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Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Dr
Orlando, Florida 32837

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Phone Number: (407) 245-4000
Fax Number: (407) 245-4462
Website: https://www.longhornsteakhouse.com
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LongHorn Steakhouse Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

LongHorn Steakhouse Executives

CEO: Eugene I. Lee Jr.
CFO: Ricardo Cardenas
COO: Todd A. Burrowes

LongHorn Steakhouse History

LongHorn Steakhouse was founded by George McKerrow Jr in 1981 when he opened a restaurant called LongHorn Steaks Restaurant & Saloon in Atlanta, Georgia.  The restaurant featured premium steaks that were grilled in a butter sauce.

A snowstorm stranded commuters in 1982 and drove them towards the only hospitable place around – LongHorn. From there the restaurant gained recognition and began to be successful.

By 2001 LongHorn had 136 locations.

In 2007 LongHorn was acquired by Darden Restaurants, the owner of Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

Today LongHorn has 435 locations in 35 U.S. states.

LongHorn Steakhouse FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for LongHorn Steakhouse?
Answer 1: The phone number for LongHorn Steakhouse is (407) 245-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of LongHorn Steakhouse?
Answer 2: The CEO of LongHorn Steakhouse is Eugene I. Lee Jr..

Question 3: Who founded LongHorn Steakhouse?
Answer 3: LongHorn Steakhouse was founded by in .

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Rosemary Reinhardt Digby October 28, 2019 at 11:40 am

We visited the LongHorn 5607 on 10/15/2019. Transaction#1796639624
The wait staff was poor. We got our entree before they even brought the salad or soup we asked for . Had to ask twice for bread. They told us it was in the oven. Other tables seemed to get their bread without a problem. Poor poor service. Very disppointed.


Michael Gesel October 21, 2019 at 4:54 pm

I had a bad experience at the Texas Longhorn Steakhouse at 3494 Amelia Dr. in Orchard Park, NY this afternoon. A friend took me there for my 63rd Birthday, and had previously taken his family & friends there for special events, sometimes spending between 2 & 3 hundred dollars for the meals!

We arrived at 1145 am and I had a dog in my vehicle, which I tethered to a tree directly in front of my car, along with a bowl of water on the grass, with no other cars nearby! We went in and were seated. We were given menus & water, and shortly thereafter, another employee, a young male, came over and addressed himself as Nico, the manager on duty.

He asked if either of us had a dog outside, and when I said it was mine, he said I must put the dog inside the car as dogs were NOT ALLOWED on the (shopping mall) lawn! I went outside, put the dog in the car and returned inside for a relaxing meal!

We finished our meals and get together around 1pm; then we waited about 15 minutes for our waitress to come over and take our payment! When we went outside, an Orchard Park Dog Control Officer arrived in the parking lot and asked if we had a dog. He went on to say there was a call placed from inside the Restaurant saying a customer had a dog in a sealed car with the windows shut!

I explained it was my 7 y.o. dog, which came from Florida, and the windows were open; that I actually had the dog comfortably tethered outside the car, safely on the lawn with a water dish and was told to move him!

The Dog Warden left, satisfied there was no violations! I went back inside to lodge a complaint. A seated manager working on paperwork came up to address my concern, I explained the issue, and he went into the back and Nico came out in his place! I asked for a Corporate Complaint Form, he said they didn’t have any, and that he was sent out to address the issue. I said someone from the restaurant called Dog Control, he denied it and said it may have been a customer. I also pointed out the shelves with peppermint candy were dusty, the metal cut-out decorations atop the table dividers had spider webs between them, and from my 1st table, I could see all the dirt, trash & paper under the greeter’s table.

Later, after walking out, my friend called me with the feeling that we were set up; that with invoice & credit card in hand, waving at the waitress, she took 15 minutes to come and take our payment!


John Olesky September 27, 2019 at 2:26 pm

I have been a Longhorn Restaurant fan shortly after it was founded in 1981.

Ribeye steak has been my steak of choice since my father introduced me to it in West Virginia during my teen years.

Which only makes what happened to me at the Longhorn Restaurant on Howe Avenue in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio even more disturbing.

I was having dinner with my son and daughter-in-law. As usual, I ordered the ribeye steak.

When it arrived after a painfully long wait even though only a third of the tables were occupied at 7 p.m., my son and I looked at it.

My son said, “That’s a strip streak.” Cheaper than ribeye, of course.

The waitress didn’t bat an eye, didn’t deny it was a strip streak, just said, “Cut into it and see if it’s cooked right.”
Now, there is a problem with most of the restaurants on Howe Avenue because there’s a much-needed two-year construction project that involved tearing up and rebuilding the street from below surface and up.

That means that what normally is a 4-lane street with traffic in both directions has been turned into a one-way, 2-lane street with traffic permitted only from west to east.

This has turned restaurants that once routinely had 30- to 45-minute waiting periods into ghost restaurants that you just show up and walk to your table or booth.

Desperate to survive, Longhorn and other restaurants cut back on the quality of the food and service. Longhorn proudly proclaims: “You can’t fake steak.”

Well, Longhorn DID fake steak, serving me strip steak and calling it ribeye. The tipoff for ribeye is the marbling, which gives it its flavor. Not a hint of marbling on my “ribeye.” Or flavor from the seasonings that Longhorn usually puts on its streak, increasing my pleasure.

So, until the Howe Avenue construction is finished and Longhorn gets back to normal, I’ll have to find another place to eat my ribeye after four decades of showing up faithfully at Longhorn.

Even though there were few customers we had to wait a long, long time to even get our bill. With tip, $110 for 3 people for, in my case, fake steak.

Poor quality food and poor quality service. A bad combination, compounding the construction problem of even getting to the Longhorn Restaurant.

Be forewarned. If you go to a restaurant on Howe Avenue you will have more troublesome things to deal with than the tearing up and rebuilding of the street.


R. Patrick September 25, 2019 at 5:25 pm

My husband & I went to the Mesa, AZ location for lunch not thinking it would be bad. Well, we did not have a waiter (Ruben V., I think)he was too busy with everyone else but us. Sad! Never judge a book by its cover. Not once did he come over & say he would get to us or anything. Sad again. My husband ordered the Ribeye, onion soup, & salad; I had the Chicken. He asked he asked for a Medium well ribeye but it was clearly Medium Rare. It was very bloody; sent it back & it still came back MR. He could not even eat it; when one asks for a certain steak cooked their way, it should be. Correct? Well it was not at all. The poor Hostess that helped us & kept apologizing, not her fault at all. She did what she thought was right & that is why she got the tip not him. We did get his whole meal taken off but that is not the point at all here. No ones steak should ever be sent back 2 or 3 times. Once would be enough & I am not worried about anyone else but my husband. So basically, my husband had soup & bread for lunch & nothing else. Now that is down right wrong. The hostess offered a side or a completely different entree. She was great & tried to be helpful. Not too sure if we would ever come back to the Longhorn in Mesa due to the fact the cooks do not u derstand what Medium Well, Medium Rare or Well means. They need to be retaught on how to check their steaks for the way the customer asks for.
Also, can not really find a great steak house here in Arizona unless I make it myself at home. Not happy at all that I have a still hungry husband here!!


David Wilmot September 8, 2019 at 9:32 pm

My husband and I ate at the longhorn in Opelika Alabama. When arriving we were told it would be about 20 minutes before being seated. There was many open tables but not enough servers. One hour later we finally had been seated. After the 3rd set of dirty silverware with dried food on it the server (Makinzey) apologized and went to the kitchen and made sure the silverware was washed and yeah we had clean silverware. We ordered the fiesta shrimp as an appetizer, along with the meal. We received our meal and told them to cancel the appetizer since our meal had arrived. My husband ordered the Mac and cheese along with the meal. We asked where the Mac and cheese was was we received our bill. The price of the Mac and cheese was taken off our bill. McKinzey was our server and was really sweet. She was over workweek constables and shortage of the servers. We have been long time customers of longhorn, this was truly the worst service we have ever had. I hope you will at least respond to this complaint. Thank you, Debbie


Rachel jones August 6, 2019 at 10:42 pm

We ate at the location in Atlanta ga in Toco Hills . Sunday me and my family had a large party celebrating my birthday.. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! My servers was Jasmine and another one named Katie ! They were so kind and helpful and didn’t hesitate to make sure that me and my family was good! Food was great , drinks were amazing, me and my girlfriends had got the wild berry margaritas! I got a steak for dinner!! I will most definitely be back to this location soon !


Ollie August 3, 2019 at 6:18 pm

Worst and last meal eaten at theColumbia, Mo location. There were probably 5 tables seated and the waiter was less than hospitable. Steak was ordered Med well and was more like Med rare. Manager sat nuked steak in front of me without so much as a sorry, nothing. Turned back around and left. We sat thru most of our meal without a drink refill. If they don’t want our business, they got it.

Texas Roadhouse from now on


Veronica Harris June 25, 2019 at 9:49 am

I placed a to-go order on June 15th 2019 I ordered a medium rare outlaw ribeye mac and cheese and baked potato once I got my order home the steak was well-done very dry and the mac and cheese was extremely dry I called the location but never talk to a manager stayed on hold for over 30 minutes did the survey online never got a reply from there corporate office spent over $30 for one meal and no one from the corporate level or local location ever contacted me very disappointing


Pam June 8, 2019 at 10:35 pm

I recently visited a Longhorn Steakhouse in Montgomery, Al. The entire time we were there, the Manager, Thomas, done nothing to ensure that tables were cleared after people left. We observed an entire area of dirty tables for over an hour, terrible experience. Our server was very considerate and helpful, only decent experience of the entire encounter. Thomas done nothing to assist his employees and maintaining a clean environment. Very terrible Manager.


MsKane May 14, 2019 at 8:48 pm

Visited the restaurant at 9:00pm on Saturday, May 11, 2019. There was a dead fly in my salad. According to the waitress, the manager on duty, Michelle, offered to give me a free side. I told the waitress that was unacceptable and that I would talk to the manager myself. The manager offered to take care of the bill. After the bill came she changed her story and said she only offered to take care of my meal and not my husband’s. After a brief exchange of words, she was very rude and reluctantly took care of the bill. Probably won’t return. I was very turned off by the appearance of the restaurant, the employees sweeping while patrons were eating and ESPECIALLY the dead fly in my salad.


MsKane May 14, 2019 at 8:49 pm

I failed to mention the restaurant is in Greenfield, Wisconsin.


shawn miller May 13, 2019 at 10:38 pm

may 13, 2019 was not good–the service–order was taken but misunderstood—the salads were delivered after the main entrees—kind of like getting dessert before the main meal–waiter was rude—not coming back—


Miguel Delagdo April 4, 2019 at 1:16 pm

I actually enjoy this restaurant and is my first option to choose in most places … Except this time , i have never been treat so rude by a bartender or server till this particular occasion .
Went to International Drive location ( Orlando FL) day before and we had a great time , decide to try another one next day ,LongHorn 5347 located at 8150 W.Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy , Kissimmee, FL 32747.04/01/2019 check #43508. I would never go back again and ill make sure no one get treat like this ever again , now i understand why the bar was empty and people asking to move to a table so no one has to deal with Jordan R horrible attitude , none attended and to busy talking to other servers about last night great time and the plans for tonight as soon everyone is gone.. She literally toes the menus at us , water took 20 minutes to arrive , no eye contact , more like order taker than a polity educated server , every time my friend ask for recommendation she reply ” honestly i don’t like this or that ”
the steaks we ask to recommend she said were not good either … So she obviously cost revenue and sales , i wonder how many more people didn’t order more because of her ,. She was more busy counting tips on the bar counter .drinks were never refills , we eat an appetizers , paid and went to Bahama Breese for main Corse because we still hungry.
Jordan really need customer service training all over again and food handler training again since she keep touching her nose and hair before making drinks.
hope some one can fix this with your staff soon.
thank you
Miguel Delgado


Daniela Rhody March 25, 2019 at 10:50 am

Check # 20302
I will NEVER step foot in Longhorn steakhouse in Greensburg Pa EVER again!
First we call ahead and get told its not busy we will be ok. Even tho I explained I had 2 handicapped people. We get there they said we should have called ahead 😵had to wait 20 minutes. The manager Harmony says lets get them seated put them over there. Then they cram us into a tiny table near the kitchen were we kept getting bumped into by the waitstaff n their trays of food and the guys were sitting on top of each other. The table was clearly for 4 people not 5.
The food is NOT portioned our appetizer was half the size of the others honestly looked like someone ate half of it while the table next to us on both sides clearly had the same onion appetizer and was piled high and flowing over. Ours barely covered the bottom of the plate. Then they pass off one 12oz prime rib as 16oz. My mother n husband get the same thing and clearly my husband is smaller. The manager came out and started arguing with a raised voice until I told her to shut up we are not stupid children. I know the difference in portion size. We get prime rib all the time we know the portion size. They could have made a mistake and put out a 12 oz. But Harmony the manager continued arguring with me. Pretty much told my husband she would take $4 off to shut him up. It was my mothers birthday and to lighten the mood my.mother told the manager what a wonderful waitress she had 2 days before. The manager Harmony looked at her n rudely said she was mistaken there was no such waitress. My mother said yes she waited on us over there and pointed to the table. Again she rudely looked at my mother and said your just confused you werent here!! Omg!! People were staring at us!! So she asked the waitress and the waitress said oh yes Fetra is off today she works tomorrow. Ok your manager does not know her wait staff?? And insults my mother loud enough people were staring at us leaving us extremely uncomfortable and humiliated?! My mother was extremely uoset and she has a heart condition!
Extremely unproffessional. I wouldnt mind so much if it wasnt the fact that the manager was so ignorant and rude who embarrassed and humiliated the hell out of us instead of addressing the problem which was getting charged for food that was clearly the wrong portion size. And telling us their food is frozen and only heated thru did not sit very well considering its supposed to be fresh. She ruined my mothers birthday celebration. And I have suffered great anxiety over this whole situation. I am seriously thinking of taking legal action.


Cindy Shepard August 25, 2019 at 4:00 pm

We ate dinner at the Atlantic Blvd. location in Jacksonville, Florida last night. We ordered and the bread arrived at our table-still frozen in the center. We were promised new bread-it did not arrive until after the entrees-we refused it as we wanted to eat it with our salads, which were drenched in salad dressing. Our steaks arrived-my husband’s was undercooked, but he kept it as this far the service had been poor. The loaded baked potato was lukewarm-we requested butter, but it did not arrive until after our server had visited three other tables. By then the potato was too cold to even melt the butter. I was never offered another drink-had to flag down a server to get one, which did not arrive until we were about to leave. The manager appeared once, never to be heard from or seen again. This level of service is inexcusable, especially since the restaurant was less than half full. This used to be a great place for steak, but certainly not anymore. There are too many other good steak places in Jacksonville to endure this-we will not return.


Anthony & Brenda Wallace February 10, 2019 at 8:03 pm

On 8-February-2019, My husband and I visited the Longhorn Steakhouse in Mishawaka Indiana or lunch. The Hosted seated us with very little wait for us and do to medical and physical disabilities we asked to be seated close to the front. Our Waitress was Katherine (Kate). She was such a Pleasant and Delightful young lady, took our orders promptly after bringing us our drinks, My husband had just had stitches from a surgery removed from his hands, He ordered a second steak and asked the Manager if he could get it cut due to the pain he was experiencing and I have Arthritis so bad that I couldn’t do it. The manager who’s name I didn’t get told Kate just to tell the kitchen people about it and ask them to vut the steak, which she did and they did. All the other waitresses would ask if everything was ok and if we needed anything every time they walked by. This has to be the best dining experience we have ever had. You should be proud as well as thankful for your Mishawaka Indiana staff. We live in Michigan Cith Indiana (approx 40 miles) but we will be visiting this place more in the future as well as telling our friends and family about our experience


Mary January 2, 2019 at 11:35 pm

Went to lLongHorn in Fort Wayne In today and met with four friends. We got there at 1pm. The restaurant was cold everyone was wearing there coat and still cold. We asked the waitress if they could turn the heat up and her response with a snippy attitude was that it was cold because there was not many people there. When you see people with their coats on trying to eat a meal there is a problem. That’s how are expiernce started. Then we waited for her to come get our order. No bread was brought or silverware was not given to all of us we had to ask then waited. Received our meal after a long wait. One of the ladies sandwich was cold and she had to send it back. When she finally got it back she was done with her meal and ended up taking it home. One lady had to find someone because we had no napkins. Also the customer next to us had to send their meal back because it was not done. We are usually very patient but it was not busy. Counted maybe 10 tables with 2 to 4 people per table. Of course the waitress was very friendly when she brought us our bill. As of this time we have no plans on returning or recommending this restaurant. So sad it ruined a birthday celebration.


