Time Warner Cable Corporate Office

Time Warner Cable Corporate Office Address

Time Warner Cable Inc.
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023

Contact Time Warner Cable

Phone Number: (212) 364-8200
Fax Number: (203) 328-0604
Website: http://www.timewarnercable.com
Email: Email Time Warner Cable


CEO: Glenn A. Britt
CFO: Irene M. Esteves
COO: Robert D. Marcus

Time Warner Cable History

Time Warner Cable was formed in 1989 when Warner Cable and the American Television and Communication Corporation (owned by Time Inc) merged.

In 1995, the company launched the Southern Tier Online Community which is today known as Roadrunner High Speed Online.  Paragon Cable was also acquired in ’95.

In 2006, they company acquired Adelphia.

In 2009, Time Warner spun off Time Warner Cable (TWC) as an independent company.

In 2011, the company acquired Insight Communications.

Time Warner Cable currently operates in 28 states and has over 15 million subscribers.

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Angelina Dolmers March 29, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Been given a runaround by Time Warner Reps since 3/18/15 and my cable/internet/phone are still not activated. Two appointments with their technicians so far are no show. Some of their Reps are very rude who says stuff like ” oh yea I can connect you to this department so you can ask for your refund and terminate our service” or stuff like ” well do you have the order number!?” I have never run across a worst customer service in my life! I worked as a customer service manager for a hotel for 12yrs so know what I’m talking about! Well I have another appointment with their technician on 3/31/15 at 10am-11am and this time I did get the order number just in case! I do hope that this gets resolved cause its so frustrating!


Robert Litton March 19, 2015 at 2:16 pm

We have done everything to get the channels we are paying for to come in. A technician came out, said we needed new wiring but he could not do in that day. I was told someone would be out on the 19th of march between 0800 and 1200. No one showed and when my wife called to report the issue she was hung up on three different times. Not good customer relations. At one time I would have recommended TWC to anyone but due to the latest change for the benefit of the customer, I’m tempted to cancel and try one of your competitors.


maria March 19, 2015 at 11:09 am

My internet went out on Sunday, March 15.2015. We called to make an “appointment” for a service tech to come and check out the issue. The appointment was on Monday from 4 to 5. I get a call at 4:52 but missed the call. I IMMEDIATLY call back the number. No answer but get a voice mail box that has not been set up yet. I hang up and call again… same thing. No tech shows up. I call back on Wednesday and spoke to two reps, one tries to “reboot” my system. Nothing. Transferred to another rep to make an appointment, but tells me it is probably best to switch out the modem myself and pick up a new one at the TWC office in Arlington, Texas. I agree. On 03.19.15 I attempt to disconnect the modem and the wire is too tight, so I called first thing this morning. Called at 8 am central time, took me only a couple of minutes to reach someone. Luz tells me since she is a customer service person I do not have the right department. She give me a number to call. Can I just be transferred there Luz? No, Luz says, you have to call them directly. she gives me the number, so I dial the number, 877.892.2220. The recording asks if I’m calling to set up a new account for my business or am I calling about an existing business account.. ME- um… neither. For customer service press (whatever number that was). I follow the instructions… guess who I get… Luz! I say Luz, I just spoke to you about my issue, you gave me this number to call and that is not where I need to be, that number is for business accounts. Luz- Let me TRANSFER you to the service department….. ME- wait, what? I thought you couldn’t transfer me Luz….. Please hold…. I get Gina in the service department who is now the 2nd person to ask for my phone number, address and name. checks my account and repeats everything the first rep told me. yea, I know all of that Gina, I need to make ANOTHER appointment since the first rep was a no show…. oh okay, let me make you another appointment, sorry about that….next available is: 03.20.15 at 9. Gina, I say, I’m totally out of our internet service and have been since Sunday, the rep was a no show. I have students at home that require the internet for homework, they have deadlines to meet, I need to get this situated TODAY!….Gina- I understand your frustration, would you like to speak to a service department supervisor that can maybe help you with a same day appointment… SURE, of course I say…… please hold… hold… hold…. hold… hold…..20 minutes later… I hear dial tone. WHAT!! I call back, AGAIN…. get the wrong department, transferred to the service department, ask for a supervisor and ANITA the service supervisor from hell gets on the phone( ID number ADMP which of course is made up) who says I’ve read your notes and know the situation right after I introduce myself, and she tells me there is nothing she can do, and btw, has already asked the technician manager if they could “fit me in” today and he said no, there is just no way, we’re booked, especially since I MISSED my appointment, hold on Anita baby, I left work early to be there by 3:30 for my 4-5 time slot, no one showed, she said oh my notes say he showed up and no one answered the door, is your house a single story home, red brick and a wooden door….I latterly laughed out loud.. um yea, and so does everyone else in my neighborhood ding dong and btw, my door was open not closed. I said look ANITA I desperately need a tech today and I know they can fit me in for an MODEM EXCHANGE, not that difficult I know ppl that work as techs… you know what tells me… that maybe I should call them to see if they can help me….WHAT!!! – I have daughters that need to turn in homework and they are on a deadline. ANITA- sorry there is nothing I can do…by now I’m not just angry, I’m sweating I’m so mad, but Anita tells me that she can credit me 20 bucks for the missed appointment and guarantee a rep would be there ON TIME, (you know at the time of the appointment) I say hey Anita, your not doing me any favors, credit me the days too that I’m out of internet and make the appointment for tomorrow since no one will be available at my house, I have to take off of work AGAIN (after not so nice words were exchanged) she makes my appointment and continues to talk over me. NOTHING was resolved. Hoping I don’t get fired from my job for waiting on Casper the friendly ghost service tech.


sheryl k March 17, 2015 at 11:13 pm

Tuesday March 17, 2015-transcript from online chat

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. A representative will be with you shortly.
info: at 20:31:26
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 6 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
system: at 20:32:12
You are not currently connected to a chat representative.
info: at 20:32:55
You are now chatting with Martin.
info: at 20:32:55
** Please do not share credit card information in this window. If credit card information is required, the agent will push a separate and secure form to you. **

Hello. My current services monthly total shown on my account screen is $246.62??!! This is way over what i agreed to when i ordered this new package – the service rep said my new monthly total would be $95.49 +tax (all other fees & equipment included). Also, the service rep told me we would receive a dvr hd box, but the technician who set up the cable only gave us a regular HD box (Cisco 4742). Please explain both issues. thank you.

Martin: at 20:33:15
Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable ONLINE SALES, home of the best Triple Play Offer, my name is Martin, what services can I get for you today?

please see above comment, thanks.

Martin: at 20:34:25
I’m sorry for that and let me see what I can do for your concern today.
Martin: at 20:34:33
Let me pull up the account. One moment please.

Martin: at 20:37:17
Can I please have the complete service address including the zip code?

sheryl: at 20:37:32
i filled all of that in before the chat began, bu there you go:
sheryl: at 20:37:57
W203S10478 N Shore Dr, Muskego, Wi 53150

Martin: at 20:38:11
w203s10478 is the house number??

sheryl: at 20:38:17

Martin: at 20:38:25
Thank you/

Martin: at 20:39:52
2626791159 is this the phone number associated with the account?

sheryl: at 20:39:55

Martin: at 20:39:52
2626791159 is this the phone number associated with the account?
sheryl: at 20:39:55

Martin: at 20:40:28
Can you please verify the last four of the socials?

sheryl: at 20:40:30
sheryl: at 20:40:40

Martin: at 20:40:44
Thank you.
Martin: at 20:41:02
I’m on the account now.

Martin: at 20:43:01
May I just ask. Did you signed up for the 89.99 package?

sheryl: at 20:43:25
not sure – the agent did all of the “signing up” over a telephone call.

Martin: at 20:46:01
I see. Becuase the package that you have, upon checking on your services, is the same for the 89.99 package which will charge you around $96.00 including the equipment before taxes.

sheryl: at 20:46:56
That sounds right… So about that discrepancy on the screen monthly total? and the missing HD DVR box?

