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Volkswagen Group of North America Corporate Office Address

Volkswagen Group of North America
2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive
Herndon, Virginia 20171

Contact Volkswagen Group of North America

Phone Number: (248) 754-5000
Fax Number: (703) 364-7071
Email: Email Volkswagen Group of North America


CEO: Hinrich J. Woebcken
CFO: Hardy Brennecke
COO: Frank Fischer

Volkswagen Group of North America History

Volkswagen is a German car company with worldwide headquarters in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Volkswagen was founded in 1937 by the Nazi trade union, the German Labour Front. At this time, cars were a luxury item in Germany, with only about 1 person in 50 owning a car. The new company had the goal to make cars smaller and more affordable for the average German.

After the war, Volkswagen became an important piece, both economically and symbolically, of West German regeneration.

Volkswagen entered the U.S. market in 1949 with the VW being briefly sold as the Victory Wagon. Volkswagen of America was formed in 1955.

Volkswagen struggled to expand its product line and finally came out with a hit in the U.S. market with the 1974 release of the Golf.

By 1997 Volkswagen was producing the Jetta, New Beetle, SEAT Toledo, SEAT Leon, Audi A3, Audi TT, Skoda Octavia, Polo, Passat, and Corrado models.

Today Volkswagen has three of the ten top-selling cars worldwide: the Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Beetle, and the Volkswagen Passat. The company is a world leader in R&D.

Volkswagen Group is the parent company to 12 vehicle manufacturers with operations in 153 countries. It designs, manufactures, and distributes passenger and commercial vehicles, engines, motorcycles, and turbo machinery. It is ninth on the Fortune Global 500.

Volkswagen Group has 549,763 employees, 44.8% in Germany and the rest spread all over the world. This number includes Chinese joint ventures. Volkswagen Group had $140 billion in revenue in 2012.

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Secw May 19, 2017 at 12:58 am

Horrible experience…damage was done to my car at the Waldorf md dealership. Spoke with customer service they called the dealership asked about the issue they stuck to their story that they did not cause the damage and that was it. Now I’m stuck with having to pay for an auto body repair that happened while in the dealerships possession. What a load of crap this is one of the worst experiences I’ve had. I will never purchase another vw nor recommend to anyone


Sandra Rivera May 15, 2017 at 12:07 pm

I bought a 2014 VW Jetta and have had nothing but problems. I recently took it to service because my car is burning coolant. My mechanic told me it’s either leaking from the gasket or I have a crack somewhere. As well as my car backfires. My car smokes everytime I turn it on from the muffler which it shouldn’t be. As well as my engine light has been on probably since I bought the car. Everytime I take it to service all they do is reset and turn off the engine light(which comes back on), and as for the coolant they told me I need to flush it and that there’s nothing wrong with the car?? What does flushing it have to do with it burning??? Im constantly having to refill the reservoir every 3-4 days ( I’ve been doing that for about a year now) which I shouldn’t have to. It’s sad that my mechanic knows more about what’s wrong with my car than your service people. I get nowhere with these people. I’m wasting my time and money.


Judson Bock Sr. April 28, 2017 at 8:01 am

As a 83 year old Senior, I have a comment about your latest advertising showing obvious marital relations in a bouncing VW resulting in children, and then repeating itself several times in different models until you reach the top of your line as far as capacity of people for the vehicle. I am certainly not a prude and enjoy tongue in cheek humor as much as the next person, but this steps over the line. For a company as large and well known as VW, there are only two words that fit this advertising, and that is “BAD TASTE”. I realize advertising agency’s believe in nothing and dismiss “GOOD TASTE” as archaic and only for the prudish, but I happen to disagree with that premise. I also like VW’s and have owned three of them in my 83 years , but if this is what your company has come to as far as trashy, no-class advertising is concerned, I shall never be an owner again. Clean up your act and fire your Agency and I may reconsider. If you think this is a single opinion in the populace, think again.

