Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office

Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office Address

Ruby Tuesday, Inc.
150 W Church Ave
Maryville, TN 37801

Contact Ruby Tuesday

Phone Number: (865) 379-5700
Fax Number: (865) 379-6826
Website: http://www.rubytuesday.com
Email: Email Ruby Tuesday


CEO: Samuel E. Beall III
CFO: Michael O. Moore
COO: Kimberly M. Grant

Ruby Tuesday History

The first Ruby Tuesday was opened in 1972 by Sandy Beall near the University of Tennessee at Knoxville campus.  The chain opened a new store every 9 months for the next 10 years.

In 1982, Beall sold the company to Morrison Inc. for $15 million.

By 1985, there were 35 locations.

In 1996, Morrison spun Ruby Tuesday off as its own division with headquarters in Mobile, Alabama.

In 1998, the Ruby Tuesday corporate office was moved from Mobile, AL to Maryville, TN.

The company currently operates 850+ locations worldwide.


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Michelle February 6, 2016 at 11:54 am

I worked for Ruby Tuesday TEN years ago, and was harassed like crazy by a lady they promoted to GENERAL MANAGER!!!! This place is a joke, and she still harasses me on social media!!!
You can read the nonsense for yourself! Racial comments, and unnecessary stalking that all stems from a job I had TEN YEARS AGO!!!! When does it stop?!?!


Time to make huge changes February 5, 2016 at 11:42 pm

I really think Ruby Tuesdays should really read all of their complaints and make sure they take action with all complaints with coustomers with satisfying them and take action with the restaurant that has completes about otherwise this restaurant won’t be in business much longer. In my area where I live there are two Ruby Tuesdays on a Friday or Saturday night where there are waiting list at all other restaurants there is never ever a waiting list at either of the Ruby Tuesdays in fact there are more seats open then people sitting. Tonight on a Friday night there was my daughter and I and one other table with two people sitting there. That was it out of like 40 tables on a Friday night at 7:00 only two tables were taken. Ruby Tuesdays really need to look into their business and better themselves otherwise comes 10 yrs or less RubybTursdays will begin to close their restaurants because they are unable to keep business. I honestly think the corporate Ruby Tuesday employees need to make huge changes in all their restaurant otherwise their restaurant well as everyone working for corporate will all be out of jobs.


Janine February 5, 2016 at 11:16 pm

Went to Ruby Tuesdays in Westboro MA. My daughter and I always go and use the coupon they email to me. The same coupon for the same meals I must of used at least 20xs. The waitress told me I could not use the coupon for my meals when I told her I always use this same coupon on the same meals she rolled her eyes at me and gave me a very snotty reply and told me she will not allow me to use it. We were sitting at a table by the bar which not one person was at the bar so I was able to hear the waitress talk about me wanting to use the same coupon I always do to the manager and how she not going to allow me to. The manager did not say one word at all. Myself working in the management for over 20 yrs you would think the manager would say something to this waitress and not allow her to upset a customer however you could tell this manager really could careless if he had customers are not. At the end I would of saved over $7.00 if she used my coupon so when I paid where it said tip I put $2.00 and said “you would of gotten 20% if you used the coupon” however to me with that coupon that she never gave back to me and the $2.00 I left I ended up leaving her more then 20% and I am a very good tipper I always leave 20% and if they are real good I leave more then 20%. This was my first time ever leaving a tip like this.


Doris K February 3, 2016 at 9:45 am

Love there Salad.
But yesterday went with Friends to have a nice Dinner
And I had a long Haiti in my food.
I complained ( informed ) the lady that was serving us who was very nice. I believe the supervisor came out with new food and all I got was sorry and she walked away.
No way could I eat my Dinner after that.

Won’t be going back to there again.


jessica vick-kristie January 29, 2016 at 7:54 pm

My husband , mother, and I order to go food from Foley, Al location. The worst food I have ever had !!!!!!!!!!! The last three times we have went there the food had been god awful. The fact that this location is even open anymore is a complete shock. You need to send someone from corporate to investigate this location . I could have gotten better food from a frozen food meal !!!!!!!!!!


Beth Hanson January 27, 2016 at 7:10 pm

A group of six of us went to Ruby Tuesdays in Carrollton ga today. I was looking forward to salad bar as it is always fresh and has such a good variety. NOT TODAY! They are testing new salad bar and 5 of the 6 of us hated it. All the “new” items all tasted the same. We did not eat what we got after first taste! We ended up having to order something else. If this is the new direction of Ruby Tuesdays, we won’t be going back.


