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Universal Studios Florida Corporate Office Address

Universal Orlando Resort, Inc.
1000 Universal Studios Plaza
Orlando, Florida 32819

Contact Universal Studios Florida

Phone Number: (407) 363-8000
Fax Number: (407) 224-3346
Website: https://www.universalorlando.com/Theme-Parks/Universal-Studios-Florida.aspx
Email: Email Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida Facts

Founder: Collaberation between Universal Studios and The Blackstone Group
Date Founded: 1990
Founding Location: Orlando, Florida
Number of Employees: 2500

Universal Studios Florida Executives

CEO: William A. Davis
CFO: Tracey L. Stockwell
COO: William Davis

Universal Studios Florida History

Universal Studios Globe Logo

Universal Studios Florida, sometimes called Universal Studios Orlando, was founded in 1982. Originally designed by the Universal Studios movie company to be an active working movie set and theme park, which would allow visitors to see how movies are made “behind the scenes.” However, in 1986, co-founder of the park, Steven Spielberg, believed that they could compete with Disney World if they designed a theme park from the ground up.

Universal Studios Florida Citywalk

The theme park officially opened in July of 1990. Universal Studios Florida designs roller coaster rides, water rides, and animated fantasy rides mostly based on popular movies from their own library, however, they are not above using licensed characters from other studios such as Men in Black and The Simpsons.

Universal Studios Florida Entrance In February 2019, leaked documents showed that Universal intended to copy one of Disney’s most profitable theme’s- Mario Kart or Super Mario World.

A family from Guatemala sued Universal in 2018 for having warning signs only posted in English after the father had a heart attack on the Skull Island Adventure ride in 2016.

Universal Studios Florida, like the one in Hollywood, is owned by NBC Universal Company. The theme park is the 8th most visited park in the US and the 16th most visited park in the world, with 7.06 million guests in 2013.

Universal Studios Florida Sign

Universal Studios Florida FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Universal Studios Florida?
Answer 1: The phone number for Universal Studios Florida is (407) 363-8000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Universal Studios Florida?
Answer 2: The CEO of Universal Studios Florida is William A. Davis.

Question 3: Who founded Universal Studios Florida?
Answer 3: Universal Studios Florida was founded by Collaberation between Universal Studios and The Blackstone Group in 1990.

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Richard L Hoefer October 24, 2019 at 2:24 pm

Mr. Bert Perez,
I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1.5 months working for you and with your fine IOPs Team at Universal Studios Orlando. Thank you for making sure I had the tools needed to perform for the position.
I do however need an explanation either from you explaining why, with no warning at all, my contract was terminated on Thursday evening by you with only short telephone call to my ISGF boss and without any valid explanation as to why my contract was cancelled. You should have given me a heads up in your office on Thursday when we met for a short discussion concerning my P801 project. That’s how professionals do business and I am a professional.
I have worked over 40 years in major corporations, government agencies, the military, and small LLC companies as a leader and highly valued employee. I have never been fired or asked to resign by any company nor have I ever been treated in this un-professional manner.
I provided Universal Studios many business references, and had a background investigation. I have a Government Top Secret Clearance, my salary was over $140K per year with full benefits at my last position in DC. I have received numerous government and civilian Superior Performance Awards (can be provided), the Army Meritorious Achievement Medal, the National Defense Medal, (2) Navy Achievement Medals, the Viet Nam Service Medal, the Desert Storm Service Medal, Navy Flight Crew Wings, and four Good Conduct Medals from both the Army and Navy. I have and Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, and a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems Management.
In the few short conversations we had lasting more than 5 min (less than 5 total) there has never been any indication that I needed in any way to make corrections to my work, work ethic, project reporting, personality, appearance, dress, work hours, knowledge base, or any other employment criteria typically required in a position. I have been invited to only four (outside the IOPs’ group) meetings concerning my assigned B6 and P801 projects. I used the meetings to learn from others and I only answered IOPS telecommunications standards questions. I have answered all email requests as I receive them. I have kept my two Project PM’s up to date at all times on my assigned B6 and P801 project progress and needs. I was never informed by yourself or the PM’s that my individual project time needed to be reported to the PM’s on their special link. I did however when informed (Wednesday last week), report the time to you and the PM’s as a ROM on Thursday. My IOPs’ man-hours were recorded and sent to both yourself and ISGF on a weekly basis as required. All Universal personnel I met with were very nice and at no time was anything ever said to them by myself which would have reflected any discredit to IOPs or the IOPs’ team. I did the very best job possible to follow all the IOPs’ rules and Standards, and to perform within my job description, considering that I was left alone many hours to fend for myself as my team mates were very engaged. This has been a norm for my entire career as I have always been a self-starter. I worked daily to learn the Universal Studios system, including the IOPs’ Standards and procedures, the park layout, IOPs’ venders, and drawing software, etc. Since I was employed in a non-supervisory role where I was very aware my Chief Warrant Officer, and Sr. Project/Program Management past were not required and I was to perform in more of a SME and Designer role. My position at Universal was a fantastic fit for me.
I did everything I was asked to do always considering that the department is still in the process of building the team, creating team rolls, IOPs’ infrastructure standards, and IOPs’ Department business relationships.
I am a father of four beautiful daughters, have eight grandchildren, in excellent health, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink, I am honest, I am trustworthy, I have integrity, and have two Honorable Discharges after 17 years (7) US Army Reserves and (10) Active Duty US Navy.
In conclusion I believe any employer would be glad and have been glad to have me in their service and I have always a been value add. I thought Universal Studios Orlando would be a great place to finish up my career. I in no way deserved to be treated so poorly and un-professionally by letting me go at night after work without my knowledge and no explanation as to where I may have failed you. I deserved at least the opportunity to be face to face with the person who had a problem with my job performance. I refuse to believe this is Universal Studios Employee and or Sub-Contractor Treatment Standard. I have more than paid my dues. No employer or person has the right to treat anyone in this manner.

