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JustFly Corporate Office Address

3333 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu#600
Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada QC H4R 2N1

Contact JustFly

Phone Number: (514) 508-7500
Fax Number:
Website: https://www.justfly.com/
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JustFly Facts

Date Founded: 2002
Founding Location: Quebec, Canada
Number of Employees:

JustFly Executives

CEO: Matthew Keezer
CFO: Nick Hart
COO: Eric Parent

JustFly History

JustFly was founded in 2012 in Quebec, Canada. The company is third party, online service which offers discounted airline tickets. The company is owned by Momentum Adventures, which also owns websites FlightHub.

The company uses a metasearch engine to find deeply discounted seats, often last minute or red-eye flights to destinations in more than 167 countries. JustFly also offers a mobile phone apps for both IOS and Android phones. The company states that they have more than 100,000 visitors to their site each day and had more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

JustFly has also had numerous complaints; so much so that the Better Business Bureau is warning people to avoid using this company. They received more than 1,500 complaints and the company responded to only 5 persons. There is no listed address for JustFly, but only for their parent company, Momentum Adventures. The company lists a customer service number, but the number below is for Momentum Advantage.

JustFly FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for JustFly?
Answer 1: The phone number for JustFly is (514) 508-7500.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of JustFly?
Answer 2: The CEO of JustFly is Matthew Keezer.

Question 3: Who founded JustFly?
Answer 3: JustFly was founded by in 2002.

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George Berko June 16, 2018 at 6:25 pm

I am by this Email registering my utter disappointment with the service that Justfly.com has offered me thus far. I happened to book a flight way back in November, 2017 for a trip that was supposed to begin in March 2018, and ending some three weeks later, traveling from Boston, MA, USA to London,UK, and further on to Accra, Ghana, and back to Boston
A few weeks later, my wife with whom I was supposed to travel injured herself at, work and had to have surgery in consequence. We therefore had to cancel the trip, and I called Justfly.com to inform the company. At that point, I was told by Justfly.com that since the tickets I bought were discount tickets, no refund could be given us, and our only option was to leave the payment for the ticket with Justfly.com as a credit that could be used by us later.

Hoping that my wife might get better in time to be able to make the trip, I acquiesced to letting Justfly.com hold the credit for us, even though I was confident that we deserved a refund on the grounds of medical necessity.

Earlier this week, my wife and I decided that, given the urgency of the purpose of the trip, which was mainly to visit with my aging father whose health was fast failing, I had to make the trip, now, without her. I therefore called Justfly.com to retrieve our credit to make fresh reservation. It has been 4 days since I began this latest attempt to apply my credit to travel but I always reach an impasse with your agents who keep giving me a round-around.

First, I was told that Justfly.com could not find any flight for my traveling scheduling within the limits of the value of the original ticket. I told them that I could take a fare for one person that the credits for both my wife and me would suffice . The original tickets for both of us cost $2528.48. And, the remaining credit, after Justfly.com had taken their cancellation fee, stood at $2302.

Then, the Justfly.com Agent, upon putting me on hold for a long time, came to tell me the only ticket she could get me was around $4,000.00 for a single ticket. I told her that would be too much for me to pay for a single ticket, and that I had found a ticket offered by British Airways for $2050. However, the Agent finally decided that Justfly.com, did not have the vouchers for the credits after all, and that I had to contact American Airlines. She gave me a number to call American Airlines and when I did, American Airlines told me to go back to Justfly.com to resolve the issue.

I have called Justfly.com again today, and the only improvement on the issue from the company is that my wife should submit a Medical Report confirming her injury that led to our cancellation of the trip. She gave me an Email address, verification@ JustFly.com to attempt efforts to submit the Report. But then she added that there was no guarantee that we would be given the refund.

So, I am appealing to your Corporate diligence to intervene to help resolve the issue. I think we deserve the refund due to the Medical necessity we encountered. I hope you would kindly and quickly act upon this to bring the issue to a peaceful and fair end, for me to take my trip.

Thank you.

