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Maaco Corporate Office Address

Maaco Franchising, Inc.
440 South Church Street Suite 700
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Contact Maaco

Phone Number: (704) 377-8855
Fax Number: (866) 702-4602
Email: Email Maaco

Maaco Facts

Founder: Anthony Martino
Date Founded: 1972
Founding Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Number of Employees: 500

Maaco Executives

CEO: Anthony A. Martino
CFO: Patrick Donohue
COO: Jason Ryan

Maaco History


mac 1

Maaco was founded in 1972 in Wilmington, Delaware, by Anthony Martino. Martino had previously run an AAMCO dealership and used the letters of his name, plus CO for the company, to come up with the Maaco name. The company operates a franchise of auto body and paint facilities.   mac 4

More than 20 million vehicles have been serviced by Maaco since its inception. In 2010, the company had annual revenue of $60.3 million.  In 2008, after Martino’s death, the family sold the company to Driven Brands. Maaco now operates as a subsidiary.

The company has run a series of popular television commercials with the tagline “Uh Oh. Better Get Maaco.”   mac 2

Maaco currently has at least 500 locations in the US and Canada. MAACO Franchising has been cited numerous times by  Entrepreneur magazine as #1 in its category in its Annual Franchise 500 survey.

The company received bad press after one customer posted a scathing review on Facebook. An employee at the location called the woman’s husband and left a voicemail in which he told her husband to “get your wife under control” and threatened to “do something about it” if the review was not removed. The company suspended the worker, offered to refund the customer’s money, repaint her vehicle, and closed the location temporarily so that employees could undergo “customer care” training.

Company headquarters are now located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Maaco FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Maaco?
Answer 1: The phone number for Maaco is (704) 377-8855.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Maaco?
Answer 2: The CEO of Maaco is Anthony A. Martino.

Question 3: Who founded Maaco?
Answer 3: Maaco was founded by Anthony Martino in 1972.

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Tytianna Hamilton April 26, 2018 at 4:46 pm

The location I received service is a a scam, paid to get my car painted, not only did they not paint it the color I wanted, they had paint all over my windows, my tires, door handles, windshield, under my hood. My car was not sanded down or primed before painting so u can clearly see the cracks from the old paint that was already chipping off, now the new paint is chipping in those areas. They did not fix the dent or hole in my trunk when I asked about it more then once. When I asked about the color, they said they didn’t have it, so why was I not called and asked if I was ok with the new color of they chose for me? i asked about painting it over but using the color I picked and if they don’t have it, allow me to pick a new color, they wanted to charge me for a second paint job,,, to correct what they screwed up. When I asked about the mess left all over, they wanted me to set up an appointment to come back and have the car cleaned up, I’ve called customer service and corporate a total of 4 times combined in the past month and still haven’t heard anything at all, horrible business, and obviously horrible customer service as well, I spent way too much on getting my car to my liking to be disappointed this way and to not have my concerns addressed by anyone higher up, I refuse to take this as a loss, I refuse to come out of pocket to fix what maaco screwed up, I want my car fixed and I want it fixed now or I will be involving the courts, I’ve tried talking yet it seems I’m only being ignored,


Evan April 18, 2018 at 10:54 am

After reading some of these reviews, I can see why their own employees suggest taking my car to anyplace other than a Maaco.
I don’t have anything too special or unique, but it is a classic – a 1983 Porsche 944. I was told by multiple location representatives in my area to NEVER take a Porsche to a Maaco or I will be 150% disappointed at first sight after they paint it no matter how much I pay.
Being told that their quality is so poor in workmanship and paint / materials is honest, but disappointing to say the least. I tried reaching out writing to the corporate office but no response. Surprise, Surprise….


Jen Pendleton January 16, 2018 at 6:18 pm

Not happy with the Garden City, MI, MAACO shop. I feel i was treated very unfairly!

Basically my fiance took our car into Maaco to have it painted. Everything except the hood and trunk. He was told that the quarter panel and fender would have to be stripped because the paint was peeling, and that it’d have an extra charge. I said ok no problem.

