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The Children's Place Corporate Office Address

The Children's Place, Inc.
500 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094

Contact The Children's Place

Phone Number: (201) 558-2400
Fax Number: (201) 558-2630
Email: Email The Children's Place

The Children's Place Facts

Founder: David Pulver and Clinton Clark
Date Founded: 1965
Founding Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Number of Employees: 5700

The Children's Place Executives

CEO: Jane T. Elfers
CFO: Anurup Pruthi
COO: Michael Scarpa

The Children's Place History

The Children's Place logo

The Children’s Place was founded by Harvard business school graduates David Pulver and Clinton Clark when they opened their first store in 1965 in Hartford, Connecticut. The store lost money for three years before the two founders had adjusted the product mix and their finances began to turn around.

The Children's Place store front

By 1981 the chain had 65 stores and enjoyed a corner on the niche market of a children’s only department store.

The company was sold to Federated Department Stores in 1982. Under new management, the chain continued to grow and in 1988 The Children’s Place had 161 stores. However, the chain was losing money and was sold to an investor group led by the Dabah family.

The Children's Place inside store

In the 1990s the company was restructured to handle its debt. The Children’s Place went public in 1997, raising $50 million to pay off its debts.

In March 2018, Forbes wrote an article stating that, unlike Toys R Us, the company is doing well and meeting or exceeding financial expectations.

Today The Children’s Place has 965 stores in the United States and a further 130 in Canada. The company has over 4,000 employees and had $1.81 billion in revenue in 2012.

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The Children's Place FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for The Children's Place?
Answer 1: The phone number for The Children's Place is (201) 558-2400.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of The Children's Place?
Answer 2: The CEO of The Children's Place is Jane T. Elfers .

Question 3: Who founded The Children's Place?
Answer 3: The Children's Place was founded by David Pulver and Clinton Clark in 1965.

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Kelly Maciejewski November 13, 2019 at 3:02 pm

Good afternoon,

I have been trying to reach customer service in the United States for over an hour to talk about a pair of gloves that was received and my child wore them once yesterday and the whole side ripped out. They informed me there is not a department where I can speak with someone who speaks fluent english and after repeatedly asking for my information numerous times and getting a run a round I will supposedly get a call back in the next 24-48 hours. Not happy or very satisfied that I cannot get a decent answer or assistance in regards to these gloves. I paid good money for a product and customer service should be able to handle this simple thing without the barrier of lack of communication. I would like someone to reach out to me to verify that faith in this company is worth it and spending my hard earned money. Otherwise I will be taking my business elsewhere. Ridiculous.


Pru Jones October 29, 2019 at 8:05 pm

I have been disappointed with the customer service at the Livingston, NJ location of The Children’s Place for a year now. The staff members always disappear to stock shelves and straighten up the store at peak hours. The staff lacks communication skills and do not great you properly with, “hello!” nor friendly eye contact, they do not try to get the lines out the door and rarely have more than one register open. I completed a transaction with an employee whom only spoke to me when it was time to give the total cost of the purchase…not even a goodbye. This unprofessionalism happens every time I go there and it’s not good business practice for The Children’s Place to hire people without people skills.


Tara September 3, 2019 at 2:36 pm

I placed an order it was supposed to shipped aug 29. That night since it wasn’t delivered i checked the tracking. It said my address was undeliverable and sent back to original sender. ( i never had an issue with my address before either from the children’s place or any other company) I have the tracking proving it was sent back to children’s place and was delivered there. 2 emails and 2 phone calls one i was on hold over 30 mins and was disconnected. I have no order and the money wasn’t refunded! Nice way to treat customers!!!


Melanie Washington August 28, 2019 at 9:53 am

I ordered school uniforms online and waited patiently for 3 1/2 weeks to receive my items only to NOT get what I ordered. The detailed receipt of my items was in the bag, but instead of having the items listed, I had newborn baby clothes. How do you make such a bad mistake? You don’t check the merchandise before it is sent out considering that the itemized receipt is attached? I called customer service and waited 1 hour and 1 minute until a rep Erick, from Guatamala answered my phone call. He told me to take back the items to the store in order to receive a refund. I asked, will there be any problems with returning since I was sent items that were not even on my receipt and was told I would be fine because it was not my fault. The next day I went to the Children’s Place in Cumberland Mall, Atlanta GA. I explained what happened to the assistant store manager and she just blatantly told me there was nothing she could do and I needed to call back customer service. I told her, customer service told me to come here to the store to return the items and I would not have an issue. She said, items could not be returned since they did not match my receipt and she could not help me. I said to her, I was sent the wrong items so of course they don’t match the receipt. Still she cut me off to tell me it was nothing she can do and they have nothing to do with online orders so to call back customer service. I sat right outside the store, called customer service, only had to wait 38 minutes this time until someone answered, went over my whole story again referencing who I spoke with previously and was told again, the items needed to be returned to the store. I told the young lady I was standing outside the store trying to return the merchandise and they would not take it. She said that was not true, put me on hold and proceeded to call the store phone. I walked back in, and let them know to answer the phone. The assistant manager took the call and argued back and forth with customer service about returning the items. Eventually the store manager took the phone call and was told how to “walk through the procedure” on how to return items back to them. The whole process was ridiculous. The manager nor assistant manager did not apologize for the inconvenience they caused me. The whole time they had an attitude and were very rude. You should not hire people to be the face of your store that lack customer service and people skills. They need to go back to training to learn how to use the system correctly, talk to customers and be able to help them appropriately. It’s a shame all the children’s stores are closing and I would not be surprised if this store was next. Re-evaluation of your employees need to be done.


Lisa August 23, 2019 at 6:38 pm

I placed several orders two weeks ago and none ever shipped. Customer service is unreachable.


Marilyn O'Connor August 21, 2019 at 1:01 pm

I waited over an hour to speak to someone regarding an order. I could here the person clearly and he could not hear me! He said he had to hang up. Can someone email me with an answer regarding my order


Robert Montero August 20, 2019 at 6:28 pm

I have been trying to get help from someone at this company for an online order for over a week. I ordered cloths for my son before school started and the order is stuck on processing for 9 days and no one answers at customer service to help. I feel like i was scammed and my money was stolen. I am seriously one step away from seeking legal council because of this, it may be a little bit of money but it is my hard earned money that has been taken and i have gotten no product.

Order No.:283034466

Order Date: August 11, 2019

Purchase: Online


Kariann David August 23, 2019 at 1:35 pm



Gracie Olivas September 5, 2019 at 4:50 pm

I had ordered school uniforms in July and towards the beginning of August I received an email cancelling my order with no explanation. My money has not been returned to my original method of payment. I have called numerous times and nobody ever answers, even after waiting for over an hour each time. I have emailed through their site and nothing, they are incompetent and reference something that has nothing to do with my email complaint. I have tried calling the corporate number listed as well and nothing it sends you to customer support which I don’t believe exists. I have written to their corporate headquarters and at this point their unfair trade practices, based on everyone’s comments, is due for a suit. the time that we waste on the phone and trying to get in touch with anyone to simply get our rightful refunds is costly as well. This company is ridiculous!!!!


Amy S August 17, 2019 at 3:37 pm

CEO Jane Elfers, you need to realize that your customer base makes the existence of A Children’s Place possible. I believe it’s considered credit card fraud to merely charge a card for merchandise and never ship it! You won’t get away with this forever!I only wish I had read the comments posted here BEFORE I place two orders on August 9. I won’t EVER do that again.


Maria August 15, 2019 at 2:11 pm

I agreed with all the bad reviews. This place need to hire people with better customer service, maybe paying higher hourly rate they can get better people to work for them!!!!


Melissa Henline August 15, 2019 at 12:30 pm

This was my first and last experience with The Children’s Place. I placed a order on 8/4/19 and received an email shortly after saying my order was processed and I would get a update when my order shipped. Well after 10 days I called and got a recording stating that there were high call volumes and to call back at a different time. I attempted to email them that same day and never got a response. I called for 3 days after almost every hour and got the same exact message. I wrote another email last night and have still not received an email. This is the absolute worst customer service experience I’ve had. I will never buy anything from them again. It would be nice if they at least had an option to leave a message or actually email you back. It seems this is pretty common after reading some of the reviews. This was a horrible experience.


Aracely Diaz August 21, 2019 at 8:51 pm

I placed my order online ahead of time before school starts to be picked up at North Riverside location in Illinois. I received an email 8/7/19 to pick up my order. 8/11/19 I called to make sure everything was in my package that “arrived”. Reason for that was due to having an order placed at a different location and they didn’t have all my items when I arrived to pick up things. Bianca answered the phone and stated that there was nothing in for me in the computer system. I doubled checked my email and my package was picked up 8/11/19 @ 12:39pm. When I called it was 5:47pm to make sure everything was in my package. I called back the next day to speak to manager Lucy and she stated she would help assist with reordering my items due to them being given away. It’s already 8/21/19 and she still hasnt done anything about it! Very unprofessional and irresponsible location! My child is starting school soon and yet still dont have my items I ordered since 7/25/19. This is ridiculous and irresponsible of employees to be giving out my order to someone else when you clearly need the order number and an I.D when picking up order. It seems like it was an inside job and they keep giving me the run around. If someone from corporate can contact me asap!!!


Erica Sahagun August 15, 2019 at 10:53 am

I placed an order back in July and have yet to receive it. I did receive other people’s orders last week and have been trying to return them however I can’t get through to customer service for over a week. This is unacceptable!!!!!


DEE August 14, 2019 at 2:36 pm

I placed an order online 8/5 and have yet to receive a email saying that it has been shipped, normally it ships out within 2 business days but I’ve received nothing. I called the customer service line and all it says is they are experiencing high call volume. If orders are taking longer to fulfill because school is starting for some kids, they need to say that when people place an order online. This is not a good look. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. I need them to do better and at least answer the phones. I called the stores and no one wants to help.


Mrs. Manning August 13, 2019 at 6:30 pm

This is really ridiculous. I’ve never had this kind of service with this company. I placed an order on 8/4/19. All I’ve gotten is an email saying my order was received. I’ve sent several emails only to get an automated reply. I’m actually on hold with the customer service line now and have been on hold for 36 mins. This is totally unacceptable. I am highly pissed. The owner needs to take time out of his/her day and check to see what is actually going on with the company. This is truly BAD BUSINESS


penny D golden August 13, 2019 at 3:47 pm

I placed a order 8/4/19
I got a email confirming it was received I have called and emailed to get no response. School start next week i spent $115 and can’t afford to go spend more. i am on disability i only get payed once a month. very upset that other things i ordered was delivered the same week and still waiting on their school uniforms


Yolanda August 12, 2019 at 10:00 pm

I’ve been calling to check on my order for several days and keep getting hung up on. I placed a order over a week ago and have yet to receive my order. I’m a single parent and I’m not able to go out a purchase more clothes so that my children will be ready for school August 13th, 2019. The service that I’m receiving is unacceptable. I couldn’t purchase their uniforms in the store because your store located in the Little Rock outlets did not have any of the knit pull on jegging uniform pants in stock. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with children’s place. Last year I went to the same store in Little Rock and my card was declined, I had over a thousand dollar available credit, the clerk didn’t try to call customer service to find out what was going on. I then stepped out the store and called customer service myself and the customer service representative said everything was fine. This incident occurred around the being of school also. I dont know what’s going on but I NEED my children’s order processed so that they can start a productive school year.


Keisha C August 12, 2019 at 2:27 pm

This company needs to stop taking online orders of any kind.
Placed order for pick-up today. Ordered Fri 12:54,store is in the mall. Received email for my pick-up today order on Sunday after 5:pm. They stole credit from merchandise credit card. Said balance was $2.47 used 1.33 where is the rest. Customer service told me to go to the store….didn’t order at the store. They have the worst customer service ever.


Laurie August 12, 2019 at 10:10 am

I guess I’m having the same issue as others. I’ve had an order processing for 2 weeks with no updates. I’d like to cancel this order, but I’ve called many, many times to get the “try again later” message. I’ve emailed as well. My next step may be better business bureau.


Danyile August 12, 2019 at 9:13 am



Keyonna Johnson August 13, 2019 at 9:16 am

I’m experiencing the same thing, I ordered on August 3 and my order never shipped and I can’t never speak to anyone about the order. You have to do better with this because now I have to go to other places to get my kids uniform due to you not shipping his stuff out here it is 2 weeks later.


Miranda M August 13, 2019 at 2:32 pm

This company is beyond ridiculous all they keep saying is what they are trained to say “I understand and apologize” if they really understood they would have been shipped out my items that was bought over a week ago. they don’t even offer free expedited shipping or a gift card nothing. I am with all of you, I too will be calling the BBB and filing a formal complaint against them. How is it the busiest season and they cant even get it together and send out their orders in a timely fashion!!!


Niesha August 11, 2019 at 11:52 am

I wish I could give this place no stars. I have never had an issue with online or instore purchases and Ive been shopping here for 6 years. I placed an order over a week ago. My order is still saying processing. It’s uniforms for my kid for school that starts monday and I have not recieved any updates since I placed the order. I’ve called multiple times and emailed with no reaponse. I’ve gone as far as calling corporate and still have not recieved a response. This is ridiculous and terrible customer service.


Denise Walker August 10, 2019 at 5:09 pm

I place an order on Children’s place website on August 3 and the status on Aug 10 is still stating that it is processing. This is ridiculous and poor customer service. I have been trying to call the customer service line for 2 straight days and receiving a message that they are currently busy, please try again later. Based on the comments of others I have read, there appears to be some type of problem with Children’s Place. I also emailed requesting an order status and that was to no avail….


Jenn August 10, 2019 at 2:44 pm

Last Friday my mom and I made a purchase online together. $71.87. This past Tuesday I started to call but was told by an automated recording they The Children’s Place is receiving high call volume and call back later then you get immediately disconnected. I continued to call daily at least 7 or 8 x. I then decided I would leave The Children’s Place an email telling them that I have not had any updates on my order and need some of these items for our vacation and then for school. However all I received was an email saying they have high email volume coming in and they will get back when they can. Well 5 days later and no follow up email. I am very disappointed in the lack of communication and the utter disrespect The Children’s Place has shown me. My mom and I always shop here and spend a lot of money. After this order arrives ( hopefully) it does this will be our last shopping with The Children’s Place. I wish I would have read all these reviews before I made my purchase. You have lost another 2 loyal customers. 👌


Jodie August 10, 2019 at 1:36 pm

I placed an online order August 3. The money has been taken out of my account and never shipped . I have called the only number I can find and not getting any answer I’ve called everyday for the past week . I also emailed and have not received any response. This is extremely poor business. I want my money back. I will be filing claim with the better business bureau.


Krystal August 9, 2019 at 5:04 pm

My story is similar to several others on this thread. I have placed an order for school uniforms over a week ago. I expected them yesterday but they have not yet been shipped. I received no further communication regarding the order. Only the confirmation. I’ve tried calling the customer service number and I get a recording that states “we are experiencing high call volume, please call back at a later time”. The line disconnects and doesn’t give you the option to hold. This is ridiculous. Even if there was a hold up with the delivery it should have definitely been shipped. I am going to contact my bank to alert them of fraudulent charges as The Children’s Place did not deliver.


Tracy Huynh August 9, 2019 at 4:01 pm

I ordered my som’s school uniform on the 1st of August and still haven’t received any shipment confirmation. School starts on Tuesday….what should i do?


CMFraz August 9, 2019 at 10:35 am

I placed an order of August 1, 2019 for school clothes for my grandchildren. I waited for a confirmation email that was never received and I tried reaching out to their customer service department and all I get for the last 7days is a recording stating the customer they are experiencing a high call volume or busy with other customers. This is the same message no matter what time you call. They state you canning t cancel an order once it is placed so consumers are stuck in limbo with this company. I will NEVER do business with this company again online or in store.


KENDRA CHAVIS August 8, 2019 at 11:37 am

I placed my order on 7/30/2019. But I’m yet to receive a shipment confirmation email. I’m pissed, bc the customer service number I am calling has had the same dam recording for a week. This is ridiculous I need this order for it is my son’s back to school clothes. This is pretty bad business. Only confirmation I received is that my order is being processed. It should not take a week to process my order. WTF is the problem!!!!!!!!


Jessica Yeates August 9, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Yes!!! I placed one on July 13th…can’t get through to customer service, no one responds to emails or facebook messages. I need a status update. This is crazy!


Jessica Yeates August 9, 2019 at 3:15 pm

I mean July 31st


Lashanda Renee Thompson August 7, 2019 at 4:32 pm



Jessica Yeates August 9, 2019 at 3:13 pm

Yes!!! I placed one on July 13th…can’t get through to customer service, no one responds to emails or facebook messages.


Jessica Yeates August 9, 2019 at 3:15 pm

*July 31st


Kristin jones August 7, 2019 at 12:27 pm

This has been a horrible experience with children’s place and will never order again I’m at mother of 3 and I placed a order for school clothes back in july and the gave me a date of aug 7-10 to receive my order so I was expecting that order since my kids go to school aug 12.So this morning I got a email saying that it will be here aug 16-19 which I stupid because now I have to buy new clothes somewhere else iv tried to call customer service no answer and I’ve tried email still no answer and I’ve called corporate office no answer either it’s just awful corporate office needs to do better with customers service.


Gina August 6, 2019 at 3:41 pm

Does anyone know how to get a hold of someone from the Corporate office?


Tammy Robinson August 8, 2019 at 10:38 am

All the corporate contact information is in our listing


Barbara August 1, 2019 at 12:59 pm

On July 26th, during tax free weekend in Tennessee, I ordered school clothes for my three children. Given the my Place credit card was set up under my current address, my last 2 orders were at my current address, the fact that I updated my Place profile with my current address, and the fact that I filled out my shipping and billing information to reflect my current address… I never imagined that my items would be shipped to an address in New Jersey at which I have not resided in almost 9 years.
Upon attempting to contact your customer service center, 15 attempts to be accurate, on Tuesday, July 30th, I was repeatedly informed the call volume was too high and to try again later, at which time the line was disconnected. So I emailed customer care at the email address provided. Evidently, their response of “once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed, modified or canceled” was the extent of the answer I was going to receive.
I was, however, finally able to get through on the phone line today, at which time the same tired refrain was pandered to me yet again. It was followed up with an offer of a 30% discount, which would be all well and good except I already SPENT MY BUDGET ON THE SCHOOL CLOTHES I HAD ORDERED. So asking me to spend more money to *hopefully* actually receive an order this time is outrageous.
Furthermore, when I prompted my customer care operator with a simple question of “if you can send UPS a shipping label to originate an order, why can you not send them one to FIX an order,” I was informed that it would cost them $30 to do so, so they will not.
I then spent the next 2.5 hours on the phone with UPS and USPS in an attempt to rectify THIS CONPANY’S mistake, and it basically boils down to hoping the current owners of my former residence are honest people. If they are, I can spend more money paying UPS and USPS to send my order to my ACTUAL address.
A follow up call with the Place had the supervisor, Sergei? Sergio? Tell me this is somehow my fault, and that despite the reason they can not (read refuse to) fix my order through UPS doesn’t negate the fact that they will not resolve this issue for me. I do not want a discount. I do not want a refund. I only wanted the clothes my children were excited to pick out for their year at school.

I realize the few hundred dollars I spend at the beginning of the school year and birthdays and Christmastime does not really affect the company’s bottom line. It does, however, directly impact my own. And if this is how a customer who has been loyal since the day she found out she was pregnant with her first child 12 years ago is going to be treated, then this will be my last time shopping with your stores. And I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau with my complaint the very second I hit submit on this review. Thank you for making this as absolutely difficult as you possibly could have, Place.


