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MGM Resorts International
3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Phone Number: (702) 693-7120
Fax Number: (702) 693-8626
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MGM Resorts International Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

MGM Resorts International Executives

CEO: James Joseph Murren
CFO: Daniel J. D'Arrigo
COO: Corey I. Sanders

MGM Resorts International History

In 1969 Kirk Kerkorian bought a controlling interest in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio.

Because of the debt incurred from this venture, Kerkorian was forced to sell his casino company, International Leisure, to Hilton Hotels. When the casino he had built, the Las Vegas Hilton, became the most successful casino in Las Vegas, he was inspired to lead his new film studio into the gambling industry.

He opened the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in 1973 and the MGM Grand Reno in 1978.

In 1979 most of the company’s income was from the two hotel-casinos and the company announced it would split into two. In 1980, the film studio was spun-off into a new company. Founder Kerkorian retained a 47% stake in both companies.

In 1985 Kerkorian sold the two hotel-casinos to Bally’s, retaining the rights to the MGM name in the deal.

The company now known as MGM Resorts International was founded in 1986 as a subsidiary of Kerkorian’s Tracinda Corporation.

In 1993 the company opened the MGM Grand Las Vegas and the MGM Grand Adventures theme park. The final construction cost was $1 billion.

In 1997 MGM opened the New York New York Hotel and Casino, a casino that recreated the New York skyline, across the street from the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

The company continued to grow through mergers, joint ventures, and partnerships.

Today MGM Resorts International focuses on the hospitality industry as well as gaming, and it manages non-gaming hotels and residences worldwide.

MGM Resorts International trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MGM, is #292 in the Fortune 500, and had $9.44 billion in revenue in 2013.


MGM Resorts International FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for MGM Resorts International?
Answer 1: The phone number for MGM Resorts International is (702) 693-7120.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of MGM Resorts International?
Answer 2: The CEO of MGM Resorts International is James Joseph Murren.

Question 3: Who founded MGM Resorts International?
Answer 3: MGM Resorts International was founded by in .

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e huebner September 11, 2019 at 3:56 pm

my wife and i go to the borgata in atlantic city often, we always eat in the buffet, two saturdays ago we were at the buffet and as we were seated. as always we asked the hostess if we could have a seat up close to the buffet, my wife has asthma and also sometimes forgets where we are seated. i usually tip for this service and i remain seated until my wife serves herself so that i can see and direct her back to our table. this time the hostess refused my request and as a result my wife got lost twice and called me on the cell and i had to go find her, as i passed the hostess i thanked her for not granting my request. the next thing i know a tall skinny manager in a blue shirt approaches our table and tells me his hostess said i got in her face and that he saw it. i was nowhere near the girl when i passed her and i never saw him anywhere around. i suspect he was lying to me and taking her side even before he heard my story. we are both over sixtyfive and do not merit this treatment by your employees. i am a vietnam veteran and i have the pearl card, i do my gambling mostly in the borgata. every other casino i go to helps us out in this, i have the third card in the tropicana and mohegan sun and they never treat me this way.


Mike curtis March 26, 2019 at 3:21 pm

I love staying at mgm but every time I eat out with
Relatives I have leftovers take out box
The next day I have no where to heat my leftovers
And all the restaurants refuse to heat it in there microwaves
I had a really bad experience with the the at the
Sports book deli the female mgr was flat out rude
Pls explain


Veronica M. Rodgers January 14, 2019 at 5:41 pm

Hello there to whom it may concerns: My name is Veronica M. Rodgers I’m interested in employment with the Las Vegas Casino I’m a very qualified Manager with excellent Manager skills of 15yrs. and more in Restaurant and warehouse and sales as well please allow me opportunity to be apart of the team and grow with the company I’m willing to relocated and bring excitement and progress as well with everything I provide to my work. I willing to learn and teach as part of my duties. I can be reach by email at rodgersvm9469@ or by phone at (901)335-XXXX. I will be waiting to hear from you very soon.


Philip Toon November 14, 2018 at 3:50 pm

Just to let you know about our experience at your luxor hotel in las vegas last month.
The room I was allocated was in the main really good,the light in the room was poor, the really upsetting thing was the resort fee and the resort tax which we couldn’t understand was charged on a daily basis which took quite a lump of our planned expenditure.
There was a problem I personally had concerning one of your handymen who came to fix a reported problem on my shower,as it happens there was nothing wrong with it,the main complaint was that your worker banged loudly on my door at 08.30 one morning and because I didn’t open the door within 30 secs he opened my door with me closing it at the same time I not having any clothes on,the reception did apologise but no reason given,which I couldn’t believe the least I should have received was an apology from the culprit.
the other complaints we have was re the pool area,why were we ushered out of area by 17.00 every night this has never ever happened in any hotel that I have stayed in especially in Europe.
As far as the experience in your hotel in the main it was excellent,but the charges did really spoil it.
Philip S Toon


Robin Ocheltree July 22, 2018 at 6:58 pm

I concur with the previous email, any actions taken to sue the victims is reprehensible. I’ve read that MGM Resorts is moving the case from local to federal jurisdiction and that may be all it is but the headlines scream “Suing the Victims” ! I’m no lawyer but this just looks flat out Wrong! I have been a member of mlife rewards for years but will spend my Las Vegas money elsewhere starting now. Interesting that there are no contact email addresses for CEO James Joseph Murren or others in the corporate headquarters. Highly unusual. You need to make this right for these famililes, or as right as it can possibly be after such a horrific calamity.


Michael D Berol July 20, 2018 at 8:27 pm

Interesting that Mandalay Bay is SUING the victims of a mass murderer who used that building to commit his crime. Beneath contempt, below a sewer rats belly, and hidden away is the fact that MGM owns that place. So far, it looks like just Mandalay Bay is catching heat. How would it look that you people have kept very quiet about true owners, MGM, and how most of the town has, how many, MGM casinos? It might not be the best for MGM, overall. Now, I have no power, no position, so, don’t worry about what I could do. But, if I can make the connection, one with the ability to make things happen could make things uncomfortable for you. As a suggestion, perhaps letting that reprehensible law suit die a quiet death before things really hit the nationwide public relations fan. Thank you for allowing me to write. M D Berol


Sherry November 26, 2017 at 3:02 pm

Stayed at the Monte Carlo the week of November 14 – 17. My complaint is the resort fee which is charged per person, per day. You get no room amenities to speak of, the hotel is under a major renovation. The hallways and elevator areas are really dark, enough to make you feel unsafe. The one restaurant Primrose was always out of some breakfast items. I really think that the fee shouldn’t be charged until all the renovations are finished. Also, the air did not work like it should have. Would not recommend staying here during this renovation.


William Van November 20, 2017 at 7:36 pm

Comments: Please forward my complaint On Friday November 17 2017 my wife and I went to Borgota Bread and Butter at 315 am. First we waited 30 minutes for the food. Then it was burnt and one bite tasted like poison. Awful. We asked for management which took another 10 minutes. She refused to give me her name and when I stated I was Platinum . She replied she don’t care. Well if you have management that don’t care about good customers That explains why food was awful why it was a 30 minutes wait and why she was not even around when there was a problem. My wife iss Gold and my father is Gold member we all are amazed at managers attitude. Please forward this to right place I will forward to cooperate and MGM


michael September 18, 2017 at 8:24 am

Isnt it a shame that you put your trust into a long established brand and they end up just not caring, you feel oversold, mis sold and the company are not bothered and you then have to fight to the death just to be heard,

Monte Carlo (again) during the construction, this company should be ASHAMED of its underhand ,sneaky and sly way that they try to minimise and hide that the monte carlo is going through a major construction issues, and this is having a terrible effect of its customers and the poor customer service staff are getting it in the neck, me while the managers hide out of site (constantly not available to be seen or contacted)

on all websites of third party platforms and the official website, there is too little info to inform the customers that major construction is under way, no pool, no poolside, constant drilling, no buffet restaurant , blocked of gaming floors and worst of all NO running water for floors 18 to 32 whist on my visit (sept 2017) major health and safety issue, but as one customer service agent told me, that I did agree on the website sale ‘I clicked on agree and like’ nasty sneaky, unfair. however IT is NOT stated on certain websites, only that the pool is closed nothing about what the true construction is actually doing, except for damaging the reputation of this fine brand by a sly cloak and dagger ‘keep your mouth shut policy’ I will not rest until someone from the MGM head office contacts me,

almost 50% of the hotel had no water and MGM find that acceptable cmon!