When he picked with car up, it was an ok paint job, for the money. But we had to spend HOURS cleaning the white paint off of my new tires where it sprayed over on them.
So about 60-90 days go by and we start to see bubbling in my quarter panel. I popped one of the bubbles by accident and water ran out of the spot. We didn’t freak out and worry about it right away because we knew i had the warranty and could take it back when life gets a little less hectic. (Me and my fiance are trying to plan a Wedding and life just get crazy).
So we brought the car back up to the shop, well within warranty, and we were told that there was rust and that there will be a big charge to fix it and its not covered under warranty. Our car had ZERO rust, It was a total rust free car!!
My fiance took the car to 2 other reputable shops for a second opinion . They said the car wasn’t prepared properly and that’s why there was rust forming and bubbling under the paint. My fiance went back up to the shop and talked to the same guy Mark. He basically said sorry for your luck but either you pay us a bunch more money to fix it or live with it. He wasn’t going to just take care of the problem THEY CREATED!
So my fiance called the 1(800) number and spoke to a Jacqueline Woodson- Warranty specialist. She was very hard to communicate with; Just NOT a good experience! I’d email her and it would take 10 + days for a response. She actually told us that she had other bigger and more important things to be working on, and couldn’t give any more of her time to our problem. She said that if we wanted even a chance of MAACO fixing what they did, then I had to go back to the shops that i had taken my car to.. all agreeing with me that MAACO didn’t do the paint prep right, and have them write out a letter to them, telling them they messed up!
Are you kidding? No. Just fix what you did. You want me to take all this time and effort to prove myself and prove they are in the wrong… instead of just admitting it and saying, ok well fix the car you can pick it up tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience *give us a hand shake and be on our way.
It’s soooo frustrating. We’ve sent emails, we’ve sent pictures of the top of the paint and pictures of the underneath side (showing no rust underneath). We’ve called and spent so much exhausting time on the phone. We even wrote a letter to the MAACO corporate office, to try and explain the whole situation in greater detail, so we can try to get this resolved.

So far nothing has been resolved. I really wish someone would care and just do right by us. 1/16/2018


Tracy January 14, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Dropped my 1964 Buick Skylark convertible the first of April with a committed completion date of the first week of may 2017, 8 months later the car was still not done and the shop in Moreno Valley CA. was shut down my car was taken to the San Bernardino location where it sat for another 3 months and the battery was stolen out of the car. One of the items written up on the invoice was the mis alignment of the drivers door, I was instructed by the employee to buy new hinges which I did, when I finally went to go look at the car when they said it was done at the San Bernardino store the door was still as I dropped it off and the hinges had NOT been installed, the installed the hinges and the condition was still present, totally frustrated by their lack of concern I took the car back from the San Bernardino store. I’ve taken it to two other shops that said the door should have been aligned prior to painting and that the door and front fender will need to be repainted after the correct alignment, this is unfair and from what I can see on the comments portion of the Maaco website this is typical of a Maaco paint job. NOT RIGHT guys I’m considering getting legal counsel if no one from Maaaco contacts me immediately.


SAMUEL REED December 19, 2017 at 7:53 pm

I visited a Maaco shop on Victory Dr, in Savannah, Ga, The estimator (John) looked at my dark blue Chevy Silverado Extended Cab truck. He complemented me on what a good condition the truck was in. I pointed out the wax swirl marks on the hood and roof which happened to the truck at a detail center. John assured me the truck would be sanded, repainted and clear coated. He quoted me $1400.00 but took off $350 or so off for the condition of the truck. The total cost was $1103.66 which I agreed to. I took the truck into Maaco on Dec.4, 2017.

I picked up the truck on Sat., Dec, 9, 20117. It rained that morning. John told me to take the truck home, after paying him, look it over and call him if they needed to fix something. I rinsed the truck and noticed while drying it that (1) they did not sand or strip roof of swirl marks, just painted over them. (2) The whole truck has dirt or dust under paint and clear coat. (3) The right side small door looks faded dark blue. (4) They removed my vent shades and cracked and chipped chunks out of them. (5) My bug deflector was missing. Needless to say I was not very happy with the job at all.

