46 pm

Good Afternoon Mr. Randall L. Stephenson,
I am writing to you to let you know what terrible customer service I have received from the employees in your company, since January 8, 2015. I am so frustrated with my AT&T service, I have considered changing companies.
It started on January 8th; my service went out, (when I say no service I mean both internet and U-verse). I work from home, lost a day’s work. Tech came out, did not give me his name. Came back on late in the day. Went out again on the 9th at 7:30pm to Noon on the 10th after Tech worked on it (Rodger 440-986-0257). Morning of 15th no service, morning of 21st no service. February 3rd no service. Tech Anton W. (440-570-3781) and his Manager Tony C. (216-749-8086) show up and try to figure out what’s wrong. Sent out Tom the line tech to check outside lines. No one seems to know what the problem is, service comes and goes. February 5th, Mike (216-212-8378) came to house. No service, 13th out for most of weekend. On Sunday 15th another Tech and Supervisor came to the house, did not give me their names or numbers! Said it was an outside line issue. They sent out a 2nd line tech, Bob, on the 16th (Bob 216-392-1565, his manager John 216-749-8040).
No service on 17th, Jeremy (440-715-5645) and his Manager Charlie H. (440-715-3229) show up. Replaced all my equipment, modem, DVR, wires, data line…. Confident that the problem is resolved. They tell me don’t call anyone else or customer service, we will help you from here on out. No service on 19th Jeremy comes back. No service on the 20th, 21st and 23rd. Called both of them. No one calls me back!!
I call the customer service number they send out the third line Tech, Jared (216-392-4417) on the 21st. He said he was going to change my port. I told him, he is the 3rd Tech to do that.
No service on the 27th, called all 3 of the last techs, Jeremy, Charlie and Jared… call backs. Charlie has no business being a manager.
So 8 weeks, 12 Techs, and multiple calls to customer service, lots of inconvenience and time lost from work. I still pray every day that my service does not go out again. Since I have not been told if they did fix the problem or they still do not know what the problem is.
This is no way to run a company; I don’t care how big you are. I am totally frustrated and will not recommend AT&T to anyone.
Marie Hartzell


corlis March 10, 2015 at 11:39 am

( Jan.16 entry date ) I explain to the rep what kind of cell phone I wanted. She said I was a good customer ( over 30 years and was due for an upgrade. The phone I wanted like my sisters was $600.00. I immediately told her I didn’t want a phone for $600.00. The rep said oh you only have to pay the taxes on this phone, Long story short, I get my bill and Its about $49.00 increase. I wanted to return the phone but was out of the 14 day return policy..Mind you I didnt know about this payment plan until I got my bill in Mar. The new rep said I would be paying $30.00 monthly for three years. I never agreed to fiancialing a phone or setting up payments to get this phone( It’s the principle of the matter ). I never went to Att website before today, Mar.10,2015. I know smart phones aren’t cheap but this rep lied to me and all of the reps including corporate keep telling me I agreed to this transaction which I didnt..This was trickery. I am not text savvy enough to pay $600.00 for a phone. Surely Att can play this conversation back and listen to this the rep and I. What a low blow to make a Att bill of sale…There is more to this ,Im just frustrated and praying for a magnificent outcome.


JG March 7, 2015 at 12:45 am

I bought a I phone 5 s and returned it to the Jeffersonville In location when I called to Cancel service they told me they could not cancel it because it looked like I never returned it due to Lack of training by Alice Clark at this location she never sent the Return Papers to AT&T so to them it looked like I had stole the phone I had the return papers and as soon as I gave them the Numbers off the return Slip my phone was shut off Immediately. I had been a Faithful Customer for 15 years. To say the least they will never regain my loyal customer ever again. Thanks Jeffersonville In location. also I have U Verse and I guess AT&T has a Floating rate System like a house loan I have had this Service for 3 months my bill has been 111.00 Jan 131.00 Feb 144.00 March. when I signed up for U verse was Quoted 99.00 Plus ta. I have called and ask for the fixed rate they said the prices has went up how can you go up when you are in a Contract with them. Disappoint Customer . That you will be losing Time Warner come on Back.


Jeff Kolden March 2, 2015 at 10:01 pm

Whats up with not airing the Nascar race on saturday and putting a boring dart tourment on , do yall understand how many people watch Nascar – millions !! How many sponsors they have and followers. Sounds like yall do not care about loyal customers. Looks like its time to change cable service if this type of programing keeps up. Very unhappy customer.


dave wilgus February 28, 2015 at 12:13 pm

My elderly mom didn’t know what phone plan she had even Walmart ass. didn’t know so just guessing picked at&t 25.00 refill card went home tried to install , found out it was a trac phone. spent total about 6 hours fighting with at&t. 1 rep told me to find someone to sell to …….think about it random person trying to sell a scratched off card ???? corp told me thanks for donation . on the back of the card it says non refundable but its different when the card cant be able to upload the money will never leave the card . 1 rep from at&t got my wifes cell phone no. told me to go to wal mart and he will call my wifes phone in 40 mins I get there and he never called he stood me up but while there Susie from wal mart I explained to her all the problems and she made it right . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TO AT&T YOU KEEP UP ON THE PATH YOU ARE GOING YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB BY PUHSING YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY YOU BURNED YOUR BRIDGE WITH ME ALWAYS REMEBER,,,,,,,,,,,,,WORD OF MOUTH IS YOUR WORST ENEMY GOODBYE FOREVER AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE 100 CUSTOMER YOU HAVE LEFT


Louise Fulton April 1, 2015 at 10:45 pm

Want to resolve this quickly and easily?
Go on line and file a complaint with the FCC here:
You will be shocked at how quickly AT&T fixes your problem! You won’t hear from the FCC, but AT&T will want to get this done in a heartbeat. They will assign someone from Corporate Support to resolve it and you won’t even have to raise your voice!!!! I promise it will work!


Jeff Koller February 26, 2015 at 4:52 pm

I have been an AT&T customer for 14 years with an average monthly bill according to Quicken of $118.37 and purchased many products along the way. In a recent upgrade I was charged a $40 “activation fee” as a result of an upgrade with a new 2 year plan. My account is already activated as I have said for a very long time. I got supervisor Josh Holton who vehemently insisted he would not credit the $40 fee and referred me to customer relations who promptly asked me if I wanted to cancel my account. Who put these people in charge or stymied them to the point they can’t make effective decisions? I was asked to cancel my account over $40. Do the math…$19,886.16 plus phones and peripherals. I’m hoping you people actually read these and I get a better appreciation of my past account with AT&T. Do you know that Mr. Holton actually told me that AT&T paid over $700 for the phone I paid $300 for and needed 24 months to recoup the loss? Seriously? I own a small company where we “service” our customers. Something that seems to have been lost at some point for you people!


Mohammed Shariff February 26, 2015 at 11:12 am

My biggest mistake was to get Uverse. This is the worst possible phone and internet service which I ever had.


Lakisha Harkless February 25, 2015 at 5:08 pm

Absolutely the WORST company with the WORST customer service ever!!!!! I contacted customer service on January 20 to request an agent to lower my bill that was $200 for basic cable and internet. The representative SUPPOSEDLY gave me a discount. Her pitch was the more you have the more you save. She advised that if I added/bundled a home phone that my bill will be lowered. Needless to say when I received my bill it had skyrocketed. No one had any notes from the previous conversation but that the reason for my call was to lower my bill. Well it don’t take a rocket scientist to see that If I was calling to lower my bill that I would not have added anything that would higher my bill. After talking to 6 other reps my bill still was not adjusted and my services was suspended and for non payment of an INCORRECT bill. After spendig 3 hours on the line a manager acted as if she was doing me a favor by giving me a $60 credit. Well its been 9 hours and I still don’t have service and when I called back the next manager said “well we gave you a $60 credit” so just because your customer suck and you give me a credit I suppose to just shut up when you are the reason it was suspended. Then the manager hung up on me and when I called back I was not able to reach the correct person and on top of all that they decline to escalate your issues further. Once I am done with this company I will NEVER give them service again!!!!!!!!! And if you don’t have them as your provider please, PLEASE, PLEASE go with someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle February 24, 2015 at 4:47 pm

I will attempt to keep this short and sweet as I really question whether anyone at AT&T cares about their reputation of poor and deceitful customer service. In brief, I contacted AT&T about canceling my service, after I had fulfilled my contract with them, due to financial constraints. I was very open about my situation with the lady on the phone, family of 5 trying to survive on $8.15/hr with government assistance. Obviously, cable television is no longer an option. Internet is still a necessity but has to be cheap. She quoted me Internet for an amount which I questioned repeatedly as I had to be certain it was inclusive of everything…no surprise extra charges. I specifically asked that includes taxes, equipment fees, my bill will be that amount not a penny more each month? She assured me it would. Nope! It went up $10 after a month or so due to equipment fees being added to my bill. After poor treatment from Mike, an executive in Texas, whom put the blaim on me for the miscommunication and him offering me the service for even MORE money, I was finally told that I wouldn’t be charged a early termination fee nor anything more and could send the equipment back. Well, bill came and I called and confirmed no I didn’t owe anything. Months pass. Here we go, a big bill for an early termination fee! I call and on the phone again for 20 minutes before I just hang up as the girl has me waiting while she attempts to pass me on to another person above her. What a joke! For whatever it is worth, I paid very high cable bills with AT&T for years and always on time. Equipment returned promptly. I am in a temporary setback but when I can afford cable again, I am willing to pay an extra hundred a month to never deal with AT&T again! Poor, poor, customer service!


Andrea Davila February 23, 2015 at 5:21 pm

My issue started on 02/05/2015 when the first rep lied and said I was getting things I wasn’t going to receive. I am under a 14 day thing to where i can cancel my service and not habe to pay a early termination fee. So I call to cancel and they tell me I am going to have to pay a 99 restocking fee. which is not right considering i did not get anything they told me I would be receiving when it came to the home security system. I am trying to talk to corporate and can not find away to do it someone please help. Please reply to this if you know away to contact them or I am going to go to a lawyer as they can pull the phone call but refuse to do so.