Pauline Lockett September 16, 2017 at 12:26 pm

I just had a horrible experience at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas. I checked into the hotel on sept 12, 2017 at around 4pm. It was me and two other guest who stayed in my room. We went up to the room 28-109, I changed my clothes and then we left and went to have dinner and take in the sights of the strip. When we returned to our room about 8:30pm sept 12, 2017 all of our belongings were gone. All three suitcases, iPads and tablets, one cell phone were all stolen from my room. I immediately told the front desk. They sent the security up to make a report. We were told that an investigation of the door lock was going to be conducted that night and we will receive info on it in the morning. We were moved to a new room and given $200 total to go purchase some clothing for three women. The next day I go to the front desk to get an update on the issue and no one knew anything. I came back at 1pm and the security basically told me only people used a key to come in the room was me and he needed to check the cameras. Now I’m livid because the staff made us feel like it was our fault our stuff got stolen. Or like we were in to just get money from this hotel when we arrived to Las Vegas with luggage and left with nothing. My bag alone was filled with expensive things from money to my medication and asthama breathing machine to gifts for my daughter and her husband anniversary gift which is why we were in Vegas. My other two guest luggage consisted of things we should be getting reimbursed for. I talked to risk management and they told me there’s nothing else they can do for me after they refunded my money for the room and gave a $100 food voucher. Even though this was given to us this still doesn’t equal the amount of stuff that was stolen from our room. At this point I filed a police report and you will be hearing from my lawyer.


KW September 14, 2017 at 3:05 pm

Ms Hoff,

I just returned from a stay at the Excalibur in Las Vegas for a convention. I found most of the stay to be on par with other offerings in the vicinity with one exception.

You advertise an “all you can drink beer and wine bar” from 11 to 4 at your buffet. Yesterday three of us arrived at the buffet at 3:30PM. One of the people in my party went to the bar, asked for and received two glasses of wine. I would have preferred a beer but there was none left – of the free draft style. Only bottled beer offered at full price. I offered to pay the difference between the draft and bottle price and was told that it was not possible. So I asked for a glass of wine and the bartender refused to serve me because the person in front of me had been served two glasses of wine – by him.

I was told repeatedly by the bartender to “take it up with the manager – only one drink per person”. I was completely confused and asked why he would not serve me a drink? – “I can only serve one drink per person, take it up with the manager”

I pointed out that there were three of us at the table, two people had drinks, and I had none. It was only after the people in line with me, complete strangers, chided the ‘bartender’ into being rational that I was served.

As I walked away one of the patrons pointed out that many of the tables had 3 or 4 times the number of FULL drinks on the table as there were people, and the only way to get normal service from the “all you can drink” bartender is by tipping heavily before you order. Is this how you train your bartenders to make a little extra cash? By the way. I am not an expert but you may want to try some random drug testing on your irrational employees. This bartenders eyes were so glassed over I could nearly see my reflection.

(Check out your video cameras)

On my way out of the buffet I did take the time to inform the manager about the very poor customer service and running out of beer. His responses: “I did not know that we ran out of anything. You need to read the fine print concerning availability. If we run out, we don’t have it”

For real? Is the Excalibur doing so poorly that they can’t keep a bar stocked with draft beer? Do you train your managers to point out fine print disclaimers to unsatisfied customers?

When I asked if it was Excalibur policy for employees to refer patrons to manager he said nothing, simply looked away and ignored me.

Ms Hoff this very poor customer service was a stark contrast to what we experienced from the majority of your employees. I felt you should know that my conclusion was that your buffet drink promotion is a scam. And your managers need some serious training on how to manage their staff and deal with customers.




Lekeesha Lewis September 4, 2017 at 6:44 pm

I use to work for the housekeeping department and a coworker who at the time I did not know was related to the supervisor found money in her room and somehow involved me. The police that worked there searched and found nothing. I went to jail for two days because of a lie. I was not represented by my union at all. I went to court and was found not guilty. Mgm did not apologies or offer me my job back. I was completely railroaded because I was a African American woman. Also, the supervisor that made false accusations against me was fired due to her stealing the money. However, I am still in the process of filling a lawsuit against this company. I going to make sure FOx news hears about my experience and the NAACP.


Kim Roberts August 29, 2017 at 8:45 am

I am writing in reference to our recent stay at the Mirage Las Vegas. Once we arrived back home I contacted customer service and the only thing they said was that they were sorry and I feel we need to be compensated one or two free nights for our inconvenience. We are frequent return customers and this by far was the worst experience ever at the Mirage Las Vegas….We were only there a couple of days this time and we stayed in the 1bdrm tower suite. We had no cold water in sinks, the toilet was loose, TV remotes not working properly, stopper seal in the tub didnt seal properly as water would not stay in, also the safe wouldnt open. I would really like someone to contact me in reference to our experience at the email address krazy309 at

Thank you in advance
Kim Roberts


janis skinner August 21, 2017 at 5:33 pm

I just saw the notice of Spago taking over the Olives location and I think it is a shame.
Olives has a fabulous staff and is one of the most reasonable priced restaurants on the strip.
I spend a lot of time in Las Vegas and anytime someone asks me for a recommendation I suggested Olives. I was taught not to fix something if its not broken, and Olives is always busy so I don”t get why you would do that. The Staff at Spago never treated customers like the staff at Olives.
Its sad Many of that staff have been there since the beginning.


Shawn lewis August 14, 2017 at 11:44 pm

Why isn’t it a complaint number or email for the MGM ?


Tammy Robinson August 15, 2017 at 1:59 pm

It’s there in the listing, Shawn, above the comments


William Sager July 31, 2017 at 11:39 pm

I stayed at the xcaliber on June 27th tue till July 1st of this year for the arm wrestling championships and my room was pad in flight was to be in vegas at 10:30 pm tue night and didn’t arrive till 3am my girlfriend and me checked in around 4 am .. the computer system at the hotel was switching over … long story short they lost our money that was paid and made me pay cash and said come back in the morning!!! Well it was morning.. so we came back at 9 am and found out it was there mistake but would not give my money back …so long story short they were so rude and messed me up getting married I want to talk with someone I have sent so many emails and nothing back my number is 724-961-XXXXX call or text me .. it was a horrible experience thanks


jerianne Cohen July 17, 2017 at 3:48 pm

I have stayed at the MGM Grand & Resorts and I found my stay to be positive and fun , the Hotel Staff was very kind and helpful. The Hotel is beautiful, but there’s only one thing missing. I have a product for the Hotel, which would up your occupancy rate, and would insure the guest’s return many times over? It would create an extraordinary experience for guests and children. I am in accordance with your core values and your approach… who do I contact??? Most Important please email me back asap. Thank you for your time.. Ms. Cohen Looking forward in hearing back from you


Bailen Allen July 9, 2017 at 11:41 pm

My name is Bailen Allen,

July is very special for my wife and I. Her birthday is July 12, our anniversary is July 20, and my birthday is July 28. I decided to surprise her with a Stay-cation and booked a room at Bellagio hotel from July 9 to July 11, 2017. I had to let her know about the surprise because I still had to work, so I was okay going to work from the hotel because it’s very close. What I didn’t anticipate was paying for parking for 2 vehicles. I called the front to see if there was any way possible to accommodate us for parking. No one was willing to do so. I became frustrated with the idea of paying 60 dollars for parking and cancelled our reservation all together. So I lost 263.00 for canceling the room, spoiled my surprise for my wife birthday, and I’m very disappointed in how things were handled by staff at Bellagio. As a resident of Las Vegas, I would think the hotel would love for more locals to the strip more often. With this experience, it only proves to myself, and I will share with others that they need to think twice before booking a room on the Strip because they aren’t will to accommodate for nothing. Something so simple has turned my weekend into something so wrong. M-Life doesn’t look like the life for us. I hope this email reaches someone who has feelings and MGM change the way they treat locals. As of now, my M-Life card is going in the trash. Thanks for nothing.