Kurt Miller January 2, 2019 at 8:37 am

Back on 12/18/2018 i sent the following information (see below) to the Longhorn Steakhouse, Richmond – Laburnum Avenue,4409 S. Laburnum Ave,Richmond, VA 23231
(804) 222-008. Here is the emails sent to them but I have not seen anymore emails since 12/18/2018. Here is the email traffic:
Thanks for the reply. The Longhorn 5350 ticket is 48745,, amount 100.22 plus tip which was 10.00, We all had steak with the exception of my mother in law she had French onion soup (returned twice due to being cold) also the Longhorn shrimp. One steak was so over done could not eat it, the others steak were not cook as they as for. The only reason for not sending back was it took too long to get the food, and when ask for anything it was 5 to 15 minutes later before we got anything. Thanks again for your time.

Kurt E. Miller
Facilities Management /Security

From: LongHorn Guest Relations
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2018 6:03 PM
To: Miller, Kurt E (kfm4m)
Subject: LongHorn Reply # 4092850

Hi Kurt,

Thank you for letting us know of your recent visit.

We want each visit with us to be positive and it is evident from your email that we fell short of that goal recently. Please accept our apologies for letting you down. Would you mind sharing some specifics about your visit including the menu items your party ordered and the check number from your receipt ?

Any of these details would be helpful as we look to isolate things and ensure your future visits are completely enjoyable.

Thank you again for your time. I hope to hear back from you soon.


LongHorn Steakhouse Guest Relations

I will leave this in your hands to see if LongHorn Steakhouse live up to the “great food” they advertise on tv, etc.

Thanks for your time
Kurt E. Miller
US Army, retired


Barbara Jolee December 28, 2018 at 1:41 pm

I was eating dinner there on Thursday dec 27th. A nice dressed African American Manager in a collar shirt started to harass and smack talk a pregnant waitress with blonde hair. He was speaking to another employee of the restaurant about her and was very loud and obnoxious about it laughing obnoxiously and everything. He was basically making fun of her in front of everyone! Making comments about how she “pregnant” walks, how she is a horrible server, etc… it was so loud and noticeable in I’m not the only table whom heard it. The blonde waitress began to hear and notice and continued to ignore. It seemed to me she was working very hard and his comments were completely out of line and unprofessional and should not have been said in the dining room in front of us customers. I am disgusted this manager treats employees this way and i give the pregnant woman props for not saying anything and continuing to ignore him. And i doubt i will never return especially since this behavior is happening in this restaurant. It’s absolutely disgusting and i hope you guys expect more
Of your management team! I made it a point to ask him his name before i left so i could write this complaint! His name was Dominic or Dominique. He pronounced it real funny


Rhonda McFann December 20, 2018 at 7:18 pm

Check #19836 12/20/2018. We go to Longhorn about once every 2 weeks, just sitting at the 1st available. Tonight we spotted a server that we see regularly, but rarely are seated with. Bojana M is an absolute joy as a server. Last month, she even spotted us out at another darden restaurant and stepped away from her family to say Hi to us. What a wonderful evening! And finally we introduced ourselves and exchanged names!
Just wanted to say that between her and Jennifer Burgess, this is one of our favorite restaurants. Jennifer even ran out the door to holler Merry Christmas to us as me missed seeing her on the way out. LOVE the Greensburg PA store. (the others eg: Harrisburg don’t even begin to compare!)


Cindy Herman November 25, 2018 at 3:27 pm

I need to share an amazing act of kindness from a manager named Marco from the Longhorn steak house in Columbus Mississippi. My husband drives truck over the road. His truck broke down the day before Thanksgiving. After having it towed to Columbus he has been staying at a local motel until the diesel repair shop reopens on Monday. Needless to say he was unable to make it home for Thanksgiving. He has been eating the breakfast provided by the hotel and taking extra too his room to have through out the day. With his truck being at the repair shop he has no transportation. My daughter researched and found a longhorn steakhouse a few miles away. She called and was told they did not deliver and there was not a delivery app like they have in bigger cities. She explained to the manager Marco about our situation and how I just wanted him to have a good hot meal. He said he would personally take care of delivering it himself ! I called after looking at the menu online. I spoke with Marco and ordered the biggest ribeye,baked potato, salad,desert and a beverage. I had my credit card ready, and he said he was happy to help make this happen and that their was no charge. I couldn’t believe it ! his act of kindness still makes tears run down my cheeks and my heart happy. My husband was overwhelmed as well. Marco asked only that I tell my friends to visit their local Longhorn steak house. You bet I will tell them all and anyone else I come in contact with. Thank you Marco for your kindness and going over and above. The world needs more people like you!


NMo November 2, 2018 at 10:58 pm

Went to Longhorn in Florissant MO; it was a terrible experience. Right now I’m just angry. It is dirty, understaffed and needs direction. After waiting over 30 min to be seated, a couple walks in and sits at the bar and offered a menu. I was never offered an opportunity to be seated there. The host was MIA and lacked the knowledge to effectively complete his job. This has ruined my evening and ultimately I am headed to spend my money at a restaurant that is properly managed.


Glen Taylor September 23, 2018 at 3:11 pm

My wife and a friend went to your Germantown, Md location…Before leaving she decided to order me a togo order….We haven’t been to LongHorn in quite a while due to finances. So it was suppose to be quite a treat…After she had arrived home i saw the LongHorn bag and was like YES!!!!!! Everything in the container was excellent except for the star of the meal….The Steak or should I say the steak pieces…Their wasn’t one solid steak in the container it was in 2 pieces.. It really looked like it came off of someone else’s plate x2 …The 2 pieces did not have any matching sides to suggest that it just fell apart.. It was the sorriest piece of meat that i have ever seen, and in the past we visited the restaurant sometimes as much as twice a week..The disappointment was great and it looked like something that Fuddrucker’s would use on one of their sandwiches…With our finances improving i can’t say that LongHorn will be our go to steakhouse anymore….It’s just sad that the cooks would let something like what I got leave their kitchen..


Kahealani Hudson September 23, 2018 at 12:28 pm

I took my other half out to dinner for his birthday on September 22, 2018 at LongHorn 5458, 180 Rolling Hills Circle Easley, SC 29640. We got there we were greeted nicley and friendly. She sat us down at our table and we had to wait for 10 minutes to someone came and asked what would we like to drink. I asked another server who was our waiter she checked it for us and came back told us who out waiter was and we waited for another 5 minutes before she came and got our drinks. She bought our drinks and we told her it be a minute than we are ready to order. When she return to take our order she had a little attitude or like she didn’t want to be there. She bought our salads first and they drained the salad with salad dressing so I didn’t enjoy the salad but I ate most of it. After she bought our salad she never return to see if we needed anything else the next time we saw her was when she bought our food. His mashed potatoes were cold and we had to get another server to get him some hot mashed potatoes than she asked you still want hot mashed potatoes we said yes. Out our dinner we saw our waiter 4 time’s and her name was Shante B. So we didn’t enjoy our dinner and it was a BIRTHDAY dinner. We ate there before but this was the worst visit.


Ron July 28, 2018 at 9:31 pm

I would like to know why your restaurant in Richmond had us sit for over 20 minutes along with 5 other groups having to do the same and there were at least 10-15 tables empty? I find this unacceptable and rude. Does your company not value the customer?


Andrea Petrus June 18, 2018 at 5:37 pm

Check #803235 6/17/18 – Ordered food for pick-up 3 hours prior, get to the restaurant and had to wait 45 minutes for the food – Restaurant wasn’t busy as one would expect for such wait – After such long wait there was some confusion around the amount to pay – Restaurant offered a free dessert – Is 45 minutes acceptable for a pick-up when the order is placed 45 minutes prior? I’m thinking not.. I can see a few minutes to be reasonable, but not 45.


beverly June 11, 2018 at 1:59 pm

On 06/07/2018 we visited our local Longhorn in Hiram, Ga., approx. 2 p.m. We went after the lunch hour rush believing our service would be better than last visit!! Upon being seated we waited and waited! We noticed the couple across from us with menu’s still in hand. I asked them how long they have been waiting? They said about 8 mins. and about 10 mins. standing at front to be seated!!! I looked around and notice the floor was almost empty with no customers!!! My time is valuable, too! We left and went else where to receive better service!! I used to love coming here but over the past few years service has gone to the dogs!! A customer should never wait more than 5 mins. before being acknowledged!!!


Patty S. May 29, 2018 at 7:32 pm

My husband and I went to the longhorn located in Pembroke Pines and it was HORRIBLE….the food took AN HOUR. the manager in charge is rude he refused to Listen to what I had to say he kept looking around and asking what do you want ma’m? My server was RUDE she had dirty hands. Got no refills HORRIBLE


James May 29, 2018 at 10:33 am

I went to the Cleveland TN LongHorn on 5-28-2018 at 6pm. We had issue with our steak the last time we eat their. We talked with MOD and also talked with the Managing Partner who told me and my wife that they try to get the steak correct the first time. She ask that we try them again and we did last night. Both my wife and I got the Renegade sirloin she got the 6OZ and i got the 8OZ. Hers was cooked spot on! My was rare. Mid-Rare is what i ask for and the waitress agreed. She took it back my side they are just going to put it back on the grill. I stop another waiter and ask them to just make me a new steak. Not 2 mins later my old steak came back out and she ask if i still wanted a new steak i told her yes. The same manger that was on duty last time was on this time. He never came over ask said he was sorry for getting the steak wrong again. He did know there was a problem he stared me down but never came back over. I have been very unhappy with the LongHorn in Cleveland now for some time. It is bad when my wife wants a steak i take her here to LongHorn but i refuse to get stake because they don’t know how to cook it. Very disappoted with LongHorn when it was great i would get the outlaw ribeye but i just cant waste food like that if they cant cook it right. I will get chicken or a burger. I will say it was the first time we had firecracker chicken wraps they are so good!

Thanks agian for your time.
LongHorn 5491
Check #35650
Table 25
6:48pm 5/28/18


JOHN MEDICI May 27, 2018 at 10:56 am

uth code 1 70472 card number 8907 Visa transaction 1881663803
I want the charge deducted from my card.

John Medici


JOHN MEDICI May 27, 2018 at 10:47 am

My wife and I visited the Longhorn Steakhouse location 5044 at Lake Emma Rd in Lake Mary on Saturday, May 26th, 2018. Our table number was 62. Transaction# 1881663803.
My check amount was $37.72. The service was terrible and the food tasted even worse.
I didn’t receive my copy of the bill just my wife’s. The mere fact that we chose to dine there
caused us to argue over whose idea it was to eat there, mine or hers. In either case, the
food was horrible, very, very spicy, much too hot for our pallets. We are both in our 70’s
and this type of food is definately not our norm. Of course, when I suggested that I ask
for a change of dinner selections, my wife was too embarassed to do so. She just chose
to leave, angry and upset, our evening dinner out was completely ruined. I want my money
returned or a credit toward my debit card Auth Code 170472 Card# 8907 Visa. I am still
in hot water with my wife as I write this complaint. This was not a good start to this holiday
weekend for sure.

Mr John Medici


Dan Huff May 27, 2018 at 7:01 am

I ordered take out for my wife and I around 8:30 pm from the Saint Augustine, Florida store # 5098. Check # 41345 – 2 guest, Saturday, 5-26-18,ID # 5921-92467-3334/ Everything I ordered was in the bag and cooked properly. The bartender lady that took the phone order and brought it to the take out station was smiling and very pleasant and glad to help me with something that was not ordered as the main item ordered had two sides and only 1 was ordered on the phone. She was able to get the second side very quickly and I was on my way. She is the perfect example on how the work ethic an employee of Longhorn’s should perform. Thanks, Longhorn’s of Saint Augustine, keep up the good work! We love the Outlaw Rib-eye Dinner and Salmon too. Oh, the only problem was the web site. Initially tried to order on line but the web site worked perfectly for about two minutes then suddenly the pages started rotating every two seconds. I went to another computer in my home and the same thing happened. Scanned both computers for viruses and nothing showed. The bartender girl said the web site seemed to always have problems….it is a great way to order food these days so your IT team needs to get their act together and get the web site fixed.


Richie May 14, 2018 at 10:04 am

Visited your Akers Mill location Mother’s Day 5/13/2018 around 230pm…It was a party of 7, 6 tickets were on 1 check and the 7th seat was on a second check. We were at table 32 and our server name was Allen M. Allen was excellent with service, I have no complaiints there. However the problem was when it was time to pay. I gave my debit card to process the ticket which was a total of $129.51. My card was processed for a total of $155.41 which was the exact amount of the 20% tip suggestion. Now all of the papers Allen brought to me says that my card should have been processed for $129.51, however I received an instant alert from my bank which states the Longhorn charge was for $155.41. I contacted my bank to see what was the problem and they informed me that the issue was on the part of Longhorns and not them. The bank was US Bank. In speaking with the manager who was rude in telling me that he has been there for 13 years and that has never happened. Honestly, I don’t care how long you have been there, it may not have happened that he saw but the transaction happened, he did absolutely nothing to help resolve the dispute of the two charges. My bank advised me since I didn’t fill out the ticket to include the tip prior to my charge being processed, to zero our the tip, but the total for $129.51 which is what was the total for the dinner and that they will just process the payment the way Longhorns processed my card which was for the total of $155.41. When you all get your money, please make sure Allen M get his tip, you all took it without my knowledge in the first place. I expect a follow up conversation and explanation as to how in the world my check was $129.51, i give you my card to process for payment and you process $155.41. If I would have not had an alert on my phone, I would not have known you over charged me and had I completed the tip portion, you all would have received a double tip.

Those practices are not honorable at all.


Sonia Flores May 5, 2018 at 8:59 pm

First, last visit an over charge of onion and mushrooms during lunch menu, manager said he would make it right next visit. Initially, were told a 30 minute wait time on this next visit as a quart of the dining tables were empty and some dirty. We clearly were not happy with first impressions, less expect things to improve. Two small party of guests 2-4 people were ahead of us and one large group of 9.
Ultimately, our server, Brittany, redeemed our faith in providing excellent customer service by working quickly to clean tables, seat three tables within the next 5-10 minuets, delivering drinks, taking our orders and bread to all three tables so no one table received less service than the other. As usual food and drinks were good but the service was exceptionally above par in comparison to other restaurants. Every one of her tables received exceptional customer service with a smile. Clearly management is on top of their game when it comes to customer service and portrays expectations of delivering first rate service. Often customers are quick to report poor service but not the latter. Great job, establishments should learn from Longhorn Steakhouse “Team” mentality! Thank you Longhorn Steakhouse on S. Zarzamora St. and I35 S., you are the best!


Edward Bush May 4, 2018 at 9:24 pm

Check# 45943 on May 04,2018 at the Madison Mississippi location
How would you feel if you went to a place and you were ready to pay your bill and you received 5 different receipts and did not understand any of it. Our bill started out around 79.00 and went to around 92 and back down 9.00 or so..and the explanation I got was… “I put someone elses drinks on your bill” but when a manager came over..he said those drinks belonged to us??? the situation was handled very poorly…
Can you imagine if there were a party of 10 or more? Wow..
My question to you is …if we paid for the drinks and then we didn’t pay for the drinks ..who actually paid????
We feel scammed / used and you should also.


