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Washington, District of Columbia 20076

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Phone Number: (301) 986-3000
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Founder: Lillian and Leo Goodwin, Sr.
Date Founded: 1936
Founding Location: San Antonio, Texas
Number of Employees: 38000


CEO: Tony Nicely
CFO: Mike Campbell
COO: Bill Roberts

GEICO History

GEICO is an acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company. GEICO is an auto insurance company.

GEICO was founded by Leo Goodwin, Sr. and his wife Lillian to provide auto insurance directly to government employees. He had worked for USAA, an insurer to military personnel; he decided to start his own business after he reached the highest position a civilian could hold in the military-dominated hierarchy.

Despite the word “government” in its name, GEICO is and has always been a private corporation. Goodwin’s original aim to sell to government employees reflected his belief that they were less risky as insurance customers than the general public.

The company went public in 1948.

GEICO began selling insurance policies to the general public in 1974 under the leadership of David Lloyd Kreeger.

The next year it was clear that the company had grown too quickly when it reported a $126 million loss. The company recovered by issuing a stock offering to raise money.

In 1996 GEICO was bought by Berkshire Hathaway.

Today GEICO has 12 million customers, 37,000 employees, and had $16.7 billion in revenue in 2012.

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Pamela February 9, 2018 at 6:29 pm

I do not understand the ignorance of Geico. I am involved as a third party claimant. The Geico insured fell asleep at the wheel and proceeded to drive her SUV through my front yard ruining my landscaping and killing a 40 ft, mature tree. This occurred in July 2017; this is not February 2018 and still no resolution. Per CA state insurance regulations, Geico is mandated to send me a written breakdown of what their offer entails. They are flat out REFUSING to do this. I found it impossible to negotiate or even accept an offer because I don’t know what their paying for and what they’re denying. I got a few second breakdown over the phone by the supervisor (I had to file a complaint to the insurance board to even get a supervisor even though I’ve requested one multiple times). What they are refusing to pay is for the planting of the replacement tree which requires a crane and $7,000. How can they pay for a tree (half the size of what I lost) and not pay to have this 12,000 pound, 5′ by 5′ box planted? That’s like saying we’ll pay for the parts to fix your car but not the labor! Makes absolutely no sense at all. If this is not resolved in my next phone call, I will seek an attorney. I will NEVER USE GEICO…EVER!!


Kelvin Richardson January 24, 2018 at 4:57 pm

To whom this matter may concern;
I was involved in an accident on 12-24-17 in a CVS parking lot in which the other party was backing out of a parking space as I was in the process of turning into a parking space from the center lane between parking on both sides of the center lane. The 16 year old driver of the other vehicle involved begged me not to contact the police however, I thought otherwise.
When the officer arrived we both gave our versions of what happen. The 16 year old stated ” that she was backing up and did not see me and so forth until making contact with my vehicle.” I contacted Geico and filed a claim and couldn’t help but to notice that the other party’s vehicle was insured by Geico as well. Several days went by and I contacted Geico again for a status update and was informed that the claims adjuster was having problems contacting the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident. I asked my adjuster was this a conflict of interest being that Geico was insuring both of the party’s vehicles.
Upon giving my recorded statement of what happened the day of the accident as well as informing the adjuster that the other driver stated to the officer that was onsite and completed a exchange of information form that she was in the process of backing out of her parking space when the accident occurred and that she did not see me. Why was my claim denied even after the adjuster spoke with the officer and the officer backed up my statement? Is this a common practice?


Veronica Tatum January 16, 2018 at 10:04 pm

I have experienced the worst customer experience in my life at the expense of the so called Office Manager Brandon Harris in the Sacramento office. He basically called me a liar when I explained I only called to get a quote from Geico and not to have a newly aquired vehicle added to my policy. His employee added the vehicle without my consent after I asked him if he could give me a better quote, I told him I would be checking my options with other companies and would call him back. After getting a better quote from Mercury insurance. I called Geico back to see if they could at least match Mercury’s price so that I didn’t have to change insurance companies. Only to be informed that the vehicle had already been added to my policy. I was furious and explained I didn’t’ tell him to add it. No one would listen to me and basically called me a liar and said I told them to add the vehicle. This caused me to cancel my auto insurance and homeowners policy with Geico. I refused to do business with a company that doesn’t listen to their customer and has no regard or belief in their customer. Never will I do business with that company again!!!


