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Maaco Corporate Office Address

Maaco Franchising, Inc.
440 South Church Street Suite 700
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Contact Maaco

Phone Number: (704) 377-8855
Fax Number: (866) 702-4602
Email: Email Maaco

Maaco Facts

Founder: Anthony Martino
Date Founded: 1972
Founding Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Number of Employees: 500

Maaco Executives

CEO: Anthony A. Martino
CFO: Patrick Donohue
COO: Jason Ryan

Maaco History


mac 1

Maaco was founded in 1972 in Wilmington, Delaware, by Anthony Martino. Martino had previously run an AAMCO dealership and used the letters of his name, plus CO for the company, to come up with the Maaco name. The company operates a franchise of auto body and paint facilities.   mac 4

More than 20 million vehicles have been serviced by Maaco since its inception. In 2010, the company had annual revenue of $60.3 million.  In 2008, after Martino’s death, the family sold the company to Driven Brands. Maaco now operates as a subsidiary.

The company has run a series of popular television commercials with the tagline “Uh Oh. Better Get Maaco.”   mac 2

Maaco currently has at least 500 locations in the US and Canada. MAACO Franchising has been cited numerous times by  Entrepreneur magazine as #1 in its category in its Annual Franchise 500 survey.

In 2013 Maaco acquired 1 Day Paint and Body Centers, headquartered in Torrance, California.

The company received bad press after one customer posted a scathing review on Facebook. An employee at the location called the woman’s husband and left a voicemail in which he told her husband to “get your wife under control” and threatened to “do something about it” if the review was not removed. The company suspended the worker, offered to refund the customer’s money, repaint her vehicle, and closed the location temporarily so that employees could undergo “customer care” training.

Company headquarters are now located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Maaco FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Maaco?
Answer 1: The phone number for Maaco is (704) 377-8855.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Maaco?
Answer 2: The CEO of Maaco is Anthony A. Martino.

Question 3: Who founded Maaco?
Answer 3: Maaco was founded by Anthony Martino in 1972.

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Norman Badgett January 14, 2019 at 10:22 am

My name is Norman badgett and I was an employee for Maaco for the past 6 months as an estimator and i was just recently fired for discrimination i honest was given no reason to why I was being terminated and I feel that the supervisor pedro over the Marietta location in atlanta ga has poor management skills and I was terminated specifically because of discrimination then I would appreciate if I could speak to someone about this as soon as possible by email is thank you.


Marlene October 25, 2018 at 6:19 am

I had an overall paint job on my CRV car. When I brought my car home, I found out that my Wind Deflector on all 4 windows are gone, so I called and talked to the manager. I was surprised that the manager doesn’t have an idea what happened to it so he told me that he will get back with me. It took couple of days, before I decided toc all him back and found out that it was damaged so they didn’t replace it. I asked why I wasn’t notified, manager couldn’t give me an answer. He basically just said that it was in the contract that whatever is damaged during the process, that they are not liable. My point is, shouldn’t it be their responsibility to at least notify me and let me know. when I ask to speak to the owner, the manager couldn’t give me any contact information about the owner. It is very clear, that the manager is shielding the owner so he can cover up his wrong doing. This particular location is in Blanding, Orange Park FL.


Mike guzman October 9, 2018 at 10:14 am

Hi,I was a previous employer at Maaco in San Antonio Texas on walzem Rd started there three months after they had just opened and was there til Sept.2018.worked hard to get cars out doing whatever I had to do to following the whole car thru the process from prepping to washing the car for customer pick wasn’t the best for how I worked to get cars out .but it’s a shame to represent America and steel from Americans or should I say fraud .and talk about how you came from another country with low income and come to America to make a living and end up stealing what you can from employees and customers at that I’ve seen customers not get what they paid for and to even come to America and make a Maaco name look this the type people that y’all look for I doubt that.i have nothing on Maaco p&b it’s one oner of one who had the nerve to fire me cause you decide to steal from me by deducting accident insurance from me for four months and to get a letter telling me it’s canceled if I had to use that for anything where would you be to help in that?no where.and to show me false receipts you just printed up or to have your new manager look a man in the eye and tell me it’s 100 percent active.both of y’all are cowards.not either of them could tell me I’m fired just told me I wasn’t allowed on premises when I showed up Monday to work.andbon top of that to lower my pay rate without talking to me like a business man you so called are.from 600 to400.its had no reason to fire me .you were the criminal to barely pay my insurance the day I called a rep at afflac and still had to wait a week and a half for insurance to be active but I was already fired.the owner cares less bout customers or employees just aslong you got a fat wallet he’s there to help you with it.thats bad business .


