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Poshmark Corporate Office Address

Poshmark, Inc.
101 Redwood Shores Pkwy 3rd Floor
Redwood City, California 94065

Contact Poshmark

Phone Number: (650) 262-4771
Fax Number:
Website: https://poshmark.com/
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Poshmark Facts

Founder: Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun,Gautam Golwala, & Chetan Pungaliya
Date Founded: 2011
Founding Location: Redwood City, California
Number of Employees: 1200

Poshmark Executives

CEO: Manish Chandra
CFO: Tracy Sun
COO: Gautam Golwala

Poshmark History

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Poshmark was founded by Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala, & Chetan Pungaliya in 2011. The company operates a mobile phone app which allows users to sell their gently used items and ship them to customers anywhere in the US.

Poshmark founders Poshmark takes a 20% commission from items sold. Sellers can have their accounts suspended or completely removed from the site if they take sales offline or to a competitor. While some people have claimed to make several thousand dollars in a single month, (with one seller hitting $1 million in sales) others say that a lack of ratings or feedback from buyers leaves clients open to fraud.

Poshmark app on mobile phone Poshmark stated in August 2018 that sellers had made a combined income of $1 billion since the app was introduced.

Currently, the app is only for US users, but that might change in the future. Company headquarters are located in Redwood City, California.

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Poshmark FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Poshmark?
Answer 1: The phone number for Poshmark is (650) 262-4771.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Poshmark?
Answer 2: The CEO of Poshmark is Manish Chandra.

Question 3: Who founded Poshmark?
Answer 3: Poshmark was founded by Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun,Gautam Golwala, & Chetan Pungaliya in 2011.

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