Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office

Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office Address

Ruby Tuesday, Inc.
150 W Church Ave
Maryville, TN 37801

Contact Ruby Tuesday

Phone Number: (865) 379-5700
Fax Number: (865) 379-6826
Email: Email Ruby Tuesday


CEO: Samuel E. Beall III
CFO: Michael O. Moore
COO: Kimberly M. Grant

Ruby Tuesday History

The first Ruby Tuesday was opened in 1972 by Sandy Beall near the University of Tennessee at Knoxville campus.  The chain opened a new store every 9 months for the next 10 years.

In 1982, Beall sold the company to Morrison Inc. for $15 million.

By 1985, there were 35 locations.

In 1996, Morrison spun Ruby Tuesday off as its own division with headquarters in Mobile, Alabama.

In 1998, the Ruby Tuesday corporate office was moved from Mobile, AL to Maryville, TN.

The company currently operates 850+ locations worldwide.


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laurel April 23, 2015 at 5:27 pm

I signed up for the free birthday burger and never received anything from ruby tuesdays.


Teresa Johnson April 21, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Today at 1:00 my sister and I went to lunch. I ordered pasta and chicken broccoli, she ordered spring rolls. There was brillo pads in my pasta . The. Management never came out, the waiter just said he took it off the check. End of the story. Left hungry and very disappointed .will never go back to this place again.


Aaron Werst April 20, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Best service I’ve had in a long time. I almost never take time to praise or complain about a company with that said I’m extreamly happy with my service and the food quality was A+
And I would like to give a special thanks to Anita who made it all amazing from start to finish.
We had a meal at the Fort Wayne location on colisem and Parnell around 3pm today.

Thanks again
Aaron W.
Local business owner


Alfred Miller April 18, 2015 at 10:42 pm

My family and I visited a local Ruby Tuesday near our home. We preceded to order our meals and my wife ask about a military discount the waitress said that they do not give military discoubts. After we received our meals a couple of police officers came in and ordered their meal the same waitress that said they do not offer military discounts padded one of the officers and said you guys deserved a discount. How this kind of hit a nerve with me that only police officers could get a discount and not military. I know that police officer put their lives in danger everyday, but I have deployed over 6 times and have yet to see a Police officer getting IED and shot at on a daily bases.


grace wiener April 18, 2015 at 9:01 pm

To whom it may concern:
We were in there several months ago and a bad experience and you sent us a coupon to join you again. We were in there tonight a had a good experience. Our server was Vincen W, he gave us great service very nice young man. When we left the salad bar lady told us to have a good as well as the hostest and manager!!! Much better then before.
Thank you
Grace Wiener


Tracy brittingham April 17, 2015 at 12:51 pm

?We ordered supposed “jumbo” shrimp. What you are trying to pass off as jumbo shrimp is really at best medium shrimp. This definitely borders on false advertising and definitely not worth the high price.


colleen April 16, 2015 at 1:54 pm

I visited Ruby Tuesdays last night with my husband and 5 year old. As I was apprehensive about even going there, as I am not a big fan of Ruby Tuesday’s to begin with, my little guy insisted we go because he wanted pizza and it was the last time I will ever visit Ruby Tuesday!
I ordered the blue cheese and bacon pretzel burger. When the waiter came and took our order, I specifically asked for my burger to be EXTRA well done with NO mayonnaise, as I am allergic to egg product. When my order came, as I always do, I cut my burger in half to make sure it was cooked EXTRA well done. My burger was red on the inside not even close to well done. I called the server over, I explained to him the burger was not cooked, he said “well, I told them it as supposed to be well done. As he walked away from my table, he proceeded to open up my burger WITH HIS HANDS and move it around the plate to see if I was telling the truth. The manager came over with my “new” burger. Well, the “new” burger was just on a new bun WITH MAYO and it was the same cut in half burger I previously sent back THAT THE WAITER HAD FONDLED WITH HIS BARE HANDS!! I was disgusted at this point, the waiter saw my frustration and said is everything ok? Instead of insulting him and saying what I wanted to say, I told him I would go and speak with management. I was so mad at him, I couldn’t even make contact. Now first of all, when you work for a food establishment, you should present yourself as a clean and neat employee. This waiter had hair all over the place looked like it hadn’t been brushed in weeks and clothes that were falling off of him. I proceeded to go to the bar area and ask for the manager who in turn came out. Her name was Nicole D’onofrio. After this terrible experience, I am please to say not only will I NEVER be back, but I have already spread the word to friends/family and social media.


