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Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office Address

Ruby Tuesday, Inc.
333 East Broadway Avenue
Maryville, Tennessee 37804

Contact Ruby Tuesday

Phone Number: (865) 379-5700
Fax Number: (865) 379-6826
Email: Email Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday Facts

Founder: Samuel E. Beall, III
Date Founded: 1972
Founding Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Number of Employees: 25000

Ruby Tuesday Executives

CEO: Raymond A. Blanchette III
CFO: Sue Briley
COO: Kirk Schneider

Ruby Tuesday History

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The first Ruby Tuesday was opened in 1972 by Sandy Beall near the University of Tennessee at Knoxville campus after he received a $10,000 gift to open his own restaurant. Beall named the restaurant after the Beatle’s song “Ruby Tuesday”, which was suggested by comedian Bob Hope. The chain opened a new store every 9 months for the next 10 years.

In April of 1982, Beall sold the company to Morrison Inc. for $15 million.

By 1985, there were 35 locations.  rt 3

In 1996, Morrison spun Ruby Tuesday off as its own division with headquarters in Mobile, Alabama.

In 1998, the Ruby Tuesday corporate office was moved from Mobile, AL to Maryville, TN.

In June 2012, founder and CEO Sandy Beall announced he was leaving the company.  Sandy was replaced by Raymond Blanchette.

As of 2016, the company currently operates 735 locations worldwide.

To promote the more family-friendly environment, the chain introduced Kids Eat Free night on their flagship day, Tuesday. At all company-owned restaurants, a child’s meal is free with the purchase of an adult entree.

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In October of 2017, the company announced that NRD Capital Management would be taking the company private through a $146 million deal expected to be completed in early 2018.

In January 2018, Ruby Tuesdays announced the appointment of a new CEO, Ray Blanchette, in the hopes of turning business around.

However, in April 2018, the company closed another 10 locations, despite new leadership.

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Ruby Tuesday FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Ruby Tuesday?
Answer 1: The phone number for Ruby Tuesday is (865) 379-5700.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Ruby Tuesday?
Answer 2: The CEO of Ruby Tuesday is Raymond A. Blanchette III.

Question 3: Who founded Ruby Tuesday?
Answer 3: Ruby Tuesday was founded by Samuel E. Beall, III in 1972.

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Maria E Mione September 17, 2019 at 1:23 pm

They stop sending me coupons . I don’t know why. Yu have bogo free today and I did not get this coupon. Would you send me one now and continue sending me as previously done?


T Gant September 5, 2019 at 3:03 pm

I recently visited store 3126 in Greenbelt MD on Sept 3rd. I had not been there in a year because the service had declined. We went in and sat at the bar. It took almost ten minutes for the bar tender to come over and greet us. She frequently left the bar to speak with friends at a table. It appeared we were distracting her from having fun with her friends. We placed an order and the burger came out wrong. The manager took the order of my bill but never came over to apologize or offer to remake the food. I won’t be back. They still have the same old problems.


Diane August 29, 2019 at 3:24 pm

We own a small business in Pike Creek Shopping Center, Wilmington, DE. We frequently eat in the Ruby Tuesdays right next door to us. We have been doing so for the last eight years. I can tell you first hand that in those last eight years, the business has gone down terribly. We knew the manager personally when we first opened our business here and he was an excellent manager and he ran the place very nicely. Now we go in, you can’t get seated, you can’t get someone to come to your table once you are seated, you have to wait a long time for your food and you can’t even get anyone to bring your check. I personally think you need to hire better people. Trust me, I know its hard today to get good people, but if they don’t want to work, get rid of them. It is killing your business,


T. Brown August 7, 2019 at 5:43 pm

We eat frequently at the Foley, Alabama Ruby Tuesday. The food is exceptional, the waitstaff is attentive. The issue is with how it smells. It has a very offensive smell in front of the salad bar. It is not the salad bar smelling, it is the area around it. It gags me so much, I can hardly stand to walk near it. Other people I know have stopped going because of this issue. Don’t understand why management has not done something.


richard July 18, 2019 at 8:55 am

I have called – never received a call-back. I would like to talk to a live person. I am 74 years old and not very good on the computer. PLEASE CALL!!!!!!!


ron July 17, 2019 at 1:29 pm

WE eat at Ruby Tuesday’s a lot, but last week we went in the Winchester, Va. restaurant an the salad bar was terrible. Our waitress even agreed with us. Doubt we will be going back. Everything must have been put out from the night before.


Beatrice July 8, 2019 at 12:11 pm

I have now gone to four Ruby Tuesdays restaurants and have gotten sick from eating at all four. They continue to have foodborne issues. Fix these problems please.



Joe Shmoe June 25, 2019 at 3:01 pm

I tried to call the CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER. I got a long diatribe about nonsense having nothing to do with food or service. I was not redirected until I heard MARKETING.

I pushed the stupid button and got a VOICE MAIL. Do they run a restaurant or a secret society. I would be hard pressed to eat any food at a restaurant in which I could die from food poisoning and no one would come over to see what happened. Better yet , is you can’t get hold of corporate, there is NO ONE TO SUE. But, what the hel*, you’re dead anywho!!!!


Dave July 11, 2019 at 6:12 pm

I’m an employee, although not for long, and I can’t even get ahold of corporate


Bonnie Gaskins June 19, 2019 at 2:27 pm

Great food great service at Milledgeville ga.


Bonnie Gaskins June 19, 2019 at 1:08 pm

We are faithful Ruby Tuesday customers. We stopped in Dublin Ga for lunch at 12:30 pm. At 1:47 we were still waiting to even be acknowledged by the waitress. We were given tea by hostess who said she would inform our waitress. To no avail, so we left. Positive note we still plan to stop at Ruby Tuesday in Milledgeville. Told you were are faithful customers.


Darlene Travis May 20, 2019 at 12:04 pm

Just a heads up. I went to the Athens Ohio Ruby Tuesday on Mother’s Day. There was 7 of us and we called and they said that they do not have call ahead service for seating, which is fine. My sons went early to put our name in for a table and they were told that they had several reservation ahead of us and it would be at least an hour or more wait,. Now mind you the restaurant was nearly empty when we got there. I was very disappointed in the treatment we were given. I don’t understand how they had so many reservations when they told us you can’t make them ahead of time. To say the least we went somewhere else for dinner and will not likely visit this restaurant again if this is how they treat there customers. We have been going to this location for years and was very disappointed.


ken ricker April 27, 2019 at 5:10 pm

lakewood NY Saturday

I was having lunch with my wife and mother in law when I overheard the manager disrespect his bartender our server in a way the was completely unacceptable. During our stay, he was never seen, when we were ready to leave she politely responded that she had to find a manager in order to process the coupon. The manager came back and rudely yelled at her and acted like it was a burden to take our coupon. she quickly came over and apologized for taking so long we explained to her it was her fault and assured her everything was ok. Except for the attitude of the management. This was unexpectable behavior and ridiculous poor management.


Stephanie L McCune April 2, 2019 at 11:19 pm

Went for dinner on 4/1/2019. Ordered the slider special. Menu and advertisements make the look mouth watering. Not even close!!!! When I received the sliders I was so upset. It looked like they took a very small meatball and plopped it into the middle of a slider bun. There was more bread then there was anything. The manager said that is how they make them. As I stated to him, as I pointed to the menu, “this is what I ordered, this is what I expected, and this (as I showed him) is what I got.” Again Pathetic. If they are cutting back on cost, I get it. Flatten out the hamburger so it covers the bread. Appearance is everything. Very poor management, very poor chefs, very poor training on how to handle irate customers. I was Irate and all I could say was PATHETIC. I have pictures, but no one to show them to. This company is not customer friendly and apparently does not care about their customers. Martinsburg, WV


B Richardson March 30, 2019 at 11:53 pm

Had dinner tonight with family at the Beaufort, SC restaurant. We arrived around 6pm. I would say it was not even half ful of customers, we knew it was a Saturday night but looked like we would receive great service. Mistake ! Waiter took order for drinks first but never brought our tea and water. We finally asked the floor manager after she had stopped to ask us if everything was fine. She brought our drinks and took our dinner orders. Waiter came back by and said he was sorry and appreciated our patience and knew the manager had taken our order should be out soon. NOT. We waited.another 30 minutes and no food. Waiter brought us more napkins! Haven’t figured that out yet why. Asked him how many cooks they had and he said two. I thought maybe short of help. Waited another minutes and food finally arrived. Zucchini was burned on several pieces, hamburger bun was toasted after we ask it to be a soft bun and the hickory bacon was not on the steak. When I had told the floor manager about the zucchini she said she was sorry but they were out of it now.
Just very very disappointed. Two hours is way to long to wait for a drink and one course dinner. Will not be going back to this restaurant
We were not the only customers that had to wait extremely long time. We correct these problems and bring your customer service back.


Craig Taylor March 30, 2019 at 5:32 pm

Started at the front door , confusion about seating , slow service due to only three servers working on a Saturday , ordered steaks medium and when they were finally served plates were hot from sitting under warmer too long. Steaks WELL-DONE ! Sent steaks back and not once did we see a manager ” poor management “. Forty five dollars for the worst dining experience I have ever had. Plan on NEVER going back.


Leanna March 21, 2019 at 12:46 pm

My husband and I came in for dinner on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at your Austintown, OH. We sat in the bar area in a booth. We had such a lovely waitress. However, my husband and I over heard another waitress complaining to the bartender that the party she had waited on wasn’t tipping. She said and I quote “I’m not prejudiced. I’m just stating facts. Those kind of people don’t tip.” As my husband and I were leaving I happened to look in the area where there was the ONLY large group of people and noticed they were all black. Your company should be ashamed to employ such a discriminating employee! My husband and I will NOT be returning to your company EVER again. I am personally going to make sure my friends and family are aware of such racist company and employee’s they have working for them!


Ken & Nola March 19, 2019 at 6:11 pm

We were taken out to lunch today with our daughter and son-in-law who are visiting us from Michigan. (3/19/19) at your restaurant in Ellenton Florida. It was extremely busy and of course it was slow service. The waitress we had name was Rose and she was very rude and disrespectful. I ordered a avocado sandwich, we waited approximately a half hour for our meals to be delivered and when mine came it was the wrong sandwich and she said and I quote you did not order the avocado sandwich you ordered Bourbon Chicken with sides. Everyone at the table heard what I ordered and said I was right, but she denied it and argued the fact. That was not good customer service and my lunch came so late the everyone at the table was finished their meal. Due to the fact that they would have to wait until I was finished I decided to bring mine home with me. It’s too bad you have such a customer abusive waitress because the food was delicious and we all enjoyed it. No tip was left for her.


Warren Morgan March 10, 2019 at 5:13 pm

My wife and I had a late lunch at Ruby Tuesday is East Point, GA. This was a Sunday and it seemed that many restaurants had a full house. We settled on Ruby Tuesday because the wait didn’t seem to be long. As it turned out, they had more people than they had staff to serve them. After a brief wait, we were seated and our server was the manager, Aurielle. She was helping out since the staff seemed to have too many tables already.
We enjoyed this lunch immensely. The food was good and the service was outstanding. I asked her what she would do with the tip and she advised she uses tips to give back to her staff. Were we there for a while?Yes but she certainly made it enjoyable.


Kelso D. Wallace March 3, 2019 at 12:51 am

I ordered a Pork Chop at the Port St Lucie Restaurant. While attempting to eat the pork chop I had a sharp bone get stuck in my teeth. What I thought was a toothpick turned out to be a bone fragment that was small and could have been easily swallowed. I showed it to the waitress Jennifer, and she showed it to the manager. when she returned to our table she told me that the manager had informed her that the Pork chop had a bone along one side. I told her that this pork chop had no visible bone and that this should not be part of the pork chop. While chewing on another portion of the pork chop, I bit into another bone fragment, when I took it out of my mouth it resembled a small shark tooth. I then showed it to the waitress. I then examined the edge of the pork chop and scrapped another bone fragment from the side. I then picked up the plate and told her that I wasn’t going to eat anymore of this and handed the plate to her to take it back.

The manager then came to the table and asked me if I wanted another Pork Chop, and I told he unless she could guarantee that the others would be free of these bone fragments than I wasn’t interested. The Manager failed to see the danger that these bones could cause ans I suggested that all of the pork chops should be removed from sale as someone could be killed by these bone fragments. The manager compared it to eating a fish bone in Tilapia.

Note I could not tell that the bone fragments were embedded in the side of the pork chop until it was removed from the meat as it blended in with the color of the meat and was entirely invisible until i removed it from the chop. I don’t know if the problem is a supplier or not, but how many pork chops are still on sale in the other restaurants?

Please resolve this problem before someone gets serverly injured.

K. D. Wallace
Retired U.S. Park Police
& Retired Alcohol Tobacco Enforcement Officer.


I have been frequent customer in Charlotte nc. Locations have Continued to close ; however, we still have one which is not that convenient, but I still like to go..the chicken entrees are my very favorites. The extra items on the garden August 6, 2019 at 6:02 am

Bar are delicious…I have been receiving my birthday burger/garden bar for a while..this year something did not make it to me….we have had lots of thunderstorms and maybe that caused the trouble as my lunch buddy got hers for her august 9 birthday..could I have one for my July 31 birthday.
Let me know

Janice Dill jgsdill@


Denise February 28, 2019 at 8:46 pm

Very disappointed in the ruby tuesdays at TYS airport. Entered the restaurant at 815 and they said they were closing. In speaking with one of the employees they are supposed to stay open until 30 minutes before the last flight. Our flight is leaving at almost 10 pm. I did think they would close around 9 or 930 but 815 SERIOUSLY!!!


Eric February 18, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Orlando, FL – N Orange Blossom Trail location
All these sh**ty comments that i see so i know this will do no good, but here it is. My girlfriends and i visited RT on a Saturday evening around 7pm. We were going there for a belated Valentine’s Day dinner. Same story as some of the other comments, we waited about 15 minutes for our drink orders. Part of the reason it took so long is that they were out of Coor’s Light bottles. So instead of bringing a can out we had to wait for the waiter to come to use to inform us. After that my girlfriend was brought a can that she said tasted like it was old. If all this wasn’t enough she went to the bathroom and the floor was sticky like it had pee all over it and hadn’t been cleaned. We asked to speak to the manager and he came out and took full responsibility for not ordering right. My girlfriend works as a manager at Disney and knows that if you have any common sense you know how much beer to order and even if you order too much it has a shelf life of 3 months. My question would be that if you ran out what would be so horrible about going to wal mart and buying a pack of beer. I mean with the prices you charge you will make your money back in like 3 beers. Oh yea and we weren’t the only ones complaining, when we first got there I heard another group complaining and on our way out we heard another. This was our second visit to this location and definitely our last. The first time was pretty much the same story. Rude service and out of the things that we wanted, but we decided to give it another try. I know I will not hear anything back about this and that is fine. I know i was wasting my time as soon as i started typing this. I tried to call in but of course they don’t want you speaking to a real person because judging from the reviews it would be someone’s full time job and we wouldn’t want to cut into those profit margins now would we?


Rebecca L way February 3, 2019 at 11:44 pm

On Saturday, February 2, 2019 my husband and I took our son to the Ruby Tuesday Restaurant at Manor Shopping Center in Lancaster, PA. We placed out drink order and after 15 minutes we asked about our drinks and they were brought to us. When our food came my son had a serious allergic reaction and we had to leave. We paid the bill quickly and went to urgent care. After my son was treated successfully, thank you God, my husband looked at the bill and realized that we were charged for something we did not receive, so we drove back to the restaurant on our way home. When my husband went in he asked for the manager. OK here is the part that is unacceptable – The manager was called to come to the entrance and when he saw my husband he rolled his eyes and threw his head back. My husband was really offended by this and it upset me very much to be treated that way! None of us got to finish our dinners, my son had a life-threatening allergic reaction to something served to him and we were over charged! The manager should have been way more interested when my husband came back! We will NOT be back to this restaurant! The food was great, but the disrespect????? No Thank You!!


Allie January 24, 2019 at 1:44 pm

Freaking rediculous I call for cooperates number they give me the wrong number so I go online an there is no freaking option to speak to someone what a joke all the dope heads u employ that have heroin addicted babies with their boss


Rosalie Russ January 24, 2019 at 10:55 am

When a menu says (chicken salad),I would have guessed it to be with mayonnaise,celery and whatever. Well I was wrong,,it was romaine lettuce, with little salad dressing a half boiled egg ,and some pieces of carrots and FRIED pieces of chicken on top!!I said something to the waitress, she was very nice about it, but that’s as far as it went. Very disappointed in the place!!


Kelley Lewis November 28, 2018 at 6:29 pm

Went to the Ruby Tuesday in Council Bluffs and ordered 2 grilled chicken avocado sandwiches. We started eating them and noticed that the avocado was rotten on both sandwiches. They were brown and mushy. They remade one of them and the avocado was still brown. The manager stated that she looked at them and they looked acceptable to her. I am very concerned that they think it’s ok to serve food like this. This could be hazardous to people’s health. They should be especially careful after there are so many food illnesses being reported on the news.


L. Brown November 14, 2018 at 6:28 pm

You just won the worst commercial of the year. I wouldn’t venture into your establishment for fear I might run into that horrible sounding person in your recent commercials. LL Bean came in 2nd with West Side Story annoying music!


Rwise October 23, 2018 at 6:37 pm

Boycott all anti American establishments. Build that wall and put the military on our borders to protect against the invasion!

It is a downright liberal lie that our Country can not use our military to defend against an invasion of our borders. Defense of our border and our Country is not using our military against OUR citizens.

We must repel all borders in order to maintain our great USA. God’s bless America!


Melodie Waldron October 23, 2018 at 5:26 pm

I just read the article about the young family who got denied because of his Trump shirt! How horrible that they were treated that way! I can only imagine how they felt! Myself and my family members will not be eating there, supporting this kind of behavior! I feel for this family!


Tony Walters October 23, 2018 at 3:19 pm

Just read where a family was denied service because the father was wearing a Trump. We visit RT 3-4 times a month, that number will now be zero. Better teach your employees proper guest etiquette before all your business is gone.


Jack thomse October 23, 2018 at 3:13 pm

Stopped outside Pueblo Colorado. Got food to go fromRT. No forks or spoons. No napkins .

Burgers raw. By the time we realized the horrible service, we were miles down I-25.

Save the grief – pass on Ruby Tuesday


Paul October 21, 2018 at 2:27 pm

I dine with my girlfriend at a local Ruby Tuesday restaurant approx. every 4-6 weeks. The food, service, atmosphere, and prices are very good. (And we always tip very well.)

But after reading about their disrespectful, bigoted hostesses in this article “Family Denied Service at Ruby Tuesday in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Over Pro-Trump T-Shirt (VIDEO)” ( on the Gateway Pundit, I will NEVER eat there again unless the CEO apologizes for their actions, fires them, and makes it known to the general public.

As you probably realize, I represent a much larger segment of patriotic Americans who dine (or will consider dining) at RT. Their staff’s actions will negatively effect their company’s bottom line.


Christine Gioiosa October 23, 2018 at 9:11 pm

I have never been to your restaurant but thought about giving it a try. But after reading that service was denied because of a Trump t-shirt, I will not go at all. Shame on you for allowing your employees to refuse service. Guess you don’t need the money, and you’ll definitely never get mine.


Tony G October 23, 2018 at 10:08 pm

This story is truly disgusting! Never have eaten at at Ruby Tuesday and now never will. Any business that condones this sort of crap under the guise of “right to refuse” is reprehensible. Had this happened to a liberal or a Democrat it would have been all over CNN, MSNBC, and every other liberal-biased rag out there, demanding justice. Denying service due to wearing a shirt that is pro-President of the United States just shows the ignorance level of the employee, and if condoned then also the management and ownership of Ruby Tuesday. Hopefully patronage of said business will plummet as the news gets out. Like it or not, Donald Trump is the President, and the spoiled children working at Ruby Tuesday need to show some respect for the office. I personally didn’t care for Obama, but had to put up with media praise of him at every turn. However, conservatives did not stoop to the gutter-level antics displayed these days by liberals, we just went on with business as usual. Respect the office and the man in it. If you disagree that’s fine, but do it respectably and behave like an adult. Ruby Tuesday’s corporate management should take action against this sort of behavior by it’s employees, unless that is, the management is like-mindedly flawed. In which case one wonders how they achieved any measure of business success.


Darwin McLeod October 21, 2018 at 2:09 pm

Do not patronize Ruby Tuesdays. They hate white Trump supporting Christians. (((They))) are the enemy of the country and business like (((them))). Stay away from their cooperated Trump hating anti American poisonous ☠️ crappy food


Nicole October 16, 2018 at 4:03 pm

I went to dine at your restaurant on Sunday night. My daughter’s fish was raw and had to be sent back twice. The salad bar was not stocked. The ranch was empty. My drinks took forever. I visited the store on Delk Road in Marietta, GA. I went back to speak with the manager about our experience and he apologized and I felt like he blew me off. As a person who has been to Ruby Tuesday before I know what an enjoyable experience it is. But had that been my first time…I would never go back. He didn’t offer us a free meal to make up for our horrible experience. He did nothing. So I am still angry we didn’t eat somewhere else. I have managed restaurants before and worked as a server and bartender. So I know when a shift is just horrible. I felt like I was in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares! Please feel free to email me.


Cheryl September 27, 2018 at 1:08 am

Do you ever get any positive feedback or reviews, not that I have any


John Bang August 20, 2018 at 2:17 pm

I love the fact that Ruby Tuesday is the only corporate restaurant which doesn’t offer whole wheat or multigrain breads/buns for their burgers or sandwiches. It’s nice to know the company is willing to xompletely disregard the 60 to 65 percent of the population which is either diabetic or pre-diabetic, and can’t eat regular bread.


Gwendolyn Debro August 19, 2018 at 12:32 am

Tonight at 800 I ate dinner and soon as we got home we became sick with diarrhea and I threw up service is horrible I paid with debit card under gwendolyn Debro for the drinks my date paid with cash really this is the second time I have had enough


B Watson August 9, 2018 at 8:10 pm

Went in today after receiving coupon for today only. Service slow but order steak on 3 forx12.99 and my mentee order chicken green beans/mashed potato. Returned steakwith and ordered sirloin.with tea and lemonade. Food was good but when I tried to use coupon said couldn’t. Explained it was not clear,asked for manager.said she coulnt help me..The reason I dont do RT is because of issues with coupons and billing. Then over billed me had to ask for corrections. AWEFUL
Paid bill left tip and on my way out ran into elderly couple with same coupon in hand .mention to make sure order met all the fine print. lady said the reason she stopped coming because of same type issues and wanted to do salad bar only. Didnt wait around to see. But even if coupon was free want do RT again.


rat rowland July 27, 2018 at 4:23 pm

My aunt and I were in the Russellville location July, 25 2018 our service was about as good as it gets. Thank you John Montgomery, great job.


marlene thompson July 16, 2018 at 5:56 pm

I went to lunch at the Ruby Tuesdays in North Augusta, SC today. I am not asking for anything but wanted you to know that the experience was horrible. I WILL never go back. They had a sign that the air wasn’t working well and when I inquired, I was told you are welcome to come in and check. It was okay so I went to the bar area because I was alone. The bartender came over and asked what I wanted. I wasn’t sure if he meant food or just drinks or whatever……………he never smiled or introduced himself. As I ate, I watched people come in. It was NOT at all busy (now I know why). Then, 2 groups of 2 elder ladies came in. They waited, and waited and waited some more to be seated. I eat out a LOT……….and in at least 3 different states frequently. I never felt so unwelcome in my life! Customer service training is definitely in order for these people. That is why I am writing. CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING IS IN ORDER FOR THIS RESTAURANT!!! The Ryan’s restaurant has already closed on this same street…………….I predict your restaurant to be on the chopping block next!


D Geer July 13, 2018 at 10:49 am

After Steven Colbert made the nasty statement about the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s name sounding like a Ruby Tuesday employee I hope the President of Ruby Tuesday Defends his employees

It would be the right thing to do Ann


P Evans July 12, 2018 at 1:32 am

I am not writing to complain about the food, lack of attention of the wait staff, or size of portions. What I AM writing about is your horrible commercials that have been running for the last few months. The lady is obnoxious, loud and Please rethink your ad campaign. If you, advertise a loud mouth women in your ads , that’s exactly what you will bring into your store. I will NOT be returning to Ruby Tuesday until your ads change. Have you thought about a family friendly ad?


Carolyn North July 1, 2018 at 11:20 am

You new menu is my chief complaint. New items are fine but why change or take off items already on menu. I do not like pimento cheese and adding it to cheese dip appetizer made it taste awful. Also, it is hard to find a place that has good vegetables. Your green beans were a favorite with my family. Now you have changed them to beans that are spicy and not eatable for my grandchildren. My family goes to RT several times a week and this is really disappointing.


DWIGHT smith June 3, 2018 at 7:31 pm

To who it may concern
MY FAMILY AND I JUST DINED at your Ellenton, fl,location and I must say that your new promotion is terrible, lemon cold slaw not edible, ribs tasteless and the chicken way to sweet. It sames
Like the only one that restaurants can do is take ribs boil them and than come up with a sauce to make have some taste.The waitress was compensated but was very reluctant to pay a company for something that was mostly left on the plate,hope something changes in the near future.
Sincerely the Smith family of Bradenton fl.


JoAnn Jonah April 20, 2018 at 9:21 am

On April 18,2018 after a long day of driving we stopped in Florence SC for an overnight. We then decided to dine at Ruby Tuesday’s that evening. As former restaurant owners we were shocked st the lack of service and the small portions of food being served for the prices people pay. Our server provided us with minimal attention during the course of our meal. My husband had to go retrieve untensils in order to eat his salad which had arrived. The salad which had so little lettuce on the plate and the lettuce was wilted. It was also noted that their appeared to have added Kale to our Caesar which is a first for us. Then our main meal arrived . We were shocked at the lacked of presentation. And the small portion size in comparison to the price. We were hungry so reluctantly went ahead and ate. Saw our server at the end of our meal. Need to ask for the bill . It did nice to know that Ruby Tuesday is keeping their food coat low at the expense of the customer. We were aware of what it would have cost the company to make tges small meals and once again the mark up left us feeling how people who are not in the industry are taken advantage of. The result of this from our experience is that Ruby Tuesday will not be busted by us in the future. Our friends who are following our trail in the next few days have been told of our experience and will be eating at Cracker Barrel instead. I realize we are only two people in a stream if many who have entered your establishment but given social media and its power two people can influence many. Our predictions for Ruby Tuesday given the competitive nature of the restaurant business that if people are going to be exposed to poor service and no bang for your buck , the future is pretty bleak. Start listening to feedback if success is what you hope to obtain


Amanda April 8, 2018 at 8:14 pm

We eat at your restaurants once a week and I know so many of your restaurants in our area are closing due to lack of business. Well, this was not a good idea to voice your political views. In the past it never turns out well for the business that does. Usually a good idea to stay away from comment. So as of today my family and friends will no longer visit your restaurants. The problem with political views sometimes you pick the side that doesn’t frequent your stores. You have just lost many customers and money.


Ann Claure April 8, 2018 at 7:16 pm

Because you pulled your adds from Laura Ingraham, I will never eat at Ruby Tuesdays again. Why would you let that little foul mouthed Hogg get the better if you.


Dr. John Reichard April 6, 2018 at 10:06 pm

I am so disappointed with your pulling your advertising from Laura Ingraham show. Shame on you. Will eat elsewhere.


Valerie Graham April 4, 2018 at 7:40 am

We just ate at Ruby Tuesdays last week. The food quality and portions are getting skimpier all the time. Your places are empty compared to all the other restaurants that surround you…there is a good reason.
***I am amazed that you would remove sponsorship from Laura Ingraham’s show! Teenagers are not the ones that support your restaurants, they get their money from their parents!! Why would you want to silence Laura and promote a liberal activist teenager being used by the democrat party??
We will not have a hard time choosing another restaurant…there are plenty of good ones out there!


Jeanne April 2, 2018 at 6:13 pm

We are very disappointed in your decision to pull sponsorship from the Laura Ingraham show. the emotional hype around the Hogg boy is off the charts. 1st and 2nd amendment supporters eat too. We won’t be back.


Patricia March 10, 2018 at 1:41 pm

I have always been one to “take it to the top” when it comes to complaints with any company. Well that didn’t work well for me either being I just received my letter back in today’s mail!!! (Mar. 10, 2018) My husband and I opted to eat at the local Ruby Tuesday’s in Inverness, FL on March 1st. Boy! That place still needs help! We hadn’t been there in quite some time, since our last visit when they were unprofessional and the food was not up to par! On March 1st Ruby’s was running a B.O.G.O. (Buy One Get One free) and we felt it would be fun to try this establishment again, especially because it had been quite a while since our last visit. Lord help us! People were lined up just inside the front door and on up to the podium where we were hearing they didn’t know where to seat people because there was only one wait-person in the bar area (mind you this was at 3 p.m.!) and they didn’t know where the other wait-staff was! H-E-L-L-O! We’re thinking, “you people are advertising a really great special and you don’t know where your wait-staff is and where to seat people?” The girl who was manning the podium found the manager and he told her something. We eventually were seated and our wait-person was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, poor dear. She explained we could order an entree and then we could choose two sides, one being the salad bar for $1.99. Sounded good to us! So, I ordered the bourbon glazed pork chop with one side of green beans and the other side being the salad bar. My husband ordered a triple header, with onion rings for one side and the salad bar for his second side. The meal was not served anywhere “within a reasonable amount of time”. Almost a half hour passed when the waitress came over and again asked what we had ordered! She said she’d punched the orders onto the screen and nothing had gone through to the kitchen when she went to check on the order to see if it was close to being done. They said they never got her order. She told us it must have deleted itself. She proceeded to tell us that she had been freaking out about it! REALLY? We don’t need to hear that sort of thing! Good grief, Charlie Brown. So I asked her what she did with the paper she had written the order on and she said once it was punched into the computer she threw it away. Then she said she looked for it but could not find the paper. So we gave her our order a second time and it FINALLY arrived! Everything was delicious! Well, here comes the bill! I casually looked it over and commented to my husband that he was charged $3.99 for his salad bar. I waved the waitress over and inquired as to why he was charged more than the $1.99 for the salad bar. She said, “Oh. That $1.99 is for MOST of the entrees but not the triple header he had ordered.” Come on sister! Why didn’t you tell us that when you were explaining it all to us? Total ditz she is/was! Needless to say, but I’m saying it, we are still disgusted with the way things are done at this particular store of yours! Stupidity reigns supreme and the manager leaves much to be desired. He needs some sprucing up! Get somebody with class in there who knows how to run a business and make the customer happy and put the wait-staff through a training school so they know what in God’s creation they are supposed to be doing! Make them intelligent representatives of your company! Take some pride in your people! So we have decided to kiss Ruby Tuesday adios for the last time! Too many times of poor people skills and stupidity! I thought you’d like to know if this particular store isn’t producing the cash flow it should, WHY. We’ve spoken to neighbors/friends who also went there on the 1st and they were not impressed either!!! Sad to say but It’s nice to hear it wasn’t just us!!!

I’d sent my typed letter to: Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office & Headquarters
150 West Church Ave
Maryville, TN 37801
to the Attention of Mr. James Buettgen. It came back to me!
Thanks for your time!


Tammy Robinson March 10, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Thanks for letting us know the site was out of date. We have updated the contact information.


Patricia March 11, 2018 at 1:14 am

Your comment of not knowing the site’s address was out of date makes me wonder if these comments folks send to you are even read and if so, if anything is done to improve dining experiences!


Wilbur June 28, 2018 at 4:32 pm

Patricia, Wow you must have really been upset to type a letter and try to mail it. Sounds like you may have made a mistake and addressed it incorrectly. We are suppose to lift up those in times of need and trouble, your server may have received some bad news, had a sick kid, parent or other loved one. Maybe the system did glitch and creating anxiety and felt bad for your wait. The name calling and judgement is just not acceptable. I have a friend that can help you, his name is Jesus and he loves us all no matter what. You can eat at home, when you go out it is to be with family, friends and companionship — next time just enjoy the extra time you are getting to spend with the one you chose to be with during the meal. We are all only human and I’m sure you have made at least one mistake in your life that displease someone else. May God bless in all that you do.


David Pickett March 4, 2018 at 8:47 pm

Me and my wife as at ruby tuedays in kirksville mo. It was the worse dining experience i. Have seen. Ordered ribeye steaks . later waitress came and said they were out.. Then came back again later and said oh we found two.. She then brought our steaks wives mashed. Pototoes was cold..salad bar was empty hardly any food there. We will never return to rubytuesays again


Katherine wood January 24, 2018 at 6:28 am

I was in your Harrisonburg Virginia location Monday January 22, 2018 to have dinner with a friend. I see adds on YouTube and on other websites about a deal your offering with unlimited salad bar with bottomless soup for $9.99 I called this store up before I made my way down there. The person I talked to ( i feel stupid I didn’t get a name ) said that store offered that special. I confirmed with him 3 TIMES. I live 45 minutes away from this store so I wanted to make sure I would get that deal. I drove to the restaurant and when I sat down and our server was ready to take our order, she said they don’t participate in this special…….. as you know I was mad. This is the reason I called so I didn’t have to wast a full trip down there. If I would have known I could have gone somewhere else like Olive Garden who actually had that special. If none of your stores are offering that special, take the adds off. I have been to a couple other ruby tuesdays and they never heard about this add. If I could I would send you a picture but I can’t.


Diane December 3, 2017 at 4:44 pm

Had lunch at the Ruby Tuesday in Sanford, NC yesterday. The house Chardonnay was a box wine. What is Ruby Tuesday policy on house wines?


Dan Gougler October 20, 2017 at 7:20 pm

Are used to work for Ruby Tuesday’s and I was here when the store opened. The fact that I come in here now only when it Dyer. Because the service is slow the food is cold and the place is falling apart the cabinet doors are worn out the tile on the floor is missing grout. And it seems like a bunch of children being ran by young adults. The only reason this place does business is because of its location if it was anywhere else it would’ve lost all of its business and closed by now your name is the only thing holding it together. This will be the last time I visit the Ridley location in Pennsylvania. Unless something major changes are done thank you for your time


Carol October 4, 2017 at 5:13 pm

Aurora, CO location.
You should be ashamed and embarrassed at what’s being served at this location and trying to charge $16.90


Brenda Shiro October 3, 2017 at 7:53 am

The other night myself and best friend went to eat here we had just left hospital seeing her mother who had a stroke it was a long day..We got a XXXXtail and ordered an appetizer and food .When we got the appatizer it was cold as ice then we got our entries which was like warm…The bartender was very young and as the young girl behind him was texting on her phone as she was working he told us we had to hurry up and eat and we couldn’t have another drink.he said the minimum is 3 we said umm we have been at the hospital and we haven’t had three ..We spoke to the manager she had an attitude it was only 9 o’clock when u close at ten o clock so we left as we were leaving we saw several employees walking out to leave so the young people just wanted to go home this is the location by Willow lawn shopping center in Richmond VA..I wil


Jeff June 20, 2018 at 9:49 pm

Came to your restaurant for my nephew 8 grade graduation. The restaurant was empty an they told us we would have to wait 30 minutes. Although we was a party of 15 your tables was empty service was slow management was rude to our party .been to your establishment many times never was treated in such a manner. I never write corporate but was compelled at this time will not be coming back and will let everyone on social media about my experience.


Michelle September 10, 2017 at 5:56 pm

Someone need to investigate the Ruby Tuesday on Virginia Ave.Hapeville Ga. The management is horrible to the employees. One employee had to go home because a tree fell on her house and had to leave. Manager (Meriko) told her No! Her mom called to let him know, the manager pick up the phone and said you do know this is a restaurant. Mom said yes and this is an emergency. He put her on hold and didn’t come back. She called again he picked up the phone and hung it up. I have never worked for ruby Tuesday’s but I know this is not a practice and procedure. On another incident the water lines busted and everyone on the strip closed but Ruby Tuesday. Drips of water, and could not flush the toilets. That’s just Nasty… Everyone has a boss and this is unacceptable for this manager to do this.He need more corporate training.. Please investigate this store….


rose graves September 7, 2017 at 10:35 pm

This was the Neptune Ruby Tuesday on route 66. Please fix it there


rose graves September 7, 2017 at 10:32 pm

Labor Day my friend and I visited and ate at Ruby Tuesday at 1:00 and they open at 11:00am and the salad bar was ravished and depleted, not because there were so many people there but because it wasn’t attended to. I took pictures but not sure how to post them here. Never the less we arrived and had to wait almost 10 minutes to be seated and after seating waited 15 minutes to have a waitress approach us. We asked for the salad bar and I also had the the Creole fish with shrimp…that took 45 minutes to arrive. I couldn’t have a 2nd salad because the salad bar wasn’t attended to still. I didn’t see any manager of which usually comes to see that all is well. No one came and I didn’t bother to ask.
I’ve never had and experience like that there but it seems it’s going down hill. I usually bring friends to this establishment but not to sure that I should anymore. Please, fix this. It use to have the best salad bar ever.
Be blessed.


Dorothy Tolliver July 26, 2017 at 3:39 pm

This is the store we visited #4661, 2440 North COLUMBIA STREET, MILLEDGEVILLE, GA 31061, 1181 Chanl P, Tbl 104/1, on July 26 2017 @1:43 PM….JUST IN CASE YOU DECIDE TO DO ANYTHING!!!


Dorothy Tolliver July 26, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Just left ruby Tuesday, my husband and I, ordered the salad bar, because we’re vegans….we had the salad bar, romaine lettuce brown, and the kale was rotten, the hummus was dried out, and tastes like chilli, i asked the salad bar person to change the lettuce….he puts the same rotten lettuce that was on the salad bar, I also asked to have the kale changed same situation, I asked the manager to change the lettuce, but the same result, I also observed the mamager using un-gloved hands cleaning around the salad bar putting spilled veggies back into its containers with her bare hands…..will not eat at another RUBY TUESDAY EVER AGAIN……there were a lot of things in this restaurant that the food inspectors would’ve taken off points for…definitely the bare hand contact with the food.


Lydia gentry July 22, 2017 at 11:24 pm

We went to Ruby Tuesday in Scottsboro tonight to eat, we have ate at this location several times before! I ordered the petite sirloin and shrimp dinner with the garden bar and my husband ordered Salmon, when my husband asked for tarter sauce she brought him a cup of ranch dressing!While eating dinner there were several people dining at a table next to us, when they had completed their dinner they asked to speak to one of the employees I assumed he worked in management just by the way he was dressed, he offered the table his employee discount to pay for their food, not long after I heard one of the men say his bill would have been over 70.00 and now it was only 40.00. The group of guys were talking loudly and cursed a lot! Wow I told my husband! When we reviewed our ticket we realized my meal had been charged as a pitite sirloin, garden bar with a side of shrimp! I asked the waitress to correct the ticket and she said she would get my tea taken off the ticket because there was an almost 4 dollar difference in the price we were overcharged, she was gone for awhile and then returned and asked us did the manager ever come and talk to us? I explained he had not and she said their internet was down and she couldn’t fix the ticket then she apologized and gave us a piece of paper to go online to receive discounts by mail however we already receive discounts by mail periodically! Very disappointed tonight! Will not return to this location!


Lydia gentry July 22, 2017 at 11:30 pm

Oh and by the way, this is the first review I have ever written!


D Carter July 21, 2017 at 7:03 pm

I went to Ruby Tuesdays lcoated in Largo Maryland. The meal was real tasty and the waiter was real cool. His name is Derek D waiter number 1975. I received my bill I left the waiter a 7 dollar top and took a photo of the receipt. When I received my credit card statement an extra 2.00 was taken. I spoke with Kevin the General Manager about the situation. He told me that he will resolve the issue and I requested my tip be fully refunded. He insured me that it would be. I have not seen any amount refunded. Now I’m asking Ruby Tuesday to refund my total amount of 56.67. It’s seem petty but it’s the principal behind it all. Employees that steal any amount does not mount up. o being honest or loyal to customers I’m sure I’m not the only one.


D Carter July 21, 2017 at 6:45 pm

I went to Ruby Tuesdays lcoated in Largo Maryland. The meal was real tasty and the waiter was real cool. His name is Derek D waiter number 1975. I received my bill I left the waiter a 7 dollar top and took a photo of the receipt. When I received my credit card statement an extra 2.00 was taken. I spoke with Kevin the General Manager about the situation. He told me that he will resolve the issue and I requested my tip be fully refunded. He insured me that it would be. I have not seen any amount refunded. Now I’m asking Ruby Tuesday to refund my total amount of 56.67. It’s seem petty but it’s the principal behind it all. Employees that steal any amount does not mount being honest or loyal.


Vito Colline July 12, 2017 at 4:56 pm

I have been going to the rubytuesdays on ridge road west for a long time . I ask the manager there to get sweet relish for my hamburgs was told that thy didn’t have it there is there a way that you can OK it with the manager to buy it for the restaurant to have it there for your customers.


Linda Dupras July 11, 2017 at 9:38 am

I went to Store 4163 in Nashua, NH on June 29, 2017 and was very disappointed with the food quality, price and quantity. I ordered the fried chicken dinner with the salad bar (which was very good) instead of fries for and additional fee. I got chicken tenders (4 small pieces – 1 was not bigger than a quarter). This was not the way this dinner was advertised in the menu. Also the chicken was terrible quality – could not even eat it. The waitress and salad bar were great – but I will not pay high prices for a terrible misrepresented meal in the future.


SF Schick June 30, 2017 at 11:13 am

These 2 incidents happened at Ruby Tuesdays in Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, NEw Jersey.
My husband wrote to Ruby Tuesday last year about an incident that happened where two barmaids decided they didn’t want to wait on my husband and I. There were four customers at the bar. I took a picture to prove that the bar was not busy. We should have forwarded the picture to them at that time so they could see for themselves. My husband asked the one barmaid after she walked past us 4 or 5 times why she was ignoring us. She had one other customer who ordered takeout. The other barmaid yelled at my husband from the other end of the bar in front the other customers. She told him he wasn’t the only customer and he had to wait his turn. My husband and I are not pushy or demanding. The two barmaids were the ones with the bad attitude. They singled us out for some reason. We didn’t deserve what happened. The manager called to apologize but it’s obvious he did not talk to his employees about the proper way to treat customers. We were regular customers. Another girl waited on us a few weeks ago and in walks the rude girl as we were finishing our meal.
The manager called and apologized about the first incident and said he was sending us coupons because he wanted us to come back. So we did. Bad choice for us!
Here is what happened a few weeks ago:
The bartender refused to wait on my husband and I. My husband asked him if he was going to wait on us. He told us that we took picture of his girlfriend and he was not going to wait on us. He had the nerve to come from behind the bar and stand behind our chairs and loudly kept repeating that he will not wait on us. My husband became very angry at that point and used some inappropriate language. It takes a lot to make my husband angry. At that point he beat a hasty retreat and was not so brazen. While he humiliated us he was quite loud about it. He made sure that the employees and other customers heard every word he said. All he had to do is wait on us and not make a scene. We would have paid our tab and left him a tip. I spoke to the night manager and he said it’s okay. He did not have to wait on us if he didn’t want too. I have to wonder who is in charge here. My husband told me I was wasting my time. The other employees, especially the girl, got a good laugh at our expense. We went to TGIFridays and enjoyed a nice meal. We were treated with respect and left a hefty tip for Benny the bartender.
They have big problems at this location and you have to wonder how many other customers are treated this way. The employees are very disrespectful.
Someone at Customer Relations called and spoke with my husband and she said she would get back to us. No one has. I guess they really do not care how rudely customers are treated.
So lesson leaned: If you want to get TRETED RUDELY, YELLED at from the bartenders from across the bar and have a bar tender leave the bar and keep repeating in your face very loudly that he is NOT going to wait on you meanwhile while the MANAGER is looking on and ALLOWING this then this is the place for you. Do yourself a favor: EAT ELSEWHERE!


Mary Fravel June 25, 2017 at 11:10 am

Went to Ruby Tuesdays last night, in Warrington, PA , a total of 4 people in our party for dinner. We went to the salad bar, and went through most of the salad plates, and it was very difficult to find a clean plate. Walking along the salad bar my slip flops stuck to the floor! The same for the bathrooms. My husband complained about the sticky floor in the men’s room, and the other couple we were with said the same of the women’s restroom.
Our empty/dirty salad dishes remained on our table during the entire dinner. No biscuits were served. We were all very disappointed with the restaurant. This has always been our go to restaurant. It the past we never had to worry about the condition of the restaurant. We decided we are going to look for another restaurant. So sorry about this.


Deborah Walker June 20, 2017 at 6:01 pm

Hi I’m the 16 year old girl who y’all got drunk at your Vidalia Ga. Location then lied about it but my parents was so concerned and ticked the manger lied they went had a sobriety test done on me… How does it read you drank and you fail a eye test if you didn’t consume alcohol. Me and Grandpa drive 2 hours to church then back we stopped their in Vidalia I ordered a strawberry lemonade drank it down fast bc I was so thirsty… And I couldn’t even eat my food by the time the second strawberry lemonade came I started feeling weird.. I was like their was something in there. They said no… It tasted different. By the end I needed help walking to my grandpa’s truck but yet their was no alcohol. I never got drunk before and it’s just shameful they can’t admit their wrong doing… I’m officialdeborah on Insta and I have 55k followers I bet they’d love to hear how Ruby Tuesday got me drunk and ignored me when I contacted em several times.


Solon June 16, 2017 at 2:00 am

I’m a former employee of Ruby Tuesday in Warrenton, Virginia. I still have not received my paycheck even though I have asked them for it. They gave me debit card and told me the money and pay stub would be online with this card and when I checked, there was no money in my balance. I was supposed to get this check almost 3 weeks ago.


