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Royal Caribbean Corporate Office Address

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132

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Phone Number: 305-539-6000
Fax Number: 305-374-7354
Email: Email Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Royal Caribbean Executives

CEO: Richard D. Fain
CFO: Brian J. Rice
COO: Adam M. Goldstein

Royal Caribbean History

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was founded in 1968 by 3 Norwegian shipping companies.  Its first ship, the “Song of Norway” was put into service in 1970.

In 1971, Nordic Prince was added to the fleet.  Sun Viking was added the following year.

In 1986, the company leased a property in Haiti and turned it into a private port for guests.  The port was eventually named Labadee.

In 1997, the company merged with Celebrity Cruises to form Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited.  The cruise lines were kept separate following the merger.

In 2000, the Island Cruises line was launched.

In 2006, the company acquired the Pullmantur cruise line.

Today, Royal Caribbean is the second largest cruise line in the world.  The company operates under 5 different lines.

Royal Caribbean FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Royal Caribbean?
Answer 1: The phone number for Royal Caribbean is 305-539-6000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Royal Caribbean?
Answer 2: The CEO of Royal Caribbean is Richard D. Fain.

Question 3: Who founded Royal Caribbean?
Answer 3: Royal Caribbean was founded by in .

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Sue Burgess June 16, 2018 at 11:19 pm

Hello from Australia.
Have just arrived home 🙁 after completing our 7th cruise since 2013 – all from overseas and all with Royal Caribbean. Hubby and I will never sail with another cruise line as when you are on a good wicket you stay with same.
Thanks to ALL staff on ALL ships we have been on thus far – Rhapsody (Alaska), Navigator (Caribbean), Independence (Transatlantic), Serenade (Fall Foliage Northbound/ Scandinavia & Russia/ Arctic Circle), Vision (Suez Canal)- our holidays have been trips of a lifetime.
We luv the ships, staff, our suite, food, beverage, entertainment, ports, Casino and cannot fault same. Occasional minor things may pop up BUT staff are on hand in an instant to attend to same.
Passengers need to sometimes sit back and remember that you are on holidays, the ship is accommodating thousands of passengers from all over the world who all have different tastes/opinions etc and if something is not of your own particular liking then a polite sit down chat with someone on the ship is guaranteed to have a positive result.
Remember to always treat the crew how you would like to be treated – remember they are doing their job (like yourself at home) BUT are away from their family etc for long periods – they are human just like the rest of us…
A big THANKS goes out to the Hotel Director currently on Serenade May 2018 – Robert Taggart – he is the nicest man you could ever meet who sincerely presents as being a person with his heart in his job. Always checking on passengers, quick chat even when busy and personality plus (better if he ate vegemite :-))
Thankyou RC & CU in 10.5 months on Brilliance….


Shonda James June 12, 2018 at 8:15 pm



paula pike April 24, 2018 at 4:48 am

won a cruiser 2 adults with this joke of a company, have a disabled son, and they insisted that he would be in the publicity photos, only to be then told he was not included in the prize.then found the perfect cruise we wanted online ,rang them ,were told could not use the offers online had to book over the phone, the price doubled.Then told we also had to pay port taxes.What a joke who wins a cruise with no port taxes included (its a cruise )Then to top it all of were told we could not take the cruise in any school holidays .cant take my child out of school .they won’t allow it.well many emails and phone calls later.and then them promising we could take the cruise the following year ,because of all the messing around.the deadline for the prize come and i had an email to tell me it was now no cruise lots of stress ,and then having to tell me son he could no longer go.he was heartbroken.He has a serious heart condition ,and other problems ,and this was totally stressful for he.I have emailed and emailed and not one response .there a complete nightmare company


Patsy Nice December 18, 2017 at 2:55 pm

Royal Caribbean sent an email with an offer a 30% discount on drink packages. This is a lie. The discount is not even 10%. After speaking to a very rude person I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes and then hung up and called again and was put on hold for 45 minutes and still no agent. This is the WORST “customer” service I have ever experienced. You would think after all the recent events that Royal Caribbean would bend over backwards for customers. Instead they do not give a darn. Carnival and Norwegian are looking better and better.


Ben Mercer September 30, 2017 at 1:32 pm

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
I have taken at least one cruise a year for the last 19 years. I have used many different cruise lines including yours. I LOVE cruising and have great experiences. (OK, except that one on Costa, yikes!!) My concern now is with my Oct 29th, 2017 cruise to the EASTERN Caribbean on the Allure of the Seas. The itinerary has been changed two times. First St. Kitts to Puerto Rico due to “speed restrictions”. Which I have found to be an engine problem. I chose to deal with that. Then from any EASTERN islands to WESTERN Caribbean. Two ports, Costa Maya and Cozumel about 100 miles of each other. (How much in fuel with that save you?) I know it’s been due to the two hurricanes. I understand that. I have been to Mexico several times and there is nothing to do there. I have done the Aztec Ruins plenty. What I don’t understand is: “Why can’t I make a seemingly simple paper change from the Allure of the Seas to another Royal Caribbean ship going that same week, with open rooms?” Again, we are being asked to adapt to TWO itinerary changes with no compensation yet not even this slightest of inconvenience on your part. We have 4 balcony cabins with 4 couples. Two of the couples have never sailed before and I’d like to give them the experience I offered when we booked Jan 19th 2017. Can you please find a way to allow some “give” on your part and make this happen? I would at least like an explanation of why this would cause such strain on your part.
I LOVE your ships, staff, food, entertainment, etc. of your Royal Caribbean Line. But, like I said, I do sail once a year and would hope that you would like to make a continued satisfied repeat customer happy instead of giving a reason to look more closely at other lines. Thank You.

Ben Mercer
bamiester1 at
P.S. I have retired and moved to Florida…… easier to take more cruises now!!!


JANIE GUTIERREZ October 3, 2017 at 5:42 pm

I feel exactly the same way. I have booked and paid for a cruise on October 21, 2017 porting out of Puerto Rico. The airport in Puerto Rico is a disaster! The air control towers have been damaged/destroyed. There has been people stranded at the airport for days waiting to be reissued a ticket because of all the cancelled flights. No food available at airport, ATMs not working. No air conditioning, non working toilets, 95% of electricity is out. Security computers destroyed, Skeleton crew of agents doing everything by hand. No hotels available. How can Royal Caribbean expect 3100 passengers booked on this cruise to land at this airport??? That’s insane!
All I want is to rebook to another cruise. Can it be that hard to change cruises?
I am not about to endure this experience on vacation.