Jamie & Ida April 10, 2018 at 8:01 pm

The experience I had last Friday night at Roanoke, Virginia @ valley view mall has taken the cake of bad restaurant experiences. To start our server was rude and very short with my friend and me. My order was initially wrong but gave them another chance at redemption, that’s until I see that my friend has taken a bite of her steak and looks like she’s ready to have her 4th heart attack. Her eyes started to water and face turned red. She then told me she is unable to eat the steak because it’s too spicy. We both visit longhorn and my friend is a regular at this particular establishment. After asking for the manager, we were rudely greeted the opening statement that he was sorry that we couldn’t stand longhorns’ steak spice and that he’d thrown it back on the grill with butter to take the spice off. I am a lover of all things spicy and advised the manager that this is a bit beyond normal spices. He Continued to advice us that we were just not able to handle the heat. After telling him how poor his customer service skills were, I asked if it’s possible to pay for the items we ate. I only ate the dinner salad and my friend, her baked potato. The manager let us know he can only comp half the meal and I told him that was BS. That’s when he pointed his finger in my face and told me not to cuss. I asked if the stores policy states there’s no cursing to be done and he walked away while screaming at me to not curse in the store. He brought the bill and he did remove all items but the beer I was drinking and told me to drink and get out. It was already close to closing time so that wasn’t an issue. I sat and finished my beer for 15 minutes while the manager walked around to apologize to the emptying restaurant of my behavior. Upon leaving, I asked a group of servers located at the bar for their managers name. At this time the manager Jesse Williams appears from the back and starts to yell at my friend and me to leave or he’ll call the police. I continue asking for his name from his employees however they just stood in silence as the manager approach’s me from behind. I felt threatened as I felt him getting closer as he screams for us to leave. My friend turns her attention to Jesse the manager and asks him directly for his name, and he says he doesn’t have to give it. So I ask him for his name and he tells me since I curse, he doesn’t have to provide me with anything and called the police on us for trespassing. We left because it wasn’t worth our time to sit through an erroneous police report but it does call for a nice lengthy complaint. I have never in my whole life been treated his way by any restaurant worker and I have 8 years of experience myself. It was uncomfortable for us and the other guest to witness and flat out rude and disrespectful. How does 6 employees just stare at you when asking for their managers name?? It made me feel they were afraid to speak up in fear of the Repercussions. Jesse Williams is one horrible manager and has no customer service skills. He also is a loose cannon if he’s quick to throw and point his finger into a strangers face. A follow up email or call is certainly needed here because Mr. Williams was terrifying and the experience alone keeps me awake a night.


Shannon Vargas March 29, 2018 at 3:29 pm

Haven’t been very impressed for a long time. You really need to properly train your grillers what medium is. It’s always either no pink or VERY rare when I get it. If you stress so much that you are the steak people, please make sure you can back that up. Also, one final complaint, I’m not sure why y’all did away with the fried cheesecake dessert, but it was the best thing y’all ever had. It would be nice if you brought that back, thank you.


Sharon Reeves March 29, 2018 at 11:31 am

On Monday March 26,2018 30 members of the Vietnam Brotherhood in Fort Myers FL had dinner night at the Longhorn at 13701 Tamiami Trail In Fort Myers. I would you to know how great our evening was there. Thanks to the manager, Sharon Contrevo and her entire staff for the welcoming, accommodations, excellent service, and great food. We all truly enjoyed everything!!


Valerie March 8, 2018 at 4:55 pm

No complaints my husband and I love longhorn steak house! When we go down south it’s definitely our first stop. I see you are trying to come here on Long Island in commack! Another great location Sunrise in Sayville Ruby Tuesday closed down and we really could use a steak house at that location would be a perfect spot! Please look into it thank you!


Stephen S. March 1, 2018 at 9:41 am

Recent problems with behavior of employee at longhorns located at Butler Plaza in Gianesville,Fl. Her name is Kayla J. white girl 30 years of age. when outside of work place at Fridays next door she is a complete p**ck and mother f’er. I guess when I tried to be nice to her she is not to happy about it. When at Fridays at the bar she loves to sit and make fun of me to her bartender friend Travis. She walked behind me when she came in with a male friend. Kayla J. stopped right behind my head Travis was behind bar facing me and loudly laughs out loud walks to table with friend and enjoying what she did continues to laughs over it. Last Wednesday the 21 of Feb. Continus with the 15 year old mind game with my life. Kayla was pissed because I told travis a week before that I know how she acts with me. I really don’t care about her. I really don’t care as to bothering me myself. Her issue of drinking and doing drugs I think and most likely being in of a mind of a gang member. I’m 60 and she acts very unprofessional. Longhorns employees have a severe attitude problem in life. That goes for general, assistant and floor managers. Rude in making a Black guy at the bar not get asked or greeted as to no menu, no drink or food was in front of him and made him twice with the same manager a male, seat and no comments were said at all. That was my last time there. So if you are black going into this Gainesville,fl butler plaza location this is how black folks get disrecepted. Sad butt people work there stay out and boycott that location. Manager never even acknowledged me sitting thee either. True p**cks and idiots that work there. They are all unprofessionals.


Mary February 26, 2018 at 1:02 pm

Went to the local longhorns on Lilburn Ga. was seated quickly on a Sunday afternoon. An hour later after we were told the kitchen was backed up we left having only had bread and salad. The manager finally admitted they were out of baked potatoes. Had they been upfront in the beginning we would have happily ordered something else. But alas we left unhappily and don’t plan to go back for a long time, if ever. My prayer for longhorns is that they hire some ppl who with know how to plan for big weekend rushes, and that if they run out of a menu item they will be upfront with the customer, first not after they have waited for an hour only to leave with a bad and empty taste in their mouth. #longhornfail


Cheri N/a Folmar January 11, 2018 at 6:55 pm

On jan 6th in Selinsgrove PA, my family and I went to the Longhorn steakhouse. We were told it would be a 40 minute wait. We stood in a doorway for 45 minutes. I asked if it would be soon and was told we were the next. There were many people waiting as well. They all got seated as we continued to wait. After an hour and a half a manger came out and told us they had seated other people in our place because they called ahead!!! Called ahead as we were already waiting!! yet were told you do not take reservations! I call , calling ahead a reservation! We are seniors and had our 7 year old grandon with us. How dare you discriminate like that. How dare you be so rude!! I have bad hips and could hardly stand any longer. Bo seats! I will never go to your place again. I was humiliated by you passing over us.


Linda L Souder December 14, 2017 at 7:03 pm

Dear Eddie Dugger and Braxton Campbell
I want you to know how much I appreciated the excellent service that was provided on
Tuesday December 12, 2017 where the Ladies of Lake Medina RV Resort met for our
Christmas luncheon. The attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile
made the experience even better than I expected.

I already knew from personal and past experience that my choice to choose your
restaurant (Longhorn Steakhouse) was a winner to me. It possesses what every
restaurant strives for but few reach. It is clean, it has awesome employees and the food is great and set at a reasonable price.

Than we have that one special person; that would be my favorite waiter “Frank”. Oh my
goodness, he went over and beyond. How many can make twenty five; yes 25 elderly
ladies raving with compliments days later; with not one complaint single handily? He
made the process look so easy; as he handled each and every one as if they were sitting
alone. The attention he gave was pure amazing. My only draw back now, is I have to
share him with 25 new customers. lol, but that is a good thing!

I won’t hesitate to bring future friends into your establishment, and you can be assured
that I will ask to be seated in Frank’s area. If I can put in a good word for you with your
company, don’t hesitate to ask.

Merry Christmas to you and to your entire staff; especially to my favorite waiter

Your happy customer,
Linda L Souder-Winter Texan


Jana December 13, 2017 at 4:39 pm

I want to report that on 10-20 -17 we attended a long horn in East Point, GA , The Camp Creek location . We went in about 9 pm came back out to our vehicle broken into and all our belongs taken of value. We had money and our items from business in the car …..We called police made a report went back in to the long horn to find that the camera didn’t work ….We where blown off by management as if it was no big deal ….Did research and talked with employees to learn this location always has break ends and nothing happens. The location hired a third party security company that does not do job ……Beware of this location ….!!!!!!
Here it is December and I am still trying to get this matter taken care of …….!!!


LeBrun Anthony December 5, 2017 at 11:42 am

Good morning,
My husband and daughter visited your restaurant in Austell Ga last week to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately my meal and my husbands meal were not up to standards according to what I am use to at longhorns. I wanted to send the two prime rib dinners back because it had so much fat on it and we could barely taste the seasoning but my husband asked me to enjoy myself. He doesn’t like to make a fuss. My daughters steak was fine though. We frequently visit longhorns but this was by far the worst experience. I couldn’t finish my meal because by the time I got finished picking on the prime rib it became cold. I also saw a waiter pick open a potatoe to see if it was done and he stuck his finger in a patrons food. Also, they have a bad habit of playing with their hair. The waitresses that is. Thank you for listening


Nota Heath November 19, 2017 at 8:33 pm

My daughter and I were at the location in Rock Hill South Carolina around 9pm on November 18, 2017 when customer behind us became belligerent and rude. The wait staff, management, and chef came numerous times to please the customer. She wasn’t having any of it. She belittled, berated them all and showed a scene. I was ready to say something to this horrible, wretched witch when my 16 year old daughter asked me to refrain. I did for her sake and then told her I would voice my concerns in a civilized manner. This is why I am writing this. I do not know how you hire your employees, but whatever you are doing is awesome! They maintained professionalism despite being treated so badly. This person lied to everyone who tried to make her evening enjoyable saying she wanted an apology and nobody gave her one. That is a lie! I heard every single person come to her table apologize, ask her what they could do to meet her expectations and she was never satisfied! I hope the miserable person is banned from your restaurant. In my opinion, she is a miserable person and isn’t satisfied until she makes everyone else miserable. She took everything out on the staff last night and they handled it with grace. I’m sure she’s probably writing you to complain, but I had a front row seat, and she was out of line!


Dave Mach November 7, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Received coupon from email for Flo’s Fillet only good for offer per party Keep it IHave dinner with my wife 1meal doesn’t cut it I would rather not get coupon then this agivation I used to enjoy your restaurant but will no longer patronize I see why guests only rate 2stars on reviews Soon it will be no more Longhorn Steakhouse


Kathie October 31, 2017 at 11:40 pm

We stoped by the Longhorns Steakhouse 4820 E Southport rd, Indianapolis, Indiana on October 31 , 2017. We order our meal and were waiting for our salads. The meal came prime rib and backed patato. We told the person we have not gotten our salad yet. The waitres came back and said oh you never got your salad. I said , we will take desert instead and she said she would check and came back with a cheap piece of cream pie. I have eaton at a number of longhorns and never got service like this for a $50.00 meal.


Sally Jo October 27, 2017 at 6:19 pm

We called in a take out order to Your River heights dr. In South Jordan Utah
I went to pick it up. It took a long time to get it. When we did I brought the three meals home
The only thing that was good was the salad….
Our dog wouldn’t even eat the steak. We had the the Kobe Steak and havarti sandwich and 2 sliced prime rib sandwiches……they had no flavor….it tasted like they pulled it out of yesterday’s garbage and sold it to us….we will never eat at this establishment again. Even with the tardy ness of the meal I still tipped the waiter $5 for the takeout. I am not a mean person…but when you pay that much for a meal. You should be able to get through more than just one bite…..


Valerie J. Sheridan October 19, 2017 at 7:06 pm

You would think with all the complaints corporate would try to fix the problems. Twice in the Lakewood New Jersey establishment service and management no existent. I must say that we very much at one time enjoyed that particular restaurant. Over the year the service and management drastically declined. To be seated and then to be completely ignored as in invisible and I mean COMPLETELY IGNORED, because as we were waiting to become visible again there stands the manger having very pleasant conversation with another table behind us, not once did he acknowledge the fact we were sitting there, just kept on with his conversation with the other table . I ask you is it beneath the manger to acknowledge potential diners the same goes for “the little one who showes you to your seat” can she or he for that matter pitch in and give a helping hand if the place is so short handed?Come to think of it why is this restaurant short handed on a beautiful Thursday evening at about 5 p.m. ? Knowing your PROFITS and DEEP POCKETS are MORE IMPORTANT, I see nothing changing or improving at this Longhorn, on that note, as with all the other COMPLAINTS and COMMENTS, FAIRWELL , NEVER TO SET FOOT OR ANY OTHER PART OF OUR BODIES in ANY OF YOUR ESTABLISHMENTS. It is just a sign of the world today, $$$$$$$$$$$$ Is all that matters. ( no one has morals or values anymore it is a ME ME ME ME supposedly “ENTITLED SOCIETY”, oh do I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU) Live in the REAL WORLD. Valerie J. Sheridan


DJ Bethea October 19, 2017 at 6:50 pm

Addition info to the below complaint – I had ordered the Flo filet and salmon, the salmon was very good. I turned back the steak and asked them to remove it from my bill – they did
comp the salmon dinner and took back the steak. I will be going to another LongHorn to see if this is happening to your other LongHorn restaurants but I will ask before ordering if it is a squashed down version of a true Filet Mignon i.e. a sirloin cut.


DJ Bethea October 19, 2017 at 6:38 pm

LongHorn Steakhouse has been one of my favorite restaurants for years until my recent visit to the LongHorn Steakhouse at 1820 N. Westshore Blvd, Tampa FL 33607. I ordered the FLO filet Mignon and out came a steak that was 1/2 inch thick if that and had the shape of a sirloin i.e. not round. I complained to my waiter and he brought the manager over. The manager insisted it was a filet Mignon and offered to find a thicker steak – they brought one out again that resembled the first one. The ads on the menu and on TV show a proper filet mignon steak but it appears it is false advertisement for this LongHorn Restaurant. They comped the meal but I doubt I will be ordering this filet at this location again. What a shame, I’ve been going there for years. Are they trying to sell a cheaper cut of meat with the filet mignon price???


Maria October 7, 2017 at 6:09 pm

My husband had called yesterday, a Friday night, for “call ahead seating” and put our name on the list at our local Hiram, GA Longhorn. We arrived 20 minutes later and there were 25 people waiting to be seated along with us. There were plenty of tables available, 3 rows of empty booths and 2 sections of tables available between the booths. Why on a Friday night at 5:15 p.m. do I have to wait another 15 minutes for servers, waiters & staff to arrive in order to be seated? For a Friday nite, or any nite, there should be sufficient staff. This screams poor planning & mis-management to me. We were about to walk out when our “buzzer” went off. Food was good, service was fair … I ordered the ribs and had to ask for towelettes which our server brought over 2 warm wet washclothes and placed on the table (why not place in a side dish? or have pre-packaged towelettes?). This used to be our favorite place. Disappointing. 🙁


Nancy September 28, 2017 at 2:53 pm

I want to know if the roach problem has been taken care of, at the Tuscaloosa, AL. Longhorn. This was our favorite place to eat, until Friday Sept. 22nd. A friend of mine was taken out to eat by her Mother to Tuscaloosa Longhorn, and a roach was crawling along the table. This needs to be addressed!!


Scott September 20, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Went to dinner at your Mentor Ohio longhorn restaurant on September 10th. We had a large group of 14 and were coming from my Father’s calling hours. When we arrived the manager told us they just sat two large party’s. I said he could sp!it us up and he said no since we were coming from a funeral he would keep us together. After a few minutes he was able to find three tables to put together so we could all be together. He went out of his way to make us comfortable. He and the server’s came back several times to make sure we had everything we needed. What a great experience. I only wish I knew his name to add these comments. Thank you longhorn of mentor.