George Berko


Melissa June 13, 2018 at 9:56 pm

Never Ever…. go thru JustFly….
I was told 2 different times that I could use my credit by the travel date (within the year).
NOT TRUE! They just stole $250. Now they are telling it has to be by the date I purchase the ticket not travel! If I could give zero stars I would!!!!!
No one can answer questions. On hold for over 2 hours and then disconnected. This happened more than once.


Andrea Weitz June 12, 2018 at 2:50 pm

Just Fly changed our flight to exactly 24 hours BEFORE our scheduled flight. We were traveling in Africa and never receive the notification and even if we did, there would be no way to make that flight. When I went to check in for my scheduled flight, I was then notified that the flight had already taken off the night before. We called and spoke to someone for 3.5 hours, both staff and supposed supervisors, and they did nothing for us and eventually hung up on us. No refund, no rescheduling was ever offered and flat out denies. The worst part is (aside from the inconvenience and financial loss) is that we are international surgeons trying to get to surgeries and there was no way we were going to make it, putting someones health at risk. I have tweeted several times about this, complained on their website and FB page, tweeted at the CEO, Matthew Keezer and will continue to find avenues until I am fully refunded. If anyone else has suggestions, let me know. This company must go out of business so they stop affecting peoples lives.


Lydia Assefa June 2, 2018 at 11:22 am

Today I made and error couldn’t speak to a supervisor who came later couldn’t understand Got hung up on twice.



Durel Damos May 11, 2018 at 11:33 am

Justfly just screwed me out of $550.00 plus a $75 cancellation fee and I want to find out where there corporate headquarters is located. I was given an address in Rocky Hill, Ct. Does anyone out there have more specific information as to an agent of service so that I can sue them?


Tsun-Ni May 17, 2018 at 1:29 pm

I would love to get together and file a class action suit against justfly.com, they are horrible and I just experienced for the second time horrible service and as a result had to spend more money on buying tickets.


Anita Williams May 9, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Very unhappy with the service I received yesterday, and was treated very bad , and was not told the truth about the service I was provide. I am a senior citizen and my lilttle money have to go a long way , don’t have to give away . Trying to contact home office and complain.


Kathy May 9, 2018 at 1:45 pm

Same problem as everyone. Else. Dreadful and humiliating customer service, an oxymoron. Purchased two tickets to Hawaii on March 9. Found out only one ticket issued. Tried to get s cons ticket. Was told there were no more seats. Tried to get credit. No use.

Purchased another ticket same flight same airline for $ 700. Disgraceful way to run a business but smart way to runs scam.


Kathy May 9, 2018 at 1:48 pm

Sending registered letter return signature requested to ceo mr keezer

A class action math be the only way to stop this


Nico Syren April 25, 2018 at 10:20 pm

This company and its representatives are terrible. I called because the country I was scheduled to fly to was having a political uprising. For 8 days people were being jailed and shot by police, there was looting and the US gov’t removed all their people from the Embassy and issued a travel warnings NOT TO GO.

JustFly person told me my flight was “good to go” and said that since they and the airline I was flying with did not “issue a travel warning” there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t refund me, issue credit with out charging fees, or waive cancellation fees. I told her people were being shot and her response was “ya, ya, ya.” They said they called the airline multiple time but just put the phone down and I could hear chatter in the background. When I was finally transferred to a supervisor she basically told me to take my chances because she would not issue a full refund. She did not allow me to speak, yelled and finally said she was going to hang up on me because she already answered my questions.

When asked if she was literally telling me to risk my life she said stayed quiet then said they flight was good. She made clear she did not have the power to refund me but was the person “in charge.” When I said the customer service was terrible she told me thanks for calling and hung up.

This company is a complete rip-off. They are literally telling people to fly into war zones or pay extravagant fees to change, re-route or cancel their flight.

The fine print of the trip insurance that I paid for only covers the following: kidnapping of YOU or your travel companion, high-jacking, terrorist attack at your destination within 30 days of your arrival, coverage if the airline choose not to fly into place of destination and that’s all folks.

This company should be expelled from the US. OR we need a class action lawsuit against this company for: Misrepresentation, theft, and if anyone was encouraged to keep a flight because the place was “good to go ” and suffered injuries…. maybe personal injury.