Nicholas Chicka September 29, 2017 at 10:43 pm

First things first ,
Royal Carribian , YOU ARE DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!
I saved all year to go on a cruise. I work 70 hours a week 51 weeks a year ,including every holiday to take a vacation once a year. I went on your cruise sept 4th during hurricane Harvey which I was assured by you on several occasion after calling and waiting on hold for hours that “everything would be fine and we were to set to sail as planned “. What a crock of s**t !!!! I’ve spent 20 days calling and emailing and all I got was a …. sorry not sorry …. never use this cruise line or there affiliate companies. DIRT BAGS !!!! Lowest level of customer service I have ever experienced in my life !!!!


patricia mccoy September 22, 2017 at 2:44 pm

i just got back from a very dangerous cruise with yo to bermuda we were in hurrican winds water and waves the whole tim you messaged us the day befor we went and said it was perfectly safe i feared for my life the whole time and worse i had my kids and grandkids with me your company put us in harms way all our excursioun were cancelled we could only get to pool in port i prayed to God the whole for our safety i slept 2 times in my room in port the rest of the time i tried to sleep in lobby but cried and prayed the whole time YOU put me and my family in very serious danger


sueann cox September 22, 2017 at 2:04 pm

I booked through RC and was told that they would honor price drops less than 1 week later, the price has dropped over $100 per person. they will not honor that guarantee nor offer an onboard credit. I feel very taken advantage of and will look to other cruise lines in the future. I paid for my cruise in its entirety so I guess I have no leverage as they have the entire cost poor customer service


James Mazza September 28, 2017 at 3:36 pm

I have had the same experience with paying for my cruise in full and then seeing a lower price on line, I am an Emerald member and when I ask what can be done, my voice falls on rude deaf ears.i am traveling on November 4th on the Harmony of the seas.


Caroline B November 8, 2017 at 8:32 am

I booked my a cruise for my son and his wife for their honeymoon in May for an October sailing. Final payment was due at booking and I paid in full. Only 2 days later, the cruise (balcony cabin on Oasis of the Seas) dropped by just over $1,000. RCCL said there was nothing they could do. I could see if it dropped by a couple of hundred but it was 1k. I said okay. Well then cancel, I’ll lose $500 and then rebook it and I’ll still save $500. So in the end, I lost $500 on the deal but was better than 1k.


Roger December 4, 2017 at 8:48 am

Never book with RCL directly. Vacations to go or another online site is much cheaper


John Cutler September 18, 2017 at 11:33 am

First I would like to thank you for the decision of Royal Caribbean to divert not needed ships to relief efforts and evacuations.
My issue is however related to my pre-cruise hotel package and the impact hurricane Harvey had on our plans. Airports in Houston closed and all flights were canceled through 8/31/17 at a minimum (Date of sailing). We managed to find a flight out of Dallas to Newark, without any extra charges by United. We canceled, with full refund, our Broadway show tickets and our New York tours planned as our own pre-tour activities

We called Royal Caribbean to be advised that although it was two days before hotel room use, a day of hotel stay could not be canceled because it was too close to sailing. I do not understand how one effects the other. We called the Newark Hilton, who said they would refund the room, however the reservation was made by Royal Caribbean and RC would have to make the cancellation.

Since when is two days notice too short to cancel one day of hotel stay, using the excuse, it is policy that it is too close to the sailing date. Acts of nature, such as hurricane Harvey, still policy could not be changed. Who got the hotel money since the hotel was also informed that the room would not be used for one of the three nights. I was advised by RC to appeal when at sea, or to file on insurance. I have no receipt to file except for the three nights I was charged, and appeals were denied. Appeal at sea was denied, with no reason except “sorry”.

Please pass this on the the proper department re-review to see if the night will be refunded or at least acknowledge that one night of the hotel was not used so I can make the insurance claim.


Lorraine Flowers September 14, 2017 at 5:55 pm

I am very pleased with the results that RCI provided. My family are traveling on the Navigator of the Seas in April of 2019 for our Family Reunion. I asked for an extension for our deposits due to the unfortunate situations in the south. I was provided the extension, and treated with great customer service. The Tucker Family will be traveling with RCI again

Many Thanks,


gwen hill September 11, 2017 at 3:44 pm

my crown and anchor number is 380847542…Please I would like to rescheule


gwen hill September 11, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Myself and my daughter have a cruise coming up on September 25th. I have a concern at this time with the hurricanes everybody is at a state of emergency. I wanted to cancel and then reschedule for a later but I was told that I couldn’t at this point. I don’t feel its fair. My daughter is a asthmatic and has panic attacks and we’re both scared and paranoid. I was told a definite NO by Royal Staff and I would have to take a loss. My thing is I JUST want to Reschedule. Please Help


Edward Benton August 28, 2017 at 11:00 pm

I am very disappointed in the way that Royal Caribbean has handled the cancellation of the Sail of the Liberty of the Sea. There were several issues with the notifications which i have addressed in a email to corporate. I did re-book a cruise out of Ft Lauderdale for September 3, 2017.
My wife and I had purchased the drink package in advance of the Liberty sailing which I paid a total of $797.12. I was told that i will be refunded that amount and I would have to re-purchase the drink package for the Allure sailing. Both cruises were seven days. I attempted to re-purchase the drink package and it had gone up . The total now is over $900. I called and was informed that Corporate had made the decision that no modifications would be made to packages that had to do with the cancellation of the Liberty sailing. How far is this ? Poor customer service! done with RC!


Edward Benton August 29, 2017 at 3:56 am

My new beverage price is $878.00, almost $100 dollars more. The cruise is the same length.


Rich Weber August 27, 2017 at 12:50 pm


We have been cruising with Royal Caribbean several times, as well as other cruise lines . During all our cruises we have noticed that the activities staff in the lime light always receive the high profile recognition awards such as “Employee of the Month”. We feel that the way to keep customers returning to your cruise lines is the condition of the rooms assigned to the guests.
We feel that the Royal Caribbean Company has overlooked one individual that is truly an asset to your company and deserving of the “Employee of the Month” award. We observed Ms. Rodgers on a daily basis communicating and assisting with us and other guests. She was an extremely hard worker, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, listened to any concerns that you may have had and took immediate corrective action when needed, always with a big smile.
From all the staff we observed on the Anthem of the Seas and other cruise lines we have sailed on, Ms. Rodgers’ professionalism, demeanor, and dedication shows that she is surely deserving of the award.
Irvin and Laurel Weber
Middletown N.Y. 10940
845 386 XXXX


Kathy Mitchell August 24, 2017 at 6:27 pm

I would like a response from Corporate on my comments below. Our friends – the Altman’s are sailing with us- can’t wait to tell them this- the guy basically said you are punished for buying dining packages- no reservations booked ahead of time


Kathy Mitchell August 24, 2017 at 6:22 pm

I gave cruised with Royal Caribbean about 5 times. We are scheduled to depart on October 15, 2017. We have booked a Grand Suite again. This time in reviewing dining options we chose the Ultimate Dining Package. Today my husband receives an email telling us to hurry and book specialty restaurants- space is running out. We get online and try to book them- it wants us to pay for each restaurant. I call the 800 number and was told ny one guy and his supervisor that if you nut the Ultimate dining package you cannot pre-book your dining times- but only once you are onboard. This is a complete SCAM. They said if certain restaurants are booked already- no matter when- you are out of luck. He said”lady- you got such a good deal on dining package- you don’t get to choose ahead”!!!! This was not disclosed ahead of time. Just another dishonest company- won”t sail with them again. I call it bait and switch!!!!!