Keawe Fo February 3, 2015 at 9:52 am

My issues with AT&T started from the very beginning (April 2013) when I was lied to by the first representative to get me to switch carriers. I was told that my bill would be $160 a month. I specifically asked the CSR if that was including all of the monthly fees and charges and he stated that yes it did. To my surprise when my bill came in I was paying a lot more than $160. So I left my previous company, lost my unlimited data/talk/text data package to only pay more. I left Sprint because I thought their customer service was lacking, I could have NEVER imagined that it would be so much worse with AT&T.
Fast forward to January 27, 2015. I utilized the AT&T chat to inquire about adding another line to my account and purchasing a new device via the “Next” program. Harlene Davidson assisted me with this. I then called in on that same afternoon to get everything set up. After being on the phone for half an hour (23 minutes) I was told that I could not complete my transaction because the number I was switching over was from a TracPhone and that I needed them ID# off of the phone which I did not have readily available. CSR apologized profusely that I had not been given correct information on previous call and chat. I called back in on 01/29/15 and spent another hour (59 minutes) on the phone with a representative to now set up the line since I now had the ID# from the TracPhone. I had to change my billing address in order to have the phone shipped to the address I needed it shipped to. The CSR assured me that updating my billing address would ensure that the phone was sent timely to the address I needed it shipped to (a family member’s address). The CSR advised that once the phone was received that it was to be taken into the store to be ported and have the number transferred over from the TracPhone. I was also advised that AT&T actually DID not need the ID# on the phone, so they had wasted my time on the first call. The CSR advised that AT&T actually “owned” the phone number from the TracPhone so it would be “no problem” to have it switched once the phone was received. I paid extra to have this phone shipped 2 day air, this was on 01/29/15 so the phone should be received on 01/31/15. CSR advised that they would waive the $40 activation fee on the tablet that was being sent to me for setting up a new line because I’d had to deal with so many issues caused by AT&T. CSR apologized profusely for having been given wrong information. On 01/31/15 I logged into my AT&T account to check the status of the order since the device had not been received only to find that the order had been CANCELLED!!!!! Order was cancelled and I was never even contacted. I called in to the AT&T Customer service number (1 hour 22 minutes) and during this call I missed my daughters’ basketball games and part of a family friend’s child’s birthday party. The first CSR I spoke to apologized and said that it was AT&T’s error and that they had a “system glitch” and that’s why my order was cancelled. There was no explanation on why I wasn’t advised of the cancellation. CSR apologized profusely for my inconvenience caused by AT&T. I was then forwarded to “Richard” who researched and then told me that my order was cancelled due to fraud investigation!!! (so was it a system glitch or a fraud investigation?) He advised that it was cancelled because the phone was being sent somewhere that didn’t match the billing address. WRONG! Read above and you will see where the previous CSR told me I had to change my billing address so that the device could be shipped and I complied and it STILL did not ship. I advised Richard that he was incorrect and he found that what I said was true and he wasn’t sure why my order was cancelled. I told Richard that I wanted to pick the phone up at the store so that I didn’t have to waste any more time without a phone. Richard advised that if it was picked up in the store that I would not be eligible for the $150 new line promo so I had to do it on the phone. Richard apologized profusely (are you seeing the trend here?) and sent me to the sales department so that I could place ANOTHER order. I then spoke to “Elizabeth” in the sales department. I had to go through the SAME EXACT motions with Elizabeth that I had already gone through to place my order. “Elizabeth” offered me a $25 gel case for all of my troubles caused by AT&T. I was not happy that AT&T valued hours of my time at $25. “Elizabeth” then transferred me to her manager, “Evelyn”. “Evelyn” went over the details of my order again and PROMISED me that she would PERSONALLY see to it that my order went through. “Evelyn” also promised that she would overnight the phone at AT&T’s cost. Once again the taxes on the phone had to be paid, there was still no reimbursement for the first time the taxes AND 2 day shipping cost that was paid. “Evelyn” apologized profusely for the unacceptable customer service that I’d received thus far. This was on 01/31/15 so the devices (phone and tablet) should have been received on 02/02/15. I received an automated voice mail on 02/02/15 that my order had been CANCELLED YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So once again I was lied to because “Evelyn” promised that she would PERSONALLY see to it that my order was processed. So once I got off of work I had to spend more of MY personal family time on the phone with AT&T (1 hour 27 minutes). I first called in and spoke to “Fernando Z”. I asked several times to speak to a manager and my requested were basically ignored. I was asked THE SAME EXACT questions that every CSR had asked me prior to “Fernando Z” even though every CSR before him advised they had notated the account with very detailed notes. I was told that I HAD to make someone an authorized user on my account in order for them to pick up the phone in another state, even though this was only happening because of AT&T’s incompetence. That was completely unacceptable that I had to give someone else my pass codes and access to MY account because of AT&T’s error!!!!!!!!!!! I approved for this person to pick up the phone and after HOURS on the phone I’m told basically “you’re out of luck and we don’t care how it inconveniences you”. I told Fernando once again that I wanted to talk to a manager. I conceded as I had no other option as this phone that was supposed to be received 3 days earlier that hadn’t even been shipped yet was for needed for employment. “Fernando Z” then advised that I could in fact have the device picked up at the store and still receive the $150 for the new line, which I was told days earlier that I could not! “Fernando Z” yet again apologized profusely for this misinformation by AT&T. “Fernando Z” told me that ALL of the managers were TOO BUSY to speak to me. “Fernando Z” did PROMISE me that his manager would call me back by the end of the night. I DID NOT receive a call from anyone last night, nor have a received a call today!!!!!! I was then forwarded to “Darius” in the Sales Department so I could place the order for the THIRD time for my tablet. “Darius” went through the whole process of completing my online order for my tablet. I verified that the $25 gel case would be sent as well and advised “Darius” that “Evelyn” stated she had noted EVERYTHING in the notes when I spoke to her on 01/31/15. “Darius” advised that there was nothing in the notes about the tablet case, but would still send it anyways. I also verified with “Darius” that I was advised days earlier that the $40 activation fee would be waived because of all of the issues and inconveniences caused by AT&T. “Darius” advised that actually it was being waived because of Employee Benefits and had nothing to do with the issues that I’d been facing. Yet another lie. I then asked “Darius” if it was still going to be sent via overnight mail to me at AT&T’s cost as “Evelyn” had promised. “Darius” said he didn’t know why I had been told that because AT&T doesn’t even send ANYTHING overnight and the fastest they ship is 2-day air (which he didn’t even offer to do), so once again ANOTHER LIE. Also, I received an email saying that I made changes to my paperless billing, which I did not, so I had to spend more of my time correcting ANOTHER issue caused by AT&T. Why are you making changes to my account? I didn’t approve of that. Do I need to hire an attorney? So when my family member went into the actual store to pick up the phone that was never sent he had to ONCE AGAIN pay the taxes on the phone (3rd time). The previous two charges AND shipping costs have STILL not been reimbursed yet so he is out $253.45!!!!!!! Additionally he was told that his monthly bill on MY plan was going to be $47.15 by the store associates when I was told a COMPLETELY different amount by 3 different CSR reps when I called in to set up the account. I demand someone higher than your basic “supervisor” level contact me to rectify this situation. I will also be posting this to your FB page and will be cancelling my 6, yes 6, lines of service with you all after my 2 year contract is up. I hope that the ineptness, carelessness, and ignorance of your CSR improves or you will lose many, many more customers. I will make sure that all of my friends and family who haven’t already had poor service with you all know how much you TRULY value your customers. You say we’re #1, but treat us like a piece of #2!


Sam Copeland February 3, 2015 at 9:31 am

THANK you to Deb for taking the time to work with me today on at your Dallas office on a 6 month old account that was closed out to the best of my knowledge in July but I am not 6 months latter told I owe 31.98 and have been turned over to a collection agency. I did call upon recieving the bill and after one and a half hours was told I just had to pay it. I asked that some detailed information about the account be sent showing I owed and I would pay but I need something showing that since I was told upon closing out that account that I had a credit balance.
She was wonderful to deal with and I appreciate her working with me!!!!

I still have my same cell phone under that was a different account with ATT and have added Uverse at my new address under a new account number. I hope we can continue this long relationship dating back to my first cell phone in 1971

Sam Copeland
**** Low Oak
San Antonio TX 78232
210 247 ****


dee January 31, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Wow!wish I had read this 1st b4 going wireless! Had a landline for over 40 yrs
never ever had a problem EVER! Got wireless a month ago a simple mistake
apparently cannot be fixed. Phone cut off w/o warning even with proof I paid still no
phone service . Same story tell it over over over do this do that no results. Fed up
w/wasted time & effort and no phone no solution can flip your phone off at will but can’t flip it back on w/ proof of payment. Jump thru endless hoops to end up with
no solution ! A LOYAL customer for 40+ yrs this is what I get!!!???? I had hope it
could be resolved to MY satisfaction very old school when businesses APPRECIATED
customers & showed it. Not true today! Had planned to see this thru and stick w/ them BUT now see there is no customer appreciation. It would be STUPID to remain
loyal to a business that takes the $$$$ & runs and runs you down too. They could
care less so why should I?


Keshia Shines January 23, 2015 at 1:30 pm

I have been trying to get internet services at my home for 3 years!!! The wiring stops right before my neighborhood, so no one past the first house can get services!!! I have called several times with the only option being given to me is to get a hotspot and to pay $80 a month which is absolutely ridiculous!!! You would think that AT&T would want to get new business, but I guess not!!!


Christy January 24, 2015 at 4:16 pm

I’m having the same problem in ohio iis at both endsof the road. I know at least 10 more that would sign up too


Ray January 14, 2015 at 5:01 pm

When I subscribed to landline and DSL Internet service I was not provided with software on a disc to set up the DSL on my desktop. I tried to download the software and discovered the DSL setup interfered with communication between my computer and fax, scanning and printing systems (weeks later a disc was sent). I promptly cancelled the phone and DSL service. AT&T would not send a service person to disconnect the phone line.

I called AT&T to request information for returning the DSL modem and was told an Email with UPS return label would be sent to me. The Email did not contain an attachment with the return label. I had to call AT&T again to request the return label. I sent the model back via UPS the next day and kept the receipt.

I received an Email from AT&T demanding payment of $97.73. When I called, the AT& T agent said AT&T would not charge for service that did not work and that she would adjust the bill to show a “zero balance.”

I received a letter dated December 30, 2014 stating that “We recently sent you a final bill…” which was not true. This letter from accounts receivable demanded payment whereas AT&T’s agent had said I did not owe.

When I spoke with Renate, agent RC987P, on January 5, 2015 she stated “A revised final bill will be sent within the next billing cycle. It will have a zero balance.”
On January 14 , 2015 I received a phone call from Bay Area Credit Agence stating that AT&T had referred the account to collection. I spoke with Keisha, agent KF102, who said “There is a bill – I just wiped it out and it was approved.”

It is very clear that AT&T’s agents are either 1) grossly incompetent, or 2) viciously playing with customers by lying about their actions.

There is a department in AT&T headquarters that hears customer complaints. The service agents do not tell the customer about this opportunity to rectify mistakes when asked how to contact AT&T main office.

In over 50 years of dealing with corporations, both as a customer and as a prominent Wall Street Securities Analyst, AT&T stands as the worst experience both from a product and service point.

The Corporate number in Dallas is 210 821 4105 – ask for customer problem resolution.


thomas grabowski January 10, 2015 at 10:14 pm

see what happen u rip me off all way i am not happy with your att the they remove me insurance for my phone but they refuse replace so i wont pay for your bill so your att are suckest in the world not good busniess and they dont care deaf people so i wont pay for it but i will resend your bill back to company that your bill at all dont reply me back i am not happy damn att people of company isnt good busniess cuz they dont know what deaf people want but by way dont reply bill to me any more so i wont pay for till u replace the phone first thank u dont be sorry at all bye have day


Angela January 9, 2015 at 12:13 pm

Does anyone know the actual corporate phone number? I don’t want to talk to customer service anymore! I have issues with the way AT&T are doing people if they sign a contract! If you break the contract, I know you have to pay, but this being punished by charging $40 a month for the phone is ridiculous!!! Anyone else feel this way? For an I-phone 5, I will end up paying $960 for it!!


gus chavez January 20, 2015 at 3:51 pm

The Corporate number in Dallas is 210 821 4105 – ask for customer problem resolution. Talk to Jeanette. very attentively she took my complaint!
Good Luck!


carli January 7, 2015 at 2:03 pm

I had scheduled an automated payment for January 16th in the amount of $198.99. This payment was taken out on January 5th. When i called and asked that my money be returned to me i have been told numerous things, and everyone keeps telling me that my funds are not able to be returned. I have been on the phone for 2 days, made one trip to the bank.. When i was told that i was not able to get my money back i called the corporate headquarters where i spoke to someone who set up a claim and told me that i would hear back before the afternoon. when i called back after not receiving a call, I spoke to a man who informed me that since i called earlier he would not be talking with me, when i tried to speak he told me he was ending the call and proceeded to hang up on me. I called back and got another gentleman who listened to me but then told me that i lied about the first gentleman giving me a time. Gave me an attitude and hung up on me as well. All this coming from the office of the president of the company. I will be the first one to admit in the past 2 days there may have been times where i wasnt the most pleasant on the phone, im panicing because im hoping i have enough money in the bank to cover what they took out. But the way that i was talked to and hung up on by representatives from the presidential office is inexcusable. To not have a sense of compassion for a customer who is having a issue and proceeds to yell at them in my book is not customer service. Then when i asked to speak to their supervisor i was told that no he wouldnt be transferring me and that i wouldnt be getting his/her name. Then hung up on me. Is that who you want representing your company!???


Michael Depp January 2, 2015 at 10:41 pm

I ordered the web and phone Dec. 27 on January 2 they were supposed to show up. After 6 hours of being hung up on by supervisor’s, lied to by customer care reps and AT&T took $200.00 off my debit card without my knowledge. Now I got to wait 3 to 5 business days for MY Money to be place back on my account which was never authorized to be removed by me. AT&T are thieves. Customers beware AT&T will hire a fool off the street to work in customer service. Damn shame.