Joan Fraser July 6, 2017 at 9:42 am

I am a gold tier M life member from Baltimore, MD. Waited until our anniversary to stay at MGM Harbor. Always made to feel like royalty at properties in Vegas and Biloxi. Arrived early on the 4th of July and was told a text would be sent when the room was ready. Went to Marcus where there were about 10 customers and over 15 service personnel. Received cold coffee. Ordered 2 bagels. My husband had to chase the mgr down to get fresh coffee and had to go to the bar to get Splenda. After waiting 20 minutes once again chased mgr down who made us realize the order was never placed. Waited until 3:30 p.m., arrived at 9:00 a.m., no text, my husband went to the desk and received the room key without showing identification. Tried calling Fish for about 2 1/2 hours to make a reservation no answer. Went down around 6 and spoke with hostess who told us no open tables and we should have realized they were full 3 weeks ago. I asked about not answering the phone and she said they were in a meeting. When I asked for over 2 hours her response was regardless they were full and had no tables. Went back to the room and the key did not work. My husband went to the desk and was told that they needed my ID, back up and down. In the morning, before checking out called the manager, Bernita, who gave my husband the third degree when he told her that he received the keys without ID. Never addressed the fact that we never received a text, treated like we were stupid by employees and offered a reduced rate in the future. Went to Starbucks and was made to feel like we were putting her out. All of this for about $400.00 for hotel cost only. To add insult to injury I checked my portfolio when I got home and discovered I was charged a resort fee for the 5th of July when we had checked out on the 5th prior to 8:00 a.m. Once again I had to call the manager, stay on hold forever, and then spoke to Bernita who again questioned my credibility. I have never left an MGM property angry. I have never spent that much money at an MGM property just for the room. I do have upcoming reservations at the Delano on August 7 through the 11th and I am hoping this poor customer service has not infiltrated Vegas. Although only 40 minutes from home, we will never return to this property. Such a shame especially with all the hype. That property is in desperate need of a customer service refresher course. Joan Fraser


Stephanie June 14, 2017 at 3:04 pm

I have a reservation for my honeymoon at MGM on July 16, 2017 and I just seen one of my friends on facebook post video and picture of getting a room here and there was bed bugs. How is this being handled?


William S Norris May 26, 2017 at 1:38 am

To Whom it may concern; I have NOT worked for your company in over a year. And given the conditions in which I was forced to leave your company’s employ I do not believe your company needs to be harassing me about not signing an admission of guilt for an act of perfidy which MGM Excalibur committed during that time. Unless MGM wishes to find itself on the wrong end of what promises to be a very lucrative lawsuit your company must absolutely stop contacting me via workday and demanding that I sign your illegal statements. I do not care to hear that it is a computer error, I do not care to hear that it is another department or divisions responsibility: I DO NOT WORK FOR YOU. Should I continue to receive these notices I will quite happily sue the living hell out of MGM. You do not own me, I am not your employee, you will decist immediately. Pass it along to the proper persons or departments. You have been notified and warned. Sincerely,
William S Norris (yes, THAT one)


Jeannette Mukhar May 25, 2017 at 3:35 pm

We have loved and stayed @ MGM a lot. Our last stay there on May 14 – 18 2017 was very bad because our shower in room 515 on 8th floor was very filthy. We have the pictures to prove it. We complained to the front desk and we were promised that someone will come to clean it, but no one showed up. I was afraid to catch fungus in my feet since I am diabetic. We complained again on the last day to Kate, the front desk manager and she told us to wait for security to fill out a report. We waited and waited, no security person showed up. We left to airport with the understanding that either Kate or Security will call us soon as today May 25 no one has call us at this point I am demanding a full refund of all of hotel charges and a generous compensation. (I have been emailing guest services and have not heard from them) I wonder are they so powerful that they feel they can treat their guest so bad??


Ligita Boyer March 15, 2017 at 7:18 pm

My husband, Edwin Boyer, was sent to Las Vegas for a Volvo Corporate conference at the MGM Grand on October 24, 25, and 26, 2016 paid by Volvo. Since it was my birthday on the 26th, we decided to go a few days early and stayed at the Signature on the October 21, 22, and 23 that we paid for and had a very nice stay. We moved over to the MGM on the 24th for his conference where he was required to present a credit card for incidental charges. Our credit card was charged the entire amount of the three night stay of $736.83. Volvo Corporate also paid for the room. Ed contacted the MGM in November when we received the bill and the woman told him that she could see that and she would take care of it. The November bill did not have a credit. We have been in disput with the credit card and MGM and have confirmation from Volvo that they also paid the bill. But MGM, after taking two payments for the same room will not refund the money we were also charged. It is now March and we have had no satisfaction from MGM. Can someone please find a way to look into this nightmare and refund the $763.83 we are owed. 610-733-XXXXX


Yvette C Charles March 2, 2017 at 11:14 am

MR. Lunn, I just finished filling out the survey on my stay. This is the first time in about 12 years staying at MGM Grand in Vegas almost twice a year I have encounter a horrible experience. What makes it even more humiliating my children and grandchildren who I encouraged to stay at your hotel were subjected to wedding weekend stay from HELL. We were all put on the same floor nice you’d think but in between our room was a bunch of noisy marijuana smoking women. We called security, manager constantly complaining (on a nonsmoking floor) to no avail. We got headaches, nausea and clothes that smell of marijuana for our weekend. Their were six of staying in three different rooms but our complains fell on death ears. We were told marijuana was legal and they would be charged a $350 fee for smoking in the room. Well what do we get for enduring this smell. Our memories of my granddaughters wedding will be forever tainted because we tried staying away from our rooms to avoid the smell. Oh, they did spray constantly and have you ever put lipstick on a pig. Well putting deodorizer on marijuana only smells like deodorizer on marijuana. Why didn’t they move this guest of demand they stop smoking? I don’t know. The hotel acted if though it was a common occurrence because it legal in Nevada. Thanks MGM Grand for your terrible hospitality and your I don’t give a damn attitude. My family and I aren’t the customers who just walk away angry. We are the ones who put it on reviews, social media and tell 20 people who tell 20 people and so on. Your management (James) ignored our concerns and let us know we were not valued. MGM and their properties will never again get the opportunity to humiliate, ignore, devalue the money we spent.


Kesha April 27, 2017 at 1:30 pm

My family (myself, my husband, and our children ages 11, 13 and 15) recently spent a week at your location (Circus Circus Las Vegas). My husband and I have stayed there before and it was very nice and we thought it would be good for the kids.

Our first night (Sunday April 9) we had an issue with another guest in our children’s room. We had 938 and 940 (connecting rooms). We had the connecting doors open between the 2 rooms and both rooms were deadbolted. Between 10:30p and 11p, a female security office overrode the deadbolt on my children’s room and another guest came into the room where they were sleeping.

My husband went out the door and asked what was going on – the security officer just said sorry and moved on. I attempted to reach the front desk, which did not answer after 10 minutes or so on hold. I then contacted security and was told they had no record of a guest assist and was also informed that it was my fault as I probably left the door open. I am 100% sure this was NOT the case and we both checked the doors before we turned the lights out that night.

The next morning I spoke with the head of security (Billy) about the incident and he was looking into it. He was only at the resort for a short period of time before he went home to MS and when I talked to security again – the officer said he had no idea what I was talking about. We attempted to speak with the front desk in person and they said to talk to security.

All that being said, our security and safety at your resort was not taken very seriously. We ended up barring the doors with chairs and such the remainder of the stay. We received no re-assurance that this would not happen again nor any sort of acknowledgment that anything even was amiss.

