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hhgregg Corporate Office Address

hhgregg, Inc.
4151 E 96th St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

Contact hhgregg

Phone Number: (317) 848-8710
Fax Number: (317) 848-8723
Website: http://www.hhgregg.com
Email: Email hhgregg

hhgregg Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

hhgregg Executives

CEO: Robert James Riesbeck CPA
CFO: Kevin Kovacs
COO: Samuel Johnson

hhgregg History

hhgregg, also known as Gregg Appliances, was founded in 1955 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Henry Harold Gregg and his wife Fansy.  They initially sold home appliances but soon expanded to televisions and other electronics.

In 1971, a second store was opened in Kokomo.  A third store was opened the same year on the south side of Indianapolis.  In 1973, a fourth store opened in Anderson.

In 1975, Jerry W. Throgmartin began working at his grandfather’s company in middle school.  He eventually became CEO of hhgregg.

In 1984, the company purchased Famous State Sales out of Nashville.  This was their first expansion outside Indiana.

Dennis May succeeded Throgmartin as CEO in 2009.

In 2004, the company opened Fine Lines, a chain of stores that carries premium appliance brands.

In 2007, the company went public on the NYSE under symbol HGG.

Today, hhgregg operates over 200 stores in 18 states.

The Company filed for bankruptcy and closed all locations in April of 2017. It is unknown at this time if they will reopen.

hhgregg FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for hhgregg?
Answer 1: The phone number for hhgregg is (317) 848-8710.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of hhgregg?
Answer 2: The CEO of hhgregg is Robert James Riesbeck CPA.

Question 3: Who founded hhgregg?
Answer 3: hhgregg was founded by in .

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Jessie July 31, 2017 at 8:04 pm

Who are we supposed to contact about warranty on tablets ? Does anyone have their warranty company line ?


Keith Felix July 11, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Am really sadden to know that the review that I just read is for HHGregg. I have invested quite some money in purchases from this company. All the appliances in my house came from this HHGregg and was bought and paid for. My Kitchen Aid Refrigerator was purchase on 6/16/2013 with a 5 year Extended contract. In December 2016 it stopped working, I had appointments from 12/23 to 1/27/2017 till they got the refrigerator working again. All this time am out of refrigerating service in my home. In May of 2017 the refrigerator stopped working again for the same reason, my contract does not expire till 2018. A tech from “All Appliance Repair”, came to my house on 7/7/2017 arriving here late in the afternoon after waiting for the appt time between 8am to 12Noon. He did not touch the Refrigerator, but told us the floor was uneven and then gave a lecture and left. The floor was barely uneven, we fix that and we unplug the refrigerator for 12hours and the refrigerator still remain the same. I cannot put down what this man told me to do, but if you are interested give me a reply to this email. It is a total disgrace, I have tried calling the number this morning and the phone is being picked up and place back on the receiver for PH#1-800-284-7344. I have an order#8688439-00 from the service call from 7/7/2017 – PH#404-642-5265, I have called this # today and it went into voice mail and I left a message, because all operators are busy, what a joke. If you guys cannot service your contracts why not turn them over to Kitchen Aid. This is the worst customer service I have had from you guys since you are going out of Business.

Please give me some feed back to this e-mail.


Marty July 11, 2017 at 1:18 pm

WE ARE LIVID!!!!!!! Is there ANY way to get in touch with someone who may be tying up loose ends st hhgregg????? It’s a long story but WARRENTECH is HORRENDOUS!!!! I refuse and cannot deal with them!!!!! Washing machine issue that has been fixed 3 times in 4 years and we purchased the extended warranty that expires in Nov of this year. The warranty says that after 3 times you will get a brand new one. Warrentech is unavailable time and time again!!!! And the last time I was able to speak to someone they said No we cannot and will not replace it!!!! Can anyone help me PLEASE!!!! A phone number for SOMEONE at hhgregg? Or a higher level supervisor at Warrentech?????


Denise August 15, 2017 at 8:45 am

Trying to get in touch with HHGregg about extended warranty. The phone is not even service. Wow! Purchased a 5 year warranty for my washer and dryer. I quess that’s money
down the drain.


Tammy Robinson August 15, 2017 at 1:57 pm

Denise – the company is out of business.


angela September 12, 2017 at 5:35 pm

this really saddens me.i have been trying to contact hhgreggs by phone and by email for over 4 months about my dyer that I purchased less than year ago on an hhgreggs credit card.how would they like it if I just stopped paying!!!


Tammy Robinson September 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm

Angela – Sorry to tell you, but hhgregg went out of business in April of 2017.


Regina Stewart September 2, 2017 at 4:19 pm

The best thing I can tell you is to call your better business bureau. Make sure you even contact your attorney General. These are all great resources for help with this.


Wyndi Otey-Marshall July 7, 2017 at 11:47 pm

I purchased a Samsung Fridge from HHGreg along with a 5 year extended warranty. They have since gone out of business but I was told my warranty would be honored. I spent over 4 & 1/2 hours on hold trying to reach someone at Warrentech. A total of over 8 hours trying to find someone to help & Samsung was definitly no help at all. The fridge is only 14 months old & not working. I will never purchase another Samsung product again. This is a joke at customer expense & with HHGreg out of business they aren’t loosing sleep over it. Warrentect apparently only has a couple people to answer phones & don’t seem to care if they help or not as they do not answer their phones. I hope to figure out a way to be reimbersed for the cost of the fridge & the worthless warranty I was sold along with it..


dorothy saggese June 28, 2017 at 11:52 am

I purchased a high end LG refrgerator 2 years ago. and have had numerous issues. Parts are in short supply and in some cases have waited for 2 weeks for repair due to parts not being available, poor phone customer service…they have no clue as to how to help with an authorized repair company, by not indicating the issue with the refrigerator, when it was given to them in detail in a phone conversation…
Even the repair company said that LG was the poorest supplier with whom they work for providing parts in a timely manner.


Matt August 3, 2017 at 8:22 am

I laugh when you say “high end LG”


Angela Lewis May 24, 2017 at 6:01 pm

I wish that I had known about these comments ahead of time. To be honest every time I asked for support with one of their lousy appliances I got great service. Now I am livid. I waited 6 weeks just to get a tech to visit my house! Finally I was told that the part was not available! I called a service agent with an additute that told me I had a repair agreement and that I will have to wait to see if they can find my part. I lost it! I understand your frustration. I have purchased a stove, small appliances, a dryer and a dishwasher from them. Based on this experience and this web site I will never ever purchase anything from them again!!!’


Jazmine May 21, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Me and my Fiancé bought a Samsung Smart TV from the Savannah location not even a full month ago. We were told we had a month to come back and pick it up and when we went to pick up the TV, they sold our TV to someone else. I want my TV. Thats not fair, they should not have been able to sale a TV that was already purchased in your system. Now we are having a hard time trying to get our money back. I would like for someone to help me get my TV. This is not right at all.


william d. May 12, 2017 at 10:25 am

BEWARE!!!! Although I think it may be too late to warn people since most stores are closing. We have a fridge that we bought in 2012. We purchased a 5 yr service agreement as well. Started smelling burning plastic, called customer service, told them about the smell, we were told “we don’t come out for smells”. No food odor, PLASTIC. Called the next day was told again ” we don’t come out for smells”. On the 3rd day we had NO FRIDGE. it had stopped working. This time we were told to contact a company that would arrange coming out to our home to fix it. Called Apex we were told by them that because of snow they could not come out for 7-10 days, Have you ever tried living out of coolers for 7-10 days? I called customer service back and they said that the reimbursement department would reimburse us our money for another company to fix our fridge. We were told by this company that the control board burned up and that is what the smell was. Long story short, the fridge is working however, the smell of plastic is still in the fridge because where the control board was located is up inside of the fridge, so the smell will never come out of the fridge.I have written a letter to the CEO of HH Goofs and still have not heard a word. I have filed a complaint with the BBB with no help at all. All we are asking is for a fridge that does not smell or our money back to buy one that does not smell. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Ever hear of the word Karma? Well that is what happens when you are mean to people. And their Karma was store closings. HH GOOFS oh I mean Gregg, what a failure as a business. I wonder what the owners would think about all of these complaints. Wish there was a way of talking to them. They probably don’t even know what is going on.


Jessica Stachurski May 7, 2017 at 4:09 pm

The guys running your Ft Myers store and the DM of that region are running an illegal operation! The sold us a fridge last night and set up delivery for today. The delivery never came. After calling twice we learned that “the truck broke down” and they weren’t going to do any more deliveries. We rent a UHAUL and go to the store to pick it up. The fridge is damaged!! There is a massive scratch on the front and the water dispenser is cracked plus the water tray and inside is dirty! The fridge we looked at and purchased did not look like this last night- we would have simply picked another one if it had!! The store manager will not allow us to pick another fridge for the same price or another one and pay the price difference- they say we’re stuck with the damaged one even thought it wasn’t damaged when we purchased it. THIS IS ILLEGAL! Going out of business does not excuse you from abiding by the law and if you think I will simply accept this you are very, very wrong.


W. Peavy April 24, 2017 at 2:26 pm

I have a $200 and a $100 reward card that I tried to use to buy a TV for my 87 year old mother today. I’m disappointed, not to mention totally put out, that the store will not honor them. This store has been nothing but one bad decision after another. I want my $300!


Vivian Pope April 18, 2017 at 1:46 am

The people who work for this company are liars and thieves. We purchased a computer and an extended warranty. The computer broke–the company they sent to repair it almost caught my home on fire. Then they said they would return on a little over $500.00 to us. The rest would have to be used as store credit. The check we got today was for less than $300.00 dollars. Will never do business with any company that hires any of these people to work for them…they have ran this company into bankruptcy with their evil ways.


Vivian Pope April 18, 2017 at 1:54 am



Amanda September 17, 2017 at 7:11 pm

Please help! How do you file with the bankruptcy? We have 2 washers we bought top loader and pedistool washer plus dryer last October with extended warranties. We are have issues with pedistool washer and I can’t get ahold of nobody to fix it!


Bonnie March 28, 2017 at 12:00 pm

BUYER BEWARE! In my experience, hhgregg corporate office does not stand by the operations of its retail stores or it’s purported organizational mission. The lack of commitment to customer service and satisfaction that I have observed is staggering.
It took 2 additional months to receive my oven as a result of repeated errors within the hhgregg organization. During that time, I spent countless hours waiting for deliveries that never arrived and navigating the cumbersome organizational structure trying to find someone – anyone – willing to take responsibility for resolving the problem. A regional manager did offer a relatively small refund of a portion of the sales price due to the expense their failure passed on to me but then didn’t even fully deliver on that. In response to my request thru the BBB for an explanation, the response was basically to try to find out for myself.
And, while I found the BBB process to be overly slow and not fully responsive, if you choose to utilize it, go through the Indianapolis Better Business Bureau because corporate has all of the others forwarded to that location anyway.


Jennifer Snead March 25, 2017 at 7:23 am

Unfortunately I didn’t think to check these before we went and bought a dishwasher ($900.00). “Special Order” on 3/5/17, it is now 3/25/17 and still no dishwasher!! Called multiple times to the Anderson SC store only to be made promises for information and updates that never were done. I will be getting a refund, canceling this order and going to Lowe’s to purchase.


Vic Winkler March 27, 2017 at 3:01 pm

I am about to contact my credit card company and refer to this as fraud or defective.

MY invoice: N236–17417

You installed a new refrigerator in DEMO MODE. That means it did not cool and that spoiled all our food. Your various phone numbers (service, delivery, store) do not bring any resolution. One guy offered me $150 for $1000 worth of spoiled food. Until that moment I would have been happy getting $650. Not any more.

What can you do to fix this?

703 622 XXXX vic winkler


Bonnie March 28, 2017 at 12:05 pm

If you have not received it yet, definitely follow through on cancelling through your credit card. (I was told by one hhgregg store that even if they agree to issuing a refund it can take a couple of weeks because of the chain it has to go through. The credit card company should be able to immediately adjust your account so that you can purchase elsewhere.) When the item I ordered kept being a no-show on delivery date it was blamed by the store on the computer system. Unless you believe in Computers Gone Wild!, it is just organizational incompetence and will not be quickly resolved.


Deniset Estevez March 23, 2017 at 10:50 am

Best advise I can ever give you. Don’t buy from this company ever! You will avoid lots if stress. I placed an order on line for over $1,500. They sent me an email that they will be sending me another email with a tracking number once the items shipped. I never got a tracking number. Half of the items have not been received. I’ve called the customer service number that appears on the order for three straight days. The waiting time has been over 25 to 30 minutes. I’ve had to hang up because I have other things to do. Today, I finally waited for 25 minutes and when an agent answered he asked for the order number and told me he would track it . After waiting 7 minutes on hold, he tracked the package, he hangs up on me. How long does it take to track a package? So, I decided to call headquarters and wait for 18 minutes till I got a very kind and courteous gentleman, Sal. He tried his best but the whole system is a disaster. He showed my item was shipped and never received. What! They took it from my front door. No. It turns out the items were out of stock and never shipped. I was never even notified. Disaster! I’m writing the review while I’m still on hold…that’s how long they take. My phone ran out of battery. Now they are trying to have the items shipped from a store. Lets see how that works out. How is customer service ….first priority


jennifer wheeler March 21, 2017 at 5:34 pm

Still waiting on a refund for a product purchased back in November as a Christmas present. Product was an iPad pro and each week we had to call in to check on status update. Paid in full with cash for a backordered product. Went in to the Fort Wayne store in February and manager told us that they would not be getting any in and they would refund by check. That it would take 5-10 business days to receive. That was a month ago. Corporate has not called us back and we are getting the run around at the fort wayne store. This is a load of bull. Had we not kept up on this they would of never let us know what was going on. We should have been given our money back in cash at the store. It does not take a month to send out a check. Another check should of been sent to us. We are still waiting and wasting our time on this because no one is of any help. I am about to go to the local news station with this. We have spent a lot of money with HHGregg over the years but not anymore.


Susan G Diaz March 21, 2017 at 10:38 am

You have now tired after 50 + days tried to return the product to me and I have stated in an e-mail two times now I WANT A REFUND !!!!! Shoty business practice. Money back and I’ll be done with this mess!!!


jennifer wheeler March 21, 2017 at 5:29 pm

Good luck getting your money back. My husband bought an iPad pro back in November and had to wait for it to come in. Calling them every week to check in on it just for them to say that they either did not know when it would be in or it was on the next truck. Last month he went in and the manager told him they would not be getting anymore in and they would need to refund us our money by check. He paid with cash. That was a month ago and we have not received a check. We keep getting the run around. Next step for me is calling our local news station.


Matthew March 18, 2017 at 11:47 am

I had bought a Samsung home theater system with a Blue-Ray DVD player and bought the extended warranty; after several warranty repairs, it was finally done and it could not be fixed and I receive a refund of the full purchase price and I used this to buy another home theater system, but LG brand, as they had no Samsung of equal quality. I bought the extended warranty for this; after several repairs, this finally was not able to be fixed, and another refund was credited. I check the local store and online, and there was no home theater system that had a Blue-Ray DVD player. I called the local store to request a check, and they stated they could not send me a check and could only do store credit, and that I had to call the corporate office to get a check. I called 317.848.8710 and requested a check and mention that my local store nor online had any systems. The Rep was very rude and stated that I needed to go to other stores (which are father away) to see if they have systems, in order to get the full purchase price or they could send me a check for way less, based on what the repair cost was estimated at by the warranty shop handling my system. I ended up heading to one of the stores, and they had none as well. Due to this, I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the Rep recommended doing the same with the Attorney General Office, and I am waiting on a response to see what my options are. It sad to find out that corporate is not willing to refund a check for the full amount, even though there are no equal quality or better system to choose from. But, after doing search results, I have come to find out that hhgregg are closing many stores across the nation, but every store I went to — looks like they are in the works of closing as well, even though they are not on the list of 88 official stores closings… Now I understand why they do not wish to help anyone!


Michele March 18, 2017 at 11:47 am

I spent $6500 on an appliance package. They delivered the appliances on Friday and installed my gas range incorrectly. They did not install the conversion kit to make it compatable with propane. On Saturday morning when i turned the oven on to use for the first time, my house filled with a gas odor. I immediately turned the oven off and called the store where i purchased the appliances. The automated props first took me to LG, they are the ones that informed me about the conversion kit. They directed me back to the store so that i could have someone come back out and install it correctly. I have been shifted back and forth to several people, none of which want to help me. Instead they want to tell me its my fault for not telling them i need a conversion kit. How was i to know? Shouldnt their people explain that to ne during the sales process? I dont work there. I dont install ovens. It is not my job. I even had one person tell me they are not trained to install the kit! Why would yoi sell a product, and sell the installation of that product if you are not trained to install it? Then they said they would look for a team in the area to come out and intall it. You mean, look for a team to come out and do a job they dont know how to do? And im still waiting for that return phone call to say they are coming. Very frustrated and minutes away from returning everything. Please help!!!!


Darlene March 11, 2017 at 2:57 pm

Having problems with scheduling service under extended warranty 2 times. 1st time dryer was made to order part and then because I put knob on and how was written up couldn’t place call under warranty provided number for a company used and couldn’t get service through them ended up calling appliance company and paying for repair that should of been covered under warranty. 2nd called and since I wasn’t at home in front of appliance couldn’t schedule don’t understand that since was able to pull on info up in system so went on line schedule appointment through GE and ending up paying for service call and discounted labor once again on something I paid for that should of been covered by warranty needed my washer since I was on weight restriction due to surgical procedure which made going to laundry mat not a option
Both times customer service very unfriendly and frustrated me to be very unfriendly back which is something I try not to do.


Robin Hovermale March 10, 2017 at 11:28 am

I purchased over 7,000 worth of furniture from HHGregg prior to them announcing their closing of their stores. I have only receive part of my order. I am not being told them the rest of my order was is not coming. I only have part of my living room furniture. They should have to complete all of the orders that were made prior to their liquidation. The customer service that the sale associates are giving to their customer now is unacceptable and the corporate office should be stepping in to handle some of these issues and making sure that the customers are getting what they paid for. No one want to help on getting these issued resolved. but I paid for my furniture and I want what I paid for not just part of my furniture.


Gretchen March 9, 2017 at 3:48 pm

I placed an order online 3/2 for a closeout dining set in NC. Paid for it. Said it would be available to pick up 3/9 from our Apex store. Hadn’t received an email so I decided to call the store and was told by Daniel that they don’t have it. Called customer service and spent 30 minutes on hold. The person that answered my call was incredibly rude and she stated she was a supervisor. She said that the inventory must have been off and even though I paid for it basicall all she can do is refund my money. She said she can’t do anything else. I sold my other table expecting this. I have no table set for my kids to sit on. If the inventory is wasn’t there I shouldn’t have been able to purchase the item. That’s not my fault and should be given and option for another similar set for the same price because of the complaints mistake. HHgregg needs to make this right. Upsale!!! The person handling my call was so disrespectful and Rude. Never again will I order from here.
Order# 9811324733


Michael Loalbo March 7, 2017 at 8:58 pm

We spent $6000 on Kitchen Aid appliances from HH Gregg in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 2/11/17. We were waiting to have them delivered when our kitchen renovation was complete.
You announced last week that all S. Florida stores are closing. I immediately contacting our salesperson who assured me there wouldn’t be a problem and we could have them delivered at our convenience. We are now ready to receive our appliances and move into the house this month.
Today, we were notified by the store that they WILL NOT honor our contract because Kitchen Aid is not shipping to HH Gregg in S. Florida. They told us to cancel our order, get a refund, and buy them elsewhere. This is completely unacceptable! We need an IMMEDIATE answer from management on how you’ll resolve this to our satisfaction. My husband’s company receives a 10% discount at HH Gregg and we took advantage of President’s Day Sale. Per our contract, we DEMAND the appliances we ordered, delivered in the next week, for the price we paid.


Deliaj February 28, 2017 at 1:12 pm

I have had a terrible experience with HH Gregg. I purchased a dishwasher there in July 2016 and it has already broken (February 2017). I tried reaching out to the manufacturer (Samsung, who I will also NEVER buy a product from them again), and they have been absolutely no help. They put me in touch with a terrible appliance company in my area, Lee Appliance Center or something like that, and first, neither they nor Samsung told me that my machine needed to be removed by us before coming out, so they made a wasted trip, then we rescheduled to the only other day they were available (it was Monday and we scheduled for Thursday, you see that awful little company only will drive 10 miles down the road 2 days a week in a 4 hour window, so 8 hours out of a total of 168 hour week) but then I got the flu, so I rescheduled my apt to the following Monday out of courtesy to them. Unfortunately, they called me on Sunday when I was in the hospital to confirm, didn’t leave me a voicemail on either of my phones, so I thought they were coming on Monday. Turns out, because I didn’t answer the phone when they called, they just thought it was okay to not show up and not make any other steps to reach back out to me. They just cancelled my apt without knowing why I wasn’t there. Then they had the gall to tell me it was my fault that I was in the hospital I didn’t answer the phone. I could even hear the technician in the background at 9am MOnday morning, clearly he had time to come out, telling his wife that it was all my fault. Yes, because I was so happy to be in the hospital with the flu. I was FURIOUS. So I called Samsung and asked for another company because that first company was terrible to work with. The second company didn’t have any availablilty, the third and final company that would come out to my area (why are there only 3 company’s that serve the Washington metro area!!!!) wasn’t answering the phone. So they put me on a to call list and I still have not heard from anyone and it’s been over 24 hours now. I have now been without a dishwasher for almost 3 weeks. I called HH GRegg and they were absolutely no help. IN fact, they are blaming my husband who was a GC for over 15 years for installing the DW wrong and said they cannot help me because he installed it. Then, the store manager proceeded to bash me in front of his coworkers by telling them that it was all my fault because I didn’t answer that other company’s phone call when I was in the hospital, and it was my fault because I didn’t call them back! Why would I call them back when I am sick in bed with the flu and no one left me a message! We get 100 telemarketing calls a day, why would I call back any of those numbers if they didn’t leave me a message! The Manassas, VA store manager was rude and disrespectful and I will never go to HH Gregg or Samsung again after this. I paid for a 5 year warranty that is useless and it is clear the manufacturer’s warranty that Samsung has is absolutely useless if you live in an area like the Washington/DC metro area. Do not shop at HH Gregg or buy another Samsung product unless you want to replace it yourself in the very near future and spend a lot more money. Their products are junk, their customer service is horrendous, and they disrespect their customers.


Chasity Westwater February 25, 2017 at 11:29 am

We ordered all new kitchen appliances with HH Gregg 6 weeks ago for delivery today. We got confirmation 2 days ago and yesterday that all was well and ready to go. This morning, only the fridge was available for delivery. The store manager, Chris, in North Olmsed, was rude and unwilling to help. Apparently, we have to wait for the sales associate who sold us the set to come in to work to get anything moving. The delivery guy said this happens all of the time.


Edgar Duque February 23, 2017 at 2:25 pm

So purchased New washer and dryer appliances from hhgregg / hhgregg and after a no call, no show one day I tried canceling my Order. First rep hung up on me , second rep was friendly but could not assist me . Recommended to cancel In store. Horrible, horrible service overall, this is a great way to run a business to the ground . Beware of buying appliances from HHGREGG….Thank you for the eye opener , Lowes he I come.


Eric February 23, 2017 at 8:53 pm

The most horriblest shopping experience ever


Jeanne Menendez February 19, 2017 at 2:45 pm

To: Mr. Robert Riesbeck, President and CEO HH Gregg

PLEASE ASSIST ME. My husband is undergoing chemotherapy. I must keep everything environmentally extremely clean.

Prior to his treatment starting we went to your Alpharetta, GA store and purchased a KitchenAid, heavy duty dishwasher, KDTE254ESS. That date was 01-27-2017, invoice 8835-005894. No one can tell me when it will be here. I have spoken to Mike Littleton, Store Mgr., and Kevin Becerra General Mgr., Mohammad, and Mbu.

We had a previous large purchase from this store and returned because of the excellent service. We find it hard to believe that a phone call can not be made to the Warehouse, or Vendor with a timeframe. Our schedule is full with doctor appointments and we are scheduled this Tuesday, by you all to have it installed. It still is not there!

I wanted this model and not a cheap one because of the efficiency and effectiveness. Please provide me with some answers as to WHEN I can expect it installed. I truly need it!

I look forward to your answer and appreciate you handling this in an expeditious manner.

Thank you,
Jeanne Menendez


Vincent Scarpino February 7, 2017 at 12:53 pm

The york pa store is being run by a hostile lady that is running good sales people out. The manager should be fire and so should this Metria woman. I will never buy again there and with seeing 135 minimum patients a day I will pass this on. I’ve heard this woman make statements about how stupid the American people are. This is disgusting!!!!


Harry Pitts February 1, 2017 at 12:34 pm

I purchased a 5 yr warranty with HH Gregg and spoke with warranty company to try to have someone repair the electronic display panel on my Whirlpool refrigerator. I spoke with repairman who basically told me I needed to schedule at his time or that was it. This guy was not immenable nor professional. Contacted corporate office a week has passed no response. Contacted store to speak with store manager and he refused to give me regional managers contact information. This is unheard for a company to do business like this and still be around. This has been an utter nightmare!!!


William allen January 22, 2017 at 8:50 pm

This company has the worst customer service of anywhere I know!! Buyer beware!! People who purchased the extended warranty should get together and file a class action lawsuit. They run you around when you try to obtain service and he Gregg will not stand behind it. After purchasing washer dryer refrigerator stove microwave dishwasher and 3 tvs at one time I will never purchase another item from them!!! This place is nothing but a scam!!!!


Robert Woods January 18, 2017 at 4:04 am

We bought an appliance package for $3,200 the end of December. It was delivered on time but the dishwasher had to have a new water shut off valve installed. The installer said they could do it for $125. The next day it started leaking and I had to get a plumber in to fix the new valve. This is where it breaks down. Called the installation/delivery company and wanted the money returned, told nothing they could do and hh Gregg should have told us we would need a plumber. Called the hh Gregg store in Langhorne PA where I bought the appliances. Have spoken with assistant manager “John ” and manager “Paul” about the situation several times. They tell me they can’t get in touch with the installation company which seems like total bull. I can’t fathom that a major retailer doesn’t have a number for their installation company. Probably worse than this is that john and Paul (particularly Paul) have assured me they would call me back on several occasions but I have never been contacted. I have never experienced customer service like this from a supposedly major company. I wish I would have went to Best Buy. Lowes or anyone else at this point. I will never buy from HH Gregg again and you know what. I don’t believe they care one bit. Do yourself a favor and never shop at the Langhorne PA store and with this service I would suggest staying away from HH Gregg in general.


Dave Hardy January 17, 2017 at 9:58 am

Poor customer service after the sale from the Winchester, VA store. On 10 December 2016, my wife and I shopped for a Bosch dishwasher at the Winchester, VA store. A salesman showed us in in store models and we determined that we needed to order a non-stocked item. The salesman, who was not very knowledgeable, was assisted by another salesman who was experienced in answering our questions and completing the order. The knowledgeable salesman stated the dishwasher should take 10 days to two weeks to arrive, and then could be installed within a week. When we had not heard anything for three weeks, we called and the store’s warehouse had not received the item. Another week pasted and a store salesman called to state our dishwasher was in, but couldn’t be installed for over a week since they only did installations twice a week and the following week was filled. On Sunday, 15 January 2017, the third party installer picked up a dishwasher from the Winchester store and proceeded to our home to do the installation. After removing the old dishwasher, the installer brought the new dishwasher into the house – the Winchester store gave him the wrong model after telling the installer that he had verified the model number. I then called the store to inform them of the mistake and determine when I could get my ordered dishwasher installed – they could not provide me a timeframe. The installer then went back to the Winchester store, a 50 minute trip in each direction, and pick up the ordered item. The installer, a third party contractor, was very good. The installer stated that hhgreg had charged me for a installation kit – items that were already furnished by Bosch. In summary, the Winchester store’s customer service after the sale and warehouse support was very poor. They have lost my future business.


Mike Dramis January 8, 2017 at 11:47 am

Big 0 poor customer service worst I have ever seen. Escalated to James Riesbeck and Samuel Johnson no resolution not even an acknowledgement. Buyer beware don’t shop with them.


Anonymous Hhgregg distribution center employee December 29, 2016 at 1:27 pm

I’m an associate off the Hhgregg distribution center. This is is the worse place to ever order anything from…
The people that work here in this office do not give a sh*t about customer satisfaction. There is no real organization and the only thing the supervisors care about are having sex with other associates in bathrooms. Its pathetic and I’d never order anything from here.


Judy Metzler December 28, 2016 at 10:31 am

My name is Judy Metzler, on December 26th 2016 my husband and I went to hhgreg store in Hamilton OH on Princeton Road to purchase a new washer and dryer to replace the set we purchased from the same store 12 years ago. We HAD been satisfied with the store until today 12/28/16. This is what I posted on FACEBOOK: We just got screwed by HHG Hamilton Store. Paid in full for a new washer and dryer to be delivered today the we purchased on our hhgreg card. . But due to a computer glitch it showed that is was a COD. Now we have to wait until 1/2/17. The store manager Carol could not do anything to help us EVEN THOUGH it is not our fault. We have no way to do laundry with 5 people in the house. Be very wary when you buy something that needs to be delivered- they lie and are not helpful at all. We went to Lowes in Hamilton and purchased the same set and it will be delivered 12/29/16- Lowe’s are working us into their delivery schedule which was not an option for hhgreg Hamilton.
We have purchased all of our appliances and TV’s from this store. We will no longer purchase from the Hamilton OH store and probably not another hhgreg store. You have lost our business and we intend to spread the word of your poor customers service.


Naseer January 3, 2017 at 9:34 am

I wish I had read these


David Day January 5, 2017 at 2:56 pm

Wish I had read about these issues before working with hh gregg. Every complaint I have read, I believe to be true and accurate.
They provide the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
After purchasing our product (5 appliances) we set up a delivery date of 12/31/16. On the morning of 12/31 we called the warehouse. We were not on the schedule. After much discussion we were assured delivery on 1/2/17. Two pieces were delivered and installed. Called the warehouse to determine when the remaining pieces would be delivered. Tomorrow! Yeah. NO. On 1/4/2017 called to determine where our appliances were. Spoke with warehouse, and salesman. We were assured delivery on 1/6/2017. Called warehouse today to confirm delivery. We were NOT on the list. Spoke with salesman. One piece was not in stock, so he assured us we will see delivery on 1/7/2017.
I asked the salesman what assurances we have for delivery. Just a promise salesman could assure NOTHING. I was asked if I wished to speak to the appliance manager(for the store) for his assurance. Even the salesman indicated the Manager does not have any impact on the warehouse. The warehouse does as it wishes.
NO ONE will contact the customer regarding changes to product or delivery.

What a horrible company.
Should we not get our product on Saturday, I indicated that I am prepared to go to the store with my trailer and pick up the appliances from the display models at the store.


Terri Souders January 27, 2017 at 11:35 am

I wish I would have read these as well. Also just purchased a full set of Kitchen appliances on 1/2/17 and have not been happy with their service at ALL and also feel like the store manager has no power to do anything.


Robinette Acklin December 20, 2016 at 2:41 pm

Dear CEO: Dennis L. May,

My name is Robinette Acklin and I have been in your Schaumburg, IL store seven(7) times in the last two weeks trying to get a TV that has be advertise for the last two weeks. On Sunday December 18th I was the very first customer in the store when it opened to get the TV and was told you didn’t have any more and would get some on Monday the 19th. I went into the store last night to get the TV that I was told would be there, I looked around for the TV but didn’t see it so I went to the register where two of your worker was talking and playing around. After standing there for about 2-3 minutes one of them finally knowledge me. I asked where I could find the TV that was on sale I was told that they didn’t have them and they wasn’t sure when you would get them turned and carried on with their conversation. I left the store feeling I shouldn’t have been in there.
I went to my car and called into the same store but this time asked to speak with the store manager and after being on hold for 17mins Tracey who said she was a manager got on the line. I asked her about the TV that was on sale the you have been advertising for the last two week that you never had, and she told me actually the TV has been advertised for three week and we still don’t have it. I asked were you going to substitute it for another and she said no because the TV is still on sale and no I don’t know when we will get it but it WONT be in the near future. I asked her wouldn’t that be false advertising and she told me know I need find the real meaning of false advertising. WOW! And she was your manager.

I want to know why are you advertising a 32”inch TV for $99.00 and for the last three week you don’t have it to sale nor are you substituting for another. This is totally unacceptable. Something need to be done.

Unhappy customer


The Woodings December 19, 2016 at 7:00 pm

I wish We had read the numerous complaints before we became another victim of being jerked around by HH Gregg in Orlando Park, IL. We shopped the Saturday after Black Friday and purchashed the LG kitchen black stainless steel bundle with a washer/dryer. The excuse we are being told is LG and Samsung moved warehouses and they are behind on filling the orders that were in stock when they took our money. Well, delivery was set for Dec. 10th but when I called to confirm with Art Kozlowski only the fridge and oven was in. The next date scheduled was Dec. 17, received confirmation everything would be delivered but dishwasher. No call, no appliances and we gave our appliances away because we received confirmation. Art confirmed delivery on Dec. 19th, between 4-7pm and all the appliances were confirmed in the email to be delivered and we can track online. I’m tracking and the truck was at stop #1 at 1:00pm and we were #14. I checked again and the status was “on our way” and arrival moved up to 2:20-2:30. I thought HH Gregg was finally going to end this nightmare with them. Well, 5 minutes later the status was “unable to complete”. I called the Distribution Center to see what happened. “The truck broke down and they reschuled for 12/21/16 without talking to us. I called store to have them handle the situation and I’ll just say, it’s time to get our attorney and spread the word never to shop here and just have them read all the complaints as recent as this week. Deceptive practices is how they operate and I want to do what I can to stop it and send them packing. We have no appliances in our home trusting that they were going to deliver. It looks like they delivered to everyone but us since we were the last stop and they were on their way. David, insensitive behind had the nerve to wish me a Merry Christmas knowing we don’t have a stove or refrigerator.