Veronica L Porter May 9, 2018 at 10:51 am

This company missed up on my flight schedule I called to have thier mistake corrected and they told me that it was not their fault and my ticket was non refundable and they would not help me. I even spoke to a supervisor at least thats what they said. I had to eat my ticket. THEY DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. Please in the name of god don’t use this cmpany.


L.C. Smith April 10, 2018 at 9:56 pm

Booked a flight in December to JAX, printed it off waiting for my Check In on March 20. Well, the check In went well, but the return flight NEVER HAPPEN. I had misplace the printed copy, and there were NO computer Check In from Just Fly. Being a senior citizen on a fixed income,( putting out a whooping $200.00) I felt so disappointed . Upon returning home, I called United, Just Fly, everyone passed the buck. After, putting me on hold several times, I was abruptly told where was nothing they could do for me. I asked for a supervisor, he said they could or would not be able to help me. I asked for the company address, was not given it. How do you recoup something that was legally stole from you? Help me somebody.


Faye Parker April 3, 2018 at 2:38 pm

I am in the same situation that some of the others are in. I booked a flight for 2 for April 7 -April 10 round trip from Raleigh NC to NYC. After filling in all the application blanks and my friend and I together checked over the flight details we clicked book and confirm. Sounds simple. Got an immediate response for the itinerary. What do I find. A different return flight at an hour that is only for people who don’t sleep at night. In less than 5 minutes I called to get that corrected or canceled. Got no help. Was told they would give me $75 back for the entire total. I said not acceptable. You made the mistake and did not allow me the privilege of deciding if acceptable or not. After much debate I got no where. This was Feb. 21, 2018. My bank can’t handle it. I took out insurance, they can’t handle it. DON’T use JUSTFly. I am reporting to attorney general and BBB. When I have called Just Fly back a couple times and asked who I was speaking to was hung up on.. You are all right. You can barely understand who you are talking with and get the run around. I was told by my bank to call the airlines to cancel I did but they said could not refund. Money has to come from Just Fly. Airlines have their seats, Just Fly has my money and I have nothing. I am persistant and don’t give up easily so if with all the complaints they should be shut down. No one seems to be able to give you a headquarters to call. Online this was the best I could find and no number to call unless I overlooked.. My phone said Ethiopia when I got thru. I am seeing Prince Ed. Island, Texas which is closed Quebec Canada but no Conneticut ad MJ told my son.


Kevin Mandrell March 27, 2018 at 6:06 am

Booked 4 tickets for flights lax to detroit april 26th leaving around noon. Learning of time restraints from other passengers (my daughter and 2 grand kids) which would cause them to miss the flight. Knowing I bought insurance, I felt confident I could correct this issue and get my daughter to talk to me again. When calling back to Justfly the representative informed me i had to call Spirit directly. once I called Spirit in order to change the flight they would have to charge us sum of $400.00 plus dollars to change it. I explained i had purchased insurance. Spirit rep said I purchased with Justfly so I need to contact them. When speaking to your representative Harry he went over the details and in order to change flights it would cost me $375.00 approx which is better then $400.00 Spirit gave me. Informing Harry of the insurance we purchased. He advised us of our options, 1) to change the flights would be approx $375.00 or 2) Cancel the flights which would cost $50.00 per ticket at a total of $200, I would then repurchase the tickets for the flight later that same day once the credit of $1053.00 would show up on your data base approx 10 to 15 minutes. I agreed to go ahead and do option 2. Harry came back on the phone and said cancellation was done to call back or go online. I requested if I could stay on the phone just put me on hold, Harry said let me ask my superior or Supervisor, I said if its possible before you do that if you could just call me back which he said yes. I was at my Brothers house when booking these tickets and I live 5 minutes from his house. I received the call back while I was driving and your rep said he needed more info from the origiinal booking document. Explained I need to go inside and look on my email the rep said he would call back. No call back. The next morning went online saw that the credit was issued i attempted to repurchase the tickets and it wanted to charge me again. After calling your rep said i needed to contact Spirit. Extremely frustrated made contact with Spirit who informed me it only showed a credit of $500 and I needed to pay the balance. Hanging up from them I called you and asked to speak to manager or superior. Rachael Employee ID# 3740G said she will review the matter and will receive a call back within 24 hours. No call back. My brother and I already purchased 2 tickets this weekend to celebrate Easter with our mother (82 yrs old) in Detroit. Informed from our brother inlaw of a surprise party for our sister (Age I cant say) but I can type it 60 yrs old is on the 27th of April. With that being said I am praying that WE are going to be able to resolve this matter and be at this surprise party. My brother and my other daughter and grand daughter already booked there flights thru you and his daughter and husband will be booking flights tomorrow. This is one event that majority of the family will be attending and best chance for my brother and I’s children to see family from East Coast. Your assistance in resolving this matter is of great urgency. ref #096817193 and booking # 269N2Y