Tasha January 22, 2016 at 7:00 pm

I visited the facility in Eastchase Montgomery, Alabama. I have never been sooooo disappointed in my life. The staff is very UNPOROFESSIONAL! A 19 year old college student brought my alcoholic beverages out and I had to ask another employee to get my waitress because she didn’t come back to check on me. When she came back out I told her the beverage was AWEFUL she said ok and walked off. The manager is standing at the counter and DID NOT ONCE ask if he could assist or attempted to find out what was going on!! The ENTIRE STAFF standing around laughing and talking not paying attention to the customers! I will not be back to this location because CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVERYTHING! !!!


A concerned mother January 22, 2016 at 9:17 am

It seems that lack of safety for its employees at Ruby Tuesdays district and cooperate is something they need to readdress. Cooperate in Tennessee closed at 5 pm…as a State of emergency in Tennessee was declaired. While all at the District were safe, cozy at home. I find the lack of responsibility vs safety of employees by not closing shows a lack of regard for its employees. Your employees safety should have been considered . Unreal decision making. If my child was in an accident because of this …believe me you’d be getting sued. Wake up!!!!


Melissa L January 21, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Hello I would like to start this comment off by stating I normally don’t do this but after my experience at a Ruby Tuesdays yesterday in Prince George Virginia 1/20/16 I can honestly say I was disgusted. I walked into the restaurant about 15 minutes after being open, I had called in a to-go order on my lunch break. Now if it wasn’t for my short lunch break I would have stayed and demanded to speak to a manager but I had to leave. I walked in and instantly heard the f’word loud and proud from who I had assumed was from a customer at the bar. As I make my way around the corner I realized I was the only customer in the restaurant and I then heard the f’word again. I stood at the bar for a good 2 minutes before anyone acknowledged me. I let the first two slips slide assuming they didn’t hear me come in but then I heard the word twice more. The man that said it I assume was a manager and said mark his words “ I should probably be quite there is a customer but oh well “f…””. I was flabbergasted. He was yelling and complaining to another employee about a “meeting” he had went to about wearing new colored shirts at the restaurant and if no one wanted to wear the “f’in” shirt colors he picked out then he would fire them” he then said welcome to Virginia were I can do that as a manager”. I quickly had to get out of there I was so disgusted. I get back to work and my sandwich was wrapped in paper and I open it up and my sandwich wasn’t even a sandwich the chicken wasn’t even cooked and it had everything I asked not to be on it, on it. I will NEVER go back to this location. I don’t care if I was a young customer or not if any other “adult” was in there I’m sure they would have been more controversy then what I could have done if I had time. Thank you for listening to my experience and i hope that something is done about this manager.


Wayne Barton January 17, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Yesterday on 1/16/16 my mother wanted me to take her to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. It had been quite awhile since I had been there. Actually I had planned on never going back. The last two times I was there the food was not good, was slow and had to be sent back. Also the service was worse than lousy.

But Sat. was a different story. The steak I ordered was tender and cooked just right. The waitress got the order right and checked on us regularly. She was prompt in taking our order and bringing us the check when we were done. Our server was (1257) and her name was Kiara at the the Ruby Tuesdays in Roanoke Rapids
N. C. Thanks to her I will go back to Ruby Tuesdays.


Reuben January 13, 2016 at 11:51 pm

On Monday 1/4/16 We ate at the Ruby Tuesdays in Spanish Square at The Villages in Florida. I was not impressed. The restaurant was disgustingly dirty. The salad bar had food outside the serving bowls that appeared to have been there a while. The floor was a mess with large trash like dirty napkins, coffee stirs, straws, etc. as well as food. It was late evening when we were there and there were only a few other patrons in the restaurant. One of the employees should have had plenty of time to clean. Food was fair and the server did a good job with our order.
Seriously doubt I will be back.


carole spencer January 13, 2016 at 11:50 pm

the server was great
the food was horrible
the manager took an appetizer off the bill when we did not eat the lousy food the ribs were dry and not edible so he said do you just want to take them home.. and my son got slider off the kids meal and said they tasted funny so asked if they had some kind of flavor he said no my son never touched them and that was the end of it
we came from massachusetts because you used to have great food and a great salad bar
check 6913 january 13 2016


J. Troop January 12, 2016 at 5:32 pm

Recent visit to Ruby Tuesday’s on Tower Road near DIA, Colorado. The waitress, Trina was excellent. Very pleasant and knowledgeable and when asked if I could have another napkin to take home the excellent biscuits, brought me a container with two additional biscuits. Now, that’s service! Very appreciative of her attitude. The restaurant was very clean and the food fresh, hot and delicious. Will definitely return!