Robert Feldman September 18, 2017 at 1:51 pm

To whom it may concern,
This email is to compliment your company to have the foresight to put Danielle Richardson
as manager of the 3092 W US Hwy 90 (Lake City, FL)
She was the kindest, considerate and most competent employee of a major food chain
that I have ever had the great fortune to come upon during one of the most stressful and
trying times (Hurricane Irma) as I was evacuating south Florida.
You have outdone yourself!!
Robert Feldman


Ashley Stutzman September 17, 2017 at 7:32 pm

My boyfriend and I went to the Longhorn in Myrtle Beach, SC. We were sat upon arrival by the host. We then waited at the table for 20 minutes before the host cam back over and asked if anyone had been with us, they had not. He said he would take our drink order for our server. We had a couple questions about the bar drinks and he couldn’t supply the answer so he said he would get the bartender. My boyfriend asked to see a manager, whom never showed up. The bartender got us our drinks, we asked again for the manager, that again didn’t show up. We sat and waited another 15 minutes. Another server, female stopped by and asked if anyone took our order, we said no and she said she would get our server. Turns out our server had walked by our table numerous times and had said nothing. Greet time is 30 seconds for Darden correct? Another server approached our table and took our order and said he would be taking over…for whom I have no idea since now at 30 minutes we never had a server and had asked for a manager twice. My boyfriend then stopped one of the people he had asked for a manager but they ignored him and kept going. We then asked our server for the manager and he came out 15 minutes later. When asked why he didn’t come the other times we asked for him he stated he was never told. We explained what had happened and he in turn said he would pay for our drinks and went to speak to the host. After he spoke to the host the host in turn came to our table and stated “you didn’t wait 20 minutes it was more like 2 or 3.” My boyfriend replied 2 to 3 to get sat but it took you 15 minutes after to come over and ask if anyone had been with us. SO, correct me if I am wrong, however I am sure an employee is not supposed to confront a guest. I cannot believe this is how this store is ran. Definitely not up to Darden standards.


Kymera September 11, 2017 at 5:51 pm

I have friends from Palm harbor Florida that work for Long Horn. They had to evacuate because of hurricane Irma in Florida . Your corporation has no regard for family or life the manager at the Palm Harbor restaurant has threatened to fire employees that don’t show up to work .EVEN THOUGH the Governor of Florida and the President of the United States has said “do not go back into Florida ” I am sorry but I will never set foot in one of your restaurants again how can you not be concerned for the people that work and help you make money?. Hopefully the management is not representing your corporation and perhaps they need better training in the treatment of employees. Please advise.9-11-2017


Tem August 27, 2017 at 6:38 pm

I’m sorry to report that I had another bad experience at Longhorn in Wareham, MA. Ordered steak tips medium and received literally bite size pieces of steak. Obviously there’s no way to cook a tiny piece with a pink center. I sent it back and the manager came to the table and said he heard I had some tips that were cooked medium and some that were well done. I immediately corrected him and said it’s impossible to cook bite size pieces any other way but well done and that the tips were too small to be considered steak tips of any kind. He only nodded in response and then asked if I wanted another meal to which I replied no thanks. The manager seemed unsympathetic and didn’t even acknowledge that I was given a poor quality cut of steak. His comment made it seem as though my complaint was about a few pieces being overcooked which is still a wrong order regardless but that wasn’t even the problem. That was the result of the problem. I’ve had issues with this location in the past. I’ve had food served cold, entire steaks well done when ordered medium and one time my order wasn’t ready so everyone else was served first while I waited. There’s only so many times I’m willing to give a restaurant a chance. This was the last one. It’s unfortunate because my daughter loves Longhorn. It’s her favorite place for steak and she’s also a Darden employee at the Olive Garden in Hyannis. She told me she was shocked by how the situation was handled. I’ve eaten at her restaurant and the staff goes above and beyond when there’s a problem with any meal. The manager, Heather is so professional and accommodating. Perhaps the Olive Garden staff should share their customer service expertise with this Longhorn. Just a thought.


Lisa Jenkins August 25, 2017 at 7:50 am

We went to the monroe ga location it was awful steak was so small manager didnt seem to care. My husbands fries was supposed to be chili cheese, they werent. They took the plate back because he was not happy about his small steak. They brought the same steak back to him. On his fries they had halepenos. He asked for no halepenos. Dessert was so small and we paid 37.00. We also asked for condiments and bread we never got.


Rob August 24, 2017 at 10:57 am

Good Morning,
My name is Rob Warnick and I have a complaint regarding a steak that was prepared for my wife and I on 8/23/17. We ordered a carryout because of the late hour (roughly 9:00 p.m.) and ordered our usual Sirloin Steak and Lobster Tail. After we picked up the order and were on our way home we noticed a very different smell that i believed to be seafood shell fish smell or similar. After we got home and took the food out of the bag I noticed a very strong smell coming from the steak and thought it was odd but believed it to be the seasoning on the steak. I took a bite and immediately had a pungent taste to the steak and the flavor was very concerning to me. My wife took a bite and immediately spit the piece out and said the steak is spoiled. Never having spoiled steak I wasn’t sure but the smell certainly was not the normal steak smell.
Approximately 10 minutes later my stomach was graveling and gassing up, I also started to feel nauseated as if I were getting diarrhea. I went to bed approximately 1 hour later and was awakened at approximately 12:30 a.m., with a massive cramp in my lower abdominal area almost a stabbing feeling that was extremely uncomfortable and painful to say the least, within minutes I was in the bathroom with a massive case of diarrhea. After that I went at least (2) two more times that I can remember. I took over the counter medication to help with the nausea and slowly I am recovering. It is now 10:30 a.m., and I still feel unsettled but not enough to go get medical treatment. My wife felt nauseated but did not respond as I did as she did not swallow any of the steak. I placed the steak back into the container and secured it in the refrigerator. I am not sure if i need to return it to the location I purchased it from or have an independent lab look at at it but I am sure something is not right with the steak. Please call me at any time. I have meetings throughout the day so please leave a message if no answer.


Hugo ramirez August 13, 2017 at 6:23 pm

Worst experience ever took my wife n three kids for lunch was denied entrance to the establishment even after seeing parking lot and restaurant full was told by host i needed a reservations and the the people there were friends and family grand opening event. Will never visit again .


Ricky Frazier July 30, 2017 at 8:37 pm

Hello, i normally never write reviews or complain about service however after my families experience i feel compelled to write one. I visited your hanes mall location i Winston Salem Nc and after waiting for what seemed like forever we were finally seated a d our server was verh polite. Hkwever once we ordered our food they came to the table about 35 mon later, the time you would normallu expect to recieve your order, only to tell us they were out of 2 of the meals we ordered. How does this happen after almost 40 minutes have passed? I truly feel like this experience could have been avoided. We honestly will never return to this establishment even though this is one that my family has frequented on a regular.


Geno Johnson July 10, 2017 at 11:43 am

I visited the Longhorn steak house in Springfield, illinois on Wabash Ave. Was the worst food I have ever had at a longhorns. I’ve eaten at several in the St Louis and surrounding area. Food was always excellent. Especially at the North county location. The chef Albert St Clair does an amazing job. My meal yesterday was a Cheeseburger and fries. The fries were soggy, burger was extremely over cooked. The piece of lettuce looked like the part that is normally discarded. I ate at the bar and when the bartender asked how the food was I told her. So she brings me another plate of fries, which were better but not by much. I was there around 1:00. I can honestly say I won’t be going back to that location.
Geno Johnson
Warrenton, Missouri


Gabriel Mercado July 9, 2017 at 3:07 pm

Longhorns in Daytona Beach off of International speedway has terrible service. Me and my fiancee went there to eat lastnight and our server Dawn s was terrible. She was at our table maybe twice we never got refills on our drinks so we drank water soda with our food. We told her we weren’t happy about it and we felt it should be take off our tab and she argues that we drank the soda and it wasn’t her fault we didn’t get a refill and continued to belittle my fiancee and i like we’re trying to con them. We asked to speak to a manager I didn’t get his name which he is fortunate but i got the same vibe from him as he said you shouldn’t have to pay for something you don’t want to. It’s not about that we ate our meal without a drink and she wasn’t around to even ask for a refill. Very disappointed, I love the food but the service is terrible. Everyone looks like they hate their lives. Will be going to outback from now on.


YOLANDA RIVERA SUAREZ June 25, 2017 at 7:53 pm

Hi!! Yesterday (6/24/2017) we went to the Longhorn 5502, located in 8181 International Drive, Orlando, Fl 32819. It was a party of 9 people.

First, 7 of us arrived there at 6:10pm. They told us we need to wait 45 min to get our table. ok! We will wait. 45 min passed and we asked about our turn. The waitress said that all people of the party needed to be there in order for us to get sit. WHAT? THAT RULE IS RIDICULOUS! We just were waiting to be sit and buy some refreshments and drinks until the other 2 persons arrived. NO, they didn’t allow us to be sit until the party of 9 were there. (First time we heard about that rule, including other Longhorn locations).

Second, the entire party were there at 7:10pm. We got our table (table 93). We ordered the drinks and the food already, because everybody looked at the menu already. We ordered and the food took until 9:25pm to be served…YES, 2 HOURS AND 15 MIN. TO BE SERVED.
Third, like they were taking so long to serve the food and we had 2 little kids, my husband asked if the food for the little kids can be served first (one of them ordered chicken nuggets, the other ordered mac n cheese). They bring the bread, a very hard one so nobody can eat it. They served the little kids meal after all the adults meals. Yes! The kids were the last ones to be served, after more of 3 hours waiting to eat.

It is a shame that we didn’t received neither one apology for all the time they took, more than 3 hours to eat. It was a party of 9 that just wanted to have fun sharing a good dinner as a last minute family reunion, that spent around $250.00 and received the worst service in a place that is supposed to be “a good restaurant”.

Hoping you can do something to change this opinion that we created about the restaurant, and obviously improve the service.

Thank you,
Yolanda Rivera


Tammy M. Sanabria June 22, 2017 at 10:59 am


I live in Opelika, Alabama and me and a group of my friends (7 total) went to our LongHorn Steak House restaurant on June 19th around 7:00 p.m.
The restaurant wasn’t overly crowded, but there wasn’t a table available for us for 45 mins.
It was soooooo hot in there, I asked the mgr if the a/c was broken and he said yes in one area of the building, I believe he said. Not only was the a/c not working and waiting for 45 mins for a table, not once did a mgr come over and apologize for the wait, for us sweating to death, and not even a glass of water was offered or nothing.
Also, while we were waiting, I walked over to the hostess desk to find out how much longer it would be and 3 young girls were crouched behind the desk texting…..WOW!
Not sure what’s going on at this restaurant, but you might want to give them a refresher course on how to accommodate your paying customers.
Oh, by the way one of my friends is a VERY prominent busy owner in the area.

Thank you!


William Atkins June 13, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Had a simple problem with take out. They forgot the baked potato, salt & pepper, extra butter, and the bread was old….hard and nasty. I called and was passed around between 2 employees, no manager available, placed on hold for an unreasonable amount of time, an issue that could have been easily handled in house. Too bad nobody would talk to me to work it out. The bill was 34.00 for one person, received “McDonalds” service. Employees need a tune up at the Ocala location.!!


Cary Temple June 7, 2017 at 3:53 pm

I go by the Collierville longhorns once a week. I stopped by there on 6/6/17. Ordered the half shaved prime rib sandwich and loaded potato soup. Never had a reason to doubt my order. Yesterday Longhorns screwed me around royally. Got home and the soup was halfway full and these clowns subsituted the potatoes in the soup with croutons. Called the manager. He said i will email you a gift card. Didnt happen. He blew smoke up my a** with the im sorry song and dance. The prime rib had so much grissle in it. I thought i was eating a goodyear tire. Longhorn staff dont give a damn about to go orders. Long as they get your money and shoot your a** out the door. Then what is so killing. The manager LIED through his teeth. I guess he could tell by the Bass in my voice i was Black. So he couldnt give a damn about the service i got.


James connors June 5, 2017 at 7:06 am

I go to the longhorns Location 1368 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ every Sunday me my wife and my three kids it’s a regular thing we do and I love this restaurant and I know all the staff that works and they know me and my kids I went there this Sunday June 4 and I went there by myself this Sunday so I went to the bar and ordered a Pier I was waiting for the bartender to give me a beer he took a while and he wasn’t around so but I came the assistant manager and she asked me to leave the establishment I said why would you like me to leave the establishment she said last Sunday you were here and you did not pay your bill I said excuse me what do you mean it was me I always pay my bill she said OK you can stay here but don’t walk out on your bill ever again I was so embarrassed of what she said to me all the customers in the restaurant start water doing and looked at me I was so so embarrassed so the bartender gave me my beer and I couldn’t drink it I was so upset so I asked a waitresses I know there I said to her do I always pay my bill she says yes and you always tip me too I told the waitress what happened and she said do you want to speak to the head manager I said yes please the head manager and the assistant manager came back out to speak to me with a receipt in his hand I try to explain to the head manager how embarrassed I felt and what his assistant manager said to me and he said yes it was you just get the F out of my establishment and don’t come back I have never in my life ever experienced something like this this is crazy I’ve never met a router person this was a very horrible horrible experience I’ll never forget what I went through I told him to play back the cameras to prove them wrong they said I ordered Jamison whiskey things I don’t even eat I don’t even drink Jamison whiskey it’s ridiculous I will never forget my experience here


Susan bell May 11, 2017 at 3:50 pm

There are two outstanding employees at your Merritt Island, Florida Longhorn location who need commending for their kindness and service today. The filet was well done; I had ordered medium. Jake, my server, found this out when he checked back with me at the beginning of my meal. He immediately put in an order for another (which was cooked to perfection) . The manager, Chris, took notice, and was right there with an apology. Their gracious actions will keep me a loyal customer. Thank you for making a woman “of a certain age” very grateful.


Randy Newman May 9, 2017 at 6:56 pm

My wife and I stopped at your location in Monroe Louisiana on May 2nd, 2017 after driving for 9 hours. We orders ribeyes and they were the worse steaks I have ever tried to eat. So full of gristle it was like chewing rubber. I will never again eat in one of your establishments.


Marlene May 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm

My complaints are too many to list. We had a very bad experience at the Longhorn located I Fayetteville, Ga. So the next time we went to the one in Morrow, Ga. Same thing there. The next time we went to the one in McDonough, Ga. And again another bad experience. The thing I can say is that the managers were apologetic and compensate us at each location, but today’s experience was the last steaw. When the waitress sat my fiance’ plate down a roach came running out from under it. Why want the corporate office take control of these franchises and make them stand up to corporate standards? I guess corporate just doesn’t care about the reputation of their company. I’ve had enough of this company and their poor service, good that is not up to standard and cleanliness. Nuff said.
Grossed out in Georgia


Bev Rector May 8, 2017 at 5:17 pm

We frequent a Longhorn Restaurant on E. Washington St. Indianapolis IN usually as many times as once a week. We have always love the food and service and are willing to pay more to get it. Recently the service has been very slow and the quality of the food has suffered. We are not going back. Please contact this branch and have them rectify the problems. On Sunday our broccoli was so tough, and the baked potatoes were not done and the service was unacceptable. It saddens me not to go back as it is close to our home. Thank you for your consideration. I am not sure if I will leave a bad review but please address these problems for others.


bob allison April 30, 2017 at 10:42 am

this is concerning the longhorn in Jackson, tn. we go to this location at least once weekly, the manager is so unfriendly, he has to know we are there every week yet he wont even speak to us. we have several bartenders we like and they always take extra special care of us! now the manager has changed their shifts so as not to be on duty when we come. they are one of the main reasons we go to this restaurant because we have several options for dining and drinks. do we need to go ahead and go somewhere else? several of the servers have told us that the manager makes it where they cannot make very much money, maybe he should take care of his employees that are taking care of his customers!! disgruntled customer!!!!


Stephanie Crockett April 17, 2017 at 8:21 pm

My family and I visited the Wesley Chapel, FL location on Saturday 4/15/17, we called ahead for a party of 5. When we were sat, it was a table, I asked for a booth. I was told no. The hostess told me that the booths were for parties of 4 or 7 and you’re a party of 5. I asked to speak with a manager. I spoke with Addison the manager and he said that we couldn’t have a booth, that the table we sat your party is what’s available. That was a lie, there were many booths available. I told him I was very unhappy with the table location and he didn’t care. Needless to say we left. There are too many other restaurants that treat their customers right, unlike Longhorn!! I will never return.