Richard L Hoefer


Evelyn M Haungs September 17, 2019 at 9:00 pm



Evelyn M Haungs September 17, 2019 at 8:58 pm

We have tickets for Universal Studios including Halloween Horror Nights at Endless Summer Resort. We got talked into Endless Summer but a room for 4 people with only one bath is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!


Billy Kidwell September 13, 2019 at 11:44 am

I need the address for the headquarters for Universal Parks & Resorts, and for Thomas L. Williams the Chairman and CEO. This information is supposed to be public but I can’t find it anywhere.

I am a 100% Disabled Veteran that needs a walker to walk. I received 100% VA Service-Connected Disability for my combat injuries, and therefore must live on a fixed income. I can only afford taking my family to Universal about once every ten years.

Nearly a year ago on November 30, 2018 to December 3, 2018 I booked 4 days at Sapphire Falls Resort for me, my wife Tana, and daughter Hannah Kidwell, and made them informed I am disabled and use a walker. They were kind and gave us a room close to the Water Taxi. I asked how the handicapped get to the parks and found that there are a number of American with Disability Act Violations that caused me substantial problems.

The Sapphire Falls Hotel doesn’t rent electric wheelchairs, and I can’t take my walker on the water taxi because I have to rent the electric wheelchair in the Universal Parks. The parks don’t let you store your walker where you rent the electric wheelchairs, and the Universal Parks won’t let you take the electric wheelchair to the water taxi.

I bought a Military 4 day Universal Park Ticket for me, my wife, and my daughter.

First I had to have my daughter help me walk to the water taxi area at Sapphire Falls. In the security area there was no chair for the disabled and I can’t stand waiting for the water taxi so we waited 2 hours as each time a water taxi came a crowd of people jumped in front of us at the water taxi because we couldn’t wait in the secure area.

The secure area at Sapphire falls NEEDS an ADA seat, or two to be ADA compliant so the disabled have the same access to the secure area of the water taxi the non-disabled do.

When I got off the water taxi at City walk to go to the parks there were no wheelchairs at the water taxi and my family tried to help me climb up the massive hill from the water taxi to the city walk. I fell a couple of time skinning my legs.

When we got to Old Universal Park there was no wheelchairs at the park entry and no place to sit and rest on the way to the Park Wheelchair rental. After falling down climbing the steep Water Taxi Hill and being helped about a male to the Universal Park entry my heart was hurting, I was dizzy, short on breath, and about ready to pass out. I asked where customer relations was and it was far from the park entry with no seats from the park entry to the Customer Relations Office.

My daughter helped me try to make it to customer relations as I was nearly passing out from the lack of disability accommodations at Universal.

When we got to customer relations there was a long slow line outside so my daughter went inside and told them I was ready to pass out, having heart pains, dizziness, and shortness of breath., and she explained I was to sick, and disabled to stand and needed a chair.

Customer service told my daughter they didn’t have any chairs and that I had to wait outside in the hot sun with precancer sores on my head from Agent Orange, an injuried back, my left side, and left leg numb from scrap metal in Vietnam, and while passing out from Heart Failure.

I started falling and my daughter and wife tried to get me inside but I couldn’t stand no more and passed out hitting the floor inside, injuring my head, and elbows when I hit the very hard floor.

I lay on the floor with the room spinning very fast, unable to catch my breath, while it felt like a truck was on my chest. Universal Employees ran from behind the counter and they now offered a chair but I was too dizzy to get on it, or to breathe, and I told them I had to lay still on the floor for a while.

While I was on the floor at Universal Customer Relations in the old Universal Park, Universal Customer Service had my wife and daughter fill out some forms, and after a while I calmed down as the room stopped spinning, however I now was real sick to my stomach, as Universal Employees helped me get in the chair.

After a long time they said they were going to treat me to a free Electric Wheelchair rental. We spent about two or three hours at the park because I didn’t want to ruin my wife and daughter’s once in ten years vacation but I then needed to get back to the hotel to lay down and rest because of how sick Universal made me.

The electric wheelchair was defective and kept locking up on turns. I complained and Universal said all the wheelchairs were defective on turns, and could lock up.

We had to check in the electric wheelchair but Universal said they had no way for me to travel the mile or so to get to the water taxi, so again I got sick, and had to sit on the ground several times, as my wife and daughter tried to almost carry me from the Universal Wheel Chair Rental to the Water Taxi. I threw up a couple of time because there was no accommodations for the disabled to make it from the Wheelchair rental to the water taxi.