Pam August 15, 2017 at 1:13 pm

I had never cruised on Royal Caribbean until 5 Aug 2017. I had booked a cruise for my sister and I. Very meaningful. My sister and I were orphans growing up now in our 50’s. We found each other when we were in mid 30’s. She has health issues and had never been on a cruise. I wanted to treat here. I live in Baltimore she lives in North Carolina. She had to fly here. To make it worse, my husband has Alzheimer’s and my sister’s son flew with her to take care of him while we went on the cruise. We went to Bermuda. When we got to the departure check in, she brought the wrong birth certificate. Due to our age when she was born the hospital gave a raised sealed Official Certificate of Birth. Contained all the detail as the one received from state office. Had her parents name, maiden name, their birthdates, and my sister’s data. No foot print on this it was the official Certificate of Birth. She has used that birth certificate for everything, marriage, license, school, etc. She had never ordered a birth certificate and was never told she had to for over 55 years.
They rejected the Official Certificate of Birth because they stated it was from the hospital and did not have the word Vital Certificate of Birth.
And of course I did not buy the insurance. We booked two weeks before the cruise and had everything ready. To top it off, I was told she would need it to re enter the US. That was a lie. I went because they refused to accommodate either one of us. When I got back to Baltimore, I had my birth certificate, driver’s license and the Tariff form showing any purchases. When I got to the port authority. He told me he did not need anything, but the tariff form. So they rejected my sister for something the port authority doesn’t even need nor do they want to see it.
I have contacted them and as many of you already know, they are unwilling to be accommodating. I even told them I would book another cruise for myself, if they would be so kind as to let my sister take a different cruise. No, No, No and No.


Carie G September 12, 2017 at 10:26 pm

This is not Royal Caribbeans website. You are not messaging Royal.
you are sending messages to this website
Which is a locating website to find the correct links to corporate offices.
If you need to message Royal, you need to use this email , the link is above.
Email: Email Royal Caribbean


Tammy Robinson September 13, 2017 at 12:30 pm

The email link to Royal Caribbean and their corporate office phone mails are all in our listing.


Neeraj kumar July 10, 2017 at 2:24 pm

Hello hi sir /Madam good morning have a good day…Myself Neeraj kumar from India,finish my doctor,s course MBBS before a year +internship (practice) from china …I like to work for the cruises so I find this cruise is best for employer and even for travelling also can I familiar with the procedure to apply as a doctor (physician) job in this cruise . Thanks .
With Regards


jitendra kumar June 29, 2017 at 6:33 am


thanks you sir please check
i am very intersted working with you
jitendra kumar
mobil no .+91902476XXXX
sky id ………… jitendra.kumar3150


patty August 31, 2016 at 2:22 pm

Will never book again. Denied access to the ship because of birth certificates. Quarentined away from everyone yet other people were able to board with hospital birth certificates yet my husband was not allowed. We all went through two security checks and had no problem. Yet after bags were check and ready to set foot on the ship we were all pulled aside and not allowed to board. Employees very disrespectful, rude and laughed at us. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! Never again.


Kay August 10, 2016 at 12:31 pm

I don’t even know where to start…..I was told I was book in assessable room with air flights included. I have been trying for 3 months to resolve issues on our upcoming cruise an no one is willing to help. This is unbelievable. I will never use this line again.


juliann dotten July 11, 2016 at 2:47 pm

my family and i sailed back in april of 2015 and my daughter was injured on the cruise ship. we were supposed to be given a future cruise certificate towards our new cruise with them and here we are in july of 2016 and i paid for our next cruise in full and STILL am waiting on my refund for correct amount which was PROMISED to me in 7 to 10 days after i paid for the cruise in full..and they received the original certificate which i mailed back to them as soon as i received it and had it signed and filled out.. their corporate employees are very rude and dont give two sh*ts about customer service. all they do is blame it on someone else and keep lying as to why i
did not receive my refund it me or would anyone else be pissed off as well???


john walker May 7, 2016 at 10:13 am

Still waiting


john walker May 6, 2016 at 12:47 pm

You finally sent a package But money and travers checks stolen you people are a-holes
Charged $9.oo to send an empty envelop. Complete bastards with no redeeming value.
Not one time did you people return a call. or an Email. Then when you located the items you stold them. Great customer relations ya bullsh*t.


j Walker April 30, 2016 at 9:15 am

wow left comments and you removed them? No response ?


Mr. J. Walker April 29, 2016 at 6:17 pm

Dear Mr. Richard D. Fain

My wife and I recently sail abroad Freedom of the Seas. reservation no. 9736359
sailing from April 03 2016 to April 10 2016. My wife accidentally left items in the stateroom safe. realizing that the items were left behind we call R.C.C.L and asked that the items be put ashore and we would drive back to retrieve them. We were told that there is no way to contact the ship. My insulin was needed and apart of the things left behind. Sorry we cannot do anything about it was the answer. Upon reaching home we found 2 phone messages from a Patty M. Stating she had found the items and had turned them in to guest services in care of a Mr. Carlos Costello who reassured her the items would be sent to us. Upon contacting Lost and Found We were informed that the items would be located and sent and that we would be contacted in 24 hrs. After many calls to your co. there has not been one returned call. They claimed the a Email was sent to Carlos but seems there was no reply on record. I called corp. office and was told they have showed up just wait a few days and we will call you. No response. Next call we were told that no the items were never found??? Called Costumer service was told we would contact you in24 hrs. No response. We sent the comment form by email and no response. When you read the comments and complains on the internet this seems to be a reoccurring theme in Royals general. Many straight out tell you that you will never hear from them or recover any thing.
I wanted to call the warehouse lost and found sends items but was told that is not possible they have no phone. We will email them and call you back no response. Will this note get a response ? Mr. J walker


CEW March 30, 2016 at 10:44 am

The officers, directors and president of Royal Caribbean are financial predators. My wife took ill and they will not refund the balance of my deposit. They are crooks and need to be punished.


Shumel June 4, 2016 at 8:19 am

What did your travel insurer do for you? If you had coverage, I Am sure you received information for cancellation when deposits were made and since then. Sorry you were ill and could not make the sailing, but it is not RCCL’s issue really.


Peggy Lynn hernandez March 20, 2016 at 2:08 pm comment seems small but it is important to me. I am a gold member and travel alone. Did you know I have to pay almost double because I don’t have a partner? I pay it because otherwise I would never be able to sail. But it would be so nice to be acknowledged by Royal Caribbean with a bottle of wine in my room or a free portrait. They make a lot of money off of me…I only eat for one..linen for one…etc. it would be nice. I am going on a 12 day cruise on the Anthym in April with a hefty fee for being by myself. Just saying!!!!!!