Thanks in advance,


Megan March 17, 2018 at 10:30 pm

I had to cancel a flight I had booked on Justfly.com and was issued a credit, was unable to use this on the website even though there is a link to do so. I called 4 times, was cut off 3 times and on hold for 20 mins the last time. I was then advised that I could only use my credit on a flight exactly maticing my original, a fact that was not advised at the point of cancellation. The customer service advisor then told me there were no flights at all matching my original one, not even the one I had cancelled. therefor the credit could not be used. So I effectively have a completely useless credit as it is impossible to book any flight using it.


Taifa W. December 8, 2017 at 12:01 pm

Booking # 050-776-12 I have been on hold for an hour. I have talked to several people. My flight never left the ground due to inclement weather. Taking the next available was the next day which defeated the purpose of attending a wedding on the previous day. I was told I had a credit for a year now I am being told since I checked in I don’t have credit? I checked in hours before AND the flight NEVER LEFT THE GROUND. This is unacceptable! I will be reporting this to the BBB. I see you guys have been reported multiple times so this will be no different. I will never book with you guys again and make sure I tell anyone who will listen how horrible the service is. Any platform I can post mine and others peoples horror stories I will to make sure this stops happening. STICK TO BOOKING THROUGH MAJOR AIRLINES!!!!


Syed Ahmed December 5, 2017 at 12:04 pm

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Brandon Bryant December 1, 2017 at 10:36 am

I purchased tickets to fly overseas five of them in May of 2017 I had to cancel 2 out of the 5 y’all have not refunded me the money it is now November of 2017 you guys keep giving me the runaround saying y’all have put it back into my bank account but my bank account has been closed 4 months prior to you guys saying you’re refunded my money so my last step as I am filing a lawsuit for the $1,500 Plus any expenses occurred of me going to Connecticut flights food legal fees papers that have to be served Court filing fees rental car fees and anything else that adds up to the six months of you guys trying to keep the money you owe me almost $1,500

Brandon Bryant


Roasnne Wilson November 19, 2017 at 10:19 pm

This company is unprofessional first of all you can barely understand the representative, so when they make a mistake it’s your fault or when the computer make a mistake they can’t fix it unless you pay 75.00 or call the airlines your self. The airlines didn’t take my money justfly.com took it, so they should be willing to fix the problem with no charge. But instead the customer service rep (Ken) want to give you the run around cause he don’t know what he’s doing, then when you ask for a supervisor 15 times he just continue to repeat himself over and over. After he see how persistent your are then he wants to transfer you to Mari who is not a GREAT supervisor. If you can’t speak good english you shouldn’t be on the phone taking calls. This company will take your money, but won’t fix the problem. Thanks Mari and Ken, you guys get paid for nothing.


Rosanne Wilson November 19, 2017 at 10:21 pm

For some reasonmy name keep being spelled wrong


Liem February 17, 2018 at 10:10 pm

I purchased 6 tickets for $4,473 from LAX to Lihue and I wanted to cancel. I asked them what the penalties were for cancelling. They told me a $60 per passenger cancel fee. They said before I cancel I will have a travel credit of $4473 to use for future flight to the same destination. I have a year to use it. I had a flight alert on my phone and decided to purchase the flight using my travel credit. I realized the travel credit is not a credit but a penalty. I try purchasing the same destination at $445 per passenger price but when I went to book it I had to pay a different fare from when using my travel credit which is $406 additional per passenger. Therefore I have to pay additional $2500 for my flight for 6 people. Making the total $6973. That is ridiculous. It has to be for six people, not two or one. The agent that I spoke with never said I will pay a separate fare from my fare alert. It was a different price for people who has a travel credit. I spoke with supervisor and he said that when I cancel the agent had told me the terms and conditions of my cancelation which they didn’t. I specifically ask the only penalty is the $60 per passenger cancellation fee and I had until November 27, 2018 to use my travel credit. There was a misunderstanding of what the travel credit meant. I thought I had that amount to use towards my future travel from LAX to Lihue. That is all they said. The price almost double from what I paid originally.