D Brown December 24, 2014 at 4:36 pm

December 10,2014 called ATT was on hold for 2 hours to transferred 317-***-**** charged $199.00 to install 1 telephone line and internet, was told I didn’t qualify for the reward

card of $300.00 when I read it to the agent that it said 1 or 2 services would qualify, scheduled the services for Dec 12.14 1:00pm the day I closed on my new home, we me the tech

@ 1:00pm He worked for about 2 hours and said he was having issues and called for a tech to come. 3:30 the came and they climbed poles and still no phone services, 6:00pm I

went to the truck and told the tech I needed to leave, The agent said he didn’t have a clue what was going on. Dec 13.14 we are @ the house and the other tech came by said he

left @ 4 because it became to dark for him. 12/13 The supervisor Bob called and stated that the squirrels had eat the wires and they needed to replace some wiring, the same tech

came back and connect the phone and internet. I moved my mom in and she wanted to keep her phone number I called ATT and I was told she could keep her number and they

would be there December 18.14 and the Salesperson(Rusty) offer a great deal to get the u-verse TV and we would bundle the 2 lines, U-verse TV and internet. $112.00 a month

for 12 month.2nd tech Cody came and hooked-up everything asked about a telephone he said the number should just pop in with in 24 hours. Friday Evening we get home and

their is no TV services called ATT spoke with Cliff(Another 2 1/2hours) we re-booted and unplugged all 4 telephones he said someone in-tech support had push the wrong button

needed to send another tech out now the 3rd tech 12.20.14 4pm has to come out and he was there for about 20 minutes and we had TV again. 12.23.14 called to check the status of

the telephone number 317 ***-****, I have received a bill and where is the wireless portion they have been together for over 10 years. Mary told me I wasn’t suppose to have

cable TV and immediately disconnected it, I Explained that the tech had been there on 12.20.14 2 4pm and re-connected the cable, she said it wasn’t on the account then why have

3 tech been here and I now have holes in my new house for installation and 4 digital boxes and a corner of modem and ATT Towers and Battery back-up boxes all over my

bedroom if I wasn’t supposed to have U-VERSE TV. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told one was available she was told I would wait. while I told her to forget the

telephone number for now just re-connect the TV, She told me she couldn’t and went off. She disconnect it and she could re-connect it she refused and hung-up the telephone

while I was speak to her. I called back and spoke with Dominque who offered the worst customer service he said that the supervisor was in dispose and no other supervisor would

touch the account and he told me I was listening to him. Again I asked for any supervisor, he said someone would call be back within the hour it’s now 1:13pm 12-24 and I Have not

heard from a supervisor and he hung-up also. I called the number on the welcome package and it was the sales department he listen and transferred me to someone in Miami

who was very nice and helpful he said that The TV and Telephone has nothing to do with each other he asked me to describe my boxes I have 4 boxes with ATT with remotes and a

corner of your equipment. he then transferred me to Tech Support and it 2 hours later no TV and I had to tell her the entire story all over again. She asked for my cell phone in case

we were disconnected. And said she hope she remember how to reboot the lines and the TV. unplugged the black tower and the telephone services, she told me I had a install

date of 12.24.14 no maybe 12.29.14 I asked her who sat that up I didn’t no arrangement had be made for those dates, well looks like another tech may have to come out. Tech #4 in

14 days 3x the TV has been turned off, several rude Reps and still no return calls from 12.23.14. I just bought my new home ATT has taken all the joy of home-ownership away

from meal the commerical about re-think the possible I did and Mary and Dominque confirm the possible. you can send me the prepaid label and box to return the 4

digitals boxes,4 remote controls,black tower, battery pack and the modem they said I did have it and really I guess I don’t deserve it. I the holes that wa drill in my home was

unnecessary, your tech support was uncaring and unlogical of what the account stated. ATT= ASS TODAY AND TOMORROW

I’m paying Bright house cable because your tech keep tellingto no to close the account and each day it’s like we are using their services, I’m over my minutes because we are using the cell phones,when you guys turn everything off, I have a ATT bill for services that keep being turned off waiting on ATT TECH

as of 12.24.14 3:34pm CHRISTMAS EVE I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY TELEPHONE CALLS, NOT WORKING, No u-verse television Company coming,
Mary and Dominque accused me of stealing your boxes and hooking up cable, check with Bob or Barry and see the dispatch log 3*** l****** crt.Indianapolis In


I Had trusted in ATT because my Mom worked for the company for about 22 years and she receive a penison check every month. In thOSE years we had a happy lifestyle I saw all her friends thrive from ATT raise children and send us to college.. I now have friends who have retired after 30 years with ATT.

I Only want the following items


Mark Shipman December 23, 2014 at 10:53 pm

To whom it may concern;
I am very unsatisfied with AT&T. All I need is a simple answer and all I got is I don’t know. Multibillion dollar company that doesn’t know how to answer to their patrons on how much extra cost is incurred by taxes and surcharges is not believable. All AT&T replies is, “Its different everywhere and you will find out when you receive your first monthly bill”. I’m tired of this kind of attitude towards the public. I believe there is a bigger picture. It is not that you can’t figure it out; it is you’re afraid that if the public would be told upfront the total cost, they would not purchase certain services from you. This is an outrage that should be publicized. Please see a copy of my chat from AT&T on 12/23/2014.

I just wanted to understand the taxes. The information your company gives out is not comprehensive. I asked help to no resolve. It is simple. AT&T charges an amount, I pay. What is the amount? No one can explain the tax charges on my account. Its like AT&T is saying, “Shut up, Pay and Don’t Worry About It”. It is unethical that AT&T does not explain charges and how it is applied. AT&T can’t just charge a tax amount and not understand how they come up with it. It is poor business on their part. Do you honestly think I believe that a computer generates the amount charged and your reps don’t know how to check it? I guess I should send a copy of the chat to IRS and the NYSE:T.

The public expects business to pay their fair share of tax and know what to charge, which may not necessarily be the same as what the law required or allows. What is “FAIR”? Check out the 2008HMRC. They state this. “We want to make sure that the tax burden does not fall unfairly on taxpayers who play by the rules and pay their fair share”. I feel that AT&T won’t explain cost and has excuses on why they can’t explain cost just to avoid sticker shock from new patrons. If I study on this longer, I’m sure I can bring up more questions on how AT&T appears to be operating unethically.

You can see the chat I had with an AT&T rep on 12/23/2014. If you need a copy, I have one.

Please Respond
Mark A Shipman


Andrea January 5, 2015 at 6:01 pm

I upgraded my service from DSL to Uverse because they said I had Uverse on many occasions. It was cheaper. 5 calls made in less then 30 days on now on the phone with 6 people over 2 hours now. Funny how everyone is employed at this company yet NO one knows ANYTHING. I have talked to my sixth person now since 4 pm. What a joke!!!! This is the worse then giving birth with no epidural!! oppss. i stand corrected 7th person now.


Andrea January 5, 2015 at 6:04 pm

I upgraded my service from DSL to Uverse because they said I had Uverse on many occasions. It was cheaper. 5 calls made in less then 30 days on now on the phone with 6 people over 2 hours now. Funny how everyone is employed at this company yet NO one knows ANYTHING. I have talked to my sixth person now since 4 pm. What a joke!!!! This is the worse then giving birth with no epidural!! oppss. i stand corrected 7th person now. Saddens me to know this is how loyal customers get treated. My time is worth more then this and the overages that I paid vs what I was told, I could have been with comcast and paid more without the damn hassle.


Sheema December 21, 2014 at 10:07 pm

To whom this may concern,
I’ve been an AT&T customer for atleast 8 years. This year I purchused the IPhone 6 for myself and later decided to purchase another line for my teenage daughter. I purchased her phone under the two year contract as a Christmas gift. After speaking with my daughter I decided to change my daughters phone to the NEXT plan. To my surprise, I cannot do tht. I called AT&T and pleaded with them regarding the unused, unopened Christmas gift and my decision to change the plan. ( there is a 14 day grace period that I had no knowledge of)I have decided to leave AT&T based on the treatment I received today


Debby December 19, 2014 at 10:15 pm

I HATE HATE HATE their wireless service so i paid my past due in store and never knew that i would need to cancel the payment coming out of my bank account two days later. You would think with all this technology those payments would find a way to negate one another. No not at all now i am sitting here with a suspended account thanks to computer error and the lack of effort to repair it. I am less than a one year customer and will never make it to the full year because i am picking my wireless prospects and moving to another company.


Jay December 17, 2014 at 3:32 pm

I have had service since May 2014 and I transferred over leaving Direct Tv because AT&T had a better deal and the representative at the time sounded promises. I canceled my services with Direct Tv and paid my early cancellation. Since them all the promises have gone out the window. Every other month I am having to call to get my account adjusted. They keep charging me a very high price and unbundle plan. I called yesterday and they lady keep me on hold for over 30 minutes and came back on the line saying that she has to review with the manager and instead of waiting they will call me back in 15 minutes I ask her that is 7pm she said yes. Will long and behold it was 7:45 and hour later no one called back. I called and the office was closed. I talk to IT and after an hour they fix the issue but I had no service. They promised a call back and no one did. There are no customer oriented. The are sales shark they make promises and they don’ uphold to them. I am done with them. I would not recommended this you all to nobody when ask. If this is how they are going to treat people. (Sorry for all the errors I am to upset to proofread)


Keith Hunter December 16, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Most of the time I have been satisfied with the support I have received from AT&T. HOWEVER… there is one issue that no one has been able to address or answer. That is the question of when faster internet speeds will be available in my neighborhood. I moved to my current address 5-1/2 years ago to the near downtown area of Indianapolis from the suburbs. My former location had faster internet than my current. Right now, today, there are fiber lines two blocks from my house, but there is still outdated 28 gauge twisted pair to my street.

I have wired my home with CAT5 and would gladly install fiber optic lines if there was a chance I could get faster internet. I would even pay for the installation of fiber to the junction that is two blocks away. No one that I have spoken with at AT&T seems to have any knowledge concerning this issue.

I have spoken with customer support numerous times over the past five years with no success. I have spoken with several layers of supervisors, managers and technicians with no answers. I have attempted to go to the main offices in downtown Indianapolis only to be turned away by a flunky security guard who is just following orders and will not assist with finding a local contact representative. I have even written a paper letter to the “Complaint Department” at the corporate office in Dallas and received no response.

I am absolutely positive that there is someone in the AT&T corporate hierarchy that has an answer. Someone in some office somewhere has the responsibility of infrastructure planning. I could only wish that someone could be contacted and would supply a real world answer.

I have been an AT&T customer for many years in many different states (even prior to “the breakup” and the forming of the RBOCs). I maintain a landline, cellular and internet service through AT&T. The day is about to come when I will shift my internet carrier over to my local cable company, but I don’t really want to do that. 2015 could be the year of change though.

So what will it take to get an answer from AT&T? I don’t know, AT&T probably doesn’t know and I seriously doubt that will ever happen or even that the corporation cares. Please prove me wrong.


Krystle Lentz December 15, 2014 at 2:11 pm

I absolutely hate att I keep calling this stupid number and your representatives messed up my account and now in paying more than I have to!


Bill Wolfenberger December 12, 2014 at 4:59 pm

I have called the ATT company several times been made promises that have not ever come true been mistreated on the phone lied too an abundance of times and had my time wasted spesifikly by one of your management team. I do not know where to go or whom to speak with and I am tired of getting the run around every time I do. I have had issues with my home line for a better part of 4 years. Why I chose to stay with your comapany I am not sure other than I have always been with your company. I have had multile and long conversations with Different staff from different services you offer and everytime that I do the wait time is insane and even one of your representatives sat on hold for a hour and a half waiting for the correct departments and like my seof when i do inquire for a spesific department I am often and always transferred to another and the rotation starts over again. When i told my services are fixed and the following day a reoccurring issue happens. I have had technicians come to my home and claim to fix things and the last one actually yelled at me and and more or less called me an idiot. A manager told me my Cell phone line was fixed but in order to get it restored I had to go to an ATT store to have it fixed and when i went there 40 min down the road I was told they had no ability to do so but were nice enough to help and call in to the same department I had gotten off the phone with before I left and fixed the issue for me.. But on the phone……. I have been told representatives would call me back in a given time and days later I do not even get anything from them or anyone else. For years my phone line would not understand things like push 1-0 to for whatever it was I was doing because of the static in my lines and still at times it is that way. The Gentleman i spoke with on monday I believe had offered me better raits for my phone tole me all things were fixed with my home service made me feel great the the following day all was the same or worse he spent his time trying o sell me something and that it worked and was offering a resolution to some of my issues by dropping my home phone 0ing out my account and getting me a cell phone which is odd because I gave my cell away years ago and never wanted or needed one since. When I asked him to call me back in about an hr he said no problem and he would do so because I wanted to discuss it with my wife before doing so. I never heard from him leaving me with the opinion that he was only about the sale and notching else and not even putting in his notes after claiming to have done so anything regarding our conversation other than the Cell Phone service change I had even received text messages stating what he had done yet I was told there was nothing in the notes by that same manager. My apologies if this is jumbled and sounds crazy but for as much as ai have been offered or told over the past years and several months I do not know how detailed you need me to be or what i need to say other than to ask if the better business bureau is whom I should be contacting because the people you have working in the offices are either 1 non compliant with tings they offer they lie or send you one a wild goose chase just for their own twisted sort of fun. My Wife’s cell is 817 845 9180 and I would like to speak with someone as soon as possible. I need to know is this is the sort of business I am to expect and appreciation I am going to get in the future r what is going to be done to fix the situations. I mean seriously I was told the reason I had bad cell phone service in my area was because of moss that was growing on a tower…….


S stoeber January 8, 2015 at 11:24 am

Call 1-800-403-3302. This is a Corporate number. I have been dealing with att customer service for over 24 hours now. I have maded over 7 calls and wasted almost 3 hours of my time. I have a defective modem and just wanted replacement for it. The number for complaint department states no longer in service. But it will give you the number to customer service. Call the number above. It is a corporate office and at least their are polite and state they are case managers. While I’m waiting to see what happens next I will be looking into other companies in my area for service.


Natalie Wilson December 12, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Long story really short…I just became an at&t customer this year Sept. 2014. My phone went bad in Nov. 2014 (callers couldn’t hear me but I could hear them) I put in a call (waited over an hour)… the rep advise me to go into my local at&t store to just exchange because I have insurance on my phone…once I traveled to my local store (waited over another hour) I was told by the rep there that I needed to contact yet another 800 number…I went back home called (waited addition hour) just for the rep to say we have to first hard reset your phone first before putting in a claim…he did…the phone still didn’t work…so the rep placed an “Warranty claim” instead of an “Insurance claim”…my new phone came in with instructions on how to send back my broken phone…after a few weeks the old phone was returned with a reject letter stating my account will be charged $320. bc an “warranty claim” was placed instead of an “Insurance claim”…I wanted and thought the claim was through the insurance that I’m paying…I called today spoke with Ruth @ 7:08 am, Sup; Precious Robinson 7:33 am, RC w/LG at 7:48 am, back to Vanessa w/at&t @ 8:06am, Jennifer Stewart, Sup; Sara Potter, and lastly Mr. Matthew around 9ish all to be told that it’s my fault that their rep put in Warranty claim and not Insurance claim eventhough they saw on my account that I had insurance..