Shumel June 4, 2016 at 8:20 am

There are other cruise lines who do not charge such a ‘hefty’ fee, but if you enjoy the cruise line, then you know the drill about costs. bon voyage


Vic September 14, 2017 at 12:38 pm

Wow, after reading some of these complaints don’t think I’ll be sailing with you, ever! And your answer to some of your paying customers was very 6th grade to say the least. Maybe you should take some customer service classes because you suck. Get someone else to answer these people who have legitimate complaints, and you get another JOB!!!!!


Jeff Morris February 24, 2016 at 4:29 pm

Sailed on Anthem of the seas from Feb 13-21 2016, as a birthday gift to my 10 year old twin girls and one year old grandson. It was,the first trip out after their ill-fated cruise due to management greed or the captains stupidity which took the ship right into a major hurricane. Despite saying only comedic
damage was done the Coast Guard said otherwise noting that part of their steering was damaged. We left late Saturday while they repaired something to do with one of their lifeboats. Early Monday morning the boat was in another storm with winds of 70+ kts equal to a severe gale or hurricane.
Many things on the boast were still being repaired. The kids pool was out so they populated the adult pool, many elevator banks were not operating , the Northstar was not operating for several days because of the high winds. On day one we were hardly in our rooms for 5 min. when the alarm for a sea drill went off .We sat in area D-2 till around 3:15 all starved and finally went up to the 14th level for food just 90 minutes before our reservations for dinner. No one was really hungry at that point. The dinning room was freezing and the bowl of soup served me was cold. Our shore excursions happily were good except for one mishap. Our bus trip to our pontoon ride at Port Canaveral ended abruptly when the driver stupidly u-turned the bus into some soaked grass and became mired in mud. A relief bus was called which delayed our trip by about 1/2 hour. On the last day spent at Balmoral Beach, Nassasu I was brought back by bus since I suffer from severe arthritis. As I rounded a railing and headed for the nearest of two gangplanks that were still open, I was no more than three feet from the first one of you brilliant employees put a chain across it and instructed me to use the last one. I said there was no way in hell
I was walking further at which point someone with some intelligence opened the gate and helped me up. Overall I would say that management cares less about the safety and comfort of their passengers and more about just loading bodies on a cruise and hoping few will complain. For the money I spent
minisuites 100228, 10230, 10232 ( Morris) I would say I overpaid considering the fact that the boast and its facilities were not 100%< further we sailed for a second consecutive time into a severe storm.



Stacie Jenkins January 12, 2016 at 7:46 am

To: Michael Bayley CEO of Royal Caribbean International

From :Stacie Jenkins
Reservation ID:3673121 ID 3679096 and ID 3675184

My name is Stacie Jenkins on January 2 2016 I booked 3 staterooms on The Majesty of the Sea .
I booked 3 staterooms because I was told if would be cheaper that way. I wanted to book a room for five . I was told that if I wasn’t sure who the 6th person would be I could call up and change the name on the last stateroom . Well after 9 days I called to make a payment and add my children to my booking. When it was time to change the name on the stateroom I was told that I could not . I was told that I had to cancel that stateroom and get a stateroom at almost double the price. Just to change the name. I talked to a Supervisor and he had a I don’t care attitude, and he was not helpful at all. So I had to cancel all 3 of my stateroom just because they could change the name of one of my staterooms. I am feeling so angry because I am the mother of 4 children that are all autistic. This was such a big deal to them they were so excited and now I have to tell them that I had to cancel because I was given wrong information and something as simple as a name change has to hurt 4 kids


In shock December 19, 2015 at 1:57 pm

Bedbugs, fresh blood, urine stains, and food on my sheets and on the mattress. Enchantment of the seas. It was my wife first cruise she was traumatized and said she will never cruise again.


Sridhar October 13, 2015 at 8:31 am

Thank you for your interest with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. However, we have decided to not pursue your application. You may re-apply again after six months. Hope to hear from you soon!

I have got this above message from your Philipines centre.I failed to understand how am i going to be
any different in my calibre after having worked for quarter of a century.If i am not suitable for any position
that i have applied,with my present set of skills, so far how could i become any better in six months.If you
would like to reject an applicant just say so why distance yourself for six months and yet say,Hope to
hear from you soon.Is six months tenure soon enough in RCCl calender.Is this your HR policy.

See, you might be working for a multi billion dollar company,yet we all sail in the same life boat.
why make life miserable to some one.

Thanks and regards


bettye Andrews-Greer September 24, 2015 at 1:40 pm

Oh no! I thought that my experience might have been unique. I just called to complain that I had sent letters to the executives of RCCL and not heard any response. I did not know that I am in a line of many with my complaints. The idea that no money is returned and a credit on your next cruise is not acceptable. An individual might not want to take that chance again with your cruise line. As I stood in line at Guest Services, I overheard someone say, “Royal Caribbean is corrupt.” I thought no way, but now I’m thinking that “way” is the norm rather than the exception. RC needs to address their pre-cruise policies and standards. If they don’t, they can wave their #1 position good bye!


Raquel Castaneda September 9, 2015 at 1:21 pm

Dissatisfied Purchase on ship… note written to merchant on Aug 17 with no response.
Merchant on ship: Harding Brothers Retail Ltd
I purchased a “Marahlago Justica” bracelet on board during my recent Caribbean cruise on the Independence of the Seas on July 10. I’m very disappointed, first, that I was not told that the bracelet was a retired piece and secondly, and to my astonishment, upon searching on line to add a pendant to match, found that the price of the bracelet on the Marahlago authorized retailer (Larimarket) in the U.S. is $695. I feel I was ripped off at your duty free shop on board that “supposedly” gave me a discounted price, 10% off the retail $870 ( I paid $782). Not only that, there is a retailer on ebay selling it for $439. For everyone out there, I suggest you don’t buy anything on board as they do not warrant or return comments.


Rafael Dagda B August 7, 2015 at 11:42 am

Dear managers and executives of RCI.

I commend you for your investment in technology, development of concept and built boat.
However, you are neglecting the other part of the experience of a cruise vacation, the service of your company in general terms.

Recently concluded one of my worst experiences of service in his boat Anthem of The Seas.

First. Contract shore excursions in advance, charge me immediately the tours canceled after one of the tours that will make the refund notice on my card. They have spent 43 of this cancellation and after more than 5 phone calls, emails sent, etc. I do not solve. In his telephone care centers are inattentive.

Second. On board, I bought a beverage package as any cruise. However, when you want to use it, there is NO waiters that serve you, either at dinner, in a bar, or anywhere, you have to go get the drink. In their dinners he spent 1 or 2 times to deliver drinks, even more, not even water served. This happens in any area of ​​the ship, the customer has to go begging to please attend.

Third. The dinners are very slow, they seem to want not to go to dinner. Its menus are boring and are basically the same foods prepared differently in 4 restaurants. Overall the service is bad.

Fourth. On landing, 4 baggage not appear. I had to bring me back to London without luggage, the worst is that its staff do not commit to anything, just say they seek and shall endeavor to send the luggage to the hotel. Fortunately, very late, leading to the hotel 4 luggage, but one of them was not mine. There was my clothes clean for 3 days in London. During the 3 days we had to be looking for them to lobby and ask for baggage information. Just when leaving London, appeared my luggage. My 4 luggage were perfectly identified.