Jane Balzer December 30, 2016 at 7:09 pm

I am sick that this happened to you. I too did not have a Range for the Holidays and I still dont. Mine broke on Dec.7. Its unrepairable and I have the 5 year warranty. Its Dec 31 now. Nobody will communicate or call or help us!!!! Its a Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glen Mykytiuk December 17, 2016 at 10:48 am

Several weeks ago I filed a claim for repair on a microwave and dishwasher. I was scheduled for an appointment on December 13th between 8-12. Nobody showed up and I was told by A&E appliances that they had overbooked that day and that nobody would be out. Since I wasnt contacted the day prior that the appt was cancelled I missed 1 day of work = $120.00 dollars. I was rescheduled for December 16th, between 12-5, after nobody showed up today, December 16th, I called Mike Appliance and was informed that they had cancelled on Tuesday, December 13th with HHGregg because of not having the ability to conduct the repair. I was never contacted, as the customer to be notified of the cancellation. Day 2 $120.00 missed from not being able to work. I have lost 240.00 in pay from work due to these issues. I will never use HHGREGG again and will spread the word that your extended repair program is a sham, only designed as a money making scam


Jane Balzer December 30, 2016 at 7:15 pm

I am sick that this happened to you. I too did not have a Range for the Holidays and I still dont. Mine broke on Dec.7. Its unrepairable and I have the 5 year warranty. Its Dec 31 now. Nobody will communicate or call or help us!!!! Its a Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We need to all get together. T
We need to take this company to court!!!! We have to do something about all of this!!!!!!
I will post on Facebook MONDAY MORNING and it will reach MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a Fool once but Ill never be a FOOL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Susan S. Lobas January 17, 2017 at 4:55 pm

I am, most assuredly, ready to join all of those with major complaints in a “Class Action” suit!!!!! We paid for an extended warranty in all of the appliances purchased from Towson, MD hhgreg within the past 1 1/2 years. This warranty for the refrigerator totals $369.99. The ice maker began failing about 6 weeks ago, and now doesn’t work. It’s now been > 5 weeks since We began the process to have service for this matter.
hhgreg wRranties is with ‘Warren Tech’, and they sub contract out the work, depending on where you live.
As of today We have NOT received any service. I’ve spoken to managers at My store, in MD, they’ve had corporate people call Me, BUT still NO ACTION and NO SERVICE!!!!!!!!! This totally UNACCEPTABLE service. We have never, ever had an experience , such as this one, when it comes to service on appliances / items where a special extended warranty policy has been purchased.
I’ve now been on hold, with hhgreg corporate for 18 minutes.
A rep named Ricki just answered.
Basically what I wish to receive is a full refund for all of the tv’s and appliances extended warranty plans!!!!!!!!!!! I
We can than acquire a full service plan with a private company.
Let’s all get in touch with one another.
United works✌️🇺🇸✌️


Linda and Richard Pyne December 17, 2016 at 12:37 am

On October 20,16 we purchased a Maytag 4 appliance package.
Bought and paid in full on that day. Today 12/16/16 the truck arrived at our home with a microwave and a badly damaged range. There was no fridge . There was no real explaination for not sending the fridge other then a “maybe it was out of stock, although when they checked it was in stock. Personally I feel it would have been more forthright to say “we messed up”. We spoke with the Bloomington In store and tried to get a sooner redelivery date. They wouldn’t budge on this issue, and don’t plan delivery of these much needed items until 12/24. What ever happened to customer satisfaction?
One of the Bloomington IN managers actually told us that accepting the damaged range was an option. He said if it was him that he would, if the damage did Not show and it didn’t affect thow it performed. He also suggested another option was cancel the entire 4 piece order, or we could wait until the date that they can redelivery . None of his suggestions were acceptable! HH Gregg might want to retrain their managers.
We have purchased from this store in the past, this is most likely our last purchase.
In fairness the truck delivery men were very nice people, just doing their job.
I spoke with a person at corporate in Indianapolis and she too spoke with Bloomington In
And the issue was still not resolved to our satisfaction


Joan December 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm

I went into HH Gregg on 11/25. For the first time ever, shopping on black Friday wanting to purchase a TV. I bought a 70″ Samsung (which I was told was not in stock but it would definitely be delivered within 2 weeks). My gut feeling told me to go to Best Buy but salesperson guaranteed it would not be an issue and I would receive it within 2 weeks. Needing to rearrange furniture, I went ahead and purchased it. 2 weeks pass and I’m still waiting, so I call the store on 12/12, just to be told by Andre who answered (and with a chuckle in his voice) “What do you want first the Bad news or more bad news?” Finding it odd that this person found this funny, I said it doesn’t matter, tell me what’s going on. He states “the TV is out of stock and by the way, you will never be getting this TV because we will never re-stock it in the store.” I was shocked and asked why did I not receive a call telling me this, it’s sad that I am waiting and I had to call to find out I wasn’t getting the TV delivered at all. Andre stated to go in that evening and the salesperson could assist me. I went to the store to find out what can be done considering they screwed up. My salesperson did not do anything at all to try to accommodate me, telling me well we only have the Vizio in 70 inch (which I did not want), then proceeds to tell me you can go with a bigger TV but prices range over $3000. SO WHY DID I EVEN BOTHER GOING IN TO SEE “WHAT CAN BE DONE FOR ME”!!!! Realizing these amateurs weren’t willing to assist me, I asked for a refund, then had to wait another 10 minutes because only one person (Andre) could do it… After waiting to be assisted with my refund, I was told (again with laughter behind his voice–very unprofessional by the way!!) that he cannot refund my purchase because I paid cash and they don’t have cash for my refund.” (?????WHAT –YOU TAKE MY CASH BUT CANNOT REFUND MY MONEY!!!) So he asked if I had a credit card, I stated I have a debit card, I do not deal with credit. He tells me he cannot refund to a debit card and I would have to wait for a refund check from corporate which would take another 2 weeks. Talk about rude and extremely unprofessional, this was getting worse by the second!!! So I explain to him slowly, to be sure he understood… I purchased a TV with cash, not cheap by the way, I have to call to find out it will not be delivered nor will I ever get it!!! Then I go in to the store to see what can be done for me which is NOTHING!! Then you tell me you cannot give me my refund!!! and I have to wait 2 weeks FOR MY MONEY BACK!!!. I’m surprised they’re in business. So I tell him, “I am going to get my money back because I’m headed somewhere else right now to purchase a TV this evening and even if I have to go corporate on you, I WILL GET MY REFUND TODAY!” With that being said, he states “Ok, let’s try the debit card” and WOW, the credit was applied!!!
I am remodeling my home, have friends and family that are doing the same.. and my advise to all of them will be “STAY AWAY FROM HH GREGG!!!”
I even had a couple of additional purchases in hand that were on sale, I was going to purchase but left them by the service desk… I would rather pay more elsewhere than to give them my business!!!


Jane Balzer December 30, 2016 at 6:57 pm

I can not believe it. I too am going through a nightmare with HHGregg. I have a 5 year warranty on my range and they refuse to give me a new one. Im calling Channel 9 News on Monday morning. Im on hold for 7 hours since Dec 7, Nobody does anything, They make promises and Lie. Thats what they Do. I still today have no Range, can not cook for my family of 6. Ill never give them another $ of my money, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stephen hines December 13, 2016 at 3:17 pm

I went into my local store on 11/25 to take advantage of black Friday discounts. Bought and paid for a Samsung washer and dryer. was told it would be a week, two weeks at the most for them to come in and be delivered. I was assured I’d be contacted and given updates on my delivery. no one ever called me. when I called on 12/9 I was told they would be in any day. I called back on 12/12 and was told it would be another two weeks. my appliances are in stock in other cities within 5 to 6 hours of my location, but they will not transfer stock from one location to another.
very disappointed.


robert f lester sr December 16, 2016 at 6:09 pm

i am very disappointed, to say the least, with your company. i ordered a 55 in. samsung tv on cyber monday ( 11/28). i was told it would be delivered by 12/7. 12/7 came and no tv. apparently the sales person filled out the invoice saying i would be picking it up, which of course is incorrect, since free delivery to the house was offered. then, the paper correction was made, and i was promised delivery on 12/16. received a call from delivery dept. on 12/16, saying the item was not on the truck! now i’m told that delivery will be on 12/26, though i have not received any confirmation yet. thank goodness this tv was not purchased as a Christmas present! i should receive some credit for the tremendous inconvenience i am being subjected to. my invoice # is: R537-016248. i await your response.


JUDY A December 13, 2016 at 10:27 am



Frank White December 12, 2016 at 1:22 pm

We ordered the fridge , stove ,dishwasher and microwave pkg. on Nov.18 ,2016 they were supposed to deliver it on Monday Dec.13 I stayed on hold for over an hour they finally called and said it would be 4 weeks before it all would be in at the time that we bought the set only the stove was on back order now all of pkg is on back order ! What kind of business does this ! A very disorganized one if you ask me ! Frank


Rahn December 7, 2016 at 2:37 pm

Ordered dishwasher on 11/29. Scheduled for delivery 12/6. Was emailed confirmation of the order and on 12/5 was emailed confirmation of the delivery date.
At 11:30a on 12/6, I called and after a brief 38 minutes on hold, was told that, this dishwasher was on back order and they had no availability date.

Had I not called, hhgregg would have never told me this. I would have just sat there wondering.

I went out on 12/6 and bought another dishwasher and installed it. Now I have accumulated approx. 70 mins on hold, just trying to get through to someone to cancel the order that HHgregg failed so miserably on.

Guess what? They also fail at call centers. I suspect there are 3 people answering the phone. Sat on hold this morning 27 mins (7:15a through 7:42a CT), again just now for 23 mins, again, no one answers.

HHgregg prices are pretty good, but never guy anything online, unless you don’t care about the delivery date. Holidays are busy and had HHGregg contacted me to inform me of this bullshit, I would have rescheduled everything, but nope, that’s a bridge too far for these morons.

-1 stars (Yes, it should subtract from someone elses rating).


Kelley December 9, 2016 at 1:08 pm

I am having the same problem. I ordered a Package (dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and range) on 11/13. Supposed to be ordered 12/6. STILL NOTHING.
I am furious!


Jane Balzer December 30, 2016 at 6:26 pm

Oh my gosh, I had no idea that HH Gregg had so many bad reviews and horrible customer satisfaction.
My bad experience happened on Dec.7 2016. My oven which is under the 5 year warranty stopped working. The technician came out 3 times to fix it. He declared it unrepairable on Dec 22. I called corporate and spoke to Todd, again no answers, I spoke to Warrantech, no answers, I went to the store where I bought my oven. The manager can not do anything. I have been on hold for about 7 hours since Dec. 7. People keep saying they will help you, they dont, they say it will take a few more days, over and over again.
I spent over $600 in cash and credit cards to feed my family of 5 since I have not had a stove or oven or anything to cook with since Dec.7.
I am beyond furious. I want to tell everyone in the world DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HHGREGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do not care about their customers,EVER!!!!!! I myself will be calling Channel 9 News Monday, Jan 2, at 8AM.
I have the 5 year Warranty that states if my appliance is unrepairable, then I get a New One. When is this going to happen????? In 6 months, another year, who knows. They do not communicate, They do Not Email, They do Not Call you.
I bought my Appliances on January 18, 2014. I have the 5 year warranty that I paid for. It doesnt matter to them. This company, to me, is dishonest and has no integrity.


Na December 6, 2016 at 10:59 pm

Switching to hebron ky warehouse from brandywine MD was a mistake. Hebron is not fulfilling the orders. Not shipping the product. Costing hhgregg money. Losing customers. Customers blaming the stores for not having their product. Hebron warehouse is the worse warehouse ever. I get yelled at all the time from customers. Sales being returned because we can’t get their product. Next trucking a product 6 times in a row. How hard is it to put an item on a truck. One day we were supposed to get 63 items on a truck and they showed up with 8. Seriously?!?!?! This is a joke. We need brandywine back.


Shonah Stallworth December 5, 2016 at 12:28 pm

Bought a stove on November 26, 2016. It is now December 5, 2016 and I am still waiting on it to be delivered. Management and sales people don’t seems to know what’s going on. Very Poor cutomer service from the Mobile, AL store. They had better get it together or they are going to be closing that store real soon.


Ldoub December 2, 2016 at 2:42 pm

Why are there no corporate management responses to all these complaints?


Rahn December 7, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Their anti-consumer bait/switch style tactics basically answer your question.
They don’t care. If they cared, there wouldn’t be 1000s of complaints online about them failing again and again with simple things like appliance delivery.


john gallagher November 29, 2016 at 2:58 pm

Once again i go online to buy a gas range from you. Actually, I have been trying to buy one for over a month but you are out of stock on everything i want. This happened about six weeks ago when i wanted to buy a portable dishwasher. Same thing, advertise products you do not have.

I finally was able to get a d/w after the assistance of a store manager so i was hoping to get a range from you but i guess i will have to go to best buy because you are not ready, again, to do my business.

To whom do i send my useless credit card? Shop somewhere where they actually have the product they advertise and dont come up with “well check back with us in a month” as a valid solution which is what the chat person suggest, contact the store periodically to check if it is in stock. Do not have the time or desire to jump thru whoops to buy from HHGREGG

John J. Gallagher

Model: WFG320M0BW Model: WFG320M0BW WFG505M0BW out of stock yet still promoted in your ads


Ldoub December 2, 2016 at 2:43 pm

Any response from them?


Na December 6, 2016 at 10:56 pm

The ad does not just go for the store you shop at. The ad is company wide. Other parts of the company actually has those models in Stock. You customers need to understand that. And you customers try and scare us and say your going to best buy? We don’t don’t care. We will be glad to give you directions. You expect us to drop to our knees and suck your d**k for you to not go to best buy? HA think again.


QUEEN November 29, 2016 at 10:10 am

On 11-25-2016 I made a $307.00 purchase, just my luck I wasn’t aware that HHGREG participated in FRAUD!!!!!! They charged my debit card twice and refuse to remove the 2nd transaction. Calling 1-800-944-8710 is a joke. I spoke with CSR Vadrea D, of course she has no customer ID number. She advised me that it’s unfortunate that these things happen and I would need to take it up with my bank……Really……My bank didn’t charge my card twice HHGREG did. I’m now stuck with $614. coming out of my account when I only spent $307. HHGREG are theif’s that steel from their customers.. Never buy anything from them…..EVER…


Shawna December 3, 2016 at 6:46 pm

I bought a TV and was charged twice. I have been trying to call Customer service for 6days each time at least 50 minutes no one answers. I don’t know what to do. I never even received the TV!!!!!


Letha Silas November 28, 2016 at 2:18 pm

On Monday morning , August 4, 2014 at 10:00 am, my husband and I purchased a NEW 32 inch wide refrigerator ($17,99) and a matching stove ($499). I was charged $2,504.56. Joseph Kirkland, the salesman said my ‘new refrigerator will come from Orlando’ and would take a few days. Last week, Robert Califano gave me a copy of the computer generated receipt and said the model number indicates that the refrigerator was a FLOOR MODEL!!! The refrigerator was delivered Sunday, August 10, 2014. The delivery guys swiped my sales delivery receipts from my kitchen counter before they left so that I could not get my $100 rebate. Couldn’t understand why UNTIL ice began collecting under the freezer drawer and the shelves began falling off their tracks. The doors would not close completely and mold began collecting between the doors. Went back to the Brandon, FL store and asked for a copy of my receipt last summer. My request was denied. Found later that the refrigerator was used and “refurbished”. After not sleeping and having nightmares about the scam perpetrated on me and my husband (retired, 67 years of age), here I am again asking for justice. Went to the hhgregg store again in Brandon, FL. Finally given a copy of the computer generated receipt. There were 7 items listed, of which 5 had not purchased. Listed was a 30 inch refrigerator (floor-model), ice maker machine, a 5-year service warranty on the used refrigerator (lol), and what appears to indicate that I made these purchases at 20:27 that night. Impossible since I must take an insulin shot at 8:00 every night of my life. Scammers, dishonest liars, salesman lied but got with his partners in crime to deliver items used products rather than what I had purchased.
Cristie Pierce, manager at the store said I should have reported the problem earlier. The home office had “Jodie, extension 64221 to call me and have a repairman to come out and look at my problem. She also gave the repair office number.
There is a gap where my refrigerator was placed. Why would a retired teacher purchase a used refrigerator for $1,350 and a 5-year repair warranty, if she could buy a new refrigerator?


Melissa Hamilton November 26, 2016 at 4:57 pm

I would not advice anyone to make a purchase from HH Gregg! i scheduled a delivery day! They did not show up! When I called to see what the problem was they were rude and not helpful! When I called corporate office they were rude as well!!! I will never again shop there and I will be sure to tell family and friends as well! You have terrible customer service!! The worst!!!


John Gavrilis December 1, 2016 at 11:26 pm

Same here!! I purchased a washer & dryer from hhgregg at there Egg Harbor Store on 11/26 and was promise a delivery date on 12/01. No one called nor show-up and had to reach out to the store in which “Bree” (the cashier) tried to handle the situation by saying it is currently being unloaded from their delivery truck at the store??? but when asked to why was I not notify about this or the delivery delay all she could say was that it will be alright and that I will be receiving a call soon with a new delivery date. I asked how could this have happen and she stated that all of the 200 stores was affected by this computer crash on 11/25 which screwed up the delivery orders. I told her my purchase was made on 11/26 so how could this have affected me? She stated again that everything will be alright and while I was about to ask for the manager she politely hung up the call. 5 minutes later I called again and spoke with “Bree” asking for the manager and she said he is with a customer in which I told her that I will wait and she said it may be a while in which I patiently waited for “John” the Manager to pick up the phone. 10 minutes later “Bree” answered stating she will be needing my credit card information to complete the purchase??? I told her NO! I will not provide my C.C. information over the phone that was already used on 11/26 in which I already have the receipt for and that I would come to the store to personally speak with the Manager “John” myself to see what kind of circus show they are running there???. Sounds like a bunch a excuses just to get me off the phone and yet I still have not receive any phone calls from the manager or anyone at hhgregg tonight (11pm EST) with any update to the delivery date/time, but instead I did receive a C.C. charge made tonight for this purchase. Very poor and pathetic operation if you ask me!!!

On a side note: A friend of mine who purchased a washer/dryer at Sears on the same date (11/26) received there washer/dryer on 12/01 as promised…what happy people….I should have listened to him…


SERGIO GOMEZ November 26, 2016 at 10:31 am

My banking institution advised me to called you and ask you to please don’t try to charge me again. This is been an awful shopping experience ;Paying for the Tv ?;NO PROBLEM, Returning the tv and getting my money back?OMG All kinds of excuses , not to mention the several trips and calls back and forth ,I was put in hold on the phone for 45 minutes and then someone just hang off on me when I tried to reach you (I have proof of that),on top of that you charged my account twice,it’s this some kind of internal secret policy to discourage people not to return things,the only thing you’re achieving is not to buy at HHGregg anymore. you all left me with $23. In my account, I have a kid with cancer and I don’t have enough money to cover his needs for this weekend. It just so frustrating.

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Chris Mehiel November 25, 2016 at 2:04 pm

You make it impossible to talk to someone after you screw them over. I will call Syncronicity bank and tell them I will stop paying on my account since you refuse to repair or replace an oven that I bought that still does not work properly.


Shane M. November 23, 2016 at 1:31 pm

The WORST experience I have ever had as a shopper EVER. This is no exaggeration. Went in to look at a TV that they had advertised on THEIR website labeled as ‘Get Black Friday Prices Now’. Was told by an associate who came over to assist us that he can match whatever price that was listed on the Ad, as long as it wasn’t labeled as a doorbuster, which this item was not. We showed him the Ad, he went off to somewhere, without saying where to, and then came back and told us that he can’t do it until they get them in stock a few days later. This is understandable, so we left to return on the day they get it in. We returned to the store, another associate helped us, and we showed him the Ad and explained that we’d like to purchase it for the advertised price. This associate again, walked off without telling us where or why, and said that they couldn’t sell it for the advertised price. Remember, THEY told us they could match it, were willing to do it the first day, but were out of stock, and now, we waste the trip back just to be told no!? Speaking with the Manager, he didn’t even want to bother speaking to us, or to satisfy a customer that THEIR associate deceived! He just said No, and wouldn’t work out some sort of deal for this inconvenience. I asked to get the Customer Service number, and he nonchalantly told the associate to write it down, so it obviously meant nothing to them. The associate refused to give me their store number, and said ‘WE DON’T HAVE A STORE NUMBER.’ and to just tell them the location, which is Oakleaf. This of course, turned out to be another lie! I call the Customer Service number, and speak with a Customer Service Representative, who asks for the store I was at. She puts me on the line with someone who says their the manager, and I explain the situation all over again. This Manager says that’s fine, just bring in the Ad, and ask for them directly. So I return AGAIN, to speak with the person I was just on the phone with… and that person DOESN’T EVEN WORK THERE. The Customer Service Representative connected me to the Ocala store… the wrong store! This is how I found out that they DO have a store number. At this point, I ask for a contact with someone with some sort of authority and care at all. I ask for A District Person or Regional Person to contact, and they said they don’t have one, and refused to give me the information. The original associate was then there at this point, the one who helped us the first time, and then proceeded to literally call myself and my significant other ‘liars’. At this point, their game is over if we are to keep it civil. We left, and will NEVER be returning to any hhgreg ever in our lives. You lost a customer, and gave me the worst shopping experience in my life.


Alexis Clark November 22, 2016 at 6:30 pm

I myself had the worst experience with HH Greg. First off the delivery Center is very unprofessional and not knowledgeable of any consistent information. The sales rep Matt admitted to forgetting to add 2 box Springs to my order because I ordered a king size mattress. So my order only shipped the mattress and 1 box spring. That was inconvenient enough. Then they confirmed with me not once not twice but 4 times that my mattress and 1 box spring had shipped. Yet here here is my delivery date and im without a mattress to sleep on. The automated system even called me to confirm the delivery and the pick up time. I spoke with store manager Marlene earlier the same day 11-22-2016 and she also confirmed my delivery with me and the address as well. The delivery Center Guy Jeff blindly cold transfered me to the chesterfield store and never answered .your concern either. I’m beyond upset and frustrated that nothing can be done for me untill 3 days later. This is unacceptable and someone needs to be held a ountable,weather it’s the distribution center or whoever changed .your order with out acknowledging the store OR myself. Marlene said she never got an email saying my order canceled so this is all like the “blame game.” Very upsetting.


Caroline November 22, 2016 at 12:42 pm

Would just like to express my frustration with you folks and hope that this can get passed on to management, I will also be contacting the better business bureau after receiving advice from them in regards to my order. I placed an online order and then called earlier in the week and was told by 2 customer service reps that my order would be delivered by dear logistics 11/23. Now I am told that I will get a call 11/28, this is very frustrating as you can probably imagine due to having to feed a large number of people 11/24. I would like management to place theirselves in my shoes. I should not have been told by your reps that these appliances would be delivered 11/23, you can listen to the conversation. I called and spoke to Jana today who apologized and said that she spoke to delivery company and there is no way to have it delivered before then. I feel that management could have tried harder to have this delivered 11/23 considering the fact that the site is about 60 min away.


Maria Salvador November 22, 2016 at 8:28 am

I am writing to complain about you VERY INEFFICIENT DELIVERY DEPARTMENT. I bought a washer on 11/15/2016 that was out of stock. I called to see about the deliver on 11/21/2016 since I had not received a call. I was told oh you will get a delivery tomorrow. I told them that I needed to know what time since I needed to make arrangements to have someone at the house. The extremely rude girl said that she would not know until later in the day and that I would get a call. I never received a call about the delivery, I called the store at 8:00 PM on 11/21/2016 and no one answered. I called this morning from my office and was told that the delivery would be today between 9-12noon. I told the girl that I could not make it home until the afternoon and she said too bad now you have to wait until Friday. I will not be here Friday and if I had known what time the delivery was going to be I could have made arrangements. I am very disappointed in your customer service. I will cancel this order and go to SEARS instead.


Mike November 14, 2016 at 9:17 pm

I have been waiting to have my LG 60″ tv replace for over a month everyday I call they give me the same answer “we are waiting for a discussion for hhgregg please be patient ” I will be calling my local news on them if I don’t have a new tv by Thursday 11/17/2016


Lisa Magno September 10, 2016 at 7:30 am

Well…..we are almost two months into what I feel is an episode of bloopers and blunders with HHGregg as the stars and We are the victims. We “purchased” a frigidaire refrigerator almost two months ago, and the freezer wasn’t working and ice crystals were forming on our food in the fridge. Immediately contacted HHG who ordered us a new fridge. Fridge came and we went away for a week came back and the build up of ice in the freezer felt like I took a step back in time where you needed a sharp instrument to chop the ice away. We decided this time to go to the store we purchased at because we did NOT want another frigidaire product. Store manager worked with us and let us pick out a new model (after showing her pictures of what the “new” fridge was doing). This time we picked out a Whirlpool and was told it would take approximately a 1 1/2 weeks to get the product in, which we didn’t have an issue on waiting. Sooo…..1 1/2 weeks goes by, we call HHG to find out when it was being delivered and was told the fridge wouldn’t be in until 9/17 (we are in the beginning of Sept now), told them that that wasn’t acceptable. Another manager at HHG said they have the floor model that was never plugged in and customers only opened & closed it and ASSURED us it was in top condition. We reminded them we needed a left hinge open as well as an ice maker….much to our surprise when it was delivered the door hinge was on the wrong side and no ice maker. Scheduled another visit to correct this error on That Wednesday. The guys installed the ice maker but in the beginning refused to fix the handle because it wasn’t on their work order. After arguing with the guy about how ridiculous it was That he was going to walk out and clearly could see we couldn’t open our fridge all of the way, he fixed it. My husband turned the water on for the ice maker and lo and behold it leaked. The worker asked if there was a safety Line put in and there wasn’t. He refused, adamantly, to fix the leak and said the guys who installed the fridge should have put one in. Well you you’ll think after the three visits somebody would have mentioned we needed one. We argued with the guy he got into his truck and left. Another phone call to HHG. I began putting the items correctly into the fridge that was promised is in great condition, only to see there were cracks on the door where the bins go and one of them wouldn’t stay up…another call to HHG. After a lengthy phone call a new model was ordered, an appointment for the safety line made for Thursday, new fridge to come on Friday !! Woohoo doing the happy dance! Called on Thursday to confirm a) ice make would be installed and b) left handle hinge would be done. ASSURED it was….Yesterday, Friday, delivery scheduled for 3:15-6:15 fridge came at 7:30 while we cleaned out the fridge and freezer again and moved furniture around the guys come in and said the bottom front is damaged, there is no ice maker and it’s not a left hinge handle. I seriously thought he was kidding with us….then he proceeds to say, “is it supposed to be white”? OMFG are you kidding me? We matched the model numbers and all but last was right there order was “W” and ours was supposed to be “M”. Called HHG, again, who told us to refuse it, no sh&; Sherlock! So here we stand the 5th refrigerator and still no refrigerator!! Can somebody please explain this to me?


Sallynill Sanchez August 31, 2016 at 9:44 pm

This company does a horrible job. I purchased a washer and dryer just last year with extended warranty. Last week washer broke and wont turn on. I called the warranty company thinking it would be easy. Well it wasn’t. First I was told that a certain company was coming. Then no one ever showed up on that day. I called the warranty company back and was told “oh we changed the company to someone else.” Well I was never called and told. So I asked the customer service rep well since you all changed the company when are they scheduled to come out. She responded well I do not know. You need to call the company yourself and find out. What kind of BS is that. I will never use them again. I want all my money back. Never again. Do not get any warranty if you end up using HH Gregg.


Ketti August 26, 2016 at 3:59 pm

I purchased more than $5,000 appliances including a 5 year warranty out of the Woodbridge, VA store and I live in Alexandria. First my dish water was broke and the warranty people kept on telling me today and tomorrow. after a month they said they have no one to come and fix the unit and told me they gave me to buy credit and I paid another $300 dollar for delivery to remove the old unit and warranty on the new unit. Now my drier is broken and the warranty company is making me go through the same ritual. My question for HHGreg is there are excellent warranty companies out there .. example is Sears warranty company, why are you using a warranty company that do not know what they are doing. Do not try to e-mail me a response.


Sandra walkersandra780@yahoo.con November 2, 2016 at 1:36 pm



Emily August 24, 2016 at 2:30 pm

Made a purchase of 1699.00 in December 28, 2015.. HHGregg sent me a gift card for 100.00. Just finished paying off the purchase and was going to use it to purchase a new stove and they said since it expired 7/31/16 (and now it is 8/24/16) I can’t use it. So I will never walk in that store again… Will look elsewhere to purchase my stove and Microwave.


Kathleen Weiss August 16, 2016 at 12:50 pm

I’In May of this year our dryer stopped working, make long story short after 3 months of trying to get your warranty people and their repair people on the same page, my husband and I gave up and visited your store in naples, where we bought the dryer. We talked to the manager, Alex, who helped in one afternoon. Alex lower us to get our own repair company and promised to pay for the repair. We called a local repair company, fixed the dryer in 4 days, not 3 months, and was able to get the part your people said was on back order. I hope you ha e Manager like Alex in every store, he was a God send after 3 horrible months of playing around with your incompetent people. Get rid of the warranty company!


Lynda S. August 10, 2016 at 11:25 am

On 07/17/16 I purchased a Maytag washing machine from your Rockville, Md. store.
All was easy with regard to the sale.
1. Delivery was not timely.
I had to make two calls to the delivery dept (no one called me) and even with that, the delivery was over 2 hours past the promised delivery time. Was finally delivered late 7/19.
2. The machine vibrated like crazy when I tried to use it after it was delivered and set up.
I was promised a service call for 7/27 in am. to address same. This didn’t happen – their error, they said.
Then I was told by Tamika that they could not get me on the schedule until 7/29 AND that Maytag wouldn’t send anyone out, either, until hhgregg people reinspected. (NOT TRUE)
I called Maytag anyway, they promptly came out the next day, found that the machine had NOT BEEN LEVELLED properly and fixed it.

Was told that hhgregg does not use their own people for delivery, etc
That – plus the poor scheduling and set-up issues will prevent me from ever buying anything requiring same from hhgregg again.


Cathy August 9, 2016 at 2:47 am

I just want to say thank you so very much we went to your store in parma on July 29th and got a stainless steel whirlpool refrigerator it was delivered on sun July 31st it didn’t work whirlpool was giving us the run around and was very rude call the store in parma again Steve helped us out he sent us a new one on sun Aug 7th it works great love u guys will never buy whirlpool again but we do need some appliances to match see u soon parma store and thank u again for treating your customers with kindness and respect


Kristen Ufferman August 1, 2016 at 8:47 pm

On Saturday, Juky 23rd we had a new washer and dryer delivered purchased at your Naperville store. Now mind you, we had already waited ONE MONTH for delivery and because your salesperson neglected to verify with LG that they would actually be in stock we had to accept different models than what were originally ordered. Once again we waited ONE MONTH and did not receive the original items ordered.

The alternate machines arrived on Saturday July 23rd and were installed by the delivery persons. As they were exiting the door, I verified with them that the machines were ready to use. They confirmed that they had run test cycles and they were good to go.

Fast forward four loads of laundry and six hours later when I return home from dinner to find water gushing through my kitchen light fixture and water seeping through my kitchen ceiling. (Our laundry room is on the second floor). Well, your stellar delivery person had neglected to tightened the hose from the washer. Oh, and the back of our brand new dryer had been sprayed with water for the past six hours. We were able to electrically secure our house and set up a dehumidifier.

We were able to contact someone in your Aurora, IL service center that evening and she actually seemed willing to help us! She promised us a new dryer (which we have an e-mail confirming) and that someone would be out the next morning to fix the washer hide as assess the damage. Two gentlemen showed up the next morning Sunday July 24th at 6:30 and repaired the hose. They also took pictures of the damage to our kitchen ceiling and light fixture and PROMISED that we should here from someone the next day about a water damage company coming out to inspect the kitchen and get estimates for the necessary repairs.

What have we heard from hhgregg since this incident – NOTHING except that a claim has been filed and the delivery company is liable for this. I still have water seeping through my ceiling and the dehumidifier running constantly. My light fixture is damaged beyond repair. No one has shown up to assess the damage done or coordinate repairs. We were finally given a delivery date for our new dryer – tomorrow August 2nd, but it is bearing 8pm and I yet to have a confirmed time. Worst of all, no one at hhgregg will step up to help us. We have called and e-mailed the store we purchased the machines at, as well as the Aurora service center repeatedly, and even spoken to corporate over the past nine days and NO ONE will give us any information other than a claim has been filed with delivery company. In fact the employee from corporate had the audacity to tell me that “as a homeowner, it is my responsibilitity to ensure that the damage hhgregg caused is minimized”.

This was my first time making a purchase (and foolishly it was an expensive one) and certainly my last. If this is business as usual for you hhgregg, it is abysmal. And your affiliate Spirit Delivery is nearly as awful as you are.


Mary Lee July 27, 2016 at 5:20 pm

Purchased hhgregg store warrant, 5 yr. On 6/20/16. Called about ice Maker. Today is JULY 27 no ice maker. The last 37 days I have been put on hold, hung up on and lied to. I would not recommend hhgregg.


Donna Toyan July 26, 2016 at 9:49 am

Purchased a washer and dryer last weekend. I am still waiting for missing parts. I have called the store at least 8 times and the issue has still not been resolved. Wow! The number of complaints that I have read on this store. I have never seen anything like it!!!k I will never do business again. I will stick to sears for now on!!!!!! This store defiantly will not make it at the rate that it’s going!!!!! HHRGREGG sucks!!!!!!!!!


Michael Buenting July 15, 2016 at 11:08 am

Don’t waste your time shopping at HH Gregg!! I bought 3500 worth of LG appliances just for the refrigerator to break 2 months out of warranty. And not just an easy repair, The entire cooling system is trashed. Which means it has been going bad for a while. I call HH Gregg and they pretty much tell me to get bent! They sell LG products that fall apart just as warranty runs out. They can’t even provide a repair facility because nobody around will deal with LG. Ant customer service is a joke. Waited 30 minutes on hold to get told sorry about my luck!


Jeff Krier July 8, 2016 at 11:55 am

Purchased a 60″ plasma TV with 5 year warranty that broke down 61/5. Called and tech showed up 6/21 and said the main board was bad. I was told by the service company that no board could be found due it no longer being made. HH Gregg has since done nothing to get my tv fixed or replaced. Numerous calls have produced nothing but frustration and nothing is being done to resolve the problem. Today I was told it would take at least another 5 business days for HH Gregg to make a decision about what to do – replaced/fix or reimburse. This is not how to handle any customer who has purchased a 5 year warranty only 3 years into the contract. This is the worst service company I have ever encountered and I will never buy anything from them ever again and I will tell everyone I can find to listen to not even consider buying anything from this worthless company who definitely cares nothing about their customers once they have your money.


Jennifer Cashon July 1, 2016 at 2:03 pm

I bought some furniture from HHGregg. I also purchased the extended warranty. My furniture was delivered February 27, 2016. The chaise lounge fabric started balling up and ripping. I called them and they told me to call Furniture Repair. It took a tech a month to get to my house. He came and looked at the chaise and the entire rod in the middle was broken. He said he couldn’t fix it. I told him how could that happen? We hardly use it and no one weighs over 200 lbs in my home. He said weight doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t do this. He said someone would call me in several days. No one ever called. I called HHGregg and they have been referring me back and forth with the furniture manufacturer and my extended warranty company. The extended warranty doesn’t cover this. HHGregg tells me they will call me back but never does. I have been holding for 37 mins to get a hold of someone today. They proceed to tell me that the furniture tech said that it’s my fault that my chaise is broken and someone was jumping on it. I called the Fast Furniture Repair and they told me that there is nothing in the tech’s notes about that. The pillows on my couch are even starting to rip. The quality of the furniture is very poor. I have never dealt with such poor customer service in my entire life. I will never buy anything from them again. I also am going to call the Better Business Bureau.


Sharon June 30, 2016 at 12:22 pm

Purchased a washer, dryer and extended warranty from hhgregg in December 2014. Dryer has been repaired once and now going back and forth to get washer repaired. Washer has been on the blink for a month. I called and talked to different reps on numerous occasions, now feeling as if I’m getting the run around. Be warned stay away from this company Customer Service sucks. I’ve actually taken time to read some of the complaints. If I worked in the corporate office I would be concerned with all the negative reviews. Hoping for a resolution to my washer problem to happen very soon.


Cynthia Fox June 14, 2016 at 2:35 pm

purchased over 1600 dollars in merchandise on April 10 for 2016. Was suppose to receive a rebate visa card for 100$. Till this posting still no card. have contacted them over 7 times since the purchase. said to wait 1 month for it to be reissued. I did. Did not receive it, I call back. They send it out again. Told me to wait another 7 days. I waited 8. still not card. I call back again. and they want to repeat this all over again. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was told that was not possible that they would call me back on Monday. I waited till Tuesday. I call them back. Where this agent proceeded to tell me off very rudely that all this is my fault for calling them so much! That ever time i call they would cancel the order for the card and reissue it . said that I had been calling everyday not giving them time to do anything. Talking over me loudly. I could not get a word in edge wise. Needless to say I was livid! What kind of company treats its customer this way? My husband is a tech rep for a call center. He says they would be fired for handling a customer that way. Again I asked for a Supervisor. Was told that it would take 2 hours to get a call back. Now where have I heard that from before? There is no accountability with these people. You have no recourse . At their mercy. This is my first and last dealings with this company. Will not make another purchase with them ever. I will also let everyone I know to spread the word to avoid them like the plague!