Martin: at 20:47:47
The DVR service is now included here on your services.

sheryl: at 20:48:37
right, bu ti don’t have a DVR box – or at least I can’t get the box/remote to record anything. maybe i just don’t know how to operate it?

Martin: at 20:50:58
I’m sorry for these inconvenience Sheryl. There is a department who specialize on these cases. I need to transfer you to that department and rest assured, this will be fixed and your bill will be the amount that was promised to you.. Would you like me to add the DVR before I transfer you to them?

sheryl: at 20:51:47
what do you mean by “add the dvr”… i thought the DVR was included in the promised price?

Martin: at 20:52:34
As I said, it is not included to what you have now so I’m asking your permission to fix it and add it before I transfer you.

sheryl: at 20:53:10
Does that mean that the price would then exceed $89.99 monthly?

Martin: at 20:53:47
I’ll give you the break down of what will the price will be..

Martin: at 20:55:00
It will be $89.99 for the services + $8.00 for the modem lease + $10.00 for the DVR. Total of $107.99 before taxes and fees.
Martin: at 20:56:06
I mean just before taxes.. Fees are included.

sheryl: at 20:56:27
this is not what i agreed to and not what i was promised. and where did the $8.00 modem fee come from – there was no modem fee earlier – or if it was then it was included in the $95.49 + taxes that i was quoted?

Martin: at 20:57:49
If that’s the case, I need to transfer you now to our Customer Care department. Before I transfer you, would there be anything else that the SALES Department can assist you?

sheryl: at 20:58:54
sure, please transfer me – i didn’t ask for a SALES Dept. rep, when i requested a Chat, i did specify that i had a billing question. Thanks!

Martin: at 21:00:33
Please stay online while I connect you to the next operator. Again, my name is Martin, Have a great evening Sheryl!

sheryl: at 21:00:40
ok, you too.

info: at 21:02:39
** Please do not share credit card information in this window. If credit card information is required, the agent will push a separate and secure form to you. **
Randy: at 21:02:45
Thank you for waiting. I will be with you in just a moment.
Randy: at 21:02:47
Randy: at 21:02:48
Good evening!

sheryl: at 21:02:54

Randy: at 21:03:23
I read your previous chat session.
Randy: at 21:03:36
I do see there are no promotions currently active on account.
Randy: at 21:03:40
I apologize for the inconvenience.

Randy: at 21:04:22
You can get the rates corrected and promotions applied on account by contacting accounts and services department.
Randy: at 21:05:14
You can call Accounts and services department on the below number to update the offered promotion on account.
Randy: at 21:05:26
I will share the contact details where you can get this done.
Randy: at 21:06:38

Randy: at 21:06:38
Please call us at 1-800-627-2288 and we will be happy to assist you with your request. Available hours are 8.00AM to 8.00PM.

sheryl: at 21:06:42
I need this fixed now, as i have already spent over 20 minutes on this chat. When i spoke with a rep on 3/7/15 everything was “settled, so i don’t understand why it suddenly isn’t what i was quoted. I want a chat so that i have a transcript of the entire conversation, because it doesn’t seem that folks are being exactly direct and reliable over the phone..

Randy: at 21:07:14
I apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to transfer your chat to escalation department.

Randy: at 21:07:14
I apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to transfer your chat to escalation department.
Randy: at 21:07:25
The are our Tier 3 support.
Randy: at 21:07:38
They will have our conversation.
sheryl: at 21:07:37
ok, thanks.
Randy: at 21:07:42
Do you have any further questions before I transfer you?
Randy: at 21:07:44
You are welcome.
Randy: at 21:07:46
Do you have any further questions before I transfer you?

Randy: at 21:07:42
Do you have any further questions before I transfer you?
Randy: at 21:07:44
You are welcome.
Randy: at 21:07:46
Do you have any further questions before I transfer you?

Randy: at 21:07:46
Do you have any further questions before I transfer you?
sheryl: at 21:08:33
no other questions – i just hope someone can straighten out this mess!

Randy: at 21:08:45
Please stay connected while I transfer your chat.

Randy: at 21:09:16
There might be a short hold time before you join escalation department. I request you to be online till you chat get connected.
sheryl: at 21:09:27
ok, i’m here. thanks.

info: at 21:09:42
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the appropriate group.

info: at 21:11:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

system: at 21:11:46
You are not currently connected to a chat representative.

info: at 21:13:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
info: at 21:15:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
info: at 21:17:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

info: at 21:19:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 2 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
info: at 21:21:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 30 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

info: at 21:23:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

system: at 21:24:33
You are not currently connected to a chat representative.
info: at 21:25:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

info: at 21:27:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

info: at 21:29:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.

info: at 21:31:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 0 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
(For the record, this chat has now lasted over 60 minutes, with over 20 minutes spent on hold… I thought TWC was a “communications” company!?)

info: at 21:33:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes and 30 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
(LOVE the “estimated wait times!)

info: at 21:35:42
All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 0 minutes and 30 seconds. Thanks for your patience.
(I am NOT quitting – I want the service that I was promised at the price that I was quoted.)

My next message to send once I get a person at the “escalation department”: (ready since 21:23:42)
Hello – in addition to the previous transcript, please consider the following:
When the tech was at my house installing the tv service yesterday, he had trouble: our phone service stopped working. After talking with his home base it took a while but they managed to reset everything. The install tech told me that his office rep said that the order rep “must have pulled some shenanigans” while placing the order. So I’m guessing that someone at the home office pushed a button that deleted whatever deal had been set up for me just to get the phone to work again, and they left the account without any discounts and negated everything that i had been promised/quoted (?) I’m very unhappy at this point… the initial chat rep told me to “rest assured, everything will be fixed and i will receive the services promised at the price quoted.” For what it’s worth, the initial sales call on 3/7/15 at 9:54 am was with Jeff. Then i went online to check my TWC account the next day because I hadn’t received a call to schedule the appointment, and saw that an install was scheduled at an inconvenient time that i didn’t request. I immediately called TWC on 3/8 at 1:59 pm and spoke with Andrew, who changed the appt time and also mentioned that the sales person (Jeff) had done pretty much everything wrong when setting up my new services. Not exactly confidence-inspiring! The install went well except for the phone service cut-off issue, and the tech was nice enough, but now I’m spending what is supposed to be a relaxing evening on this endless chat instead of watching my new TWC TV service. Bummer.

Info: at 21:37:10
You are now chatting with Aaron.
info: at 21:37:10
** Please do not share credit card information in this window. If credit card information is required, the agent will push a separate and secure form to you. **
Aaron: at 21:37:16
Hello, my name is Aaron and I am glad to chat with you today. To better assist you, please give me one moment while I review the previous chat and access your account. Thanks for your patience.

sheryl: at 21:37:14 –posted my long additional comment from above.

(This simply sucks! I thought I was finished negotiating on 3/7 when I talked with the sales rep and he made the changes to my account!)

sheryl: at 21:37:55
Hi Aaron! please see previous comment as well – i understand that there is a lot there…

Aaron: at 21:39:59
I am sorry for the delay. I will be right with you.

sheryl: at 21:40:04
no problem.

Aaron: at 21:42:08
I will be right with you.

sheryl: at 21:42:10

Aaron: at 21:44:11
Sorry, there is a lot to read here.
Aaron: at 21:44:21
So is it the 89.99 promotion that you were offered?

sheryl: at 21:46:26
No. I already had phone + internet and the price was just silly high, so I called to see if i could get a better deal. Jeff told me that i could keep the same services for $87.49 per month, or i could add preferred tv with epix, upgrade to extreme internet , and have a dvr hd box for $95.49/mo + taxes. Jeff didn’t mention a 89.99 deal.

sheryl: at 21:47:40
he said this deal would last for 12 months and then increase “by $10-15 per month”

sheryl: at 21:48:28
the increase was to cover months 13-36

Aaron: at 21:49:12
I have no way of getting you a promotion like that, unfortunately.

Aaron: at 21:49:48
I will have to ask that you contact Customer Retention for this issue.
sheryl: at 21:50:08
I just sat here waiting for your for over 20 minutes. please help.