After the poor service they offer in general, so charge gratuities to their staff must … I agree that you pay gratuities in return for good service, but for your service, I completely disagree and It is a charge not justified since you charge a lot by including the cruise.

This may be one more complaint letter, however, I hope at least leave evidence that your management team certainly do not communicate them.

Finally I commented that his company has worked hard so that I’ve decided not to take a cruise vacation with my family


Robyn Brown April 16, 2015 at 11:07 pm

Rang Australian office to get corporate email address in USA. They were unwilling to give me address, I told operator that I wanted to send email to CEO as I am unhappy with call centre in Australia, told me I have no choice but to send it to Austrlian email address. Please send me email address that I require for Head office USA. I am becoming more frustrated with landbased call centre


yasir gulzar April 14, 2015 at 5:21 am

Dear Sir,

I am wretched to inform you the experience i had from booking online with Royal Caribbean was the worst thing ever happened to me,

I had a plan to sail on Allure of the Seas departing from Rome scheduled for 21st May’2015, for which i booked to rooms for my family having reservation number 236655 & 236619 in which one balcony & other inside stateroom was reserved,

after putting courtesy hold for both of the reservation i also called on the given number and also sent an email for extending the time limit for a day which was done in a good manner,

yesterday 13th May’2015 when i was charging my card to make the payment for my held rooms error came that the card address and booking country does not match, for this i called at 001-305-341-0204 several times, on my first call i was putted on hold for like 30 minutes and no one stood behind the problem i was facing,after hanging up the phone i called again and then i was on the phone for 42 minutes, the person asked me to get the card charged due to some problem with the bank both given card were not charged and i requested the person to please extend my time limit again for a day so i can manage thing with the bank, unfortunately when i checked again instead of extending the limit is was cancelled,

i was lucky enough that my nephew hold one balcony room for me which i have paid having the reference number Reservation Number XXXXXXX for one room,

i had booked two rooms on the price of 5200 considering that will enjoy two rooms as the price was same but due to non professional staff at RCCI i only got one room with total occupancy of 4 people,

you must be well aware that RCCI have a good name tag but due to non professional staff i had to face this problem luckily i got cheaper room for 4800 USD due to my nephew hunting and luck , if i would have been relying on RCCI i am sure shot that i was not able to get my cruise booking done,

moreover i also sent emails yesterday regarding the problem i had but even none of your staff had a courtesy to reply my email, such a non professional staff with a big brand name of RCCI

i am worried that i don’t have any problem when on allure of the seas as if the staff is same like reservation agents what would happen only god knows better,

at the end i would only like to say that it is totally not justice with me even i called RCCI yesterday and was on the phone like more then hour,resulting i got one room if your staff would have cooperated with me i had booked 2 room paying 300 to 400 USD extra,

such a big brand name with non professional staff,

i know nothing gonna happen now as i have reserved and paid for balcony room but please put your customer on priority,

i hope i have happy sailing on 21st of may with one thing in my mind that i had not been pampered properly by RCCI

thanking you

Yasir Gulzar


Phyllis Kent March 12, 2015 at 8:01 pm

So its been a few days and still no phone call from Royal. Amazing that the stockholders are OK with this type of service


Phyllis Kent March 10, 2015 at 9:16 am

I am so frustrated with Royal Carribean. Customer service is certainly lacking.I booked a surprise cruise for a couple of friends. He had served in the US Air force for over 25 years ( serving front lines in every “stan”out there) and had retired to Florida with his Italian wife and little girl. Anyway, I paid for the cruise and I had booked two cabins – one for my to stay in with there six year old so they could have an amazing cruise. I of course was told to bring valid passports. I had gathered all and drove them to the ship. My Italian friend was denied boarding because she did not have another document in addition to her valid passport. My friend broke down at the port feeling responsible for us being able to go ( Oh wait, the rep at the port advised that the rest of us should go – ummm , I am supposed to go with my friends husband and daughter ?? ) Anyway – When we got home I was told to call the RCL number for advise on a refund. I called, explained everything on 2/5/15. The rep said I would get a refund for all of my taxes and such but I had to email RCL about the situation to get a credit for a future cruise. I did this and sat back and waited. I rec’d an email stating they were looking into it on 2/5. Then NOTHING. Today I finally had the time to call yet again. The girl said well the email you sent the email to was the old email and things were being rerouted. Then she researched it and said that RCL had rec’d the email in the new dept and that they had decided there was nothing they could do. And they assured me that eventually I would get a refund concerning the taxes and such but they didn’t know how long that would take. Really RCL ? Where is the customer service? I am told that whomever answers the phone is the on live person I can and will ever talk to at your company. She said they can not escalate anything but I am free to send more emails ?????? Ughh Please help. I just wanted to treat these people to a cruise. please call me if you can 407 644 **** Phyllis


Deb February 16, 2015 at 1:47 pm

To Mr. Richard D. Fain and Mr. Michael Bayley, only:

Sirs, please contact me regarding my recent cruise on Serenade of the Seas. I feel you need to be informed that you have representatives aboard Serenade of the Seas who make promises to customers then do not follow through. Even though I have contacted Royal Caribbean customer support, I feel you should be aware of my situation, as they were unwilling to allow my story to go any farther than their authority. Royal Caribbean made promises to me before I purchased my cruise, and then did not provide what was promised. Also while aboard Serenade of the Seas more promises were made that also were not truthful. Being from an era where “a promise IS a promise,” it is difficult for me to see how a company such as Royal Caribbean has displayed such acts of untruthfulness, with others that speak on this site, and not just myself. I am sure you both are believe in honesty or you would not be held with such high esteem in the Royal Caribbean company.

At this point I am under the impression that Royal Caribbean and their representatives are not truthful with what they tell their customers. Can you believe I was held against my will, even told I was not allowed to permanently disembark the ship while stuck in port? I was promised three times that my cruise was refunded and that we (my husband and I) were “sailing for free” by J****** V********, Senior Guest Services Officer, Serenade of the Seas, because of the failure of Serenade of the Seas to sail as promised on January 24, 2015. She even stated if there was any problem with the refund to contact her. Now since the refund has not come through as promised, and Royal Caribbean tells me they can’t contact M* V********, it appears that she, as a senior officer, and Royal Caribbean, as a cruise line does not hold true to the promises they make customers and potential customers. I am greatly saddened with this as I chose Royal Caribbean based on what I though to be a reputable organization. Please review my file and have a senior specialist contact me. I have already spoken to C**** in customer relations, who informed me no such promise was made to me. Also she tells me Ms. V******** cannot be contacted and may not be currently on the Serenade of the Seas. I have, however, left a telephone message for Ms. V********, and so far she has not contacted me either. I look forward to you reply and feel this is something you should hear from me directly. Please contact me as soon as possible. I left personal messages for you both with Royal Caribbean Headquarters (also know I am a teacher and may need to return your call if it is within school hours) Thank you for your time and attention. Deborah Ogle


Jill Hall December 3, 2014 at 1:11 pm

I was looking to book a first time cruise on Royal Caribbean. The price I was quoted is not being honored, but after reading some of the other complaints, I guess honoring a price quote is a not going to happen if other complaints can’t get a response. It’s a shame because my children have never been on a cruise and I was looking forward this family vacation. They have missed the opportunity of getting loyal customers today.