Brittany January 10, 2016 at 5:15 pm

Me and my family went to celebrate my 25th birthday and because my license are in another state and is vertical they wouldn’t accept it. So disappointed that we had to leave and go elsewhere. I will never give them my business again.


Bradley Ainsworth January 9, 2016 at 10:17 pm

I came to eat with my family of six for my stepbrother’s birthday this evening at your restaurant located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on Central Avenue.

Upon entering, one waiter immediately said, “oh no, just one minute” and ran off to a group of other servers, whom all immediately glared at my mother and I. It took a few minutes for a different server to seat us, and the entire time, several of the servers continued to stare at us, make hushed remarks, and made it completely awkward for us while we all ate.

My family and I found it completely unprofessional, childish, and immature. Even two other family members, who joined us moments later after we had seated, made a comment to us about the servers acting strange around us. You might want to revamp your rude staff, or at least teach them some manners at that store. First time eating at any of your Ruby Tuesdays and will not be coming back.


Shane January 9, 2016 at 5:41 pm

Im out for a nice weekend out of town with my girlfriend, we decided to eat at your restaurant and I have to eat gluten free so I ordered off the gluten menu. When the food came out both our meals were very good but I became very sick because my food was not prepared correctly or some how there was cross contamination between other meals. I hope it was just an honest mistake and not carelessness from the staff, regardless we will not be returning, thanks for destroying our weekend away.


Chelle January 8, 2016 at 9:47 am

Last evening, My husband and I encountered an unusual and disappointing experience at Ruby Tuesday last night. We arrived at the restaurant around 8:30pm. It was later in the evening so we decided to just order appetizers. Once our food came out, the representative from the back (I would guess that he was one of the cooks) stated that the plate was very hot to be careful. I ordered the Big Dipper Sampler and my husband ordered the Thai Phoon Shrimp.

The food was not good. When I attempted to bite into the Cheese fries, they were so hard, dry, burnt and distasteful. I called the cook over who had put the food on our table and told him about my displeasure to the food especially the fries.

The cook stated that he would bring more fries out. That never happened. At the end of our meal, the waiter asked if everything was okay. I then stated my concerns to her and asked for the manager on duty.

When the manager came out he had a look on his face that in my opinion suggested, ” What now.” When I stated my concerns to him, he looked at the distasteful fries and the dried up sauce for the fried mozzarella and said “I agree”. The manager stated, “This should have never come out for anyone to eat. It looks like the cooks gave you food from the bottom of the barrel instead of opening fresh food. This happens when customers come in to the restaurant so late. I will credit you for the sampler meal”. He later decided to credit us for the entire meal.

When the waiter came over to our table she stated that we had gotten our entire meal dismissed. Being offensive by the way she made that statement, I told her that our intentions were not to come to Ruby Tuesday to get a free meal, but to enjoy the food in which we ordered and enjoy a peaceful evening out together.

Last evening time is gone and can never be regained. I am very disappointed in the service received at Ruby Tuesday at 1183 Knox Avenue in North Augusta, SC 29841. I live in this town and have eaten at the restaurant several times. Never have I experienced such unprofessional service.

Thank you,


Not Coming Back January 8, 2016 at 8:26 am

From all the comments I don’t need to tell you why your business is failing. Valrico FL store has very sticky floors and waited 25 min after being seated for a server; then had to ask for someone. Manager walked by table twice without acknowledgement. Med sized party in middle of dining room so no excuse.


Concerned January 7, 2016 at 10:05 pm


There is a manager at your Miller Lane store in Dayton, Ohio that is treating her employees terrible. Many times she curses at them via in person and by text messages. She calls them names, yells at them. Corporate needs to get down there and talk to those employees before someone files a workplace violence claim against the company. She uses the “C” word when talking to her female employees. She says the “f” word to EVERYONE who will listen. This is a horrible example of a manager and I’m sure that Ruby Tuesdays would not like to have someone like that representing their company. This is very serious. Please investigate. This women is TERRIBLE.


Mary Ann Williams January 1, 2016 at 1:38 pm

We wish your company would come to Ludington, Michigan to explore the possibilities of opening a restaurant in this area. This location needs more restaurants with a salad bar. Applebee’s and Big Boys and Pondarosa is the only main restaurants. During summer months these places are pack. Ludington is on Lake Michigan with a big tourist area of Pentwater and Silver Lake near by with golfing and boating. Please take a look at this area, you will have a great Financial opportunity coming here. Thank you.


