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T.G.I. Friday's Corporate Office Address

T.G.I. Friday's
4201 Marsh Lane
Carollton, Texas 75007

Contact T.G.I. Friday's

Phone Number: (972) 662-5400
Fax Number: (972) 307-2822
Website: http://www.tgifridays.com/
Email: Email T.G.I. Friday's

T.G.I. Friday's Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

T.G.I. Friday's Executives

CEO: Aslam Khan
CFO: Giovanna Koning
COO: Jerry M. Comstock Jr.

T.G.I. Friday's History

The concept was created by Alan Stillman in New York when he wanted to open a bar that was a good place to meet women. He lived in a neighborhood full of young single people with no safe place for young people to meet.

He put up $5,000 of his own money and borrowed $5,000 from his mother to buy a neighborhood bar. He named it T.G.I. Friday’s after the expression Thank God! It’s Friday, a phrase popular from his years at Bucknell University.

The trademarks of T.G.I. Friday’s began in this bar, including the red and white striped awnings, funky decorations, and the employee uniforms of red and white striped soccer shirts.

Franchising of T.G.I. Friday’s began in 1971.

The same year, Dan Scoggin bought the rights to 8 major cities in the Midwest. His franchised restaurants were high-performing and Scoggin and merged, forming T.G.I. Friday’s, Inc.

The company was acquired by Carlson Companies in 1975 and continues to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

Today T.G.I. Friday’s currently operates over 900 restaurants in 62 countries.

T.G.I. Friday's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for T.G.I. Friday's?
Answer 1: The phone number for T.G.I. Friday's is (972) 662-5400.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of T.G.I. Friday's?
Answer 2: The CEO of T.G.I. Friday's is Aslam Khan.

Question 3: Who founded T.G.I. Friday's?
Answer 3: T.G.I. Friday's was founded by in .

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Courtney Andrews June 25, 2019 at 1:13 pm

I went to the Fridays in Waldorf, MD for my birthday dinner on June 9, 2019. As we were waiting in the waiting room we notice the floor is slippery. They call our names to be seated and when my granny tries to stand up she slide on the floor and has to catch herself. We all walk to our table and when I go to sit in my chair I slipped and hit my foot on the metal four way bar under the table. My foot immediately swelled and turned red and blackish. My dad call the manager to the table and I let him know what happened showed him my foot and told him I was in pain he said okay let me know if you need anything and left. The waitress was the one that showed compassion and brought be an ice bad with a paper towel to ice my foot. While we were eating my sons high chair was sliding all around and a woman leaving from another table slipped and yelled out if I fall I’m suing. There were no wet floor signs and the condition of the floor was ridiculous no one ever tried to dry the floors or anything it was a serious case of negligence that resulted in me getting injured. I went to urgent care because i was in pain and they informed me that my foot was sprained, I am wearing a boot and was off work for a week. I have been reaching out everyday since and still have yet to hear from an insurance company.


Alex May 26, 2019 at 8:50 pm

I ordered the Whiskey Glazed Family Meal Box and after waiting over an hour from the time I was told my order would be ready I got the Grilled Chicken and Ribs box with the wrong side orders. I was told that the order was correct and that It was the Whiskey Glazed Family Meal but once I got home I discovered I had actually received the Grilled Chicken and Ribs box after waiting for over an hour from the time I was told it would be ready. This was at the TGIF in Newport News VA on Jefferson Ave


Deborah smith April 2, 2019 at 1:13 pm

I wrote a review under Deborah S I would like a reply. I’ve tried to email other wise and the website won’t let you submit anything


kathryn rizer March 5, 2019 at 11:10 am

we dined in your lake Zurich il on Saturday the music was very loud and we asked the waitress to lower the volume twice she did however once again the volume was increased so we asked for the manager. he smugly announced that he is the one turning it back up because he thought his staff “was messing with him” he than went on to tell us that the volume of the music was mandated by corporate! I called your corporate office but they are unable to help because this is a franchise but they would have it forwarded to the manager of the facility. really back to the guy who just lied to us about the corporate mandate? if I wanted to yell to be heard over dinner if would have gone to dave and busters or hard rock where loud music is expected. I won’t be going back to Fridays again


Marianne January 30, 2019 at 3:46 pm

My family ate at the TGIFs in Westbury, NY. It will be the last time we ever eat at another one. It was around 3:30 and there was only about 10 other people eating. We were seated on the upper tier in a booth. Our waitress was pleasant, but our experience soon took a turn for the worst. Four of us had a view of a full floor to ceiling mirror. At first glance it looked like the doorway to the kitchen, but actually it was the reflection of the kitchen. To our horror we witnessed the Manager (in his blue shirt) use his hands and dig into the fry basket. No gloves, no tongs he did this at least three times. Then we watched as he picked food off of a customers plate which was sent out and served to a customer. At no time did he wash his hands as he was busy blowing up balloons with other staffers for an event which obviously was scheduled for later that afternoon.We were so grossed out we could barely eat our salads. Might I suggest that at the very least you remove the reality show feature of what takes place “behind the curtain”. And this is management


Danielle January 6, 2019 at 8:29 am

Location: TGI Friday’s 1101 Shoppers Way Largo, MD. 20774
Visit: January 01, 2019
Time: after 4:00pm

Service was horrible… I have never experience such inappropriate hospitality like that…EVER.

I am not of white decent…and this particular Fridays gets a lot of non white individuals that frequent this restaurant.. in my observation I felt like the employees working there where used to their lack of effort and poor customer service and the customers where excepting of the treatment or the lack there of.

First.. my husband I waited for like 20 minutes to be seated ( during that wait time…no one came and said anything like “we’ll be right with you”) As we waited…I proceeded to the bar to ask for a manger… a manger never came…and we waited as customers where still walking in to be seated.

Second… the host FINALLY came to the front… addressed me in saying “two” two to be seated and grabbed menus…so, gearing myself up to be seated with my husband and the host looks over to the family who came in after us and proceeded to say to them.. “follow me” so he (the host) could seat them. You could clearly tell that we where ahead them…”@$%^@”

Third… after the host took the family to be seated when we clearly should of been next to be seated…we waited for another 10/12 minutes or so…

Fourth… the host finally the host comes to seat us after a total of a little over 30 minutes waiting… my husband and I proceed to follow the host…as we’re walking back…I am explaining to the host that we should have been seated first… the host turned around and looked at me and said.. “it doesn’t matter” WHAT!?!?… excuse me!!!

Fifth… the host brings us to a booth to sit… and walks away. The table was clearly NOT CLEAN. My husband doesn’t sit down and gets the attention of a waitress to get a manger. The waitress proceeds to ask what the problem was… my husband was just like, can you just get the manger please? So, we wait…wait…wait… mind you I’m watching the staff movements and gestures cause I have clear view of the kitchen area…

SIXTH… I see the manger FINALLY come out from the kitchen to address our concern…mind you…my husband still has not sat down at the booth we were guided to sit at… as the manger is walking towards us…i observe the waitress addressing him again…and I see the host come back towards the manger and give him a gesture towards our way…as if they were all in cahoots that my husband and I were the problem. That’s when I began to realize we were in a GHETTO environment dealing with ghetto mentality minded processes of thinking… the manager came over to us…we expressed our concern…the manger was very non chalant… as if to say, you can Express your concern all you want…however, we are still going run our establishment how we run it.. ’cause these customers don’t know no better. So, I just calmly said to the manger…” I don’t what kind service you are managing here…but, it is unacceptable and inappropriate.” Then I looked to my husband and said I don’t want to eat here and got up from the booth…we proceeded to walk out and drove down the street Ruby Tuesdays” where they know they understand the definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Note: I made sure I conveyed to everyone I could at Ruby Tuesdays; including the regional manger, whom just happen to be there…that if they wanted horrible service…then they could drive down the street to TGIF Fridays


StYoung December 30, 2018 at 3:58 pm

I am writing in to send a HUGE Complaint against the employees of TGIF at Murrells Inlet location. Me (a women), my pregnant niece and 3 kids pulled in the parking lot on Christmas eve and they were closed. We are originally from NC, and were on vacation just looking for food. Realizing they were closed, I then put my car in park in a parking space and began to GPS my next location. A man (white male) came out the store and very angrily came up to my niece’s window and literally shouted “WE ARE CLOSED”. So, I rolled down my window and replied, “OK, thanks- I see that I just need to GPS my next location”. He then shouted very angry again “Get the FUCK off our property… NOW!!” I said “Excuse me?, but I am just typing a location in my GPS and I will be leaving soon!”. He flicked us off (middle finger) and turned and walked off. I didn’t understand why he was so threatened and angry at a few young “Black Females” and so demanding that we leave his property. We didn’t even do anything wrong. Nor, had we even been sitting there literally 3 minutes. I still had my car running and had my interior lights on so that anyone could see we were lost. I left very furious and disappointed at the way TGIF staff acted in front of my small kids and pregnant niece. My niece cried and was very scared. I ended up moving to the parking lot a few streets down where I saw a Sheriff & I asked him for help with trying to find our way back to Myrtle Beach. VERY disappointing at TGIF and felt he was only acting that way because we were “Black and in his parking lot”. As we drove off, we could see in our mirrors he exited the restaurant with a women with a lot of take out bags and they got into a small SUV type car parked in the parking lot. Just plain WEIRD!


Cathy Bailey September 10, 2018 at 10:38 am

I have major concerns about this location since my visit on yesterday. I did a Yelp review, but I just can’t get this experience out of my head. My sister and I went to this location on yesterday afternoon and sat at the bar. A young lady (employee) walked behind the bar and there was no acknowledgement. Not even a look. We said, ok, maybe she doesn’t work the bar area. So, who does? She came back and forth a few times and we finally were able to ask her for at least a menu. About fifteen minutes later, another young lady came and went to the register so now the two of them were behind the bar. The first young lady said to the second one “you have customers”. Clearly, she didn’t want to be bothered. Everyone looked angry about being at work. My sister and I finally ordered our food and while waiting for it, we noticed a roach crawling across the flat screen tv above the bar. We alerted the bartender and her response was “I don’t know who they’re going to get to work this bar” and she quickly disappeared. Never came back with management, NOTHING! Needless to say, we left. I have frequented this location many times because it is geographically desirable, but I have seen a decline in the food, the service and the cleanliness. The ladies’ room is always disgusting. You can tell there is a change in business here overall because Sunday afternoons there was always a wait because they would be so busy. There was hardly anyone there yesterday, the day of the first football game of the season. NOT GOOD!! I won’t be going back but I so desperately hope that this complaint is taking seriously, and something is done about the issues that I’ve discussed in this complaint. Please do better Mayfield, OH location! Please!!


Francesca Daniels August 27, 2018 at 10:55 am

On Saturday 08/25/2018, I went to eat with my little girl and my friend at the location 4951 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254. My daughter ordered from the kids menu the Sliders. She was almost done with her second slider and then she asked me to look inside the burger. I pulled out a FINGERNAIL! I then put it on the menu so the manager could see it. He also confirmed it was a fingernail. He advised us at that time he would comp our food, only because he saw I was disgusted and I would not eat my food. They still brought my food out to me and my friend. When the ticket came out, the only item that was removed was my daughters and he added a 10.00 Courtesy credit. The waiter said the manager advised this is all he could do. I was very livid, I said to have the manager come back over. The waiter then brought my ticket without my food on it. I still paid about 26.00. I paid and left. I am very disappointed on how it was handled. I like to enjoy myself and eat good food when going out. The manager did not do what he said. Very Unhappy Customer!


Sheree R Hardy July 20, 2018 at 9:03 am

1. We couldn’t put a high chair at our booth because it’s a fire hazard yet this child’s high chair is right IN FRONT OF THE FIRE EXIT!
2. We were seated in 2 adjacent booths because they couldn’t push the tables together yet they were pushing 2 tables together for a family to eat together as we were leaving.
3. They got my entire order wrong.
4. They took the steak I had already cut into back in the kitchen, “fixed it”, replated it, microwaved it which took it from medium to well done and brought it back to me. ISN’T THAT A HEALTH CODE VIOLATION?
5. My potatoes came back reheated with cheese…. there was no cheese initially…. whose potatoes were they originally?
6. We were charged for an extra drink.
7. Chaela’s bun was a brick.
8. Nic didn’t receive the burger he ordered and when he told the waitress he didn’t order that particular burger she said, “yes you did.” I didn’t hear for myself because WE WERE SEATED AT DIFFERENT TABLES.

I would like to be contacted. This is beyond unacceptable.


dottie May 22, 2018 at 4:03 pm

Late last year, I purchased a TGI Fridays restaurant gift card through points I had earned through Citi Cards credit card. I purchased a number of cards, which one was a TGI Fridays, in the amount of $25.00. Last month I went to your restaurant in Troy, Michigan and ordered a carryout. When I went to pick it up, the cashier said there was no balance on the card. He tried again…zero balance. I had to pay $17.89 for my carryout meal and a $2.00 tip…which I hated to give because the gift card did not work and it was not the cashier’s fault. (Small tip, but it was a carryout that I had to pay for, which should have taken care of the meal $15.89 and tip which would have been the balance of $25 after meal was deducted.) He told me that maybe there was an error on TGI Friday’s not loading the $25 on the card. Nevertheless, I went home and called the number on the card for balance. There was zero balance. The prompt asked me to enter the pin number on the card. There was no pin number. The prompt then said if there was no pin number, to go to the restaurant and have them call it in. Well, I was just at the restaurant and they tried to call it in and there was NO balance. My dinner was fine, cashier was very business like and tried a number of times to take care of the problem. Your card number is: 6006 4915 8443 6353 890. (I kept the ZERO Balance card just in case you would find out what the problem was.) I am upset that I received my $25 gift card with ZERO Balance. Hopefully, you will reply and take are of this matter.


Deanna L Kluchko April 8, 2018 at 2:04 pm

I truly wish I could give your restaurant in Mobile ZERO STARS. I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS TGI FRIDAYS EVER AGAIN. On top of the fact that my waitress was clearly intoxicated to the point where she could barely even speak; Her name was Kristen (amazingly pronounced with three syllables indicating she was clearly on pills not drunk). I was SO excited to eat at this restaurant a couple nights ago with my best friend. Every week we go on dinner dates. I literally had just been to TGI Friday’s for lunch earlier that same week with my sister and had the best service I’ve had in a very long time, so I was genuinely excited to eat here again. We originally were going to eat Mexican but I suggested TGIF instead and it was the WORST decision of my life. Not only did it take over 25 minutes before she returned so i could order another Long Island, it was about the same amount of time before she realized she hadn’t taken our food order. She just asked if we were ready and we ordered the Friday’s trio app with the pretzels added and I am not by the least bit exaggerating when I say it took FOURTY THREE minutes for an appetizer. A simple appetizer that doesn’t take more than 7 minutes to cook. Not ONCE did she come by the table and say our food was coming out soon or anything. It was when she tried to refill my second Long Island (that she LITERALLY just brought me two minutes before and was still full) that she realized she didn’t put our food in. I went to talk to the Manager who was a female and who’s name she would not tell me, who was very apologetic at first and I tried to empathize with the girl because I am also a server and I understand when you have high ticket times and are short staffed. She told me AND I QUOTE ” I WILL TAKE CARE OF THE BILL I AM SO SORRY” and when I told her we were leaving she begged us to stay. I talked to her for about five minutes explaining that i NEVER complain on servers, told her there were plenty of times the server could have touched base with me and tried to be as sympathetic as I could. My intentions were just to pay for my drinks and and had truly hoped she had forgotten to put in the order all together so we could just leave. I wish I would have just done that! I returned to the table and immediately Kristen brought me a third long island (that I NEVER asked for or ordered considering my second one was still more than 2/3 full), I assumed (poorly at that!) that it was from.the manager to lighten the situation, because this is something we do at my own restaurant. Our appetizer was barley WARM and you could tell it was not fresh. When she brought the appetizer she said she would be RIGHT BACK with plates. We didn’t need plates to begin with, but I just said okay thank you. She even came by about 10 minutes later and half-assed an apology that literally only consisted of “I’m sorry” and walked away only to return again and assure us the manager talked to us about taking care of everything. I was so disappointed but we were determined to try to have a good time so we decided to stay. We were there for a total of right under two full hours and NOT ONCE did the server drop a check.. I went right up the street to my work and talked to my friends then while deciding how we could salvage the rest of the night, I get a SnapChat from my boss asking me to go back up to TGIF and talk to the manager. He even said he knew i would never walk out on the check intentionally. I told him the whole story and he said a lot of people refuse to eat there because of their poor service.THIS MANAGER ACTUALLY CALLED MY MANAGER AT MY JOB AND TOLD THEM I WALKED OUT ON MY BILL AFTER I LEFT. Not only that, but when I went back up there to clarify, she was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON and it was all OUR FAULT. NO IT WAS THE INTOXICATED SERVER KRISTEN. She even tried to charge me $19 for a coke and THREE long islands. No ma’am I DID NOT ORDER THREE LONG ISLANDS. I paid $15 to be completely embarrassed.