Trish Acct#137062599 December 10, 2014 at 11:11 am

• In July 2014 I spoke with a representative that offered me a $250 gift card and a monthly bill of approx. $85/month to switch my services to AT&T. Those services were for the U300 package, 2 receivers, 1 wireless receiver, the highest speed internet you offered and HD services.

• When the technician came to install, he advised us that because of some technical challenges my home was not able to receive the highest speed of internet offered. I then had to call you back to receive a new rate to adjust for not being able to get the high speed internet and was told my bill would be $76/month.

• The first representative failed to add the HD services as I requested. I had to make another call to get those services added.

• My first month bill was incorrect and had to call to have that bill adjusted

• I only received $100 gift card in the mail and not the $250 that was promised to me. I had to make 2 additional phone calls to follow up on the $150. I finally received another gift card for $100. I had to make another call for the $50 and was given a $50 bill credit.

• In September I added the NFL Redzone. That is all I wanted, that is all I requested. At this time my package was changed from the U300 to the U450 and my bill was now $221.16.

• I called on October when I received the bill. I was on this call for over an hour. I was told to pay $70 for that month and they would work on adjusting my bill and getting the promotions put back on my account. I was advised it would take a few days and someone would call me back. I NEVER RECEIVED THE CALL.

• I called back on Monday, December 8th and again was told that they needed to get the promotions back on my account. After speaking with 2 CSR reps in an hour period I was told that the supervisor was the only one that could correct the issue and he was wrapping a call with another customer and would call me back in 15 minutes. I NEVER RECEIVED THE CALL.

• This morning I called and after speaking with 2 reps I was again advised that the supervisor was the only one that could help and they were wrapping up another call and someone would call me back. I refused to fall for that trick again and asked to hold until she completed the call. That supervisor was offering to make adjustments but I am not sure that she understood what I was requesting because her best and final offer was a monthly bill of $111 for 3 months and then $127 after that. I am requesting my bill be adjusted back to the original amount I agreed. That is not my fault that AT&T has not been able to get my account right from day one and those promotions are no longer available. AT&T screwed it up and AT&T should be the one to fix it. She blatantly advised me “That is not going to happen”. I then told her “To send a truck to pick the XXXXX up”. She transferred me to yet another department. That representative came on the line, asked me for my account number and passcode again. I provided that information and guess what????? The line was suddenly disconnected. Hmm, what a shock huh!

I have seen AT&T in the news recently for other unethical and unlawful practices and unfortunately I feel as if I am a victim of some of those behaviors as well. In addition, an organization as large as yours has the absolute worse customer service processes. It is obvious the old someone will call you back is a tactic that is being trained to the masses because I find it very odd, that this is the resolution offered to me most times I have contacted the center. It is also incredibly frustrating to continue to repeat my concerns over and over and over again to every person I speak with. Do you guys not keep a log of the calls for reference? Why are the calls and situation not introduce to the next person when you are transferring calls.

This is my last and final plea for help. I would like my monthly billing adjusted back to the original promotion reflecting a total of $76/month including taxes. I added the NFL package for an additional $7.99/month. Which would total approx. $85/month after taxes.

Lastly, please know that if you are unwilling to honor my request, I need for you to come and pick up your equipment and cancel my service. After that I will be consulting my resources to see what options are available to me as I do not plan to pay a dime for these predatory charges and any cancellation fees you may try to add to my account.

Please review and let me know your resolution no later than the close of business on Thursday, December 11, 2014.


Luc Hoang December 10, 2014 at 2:51 am

From Luc Hoang,
JJJ Empire Central LLC

To AT&T Corporation

To whom it may concern,
Dear Sir/Madame
I am Luc Hoang, owner of the property (commercial building JJJ Empire Central LLC) at 1327 Empire Central Dr. Dallas TX 75247.
I would like to make the complaint that your construction company dug two holes near our parking lots. They caused big mess for over ten days without finishing up. These messes not only reduce the value of our property, but also cause a lot of inconvenience for the tenants to park their cars. We have already called you to complain but we have never had any response from you.
So we would like you to fix your problems as soon as possible within two days until 6: oo pm December 12th, 2014
If you do not fix it by the deadline, we will have our attorney to process the lawsuit to your company
We hope that we can hear from you as soon as possible to solve this problem without involving the lawsuit.
We request that from now on whenever your construction services come to our property to work, they have to give us their bonds and insurances

Best regards,

Luc Hoang
Phone: (206)724-****
e-mail: ****


Conni December 4, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Good Afternoon,

We have been a faithful AT & T U-Verse customer for over three yrs. We recently bought a new home and when I called to transfer the service I was told that U-Verse was not available in the area that we where moving to. Well 2 days later I saw an AT & T repair Truck just houses down from our new home so I called back and after an hour and a half I had the new service finally set up to be transferred to our new address.

Service was to be set up on 11/14/14.-a Fri. I took the entire day off and was assured the tech would arrive between 9-11:00am. When no one was there by 12:30pm I called and after being on the phone with a representative for another hour, I was told that they had us on schedule for disconnect on the 14th at our old home and connect at the new home on the 15th.

I would not have set it up that way with a laps in service because my husband works from home and needs the Internet to log into his work computer for contracts ect. This I knew was not fact and demanded a supervisor call me about this error. I waiting all day on the 14th and no one ever called me.

On the 15ht the tech arrived and showed me the phone numbers he had on his service order. Non where even remotely related to us. He did a great job with the set up and prior to leaving took all of our older equipment with him.

With moving into a new home we had a lot on our plates and just let the entire set up error go, especially since no one ever called me back.

Well I got a letter in the mail on Sat. 11/29 saying I would be hit with severe fines if I did not return my old equipment. Back on the phone and after being on hold for 35 min. I spoke with a customer service rep who them proceed to tell me to disregard the notice, that my account now shows that the equipment was returned. Here on a busy Monday now 1 hr into another AT & T phone call trying to fix yet another AT & T error. Now I fuming and when I expressed my concerned to the tech he offers me $5.00 in compensation, then it went to $10.00 and then to $30.00. I had to repeatedly tell him that I wanted to speak with a supervisor and that he was insulting me with his “auction” type response to my request to speak with a supervisor. When I told him I was done with this conversation he told me point blank that he could not guarantee me that a manger would call me back. With that I let him know that I was going to contact AT & T corporate and if need be I would send them the recorded phone call on my end as I had to do this all on my lunch hr on a work phone line, of which all calls are recorded.

NOTE ASLO, that I have also pulled the call when I set up my new service and not once was the 15th ever mentioned in the entire phone call for new service set up, yet another AT & T error.

Your new commercials state no one would ever go into a waiting comma waiting on AT & T. well over the past three weeks I have easily spent over 8 hrs of my work day waiting on AT & T. to do it’s job correctly.

Frustrated Customer, to say the lease.


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Orlen McHanney December 3, 2014 at 5:42 pm

I am on a fixed income and switched my home phone 318)445-**** from AT&T to Suddenlink in Alexandria, LA. For 34 years I have had this number. On 10/15/14 my service was interrrupted for nonpayment and restored on 11/3/14 with a new number 318)704-****. After 18 days, Suddenlink stated the number was migrated to its original owner. Since 11/3/14, I have not been able to find the location to return my number. Both Suddenlink and At&t says they do not have 318)445-8566. Can you help me locate the number? I am ready to setup an account with At&t to get my number back. I can be reached at 972)697-****. Thanking you in advance for your help.


todd December 2, 2014 at 2:49 pm

i have been trying to get internet at 4 locations for a fire dist. for over a year up to this day every dept and reps have drop the ball. tis is sad that att does not support plublic safety


XXXXmins Allison Corp. December 2, 2014 at 1:03 pm

I truly hope this email reaches your corporate president. We are very disappointed in the service we have received from AT&T. We are a large corporation that deal with providing services to financial institutions and businesses. We do 80% of our daily business on the phone, and dispatch calls from our customers to our technicians throughout the day. We relocated to a new location on December 1, 2014. I called AT&T on November 8, 2014 to notify them of our move, because I wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to make our move a smooth transition. I explained to them that we could not afford any downtime on our phone lines because of the nature of our business. They said they would provide us with temporary lines at our new location so we could keep our phones up and running at our old location until we moved over on the first of December. On December 17, 2014 I went out to meet an AT&T technician at our new location so that they could connect our temporary lines. I saw him working at the phone box and he said he was connecting our 5 lines. I asked him if he needed to come inside to test the lines and he said no that everything would be done from the box on the outside of the building. He left and supposedly our lines were up. I called AT&T again and told them that we needed our original phone lines transferred over on November 28, 2014, and they would replace the temporary numbers they had given us. They said that would not be a problem. Mind you every time I called I had to speak to a different representative and repeat the whole story again even though I had ticket numbers that they could look up and see what was going on with our account. November 28th no one showed up at our new location, we were calling all day and we were told someone would be out before the end of the day, no one came. On Monday morning December 1st was our first day at our new location and we did not have any phone service. I called AT&T and asked to speak to the person I had been speaking with on Friday and they told me she had been moved to another department. Needless to say I was very frustrated, and had to explain everything again. They connected me with repair and they said they would send a technician out before they went to any other jobs, because the were not able to get to us on Friday. NO ONE SHOWED UP ALL DAY!! I was on the phone with ATT on and off most of the day. The last thing we heard from them on December 1st is that our order was scheduled to be repaired on Wednesday, December 3rd!! In the meantime we are losing precious time servicing our customers, our home office is getting calls from irate customers, and we are still without phone lines as we speak. This is unacceptable customer service. We have been a customer for over 20 years and this is the gratitude that we get from your company. We feel like you have taken advantage of our patience and tolerance with this issue. We have been very calm on the phone with all the reps but this is ridiculous! AT&T manipulates it’s customers because they know that they are the only company that can provide phone services for businesses. This is so wrong!! I am including the names of the representatives that I spoke to, they were real people who are obviously incompetent of performing adequate service orders for the customers. I hope everyone reads this complaint comment and learns not to trust in your company, just as we have. The following are the Representatives I spoke to in San Antonio, Texas.

Joey De Leon – Leveraged Service Representative
Naila Mubarak – Leveraged Service Representative
Audrey Gipson – Telebranch Service Representative
Andre Collier – Supervisor


Thomas grabowski November 25, 2014 at 9:02 am

Here att all your customer of att are very poorest business and I try ask if I pay 27.56dollar and I told them replace they say can’t replace me new one and they remove my insurance for rereplace sound rip me off and I am not going pay bill if I see I will return to u u pay your own company pay bill not me anymore att are suckest network and text and etc too many time unhook phone and back on not good idea it bad idea if problem again I would never pay att anymore first thing replace new phone then I keep going pay only 70.00month no more over hundred understand also att store are very rude poorest business and I ask replace won’t doing I am not Happy with att at all so recpect deaf people if not u done business rid me off alot thing also u must tell your employees respect deaf people understand


angrymom November 19, 2014 at 4:47 pm

At&t suck. They owe me 115$ and refuse to pay me but they sure can take


angrymom November 20, 2014 at 8:32 am

Now they have turned my phone off. Now they owe me 175 because I just paid my bill


Dana Miller November 19, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Pretty funny… I am to find a # to call for executive customer relations to file a complaint. I called the number listed above (210) 821-4105, selected Business customer, report trouble, and selected the south region, then received the “number is disconnected” recording. Lovely customer service


S stoeber January 8, 2015 at 11:33 am

Call 1-800-403-3302. Corp office of the “president”. At least they are polite and willing to give you their last names and direct lines.


Charles Smith November 17, 2014 at 5:04 pm

Mr. Randall L. Stevenson, I pray you see this post and contact me at this email **** Some of the employees are not trying to keep the customers with AT&T… Just thought you would like to know. We are disabled and that is a sad situation.


Charles Smith November 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm

I am very disappointed at the way they do with their disabilities customers. I tried to file a grievance and they kept heading me off and not telling me how to file a grievance with the head office. If anyone knows can you email me please. I am tired of people giving me the run around. They have very little respect for the consumer.


LINDA November 17, 2014 at 1:47 pm

I have been a loyal customer since 1979, but right now I am considering changing all of my services with ATT due to the lack of customer care service that I am receiving from their customer support team. I have been calling support for almost 2 weeks now with different issues. My call should be really long now. I have issues with my Uverse, home phone line and my wireless billing being incorrect.