Jim D. April 2, 2015 at 8:24 am

I just came back from visiting Guam, my first visit to Ruby Tuesday ever and will be my last from the terrible experience. BEWARE DON’T SHARE YOUR SALAD.

Personally I would rate this place, big fat ZERO for terrible service, overpriced menu, small portion, and the most stupid policy about sharing a salad and still get charged for it. I ordered a crab cake with salad bar. My wife ordered a tilapia dish, the waitress asked my wife if she wanted to add salad with her meal. My wife said no thanks. At the end of our meal, the check came and I noticed they’ve added $5.99 for a salad to my wife’s meal even though my wife said she didn’t want it. I question the waitress and the manager about this.

Get this, according to their policy. Since this place is a buffet style restaurant, and the waitress saw my wife eating some salad of my plate. This is the reason that we got charged. Basically this place is charging customers for something they didn’t even get.

Granted $5.99 isn’t a lot of money, my major gripe is the ridicalous policy and the principal behind it. The manager and the staff sees nothing wrong with this whole picture. I’ll bet if the shoes were on the other feet, they’ll be singing a different tune. Don’t waste time and your hard earned money. My first time experience in Guam was going great until I went to this place.


Christopher AH64 Pilot, Food Lover March 30, 2015 at 5:26 pm

Lake City, Florida Ruby Tuesday. …
Incredible Service, Outstanding Food!!!

These people do it right, and I mean from the minute you walk through the door until you leave!
Janessa, Tara, the management staff, and the cooks know how to run the place!!! They are such wonderful people and now great friends. ..
Thank you Lake City, Florida!


Tempestt March 29, 2015 at 10:54 am

worst experience ever..went to the Ruby Tuesday on Devine Street in South Carolina & the bar tender had an attitude b/c we came at 9:30 & they close at 10..she talked crap the whole time..then 30 min later not 1 not 2 but 6 Waterbury started flying around the crawled on my arm another was in my friends hair..that’s just nasty & gross I will make sure my complaint is heard & they are inspected & that they have all new workers b/c that absolutely didn’t make any since..the customer service sucked nobody greeted u at the door..the manager was looking like he still insisted that we sir not after these well fed waterbugs that look like you guys pets just came & started torturing your customers..I’m scared to even go to another Ruby Tuesday they may have a rat field day at the next one.


Anonymous March 27, 2015 at 9:06 pm

Azure Mcfee is the BEST thing that has happened to Ruby Tuesday Mechanicsville location. A lot of unacceptable things go on in this place of business and I feel someone needs to look into it. The GM has favorites and when they do wrong he seems to make those wrong doings disappear. There are a handful of workers who fullfill their duties, come to work on time, and abide by the rules. This includes servers, bartenders, AND cooks. Thanks for listening.