I want to resolve this by having a flight from LAX to LIHUE for March 28, 2018- April 4, 2018 with the amount I paid $4,473 or less. Please help!! This trip is for my 10th wedding anniversary.


Ken November 1, 2017 at 11:28 am

From: Consumer/Customer Ken
Date: October 31, 2017 at 5:58:14 PM PDT
To: contact@ gotmomentum.com
Cc: Vonnie, Sonny
Subject: Complaint Ref:078-169-422

CEO: Matthew Keezer
CFO: Nick Hart
COO: Eric Parent

Dear Respective Shareholders,

On October 30, 2017, my family booked advanced flights (7 tickets in the amount of $3,474) for our family trip from Los Angeles to Laos for this December, later on the same day my sister Vonnie learned that her daughter’s name were spelled incorrectly with one letter off. I called Justfly at (1-800-717-5015) and spoke to representatives A, who advised me in order to change Kaylin’s name from Kaylyn to Kaylin (one letter) and since it is a international ticket, we would have to cancel her flight ticket and re-book her ticket again. She indicated, also since Kaylin is a minor, we would have to cancel one adult passenger as well. I got my sister Vonnie on 3-way conference call, taking her time off work and after representative A explain to us again what needs to be done in order to get Kaylin’s name change, we agree to only $75 fee that’s if we would get the same two tickets for the same price.

Once we were transfer to representative B to book the flight, I was surprised I had to repeat our booking number and even all the flight numbers so our family trip will match up with the existing group flights. Because there was lack of communication between representatives/agents, that took some time and we were advised she was unable to locate the same two tickets to re-book the flights, she apologized for any inconvenience, therefore due to negligence and incompetence on your agents, this caused us to cancel all our existing flights. I learned the change of tickets did not take place promptly to reserve the same 2 tickets for my sister and my niece tickets.

This issue, mistakes and lack of training by your representative/agents who has knowledge of the rules and regulations by not communicating with each other cause us inconvenience to cancel our trip. The frustration your agency caused us and my sister’s blood pressure has gone up. To top it off, after talking on phone for several hours, now with a supervisor, there was no resolution but a potential fee of $150 was exposed on us for your representative mistakes. The supervisor (Frani) was going to review the calls and promised to call me back the same day within 2 hours, by 9:15pm. Before hanging up with the supervisor, my sister expressed the fact that the mistakes from your representatives, we should not be charge any fees. I received no phone call that night.

The following day, on October 31, 2017, I called back to find out the status of this issue and if we are being charge any fees. I was able to speak to another supervisor, Sheila, who advised me that a fee of $150 was still pending on our account and she was unable to do anything about the fee on her level. After several more long holds, I asked to speak to her boss to get this resolve. I was on hold several times, and on now on the phone for more than 2 hours.

During the time I was on hold, I was beyond frustration. I looked up your corporate office to send this complaint. I could not believe how many complaints your company has on the website. I asked myself, what are you guys doing and what kind of business you are running? There are overwhelming complaints on your company and what are you doing about it.

Finally another senior supervisor (Adam ID 3376) got on the phone and advised me that he can not waived the $75 fee that will be charge on our account. I expressed my frustration for any customers who should not have to go through this and be charge for tickets we DID NOT get. To reiterate the promise by your representatives that did not happened. Customers should not pay for your representatives mistakes.

Definitely this should be reported to BBB, DOT, and consumers affairs. I’m sure this will not be the last complaint if nothing is going to change at your firm. The media would love to hear about so many consistent complaints brought to your company. Please look at this matter promptly as other customers should not be charge for your agents mistakes and inconvenience.