Liz Rios June 8, 2016 at 4:19 pm

I purchased the 4 pc Samsung Kitchen package, and took advantage of the 50″ Samsung TV Rebate. Which meant I purchase the TV, and wait for a rebate of up to $599.00.
I mailed all the documents, to include a copy of the purchase receipt (highlighting the items), and listing the model numbers for each item.
After 4 weeks, I get an email giving me the Rebate tracking number and the amount of my Rewards Visa Card, the only problem is the amount of the rebate is for the 30″ TV. I tried contacting the Rebate center, but of course there is NO telephone number. So I contacted their online chat agent, explained the problem and was promised correction in 7-10 days. Ok silly me, they fixed the problem. However, again, I received an email with the same tracking number, and rebate amount… Now I called the store, and asked to return the item, but was told, it’s too late to return your item. REALLY.. Their Rebate is a Scam….I cannot get in touch with anyone.


Sylvia P. May 20, 2016 at 3:21 pm

I purchased a LG washing machine and within a week of getting it it broke. We had someone come out they said it was the computer system they fixed it and left. A few days later it messed again they sent someone out again to fix it. A few months in the fabric softner compartment wasn’t working properly and since we rarely used it we figured it wasn’t a big deal and just left it (we didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting a repair done). Now 2 years later the whole fabric softner part has broken off we called the warranty place All Star Appliance to fix it. a few days afterwards the machine bean leaking water. We called them again. And the service I received from that company was horrendous. I ended up calling the police on the repair man. I will never again purchase anything from HH Gregg again. The products they sell are not worth the money and if they will work with the kind of trash I had to deal with today than I really won’t be going there again.


Tami winningham May 2, 2016 at 9:14 am

Don’t ever pay cash to hhgregg !!! Heavy Forbid you have to return it if it’s over 250 they have to send you a check which can take 14 day !!


Kris April 27, 2016 at 6:34 am

I bought a dishwasher from HH Gregg, in PALM BAY FLORIDA, in December 2016, for just under $500, with no interest for 6 months. It leaked internally so I returned it the next day. I then purchased another dishwasher totaling just over $1000, which came with a no interest plan for 2 years. When I received my HH Gregg credit card statement, it did not show one purchase with 2 years no interest. It showed my initial purchase with 6 months no interest and the price differential as a separate purchase with 1 year no interest. I called the bank that administers the HH Credit card and I was told that the promotional purchases were set up by HH Gregg, and only they can correct it. I called the store about 5 times , physically went to the store another 4 times, dealt with 2 managers and it still has not yet been corrected. As a matter of fact, they are now getting annoyed at me. I am now going to pen a letter and mail it to the ceo, I hope I have better luck there. It in now the end of April 2017.


paul cortese April 18, 2016 at 10:12 am

I purchased a receiver and end tables on line and wasn’t satisfied so on my receipt it states that I can return at store. So I went to the Joliet Illinois store and the rep in returns tells me he can’t return even though receipts says he can. After he made a 10 second phone all to web sales he still says no. I ask for manager so I see the rep and manager talking in isle for about 3 minutes then Ahmed Salah comes out and says he can’t and we are doing all we can and the receipt is wrong. After getting more upset because he wouldn’t look at me when talking. I was getting no where so I asked if I had to pay for shipping he explained that he would credit. He would rather credit me for Shipping than just take the return. So spend hhgreg money to credit me than just do return. Doesn’t sound like smart business. So I called the Orland park Illinois store and they said right away yes you can return it here and they did. So I purchased a different receiver from them. I don’t like being lied to and seeing the other emails it sounds like it happens all the time and hhgreg corporate could carealess. It seems if your store has a good Mngr and staff it’s OK to shop there. It was a horrible experience at the Joliet store and I will not be going back there. From what I was told it happens at that store all the time.


Lynn Tanner April 12, 2016 at 3:56 pm

I am at my whit’s end.Bought an LG Linear refrigerator(LFXS30726S)June 17,2015(frig less than 9 months old)at hhgregg and spent over $2500.Frig broke March 21,2016,on manufacturer’s warranty so contacted LG for repair.They said March 22,2016 that we had an appointment March 23,2016.After no call or show(window to wait 9-5pm)my husband called repair company and they said they never had an appointment scheduled!Okay called the other only certified LG warranty repair company in area and they said they would be out Friday(Good Friday,window 9-5).They came and said they needed to order a part!So now I have had NO REFRIGERATOR FOR 5 days and forget EASTER DINNER!!!MY FOOD IS SPOILED!!!So they call Thursday March 31st and say part is in and will be out MONDAY APRIL 4,2016 to fix!They replaced part and still not working!!!Came back(another window 12-2)April 6,2016 to replace with another part(fan one time control board next)STILL BROKE!!!So now it’s over 2 WEEKS NO REFRIGERATOR!!!I call hhgregg Friday afternoon and the manager at the hhgregg(Joel at Northlake hhgregg in Charlotte,NC).At 4pm he told me he needed to put in a vendor relations form to be able to get a store credit to get another refrigerator to replace THIS BROKEN LEMON!When I contacted LG at 4pm they said it was too late to speak to a manager because it was Friday!!!!The owner of the repair company came out Saturday(window 12-2)to look at frig,April 9,2016,worked for maybe 1 day before having the same error code!On April 12,2016,NOW 3 WEEKS NO REFRIGERATOR,I called hhgregg AGAIN to see if I could return this refrigerator and they said they had to wait for LG!I called LG and waited 45 minutes to go through service and spoke to Willie Sanders who told me he would put a request in for a refund so I can bring this back and get a new one.They said it could be up to ANOTHER 3 BUSINESS DAYS!!!I WILL NEVER PURCHASE AGAIN FROM HHGREGG OR LG!!!HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE WITHOUT A REFRIGERATOR FOR OVER 3 WEEKS???BTW THEY SAID THEY WOULDN’T REIMBURSE ME FOR MY SPOILED FOOD!!!!I will contact my state’s AG for it’s lemon law and the BBB.


Kathleen Martin April 6, 2016 at 2:09 pm

I’ve been trying to deal with HH Gregg for a full week and it’s been a nightmare. I’ve talked to my local store, the corporate team, and everyone else I can find but my washer and dryer still don’t work. People are perfectly nice but useless…I need results! I’ve never been more frustrated.


Diane April 10, 2016 at 10:47 pm

My parents purchased a large screen TV and a 5 year protection plan. The TV stopped working almost 5 weeks ago. They have contacted both HH Gregg and the warranty company. They have gotten such a run around between the HH Gregg store and the warranty company. No follow up and no follow through. The worst customer service I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe they intend to honor their warranty. Shame on HH Gregg for selling a warranty to my elderly parents, taking their money and not standing behind their responsibilities. Not only being an inconvenience but very stressful on an elderly couple.


Robert Burns April 6, 2016 at 2:14 am

I have a refrigerator purchased 1/24/15, and bought a five year warranty. I can’t get them to fix my fefrigerator now, I’ve been trying for a month, need help.704536XXXX


waitman April 5, 2016 at 3:30 pm

Stay away from this company…
I purchased a dining room table in 2015. They shipped the wrong table. I called the store and was told I was a liar, that I did purchase this table. I drove 45 minutes to the store to show pictures I took while in the store. I had to wait 3 days for the table we purchased to come. When I arrived the table was missing its leaf. As it turns out the leaf was left on the loading dock then lost. When we received our third table there was a bit of flaking of the clear coat. Wanting nothing more to do with HHGregg I didn’t complain.

It’s been a year, the clear coat of he table is chipped in areas we’ve never sat. I’ve been calling the warrenty department, customer service, spoke with the escalation department however following up, honesty and taking the initiative has not occurred. I’ve called the warranty department 10 times, customer service now 15, the escalation desk 3 times and have waiting on hold in excess of 2 hours. (yes, I can show my phone records) The longest I was put on hold was 22 minutes.

So here I am, I was told the warranty (5 year warranty) will not cover the table top which means by wife, our 2 year and 1 year old continue to eat dinner on a card table in the living room. Don’t trust HHGregg, they have no compassion, they are not empowered and would rather blame the consumer than help. I asked to speak to the CEO or VP and was told they don’t accept calls from customers.

Please feel free to write me with questions. waitman.vanorsdale at gmail.com


Pam M April 2, 2016 at 3:00 pm

I have sent two emails so far. We have worked with hhgregg for years, buying stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and recently 3 TV’s for our vacation home in SC. My husband put the TV’s on the walls in various rooms in the house for Comcast to wire to cable. One did not work, so we were to call Proscan for directions. After 2 hours with Proscan tech we were told to take the TV back to where we originally purchased it. We traveled home and forgot the box. The Huber Heights , Ohio store was very rude and said they wouldn’t take it back without a box ( we had everything, including receipt for less than 30 day purchase). Richard, a very outspoken intimidating man, said “sorry, that’s the rule”. On reading the receipt we saw that we had NOT initialed when we bought it to say we would bring it back in the box, so we called the manager of the store. He told Richard to call us and tell us our TV was waiting. Another hour trip back. My husband said, ” it would have saved a lot of time if this had happened when we were here originally”. Richard says, ” Do you want your TV or not?” When we arrived home, Richard calls and says, ” you forgot your remote and need to come get it”. This time I did the hour trip. For a company whose sales have gone down 11% (this, even over the holidays) and a CEO stepping down, I don’t think you can afford to have sales people who have no skills in working with the public. We are in the market for washers and dryers for our various houses, but will not be dealing with hhgregg again.


Beth B March 30, 2016 at 1:28 pm

The worst customer service ever!! I purchased $5ooo worth of brand new Samsung appliances from HHGRegg in January. New stove,microwave,refrigerator,and dishwasher. 2 out of the four do not work properlyand they are less than 3 months old. Oven never worked from out of the box. Now waiting for another part to come because even though it is only 3 months old HH gregg will not replace it. Despicable. I had a LG stove and refrigerator for ten years and never had a problem. the store manager in the west palm beach store is so rude and incompetent. I really hope this store shuts down


Elizabeth March 28, 2016 at 2:26 pm

I ordered Maytag refrigerator, range, under counter microwave and dishwasher. All but the refrigerator was to be delivered 3/14/2016. The refrigerator was to be delivered on 4/1/2016. When 3/14 came they said they nothing to deliver, they didn’t know why and I had removed all the old appliances. They said sorry! When they called me back days later they blamed Maytag. So we set up deliver again for 3/26/2016 as they said the refrigerator was then too. When they day arrived I was let down again. I have going to Home Depot and I have everything coming on 3/30/2016. I say run from HHgregg. The customer service is not so good either lost of miscommunication. I would give them 0 stars but I can’t post if I don’t give one!


Brian R. Covington March 22, 2016 at 12:50 pm

I have been going to great lengths with the call center (A JOKE BY THE WAY) to reach out to someone in management who will call me back. I have not been treated very well by the general manager Clay or the warehouse manager Mike at the store in Chesapeake Va. I Feel like they do not give a damn about me or taking responsibility for the products that are faulty once they are out of the store and delivered, so now I am waiting on a phone call from John Kominsky who is the regional manager of Virginia. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK AGAIN! This company has the WORST customer service that I have EVER experienced in my 50+ years on this earth. I walked into the store at 1543 Sams Circle Battlefield Boulevard (Kind of funny how the name of the street is turning out to be accurate. I am in a battle) on Christmas Eve 2015 and bought myself a new Samsung stove/dishwasher ( they both work Great ) and unfortunately a Frigidaire refrigerator Model # FGHI2164QF stainless 30″ wide model. It has never reached a safe operating temp. since it was delivered and plugged in New Years day. The coldest temp at first before new parts were installed was 26 in the freezer and 46 in the fridge compartment. It now is 17 and 42 so I called HH GREGG to get it replaced only to be told that it is my problem to take up with Frigidaire. So after 5 service calls and one more scheduled soon to replace yet another part, I am fed up! I have had to take off of work to meet the service providers each time. HH GREGG needs to step up to the plate and do the right thing and replace this defective model that I am STUCK with because once they have your money and you walk out of the store, You are ON YOUR OWN! Ranks high on the list of the worst decision ever to visit and purchase $ 2400.00 with HH GREGG. This was also my first time ever stepping foot in a HH GREGG. DO NOT CONDUCT YOUR BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES YOU WILL BE DISSAPOINTED AND YOU BETTER HAVE A LOT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS TO FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLE, BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU. Waiting on you to do the right thing CEO Dennis L May. I will not stop until You personally tell me that you are going to leave me hanging out to dry with a defective product that I paid YOU for.


Courtney March 11, 2016 at 4:49 pm

Posted on Consumer Affairs:

I wish I would have googled “HHGregg reviews” because I would have landed here and saw just how ridiculous this company was before I attempted purchasing a washer and dryer from them.
First, off bought my washer and dryer online from their website and scheduled a delivery date, only to find out on the day of delivery that both products were out of stock and not made anymore (according to HHGregg). Mind you, I would have never found this out unless I called to ask about my delivery because HHGregg never even called me to let me know of this mishap.

Then, I got on the phone with Paul supposedly a supervisor for their online sales, whom promised me an upgraded model for the same price. I asked if it was a brand new in the box appliance, and he responded yes, which was a total lie. Fast forward to the second delivery date, and I received a call from delivery that there was a problem with my order. They only had the dryer and the STORE FRONT MODEL washer was no longer available. Not only had my order been screwed up again, but Paul the ineffective supervisor sold me store front models and completely lied.

I was then on the phone for over an hour trying to remedy the situation only to be screwed with one final time. Paul’s supervisor, Di didn’t care to remedy anything. She instead just sent me over to our local HHGregg store for that manager to deal with the problem they created. Matt at the Bradenton, Fl. store seemed completely unfazed and unconcerned about the whole thing since he reminded me that he had just been thrown into this matter. He offered me now the lesser model washer and dryer for the same price since the others were all of a sudden out of stock. He also offered me a 3 year service plan supposedly for free. I checked the price against Best Buy and Best Buy had the better deal. I asked him to price match it with the service plan and he then came up with this bogus story that he had already charged me less for the models and $100 for the service plan which came out to the original price, which means he was never actually “giving” me the service plan as a courtesy in the first place! I basically told him to forget it, which he then finally countered at the offer Best Buy had. I mean really??? Doesn’t there come a time where enough is enough? If he had cared about me as a customer, he would have just agreed to the price match in the first place instead of giving me the runaround a third time. This just showed complete dishonesty once again from this company’s “leaders” and a total lack of respect and care for their customers. Needless to say, I went with Best Buy, a company with complete credibility. By the looks of it, HHGregg will probably be going out of business very soon if they can’t get their act together.


Phyllis February 25, 2016 at 6:55 pm

please have an hhgregg representative contact me re: Q735- which was just delivered less that 7 days ago and the ice maker is not working properly, only dispenses 12 ice cubes a day. I have called the extended warranty number 1-877-456-9643 says to call the store since this is a new delivery, I called the store and a female representative, Beth, said she would return my call and never did, I asked for the manager Jeff several times, and he would not come to the phone, told another rep to tell me to call Frigidaire at 800-374-4432 and their call volume is backed up, still trying to reach them, called hhgregg local office in Boardman OH again, Manager Jeff did not come to the phone, called Frigidaire back again at 706-860-4110 and am on hold waiting for help. SO MUCH FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, I will call the HHGregg corporate office in the morning,, I called that number tonight at 317-848-8718 and could only get the delivery dept. Unbelievable. I had planned on buying an additional frig, microwave, and stove from HHGregg, however I will now go to another organization.


melissa February 16, 2016 at 10:50 pm

Talk,about,cus,serv,this,company,should ve gone out of business a longtime ago cause,if u purchase a product,and purchase,s warranty.,this companyshould stand behind their warranty,and not,charge,consumer,$19.99 on a bogus,key,cause,every customer,take their product back to the store because it’s an defect. “”””””””The doesn’t,have s chance on receiving a swap on it. They jus a unhappy consumer. Whom ,wuz sucker out $19.99: × millions consumers as HHgregg’s say. Warranty,warranty. We got u zSuckers. …


Malinda Graham February 2, 2016 at 1:29 pm

Every morning, I walked down my hall way I bump it to this Big Flat screen television my son purchased at the HHGREG in Tallahassee, Florida. My son purchase this television about 4-5 months ago. He purchased the T.V and the extended warranty. Before the first payment was made. My son was having a bedroom set delivered and set up in his room. The flat screen was placed in another room while this was being set up. His 4 year old went into the room the TV was in an accidentally bumped into the TV. The TV has a crack on it. My son went back to HHGREG. They would honor his warranty. They said they couldn’t fix he TV. I most be living on another planet; what is a warranty for and extended warranty must be an extension of being suckered. My son was told that his first payment could be taken out of the warranty fee. He can cancel the warranty after that and continue to pay for a NON WORKING TV. I’M JUST THE MIDDLE PERSON. THE TV IS STILL IN MY HOUSE. I WANT JUSTICE AND I WANT IT NOW. STAY TUNED PEOPLE.


David February 17, 2016 at 11:43 am

Please call me if you would like . I work at this place and may help you in someway that would satisfy both parties. My name is David . Call me at 443-532-XXXX. More than 1 way to skin a cat


Chris ladwig January 30, 2016 at 6:56 pm

This is the absolute WORST company I’ve ever dealt with. They tried to deliver me a washer and dryer with huge dings and scratches that were not there when I bought them. I have the pictures of them at the store too. And then when my wife called to rectify the issue, the manager of the Daytona Beach branch named Brian offered us $50 off to keep the damaged products, when she refused he yelled at my pregnant wife and hung up on her. I called back and then he told me I need to keep my wife in line. UNACCEPTABLE! I’m shocked he still has a job. Numerous people in my family have had issues with this branch as well. I don’t know why I thought it’d be different. I asked for my money back because I’d rather not have a washer and dryer at the moment then give a company like this my money. Seriously hhgrregg you guys have a lot of soul searching to do.


Alan kaye January 27, 2016 at 11:33 am

November 3, 2015 my wife and I spent close to five grand on new appliances and a tv. When the appliances were delivered the fridge had two large dents. They took that back and several days later a new Frigidaire fridge was delivered. The next day the ice maker made a loud machine gun type noise. After several calls to the manager of the daytona beach store and getting transferred to delivery, then a repair company someone came out, determined it was the ice maker. I called the store talked to the manager again and told him I I wanted a new fridge of a different make and pay the overage. He blew me off. Two weeks later the repair guy came back with a new ice maker. So now I’ve paid full price for a refurbished fridge. On top of that the fridge is again making a loud annoying machine gun noise.
I sent an email to the home office outlining the problem. A week later I received an email with the frigidaire phone number telling me to contact them. I replied stating my problem was not with frigidaire it was with HH Gregg. Since then I’ve heard nothing back.
Oh I forgot, the salesman told me no one has ever returned a frigidaire fridge. He forgot to tell me it was because they do not work with customers who have problems, they refer us to frigidaire for repair. As someone said above, customer service is nonexistent. I would recommend finding a company with good customer service. I will never shop here again and I will do all I can to let ppl know this company only cares about making a sale, after that your on your own.


Buddy Peters January 20, 2016 at 6:04 am

Horrible,Horrible company to deal with along with a Horrible, Horrible customer service, We purchased an LG Dishwasher in May 2013 along with an extended warranty at a store located at 11732 W. Broad St. Richmond, Va 23233. 6 months after the purchase we had to replace the housing unit. On 12/26/15 the housing unit broke again. We still have the extended warranty in place which is still valid. I have discussed our problem on the dishwasher with the store’s General Manager along with discussing our problem with Manager of the store. They both just pass you off to the extended Warranty company they use. I have contacted the Warranty Company used by HHG which is REA and ATES on numerous occasions and get one excuse after another with no results as of this date. I have called HHG Corporate officers and left messages for their Executive Officers to call me. Even the Executive Officers won’t call you back. Today is January 20, 2016 and the dishwasher is still broke with no tentative date for repair. What the consumer can do is UNIT by filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Retail stores do not have to be a member of the BBB to have a complaint filed against them. Write letters to the Executive Management , The CEO is a Dennis L. May, Corporate Office is located at 4151 E. 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240. their phone # is 317-848-8718 or 1-800-284-7344. In Virginia you have the right to take legal action by having a warrant issued to the store you purchased the product at to recoup the cost of the Extended warranty. This can be done in most states through the small claims court, you do not need a lawyer in Va to do this, the consumer can do it themselves in most states. Write and file complaints with the Consumer Affairs Dept to the state you reside in. You can also file a complaint the the Consumer Affairs Dept with the Federal government. Lets prevent other consumers from having to deal with this HORRIBLE company.


Steve Brinkhoff January 29, 2016 at 1:08 pm

I don’t know how your small claims courts work, but in many states including mine – Orego – you have an edge. A corporation may not represent themselves in small claims. They are required to be represented by an attorney. File the claim, start them racking up the legal bills which will by much more than the cost of repair or replacement. The onus will be on THEM to get it done.


Mel January 8, 2016 at 11:33 pm

My husband has worked in delivery for several years. They have to be there at 6am and most nights dont get done till around 9 or 10pm with only one day off. I will put it out there that he makes $600 a week Which Is NOT even minimum wage. Hes never home for dinner with the family, misses all the kids sports, we have No date nights and i have to run the household by myself. I Hate HH Gregg for treating their employees this way but because he has no college and no license from a dumb charge 7 yrs ago, no one else has hired him. It sucks because he has a Great work ethic and busts his butt for a family he never sees


Raven January 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm

I had started working at an hhgregg and from the point of my interview up until I quit my job, the workers there had racially profiled me. The GM had racially profiled me during the interview say that my people (Native Americans) were bad people and that we get free money and lots of land given to us. To make it worse one of the African American workers said that “They should be getting in on all that free stuff Native Americans get!” Then goes to ask me why I was working because he knew that I got a free check from my tribe every month, in which I do not. I have to work to pay my bills, I have college loans, and I get nothing handed to me. HE was not the only one that was asking me those same questions. I could not go into work anymore because I felt like an outcast because of the label they put on me. It is not okay to label someone the first day of work just because of their ethnicity or you think they are getting free money!

To make things worse I have not got my paycheck from them and it has almost been a month now!


Margaret Slack January 5, 2016 at 11:21 am

I will not be shopping at this store ever again. You can never get anyone at the corporate office all you get is the run around and the same line of sorry. Sorry you were misinformed and no there is no supervisor or manager but I will have someone call you which never happens. The customer is the one on the losing end again.


Sharon Hicks January 4, 2016 at 1:27 pm

I wanted to give you and update in regards to our Samsung Dishwasher that we purchased from you on 11/13/15.

I made a call to the Samsung repair service shortly after 12/8 when our dishwasher stopped working properly and was showing an error code that there was a leak somewhere and we couldn’t determine where the leak was coming from. They informed me that it was my responsibility to call a certified Samsung repair technician to come out because if it was a warranty issue they could bill Samsung directly. So I called around to 4 or 5 different repair places, finally got in touch with Sears and they scheduled me for a repair on 12/22/15.

We had a technician from Sears come out yesterday, 12/22 and he immediately sees that the drain hose was not hooked up and thought that we never hooked it up. Of course, I didn’t know anything about the hoses so I didn’t know The technician was convenienced it was because we didn’t have this hose connected that the electronic panel went out. He charged me $142 for the visit and said I would have to call Samsung customer repair to order the part and have it installed. In the meantime, I speak with my husband and he said he had to disconnect the drain hose to pull the dishwasher out to look at it and did not hook it back up because he assumed the technician would need to pull the dishwasher out. The technician never pulled the dishwasher out to look at the dishwasher itself.

I called Samsung last evening (12/22) after he left and they are saying it is not the electronic panel that the panel error code is saying there is a leak or a seal is cracked or broken. She also said that I should not have called the technician that they should have set up the repair because they do not use Sears. She said they use Appliance Unlimited from Reading, PA and I told her that was who came out! It stated that same company’s name on the side of his van.

My husband comes home around 9 PM and pulls the dishwasher out, drys everything off, puts everything back together and we run a cycle and it is now working. For how long we have no idea.

So to sum all this up, I’m getting a run around from Samsung and I’ve had this dishwasher for less than a month. delivered on 11/13/15, stopped working on 12/8/15, told by the technician on 12/22 it was the electronic panel needed to be replaced, on 12/22 the Samsung service center said it is not the electronic panel but moisture is getting in somewhere that is why that error code is showing up and now after my husband pulled it apart it is working (at the moment).

And now Samsung wants to send a technician out on 12/28 to look at it and if they determine it was installed incorrectly (which it wasn’t but they appear to be bent on that it was installed incorrectly, I think so they don’t have to deal with us) we will end up paying for the repairs once again. Mind you it worked perfectly from 11/13 to 12/8 using it at least once a day if not twice a day and not issues and then all of sudden an error code.

I need your help! I would like a brand new dishwasher and let you resolve this issue with Samsung. As a customer I should not have to be on the call wasting my time with repair technicians for an appliance that is brand new less than a month old.

Please elevate this immediately to a manager and have someone call my husband Les at 717-572-XXXX or myself at 717-575-XXXX.

Thank you for your immediate response,
Les and Sharon Hicks
PA 17517


Perry December 29, 2015 at 9:12 pm

After 30 phone call, talking to store managers, customer service, repair company and NO WORKING WASHER FOR OVER A MONTH, THEY STILL COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE CUSTOMER….IF YOU BUY FROM THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY, YOU DESERVE TO GET SCREWED. BOYCOTT HHGREG……READ THE HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS BELOW….ALL SAY THE SAME THING….THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. We have spent over $255 in coin op laundry facilities and they offer $25 in compensation. From the store to the corporate office to the repair company….They could care less. THEY HAVE SPENT AT LEAST 3x the COST OF THE WASHER IN REPAIRS AND IT STILL NEEDS A NEW TRANSMISSION, GEAR, CAM AND MORE. 5 Service calls in 11 months and they answer is go F*** yourself….YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…….********DO NOT BUY AT HHGREG****** at any price. If you have a problem, you are screwed.


shelli January 6, 2016 at 9:37 am

This is the worse company i ever dealt with! They are out to get your money and sell you junk! I had one expensive fridge the broke before it was two years old..I was pushed all over the place to get it replaced. We had to down size bc they wouldnt give us the same one. The delivered the new one the delivery people came so late at night and it had a huge dent in it! I was promised by a manager that it will be looked at before it was put on the truck…nope it was delivered three times they were all messed up or falling apart! Don’T shop here!


Perry December 28, 2015 at 1:09 pm

Over 3 weeks and my washer under 5 year extended warranty still not repaired. This is the biggest piece of crap company. No customer service. They could care less about you the customer or your problems. BOYCOTT this pos business you have been warned….buy from them and you are an idiot. They don’t deserve anyone’s business. The extended warranty is a joke. 2nd repair…I have spent over 1/2 the cost of the washer at coin op laundry…$255 and counting. No communication, no call backs, no managers ever available, no followup, no anything. DO NOT BUY FROM HHGREG. GO ANYWHERE ELSE ….ABT, Home Depot, Lowes….anyone but these lying stealing scum bags of a joke company. Time to sue them….I’ve had it.


Scott December 27, 2015 at 9:45 pm

I gave this place a chance and I am a fool for doing so. Literally should have recorded the whole event and made a video on what not to say to a customer. Manager was rude and looked like a fat slob running numbers for the mob. He said I didn’t make the tv so I don’t know what to tell you. I asked him so you do not stand behind your products you sell? I asked for free delivery since this would be coming up on the third time in the store for a defective product. He said if I wanted to contact the manufacture and see if they would pay them then they would deliver it as long as someone wanted to pay them.

Seriously some of the worst customer service I experienced in a long time. I try to stay away from Target and Walmart since they are taking over everywhere but you can’t beat there customer service. I will never go to HHgregg again after this experience and if the big box stores do not have it I will not be getting it.


William S. Kaplan December 24, 2015 at 12:39 pm

HHGregg is the WORST consumer appliance seller in the country. The Sterling VA store promised next day delivery on over $3000 in laundry appliances. I waited until 2PM the next day, delivery day, to find out that the warehouse supervisor in Brandywine MD had canceled my delivery because one of the appliances was not available.

The store had called on purchase day to confirm that the appliances were in stock except for the stands. Instructions clearly stated on the purchase/delivery order were to deliver even if all pieces were not available.

No call to let me know so I wasted a day of work waiting for hhgregg to deliver.

No one seemed to care when I called the store and asked for the manager (not available) and then when I went down in person (The manager was busy and couldn’t see me)

I canceled my order and bought from Home Depot!


Perry December 23, 2015 at 10:09 am

So the nightmare saga continues as now in our 3rd week without a working washer their so called repair service calls says they have the parts, it’s Christmas weekend and they can’t get here until next week on Monday. IF YOU ARE STUPIED ENOUGH TO BUY ANYTHING FROM HHGREG, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…..THEY STINK, THEIR SERVICE COMPANY STINKS, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS……YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.



Perry December 21, 2015 at 1:24 pm

Worst server ever. They do not care about the customer. They put you on hold, pass you off to someone else, hang up on you, deny, delay and blame everyone else. They say my 3 year old washer I purchased a 5 year warranty on is a dinosaur and cannot get parts in a timely fashion. 2 weeks this time so far and the last repair was longer than 1 week. I have spent over $250 in coin op laundry during wait time. I’m on hold again for the 7th time with 7th person I have been shuffled to. I DO NOT RECOMMEND HHGREG TO ANYONE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSOMER, JUST THEIR BOTTOM LINE. Want lousy service with garbage products, then buy from them. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER, THE SERVICE, OR ANYTHING TO HELP THE CUSTOMER. Don’t buy there ever. Go to sears or best buy or anywhere but HHGREG. a They get Zero out of 5 stars. Worst business I have ever dealt with. I will never spend another dime and look forward to their going out of business as if this is how they treat their customers, they are destiny for bankruptcy..


David Ruehling December 20, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Horrible customer service. Purchased an appliance from Elizabethtown Ky store. Delivery people broke old stove all over driveway, did not let us know and I drove glass and metal when I got home from work after dark. Had to go out to store to actually speak with someone and they did not care. Hhgregg might as well shut down their customer service department for all the good they do. I see this company going the way of the dinosaur soon. They treated me like crap.


Mike H December 14, 2015 at 8:14 pm

You cannot call HHGREGG Customer Service. You’re either on hold for 1 hour+, or you’re disconnected with no ability to hold. When you use hhgregg Email for Customer Service, you get replies that are not accurate, such as “Stephanie” stating Flyer items not being valid or available on line. I’ve only purchased from hhgregg 1 time and it’s been a disaster. How is someone to get straight answers, and or even talk to someone live when you have an issue? Whoever Stephanie is in your Customer Service Group, needs to be re-trained. Her replies by email after several days are inaccurate, implicating hhGregg to deceptive advertising. Can someone please message me? Sorry for the dramatic message on your page. There seems to be no way to get your attention. I’ve posted this on Facebook, sent an email and cannot call through. You should be ashamed of what you put your customers through. How does hhGregg stay in business with this horrible customer service?


Lisa Kittl December 8, 2015 at 12:24 pm

I just want to let you know that I will never purchase anything from HH Gregg again! I bought a kitchen suite from your Orland park Illinois store in August 2013. After I had to remodel my first floor due to a flood by our previous fridge. I was so happy when they arrived… That was very short lived!! I had to call the warranty company to come and fix the oven, dishwasher and fridge at the same time. Then after about a couple weeks after the warranty was up my dishwasher quit working all together!! So now I haven’t had a dishwasher in over a year. The oven wouldn’t light so my house would smell like gas. That was fixed and has been good since. But my fridge has been repaired about 6 times in 2 years!! That is absurd!!! I have to take off work for the repair to come and look and then again in about 2 weeks when he has the repair kit!! And this time my fridge is leaking!!! I have checked the water lines and they are not the problem. So I turned off the water and there is still a puddle under the fridge! I am livid!! And no one cares about anything but sending a band aid fix!! I bet they are just hoping my extended warranty expires soon… Nope I bought the 5 year warranty for the fridge and I’m glad I did or else we wouldn’t have a working fridge in my house!!! So when is enough- enough!!! I think after 6 repairs you should replace my fridge with a new one- or just give me my money back to buy elsewhere!! Not to mention all of the food I have had to throw out all these times!!

I had asked about when they look into giving a new product and the guy told me after a part has been fixed 3 times!! Well this fridge has been fixed 6 times!! It’s still a piece of garbage! Thanks for not Caring. I will keep writing people till I get a response from someone.


Chris Yurista Sr. December 8, 2015 at 11:05 am

To whom it may concern, we just recently purchased a LG combination set for $3,600.00 (refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher) from H&H Gregg in Lancaster, PA (Fruitville Pike Store). When we went to start our first load of dishes for the first time in our new dishwasher, the door leaked like a sieve after about five minutes and water went all over the new floor we just put in the same day. We shut-off the dishwasher and wiped up all the water and called LG who referred us to the dealer we purchased our appliances from, so we called H&H Gregg to see about getting another dishwasher. The store manager (how she presented herself) asked who installed the dishwasher and I replied we had it professional installed but not by H&H Gregg. She continued to state that the company that installed our dishwasher was at fault. I walked her through what was happening: 1) drain line not leaking, 2) water feed line not leaking and 3) electrical connections not leaking (did not know her mechanical and electrical understanding) and we see water running down from the left side door seal onto the floor prior to shutting off. We can hear the dishwasher running and if you apply a little pressure to the door, the leak stops and you cannot hear the dishwasher running so obviously it was the locking mechanism that potentially needs adjusted or a problem with the door seal (not from installation). She continued to state it was from installation and my deflection radar was going off. We combed through the details and she agreed to deliver another dishwasher on Tuesday 12/8 (my take-away was to remove the new leaking dishwasher prior to the delivery of our replacement which was completed on Monday 12/7). We received a call the day before (Monday 12/7) so I took my last vacation day of the year to finally get our new dishwasher. At approximately 10:10am on Tuesday (the delivery day – my last vacation day), I received a call that H&H Gregg Lancaster, PA was out of stock and we would not be getting out dishwasher (by the same manager). How can this happen? How do you schedule a delivery without the appliances in stock? I guess poor planning cost me my last vacation day and no dishwasher at the expense of POOR COORDINATION & SERVICE.

What I can say from this point forward, I have all LG appliance in my household and I have had problems in the past but this takes the cake (purchased mostly from H&H Gregg in Lancaster, PA). I will honestly not recommend LG or H&H Gregg to anyone in the future and I hope this does not happen to anyone else. I am sorry to write such a negative and embarrassing email, but let the truth be told about the lack of quality measures by LG and poor service by H&H Gregg.

Respectfully an unhappy customer

Chris Yurista Sr.


Helen Wright December 1, 2015 at 6:45 pm

To add more to this complaint I was never told anything related to how things were been done. To look at a company trying to take more from their customers, not been fair, but trying to increase their pockets is just a shame. I pray and hope that justice be done unto me and others that have been used.


Helen Wright December 1, 2015 at 6:31 pm

I was told today by an employee of hhgregg that the $350.00 payment I am making now only $40.00 is going to the appliances that I am purchasing. This along with other things were related to me that is totally unfair. Now they want to send me to a Rental center to continue paying them at least $75 biweekly……..does this make any sense……I will be getting me a lawyer to help me with this situation……I have read some of the complaints….. Also I have tried to talk to a manager over the one in the store but he has not return my call and I has been more than 3-4 months or more. I will await a call from the corporate office within the next 2-4 days….(901 830-XXXX)


Len G. December 8, 2015 at 2:04 am

Did you read all documents you signed when you purchased the items?
The issue you are facing is most likely related to an extremely high INTEREST RATE.
If it is above 21%, the vast majority of a basic minimum payment, of say $250 would be applied to pay interest! With very little going toward the principal reduction.
Very much how a high interest rate credit card operates. Because, that’s basically what it is.
So sorry, but it IS legal.


Michele Cousin December 1, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Worst experience ever. I have been trying to reach CEO by letter and phone and I finally get a call back from Jim McNees, whom I call back, who then takes 2+ weeks to return my call and part of his very unhelpful message says “clearly you do have my number” and advises me that if I want to talk about my issue I can call him back. OF COURSE I WANT TO TALK ABOUT MY ISSUE!!!! I would not have taken time to write a 3 page letter to the CEO if I did not want to talk about it.
And for the record, if you’re reading this Mr McNees, I DO NOT have your number. I had to go thru a number and ask for you and get transferred by a rep. In addition, the number 317-848-8720, which comes up on my caller ID with your vm is also a customer service number which had me on hold for over 15 minutes before I chose to hang up. So, AGAIN, I do not clearly have your number.