The next day I was sick but I didn’t want to spoil my families vacation, and I had already paid for 4 day Military Tickets, so I told them I’d try to make it to the new Universal Park Islands of Adventure for a couple of hours.

Again it was the same hell with no disability accommodations however the Islands of Adventure did have places to sit around trees on the way to the Customer Service Office.

I rented a wheelchair and my daughter later went to a game room. The steering on the wheelchair at this park locked up and hit a small girl in the game room, scraping, and cutting her leg, and ran me into a large glass game machine. If the glass had broke I would’ve been cut all over.

My wife and daughter and a game room employee kept jerking trying to get the locked steering to work long enough for me to get the wheelchair back to the Universal Wheelchair rental. When we got the wheelchair to steer I took it outside to a clear area away from people and had my daughter video the wheelchair and how it locked up on turns. I have the video as evidence.

The game room employee said he used to work repairing electric wheelchairs and he said the problem was caused by rubber grommets on the electric wheel chair steering tie rod being worn out or missing, and he showed it to me, my wife, and daughter, and I had my daughter film to missing, and defective rubber grommet(s).

I complained at the Islands of Adventure Wheel Chair rental and they said they don’t remember the electric wheel chairs ever being serviced. Islands of adventure did loan us a manual wheel chair for my wife to get me to the water taxi, and then my wife and daughter had to walk to wheelchair all the way back to the park.

I was so sick the rest of my stay I didn’t even use the last two days of my Military 4 day Universal Parks Ticket.

Customer service at Universal PROMISED that management with Universal would contact us. They never did.

The ADA Violations destroyed my daughter’s birthday and our 4 day Universal Vacation. I paid for 4 days at the Sapphire Falls Hotel near the Water Taxi, 4 days parking, 4 days with park jumper for Universal, drove to Orlando, and was cheated out of all that because of the lack of accommodations for the disabled.

Years ago I took my family to the Hard Rock and they rented electric wheelchairs at the Hard Rock Hotel so I could get to the water taxi and parks. Now it is impossible for someone really disabled to visit the Universal Parks. I have been sickly ever since my heart problems at your customer relations, which could have been avoided if there were wheel chairs available, and places for the disabled to sit. Wanting the disabled to walk a mile, or more, to rent a wheelchair is crazy.

I am done waiting. Please provide me with the Corporate address for CEO Thomas L. Williams.

I am going to give him one chance to make Universal ADA Compliant, to pay me for my losses, and provide a 4 day vacation for my family, after Universal destroyed the vacation I paid, for.

If he doesn’t I’ll get the best attorneys I can find on the internet to file suit and make your parks ADA Accessible to the Disabled Military, to pay all damages, INCLUDING damages for passing out, injuring my head, having heart problems, and the torture of having Disabled Veterans with a numb side, and leg from combat have to walk over a mile to get a wheelchair.


Billy Kidwell


Billy Kidwell September 18, 2019 at 1:49 pm

I guess Universal doesn’t consider Disabled Highly Decorated Combat Veterans important enough to reply to, or important enough to provide Honest Services to.

I’ll be posting some videos on YouTube and writing Veterans Organizations to let them know how filthy America’s Disabled Combat Veterans are treated by Universal.

I looked up and saw the CEO of Universal made Forty-Six Million Dollars ($46,000,000.00) last year. This year it will probabily reach a million dollars a week.

I guess that greedy low-life can’t afford to return the $1,500 it cost me for my family’s Universal trip where he injured me causing me to spend the vacation in the hotel room, or sitting at Universal City Walk at a table drinking coffee, missing my wife and daughter, as they went to the parks.

I don’t want Universal, or their CEO, to go broke by asking them to maintain their rotten dangerous Electric Wheel Chairs that have the rubber gomnets missing on their steering rods from a lack of maintance.

The CEO of Universal STOLE three months of my small fixed income Military Pay, which to him is about as much as he makes in ten minutes.

I hope the News Media will expose how rotten Universal is.


Anthony W. Schulz September 6, 2019 at 12:30 am

My initial email:

Hi. How are you? I was hoping that you could please help me with something? Our family (6 total) was in Orlando on vacation from 8/6/19 through 8/13/19. More specifically we stayed at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Which as you know is on the grounds of the Universal Resort itself. Each day we visited a different park. On 8/12/19 we visited the water park Volcano Bay. That day we purchased Express Passes as well, which as you well know our very expensive. We also purchased (2) premium seating packages. We paid over $300 for those two packages. There were lock boxes in both of the premium seating areas. The lock boxes in both premium seating areas did not lock as promised with the use of the “Tapu Tapu’s”. We had a lot of valuables with us that day that we needed to be locked up. Items such as multiple I phones, multiple I watches, money, jewelry, wallets, etc. etc. We of course immediately notified the employees of the premium seating area of this problem. (3) different employees all tried unsuccessfully to get the boxes to lock. The employees then called for a manager to come over and assist them. He too, could not get the boxes to lock. The manager then left and came back a half hour later and said that he did not know how to fix the problem. Please keep in mind that our whole family was standing there this whole time which took approximately (1) hour. That of course was an hour of time that we all lost to enjoy and explore the park. Our children then went on their way to try enjoy the park. On the other hand my wife an I stayed in the wave pool, which of course in close to the premium seating area. The entire time that my wife and I were in the wave pool, we were constantly looking back at our premium seats to make sure that no one would steal all of our very expensive valuables. We could not enjoy ourselves whatsoever. As a matter of fact, because of the lock box issue we did not get enjoy and or explore the rest of the entire park. We just stayed in the wave pool the entire time.