Ray Brown April 4, 2017 at 4:22 pm

Hello, I recently went on a business trip and stopped at your Florence Kentucky location. I searched online for places that had French dip and longhorn was listed. I was seated quickly and the waitress Martha got my drink and some bread. When she came back I asked about the French dip as I did not see it on the menu. She explained that there was a sandwich you had that was similar but not French dip. I was skeptical and was going to leave to get a French dip, but the waitress was nice enough to convince me to stay. I ordered the shaved prime rib sandwich when it came it had au jus and everything like a French dip. It was Awesome! Martha was awesome too. I spend 3 weeks out of the month on the road. I eat out at least twice a day so I know a great waitress when I see one and she was amazing. Every detail covered, fast, and very nice, it’s very rare that I would take the time out of my busy schedule to type this, but Martha was worth it! I will be coming back for more.
Raymond L. Brown


brenda March 28, 2017 at 8:42 pm

I went to eat at winterhaven my medium steak was over cooked dry and tasted very sour.
waitress was so busy i just ate.I dont like to complain but it was the worst steak I ever had.
I figured i would say something it was such a small steak…sweet potatoe over cooked and way to much cinnimon …very disapointed


Barbara prescimone March 22, 2017 at 1:29 pm

To whom it may concern we carry out at longhorn last nite at around 5:00 we took it home well the fillets were bloody inside and I asked for well you done. My salad had cheese in it and my brown sugar had butter in it which I don’t like butter,cheese and I didn’t ask for it that way. It wasn’t busy. When you call you are on hold for 15 min and when you ask for a manager they don’t get back with you for another half hour. They don’t know any prices of meals managers should no prices. I don’t want any thing free food I just want my meal.right especially when you take it home. I live far away and when I’m working in this area I go here. I have been reading all of these complaints and it is sad. It is just me and my daughter and we eat out all the time. We eat out the one in Baltimore Maryland on Pulaski highway I hope you can get.everything straighten out. It can be a good restaurant if you can train employees right,and managers. Thank you


Tom Celularo February 21, 2017 at 8:39 am

I would like to write a very long, winded complaint, but as I can see from the comment page that long Horns doesn’t care about unhappy customers. ALL I’m going to say is DO NOT buy gift certificates to get the $10.00 gift card for yourself (I gave them all out as Christmas gifts). What you don’t know is that they are good for a VERY short time.
When a customer is UNHAPPY they will tell 20 people & hopefully they will tell 20 people. I will never stop there again, along with olive garden & any other restaurant that they own. We went there last night & I woke up this morning & I’m still pissed off. NOW I’m on a mission to tell anyone that has at least 1 ear or sign to them if I have to. You should make it very well known that there is a short window to use them in up front & not from the fine print.You know what you can keep your gift cards, I’ll NEVER stop at any of your places again.
OFF to as many sites as I can to spread the BAD word so people will know about the “fine print” seeing how you don’t want too.


Cheryl Marshall February 17, 2017 at 10:03 am

LONGHORN STEAK HOUSE IN FORT WAYNE The Food was delicious…Our experience was not good..I won’t be going back..This was a special occasion..My son is turning 30 and this was for his birthday..We had called at 4 to see if they could seat our family group..We were told yes it would be a 80 minute wait. Which was great..that would give everyone time to arrive..keep in mind this was a surprise dinner..We started arriving at 5..We should have been seated around 520..By 630 we are still waiting and the kids were cranky and hungry..which is 2 and a half hours later and still not seated..around 7 we finally got a table …After all that NOT EVEN A DISCOUNT..FREE APPETIZER OR ANYTHING.. AND WE SPENT 400 DOLLARS ON MEALS
It’s been over a month and nothing has happened.I can see how much your business means to you.


Stacie Carolina January 29, 2017 at 2:27 pm

The Longhorn in Doral on 87th Avenue is the worst & I will never visit this or any other Longhorn establishment again!!! We went to celebrate my husband’s birthday there last night that was planned about a month ago with the manager and they were so unorganized. Their were about 30 of us using the private dining area and we had 2 waiters. Bread was not given to us until we asked for it after waiting 2 hours for our food. When the food finally came out most of it was cold, the chicken was undercooked, or just not right all together. My husband was served only a steak, no sides at all. My sister ordered her steak with no butter, they served it with the butter. She returned the steak and they scraped the butter off the steak, flipped the steak over, and returned it back to her. We had to cancel some of our orders because the the mishaps. By that time we were all very frustrated because nothing was going right. The manager on duty was very rude not only to us but to his staff as well. I called & spoke with the another manager Rafael Ramos today to advise him of the events that occurred & of course his staff advised him that WE were hostile because someone used profanity. While conversing with him today he then accused me of “about to use profanity” when I was talking to him. I just can’t believe the audacity of him to make that accusation. He proceeds to ask me “how many establishments do you know that hosts a party of 30?” And I didn’t get the point of him asking me that because yes you host large parties but last night clearly proved that you shouldn’t be because the staff were not capable of it. The only excuse that we were given for all the mishaps last night was “we are busy tonight”. This whole experience was just the worst and a gift certificate to come back to your establishment is just an insult after what we had to endure.


TERESA rhodan January 29, 2017 at 2:23 pm

On 1/28/17 my husband and I ate at Lake City, Fl Longhorn Steakhouse. We won’t be going back. The only good thing about the meal was the baked potatoe and the tossed salad was passable but not great. I ordered a 6oz filet cooked medium. It was so well done I had to slice it thin to chew it. I didn’t eat but maybe 3oz of it. My husband’s ribeye was so tuff that he did not even eat 1/4 of it, and it didn’t even look like a ribeye and he said it tasted awful. We both brought our meat home and fed it to our dogs. Had the server come around he could have inquired if our meal was satisfactory. He didn’t even offer steak sauce which could have masked the poor flavour. He came back to give us our bill and at that time he asked how our meal was. Too late! I showed him my filet and how over done it was and the poor texture of what was supposed to be a ribeye. The waiter knocked off 25% off our bill which he thought was compensation enough. So I eccentially paid 40.00 for 2 baked potaotes, 2 glasses of tea, 2 small salads, and a small bread, and poor service. Outrageous! So, rest assured we won’t be back and I will caution everyone I know about your restaurant.


Robert January 28, 2017 at 3:47 pm

On January 28, 2017, at approximately 1:29 PM, my wife and myself were seated. At approximately 1:34 PM, waitress (Debra) came to the table to take the order, we asked her for the main menu. I had to go obtain the menu from the front desk Debra said she was just bringing it to us. At approximately 1:42 PM, Debra came to our table to take our order. At approximately 2:09 PM, another waitress came to our table and advised she was sent by Debra to see if we needed more tea. I said no tea but we need more bread. At approximately 2:13 PM, our order was delivered to our table without the bread. Our order consisted of 9 oz Parm Crusted Chic full, and one Sweet Corn Fritters with one sweet ice tea. The sweet corn fritters weren’t sweet tasting they were paste like without flavor. This order was not a large amount of food but it was frustrating waiting on the order in time frame. When I received my bill Debra didn’t give the chance of thirteen cents but instead gave back 3- $ 5.00 dollar bills and 2- one dollars bills. I really do not appreciate that tactic. I guess Debra wanted more then the 15% because I only had 2-one dollar bills to work with. Also she had a coke on the receipt which we never ordered. I brought that to her attention and she corrected it. In reference to this restaurant there seems to be a pattern with some of servers not giving all your chance back that’s required. I think I need to consider not coming back to this long horn. The atmosphere is not the best sometimes the floors and tables are not clean properly. Thank you for your time in this matter. I really hate going to this extent to report this event.


Ang January 14, 2017 at 8:53 pm

My husband and I was in the longhorns in Turkey creek knoxville tn today Jan, 14 2017 around 2 ish in the afternoon , we had a 5 to 10 min wait (that was fine) we got seated , finally our waitress took our drink order, then later she came to say she would be back with bread, and we did tell her we already knew what we wanted , she took the order …. at lest 25 mins went by and never saw her again ….. waited and waited… we got up went to the front, offered to pay for the tea my husband had gotten and the manager there ask if we wanted a tea to go !?!?!?!? I told him nooooooo I had wanted my food and not to be ignored .
He didn’t care. ….. we have been coming to longhorns for years never been treated so poorly before. We left and went to cheddars up the street and it was wonderful !!!
New waitress and managment needed here at this location immediately.


María Ruiz January 8, 2017 at 9:27 pm

Experience very poor service at the longhorn steakhouse restaurant located at Walmart retail center lote 3 ave R Cordero, caguas, Puerto Rico, store # 7103005 , on January 8th 2017, our server name Jacqueline, we were a party of eight, one person in our party only spoke English and she got indignant when spoken to her in English. Did not come to our table to offer drinks when our drinks were finish and didn’t even offer us dessert, failed to bring us a box for leftovers, customer service must be the priority in any business, your attention in this matter will be appreciated, thank you.


Cliff Wild December 31, 2016 at 8:23 pm

Re: Longhorn 5180 – Norristown, PA 19403 (12/31/2016 “dining” experience)
Soda wasn’t as I ordered. Alcoholic drink wasn’t as I ordered. Steak was cold. Potato was cold. Lobster was cold. No knife was brought out for steak. Wives sirloin was horribly prepared.
I returned everything. I had over-peppered shrimp lobster bisque. Wife had potato soup – both were cold.
Manager (Sean Rhodes) promised 5 times that there would be no charge; and then, charged me $17.98 (for 2 soups and 2 sodas).
I have been going to this Longhorn, since it first opened.
THIS WAS THE SINGLE WORST DINING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. Waitress (Melissa K) was the worst waitress I have experienced in all of my 65 years, was more intent on fabricating excuses, as opposed to a amicable resolution.
I told manager 5 that I did NOT want a replacement prime rib. He insisted that I take it, ON HIM; and after 5 times, I gave in. – I threw it away, in the parking lot trash receptacle.
Please call me. I am Cliff Wild; and my phone number is 215/287-XXXXX


Maribeth Barrett December 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm

I have been to the Longhorn Steakhouse near Allentown, PA several times and the food has been awesome. This past Monday evening we (a party of 3) went to the Longhorn Steakhouse in Plainfield, NJ and disappointing is an understatement. The wait was long only to find an entire section of 20 ish tables empty and employees standing around chatting. The waitress took a long time coming to take drink orders and then messed them up. One of our appetizers had to be sent back because it was so salty it was not edible. We had to ask for bread and appetizer plates multiple times. Our utensils were dirty and had to be exchanged. I ordered a salad and when it finally came out there was no dressing. Our waitress told us the vegetables were carrots and broccoli cooked in butter and when the arrived they were merely steamed and horrible. When we mentioned to her she argued with us. My son ordered the prime rib cooked medium. It came brown in the middle and pink on the edges and fatty even for prime rib. The table next to us we noticed the waiter continually apologized for the time it took for their food. Our waitress was clueless. The experience is far below poor. From the wait, to the service to the quality of food I am surprised this place remains open. Not to mention it was expensive. I will be sharing my experience with friends and colleagues.


Martin April 30, 2017 at 5:57 pm

On April 30,2017 I went to Longhorn in Indiana, the Avon location and everything was going well until I found hair in my food and the manager was made aware of the situation and no one didn’t even come and say sorry about your order. All they did was change the plate and gave me attitude for the remainder of the time. I’ve always gone to longhorn but I guarantee that I won’t be going back anymore nor will I recommend anyone to go to that location. The staff is terrible. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had


Martin April 30, 2017 at 5:59 pm

I don’t expect nothing in return but atleast an apology would’ve been great but instead they made it seem like it’s my fault why hair was in my chicken.


P. Anderson December 19, 2016 at 12:21 pm

My family and I attempted to celebrate my birthday by having a dinner at Longhorns on Mt Zion Blvd in Morrow, Ga. We arrived at 5:30 pm. We had to send our food back because it was ice cold!! Needless to say at 7:30 pm we still had not eaten and ending up leaving without having dinner!! I felt really bad for the waitress because it was not her fault. We tipped her anyway. The kitchen manager and the general manager visited our table but did not offer to “take care” of the ticket. We paid for our drinks and appetizer. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE VISIT THE MORROW LONGHORNS!!! I can see the location being closed soon if this continues. As a customer I expect good food for my good money!


Debbie Swanson December 4, 2016 at 7:12 pm

On Dec. 3rd. my partner and I ate dinner at the 1350 Scenic Hwy., Snellville Ga location and did not have a pleasant experience. We ordered 2 Flo;s Filet meals: mine was medium well with a baked potato and salad and hers medium with a loaded baked potato and broccoli. When our order arrived my steak was burnt I asked them to take mine back because I ordered medium well. When she started eating her meal she noticed it was just warm so we waited for the waitress to return and in the meantime my new steak was brought to me and I discovered my potato was just warm also. When we were able to get the waitress over we told her my potato was just warm and my partner asked her to heat it up and she said she would bring her another plate. When the waitress returned she only had 2 potatoes and not another full meal. We had to ask for the Manager 3 times and he finally came over and didn’t offer anything but to get us a new meal or heat our food. We had been there for an hour or more when we finally had all our food and it was hot enough to eat. The Manager did take off 20 dollars from our bill but never said he was going to do anything. We eat at longhorns all the time and have never experienced anything like the POOR Customer Service and food not prepared correctly. We noticed that 3 other tables around us were experiencing the same thing. We will continue to eat Longhorns but not at that location. I hope no one else has to experience the same thing we went through or waste their hard earned money. Sincerely Debbie Swanson


Tina Desautel November 28, 2016 at 7:03 pm

I am writing in regards to a very unsettling incident that occured at your establishment located in fashion crossing 1250 Washington st north att mass. On the evening of Nov 12, 2016 around approximately 5:30 pm while out running some errands and picking up a few prescriptions from walmart across the way in the next plaza over, my husband and I decided to eat here…We went in waited to be seated and then ordered dinner and each chose a drink from your (non alcholic) bottomless drink section along with our meals. One being a white peach ice tea for my husband and the other being a strawberry lemonade for myself. A few mins later our drinks were served and both looked very delicious filled with a mix of fruit along the top of the glass. My husband and I both have been getting over the flu however, my husbands returned and he was still sick so his taste buds are off due to stuffy nose and congestion. The reason I’m mentioning this, is because being sick he was unable to even taste the actual flavors of any food or beverages…and this is what lead to what this situation is actually about. My husband had been quite thirsty and finished drinking one of what we had thought was the white peach ice tea that he ordered and while eating his salad he had another and throughout our meal he had asked for one more which would be 3 in total, but had only takin a few sips of the 3rd one. Our bill was then placed on the table and like always, we then discussed the total and tip, but when he had mentioned the total of 70 something dollars I knew something was off. He handed me the bill and I read over it seeing a purchase for 3 white peach (sangria’s!!) not ice teas like he ordered! I immediately felt overwhelmed and very upset as myself nor my husband drink alcohol, Although this is a very personal matter from our past and I felt highly upset to even have to share this info..My husband is a recovering alcoholic and his sobriety date of 8 yrs just recently past in the beginning of Nov and is something of which we take very serious and are proud of, So as you can understand when seeing that he was served alcoholic beverages and had drank 2 out of 3 this was very upsetting and unacceptable! To actually realize your sobriety date had been takin from an incident that he had no control over is what has left me speechless and emotionally distraught! Not to mention he had just had a dose of his medicine previously right before going into the restaurant and this plus being served alcohol could have made him very sick.  What was even more upsetting was when we asked the waitress to approach our table to discuss this matter she would not even own up to her mistake and instead responded with a lie about this being the so called reason she had asked my husband for his id… of which she most certainly did not ask for… and like I explained to the manager, had this been true that would have been an immediate red flag to both myself and my husband to question why is she asking for id knowing neither of us drink alcohol nor did we order alcohol. So that just added to this upsetting situation… Both the waitress and manager apologized and we were not charged for anything including our meals, but it still weighs very heavy on my heart that this actually occured and to know my husband had actually drank alcoholic beverages after so many years of being alcohol free. I can only hope and pray this never happens to any other customer and leaves them feeling the way this has left us feeling.  PLEASE address this matter, so that something like this does not occur again.  Thank you!