Richard Phillips September 28, 2018 at 9:49 am

I took my chevy Silverado to Maaco on N. Pleasantburg Dr in Greenville S.C. the paint was explained to me fish-eyed and was told I would need a complete sanding at a cost of 600$, or a hard sand at a cost of 250$ I elected to go with the complete sand as I wanted the truck nice and smooth. The truck was at Maaco for a bit over a week, when I went to pick the vehicle up I was asked by an what he could help me with I told him that I was there to pickup my truck, some guy came out of the office and told the employee to go back to work he would retrieve the truck, it was easy to see he was mad about something as he came out of the shop, went across the street to get my truck, came back, parked it, slammed the door and disappeared—– never said a word to me, I looked at the truck and there was several places on it that did not look right, I went into the office and the receptionist asked me how I wanted to pay, I told her I had a couple of questions first, the guy who retrieved the truck came out, snatched the ppw from the girl and said he would handle it, went out side still not saying a word to me, I went outside where he proceeded to tell me there was nothing wrong with the paint job, I asked about the spots and he told me the spots were trash in the paint and nothing could be done about it, there was some cloudy spots, same explanation, he then told me he didn’t know what I expected that Maaco was only a economy paint job company and if I wanted better I could go elsewhere and pay 7000$ if I wanted to, he also said if I left the truck with him he would try to sand out a spot and fix but I would have to pay for it! At this point he had become so belligerent I wanted to have nothing further to do with him, I went inside and paid the receptionist and went outside, to my surprise there was less than 1/4 tank of gas there was more than 1/2 when I left the vehicle the radio also was blaring on some hip-hop radio station and I only listen to country! the a/c also was left on and I also turn it off when I get out of the parked vehicle, I have never been more disappointed and treated more rudely than here in my life, complete opposite of what maaco advertises. Just a at best economy paint job company.
Richard Phillips


Sam Prince September 28, 2018 at 9:41 am


To: Maaco
Subject: Dispute Charges
Against Maaco Store # M2361 5898 Thurston Ave Virginia Beach, Va 23455 Tel # 7574642980

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing about the deception and faulty work performed on my 1984 El Camino between 06/28/2018 and 09/17/2018.

On 06/28/2018 I drove my 1984 El Camino into the Maaco store #M2361 at 5898 Thurston Ave Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 at that time I meet with David Sheffield (estimator). We went outside to go over the car and see what I needed fixed and painted. Before I had tried to fix some hail damage all over the car, I told David I was not a body man and if he could fix the hail damage. David stated he would go over the car and finish what I had started and assured me it would look good. He showed me two different prices and I asked him the difference and he just ignored me, I decided on the $1275.00 plan with assurances it would look good and dents taken out. At that time he assured me “honestly” it would take 12 to 14 days, I agreed and left.

On or around 16 days later without a call from Maaco I returned and found they had not begun on the car. At that time I wanted to make sure they sprayed the door jams and rear cargo area, David stated that wasn’t included, so I signed a new contract for 1575.35 with assurances that it will done right. David at that time apologizes and stated they had workers quit that’s why he couldn’t get to it as promised.

Around a week later I returned and no work was done on the car. At that time I asked for the owner Peter Uzdavinis and he stated he had regular customers and insurance cars that came in after me he had to get first. Stated he would paint the door jams this weekend, no apologizes.

Around seven days later work had not been started. David assured me it would be done this week. Finally I called David a week later and stated the car is finished.

When I got the car outside it was the worst bodywork I have ever seen. It has a large number of hail damage areas in the hood, in the rear right side, hood, roof, door, and tailgate were never repaired according to what the contract stated and my personal communication with the parties involved at Maaco.

According to Graham Hallowes at Southern auto repair 2747 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA and Complete Automotive, Inc, 1493 Diamond Springs Road, Virginia Beach, Va. Both stated that it appears “they never did much body work if any, just shot the car over the damage with a one stage paint”. Two estimates were made to fix the car at $1800-$4000. The $1800 bid said he really didn’t want to do it.