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:19 pm

My district manager came in to the Aiken SC store.. Constantly called me me “MaMa”.My mananger told me she said I needed to smile more. Well I have a name and Mama isnt one of them them. then I heard her . disrespect a cook thats been there forever, she said quote”hes as slow as Christmas” I do not think that is appropriate for a district manager to be talking like that, especially in front of a person she calls Mama


Stacy mcbryde March 23, 2015 at 9:51 am

My husband took me 2 ruby Tuesdays this past Saturday night.. It was our date night, we arrived & was seated.. The waiter was nice, I have only been 2 ruby Tuesdays 1 time before this experience & wanted to give another try.. Well honestly I didn’t know what was on the menu so I ordered grilled chicken with a balsamic vinegar & cheese light coating, new on menu. First off waiter says what’s your sides, I said broccoli & baked potato.. Waiter said sorry were out of potatoes.. How does a restaurant with no one in it & only 3 waiters there & restaurant empty run out of potatoes? Ok then salad.. I went up 2 salad bar, it was dirty & not a lot to choose from, then my chicken comes out, I could not eat it bc it was covered in balsamic vinegar.. Way 2 over powering to the point I got sick.. Began 2 vomit.. We complained to the staff & they could care less.. When me & my husband got home the diarrhea set in., I think we got food poisoning from this place, we will never eat here again & I’m reporting it to the health dept.. Awful restaurant in sanford nc..


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:21 pm

hes a waiter not the cook the cook


vernelle March 22, 2015 at 3:18 pm

Sitting here in ruby Tuesday’s, canton ohio, freezing! Told they handle the temp from a diff. Location…..what?
Also, the food was cold…again.
I think we’ll stop coming here. Re-accuring problem.


M.Simmons March 20, 2015 at 1:37 pm

I have left 3 messages since March 12th at the corporate Human Resource Dept. asking for a fax number so I can fax a employment verification form for your employee so that she may get an auto loan and get to work. The receptionist will answer the phone, I ask for the HR fax number and she immediately transfers me to another on-hold message which I am on hold about 8 minutes before ringing over to voice mail. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could be so kind to respond to this email with a correct fax number for your Human Resources/Employment Verifications Dept.

Thank you!
M. Simmons


Mary McMickle March 19, 2015 at 11:35 pm

I just looked at my comments – dated March 7, 2015…..One thing I neglected to mention is
the Ruby Tuesday I was referring to is located in Rockledge, Florida.


Janet Klomburg March 17, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Recently i ate at Ruby Tuesday in Davie Florida and experienced the worst dining night of my life! at 8 pm my husband I dined there for a late dinner I bit into a pretzel bacon cheeseburger and experienced what i thought was just tenderness from a leathery like piece of bacon! During the evening hours i woke up in extreme pain I then consulted my regular dentist who xrays the tooth as Traumatized possibly fractured! With my receipt in tact I approached a manager that day after being examined to let them know it was due to biting into something very hard since then I have been treated rudely by Davie location manager who sent me to corporate where I was denied a full claim on the cost of an 1187.00 front tooth that had to be replaced now corporate will not file a claim to help reimburse me for their negligence in serving me a bad burger that caused trauma to my front tooth when I bit into it! to make matters worse they are requesting the past 5 years of my dental records and even at that will not pay the full amount only half not including time loss pain and suffering 3 hours of needles in my mouth! My dentist is furious and said in no way should I give them any of my dental records! Way to go Ruby Tuesdays you’ve forced us to take legal actions against you in order to fix a problem due to your negligence! Belinda Taylor is the woman’s name who is giving me such a hard time right now in filing this complaint I will pursue this matter until I am fully content with the results in every way available to me! I would appreciate talking to someone who doesn’t treat me with disrespect and the comments PROVE IT from her has made my blood boil,I have proof! Mrs Janet Klomburg


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:23 pm

if it was rubbery bacon, it couldnt be that


Gloria Avery March 13, 2015 at 10:48 am

Went to Ruby Tuesday in the Myrtle Beach Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC, for the great salad bar, and was greatly disappointed this time. They had cut up baloney on the bar for ham. I asked the waitress about it anf she got the manager who told me that it was turkey ham. I have gone thru lots of baloney raising seven children and know what it looks like, tastes like and the texture of it. He can call it whatever he wants, it still was baloney which he was full of!!!!!! I won’t be back until the real ham is put back on the salad bar!