Jenna Taylor October 31, 2016 at 11:27 am

Good Morning,
Hi. How are you doing today? I have been sitting here all weekend trying to figure out how to handle the situation that happened at your restaurant on Friday October 28th check number 23514 store 5118. So we went out to dinner at Longhorn. Got an appetizer, two of your new Filet’s (with the mushrooms and garlic sauce), and drinks of course. So my husband’s filet came out way overdone. No big deal, we sent it back and they recooked it. Mine wasn’t that great either but I’m pregnant and was starving so I went ahead and kept mine. So, since we had to wait another 30 min for a steak, I went ahead and took care of our bill so when he was done eating we could just go. Well that was a bad decision on my part. I paid for our bill with a $50 gift card and put the other $23.60 on my AMEX. So my husband’s filet comes out for the second time. The waitress, who was very nice and professional, stood there while he cut it open and seen that it was overcooked yet again. By this time, we are ready to go. She said that she would cancel everything out and rerun the gift card for the meal. So I give her back my card and she leaves. Then the manager, Steven Webber, gets involved. He comes up, apologizes, and offers us a dessert for our trouble. He tells me that it would take 2-3 business days for the money to go back on my AMEX and he will be right back with my card. Fine, there is nothing we can do about the wait for the refund. So after another ten minutes waiting to get my card back he finally shows up. He apologizes and hands me a void transaction slip (1741025468). So we get our desert and as we are leaving I check my bank. HE CHARGED MY CARD AGAIN!! So this is when I notice the $28.32, not the $23.60 that the first void slip says, taken out of my bank twice!! So this is when I get upset. I go back in and ask for the manager again. He comes up and I show him my bank statement online and ask why my card was charged again. He says “no that’s where I put the money back in your account”. I said “no it was taken out twice”. He continues to argue with me for a couple minutes before he says “oh I see what you are saying” let me take care of that for you. He doesn’t take my card like he did for the first refund and comes back with another void transaction slip (1741159275) for $23.60 not $28.32. So if he didn’t need my card to void a transaction then why was it taken the first time? I love Longhorn. We go at least once every other week. The one on Jones Valley had such horrible service that we started driving 30 minutes to get to the one on University so we could get better service. I am very upset about how the situation was handled once I figured out my card was charged twice. The manager arguing with me was just ridiculous. I can send you the screenshots and pictures of the void transaction slip if you need me to. I normally don’t do stuff like this but it has just been on my mind all weekend and I’m a little upset about it. Not only was I told that the money taken out of my bank was the “refunded” money but I’m out $56.64 until I get my money back and with the way the manager was acting I am wondering if he even voided the transactions for me to get my money back. I don’t know what I can or will accomplish with this email. I am just hoping that you wouldn’t want to lose a loyal customer to a crappy manager who had absolutely no idea how to run a business. Besides him, we love the food, the service was great, and I know regardless if anything is done with the situation or not, that we will be back because Longhorn is our favorite restaurant. I hope this gets to someone who cares. Have a wonderful day.

Thank You,
Jenna Taylor


Vallie October 22, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Hello my name is Vallie- on October 21 2016 I taking my grandson twenty four yrs old out to celebrate his birthday alone with his wife and my other four grown grandkids, plus my daugther and her huband. I don’t want to think how much my bill was. Since I was paying the bill my grandson order the steak dinner for two which was $45.00. He ask the waitress do they get two of everything she reply yes, but when the food arrived 1hr. later it was only one steak and two of everything else. We arrived at the restaurant around 9:00 pm. We order two wild west shrimp appertizers until our food get ready. The waitress brought the food about 10:45pm and the restaurant close at 11:00pm.When I ask where was the other steak she can back with a man that could had been the chef . He kept telling me he can bring another steak so I said okay. Than I ask him how much it going to cost me he reply around $28.00. About that time the manager walk up. I than told her the story she reply well someone going to paid for that steak. I told her no one touch the steak in I didn’t want it. She reply that she don’t have nothing to do with that. So after going back in forward she call the poilce on me and my grandchildren. After spending over $200.00 no one ate their food. This restaurant is located in Berwyn IL, in the manager name is Christy Bluitt. After the manager call the police on me in my family because I told her that I was not paying for that steak.I feel I am own a total refund and apology. I have never been treated so bad in my life. Forgot to mention that everyone including the police was white and my family and I was African American. On top of all of that I still gave the waitress her proper tip. So I am wait on a refund and a reply. Thank you


Dr. Keith A. Jarrett September 22, 2016 at 6:31 pm

Dear Sirs
My wife and I just had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse at 35645 U.S. Highway 19, in Palm Harbor, Fl. 34684. My wife ordered the Salmon and I had the Great American Sirloin Steak dinner. When the bill came, I included a coupon out of the Sunday paper for $5.00 off when two entrees are ordered. I was told by the waitress that the coupon would not be honored because my steak dinner was already $12.99. I showed her the coupon and told her that nowhere in the coupon did it say that the coupon could not be used .
I would appreciate a response on this matter. If a coupon does not state the fact that it can not be used in conjunction with a sale it should say that in the coupon.

Thank you and waiting your prompt response,

Dr. Keith A. Jarrett
Palm Harbor, Fl. 34684
jarrettk10 at yahoo.com


Beverly July 17, 2016 at 5:58 pm

I have been going to Longhorn Steakhouse in Louisville, Ky on Hurstbourne Ln for a very long time. I have always loved the friendly service and hostess and especially the great food. Unfortunately, there has been change in management and hostess and waiters and waitresses. There are no longer friendly faces or especially hostesses that greet you with a smile. I had a really bad experience today. The hostess was very unfriendly. I was seated in the back with an unfriendly waiter. My order was not correct, which is the first time ever at Longhorn. I asked for a napkin and got paper towels. The waiter did not prebus my table after the meal and just brought me a check. Nevertheless, I will be looking for another restaurant with better service and friendly faces.


Sandy July 16, 2016 at 1:43 am

My family has been coming to Longhorn in Hiram, Ga for more than 10 yrs. We are regulars and have become familiar with the management, servers, etc over this time. We have seen a lot of people come and go from this restaurant over these last 10 yrs, but one steady has been John. He is an amazing manager and person, we have shared many stories over the years about our children and grandchildren, Jason is awesome and has always been very helpful and makes sure to ask how our experience was at each visit. We are known mainly as ” the Fox” family. We’ve seen several staff changes over the last couple months and went in tonight to have dinner. My self, my husband, our children and grandchildren. We were a party of 7. They weren’t that busy and so we were asked to wait for a table, which was fine. After waiting for quite a while my husband ask the ” host” how much longer till we would be sat…. He stated he didn’t know but would get his manager. A woman who looked very manly came to the front and told my husband that someone in ” our party” was over heard saying something negative about their staff ( which never happened) my husband ask, who ? She stated that ” someone overheard you” , but would never tell us who or what we were suppose to have said. My husband getting aggravated at the accusation and personification this woman was putting forth, very smart mouth/sarcastic/ unprofessional, and then got down right rude, when I ask her name. She refused to tell me her name stated that ” she didn’t have to, with a sarcastic smile on her face. Then told my husband that we could leave the restaurant if we weren’t happy. I almost wondered if she was going to throw us out, it was terrible. One of the other employees we know, told us her name is Dawn, and she has to be new because we’ve never seen her in there before. It was an awful experience and as I said, we have been customers at this Longhorn every week for atleast 10yrs. I assure you we will not be returning. PERIOD. I want this manager reprimanded in some way, she truly has no business working in customer service, much less a managerial position. She was rude, disrespectful and very sarcastic. To be accused of
” saying something” that we had no idea what she was talking about and she refused to tell us then refusing to tell me her name and I quote ” because she doesn’t have to”
( this is a manager for goodness sake) then basically being told if you don’t like it get out. I’ve never experienced this type of situation in ANY restaurant before.


Herb Hill June 4, 2016 at 9:10 am

My wife and I visit the Longhorn # 5445 in Ft. Myers, fl. we visit it every Friday night for drinks and diner, staff is great, very clean and usually the food is good too. BUT, last night 6/3/16, I ordered the Tilapia & shrimp diner, I have never seen such a dried up piece of fish and shrimp EVER!, and never got the tarter sauce, at the end the waiter had the manager take my diner off our bill, but I would have thought that one of the 2 managers would have stopped by, but NOPE, no a word. very disappointed, the staff could not apologizes enough. great staff, clean and happy place, they just need to watch the food come out of the kitchen a little better. FYI, we always sit in the bar at the high tops. as always we will be back on Friday night.


Don Cobb June 4, 2016 at 12:43 am

Sir or Madam, I am a local plumber and was called to repair a women’s toilet flush valve in your Merrillville Indiana store. That was more then a week ago and I was told it was invoiced only on Mondays? I am a small plumbing company and most of all my jobs I have never had to wait almost two weeks to get paid? I hope someone can correct this or you will have a hard time finding a plumber that will wait so long to get paid. Don Cobb


Kimberly Mccraney.Heaven June 3, 2016 at 6:03 pm



Nicole Hunt-Brooks May 10, 2016 at 6:36 pm

I have never made it an official Complaint about any restaurant. Any issues that may arise are usually taken care of promply by whatever manager is on duty. First, I’d like to say I am a fan of Longhorn. Every occasion that gives us an excuse to go out for a good meal, I choose Longhorn. I even order the same dish everytime. At least 20 times a year…I’ve always gone to the Longhorn in Sterling, Virginia, but because I work in Fairfax and I worked that day, I chose to go to the one in Chantilly, Virginia. I always order the Napa grilled chicken, I love it! On this occasion, when my food arrived my chicken breast looked like they had been mangled and ripped in half. I had also ordered my mom a 5 ounce chicken breast to go with her steak because she wanted surf and turf. So I had 3 halves on my plate and she had a half on hers. My mom is 74 years old gray-haired lady on a cane. When I got the manager’s attention to point out the mangled food on my plate, and the small half on her plate, he nastily says to me “what do you expect? we charged you for 3 ozs?” I said, “our waitress gave us a choice of either 5 oz or 7 oz. So are you lying to me, or telling me I’m an idiot, or just telling me f**k me? Which is it?” I never once cursed him out in any way. He told me to get out. I called the police. I sent my family to the car, and waited. When the police officer came, I told him exactly what happened, and what I said. He apologized for the guy being so nasty and told me about his mother having a similar experience in New York at her Mother’s Day dinner. He recommended I make a corporate complaint. The only name I have from that restaurant is Tom Windows managing partner.
I am really disappointed in being served disgusting food, lied to, and ultimately disrespected in front of my 12 year old son, and elderly mother. Also, I peeked in the kitchen, it was 2 hours before closing, and it was the most filthy disgusting restaurant kitchen I have ever seen. I took pictures.

Thank you,

Nicole Hunt-Brooks

I used to prefer Longhorn to Outback, but after this heart-wrenching situation, I may start going back to Outback.


Marcus April 17, 2016 at 5:58 pm

On the night of 16 April 2016, Myself and my wife pulled up seats at the bar to dirty dishes and a messy bar top. Once dishes were removed, the bar was wiped off leaving a lot to be cleaned off. I could have done a better job myself with a bathroom towel. Drinks were served in a respectable amount of time. Mine and my wife’s order was taken. I’m not sure if she was the bartender or not but, hospitality was not there by her or anyone at the bar. My appetizer came out after the meal. I overheard a bartender talking with a server about my appetizer and I stated ” DO NOT bring it, take it off of my check!” It seemed like the bar was the employee hangout. The area at the end of the bar near the food serving window was the congregation/social area. It seemed as if one of the managers was partaking with the social business at the end of the bar watching part of a basketball game. If I wanted to hang out with the Longhorns staff/employees, I would have asked for a seat in their break area. There was definitely a lack of attentiveness/hospitality to us, to dishes on tables and cleanliness that I WILL NOT come back to this restaurant for. I HIGHLY recommend someone from the corporate office come to this restaurant and clean house!! Location: 5435 Whittlesey Rd. Columbus GA


Jose March 30, 2016 at 1:11 am

On Jan.2016 I notified LongHorn Steakhouse HQ that the service in one of their restaurant in the Philadelphia,Pennsylvania area was a disaster.
I took my wife the service was real bad, the food was cold and the waiter was hidding when I needed him.
HQ wrote back with some complemetary Gift cards.
I return to the restaurant on Feb.2016 on a Sunday with my wife we order lambs they were serve burn till the bone.
Again I contacted HQ’s because that’s not a way to run a good restaurant. The manager was inside the kitchen they had just a few waiters, some didn’t care about the customer’s others were just hanging around.
Every table were dirty, no one was cleaning the tables, i call a waiter ask her what was going on in this stablishment?
She said employees were burn down there was no desire in working.
Someone from corporate wrote to me apologize for the service I had receive…ms.Roxanne Lewis
Then I had the same or worth service the assistant manager of the restaurant wrote me…I told her that manager’s should take care of there employees and give them time to rest.
Tread them like human acknowledge there work is good and correct them when they make a mistake…I also told her that i was NOT looking for gift cards. I said she had a great restaurant and was in the middle of a highway….
Today March 29,2016 after medical appointment in the area I went once again to my favorite restaurant.
Since I did not anounse that i was coming down I was so surprised by the needness of the establishment clean waiters nice with everyone that came in.
The waiters were so curtious to every customer’s.
We were taking care sad down in a table# 76 waiter Robert took care of us.
I want to thanks HQ for a great job assistant manager Jessica Walsh did in these restaurant.
If I had to choose between# 1 to 10 – would give it a 10.
That’s the way to run a good restaurant…I saw customer’s very happy.
My wife order lamb with mashpotatos they were fresh and excellent cooked, i order Baby Ribs they were great…
The service was excellent i can say now that my favorite restaurant is # 1- in the Philadelphia area.
9701 Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19114
Thank You HQ’S….


Mendez Thomas RN March 29, 2016 at 9:16 pm

My family and I visited the Bartonville pa longhorn this past easter Sunday and was very disappointed, the service wasn’t that bad however when our meal was completed, with separate checks (we were a large party of approximately 16 people) the bill was totally screwed up, the waiter asked us if we could tabulate the bill ourselves. My wife and I paid $78.00 (on my card) for our food and our two children, and my wife left a $15.00 cash tip, I discovered with my online banking that I was charged $93.00 for our meal. I contacted the bank that told me to notify longhorn of this “mistake”, and the manager “amy” told me that the banks often hold onto “extra” funds in case there is a tip, the customer service reps at my local bank have never heard of this and assumes this is fraudulent, I fully intend to contact the consumer fraud/and the news I wonder how many people they are stealing from?


Xavier De Hoyos March 3, 2016 at 1:58 pm

Took the family out to dinner after being on the road to Edinburg TX for 12 hrs kids were hungry for actual food so we stopped for dinner and the service was terrible we never got drinks refilled my food was raw and then I ordered something completely different to replace the raw plate of food only to get it in a doggie bag and when I get home it wasn’t even what I ordered I spent over $100 on a dinner that I ended up not eating and taking home in a doggie bag I went to dinner to eat not be kicked out with a bag of food that wasn’t even what I ordered the so called manager thought he could patch up a XXXXXty dine in experience with a dumb free dessert I can go to McDonald’s drive thru service and not spend $100 and get better service & cooked food not to mention they at least serve me what I order not whatever they feel like


Emily Stinson January 16, 2016 at 4:25 pm

I was dining at the Fayetteville establishment w my husband and two young children when my husband got to use the restroom he was approached by an employee by the name of Angelica Watkins. She tried to trade him sexual favors for money in the men’s restroom… This very inappropriate… I’ve contacted the management and they have yet to do anything about the issue… I find this very troubling….


Barbara Philips December 28, 2015 at 8:27 pm

My family and I (total of 10) visited the Florence KY location on 12/5. We arrived around 4:10 PM. We waited for over an hour to he seated. I went up to management twice questioning why the wait was so long. In addition, the server charged an extra $8.96 to my credit card for the tip which I left in cash. I had to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I submitted a complaint on Longhorns website over a week ago and have not received a response. My family and I will not return.


Sarah December 26, 2015 at 4:04 pm

I am the owner of two restaurants in Swainsboro, GA. I know the high stress and fast paced nature of the restaurant industry. My customers should never feel like a burden or inconvenience, no matter how busy or rushed my place may be. I was horrified at the way I was treated at the Longhorn in Dublin, GA. When I arrived there was a 30 minute wait. There were several empty seats at the bar. There was only one gentleman seated there. Since I was on a 4 hour trip with my 5 year old son, so I asked if we could sit at the very end of the bar, and was told that was fine. Ten minutes later a server walked up right behind me and said, “Why is the bar filling up? I can’t handle this. I have enough customers already”. A few minutes later she walked over and rudely slid a menu to me and said, “I don’t have any kids menus. You’re gonna have to wait a minute.” I told her not to worry about it. About 5 minutes later a few more were sitting at the bar. She looked at it and said, “Oh hell no”. My son and I got up and left. About an hour later, after the lunch rush should have been dying down, I called to speak with the manager. I waited nearly 13 minutes and had not been acknowledged, so I hung up. This location needs to get it together! I have a vacation home in Atlanta and make the trip through Dublin often. I will not be back.