Col February 22, 2018 at 9:14 am

Been trying since February 2 (it is now the 22nd) to post a complaint about the Friday’s in Greenbelt, MD. First, our “survey” receipt was removed from our credit card receipt when it was returned to us. Tell-tale. Then, the website online complaint form will not SUBMIT. These are interesting events, indeed, for a company that touts that customers can contact them anytime to help them improve their service: just give me an avenue for a direct complaint. That would help.

So, Friday’s to whom can I write to air my complaint where it will be heard by the powers-that-be?


Ashley May 2, 2018 at 2:15 am

(972) 662-5400
The corporate phone number


Chris M BX January 22, 2018 at 9:01 am

TGI Fridays Cross County Mall
833 Kimball Ave Bldg 13A
Yonkers, NY 10704
3:00 PM

Good morning. I hesitated to send this complaint as I am not usually one to complain about food and service unless it is absolutely horrible. I have been to this Friday’s before and there has never been any major problems with service and quality but on Sunday, January 14th it was terrible. Me and my group (two others) sat at the bar to watch the football games that were already in progress and it took a while to get service (that is not the issue). The issue came in after we ordered and received our food. Me and my group ordered a “bag of bones, three orders of wings and a few drinks. When we received the food the “bag of bones” came out as ordered but the three orders of wings came out in all sorts of numbers. The Jack Daniel’s order came with 9 wings, the BBQ wings came out with 8 1/4 wings (see pic) and the garlic parmesan wings came with 7 wings. Now all wing orders from the time I have been going to this place have always been 10. I asked the server what the number of wings were supposed to be in each order and she responds, “I think 7 to 10”. I then asked the bartender and she stated, “Not sure but I think 10”. I asked to see a manager as I seen him standing in the back and he didn’t seem like he was in any rush to speak to customers. Once he did come over he asked, “What can I do for you sir?” I stated that I didn’t get a full order of wings on any of our orders and he said in a very condensing tone, “So you would like us to bring you out a total of 6 more wings”. I said yes…and again he repeated louder, “so you would like 6 more wings”. He made it seem as though I was doing something wrong by asking for my full order. I have to say I was super disappointed with this and as a manager there are other ways to speak with people. I was not rude or anything with him so I am not sure why he was that way with me. A few of the customers saw and heard how he spoke to me and were in shock as were my friends in my group. Needless to say I did get my “6” more wings but the night was not the same. I think that these things shouldn’t happen and I am still upset about the whole incident. If these are the type of things that happen at your restaurants I no longer want to support the franchise. Such a disappointment. I would like a response to my complaint. Please feel free to call or email me. Thank you for your time.


Yasmarie Pizarro December 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm

I’m a regular at Friday’s. I’ve been going for years. But on this day i was completely disappointed. My brother, cousin and I decide to go to Friday’s to celebrate my birthday and have dinner and some drinks. But a bad idea that was. First thing I noticed was we entered the Friday’s around 10:27pm. We were left standing at the enterence door for 10-15 minutes before someone coming to seat us. Then we were finally seated to be left at the table for over 30 minutes and no one coming to serve us. At the time we saw everyone else being helped but us. My brother got up and tried to ask someone where was our server. The young man that seated us seemed confused that no one has came to our table yet. I remember when he seated us he said that our server was Ashley. I have yet to see Ashley once. Another 15-20 minutes go by my brother got up again to speak to someone still no help. Finally the young man that seated up came to take our drink order. Didn’t matter another 20 minutes went by and still haven’t recieved any drinks and no server. We finally decided to leave at that point it was almost 12am. We spent over a hour in a half for nothing. By far the worst experience I have ever had. I was expecting a manger or someone to come out and at least apologize for the horrible service. I don’t even think a manager was working. This was completely ridiculous. I don’t know who is running this location but they need to look into and fix this issue before you lose a lot of customers.


JAMIE GASTON-EALOM December 5, 2017 at 3:17 am

There where so many situations during this visit I dont even know where to begin. It started from the first 10 minutes I walked in the door with my Family. I would prefer for someone to contact me because this email can not describe this experience. I will briefly explain. I asked the Hostess why we were waiting 10 minutes when almost the entire restaurant was empty? She proceeded to tell me not to worry about that there is much more to running a restaurant than empty tables. This is while she was touching me on the arm at least 5 times while I asked her please do not touch me. As she said I’m not touching you she touched me again. The customer behind me said I would knock that “XXXXXX” out. That should of been my Q to go. I walked away and went straight to the manager. Now 5 min before this while we are sitting there a cook came out and argued with a girl in front and she left and he went in back. So I’m telling this mgr what happened and we are interuppted by first the employee that said those things to me because I reffered to her as a him, I thought it was a him. She acted and carried herself like a him. No disrespect I apologized and said her but very immaturely she popped her head around mgr back smiled and said her. Im in process of talking a girl comes from back and says I need you right now! He tells her wait a minute and she says no now it’s an emergency. The manager says excuse me and yes they are fighting back there. We are then seated 7 of us at a 6 person table while all tables around us are open. So we are looking at menus here comes police in 2 different directions! Outside & inside. Now we have our 3 kids here seeing all of this happening.To get to the food we called ahead of time to find out what soup because my sister could only have a cream based soup. You had cream of broccoli. Service is very slow of course waitress was nice for what could be expected in cirXXXXstances. We all order our food. 45 minutes go buy we don’t even get the salad or soup ordered. Over an hour the waitress comes and says we are out of Cream of broccoli.. my sister just got up and left. There’s nothing else she coiuld eat, everyone is starving, and we waited over and hour at this point. I asked if I could get my salad I added on to my meal. I later got my salad. My husband and kids got there burgers and fries. Bacon burgers my daughter has pictures 10 bacon bits I mean bits on there burgers. I didn’t get my burger I figured because I was eating my salad. My husband and my 1 daughter did not eat there burgers whatever cheese was put on was glopped on in chunks under a piece of the white cheddar that was not melted completely and this sauce on the bottom saturated the bottom bun to make it like it was soaked in it. It was terrible! In the meantime my other daughter had ordered broccoli soup to instead of fries they forgot about when I reminded her I told her just get her French onion. While all this is going on I told her you never brought my burger out to me but I do not want it now everyone is done we are ready for the bill. She said you didn’t order one. I said yes I did. She hands me the bill and it’s on the bill. Then she comes walking out with my daughter’s soup the French onion that she never did get. This is when we are paying the bill to leave. I have never in my life had an experience like this ever! I’ve had bad however not from the time walking in the door until the minute leaving. I have never told a restaurant business I wanted my money returned. Today I’m telling you I paid $60 because I didn’t want a scene, my children had ready seen enough, and I was done with that night. That visit was not worth $1 Of my money and that restaurant should be compensating us for our experience and what we dealt with. Everything I said here can be supported by that manager on duty Sunday evening and if anything different is stated than what I wrote here I will meet the manager in a meeting with the area supervisor or District manager and we can have a discussion about this experience and I will see how much of this that my 1 child video for her amusement to show you. My $ is to valuable and it will not be wasted on this.


Noel December 3, 2017 at 11:10 pm

I would like to express my displeasure with the experience I had with the TGIF today, Dec. 3, 2017 in District Heights, MD. I tried several times to order the “online” rib special for $12.99. The app kept sending a pop-up message stating it was experiencing difficulties, therefore, I tried to place the order over the phone, but the line was forever busy. I drive to the restaurant and ask for a manager. Ron stated he was a manager but was not able to honor the $12.99 price because it was a “Corporate online” special, therefore, I would have to pay $21.99. As a manager, I knew that was not true, he could make the adjustment, especially since I showed him the message on my phone. I then spoke with another manager, Jamil told him the situation and he made $9.00 adjustment just as he could. I am a frequent customer at TGIF and do not appreciate the lack of customer service I received from that dishonest manager Ron. He may be in need of Customer Service and Appreciation training. Also, I think the corporate office should send secret patrons to that location to mo


Dale XXXXmings November 15, 2017 at 1:01 pm

I submitted a complain on the 13th of Nov and if this was my office I would for Damn sure have it taken care of. I been a business owner myself for over 35 years and you dont treat customer like this. Very poor service


Dale XXXXmings November 13, 2017 at 3:02 pm

I was at your restaurant on FRIDAY night and got some of the POOREST service. The servicer himself was awesome so was the manager. the servicer himself had to bus his own tables as well as take care of his tables. We eat out often and never been to a restaurant where the sevicer is also the busboy. My wife ordered a hamburger and ask for medium it gave out damn near RAW! The manager was awesome but told him by the time that hamburger came back out my food would be COLD which it was. He did comp our food but with that kind of service it will be the last time. I sat in your restaurant that night for over and hour and the servicer could not get his table cleaned as he was so busy. Not being his fault customers are first and the young man was busting his butt. to you the CORP. I was very upset with your place and mouth to mouth advertising is the best you can get .As I was very upset with TGIF restaurant
And do hope yall look a bit closer at getting busboys and we will NOT return until then.
Very VERY upset
Thank You TGIF
Dale XXXXmings
Carrollton, Texas


Allen November 11, 2017 at 12:09 pm

TGI at Willow Brook Mall, Wayne, NJ. My wife and I had lunch their yesterday around 2 PM. Only about 13 other people there at that time of day, I actually counted them. First let me say we are very disappointed in you lunch menu selection. At one time you had a excellent selection, now it is awful, that maybe why business is so bad. Since options are so limited for lunch we both ordered burgers, it took 25 minutes for them to be served. Why? My wife had a wine and I had iced tea, had to ask for the refill on the tea, when the refill came had no ice, had to ask for ice. Then asked for the bill, used some reward points to pay for one of the burgers, it took over 10 minutes for the server and manager to figure how to process that. Most people do not have hours to spend for lunch, especially is they are on a lunch break from work. Your staff need better training, your managers do not seem involved with seeing that things are running smoothly, so maybe the training should start with the manager.


Dave Hodgson November 4, 2017 at 9:07 pm

Today, 11/4/17, I, my wife, and disabled son (in a wheel chair) entered the TGIFriday’s on Rt 59 in Naperville, Illinois, at 4:15 PM. The hostess told us there would be at least a 5-10 minute wait. I mentioned that there were plenty of open and clean tables throughout the restaurant. She told me they didn’t have the wait staff to wait on any of those tables. She did say we could sit at the bar and wait if we liked. Apparently a disabled person in a wheel chair means nothing to this hostess. I asked to speak to the manager. She told me the manager would be with me shortly. After waiting 10 minutes to speak to the manager (we still had not been seated at a table) we left. Never EVER NEVER ever have I experience worst service than at this TGIFridays. Never ever NEVER will we go back to that TGIFriday’s. Bad hostess bad managment equals lost customers.


Linda October 21, 2017 at 9:08 pm

Checked into the Coral Springs location on Saturday, 10/21/17 – wanted ribs for dinner. Asked for a table for 2. Hostess said it would be a 25 minute wait. OK..look around the restaurant several tables empty. Told her we would be at the bar. She acknowledged it. Sat a the bar for about 15-20 minutes. Went to the hostess to see if a table was ready. Said my name was not on the list. The first hostess that took my name stated that it was already called and she could put us on the list again. Second hostess came back asked us to wait for a minute while she seated other patrons. Came back and found us a table immedialty. We sat down, waitress came over asked for our drink order and advised us that they were out of ribs. I was taken aback and she said that the hostess was to advise of that. Well she never did…We immedialty left. We hadn’t been to Friday’s in a while and now I know why…the service is awful.


Kiran Mistry September 25, 2017 at 5:47 pm

Worse Experience of life.

First of all company started on-line order without any infrastructure consideration. The WEB site is slow like third world couturiers. Not only they charged me twice but when I went to pickup the food in locale restaurant in Warrington, PA the staff says they could not do anything as both orders were same and just few minutes a part. Total non-sense and did not listen at all. They said they can not give me credit as the order was placed online. When I tried to reach out to the company they wanted to provide me details of the charges and it is been almost a month no response at all. I am trying to reach Mr. Khan who brags about transparency, better quality food, and great customer service. I want him to look at the folks who maintain his WEB site and folks who work in local restaurant.

What a waste of my hard earn money. I wanted to let Mr. Khan knows that I would not let my hard money go away.


Emilia Henriquez August 25, 2017 at 2:10 pm

Good Afternoon,

Firstly, I would like to say that this location is very nice although the service here is terrible. I have come in like I normally do after work to grab a bite to eat and apps we had just been there when your general manager Patrick has been there and he is Amazing along with some of your bartender but yesterday has been some of the worst service I have ever received in a long time. I had been sitting there for a few minutes and the waitress came with her trainee and explained the girl would be tailing her asked us what we wanted for drinks and left, it had surpassed about 20 minutes and I noticed our drinks were just sitting at the bar with the server nowhere to be found. I walked over to the bar and asked for our drinks so that they wouldn’t become watered down being that they were alcoholic drinks. Once I get the bartender he lets me know they don’t have the ingredients for my drink so I ask for another drink and go and sit down. Ten more minutes pass and she finally comes over and says oh I was told you got your own drinks she then ask what would we like to eat and we advise endless apps. It took another 30 mins for those to come out when this occurred I asked for another drink in which was super hot like if they had substitute something in my drink for hot water. I see them giggling by the bar and then walk into the back kitchen area. I had called over the manager John Altnoir and explained to him the terrible service they had been providing thus far and he looked uninterested in what I had to say and stated he would remove first round due to the bad service. Soon later the server still did not come with the check so I had to ask the manager once again to come and assist at this point I see the check and he did not do ask he explained when I asked him what happened to what he said he stated he couldn’t do anything and that he didn’t have authorization to take items off because he didn’t have any ability to do so. When I asked if he was the manager he said yes but that he wasn’t going to take anything off the bill because we had bad service. Now I find that odd because this has been happening more often then you think in your locations and I honestly don’t understand where customer service and proper training has gone out the window. But I highly consider you secret shopping this location to correct this issue because if not you will lose business as a result of terrible employees.


Robert Swan August 13, 2017 at 6:52 am

Bad service by incompetent/poorly trained staff.