George E Sims October 23, 2017 at 10:21 am

Your company has extreme problems with customer service and booking issues, after trying to book a flight for 45 minutes and waiting your agent came back on the phone and said the flight was booked,but he would offer me the same flight at a higher rate please contact me a A.S.A.P


Luisa Corpuz October 23, 2017 at 3:24 am

My husband and I booked a flight to the Philippines leaving Phoenix, Arizona on December 27, 2017 & returning March 14, 2018, however, the JustFly agent (a male agent) put the departure date as October 27, 2017 instead. When I noticed the wrong date I called JustFly and spoke with Christine about the problem. She told me that the date could be changed but there’s a penalty & we need to pay the fare difference. I was very disappointed & furious. I told her that we should not be penalized for the error made by the agent & not pay for the fare difference either. The next day, 10/20/2018, I called again & spoke with Gem for the same problem. She mentioned that they need to listen to recorded conversation with the agent on the day of the booking. She advised me to sent an e-mail to the “verification dept.” a request to replay the recorded conversation which was on 10/10/2017. Also, she advised that it takes 24 to 72 hrs to get the results & if it’s verified that it’s the agent mistake, then the fees will be waived. I called again on 10/21/2018 @ 4:30pm & spoke with Kate to check on the update, no update, advised me to call after 24 hrs. I called again today 10/22 @ 10pm & spoke with Karen, still no update so I insisted to talk to a supervisor so she transferred me to Leo. It was very disappointing because he can’t make any decison & I need to call again tomorrow between 9am-5pm EST. Also, he told me that it takes up to 30 days for the dept. to work on the problem of which none of the other AGENTS had mentioned to me. The BBB needs to know about this COMPANY, how they treat their customers, giving them a run-around. Poor customer service!!!!


dr lindsey berkson October 18, 2017 at 9:09 pm

Your company is such a false advertising rip off I am shocked. I made a ticket tonight, Oct 18 2017, and within minutes after paying for the ticket and the extra $40 to be able to change my flight whenever i want, i realized i had made the wrong day home, one day longer than intended. I called and the man said i couldn’t change my ticket and i would have get refunded and loose $75 for doing so. I explained I just bought the ticket insurance and he said that’s just for medical which the site does not say. I wanted to speak with a supervisor I could hardy hear him with his accent. I waited for 35 minutes and gave up. you are a scam. I am going to put in a report to the better business burea tomorrow and i have a radio show that reaches 40,000 people and I am going to talk about how I got handled by your company. This company does not care about it’s customers at all. I have used you twice in the last two months and was expecting to use you again. NEVER again. Your employess are rude and your advertising is false.


Ross Dominique- October 13, 2017 at 1:18 pm

im writing to you for the reason that I went to book a flight and the dates came out wrong due to your computer server. I called and your customer rep was very rude and wanted to charge me a lot of money to change the dates and then a lot of money to cancel the booking. I spoke to a rep named Karen and said my money would be in my bank the next day., and that she would return a call the following day to help me book a flight so my wife and I can see her sick father.. no one has called me back as of this time and I feel that I will be calling the BBB, and my lawyer about this matter. if my wife misses her father being alive and its to late I will not stop.


Kevin K October 9, 2017 at 3:32 pm

A bad experience made worse by your terrible customer service, incompetence and unauthorized billing.

Our flight was cancelled to the Bahamas due to Hurricane Irma. Just Fly charged us $1351 for airfare, but never paid the air carriers. (So you have my money.)

When we called Silver Air they informed us it was not a problem to rebook our flight itinerary due to Hurricane Irma. All hurricane impacted travelers were being rebooked for the next 60 days at no charge however, since we used JustFly we needed to rebook the reservation through Just Fly whereby they receive a Waiver Code#. There were 8 seats available on the rebook flight we wanted.

JustFly said it could not be done because they had no record of the reservation even though I had the attached receipt below with booking and confirmation numbers. Remember I said flights were cancelled because of the hurricane, and the airline said we could rebook at no expense, but it had to be done by Just Fly. THERE WERE SEATS AVAILABLE AND SILVER HAD US IN TH SYSTEMS AS PASSENGERS FROM THE HURRICANE FLIGHT.