Ashley May 27, 2017 at 11:47 am

To whom it may concern

May 5, 2017 a Ruby Tuesday manager Moriah Puckett from the New Iberia location had a non employee as well as other paid employees working in the dish area well after closing hours the person was there from 11:30 pm till around 1:00 1:40 I thought that this was strictly against company policy. I would like if someone from corporate to please contact me. Thank you.


Donnetta May 27, 2017 at 8:35 am

I work at the Ruby tuesday in Inverness, Florida on Gulf t Lake Highway. Mind you I’ve been working for this company on and off for 6 years now and despite the drill sergeant-like manager I had the first time I ever stepped foot in Ruby Tuesday to work, the management I have now has got to have something done about it. Ashton, our Culinary Manager, has belittled almost all of our employees at one point of another. He has threatened employees to fire them over things that he does AS A MANAGER but yet is trying to “enforce policy” when we call him on his bluff about his own actions. Last night he threatens me that he is going to write me up because I was contacting my parents to check on my 5 month son, after I had stocked the whole restaurant, racked three racks of silverware, ran food, and was doing his job at Expo while he sat in the office ON HIS PHONE. Mind you I don’t normally get worked up when our managers are stern with us because they are doing their jobs. However in this matter when he tried to “enforce policy” meanwhile he was guilty of the same actions, I refused to sign the write up sheet and walked out of the office. I normally am in compliance with anything the managers want from us, however he speaks to the employees like dogs and can’t even keep up on his own end in the BOH. His actions are similar to that of Chef Ramsay and Something needs to be done about him. We have already lost multiple servers and even a manager due to his poor management, and are on the way to losing multiple more based on how he treated me last night. I’ve worked for the company long enough to know when company policy needs to be enforced and there is an entire restaurant who can back me on my work ethic. Get rid of him before the store gets driven into the ground!


Kimberly Winals-Warnecke May 21, 2017 at 3:58 pm

I recently walked out of my job at Ruby Tuesday’s in Troy Ohio. It’s not something I wanted to do. The manger (Sandra) is the most unprofessional manager I have ever encountered. The “F” word seems to be the only language she knows. Belittling servers then expecting​ them to be cheerful in the dining room. Using threats and intimidation to get results. So sad that this restaurant has such high turnover, they seem to have the customer base to stay afloat. The servers are awesome but I can’t help but wonder how long they have tolerated (Sandra’s) nasty attitude. There is absolutely no reason to talk to hard working employees like that. In the short time I worked there, I witnessed (Sandra) slam dishes, cuss at every single employee, she has no patience what so ever, her level of professionalism is at a serious low!! I will never understand why Managers think they are “better” than their employees. I watched her destroy employee moral in about 20 seconds and one server was in tears. The employees are human beings that deserve respect. Sandra needs a serious attitude adjustment and a reminder of how you treat human beings. So disappointed because I really liked the people and the job but I will not be disrespected and cussed at by someone who is supposed to be an example and a professional. I doubt anything will be done about this, my hope is that she(Sandra) learns how to treat people before they lose more valuable employees.


Mark May 20, 2017 at 7:05 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

My family and I ate at the Ruby Tuesdays in Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie,MD. We saw an elderly woman working there would did a great job refilling the salad bar all night. One time, she accidentally dropped a bowl of salad and a manger proceeded to degrade her and snap his fingers at her to clean it up and move faster. We brought it to the head managers attention and nothing happened to the manager. That same manager became condensending towards us.

We then learned that the elderly woman has now been fired for doing her job. I have never been to any restaurant that treats their employees in that manner as well as treats their customers in that way.

I will never eat in a Ruby Tuesday’s again. The management should never treat any employee in that way.

Can someone in corporate please do something to improve?


GINGER EPPERSON May 13, 2017 at 4:04 pm

Maybe Clark Howard is right after all. Looks like Ruby Tuesday’s is in trouble. Three months ago me & my husband went to our ELLIJAY, GEORGIA 30540, Ruby Tuesday’s to eat. Almost all the tables were empty. We were told we would have about a 30 min. wait because the servers weren’t coming in until later. It was 5:45 p/m. Only 2 servers were there. SO—we waited until May 11th (3 months later) to go eat there, because we had received, in the mail, about a NEW salad bar. WELL, as we pulled up into the parking lot, several couples were walking out. They stopped us to say ” Don’t go in there unless you want to wait about an hour (or more) to eat, because they just told us they have no servers & even though most of the ENTIRE restaurant tables are EMPTY, they are seating no one.” We went in anyway & we were told the kitchen is overwhelmed with what few orders have already been placed, because of a shortage of kitchen help & the MANAGER had told the hostess to stop seating people. The hostess said she had NO IDEA when the manager would start back letting customers be seated….REALLY???? OMG- can someone from Corporate Headquarters get to ELLIJAY GEORGIA to try to train a manager how to have some sort of PROFESSIONALISM when running a restaurant. Could servers & kitchen help be paid MORE MONEY to give them an incentive to work. This small town has very few restaurants already & it looks like we are getting really close to losing one of the ones that was a nice place to eat. SUCH A SHAME.


Sharon J. Thomas May 11, 2017 at 4:55 pm

On April 29, 2017, 11 of us, family and friends went to Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my nephews Birthday. There was a 45 minute wait, there was suppose to be 15 of us but some did not come. I wish I had not gone, and so did everyone else. The reason that they gave for the wait was the group at the tables were they were going to seat us was just sitting there talking and would not leave. This is a nice size restaurant, so you would think that they could seat us somewhere else, but they didn’t. After finally being seated it took 20 minutes for the server to come take our drink orders. Another 15 to 20 minutes to take the food order. where we were sitting I could see the bar and the Bartenders. The took 10 minutes to fix the drinks, then they sat there for another five minutes before they were served to the table. The food was awful, and a couple of the orders were sent back. They did not offer to replace the meals with something else, which probably would have taken another 30 minutes. The server seemed surprised when he was told to just take them off the check. The manager brought out the birthday dessert to my nephew. My nephew asked her if they were going to sing to him for his birthday. She said that they do not do that. A few two to three minutes later a group of servers took a birthday dessert to a man a few feet away and sung happy birthday to him. When we asked why they did not sing for my nephew the manager who my nephew had asked if they would sing, asked him did we ask. We replied, he asked you when you brought the cake out and you said that you don’t sing. She was very rude, and seemed as if she did not understand why we were so up set. After everything that we went through I do not plan on going back. So if you or anyone you know live in Chattanooga, TN or the surrounding area, do not go to the Ruby Tuesday in Hixson, TN. The address is: 5595 Hwy. 153, Hixson, TN 37343. I will be telling everyone I know not to go there. Word of mouth and Social Media are very strong weapons.


Nora Miller May 11, 2017 at 1:42 am

So we decided to go to Deland Ruby Tuesday to celebrate my birthday. Soooo not a good idea, It started with taking almost 30mins to just get the drink order right and this would be because of our server and the bar tender. First they ever wrong, then the beer or water never got served, so it was fix the drinks and bring the water and beer, drink got fixed water came to the table and still no beer, then one drink was made wrong and then the beer came, and we where then told no more of that kind of beer is left, went to bar to fix drink and bar tender is rude, and we are told that this is the way the drink is made so I can make you another drink but it will come out the same way, and she the yells at our server in front of us and we our left with a drink that is made wrong and it won’t be fixed by her. Now comes dinner and that is worse, we go to the salad bar and it is not fully stocked, the main reason to come to your restaurant is the salad bar, Now time for the meal, that goes wrong as well, food is wrong, the wrong food comes out and food is left off a meal and mine the birthday girl’s is the worst of them all, cold, over cooked shrimp and over cooked steak and no seasoning on my steak, they insist on making another so I give in and when that comes out the steak is still mowing at me, I don’t even think they cooked it, so I’ll just take this home and not eat and then I see your apple skillet desert and ask for that cause at this point I have only had salad, my desert comes out and it is nothing like the picture, it is a tart in a skillet with a sprinkle of smashed apple and a scoop of ice cream, the tart is so hard that I can’t eat it, the only thing I can eat is the ice cream and sprinkle of apple, so it is time for the check at this point and we already have your coupon for B1G1 for tonight, and on my check my meal was taken off and that’s all which is what was coming off in the first place so no discount for the worst birthday meal ever, so had to come out of pocket over 50 bucks and my sisters over 30 and my mom/dad over 40. I will say that something needs to be fixed at this restaurant weather it be retraining the staff or get new staff because if it continues like this, alot of people won’t come back. I should never had to pay what I paid for bad service, rude staff, wrong drinks, unstocked salad bar, wrong food, cold food, over cooked food and bad desert.


Sandy McNeal April 29, 2017 at 9:35 pm

We had dinner with friends tonight. And our server Valerie R. Was extremely sweet and helpful she definitely is knowledgeable about the menu and knows how to recommend food from the menu . we would like to complement her on her excellent service.


John Briggs April 29, 2017 at 9:28 pm

Excellent service tonight by our server Valeri R.. She was very sweet and helpful with making choices on our dinner and drink orders. She made out visit pleasant.. We will definitely recommend her on our next visit. She is a very good margarita maker as well .


Bobby April 29, 2017 at 8:07 pm

I have thought long and hard before I am commenting on the experience myself,wife and her friend had at Ruby Tuesday in Bessemer Alabama. We had gone there for lunch and we were treated worse than we have ever been at any restaurant before in my life. We were deliberately ignored and felt discriminated against because we were white. The reason we felt like this is because we were seated and then ignored. We sat there for about fifteen minutes and nobody ever came to give us a menu or even acknowledge that we were even there. The reason I felt discriminated against is the black customers who were coming in were all greeted and taken care of by the black staff. So after sitting there for awhile we got tired of it and got up and left and I am not going back and telling ALL my friends and family not to go there anymore….


Karis Heyne April 29, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Would you please take down the new commercial with lady singing. It’s horrible. You guys can do better than that.


Ann Crossley April 28, 2017 at 6:06 pm

Ruby T, Navy Blvd., Pensacola, Florida. Food is great, restaurant clean and bright, great service by some staff. Two bartenders – Marissa and Pete – are less than professional and courteous to me, so planned my Ruby T visits around when they won’t be there. Pete appears more interested in watching sports; has “favored” bar customers who recieve courteous service; voices his political opinions whether you want to hear about it or not, and made derogatory comments about Native Americans without taking into account I am Native American. Marissa acted like she’s being put out to 1) acknowledge me; and 2) provide courteous service to me. Also has preferred customers who receive courteous service. During my recent visit I had to hear all her personal problems as she told another patron – sinus infection, she’s tired, boyfriend only allowed out 3 hours a day, etc., NONE of which I wanted to hear!! It appeared to me that both bartenders rallied their preferred customers to give me the cold shoulder. Horribly unpleasant experience. Go to a restaurant to be welcomed, not treated rudely. Ruby T’s is a chain restaurant, not a private club. If you happen to not support Trump, don’t expect courteous service from Pete – and he is always right. Talked with manager Marco (I believe) about my concerns, but doubtful it will change anything. Sad really. Worked in food service industry fifteen years, never disrespected customers in this manner. The other bartenders are awesome, the food is great, but two unchecked, self-serving staff members can taint the whole ambience. Doubtful I will return. Spent good money there and tipped well. No more. They don’t seem to care.


Candice April 27, 2017 at 6:42 pm

Can you give 1/2 a star for a review?

I brought my family here solely for the advertised 55+ ingredient salad bar. The lettuce was rotten, there were not 55 items on the salad bar, and absolutely no cottage cheese. That’s almost unheard of on a salad bar! I was very disappointed that I paid 19.98 plus tax and drinks for this salad bar. Never again and never will I be back. No wonder the Ruby Tuesday in Johnson City, TN is never busy. Yuck!


Shaye Obra April 20, 2017 at 3:02 am

My husband and I decided to have dinner at the Moanalua Ruby Tuesday tonight because of the 3for $30 deal. Everything was fine up until our food came. Our entrees came first so we didn’t want it to get cold so we started eating. We asked put waitress what is going on with our appetizer because we are almost finish eating. She went to check and took to long, so I went to look for the manager. I told him the situation and he apologized for what happen and said he will not charge us for the appetizer so I thanked him and waited for our bill. When I got the bill I placed my credit card on it and my waitress grabbed it before I had a chance to review the bill, but I trusted it was correct, so I signed it when she came back. As I was on my way to my car I realized that they had charged me the full price for my entrees, so I walked back in to speak to the manager about this and he was taking long to come out so I left my husband to wait for him because I am pregnant and really needed to use the restroom. When I came back out my husband said that the manager said it is like thus because he took off the appetizer, so I told the worker that I want to talk to him because if this is the case he might as well put the appetizer back on so I can pay $30 for the meal instead of $40 for 2 entrees it doesn’t make sense. He could have just took off $10 from the bill for the appetizer to make it worth it, but instead I ended up paying more, so I feel like I got ripped off. I waited out there for about 10mins for him to come back and he was just taking to long I told them in the front this was the worst service and I will never come back again. I had somewhere to be so because he was taking so long I decided to just leave. That is the rudest manager I have ever met. What kind of manager leaves you waiting for that long and rips the customer off like this. After tonight I wouldn’t recommend any of my friends or family to go to this Ruby Tuesday. Bunch of bs, and my husband had to deal with a pregnant irritated women because of these idiots.😡


Miguel laboy April 19, 2017 at 7:50 pm

Today at store #7162 time 05:01 pm month April 19, 2017 address 13095 Cortez blvd spring hill Florida 34613 telefoneó 352 592 4435 a lady came in with a suppose work dog with out the certificate of a work dog, but a pet with ticks and Flies. Pet lovers are buying the vest at ebay…
I let the manager know about the pet and he told me he could not do anything about it. I am requesting you as corporate office to get more involved with a food area and hygiene and a sign at the door that request doXXXXent for this matter, hygiene a of area is a most and animals that have been chosen to be a work dog have licence attached to the vest and doXXXXents in the owners procession. Your corporation should keep up with these issues of true work dogs and training of personnel and management.
Thank you.


Tina L. April 7, 2017 at 9:55 pm

Today my family and I went to Ruby Tuesdays near Concord Mills. It started out great until we were seated at a dirty table so I asked the host could he please clean our table….then we met our waitress ( who was very nice, Diane and we placed our order. Almost 30 minutes or more our food finally comes! I asked to speak with the manager (Rick) who was interacting with his family at the yime…and he FINALLY came over to adk about the problem. I yold him we were waiting for a long time for our food. He apologized and daid he’d check on it. He never returned. Icing on the cake was…he told me I couldnt use my coupon and he had discounted it enough already…very rude like. If he had been more attentivr to customers complaints instead of entertaining his family then just maybe I would have let this go….


Kayla March 21, 2017 at 11:57 pm

Management at Ruby tuesdays Kapolei, HI needs to be enforced… the manager declined to give my last check I actually am untitled to have two more checks and so today is payday here and I had caught the bus to the job to pick up my check at 2:00 when the checks is ready and he told me that he sent it in, which is a lie because he just received the checks today… idk but y’all but I am going to file a complaint and I am going to turn in this location asap, I am also going to take them to court!!!


Teddy March 15, 2017 at 1:59 pm

I work at the Ruby Tuesday in Nashboro Village, TN, and they don’t treat their employees fairly, and honestly, the servers discriminate against people of color when they come in. Management will change your schedule the day of so you have to work that day without asking or talking to you, they forced someone to come into work while vomiting and made her serve customers even though she had a doctor’s note, and most of the employees come to work high or while abusing prescription medications. I have never worked in a more unprofessional setting and it’s the worst job I’ve ever worked.


Susan March 14, 2017 at 8:50 pm

Please bring a store to Northeast Richland County, Columbia, SC. A restaurant just closed on restaurant row on Two Notch Rd. Perfect place for a Ruby Tuesday’s!!! Just sayin!


Abelia Jackson March 8, 2017 at 3:13 pm

WE HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE!! I was dining in at Ruby Tuesdays (Deep River location Greensboro/High Point NC) with my daughter and her two friends on Sunday March 4th. When we walked in we told the host (Amber) we were a total of four people. We asked not to sit near the bar but she told me it’s all they had available as she rolled her eyes. I was annoyed at this point but the girls were hungry and we just went with it. I got up to head to the bathroom and as i was walking, I saw nothing but clean tables that were available!!!! I sat back down and asked my server why did your host lie to us. She said sorry and made sure we found a table in the dining area and got the manager to speak to us. The manager was nice but really couldn’t explain why she lied. Then to make things worst, our server was horrible! He was mumbling the entire time and seemed agitated to wait on us. We didn’t feel wanted. As we were walking out we overheard the host, same one that lied to us, telling another person that we were “ratchet” and just “wanted free food”. We were embarrassed and just left without causing a scene. Something must be done. We always dine at Ruby Tuesday and would hate to have this experience again.


Pamela Jones February 17, 2017 at 10:41 am

This was shared on my timeline this morning with photo’s of the empty tables – Hope they sue this location for discrimination. – Family and Friends, please read carefully this is not a joke. On last night some of my family members and I went to Ruby Tuesday in Saraland, Al to eat dinner around 9:20 p.m. Once inside Ruby Tuesday the young boy working the front didn’t greet us nor smile. He said, HOW MANY? I said, we will have a total of eight. FOUR of us are here and there are FOUR on their way. The young boy didn’t respond at all, he just walked away. He returned shortly with a lady that we later learned was the manager. What happened next was a real REALITY CHECK and here is how it played out!
MANAGER, I’m sorry but we can NOT accommodate you all.
ME, OH… WELL, WE CAN SIT AT TWO SEPARATE BOOTHS. (still smiling..confused)
ME, MAAM… ARE YOU SAYING THAT YOU CANT SERVE US, YOU ARE UNDER STAFF, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? By this time I’m feeling some type of way but still giving this lady the benefit of the doubt. My husband is 😡 steaming, my brother is about to explode!
……. ohhhhhhh my, my, my …….
Y’all let me tell you that God was speaking through me… yes he was…Amen🙏🏽
WE TOLD HER THAT SHE WAS THE MANAGER IN CHARGE. AND DONT EVER SAY YOU CANT ACCOMMODATE A PAYING CUSTOMER. THIS IS CALLED, DISCRIMINATION!!!!! !!!!! We notice that only TWO BLACK COUPLES were dinning there. And at this point, we wasn’t loud but we were expressing to her that we wasn’t pleased with her attitude nor her reasoning. And it wouldn’t be the end of our conversation. But the right thing for us to do at this point was to leave. Smh!!!!
We left out to leave …. A man from the bar area walked over and HIGH FIVED THE MANAGER. One BLACK COUPLE stop us and said, why did she turn y’all around. We said, we was told that they didn’t have the hostess to accommodate us. I went back in to take pictures of the empty tables. This same guy went in with me and said to the MANAGER, ” I eat here all the time and what you just did was unreal and my family will NOT be eating here again!” So, this is why I am putting the word out to let people know that when you see someone being discriminated against for any reason …. it’s ok to speak up and speak out.
Oh we ate across the street at another restaurant and called back to Ruby Tuesday around 9:40 p.m. to reserved room for a party of EIGHT, the MANAGER said, sure we have the space with know waiting, may I have your name?
Now, do you see any empty tables???!


Tamica February 15, 2017 at 1:55 pm

Location: Florence, SC on American Drive
Feb 14, 2017 I decided to have dinner at the bar to avoid the long wait for a table. It was extremely busy due to it being Valentine’s Day. The bartender made drinks while 3 wait staff waited for their drink orders. One of the tall drinking glasses broke in half as she filled it with a premixed red drink from a 2 gallon jug. I watched with disbelief as one of the wait staff quickly grabbed another glass and helped the bartender salvage what was left of the spilled drink. The bartender then filled the glass as I yelled..”Oh no, there could be pieces of broken glass in that drink”. The bartender as well as waitstaff looked at me as if I was the crazy one and proceeded to take that drink to the customer’s table. At that point all I had was the salad bar. I called a friend to discuss what I witnessed. I was dumbfounded that 4 workers saw nothing wrong with transferring a drink from a broken glass. Therefore, I was concerned about the disregard and carelessness of the cooks. Perhaps against better judgement, I had my entree. I knew full well I would just reach out to corporate at my earliest convenience. I was outnumbered by ignorant staff. Why report the incident to a 5th worker was my thought process.


Brandi J Johnson February 14, 2017 at 3:05 pm

I worked for RT for 11 months, and the manager would not let me come into work one day, and took me off schedule, no explanation, no nothing. I was top server/bartender, and did nothing wrong. This corporation needs a major upgrade, a lesson in courtesy, among other things….


Ziggy Sledz February 13, 2017 at 11:49 pm

Tonight was my last visit to Ruby Tuesday. After the nickel and dime menu you now have, the coupons you offer are worthless. The salad bar is now $4 and it’s worse than the previous version. The service at your Shelton Ct location is slower than slow and the food presentation is worse than a High School cafeteria. Myself and my wife would eat there 2x a month but no more.


Audra Hood February 12, 2017 at 10:20 am

On this evening of February 11th, my family and I were highly disrespected by waitress/bartender Kriste Y. by insinuating that we were thieves, to remotely think that just because we are an African American family we cannot afford to eat at this “establishment”. She assumed that we were going to leave without paying, but as my fiancé informed her that he would pay for everyone’s meal in the “establishment”. A gentleman and his wife behind us over heard this awkward conversation, reacted by going out of their way to pay for our meal because of someone else’s ignorance. Thanks to Kriste Y. you’ll never receive a penny from me.


Anthony Marzo February 11, 2017 at 1:12 pm

I find RT’s ad with a rapping mother entirely offensive. Where my family lives in Berkeley, California, I am constantly having to counsel my 8 year old about the urbanization that he is introduced to him through the public school system. Rap, hip hop and the urban and gang attitude and culture that comes with it may help some segments of our society feel more welcome, but for those who find it unacceptable, it is just another lowering of our social standards. We will not support companies that proliferate these poor standards.


Miranda January 26, 2017 at 5:50 pm

I’m also wondering about my W2 that I’ve not yet received. I still have my information to log into the adp portal but I’m not sure if that’s even the correct website anymore.


K.soto January 25, 2017 at 4:27 pm

After being employed with ruby tuesdays for over 2 months i know now why there are so many bad reviews on the corporate website ots disgusting how they treat there employees not following labor laws and holding wages from employees then leaving them to go threw the process of calling a corporate number with an automated voice service who takes you in circles the most unprofessional work place environment as a cook im appauled knowing ruby tuesdays does not comply with food and safety laws either i hope this reviews opens corporates eyes your establishment is going to s*** and its happening under your very noses


Mike Jones February 2, 2017 at 12:16 pm

Ruby Tuesday shut down 5stores in my area (Hampton roads)Virginia last year.Was told all employees would receive w2 in the mail by Jan31?The website and corporate number are of no help and fell like your insulting my intelligence by directing past employees like myself in circles.I’ve called the BBB Better Business Bureau and hopefully everyone else does the same.Either y’all tighten up or have a law suit on your hands w/a lot of plaintiff”s


r2d2 January 19, 2017 at 7:03 pm

I am no longer employed at RT but I am wondering when I will receive my W-2? My other employer already sent me mine, waiting on RT to send me mine……


Lance Williams January 26, 2017 at 3:59 pm

I was wondering the same thing i recently contacted a manager that i use to work under for RT about when will i recieve my W2 he said it will be either mailed or i would have to go on the adp site to get it or last check stub. Well i now work for chilis because of the RT getting shut down which has became a problem because both companys uses adp. I cant use my adp app on my phone because it want allow e to login in or on caused by this. So now all im just askin for is either my last check stub or my W2 but RT has no real contact info to talk to the right person about this and adp keeps giving me the run around


Andrew January 15, 2017 at 12:06 pm

You have several employees at your Elizabeth City, NC store #5130 doing drugs before during and after shifts. For example Dorian Cowan the stores waitress/ bartender met up with a co-worker and smoked before your meeting on store #5130s new salad bar before hours at 9 a.m.


Zequelia January 12, 2017 at 11:51 am

Last night January 11,2017 in Canton, OH I took my 8 month pregnant daughter in law and sister in law to Ruby Tuesda’s, bragging about this dish I enjoyed so much. Once we got there I learned that the dish was no longer on the menu so we preceded to order something else… I ordered the New Orleans seafood with mash potatoes and the salad bar my sister in law ordered a burger with mash potatoes and the salad bar and my daughter in law ordered the ribs with French fries and broccoli. Before our food arrived we were getting one biscuit a piece being brought in 10 min increments (which totaled two) and the waitress stating “They’re only made in batches of 12, others people want some!”. Our appetizer was hot but everything went down hill after that. The waitress told us before our meal arrived that B team prepped the food for C team and they are lazy. When our food arrived our mashed potatoes were pastie and cold, when I asked were these real potatoes she started stammering around and stated “Um yeah, they’re real, B team made them for us”. I’m like “These are not real mashed potatoes, these are either instant or processed”. She then shuggs her shoulders as in I don’t know. She asked if we wanted another side and we said yes and ordered a baked potatoes with butter and sour cream. After reordering I wanted to add some zucchini to the order and went to the counter, I over heard the waitress talking real disrespectful about our table so I cancelled the order. The manager came to our table talking about how the food is prepared and left for their shift and that’s why she don’t eat potatoes and she don’t eat eggs and she has all brother’s and just a bunch of stuff that was irrelevant and when I explained to her why I didn’t want any of it her response was “Over some potatoes!!!”. I had went to the salad bar and made a salad but I didn’t touch it one bite cause at this time I’m disgusted. My sister in law went to the salad bar and made a salad and gave my daughter in law some off her plate and the manager said my daughter in law had to pay for the salad bar because she ate some. My daughter in law’s ribs and fries were cold and the broccoli was under cooked, my sister in law’s burger was over cooked and dry, once we said we didn’t want any of it the manager started tallying up things that we HAD to pay for, stating “Those drinks are 3 something, Um three appetizers and 2 salad bars!”. I said I’m not paying for two salad bars because I didn’t eat none of it and my pregnant daughter in law ate some off my sister in law’s plate!”. She stated those are corporate rules, not hers. She came back with a bill for 30 dollars and said “I took the meals off!”. I’m like “how is that showing any customer appreciation when we didn’t touch the meal?”. She stated “I took the meals off!! “, and walked away. She was very cynical and it made me very uncomfortable. Please address this poor customer service.


Terry January 6, 2017 at 11:35 pm

I’m a 58 year old professional male with a perfect record. I’m the COO/ CFO of a corporation and a CPA. After work today I went to the Ruby Tuesday on Hodges Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL. Shortly after I arrived a professional 37 year old woman came in and asked if she could sit by me. I had never seen the woman before. I then learned, after she confronted the bartender, that her husband had been seeing the bartender. She then told me the bartender had sent her husband a video of her pole dancing for the husband. The woman’s 18 year old daughter found the video. I am sure the woman will forward the video if necessary.mmthe bartender’s name is Kennedy and her father manages the Ruby Tuesday’s in this area.

I left Ruby Tuesday a little after 6:00 PM and had dinner. I returned just before 10:00 PM. I ordered a draft beer and was served by Kennedy. She asked the street I live on. She then told me that I “egged on” the lady who confronted her earlier. She then told me, in a threatening manner, that her dad would be happy to know I said what she accused me of. When I challenged her, she kept saying in a loud tone “Terry, are you treating me”. I am sure I was threatened and I’m sure her behavior was totally unacceptable in a work environment.

Normally I would forget what happened. After experiencing the spoiled, entitled and vicious behavior of the bartender and her threatening to “have her father visit me”, I am going to pursue justice in this matter. If the corporate office doesn’t contact me, I will have a restraining order issued against the bartender and her father. I’m not sure of how liable Ruby Tuesday is, but I will consult my attorney. I told the hostess that I had been threatened and asked for the name of the bartender’s father who manages the location, she told me she did not know. I am embarrassed for the unprofessional, immature and threatening behavior of Ruby Tuesday.


Justin Stevenson January 5, 2017 at 11:29 am

Iam a customer rite now at the ruby tuesday in Springfield pa. And I asked to speak with a maneger and I was told the GM took a catering order and the store is without a manger the food wasnt fully cooked and the service sucks


yvette taylor January 4, 2017 at 3:25 pm

My issue is with the Rby Tuesdays at Holyoke Mall in Holyoke, MA. Visited the store on 12/5/16 @12:15 to use free b’day coupon. Greeted and handed menus and the told to wait in hallway of mall as they were backed up and didn’t have enough wait staff. Told 10 min. wait…wait time 45 and then we left.
Returned on 12/21/16 @ 11:30 to try again. Wait staff greeted us at table and proceeded to state 5 food items not available for that day. Come on you just opened. We order the free burger, a side salad and a full salad ontree. Asked that burger be med well. Finished salads and burger finally arrived 30 min later chared! We ate and left. Very disappointed in the food and service. What is going on at this store?


Mark Meyer January 3, 2017 at 1:54 pm

I was a customer at Ruby Tuesday in Mason City, IA on Thursday, (12/29/16). Being a frequent customer, I was extremely frustrated with the actions of management this night (later finding out he was the general manager of this store). Being a local business owner I was not pleased with him trash talking his employees in front of multiple guests waiting to be seated. He was also discussing another employees pay with a different employee, which is not legal and highly unprofessional. This has not been the first instance in the last two months. I have watched the same man, who I now know runs this store talking sexually about women and discriminating them. Ruby Tuesday is one of my favorite local restaurants to eat at and I’m very saddened that this man has made me take my business elsewhere. I hope this issue can be resolved. Best wishes for the future.
-Mark Meyer


Rachel Collins December 27, 2016 at 4:57 pm

I just ate at Ruby Tuesday in Walterboro SC. I got a garden bar- and started eating it and felt something chewy, then I pulled out a rubber band. Needless to say I showed the waitress who was very nice and said she would get a manager and stated that he would take my meal off the check at the least. He came over and apologized and followed by saying it was weird because they didn’t use rubber bands in anything that it was a mystery. I felt like he was accusing me placing it in there. I attempted to get another salad and eat my mini burgers that came but I lost my appetite and couldn’t eat my food. When our check came, nothing was adjusted off- I had to mention to our waitress that she said he would take my meal off. She then came back and stated that he could give me a free dessert or take my kids meal off the ticket. First off I already stated I lost my appetite so I dont want a dessert, but why not take my meal off, because the kids meal was cheaper.
It had nothing to do with the money at all, I could buy everyone’s food that was in there . I felt accused of placing something gross in my food!!! I came in there to eat and pay, why would I place something in my food to make me loose my appetite. As I was very polite the whole time and kept saying it was ok, I just feel like the experience was not handled appropriately.


dennis chapman December 26, 2016 at 10:50 pm

On 12/26/2016 at approximately 4pm my wife and I went to the Ruby Tuesday in Lexington, SC. We had the worst experience we have ever had not only at a Ruby Tuesday site but any restaurant.
At approximately 4pm we were taken to a booth that had to be cleaned and a mess under the table had to be swept before we could be seated even though there were several other unoccupied tables/booths available. Our order was taken and delivered to our booth however, my wife’s meal had to be returned because her order was completely incorrect. We waited for over 20 minutes for the correct order to be re-delivered. In the mean time, I had ordered the salad bar and waited until my wife’s meal had ben delivered. As we waited for my wife’s re-cooked and corrected meal, we noticed at least two other tables receive their meals, the same meal that my wife had originally ordered. The only response we received from the staff was, “your meal should be ready in a few minutes”. But, during this time of explanation, the other tables were receiving the same meal. My wife in the mean time went to the ladies restroom and found the condition of the facilities extremely nasty. She had to use a paper towel as there was no toilet paper.
As we sat waiting for the replacement meal, other tables continued to receive their exact same meal.
As the staff, half assed continued to attempt to reassure us her meal should be ready any minute, we continued to patiently wait. We finally informed our waitress that we were leaving and wanted the bill for the drinks that we had ordered and received, iced tea and water and the partial salad bar that I ate. The waitress became extremely rude and said ” don’t worry about it, just leave, I’ll take care of it”. As we were leaving the restaurant, we heard the waitress yell out to the cooks, ” forget the meal, the people waiting are walking out”.
During our time in the restaurant, we noticed no more than 5-6 other tables being served, there was no issue with a crowded restaurant.
With this experience and completely unprofessional service that we were subjected to, I can safely say, we will never return to another Ruby Tuesday, especially the one in Lexington, SC.


Sena Keith December 23, 2016 at 9:14 pm

Best thing about this place was the waitress In North Olmsted Ohio …Managers name is Christina. Food sucked …tasted nasty and It was poor quality overpriced crap and I will be calling the corporate manager was rude !!


Lorie lines December 13, 2016 at 3:12 pm

Being repeat customers at ruby Tuesday I can’t believe that when my son was charged double and nothing was done about it when it was brought to the managers attention.
My son and girlfriend dined in Friday afternoon for lunch. Their bill was $33.00 with tip. He paid with his debit card. $67.00 was taken from his account later that day. After a call to the manger and a visit to the restaurant nothing was done. He was not able to find the receipt but we thought the restaurant has to keep records apparently not. We understand that mistakes are made but not to even try to rectify the situation is unacceptable.

Sent from my iPhone


Jessica December 10, 2016 at 10:47 pm

The manager at the of the Douglas Ruby Tuesday’s is a pervert. He is also very rude. My food was messed up one night and I had the manager come over to my table to tell him the issue and he made it seem like I was making it up, while he was talking to me he kept looking down at my b**bs. This isn’t just something that has happened to me, I have heard of him doing this same thing many times to other people. This needs to be addressed.


Joyce December 9, 2016 at 11:21 pm

I had dinner with my 2 teenagers at Ruby Tuesday in Deer Park, NY this evening. It is our local restaurant that we go at least once a month, mostly Friday. It seems every time when it was busy, the worker couldn’t keep up the pace. We waited our drinks about 10-15 mins because when I finished my salad, I was still waiting. My daughter ordered her usual chick noodle soup with salad. After another 10-15 mins, a worker came to our table to inform that no more chicken noodles soup due to the menu has changed. I was just there 3 weeks ago. It’s ok but how come my server, Danielle, didn’t know? Appetizer came but no serving plates. We had to ask twice. When we were about to pay our check, $65, Danielle brought my card & receipt to sign & asked me for ID. She caught me off guard. I live in Deer Park for 19 years & ate at that restaurant for many years. This is the 1st time I experienced it. Besides menu changed. Is it a new policy from RT? I asked her why & if the card didn’t work while reaching out to my wallet to get my ID. She said no, it works, just need to check the name to make sure it matched. I actually felt humiliated & wondered if it is because I am an Asian female. I don’t mean to bring in the race card but I saw her brings checks to other tables & didn’t ask to check ID. So, why me? I had cash out $15 for tips. That’s more than 20%. Because of that reason, I put only $10, the minimum 15% tips


barb hurley December 5, 2016 at 8:42 pm

My friend I ate at the Ruby Tuesday by Lakeside Mall. I normally don’t complain, and wasnt going too…….but they need to know. I ordered a petite sirloin that tasted horrible……like old meat. I eat farm raised meat, so I know what it is suppose to taste like!! My friend had shrimp that the batter was gooey on the inside. She only ate 3 of the 8 and I barely ate my steak. Our bill was over $30!!! We won’t be going back!! Terrible waste of $$$$


Larry November 29, 2016 at 8:45 pm

My family and I went to Ruby Tuesday 4432 on Sunday right before 3pm. The service has been horrible the last 2-3 visits, but gave it one last chance. It took forever to get our food. When we did get our food it was horrible. My wife ordered 2 sides of zucchini, and they only sent 1 order originally. Our waitress brought out the second side after she was completely done with her meal, and it was burnt and greasy. My daughter ordered corn dogs and they were lukewarm on the inside as if they had been sitting while the other food was being prepared. She didn’t eat them. 3/4 of my ribs were burnt to the point that i couldn’t cut them with a knife. Our waitress was polite, but the people that prepared our food were horrible. The manager never came over to the table to see how things were, and they mostly stayed huddled together laughing amongst themselves. There were maybe 4 tables with customers in them so it wasn’t at all busy. This was pretty much the last straw for us. We won’t ever go here again, and we gave it more chances because of convenience. Just thought you may want to know.

Thank you,



Rob Goodman November 29, 2016 at 10:11 am

This was our experience yesterday at the Hwy 92 location in Woodstock, GA

It has gone downhill! Seated at 1:00 for lunch. Server came to take our order and told us they were out of burgers! I planned to use my free birthday burger coupon so that was the first disappointment. After what felt like an eternity, the server returned and we placed our order. We went to the salad bar (the price is now $9.99!) And there was no field greens, carrots, black olives or cuXXXXbers. I asked the host if he could get it replenished. He said yes but took his time letting someone know. A guy finally came out of the kitchen to write down what was missing. By the time they replenished it, our entrees had come. The wrong side was brought for one of them and their yummy biscuits came out with the entrees. They should have been served while we waited for our food. Our server never returned to check on us until the end. When we went to order te dessert that came with our trio, we were told we they were out of the berry tarts. We asked for the Manager who came over but didn’t seem too concerned about all the mishaps. He said they actually did have hamburgers but they thought they were out. He offered a substitute dessert. We waited another 10 minutes for that. We asked for the bill and showed our $5 off coupon and was told we couldn’t use it on the trio special. We told him to ask his Manager which he did and he took off the $5. 1.5 hours later, we left. What a horrific experience! We will never be back!! It used to be my Mom’s favorite but not anymore.


Doug Draucker November 23, 2016 at 8:19 pm

Re: Our Meal 11/23/16
This evening my wife and I went to Ruby Tuesdays #3911 in Richmond, Va. 23060.
The service was very good. However, I ordered the Petite Sirloin which I had ordered on previous visits. On earlier visits I found the steak tough and full of fat as I did this evening. On that earlier visit, I mentioned this to the manager who said this this had happened before to other customers. Tonight it was the same. I felt it was best to e-mail.
Earlier this week we went to Chili’s near us and ordered the same thing. I commented to the server that it was the best cooked and most tender steak I had ordered from any “Chain” restaurant. Maybe it was the supplier where the steak was ordered. Maybe it was frozen too long.
I felt I should write in hopes that you would look into this problem. We like Ruby Tuesdays and the coupons. My wife and I are both in our 70’s and must watch our money carefully. We would like to continue coming to your restaurant but, afraid to order the “Petite” sirloin because of the previously mentioned problem. A suggestion….find out the meat supplier for Chili’s and see if they can offer you a better and more suitable option. Thank you in advance for your attention.
Douglas R. Draucker
Glen Allen, Va. 23060


Lisa November 21, 2016 at 9:20 pm

My friend and I drove 25 miles out of the way to eat at Ruby Tuesday, Tallahassee FL. . Wrong choice!!!
My Co worker heard about the 12.99 special
we both ordered the 8 Oz (upgraded from 6 to 8 Oz for $2)
She ordered hers med. well with rice baked potato and salad. , I ordered mine med. rare. Mash. pot with bacon and cheese (w/up charge).
Here is the problem;
When the server came to the table, I reached to take the plate, she said the plate is “very” hot so I moved . She sat it down, and to my surprise the potatoes were cold, the cheese was barely melted. My steak was RARE and COLD!!! So why in the heck was the plate so darn hot??? Massive FAIL

My friend….where to start… steak was well done, you know, SHOE LEATHER done!!! Yuck! But it gets better….NO… the rice was yellowish, it looked like it was over cooked mushy. I have pictures!!
The server came to the table and asked if we were ok, we told her the issues and she took my friends plate and brought her back a piece of meat and rice. Funny the server said the rice was just made and the other was leftover from last night!!! REALLY!! Is Ruby Tuesday not making enough money to make new rice every day!!!??? The manager and the server acknowledge the meat was not cooked correctly when it came out…so my question is why was it served. The manager said, this is a good learning lesson for the cook and in the mean time we leave hungry and with out. Not sure I will be back.


Cecilia Mealin November 19, 2016 at 11:36 am

We hadn’t been to your restaurant for a long time because we experienced a disaster when we went back in February (3 out of our party of 6 got there meals first and the other 3 waited 20 minutes)!!! Anyway, I said to my husband let’s give them another chance. I also received in the mail a coupon said $8 off an adult entree when one is purchased. We got there and the server was excellent. She had a great attitude and was very helpful convincing us to get the 3 course deal for $12.99. She also told us that the brussel sprouts were her favorite side. We ordered the salad bar, half rack of ribs, brussel sprouts and berry tart. We also order two large beers (which were $6 a piece). The meal was fine, but when the bill came, she said that she couldn’t accept our coupon because it doesn’t apply to the $12.99 special. It would have been nice if she had told us that before pushing the deal!!! Also, on our bill, there was a charge for $6.50 for the berry tart! When we asked her about this, she said “oops, I’ll see if they can fix this” Fix this??? It was supposed to be included. Also, when questioned why we were being charged for the salad bar, she said that the brussel spouts were a premium side and we were being charged $4 extra for the 2 of them. Again, it would have been nice if we were told all this. I guess we should have read the special menu more closely, but when the server was pushing it, and convinced us that it was an excellent deal, we believed her. Also, if we had know that the coupon was not going to be honored, we would have considered an alternative option. We did not complain to the manager because he was busy trying to keep customers at a table beside us from flipping out because they got the wrong meals and each member of their party got their meals at a different time!!! The manager actually sat down at their table and was trying to reach a satisfactory agreement with them!!! It is too bad our experience at your restaurant left a “bad taste” in general since the food was decent.


Celeste November 16, 2016 at 7:15 pm

Horrible experience! Went with a coworker for lunch..ordered salad bar and mini cheeseburgers..we were both halfway through our salads before drinks (water and unsweetened tea) came..then 3 sheriff deputies in protective vest comes in and ARREST the SUPERVISOR…the entire crew/staff goes outside..(we still have not gotten our burgers)..the officers leave with the supervisor in tow…finally the workers come back inside. Me and my coworker has been here over 45mins now and STILL no burgers..then a staff member comes over to tell us she didn’t like the way they came out so they will have to recook them…NO THEY BURNED WHILE YOU ALL WERE OUTSIDE! finally they bring the burgers and we simply ask for them to be put in to go plates as our HOUR long lunch was over..we ask for a discount and we simply got a smirk…wow almost $14 …I guess we paid for the entertainment! Very displeased! Not to mention the 10 yes TEN dirty plates I had to sift through at the salad bar to find a clean one!.ruby tuesday lagrange ga is AWFUL:(


Denise Jackson November 16, 2016 at 12:59 pm

My husband and I frequent the Ruby Tuesday #4385 in Jacksonville, Florida. Each time we have dinner there the service we receive is always, consistently excellent. One person in particular impresses us each time we visit. She is upbeat, optimistic, courteous, attentive, pleasant, helpful, and a true example to her coworkers. We asked if she was the manager and we were extremely surprised and shocked that she was not.
Annette Wilson-McClenny was the greeter at this location. Not only did we witness her in action as greeter but she would also ask the guests if there was anything she could help with, and if everything was going well, while making sure the establishment was kept neat and clean. Each time we visited this location Annette showed the same genuine care, and outstanding customer service that is not always received at other restaurants. If there is any type of reward, promotion, bonus or compensation she could receive, or any type of acknowledgement or honor to be awarded please consider Annette Wilson-McClenny. She is an absolute joy to customers, and an outstanding asset to Ruby Tuesday restaurants.
Please share this message with Mr. Tim English, General Manager.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kevin and Denise Jackson
Satisfied Ruby Tuesday customers
Jacksonville, Florida

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, YOU ARE A LEADER.”


Paulette Durden November 14, 2016 at 10:25 pm

Yesterday, Sunday, November 13,2016 I went to Fayetyeville, GA For lunch after church. I have had many meals at RT. Very good meals and no complaints .. Not so for yesterday I had the chicken wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese. Zucinni fried and a baked potato . Well, what I could eat of it. That was the most horrible, greasy meal ever put on a table. I was quite disappointed and was hungry when I left. No, I did not say a thing to the server . The server was quite attentive and yes, I left a good tip !! Being a senior citizen now and on a very strict budget I felt that the right at 20 bucks was just thrown away, the “Zulu” was sooo limo and greasy I could fried an egg with the access grease. The chicken was hard as well as the bacon. Just was not an impressive meal and I was quite disappointed .Bringing this to your attention in hopes that another senior citizen won’t throw away 20 dollars. Thank you for reading and actions taken!!


Regina Groves November 13, 2016 at 11:13 am

My husband and I were in town, expecting a wonderful meal and experience. First, service was awesome and what food we ate was good. We had a horrible experience with a obnoxious, foul mouth female. I’ll try my best to keep to the point. We are white, obnoxious fbomb, vile woman white. The families around us were black so was our server. All was upset with her behavior but, they remained silent and we felt something needed said, politely my husband asked her to quieten down. He was thanked by the other tables which totaled at least 12 to 15 women and CHILDREN. We attempted to try to enjoy our meal. VILE NASTY WOMAN jumped up and attacked my husband then proceeded to verbally attack me. I stood up and it was close to physical. Not one time did the manager step in. We left our meals and paid our bill. Long story short horrible experience for the 12 to 15 plus us 14 to 16 effected by one vile drunk female. I left still hungary and stopped for a burger. So, managers need training in handling loud drunk people and not serving drinks to someone so vile mouthed. I know for a fact if it were black people and we were the only whites they would have spoken out too! Said my peace and I hope this is isolated. This happened at Elizabeth City, NC, November 12.


Justin pino November 6, 2016 at 7:21 pm

Just sat at the ruby Tuesday across from the Fayetteville pavilion for two hours and had to walk out because we got no service my food came out wrong and we didn’t get refills for 45 minutes if there were something else I could do I would but we got the worst service of my whole life I don’t not recommend that restaurant to anyone the manager said he would take care of it and still nothing I am angry we walked to la parilla instead pleas answer me as soo. As possible I want reconciliation


Joe Shmow November 6, 2016 at 12:33 am

Ruby Tuesday of Ashland, Kentucky does not care about the handicapped community.