Cara September 19, 2014 at 11:01 pm

Oh one last comment. Don’t even bother submitting anything to the BBB. They get paid by the companies. There’s no one way on Adam’s green earth that they will represent the little consumer over Royal Caribbean. IF YOU WANT RECOURSE YOU NEED GO PUBLIC!!! AND I WILL GLADLY GO WITH YOU.


Cara September 19, 2014 at 10:50 pm

Oh by the way, has anyone heard of the 15th floor on Explorer of the Seas? It’s the bridal chapel or suite. If no one is getting married some shmuck that thinks they’re getting a great deal will be on top of the ship. Make sure you know where the flotation devices are, just in case you are wind blown off the ship. If that should happen, ensure your family goes after RC like Ron Goldman’s went after OJ because they will cover it up like icing on a cake. Did you all know that if you cancel a cruise because you can’t get an appropriate response from anyone, they will keep a big portion of YOUR money and charge mucho bucks to the next jerk who books the stateroom you were supposed to be in and keep their money as well. They are shady and unethical. Take a look at the online form for stake-holder’s. All they have to do is submit this form so they can receive onboard perks. Royal Caribbean is way to busy for what they probably perceive as petty, nonsense comments. We little folks must realize that they are going through all this toilet paper wiping their brown noses.


Jose Zaragoza September 19, 2014 at 5:17 am

Hello, my name is Jose Zaragoza (socio Crown & Anchor 308215520 ) . I write from Spain , and I go to Mr.
CEO : Richard D. Fain
CFO: Brian J. Rice
COO : Adam M. Goldstein, and I feel cheated and very disappointed and saddened . On September 25 , ie , within a few days , embarkation mi 5 cruise with your company . I have never cruised with other companies. I am a loyal customer to Royal Caribbean. But today , I feel cheated by someone. We were promised one thing , then another has been . I have complained by email , which I still have , but it has not been for nothing . Possibly this email , not good for anything . But there is a cry in my heart , but as a humble person aggrieved , which leads me to tell my injustice to everyone , but no one hears me . I just hope that God will continue to reward me in my life, even if I have touched today losing to Royal caribbean . Thanks to those who read this email, wasting your time .
Greetings Jose Zaragoza ( )
Sorry for my spelling mistakes


Cara September 19, 2014 at 10:15 pm

Jose, you sound like a very nice gentleman and it saddens me to read your genuine and authentic experience. It is unfortunate that you were cheated and although no one at RC is listening, I am. It is evident that you have character, morals and ethics. I have learned that RC does not possess these qualities and on the contrary, they are deceitful indirect and lack moral character and fibers of humane qualities. The only thing that rules them is MONEY, POWER, FAME and FORTUNE. G_D will continue to reward you, have no fear. Everything happens for a reason. As a matter of fact, I am certain and have this funny and weird feeling that the cruise I was supposed to be on is a bad omen. Everyone and everything associated with the cruise I booked has had a roadblock from the get-go. Believe me, I have been saved many times in my life and I have the definite feeling this is one of those times.


lynn woodcock September 10, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Still awaiting a reply from Mr Fain regarding my complaint.

Lynn Woodcock


Cara September 19, 2014 at 9:18 pm

Dissatisfied customers with Royal Caribbean contact me at: ****
It is evident that Adam Goldstein cares about the stakeholders and assurance that he receives his grandiose paycheck. My interactions with the so called Resolution Specialists are reflective of the COO and Corporate’s attitude. I worked for a well known by everyone, Pharmaceutical call center that would find the behavior of RC appalling unless of course your name is Kim Kardashian. ANYONE INTERESTED IN GOING PUBLIC WITH THEIR MISTREATMENT, COME JOIN ME IN FRONT OF THE CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IN MIAMI, FL. I’LL CALL THE PRESS AND ENSURE THAT SOME OF THESE PITIFUL STORIES ARE PUBLISHED.


Cara September 19, 2014 at 9:35 pm

Lynn, I hate to tell you, but you will turn to ash before you ever hear from anyone at RC particularly from the Corporate Office. I can tell by everyone’s attitude that Corporate does not intimidate them in the least. In fact, the mention of Adam Goldstein’s name is a big joke and that is a first I’ve ever seen. I’m certain that unless your name is Lynn Redgrave you will be in the grave far sooner than Mr. Feign calls you back. Unfortunately, my cousin Barney Pressman is long gone and the family doesn’t know me from Adam LOL pun on words.

Oh by the way, you should take a look at the Credo or Mission Statements. They have a good set of lawyers that develop the lovely verbiage and that’s all that is, words they certainly do not live by.


lynn woodcock September 8, 2014 at 6:09 pm

I recently made enquiries through my cruise specialist. My daughter, husband and 3 small children wanted to book their very first cruise next August. My husband and myself have cruised many times witb RCCL and Celebrity and recommended to many friends. We were disgusted to find that RCCL wanted to charge the 4 and 6 year olds at full adult price and the baby at almost full price. Do RCCL realise that my daughter and family are THEIR FUTURE. Why be so greedy. My husband and myself have been loyal customers and feel let down by RCCL. Mr Richard Fain ought to be ashamed of himself.


Leonard Roisenberg August 7, 2014 at 3:18 pm

Dear Mr. Goldstein,
I just returned from my cruise on Vision of the Seas, departed 31 January, for 5 days-4 nights. i had a junior suite/accessible,#8510, because I’m handicapped. This was my 14th cruise with RCCL, and I’m a Diamond Member. The cruise was okay, went to Cozumel which we had seen many times, we took this cruise just to relax. We dined at specialty restaurants, Chops Grille, and Giovanni’s Table, all 4 nights, but to our surprise the food was not prepared well, and the Chef (female) came to explain what happen and said she take care of it the next evening. it was okay, but could have been better,for the $180 extra i spent. However, the service was gtreat! i know that Vision of the Seas was renovated, but to my surprise, our stateroom was very small, and there were no outlets on the baseboard! i had to plug my charger into the only outlet available – at the dressing table! Between my scooter and the bed, i had about a foot of space, you can imagine how difficult this was, as well as being dangerous for me! The stateroom attendant tried an extension cord, but it was not capable of helping to charge my scooter. ALL VERY DISAPPOINTING! Also, just to book my cruise, i went through 10 planners from Oregon, Colorado and once in Miramar, (I wrote to you about this before i went on the cruise) When i was on the Oasis of the Seas with my family, i had my own Certified Planner which worked out marvelously! Why can’t i get one when i go to book a cruise? I want to plan a cruise for 2016 for my 90th birthday on the new Quantum of the Seas, so far no information on anything from RCCL that I requested! I hope you reply to this since I still want to remain with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines! Thank You. Leonard Rosenberg