We at the same time rebooked our room reservations at the Cove Resort on Eleuthera Island. Again, Silver Airways said they had 8 seats available on the aircraft on the date we planned to leave. For two days and 9 hours I tried to get Just Fly to book that flight reservation. Just Flight had every excuse of not having records, couldn’t find the reservation, new employee that spoke broken english, etc. So finally, after having my virtue of patience completely exhausted, I set up a conference call with Just Fly and Silver Airlines. Silver Airlines informed JustFly exactly what they needed to do and we ended the call.

Just Fly then informed me that they only had one reservation for us for a single passenger and it was a return flight not the 2 full fare round trip tickets we booked through you for the hurricane flight. That was after they previously said we never booked a reservation. This was maddening.

By the third day I had lost it, the airline filled those last seats and we could not get out of the US to Eleuthera Island, Remember there were 8 seats available when this all started I have a paid reservation at the Cove Resort, I have my domestic flights round trip paid in full, plus car service paid in full. The last Just Fly Representative informed me they could not book us a flight until December, the earliest available flight. I called Silver Air and they say they had available flights on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday etc. The delays and incompetency of Just Fly caused me to forfeit my reservations. At a cost of nearly $8000.

JustFly just informed me I had to rebook all new flights in December at the new rates (no refunds or rescheduling) as there was still no record at JustFly of our reservation even though I provided you multiple times verbally along with a copy of the receipt of payment and your confirmation code (SEE BELOW). Just Fly just billed my credit card again, I am now forced to fight your charges through my bank and now file complaints to the Department of Transportation, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Consumer Affairs.

I will emphatically say, I will never use your company again. I want the full refund of the charges against me credit card immediately ($1351.28). I promise you for the aggravation and loss you put me through, I will make it my life’s work to get this refund I can assure you of that.

With these complaints I will be billing for my loss of business expense of the nearly 30 hours (see below what I do for a living). I can assure I am committed to getting this resolved and the total loss of the trip refunded from you, even if I have to take legal action with my legal counsel. I have never made a threat to a company in my life, but your total incompetence has changed that.

I want my money back NOW!

Justfly Booking Number: 070-260-792
Confirmation Number (Departure) : LJLEKB
Confirmation Number (Return) : VJDDVD


Departure Check-in with Jetblue Airways – Airline Confirmation #: LJLEKB

Charleston, SC (CHS) to North Eleuthera, Bahamas (ELH) 1 Stop

Jetblue Airways
Flight 1131

11:16am Sat. Sep 09 Charleston, SC (CHS)
12:57pm Sat. Sep 09 Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)

Airline Confirmation: LJLEKB

1h 18m Layover in Fort Lauderdale

Jetblue Airways
Flight 5486
Terminal 3

2:15pm Sat. Sep 09 Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)
3:30pm Sat. Sep 09 North Eleuthera (ELH)

Airline Confirmation: LJLEKB

Total Trip Time: 4h 14m Change Flights

Personal Item: FREE Carry-on: FREE 1st Bag: $25.00 2nd Bag: $35.00 More Baggage Details

Return Check-in with Silver Airways – Airline Confirmation #: VJDDVD

North Eleuthera, Bahamas (ELH) to Charleston, SC (CHS) 1 Stop

Silver Airways
Flight 84

2:11pm Sun. Sep 17 North Eleuthera (ELH)
3:30pm Sun. Sep 17 Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)

Airline Confirmation: VJDDVD

3h 11m Layover in Fort Lauderdale

Jetblue Airways
Flight 1130
Terminal 3

6:41pm Sun. Sep 17 Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)
8:23pm Sun. Sep 17 Charleston, SC (CHS)

Airline Confirmation: VEBOBQ

Total Trip Time: 6h 12m Change Flights

Personal Item: FREE Carry-on: FREE 1st Bag: $35.00 2nd Bag: $50.00 More Baggage Details


Date Receipt # Details Amount
August 28, 2017 #64234602 View Receipt
$1351.28 USD
Total: $1351.28 US

Name E-ticket
Jetblue Airways: 279-8691952664
Silver Airways: 449-8691952679
Jetblue Airways: 279-8691952665
Silver Airways: 449-8691952680