Richard January 16, 2018 at 4:18 pm

@Geico is the best insurance company out there… until you need them. I too, probably like everyone else here, was enticed by #Geico’s low rates which draws you in.

Buyer beware. You do get what you pay for. Their customer service is horrid at best and non-existent at the worst. Hearing back from their body shop takes an act of God. After finally calling the initial claims adjuster because I can’t get the body shop to call me back, surprisingly, they were able to speak to someone at the body shop. I was informed that I will have my car back in 2 days and that the body shop will pickup the remainder of my rental car.

What #Geico fails to realize is that I couldn’t care less about the rental car. I am supremely irritated by their lack of communication and fundamental lack of customer service. Every piece of information I have about my vehicle’s status was due to self-initiated contact with #Geico and their adjusters.

In what world is that OK? I have now been without my car for over 1 month and I have no confidence that anything that they tell me will come to fruition.

Geico, your customer service sucks.


Nelson January 5, 2018 at 1:36 pm

They sent me to a mechanic shop that reuse parts from my car when it was an accident now it has totally destroyed my suspension in my car and they refuse to redo it they accuse me of being in a Nother accident which is not true the same wheel the same spot with no cosmetic damage and they say it’s my fault they reuse points to my car from the accident took it to Hyundai and they said shotty work they still refuse to fix my car


Bruce Smith December 19, 2017 at 11:48 am

Glad to see that you all have more than one place for dissatisfied customers to leave remarks and comments about your pi** poor business practices very very very dissatisfied not only are your ways underhanded you can’t contact somebody to verify information before making changes in to a policy!!! What kind of BULLS**T y’all think people will tolerate!!! Very freak’n dissatisfied with the way you conduct business!!! Tell’n everybody that will listen about your bogus a** company an posting it freak’n everywhere!!!


Angela Torres December 1, 2017 at 3:09 am

Dear Corporate Geico,

I apologize for bothering you but I feel this is an issue that needs to be brought to your attention. I am a current customer through GEICO and I am extememly dissatisfied. My license was suspended for the lack of compitence in your employees. I have called 4 times including today to have a certificate of compliance sent to the bmv. It was just sent today, that is unacceptable. When I called the first time in October 2017 this should have been done. I called again after getting pulled over and ticketed for Driving While Suspended on Tuesday 11/14/17 to have the certificate of compliance sent again to the bmv. It wasn’t recieved Tues, Wed, or Thurs, Unacceptable. It was sent today 11/17/17 after I escalated my issue to a supervisor at your contact center. I asked what was going to be done for me because I normally don’t ask for anything just the situation rectified. It’s still not rectified. My license is still suspended, but you take my money automatically every month, I have never filed a claim. I have full coverage and pay it every month and there is nothing you are going to do for me, unacceptable. I want justice. I deserve at the very least a discount of a substantual amount, or a personal gift card sent to me. Mr. Nicely, walk in my shoes for a moment how would you feel? Your license suspended missing work because you work in another town so you can’t afford to pay for a cab or uber to work. I am missing work you are costing me money because of a mistake your company made. I know I’m just a little fish in your corporate pond but hear me this is unfair not to mention the supervisor whom I spoke to disconnected my call. She hung up on me. That is unacceptable she never warned me, and I’ll be honest yes I was upset and yes I did become a little irate and cussed at her, and I apologize for that but she hung up on me and my license is still suspended at the current time.
I want you to call or contact me 1-765-808-XXXX, torresangela1985@
Angela Torres
New Castle, In 47362.

You have my name address, email and phone number. I know all calls are recorded for quality assurance I called from my cell phone number, and the original time I believe I called from my home phone, pull the calls have your QA listen to them. This is unjust, unacceptable and I am going to give you a chance to give me a discount, gift card or something before I go to the BBB.