Judson Bock Sr.
Honey Creek IA 51542

jdbockoldt75 at



Margarete April 28, 2017 at 2:34 am

I had searched and searched for an email address to contact the corporate office. I had no luck. All I could find was a snail mail address. Anyway, I am with everyone else that has posted here about that car commercial. I am glad I am not the only one that thinks this was a boneheaded move by the company. I don’t know how anyone would think this was a good idea. I am glad my son did not see it. I really hope these complaints make it to the corporate office. Even their home page shows stills of scenes from the commercial. This was not the time nor the place for this scenario. I sat here after the commercial was done and I said “holy sh*t”. When I first saw the commercial I thought it was a joke. I then said “please let this be a joke.” Then at the end is when I saw it was not a joke. They seriously need to pull this commercial and they need to get someone else in charge of their advertising ASAP


A St.Germain April 25, 2017 at 1:14 am

The rocking car commercial is not suitable for family tv. It is so inappropriate the channel gets changed just on principal alone. I am very disappointed in the VW brand. I always thought VW was a classy brand and would never use sex to sell.
I intend to inform the show that is sponserd by VW , they are losing viewers because of VW’s poor judgement.


Mykel and Candy Berggren April 27, 2017 at 12:31 am

Latey we’ve noticed the new VW commercial on our local television stations in the Seattle, WA area and became sickened by the corporations decision to produce a lowlife substandard image for Volkswagen with people screwing in the backseat of the car.

Wasn’t it bad enough when you people lied about and created the mpg scandal? Now you have to include a couple of people “getting it on” inside of the VW, over and over again?

We’re saddened by your substandard, standards and the fact that you’re single handedly destroying the name of what once was a brilliant automobile maker…
We’ll never purchase another Volkswagen again!

Mykel and Candy Berggren


Rick Georgesco April 23, 2017 at 11:49 pm

I totally agree with the issue that was brought by many others about your ad with Volkswagen shaking…, etc.(called Volkswagen Commercial for Volkswagen Atlas). I’ve never seen something of such poor taste. Maybe that’s why I choose instead to buy a Mercedes. Why don’t you do a similar ad for Bentley?
I’m wondering who was the idiot that approved this ad.


robert guy April 23, 2017 at 8:54 pm

It is no wander stock has fallen, and vw is getting sued the new commericial with all the vws shaking, do none of the people working at vw have small children. SHAME ON YOU VW.


Stacie reilly April 23, 2017 at 5:37 pm

My husband and I were appalled with the new commercial. I understand the concept but it needs to be done in a different way. All you had to do was have the couple with a new kid each time. Don’t need each car rocking and rolling four times! Ridiculous!

Stacie Reilly


Susan Vaught April 21, 2017 at 12:51 pm

My husband and I were absolutely appalled and disgusted when we saw the new VW commercial. It is in the poorest of taste and because of it we will never purchase any vehicle from this company. Please think of parents having to explain to their children why the car is “shaking”. Shame on VW!


Geoffrey Mulenga April 21, 2017 at 3:40 am

Dear Sir or Madam;
Am a male Zambian requesting for your financial aid to relieve my university outstanding tuition fees for my last semester amounting to $3300 American Currency. Despite having successfully and completed the Double Bachelor major in Criminology and International Relations for three years at Monash Australian University Campus based in South Africa, I have not yet graduated due to the fact as mentioned above. Unfortunately, I cannot find any employment as ones placement is highly determined by the university results. Furthermore, this has doomed my passion to my academic progression such as pursuing Master Degree in Human Rights were my interest in advocating for the voiceless lies high. For that, I would be grateful if your establishment extended your helping hand to me faced with educational barriers through financial hurdles.
I thank you for your time and consideration and remain ready to providing you with more documents regarding facilitation of the requested matter.
Respectfully yours
Geoffrey Mulenga


Trish Sweet April 18, 2017 at 11:50 pm

I never comment on commercials that I see but I had too on this one. thinking bout the birds and the bees and the flowers in the trees, I am 69 years old, and just loved it, it is one of the best ads I have seen in a long time.
Great job too all, give that person a raise.
Thanks for listening, Trish