Stephanie Lee July 31, 2019 at 1:15 pm

I have 5 kids and recently placed an order for 98 items costing $633. I received the order with only 55 items. I called customer service and was first hung up on after the guy didn’t know what to do. The second phone call was a person who also didn’t know what to do, so she put me through to a supervisor who told me she would report an issue to UPS. I had to give her 43 item numbers for the missing items. I was on the phone for almost 90 minutes for this ordeal. It was not a shipping error. I received both boxes that Children’s Place shipped. It was human error by thinking an order for 98 items was complete with only 55 items in the box. I am short 43 items and they owe me $251. My kids start school soon and I don’t have time or money to go find all the missing items again somewhere else. I have shopped at Children’s Place for over 10 years and buy almost all my kids clothes here. I will never shop here again and I better get my money back. I don’t know how a person forgets 43 items in someone’s order and then I get told there is nothing they can do but blame UPS. The boxes were not damaged or opened and there wasn’t even room for another 43 items in the boxes I received. They have lost a customer here and I will tell everyone I know not to shop there anymore.


alexandra July 31, 2019 at 1:05 pm

I went to the Children place in 1701 US-22, Watchung, NJ 07069 to pick up an order that I placed on line the lady started arguing with me because I was having a private discussion with my daughter who with me! She was nasty disrespectful telling me this was her store to get out ! I told her I wouldn’t be here if I was not picking up my order ! I hope you can teach your workers not to treat their customers in this horrifying behavior


Robbie July 29, 2019 at 3:15 pm


Good afternoon.

I am a single mom of 5 children. Every year for many years now, I have used Children’s Place for my children’s uniform needs, school accessories, and summer clothes needs. It has been a struggle to provide for my children, but I work very hard at doing so. I work for the government and I work Uber on the side. On 7/13/19 I placed an order online at Children’s Place for school uniforms for my 11-year-old. I tracked the order via UPS to Atlanta, GA. The tracking order stated that it was left at the doorstep in Atlanta, GA. No exact address was provided. My shipping address is a Post Office Box in Smyrna, GA. That is a whole other city. Since Friday, 7/26/19, I have spent hours on the phone explaining that my son has no clothes for school because I ordered 10 uniforms from your company and the order was delivered to the wrong city. I was told on 7/26/19 that someone would call me within 48 hours related to my claim. I received no call so I called again on 7/29/19. I requested that I receive a new order shipped to me, a refund, or store credit so that I can purchase the uniforms that I need for my son. School starts 8/1/19. At first, I was told by customer service that there was nothing they could do and that the process takes 7-14 business days. I continued to ask for a manager or a supervisor. I was connected with Stuart Hernandez Employee ID # 18590. I felt that he was extremely rude. When I explained that the clothes were delivered to Atlanta and not Smyrna, he stated that they delivered the clothes to the correct address. This was completely insulting because he would not listen to me. I again asked for his manager. Once I spoke to his manager, they stated that they were refunding my money but that could take 3-7 business days. Now I have no money and no clothes.

I am super frustrated, and I don’t know where to turn at this point. Uniforms are required so if I can’t afford to buy more uniforms my son, he can’t start school on time. They refuse to give me store credit. I was offered a 30% coupon. That does not help me at all. I am in tears right now. I struggle to provide for my own family without government assistance of any sort, but I don’t have disposable income to just purchase more clothes. I don’t know what to do at this point. I am highly disappointed and would like clarification as to how your company handles situations like this. I have been a loyal customer and I feel very disappointed in the customer service I have received up to this point.


Amanda Lambert July 9, 2019 at 5:39 pm

I was promised a refund of my terrible experience at the Rochester, MN store at the Apache mall; the total was 51.28; I asked to speak to the store manager, never received a call and have yet to receive a refund. I paid for the items and they would not let me go; I had have my bank manager on the phone, call security, and show them my debit on my smart phone, still they stated would be stealing if I walked out; THE MONEY though was immediately withdrawn from my debit card THEREFORE I PAID… I HAD TO WAIT THERE FOR 45 minutes! This is terrible. I had my children sitting on the floor. The date was June 31st.
Please respond-


Renee August 9, 2019 at 9:24 am

I order school clothes on august 3,Never heard about my order trying get intouch with someone since the 5th,this the worse experience I ever had with them I will never order again


Danielle June 24, 2019 at 11:35 am

Yesterday I went in to the Tracy CA location at the West Valley Mall to return a pair of shorts i had ordered online. I had driven an hour to get there as I do not have a store near where i live. I talk to Candace who said she was the store manager, and i had my receipt, but did not have the tag for the item as my daughter had taken it off when she tried the shorts on. The shorts were too small so I just wanted to exchange for the next size up, and I had bought them not even 2 weeks ago. Candace was very rude when telling me i had to have the tag for the shorts to even do a exchange and that was the store policy. I asked to see that policy as she ripped out a piece of register tape turned it on the back side where the return policy was written, i did not say anywhere on the back of that register tape that the tags had to be attached. She then proceeded to tell me the policy was online and i should “look it up” I asked what i was suppose to do then, because the shorts were simply too small my daughter could not wear them, and she said she didn’t really care and walked away. I had my 8 year old daughter with me as well. So i stepped out of the store and looked the policy up online, I did see where it said the tags needed to be attached and you needed to have the original sales receipt or packing slip and it needed to be within 45 days to return and get your money back, but that they would exchange for the same item in a different size or color if you did not have all those things. So i went back in the store and showed Candace the exchange policy online, she then yelled at me and said fine ill do it this time but that this is her store and she can refuse to return ANYTHING if she feels like it. By this time i was humiliated and my daughter was upset, so i said thank you and went to the rack grabbed the next size up and as i was walking back to the register she stormed over to me ripped the shorts out of my hand and accused me or washing the shorts i was returning in front of everyone. I told her i was not going to argue with her but that i had not washed them that they were too small, my daughter was in tears by now. She did the exchange without saying another word to me when she was done i asked for her supervisor’s phone number she said she was the store manager and gave me a card with a 1-800 number on it that i will be calling today to file a formal complaint on her. How dare an employee of a store accuse anyone of anything, and how dare she treat me the way she did especially in front of my daughter and make her feel that way. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT THE STORE AGAIN, CANDACE IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGER I EVER DELT WITH. This store needs to rethink who they hire.


Erica G May 22, 2019 at 10:09 am

I’ve shopped children’s place for years loving all the variety of styles, colors, and sizes. As I was going to get a head start on school shopping for next year I was appalled by your company charging more for girls polo shirts than boys! There is no good reason a basic polo shirt should be “pink taxed.” I am disgusted that a company of your magnitude doesn’t see anything wrong with this. My 6 yr old daughter even said, “why do my shirts cost more?” The fact that I had to explain to her that some crappy department within your company thinks that girls should have to pay more just because they are girls is not a discussion I thought I’d have to be giving my kindergarten daughter on our shopping trip. I am deeply saddened and angry that your company does not support gender equality.

You’re mark-up is even much higher than the average …. disgusting!


Carla Garcia April 12, 2019 at 11:19 am

I placed two separate orders back in January 2019, I called The Children’s Place customer service line to notify them I had noticed the package delivery tracking number provided to me was updated as “delivered”, but no package was found outside my door. I check every where, asked at my leasing office, bothered my neighbors for my package. No information of where my package was located! When I got in contact with The Children’s Place customer service line all they could give me was the same information I got myself once I log into their website to track my package. They also told me to contact UPS, I called the UPS customer service line, provided tracking number and they stated, They did NOT have information of my package because it was transfer to “SurePost” on 1/16/19, they also refer me back to The Children’s Place – over months of working with these people and given the same information over and over gain I decided to contact Commenity Bank who is their provider for their credit cards, explained the situation to them, they were understanding enough to give me provisional credit for the two transactions until further research with The Children’s Place. I thought my problem was solve here but NO! Now a month later we are back to square one. They’ve added this charges to my credit card, called the credit card department and was told to contact The Children’s Place because they had provided information that my package was “delivered”. I called The Children’s Place AGAIN and the representative was so untrained to solve my issue, he repeated himself several times, and no resolution was provided to me. He did not have information of “SurePost”. I wasted over 45 minutes on phone with this individual until I requested to speak to a higher level who can solve my issue, instead I was transfer to a survey call and my called was ended. Now my request for today is that someone from this company take full responsibility of my packages either find my package since you cannot provide me further information when your shipment department set it up this way via SurePost ,refund me my funds, or give me store credit. After 10 years of doing business with this company and as much as my daughter loves their clothing. I will no longer buy any goods from here. It is so sad how their customer service year after year has worsen. and their store personnel are very rude and unprofessional.


Patrice May 28, 2019 at 1:40 pm

Good for you! I will be doing the same thing!

It’s amazing that I had a very similar shipping/delivery issue but at least Commenity Bank gave you a provisional credit. They didn’t give me the time of day with my request! They told me I would have to pay the full amount of the charges for my “delivered” items, although the items were lost and nowhere to be found! My shipping issues started 3/15/19, and I just received an email today that the items were returned to the warehouse and a credit was processed for the merchandise. WHAT?!!! Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for customer service to offer reshipment since obviously I had taken the time to pick and choose the items online, and more than likely would want the merchandise rather than a credit, especially since I CALLED SEVERAL TIMES REGARDING MY ORDER AND SENT EMAILS?!!! But no, they took it upon themselves to just give me the credit and return those “now unavailable” items back to where? Anyway, I explained to the supervisor that those items were ordered for my granddaughter’s birthday and she was SOOOOOO looking forward to them!!! Those items had a sentimental value and Children’s Place failed her AND me! I’m going to close my credit card account and STOP shopping there! AND I’m going to tell as many people as I can about their POOR customer service! (Most people are already aware or are becoming aware) You’re not the isolated premier children’s clothing store you used to be. I’ve shopped here for my children and now grandchildren for many years, as long as I can remember. However, there is quite a bit of competition in the market now and I’m going to start shopping at those stores more and eliminate all purchases from Children’s Place!!!


Sarah April 5, 2019 at 4:50 pm

I placed a order and 45 min it was cancelled nothing on our end they took our money $150 and it’s been a week of bs customer service are hateful liars and the company never can help those who buy a lot from them I’ve gotten the run around all week about my order no reasonable answer why it was canceled they have my money though lost play cash said they couldn’t do anything about it but give me 30% off that’s bs I am tired of it and the lies and the idiots at customer service I am seeking attorney in this case due to there idiots working there I’ve call headquarters no answer ever they just need to shut down we spend probably over 10,000 a year there buying for our kids and helping others at Christmas time we won’t be shopping there ever again


Chandra Henry July 22, 2019 at 9:11 am

This is exactly what happened to me. I put order in and it was canceled within the next 45 min. I have been on phone several times with representatives and Supervisor, but didn’t get anywhere. Now they are charging me for an order I didn’t received. I have 3 Grandsons and I was ordering School Clothes for all 3 of them. This company is a rip off. They know they didn’t send this clothes to me, but still is putting this bill on my Children’s Place Credit Card. This company needs to be shut down. This is illegal stuff they are doing. I call it stealing, so they should be accountable for their wrong doing.


debra March 4, 2019 at 12:28 pm

What is going on with this company? I have called the corporate office number for last two weeks multiple times and recording keep saying all operators are busy leave a message or call back. I have left several messages ,no response. Trying to reach anyone in accounts payable.


Devin maxes April 10, 2019 at 9:37 am

Same here. I watched a woman get attacked Saturday at the concord mills location, like the employee literally came from behind the counter and pushed a woman who was just standing on the phone and the employees grabbed the woman who attacked her as if she wasn’t in the wrong. I don’t know if it was racial or what. I called to speak with a general manager and no answer, called corporate and no answer. I called soon as it was 9 am. That was ridiculous and I captured the entire fight on video just in case. They called the police and act as if their employee who attacked her was right. That place left a bad taste in my mouth, as well as made me feel like my people didn’t matter. I will never shop there again. Bad business and bad customer service.


Stephanie Jeter April 10, 2019 at 9:42 am

I seen that! The cashier literally STOPPED helping the customer and ran around the counter to confront a customer and I watched as the associate pushed her and the customer gave warning to her not to touch her again and she did. Then I seen the customer charge at her. That was definitely unprofessional and shows how that place is ran, it isn’t. Place is a mess and the customer service is poor! I’ll never shop there again. I don’t need to be attacked by workers when their mad.


Enjoli Polite March 1, 2019 at 9:36 am

I recently placed an order of 265840644, however all of my discounts were not applied to the order. Customer Care only gave me sorry we can’t do anything for you, however I am missing about $21.33 off my order.

I have the direct coupon, and when I enter the first three codes then the final 25% off it advised that 25% would be added once I paid with my CPCC. However the order did not adjust, I am requesting to have my money off the order or credited to my CC account; otherwise I will be cancelling everything I have with Children’s Place and posting negative feedback everywhere I can. You offer coupons and due to your system not process consumers are missing out. Unfair practice!


Christina farris February 12, 2019 at 1:19 pm

I am 100% completely frustrated with this company and the customer service you’re providing to the public I have had several issues with one specific store so I chose to start ordering online and picking up in store and not even that is working the management and the staff there are so incompetent that my order is never filled until I get there and then I have to wait for them to try and dig for everything because the store is a complete disaster area and then once they do get back to the counter half of my stuff is not even there anymore because they waited until the end of the day to fulfill my order. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because I am so frustrated with filing complaints with management and nothing being done about it instead of allowing me to use it in store credit for the items that you no longer have that I’ve ordered and already paid for you guys decide to send it back to my card which takes 7 to 10 business days for me to receive that money and I’m not able to get the things that I need on time this last incident my son needed a specific uniform for school for a school play I ordered it early in the morning thinking I could pick it up after work and it would be ready by the time I got there but to my surprise it was not available and she didn’t know anything about my order until I got there and then I had to wait 20 minutes for her to dig through everything in the store trying to find it only to find out that they were sold out I asked to speak with Management she came out with a huge attitude and acted like it was my fault and then when I asked for her name she refused to give me her name I had to walk around asking the store employees and only one of them was willing to give me the managers name which is Haley and the store I’m speaking of Is the Greenwood Indiana location inside of the Greenwood Park Mall I do not recommend this location to anyone at all it is a complete disaster area inside nothing is organized it’s dirty and the employees are rude and inconsiderate!!


Kayla March 1, 2019 at 10:04 am

It was your fault. 😂 orders have to be processed and then sent to a store and when the store gets it. The manager not always looking at the screen dummy so it’s gon take some time. On top of that, when customers like you actually come to into the store, y’all mess up our work so therefore the manager would have to look through all the clothes to find it. This takes more than 8 hours b**ch. I used to work for children’s place and tbh it’s the company that’s bad, not the employees. We actually did our work, y’all just f-ed it up and got mad about it. Stfu and go shop at another store if you don’t like the service.


Lindsay March 27, 2019 at 4:23 pm

That’s really uncalled for… And if you are trying to defend a store all you did was prove that the customer is correct in how rude you are! I have worked retail for 12 years and for a few different companies including Children’s Place. This is a good company and as a retail employee you should know people are going to come in and shop and that will mean recovery. Now there are circumstances where in a store you can get behind for example call-ins and not enough coverage and there are circumstances that even managers can not plan for. There are some flaws in the company just like everywhere. For example (and The Children’s Place is definitely not the only company guilty of this) the corporate people who decide how many hours a store gets by how much money they make but they do not take into consideration that floor moves, shipment, and sales require man power and/or time and if you only allow a store the employees to run it then because of that they get behind in the things that also have to be done. This is not the customers fault either and every employee should do their best to serve the customer no matter what that means!! If you can’t do that and be pleasant at the same time then you need to pick a different field!


Courtney Suber February 8, 2019 at 10:17 am

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!! You all need to do something about your online ordering and the TERRIBLE customer service. I will NEVER do business with this company again!


Melodie duncan February 3, 2019 at 11:17 pm

I have been off n on phone since last Thursday the 31 st concerning an order I placed inonjanuary 25th checked on 26 n order was in process of going to ups n estimated delivery date to my granddaughter in montana for her birthday was Thursday 31st. Called n made several callers to customer service but always overseas people n very broken n bad English n very hard to understand. Both said would turn info over to supervisor n would take 7-10 days. Really!!!!!!!! You charged my card on the 26th n today is the 3rd of Feb n I know it doesn’t take 9 days to ship n get to ups!!!!!!! And I’ve called ups 3 times n they say they are still waiting on pkg !!!!!! Even called local store n basically said there was nothing they could do. I would have just gone to store n shipped myself at least my granddaughter would have gotten it on time for her birthday. Please help. Melodie Duncan 314-413-XXXX or 636-942-XXXX n leave message w contact # if I happen to be gone. In reviewing comments your online dept is in bad shape. Also local store returns etc.


Sherlin January 8, 2019 at 8:59 am

My experience please this company clearly has issues. I have been waiting on a return refund debited from my account for over 30 days. Each time I call a voice from another country picks up and tells further lies regarding my refund. We are talking $16.18. I returned the merchandise to the store on 12/03/18 and today is 01/08/19 got a case number talk to several customer service reps who are as rude and uncaring as can be. I’ve written emails contacted and left voice mails on the Corporate line Nothing how do companies like this just steal your money I would never shop at this store again I don’t want a credit, 30% off, I would take it if the item was free. Be aware people this is the new scam. You buy it return it they get the merchandise back and keep your money they resell it and get double triple whatever. Stay away from this store they are openly stealing customers money.


Lindsay December 15, 2018 at 2:32 pm

I placed an order on 11/26. I received one item in that order and the rest never made it. Apparently it didn’t process through the UPS shipping. These were gifts for my children now I’m here on 12/14 with no gifts that I have to find elsewhere. You messed with my kids Christmas so now I am one very angry and unpleasant mother. I should not have to loose money and gifts due to incompetent people that are unable to do their jobs. Something needs to be done about this place and they need to be shut down. The CEO evidently isn’t doing her duty as the highest up to make sure a business runs smooth. The worst customer service possible.


Tamara December 14, 2018 at 11:58 am

This store has gone down hill A LOT.
The employees are rude idiots at EVERY LOCATION. ALL of the stores look like a tornado or cyclone swept through them with clothing all over the floors, on the racks and the clothing isn’t folded anymore on the shelves.
I ordered clothing and they seem to be stuck in transit. I’m canceling my account and my credit card (getting a new one with a different number for security purposes) as soon as I receive this clothing
BUT the most concerning thing is I tried to call NINE (9) times today (BTW…my home phone records ALL incoming and outgoing phone calls via a family court order). Every single time the recording would ask for my Social Security number……..NO where on the site when you sign up does it ask for your SS number. I think there may be something fishy going on with Identity theft or fraud.
An elderly or a mentally incapacitated person may just give the recording their SS number not knowing any better. I’m reporting this to the NYS Attorney Generals office immediately. I sent Children’s Place an email regarding this and about my order that’s stuck in transit. I’m pretty sure they may erase that portion of the recording but I have it recorded 9 different times.


Kayla March 1, 2019 at 10:07 am

how you gon say the stores look a mess when you and your ugly a** kids the ones messing it up. Store be clean clean before y’all stupid a** customers come in.


Miranda M August 13, 2019 at 3:02 pm

Kayla you are definitely one salty B**ch. and I swear if you ever spoke to me like that in person you would be snatched up with the quickness, talking about people’s kids is a no no. and b*tch for the record my kids are grown. you obviously is the stupid one because it seems like the only job your miserable a** can get is a retail job. Stop acting like you tough and if you so gully come see me. Im in Queens NY


Zaria Earnest December 12, 2018 at 5:13 pm

Costumer service is horrible. I placed an order on some clothes for my son as a Christmas gift and received an email a week later saying some ideas were canceled because they were no longer available. I called costumer service to try to get a better understanding on why my card was even charged in the first place if the clothes were out of stock. The worker seemed to have no answers. Now my son is out of an Christmas gift and I’m out of money because Children’s place took my money knowing they didn’t have the clothes I wanted! And no one even tried to offer a gift card and my money is not on my card so I can replace my sons gift. It’s ridiculous and I’ll never shop with you guys again. You lost a very loyal costumer


brittany December 14, 2018 at 9:55 am

I just had the same thing happen when ordering Pjs that match for the family.Im currently on the phone and have been for 51 minutes. Im so mad!!! How do you let me order stuff and pay for it knowing you do not have these items?!? Never shopping with them again.