I met with Mr. Uzdavinis and David to see if we could find a resolution to the issues. They guided me into the body shop and talked to a body work person (Greg?), he stated the whole car was a “piece of crap’. Mr. Uzdavinis agreed and stated if I bought a hood he would paint it for free. The hood would cost me $500.00 plus I would still have be out of pocket for the remaining repairs that should have been completed by Maaco. After that I was trying to weigh my opinions when Mr. Uzdavinis rudely evicted me from the property.

Bottom line nothing was done that was stated, severely mislead and told untruths.

I swear the facts to be true and accurate

Sam Prince


Render Thrash July 31, 2018 at 5:27 pm

Maaco 3984 Tyrone Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL

In December, 2016, we took our 1988 Toyota 4×4 pick up truck to your Maaco store and spoke to your manager, Mike. We discussed EXACTLY what we wanted, the warranty, and an estimate. Mike was told me he would be more than happy to take care of everything The estimate was $2,500.00. The work I wanted done was not the result of a car accident. We went with Maaco after we saw an episode of “Undercover Boss” on TV and felt that after seeing that episode with your CEO, we were satisfied with the company philosophy, the warranty, and Mike’s cooperation.

There was a small amount of rust around the front window, passenger windows, and the wheel wells. I requested that he paint the truck with a high quality paint. Despite the age, it’s in excellent mechanical condition. We’re the original owners and plan to keep the truck indefinitely.

There were issues when I went to pick up the truck. There was overspray on the windshield. There was no care taken to cover it up, and paint had to be scraped off before i could drive. There was a small amount of rust left that was not taken care of as promised. We left the truck there for the rust spots to be taken care of. Instead of taking care of it, they painted over it so that it could not been seen. We paid him $2,500.00.

After a while, the rust spots came back through the paint. We went back to Maaco to see Mike and he is no longer there. We asked the now manager and he said the warranty only covers paint and not body work. They are unwilling to fix the rust, After some discussion, we left extremely dissatisfied.

We feel we were misled by your manager Mike, and Maaco should stand by their work. We are hoping that Maaco Corporation will intervene and fix the body work that we originally paid for. If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Render & Beverly Thrash


Efrain Velez July 22, 2018 at 6:20 pm

Dear sir,
On 7/9/18 I took my vehicle for a total paint job. Mr. Dye did a total inspection of my vehicle and recommended that a, Light Chip and scratch repair/ preparation. Refinish Door jams, underside of hood and engine bay jam and Trunk for the price of 1,620.46 all recommended by Chris Dye.On 7/20 I was called to pick up the vehicle ( Toyota Celica ’81).It was a total nightmare. The quarter rear panel was not painted right, needing a 2nd coat was needed. Total paint job looks like is dripping. Inside the door jam was not painted completely. Instead of correcting the problem he asked for another 400.00 more with tax and was a verbal no new receipt given. I took my car to him totally stripped with out lights, moldings and glass. I’m considering getting legal counsel if no one from Maaco contacts me immediately. At this point I feel I should not pay more money for there mistake. I am a disable person and I asking for a total refund.

Estimate date 7/11/18
Estimate # 1293-1
Store # m2807
38 U.S.9 Fishkill, NY 12524


Colin Hutcherson July 19, 2018 at 7:20 pm

After spending over $1,516.43 for the best paint job available on my 2006 GTO (with no body work) it has turned into a nightmare. I have spoken with 5 different people at the customer call center without a return call from Macco corporation concerning the failure of the Roanoke, Virginia store #m2498 after two tries and 4 months to paint my car properly. The franchisee has offered only a partial refund which is an admittance that they did a poor job and does not deserve a third chance to make it right, but again only offered to refund $995 of the $1,516.43. I want and deserve a full refund because I will have to have the car repainted after the mess they have made and I can not trust those people to even touch it. Now it looks just as bad as when I first took it to them. The first time the paint was chipping off after just 2 months all around the car. The second time after keeping it over a month, in some places it looks like they painted it with a brush with runs, pit, bubbles and swirl marks and not shiny at all. On top of all that it appears someone was sleeping in the passenger seat! It’s electric and was reclined and moved all the way back with greasy boot prints all over the floor mat. They denied that, but offered no other explanation. The past 3 days all 5 corporate customer reps I spoke told me I would receive a call in a day or 2 and now it’s been 3. The franchisee also told me there was no reginal/district manager for that location, but all 5 of the customer services reps said that they certainly do, but none could tell me who it was. I have also sent another email on the other Macco website and have not heard back from that message either. Dealing with his corporate red tape is becoming as frustrating as it is thinking my car being used for a bedroom and worst yet, looking like it was painted with a brush. The 5 reps I spoke with were Helize, Paul, Eli, Abdul and /(supervisor) Cindy in that order since Tuesday 7/17. My report ID is 1335-1056 and my phone 704 527 3980. I want to speak with a person that can resolve this mess to my full satisfaction immediately. If I have to refer this to my lawyer I will also seek punitive damages and expenses along with legal fees and court cost reimbursement for the mileage and gas driving back and forth 7 times to the Roanoke location. However, I would really just like to get a full refund, move on and find someone competent enough to fix the mess.