Aaron: at 21:50:30
I am sorry, but there really is nothing I can do.
sheryl: at 21:50:49
WHAT??? how did the first agent on the chat tonight tell me that this can be resolved, no problem?

Aaron: at 21:51:05
You can give us a call at 1-800-TWCable (1-800-892-2253) and ask to speak with Customer Retention.
Aaron: at 21:51:10
Dept. Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:00am – 9:00pm, Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm ET

Aaron: at 21:51:55
It may be able to be resolved, but unfortunately we do not have access to Retention promotions here in the chat.

sheryl: at 21:52:01
this is NOT helpful. How can this possibly have happened? Do you have a supervisor? I mean, someone who is there now?
sheryl: at 21:52:18
How can this be retention when this deal was just set up last week?

aron: at 21:52:45
The order did not have a promotion added to it.
Aaron: at 21:53:11
The promotions that are available for that type of upgrade are in excess of the price you have stated.

sheryl: at 21:54:02
I think it did have a code. and i think someone “erased it yesterday to make the installation run better. I’m not making this up! Are all of your sales department calls recorded? And again, do you have an onsite supervisor?

Aaron: at 21:55:29
We do not have Supervisors available to chat with, sorry.

sheryl: at 21:55:46
Are all calls recorded and available to TWC to access?

sheryl: at 21:57:36

Aaron: at 21:57:48

Aaron: at 21:59:20
I suggest you speak with Retention. That have much more flexibility with discounts.
sheryl: at 21:59:29
I might be interested, but what does that include? how does $89.99 jump up to $112.30?

Aaron: at 22:00:27
That upgrade did not qualify for it.
Aaron: at 22:00:57
I am just saying that even the lowest promotion there is for a tripple play is still more that what you were saying he quoted you.

sheryl: at 22:02:58
Then that person in sales should be fired, Outright. because if he lied, there are no excuses. The quote should be honored.This is just effing ridiculous. i understand it’s not your fault, but this is the most effed up thing i’ve dealt with in communications “services”, ever. it’s obvious you can’t help, and thanks for chatting. Not sure what i’ll do but this is not ending here. Bye.


Gil Galindo March 17, 2015 at 8:40 pm

We ordered service to begin on March 24 Phone internet and TV..on March 17th our phone was disconnected by Verizons at the request of Time Warner Cable. Why would your company ask to import my number a week in advance of our services. This is absolutely the worst start to our relationship. I spoke to two so called level 3 representatives the first was IAN at 866-506-0972 he said he would call back in an hour I asked till what time he was available and he stated not to worry one of his colleagues would answer and read his notes as to what was going on with our service. Well 2 hours later we are still waiting. So I called back at the number he gave me another level 3 representative whom stated there were no notes and I had to explain everything again. The second representative said he was going to email dispatch and request an early date for service. This is not what we had requested and he told me to call Verizons and ask for a snap back which should put our phone service back on. I told him we spoke to Verizons already and they stated Time Warner was in possession of our phone number. They stated we had to contact Time Warner. After explaining to your rep what had occurred I asked him if Time Warner could call Verizons and take care of the error that Time Warner created. He stated no it is Time Warner that released your number early and I had to contact them. I reminded him that time Warner had requested the wrong date. He stated it was not his job to do that..so I asked if he could transfer to whomever was responsible to correct this. He stated no I can only send an Email to tell them you want an earlier service date. I explained to him we requested March 24, 2015 as our service date not the 17th. He stated if someone responded it to his email they would call me in 24-48 hours. We have a stroke victim as well as a heart patient that are waiting for instructions from their Drs. which they receive via telephone. I was told by countless people not to change to Time Warner Cable. I understand why your company has so many complaints. If this is how you start a customer relationship I can only wonder what more there is to come. So disappointing as we have not even received service from you yet and you have managed to drop the ball. An unsatisfied customer before even becoming a customer..Way to go Time Warner.


AMarie La March 17, 2015 at 7:34 am

12 years customer.poured over $10,000 in your coffers. over the years, I’ve been yelled & cursed at, called names & been hung up on, assisted your technician with marital problems, and even had my own front door slammed into my face by a technician marching out of my home. I am still your customer because I have no choice. I just received a letter of thanks for being such a valued long term customer, & also to inform me that my rate is going up from $103 to $150. can somebody please write back and explain your corporate mission and goals regarding customer retention? thank you


auran March 15, 2015 at 9:45 am

my name is not improtant such is my idea to use twc wifi to enable vehicles to travel safer how do i pitch this to investors where do i get a patent how do i protect my idea i am incredibly smart yet incredilby poor


annonymous March 6, 2015 at 6:04 pm

Please forward this email to the approriate management regarding their subcontractor who put twc and its company at risk and discrimination against employees. This is in regards to Creative Communications Technology located in Covina California, managers name is Salvador Robles who manipulates employess and use them at his advantage both brivery and unfair to the employees. He sents out training tech out in the field without proper approval of twc and approved tech id # ..please check or audit all your training as of january 2015 as he is using other tech number and allowing trainee use them without proper approval and also discrimantes employees if they dont follow he direction. He also has people as employed without proper documents and use former tech number . i suggest twc audits this subcontractor of theirs before it gets out of hand.


Angela Fisher March 5, 2015 at 6:31 pm

I had my service with Att turned off and A technician came to install service on February 18th 2015. He left cords out in the open, placed the router on the floor downstairs when my computer was upstairs, he cut my phone lines, so I had one phone working, no internet service and only one tv that was working and on top of that he tracked dirt and snow on to my carpeting. I had to call and place another order for someone else to come out and get the service corrected. A young man came out on the February 26, 2015 and he got to trouble shooting and found the problems that the other technician had left behind. He was very professional and wore shoe covers to protect my floors and he installed everything that was suppose to be originally installed correctly and explained to me and the customer service person that I was on the phone complaining to . They tried to charge me for coming out and 30 dollars for another box that I was suppose to get initially anyway. I do not ever want a contractor to come and install anything ever again. So I would appreciate if you would carefully screen the contractors the your company hires.


Kristy Adkins March 1, 2015 at 10:01 pm

Please bring your service to our small town!


Denise Prusacik February 13, 2015 at 9:33 am

A recommendation of “the nearest pet store” in you commercial is deplorable. Not only does it support “puppy mills” but it makes it “okay”? There are thousands of unwanted animals (adult and babies) that would love a home filled with love from the Humane Society, private people who rescue, rescue farms etc. Rescues make the best pets and family members. I have 2 wonderful cats who were found outside as kittens. They were vet checked and are fantastic company. My parents, who have TWC, have a rescue dog who was “rough” at first because of previous abuse, He is now the most fantastic member of the family. Love is all it took. I will speak to my parents to change your cable company. This commercial is disgusting.


Alexandra Simpson February 12, 2015 at 12:50 pm

My name is Alexandra Simpson and I reside in San Antonio, TX. I am writing to you in reference to the ad airing on television where the woman wishes for affordable internet service and her daughter wishes for a puppy. When the woman’s wish is granted, she asks the TWC employee where the closest pet store is in order to grant the little girls wish. You may be unaware of the stray dog problem in Texas, especially in San Antonio. It is a HUGE issue here because of owners not containing their pets, lack of spay and neuter, lack of proper medical care, etc… It is heartbreaking to see so many animals suffer at the hands of careless humans. 25,000 dead animals are picked up off the street annually. There are thousands of animals euthanized annually in the municipal shelter. Rescues are full, no- kill shelters are full. There are thousands of dogs needing to be adopted. You would be doing a great service to the street dogs of San Antonio and the entire country if you would simply change the “Where is the nearest pet store?” to “Where is the closest shelter?” Not to mention the great PR for Time Warner Cable.


Alexandra Simpson


“Its all about the dogs!”


William Aicardi February 11, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Please pass this on to Corporate head of TWC who handles upgrades. Thanks
I just spent 2 days trying to get my triple-play upgrade setup. I spoke to half a dozen techs who could not help until a got one bright bulb in New York who fixed everything in 10 minutes.