Corri maloy November 26, 2015 at 12:18 am

After a week of dealing with what seems like a bunch of unqualified people, talking to the place of purchase, the worst distribution center I’ve ever dealt with in my life , and a corporate office that does not care what happens, I have gotten nowhere. My wife got induced into labor on Sunday and I was not able to be there for her the whole time because of dealing with the runaround from this company not to mention the days off of work I had to take . I have hired an attorney and when we go to court then we will see how much they really care because I’m about to sue the hell out of them !!!
Happy Thanksgiving


Anna November 24, 2015 at 8:55 pm

The worst place I have ever done business with. I bought 6 appliances. They did not deliver when promised. I paid for installation. The microwave and dishwasher are sitting in my living room because they never showed up to install. I paid with a debit card and they refused to refund the installation charge. After 3 visits to the store I am at my limit. The manager is rude and ignores me and refused to give me her name.


Deborah November 24, 2015 at 10:49 am

I purchase a washer and dryer from them two years ago then decided to purchase a LG fridge over $3,000.00 the sales person told me to use a filter in the fridge even thou I had reverse osmosis. Well not even 6 month down the line my ice marker no longer works. I called LG and they said don’t use a another filter in the fridge use the dumbie one that comes with the fridge because that is to much filters and the water pressure is slow that cuz the freeze up in the ice marker. When I called the store in Joliet Illinois the manager was rude as can be. I will never shop there again go to ABT or Sears


Shontai Moore November 22, 2015 at 10:32 am

I purchased a stainless steel side by side 15 months ago. Since then it has been repaired five times for the same problem. The refrigerator freezes and thaws the food. This is very unhealthy for my family and we have not been able to store anything in it. I have lost hundreds of dollars in food and now we are forced to eat out until another repair man can make it here in two weeks. HHgregg has given me the run around and refuse to replace it. They said the first repairs were done by the manufacturer so the warranty company would have to repair 4 more times before it is replaced. I’m starting to believe this appliance is refurbished. I have returned to the store three times and spoke to corporate. Everyone just pass the complaint to the next person. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE from them again. The prices are cheaper for a reason.


Josh kimbro November 17, 2015 at 4:02 pm

September 25th installers came to my home. First thing they started asking for cash for extra lines and connections when I paid for delivery and installation. This prompted me to record them, during recording them they broke through the bottom of my kitchen sink cabinet, and left a water line for the fridgerator they were installing disconnected and flooded my kitchen dining room area. I have all this on recording along with over 45 other calls, where everyone just gives me the runaround . HH Gregg ,HH Gregg executive branch ,hhgregg customer service ,us transport ,managers and supervisors, insurance companies. Bottom line is they don’t care what I’ve got on recording they’re not paying to fix my home. Nearly $10,000 in damage, I sent in an estimate and they had somebody come and do an estimate as well. Today was the deadline for them to contact me with a settlement, you all denied settlement today. I am releasing all of my audio clip to the local news media, and I am retaining legal representation and I will see you in court. Hope everyone reads this before the Black Friday shop with you.


David Jones November 14, 2015 at 9:57 am

You guys are the worst company next to Curcit City and they are out of business. Why are you opening at 4pm on Thanksgiving that is just selfish. You guys try to compete with Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, Target and every other retailer, but you don’t have anything other than those one time of the year tvs, and maybe a couple of appliances and those cheap tablets. You guys can’t compete with the other places with that. You don’t even have any toys.
So while all of you at corporate and above are at home with family eating while your workers can’t spend one of the times of the year that is meant for people to be with their families you have them working. I can’t even see my grandson because he is working with you. I hope you guys go out of business and are forced to pay your employees because of it. You guys need to go back to opening at 5 am on Friday makes a lot more since.


BERNARD GIANGIORDANO November 12, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Have had two service calls on two lounge chairs I bought on 04/20/2015, chairs still need repair. when I call customer service I ALWAYS GET JULIA,who thinks shesthe avswer to your problems,and practiculy laughs at you. The arm of one chair is 2 inches to short. THE REPAIR MAN STUFFED the arm and left. Problem came back,so did repair man. He said he was turning chairs in for replacement .THE FACTORY SAID THEY WOULD NOT EXCHANGE CHAIRS.After that nothing is being done. I bought the chairs from hhgreg and I EXPECT HHGREG TO STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS THAT THEY SELL.I bought ins. on chairs . Julia said ins. was only good after first year. Would like to hear from someone in Mr Dennis L .May office.


Susan Higgins November 11, 2015 at 5:22 pm

I am having a warranty repair issue. The difficulty is with te repair company. They have been out to my house 2 times and the lat time when they replaced the part the service man turned the unit on and left. He neglected to wait to see if it filled up (and it did not fill up) when I called back they scheduled us for another appt. between 2-7 (another afternoon of work missed) at 5:30 the repairman called and cancelled now they want to put me off for another week. We have called the store manager, the warranty company and the repair company to see if we could resolve this but can’t seem to get any satisfaction. But now after reading all the horror stories from everyone else I guess that is how HHGregg operates. I am very disappointed and will think twice before purchasing anything else from them. I have had no dishwasher since 10-11 and It looks like I won’t have one anytime soon.


eileen kalavoda November 11, 2015 at 4:27 pm

I don’t think I have ever had such horrible customer service….I ordered a dishwasher on 10/15 and delivery was set up on 11/02 with 3 hour window…4-7 pm…the installer never showed or called, called the number given and they stated they could not get the installer to answer his phone and his voice mail was full. Complained to management in store, who gave me $50 off bill, set up another appt. for 11/09 delivery time 3-6 pm. Never showed, then called and they would have a manager call me, never called, then at 10 pm at night,waking myself and my husband, called to reschedule for sometime 11/21 or later. Complained that there was a note on our acct. that we should not be called after 9, we get up at 4 for work. Next day called and cancelled order but continued to get calls for delivery and install. Called the store again to double check that this was cancelled and off my credit card. Was also told a manger would call…he never did. There is no communication between store and delivery and this is unacceptable that people have to take time off from work and sit around for something that was never delivered and never receive a call from delivery person. I will never shop at this store in whitehall pa or anywhere else again…And I will never recommend this company to anyone! Needless to say, I am very disgusted with this company. I hope you pay your customer service well, because they sure must listen to alot of complaints from unhappy consumers. Many phone calls were made to the installing company and the store and these people do not give any satisfaction. I also didn’t mention than when we went to the store to purchase the dishwasher, we had to wait almost 30 minutes until someone waited on us. That should have been my first clue. Cut the staff so you corporate people can make a higher profit. Typical Corporate


Jackson Daniels November 8, 2015 at 11:01 am

You guys in corporate should be ashamed of yourselves on how your employees are treated. I have a family member that works for you guys and you cut thereally commission they already weren’t making any money because your stores aremail not as busy as they were about 5 years ago. You are telling me that if a sales associate sales a $3,000 TV that they only make $20-30 on it. No one can make a living like that. This is not 1980 everything is more expensive living is more expensive. What makes you think that anyone can pay bills. I heard that you guys have stores in the North Carolina. But you have 5 stores within a 20 miles radius of each other now that is just nothing but straight stupidity. That’s why most of the times these sales associates don’t care. That is also why you guys are in the top 5 for worst companies to work for for hourly. But I do believe that you guys are going to be the next Circuit City.


Bertha Gordon November 7, 2015 at 11:41 am

I was the first customer in your store at 4000 US Hwy 98 North, Lakeland Florida, 33809 today, I was paying my bill at the register. There were about 5 sale associates, all men standing behind the counter. One of the men farted, no one said excuse me or I am sorry. If I did not like my washer and dryer I would ask for a full refund and buy it at another store. I pray and hope this was not done because I was black, I try to rise above this kind of behavior because my Bible tells me I have to pray for you and forgive you.


Faith Quintero October 28, 2015 at 10:09 am

HHGregg has the most horrible service I’ve ever experienced in my life. DON’T SHOP AT THEIR STORES!!!


Melissa Moore October 15, 2015 at 8:58 pm


I purchased a computer at h.h.gregg, in Hoover, AL on July 17, 2015. I always pay more on my account than I am suppose to pay. When I paid on October 4, 2015, I was given the wrong receipt with someone else’s name on it; the wrong address, and the wrong on the account. When I called the Synchrony Bank and h.h.gregg- 1773- Montgomery Highway S. I got no results. H.H.gregg told me to call the bank; the bank told me to call h.h.gregg. If this matter is not resolved; I am going to write to the government; Consumer Affairs in Montgomery, and Washington D.C. There is no telling how many people you all of cheated this way.


dennis October 14, 2015 at 6:56 pm

Bought new 1700.00 tv hh gregg plugged it in lines up 1 side samsung told me to take it back to store I was told I damaged it well I lost it no returns and no money back going to court soon


lynn December 21, 2015 at 12:27 pm

We had also bought a tv and the same thing has happen to us so the contract says hassle free so far it has not been one hassle free experience


Lawrence October 12, 2015 at 3:26 pm

In June 2015, I had a repair scheduled for my LG refrigerator. The local repair company said that the icemaker is on back order. It is now October 2015 and it still has not be replaced. I called HHGREGG and after 20 mins on hold the customer service person told me that although HHGREGG has already paid for the repairs there is nothing they can do because my warranty has expired. The repair was scheduled to take place before my warranty expired.


Lovie Moultrie September 28, 2015 at 4:05 pm

This is my second request online regarding this matter. I have made several calls to the store with no resolve and it has been escalated to corporate and the customer service has had me call back a few times with no resolve. Supposedly, the information has gone to Sales Audit for investigation. Bottom line, I got a sales promotion and my credit card statement has something different. The issue is making me distrust HHGregg and definetly not want to make future purchases with my card. My receipts have the correct amount and I can’t understand my the issue is going on 45 days and it has NOT been corrected. Please contact me back as soon as possible regarding this issue.

Lovie Moultrie
Very angry customer


Eric Sklar September 28, 2015 at 3:02 pm

I purchased over $5,000 of new appliances on labor day for there prices. I picked up all of my order about 2-3 weeks later. I had asked several times should I open all of the boxes to make sure that none of them are dented or damaged before I have to drive home which is over 2 hours. All of the sales associates said no including the manager, to that they had said if you have any issues p[lease call us and we will take care of it. Taking their word for it I did not open any of the boxes. After I got home I open the Fridge box and there is a 3″x3″ dent on the french door. I was not happy that a brand now Fridge that costs over $2,300 would have any issues. I called an spoke to the assistant manager (Josh) stating that I can bring back the fridge and get another one adding to that I should have opened the box before I left when I was told differently. Amazing how I am told two different things. I explained to him that I live over 2 hours away and it is not that easy for the commute asking that HHGREGG just replace the door as it is not the whole fridge and go through taking apart of fridge driving again 4 hours total and then putting it back in my house. The next day the flap that controls the ice dispenser stopped working. I called again stating that I had called the day before and was talking to Josh again, he said he would look into it and get back to me within a day or Monday. I did not get any such calls from HHGREGG until I had called them on monday asking what was going on (9/28/15), even my sales assoicate kept getting what was wrong with my fridge, he then gave me to Judy (Appliance Manager) she had said that I was offered $300 for the door having a dent in it or can I bring it back and get a new one. My response to that was a new door from GE is over $350.00 not off setting the cost of a new door that I would have to replace. Adding to that I asked to speak to the Store/General Manager to which she had said that I am the manager when I was told from her that she is the Appliance Manager (who knows really who I was talking to then). I started to get mad about how was being treated from her because she would not work with me at all stating bring the fridge back or take $300 off still missing the fact that the ice dispenser still does not work correctly as well. I told her I want $800 off of the order and to give me the Store/General managers name so that I can call and speak directly to them. She would not give up this information at all to me and directed my to call Corporate, to which she said that is all I can do and hung up. So I called again and said her for the Store\/General managers name and when they will be in, to take she said I am that and said if I keep calling back I will call the police for you harassing the store. Who comes up with harassing when all I want to to speak to someone else and you will not give me the name of the person so they can fix my issues.

I am extremely not happy with my purchase, how the employees/managers do not want to help fix issues after you have given them your company and just expecting you to deal with it. What kind of business can stay in business treating their customers with such disrespect and lies?

Newark, Del Location.


Moisette McNerney September 26, 2015 at 12:22 pm

Two weeks ago (9/12/15) the Samsung Washing machine that I purchased at hh Gregg three years stopped working. I purchased an extended warranty on this appliance. After being on hold with the warranty service center for approximately 30-40 minutes I reached an individual who took the report. I was assured I would hear from the contracted appliance repair company in two business days. This being a Saturday I would not hear from them until Tuesday (9/15/15). By 3:00 p.m. Tuesday I had heard nothing so both my husband I contacted the repair service. He was not able to make it until the next Saturday (9/19/15) when he showed up four hours early. He repaired the machine, however, within a half hour the machine was again malfunctioning. I contacted the service center and the repair man returned on Monday (9/21/15), tried to fix the washer, and declared the machine needed to be “totaled” and replaced with a new unit.

Since then I have had nothing but aggravation from hh Gregg. My husband called the service center on Tuesday (9/22/15) and spoke to a disinterested individual who gave him “the business” and told him that the service center couldn’t do anything until the repair man filed his notes/claim. The repairman insists he filed his claim and the service center insists they have no record of it. As a result we have been without a washing machine for two weeks. I paid $129.99 for what seems to be a useless extended warranty. This is the initial repair number: 7862368-00. The first authorization number is: AA82645. The next authorization umber is aa840693. Most of the individuals I spoke to at the service center have been very polite, particularly Penny, Jason, and Misel, whom I just got off the phone with. Today is 9/26/15 and Misel informed me that there is not a new repair/replacement order in the system.

Hh Gregg’s system is untenable and deeply flawed. I would like a resolution to this immediately.


Erika September 25, 2015 at 9:47 am

The repairmen that came to my home yesterday damaged my dryer. Instead of pulling the washing machine and dryer away from the wall and walking behind them, they crawled over my dryer, leaving a large knee dent on the top of my dyer. I tried calling HH Gregg, Whirlpool, and my extended service plan, all three told me to call each other. None of them had a record of the rapair. I called the store that I bought it from, and asked a salesperson, Sean, to help me. After a half hour long conversation, I was told that his boss was putting a ticket into corporate and that someone from there should be calling me back. No one called. I tried again with all three numbers to no avail. Some of the customer service people were nice, while others were just plain rude. I finally called the number that told me the timeframe of the service, it was HH Gregg’s delivery department. They were able to find my repair ticket. It was under my cell phone number instead of my husbands. The only time my phone number was ever given to HH Gregg was when the repair service called with a time window and we asked them to please call that number if there were issues with the repair scheduling. It was not associated to the account otherwise. I was transferred three times, the first time to a number with an answering machine that was not in English, the second time I was hung up on, the third time I was directed to a receptionist. When I asked her who I was speaking to, trying to figure out where I had been transferred to, I was told, “I am the receptionist,” no name was given, she was rude. She transferred me to an answering machine. I called the delivery department again, explained how aggrivated I was. Adrianna gave me an email address to send pictures to of the damage. I held while she looked at the email. I have two options, I can go to the store and pick out a floor model dryer, since I bought a floor model, and they will replace it, or she can offer me a $100 check. Neither option is satisfactory. I have a matching set, that I purchased less than 1 year ago. I should be able to retain a matching set. $100 does not compensate a damaged dryer from a warrantied serviceman. I am frustrated, and extremly unhappy with how this situation was handled, and will not be going back to HH Gregg for future purchases.


Jim Monahan September 24, 2015 at 7:04 pm

I have an extended warranty on all my appliances bought through HHGregg. On 9/15 my oven stopped working. I called and was assured I’d be called in 2 Business days. 3 days later on Friday, I called the number they had given me and spent an hour being run in circles with who to call. Finally I was told it would be the following Thursday 9/24 before he could get here. He came today, replaced all wiring and left. Now the entire stove doesn’t work. I called the service group they told me they could come back next Monday or Tuesday. That will have been two full weeks with no stove. I called HHGregg to ask them to escalate and they said there was nothing they could do and it would indeed be at least next week. This was in my opinion a ripoff for service plans. Never ever buy anything with a company that just doesn’t care. I’m going to an appliance store, so I don’t get ripped off again by a fly by night organization, for a new stove because HHUseless doesn’t care. After all, they already have my money.


Kate Bloomfield September 23, 2015 at 1:57 pm

My wife and I went into the Brown Deer, WI store last night and bought a mattress. We are loyal member of HH Gregg, have a store credit card and everything. Last night was the worst service we EVER received. Not only did it take someone in a close to empty store 45 minutes to help us, but the sales person knew nothing about mattresses. My wife and I had to look online and call Serta ourselves in order to get more information. It was a terrible experience. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen too and we were set on purchasing our appliances there. Well I don’t know if we will anymore. I can’t trust them to know anything about the product, so why would I trust them to sell me any appliances. I am hoping someone will get back to me on this issue.


Margy Ahearn September 21, 2015 at 12:40 pm

I am displeased at the procedure for replacement on our refrigerator. We purchased is on the 18th of last month, it had to get a repair on the 31st of last month and the same problem is occurring. Therefore, it seems to be a faulty refrigerator and I would like a replacement for it. I understand there is a procedure that takes 2 days and that’s what I’m not happy about. We should be able to get a replacement immediately and not have to wait 2 days for a response from the Corporate office. We bought our refrigerator at the HHGregg in Robinson Twp, Pittsburgh PA and I spoke with a manager by the name of Eric who is supposed to call me back in 2 days. This is not acceptable to a customer or yours, me, and I feel this should be resolved before 2 days. I called the Corporate and asked for Mr. May and was told by his secretary that that’s the normal response time which I think is ridiculous. HHGregg is anxious to sell us the product but not so anxious to help the customers when there is a default with the product. I am only requesting that we get a new refrigerator since the one we have keeps having the same issue.


John Jones November 8, 2015 at 10:51 am

There 30 day return/exchange policy with Hhgregg you were outside of that so you needed to call the manufacturer.


Trishna September 19, 2015 at 2:25 pm

There is a major disconnect between the store and the appliance installation team. I purchased an over the range microwave and dishwasher on 9/5 that was supposed to be originally installed on 9/12. Well the TNT appliance service guy called on Saturday right before the 3 hour window ending time, after I had a family member waiting for the install, and mentioned he pulled the wrong appliance and would not be able to make the delivery. He was so unprofessional and basically said I could not get the delivery and install until one week later which is today 9/19. Well my window time was from 10a-1p, it’s 1:20p. I called HHGregg location where I purchased so they could check in delivery since the TNT appliance gives a number they never answer. I’m still waiting on HHGregg to contact me with the info. This is very unprofessional and I would NEVER recommend HHGregg to anyone. It is obvious that HHGregg does not use reputable installation companies for there consumers. Now I have to wait for my appliances, but everyone has already received my money…..NOT GOOD BUSINESS!!


Kass Burns September 17, 2015 at 8:14 pm

The ineptitude of your staff is appalling. The lack of communication between the store and delivery team is ridiculous. I had an item damaged upon delivery on Monday (9/14). I CAN NOT GET ANYONE TO CALL ME BACK. I have been flipped back and forth from the store to the warehouse MORE THAN 6 TIMES


Donna September 16, 2015 at 7:30 pm

I have had an awefull experience with hhgreg. I applied for there acceptances now program. I was approved. I then called the store in joliet il. I talked to some lady that she first off told me she was taking over that day for a manager that had to have the day off. That was my first problem. My secound problem is i told her i was excepted for there acceptances now program and i wanted to know how to go from there. She went threw my file and asked me how much i make a month and i told her. She then very ruedly told me because what i make a month i dont qualify because i have to be making over 1200.00 dollars a month. Then she went on asking me how much my monthly expences are after i told her she comes up with a figure that i would only have twenty dollars to my name and that i couldnt have the merchandise. I finally called corparte i talk to the regional manager he was nice told me that i should expect a call with in 15 minutes from the store manager. Mind u this was yesterday 9/15/2015 they still havent called back. I felt discriminating against me because im on disability and unable to work. And when she tells me that we dont except people like u who are on disability. U need to have a job to purchase from us. And then she hung up on me. Im very dissatisfied with them and guess they dont care on how the treat there customers.


Rick September 9, 2015 at 12:54 pm

Have not had a properly working LG Washer and Dryer for a month!!

THIS IS the WORST customer service ever.

The Wellington Fl store manager Steve told me “he is the ONLY MAN ON THE PLANET WHO COULD HELP ME” and he has not, and REFUSES TO TAKE CALLS


miles dacko September 9, 2015 at 6:24 am

this company is only open based on the fact that they steal and rip people off that buy there products, taking money from there sales man to keep there doors open…they stay taking money away from there employees in witch ever way they can, the also have a system called file back in witch they are supposed to give money back to the salesman that they make “mistakes” on there commission pay outs then just say that they did it properly witch isn’t the case.. they have many lawsuits pending in witch they make commission based employees stay late after they close to have them do hourly work in witch the salesman is just losing money to them repeatedly …not only is this illegal but also highly immoral but they don’t care they r making money hand over fist off of other peoples hard work then threaten them with there jobs to make them fall in line……SHOP AT ANOTHER STORE !!!!! DO YOUR SELF AND THE EMPLOYEES A FAVOR AND LETS GET THIS HORRIABLE PLACE SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Regina September 4, 2015 at 9:13 pm

I made a purchase back in July and I am still waiting for it. It was promised to me back on July 16th. I have been going back and fourth with this. I finally got in touch with a person and it was promised to me on sept. 5th but now due to a screw up on your guys end once again I have to wait til Monday sept. 7th. I am not a satisfied customer. I want this issue resolved.


T Thurmond September 3, 2015 at 3:45 pm

I am writing this letter in hopes that this may bring attention to your online customer service department. Recently, I was attempting to get a problem resolved. After (4) days, the problem still isn’t resolved.

Besides my issue not being resolved, I wanted to mention the lack of professionalism within the online customer service department. I attempted to make an online purchase on (8/31/2015); I received the emailed confirmation on the order. When I attempted to pick up the merchandise, I was told there was a block put on my card, by your office. The block was placed due to the phone numbers not matching. (Understandable).

Here’s the issue, I was told that when my information was updated the hold would be released. That has not happened. I attempted to have this issue resolved on (8/31/15) (9/1/15) and (9/2/15). Each time I have been told that the hold would be removed, but wasn’t. Finally, today (9/3/2015) I called once more, I was told that I needed to bring my ID into my local store to prove who I was; the operator was very nasty, and really didn’t even listen to my issue that I had been calling about previously. The first thing that came out of her mouth was “we don’t place blocks on cards!” I was in disbelief. Funny, I have been calling about this issue for days now. I advised that Synchrony Bank said my account was in good standing, and there was no hold on their end.

This is where I have a problem. At this point I feel discriminated against. I feel like I was told misinformation the entire time. In addition, I felt like I was chastised for having a cell phone number change. I can’t be the only one in America that has had a cell phone number changed and neglected to update it with a retail credit card company that I don’t use frequently. I don’t like the manner in which I was treated nor talked to. I changed my phone number, not address. I am self employed, and rely on good customer service in my field. I don’t understand how your Company can conduct business like this. Bad customer service practices. I wish I had the names of every rude service representative I spoke with. You have a right to know who and how your company is being represented.

Thank you for your time.


Marc Gracie August 21, 2015 at 6:29 pm

I recently visited your store in Sawgrass area in south Florida. As I walked through your store, I could not find any Sales Rep.
I approached a security guard/ police officer and to my surprise, she could not even greet me back and just pointed to her badge. Confused, I asked again.. this lady and I use the term (lady) loose was from one. Her demeanor was so poor as her attitude that all I could do was smile back and hope that her anal exam did not go as bad as it seemed on her face. This personnel was from Latina descent, short and hate to go there not very attractive, maybe that’s the reason why she has gone through life with such a miserable attitude. A few sad things about this incident, she will never be reprimanded because one bad thing about UNION jobs, one get away with it, another is when a sales rep did show up his attitude was just as poor and at his age which was well over his late 50s 60s should have known better. Lastly, the good thing about this incident is that, we the consumers have choices and I definitely took action towards it.
I simply took my business elsewhere and will keep it there.
HHGREGG, sad to say this as I have been a loyal customer to your corporation for years due to my line of work or should I say Company.
These two employees where so off the charts in customer service that I find myself
taking time of my scdl and life to write this. I emailed your customer service but doubt I will hear back.


TS August 21, 2015 at 1:17 pm

I bought a Washer, Dryer, and Dishwasher that day. All were installed fine but ~ 6 weeks later I noticed lint build up around dryer. Ran the dryer and felt behind unit, warm air. Yes, the vent hose came loose. Upon pulling out the dryer the hose completely came off the outside vent connector. An easy fix for just about anyone? WRONG! The vent hose is the cheapest type on the market. I could not get it fitted back onto the connector piece without ripping it several times as like I said it is the cheapest on the market. That is not just my opinion. Read on.
I placed a call to the local HHGregg store where I bought it and was asked by the Manager to snap a pucture of the hookup and send it to her. I musyt not be doing something tight. Really?!! Thanked her for her time and hung up. Called the delivery department, knowing they run service cll too. Got an appointment for next day. Great, I am happy.
Upon arrival the delivery/service guys brought a new vent hose. I explained my situation and disappointed in the quality of the precious hose. Ok, ready? I was told, “Yes, they are junk. I have told the company this over and over. You should have just went to Home Depot or Loews and bought the better one”.
Ok, so he proceeded to hook up the vent hose and upon sliding the dryer back into position the hose tears, it tore right off the connector. I chuckled and he said, I am not surprised, let me tape it. Tape it?!!
Ok, so 20 minutes later he is done, runs the dryer and no air leaking.
Upon his cleaning up and leaving my house he reiterates that I may want to buy a better vent hose as if I plan to pull the dryer out to clean, that hose will probably tear/come off again.
What an experience, I will be sure to tell my family and friends so they can tell others wat cheap product was used and continues to be used today.
Thanks for listening.


Jim August 8, 2015 at 8:03 pm

So…. Think you’re covered by ‪#‎HHGregg‬ with an extended warranty? Maybe bought their premium plan for 5 years? Nope… notta. Oh they repaired the dryer after the first year, repaired it again in year 3, the third time they tell us, “…it’s not cost effective to repair it again.” Okay… So they give us an “in-store” credit. Okay… I’ll bite. So, we visit their local store in Mechanicsburg. Look around… find two that we are interested in purchasing. Wait.. and wait… and wait… and then I finish a 15 minute business call… and wait. Finally… a salesman with another couple acknowledges us and told us someone will be right with us. Fair enough… Finally speak with a salesman. Explain to him the two we are interested in purchasing. We confirmed the store credit. We ask if the pedestal we currently have is okay to use with either dryer. He states it will not be. I ask if he can throw in the pedestal. THEN THE FUN BEGINS! He arrogantly shakes his head and said that he will not do it. Okay… so I ask if they will cut me a check for the amount of the store credit, and he asked why. I told him that I would use it to purchase a dryer somewhere else. He asks, and I quote him, “What makes you think someone else is going to throw in a pedestal?” I said I don’t, but I’ll try. Do you know that no one else will do it? He said, “I don’t.” He then embarks on a very poor attempt at an analogy stating, “When you buy milk, does the store…” And I cut him off. I told him that I have purchased over $3000 dollars worth of merchandise from his store over the past few years and I would expect to be treated better than he is treating me now. I told him that he looked down his nose at me and he pissed me off.

So… I get home and call their Corporate Call Center. Yet another exercise in futility… I explain the situation to Destiny. I explain to Destiny my experience, and that there is not way a 4 1/2 year old dryer should need repaired 3 times and a heating element costs more than $450 to repair. Destiny then asks, “What do you need?” I asked her if she had been listening to me, because I just explained it all to her. She said she was listening… Nope, Destiny- you did not… Surprise… So I asked to speak with a manager in their Customer Mitigation Department. She told me that I can only speak with a supervisor. She said, “I will get someone from our CUSTOMER MEDICATION DEPARTMENT.” (I can’t make this stuff up…) So… Supervisor picks up the line… Absolutely no assistance. Told to call their warranty company. I asked for their Corporate telephone number and she said, “They don’t have one.” Really? So she rattles off an address for me to send a letter. I ask her to wait so I can write it down. She rattles it off again. I told her to slow down and then she acts like I’m somehow deficient because I cannot understand her when she rattles it off. NICE…

So… moral to the story… Learn from my mistake. Caveat emptor… Buy your appliances from another company. Don’t give #HHGREGG the opportunity to do this to you.

#HHGREGG: Certainly a dryer that is 4 1/2 years old should not need repaired 3 times. Then your EE’s act as if they are doing you a favor and insult you in the store, and from their corporate call center.

I truly believe that I’ll hear nothing from your corporate offices or leaders- and especially from a company that trades at $3.97 a share. Just guessing here, but maybe it is the way you absolutely have no regard for your customers and the customer experience that has driven your company into a hole. Just maybe…

I will tell this story EVERY OPPORTUNITY that I am able to tell it- to include social media. It’s the best customer service that I can provide to your potential customers.


Sophia Hall August 12, 2015 at 2:50 pm

Wow, they are the worst. Hopefully their business will go bankrupt sooner or later. Bad customer service. I had a bad experience also. Go to Lowes.


Denise August 18, 2015 at 7:11 pm

We have had a horrible experience with them too. I will never buy another appliance or anything from them. Our problem began 7/5/15. Our Samsung range not even 2 years old caught on fire in self cleaning mode and nearly burnt our house down. We have an extended warranty. The range was destroyed not repairable but they still required a service tech come out. We had to wait until 7/15/15 for service. We were told at that point we had to wait 3-5 business days to decide if we would get a new range or they would cut us check. We never heard from anyone. I had to call the store to find out we had an in store credit. They didn’t have what we wanted in stock. We ordered a Whirlpool and was told it was in stock and should be available in a few days. Of course did not happen surprise surprise. They delivered it on Saturday, 8/15/15….they open the box it’s damaged. Then they have the nerve to try and get us to keep it and they will give $150 credit. I refused. The store suggests I get a GE model which has same features and we would save $100. Of course that’s not credit back to us…surprise…in store credit. We were supposed to have it yesterday delivered after work. No show…they wrote it up as will call…we were to pick up at store. After arguing again and manager never once worried of the inconvenience of us not having a range yet..we were supposed to have delivered today after work by 5:30pm. Guess what another no show. Why am I not surprised??? HHGREGG is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!! Looks like visit to their store tonight. Enough bs


CS August 26, 2015 at 9:39 am

WOW! I feel your pain. I am not quite gone through all the steps you have, but for some reason, I’m headed that way with the recliner I bought with an extended warranty. Problem is less than 4 days after it was delivered I found that the light on the recliner which was never attached upon setup, never worked. The delivery folks simply handed me a box (I found out later contained the light attachment) and they left. Once going back to the store, my conversation with the salesman…he explained that they didn’t know how to setup the recliner either. No instructions came with the recliner. Once he demonstrated to me what I should do to turn light switch off and on. I went home and tried it…but the light never worked. I asked the store to just exchange the chair for one that works (mind you, this was less than a week when I was delivered the chair). I was instructed that anything after 3 days could not be exchanged/returned and I would need to contact Furniture repair…I’m too frustrated to continue, but from 7/21/15-8/26/15 and my recliner is still not fixed. I contracted Fast Furniture, HH Gregg furniture repair (contacted them 5:38, their voice message was their hours are from 9-6 to call back during those hours), HH Gregg store manager. Now, I have contacted my credit merchant where I charged the recliner to get involved American Express. Furniture repair came and took pictures on a Friday and left. Tuesday I’m contacting them to understand what should happen next since who I thought was a repairman never gave me any info (took pictures and left) I don’t even know HH Gregg process/procedures on how all this should work. I could go on, but I tried and frustrated. At this point, I just want my money back to purchase a recliner from a reputable company.
I’m with you, never HH Gregg again!


Gerald August 8, 2015 at 6:29 pm

I too have been extremely disappointed in HH Gregg and their handling of an extended warranty claim. We purchased a Samsung Refrigerator in 2012 with the extended warranty. Despite 4 separate service calls and multiple parts replace it still does not work after a month and I keep getting the run around by the claims agents. I am seriously considering legal actions due to their lack of prompt action and loss of convenience, food, my time wasted and aggravation and will caution my friends and acquaintances to stay away as well.

I will never buy anything from HH Gregg again!


Nick August 5, 2015 at 9:37 pm


I am a customer of yours located in Appleton, WI. I have spoken with almost everyone that is involved in customer service ranging from the salesman, to what I am told, the corporate headquarters in my district and I have to say that each and everyone of them are the ABSOLUTE WORST REPRESENTATIVES of a company I have ever witnessed.

It starts with the salesman and the deceit continues past management level all the way up it seems. When I was talking to the in store salesman he successfully convinced me that the sectional sofa I wanted was was out of stock and the only sectional they had was the floor model, so I accepted because I really liked the product. With the agreement was that HHGregg was to pick up and dispose of my old couch. Along with that he sold me a warranty on the floor model for protection. Which he assured me that it would be covered. LIE. Later that evening, I read the warranty brochures and found that in caption said “does not cover floor models.” So, I went back to the store and requested a refund on the warranty on the next day. When I came in to request the refund the store manager tried to convince me the brochure was wrong and he was going to reassure me that the warranty would cover the floor model. Needless to say, Im not that stupid and honestly, he wasn’t a good liar. So I continued with the warranty refund anyways.

When delivery arrived with my furniture they declined what was written on the work order and would not pick up the old couch…no big deal right? So they carried it outside for me. BUT when the sectional came in we found that the frame was cracked! So they took the furniture back and I had to wait a few days for a replacement.

But wait it gets worse!

After 2 months of owning the sectional a tear started on the seam of the couch. So naturally I called your repair service company. They told me they were unable to get a hold of the manufacturer and so they left them a message. 2 weeks go by and still no call back from the repair company, so I called HHGregg repair service again and the same thing, they said they left a message and I should receive a callback within a few days. THIS CONTINUED FOR OVER A MONTH! until i was so fed up I demanded some kind of action since they could not even provide me with the phone number of the service company so i could call them myself. Julia, the customer representative in the furniture repair department then offered me full refund of in-store credit OR 50% off of each piece of furniture that I purchased going back on to my credit card, so I accepted the half off refund of $249 back onto the card. ANOTHER LIE! Another month goes by and I seen no refund. So I request to talk to a supervisor and/ provide me the number fkr corporate, and their response is “Sir, we are corporate.” Which Im just reaching her but LIE! Jolia has since assured me that the refund was submitted and she is supposedly trying to get a hold of accounting to see why the refund hasnt gone thru yet, Which is another game I have to play with your EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE!!! I am going to continue to waste this time until SOMEBODY make good on their word even if it takes me a year. Im going to take alot away from this and its going to cost your company alotta time. I hope you can read this as a wake up call to turn your business relations with your customers around or I can assure you that HHGregg will just be another ‘one hit wonder’ furniture store.
Thank you for your time.


Nicholas Lucas


Jim August 8, 2015 at 8:08 pm

So with you Nick! They won’t be in business long… Google their recent history.


Steven mullins August 5, 2015 at 6:45 pm

Im not happy that you don’t read comments that customers seen to you all because I sent one two weeks ago and got no response I guess customers are not that important because I have to wait two months to get my sofa because of your warehouse they call the day of delivery said it was on backorder I think should have gave me a different set l by a lot of things from you all your sell person should have known this before they sold it to me or I would of pick a different set or you can call me at 614 452 ****


Sophia Hall August 12, 2015 at 2:35 pm

They will not call you back. I contacted corporate. Corporate do not care.