Eileen Brown August 5, 2014 at 7:17 am

To: CEO Richard D. Fain:
Sir, How are you?
My family and I traveled on Enchantment of the Seas, from Port Canaveral, Florida
on Friday, July 18, 2014 and returned on Monday, July 21, 2014.
We are Florida Residents, and It was our first Cruise on Royal Caribbean.
Our room was the Grand Suite Room 8044.
Enchantment Of the Seas is a beautiful ship with many hard working and caring employees!
The food was great and very special to me and to my husband and to my teenage son.
We had some problems on our trip, and sorry, to bring them up
The fold-away bed in the green couch in the suite was very hard and very uncomfortable to sleep on. Since there were three of us, in the suite, and two twin beds, and one couch,
I volunteered as a MOM, (ha, ha), to take the hard couch, and sorry to say, I was in constant pain, very sore back, lack of sleep, due to this hard couch!( for the entire trip!) I tried to stay positive and tried to smile because this was a very special and costly trip for us. It was to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary and my husbands’ Birthday too!
Again, the crew was the best and worked very hard, and was very professional!
Maybe if we win the lottery, we can come back (I hope we can come back) and all three of us will each have a comfortable bed and a healthy, deep sleep!
I served in the US NAVY(Mrs. Eileen Brown) and I am very thankful for this trip and for the kindness and dedication of this hard working, dedicated crew on the Enchantment of the Seas.
Also, the flowers that we ordered and paid for, were never delivered to our room, for our Wedding Anniversary, Sorry, but I am a Romantic and love, love, flowers!
We hope these comments will be read by the CEO Mr. Richard D. Fain
Thank you for your consideration and for reading about my concerns on this recent trip,
Mrs. Eileen Brown US NAVY VETERAN


Barbara Bergmann July 23, 2014 at 12:50 am

Wow, I just now read the comments above, especially the one from Joan Carroll. Unfortunately that was after I spent a considerable amount of time on the phone today with someone from the Executive office at RCI, who was very polite, offered us some onboard credit if we choose to cruise again, but absolutely would take no responsibility for the mess we had to deal with. We had a very similar issue, with my husband’s passport being four days short of 6 months when we would be entering Bali on a RC cruise out of Sydney. We didn’t know this was an issue until late in the afternoon after we boarded in Sydney; we hadn’t checked on any of this since RCI did tell us in writing and on the phone that they would take care of the visas for Bali on board. My husband was told he had to leave the ship before it even sailed from Sydney; he missed two days of the cruise, and rejoined in Brisbane at our expense once his passport was renewed at the consulate in Sydney. After we tracked down the Guest Services head on board after my husband’s return to the ship, and spoke to her about the lack of help from Guest Services when they “discovered” after our boarding that his passport would be short about four days of being in effect for six months when we entered Bali, they did comp us to a few things on board. None of those things cost RC anything, and we were out about $700, and were pretty upset about the way our first international cruise was going. We had booked directly with RCI, and so they were our travel agent, but RCI absolutely refuses to take any responsibility for not noticing in all the months before we cruised that the passport date would be a problem– and they had our information from the previous January for a late October cruise. As Joan noted above, RC can send out emails reminding you of payment due, of items you can book on board or tours, but cannot seem to add even one email that mentions anything about documentation, when they are functioning as the travel agent booking the cruise. And we did not get our booklets until I called a few days before our departure for Sydney and had them emailed to us!The fellow I spoke to today says he has worked for RC for many years, and yet my concerns seemed like news to him– yet clearly others have experienced these things. I cannot understand how, in a day and age when computers can be programmed for so many things to check for problems, RCI has not instituted a system that will alert passengers they book to problems in a timely way. If I do ever travel with RCI again, I will only book through an agent, to be sure I have a knowledgeable person who will look out for my interests and assure this type of situation never occurs again. This is a terrible way for a company to treat its customers.


A. Culver June 9, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Have booked a cruise for July 2014. Cannot access our cruise online, Keep getting an error message. Cannot fill out the pre boarding documents, cannot sign up for shore excursions, cannot print out anything. Have called the Crown & Anchor multiple times. While everyone has been polite, they, too cannot get into our reservation.
Quite disturbing.


Cindi thurman May 16, 2014 at 8:03 pm

Ive been on hold for 45 mins trying to get an answer why I did not get a confirmation email after I cancelled our cruise….and more importantly when I can expect my refund….never got an answer!!! Please respond!!


Joan Carroll May 3, 2014 at 4:07 pm

I’m what I consider a pretty familiar cruiser with Royal Carribbean. I booked a cruise to Brazil a year in advance, I had my passport. I booked excursions for each day, dinner a Chops, plus a beverage and photo package . I get the Jr. Suite often. This time I encountered real problems. I got to the airport on April 13,2014 (Sun.) at 4:00 pm for for my 6:45 pm flight and to my surprise I was denied boarding to the plane. Why???? I was told I needed a visa to enter Brazil. My first reaction was OH MY GOD!!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me. The airline informed that this happens often the cruise lines don’t inform the travelers. So, I go back home to try and find the nearest counselor of Brazil, which was Chicago. So I head for Chicago in the rain late at night.I had to wait 3 days to get a visa. Which means I’m left behind. So, I call RCCL to let them know that I won’t be cruising with them. To be informed I had to wait till the ship got back to settle everything. so I wait upon the return of the ship and I call back to straighten everything out. I got hung up on and held on for over and hour to be addressed by a RUDE lady that refused to let me speak with a supervisor or even give me the corporate address. She kept telling me there was nothing I could do. Now, I feel just like you sent me those daily emails for excursions, beverage packages, dinner reservations and etc. How hard would it have been to just throw in that I needed a visa. My actions alone should of let you know that I was planning on going. $1100.00 is alot of money to be out of I personally I don’t see how you guys lost any money. Someone could of upgraded into my room for all I know at my expense. I feel I should of gotten something back on the room or a credit on my next cruise which is in Oct. Which I am contemplating cancelling, I was bringing a friend this time with more to follow. I have gloated on your cruise line to all of my friends and co-workers for years.( Which I won’t be doing anymore) I travel quite extensively and planned on cruising each year with your company. However, I think I have changed my mind, I like to feel valued as a customer not just another $ sign. So, in total I have lost around $1600.00 on a trip that could of been easily avoided by a simple email or question on the online check in. I’m truly hurt and devastated by the actions of your corp. I feel your policies are out dated and unfair.
Ms. Joan Carroll


David Wall May 2, 2014 at 11:25 pm

Diamond Plus member. Tried to pay a booking tonight; book specialty restaurants; asked for pre-paid to be removed and was pretty much told to F off. Oh did I mention that I had the honor of waiting an hour and a half for this? This is the WOW factor they promote. This is one of the reason why over the past couple years of years we have migrated to several different cruise lines. Appears that when your stock price gets over $50 bucks it all becomes corporate greed. Have a good night