Sincerly Dissatisfied Customer,

Angela Marie Torres

I am requesting a call or email on how you will fix this.


Kenya Deleon November 8, 2017 at 7:32 pm

After 21 years with this organization and a combination of 53 years combined with my family. I’m very concerned with the safety and compliance of this organization, I contacted Geico claims on 10/13/ regarding a vandalism claim for one of my vehicles. Due to the nature of the concerns the vehicle was towed to one of Geico’s preferred shops on 10/21/17. I didn’t need a rental car since I figured the turn time for the inspection would be a few days. By day 4 was told they are very busy and the claims adjuster was new and he would get to my car as ASAP. I was also told that my car was in great pristine condition based on the make and model. I advised I take care of my cars and when I hears the noise and saw the leaking from the car I was concerned since my other car had been vandalized previously. y day 5 I requested a rental car since I needed to get around and travel. By day 7 I was concerned and wanted to know what was taking s long to inspect my vehicle. My adjuster advised me that he was in Macon for training and was referring my car to a Senior adjuster by the name of Hollis. Ok, so I ask how long will it be for the senior adjuster to inspect the vehicle? I was advised by the weeks end. Now were on day 10 I ‘m calling and being told they cant find the noise and there’s nothing wrong with my car. I’m providing details and instructions as well. Now I’m upset!!! So, on day 10 I’m told I can pick up the car and they identified a oil leak and I can pick up the car. I tell them ok I’ll be there on day 12. I go an pick up my car and immediately when I sit in the chair I determine that my seat is not working properly and is off track with a shift to the door. I tell then turn the car on and I her a noise coming from under the hood I get on my hands and knees to see if something is loose and pop the hood. I see nothing, I then go and advise the shop of my concerns. I’m told that Geico handled the vehicle and they don’t know anything about my car… I’m confused because the car has been on the property for 10 + days. I ask for the supervisor and I’m told that they are in a meeting. I advise that I could wait to speak to someone to address my concerns. So, I’m very alarmed because there wasn’t any rattling going on nor was my seat not working at 100%. So, I wait and Hollis comes out and asks what’s the concern, we go out and view the car. I say there’s something wrong with my chair and there’s some rattling under the car. Hollis inform me that they didn’t do anything to the car but look under the hood and under the car. I say well who drove the car in the inspections? he says he did I then shared with him that the seat is broken and I didn’t ring it to them in this condition. I also made reference to when you have a favorite chair you know that it’s been messed with. I also state that because I’m 5’2 I knew that the chair would need to be adjusted but not broken. I then asked well where is the findings of what you determined for the car. I was told that he couldn’t give me anything and that it was verbal. I told him I would be escalating this and left because it was clear that Mr. Hollis was not a very honest or ethical person. So, now Its the next day I say let me go take the car out and no sooner than I drive the car the bottom of the undercarriage falls down and is dragging the ground. I’m upset because my seat is busted and now I can’t drive the car because of the safety hazard that’s dragging on the ground. So, now I’m forced to call Geico and report the hazard on my car. I call and tell the whole story to Christina in claims who set’s up a tow. I share with her that I don’t trust this shop or the people working there because this is unprofessional and unacceptable. I then ask for the notes from the adjuster since I couldn’t understand how they could let me drive out knowing that there no fasteners placed on the vehicle . I then proceeded to take pictures of the safety concerns that I was face with . So now I have to get the car towed and give this preferred shop ABBRA the opportunity to fix what has now been broken and neglected. I’m Irate at this point …. While maintaining my professionalism I go ahead and set up the tow which is not going to happen until the next day which is on a Saturday. So, I have to get up at 7:30 to have the car towed. I provided all of the concerns again with the representative and she assures me that they know what’s wrong and that I’m coming with the car. So I get the car towed and they fix the undercarriage and place brackets to hold the plastic piece that’s now mangled. So I ask about the seat and I’m told ohh we can’t address that due to the level of training of the techs onsite today. So now I have to leave the car until Monday . In the meantime I contact a claims supervisor Freddy who calls me on Monday. So of course I’m prepared to file a DOI complaint and reach out to the senior leadership at geico this is horrible. I’ve been inconvenienced, lied to, my safety has been jeopardized and my seat was broken in the car and custody of Geico employees and there preferred shop. So, Freddy assures me that he will get an inspection and that this wasn’t done maliciously. I advised him I’m sure it wasn’t however, this isn’t correct considering I never was advised what was the noise that I heard and I was told the car was ready for pick-up. Which it wasn’t . So now I have no car and a broken seat. I call to get a follow-upon my car and I’m told that a repair man is coming . Then I’m told it was identified that the frame has to be replaced. So today I get a call from an claims rep telling me that my deductible is due for this incident. I’m appalled how could this be that I have to pay when they broke my seat!!! I really need to understand how geico can justify this as a claim that I initiated when the damage was done by there staff. Geico should accept responsibility and pay the cost to repair the set. my claim was closed once based on my initial concerns although they weren’t addressed. This damage was due to there negligence. I would love to get some insight from a senior claims leader prior to my filing my DOI complaint. Please note I still don’t have my car and I’m currently un my second rental for the new claim that’s been filed.