Amar July 10, 2018 at 10:55 am

Your Decatur store took my car for overall paint 18 days before today but till date they didn’t paint my car. You cross all the limit of my patients.i want my car back by tomorrow any how and deliver @ my home before 11 am.


Arkansas July 16, 2018 at 1:18 pm

I was unfortunately a cash customer at your 65th Street location in Little Rock, AR on June 4, 2018.

I carried my 2017 Nissan Sentra into your location to be repaired. I received a quote and was asked to pay $100.00 in order for them to start repairing my car. I paid and was told three business days since the spot was so small. In three days, I called to find out if it was complete and was told that it would be Friday; on Friday I called and was told it would be ready on Monday…this went on until Wednesday of the following week.

On Wednesday I called and was told that my car was “baking” and would be ready on Thursday by 2pm. On Thursday, I took off work and went to retrieve my car at 2pm. I was told that it wouldn’t be ready until Tuesday of the next week. At this point, I am livid! I told the manager that I wanted my car “as is” and would take it elsewhere to complete the job they started on the minuscule repair. The manager left and came back about 35 minutes later and asked me to step into his office. He advised that no one has started on my car for whatever reason. Honestly, I don’t remember his reason because my vision started to blur; I heard loud bells ringing; and I felt faint. My blood pressure was literally at stroke level.

He advised that they could start that day and have it ready by next Tuesday. I told him that I have been paying for a rental for 11 days while waiting on my car to be repaired. This was completely unacceptable and I wanted a refund. He advised that no cash was kept in the office and I would receive a check in 3-5 days. He confirmed my address to where the check would be mailed and I left headed to the ER. The entire left side of my body went numb.

This all transpired from 6/4 through 6/14. I called MAACO 1.800.523.1180 to report this and no one called back; all I wanted was my deposit refunded to me. After consulting with an attorney, I was told to contact them again and file a claim. I called 7/9 to file a claim and spoke with a rep who took down my name and phone number and once again said someone would call. I tried to give him details regarding the nature of my claim but he declined and stated that someone will call me to gather this information. Today is 7/16 and no one has not called back. I spoke with a representative named Paul today who did get more information from me and advised someone will call me back. At this point, not only do I want to be refunded my $100 that I paid, I also want to be reimbursed the rental car fees for those 11 days. If I do not hear back within 24 hours, I will also seek reimbursement for emergency room payment. If this goes any further, I will retain an attorney.