Christine Lewandowski March 27, 2015 at 8:24 pm

its turkey ham for a healthier choice.


chan smith March 11, 2015 at 8:47 am

I have had a problem every time I go to Ruby Tuesday. The manager makes me feel like they don’t care about customer service and making sure that the customer is satisfied. The manager act if they are not here for the customer or weather or not we come back. And guess what i want be going back.


Janet Klomburg March 17, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I to am having problems resolving an issue with this place Im filing suit!


Tonia Cooper March 7, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Extremely disappointing in Big Rapids, Michigan. Went to dinner with one other couple tonight. We both brought your coupons that were mailed to each of our addresses. We were told by our waitress that only one of our party could use our coupons, due to corporate saying only one coupon per table. We ask to speak to the manager, and the manager was speechless, and embarrassed to tell us that we could only use one coupon per table. We stated, if Ruby’s is mailing the coupon to us to use, are we suppose to then come to the restaurant, sit at separate tables, to receive our discount? Why mail your coupons at all if your going to treat your customers as such, we are appalled! And you know what Applebees is just down the road, and will take our coupons at the same table with our friends. So so long Rubys, & PS dont send any more coupons to my address, unless you plan to honor them!!!!!!!


Mary McMickle March 7, 2015 at 9:43 pm

My husband and I have been a regular customer of Ruby Tuesday for years. We are both in our 70′s. Today was the last time I will step foot in a Ruby Tuesday and here’s why. We had dinner, paid our bill and left out tip. When we got home, I realized my house key was missing. I called Ruby Tuesdays and they said they found it. I went right back over to retrieve it. The person at the front desk said that I had to speak to the Manager – Eric Sposato (sic). Mr. Eric S. came out with my keys and said for all to hear, I would appreciate it if you didn’t bring drugs into this establishment the next time you come in. My response was…”what the hell are you talking about.” He holds up my keys that has a flash light and a pill container attached to the ring that contained my Nitro glycerine. They were in a little piece of plastic in the little metal container Mr. Eric S. said “he considered calling the cops. I told him to go right ahead.” He said his employees were upset when they saw what was in the little pill container. I told Mr. Eric S. that I have coronary artery disease and open heart surgery and the nitro is with me at all times. Needless to say, this encounter was unnecessary and embarrassing. I should also add, I called Mr. Eric S. when I returned home and told him exactly what I was going to do, he said he had already spoken to his manager….I guess that’s called CYA. I will conclude by saying, I will never step foot into Ruby Tuesday again and I would recommend that anyone carrying their nitro to watch out….if your lose your container….Ruby Tuesday may call the cops on you.


w allace payton March 7, 2015 at 2:58 am

On 2/28/15 my birthday went to ruby tuesday rocky mount nc . My visit there was terrible the waitress named shanin was horrible .never asked if i was okay or did i need anything . No refills on drinks,no napkins but constantly served tables around me.contacted managerwho said they would handle the matter.called restaurant on 3/5/15 spoke manager susan who stated she knew nothing of the matter but stated she would check into it and get back with me. Called 8 hrs. Later with no real answer to the problem.calling corporate to see if i can get problem rectified.