We , my wife and I, were seated at about 1:15PM. Restaurant was partially filled, less than 1/3 as a guess. In other words ‘not busy’.
Server shows up and we order an appetizer. One order of potato skins/no sour cream. 10 minutes go by and a different server shows up with a plate with four skins on it. I said to her “for $9 I expected a little bit more food” She looked dumbfounded. Then she said “Oh, I think you got an order for “endless…” (something) followed by I’ll get them to ‘drop'(Friday’s Jargon for something) some more, she leaves. Server finally comes back and we order: Sliders/salad combo and a cheeseburger platter. I asked our server if the burger came with dressing, he said, “Friday’s sauce”, I said what is in that? He said “I don’t know, I’ll go find out. He returns in a few minutes and says “it’s thousand island with BBQ sauce mixed in” I said “O.K. I’ll have that unless I can have just thousand island.” He looked lost. I said never mind , I’ll take your sauce.
30 minutes later, no food. I got his attention and asked “what happened to our order”. He went to check…came back and said “it will be out in two minutes”. I said to him “I hope so as in two minutes and 15 seconds we are leaving.” In less than two minutes a third server/cook shoes up with our order followed by the second plate of 4 more potato skins. I asked “why so long” He said it was not the kitchen it was the server’s fault. By now I didn’t care for more skins as the appetizer event was over at our table. We ate our food. I passed on the fries that came with the burger as they were most likely cooked in cold oil and were very greasy as was the cheeseburger. The burger did have a tasty tomato, however, but no sauce at all neither the one I hoped for or the “Friday’s concoction”. The girl showed up and tried to apologize for the service and said that our bill would be reduced by 50% and oh, here are two free chocolate covered cheesecake slices for you to take with you. We can’t eat that kind of food because of dietary reasons but I felt it was not worth bringing up at that time as the two items were already bagged and on our table. I asked her to tell whoever cares, that my burger had no sauce at all, was greasy and I was still disappointed with the service and the food. Dylan showed up shortly after with the reduced bill. We paid and left.
I suspect your training at his location has failed, our you hire just about anybody, qualified or not. I suspect we were not the first, nor the last, to be treated this way. I’m also pretty sure we behaved, did not yell or make a scene and registered our needs properly. I have a feeling that this is the culture at this location and it’s no longer my problem…it’s your problem.
p.s. We took the cheesecakes home thinking to give them to a neighbor. Your custom containers have an upper and a lower tab that, after testing, work well to open the well sealed container when they are matched up when first closed. However, when the lid and the base tabs are not matched it is really hard to open them. (Training for this can’t be too hard to understand)


Nicole A. August 8, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Absolute worst experience, such bad trend to set!
I visited the 60 Forbes Road Location in Braintree, MA @ 9:45 at night on Sat 5th after picking up out of town guest from the Airport. I assured them food/ service will be great, it always has been in the past. Walked in & was told there was a 45 min wait, there were dozens of tables /dirty but open and when i questioned the host why, he advised they don’t have a bus person & waitresses refused to clean their tables.
After 40 min of standing at host station we were seated, still not seeing 1 person from mgmt walk by check on things, help buss tables, run food, check on guest etc (odd).
Waitress came over with menus & we placed a Drink & App order at same time we were given menus, 25 min of being seated No drinks… I had to flag down our waitress & ask for them, another 25 min goes by no app yet. We see tables who sat After us eating dinner. I then flagged down our waitress and she said i’ll check on our app. She came out with our app seconds later holding plate in hand with a towel (because its been sitting under the heat lamp for so long) but food was not hot.
I have pictures of our app sampler, it was pathetic!
1. Potato skins (bacon was RAW) there was 1/2 slice of orange cheese that was not melted in the skins & semi cold potato.
2. Boneless chicken (4) nuggets the size of quarter each (like the end of a bag) they were cold & rubbery . Motz sticks… was the ONLY thing that was decent.
We were finished with our apps within 10 min & here goes the waiting game again for our meals. Tables all around were having issues with their service & food. Still not 1 manager is sight. Another 40 min goes by & I said to the waitress we are ready to get up & walk out this is ridiculous, I could understand if they were slammed, but restaurant was less than 1/2 full. Wouldn’t you know.. less than 1 min later of saying something here comes our food. Our plates were sitting under heat lamp again for so long my side of Mayo I asked for had separated in the ramekin dish, my lettuce on my chick sand was wilted, chicken was re-dipped/fried (not fresh) & my avocado was missing from my sandwich. The dishes my guest had were also less than satisfactory, (1 ordered a steak, other ordered a burger) both advised to cook them Well Well Well done. Both Steak & Burger came out pink inside, not wanting to wait 40 min for another or a mgr to remove from our bill, we paid and left all while I apologized over & over again for their experience. As I left the restaurant; I asked what was the managers name who was on & why hadn’t he/she been walking the floor, I was told there was (2) mangers on Liz & Dave, but
“good luck” getting them out of the office! When I searched the General Mgr for this location I was not surprised to see they have a job opening posted for a GM.
Which explains why this location is being run into the ground. I work across the street in an office building & we’ve never had an experience like this during lunch / weekday.
This Sat night experience was absolutely horrendous. I took pictures of the restaurant & food so feel free to contact me & I will send them to you, so you can experience what I did.


Consuella Hollins August 8, 2017 at 2:24 am

I visited your TGIF restaurant in Oak Park, Illinois. Monday 8-7-17 around 7:30PM. This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I was seated in the Bar section. It took about 20 minutes for the Waitress to come take my order. Then it took about 25 minutes more to get my food. When it did arrive. The order was incorrect. I waited for the Waitress to finally return. I inquired how long the wait would be to correct my order. She sarcastically stated, “Probably as long as this order took”. I am Diabetic and felt my Blood Sugar dropping. I told her that I could not wait. I said just forget it and got up from the table. I asked the Hostess at the front door to get the Manager. The Hostess was eating a plate of food. Another employee was on her cell phone. The Manager was taking a while so I just left. As I approached my car a Cop asked me to come back into the Restaurant. He said the Waitress told him that I did not pay for my food. I told him that I never got my food because the order was incorrect. By that time the Manager showed up. I explained to the Manager what happened. Why would I pay for something I never ate? She said that it was a misunderstanding on the Waitress part. I have never been so humiliated in my life. I have never ever walked out and not paid for my food. The Manager apologized profusely and offered me some food to go. No Thank You. I was so upset that I started crying. Everyone in the Restaurant turned around and was watching. I have never seen so many unprofessional people in one place. This Restaurant is not the cleanest either. Sticky tables and dried food on the menus. It needs to be closed down asap or get new Management. I plan to take this further. That Cop had no right to accuse me of something that I did not do. I pray that someone in your Corporate office sees my complaint and does something about it.


DAMITRA AVERY July 30, 2017 at 2:38 pm

Good afternoon,

My name is Damitra and last night visited a TGI Friday’s location # 2838 in Sheepshead Bay. It was by far the worst dining experience I have ever had so much so that I almost started to CRY from frustration. Both myself and my husband took my daughter out for her birthday and we arrived at 8:30 pm and we placed our names on the list as we were told it will be about 30 min. Well and hour later we were still waiting and people that came in after us were getting seated first so i complained. Finally we were seated and then waited about another 20-30 minutes to even be spoken to.

The waiter finally came and took our order and we had to give it to him 3 more times as he just could not get it wright. We order a pretzel appetizer that took over an hour to get to us and we order the bacon loaded nachos that were cold, loaded with sour cream and uncooked bacon so I returned it and refused to pay.

I asked to see a store manager and no one bothered to give me the time of day to come over to my table. My daughter order the Flatiron Steak which was as dry as the desert sand and the broccoli was rotten as it was brown and should have been green.

It was by far the worst dining experience and I will have to warn all that I know to not go to this restaurant. I spent $63.85 on a meal that was subpar and should not have been called a meal.


Kmart May 31, 2017 at 5:07 pm

Just like K Mart BOYCOT this place. The word Hell is a real place wheres there’s torment. Read Lazareth and the rich man. i will tryto get a comment in about this place on tv and compare it to K Mart .


Jane Doe May 25, 2017 at 1:41 pm

My gf would be so mad at me for sharing this. But she works at a TGIF and I hate her going to work because of the sexual harassment she gets on the daily. The constant vulgar comments she gets. We’re 2 girls together. So the men she works with constantly making comments about just needing a d!($ or wanting a threesome. They grab her butt and alway make comments n “jokes” about her A$$. She even excepted a ride home from one of the cooks who pulled his junk out and tried to take her hand and put it on himself. My bff works there and I said something to her about it. And her reply was “well she needs to get use to it she works in a restaurant that’s how it is” I was appalled! No women do not have to “get use to it” nobody should have to go to work and feel uncomfortable because of sexual comments and getting their a$$ grabbed. There are laws to protect us from treatment like this. No she has not reported it. She doesn’t want to stir the pot. And she is to nice to tell these men to $:@; off. So she laughs and walks away feeling uncomfortable. TGIF you all really need to put some type of rules into action. Have a meeting about this stuff and teach your employees it’s not okay to treat people like this , and if they do they should be terminated. If a manager sees or hears any type of sexual harassment they should take action. Instead of ignoring it or indulging in it. It’s ridiculous.


Nea May 25, 2017 at 10:04 am

Sent an email compliant about the Aurora CO TGIF and the most generic response ever. Seems like the company does not care about its customers as well as its future customers. On 5/23/17 @ 7pm the waitress proceeded to attack a group of teenagers. Myself and two young impressionable sons were a witness to the horrific event. As well as several other cistomers in the establishment. The management did not apologize to the customers, nor offered anything to make the environment more comfortable. My two sons were traumatized by this and we Will never go to another TGIF again in life.


Karen Black May 18, 2017 at 2:37 pm

The commercial with the words “Hell Yeah” is not appropriate. It shouldn’t have been used. Not a good example for our youth or adults.


Bridget Fanson May 19, 2017 at 4:46 pm

Using Hell yeah on your comercial is disgusting… isnt this world enough of a mess! Do you have to start sneaking in swear words into your promos..??? Your going to lose business i guarantee when more people start seeing it.


Carol kolcun May 15, 2017 at 2:21 pm

Don’t ever work for Fridays they will screw you over you give them all your time and loyalty and they turn around and s**t on you doesn’t matter to them if you have a family to support or not that is one messed-up franchise


Carol kolcun May 15, 2017 at 2:08 pm

My son worked for Fridays for 10 years they let him go and now they won’t give him his three weeks vacation that he worked for that is so f-ed I will never ever including all my friends will eat at another Fridays again 10 years of service in this is what they do to him


Betsy and Ron April 25, 2017 at 7:44 pm

I would like to say the TGI Friday’s at 4 Goff Xing in Cross Lanes WV is an exceptional place. The staff is always friendly, attentive to needs, and the food has always been good. We go to the restaurant on a routine basis and never have we been disappointed. We usually sit at a table in the bar area. The bartenders Travis, Kristan, Mel, and Jason are great. Drinks are always prepared correctly, the food is always prepared as ordered. I know the bartenders are also responsible for not only all alcoholic beverages ordered in the restaurant but also have table to serve. They are usually quite busy but never complain or brush you off. If you have questions they take time to answer them completely. A big thumbs up to this Friday’s restaurant. Mel has been an exceptional server to us over the last several years.


Lindsey April 14, 2017 at 11:45 pm

I had the worst service at the Piscataway TGI Fridays location in New Jersey. To honest this location is dyer need of new management. I order a bufflo chicken sandwich with fries. The fires where old and hard. It was completely unorganized. I will never come back


Diana Organ April 9, 2017 at 1:36 am

Yes I want to say how I chosen the &10.00 endless wings at t-g-i Friday in the waterfront this evening(04-08-17) to start off I asked for lemon & water the server brought me a cup of lemons & put his finger down in the cup of lemons so I order
The endless wings so when the 3rd order came I noticed a piece of chewed chewing gum on my plate so the server picked up the plate to take it back I didn’t want anymore after that I I told him to bring it back & go get me the manager well she never introduce herself when she came out &said she took care of everything & what else did she want me to do she told me to get out & leave or she was going to call the cops on my cousin & me
I told her that wasn’t good customer service & she said that wasn’t gum it was paper I pick it up and it was stretchy like gum she said they are not supposed to chew back in the back she was so rude and nasty to me & my cuzn & the server too I will never come to that t-g-i Fridays and I’m going to let everyone know about it I should have took it further I think that was down right nasty she gave me a card & told me to call the manger on Monday
That she couldn’t do any more for me & to get out.


Renita Young March 28, 2017 at 3:04 pm

I recently went to the TGI Friday location in Sterling Hgts, Store #2708 on March 24 at 7:00pm. The service was terrible when we came to be seated we had to wait for at least 15 minutes and it wasn’t crowded at all. Once we were seated the waiter who I cannot remember his name right now came and said he would be right with us proceeded to talk to some other customers and finally came back over to where we were took our drink orders then proceeded to make the drinks, but he was looking at a book on how to make the drinks but is appeared he was not very knowledgeable then someone else made them for us but they were not much better. So after a while he never came back and proceeded to take another customer’s order that came in after us. We asked for the manager then the he took the order and apologized. After the food arrived we asked for silver ware, napkins and water he went to get the silverware but stopped and starting talk to another customer about basketball. We looked over and asked for our silver ware before our food gets cold. No one came over to check on us and we never received our water. So finally we asked for the bill it took about 30 minutes to get our bill and they couldn’t find it for a while we finally received it at 9:29pm. I asked for the manager his name he never gave it to me then I asked the hostess the name she didn’t seem to know either she said Drey or something I’m new I find that hard to believe no one knew the manager’s name working that evening. This was very disappointing service I am not sure if I will ever visit a Friday’s again certainly not this location if this is how I am going to be treated. I want to know what Fridays is going to do to keep me as a customer. Please give me a call Renita at 313-506-XXXXX


Marvin Foster March 22, 2017 at 1:22 pm

We visited your store #2651 on 3/18/2017. My complaint is I used some of my rewards points (100) to purchase the Sizzle Chicken entree which was $11.20, which was very good BTW.

Now I understand when we use a BOGO coupon the lesser of the two items is the amount deducted from the check. But when I use my “reward points” for a specific item for a specific number of points, that should be the amount for that particular entree that should be deducted from my check INSTEAD of the lesser amount. But that is not what happened when I received my check. Instead of the $11.20 for the Sizzle Chicken Entree that I used 100 points to purchase for 100 points, my wife’s entree which was a cobb salad that was $9.30 was deducted from my check.

I didn’t bring this issue up with the restaurant manager because I’m sure that is the way your register is programmed and she had nothing to do with that.

Also, for the past couple of weeks, I have been unable to log on to my account. I put in my information and hit enter but nothing happens. So to use some of my points on 3/17 I had to have the manager at the store use her laptop to log me on and use the 100 points for my entree. My check number was 2210.

I would appreciate it if you would enough points to my current account to make up the difference from what was deducted and what should have been deducted.

Also, I would appreciate it if you could help me to log on to my present account.

I tried to submit this on another of your web pages but when I hit “SUBMIT” nothing happens.


Marvin Foster


Michelle Brown March 20, 2017 at 10:07 am

Hello, I want to start by saying that I don’t often take the time to write up a complaint but after the experience I had in your restaurant on yesterday I had to submit this complaint. I will start with the hostess when we got there. We were with a party of 16. When we walked in the hostess was eating a burger at the hostess desk. When we asked for a table she immediately said in a rude tone that “it would be an hour wait because it was too many of us”. We then looked around the restaurant and saw all the open tables and inquired about the tables. She stated “well your sever has to setup” I was like for an hour? She said yes she has to roll silverware. I don’t work in a restaurant however I don’t think silver should be rolled in the middle of the day? We then asked for a manager (Randy) who came out and apologized he made the statement “don’t worry about her she has an attitude problem”. If that is the case, why does she work there and the first person to greet your customers? We were then seated 15 minutes later. So after being seated for about another 15 minutes the waitress came to the table. She didn’t greet us and definitely didn’t have a smile. She seems to have an attitude the moment she came to the table. She started taking drink orders. Her attitude was so bad that several guest at our table had to ask her if she was ok. We have family members that are servers so we know that a large party can be overwhelming so one of the guest at the table pulled her to the side and told her that she understands we’re a large party and as long as she takes care of us with good service we would take care of her tip wise. We tip very well and was about to spend a lot of money in your establish. She said ok but her attitude still didn’t change. So after about 45 minutes and asking 3 times I finally received my drink. My son didn’t receive his food at all. Another adult guest didn’t receive her food and another never received his appetizer. Some appetizers came out after the entrees came. So after my son ate off of my plate I told her to remove his meal from the ticket she went back and forth with me and said that she brought the entree out and I told her that she didn’t. After checking his seat and saw he had no food she took it off. At this point the service was so horrible and her attitude was the worse we asked for a manager (Lester Evans). He eventually came over and apologized and said he would take care of us from here. But at this point we we’re about done. I asked for a strawberry lemonade to go and the waitress (Daijah) told me there were no to go cups but when I asked Lester he brought it to me. The waitress Daijah never once apologized for the food not coming out. My first issue with the manager (Lester) in my opinion he didn’t rectify the issue properly to satisfy the customer. He acted as if he didn’t want to come over and apologize for the poor service. He didn’t want to hear our full complaint. First off if you have a party of 16 I think it should have been more than one server to ensure good customer service to begin with. As we were paying the check he handed us his business card with his info on it and told us to ask for him the next time we come in to ensure we get good service next time. To me that didn’t turn my thoughts and feelings around about your restaurant and my experience. I’m offended and very disappointed by the service I received.