My Uverse issue has now been resolved, apparently when it was setup the tech did not change my data card the tech that came out on 11/8 was able to solve the problem that I had with my tv screen freezing up. When my tv screen would freeze up, my UVerse phone line would go dead. During ths time I could not call nor receive calls.I was on the phone on Saturday 11/8 for over 2 hours. I was transferred to the wrong department several times, placed on hold. While on hold since with was a Saturday and my day off and my daughter’s birthday and it was taking so I put my phone on speaker and I was able to take a shower, wash my face, brush my teeth and get dress all while being on hold. The end result of that phone was
1. A technician came out that and resolved my UVerse issues
2. A technician was schedule to come out on Friday, 11-14 to
transfer my phone back to analog in the morning time window
Friday, 11-14-14 around 9 a.m. I realized that I had not received a conformation call from a tech. Here I go again calling this tim I was on the phone for only 1 1/2 hours.. The agent informed me that she could not locate my phone in th system(account). I told her that I had that number since 2005 ). She said she could not help me because she could not locate my account. I asked her several time to speak to a supervisor, finally I told her as a customer I had the right to speak to a supervisor since she could not help me. Supervisor name Angela came to the phone and scheduled a tech to come out that morning. While on the line Angela she thougt that we had gotten disconnect so she called me on my home phone. She mention to me that she just tried to call me and I informed her that phone did not right. I then picked up my home phone there was no dial tone.
The tech came out that same day switch my phone from voice over ip
back to analog.

Well I called again today gave Anna my information to confirm that this is my account that I was calling for. She asked my for the 3 digital code on my phone bill. I informed here that I did not have that infor. She told me that she could not help me without. I was calling to confirm my phone plan since I no longer have voice mail.

ATT this is not worth the stress. I will switch to another company rather than deal with this stress.


Linda Crosby


Myrna November 17, 2014 at 12:43 pm

Worse service ever been with them for over 12 yrs and I’m finally done worse customer service In stores and over the phone. Never returns calls nor emails… Don’t get service with them……


paul guptail November 16, 2014 at 5:49 pm

I have five phone with them and never had a problem till now. They usually take care of everything and have very good customer service but it seems like this month they got something stuck up there and they don’t want to do anything about it seems like my money is not good enough for that I’m bout tired of it my primary line it’s supposed to be 160 they got it set at 200 I’m supposed to have each additional line it’s supposed to be $40 they have those at $100 what is going on and then every time they want to go look in your notes no one knows how to put notes in their notes never correct and what they tell you this is getting old I spend more time talking To at&t then my family.t seem they are breaching their contract but then now they’re going to try to try to charge me a fee for early termination this is ridiculous sounds like they’re robbing me Let see what happens. I might have to get a lawyer


Ashton Talley November 14, 2014 at 11:37 pm

Hi I just wanted to tell you about a situation that we have delt with over the past few days. We placed an order to add a new time to our account. We have talked to 13 different people trying to get everything taken care of and we have gotten the run around. I can deal with most of it even though it is very frustrating. When we called the last time the lady listened to what we said said she put us on hold and never came back on for 30 minuets then popped back on and when we asked for a supervisor she said ok hang on and put us on hold for another 40 minutes. After all that she finally came back on and when were explaining to her that we were at our wits end and we demanded to speak to a supervisor she hung up on us her id# is JL079M this person is very rude and inconsiderete of customers. We choose to be at@t coustmers we do not have to be customer of yall and i think that yall need to work on your coustmer service repesitives and update your systems to help coustmers more and update the website it never works either. I know most of the time corp. has these little complaint line to make the customer feel better but i sure hope this gets seen and taken care of.


christy bannan November 24, 2014 at 2:56 pm

How do you contact there main offices?


debbie ciolli November 14, 2014 at 12:40 pm

OK going to TRY this again..We want to Thank SONIA from ATT for Helping US and spending the time to Insure we were not only satisfied but COMPLETELY and helped us find a phone for my husband and a NEW PLAN that also Helped us tremendously! This ATT rep should be COMMENDED and should TRAIN other ATT reps on How to Have not only Patience but she showed REAL Concern for OUR Being Happy! SHe is a GEM for ATT, Hope you know how Fortunate ATT is for SONIA. Today is 11/14/2014 at noon time florida Melbourne Fl Thank you SONIA!


lOU November 21, 2014 at 3:38 pm

How do I reach her.No one will help me.


Michael November 14, 2014 at 8:22 am

Your customer service reps really suck and can’t help, that and they resort to canceling your phone line. I’ve had your service for almost five years. Now I’m thinking of taking my money to someone that can help, that speaks where I can understand them and doesn’t have an attitude. At&t I would never go with any of your home devices knowing what I know now about your company. Thanks again for you not so friendly service….


Terrie November 14, 2014 at 6:23 am

I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing issues with
your website. It appears like some of the written text within your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as
well? This could be a issue with my browser because I’ve had
this happen before. Appreciate it


Thomas grabowski November 13, 2014 at 9:52 am

Now i am not happy with u all att all are very poorest and i dont give damn all att change plan etc thing i talk that person cant change my plan paynent wont doing i still not going to pay damn phone i want u all att i am not happy with i will switch straight talk u wasted my money i am not going pay u nothing 198,00 dollar i wont pay for it i talk other agent wont change my plan also i have few problem with att never change what thier problem i dont care iabout your phone suckest in world ever i had now i want switch straight talk now no bill ok thank u i am not happy undrrstand me


Thomas grabowski November 12, 2014 at 10:23 pm

U know that again i am not happy with i ask for change plan i want3rd of month now if they don’t change i wont pay phone again anytime u ask for bill no i am done with att i told them today i already pay76:00dollar and is again turn off i will get pissed off all att going in trash i never pay u again so i want leave on till dec 3will pay half if u don’t listen then you done ok thank u att if u dont listen them i will go back switch straight talk ok


Anas AlQawasmeh November 10, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I ordered/purchased two devices (I phone 6) with two lines (2 GB Shared plan) from Woodbridge AT&T branch on 10/18/2014 and I received and activated my devices / plans on 10/23/2014.
The sales representative and the branch manager promised to waive the security deposit amount (445 $) to complete the order and they waived it. But what happened that they did not waive it properly from the system and the amount is still appears in my bill as a payable.
Someone from the customer service called me after that and informed me that I should go to the store and ask for the store manager to waive the deposit amount properly. I went to the store but the store assistant manager informed me that he can’t waive it right now, because the line is already created!! And he needs to send an email to the area manager to waive it. (Still pending from 10 days)
My issue now that this amount should be waived before the due date of my bill on Nov 23 to avoid any problems. The store informed me that they will call me but they did not. I’m wondering why I should spend all of this time trying to correct the sales representative error!!
Anas Al Qawasmeh, phone number 732-501-1862


Kenneth L. Williams November 10, 2014 at 4:13 pm

Attn: AT&T Corporate Office

I am writing to ask your help with what may seem to be an insignificant matter to you but it’s really not so for me, it’s a “It’s the principal!” kind of thing. Simply put, I request either a refund of my $53.96 which I paid for a Motorolla Whisper Bluetooth that fails to work hands-free or a swap out of that device for a different model that does work with my iPhone 5.

I bought the Whisper at an AT&T store on June 7, 2014, failed to note the 14 day return policy (displayed on the back of my receipt in extremely light, hard to read typeface at that!, and, who reads the BACK of a receipt unless directed to do so???), therefore unknowingly went past the 14 days for my first intended use (daily walks to maintain my health), and found then that the Whisper did not function well.

Thinking it faulty, I arranged for it to be swapped for a new one by Motorolla, but, weeks later, the new one worked no better than the first. Both played back my music and phone calls ONLY when I hold my iPhone at waist level or above and on the same side as the ear in which I had placed the device. Any other location, i.e., on my hip in my iPhone hip-holster, on my arm in an armband iPhone holder, or just swinging my arms normally as I walk, caused both devices to skip repeatedly or stop relaying the music totally. So, I had to keep my right arm bent before me so that the device, which I affixed to my right ear, would playback my iPhone music without skipping.

Unfortunately, a visit to the AT&T store where I bought the device – at the stores recommendation, after I had asked for which device works best with my iPhone 5! – and a call, while there, to AT&T Customer Service, who transferred me the Retentions Dept., who then forwarded me to the Warranty Dept., all proved futile. No helped me with true customer service, i.e., satisfactorily resolving my problem of having a Bluetooth device that doesn’t function as intended and not redressing that issue!

The store refused because of the 14 day return policy, and the others because the device wasn’t malfunctioning due to technical issues. Yet, here I am, a long time AT&T customer (you also have both mine and my wife’s home and mobile phones – and emails – accounts, and have for some time now) holding a device that does not work for me, with no recourse but to “eat” the cost of the device before spending more money on another one. Does this sound fair and true customer service to you? I think not!!!

So, please address my problem so that I may remain a satisfied AT&T customer. Otherwise, I may have to take all of my business elsewhere and never to return to AT&T. Why lose a good customer over $53.96? I’m sure that you will agree that this just doesn’t make good business sense. Thanks for your consideration of this request and I await your reply.

Kenneth Williams


stacey November 9, 2014 at 12:09 pm

I am so upset with the lies I was told by AT&T associated! When I try to get it resolved… the supervisor just stops responding all together. Here is what was said and this was over an hour of talking. I would wait ten to twenty minutes for a response. After waiting 10+ minutes for a response at the end I finally disconnected. I am very upset with everything and now I am locked in to payments I did not agree upon, with my phone I purchased a few weeks ago and now the cable.

Thank you for choosing AT&T. A representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Mellissa K.
Mellissa K: Hello my name is Mellissa K. Thank you for allowing me to be your specialist today. How may I assist you?
STACEY: Can I speak with a supervisor please?
Mellissa K: I understand that you want to speak to my supervisor about your concern, Am I correct?
Mellissa K: Thank you for the confirmation.
Mellissa K: I will do it for you right away.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to Alex .
You are now chatting with Alex .
Alex : Hello Stacey,
Alex : I am reviewing your chat details.
Alex : Could you please help me with your concern?
STACEY: I am extremely upset. I went and signed up for a phone with yall and the person who enrolled to me lied and did not tell me about all the fees that were associated with the plan and the monthly payments were higher than agreed upon. So when I called the sales person that helped me, also started talking about enrolling in the internet and uverse. They assured me my first payment and monthly payments would be less than 80 a month!! It is $164.00!!
STACEY: Plus they told me the tumble was free which it is not! I called about that and I was assured I would get a return call about it and no one ever called me back. Now I just received the bill and it is 164.00
STACEY: Plus I did not even sign up for automatic payment. The sales person said my card would be charged only if I did not pay and that is was not auto pay
STACEY: I want the phone called to be reviewed and i want all the promises she made me to be reflected on my bill. This is not right
Alex : I am really sorry for the inconvenience you had.
Alex : Let me check your account details.
STACEY: that should of said less than $80 a month
STACEY: Everyone I told I have sign up for a phone plan, internet and cable with AT&T said I would regret it and they are right. I am shock this is happening a second time in less than a month.
Alex : Your monthly charge is showing as $89+ taxes and there is a $49 activation fee to set up your account by a technician on your address. That’s why your bill is $164.19 for this month, from next month onwards the bill will be $89+ taxes.
STACEY: She told me there would not be an activation fee the first month.. I asked her three or more times. “Are you sure it is 80 a month?”. If you review the phone call and listen you will see
STACEY : 89+ tax is not even what I agreed with. She said less than 80 with tax!
STACEY : I am sorry but it’s just not right that the sales people lie
Alex : I can understand your concern, let me check what the best i can do for you.
STACEY : Even with the Tumble things. She swore it was a free thing on uverse and it is 5 dollars a month
STACEY : Then she enrolls me in the auto bill pay after promising it was not that. It was just in case I did not pay it would charge after a few weeks.
Alex : I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be right with you.
Alex : I can remove the activation fee from your bill. and for your monthly charge I am checking for options to lower it.
Alex : Now your balance is $107.38.
Alex : I can lower the monthly bill to $81+ taxes by removing the fee of a additional reciver.
STACEY : But that is not what I agreed upon, I don’t mean to be an ass . It is just that my funds are tight but I want this for my kids and the sales people talked me in to it. But it is mostly because it the fact that they told me one thing and they charged me and are charging me a different price. If you do this to me there is no telling how many people y’all are lying to.
STACEY : I need my credit card information removed from the auto pay as well, and the tumble program. Why did she lie about that?
STACEY : I still want my call reviewed by a supervisor. Sales people should not be lying to the customers. It is bad for business and wrong. It was bad enough that the people that sale the phones lied, but when the uverse section lies as well it is just wrong.
Alex : Is that okay for you?
STACEY : are you taking me off auto Pay>
STACEY : Hello?
Alex : Stacey, are we still connected?
STACEY : yes i was waiting for a response for the other questions I asked you.
STACEY: Are you going to respond?


Trish Acct#137062599 December 10, 2014 at 11:14 am

This seems to be a pratice as I experienced a very similar situation. They are quick to say someone will call you back to get you off the line. They do not have intentions of calling you back. Today I refused to disconnect and said I would wait and they eventually hung up on me.

Have you received a response?


Keawe Fo February 3, 2015 at 9:48 am

They promised me a call back from a manager last night. Did I receive a call? NOPE. Have I received a call today? Nope. I verified with Fernando Z THREE times that a manager would be calling me back.