Mike M March 3, 2015 at 3:04 pm

I drove 45 minutes to the Ruby Tuesday’s in Centerville, Ohio to meet my 86 year old mother for lunch (11:30 ). We both like the food and the service has always been very good. Today was no exception. However after our lunch approx. 2 hours, a ‘manager in training’ named Josh, approached us and said the ‘dog catcher’ was in the foyer and wanted to talk to her about her dog. I spoke up and said “why”. Josh said the officer was looking in the window, saw the dog and wanted to check for a license. I replied, “she or he just happened to be cruising around looking inside cars for animals. He said some other bogus stuff when I finally asked him if he called them. He said “yes”. I asked “why”. Josh said we had been in the restaurant 2 hours and he was concerned about the dog…specifically that it was cold. I pulled out my cell and the temp. was 36 degrees. He said “it was 29 when we got there”. The dog is sleeping on leather seats with a dog jacket on, it’s dry, warm and there is no snow, no ice only rain outside. Not only that, My Mom made sure we had a window seat so she could look out at the dog (a beagle). My Mom was embarrassed and I, angry. I told Josh this was ridiculous and simply bs. I asked for his name and the name of the manager and the phone number . He complied. As Josh and I went to the foyer, my Mom had already gone there, he referred to me as ‘man’ and ‘buddy’. I told him ‘immature way to address me’. At the foyer, the dog catcher was talking to my Mom very politely when I asked, ‘do you think this is ridiculous’… she said she was only the messenger but she agreed…it was. The 3 of us, the dog catcher, my Mom and I went to the car and had a nice talk. She gave the dog some treats and left. Mom then left and I called the store manager Alice. She was very nice and professional. I complimented her about our lunch and the excellent service from our waitress. Unfortunately, it was ruined by a ‘trainee’ . My Mother is an older lady and doesn’t need abuse like this….and that bothers me very much..even angers me.
I hope attention is given to this complaint.


Mrs L. Morgan February 28, 2015 at 12:20 am

To whom may concern.

This note is a complaint of a desert in one of your restaurant, on Friday February 27, 2015 I took my 7year old grandson to lunch at 8680 Bartram ave., Philadelphia, PA 19153 where we had desert he had the carrot cake cup cakes and I ordered the Blondie brownie, I did not get ice cream, I just wanted to bring it home and have my own cream, but the brownie was as hard as a stone, I don’t think it was fresh, I could not eat it because had I eaten it I would have lost my natural teeth, that brownie would have pulled them all out. never again will I order desert, it was the pits.


Glenna Gall February 24, 2015 at 4:26 pm

My two girlfriends and I went to our local Ruby Tuesday’s in Austintown, Ohio today. The service was fine and the food was good, but whomever in the corporate office who decreed that we could only use ONE coupon per table as we had three in our party should be shot. What is the difference between 3 people or 6 to use the coupons? I think it is unfair and petty that you would only cater to large groups when a vast majority who dine at your establishment are in smaller groups. Furthermore, what is the use of having coupons if you can’t use them? My girlfriends and I are completely disgusted, and we have decided that we will not be coming to your restaurant any further. Also, we will be contacting our friends as they also enjoy using the coupons, too. What a waste. I sincerely hope that you rethink your decision.


Stephen McCaffrey February 22, 2015 at 1:19 pm

I want to provide some feedback regarding hoe one of your restaurants are treating cudtomers. I’m talking about the Ruby Tuesday at 4600 Devine Street columbia SC. I am s regular customer there. Until last night 2/21/15. I went there wanting s steak I went to the bar and sat down. Approx 7pm. There was only one person sitting at the bar as I sat down. I waited and waited and waited for any employee to speak to me. I saw 2 employees in that area. Thy totally ignored me. I got up and left. It really effected me do I immediiately called to speak with s mgr. I had to hold the phone for 15 minutes for the mgr to come to yhf phone. He said his name was Daniel. I told him what happened. He was not concerned about my experience at all. He was not nice and tried to tell me the bar was full. No way that was possible. So I just got off the phone and went to eat my steak somewhere else. I will not be back to eat at any Ruby Tuesdays. Thank you very much. Businesses exist because of customers, not in spite of them.


Tim Hand February 20, 2015 at 2:07 pm

Just curious as to why i haven’t recieved my pay for training unless yall don’t pay i left cause i was supposed to be training as a cook instead it was the dishwasher they put me as now i understand he said he would take me off of that but i was soak and wet and wasn’t gonna do salad bar but its ok not mad just wondering


Martin Simmons February 16, 2015 at 7:49 pm

I was informed today at the Pensacola Ruby Tuesdays that you no longer offer the Sam Adams draft beer glasses. I will no longer patronize your restaurants if this is the case.