Karen Ann Ciappetta June 1, 2018 at 4:38 pm

A very huge complaint, and so severely beyond reasonable time. Not exactly a year ago we brought our son’s truck into Maaco in Ocala, Florida, to have a good amount of work done to it. The truck that received the body work and paint job is a Dodge Ram 1500 (2009 4-wheel drive; any way we had a large amount of work done to it, and most especially, they were to install new rocker panels on both sides, as the old panels were rusted, and of course some other body work and they painted the truck. When we picked it up, after a week, yes they had the truck for a week, it looked good, but in less than 6 months later, it started to bubble and rust again. We found out the truck was not repaired with new rocker panels at all, but we paid for them. The truck looked horrible. Of course we took it back to Maaco, and at this time, they were under new management/ownership or something to that effect, so we were dealing with all new employees. They looked it over, agreed with us it was not done correctly, apologized, and said “they would of course redo the work, at no cost to us, since we had already paid over $2,000. plus dollars as it was, and it was not done as it should have been. Again, they had the truck for over a week, and when we got it back, it looked good, so we were ok. Until about three weeks ago. Again!! The paint was bubbling and rust was starting to come through, Yes!!! Again they did not replace the old parts with the new Rocker Panels like we paid for the first time. AGAIN! We take it back to Maaco and again, yes again, it is under new management/ownership and the gentleman helping us his name is Mike, looked us and the truck up in their records, he agreed they did not put new parts on it the second repair either, and remember we paid for them two repairs prior. Mike trying to be a good rep apologizes and asks us to wait, he said he is going to order the parts before we leave so we know he ordered them. When they come in he said he will call us to bring the truck in to be redone correctly. WELL!!! We brought the truck in two weeks ago, to him, he said it would take about a week, today I called to find the status, of the truck and Mike tells me it is about to go get painted today, Keep in mind it is almost 4:00 est, if it dries quick, and they can put the doors back on we should get it late today, they close at 5:30 pm. If it is not finished today, we have to wait until Monday as they are not opening tomorrow, meaning Saturday this week. So I have no idea if it will be finished or not still, I have no idea if it will be done correctly or not yet, but what I do know is that, Mike knew in advance that my son was going to a truck meet in Daytona Beach with it this weekend, We have called him like every other day about this vehicle, My son paid for a hotel he is going to lose the money on, he took time out of work to go, as of now for no reason at all, because he cannot go to this meet because his truck is not ready, TWO WEEKS, and now three repairs later… HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?
I am hopeful that the work will finally be done correctly, but this has cost us not only a lot of money for the work, but a huge inconvenience and financial strain, every single time they have had the vehicle, to redo the work. Now it is costing hundreds of dollars on the loss of a hotel as he cannot get all of his money refunded to him. Maaco should be refunding us several hundreds of dollars for all the inconveniences, missed work, and now a large sum of funds that will be lost on a hotel. How can a company treat their customers like this not once, not twice, but three times, OMG. My advice stay clear of Maaco, no matter where you live. HEY MAACO YOU OWE US MONEY AND WE WANT IT, WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET IT? It would be great if you contacted us, and made this all good.

Very Angry Customers

Karen A. Ciappetta
Ocala, Florida


Nathaniel Lewis May 31, 2018 at 12:43 pm

I have call, sent pictures of the paint job I received also sent pictures to get my complaint taken care of however no one have contact me about my complaint, I hope this will be take care in the thirty days.


Makeya Booker May 30, 2018 at 4:53 pm

Macro panted my truck last year. Horrible job! I called the manager at the time Phillip back. He repainted my truck again. I appreciated Phillip recognizing his mistake and correcting it. My car was hit from the back and I gave them the benefit of the doubt and took it back “like a fool” this time they kept my vehicle for 2 weeks; a 3 day job. I was giving a rental car from Usaa that only paid for 3 days. I had to pay 745.00 for all the extra days for keepIng the rental. Due to miscommunication on the manager of Maaco part. All he said I will credit you 200.00. But he cost me 745.00 I called the corporate office to complain never gotten a call back but today got an email. “That my complaint was received and thank you” 1st they never heard my full complaint how could it be resolved. I tried giving them the option of resolving my case with me. Now I will move forward with other alternatives.


Tytianna Hamilton April 26, 2018 at 4:46 pm

The location I received service is a a scam, paid to get my car painted, not only did they not paint it the color I wanted, they had paint all over my windows, my tires, door handles, windshield, under my hood. My car was not sanded down or primed before painting so u can clearly see the cracks from the old paint that was already chipping off, now the new paint is chipping in those areas. They did not fix the dent or hole in my trunk when I asked about it more then once. When I asked about the color, they said they didn’t have it, so why was I not called and asked if I was ok with the new color of they chose for me? i asked about painting it over but using the color I picked and if they don’t have it, allow me to pick a new color, they wanted to charge me for a second paint job,,, to correct what they screwed up. When I asked about the mess left all over, they wanted me to set up an appointment to come back and have the car cleaned up, I’ve called customer service and corporate a total of 4 times combined in the past month and still haven’t heard anything at all, horrible business, and obviously horrible customer service as well, I spent way too much on getting my car to my liking to be disappointed this way and to not have my concerns addressed by anyone higher up, I refuse to take this as a loss, I refuse to come out of pocket to fix what maaco screwed up, I want my car fixed and I want it fixed now or I will be involving the courts, I’ve tried talking yet it seems I’m only being ignored,


Evan April 18, 2018 at 10:54 am

After reading some of these reviews, I can see why their own employees suggest taking my car to anyplace other than a Maaco.
I don’t have anything too special or unique, but it is a classic – a 1983 Porsche 944. I was told by multiple location representatives in my area to NEVER take a Porsche to a Maaco or I will be 150% disappointed at first sight after they paint it no matter how much I pay.
Being told that their quality is so poor in workmanship and paint / materials is honest, but disappointing to say the least. I tried reaching out writing to the corporate office but no response. Surprise, Surprise….