T Thurmond September 3, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Yes, Corporate condones the rude and nasty manner in which they operate. I have never seen anything like it.


Jeanine K July 27, 2015 at 6:50 pm

I went into the hhgregg store on Giacosa Drive in Memphis, TN with the intention of purchasing a high end french door refrigerator. I have purchased several things from this particular store in the past and have always been pleased with the associates. I offer my return business because of these associates….not necessarily the products, one can find the products in several other comparable stores nearby. These associates….of your company…. work deligently day after day to provide their customers with excellent service in a courteous and respectful manner.

My issue is, I do not appreciate walking into a business that has no more repect for their employees than to leave them (as well as their customers) in a store with an air conditioning unit that is not in working order. This is not just a recent problem because of the July heat, this unit was not functioning properly quite some time ago.

This lack of concern by your corporate offices and the management of this store makes me feel as if hhgregg does not value the Memphis store, employees or their customers. It is ludicrous to allow this store to continue to remain open under such conditions without making an effort to repair or replace the system. There is no excuse, no part takes that long to be delivered, it has been weeks, if not months. Again, this certainly reflects to me that Memphis is not important to your company. How long would you work in your office in 98+ degree heat outside and the air conditioning not working to full capacity inside?

I left the store without a refrigerator and will check back in with my sales associate to see about the air conditioner in about a week. I do not want this young man to lose a sale, since he depends on that for his livelihood, but i could not breathe in that heat, nor could I talk to someone trying to do his job while perspiration was dripping from his brow.

I left hhgregg on Giacosa Drive in Memphis, TN and drove to the Dollar Tree down the street. Their building was nice and cool….the air conditioner was in working order. Yes, it was 98+ outside their store, also. Remember, they make their money, selling each product $1 at a time. Can you imagine how many $1 sales that company would have to make to earn the amount of money hhgregg makes for selling only one nice french door refrigerator? Do you see the irony here?

I certainly hope that someone will read this letter. I also would like to feel the air inside the store almost as cool as what I expect from my new refrigerator. If my refrigerator doesn’t work any better than their air conditioner, expect a return for a full refund. Show Memphis we are important to you. We have supported your company and local Memphis store quite well.


Sophia Hall July 24, 2015 at 7:50 am

The other day I had the worst experience with HHGregg. I walked into the store on Wednesday, and their were 8 associates standing in a cubicle. Not one time was myself or my husband greeted. As I was walking over to electronics, they were holding conversations amongst themselves cursing, and inappropriately speaking to each other and I assuming didn’t think they were at work. I stood in electronics for 20 minutes, not one associate assisted me. I ask someone for help and he states this is not his department. Another associated came over 10 minutes and asked me did I need assistance. I stated “Of Course” as not if I was standing here for 30 minutes. He was extremely rude and lack knowledge of his department electronics. I had an Acceptance Now rewards and he states ” we do not accept this” I stated. As he was getting another associate which took 10 minutes the associate was from another store and was extremely rude. I spoke to the Manager Reggie, and he apologized but was not sincere. I left because I had very bad customer service. I work in corporate America and had the worst experience. I called Corporate and they did nothing. This was the Catonsville store in Baltimore Maryland. This company has the worst reviews.


Chris Linville July 19, 2015 at 12:03 pm

Liz at your Kokomo Store is not much a Manager and her word is not very good either. Have been getting the run around actually since 7/7/2015. The cooktop I ordered has been at the wharehouse since that date. Everybody wants to play the blame game it’s very commical. It is supposed to be delivered to the Kokomo store this last week and then Saturday also and now I find out the smorning that it is lost. They supposedly had there hands on it yesterday and then they told me to drive to Indianapolis and pick it up. Lol. Then I started bitching and doing the digging into it myself to really no satisfaction and was told to call corporate and bitch to them. LOL. Plus I never got a call back last night that I was supposed to get to tell me the statist. LOL AGAIN. They found it supposedly and was to be on a truck to be here today but was told there was not enough room it was to full. LOL AGAIN. The smorning talked with my salesman and know he is saying it is lost again after them telling me yesterday they physically hand a touching hand on my box. STILL PISSED OFF STILL NO COOKTOP AND STILL NO ANSWERS VERY INCOMPETENT COMPANY AND PEOPLE


Jim August 8, 2015 at 8:15 pm

Nice… Corporate? That word would indicate “LEADERSHIP”, which does not exist. Absolutely NO ownership from this company.


Chris long July 12, 2015 at 7:57 pm

short story – pissed off at the service and promises I have received over the past 3 weeks. Bad promises and more delays. Long story. I sign up for a credit card on the great deals provided. Buy a $1400 refrigerator and get it delivered with the promise of $100 gift card upon delivery (from salesman.). Delivery comes and goes. I call the store and I am then told 30 days (from delivery them day after 6/20. I purchased the fridge on 5/31. I think okay. 30 days from purchase. That day comes and goes. I call back. Speak with a agent who tells me it’s not even 30 days from delivery. It’s between 4-6 weeks until I would get it after delivery. I get the supervisor Di, who can only tell me sorry and do nothing. I just purchased a new home with homes to buy many things from the store and have still to get the money you owe me to spend on a new tv. Why would I spend any more if the service is this shitty. I now feel ill ride out the interest free and cancel the card with service like that. Where is the customer satisfaction. I work in retail and I never would provide this service to the customer. NEVER!!! I was also told by the end of the call the $100 card wasn’t even processed until one week after it was delivered. So now I’m told it’s 4-6 weeks from a week after delivery not from the delivery date. The supervisors reasoning is that it’s a new promotion and sales agents are not aware of how the rewards are provided. Get this fixed now. And if you want to keep me as a customer after this fridge is paid off I suggest you call me otherwise I will make sure everyone in the Lehigh valley knows how shitty your sales team and customer service is!!


Ann Walker July 10, 2015 at 10:24 am

This has been the worst experience in purchasing appliance EVER! I have not been adequately assisted and NEED help immediately. I purchased a four piece Samsung kitchen set (refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher) at the Langhorne, PA store. After all of the trouble I have experienced, I have a defective dishwasher that will not turn on. The installation team came back out to inspect the equipment, diagnosed it as defective on July 3rd and I still have not heard back from anyone about replacing the dishwasher. I called the customer service number and was informed that I needed a different number to process the request. I attempted to contact the store directly multiple times and could not get a live person on the phone.
This whole experience has been terrible. Initially, the service was good, however, after I made the purchase and had issues with the refrigerator being too big, the service has gone downhill. I sent the appliances back considering that I purchased them in a package set. I then went to the store on multiple occasions trying to get a set that I was satisfied with. The customer service at that site was horrible. From the sales representatives to the manager, we waited for about 30minutes before anyone came to assist us. When we were finally helped, there were no refrigerators in the size that we needed and the model that we desired. After feeling forced into the more expensive model, there were issues with scheduling the delivery. We are a working family and cannot afford to get deliveries during the day, so we had to wait two weeks before we could get the appliances. When attempting to work with the store staff about making accommodations, one of the managers Ruth, told me that she would handle, however, did not do it until I called the store back two days later and complained. The ONLY good thing that this store has going for them is their third-party delivery/ installation teams.
I won’t worry about purchasing anything else from this store; however, I NEED someone to respond regarding my defective dishwasher.


Bill & Leah Brumbelow July 9, 2015 at 7:02 pm

We purchased a Samsung Refrigerator in 2013 and the five year warranty at the HH Gregg Store in Douglasville GA. We called for Warranty service and Golden In Home Service came out on June 18 2015. They fixed the ice maker but they also pointed out that the top door pivot was broken. The Service Company said they needed to order the parts. on June 24th we still had not heard anything so my wife called and was told the door was not covered that it was abuse. My wife and I are both over 60 years of age. We do not hang on the door We only open and close the door. We believe it is caused by a manufacturing defect. I called the General Store Manager on 06/29 and Mike said he understood and would call the Warranty Company and get something done. Mike never called back. I called back on 07/01, 07/02, 07/05 Finally got a call back on 07/08 and I missed the call. Mike called back just to say call the warranty company which is what I wanted him to do. I called back today 07/09 and talked to Appliance Manager Nick at the store. That was at 2:17 PM and it is 7:00 PM now and no call back. I can send any pictures you want. We also purchased a large flat screen from HH Gregg and is it Samsung also. Praying we have no problem with it. Please respond. Thank you Bill & Leah Brumbelow


don June 23, 2015 at 5:50 pm

To start with your customers service/care suck we had a problem at our home and pack alot of things / papers up for storage a month ago we started unpacking we found our 100.00 gift card /rebate it had expired thats my problem i know went to store thought they might work with us some how we were buying a air conditioner and a dishwasher and later on a rrange and ref. We had already purchased a chest freezer washer and a dryer they didn’t care just wanted to say thanks for great service you can call me at 317 507 ****


ClintonsDad June 19, 2015 at 3:37 pm

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! I wish that I had found this website sooner. There is definitely a real basis for all these bad reviews. This is BY FAR one of the WORST companies I have ever had to deal with. Totally unreliable in just about every way. Delivered wrong item three times. When they realized that they had the wrong item on their truck this last time, they canceled my delivery without even attempting to notifying me. They have had my money for over a month now, and I still don’t have my merchandise. Everyone attempting to pass the buck.


Niki Robinson June 5, 2015 at 9:14 am

Good Morning,

On Wednesday June 3, 2015 I went to HHGreg at 700 Center Blvd, Newark, De to purchase two 32′ television for a charity event.

We asked for the store manager and the chaos began. We were told that he was completing two reviews and will be with us shortly….so we waited.

Store Manager John Keen walked past us and never acknowledged us. Assistant Manager Milton told him that we were waiting for him. John replied “you deal with it I’m off”. Milton then tells us that he too is busy and that he will have a sales person come assist us.

Salesperson Naquan Grace “who was standing at the counter eating a bag of chips comes over and asked what we needed. We showed him the television he walked away to talk to Angela to get prices. As we are waiting for a response I confirmed John’s last name and he proceeded to tell me to be sure to complain about John because no one likes him and then referred to John as a D***!

As we were about to leave salesperson Crystal approaches us and advised us to be sure to complain about John because no one in the store liked John and that this store was his last stop before bring fired.

I am hoping that this doesn’t fall on dead ears and action is taken because the service we received was absolutely horrible.

I could go on and on about our visit but I will stop here. I really hope that someone takes the time to retrain these patients in customer service and how to speak to customers/each other.


John Josephson June 3, 2015 at 8:37 am

I purchased new kitchen appliances in 2013 and was sold the extended warranty for over $600 for a Dbl Wall Oven, Cooktop and Microwave. I called for service on the Microwave and was told they do not replace lights. the lights are inside the machine. At the same call I asked for service on the Dbl Wall Oven as the fan was making noise. they wanted to hear the noise over the phone. Why can’t they service the appliances as we paid for. I will not do business with these people again.


Mike Bortone May 27, 2015 at 2:33 pm

Recently purchased a Sony UltraHD tv at the HHGregg in Noblesville Indiana for my livingroom. Not sure what happened from the time the TV went from the back of the store to my car but the TV was broke. Screen in the bottom right was cracked and the kicker was that you dont even see the crack or pixel disruption without the TV being on, so by looking at it, it looked fine. Brought back to the store and was told by Ryan (Manager) that there was nothing he could do, sorry for your luck he said. Sad thing was he did not even try to make things right, all he did was say there is nothing that he can do, call coorporate he said. Bullshit!! Called coorporate and they stated that its up to the store manager to deal with. Called Ryan back and he said the same thing, nothing he can do for me. He stated that if he traded out the tv for me, for the other one sitting right there that his store would take a finiancial hit. Seriously, one tv is going to bankrupt a store. Now, out of a lot of money and had to buy another tv. Basically I bought an exspensive paperweight. I would not recommend this store to anyone needing a tv, appliances or etc. Bad customer service and most of all a terrible manager not willig to work with his customers.


Lorraine Gordon May 17, 2015 at 3:49 pm

I purchased a refrigerator May 8th 2015. TOTAL COST OVER 2600.00. i TOLD THE SALESPERSON at time of purchase that my kitchen wAS BEING REMODELED SO i WAS NOT SURE OF DELIVERY. He put in Monday Mat 11th and told me to call to rechedule with no problem. I knew that date was too soon so I called and had it changed to Friday May 15th. No problem I was told. On May 15th I was given a window of 9:30 to 12:30. I called since my contractor said next week would be better. I changed to Monday May 18th. Later that evening May 15th Friday I was called by my salesman who offered me Sunday May 17th. I said yes. Well on Sunday Iwas called by the Delovery Dept and was told my fridge had been sold because I resheduled too may times!!! Now mind you this is between Friday and Sunday.so I guess it was sold on Saturday. When I called no one cared and said they have no room to hold items and since I rescheduled twice I lot out. Could not beleive my ears!! No where on my receipt says I could not change delivery dates or lose my purchase. Now mind you I did purchase this and paid for it so should it not have been tagged SOLD? What a way to run a business. I am now being told to come in and pick out another and they will see what they can do to compensate me. They can kiss where the sun don’t shine!!! Don’t shop here. Go tp PC Richards where I should have gone anyway!! I thought by HH Gregg having a grand opening I would get a good deal. Joke is on me!!!


Haydee Aguilar May 11, 2015 at 5:34 pm

Hello , I’m calling about online order # 9810466762. I purchased a Maytag Washer on March 31st. The washer was delivered on April 22nd 2015 the washer did not turn on so I contacted HHGregg and had a repair technician come April 24th and found the main computer board to be faulty. A new one was ordered and replace on Monday the 27th on April but the machine did not turn on. I have been calling HHgregg since then to schedule a pick up so I can return the washer and have them credit my HHgregg Credit card. Today is May 11th and today I was told by customer service I need to pay for freight to have the machine picked up $99. Can you explain to me how your store sells me a washer that does not work and when I try to return the merchandise I’m told I have to pay for the machine to get picked up. Joyce Apple is the manager and has been working to schedule a pick up. I called today and MXD Group has not received the paper work to schedule a pick up. Can someone help us return a product sold by your store and does not work out of the box and credit my account. Thank you ! I can me reached by email at m***@mac.com


Richard Koenig May 11, 2015 at 7:02 am

WHAT A POORLY RUN ORGANIZATION. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Linda Jeffers May 4, 2015 at 12:32 pm

We purchased a refrigerator from HH Gregg in June of 2013 along with a very expensive service plan. We were told by the salesman that HH Gregg would handle everything with the refrigerator. Well, this year when we needed repairs on the refrigerator, we contacted HH Gregg and they told us to contact the warranty company which is Warrantech. We contacted them, they told us they had contacted the repair company and we would be hearing from them. They finally told us to contact the repair company and when we did, the repair company said they had not been paid by Warrantech and had to be paid first. Again we contacted Warrantech. Each time we spoke to a different person and no one would solve the problem. Finally one supervisor checked and found they had not paid the repair company and after another 2 days they would finally paid and the repair man showed up and then told us the repairs would have to be authorized by Warrantech before they could do anything. Now, 12 days later, no authorization for the repairs. I have now been on hold for over 35 minutes to speak to someone and no answer. The service was so bad that this weekend when we had to buy new appliances for one of our rental properties, we went elsewhere to purchase those items. I have never, after having over 40 years of working in the public, had this kind of service. I would certainly hope that HH Gregg would choose another company to work with their warranty program and also try to help their present customers. I guess they do want to read about this through social media which will start today. I know that I thought I had good service with HH Gregg, but this has totally changed my mind.


T Freeman April 25, 2015 at 9:46 am

HHGregg will give you a reward card instead of free delivery. You cannot use them on line. I went to buy a monitor that the store does not have in stock, but you can get it on line. Cannot use the reward card and it expires soon. Customer service said tuff beans. I asked for a refund and got laughed at. I guess this happens all the time at
HHGregg makes millions on the cards expiring.


RaShondre April 11, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I made a purchase in February 2015 and was told based on the amount of the purcahse I would get two rebates. One Ihad an option of getting $100 reward card or a $50.00 visa card. I spent over $1500 and received rebate emails, but when the rebate came is was not as explained. I called the customer service department several times and was assured before rebate was mailed that it would be a $50 visa card. Well calling the customer service department again on 04/11/15 I was advised there is nothing we can do this was what you signed. I asked for a supervisor only to have to go back and forth with a RUDE representative. Instead of transferring the call the representative wanted to argue. So I hung up called back and the rep that answered transferred me back to the first rep, now this is not a supervisor and she just kept telling we can sit on the phone refusing to get me a supervisor. I work in a call center enviroment and if our mangement team heard us speaking to customers in such a way we would be fired. Just UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE, I have made a complaint with the BBB and will be writing a letter. Based on my experience with the customer service department I WILL NEVER shop there again. I guess I can give this $50 useless reward card to someone as I will never do business again.


Michelle April 21, 2015 at 6:12 pm

I had the same experience today and was absolutely turned off. Calling customer service should be something that is customer oriented. I have never dealt with such a rude company. What a shame for HH Gregg, but what a gain for Best Buy.


Tashika Sutton June 24, 2015 at 11:35 am

I had the same issue to where the rebates were never sent and when I contacted HHGREG to provide them with all of my receipts, I was told I would be mailed the rebate and nothing ever came.


Anthony S April 2, 2015 at 5:10 pm

Thanks for not responding and also deleting my complaint from yesterday. You’ll definitely be hearing more from me sooner than later.


emily lutz April 2, 2015 at 2:55 pm

Don’t purchase anything from HHGregg. I was sold an open box Maytag range and oven through their Oxford Valley location. Yes, I was aware that it was open box, and their could be some issues, like the little ding on the side or the burn mark on the one burner. However after about 5 to 6 service calls, we found out that the range was converted to propane. This wasn’t known by the store and obviously we had no idea. Maytag’s service people want to charge us $275 to fix our range. After jumping through some hoops, the HHGregg store manager wants to offer me half.

Here is the problem, I wouldn’t have purchased it if I had known the problem existed. The Maytag repair people told me “that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It’s energy efficient. ” It’s NOT energy efficient if it takes 45 mins to boil a pot of water. I may take his offer, because I just want a working range and I want to not have to deal with any of these companies again. However, I feel like if something was purchased from a store that it should work when installed. Extended warranty or not, I shouldn’t have to resort to posting a rant on a Facebook page to try to get someone to help me and stand by their product.


Anthony Scherer April 1, 2015 at 4:33 pm

I’m trying to understand why Jessica Whitaker hasn’t returned my phone calls regarding the repair of my Asus laptop since the 10th of March after leaving 6 voicemails from that time through today. I spoke with the operations manager with VT Services who responded and followed through quickly but has no record of Jessica Whitaker contacting them. I have been BEYOND amicable and patient during this process and I’ve been without my laptop for FAR too long after you committed to paying my diagnostic fee regardless of the replacement battery I should be rightfully owed. Incidentally, as a result of this whole fiasco with my laptop, you folks just lost a $1700 sale on a HE washer and dryer combo with a 5 year warranty. Sears was more than delighted to accept my business. It would seem as though someone above her needs to perhaps intervene. I’m a bit fed up to say the least. I need this matter resolved ASAP. Thank you.


William P March 26, 2015 at 1:38 am

I’m a disabled vet who has suffered a heart attack and a stroke a few years ago.
I purchased a refrigerator on 03/1702015.
The sales man told me it would be delivered on 03/20/2015 between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. they didn’t get here to my house till 6:00 p.m. three men were in the truck when they finally got to my house, my wife was screaming at them to stop because the truck grabbed on to my neighbors cable wire, they kept backing up till they ripped the cable wire from her house, all three of them said they heard her screaming but they didn’t know what was going on.
The refrigerator was not in a box.
They carried it up a pair of steps leading to our house, and then it took three guys and hour1/2 to say that a 28 inch refrigerator would not fit through our 30 inch gate to our yard.
We had to lend them a tool to get the hinges off,
My wife told them just get the refrigerator in the house and I’ll put the doors back on it, so that is what happened.
they finally get it in the house, I see one of the corners smashed and a Hugh dent going across the top back, I was without a refrigerator for four days so I didn’t want them taking it back, but I didn’t want damaged goods, so they told me they can give me $50.00 for the damages.
I took his offer at the time, because thinking I’ll call the sales man and let him know I’m not happy with all this. My wife called the sale man on 03/21/2015
He told my wife he would get us a new refrigerator and he would have different delivery men. Bring the new one; he said he would call when he got this all straight. He never called.
So my wife called him back on 03/23/2015 he said what do you want me to do? You agreed on the $50.00, again he said he had to talk to the delivery department he would get back to her.
So she called the delivery department, the man talked real sweet to my wife and promised to call her back by the end of the day. No phone call ever came from the sales man or delivery man.
So UN professional. So the sales man lied to us the delivery man lied to us and the three men that delivered it had no clue as to anything they were doing. So for $606.99, 5 year psp $169.99, tax 59.99, total $916.96 we get lied to and ignored and damaged goods. AWESOME WAY TO RUN A BUSSINESS !!!!!!!!!


william p April 13, 2015 at 9:16 pm

I wrote a letter and sent pictures of my issue to Corporate Office.
hhgregg, Inc.
4151 E 96th St
Indianapolis, IN 46240
with in about a week received a phone call,
my problem and issue was resolved
Thank You Corporate Office.


William March 25, 2015 at 12:54 pm

I’m a disabled vet who has suffered a heart attack and a stroke.
I purchased a refrigerator on 03/1702015.
The sales man told me it would be delivered on 03/20/2015 between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. they didn’t get here to my house till 6:00 p.m. three men were in the truck when they finally got to my house, my wife was screaming at them to stop because the truck grabbed on to my neighbors cable wire, they kept backing up till they ripped the cable wire from her house, all three of them said they heard her screaming but they didn’t know what was going on.
The refrigerator was not in a box.
They carried it up a pair of steps leading to our house, and then it took three guys and hour1/2 to say that a 28 inch refrigerator would not fit through our 30 inch gate to our yard.
We had to lend them a tool to get the hinges off,
My wife told them just get the refrigerator in the house and I’ll put the doors back on it, so that is what happened.
they finally get it in the house, I see one of the corners smashed and a Hugh dent going across the top back, I was without a refrigerator for four days so I didn’t want them taking it back, but I didn’t want damaged goods, so they told me they can give me $50.00 for the damages.
I took his offer at the time, because thinking I’ll call the sales man and let him know I’m not happy with all this. My wife called the sale man on 03/21/2015
He told my wife he would get us a new refrigerator and he would have different delivery men. Bring the new one; he said he would call when he got this all straight. He never called.
So my wife called him back on 03/23/2015 he said what do you want me to do? You agreed on the $50.00, again he said he had to talk to the delivery department he would get back to her.
So she called the delivery department, the man talked real sweet to my wife and promised to call her back by the end of the day. No phone call ever came from the sales man or delivery man.
So UN professional. So the sales man lied to us the delivery man lied to us and the three men that delivered it had no clue as to anything they were doing. So for $606.99, 5 year psp $169.99, tax 59.99, total $916.96 we get lied to and ignored and damaged goods. AWESOME WAY TO RUN A BUSSINESS !!!!!!!!!


Scott Georgalas March 23, 2015 at 1:31 pm

Hhgregg sold me on a warranty for a television I bought from them two and a half years ago my television went out so I call for customer service it has been over four weeks and I am still without my television being fixed and no one can help me they just keep pointing fingers and will not connect you to anyone in corporate to help. I will never buy another product or warranty from Hhgregg. And those who you do talk with after waiting on hold for 45 minutes and sometimes longer still cannot give you an answer. They just want to sell their products and not stand behind there products. I would NEVER recommend Hhgregg again.


R Morris March 18, 2015 at 10:03 am

1st time making a purchase (very large purchase I may add) at HH Gregg, was told my purchase qualified for 3 rebates. I sent all in within a week got 2 email conformation with tracking but 3rd one said some ‘materials’ were missing? Other than the rebate form & receipt I don’t know what else to send in. So I called the Web Service # from HH Gregg’s website. Called 3 times, 1st 2 times I was told it was resubmitted & would get an email to reconfirm & track status, Never got any email & I even asked them to repeat email to me. Last time I called in I wanted to speak to a supervisor. The agent who answered sounded half asleep & I had to repeat my phone # to her several times. She put me on hold to speak to Supervisor said name was Di? Who seemed upset she had to help me, saying I didnt need to wait to talk to her after her last call I could have let the agent help me! Needless to say that floored me, excuse me, is it inconvient to HELP a customer who just wants an email conformation to ensure she gets her promised rebate? The supervisor continued complaining to me about how I didnt need to speak to her over this! I am so very displeased with their idea of ‘customer service’!! This will be 1st & LAST purchase from them after this run around!!


Scott Georgalas March 23, 2015 at 1:33 pm

I was lied to about a rebate from them when I bought a water and dryer from them I was suppose to get two rebates and only received one


Laura March 25, 2015 at 4:53 pm

I was lied to about getting a rebate as well when I bought my washer & dryer. God help you if you ever have to have them send someone out to repair it under warranty. Never had such an aweful experience in all my life


Denise March 6, 2015 at 7:36 pm

I purchased a dryer online, an LG steam dryer paid 1096.46. 20Mins after it was connected i turned it on and it didnt work. Called LG tech was on the phone for one hr. To be told the dryer doesn’t work. Call hhgre had a hhgreg tech out determined it didnt work. Had another dryer out. 2Nd dryer was instulled and it didnt work.. 3rd dryer requested and it didnt work. 3 Dryers in one week all not good. Requested to switch brands and they were giving a store credit for 1019.00 a difference of the delivery. Now is it my fault the dryer didnt work. NO. Was on hold for ever to be givin an in store credit for 1096. Was so frustrated to be on hold for an hr. Asked to be refunded all my money and o come pick up the dryer. Joyce Apple told me “we will not give you a full refund” now hearing that i was over yhe top. I brought a dryer online, In one week I have gone threw two tech’s, 3 dryers, 6 phone calls, 2 Hung up calls, 3 deliverys aggravation and no understanding… and NO help. I was told to write a letter to corporate if i wated my money back. That i did but waste of my time once again. So who is going to refund me my money and pay me my time of aggravation. I want someone to contact me and composite all the headache caused.. this could have been salved with an esay refund. No problem we are sorry and sure no problem…. that is what joyce should be tought to say. As a supervisor must be trained better. HHGREG customer service reps should be trained a little better. Invoice number given to me by joyce #0014008411 .order #F001030226….. Denise upset consumer…..


tatiana peisach March 6, 2015 at 2:32 pm



tony March 3, 2015 at 8:53 pm

The worst customer service ever. I live in Jacksonville Florida. Ian is the shipping manager and provided me with horrible, rude and obnoxious customer service. I work in construction sales and will never mention HH Gregg for anything. Ian needs to learn the customer writes his paycheck. I have notified corporate office and hope they re-train the managers. Never again will I do business with HH Gregg.


John Di Joseph February 24, 2015 at 7:52 pm

In June of 2013 I have purchased a flat screen TV and the home theater system. In addition, I purchased the extend 3 yr warranties for these items. The total purchase was 2,205. I am having a problem with the TV and the audio. While watching a program the TV will switch to another station and the audio will go off after one hour and I have to turn it back on. This does not happen simultaneously. I telephoned the warranty department to schedule service. I received a telephone call from the service department asking me to check the serial numbers on back of the TV. I told her the number and she said it should begin with “A” and I said it begins with “B”. She said, we have to order you a whole new board. I said, “why?” She stated that she has to talk to a tech and will get back to me in an hour to say if someone is coming tomorrow (2/25/15). After 1 hour and 15 minutes I called back and there was no answer.

I decided to call the store (9733 Roosevelt Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19114) to ask for help. A woman answered the telephone and I asked to speak to the manager. She replied, “he is busy with a customer and can’t talk to you”. She also stated he probably will not call you back, then she said “What is your problem”? I told her and she put me on hold and I waited 13 minutes hung up and called back. Now a gentleman answered the telephone and I explained the situation. I told him I went thru the proper procedures and now I am reaching out to you since that is the point of purchase for help. I asked him if he was the manager and he hung up on me.

I have been a loyal customer of HHGregg. I have purchased 5 TVs from your store and am appalled at such behavior from your staff. I’m disappointed that a company like HHGregg would provide substandard customer service.

I look forward to a speedy resolution of this problem. You can contact me by email at j****@comcast.net or (H) 215-824-**** – (C) 215-778****


tina embrey February 18, 2015 at 6:39 pm

Was told at store to send off my rebates to get my 79.99 back on a visa card. Received a card today 2 18 15 saying:not enough purchased. Called store and talk to a manager about card. He also said I did not spend enough money to get rebate. I told him that was not what the salesman told my husband and i. Purchased washer and dryer on 1-19-15 did not receive it until 1-24-15. Because Thay would not bring it to me at 4. Another lie. The salesman told me Thay would bring it to me at that time so I had to wait until the 24th to get it. I am really upset with the people at hhgregg


Toya March 14, 2015 at 10:42 am

I’m going through the same thing with the rebate. Was told I would receive the rebate an the they tell me I didn’t spend enough money. I’m telling everybody about my experience. I purchased a bed on 3/2/2015 an it is 3/14/2015 an I’m still waiting on my bed.


dennis taylor February 2, 2015 at 1:43 pm

I have been very happy with purchases in the past from your company.
A Christmas purchase of GNC Pro Track Ultra Bluetooth Activity Tracking Band
Qty: 2.0 @ $49.99 on line over Christmas has proven to be most frustrating, difficult to get to work if at all. We have spent hours on line with the GNC’s customer service to no avail. We sent one band back to the manufacture and the replacement did not work any better than the original.
We have found the bands impossible to use and there fore useless.
Please what do you suggest we do?
Dennis Taylor


Vanessa J January 31, 2015 at 9:53 am

I purchased a Toshiba 50 inch smart LCD TV from your store located in Clearwater Florida on Friday evening. I understand the purchased was an open box. I asked the salesperson James ,if the TV had been used and taken out of the store. I was told the TV never left the store ,the box was opened in the store. I live 50 miles from the location, I work in the area. I set the TV up 3 hrs later, had problems setting up without the manual. I called the 1800 number for Toshiba to find out the TV was purchased on 9-01-2013 (two years ago) by another customer. I am in shock. That young man lied to me to make a sale on an old, used TV(pawn shop). I was going to make a purchase on a TV anyway. He did not have to lie. I am not trusting your CAR SALESMAN. That was not right.


Nicole February 20, 2015 at 7:15 pm

I just found my refrigerator was previously purchased appliance. With issues and it had been fixed twice before I purchased it. What ashame!!!! We spend all that money and have to go through this.


Laurie J January 29, 2015 at 12:41 pm

Worst retail experience ever! We purchased a TV at the Bloomingdale, IL store. We were told they did not have anymore in the store but that it would be available for delivery or pick up in the store in 3 days. We paid in full and waited for the call. When we did not receive the call we contacted to store on the day it was due to arrive. We were told there was no record of our transaction. We were informed that someone else chose to pick up their TV at the warehouse so our TV was sold to another customer.
When we arrived at the store the manager made no effort at resolve the issue and chose to stand with a group of sales associates and laugh at our frustration rather than resolve the issue. To top it off, our inexperienced sales associate suggested we look at other TV’s or take the refund and go down the street to Best Buy and see what they have!
Never again!!!!!


Kelley Rodriguez January 12, 2015 at 1:44 pm

I wish I would have seen all of these comments before purchasing my entire set of major kitchen appliances from HHGregg. I have experienced the absolute worst customer service from this company after having purchased an extended warranty on my $500+ dishwasher. This dishwasher has not worked well since the day I purchased it so we’ve had HHGREGG come out and service it 4 times and never has it been fixed. Now, they are refusing to service the dishwasher even though this issue is a leaking pump which is covered by the extended warranty I have purchased. It’s impossible to get a call back or any type of resolution. I have spent hours on the phone, sending emails and Facebook posts and waiting for technicians. This has been the most painful process and I don’t wish this on anyone so I will continue to spread the word since I am obviously not valued as a customer and my issue is being ignored.


Nicholas Y. January 9, 2015 at 1:02 pm

My experience with this company in myrtle beach sc was absolutely horrible. Sales associates are liars and the customer service is pathetic. As well as the manager of the store had no idea what he was trying to help me with my problem. I see all these complaints on this site, I would hate to know how the “CEO” of this company would react if he actually seen all these comments. I will never in my life nor will my family friends or company I work for will ever purchase anything from this place again!! Absolutely disgusted with the experience I went through. Still to this day I do not have a replacement tv for my 60″ Samsung. I have talked to everyone and their brother still no replacement tv, response, or apology. I will get to the bottom of this!!


Katherine Myers January 7, 2015 at 11:58 am

HORRIBLE SERVICE!! Ordered product three weeks ago. They cancelled it on there end, never refunded the card or told us why it was canceled. Now they are going to reship the product but cant say when it will be shipped. After asking for more information all of a sudden they couldnt speak to me on this matter they needed to talk to my boss. Rude employees and Managers! This was a christmas gift for my boss’s son. Worst possible experience ever recieved and my boss was about to purchase additional items as he is in construction and does remodeling. If I have anything to say on it I will try to convince him otherwise unless this actually gets resolved!!


Daniel Costantino January 5, 2015 at 10:03 am


Contractors who installed my appliances caused significant water damage to my home and a month later have not repaired it. HHGregg customer service has completely ignored me and they even sent a drunk contractor to come assess the damages!!!

I cannot believe this company is even in business at this point. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid this place like Ebola!


Megan McCoy January 3, 2015 at 10:45 am

Never will shop at hhgregg again I did a return on December 3 2014 talked to someone 2weeks ago and I am still waiting for my refund I was told it would take a couple of days it’s a whole different month and year! Worst store ever


Scarlett Azar December 29, 2014 at 3:01 pm



Ordered 3 TV’s online for brothers new home. 1 65″ from H.H. Gregg. 2 50″ from Best Buy. Ordered November 30. 65″ TV was Christmas gift.

Best Buy? Received in 2 days. 2 days.

HH Gregg? STILL NOT DELIVERED. Estmated arrival: 12/17. Now claiming *January 7th* delivery.

What a joke! Sitting in nearby warehouse since 12/18. No one called as promised. I called today to inquire. 3rd party delivery company H.H. Gregg hires, but has NO control over.

NEVER, EVER, EVER buy anything from this company again.

WHAT A JOKE, I will stick w/ Best Buy. DO NOT SPEND your hard-earned money with this clown company.

Bet I will not hear a peep from this terrible company.


Thomas Mosiman December 29, 2014 at 12:32 pm

Dont waste your time and money at HH Greg. They are complete scam artists and have no integrity or customer service. I was in the Fort Lauderdale store looking around while I was waiting for my pets doctors appointment to finish up next door and saw an open box Samsung 4k TV. The sales man had told me if I made him an offer on the TV that he would check with his manager (Charlene I believe)to see if my offer would be accepted. He came back and said that she would take it and so I procese to apply for the HH greg card to receive the financing. I was offered the protection plan and had originally declined but had told the sales man if he could add a wall mount in in the deal then I would take the protection plan, he agreed. When the (Charlene) came over she said she wouldn’t add the wall mount for free, so I told her I would pay full price for the mount and she could take off the protection plan. She insisted that I take the plan and when I told her no she refused to sell me the TV without the protection plan….What a scam and very poor customer service from (Charlene) the manager. I will never buy anything from these asses.


wanda mclaurine December 23, 2014 at 6:53 pm

I purchased a 24″ samsung tv from the hhgregg rivergate store, Nashville Tn. on Nov.29, 2014. I discarded the box but cut out the info on the box with the model and serial numbers and upc code. When I plugged the tv up it had lines on the screen which showed damaged. Upon returning the tv with the receipt and all, I was told that the tv could not be exchanged because I did not have the box. A lady walked in right after me with a tv out of box also. I waited and seen that they exchanged her tv. I asked the “Store Manager” why she was able to exchange her tv. She told me that the tv was a Proscan tv and they have an agreement with them to exchange their tv’s. I called the Customer Service Number and talked to a representative and was told that HHGREGG does not have a policy of taking one brand back over another. I am trying to contact the district manager BUT…. I HAVE ALWAYS BOUGHT FROM HHGREGG BUT NEVER AGAIN. She even tried to “give me a good deal” on another tv. I asked her, “do you really think that I would buy another tv from here”? BUYER BEWARE –VERY UNFAIR SERVICE–


Unhappy000 December 14, 2014 at 11:32 am

Purchased a washer/dryer on 12/12/2014 and was told it would be delivered on 12/14/2014 between 9:00am-12:00pm,and we would get a call 45mins prior to delivery. After not receiving a call by 11:00am we decided to call the store to fine out what was going on. We were then told someone from the delivery services called the day before, “which we never received”, and someone call that morning and no one answered, again never happen. I was then transfer to the store manager and his attitude was as if he could care less weather we received our products,he stated it nothing they can do and we would need to wait until the next delivery date. We then told the manager we would be in to get this transaction reverse and we would never shop at hhgregg again… THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE….