Lynn December 6, 2018 at 1:48 pm

Three days ago I started calling your toll free number to find out where the rest of my order was. I waited more than 30 min twice on the phone and NO ONE ever came on the line. This is RIDICULOUS AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! Never had an issue with you before but I’m pretty sure I’m done ordering anything else from you. These were Christmas gifts I ordered and you could at least have the decency to answer the phone or the 3 emails I’ve sent.


Otisha Luckey December 4, 2018 at 11:20 am

Children Place need to update their authorization policy because they have charged my card for individual items plus the total amount of the purchase. I have additional $ 40 dollars taken out of my account and was told bu customer service that the hold will be taken off with 3 to 5 days. Its 3 to 5 days and the money is still missing.


Lorie cecil November 23, 2018 at 10:52 pm

My daughter worked for children’s place in Owensboro Ky the manager Sierra was going on vacation and one of the key holders had surgery so they needed a temp key holder. Sierra told my daughter if she would do it she would get a $50 a week bonus check my daughter agreed to this S he never got her bonus Sierra gave her some story that it was approved for 3 weeks and she only dI’d it two.She finally received $25 we don’t know where this number came from but Sierra promised her she would get her money it’s been over a month and still nothing! And Sierra has given up on getting it for her don’t work here we have since heard other girls have had same experience.


Katie Smith November 5, 2018 at 8:58 am

I was ONE day late over the 45 day return policy. I have spent thousands of dollars at TCP. I only wanted to return 4 items and exchange the rest because they were too big. I work multiple jobs and its easier to shop online and return if needed. Alot happened in those 45 days which is why I could not get there. One day late and they told me I could only exchange sizes. There was nothing left in the size I needed. Not to mention the two “managers” were having an inappropriate conversation while my son and I were there and I had to wait until the one was done with her personal phone call with her boyfriend. I was told to drive around to all the other stores to see if they had the size I needed, mind you I don’t have the time for that. Its absolutely ridiculous and appalling how they treat their loyal customers and losing a few is nothing major to them and won’t hurt them, but you would think they would want to try everything they could to keep their customers coming back. One day over the allowed return policy, not one week or one month. ONE DAY! I will NEVER spend another dollar at TCP. Instead I will shop at Old Navy.


Catherine Young Pepe October 17, 2018 at 1:35 pm

• I have been a customer of Children’s Place since 2011. Never really …having to return things, maybe once or twice. I purchased back to school winter clothes for my son on 8/26/18, all items were simply too big. All tags still on, kept the one shirt he wore cause it would be wrong to try and return that. Went into the Moorestown Mall Location in NJ and ask to return them so we could repurchase other items that fit. All items being returned were still on the shelves by the way and at the same prices I paid. Was denied my return/exchange because it was over 45 days. Mind you, it was 52 days since purchase. So now I am stuck with clothes my son cannot use. Let me also mention that the Manager of the store was arrogant, sarcastic and rude. Her name is Jaritza. So I am aware that I am a small fish in a large pond. I have spent thousands over the years and the store and the customer service hotline deemed my maybe $120 worth of exchanges not worth keeping my business. I have not received a call back from the resolution team so my husband told me to close our account which I am doing today. This interaction sent my husband and I over to Old Navy, where we needed to exchanged two pairs of sweatpants also purchased on the same date as the children’s place items and with the same return policy of Children’s Place. As a courtesy after review my history of purchases with them they did the exchange because I wasn’t a serial returner. So let me give a shout out to Old Navy who treated me like a valued customer, exchanged two pairs of sweats and gained an additional $291 in profit because they treated me like a valued customer. Very disappointed in the outcome and will not shop at Children’s Place n the future and instruct family members who always get him gifts from there to go to Old Navy, it will be our preferred children’s clothing store moving forward.


Aaron Dawson October 15, 2018 at 12:22 pm

The Children’s Place has cancelled my order TWICE without notification as to why!!! TWICE!! I’m spending close to $700 on my kids and you guys keep cancelling my order!! This is ridiculous!!! I’ve called customer service and they supposedly can’t disclose why my order was cancelled due to security reasons!!! WHAT!?!? It’s my account!! MY MONEY!!! Whats security reasons!!?? I’m expecting twins, I have two toddlers… this is an extremely necessary order…this is more than an inconvenience !
The name on the credit card and shipping address is mine Paris Brown. The children’s place acct is under dads name Aaron Dawson.


melissa Osen October 1, 2018 at 8:38 am

TUE 9:53 AM
This is the first time i have ordered from TCP online. I was not impressed.

Hi Melissa – Thanks for reaching out! We try to be as responsive as possible. Hold tight… we’ll get back to your message within the next 24-48 hours!

For urgent inquiries, please contact us at or call 1 (877) 752-2387.
I placed 2 orders using my children’s place bucks. The first order was shipped out on the 18th and was scheduled to arrived on the 22nd. It never arrived.
Order Date:
09/17/18 Order Number:
Shipping Info: Billing Info:
Melissa Osen
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 404-XXXX Melissa Rowe
twin falls, ID 83301
() –

Ship Date:
09/18/18 Tracking Number:
When it never arrived I emailed TCP via email this is what i received
I emailed TCP during on Monday 9/24/18 the last day to use rewards bucks.
i received this email the day after you could no longer use them.
September 25, 2018

Case#: 4280530

Dear Melissa Osen,

Thank you for contacting The Children’s Place.

We regret to inform you that we could not locate your package. We have requested a refund to the original form of payment in the amount of $38.07 Please allow 7-10 business days for the credit to post to your account. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
so…now they will just refund me the money i spent without even asking if i wanted the order reshipped!
from my point of view this is not good customer service.
then…i called had to wait on hold over 23 minutes to talk to someone who said “yep sorry there is nothing we can do.”
so i then asked for a supervisor who’s name is Ligia she also told me there is nothing she can do. I then explained to her that I felt like this was not good customer service and that i would be writing in to let you know. she then offered to allow me to pay FULL price for my order and then call in again and wait on the line again for another 20 plus minutes to ask for someone to give me a refund 72 hours later!
I explained to her that she could wait for me! i went online reordered my order and then she could note it and issue me a refund in 72 hours!
I am fortunate enough that I am able to pay for this twice while waiting for a refund. However, i feel bad for those customers that you have that may not be able to afford to do this. I recently started shopping at the children’s place again for my stepson. Please check my history in the past couple of months of shopping. I am pretty sure you will see that i have spent over 400.00 in the last two months in your store. This will not be place we will continue to shop. this was a horrible experience
its unfortunate because we love your clothes…not your customer service.
6:26 AM
It has been over 72 hours and I have not received my refund!

Hi Melissa – Thanks for reaching out! We try to be as responsive as possible. Hold tight… we’ll get back to your message within the next 24-48 hours!

For urgent inquiries, please contact us at or call 1 (877) 752-2387.
Unfortunately I sent you a message back on Sept 25 and you have not yet “reached out” to me in regards to that message!
Chat Conversation End
Type a message…


Linda Cheeks September 10, 2018 at 12:39 pm

September 6th At children’s place Greensboro nc Friendly center paid with my bank card total $116.00 their system froze mind u the money was taken out my account and cleared they told me didn’t show on their end they wouldn’t let me have my clothes or money I keep getting the run around finally got case number #4242267..


Yolanda August 25, 2018 at 8:47 pm

This is my third email, My Name is Yolanda Novoa, I was charged 3x the amount in the Cherry Hill store on 8/24/2018. Instead of my bills being $120.35. I was charged $361.05 for one purchase, I called my bank and got a bank statement and took it to the store in and spoke with the store manager Jennifer and she did not give me her last name. I was informed I had to wait 5 to 7 business days for Children place to return the funds to my account. I have been a loyal customer for years. I am deeply disturbed that my granddaughter starts school on Monday 27, 2018 without any uniforms or school supplies due to the lack of fund because Children’s place took my money without my authorization. I will collaborate with my attorney about this matter. I had to make a second trip from Philadelphia to New Jersey and paid tolls and gasoline for what this was the era of Children’s place. I take care of my 93-years old mother and had to take her and the store manager made us wait over and half hour for nothing.
No school uniforms for my granddaughter due to Children’s place mistake. Mentally I am stressed out about this process I have go thought.
Mrs. Novoa


Charmayne Colbert August 20, 2018 at 3:19 pm

I made an order online on Friday August 3rd 2018. It is now Monday August 20th 2018 .. 17 days later & I have yet to receive my order that I’ve purchased. I’ve been getting nothing but a run around. I purchased two pair of uniform pants for my daughter who just started kindergarten. She started school a week ago Monday August 13th & I still have no uniform pants for her. I had to make an extra trip to Walmart for pants that I shouldn’t have had to purchase. I like the convenience of ordering online & not have to deal with the hassle of going inside a store especially during back to school time when it is chaotic.
I purchased online on Friday Aug 3rd 2018. I was expected to receive my order Wednesday August 8th is what the email said yet I didnt recieved it on that day. I then checked the tracking number & the ups tracking# 92748963438470573026494941 updated & changed the date to Friday August 10th. On the 10th I received no package so on the 11th I checked my email & it stating that the post office delivered my package on 8/11/2018 @ 10:53am. On the 12th I called the post office & inquired about my package that I did not recieve & was told that it was out for Delivery & It is due to be delivered Thursday August 16th. Once again no package so I called ups & was told I would have to contact childrens place & let them know what’s going on & then they would have to contact them in order to get a tracker put on the package. I called the post office again & was told that package was being sent back to children’s place
Today is now Monday August 20th 2018 & I just spoke to a young lady thru customer service & I explained to her everything that I’ve just stated in this email. She explained to me that the package was delivered thru the post office I explained to her just as I did in the email that what it said is not what happened & I further explained about calling them to get the tracker to track my package because that’s what I was told by ups & I informed her that I still needed the pants. She asked me how much the order was I explained to her the order was $16 ..two pair of pants for $8 each. That’s when the young lady told me that the pants are now on sale for cheaper & that i wont be getting my full refund. I explained to her that it makes no sense that I should get back less than what I paid for the pants. She explained to me that she couldn’t do anything else for me. Not only was the young lady rude but when I asked to speak to her supervisor & or someone who can assist me as well as the corporate phone # not only did she tell me she didn’t have a number /know that information she also hung up on me. As a loyal customer of children’s place for the last 4 years I am offended by the customer service that i have received. It saddens me to know that I will be unable to continue my business with your company.


tom August 13, 2018 at 10:38 am

i made an order in August. its almost 2 weeks past, no order. called 800 number for childrens palace and they tell me the order was returned. it never came to me. i checked ups and it said they didnt put the address label. WHAT?

I asked for it to be reshipped. they said not possible they were just gonna refund my money. i wasted 3 hours shopping online. I finally found some ceo coo info online.
i called the 1-201-558-2400 number and tried the directory to spell each name just the last name. and finally was connected to a secretary for one of the top coporate officers. this company sucks online. customer service and shipping, is horrendous. ill never order from them online again. what a Cluster$*#*! the outlet store is great when sale. STAY AWAY FROM THE ONLINE. use carters. they promised me someone from customer care would call. well see. they still prob wont fix the prolem but if they do ill update it.


Cy King July 19, 2018 at 3:00 pm

I was just in my local store (CampHill Pa) when an associate began talking about how she wished there was a Papa John’s close. Now what I found odd was the associates working close weren’t talking or if they were not loud enough for me to hear but as I got closer the one’s voice got louder. I felt she was either looking to get a reaction from me or was being disrespectful in talking about this subject as I am black and she is white. The lady she was taking to walked away and mumbled something then said “he said things he shouldn’t have” referring to the CEO and founder. But the associate that began the conversation kept on. As I moved away she stopped then when I came back she started again (I was in the back by the baby boy items then went to the front by the young boys). She didn’t move, the way the store is set up theres a wall between sections so she couldn’t see me but when I was on my way back to the baby clothes she started again, I just went to the register and checked out. Why must employees engage in conversations about subject matters that could potentially affect their customers. This ought not be. I shop this store weekly but if this is the atmosphere the store will have I will definitely find another store to shop at and will make sure others know not to got there as well. I didnt have my phone to record her name or even the conversation so I can’t say what her name was but there was only 3 ladies and one was older, she checked me out, one was or looked Hispanic she asked if I was finding everything okay it’s the other one who stayed folding or hanging up clothes that did all the talking.


K July 4, 2018 at 10:36 pm

I have been contacting customer service for abt 2 months now. I no longer receive my promotional emails from childrens place. According to my email service provider the address has not been blocked and they can see that the last email I received was April 15. I contacted customer service and was told to subscribe to the email list and wait 48 hrs. I was told they subscribed me and wait 48 hrs. I was told to not receive them to unsuscribe and wait 48 hrs. I was told 2 IT was working on it and to wait 48 hrs. I would just line a resolution especially since its been 2 months which is way longer than 48 hrs


Jane July 2, 2018 at 11:50 pm

I work at store 1410 in Gotham plaza in mahattan & my store doesn’t have any air conditioning not a fan NOTHING . It’s more then 85 degrees outside and my store doesn’t have any ac. The temperature in the store be above 90 degrees , my customers are complaining they aren’t shopping , we aren’t making any money because no body wants to shop in this uncomfortable situation . My employees are continuously calling out on me 3 of them quite plus 2 of my security guards because they can’t take the heat inside the store . Please we need help ASAP !!


Mary May 9, 2018 at 11:06 am

Almost exact complaint as below (Dainearra) Placed a next day order on May 2. Never received item. After an hour of research on May 9, found it the order was canceled without any notification to me. Paid $20 for a $6 shirt so it shows that I needed it in a hurry…Called CP and they gave me the same answer as below: I spoke to several people and was told the most that could be done was 25% off. I don’t want to spend money to get a discount…you all have wasted about 6 hours of my time and stressed me out the day before I’m leaving…so I asked for a corporate number. I was given 800-524-5355 which is a survey hotline, to sell you things, nothing to do with CP. Then I called the corporate number on this website and it rings and hangs up on you. I have to now drive 30 min away and 30 min back to get to a mall that has the shirt and ive spent hours on this today trying to fix it. I totally expect a gift certificate for the mess this company got me in and all the time I have to take to fix it. 1) If you care, then corporate should speak to customers 2) a discount isn’t ok when you make the mistake 3) UPDATE YOUR inventory SO THINGS OUT OF STOCK ARE LABELED AS SUCH 4) SEND AN EMAIL IF YOU ARE CANCELING A NEXT DAY ORDER. Not too hard, right? Please contact me back via email above (since you all don’t pick up the phone and give bad phone numbers) by end of day 5/10/2018 or when I get back, I will fill out court paperwork and send it to Jane Elfers. Time is of the essence.


Ebony M Whitson April 19, 2018 at 4:38 pm

On April 16th I logged on to my computer to place an order using my children’s place card and cash. When I got to the checkout screen it would not take my coupon codes. I could not contact customer service only send them a email which promised they would get back to me but they never did. I needed up tracking them down only for them to tell me they could not replace my coupons and could only offer me a 30%coupon which is no where no the 200$ I had in children’s place cash coupons. What a joke this is why I barely shop there and why it will be a long time before I shop there again. Why should I as the customer have to lose my benefits because of their system error.


Dainearra Fallins Pryor March 1, 2018 at 11:56 am

Place an order online on February 22nd of this year. After placing the order online I then went and purchased the sneakers to match the items that I had just purchased online from Children’s Place. Today is March 1st 2018 I’m calling them to find out where my items are come to find out they cancelled my order because I didn’t meet their qualifications. I was shuffled around on the phone by six different people to the point where I just straight blacked out. The only excuse that they can give me was because I was using a different email address than my normal that I did not pass their standard of online ordering. I have been ordering from Children’s Place online since 2012 there’s no possible way that I did not pass your standard of online ordering. After speaking with several people they still could not tell me when I can get my money back which was close to $500 and they did not want to give me any phone numbers until after I started getting belligerent and angry, to the corporate office. All they can tell me is that I need to wait for a letter via email which takes 24 to 48 hours and that my authorization pending on my money will not drop off until 3 to 5 business days. It was so aggravating because my daughter’s birthday is March 4th she will be 18 years old and all of these items were purchased to match the sneakers because we are going away for her birthday. now she tells me that if I try to place another order there is no guarantee that it will go through and it may be cancelled again. I have an account with childrens place and points and they still telling me that I cannot place an order and that half of the items are not available in the store so not only am I $500 out of my money I have no clothing for my children for this trip so now I need to go to other stores oand buy clothes when I’m already doing too much. And the customer service people ha she did not see the inconvenience by the way no one is in the United States that answers this phone. They’re all in Guatemala some lady named Alice then she tells me she’s going to send me a 25% coupon which I know does not work I feel like that is unacceptable for the inconvenience that I have been put through over an email address. If an email address is the problem my name alone in the system should have been enough as I have placed plenty of orders. All she kept saying that she apologized at the end of the day I’m in customer service. they say they sent me an e-mail that I never received, saying that the order was canceled if the order was canceled on the 22nd, this is now March 1st I should have been had my money back so I can at least try to do what I need to do for my trip that I’m leaving on March 4th. I would definitely want someone in the corporate setting to please contact me via email or something to let me know something or there needs to be a customer satisfaction certificate given. whatever reason that they gave me which I feel is just the most bull crap in the world, doesn’t make up for all the headaches and the problems that I have to go through right now to go try and find clothes to match the outfits that I have chosen. It is a big deal for me because each child’s clothing was chosen to match for family pictures. Someone please contact me


Dainearra Fallins Pryor March 1, 2018 at 11:59 am

My apologies case #3846663


Myrel Zarina Roque January 10, 2018 at 7:15 pm

I made an order online and after opening the box, I noticed that my order was incomplete. There was no notification that my other order was out of stock. I only learned what happened after I called the customer service representative. I was not happy with what happened because I ordered 1 pair but only the other one was available. The lady that I was talking to wanted me to go to the store and make necessary refund which is very inconvenient bec the reason why I always order online its bec its convenient for me as I have a toddler and a 7 month old. So I spoke with the supervisor her name was Kate L. And she offered me 30% coupon, as I was about to pay after making ANOTHER order online, the coupon she gave me was only 25%! I called again the customer service number because I am disappointed and this is the second time they made a mistake. I spoke with Jaqueline (from Guatemala) and after the discussion she gave me another 30% coupon in which she said I can use it together with the 25% that Kate gave me. I made orders online AGAIN and upon check out, the 2 coupons doesn’t work at the same time. So I called again for the 4th time and the representative told me to just use ONLY one at the time. I am not happy with the service and tired of making inline orders over and over bec of incmplete and differnt informations.