We do NOT recommend this location to ANYONE anymore and we will no longer stay with you or any of your locations, when we travel to that area!


Craig Colton February 10, 2017 at 7:47 pm

Last evening, my wife and I dined at the Aria Cafe. We had a minor issue with the way one of the items was prepared. The server sent over the manager, Russell Campise, who immediately addressed the issue and resolved it by getting back our item redone and back to us. Now, it was not the fact that we received the item back prepared properly, but it was the manner that Mr. Campise worked for us, and I felt as if he was an advocate for us. During this time, Mr. Campise had a smile on his face, and a call demeanor which added to the positive experience. Mr. Campise made my wife and I feel like valued customers and I feel as if someone up the line needs to be aware of that. Mr. Campise is an asset to Aria and MGM Resorts International.


Letchrie Mccullough February 4, 2017 at 11:24 am

I have already made my complaint with 4, other ladies who were racially profile by, one of your employess and almost 3weeks later no one from your corporate office has fail to get back in contact with either of us. Which that tells me that you have no empathy for your guest.


Anthony DiNoto January 10, 2017 at 8:00 pm

I don’t usually complain, I have too this time. I brought my soon to be wife on a trip 1/6/2017, We stayed at Circus Circus for two out of the three nights. In that time even with the sign that asks too have your room cleaned we did not. We had to call for towels and toiletries. When we received them we asked for our room to be cleaned and it still wasn’t, even with the sign asking for it too be cleaned. We gambled for over an hour with no drink service on two different occasions before having to purchase drinks. Went to see the Adventure dome that’s says open daily but was closed on Sunday. I’m sorry to say at this time I wouldn’t recommend a MGM resorts property to the people I know. Sincerely, Anthony DiNoto


Montrice Humphrey February 26, 2017 at 12:19 am

Reading your complaint I can relate. The experience you stated was almost exactly what my family and myself experienced. Not having the front desk answering the phone. When we finally got someone to request clean towels they never brought them. To add on the elevator broken down for 30 minutes or more and we were stuck on the 26th floor. We called down to the front desk and we told they didn’t know we the elevators we be fixed. Once the elevators were repaired we went to front desk and spoke to someone who told us there’s nothing they can do. It was not their fault. We asked for the manager, she was very RUDE and stated it was not their fault. The only thing that she could do refund us a resort fee of $27.00 after spending over $2000.00 to stay at their horribly run
establishment! I tried to get in contact with their corporate office and was told to call on Monday. I will NEVER state any MGM Resort again!


KAWANDA ROBINSON December 19, 2016 at 11:32 am

Me and my children were sleeping last night when drunk men opened our door startled.meI so bad I couldn’t go back to sleep now sitting here with a bad headache what should have been a good night is now a bad morning I’m filing a complaint asap regardless I called downstairs Sheila was nice the supervised but in know way should there key have opened my door no excuses


Malinda Burnett December 3, 2016 at 12:09 pm

I am a senior citizen and my daughter is disabled from a back injury which prevents her from walking more than to get in and out of bed. This was our first time to stay at the Aria hotel and my first time in Vegas in over 25 years. We were expecting to have a good time and celebrate my daughter’s birthday. However, I had a really bad experience while my daughter and I were staying at the Aria Hotel. She was there for a convention and I was there to help her. We stayed at the Aria hotel from 11/28/16 to 12/1/16. On our second night there, I went in to take a shower. I turned the water on to hot to allow the water to warm up. I stepped into the shower and as I was reaching for the water handle to make the water cooler, the shower head on the wall blew apart and hit me in the face. My face was then being flooded with hot water, mostly in my eyes. I could not see anything so I grabbed the hose and yanked the shower off the clip to get the hot water out of my face. The shower and bathroom was also flooding because the shower drain was stopped up! My daughter tried to come help me but couldn’t walk so she called the hotel management and several people came up to our room after what seemed to be a long time. They gave me an ice pack to put on my face because it was beginning to swell. They asked if we wanted to move to a different room but my daughter was in a chair hurting and did not want to move. After I started calming down from shaking, they started demanding I fill out an incident report. I was unable to see, and did not have my contacts in because they were washed out by the hot shower water in my face. They would not let my daughter fill out the paperwork so they told me to bring it to them in the morning. (Incident report #16-58721.) The paramedics were called just to make sure I was OK. My eyes were extremely red (bloodshot) and burning from the hot water as well as the blow to my face from the faucet. I had a bad headache from all this as well. We asked if they could fix the shower because we did not want to move rooms. They called maintenance to replace the shower head that was all to pieces in the shower. After everyone left the room we noticed there was water all over the floor that no one had taken time to mop up. I was afraid to go into the bathroom and did not want my daughter to go in there for fear of falling on the wet floor. My daughter called the desk and told them we needed the floor mopped and the desk clerk wanted to know why. So after telling her why, it took over an hour for someone to come mop the floor. Our plans to celebrate my daughter’s birthday were ruined by all this. So we stayed in the room because it was already too late and because my daughter hurt herself trying to help me. The next morning, I took the paper down to the desk on Nov. 30, 2016 and was asked to wait. The Risk Manager (I was told that was who he was) took the paper, did not say a word to me, and walked off. I consider that extremely rude!!! After all of this happened, we came home on Dec 1, 2016. I called the hotel to discuss what happened and not one person has returned my call. You would think that because this hotel is liable, someone would have considered calling me to see how I was doing. I have pictures of me after the incident, and a copy of the incident report. Seems this hotel wants to slip this under the carpet and forget about it.


arthur July 28, 2016 at 8:44 pm



She dazzled the crowds. She was gorgeous with her Israeli glass flowers in her hair. Her conservatory and fabulous furniture and accessories in her train and her noble class was apparent. The strip had never before seen such a display of beauty and class. Sadly, as the years went by, like the rest of us, she began to wither a bit. The managers at the Lion’s den were not happy with the profits. So, in the best of Harvard B school traditions they innovated and reduced staff and raised prices. When this was not enough they insultingly added a “resort fee” which is a 10 to 30% raise in room rates. Guess what? They recently added parking fees, a first on the strip to my knowledge. I predict that they will soon add a bed charge. With all this mismanagement it is no surprise that the company has been and still is in bankruptcy. Below follows the results of this belt tightening on the “guest”
Checked into the B on 7/21 for 4 nights. Given room and key packet. get to room, no key in packet. great start and hospitality after a long drive. Go to call the desk and a person exits from MY room. 30 minutes later security shows up. Tries to be helpful, nice kid. Takes forever to reach front desk, another perk of staying at Bellagio. Goes through the whole annoying security thing and finally comes up with another room. Feels like i”ve been through a ringer and I just got to this “five star” hotel. Zack, a desk manager shows up with my key and gives me a $100 dining credit. Very pleasant guy trying to make amends

I call housekeeping, as is my wont at this hotel, to get 4 days supplies and not have to deal with housekeeping any more. I have done this a zillion times in the past. Not this time. I called 4 or 5 times and still no response. I finally called Zack and got the stuff delivered.

The Cafe has not been perfect for some time but one could make it work. Another money saving idea to close the counter after 2PM is more inconvenience. Service has never been fast or too good; it is now really bad. I ordered eggs Benedict, a dish one can usually rely on. It was perfect and the service was good happily contradicting my expectations. Another night I had the Turkey Club, a great Club with easily enough for 2 for the $25. Should have quit then. My last visit garnered me the waiter from hell. A robot with an attitude. After too long a wait, I ordered a cheeseburger with everything the menu said. I ordered it medium , it came back burned. I sent it back. The replacement came sans potatoes etc. The burger was completely tasteless. The coup de gras came with the check. I was charged $1 for Cheddar cheese and $3 for grilling the onions. The cavalier way one treats you and your money is amazing. This robot was as qualified to deal with people as Im to do brain surgery. This kind of staff, which may be seen all over the hotel is courtesy of MGM. My sympathies extend to the remaining really service oriented staff remaining at the hotel.