Kamonna Bell November 4, 2016 at 6:14 pm

My family and I arrived at Ruby Tuesdays in Savannah Ga, Abercorn Street on friday 11/04/2016 at 3:00 p.m. and were not greeted at the door. When we were finally acknowledged after five minutes were seated and realized that underneath the table on the floor were filthy!! The waitress did not give refills until we were ready to leave. Also 15 minutes after ordering were told they out of the entree we all ordered but the manager did not offer anything better to substitute for the inconvenience. The manager was not of any help and the waitress had a very dry personality and attitude we actually had to get service from another waiter after she walked off without letting us know she was being relieved. The visit was not of my liking & I probably will never return.


Jessica Hamilton November 3, 2016 at 11:39 am

Last time me and my family went to Ruby Tuesday in Rosslyn, VA ( forgot the address bulding number is 1300)
When we walked in there were no host one of the server asked table for how many? For 8
I guess they were all in break or something we sat at the table and waited our server for 10 mins finanny she came took out orders. Foods were not ok my uncle asked his steak cooked in med but it came out more like med-well!!
Well nobody was interested in dessert so we left.
When we were walking out the door I saw MOUSE!!!!!
Nobody was sitting outside but their patio have a mouse.
Tried to tell someone but nobody were by the door. So we left.
Horrible experience.


DENNIS DE ROSE September 26, 2016 at 2:43 pm

I went to our local RT with a friend and we took advantage of the $6.99 hamburger deal. Would you believe there is a big sign posted right outside that reads…”6 burgers for $6.99″. I paid for 1 burger and I am waiting for my 5 free burgers. I am currently waiting for corporate to get back to me. Obviously someone dropped the ball there.


Doug September 29, 2016 at 4:28 pm

So simple human error means a company should lose money? That’s ridiculous. Lemme’ guess, Clinton voter, union worker……


Kate October 22, 2016 at 12:27 pm

You’re kidding right? Maybe you should have asked them to clarify, I guess they need to be more specific and include the word each so people don’t assume you are getting that many burgers for that low price. The only way you are getting burgers for a dollar each is off a value menu at fast food.


Patricia Dolan August 17, 2016 at 4:18 pm


I just heard that our local Ruby Tues. in the Kemps River Shopping Center closed this week….everyone in our area is upset….that restaurant was always busy….and we would like it back….


Jennifer Smith July 26, 2016 at 9:00 pm

This makes the 2nd time me and my daughter has gone to Ruby Tuesday on navy blvd in pensacola fl. The 1st time we went we waited for almost an hour before we got our food!!! Now I said to myself then that I wouldn’t come back. I got an flyer in the mail and I seen that kids eat for free on tuesdays from 5pm till close. So I thought I would try the place out again but before we went I thought I better call and ask about it 1st. The lady on the phone told me yes they it free as long as they wasn’t over 12 years old. So we went. When we get there the young lady up front told us to go and sit at the bar. We sat down and was looking at the menu. We placed an order then I asked the guy if hers was free. He ask her how old ahe was. My daughter told him 12. He said yes, I think so but I will ask. We got our food and ate. Then when we was done he went to ask and came back to tell us she had to order off the kids menu in order to get it free. Now I had called and ask this guy before we ate but NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT ORDERING OFF THE KIDS MENU!!! So I asked for the manager and she told me that she wasn’t going to give me her meal for free. Ok well I tried to explain to her that I called and asked before we ate. She said well 1st off ypu shouldn’t be sitting at the bar with your child but I haven’t said anything the whole time you have been here. I am not giving you her meal for free. I have no problem paying but when you call and ask before u eat what the hell!!!! Noone knew to tell me what she could order and for her ignorant self to tell me after they have placed us at the bar that my daughter should not be sitting there! I am in retail management and I know you cannot treat your customers the way the lady manager treated me tonight. I would not suggest that anyone ever go to that Ruby Tuesday’s!!


Kate October 22, 2016 at 12:34 pm

They probably thought you, like most of us, would realize or ask if that was off the child’s menu only. It is on the website. It is one kid’s entree with one adult entree. That doesn’t include drinks or dessert. Can’t be combined with any other offers like coupons. They did make a mistake in telling you it was ages 12 and under, It’s actually for kids 10 and under. However, not all locations participate. If you look at this page it says kids’ menu is ages 10 and under.


William Myers July 12, 2016 at 1:40 pm

Me and my family went to the one in Christiansburg,VA while traveling. First we had gone to the Cracker Barrel but the line was out the door so we headed down the road to Ruby Tuesday. Needless to say the wait at the CB would have been much better. Entering RT the greeter/ hostess acted like she was frazzled another male host went to wipe a table in which there were plenty of open available ones. After placing our order and about an hours wait for our incomplete cold food we also had to ask for eating utensils and ketchup plus sauce. Unbelievable! Never again plus we emailed RT from this site voicing our review and still haven’t heard back from them. Never again will another RT get our money or recommendation if RT doesn’t acknowledge our complaint.


mark stevenson June 30, 2016 at 6:20 pm

My wife and I recently ate at the Ruby Tuesday in Winder Georgia. There was a problem with our meal. When I contacted the manager Matt McCoy, he was very gracious and apologetic. He also was very generous and provided us with two free meals.

We ate there tonight. The food was fabulous and the waiter was awesome. There are the reasons I have been eating at Ruby Tuesday for 25 years now. My hats off to Matt and his crew at Ruby Tuesday in WInder, Georgia.


Mark Quinn June 28, 2016 at 1:12 pm

HORIBBLE MANAGEMENT!! My wife and I had dinner at the ruby Tuesday in Lakewood ny . On 6/27/16. The food was ok and are server was extremely pleasant . We sat over by the bar area and witness one of the servers looking around for the manager to get change. When the manager finally came out he was extremely rude and indecent . The manager treated the server like crap and acted as if he was bothered by her asking for change. What we over heard afterwards was uncalled for . The manger turn to other server that was standing there and said that he hated that dumb B***** which he was replying to the server who asked for change and proceed to complain about how much he hated his job. This was by far indecent leadership. Instead of maximizing they’re strengths and representing good values , they’re exasperate them. Note to self TEAMWORK IS VERY VALUABLE!!


Miranda Gomez June 24, 2016 at 4:27 pm

Hi I was in on Friday for lunch with my husband & I wanted to say I absolutely love the new garden bar! All of the new flavors are excellent but I definitely miss my pasta salad. Also our server Clarissa was great she is such a sweetheart she did a great job making sure we were enjoying our meals & having a nice time. Good job!


Adriano June 24, 2016 at 12:24 pm

You should get rid of your So called GM at the Craig Road Las Vegas restaurant. She is so unprofessional, discriminates againts elder employees, demeanors them, has favorite
Employees younger and embarasses emoloyees.
She hires nothing buy Mexicans due to her husband is a wetback.
Keeps employees money/ tips for doing banquets, and probally stelaling from the restaurant. Big gambler and thinks her sh*t doesnt stink. No good wanna be GM. Used to eat there weekly, but wouldn’t gi close to that place ever again!


Courteney Johnson June 23, 2016 at 12:14 pm

I am an employee at one of your restaurants. I believe that Ruby tuesday is a great restaurant but I don’t believe you care as much about your employees. You give your hostess the title server assistant when server assistant isn’t really the job because they’re technically not even required to bust tables. Just reset them. You pay them less than minimum wage (between $4 and $6 an hour) and require that the servers tip them out a hefty amount of money regardless of how much we make in tips. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if servers didn’t have to bust their own tables. For instance, I have tipped out the hostess $22 after working a double shift and all I went home with was $60. Did that server bust all my tables. NO. And that’s not including what I have to tip out to the bartender, which they never see tip out money to begin with. But the problem is that I feel like Ruby Tuesday as in organization is using the servers to pay the salary of the server assistants and they do not care if that takes all of the servers tip money or not. In places I use to work there use to be a cap for how much we were allowed to tip out. Regardless of how much we made. And that was a tip out for an actual bust boy. Here we have to tip out outrageous amounts and still bust our own tables. I like the company but I feel like I work too hard hustling tips out of customers to pay a crazy percentage of it to the ppl who just seat ppl in my section. It’s not fair and something should be done about that. Thank you for listening. I provided my email. You all can contact me personally about this.


Juanita Short June 12, 2016 at 11:52 am

Hello Corporate! Are you even there? With all of the negative reviews I have read regarding this restaurant chain, and the bad reviews coming in from all over the country, it would seem that the higher ups would be taking notice of this and initiating steps to correct and improve Ruby Tuesdays reputation! But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have a friend who recently went to work for Ruby Tuesdays in Rapid City, SD about two months ago as a waitress. She has been staying with us and in the last two weeks has been coming home after a shift with reports of incidents occurring that are totally unacceptable in the restaurant business if one hopes to be successful in it. Last nite she came home with reports that the cooks were threatening each other with a physical altercation while on duty. The cooks being new hires have also been producing a very poor quality product resulting in alot of complaints to the waitresses by the paying consumer. The wait staff is not abiding by protocol and procedure– absorbed in their cell phones while on duty, leaving dishes on a micro station where all staff have to have access to it, an assistant manager spreading an unjustified rumour about an employee being fired because of drug use when in actuality she was excused from her shift to attend a memorial service of a friend! Where was the general manager in all of this?? OH, off to Gillette to open another of Ruby Tuesdays new additions to their already horrendously mismanaged corporation…
I was in the restaurant business back in my day–worked at numerous high end restaurants in the 1970’s and initially trained by Marriott Corporation. Yes, there is drama that occurs in this business. Yes, there are some people you can’t please no matter what. But when the quality of the food, the quality of service, and the cleanliness of a restaurant business is not strictly adhered to, YOU WILL GO DOWN. Word of mouth remains the most important aspect to a successful (or unsuccessful) restaurant reputation. It only takes a few to compromise and contribute to its demise. After reading some of the reviews about your restaurants all over the country, it is apparent that the corporate heads are seriously in question as to their ability and willingness to instill quality as the utmost priority throughout this restaurant chain. I know that after what I have heard and read, that I, as a lifetime resident in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota where tourism is our mainstay, will never recommend this restaurant to any of our visitors.


Sabrina June 7, 2016 at 9:08 am

I had lunch on Sunday, June 4th and my meal was $15.04 and I included a 15% tip. Our Server, Autumn B seemed to be in a hurry and asked for our checks because shifts were about to change. She took all three of our separate checks and payments. However, I noticed two transactions on my account yesterday and spoke with the Manager, Natalia in (Summerville, SC) location who assured me that once the final charges went through this would be rectified. Upon checking my account this morning I’ve been charged $57.52 cents I’m very upset by this egregious error! I’ve been dining there for the past 3 or 4 years, but will no longer do so!


May Neurd November 15, 2016 at 11:48 pm

I too am an employee of Ruby Tuesdays and although I believe the “server assistants” are in fact paid minimum wage at my location, I find that this approach only results in their (as well as salad bar attendant’s) hours being cut back and their shifts ending hours before they should which leaves those of us left in the front of the house to pick up the slack. Considering a general lack of coworker understanding and/or concern for how the overall guest experience effects tip percentage at the location I work at, I often end up the one doing the job of those hourly employees, which effects my ability to serve customers to the best of my ability and give them the proper attention. I shouldn’t have to assess the aesthetic condition of the place in order to decide whether it is more crucial to the satisfaction of my guests at that moment than their raspberry tea staying full. And I certainly shouldn’t be stuck washing out greasy salad dressing containers that are left over after the morning attendant goes home just to be order to wash the dishes that I am personally responsible for. It is a system that causes the staff dynamic to fall into a cycle which both undervalues and relies too heavily the best of the employees and rewards those who are not pulling their own weight.
There are so many issues on the corporate level with this company that bleed down into the individual locations. The managers end up focusing so much on numbers and being sure no one has too many or too few hours that they lose sight of how that plays a part in the day to day success of the restaurant.


Peter Churchill May 31, 2016 at 8:55 am

‘m an avid customer of the Ruby Tuesday’s in Lakewood New York. However this weekend I was appalled from what I heard from a male servers\ bartender. I overheard a conversation talking about if by mistake they forgot to take their tip out that the draw, the manager keeps the money instead of returning the tip to them. Is this the policy or is the mangers pocketed a few extra dollars for themselves?


M.Shahid May 29, 2016 at 2:37 pm

As always after church, I stop thru Ruby Tuesday to eat at their well manicured salad bar. On Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 1:15/1:30pm, the bar was empty and the televisions were all Softball, NASCAR and some other sports event. Seeing that I’m active duty military(19years), I prefer to keep up with current events. After asking the bartender on duty if the television could be changed since I’m the only one at the bar. I was answered with a nasty “no”….then asked could he get his boss for an exception he answered “why”…..then reminded him that was a paying customer. He disappeared to the back and returned to change one of the three televisions at the bar. He never returned to even ask if I needed anything. I spent 10 min of my life requesting a policy exception and I was the “paying customer”. I’m disturbed with the lack of even acknowledging me after serving me the “piss poor attitude” This will probably be the last time I eat at this Ruby Tuesday even though it’s closer.
Quantico, Va


Emily May 25, 2016 at 3:33 pm

I don’t normally ever complain, because I am a server myself at a steakhouse. But my first and last visit was at the Albany, Georgia location and I was highly disappointed. We were sat in a dead section, we were overlooked by the other servers. We sat for 30 minutes before my fiancé went up to the host and asked for someone to serve us. We finally got our drinks and appetizer and the mozzarella sticks were soggy and cold. I ordered a grilled chicken salad and I couldn’t eat it. Everything was old and wilted or rotten. The chicken wasn’t even warm. The only thing I liked was once we finally had a server, she was wonderful. I can’t remember her name but she did her best at keeping our drinks filled and she was very apologetic for everything.


Mark M May 18, 2016 at 8:33 am

I travel once a year to visit my 90!year old mother from Florida and she loves to eat at ruby Tuesday in Lakewood ny, we had the exceptional service by Valerie , she was pleasant and attentive she made sure our dining experience fantastic . I would just like to thank her for going beyond good customer service.


DeEnda HOCKENBERRY May 13, 2016 at 8:40 am

I have been trying to find the golden beige upholstered chairs like many of your restaurants have. I’m from the Chambersburg pa location. Would anyone be able to find out where they were purchased from, or if any stores have recently closed and you may have 10 or so to purchase. Thank you


nick beard May 3, 2016 at 3:58 pm

I worked at the 31st and memorial store in Tulsa Oklahoma the last ruby Tuesday in Oklahoma and the way things are going there won’t be one. With the managers having sex with servers and barstaff and playing favorites Rodney the gm servando kitchen manager with no standards and Danny f-ing the bartender this is your management! Grill line is filthy they take a water hose to clean the grill ( big health violation when they spray the hose on the grill cross contamination. You have tea urns dripping into light sockets your gm Rodney is never there 20 hours a week the owner does not know how to run a ruby Tuesdays let alone her own kitchen with her son working for free last thanksgiving there are some serious changes needed here if things won’t change ill be calling able and the health department everyday


Jackson May 1, 2016 at 5:51 pm

Please disregard my last complaint. However Jason shouldn’t be a manager at the corinth ms store. He’s a disgrace.


Dan April 11, 2016 at 10:27 pm

Ruby Tuesdays
Location: 1312 West Patrick St.
Frederick, MD 21703
Number of Guest: 4
Coupon: Buy one entrée get the second one 50% off ?
(Didn’t think a salad bar or the Veggie trio would be counted as a “entrée ” for the 50% discount.)

My family of four ordered 2 rib eye steak diners, the Veggie trio and a salad bar. The server was good I have to give him credit, everything was timed very well. Although I thought it was kinda strange that coupon was taken from me prior to ordering anything from the waiter? The waiter ask for the coupon and says that the best deal is the buy one entrée get the second one 50% off. So as we’re all looking over the menu, my wife decided on the two sides for her meal and daughter has decided on the salad bar. My son and I choose to go with the rib eye $19.50 steak dinner. The steaks dinners looked like two distinct different size steaks, we all kidding saying that the smaller one was going to be the one that was 50% off. Thinking obviously at this time we ordered two rib eye entrées and that one of them was going to be 50% off. The waiter comes up to the table while my daughter and I are at the salad bar and offers my wife to move her two sides order to the the “veggie trio” because the cost is very minimum cost difference and so she does. ** Not thinking that it would replace one of the entrées for the 50% discount, which it did!!! They tried to apply the 50% discount off the salad bar first, which was a discount of $4.79. Of course we said something and the waiter agreed with us saying it was wrong. The waiter takes back the bill to the manager and the waiter returns with a additional discount of a dollar, bringing the total discount to $5.79. Now the discount has been applied to the veggie trio, conveniently. This time when he shows me the bill the coupon is now back at the table and on it someone has circled the fine print on the coupon. ” the 50% discount will be on the lesser valued item”
Needless to say, if there is a problem with a bill the manager should be addressing the situation and not the waiter! The manager let us leave unhappy and dissatisfied with our experience in this competitive market we are in, I guess business is that good ? Ruby Tuesdays has definitely lost our business over $4.00 We feel like we were scammed, we only went there because of the attractive 50% coupon and will not recommend this restaurant.


Nancy April 6, 2016 at 1:32 am

My husband and I decided to visit Ruby Tuesday on Rockville pike (Rockville, MD) after we finished Easter shopping around the area. The host kindly greeted us as soon as we came in and offered us a both by the bar. The restaurant seemed fairly busy although the bar was empty. So why not? Anyways, the bartender was our server and Jesus Christ this man was either really drunk or high off of something. As soon as he greeted us, I notcied off the bat that he was slurring his words. He wasn’t comprehending with us at all. I can even say this man could barely walk. The food took forever and he rarely came to check up on us after the food was delivered to our table. The food was average but the service was terrible. I think I noticed at least two managers around the bar area and nothing was even done to fix this problem. It seemed like they didn’t even care that their bartender was drunk/high during his shift. Someone needs to talk to the general manager because our experience there was horrendous and unpleasant.


Phyllis williams April 3, 2016 at 6:22 pm

I went to a Ruby Tuesday in Douglas, ga. And there were to many tables in the restaurant. Not much room to move. The waitress had dirt under her long nails! When we went to leave, the waitress said that the register was down so we would have to wait. We couldn’t wait, so we rounded up the cash quickly because we wanted to get away from the dirty nails!


Kristelle Targett April 2, 2016 at 4:54 pm

My husband and I were recently travelling on highway 95 and sitting in tremendous traffic. We saw a sign for Ruby Tuesday at the walterboro south carolina exit and decided to take a break and have lunch. What a mistake!!! We walked in the door to no host. Just to point out it was around 3pm and not very busy. We were seated in a booth that was disgraceful. I went to sit down and the booth seat tipped. I am not a heavy woman. The walls looked like they haven’t been cleaned in years. So much for the new look!! We ordered 2 large ruby relaxers and was given a straw that was too short for the glass. I also had water but no straw. Too much to ask? We ordered an appetizer, the Big Dipper, over cooked! I went to the ladies room to be grossed out by a dirty bathroom. Counter was soaked with water and soap. Mirror was filthy and garbage overflowing. I checked out the salad bar and was horrified. The bowls were half empty with old looking food, spilled food all over. My husband went to the restroom with the same experience. The light was out and the urinal was hanging off the wall. Now to entree. I ordered a half rack of ribs with regular BBQ sauce and mac n cheese with asparagus. The ribs had no taste at all but the mac and cheese was good as well as the asparagus. I was not given extra napkins or wipes with my ribs. Standard practice!! Last note. An empty broken pepper shaker left on ledge and also empty beer bottle on ledge at host station left. I have pictures to back everything up. I am a former shift leader of the Ruby Tuesday at Monmouth mall in Eatontown nj. Our store was never neglected like this. What happened to 100% table visits and bathroom checks? I never saw a manager by the way. The servers dressed like slobs. Just a bit of knowledge, the gm needs to be fired, the district manager should be tetrained! I am still a restaurant manager today so let me know if you would like me to fix these problems.


vinny como April 1, 2016 at 9:41 am

okay my turn, Ruby Tuesdays in Kannapolis NC, the manager Anthony asked this girl if she could cover a shift she was just leaving school had her book bag with ipod in it, when she was going home her bag was gone Anthony checked the cameras and discovered this guy Sergo that works there left with the bag
he had him bring it back and moved him to days!!! They didn’t fire him i am thinking what is next? ruby tuesdays cash register???????? he says it is her fault for bringing that to work with her lol REALLY!!!!
They also have a guy working there “Balial” that drinks all the time constantly running into the mens room by the end of the night he is smashed he even tried to fight a manager one night and they think it is funny and he is still working there

Anthony also has 2 ex workers there that is ready to file sexual harassment charges, seems he cant keep his hands off the hostessess if nothing is done i will speak to the girlthat had her ipod stolen and convince her to press charges!!!!!


vinny como April 1, 2016 at 9:44 am

I am also a webmaster with very good search engine skills! i will make sure when people search for sexual harrasment or theives in rowan or cabbarus county nc that ruby tuesdays will come to the top of the list


Donna April 1, 2016 at 9:07 am

Dislike recent changes to salad bar big time! Ate at Alcoa Highway Furrow Road just to get your wonderful salad on 3/26/16 and found out the new changes were terrible! Won’t eat another salad there due to new items are not good and the old items we liked are now gone 🙁


Greg Rackley March 25, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Hi I ate at the South Cobb Dr ,smyrna ,ga. Restaurant yesterday and saw they completely redone the salad bar I use to go there because of the great salad bar .I don’t know why you would change it but in my opinion it was awful,I could not eat it. I also ordered the sirloin steak and it was ALL gristle not edible. I will not ever go back.


Eric Mcguire March 23, 2016 at 2:59 pm

I was released on 03-14-2016 and they have yet to give me my paycheck from 3-15-2016. I have called payroll and corporate with no help. I need my money!


Tommy linkugel March 23, 2016 at 2:56 am

I was recently let go from your store in cold spring Kentucky. I have never seen a worse management staff in well over a decade in the business. At most they spent maybe 15 minutes a day outside of sitting in a booth and maybe had there manager card for 5 minutes of that. Letting hourly employees do the little work that happened. Saw my manager once play online gaming on his phone for 3 hours and the only time I saw him up was to smoke. I think it’s ridiculous that no one stepped in. No wonder every other restaurant within a block radius does three times the business. I’m actually embarrassed to say that I have ever worked there. Doubt you’ll ever look at this since I couldn’t even find an email to tell you this corporately but I have names if you need them. You really need secret shoppers if you ever expect at least the store I worked at to last


Tammy Robinson March 23, 2016 at 12:41 pm

There is a link to their email page on our website. Give it a try!


Eric Mcguire March 23, 2016 at 3:01 pm

Well the management team in Louisville, Kentucky on blakenbaker rd is incompetent at best. They can’t even find my payroll check from 3-15-2016.


Maya March 18, 2016 at 12:30 pm

My Friend used to work at the Ruby Tuesday on Capital blvd in Raleigh NC. This MANAGER named ASHLEY on multiple occasions tried to get Tanija. She even told the GM PATRICIA CAMPBELL and she just waved it off. One day Tanija was very busy and a MANAGER (ASHLEY) offered to close out her checks. This MANAGER purposely over charged a customer be $30 in effort to get my friend Tanija Thomas fired. A few weeks later that customer called back and complained. My Friend was asked to go to the ATM to get $30 and give it to the GM PATRICIA CAMPBELL. My Friend was genuinely apologetic because she did not over charge this customer. 20 minutes after she gives PATRICIA CAMPBELL her money she gets fired. After working there for over 2 years she gets fired for something she didn’t even do. This goes to show that the managers at Ruby Tuesday on Capital blvd in Raleigh NC, do not care nor appreciate their employees.


Denise Hall March 11, 2016 at 3:31 pm

Good afternoon, I dined at the Ruby Tuesday on 9680 Lottsford Ct, Upper Marlboro, MD, this afternoon. The computers were down so our checks had to be totaled manually. My dining mate and I had $5 coupons, however the manager indicated we couldn’t use them because the computers were down. After our insistence, she rudely took my check and after about 20 minutes the waitress brought it back. The waitress then took the check of my dining mate to provide the $5.00 coupon and it brought back totaled incorrectly. She had to take it back to the manager for correction. The is not the first time I’ve been at this location and been told I couldn’t use a coupon that was valid so this needs to be addressed. The waitress was outstanding, however the manager was rude and disrespectful. I will not dine at the Ruby Tuesday again.


Linda March 10, 2016 at 1:52 pm

I was at the ruby Tuesday in Naples Florida 34108 last night having dinner. There was a woman sitting at a nearby table with a dog!!! The dog hadhis/her face on the table. This is so gross!!

I don’t think that I will ever go there again.

Animals do not belong inside a public eating restaurant!!


Jason March 7, 2016 at 10:42 am

I have gone to the ruby tuesday in park city utah since the place opened several years ago. I have noticed in the past year the food and service has got increasingly worse. I went in to eat this last weekend only because I had a gift card I had received. If I had known had bad the food was and the service I would have never gone. First of all there was only one waitress serving that I noticed and she was very rude and unprofessional. I had to send my food back twice because it was undercooked and the final time they brought it out it was burnt and unedible. The manager or the waitress apologized for the time wasted or the nasty food. Also the waitress not one time asked if we needed refills or ask how the food was. She also screwed up or check and again no apology. Hopefully corporate reads this email and does something about the park city location. The manager and this waitress should be fired. What a embarrassment of a restaurant. It’s too bad. This place used to be good now it plain sucks


B. Sibert March 5, 2016 at 10:58 pm

To whom it may concern:
It is now exactly 10:45 pm, I have been waiting to be seated and served at the Ruby Tuesdays on Panola Road in Lithonia Georgia since 8:40 pm, I waited this long because I was just getting off work tIredell and hungary. When my meal was FINALLY brought, the steak was so black and hard and the mushrooms extremely burnt, was given Broccoli (not what I ordered) the waitress tool the plate back changes out the broccoli but returned with t he same charred mushrooms and overcooked dried out supposed steak. I simply refused to accept this after waiting this long. The waitress sent the m anger over who looked at the meal and remarked that the steak and broccoli looked burnt and apologized and simply offered not to charge me for the Ice tea that I was having. I don’t know when I was angrier and more disappointed.
It’s awful when your patronage is taken for granted, this is not my first time having this experience at this very restaurant, I overlooked the past times and gave them the benefit of the doubt but this has become disrespectful.
Someone from the corporate office PLEASE look into this franchise since they represent you.

Extremely disapointed customer.


Dan brogan March 5, 2016 at 8:33 pm

Was sitting by the bar at the ruby Tuesday in swansea about a week ago for lunch. I’d like to point out that the manager yelling “get off your f***ing phones” from the kitchen is alot more disturbing than any of her employees actually being on their phones. Someone should give her the heads up.


Billy Jo March 3, 2016 at 9:59 pm

Food was good..had a situation with our order. Manager “Brandee” from Pottsville, PA Ruby Tuesday was VERY rude and unprofessional. I will not be returning back after being treated by some stuck up snob. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they hired her as a “manager”..she has no talent or personality to be a “manager”. Business is going to suck if you keep her on that team…TRUST ME! She belongs cleaning the toilets..and away from people and the food…she is definitely not a people person. Don’t seem like she treats the staff well, either. Give her the boot!


bill February 29, 2016 at 10:17 pm

The ruby Tuesday in Danville virgina. I stop in there with my family all time i was eating one night I look up saw employees smokeing vape pens and beeing loud my watitress comes over b**bs all hanging out if in wonted to see b**bs I goto strip club they dress trashy when we goto leave the outside was so dark all the lights Dident hardly work all most trip on the curb outside then I see employees in there car smokeing pot u could smell it a standing out side beeing loud and other customer’s look at the. I bet u have them all drug test they would all fail but I guess that the kinda restaurant that place is I’m going laughf when that place gets busted for drugs y’all need do something about that place. Never going back ever again and one waitress was so rude. I heard her talking to another employee that’s how I get good tips bee rude and flert that’s disgraceful she had blue in her hair. That place sucks


Bobby frier February 28, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Went to Albany ga ruby Tuesday and was totally ignore. 3 or 4 waiters walked by. Worst place to go.


James P. February 28, 2016 at 12:47 pm

The food is the last of my concerns with this establishment. My biggest issue is in regard to their understaffed agenda, and their extreme mistreatment of their staff. Their was a wait of over 40 mins on a Saturday night, tables available, but not enough servers to seat. The employees that were their couldn’t hardly pay attention to anything because they all had 3 people’s worth of work to do. And to make matters worse, I heard 2 seperate employees crying, distinctively. I couldn’t feel worse for the employees who are forced to bear these conditions, and I will not be returning to eat here again. In my opinion, Ruby Tuesdays should be shut down, or forced to appropriate their labor to a viable amount of employees every day. They are nothing short of a slave-trade business. Absolutely awful.


James P. February 28, 2016 at 12:48 pm

This was the North Olmsted Location on Lorain Road in Ohio, to clarify.


Stacie Wallace February 27, 2016 at 10:32 pm

My family and I have visited the location in Lumberton on Fayetteville rd three times each time I have received horrible food . The service is always great however there is a horrible experience with the food everytime I go . The first incident is where we found plastic in the Mac n cheese. Second, was when the food was burnt crisp . This last time we went the food was extremely salty . My husband begged me to go , Sad to say this will be the very last time we ever go to a Ruby Tuesday.


Trea Wyche February 27, 2016 at 9:59 am

So last night at Ruby Tuesday in Henderson, NC the manager thought it was appropriate to call the police on my mother and aunts one who is disabled because they would not walk out the back door of the restaurant. I don’t give a damn if it was after closing time. You have a disabled person that can not walk a long distance and your want to force them to walk out of the back door. Smh. That is the worse policy ever. Is this really the way they choose to treat disabled people? Plus the manager gave my mother the wrong number to the district manager and called the police and told them that they were trying to get into the restaurant after closing and not the truth that they were actually trying to get out of the restaurant. This is an inconvenience and inconsideration to disabled people. If it is indeed the policy of Ruby Tuesday that after closing no one can leave out of the front door it needs to be changed because it does not take into consideration that disabled people may be in the restaurant late. So if a disabled person falls and hurts themselves trying to get around the restaurant your company could potentially be sued for this inconsiderate policy. Something needs to been with this inconvenient policy.


Jontazia Henderson February 26, 2016 at 2:35 pm

Good afernoon i am a former employee at Ruby Tuesday in Beechwood,Ohio I have worked here since june 23,2015. I have not been treated fairly since the start of 2016. I have been put on the schedule for certain hrs or days after i have informed my manager i would not be able to make it and it ended up being my fault when i cant make it. i have a 6month old and a broken car so i make sure i inform my managers of any problems ahead of time now today i can not make it to work and will be out of a job because i have no transportation i have been cheated out of days that im suppose to work. I have had my schedule changed after it was already made and i have been called worthless. I just really want to be heard


Michelle Schell February 21, 2016 at 10:42 am

Last evening we ate at the Georgetwon, Ky Ruby Tuesday. We sat at the end of the bar to enjoy our meal… The view of the food/ beverage performance was interesting. Bartender Brittany had her hands beyond full! My only issue was no one assisted her in keeping the bar clear or do the glassware that piled up three dirty glasses deep for 4 feet in front of us! Spending $70 on dinner having that view should not have happened. Better design or more support for the bartender was definitely needed! We were the last two seats by the kitchen but all sets should be pleasing for your guests!


Big jake February 18, 2016 at 7:54 pm

your promotion dept needs to be sent down the road and new people brought in for better promotion deals. america is not stupid. the buy one get 50% of is on a 25 percent discount and all your competitors are doing BOGO’s instead and getting your business. your store in palm city fl needs to change from a test restaurant to a regular service and quit using the patrons as guinea pigs on items. this customer is gone for good and have gone over to codys roadhouse, its only a few miles further and better on service and coupons. your only fooling yourself and the service and monies will soon show when people see this and i start telling everyone about codys roadhouse. BYE BYE BYE


mike szabo February 15, 2016 at 2:35 pm

I recently was dining at your Streetsboro Ohio location when I had a pretty poor experience. My wife and I were there on Saturday bight fir dinner the restaurant was not very busy and was expecting a fantastic meal like I usually get from your restaurant. Well when my server brought out my meal she was gloved with a kitchen mitten and used a double plate for my chicken dinner. This server was telling me as I reached for my plate that it was hot so I was told but I didn’t hear her. Well I grabbed my plate and it burnt my hands so bad that the right one blistered and the left has a red swollen mark going across my palm. I am no means a sissy and currently training for the World Powerlifting Championships in October. My hands are very callous due to the fact I do construction work. The temp of my plate that was presented to me was in the neighbor hood of 300 or more degrees and caused severe burning on my hands. I have take pictures but have n way of attaching them. The major complaint have is the way the manager handled this and lack of compassion until I complained I would talk to corporate about this. I’m in the process of deciding if I should contact a lawyer to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit for my injury. If my Training for the is contest is interrupted due to the fact my skins tears from the bar from the burns I will have a real problem with this restaurant. I’m asking now you make this right and settle up for my pain and suffering I received from your servers lack of poor judgment on bringing a plate at the high of a temperature to our table. If this would have been my wife and ambulance would have been called.
I’ll give you guys one shot on making this better before I turn this over to my lawyer for further review. I’m sure the manger will recall this problem on Saturday to explain this problem. Please i expect a timely response to this injury matter. Mike Szabo 330 554XXXXX thank you and can be reached email at chopperszabs at


Michelle February 6, 2016 at 11:54 am

I worked for Ruby Tuesday TEN years ago, and was harassed like crazy by a lady they promoted to GENERAL MANAGER!!!! This place is a joke, and she still harasses me on social media!!!
You can read the nonsense for yourself! Racial comments, and unnecessary stalking that all stems from a job I had TEN YEARS AGO!!!! When does it stop?!?!


Time to make huge changes February 5, 2016 at 11:42 pm

I really think Ruby Tuesdays should really read all of their complaints and make sure they take action with all complaints with coustomers with satisfying them and take action with the restaurant that has completes about otherwise this restaurant won’t be in business much longer. In my area where I live there are two Ruby Tuesdays on a Friday or Saturday night where there are waiting list at all other restaurants there is never ever a waiting list at either of the Ruby Tuesdays in fact there are more seats open then people sitting. Tonight on a Friday night there was my daughter and I and one other table with two people sitting there. That was it out of like 40 tables on a Friday night at 7:00 only two tables were taken. Ruby Tuesdays really need to look into their business and better themselves otherwise comes 10 yrs or less RubybTursdays will begin to close their restaurants because they are unable to keep business. I honestly think the corporate Ruby Tuesday employees need to make huge changes in all their restaurant otherwise their restaurant well as everyone working for corporate will all be out of jobs.


Janine February 5, 2016 at 11:16 pm

Went to Ruby Tuesdays in Westboro MA. My daughter and I always go and use the coupon they email to me. The same coupon for the same meals I must of used at least 20xs. The waitress told me I could not use the coupon for my meals when I told her I always use this same coupon on the same meals she rolled her eyes at me and gave me a very snotty reply and told me she will not allow me to use it. We were sitting at a table by the bar which not one person was at the bar so I was able to hear the waitress talk about me wanting to use the same coupon I always do to the manager and how she not going to allow me to. The manager did not say one word at all. Myself working in the management for over 20 yrs you would think the manager would say something to this waitress and not allow her to upset a customer however you could tell this manager really could careless if he had customers are not. At the end I would of saved over $7.00 if she used my coupon so when I paid where it said tip I put $2.00 and said “you would of gotten 20% if you used the coupon” however to me with that coupon that she never gave back to me and the $2.00 I left I ended up leaving her more then 20% and I am a very good tipper I always leave 20% and if they are real good I leave more then 20%. This was my first time ever leaving a tip like this.


Doris K February 3, 2016 at 9:45 am

Love there Salad.
But yesterday went with Friends to have a nice Dinner
And I had a long Haiti in my food.
I complained ( informed ) the lady that was serving us who was very nice. I believe the supervisor came out with new food and all I got was sorry and she walked away.
No way could I eat my Dinner after that.

Won’t be going back to there again.


jessica vick-kristie January 29, 2016 at 7:54 pm

My husband , mother, and I order to go food from Foley, Al location. The worst food I have ever had !!!!!!!!!!! The last three times we have went there the food had been god awful. The fact that this location is even open anymore is a complete shock. You need to send someone from corporate to investigate this location . I could have gotten better food from a frozen food meal !!!!!!!!!!


Beth Hanson January 27, 2016 at 7:10 pm

A group of six of us went to Ruby Tuesdays in Carrollton ga today. I was looking forward to salad bar as it is always fresh and has such a good variety. NOT TODAY! They are testing new salad bar and 5 of the 6 of us hated it. All the “new” items all tasted the same. We did not eat what we got after first taste! We ended up having to order something else. If this is the new direction of Ruby Tuesdays, we won’t be going back.


Tasha January 22, 2016 at 7:00 pm

I visited the facility in Eastchase Montgomery, Alabama. I have never been sooooo disappointed in my life. The staff is very UNPOROFESSIONAL! A 19 year old college student brought my alcoholic beverages out and I had to ask another employee to get my waitress because she didn’t come back to check on me. When she came back out I told her the beverage was AWEFUL she said ok and walked off. The manager is standing at the counter and DID NOT ONCE ask if he could assist or attempted to find out what was going on!! The ENTIRE STAFF standing around laughing and talking not paying attention to the customers! I will not be back to this location because CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVERYTHING! !!!


A concerned mother January 22, 2016 at 9:17 am

It seems that lack of safety for its employees at Ruby Tuesdays district and cooperate is something they need to readdress. Cooperate in Tennessee closed at 5 pm…as a State of emergency in Tennessee was declaired. While all at the District were safe, cozy at home. I find the lack of responsibility vs safety of employees by not closing shows a lack of regard for its employees. Your employees safety should have been considered . Unreal decision making. If my child was in an accident because of this …believe me you’d be getting sued. Wake up!!!!


Melissa L January 21, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Hello I would like to start this comment off by stating I normally don’t do this but after my experience at a Ruby Tuesdays yesterday in Prince George Virginia 1/20/16 I can honestly say I was disgusted. I walked into the restaurant about 15 minutes after being open, I had called in a to-go order on my lunch break. Now if it wasn’t for my short lunch break I would have stayed and demanded to speak to a manager but I had to leave. I walked in and instantly heard the f’word loud and proud from who I had assumed was from a customer at the bar. As I make my way around the corner I realized I was the only customer in the restaurant and I then heard the f’word again. I stood at the bar for a good 2 minutes before anyone acknowledged me. I let the first two slips slide assuming they didn’t hear me come in but then I heard the word twice more. The man that said it I assume was a manager and said mark his words “ I should probably be quite there is a customer but oh well “f…””. I was flabbergasted. He was yelling and complaining to another employee about a “meeting” he had went to about wearing new colored shirts at the restaurant and if no one wanted to wear the “f’in” shirt colors he picked out then he would fire them” he then said welcome to Virginia were I can do that as a manager”. I quickly had to get out of there I was so disgusted. I get back to work and my sandwich was wrapped in paper and I open it up and my sandwich wasn’t even a sandwich the chicken wasn’t even cooked and it had everything I asked not to be on it, on it. I will NEVER go back to this location. I don’t care if I was a young customer or not if any other “adult” was in there I’m sure they would have been more controversy then what I could have done if I had time. Thank you for listening to my experience and i hope that something is done about this manager.


Wayne Barton January 17, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Yesterday on 1/16/16 my mother wanted me to take her to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. It had been quite awhile since I had been there. Actually I had planned on never going back. The last two times I was there the food was not good, was slow and had to be sent back. Also the service was worse than lousy.

But Sat. was a different story. The steak I ordered was tender and cooked just right. The waitress got the order right and checked on us regularly. She was prompt in taking our order and bringing us the check when we were done. Our server was (1257) and her name was Kiara at the the Ruby Tuesdays in Roanoke Rapids
N. C. Thanks to her I will go back to Ruby Tuesdays.


Reuben January 13, 2016 at 11:51 pm

On Monday 1/4/16 We ate at the Ruby Tuesdays in Spanish Square at The Villages in Florida. I was not impressed. The restaurant was disgustingly dirty. The salad bar had food outside the serving bowls that appeared to have been there a while. The floor was a mess with large trash like dirty napkins, coffee stirs, straws, etc. as well as food. It was late evening when we were there and there were only a few other patrons in the restaurant. One of the employees should have had plenty of time to clean. Food was fair and the server did a good job with our order.
Seriously doubt I will be back.


carole spencer January 13, 2016 at 11:50 pm

the server was great
the food was horrible
the manager took an appetizer off the bill when we did not eat the lousy food the ribs were dry and not edible so he said do you just want to take them home.. and my son got slider off the kids meal and said they tasted funny so asked if they had some kind of flavor he said no my son never touched them and that was the end of it
we came from massachusetts because you used to have great food and a great salad bar
check 6913 january 13 2016


J. Troop January 12, 2016 at 5:32 pm

Recent visit to Ruby Tuesday’s on Tower Road near DIA, Colorado. The waitress, Trina was excellent. Very pleasant and knowledgeable and when asked if I could have another napkin to take home the excellent biscuits, brought me a container with two additional biscuits. Now, that’s service! Very appreciative of her attitude. The restaurant was very clean and the food fresh, hot and delicious. Will definitely return!


Brittany January 10, 2016 at 5:15 pm

Me and my family went to celebrate my 25th birthday and because my license are in another state and is vertical they wouldn’t accept it. So disappointed that we had to leave and go elsewhere. I will never give them my business again.


Bradley Ainsworth January 9, 2016 at 10:17 pm

I came to eat with my family of six for my stepbrother’s birthday this evening at your restaurant located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on Central Avenue.

Upon entering, one waiter immediately said, “oh no, just one minute” and ran off to a group of other servers, whom all immediately glared at my mother and I. It took a few minutes for a different server to seat us, and the entire time, several of the servers continued to stare at us, make hushed remarks, and made it completely awkward for us while we all ate.

My family and I found it completely unprofessional, childish, and immature. Even two other family members, who joined us moments later after we had seated, made a comment to us about the servers acting strange around us. You might want to revamp your rude staff, or at least teach them some manners at that store. First time eating at any of your Ruby Tuesdays and will not be coming back.


Shane January 9, 2016 at 5:41 pm

Im out for a nice weekend out of town with my girlfriend, we decided to eat at your restaurant and I have to eat gluten free so I ordered off the gluten menu. When the food came out both our meals were very good but I became very sick because my food was not prepared correctly or some how there was cross contamination between other meals. I hope it was just an honest mistake and not carelessness from the staff, regardless we will not be returning, thanks for destroying our weekend away.


Chelle January 8, 2016 at 9:47 am

Last evening, My husband and I encountered an unusual and disappointing experience at Ruby Tuesday last night. We arrived at the restaurant around 8:30pm. It was later in the evening so we decided to just order appetizers. Once our food came out, the representative from the back (I would guess that he was one of the cooks) stated that the plate was very hot to be careful. I ordered the Big Dipper Sampler and my husband ordered the Thai Phoon Shrimp.

The food was not good. When I attempted to bite into the Cheese fries, they were so hard, dry, burnt and distasteful. I called the cook over who had put the food on our table and told him about my displeasure to the food especially the fries.

The cook stated that he would bring more fries out. That never happened. At the end of our meal, the waiter asked if everything was okay. I then stated my concerns to her and asked for the manager on duty.

When the manager came out he had a look on his face that in my opinion suggested, ” What now.” When I stated my concerns to him, he looked at the distasteful fries and the dried up sauce for the fried mozzarella and said “I agree”. The manager stated, “This should have never come out for anyone to eat. It looks like the cooks gave you food from the bottom of the barrel instead of opening fresh food. This happens when customers come in to the restaurant so late. I will credit you for the sampler meal”. He later decided to credit us for the entire meal.

When the waiter came over to our table she stated that we had gotten our entire meal dismissed. Being offensive by the way she made that statement, I told her that our intentions were not to come to Ruby Tuesday to get a free meal, but to enjoy the food in which we ordered and enjoy a peaceful evening out together.

Last evening time is gone and can never be regained. I am very disappointed in the service received at Ruby Tuesday at 1183 Knox Avenue in North Augusta, SC 29841. I live in this town and have eaten at the restaurant several times. Never have I experienced such unprofessional service.

Thank you,


Not Coming Back January 8, 2016 at 8:26 am

From all the comments I don’t need to tell you why your business is failing. Valrico FL store has very sticky floors and waited 25 min after being seated for a server; then had to ask for someone. Manager walked by table twice without acknowledgement. Med sized party in middle of dining room so no excuse.


Concerned January 7, 2016 at 10:05 pm


There is a manager at your Miller Lane store in Dayton, Ohio that is treating her employees terrible. Many times she curses at them via in person and by text messages. She calls them names, yells at them. Corporate needs to get down there and talk to those employees before someone files a workplace violence claim against the company. She uses the “C” word when talking to her female employees. She says the “f” word to EVERYONE who will listen. This is a horrible example of a manager and I’m sure that Ruby Tuesdays would not like to have someone like that representing their company. This is very serious. Please investigate. This women is TERRIBLE.


Mary Ann Williams January 1, 2016 at 1:38 pm

We wish your company would come to Ludington, Michigan to explore the possibilities of opening a restaurant in this area. This location needs more restaurants with a salad bar. Applebee’s and Big Boys and Pondarosa is the only main restaurants. During summer months these places are pack. Ludington is on Lake Michigan with a big tourist area of Pentwater and Silver Lake near by with golfing and boating. Please take a look at this area, you will have a great Financial opportunity coming here. Thank you.


Steve Land December 29, 2015 at 7:37 pm

Here is a copy of my Yelp review placed today about the DTW north terminal airport location. You guys have a real problem here.
Tried this place again after 2 bad occurrences but same awful result. The service here is terrible consistently so this time I gave up and walked out. I have never been to a place where the employees were so miserable. All the servers and host were whining about how they had been there too long that day. Ignored by the host first because he as walking in the terminal complaining to a friend he was working late. Finally got a seat and was ignored by every server walking by complaining they wanted to go home. Stay away unless you want to wait for a long time for horrible service.