A Khan December 12, 2014 at 1:30 am

I bought XBOX One on 11/17/2014. The unit delivered through UPS with the box slightly damaged and was left in the front porch. So I took a chance and hooked it up, the console is powered up fine but it’s very noisy. The CPU fan is loud buzzing and clicking noise, and lots of static. Few days later I contacted Web Service Division on 12/6/2014 (Customer Service), 45 minutes of wait I got through, they were quite courteous and manager offered to send a prepaid label in couple days, but no RMA# was given even though I have asked for it several times. This was very strange and right away I knew this is NOT right. So few days went by still had not received the label and I checked my account, there was no status of returning the unit in my account either. I decided to contact them again (12/11/2014) now they completely refused to refund or exchange the system, all they said “it’s the company policy we don’t accept return/exchange/refund of gaming systems”. But their website does not mention about the system. I requested manager to email me the policy statement and she was very rude and refused. She kept saying you have to contact the manufacture for your problem. BEWARE! The worst customer service in the planet. Poor customer and bad manager service. THIS COMPANY HAS NO INTEGRITY OF PRODUCT SOLD!!!


Diana Surgent December 6, 2014 at 9:17 pm

Purchased a washing machine and had it delivered on December 3rd. Installer lied and told me he was not suppose to put the hoses on the washer that I would have to call a plumber but he would do it as a “favor”. I did not offer him any money although he was hinting for it. Were suppose to bring the pedalstal for the washer and did not have it. I had to insist he level the machine and asked him if he had a level? He told me it was in his truck and he refused to get it so he told me if I want to use a level to get mine which I did seeing he would not walk out to get his level. After he left I washed a “cold” wash and discovered that it was steaming hot when the cycle finished shrinking my laundrey. I discovered then that the hoses were reversed and the new hoses were not put on the machine either. I called the delivery center and spoke to Rob. Who told me they would come back out that day. They did not and when I called Rob three more times he would not call me back to let me know what was going on. The hoses also were put on so tightly they stripped and we could not remove them. Also a leak appeared in the handle of the water line. So a plumber has been called now to come fix it. 7:30 that evening I again called the delivery center and got Amanda on the phone. I told her everything that occurred that day including now finding my registration card out in the back yard flying around in the rain. Amanda assured me all issues would be addressed and they would send a new team out Friday. They were suppose to come between 10:30 to 1:30. They never showed. I got a automated call about a Saturday appointment at 1:00. Confused about what had happened I called the McKnight road Pittsburgh store. I ask to speak to a manager. Ed was his name and after he made calls he called me back and told me they were having phone issues and my pedalstal was damaged so they would come Saturday Now. I decided I would try to wash again using the machine temps in reverse due to the backward hoses. I discovered the machine was broken and only washed in HOT water. Again I called the store and told them to bring a new machine Saturday. Then I discovered the new hoses were not put on my machine. The whole situation became an avalanche. We decided to call the store and have them remove the washer. The night manager Jason D refused to get on the phone. I called and they would pick up the phone and hang it up. Ed called me Saturday morning and assured me they would be out today for the appointment time of 3:30 until 6:45 pm. He promised they would remove the washer and refund my money. At 7:15. No one has come and I called the delivery center and got Rob he said. ‘As far as I know they should be coming . He told me he would call them. Rob never called me back so again I called and again like Wednesday he would not answer the phone. At 7:30 45 minutes past the latest window of the appointment. A delivery driver calls and tells me he can not give me a time nor an estimated time. He had 2. Deliveries before mine. No idea of when they will even show it is now 9 pm and I have not heard from anyone. It a Saturday night I have had to rearrange my schedule for two days of no shows and no calls!!! I would never ever do business with this company. There idea of customer service is to hang up on your call when they see your number. They put me last on a delivery list after having days of a huge product issues and service delivery issues. I have clothing that was shrunk. I was lied to about hoses being installed as part of the normal installation in order to get money from me. Registration card in the back yard. No show delivery and no show pick up!!! Horrendous! This company needs to be investigated by the consumer protection agency and the attorney general.


Jamie Burke December 6, 2014 at 7:00 pm

I made my very first purchase from hhgregg during the Black Friday sale this year, and I was extremely excited for my LG refrigerator to be delivered today. I chose hhgregg over Home Depot because of the 11% discount which made the price slightly more attractive – but that was my first mistake!! My overall experience has been terrible, and I will never shop at this store again! First, the delivery truck tells me that he is unable to lift the refrigerator three feet over an island in my open space configured kitchen. He tells me that he will need four people, to call the warehouse, and that they will reschedule. I get someone on the phone after twenty minutes of being on hold, and she comes to tell me that the delivery men will come in to take pictures for proof. I ask what the proof is for, and she said it is because the delivery company will not lift appliances and that I would need to install the refrigerator myself. I was never told that this would be an issue as I was under the impression that they would ensure my refrigerator would be installed the same day and the current refrigerator would be either hauled away or moved to another location. I know that a refrigerator is able to be installed in my home – Home Depot had no issues delivering the one that is in my kitchen now! I ask to talk to management and I’m promptly hung up on. After getting someone on the phone – again after a long hold – I am told that they will call the delivery men they know to try to get them to meet up with each other so they could get the refrigerator in the house. She told me she would call me back, but of course she never did. I call back an hour later and then they transfer me to a store so they don’t have to deal with the issue. The only person who has been remotely helpful was this person at the store – but again, he told me the warehouse would not come back to move my brand new refrigerator from the garage where it is currently sitting in 20 degree weather. I am completely dissatisfied – there has been absolutely no service, and obviously hhgregg does not care about retaining their customers or earning new ones for that matter. Buyers BEWARE!!!


Kevin barker December 6, 2014 at 1:59 pm

On August 2 2014 we brought a sofa with massage. The power cord was missing the store manager said he would order it. We have called over 14 times and either they don’t return your call. Finally on December 6 we get a power cord in the mail. Guess what wrong cord. I called the hickory nc store asked for the manager. I was told both were there when I asked to speak with either one I was then told one was busy and the other went to lunch. I’ll have them call you back two hours later no call. I have spent over 10k at this store. I’ll never buy a thing from this company again. Plus I’ll tell all my friends not to go to that store. I’ll be calling the corporate office on Monday for sure.


Reginald McPherson December 3, 2014 at 7:43 pm

Hello I bought a washer and dryer from ur store on black Friday and the manager of that store told me that it would be Monday before I could get it went there on Monday and he came back and said that they didn’t have the washer but he had the dryer so I took the dryer and he said that the washer would be there Tuesday so I go there and he told me that I couldn’t get it because the truck got there late and I couldn’t get it to tomorrow but I spent my money and I was expecting to get it when he said that it would be there the deal is that he just didn’t want to get it so I think something should be done about it and if I had to give you all a grade it will be a F.


Nancy Newbauer November 30, 2014 at 10:50 am

I have an acquaintance that visited your store in Piqua, Ohio. According to her Facebook post, both a sales person, and one of the store managers, treated her and her husband rudely because he was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt. Her statement is that the sales person (neither he or the manager wore name tags) initiated the comment about Michigan, and the issue accelerated from there, with the manager “banning them forever from the HH Gregg in Piqua”.

I have called the Piqua store and asked Patrick (presumably a store manager) to check on it and am calling him back on Thursday.

In the interim, I would like to know what happened exactly, as I believe it is extremely unprofessional for an employee react in this manner, if this story is accurate as reported. Can you please check into this?


Earl Liggins November 23, 2014 at 1:10 pm

I purchase a stereo 11/20/2014 at the store on cicero. The manager told me that my item would be at the store the next day for pick up and that they will call me when my item get to the store. That did not happen, I had a most difficult time contact the store for, no one picked up the phone on most occassions. On the occassion that they did pick up I was on eternal hold. For the most part the manager was unhelpful and very unpleasant. Aisha the saleswoman that helped me was friendly and helful on the day of my purchase even though my purchase did not arrive at the store the next day as promised. I will never ever shop at hhgregg on cicero in chicago again and I suggest that you all should steer clear of hhgregg on Cicero.


kelly November 22, 2014 at 12:48 pm

went to hhgreg for the big sale i was first one in the door reason i was there was for the ps4 family bundle which included lego batman 3 and little big planet with the console they had 0 in stock it was advertised then they tell me i can purchase one and it should be there by friday night by the latest so i call friday at 11am and they tell me the truck had reached d.c. and should be in to the store that night or the following morning dc to the store is less than 5hrs and a truckers should have no problem doing so it is now now 12pm saturday and they are saying they will be in stock by sunday or if not then wednesday itd be easier just to drive to dc and get it or not even of seen the dam brochure so never ever go to hhgreg THEY FALSE ADVERTISE then they make you promises they can never hold up to also dont even think you can return something cause thats an absolute nightmare also they say they will send you a check by mail which can take 6-10 weeks to get to you so dont ever go here


Robin bucio November 17, 2014 at 3:43 am

I have made multiple purchases since opening my hhgregg card “11-2012” I buy Xbox live 1 yr membership cards for my 3 boys every yr for Xmas and every time I go to hhgregg to purchase they scan the cards claim to activate but they end up not being activated i didn’t even notice this until the store called me telling me I would have to come back in to have cards activated this has been multiple times they also tell me they don’t know why this happens I have had to tell the cashiers when I purchase these types of items that last time they didn’t activate and they can’t ring me up in the front it has to be in the back on the registers y should I tell the employes who work there how to do there job the one cashier at the joliet il store named nichollete is a snobby cashier who doesn’t want to be told how to do her job and low and behold this was the issue yet again on 11-9-2014 like a idiot I went back to the same store on 11-15-14 to make another purchase I told su the sales person if my subtotal is a couple $ away from the $197 free financing for 6 months let me know I am gonna get something else to get the interest free financing indeed she told me I was at 194 and I asked her if I got a Xbox Microsoft points $15 card would that qualify me she said sure so I did big mistake on my part it indeed did not qualify and I got charged interest on my purchase for a $3 difference on 11-16-14 I was trying to order a cover for my new iPad mini I had purchased on 11-9-14 from hhgregg and grabbed my receipt to see the size of the iPad and that’s when I noticed the charges I was charged on the purchase I made on 11-9-14 my bill should have been $427 but my actual charges on my card where for 262.49 that’s because my Xbox membership cards didn’t get activated tried calling customer service they r not available on Sunday’s but the idiot employees who make these mistakes at the store r there selling u unusable items so I finally hit 3 on the phone to speak to online orders custoner rep who’s name was Megan ext64347 and when asked her name she said she was only lowed to give out first name and said very snotty I’m the only Megan in the building then after explaining my problem about the cards and what was i charged for she said she would transfer me to the store manager I had went to over the phone to speak with him I asked her who do I file a complaint with she said store manager I was transferred to David I explained my problems and was told to come in and they would see what’s going on and when I asked him who do I file a complaint with he told me the person who transferred me to him I told him she told me to file it with u I then called customer service number on my hhgregg credit card to see what charges where put on my card I got a person named Marion in another country to answer the call who could not tell me what charges I was charged for on 11-9-14 and 11-15-14 I asked what if this was a fraudulent claim she said well when your statement billing cycle ends we can tell u but it hasn’t ended or posted yet I then asked to speak to a manager someone higher than her actually some one in the highest position in the office she asked me y I said cuz I want to speak to ppl who can tell me what I want to know she said she could only transfer me to a manager once I tell her y I needed a manager I then told her again I want to talk to a manager because it’s what I want I pay my bill for u to have s job with hhgregg and its my right to speak to a manager if I want she argued a bit more but then transferred me to another manager In another country named hamorhh who claimed to be a manager and stated she is in another part of the world i explained to her the same issue and she said she could look up the purchase on 11-9-14 and tell me my charges that where 362.49 and the other purchase from 11-15-14 only a manager could view that that’s really crappy service y not have it available automated to hear your purchases and y do I have to call and get some one from another country looking at my financial info and giving my personal info to retrieve my purchases from my credit card this is how ppl get there info and credit hacked from third world countries running a customer service for hhgregg and when I went to the store tonight to get my cards activated and get my purchase interest free the manager Ahmad and David tried to tell me that I got 3 Xbox live member ship cards for free and y am I complaining I then pulled out the info from the hhgregg credit card 800 number and showed him uh no I didn’t get anything for free the cards where never activated and I was never charged for them he then printed out a paper and seen that yes in fact I was right about not being charged or having the cards activated I was charged only for my 3 iTunes cards and a iPad mini I then showed him other purchases where I had to go back and have my cards activated this is a horrible experience and to the CEO of hhgregg fix your shitty system this is not how u have customers come back if anything I will tell 50 ppl how bad this was and do not shop here this will be my last time shopping here best buy is across the street and I will take my business there from now on!!!!!!


keith chew October 29, 2014 at 10:52 pm

Oct. 13 bought high end washer dryer. Oct. 15 install offered but conflicted with schedule. Paid extra for Saturday install. Oct. 15 hhgregg called and stated units were not available. Rescheduled install for Oct. 30. Today hhgregg called and cancelled Oct 30 install. We paid for these units. They were sold as in stock. How messed up can their inventory control system be if they cannot even hold sold units for install. Do yourself a favor, save you time, your effort and your money and go anywhere but HHGregg.


David Mullany October 29, 2014 at 6:56 pm

Do not shop at HHGregg in Norridge!!! The manager Kevin has horrible customer service skills as a manager and apparently does not care about returning customers and the advertising a customer can give a store. Went there today to purchase a new TV and sound bar and after making a selection, I selected a LG 65″ (model #65UB9200) which has a price listed for $2299.99. I was then informed by the salesman Mike that that TV also comes with a free LG sound bar (model #NB5541); the sale flier was displayed with the TV model I chose. I was then told that the TV was miss-marked and the price should by $2599.99. The manager Kevin refused to honor the advertised price with the free sound bar and said he would give me only the TV for $2299.99 and I would have to purchase the sound bar separately and that the miss-mark in price was their fault. I have purchased items from HHGregg in the past with no problems. Today, Kevin would not honor their miss-marked price they had on the item and he lost a sale. I think this was poor customer service on HHGregg’s part and will not shop there in the future. I took a picture of the displayed (miss-marked) price and advertisement for the free soundbar that was displayed. I also am canceling my credit card for this corporation


Mark Levin October 29, 2014 at 6:39 pm

yes, another complaint. seems nobody ever reads this page from hhgregg or else they simply don’t care. my complaint is about extended warranty and not being able to get repairs in a timely fashion and even the cust svc failing to log an appt they made making my wait longer.

i wanted to email a presidential complaint to Mr. May but it seems there is no way to get to him via internet.

after purchasing all major appliances, large screen TV and many small items, i will never go in their store again.

BTW, every unhappy customer tells an average of 10 people, a happy customer tells only 3 other people. i used to work in cust svc and we acted on these stats.

wake up hhgregg


Nicole B October 29, 2014 at 1:19 pm

I will never purchase anything from the HHgregg in Largo MD, I bought a washer and dryer on October 13, 2014. They delivered my washer and drying on October 16, 2014. The vent hose that was delivered with the dryer did not fit, so the delivery person told me that I could take it back to the largo store. This is when everything went wrong. I drove to the Largo store where the customer service rep Patrice was very helpful on trying to resolve my issue. The Manager Sylvester was on the phone talking to another issue, so Ms Patrice went to ask another manager about my issue. Mr. Sylvester called her back to the customer service desk took the vent hose and handed it back to me and said he couldnt do nothing for me. So I called the HHgregg customer service line and spoke to Ms. Ashely. I explained to her my issue and she called the Largo store and spoke to the manager Sylvester. He told her that this was a one time thing and that he would give me a full refund for the part. When I drove back to the store he tried to refund me $20.00 the part was $39.99. In the end I have a brand new washer and a dryer that I can not use until I buy a brand new vent hose. If i knew i was going to have to deal with poor customer service and a nasty attitude from management and a dryer I cannot use. I would have never bought anything from HHgregg. I will be writing to the Better Business Bureau and will never recommend them to any one ever again. This has been the worst I have ever been treated. You have my money and I have merchandise that I cannot use.


Amy October 24, 2014 at 6:07 pm

We bought an Onkyo Surround Sound.. We didn’t open it right away as we were working on renovating our man cave at the time of purchase. Once open and hooked up, we found that the sound system does not work. Upon trying to return to the store, they refused to return/exchange since it had been over 30 days. We are still paying on this system and extended warranty for NON FUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT. After the store refused us, the manufacturer wants us to pay to ship it for them to look at it. The store did not even offer to send back to manufacturer for repair. Poor customer service experience.. and no integrity of product sold!


Wanda and Jay October 22, 2014 at 12:18 pm

The worst buying experience I ever had. They do not respond to problems and won’t take your call. Managers are always to busy and don’t call you back as promised. I am tired of the lies and lack of customer service. I just spent $10,000 and they have a total lack of respect for their customers after the sale. The store in PA did me right, but the store in North Olmsted, OH should be shut down.


Conda Jones October 22, 2014 at 10:09 am

I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator and Stove on July 3rd. I also purchased a five year warranty with my products. My refrigerator has a middle compartment that can be used for items and I can determine to use as a extra compartment for refrigerator items or to use it as a freezer. A week and a half ago my husband noticed the door was not shutting and the freezer began to frost. I called Samsung and explained the situation and asked if service could come out and adjust this door. i was told that someone from Samsung would call me within 2 days. I asked the young lady if my refrigerator was not working at all if this was the procedure for every service call. I immediately received an attitude and was told she was not singling me out. I apologized and explained I was just trying to find if the same 2 day wait was for every type of service call. Since my work schedule differs each day, I requested they call my cell phone number.
I called HHGreg to speak with the Manager. I was told he was busy and I asked the young lady to please have him return my call. The Manager did not return my call. The next day I went to the store and asked for the Manager. A young man told me Samsung was rated # 1 in customer service 4 years in a row. He assured me this was unusual for Samsung and he would expedite my service request to the home office. I told him I paid for a service contract due to the sales person stating he had one on his appliances and received immediate service and HH Greg stood behind all of their appliances. As of today, (4 days later) I have neither heard from the Manger or anyone associated with HH Greg.
Samsung finally left a message my home phone. Upon getting the message, I called and spoke with a gentleman who asked me a few common sense questions, (is there anything sticking up that may prevent the door from closing). When all my answers were the correct ones he gave me a service appointment for 4 days later. It will be seven days since the initial phone call.
Due to the HHGreg Store Manger in Charlotte not wanting my business, he will not receive it. I will now call service with any type of noise I hear because if this refrigerator goes out, I will be without one the minimum of seven days.
I own a business that sells used appliances. We give our customers a 90 day warranty. Our vendor responds and takes care of the issues within 24 hours.
HHGreg and Samsung need to learn the definition of customer service before they make the claim to have the best. Very disappointed.


ZKH October 20, 2014 at 6:00 pm

I purchased a tv from HHGREGG online and it was delivered by UPS. I didn’t open the package right away because I was moving to a new home. After I moved which I used professional movers I discovered the tv screen was shattered. I contacted Hhgregg immediately and they told me my warranty had ended with them and for me to contact Samsung and UPS. After several phone calls UPS covered the cost of me TV. Hhgregg is now requesting I send them pictures and possibly send them the tv back to them before they will give me my refund. The tv doesn’t belong to hhgregg and they are holding my money hostage. I will NEVER shop at Hhgregg. This is the worst shopping experience of my life. I will be sure to share this information with the BBB.


R Wakefield October 9, 2014 at 12:32 pm



Lillian Lillian October 2, 2014 at 5:26 pm

I have spent in excess of ten thousand dollars at hhgreg I went to buy a refrigerator and wanted to pay cash. Omg they said they would take five percent off if I used their card I told them I just paid the card off and did not want to put anything on it can I get the discount with cash they said no. So I was going to put to put it on the card and just pay it off the next day I need to to tell you I am old and handicapped so I asked them if I paid extra if they could move my refrigerator down stirs to make room for the new one they said no they let a 1600.00 dollar sale walk instead of trying to help me they do not care about there customers at all. I will never never buy another thing from them again I have had problems with their products and deliverly but tried to stay a loyal customer, no more I hope you hhgreg are not around much longer and someone who cares takes your place you deserve it


Kristen October 2, 2014 at 1:19 pm

SAD. Isn’t it sad and telling that EVERY SINGLE POST that is listed here, ON THE HHGREGG CORPORATE PAGE, is negative?
It’s not surprising though, considering that the only thing they are consistent with is their customer service! DEPLORABLE. I am disgusted that a company like this exists in the United States of America.
I urge you, take all of your business elsewhere. Tell every one of your friends and use social media as your platform to deter others from using this business.
Even when speaking with Mary Dennis, Executive today…my needs were completely ignored and NO attempts, and I repeat, NO attempts were made to meet my satisfaction. How about saying, “let’s work together to try to get a solution to this problem”, or “we certainly do not want our customers unsatisfied in any way, why don’t you let me get to the root of the problem for you”. Instead she said when I asked what she would do in my situation (obviously I was attempting to gain empathy) she stated, “this is not about ME it’s about YOU”. Well, isn’t that nice. I actually said to her before hanging up (after a 58 minute call), “Are you really going to let me hang up with no solution, knowing that I am this upset?” And she apparently didn’t care because that was the end of the phone call.

HOW, HOW, HOW does a company get away with this? HOW??????


Melanie Houston February 18, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Because we as consumers keep shopping there!! I also have made my last purchase with them also!


Amy Rivera October 2, 2014 at 9:18 am

I am completely beyond frustrated and regret my purchase at HH Gregg- Reynoldsburg location. Not to mention the Samsung Representative, who contributes to my frustration as well as ANGER! My experience with HH Gregg has been a complete nightmare. I will not ever purcahse from this store again nor will I recommend this store to anyone I know. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator, washer/dryer and microhood range for my new home back in August 24, 2014. At the time, our closing date was unknown and I specifically told our Sales Rep. this information. He assured me HH Gregg will hold my items up to 30 days. Our closing was scheduled for September 30, 2014 and I contacted HH Gregg on September 22, 2014 and spoke with the appliance manager, Tess, in regards to the closing date and when we would need delivery for October 1, our official move in date. I was notified on this date September 22 that my items (refrigerator/ washer) were on backorder. Wow, there was no prior notification of this backorder or any issues with my order for almost a month since my purchase date of August 24. I gave them a few days to resolve and Tess and her team made an attempt or several to resolve this directly with Samsung to result in a huge failure. I am not sure if HH Gregg or Samsung is to blame 100% however I am a customer and I should have been notified. I have a small toddler at home with us and we need a refrigerator to store food. It is now October 2, 2014 and they called last night to tell us we will not be getting delivery today. They did not offer any other solution until we demanded a loaner refrigerator to store our son’s milk and food. AT this point I am highly upset and expect my items to get here by Sunday the latest. This is horrible customer service!!! The store manager Chris, our sales rep. Ben and the appliance manager, Tess attempted attempted to help resolve this issue quickly, but I am still left with no refrigerator. They will most likely send us a basic refigerator until the other one arrives. Perhaps it will come in by 2016 from the Samsung manufacture. My overall experience with HH Gregg has not been pleasant or stress free. This is not how customers should be treated! I would suggest HH Gregg should make attempts to secure stock prior to taking customers money. My part in this transaction has been fulfilled since August 24, 2014 and it is not October 2, 2014 therefore HH Gregg and Samsung should be held accountable and complete the transcation of delivery my goods. I will never shop here ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ms.cancel September 26, 2014 at 12:43 pm

AMAZING” how hhgregg is quick to take our money BUT when we have questions regarding our broken, defective and or malfunctioning products they either do NOT pick up or give you the run around. It’s not fair how us customers get treated from hhgregg. My couches were damaged from their delivery men and here I am disputing the facts with hhgregg and the entire corp. For going on 3 months. It’s unfortunate how we stay stuck with a bill and they leave home happy. #1 FED UP!


jeff jones September 24, 2014 at 6:02 pm

I’m reading all the negative complaints and I guess I’m adding one to the list. I wish I would have read prior. I paid for a mattress this past friday and the sales rep told me that i would have to go to the 96th street location and pick it up on sunday. I went there and it wasnt available for pick up. So i left furious. I called the store and they were apologetic and they told me that the associate put the order in wrong and that i would be able to get it wednesday. guess what it’s wednesday and now they are telling me that the truck broke down and that it’s not coming. are you kidding, do you only have one truck. WOWWWW!!!! You would think as a customer and after all they have put me through, they would say sir i’m sorry for all of the inconvenience we’ve caused you. We will have it delivered. But did I get that….. NO. i have a better ideal….. give me my money back. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!


Karen September 18, 2014 at 11:13 pm

To whom it may concern,

Palatine, Illinois had a severe storm and power outage on Sept. 4th. My mother, who is handicapped, came to stay with me because her power was out until Monday, Sept. 8th. Because of her power being off for such a long time, her refrigerator needed to be replaced.

On Sunday, Sept. 7th, I took her to the H.H. Gregg store in Arlington Heights. She found a refrigerator to purchase and they promised her it would be delivered on Wednesday, Sept. 10th. They did not have one in stock so they offered her the floor model. The only problem was she needed the handles to be placed on the opposite side of it. The salesperson assured us that would not be a problem at all. While we were filling out the paperwork, I told the salesperson, at least, 3 or 4 times to contact me on my cell phone, because my mother sometimes has difficulty with instructions. He assured me they would contact only me.

In the mean time I took her back home, set her up with a cooler and ice packs and she waited for the refrigerator to be delivered. Every day I would need to take ice packs over to keep the cooler cold, but, that was fine because Wednesday was only a couple of days away.

Wednesday night my mother called me to say it still had not been delivered. I told her to call the store and they told her they called and left a message that it would not be delivered until Saturday, Sept. 13th. No one EVER called me or her regarding the first delivery attempt on this purchase. I was extremely upset and called the store myself and spoke with the manager that night. I explained the situation and told him my mother is handicapped, lives alone, and is having a difficult time without a refrigerator. He said it was sent to the warehouse, which I don’t understand at all since my mother lives only a couple miles away from the store. He was apologetic and said he would give her an $80 discount for her trouble. He also said Saturday, Sept. 13th was the soonest he could have it delivered.

Again, I ran to her house every day with ice packs, to keep the cooler cold for the rest of the week! All the while we are both becoming more and more angry. You would think after all of this, the delivery would be early in the morning. They called me at 5:28 p.m. that night and said they would be there in 20 minutes. After 6:30 they finally arrived with it. They reversed the doors and told her the handles were the wrong ones and someone would call me about replacing them. How can these be the wrong handles when they were taken off the doors of this floor model in the first place?!! The handles have been lying on the counter, since Sept. 13th, waiting for someone to call me so they can unnecessarily replace them. All the while, my handicapped mother is prying the refrigerator open with her fingers!!

Here it is, Thursday, Sept. 18th and NO ONE has called, either one of us, regarding the handles or even checked to see if everything went ok after all of the complaints we had with this purchase.

Tonight, I sent my husband over to check the situation. After going to the hardware store to buy 2 screws that were apparently, “lost in transport”, he attached both handles to the refrigerator himself.

After ALL of the problems we have had with this purchase, the refrigerator has no stop on the door, so it swings wide open uncontrollably. My mother needs to keep a step stool behind the door, which makes it impossible for her to get into her utility room. Also, today when my mother received the charge card bill, there was NO $80 discount from the manager!!! I can’t say that either of us were surprised.

Every person who worked on this order failed in some area. The total experience of this purchase is way beyond ridiculous!!


Daun Conrad September 12, 2014 at 12:11 pm

DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM HH GREGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lawrence walters September 11, 2014 at 12:59 pm

I am disabled , in a wheelchair, so I took CONN’S up on their offer of credit. I went to the store to look at a bedroom set and a living room set. The date was 6/18/2014, When they delivered the set and put it together WE all saw that the bed was too high I could not get on to it without help! I called the salesman immediatly and I was told to fiquer it out and why not try and sell it on e-bay! Then the fun begins they would not take my calls and they would pass me off to the corporate office in Texas. In the meantime I fell off of the bed two times I ended up in the hospital, are you willing to pay for my pain and suffering? No one will talk to me about that, I got a call from Conn’s informing me that they have a different Boxspring , But no one is mentioning what I have gone through not even an apology. I am looking for a lawyer to help me through this mess that you all have put me through. My floor was also damaged by your delivery people , someone is finally coming out to try and repair the floor on 9/15/2014! I have wooid floors the same people that delivered the furniture had to come back and replace the sofa sleeper but when they came back they did not want to swap the sofas just left the new one on the driveway! After a lot of complaining they finally brought the new one in! That is when the damage was done to my floor , They also at that time I was outside watching what they were doing the lead person came back into my home , my wife was sick in bed he went down the hall and was looking at her her in bed ! very uncalled for these men where from Russia I felt very uncomfortable , I let the store know about this , If they felt they could take advantage of a disabled person THEY ARE SO WRONG! I want some compansation for the hell that my wife and I have gone through!


Lisa September 10, 2014 at 11:14 pm

We purchased a washer and dryer from the hhGreg store in Schaumburg IL store. When told the dryer was on back order, the store manager said he could “split” the delivery and we would have the washer right away. When the delivery finally showed up, the service team didn’t want to deal with installing only the washer and left it in the garage. They said they would be back in two days with the dryer to install both appliances and to expect a phone call. No phone call…I called them that same evening and was told it would be another 5 days to either deliver or pick up the washer. No refund until washer was picked up. How convenient that they left it behind. Finally, they squeezed a delivery back in for the next evening. To avoid delivering the products, the delivery people manually closed a gate to the community (always open and non-operational), took a picture of it and sent it to the store saying they couldn’t get in. They also claws that they tried calling (no record of missed call) before they drove away. Still haven’t received the appliances and the problems continue.

Appalling service and unethical practices. It’s incredible they are still in business.


Harlan Bausher September 9, 2014 at 6:59 pm

Two weeks ago you delivered a washer and dryer to us. The washer was dropped and scraped the wall and put a hole in the family room wall. We called three or more times and can never get to talk to someone to resolve this issue to repair the damage . The last time we called the manager was in the warehouse and could not talk we left a message. He never called back. And were told he would call back, that was a day ago andwe still did not hear from him please look into this immediately before we seek legal advice. 717-820-****.


Bonnie Z. September 8, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Wow …. I didn’t realized hhgreg had such horrible customer service … I thought it might just have been our store… everyone’s story sounds to so familiar to ours. We purchased a microwave on-line. A few days later we received an e-mail stating it has arrived at the store. We go to pick it up. We waited at the counter about 15 minutes and the salesgirl kept telling us it was on it’s way up. After another 10 minutes I found a couch to sit on. The salesgirl passed me a few times and get telling me it’s on it way up. I figured she would let me know when it arrived. Another 15 or 20 minutes later my husband happened to walk pass the counter and they were talking about a microwave. Low and behold it was us. I have no idea what happen to the salesgirl we were talking too. They told us the microwave wasn’t in. They acted as though the corporate office, who sent the e-mail, was a different company that they have no involvement with. They kept telling us ‘they’ should not have sent the e-mail. Told us it would be in a couple of days and they would delivery it. I wanted them to install the microwave as a reimbursement for the 45 minutes we waited and kept telling us it was on-site. They said ‘No’ several times. They wouldn’t do it. Horrible, horrible customer service. This was first experience with HHgreg and never would I purchase from them again. The guys who delivered was great.


Jared Stevens September 4, 2014 at 1:15 pm

I purchased a fridge from the Chesterfield MO store. Was told when purchased it would be delivered the next day. Great, the main reason I bought this fridge is mine quit working and I have a family of 6 and a daycare in this home. I needed one ASAP. The day after purchase I received a call from Chris the appliance manager of the store. “We dropped the ball and didn’t get it transferred in time. It’s now going to be Saturday”. That is three days not one as promised when purchased. I did think it was nice of them to offer to not charge me for a Saturday delivery considering it was their mistake. That was sure nice of them to do. SMH.
Anyway getting the run around from the store although after calling the corporate office I did get them to knock $100 of the price. I was told that since I was already getting a floor model at a good price I should be glad they offered to knock $100 off. Even though since it is a floor model I will have to clean it up upon delivery. Oops they forgot that part. I’d say they got a fair price for what they were selling.
I am or should I say was a HHGregg cardholder. This whole transaction from the beginning has been horrible. The salesperson Shannon walked out on me in the middle of the sale to go talk to a lady who was buying a washer and dryer set. I guess I wasn’t spending enough for her. I had to go track her down to complete the transaction.
Customer service is a lost art especially at HHGregg. because there, customer service isn’t dying, it’s dead!


suzanne tharp September 3, 2014 at 7:50 pm

I purchased a Samsung French door refrig out of box, invoice number M802-006557 on July 16, 2014 with warrenty. My husband called approx. 4 times about the foul smell from the ice and water dispenser. Your customer service told us that it takes up to 30 days for the refrig to run before we do not have this issue. On Aug 23, 2014 my husband went to this store and they gave us a filter for free,. I have been having alot of headaches and nausea for approx one and half months. I called this store tonight because my daughter, who is 8 1/2 months pregnant came over my house for the first time since we got this refrig, had a cup of crushed ice, she immediately picked up on the smell. I called your store where I bought this and talked to Sierra at 5:11PM, 9/3/2014 Wednesday, She told me she would call Samsung and call me back. I called the store at 6;17PM AND SHE SAID SHE WAS STILL ON HOLD, At 7pm I called again and spoke to Joe Acting Manager, He said he had a store to run and I was not the only customer. I said I would like a call in 20 mintues since I have been waiting almost 2hours, He said THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. I said I was going to call corporate office and he said GO AHEAD . I would really appreciate a call from someone that can help. Suzanne Tharp (610) 499-**** PS I know it doesn’t mean much to a big corporation but this was a big buy for us, And I hope this refrig is not defective and is getting us sick


Leonard Barnes August 27, 2014 at 1:03 pm

HHGREGG is the worst company I every purchase from. The sale person tell lies about
your extended warranty and don’t stand behind the items sold. I am thinking about going
to court about my problem. I bought the 5year warranty on a whirlpool refrigerator seven
months ago and had to replace the compressor, evaporator, the Ice Maker and recharged
the unit. Two days later the unit is not working. This all started on August 2, 2014. No one
at hhgregg in Tallahassee, Florida can help me. Call HHgregg help line and received the no care attitude about my problem. This company is making money off bad appliances and


ms. cancel August 26, 2014 at 9:36 pm

I can’t believe as a loyal and faithful customer or shall I say customers since we all speak through experience we get treated in this manner ( unprofessional and careless. We consumers deserve to be treated fairly. For I’ve called corp. Various times for weeks trying to reach the supervisor Di. And no response finally when I did she states there’s nothing they can do to the damage done on my love seats to be exact by their delivery crew. I asked to speak with someone above her ( Di and there seems to be none of existence she stated I am the highest. Now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and don’t even feel I should pay for the damaged sofas that I did not damage. Very unprofessional people. Although Kevin and eddy at Harlem and Irving are the BEST….. # I WILL NOT LIE NOR TAKE BLAME FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT DO NOR SHOULD PAY FOR DAMAGES DONE BY OTHERS. #DISSAPOINTED/VIOLATED. Respect your customers,for without us there is no you (hhgregg)


ms. cancel September 16, 2014 at 2:53 pm

2 months gone passed and my couches are still not fixed. A hole hhgregg delivery men are responsible for. They claim it’s a cigarette burn. I don’t even smoke. I can not believe what’s going on with all these hhgregg customers. I feel so bad for you all including myself we as customers should not have to experience such treatment. This is insane. What can we all do about this I ask?


