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Advantage Rent a Car Corporate Office Address

Advantage Rent a Car, Inc.
101 NE Third Ave., Tower 101Suite 1600
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Contact Advantage Rent a Car

Phone Number: (407) 857-1999
Fax Number:
Email: Email Advantage Rent a Car

Advantage Rent a Car Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Advantage Rent a Car Executives

CEO: Mehrdad Memarpouri
CFO: Al Farrell
COO: Scott Davido

Advantage Rent a Car History

Advantage Rent a Car was founded in 1963 in San Antonio, Texas, by husband and wife team Kenneth and Helen Walker. The original name of the company was $3.99 Car Rentals and the couple had only 5 cars. The main source of business at that time was the large military base stationed near San Antonio.

The company has been sold several times over the years and now is owned by private investment firm Catalyst Capital Group. Today, the company has more than 40 airport service locations, 5 more at hotels in Hawaii and Las Vegas, Nevada, and more than 23,000 cars. The majority of customers are tourists visiting California, Florida, and Hawaii.

Advantage Rent a Car filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and was acquired at that time by the Catalyst Capital Group. Company headquarters are now located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Advantage Rent a Car FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Advantage Rent a Car?
Answer 1: The phone number for Advantage Rent a Car is (407) 857-1999.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Advantage Rent a Car?
Answer 2: The CEO of Advantage Rent a Car is Mehrdad Memarpouri.

Question 3: Who founded Advantage Rent a Car?
Answer 3: Advantage Rent a Car was founded by in .

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Daileen Carter May 1, 2018 at 2:42 am

Priceline and Advantage Rental Car WILL NOT EVER get my business again!!

Advantage oversold me on insurance that I already had, but couldn’t prove because I came from overseas and had no internet to pull up that I in fact had insurance. Then lied and said the insurance that I had thru Priceline would not cover me.

After I finally got service and investigated, Priceline… without my consent… CANCELLED the insurance that I purchased with them without verifying first that the insurance that I purchased with Advantage was what I needed. Yet, she ASSURED ME that it was!

I called Advantage only to be told that the insurance only covered if I hit someone. NOT if someone hit me. Mind you, the Priceline insurance covered EVERYTHING before the lady cancelled without my ok!

Advantage said that I’d have to drive 1 1/2 hours bank to their office to upgrade the insurance! THEN said that the notes on the account stated that I hit a sheet of ice IN VENTURA, CALIFORNIA, and wrecked the car!!! WTFFFF!!!!

I AM LIVID and under-insured in metro LA!!

Take your chances of you want with these companies, but I WOULD NOT recommend that you do business with incompetent agents and crooks.


Jacqueline Rockefeller February 18, 2018 at 8:30 am

I just had the unfortunate experience of also getting a “HotDeal” from Hotwire. In defense of Hotwire, I have booked many, many times and it has been perfect. This time though I encountered Advantage Rent a car. The difference between Advantage Rent a car and most car rental places is enormous. After I purchased the Hot Deal (the last Hot Deal was with Hertz 🙂 I saw it was with Advantage and thought I remembered something about them and started looking at ALL the many reviews. They were endless- about the many ways that Advantage was scamming it’s customers –from contracts that were misleading, to making a person pay an additional driver fee for the other adults traveling with them, to deceptive contracts about how you decline their insurance (you end up getting billed for that when you tell them no and you think you have initialed no) -but that did not come up for me, because they got me as soon as I walked in and they told me that my already paid for rental would not have unlimited miles on it. I showed them my receipt from Hotwire that said Unllmited miles. She said (very arrogantly I might add) well it is our policy for Local renters that miles are not unlimited and I would have to pay an extra $20 per day if I wanted that option. I was however limited to 140 miles a day. I did the math, I had to go to Port St Lucie -about 240 to 250 miles away -and I had the car for 3 days. It was not enough miles, so I asked to talk to the manager and I think she said the person next to her was the manager -his name was Francky- and he said there is nothing we can do. I asked if there was anyone above him I could speak to and he said no. I asked if I could call Advantage’s number and he let me use the desk phone and call Advantage. I did that and that person said they couldn’t help me either – it was between me and Hotwire (supposedly Hotwire is to blame for not having the terms on their website). I asked for the supervisor and was on hold over 20 minutes waiting for the supervisor. In the meantime my daughter called Hotwire for me on her phone and I spoke with them while waiting for the supervisor and Hotwire said I was supposed to get unlimited miles but to go ahead and pay for them and Hotwire would refund the charges. I decided to do that and hung up with Hotwire but started speaking with Advantages Supervisor who had just come on the phone. I was loud, but it was hard to hear on the phone as the room was small and other people were talking and I am hard of hearing. The supervisor was asking me what Hotwire said (at this point Advantages phone showed we had been on that line for 27 minutes) when Francky hung the phone up and cut me off and said he would now NOT do business with me at all -even though at this point it had been resolved. I told him I had already paid for the vehicle and then he called the police to have me removed (2 or 3 other people had come in in the meantime with the SAME unlimited miles issue and were listening to our conversation). I was angry because I wanted to leave today, but I kept my reservations for the next day (Sunday) with another (reputable) car rental company -I didn’t have to pay for that reservation until I got there. I was exhausted mentally and emotionally after that situation and I felt sorry for all of the people there that could not change their plans and had to leave then so they were hostage to Advantage. I can’t even imagine how many people are defrauded and scammed just from the Jacksonville location, much less add in all the other places that Advantage does business with. I am hoping the Attorney General of Florida will take some action against them. This situation happened yesterday, February 17 starting around 4:40 in the afternoon at the Jacksonville Advantage Rent a Car on Airport Road.