This message is for the higher ups or to the CEO Ms. Jane Elfers to please do something for this inconvenience that I have experienced. I have been shopping my kids and neices even my god children online or stores (if i have time).
Case#: 3757369


neena December 11, 2017 at 10:22 am

So after I posted my comment- I received a perfunctory email- see below. So there really isn’t any resource dedicated to addressing consumer complaints. It seems they just loop you back to the same ‘customer service’ number and website. It’s also interesting to me that it is proving challenging to find the CEO’s contact to share my experience. Granted- I will find a way to deliver the message in addition to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as Children’s Place clearly is not following the law by failing to honor its gift card- this is akin to stealing from the consumer. It is unacceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone. I would strongly discourage anyone from purchasing Children’s Place gift cards based on the mine and other reported experiences. Also when a company makes it so you can’t actually resolve a problem- it suggests to me their hope is to tire the consumer so to give up. Well I will not.
“Case#: 3661016
Dear Neena
Thank you for contacting The Children’s Place.
Our goal is to provide exceptional service and if we fell short of that goal, we sincerely apologize. Your feedback has been forwarded to the District Store Manager and we will take the appropriate action regarding your recent experience. The Children’s Place values the relationships we have with our customers and hope you will give us another chance to earn your trust and loyalty.
Please let us know what the gift card number is, in order to check it and know what is the exactly issue.
If we can be of further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-752-2387, or visit to view our Frequently Asked Questions.
Alejandra C.
Consumer Response Representative”


cuong December 14, 2017 at 11:36 am

hi nena,
i experienced a similar issue like your with the gift card and everytime i call they always say it takes 3-5 business day to process. then i called again, i was told it could take 4-6 weeks. i told them it has been longer than 5 business days and they need to take care of it. then they said they did not have any information to help me and tried to transfer me a gift card department . I told them not to hang up the phone and i called gift card department on another phone. Gift card department said they only can tell me the balance of the card and said they will transfer me to customer service to help me. I said i am already on the line with customer service and they said gift card department should take care of this. I have the impression that these employees just tries to pass the problems around and around and nobody will take care anything. My advice is you should not give up and keep fighting until the end. if issue is still not resolved, we need to file a complaint to consumer affair department of new jersey


cuong December 7, 2017 at 1:34 pm

I am writing this email regarding my unhappy experience with the gift card issue and the customer service at Children’s Place.

I had a Children’s place gift card with a balance of $46.98. On Dec 4, 2017 i went to a store in the westminster Mall, California, trying to purchase a new $50 gift card (for my niece xmas gift),. I told the store cashier Luz that I want to use my current gift card to pay for this new gift card plus additional $3.02 cash to make a total of $50. unfortunately the transaction got some error, did not go through so I was not able to purchace the new gift card and my current gift card became ZERO balance. Luz tried to call customer service for me but they already closed so she gave me the number and asked me to call them to resolve the issue.

i called customer service today and spoke to Ray (employee id 8170861) to explain the gift card issue. I was placed on hold for a total of 1 hour and 5 min because he needed to contact the gift card department to verify some information. finally he told me that he will send me an email with the details of the transaction and said that if I bring back this receipt to the store, they should be able to give me a store credit. (that email was attached here for your information). I asked him if it is possible someone from customer service can contact the store to resolve it because I was afraid that when I come back and talk to another cashier, they wont know whats going on and i dont want to call back to customer service and go through the whole process again. Ray told me that with the receipt in the email, he believed the store would be able to take care of it. I wasnt sure about that so I asked him for his name and ID in case when i call back, i can ask for him. He said if i call back, i may have to talk to somebody else but he will put alot of comments on the computer with the case number so other people can help me

I drove 1/2 hour back to the store and spoke to the store manager there. She told me that she could not just give me a store credit based on the receipt in the email i showed her and wanted to check her email to see if customer service sent her any email with the instruction how to give me back the store credit. She did not receive any email from customer service. I was frustrated because just like i expected when i talked to Ray that someone from customer service need to call and talk to the store. I then made another phone call back to customer service and talked to another person. I handed the phone to the store manager so they can talk to each other. Then we were placed on hold again for 16 min because the new customer service person had to verify something with the gift card department. She then told the store manager that they will submit the issue to the gift card department and wait for 3-5 days for them to respond. At that moment i thought the store manager will give me the store credit and customer service will reimburse her the money but after she hung up the phone, i realized that she still cannot give me store credit and i had to wait for them 3-5 more days.

I was very angry with the whole process and called back to customer service and someone else answered the phone. I had to tell them the whole story again and she still didnt get it, I was frustrated so I asked to talk to their supervisor who was Ivanna Flores. I asked her to ask someone from gift card department to contact me today to take care of this but she said nobody there can do that and i have to wait for 3-5 days. I had to spend a total of 19 min again just to deal with this issue and it is still not resolved.

I did not understand why it was so complicated for a worldwide company like Children’s Place with a quarter sale of 500millions+ to handle a refund to a customer. and I did not even try to return anything for a refund. this is just a simple computer problem: gift card balance got wiped out in an error transition. Why i cannot get the store credit right away instead of having to go through all the hassles like this?


Neena December 6, 2017 at 4:47 pm

My experience with Children’s Place has been so negative that after my last order is received, I will not be shopping here again nor would I ever consider purchasing a gift card from here. I received a gift card about 5 years ago. Granted it’s been a long time, but gift cards are supposed to be honored without expiration. I tried to order online. My card for $25 was declined. I called the number on the back and it suggested I call back during business hours but it was a late Friday night and I wanted to order in time for the holidays. I tried calling the online order number and was told “we have updated our process- you need to call back.” So I emailed the customer service site with my issue and the gift card number. I was sent an email in 24 hours (Case # 3661016) with a number to call on Monday. I called – the first call resulted in me being left on hold without the representative coming back. I called again and this time spent a total of 42 minutes on the phone with another representative. The outcome was that I was told I should take my card to an actual store and that I could “probably use it there”. The nearest store is over a half hour away and not something I have time to do nor should I have to. I expressed my discontent with the process and lack of ‘customer service’. The representative suggested that his manager wanted me to order my items and put them on my charge and that after doing so- they would “hold the charge and apply a $25 credit” I asked how could I be sure this would actually happen. Why not just apply the credit and not ask me to use my credit card. He responded “trust me”. This begs the question- why would I trust anyone from this company. Children’s Place lacks a consistent approach and my problem could not be easily remedied. And all for $25??!! As someone who works and bills hourly – This doesn’t begin to cover the what these calls cost me in time and frustration. As a former marketing person- this type or service or lack there-of is appalling. Because your company could not be bothered to honor my paltry $25 gift card, I am now left with a very negative impression of Children’s’ Place. I know many other parents and will certainly share my experience with them. Your marketing department should be bothered that this is happening to any customer. Furthermore- I am planning to share this with your president, Jane T. Elfers. Lastly, I will be redirecting my child purchases to places like the Gap and Old navy where customer service actually exists.


KB November 30, 2017 at 4:19 pm

The Dallas Galleria store is a mess!!! Management needs training to be more organized and the store should completely be redone. It is hard to maneuver and get in-between the racks of clothes. This store is ALWAYS a disaster. Clothes and shoes on the floor, cash register stand a mess with piles of clothes, employees drinks, etc. No one ever offers to help, but will help only if asked. I only go in if I absolutely need something but it’s so frustrating going in here. Your clothes are cute but please get this store cleaned up!


Nicole Mc December 22, 2017 at 2:50 pm

I guess it’s a Dallas, Texas thing because their Wheatland location looks the same way. HORRIBLE!!!


Valentina Stubbs November 30, 2017 at 8:19 am

Really bad customer service in the Newburgh, NY Children’s Place Store. I was cursed out by the staff and they refused to give me contact information for management. After being told to get the f–k out and shut the hell up, I will never spend my hard earned money in this store. I was able to get in contact with the district manager via another store. Still waiting to hear back from her. It’s been one week.


Karla November 30, 2017 at 2:44 am

I had never or still have not purshased anything because the three separate times I did they got cancelled. I tried taking advantage of the Black Friday deals 2017 then got an email that the order was cancelled so I kept being stubborn and ordered a second time for cyber Monday and it got cancelled again then orders on Tuesday and order got cancelled again but I now have holds in my bank and funds have not yet return I hate this store it was the first time and the last I’ll ever shop here .


Kim November 29, 2017 at 7:02 pm

I have been ordering from Children’s Place for years and never had a problem until now. This is the second time they have charged me for a item and when I received my package the item is nowhere to be found in the box. I order clothes all the time for my boys. The first time it happened I had ordered a lot of clothes and when I received my package a shirt was missing so when I called them they told me the reason I didn’t receive the shirt is because it was out of stock but they still charged me for it and if I hadn’t called them they probably would just kept my money. Now this second time it happened I order a lot of clothes when I received my package a sweater was missing so I had to call them again to inform them about my item not being in the box so they are sending my missing item out to me. This isn’t good business at all because you should make sure you are sending out every item a customer has paid you for.


Monék Henderson November 9, 2017 at 10:29 am

Worst customer service experience ever. I went into the store 11/04/2017 was approved for the credit card which at the time it was exciting for me so i did a lil more shopping for my kids. So time to cash out this is where it took a turn for the worst, I proudly told the cashier that I just got approved for the credit card so we were talking about what discounts and other perks. So any who he tells me okay your total is $202.88 I reply is that with my discounts he says yes sobI trust he at this point. I’m doing the math I’m like you didn’t put my discounts on here then he goes and says I didnt know you got the card today he was like ooo well let me cancel this and apply your discount. I said okay Those discounts are important to me
He Reyes to cancel it several time my card had froze the bank blocked my account had to call both the bank and customer service finally the bank force the transaction so my items were my now. He didn’t give me my $5 buildabear coupon and he would give me my card number pissed pissed pissed🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤬🤬🤬


anonymous November 2, 2017 at 3:40 pm

The general manager of your Lagrange, Ga store is not fit to be GM. Left two assosciate managers to man the store this week while her and the assistant manager both took vacations. She hardly ever works and uses tactics to coerce the employees to switch shifts all the time. I can not remember the last time she worked a Sunday. She runs off employees and thats why that store has a hard time finding good help. Her name is Faith.


Rhoda Wolfe October 27, 2017 at 4:46 pm

On-line Order cancelled with no explanation. Received notice of cancellation business 5 days after the order was placed. Product did not arrive for an intended birthday gift. Call center in Guatemala is not Customer Service. Requested both by phone and on-line to have emails cancelled. Still receiving several emails per day. Called corporate office directly and operator was told to “take a message and Customer Service” would call back. Suggest you do not do business with this company.


Margaret October 17, 2017 at 10:27 am

I typically love Children’s Place! Between the prices, quality, and styles, my boys have worn the brand for years. My oldest son, wears their husky jeans. Normally, there isn’t a problem. We purchase the jeans online since extended sizes are not available in store. (That’s fine!)

The last batch of jeans ordered came from a different manufacturer. The tags were a different color and the country of origin changed. The jeans were okay, until they were washed. There was no way to loosen them. My son’s soccer friend, who wears regular, tried them on, they were a bit snug fit him as well. So, I called children’s place. The first customer service personnel who responded, didn’t understand my concern. I wanted to know if something had changed. “No, but we will refund you.” I don’t really want a refund, I want to know if there is a different UPC /style I can order to receive the husky jean style and size I have grown accustomed to receiving.

The second customer service representative, went above and beyond. She understood my concern. They’ll be sending return labels to ship the jeans back and identify the manufacturer that did not produce the correct size. Also, they will be updating their manufacturer list so future jeans being ordered will be the appropriate size.

I appreciate a company that understands parents concerns. The clothing line is significantly better in quality and is comparable to Land’s End without the price tag.

Thank you.


LuAnne Prater October 5, 2017 at 1:01 pm

First off I received The Children’s Place credit card in the mail and I knew that I would get 30% off my first order by using my card plus I had other coupons and cash rewards I could use also on an order. So… I ordered a little jacket on Monday September 25, 2017 and I had ordered the wrong color so I called and was informed that I could not just change the color that the order had to be cancelled and replaced so this means I lost all the discounts I had used. So I called again and talked to someone in rewards and he did give me a $10.00 coupon and a $5.00 coupon but could not be used together. So, I was still not able to use discounts and get the correct jacket for the priced I had originally been able to. I we ahead and ordered another jacket correctly and in the mean time I talked to another person and he was going to credit me with the full $15.00 discount once the ordered had shipped. So I received a e-mail saying that my order had shipped and I had a UPS tracking number and a USPS tracking number. I called UPS and asked them about was my package on the UPS and they said no. So now here I am on the hold yet again trying to get my package with no luck because no one is answering the phone. I have only used my credit card with The Children’s Place so with this being said I am very disappointed with the no service I have received. I am saddened that this simple order has become a huge mess. Thank you, LuAnne Prater.


Margaret October 17, 2017 at 2:15 pm

I have found if I ordered the wrong item, which was my mistake, I can go back to the brick and mortar store to exchange it for the correct color. (I live about 40 minutes from a store, so it may be 1-2 weeks before I have the opportunity to go.) This has been my experience. Each brick and mortar store has a slightly different policy depending on the location and loss prevention rating. The one closest to me, allows changes with receipt. They do not accept changes without a receipt due to theft issues. Ordering it online is helpful, because the proof of transaction is easily available through the smart phone. I do hope your situation was rectified.

You did exactly what I would have done with customer service: Call a second time, when the first representative was not up to par.


Alaina October 2, 2017 at 1:05 pm

Reference: September 29, 2017 1:20pm
Children’s Place, 7220 NW 86TH PLACE, Kansas City, MO (Zona Rosa)
Crazy 8, 7202 NW 86TH TERRACE, Kansas City, MO (Zona Rosa)

While shopping at the Crazy 8 Store on Friday, September 29, 2017, I heard a store associate telling her co-worker that she needed to keep an eye on the “black lady” and watch her because The Children’s Place had called them. The associate walked over to an African American lady and asked her if she was finding everything okay. The lady responded Yes, and began a casually conversating with the store associate while shopping. It was very easy to read into what was going on. As I checked out the cashier felt that her co-worker was not watching the lady close enough. She called for her associate to come over to the checkout counter and instructed for her to keep watching her. The young girl looked at me. The cashier must have read into by body language and facial expression. She advises me that the Children’s Place just called and stated that a black lady just left their store and appeared to be stealing. So we have to watch her because she’s black and it may be her.” The other associate that was standing beside her calming said, “Well I don’t think it’s her.” The cashier insisted that her co-worker continue watching and following her because it’s there store policy that if another store calls and mentions people stealing, they have to watch them.
I was so frustrated, but not shocked. It took a lot to finish up my transaction and walk out the door without saying anything. My complaint is for both Children’s Place and Crazy 8. Both stores were very unprofessional and disrespectful in the way they chose to handle the situation. If in fact the lady was a theft suspect, the Children’s Place should have given a clear description (Long hair, blue shirt, green shoes, ETC). Apparently this is routinely practiced. I’m sure that the Children’s Place Human Resource Office and corporation would not approve of these tactics.

Every black and brown skinned lady at Zona Rosa immediately became a suspect and clearly a target for racial discrimination the moment that phone call was made. I will not be shopping at that Children’s Place ever again. I have contacted and told many of my co-workers and friends about what I witnessed. The Crazy 8 cashier needed to use not just her professional judgement but a lot of common sense. I would not be doXXXXenting this incident had the cashier pulled her co-worker aside or to another part of the store and quietly talked with her about her theft concerns. I watched as this lady shopping walked out in the open with the clothing and talked to her young toddler. She had one bag with her that was centered in the middle of her back. Due to her size she wouldn’t have been able to get into it without taking it off. She wore no jacket. Just a black dress. My heart hurt for this lady who was just shopping just as I was. That type of treatment towards any customer shopping is unacceptable and sickening.


M. Lee September 29, 2017 at 9:34 am

I want to complain about the attitude I received at the Brooklyn, Gateway mall store. My 3 year old daughter had a party on 9/23/17. My friends and family are aware of how much I adore the clothing at children’s place, in turn my daughter received so many outfits from there as a gift. In some case she received 3 of the same shirts as well as pants and shoes she probably wouldn’t wear. I went to the store on 9/28 to exchange the duplicate items I have and was told that I can only change for a size up or size down. How beneficial is that to me when I already have another size at home. I don’t even know at this point who brought the items to ask for a receipt and think it is quite rude to do so when they took the time out the buy a gift for your child. All your other store/competitors (Gap, old navy, carters, macys) allow you to exchange an item for the price it is at now. Now I have probably 50 dollars of cloths that I cant do anything with. The clerks at the store were very rude explaining this erroneous policy. I will never purchase at children’s place again as well as tell my friends and family not too. A joke..


Asaed gallegos September 25, 2017 at 1:28 pm

My name is Asaed Gallegos. I was employed by The Children’s Place at Galleria Sunset Mall in Las Vegas NV. I started on 5/31/2017. I worked for two days and had to quit due to my pregnancy. I worked a total of 8 hours. I never received my paycheck. I waited to see if it came in the mail as I have worked for another clothing company and got my last check sent in the mail. It’s been a while already. I am very disappointed that this company had me work for two days and I still haven’t received my pay. I find it very unprofessional. I know my check won’t be much due to the fact that I worked so little hours at minimum wage but that doesn’t mean I don’t want my money or I work for free. Is there anyway you can help me with this issue I’m having?


Chanel September 22, 2017 at 3:59 pm

Today I was giving the most horrible customer service experience.Early today I called to put 2 items on hold prior to my visit to pick up later.

During my visit I was accused of stealing a blue emoji hoodie onsie at the childrens place in the riverhead tanger outlet by the sales associate Dianne who was helping me with my transaction while at the register I noticed the pair of jeggings I called earlier for to be placed on hold were the wrong size So the sales associate Diane & I went to the table area to switch them but none were out so i asked her to see if she can pull them from the back and she did as she came from the back I was by the hats section in Toddler girls she looked down at my daughter & asked me to take her hoodie onesie off & said “aren’t u gonna pay for that”? I replied Excuse me no I’m not gonna take it off if I did my daughter would be naked she wore it here so I’m not gonna pay for it! I dont understand Why just accuse me especially if u didn’t see me trying anything on my daughter nor while shopping I didnt ask to use the dressing room. This bothers me because I’m a returning customer to riverhead location, Shirley & Smithhaven mall location where I purchased the onesie my 2yr old daughter wore today.

Here’s proof of my receipt that the blue emoji onesie my 2yr old had on today that I was accused of stealing.

Im also posting my recipt today to show i was at the riverhead tanger location.NEVER have I experienced this at Smithhaven mall or Shirley location I always receive good customer service.
Today’s transaction#0750013718938865
Blue onesie transaction on 9/11#0739012380227455


Ms. Jackson September 26, 2017 at 10:09 am

I would contact me an attorney and Children Place Corp office. Children Place sucks…prices are ridiculous, they prices are higher when using your coupons, lack customer service and professionalism, I always wait a week or two..three because the clothes go on sale and they have better sales during the week. Find a new store. Maybe I should take this to social media so people can stop spending w them. When they realize cust are gone they’ll get it together.


Mia September 13, 2017 at 5:43 pm

The store in White Oak in Richmond, Va is so hot. I been there 3 weeks in a row and there is no air. I was told the air conditioner is broken and this is simply ridiculous. The employees should not have to work in these conditions and the customers are complaining.


melissa caballero September 13, 2017 at 3:18 pm

FRAUD! SCAM! RIP-OFF! So I purchased items and gained two Place Cash coupons ($10 off $20) which I could not use until September 12th, 2017. The night before I logged in and placed all the items I would like to purchase in my cart for the next day equaling $43.65(coupons applied). September 12th came and the website was down I called and was told to try it back in an hour. I did so and realize all the prices had now increased drastically! I had screenshot my cart items prior and the comparison was shocking, $9.58 to now $19.95, $12.83 to 24.95, $8.21 to $19.95 and few shirts 3.25 to $7.00, all the items were more than double and my total was now $72.85 with the coupons factored in. What a scam!!!, is this even legal? They encourage you to think you are getting a great deal but they went ahead and doubled + all the prices. I want people to be aware of this scam and how they cheat their customers, I will no longer shop with them because of the way they do business.