I have another issue that I would like to discuss with you as well. One of my daughter’s “Tapu Tapu’s” stopped working on (3) different occasions. Each time she had to walk all the way to a customer service hut, and attempt to resolve the problem. Each time that she went to the customer service hut she had to wait in line for approximately 30 minutes. The employees in the customer service hut (a manager included), all said that they did not know why this kept happening, and to come back if it happens a 4th time. Please keep in mind that her (3) sisters were standing there with her each of these times. That was a total of an hour and a half of time that was lost that they all could have been enjoying and exploring the park. They of course all rode the same rides together. So between the lock box problem and the “Tapu Tapu” problem, that was approximately a total of two and a half hours of time lost that they all could of been enjoying and exploring the park. Not to mention the great amount of time that my wife and I were stuck in the wave pool watching our premium seating packages the entire time.

There is one last issue that I would like discuss with you. In the late afternoon / early afternoon hours of that day we order some food and drink to be delivered to the premium seating area for the whole family. No sooner than we placed the order, an order was give over the loud speaker system that a bad thunderstorm was quickly approaching, and that we all had to seek cover some where. I immediately asked the server / waitress to please cancel our order due to the announcement that was just made, and the approaching thunder storm. She told us that she could not cancel our order. Please keep in mind that not even 5 minutes had passed from the time that we ordered our food and drink. Because of the quickly approaching thunder storm our family quickly began to pack up all of our belongings. Before we were all finished packing up our belonging, the server / waitress brought us our food and drink. And as luck would have it, it started to rain. So our family sat there in the pouring rain and quickly tried to eat our food. Let me tell you it was not a pleasant experience. It was at that time that we as a family all decided that after having so many problems at the park, that we would all just go back to the hotel and call it a day.

To say that our visit to Volcano Bay that day was very big disappointment, would be a huge understatement. We all had heard nothing but great things about Volcano Bay. We were all extremely excited to be going to Volcano Bay that day to enjoy ourselves and have fun. Due to the above mentioned reasons this of course did not happen. We all left Volcano Bay that day extremely disappointed, frustrated, and sad. We spent a lot of money that day at Volcano Bay. We of course spent a lot of money to get into Volcano Bay. We spent a lot of money on express passes. We spent a lot of money on the premium seating packages. And last but not least, we spent a lot of money on the food and drink as well.

Can we please be compensated for all of the above mentioned problems. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Anthony W. Schulz

Chicago, Illinois 60638
cpd007aws@ aol.com (preferred means of communication please)

The first response I received:

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for contacting Universal Orlando Resort and sharing your concerns.

On behalf of our entire Team, I apologize that your recent visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park failed to meet your expectations due to the difficulties with premium seating, the Tapu Tapu Wearables, inclement weather, and your food order. We would never intentionally inconvenience our Guests and it is disheartening to learn of the negative impression this has left you with.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park has been designed to include some of our most technologically advanced features, such as the Tapu Tapu Wearables. These devices are meant to provide a seamless, more enjoyable experience but like any technology can experience technical difficulties from time to time. I sincerely regret that your family spent much of their time attempting to address these issues rather than enjoy our park. I can certainly understand how this would be frustrating. All of your feedback has been formally documented as a complaint to be shared with the appropriate management teams. In doing so, they will have an opportunity to review your concerns and take any needed internal corrective action. By sharing your experience, you have allowed us an opportunity to look into the areas of our operation that may be lacking and improve our overall Guest experience.

I also apologize that you were not able to enjoy a delicious meal during your visit to the park. While inclement weather is out of our ability to control, I can imagine that no one wants to eat in the rain. I would like to further assist you and ensure that you have a more positive experience on a future visit. In order for me to do so, additional information is needed. Please respond to this email with a photo of your tickets so I may further review your case. For you records, your reference number is GC1390144.

Again, thank you for contacting us. I hope to hear from you again soon.

Best Regards,
Coordinator | Guest Communication
Universal Orlando Resort

My second email:

Hi Stephanie. How are you? I hope that all is well. Thank you for responding to my email. Attached to this email you will find the following;

(1) A copy of my bank statement showing the purchase of (6) 3-Park 4-Day PTP Adult SC tickets.

(2) A copy of (2) of the (6) 3-Park 4-Day PTP Adult SC tickets. Two of my daughters just happened to save theirs as mementos

(3) A copy of my bank statement showing the purchase of the (2) Premium Seating Packages.

(4) A copy of my bank statement showing the purchase of the Express Passes and the food that we purchased.

