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Kings Island
6300 Kings Island Dr
Mason, Ohio 45040

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Phone Number: (513) 754-5800
Fax Number: (513) 754-5725
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Kings Island Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Kings Island Executives

CEO: Greg Scheid
CFO: Tony Carovillano
COO: Richard Zimmerman

Kings Island History

Kings Island first opened in 1972 by Taft Broadcasting Company, whose original intention was an extension of Coney Island. Kings Island is a 364 acre amusement park with a wide variety of roller coasters and water rides. The park receives more than 3 million visitors each year and has an astounding 14 roller coasters.

Kings Island was purchased in 2006 by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, who purchased this amusement park, along with other Paramount Parks for $1.24 billion.

This amusement park has been used in numerous sitcoms, movies, and other television shows, as well as music videos over the years. It is well known for hosting a Halloween themed event. Kings Island is the second most visited amusement park behind Cedar Point only by a few thousand visitors.

Kings Island FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Kings Island?
Answer 1: The phone number for Kings Island is (513) 754-5800.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Kings Island?
Answer 2: The CEO of Kings Island is Greg Scheid.

Question 3: Who founded Kings Island?
Answer 3: Kings Island was founded by in .

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Katrina Antonio July 11, 2018 at 7:10 pm

We visited on 7-11-2018 and we had a HORRIBLE experience. First of all, my boyfriend and I were on a ride when are cousins (who were told where to be seated by another employee) were told that they couldn’t sit there because of seating issues (okay fine) but when we asked the employee what was going on he just acted like he didn’t hear us. So of course that pissed my boyfriend off and he asked MULTIPLE times to be let off the ride. Once again, the same employee just ignored him and smirked at him as he cleared the ride. Second, we ran into some kid who started running his mouth to my boyfriend. So, my boyfriend defended himself. The same kid made a complaint to kings island so we were approached by two police officers and hour later saying my boyfriend was being detained. We were then forced to leave the park after TWO HOURS of “collecting statements” and he can’t come back for a year while the kid who literally waited for us to get off the ride and start problems got to walk away and enjoy the rest of his day. I REFUSE to let this go.


Brittany May 28, 2018 at 6:36 pm

Today, 5/28/2018 I spoke with a woman by the name of Dana, who claims to be the manager about the dine in pass I paid for with last years gold pass that I was not able to use due to health issues, was extremely rude. I called to see if there was anything I could do considering I didn’t get the chance to use it due to health issues. I took my children to the park a few times, but wasn’t able to stay long. The manager stated “you clearly were in the park and it was your choice not to use it.” and “it clearly states in your agreement that it will expire on 12/30.” I understand it was on me to use my dine in pass, but I don’t appreciate the tone nor language this woman used towards me, especially as a manager to try to help me with this situation. This woman was more frustrated that she had to speak with me on this concern although it is her job to help customers. I am seriously contemplating on buying Kings Island passes this year due to her rudeness. I am looking at spending $400 again on seasons passes for a company that does not care for its customers or that hires managers that don’t care to help in situations.


TS June 11, 2017 at 6:47 pm

Hi I took my family on a much needed vacation,we went enjoyed ourselves at Newport,Ky visiting the Aquarium,Italian Festival,B&B Boats and many other nice spots in Kentucky. So we decided on 6/11/17 we were going to spend the day at Kings Island to make sure our 3yr old granddaughter could experience this. We were having a awesome time from the second we arrived to all the rides,attractions,gift shops,good food…we go to Planet Snoopy she was so excited to see all the rides that was her size,she didn’t know which one to get on first..ALL the staff at ALL the rides were nice and friendly, even at the Petting Zoo..UNTIL we got in line waited 20 min for THE GREAT PUMPKIN COASTER ride, the line was flowing,this was about 2:34 there was two very young immature teens running the ride. I watched them closely,although there was a height requirement they were still letting kids get on as long as a parent went with them.. some kids they didn’t measure they just let them get on, now it’s time for my granddaughter to get on,she is just 3 and she has” PATIENTLY”waiting very excited she is about to ride,the young boy said she can’t ride it she is not tall enough,she was right at the yellow line on the stick. I was extremely upset because I DID NOT understand why she was not able to go on with her father who was right there with her,the young boy made a big issue even laughing out of pure ignorance. I politely asked him to contact a mgr,now him and the young girl really started laughing and being obnoxious,this further upset me. I would’ve just let it go and chalked it up as pure ignorance and unprofessionalism of the staff but when they continued to laugh even when I requested to speak to a mgr and they began to tell other people standing in line,even taunting us while we waited,that’s where I drew the line. I mean her height didn’t change in a matter of seconds from all the other rides she just got off of. Finally after 40 min this young short build stocky girl with short hair and facial hair came. Not being rude I didn’t catch her name. We were explaining the situation and the entire time there was another 2 supervisors,both young as well,a girl and a boy standing by the desk where you order pictures also laughing at what we were saying. We expressed that staff should have a better attitude and remember it’s people like me who keep them employed so NEVER forget that. We further expressed we drove in from New York to come here. The so called supervisor looked to be no more then 18,she offered no solution to the issue and we wasted our time waiting to speak to someone. I would ask that you hire more “QUALIFIED ADULTS OVER 25 with “EXPERIENCE” to handle situations like this, take patron complaints far more seriously then what happened today. After we “wasted” our time we sat down with our granddaughter explaining that there are ALOT ignorant people in this don’t get ignorant like them but hold yourself at a much higher standard,however,when necessary make your point known and move on. Karma ALWAYS come back to bite one in the butt. We took her to the next ride explaining to that staff what just happened and they apologized to us and offered to get someone else for us to speak to. I said thanks but no thanks. I would just reach out in a different forum. We had NO further incidents just ONLY THE GREAT PUMPKIN COASTER ride. (6/11/17 2:30-3:30 ),even the young lady developing the pictures was very nice and watched what happened saying this was unfair. After we finished ALL the other rides we went got blue ice cream and went to Venue to watch the PEANUTS SHOW@4:30,pick out more gifts and headed home. I called my friends telling them what happened. I would ask that upper management retrain these supervisors and the young staff to be more friendly,Planet Snoopy was created for the young ones so how rude of these people you hire to ruin it for a little child. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!