Nicole September 15, 2017 at 11:35 am

I just emailed them about the same thing. They make it so that you can’t even reply to whatever response they send you. They cheat in the worSt way. They don’t know me. I will make it my personal goal to make sure everyone knows about their shoddy practices


Melody September 11, 2017 at 1:35 pm

My compliant is this while shopping in the Bronx, NY location store#1308 a customer fell, but what upset me was that no one attended her. The assistant store manger “Ruby” who was less that 2 feet away from the customer who fell, was more interested in getting her commission from a customer who she was in the process of approving a credit card for. Ruby never once turned around to the customer to ask if she was okay. The gentleman who was on the other side of the store came to check on the customer all the while “Ruby” sent one worked on break while another worker was still with a customer at her register she never attended the customer either and the third worker just didn’t seem interested in what was going on while she was at the following register. But to make matters worse was the attitude that “Ruby” had as I mentioned she was more interested in getting her commission he line grew longer I waited over 10 minutes before getting to the register. This location is in need of serious supervision, customer service and empathy for the patrons.


Retha Bell August 22, 2017 at 6:55 pm

This the worst company ever! I am a senior citizen, in July I purchased over $100.00 worth of clothes for my granddaughter for part of her birthday present. When I made the purchase I asked if the clothes could be returned if they did not fit, I was told told yes. I went to the store today with my granddaughter as so we could return one pair of pants as we live 30 minutes from the store. When they started the exchange I was told I couldn’t because today was the 46th day 1 day over policy which I was never told of. The staff was rude, no help was told to call customer service. I’m standing there with a 6 year old who was very upset that she could not get the pants she likes. I will never ever shop at this store again.


Retha Bell August 22, 2017 at 6:53 pm

This the worst company ever! I am a senior citizen, in July I purchased over $100.00 worth of clothes for my granddaughter for part of her birthday present. When I made the purchase I asked if the clothes could be returned if they did not fit, I was told told yes. I went to the store today with my granddaughter as so we could return one pair of pants as we live 30 minutes from the store. When they started early exchange I was told I couldn’t because today was the 46th day 1 day over policy which I was never old of. The staff was rude, no help was told that all customer service. I’m standing there with a 6 year old who was very upset that she could not get the pants she likes. I will never ever shop at this store again.


UPSET CUSTOMER August 21, 2017 at 3:51 pm

I purchased a pair of black skinny jeans for my son for “black out day” at school from the Fairfield mall in Beavercreek, I brought them home and put them in the wash and dryer, and laid them out for him to wear the following day. In the morning, while getting my son dressed, my husband saw a hole BEHIND the knee in the pant leg. He showed it to me and it was terrible, but it was 7am in the morning and those were our only option, so he had to wear them, but I figured I would bring them back to the store to return them when he got home. so I got there and the manager was not empowered to do anything to help me. He said they had already been washed and worn, so they could not be returned. I was shocked. The clothing was defective! I had my receipt from the evening before and the defect was behind the knee…not even on the knee! so after much complaining, I finally got my measly 7 dollars back (it wasn’t about the money!). I have never had a problem returning defective merchandise anywhere else (or even if I didn’t want it for that matter). I guess holding on to their $7 dollars is more important than helping a customer with a legitimate problem…Shame, I will not shop at Children Place anymore.


UPSET CUSTOMER August 21, 2017 at 3:55 pm

That’s Beavercreek Ohio


Carmen Alvarea September 2, 2017 at 3:15 pm

I agree this is the worst company ever for any types of returns. They are friendly when you purchased but is there is any issue with the item afterwards they could care less and they always fall back on their corporate office. However they probably are told to use corporate office policy for everything they do not wish to handle because they do keep you on hold for extended periods of time and I will be surprised if I get a reply. Guess all we can do it stop shopping there and let others know if the horrible experiences and possibly stop others from also shopping there.


Tara August 15, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Customer service is the worst! I’ve been calling for more than 2 weeks and I’ve been on hold for more than an hour and no answer. The worst customer service ever! I’ve sent email after email and no response to any of the emails I’ve sent!


Monika August 22, 2017 at 3:02 pm

I agree. Customer service is really bad. I had placed an order and never rec’d it. According to the tracking number it was delivered via US post office from UPS. According to their information the house number was missing on the delivery address. So when I saw this, I put in a case on 8/4/17. According to the email that I rec’d. it says I would get a respond within 3 business days. Guess what. That isn’t true at all. I had to call customer service today and to be told that the package was delivered so I would need to dispute the charges with my back. The rep then tells me that the package was delivered back to them. So I then asked for a supervisor who says that US post office delivered it…but can’t tell me where. It wasn’t delivered. It was stolen. There wasn’t a house number so not sure where it would be delivered. And the supervisor tells me that the package was not sent back to them. And she can’t even tell me why I didn’t get a reply within 3 business day. So as far as customer service of the company they wash their hands of any merchandise that leaves their building..when the company has a vendor relationship with UPS and US Post office. and Now I have to deal with my bank because Children’s place has washed their hands of this. And to add I am out of the merchandise and my money!!


Pamela August 23, 2017 at 3:47 pm

I has a vey similar experience today 8/23/17 as Monica except, I was told by Customer service after waiting on hold for more 1 hour, we are still within the delivery window. We have 10 days to get the package to you. What!!! I need my items now you have my Money tied-up preventing me from shopping elsewhere! Online shopping is for convenience! There is no ethical reason why I should have to spend 6 hours, out of my day calling UPS to be told to call USPS then to be told to call the Shipper, looking for a package that I paid to have delivered. What!! totally unacceptable.

The order was shipped out UPS then for some ungodly reason it was transferred to the local idiot’s at USPS. USPS made the same claim, they could not find the house or bad address. The delivery attempt was not attempted. I called to reschedule deliver of the package or pick it up myself. Okay, now USPS can not identify where the package is located!! What!! Why not just have UPS deliver the package transferring it over to USPS is definitely not a good idea. This is my1st and will be my last experience with this company!! It is obvious that there are some serious problems with the delivery system from The Children’s Place. I waited on hold for over an hour on two different occasions just to report the non delivery of my package!!! I was on hold from 12:25PM until someone answered at 1:47PM!!! No I don’t feel very appreciated This company has my money but I don’t have my order!!! I am a Internet shopper, but this is a horrible, unacceptable experience. Yes I am only one shopper but I know I am not alone in this nightmare. I am sharing my experience on social media in hope spare someone else from this horrible ongoing ordeal. If you can not go to the store then don’t shop here online!!!


VICKI August 24, 2017 at 12:43 pm



Mary Johnson August 15, 2017 at 11:45 am

I actually have a complaint about one of your managers not a shipment issue. I have been an avid shopper of the Children’s Place for many years. I mainly shop at the Dayton Mall store, Miamisburg, Ohio. I do not know where you got this new store manager by the name of Jenna from but I wish you would send her back to where she came from. Thank goodness not everyone at this store acts like her. I really enjoy the pretty fair skinned black girl that is there. I believe her name is Kailah. She always has the biggest smile on her face and is always so polite and helpful. But this Jenna lady has an ugly attitude problem and she does not know how to talk to customers. She just gives off negative vibes, and completely turns me off from wanting to shop at this location any further. I have overheard her speak bad about other workers there openly in front of customers and this is so unprofessional. Seem like many have disappeared since she came on the scene. I would not want to work with her so I do not blame them. I refuse to shop there if I see her in the store. And please know that I have other friends who have voiced the same issues about this lady. Please either fix her attitude and teach her true management skills or send her on her way.


Julie Cantwell August 6, 2017 at 4:49 pm

Not real happy with the Elizabethtown, Ky store. There is only ONE fitting room and with back to school shopping in full swing, a lot of time is wasted waiting for a fitting room. When checking out, the credit card machine got stuck and a lot of people waiting in line behind me got really aggravated, which caused me a great deal of anxiety. The prices are way higher than they should be. In a town where there are very little clothing stores for children, this place is a major disappointment. With a little work, this place could be very beneficial to many residents of Elizabethtown. I hope you will make improvements.


Donna July 29, 2017 at 8:36 pm

The store manager at your Trumbull CT location has a bit of an attitude problem. I have been in there at least 4 times while she was working. She needs to learn what customer service means.


Kitty July 18, 2017 at 12:38 pm

I feel it is extremely unfair that you price all denim at $4.99 in store only and $7 99 online. Not everyone lives near a town that has a Children’s Place store I feel we are being discriminated against. Online shoppers like myself are just as loyal customers as in store shoppers. What is your justification.


Kitty July 18, 2017 at 12:39 pm

I want to receive updates on my comments.


Julia Rios July 3, 2017 at 4:38 pm

To whom it may concern;
I spoke with the most awful representative on the phone about my order situation. I never had issues before. On my past orders I have used the same shipping address and it never changed on me during checkout. I have been waiting on my last order and I decided to check the status today and noticed an error. The shipping address on the order is incorrect and it was an address from 4 years ago. That address never showed up automatically at check out. The supervisor who I spoke to told me that there is nothing that they can do about it because technically the order was shipped to the “correct address and that I wont be able to even get a refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor since the lady acted
nonchalant about the situation but the supervisor acted the same way! I was on hold time just to have these people raise my blood pressure! This is an inconvenience. I have been a customer for years and this is really upsetting to me. How can there be nothing that you can do for me especially since I placed the order with My Children’s Place credit card? It costs money. This is unfair on so many levels. The reps on the phone seem to just brush it off and not care about this. It angers me even more! I would hope that there is a solution. They more customer service training and work on their delivery. Now what is going to happen? I’m going to be stuck with that charge on my credit card when I never received that order in the first place.

Julia Rios


Monika August 22, 2017 at 3:03 pm

I went through the same thing today!!!!


Gen July 3, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Placed an online order on 7/1 for school uniforms and a book bag, I filled in all my current information, double checked it, and submitted the order. After the submission of the order, my Shipping address defaulted back to an address that I had 2 yrs ago. I called the cust. service number and received that auto voice stating to call back during business hours, so I decided to send my issue through email. Although no one was available/at work my items got shipped out on SUNDAY, to the wrong address. So I reached out to the customer service reps on Monday @ 9, 9:05, 9:09 . When i reached a Rep, after 9, I was told that I had two options 1) they could call UPS and let them know not to deliver the merchandise and to just return it back to them and they could return me my $ or 2) dispute it with my bank. I chose the first option which then she went on to say well ma’am, we are unable to do that. I informed her that that was an option that was given and that;s what I want to do, she tried to convince me that she didn’t say that but what she said was I could call UPS and have them send it to one of their stores for me to pick up. Which is definitely not what she said the first time. I told her that’s impossible because I don’t know who is going to handle the delivery in the end because they (TCP) never supply that info. Then the lady goes on to say that if the package is returned back then I will receive my refund….I told her that the package won’t be returned to the Postal system, the package consists of School clothes and a book bag! I got so frustrated that I asked for the Manager, a lady named Rose got on the line and was just telling me there’s nothing they can do. I informed her that I just recommend business to them but I will NEVER do it again and I will never give them business myself and that if I receive any merchandise from them for my daughter I will be returning it. I told her that I’m not going to receive my package but they received their money. They cared less which made me even more mad! So i called my bank and the banker also agreed with me that the package will most likely not be returned esp since it contains school items and clothing; they informed me that TCP can intercept the package and not to let them tell me any different,. I also researched UPS and spoke to a lawyer and I was informed that same thing. I will be reaching out to them, yet a again, because this is ridiculous. I am also getting the word out about their service because it’s horrible, after 3 yrs, I will never waste my time with them again!


Melissa June 12, 2017 at 4:35 pm

The customer service is AWFUL!!! my son was bought swim shorts for his birthday (was a gift which I didn’t have a recipe) they didn’t fit him I brought them back still had tags on them and was told I could only get the same pair of shorts. That was fine all I wanted to do was an exchange but they didn’t have the bigger size and was told there’s nothin they can do it had to be the same, couldn’t even get a different colour, Wasn’t even offered a In store credit. Now I have a pair of shorts not even USED and can’t get my son a bigger size! Totally BS never in my life have I had trouble doing an exchange with a product that has the TAGS on! I will NEVER shop at The Children’s Place again! Between myself and my family with 9 children who shopped there all the time spent loads of money, we will take our business elsewhere!


Lorraine June 3, 2017 at 11:15 pm

I’ve been a TCP customer and C.C. holder of TCP for 8 years now, and I have to say in all the years going to my local Childrens place store in South philadelphia quartermaster plaza I noticed the workers are more and more rude ignorant and show racism towards Non black customers every worker is black and have terrible attitudes no people friendly attitude the store is a mess . I was in the store on June 1, 2017 and by far thee worst service I’ve got I’m at the point of canceling my Children’s place card and NEVER going back into that mess again! Me and my 4 year old daughter where looked at and followed by the security guard for no reason what so ever, The Muslim black women at the register was as ignorant as ever made me feel very unwanted and uncomfortable and was rude to my daughter, I spend 100s of dollars in this store and online and do not appreciate the service I receive in this store I’m DONE! Also I feel that there should be diversity in this store and all as a matter of fact! Not one white Asian or Latino work in this store that is not right, I’ve been treated as a 2nd class citizen when I’m in this store, and I’m sick of it… whoever runs the store in my neighborhood are hiring people with no people skills no common sense or any smarts about them ….And in my opinion racist! I’m waiting in line I see how they accommodate fellow black people with smiles on their face compared to when I’m next I get the eye rolls short tempered as if I’m a burden…this is no way to treat customers and I believe white women should also work in this store it’s ridiculous. And no-one will ever treat me like this again in this store or my daughter EVER AGAIN. I use to love this place before the prices went up the clothes fall apart and ignorant people took over … I rather shop at Gymboree or Carter’s where the ppl are friendly and I’m not looked at and judges by my color!! I rather pay more then deal with the nonsense … thank you!


Maribeth April 24, 2017 at 5:43 pm

I have been shopping at Children’s for years and have always been so pleased. However I recently placed an order and was sent an email days later stating it was cancelled but my the money was pulled from my bank account. I have called numerous times and waited on hold over 40 minutes with no answer and also emailed with the no response. How can I get someone to assist me? This is so frustrating!!
Thank you


william heidtman April 14, 2017 at 7:17 pm

I have bought my 2 boys clothes and my daughter as well until she got too big. She is now 18. So for years I have stuck with the children’s place for all my kids needs. I buy each boy at least 70-80 pair of socks and both have a specific color. I also order each boy 12 pair of jeans yearly as well as all
Their shirts and summer clothes. They are affordable and I love the jeans have the inside elastic that adjusts the waist size.
Well I was mislead about color flax. Who would think that it would be three different colors when the whole box on the website is colored in brown as the black and white ones, but the multi colored, black and white and another color has a box that is colored in half white and half black and called multi color. Well I got 56 pair of socks and they consist of three colors. I need them to both have the same exact color and same exact sock due to them losing or ruining and staining them. Well I sat on the phone and they refused to help out other than letting me place the order with a different color and get a prepaid label. In the mean time I would have to pay twice for the same order and take 2-3 weeks to get my money refunded. I simply asked for a 10 dollar appeasement for my hour on the phone and she refused. Then she hung up without giving the return label. I have 4 more orders on the way that will get returned to sender and I will never ever order from them again. Like they seen the orders I’ve placed over the last 10 years and the 1000s of dollars and Obviously am still ordering and literally I am done with them and they can pay for the shipping fees when I return to sender and it will cost more than 10 bucks! So I am going to wait to see if corporate has a different feeling and want to keep my business or if they don’t care about their customer satisfaction


Shereka Washington March 7, 2017 at 7:20 pm

I made an online purchase from Children’s Place for $110. I tracked my UPS package to the day and time it was delivered to find out that my package was not delivered on 2/28. On 3/3 I called Children’s Place customer service to start an investigation, I did the same with UPS to get information on the package. Both Children’s Place and UPS said it would take 7-14 days. Why? If the package isn’t with the customer what is there to investigate??!!! I called Children’s Place today 3/7 after being on hold 40 minutes to be told that I needed to wait and that the investigation has to be done since I “claimed” I didn’t receive the package. I would know if I received an eight pound box on my porch as stated it was delivered to. I Informed the supervisor that I was dissatisfied with CP who I’ve been a customer with over 10 years. They did not offer to replace the items I purchased or provide anything to fix the issue. Never have I had this issue. Customer service has really gone down and I’m almost certain that my little girl’s clothes have been dropped off at another apartment OR stollen and I’m out $100. Children’s Place you’ve lost a 10 year customer for this one….

Disappointed and Disgusted,
Shereka W.


Sandra Healey January 14, 2017 at 7:23 am

I am a very good customer of The Children’s Place stores in RI and in West Melbourne, Florida. I placed two separate orders online- 1-on 1/8/17 & 1- on 1/9/17. I had $10. for cash play which would have expired on 1/11/17. I NEVER used it or never received any help when I used the 1-877 number the message I received on my email was NO help to me at ALL. I am shocked at the customer service that is from a billion company and how they do NOTHING at ALL to help customers who have shopped for years and they never, never do anything to help them use their cash play bonus. What a joke your company is. I lost the $10. cas play bonus. Now they sent me a $20 cash play bonus to use on a $40 order. I WAS always satisfied with your customer service BUT now I am not. Help Help. Do not let my message go unanswered please. I will never shop at your stores or order anything else until this PROBLEM gets resolved. What is doing for their customers? V

Hope to hear from you ver soon.

Waiting patiently!! 😩😩😩😩


Viorica January 6, 2017 at 1:49 pm

I’d like to file a formal complaint against your entity. It appears that Children’s Place is engaging in unacceptable business practices when it comes to the Children’s Place Rewards and being able to utilize it in conjunction with the My Place Cash that is earned through patronage of your store. The Children’s Place Rewards are usually always available at the beginning of the month. For some reason, which I’m starting to suspect is intentional, the Children’s Place Corporate is not releasing the code in order for individuals to take advantage of the rewards we have earned. The My Place Cash Rewards expire on the 11th of this month. I originally called customer service on 1/2/17 and was informed that by 1/6/17 my Place Rewards would definitely be available for redemption and that I’d be able to use it to ensure I could still benefit of the usage of the My Place Cash coupons that I have also earned. I checked on-line and sure enough, it still hasn’t been resolved. I called customer service again today and was informed that it’s not available and that corporate can’t tell us when it will be available and it’s possible that it might be available at the end of this month (per the supervisor I spoke to). How convenient that corporate won’t release the Place Rewards until AFTER the cash rewards coupons earned will expire!

Is this how Children’s Place thinks it will retain customers? Customer service is the most important thing that a business has to offer its customers. When a business thumbs its nose at its customers, it will do nothing but harm itself because at this point I feel that Children’s Place could care less about its customers. You have brought me to the point of not wanting to do business with your company. Children’s Place has implemented a reward system that is being used as bait for customers only to have the rewards system being played against its customers. No good reason has been provided as to why our rewards aren’t being released and I find it very shoddy that now customers are being told that it won’t be available till after the cash rewards have expired. Children’s customer service does not offer any compensation to equal the amount that customers are losing due to Children’s “gaming” the rewards system against its customers. Children’s Place would do well to learn from Costco that has the BEST customer service around. Costco realizes that without its customers, they are nothing and won’t grow.