Like I said in my prior email, anything that you can do to compensate us for the terrible day that all of us had at Volcano Bay that day would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

Anthony W. Schulz

Chgo., Ill. 60638
Cell# 773-805-XXXX
Email – cpd007aws@ aol.com (Preferred means of communication please.
Reference# – GC1390144

Second response:

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for your continued correspondence.

I have received your recent email and reviewed your case. I would like to offer you six (6) 1- Day Volcano Bay Tickets for a future visit. For your records, a new case file number has been started under case number GC1395340. If you would like to accept this offer please reply to this email or contact me via telephone at (407) 224 – 4233, option four (4). This offer never expires and can be collected at any time from any Guest Services location at Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Best Regards,

Coordinator|Guest Communication
Universal Orlando Resort

My third email:

Hi Ashley. How are you? I hope that all is well, and that you are safe from the hurricane. Thank you for responding to my last email. I appreciate your offer of six (6) 1- Day Volcano Bay Tickets for a future visit. The problem with that is we do not plan on vacationing in Florida anytime soon in the near future. I’m looking on line as I’m typing this email, and I see that a 1-Day Volcano Bay Ticket currently costs $80. Based on that price, your offer of six (6) 1- Day Volcano Bay Tickets would cost $480 (not including taxes). It would be greatly appreciated if you would reimburse us the $480 (the cost of the six (6) 1- Day Volcano Bay Tickets). I really don’t think that is to much to ask for. As you can see on the bank statements that I sent you, we spent several thousands of dollars while we were vacationing at Universal Orlando Resort (including airfare of course). I look forward to your response. Thank you.

Anthony W. Schulz

Chgo., Ill. 60638
Cell# 1-773-805-XXXX
Email: cpd007aws@ aol.com (preferred method of communication please)

Third response:

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for contacting Universal Orlando Resort Guest Services.

I sincerely apologize; however our tickets are non-refundable. At this time, we would be unable to offer a refund. The tickets Ashley offered have no value as they are courtesy tickets from Guest Services. We would not be able to refund $80.00 per ticket. Any offer you accept through our team will never expire, and can be used as far out as needed. Ashley’s offer still stands if you wish to accept. I hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (407) 224-4233, option four (4).

Again, thank you for contacting us.

Best Regards,

Coordinator|Guest Communication
Universal Orlando Resort

I have to be honest. I was to upset to respond to that last email. I am hoping and praying that someone in the corporate office reads this and does the right thing. I also will be sending a formal letter to the following people as well;

Universal Studios Florida Executives
CEO: William A. Davis
CFO: Tracey L. Stockwell
COO: William Davis


Theresa Jarski May 14, 2019 at 7:23 pm

please can someone get back to me. I was just at universal on Monday May 6,2019. My family had to save for a few years in order to go. we all have average jobs and can’t afford to just go there. What was suppose to be a family trip turned into a nightmare. the tickets cost $170 for both parks and I believe $165 for children 3 and up.. it cost us a total of 1,175 Not cheap. Well my 2 younger grand children 3 and 5 could not go on hardly anything. the 3 year old only went on 3 rides after time and time again being turned away. He had so many melt downs cause he couldn’t ride anything. Not to ruin everyone’s day I ended up going from store to store and spent my time on line to see the characters. Spending money in most of the stores to keep him happy and buying countless numbers of photos to keep him busy. We all ended up leaving early due to the fact that it was just to much aggravation. I was so disappointed I didn’t get to go on any of the rides and spent way more money then I anticipated. Ifeel that you should have a better system and not charge for children under 40 inches tall. It is a shame I was so excited to go and see the harry potter stuff and never even got to see any of it. all that money to walk around in the hot sun and not even get to enjoy anything. I just think it is very sad. My family would of waited another year till the kids were a little taller to go. I just think it was a shame. It is not like we have the money to go all the time or even every few years it was just not what I expected.. please get back to me and thanks for your time.


Tija Martin April 14, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Sent 2019-04-14 12:38:10.000:

I ordered a package online for a 6 night stay at the cocoa key resort starting 3/22/19- 3-28-19 also bought 4 of the four day park passes. We drove all the way from michigan in a car with 2 adult and 2 kids to Florida. We reached the hotel around 630 pm. I went to check in and am told the 1850 i had already paid there was another 250.00 in fees and it still wouldnt include parking nor would it include breakfast. So I am told to call universal studio and see what they can do to place us else where. Well I questioned about a refund because they stated there were no openeings due to it being spring break. Than they told me if I did the refund it would take 3-5 weeks.so so I said I cant do that I spent almost all money on this trip we wont have anywhere to go. So I said I guess ill just eat the fees thank you for your time. I go into re check in and pay the 250.00 at coco key resort and am told me reservations were canceled, that we had no where to stay or go. With 2 kids. So we battled and sat in the car for management to find us a room for one night. But still offered all passes for four days. We reserved 6 days not 1. It was 1130pm 40 hours being stuck in the car to be told they finally found us a room but check out was 11am. The manager was nice she said its not fair for the kids not to be able to go to the park at least for one day so she gave us 1 out 4 days to go to the park. She also gave us gift cards out of the refund we were being returned. The hotel for the one night because of someone elses mistake was also taken out of my refund. This was 3/22/19 when the rest of the refund of 915 was suppose to be refunded back to me. I was told it would take no more than 7 days by management than at the end of conversation she stated she was going to have the financial lady expedite our refund so we will get it faster on my debit card. It is now 4/14/19 and have not recieved a dime. I know it does not take that long for a refund that is basically a cash refund. Funny orlando could take money immediately but cant give it back. Universal studios you dont understand the mental exhaustion you have caused us and the vacation that was ruined and had to disappoint the kids and drive another 26 hrs home. We called 4/3/19 and talked with another employee and he stated that wr should have that money at the latest today but he is pretty sure it would not take that long it would come in before that. Well I still have not recieved my refund this is horrible and never have I been treated this way. Cocoa keys sgould have been made to drop theae extra charges that they did not warn us about until after is was paid for and in little fine print with paperwork we had to print out. But cocoa keys said it was up to universal studios to approve that, than universal Studios tells me and my husband they cant approve that its up to the hotel. This was a total nightmare and will never waste our money on this place again. I am also writting corporate in reguards to this horrible trip and the fact that I still have yet to recieve my refund and we are in the 4th week now.