So about 3 AM, my last night at this Motel 6, I return to my room after a long night of making deposits at the casino to find , what again, that my key does not work. This habit is getting me down. After the usual 30 minute wait a security man shows up. He tells me lots of people are having “key problems” . Sounded like he wanted my sympathy, poor fellow. He advises me to go down and get a key in the morning. This hotel is criminally untrained, brazen, inefficient, rude and worthless to a paying customer.

My farewell gift came as I was leaving the garage. I acquired an MGM credit card to rollick in its many rewards. One of these being free self parking. I was told “just put the MGM card in the machine and the gate will open”. Would you believe that, from this pinnacle of guest services and efficiency, the card did not work. The attendant tried to help but could not. He called his chief and asked what to do. The chief, a pompous ass, with as much knowledge as a hammer bloviated, obfuscated, raged and did everything but help. I told him how helpful he was and he cursed me. A final gift from the now very, very dead queen. Poor baby; too bad she lived, sort of, to see this decline.


Juan Martinez July 12, 2016 at 5:46 pm

Hello, I don’t even know where to begin with this, with that said I guess it’s always best to start at the beginning. So I have only stayed at one MGM property and that is the Mirage Las Vegas. I’d like to say that all my stays were pleasant but they weren’t. The only times that really bothered me were my past couple stays(05-27-14, 04-23-2016 and 07-07-16). On my 2014 I took my parents for their 43 anniversary and I had put a lot of effort into making the stay memoriable. I had been in contact with the guest relations director Jason and he assisted me with reservations. He even recommended a limousine company for airport pickup and departure. I stated to him my parents medical conditions and told him that if possible I’d like to get them into the room to relax as soon as possible and so they could take their prescriptions. So he gave is a noon check in. So as I do with every upcoming reservation I call 24 hours prior to arriving just to confirm room and room details. I was told that everything was set and there would be no problems when we arrive and that our room would be ready. So the day of check in we arrive at the property and they tell us that our room is not ready and it will take some time and that they’d call or text me when the room is ready. About 2 hours later I receive a call telling me that the room is ready. So we make our way back to the property and get our keys to the room. Upon arriving to the room it turns out it’s the wrong room. We call Jason who quickly checks to see what’s going on. I receive a call back and am told that it would be another wait but shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to get us into the correct room. So we go downstairs and stay on property and after some time I approach the front desk to see what’s going on and they said it will be just a bit. Keep in mind that our luggage is with the bell desk so we have no immediate access to our luggage and my parents need their medication. So I wait some more and some more. Finally I go to the front desk and explain to them that we have dinner reservations at Aria and then are going to see Zarkana after dinner and we’d like to freshen up. They call housekeeping and they are informed that the room is still being cleaned and it will take some time. So we end up going to Aria for our dinner and show. About 5 minutes before the show ended I receive a text telling me that our room is ready and this is about 9:30PM which is already 9 and half hours past our check in time that we were given. We arrive at our room and find ourselves in a dirty room. The beds were unmade, the showers had used bars of soap and dirty towels in them, there was trash in the cans and on the floors and there was gum stuck to the flooring in two places. I immediately called the front desk and told them that was unacceptable being we waited hours and hours for our room to only be placed in a dirty room. I forgot to mention we were in a two room suite on the 30th floor(E floor). Housekeeping was sent to the room and it took them almost two(2) hours to clean the room. So basically our room wasn’t ready and it was now close to midnight. Finally after resting we started our second day with a nice lunch at one of the cafes there. We took our leftovers and bought other food and drink items for the room. We take them up and place them in the guest refrigerator to later learn that night that the refrigerator wasn’t in working condition. Everything was fixed and we completed our stay. Yes they did make some effort at trying to make the stay a bit better with a food and beverage comp but that doesn’t correct the stay. My mother and father suffered for the first day as they were not able to take their medication as required or to relax as needed. The stay in April of this year wasn’t bad, the only issue I had was someone from housekeeping attempting to gain access to our room even though the do not disturb sign was on the door. I was in the shower and I heard someone trying to open the door but was unable to being I had it latched. I know it wasn’t anyone in our party as there was a complication with our room keys. I made contact with a housekeeping supervisor and he told me that our room is scheduled to be cleaned as we had checked out which we obviously weren’t and had two more days there. During this time I had left the room and had left my phone charging and finally after getting our keys working again I went to the room to retrieve my phone to find it on the bathroom floor with my screen broken. Security was sent to my room and I filed a report with risk management and was told I’d hear from them in 3-5 days. Well after 55 days of not hearing from anyone I called risk management to discuss the issue and the lady was rude and even lied to me. I brushed it off and let it go. Now it brings me to my most recent stay in this month of July. When I made the reservation I had requested a higher floor, strip view and a “true corner room” if possible and a large resort bathroom. About 2 days or so from arriving at the property I called the property to confirm the reservation and they told me that everything was in order and that my room was already preasigned and that it was as I requested. Upon arriving at check in the gentleman helping me(Andy) I had asked him questions about my room and reservation. I asked about it being a higher floor with strip view and he stated “Yes” I asked does it have the larger bathroom with stand alone shower and soaking tub and he stated “Yes” I then told him that if I get to my room and something isn’t right then he’ll be hearing from me and he said okay. He also told me that noted on my reservation was a note stating “DO NOT MOVE”. Well upon arriving at the room it isn’t anything to that of what I was told on the phone prior to coming nor what Andy had told me at the front desk. I immediately called the front desk and spoke with a manager who told me that his manager would give me a call. A bit later I receive a call from a Andrew Kerzmann identifying himself as the hotel executive manager and he ask if himself and Jessica Kwa guest relations director could come up to my room to speak with me and I told them yes. Upon them arriving at my room I greeted them and welcomed them into the room. I expressed my questions and concerns to them immediately. He stated that he doesn’t know what I want and he apologized for his staff for basically lying in my face. I then stated to him that all I ask for is honesty and a clean room, not for the staff to tell me one thing and I get to my room for it to be something else. He said that going forward that I’ll get honesty and that all concerns will go through him, Jessica or another woman Kimberley who was not present. First off I don’t like the way they stood there starring at us as if we are needed or whatever. In fact my wife stated to me after they left that she left threatened, intimidated and harassed. She said she thought that we were going to be thrown out of the room with nowhere to go. I feel they could have handled the situation better than that. So after that we go about our stay and we attempt to use the provided wifi that is part of the daily resort fee and we were kept having problems with it. So later on that night I called the front desk and told them what was going on with it and they transferred me to another department that handles those issues. Nobody was available at the time but it had an automated system and I did what it had asked of me. After doing all that the problem still existed so again I called the front desk and the lady told me that the “Resort Fee” would be removed for that night. The next morning I call the people I was told to direct concerns too and told them what was going on. A tech supervisor came to the room and fixed the problem or so we thought. The wifi worked for awhile and then began to do the same thing over and over again. So I reached out again to them and told them of the problem. We left the room and when we came back the problem was fixed. I was later told that every time they came to our room that they brought security with them and learning that information had me baffled because we had already felt intimidated and uncomfortable. At the time of checking out I asked to review the bill and I noticed that the resort fee for the one night had been removed as I was told so I paid the bill and we departed. I later receive another bill about an hour and half later and this resort fee has been added back on. I called the property and spoke with Jessica Kwa about the charge and she told me that she placed it back on there as I was to not be given anything! I told her well it took them a day and a half to fix the issue and that it should have been removed and she said no and that whoever removed the fee was not supposed to because she made it clear that only she could make changes/credits or charges to my account or unless it was Andrew or Kimberley. I told her the time I called and told her that it was a woman and she said that she was going to review the notes and see who removed the fee and that she was going to have some sort of a conversation with said employee. I feel that whichever employee removed the fee was doing right and that she shouldn’t be disciplined for doing her job. Jessica and I began to argue a bit over things so I ended the conversation because Jessica became argumentative and was attempting to control the conversation. She told me that the charges were going to stay and that’s it.
After all this I took to social media and placed a post on the MGM International Facebook page and I had a couple comments from others. This morning I find my post deleted along with the comments and I’m restricted from posting or commenting on the Facebook page. If it is the reputation to protect its employees then it should be aware of how people are lied to and or treated! This is unnecessary! I am be a nobody but it’s nobody’s like me who helped MGM resorts become what it is today.
Sincerely Concerned,
Juan Martinez (719)-505-XXXXX