Children’s Place should know that bad experiences are spread far and wide and your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Children’s Place customer service is NOT helpful and unprofessional. Basically my perception is that Children’s doesn’t care and I walked away with the impression that your entity doesn’t care about customer retention and that you have implemented a reward system that you play with to ensure customer’s lose the promised rewards. I typically don’t write complaints but this is beyond acceptable business practices to intentionally withhold earned rewards so that customers can’t use it in conjunction with the Cash Rewards. Children’s Place should be ashamed of its disgraceful business practices and for not being forthright and transparent with the people that keep the company in business! I asked the customer service supervisor for an address and/or email so that I could file a formal complaint and was told that there isn’t one and that I would just have to use the general contact us email box. I had to hunt the Internet for a corporate email address so that I could send this complaint. This is yet another nail in the coffin which proves yet again that customers and their concerns are not important since Children’s refuses to provide information that allows customers to contact corporate directly with complaints. I can only hope that complaints are taken seriously and that your company will implement the appropriate changes to ensure customer retention.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)! If you are looking for a company that is interested in customer retention, honesty, transparency, and honors their own rewards system, Children’s Place IS NOT it. Their customer service is unhelpful, pays lip service to customer concerns, and will NOT offer any compensation for money that customers lose due to their shoddy business practices.


Racheal January 9, 2017 at 5:31 pm

Wow. I thought it was just me having this issue. But apparently it’s more people out here who is just letting this slide. I’ve spent hundreds shopping for my son and niece at children’s place. I was told my reward would be available for me on 1/10. I called today and was hung up on by a supervisor because I told him the corporate office will locate where/what department he was in. He took that as me threatening. I can say I highly doubt I will shop there again because of this going on. I was told awards are available at the beginning of the month as well. This is ridiculous and I will be calling the BBB to file my claim since I can not get in touch with a live person at corporate.


Erica Bridges-Chatman December 20, 2016 at 5:51 pm

I was eager to find out that the extension was made for shipping/delivery before Christmas. I eagerly jumped online and filled up my cart for my niece and daughter with 40 plus items in the cart ($411.40). I completed the transaction before the deadline. An hour later I received another email that my order was canceled. I called customer service and stayed on hold for 30 plus minutes. The young lady could not tell me why my order was canceled and she went on to tell me that I would have to add each item again to complete another order. Also, she stated that now could not receive my merchandise prior to Christmas. I asked to speak with her supervisor. He didn’t help me either. He reiterated that there was nothing he could do besides email that department that’s over canceled orders and contact me within 48 hours with their findings. He suggested not to reorder because then the order would probably do the same thing as before. According to him, there was no one else that could assist me and the next person would tell me the same thing. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! NO MERCHANDISE! NO ASSISTANCE! NO RESOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM! NO ANSWERS!


Jan December 19, 2016 at 10:35 am

I WISH I had seen all these negative comments BEFORE I wasted my money buying clothes for my grandson!! After many years of being childless, my son and his wife decided to become foster parents and a beautiful little child has been placed with them. We are very excited and want to provide this child with the best Christmas possible. Since the life of foster parents/family is one of uncertainty, there is no guarantee how long this child will be part of our family. That makes it even more imperative that we make it a memorable Christmas. My daughter-in-law shopped at a TCP store and loved all the clothes available. When she told me about it, I decided to jump on the band wagon and buy clothes for our new little guy. Foster children only come with the clothes on their backs. They do have a clothing allowance, but it is minimal. We think these children deserve to get the same as any other child while in our care. Anyway, I bought several things online and several items in the store. The store experience was a joke!! Rude and uncaring employees. However, I was happy with my purchase because I was able to get several items that my daughter-in-law wanted. The biggest joke was a sign on a rack of clothes that stated “50% off MARKED down prices”. I started looking through the rack and found a sweater that had a white price tag of $29.94 placed very poorly over a printed price of $29.95. There was no attempt to cover the previous price. I took it to the salesperson and asked her what the “marked down” price on this item was. I pointed out the $29.94 price and asked if THAT was the marked down price. She said “no– we had to remark all the items because they were SUPPOSED to be $29.94 NOT $29.95. So then I asked again “What is the MARKED DOWN price on this item?” She didn’t know what to say. She started explaining about the correction again. I took her over to the sign and SHOWED her what it said and again, she didn’t know what to say. She turned to another employee – I assumed she was some kind of manager, and she basically just shrugged when I pointed it out. She said she was only allowed to mark the items down by a penny! I told her that was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. So I restated her answer — so the MARKED DOWN price is $29.94, one penny less than the original price? She said that was all they were allowed to mark it down. I told her that the other young lady just told me that the price of $29.95 was incorrect and the $29.94 was to correct the price of the item. She didn’t seem to know anything about that. The other girl jumped in and said “I explained it to her”. The manager? looked very confused and furthermore didn’t care because they needed to go to lunch – for which they close the store?? I restated my point to the manager. I told her that IF the $29.94 WHITE price tag, which had been placed over the original printed price of $29.95 was to correct the price then THAT does not constitute a MARKDOWN, but rather a PRICE CORRECTION and again asked her what the MARKED DOWN price was. She again stated “we are only allowed to mark it down by a penny!” That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Why do a MARK DOWN at all – just do 50% of the original price – let’s see, I would have saved 1/2 a penny, which would have been rounded up anyway!! Come on– that is borderline fraud. I say borderline because on a technicality, the item WAS marked down by a penny if you stick with the manager’s story. If you believe the other sale person’s story, then there was NO mark down at all. I have emailed TCP twice about this shady practice, but have yet to receive a response. I also just emailed them again because I have rewards cash that was supposed to be emailed to me AFTER my item shipped, which I have not received. Try to make a phone call to customer service and the wait time is in excess of 30 minutes because of high volume of calls. I’ll BET they have a high volume of calls because there are TONS of IRATE customers out there!! What terrible, terrible, terrible, (I can’t use enough terribles) customer service!! An NO ONE seems to care!! Amazing how these people stay in business. I do like the merchandise and the convenience of shopping there. Too bad I won’t be able to shop there any more — make that too bad I WON’T be shopping there any more!


Ana January 18, 2017 at 6:24 pm

Wow! I had the same experience today. 60% off already reduced clearance items…. picked up one item off the rack and it read 24.95 with a white sticker on top read 24.94(clearance price… yes, a penny discount) I thought it must have been a mistake. I picked up next item and almost the whole rack of clothes had a penny less of the original price. I approached the sales associate and told her it must be a mistake. Well she said no, its not a mistake it’s priced correctly. She saw how upset and confused I was, as if I was supposed to be okay with this rip off. Do they think customers are fools to believe and fall for this? She said she agreed with me and that she has customers complaining everyday about this issue and she has brought it up to management but they won’t do anything about it. She states she feels embarrassed that she has to explain this to all her customers. As a long time customer I feel cheated, ripped off and taken as a fool that they believe we would fall for this. I was so upset I called customer service and the hold was 20 min. I hung up and this is when I went on this website originally to make a phone call to corporate personnel but I won’t even waste my time after reading all of the complaints. I will never shop at TCP ever again and I will let all of my friends read the complaints. They should be shut down!!!! Shameful!


Sam April 4, 2017 at 11:54 am

Hi ladies,

I worked for TCP for 6 months, and I can not tell you how stupid and frustrating I found the .01 price changes. It is pointless and ridiculous. I am not sure why they do it. I have spent over half of my life working retail, and never have I seen such nonsense. Honestly the whole system is confusing, if it’s under 50% it’s not marked down at all, and the customer is expected to figure out the difference or ask, and if it’s over 50% that is when it is marked, and still not at the price it should be, but the price TCP wants it BEFORE the discount. It doesn’t make any sense, how many other places do you shop where an item is marked like this? I don’t think I’ve had such an experience anywhere else. They have a great customer base, but the way they do things behind the scenes is like nothing I have ever seen for a corporation. They do not pay their associates well, and have a horrible turn over rate for it. I left the company because I was a full time lead/ASM, and my position fell in with the management expectations, yet I was only getting paid $12/hr, however they wanted to only pay me 10.50/hr when they are paying management a salary of 45k a year, they wanted me to change my availability to management schedule as well, but were refusing to raise my pay. I am a single mom with 3 kids under 12, with a 28 mile commute, it got to the point where it wasn’t worth it anymore, so I left. They also lost a customer. For a company that is all about mom, they don’t give a crap about their “mom” employees. Anyway, I hope that you ladies found some resolve in this matter.

Best of luck to you in the future.


Symone December 14, 2016 at 8:56 am

I am highly upset with Children’s place and the Customer Service, lack there of, they have. I placed an order online on November 25th, 2016. The items shipped out on Nov. 28th. On December 5th I was curious as to where my package was so I decided to track it. On Dec. 1st it was updated as Incomplete Address. Highly frustrated, since I get packages all the time, I made sure I included all of my info, including apt number. Everything was fine on my end. So I called usps they told me an apt number wasn’t included on the package. So I call TCP customer service, was on hold for 52 mins, then when I finally spoke to someone he said USPS was lying and they included and apt number. I was appalled, like seriously why would they lie! I said well either which way I didn’t get my package, and customers should not be treated like this. I told him I did not want a refund, I wanted to get the items that I ordered. He said whenever they receive the package they could reship it out. Well obviously I need it before Christmas. Here it is 11 days before Christmas and the Package still hasn’t reached them. I am so upset with this company. I have place cash but probably won’t use it, or at least not online. This Company’s customer service is a joke. Honestly, I’ll probably just shop at Crazy 8 or Carter’s because I have never been treated like this with those companies. I have yet to contact Corporate, but I will today to see if I can get some sort of compensation for the trouble they have caused!!


Laura Barnes December 9, 2016 at 4:13 pm

Back in October I placed an order but never received confirmation on the order. Finding this odd I decided to call TCP. They told me they had no record of the order that I should just place it again. I did so only to find out later that TCP had charged me for the first order. At first, the order only showed as pending on my Paypal account but after speaking with TCP customer service they assured me that it would not go through since there was no record of my order. Lo and behold it was “completed” after speaking with them. I called again and was told “no, no it’s only pending”. Well, no it wasn’t it was complete but no one would do anything about it because “there is no record of your order”. I did, however, re-order the item and received it no problem there was just the issue of paying for it twice. I went around and around with both TCP and paypal trying to get my money for the 1st order refunded when all of a sudden the same item appeared in my mailbox again. So instead of refunding my money which was only $6 by the way, they just sent the item again. Like I needed two of the same shirt, but instead of trying to return it after the trouble I had already had with it I just gave it to a friends little boy. For my inconvenience, however, TCP placed 100 points on my rewards account which were redeemed on Nov. 1, 2016 but no coupon was ever on my account. Now on to my latest complaint… I decided to give TCP another try and placed another order on Nov. 30, 2016 only to receive an email later that day that my order had been cancelled. I really don’t know why seeing as how they only give generic reasons for a cancellation and not specific details. I immediately checked my paypal account upon receiving the email and there it was, the dreaded pending authorization. Knowing that I would be told this takes 3-5 business days to go away, I decided to check my account daily and wait. Well, here it is Dec. 9th and I still have a pending authorization on my paypal account. I called paypal on the 7th and, unfortunately, they cannot do anything because TCP only cancelled the order not the transaction. Now, for the past 3 days I have called and emailed TCP with no response whatsoever barring the automated response you get when you send an email to customer service. Phone calls all combined I have been on hold for over an hour!! All I kept hearing while on hold was how they are taking longer than usual to insure excellent customer service… well guess what?! Excellent is NOT the word for your customer service!! I have been a customer of TCP for 14+ years but that ends here! All I am asking for is for you to cancel the transaction so my money will not be on hold any longer!


Ms. Roye November 21, 2016 at 10:52 am

I do not recommend buying on line. On Sunday evening November 21, 2016 I, had placed an order online. After receiving confirmation via email, I didn’t realize I order was not correct therefore needed to cancel. In trying to figure how to cancel “via children’s place website” which was impossible to do, as there is no area on the website to due this I then telephoned the customer service number provided on the confirmation order received via email. Unfortunately, the office was closed.
Early This morning (Monday) I telephoned customer service and was on hold for 22 minutes, then I spoke with a customer service person couldn’t speak English well. In speaking with this person, I mention I needed to cancel the two orders that were placed via online last night. After providing the order numbers, shipping address and billing address, this person tells me that he does not have access to cancel the orders. This is crazy.
I then telephoned the executive office in NJ and left a voice message with Jane Elfers CEO/President assistant the nature of the call. I’m still waiting for a return call.
I also reached out to Michael Scarpa (executive team) assistant Christine and was able to explain the nature of the call and see if she can help in this matter. Christine then directed me to Customer Service Supervisor Elsie where I reached voice mail and left her a message. Christine also mention that she will send Elsie an email regarding the nature of my call. I had provided my phone number. I still have not heard back from her.
I am so discussed with this company. I will be reaching out to Better Business Bureau.


DaQuita November 19, 2016 at 7:37 pm

I used to love going to the children’s place and buying my daughter’s summer and fall wardrobe. I also liked to take advantage of the discounted basic denim throughout the year. I write “used to” because I am not shopping there anymore. I bought my daughter’s school clothes there and realized a few items didn’t work. One of the items had a hole in the seam and the other items were too small. I didn’t get a chance to take the items until today (over 45 days). I thought the return policy was 90 days. I rarely ever return anything. When I tried to return the items, the lady (who I now know as the manager) told me they were a week too late and she would only return the damaged shirt. I explained to her that the items were too small, never been worn, and still have the tags on them. I also asked if I could at least get a store credit. I was going to replace the clothes I returned and buy fashion boots. She used a very loud, disrespectful tone to tell me and said, ” That’s the reason we put the return date on the receipt.” I immediately felt unappreciated by her lack of respect. I asked her if I could speak with the manager. She replied with a matter of fact tone saying ,”That would be me.” I would never expect a store manager to be so rude and talk to customers in such a condescending way. Her name is Jenn and she works at the burnsville mall in Minnesota. I don’t think this complaint will get a response but at least someone else could see how loyal customers get treated. I always tell all of my friends with kids that’s the place to shop. Now that is ruined and I will definetly tell them about my experience. I’m highly disappointed and stuck with clothes my daughter can’t fit.


Nicole November 16, 2016 at 2:55 pm

I was in Children’s Place last Thursday the 10th of November at the Fallen Timbers location in Maumee Ohio getting my 6 year old daughter some school clothes. She was with me and so was my mom. The manager was on the phone with “another employee” in the middle of the store when the person she was talking to said to the manager “that is f**king ridiculous.” The manager said sh sh sh because there were customers in the store, actually we were the ONLY customers in the store I turned and looked at her but she kept right on talking! Now I get a phone call from my daughters principle telling me asked her kindergarten teacher what f**king means? Wonderful I thought it was called Children’s Place. I called the manager told her that I knew she knew what I was talking about and she did apologize but now my daughter could actually get suspended from school! I call corporate customer service and I couldn’t understand a word they were saying and I as well got the promise of being called back in 24-48 hours we will see! Thank you for listening


Emily November 16, 2016 at 12:17 pm

I worked at the childrens place at the nebraska crossing outlet location up til today. Were supposed to get there at 9 which when i first started i always did but each time i did no one would show up til 9:30 (i also get droped off because my car dosent run right now) but i would have to stand outside in the cold til someone showed up. So as i was coming to work today my manager there got mad and I explained why i do come at that time now, as i was walking up she txted me saying also we have to talk because i have complaints from customers and associates about you having your phone out. Im telling you now the only time i use my phone i when i walk in and during breaks. I pull it out during emergencies only. Theres one girl i worked with who dident quite care for me and im sure she was the one telling my manager, shes a lead and thinks shes all that because she has the lead name behind her. The reason im upset is because i know it isent true, and why all of a sudden i have so many complaints about me on my phone when 1. i know im not 2. We have no name tags so no one really dosent know my name 3. I should i got notified before it even got to corporate if it was true. Dont work here its not worth it!!


Karla Vazquez November 10, 2016 at 6:21 am

Yesterday 11-09-2016 I went to the store #2902 located at Plaza las Americas, Puerto Rico it was about 5:50pm. I got an email with an offer tha said “instore only” the cashier Ms. Jennifer refused to redeem the offer, been disrespectful and so rude. She read the offer from my cel and continued saying tha doesn’t apply for PR and I show her the little words (I read it all always) that said clearly the only exclusion is on Canada and PR outlet, this store is not an outlet. She didn’t give other offers, this cashier Jennifer doesn’t know how to give customer service at all, speak to me so disrespectful, I preferred to cancel my purchase (can give you the number for reference).

I was, yes WAS a loyal customer for 10 years butt I’m never going back, unsubscribe the emails, forget abot my rewards and I will not recommend them ever again. So disappointed ?


Carolyn Laymon October 25, 2016 at 3:28 pm

I contacted The Children’s Place Consumer Affairs department on Friday, October 21st to report the ruded behavior of their Female Staff Member at their store located in the “Loehmanns Five Points Plaza” in Huntington Beach, California on Wednesday, October 19th. After calling the The Children’s Corporate Office explaining the poor Customer service I received, the Corporate Customer Service person assured me that she would contact the District Manager to investigate my complaint and get back to me within 48 Hours. Today, Tuesday, October 25th I have not heard from the District Manager ?. I have spent in excess of $700 at this location since August 17 of this year on my GrandChildren and Great GrandChildren and I am doubtful I will continue to shop there. Thank you for listening, Carolyn.


Shara Tietz September 1, 2016 at 4:39 pm

I tried reporting this to customer service, but that was impossible since the guy couldn’t speak English well.

Today 9/1/16 I went into the Tomball, TX location and my 3 year old son while walking behind me ran into the corner of one of the many tables they have there with sharp edges. He busted his eyebrow and made a very large mark and hematoma above his eye. It swelled up pretty quickly and I asked the store manager if she had ice or something to make the swelling go down. She could’ve cared less…she responded by saying NO and walked away. While my son sat there screaming and crying she was too worried about her break so she actually walked past us and left the store. I was in total disbelief. The other sales rep in there just kept folding clothes and never stopped to see how my son was. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. This is a kids store so sharp edges should be covered for safety of our children. Not to mention this store is over packed with clothes, hangers and tables for the size…you can barely move! I would like a response and SOON!


John A Graves Jr December 27, 2016 at 6:18 pm

My advice to you is, sue them to Hell and back……


Ashley August 22, 2016 at 10:55 am

About two weeks ago I went to the waterloo outlet which is over an hour from my home. I purchased a lot of school clothes from your store for my 8 year old daughter. I thought well if it doesn’t fit or if I get too much I can always return items closer to home. Yesterday I went to the Greece Ridge location to return about $80-$100 in merchandise (all of which was on the shelves of this store and were purchased at regular prices). The return was denied, I can see turning an outlet purchase away for a return if they are older items but to deny a return when the same items I am returning are on the shelves of the store is absolutely ridiculous. We do not live around the corner from the waterloo location and have very little time to make the trip out there. I am really disappointed that the children’s place was unable to accommodate me. So, now I need to find time AND spend even more money on gas to drive back out to the outlet store a second time on an unneeded trip. Now seeing how I am writing this complain I might as well go into the experience we had at the outlet store which almost made me walk out, leaving all of my items on the counter. I brought my 8 year old into the changing room to try on a few different pant sizes. She goes to put a pair on and starts yelling at me saying they are hurting her, we take the pants off and you can see the security piece fully on the pants as well as ANOTHER security piece which only has the side with the needle on it and no cover going straight through the pants on the back side. This pin put a hole in my 8 year olds underwear and poked through her skin, I was furious that this happened but held my composure knowing that most likely no one did this intentionally. I brought the pin and pants to the register telling the rep what happened, she apologized saying that she is not surprised this happened because people there do not pay attention to what they are doing. She then goes to call the manager over which you could tell had no time to handle a customer and was inconveniencing her. The manager only stated ‘Oh no, thanks for letting me know’ and walked away! The rep held more of a professional manner then the manager! I was about to leave everything on the counter however seeing how we spent a lot of time in the store, had bags full and needed to buy the school clothes we finished the transaction. I was furious that my daughter was poked by an open needle and that no one stepped up to the plate or showed empathy. I was highly dissatisfied by how the situation was handled and my daughter obviously felt the same seeing she was stabbed by a needle and now saying she won’t try on pants anymore. I originally was going to let it go however now with TWO issues I feel it is time to address both. I have been a loyal customer of the children’s place for a few years now and each year I spend hundreds of dollars at your stores. I am highly irritated by the lack of management in regards to the situation with my daughter at Waterloo and now having to drive an hour back to a store that I never wanted to step foot in again Like I said I would understand if these items were no longer carried at the retail store but that was not the case. Thank you Children’s Place! I will no longer shop at your stores and I will share my experiences with as many people as I can. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. I previously only talked highly of the stores and telling friends and family to shop there. I guess others should now be made aware of how their child could be hurt by trying on clothing from your stores.