Keawe Fo February 3, 2015 at 9:46 am

This same thing happened to my husband AND myself!!!!!!!!!!! He signed up for the internet and u-verse and was told a certain amount and when the bill came in it was completely different and their fix to this issue (their training issues and hiring LIARS) was to take off channels until it met the price that was promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God my husband knew one of the execs and she handled it BUT I had the same freaking issue with my wireless service and they screwed me royally and the lady couldn’t do anything for me because she only handled the internet/u-verse side. I advised them to pull the phone call and to listen to the lies by their rep and they refused. His name was Anthony, he is a LIAR. AT&T are liars and thieves and they do not give a crap about their customers. Worst phone company ever.


Sandy November 4, 2014 at 6:55 pm

I have had nothing but issues since becoming a Direct TV/Att U-Verse member in April. They have made appointments and not shown up. (This happened several times.) I have had trouble with the billing department numerous times. This month all of a sudden I get a bill from Direct TV. It seems my bundle has just stopped for no apparent reason. I spent over an hour being bounced around and finally spoke to someone who could explain things to me. It seems because of their error, I will be unable to get my discounts this month and I have to pay the two separate bills. I am on a different cycle with Direct TV then I am with AT&t and will have to make sure I get Direct TV paid before end of their cycle (even though I just paid my current bill). If not, no bundle for me next month either. They could not fix this error on their end, so therefore I get the punishment (seems right to me). I am at the point of canceling my service, oh but wait they have me under contract and I can’t. I am so glad that AT&t cares so much for their customers. I would not recommend AT&t or Direct TV to anyone. All that awaits you is frustration.


stacey November 9, 2014 at 12:12 pm

I know the feeling. I never complain about anything but this is just wrong.


Peggy O'Connor November 2, 2014 at 12:45 pm

LOL…..when you submit your complaint it apparently changes your words a bit with mis spellings etc! Awesome job AT&T!


Peggy O'Connor November 2, 2014 at 12:40 pm

AT&T is scaring people out of their money. If you have paper billing, you will occasionally not receive your bill and when you call to question them they verify your address and claim the issue is not with them, you then pay your over due bill via credit card. my June bill was $183.17 pc by check, July $169.01 check 9174, August no bill was received, call customer service they verified my address and determined it is not their issue! Paid by credit card $187.74. September bill I paid $218.37 by check 9208. October bill was received on 10/25/14 opened on 10/31/14 (Halloween and very appropriate for what I find). The October bill is for 9/20/14 thru 10/19/14 And I am PAST DUE….WHAT? It shows my September payment of $218.37, but some how in October I am past due and owe $424.56. I had no previous balance in September, I paid the full amount bill in September, but in October I am past due and being charged a $9.00 late fee! You call customer service and they will spout of dates and date ranges, and you can’t make heads or tails of what they are trying to communicate to you, or what month was not paid. You had better believe this is a racket. I am done dealing wit her them. I am keeping the service just longe enough to get more doXXXXentation. I will then use the BBB, FCC, and every other regulatory agency I can find. ATT billing practices are criminal and they are stealing from you every chance they get.


K.McElligott October 31, 2014 at 2:57 pm

We, my husband and I have been trying to talk to someone about our excessive charges per month for phone, cable and internet service. We’ve been told we need passwords or pins BUT WE DON’T HAVE THEM! Isn’t enough we are calling from our listed phone number? I’m sure nobody at AT&T gives a rat’s ass about us or any service problems.
Maybe the bottom line will wake them up.
P.S. We are in our 90’s. Is that why AT&T doesn’t care?


Kellie Lee October 29, 2014 at 10:06 am

I’ve been trying to get my phone replaced since july all att sends me are more phones that don’t work and one broke phone they charged someone else’s account paying way to much called this morning and lucky me she hangs up phone so she doesn’t have to fix the problem I’ve had it going to take all correspondence and taped calls to the media sad 26 people and not one of them could fix it just add more to my bill no help going to complain to the fcc as well


ronald taylor October 28, 2014 at 9:13 pm

I know what everybody is talking about is the true I am going thur the same thing with the 10gb for 160 a month plan


ronald taylor October 28, 2014 at 9:10 pm

I have been getting the got damm run around every sense a ported in from verizon on april the 30 when I sign up for the 160 a month 10gb plan but this is the last straw if they down get it right they can have there 4 lines I am paying 292 for 4 lines that I was told that I was support to be 160


mark E October 28, 2014 at 10:22 am

Today’s phone call is close to 200 trying to get a bill for dsl service that was replaced by the much slower but oh so coveted u-verse 4 months ago. But having the distinct displeasure of speaking with off shore customer service. That talk over you, interrupt, and tell you what you want to hear so they can hang up. But still want a paycheck from the increasing rates for slower service. Not to mention the oh so pleasant and useless customer service. Maybe if you’re company would use it’s own internet to combine departments so 25 transfers and hour plus calls wouldn’t have to take place to accomplish nothing. I would much rather pay the inflated prices of the competition than deal with incompetent and rude phone representatives. Curious about phone representative college, if there is a course in how to be rude and incompetent, or are those the master or PhD’s of att customer service college. Makes you think if one could call a central place that could handle the issue, whether it’s dsl or uverse, it might not lead to rude customers and actually lower the ever increasing cost of service. But that’s only wishful thinking. Caveat: wouldn’t have to talk and drive if you would employ doers instead of Sayers….


mark E October 28, 2014 at 10:34 am

I should have taken the time to read the comments, or basically complaint section. Be it that American Telegraph and Telephone is the oldest company doing this business. I doubt they give two damns as long as they keep making a profit. Certainly differs from the ideal A. Bell had years ago. But now it’s about stuffing the greedy idiots with no American care. But when their job is outscored and they are selling phones in the outlet store speaking the second language they had to learn to get the job. It was only your idea to outsource you morons. And yes your wife is probably sleeping with the hired help and it’s probably enjoyable. Have a great day at the office…..


Erica October 27, 2014 at 8:10 am

AT&T has the worst telephone customer service out of any company that I have ever had the experience of dealing with whether it was wireless or another type of company. I just ported 3 phone lines from another company 30 days ago and I have gotten misinformation from each and every customer service rep that I have spoken to. Most recently today I called and spoke to customer service about activation fees that were supposed to be waived due to the company that I work for. I was told that because I did not set up the activation through the online process that they could not waive my activation fees. I dont give a f*** how they were purchased if my company has an agreement with AT&T to waive activation fees then it should be done. I am telling everyone I know about how bad AT&T is as a company and the terrible 3rd party customer service representatives that they are paying to represent them.


Alex October 23, 2014 at 6:09 pm

I order and paid for my new iPhone 6 + on October 7, 2014 in my local ATT store in Victorville California from a rep named Anthony M. On October 13, 2014, I received a confirmation email from ATT stating my iPhone is scheduled to ship between November 14-25. However, one of the phones in the order is incorrect. So I called ATT customer service and they told me they cannot change the order and I must return to the store and have the make the correction. I returned to the store on Thursday October 23, 2014 and was told by the mgr Luis Gonzalez (760)-843-0048 that they can cancel my order but it will void my promised delivery date above and I would have to wait another 6 weeks before my phones will be shipped. Needless, to say I was not please. They actually made the mistake on my order and is now punishing me. I asked for him mgr name and number and he gave me a business card for someone name Christian Herrera (404)-386-1279 in Atlanta Georgia. I called and left a detailed message on his voicemail and advised him I will be calling Corp in the interim. I called the Corp number: 210-821-4105 several time and got a prompt stating someone will be taking my complaint shortly. However, after about 2 minutes the call drop. This happened 4 times. If they do not make this right I have all the time in the world to fill complaints with the FCC, BBB and the PUC. Furthermore, I will blast them on Yelp, Facebook etc. I will be relentless I promise you.


Clm October 22, 2014 at 10:27 am

I called and filed a complaint on 10/21/14 the rep told me that I should receive a call back in 24-48 hrs! I hope this is true cause then if not that truly shows how much loyalty and appreciation you guys have for your customers!


Vedat Asrak October 22, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Its a lier..they never call back..I recently post a comment regarding a issue that I have with AT&T customer service manager…she said she is gonna call back but it is now 5 day’s I havent heard anything from them…they just want you to sign the contract and then you are on your own….I think they did removed my comment because I cant see it here anymore..that’s fine I made a big complaint at BBB abd FCC …good luck getting a call from them…


Gloria Butler October 21, 2014 at 11:36 pm

For the past two months I have had problems with AT&T. My payment was not applied to the right account…I have two phones. I have contacted the company and they realized the error but, continue to threaten to cut off their service. I have been with them for years, but it seems their business and professional practice leaves a lot to desire. I can not believe I or anyone should go through what I have experienced!


Vedat Asrak October 21, 2014 at 8:54 pm

I am sure those money hungry cows sitting at the HQ don’t read this there no sense for ever to write our complaints…


Thomas grabowski October 20, 2014 at 3:56 pm

I am not happy with att aand they dont change my plan and still too high price your busniess is dirty and i want dicount price or not sound all att play around with me sound dont careabout deaf peoplealso i apply complain over att mixed up all damn bill are differance and i want hook up now back or not i wont pay for nothing understand it your att is not qualified not good busniess you try give high price so if u dont hook back on then i stop payment ok


Thomas grabowski October 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Your busniess are dirty busniess and i try payment but they won’t doing so i stop payment till u discounts my account


Paula Taylor October 20, 2014 at 10:43 am

I have been a loyal customer for home, internet, TV and mobile for more than 20 years. Loyalty is no longer appreciated or rewarded by ATT. Discounts and deals are given to new customers not the ones who have been true to the company.

I recently upgraded my phone and took out another 2 year contract. I lost my discount for mobile sharing and will now pay $40 a month for this service in addition to the other fees charged on my bill. I was informed by the customer service rep…who was the only good thing about ATT as she did her job in a courteous way and went above and beyond, that there was nothing to do.

Having been loyal for so many years, the discount needs to be carried over to any new contract any customer has

I now know why so many of my friends and family do not like ATT and choose other carriers. I guess I will be next……. unless someone high enough up the chain calls and applies the same discount I previously had…. or ATT develops a loyalty program for long time customers..


Tim W October 22, 2014 at 1:29 pm

I have the exact same problem and have also been with them for 20+ yrs and did the same up grade. I even called them prior to doing this and was told nothing would change. I argree someone with big enough stone to do the right thing!!!


Larry October 16, 2014 at 10:04 am

I lived thru the monopoly breakup of AT&T and this needs to happen again. I switched to “Sage” for half of what I was paying at ATT.


Lynda Paquette October 13, 2014 at 8:25 pm

I posted this blog post link on ATT’s Facebook Page, and got some bland promises that it will get addressed ~ WORST customer service in my entire life!


ross skinger October 13, 2014 at 12:12 pm

I went to an A T T Store at 9761 Quivira in overland park Kansas and they treated me like I was a piece of crap… Waited over 1 hour had the worst customer service I have ever had they treat people like cattle …


Nicholas October 12, 2014 at 5:59 pm

Att has gave me the worse service I have ever had…..
ever since I moved in to my home they seem to never get it all worked out they keep canceling my serice every Month so Wich means I spend over 2hrs on the phone to get it resolved Wich they all ways apologies. .and tell me its been fixed…bull….this has been going on for months. …I also till this day never received a statement Wich I have gave them each time I have to call even have them repeat it back to me….but they do send a disconnection notice. .this is the only thing they have done right…so here I go again my service was cut on a Sunday in Wich the number they want you to call is only good for Monday thru Friday. …….Please someone in corporate HELP….


richard martinez October 11, 2014 at 8:05 pm

I need someone to call me. Asap. My number is 210.639.**** representative of your Company was here . And he was a ##### . So call me. Now now now


aaron wheaton October 10, 2014 at 3:58 pm

I had personal damages done to my property that att said they would fix and they put it in writing. It’s been almost a year since the damage has been done and I now have the local police department running them off as well as filing claims for me since they seen the damages that have been done. Now they keep telling me that they have started sending me checks to compensate the quotes for the damages. Well that’s been three months coming and now I am starting to realize that I am gonna have to go file a claim in small claims court in order to get anything done about this whitch is not some I wanna do so if anybody can help me out here I’m gonna give this a week or two to see if this helps!


Debbie October 6, 2014 at 10:26 am

I had ATT…I had switched to cable because of fianances and when I thought about going back to ATT…the cut the internet speed in 1/2 offering me a .768 or 1.5 speed…they told me that is all they are offering in the area…my neighbor who runs off the same telephone pole as me has a 3.0 and now ATT is offering her a 6 mbps speed….tell me something isn’t right…I call ATT and they said we have to be is separate areas and ask to talk to a supervisor and never get one…the guys from ATT are working in the area…I ask them and they say I should have the same service….It doesn’t have to do what is in the area…it is because I left ATT and want to go back they are punishing me….how awful is that…I would think they would want my business at one point they used to.