Jen Pendleton January 16, 2018 at 6:18 pm

Not happy with the Garden City, MI, MAACO shop. I feel i was treated very unfairly!

Basically my fiance took our car into Maaco to have it painted. Everything except the hood and trunk. He was told that the quarter panel and fender would have to be stripped because the paint was peeling, and that it’d have an extra charge. I said ok no problem.

When he picked with car up, it was an ok paint job, for the money. But we had to spend HOURS cleaning the white paint off of my new tires where it sprayed over on them.
So about 60-90 days go by and we start to see bubbling in my quarter panel. I popped one of the bubbles by accident and water ran out of the spot. We didn’t freak out and worry about it right away because we knew i had the warranty and could take it back when life gets a little less hectic. (Me and my fiance are trying to plan a Wedding and life just get crazy).
So we brought the car back up to the shop, well within warranty, and we were told that there was rust and that there will be a big charge to fix it and its not covered under warranty. Our car had ZERO rust, It was a total rust free car!!
My fiance took the car to 2 other reputable shops for a second opinion . They said the car wasn’t prepared properly and that’s why there was rust forming and bubbling under the paint. My fiance went back up to the shop and talked to the same guy Mark. He basically said sorry for your luck but either you pay us a bunch more money to fix it or live with it. He wasn’t going to just take care of the problem THEY CREATED!
So my fiance called the 1(800) number and spoke to a Jacqueline Woodson- Warranty specialist. She was very hard to communicate with; Just NOT a good experience! I’d email her and it would take 10 + days for a response. She actually told us that she had other bigger and more important things to be working on, and couldn’t give any more of her time to our problem. She said that if we wanted even a chance of MAACO fixing what they did, then I had to go back to the shops that i had taken my car to.. all agreeing with me that MAACO didn’t do the paint prep right, and have them write out a letter to them, telling them they messed up!
Are you kidding? No. Just fix what you did. You want me to take all this time and effort to prove myself and prove they are in the wrong… instead of just admitting it and saying, ok well fix the car you can pick it up tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience *give us a hand shake and be on our way.
It’s soooo frustrating. We’ve sent emails, we’ve sent pictures of the top of the paint and pictures of the underneath side (showing no rust underneath). We’ve called and spent so much exhausting time on the phone. We even wrote a letter to the MAACO corporate office, to try and explain the whole situation in greater detail, so we can try to get this resolved.

So far nothing has been resolved. I really wish someone would care and just do right by us. 1/16/2018


Tracy January 14, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Dropped my 1964 Buick Skylark convertible the first of April with a committed completion date of the first week of may 2017, 8 months later the car was still not done and the shop in Moreno Valley CA. was shut down my car was taken to the San Bernardino location where it sat for another 3 months and the battery was stolen out of the car. One of the items written up on the invoice was the mis alignment of the drivers door, I was instructed by the employee to buy new hinges which I did, when I finally went to go look at the car when they said it was done at the San Bernardino store the door was still as I dropped it off and the hinges had NOT been installed, the installed the hinges and the condition was still present, totally frustrated by their lack of concern I took the car back from the San Bernardino store. I’ve taken it to two other shops that said the door should have been aligned prior to painting and that the door and front fender will need to be repainted after the correct alignment, this is unfair and from what I can see on the comments portion of the Maaco website this is typical of a Maaco paint job. NOT RIGHT guys I’m considering getting legal counsel if no one from Maaaco contacts me immediately.


SAMUEL REED December 19, 2017 at 7:53 pm

I visited a Maaco shop on Victory Dr, in Savannah, Ga, The estimator (John) looked at my dark blue Chevy Silverado Extended Cab truck. He complemented me on what a good condition the truck was in. I pointed out the wax swirl marks on the hood and roof which happened to the truck at a detail center. John assured me the truck would be sanded, repainted and clear coated. He quoted me $1400.00 but took off $350 or so off for the condition of the truck. The total cost was $1103.66 which I agreed to. I took the truck into Maaco on Dec.4, 2017.