Kim April 20, 2017 at 3:09 pm

I found this website because I wanted to complain about the same ad (I have only once before felt compelled to complain about an ad). While this ad might be slightly cute/clever/entertaining, it is definitely not appropriate before 10pm. This is not an appropriate ad for an audience that includes children. It routinely came on when watching sports with my 8, 10 and 12-year old children well before 10 pm. I had to change the channel. I simply should not have to worry about explaining the ‘birds and bees’ to my kids when all we want to do is enjoy watching sports together. Fine for when children should not be watching tv, but vw should know that kids watch sports during prime time and keep this ad off the airwaves then. I have talked to other parents who immediately knew the ad I was talking about and felt the same way. Our kids are bombarded with garbage constantly, can’t we watch sports in peace? (Most importantly while any publicity may be good publicity; this ad definitely does not make me want to buy a vw–purportedly the whole purpose of advertising.)


Rick Georgesco April 23, 2017 at 11:52 pm

I’m wondering why you like that ad, it’s cheesy and stupid!


Joshua March 26, 2017 at 8:28 pm

I am utterly disgusted by my local dealership here in Corona, CA. On Thursday, 3/16/17 I brought my car in to repair at CardinaleWay Volkswagen in Corona for a faulty ignition switch. My key would not come out and was left in the on position. The only way to turn the car off was to disconnect the battery and remove the fuel pump fuse. Also my car was unlocked since I could not lock it due to my key stuck in the ignition. 8 days go by and the day is Friday, 3/24/17 and I received a call from the dealer at 8 am stating that my car was stolen from the lot. (Car was in the service bay) At the end of the phone call I ask, “Were my keys still in the ignition?” The man replied saying, “Yes the key was still in the ignition and the car was unlocked BUT the fuse was out and the battery disconnected. Only you and a few people know how to start it.” Something seemed fishy.

I then went in to the dealership same day (3/24/17) and the service guy Sal said the last time they saw the car was Wednesday night (3/22/17), but they never informed me of my stolen vehicle until 2 DAYS LATER.

Now I am in a rut. They stated that they will not help me in anyway nor pay for what my cars worth. Same goes with their insurance, or so I’ve been told by one of the dealerships employees. They admitted to leaving my keys in the ignition and that my car was unlocked. Isn’t this Gross Negligence? Also don’t they have a Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance in cases like this? I am a college student and I also work for the City of Newport Beach here in Southern California. I need a vehicle and this whole ordeal is a nightmare.
I am in the process of getting legal information so I can go to court.
Any insight on what to do would be very beneficial.


Jim Baker March 13, 2017 at 4:23 pm

Over a year ago i received a recall notice for the takata air bag issue and every sense i cannot get any information on when this bag will be changed. Note; The car is a 2013 EOS and i reside in the hot and humid climate of Florida. My question is why a big corporation like yours cannot get any information on when the bags will be available? I think you should be embarrassed that not you cannot service your customers in light of all your other current issues.

Please note that I also had a Ford with the same issue and they were able to address the problem and change the bag 6 months ago. Evidently they have a better leadership and know that customer satisfaction is paramount to success and they would not accept excuses from the manufacturer.

I would like a reply if you can



Rebecca January 9, 2017 at 9:06 am

My husband and I was at the Lee’s Summit Volkswagen on Saturday and I have never been treated like that before the sales Lady was fine but as for the rest of her boss’s that was a different story my husband overheated them saying these people are a joke ,that ganged up on us in the end there rudeness was uncalled for trying to get me in a car that I had told them the payments are to high more less said that my car was a piece of junk which it’s not I have a nice Lincoln town car well taken care off tryed to get me to test drive a SUV thay had just got in that high mileage and need survice dirty inside an out I won’t to look at jeeps thay had won’t not even let me see one the jetia thay could get me into I figured up the payments on it I was going to be paying for to of them in the end a 100 present mark up very unhappy will never look a Volkswagen ever again


Odell Best December 28, 2016 at 7:48 pm

I am writing to share my total disgust with the way our situation is being handled. We currently have a 2013 Leased Jetta with 73,000 miles. The car has been taken for regular oil changes like clockwork. Right before Christmas, I drive the car to work and it cut off as soon as I got to the parking lot. It was towed to the dealership in Fredericksburg VA. I was told that the car would need a new engine and can’t understand why a 2013 would require an entire new engine. When I contacted VW of America, they said that they would see what they could do to help only to turn around and say there was nothing they are willing to do because the car is 12,000 miles over the trans warranty. It seems more like a manufacturer issue to me and they are refusing to offer any solution other than me purchasing an $15,739 engine. My family and I have been customers for over 10 years, I am appalled by the way you treat your loyal customers. Can you offer any other solution?