Debbie October 6, 2014 at 11:05 am

I checked all my neighbors…they are all getting offered the 3.0 and the 6.0…so what is up with that


Erin Dunn October 2, 2014 at 8:12 am

Bate & Switch!!!! I had an iPad on a separate plan for over 2 years paying 25.00 monthly. I go to a local store, change it to a 10.00/month part of my cell plan. NEVER told me about the 40.00 activation fee. So I call to remove that fee. NOBODY will help. Patricia Robins (agent) was no help. Tells me to login and see what the charge was for! DUH that is why I called for help, I already saw the fee!!! She claims she is unable to help. Supervisor Keisha Santo took over the call. Guess what, she says she is unable to help either!!! Well I am now going to Verizon this weekend and taking all 3 lines to them. Thanks for the 5 years of service, you have now lost a customer who was on AUTOPAY and was never late for 5 years paying average 200.00 monthly!!!! Your customer service is HORRIBLE and people thought Comcast was bad? You are just like them!


Wilma shropshire September 30, 2014 at 8:06 pm

I have been complaining XXXXXXing gripping the whole nine yards. I am a very dissatisfied customer right now and will be for a very long time if something isn’t done about the almost $5000 dollar data charges to my account. I have nothing good to say about at&t account the present time. I have spent the last 3 hours online in the chat session area trying to get my bill straightened out. Only to be told the charges were valid, that when you are connected to WI fi the mobile data connection has to be turned off, this was never explained to me and first I have heard of the bullXXXXX. Just as soon as I can I probably will switch to another cellular phone company. AT&T is such a large corporation that it’s gotten more greedy over the years thinking they can get away with highway robbery with no one doing anything about it. The reason att bought Cingular wireless is because of the civil suit brought against them. Well guess what I am the one who started it, and I may just bring one against att if the $5000 data charges aren’t taken off my bill


Harry Burchell September 30, 2014 at 4:58 pm

Like so many others before me here, I too have had nothing but horrible customer service from AT&T. I went into a local store in Stuart, Florida to see about bundling my services. A brand new sales person Joseph worked with me. He told me about a new program to use AT&T internet service and wired phone service for $49.99 per month. Not bad, I thought, but I already have AT&T wireless in my house for phone service. He said “no problem” since it’s all AT&T anyway. He failed to mention that there would be a termination fee. So, I agreed and the service tech came a few days later and did the installation. Well, I just got my bill and there is a one time charge of $62.00 for terminating the contract for the home wireless. I immediately thought this was just a simple mistake and brought this to the store to have it removed from the bill. That’s when I realized that I was dealing with very dishonest people. The Manager, Jennifer, told me that there was nothing she could do and I would have to call the billing people. After talking to a women named Jasmine, very nice women, she referred me to her supervisor Patricia Baer, who had the authority to fix the mistake in my bill, but, she said it was company policy and she would not fix my bill. After saying there was nobody else to talk to at her facility who had the power to fix my bill, she finally put me on the phone with her supervisor Michael Meade who again repeated the AT&T policy. I asked him if all this was being recorded so I could find someone in a higher position to listen to the recording and see how poor the customer service was. His response was “maybe”. He has given me Mike Lature’s name as a vice president in Tennessee and a PO box to write him a letter. He said Mike Lature doesn’t speak to customers and only responds in writing. At this point Michael Meade was so arrogant, he should be reprimanded along with Patricia. I spent 30 minutes speaking to these people in the store and another 45 minutes on the phone with Jasmine, Patricia and Michael. It’s not that the $62.00 is going to break me, it’s the deceit and lack of customer care that’s disturbing. Note: I’ve been with AT&T for over 25 years. They just don’t care.


Darren Williams September 29, 2014 at 9:24 pm

Its been 15 days since my uverse was set up. And not 1 whole day if service. 11 techs already, everything in the house has been replaced. The gateway has been swapped 3 times. The line from the pole to the house has been replaced, port swaps on the large network box has been done. The improper ground one of the techs did, has been fixed. And yet not even for 1 day can I get service, but the bill was sent to me already. That my friends is called, service.


Thomas grabowski September 29, 2014 at 4:39 pm

Att are suckest ever I had on my mobile and they don’t change plan for me but they say I suspended my phone I don’t like that way and I try discount for deaf people nccd are very poorest they don’t change my plan they always denial formally
Andi won’t pay for it too high money also rip me off that problem Att people who work there mix up everything but the money is to high dirty business I ever see sound rip me off I won’t pay for that wait till u discounted I will pay for it if u not doing that forget it I won’t buy Att store anymore understand it so thank u


C Moore September 28, 2014 at 10:11 pm

I am a disabled person (hard of hearing, poor vision, severe arthritis and heart problem) and I have a land line phone with AT&T because my arthritis makes it too difficult to use a cell phone, and I rely on this phone to get help if I need it. For over a month this phone has gone out whenever it rains, leaving me with no way to summon emergency aid should I need it. At&T has been called a total of eleven times regarding this problem by me, my daughter, and two other people who check on me, and yet AT&T have continuously failed to fix the line in over a month. They have been told repeatedly it only goes out when it rains and that they need to come check it when it is out, they promise to come when it is out and then delay for 3-4 days until the phone is working and claim they can find nothing wrong. The next time it rains the phone goes out again.

This last weekend the phone was out for over 48 consecutive hours. AT&T told a friend of mine who called for me that they would try to get a repairman out on Saturday the 27th, no one came. My daughter called this morning the 28th and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor, Patrick, said they would try to get someone out today and would call with updates throughout the day to a contact number they had. They did not call the contact number a single time and when my daughter tried to call AT&T again t find out why it was not being fixed she was unable to get past a message that said no more complaints would be taken on my number.

This failure of AT&T to fix the problem with my telephone line is literally putting my life at risk because with my disabilities I have no other way to summon emergency help than my landline telephone. Furthermore AT&T is charging me for service I do not have whenever it rains. I would appreciate help in getting AT&T to fix my line so that it works when it rains. Meanwhile since I am disabled I have filed a complaint with the FCC and will file another with the corporation commission of my state.


Dennis Watkins September 28, 2014 at 6:21 pm

Dennis Watkins
* Barnes
Jackson, Ms. 39206
Home Phone 601-981-****
Cell Phone 601-953-****

AT&T’s Corporate Office Headquarters
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Tx 75202
Dear AT&T’s Corporate Office Headquarters:
I have been a cell phone customer with AT&T since sometime in April of this year. At this time I am on the ten cent a minute plan. The purpose of this e-mail is to report my cell phone 601-953-1232 has been taken and given to a Mr. Cordell Walker. This will the fourth time that I to address this problem with AT&T. I would great appreciate the assistance of the Corporate Office on issue.
Tuesday 09/23/2014:
My cell phone would not work. I was getting a slim card not provision error when placing a call. I went to my local customer service center here in Ridgeland Ms. My customer rep was a lady named Margareta. Margareta was kind a concerned with my needs. Margareta accessed my phone’s IMEI # 013779002438541, and I believe the slim card number as well. According to that information, the name on the account was now Cordell Walker from; I believe Macungie Pennsylvania. She was surprised that an active cell phone number could be given to someone else. Margaret then called over a manager, and he was surprised too. Both told that this has issues has never happened to either one of them. Margareta got my phone working again. She applied notes to my account stating that 601-953-1232 was Dennis Watkins cell phone number.
I checked my minutes before I went home. That is when I discover I lost $45.00 from my account, leading me to believe that Mr. Walker is on $ 45.00 monthly plan. Margareta told me to call 611 from my cell phone, and they would help me. I went home and called 611 as instructed got disconnected the first time. After about 20 minutes on the phone my $45.00 was added back to my account. Tuesday spent a total of about hour and 20 minutes with this problem.
Thursday 09/25/2014:
I made a late-afternoon text to my boss, about issue with one of our customers. My boss always answers my texts. I thought, well he was working with one of our customers.

Friday 09/26/2014:
Friday morning is when I discover my cell phone was down again, and my text had failed. I went back to the Customer Service and asked this time to speak to a Manager. I had to wait 30 minutes to sit down and speak to Kismet. Kismet was kind and concerned with my needs. Before I talked to Kismet, a manager came over and expressed her concerns with my problem. I did not get her name. However, it was about 2:30pm. The best way that I can describe her was a short lady with dark hair very nice as well. I asked her why would someone over-ride the notes that Margareta had put on my account and once again give my number back to Mr. Walker. I would think notes would also say not to use this number. I understand she could not give me an answer.
Kismet text to call the center with my problem as, I sat down with her. My phone was turned back on once again. Notes again I assume were added to my number. I asked Kismet about AT&T giving me some minutes for all the aggravation. Whoever Kismet talked to offer to understanding was 450 minutes.
Saturday 09/27/2014:
I came back to Customer Service to see about compensation. It was around an eleven in the morning as best as I can recall. My phone was working. I talked to a young African man. He informed me Mr. Walker name was back on my account. He walked over and talked to Kismet. After talking to Kismet, he told me I could a get a new number. In my mind, I am being too much trouble for AT&T only being on the ten cent minute plan. I told him that was unacceptable. I have this number for several months. I further told him you are a man; walk in my shoes what would you do if you were me. He was apologetic. I need raise my voice at this time because I was mad.
I went home and called 611 once again. Had a new password installed your agent was very helpful. Possibly more notes added to my account.
Sunday 09/28/2014
Sunday I got lock out of my phone. I called number listed on your website and got a man called Malachi. What I thought was AT&T asking for code was, in fact, my Breeze phone code. Malachi helped me through this issue for which I am grateful. All of your Customer representatives have been extremely helpful, courteous and a genuine caring about my problem. I want to thank you personally for that.
I would appreciate someone from your office look into matter of why my cell phone number is continually being taken from me. With all the notes in place, someone is still disregarding those notes. My question would be why? Thank you in advance for your help.
Dennis Watkins


ken faust September 28, 2014 at 3:27 pm

Called AT&T to find out about my wife’s cell phone, the man I talked to would not transfer me to a supervisor to find out the why the problem had not been fixed.He refused and transferred me to a translator. He was a very good example of an AT&T employee that sets a bad example for you. I will not be renewing my account when my contract expires,even though I have all AT&T services They will be gone as soon as possible . I’ve had AT&T services for many years but this guy I talked to on Sunday shows that you don’t care about your users.
Ken Faust


Georgia Flanagan September 26, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I called technical support on September 8, 2014 @ 10:45AM and spoke to David; I needed to make some changes to lower my bill. We discussed some options and I even changed my high speed internet to save $10.00 a month; he offered me a promotional for 3 months that would decrease my bill and we went over all the pricing and I asked, “are there any charges that you haven’t mentioned?” He said, “no, that even includes all the taxes.” I said, “that’s great, this will bring my bill down, let’s do it.” WELL, today I get my new bill and guess what? IT’S ONLY A FEW CENTS LESS!!! SO, I call them and try to explain that this is not the deal I accepted and was told, “sorry, but there’s nothing we can do, you’ll have to pay this for the next three months.” THIS IS WHAT I HEARD; OUR EMPLOYEES CAN LIE TO YOU, MISLEAD YOU, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET YOU OFF THE PHONE AND MOVE ON TO LIE TO THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!! This is wrong, wrong, wrong! Nothing good comes from a lie; it will boomerang!


latosha gadsden September 26, 2014 at 9:21 am

i went to at&t lastnite on dorchester road in wescott in summerville south carolina shopping center because i couldnt work my new iphone and the ladies in there were awesome… they had great customer service, patience, and was very friendly, althought the store closed at 8 they were there 35 extra minutes just to make sure i was satisfied with everything and i really appreciated that… i havent had customer service like that in a looong time so i tip my hat to you ladies… martyne gibson and elizabeth mcelveen ( i hope i spelled the names right) keep up the good work and i hope you guys have a great day!!!


Dana Cox September 24, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Hi, thank you AT&T we have fought over the fact that I bought my phones from Viaero Wireless. We have receipts. Then we made the mistake of getting AT&t. They could not port my phone numbers or activate them but they turned it over to a collection agency. Which you know what this did to my credit. They said oh it was just a glitch. I was trying to get a loan at the time, that failed. Thanks for alot of hours on the phone and waisted time. I hope some one in this company cares to try to fix this. It also tooki about 6 monthes to get them to understand we did NOT buy our phones from AT&T.


Carol Jackson September 19, 2014 at 8:19 am

You think the customer service is bad, the retired employees are being thrown off our insurance. The “exchange” wants to talk to you but can’t tell you what it will cost!!!!!!!!!!! Our insurance (secondary) fee the some former employees have been able see to are “outrageous”, our benefit office is off shore and could care less…………….were are on fixed incomes!!!!!!!!!!! AT&T WE ARE BEING RAPED BY YOU AND AON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dyan September 18, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Heather at the AT&T store in Ponderay, Idaho is GREAT! She is courteous, knowledgable, and professional. She, and people like her, have kept me loyal to AT&T for 22 years!


Tammy September 16, 2014 at 12:37 pm

I need help on my cell phone bill because of loss of work and need it as soon as possible because this is my main number for work and doctors


Lindsay Wyburn September 16, 2014 at 11:21 am

After submitting my comment and reading the other comments I don’t understand this website where we can add comments. It is obvious that the CEO, CFO, and COO don’t give a crap or there would be better service to their customers.