Steve Land December 29, 2015 at 7:37 pm

Here is a copy of my Yelp review placed today about the DTW north terminal airport location. You guys have a real problem here.
Tried this place again after 2 bad occurrences but same awful result. The service here is terrible consistently so this time I gave up and walked out. I have never been to a place where the employees were so miserable. All the servers and host were whining about how they had been there too long that day. Ignored by the host first because he as walking in the terminal complaining to a friend he was working late. Finally got a seat and was ignored by every server walking by complaining they wanted to go home. Stay away unless you want to wait for a long time for horrible service.


Sharon Cenna December 27, 2015 at 1:44 am

Sirs-Tonight,I went to yr eatery for the 1st time in about a year.Food tasted great.
Problem #1- 2 crab cakes were shockingly small.Both were a serving smaller than the size of a coffee cup’s saucer! 2nd-2 Biscuits so small,that as the bread accompanying the meal,they wouldn’t cover a $dollar bill,combined!!
If u choose 2 ignore this,it explains why a Sat night is so empty at RT. Truly, Sharon Cenna


Paul Coriaty December 23, 2015 at 11:57 am

My wife and I have eaten at your restaurant, at lease an average of once a week. We have encountered many Managers at this locationI and I must say that we had the pleasure of eating at Ruby Tuesdays of Brooksville Florida, zip 34613. When Felicia Widney, the Manager is on duty, it seems everything runs smoothly because she promotes great customer service, which is prominent. She takes the time to visit each table several times, making sure that the service meets our satisfaction and expectations. It is our opinion that Felicia goes above and beyond her responsibilities and should be recognized as a professional, in customer care.


Elaine Carrasco December 21, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Just wanted to give kudos to Gabriel, a manager at the St Petersburg, FL. Tyrone Mall Ruby Tuesday. My party all had salad bar for lunch. We all love the pumpernickel croutons and they were empty! After asking 4 employees, including our server for croutons, Gabriel happened by our table and voila, we got a full dish of croutons and our drinks refilled! Thank you so much Gabriel, you care and it shows!
Elaine Carrasco


Shan Pickering December 21, 2015 at 11:30 am

I am a former employee of Ruby Tuesday; the store number is 2962. It is located at 1 Crossgates, Mall RD, K-101 Albany, NY 12203. There is an assistant manager named Matthew Ryan Hogan, he is very verbally abusive and being a bully towards his employees which make the restaurant a Hostile place to work in. Every time there is an issue he orders me to go to the office locks the door and start asking me inappropriate questions on my sexuality, which has nothing to do with my job. He is verbally swearing at employees, unwanted touching, hugging even kissing on the face and saying “I Love You”.
I express my concerns to my General Manager Mr. Tracy Nichols and he does nothing to solve these incidents. Mr. Tracy Nichols has been doing racist things such as hiring certain types of people and then firing them 3 to 6 days after being hired. He has an issue with LGBTQ people, such as there is a gay guy who is the prep cook he talks mean to him although that person has been with the company for over 4yrs.
I tried expressing my concerns with Mr. Brian Hinckley, who is the District Manager. He just looks at you and jokes around laughing at these incidents never making an effort to resolve the incidents that occurred within the restaurant between management and employee. The District Manager Mr. Brian Hinckley is no help in these matters, I kept asking for assistance and none was given just chuckling from him from time to time.
Other incidents that occur are employees working hard 9-12-hour shift without having any kind of breaks, being fired because you told them you were in the hospital and you bring in doctor’s papers. Being fired for 1 no call no show that isn’t your fault. Firing university students who are taking exams or finals and the individuals gave dates the can’t work due to these exams yet the manager still schedule them. Being fired because the general manager doesn’t like how a person look over a period of time (appearance).
The general manager Mr. Tracy Nichols making racist comments about certain employees on how fast the work with in the kitchen, the quality of work without the proper training. Mr. Brian Hinckley never interact with the employees to make sure they are treated fairly. Mr. Hinckley also said that they don’t pay time and a half for holiday pay when work on that day so they work you twice as much like a slave and chuckles about it. Since I had been at Ruby Tuesday Mr. Nichols has fired over 34 employees for certain things, yet he has servers who do drugs in the restroom. Lines of cocaine and crack, in which I had found stems and crack vials as I clean the restroom on a daily basis.