Lorraine Kane December 17, 2016 at 11:30 am

I purchased a new white diesel Volkswagen in OCT 2013. I was very pleased with the car until the scandal..I watched the news on the update of Volkswagen and as soon as it was finalized by the judge I went to the dealership to get this problem resolved. This was Oct 2016.
Well this is where my nightmare started. I knew I had to get another car so I started looking around and no other car dealership wanted to deal with this mess…This is why I went back to Volkswagen…I had no complaints with the car I had so I decided I was going to get another Jetta ..Did the research on line and came across a dealership that had the best internet price and that happen to be Orange Park Volkswagen Dealership in Jacksonville FL. The price was $26000.and it is a Jetta SEL black beautiful car..I had a balance on my white scandal car of $8000. Well I was informed if I got into a wreck with the diesel car I would not get a any lawsuit money and it would be my lost..I had thought at the moment the car exchange would be complete..I take the new one and the diesel was left with the dealership..Not so..I was in the dealership for 6 to 8 hours and no one was telling me why I was there so long..I have a 782 credit score and never had problems purchasing anything..Finally the loan officer told me I am having issues trying to get you credit and I said ” I do not understand my score is high”… Your income is not enough..Well I am a widow on Social security and I work Part time to supplement my income and they knew that when I filled out the application. At that moment the Volkswagen dealership was telling me I had to continue to make my old car payment while they keep it and make a new car payment too. But no fret this will be resolved by the end of the year..This was the only way you are getting your money you have to own your old car.. I was not putting any money down because I was getting money from the lawsuit. I also need to have 2 insurance policies for each car. I went into into the car dealership by myself and that was a big mistake..I had thought I would stop polluting the air and jump ahead of the crowd. Wrong! The dealership got a bank that approved the new car payment with no money down and the bank agreed to defer 3 month payment until Volkswagen gave me my law suit money. I submitted my documents on Oct 3 and they were finalized Nov 6. As of today I got nothing but the run around and lie after lie from the dealership to the claim department..My first payment is Jan 1 $546 for the new car along with the diesel $220. which I do not have along with 2 ins payments..I make phone cars daily to the claim department of Volkswagen and they inform me you are not the only customer..The Orange Park Dealership will not give me any solution but just talk..My friend called today to be my mouth piece because when I call nobody answers except the switchboard operator..This was the biggest mistake in my life and I am 61.


Beth Spurlock December 8, 2016 at 10:01 am

Mr. Baron:

My husband and I have been very disappointed with the manner in which our situation has been handled. We came to your establishment trying to figure out what needed to be done for this Volkswagen buyback program due to the lawsuit filed against Volkswagen. Our salesman helped us complete the paperwork, submitted it and indicated that it would take only a couple weeks for this all to come to conclusion, we would have money in hand and return the Jetta to the dealership. We were looking in purchasing another vehicle but would have waited until we had the check in hand and the papers to bring back the Jetta if we had known it would not be handled in a couple of weeks as we were told by your sales person. So we bought another vehicle a 2016 Passat with the impression that it would only take a couple of weeks to get the paperwork taken care of. Well I am now making the first payment on the Passat and have a payment coming up on the Jetta and have yet to receive anything from Volkswagen forwarding a check or papers to return the Jetta to the dealership. I will also be making a second insurance payment for a car that we are not even driving because everything is still hanging. I feel your sales person misinformed us and mislead us just to make a sale on another vehicle and get the commission. My husband has tried contacting him about getting remote start on the Passat and has yet to receive a response from him. I do not know if this is normally the way you run a business, but I would never recommend that anyone buy a Volkswagen based on how we have been treated. Yes you provided checks to make the first payment on the Passat due to the lack of conclusion of this matter, but we are stuck paying duplicate insurance premiums due to the fact that we still have the Jetta in our possession. This entire situation and fault fall on Volkswagen as we were perfectly happy with our Jetta and had no intention of purchasing another vehicle until this whole lawsuit came about. I am not certain if there is anything that we can legally do at this point but I am certainly going to be looking into it and speaking with attorneys. This situation has put a financial burden on us that was unnecessary if your sales person had been honest and forthright about the REAL amount of time it would take to complete the buyback program, instead of misinforming us in order to make another sale. To say the least I did not expect to be treated this way by a company that had already been punished for their underhanded way of doing business.