Lindsay Wyburn September 16, 2014 at 11:20 am

I want to let you know that AT&T uverse is the worse company I have ever dealt with!! I have had an issue with my cable for approximatly 2 weeks. I have had 2 techs come out when they actually showed up. I have had 2 no-shows without a phone call to tell me they are not coming. That is BS!!!!! Now I am being told there is all the “sudden an outage” in the area so they will not send someone out to me house to fix the inside until that has been fixed. I am so fed up with your company. I have an appt with Time Warner and will be cancelling your services as soon as I can. I will also be spreading word to not have services with your company. Your techs on the phone don’t know their heads from their butts and do not communicate with each other. I know in my record it probably states I was rude as well but that is because your techs lie and don’t have the correct information. They set up appts and make you waste your time waiting on them to not show up. I will NEVER have this service ever again. I have never been so disgusted with a company before.


BOSE T IDICHERIA September 16, 2014 at 10:30 am

People never ever order any phones through AT&T, you will get trapped.I am suffering more than a week, I don’t have any cell phone. The new iphone I received was deffected returned, nobody is taking responsibilty now.I am prearing letter to submitt the CEO and other direct board members.WORSE CUSTOMERS SERVICE WENT THROUGH MY LIFE!!!!
We’re AT&T customer for over a decade. On September 1st we called AT&T to upgrade existing 4 wireless lines plus add one more line for our daughter, then customer service offer over the phone 4 iphone and 5 lines as family next plan for 18 months. We ordred 4 iphone 5cs and one regular line. When we received the phones we called to activate the lines, the monthly amount and terms completely changed, we become trapped. Then one off my phone was defected, and when try to returned according to 14 days return policy, and called customer service more than a week straight 4-5 hrs on phone, tokk one day off from work to just call this co.,no help I want the responsible party to check my I’ll put it in my email or letter, how many hrs I spent last 7-10 day with customer service.


Curtis Bell September 15, 2014 at 2:49 pm


AT&T has installed a large cable ( app 2 inches in diameter ) onto my property from the building immediately adjacent thereto. This cable comes off the neighboring office building and goes into the ground ( my property) presumably to the street.





kaleo paiaina September 14, 2014 at 12:41 pm

I have a problem.. I sat on the phone for 3hours and no body could help me … I have two phones one business and one personal that I use .. I have two more phones that we use with you guys…. my personal phone the import for the charge broke and i have insurance so why do i have to pay 200.00 to have it fixed when i didnt break it .. whats the point of insurance that i pay every month for it …. so. Well im on the phone with customers. Service. They are rude one hung up on me the other had me on hold for a half in hour and then I asked for supervisor/manager I tell him my problem and he hangs up on me too what kind of people you have working for you.. if you ask me your customers Services is very poor.. if i didnt have a 2year contract with you guys i wouldn’t recommend your company to anyone ….


Teri Grimmer September 14, 2014 at 10:58 am

I am a bundled AT&T customer. I have been an AT&T customer for over 45 years. I am now without my landline service and there is no help available for 72-96 hours. The level of service has dropped drastically in the last several years. Now, all that you get are the scripted apologies from employees, many who do are from outsourced phone centers and have a very poor command of the English language. There are not enough employees for repairs leaving many of us without access to 911. I live in an area where the AT&T cell phone service is terrible so even my “backup” service is poor. There should be prioritization or repair calls for those of us that live in more rural areas and are a distance from neighbors. I was NEVER ASKED IF I WAS SICK, DISABLED, HAD A MEDICAL CONDITION OR IN NEED OF ANY HELP. I was simply told that I had a “ticket” for a repair in 96 hours which was moved to 72 hours after one of my adult daughters called and complained. While you sit in your corporate towers and attend your many “important” meetings, please remember your customer base is made up of people just like me. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am also a registered nurse(40n years experience) in the operating room of a large Level II trauma center and they are not able to reach me in the event of a disaster. Call forwarding to my cell phone by AT&T only allows the cell to ring once and the call is neither recorded or shows up on my cellphone. For legal reasons, I have copied all chats and have had my account doXXXXented.


Vicki Stock September 14, 2014 at 12:36 am

I (Vicki Stock) contacted AT&T about the $160 4 lines, unlimited text, unlimited talk, 10 GB since were paying this amount for 2 lines and 4GB of data. The agent said my husband’s (Carl Stock)plan – acct#534146141167- was eligible for the upgrade and proceeded to walk me through the process. He advised that the best way to do this was to create a new group with the 10 GB plan, then when the phones came in I was to call and make sure they switch the 2 existing phones to that plan. On 7/27, after receiving the 2 phones that I picked from the website because they were listed as free with a 2 year contract and the agent confirmed this was a website “deal”, I called and asked the two existing phones to be switched. I asked the agent if the bill would be $160 going forward and stated that it should be, not including taxes and fees. I got my first bill after the new plan was put in place, but I already sent in 160.52 based on my previous bill. When I called to ask what was the reason for the $299 bill, the agent explained my bill was incorrect, made the credit adjustments and stated that I still owed 97.62 for the remaining prorated amount. After I paid that she assured me that my future bills would reflect the $160.00 plus taxes and fees. I got my second bill since the plan change and bill came out to $296.24, when I called this time, the agent told me that my phones on the 4GB plan were not eligible for the discount to make the bill $160 plus taxes and fees. That those phones preceded the date for this plan. (I verified when I first ask to upgrade to the 10 GB plan that the phones were eligible and was told they were.) I believe the agents I dealt with were deceptive to get me on the 10 GB plan, based on the way they asked me to set up the 2 new phones and even though I was assured time and time again that my bill would be $160 plus taxes and fees, that was not the case. I believe that the representatives of this company are not transparent and clear about what future billing amounts are leaving customers at their mercy to where they stuck with whatever they come up with later, They refuse to honor assurances they provided over the phone. Their phone conversations are recorded, so I hope that someone will take the time to review the my phone conversations over this matter and stop them from continue to practice business in this manner. To make matters worse because I can’t return the 2 new phones, they would only suspend them for 6 months and stated they can put my 2 other phones back on the 4GB plan. All this means is I am paying the equivalent of 2 4GB plans. I am reconsidering all my business with AT&T. I have also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.


Paulina September 11, 2014 at 7:19 pm

It is not surprising that the Wall Street Journal rates AT&T customer service as the worst in the industry. Today I called in with a question about my wireless account. I will be traveling for the next seven months and have put my account on hold for six months. I will be paying the $10 fee and I will continue with my contract when I return but I will never renew the contract. I asked the representative to make an exception for my cirXXXXstances and unlock my phone, even though my contract is not completely finished, so I can use it in Asia. After almost 2 hours of being passed around between people and got the floor supervisor and in North Carolina store. He would not give me any of his information nor his full name. Finally after another 15 minutes of arguing with him I was able to get his name, Ryan Wyles. I am not sure how this man ever became a supervisor. He said to me that I can leave the company because I’m not getting my way and what I was asking him to do was just trying to get my cake and eat it too. I work in customer service is a while and would never talk to a customer like that. Att would have had my business for a very long time but after this experience I will most certainly not be renewing are returning to this awful company. The fact that they do not have a email, a corporate customer service representative or a phone number where you could call them back at is ridiculous. But I suppose that’s because they would be overwhelmed with the amount of unhappy customers that they have. A loyal customer over the span of a lifetime is much more valuable than a $185 cancellation fee. I have been with the service for almost 4 years and that will be the end of it. You really should train your customer service representatives a little bit better on how to talk to the customer


carmen montes September 10, 2014 at 8:15 pm

My service for my home phone line connection was today from 8am to 5pm.tecnition never came or call my mom is 79 years old i can belive that att have so poor customer services so sad no wonder att customers go to a diferent companies for cell phones.i wish an other companie probide home thelephone so i dont have to deal with this inconvinients.the worst companie and service ever i call customer services the wait time almost 40 minutes.the second call from department to and other one.


Frankie Freitas August 31, 2014 at 7:37 pm

My service area is Fresno California. I had an appointment on August 18th to have the phone jacks in my residence repaired so I could have basic residential phone service. The technician never came to my residence only completed work at the box. Called AT &T on August 19th to report that the technician never showed up to repair the phone jacks inside the house. I was told the technician was unaware that the phone jacks needed to be repaired but that I would be contacted to schedule a date and time for the technician to come out. I waited for a phone called and never received one. On August 25 called AT&T again. I was transferred from department to department and was on hold throughout this process for over 1 hour. I was told a message would be sent to the appropriate department and someone would be calling me. On August 27th, still no call so I called AT&T. Again, I was transferred from department to department and this process took 2 hours. I was told there was a problem with the lines and it could take 2 days to a week to get the issue resolved but someone would contact me. At the writing of this post, I am still without basic residential phone service and I have not heard from anyone at AT&T. I have never experienced such incompetence in my life. I would appreciate you looking into my account because I can’t have my Directv, internet or my security system installed until my landline issue is resolved. I can not move into my home until I have the security system installed. I am tired of sleeping on my daughters couch! Please HELP!!!!! My account number is 5592377031. I hope this type of customer service is not acceptable. Very Dissatisfied Customer !!!


Sharon Walker August 28, 2014 at 12:38 pm

I can’t believe as a long time client since 97 that I called to get a new device due to the defected samsung 3 . They always send me used replacement which is not working, then i tell the rep I need a new phone,now she tells me I need to pay 25 dollors ontop of the already expensive fees to cancel. No choices, Poor services, bad customer service help and HIGH bills.


Karen Lee Hyatt August 27, 2014 at 7:08 pm

I am a long time customer with bundled services – TV/Phone/Internet. I have been out of service for 72 hours at this point – my 3rd appointment for a technician is today between 4-8. Hopefully, they are able to make it tonight. Previous appointments were cancelled because the technician was too busy and could not get to my by 8 p.m. I have serveral question that I want answered and the answers will determine my next steps. I require either answers to these questions or a contact who will answer them directly and honestly. I have been told I am a priority over new installs but I find it very difficult to believe ATT Uverse has so many issues it takes 72 hours – or more depending on whether I see a technician tonight – to correct all service calls. So, my questions are:
1 What is my “service area” How much territory does a technician have to cover
2 How many technicians work in my area?
3 Has there been a reduction in the number of techs in my area – or other areas?
3 How many new installs have been compelted in may area Monday thru Wednesday this week – 8/25 – 8/27.
I am sure you can see where I am going with these questions. There are several factors I know however, I believe greed is the controlling issue. Because of the bottom line – I believe your are running a very tight ship and not maintaining enough technicians to provide even adequate customer service and, in an effort to continue to build revenues you are prioritizing new installs above service requests of you loyal customers.

A response is requested and if not received I will take the next step.
I am a professional and consider customer service may main selling point. All calls/emails are responded to within 2 hours and with my clients, if the resolution is not made a priority – the client is lost.


Tommy Saxon August 27, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Do you read and respond to these emails?
I am having problems with getting my att services restored to my satisfaction.
I have been attempting to get help since 2100 hrs 26 Aug 2014. my att email accounts have been frozen, locked out. I have been trying to restore service since 2100 hours aug 2014. I have called 877-303-2243, 800-288-2020, 800-331-0500,800-288-2747, more times than I can count. The animated service is no help, forgets where he is at and request acct info to many times. I need help to resolve this issue. CAN YOU HELP?


Leslie September 9, 2014 at 10:01 pm

I canceled my service with AT&T effective 6/30/14; because I relocated to an area AT&T does not have U verse service. To date I have not received a refund of the credit on my account for $129.28. I have put in 4 request for the credit to be refunded called 800#. Each time told it will be 7-10 days and still no refund. It has been over 60 days since I canceled my service. But u guys were quick to take your payment for the final which I never received. I could not access my account online to see how much the final bill was. I even gave you guys my forwarding address- no final. Then you debit my checking account for $210.00 , final bill per your reps. This caused my checking account to be overdrawn, had I received the final bill or been able to access my account to budget accordingly. I called your office and requested the debit be reversed. Your reps tell me I was o. Auto pay and that I could not have removed my account from auto pay. Well I did and I even deleted the checking account before I canceled service. The rep also refused to reverse the charge of $210.00 . Which I dispute because our service was interrupted 2 wks prior to cancelation. I restored my service 1 week prior to moving because I wanted to keep the service. So I would like to know how does 1 week of service = $210.00?

Today I called again regarding my refund and spoke to another rep, I asked for a manager. I then spoke to Tony, manager San Diego office said the first request was rejected didn’t say why. Told me he would submit my request again and I now again have wait another 2-3 weeks for the credit to be refunded. THIS IS REDICOLOUS!!! I WANTED MY $$$ THAT IS OWED TO ME !!! I WANTED IT EXPEDITED VIA OVER NIGHT EXPRESS MAIL NOT WAITING AN OTHER 2-3 WKS. I HAVE BEEN PATIENT LONG ENOUGH; IT DOES NOT TAKE OVER 60 DAYS TO REFUND $$. Hell you guys took your money out of my account. So I want the same thing. PISSED OFF, UNHAPPY CUSTOMER