You need to have one telephone number in the up-grade box to call in order to get a knowledgeable tech in the area in which customers lives, an American not the Philippino or Indian. I was close to sending everything back. If I had not gotten Rich in NY, it was all going back and I was going to cancel the security appointment…may still do it?

William Aicardi
So you think out-sourcing works…I am an example, it does not!


sassybrat1904 February 5, 2015 at 9:41 am

Dear Time Warner Cable,
I am writing in regards of your commercial for the affordable internet. I was appalled that your commerical would make refrence to “where is the pet shop” so the woman could buy her daughter a puppy. This little line supports puppymill breeding, Private breeders and a lot of suffering for the animals that are being breeded.
This also is a direct insult to all the many people who volunteer at shelters, Shelters who are trying to adopt out many pets instead of killing them. To rescues who go that extra mile to save a pets life. to the Fosters who give their time ,patients, and love and a temporary home to save a pets life. to the many millions of people who donate to rescues, shelters, individual pets as pledges to save them , to Veterinary bills,to the Advocates who spend countless hours educating, signing petitions, writing letters like this to educate you that you are not working with the community when you put such a small statement that you did in your commerical. Please pull the commercial or change it and work with us instead of against us and give back to the community.
Sincerely ,
Jeanne O’Dell
A adovacate for the animals that can’t speak for themselves.


sassybrat1904 February 5, 2015 at 11:01 am

Correction : patience


Gina Lugo February 1, 2015 at 11:08 pm

Worst service ever!!! Missed NYE 2015 ball drop and second half of the Super bowl to include the half time show because this service is terrible and continues to drop out. Box went out at 11:59 am on NYE. Was hung up on twice and when finally got through was told we could get a $5 credit. $12,000 a year for cable, my son missing his first NYE ball drop and Super Bowl with his Dad. Yes, $5 definitely makes up for my familiy’s lost memories and paying for a am unprovided service not a problem! Please send yet another technician to our home right when we are about to sit down to dinner or I am trying to breastfeed my son!! We would love to have him in our home joining us in those moments!! Or maybe we should offer for the 3rd time, to schlep our newborn son with accessories to your local store to wait over 2 hours to exchange our box because that is most certainly something every Mother needs to do on her only day off! No please don’t offer to give us our money back for at the very least one month service just $5 will be fine!!!


John January 29, 2015 at 8:26 am

TW, WTF servers down for 5 days in North Carolina area, have been continually lied to by representatves acting like they have no knowledge of the problem, THANK YOU again for more non-service I am paying for.


Amber January 29, 2015 at 12:34 am

To whom it may concern,

I’m not sure if they know who is really running their businesses or call centers for that matter. Almost every representative that I’ve encountered has been rude and condescending. Today was the absolute last straw. The guy on the other end spoke go me as if I was dumb and couldn’t comprehend, never in my life have I felt so disrespected. I even spoke to a “supervisor” who told me that he has the highest authority over the whole company. I waited almost 2 weeks for service and nothing has happened, no one is professional enough to resolve my issue and I’ve been as patient as one could be in the situation that I’m in. Let me elaborate a little better. On 1/16/2015, I had called twc in hopes of getting a service set up, they told me that I would have to wait a whole week before someone could come out. So did so, I waited a whole week and NOTHING. They claimed that they called and came to my residence, but I was home all day and made sure my ringtone was loud enough for me to hear. No one showed, nor had the courtesy of calling, so I cancelled the whole thing. I found out that twc was one of the only companies that service my area, and so I gave it another go. This time I decided to self service so that the tech would not have to come inside of my residence. I figured that maybe this would easier and they could just set it up and go. You think that was the case? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! That’s when I decided to escalate the situation to a “supervisor”, which was even worse than speaking to one of the reps. He had no idea what he was doing…at all. He told me to wait until 11pm for the tech to show up in which I found weird because I’ve never known a tech to come out that late. So I waited and NOTHING, instead they tried to cover it up and say that it was a mishap which in fact the recording had stated that it was set for TODAY 1/28 not Friday. That’s when I decided to call again for the thousandth time. The rep that answered sounds uninterested and dissatisfied with his life which is sooooo not my problem. I asked to speak with someone higher and he flat out said NO. And when I started to get upset, he laughed and started talking crap as if I wasn’t a customer. I remember his name and dept so it would awesome if someone can contact me and help me get to the bottom of this, because I had no idea that it was so hard to give a little respect. I work in customer service myself and in my years of experience, I’ve NEVER heard such terrible service and it’s unacceptable. Can someone advise me who can assist me with this problem.


Amber January 29, 2015 at 12:38 am

I forgot to mention that the same rep kept calling my phone afterwards and then hung up each time before I blocked the number.. very mature right? NOT


Mary Ward January 28, 2015 at 2:40 pm

To the CEO of Time Warner,

Petitions started against the GoDaddy commercial should include the current running of your commercial. Although not as upsetting as the GoDaddy commercial, the fact that you reference buying a puppy at a Pet Store is deplorable! If you spent any time rescuing and nursing back to health, or having to put down, the dogs that are saved from puppy mills that supply these stores, you would think twice about your commercial. If given a choice, as a rescuer, I would not do business with Time Warner if this is acceptable behavior to you! If you’d like to see what a rescued puppy mill dog goes through, check out some of the rescue sites to see the horrendous lives these animals are forced to endure to give you that expensive (and sometimes inbred) cute little puppy! DON’T SHOP! ADOPT! Edit your commercial to say “Where is the local animal shelter”! Be part of the solution NOT part of the problem. At least GoDaddy was smart enough to take down the commercial once they realized what they did!


Sharon Armstrong January 23, 2015 at 8:38 am

I would like to thank Seth in the corporate office for helping me with my e-mail problem. I spoke with him on Thursday afternoon and with in 3 hours Chris in the Syracuse office had me on the phone and resolved my problem. Thank you again for being so kind and understanding.

Sharon Armstrong


Tobbie Lumzy January 21, 2015 at 11:26 pm

Good Evening,
I have been a loyal Time Warner Customer for almost 12 years, and have had no complaints until today. I have been calling at least once a week since the middle of October 2014 about my bill. Today was the very last straw. I was promised in October that my bill after taxes would be no more than $136.00 a month for the next year. When I got my bill for November it was in the neighbor hood of $150.00. I called the Texas Time Warner Cable number. I shifted and move services around so that my bill would be no more than $140.00 after taxes. I called the Texas office back the second week of December because my bill jumped up to $196.50. Once again I spoke with the a retention representative to figure out what happened and how to fix it. I was assured that my bill would be no more than $140.00 after taxes, got rid of the whole house dvr for a regular cable box, was assured that I would not be charged for the fedex delivery and return and that for the next year I would not be charged for the 3 converter boxes that I have since the capable is switching to digital. I had to call the Texas Office again the first week in January because yet again my bill was $176.00 I paid $140.00 of the bill as I was told that was what my bill would be the remaining balance was suppose to be removed as I had been charged for Fedex and other fees that had not been wiped away. I called The Texas Time Warner offie yet again on January 20, 2015 because my bill still was not right, it was back up to $159.76, which was more than I had been told it would be be the representative from January 16, 2015. The representative that I spoke to told me that the promotion that the other representative had given me was no longer in service but that he would give me a promotion that would have my bill at $142.50 a month after taxes. Upon getting an e-mail from Time Warner Cable tonight January 21, 2015, opening that bill and going to the Time Warner Cable my Account and seeing my bill I called the Texas Time Warner Cable office yet again. The bill I was e-mailed said $159.76. The Balance on the My Account for Time Warner Cable says $196.27. When I asked about this I got told that the promotion I was given less than 24 hours ago was no longer valid and that the best they could do was give me a promotion for $149.50 before taxes. I got put on hold for more than 20 minutes for a manger and surprise surprise the managers office closed but Lori would be sure to have some one call me back tomorrow. I am not only posting my comments here, but I will be talking to the Fort Hood Public Affairs Office, the Better Business Beru, I will be calling the CEO, CFO, COO, posting this complaint on my Face Book, and Twitter account as well as telling every Soldier that I come into contact with about the serious disservice that I have received just tonight alone. I understand that Time Warner Cable makes billions a day and so one or two unhappy customers that your corporation does not keep its word with leaves, but eventually the one or two of us that leave will begin to add up and Time Warner will feel those loses in your bottom line.