Cullen Herget November 16, 2016 at 3:01 pm

I own a 2012 VW Turbo Bug and 2 weeks ago with only 32 thousand miles on the vehicle the clutch gave out on the car … no signs of problems with the clutch prior to it happening .. even he morning it happened I got on highway drove about 20 minutes and parked car then when I left my destination I got on main road going thru 2 stop lights and clutch went out! I called dealership where we bought the car… after explaining the situation we were told have it towed to us Mike Razor in Lafayette Indiana and if it is the transmission it is covered but if not it won’t be covered. We went to pick car up they charged over 3,000 dollars with no explanation as to how it happened other than clutch was fried….. husband explained I am not a mechanic however I do all the service on our cars and I know if there
if issues with clutch it would have shown signs prior to this happening which was on a
Monday … he drove the car two times the Saturday before that 2 times and there was no problems at all. 2013 car with only 32,000 miles on it is not right and to top it off no explanation from service department or person that worked on the car so we could make sure in nine months from now we are not there again with their hand out for 3 thousand dollars!!!! Please advise!!!! asap!!!! we have owned 6 VW vehicles and this needs to be resolved.


Energilia Lopez August 24, 2016 at 7:21 am

Ref: Case# 160968255.

The reason for this letter is to vent my feelings towards your company and the way you handled my situation. On or about September 2014 I visited one of your dealers and I acquired a Volkswagen cc. I liked the fact that the car was certified and I was assured that they were inspected and that they were in an excellent condition. (I am using the were word because that night I left the dealer with two cars). The next day, my cc had to be towed to the dealer cause I the car broke down in the middle of a very busy street; it had to be towed. Two weeks later, again, the car was back in the dealer. The visits to the dealer has been very common with my cc . The warranty is about to expire and I am concern that this car may continue giving me trouble and I am going to be unprotected as the warranty is about to expire. I contacted Volkswagen hoping to find a hand that can help me with this cause this car is a lemon car due to the times it has been broken. However, the only remedy I received from your company is a 10% discoutn in a new car.
This offer resounded in my ears all night because I was expecting more from you, more respect toward your clients. This shows that you are only trying to make another sale. You forgot what I have gone thru with this car, that was supposed to be certified and in an excellent condition. This is very disappointing. I hope you can reconsider your offer and see if you can show some concern and care for some one that trusted you.

Thank you,


Gene Homan August 15, 2016 at 11:17 am

Request re diesel settlement:
My understanding is that the buyback will be a check. Please give us a choice of check or trade in allowance. Without the trade in we get a big sales tax payment.
Thanks for listening.