Sandra Graham June 28, 2016 at 1:07 pm

My husband and I have been coming to vegas 4 to 5 times a year. I know that now the M card is all a corporation and this E-mail will fall on deaf ears, however, it will make me feel better to let someone know how the MGM thinks of you. I always thought that not only the money, but the time you put in counts on using your card. When I called the Bellagio to come in in Sept. on a lesser Promo that I’m used to, they would not change check in from Invited guest to VIP check in. Not only do I get less and less on Promo’s, but they make you feel your just not worthy to have VIP check in. I also E-mailed Lateef Williams at the MGM to get one night comp’d (we’ve been only staying 4 days instead of 7). He never got back to me. I called up and cancelled my reservation with Bellagio. Why is the MGM players club treating there faithful players like this? You know as well as I know, money spends anywhere.


Don Fuener June 27, 2016 at 12:07 am

Sunday June 26th 8:50 p.m. I have been waiting in to check in to the Mandalay Bay for an hour. It appears that I am still an hour away from a desk clerk. Can’t be good for business to make your customers mad, and I got to tell you there are some pretty upset people here. I know the bowling trade show folks being held here in the Mandalay Bay told me they won’t be back. This is a very basic function of your business. Checking in. You want your customers in your casinos, restaurants, clubs. Spending and making your company money. Not standing in line thinking that you don’t care. Oh no the number of desk clerks just got reduced again. One more thing, actually two. Which brainiac thought up the parking scheme? Let us make more customers mad. And I am sure your former partner, the Boyd family would never let this happen at their properties


Bruce Veit June 10, 2016 at 7:57 am

I have been a member of M Llfe (account no. 20785371) for many years and have traveled to Las Vegas from my home in El Paso, TX usually 3 to 4 times a year. I have a reservation for my wife and my self to stay at Aria June 27-29 and this morning I intended to make a reservation for a 3-night stay at Aria in August. We have stayed at both Aria and Bellagio many times over the past several years and have enjoyed our time there very much. However, this morning for the first time in all the years we have been members of M life and have spent an enormous amount of time and money in M Life casinos, I was informed that I would be charged a resort fee. Apart from dining in Aria and Bellagio restaurants, my wife and I spend almost all of our time (and money) in the casino. We do not use nor enjoy any of the “resort privileges” for which this resort fee is charged. I believe that when I am comped with free room, freeplay and resort credit it is because of the time and money that I spend in the casino and to assess me a resort fee because it is simply policy is completely unacceptable. Needless to say, I did not finalize the reservation for August that I intended to make this morning at Aria and will cancel my reservation for June 27-29. I will not pay a resort fee for activities in which I do not participate and will not game in M Life casinos unless or until this policy is changed.

Bruce Veit

M Life No. 20785371


John winder May 30, 2016 at 12:24 am

I will never stay at the MGM again. After taking forever to check in I was given a room that smelled like smoke. I took all my luggage back to the lobby only to get treated like garbage. The receptionist said he could send housekeeping up to spray,WHAT? I asked for his supervisor who was extremely inhospitable. He claimed to be the main manager of the entire MGM, I found it hard to believe do to his rudeness. Finally they gave me a different room and the receptionist said “you can’t change rooms anymore, this is it” He gave me a card that has Andres Trenos on it. I have money, I don’t have to stay at this dump and won’t next week when I’m back in town for business. The worst hotel experience ever. The worst part is that no one apologized for the nightmare experience. It took 2 hours from the time we got here to getting in a nonsmoking room.


Williams May 22, 2016 at 10:39 pm

To whom ever..
To Mr. James Murren,CEO
We are very disappointed in the room as well as the service we received well here.
First of all the room was not clean at all. The toilet was felty look like someone had diarrhea , the room was not vacuum and it took almost 30mins for someone to come and clean the room. The wood fixture under the tv was broken fell out and could have fell on my feet..
I did speck to a manager by the name of Sora, she stated there was nothing they could do but give us resort credit because we prepaid for our room. We lost a whole day waiting for the room as well as for it to get cleaned. Yes the checkin time is 3pm we were told we could check in early than wasted almost 2hrs cleaning it. We would like to be compensated for our stay, they could have offered a movie or even dinner. We’re is your CUSTOMER service team…sound like someone forgot how they got these resorts, the guest made this possible we can stay in our own city and spend our money…at our local resorts….maybe we should start going back to Reno…they are very nice…

Very pessed off..


Bob and Connie White April 26, 2016 at 7:26 pm

My wife and I just spent 6 wonderful days at Mandalay bay You have 2 of the 3 P down perfect. People. Are unbelievable great customer service. Product is great. Process is terrible. Signage is way to small arrows are miss leading on all of the properties on the strip. While you may know where to go us first timers continually had to ask for help to find where we wanted to go thanks for the great staff everybody went out of there way to help us find places we wanted to go. The properties are all we kept but this is strictly on the management and there signage I’ve got a safe bet ask somebody that has never been on your property give them a couple of minutes more than it takes you and then offer the a 100 gaming or food credit. If they can find the place in 2 minutes more time than it takes you. Sure fired no loose for the house my wife a I both are M Life members and visit the Beau Rivage often.


John McCrudden April 14, 2016 at 1:50 pm

I became a employee of your company. As I veteran I applied for a place on a Veterans only course. You refused me a place telling me that I am not recognized as a Veteran by MGM Resorts International as I served in the British Army and not the American Army.
Shame on you MGM

When I gave you notice you immediately sacked me to remove my medical cover for that two weeks. You know I am a disabled Veteran and in need of specific medication that it would cause me much hardship.
You are a bigoted and discriminating company and you do not see me. How can you have International in your name when you discriminate against foreign nationals. You take British peoples money quick enough but when we work for you you treat us like second class citizens.
With MGM in China are you going to run this Veterans course for Chinese Army Veterans? I would love to see how American patriots are going to react to that.

Shame on you MGM.


Carl Bauer June 20, 2016 at 11:42 am

I’m trying to find an email address to send a complaint and photos concerning the disgusting conditions at the Vegas Monte Carlo. I rented 3-rooms there for myself and family members to stay on various nights between June 15-19.

For many years I’ve been a happy MGM customer (including previous stays at this resort) but not this time.

I stayed in 12-127 and also rented rooms for other family members who stayed in 12-121 and 125, to celebrate my granddaughter’s 21st birthday.

Hallway carpets are frayed and/or duct-taped. In-unit fixtures and furniture are old and in poor condition. Our bathroom door was so warped that it couldn’t be shut. But worst of all was the bathroom mold! Legionaries Disease is can be caused by steam-aerosol’d mold.

This resort needs upgrading and cleaning. If you’ll supply an email address that accepts attachments, I’ll send photos.


Sandra Walper January 27, 2016 at 5:22 pm

RE: Risk Management Dept.
Incident #20160000242 (New York New York – 1/1/16)
At the request of Stephen Marciano from your office, I had a release notarized and signed and I mailed it to him on 1/14/16. I was to receive a check in return. Meanwhile, he was going to let me know when the notarized doXXXXent arrived. To this point, I have received no check, no response from him and no explanation for the delay. I have emailed him twice in the last two days, and still no response.

Please inform me as to when I can receive my payment for that release.