Blanca Reyes February 15, 2019 at 4:39 pm

I am from Austin, Texas and taking a trip to Orlando on March 15, 2019. On February 14, 2019, I bought tickets online for Hollywood Studios through Expedia intending to book them for March 16, 2019. I accidentally bought tickets for February 16, 2019. I immediately realized the mistake and was not able to go back and correct the date.

I called Expedia. It took about 5 minutes to get in touch with representative. The representative said they would escalate and would get back with me within 2hrs. I called Expedia again 3hrs later. They told me they have no means of contacting Universal Studios. Their only option was an email. They escalated and would get back with me.
I received an email from Expedia on February 15, 2019 stating they advocated my case with Universal Studios Orlando US but due to their policy regarding changes, they have denied my request to change the date. My reservation is non-refundable and they do not have a cancel or change policy. So now my credit card will be charged $862.62 for tickets I will not be able to use . I am a single mom. This is heartless. Where is the integrity in this. Isn’t integrity in your mission statement?


Stephany Gustavson September 13, 2018 at 3:48 pm

Attn: Karen Irwin and any other staff that is directly involved with ticket/annual pass sales.

In previous years with Universal if you had a premier pass and if the pass holder did not want/or was unable to go to HHN the ticket could be transferred over to another person. HHN is part of the premier services that you get when you purchase that annual pass. In my case, I have a child that does not like HHN and does not want to go. I should be able to use that 1 night pass for anyone since it is a part of the package that I paid for. Now I will have to pay for my significant other to go to HHN when I have a perfectly good ticket to use? It just seems that more and more the parks are not thinking about their customers but thinking of more ways to limited their experience and take more money. Not a happy customer. It is not like I want someone else to use her pass to get into the park, I just want to be able to use the HHN that she will not use. Thank you.


dora daly August 29, 2018 at 5:32 pm

I would like to get a call or and email from the CEO Mr. William Davis . I would really like to let him know how horrible his staff is and how sad customers get treated by the so called supervisors . I don’t think anyone should feel as a criminal nor as for giving your experience that you expect something for free. As it is customers spend a lot of money at your parks and bo need to be treated so bad. I’m really so disgusted of the treatment I have received today by your customer service supervisor called Ashley.


Flor de Lis Vela May 14, 2018 at 11:21 am

Breach in the security of the guest’s information at Universal Cabana Bay Beach resort.
I stayed with my family at the Cabana bay resort this past weekend, May 11-13) at room 3136. I was at the park on Friday when my friend arrived and for her to do the check in they asked her for a cc, which she provided and told them I was going to do a change to my credit card since the reservation was under my name and I was the one inviting for my daughter’s birthday. Saturday we went Volcano, and then we order food to the room. Around 8:45 p.m. and 9:00p.m. we were going to pick up a slice of cake the hotel gave to her (for her birthday) and to the lobby to change the card info and review the details to check out. Right when I was leaving a woman call the room, and it was very insisting that they need to the change payment method right there over the phone, when I said I was on my way there, she insisted that there were to many check ins at the time and they couldn’t handle my request at the lobby, so we gave her my husband’s the credit card info, because she knew my name, she knew I need to change the credit card and the call was to the internal phone at the room. I even gave a couple of American express gift cards to apply on the account.
We still head out to the restaurant to pick up the cake and when we passed the lobby the check in line was empty. So I stopped by and told one the reps what happened and he said, I don’t see any changes yet done here, but probably they will enter the information later we will leave the checkout receipt at the room tomorrow.
Next morning, we didn’t receive the checkout papers, so we went back to the lobby and the lady told us, for your security and ours no information should be given over the phone, but gave me the time and we will trace the call, so she when back and spoke to the manager. She came back I gave her the two American express gift cards and she was able to apply them, and I decided to pay with my credit card the balance instead of my husband, just to be sure we could monitor his card transactions. When we got back home in the afternoon my husband checks his account and there was an unauthorized charge in his credit card, so we immediately call the back and cancel his credit card.
Please investigate as it looks like you have breach in the security of the guest’s information. The person who called knew my name, my room number and that I have a change payment method note in my account. I hope that will take the necessary measurements to ensure the protection of your guest information.