Antanette Copeland May 25, 2016 at 3:53 pm

I can not believe the nerve and the unethical practices of Jim Ellis Volkswagen, located at
5901 Peachtree Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30341, Phone:(770) 458-6811, general manager (Scott Johnson), service manager (Todd Mann) and service advisor (Scott Croston)! They’ve had my daughter’s 2013 VW cc in their service department for over a month and what’s worse is my GPS tracker I have installed on my car (which they didn’t know was there) has recorded my car being in locations outside the dealership during odd hours and non-business days! When I brought the issue to the general manager and the service manager and provided them with screenshots of every GPS location in question, they had the audacity to say, “Your GPS device is flawed”. No, their professional ethics are what’s flawed! Their reasoning for the GPS being flawed was they claim my car has only added 6 miles since its’ been at their dealership. My question to them was, “Don’t you think a skilled mechanic can change the mileage on a car?” They stated that couldn’t happen because there is no way they would be able to go in and make that type of change. So I called another VW service department and asked if the mileage can be changed on the make and model of my car. The mechanic stated that it’s illegal to do so, but it can be done. So if someone is dishonest enough to take a vehicle and misuse it for their personal use for several days, what makes you think they won’t change the mileage on a car?! And here’s the kicker: Since I brought this issue of my GPS tracker picking up suspicious activity, my car hasn’t moved from the dealership location one time! Hmmm, that’s peculiar. I spent 25 years serving my country in the U.S. Army and I know what right looks like! I don’t appreciate being taken advantage of or disrespected by anyone. Nor do I expect anyone to treat my property as such. I work hard for what I have and I expect to be treated with dignity and respect when conducting business, especially from such a reputable business! When and if I am not satisfied with the service I have received and I’ve exhausted all measures of remedying the problem to no avail, you leave me no choice but to come out fighting for my rights as a customer! This is step 1.


Ben Fulco April 26, 2016 at 11:03 am

Hey Guys, I need to wait 3 more months to find out about my TDI. I thought VW was going to get this issue resolved fast. The only thing you are doing by dragging your feet is making me not want another VW. At this point in my thoughts you have successfully made my mind up for me and I thank you for that.



Celestine Jones October 30, 2015 at 2:00 pm

I recently purchased a 2014 Volkswagen CC from Auto barn Volkswagen on Irving park road. I was told that it had under carriage damage and it was fixed. Mr. Jennings alleged it was fixed. Well I brought car In for strange loud noise when starting in first two weeks of purchasing. Service told me it was normal. So as a couple weeks passed I contacted Volkswagen back same result thats normal as they say. Now I’m back Talking with service now I have to pay. The motor is not attached now Volkswagen saying I did the damages. So I see representing that sold me the car(Mr. Jennings on 5300 w. Irving Park Road). Basically he’s like you are grown and there’s nothing we can do. I just purchased this Volkswagen CC 4 months ago barely. And I already have too pay for repairs. Sales representative never checked into service to see have I continually been in for repairs. Basically he said your grown figure it out. See you. …I’m upset cause when you were trying to sell it you were polite. Now you are disrespectful and degrading to a customer now since you sold the vehicle. I’m contacting corporate cause this is bad business to customers.


Peggy cooper/Kim Calvert October 9, 2015 at 4:35 pm

It’s now Friday and as usual no reply to my comment.


Peggy cooper/Kim Calvert October 5, 2015 at 7:26 pm

I’m so upset about the service my daughter has received from Hatfield Volkswagen Kim put her car in service depth to get the AC repaired be a use she was moving to FL after a month the a was not repaired and she had to have the car jumped three times and she ended up having it towed to another dealer Mark in the repair dept. Recommended . I called Mark and he assured me he would get back to me with an answer about what they would do to help Kim. No call until I called saying I was writing better business bureau. Mark said he was dealing with a dealership they owned in FL anyway it is a long story and I gave advised her to get an attorney. I would like to say we have had a BMW and this was my car which only had one owner that was my son. I really love Volkswagen and had one of the first beatles47 years ago. I feel Hatfield has given you Abad reputation. I hope you will help my daughter if it’s only to return her 3800.00. Thank you. Peggy