John Zolezzi December 20, 2015 at 5:26 pm

Long story short: I found a piece of glass in my salad and the manager on duty told me he would deduct the salad from my bill even though the salad bar was included with my meal. “A fresh, hand-cut grilled salmon filet glazed with bourbon barbecue sauce. Served with your choice of two sides or one side paired with our Garden Bar.”
The salad was never taken off the bill and I was charged an extra dollar for the one side.
Fun fact- in the 45 minutes or so, that I spit out a piece of glass, ate my meal and paid, none of the staff took a plate off the salad bar to make sure that there wasn’t anymore glass in any of the food.


Katherine December 19, 2015 at 6:46 pm

Probably the worst experience yet . Savannah, GA mall
Store: RT2936

Poor service ! Never received silverware, literally had to find one, water, straws, napkins, never checked how the food was or if I wanted another wine. Never removed plates or glasses from table. To end the rest of the longgg service, which the restaurant was NOT Even busy server included his own tip!!!
Would not recommend or go back to this location


Loretta Railey December 17, 2015 at 12:30 am

Ed & I decided to visit Ruby Tuesdays, New Freedom, Pa. (nano seconds from Shrewsbury) for late lunch/early dinner. While waiting for our drinks, we noticed in disappointment….NOT one Christmas/Holiday cheer was present, or we thought….get to that in a minute. The hostess approached our table to place their delicious cheese biscuits on table. I asked her as to why no sign of Christmas inside and was told Corporate office decided they didn’t want to offend anyone. Our server/bartender approached us to take order. I, again, asked my question to him about not seeing any decorations and he replied same as hostess, Corporate. They both commented they were very surprised & disappointed that, what always was a cheerful, festive & religious time of year to place or display such décor, wasn’t allowed any longer “For Fear of OFFENDING ANYONE” per Corporate !!! Oh, we were quietly informed that there was a decoration on the glass of 2 entry doors. Here it goes people…….it is a round, ball-like design, approx. 12″ diameter with tiny stick-ons of some of Ruby Tuesday food items (possibly a tree ornament). You have got to be kidding me!!!! That, my friends, is their version of “holiday cheer”, which Ed & I never even noticed upon entering the place. I must say, Ed & I were & are VERY OFFENDED but I guess we weren’t the people Corporate had in mind trying not to offend. Check out your Ruby Tuesday restaurant, at any location, and see what you find or don’t find. I just find it ridiculous it has gotten to this point! Thanks for allowing me to vent a little :) Merry Christmas everyone !!!

The above comment explains mine & my husband’s experience today, when we were at the Ruby Tuesday in New Freedom, PA.. Let’s face it, obviously those who decided NOT to offend anyone by not display any Holiday/Christmas decorations, were and are sadly mistaken about that as my husband and I were offended & saddened to see these extreme decisions made & bowing to “political correctness”. Remember when we were all children going places with parents, family or friends and the happy feeling we felt seeing a Christmas tree & Santa Claus? To be perfectly honest, majority of people would respect traditions our beautiful country has proudly expressed, except for the extreme & closed minded individuals that expect the world to revolve around them and only them and their extreme views. The truth is, besides the obvious serving delicious food, a spic & span dining area and food prep area etc., is attracting customers of all ages, regardless of religion & race to be a successful & profitable business! I must say, we were told by an employee there was something on the glass of the double entry doorsEd & I decided to visit Ruby Tuesdays, New Freedom, Pa. (nano seconds from Shrewsbury) for late lunch/early dinner. While waiting for our drinks, we noticed in disappointment….NOT one Christmas/Holiday cheer was present, or we thought….get to that in a minute. The hostess approached our table to place their delicious cheese biscuits on table. I asked her as to why no sign of Christmas inside and was told Corporate office decided they didn’t want to offend anyone. Our server/bartender approached us to take order. I, again, asked my question to him about not seeing any decorations and he replied same as hostess, Corporate. They both commented they were very surprised & disappointed that, what always was a cheerful, festive & religious time of year to place or display such décor, wasn’t allowed any longer “For Fear of OFFENDING ANYONE” per Corporate !!! Oh, we were quietly informed that there was a decoration on the glass of 2 entry doors. Here it goes people…….it is a round, ball-like design, approx. 12″ diameter with tiny stick-ons of some of Ruby Tuesday food items (possibly a tree ornament). You have got to be kidding me!!!! That, my friends, is their version of “holiday cheer”, which Ed & I never even noticed upon entering the place. I must say, Ed & I were & are VERY OFFENDED but I guess we weren’t the people Corporate had in mind trying not to offend. Check out your Ruby Tuesday restaurant, at any location, and see what you find or don’t find. I just find it ridiculous it has gotten to this point! Thanks for allowing me to vent a little :) Merry Christmas everyone !!!