I picked up the truck on Sat., Dec, 9, 20117. It rained that morning. John told me to take the truck home, after paying him, look it over and call him if they needed to fix something. I rinsed the truck and noticed while drying it that (1) they did not sand or strip roof of swirl marks, just painted over them. (2) The whole truck has dirt or dust under paint and clear coat. (3) The right side small door looks faded dark blue. (4) They removed my vent shades and cracked and chipped chunks out of them. (5) My bug deflector was missing. Needless to say I was not very happy with the job at all.

On Dec. 11th my wife and I took the truck back to the shop to show them everything that was wrong with it. This time I spoke to Mike. First of all they could not find my bug deflector, then I was told they couldn’t help cracking and chipping side window visors and was told, and I quote, “that is a typical Maaco paint job”. I complained about the roof still having swirl marks and I told Mike I could not live with the roof the way it was. After further discussion, Mike agreed to redo the roof and reimburse me for the bug deflector, The rest of my complaints were not dealt with.

I am a disabled Vet and my wife is retired. We live on a fixed income so it took a while for us to save the $1,103.66 for this paint job, which in our opinions and our neighbors, was,but as you would say, half-assed. I just wanted to let you know that I am not happy about this at all. I thought Maaco was a quality paint shop and Company. Any help with this situation would be appreciated. Sick in Savannah – Sam Reed

P.S. Supposedly I have a 5 year warranty but was never given a written copy nor did I sign a Completion Certificate. I also will not recommend the Maaco shop here in Savannah to anyone!


steve ligthtfoot November 9, 2017 at 4:27 pm

I recently got ripped off by your Tully Rd. San Jose, Ca. shop. I was charged $1,500. for paint and some body work. This included a two tone. I was let out of their shop at closing time on Friday with my panels askew and my lights not hooked up, etc. but was told to come back in a month for the rest of the job. When I called early due to hot conditions that cured my paint Ben Cisneros denied my two tone he promised and Stephanie, the owner, then denied even straightening the frame below the bumper. A disaster! Completely dishonest and I’m asking my credit card provider to refund me $750.00 of that bill I paid in advance. Even my receipt is missing and I think Ben stole it behind my back. Details on my website; amidst the new devpts. pg. (760) 994-XXXXX Call me.


Quieton lee October 24, 2017 at 5:15 pm

i am a current body tech. at macco in the mobile area and i have worked for three full weeks with a total of 76 hour with one of those weeks in the hole but i was only paid for 34 of those hours and i was told that i would recieve my other 42 hours this week but it has not happen yet please help because bills are du and i have two children.


Jonathan Miles August 30, 2017 at 11:17 am

Sir or Ma’am,

I wanted to take the time to share what I experienced with the MAACO store in Killeen, TX. I dropped my 2003 Chevy Tahoe off on 16 August 2017 to be painted. The sales rep help me choose the package that best suited me, which was the Urethane + Clear with Universal Sealer. I also had my roof reconditioned. I received a call that my truck was ready on 29 August 2017, and went to pick it up. As I inspected my truck I found what the sales rep call “crow feet” in the paint on my hood, and passenger front side fender. I want to let you know that I chose the specific paint package because the sales rep explain that what the package entails will prevent the “crow feet” in the paint when its finish. I informed the sales rep that I was unhappy with the work that was done on my truck. The sales rep then proceeded to tell me that I did not have a warranty to cover the work that was done. I pointed out to the sales rep the poster that stated a 4 year warranty came with the package I chose. The sales rep tried to explain that the warranty is only included with the reconditioning, which I only had done to the roof, and not the whole truck.

What makes me so upset and hurt is I’m currently in the Army (active duty), and while deployed to Afghanistan I was putting money away specifically to get my truck painted when I returned home. I paid $1,183.38 for a paint job that I feel was not done correctly. I did not receive a written warranty like the receipt said I should, and the sales rep told me that I have her word that I can come back if something happens to my roof only. Can some one please explain to me how there is no warranty when the poster clearly stated that I have a 4 year warranty with the package I chose, and how the local MAACO is not responsible for fixing the “crow feet” that showed up in the paint when it was finished. I’m so puzzled and angry right now. I allowed this MAACO shop to do work on my vehicle, even after all the negative reviews on google. I didn’t want to be one of the customers, but there is nothing left to do if this MAACO location is not held accountable for their mistakes in the paint job on my truck. PLEASE HELP!! I provided some details below:

Estimate #: 20274-2
Estimate date: 08/16/2017
Store # M2256
1002 N Twin Creek Dr
Killeen, TX 76543
Phone #: (254) 536-4079


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