khrys September 24, 2015 at 1:46 pm

September 24, 2015
Paul Miller Volkswagen
118 Morristown Rd
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Dear Paul Miller Volkswagen,
I’m taking the time out of my busy day to write this to let Paul Miller Volkswagen how upset I am with salesman who assisted me.
I just recently purchased my first car a gorgeous 2012 CC sport here back in June of 2015, I drove 2 ½ hours away to get this car. I’m furious that the sales man helping me told me, my car can take regular unleaded gas, when it takes premium only. I was aware that the inside by the gas cap said premium only but that’s why I asked the salesman. Does it really need the premium gas?
The salesman knew I wanted a car that takes regular gas not premium, it would have been a deal breaker. (This is main reason why I chose a VW car instead of an Audi) I cannot afford to put premium gas in my car every week, I have an hour commute to work, don’t have a high paying salary job, that is why I wanted a car that takes regular. I’m so upset that someone who is supposed to help me buying a car, rather lie to me so I can by the car and mess the car up.
It really makes me think that it’s all about the money with your car salesman. I have a son that just turned two years old who drives with me every morning, what if something bad could have happened?!
I had to call Volkswagen in Mohegan Lake to find out it ONLY takes premium gas and that regular gas can be very harmful to my car and tell me in detail why I should only put premium gas in my car. I wish I would have went to the car dealership 15 minute vs the 2 ½ hours away who tells me false information.
Now I have two take off from work to bring my car to dealership to get checked out because the check engine light keeps coming on. The gentleman I spoke with over the phone from Mohegan Volkswagen said its most likely because I was putting regular gas in my car vs premium but to still bring it to make sure everything is okay.
So not only did Paul Miller Volkswagen not send me the registration with my license plate which was a major inconvenience but they also lie to their customers. I would not recommend Paul Miller Volkswagen to anybody ever! I don’t appreciate people being dishonest with me, especially because I’m making a pretty big purchase it’s not like I was buying a pair of shoes or a jacket.

Thank you so much Paul Miller Volkswagen!


Chris Stacy March 24, 2017 at 9:26 am

Has anyone had a reply from VW about your complaints or questions?


Charlene April 1, 2015 at 2:58 pm

I have a 2009 VW and the Power Steering lock up 2X took the car in to be fix they said the warranty was up so I had to pay. This should have never happen on 6 year car with 37,270 miles. I paid $1,772.33. I called VW Customer Care if this could be covered under a recall. NO! they said. I will NEVER BUY A VW AGAIN!!!!! Power Steering should not lock on 37,270 miles 6 year old car. This should ONLY happen on CARS that are over 50,000 miles. I had the Power Steering done on March 30th, 2015. Brandon Tampa FL. I am telling everyone not to buy a VW.


David Beck November 13, 2014 at 5:26 pm

I have wondering if your designers have thought about bringing back an up dated “Karmann Ghia” w/ AWD. I never had the honor of owning one, they were a very sporty looking car, and the rebuilt costoms are awesome. I think the new electric turbo dielsel would just the right engine.


Claudia Varias October 30, 2014 at 3:20 pm

In addition to my previous post I neglected to mention that
the right tear window has not worked since 2006. I did take it VW for recalls that they fixed but the window was not covered. Also wanted to add to the latest problems that the left side drivers headlight went out!!!
Totally fed up VW Passat owner


Claudia Varias October 30, 2014 at 2:50 pm

I bought a 2004 Passat new.This car has had nothing but problems since I purchased it.
Within 9 months the check engine light was going on. 2006 I was stranded on the highway in Connecticut when the warning light do not drive came on. It has an oil sludge promblem has been fixed twice 2006 and 2008. After that in 2013 the steering wheel was locking and had to have that fixed out of pocket. Of course other than the time in 2006 since it was no longer under warranty I have had to pay for all repairs.2014 the whole cover underneather the engine came off. The latest problem was October 25 while driving the stop engine check manual came on!!! It is now in the garage again. The sad part is it only has 35k miles on it.
I have a 1992 Volvo with 74k miles 22 years old and is 100% safer than my 10year old volkswagen. I have owned BMW, Mercedes all much more reliablevehicles with excellent customer service. Unlike Volkswagen who has no regard for their customers. I will never, ever buy a Volkswagen.This car is the biggest LEMON in the Volkswagen Basket.


STEVE September 6, 2014 at 12:33 am

I feel sorry for everybody here!
V.W. does not give a S— about the American market! plain an simple we are always 5 years behind Europe getting any products here, And VW is kissing Chinas ass right now!