Kenya Deleon


Caroline Talley October 25, 2017 at 10:59 pm

.Mr. Nicely, my name is Caroline Talley. Dorothy Conner is a policy holder with Geico.
Dorothy Conner rear ended me on Oct. 3.2017
I have really tried to resolve this in a cordial way.
Your Dallas office agents have lied, made false statements and fabricated two different statements about Dorothy Conne
My claim # is 0568586650101019.
I have spoke with Jared Levin, Ms. Rima, Brad Belk, Mr. D Harris. Also their supervisor.
I have called your office and spoke with Ms. Rita Post also.
Please listen and read Jared Levin and Ms. Rima notes.
They were stating Dorothy yielded on the frontage rd. Then they change her story she was behind me exiting off 199 highway. Also stated Dorothy Conner was driving to azle from out of town to visit her Dad.
Mr. Nicely, Dorothy Conner lives in Azle Tx.
I have another audio of Mr. Harris lying about your client and she is from out of town

They can’t keep up with their lies.
Fortunately, I have.
Not matter how you slice or dice this, she rear ended me.
I am meeting with the officer who took the report. So he can listen to Mr. Harris message he left for me!
I have been lied to, denied and heard two fabricated statements. In my almost 57 years on this earth, I have never met the most dishonest group of insurance agents.
Do you know your agents act in this manner to save you a few dollars?!
I gave your agents till Friday to take care of my claim and medical. I would appreciate you help in this matter and do the right thing.
Please call me at 817 806 XXXX. I truly hope to hear from you and do the right thing Mr. Nicely.


Rosemary October 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Agents are rude and talk to you in a condescending manner as did a supervisor. Each agent tells you a different thing and when you ask them to refer to the notes of prior agent there is never anything written. It’s hard to get a straight answer when you talk to different people and because of the misunderstanding GEICO terminated my policy and if I want it back because of the lapse of insurance the increase is an additional $250. per month. OUTRAGEOUS I will be looking for insurance with a no nonsense company.


Karl Lehmann September 29, 2017 at 1:07 pm

I have been a Geico customer for approximately 8 years. I called them on June 19th, asking for a lowering of my deductibles. I agreed to pay more so the deductibles would drop, and all seemed well. Anyways,I live on a very dusty gravel road and developed a crack in my windshield. I then called them to make a windshield claim. They managed to get me a windshield for my car which took them nearly 2 weeks. In the meanwhile, they had their special investigations unit harass, and bully me about this claim. They stated i did not have a police report, or a witness to this incident and needed proof that this really happened?? Huh? I told them i would send a few pictures of my windshield, and they agreed this would be sufficient evidence. Then i chatted with another special investigator, and they wanted a police report, or someone who could actually say the crack happened on the date of the claim. I was basically being labeled as a liar. ABSURD!! My character was defamed, and i was now being treated like a scam artist, or a criminal by this widely known company. Anyways, they sent one of there referred companies by the name of safelite to install my windshield. The snot faced kid said he could not install my windshield due to a speck of rust and silicone around my windshield, and this after he showed up almost 2 hours late, I was furious!. I grabbed the windshield out of his hands and told him ill contact Geico and find someone else. I called Geico back and told them what happened. They told me a supervisor would have to call me back. Never received any calls from anyone from Geico, and now i have to drive my car around illegally because of their poor communication. Its been like 3 days, and still not a call back whatsoever. I then cancelled my account with Geico, and found insurance elsewhere. This has been a nightmare for me. First they helped, then they basically called out possible fraud, and finally they stopped dealing with me altogether?? I thought they were on my side. I filed with the Washington state insurance commisioner. Iam extremely disappointed in the whole Geico organization for treating me like im a nobody… or a criminal of some sort. Not cool at all, I will never refer anyone to this shady business. I demand an apology for defaming my good character, and running me through the mill.