Sharon Cenna December 27, 2015 at 1:44 am

Sirs-Tonight,I went to yr eatery for the 1st time in about a year.Food tasted great.
Problem #1- 2 crab cakes were shockingly small.Both were a serving smaller than the size of a coffee cup’s saucer! 2nd-2 Biscuits so small,that as the bread accompanying the meal,they wouldn’t cover a $dollar bill,combined!!
If u choose 2 ignore this,it explains why a Sat night is so empty at RT. Truly, Sharon Cenna


Paul Coriaty December 23, 2015 at 11:57 am

My wife and I have eaten at your restaurant, at lease an average of once a week. We have encountered many Managers at this locationI and I must say that we had the pleasure of eating at Ruby Tuesdays of Brooksville Florida, zip 34613. When Felicia Widney, the Manager is on duty, it seems everything runs smoothly because she promotes great customer service, which is prominent. She takes the time to visit each table several times, making sure that the service meets our satisfaction and expectations. It is our opinion that Felicia goes above and beyond her responsibilities and should be recognized as a professional, in customer care.


Elaine Carrasco December 21, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Just wanted to give kudos to Gabriel, a manager at the St Petersburg, FL. Tyrone Mall Ruby Tuesday. My party all had salad bar for lunch. We all love the pumpernickel croutons and they were empty! After asking 4 employees, including our server for croutons, Gabriel happened by our table and voila, we got a full dish of croutons and our drinks refilled! Thank you so much Gabriel, you care and it shows!
Elaine Carrasco


Shan Pickering December 21, 2015 at 11:30 am

I am a former employee of Ruby Tuesday; the store number is 2962. It is located at 1 Crossgates, Mall RD, K-101 Albany, NY 12203. There is an assistant manager named Matthew Ryan Hogan, he is very verbally abusive and being a bully towards his employees which make the restaurant a Hostile place to work in. Every time there is an issue he orders me to go to the office locks the door and start asking me inappropriate questions on my sexuality, which has nothing to do with my job. He is verbally swearing at employees, unwanted touching, hugging even kissing on the face and saying “I Love You”.
I express my concerns to my General Manager Mr. Tracy Nichols and he does nothing to solve these incidents. Mr. Tracy Nichols has been doing racist things such as hiring certain types of people and then firing them 3 to 6 days after being hired. He has an issue with LGBTQ people, such as there is a gay guy who is the prep cook he talks mean to him although that person has been with the company for over 4yrs.
I tried expressing my concerns with Mr. Brian Hinckley, who is the District Manager. He just looks at you and jokes around laughing at these incidents never making an effort to resolve the incidents that occurred within the restaurant between management and employee. The District Manager Mr. Brian Hinckley is no help in these matters, I kept asking for assistance and none was given just chuckling from him from time to time.
Other incidents that occur are employees working hard 9-12-hour shift without having any kind of breaks, being fired because you told them you were in the hospital and you bring in doctor’s papers. Being fired for 1 no call no show that isn’t your fault. Firing university students who are taking exams or finals and the individuals gave dates the can’t work due to these exams yet the manager still schedule them. Being fired because the general manager doesn’t like how a person look over a period of time (appearance).
The general manager Mr. Tracy Nichols making racist comments about certain employees on how fast the work with in the kitchen, the quality of work without the proper training. Mr. Brian Hinckley never interact with the employees to make sure they are treated fairly. Mr. Hinckley also said that they don’t pay time and a half for holiday pay when work on that day so they work you twice as much like a slave and chuckles about it. Since I had been at Ruby Tuesday Mr. Nichols has fired over 34 employees for certain things, yet he has servers who do drugs in the restroom. Lines of cocaine and crack, in which I had found stems and crack vials as I clean the restroom on a daily basis.


John Zolezzi December 20, 2015 at 5:26 pm

Long story short: I found a piece of glass in my salad and the manager on duty told me he would deduct the salad from my bill even though the salad bar was included with my meal. “A fresh, hand-cut grilled salmon filet glazed with bourbon barbecue sauce. Served with your choice of two sides or one side paired with our Garden Bar.”
The salad was never taken off the bill and I was charged an extra dollar for the one side.
Fun fact- in the 45 minutes or so, that I spit out a piece of glass, ate my meal and paid, none of the staff took a plate off the salad bar to make sure that there wasn’t anymore glass in any of the food.


Katherine December 19, 2015 at 6:46 pm

Probably the worst experience yet . Savannah, GA mall
Store: RT2936

Poor service ! Never received silverware, literally had to find one, water, straws, napkins, never checked how the food was or if I wanted another wine. Never removed plates or glasses from table. To end the rest of the longgg service, which the restaurant was NOT Even busy server included his own tip!!!
Would not recommend or go back to this location


Loretta Railey December 17, 2015 at 12:30 am

Ed & I decided to visit Ruby Tuesdays, New Freedom, Pa. (nano seconds from Shrewsbury) for late lunch/early dinner. While waiting for our drinks, we noticed in disappointment….NOT one Christmas/Holiday cheer was present, or we thought….get to that in a minute. The hostess approached our table to place their delicious cheese biscuits on table. I asked her as to why no sign of Christmas inside and was told Corporate office decided they didn’t want to offend anyone. Our server/bartender approached us to take order. I, again, asked my question to him about not seeing any decorations and he replied same as hostess, Corporate. They both commented they were very surprised & disappointed that, what always was a cheerful, festive & religious time of year to place or display such décor, wasn’t allowed any longer “For Fear of OFFENDING ANYONE” per Corporate !!! Oh, we were quietly informed that there was a decoration on the glass of 2 entry doors. Here it goes people…….it is a round, ball-like design, approx. 12″ diameter with tiny stick-ons of some of Ruby Tuesday food items (possibly a tree ornament). You have got to be kidding me!!!! That, my friends, is their version of “holiday cheer”, which Ed & I never even noticed upon entering the place. I must say, Ed & I were & are VERY OFFENDED but I guess we weren’t the people Corporate had in mind trying not to offend. Check out your Ruby Tuesday restaurant, at any location, and see what you find or don’t find. I just find it ridiculous it has gotten to this point! Thanks for allowing me to vent a little 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone !!!

The above comment explains mine & my husband’s experience today, when we were at the Ruby Tuesday in New Freedom, PA.. Let’s face it, obviously those who decided NOT to offend anyone by not display any Holiday/Christmas decorations, were and are sadly mistaken about that as my husband and I were offended & saddened to see these extreme decisions made & bowing to “political correctness”. Remember when we were all children going places with parents, family or friends and the happy feeling we felt seeing a Christmas tree & Santa Claus? To be perfectly honest, majority of people would respect traditions our beautiful country has proudly expressed, except for the extreme & closed minded individuals that expect the world to revolve around them and only them and their extreme views. The truth is, besides the obvious serving delicious food, a spic & span dining area and food prep area etc., is attracting customers of all ages, regardless of religion & race to be a successful & profitable business! I must say, we were told by an employee there was something on the glass of the double entry doorsEd & I decided to visit Ruby Tuesdays, New Freedom, Pa. (nano seconds from Shrewsbury) for late lunch/early dinner. While waiting for our drinks, we noticed in disappointment….NOT one Christmas/Holiday cheer was present, or we thought….get to that in a minute. The hostess approached our table to place their delicious cheese biscuits on table. I asked her as to why no sign of Christmas inside and was told Corporate office decided they didn’t want to offend anyone. Our server/bartender approached us to take order. I, again, asked my question to him about not seeing any decorations and he replied same as hostess, Corporate. They both commented they were very surprised & disappointed that, what always was a cheerful, festive & religious time of year to place or display such décor, wasn’t allowed any longer “For Fear of OFFENDING ANYONE” per Corporate !!! Oh, we were quietly informed that there was a decoration on the glass of 2 entry doors. Here it goes people…….it is a round, ball-like design, approx. 12″ diameter with tiny stick-ons of some of Ruby Tuesday food items (possibly a tree ornament). You have got to be kidding me!!!! That, my friends, is their version of “holiday cheer”, which Ed & I never even noticed upon entering the place. I must say, Ed & I were & are VERY OFFENDED but I guess we weren’t the people Corporate had in mind trying not to offend. Check out your Ruby Tuesday restaurant, at any location, and see what you find or don’t find. I just find it ridiculous it has gotten to this point! Thanks for allowing me to vent a little 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone !!!

My husband & I were and still are offended & find it very difficult to believe those who came to the decision as to NOT display Christmas /Holiday decorations at the Ruby Tuesday located in New Freedom, Pa.. and would imagine through out the country that it wouldn’t offend anyone ….REALLY? For only a minority of individuals who feel our country’s traditions is offending them, the majority pays the price! All of us as children, always were excited seeing a Christmas tree decorated or Santa Claus, Christmas lights just to name a few. Well, most of us still do! A few cheerful decorations put up or even a small Christmas tree and the physiological joy it endures doesn’t offend 99% of people. Every business always is planning on what they can do to bring the customers in and feel relaxed, possibly have a few drinks, a great meal and enjoy the holiday spirit which in return will pass the word on and promote more business. Those out shopping for holiday gifts are in the spirit & what a better place to go is a place that’s uplifting & cheerful. Please, take what I have shared with you, as an opinion/feelings of many. This is our beautiful country and ALL its traditions, I do thank you for hearing what majority of your customers & employees would love to see.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays !


Cindy Stewart December 11, 2015 at 10:43 am

Note: I and a guest went to Ruby Tuesday’s Thursday the 10th at 4: 15 p.m., there were no Hostess or Manager at the door to seat us, we had to wait for 20 minutes to be seated. There were people sweeping and a lady at the bar talking to two guys, she did not say anything, she ignored the entire entrance, while 3 customers waited. The salad bar looked nasty. The manager no where her be found at the time, then the cook came out of the kitchen picking his teeth. We finally got service after I got an attitude. The new waitress tried to help with limited training. There is truly something wrong going on with this restaurant. We use to get great service and clean food, but not anymore.


Cindy Stewart December 11, 2015 at 10:47 am

The Wilson, North Carolina on Raleigh Road Ruby Tuesday’s needs to be checked to see what is going on, poor service and nasty salad bar weeks day at 4:00 p.m.


Dianne December 9, 2015 at 4:56 pm

My family and I visited the Ruby Tuesday this past Sunday for my daughters birthday. Everything was fine and what wasn’t was handled right away. The only thing I don’t understand is why is the staff not allowed to sing happy birthday? I was told corporate doesn’t allow that. I have had many birthday dinners at many restaurants and have never been told they weren’t allowed to sing. Of course I got up and proceeded to sing along with my family and many other patrons who also noticed. And please do not tell me it may offend someone. I think we’re all done hearing that..


Jeff Anderson December 9, 2015 at 4:50 pm

Today I had extremely rude and rushed lunch today at the lakewood ny restaurant. Our waiter Micheal was rude and short with us we felt rushed the whole time we were there The food . Which was absolutely horrible, my burger was over cooked and the fries were cold as if they were sitting out. I really think this place has gone to XXXXX. The management is even worse.. I’m done coming here.


Mike talbot December 9, 2015 at 1:48 pm

I work for ruby tuesday in hopewell va, Ive worked there for two and a half years. After doing dish and salad bar for two years , I was asked to move into cooking. I thot , wow, more money? Possibly a raise? .. ohh no.. Instead ive moved into a much more stressful position and lost about 15 hours a week. So I actually make about a hundred dollars less now that im a trained grill cook with more than 7 years experience.. They manage to keep hiring new trainees.. there workin the hours ive lost. It was a demotion disguised as a promotion. I guess they think im stupid to not see that there doing me wrong. Ive been dependable and working hard and above average for this store for a long time, thanks for showing me what that means to you.. I could lose my vaction this year because of the unexplained hour cut, thanks in advance for that. I will continue to show up and kick ass like I always do, not for popularity or approval, but because thats who I am and your not railroading me AT ALL!!


David Williams December 9, 2015 at 1:52 pm

The above was written by David Williams of ruby tuesday Hopewell VA. Mile talbot is an attorney and witness.


Ashley applegate December 5, 2015 at 4:48 pm

I want to make someone aware of the terrible food safety and sanitation I just witnessed at your tomasville NC location. This location has an open kitchen and as my fiancé and I were sitting at the bar we witness your line cook preparing cooked items with NO GLOVES ON!!! I watched her toast a burger bun with no gloves, replace a child’s dish with no gloves & pick my wings up and drop them into the fryer with no gloves. I patiently waited to see if one of the three managers on duty would correct the behavior but instead no one addressed this. I asked for a manager and expressed my concerns. The manager came back 5 minutes later and told me the cook assured her she was wearing gloves. Unreal! Absolutely ridiculous. I’m pretty sure when the manager approached the line she seen the cook was not wearing gloves. Never the less we left hungry and disgusted! Someone should be made aware of this behavior especially with an open kitchen.


Melissa November 25, 2015 at 7:27 pm

My family and I went to eat at the location in Roanoke Virginia. I left my tip as cash on the table and paid my bill with my credit card, therefore I left no tip on my receipt I wrote cash. Upon receiving my statement I noticed that the numbers did not add up. There was a $10.00 tip added to the bill. Yes, it’s only $10.00, but that is not the point. It is that someone, fraudulently added money on my bill probably thinking I would not notice. I called the store and the manager told me it was a big mix up and that he had my $10.00 at the store for me to come pick it up… I live 45 minutes from the store, I’m not driving that far for $10.00. He said that corporate would be in touch with me to fix it on my card, I’ve still yet to hear from them. My advice to anyone, be sure to check your bank account because there are thieves out there, that apparently need that extra tip money more than you do.


Greg Friedman November 25, 2015 at 6:24 pm

I am at the DTW airport Ruby T and the wait staff has to clean up spills on the floor and then serve customers… Not very appetizing you need a busboy.


robert young November 22, 2015 at 1:32 am

Hi my name is Robert Young. I own Young Sealcoating LLC. We do pavement sealcoating and line striping, crack filling and asphalt repair. A few years ago i did some work for Ruby Tuesdays in Stroudsburg Pa. i would like to continue being a vendor for your company. I noticed the facility on route 611 in Stroudsburg is in need of crack filling before the winter hits. I was wondering if you would like a free estimate. I would like to be considered for any or all of your restaurants within a 2 hour radious of Stroudsburg Pa. you can visit my website at XXXX or call me at 570-977-XXXXX. Please let me know the process to become a vendor for your businesses. Thank you!


anonymous November 18, 2015 at 1:42 pm

After a visit to your Niskayuna N.Y. store located in the Mohawk commons. My family, and I decided never to return to this establishment. The cooks were extremely slow and could be heard using profanity extensively. The store manager a woman by the name Amanda Nichols was extremely rude to employees, and customers, treating both with a neglect, and very poor attitude almost as if she didn’t care of customer concerns. I understand Ruby tuesday has been a long running corporation since the 80’s but has recently in the past few years been seriously taking a dive in performance. The location is hard enough to deal with as the parking lot, and entrances are a automobile accident waiting to happen. But to add the insult of poor management is utterly ridiculous. I truly hope the corporation looks into this location and manager as it is unfair to the few respectable patrons and staff whom have to endure the poor management punishment.


Claire November 18, 2015 at 11:56 am

We visited the Ruby Tuesday in Clarksville MD last night and they are so disorganized. It was about 6:00pm and when we walked in, no one was there to greet us. Finally the manager went by carrying dishes and said he would be right back. Finally he came back and seated us, but it was quite obvious he was trying to be a host and bus all the tables. Why don’t the wait staff bus the tables? Second when we ordered around 6:15pm, there were no baked potatoes. We asked if they could not buy more and they said “they need 40 minutes to bake”. Right so at 6:15pm, you did not expect some customers who might want a baked potato? The people behind us could not believe it either. This is the second time in 3 visits you have not had them at a popular hour. We went to the salad bar and there were no carrots nor ham left. Perhaps if you hired a bus boy, or the manager paid more attention to the restaurant and not to bussing tables, you would provide better service. It will be a long time before we come back.


cameron l. November 16, 2015 at 11:08 am

Over the weekend my family visited the Somerset New Jersey location for dinner. The host (with dreads) seemed baffled that we had 7 in our party and told us it would be a wait for a party of 7. There was only 2 tables full in the whole restaurant! I asked why a wait they are dead. she said there were no party tables available. I then explained 2 were kids so a booth is fine. She kept staring at the floor chart figuring out where to put us. She was rude about it as well. We get to our table finally and it’s wet and crumbs all over the seat . We asked she wipe it down and she never returned. Server was kind but very slow. My husbands food came out cold! And looked like it had Ben in a window for 20 mins! My sons cheeseburger kids meal came out red in the middle! Bar drinks took forever!!! Didn’t get one of them until our food came. Spending 110$ at dinner with this kind of service? Not sure we will return!


Melissa November 15, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Visited your site in Lumberton, NC (Sunday, November 15, 2015 2:06 PM). Had to ask for silverware. The salad bar needed to be replenished (with everything ). The hostess felt bad for us because we were eating & had no beverages ~ she went to the back & asked someone to bring us our beverages. The waitress said she’d be back with more napkins & never returned with them. The restaurant is in need of MAJOR renovation- it is old & dingy & stained!! Were just passing through & wish we had kept on going!


Eric November 14, 2015 at 4:10 pm

We had dinner at the Ruby Tuesday in Gastonia last night November 14, 2015. Our server, sweet girl named Dakota, was professional and courteous. My complaint is that one of the customers was not happy that she did not receive biscuits immediately on sitting down and broke down into a histrionic mess. We overheard this woman threatening this server. The end result was that this table was given to another waiter. The manager sent our server home and I’m pretty sure fired her. Do you make it a policy to allow the customers to threaten your staff, and then fire them?? I don’t know if we will ever visit another Ruby Tuesday after witnessing this debacle.


Nina November 11, 2015 at 9:41 am

I need help getting pay stubs


Kayla Williams November 7, 2015 at 8:58 pm

I advice everybody to not go to The ruby Tuesdays located in east point off of camp creek market place . They charged me 53.17 when my meal supposedly rounded to ” 24.00″ ..each time I go there they are slow . My drink was watered down and overflowing outside of my cup on to the table drink that was $6 was not presented well. My food was not cooked properly so I had to send it back . None the less we waited over 30 minutes or more for our food ..I’m not satisfied with their guest service.


Regina Walker November 6, 2015 at 9:51 am

Bartender VanPelt–excellent customer service in delivery of food as well as personalizing contact. I was in that location five times in a week. Ruby Tuesday Chesapeake Virginia Greenbriar Parkway


Jazmine Nevers November 5, 2015 at 3:22 pm

This complaint is for the Columbus, Georgia location. I came in with my friend and we placed our order and both got salads, my salad came with my meal and she added on a salad for $2.99. An emergency came up while we were waiting for our food and I asked the waitress if we could pay for our salads and drinks and cancel our order, she said ok but when we got our bill it was $24.02 for 2 small salads. I guess they thought we were trying rip them off but we weren’t so we ended up paying $24 for LITTLE salads. The manager kept trying to get us to get the food but we kept telling them that we had to go we had an emergency . Another thing was it didn’t even smell that good in the restaurant . It kind of threw me off already but we still were willing to go ahead and pay for our salad we ate and the drinks we had. I didn’t even finish my whole drink I will not be going back.


Regina Callahan November 17, 2015 at 10:11 pm

Had exceptional service at the Wallkill NY Location, and always do. My husband and I are there every week. Managers are great, always present, staff is kind. Go see Becky or Sarah at the bar!


Karen November 5, 2015 at 12:18 pm

My husband and I ate in the Mebane NC restaurant on Sunday evening. the waitress #996 Andee-Ma was obviously ill. Coughing and moaning during the entire service. I spoke with the manager on duty (female) and she said she thought she was “faking it”. I suggested that she move Andee to another function that didn’t have customer contact or contact with the food. I also mentioned that the restaurant floor was dirty, the salad bar poorly stocked , food and plates, and the ladies bathroom was out of toilet paper. (I know it was late – 8:45) but there should have been some broccoli in the tray, etc. She apologized but didn’t seem to mean it. My husband now has the cold/flu that Andee was spreading around. We don’t eat at Ruby Tuesday’s very often, but this was the worst restaurant we have been to in years. Definitely would never stop here again.


Maylene Ogawa November 4, 2015 at 7:51 pm

This complaint is regarding a Manager that was on shift at the Kapolei, Hawaii restaurant; which she did not handle the problem in a professional manner.

We were waiting for about 40 minutes to pay for our meal. She never came to our table to let us know why it was taking so long or what the problem was. She passed our table numerous times, but didn’t stop to ever explain what the holdup was. Our waiter came to us numerous times telling us of the problems that the manager was encountering. We were paying the entire bill with gift cards and she was having a problem with putting our change (remaining monies/change) on another gift card due to a new system that was just installed.

I would think that the manager on duty would be the one to do the apologizing and not the waiter. We had a very pleasant experience with the waiter, he handled the situation very well.

So my complaint is regarding the manager that was on duty Sunday night (November 1, 2015). From a nice dinner to a disappointment at the end. I don’t think I will be going to this establishment again.

This should not be happening and I wouldn’t want anyone else go through this like we did.

Thank you for your time in this matter. I would like to hear back from you on what will be done regarding this.

Maylene Ogawa


Traci Beer October 26, 2015 at 12:46 pm

On Friday, 10/23, my husband and I went into our local Ruby Tuesday restaurant, Inver Grove Heights, MN. We were greeted and seated quickly. Our server, Taelor, was pleasant and took our order, even suggesting a bottle of wine. We ordered the wine and then ordered dinner. Everything came in a very timely manner. She was pleasant and made sure to check back with us on several occasions. Everything was great. When she presented us with our bill, we let her know we had a $50 prepaid visa gift card and would pay the balance on our debit card. When she returned with our copies to sign, I noticed something strange. Our total bill was $67.12 and yet the portion from our debit card that we were asked to sign for was $25.45. This obviously caught my eye because with the $50 Visa card, our debit card portion should have been $17.12. When my husband brought this to the attention of the manager, our server, Taelor, ran right up to him and asked what the issue was, looking quite upset. The manager apologized for the “mistake” and billed our card $25.45. We were ultimately charged $75.45 for a meal that should have cost $67.12. At no point did anyone acknowledge the fact that we were being overcharged. My husband didn’t want to cause a scene over $8.00. It seems to me that the server thought she could get away with tipping herself at our expense. Up until that point, our experience there was a very nice one. But because of this, we will not dine in this, or any of your other Ruby Tuesday restaurants. If you employ servers as well as managers in your stores that are perfectly OK with stealing from your patrons, we want no part of it.


Greg Ballantine October 23, 2015 at 4:35 pm

I have been a customer of several RubyTuesdays for a very long time. I travel for work and it’s my go to place to eat.
However, for the last several years, I’ve been traveling to the lakewood area and i have not been as pleased. The management there is awful. Last night as I was eating my dinner I heard the managers that were on duty discuss what they were going to order for dinner then they both left to go have a smoke. Upon returning and smelling like cigarette, one of the managers rudely said “now if I can only not be bother while I eat”. Now I’m a business owner myself and would never say such thing to my employer in my opinion maybe it’s time for new mangers if they can’t handle being “bother.”


Nicole Solomon October 21, 2015 at 2:41 pm

Walked into Rudy Tuesday on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 @ 2:15pm to get a salad to go. I was told to go to the bar to get rang up for a salad to go. Stood at the bar for 15mins never got box the bartender acted as if I was bothering him. So walked out and ordered Chinese food. I’M PISSED ALL I WANTED WAS A SALAD. Ruby Tuesday Greenbelt, MD.


stern October 17, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Me and my girlfriend went to southriding ruby tuesday the food was great but this awful blonde women I believe her names monica who said she was manager stumbled over to our table and slurred some obsenity at us stole or plate and walked away


Jess Fang October 16, 2015 at 10:38 pm

I have been going to ruby Tuesdays with my family for many years and other than minor occurrences have never had any issues and greatly enjoy your establishment. That said…my family and I came into your south riding, va location on the night of 10/16. Food was excellent along with service though towards the end of our meal my husband and two small children and i witnessed something I personally have never seen before. We saw the manager of this established who’s name is Monica (we know due to asking our server after the incident) walk up to a tall light haired Caucasian male server and yell and berate him on the floor for a total of ten minutes…loud enough for ours and multiple other tables to overhear…we had also observed this same server earlier attempts to get her help and witnessed either laugh or just walk away from him. This young man didn’t say a word too while this total disregard for human decency or professionalism occurred leading myself to believe that this happens very frequently. This sort of behavior and language is wildly inappropriate for my young children to overhear and I will not be going back to this location again. This is my petition….clean up your management Ruby’s
-jess a loyal customer


steve October 16, 2015 at 9:58 pm

I by the dismay of my wife reentered your southriding Virginia establishment we’ve had a few problems there before but this time was the last straw we were eating the service and food was great but we had a discrepancy with our bill so I asked for a manager this rather inappropriately dress blond women walks up to or table smelling of liquor and yells at me and my family I shall not be returning


Debbir October 16, 2015 at 11:09 am



Michele Bennett October 12, 2015 at 1:50 pm

My family and I visited the Allen Park MI location on 09/25/2015 we had to wait 25 minutes to be seated, the server was very slow and unattentive, my order was wrong and it took 35 minutes to get it. I asked for a manager that wasn’t available at the time and I spent 116.79 I frequent this location often and was very disappointed this time with the wait, service and food simply disgraceful.


Shelby stansell October 9, 2015 at 10:47 pm

Well AGAIN we went to the one in mason city ia. And the food was cold my waitress was AWESOME tho. The hostess was dressed like a 14 yr old flussy. The waitress who brought us our food put our food at a different table then told them oh this isn’t ur food then brought it to me and my wife. Ummmm NOPE!!! My burger bun was hard my fries were cold and my burger. My wife’s food was wrong AS ALWAYS. I’m done, we’re not going back. We eat there once a week and I’d say everyother week it’s HORRIBLE


anne October 9, 2015 at 9:19 pm

I don’t think anything can compare to the horrendous experience I had this evening at your restaurant. There were several parties that walked out upset about how they were being seated before me, but my experience was much worse. I saw that the hostess was eager to seat her family that had about the same size party as I, but came in about 10 minutes after us…She did end up seating them before us and I questioned her about this. With a very nasty tone she told me that it was because their party was smaller (by one person). I told her I didn’t like her tone and she told me she didn’t like my tone and started to get loud and obnoxious with me. She said she did nothing wrong and became irate when I asked to speak to the manager. The manager asked her to go in the back and promised me she would be sent home for her blatant disrespect and unprofessionalism. He asked what he could do and I said I just cant believe the customer would be yelled at by a hostess who was trying to clearly show off for her family. Her mother overheard me and loudy in the lobby said she would show me a tone if I really wanted to see a tone and then another member of her party said he outta “f-ing give me a black eye.” Needless to say I was disgusted with your establishment and my parents left w my scared crying children while my husband stood guard against the family who wanted to blacken my eye! It was ridiculous and uncalled for and I am clearly disgusted. We left the establishment and don’t intend to return soon. Expect a terrible facebook and other online reviews. One might use a better screening process when hiring applicants…Maybe some with my respect for people who are supposed to be guests in your store. I expect a response to the above address soon explaining to me how you handled this very unsavory situation. Thank you


Mike palmer September 27, 2015 at 2:45 pm

Worst service ever at the Rudy Tuesday in Clifton park NY. The service was horrible the food was dry and it took an hour to get our food. Never go here. How does this place stay in business with such a horrible attitude from all the workers. I wasted my money at this place I am very upset.


JD September 26, 2015 at 4:22 pm

I just had the worst experience ever 9/26/2015 service sucked Cary, NC Crossroads Shopping Center.
Cold biscuits waitress not trained properly I love steak and don’t tell me I ordered what you brought me medium medium and there wasn’t any blood no sauces tea watered down still tried to charge me for them when immediately told waitrezs to remove it tables and floors filthy


Sue Davidson September 26, 2015 at 12:14 am

I would like to make this know that my husband and I dine at the Lakewood Ruby Tuesday on 9-25-15 for dinner. What a mess that place is. The manager was very rude to his staff and when they asked for his help he acted like it was a bother to him and proceed to talk to another employee before he helped them. We sat at the bar and saw everything. Then another manager was asked to go in the back and grab something that was needed for bar that took another 5 mins . Its a shame this place is going down hill.


Jocelyn Langston September 23, 2015 at 9:19 am

I would like to share my experience at Ruby Tuesday #4815 located at 3390 Camp Creek Parkway, East Point, Georgia 30344. My classmates and I met up at this location to fellowship and enjoy dinner. Upon our arrival, we were greeted and seated promptly. However, as we were at the salad bar, we noticed there wasn’t any fruit within the selections. We asked the manager, Rico (he refused to share his last name), about the selections at the salad bar. He stated Ruby Tuesday (as a whole) does not provide fruit of any kind as salad bar items; however, he stated there were grapes available in the kitchen. We became enthused of the idea of receiving some grapes to accommodate our salads, but then Rico stated he would have to charge us $3.00 for each serving delivered. We were shocked. Rico didn’t apologize for the confusion of the omission of fruit and further explained that he was bugged all day in regards to fruit (and other things that were irrelevant to our current situation). The restaurant was nearly empty, with possibly five (5) or less families dining in. We felt insulted in being asked to pay an extra $3.00 (in addition to our entrée including the salad bar pricing). Rico saw the frustration on our faces and stated he would be willing to pay money out of his pocket to give us a few grapes from the kitchen. Now we felt he was being strongly sarcastic, inconsiderate, and unprofessional; failing to resolve such a simple situation and adding antagonistic behavior along with it. We dismissed his unprofessionalism and waited for our entrees to be served. As stated earlier, the restaurant was nearly empty. We waited almost an hour for our dinner(s) to be served. The portions were extremely small, dry, and unfulfilling. We were highly displeased with our food and immensely insulted of the managerial representation of Ruby Tuesday at this specific location.
The second issue I had with Rico was when I ordered a Margarita without ice. Rico brings a half filled tall glass to my table and asked if I wanted syrup added because the bartender will not fill it to the top of the glass. I was appalled he was walking back and forth to our table with supposedly my drink, telling me what he refused to do (once again). I was disgusted at his conduct, as well as wondering if my drink was mishandled due to the tension present in the restaurant. This was ridiculous and a more suitable leadership was present, things would have been handled better. Rico made no attempt to accommodate, please or satisfy his customers. My classmates and I vowed to never visit this restaurant again and suggest that someone from corporate headquarters investigate this situation. The leadership behavior displayed (from Rico) goes against Ruby Tuesday’s reputation of valuing their customers, demonstrating quality service and providing delicious meals/food.


carlita ballard September 22, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Worse experience ever!!!!!!!!!!! Bad service, bad food and a very long wait. Your manager never came at my request and she was even in the kitchen cooking. Place was empty at dinner hours and I understand why. I think you need to check on your Ruby Tuesday location in Landover, Maryland (Lottsford Road). I am still upset from 21 September 2015. Haven’t been there in a couple of years and I thought I would try it again, but I see it hasn’t changed!


Douglas Mayer September 22, 2015 at 8:01 pm

9/22/2015 5:30pm ruby Tuesday in Commack NY, Commack rd. i was boys night out, meaning I went there with my 4 sons since there is no school tomorrow and figured I’d take a break from cooking. When the food was delivered my 10 year old son was hit in the forehead with the corner of the plate and a few fries fell on the floor. After the rest of the food was delivered we all began to eat. After taking a bite into my cheese burger it tasted really funny and something got caught in my throat. I gaged and spit out the food. The wax paper that separates the cheese so they don’t stick together was cooked on the cheese on the burger. Yes … Disgusting .. I called manger over and told her about the plate hitting my kid and worst of all the paper that I ate and that is on the burger. The waitress brought over a plate a fries and looked at me and says “do u forgive me? Do u forgive me” then the manager says ” oh yeah that’s the paper from the cheese’ let me get you another one and would u like another beer”?
Twisted like u can’t believe and now scared from eating out we walk out after not eating to eating 25% of their food. I can not BeLive that could ever happen. What can I do? Call A lawyer, file a lawsuit, ?? I am honestly patrified to ever eat at an Applebee’s, ruby, tgif type place ever again. If you can’t get a cook to simply make a burger and hire a waitress that can’t deliver food with out slamming a plate into a lds forehead then close the store and pay $$ for pain and suffering. I should not be scared to out again cause of ruby Tuesday’s
What a freaking joke


Kisha Foster September 21, 2015 at 7:29 am

Visited with my family yesterday for a birthday celebration. . With a party of 10 you would think the staff would assist in making this a great experience. . The waitress was great. However no one assisted her with anything. Although it was her table no one assisted with drink refills, delivering our food, collecting dirty plates nothing. I can see if they were busy but there were only 5 booths occupied in the entire restaurant. Associates were laughing and joking watching the football games. When I went to the salad bar or the mess bar is what I would like to call it. Food was all over the bar.. empty containers. When asked if they could bring out the things that were missing I was given a dirty look. (The salad bar wasn’t restocked until an hour later). There was wilted spinach in the container I asked an employee if they could bring more. A manager came out to say this is all the spinach we have, with a attitude she also states “If you really need the spinach I’ll have to go to the store and buy some if you really want it”.. Huh.. Isn’t this apart of your salad bar isn’t this what you advertise but I’m given the evil eye. What ever happened to great customer service.. When we were cashing out meal tickets the manager asked our waitress did she need any help … help! You could’ve been offered her help, everything is done. My waitress stated she did, could she get the drinks for a new table that was just seated, the manager looked at them and kept walking.. Never returning.. Smh. Whatever happened to teamwork?


Jim Ha September 17, 2015 at 10:18 pm

The dirtiest chain eatery I’ve ever had the mis-fortune to dine in. The service was abysmal and the food was awful. Anyone who thinks Ruby Tuesday is a decent middle class eatery must be using Jack InThe Box as a standard.


Paula Adams September 17, 2015 at 7:46 pm

I visited the Ruby Tuesday in Mcdonough Ga the drink I had first long Island was watered then I got another drink which was watered also place an order for the tilapia with shrimp meal the fish was half done it was a bad experience will never come back the waiter was nice she also noticed the fish was half done I will not refer anyone here


John September 14, 2015 at 12:03 am

I visited the Ruby Tuesdays in Mentor, Oh to enjoy a few drinks and early dinner as I watched the Cleveland Browns play the New York Jets today. I have built somewhat of a tradition of going to this Rubys location shortly after half time of Browns games for the past 3 or 4 years because I love the food and never have to worry about the loudness of other customers around me like you would get at a sports bar. As I started to enjoy my first beer, I asked the Bartender (Joe) if I could get the sound turned up and was told that he wasnt allowed to turn up the volume on the Tv’s. At first I thought he was joking with me, but when he didnt turn it up I asked again. He then told me he was advised by his General Manager that Rubys Tuesdays does not have a license to have volume on their Tv’s and they are only allowed to have the volume of their stereo on. I finished my beers and food as I have for the past 4 years, but I can honestly say, my tradition looks like it is coming to an end. I will more than likely take my business to another facility that is “allowed to have volume” on their tv’s. Unbelievably dissapointed by such an asinine policy being inforced by management at this location.


Jim Ha September 17, 2015 at 10:25 pm

Unless your location charges a fee to watch their TV (in which case they would have to pay a portion of that fee as a royalty to the network) Sounds like your bartender’s bosses are really stupid.


MEP September 12, 2015 at 3:20 pm

The only thing i have to complain about is what you get for the price you pay. The price of the ravioli is 11.99. I got 8 raviolis and a bunch of cheese on top. Now i love the cheese dont get me wrong..but come on! 8 raviolis?!! Thats $1.50 for each one! Where do they come from? Italy? Not paying for that one again which is a shame cuz they tasted good. Left the restaurant still hungry and very disappointed. Next time ill just buy a can of ravioli from the grocery store and eat that or maybe try the olive garden.


DHill September 9, 2015 at 7:24 pm

I just visited Ruby Tuesday on PeaXXXX in Port St Lucie. I am waiting for dinner but am very dissatisfied so far. First they refused to serve us without id ( I am over 55 and my guest is 50. She said they card under 40 but “better safe.” I find it an unnecessary annoyance. Then the sign in the entrance said $5 appetizers at the bar, so I ate at the bar. I was told that happy hour was over so no $5 apps. I asked why the sign was still posted. The bartender was curt. I don’t see myself returning here in the future. Very disappointed.


sam September 5, 2015 at 8:02 pm

Me my wife son and grandbaby went to the ruby tuesday in jacksonville airport my son went to go eat a salad then I did when my wife arrive she got a salad she ate the first one then went back I went back start eating it she said look there is a bug in my salad I thought she was playing it was a green leaf bug look like a roach with a green suit lol but the manager came over apologize and wanted to take the salad off wasn’t looking for nothing but it made ke sick if that was there I know we ate some didn’t mine paying hut trying to sav a buck will go a long way if I was the kind to do like the frazy people do I did take a picture didn’t receive a receipt I know why but please that is a no noyou guys have a bless one I will never go back promise law out


Nathan August 26, 2015 at 5:35 pm

I recently visited a local Ruby’s on 08/26/2015, and I tried to use one of mailed coupons to take my mom to lunch, and waitress denied me every coupon on the mailer. She says they had already been used, after I went to mailbox and cut them out with scissors. My moms lunch and I cost $42, they did say they gave me a $4 discount. I thought purpose of using coupons was to save $$ not charge me more. False Advertising is against law, and coupons are misleading, and outrageous. The $4 was not from a coupon that I received in the mail, just discount waitress tried to calm me down with. I did pay bill, but I was extremely unsatisfied. Poor service, was another problem I encountered, tea with 2 blocks of ice in it. My mom didn’t receive any in her water, lady told mom that the ice melted before water came out. Come on are you serous…


MS King August 25, 2015 at 9:48 pm

My husband and I had gone out for dinner and we decided to eat at Ruby Tuesday Bayminette, AL. We have eaten there from time to time and we have had some food that was great and some food that was not so good meaning over cooked, dried out or tasted rubbery. On this particular day we had ordered the shrimp and grits and once we received our food we begin to eat, upon eating our food we notice there was flies in our food. My husband and I had picked the flies out of the food we was eaten and showed it to the manger advising her this is what they are serving their customers. I have never been so upset in my life. The manger, of course she had taken care of the ticket but that is just not enough. We will never eat at this location or any other RT ever again. Just discussing


mike August 6, 2015 at 5:43 am

I use to manage Ruby Tuesday in Memphis, i was instructed to set the blacks clock ins back where they would get no over time. Every week i was made to do this from 45 hours back to 39. The NAACP and the EEOC called me over the time slips i had saved and brought fed charges against the other managers for this. Now i try to apply for a RT job and im denied for helping the NAACP get justice. The media wants to speak w me daily but all i want to do is work. ITs been years since i worked at RT and i was the best manager ,and my honesty is right in front of you. 205 470 XXXXX… I need a answer .


Lynn August 3, 2015 at 9:54 am

Yesterday, August 2, 2015, after church (12:15) my husband and I decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays to eat (as we do often). We very surprised when we were told the ribs would not be available until after 1:30. This is their busiest time on Sunday (12:30). – one would think they would be prepared. We love the ribs and we were very disappointed as were others who were told the same thing. This is the business of Ruby Tuesday to keep their customers happy. Now we are hesitant about returning. Please inform the Manager of this problem, Thank you.


mike August 6, 2015 at 5:36 am

REALLY….. this is your complaint getting someone in trouble because you couldnt fill your gut w pig. You are the promblem.


Shelby stansell October 9, 2015 at 10:58 pm

Oh really mike?? How about first you learn the proper use of english. NOWHERE on that menu says must wait till 130pm for ribs!!!! Take ur non English speaking ruby employee ass to school!!! I bet your the one who waited on this woman. Your pissed cause you got in trouble!! Do your no education job right and you won’t get in trouble


Gayle k July 31, 2015 at 9:05 pm

Went to ruby Tuesday today food was good… Service was absolutely horrible, 3 people one set of flatware, no napkins… Flatware we did have was disgusting, it was caked with old food. Waitress didn’t come back to see if everything was ok, so one of our party went and got our own napkins and flatware. There really needs to be an improvement on the service.


Keith Sherman July 29, 2015 at 12:46 am

This happened at the Topsham, ME location and its appalling. Please ensure this message gets to Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office. This young man who is currently enlisted in the U.S. Navy in the the delayed entry program was just fired for no reason other than asking for his hours to be shifted to accommodate his workout program while working with local SEALs in preparations for upcoming service. Is this how you treat US Service Members? I’m pretty sure this is against the law. This HAS to be dealt with. If you see this, please share it and spread the word.


Jean Pierre De Rurange July 28, 2015 at 8:03 pm

I went with my family to the ruby tuesday in Farmingdale on rite 110.The place was not packed 9vee 14 empty both and I was told I had to wait 25 min.The place was obviously shortstaffed,abd the floor manager was tuning around like a chicken without a head.I’ve been on the restaurant business for over 30 years both as,a chef and manager in front and back of house,no excuse for bad service due to shortcomings of manefement with poor scheduling skills.


steve July 26, 2015 at 10:37 pm

Went to dinner in southriding va and got the worst service from a manager I believe her name was monika she was rude and off putting I asked for help with a problem with a bill it took her 1/2 an hour to help me she was rude and dismissive will not be returning


Kurt landcaster July 15, 2015 at 4:37 pm

Went to the ruby tuesday in lauderhil, fl had a great experience. My server David recommended the Asiago steak with the salad bar and a loaded potato..Amazing I will be back!


Boe July 15, 2015 at 2:50 am

Worst service ever. Place was filthy, When I approached the salad bar, my feet were sliding on a greasy floor, by the end of my meal they still had not cleaned the floor properly. Bathrooms were filthy..and every plate I picked up at the salad bar was greasy. Seriously dining experience not much better..fries were cold, and burger was pink when it was supposed to be well done. You have to hunt down the waitress for a silly napkin even…because they don’t put any extras on the table…cost saving I guess…ridiculous. So many nice restaurants you can go to, why on earth would I go back to South Independence blvd, in Virginia Beach to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. Oh and they have taken all the good potato salads off the bar. They had some sloppy, really nasty tasting potato salad, …it used to be an awesome bar and I used to go to this restaurant two times a week for the salad bar alone…not going back, unless they make some serious changes…it’s just gone down hill. Ruby Tuesdays really needs to get it together, clean up and quit deleting stuff off the bar that long standing customers were used to getting and enjoyed, which put them above the rest. German potato salad gone. There delicious egg potato salad gone.Sprouts gone. cherry tomatoes gone. Thumbs down


Amber July 14, 2015 at 12:42 pm

went to the one in clarksville, indiana….took forever just to get our order for our drinks in. The hostess finally came over got them and the server brought them to us. What I wanted they were out of cheese sticks and she said I couldn’t substitute for onion rings. Called the manager over and he said I could. Took 25 min to get our food. (Didn’t order anything special at all) we all got our food, it was cold and wasn’t good at all. I hardly ate anything. The lady give us our tickets and she had them all mixed up. Took them back to the manager and he can’t even figure it out! While all this is going on only person that was helping us was the hostess named dj. We have no clue what happened to our server! The manager comes over with the hostess and says it’s on us! We ended up tipping the hostess dj bc he’s the only one that really helped us! Obvious he needs to be paid more and have a better position there! On that note I will not be returning there!


Anonymous July 9, 2015 at 2:08 pm

On Tuesday July 7, 2015 I went to Ruby Tuesday on 5005 Fayetteville Rd. Lumberton, NC to eat a late lunch. I was a regular customer until I experienced their servers being mistreated by their managers. I normally hold a short conversation with the servers since many of them know my face. As I am sitting at the bar waiting on my food I notice and over heard one of the servers attempting to order food off the clock and out of uniform. As he did so a manager by the name of Gail refused service to him. I was appalled. I continued to listen. She refused service because he worked their, apparently Bernice Graham (the GM at this location) and Gail a manager will not let their servers eat at the restaurant whatsoever. The gentlemen was very upset because he had a second job to go to and could not pay for a meal because Bernice Graham and Gail told their servers they will not be served off the clock even if they are with friends and family. I will never eat at ruby tuesday again. This disgust me. Bernice Graham and Gail should be ashamed of themselves. This establishment should be sued or shut down because of the way they treat people who work for them. I kindly offered my food but the gentlemen refused because he had money to eat, Gail just would not serve him. If you are in the area do not give 5005 Fayetteville Rd. Lumberton, NC your service until this policy is changed.


Barbara jackson June 28, 2015 at 10:49 am

There is a manager named David in Prince Frederick Md who is making racial comments against Black people. When the gen mgr Adam came to our tbl to apologize , he said he would put a stop to it. We tried it again and he did it again!!!!!
We will NEVER GO BACK into a Rubys Tuesdays again.