Sandra L. Walper
Medford, Oregon


Roy toal January 24, 2016 at 2:58 pm

I went to your Buffett this morning and had the worst experience, the help was all wrong the food wasn’t as good as you could find in a homeless shelter ,I no iam only one voice but I will tell many ROY TOAL


J D January 16, 2016 at 3:11 pm

I just saw a news report that tou want ro charge to park at your resorts. I cant believe that you would do such i thing. Like you haven’t done enough to ruin the town. Are you trying to get people to stay home and go to their local casinos. I cant believe with all the brian power you have working for MGM you cant come up with a better idea to increase profits. You are already chasing the gamblers out of town with 6 to 5 blackjack and 8 deck shoes. I am a local and i will never pay to park at a casino. I think you forget why we are here. Did you forget what we built this town on. Now its like gaming some how is not profitable come on.


wendy October 27, 2015 at 12:37 am

My husband & I attended our company convention on 8/5/15 to 8/8/15 at the MGM Convention Center & stayed at the MGM Signature rooms. Our company has had numerous conventions at the Convention Center & have had a positive experiences.

However this year when we had my car taken care by the valet someone stole my husband’s Valentine radar detector. The security officer took down our statements & helped us through the paperwork however I am very disappointed that MGM or Fireman’s Fund will not own up to the irresponsibility of the valet department. I know I only have a Prius & the valet guys can care less & pay less attention to the safety of my car & the contents in my car but I do expect that MGM/Fireman’s Fund would take ownership of this matter.
I used to work in the hotel industry & I know that the security department represents the safety of the hotel guests & property & to secure the premises.

I’m only asking that MGM replace our car radar detector. Maybe $200 is not a lot for them but it is to my husband & I.
MGM simply denied all claims just because the security department did not catch anything stolen on camera. I’m sure the employees know where the camera’s are & are not recording.
I am just so disappointed in the hotel. They are a huge successful international hotel & they cannot even compensate us for your radar detector. I have lost all faith in the valet department especially at MGM Hotel.
So if anyone decides to valet your car at the MGM I suggest you take ALL your belongings out of the car before giving it to the valet guys.


thomas October 15, 2015 at 9:54 am

my name is thomas i check in the circus circus on 10/14/2015 the manager at circus circus unprofessional there mad severice this person (EVA) is unprofessional in the manor hotel in build (A) on the (3) floor (EVA) and her codworker made a false report state i was harassing her that matter could have been handle in a better way i would have apologiz to her and not say good morning to her and stop telling she doing good job on cleaning the hotel room the supervisor for the securitly office in the circus circus name (Jefferson) this person and his staff are very rude unprofessional just because he wear a securitly guard bage he think he can make verbal threat mis use of thorites ok i contact my attorney I am file a complaint in the las vegas court file a restraning order on the supervisor (Jefferson)and for harassing make verbal threat file restraning order on mad severice on (EVA) and to all her codeworker as will for making false report to the securitly office the complaint stand


Katrina Kacirek October 7, 2015 at 6:51 pm

I am with Bite Squad Catering and I’m interested in getting in contact with your admin that does food ordering for your meetings and lunches for your Vegas offices. Would your team be interested in a lunch and learning about Bite Squad in the next few weeks? We will come out during your noon hour to talk about Bite Squad and bring lunch for the Administrative Assistants who coordinate meeting meals. This is a very casual meeting and we will be out the door within 20-30 minutes so you can get back to your busy day. Thank you for your time!


Todd Dunphy September 11, 2015 at 12:36 pm

Sorry for such a weird email but I bought my best bud and one of my employees a package at the MGM grand for the fight this weekend. The plan was check in today, go to the fight weigh in, stay at MGM tonight, go to the fight tomorrow, stay at MGM Saturday, go home Sunday.

I accidentally tapped the wrong date on the package and the reservation is for tomorrow and Sunday even though I’m flying home Sunday.

Please please please help me.

Sorry to pester.

Todd Dunphy
Co-Founder & President
Validas LLC


Anthony Howard July 4, 2015 at 12:22 pm

I usually enjoy my experiences at MGM Grand Detroit. Most of the executive team know me by name (for good reasons) and MGM Grand Detroit supports my community endeavors.

I enjoy writing stories about MGM and their events on my iBlog or through social media where I have over 1 million views of my video’s.

I am requesting a Noir Card. It would give me greater access to events and content to write good things about my neighbor (I live in downtown Detroit) also promote one of Detroit’s’ finest destinations.


Peter October 10, 2014 at 9:21 pm

Why don’t ya,s make a remake of Salem’s lot……. Not like at last project.


JB September 30, 2014 at 7:20 pm

On September 28, 2014, A few of us girls got together in Las Vegas, Nevada. We decided to stay at the Mandalay Bay located at 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada. We were given room 21128 for the night. We did not check into the room until about 1 AM. While unpacking and getting ready to go out, one of our shoes got kicked under the bed that was near the bathroom door. While looking for the shoe, I touched something under the bed. When I pulled my hand back out and looked I realized what I had touched was a condom that was left under the bed. I washed my hands and finished getting ready because I was furious. I took a picture of the condom. We left the room for about an hour. When we came back to the room, I called the front desk so it could be picked up by housekeeping. The woman I spoke to at the front desk sent security up to the room. The security officer who came up refused to come in and pick up the condom that was left there. I asked him to look at the picture of it, but he refused to look at the picture. I went and got my phone anyway so I could show him the picture that was taken. The security guard left, leaving the condom still under the bed. I called the front desk again around 7:30AM or 8:00. The condom was now under the bed during our whole stay at the Mandalay Bay. When I spoke to the front desk, I asked to speak to a manager. I spoke to Jeremy. Jeremy and a woman came up to the room at almost 9AM to pick up the condom. During that time I told him about everything that had happened. The woman who was with him who I am assuming was the head of housekeeping was smiling and smirking like the situation was a joke or funny. During the conservation about when the corporate office would be calling, the woman told me they would eventually get in contact with me and it would be taken care of. I let Jeremy know how dirty and germ infested a condom is considering all the bodily fluids and bacteria that was on there, since no one knows how long it was actually under the bed. Jeremy was very unconcerned about that He said well they picked it up. That was after I had touched the condom. He said that someone from their office will get in contact with me eventually. I proceeded to tell him I was going to be contacting the BBB and the Health Department because this is unacceptable. He told me he would contact the corporate office and they would call me. I still have no received a call back from the corporate office. I called the corporate office myself and the woman I spoke to said someone would call me back, but she didn’t know when. I called the Mandalay Bay to confirm that Jeremy had sent over what had happen to them so they knew what was going on. He was not in the office today, so I spoke with another woman who said she was a manager. I believe her name was Amanda. She told me since we checked out and the condom was picked up the issue was resolved and there was nothing she can do for me. I proceed to tell her the story that security refused and it was there for almost 5 hours with their employee’s knowledge. She was very rude and did not want to do anything. I have called 13 times in the last two days to different numbers trying to speak to a supervisor about this issue and how I was treated. I have been told since the condom was picked up and I checked out the issue was resolved. Also that since they refined me the money that its resolved this issue is not about the money. IT’S ABOUT THE FACT YOUR EMPLOYEE COULD HAVE EXPOSED ME AND THE OTHERS STAYING IN MY ROOM TO A DISEASE! ALSO, the way your employees think they can treat guests!!


anthony johnson September 29, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I checked in at the Excalibur hotel. on Sep 22 2014 My birthday and checked out on Sep 26 2014 had one of the worst stays since I have been coming to las Vegas and will not ever stay in the Excalibur hotel again. I have been itching since I slept in the unclean bed I found a toothpick. in my bed. have been itching 2 days after check out felt like something was crawling on my entire body while sleeping in this room. Also they had a breaking in room across from me. and felt unsafe someone was turning my room door handle all night my entire stay of 5 days. felt very unsafe and un clean still itching. also complained to management they seemed unconcerned and patronizing at best. also was not made aware that my room would not have a tub .. in which I like to soak in after a long night out on the las Vegas strip. only had a shower very disappointing birthday stay at Excalibur. please inform them that they need to do a better job of cleaning bed sheets for Lice and Bed Bugs and other pest . 2 days latter and I am still itching from this stay at Excalibur. not a good experience to remember