Jashi February 9, 2018 at 1:27 pm

I have been a member with Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure “Preferred Annual Pass” for 16+ years, I even have the plastic card with my picture on it, that’s how long I go back. Last year I had some financial difficulty and could not renew my pass due to having a new baby and would have loved to join again but unfortunately as I spoke to a manager today, her name Lychristian she stated well I can renew your pass but it will only be good till 3/28/18.(Why would I pay for annual passes that will go only till next month?) She was very cold and just did not care to help. Instead of honoring a loyal customer who has paid 16+ years for myself and for my family members she honesty did not care if I did not come back. Is this how you treat loyal customers? Did she even look up my household? There was 5 family members! not including another 3 that was not in the same household. Estimated loss in total $2,240.00. Very displeased and sad.


Raven Maske October 21, 2017 at 8:24 am

My experience at universal Halloween Horror Nights on 10/20/17 was beyond horrible. Everything was ok until our express passes stoped working. We went on 3 rides before we got to the scarecrow house. We went to scan them and they said that they were duplicate barcodes. She then pulled is to the side and made us feel like we did something wrong. She called someone else over she made a few calls and physically took our passes. Told us to take a picture of them and told us to go to guest services. We started to go to guest services and stopped at a kiosk to see if they could help. They proceeded to tell us there was nothing to do because they could only see one purchase. We had 4 passes with 4 different names but duplicate barcodes. They were rude and said we need to go to guest services. We then proceeded to guest services and waited 2 hours in line. When we got to the front Teresa helped us. We explained our situation and she took our information. She then went and started having a conversation with a group of white teens she was happy and talkative with them but when she came back to us she was rude and dull. We are black. I then proceeded to ask for a refund for my pass and my admission ticket she then started ignoring the fact that we wanted a refund for our tickets. After I told her I wasn’t coming back next year she said since we were in the park longer than 30 minutes we can’t get a refund until the incident with our passes napped everything was ok but everything started happening and people were very rude and didn’t treat us like a valued customer . I also felt like we were judged because we were black like we wrongfully purchased our tickets. My very first experience at universal was horrible and I will not be returning ever again. Customer service is horrible. Guest services is slow. Teresa and everyone we encountered was rude.


Stacey F August 28, 2017 at 5:03 pm

Complaint against security at Universal Studios. Tony. I was assaulted at the park by a man who hit me in the chest after I accidentally knocked into his girlfriend. I made a complaint to the manager Joey and asked for the security team to remediate the situation. After 30mins of nothing being done, and this man allowed to finish his lunch, they allowed him to leave. The security manager Tony, became belligerent and banned my cousin from the park for asking the manager Joey why nothing had been done. I have videos and will be taking the necessary steps to have this situation dealt with, as employees are incompetent when handing incidents of assault.


Christine Jankowski August 22, 2017 at 2:40 pm

Dear Mr. Davis:
I have filed a formal complaint with Customer Service but after emails being exchanged back and forth and nothing has been resolved I think it is time to deal with someone else. My first issue and most important and wanted to bring it to Universal Studios attention is my debit card was hacked at Volcano Bay. The reason I know this is I only used that card once in 5 days of being in Universal and that is because the locker machine I was trying to use would not take my card. I wanted to discuss this issue with someone ASAP so it didn’t happen to other patrons but Customer Service was way more concerned with getting copies of my tickets. I sent them copies of my receipts for the tickets and my stay at Cabana Bay, as I did not keep my paper tickets because I had used them for 5 days and threw them away at end of the stay as they were in pretty bad shape. Needless to say the receipts would not do and would not talk to me until they had copies of the actual tickets. No communication from them until they had this, so here I am. I have a few other unpleasant issues I wanted to discuss too and will not get it to that now but was hoping to speak to someone. Suffice to say I am not at all pleased with Customer Service at Universal Studios.


Pranay April 29, 2017 at 6:09 pm

What can I say about the idiotic guest service at Universal Orlando. They screwed our annual pass when we went to upgrade it . So they said come in to collect your card and we will pay your parking as you won’t have the pass with you. Next day the card is not ready and they paid the parking . 3 weeks later I come back to collect my card . And they waisted 2 hours saying how they cannot pay my parking since I was not carrying my card , how could I carry the card which they took away from me since they screwed it . Waisted 2 hours for nothing . That is how they treat the guests


G. Best April 18, 2017 at 10:13 am

On April 14, 2017 my husband and I check in Sappfire Falls in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida
Our awesome experience started as soon as the valet gentleman open the door of the vehicle. As we walk inside the resort to check in was an awesome hospitality. 😊 I made our reservation through Expedia vacation package for 6 days. Unfortunately, there was a mishaps where Expedia cancel our reservation for unknown reasons. Mr Nick Scott accommodated us beyond measures and he stated “customer statisfaction was imperative”. 😊We told him his entire staff was AWESOME. We enjoy our stay at Sappfire Falls it was so surreal and will return in the future.😊