My husband & I were and still are offended & find it very difficult to believe those who came to the decision as to NOT display Christmas /Holiday decorations at the Ruby Tuesday located in New Freedom, Pa.. and would imagine through out the country that it wouldn’t offend anyone ….REALLY? For only a minority of individuals who feel our country’s traditions is offending them, the majority pays the price! All of us as children, always were excited seeing a Christmas tree decorated or Santa Claus, Christmas lights just to name a few. Well, most of us still do! A few cheerful decorations put up or even a small Christmas tree and the physiological joy it endures doesn’t offend 99% of people. Every business always is planning on what they can do to bring the customers in and feel relaxed, possibly have a few drinks, a great meal and enjoy the holiday spirit which in return will pass the word on and promote more business. Those out shopping for holiday gifts are in the spirit & what a better place to go is a place that’s uplifting & cheerful. Please, take what I have shared with you, as an opinion/feelings of many. This is our beautiful country and ALL its traditions, I do thank you for hearing what majority of your customers & employees would love to see.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays !


Cindy Stewart December 11, 2015 at 10:43 am

Note: I and a guest went to Ruby Tuesday’s Thursday the 10th at 4: 15 p.m., there were no Hostess or Manager at the door to seat us, we had to wait for 20 minutes to be seated. There were people sweeping and a lady at the bar talking to two guys, she did not say anything, she ignored the entire entrance, while 3 customers waited. The salad bar looked nasty. The manager no where her be found at the time, then the cook came out of the kitchen picking his teeth. We finally got service after I got an attitude. The new waitress tried to help with limited training. There is truly something wrong going on with this restaurant. We use to get great service and clean food, but not anymore.


Cindy Stewart December 11, 2015 at 10:47 am

The Wilson, North Carolina on Raleigh Road Ruby Tuesday’s needs to be checked to see what is going on, poor service and nasty salad bar weeks day at 4:00 p.m.


Dianne December 9, 2015 at 4:56 pm

My family and I visited the Ruby Tuesday this past Sunday for my daughters birthday. Everything was fine and what wasn’t was handled right away. The only thing I don’t understand is why is the staff not allowed to sing happy birthday? I was told corporate doesn’t allow that. I have had many birthday dinners at many restaurants and have never been told they weren’t allowed to sing. Of course I got up and proceeded to sing along with my family and many other patrons who also noticed. And please do not tell me it may offend someone. I think we’re all done hearing that..


Jeff Anderson December 9, 2015 at 4:50 pm

Today I had extremely rude and rushed lunch today at the lakewood ny restaurant. Our waiter Micheal was rude and short with us we felt rushed the whole time we were there The food . Which was absolutely horrible, my burger was over cooked and the fries were cold as if they were sitting out. I really think this place has gone to shit. The management is even worse.. I’m done coming here.


Mike talbot December 9, 2015 at 1:48 pm

I work for ruby tuesday in hopewell va, Ive worked there for two and a half years. After doing dish and salad bar for two years , I was asked to move into cooking. I thot , wow, more money? Possibly a raise? .. ohh no.. Instead ive moved into a much more stressful position and lost about 15 hours a week. So I actually make about a hundred dollars less now that im a trained grill cook with more than 7 years experience.. They manage to keep hiring new trainees.. there workin the hours ive lost. It was a demotion disguised as a promotion. I guess they think im stupid to not see that there doing me wrong. Ive been dependable and working hard and above average for this store for a long time, thanks for showing me what that means to you.. I could lose my vaction this year because of the unexplained hour cut, thanks in advance for that. I will continue to show up and kick ass like I always do, not for popularity or approval, but because thats who I am and your not railroading me AT ALL!!


David Williams December 9, 2015 at 1:52 pm

The above was written by David Williams of ruby tuesday Hopewell VA. Mile talbot is an attorney and witness.


Ashley applegate December 5, 2015 at 4:48 pm

I want to make someone aware of the terrible food safety and sanitation I just witnessed at your tomasville NC location. This location has an open kitchen and as my fiancé and I were sitting at the bar we witness your line cook preparing cooked items with NO GLOVES ON!!! I watched her toast a burger bun with no gloves, replace a child’s dish with no gloves & pick my wings up and drop them into the fryer with no gloves. I patiently waited to see if one of the three managers on duty would correct the behavior but instead no one addressed this. I asked for a manager and expressed my concerns. The manager came back 5 minutes later and told me the cook assured her she was wearing gloves. Unreal! Absolutely ridiculous. I’m pretty sure when the manager approached the line she seen the cook was not wearing gloves. Never the less we left hungry and disgusted! Someone should be made aware of this behavior especially with an open kitchen.