Ron Helinski March 16, 2017 at 11:57 am

I called your customer service number and talked to a person that I could not understand. I had explained the problem I had with a gift card that I sent to my nephew for his birthday in Ft. Orange, Fla on Feb. 14. My nephew tried to use the card on March 4th and it had a zero balance. Your rep told me that the card was used on Feb. 21 in State College, Pa. Thus there is a problem. How did the card show up in PA when it was in Florida? Your rep told me that she would send me an email detailing what the next steps were to deal with the situation. I was to send the card with doXXXXentation to your gift card center. I am still waiting for the email and don’t know if I’ll ever get it. Can you give me the needed directions on where to send the gift card so I can solve this mystery and get reimbursed for my loss. Thank you. Ron Helinski,
Arnold, MD 21012, ronhelinski at verizon.net


hazury09@gmail.com March 14, 2017 at 4:19 am

Well first all I went to this place to eat with few of
My friends, beside service begin total disgusting from waitress and the place itself never got the drinks that I ask from the waitress or even check on us.. but lets get to the real point I nevertheless I decide not to tip the server since the service was horrible. But the M** f-er the decide to tip himself.. I didn’t ever bather calling the Restaurant manager I made further notice. I wouldn’t recommend this place to no one!


K. H. March 13, 2017 at 2:59 pm

This email is to explain the horrible experience at your Sugarland, Texas locaction. Me, my aunt, and son went in to your location for a family Sunday dinner. We arrived at approximately 4pm. We were greeting by a gentleman whose name rhymes with Chevron. He was extremely pleasant and we were excited. We were seated and saw several servers walking by but no one greeted us. Finally after about 15 minutes we were “greeted”. The server, Shavonia, rushed to take our order without any recommendations. She just wanted to take the order and leave the table ASAP. So we realized she forgot one of the Rum Punch drinks we ordered; we didn’t have time to tell her because she ran off. We tried to stop her and she yelled (VERY ANNOYED), “ONE SECOND SWEETY!!!!!!!” We asked another server to let her know we need a rum punch. Shavonia comes back to the table very agitated with us and says “ when you need something, DO NOT ask another server for it because it causes problems in the kitchen and it starts a wildfire type situation, and you need to wait and be patient til I bring it to you!!!!!!!” We were blown away with her demeaner. She seemed to be attacking us and we are the guests. It shouldn’t matter WHO we ask. She didn’t seem to be concerned with our needs she just wanted her day to be over it seemed. So at that point she kept calling my aunt “sweety”. My aunt asked her not to be called that. The server replied VERY CONFRONTATIONAL “ WELL…….what would you like to be called??? MAAM???” Im like, where did they get this employee from and who hired her. I was in the restaurant business for over 15yrs and I have NEVER in my life treated anyone or been treated this horribly by anyone in all my years of serving. So, my aunt got got very upset at this point and we asked one of the other employees to see a manager. So after about 10 minutes, SHE comes back to the table to confront us about the request. I told her that we don’t want to talk and just need the manager. She said “well im just asking why you need to see a manager, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM????” I told her a 2nd time that we just need the manager to come to the table. She continued to question my aunt and semi argue. My aunt said that she is the problem and she continued to argue for at least 5min. Once the manager arrived, we explained the situation. He took over the table and explained that he was a visiting manager and not the usual manager at this location. He agreed to take off the appetizer due to miscommunication about the endless apps that we were trying to ask the server but we couldn’t get an explanation about it. So, with all this that went on and confirmation from another employee that this is the normal behavior from Shavonia, I feel we shouldn’t have had to pay . We were actually scared that something was going to happen to our food if we asked for anything. We were scared to ask. It was a very disrespectful and uncomfortable situation and we will not be coming back to TGIF because of this. I do feel this employee needs some guidance because she is representing a company that I was at one time a huge fan of. ANGRILY TYPING, K.H.
email kylnsmth at gmail.com. Phone number is 910-977-XXXXX.


K. H. March 13, 2017 at 3:03 pm

DATE: MARCH 5, 2017 @ 4PM
CHECK # 580


Wood March 7, 2017 at 7:28 pm

I waiting at TGIF with a party of 9 and I was told to wait 35 minutes and I waited for 1hr and half. In addition, I have my daughter who is autistic and I wanted to celebrate my birthday at the restaurant. However, management and the employees were very rude and allowed others to skip my family. One of the employees stated “we do not have enough staff to cover a table of nine”. My family and I waited patiently and talked with staff calmly and precisely but the staff did not acknowledge me. I was forced to go to another restaurant because of the horrible treatment I was given. TGIF should hire a better staff who is dedicated to customers. The job of a sales associate is to honor the customer and satisfy customer needs, however my customer need was not satisfied.


Beatrice Smith February 25, 2017 at 8:23 pm

I came into your Camp Creek to place a order to go. Chicken and shrimp with mashed potatoes. I ordered at 7:05pm and didn’t get my order until 7:55pm after complaining to the manager( didn’t seem to care)about the service and food. I understand it being busy but the lady who took my order stated it would be 20 minutes. I seen a lady who ordered after me get her order before me and leave. I saw empty tables with people still waiting to be seated. Terrible service and terrible food. After all this time waiting, No Ms Smith we’re running behind, nothing. Customer service is everything. So disappointed with Fridays!…No more Fridays


Tracey February 24, 2017 at 10:08 am

Location 33703 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 48312

If I could I would give 0 stars to this place. So me and my husband came here to try their drink deals and $10 appetizers. We walked into the bar room and sat at the bar table. For 10 min we were ignored. As the two waitresses clearly saw us, gave us eye contact did not greet us. They had about 8 tables full and one other couple at the bar table. Finally one of them greeted us and gave us menus. We told her what alcoholic drinks we wanted and that’s when it went all down hill. She literally took our drink orders and told the other chick and that was it. For 30 min we did not receive our drinks. We were ignored. One of them was running around with an attitude and was very unprofessional talking ghetto and rude out loud. Even threw a pen at the other waitress because she was too lazy to walk to her and give it to her. The other waitress was too busy changing the tv station. And we literally sat there so upset. Like really. Is this how they run a business? Then more people came and everyone was either waiting for checks or refills or even to order. And here we sat completely ignored. We even made several eye contacts and nothing. We never received our drinks and our food orders were never taken. I hope this location shuts down or managements changes. Because it’s places like this that is a waste of space. I plan on calling the manager and giving he or she an ear ful because our night was completely ruined by this idiotic unorganized unprofessional restaurant.


Ray Battrick February 14, 2017 at 2:11 pm

Customer relations is very hard to contact and send copies of receipts to. I can not believe they make it so difficult. It made me choose different restaraunts to go to this week, due to my frustrations over their process. Someone should look into this and act like a customer and see how frustrating their system is!


Gofukurself420 December 29, 2016 at 5:18 pm

TGI Fridays has determined it inappropriate for someone who smells like cannabis to enter the restaurant and spend their money half of your clients would have to be high to enjoy your f-ed up sh*t food.

Discrimination in all forms is wrong cannabis is a prescribed medicine in some areas and you’re denying somebody who needs medicine from eating at your establishment way to be a humanitarian thank God I don’t go to Friday’s


Sarah D'Addabbo December 1, 2016 at 10:29 am

Please disregard as have sent another one with full details.


Sarah D'Addabbo December 1, 2016 at 10:27 am

Bought a chicken Caesar salad at ATL terminal B kiosk on November 30. Employee did not give me any dressing after searching for ‘something’ but not finding it. Sold me salad any way and did not even tell me there was no dressing available.

Discovered this after being on a flight. When I opened the salad, I discovered that brown, slimy, or otherwise inedible romaine had been cleverly hidden under green edible lettuce. It was so disgusting and should not havr been sold. Since most of the chicken had been contaminated by the lettuce, that was also inedible.

I took pictures to share with you and would like to sumbit them to you. I would also like to have all my money refunded – not a gift card since I seldom go to TGI and will probably not visit one again for a while.
Trans key: LIL000413673856
Check 9341
Server Jade


Nick Corporan June 21, 2016 at 11:55 am

On 6/20/16, we arrived at Fridays at 9pm with a graduation party of 14. We watched at least 4 other parties of 10 or more walk away as they were told wait time was 45 mins. Looking around, the place was empty so why would it take that long? We took our chances & patiently waited. We were seated at about 10pm with no menus, received drinks at 10:20pm & food at 11:30pm. Our orders were wrong & the food was cold. We were about to leave but we had a hungry 2 yr old & 3 diabetics with us. I expressed my frustration on several occasions & the staff did nothing to reconcile the issues. I finally had enough & asked to speak to the manager. After waiting some more for the manager, she arrived. I explained the series of events that took place. Her response was “I should have told her sooner. I thought the wait time was only 20 mins”. I informed her that it was not my responsibility to report to her as I am not her staff. I also informed her that had she been managing the floor she would have observed all of the issues first hand. While speaking, another family that was seated for about 30 mins decided to leave, not including the other about 60 guests that were turned away at the door from about 9pm to 10 pm. This was by far the worse dinning experience I have personally encountered. The greater & waitress did their best but poor management has this location misdirected and under performing. I could see the frustration on the faces of the few employees that really care but did not have the power to make things right.

Also, capitalizing on events like graduations, 3 local high schools graduated in that area on 6/20/16. As a district manager or general manager, how are you not in the know of such events in order to staff your floor accordingly? Again, I witnessed at least 4 parties of 10 or more leave due to a 45 min wait time in a place that was visually empty inside. Store 2773 needs serious training. Please review the cameras between 8-10pm on 6/20/16 and see how much $ was lost.


David .s May 30, 2016 at 9:15 pm

I was a regular At fridays now they boost up prices just me and wife now$ 80. I hate to say but u guys lost a good ccustomer food and drinks too expensive just to have a meal and a drink. Peeeeace out fridays!!!!


Cycy April 30, 2016 at 11:24 am

I went eat store number 2652 manager n supervisor are so disrespectful


Cycy April 30, 2016 at 11:22 am

Store# 2652 It horrible they staff is rude the managers are ghetto .they don’t serve people right somtime they do things to your food like spit in it .they just need to close it down .they get high they all doing drug specially there’s one manager I know Stanley his very disrespectful he don’t know how to talk to people at all I watch him talk to the employees its very bad..Fighting with their employees in front of the customers. Who does that? Tgi Friday need to shut down if not they have to change the staff so call manager don’t know how to engage with people wow tgi it not a place for people’s to go sat down eat that’s a zoo where a bunch of animals come


Kenneth Clemons April 23, 2016 at 11:13 pm

My stay lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes at the TGIF Fridays in Mentor, Ohio. It was 45 minutes before I received my food (I have photo of both arriving simultaneously), which arrived 2 minutes before my appetizer (other patrons were served before me). My food arrived luke warm. I had to get water and other needed supplies from another server that was in the area. I had to dine with all of the old discarded dishes and glasses on the table (I have photo). To add insult to injury I wasn’t asked if I’d like dessert:-( Another thing, I think I was purposely not given the part of the slip with the survey on it, because my server could sense I was livid (even though I kept a smile on my face). Lastly, I had to wait another 10 minutes for my server to find her manager to use my MyRewards coupon.
p.s. Ask the guy bartending to tone it down a bit…for a neighborhood bar the “loud talk” and joking would be appropriate, but for a restaurant…it is not (you could hear the guy in the top booths). Just my opinion based on experiences from Friday”s restaurants in different cities, and I’m quite sure that your company’s modus operandi is the same everywhere). Thanks for listening


Ken Pinc April 23, 2016 at 12:12 pm

After reading some comments that they never received a response really made me question if TGIFriday even cares…but I will give it a shot!

This is the letter I sent the General Manager. If I don’t receive a response then it is clear that this is how TGIFridays conduct business and treat customers…

Ken Pinc
Chatham, IL 62629

April 23, 2016

Mr. James Welch
General Manager
TGI Fridays
2100 W. White Oaks Drive
Springfield, IL 62704

Dear Mr. Welch:

I write this letter with a touch of disappointment in my last visit at your establishment.

We were taken out to dinner on the evening of Thursday, April 21, 2016 by a Sister friend of ours. I would like to interject here that this is one of “many” occasions at your particular establishment. At her previous job, she was given, by the manager at a TGI Fridays, tickets that would allow her to have a free appetizer and a free dessert. She used these at other times at your restaurant.

Sister decided to invite us out on this particular evening with the intent of using these complimentary tickets. This turned out to be a very heavy disappointment and embarrassing moment for her in a public area.

To begin, we ordered two appetizers along with our meal order. We all ordered the half rack of BBQ Ribs, but mentioned to the hostess, as we “ALWAYS” do, that we do not like the Cole slaw that was served and we would like to substitute with a “SMALL” side salad. We all were used to doing this numerous amount of times, and there was “never” a problem. We would then be served the salad in a small dish. Here she is bringing two large salads. We told her we didn’t order that and explained about the substitute for the slaw. She didn’t understand anything we said. We were tired of explaining so we just kept one (which we were charged for) and shared the one salad, which was plenty, among the three of us. No apology for the misunderstanding. She actually stood there and looked confused as not knowing what to say next, not even giving us a feeling that she understood and didn’t even try to make the change….I suppose because she wasn’t allowed that decision.

To continue, after our meal, we proceeded to order our “free” desserts. We gave the cards to the young lady; she looked at them and said, “I will show these to the Manager”. She came back and said we couldn’t use them because there was no signature on them. We were made to feel as if these cards were stolen by us. We asked to see the manager….which I must add at this point…had no appearance of a professional manager. Jeans and bulky shirt, far from what we were expecting. To put that aside as the least important matter at hand, he came and explained the same. Sister tried to explain to him that these were given to her, from the TGI Fridays in the area where she worked before she retired. He went on to explain that they had to have a date and signature on the back. After all this, he then said, “We don’t use those anymore, sorry, my hands are tied and I can’t do it, management said we are not to accept them.” Why would he go through the explanation of having to have a signature and then come out with the statement that the new management said we are not to use these? A little contradictory wouldn’t you say? Why didn’t he cut to the chase and say this in the first place?

Besides all this, the last of “GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE” lacked in a pitiful way. Why couldn’t he, because he was a manager and had the greatest opportunity to make Fridays shine more with good customer service say something like, “I’m sorry that you didn’t know about this change, but let me at least get two desserts and you can share them, and there won’t be a charge.” That would have been a very pleasing response not only to the embarrassed Sister, but to all of us. Would this little act of customer service and compassion cause your establishment to go broke?….I really don’t think so.

We all got the impression, after leaving, that he was “manager” only in name without using any common sense customer service or anything for that matter.

I realize that you are a franchise, and this was given through the corporate TGI Fridays, as is all other franchises. I honestly don’t feel that they would appreciate allowing this franchise to feel that this is how their corporation works after allowing someone to carry and represent their name.