Carl June 25, 2015 at 4:48 pm

I ate at the ruby Tuesday in Culpeper Virginia and it suck the manageothers talking about how hot girls are didn’t even ask about our meal no biscuits was served I would never eat here again


Donald spaun June 21, 2015 at 3:58 am

I took my wife out to eat at ruby Tuesday in Athens Ohio and our nephew and his girlfriend went with us and I ordered a glass of sweet tea and I put tree packets of surgery in it and stirred it a little and started to drinking it on the third or fourth drink my wife told me to stop that something was in it and we got to looking and it was a big piece of glass if I would have swallowed it could you imagine what it would have done to my mouth and throat I don’t drink from a straw I drink straight from the glass I ask the waiter if she was tryin to kill me and I should her why and she went and got the manager and he apoligisid and offer to just give me a piece of cake and her I spent almost 80.00 in food that we brought home just to throw in the trash because we were not eating there food after that.i am going to go see my lawyer and going to go to the media because the next time if that would happen to someone they might not be so lucky.this is totally uncalled for.this is the only thing I know to do to try and make sure it never happens again I will tell everyone I know about it,if you want to call and talk to me before I go see a lawyer my number is 1-740-742-*** ask for Donald spaun


Joshua duthu June 20, 2015 at 7:19 pm

My incident occurred at ruby Tuesday #3767 4834 n. Broadway knoxville tn, 37918 at 6:00 pm. I called in a Togo order and the manager on duty answered. I asked for the price of the kids chicken tenders and he said quote” I don’t know the price of that I just answered the phone”. When I arrived there he handed me my food and I told him what had happened and he said that was me on the phone. So I asked him again why he couldn’t give me the price of the kids chicken tender and he said quote ” no sir I don’t have the whole menu memorized”. I was in the service industry. Is it not policy that u have to take a menu test? I was just asking the price of a kids meal. How does a manager get hired and not know the price of the kids meal. 90% of restaurants, the kids meals are all the same price. It’s the easiest price question I go there once a week and from now on if he’s there Im walking out. The bartender was extremely sweet and took care of the situation. She was very professional and personally showed me my order to make sure it was correct. At no time did the manager ever apologize one time for his lazy and sarcastic behavior. The restaurant was not busy and I know where there’s a phone there’s a menu. This is the first time I have ever complained about a restaurant situation. The fact that he didn’t apologize for the misunderstanding is what really got me.


Jin Soraseun June 20, 2015 at 12:26 pm

The Ruby Tuesday located at 1941 E. Main Street in Spartanburg, SC has the worse service ever. I took my father inlaw there for an early Father’s day dinner. The service was terrible. The waiter waited 30 minutes after putting in the order to let us know that there weren’t any ribs ready instead of letting us know ahead of time to prevent wasting our time. My mother in law was the last to be served and everyone at the table finished their meal by the time she got her meal. The manager’s name was Shawna. No one checked in on us or compensated for the horrible service. The host and waiters need an attitude adjustment.


Doug June 20, 2015 at 10:48 am

Went to the one in shaker heights ohio and was horribly disgusted with the service. Waited almost a half hour to be waited on. Rhonda, our waitress was rude enough to tell us since we waited soo long we must be ready to eat. My girlfriend got her food 20 minutes before I received mine and our drinks were terribly made. And then to find out that I received the wrong menu item and was over charged. Horrible experience and I’ll never go back my girlfriend had to stop me from walking out.


Sherri Forrest June 19, 2015 at 8:08 pm

Donelson Pike Nashville Tn! Happened just now! Absolutely filthy salad bar and not one but two ROACHES came running out of the wrapped silverware! No excuse will not be back and I understand that anything can happen but 2??? Filthy!


Tonya June 19, 2015 at 12:23 pm

I visit Ruby Tuesday on 6/18/15 I set at the 30 minutes at the for the waitress came. I saw the hostess more than I saw my waiter. I was there for one hour I had to ask for bread. I talk to the manager he said the serves has improve sense he became manger an they are still improving. I trying what do that has to do with the serve today. He did not even give a discount he just apologize. I visit Ruby Tuesday very often my family and I. This will be my last time and I will not recommend any of my friends to go. Worst serve I ever had.


carla June 15, 2015 at 2:47 pm

4:30 p.m. : edina – southdale location – waiter incredibly rude towards my grandmother and myself ! Do something about it please. Did not ask how food was . He did not return to the table but was gabbing with folks at another table and gabbing with fellow servers in the back just standing around doing nothing – and ignored us purposely – Gave her static when filling out the guest credit card bill – spoke very hastily – brought no napkins and insisted we buy dessert ! A man approx. 30 with earrings “served” us – if you can call it so much ! – he is Lucky he got such a big tip from my grandmother . Do not try to ‘Side’ with your fellow employees – we as customers always come first –


Travis Duncan June 13, 2015 at 10:17 pm

Me and my wife have eat at your restaurant in Prattville alabama for a good while and I stopped by tonight to place a to go order and I was disappointed because they didn’t have any chicken and broccoli that my wife wanted and they we’re out of cheese biscuits and it took an hour to get my order. Not only that I saw how the manager acted toward the bar tender for messing up and putting his dishes in the back room wrong and she got onto to him in front of the customers and you could tell it really bothered him. I don’t know if the employee will stay but I hope someone sees this and talks to the Manager because that was wrong the way it was handled. I really enjoy this place but this is my worst experience at yalls restaurant.


Lois June 10, 2015 at 1:25 pm

I have read the comments above, and I can honestly say that this has not been my experience at Ruby Tuesdays. The store I visited is in Ledgewood, New Jersey, and the service there was wonderful. I am certainly writing to complement your staff there on their excellent service. I was not able to use expired coupons, but the store manager, whose name, I believe is Kara, generously gave us a $5.00 off coupon. The waitress, whose name is Katherine M., gave us free desserts when she found out it was our 40th anniversary. And to top it all off, your matre de, whose name I believe is Joey, ran out into the parking lot with my husband’s wallet when he left it on the seat. Not only that, the food was excellent. Please pass my thanks along to the staff for their excellent service and attention. it was an enjoyable dinner, and we will certainly be back again.


Brenda marks June 10, 2015 at 1:15 pm

I am a frequent Togo customer of Ruby Tuesday London. (3 or more times per week) This past Saturday night June 6 I went in for a Togo salad bar. I went to the bar and ordered my salad when the bartender returned she handed me the box and told me my bill was 9.89 which was a little more than I usually pay but only a few pennies. I handed her a 10 and she went to a glass beside the register and got my change. I ask for my receipt which I’ve always been given before and she said the register was down and she couldn’t give me one. I found this very odd that a restaurant would be open if the registers weren’t working. I had never seen this girl before but she seemed a little off balance and I’m not complaining but merely suggesting that you might want to check into her behavior. I love Ruby Tuesdays and I have always received excellent service but Saturday night something was not right.

Thank you


Rachel Gray June 8, 2015 at 5:13 pm

We are a frequent customers that normally enjoys the food and environment and the service. Today we went to store #4726 and waitress #1426 Blake. We had horrible service. We were seated immediately and waited ten minutes just to meet our waitress and give a drink order. During our visit she did not come to check on us. This was a very bad experience that makes me not want to return. It is very unfortunate considering we visit weekly a least once In Various areas.


carla June 15, 2015 at 2:48 pm

4:30 p.m. : edina – southdale location – waiter incredibly rude towards my grandmother and myself ! Do something about it please. Did not ask how food was . He did not return to the table but was gabbing with folks at another table and gabbing with fellow servers in the back just standing around doing nothing – and ignored us purposely – Gave her static when filling out the guest credit card bill – spoke very hastily – brought no napkins and insisted we buy dessert ! A man approx. 30 with earrings “served” us – if you can call it so much ! – he is Lucky he got such a big tip from my grandmother . Do not try to ‘Side’ with your fellow employees – we as customers always come first –


Temika Sebree June 7, 2015 at 8:03 pm

My husband and I visited your establishment on a College Drive in Suffolk VA. It was on a Saturday evening before we took in a movie we had dinner. Our last experience was great and the service was good, but this particular time we did not have a good overall experience. Our server (whom I wish I had save the receipt to have her name) was horrible. She took forever to greet us at the table and was not hospitable. I wanted to get up and leave then but my husband wanted to stay. I ordered the salmon with honey glazed sauce. When it came out I only ate three bites and did not like the sauce on the salmon; I continued to eat my appetizer the typhoon shrimp which are delicious and did not touch my entree. When she finally checked on us she asked if I need a box and I told her I did not like it. Now it was at this point being a server myself I would have offered something else or got a manager and she did neither. I was livid but did not ask for a manage because once again my husband thought it was okay he would pay for it. One thing I do not like as a consumer and a employee of a company is for someone to pay for something that they clearly do not like. Needless to say I have not been back to your establishment. Please train all of your employees that customers keep them and you in business and employed. Bottom line he service was not good nor the food that night and I am highly disappointed.

Temika Sebree


Holly June 5, 2015 at 8:41 pm

I have been a customer of RubyTuesdays since it opened in Somerset, KY.
However, for the last several years we have not been as pleased with this neighborhood eatery simply because of the smell when you enter the restaurant.
Year after year it has gotten worse. I can’t describe it because it’s not methane but actually almost smells like the remains of an upset stomach. At least today while driving by it on state route 27 I recognized that smell and it was rampid!! It followed me down the highway until I was almost 1/2 mile away.
In all honesty, there is a new Zaxbys going in next door and maybe it might have been the reason it’s worse but definitely the old familiar smell of what reminds me of Ruby Tuesday’s forever!!
I can never walk into another Ruby’s because of that smell.
My husband even mentioned it to day.
So please try to see what the problem is because it is a terrible odor that’s been there and I can identify now with all Ruby Tuesdays.
Re: Ruby Tuesdays in Somerset, KY


Susan May 31, 2015 at 8:02 pm

My sister my neince and my self eat in one of your resturant in Orlando and we were served by a wAitress who Was more interested in talking to other custumer than she was in. Working she talked to them for at leased 20 minutes or longer. We asked to speak to the manager and he came and changed or waitress and knocked down our bill th e first waitress and the other custumer we bad mouthing use to the manager we have eaten in the same resturant And have had no problems but this time was very dissapointed


Stephanie Howell May 30, 2015 at 9:01 pm

My son and I went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner, when my son ordered a drink and presented his drivers license from another state outside of New Jersey, he was told that he couldn’t receive a drink because his license was one that was unrecognizable in the Tristate area. We live in a military area and military personal come from all 50 states. I spoke to the General Mgr John Jakuraitis and his explanation was completely baseless and made absolutely no sense. Just because you haven’t seen every drivers license in the CONUS does mean it was fake. There has got to a better way to train your personnel. I also felt it was weak to have the server approach us with this issue instead of the manager I felt this shows poor management skills. Eventually he consult a book with samples of drivers licenses. My question is why wasn’t this done from the beginning?


Daniel May 25, 2015 at 9:15 am

to ruby tuesday head office, i was a supervisor of ruby tuesday jeddah saudi arabia, i was terminated by balubaid brothers without any formal letter or warning, they are giving a bad signature of ruby all items are local and they did not follow the standard after mr john lee visited ruby tuesday last april after he get back to Usa they change all the recipe and put back to local and bad meat.


Toshi Rodgers May 24, 2015 at 9:07 pm

Yes my husband I were visiting Savanah Ga. And stopped in Ruby Tuesdays to eat and over heard the waiter
Telling the customer that their restraunt didn’t honor military discounts and on top of them not honoring them, this was memorial weekend …. It appalled me so I asked another waiter to make sure I heard correctly and I did….. These men and women serve our country for you and I to have freedom, leave there families behind to go to war And you can’t even knock a few dollars off a meal! I will not spend my money at a restraunt that doesn’t honor the men and women who serve them daily!


Cecelia Roberts May 21, 2015 at 12:38 am

Cecelia Roberts May 21, 2015 at 12:05 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

On May 19th, I was allowed to go take a long lunch, so I stopped in at Ruby Tuesday (Winchester Rd. in Memphis, TN).
I enjoy sitting in the bar booths, and was sat at the one right next to the section of the “kitchen” where I suppose the ‘more urban’ kitchen employees do most of their “playing”.

I recall a black man, who COULDN’T be over 22 years old saying HORRIFIC things to an EXTREMELY sweet middle-aged white woman. I swear, it almost made me begin to cry, after hearing him (a dishwasher who I learned later, wears artificial ‘dreadlocks’; and if things couldn’t have gotten WORSE, the same “thug-wanna-be” stated some things I don’t feel right about his job as dishwasher, so (OMG), he marched right out to do some work on the salad bar!!!!
He wore no hairnet, or chef’s hat, or ANY type of hat to cover the dirty hair hanging over the food I’d already eaten some of, so I simply threw down plenty of cash (while I asked a very tall woman the guys name).
The server came back ASAP, as she could tell I was about to vomit, & said his name was “GERALD”, and I promptly ran to the restroom & threw every bit of that salad UP!!
I wrote a quick note, a twenty, & an attached one of my business card for the sweetheart (Jamie)… I was in a position to hear EVERY low blow and racist comment he said to her, while I could hear a minimum of two female servers egging him on to say even MORE below the belt punches.
Corporate? I’d like for you to know that I will NEVER be back into that specific establishment, and furthermore, you will loose the entire Church H.S. regular catering orders, if I’m not notified that this current employee’s job has been terminated.

At the same time, I will be praying that the stunningly beautiful & verbally abused, who served me my soup (when I don’t even think it was part of her job description to DO so).

WHERE IS MANAGEMENT?????? Are they aware of what’s going on under their noses?? (I asked the bartender this question, and she told me the white woman was the strongest person, back in that kitchen & the kid would be reported.)
Yeah! Hahaha!!! I’ve heard THAT before.
I wrote a quick note, a twenty, & an attached one of my business card for the sweetheart (Jamie)… I was in a position to hear EVERY low blow and racist comment he said to her, while I could hear a minimum of two female servers egging him on to say even MORE below the belt punches.
Corporate? I’d like for you to know that I will NEVER be back into that specific establishment, and furthermore, you will loose the entire Church H.S. regular catering orders, if I’m not notified that this current employee’s job has been terminated.

At the same time, I will be praying that the stunningly beautiful & verbally abused, who served me my soup (when I don’t even think it was part of her job description to DO so).

WHERE IS MANAGEMENT?????? Are they aware of what’s going on under their noses?? (I asked the bartender this question, and she told me the white woman was the strongest person, back in that kitchen & the kid would be reported.)
Yeah! Hahaha!!! I’ve heard THAT before.

Ruby Tuesday, FACE IT


Gay May 12, 2015 at 3:05 pm

Very disappointed to hear that the Annapolis location would be closing in November 2015. Being replaced by a Chik-fila. Staff, food, always excellent!


Todd Bruner May 12, 2015 at 12:44 am

They called the police on my husband and held his credit card hostage until the police arrived and he already paid in cash. (the manager said if he would pay in cash, he would give him his credit card back, which he did not). My husband was accused of being drunk because his speech is not clear because he just had done a major dental surgery. So if you had a stroke or do not speak right – do not go to this Ruby Tuesday. (zip code 22041).
I regret now I even sent my husband to that RT after all the humiliation he went through. All of that because of a coupon! The manager was rude and untruthful and accusing my husband of things he had not done. We will never go to this RT ever again after being treated so unprofessionally. What a customer service.


Jim May 11, 2015 at 5:31 pm

Never made it past the bar. $8.50 for a SMALL grey goose and 7???? Manager stood in front of me with a non lit cigarette hanging from his mouth. Place is dirty and smells. Good Hope road milwaukee. DUMP


Jessica May 10, 2015 at 8:42 pm

We came in on Mother’s Day…were told there was a 40 minute wait but the bar was open seating. We sat at a dirty table and were told it would be cleaned shortly. It was 15 minutes before anyone even came to the table!!!! The manager came and said “we will be with you when we can”…..right. We waited another 10 minutes before the table was cleaned. Our waiter comes to get our drink order, gives it to us and hasn’t returned since….it’s been about 20 minutes and we SEE him helping other tables. This is the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant…do NOT go to the Ruby Tuesdays in Aurora, Colorado. Ever.


Mary May 10, 2015 at 6:21 pm

What happened to Ruby’s? Ruby.’a used to be pinnacle of all the chains! Character, good food, great customer service. I’m sitting in a Ruby’s in CT, looking at the beige, depressing decor, and servers with purple shirts. Food is awful. Do the folks from corporate visit their restaurants. I can’t imagine they do…so sad how To watch the demise of one of my all time favorite restaurants. It can only be a matter of time before we watch this chain close.


Stephanie Schatz May 8, 2015 at 10:02 pm

I ordered food for takeout at the Ruby Tuesday in Stillwater, MN.. The person took my order down wrong accidentally obviously… The manager Jackie displayed GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!. Gave me free salad, and the food they got wrong. I work in customer service, and I must say this was exceptional service!


Mary Anderson May 2, 2015 at 8:20 pm

Thank you so very much for sending your coupons . We go to Ruby Tuesday a lot in Williamsport PA. Have been going there over last 10 years. We have 8 – 10 in our party and range in age from 59 to 84 years of age. We went there this past Friday and all ordered meals. After 40 minutes I asked our server about our meals and he replied they are almost ready. After 50 minutes I asked the Manager when our food was coming because people around us came in after us and had gotten their meals. The manager went and checked, it took another 10 to 15 minutes then our food came out. Not all our food was hot and some was cold. I know 10 is a lot to cook for but other times we get our meals in 30 minutes and it is hot . Either the server or manager did a lousy job of checking up our order status. Two people in our party have cancer, in case you care.

Thank and will not go back for awhile to see if things improve.

Mary Anderson


Ethan May 1, 2015 at 8:52 pm

I would like to complain about the departure of the tiny pieces of fruit that were in the mixed lemonade drinks. #bringthechunksback


Krystin April 30, 2015 at 9:27 pm

My family and I experienced poor customer service today at our Ruby Tuesday. First the bill had charged my aunt for two salad bars when only my grandmother had ordered one. The waiter then accused her of eating off my grandmothers plate which hadnt happened. Then he brought the manager who also argued with my aunt. Horriblr customer service and very rude. Not to mention the XXXXroaches in the bathroom. Ew.


Betty Brown April 28, 2015 at 7:55 pm

I went to Ruby Tuesday on Camp Creek EastPoint,Ga food took a long time and when we got it was cold told supervisor and she told me I ate it but we were hungry with kids plus it was my daughter birthday never again was soo unsatisfied


laurel April 23, 2015 at 5:27 pm

I signed up for the free birthday burger and never received anything from ruby tuesdays.


Teresa Johnson April 21, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Today at 1:00 my sister and I went to lunch. I ordered pasta and chicken broccoli, she ordered spring rolls. There was brillo pads in my pasta . The. Management never came out, the waiter just said he took it off the check. End of the story. Left hungry and very disappointed .will never go back to this place again.


Aaron Werst April 20, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Best service I’ve had in a long time. I almost never take time to praise or complain about a company with that said I’m extreamly happy with my service and the food quality was A+
And I would like to give a special thanks to Anita who made it all amazing from start to finish.
We had a meal at the Fort Wayne location on colisem and Parnell around 3pm today.

Thanks again
Aaron W.
Local business owner


Alfred Miller April 18, 2015 at 10:42 pm

My family and I visited a local Ruby Tuesday near our home. We preceded to order our meals and my wife ask about a military discount the waitress said that they do not give military discoubts. After we received our meals a couple of police officers came in and ordered their meal the same waitress that said they do not offer military discounts padded one of the officers and said you guys deserved a discount. How this kind of hit a nerve with me that only police officers could get a discount and not military. I know that police officer put their lives in danger everyday, but I have deployed over 6 times and have yet to see a Police officer getting IED and shot at on a daily bases.


grace wiener April 18, 2015 at 9:01 pm

To whom it may concern:
We were in there several months ago and a bad experience and you sent us a coupon to join you again. We were in there tonight a had a good experience. Our server was Vincen W, he gave us great service very nice young man. When we left the salad bar lady told us to have a good as well as the hostest and manager!!! Much better then before.
Thank you
Grace Wiener


Tracy brittingham April 17, 2015 at 12:51 pm

?We ordered supposed “jumbo” shrimp. What you are trying to pass off as jumbo shrimp is really at best medium shrimp. This definitely borders on false advertising and definitely not worth the high price.


colleen April 16, 2015 at 1:54 pm

I visited Ruby Tuesdays last night with my husband and 5 year old. As I was apprehensive about even going there, as I am not a big fan of Ruby Tuesday’s to begin with, my little guy insisted we go because he wanted pizza and it was the last time I will ever visit Ruby Tuesday!
I ordered the blue cheese and bacon pretzel burger. When the waiter came and took our order, I specifically asked for my burger to be EXTRA well done with NO mayonnaise, as I am allergic to egg product. When my order came, as I always do, I cut my burger in half to make sure it was cooked EXTRA well done. My burger was red on the inside not even close to well done. I called the server over, I explained to him the burger was not cooked, he said “well, I told them it as supposed to be well done. As he walked away from my table, he proceeded to open up my burger WITH HIS HANDS and move it around the plate to see if I was telling the truth. The manager came over with my “new” burger. Well, the “new” burger was just on a new bun WITH MAYO and it was the same cut in half burger I previously sent back THAT THE WAITER HAD FONDLED WITH HIS BARE HANDS!! I was disgusted at this point, the waiter saw my frustration and said is everything ok? Instead of insulting him and saying what I wanted to say, I told him I would go and speak with management. I was so mad at him, I couldn’t even make contact. Now first of all, when you work for a food establishment, you should present yourself as a clean and neat employee. This waiter had hair all over the place looked like it hadn’t been brushed in weeks and clothes that were falling off of him. I proceeded to go to the bar area and ask for the manager who in turn came out. Her name was Nicole D’onofrio. After this terrible experience, I am please to say not only will I NEVER be back, but I have already spread the word to friends/family and social media.


Jim D. April 2, 2015 at 8:24 am

I just came back from visiting Guam, my first visit to Ruby Tuesday ever and will be my last from the terrible experience. BEWARE DON’T SHARE YOUR SALAD.

Personally I would rate this place, big fat ZERO for terrible service, overpriced menu, small portion, and the most stupid policy about sharing a salad and still get charged for it. I ordered a crab cake with salad bar. My wife ordered a tilapia dish, the waitress asked my wife if she wanted to add salad with her meal. My wife said no thanks. At the end of our meal, the check came and I noticed they’ve added $5.99 for a salad to my wife’s meal even though my wife said she didn’t want it. I question the waitress and the manager about this.

Get this, according to their policy. Since this place is a buffet style restaurant, and the waitress saw my wife eating some salad of my plate. This is the reason that we got charged. Basically this place is charging customers for something they didn’t even get.

Granted $5.99 isn’t a lot of money, my major gripe is the ridicalous policy and the principal behind it. The manager and the staff sees nothing wrong with this whole picture. I’ll bet if the shoes were on the other feet, they’ll be singing a different tune. Don’t waste time and your hard earned money. My first time experience in Guam was going great until I went to this place.


Christopher AH64 Pilot, Food Lover March 30, 2015 at 5:26 pm

Lake City, Florida Ruby Tuesday. …
Incredible Service, Outstanding Food!!!

These people do it right, and I mean from the minute you walk through the door until you leave!
Janessa, Tara, the management staff, and the cooks know how to run the place!!! They are such wonderful people and now great friends. ..
Thank you Lake City, Florida!


Tempestt March 29, 2015 at 10:54 am

worst experience ever..went to the Ruby Tuesday on Devine Street in South Carolina & the bar tender had an attitude b/c we came at 9:30 & they close at 10..she talked crap the whole time..then 30 min later not 1 not 2 but 6 Waterbury started flying around the crawled on my arm another was in my friends hair..that’s just nasty & gross I will make sure my complaint is heard & they are inspected & that they have all new workers b/c that absolutely didn’t make any since..the customer service sucked nobody greeted u at the door..the manager was looking like he still insisted that we sir not after these well fed waterbugs that look like you guys pets just came & started torturing your customers..I’m scared to even go to another Ruby Tuesday they may have a rat field day at the next one.


Anonymous March 27, 2015 at 9:06 pm

Azure Mcfee is the BEST thing that has happened to Ruby Tuesday Mechanicsville location. A lot of unacceptable things go on in this place of business and I feel someone needs to look into it. The GM has favorites and when they do wrong he seems to make those wrong doings disappear. There are a handful of workers who fullfill their duties, come to work on time, and abide by the rules. This includes servers, bartenders, AND cooks. Thanks for listening.


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:19 pm

My district manager came in to the Aiken SC store.. Constantly called me me “MaMa”.My mananger told me she said I needed to smile more. Well I have a name and Mama isnt one of them them. then I heard her . disrespect a cook thats been there forever, she said quote”hes as slow as Christmas” I do not think that is appropriate for a district manager to be talking like that, especially in front of a person she calls Mama


Cecelia Roberts May 21, 2015 at 12:18 am

Oh, Christine!!!
Thank your lucky-stars YOU D.M. isn’t Natasha Pittman… Um, were talking, “GET OF YOU DAMNED CELL, AND AT LEAST PRETEND YOU’RE HERE TO DO SOMEthing… ANYthing!!!


Stacy mcbryde March 23, 2015 at 9:51 am

My husband took me 2 ruby Tuesdays this past Saturday night.. It was our date night, we arrived & was seated.. The waiter was nice, I have only been 2 ruby Tuesdays 1 time before this experience & wanted to give another try.. Well honestly I didn’t know what was on the menu so I ordered grilled chicken with a balsamic vinegar & cheese light coating, new on menu. First off waiter says what’s your sides, I said broccoli & baked potato.. Waiter said sorry were out of potatoes.. How does a restaurant with no one in it & only 3 waiters there & restaurant empty run out of potatoes? Ok then salad.. I went up 2 salad bar, it was dirty & not a lot to choose from, then my chicken comes out, I could not eat it bc it was covered in balsamic vinegar.. Way 2 over powering to the point I got sick.. Began 2 vomit.. We complained to the staff & they could care less.. When me & my husband got home the diarrhea set in., I think we got food poisoning from this place, we will never eat here again & I’m reporting it to the health dept.. Awful restaurant in sanford nc..


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:21 pm

hes a waiter not the cook the cook


vernelle March 22, 2015 at 3:18 pm

Sitting here in ruby Tuesday’s, canton ohio, freezing! Told they handle the temp from a diff. Location…..what?
Also, the food was cold…again.
I think we’ll stop coming here. Re-accuring problem.


Kelly February 7, 2017 at 1:49 pm

I have literaly watched the store im at in fla go down the drain we the worst and dumbest servers i have ever seen in this business the managers suck i am a cook once the food is complete and in the window ready to serve it sits in the window for an extra 20mn before it makes it to the customer horrible next step its coming back because it overcooked in the window this happens everyday and they wonder why food cost is threw the roof my favorite is when the horrible server comes back can i get a burger a salmon oh an some kid minis on the fly and i ask why oh they forgot to ring it in imagine that thiry miutes after siting down to eat your hasnt been put in they suck


M.Simmons March 20, 2015 at 1:37 pm

I have left 3 messages since March 12th at the corporate Human Resource Dept. asking for a fax number so I can fax a employment verification form for your employee so that she may get an auto loan and get to work. The receptionist will answer the phone, I ask for the HR fax number and she immediately transfers me to another on-hold message which I am on hold about 8 minutes before ringing over to voice mail. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could be so kind to respond to this email with a correct fax number for your Human Resources/Employment Verifications Dept.

Thank you!
M. Simmons


Mary McMickle March 19, 2015 at 11:35 pm

I just looked at my comments – dated March 7, 2015…..One thing I neglected to mention is
the Ruby Tuesday I was referring to is located in Rockledge, Florida.


Janet Klomburg March 17, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Recently i ate at Ruby Tuesday in Davie Florida and experienced the worst dining night of my life! at 8 pm my husband I dined there for a late dinner I bit into a pretzel bacon cheeseburger and experienced what i thought was just tenderness from a leathery like piece of bacon! During the evening hours i woke up in extreme pain I then consulted my regular dentist who xrays the tooth as Traumatized possibly fractured! With my receipt in tact I approached a manager that day after being examined to let them know it was due to biting into something very hard since then I have been treated rudely by Davie location manager who sent me to corporate where I was denied a full claim on the cost of an 1187.00 front tooth that had to be replaced now corporate will not file a claim to help reimburse me for their negligence in serving me a bad burger that caused trauma to my front tooth when I bit into it! to make matters worse they are requesting the past 5 years of my dental records and even at that will not pay the full amount only half not including time loss pain and suffering 3 hours of needles in my mouth! My dentist is furious and said in no way should I give them any of my dental records! Way to go Ruby Tuesdays you’ve forced us to take legal actions against you in order to fix a problem due to your negligence! Belinda Taylor is the woman’s name who is giving me such a hard time right now in filing this complaint I will pursue this matter until I am fully content with the results in every way available to me! I would appreciate talking to someone who doesn’t treat me with disrespect and the comments PROVE IT from her has made my blood boil,I have proof! Mrs Janet Klomburg


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:23 pm

if it was rubbery bacon, it couldnt be that


Gloria Avery March 13, 2015 at 10:48 am

Went to Ruby Tuesday in the Myrtle Beach Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC, for the great salad bar, and was greatly disappointed this time. They had cut up baloney on the bar for ham. I asked the waitress about it anf she got the manager who told me that it was turkey ham. I have gone thru lots of baloney raising seven children and know what it looks like, tastes like and the texture of it. He can call it whatever he wants, it still was baloney which he was full of!!!!!! I won’t be back until the real ham is put back on the salad bar!


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:24 pm

its turkey ham for a healthier choice.


chan smith March 11, 2015 at 8:47 am

I have had a problem every time I go to Ruby Tuesday. The manager makes me feel like they don’t care about customer service and making sure that the customer is satisfied. The manager act if they are not here for the customer or weather or not we come back. And guess what i want be going back.


Janet Klomburg March 17, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I to am having problems resolving an issue with this place Im filing suit!


Tonia Cooper March 7, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Extremely disappointing in Big Rapids, Michigan. Went to dinner with one other couple tonight. We both brought your coupons that were mailed to each of our addresses. We were told by our waitress that only one of our party could use our coupons, due to corporate saying only one coupon per table. We ask to speak to the manager, and the manager was speechless, and embarrassed to tell us that we could only use one coupon per table. We stated, if Ruby’s is mailing the coupon to us to use, are we suppose to then come to the restaurant, sit at separate tables, to receive our discount? Why mail your coupons at all if your going to treat your customers as such, we are appalled! And you know what Applebees is just down the road, and will take our coupons at the same table with our friends. So so long Rubys, & PS dont send any more coupons to my address, unless you plan to honor them!!!!!!!


Mary McMickle March 7, 2015 at 9:43 pm

My husband and I have been a regular customer of Ruby Tuesday for years. We are both in our 70’s. Today was the last time I will step foot in a Ruby Tuesday and here’s why. We had dinner, paid our bill and left out tip. When we got home, I realized my house key was missing. I called Ruby Tuesdays and they said they found it. I went right back over to retrieve it. The person at the front desk said that I had to speak to the Manager – Eric Sposato (sic). Mr. Eric S. came out with my keys and said for all to hear, I would appreciate it if you didn’t bring drugs into this establishment the next time you come in. My response was…”what the hell are you talking about.” He holds up my keys that has a flash light and a pill container attached to the ring that contained my Nitro glycerine. They were in a little piece of plastic in the little metal container Mr. Eric S. said “he considered calling the cops. I told him to go right ahead.” He said his employees were upset when they saw what was in the little pill container. I told Mr. Eric S. that I have coronary artery disease and open heart surgery and the nitro is with me at all times. Needless to say, this encounter was unnecessary and embarrassing. I should also add, I called Mr. Eric S. when I returned home and told him exactly what I was going to do, he said he had already spoken to his manager….I guess that’s called CYA. I will conclude by saying, I will never step foot into Ruby Tuesday again and I would recommend that anyone carrying their nitro to watch out….if your lose your container….Ruby Tuesday may call the cops on you.


w allace payton March 7, 2015 at 2:58 am

On 2/28/15 my birthday went to ruby tuesday rocky mount nc . My visit there was terrible the waitress named shanin was horrible .never asked if i was okay or did i need anything . No refills on drinks,no napkins but constantly served tables around me.contacted managerwho said they would handle the matter.called restaurant on 3/5/15 spoke manager susan who stated she knew nothing of the matter but stated she would check into it and get back with me. Called 8 hrs. Later with no real answer to the problem.calling corporate to see if i can get problem rectified.


Mike M March 3, 2015 at 3:04 pm

I drove 45 minutes to the Ruby Tuesday’s in Centerville, Ohio to meet my 86 year old mother for lunch (11:30 ). We both like the food and the service has always been very good. Today was no exception. However after our lunch approx. 2 hours, a ‘manager in training’ named Josh, approached us and said the ‘dog catcher’ was in the foyer and wanted to talk to her about her dog. I spoke up and said “why”. Josh said the officer was looking in the window, saw the dog and wanted to check for a license. I replied, “she or he just happened to be cruising around looking inside cars for animals. He said some other bogus stuff when I finally asked him if he called them. He said “yes”. I asked “why”. Josh said we had been in the restaurant 2 hours and he was concerned about the dog…specifically that it was cold. I pulled out my cell and the temp. was 36 degrees. He said “it was 29 when we got there”. The dog is sleeping on leather seats with a dog jacket on, it’s dry, warm and there is no snow, no ice only rain outside. Not only that, My Mom made sure we had a window seat so she could look out at the dog (a beagle). My Mom was embarrassed and I, angry. I told Josh this was ridiculous and simply bs. I asked for his name and the name of the manager and the phone number . He complied. As Josh and I went to the foyer, my Mom had already gone there, he referred to me as ‘man’ and ‘buddy’. I told him ‘immature way to address me’. At the foyer, the dog catcher was talking to my Mom very politely when I asked, ‘do you think this is ridiculous’… she said she was only the messenger but she agreed…it was. The 3 of us, the dog catcher, my Mom and I went to the car and had a nice talk. She gave the dog some treats and left. Mom then left and I called the store manager Alice. She was very nice and professional. I complimented her about our lunch and the excellent service from our waitress. Unfortunately, it was ruined by a ‘trainee’ . My Mother is an older lady and doesn’t need abuse like this….and that bothers me very much..even angers me.
I hope attention is given to this complaint.


Mrs L. Morgan February 28, 2015 at 12:20 am

To whom may concern.

This note is a complaint of a desert in one of your restaurant, on Friday February 27, 2015 I took my 7year old grandson to lunch at 8680 Bartram ave., Philadelphia, PA 19153 where we had desert he had the carrot cake cup cakes and I ordered the Blondie brownie, I did not get ice cream, I just wanted to bring it home and have my own cream, but the brownie was as hard as a stone, I don’t think it was fresh, I could not eat it because had I eaten it I would have lost my natural teeth, that brownie would have pulled them all out. never again will I order desert, it was the pits.


Glenna Gall February 24, 2015 at 4:26 pm

My two girlfriends and I went to our local Ruby Tuesday’s in Austintown, Ohio today. The service was fine and the food was good, but whomever in the corporate office who decreed that we could only use ONE coupon per table as we had three in our party should be shot. What is the difference between 3 people or 6 to use the coupons? I think it is unfair and petty that you would only cater to large groups when a vast majority who dine at your establishment are in smaller groups. Furthermore, what is the use of having coupons if you can’t use them? My girlfriends and I are completely disgusted, and we have decided that we will not be coming to your restaurant any further. Also, we will be contacting our friends as they also enjoy using the coupons, too. What a waste. I sincerely hope that you rethink your decision.


Stephen McCaffrey February 22, 2015 at 1:19 pm

I want to provide some feedback regarding hoe one of your restaurants are treating cudtomers. I’m talking about the Ruby Tuesday at 4600 Devine Street columbia SC. I am s regular customer there. Until last night 2/21/15. I went there wanting s steak I went to the bar and sat down. Approx 7pm. There was only one person sitting at the bar as I sat down. I waited and waited and waited for any employee to speak to me. I saw 2 employees in that area. Thy totally ignored me. I got up and left. It really effected me do I immediiately called to speak with s mgr. I had to hold the phone for 15 minutes for the mgr to come to yhf phone. He said his name was Daniel. I told him what happened. He was not concerned about my experience at all. He was not nice and tried to tell me the bar was full. No way that was possible. So I just got off the phone and went to eat my steak somewhere else. I will not be back to eat at any Ruby Tuesdays. Thank you very much. Businesses exist because of customers, not in spite of them.


Tim Hand February 20, 2015 at 2:07 pm

Just curious as to why i haven’t recieved my pay for training unless yall don’t pay i left cause i was supposed to be training as a cook instead it was the dishwasher they put me as now i understand he said he would take me off of that but i was soak and wet and wasn’t gonna do salad bar but its ok not mad just wondering


Martin Simmons February 16, 2015 at 7:49 pm

I was informed today at the Pensacola Ruby Tuesdays that you no longer offer the Sam Adams draft beer glasses. I will no longer patronize your restaurants if this is the case.


Shaunda chambers February 11, 2015 at 7:52 am

Extremely disappointed! Iast week I had a mother daughter day, so I asked my daughter were would she like to go, and right away she said Ruby Tuesday. So we went to the one in Westfarms Mall, in West Hartford, CT. I ordered the seafood trio, with rice, and onion rings. Everything was so over cooked on my plate, the only thing I could eat, was the rice. IAM not one to complain, but this time I was so upset, the shrimp was over cooked, the talapia was burnt and the lobster tail was over cooked and dry. Although the customer service was great, I was highly dissapointed with my food. I spent over 50.00$ and didn’t get to enjoy my meal with my daughter.


Grace February 9, 2015 at 6:30 pm

We received the worst service today at Ruby Tuesday in Prattville, AL. (Store 4422).
We stood at the door and was passed by twice, along with other patrons by the host,before he directed us to tables.
We waited ten minutes to even have a waiter take our drink orders.
While waiting there were two tables of patrons who had obviously received poor service and were being treated with plenty of acknowledgment from the mgr and staff as well as being given discounts on their bills.
Meanwhile, the other tables (including ours) were ignored.
We also waited for fifteen minutes to receive our bill.
The restaurant was not overly crowded and had staff, but the staff repeatedly walked by tables without acknowledging the customers.
Something needs to be done. I
We have dined here previously and have enjoyed it until today.
We were not the only patrons to complain, so I’m sure there will be a loss of business at this location.


luz padilla February 5, 2015 at 4:54 am

just want to say i live in nj and i want to know when or will you ever bring back the spring rolls… miss. Them so much. needs to come back on the menu


faithbridge spring tx February 3, 2015 at 5:23 pm

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Wayne January 31, 2015 at 11:40 pm

The Ruby Tuesday at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Sanatoga has really gone sour for my wife, our friends & I.
Gone are the Italian Wedding Cake, the asparagus, the real fruit in the fruit teas. Also $3. For 3 coconut shrimp on the side ? Really? I had a dish called Low Country but it only had 6 small shrimp, 3 pieces of sausage and too many mushrooms.
Gone too are the terrific waitresses that once gave great service & replaced by lesser paid wait staff I guess.
We didn’t complain but we won’t go back again for probably 4-6 months. If RT can’t afford to give better food, close it down. It used to be a favorite of ours, but no more.


Jimmy January 31, 2015 at 12:33 am

Hello all,

I along with my other 3 siblings went to a Ruby Tuesday on Marble Store Dr, in Woodbridge VA last week and ordered different items from the menu including coupl burgers. I asked the waiter to make the burgers medium all, but instead they were pretty raw. Very politely, I asked the waiter if he could bring me chicken wings instead. Meanwhile, my brother asked if he could get some wings also. They waiter said yes, why not.
Within minutes, the restaurant manager, Christopher Herring shows up at our table and very rudely says, “well, you ate half of a burger and you don’t want me charge you for it”, and you don’t want me charge you for it, I can’t do that.
I and my brothers looked at each other and were shocked about his erratic behavior. People at the next table started noticing manager’s loud voice and nonprofessional behavior too and nodded their heads. I asked the manager, when was it that we complained about not paying and told him that in fact, i reminded the waiter, when he said, he won’t charge me for it, that it doesn’t matter, whether they do or not.
For sure, we are never going to go to Ruby Tuesday anymore, if there’s going to be behavior like such by its managers.


BobbieZapata January 30, 2015 at 10:56 pm

My family and I tried Ruby Tuesday for the first and LAST time tonight. Food was cold, undercooked fish, dirty dishes, all that after waiting 25 minutes just to get a table. Service was awful! Got orders wrong. I feel sorry for the people who are leaving Legoland and go there to eat. Winter Haven, FL.


Fred Rookstool January 28, 2015 at 7:12 pm

My wife and I eat at the North Platte Ne
Ruby Tuesdays a least 2 times a month, we always ask for our favorite waitress Bonnie. We went out for supper on 1/27 to your store, asked to be seatedin Bonnie’s section and the manager said she got the 2 previous tables and would not seat is thereso we left and to Appleebees. I guess your manager doesn’t need our business


joey January 25, 2015 at 4:25 pm


Just left Ruby Tuesday’s today January 25 at 4:15pm (rockville, md). Terrible terrible terrible…have been going there for years and that place has taken a turn for the worst. Condiment container lids had caked on stuff all around the cap when you opened it. The salad bar was missing 3-5 items that was not mentioned … The service was terrible and the sprite was flat. We will now look for another place to eat after this experience. The lady manager at the time could care less.


anthony lewis January 16, 2015 at 6:12 pm

I worked at the brentwood store in Tennessee.Very bad choice. joe k was my gm.To much promise NO result. I apply for an grill position but found myself washing dished, prepping, salads bar,and cooking all at the same time on the same day. Some day there would be 2 cooks for the entire kitchen on each shift. THey served pasta but they do not have a sauté station. So your pasta will be fried in the microwave.The broc,chicken pasta nuc. shrimp & grits nuc The orlean pasta nuc.Any pasta nuc.spinach dip,fondue,soup nuc.I oil is change once a week!!!!!!!. If you thank you getting aPRINE BURGER if theyout OF PRINEBURGER you get a reg burger.RUBY IS NOT A REAL RESTAURANT .THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMER OR THEIR EMPLOYEE .It just not right.I been in this business for 35 years.Can not believe what I esen. STEAL have not got ALL OF MY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P.PAYCHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COME on JOE do the right thing Anthony lewis


Jamie May 26, 2015 at 10:48 am

Dear Anthony,
Every last WORD in your review is GOSPEL, my friend!!
I worked EXPO in ’09 & ’10, & nothing’s the same. NOTHING!!
Now, all the management (as well as DISTRICT MANAGEMENT) are taught to do is give the hardest working employees lip service.
I’ve been waiting on them to pay me the way I chose to get paid, ie. DIRECT DEPOSIT; but I suppose they’re too all0-consumed with how they’re going to make me GIVE UP ON THE 2 DAYS PAY I’ve been shorted, now that I informed them that I dare not do the job of 3 employees 1 more day!!
The D.M.’s last words were, “give us some time to get all these problems straightened out, & I’ll personaly see to it you get all we owe you.”…. Well, it’s payday, once again… I phoned the D.M., & she let it go to voicemail, just as I kinda figured she would.


lacey kerns January 3, 2015 at 1:42 pm

Went to the Ruby Tuesday in Pottsville Pennsylvania and we all were very disgusted including the kids. First our rolled napkin had strands of hair in them and when telling the waitress no apology just a laugh saying that’s because we rolled them !!! Ugh !! Gross.. To top our visit the grill was not working and we came for Entrées and a good meal … This needs the attention of Corporate Headquarters and the Better Business Bureau !! It’s ridiculous and we will not be eating again at Ruby Tuesdays …


s. lusk January 2, 2015 at 7:45 pm

In gloucester. Va. If you wander why there is a waiting line at applebees and empty seats at your establidhment, just visit your establishment. Will be many months before we return.


s. lusk January 2, 2015 at 7:38 pm

On 1-1-15 my wife and went to the establishment in gloucester, va. Let tell about the food., my wife ordered steak med. And got it blood was coming out., the brocallia was cold. The backed potatoe was under cooked and cold. The biscuits eere do hard that it almost broke plate whrn drppped into plate. We go biscuits about half way through the meal. A very unpleasant experance.


kathy sullivan January 2, 2015 at 10:55 am

I live in Foley Al. And my whole family gos to Ruby Tues all the time…but on. New years eve we had the worst experience we have ever had !!! My boyfriend and i went and i ordered the seafood trio and he ordered the Ribeye dinner..when i finally got my Lobster i couldnt pry it out of the shell with the fork so i had to try and get it out with my fingers !!! It was very small and almost burnt ! The waitress asked if every thing was ok and so.i told her no that the Lobster was way over cooked.and she said let me get you another one that it wouldnt take but a few my boyfriend didnt want his meal..which he ordered his steak rare and it was medium and a very small steak.. well i waited at least 20mins for my lobster and by then he had finished his meal and i was so aggrevated i just asked for a to go box,cause i didnt want to eat it with my cold meal from waiting so long !! Oh and they did give me an extra lobster but what good was that ?… our new years eve meal was already ruined! !! And not one person even said they were sorry for our wait !!! Now we will think twice before we go there again !!!!!


Heather December 28, 2014 at 5:30 pm

While the food is decent, the service is absolutely appalling. We call in take out orders rather frequently and every time I have called I have been put on hold for at least 10 minutes. Then when they finally answer, they don’t take a name or a number or anything down. So when I get the the clifton park location, they either don’t have my food ready or they messed up the order. This has happened at least 5 times and none of which the manager has come out to apologize and we’ve been charged full price for everyrhing. No compensation for them wasting our time. I find this absolutely ridiculous. Horrific customer service and it shocks me how much this branch does not care about their customers. We will not be coming back.