All we American’s hear are promises, promises, promises but all we get are LIES, LIES, LIES from V.W.!!!!! SAD

Pissed off V.W. owner


Terri Davis February 14, 2017 at 10:34 pm

Yes I agree, my husband and I went to nashua today as we received an email from the business manager Caitlin and she called me back and said they were running all kinds of new programs for loyal customers and that she was positive that they could help us get out of our lease to lower our payments. Well everytime we try to its the same bull story from Steve the finance manager about my credit with this that and the other thing. My husband and I lit into them both today and told them we would never be back, I do not recommend the nashua new hampshire vw dealership at all, they are manipulating, and rude and discriminatory towards their customers. As soon as we can get out of our lease we will do it….DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM, THEY LIE LIE LIE AS WELL…


Xolile Dlepu August 13, 2014 at 10:27 am

My GTI Golf 6, 2009 model has been seating and collecting dust from 1 dealer(1.5 month in queenstown dealer) to another, now its been collecting dust at Baron Culemborg in Cape Town for 2 months.No one cares, the principal dealer, vwsa does not give a damn,they are privately owned dealers and so forth.How can there be no one who monitors these delears,they treat customers like shit or maybe its a racial thing, so disappointed.So let down by vw brand.Car came back after engine repairs with lose bolts, missing bolts, no gasket( white sealer used).Worst is the waste gate component that is missing from the turbocharger,and they want me to claim from my insurance for turbo charger cause chance are it was stolen when the car was with me and yet the car had to be in and out of a dealer as after the initial repairs it was given to me with a dead battery, had to drive over 700km’s on such conditions,was driving it in and out of a dealer without the waste gate.Poor workmanship, ignorance and incompetency.
vw is really doing me wrong, and this behaviour is not on and no one is helping.


Norman pompey July 23, 2014 at 8:53 pm

I bought a VW Eos it broke down the transmission went out and now VW has told me that after four attempts they can’t fix it and i am just shit out of luck they refuse to fix my car or help do anything for it they put it in their lot for over 60 days without putting the extra 20 pounds of air in my tires now I have flat spots in my tires and they refused to give me new tires VW has done me wrong and every aspect . The car also had prior problems with the transmission and they did not reveal that to me or Carfax or to me. This is my retirement car. And there are more things wrong with it i’m just hoping that someone at corporate will see this and wonder what’s going on with this car they have treated me bad with disrespect and I don’t think that’s right


William Koppelmann March 14, 2014 at 4:46 pm

My wife and kids were just sent back out of the Volkswagen dealership our Routan minivan that is extremely dangerous. The minivan has been brought into the dealership over a dozen times for various problems that cannot be fixed completely. Most recently the third time for ECU issues. The vehicle has been nothing but problems since it was purchased new less than 4 years ago. I can’t believe the dealership will send my wife and kids out in a dangerous car. I’m sure you would not your family to be put in this same situation. Very disappointed.


tracey July 26, 2016 at 1:38 am

Oh where to begin….I bought a 2009 VW Routan in 2013. 6 months later the transmission went out. The warranty company made it a nightmare getting another one. Which was a used one with 60,000 plus miles on it. The dealer had my van for 2 months because of the warrenty company looking for a transmission. A year later that transmission also went out. That time I took the money and bought one from a junk yard. It only had like 32,000 miles. Last August there was a recall on the ignition switch. The dealer changed it. But since then there have been numerous times when it willnot start. There is no rhyme or reasoning for it. I have had it at the dealer for 10 or so days with no luck. The van always started for them. Ive asked if they’d just change the ignition switch again. Who knows, maybe thats it. Since they’ve not had anyone else with the same issue they dont feel thats the problem. Ive bought a new battery and alternator in the same week, but no luck.. still has had times where it won’t start. Both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend I was stuck in the horrible heat waiting and praying that it would start. I think VW should do whatever necessary to resolve this no charge. I still have 2 years of payments on it.


Maat Marshal March 9, 2014 at 5:22 pm

At the end of your television commercials for Volkswagen, a voice announces “Volkswagen, Das Auto”.

Not only is that person’s voice is extremely irritating, using the German word for “Das” for “the” will turn off many prospective buyers given the horrendous history of Germany under the regime of Adolph Hitler and the millions of people slaughtered, not only Jews, which will never be forgotten.


Norman pompey July 23, 2014 at 10:10 pm

This is Norman Pompey even though the W is doing me wrong you need to get your facts straight did you know that Ford help VW develop their car


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