What would it have hurt to just perform such a “small” task? A task that would alleviate the embarrassment. Why would this young man be given a title that means absolutely nothing? Does he handle all situations in your establishment in this manner?
If so, then respectfully I say this is poor judgment on your part. Why did you allow him to carry that title and represent you when you are not there? I don’t think he had the proper training in management or in providing good customer service.

I am also enclosing a calling card that this young man in charge gave me. He made me think that you were of no corporation. Look at the card, I wrote his name on it, but it was a card that was a placemat for a wet glass….Professional? I would have been embarrassed to give out a card like this.

I do want to make one thing comprehensible. The food is great, I have never had a bad meal at your establishment, but I honestly feel you or whoever is above you, needs to have serious training in “Good Customer Service”. That’s what makes more people come, that’s what makes the word of mouth contribute to attendance at your place. I am in customer service and I know this as a fact and doing what we can to avoid a disturbing review on Trip Advisor and other places that welcome reviews.

Respectfully and in a really and truly concerned way I say to you, you can read this, crumble it up
and throw it away, or even ignore it. If so, this is all in the proof of what your title stands for and how much you believe in providing good customer service and to reconsider who you are giving the title “manager” to and how do you want them to represent not only TGI Fridays, but you, yourself, unless, again, this is your procedure on Customer Service.

In the end, we paid for the appetizers and didn’t get any dessert and we left. We gave the hostess a tip, but only agreed upon by the other three guests. I didn’t feel this visit justified a trip. We left embarrassed.

It is with great hope that you apprehend the deep concern in which I write this letter. I know it will be a while before I am convinced to visit your restaurant. One public embarrassment is one too much!

With kind best wishes, I remain

Very cordially yours,

Ken Pinc

cc: File
Corporate Office of TGI Friday


Michael Tracy April 13, 2016 at 4:14 pm

This is the 4th time I’ve submitted a complaint and I haven’t gotten more than an email saying I’d be contacted within a couple business days. Not one person has called me, or personally emailed me. Apparently my and my family’s business there is not important. It has been a week since the last attempt on 04/06 with the guest relations reference number 002651940F. Prior to that it had been since March 31st with guest relations number 002651940E. And the original complaint was made March 16th, and all I got the next day was an email with 002651940A asking me which location, which it was included on the form filled out above! I replied back to that email with 1105 E Oak St Conway, AR 72032 (the only one in town) and still have nothing.

I am extremely upset about the treatment here. After a month of waiting and trying to contact you I’ve only gotten more and more frustrated about my experience. My wife and I were in somewhat of a hurry, but had enough time to eat a regular meal sitting down with a little bit of a cushion. But we ended up being there for well over an hour because our food had to be remade 3 times. Our appetizer was supposed to be BBQ wings and instead we were given some spicy wings. We were told that the cook had realized it and tried to cook it off and then re toss it in some good sauce, but it didn’t work at all and it’s not fun biting into something spicy when you didn’t order it because you don’t like spicy foods. Then we get steaks WELL DONE. They come pretty bloody and they had to be re done. Then the steaks came back and one was finally done, but the other one was still very red inside (not even pink). We then had to wait even longer for more food. Apparently they had someone on the grill who didn’t normally cook. And there were other mistakes as well, but these were the main ones. The waitress was very nice and did everything she could, but that’s the only good part of the entire experience. A month later and still nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rebecca Austin April 13, 2016 at 11:26 am

A waitress at the TGiFriday’s on 6840 Northlake Mall Drive, Charlotte, NC 28216, phone number 704 596 2869, took our debit receipt we left on the table and wrote herself a big tip on it. We contacted corporate offices twice and received apologies, but no financial reimbursement. TGiFridays was my favorite restaurant until this happened. We were STRIPES members and everything, but now I do not trust them because they have not acted to make this right with us.


Rachel April 6, 2016 at 11:43 pm

The Fridays on S. Tryon in Charlotte, nc will sh** you on your food when you place a Togo order. Its sad that I have to go in, sit down and order my food, then ask for a Togo box. If you don’t, they will give you half the serving when you call in a order. The manager gets rude when you want to order at 11pm, but you close at 12. What a bunch of sh**. I won’t go back till they get new management. They get a big ? from me.


Dennis Handy March 16, 2016 at 8:50 pm

Friday’s is my favorite restaurant!! I decided to try the location at 95th and 54th ave in Oaklawn to have dinner for my sons birthday. We came in and were asked how many? When we responded “20” or more there was a look of shock. She said oh my that will be about a 2 hour wait!! We asked why we couldn’t get the section in the front that’s cut off from the rest and she told us its not open because they don’t have any servers for this section but said we could use the section as our waiting area…..?!?!? Which really threw me off. It seemed as if we were given excuses instead of them finding the quickest possible way to accommodate our visit. They continued to seat people behind us without wait instead of getting seats available for us! First time ever being disappointed about a visit here. There is no way you should tell a guest a section is closed if your restaurant is open!!!!


Jimbo213Mo February 29, 2016 at 6:43 pm

other web sites have a different corporate office contact.

TGI Fridays Corporate Office & Headquarters
4201 Marsh Ln Carrollton TX 75007
TGI Fridays corporate phone number:
(972) 662-5400


k brown March 16, 2016 at 10:51 am

I went to the TGI Fridays in Nashville. I order the shrimp pasta to go with bread sticks and a drink special. My bill came up to $22.00. I gave the waitress a cash tip. I go home did not get the bread stick. I go to the bank and my account had an over draft. I was wonder why. I look at my charges and TGI Fridays in Nashville charged me $222.00 for my order. I was place in a bind with over draft and late fee. I received a check for 200.00 but that was it!!! I did not get a meal on us due to this mistake. They still charged me for the 22.00 meal. Go figure. I am so shocked at TGI FRidays. Need better customers service. I see why all of them a closing due to customers.


B kelly February 2, 2016 at 11:16 pm

My husband ,son and I had a late dinner at the TGI Fridays 2125 Route 38 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our service and meal was excellent. I arrived home, after dinner, and I realized I left my purse on the table. I called and spoke to manager John Novella to let him know I was on my way back to pick it up. I was put on hold for 10 minutes,called back put on hold for a additional 9 minutes until I arrived. I entered the restaurant and went to the bar and asked for the manager (John Novella). He finally approached me 10 minutes later and stated that the hostess found my purse but never turned it in to him. Novella stated the hostess left and was not answering her phone. Novella checked the video surveillance and advised that it appeared the hostess left with the purse. I called the Cherry Hill police department to file a theft complaint. 5 min later, Novella advised the the hostess was contacted and was on her way with the purse. Police officer Towne arrived to take the report (case # 16-008937). After police arrived, the hostess returned with my purse. i checked my belongings and found everything still in the purse, however my debit card was broke in half and my license was bent in half. The hostess, who’s name i did not get, admitted to police that she took the purse from the restaurant and then threw the purse out of her car window because she got nervous. I chose not to sign complaints, but i demand that this dishonest worked be terminated. The name of the hostess will be in the police report and your manager knows her identity.


Joe Strauch January 26, 2016 at 1:26 pm

I recently enjoyed another visit to TGIF BAR in Dickson City, Pa..
My wife and I told the waitress that we wanted to take advantage of your specials.
Specifically, I said that I wanted one of the drafts that were available for $3 and asked the
waitress to let me know the choices. As soon as she started the list, I said ‘fine,’ that first one will do.
My wife said that a Strawberry Daq would work for her.
Then, I said that I wanted an order of the Garlic Parm Boneless wings app,
I continued that we wanted one order from the 4-7-4 menu of the Jack Daniel’s Chicken.
The waitress said that it came with two sides and listed them, my wife picked the swt fries and a side salad.
According to the menu, that selection was to cost $10.
When the bill arrived, it came to $38.22 as shown in the original bill bellow.
I waited till the server returned and quietly, and politely asked if we could discuss the bill
to avoid any embarrassment for either of us. We went to a quiet corner of the restaurant.
I told her that the Apps were charged at $10.10 rather than the $5 advertised.
Also, the chicken was charged as $15.30 rather than the $10 on the menu.
She apologized, made some excuses and later returned to my table with a corrected bill.
I noticed changes and paid without further complaint.
But, when getting home and carefully reviewing the bill, I saw that there were still errors.
Bottom line is that I WAS OVERCHARGED $9.13.
I would expect and appreciate a refund of this overcharge to settle this matter.
My calculation is $5drink + $3beer + $5app + $10entree +$1.38tax = $24.38
rather than the $33.51 TGIF billed.
This is the THIRD occurrence of over-billing that I have encountered at this restaurant. The first two were corrected satisfactorily on site.


Natasha January 21, 2016 at 1:30 pm

To whom it may concern,

The last time I went to Friday’s I left highly disappointed. My waitress kept disappearing and I had to tap another waitress multiple times to get me the things I needed in order to eat comfortably. Once the bill came, I kept telling her it was incorrect as she attempted multiple times to fix it but in reality she wasn’t listening. Our waitress Valerie walked away while my guest was speaking to her and told her to let her know when we figure it out. I had to tell her to come back and teach her the proper way of speaking to someone. The whole time this waitress had a smirk on her face.

I told the manager and the manager didn’t really care, all she said was that she will forward the message to our waitress and perhaps keep an eye on her too.

It’s disappoint because I go to Fridays way too often, weekly, too be treated this way. I didn’t even get my points that day and actually paid more than what I was suppose to.

Loyal Customer


Stacey Heid January 8, 2016 at 7:43 pm

Went to TGIF on new years day. My son ordered the ribs. During his meal he had difficulty chewing then swallowing. He then pulled a piece of thick plastic from his mouth. It was part of the wrapping that the ribs came in. I called over the waitress and she took the piece right away to the manager. The piece was larger than a quarter, I wish I took a picture. 8 minutes go by and finally the waitress comes back saying the manager will be right out. At least another 5 minutes the manager comes out with some scratch offs for $5 off appetizers and says she is sorry and will do something for us. Another 10 minutes goes by and we just want to leave. The waitress finally brings us our check. The manager took off $5. The meal was $12. Seriously you couldn’t take off the whole amount. I emailed the company from the website that night. Monday I receive a generic email stating someone one will call in 1-2 days. Now its Friday and no one calls. This situation has been handled so poorly. This company seems not to care about me or my family. I feel that the way we were treated at the restaurant and after is unexceptable. I hope Ricky Richardson, Tom Kurrikoff and Ian Saunders read this email. I would like to speak to one of them instead of the people that were suppose to call me back in the fist place.


Max Osipov January 1, 2016 at 11:52 am

Dear staff & management,

I would like to bring some issues to your attention in regards to the 2015 New Years Eve party. We were very unpleased during the entire duration. From the VIP entrance line, service, food, and hospitality. Upon arrival, the G.A ticket holders were let in (before the VIP). This entire process seemed switched around. If we knew that was the deal, we wouldn’t of spent $300+ for our tickets. Overall, we waited 1 hour to enter the restaurant. Next, the service upstairs was beyond terrible. We sat in the back corner (table 44) and never got waited on. Every time the appetizers got to our corner, there was none left. The waitress did apologize, because it happened three times, and she knew we were getting upset (hotdogs, chicken, and buffalo wings), none were left on her platter-by the time she made it to our table. You would think she would come back with more to accommodate us? No, she just apologized and turned back around. I personally would say it would of been okay if it happened once, but not three times.
Upon receiving our individual appetizer platters, we had asked if they would accommodate a severe dairy allergy (having the cheese removed from the sliders), and we were told, that wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately something must’ve changed in the kitchen and they could no longer remove the cheese. One person in our party couldn’t enjoy it. It’s strange that TGI Friday’s doesn’t accommodate health related concerns (severe allergy), or dietary issues? The food was cold upon arrival. The artichoke dip was hard on top (crusted over), you knew it was just sitting. Once again, for the amount of money spent on these tickets, you would assume, fresh food would be given. The main course was a pasta, and we asked prior to have to no cheese put on top, and of course were told that wasn’t an issue. But once again, upon receiving the meal to our table, there was cheese placed on top. No explantation was given. Extremely disappointing.
According to our ticket, and the initial summary prior to booking, it stated we were to be seated upstairs with service of unlimited beverages. Being in the back corner (table 44) we were asked twice from 8:30 PM-1:50 AM if we needed anything. We walked up to the waitress’ corner and grabbed our own silverware and napkins because they were never given to us. We grabbed our own drinks from the bar 6 times. And the two times I went to the bar, the bartender told me “You should be sitting, your waitress comes and takes your order”. It surprised me that the bartender even stated that to me. He even noticed we were not properly getting taken care of. During this time, I saw certain tables closer to the front, getting served constantly.
Our table was piled up with our dirty plates (2), and finished drinks (8 cups). They couldn’t even fit our appetizer platter on the table, because our drink cups were never removed. I went to use the washroom, and carried my own empty cups to the garbage. It was absolutely repulsive, that we had to clear our own spots, to make room. I’m appalled over the service this past evening. I can’t fathom the amount of money we spent on these tickets, to be treated this way. The health department should definitely be aware of this event.
Traveling from a different state, to experience an event of a lifetime, we truly had higher expectations. Extremely unfortunate, our night had to be like this. Once again, we are extremely disappointed and would like something to be done about this.

Max Osipov
Angela Mangiamele


Michelle December 30, 2015 at 8:11 pm

I went to fridays at eastpoint mall for lunch with my 2 cousins, one of my cousins food had hair in it, and we observed a waitress walking around with a winter coat zippered up while serving guest their food, of course we reported it to the manager and he had a nonchalant attitude, im most definitely done with fridays….. permanently.


Lecia Harris December 29, 2015 at 7:50 pm

The manager was so rude and nasty he put his hands in my face I actually have the entire video I asked for a new server because the server seemed to be on drugs he was spilling water on me when I asked him to clean it up he threw the rag on the table another young man actually walked over cleaned it up and apologized I asked to speak to the manager which is this guy in the picture and when I asked him for a new server he asked us to find somewhere else to eat I will never be returning to this tgi Friday or no other one


Irena Hodges December 29, 2015 at 1:03 am

To Whom It May Concern;
My daughter and I dined in at your establishment today. Our waitress Chasmine (#326) took our order. My daughter ordered the Shrimp and French Fries Meal and I ordered the Jack Daniels wings. The wait was not long before our meal arrived, which was delivered by a waiter. After observing my meal I noticed that I had Sour Cream instead of the Blue Cheese that usually comes with the wings. I waited about seven minutes for Chasmine to check on us to see if we needed anything. She never returned. I proceeded to walk around the dinning room until I located her. I assume Chasmine was too busy with the other customers, that she passed my blue cheese off to the same waiter who delivered our plates. My daughter and I watched as Chasmine walked around the dinning room four times and interact with the other customers while ignoring us. She walked past our table three times, never to acknowledge us or to make sure we were ok. My daughter asked confused, “Are we invisible?” I finally get Chasmine attention and politely asked for the bill. I also explained to her that I normally tip according to my service, but I don’t see where she deserved a tip due to the poor customer service. She replied, “She doesn’t need nor do she want my tip!” I calmly explained “That’s the wrong attitude to have.” As a business owner, I was trying to point out the importance of every customer and everyone should be treated as such. Once I noticed Chasmine raise her voice at me I asked her name, to which she disregarded and walked away. I located the manager on duty named Jasmine and explained the whole encounter. I expressed how unacceptable and unprofessional this situation is and it should not be tolerated in any place of business. Jasmine was very courteous and apologetic. She asked was there any thing she can do for me. At that point I just wanted to settle my bill and leave, never to return! Jasmine did offer free appetizers should we change our minds. My Check # is 6870.


najat fallah December 26, 2015 at 3:15 pm

To whom my concern:

Good day,

I been going to Fridays so many years in USA, I’m here now in Kuwait and decide to have a dinner with a friends in Fridays Avenues.