Nikki Serafin March 31, 2017 at 1:54 pm

guest Services has ruined my vacatiuon and it is not even until June. he inputted my email incorrectly. I made the reservation on march 29th over the phone … $3200 for 4 days. so i call today to retrieve the reservation that is not showing up in my account and never received the email. so they correct the information on the reservation. however cannot transfer the reservation to my account and could not help me. and told me i had to call in everytime i wanted to make a change or add anything to my reservation which is completely unacceptable being that they got it wrong in the first place. wasted an hour of my friday on the phone. thought she transferred me to an IT person to help and here it was just a supervisor acting as an IT who I shared my email address and password for all my personal accounts that I have so now i have to change all my personal accounts. meanwhile they could not transfer the reservation even after trying to make a new account. so i said i will just cancel and rebook and they proceed to tell me that my $3200 paid in full for a reservation in June will not be returned for 3- 5 weeks. this is completely unacceptable. ridiculous that this is the way this was handled. and she got upset that i swore . boohoo. like the customer is not allowed to be frustrated for their incompetence who did not do their job correctly to begin with and wanting me to help them fix their error. i sat there patiently waiting and nothing was corrected and she hung up on me. i want my reservation canceled and my funds returned immediately or I am calling my American Express to deny the charge and put a claim in. and then i may sue your a**es!!!


Gloria M Kennerley March 30, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Attn: CEO Mr William Davis
Apart from the reported complain I made yesterday (3/29/2017) in person at Universal Guest Services, i would like to follow up an additional disappointment right at the start of our trip. We bought 3 annual passes for my family. The first day went well. Our 2nd day visit started very awkward and thought I will leave it and have fun but having two issues of two separate employees is not tolerable. On our 2nd day (3/29/2017)and basically our last day as we drive back to FLL, the parking entrance cashier / toll made unnecessary comment. When he asks our annual magnetic pass, we showed him its displayed on the dashboard but having two more spares, the male cashier took another one and said he will place it at the backside of the car. Then when he return to his post, I said, it might fall or might be stolen if its outside the car. The cashier Hispanic man said, it won’t get lost, this is not like Cuba/Columbia or Philippines that it will be stolen. He was first judged me being a Filipino as I am and being a racist by comparing as such! I kept quiet and let it go but felt discriminated. Considering the point of securing what we paid for annual pass which was $1000 for the 3 of us. I thought to let it go. (I can provide the parking receipt upon request.)
However, another concern happen (3/29/2017 at 17:00), our unpleasant encounter of the Panda Restaurant Manager. I can provide her name upon request.
We all know that Panda style serve one person at a time to select the dish. She asked my husband if its two plate, my husband said after selecting rice, said two sides pls. The Mgr said two plates? My husband and I didn’t understand her so we said again two sides as she was holding the take away container. Then I said yes I will also order but separate from my husband and she said, yes two plates in a aggressive unpleasant expression. She meant was if we are both ordering. Then I explain to her that isn’t it you serve one person at a time? Why are you asking if it’s two plates? She spoke at the same time with me with an attitude! Like loud and fast talker explaining her side that she was asking if both of us will get food. I turned around and didn’t get my order as I was shakingly mad and my husband being polite and hungry as she was holding the food already, husband took it, paid and ate upset. While I went to find guest services. I reported my complain to GS rep.. ( I can provide his name upon request). As an apology, the rep gave me a prepaid card to use in another restaurant. I said I don’t need this but to ensure to file my complain. I want to hear that the GS of Universal is taking action and should not tolerate discrimination and attitude in a very happy place. I am looking forward to hear your response.


Christina ONeil December 7, 2016 at 12:37 pm

I would like to start by saying we are annual pass card holders there are 5 of us. We go quite often. We have been pass holders for a few years 2-3yrs. The kids are up for renewing. However, We were there on saturday 12/3/16 at 8:30am like always. We like being there early so we get on all the rides without having to wait and when we had to pay for parking the computers were down. So we had to wait there and it continued from there. Then when we had to get tickets along with all others who had to print off tickets who were in line. We waited 2 hours in line for tickets and we weren’t even far from the ticket booth. All computers were down. Which I understand can happen, However, with the amount of money that place makes along with increasing your prices recently for the 2 parks which is almost as much as disney for 4 parks. I am upset the fact they didn’t do anything for your guests. No fast passes which they should of done. And I don’t think Ill be renewing your park. We love them so much. I love Harry potter but I don’t like how we were treated with this issue along with how much your increasing your prices for 2 parks. Disney has the best deal going and they give free parking and give 20% discount on the food. I’m just disappointed. You already charge enough for food that is horrible. And your burger joint that is by the Harry potter in universal studios. They only have hamber,chicken, salad thats the only choice, well they have a combo with fries and a shake. We ask if we could switch out the shake for a drink and was told not a problem but never was told we would be charged full price for the combo plus the drink additional $3.00 and change. We complained that we never told and we were not the only ones. I had several people behind me cause they heard me complaining. Now we have the right to be told we are going to be charged additional you do at every restaurant you go to. I’m so not happy. When I said something to them they never went to cashier to make sure they tell them. Now I don;t know if you do this on purpose to get more money out of us. BUT, IT IS WRONG. So i’m making my complaint to you in hoping you do something about that. Christina ONeil


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