Phil December 24, 2014 at 5:10 pm

I enjoy Pressed Cuban Sandwiches so was excited to see your “New” Pressed Cuban Sandwich on the menu. Really? The worst pulled pork I’ve ever eaten between two over-buttered pieces of Texas Toast? And what’s with the hamburger pickles? Couldn’t finish it. Take it off the menu.


scott bearden December 23, 2014 at 8:41 pm

I have never been treated with so much disrespect and unprofessionalism in my 52 years in this earth. On 12/23/14 at 8:29 pm I called tour location in Germantown Md to complain thay the four sampler that I bought to go did not have any of the sausages that come with the order. When I called a young woman answered and asked for my name and I just said a patrion and I wanted to speak to a manager.
When the manager came in could tell he was not in a good mood I asked for the name of the GM and he refused I asked again four times. By fourth I was upset and he got defensive and asked if I had been drinking to which I amd LDS and do not touch alcohol. He said what was the issue and I said I wish to speak to the GM since kept on interrupting me and saying I was rude to him and to the hostess for not giving my name. He cursed at me called me unprofessional statements that I would never say to a customer. I am extremely upset of hos action. No one should ever be treated like he treated me especially since I was calling to register a complaint that something was left out of my order.
I would like someone in senior management to reach out to me and serious think about having a manager like this person treat your clients
scott bearden


jon c December 20, 2014 at 7:46 pm

I was a customer at the Lebanon,TN restaurant on December 20th around 5 PM. I was waiting to give my order but noticed all of the servers were to busy watching a conversation going on in the corner of the dining area. I looked over to see what was going on and noticed a man and two women having a discussion. The man looked like he worked at the restaurant and was lecturing one of the women sitting with him. I over heard some of their discussion where he was berating and demeaning to this poor girl. She was visibly upset and shaking, possibly even crying, in front of guests and staff who were too busy snooping on the conversation. I think this is a poor way to manage a reataurant and a poor way to take care of your customers. To treat employees in such a public humiliating fashion is beyond unprofessional especially in front of customers trying to enjoy their meal. I will not go back to Ruby Tuesday and will not recommend my friends to either.


cindy December 18, 2014 at 1:35 pm

it was unfortunate that we went for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.I don’t get out much with my daughter to have lunch. And she had her two little ones with her age 2…4. we ordered from the children’s menu for them. And hamburgers for us .the hamburgers were undone and greasy. The manager came over and wanted to make new ones. But you have a hard time waiting when you have little ones with you. The manager was very nice and polite. But I do think when you make an order it should come out of the kitchen the way you wanted it.we asked for medium well. It was raw in the Middle.people go out to lunch and have only a limited amount of time to eat so making a new hamburger is not the answer. The answer is do it right the first time. Plus she has 7 of the children in school and needs to get home for them.we only ate very little of the hamburger and boxed it.what a waste of time and moneyI don’t think I’ll ever go back.that was Palm Coast Florida…Palm Coast Parkway.or recommend this place to anyone.yes you’re happy you got our money and we got a very bad lunch.


Destiny December 14, 2014 at 8:38 pm

Hello, i would like to start out saying my name is Destiny. I recently accepted a job offer at the Ruby Tuesdays in Brentwood TN. When i had my interview with Joe everything went fine EXCEPT he didnt have any dresscode paperwork to give me so that i would be able to know what to wear instead he says just look at this server a PLAIN COLORED SHIRT NOT BLACK OR WHITE, dark denim, black belt, and def non slip shoes. Upon accepting i went in on Tuesday this previous week for orientation when i arrived the computer was having issues and i was told i would have to come back again, that was fine seeing as i was SO EXCITED about my new server job. Well when i finally went back sat i started my training in a BRIGHT blue shirt. No one said a word about the color, i worked what i consider my BUTT off i was running orders, taking drink orders, checking up on tables, cleaning tables, and also rolled probably 80-100 silverware because the whole restaurant was out on my FIRST TRAINING NIGHT i was BEYOND excited EVEN though i had to miss the marvel superhero show for training i was fine not taking my son so i could start my new server job and EVEN though i would be driving from Mount Juliet to Brentwood everytime. Everyone was nice i felt like i was in a welcoming place the manager on duty was Nick hes AWESOME!!!! So he asked me to come back this morning Sunday Dec 14th at 1030 in the morning for my second day of training i was SO EXCITED. So after my hour long drive to rubys i walk in and Joe K. was manager that morning im guessing, he says Destiny i need to have a word with u and points toward the office so i started to head in he says your shirt is WAY to bright. I reply Ohh noone said anything last night when i was wearing a BRIGHT shirt also, he says well im sorry Nick did not inform you of the dress code so then i reply well it was not just him you didnt have any papers to inform me of the dress code to be worn so he says well you have to go home and change then come back, its PUZZLED me thaT NOT only did he actually expect me to drive a hour home and hour back but also because HE and HIS team didnt inform me he STILL expected me to go home and change and insisted that i must do so asap with arms crossed in a demanding demeanor. And not ONLY that but instead of calling me in the office he does so infront of the WHOLE kitchen which let me know he is ALL about his authority. But most importantly instead of saying well you should of worn a darker shirt instead of that and make sure it does not happen again esp since WE didn’t inform you well enough or because your still training it will be ok for your 4 hour shift today he sends me home to come back yet AGAIN because of a error on THEIR fault also AGAIN THEIR FAULT. Needless to say I will NOT be returning to rubys to work. And i think its pathetic and ridiculous that because of your manager Joe K who has short man syndrome and has a stick up his ass that you will continue to lose HARD working servers who actually care and WANT to work and make the customers happy. On the other hand Nick is great and SHOULD be the restaurant manager because hes a AWESOME person and he WILL go far in life with the heart and attitude he has. Thanks for the opportunity and the time just thought someone should know how disrespectful and pathetic Joseph K at Brentwood TN is. He will NEVER have smiling positive happy servers who LOVE the people/customers he will continue to have sloppy hateful people who look like they cant stand their jobs mopping around and he will continue to have a high turnover rate because hes SO XXXXXty . I can and WILL do better. Best of wishes.


anonymous December 14, 2014 at 3:38 pm

i used to be an employee at ruby tuesday, i quit because of the boss being unfair and locking up the store 20 min. before the store is close and guests keep still coming but its already lock. and i am the host so i have to hide so the guests wont ask me why we are close even if its not closing time yet.


Rich Taylor December 13, 2014 at 7:57 pm

I would like to tell you about a negative experience that is surely leaving a bad taste in the mouths of Ruby Tuesday customers.
On 12-12-14, my family went to Tyrone Square Mall, St. Petersburg, Florida, with the intention of seeing Santa Claus, shopping for Christmas presents and eating dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s
Upon arrival at the Mall sanctioned Santa booth we were informed that we HAD to pay $25.00 for their “minimum” package or else we wouldn’t be allowed to take a picture with our own camera.
We informed the manager running the booth that we have been coming to this very display for years and making a minimum purchase of a picture frame/ornament, or key fob but we would like to use our camera as it is superior to their equipment and I can get a couple different angles.
We were again told that we could not do that unless we pay them $25.00 dollars.
Why not charge 10 dollars for a short 2 minute visit since you are not using your equipment in any way and you have customers in the mall making purchases?
We understand that is a big company in search of maximum profits, but we were so disgusted with this new practice/policy that we immediately left the mall/Ruby Tuesday and decided to spend our money elsewhere (not the mall/Ruby Tuesday)!
I wonder how many others are being driven away as well since this company apparently has a monopoly on Santa/Malls…


anonymous December 9, 2014 at 5:03 pm


Im a server at the Elizabethtown ky location. Im writing this to you anonymously for fear of retaliation from one of our managers Laura. Yesterday Laura made it known to all the servers on duty that she was going to go sleep in the office and left the floor unattended for most of her shift. When the next manager came in for his shift he had to wake her up to clock in. I believe this has been reported to the GM and have noticed how rude she has been to the other manager that works with her on a regular basis because no one else likes to work with her. She is difficult to work with and often stays in the office for hours while the other manager does the work. Im sure this is not the proper chain of command to go through but nothing seems to get done when the GM reports these things to the district manager. Im sure everyone is afraid of losing their jobs or retaliation but I would rather step on toes than work in an environment where one manager gets stuck with all the work while the other one only comes out to be rude or second guess everything.  We have pretty much learned how to work on our own if shes the only one there. All the other managers however are very professional and do their best to work as a team. It just seems that any time shes unprofessional its easier to let it go than deal with her later.

Thank you


Josh December 7, 2014 at 5:14 pm

I worked at a Ruby Tuesday in Columbus, OH up until this past October. I was forced on a regular basis by my gm to work off the clock. Her name is Kelly Gregory and she is at the Sawmill Rd. and Dublin Granville location, she would do the same to several other employees on a regular basis. She routinely replaces the expiration dates on food which should be discarded. I personally watched her change the date on the same container of soup three times. So this chicken noodle soup was still being served to customers more than a week after it should have been thrown out. It became covered in a gel-like substance at the top, I find this practice to be utterly disgusting and would strongly discourage anyone from attempting to enjoy a meal there. I was terminated after going outside of a side kitchen door to check on my girlfriend, who worked there as well, after Kelly began screaming at her in the kitchen in front of the entire staff. When I went outside she clocked both of us out. I filed for unemployment and she lied to them and told them that I voluntarily walked out in the middle of a shift and left. As a result the unemployment office threatened me with charges for filing a false claim. This is the most unprofessional, unstable person I have ever had the displeasure of working under. She is far and away the most ineffective and inefficient general manager in which I’ve ever encountered. I would recommend to everyone to steer clear of this establishment as long as she is still running it.


Barb December 6, 2014 at 11:27 am

Last night my daughter and I dined at the Ruby Tuesday located in the Battlefield Mall in Springfield,MO. It is more than likely going to be the last time I waste my money there. The hostess wasn’t very professional & made several mistakes. First of all, there was a 10-15 minute wait time & she suggested we could sit at the bar. I am not sure, but isn’t it illegal for a minor to sit at a bar? Also, this was a Friday evening & for her to even suggest I put my 15 year old daughter at a crowded bar made my ears burn. Secondly, when I asked her if we could be called for our table if we stood directly out of doors, she said she would try, but her voice wasn’t that loud. Come on! As a hostess, you are trying to get costumers in the door. Her position is especially prominent, as she is in an enclosed mall. So, we should have left at that point, but we didn’t …. We ordered & waited with two hallf dollar sized biscuits. These tiny things are two bites for a polite eater. Other restaurants give you a basket of bread. It will do you no good to ask for more bread, as the offering of two more tiny bites will still be pathetic. I ordered an appetizer of Asian type rolls for an entree with a side of rice pilaf, which was $2-$3 extra for the side. My daughter ordered a chicken pasta dish. I don’t remember the exact menu names, however it doesn’t really matter. all of the food had been frozen to the point of freezer burn & reheated. If we hadn’t shopped till we dropped, I would have walked out & refused to pay. Instead, I told the waiter everything was okay. (I will get back to him being the sole reason I did not want to make a fuss.)So we ate the food without complaint, while all the time I am wishing I hadn’t forgotten my coupon at home, as I am going to hate paying full price for this crap. As far as our waiter, if they hire more like him, it will be the only saving grace for Ruby Tuesdays. He was great & again, I would have left when I saw the food, however this young man was too nice for me to have made his day any harder. So, after a shopping spree, don’t bother with the convience of this restaurant. Go to the food court, where a couple of the Asian booths actually freshly cook the food.
There is no doubt that the Ruby Tuesday chain is soon to be a thing of the past if they don’t make themselves over quickly. I wondered why they were having a coupon frenzy. It’s because they have to sucker you into their freezer burnt specials!!!!!


Dominic adkins November 30, 2014 at 4:32 pm

I was employeed at ruby tuesday in Huntington wv. I quit over a month ago and still have not received my last paycheck. When I call the store to speak with management they hang up on me after the manager realizes who it is.


Christina November 25, 2014 at 9:10 am

I was an employee of ruby Tuesdays until I was wrongfully terminated over the phone. I was then offered a job at another ruby Tuesdays by my bosses boss and then never was contacted again after that. I thought that a corporate office would at least stand by their word and treat their employees fair but that has been proven to be wrong. I am Still owed 50 for a pair of shoes I had gotten for that job and they had to be returned. $ was suppose to be on my pay card today and guess what…… . It’s not…


Steve November 25, 2014 at 8:24 am

My wife, son and I went to the Ruby Tuesday on Emory Road in Knoxville this past Sunday after church. We had heard they had changed several things and thought we would give them a try. My wife ordered a petite sirloin with two side items and my son and I both ordered popcorn shrimp with two side items. When we received our food, we discovered what changes had been made. My wife’s steak was tough and had several pieces of large grilse in it. Our popcorn shrimp tasted like it had been deep fried in old oil. When the waiter came around we told him the food wasn’t good and he said he would get the manager.
When the manager came, my wife told him about her steak and I told him about the popcorn shrimp and mashed potatoes that had a dried film on top of them as if they had been sitting under a heat lamp for a while. The other side item we all three had was one trip to the salad bar. The manager apologized and he said he would check on things. He offered my wife another steak, but didn’t offer me or my son anything. He told her they had received several steaks lately like that. A few minutes later we found out what he must have checked on. When we received our check, it was over $38. We were told by the waiter that the manager took the entrees off. That was well and good but he then charged us full price for one trip to the salad bar and tea for each of us. The manager was nowhere to be found after that. In our opinion……service was slow to be waited on……food was terrible……management was a con artist. We were hoping that Ruby Tuesday was going to make a good come back, but unless they start treating their guest better, have better quality of food and management that really cares about doing right I seriously doubt it lasting much longer, especially the restaurant on Emory road. As for us, we have decided not to waste our time or money at this restaurant again while there are several good choices in the same area.


Ann W-Smith November 17, 2014 at 11:49 pm

We went to the Beaverton, Oregon, Murray/Scholls on November 15, 2014 for drinks and appetizers. We weren’t hungry for a dinner but wanted a snack. I wanted chips and avacado dip and my friend ordered a Chardonnay. Right off the bat we were told that they did not have the avacado dip any more. They also said they could not make it for us either because they didnt get good avacados to make it. Ridiculous. My friend was also told he could not vape when he had vaped many times before in the bar only. Another time we went, they had upped the price of their wines during happy hour and took the zucchini marinara pasta dinner off their menu…something I ordered a lot of in the past. We brought a coupon for dinner and didnt feel we got our moneys worth because the wine cost so much…felt as if we didnt even bring a coupon. Their wines are way over priced. Before that, they took off their sliders from their appetizer list and apparently brought them back after popular demand. It seems like every time we have been to Rubys lately, we can’t get what we ordered at a previous time and the changes are too many within the last year. We have spent thousands of dollars at Ruby Tuesdays in the past four years and have decided not to go any more until they stop all the changes and stick to a regular menu for awhile. Don’t know how to do that other than to just go once in a while, not on a regular basis like before. Very disappointed with too many changes in a short amount of time and not being accommodating.


Darlene November 15, 2014 at 7:19 pm

Good Evening,
I couldn’t wait to get home to write this letter…my husband and I stopped at Cipriano Square, Greenbelt, MD today around 3:30pm on our way home from a day out in DC. We decided to stop for drinks as we still had about an hour or more to drive home. We ordered our drink about ten to fifteen minutes after we sat down as the bartender made it quite clear that on Saturdays she had to seat guests wait tables and bartend. Shortly after we received our drink two glasses broke on the bar where waiters and waitresses pick their orders up. GLASS was everywhere! The bartender kept making drinks and having them picked up. A short time later the manager came to the bar and the bartender told him that two glasses broke. He asked her where and she told him on the bar he asked her because a customer had sent her drink back with glass in her drink. The bartender told the manager that glass did not go into the ice and that she had used ice from the other ice bin. I spoke up and said yes glass did go into the other ice bin as it was everywhere the place where the glasses had broke was was over the ice bin. I am writing this letter as I am appalled by the lack of concern over broken glass. I saw her make several drinks including two children’s getting ice from that bin and not cleaning up the broken glass as she made these drinks. I sincerely hope there were no medical issues incurred. As we were leaving the manager had gotten a water hose and was cleaning everything. We had hoped to have a couple of drinks but, quickly changed our minds and WILL NEVER return to that particular Ruby Tuesday.


Kim Slade November 12, 2014 at 6:40 pm

We attempted to dine at the Foley AL location today. Ordered the Ribeye dinner and Coastl Trio dinner. We were informed they were out of Steaks, Lobster, Chicken and Pirk. Only the cook addressed our concerns. GM never approached us on problem. We got up and left but we were still charged full tilt for our two beers. Bartender did not even count back our change on a $100 bill. VERY DISPLEASED.


Takeela Bass November 11, 2014 at 9:31 pm

Good Evening,
My family are regulars and we live in Columbia, SC and we are very disappointed with the restaurant not having the same recipe they have had for years for the lemonade (blackberry & strawberry ) not to mention we go every weekend just to get the drink to just find out that they no longer even sell blackberry lemonade any more…So disappointed ….PLEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE BRING OUR FAMOUS Lemonade back that we love oh so much!!! OR at least have the option to have the lemonade with or without fruit…..


Joe November 9, 2014 at 4:01 pm

I am appalled at the service I received today. I am a combat decorated veteran who took my family to your Frederick location on West Patrick St. for lunch after church. It was for Veterans Day because I work on that day. It started off bad and just kept getting worse. It took nearly 15 mins after we ordered our drinks for us to he get them. Our appetizer was the Thai phoon shrimp. Which was just fried shrimp. There was virtually no sauce on it. 25 mins later our food arrived. My wife ordered the buffalo chicken w/ fries which were cold and broccoli and cheddar soup. Our 3 yr old ordered grilled cheese. Which the bread was hardly toasted and the cheese wasn’t even melted. I’ll get back to that, I ordered the low county shrimp and grits. The grits were cold and was hard. My wife went to the manager Mark Amann to complain about the quality of service and the fact that the grilled cheese wasn’t even melted. His response was ” We’re slammed”. The restaurant wasn’t even 1/3 full. Meanwhile the soup my wife ordered was still no where to be found. When the grilled cheese came back out it was burnt. That was where I drew the line. I went to speak w/ the manager about the grossly burnt grilled cheese. His response was “we are slammed”. I told him that was not a reason for the horrible service and bad quality of food. He said ” I’m just stating the obvious. If you haven’t noticed we are slammed.” There wasn’t 1/3 of the restaurant filled and again that no excuse for the horrid food. It definitely not men like Mark Amann that this country was built on. Absolutely putrid


Dr.Fred C. Maxwell November 9, 2014 at 6:30 am

Nearly without exception we have enjoyed our Saturday evening meal at Ruby Tuesday; last evening we once again went with a “Buy one get one 50% off coupon”..Sine we were baby sitting our grandaughter, we also presented a free kids meal coupon.

A large blonde haired woman saying that she was the manager came to our table just to explain the they could not honor that coupon, which was fine, but seemed awful petty over a for dollar chicken tender meal; this Saturday we will once again eat supper out somewhere, but this time we ill sacrifice qualityfood for quality service.
For what we would have spent on meals over the next few weeks, scores of kids’ meals could be purchased
Fred Maxwell *** Paris View Drive
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
864 430-***


Dennis Kozlowski November 8, 2014 at 2:29 pm

On 11/7/14 I took my wife & daughter to
R.T. in Eatontown N.J. The food was dry,
overcooked & inedible. The server never came
to check on our table. I managed to get the manager
to replace my sides but I did not want to wait another
15 minutes for them to cook 3 new steaks.
The food & service was horrendous & I will
never go back. But I will tell every person I know to never go to


Dennis Kozlowski November 8, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Also tried to leave my comments on the corporate web site but it has been down all day.


Adnan Riaz November 8, 2014 at 9:52 am

Last night (11/07/2014) I went to Ruby Tuesday with my wife and kids in Chantilly VA at 13915 Metrotech Dr Chantilly, VA. We ordered soda and food. After a while the server brought soda for us. When I just started drinking the soda the glass just exploded and half of it fell on me. All the clothes got wet. I thought some server will come to help and cleanup but no one came and every server just passed by look at us. Then we asked the server who was cleaning the table near us and he came and said “This happens sometimes because the glass was warm and soda was cold” and then he left. He did even bother to apologize and cleanup the mess. Then the Manager came and she just looked at it and left, did not say any work. We felt this attitude to be very rude and decided to just leave. We expected the manager to come and apologize and have someone clean it up but this did not happen and we were left on our own. Firstly their attitude was rude. No came to apologize and to clean it up. Even when we were leaving the manager just stood there and didn’t bother to come talk to us. Secondly if they know this happens why don’t they get the glass to come to room temperature before putting cold drink in them. This is not safe. I just thought what if it happened with one of my kids. This is really not acceptable. I am not going to that Ruby Tuesday again.


david park November 6, 2014 at 12:28 am

Just wanted to inform you that u have two employees that I know for a fact are doing drugs that works at your health park on bass road store in fort Myers there names are tori (waitress and Dustin works in kitchen) my daughter informed me of this and is quite unsettling you need to drug test these employees and get back to me before I EVER eat at ruby Tuesday’s again !!


Kelly Mills October 24, 2014 at 11:20 am

Ruby Tuesday–Sterling Heights, Michigan

To whom may it concern:

I have to complain once again. when i first arrived to ruby tuesday i was not seated right away by the host who said her name was Catherine because she was on her phone. I felt uncomfortable being in the restaurant when some employee of yours is on their phone. If I was on my phone at work i would get fired. I was told by her to hold on. That’s not right for me to wait an extra 5 minutes due to her being on the phone. Please inform her that i was uncomfortable.



robert waller October 22, 2014 at 1:34 pm

I applied for a job at ruby Tuesday online and was called to come in for a interview in the Fairhope Alabama store I went in talked to Kelly kaiser the interview went great and I was asked to come back the next night for a kitchen tour and to stand in and see if I liked it I came back the next day which was Friday the 17 th of oct 2014 I was told he was doing Orentation and would talk to me in 10 minutes a few minutes later he finished what he was doing walked right by me and never came back out after waiting there for a hour and one of the servers went back and reminded Kelly I was waiting go talk to him he told the server to ask me if u come back the next day which was Saturday the 18th at 5:30 I said ok and went Back and talked to Kelly was given the kitchen tour was interduced to one of the employees cooking on the line and told I would be working on the grill and was interduced to another employee and shown how to cook some of the food items shown where the cooler snd freezer was as well as other things pertaining to the job after starting a food order Kelly came up and said I needed to talk to the kitchen mgr I asked when do I get to sign paper work because i thought I was starting the job since I was working on the grill so I go talk to the km she asked me to tell her about myself I did and when I was done she tells me I have moved around to much and they won’t hire me because of that shouldn’t that have been decided before the kitchen tour and walking on the cooks line so I filed a complaint with the corprate office had a gen mgr from another store call me and tell me he was going to talk to his district mgr and I would get a call from either one of them I have nut revived a call from anybody I was contacted on a Monday it is now Wednesday and I’m getting the brush off from the gen mgr at the other store
All I wanted was a job if I had moved around to much I should have been told that when I first talked to Kelly but to have me back in the kitchen on the cooks line with no paperwork signed is just not right what if something had happened who would have paid my bills I was back there to tour not to work I should have never been allowed on the cooks line my next step is to call a lawyer since no one with ruby Tuesdays will talk to me


Darlene Lambert October 13, 2014 at 8:04 pm

I visited Ruby Tuesday last week in pigeon forge and ordered grilled shrimp. When I was eating my salad I found a hair on it. I showed it to my mother and she saw another one on the other side. When my shrimp came I told the server and he did apologize but when I started to eat my shrimp it was barley warm. I paid full price for a meal that I couldn’t even finish. I should have ask for a manager before I left but didn’t. That was the first time that I was displeased with Ruby Tuesday! The server should have brought it to the management attention. I eat at your Johnson City Ruby Tuesday most of the time.


Elizabeth October 13, 2014 at 5:23 pm

Correction to the previous note. This lady’s name is “Areas”. Go figure.


Elizabeth October 13, 2014 at 5:10 pm

As I type this post, I sit in the Orlando airport at the Ruby Tuesdays. Rosa, seems to be leadership if some sort, but is unhelpful and scowling as customers as they ask her for seemingly menial tasks; like silverware to eat one’s food. I personally watched her roll her eyes at a customer next to me and huff and puff like a disgruntled employee that’s about to throw a temper tantrum. As I asked her for silverware to eat my delicious meal, she stormed around the corner without acknowledging my request. A kind bartender saw and immediately fulfilled my menial request (or minimum expectations for a customer experience). A this woman, if she’s part of management should never be in front of customers. Beware, customers, if you come across Rosa at the Orlando airport, she’s rude, combative and absolutely nasty. What an embarrassment the executives must feel reading this. She came out and asked if she could help me. I told her I didn’t want help from her due to her nasty attitude. She tried the sympathy card that her grandmother passed away today. If that’s true and not an excuse, why wouldn’t an establishment allow her the day off for bereavement? Sounds fishy and an excuse. Nonetheless I told her I would pray for her. Ruby Tuesdays should pray for better employees.


Kelly Mills October 10, 2014 at 1:32 am

Hi, my name is Kelly and i am not impressed with the managing staff at ruby tuesday in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The head manager Sarah was suppose to have our food re-fried and delivered to us. She didn’t get it out in the time she sad she would. She stated that she had a problem in the back and she would take care of it as soon as she could. 10 minutes went by and still no food. I wanted to stay at the Ruby Tuesday no more than an hour which actually turned into an hour and a half due to the negligence of the head manager. Its not professional to say your going to do one thing and wind up standing in the back on your phone or gossiping to other waitstaff. I think this person needs to follow through with things when told the first time. I was waiting for like 20+ minutes for my food to be re-fried and its pathetic that i have to wait this long when you say that it would only take 5-10 minutes to re-fry. Poor management skills all the way around


Stephanie October 5, 2014 at 9:27 am

Re: recent visit Ruby Tuesday Gloucester VA 10/04/14. Had not been there in some time. This location needs some update and a good cleaning. We were seated in a booth on the left side of the restaurant. The booth wall was greasy, the ceiling tiles discolored. In general just dirty looking. As we were seated the table near ours was unoccupied and covered with the former occupants leftovers from their meal, plates, food, glasses, silverware. Food all over the floor. This table was not cleared until we were leaving the restaurant some 45 or so minutes later. Not pleasant to look at while one is eating.

Food: just ok. The salad bar greens could have been crisper looking. Some of the selections were down to the last few dregs of food. These should have been replenished much sooner. We each had a sirloin and while the meat was tasty enough the whole presentation was just ok. I think the cost was high for what we received. Our cost was approximately $40 and that reflected one 50% off coupon, we each had 1 beer no appetizer, no dessert, no coffee.

On the positive: we were warmly greeted, seated immediately (it was about 3:30 pm) and our server was very nice.

Summary: we will not be patronizing a Ruby Tuesday again in the future. Now we understand why we keep getting coupons with our Sunday paper.


Tricia Wilson September 27, 2014 at 12:58 pm

I recently went to the Ruby Tuesday on Forest Drive, store# 4439. It was September 6th to be exact. Everything went well, waiter was great and patient with us. I was about 25/30 of us. We were celebrating our Aunts birthday which we often do our parties there for various family members. We had a wonderful time, I must say.

This is where the problem began. I left an article of clothing, a sweater, on my seat. I was half way home when I called and spoke to guy which I later found out was the manager (Jake Jacobs). He got it for me and assured me that he was going to put it in the office, where it should be safe, and I can come and pick it up. I even went as far to tell him that I was not sure when I was going to be back since I work from 8:30-1600 and then go to school right after work. He then again reassured me that it will be there whenever I get a chance to come by. He then told me the store hours and we hung up.

I went there Wednesday, September 10th. To my dismay, they could not find my sweater. He assured me that it had to be in the store somewhere and he will talk to the General Manager (Mike Roberg) since he was there doing some cleaning up. He then took my number and said he would call me as soon as he found it. Well, I never heard anything from him. No “We’re stilling looking” or anything. On Friday the 12th I went there spoke to Mr. Jacobs, he informed me that it was nowhere to be found. He then got the GM and they both started looking once again to no avail. The GM then came to me and said he will take my number and call me. I was annoyed by then. I asked him, “What is going to happen if you don’t find it”? His response was, “What do you want me to do?” in a smart kind of way. Now I am really mad, but i held my composure. He then went on to say that nothing is ever missing from his store. So i am looking at him like I hope you are not implying that I am lying because you manager found it.

I work in the hospital with the public and I am the one that they usually have to come to when there are problems such as these. Under no cirXXXXstance would I have made that comment. I understand that it was my carelessness to leave my belonging there. Had he not found it and told me he put it up for me, I could not be upset with anyone.His behavior was totally unacceptable and that is one restaurant that i will never go back. Neither me or my family. The only time he offered any kind of solution was when I went back and started taking names. This is an absolute shame.

I can be reached at the above email address or my telephone number is (803)201-XXXXx. Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this.



glenda mac September 26, 2014 at 5:55 pm

I am appalled that you have removed the guacamole, spring rolls, and the crabcakes from the appetizer menu. I went to your Charlotte NC store on Arrowood and encountered the most arrogant general manager. His name was Tommy Halston and he came over to the bar and accused me of wanting something for nothing. My steak was not cooked correctly and I told him that I would keep the steak, so he wouldn’t have to throw it away if he would give me a little off the price. When the bill came he told me that I was rude and he has no intention of discounting anything. He continued to loud talk me and I told him I would contact Corporate. He said that this was HIS restaurant and there was nothing I could do about it. My bill was$35.00 so what was her thinking??


KASIE GROVER September 23, 2014 at 12:11 pm



Tammy Lundsford September 22, 2014 at 8:40 am

I visit Ruby Tuesday/Lime very often and the location at 1230 Virginia,Ave. East Point,Ga. has a very very rude manager. Ms. Bailey was so rude I almost wished I would have cooked and had my meeting at home. Pleae be aware of this location/ this manager because she really does need more training on customer service.


jim atkinson September 21, 2014 at 11:47 pm

Your hamilton nj restaurant sucks and so do the arrogant employees and that poor excuse of a manager who did nothing to make up for a lousy dining experience!


Linda Baird September 21, 2014 at 4:24 pm

I was just made aware that Ruby Tuesday in Portage and Battle Creek, Michigan, have been closed. Since they were the closest ones to me, I’m not sure how to redeem a gift card I received as a Christmas gift in 2013. Maybe someone in Corporate will let me know.


Jane mcdonnel September 20, 2014 at 5:51 pm

Bring back guacamole! I can not believe you took that off your menu!
I will find other restaurants to go to, done with Ruby Tuesdays!


Ashley Kline September 18, 2014 at 9:57 pm

I went to dinner tonight with my fiancé and family when we walked in the older lady hostess (there where 2 hostess) was not very nice and had an attitude after a 40 min wait we where seated, we never received the garlic cheese biscuits till after our dinner was brought to the table and we had asked several times for them. When our food did come to the table every one received the wrong thing. My brother in law received my fiances burger n they so rudely said to him as he took a bit “oh but our eating” he was very embraced. My fiance finally got his burger and it was over cooked and had to be sent back. When it came time to pay for the food it was on separate checks and my fiance’s n my bill was separate it was 26.66 and they charged my card $64.63 at this point i had become extremely mad. As we where leaving i was talking to my sister about the horrible experience we had just had and the same rude older hostess said “come on bring it on im ready for it” directed towards me. I walked backed in and told the GM leah what had just happened and told hwr id never becoming back because of how rude she was and the horrible service. I will never return to that ruby Tuesday’s again!! It’s R7721 in davie fl


Rickie Charlestein September 18, 2014 at 8:13 pm

We received a email coupon from Ruby Tuesday saying it was FREE CHEESEBURGER NIGHT on Thursday 9/18/14 and if you bring in the coupon and you buy an entree you can receive a free cheeseburger. I printed out the coupon and went to our local Ruby Tuesdays with a smile thinking I was going to actually get a free cheeseburger. We walked in and were seated and when the waitress came over to take our order we showed her the coupon. She said it was no good because the end of the coupon did not print out. We asked if there was any way she could help us and she said NO! We asked to speak to the manager as we were good customers there and he came over only to tell us that he would not honor the coupon I had unless the entire coupon was there. They actually told me to drive all the way back home to my computer to print out the whole coupon again, which I did and went back to the restaurant. The manager came over and said that he had to do that because he thought we might be taking advantage of the coupon.
I am a senior citizen not very computer savoy and surely not used to being told I might be a thief by trying to abuse a coupon that you emailed me. The manager (Eric Ulrich) said there was nothing he could do to help me except turn me away. I think they actually got mad at us because when we did return and order we did not receive the biscuits before the meal that we usually get and we waited almost an hour for our food to come to our table. Our waitress just kept saying it will be coming out very soon. I assume they were very busy because of the coupon so it took a long time for them to serve us but I also believe we were just treated rudely.
Is this your corporate policy to send emails to senior customers and then turn them away or to accuse them of trying to abusing a cheeseburger coupon? I believe the manager should have been able to help us and not make me drive all the way back home to print out the coupon again. The people at the next table and the table across the isle both said something to us that they could not believe we were treated that way as we left. We have been loyal customers for years at Ruby Tuesdays but now that the last of my gift cards are used up we will never go back there again. There is too much competition in the restaurant business to treat your loyal customers this way and expect them to return. I will never buy another $100 gift card like I have in the past and we will spend our money somewhere else. I am thinking TGIF is the restaurant we go to tomorrow night. Being loyal Ruby Tuesday customers for years we never tried them but I guess it is time to try them out. I will bet we will at least be treated better there!


Abby Behrens September 14, 2014 at 7:25 pm

Our favorite drink by far, is Ruby Tuesdays mango Teas, until today. We found out that they stopped making fresh tea with fruit in them … We sent them back because they tasted worse than my liptons iced tea mix at home… We are soooo disappointed . My entire family and friends social circle go to RT just because of that tea… We ask that corporate thinks about putting the fresh fruit and real ingredients back in there ! Thanks for your consideration !


Breanna Bright September 19, 2014 at 8:20 pm

I agree, the Teas were one of the main reasons I came to Ruby Tuesday’s and I don’t plan on coming back that often unless the real fruit teas come back.


Jane ditrich October 28, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Agreed. Much lower quality fruit tea. Makes me wonder what else they lowered the quality on. I’m going from twice a week to never. There are much better options than to keep going to a restaurant that gets worse instead of better.


Robert September 10, 2014 at 8:53 pm

I have been a loyal customer on Wednesdays for about 2years at your Wytheville Va location. I had no complaints til you changed your margarita mix. They really taste badnow. Please change them back.


Kathleen Forbes September 10, 2014 at 5:05 pm

I had lunch today with my girlfriend at your Port Richey, Fl. restaurant and I want you to know how great the service was! My girlfriend and I always eat the “salad bar” and your manager “Felicia” overheard us say we wished they had bigger plates! She went above and beyond and got us bigger plates and made our experience a very pleasant one!! Now that we know we just have to ask, we will enjoy our salads (as usual) but with a little more room to mix them up. Please thank her for me. I used to be a manager a Sam’s Club and it’s good to know that you have managers who take control to make you happy. That’s what keeps return business, so please note that you have that in Felicia. We will return! BTW, everyone who served us was awesome as well. Great team.


DANA WIMMER September 8, 2014 at 10:08 pm

My daughter and I ate at Ruby Tuesday (3427) Roanoke, Virginia on Sept.6,2014. We were seated in a booth next to the window. The window was filthy and so were the window blinds. The blinds were not just dusty, they were filthy with finger prints. Also the biscuits that were brought to us had HAIR BAKED IN THEM.

We paid our bill and as we were leaving a man opened the door for us, I asked if he was the manager and he said he was. I told him about the filth and how disappointed we were and he said I will get right on it. I have always enjoyed going to Ruby Tuesday, but this is very upsetting to me. Never saw the place that dirty!!!


norman schwartz September 8, 2014 at 2:42 pm



kathy VanHuysse September 8, 2014 at 11:38 am

My kids and I were recently at your Fort Gratiot, MI Restaurant. The food was excellent, as always…. however, where ever we looked, we saw dirt and dust. The lamp shades above our heads and our food, were SO DUSTY it was disgusting. The wood molding along the wall, next to our booth, was so dirty. I ran my fingers across it and my fingers were filthy. I brought this to the attention to the manager and they acted like it wasn’t a big deal. (in my opinion, anyway). I am curious to know if they have taken the time to clean this up? If I go back there to eat, I will take pictures next time. Thank You very much.


Michael September 7, 2014 at 10:00 pm

(Poor Customer service, servers,and managers need more training)
Over priced 2 Star in a Luxurious community

I I have been a resident for almost 30 years, and this establishment has always been top notch in my opinion until recently returning home from Active duty. The Restaurant is out-dated, feels like the 80’s or early 90’s. Since the establishment is near my residence I would frequently patronize, As well as my mother and cousin.

Recently I decided to take my mother and son to dinner. It took 10 minutes to get seated while the restaurant was empty. It took 20 minutes to get our beverages as we looked at them on the bar. Did I mention the server took our beverage order, and the hostess brought us our drinks because we flagged him down? I noticed the manager was having a conversation with our server that should have been held elsewhere like the office. Eventually our server told us she was slow because her manager pulled her aside, and she just got to work. Our server got her act together after some words of encouragement from my mother.

As I have stated before I frequent this establishment and the service tends to be slow, unenthusiastic, and basically down right terrible. All tables have unhappy guests depending on who the manager is for the day. All of them seem to have more disappointed guests rather than satisfied ones. I do not blame the servers. I blame the manager that does not get or give respect from her employees. Proper communication is needed for proper guidance. In which she needs to work on in my opinion.

But, there is another manager who has not once introduced herself or greeted me in a friendly manor. This manager is a complete mockery of what leadership is. She stands heavy, looks irritated, and hides in the back for the most part until a customer is requesting her to complain. Why should I continue to spend money if she is there looking mean all the time? She was showing off her tattoos to some guy who looked like he was just let out on parole. Honestly she makes me uncomfortable as a patron. She stared and pointed at me while talking to another employee while I tried to watch the Ohio State Football game. I would like an explanation for that, and as well as why she sat her friend 2 seats away from me oppose to any other empty seat in the restaurant or bar. Body language says a lot, and I do not like what she portrays towards me or other customers. I feel it may be race motivated. A majority of the guest are of African American decent. So does she feel the need to prove something?

Yet, there is another manger there named Summer, and the hardest working manager there. She works with her staff, helps clean, and helps take/ get orders out. Communication seems to be strong within the staff when she is working. She is friendly and interacts with all of the guests. All of the employees are happy, and work efficiently. Find more managers like her, and the profits will increase. Find more servers like Darrell, and you will have a 90%+ satisfaction rate. The kitchen does a great job making meals ensuring they are not the reason servers aren’t making tips. The bar is a bar service depends on how crowded the establishment is, but generally beverages are served quickly unless the bartender is also waiting tables. There is an insect problem in the restaurant. There are too many gnats that land in or around my drink.

The main reason I am writing this is because I feel like nobody really gets a real understanding of how things are operating. I see and hear all. I feel like I should apply to become a manager, or find the funds to purchase this restaurant so that business is booming again. The location is perfect. I see all the bad, and all the good that goes on within this establishment. And, I know what it needs in order to be turned around. I will continue to be a patron. I will continue to try and enjoy myself.

NOTE: I will be filing a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s office about your manager as well as contacting a personal lawyer, if I do not hear back within a timely manner.


Pam Lambert September 6, 2014 at 5:40 pm

Ruby Tuesday store #4422. Check #170733. The worst meal I have had in a very long time
We spent, after tip $51.24. Service was the only thing that made our experience. “Donald”!
Restaurant wasn’t clean, cigarette butts right at front door, carpet needed vacuuming. Very frustrating. Will not be going back to that location. You may contact me at 334-202-**** or by email. Thank you for letting me vent!!


kim w September 6, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Ruby Tuesday in Columbus, Ga needs to fire all the waitresses and start over from scratch. My husband and I are currently in the restaurant located in Peachtree Mall. There has constantly been 5-6 waitresses congregated in the FRONT at a table eating, laughing, and talking. We have taken pictures as proof but unfortunately there is not a link to attach them here. They should have been courteous enough to pick a table in the back corner. Who manages this place? Unacceptable!!!!!


Deb September 4, 2014 at 7:40 pm

I love Ruby Tuesday salad bar, it’s fabulous! I have always had really good foo; the service has been questionable but the food has been fantastic. I live in Pensacola Florida and after the flood that we had back in the beginning of the year, we had a couple Ruby Tuesdays shut down( Navy Blvd and Hwy 29) and now they the buildings have been removed and the lots are for sale… very, very disappointing. I went there at least once a week for lunch to the Ruby Tuesdays on highway 29 right around the corner and it was great place to go for lunch get the salad bar and enjoy your relaxing time very upset about that we only have one Ruby Tuesday here in Pensacola?


Josette September 3, 2014 at 1:57 pm

I can not believe the treatment of the store in Jasper, Al. I went for lunch with a friend and not only did we wait 15 minutes for our beverages , but we only ate the salad bar and I was going to use the 25% coupon code that you have on the internet. Since I was in there earlier the week before and used this once and since the manager Brandy KNEW I did she said ” It may not work since this code was used once already..” Explain to me how the code would not work for me when any other customer in that building could have googled and used this same 25% code off the entire bill. Instead of the manager Brandy coming back to the table and let us know like a manager should do. The waitress come back to the table with an attitude and told us.. On top of that we waited another 10 minutes to recieve out checks from her. (Server 1000 Jessic H) I normally turn my head at things like this and just pay and leave , but this was ridiculous and your manager might as well called me an idiot for thinking that the code could not be used. I eat there alot and If this is not resolved in a timely correct manner I will not be back to ANY Ruby Tuesdays. I go on alot of business trips where 20+ people eat with us from Chicago to Atlanta. I do not find this minor 25% a big deal and I think you should let your manager you have running the store know that.. PS: The little sweet hostess Shauna at the front who met us tried to take care of us more than anyone of those other people, bless her heart.. She was amazing!! WHY is this kid not the manager…? I would rethink that situation…

Sincerly ,

Josette Bailey


Account Manager


Jennifer August 30, 2014 at 12:40 pm

On non-alcoholic beverages, on the soda page, I would think that a drink costing $3.49 would include free refills. I also would have paid for another. When I asked for a refill I was told that there are no refills because the menu page doesn’t say anything about free refills. It also doesn’t say anything about free refills on soda either.
The waiter then turned to walk away. Helloooo, I’m still thirsty lol!
I’ll pay. Or bring me a water. Whatever. This was at DTW airport by the way.


Jodi Shick August 28, 2014 at 4:41 pm

I am very disappointed that Ruby Tuesday discontinued Fruit in Hand for their iced tea. That set the restaurant apart from any other. It was one of the main reasons we would gather there together with family and friends. Please consider bringing it back. I believe it was a poor decision on corporates part. Since then I haven’t frequented the restaurant often. A few times we did I heard other customer complaining about it as well.


Abby Behrens September 14, 2014 at 7:27 pm

I sooooo agree! We need to start a petition 🙂


micah Parker August 25, 2014 at 9:02 pm

Why did you discontinue the red velvet cupcakes!!??? U LOVED THOSE!!!! Pls bring them back…I went to Rubu Tuesdays in Cleveland on Chagrin and they said they were discontinued …PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!


Kelly Mills October 10, 2014 at 1:39 am

they still do!!


Ann August 24, 2014 at 4:46 pm

Again, another complaint regarding service at Ruby Tuesday’s….after reviewing other comments, I pray that corporate please attempt to do better before all 779 locations are closed. I’m pretty sure the one on Panola Road will be closing soon. Bad service, Extremely bad management (Manager Robert -on duty— would not give his last name)

My visit started at the Ruby Tuesday’s on Panola Rd in Lithonia, Ga on Friday, August 22, 2014. We decided there because it was the only restaurant in the area that wasn’t crowded. They usually have decent food and if all else fails, a salad from the salad bar would work.

Our first waitress was pleasant; however she was getting off work because “business is slow”; We ordered our food and expected the usual biscuits/bread that they bring out. (We never received them)!.. I ordered the Low Country Shrimp & Grits…..BIG MISTAKE! A plate of goulash!….I dug under to find the grits & ate a couple of the shrimps….My friend had already finished her meal. Had to look for our waitress for more water as well as our bill— and don’t forget, we never got our bread. To sum it up, I told the waitress that the food was really bad; she stated that she would tell the manager. I NEVER ASKED OR EXPECTED A FREE MEAL! Sometimes criticism is good and helps you improve. The manager — Robert came to the table; RUDE and a so what demeanor; He truly did not care. Another employee came to the table and was very apologetic….

All in all, I will NEVER support Ruby Tuesday’s again. Will miss their burgers. Please fire ROBERT! Good customer service is EVERYTHING; especially for businesses that’s struggling…Maybe, that’s the PROBLEM!

Please take into consideration all of the comments!


shirley williams August 23, 2014 at 7:55 pm

My friend and I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday 8/23/2014, I grilled chicken salad my salad was just ok,my friend had cheese burger medium well, with grilled onions waitress returned meal with no cheese, burger burned with four (4) pieces of grilled onions. My friend had to leave table to find waitress and let her know the burger was’st right, waitress stated she would bring her some cheese, my friend then informed waitress to remove burger from check and she did. Manager of this resturant never checked our table to inquire about anything, this Ruby Tuesday in Melrose Park. Another thing about this Ruby Tuesday it smells terrible, when you walk in, the place has foul odor.


Dennis August 20, 2014 at 10:21 pm

My wife went to ruby Tuesday for dinner on a Sunday afternoon in broad daylingt and while having dinner our car was vandalized, the window was busted out, and items of value were stolen out of the car. We called the police and an incident report was done. I asked ruby Tuesday to reimburse us for our loss and they refused and hired a lawyer to try the case in court. They said it was our fault for coming there with valuables in the car. What a joke!


Susan Nixon August 20, 2014 at 7:53 am

I just found out that our ruby tuesday’s is doing away with the fruit in the ice teas. I absolutely love yoir mango tea! Please do not change you tea flavorings! They are DELICIOUS as they are! Don’t mess up a great tea!!!! We eat at our restaurant in PA at least once a week. Please keep the flavorings you have!