Jody January 21, 2015 at 2:45 pm

I called Jan 12 to inquire about internet service at my home. I was told that someone should be at my house Sunday morning to install the box. I received e-mails a day later say they could not locate my address. I called to confirm and they said they would have to send someone out to verify they could service my area. The next day, I received an e-mail confirming that someone would be at my house Sunday. I called the number on the e-mail to make sure someone would be there. The guy was very rude and told me that if I received the e-mail someone would be there and made me feel dumb for calling. I stayed at home from church on Sunday so I could let him in. Did anyone show up? NO! I have called several times, gone to the store and I just keep getting the run around. If this is how TWC does service, I do no wish to be a customer. The people that I spoke with, did not have good customer service and I do not appreciate that. When you are a place trying to sell your business, the employees should be willing to bend over backwards to help future or current customers.


Amber January 29, 2015 at 12:41 am

I had the same problem recently but 10x worse, they really need to do better, hopefully our issues will be resolved.


Linda Thomas January 20, 2015 at 9:05 pm

Additional information, I mailed Corporate Office located 60 Columbus Circle, New York City, New York 10023, Addressed at bottom of envelop attention Grievance and Complaint Department with full details of my situation, It appears that evidently no one has bothered to read it, since I have not received contact one way or the other!


Linda Thomas January 20, 2015 at 8:38 pm

I have been a consumer customer of Time Warner for four (4) years now, digital, basic cable and internet. My record speaks for itself, but on December 19, 2014 I discovered that one of your employees attempted to take $250.29 out o my bank account without my authorization and I have been trying and waiting for your company to fid out who and compensate me for attempted theft that apparently he or she acted on. I wrote corporate office on Tuesday January 13, 2015 and mailed it, with full details and I still have not received a response. My record for 4years speaks for itself and I do not appreciate the way this matter is being treated, the $250.29 should be erased off my bill if nothing else but for the attempted crime and fraud from one of your employees. No one has bothered to find out who and it appears you don’t care, I have given you business for 4 consecutive years. You should have received my letter way before now, My contact phone number and account number was given to you. I expect a response by Friday January 23, 2015, I am trying not to take further actions, it is your job to investigate and compensate for the stress and increase in my bill which I would have never let get this far jeopardizing my services being disconnected after 4 years. Please give me my respect regarding this matter before I no longer have my services. Thank You! Linda Thomas


Julie Jaramillo January 19, 2015 at 3:55 pm

It is hard to understand why Time Warner Cable has people working for them that are rude, unfriendly and unprofessional. I thought you have to qualify to work for this company and you should be customer oriented.
Well every time I had called your so call professional employees they had left me hanging in the phone for a very long time; or they hang up on me or what is worst transfer me around and around and around and NO BODY can help me or answer me or HELP ME.
I will like to know how I can get a job on this company so I can learn to be rude and get paid for doing NOTHING just making ure customers go with other companies that provide the same service as Time Warner.


Francisco Rodriguez January 19, 2015 at 12:47 pm

I am extremely disappointed and feel very, very disrespected by you guys, Time Warner: your field/installation IT guys failed to me, not once but twice: it’s been about a month that I started having internet connectivity problems at home (current customer of AT&T) , and my oldest son needs to get/submit his assignments from College; anyway, I started searching around, and I found a good deal for internet and home phone w/your company; we set up an appointment and the very first time, IT guy showed up, but he instead of him drilling a hole in my walls(to get cables though) he assisted me to contact office to set up a: ‘wall fishing’ type of installation for Jan 12th at 1-2 pm; on that day, I took 3 hours off from work, so I could be present during the installation process, but to my SURPRISE, no one ever showed up and to make things even worse: nobody even bother to call me; after an hour of waiting, I call your customer service and an automated machine came on stating the appmt was from 2-3 and not from 1-2, spoke to someone in customer service(all of them are awesome, let me add) got transferred to another dpmt: dispatcher office( I believe she said) and they, assured me installation will be done on that day; the lady took my cell # just in case, and there it went another waiting time for me; anyway, after another hour of seating like an idiot (around 3:35 pm) nobody was showing up nor calling me, so I called you guys again, I got transferred to one more time to speak to a dispatcher and they assured me some one was on his way to my place and asked/given my cell # to contact me ONE MORE TIME; hours passed by and I called again w/same answers-promises……and nothing happened; I called the very next day from work to cancel the whole thing, since I had never experienced such a negligence and lack of professionalism, but again, customer service convinced me to give you guys another chance, and they’d waive the whole “fish wall” install fee and some other credits will be also applied to my first bills from you, so me being so naive, accepted it, and we set up another install appointment for Saturday 17th from 11-12; based on the unpleasant previous experience, I decided to call you guys around 9:15 am to confirm, and to my surprise, it was ‘re-scheduled’ again for this coming Sat 24th, which I know for sure I could not have chosen that day: I will be out of town that entire weekend; this leads me believe that here in Los Angeles branch(es) someone tends to change/re-schedule appointments as it is more convenient for you guys, and not for the customer; I cannot believe I had to deal with this type of situations not only once, but twice, and I just wanted to bring it up to your attention, since for the type of business/services you guys offer, I would have never expected to be mistreated like the way I was
Rich: at 9:24:08
Account number – 8448200015851768
Rich: at 9:24:14
Job order number – 1000944233061123
These are my account and first/original order #s, just in case you need them

Jose Francisco Rodriguez
**** Corbin ave
Northridge CA 91324
(818) 679-**** cell


frank January 16, 2015 at 8:07 pm

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart,To the representative from the corporate office I spoke with about a week ago,I wish I could Remember her name. My services were interrupted about mid December and it had been a few weeks that I had been calling the offices here in Texas.I could get nowhere,the only thing they would tell me was, we need a credit card or promise to pay date.they wouldn’t let me get a word in. I have been a twc customer for about 10 years. I was at the point where I was about to turn my equipment in,when i decided to call the the corporate office in N.Y..I explained to the representative that I had ran into some bad luck, my services had been off etc…so she asked do you mind if I ask what is going on and I explained to her that my mother had passed away in December 22,I had hardly any hours,the insurance for my mother was not gonna cover her services. She said she was so sorry and was gonna try to do everything she could for me.Well let me tell you she was typing every word I was telling her to someone,after about an hour my they turned my services back on and asked if I could make a payment by 01/16/15 and I said yes !!I told the lady that was the best thing I had happen to me in a long time,I couldn’t thank her enough. She said,”NOW YOU KNOW YOU ARE A TRUE VALUED TWC CUSTOMER”!yes I am and yes I will be for a long long time!!


Mike B January 16, 2015 at 2:43 pm

All I wanted was simple internet. Went and made a deposit for a modem box and had a set date for the line to be turned on at the pole. Date came and went, I waited 2 days extra and still ad no internet. Called TWC back and they claim that my internet is on. No it was not on!! They went and turned my neighbor behind me on. Waited another 5 days and had a tech come out and see what the problem was. The tech found that there was no cable running to my house. There was suppose to be a survey guy come out and approve my place for cable to be ran. That never happened and so no lines where ran either. By this time I return my modem which they took my money right away. When I ask for my money back I am told it will be 4 to 6 weeks!!! They took it right away and now I have to wait? Now the other thing is they took $71 and some cents from me and the last know nothing customer service rep tells me oh they mailed your check on Dec 27th 2014. then he says oh it was mailed to TWC headquarters. Now if the 4 to 6 weeks is true they have till January 23 2015 to get me a check. other wise I am getting a lawyer and I will not care if I lose but I will have satisfaction in knowing I made TWC waste time and some of their own money. The sad part is I do not think they will care. When I look for internet again I am going with Verizon which has better package deals than TWC. I will never do business with TWC personal again!!!


