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Anchor Bar Corporate Office Address

Anchor Bar
1047 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14209

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Phone Number: (716) 884-4083
Fax Number:
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Founder: Teressa & Dominic Bellissimo
Date Founded: 1935
Founding Location: Buffalo, New York
Number of Employees:


CEO: Dom Bellisimo

Anchor Bar History

Anchor Bar was founded in 1936 by Dominic and Teressa Bellisimo. The company operated a typical bar/restaurant until one day in 1964, Teressa was asked to make something to eat for visiting friends. The only food left were chicken wings, which Teressa usually made into soup, but that night she made a special sauce to serve over her friend wings, and the Buffalo Chicken Wing was an overnight success.

Today, the company has begun franchising and currently has 10 locations. The original Buffalo, New York, location is still in business, selling their now famous wings, a variety of sauces, as well as apparel, accessories, such as key chains, and bottled sauces. The company is actively looking for more franchises to expand their business.

Anchor Bar is still located in Buffalo, New York, and offers 5 different flavored sauces. There is an active eCommerce site where sauce can be purchased by table top sized bottles or by the gallon.

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