Melissa November 25, 2015 at 7:27 pm

My family and I went to eat at the location in Roanoke Virginia. I left my tip as cash on the table and paid my bill with my credit card, therefore I left no tip on my receipt I wrote cash. Upon receiving my statement I noticed that the numbers did not add up. There was a $10.00 tip added to the bill. Yes, it’s only $10.00, but that is not the point. It is that someone, fraudulently added money on my bill probably thinking I would not notice. I called the store and the manager told me it was a big mix up and that he had my $10.00 at the store for me to come pick it up… I live 45 minutes from the store, I’m not driving that far for $10.00. He said that corporate would be in touch with me to fix it on my card, I’ve still yet to hear from them. My advice to anyone, be sure to check your bank account because there are thieves out there, that apparently need that extra tip money more than you do.


Greg Friedman November 25, 2015 at 6:24 pm

I am at the DTW airport Ruby T and the wait staff has to clean up spills on the floor and then serve customers… Not very appetizing you need a busboy.


robert young November 22, 2015 at 1:32 am

Hi my name is Robert Young. I own Young Sealcoating LLC. We do pavement sealcoating and line striping, crack filling and asphalt repair. A few years ago i did some work for Ruby Tuesdays in Stroudsburg Pa. i would like to continue being a vendor for your company. I noticed the facility on route 611 in Stroudsburg is in need of crack filling before the winter hits. I was wondering if you would like a free estimate. I would like to be considered for any or all of your restaurants within a 2 hour radious of Stroudsburg Pa. you can visit my website at XXX or call me at 570-977-XXXX. Please let me know the process to become a vendor for your businesses. Thank you!


anonymous November 18, 2015 at 1:42 pm

After a visit to your Niskayuna N.Y. store located in the Mohawk commons. My family, and I decided never to return to this establishment. The cooks were extremely slow and could be heard using profanity extensively. The store manager a woman by the name Amanda Nichols was extremely rude to employees, and customers, treating both with a neglect, and very poor attitude almost as if she didn’t care of customer concerns. I understand Ruby tuesday has been a long running corporation since the 80′s but has recently in the past few years been seriously taking a dive in performance. The location is hard enough to deal with as the parking lot, and entrances are a automobile accident waiting to happen. But to add the insult of poor management is utterly ridiculous. I truly hope the corporation looks into this location and manager as it is unfair to the few respectable patrons and staff whom have to endure the poor management punishment.


Claire November 18, 2015 at 11:56 am

We visited the Ruby Tuesday in Clarksville MD last night and they are so disorganized. It was about 6:00pm and when we walked in, no one was there to greet us. Finally the manager went by carrying dishes and said he would be right back. Finally he came back and seated us, but it was quite obvious he was trying to be a host and bus all the tables. Why don’t the wait staff bus the tables? Second when we ordered around 6:15pm, there were no baked potatoes. We asked if they could not buy more and they said “they need 40 minutes to bake”. Right so at 6:15pm, you did not expect some customers who might want a baked potato? The people behind us could not believe it either. This is the second time in 3 visits you have not had them at a popular hour. We went to the salad bar and there were no carrots nor ham left. Perhaps if you hired a bus boy, or the manager paid more attention to the restaurant and not to bussing tables, you would provide better service. It will be a long time before we come back.


cameron l. November 16, 2015 at 11:08 am

Over the weekend my family visited the Somerset New Jersey location for dinner. The host (with dreads) seemed baffled that we had 7 in our party and told us it would be a wait for a party of 7. There was only 2 tables full in the whole restaurant! I asked why a wait they are dead. she said there were no party tables available. I then explained 2 were kids so a booth is fine. She kept staring at the floor chart figuring out where to put us. She was rude about it as well. We get to our table finally and it’s wet and crumbs all over the seat . We asked she wipe it down and she never returned. Server was kind but very slow. My husbands food came out cold! And looked like it had Ben in a window for 20 mins! My sons cheeseburger kids meal came out red in the middle! Bar drinks took forever!!! Didn’t get one of them until our food came. Spending 110$ at dinner with this kind of service? Not sure we will return!