J. T. Taylor December 23, 2015 at 4:16 pm

I have Emailed you on 12/19/15 about what took place in Cookeville Tn A friend and I had dinner at your steakhouse We travel and I buy gift cards and eat at your resturants all the time, but your server took our tip then took one off my card without asking. that is stealing. not happy. bet it is not the frist time.


C Williams December 20, 2015 at 10:47 am

Worst dining experience ever. Went to restaurant in Amarillo, TX. Told us the wait would
be around 30 minutes —believe it was around 40 minutes. Finally got seated and got
our drinks. Received our bread and salad after a long period of time. We waited & waited on our steak and potatoes. Finally got the waitress attention —she was more interested in the large table behind us. Got her a cupcake for being so attentive to that table. We had a hard time getting any service since her attention was on the large table behind us. We finally asked where our steaks were—said she would check. Said there were four tables ahead of our order. We wasted an hour and 30 minutes of our time. All of the tables around us had their food. Since we believed it would be at least another 30 minutes before we got our food — we left–still hungry. Got there at 6 pm — left at 7:30 pm. Waitress was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Service was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know about the food — only got bread and salad.


Yudelka Franco November 12, 2015 at 11:37 am


I visited your location yesterday with my husband it was our first lunch date in a long time since we have 4 kids and both work full time, my job was closed for Veterans Day and he was off from his job, kids are in school and we see is the perfect time for a much deserved lunch date, I decided to surprise him by taking him to Longhorn Steakhouse for the first time and was my first time as well, we just moved to Pennsylvania 5 months ago and I heard about Longhorn from family and friends and they love it, we sit down and our waitress comes up and ask for our drinks, I say sorry, we never been here before and I was looking through the menu still, she comes back a minute later and we still not ready, two minutes later and she says you can order the food first then, but her tone and her demeanor is not a pleasant one, she seemed bother, annoyed and rushing us, bring bread and puts it in the corner of our table and walks away, I grabbed it, I said must be ours I guess, we decide to order and every steak we try to order she said loudly that’s our cheapest steak, we were so embarrass, is no good, then I ask for the Flat iron, and she says oh that’s not one of our good steaks either, my husband ask for a Rib eye and she says the same thing, so we are like ok, I’m saying to myself so why are they on the menu if they aren’t good and are so cheap and a Rib Eye is prices at like $18. we are being forced to order the $28. steaks, she don’t know how much we have to spend, I was like I’m going to have to go with the burger then if these steaks are cheap and bad, but I came here for steak, I’m already annoyed by her attitude and service, my husband tells me let’s order what we want, she was surprise when I ordered the Flat Iron Steak and he ordered the Rib Eye even after she said they are cheap and np good, I wanted more than one side and she’s like really loudly and rude, one side please, my husband tells her and she walks away, we both wanted and extra sides but we didn’t even get to order what we wanted, the whole time she’s very rude and rushing us and we said never again we will visit Long Horn, we had a very horrible experience, friends and co-workers suggested I submit this complain, I didn’t want to, but is not fair to us, the way we were treated, we could of went anywhere else and we decided to go here and spend our money and we left so unhappy and our lunch date was supposed to be pleasant and enjoyable and it really messed our date to a point I wouldn’t want to visit Longhorn again, I told my husband maybe we go to another city and give it one more try.


James Allen October 29, 2015 at 12:19 pm

My wife and I went the Longhorn Steakhouse (4965 S Baldwin Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48359 ) last night to celebrate my birthday and everything went well while we were there including a wonderful job by our server Tammy. Within a few hours after arriving home my wife felt sick to her stomach and vomited all through the night. We are not sure but suspect that my wife’s illness might have been caused by food poisoning. My wife’s dinner consisted of the Parmesan Crusted Chicken, wild rice and a side order of Broccoli and water plus the Pumpkin Spice Lava Cake. .

I wanted to share this with you in case other customers call with similar complaints so you could properly follow up and make sure the food being served is always of the highest quality.


felicia a duke October 15, 2015 at 7:27 am

my dauther tanjaniacka myers had her party for graduation nrusing school at the longhorn@708 janes ave in bolingbrook il .we had over 35 people there@children too. tangy called days ahead to let them know we were coming she made a rev for the tables.the party started @6pm sunday oct11 15.the manger she was female was rude@did not care about our party we had to wait 21/2-3hrs for our tables we waited 6pm till we got our table at 8-830pm the children was so hunrgy.we ask for seperte checks they rung it up all togther we ask for hot food some of it was warn greasey.by the way while we was waiting for our tables to open up the manger keep taking people in our section to eat for this one table to get done. i had the prime rib steak dinner it was 25dollars my prime rib was salty in the middle of my steak was fat the size of a baseball i ask why is there all this fat in the middle of my prime rib steak they said that this is how prime rib come i said its not suposed to have all this fat in the middle of it i was told that the way it comes i told them that iam getten 30fat in my steak i need some one to call me becase this is not all that happed that night 872-731-.and the total for all that food was 372-375dollars and the whole night was bad how late was we there we aws still eating at 11pm that nigth please have someone contact me why becase iam her mother we was co hosting the party thank you felicia duke chicago il and by the way this party wse very nport to my child that i went there with a broken foot my rt foot is broke in 2places and it was bad they had 12 childern wait for2-1/2-3hs to eat that real bad serivce


Carol lehman October 9, 2015 at 10:27 pm

We ate at the lakeside on Friday night. Ordered steak medium rare it came out well done sent it back and when they brought the others it tasted like it was spoiled. Vickie did not charge us and I said it tatted like it was spoiled and she said it was fresh they opened it up that day. I have been sick to my stomach an some one else tasted it and they got a headache. It will be my last time that I will ever go in there again. I do not enjoy feeling like I am gone to loose everything. Also the ceased tasted like oil. There was another table with about twenty people and they saiid he steak was not good I really do not care if they did just open it was bad. My phone number is 863-687-2388and I will try to call on Monday


Tricia October 2, 2015 at 8:33 am

Wow! And i actually applied at a longhorn in HP NC after reserching i have noticed that Longhorn Steakhouse doesn’t get very good feedback mostly complaints. I actually applied had 2 interviews and the Manger gave his word to contact me on several occasions with that being said he still hasnt gotten back to me and i certainly find it to be extremely unprofessional! Sounds like they need a serious overhaul with Management and Service Staff!


Gary Yoo September 19, 2015 at 11:32 am

My family had been eating dinner at the Park Meadows location ever since they opened, but we never had any problem until last night when the manager Christine Mclain showed everyone her “racially” motivated side. She was rude, combative, and above all she was unapologetic, ignorant and don’t deserved to be a manager at that location or any location. She even promised us that if we decided to stay and eat dinner she will not spit in our food… she also had mentioned that she was connected with the mayor and she was a good friend, not sure why the mayor issue even came up. My family were so embarrassed and upset on the way Christine treated my family, i guess our skin color is not “white ” enough for Christine to sit us down, what ever happened to equality not base on your skin color, race, religion or nationality etc. I thought live in the 21st Century not the past, but we strongly feel that we are still considered to be 3rd or 4th class citizen. My suggestion in the future, please stop hiring racist employees to prevent future embarrassment and lawsuits. FYI: Social Media is our next step to bring out this social unjustice done to us by LongHorn Steakhouse. Thanks for your time and god speed..


MIKE QUINN September 17, 2015 at 6:35 pm



Jin Riise September 14, 2015 at 4:39 pm

Sunday,Sept 13 th 2015 my wife and I ate at the Wooster Ohio restaurant. The food was excellent,but more so the server, Dustin P was unbelievable. I have had dinner in many places including Black tie affairs and never have seen a server as professional as this young man.Hats off to you and your organization.
Jim Riise


Demarcus Hennings September 10, 2015 at 1:29 am

was recently at the LongHorn in Springfield, Il
Our waitress “Trista” made a not so pleasant comment that we over heard
It’s not tax time why are they here, and after we paid “wow ten bucks, that’s what I exspected from that kind of table, can they afford that”
Just because we’re African Americans does not me we are using our tax money to eat out and we tipped on service given


Marge Larsen August 20, 2015 at 2:12 am

I am appalled if you uphold the firing of that waitress in Millville, NJ. If you allow that decision to stand, I will never go to ANY Longhorn restaurant again! Management should have said something to that customer & the police should have been called. That waitress should have been applauded, not reprimanded & certainly not fired. The poor management should be fired!
ANY life should be given the utmost importance! What if that dog had been a child? Would you still turn your head & worry about your “customer” enjoying their meal?


April August 19, 2015 at 10:33 am

Will never eat at this place in Millville nj. There was a young waitress at stood up for animal cruelty. She got fired for saying something to the customer because they left their special needs dog in a hot vehicle. You do not leave a child or a animal and a hot vehicle why you go into a restaurant and eat. It should have been in the management position to say something to the customer not the waitress. The management on that night did not say anything to the customer about the poor little dog. She shoved it off her shoulders and fired the waitress for what she said to the customer. And it was not the only waitress that said anything there was other customers that eating that night said something to the other waitresses. Very poor management that night she must not have no heart for animals.


Alina August 4, 2015 at 12:37 am

First time experience, and the last. Walked into the longhorn steak house in katy, tx., and the host was no where to be seen. Then there was a party of 15 people that came in and we’re waiting for their table and the manager asked, “what are you here for?” And the lady applied with “a funeral.” First off, you don’t ask why the customer why they’re there. You seat them and give them great service. Then the host finally asked if I was with those people I said no just me and my fiancé. Sit down and wait 10 minutes to get a drink order then 10 minutes later finally get the drinks and it really wasn’t that busy. The bartender was our server and he was having to stop his job, to take care of our needs. Give him out order which was texas tonion as an appetizer; 2 Parmesan crusted sirloin, mine with a salad and baked potato and my fiancé had steamed broccoli and a potato. So 15 minutes later, I get my ceasar salad with no dressing… What the heck! So I’m just sitting there for another 10 minutes and the guy is bringing out our entree. So he asked what we needed and I said first we didn’t get the appetizer and I never got salad dressing. He was very polite, and said sorry and there was no excuse for his mistake. So then I realized when I had my steak it was completely different than what my fiancé ordered and it was supposed to be the same thing. So then I waited again! The steak was tough it was rubbery then he came back and said he would fix it. When he came back it was the same exact steak. Rule number one: I’m a chef and I know that when you mess up someone’s food. You don’t give them back the same exact steak.. You remake the whole dish! At this point I was starving cause I didn’t eat anything all day so I just at the baked potato. When we were done we asked to talk to the manager and the only thing he could say was sometime we get bad cuts of meat. No.. No.. No!!! That is not an excuse and that was not a reason to get defensive over it. You don’t argue with the customer. Overall, the waiter took care of our bill which was very nice of him.
From all the reviews all over the country it seems like it’s the same problem, and no one is taking care of the situation. Hopefully someone’s review makes a difference, and gets this chain restaurant the respect that it deserves. I was actually coming there to try the food, and get a job but from what I can see, it needs more than that. Poor management, no organization, and nothing stocked properly. Hopefully posting here helps!


Dameon mclean July 19, 2015 at 10:20 pm

Went to longhorn today on my birthday. The food was undercooked and they took my food back to bring the same meat back to me.after I saw her put her hands on my meat. I wouldn’t suggest anybody go to longhorn in Richmond Va in white oak shopping center. The managers name is Lindzy. Better off going to McDonald’s.. I rate this as a -10


Laura matlock July 2, 2015 at 9:32 pm

I’ve typically enjoyed Longhorn and haven’t had problems. However, on out most recent trip this evening to the Mechanicsburg, PA location, my husband and I sat at the bar and over heard a disgusting conversation between the line chef and a waitress. We went to get our normal prime rob around 8:30pm and he ordered the loaded baked potato as his side. We sat at the bar and the kitchen is right off the end of the bar we sat at. While our meal was being prepared, a waitress in the kitchen asked the line cook for a loaded baked potato and he said, “they’ve been out since 5:30 and we’ve had several customer complaints. I wouldn’t eat it.” She proceeded to say, “Ew, I’ll just have fries.” My husband’s dinner came out about 5 minutes later…baked potato and all. I told the bartender about what I heard and she said…”I’m sorry, I didn’t know they were old.” We left it untouched on the plate. For a steakhouse that prides itself on fresh quality, I’d have to say this was disgusting, even comparable to the heigeine of a buffet. Old food is old food, no matter the price tag you spend. The USA (I’m sure) would find this as a health violation. Internal staff refusing to feed coworkers the VERY serious food they serve PAYING customers? Valerie Insignares, President, I attempted finding your email so this rant wouldnt be public…but of course I couldn’t easily find it, so…this is for others to see. I’m likely contacting the general manager tomorrow to file a health complaint but wanted to caution others before eating as this establishment because, apparently, your health and well being is NOT longhorns concern.


Laura matlock July 2, 2015 at 9:34 pm



Donna Colvin- Hamm June 28, 2015 at 10:15 pm

I do not eat steak alot but when I do I like to go to Lonhorn Steakhouse, at least I used to. On 6/18/15 my husband and two adult children went out to eat there. I ordered the 6 ounce Flo’s Filet and my husband ordered the 8 ounce Renegade Top Sirloin. We got our steaks and something just was not right. They over cooked my steak. I received a new steak and again something just was not right, Then I realized they gave me a 6 ounce Renegade Top Sirloin and my husband actually received a 10 ounce Flo’s Filet but it looked bigger than that. They lost out on around $4 but I lost out because I did not eat. A filet is the only steak I will eat. How does a “steakhouse” mess up different cuts of steak? Our meal was $74.35. Never again, sad because I liked that place. Did I mention we did not get sat for 10 min because nobody was at the door and it was a week night and was not packed.


Irick Stansberry June 19, 2015 at 6:53 pm

I can’t believe Longhorn steakhouse would turn down a barbecue sauce that is better than theirs which would make them millions of dollars across the nation this sauce was tested at one of Longhorn restaurants and everyone there agreed that my sauce was better than theirs but to hear that Longhorns will never change even if the sauce is better is beyond me and It don’t make good business sense


yasmin May 18, 2015 at 4:38 pm

We went to long horn in houston tx i was really dissapointed the meat did not have taste at all it didnt feel like it was a steak my husbands was all dry out not good at all i dont feel it was a good for what i pay. I usually go to texas road house but our friends wanted to go to ur restaurant but for me never again.


Charles March 26, 2015 at 10:57 am

We have been customers of Longhorn Steakhouse for more than 20 years, having lived in the greater Atlanta area and currently in Montgomery, Alabama. I have hesitated to write about the store you have on Troy Highway in Montgomery, thinking someone from corporate or one of the managers that continually are transferred into that location would recognize the problems with customer service and quality of food served to the public. However, there doesn’t appear to be any significant improvements and I felt that a complaint addressed to corporate would at least alert someone as to the problems.
We live less than a mile from the Montgomery location and try to eat there at least once a week. Most recently, we ordered Steakburger take out and they were overcooked and we had to return them. Two weeks ago, we tried to eat in. When we entered we were told there would be a 15 minute wait. There were several other people waiting for a table. I looked around and noticed there were at least 10 empty booths and tables. I don’t understand why management can’t do a better job of planning to take care of the customer. It seems to me this store would be an excellent candidate for the “Undercover Boss” program.