On Dec. 11th my wife and I took the truck back to the shop to show them everything that was wrong with it. This time I spoke to Mike. First of all they could not find my bug deflector, then I was told they couldn’t help cracking and chipping side window visors and was told, and I quote, “that is a typical Maaco paint job”. I complained about the roof still having swirl marks and I told Mike I could not live with the roof the way it was. After further discussion, Mike agreed to redo the roof and reimburse me for the bug deflector, The rest of my complaints were not dealt with.

I am a disabled Vet and my wife is retired. We live on a fixed income so it took a while for us to save the $1,103.66 for this paint job, which in our opinions and our neighbors, was,but as you would say, half-assed. I just wanted to let you know that I am not happy about this at all. I thought Maaco was a quality paint shop and Company. Any help with this situation would be appreciated. Sick in Savannah – Sam Reed

P.S. Supposedly I have a 5 year warranty but was never given a written copy nor did I sign a Completion Certificate. I also will not recommend the Maaco shop here in Savannah to anyone!


steve ligthtfoot November 9, 2017 at 4:27 pm

I recently got ripped off by your Tully Rd. San Jose, Ca. shop. I was charged $1,500. for paint and some body work. This included a two tone. I was let out of their shop at closing time on Friday with my panels askew and my lights not hooked up, etc. but was told to come back in a month for the rest of the job. When I called early due to hot conditions that cured my paint Ben Cisneros denied my two tone he promised and Stephanie, the owner, then denied even straightening the frame below the bumper. A disaster! Completely dishonest and I’m asking my credit card provider to refund me $750.00 of that bill I paid in advance. Even my receipt is missing and I think Ben stole it behind my back. Details on my website; amidst the new devpts. pg. (760) 994-XXXX Call me.


Quieton lee October 24, 2017 at 5:15 pm

i am a current body tech. at macco in the mobile area and i have worked for three full weeks with a total of 76 hour with one of those weeks in the hole but i was only paid for 34 of those hours and i was told that i would recieve my other 42 hours this week but it has not happen yet please help because bills are du and i have two children.


Jonathan Miles August 30, 2017 at 11:17 am

Sir or Ma’am,

I wanted to take the time to share what I experienced with the MAACO store in Killeen, TX. I dropped my 2003 Chevy Tahoe off on 16 August 2017 to be painted. The sales rep help me choose the package that best suited me, which was the Urethane + Clear with Universal Sealer. I also had my roof reconditioned. I received a call that my truck was ready on 29 August 2017, and went to pick it up. As I inspected my truck I found what the sales rep call “crow feet” in the paint on my hood, and passenger front side fender. I want to let you know that I chose the specific paint package because the sales rep explain that what the package entails will prevent the “crow feet” in the paint when its finish. I informed the sales rep that I was unhappy with the work that was done on my truck. The sales rep then proceeded to tell me that I did not have a warranty to cover the work that was done. I pointed out to the sales rep the poster that stated a 4 year warranty came with the package I chose. The sales rep tried to explain that the warranty is only included with the reconditioning, which I only had done to the roof, and not the whole truck.

What makes me so upset and hurt is I’m currently in the Army (active duty), and while deployed to Afghanistan I was putting money away specifically to get my truck painted when I returned home. I paid $1,183.38 for a paint job that I feel was not done correctly. I did not receive a written warranty like the receipt said I should, and the sales rep told me that I have her word that I can come back if something happens to my roof only. Can some one please explain to me how there is no warranty when the poster clearly stated that I have a 4 year warranty with the package I chose, and how the local MAACO is not responsible for fixing the “crow feet” that showed up in the paint when it was finished. I’m so puzzled and angry right now. I allowed this MAACO shop to do work on my vehicle, even after all the negative reviews on google. I didn’t want to be one of the customers, but there is nothing left to do if this MAACO location is not held accountable for their mistakes in the paint job on my truck. PLEASE HELP!! I provided some details below:

Estimate #: 20274-2
Estimate date: 08/16/2017
Store # M2256
1002 N Twin Creek Dr
Killeen, TX 76543
Phone #: (254) 536-4079


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