Eric Turner January 8, 2015 at 8:24 pm

Had to visit TWC office in Durham, NC today 3 times. Total of about 36 miles of driving. Both boxes had stopped working after about 6 months in use. This is a common occurrence within my circle of family and friends. i.e. TWC purchases inferior equipment. That’s problem # 1. Problem # 2, Customer NO Service, Customer NO Service, and Customer NO Service. Planning on writing to the CEO (probably won’t result in anything positive but it used to when an executive actually cared about a client’s opinion) Will repost after I get a response, if I do. Also plan to post my experience all over the internet wherever possible. TWC was recently in the Raleigh News and Observer regarding their horrible customer service ratings. Only Comcast was one step lower. Guess what? The two companies just merged. Need more competition. It always makes the incumbent step to the plate.


diana ehlert January 6, 2015 at 3:58 pm

I was a Time Warner Cable customer for several years and due to poor customer service and increased pricing I decided to go with At & T. I was very pleased with At&T’s customer service and quality of their product. But a few weeks ago a Time Warner representative contacted me and offered a”deal” that initially was difficult to pass up. It included the same serives that I currently had plus additonal channels for a fraction of the cost. I reluctantly agreed and asked for the quote in writing of which I never received. The day before the technician came out I called to request the written quote but was given a verbal quote and was assured that I would get what was discussed. We had a tecnician that did not know how to install the cable and came without the proper equipment. He broke our very expensive big screen tv and left with only one phone working. We also did not receive a DVR in each room as promised. When I called to inquire why we could not record TV they said that it was “not listed in the quote” and that I would have to pay an additonal $80.00 per month for it!! Needless to say I was not very happy. I had the whole package with At&T for much less than what Time Warner was now going to charge me. I feel like this was a ploy to have me leave At & T and then find out that “oops” now you have to pay more if you want to have DVRs!!! I called several customer service reps. and was told basically to return all of the equipment or pay the much higher amount!! This has been such a nightmare!!!!!! My TV is broken and I do not have an updated cable package unless I am willing to pay more than what I was previously paying to At & T!!!!!!! I have truly learned a very good lesson and will never have any company provide work in my home unless it is completely outlined in writing.


Monica January 5, 2015 at 5:39 pm

I called to review my bill and the customer service rep by the name Johanna badge # 7wc from Kansas City was so rude , unhelpful and because of both her and the supervisor I will be canceling my services . These ladies didn’t have any manners and were very rude !!!


D. Murdaugh December 28, 2014 at 7:14 pm

People repeatedly complain about your reprehensible service department who constantly lie and just plain don’t care. No where else can this type of behavior be supported by management with no worry of repercussions. We ask for help and we’re not even given the decency of common courtesy. I’ve found an alternative and will be disconnecting my service shortly. This can’t possibly matter to you as I and many others have dealt with this behavior far too long. Perhaps a class-action law suit can bring our point home.


Kirstie Greene December 28, 2014 at 5:13 pm

To whom this may concern,

I, Kirstie Greene, called to have my services disconnected on 12/27/14, due to moving. I spoke with a male representative first, that handled everything appropriately until we started discussing the modem. He told me that I needed to drop it off at the nearest location, which is thirty five minutes in the opposite direction of where I am moving. I asked if he would ship me a label, and then I could send it back via mail. He said he would have to transfer me to customer service. I waited for quite a while before a lady answered. She said I was disconnected. I told the lady my situation all over. She said she would talk to her supervisor about sending the box/label. She then got approval but said it wouldn’t push through. She asked if I could take it to Kannapolis, but that is the opposite way. I asked her what other locations were near me. She gave me locations that were four and two hours away. She then proceeded to ask if one of my friends could just take it as a favor. This is very unprofessional, and I could not believe I was even suggested this idea. I was on the phone for forty minutes, and just hung up. Waiting on the phone for forty minutes to disconnect my services with TWC is ridiculous. I later called back to see if I could get the label emailed to me and I would get a box to send it. I spoke with a man named, Chris. Chris said it cannot be sent to my location. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he asked me what more could a supervisor do. I then asked or corporates number, and he told me I could find it on the website. I work customer service myself and the service I received was very unprofessional and pathetic. I was very satisfied with my services but after these incidents, I would never refer someone to TWC. I would like this issue to be resolved. I can be reached at 864-492-**** or by email ****@ymail.com. Thank you for your time.
Kirstie Greene


marvin December 24, 2014 at 3:20 pm

It was Great speaking with the President office, Ran by “Glenn A. Britt”, at time Warner Cable Inc. 30 Columbus Circle New, York,10023,the staff was very nice and very understanding with my concerns I will tell you that after explaning what I have been going though they made it a point that my complaint will be taken care of in a timely manner and it was the next day the cable company came out that moring and put the line in I did have to call the President Office again that day because I was not told when they were going to put the modem in I was told they were coming back out the day after the holiday, which was not going to wok for me, the same day cable company came back and completed the order, this order was place five days ago and the order was never completed I than felt the only way to get this completed was to turn to the President offfice, I must tell you there respond was concenring, and my complaint was with no delay in completing the order the fact that I was even gavin a credit on the account I want to just thank this Office for all there time in this very inportant matter, I look forward to, BEANDRA,CHRISTINE,DOUG,KENNY all Employee of Time Warner who reviewed my complaint and did a very good job to have a wonderful Holiday.

Thank, You/ Glenn A. Britt, Time Warner



Sori bardales December 17, 2014 at 11:41 am

I called time Warner today because i have a past due balance On my account. So I wanted to make a payment and setup a payment arrangement. The young lady that I spoke too the first time was extremely disrespectful. Her name is Sarah she was giving me an attitude as if she didn’t want to answer my questions or help me. I was Alittle confused about what she was telling me so she started raising her voice and responding in an unfriendly manner. She kept cutting me short as if I was a burden to her. I finally said I would make a payment and she started talking and hanged up on me while I was still talking. She didn’t set up the payment arrangement or did she take me payment. This is not the first time this happends not with the same customer service representative but your billing personal are extremely rude even your supervisor. I can see why the representatives act that way. I am the customer and I feel that if I’m paying for your services I shouldn’t get mistreated. It makes me want to leave time warner and go somewhere else where the representives are friendly. I understand its the billing department and they have to be alittle tough but it does not give them the right to be disrespectful and mistreat customers. I called back a second time and reported it to the supervisor. She really didn’t seem interested in what I had to say. She wasn’t helpful at all. I asked her what actions were u guys going to take and she said they would review it. I wanted the first and last name or at least the employee number of the representative that helped me the first time but she refuse to give it to me. Which doesn’t make sense to me. Specially because I was making a complain. I would really like you to take some disciplinary actions towards your employee because she was so rude and disrespectful and that is simply not okay. Specially me being the customer. Thanks for your time I hope to hear from you guys soon.


Margaret Kuhm December 10, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Your people at Time Warner are unbelievable.i have tried to get the bill straightened. Out,then the charge another 125.00 to my bill saying the check A friend wrote wasnt his. It was his check,his name,and tells me some lady has showed proof it was her check ,it had a man on it…nice i get the tail end who is the lair.. Twice when you people turn off service and admitted how they are in the wrong. Today your company turn off the service. I am on a limi ted income and have paid for what I could, everything whomever is talked to adds more or tell me oh but you owe us from .Funny the last I talk to anyone they saw the mistake,,your people,I can say your company me…maybe i should charge you but oh way let soak her to death and make it a higher bill. Right now am sitting here thinking,well they wont even answer my letter,they are busy try to see who they can make life hell for.. should I have do their job, that 125.00 extra they are
soaking me for,is their job, not mine to see what happen to the first check. I am so upset and distressed over this if I dont get any answer maybe. I will get a lawyer who will be able to help me as I really think you have people working for you who are wrong for how they treat a customer. You need to train your people on customer relations and simple math classes. Yes am very anger,and insulted over treatment,along with charges on my bill. I have never been treated so poorly.
The issue of investating this matter. Simple upset, and totally disgusted with the standard of ethics of your empolyees. Tack on money saying bull and taking a customer to the cleaners. They should research their problems at hand and when there are issues like this,not tell the customer its up to them to fix it. They get paid for doing their job,not me. If I were to do their job ,I should get paid…end result …can you answer that? A bill over three hundred dollars that your company say I owe but it is my job to do their job… proving that this other customer,a woman said her was her account not my friend who is a man…give me a break wasnt born yesterday and not stupid either.
What is wrong with that picture people….