Cheryl Titko June 8, 2017 at 4:38 pm

I am writing on behalf of my sister Jackie Fraley. She recently was in the hospital with a life threatening condition from February to May 2017. While she was hospitalized someone used her debit card number and ordered 2 season passes for a total of over $250. She has called your office to ask if she can be reimbursed for this amount since it was taken out of her checking account without her permission. She was told that it is not possible to reimburse her and that the passes are non-transferable. Even if they were transferable, she has no use for two passes, as she is a 66 year old widow. My question is, who exactly should she talk to in your corporate office to resolve this matter. She is still suffering the effects of this nearly 4 month long hospitilization so she has asked me to see if I can get more information than she was able to get with her phone call.
Please respond to my email, chalice72 at Thank You, Cheryl Titko


Leda Phillips June 4, 2017 at 10:24 am

ledaandkorey at

My son’s phone fell out of his pocket on the Banshee, yesterday, 6/3/2017. I know that it was his responsibility to secure the phone but he worked extremely hard and saved a lot of money to be able to buy it. We went to lost and found after the park closed showed them the location on Find my iPhone and we even wanted to have it play a sound before it died (battery was at 10%). We ended up waiting until 11:30 to be told “there was nothing they could do but a routine walk around” and “maybe maintaince would find it sometime”. I also called customer service when they opened today, 6/4/2017, and asked if there was anyone I could email a map of the location to. I was given a generic kirides at kingsisland email address. I know you have thousands of customers come through the park every day and lots of people lose things it’s just super frustrating when we know EXACTLY where it is and no one is willing to help. If someone could PLEASE help us locate it, we would be super grateful!! I can text/email a map of the location.


Stephanie June 26, 2016 at 8:47 pm

Today 6/27/2016 about 5pm we stopped at one of your booths to get a drink between delirium and banshee ride. A customer in front of us said they aren’t wearing gloves while making ice cream and I mean none of them, I said that is gross as she agreed. One of the workers an African American boy with big hair was scratching at his head then put his arms above his head and had bottom of the ice cream cone touching his hair and then made ice cream. The customer and I was both disgusted. Another worker again no gloves was rubbing sweat off her neck and then making ice cream. My husband and I told a worker you all should be wearing gloves and we told a supervisor as well but they didn’t seem like they cared just ok I’ll look into while you see the kids with no gloves he should of said hey put gloves on just didn’t seem like he cared. I think it’s gross to be touching the food with no gloves on especially when your scratching at your hair or body then also putting a ice cream cone on your head. Other food places like the burrito place they worn gloves as these workers should too! I’m also attempted to let the health department know as well if they isn’t resolved. Hope this is taken care of as we enjoy coming but will not see workers handling food in this manner.


Jala April 14, 2017 at 1:43 pm

What does race have anything to do with it?


Derrik lowe May 22, 2017 at 8:35 am

Because Jala if you dont know the employees names then it best to be as descriptive as possible when trying to alert KI to who exactly the problematic employees are so that KI can address the issue in a timely manor! So on 6/27/2016 there was a young black male with big hair who apparently wasnt wearing gloves, and was touching peoples food after scratching his head and armpit hair etc! Now KI can investigate and have a good idea who the perpetrator was Jala! Thats how things work Jala. No need for your covert racism paranoia here! Lol


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