Danielle Belding September 27, 2016 at 5:37 pm

I am so sorry this happened to your daughter! This is unacceptable, has anyone from Children’s Place even reached out to you? My guess is that they haven’t… I am about to put my own complaint up at the top, I just felt I needed to show some empathy toward your experience!!


Dawn August 11, 2016 at 10:55 am

My name is Dawn, I’ve worked for the Children’s Place for 14 yrs, top paid employee, highest paid raise 5 yrs in a row, clean file- never late, never called off etc….. A new part time manager worked for a total of 6 months there and in that time starting back in late February to March she was mocking me, talking about me to other employees & management, during a 5 person manager meeting with our DM she made not one threat, but repeated the threat and she was told she couldn’t say that cause it sounded like a threat! Then during a meeting between this manager, myself with our GM, sitting 1 foot apart next to each other, she screamed, yelled, stuck her finger in my face and repeatedly called me names, to which I was scared enough to leave the office and clock out and went home! To which I have all doXXXXentation of every thing and sent over to our regional Phillip Anderson- which then resulted in him flying to our store to tell everyone to stop it, put it behind us and put the past in the past and move forward – like are you kidding me with everything you know, in that short time, they decided to fire our GM & DM – I complied with what they said and kept my mouth shut, even though the stress and being scared was making me sick, I went to work, I worked my tail off because I loved my job, she comes to work with me for two days, yes two days, rude to me, made racist remark, which in my 14 yrs never dealt with that, I kept quiet , called HR & LP, she tried to get Order of protection against me, which then cost me to get a lawyer and long story short, I got fired and still don’t know why! So basically you can treat someone bad, make threats against, scream, yell, call names and get that person fired- I’m still sick over this, I was fired on July 6th conveniently after I set the floor set! I’m just glad I have the EEOC if no one will listen to me, this Bullying/Harrassment in the workplace needs to stop! I have so much more – this is sad
Thank you,


Brittany April 4, 2016 at 10:32 am

I do not recommend shopping with Children’s Place. I have shopped with them for 3 years and was never late on my bills. I purchased 1 pair of boots for my daughter last year before school started and called them the next week to pay my bill. The representative on the phone told me my account was a zero balance. I explained I just made a purchase and I would like to pay it off. She stated your account is a zero balance, we will send you a bill. Months went by I never received the bill nor a phone call nothing! I obtain a copy of my credit report and Children’s Place had send me to collections for a 71 dollar bill that I never got and the boots were less then 20 when I ordered them. My Credit Report now shows that I was 2 months late on my bill. You can’t be late on a bill that you never received and your customer service advise you that you do not have a balance. Are you serious? I have called for multiple weeks and even sent them a letter stating what happened and they refused to be of any assistance. All I needed was a letter stating that I had pay the bill back in December of 2015 and to have this charge permanently deleted on my Credit Report so I could move forward with my livelihood. They have the worst management and customer service representative I have ever spoke with. I am furious and don’t recommend you give this company any of your money because they will just screw you over.


Carolyn Johnson March 30, 2016 at 2:54 pm

You guys have the worse customer service I have ever seen. I spend too much money with you guys too go through the foolishness I just went through. I will never order from this company again. I hate I can’t cancel my orders, and the ones that are cancelled I will not be reordering. How can you cancel someone’s order without a valid reason? Orders aren’t shipped but I can’t cancel the order. Customer Service seems to have a script they read from cause no one can answer your questions. The best excuse I received was, “Due to confidentiality we cannot tell you why your order was canceled or why the other order can not be modified.” I’m done. (Atlanta, GA)


D. McCoy March 29, 2016 at 9:55 pm

Terrible customer service.

I do not recommend shopping with them.


John D March 27, 2016 at 12:46 am

I placed an order on the site on 3/21/16 and was due $130 place cash. Somehow my email receipt says 1/18/16 and wasn’t issued any place cash. Emailed corporate 3 (THREE) times now and 1 (ONE) response or call back nor will the store that I have been shopping at for over 10 years help me!! I placed a VERY LARGE ORDER that I am going to return especially since two days after my order they started double place cash which was the day after my email to them….a bit too coincidental for me and am so upset and disappointed in the children’s place over this treatment that I would rather just return the entire order and shop elsewhere!! I see it as there loss in the end!! This is one of the reasons why the had debt problems in the past….poor customer svc equals lack of customers wanting to shop at their stores or even wanting to keep up with their bill!! Oh well, there always charters, Justice, baby gap, etc., etc.!! Good luck


Vickie Peters March 16, 2016 at 9:13 am

To the CEO of The Children’s place
I bought some clothes from your store for my grandson’s birthday. I drove over an hour to get to your store. When my grandson tried them on they were too big so I gave my daughter in law the receipt so she could go exchange them. They would not give her full value that I spent because the receipt was 33 days old. My receipt was 55.33 for two short sets! They only gave her 32 back. Your policy sucks and this is why I will never shop in your stores again. I can see if she did not have a receipt but she did have it! Poor customer service!!!


Alva Hammen February 15, 2016 at 7:41 am

thanks for this article I really enjoyed it


Anonymous February 4, 2016 at 12:45 pm

This company is great to work for except for some of the managers who think they are above the law. There is one manager inpracticular whom will not work Fridays nor Sunday’s because those are her family days. We all have families, so what makes her family more important than ours. She will not close, ever. She only works from 9am-5pm. This was only supposed to be temporary becAuse she was breast feeding her new born child, but 3 years later she still will not work past 5 and if she does she complains. Does nothing but sits in the back office and talks on the phone for most of her shift. She says she has paid her dues to the company and deserves these things after only being there 5 years with the company. There are managers whom have been a with the company longer then she has and they close with their team and work weekends! What makes her so special!!!!!!! District managers, you should really look at your store managers schedule and make sure they are being fair!!!!!


Dawn July 16, 2016 at 10:16 am

First off I don’t think TCP wants me sharing my story- I would really prefer to actually be able to talk to someone, maybe Jane CEO. I’ve given TCP 13 & half yrs because I loved my job! I was fortunate enough to be able to choose what I wanted to do part time, when the new mall was being built and TCP was adding a store – I was so excited – because over the yrs & bad choices made not only by bad part time 6 month management, followed by DM’s GMs which were fired – it turned into a very hostile/bullying workplace- which I’ve kept all doXXXXentation with me, my lawyer & Philllip Anderson @ Cooperate dating back to March! Final result I lost my job! 13yrs, clean file all those yrs! Excellent character reference letters from old GMs & DMs and employees, highest paid employee ( hourly) temp key holder twice- to help our store out – this is so heartbreaking for me- and would love answers why we keep bully employee who threaten others on board
Thank you and I really hoping for a response-


Amy July 24, 2016 at 5:57 pm

I am currently working for Tcp but I plan on moving out of state soon because my family is growing and we need more space. I immediately let the store manager know of my plans but instead of being happy for me she start talking to the associates about how she couldnt wait for me to leave. As she notice my moving date was coming to a hault she completely cut conversation with me mind you I am a store lead. Now that she know I wont believing soon she makes me work days with no break and she knows im pregnant with complications. Im constantly stressed out because im always reminded of how im not wanted there. I have went to the Dm several times and my side is brushed off as if im just there because they had no one else. Im starting to feel bullied.


Debbie January 1, 2016 at 2:37 pm

Hattiesburg MS store. This is not a kid friendly place. No strollers in store. It’s hard to shop and hold a child or baby. I was in Kholls next door. Was using their strollers. Came out went right in Children’s place. Lady said you need to fake stroller out. It’s just a baby stroller not a huge Walmart buggy So I had to leave can’t shop holding a 18 month old. I’m the grandmother


Tanya Bennett December 17, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Today, December 17, 2015, I went into your downtown Miami location to purchase some uniform pants for my daughter. I was pleased to see that your store was giving a discount of 30% off for the uniform attire. While looking for my daughter’s size, I discovered a pair of uniform pants priced at $16.95 (This was the original price of the pants) and all the others were priced at $19.95 (the original price of $16.95 was torn off and replaced with the repricing sticker).

I pulled both pants off the rack and approached the store manager with this information. The store manager informed me that the corporate office made the decision to raise the price of the uniform pants and this was not a decision she made on her own. I insured her that I will be contacting the corporate office about this matter.

The fact that you would raise the price of an item $3.00 and offer a 30% off “sale” to lead your customers to believe that they are saving money is upsetting to say the least. It would be nice to save your customers money this holiday season instead of making more for yourselves.


Aura December 7, 2015 at 4:02 pm

This comment was submitted again because I forgot mentioning the location. On 12/5/15, I purchased some items for my son at the store in Arizona Mills mall in Phoenix. Today, I came back to this store to return a pair of skinny style blue pants that did not fit my son. I quickly read the front of the receipt, and it said that “Refunds and returns until 1/21/2016 with this receipt.” However, once at the register, a woman by the name of Adriana (who was glaring at me and my bag) told me in a very rude manner, that the merchandise needed to have the tags. I told her that the front of the receipt did not say this. In fact, if this is an essential requirement, it must also be printed in the front. Costumers do not have the time to read all that is written in the back of the receipt. While I did get a refund, I did not appreciate being treated rudely. I think Adrianna hates doing refunds. If she doesn’t like her job, she shouldn’t work there. I think that this person needs to be retrained in customer service skills. I will think twice before visiting this store, again. Thank you!


John December 18, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Aura – Most of this is just blatantly false. “Essential Elements” do not need to be printed on the front. No where does a law that applies to consumer rights indicate this. “Customers do not have the time to read all that is written in the back of the receipt” – this essentially says that your laziness imposes a duty on every business that provides a receipt. That is a bit pompous don’t you think? The policy need only be legible, and provided on a receipt. You shouldn’t have been given an attitude, but please stop throwing a fit and speaking like you are privy to law that you don’t understand at all; it just places a spotlight on your ignorance.

Just in case you need some help for next time: https://wwwXXXXXXXXX


ELIDA B. (LIBBY) WILLIAMS December 3, 2015 at 9:49 am



Jessica Altamirano November 16, 2015 at 2:44 pm

I was walking in the mall and saw two huge signs in the window at Children’s Place stating an additional 40% off entire store. I decided to go inside to see about long sleeve shirts for my 3 boys. So upon entering the store there were signs everywhere stating additional 40% of entire store. One would assume that addition to the price they ring up there would be “additional 40%” off that total as advertised. NOPE! There is on additional percent off. Just some things are 40%, 50%, or 25% off. Nothing additional at all. I am very upset because I feel very falsely lead on purpose. When I asked the salesperson about the additional off she told me oh only some things are 40% off. That’s not what the signs say. They say additional off!!! Then the other salesperson stated it says in small letters exclusions apply. Still there is no additional percent off. I am so upset about being so mislead. I will shop somewhere else for now on. I will not be treated poorly again for asking about what was advertised in about 30 signs around the entire store.


Emily October 12, 2015 at 12:15 pm

I went with my daughter to a retail Children’s Place store in the Wolfchase Galleria Maill in Bartlett, TN. She had purchased some jeans at an outlet store in Gulf Shores AL in late August. When she tried them on my grand-son, they were too short. She wanted to “EXCHANGE”


Emily October 12, 2015 at 12:22 pm

sorry…computer issue. Continued…

She wanted to EXCHANGE the jeans for a larger size and also purchase more items from the local store. The sales people there told her they couldn’t do that and then the one waiting on my daughter got on her ear piece to ask someone (I can only assume a supervisor) if she could do it. But proceeded to chuckle through the entire conversation with the person on the other end.

Needless to say, my daughter took her exchanges back……and she laid her additional items on the counter and left. SO DID I. I had approximately $140.00 worth of items and my daughter had approximately $50 – 60 items. I hate that CP lost our meager $200 in sales because they would not echange a BRAND NEW ITEM with tags still on it. AND the fact that my daughter paid more at the outlet store for these same jeans than what they were priced on sale at the local retail store……SHAME ON CP.

AFTER READING ALL OF THESE COMMENT OF BAD SERVICE AND HOW THEY TREAT THEIR EMPLOYEES, I think my money is better spent at Macy’s, or Carter’s, JC Penney or anywhere but Children’s Place. Very disappointed.


J January 22, 2016 at 3:19 pm

It clearly stated items that are bought at retail must be returned at retail not outlet.


H February 25, 2016 at 5:36 pm

Please re-read. It says the items were purchased at outlet not retail.


JC May 23, 2016 at 10:21 am

No,she purchased the jeans at the outlet store in Gulf Shores and when she tried the items on and they did not fit she then tried to return them to a retail store. The company policy is anything bought from an outlet store must be returned back to an outlet store and same with retail. Maybe you need to go back and re-read the statement.

Noah September 24, 2015 at 11:06 am

Im interested in my grand son becoming a model. Wearing your cloths. Please contact me and let me know how i go about this. Thank You


Jennifer Towns-Hluchy September 17, 2015 at 5:36 pm

The Children’s Place!!! Worst experience EVER. My rewards info did not match my husband’s credit card info so instead of calling American Express to have them verify the sale they process the charge but inactivate the gift cards so the gift recipient cannot use them. They were gifted to the mother of triplets who had to leave the merchandise behind.To make matters worse, I have to sit on the phone for 45 minutes to reach customer service and then when I ask for a refund because I do not want to take the chance of having a gift card mailed to me and lost in the mail, I am told that I cannot receive a credit card refund immediately. I purchased the gift cards over a month ago and the bill has already been paid. I am disputing this charge with the credit card company and having them do a chargeback. Your fraud policy is horrible. This whole situation could have been averted if you had just called American Express and had their loss prevention department call us. Instead you hold onto our money for a month and a half. If you thought the sale was fraudulent then you should have voided the credit card transaction when you voided the gift cards. You’ve lost a customer.


Annonymous September 14, 2015 at 4:15 pm

Children’s place is the worst company to work for. They never give enough hours so there is always 2 employees working. If we are scheduled to take a lunch, we can not leave the store because there always has to be 2 employees in the store. Although the SOP states that if we are not allowed to leave the store due to coverage, we do not have to clock out and we will be paid for it. We always have to clock out and are never paid for it. they are constantly changing the floor set and sending in pricing events but complain when we can not get freight done. Floor set has to been done during the day because they don’t give us hours to do it when the store is closed but then complain because we are not providing customer service. Leads get paid way less then the store manager and assistant manager but do the same job. They should at least offer paid time off for store leads. There is no training. New employees are just thrown in the floor and scheduled on the busiest days when there is no one available to give them the breakdown. Hey really need to put themselves in our shows and see what we have to deal with!


S November 11, 2016 at 12:24 pm

As a new hire this is the exact issues I’m facing rn I’ve never worked a retail job this disorganized, breaking labor laws, and having the worst communication and managers. Literally all my shifts are for me covering one if the other fifteen employees yet we never have but two associates ibstore, I keep thinking tis bc no one wants to pick up hours when their associates are what give them the anxiety to never want to come back


Teair August 23, 2015 at 11:56 am

I bought uniforms for my son I lost the receipt, And all wanted rondo was exchange the COLORS FROM khaki to navy blue. Same price, but because it’s a different color they can’t! Never again will I ever do business there.


jen green August 23, 2015 at 9:40 am


Horrible service i went in to buy school shirts for my daughter and an employee thats looks indian she might be puerto rican. She has curly black hair with glasses and caramel color. She is the most rude employee in that store she likes making seens in the store and gets loud with customers. She always threatens ppl also. I only asked if she can get me more shirts in the stockroom to see if the size i wanted was available. She proceeded to say no im not looking i know what we have in the back. I looked like seriously. Not going back. I purchased my items at sears more freindly service and eager to help.


Jean August 11, 2015 at 9:18 am

I went to the store on Sunday 08/16 to take back a pair of shoes. The lady looked at the shoes and said do you have your receipt. I told her no, but I didn’t want to return them I just wanted to exchange them because they didn’t fit. She asked if I bought them online. I told her yes, and I do understand some items I can’t return online as I am a regular Children’s Place shopper. However, I wasn’t sure if these particular shoes were an online exclusive. She said without the receipt there was nothing she could do. At this point I had to request she look up the item on my Children’s Place credit card. She looked very annoyed but did it anyway. She found the item and then told me they were in fact an online exclusive and that I could only send them back online. Not a problem. However, I was very disappointed that she didn’t even try to help. Very poor customer service skills. Because of Becky’s bad attitude I ended up just leaving the store. My daughter was crying because she found a shirt she really liked. I was not going to purchase an item from a associate at a store that was being so disrespectful. I went home and got online and couldn’t find the shirt my daughter wanted. Unfortunately I had to go back to the store the next day because my daughter really wanted this shirt. I got the same associate who again was extremely rude and not helpful. I first gave her a 20% off coupon. Then I found a 25% off coupon and asked if I could use it instead. She said she would have to ring up everything all over again if I used the coupon. Um… isn’t this your job. It was seriously like 5 items. I Love Children’s Place. I love the clothes. All the associates I have ever dealt with at this store are wonderful. Becky at the store in University Park Mall South Bend, Indiana has terrible customer service skills. If she doesn’t like her job it might be time to find something else. She was extremely rude and disrespectful.


Thean July 25, 2015 at 5:42 am

I have never seen something like this before in life this is the worst delivery in my life.I’m still waiting on my package you guys.


Divyesh July 14, 2015 at 12:46 pm

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED FOR A COMPANY OPERATES IN UNITED STATES!!!. It started like this, I applied for their credit card online and I got accepted. So, I tried to purchase some stuff right away through the CC number I got once I was approved. To my dismay, the card number didn’t worked and it keep telling me that the number is incorrect. So, I tried to call their customer service, oh wait! they don’t have customer service after 8pm ET (seriously?) I don’t had any option then to wait for the next day. The next day, I called their customer service and the guy transferred me to another rep saying they will resolve your problem and then I was again transferred to another agent saying that is the right department. After half an hour of such XXXXXty transfers, the call finaly landed to an agent. Since, I didn’t had the account number or anything except for my SSN number to provide, she was able to find the information but wait, they cannot provide my account number over the phone because of security purpose. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You can ask for my SSN number and you cannot provide me my account number. Also, they do not send emails of account opening then how a customer can track his new account or atleast login to his account. I was really pissed the way they handle their customer. Also, the response was, you have to wait for 14 days till your card arrives to make the purcahse but wait you can apply online and you cannot use your card until you receive it, seriously? How dumb it that for a company which is listed in NASDAQ. I finally decided to close the account. It is first time that have ever happened where I opened and closed the account withing 12 hours. Which such bad customer service, I don’t think they will last long in customer centric market.