We are a group, order started and main course. I order a steak with a mash potato’s, as soon as I started the mash potato’s, something cutting my tongue and started bleeding, found out a piece of plastic around 2cm*4cm….called the manager and show him what we are found on the food as well the blood was saying to us with a rude tone : (we don’t have any plastic in our restaurant) its like us we lieing.

As I’m a American Citizen I prefer everywhere I go, dine in American restaurant, but looks like I will put a Fridays in black list because the Egyptian manager was so rude to us, went to the hospital get the medicine for that still hurt.

I would like someone to get back to me with a real decision…im very disappointed and was a xmas dinner for me and I was so much angry its that reasonable.

Thank you,



Harris December 23, 2015 at 2:09 am

I stay in Atlanta Ga, and I went to the TGIF in Lithonia by stonecrest mall it was HORRIBLE! to the point the food (A APPERTIZER) took hours to come after getting a new server! People who was seated AFTER me & my party was served BEFORE us! Remind you my food (never came). After speaking to a manager and explaining my frustrations he still tried to charge me for the drinks! Let’s not mention I ask the server for a specific drink she took it upon herself to give me what she thought I should drink! I asked for Cherries she gave me strawberries! (I’m allergic) The manager showed no interest in the fact that we where Very upset with Mia our first server! We finally got fed up & left .. We tried to get help from another one of the server but before we knew it 4-5 servers was trying to fight us (THE CUSTOMERS) due to us trying to find someone to speak to above them about this unpleasant experience! it was disgusting and very unfournate to see people act in such a disgusting manner! Especially in a family oriented environment (I HAD KIDS WITH ME)! Must I remind you No matter what the customer is always right! Even the manager with one open hand stood there & allowed his staff to act in such a wild way! It was so unprofessional .. I love TGIF FOOD but after everything I saw today I will NEVER go back!


Charles December 15, 2015 at 9:08 pm

Let me just say that I enjoy your food, hospitality, and total environment of TGI FRIDAYS at most locations expect but this is the part you won’t enjoy hearing. The Friday’s located at 3045 express drive north islandia Ny 11749 is the worst Friday’s ever. I’ve tried and givin so many attemps but this really got to me, the manager their nice as he was well sorta won’t really work with u, he had told me about the pick 2 for $16 was completely gone at all locations. I went to another location that I’ve been to and liked a lot had pick 2 for $16. I ask my waitress who was ever nice about this 2 for 16 and with a strange face said “really why would we get rid of that. I’m sorry who were told that, that was wrong information to tell you”. So I ask you corporate what will you do about this. Thank u


Vinnie B December 8, 2015 at 8:10 pm

I visited store number #2652 for takeout and both orders were wrong. I asked for them to be fixed and the manager on duty “Loni” was extremely rude and condescending. After years of eating at Friday’s I will never return after the rude and disrespectful treatment by the manager. She refused to let me speak to the General Manager.
Lost Customer
Vinnie B


Robbin Coleman November 17, 2015 at 12:29 am

I was at T.G.I Friday’s on vacation in New York. 50th and 7the Ave. Where my family and I had dinner. (Never Again). The service was horrible. I sent out a tweet to the world so they can know the bad service we received. Then I played phone tag with Eileen from their social media. What a joke she was. Im.still waiting on someone to contact me. Ref# 002558682G.


Baccus October 27, 2015 at 9:40 pm

Just left the Fridays restaurant in Huber Hts. Ohio where the restaurant was nearly empty only 8 customers yet the kitchen was unable to send out hot food or fully cooked food. My husbands chicken was nearly raw our appetizers were barely room temperature and after sending them back within 2 minutes they brought back what was supposed to be a new batch but was the exact same wings microwaved. Our waitress was great Sydney and tried her best by taking the food back several times. The manager Dwayne however was unmoved by the issues never offered an apology and I had to ask if they would remove the raw chicken from the bill and come and get the meal off the table after all we were not going to eat it. It took the waitress explaining to him several times why he should still hour our coupon and swap out the raw chicken meal. To make matters worse I asked for the number to corporate and the response was we dont know it ……really I found it fairly easy through google on my own.


Deborah Wallace October 23, 2015 at 11:00 pm

Good Evening
My Husband and I are frequent Customers of Friday’s , we decided to stop there over going to Applebee’s. Upon being seated our server Charlie wasn’t very knowledgeable of the questions we were asking him. We were very disappointed when we received our meals which consisted of Hamburgers and fries and 3 drinks. The fries weren’t hot they were almost room temperature, there wasn’t any ketchup in the bottle on our table or the next table. I asked Charlie for some he bought back a VERY watered down bottle of ketchup. What we considered a $30 to $35 meal turned into a $65 meal. There aren’t any prices on the drink menu and because Charlie was knowledgeable we went with the Mason jar Palm Tree drink. To our dismay the drinks were $12.09 each. This was after they were consumed.
This was poor Customer Service because Charlie hardly stopped by our table to ask if everything was OK. As well as if he were more knowledgeable maybe he would’ve told us the price of the drink. We get it that you can keep the Mason Jar but had he said the price was $12.09 we would’ve passed.
I will NOT return to Friday’s ever again.
Dissatisfied Customer
Deborah Wallace


Stephanie October 22, 2015 at 10:02 am

Hi, no beating around the bush. I recently dined at Fridays in Oaklawn Illinois store# 2678 on Sunday Oct, 18 at 4:13pm. I am very upset with Fridays and will never dine again. Long story short the waitress Charniece server#351 charged my credit card 3 times in error for $10.10, $12.12, and $24.25. There should have been one charge for $10.10 and that’s it!. I have spoken with 3 different people at this location and NOTHING has yet been resolved. The managers Joe, Pedros and another associate promised me that my account would be credited back within 24 to 48 hours. Here is is Thursday and nothing has been credited $5.00. This has been such an inconvenience and I am frustarted. Part of the frustration comes from Charniece the waitress because she never told me charged my account in error. I went over to TJMaxx to make a purchase after my visit there and the charge was DECLINED due to her error. Not only embarrassed but was surprised to know my card was charged and she said nothing. I WANT and I need my money and I want my money now.


BK October 15, 2015 at 1:09 pm

We have always enjoyed TGIF especially their Rewards. A few months back, the TGIF emails offering specials, were for the wrong restaurant area. I went to your website and the correct restaurant was showing, so I emailed, and was answered that the problem was corrected.
Unfortunately that is not true. I continue to receive specials for the wrong restaurant, even after emailing several times. This may be a small problem to you, but it is really irritating that this cannot be handled correctly.
So we have stopped going to TGIF, and though this may not bring a sharp decline in your sales figures, I want you to know why.


Debbie October 13, 2015 at 12:45 pm

I can’t believe I am writing a bad review about Friday’s but here goes. I was at the Friday’s in Gettysburg, PA. First sign that something was wrong were the signs posted on the two front doors as you enter that “We are completely out of steaks”. Several people were leaving as we were entering that were not staying because of this. It took us 15 minutes just to get the waitress to come to our table. Once we ordered it was 45 mintues until we got any food. I ordered the chicken hibachi skewers and guess what no veggies on the skewers. I asked the waitress and she said they were out of suateed onions. I had just chicken, one burnt red peppper. I asked the waitress why they just didn’t close today if they didn’t have the ingredients and food they needed to run a restaurant. This is totally unbelievable. Come on Fridays, you are better then this, or at least you used to be. Friday’s has always been one of my favorite places to eat but after this experience I don’t think I will be visiting you again anytime soon. Around our area a restaurant will not stay open long being ran like this. You need to go in and clean up your management at this location. Not sure I will get a response from you but it would be nice.


andrea October 9, 2015 at 9:47 am

My experience at the Fridays in baltimore city was the worst. First it has only been open a few weeks. The manager was so unfriendly. The chicken received was raw red on inside. The ribs were not done and I been throwing up ever since I ate there. This is the worst and I will never eat there or any Fridays again. And he tried to still make us pay the bill after we told him take it back


Nicole Currie September 20, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Today we came in after my son’s miniature football game at the Robinson Pa TGIF… THIS IS NOTHING NEW. I sometimes bring my kids along with other family or go for a drink (Pink Cosmo) but today will end all that. The manager (kitchen manager) was extremely rude and has no person skills at all…. This is coming from a server, I have NEVER been so upset at a resturaunt. So long to u Friday’s which was my favorite getaway restaurant!


Greg Lyles September 10, 2015 at 10:25 pm

Today, Thursday, Sept. 10, service at the Murfreesboro location is worse that awful. We had to wait 45 minutes for our food and the restaurant barely had any customers. We had to wait 39 minutes for our check which was not correct. I have never had such poor service. You can’t remain in business very long with that kind of service. I would certainly appreciate talk into someone from the corporate office. I can’t even describe accurately my experience tonight.


Ricky Richardson September 1, 2015 at 1:24 am

Twice I have tried to stop by the TGIFridays in Silver Spring at tech road, once just after 1am, on Saturday (they are supposed to be open until 2am) and again tonight at 12:50am again they are open until 2:00 am. Both times I was told they were no longer serving food, and on Saturday night they had already issued last call (at 1:10 am) What restaurant and bar stops serving food and drinks a full hour before they close. I know restaurants that seat customers minutes before closing time and let you take time to eat (Hooters, BJs brewhouse, Applebee’s) if they close their Kitchen’s early its only a few minutes before they close the doors. What is this with TGI Fridays that they shut their operation down so early. Just make the closing time 1Am and then run everyone out when they are done drinking or eating what in front of them do not say you are open until 2 if you have no intention of serving anyone who walks in the door after 1 am. YOU ARE NOT OPEN, you are simply not done with the last customers who got in before 1. GET IT RIGHT. Or educate your employees on what being open until 2 am means and actually BE OPEN until 2 am, when you advertise you are. Do not mislead people with false claims. Could this company be any worse? I do not see how.


Ashley September 23, 2015 at 3:51 pm

you’re clearly an idiot. i don’t work for fridays (once did, terrible company to work for) but come on. any food/beverage establishment that’s open till X time generally closes their kitchen 45 mins – hour before the actual close time. even bars have last call usually a 15 mins – half hour before they close. fridays isn’t somehow terrible for doing the same thing EVERY OTHER ESTABLISHMENT does.

theres plenty to complain about with fridays, but your complaint is idiotic.


Bridgett August 31, 2015 at 9:10 pm

Today my family of 7 visited your Sterling Heights, MI location (Van Dyke & 14 Mile Rd). As you can imagine, with a family of 7, we don’t eat out much. However, it’s my sons birthday and it’s tradition for the birthday child to pick where we have their birthday dinner. He wanted the endless apps at TGI FRIDAYS. So I checked online and it’s still advertised on your website. Awesome! So first we find out that in fact, no they don’t have the endless apps anymore, haven’t in two weeks. Disappointment No.1

So we end up ordering TWO appetizers. The bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños and a pick 3. After 10 mins, the waitress comes back and apologizes but they don’t have jalapeños. So we forgo those and just have the pick 3. Disappointment No. 2

When our entrees finally begin to arrive, they are brought out at 4 seperate times. First a kids meal and the shrimp & chicken dinner. Several minutes later both burger dinners, the other kids meal and the steak & ribs (but not the Ceasar salad). Another several minutes then my meal. Finally when half through with the steak & ribs, their Caesar salad arrives. Took 15 mins before we all had our food. And why would a Caesar side salad be the LAST item. Disappointment No. 3

Then my son, the birthday boy, shows me that the bun to his burger is burnt (No. 4). The ribeye steak was very unevenly cooked and bland (No. 5).  Never once did we see anyone who resembled a manager; the restaurant was not “busy” in the least. It took another 15 mins from the time we gave the waitress our card to when she came back with the slips.

By the end of our visit, I couldn’t even gather myself to speak to a manager. Our lives, not that it matters, has been very tight and very stressful as of late. All I wanted was for my son to have the birthday dinner he wanted and it was a total disappointment. My 15 year old son felt the need to APOLOGIZE for chosing Fridays for his dinner!  That $117 (plus tip) is the last of our money that will be going to your company.


Ben G. August 27, 2015 at 11:06 pm

TgifFridays @ Madison, Wi
Our Waiter Hunter M.49 was rude. We ordered an Endless Choice Appetizer. It was suppose to be $12.99. He charged us for each plate at $10.00 each. We talked to a young Manager. We have talked to this particular manager before. He was argumentative and wants to make the point that he is always right. No difference this time! He was rude, argumentative and insisted he was right! My wife finally convinced him to adjust the price – after much debate. This particular Fridays used to be excellent about 2 years ago, now with this rude argumentative manager and
this terrible waitstaff it is one of worst restaurants around. No problem, we do not intend to go back – we do intend to post our experience online @ Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and tell everyone we meet about what a unprofessional, unethical restaurant this Fridays is. If you like arguing with your waiter & manager, get cheated & get crappy service then TGIFridays in Madison Wi is the place for you – Just ask for Hunter M.49 – He will glad to rudely screw you over! That young kid of a manager will debate the finer points of his position / right or wrong! May they & this Fridays get what they deserve – That they lose all their business & go Bankrupt. I going to enjoy watching them lose their business with their fine ” customer related skills” as they continue to argue who is in the right! Your Manager is an arrogant rude A**H*** who reflects how this TgiFridays is – unethical, pompous and thinks that their customer base is stupid, unending and does not care about value or great service! I am here to say that they are very wrong! Very Wrong!


Ben Giam August 27, 2015 at 10:56 pm

TgifFridays @ Madison, Wi

Our Waiter Hunter M.49 was rude. We ordered an Endless Choice Appetizer. It was suppose to be $12.99. He charged us for each plate at $10.00 each. We talked to a young Manager. We have talked to this particular manager before. He was argumentative and wants to make the point that he is always right. No difference this time! He was rude, argumentative and insisted he was right! My wife finally convinced him to adjust the price – after much debate. This particular Fridays used to be excellent about 2 years ago, now with this rude argumentative manager and
this terrible waitstaff it is one of worst restaurants around. No problem, we do not intend to go back – we do intend to post our experience online @ Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and tell everyone we meet about what a unprofessional, unethical restaurant this Fridays is. If you like arguing with your waiter & manager, get cheated & get crappy service then TGIFridays in Madison Wi is the place for you – Just ask for Hunter M.49 – He will glad to rudely screw you over! That young kid of a manager will debate the finer points of his position / right or wrong! May they & this Fridays get what they deserve – That they lose all their business & go Bankrupt. I going to enjoy watching them lose their business with their fine ” customer related skills” as they continue to argue who is in the right! Your Manager is an arrogant rude A**H*** who reflects how this TgiFridays is – unethical, pompous and thinks that their customer base is stupid, unending and does not care about value or great service! I am here to say that they are very wrong! Very Wrong!