Dee February 5, 2018 at 10:06 am

Rented vehicle in Florida in December/2017 and was forced to add me as an extra driver even though I was not going to drive the car. After arguing with the employee I finally gave in under duress and signed the agreement. I have written to the company and they said because I signed the paper I am not entitled to my refund of the charges for an extra driver. Very bad customer service all the way around.


Mariel Bazil September 30, 2017 at 11:14 am

Rented a car at the La Guardia Airport location on 09/24/17 to be returned on 09/30/17. Confirmation # LADP0B1337AD. To my surprise and inconvenience, I was forced to return the car on 09/27/17 after listening to that unbearable noise from the engine and trouble accelerating. I was immediately concerned and alarmed, so I contact customer service and was advise to drive to the site location where I would be given a new car. Customer service issued me a ticket # 217158 to track my complaint. 5 minutes away from the rental site, the car powered off and was unable to restart. So, I walked over to the rental site and informed Crystal (the counter rep) on 09/27/17 of what happened and she advised the car will be towed into their garage at some point. I was looking to have my bill adjusted as I had payed tolls, missed my shift at work that night, and felt the car put me at risk with all it’s mechanical problems. crystal advise I contact the manager the next morning and I did. The manager named Arun Singh was unprofessional, confrontational and did not offer any solutions. The worst part was that he was not empathetic at all towards all the distress and financial loses I endured that day. After begging, the manager agreed to call me back in no more than a day and it’s 09/30/17 and I have yet to hear from him. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times and apparaently the manager is the only one with authority to offer me any adjustment. Through the week, customer service reps have to tried to reach the manager and sent multiple ticket notices to the site, but have not been successful in getting a response from the manager. Please advise on this matter. The manner in which I was treated as a consumer was unprofessional and disrespectful. All I ask for is an adjustment on my bill, which is fair I believe. This site’s google rating is 1.8 after 242 reviews which is shameful and provides evidence of the poor management of this location and the poor customer satisfaction experienced at this location. ant adjustments to my bill are welcomed.


Carlisa Monique Russell September 25, 2017 at 1:34 pm

Good morning,

I am writing to share with you an experience I had yesterday with your compnay. I needed to rent a car for business travel in the aftermath of hurricane Irma do to some of the transportation issues my family is having. I booked a hot buy reservation with your company through hotwire. Reservation # posted below. I went to your Ft. Lauderdale location to pick up the car. I have to admit I did not get the asscoiates name but if you look up my reservation you should be able to see the associate that I was in contact with. It was Sunday 9/24/17 at about 4:15 pm. First, I was the only customer there. There was no line no wait however the clerk still had an attitude and never greeted me upon reaching the desk so I greeted her. Her overall tone was derogatory. She seemed like she did not want to wait on me at all. I am sad to say I think she was of Afro-carribean descent based on her accent though I cannot be sure. Please note it pains me to say this because I am a black woman as well and I truly do not want anyone to loose a job and not be able to support themselves based on my comments. It is my hope that you speak with this employee and remind her that your customers return based on the way they are treated.
I could not follow through with my reservation because she informed me that my DL was suspended. I had no idea my DL was suspended on 9/18 for an insurance correspondence issue that was compounded by the lack of timely mail, power and internet communication during Irma. You can understand that I was very worried and confused at this time and your clerk continued to treat me poorly and reiterate that I was not going to get a refund from hotwire on top of just learning my DL was cancelled. While I was calling my husband to make arrangements to get me transportation from the airport I asked this clerk if she could get me the number for hotwire and she stated she did not have anyway of getting the number for me as she is sitting in front of a computer. I looked at her and stated that I am in a bind and could she please look up the number for me so I could try to explain and get a refund. Remember, I am the only person in line. There are actually three agents at the counter at this time and she still did not want to help me. I guess she began to feel that there was something she could do as a customer service agent and she finally gave me the number. You will see below, due to my calmness, courtesy and good communication skills I was able to get a refund from Hotwire on a reservation that their policy states is not supposed to happen. The clerk did not even say have a nice day or I hope you can get it straightened out. I even had to be the bigger person and tell her, ” thank you for your time”.
This whole experience was diplorable. I think your clerks should know that many people particularly at this location are still struggling with bueracratic after effects of Irma and even if things are beyond their control to assist they can still be professional and polite. I was able to have my DL status updated to valid online later Sunday evening and now I am ready to make another researvation for a car and I honestly cannot use your company. I am a Broward County school teacher and your company is one of the companies that BTU suggested for teacher travel. I will be sending the BTU benefits coordinator an email and making her aware of the situation because I do not think BTU wants to promote a company with subpar service.

I hope you will address these issues at this location. I know you are a new company and thus your customer service is what will build your business. I refrain from being nasty with this communication because I truly felt disrespected and she made a bad situation worse. I do not want this to happen to someone in a similar situation. We all need some common kindness right about now. Below you will find the Hotwire correspondance. The confirmation code for Advantage is: SPAQ147DC8AD

Thank you for your time,
Carlisa Russell

We’ve processed your refund and it will be posted to your original payment method in about five business days.
Refund summary
Booking confirmation #
Refund total (USD)


Wilfred aquino June 9, 2017 at 12:37 pm

I rented a car a mco, i returned the car
13 days as of today i am still waiting for my 350.00 deposit.
called several time customer service and every body give me the turn around, it seems like nobody wants to get involved, i’m still waiting for my money.. you demanded a full payment for the rental, i demand a full payment of my refund


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