Robert December 4, 2014 at 12:42 am

I had TWC for 2 years. I left AT&T for TWC. I had to turn off my service and on September 30th turned in my router. The lady there told me that I would get a refund within 2 weeks. It is now December 3rd and I still have not received my refund of $100. 00. It’s as if they are holding it hostage and punishing me for stopping service. Every time I call I get smoke blown up my A$%. They keep telling me that it’s on it’s way and I said how is it being delivered? on foot or horse back? They have been telling me this same thing for a month and a half. There is no one to help me and it is impossible to get a hold of the headquarters to speak with someone. I will never use this cable company again. This company has ZERO customer service skills and frankly a I DON’T GIVE A S**T ATTITUDE towards there customers, except at first when they are trying to get your business. Just like the car salesman who gives you the finger once you sign on the dotted line and your driving away in your new car. Customer Service goes out the window at that point.


Greg Sonnier December 3, 2014 at 1:27 am

I live in Beaumont, TX. I was scheduled to get cable and Internet installed in my home. It did not occur sure to the fact that my address according to the inspectors is unsuitable for cable due to the fact that I have an old satellite antenna on my roof. And they have my property listed as the representative told me as a multiple dwellings area with satellite system intact, and I refuse them entry to install cable. I have attempted several times to get the construction crews to come out and speak to me directly and not evaluate my home from the street or from my driveway. Time Warner is the only cable system that we have in the area. Could someone please assist me worth this matter. Thank you very much. Greg Sonnier.


Greg Sonnier December 3, 2014 at 1:30 am

In addition I have called the number to speak to the construction crews at least 12 times leaving messages and have NEVER had a return call.


Mike January 16, 2015 at 2:26 pm

If you have not solved this problem, look into Verizon. Verizon now has a bundle for phone, cable thru dish, and internet bundle for a cheaper price than TWC


Stuart December 2, 2014 at 7:44 pm

TWCable-really, do you want to get involved with a company like this?? I was promised a free tablet and now a supervisor says that I am not getting one. Read all customer support notes that I took to try to resolve this issue. Im outta here????
Spoke with customer service agent Kisha Id 85D re free dell tablet
She said that I will receive a card/letter by 9/17 with registration number-call the listed phone number and after 3 months of on time payments TWC sends the tablet to me. Assured me there will be plenty avail. At that time. If I do not receive card by 9/17 call customer service and they will register me.

Samantha ID V51837
Old Case # 19608035
She sees That this problem already escalated to “right dept.”-Rewards Card Dept.
Already registered for tablet The Rewards Card Dept will contact me 5-7 business days to provide redemption code. The I will have to register (??) at time warner .com/rewards. Upload old ATT bill ??I cannot do anything till the Rewards Card Dept contacts me.
Samantha escalated this call/request to Rewards Card Dept
New case # 19724149
Samantha will monitor and will call back 2-3 days with update
I provide her with my cell # She never has.

10/17/14 Called re tablet
Mike ID none
Started to read me rules re 3 months etc–I told him I know but these calls because limited quantities and I did not want To lose out offer He called in super–Kisha IDLl3G
Did some research–
Escalated by email to Darin ?(supervisors super) and a director
Darin Stroud will call back on cell by Monday the latest He did not call back
If tablet not available will probably get $300 gift card because I called so many time to ensue I get tablet.

10/21 Tues
Kisha called back
TWC is going to give me a $100 credit
I am ineligible for tablet because I added telephone service ($10 a month)
I told her that’s unacceptable-I was promised tablet. You (Kisha) promised tablet or $300 gift card.
Told her I was unhappy and TWC is losing a potential good customer. Been with Sprint and Dish for about 20 Years~ when I am happy I stay when I am unhappy I leave. It was now up to her and TWC. She said she was goingTo continue to work on it and would keep in touch. She said she had all my info-
There were witnesses to this phone conversation.

Jonathan id ZHB
Resubmitted to redemption center with proper code with notes- not qualified but promised by 2 agents- I should expect 5-7 working days a redemption code in email for tablet. Previous agent used wrong code-ineligible .
New issue -case number 19921443

Spoke with Alex ID#HW1–
Ticket is in open status and he will close, but still searchable by TWC.. He contacted fulfillment center and told me that I will Receive the device by Monday 11/24

Talked to Rio Id V51204
He hung up on me
Called back and talked to supervisor Alexandria ID # 492490

Per Alexandria:
I have an ineligible plan–since I added phone service for $10 extra per month
I will not be receiving tablet
All other agents in error and what they said doesn’t matter.

End of conversation.


Sylvia November 28, 2014 at 6:10 pm

New TV service: The tech that came out Friday said there is a filter on my line that is preventing me from getting all the channels. Since it was late, my HOA was closed & couldn’t provide them with the code to get into the utility closet. You’d think since they have my address & know where they’re going they’d know they need a code to get into the utility closet. So he set everything up & said he’d schedule the appointment with my HOA to come back out here because they wouldn’t need to come back inside. I waited till Wednesday… still nothing. I called customer service & the first lady I talked to had no clue what I was talking about & eventually hung up on me. I called again & the guy said it doesn’t sound like a filter is the problem because if that was it, I wouldn’t be getting any channels at all. I had to schedule another appointment with another tech to come out today & of course he tells there must be a filter on the line & he needs to get into the utility closet, but doesn’t have the code & of course my HOA is CLOSED. If that was the problem last time don’t you think they’d be more prepared this time??? I guess NOT. I told the guy who made this appointment I don’t want to go through the same thing again, so you guys need to be prepared, but why would they listen to the customer???


kenneth r gayhart November 28, 2014 at 12:39 am

i live at 110 east spruce ave. apt.302 ravenna ohio 44266 i have reported to kent ohio office that the people living in 202 below me have been stealing cable from the cable box, i have pics of the box that was broken into at the ravenna ohio police dept. i have asked two of kent ohio’s techs to move the box so far nothing is being done. i also have talked to fraud dept. in kent,ohio about it my cable service, is being interupped by these people. the police here need the techs to let them know who is stealing cable i have pics of the splitter used in the box. on 10 november 2914 tech closed the box with a black nylon tie which i also have pics of.on monday 24 november 2014 once again the people in 202 have cut the box open again i can see from the ground that there is another splitter back in cable box again i called twc kent once again to have some come with a padlock to keep 202 from breaking back in i asked the box be moved from the 202 peoples window. i do not know why any one would put one so close to a window, i also have pics of it at the police dept. here in ravenna ohio 44266 can anyone help me speed up this matter to move that box i moved into this apt. on march 3rd 2014 had cable hooked up on the 4th i would know why the tech did’t report it being with a lock on it the people in 202 have been stealing since the cable was installed. will some one talk to officer andrew wert police dept ravenna ohio 44266 to get the first pic that i took you will see how close that box is to that window . please call the officer at 330-296-6486 i need to stop this. or call me with someone who can help me. 330-839-7104 home phone or cell at 330-256-5376 or contact me by email at ****@gmail.com please help me stop cable theft at my apt. my name is kenneth r gayhart 110 east spruce ave. apt. ravenna,ohio 44266 thanks