Roxanne Frost June 24, 2015 at 11:43 am

COMPLAINT – First off let me tell you I have been a customer of TCP for over 10 years. I have 5 children and have shopped online and in stores for all my children and have never ever had a complaint until now. I have had the WORST experience with my most recent online Order. I placed my order in early May for a childs birthday present. I ordered it ahead of time in order for it to arrive timely. To my surprise when I received my order, I only received 2 of my 8 items, although the shipping receipt showed that all items were shipped and had no explanation as to where my other items were. I contacted TCP immediately and informed them of the missing items which I was told they would replace and send out the items to me as soon as possible. It has now been OVER a month and I have not received any contact, nor my items! I have sent them at least 3-4 emails complaining about my online order and I feel completely ignored. My order wasnt a huge expensive order, but it was a special order and I am highly disappointed with the service I have received! I dont know if you all have changed management lately, or perhaps have had a huge shift in employees but something major has happened to your customer service. I may not ever place an online order with TCP ever again and will also warn others of the same. Lets see if this COMPLAINT is ignored as well!


Chandra Henry July 22, 2019 at 8:53 am

I have received the worst service from The Children’s Place. I am a card holder and normally use the card for my Grandchildren. Well, I will be canceling my card. I ordered items from the website and they were canceled by The Children Place. No one was not able to tell me anything, but the order didn’t meet requirements. Really??? What requirements!!!! I pay my bill before it is even due, so I know it had nothing to do with payment issues. All, I was told was to reorder the items. After being on the phone 4 times each time for over an 1. I was hunged up on each time. All representatives had my phone number, but none called back to help resolved problem. Now, they are charging me for an order I never received and no one at the company cares. I treated like a nobody. I am truly disappointed with the service I received. My next move is to take this company to court. I refuse to pay for items, I didn’t receive, but are being billed for. I thought this was a good company, but I have found out that they are awful.


Shanika Barnes May 27, 2015 at 12:26 pm

Children Place
Four Seasons Town Centre
Greensboro, NC 27407

I am writing to express my concerns about a recent incident I experienced at your store. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that I received extremely poor customer service during my last shopping trip at Children Place, which took place on May 16,2015 at approximately 5:30 p.m.
While ready to check out, I asked an associate for assistance because no one was there at the cash register The associate, whose name tag read “Amy,” scoffed and rolled her eyes upon my request and still did not acknowledge that I was there instead she assisted other customer when initially I’ve reach out to find someone to check me out.
Ten minutes later, I was still waiting for Amy to acknowledge me and at least apologize for overlooking me instead she didn’t say anything all.
Became impatient, I ask was there supervisor or someone else who can assist me for such poor service “Amy” still stood there without even saying an word, I felt invisible as if I was talking to myself.
I have shopped at Children Place many times and have never experienced an incident like this one. It was extremely disheartening that I could not receive the assistance I was politely requesting and ultimately did not want to make the purchase at all.

I hope to hear back from you about this incident soon. Please contact at your earliest convenience at (336) 707-****, or email me at st****

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Shanika Barnes

(If this doesn’t help I need the telephone # or corporate office email to submit complaint)


anonymous April 1, 2015 at 8:20 pm

I’m so done with this company – it’s so sad because I do so much shopping w/ this place but after how I have been treated by NOT only rude employees n the store but also through the online as well. I had one supervisor who just hung up on me while she was acting like she couldn’t hear me. I also spoke to another supervisor who was seriously an idiot and didn’t know a damn thing. Finally had to get a hold of corporate and while I said all the negative things I had to the woman from CORPORATE didn’t even say she was sorry. Her solution was to just refund me and that was that. I spend probably over 200-300 a month through online and in the store so to be treated like this is so unacceptable and The Children’s Place has lost a great customer. Anyone reading this I encourage you to NOT shop w/ them EVER !!!! They don’t care about customers, they have poor customer service skills and all of these above comments are negative, so that speaks volumes !


Soon2beEXassistantmanager February 3, 2015 at 10:44 am

This is the WORST company to work for corporate never responds to phone calls or follows up like they promise to do management is HORRIBLE they train you to set you up for failure if you don’t pick sides your hours will get cut and if your black it’s worst you have to kiss a s s ten times harder just to keep your job an they look at you as no more then a worker maybe it’s just in NC with racism but I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone to shop or work especially in North Carolina STAY AWAY someone needs to get a handle on this asap.


Jan December 28, 2014 at 7:27 pm

I went into the store on Flatbush Ave and Ave I Brooklyn N.Y. today.
The sign said 60% off already reduced, so I picked out several things.
At the register, the price was not 60% off but much more.
When questioned why, the lady said that not everything reduced is 60% off.
I resent being played like that.
I just walked out despite the fact that there were clothes I wanted for my grandchildren.
Not good customer relations to trick or deceive customers.


Dora Mc December 15, 2014 at 10:18 am

What a joke the store is in Louisville Ky St Matthews Mall. Under trained staff and unprofessional attitude. Sign showing to Mall Hall clearly states 4.99 door buster sale. I picked up couple items to buy. I stood in line while one one of two cashiers/managers talked to friend during holiday shopping, line was three deep. My “doorbuster” was not the sale price at all, I asked sales clerk to check it, she was argumentative. I put down the merchandise to leave. Instead turned around and asked to speak to her to show her the sale clearly marked with sign. Asked for manager, again they said well that sale stuff is “over there” when the sign was touching and describing what I was buying, I snapped a pic, clearly deceitful advertising with sign facing Mall hall to entice people to walk in, rude people and fake sales…I’m a corporate Buyer…who won’t be shopping at Childrens Place. It all matters to me during my work day or my private life of good buying power and customer service. I can share the pic but your website would not allow it. …Surprise…contact me to see it.

Dora M
Louisville Ky


Katherine Sevier December 11, 2014 at 4:38 pm

I went into my local Children’s Place store the other day. I can say this was only the second time I had shopped there and now I remember why. There were only 2 customers in the store, me being one. There were 2 clerks working the register. One sales clerk was waiting on one customer and I was waiting for assistance. Rather than the other clerk wait on me she stood at the register talking to the other clerk and was looking at paper work. I worked in retails so I do have some past experience. Your primary goal is assist your customers. Period!! Paper work can wait until your customers are taken care of. I put the $100.00 in merchandise on the counter and walked out. I also find it amazing that when you call their corporate headquarters , you get the automated service that sends you to the operator who never answers the phone. If this is an indication how this corporation is run. I will not be returning to the store ever.


Deunka Jordan November 14, 2014 at 11:20 am

My name is Deunka Jordan and I placed an online order over two weeks ago. Well the day after the order was shipped to me with a note that it was left at my front door, I contact UPS because I did not receive it. Well after contacting them and they tells me that they delivered the packet to the wrong address I contacted Children’s place customer service as instructed by UPS. I spoke with a guy from the customer service with you guys last week and he ask if I wanted to get a refund or do I just want them to resend the order to my address. I asked that it be resend so he took my correct address that I provided and said it would be resent. Considering that I didn’t get an email conformation or tracking number and it’s been a week since he was suppose to resend it I contacted customer service again today. Today I was told that the packet that was suppose to be resent, hasn’t been sent and now they need to contact ups for an investigation. I am very disappointed with how they handled this situation and how my packet should’ve been here two weeks ago and theyre just now considering an investigation. I put way to much money into this company and don’t appreciate at all how I’ve been handled. And if I wouldn’t have contacted them again today how my packet would’ve been just totally forgotten about. I don’t have time to wait weeks and weeks for an investigation and then to resend my packet. So if that’s intact what I have to do, I want my money back because my nephew needs warm clothing for this terrible weather. Thank you, Deunka!


anonymous November 11, 2014 at 2:54 pm

the new store manager allows theft and harassment in the Castleton store when approaching her of incidents. I am an employee there and I have been harassed , lied on, and intimidated during my work shift. My focus is to help customers that want to be help and do my job duties. The environment seems to be very uncomfortable and hostile…

The lady is the store manager and I expect her to manager the store. I won’t allow any silly incidents from certain group of people that wants to steal. Security should be called and its a threat to the store sales and goals.

I get harassed in the front of the store because certain group of people wants to steal and get away with it.. I feel sorry for the store and the employees that wants to work and do their job. It is a sad situation.

If they want to take it and there is nothing we can do ..then they will take it regardless. I will not allowed any other behavior towards me from any uncivilized human in any workplace. Respect is given when it is returned. Otherwise, I won’t engage in any silly behavior.

I have been pushed on the sales floor.
and lied on that I have been given poor customer service when in indeed these group of customers/individuals just wants to enter store and steal merchandise.

I have seen the customers steal items as well and reported it to asst manager but the store manager doesn’t seem to really mind.

I feel that this situation will put everyone out of a job and lower business inventory.



Teresa November 3, 2014 at 4:59 pm

Where is your DM? You should check on the manager at the Greenville, NC store. the store is a mess. She doesn’t known her job. She is also trying to give the assistant managers job to other employees because she is pregnant. She does know the store policies or business law. She is probably making a lot of money and doesn’t know what shes is doing and blames everyone else in the store.


Teresa November 3, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Someone need to check on the manager (Isabel) in the Greenville, NC store. She doesn’t know what she is doing. The store is a mess. She doesn’t know store policies. She is a racists. Her assistant manager is pregant and she is asking other employees if they want the assistant managers job. When the assistant plans to return after her maturnity leave.
That’s because she doesn’t know her job. She does not want to work her 40 hours or more. She does not want to work weekends. Does not know how to merchandise the store.


Tanya Copeland October 29, 2014 at 2:12 pm

I am very dissatisfied with Children’s Place online service. Over the weekend I attempted to place 3 orders which were followed by a cancellation email for all 3. The customer service rep I called suggested using a different credit card. Nope wrong answer! Then I was told to verify the billing address is correct. IT IS CORRECT!! Then I called and was told a investigation was being opened because I’m shipping to a different address from my billing address. I have placed orders from this site in the past and shipped to a different address. Check my order history!! I now missed out on the sale price and free shipping. I’m very dissatisfied with the online service. The online customer service line is no help! They can’t do anything but tell you to try it again!! What kind of help is that!!! Please have someone reach out to me as I’m looking to speak to someone in CORPORATE!!!!


reba webber October 12, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Well..its a year since this complaint was entered and nothing has changed. I too have gone through this. I have placed 2 orders now, and got the same cancellations AND the SAME excuses. So far no one can tell me a thing, no one has the information as to why my order is cancelled, and NO ONE can refer me to anyone in corporate. I am done with this company. The only reason I chose to order on line was that my daughter loves the clothes at TCP, and I live in a very rural place with no stores. I do 95% of my shopping online…especially for my grandkids. This is the only company that I have had trouble with. TCP needs some education, some help, and some new management.


Heidi September 30, 2014 at 12:06 pm

If you get items as a gift and they give you the wrong size it is a hazzel to try to exchange the item. I hate their new policy. you can only return the item for the exact item in the size you need. Which is no problem. Although they expect you to run to 3 different stores for the items needed that are 10 to 15 miles in different duirection in and around Orlando. Who has time and gas for all that. I now ask all my family and friends to not get any items from the children place unless they remember a gift reciept…better off getting gifts from Target!


N Worrell September 10, 2014 at 1:17 pm

I was searching for an email address of an executive at The Children’s Place to tell them why I will no longer shop there (with no luck – so posting here) — not because I don’t like their clothes or stores, but because I am sick of being harassed with their emails. I signed up for their emails because I enjoyed getting the odd coupon, but I now get THREE EMAILS A DAY (not duplicates – they come at different times) all ‘reminding’ me of the same sale. I hate spam with a passion, and despite me trying to get them to correct it so I can still get the odd email — once a week would even be OK, but not 21 times a week! — I finally loathe the store enough not to shop there. And I was a good customer.

My last plea to the customer service desk brought me this answer back in August — “We do apologize for the delay in responding to your email as well as the inconvenience the frequency of emails you are receiving. Unfortunately, in Canada we have no control on the amount of emails that are sent. We are working diligently on this to correct it.”

Not good enough. Guess my kids won’t be wearing clothes from The Children’s Place anymore — all they had to do was stop spamming me.


Stella Hensley September 8, 2014 at 4:51 pm

I am a grandmother who shops a lot for my grandchildren’s clothes both for b’days, xmas, back to school, etc. I have shopped and spent many dollars at The Children’s Place over the years. I will NEVER shop there again and I will tell everyone I know not to as well!!!!
I received in the mail “My Place Rewards” card which said between “now through Sept 1” I could get 25% off + 5% off using the Place credit card, plus get double points when you spend $50. I went to the store on Tues Aug 12 and they had many things 50% off so I did quite a bit of shopping. The cashier took the 50% off and I used my card (coupon) for the extra 25% and 5% off and it was all good!! They were very nice and no hassle. I was given the card/coupon back and said I could use it again until Sept 1.

On Sat Aug 16 I went back into the store and bought more clothes and tried to use the coupon again. The cashier was perhaps the only one in the store (I didn’t see anyone else working there) and there were 4 people in front of me and about 8-9 in back of me. The cashier was very rude and sorta shoved the coupon back to me on the counter and said I couldn’t use it in a hateful voice. I asked her why and then told her I just used it on Tuesday. She then said “Was it a 50% off sale then”? I told her it was pretty much like it was on this day and then she pointed me to a monitor and said it couldn’t be used. The coupon clearly states “Cannot be combined with any other offers except Place credit card every day discount and My Place Rewards Certificate discount”. This tells me you CAN use it along with the 50% off in the store. I told the girl what it said on the back and she was getting very irritated with me and was quite rude and snippy with me. I decided not to cause a fuss so I left.
On Aug 19th I called customer service and spoke to a Cheryl (sp?). She was sorry and would have someone call me within 24 hours . I gave her my home number (this number is not on the account I believe) and she repeated it back to me. NO call in over a week!!!!!

On Aug 27 I again called and spoke to Moses. He told me he was sorry again and he connected me to a Simon in some special dept. and again he told me he was sorry and someone would call me. At this time I didn’t believe them and I told him I wanted to talk to a manager or someone who could make a decision about giving me my 25% off on my store visit on Aug 16. I told him we could play phone tag for months and if I wasn’t home to take a call from a manager, the whole process would go over and over. Maybe the Co. is banking on this…..that we would get so frustrated trying to talk to someone that we would just forget about it. Simon told me he would contact a manager and then he asked when would be a good time to call. I told him the next morning until 11:00am central time. NO call!!!! I stayed at home and by the phone the entire morning waiting for this call. I told Simon my number at my house and he repeated it back to me. I was very reluctant to believe someone would call me but I trusted one more time.

I left on Friday of that week to our vacation home. This phone number is on the acct. I believe. When I got there a message was on the answering machine that a manager by the name of Dan (couldn’t make out the last name) had called and left me a number to call him back. I called him Sept 3 around 11:25am and no answer. I left a message and NO call back AGAIN!!!!

I decided not to go the phone route anymore. Whatever the customer service department is being paid, it is WAY too much. They give you the same routine answers and do not get anything accomplished. I will say that Moses offered to send some coupons to me for my aggravation. I have to say it was a nice sentiment, but why would I shop in your store again when I have so many other choices???? I just wanted my 25% off with My Place Reward coupon/card which I should have received. I don’t appreciate getting treated like I did, especially in front of other shoppers.

I will call and cancel my credit card and do not want anything more to do with this company!!


Charlie August 18, 2014 at 10:24 am

The company is the worst!! They sent us an email stating that the package shipped on the 12th. The UPS website states they received it on the 15th. When I called customer care “Simon” from Canada stated that UPS must have delayed the package and I should call them. I did call UPS and they gave me a completely different story. They received the package on the 15th. I then called “Simon” back and he said he would have to “look into it” after I asked him why he lied to me? There is NO customer service at this corporation. Don’t buy here, don’t invest here….Babies R Us is much better.


Anissa August 4, 2014 at 8:45 pm

I am sick of the run around!!! Every time I order clothing online, I receive it with tags # that don’t match my receive. And then when I want to return it to a store, they claim that I didn’t purchase the item during that order.

Anyway, my main reason for complaining right now is that with my last online order placed 7/7/14, I received the items on 7/10/14 & returned most of the items on 7/11/14 via mail. I just checked my account online for the return credit and was not credited all that is due to me. I am now on hold with the THIRD department and keep getting the run around. I am tired of this!! If my order total was $87.65 & I returned $67.05 worth of items, I should be getting a refund of that amount PLUS tax. I am trying to figure out why they only credited me $64.86 & two other people have only passed the buck. So, I have been on hold for 30+ minutes just to probably get the run around again.

I know it’s not a lot of money, but it’s MY MONEY & I want all of it back for what I returned.


Shanah June 4, 2014 at 7:39 pm

MY encounter at the children’s place was no less frustrating. I purchased items while on vacation. Once we made it home and unpacked, I went to my local Children’s Place to exchange a few items. Once I made several selections, I went to the check out and let the cashier know that I would like to exchange a few things (The items that I planned on purchasing would have been more than twice the price of my exchange) She then asked if I had my receipt. I told her that I had misplaced it she then said ” well that’s unfortunate because we no longer exchange items without a receipt unless, it is the same item and color, only a different size is allowed” I told her the items just did not work for us and I only wanted to exchange the items and that the current sale price was fine because the items were purchased 6 days ago. She then said “well, the store changed the return policy 4 days ago. I know it’s a tough policy” I said ” No. It’s an absurd policy and I will not be purchasing from this store again” I then called the corporate line, after waiting over 20 minutes, a person that is obviously NOT an American proceeds to tell me that this is their new policy even though; I had just listened to their return policy and it said nothing of the sort. He said that they could get a copy of the receipt for me. I simply needed my FULL NAME, STREET ADDRESS OF THE STORE I PURCHASED THE ITEM FROM, THE EXACT AMOUT OF MY PURCHASE AND THE EXACT DATE AND TIME OF MY PURCHASE. I had already explained that the items were purchased somewhere in Colorado on the way home to Tennessee. I will never purchase another item from this company. 15.00 worth of childrens clothing has cost them thousands from my purchases being made elsewhere oh yeah, I will definitely tell ALL of my friends!


maryann May 13, 2014 at 10:04 am



Sheri April 4, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Children’s Place is the poster child for a company failing due to poor customer service.


Debbie Armendariz April 1, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Ok, so I guess I’ll air out here before taking it to facebook and all else. My Son just had a Birthday this weekend and with it came lots a nice gifts including lots of cloth from my Mother In-law. She is a “Children’s Place Diamond shopper” and she lives an hour away. Some of the cloth did not fit him and no I had no receipt, but all I wanted was store credit so I could find him things that fit. They took my license and ran it for authorization which than came back as denied for return…to which I said “I didn’t realize we know have to be authorize to return things for store credit.” The woman said “I’m sorry this has nothing to do with us it’s a new system that either accepts or not denies returns.” Again I said “what?” So she than tells me you can call the number on the denial receipt to inquire about the issue. So than I did, and they say “sorry, your return was denied because you don’t have a receipt.” To which I said “So you’re telling me that your company is contracted by the “Children’s Place” to do their dirty work in denying their own customers proper returns as per the statement on the back of receipts that follow return policies?” She than says “Sorry you might want to contact their corporate offices.” To which I than said “I sure will.” I hate corporations that come up with sneaky ways to screw their own customer over, but in the same token they set themselves up for law suits for not following underlined policies that they had their law team write up. (Las Cruces, NM)


Sherry August 20, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Han’s Mall in Winston Salem is very bad when it comes to theft. The employees will tell you they have “regulars”. Those are your regular weekly thieves. It’s so bad you see your regulars stuffing clothes into bags and walking out the door. Nothing is done in discreet. This business is a safety concern for employees who are trying to work to pay their bills. Also for paying customers. Something need to be done quickly. I’m contacting the local police department to see what can be done. In all honesty the store should be closed. The entire mall with that being said. I’m reading the comments and I have not cane across one yet that said something good about the store without saying something horrible. The owners, DM’s, RM’s, and store store managers need to cone together to resolve these awful issues. It’s so sad. I’m praying for recovering and a mighty move of God on all these stores. God bless


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