Melissa November 15, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Visited your site in Lumberton, NC (Sunday, November 15, 2015 2:06 PM). Had to ask for silverware. The salad bar needed to be replenished (with everything ). The hostess felt bad for us because we were eating & had no beverages ~ she went to the back & asked someone to bring us our beverages. The waitress said she’d be back with more napkins & never returned with them. The restaurant is in need of MAJOR renovation- it is old & dingy & stained!! Were just passing through & wish we had kept on going!


Eric November 14, 2015 at 4:10 pm

We had dinner at the Ruby Tuesday in Gastonia last night November 14, 2015. Our server, sweet girl named Dakota, was professional and courteous. My complaint is that one of the customers was not happy that she did not receive biscuits immediately on sitting down and broke down into a histrionic mess. We overheard this woman threatening this server. The end result was that this table was given to another waiter. The manager sent our server home and I’m pretty sure fired her. Do you make it a policy to allow the customers to threaten your staff, and then fire them?? I don’t know if we will ever visit another Ruby Tuesday after witnessing this debacle.


Nina November 11, 2015 at 9:41 am

I need help getting pay stubs


Kayla Williams November 7, 2015 at 8:58 pm

I advice everybody to not go to The ruby Tuesdays located in east point off of camp creek market place . They charged me 53.17 when my meal supposedly rounded to ” 24.00″ ..each time I go there they are slow . My drink was watered down and overflowing outside of my cup on to the table ..my drink that was $6 was not presented well. My food was not cooked properly so I had to send it back . None the less we waited over 30 minutes or more for our food ..I’m not satisfied with their guest service.


Regina Walker November 6, 2015 at 9:51 am

Bartender VanPelt–excellent customer service in delivery of food as well as personalizing contact. I was in that location five times in a week. Ruby Tuesday Chesapeake Virginia Greenbriar Parkway


Jazmine Nevers November 5, 2015 at 3:22 pm

This complaint is for the Columbus, Georgia location. I came in with my friend and we placed our order and both got salads, my salad came with my meal and she added on a salad for $2.99. An emergency came up while we were waiting for our food and I asked the waitress if we could pay for our salads and drinks and cancel our order, she said ok but when we got our bill it was $24.02 for 2 small salads. I guess they thought we were trying rip them off but we weren’t so we ended up paying $24 for LITTLE salads. The manager kept trying to get us to get the food but we kept telling them that we had to go we had an emergency . Another thing was it didn’t even smell that good in the restaurant . It kind of threw me off already but we still were willing to go ahead and pay for our salad we ate and the drinks we had. I didn’t even finish my whole drink I will not be going back.


Regina Callahan November 17, 2015 at 10:11 pm

Had exceptional service at the Wallkill NY Location, and always do. My husband and I are there every week. Managers are great, always present, staff is kind. Go see Becky or Sarah at the bar!


Karen November 5, 2015 at 12:18 pm

My husband and I ate in the Mebane NC restaurant on Sunday evening. the waitress #996 Andee-Ma was obviously ill. Coughing and moaning during the entire service. I spoke with the manager on duty (female) and she said she thought she was “faking it”. I suggested that she move Andee to another function that didn’t have customer contact or contact with the food. I also mentioned that the restaurant floor was dirty, the salad bar poorly stocked , food and plates, and the ladies bathroom was out of toilet paper. (I know it was late – 8:45) but there should have been some broccoli in the tray, etc. She apologized but didn’t seem to mean it. My husband now has the cold/flu that Andee was spreading around. We don’t eat at Ruby Tuesday’s very often, but this was the worst restaurant we have been to in years. Definitely would never stop here again.


Maylene Ogawa November 4, 2015 at 7:51 pm

This complaint is regarding a Manager that was on shift at the Kapolei, Hawaii restaurant; which she did not handle the problem in a professional manner.

We were waiting for about 40 minutes to pay for our meal. She never came to our table to let us know why it was taking so long or what the problem was. She passed our table numerous times, but didn’t stop to ever explain what the holdup was. Our waiter came to us numerous times telling us of the problems that the manager was encountering. We were paying the entire bill with gift cards and she was having a problem with putting our change (remaining monies/change) on another gift card due to a new system that was just installed.

I would think that the manager on duty would be the one to do the apologizing and not the waiter. We had a very pleasant experience with the waiter, he handled the situation very well.

So my complaint is regarding the manager that was on duty Sunday night (November 1, 2015). From a nice dinner to a disappointment at the end. I don’t think I will be going to this establishment again.

This should not be happening and I wouldn’t want anyone else go through this like we did.

Thank you for your time in this matter. I would like to hear back from you on what will be done regarding this.

Maylene Ogawa


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