Chad Harada August 15, 2014 at 1:45 am

I was purchased a Maytag Refrigerator on 6 May 2013. On 15 July 2014 I am having to already call in repairs on the refrigerator….GO FIGURE!!!!!!!. So I contact the HHGregg and they submitt my work order, It takes the company that HHGreeg contracts out a week to call me. The name is ” TV and APPLIANCE RESCUE” the owner in Bett Harvey located in Virginia. I call them back and left a meesage with them that day , because I was TDY at Andrews Air Force Base. I get no return phone call from the Company listed above. I call again 30 July 2014, and Bett Harvey says ” You caught me off guard I will call you back”. I receive no phone call back. I call back the next day and Bett Harvey says “oh yeah can we come out tomorrow”, I said would you please. So TV and Applaince sends out someone driving a Caddilac, he comes in messes with the fridge thrn the freezer, and says I will order the part and be back on Tuesday the 12 Aug 2014, and guess what NO SHOW, NO CALL, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! So the company listed above and the guy says ” We were only coming out when we received the part” I said ok, then he hung up. Now keep in mind while this world class Appliance repairer was checking out my freezer he jacked up my refrigerator.

Now on to HHGreeg part 2: So I spend 2 hours on the phone with HHGregg, and was tols that , They were going to eculate my ticket I should receive a call from that depatment within 4 Busniess hours. GUESS WHAT……. NO CALL!!!!!!!!, so I called back at 7:30 on 14 Aug 2014. Spend 30 minutes on hold because I asked to speak to a manager, and they said they person that I talked to before was mis-informed it was actually 1-2 Busniess days, before the esculation team would call me. The manager the denies me the “PRESIDENTAL GROUP” e-mail or telephone numbers. He said that he is not allowed to give that out, that he would contact them and they would contact me first thing in the morning. I ask, you are the supervisor right, he says yes, then I said well the company my trust you to make informed desicions, that is why they made you a supervisor, so amek a call and get me a e-mail , and telephone number. He flat out refused. So i got my tape recorder hooked it to the phone and asked him again are you refusing to give me your bosses information, and he says yes, that he is not allowed to .






ms. cancel August 26, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Wow I am sorry 2 hear of your situation (xxx@gmail.com . I am as well going through a similar situation. I purchased a Sectional sofas and at time of delivery they made a small hole. I went straight to the warehouse and spoke with manager. He than spoke with repairs rep. Came to diagnose the couches and it’s been over a month and still nothing but run around. I called corp. Spoke with the supervisor quote very unprofessional and stated that it was diagnosed as a cigarette burn ( not a smoker ). And the hole is small and I seen when the damage was done. When I stressed it to the delivery head he stated oh I’m sorry just Contact hhgregg and they will fix that for you. Purchased 7/21 and still nothing. I’m so frustrated and have been nothing but a great customer. Purchased TV , phones, tablets, even a Ninja blender and this is the appreciation and thanks I get.


walter hitchcock August 12, 2014 at 8:30 pm

I to was suckered in purchasing from HHGregg, something I will never do again!! I purchased a Whrilpool Side by Side refrig. It has a ice bank inside where the icemarker sits and leaks. Between Whirlpool and HHGregg they have passed the buck back and forth, I wont be a customer of either ever again. Still not working, customer service was very poor at HHGregg, they said that the stores were founded on “Caring customer service” Yeah Right!!


Ronald Deckard August 6, 2014 at 8:09 pm

I sending this in behalf of my mother Shirley Schooley. On 3-15-2000 we picked up a new 58″ Samsung tv at hh greeg in Bloomington In
Bought 5 year. Warranty. Have had TV worked on 4 times & still not working. Warranty co. Wants another part installed that the repairan said won’t fix the TV. It has been over a month and she and I am very upset with this!!!! This will be the LAST ITEM , either of us will purchase from HHGregg. We have another repair man appointment this Saturday and would expect a replacement TV once it is determined that the TV cannot fixed


Charles ruetsche July 26, 2014 at 1:11 am

We bought a washer and dryer from your Harlem and Irving store and we were told that they price match so we found the same units at Loews and decided to try hhgregg for the purchase and we were totally lied to and misled by your stores manager,so we are very extremely unhappy with the poor quality of care and will never ever shop at hhgregg again,and if I’m ever asked about your store I will be telling my experience and being lied to.


lori szczepkowski July 24, 2014 at 5:14 pm

On Jul 21, 2014, at 4:08 PM, lori szczepkowski wrote:

On Jul 21, 2014, at 3:34 PM, lori szczepkowski wrote:

Hi. My name is Lori Szczepkowski. I am writing you to tell you that I am very angry with your delivery service. I purchased a stove from you on 6-30-14.

That was great! Ed Wiley was very funny and nice and informative. He helped me pick out the stove that was right for me and it is here and I love it. THANKS ED!!!!!!

Now, for the BAD PART.
As I said. I purchased the stove on 6-30-14. I new it would take a week or two. Ok. BUT, you called and asked about my address. You asked if I was in Gardener, Il. .
I said no. I was in Glenwood, Il. You called again (or should I say, a Computer called and asked ) I told the computer NO and then I wasn’t able to correct it. You called another couple of times and the same thing happened. THEN, you personally called and said that you were coming on July 12th(Sat.) and nothing. You called later that day to AGAIN to confirm my address. You STILL thought my address was Gardner. SO, you went to Joliet. You asked if you could come that day. I said NO, it was my husbands b-day. Then you asked if you could come Wednesday the 16th. OK. THEY CALLED ME AT 6:45AM!!!!!!!!!! They said that they were ahead of schedule and could they come earlier. They said that they only had one more stop and then they would be here. OK. They also said that they would call 40 minutes before they arrived. OK.

They came at 11:30am and NO call. 41/2hours later!
You said that you would give me $80 for the shipping. Fine, but I don’t want to do the rebate for the other $80.

So, I want the 1st $80 from above and the other (rebate) $80 and an extra $100

I will NEVER shop your store again!!!!!

That’s too bad, because ED WILEY IS A GREAT GUY AND SALESMAN!!!!!!!

Your EX Customer,

Lori Szczepkowski


Todd Hunt July 24, 2014 at 5:05 pm

On July 1st I made a purchase online through HHGregg. I purchased a stove,refrigerator and dishwasher. I did not recieve a phone call regarding delivery for a week so I called to schedule delivery myself. I scheduled the delivery for 7/12. On 7/11 at 3:15pm I recieved a call telling me that the refrigerator that I had ordered had been discontinued and I would not recieve it. I was told that I could have the floor model with a scratch on it and recieve 100.00 off. I told the person I would call back to let them know if that was acceptable. Upon calling the place back 10 minutes later I was told that my order was cancelled because of the refrigerator. I told the person that I wanted the floor model and to please resubmit my delivery.She assured me that this would be done and that I would recieve a phone call later that night between 7 and 9 pm to let me know when to expect my delivery. At 9:30 after no phone call I called the store. I spoke to a man who said that they had no delivery information what so ever for my order. At that time I asked to speak to a manger and told him about everything that had transpired. He listened to everything and guranteed that our delivery would be made in the morning and he would call by 8am to let us know of the time. At 8:30 after no phone call again, I called. Once again we were told that they had no information on our delivery but they would look in to it. At 10 I recieved a call from the delivery driver stating that he would be there in half an hour. Upon arrival he said that they had to make special arrangements to get our appliances in the truck because they were not scheduled. He then asked if our dishwasher was disconnected because they could not hook the new one up if the old one was still connected. THis information was not made known to us so we did not know that we had to disconnect the old one. So they left the dishwasher in the box in the kitchen. Then he proceded to tell me that they could not hook up the ice maker because they dont do that if you have never had one before. Yet on the order form they specifically ask whether or not you have an ice maker and I answered no. I have never had such poor customer service in my life and I gurantee that I will never refer anyone to this company!


Lisa July 19, 2014 at 7:19 pm

This company is NOT into CUSTOMER SERVICE! They are more interested in Talking to each other. What a LOUSY COMPANY!!!!!!!! The talking part also includes the so called Store Manager. The store in Sarasota Florida SUCKS!!!!!!!!!


vagner costa July 19, 2014 at 7:00 pm

8 months ago I have bought a tv on hhgregg
6 months later the tv isn’t working, the store has my tv for 2 months and I can’t make a complaint
I went on the store on fort lauderdale in this morning (sat July 19) to find out what is going on and for my surprise the store manager (emilio) asked me a question
Where are you from
I said
I’m from Brazil
He said to me like that
You are complaining because you got no tv for 2 months
How many people got no tv in Brazil
That’s what he said to me
So think about someone from africa goes to a restaurant order a food and this food takes so long
The African try to know why his food is taking so long
And the manager say to him
You have to wait because in Africa to many people got no food
Good thing is
I recorded everything


Joe July 14, 2014 at 10:35 am

Why doesn’t hh gregg in ocala fl not pay out for holiday worked….but someone who was off gets the holiday paid to them. Maurice must go


Safiya Karimah July 12, 2014 at 6:03 pm

Hhgregg refused to refund for a dishwasher when I discovered the old one was working.


Laura odom July 9, 2014 at 10:40 am

I would not ever buy the furniture warranty it is not worth the paper it is written on. Sadly, I only owned my sofa a month when someone sat on it and there sunscreen got on it and tarnished the durablend leather. Warranty company says not covered. HHGREGG says it absolutely is. I am not getting caught in the middle and want a full refund of my warranty. HHGREGG told me to submit the forms they sent and I will get a refund of my warranty. I have submitted the forms for the refund. Now, I wait and see.


R Cline July 7, 2014 at 3:33 pm

I have never shopped or bought anything online or in the stores. I live in Roanoke Va. and I will NEVER BUY from HHGREGG. My sister needed buy a new dryer today I was helping her by checking prices online so I told her HHGREGG had the best price. When she got there and was going to buy the dryer she wanted, the sale person told her she could not pay with a check. She was told she had to go to the bank and get cash if she want to buy the dryer. She went to LOWE’S AND BOUGHT A DRYER. I don’t know what your rules are about taking local checks. I do know it is bad business to drive your customers away. You lost my sister’s and all our friends and family business also! There are only over forty members of my family spread across Virginia.


Katherine July 2, 2014 at 3:03 pm

I am a loyal customer at HHgregg in Memphis, Tn. The air conditioner has been out for the last 3 weeks. That is totally unacceptable and inhumane for those employees. I know several salespeople in that store. You had 4 million dollar sales people last year. If you can’t afford to fix the air condition system and keep that store clean……..Please close the doors to that store! Huffington Post voted HHgregg #8 as the worst company to work for. Please, prove them wrong get that air fixed for those employees and loyal customers like myself!!!! Too much money comes in that store not to keep it clean especially those bathrooms. FIX that air or are you trying to kill some of your employees??????


jennifer June 28, 2014 at 9:53 am

I will Never buy another product from this company ever! I bought an LG washer and dryer with extended warranty from them in 2012. my washer now ll not work. I opened a claim on may 28. today is june 28, and my washer still does not work. the repair service that was sent to fix it, has ordered the wrong parts, not answered the phone weeks at a time, and told me they fixed my washer twice. hh Gregg will do nothing except keep sending them back out here. I called them last night, they tried to call the repair shop, and they didn’t answer. hh Gregg told me to call the warranty department back today, since that makes it a month the claim has been open, and they would get someone involved to resolve this. I called today, and hh Gregg told me the repair shop tried calling us, except no voicemail was left and I do not have their number on caller id. so now hh Gregg is telling me I have to wait until Monday to speak to the repair service and have them out here again! hh ggg does not care about their customers, or how long it takes to get something fixed. I am absolutely livid with this aweful company


patti June 12, 2014 at 3:38 pm

READ UP!! AS YOU CAN SEE REPEATEDLY HERE THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! We purchased a Samsung tv and the 5 year extended warranty. The week after I paid the tv off, which was the week after the 2 year warranty ended, it started tearing up. It will not come on and sometimes when it finally decides to, it will turn itself off. We paid almost double in order to get the 5 year warranty because we had the same thing happen to us. Our last tv died the week after the warranty went out. 🙁 Now I am sitting here a month after I have filed my claim and all I have had so far is a bunch of lies. Between the HHGregg service company and NEI (Norman’s Electronics) they have stood me up for two appointments, lied, contradicted each other’s stories and been rude to me. Ronnie at NEI told me all he ever gets is people complaining. Really???? Isn’t it his JOB to take complaints that people’s hard earned electronics are broken and need repair? I think the whole system is broken. These companies supply us with over priced crap that breaks in 2 years. Then we buy it from retail chains that don’t care and pawn us off to repair contractors that really don’t care. I honestly believe there is no customer service any more. I will be buying local from now on. The smaller mom & pop business that stand behind what they sell and warranty it. I have already done that with my appliances and have been far happier than my friends. MY ADViCE: STAY AWAY FROM HHGREGG.


Lu Ann Davis June 12, 2014 at 11:16 am

Went to your Springfield, IL store last night with my daughter to purchase a TV for my husband for fathers day. Made my decision as which one I wanted and when to the register with the associate. I was asked which card I would be using and I replied I would be paying by check. He had a deer in the headlights look and walked away from the register. The store manager came back with him and asked me if I had a debit card and I told him that I wanted to pay by check. He then asked me it I had a Credit Card and I told him I had several but I wanted to pay by check. He then asked me if I could get cash somewhere and he would take 10.00 of the price. I asked him “What part of I want to pay by check do you not understand”. He then told me about an experience he had that he sold appliances and the check did not clear and he had to go take them back so their policy was anything over 100.00 was cash or credit. I then asked where that was posted in writing and was told it was not. He then asked me if I had a job which was none of his business. I did tell him I have a job I have been a business owner in Springfield for 20 years and that we have a large networking community and that I will make sure they all know how HHGreg treats their customers. I and no one I know will ever purchase items from that store and I think anyone with morals should not either.


Siri June 9, 2014 at 12:21 pm

WOREST CUSTOEMR SERVICE EVER, people dont buy itmes from here and dont get in thir trap of protections plans , no use they never get back to you when they have problem,
since they got tir money back. They are just fooling the people by saying protection plans, My dishwasher has issues which cover under protection plan , inspite of my continuous trail to contact them no reponce from them.


Lily June 2, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I will not ever purchase anything from them again….and do NOT recommend anyone to go through the stress I have been through today


Sheila May 31, 2014 at 10:58 am

I brought a 51in Tv and the salesman talked me into buying this warranty that cost me 179.00 I’m on a fixed income I would have never brought this warranty I explained to them that my son had a tv that had a cracked in his tv. So the salesman told me to buy the warranty and that will cover me well my grandson cracked my screen and I called to let them know that I have a warranty a five year plan just to be told that it doesn’t cover cracks in televisions I asked them why was it sold to me they said it only covers cracked screens in laptops and tablet and camcorders I told them that I didn’t buy any of the above so it should never have been sold to me so now I’m out of a tv and have a warranty that I paid 179.00 for that is worthless. I called the corporate office they refuse to help my next step is getting in touch with Fox News on your side to expose them they will sell you anything to make a sale but won’t honor what they sell. Sell the warranty exclusively just for laptops and tablets and camcorders then. I will call every news station and I’m filling a complaint with the better business bureau


Mary Ann DeMotte May 30, 2014 at 4:06 pm

My daughter’s refrigerator stopped working less than 3 years after purchase. A warranty for $90 was purchased at that time. It took more than 2 days to find anyone who knew what needed to be done. I spent hours on the phone with people who had “NO CLUE.” Finally I was connected with correct warranty agency (more than 48 hours later).


Steve May 14, 2014 at 5:03 pm

I purchased a new laptop from HHgregg in November 2013 for work, In may the computer stopped working correctly so i called the manufacturer to find out the computer was 6 months out of warranty. When I bought it the warranty had actually just expired. HHgregg does some shady buisness what I thought was a new computer was a year old.


MARY ARNIERI April 29, 2014 at 2:29 pm

I will not ever purchase anything from them again….and do not recommend anyone to go through the stress I have been through today


wesley April 22, 2014 at 11:06 pm

I was in the shop obt I wanted informacion TVs I asked for help from a Hispanic employee who explained to me in a non Cadre way and I estava ignoring when I ask if I could pay half and Tv and answer me q that is not could acer then told him q chequiara me for credit was an hour and thirty minutes and when he returned he told me you did not approve the other day I went to best buy and me I passed one that costava a little more if I could pay half and that I am not the first q happens shame that I can not remember the name of that Hispanic gentleman … I really do not know how to treat customers .


Toni Valentine April 5, 2014 at 6:58 pm

On March 15th I went into hhgregg in Hanover, Maryland with friends so they can look for a universal remote and happened to see 8 treadmills and I just happened to be shopping for one so I looked around and saw one that I liked. The sales person Justin Simms was GREAT and that is were the greatness ended. During the ring up process I gave him my card to pay for the treadmill and I didn’t have my ID so he swiped it as debit but I found my ID so during authorization process he canceled to change it to credit. He tried swiping the card again and my bank declined it so I checked my bank app on my phone right in front of him and saw that hhgregg took the money but he didn’t get an approval code and even tried calling several different people to try to get an authorization number. They said it never went through on their end so I had to go home and wait for the bank to release the funds and for the money to show up in my account again. Because of this inconvenience Justin offered to hold the treadmill for me because it was the last one and a floor model.

On March 23rd I was finally able to go back into the store and purchase my treadmill, this time the authorization went smoothly and we sent up delivery for 4 days later on March 27th.

March 26th I get a call from the delivery company and they said they didn’t have my item to be delivered in stock and I got a little worried. I explained to them that it was a floor model and probably still at the store. They called me back an hour later and said they went to the store and picked up my treadmill.

March 27th came and my treadmill was delivered. WOO HOO right? NO not woo hoo. The store never gave the delivery company the safety key needed for the treadmill to work. They called hhgregg and the delivery guys told me that they are going back to the store and going to bring the key back. Over an hour later I call them to tell them I have to leave to get my daughter from school and if I wasn’t home to leave the key in my mailbox. They said they were too busy and they don’t have time to go get the key for me. I call the store and I don’t drive so they said they would mail the key to me. I was okay with this.

April 5th, 8 days later (usually only takes 2 days at the most to deliver mail in the same state) I finally get my package from hhgregg and guess what…. WRONG KEY! I just called the store and they want me to bring the wrong key and exchange the keys out but again I do not drive so this is not convenient for me. I tried to get this resolved somehow but all they could do was tell me they are mailing the right key again and I can return the other key when I can get in there.

So I have had a treadmill in my living room teasing me because I CAN NOT use it and who knows it can take another 8 days or longer to get the right one. I am not happy with my experience and I paid $129 delivery fee for all of this?

I recently got a rate your experience email and my question is do you really want me to rate my experience?

That was my first time shopping in an hhgregg and trust me it will be my LAST!

Again Justin Simms is awesome.


Khalfani McDaniel April 1, 2014 at 5:10 pm

First off let me say HHGregg has lost me as a customer and i will tell everyone that will listen not to shop there, unless they are going out of business. In Dec of 2013 the inside of my plasma screen cracked. This crack came about from normal tv viewing. I called HHgregg customer service to report the issue with the tv since I purchased an extended warranty on this tv. I was persuaded by the representative on the phone not to pursue this issue because once a technician is dispatched they will assume the crack is a result of physical damage. I decided that I was going to pursue this to the very end because it wasn’t my fault the tv developed a crack. I called again and requested a tech be dispatched to look at my tv. The customer service rep I spoke with said I should get a call in about a week from technician setting up an appointment. This never happened. I called again to request a technician be dispatched and again the same result. No call back, no technician. At this point I am become furious. I called customer dis-service and advise them of my recent headaches with getting a technician dispatched. This rep sends us to another company. This time I get a phone call setting up the appointment. The appointment has been booked and the technician and I agree to a service window. The first window is quickly approaching and the technician advises he’s running late and would like to push back the window. I reluctantly agree. Second window approaches and this time I have to call the technician. He again advises he has to push back the window. I am becoming angry at this point. Third window comes and again I have to call the tech and find out what his ETA. This time he says he can’t make it and has to push it back to the next day. I tell the tech how unacceptable this and I will call his company to arrange another window. At this time I am 12 hours fresh off a stomach bug. I drive to my local hhgregg and speak with the manager. I tell him I want a new tv to replace the one that is covered by their warranty. Of course, he can’t do that and the authorization needs to come from corporate. The manager gives me the number to corporate and I begin calling them. I call corporate only to get the same response, that a tech needs to be dispatched before anything else can be done. I strongly advise of the debacles that I encountered the first few times trying to get a tech dispatched. In the end I reluctantly agree. The next day I get a call from the tech arranging a service window. Finally the tech comes out and the first words out of his mouth are “physical damage” Jail time was the only thing stopping me from making this tech eat the tv. The tech says he will submit his report and we should get a call from someone in about a week. A week goes by and guess what? No phone call. I call corporate again and tell this rep my issue and thought I was getting placed on hold, only to find out I was put back into the incoming call queue. The next rep that picks up my call and I tell her what is happening. I advise her, I want my money back for my tv and if you can’t do that get me to someone who can. Apparently she transfers me to their “Presidential Escalation” team. Mind you I was told my case was being escalated to that team before. This time I speak with Quinton. I tell him the entire story and that I want my money back and if he can’t do it get me to someone who can. Quinton processes a store credit for me and gives the reference # and tells me I should get a call by Wed of the following week. Wednesday arrives and again no phone call. My wife decides to call Quinton on his personal line every hour until he calls back. No call back from Quinton. I call this guy the next day frothing at the mouth like rabid animal. He says he will call his personal contact at hhgregg to process the store credit. The next day I get a call from hhgregg telling my I can pick up another TV. FINALLY!!!!!! Four months of fighting to get them to do the right thing.


Melissa alvord March 26, 2014 at 6:24 pm

Never ever will deal with ur company again, bght a dishwasher on Friday and washer they didn’t have washer in stock told to come back Monday, get home open dishwasher was all dented up , called them and said a new one is ordered come Wednesday! Went today sock is Wednesday NO WASHER NO DISHWasher!! No apology! We drove a hour each way to pick this up! We spend $1200 and don’t get apology! Might not be a lot to some people but is a lot to us to be treated that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly can not believe the way we were treated!!! Please don’t buy from this company


Thomas March 14, 2014 at 10:39 am

My wife purchased a water filter for our fridge on 3/6 at the Knoxville TN store off of Clinton Hwy. The computer system went down, apparently not the first time that day from how the employees reacted, so they moved to another computer. The employee told my wife that the first charge had not gone thru. This was the first lie.
On Friday there were 2 charges of $70 USD. My wife called the store and was advised to call back 3/10 because the second charge had not shown.
I was unable to go to the store 3/10 but I went on 3/11.
The reaction to my issue from a salesman was that they new exactly was I was talking about and I was sent to someone behind a counter. This person then sent me to a operation manager who promptly sent me to the first person behind the counter. The operations manager advised to call the corporate help line to get the issue resolved.
The person behind the counter called and mentioned the date indicating this was a known issue. I have no real idea of what happened but I was advised to wait 24 to 48 hours for a refund of the error charge. Today I 3/14 and I see no refund from HHGREGG. This was the second lie.
I will be going back to the store to complain though I have a feeling I will never see my money again because they corporate world has grown so large that even if they wanted to give me back my money, which they don’t, they have no way of effectively doing it.
I will never deal with HHGREGG again not because of the issue with the corporation, but because the first employee lied and said the charge had not gone thru knowing full well it had.


RC March 13, 2014 at 10:39 am



Melinda Nikolas March 10, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Back on February 11th, 2014 I purchased a Toshiba Laptop along with a warranty in case anything happened to it. Two days after I bought the item, it was opened and was fine. The next day it was opened the screen had cracked from the bottom up, and it had not been hit or anything to that nature.

I go to return the Laptop to your store located at 2669 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33759. Phone number is 727-260-5585. The manager told me that he couldn’t replace it that I had to go through the warranty. Mind you, this is not even two days after the purchase. I call the warranty place and they have no record of my warranty. I continue to call the store back and they tell me that they are faxing the information over to the warranty company to give it 72 hours. In fact that is what I did. Once the 72 hour time frame had expired and I had contacted them yet again, they still had not received any information about my warranty and were unable to help me. I, once again called the store and they told me they should have had it. I went on to call the warranty place back and ended up having to fax them a copy of my h.h. gregg receipt in order to get anything done. From there I was told it would be another 24 hours. Mind you, by now I have been without a working computer for almost a week. By the time they get the information in, I have to wait for them to send me a box and I returned the laptop to them as soon as I got the box. From this point, I am told they received the laptop on Thursday, February 27th, 2014. I was told by the warranty company that a tech would be assigned to my laptop on Friday the 28th. I called them back on Friday and no one had been assigned to the laptop. I gave them the weekend and called again after 1pm on Monday, March 3rd and still got nowhere. On the 4th of March, I persisted to call back yet again and I finally asked for a Supervisor. This time I get a gentleman by the name of Steve at he can be contacted at the following number 1-817-785-6304 directly. He tried to smooth things over by saying he would try to get this expedited and for me to call him back on March 5th if I didn’t hear from him by 12 noon, which I didn’t. I ended up leaving him 3 voice mails and finally got a return call from him on March 6th. When my call was returned, Steve told me he was sending the authorization over for h.h. gregg to either replace my laptop or give me a store credit to call and touch base with h.h. gregg, I called and was told by your customer service that they had not received anything from the warranty company. That was Friday the 7th.

Today is now March 10th and it has been a month since I have been without this laptop I purchased for a business that was in desperate need of a computer. When I called your customer service people today, I am told they did not receive anything from the warranty company until 12 AM Midnight on March 7th, but my case has been assigned to a Ms. Smith at extension 60896 if I call the 1-800-284-7344 number. After 3pm on Friday, I had called the number and left a message for Ms. Smith to contact me as I wanted to touch base to see how much longer this is going to take and to see where the situation stands. Today, March 10th, 2014, I have yet to get a return call back from Ms. Smith.


Tina March 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm

This is by far the worst company to work for. I have never seen a company treat its employees with such disrespect. My boyfriend has been working there for almost a year and is talked down to and disrespected on a daily occasions. He is told he is lazy, told he doesn’t work when he is the only backroom associate that does anything the rest sit on their phones take breaks and get away with it, and when he tries to speak up for himself, he is not listened to. You would think that company’s as big as this one would be able to treat their employees the way they deserve to be treated, seems to me that working here however is more of a popularity contest. They promised him a full time position, and now have him down to 15 hours a week, while hes trying to support our family (including our six month old son.) Everyone here plays favorites and as long as your best friends with whoever it is that is above you you can do no wrong. I have witnessed the way this store is being ran first hand, and it is not right, if you ask me ,corporate should pay a little more attention to their staff, even if it is just an entry level position. I hope not all stores are ran this way , but seeing how their staff is treated (not only my boyfriend is involved) I will not support this company.


Lynn Garrott March 4, 2014 at 10:55 pm

I purchased a black bottom freezer refrigerator on 2-9-14 from hhgregg in Memphis. When it arrived it was the black refrigerator but with a white plate between the freezer and refrigerator. I have been to the store twice, spent an hour on the phone talking to and waiting to talk to people at Whirlpool. They sent someone from AE (?) repair who talked down to me and told me that this is the way Whirlpool makes them. I took the Whirlpool picture in to Hhgregg and showed the manager. He told me the Whirlpool ad had been photoshopped by someone in PR who had no idea what was going on in manufacturing. I asked him if Whirlpool was misrepresenting their product. He took my number (ha!) and said he would get back with me. That was 10 days ago. I want out of this deal completely. Must I hire an attorney? Please get back with me ASAP. Thank you.


Micka March 4, 2014 at 9:48 am

I have been waiting on a refund check for 2 weeks after I made a return worst CS ever.


tammy March 2, 2014 at 9:50 am

I have had an issue with hhgreg now for three times most recent just happen this week. They were having a presidents day sale on the amana washer and dryer a steal $599. Me and my husband went ahead and bought it. When we set up for delivery in the store that night they said that they were on back order and the wouldn’t be able to ship to us until wednesday. We would get a call tuesday night confirming the delivery. We were not happy to hear that but could understand considering the deal we were getting. Well tuesday came around we received the call only to findout our washer and dryer were not in yet we were told that they would call thursday and set up for a friday delivery, well needless to say we never got the call thursday night never heard anything Friday, I called Friday to ask if they even got it in yet they said the dryer came in but they didn’t know where the washer was. I called back later that Friday night and spoke to someone else they said they were there but no delivery was set up. I was getting irritated mind u I purchased this a week ago. So the guy says he’s going to tlk to his manager and set up for a delivery for the very next day which would be today. And I’d be recieving a call confirming a delivery for that Saturday. I was excited so I hung up . Which brings us to saturday I never reiceved a call friday or Saturday morning, so I drove up there and confronted them face to face asking where was my washer and dryer, Why didn’t I receive a call, and why was i lied to one multiple ocassions? The store manager that was there at the store at the time said that the dryer qas there but the washer was never brought in, so they lied to me again. I told her she was wrong I spoke to a sales associate and they brought up my file and said to me that both were there and ready to be delivered. She started getting very rude and snotty she kept sayin they can’t deliver something they didn’t hv. She obviously was not getting my point I was lied to a total of 5 times. Promised several delivery dates and I was getting pushed back. I reminded them that the last time I came in here there last manager loat thier job because the CEO happen to be in the store and we caught hom and explianed our problem again. I put my reciept for the $1, 000 washer and dryer on the counter and demanded my money back I was done with their lies, and rude customer service. I didn’t have the card we paid with so I warned them I will be back the next day ( sunday). At 730p. We got a call for delivery for sunday my husband never confirmed a time at all cause we were done and planning to get our money back. Sooo we are at to day (sunday) 8:00am. I got a knock on my door sending my 3 dobermans in a barking frendzy, I answer my door and it is hhgregs contracted delivery guys. Caught us off guard cuz we were all sleeping my husdand was not happy he sent the washer and dryer back cause we never confirmed and were in an agreement we were completely done with hhgreg and their lies and rude customer service.
So in a nutshell, we were lied to several times and never offered compensation. Shoppers beware sincerly EX CUSTOMERS!!!!!! Ps. We have spent a fair amount of money at this business, to get treated like this, hhgreg was a place were we went to get ALL of our appliances.


James Collins February 26, 2014 at 12:12 pm

Tuesday February 18,2014 Our 3 year old Frigidaire side by side quit working. Showing a code at temperature readings. The next morning my wife called the phone number to get service. We had purchased an extended warranty on all the Gallery appliances we had purchased. She was told we would be recieving a call within 4 hours. Did not recieve a call the entire day. Next day she called back and was told someone would be contacting us within 24-48 hours. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I went to the Muncie Store to vent myself to the manager by the name of Chris on Thursday evening. Was told again that we would be recieving a call within 24-48 hours. Todays date Wednesday February 26. Still have not recieved a call for service. It’s a shame that customers like ourselves have to be treated this way and not get any satisfaction. I have been tempted to contact news media and see if they may be interested in airing a story on the kind of customer service H.H.Gregg gives to their customers.


Bobby Pierce February 26, 2014 at 12:08 am

Last year I purchaced a surround system, it failed a couple months later. gave it to hhgregg for repairs. after three months, I was lied too by a numerous employees, and in the end they gave me a different one because THEY LOST MINE! HMmmmm…SO, the new repacement one had issues after about a months use. I finally broke down and took it back for repair. same place, hhgregg in Anderson Indiana. GUESS WHAT?? They called me today and said it was ready! YAY! well I get there about 9pm they close at 9:30 plenty of time. they were exspecting me so I talked with one of the salesman while they went and got my surround unit.I got it and went to hook it up It had plugs blocked for the rear speakers and the wrong size for the ipod attatchment..guess what? it was the wrong unit. THATS RIGHT THE WRONG UNIT!!!! AGAIN I GET SCREWED CAUSE NOW I HAVE TO DRIVE ANOTHER HOUR AND A HALF TO EXCHANGE IT FOR MINE. IF THEY HAVE IT??? I’M SICK AND TIRED OF POOR PERFORMANCE AND SERVICE FROM HHGREGG. my serial number is zv7912acc0020l and they gave me back serial number 9fng1hcza01155k wrong model numbers too they gave me one that has a date from 2007? WTF 2007?? TRYING TO RIPP ME OFF BEWARE ALL……


Treon Ferguson February 22, 2014 at 9:50 am

Iam done with hhgregg,they didn’t deliver on time when I call call and ask the said they don’t know what to tell by this time iam mad.call the next morning they came.so now they suppose to deliver my other stuff 2days later again no-one call I had to call they said they didn’t know anything so sad…now she said they would come out first thing Saturday morning no call no show…I had to call them and they act like they didn’t know anything hhgregg will never get my money ever again..bad customer service


Noel Tuttle February 20, 2014 at 6:25 pm

You know read these complaints they are a big reason why bussiness such as yours fails you need people who care and play nice with others i hope you dont ignore this one. i am 56 not a kid looking for a free ride i asked for help and was abused and had more damage done then i had orginally.
i believe i can bring allegations of misrepresentation and hacking and in todays world that i believe is a Federal Crime look it up. i called on 1 problem your salesman representing me called a company in INDIA who went in my computer fixed the wrong drive and erased years of memories along damaging the orginal problem worse they said that i gave them permission throufgh tapes and procedures lenovo found that a younger differenjt voice called presenting me and gave them premission in india to enter my computer and fixthe problem .i asked how this is even possible the people in india said that all they need is my name phone# serial# of computer and email and some 4000 miles away can enter my computer. your sales rep told me after the fact he represented me by using my name i said YOU WHAT this tells me hhgregg employees can hack any into any computer they want. or have a “tech” who did more damage then good go in and enter in to my opersonal life passwords bank information letters of bussiness does any one see the problem or regonize hacking at all this is aklot more to this think you should email me and we should talk i will take this as high as i can i am a 56 year old man who is dieing what do i have to loose compared to you hacking is a federal crime ask yahoo


Mike McKinney February 16, 2014 at 6:17 pm

Saturday February 15, 2014
Last night I took my wife and two kids into HH Gregg on Woodruff Rd in Greenville, SC to look for a new TV and possibly a mattress set and another item or two. We are expecting our tax refunds back in the next week or so and we wanted to use their lease to purchase option so that we could go ahead and get what we want and then just pay it off when our tax check came in. First we were told over the phone that we would be able to take whatever we were interested in home that night with the lease to purchase offer. We get there and talk to one of the sales reps and are told that on the lease purchase we can get a tv up to 3,000.00 dollars. We find the perfect tv the whole family loves for just under 2500 dollars. The salesman comes back and then tells us that they will not do just a tv for 3000 dollars we would have to bundle a couple of things and not go over 3000 dollars with the tv. So once again we start deciding what we wanted to do to make this work, when the salesman comes back and tells us they wont allow the lease to purchase on a tv over 1,997 dollars. I then go over myself to talk to the lease to purchase employees only to be cut off in mid sentence and told that whatever hh gregg tells us to completely forget they do not know what they are talking about and the lease to purchase is seperate from hh gregg and they didnt care what hh gregg employees said because they were not hh gregg. So i then went back to our salesman and asked him where the manager was and told him i needed to see him. about 15 minutes later this arrogant, pompus ass walks over asks me “whats your problem bro”. Then he smiled and said “are you pissed cause you had to walk so far to the lease to purchase center” and then laughed. As I began to explain to him as calmly as i could what my frustrations were, he interupted me and asked “well what do you want me to do about it. It is what it is”. So when I told him i was done and wanted to talk to his boss, he became more of an arrogant prick (that can consider himself forutnate that my kids were with me). He returned with another “manager” who sat there and listened to this jackass bad mouth me in front of my family without correcting him or reminding him how to treat a customer. Then the new manager looks at me and asks the famous hh gregg customer service oriented policy they must learn from corporate. “Well what do you want me to do about it”. The initial manager i dealt with (ya know that arrogant pretty boy) starts smirking and chuckling when the second manager asks me that question. So i then proceed to lose my cool. I told the first manager he had a *&^%$%$ attitude problem and he should be lucky my family was with me. Apparently pretty boy didnt like being talked down to so he throws his keys at the second manager and says he quits and walks out the store. When I ask the second manager is this how hh gregg treats their customers i swear to god he looks at me and says “what do you want me to do about it, he just quit”. At this point I was done. we were offered a price lock on the merchandise we wanted but other then that we were treated like shit. I will go out of my way to let everyone that i possibly can know about my incident as i hope everyone else does. After reading some of these other posts, I urge everyone to help me put hh gregg out of business. I will be contacting the Better Business Beraeu, Multiple Local News channels, The paper, any forms of social media, I will extend my resources further than just locally. HH Gregg is the absolute worst place I have ever shopped and I have never been treated the way I was last night.


