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Jordan’s Furniture Corporate Office

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Jordan's Furniture Corporate Office Address

Jordan's Furniture, Inc.
450 Revolutionary Drive
East Taunton, Massachusetts 02718

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Phone Number: (508) 828-4000
Fax Number: (508) 580-5953
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Date Founded:
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CEO: Eliot Tatelman
CFO: Steve Wholley
COO: Peter Bolton

Jordan's Furniture History

Jordan’s Furniture is a full service furniture store that operates mainly in the New England states. Founded in 1918 in Waltham, Massachusets, by Samuel Tatelman, who began by selling handmade furniture out of the back of his truck. When Samuel’s son Edward joined the business, the company opened its first store.

Today, the company has 7 locations and is owned by the Berkshire Hathaway company, who acquired the business in 1999. Eliot Tatelman is the last remaining son still employed at the company. Grandson’s of Tatelman speculate that their grandfather simply pulled the company name out of a hat, as the origin is unknown.

The company is best known for their springtime advertising stunts, which generally include some feat performed by the Boston Red Sox. In 2007, the company offered a full refund on certain pieces of furniture if the Red Sox won the world series. Company headquarters are located in East Taunton, Massachusetts.


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