Anne Evans March 25, 2015 at 11:28 am

Had the WORSE service ever while at store #5027 at 3072 Riverside Dr, Macon GA. After waiting a reasonable 20 minutes to be seated, our server was slow, rude, and did not bring items in a timely manner. We got appetizers, but no plates for them or bread, so I flagged her down, asked for small plates, and 15 minutes later she arrived with 2 for a party of 3 and just slammed them on the table. I went and asked for the manager, and told our situation to someone, who then brought out someone else. I assume it was manager, who brought out third plate BUT our food was now COLD. She said she would talk to server and see that we were taken care of. Well, every time she or the server went by we were ask in a very LOUD condescending manner , fake smile how everything was. I actually watched the people behind the person I was in front of turn several times to watch this. The “manager never even apologized for the bad service. If I wanted cold food I would have ordered take out and eaten when I got home.

Great place to go if you want to wait long for your food, like it cold, and don’t mind sharing appetizers with no plates. Oh, if you love to be waiting on with fake smiles and loud condensing voices, this is the place for you.


Chandey March 2, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I had the opportunity to visit the Eastpoint Georgia location today and I was extremely disappointed. I sat down with my husband for lunch and we waited for 15 minutes before I decided to go to the front and find out who our waitress was when the young lady went back to get some one the argued about that not being her section after bickering she finally came over and decided to take our order. She informed my husband that before you order we are out of The Renegade, The Porter house and The Ribeye so make sure that you order something besides that when we finally finished she brought us the ticket and she circled on the receipt the amount of tip that she would accept. I have never experienced anything like that and I do not plan to go back or encourage any one else to go there.


Robert March 2, 2015 at 5:53 pm


Each time I received a Porterhouse that was a little over 3/4 of an inch thick…maybe.

The thing that irks me is that I just saw one of you spots on TV AND IT SHOWS THIS BEAUTIFUL thick Porterhouse! I will never go back again. Texas Roadhouse is THE place for a great steak and service.


Richard Gilbert July 13, 2015 at 7:23 am

Just so everyone understands I work as a server at a LH location in FL. The porterhouse comes in 2 sizes 20 ounce and 30 ounce. And probably the best steak there is the Outlaw Ribeye.or Try the flat iron steak if you go back. That 30ounce is pretty damn big. They put two knives criss cross underneath the steak to rise it off the plate too. It usually has that WoW factor when you bring it to the table


ELizabeth February 14, 2015 at 9:13 am

I called the long horns in mobile al to
Do a call head for fifteen to twenty people
My son is going in the army and that’s
What he wanted to eat before he left but the
Manager did not want to acomadate us so we
Took outr business to a Logan’s who where happy to
To acomadate us with out any problem I use to love
Long horn but I will never go to the mibile al store any more


Ron Potts February 7, 2015 at 2:03 pm


Last night My Wife,son and His Wife and I went to a longhorns Steakhouse at my Wife’s
request to celebrate Her birthday. We ordered the steaks she had seen on the corp. t. v. ads I have never been so disappointed or embarrassed at requesting a restaurant. I feel like your chain of store’s should not stoop to this kind of misrepresentation, You should fold up and stop trying. In the past We have always been completely satisfied. After last night We’ll never be back. The Pictures and ads were nothing like what we were served.


GeorgeSoresino February 2, 2015 at 9:14 pm

We went to longhorn in St Augustine Florida back in December and wrote the store telling the of poor service and attitude from staff and wrong items brought to our table the steaks being brought out before we ever received our salads and generally just a bad experience .
the manager wrote to apologize and say if I gave my address we would receive courtesy cards, but we also never received them either. so I am led to believe that the staff is so bad because management seems to incompetent as well , I replied to your email sent on December 10th and we never received the loyalty cards you said would be sent ?
the following is the emails sent..

I replied to your email sent on December 10th and we never received the loyalty cards you said would be sent ?

On Thursday, January 8, 2015 8:27 AM, george soresino wrote:

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 7:47 PM, george soresino wrote:

Thank you for your apology, I hope it was just a bad night and the staff is usually much better.
My address is:
George M Soresino
PO Box 935
Hollister Fl. 32147

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 11:15 AM, LongHorn Steakhouse 5098 wrote:

Mr. George,

Please accept my apology on your recent visit. May I please invite you back in on the house. If I could have your address I will mail you some loyalty cards so you can use on your next visit. I appreciate your comments so I can make Longhorn the best restaurant around.

Eddy Cuevas
Team St Augustine
” Auggies”
LH #5098

Team St Augustine
” Auggies”
LH #5098


Dirk January 27, 2015 at 8:10 pm

January 27, 2015, while sitting in my car waiting on my wife to return from a take out establishment I received a new email sound on my cellphone telling me I had a new email. The email was quoted saying “dirk, WE’VE GOT YOUR TO GO ORDER! It went on to give the details of the order in addition to the total price of $74.14. Immediately I phoned the Long Horn restaurant the order was placed at which was in 1100 Capital Centre Blvd, Largo, MD. I was extremely startled because I reside in Atlanta Ga. and have never been to Largo MD. or anywhere near this location. It took exactly 10 calls between my wife and I to finally reach the manager. Every time someone would answer the phone they would either place us on a long extended hold or hang up on us. After explaining the situation to the manager he showed a sign of extreme rude and disrespectful attitude. I tried explaining my suspicion of fraud in hopes that he would at least try and track the order down and give me more information concerning what name was used in the order and had they picked it up yet. He placed me on hold and never came back. I frequent Long Horn here in Fayetteville Ga. quite often and have never experienced this type of attitude from that establishment, especially from the manager. If this is the way you train your managers to handle customers, shame on you and your establishment!


djamel December 3, 2014 at 8:31 am

longhorn steak house in Fargo north Dakota manager Tyler this restaurant have position open for waiter in dining room .
so i give them my application full information about my experience . the make me came back 3 times back and forth for no reason has waiter in dining room
for 20 year experience with french service also i graduate from the school of hotelier in Lyon France am maitre dit . so the discriminate me because of my name not to work with them manager name Tyler is resist how company can late this person to manage multi billion dollars business of longhorn steak house this logo is in Egypt Saudi Arabia many arab investor triad to open in UAE also in Kuala lumpur to make company strong all over the world and small town from north dakota fargo can destroyed reputation of this company . manager Tyler he sud not be in charge . people like hime have problem with discrimination the business can be damage because with out customer this longhorn can and in garbage that’s my complaint
best regard djamel from dubai


W.J. Archer November 13, 2014 at 3:46 pm

I purchased a filet migon steak at Longhorn in Boytron Beach Tuiesday evening, I was very disatisfyed . The steak was less than a half inch thick and did not taste like a filet. The seafood soup was very good and the french onion soup was very good.
We left very dissatisfied.


Dennis November 13, 2014 at 12:16 pm

30th October, 2014
After a long drive on the hwy, I stopped by Longhorn Steakhouse, 2601 Gateway Drive Opelika Alabama, managed by Mr. Gabe Stovall. I was very disappointed on Thursday evening, 30th October 2014, when I was seated to have dinner. Only 2 customers were seated in the small section near the main entry. The waitress assigned to this section where I was seated, did not bother to acknowledge me and take my order, after viewing the menu and ready to order. The waitress spent excessive about of time talking to another customer, which sounded like personal stuff as I overheard the conversation. Instead of greeting me with a drink request so I can order, I waited and watched.., and waited patiently while noticing this waitress 10 steps away laughing and continuing her long personal conversation. After waiting so long, even the front entry lady that seated me also noticed something wrong; she passed by the assigned waiter that was deep in a conversation and came to me to see if I had been helped. I said no, still waiting. She then looked at the assigned waiter and also did nothing about it, as she returned back to her front station. Then later a third employee (waitress) from another section notice me still sitting there waiting to order. The 3rd waiter came by she said, no one has taken your order? I said no. The third waitress looked at the assigned waiter 10 steps away and also did nothing about it. She looked back at me and said, “She was sorry, she did not cover this section, but she could get me a drink…” I said no thanks; I would like to place my order now. The 3rd waitress then repeated and said, “She could not take my order”, (as she looked around to check) but said… “What she could do is…..” (She stop talking as she looked around again) as if she would get into trouble. I told her, ma’am thank you, but since you do not know what to do, then here is what I will do. I will leave and take my business to about company. She then got into a fast panic as if she has just done something very wrong. I decided to get up and leave Longhorn and go find another place to eat.

I was so disappointed about the non-service as I walked out, that I shared by experience with another couple as they were coming in. After retiring 26 years from the US Army as a First Sergeant, I am well aware that leadership starts at the top. I drove away thinking, “what did I do wrong”. I did nothing wrong but sit waiting to place my order. Then I thought about the quality of the leadership and management of Longhorn, which directly reflects the training of these waitresses and staff. Leadership starts at the top, which is why I want address this this concern to Longhorn Steakhouse Corporate Headquarter and the District Manager of this restaurant. It’s customer treatment like this which has a great impact on the Longhorn’s bottom line, which will lose money.

13 November, 2014
The shift Manager and I discussed the events that happen on 30th October, 2014, when I provided him my phone number, where he promised “I would get a phone call from his upper management.” I waited and waited for that call which never came. Until is this date I still have not received a call. I even considered re-visiting Longhorn on Veterans Days, 11 November, but I remember this event and thought I would continue to wait for a resolution.


Chana October 27, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Jada that works at the longhorn steakhouse in Pineville NC is THE WORST WAITRESS EVER!!!!! SHE WAS EXTREMELY RUDE TO MY HUSBAND AND I AND WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING!


Rose Corley October 23, 2014 at 9:14 pm

Today is October 23, 2014 and my husband’s birthday. We went to dinner at Longhorn’s at in McDonough, GA on Jonesboro Road. We were shown to a table near the bathroom by the hostess (young caucasian with black hair) after passing several empty tables. We then asked for another table and the hostess did find another table, but had major attitude.

Then, it took our server at least 8 minutes to come over to greet us – Brittany (caucasian female – hippy – long dark hair and attitude). Once at the table we asked her what type of soup was offered and she said the same soup we offer everyday. When our food came from the kitchen, some of my food was not on the plate. I had to ask the manager and when our server came back to the table – I told her my broccoli was left off and the manager was making sure I got it. The server said oh – ok (not oh, I’m sorry). She never refilled our drinks. Another server came by (white male – glasses) and asked if we needed anything and if he could refill our glasses. He was very kind.

So at the end of our meal, I called the manager over (name: Fleck – caucasian male) and told him that this was the worst service we’ve had at any Longhorn ever and explained why we weren’t happy. He said sorry and you had the best server I have and walked away. I was underwhelmed by his lack luster attitude.

We spent $68.54 for the worst dinner we’ve experienced in years. We won’t visit there again, we’d rather drive to Morrow or Fayetteville where we truly get great service.

I hope that you’ll contact the manager and store as this location as 10 minutes from my residence. Thanks for your consideration. Please send a return email.


Heather Grossman September 30, 2014 at 4:01 pm

To whom it may concern,
I have been pondering whether or not to report an waitress in the Hailton, NJ location by the name of Jolynn since Father’s day of 2014 this past summer bercause I didn’t want to this person to lose thier job but at this point I am pressing a formal complaint to corporate because I will not return to the restaurant with my faily due to the rude and invasive nature of this person. First I want to state that I was dining with a friend on Father’s day… 6/17/14 being my 4 children were with their Father on Father’s day. I had found out that this waitress took a picture of me with her cell phone… while she was working and while I was having dinner with a friend who was also an ex of mine and sent the picture in a text message another ex who she is friends with. It started all this ruor & inneuendo and I was just astonished that this person coulld invade my privacy to that level. I really wanted to take her to court over this but I let it lie. Later my Ex husband and four children went to Long horn to eat because I suggested how fast the service was and how good the meal was and again this waitress Jolynn snapped pictures and text her friend “Laura” that my ex husband was now there at her restaurant with the kids. Just last night I had a friend Teresa Kinzel come to the restaurant with her parents as she does monthly and she asked to seat in another location from this person. This waitress again took photos and sent a text saying “this fat pig is now in my restaurant”. All I can say is this behavior is appauling and I am bringing this person up on harrasment charges. I want this girl terminated and I am letttig this coproation know on all levels that I will not return until this type of person is removed from this business establishment.


Roger September 24, 2014 at 7:51 pm

Southaven, Ms location. To the manager on duty during lunch on September 24, 2014. Today I visited your restaurant with 4 other people. We had a nice lunch, the food and service was great. I paid the tab for all 5 people. $93.38. I added a $20 tip and left a hundred dollar bill, ten dollar bill and 3 ones, $113 total. The waitress came by and picked up all the cash. At no point did she return to the table for any reason. As we were leaving I stopped by a table of 6 associates and was told that one had already paid the tab for us (he had receipt in hand for the $93.38 tab). So the tab was paid twice. I understand this was brought to your attention and the waitress said she had returned the $113 cash. I have 4 witnesses that know this did not happen. She never returned to the table for any reason.

This was not a mistake. This was nothing less than stealing. I am appalled at the lack of action by management. I can assure you that 11 people know exactly what happen.

You lost many customers over this today, never to darken your doors again. I hope you and staff enjoy the $113 and be assured I will share my story. Two things I despise, a liar and a thief.

I will report this to your corporate office.


Michael Robertson September 20, 2014 at 10:25 am

My name is Michael every month for the past four years I purchase a gift card from various places and give it to my God daughter. I have done this on the request of her father, to help feed her family. I have bought two from Longhorn since that Is where my god daughter worked and I felt like it was convenient for her. I was contacted by her last night because she was fired over a gift card I had bought her. I did not purchase this card from her, but yet she was still fired for it. I paid $75 cash for this card and it was meant to help feed her and her kids. I even asked for her that day and I was told she was in the back, so a server helped me out. I am beyond beside myself that this happened, I will no longer give my services, my time, or money to a corporation like this. I am bringing this to corporate, I am also writing an article in the Temple Daily Telegram about this behavior as well.


Candice September 12, 2014 at 7:12 pm

Horrible server, mediocre management. I asked for an angry orchard draft, and was told (in te beginning of the fall promo) “don’t know what to tell you, we don’t carry it any more”. I specifically asked again, since it’s listed in all of the fall promo menus/ items/ displays, and was told “take it or leave it, we don’t have it”. Just as an FYI…. Texas Roadhouse is right down the road, and the service is light years better


James August 23, 2014 at 2:06 am

The Longhorn steakhouse at Oakview in Omaha, NE HAS THE WORST SERVICE, rudest staff and poorly managed, The hostess yelled at us. With so much competition, they will not be open for long, their GM’s name is Mike & he really should be fired as he sat down while no one was being helped and over half the tables were empty


Linda May 18, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Please put a Longhorn Steakhouse in the Dallas, Ft. With, Texas area preferably, Irving, TX.. Thank you


Jeri Roman April 24, 2014 at 2:37 pm

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION! I would like to express to you my deepest gratitude to one of your employee’s, Managing Partner Jillian Neduchal. Jillian saved my life on Wednesday 04/23/2014. I mean “saved” my life in every sense of the word. I had just received my dinner and on my second bite I realized I swallowed a piece of meat that I only half chewed and I immediately started to choke. I tried for a few seconds to get it down myself but I quickly realized I was in deep trouble. I jumped up and ran towards my waitress who knew I was in trouble and she immediately ran and got the manager. Jillian immediately came to me and went into action by turning me around and doing the Heimlich maneuver and on the 3rd try it came out. Jillian didn’t give up, she was determined to save my life and thank GOD she did. I have 2 beautiful daughters that almost lost their mother that night but lucky for me Jillian was working that night and at that time. Jillian also went out of her way to make sure that my daughter, who was alone with me that night, was ok and comforted her.

I hope you realize how lucky you are to have such a wonderful employee. Jillian went above and beyond that night and ultimately saved a person’s life. I am reaching out to you to let you know in hopes that you will recognize Jillian to the fullest extent that you are capable of doing. She deserves nothing less.

Jillian Neduchal, she has married recently but her business card has not been changed yet so I don’t have her married name. I hope you can find it. This incident occurred at the Long Horn restaurant at 2636 Dallas Hwy SW Marietta, GA 30064. I hope I hear back from you soon to let me know that you have done something to recognize this wonderful person.

Jeri Roman


mary March 19, 2014 at 3:58 am

I made a compliment over 2 weeks ago. I was told that I would hear back within 4days. I am yet to hear back from the corporate office. I will never spend my hard earned money there again. the service was terrible.


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