Shaunda chambers February 11, 2015 at 7:52 am

Extremely disappointed! Iast week I had a mother daughter day, so I asked my daughter were would she like to go, and right away she said Ruby Tuesday. So we went to the one in Westfarms Mall, in West Hartford, CT. I ordered the seafood trio, with rice, and onion rings. Everything was so over cooked on my plate, the only thing I could eat, was the rice. IAM not one to complain, but this time I was so upset, the shrimp was over cooked, the talapia was burnt and the lobster tail was over cooked and dry. Although the customer service was great, I was highly dissapointed with my food. I spent over 50.00$ and didn’t get to enjoy my meal with my daughter.


Grace February 9, 2015 at 6:30 pm

We received the worst service today at Ruby Tuesday in Prattville, AL. (Store 4422).
We stood at the door and was passed by twice, along with other patrons by the host,before he directed us to tables.
We waited ten minutes to even have a waiter take our drink orders.
While waiting there were two tables of patrons who had obviously received poor service and were being treated with plenty of acknowledgment from the mgr and staff as well as being given discounts on their bills.
Meanwhile, the other tables (including ours) were ignored.
We also waited for fifteen minutes to receive our bill.
The restaurant was not overly crowded and had staff, but the staff repeatedly walked by tables without acknowledging the customers.
Something needs to be done. I
We have dined here previously and have enjoyed it until today.
We were not the only patrons to complain, so I’m sure there will be a loss of business at this location.


luz padilla February 5, 2015 at 4:54 am

just want to say i live in nj and i want to know when or will you ever bring back the spring rolls… miss. Them so much. needs to come back on the menu


faithbridge spring tx February 3, 2015 at 5:23 pm

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Wayne January 31, 2015 at 11:40 pm

The Ruby Tuesday at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Sanatoga has really gone sour for my wife, our friends & I.
Gone are the Italian Wedding Cake, the asparagus, the real fruit in the fruit teas. Also $3. For 3 coconut shrimp on the side ? Really? I had a dish called Low Country but it only had 6 small shrimp, 3 pieces of sausage and too many mushrooms.
Gone too are the terrific waitresses that once gave great service & replaced by lesser paid wait staff I guess.
We didn’t complain but we won’t go back again for probably 4-6 months. If RT can’t afford to give better food, close it down. It used to be a favorite of ours, but no more.


Jimmy January 31, 2015 at 12:33 am

Hello all,

I along with my other 3 siblings went to a Ruby Tuesday on Marble Store Dr, in Woodbridge VA last week and ordered different items from the menu including coupl burgers. I asked the waiter to make the burgers medium all, but instead they were pretty raw. Very politely, I asked the waiter if he could bring me chicken wings instead. Meanwhile, my brother asked if he could get some wings also. They waiter said yes, why not.
Within minutes, the restaurant manager, Christopher Herring shows up at our table and very rudely says, “well, you ate half of a burger and you don’t want me charge you for it”, and you don’t want me charge you for it, I can’t do that.
I and my brothers looked at each other and were shocked about his erratic behavior. People at the next table started noticing manager’s loud voice and nonprofessional behavior too and nodded their heads. I asked the manager, when was it that we complained about not paying and told him that in fact, i reminded the waiter, when he said, he won’t charge me for it, that it doesn’t matter, whether they do or not.
For sure, we are never going to go to Ruby Tuesday anymore, if there’s going to be behavior like such by its managers.


BobbieZapata January 30, 2015 at 10:56 pm

My family and I tried Ruby Tuesday for the first and LAST time tonight. Food was cold, undercooked fish, dirty dishes, all that after waiting 25 minutes just to get a table. Service was awful! Got orders wrong. I feel sorry for the people who are leaving Legoland and go there to eat. Winter Haven, FL.


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