Wilda Parker February 15, 2014 at 11:03 pm

Never Again!! Purchased new Whirlpool refrigerator 5/2/2013. Also bought 5 year extended warranty. On Saturday , 2/8/14 I returned home around 10pm. To find ALL my frozen good thawed, ice melted and frig section warm. I had JUST stocked up on food night before. Called Hhgreg Monday as soon as they opened, they told me I HAD TO CALL WHIRLPOOL!! NOT THEM!! Then WHIRLPOOL SAID I HAVE TO CALL A & E TO GET APPT. FOR SERVICE!! I HAVE TO CALL!! A & E SAID SOONEST THEY COULD COME WAS 6 DAYS ON SATURDAY!!!! 5pm THEY COME! COMPRESSOR OUT!! THEY WILL ORDER 1. IT SHOULD COME IN 5 to 7 BUSINESS DAYS TO MY HOME. THEN I AM TO CALL THEM AND SET UP YET ANOTHER SERVICE CALL!!! OMG!! SO I CALL HHGREG IN MOBILE, ALABAMA WHERE I BOUGHT IT, SPOKE WITH SALES MANAGER LUKE AND HE SAID THATS THE WAY IT IS!!!!I
Out of the question!! NO!


Brenda Cunningham January 30, 2014 at 9:14 am

Really wish I would have gone to this site before talking my daughter into buying anything from you !!! Service guys left with gas leek in her home they are all very sick ! VERY POOR SERVICE !!


Lisa Costello January 24, 2014 at 8:40 am

Long story short report! HH Gregg sold me a washer with out a serial number,,, took it home and does not wash very good clothes still dirty….so I started putting less clothes in hoping it was just those new washer with the water saver device (you need water to get things clean) anyway . I glad I took extended warranty out. I called repair man he came out could not find serial number or model numbers…said it was a federal effense to work or sell a new item with out these stickers on them….Called HH Gregg and you guessed it I was passed around like football. They found me in the computer Friday but was deleted by Monday when they checked again…Corporate office finally said they would get me some stickers after they contacted GE…news flash GE never heard of this…Corporate person Jamar Allen said he will have me stickers in 6 to eight weeks! just where are thes coming from???? so I have no washer for that long. I said I want a refund for all and they said they could not do that but they can sell items that should have been scrapped but instead sold them with out serial number and model numbers…any lawyers want to shut this crooked place down contact me through email….I have a new station that is willing to put them on the spot in a couple of days…can’t wait to see the result then be watching channel 9 folks this is going to be fun. I suggest all of you do the same and put this place out of business because they should be they are just a best buy want to be and can’t take the competition FOLKS STOP GOING TO THIS PLACE THEY SELL REFURBASHED STUFF MY COMPUTER HAD SOMEONE ELSES INFO IN IT ALSO!


diane rambeau January 10, 2014 at 3:52 pm

hhgregg has the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. I will NEVER buy another thing from them and will make sure everyone I know hears about how horrible they are. After 7–yes, that’s SEVEN attempts to get our appliances delivered to our new home we are still having problems with them. There is no communication in the delivery process. No one in the warehouse seems to communicate, they don’t tell the delivery people anything, the robo calls with your estimated time have NOT ONCE been accurate and then we have frustrated delivery people pissed at us because we are not at the house to receive the items–even though we have told at least a dozen different people that we don’t live in the house yet! In fact, the delivery issues have held us up from getting other things done that will allow us to move in!! We have complained so much we’ve gotten calls from supervisors of supervisors vowing the problem would be solved but here again on delivery attempts NUMBER SEVEN, my husband sat at the house from 8am until 2pm waiting for the delivery of our washer since the one delivered was damaged. Never mind that the appliances were delivered on Wednesday and we were told that another washer would be delivered on Thursday morning. Hubby went out to the house and waited until noon only to be told when he called that the delivery department was closed on Thursday. Promises made to make sure the delivery occured Friday (today). Robocall received Thursday night with 9-12 time frame for delivery, no delivery or call by noon, checked roboline, still says same thing, hubby way more patient than me, waits until 2pm and then we start calling…final outcome, we are in a special delivery zone so no delivery until Sunday. We have already been thru this 5 times before and we are past the special delivery people who refused to come across our dirt road into our property!! The delivery staff and supervisors are so nonchalant! They could care less about our needs. If my husband weren’t involved, I would make them take all the appliances back and happily pay twice as much at Lowes or Home Depot who have delivered thousands of pounds of materials to our homesite without one problem. NO MATTER HOW CHEAP THE PRICE IS, IT IS NOT WORTH DEALING WITH THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY OR EVEN LETTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY GO TO SUPPORT THEM!


milly January 9, 2014 at 2:15 pm

We purchased several appliances at hhgregg on November 3, 2013 for installation in our renovated kitchen. The contractor requested all appliances by the end of the month; we were told all appliances had arrived at our local store. We received numerous telephone calls requesting times/dates for delivery and installation. I also was contacted by telephone and email from the local store assuring me all my appliances were available for delivery whenever I wanted them. However, due to unforeseen delays the appliances were not needed until this week in January. I called last week to arrange for delivery and installation this week. We set a date and time for delivery but weather slowed the process. January 8, 2014 I received an early morning telephone call from the subcontractor to tell me when my delivery and installation was scheduled – later in the day. The delivery however did not include the refrigerator. When I called the store I was informed, at first, the refrigerator had gone to another customer who was ready for delivery and installation. Then, the delivery person (for smaller appliances) informed me the refrigerator was on back order! I was outraged and tried four times to use your online system only to receive an error message each time. I called the 1-800 number, spoke to a representative who clearly did not understand my request, and after an hour-and-a-half was placed on indefinite hold. My husband I and went to the local store, spoke with a manager who assured me the refrigerator would be delivered today but was NEVER in the store – seriously when does this circus end!! Today the refrigerator was delivered – I had to call the subcontractor, the store, and now am writing you because they are unsure if the installation can be made today. I do not expect such unprofessionalism when I purchase materials, the lies, misinformation, uncaring and disrespectful approach has me vowing not to purchase another item from your store. A customer should not be told, at the point of delivery, that an item they purchased – and paid for delivery and installation is on backorder!


Vanessa H. January 7, 2014 at 2:07 pm

bought 3 ipod 4th gens from them for Christmas 2012 for my three kids and was talked into buying the warranty for all three I was told it was a 2 year replacement plan and covered everything all I had to do was bring it into the store and they would exchange it for another one. Sounding like a great plan especially for kids I added it. Today one of them cracked their screens and when I called to find out what I need to do I was told that the salesman told me incorrectly and I purchased the wrong coverage. I only purchased this coverage based on his description and now find out it was incorrect and they won’t cover it and how sorry they are but they do have the 5th gens in stock at a good price. But if it makes me feel better the employee that sold me the incorrect coverage and misrepresented their company no longer works there. Unfortunately no that does not make me feel better. What would make me feel better is rectify this situation which the store will not do. It is not my fault I followed your employee’s advice and bought the coverage based on his word and authority as an employee. If your employees don’t understand the details and tells the customers incorrectly how are we to know. We put our trust in you as a company and expect honesty in return. I feel lied to in order to make a sale. I do not want a 5th gen ipod I only want what I was told I was purchasing a replacement of a 4th gen ipod. I have been a repeat customer I have purchased a 40 and 50 inch television from you as well as a t.v. stand, a samsung galaxy tablet, 3 ipods, 2 dvd players and a freezer. I have never had an issue and would have continued to be a repeat customer and I would like to continue our relationship if this is corrected and you provide me with the service I was promised.


Tracy Shelton January 3, 2014 at 11:26 am

my sons purchased a maytag dishwasher from Dayton OH HHGREGG as a Christmas present to me. the salesman failed to mention they needed to purchase a electrical outlet cord and an additional hose when they refused the $70 delivery w/ free installation. When I called the store and spoke with Jeremy the cost went up to $182.30 for installation. The installer arrived today with no electrical cord and the wrong hose. I called customer service and they directed me to Dayton OH HHGREGG and I again spoke with the store manager, Jeremy. I was so upset by his lack of customer service and care I told him we would return the dishwasher expecting a full refund and we would go to Sears and he said THATS FINE!!! HHGREGG must be doing really well to be able to tell their customers (who have bought a refrig; stove and washer from them) they can take their business elsewhere. We plan to do just that. Our HHGREGG cards have hit the garbage can.


Billy Coleman January 3, 2014 at 10:43 am

We have been really patient with hhgregg we have had 4 people to our home in a week , 2 washers and 2 pedestals delivered all damaged out of the box. And now we are without a wash machine. And customer service has been terrible, they talk as if we are in the wrong. The delivery guys have been excellent , the damaged products have been the issue. Really like the company but this may be the end of us doing business together and the end of me referring hhgregg to anyone!


Brian Buckallew December 20, 2013 at 1:18 pm

My wife and I purchased a washer/dryer set at HH Gregg a few years back. For the first time in my life I purchased an extended warranty. Well after several trips to the house from service people, and numerous phone conversations by my wife, we are still without a washing machine for almost six weeks now. Everytime someone comes to look at the washer they find something else wrong. And when we asked about next day airing the parts they refused. We have tried calling HH Gregg and all they do is tell us we need to talk with the warranty company. And the warranty company tells us we need to talk with HH Gregg. This last time the bill for parts and labor was over $1400, I only gave $1100 for the washer. Now what sense does that make. And the bad part is this isn’t the only time we have had this worked on. I will make it my personal mission to make sure that my family and friends will here about how bad we were treated, and to make sure that everone know how poor this company is ran.


Santiago Deano December 7, 2013 at 2:26 pm

Hi All
I believe am done with HHGREGG forever and am tires of excuses…..

The damage is already done, you just not loose a customer but also I will make sure my experience reach all my friends.

HHGREGG reach the highest level of irresponsibility and lack of commitment, HHGREGG has not customer service at all is just a group ( i believe ) with no intention to resolve customer problems. I will copy my posts i put in your facebook site if you want to make the different senior management must start looking at it and take some action, here we go and good luck
interesting links


Post 1
A very unhappy first experience with hhgregg …. I bought a Tablet last Friday good price (well same as amazon), first issue nothing in stock but They promised me it will available Sunday ( I asked twice are you sure That I can pick it up on Sunday ? sure do not worry Blah Blah Blah…..) so Sunday Nothing, Monday Nothing No even a call from them, it was always me calling them ( that is what I call Poor Customer Service) Tuesday I call them I request to talk to a manager , I shows up my frustration about this deal and she gave me 2 options 1. Give the display one ( very stupid Option ) and 2.- I can go to another store very far away to try to pick up the tablet … amazing is this how HHGREGG trying to get new customers….. guys save your time and avoid a headache don’t buy in HHGREGG the most irresponsible people work there they have no clue how to deal with customers….. HHGREGG WE ARE THE CUSTOMER .. YOU ARE NOT DOING ANY FAVOR TO US ………… AND STAR PROVIDING GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE…….. I WILL NOT RECOMEND hhgreg TO ANY FRIEND SERVICE SUCKS
no replay from hhGREGG

Post 2
The Nightmare continue….. where is my table ?????…. H.H.gregg has no clue where my tablet is or when is going to arrive to the store…. not even a courtesy call from their customer service (oops sorry I totally forgot they only have a crapy serivice) with an update ….. stay tune this saga will continue I believe I need to star looking in to BBB and enter a complain…
replay from hhGREGG
h.h. gregg Hi Santiago – We apologize for your frustration with your tablet. We will look into this and will follow up with you as soon as we can.

Post 3

in the last episode HH-GREGG had no clue where my Tablet is, they literally has no clue when will be available but for my surprise The Store Manager ( her name is A??? at Chesterfield Store in St Louis) called me last Thursday with a big news YEAH…,
HH-GREGG will be in a position to sent me the tablet via UPS it will take 4 to 5 days, I said no way this is unacceptable I already wait for 7 days, I need HHGREGG to ship it over night and she said ok …… tic tic tic tic well Is Saturday and one more time HH-GREGG FAILED to HONOR THEIR COMMINMENT IS THIS REALLY HOW HHGREGG WANT TO MAKE BUSINESS ?

FOR HOW LONG THEY WILL MAKE FUN OF CUSTOMERS? WHERE IS THEIR MORAL? look at their Facebook picture logo it say WE HELP …. WHAT??? is that a joke or what?? you help nobody, is just matter of spending 5 minutes reading the post in your page u really have guts to keep this page alive HHGREGG IS A REAL FIASCO THEY DON’T HAVE PRINCIPLES AND IF WE TALK ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE WELL IT DOES NOTHING JUST LAUGH AT CUSTOMERS ….. wondering if any Senior ManagerS ARE looking at this site??? wondering if the senior manager support what the IRRESPONSIBLE LOCAL STORE MANAGERS DO????? if you like horror Movies and like to have nightmares stay tune for the next episode of HHGREGG THE CRAPPY STORE….
Replay from hhgregg
h.h. gregg Hi Santiago – We truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We’ve reached out to the store, and they will be contacting you with the tracking number for your tablet.
Like · Reply · about an hour ago

Santiago Deano Tell me WTH I will do with the tracking number? I NEED MY TABLET NOT A TRACKING NUMBER, that BTW I am still waiting for the store manager call to give me the number (that was last Thursday) now looks like the Tablet was not even shipped ….. what a mess, HHGREGG is simply a big mess, with lack of responsibility and accountability I am tired of all of you and please do you guys a favor stop responding complains because u do nothing but copy and paste the same STUPID answer and not resolving the real problem …. amazing U DONT HAVE SHAME FOR ALL THIS??????????

btw the only thing you do good is tghe following

I can not find s single successful story is this site, if the idea is to provide CRAPPY service u are doing great……..

We apologize for your experience
we apologize for any inconvenience
We truly apologize for your experience
We are sorry to see what happened
Thank you for bringing this to our attention
We apologize for your frustration.
Were you able to find a resolution?
We are aware of the current issues
Sorry for your difficulties


JACQUETTA WHITE December 4, 2013 at 12:19 am

It is VERY disturbing to read the stories on this website but at the same time it validates exactly what happened to my family this past week in terms of business with the HHGregg store in Augusta Georgia. My stove went out on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and I immediately looked at the HHGregg specials that appeared online referencing Black Friday sales. Monday morning my husband and I went to HHGregg hoping to do business. The night prior I applied for an HHGregg account for a specific amount that my husband and I wanted to spend if we were able to receive the Black Friday price. We went into the store and was assisted by a saleswoman (Hilda).she seemed very pleasant and willing to help. My husband and I explained what happened to our stove the evening prior and explained that we were in the market for a stove but, would like to purchase a combo deal if we were able to receive the Black Friday price. I explained to her that we did not want to exceed $2500.00 and then we showed her the combo that we preferred, but that we did not like the refrigerator that came with the package. Hilda stated that she would have to check with the manager to see if the refrigerator could be substituted. She located a refrigerator and told us that she would speak with the manager (Alex). She came back and stated that the manager agreed to add a refrigerator with the features that we wanted. I asked her if we were going to still receive the $2099.00 special and she stated yes. After sitting down and having her try over and over again to process the sale through the system without success, she went to the customer service desk for help. It was then that the manager stated to her that the Black Friday prices would not work until Friday during the sale. By this time we had been at the store for hours and my husband, daughter and I were all frustrated. I stated to her that we could not wait for the sale because we needed the stove immediately, so we were going to check other establishments for a better deal. The trouble start at this point…….she asked that we wait a few minutes while she spoke with the manager to see how she could make the deal work. She came back and stated that we could purchase the refrigerator and stove that day and return on Saturday before 2 pm and receive a credit for the Black Friday prices and set-up delivery of the microwave and dishwasher. I told her that I could come back early Friday morning, but she stated that it would be to busy and there would be less traffic on Saturday. I returned at 10 am Saturday and encountered problems the moment I spoke to customer service and she stated that she had to speak with the manager (Matt), and this occurred several times during our encounter. I was told that the Matt was not aware of the transaction that Hilda and Alex authorized and that both of them would be in within the hour. I waited 30 minutes and Hilda came in and stated that she would take care of everything. She went to speak with Matt and he must have said he was not dealing with the issue and that Alex would have to take care of it. She came back and said that Alex would be in within the hour and if I had other shopping to do in the area, I could take care of that instead of waiting. She then gave me her cell number to call back to ensure that Alex was there before returning to the store. I called back three times with no answer. I returned to the store and it all started over again….now Hilda is not saying anything and Alex does not recall giving the okay for the sale as it was explained to my husband and I. Matt stated that I would have to pay an additional $600.00 if I wanted the package that was written up for me. I then told them to come and pick up their appliances and cancel the deal because I was not paying $600.00 more for items that I was specifically given a price of $2099.00. As the customer service person was processing the cancellation, I asked her if my refrigerator and stove that was taken from my home would be returned. Matt stepped in and tells me that I signed a document that gave them permission to salvage the items. I stated that HHGregg also went back their word of the before mentioned agreement. He told me that he was not involved in the transaction so he does not know what was said but that he knows Alex and he would never approve the sale in question. I asked him that if he does not know what happened….why was I speaking with him and not the parties involved…..he told me that it was because he was the General Manager! During the remainder of our conversation he reminded me two more times that he was the General Manager and the sale that I was suggesting could not be true. Matt stood in my face and literally suggested that I was ignorant, because he kept reiterating that he was the General Manager as if I could not understand him saying it the first three times. He also suggested that I was a liar, by telling me twice that the sale that I was referring to could never have been approved. I did not appreciate his lack of professionalism, customer service or tack as a General Manager. I told him that I was not going to lose my cool, but that the issue was not over. I immediately went home and called the number given as the corporate office and spoke with Julia, whom listened to the entire issue and called the Augusta store, while I was on hold. She came back to the phone and stated that Alex would like to speak with me and asked if it was okay to do so. I say yes ….. Alex spoke with my husband and I and suggested that he had worked out the numbers to whereas there was a $65.00 difference to the package and that he would give us a deal on installation. I went back down to the store of which is a little less that 30 minutes away. Once I got there I found out that I had to actually pay $360.00. The delivery of the microwave and dishwasher was set-up for Tuesday. Matt check the inventory in Atlanta to double check availability, because he stated that he did not want anymore issue with the order. Monday night the installer called to confirm the installation. Tuesday (today) at 12:48 HHGreggs called and states that one of the items were not in and the delivery date and installation would have to be change. Mind you….my husband has cancelled his doctors appointment and made arrangements for my daughter to be picked up from school. I called Alex to remind him of his assurance that the items would be installed today. Low and behold the story changed and he stated that he has no control over what is at the warehouse and what is not there. I reminded him of his validation that the items were available and he did not want anymore issues with the order. He then stated that other customers must have ordered the same item before I did and their orders were filled first. The bottom line is that I should not have had to come out of pocket with $360.00 because of the dis-honesty of the sales personnel that assisted me. I fell as though I was told what Alex felt I needed to hear in order that the issue be over and for me to leave the store. HHGregg has the worst customer service of any establishment that I have ever dealt with and I will take this issue where ever I need too. This company cannot keep miss-representing what they are promising and offering to their customers. It is not fair and it’s terrible business.


ladycc November 27, 2013 at 6:36 am



phil williams November 21, 2013 at 4:14 pm

sold me broken flat screen t.v. would not replace because of card board box. crooked company sending story to local tv station for exclusive television special. phil Williams builder


Celeste November 19, 2013 at 9:16 am

Yes, h.h. Gregg seems to be running some funny business.
I purchased LG front load washer. I didn’t want to pay the delivery fee, so
I had a friend pick it up from the store. Once he arrived at the NC
location store in Winston-Salem, he encountered much confusion of
the item he was there to pick up. Once he was able to retrieve the
washer from the store and bring it back to my home, ..there were two dents on the washer. Although they are willing to exchange this washer out, I felt they should have sent someone out to my house to pick-up and exchange the washer and not charge
me a delivery fee, since this purchase has not been very smooth. Not
good customer service. I may just buy direct from the maker of these products
now, These off-shoot appliance stores that sell corporate goods
seems to be like half-baked car salesmen! Crooks.


James Brown November 15, 2013 at 9:57 am

My wife and I spent approximately 5 hours in our local hhgregg store, Wellington, FL, on Saturday, 11/09/13. This was due to the salesman Steve and the manager Nathan. We wanted to purchase an Electric Range, Dishwasher and above the range Microwave. The nightmare started when the range we wanted to purchase was not available, Nathan the manager came by and said what else can we do for you, pick something else out and we will see what we can do. Now remember, this is the Manager of the store. We pick out a GE Range JB750DFBB, Nathan looks at goes to his computer and tells ok, we can do it for the price of $577.00. We said great ok, lets get our dishwasher and microwave. My wife and I are sitting there why Steve trys to type up the order, he cannot due it since the price needs to be corrected by a manager for the range. Nathan is now gone to lunch so Tim the General Manager takes over. We are now told by Steve that Tim is not happy, and he cannot sell the Range to us for the price that was given to us by Nathan. To me this is a very bad policy, it is not our fault that a Manager gave us a price below the selling cost. After we go back and forth we work it out that they will take some money off of the other appliances we are buying, ok we agree. We want to do the special financing, no money down, no interest, etc. Steve says, if we do that I will have to redo the entire order and at this time we are there 3 hours. So we agree to use our own checking account to purchase. Ok, now other issues with the order and Steve needs Tim again to override the price in the computer. With this, we now are able to get the no interest deal with the store credit card. The Range is backordered the other 2 items are set up for delivery on Friday, 11/15/13. We are finally done in the store, 5 hours latter. I call Steve on Thursday night at approximately 4:45 PM. I ask him what time they should be calling us to set up delivery the next day since it is almost 5PM. Steve tells me that they will call between 8 and 9 PM. I say ok and ask him if he has an update on the range. He tells me he will call me back in 5 minutes, never heard back from him. I called back again now its 5:45 PM, steve tells me he is working on it still and will call me back again, 2 minutes later he calls me and asks for my phone number and order number. That tells me he was never working on it to begin with. I gave him the info and again he tells me he will call me back. This time he tells me that there is no order for install on Friday and that it is to late to set it up, the cut off was 6:00 PM. WOW, the lies. I live close to the store so I go over there and now I get 2 stories one from Steve and the other from the on duty manager, Michael. I have never seen so many managers in one store before. A very long story still to go but the bottom line is I canceled the order, and they did not carson bit. I will NEVER use them again and will tell all family, friends, co-workers and even strangers never to shop hhgregg. They just don’t care.


S. & C. Jenkins November 6, 2013 at 7:42 am

I am very disappointed in HHGregg. In Feb. 2013 I purchased a lap top from the store in Aventura, Fl. I was offered the HHGregg warranty on it. I was not sure if I wanted to purchase the warranty or not as it would put me over the budget I had for the purchase. I was told by the salesman helping me that if I had an accident with the lap top I could bring it back to the store and it would be exchanged. During the conversation the manager Steve came over and confirmed what the salesman had stated. At this point I was comfortable purchasing the warranty. Well I fell down the stairs last week with my lap top in my hand and it broke the screen. I took my paperwork and went to the store where I purchased it and a very rude manager told me he would not exchange the lap top and that I needed to contact a 3rd party company. I tried explaining to him what I was told when I purchased the item and he stated that I was given incorrect info both from the salesman and the manager. I have been a loyal customer since the store opened in Aventura, Fl and has purchased several electronic items from there. I feel that I was lied to just to get me to take the warranty and when I needed to use it I was not helped at all. At this point I have a broken lap top and cannot get a exchange. I will not be making any new purchases from HHGregg. I would like to speak to the manager of the customer relations corp. office. I will be filing a BBB complaint and if no satisfaction will be seeking legal action.


Robert Schaefer October 22, 2013 at 8:31 pm

I have been a loyal Gregg customer since early days in Indianapolis when Ken Beckley did your TV adds. I now live in the Charlotte NC area and was glad to see move into this area. I just bought a washer and dryer from you and was promised next day delivery. All deliveries are made on your schedule, not ours. Due to doctor and other appointments, we can only schedule when we’re home for the full day. That is four days from now. You are not customer oriented. Your store in Mooresville, NC gets bad reviews. We are so disappointed. We have other appliances to buy and will have to start looking elsewhere. I don’t expect to hear back from you but hopefully someone in your company gets the message.
Robert Schaefer


MICHAEL TRIMBLE October 19, 2013 at 11:28 am

ON 10/4/13 FOR 960+ CALL ME @ 352-478-XXXX


Kathudra (Koot) Patterson October 3, 2013 at 1:10 am

Just took delivery on sunday Sept 29,2013. Now having more problems with my appliances than trying to get my promotion credit of $300.00. Have had some good CSR trying to help. On the other hand store manager could care less and will not even listen to CSR. Will be filing report with BBB & Indiana generals attorney’s office. Also wrote letter to CEO and director Mr. Dennis May. Please send out a letter of cpmplaint to corporate office at: HHGREGG
Attention DENNIS MAY


Chris R September 1, 2013 at 11:43 pm

LG Top load washing machine WT4870CW began damaging clothes with 30 days of purchase & LG doesn’t care. 3 weeks of phone calls & emails, still broken! On 6/23/13 we purchased the LG washer & dryer from HHgregg due to reasonable price and high reviews. LG WT4870CW & matching dryer were delivered on 6/24/13. At first we were happy until we noticed some dresses and work clothing appeared to be fraying. We then noticed the comforter set we had washed, kids pajamas & other items also had been damaged. I called LG who said we had to contact HHgregg since it was within 30 days of purchasing item. We called them & after waiting a week for a manager to call back we went to store on 7/22/13 as 30 day return guarantee was ending. We explained situation to manager,who said he would send a rep over to us & said to look around to see if there’s something else we like. After 45 mins of waiting we became agitated & went to service desk to ask for another manager, response he is store manager. Okay at this point we just wanted them to pick up the unit as we were going else where to purchase a different washer & dryer. Manager “Doug” noticed we were pissed after a sales rep walked over to him, he came to see what was up. We explained how aggravated we were since LG & HHGreeg apparently don’t care about our clothing as we had them with us and nobody ever asked to see them or any questions about the damaged goods as if we were making this up. They proceeded the return & it was scheduled for pick up 7/24/2013. Upon leaving we called HHgregg Corp office to complain , but they were closed. So we called LG, rep seemed to care this time & set up a service call & said she was opening a ticket for damaged goods, saying a LG rep needed to see & evaluate the unit for the claim. Now 8/6/13 over a month without a washer, LG called to say HHgregg will schedule a pickup(which I had done 2 weeks ago). Rep says LG is not replacing damaged goods !

On 8/29/2013 HHgregg picked up the defective washer / dryer and still has not credited our credit card, called today to ask when this would happen was told manager would call back in an hour or so, that was 11 hours ago! Should’ve known better than to sit and wait on a call back! Oh btw they haven’t even responded to the Better Business Bureau complaint filed on 8/6/2013 Wish we knew of their crappy service practices before we gave them our hard earned money.


Kim Shepheard August 19, 2013 at 2:09 pm

On Sunday, August 18th a mini fridge was advertised for $49.99. I called the store and was told it was a misprint. I asked for the store Manager and waited on hold for over ten minutes and hung up. Then called back and they said he knows you need to talk and put me back on hold and he never came on again. I called again and was told that he was looking into it and would call me back. How could he do that if he did talk to me and get my name and phone number. I gave the girl my name and number and still no return call as of today at 1:30pm. I called the store again and asked for him and told the girl who I was and was left on hold again for over ten minutes and I hung up. Tried to call customer service and again on hold for over ten minutes and I hung up. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!


Theresa Roberts September 23, 2013 at 4:02 pm



Nora August 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm

I bought an iPod with the insurance and I was told the insurance will cover my iPod if the screen was cracked fell in water or what ever. It has a cracked screen and now I can’t get it replaced. If I knew that I would have went to best buy and at least get what I pay for.


Theresa Roberts September 23, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Same thing happened to us. We called the warranty, they gave us a contract number that the store in Wilmington, DE would not accept to replace the ipod–after us making a scene we got what we wanted–they did swap the ipod out and then had the nerve to ask if we wanted to purchase the warranty. We said no. I called the warranty group again (3rd call) and they inform me that you do not have to purchase a new warranty, just get them the updated info and they update the records w/the new information. Not happy w/the way we were treated and will never go back into that store as long as the manager, John Keane is there. The most rude person, and absolutely no people skills. Seems like to me, there are a lot of unhappy customers @ H.H. Gregg.


Ken Potter July 29, 2013 at 12:15 pm

2 weeks ago I and my family entered the Johnson city Tennessee store to purchase 2 television sets several sales people were in the store we looked at the sets and decided the ones we were going to purchase at that time no sales person offered to assist us. I looked around and counted 3 other customers in the store. By now we have been in the store 30 minutes still no one had offered to help us I then counted the sales staff and their was 5 of them not a single one of them asked if they could help a sales lady walked in front of me and I asked her if she could help she said she was going on break after 45 minutes I left the store and went across the street to Best Buy and purchased 2 television sets.. I have bought other products from this store with good service but this was absurd the way we were treated.


Theresa Roberts September 23, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Consider yourself lucky!!!!!


stephanue June 29, 2013 at 3:48 pm

and I went into the Concord NC location. The store only had only about 4 other customers browsing or being helped by sales associates, other associates were conversation . We went to the counter to pay for our purchases and waited in front of a cashier and a manager for 2 min without even being acknowledged while, they talked. Finally I said excuse me is this the only place to pay for our purchases, they both looked at us and the manager uttered something to the cashier who then walked over and answered a phone call(still no acknowledgement). Another employee then walked over with a customer and asked the manager if the register was a “cash” register. He answered the employee who then walked to another register and began checking out the other customer . Fustrated , my spouse attempted to get help from the manager who finally acknowledged us but did not help us . Finally after almost a min more of being ignored & waiting we left. We were treated rudely & very unprofessional 


Paula May 31, 2013 at 7:09 pm

Totally irresponsible, liars!!!! We purchased a fridge in Lakeland, Florida and was told it was a special order but the customer decided they didn’t want it. So we purchased and took home and after 48 hours the fridge still wasn’t cooling properly and making so much noise you wouldn’t believe. We went back to store and told them what was happening and that we were returning it and they ordered us a new one. It was at this time the manager informed us that the fridge that we purchased was actually used in the employee break area and they were waiting for parts. So, in a nut shell the employee LIED to us and sold us a defective unit. I was told our new fridge would be in on Friday (4 days later). I had to call them at 7:00 pm and ask WHERE IS MY FRIDGE??? Woman took my name and number and said she would call me back. Well how much you want to bet they don’t have my new fridge and they are all running around trying to come up with another lie to tell me. VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL GROUP OF PEOPLE!!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. By the way still waiting on a return phone call and my fridge!!!!!


Lori Hoffman April 25, 2013 at 4:32 pm

For the last 4 hours – I’ve been on NUMEROUS phone calls with Local HHGREGG’s speaking to Managers, on the phone with the “warranty” company that we purchased a “replacement warranty” from while buying our new phones at your store. Still NO resolution, just run around after run around after run around. When we Paid $200 for our replacement plan we were told by your sales associate that “We could bring our phone back to the store for a DIRECT replacment”…….. now today, we are told that i have to send in my phone to make sure that it needs replaced or just repaired……… I shattered the screne when it fell from my pocket……. what needs to be investigated? I’ve talked to Corporate Headquarters, i’ve talked to local staff / management, Corporate tells me that the local store should give me a “loaner ” while my phone is away- but Local store management says NO, we don’t do that ……… So more wasting of my time ; to wait for Yet another phone call from Nick the GM of the ERIE store………………… 30 mins no return call……… George the Manager tells me “i’m sorry you were given miss information”……… hmmm that employee doesnt work here anymore………….. so I’m out a $300 phone, and $200 in worthless warranty plan………… Is this how you do business???? (4) hours of my time , frustration, upsetness, and total disrespect by the representatives that i have spoken with, the warranty place hung up on me twice and several times told me that I was “lied to” by the associate that sold me my phone………….. and yet i sit here without a phone, without a call back , without any satisfaction????? Customer service is not a strong suit for this company, or i wouldn’t have to claw, fight and scream to get someone to give me what I was “lied to ” about… a Replacement phone as promised!!!!!


Tom Wood April 24, 2013 at 5:38 pm

To whom it may concern,
Last year I have dealt with your store in Wilmington Delaware. I purchased numerous of appliances at the end of June 2012. I asked HHGregg to hold them until I moved in my House in Sept 2012. Throughout the 3 months it became hell. Items they did not have, we had to switch them for another. I went to pick up my appliances and they were not at the store so I had to wait. Then was told they had to exchange for other ones. Long story short. I asked for a final itemized bill showing what I would owe. The total came out to 3,700.
As of today I paid 3,700. Yet a balance remains of 576.00. For 3 months now I asked HHGregg to work with GE Capital and credit the remaining amount as I have proof of what I was told I owed and copies of my payments. HHGregg refuses to put the credit because they cannot figure through this and the Sales person Kelly Andreoli who no longer works there is not there to settle this either. I am holding Kelly accountable for what she gave me as a final number.

I have exhausted all efforts and asked HHGregg in a professional and business-like manner because of the salesperson issue to settle this before I escalate this. Starting tomorrow I will write to GE Capital and ask for the account to be put on hold.
By Friday I will reach out to the court system of Delaware and file a lawsuit for the remaining money to be credit plus court fees. I will subpoena the 2 employees that currently work there who were dealing with this issue including Kelly who no longer works there.
By Friday and I be reaching out to the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint as well.

By not crediting this bill HHGregg is saying to me that their salesperson can tell the customer one amount and then the customer will get billed for another amount.
Whoever gets this and is willing to credit the amount, I will not pursue any legal action and we both can move on from this. As I have stated this has been going on for 3 months. If no resolution by Friday I will proceed with the legal action.
My cell phone number is below if want to work with me on this. I have never experience anything like this and how screwed up one store can be.


Theresa Roberts September 23, 2013 at 3:54 pm

I really understand where you are coming from. We also had a problem with the store at Brandywine Pkwy, in Wilmington DE. My problem was w/the Manager, John Keane. We purchased an ipod back in August with the warranty–well it was dropped and broke, we called the warranty dept they gave us a contract number and told us to go to the store and swap it out for a new ipod–we did. We were told this by 2 customer service people @ the warranty dept. The Manger tells us they are incorrect and they don’t know what they are talking about. The salesman was getting ready to call warranty and the manager told him don’t waste your time. After they finally swapped the ipod they tried to sell us another warranty contract; we refused. I called the warranty place and asked them about that and they told me NO you do not have to purchase another warranty, just let us know so we can up the information in our system and the new ipod is covered. We have purchased 2 TVs, 2 computers, 2 ipads, printer and a cell phone–that is it, They will NEVER get our business again. I’m sorry you had to go through what you did and I know how you feel.


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