Alyssa August 25, 2015 at 10:22 pm

Today on 8/25/15 I experience the worst treatment. The location is Yonkers,N.Y. in a very good location where shopping and many restaurants are. Well took my sister out for a relaxing time for happy hour. The service was horrible and the waitress was over work with all these tables to handle so we did not give our table any attention. I had order the drink Ultimate Electric Lemonade for the both of us. This is a drink that I always purchase but for some reason it was missing somerhing. We did drink the first one thinking that by ordering a second one it would be better. It was any better and I asked the waitress for the manager. He came over and I explain that the seinl was not on point and he said something to me that was not acceptable to a paying customer. He told me not to expect a drink to taste the way I would make a drink at home. And went to say “you can’t expect your drink to be strong like at home “. I’m so upset to hear this coming from a manager. The info TGI Friday’s #2310 853 Kimball Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. 10704 ti


Sarah August 25, 2015 at 9:27 pm

I do not have a T.G.I Friday’s in my area so I rely on the frozen Friday foods offered at my grocery story. Probably have something from Friday’s once a week. I was surprised and very disappointed after a years of buy Friday’s frozen potato skins that one of the skins was empty. For $5 for 4 skins there should at least be the cheese and bacon on it. I have pictures and other information to prove my point. I was sad as well to see the only way to communicate with corporate is to fill out on this forum or face book. If you go to corporates webpage there is an email option, but it takes you to a page to fill out. Seeing as though one of the options to move forward it to pick a restaurant I guess those of us buy frozen because nothing near have no voice. Not impressed Friday’s not impressed


Emily August 16, 2015 at 11:24 am

I am a frequent customer of this location. Last night I took my mother out for a burger. I ordered it well done, as always. As soon as I cut my burger open, it was pink inside. The bartender was too busy flirting with the men at the other side of the bar, I finally had to call out her name to get her attention. She apologized for the mistake and said she would get us another cooked very well done. When the replacement burger came out, it was as under cooked as the first. I explained to the bartender that I understood she did not cook it and would like to speak to her manager. After 5 minutes of waiting, she came back over to tell me that the manager was busy and unavailable to speak at the moment. I am a Customer Experience Manager for Michael’s. If I had the audacity to tell an employee to tell a customer I was unavailable, I would lose my job. I was in there to redeem my free appetizer for taking the survey from my last visit, which was excellent! The bartenders Kyle and Joe, at this location are awesome and half of the reason I frequent so often. Good food cooked the way I order it is the other reason. Last night I received neither and regretted coming in instead of going to my local Applebee’s. I would love to hear your CEO’s reaction to how I was treated and how their manager is choosing to run the location, especially on a Saturday night!


Paula August 8, 2015 at 12:17 pm

My family and I went to the tgi fridays in Brooklyn cascade crossings ohio. We arrived at 7 30 didn’t get a table until 8 15 waited 30 min for drinks and an hour just for apps. The restaurant was freezing cold there was a fan directly above the table the store manager would not turn this off. The wrong appetizer came out and had to wait again. Once we finally got our food it was 10 pm. By then we just boxed everything and left. Once we went to eat later the food was horrible dry chicken dry burnt ribs and not even a full slab like I ordered 80+ dollars in food and so regretting it.


Karen August 5, 2015 at 11:38 pm

Have you ever thought of putting a Friday in Wichita Tall Falls Tx. We have 2 collages here a a Military Base. We need some good Restaurants here. Your prices are good. Please think of it. Thank you.


Mike Brown August 3, 2015 at 3:18 pm

I went to the Fridays on Lynnhaven Parkway in Virginia Beach, VA today (8/3/2015). I haven’t been to this location in 15+ years. I ONLY came for the “all you can ear endles apps”. I did a check on line Prior to coming and found out if you pay $12.00 you could get whatever you wanted. When I arrived at the restaurant and began to order, I was informed by our waiter that this location did not participate in that and we could not choose. When questioned, I was told by the waiter that the restaurant was a “franchise” and did not participate in that. He did say after I asked him, that they DID previously participate.
My question is why not let me choose if it’s all you can eat? Guess I won’t be back for another 15+ years! Very disappointed after driving across town to the ONLY FRIDAYS in the area.


Erin July 28, 2015 at 4:01 pm

to say that I’m disgusted would be an understatement!! My daughter and I had dinner at TGIF, WOODRIDGE, NEW JERSEY last Thursday, July 23, 2015. It is now DAY 5 Of food poisoning! I have repeatedly tried contacting TGIF via their online “comments/etc” webpage to no avail. I do not have health insurance and am already out hundreds of dollars from doctor appointment/stool cultures/blood work/medications. The corporation is despicable!


Sol S. June 15, 2015 at 10:38 am

A party of 8, 4 children and 4 adults (1 diabetic child). We decided to have a nice dinner before leaving on our 4 hr drive back to PA. The server was nice, however, the service was horrible. It took us longer than expected and ended up leaving TGI at 7:30pm. The AC was not working so we sat outside. When I approached the Manager to let him know how dissatisfied we were (in a nice way), I got attitude from him, he really didn’t seem like he wanted to talk with me and hurried me along. On top of all of that, it hurt us to pay over $170 for a dinner that was not good, took too long, even our drinks came late. I ordered additional fries that was never entered, I didn’t even get that. The dessert was mushy and soft by the time it got to our table…my goodness, if the AC was not working this restaurant should have closed at the risk of customers like me complaining…this entire establishment needs to be revamped. While waiting for our meal, we googled that particular TGI and found that it was 2-star…we now know why, it has a reputation for POOR service and had we known that prior to, we would not have gone…I’ve been to several TGI’s nationwide, as I am a Travel Agent, however, this is the worst by far…I would appreciate if corporate would do something about that location…and talk about location, in DC, not too far from the white house, we certainly expected a good dining experience!!


TGI Fridays Communications January 8, 2015 at 3:36 pm

The correct corporate address for TGI Friday’s Inc. is 4201 MARSH LANE CARROLLTON, TX 75007.


Ingraselino April 3, 2015 at 8:58 pm

Thursday April 2nd my wife and I had an experience at a TGIF Fridays in New York on Long Island that we need to share with somebody please respond thank you.


TGI Fridays Communications December 9, 2014 at 4:23 pm

ATTENTION: This is not an authorized website of TGI Fridays. It includes incorrect contact information for our corporate headquarters. To contact us and share your comments, please go to http://www.tgifridays.com/contact or call 1-800-Fridays. We love hearing from our Guests and look forward to connecting with you through our appropriate channels. For business matters, please note that the address listed is one of our restaurant locations, not our corporate headquarters. Please send mail to 4201 Marsh Lane, Carrollton, TX 75007. TGIF!


Les November 23, 2014 at 1:58 am

I just came back for ribs. Been over a yr since last visit. Very crowded and a little slow to b seated at 11 pm on Sat nite, but food was great. Server named Renee was so nice and polite. Other tables complained of their service, but ours was great. Glad I came back after the long time since last visit.


TGI Fridays Communications November 19, 2014 at 6:41 pm

ATTENTION: This is not an authorized website of TGI Fridays. It includes incorrect contact information for our corporate headquarters. To contact us and share your comments, please go to http://www.tgifridays.com/contact or call 1-800-Fridays. We love hearing from our Guests and look forward to connecting with you through our appropriate channels. TGIF!


Catherine Gonzalez November 16, 2014 at 8:09 pm

The worst experience of my life. My husband and I had dinner here tonight.

Yesterday, the waitress, a hefty white woman who apparently has years working there, was rude to us. While she was not our waitress, I was flagging her down because we had ordered a beer and it was taking a really long time to get to us. I thought that since she worked there she could at least try to get our waiter to us. Well se completely ignored me. i stood up and asked her if our waiter was anywhere, and she said our beer was coming. She made a face to her waitress co-worker and said something about Mexicans.

We loved our meal and beer so much that we decided to return tonight, except this time, this hefty woman was our waitress, with the name of Jamie. We could tell she wasn’t happy to serve us Mexicans. I said I wanted more fries and she thought I said horseradish. My husband asked for another beer and she thought he said another margarita.

Towards the end, the ended up charging for the fries, never having explained that there was a difference between an order of fries and a side of fries– she brought us the most expensive. She was rude and humiliating towards us the entire time.

I called the manager (who said her name was Lauren Perrier) and she totally protected her hefty waitress. She apologized for her while the hefty woman said nothing. At some point she said “I can’t be racist, I married a Colombian, and he’s spanish too!” First of all, Colombian, Mexican and Spanish are very different. Second of all, she never really apologized. The manager was fallibly sorry for both of them.

BUT five minutes later, she came and KICKED US OUT OF THE RESTAURANT!!!! For accusing her hefty waitress of being racist!!! When has that ever happened in the United States, where people are sensitized into cultural differences? Why would they ever kick out a minority from a restaurant and accusing them of accusing a waitress for being racist???

So we told her we wanted to finish our meal and our drinks, and she said NO!!! She then tried to take the receipt and said she would tell the cops that we didn’t pay. I asked her to leave the receipt because we never had the intention of not paying–we are honest people and only want cultural justice, not a free meal. I left the cash on the table and left, not having finished our meal or beer.

What a humiliating experience. I will do what I have to a the corporate offices to let them know how the management at this location resolves their situations. Lauren Porrier is an unprofessional who needs to be reviewed and scrutinized by upper management. And the hefty waitress Jamie needs to treat all customers equally.

Well it turns out that they attempted to call 911 to continue humiliating us. What is the problem with allowing us to finish our meal and our beer that we paid for? Why call 911 when the local police department will decided if it’s worth their time? But no, they wanted to go all the way into the humiliation.

We will never return to any TGI Fridays again for as long as I live. We have integrity and self respect, something these women don’t have and should.

So if you still decided to come to this TGI Friday’s, and you’re not white, ask not to be served by Jamie, she will humiliate you for being “Spanish” or black, or anything other than white. I respect Americans, all colors, and love this country. But there are some people like these women who ruin it for the rest.


Catherine Gonzalez November 16, 2014 at 8:11 pm

By the way, this experience happened at the Framingham location:

Address: 1 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701
Phone:(508) 875-7735


Ursula Lopez November 19, 2014 at 3:39 pm

I have full sympathy for that horrible experience. I do enjoy eating at TGI Fridays with my family, but not at all locations. I feel that corporate office needs to address your situation and not ignore it, because you and your husband experienced an injustice, that no one should experience. I too have had bad experience at the Compton Town Center Location in California, I just don’t bother going anymore because the service is awful, I have to drive three more cities away to dine at TGIF. I hope your situation gets resolved, unlike my situation where I just avoid the situation.


Crystal December 2, 2014 at 11:46 pm

It says above that this is not an authorized website affiliated with TGI. Friday’s. …. you need to contact them with this experience. I work for the company and that is unacceptable! ! http://www.tgifridays.com/contact. Or call 1-800-FRIDAYS..


Rayna November 15, 2014 at 2:32 am

To whom it concerns,

Why is there no T.G.I. Friday’s in the state of Washington or Oregon? It is not fair that u guys still advertised it on TV and no one in Washington State or Oregon can not go and enjoy a good dinner. Please bring it back.


John Coloneal November 12, 2014 at 8:11 pm

Rockville, MD TGIF’s

Our experience (family of 4 of 7) tonight was acceptable but there were several reprehensible elements. The first was when we asked for a special of scorching wings, she brought deboned. When we asked why, she said “I just assumed you wanted deboned.” Not true. She was taught to say that by superiors. We’ve been in enough places that offer the choice to know they ALWAYS ask you which you prefer because everybody knows the boneless are nothing more than chicken nuggets which are nothing more than the sickest, oldest near dead fat hens in stock. She also didn’t ask to replace them. The next thing was asking for a shot of Cointreau on the side of a Margarita. What shot has a ton of ice in it? She brought a glass of iced cheap triple sec and I told her I wanted it on the rocks and I wanted Cointreau. She then brought it back saying “The bartender said it was cointreau and showed me the bottle (still iced)…” I told her I only wanted a shot, not on ice. She returned with some room temprature triple sec saying again, the bartender showed me the bottle.” I finally refused the drink and told her to take it back. So now it’s time to pay. She brings the check, $116.13. I give her $120 and she returns, did not give me a receipt and gives me $3.00. I had to ask for a copy of the receipt.

These cheap, tacky practices are the product of the manager, KEn I was told, that every picogram of chicanery practiced at that location is under the order of Ken. It should also be noted that pouring a cheap grade of some type of alcohol into a bottle labeled as a higher grade of whatever it is, is ILLEGAL and subject to severe punishments by the alcohol regulatory board. The real wings with the scorching hot sauce were quite satisfactory but the cheating, lying and stealing diminish any satisfactory visit to the establishment.


Tracey Woolridge October 19, 2014 at 11:31 am

Good Day upper management the reason why Im contacting you is because on 10/18/14 my girlfriend and I went in to your location #2208 and mind you we had not seen each other for months so we were really excited to be together to catch up on each other time . So I say less go to Friday some were we can sit and talk wasn’t and they have endless we wasn’t really hungry we could have something small so long story short we was greeted at the door with smiles and was seated waitress Johnesha was great whe order boneless wings and potatoes ok the wings was so hard we couldn’t eat them so we sent them back got new ones they was fine ok manager came out said he was sorry and he will take the price off for us we said that’s ok because yall took care of it he said no Its our fault ok well first the couple beside us was upset because they was over charge his wife had a rib meal and he orderd hot wings also he ask the waitress why I got 30.00 dollars for wings and he order endless the waitress said didn’t your wife eat some he said she orderd her on meal they was so loud it got me and my girlfriend attention they correct the problem and left ok we had been there for about a hour and half and it was time for us to go and we received our receipt first off we notice 9.80- 9.80- I said what is this she said Oh we gave you a discount I said for what I said the wings are endless right she said no we charge you for refills I said I look I just was at the one on Broard street Friday and they didn’t charge me for a refill how is this endless you charge me 10.00 twice and then charhe 8.00 for a refill and took off 9.80 twice because we complain about the hotwings but we only had 1 order a piece and I refill that should been free please look at our receipt here are the numbers check number 3313 oct-18-14 at 1:57 we had 2 sweet teas 1 bnls wings and 1 potato skins a brownie ice cream that’s it but we was charge 43.59 cents they are robbing people out there money and last but not least it was so bad service at the end because we made a complaint we ask for a box and they said we don’t give box if you order end less you need to have read the fine print ok well Ilove Friday Me and my family goes to the movies every to weeks stop by Fridays on broad street have drinks and adervs and then go to the movies we have no problem this Friday 2208 is less that 7 min away from my home but I would never and I mean never go there again and I will let my family no when girls night falls on me we will meet at broad st thank you for your time


Thea Herndon October 10, 2014 at 6:42 pm

I am writing to complain about the service that I along with multiple family members encountered while dining at TGI Fridays located in Wolfchase Mall Memphis TN(#2569). On 10/9/14 my family came to the resturant to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday. We started of with seating for 7 people until other unexpected family came in to join us. We litterally had to beg for an extra table. The waitress/server,by the name of Erica(322) was extremely rude and arguementive when she was asked a special request such as adding another table or helping with a spill, exchanging an incorrect order etc. Later, more family members came and the manager negatively asking what was going on? We are all professionals who came from work to dine and celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday. I told the manager that he insulted me and my family and the manager stated that he was not insulting us. He too was extremely rude. We asked for another table to accommodate other family members but we were told that they could not continue adding tables. I thought your resturant was in the business for making money and providing quality service to paying customers. Because of the way that we were treated, we left the resturant and my granddaughter ended up blowing candles out on her cake on the parking lot of your resturant. I would like a call back as well as return email from the General Manager or corporate concerning this matter. You can reach me via mobile 901-337-XXXXx or my office 901-388-XXXXx. Your prompt attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Thea Herndon


dee October 3, 2014 at 11:23 am

I just heard a rumor that MY TGI is closing!!!!!!!!!!!! say it isn’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!! The staff in Altamonte , florida are Great!! they should be the standard for training other stores. we go 2 times a week and LOVE IT…. Alix, Anthony, where will they go???? I am very upset and hope this is a rumor……………………


Sue Elliott September 28, 2014 at 10:36 am

Last evening my family and I went to the Dearborn, Mi store for dinner. Our experience was absolutely awful. It took us 30 minutes to get our drinks and another 45 for entrees. During this time, there was a table of drunk and obnoxious people behind us. They were consistently yelling out N***** and yelling out to our waitress B**** come here. While this is bad enough, at one point they were taking pictures between our two tables and one of the gentlemen had his COMPLETELY NAKED entire rear end pressed against my daughters back. We brought this to four different employees attention and we got apologies from two of them. This table was never spoke to about this behavior even though security was sent over to the end of restaurant to observe from a distance this behavior. At the very least, I would have expected this table to not be served any more alcohol and been asked to leave so the rest of our area could have enjoyed their dinners without nudity and vulgarity.