Tony Oltean September 5, 2014 at 4:34 pm

We just wanted to warn MGM about a company called Industrial skins llc. We worked for them for one night at the Excaliber property and were never paid. They are operating without insurance or union representation. We were hired to work for 2 nights to complete the job but when the CEO Shawn Endberg realized it would take the majority of 6 nights to complete and his profit would be compromised he has refused to pay. We have sent an invoice and have had no response. This work was done in the food court kitchens. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


Jonna August 26, 2014 at 3:24 pm

ROBBED US …DO NOT STAY . BEWARE … Stayed at the suites from 8/21-8/25. Multiple persons were robbed from my party. We had a total of 3 suites. A $7,000 Rolex watch was stolen. Hotel staff enters the room throughout the day for un necessary reasons, after the room has already been serviced. I will list some of the occurrences that unfortunately happened to me … In one of the 3 suites there was 3 guests staying in the room at approximately 9:30 pm hotel staff entered the room without even knocking, completely barged in on 3 sleeping women, they all jumped up from sleeping, and the woman got nervous because she didn’t expect anyone to be in the room and when questioned who was it she got nervous said house keeping and left immediately. Approximately an hour later the same
Exact thing happened to our other room. It is Las Vegas and people usually are not in the rooms at these times and staff does not expect people to be in there but that does not give them the right to barge in on people for un authorized reasons, especially when the bright red light next to the door indicates “do not disturb”. Money and sunglasses also vanished each day. After the watch was stolen we realized we weren’t crazy and that everything that was missing had to have been stolen, security was alerted and came to the room. They inserted a key Into the door that eventually gave them a list of people who used their key to gain access to the rooms, it shows who entered employee or guest along with their id number. The findings were as following. At 12pm a male house keeper was in the room cleaning as we were getting ready to leave for the pool. He finished cleaning and left. Then after doing a key interrogation i was informed by staff security that a hotel employee entered the room at 2pm -( just 2 hours after the room was serviced ) .. That SAME exact employee re entered the room at 2:58 pm. FOR NO reason. the following morning i had seen the house keeper and he said to him wheere laws the watch ?? He said it was there when he left and he seen it. so the hotel staff who entered next on 2 separate occasions, clearly had stolen the watch, because at 4:50 pm we returned to the room and it was gone. I have 12 witnesses that had seen the watch prior to leaving that hotel room. I will be contacting Any and all outlets to make sure justice has been served to the thief. So for anyone traveling to this hotel be very careful and do not bring any valuables that you do not want stolen. I will go to any lengths to aware all future guests. I am not asking I a DEMANDING something be done. We were 12 girls , who felt unsafe, along with our space invaded and our privacy as well. Anyone with any questions please feel free to contact me at


Tess August 25, 2014 at 5:32 pm

I made a reservation months before our vacation and called a month before the dates to make a notes that will be checking in late I gave them the exact time between 12:000 am aug.20 to 1:00 am because of sudden change of my husband schedule .. we arrive the estimated I said when we check in the room I book executive queen suite not available i called just to make sure we the room asked but when I asked to talk to manager he came out he is so rude and he makes me feel so little or uneducated person the way he talked to me . and I asked since u don’t have the room i reserved because of late checked in he put me to Kung suite room and as I will pay he said he comp me on one night and will give me the room I reserved guarantee so when we call the next morning to asked what time will be available the manager on duty said did not said that on the notes and if we want to get the queen executive suite we have to pay more but original we reserved that room so why we have to pay more on the room we reserved and we asked if you do military discount they said no it’s my daughter first vacation she is army reserved. when I checked on you website you do give discount for military but I don’t understand why they said on the front desk she said no you don’t. and on check out the manager again give as a hard time . I have heard a really nice thing about MGM so I decided to reserved our first vacatioin with the whole family but I did not get a good customer service I feel like I let my kids down. the way your manager treated me..


Ammar Njoum August 14, 2014 at 6:40 am

I just want to speak to somebody about my staying in your hotel


Terri Holbrook-Dyer June 2, 2014 at 9:45 am

To Whom It May Concern,

We checked into Excalibur on May 25, 2014. After unpacking I tried to use my IPad only to find out after call down to the front desk that the room did not have WiFi and that I would have to go into the Casino area to use my IPad. How is it that there is no WiFi in the rooms? Then on the evening of May 28, 2014 I called the front desk to voice my concern that the people in the room next to mine were smoking. I was in room 26168 and the complaint was for room 26166, there was a connecting door. I was told by the front desk that I was on a non smoking floor and I responded by telling them that I knew this and yet the people in the other room were smoking. The front desk said that they would call to findout if there was smoking going on in the room and to advise them that they were on a non smoking floor. Then on the morning of May 29, 2014 I was woken up by the smell of smoke. I again called to the front desk and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Michael. Michael said that he would call the room and check to see if someone was smoking. I explained to Michael that I had called down the evening before also. After Michael called the next room he called me back to say that they stated that no one was smoking in the room and then he offered to move us to Tower II. He explained that all I needed to do was to come to the front desk and that he would arrange all the info in the computer. We had been in our room for 4 nights and now I have to repack all of our luggage to move. After going to the front desk I’m told that the computer system is down and that at they could not get me a new room as of yet to please check back in and 30 minutes. I continued to check back numerous times and finally at 3 pm the system was up and working and I could return to the information line and get a new room. After getting a new room in Tower II, room 16269, I called the bell desk to request help in moving all of our luggage only to be told that it would be 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours before they could help as there was a backup because of all of the other people who had left there luggage at the bell desk. We then decided that we would move our own luggage and knew that we would have to make 2 trips to get it done. On our way out of the room the maid was in the hall and I explained that we were moving to Tower II and would be right back to get the rest of our belongings and she said that it would be ok. Upon returning to the room in Tower 1, we were gone maybe 20 minutes, the maid, a supervisor and security was in the room. I was told by the supervisor that they had been trying to contact me to find out what I was going to do with the remainder of the items in the room. I told the supervisor that I had spoke with the maid who was currently cleaning the room and I would be right back to get the other items. I am then asked by him is I can show ID to verify that it was my room. Now I am really mad because first I have to change rooms, there is no bell help available and he wants ID, really? I then told him that my ID was in Tower II and that I would be taking the items and moving.
Then on the evening of May 29 2014 I hear was sounds to be like the fire alarm, and I call the front desk because I cannot hear the announcement that is being made only to be told that it probably is a false alarm and that the announcement is being made on the floor that the alarm was pulled on and the floor immediately above and below that floor only. If it were a really emergency that the entire hotel would have heard the announcement so not to worry.
Then on the morning of May 31, 2014 we had been out to mail a package and have breakfast. When we returned to the hotel there were fire and rescue personnel all around the building and the Casino was being evacuated because of a fire in the laundry room. We had a reservation for poolside chairs and could not get to our room to change our clothes but we could go and wait by the pool. We were not cleared to go to our room until noon and we had waited by the pool for about 1 1/2 hours.
Upon speaking with different person and the desk I was told that they were sorry by nothing could be done.
We have stayed at Excalibur for at least 1 week a year for the last 5 or more years, we will not be staying there again. We will be looking to stay at a property that is not owned by MGM Resorts as it seems our business is not important.


Samina Alam April 23, 2014 at 11:56 am

I am looking to send an email to the President and Entertainment Director of MGM. I am proposing an event for the grand opening of the new Roc venue near Circus Circus.


Samina Alam
Pacific Gateway Productions L.L.C.


Chad Richard April 7, 2014 at 4:56 pm

Please help our cause. On Sept. 24, 2013, Baby Madison suffered a near fatal head injury at the young age of 5 months old. The injury lead her to be diagnosed with West Syndrome.

Her family needs help with medical bills and is getting some support from a community benefit called Miracles for Madison. Please assist and share this Benefit Event with everyone.

The Benefit Event will be on May 10th.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated – cash donation, items for the raffle, or simply sharing this information with everyone.

More information can be found at the following website:


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