Charlotte Pirro November 24, 2014 at 6:06 pm

I have been promised a 2 in 1 Dell computer since August 2014. I did everything I was told to do and finally after over 50 calls to twc, I was told today I am NOT getting it. Week after week I was PROMISED this computer. Today I find out that because of a reps mistake, I will not get it. I am outraged at the dishonesty of this company. I want to receive what I was promised…I was honest to twc when a rep tried to give me a refund that was not due me. I insisted he was wrong and finally after about 15 min, he realized his error. MAKE THIS RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lisbeth Salazar November 24, 2014 at 10:49 am

each month since July, I have to call and have my account reviewed because each month my bill is different. This company is a joke, plus I was without internet for 3 weeks and didn’t even receive an credit for my money paying for services I was not receiving. I chatted with someone online and they were able to locate all my transcripts none with a service change request however they said i made the changes through chat so where are they. Ridiculous customer service poor service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Juanita Rogers November 23, 2014 at 8:35 pm

I like Time Warner cable but I don’t like being lied to when your sales rep called he told us back in May we would get a $100.00 gift Card which we have never got.I feel that is WRONG to do that to people . Now I see you are offering $200.00 gift card so you can do that same thing to other people that you did to us . I think you should make it right with us .Don’t get me wrong I am going to keep Time Warner cable ,we bundled it when we took it and we are happy with the cable ,but feel you should not lie to people to get them to switch . We called Dennis in Massillon,Ohio about Six or seven times and he said you will have in this week and it has been a month ago that I talk to him and we still haven’t gotten it. My phone is 330-627-4514 in Carrollton,Ohio 44615 . I just feel we shouldn’t o f been told that if you were not going to send it to us. Because that is bad business when your reps tell lies . I was going to call the Better Business Bureau but decided to send you a message on the way we were lied to. My Nephew did the same thing only he got his card but because he was away and didn’t use his gift card within 30 days they wouldn’t honor his card which I feel that was wrong ,also. Please Respond to Me .


James OBrien November 23, 2014 at 1:21 pm

We became customers of Time Warner Cable in March of 2014 when we relocated to North Carolina. We have never used their service before, so we signed up for a small package, which included just the regular internet service, minimum cable service and phone service,just to see what it was like. We enjoyed the service and had no issues and in August of 2014 we called a sales representative to add another movie channel. He ended up talking us into upgrading our whole service, adding the whole house DVR service, more movie channels, and upgrading our internet service to the highest speed. The sales representative said that because of the campaign that TWC was running at the time, that we were eligible to receive either a free tablet or gift card worth $200-$300, which we thought was a good deal. We decided to go with the tablet, and were told that the technician that was scheduled to come out to set up our new boxes would give us a code that would give us our reward. The installation went horribly wrong, the technician stated he could not hook us up due to a wasps nest that was located in the box outside our house, and the only way we could get what we signed up for was for him to take us out of the campaign temporarily and then he would put us back in once everything was installed. We ended up, after two weeks of calling and leaving messages for supervisors with no return calls, to have another technician come out and fix everything. We called customer service when everything was complete, we were told we were back in the right campaign and that it would take about 2 weeks for us to get our reward code. After a month, when no code showed up, we were then told it takes 90 days before we get the reward code so we waited. In the meantime, we started having issues with having automatic payment withdrawals from both my account and my wife’s account, each time being told that the payment was declined, even though neither account showed a decline on our end. Because of the declines, we were not able to use the automated withdrawl option, and I went over to my local TWC office to try and straighten the situation out. As usual, we got nowhere with them, finally being told that there was just a difference of 29 cents that cause the problem. We were behind on our payments at the time, not willing to sink any more money into it until it was fixed but no fix ever came.Since we were told that we couldn’t claim our reward until we were 90 days current on our bill, and since we didn’t want our service disconnected, we set up to have our balance taken directly out of our checking account. This was done on November 11th, 2014. We then called customer service and started the ball rolling again on the reward, but were told that our 90 days were not up until November 17th. On the 17th, we called again, were told that an e-mail was sent to the rewards office, they asked for a number where we could be reached at, and that someone would get back to us within 3-5 business days to give us the code. We received a voicemail 5 days later, on the 21st, on a secondary number that was on our account, they didn’t even try to contact us on the number we specifically gave them, and the voicemail stated we were not eligible for the reward due to the fact we actually did not upgrade our service, it was only a lateral move, and we would have needed to sign up for the home security system as well. At no time, when we were signing up for the new campaign, was this a given option. Also, at no time, when we were back and forth on the phone in the last 90 days with a number of representatives, were we ever told that we were not eligible because we did not sign up for the home security system. Every representative that we spoke to said it was either because it was not the right time frame or that we were behind on our bills. If it was only a lateral move, then our bill should never have changed. We feel that we were lied to and tricked not only by the original sales representative but by everyone we have spoken to since we started on this journey with TWC. At this point it’s not even the issue of receiving the tablet or gift cards, but the fact that we were mislead by your representatives, and deceived by TWC itself, who doesn’t seem to care about their customers. With all of the supervisors that we have spoken to, including a gentleman named John, a gentleman named Russell, who we were told would call us back (but never did) by a customer representative named Mia (apologies for not having last names, no one ever gave them to us and we honestly feel that their first names might not be correct either, since every time we asked for a name there was hesitation), the only thing that TWC has done for us is taken $50 off of one of our bills, which only happened after numerous phone calls by us so that we were finally put in the right campaign. Time Warner is a major corporation, not only dealing with cable TV service and internet, but magazines, security systems and many other subsidiaries, its unfathomable that your customers can be treated in such a perplexing, degrading and horrible manner. These last 90 days have been a miserable experience for us. It feels like we were treated only as part of a sales quota, pushed aside once we agreed to the new services, and deceived by every representative that we have dealt with at your company. If it wasn’t for the fact that the actual cable, phone and internet service provided is excellent, since we’ve never had an issue with service ever being interrupted due to weather related problems or service issues, we would look elsewhere. It’s sad to think that the horrible customer service provided has tainted our opinion of a quality product. We know that there will probably be no response to this e-mail but we will be continuing our quest to get the word out about how we were treated by your company, including going all the way up to the corporate offices if we have to.

Thank you,

James O’Brien


Mona White December 18, 2014 at 4:14 am

Dear James,
I too have had problems with TWC customer service personnel misrepresenting facts. I reported them to the Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine, and he was able to help me with TWC. You should contact your state’s attorney general about the problems you are having. Their office can and will help you. They will want to make sure you are treated fairly, and will ask you how you want your issue resolved. Hope this information is useful to you.


shannon November 19, 2014 at 12:48 am

I have been with this company for a while and all i have if this company is internet.I have had nothing but problems. I am a student in college and i do online so i am needing my internet to work. I am letting you know i need it fix fast. when i call customer service about this problem all they do is hang up on me. it is getting old. I am about to let all my family and Friends to switch to another company. Very dissatisfied customer


Pam DeHaven December 9, 2014 at 8:06 am

Never in my life have I seen a company give such poor customer service! It really is a crime they way you treat your customers. My daughter and her husband moved from Cleveland to Lake Milton Ohio, and had cable, Internet and phone services installed. This was the beginning of Nov. it is now Dec 9th, and after approximately 40plus phone calls, the service is still not working correctly. Three times you have sent out a worker to fix the problem, and all they say is this problem will take hours to fix, and this call was scheduled as an easy fix, so we don’t have time. Your company has no problem BILLING for services, just PROVIDING them! The TV screen goes blank periodically, no high def channels, the guide won’t work, the screen is pixilated, the sound goes out, and the Internet only works in one room! It has always been my understanding that when a company provides a service, MY responsibility is to pay the bill, and YOURS is to provide the service! Your company is NOT honoring your end of the agreement! Therefore no payment will be made until this problem is corrected. Once again today, service is scheduled, and if I get the same treatment, I will start calling your corp offices, call the Better Business Bureau, and go to your local office to discuss this in person. I hope to receive a reply from your company, but considering the poor customer service I have received, I won’t hold my breath!


Mona White December 18, 2014 at 4:19 am

You need to report TWC to the Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine. I did, and their office was very helpful in getting TWC to behave responsibly toward me. The BBB won’t be able to make TWC do anything, but the Attorney General can. You can go to their website and report TWC online, or you can call them at 800-282-0515. The web site to file a complaint is ohioattorneygeneral.gov/about-ag/file-a-complaint.aspx. Good Luck.


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