Karen August 16, 2014 at 5:35 pm

Had a horrible experience at the Thornton Road location in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Our waitress was Alex. She was not friendly. She was very unattentive. We asked for bread and never got any. I asked for lemons and never got any. My husband asked for extra napkins and never got them. She never refilled our drinks. She came to the table several times but only to retrieve plates. She never took care of any request we made. She asked my husband what sides he wanted. He chose one and she told him that he got two sides to choose another. We received an up charge on one of the sides and were charged for the second side. We were never told that would be an up charge. She misinformed us on the second side. Worst service ever. No smile. Nothing about this visit made us want to return and we eat at this location often. I filled out the survey and emailed the company. I never heard back from my complaints. I must say due to the lack of customer service I have received we will not visit Ruby Tuesday again. Never received any acknowledgement that a problem existed.


John & Vicky Reid August 16, 2014 at 8:40 am

My wife and I went to Ruby Tuesdays in Trussville, Alabama at 8:30 pm on Friday, August 15,2014.We were seated by the manager at a table that was dirty. When my waiter came over I asked him could he bring something to wipe the table, he brought a cloth and wiped the table nonchalantly. We let that pass. When we ordered our food, it took a half an hour for the appetizers and over an hour for the entree’. My wife ordered your new signature dish-the Baked Ravioli and it was hard as if it were left over food that was microwaved. My wife refused to except it, the manager, who seated us who just happened to be sitting in the lobby talking to friends came over to see what was wrong with my wife’s order, but only after the friends she was talking to said I think something wrong with the peoples’ order at the table. Where we were sitting. She also said the Raviolis were hard and ask my wife would she like something else, my wife declined. The manager then said we’ll take it off of your bill, uh duh yea you are because no one is paying you for garbage(I didn’t say it,but that’s how I felt) She sends the food back and sits back down and finishes talking to her friends. My meal was alright, not fantastic or even great, just alright. I had the Asiago Sirloin and a baked potato that was so tiny I thought it was a kids meal. I mean it was served on the same dish as the salad plates. Are you serious? My waiter finally comes out and apologizes for the jacked up Ravioli’s. I asked him for the check, it takes 15 more minutes for the check to come as he takes his time passing by me two to three times as if I never said check please.Then after I pay the check and begin to leave, the manager cuts me off as if I didn’t pay my bill and asked what was your order again,I’m like lady talk to the hand, you ignored me all night and now what? Excuse You!!! I have never been so insulted in all my life, I am never eating at another Ruby Tuesdays. I felt your managerial staff did nothing to make sure this would or could be a pleasurable experience for us, the mere accommodation that she did make was what she was suppose to do anyway, we don’t have to pay for inconvenience nor trash. I was planning on having a dinner party for some investors of my IT company next month at your establishment, but that is a done deal now, and you may be too blind or even deaf to take heed to this complaint as well as the others that are here on this complaint board, but remember losing one customer is equal to twenty and two is equal to forty and it all pretty much flows down hill from there.


Maureen August 15, 2014 at 3:27 am

We eat 3 x a week at Ruby Tuesday located in Lauderhill, FL. We usually enjoy it. However, recently the service, food, and lack of attention once the food is delivered has become a zero. We are seldom asked if we would like more water or how our meal is. they forget to give us the complimentary rolls etc. also, the entrance to the ladies room stinks. In fact tonight I brought from home a nice smelling spray to spray so that when I came out I would not smell that the horrible smell and was able to finish my meal. The carpet is filthy and needs to be replaced or professionally cleaned ASAP. If things don’t change unfortunately we will,no longer be eating at the Lauderhill,Ruby Tuesday location. I do hope you really read these comments and make some changes soon. Maureen S


Anonymous August 10, 2014 at 6:59 am

To Whom This May Concern,

I am a employee at Ruby Tuesday in North Carolina, I’ve been with the brand for over a year. I am crossed trained in every position except for Bartender and Cook. I was once proud be be part of the Ruby Tuesday Team until my recent store transfer. The GM is rude and very disrespectful to his female employees. I have been employed at this location for 3 months and I’m highly disappointed that a store can operate like this. The managers claim to have an open door policy but they show favoritism. There was an incident that occurred at work tonight that shows direct proof of this, I was threatened by a coworker whom I have had mediation meetings with before. She spreads lies about me at work and is always quick to cause an argument with me and the managers do NOTHING! I was kicked off the clocked and off of the premises and forced to stand in the rain to wait on my ride home because of an argument that occurred between us meanwhile she was able to stay and to add insult to injury she’d been off the clock the whole time but the GM threatened to call the cops on me! I’m a hard worker, I do my job to the best of my ability and I try to work around the nonsense that I go through but I refuse to be disrespected any longer, I plan on taking ACTION! I’ve tried to contact the corporate office and they were closed I’m going to follow up in the morning before I go to work (if I’m still employed) so that my voice can be heard!!


Darla Powell August 10, 2014 at 3:31 am

We just left Ruby Tuesday in Bossier -RT4270. There were not many customers @7 pm. We do not have one where we live. We enjoy coming and eating at your restaurant when we are in town. Our waitrdd according to our credit card voucher was Dabria B 1165. We had trouble getting our drinks refilled. We never got any biscuits. Her comment was we do not have any. The male waiter had no problem getting his guests biscuits. She spilled my glass of water and joked about it. The people that came in right before we left she spilled a drink all over their 2 -3 year child. I do not know where she comes from but is not a good waitress
My husband tipped her but if I would have been doing the check she would not get her full tip. The white girl who was seating guests who brought our plated acted like it was a chore to get refills of diet coke and tea when we could not get them from our waitress. Your help is horrible. The tilapia had a off taste but we could not get anything out of her about it. We will be back in town in 2 weeks. I do not know if we want to come back if that is the service you get.


Tina McBee August 9, 2014 at 8:12 pm

Today August 9 , 2014 at 2pm went to eat lunch at the Ruby Tuesday in Erie Blvd DeWitt Ny and the bottom of of the glass fell out I got covered with my arnold palmer drink waitresses tried to make it right by taking my meal off drink was all over me the table and floor waitresses said she mentioned to manger amd manger never came out to see how the situation was at all I will think twice before going there again


Vickie pankey August 5, 2014 at 8:28 pm

After visiting the ncminnville Riby Tuesday, I am not sure if I will go back again.. The food was fine, but the waitress was snippy, n not very attentive.. She acted like she was doing us a favor, for her being there..
The hostesses were very nice.. We were there for my daughters birthday.. There were 8 of us in all.. My daughter got her free burger..but by the time we were done, we were all pretty irritated with our server.. My daughter never got her cupcake, let alone the desserts that we were all going to order..
We didn’t know we were supposed to pay our waitress.. So we went to pay the hostess.. Nothing was said to us that we were suppose to pay the server, except by the hostess.. We apologized, n pretty soon here came our snooty server, telling us we were suppose to pay her… We apparently were not given a set of rules when we were seated.. Anyways, if or when we go back.. We will ask not to sit in her section.. If in fact shes still there..
Thank u,
And have a great day


Patty Garrison August 4, 2014 at 6:37 pm

My husband and I went to the Ruby Tuesday’s on Veterans Parkway in Clarksville, Indiana for the last time yesterday. We have given this restarant a number of “second chances” but this one will be the last.

We are never met at the door in a timely manner and when we are, the host or hostess is rude – we’ve had several different ones and they’re all rude. They are usually too busy standing around talking with one another to pay attention to the customers.

There were only about 20 people total in the restaurant when we got there.

Our drink glasses were dirty (you could actually see and feel the dirt on them) and our table was sticky. I’m not sure how this places passes Health Department inspections.

Yesterday, we both ordered a burger and the salad bar. The salad bar had most everything running out, it was a mess with food all over it. It was disgusting. My husband saw 4-5 employees standing up front talking and informed them that the salad bar needed attention and their response was to fill the ranch dressing. That was it, they didn’t clean up anything or add anything else and went back to talking.

When our burgers finally reached the table – about 30-35 minutes after we ordered them – they were horrible. They were dripping with grease and fried to a crisp. I ordered mine medium and it was very, very well done. The bun was stale. But I guess when a restaurant doens’t get any business – and I’ve seen this restaurant with fewer and fewer people every time we go – they don’t use buns fast enough to keep them fresh.

The people who came in after us and sat at the table next to us were complaining about the slow service from the kitchen and asked twice where their food was. We also heard them chatting about how dirty the place was.

Mangement and/or Ruby Tuesday higher-ups need to get a handle on this place. It’s disgustingly dirty and has the worst service of anyplace I’ve been to in years and years.


anonymous August 3, 2014 at 5:53 am

Went in to a Ruby Tuesdays I must say it was the worse experience I had, I went into the bar to order food and bartender hands me a menu and wanders off for a while and when I was ready she did not even try to check to see if I was ready to order and it took the bartender more than 5 minutes to get my order, I ask for a water and then a couple sits
next to me and she ends up getting their drink first when I was the one who had showed up there in the first place, I expected a lot more from this restaurant, they were exemely slow.I had ordered food that came with soup and I wasn’t asked if I would like the soup before or after the meal. I was a former server and I understand if your busy but at least get the customer their drink first. Avoid the Ruby Tuesday’s in 210 Swamp Fox Road Alexandria, VA 22331.Btw after I looked on yelp, they are rated one and a half stars and by reading their customer comments they don’t sound positive, I don’t know who the management is but I must say that place is not gonna do well with that type of attitude and being careless, they are only hurting your business. With that type of service I had I now do not have anything positive to say about this restaurant that I would recommend to anyone.
I’ve never been this upset with a restaurant that made me feel the need to bring this to YOUR attention.


Venita July 27, 2014 at 1:20 am

We (a family of 4) went to the Ruby Tuesday on Bush River Road in Columbia, SC. The hostess was polite but the good service stopped there. Our sever was so cold, we could have gotten the food from the frozen food section at food lion. Never came back to check on us, never offered any drink refills and she had the bill wrong! When this was pointed out to her – the attitude worsen. We finally said forget it; asked for drinks to go and after 7 minutes, I gave up. When leaving I told her about it and she said here they are you can have them. I said no thanks and she told me I could talk to a manager. After speaking with him I understand why. His attitude was as poor as her attitude. No apology for the terrible service or anything. So, I am posting on my church website and our sister churches sites. Only go to Bush River Ruby Tuesday if you need to test your patience. Also, I am sending it to all my Facebook friends.
In Columbia, SC church groups fellowship at local restaurants after church; RUBY TUESDAY WILL NOT BE ONE IF THEM!


Venita July 27, 2014 at 1:24 am

We (a family of 4) went to the Ruby Tuesday on Bush River Road in Columbia, SC. The hostess was polite but the good service stopped there. Our sever was so cold, we could have gotten the food from the frozen food section at food lion. Never came back to check on us, never offered any drink refills and she had the bill wrong! When this was pointed out to her – the attitude worsen. We finally said forget it; asked for drinks to go and after 7 minutes, I gave up. When leaving I told her about it and she said here they are you can have them. I said no thanks and she told me I could talk to a manager. After speaking with him I understand why. His attitude was as poor as her attitude. No apology for the terrible service or anything. So, I am posting on my church website and our sister churches sites. Only go to Bush River Ruby Tuesday if you need to test your patience. Also, I am sending it to all my Facebook friends.
In Columbia, SC church groups fellowship at local restaurants after church; RUBY TUESDAY WILL NOT BE ONE IF THEM!


Debbie Laughlin July 26, 2014 at 2:58 pm

I and my husband are long-time customers of the Erie, PA Ruby Tuesday’s. I had dinner there yesterday and was very disappointed to learn that the crab cakes have been removed from the menu. Truly, that was one of your most outstanding offerings and, frankly, the best crab cake in town. Through the years, I have also heard fom a number of others that they also found your crab cakes to surpass others offered in Erie restaurants and many of us go there just for the crab cakes. Please consider returning this to the menu.
Earlier this year I also learned that the Blondie was removed, also very disappointing. It was a refreshing departure from all of the chocolate desserts on offer on most menus, That used to be my go-to dessert. Sometimes, we would stop in just for dessert because the Blondie was so delicious. It was just right, not too many chocolate chips, and the contrast of the warm Blondie with the cold ice cream was wonderful.


Cindy Eldridge July 21, 2014 at 2:16 am

I am very unsatisfied with my visit to Ruby Tuesday in charlotte, nc. From the hostess to the waitress to the food, it was terrible. The manager was so preoccupied with several of the wait staff at a back table in the bar with what appeared to be their kids to focus on customers. I will not be returning unless some action Is taken.


Annette July 18, 2014 at 1:31 am

To whom this may concern,
My Mom, my daughter and I visited your Piscataway, New Jersey Ruby Tuesday restaurant this evening, we presented a coupon for buy 1 entrée, get the other entrée 50% off.
See attached receipt where 2 entrees were ordered and an appetizer was ordered by my Mom. When we received the bill, we noticed the 50% was not deducted off the purchase of one of the 2 entrees.

When brought to the attention of your restaurant manager, Jeff, he looked at us as if we were stupid and as if we were complaining. He told us because the appetizer was brought out to the table at the same time as the 2 entrees, it moved the appetizer to entrée status and the 50% coupon was taken off of the lesser amount.

Okay, I am a grown woman and very respectable and did not want to cause any problems, so we just paid the bill and left the restaurant NEVER to return to that location EVER!

Bottom Line: My Mom ordered an appetizer, she was asked if she wanted to have it brought out at the same time as the other dinners. We were not advised that this would be considered an entrée being that all she had to eat was the appetizer.

I am writing this letter to advise you of the fact that all your Manager had to do was correct the bill – he knew that appetizer was not an entrée item because it came with nothing else, but he was not personable or helpful at all.

I have been going to Ruby Tuesdays from Maryland, New Jersey etc…. this is the only time that I have met with an uncaring attitude from your management staff.


Ria St. Louis July 16, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Ruby Tuesdays should consider retraining for their staff. this is about the branch at invaders bay in Trinidad and Tobago and their service is horrible. I tried contacting Mr. Cozier who i assume is the representative for the holder of the franchise but he took at tone that would leave me to assume that i was the one at fault or at trial . if this is the type of service that i can expect from the franchise I’d gladly keep my hard earned money and go to one of the many other restaurants at my disposal. i even went so far as to post my complaint on their Facebook page for the branch and it was later removed so as a last resort i am writing to your office with my original complaint. i am not saying that the bias was racially motivated because i would have complained regardless of the race of the second party but it does make you wonder not so?……….. See complaint below

Maybe someone should send the so called “HOSTESS” that worked at the POS branch of Ruby Tuesdays on Friday 11th to training! We decided to go there after a pricesmart visit and the place was packed except for the area directly behind the hostess and the one set of seats directly in front of the door. We asked to not be seated by the door and was told that 4 people was not enough to “qualify” for seating in the only empty section. While waiting for our food, 3 Caucasian customers came in and were immediately seated in the same section that 4 people did not qualify for! I filled out a comment form that I’m certain was discarded and I told the HOSTESS about it. Think I’m over reacting? I don’t care! Think I’m just one person and my little complaint can’t do any damage? Let’s see! Just remember, bad publicity spreads quicker than the good.


Michael sonnenberg July 13, 2014 at 8:24 pm

Went to ruby Tuesdays in coral springs Florida . The worst meal in quite some time . Ordered the jumbo shrimp meal for 15.99 …. what a joke . Shrimp were mediums 41/50 . Not to mention they were rubber . The waiter smelled of marina and it showed in his service . What a shame . My child’s chicken strip were sad .. 3 of them all of about 2 1/2 inches long . I don’t know if this is a corporate or franchise store . But you won’t keep customers that way .


Kyle July 13, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Not sure why Ruby Tuesday’s in Pocomoke City Md. decided to let everyone where blue jeans but it is pretty unprofessional now. What a big change.


Debbie Wuest July 10, 2014 at 6:38 pm

I’m very disappointed that the company took the hot wings off the menu, I really looked forward to having them. Is there any plan in the near future to bring them back?


Trey thornberry July 10, 2014 at 3:03 am

I’ve been also discriminated to actually be hired at any San Antonio ruby Tuesday location. Because I’ve sent in a complaint about management before and they talked to each other and told each other not the hire me . I know this because I have friends working there that will tell me they don’t want me getting the manager caught. I have seen many things at this specific location and I think it’s unfair that I can’t be hired just because managers/employees are scared that I will tell on them. Also I’m not able to work at ruby Tuesday because my former girlfriend works there and it’s against “restaurant policy” to have couples working when there are more then 4 couples at this specific ruby Tuesday. I just think everything is about under the counter money and they want me as far away as possible so they can keep there cover . Please contact me ASAP at 210782XXXXx or email like I said I will take things in my own hands if nothing is done about this. Sincerely trey


Trey thornberry July 10, 2014 at 2:22 am

Sh**tiest restaurant I’ve ever been to. Alamo ranch In San Antonio Texas. All the managers sell drugs ontop of them having personal realastionships with employees. They will Try to hide it and make up some story to not have them caught I’ve watched everything and have proof. Managers making drug deals outta the store including multiple times seeing manangers smoke in the dumpsters . XXXXXtiest rubys I’ve ever been too. If nothing is done to improve I will on my own bust everyone and ruin this business.


Rhonda Warren July 6, 2014 at 10:58 am

My family and I went to Ruby Tuesday in Albany Ga., We could not get the waitress to bring us extra plates or refills on our drinks after asking her four different times, I finally went to the bar and got it after waiting appr. 20 mins. we had ate our entire mile before she brought us a refill there was 4 of us and we spent a lump some of money.


Richard July 4, 2014 at 5:29 pm

This is for Ruby Tuesday in Lauderhill, especially the manager to look at, and contemplate.


“A customer is our most important visitor. He is not dependent on us ; we are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work; he is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider to our business; he is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him; he is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so”


Alisha July 4, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Went here today bad service and my daughters hamburger was raw


Bill Jones July 4, 2014 at 12:08 pm

I had the worst experience at the Bossier City LA Ruby Tuesday on July 3rd. I sat in the bar section and was served by Elizabeth. She constantly complained about how the company was run and how she couldn’t get this or that and that it was the only company she had ever worked for that she couldn’t get what she needed. She also did not acknowledge my wife and I until we had been sitting there for over 10 minutes because she was too busy “chatting it up” with another customer. (Where I overheard her complaints) We have visited this restraunt many times and have never had a problem or experienced such horrible service from any of the employees until last night. Food was delicious as always, but muy suggestion is to get rid of negative complaining employees that can’t seem to provide the service I have always been accustomed to at this restraunt!


james e. knable June 27, 2014 at 11:57 pm

gee guys, usually good, this week horrible service and food not made to order, return to kitchen and worse than originally plating. Come help.


Sarah Greenspan June 27, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Went into Florence south Carolina ruby tuesday. I went to go use the bathroom and it was disturbing it was very nasty. It makes me wonder how clean your restaurant. I wonder how clean your employees hands are. I highly recommend people not to go there. Very gross.


Lisa June 26, 2014 at 8:47 am

My Fiancé and I ate at Ruby Tuesdays in Dubois PA the worst service I ever had found wax paper in my food and the only thing they would say was we r sorry not would u like another 1. Well it gets worse I left a tip on the table and used my debit card to pay for the horrible dinner my bill was for 37.04 I looked at my bank statement 2 days later and they charged me 40.00 ok I get 2.96 isn’t much but the fact that they took my money with out my nolage really bothered me that is THEFT. So I called and spoke to a manager and all she could say was I’m sry I will refund that and ur dessert that u found the wax paper in and that will take 5-7 business days!!! Acted like it was no big deal. So I called corporate and again same thing I will have the dorrecter of Dubois call you. No I’m sry nothing!! Then the guy hung up on me! I am so done eating there they lost my business and my father owns a business and we don’t treat ppl like that. I will take my business some where else for now ok.


Cory June 17, 2014 at 9:40 am


My boyfriend and I ate at Ruby Tuesdays on 96th Street, Indianapolis on Friday, June 13th. I checked my bank account and noticed I was charged $31.00 and there is a pending hold for $300.00! This is absolutely unacceptable. I called the restaurant on Sunday evening and they said the hold would fall off on Monday. Well, it’s Tuesday and there is still a hold of $300 on my account. I have bills that are due and now they are late and I will be charged a late fee. I would like to know what plan you have in mind for compensation of my meal, my bills that are now late, and the late fees.

My boyfriend and love eating at Ruby Tuesdays and we eat there quite often but this incident could possibly ruin our chances of going back.

Please advise on when you will release MY $300 BACK TO ME and the compensation plan.


Melisa Mckinney June 15, 2014 at 10:46 am

We ate at the Athens, Tn location on 6-13-14. Haven’t ate there in several months. Now we know why. We were not told about any specials yet the couple that sat behind us was told. Approximately 15 people in the restaurant around 4:30 pm and it took forever to get our food. My sons chicken was burnt, my mashed potatoes were cold, sent them back got some more, STILL cold! My husband’s shrimp pasta wasn’t hot but to avoid any more complaints he ate half of it. Waitress never asked if wanted more of those tiny morsels of garlic biscuits we had to ask. Manager came around never apologized for our food being nasty just wanted to know if we were locals and to download coupons. We are locals and we will never be back. $40.00 (with a coupon) we will never go back. As we were leaving a young man was at the hostess table, never said thank you, goodnight, nothing. Worst food ever for the price. Work on your customer service. Very poor.


Laura cox June 14, 2014 at 8:48 pm

Ruby Tuesday fredericksburg virginia south point parkway, we purchased take out cheese fries and tai phoon shrimp, we live 7 minutes away when we got it home it was awful the cheese fries were one big glob of mess the small amount of cheese had no flavor the fries were a soggy mess, the shrimp that was supposed to be spicy had no flavor, very sad $ 21.85 wasted very disappointed I your food and the way the cook sent that mess out of the kitchen!


Laura Kirby June 13, 2014 at 10:17 pm

My son works with a prick of a manager named Scott. Your customers love my son just because his last name is Villarreal he treats him like a wet back. He talks down to him treats his like he is below him. His coworks are also treated bad. Is you can’t deal with the jerk iI will. It won’t be pretty. I’m a nurse and I deal with all kinds of people. This Scott jerk needs to learn how to treat his staff. Just because my son won’t kiss his — and bow down to him he. Your Ruby Tuesday is located in Bryant, AR. Thanks for giving me a place to vent.


James June 7, 2014 at 3:21 pm

Anybody home???
We went to the restaurant in Silver Spring, MD just wanting to get a couple drinks and some appetizers in between our shopping. After waiting for about 5 minutes to be seated no one came to greet us (almost no patrons) so we sat ourselves. We sat ourselves in the bar and waited for someone to take our drink order so we could get started.

The bar had two or three people that had food and drinks in front of them. After about ten minutes of listening to the bartender saying how she couldn’t wait to leave and the disturbing conversation she was having with another employee about how sexy certain people and things are we couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave. It was about ten minutes of waiting at the table and no one even bothered to walk near us.

We expect to get mediocre service, dirty tables and floors, not clean bathrooms but getting ignored is something different altogether.

Thanks for lowering the bar even more guys. Thanks for the good times. I’ll be sure to let everyone I know that frequents this restaurant.


Travis Rutledge June 6, 2014 at 12:43 pm

I eat at ruby Tuesday last in alabaster Alabama and my son food was raw and he had at most of it until I noticed his burger was raw I took pictures and I’m talking him to d DR today and sending pictures to the health department and not only they should have gave me my food free they wanted to fix me something else for him my number is 205461XXXXX


Elizabeth Oneill June 5, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Early dnner at local RUBY TUESDAY was disturbing to say the least – the place was filthy: floor was stickt, dust on blinds, food/crumbs on windowsill, dirty wine glass, dirty silverware. Ugh! I will not be back and am considering a call to Board of Health in the morning. What a waste.,


K. Abercrumbie-Gathers June 5, 2014 at 6:34 am

My birthday was June 1, and I waited for months to go to Ruby Tuesdays in Charlotte, Nc (Red Oak Blvd.) with my husband for my birthday dinner Sunday! I had my pick of ANY other restaurant in Charlotte, but both my husband and I LOVE your shrimp and grits and the salad bar. And I just wanted a laid back affordable dinner. So we stuck with Ruby Tuesday.

Needless to say, when we arrived, my husband told the hostess and our waiter that it was my birthday while I visited the restroom. The staff didn’t even offer me a free dessert!!!! Gosh! I could’ve gone to Applebee’s! At least they would’ve sang to me!

When we sat down I requested the “sunset strawberry daicquri” from the drink menu and the waiter says “oh, we don’t serve frozen drinks”!!! Soooo anyway, we both ordered the shrimp and grits and it was terrible! First, we noticed that their weren’t any sausages in either of our dishes. When I told the waiter, he said sausages weren’t included in this particular dish. I knew he was wrong because not only did it say it on the menu, but both my husband and I have had this dish SEVERAL times. Secondly, the grits weren’t done. So in the end, the waiter ended up apologizing for being wrong and brings us dishes of just sausages pretty much AFTER we finished our meals. Third, our waiter never cleared any dishes off our small table while we there, even when we had them pushed at the end of the table. I don’t know why!

Anyway, the food, the service, and the hospitality was terrible! I really really hate that I was trying to be humble and just go to Ruby Tuesdays instead of Ruth Chris or the Cheesecake Factory or something, but as I stated earlier, we LOVE the shrimp and grits and we’ve NEVER had a bad experience with your restaurant. I probably should’ve asked to speak with a manager, but I guess I was caught up in my “birthday bliss” and didn’t want to ruin the rest of my night. Nevertheless we still left a tip, but it’s probably our last time visiting this location.


Crystal June 3, 2014 at 8:45 am

I worked for ruby Tuesdays in leesburg,Florida for 6 months. It started off as a great place I enjoyed going to work ,and working for my team. But when we were introduced to our new GM everything changed. He is rude to his back crew, has no managing ability and if your not skinny,beautiful you will not get anywhere in that company. I wanted to become a server and I have expirence as one, he told me”you don’t have the proper image for the front.” Which did not make sense because we even had a server who dressed horrible,shirt was wrinkled,did not have the proper black pants, and had no teeth. Other servers were some what like this as well. Then when I found out I was pregnant he worked me so hard I got really sick and thought I was going to black out he did not care and I ended up having to go to the er to make sure I was ok. He cut my hours,worked me extra hard,and have attitude everytime and I never did anything to him. I always made sure I came in with a clean uniform,hair was in a pony tail with a hair net(which I was the only one who wore one)and had a positive attitude with a smile. Now it’s been hard to find another job because it turns out he is giving them false information about me to get back for leaving. This is really the type of people you put as a GM and to represent your company?


Richard June 2, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Richard Levine posted on Yelp, Google, Yahoo,Pissed Consumer,Urbanspoon

in the last week

Abuse by a blond bar tender. I have been abused and will never return here while she is working here.Goes around talking behind every ones back. One night she came up from behind me and pinched my nipple so hard I had throbbing pain for over an hour, she laughed and thought that was funny.On another occasion she stuck her pony tail in my ear ,very annoying. Last week she told me some personal information about another employee having a sugar daddy at the bar. She is spiteful and should not be serving. She is the meanest person, not like the rest of the staff including the manager who are great and never had a problem like this. I have been patronizing the restaurant for years, and have never had a nightmare like this. Farewell Ruby’s PS could this be Sexual Harassment ?


Angela Sergent May 31, 2014 at 9:46 pm

I visited the Ruby Tuesday’s in Russellville Arkansas this evening. Although I know this complaint may not be recognized I would still like to state what happened. I went on a date and after only waiting fie or ten minutes we were seated at a table. The waiter took our drink orders and we ordered our food about ten minutes later. After 30 minutes the waiter came and asked us if we wanted dessert and we told him we were still waiting on our food. He came back to the table and told us our food was not ordered and the ticket was never taken back. We waited an additional 15 minutes for our food. Once delivered, my steak was rare and I had ordered it well done so I asked if they could cook it longer. Again it was brought out rare. We called for the manager and told him what had happened. He said he would not charge us for my steak so I just asked it to be put in a container to go. When we received our ticket it had not been removed so again we asked the manager. To sum it up only six dollars was removed from the ticket. How disheartening. Our date was completely ruined by this experience. We didn’t get to eat together and are very irritated this happened. We will not be visiting this restaurant again.


Virginia May 21, 2014 at 7:39 am

Watch out for RT at the Westfield mall in Trumbull,CT. The waiter was nice but was eager to how smart he was so he took our orders without writing them down. The guy had to come back three times to ask what we ordered. The food was mediocre but since the waiter was nice I left a 10% tip For my order. We all had separate receipts. When I got home I realized that he had already tipped himself 20%. WTF. I called and the manager says that sometimes that happens because of the way the register works. Yeah right you SOB.


C. Murph May 12, 2014 at 11:45 am

I attempted to go to the one in Rock Hill SC. I called to find out the wait time for us. The guy asked how many and I time him 20 maybe 30. He said, “I ain’t be taking your party at any time today.” We went back and.forth for a.couple of minute. To make a long story shirt, I asked him was he.turning down 30 people worth of business. He.said yes that’s exactly what I’m saying…….wow was my reaction. Very Rude. I called back to get the.corporate number and the girl was nice at first. I told her what I wanted and she.put me on hold. She.came back to the phone and.told me she was too busy to give me that number. Wow I don’t know if I’d ever say there again.


Js May 9, 2014 at 10:14 pm

Bartenders and food were great! Watching the girl sell food was not great. She was wearing gloves, which is a nice touch, but not after you take a drink of water( they should be changed). Also witnessed gum chewing! The worst was watching her clean the dirty counter and then cleaning plates with the same towel and in between leaving the wet towel on the counter without using the sanitizer bucket at any point. I’m no expert but think it’s not right! Thanks for listening!


charlie beers May 7, 2014 at 8:53 am

This system used by Ruby Tuesday is idiotic (and that is putting it nicely). If I wanted to be part of a blog I would have joined it. This is supposed to be a WAKE-UP-CALL for the evidently deaf ears of the RT executives to affect a change foe the better… before RT goes out of business due to the obviously poor practices nationwide. I skimmed reviews, as in a blog, and wondered “Why are my comments and all the others’ not sent to someone with any authority that would respond?” None of us probably care what the others’ think unless some may require validation for their opinions. I don’t. So the question becomes, Why aren’t the RT peeps in charge doing ANYTHING to rectify the many situations occurring in their stores? At the very least, all of the complaints should have been addressed and/or dealt with by a person responding for RT. It is now 05/07/14. My complaint was filed a week ago. I haven’t heard a peep (been contacted) out of a representative of RT. Yes, I’d like “to make RT sees” my complaint. But golly gee, pop, how would I know if they actually did see my, or anyone’s complaint when they don’t deign to respond to us lowly ex-customers? Well, son, I guess you don’t know.


Stacy Aquino May 5, 2014 at 4:09 am

To whom it may ConCern:
I frequent Ruby Tuesday often, its 5 mins away from my house. Hopointever
Friday 5/3/14 we were seated across from a family with 4 kids. Very close I must
Add. Well we received our food a few minutes apart. About 5 mins after receiving
Our meal, one little girl has started to choke in turn made her vomit all over her plate,
The family jumped up and notified the waitress they would have to pack their food to go
It was already gross seeing the little girl vomit. But they left that vomit there at least 5 mins
After that family had left. I was so disgusted, my daughter had to take her food to go. The thing is, not one person came over to apologize they had to have been smart enough to know we seen the whole thing..and to leave it sit there for at least 5 minutes was unnecessary. .this happened at the one on Craig in North Las Vegas 89032

Not one


charlie beers May 1, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Last night, 04/30/14, my friend and I went to the Ruby Tuesday in Clarksville, Md. Upon entering, we were not greeted by any staff member for over a minute. When one did appear, we were told it would be a fifteen to twenty minute wait. Curiously, two booths were open right next to the door, and six others were open in the main dining area. There might have been more, but that is not pertinent to this complaint. We were then told we couldn’t sit down either at a booth while waiting or even at the bar. The young male employee was somewhat “snappish” and rude and stated that we were not allowed to sit down because they were short staffed. By how many? I wondered. The other more important question is simple. What the hell kind of business are you running? We will never patronize a Ruby “piece of crap” Tuesday again. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to relate my experience to everyone I know about what appears to be a very poorly run establishment.


Amina Di' Leonardi April 29, 2014 at 9:01 pm

I am at:

Where I was serviced by TRAVIS D.

I ordered my food and advised that I would need a box as I had ordered the chicken dinner and added on a steak that was supposed to be medium.

They brought me steak in a to go box prior to my food coming to the table. NOW THE STEAK WAS NICE SIZE BUT UNDER COOKED.

NOW JUST TO SHOW I WAS NOT OVEREXAGGERATING THE SITUATION, I came in yesterday and got a steak. It was perfectly cooked and nice sized Sunday, April 27, 2014. I come in Tuesday, April 29, 2014 and it is so rare it was blood everywhere as they served me my food in a to-go box.

About 10 minutes later my chicken dinner came out. My steak was then cold, bloody and in a To go box.

Then when I advised my waiter Travis, he then got his manager Brandon who had me another steak cooked. THIS TIME the steak was a size of a mini baseball and when I asked Brandon about it he said…..well the meat is gonna shrink when you cook it more…..

I advised my steak did not look like that yesterday…..

He said…ohhh…okay and walked off…..

Then they took my silverware so I couldn’t eat it after they served it to me in a to go box……

The hostess called every other guest by name when their table was ready..but not I..then ignored me when I asked when Happy Hour was over……

I wished that this would have occurred Sunday so I would not have been so devastated today….

Major disappointment – Lost my business for life at this establishment.

Should some one need to see the pictures I took of my food please respond so that I might be able to send you the craziness directly.

Really P.O.ed Patron


Kimberly Wright April 29, 2014 at 2:39 am

I would like to talk to you about opening up a new restaurant here in Houston Texas we had one previously here in Houston and it closed please consider opening up a new Ruby Tuesdays here in Houston I enjoy going to Ruby Tuesday’s when I go out-of-town out-of-state are where ever I may be traveling at that time but we have no Ruby Tuesday here in Houston so please reopen it THANK YOU!!!!!!!


corey chevalier April 28, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Your north windham location is beyond fixing your gm david welier gets his employees strung out on pain killers.i should know he did it to me. When i told david and managment team i was seeking help for my problem and could no longer work saturdays for awhile togoto na meetings i was informed my gm makes those descions on my availbilit.and was tild to fing leave and dont come back.he also knowinly hired two employees ryan tranka and justin edwards with felony theft on their record.not only does he make money by gwtting his employees hooked in narcotics he did the same to his own son wich reently passedaway from drug over dose.he pads his numbers every wensday when he does invetory told ne twice when i got hurt on the job to just go home no report and if i wanted to keep my job it will stay that way.conatantly allows shift leads to give away boze to employees on and off the short dave is a monster that needs to be stopped promote dawn morrin and protect your brand from the likes of david weiler


Jason April 26, 2014 at 3:12 pm

I am in ruby tuesdays on new bern ave in raleigh nc.
I would just like to say its got to be the worst service
i have seen in my life.i probably will eat at mcdonalds
before i step into another ruby tuesdays.its ashame up until
now i loved this place. Not anymore. Not that it matters if
You lose one customer but at this rate of service I
can assure you will lose more.


josh April 24, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Unprofessional. Employees sitting and yelling with boss. In rhode island.


Pamela Smith April 21, 2014 at 9:43 am

On a recent visit to Ruby Tuesday we used a 50% off second entry coupon. Three entre’s were ordered of which $9.99 was the lowest priced. That being said we should have gotten $4.99 off the entire order. An appetizer was ordered for a 4th person however that was the item that was the item discounted at 50% thus receiving only a $3.50 discount. The manager said the appetizer was rung up as an entre and she could not delete that bill and then create a revised one of which I find that hard to believe. I was extremely dissatisfied with the whole conversation. I felt the manager couldn’t or wouldn’t grasped the whole point of the transaction. Poor management skills in my opinion.


Linda Kerr April 16, 2014 at 11:02 am

My daughter just had a destination wedding in Rehoboth beach Delaware at the Henlopen Hotel. We decided to have the rehearsal dinner there. We chose to have it in the hotels breakfast room. We asked the Ruby Tuesday restaurant to provide the deluxe salad bar. A gentleman by the name of Steve brought the salad bar to the hotel, set the display up and gave them a nice bottle of wine. I didn’t get a chance to meet him, but he certainly went beyond our expectations. The salad bar was a treat and every one loved it. Please extend our thanks to Steve and your restaurant in Rehoboth beach. They made my daughter’s wedding day a great success. Thanks again, LInda Kerr, Langhorne, Pa.


tracy smith April 13, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Please please consider a gluten free bun for your customers with celiac disease! Hundreds of thousands are being diagnosed with this terrible allergy & miss buns on their sandwiches when eating out! Be the 1st chain to do this & watch all the others follow!! Thank you


Janel Nelson April 9, 2014 at 10:54 pm

My husband and I are professional drivers, we enjoy when we are able to get a hotel room and enjoy a good meal. Tonight outside of Atlanta we found a Ruby Tuesday. I myself was a server and bartender at chilis before becoming a driver. I know how customers should be treated. When we walked in I approached the hostess and told her we were going to set at the bar. We found a cozy booth and sat down. Just a few seconds later she came to the table and asked us to move because that section was closed. We told her we were sorry and moved to the bar. Ten minutes later we looked behind us in the “closed ” section and 3 booths were sat with all black families. I was very upset as well as my husband and complained to one of the bartenders. She went to the manager who took more than 45 minutes to come and speak to us. Nothing was done in this situation not even a free dessert was offered. This is a predominantly black neighborhood and we were the only Caucasians in the restaurant. For the first time in my life I felt prejudice. My grandson happens to be mixed and I could never imagine in this day and time we are still dealing with such stupidity. I will never again return to another Ruby Tuesday. Even though it was this location we had a bad experience it makes me wonder about the morals of this company.


Tracy Rogers April 9, 2014 at 8:09 pm

On Tuesday April 7th, 2014 at approximately 7:30 pm, We entered your chain on Montage Mountain in Moosic Pa. When we walked in we were greeted by a nice gentleman who sat us. It was downhill from there. The salad bar was filthy! The glass on the back of the salad bar was all smuged and caked on dressing, the top of the salad bar had a ton of dust. We let that slide. We had menus that were stuck shut with what looked like a sauce of some sort. Just when we thought it could not possibly get any worse, I picked up my glass to take a drink of my iced tea and just as I put the straw to my mouth, the entire bottom of the glass busted. I was covered in iced tea. We look to find our waitress no one anywhere. It got to the point where I was almost walking into the kitchen to get a manager. The manager offered me a a rag to wipe off and another booth, Much to my surprise  since I was absolutely soaked from the waist to my knees, front to back. We declined! We don’t want any compensation. We will never dine in your establishment again.. We will also my our experience known on other sites such as trip advisor and pissed off Clean up your act Ruby Tuesday’s you chain on Montage Mountain is a disgrace!


Radeana Hastings April 4, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Hi I am from Connecticut IB Academy. I sent a give back form under my teachers name, Mrs. Rachel Buck, but she never received any email saying that we can or cannot do a fundraiser at Ruby Tuesday. Can I receive an email of some kind of response please?


Tom Rieder March 30, 2014 at 5:53 pm

I would just like to know why the salad bar ham looks like bologna. Tastes terrible. Also, how do you charge what you do for the smallest serving I have ever seen in any resteraunt. Your vegetables are like mush and definitely not fresh. If you expect people to return, please start putting some effort into your food and give people what they pay for.chicken breasts are half the size they used to be.


Rhonda Brown March 29, 2014 at 11:25 pm

Your website just cleared everything I just typed. I just visited the Champaign, IL restaurant and the received poor service and the management is even worse. Had to wait on food and there were no biscuits made at all. Also,had to even ask if we would be receiving any. The waiter advised after our inquiry that the restaurant ran out and hopefully some might be prepared before our departure. The manager at the end of the meal presented us with only 3 biscuits, could have inquired for the inconvenience, exactly how many biscuits we would like. He did not compensate us at all for the incompetent poor service. Patrons pay way to much for such poor service and the way the economy is nowadays, who can afford this,. As I said in my last comment, the corporate office need to be revamped, because upon reading these complaints, it stands to reason they are not listening and obviously could care less for the patronage. I will definitely not be returning, nor recommending to any friends or family. I suggest that ALL of their restaurants be CLOSED!!!! Should have went to O’Charley’s or Friday’s like we started to.


Rhonda Brown March 29, 2014 at 11:14 pm

Just had a bad experience with service and poor management in the Champaign, Illinois restaurant. The service is worse than we’ve ever experience at Ruby Tuesday. We see by the numerous negative comments the corporate office could care less what their business isn’t doing for their loyal customers. I definitely will not be returning, especially with the economy being as it is and to receive poor service for the high prices. Close them ALL!!!


Stephanie March 29, 2014 at 5:34 pm

I wanted to make a complaint about the restaurant located in Deer Park, NY. The waitress walked past my table 9 times and never asked me if I needed anything. She did not come back to my table until it was time for me to pay the bill. I wrote a message on the back of the receipt to the manager which she did not show to him and in fact returned to me. When I spoke to the manager, he seemed somewhat disinterested in my complaint. I just wanted to let someone know that the service can be better.


Doug March 27, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Terrible management!!!!!! I had to ask for someone to take my order. Staff just standing around indifferent and disrespectful. Only Justin tried to make things better. Fire the current managers or the store will end up closing.


Tracy March 24, 2014 at 7:01 pm

I really need to speak to someone in charge because i was working at 3776 in Anniston,Al and called them yesterday and told them they had way to much going on in there for me to come back until its straightened out. They had drug abuse and i was told my own gm was getting drugs from a server. My gm also had a conversation about me with another server that was not necessary in any way. Im completly fed up with how they act and treated me. There needs to be some form of drug testing done on everyone that works there because im very sure you would have little to no employees working there and i plan on doing everything in my power to do something about this. Please give me a call at 256-282-XXXXX


m.dominick March 24, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday on Pine Island Road in Cape Coral Fl. Ordered a Cheese Burger medium well. After twenty minutes the waitress served me. Took a few bites and to my astonishment looked at the meat and found it to be raw, not medium well. A day later I experienced stomach pain then had to go to the bathroom every ten minutes. Went to the doctor the next day, had food poisoning was prescribed antibiotics. While being examined by a nurse prior to seeing the doctor she told me she had the same experience at Ruby Tuesdays.
Like so many others, you have lost another customer for good !!!!!!


pat March 24, 2014 at 1:15 am

The salmon salad was the worst…The waiter said it would be one large piece of salmon on top of salad but it was not! It was salmon nuggets with skin cooked on it. The skin would touch my tongue and I would gag. I ate the greens and veggie but the salmon I took home for my dog and he wouldn’t even eat the fish. For the the price it should of been a decent size skinned piece of fish. I will go to any other restaurant in Sebastian Florida if I want a decent piece of salmon.


Tracey March 23, 2014 at 12:42 pm

I haven’t are at Rubys in years and after today, I remember why. I ordered the sea food trio. It was 100% gross. The lobster was over cooked, it tasted like rubber and I had to cut it with a knife. My crab cake, disgusting. It had 2 fine pieces of crab meat in it. The rest was all filler. The shrimp had no flavor at all. The service was horrible as well. We were never asked how the food was or if we would like a refill on our drinks. I will not be going back to Ruby Tuesdays in Gettysburg, PA EVER.


Joan March 18, 2014 at 4:19 pm

Advertising of specials on tv didn’t transfer to real time at ellenten fl. Location
No salad bar included with new flatbread as advertised.
Very disappointed as we consider it one of the best salad bars offered


Doug McComas March 16, 2014 at 1:15 pm

Reading the horrible reviews posted below, I find it difficult to imagine that this establishment is still in business. I have refus3d to darken the door of a Ruby’s in over two years. Because I am with others, I ended up at the one on Campcreek Parkway in Atlanta. I see NOTHING has changed in two years. Worst salad bar…dark, slimy lettuce. No salads like cole slaw, cottage cheese, apple sauce, etc. You make people pay extra for a glorified side salad! The final straw was the Nutrisweet discuised in yellow envelope. Everyone knows that Splenda is yellow and Nutrasweet is blue. Come on!! I won’t be back again. Like the lettuce, slimy tricks and overpriced food!


Schyla March 16, 2014 at 9:08 am

Don’t know how to make a formal complaint but guess I’ll start here. Ruby Tuesday in Washington DC Tivoli Square. Terrible Service. My 4 children and I were completely ignored. We were seated and after waiting 20 mins..not one person attempted to take our order..ask us if wed like water..not one word!..We walked out ..


S. Kedzierski March 15, 2014 at 4:43 pm

I am appalled – I’ve just witnessed the most horrible customer service I’ve ever seen – and it happened at your Ruby Tuesday restaurant on US Rt. 1 in Iselin, NJ. This restaurant used to be a favorite of ours – but until the issue has been resolved, we won’t be back – and the issue didn’t even happen to us! Your manager should be fired – he does not belong in the hospitality business. Your table staff needs training, or perhaps you need a customer training procedure for when things go wrong. Here’s what I saw.

I was facing the booth in front of us – and it’s at that table where the issue occurred. My husband and I both heard a noise – it sounded like something substantial fell onto their table. I looked up to see the customer holding the remains of his empty drink glass, the bottom of the glass was missing, and he’s saying to his companion that the bottom just fell out of his glass. (I was drinking lemonade and his glass looked about the same size and shape.)

I see him get up – and the entire upper part of his jeans leg, near the crotch, is wet.

The man stands up and waits around for a bit, presumably hoping someone will come by, but no one does, so he sits down and waits, but still no one comes over. Eventually he apparently saw his waitress at the booth caddy corner to ours, and so goes over to her and very calmly asks her to come over – then shows her that his glass has shattered and dropped out onto him and the table.

She apologizes, goes away and gets a cloth to clean up, and on her return, I vaguely overhear her explaining that this occurrence used to happen when the dishwasher got the glasses too hot, but it rarely happens now.

At this point, she should have immediately gotten the manager and he should have apologized profusely to the customers and comped at least one, if not both, of their meals. After all – though I don’t know if the shattered glass landed in their main meals, I do know the glass he was holding looked sharp and dangerous, it dumped liquid all over the customer, he’s all wet, and it ruined their afternoon out.