Melanie September 21, 2014 at 10:28 pm

I have never been more disappointed in a dining experience. I am a vegetarian. I ASKED the server before ordering if I could get pasta with Alfredo sauce. Noodles. With Alfredo sauce. That’s it. My server said that he could probably do that. He then asked if I wanted broccoli with it and that yes he could make that happen. Told me next time to order the chicken and shrimp Cajun pasta meal, without shrimp or chicken or Cajun spices. I then asked if it would be the same amount as the actual meal.. He said he would talk to the manager and let me know. 15 minutes later, they bring out the whole meal. Then after I had already started eating, the server returned and stated that the manager said “No. It will be the same price because she got broccoli.” WHAT?! How is broccoli the same price as chicken AND shrimp?! I then ask to talk to the manager. Shawn Keating at the Gurnee IL location was disrespectful and rude. Saying “no matter what changes made to the dish, it’s still the same price. If you hadn’t ordered the broccli then we could talk about dropping the price. Not sure why you called me over here. What do you want me to do?” At this point my blood pressure was ready elevated and I just wanted to leave. I’ve never been more embarrased in my life. I will NEVER eat at a Friday’s again, and will make sure to let all of my friends and family know of the experience.


Charlie Brown September 29, 2014 at 2:48 pm

Stop being so cheap and don’t change the meals. It’s a pasta dish that Friday’s makes. If you want accomadations, eat at McDonald’s. You have to understand that they are putting the order in a special way for you. The pasta is $15. You’re arguing bc you want broccoli. If you didn’t like anything fridays had to offer to begin with, I don’t know why you went there.


truthverdad January 16, 2015 at 4:44 pm

That person ^ is rude.


Jenny Carbullido August 31, 2014 at 8:07 am

Apparently, my poor experience at TGIF’s (Guam) is not uncommon having read the comments above. During my last visit, the credit card machine was out of order. Instead of using a manual credit card swiper, the supervisor by the name of CJ Mayoyo simply directed us to an ATM. What an inconvenience!!! To top it all, he did not offset this incomvenience in anyway. This was my 3rd horrible experience with TGIF’s (Guam). The first incident involved the ribs being dry like they came out of the microwave. The second incident was the raw calamari in the seafood pasta plus the sauce being too spicy (which was not noted in the menu) making it unedible. As they say in baseball, 3 strikes and you’re out! I gave them two chances to redeem themselves. Will never return to this place and will be sure to pass along my awful experiences to people I know and save them the trouble. No wonder the second location here in Guam had closed down. Wouldn’t be surprised if this remaining location follows suit shortly.


Anntoinette Wise August 24, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Human resources department, my name is Anntoinette Wise I recently visited your restaurant in Bedford Park an I was over charged , my bill was 56.00 dollars I was charged 75.77 , I was doing some online banking and noticed this mistake . I immediately call TGIF @ #1850 708-594-0700 I spoke to a manager thats goes by the name Johnny. I gave him the information above and he stated that he doesn’t see the over chager on his end and that my bank is the one that over charged me. He was very nonchalant in helping me resolve the situation this was my family and I first time going to TGI Friday I did not expect to have service like this for my payment to be overcharged or for a manager to disregard my issue.Now Johnny however did see the chager for 56 dollars so I went back to his location to show him on my end of the error of the over Charger. He still refused to help me. my original server her name was Tabitha server number 67. I truly expecting an apology for the inconvenience and ask for the amount of the overcharge to be put back either of those things happened.I am going to attach pictures of my receipts also pictures from my bank statement showing the overcharges .I would truly truly appreciate it home with you back with me at 773 993 XXXXX is my cell or to this email


Anntoinette Wise


GarryWatson August 20, 2014 at 3:03 pm

Took my wife to dinner for her 50th 7/26 @ Beavercreek, Ohio location. What a disappointment! We walked in with reservations to wait 30 minutes till a tabled could be cleared. Only 10-12 tables were occupied. Finally seated, we looked over menu till server came. ABOUT 20 minutes!!! After ordering, we waited an additional 45 minutes for our meals and Appetizers. When we asked asked to speak to a manager, not one person returned to our table. The bill was nearly $90 dollars, which we left without gratuity. We were not shown any! I was unable to make my wife’s b-day special. Still nobody has been willing to make this right. She’ll not have another 50th birthday and we will never have another meal there again. Not a good economy to treat patrons this way. We’ll all just enjoy homade dinners. Restaurants are to avoid hassle. Not become one…


Richard Drum August 19, 2014 at 10:34 pm

I went to the TGI Fridays in Destiny USA after work last night with my girlfriend Aug 18 2014. I called to make sure they were still serving food. The lady who answered said “We are serving food until 12:45 a.m.” We got to Fridays at 12:15 a.m. and ordered a drink and asked if we could order food too. The bartender said they already did last call on food 5 minutes before we got there. I told her I had just literally called a few minutes prior and she responded ” Well yeah our manager decided that were going to close the kitchen early tonight.” I was beyond pissed! They had the front doors closed by 12:30 A.M. and turned many people away when it clearly states that they are open until 1:00 A.M. This is my second time going to this location. Last time I had horrible service and decided to give this place another chance. I WILL NEVER come back or recommend this place to anybody. Very disappointed


Adrienne August 18, 2014 at 1:26 pm

I think that some of the rules this restaurant has are pretty ridiculous. I couldn’t be served alcohol because my license expired three days ago? I’d understand if I were say, 20 years old and maybe attempting to use that license on maybe the 21 or having a license that is weeks, months, years past its expired date. But three days? Two of those days now being the weekend. Come on. Not only did it anger me, but pretty much everybody else at the table. I’m well over the legal drinking age, so please, tell me exactly WHY that is a policy? Because to me it only reminded me exactly why I NEVER come to any TGIFridays any more with my family. ( I went last night with friends from work. ) The waitress TOLD me it was fine, and then apparently ran and told her Manager who said it was not, then he came out at our request to tell me the same. Which served no purpose as it only just made us more upset because all he could say was ‘ it’s the police, it’s the policy’ I think your policy is a joke, as is the entire restaurant. Thank you for reminding me why I hated your restaurant to begin with. I don’t normally leave a complaint, not here or anywhere. This is the first time I’ve done so, and it’s the final straw. The waitress last night was miserable, she was slow, and the policy is a laugh.

This was at the North Attleboro Fridays in Mass.


SWilson September 16, 2014 at 9:35 am

It’s not their policy. It’s the law. Like the government. Like if an ABC employee saw or heard any of that they would lose their liquor license and If you were really “well over legal drinking age” you would have known that as well as you wouldnt have been carded. I agree their are tons of things to complain about but dont waste peoples time with pointless and stupid complaints. Dont like the law, call your congressman not Fridays.


Concerned customer August 15, 2014 at 3:25 pm

This is a posted made by one of your cooks working in Shreveport, La, youree drive on a local news station Facebook page KTBS, when a post announcing openings at a parish jail were announced. Excuse the language and harshness.
“Fucc bossier and fucc tha police……ya u heard me…..middle finger to them pussy”
“Fucc tha police ……we need to do like cali night and kill the cop…..lol…… In my Bossie bad ass voice ….and fucc who don’t like it…Oh ya..fucc ya to”
#1 I can’t believe you would hire trash talking disrespectful people like this to cook your food.
#2 There are great policeman who work hard everyday to keep our communities safe.
#3 I hope people take this post serious, because people.like this is why there is such a concern for safety and peace in our communities.


Steve Webber August 9, 2014 at 9:51 pm

My wife and I stopped by the Temecula location to have lunch today. We can’t wait to come back! Our server Monet, was outstanding full of life and very funny. It felt like family. Keep up the good work and the great food. Monet is a true gem.


Rob Irvine August 6, 2014 at 5:20 pm

To whom it may concern,

Today my girlfriend and I decided to try your restaurant for lunch in Fort Lauderdale. We arrived at 11 am. I had the Fridays Shrimp and she had the Sirloin with Shrimp. Not only did it 35 mins to receive our food but the quality of the food was dreadful. At $14 for the shrimp i expected the shrimp to be fresh then battered then fried. Instead it was frozen shrimp out of a bag. One bite was all it took for me to be disgusted. My girlfriend payed $19 for the steak and shrimp and recieved a miniscule piece of meat with the same frozen shrimp. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! We only had one hour to enjoy lunch on our break and it furned out to be a let down. The server was nice enough to comp the food. Now I remember why i haven’t been to Fridays in years. Horrible food! We will never return again


Mary August 5, 2014 at 12:50 am

Be careful when you eat the guacamole. I had glass in mine. Tgif will not address the issue but instead will have stores call me. Just happen the 25th. Cut gums. ER bills!


Christopher Gaston August 1, 2014 at 10:07 am

Good morning i currently work for tgi fridays hard started as a cleaner prep now dish washer my hours got cut bad went from.five to two no warning i have a son cant support him.with only two days worth of work with no fair warning


sean finley July 28, 2014 at 5:54 am

I was going to tgi fridays in colorado springs and when we got there we found out that the store was closed and was wondering why because it is the only fridays in the springs and i used 150 stripes points for my dinner. Please call me at 303 563 XXXXX or email me at sean.finleXXXXX@mail.com


Mary Christie July 22, 2014 at 11:57 pm

My daughter and I visited TGIF in Robinson a couple weeks ago . I ordered sizzling cheese chicken , the chicken was cut up pieces , tough and I could not even cut it . I bascailly ate the cheese and veg.
I was very disappointed with my meal , I should have told them at the resturant ,,but left in discussed instead . TGIF is one of favorite resturant , but second guessing now .


Brenda Stewart July 15, 2014 at 1:53 pm

I visited the location in Washington, DC on Pennsylvania Ave a week ago. It seems to be in the heart of downtown DC area but the service was truly the pits. The management was unsympathetic and showed poor customer service to my group of 50. We arrived at 4:00 pm and left the restraurant at 7:00 pm and some people didn’t get there food until 6:30 pm. It was a horrible dining experience I will never forget and I hope the executives of TGIF understand that training and expectations for management to run this location should be much HIGHER!!! It literally ruined our first impression of Washington DC when it come to eating at TGIF for good food.I forgive Mr. Fitz the Manager for mistreating me and our church group. However, I would not recommend this location to my worst enemy to eat while in Washington, DC.


Paige Sloan July 16, 2014 at 4:52 pm

We would like to have the opportunity to speak with you personally about your experience. Will you please respond with your telephone number, so that a member of our management team can contact you? If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may contact Guest Relations at 1-800-FRIDAYS (1-800-374-3297).


Jada Patterson March 16, 2015 at 10:38 am

I would like to be contacted immediately by someone from TGI senior management to discuss my wife and I horrible experience we had at TGI Fridays in Bel Air maryland

This is directly related to the rude unprofessional treatment we received from the general manager Glen Haug

We had to send out order back 6 times and Glen personally allowed his cooks to continue to send us out cold unedible food. He was rude, argumentive and defensive.


nicole winford July 9, 2014 at 11:10 am

I have visit the TGI Friday location in Oak Park many times and each time the service has been very un-professional. I took a chance and went yesterday 7/8/2014 and the waiter was horrible. His name was TJ, it took him 30 minutes to give us a glass of water, 30 more minutes to come take our order and it took us another hour to get our food(keep in mind we only ordered appertizers). When we spoke to the manager he had all type of excuses,so we asked him to put our next order in so the wait wouldn’t be so long but it still took 45 minutes. We ordered a drink special that took 30 minutes to get and when we explained that we didn’t want as much ice in the next drink because the drink was watered down TJ went to get the manager(Alex) he told us we can get less ice and said he would put our order in and we never got our drink. We waited for our bill for 30 or more minutes and they brought us another round of entrees(they were unlimited) we explained to the waitress(TJ never came back to our table he sent another waitress) that we didnt order that we was waiting on our bill. Tj finally came back to our table and my friend was very pleasant and said your service is un-professional and in appropriate, his exact words were I don’t give a XXXXX you, your the only one complaining and I said no you are being very disrespectfull and ignorant you do not curse at the customers. TJ said I don’t give a XXXXX and thats why I haven’t been over here. My friend said you don’t talk to customers like that and Tj said I don’t give a XXXXX, kiss my ass your not my mother. My frien got out her chair to go get the manager(Alex) who was on his way over and he told her not to curse in his restaurant. Alex never told TJ to stop being disrespectful he kept yelling at my friend. By this time about 8 or more of TGI employees came running over ready to fight. Alex was all in my friend face and another customer pushed Alex out of our face. This is the most ghetto and un-professional establishment and they need to be closed down or fire the whole crew from manager on down. I have never experienced service like this in my life and the sad think is everyone I talk to say they hate that location. Please review the tapes and you will see how your employees perform


Paige Sloan July 16, 2014 at 4:52 pm

We would like to have the opportunity to speak with you personally about your experience. Will you please respond with your telephone number, so that a member of our management team can contact you? If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may contact Guest Relations at 1-800-FRIDAYS (1-800-374-3297).


Alicia Magadan July 7, 2014 at 12:32 pm

So I received a phonecall due to a charge on my american express credit card of 454.00 from a fraud transaction at a girls clothing shop called anthropologie at south beach. My only recent transactions where at tgi fridays twice. So I went over to fridays to see if the manager “Tong” could help me find out the employee who did this as it is highly illegal. Instead of offering to check the cameras or receipts from the date I went there as shown on my bank statement as well as the time. He remained nonchalant and said he can’t check any cameras as it “violates the privacy of the servers there” it was extremely RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL from a MANAGER to respond with this type of attitude even stating that the waiter can even take the credit card into the bathroom and he wouldn’t know. This is ILLEGAL and horrible service he literally did not care to try to help and acted like it happens all the time. I go alot to this restaurant since I get promotions in the mail. Never again will I return. As TONG the manager is not concerned with credit card fraud ordeals in this restaurant.


Paige Sloan July 16, 2014 at 4:53 pm

We would like to have the opportunity to speak with you personally about your experience. Will you please respond with your telephone number, so that a member of our management team can contact you? If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may contact Guest Relations at 1-800-FRIDAYS (1-800-374-3297).


Dr. Jodi Preti May 31, 2014 at 3:54 pm

My friends and I enjoy your piña colada mix. We live in Massachusetts and I was recently told that you no longer make that mix.. I was wondering if this is true, and if so, will it be coming back out at some point. Also, if it is not true do you know of a distributor in Massachusetts that has it. Thank you for your time.



andrena March 5, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Hello my name is Andrena Mounce; I am 17 years old and attend Madison Southern High School in Berea, Ky. I have never left the U.S.A, but when I do I’d like it to impact someone in need in a positive way. I have recently come across the GLA website, which linked teens to the Peace Corps website and have browsed the opportunities available for teens in my age range, one particular opportunity I came across was a chance to travel to Ghana in Africa and help build homes for those who cannot manage to do it themselves and to help teach the children. I want to make a difference in the world and I figure I should start now seeing as I’m young and have the energy to do more strenuous things. The things I would experience would be life changing and I would learn so much about their culture and their country, I would also set an example for my peers to set out and help the world. The people I would help are much more than deserving and would appreciate it more than anyone in my local community might. The trip to Ghana would last 14 days; I would start 7/10/2014 and return 8/1/2014.The tuition for the trip would cost $3,200, it covers all but the airplane ticket ride to and from Ghana, the payment to get my passport, and the cost of the medical procedures I would need before departure (i.e. shots). My parents and I face a dilemma with funding the trip, my parents do not make a lot of money, my father get a disability stipend once a month and my mother works as an assistant at our local college. I have contacted you to see if you would be interested in being my sponsor and help me pay the tuition. I understand if you are not able to sponsor me and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read my letter, but if you are able I dearly appreciate it. Please contact me as soon as possible and inform me if you can or cannot. If you need any information please feel free to contact me, Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day.
Andrena Mounce
Phone:(859)-985-XXXXX (Please leave a message if no one answers)


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