Deborah Crenshaw April 2, 2014 at 9:38 pm

I am very disappointed in RCCL right now! My husband and I are Diamond members and were on the March 16, 2014 sailing of Adventure of the Seas – we endured the problems that cruise offered and want you to know that was the worse cruise/vacation we have ever had! We flew to San Juan to get on the ship so we could go to St Thomas, St Kitts, Aruba and Curaçao…well that did not happen. The ship had propulsion problems and our itinerary had to change…they cancelled Aruba and Curacao and decided to go instead to Antigua, 2 days in St Martin, and St. Croix instead. Problems got worse and our stop in St. Croix was cancelled as well. We spent 2 full days at a port that we did not choose, several hours sitting still in the middle of the sea on a ship that we find out later was having problems BEFORE we left the port! If we had wanted an itinerary that was NOT Southern Caribbean we would have driven from Atlanta where we live to a port in Florida instead of paying for airfare to San Juan. We were late getting back to port in San Juan so we missed our flight home, had to stay overnight because the next flight out with availability was the next day. RCCL only offered us $300 plus up to $150 for change fees to our flight when the cruise the next week was given a FULL REFUND plus 50% off their next cruise!!! I am so upset with them right now I could spit nails!! They did not offer to pay for our hotel since we could not get a flight out the same day nor any of our meals. We are Diamond members and have been very loyal to this brand and have told hundreds of people what a great cruise line they are but now I am re-thinking my opinion! We have another cruise booked with them for November 2014 and have convinced 6 other people to go with us that have NEVER cruised before… I am re-thinking this decision as well. This is a quote for the decision to compensate the customers for the March 23rd sailing…

“Every time one of our ships sets sail, our single focus is to give our guests a wonderful, outstanding vacation,” Cynthia Martinez, director of global corporate communications for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., said in an email. “Clearly, due to our technical difficulties, we have been unable to deliver the Royal Caribbean cruise vacation that they anticipated, and that we were looking forward to providing them.”

Well RCCL, we did not receive the cruise vacation we were anticipating either…why do we not get comparable compensation?? I cannot express how disappointed we are right now with this cruise line and I know we are not the only unhappy customers. I have sent emails, letters and faxes already as well as tried to contact by phone and online chat without any luck, and as of today 4/2/14 I have heard nothing from RCCL. If someone from RCCL reads this please contact me soon! Deborah Crenshaw C&A Membership # 313980330


Cara September 19, 2014 at 9:44 pm

Deborah, thanks for your input. I’ve got your number and I will be getting in touch with you. You won’t hear back from RC. They enjoy playing “Pass the Buck” but I found out that the only buck that is being passed is straight to Adam Goldstein’s wallet. If what’s in your wallet is not anywhere near comparable to his, you will be meeting him at the pearly gates of heaven. On second thought, he may not be going there so you might get lucky.


Irene pershep March 13, 2014 at 1:45 pm

I am very disappointed with Royal Caribbean. I am booked on a cruise dated August 28, 2014 on the explorer of the seas departing Bayonne New Jersey for New England and Canada. I booked an owner suite and my two daughters booked separate cabins. At the time of booking all three cabins were linked for early dining. The next thing we found my daughters were switched to anytime dining and I was booked for early dining. I sent three emails and no response, my travel agent is getting nowhere. I telephoned three times a representative said they cannot help. My second daughter was de-linked and is not cross referenced with me. I gather you are not interested in assisting families. Who ever heard of
Families not being able to dine together. I would appreciate a response.


Juanita Vitulla March 4, 2014 at 4:58 pm

Another comment I would like to make. When I was able to get through after waiting at least 20 minutes so that I could book some shore excursions, I asked the young lady to please send me a confirmation over e-mail (I gave her the address). She said she would be happy to do that. To this date, I have never received this e-mail confirmation. Another very disappointing service.
Juanita Vitulla


Juanita Vitulla March 4, 2014 at 4:52 pm

On May 23 we are sailing from Seattle, WA to Alaska on Rhapsody of the Seas. Our final payment is due March 9th. I have been calling your different phone numbers to make and confirm this payment so that my cruise is not cancelled due to the poor line of communication from Royal Caribbean. I would appreciate being contacted immediately by Royal Caribbean regarding this issue. I think it is terrible that I should be expected to wait on the telephone for at least 20 minutes (which I have done) or more to give this company my money. I think I will not book another cruise with RC.
Juanita Vitulla


Marie February 20, 2014 at 6:39 pm

I have recently returned from your Jan 21 cruise to the caribbean where over 1000 people contracted the “noro virus”. This was the cruise to and from “hell” which left from Bayonne, N.J. and returned 2 days early. The ship should have turned around the second day when 500 cases of the Noro Virus was diagnosed. Besides the obvious interruption of the cruise itself, when hearing that only 50% of the base cruise fare would be refunded which amounts to practically nothing when subtracting gratuities, port taxes, etc., I contacted Royal Caribbean’s Commodore Office where I was hung up on when I voiced my disappointment in Royal Caribbean’s attitude in not reimbursing all of the monies to us. I am a frequent cruiser; have cruised with Royal Caribbean only 4 times to the 20 times with other cruise lines. Needless to say, I shall NEVER cruise with your line again. Shame on you for your poor poor business practice. What are you thinking?


nathan kelly February 17, 2014 at 4:37 pm

Hello– I need a W-2 sent to me from working on the ships for the 2013 year. Please send immediately. And contact me for the mailing address or email address if you can send it as an attachment. Thank you -nk


tony gallard January 6, 2014 at 5:23 am

Adam Goldstein, my name Tony Gallard from spain, I have been in several cruise with yr company, for that I want to offer to you my services. during 25 years I work in china and create my on trade mark gist and complement. was CHAMACO, at present I sold allready my company. shops inside cruises are not good item in general, for that rezon I offert to you create the best royal caribbean collection. I will dont accept any money until you will be very happy with the collection. 34.60960XXXX, best rgds


Louise December 5, 2013 at 8:04 pm

I am quite disappointed that Royal Caribbean did not make available the information that the Alcohol Beverage Packages for cruises less than 4 nights – apparently from the 1st December 2013 it is no longer available. We are travelling on the Voyager of the Seas on a 3 night cruise on the 10th January 2014. I was on the booking page about 2 weeks ago and did not purchase it then(it was still available to do so online then) as I thought I would get one closer to cruising – as I was informed by Royal Caribbean consultant that it would be available to purchase up to a couple days prior to the departure. This information should have been made available to all travellers and perhaps they might have purchased this package prior to the 1st December 2013. As I know the party of 7 that I am travelling with would have all purchased it prior to this date if we were made aware of this information…. This is my 4th cruise with your company as I did believe/believed is was the best cruise line that I have ever travelled on and it is great value for money…I was hoping for consideration that the adults that are travelling within our group be able to purchase the alcohol package.( as we all would have paid for it prior to the 1st December 2013 if we had known of this change)
KInd Regards
Louise Jenkins


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