Christine October 9, 2017 at 1:42 pm

I booked a ticket for my daughter online .JustFly issued ticket with wrong last name . Will not refund my ticket -spent 2 hours on phone with a run around on how they did not know the process to process name change . Then said 75.00 $ to change and 25 $ from airline . But had no idea if airline would change name . Oh my god like I’m the only person that ‘‘tis happened to . Read reviews how the justfly issues incorrect tickets and scams you out of money , never use this site ever


Ernestine Gordon September 29, 2017 at 4:46 pm

I am writing to complain about a statement on your site that stated ” get up to $19 extra off if you book today”. Because of this statement I booked my ticket. There was no additional amount taken off, also I upgraded my ticket for $17.50 in order to get a seat selection and was charged an additional $14.50 for a seat. I called customer service and spoke to three different people who could not help me. I was informed that I must pay a fee if I cancel, but your site states that one can cancel within 24 hours or pay for an extended cancellation. I am very upset with justfly and have been a loyal customer over the years, who recommended the site to others. I am very upset over this increase in price..


John Tebbets September 25, 2017 at 8:56 pm

To Matthew Keezer – CEO, Nick Hart – CFO and Eric Parent – COO, I had to cancel my flight for 9/16, I purchase the ticket on 9/10/17 and cancelled it on 9/11/17. I had also purchased Travel Insurance, CSA Policy # 17254W5343. Policy Confirmation Letter G-AIRD01 GAIRD01212D. I was charged a cancellation fee, I was ok with that.I was told by your customer service rep/supervisor, Xyra was her name she spelled it for me, what they would be refunding to our bank card in 7 – 10 business days. We are still missing $143.93 that that is due back to our bank card.
According to the customer rep I spoke with today, 9/25/17 at 5:15 pm PST stated they have already refunded ALL the monies to our bank account, and she would not let me speak to someone who could help me, I asked for the supervisor Xyra. The rep on the phone said she was helping me and that she did not need to get anyone else.

So Gentlemen what do we need to do to Resolve this issue?
I look forward to hearing from you or someone who can help resolve this issue.

Best Regards,
John Tebbets
925 813-XXXX


Randy Stevenson September 20, 2017 at 4:13 pm

Your company just ripped me off. I booked a flight on line from Chicago on 9/21/17 set to return from Atlanta on 9/24/17. I called customer service to see if we could get a later flight home from Atlanta The customer service rep said she could help and switch our return flight from Atlanta. Just realized she booked another set of flights for that time frame. I called Justfly and hot no resolve. At least give me a voucher for a future flight. Who books two flights for the same days? I could barely understand the people I have spoken with. It is clear they did not understand my intent although my request was clear. Please advise how this issue is resolved

Randy Stevenson


Robert Grasso September 20, 2017 at 12:22 pm

I booked a flight to the Ukraine for Sept 5 and returning Sept 16. My Fiance who lives in the Russian controlled area of eastern Ukraine was detained at their border and was informed she needed a special permit to travel to Kiev, More political bulls**t from Putin. I had to cancel my trip and after contacting four JustFly. com associates , and paying $150.00 processing fee for a one year credit, I finally got ‘Vic employee number 6031 to get me a written credit stating the amount of credit and of course the rebooking fee, But of course he left off the fact I have one year to use this credit. This procedure looks very fraudulent and suspicious. You people collect the process fee for issuig the credit but it is like pulling teeth with your company in getting anything in writing of our credits and the terms for this credit, THIS IS A VERY BAD WAY TO DO BUSY. i AM ASKING FOR SOMETHING IN WRITING STATING THE TIME PERIOD OF MY CREDIT IS ONE YEARS AS ALL OF YOUR ASSOCIATES STATED TO ME ON THE PHONE.


Eric C. Nash August 30, 2017 at 12:52 pm

I’m an Indiana State Trooper with the Indiana State Police in the United States. I’m currently working a credit card fraud where a credit card was used on the web site of justfly to purchase anywhere from 2 to 4 flights and attempted to purchase upwards of 13 flights. I’m requesting information as to where to send a subpoena and who to send it to in order for me to get the information on the individual that made these reservations/purchases. The telephone number to the state police post I work from in Bloomington Indiana is 1-812-332-4411. Any assistance in the matter would be greatly appreciated. I also would request this is conducted as quickly as possible. Thank you Eric Nash


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