Instead, what happens? The server returns and says she got her manager to comp their drink. Well of course he should have comped the drink – the customer didn’t get to drink it – it dumped all over him. But wait.

A few minutes later, the couple gets up to leave, and since I’m surprised that the manager has still not come over to apologize for their inconvenience, I stop them on their way out and ask what the restaurant did for them, since I’d seen the whole incident.

They say their drink was comped. I ask, “didn’t they comp your meal?” – and the wife replies, no, but she kind of also thought they would have done something more. She thanks me for asking and says she’s going to go ask the manager about it.

The next part of the conversation was mostly out of earshot range, so that I couldn’t fully hear what was going on, but I do hear the manager, rather rudely saying he already comped the drink and can’t comp the meal. The customer was speaking calmly – so it was too quiet for me to hear what was said next, but the wife comes back to the table and I see her counting out cash, and she looks mad. Meanwhile the husband is still talking with the manager – I can see that the manager is getting a heated up and they’re getting physically closer to one another – and the customer lightly puts his hand on the manager’s chest – looked like he was trying to keep the space between them – it wasn’t a push or anything threatening or violent in any way.

Next the manager comes over towards their table where the wife is still counting out money. Since the manager is walking right past us, and I don’t think he’s treating these customers with any degree of empathy for their ruined meal, and he hadn’t seen what happened when I had, I said, “excuse me, I saw what happened” and he rudely and tersely stops me and says, “it’s none of your business, stay out of it” – or something very close to that. (True, it wasn’t my business, but he could have at least said, “thanks for your concern, but…’)

Anyway, he then tells them that he is going to take care of it and is getting their license because they “got physical” with him. And then he moves off.

The husband relates to us that the manager wasn’t paying for the meal, and told them to get out of his restaurant!

You MUST be kidding. Because we were on our way out at this point, I gave the couple my business card, in case they needed any kind of witness, and as we left, a policeman enters – as the manager apparently actually had called the police!

So, while it was no doubt purely accidental that the glass broke, your policy is to comp the drink that dumped out all over them, but do nothing about the meal they didn’t get to enjoy or the fact that your glass was sharp and potentially dangerous. Then, to add insult to injury, act rudely, tell them to get out of your restaurant, and call the police on them?

I don’t know if it was racial. (Couple was African American, the manager and we are white.) I don’t know the manager’s name, but he was on duty at about 2 pm today, March 15, 2014 at the Iselin Ruby Tuesday. He’s tall – about 6’ tall, maybe more, white, has a beard, brownish-greyish hair.

In any case, I like your food, and we go to Ruby’s for lunch on average 1 to 2x/month. Should you fire the manager, (as he doesn’t belong in a customer service role, and you certainly shouldn’t want him representing your restaurant), and if you give your wait staff better training, and also do something to apologize to the couple that you mistreated, I’d be happy to return one day.

Otherwise I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. I certainly wanted you to be aware – since I know that you can’t correct that which you don’t know about. And you should certainly know about this! It is absolutely terrible mistreatment of customers.

I’d appreciate a response, and you have my email.


Rolica Barner March 16, 2014 at 4:33 pm

Good Evening Suzy,
I am the wife of the couple that you witnessed in the Ruby Tuesday’s incident. Let me start off by saying that I so much appreciate your comment and concern. As horrible as the incident was for us, my husband and I paid the bill, and was on the way out the door until you asked us about the situation and if the manager assisted us. The manager didn’t so I decided to ask for him or her. When I did speak to the manager, who said his name was Bob Kennedy, he basically degraded us, as if we did something wrong. What the manager said to us early in the conversation was, “I was to busy to come see what happened. We comped your drink and gave you a slice of cheese cake so that’s it.” My comment to the manager was that we are patrons of your establishment. A glass broke in my husbands hand, but you didn’t feel it was important enough to address the issue. The manager stated that our server was also a manager and she handled it. At that point, I went back over to our table to take pictures of the broken glass that no one cleaned up, to send to corporate as part of my complaint. And as I was taking a picture, I glanced over to my husband who was speaking to the manager. Bob (if that’s his real name) picked up the bag with the slice of cheese cake in it. He shoved the bag into my husbands chest and told him to take the cake and GET OUT. I tried to get another picture but the manager came behind me and told me not to worry about the bill, but he wanted us out NOW. As we proceeded to leave, the manager said he was going to follow us out to get our licence plate to call the police. He said my husband assaulted him. So I told the manager that I will NOT leave until the police arrive because I feel we were assaulted. As you witnessed, the police came. At the end of the day, the manager would not accept our money, but told the police that we were not allowed back into the restaurant.

Suzy, I have never been in this type of situation before EVER. I was humiliated and hurt. And because of this, I feel the manager should be reprimanded. On Monday morning, I am reaching out to the corporate office via phone. I may also seek legal representation on the matter. That is how upset my husband and I both were.

Once again Suzy, I really, really appreciate your concern. And I heard you attempt to speak to the manager on our behalf, and he told you that It was none of your concern. I felt so bad, but then again, it just showed me how disrespectful this manager was.


Stacey Coates March 14, 2014 at 9:43 pm

A couple of weeks ago I went to 4411 New Bern Ave Raleigh, NC with my two daughters and i walked out of that restaurant feeling like I was smacked in the face. The waiter we had was TERRIBLE. He was very rude and even treated my daughters horrible. Just as an example whenever he would bring something that we asked for to the table we would all say thank you and he acted like he did not even hear us and that is after we asked about three times.
This is the first time EVER in my life I left a restaurant without leaving a tip. I felt so bad about doing so but my 11 told me not to feel bad because that waiter did not deserve a tip after the way he treated us.

I came home called the manager, who was not very nice herself and we spoke and she said that she will have her manager call me and i have not heard a peep.

NEVER going back to Ruby Tuesday’s. This is my last attempt to communicate about this.

Thank you


Carolyn House March 14, 2014 at 4:09 pm

Ruby Tuesday is using false advertising for the size shrimp on the seafood trio. Lobster, crab cake (very thin and small and shrimp(they are no larger than medium shrimp. However the restaurant is advertising on their menu Jumbo shrimp. Laughable plate of food for 19.00. I asked the manager would he describe the shrimp as jumbo. He avoided the question and said a lot if people are dissapointed with the amount and size of the food. I decided to get a crab cake(which was larger) and salad bar. I call it bait and switch!


Regina March 10, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Showed the waitress our “$5 off $15.00 Purchase”. She told us to give her the coupon when she us the bill. She brought the coupon back and said that she was sorry but our bill had to be exactly $15. Maybe this makes sense to someone else but it sure didn’t make sense to me. They can have their terrible for and their coupons. Never again!


Scott March 14, 2014 at 4:16 pm

I dont understand how thats so hard to comprehend. $5 off a $15 food purchase. It doesnt take rocket science to figure that out. If you spend $15 on food, then you get $5 off. Simple. If you spend $14 then guess what, you dont get $5 off. SMFH.


Rick Matthews March 7, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Ruby Tuesday is the most heartless company to come down the pike in a long time. Ruby Tuesday closed their Owasso Oklahoma store a few days ago. They new 8 days prior that the store was going to close. The, so called, management chose not to inform their employees. When the employees arrived to work there was a letter on the front door telling them they had no job. Some of these workers have children to support. Me, my family around the country, my friends & everyone else I can pass this story onto will NEVER enter a Ruby Tuesday no matter where we are. It’s companies like yours that’s driving the American worker into an early grave. You heartless, cowardly SOB’s.


Karen Stewart March 4, 2014 at 2:02 pm

My husband and I went to the Spanish Fort, Al location on March 4, 2014. We were seated immediately and told our server would be right with us. We were the only 2 patrons in the restaurant at this time. We waited 12 minutes and nobody even came to the table to bring water! We got up and walked to the door where the greeter and a waitress were in full view. We left the restaurant without either of them making eye contact with us. We went across the street and enjoyed a lovely lunch at Olive Garden. I will never go back to RT.


Bobbi Jo Grant February 24, 2014 at 5:18 pm

Lasr night Feb 23, my husband and I went to the Mililani Hawaii restaurant and had to wait over 45 min for our food. The manager offered us a salad bar for free. I ordered the seafood trio and was told that there were no more crab cakes. I was offered double shrimp. When we finally got our food I was disappointed by the serving size. The lobster tail didn’t have enough meat to feed a bird and I had 6 shrimp. They were nasty and made me nausous. The whole meal was cold too. This was the second time we waited over 45 min at this restaurant. I love Ruby Tuesday, but this restaurant in particular is making me change my mind about it.


Trolanna Hill February 24, 2014 at 10:29 am

February 22nd, 2014 my Family treated our dad out to lunch for his 60th Birthday, which is a milestone in itself. We had a party of about 15-20 people in attendance @ the Sikeston, MO location Store # 4658. Our waiter’s name was Brandon. Although he appeared to be nice, by the end of the day I sadly found out him to be a liar and a thief. I paid half of my meal with cash and the other part debit. He informed me that after a couple of attempts of swiping my card, it wouldn’t let him take the 29.90 off. (I had already gave him 30.25 in cash) My meal came out to 59.99. So I asked “Do you guys not take MasterCard, because I’m positive the money is on there? ” He responds, “Yes we do, but I don’t know what’s going on. But Hey, I did take the drinks off, which I’m not supposed to do, in order to make it cheaper for you. Since it’s 23.33.” My sister, whom was sitting beside me gave me 25.00. My nephew hands Brandon the Black Bill book back with my money and I NEVER saw Brandon after that. I was like Ok, he can have the few dollars tips (although he was tipped handsomely by our party.) On the interstate home, I decided to check my card because something wasn’t sitting right with me, and boom! He had indeed swiped my card 8 TIMES! IT HAD TOOK OFF 28.00, PLUS HE POCKETED THE 25.00 I THOUGHT I WAS supposed to pay, since HE CLAIMED MY CARD WAS A NO-GO! I immediately called back up to the restaurant and management was RUDE AND BRANDON SAID HE RECALLED NO SUCH TRANSACTION!!! The management then tells me haughtily that They WILL PUT THE 23.33 BACK ON MY CARD…EVEN THOUGH IT WAS 28.00 THAT WAS DEBITED! 6.86 has been refunded to my card…I guess I’m dumb and I am SUPPOSED TO ACCEPT THAT…NO WAY!!!! I need immediate contact, as I am HIGHLY PISSED!


Deanna Johnson February 25, 2014 at 1:20 pm

Had a similar two weeks ago ruby Tuesday off arrowood in Charlotte nc took my family out the bill total was 167 but when I checked my card is was 192 he put his own tip in after I left him a tip will not go back there and manger at store said I wrote the tip in really u gonna take the waiter word over mine I’m still pissed


Teresa Mesecar February 22, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Saturday February 22, 2014, My grandma and I went to the Battle Creek,Michigan restaurant and got treated horribly. We waited for 45 minutes for our food and no silverware on the table for my grandma and no napkin for her either. We ordered the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo and grandma ordered a Cheeseburger with fries. We got our food and it was completely cold and my food was horrible the chicken was dry and the broccoli was tough and the noodles were not even done. I will never go there again and we talked to the so called Manager and he did not want to compensate us at all. I told him that he better do something i am not paying for Poor Quality Food! So after he threw a fit and acted like he didn’t even care he paid for our bill. I am not going to ever go there again. The salad bar was nasty and the service was terrible and the Manager had a complete Attitude Problem too. So I will not be going there Ever Again. The table that was across from us had the same problem with the manager and was very unhappy and not treated well either. So think twice before going there ever again.


peggy February 22, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Sitting at Runy Tuesday on Central Ave in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Waing.for a cheeseburger and kid sundee for over 20 minutes. While here there has been a fight in the kitchen that everyone in the bar area has heard. Just thought you would like to know.


Katie Lacher February 20, 2014 at 12:32 pm

Okay well it started off ordering the drinks and one of the drinks was a hot green tea with a glass of ice on the side…well after asking about 3 times finally ice comes but in a small cup and we asked for a glass. Then we normally get biscuits with our food well after finishing our salad I asked the waiter are we getting biscuits he said well there in the oven finally after getting the biscuits at this point we were done with our salad dinner comes shortly after. Well before dinner comes out the waiter take my empty raspberry fruit tea and I know it’s free refills well never says would you like another just takes it I’m eating my food and I asked for another well by the time I was done with my meal my drink finally arrives! So then before our meal comes out I placed a burger order to go and I said you can put the order in now well low and behold we ask him about the burger after dinner he claims he never was TOLD THE ORDER! Then we remind him of what we said he said oh yeah well I didn’t put it in yet! So we wait for over 30 minutes for the burger on this time I am very upset so the manager comes over also one thing I didn’t mention when carrying the food out our servers hand is in the food!!!! Gross!!!! So we tell the manger all this and he says sorry and says I want to give you a free dessert and next time ask to not be seated with him!!! And all he offers us is a free dessert that’s not how ruby Tuesdays work I don’t believe. So the manager bring out the to go order and it is all wrong all he says is sorry! I’m sorry but this is unacceptable.


Teresa Mesecar February 22, 2014 at 5:22 pm

Oh and the so called Manager wanted to give us a free dessert and i said no way i am not going to have that and he acted like he didn’t even care and the staff needs Training on How to Have Good Customer Service Skills Too! The manager was very rude and not willing to do anything but in the end he threw a fit and did it anyway. He said I am not going to take this abuse from you and i said its not abuse its the Truth!


teisha February 10, 2014 at 1:28 pm

not happy at all!!!! poor service as far as the coporate office goes!!! i complainted about the lobster meals and the coupons which was a rip off. she was very smart and ignored the part about the food and was trying to tell me its not up to me how the coupon works, but we didnt get 50% off i dont care how the computer does it, its a rip off and she was rude. its false advertisement however they put it!!! She tried to make me feel like i was wrong and dum, no i know what im talking about!


teisha February 10, 2014 at 6:40 pm



aaron February 8, 2014 at 11:52 am

So much for employment opportunity. I applied, figured I had a shot @it as I user to be a Manager at Texas Road House. Not even a response for applying. Even a nice “hey thanks for applying” . You have lost my appreciation for your company and I will reccomend as much to my friends and family. And so u know, most of your ribs n shrimp are great, tho your burgers are lousy except for the flavor of the sauce they add, they are tasteless. Sorry you had to lose a dedicated customer. I’ll be sure to let others know 🙂 have a nice day!


PittmanLady January 30, 2014 at 11:17 am

Ok,, I just talked to Jonathon, Facilities, at the Corporate level to find out why the hot water in RT- Georgia is turned off or not working in the ladies restrooms! I explained I purposefully left the water running before I entered a stall to find out if the water would evidently warm up after I came out of the stall. No such luck! Johnathon assured me he would look into this matter to be sure it is corrected.

If I cannot wash my hands in hot water before leave the ladies room that means the Servers and Food Prepares cannot wash their hands in hot water before leaving the ladies room! YUCK!

Stay tuned!


Catherine January 26, 2014 at 7:17 pm

We occasionally go to the Treasure Coast mall and eat at the Rt. We have good service and decent, but seldom excellent food. Today the food was awful and the service poor. We won’t spend our hard earned funds there again. You should take a hard look at that facility. When it’s fixed, maybe we’ll try it with a coupon , but I’ll have to see it to believe it. Let me know. Thanks and good luck.


teisha February 10, 2014 at 1:46 pm

their buy one get 50% coupons are a rip off


Mark January 25, 2014 at 6:16 pm

For several years, your Iselin NJ RT was my favorite place to eat. I would go there several times a week, where the staff all knew me by name, and always took care of me.

Then, in addition to your decision to delete the Sunday Brunch menu, which I always attended, you most recently made the decision to keep your music at a mandatory minimum volume that is so loud that it makes it too painful for me to stay. I am a US Military Veteran and I suffer from tinnitus in the ears.

It is absurd to me that your staff cannot comply with my simple request to keep the music lower.

But if that is your decision, then I can never go back to this RT ever again, and you have lost a steady customer-Forever!


Stephen Wilkerson January 19, 2014 at 1:54 pm

I live in Owensboro Kentucky. We want our Ruby Tuesday back. My friends & I grew up with Rubys for 25 year’s & now we don’t have one. The Tumbleweed closed. Put it there or highway 54. DDevelopment is exploding out there.


Stephen Wilkerson March 9, 2014 at 2:55 pm

We still want our favorite restaurant back in Owensboro!!!!


Kieva January 18, 2014 at 9:45 am

The Ruby Tuesday located at 6360 Newtown Rd, Norfolk, VA 23502 is a very ghetto place. A lot it’s employees need to be trained on work ethics, customer service and how to work as a team. There is only 1 decent manager there and that 1 is leaving soon. The others there do not abide by laws and regulations and need to be trained as well. The place is also filthy. As in it has an unclean smell. This needs to be reported and will be reported.


Jeff Crihfield January 2, 2014 at 1:55 pm

This is absolutely NOT a COMPLAINT!!! I have nothing but good things to say about your restaurants. Actually, I guess this is a complaint about the lack of your awesome restaurants, in West Virginia!! We eat out quite often, and would do so a lot more often, if you would put one of your establishments near Charleston. I heard that you are considering building a restaurant in St. Albans, Wv. I would be a regular customer, and I may even move there so I can get there much faster!! LOL But seriously, we find your food to be good quality, and it’s priced reasonably. Also, the service is top notch, especially at your Clarksburg, Wv location. But the complaint that I have is the fact we have to drive so far, to enjoy your fine food. I hope you will take this comment/complaint, seriously, and build a restaurant in St. Albans or even better, build one in Charleston. Thank you for serving such fine food, and hiring mostly, topnotch employees.
A very happy and frustrated, customer,
Jeff Crihfield


Abby December 28, 2013 at 3:52 am

The management in spring lake NC has a major problem with complying with the laws. Employees are being treated poorly and being taken advantage of!


Anna December 21, 2013 at 8:22 pm

The ruby Tuesdays in Clifton park ny has some horrible service and mike the manager is always on his phone and looks like he doesn’t even care. I complained about my food and looked at me like I was stupid and wasn’t friendly at all


Amr December 20, 2013 at 4:22 pm

The chicken fajita had a small XXXXroach in the side plate today 20/12/2013 in shaab branch in kuwait


cnc December 10, 2013 at 12:01 pm

Ate lunch at RT in Enfield, CT on Dec. 9. I asked the waitress why there are no
Christmas decorations or music. She said they are only allowed to put a wreath on the
door! Really?? I am offended! Last time I will enter Ruby Tuesday’s during a holiday season.


Chris Simmons December 6, 2013 at 2:49 am

Worst experience ever and our food was awful. We took my wife’s brother and my two sons to the mt.. pleasant mi location. We watied forever for our food and when it did come it was terrible my burger was burnt on the outside and raw in the middle same withe the wife and boys steak and my youngest chicken strips were burnt so bad on the outside they were crunchy to bite he took one bite and didn’t eat any more. Everything was over priced and the bill was screwed up. I’m so disgusted with the e experience I will never go back. Worst Burger I’ve ever had. I can still feel it in my stomach and I want to puke. Not to mention my wife potatoes were brown and tasted awful. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A RUBY TUESDAY EVER THAT IS A PROMISE AND I INTEND TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE


Beverly Simpson November 13, 2013 at 8:06 am

We are a small Harley Davidson motor cycles riders. We ride out of Doc’s Harley Davidson on Lindbergh in ST Louis Mo. We have adopted three families this year to help for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are supplying them with a wonderful dinner for both holidays. We are also buying toys and helping them with their utilities. We do this with out any donations from any body. We do this with contributions from the group of people that we ride with. We are having a Christmas party on Dec 7 and would like to get some gift cards to raffle off for these families. They told me I had to go through the corporate head quarters. I have had a lot of help from several corporate head quarters for gift cards. We have a gentleman that rides with us and he dresses up as Santa Claus for the kids. One of the families is a young woman that has just come back from Iraq and is a single mother of two. Her husband hit the baby and now she needs help with supporting the children. She has left her husband because of what he did to the baby. The other two families are from the neediest cases her in Missouri. If you could help us we would greatly appreciated it. I am a honest person and this is not for my our personal use. You could send the gift cards to Beverly Simpson, XXXXX Remington Oaks Tr, Fenton Mo 63026. I hope you could supply us with a few gift cards so we can make these families have a wonderful holiday. If you could help us in any way it would greatly be appreciated.


vanessa November 9, 2013 at 9:30 pm

This was my first time in boone nc, my boyfriend decided to take me there when we got there christy was our server, she took our order she brought out 2 buscuits said they were out needless to say this is 6 in the evening on friday november 9 2013,, and she served others theirs, after about 20 minutes our order was brought to us my fries were cold and my boyfriends burger was burnt and his fries frozen, cold, when I complained jeffery the on site mgr came out didnt offer to replace his meal but insisted giving him a hot order of fries, this was a horrible experience we will not return to any ruby tuesday this done us in. So next time u go beware


Angie woods November 8, 2013 at 5:31 pm

My family and I just left Ruby Tuesday in Goldsboro NC .
Customer service I will rate a 10 food was a 10, but I want to talk about our waiter Rebecca I don’t know here last name , she was friendly , helpful, knowledgeable of the menu and gave us good advice , we have been to Ruby Tuesday many times.this was our second choice , we went to another restaurant before going to Ruby Tuesday and the waiter did not come to our table until 10 minutes after we arrived , so we left and went to RT , the manger was polite to to young ladies that only order dessert and played UNO as they ate their dessert , The two ladies was very young and maybe that’s all the could afford , I watched nobody made them feel uncomfortable , Customer service go alone ways when serving ppl loved the atmosphere . Thanks Ruby Tuesday for your great customer we will be back .


aprile chandler November 3, 2013 at 4:20 pm

hello I have not been a ruby Tuesday fan since I have visited one. I have been to several Ruby Tuesday’s and I have had the same experience. However, yesterday took the last straw. I visited one in Atlanta we first were seated then it took a while for her to get to us. my son ordered sprite soda she cam to refill and gave him water, the food came out. I was not happy at all, the fries tasted refried, the broccoli was hard. there were not drink straws for the martinis, the waiter had to cut the regular straw. I am very unhappy and I will not return to this establishment again. thanks


andrew November 1, 2013 at 2:49 pm

I eat at rubys in Branson,mo and I got short changed…..The manger there is no help!!!


richard hillard October 29, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Ate at Ashland location Friday night and if not for our server,Amy I would say I had a horrible time. She walked me and my wife through the menu even told us about things that weren’t listed on menu. The host was rude and we almost left.Fortunately we didn’t. While the food took awhile it still came out hot and delicious. Our server suggested we get an app or salad bar because we were really hungry and she let us know it was a little slower than usual. Thanks we will be back


Cindy Spilinek October 23, 2013 at 6:46 pm

You need a Ruby Tuesday’s here in the test market of America where we have more restaurants per sq mile then anywhere else. Sad that we do not have your restaurant here especially on west side!!!!! Cindy S.


Ella October 21, 2013 at 4:50 pm

I stopped at Ruby Tuesday in Walterboro, SC yesterday around 2:45pm with a bus of seniors. I was told by a waiter that the manager said they could only accommodate 25.That was fine since some of the ladies has choosen to eat at Mac Donald next door. Their were 27 customers seated, plenty of tables and booths and 6 waiters. After waiting for about 10 minutes I was informed by a waitress that the manager said they could only take 13. When asked why she stated she did not no. We all left and looked for other places to eat. I will not and most of the (54) seniors on the bus go to this Ruby Tuesday again. I hope the Corporate Office see this, if not I will give them a call.


Jillain October 20, 2013 at 10:10 am

My husband and I were at Ruby Tuesdays at Destiny USA last night. We ate the salad bar. When in line, I said to my husband ” I wonder if they wash the produce”. He said ” I hope so”. Well, ironically enough, we finished the salad bar and we look down and see a maggot on the plate. Moving around like crazy. Grossest thing ever! We called the manager over and showed him. He too was grossed out. We got 1 meal for free. Not that I’m looking for a handout but c’mon, more should have been done then that. I took my all not to go to the people in line & tell them what happened. Oh, I video taped the maggot dancing too. I posted the video on Facebook and it’s become quite popular. I think I’ll post on YouTube as well…. I will never go to Ruby Tuesdays again. I feel they just aren’t sanitary.


Chris aldrich October 16, 2013 at 7:55 am

Was served raw food and have been throwing up all night and morning. Hoping I can get in contact with corporate to at least cover my hospital bills. Manager was very nice about the situation. Never been sick from going out to eat but this is terrible. Store is located in goldsboro nc.


David October 12, 2013 at 10:29 pm

I have been a life-long Ruby Tuesday fan. They took the one out in Douglasville so I make the trip often to the the one on Thorton Road. Every time I go seems to be something. They only sit us by the kitchen, when we ask for a nicer booth they said we the waitress has 8 tables in that section. 2 of us and one had to wait 30 minutes for his food while I ate mine. The waitress said there would not be a charge, then the manager said he would offer dessert. Everytime we go something is bad. Wish they could get it right!! Might have to drive farther to the one in Camp Creek instead. Really sucks cause we love Ruby Tuesday;s


Eric Buffong II October 9, 2013 at 5:08 am

I worked for ruby in Middletown NY for 3 weeks and they never paid me I called went up there and now I am going to talk to corporate office. The people they hired are scrum and they got a bunch of illegal immigrants working in da back!!! I should call immigration.!


michelle September 30, 2013 at 1:19 pm

On 09/29/13 my husband and I went to Ruby Tuesday in North Charleston S.C. on Ashley Phospahte. The hotess was very rude. We wanted to sit in a certain section and she act as if she did not want to seat us there. When we finally got seated the server came and took our drink order. When she cam back with our drinks she said she will be back when we are ready. I advised her we were ready. She saie with an attitude she will be back and rolled her eyes. We left our drinks on the table and left Ruby Tuesday. Went back in and ask for a manager and advise him what had happen. He said he would say something but did not believe him. We will never go back to ruby Tuesday.


jen September 10, 2013 at 8:21 pm

I went to RT tonight for dinner and tried the new flatbread, what a mistake. It came out cold and greasy not to mention it was nasty ! I told the waitress who btw was very nice to us the only good thing about dinner, and she got the manager. The mngr on duty came over and was very short and rude to us then went to the kitchen door and said to the cook and I quote “They ate three pieces and now say they dont want it “then tossed it on the counter. oh and there where three of us all agree it was nasty! I could not believe she said this so rudely in hearing distance. I dont often complain and can spend my money at Applebees across the street where Im always treated well.


Cindy Spilinek September 2, 2013 at 6:25 pm

You need to bring a Ruby Tuesday’s to Wichita, Ks. We love to eat at your restaurant . We always look for your restaurant first when we go out of town. We have the most restaurants per square mile they say but no Ruby Tuesday. Please add one to west Wichita! Thanks!!!


john doe September 1, 2013 at 12:54 pm

Hi, i would like to report a drug usage/drug dealing problem at a particular store. This among other problems with things such as proper food handling. You can contact me at my email address at i will also be trying to contact you by other means of communication but i feel this is a problem that should be dealt with.


Leslie August 26, 2013 at 8:41 pm

Please bring back the mashed cauliflower. it was one of our favorite side dishes!! Can’t find it any place else! My 4 year old even loved it & has been asking for it 🙁


Stayce Herriott August 15, 2013 at 7:11 pm

When did you stop allowing for substitutions or is this just a way for the Surfside Beach location to make extra revenue? It plainly states that loaded baked potatoes are available for $1.00 extra. Seeing as none of your meals come with a loaded baked potatoes….and substitutions are not allowed(supposedly), I’d be willing to bet you don’t sell a lot of them. Red Robin is right down the road, and they allow substitutions and now they have my business. Ps…this could really hurt your revenue. Instead of getting an extra 4 dollars for extra lost a family of 4 sale to your competition. You may want to rethink this new policy or reprimand a location for non compliant policy revisions.


Marcia Wolfe August 11, 2013 at 10:34 am

Been going to Ruby Tusday on Emerick Blvd., Bethlehem, PA for years and loved it. However, service and food have been going down hill for the past few months. We used to have to wait on line dinner time but not any more. Maybe because the place is not as clean as it used to be or because they run out of food. Went last week specially for ribs but they were out of them. Went last night and they ran out of straws. This particular location has a lot of competition (Fridays, Texas Roadhouse, Outback). Even your “connections” doesn’t give patrons specials like other restaurants. PS It’s time to get rid of the Shrimp Fondue special.


faye August 8, 2013 at 6:04 am

For the last several years I have bragged on Ruby Tuesdays Ribs, but after yesterday I will not be doing this any longer. They were so tough I don’t think a dog could have eaten them. I called and talked with the manager, and went back and got another order, guess what, they were just as bad. I was told they were changing the way they are being cooked. Well if this is the case I WON’T BE BACK. There was nothing wrong with the way they were being cooked. So why change!!!! If they don’t change back to the way you were doing the ribs I will not be back. And I sure won’t be telling anyone how could the ribs are, cause that is no longer the case.


jane carter August 1, 2013 at 8:45 pm

I have left my complaint on another site. After many, many visits to the Ruby Tuesday establishment on Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD, our visit on Aug. 1, 2013 was by far the most grueling experience ever. Soured us from ever going back. SERVICE was horrendous, food was lukewarm at best. Took forever to get out of there and it wasn’t even crowded. Somebody needs to go back to the drawing board or this company is doomed. We are senior citizens and pretty tolerant, but this experience makes dining at home seem like heaven!


Mr. Edwards July 31, 2013 at 5:34 pm

I visited Ruby Tuesdays in Columbia,S.C. after a trip to the VA Hospital. That is a experiance I will never forget. I ordered the shrimp and ribs. They both had real sweet BBQ sauce on them and they both tasted the same. We need to taste what we are eating. The bigest complaint I have, is that number of shrimp served was only three (3) and the amount of meat I pulled off the 1/2 rack of ribs was no more than 2 oz. That’s right, 2 little ounces. Overly priced also, U-bet-cha. I will never go back again. That is a rip off. That is shorty ribs, short on the meat side, I would say, lol. You fooled me again so the heck with them. The tea was watered down and taste like sugar and water and nothing more. That place was a joke. No wonder why there was no more that 8 other people in the restaurant beside us at lunch time. That should have told me something from the get-go. You give them your advice and they never listen. They then wonder, where has our business gone ?????? You just can’t cook, Period!!!!! My family will never visit again.


Joe July 27, 2013 at 4:14 pm

When do you think that Ruby Tuesday in Sebastian Florida will get their head out of their but and fix the yellow pages online ad with the correct phone number. I’ve Jensen gone there and told the manager in person. I guess they don’t mind spending for an ad that is no use to them, or do they care about the lawyer that will be visiting next. Wake up.


Anthony Camphor July 13, 2013 at 9:16 pm

I went into the Tivoli Square Ruby Tuesday & the service was excellent! CJ helped us @ the bar & he was great! The drinks were delicious & the food was hot & fresh as usual! I will definetly be returning!


Cassandra Lowery July 5, 2013 at 8:39 pm

My family was visiting for the weekend so we thought it would be nice to go out to eat. We went to the Ruby Tuesday # 5183 in Americus, Georgia. I have visited this location many times but after today my family and I will NEVER be back to this location or any other Ruby Tuesday. Everything was awful except for the food. Service was horrible. We sat for 15 minutes before we were even spoken to by a server. It took almost an hour for the food to come out and the restaurant was not that busy. After we had all been sitting waiting for someone to bring the bill we finally got it. AND then we noticed we were being charged tax TWICE. The waitress went to get the manager who stated that one was a liquor tax and one was a food tax. Ruby Tuesday has never separated out taxes prior to this visit. Also the tax rates for liquor and food would not be the same which they are on the bill. 4 of us had the same drink and were charged different tax rates. Just a HORRIBLE trip all the way around. Will pass on to all my friends to avoid Ruby Tuesday from now on…. just sad.


Concerned Nonconsumer June 25, 2013 at 1:52 am

I just saw a disputable post on Facebook about a Prattville Ruby Tuesday’s manager, Michael Dandridhe, showing blatant racism to potential customers and turning them away. It seems in this economy, customer service should be your priority, well in general for that matter. If someone would contact me per email I’d be glad to share the incident. I’ve never dined at Ruby Tuesday, but after reading the remarks on your website and about this incident, rest assured I nor my family will ever do so.


Concerned Nonconsumer June 25, 2013 at 1:55 am

Disgusting incident.
*never do so


D. Taylor June 19, 2013 at 1:18 pm

I do not wish to put which Ruby Tuiesday this concerns, as truthfully, it shouldn’t matter. My mother and sister went to our Local Ruby Tuesday for dinner. My mother is disabled and uses a wheelchair. She is also diabetic. When they arrived, they were told their were no available tables for them to be seated at. My sister saw an entire ding area with table that was not being used. When they asked about being seated there due to my mothers wheelchair, they were very rudly told “No, we can’t open up a whole dining room for just you.” Excuse me? First off, the layout of the restaurant is NOT handicapped friendly. The previous times my mother has gone there, her wheelchair is stuck in the middle of the aisle with patrons and servers having to walk behind her. This is a hazard, an accident waiting to happen. How would Ruby Tuesday deal with a handicapped person who had been burned with hot food, or even just had cold beverages spilled on them by a server attempting to walk behind them?

Add in the fact that with diabetics, their meals need to be at least close to the proper times, as being hungry can cause a low blood sugar episode. Yet, my mother was told she could not be seated and she would just have to wait.

My mothe ris 70 years old. In the past, she has enjoyed her meals there with the exception of feeling like she was “in the way”. Trust me, she will NOT return to your restaurants. We will also be telling every single person we run across how handicap – UNfriendly your establishments are –


dr. robert scherr June 1, 2013 at 8:46 pm

A comment about our Ruby Tuesday experiences…last week I wrote a negative letter to your competitor Outback about poor management, cleanliness, uncaring wait/host staff. My letter today is a positive one….this is not my first experience at Ruby’s and have continued to be very pleased with the management, the food, the cleanliness. etc. I want to especially mention that all the managers have done an exceptional job. I am particularly pleased with Christopher (known as Topher) as both a manager and as a waiter,..exceptional. Tonight Joshua did well, too…Keep up the good work…your satisfied customer in Salisbury, MD..south restaurant…bob scherr


OMG May 28, 2013 at 7:57 pm

2 May, 2013
Absolutely the WORST example of food service management EVER!!!
The managers allow employees to talk back and display the worst behavior I’ve ever seen. They use profanity back and forth as if their verbal skills depended on it. One female server says the most vile vulgar and obnoxious things to other employees too awful to type…she comments on her “wet p&*&*” and calls other female employees “dirty c@&^’s”, most appalling display of unprofessional behavior one can stand. Sexual harassment occurs constantly only to be compounded by sexual encouragement among the employees, manages, and children of managers WITH the employees!! The unsafe food practices are polluted with Health / Sanitation infringements from long dirty finger nails, open toe shoes in the food prep areas, and even the basic daily scheduled cleaning requirements are done poorly or not at all. I’ll NEVER eat at this place again ever and will report the things I’ve seen to the Department of Labor. There is no secure place for employees to keep their keys, bags, etc. and the managers seem to be or pretend to be clueless as to the status and condition of their facility, personnel, and equipment. Broken vacuum cleaners and filthy carpet and floors…THE WORST!!!


Jen May 25, 2013 at 10:57 am

I recently visited Ruby Tuesday in Johnston, Rhode Island. My 3 year old, wearing her pink Gap jeans, crawled on the floor a couple times and under the table, as most rambunctious toddlers do. When we left, and I was strapping her into her car seat, I was shocked and disgusted to find that the knees, and 4 inches above and below the knees, of her jeans were FILTHY. I mean filthy as if she were playing and crawling through dirt in a playground. When I got home and was removing my white eyelet-design heels (that I was wearing for the first time that day), I was even further shocked that the material on the sides of my shoes (about an inch up all the way around) was filthy, as well. We were hosting a community give back program, so I walked around the restaurant a bit, visiting tables. My brand new white shoes were filthy. Not the bottoms…the SIDES of my shoes! That is just completely disgusting. I wish I could upload the photos I took of my daughter’s pants and my shoes. How do the carpets in your restaurant get that bad? Are they ever cleaned?? If I can pick up that much dirt by simply walking around, then that is not an environment that I would want to eat in. In addition, one has to wonder, how dirty is the rest of the restaurant? I would be afraid to look into your kitchen. I will never step foot into another Ruby Tuesday again. No pun intended. And you owe me a pair of tan designer heels with a white eyelet lace peep toe.


Jen May 28, 2013 at 10:59 am

Update: I just received a call from one of the district managers. He was very polite and concerned. He assured me that the restaurant is clean and wouldn’t hesitate to take any customer in the kitchen to take a look around. He also said that the carpets had been replaced within the last couple of months and that the rugs are regularly cleaned by a carpet service. As a matter of fact, they had been cleaned 2 weeks prior. He was grateful to have been made aware of my experience because it helped him to come to the conclusion that it seems the carpet cleaning company they use has, apparently, not been moving the furniture to wash the carpet under the tables. This made sense to me. He assured me he would rectify the issue, offered to have their insurance company handle any property damage claim that I may want to file, and informed me that he is sending something to me in order to apologize for the less-than-pleasant experience. Ruby Tuesday’s response was timely and professional.


Marilyn May 24, 2013 at 2:45 am

Tonight my family & I visited Ruby Tuesday in Bessemer,Al although they were shortstaffed they took very good care of us. The hostess by the name of Ashley was very welcoming & attentive,she made us feel like we were the only customers while still handling the front door. I will definetly visit again ,hopefully there wont be such a wait but indeed the service my family recieved tonight was spectacular.


Robert M Le Vay May 7, 2013 at 9:33 am

Sent information concerning a bad dining experience on 4-24-2013 was tol I would receive a quick response still waiting great customer service


MIke Hogan April 23, 2013 at 6:07 pm

I recently had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s I wasn’t happy. I wrote the corporate office they responded to what believe was the to that manager. He called me and I tried to contact him he has not returned my calls which tells me he really could care less. Therefore I will not return to that site in Pompano Beach. FL.

PS don’t email I am done. You had a couple of chances


rosemary Whittington April 21, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Gentlemen: after posting comment #12 above, I started reading some of the other comments…it seems to me that your company would benefit from Undercover Boss! Don’t know how to get that going, but some of your restaurants surely need social skills…We enjoy Ruby Tuesdays and visit many of them in the states of N.C., S.C., Ga. and Florida…can’t say our experience has been anything but good in all, except one. just a suggestion..regards, Rosemary


rosemary Whittington April 21, 2013 at 4:34 pm

On Saturday, April 29, 2913 at the dinner hour, four of us ate at store #3042 (address: 7425 Bell Creek Road, Mechanicsville, Va. 23111).. What a pleasant evening! Our waitress, Candice, was so “upbeat”, knew the menu well and offered suggestions to suit us all. Our dinners were hot, delicious and colorful..and the salad bar was crisp, all the bowls were filled with condiments to enjoy and those tasty little biscuits were just the right touch for our crabcakes, steak and gumbo! We visit this particular Ruby Tuesdays often, but the attitude of our waitress and her willingness to serve made this an exceptionally delightful evening! Hats off to the staff and we will be back. sincerely, Gil and Rosemary Whittington.


Joy Bolick April 20, 2013 at 9:02 pm

We last ate at the Woodstock, GA Ruby Tuesday a few months ago. We ate there several times since we were in the area. (We always try to eat at a Ruby Tuesday, if near one.) I remember being impressed with the good food and the ambience, but something has changed. We returned yesterday, April 19, 2013 for the salad bar. The food was not as good and the waitress told us that the recent corporate company orders were to take away the crackers on the salad bar (I almost laughed) and finally brought us out two small biscuits that they had been waiting on to bake. Also, the tea was so weak that I might as well have gotten water for free. I understand you use Community Tea, whoever that is. You ought to kick them to the curb. The kitchen made another batch, but it was the same. They said they had gotten other complaints, but they followed corporate standards. Being a Southern company, you ought to know how to make good ice tea. Sweet tea should be strong enough to still have some strength after being poured over ice. You should be making a major profit on tea, so why not do it right. The manager and waitress were nice, didn’t charge for the tea. You may be cutting corners, but you will soon lose more customers, if you continue to cut the quality of the food served. Thanks. I hope you are listening, Corporate, and will make the needed adjustments.


Dennis April 15, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Please send this e-mail up the chain so that your CEO may see this.

I have been going to Ruby Tuesday’s for a long time, and yesterday I brought my family again. There were 5 of us. I used one of your coupons, the “Buy one, get second meal 50% off”. The 50% was taken off of the least expensive meal. When I inquired about this, it was confirmed by the waitress that this is how the discount is calculated. This is very disconcerting, dishonest, and a rip-off. Shame on you. You are ripping off your customers and unless they check the calculations, and call you on it, they get ripped off. I cannot believe that a business would feel they need to stoop that low to milk the people, that you should be seeing as your valued customers, out of a few dollars so your CEO’s can afford their yachts, expensive toys or big homes.
Let me show you with numbers what I am talking about with a simple scenario similar to mine:
Meal #1: $17
Meal #2: $16
Meal #3: $15
Meal #4: $14
Meal #5: $8
Ethical and Moral calculation – Take 50% off 2nd largest meal, so $16 times 0.50 = $8
Ruby Tuesday’s calculation – Take 50% off cheapest meal, so $8 times 0.50 = $4
Difference between the 2 is $8 minus $4 = $4 scam
Multiply this by # of customers that use your coupon and this could add up to millions of dollars of savings to you, or stealing from your valued customers. Is this what you think of us? That we are morons and if you just accept that a few will realize the scam, so you are willing to correct it for the few so you can make your killing off the ones who just accept and trust that it is correct.
Realize that the customer, whom Ruby Tuesday should value, has just spent about $70 + tax + tip, so possibly close to $90, and waitress comes back to let the customer know that they will save $4 on their $90 bill. Note also that the bill does not say $4 discount anywhere on the bill. Rather it splits the $4 savings across all 5 meals, which is another scam. Unless the customer takes the time to add up the discounts, the customer just sees that there are discounts and just trusts that Ruby Tuesday would not cheat their valued customers.
I “was” one of those trusting customers that just paid the bill, trusting that it was correct. Emphasis on “was”. I will not trust your business again until you earn that trust.

I expect you will take care of this issue in a timely and honest manner.


amy April 1, 2013 at 1:14 pm

About 2 weeks ago, we were at the Ruby Tuesdays in Middletown, RI. We have been there several times prior. My husband loves the steaks, each time our service was excellent and the food was perfect. This time was out of the oridinary though. My husband dropped 60.00 cash on the floor while we were eating. He didn’t realize it until we got home which is about 90 minutes away. He called the resturaunt, spoke to the Manager ( we didn’t get his name), the Manager located the money and mailed in back to us. For that reason alone, I will continue to be a dedicated customer of this Ruby Tuesdays. Kudos.


Chantelle Johnson March 31, 2013 at 7:41 pm

I frequent ruby Tuesdays at least once per week with the whole family. Most of the time it’s a 4-5 star experience but this time has been absolutely 100% disappointing! Mililani ruby Tuesdays 96789….walk in@ 1:30 3-31-13 no greeting at all. Finally hostess seats us. No kids menus. Apparently they are out. I asked for a dessert menu….they said the menu is changing so no dessert.(seriously???) then I asked for a XXXXtail menu. Again they said we can’t give you the menu because its changing, but we have a full bar. The rudeness in the tone of our server and the other staff was incredible. I’m shocked. Then in the middle of taking out order, I was interrupted by the server..he said, excuse me I need to take care of this other table, you seem to not know what you want!) I was asking questions and ordering. I feel so trashed. I spend good money here on a regular basis. Restaurants can’t possibly get away with this kind of behavior. I’m taking my business elsewhere. My family deserves to be treated with respect. Thank you for your time.


Brad March 24, 2013 at 5:56 pm

My family and I visited the Ruby Tuesday’s in Middle River Maryland on the 24th of March and we ended up leaving. When we walked in 4 people were waiting to be greeted and seated. We waited and after several minutes some came and showed us to a booth. After looking around we noticed the salad bar mirrors were very dirty and streaky and the salad bar was not appetizing. The entry way glass doors were full of finger prints.
After being seated nobody came to wait on us and we finally got up and left. We ended up at Applebee’s and it was a totally different experience. We were greeted imediately and then seated. The place was clean and thew food good


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Amanda February 7, 2013 at 12:59 pm

I was at your North Canton Location Feb. 5, 2013. As we arrived at 6:20 for a reservation I had at 6:30, we were sat and waited about 15 mins for our drink orderes. By the time we had got our drinks we were ready to order. Two other tables were sat as we placed our orders. Those tables also placed their orderes, recieved their food, and finished before we had gotten our order. The waitress came back to our table about 20 mins later bringing busicuits. As she sat them down, she apologized that the kitchen was back up, and she had forgotten to put in our order. She also was kind enough to mention we should have had tow orders of buiscuits by this time, and the kitchen was not putting them in as they should have been. Once we finaly recieved our foo, which was about another 30 mins later. We realized the steak we ordered was bleeding all over the plate, (we sent that back) and as I bit into my chicken sandwhich it was RAW CHICKEN!!!!!!! This is the 4th or 5th time I have attempted to contact corporate about my situation. I was served a horrible meal, as well as a HEALTH HAZARD ON A PLATE!!!!!!!! I would suggest someone contact me back. Thank you!


DeMarauis Johnson January 3, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Hello I hope this reaches the correct personal. My name is D. Johnson. I am writing this post on the services my employees received at your Galleria location in Birmingham, Alabama. I hate to post anything in regards to this put I could not believe the level of service they received. First we will start with the manager of this location George who they stated did not show any concern for the lack of service they received from their waiter Zack. He repeatedly forgot items from their order and did not check to see how their dining experience was. On the other hand the table across from them received all the attention while they w