Cedric Dunn September 23, 2017 at 8:28 pm

Comments: Account: 0686196304 I have never been so insulted in my life to jack up our insurance by more than $1,700 for no fault accidents, including a hit and run. Then talk with a smartass supervisor who tells me that after 30 years of being a client. That we are lucky that they still insure us. REALLY???? To top it off we are being hit with a PIP that shows other insurance companies that she was at fault. Basically monopolies our opportunity to shop with other providers. I will pay an attorney before we continue to be hostage to these rates and the total lack of common sense.


CedricDunn September 23, 2017 at 4:38 pm

Comments: I have never been so insulted in my life to jack up our insurance by more than $1,700 for no fault accidents, including a hit and run. Then talk with a smartass supervisor who tells me that after 30 years of being a client. That we are lucky that they still insure us. REALLY???? To top it off we are being hit with a PIP that shows other insurance companies that she was at fault. Basically monopolies our opportunity to shop with other providers. I will pay an attorney before we continue to be hostage to these rates and the total lack of common sense.please note this resend is in to response that I received from you all. 0686196304 My email is cediedmvp at my wife is the one listed as sender. You all need to be talking to me. The lack of respect is no joke to me. One of the worst customer service calls I have had in my life.


Cedric September 22, 2017 at 5:28 pm

We have been with Geico for over 30 years I can’t believe that this company would hold no fault claims against its own policy holders. This includes a hit and run and being backed into in a parking lot , where we were almost ran over. Not to mention this person hit another car after ours. Don’t wAnt to discriminate, but she was upper 80s year old. Then being the car in front of a 3 car accident. Then a cellphone talker rammed into her at a stop light. To top things off they reported one as a pip and monopolies us from getting coverage from any other insurance company. It shows up as at fault with the PIP Then you get your rates raised by $1,700 and a smart as supervisor named Doug that tells me we are so lucky that they still insure us. REALLY!!!!


Todd Orange September 19, 2017 at 2:23 pm

My daughters and I were rear ended back in Feb of 2017. My youngest daughter suffered a concussion from the accident. Geico made an offer for the injury 7 days after the accident with no paper work nor any other information. I told them I would not accept that offer at this time, there may be more medical attention needed possibly so lets see how she heals. My daughter has healed up and is okay. It has been almost 5 months of Geico giving me the run around and refusing to honor the offer they made. I have written Geico 8 TIMES over these last months stating that I would accept the offer they made. They recorded the phone call making the offer back when it happened yet they claim they need more information, this paper/form to fill out or that form to fill out and keep passing my claim around to numerous reps. None of which will process the claim, pay what they offered and close this claim out. I have stated in writing repeatedly that I must be contacted through email or written form which the Geico reps continue to refuse to do. Geico is the worst and has been nothing short of a nightmare. I will not even go into the issues that went on during the processing of my car being fixed which turned into a total loss before it was all over. That’s when Geico tried to only pay half of what the car was worth. It took calling the insurance commission and the Geico corporate office. Now here I am again trying to get Geico to do what they should. I will
never use this insurance company and never recommend it to anyone.


Leen Madsen September 14, 2017 at 12:55 pm

I was recently hit in the left rear of my vehicle while entering the freeway. The Geico claims said that I was merging when as per pictures and skid marks, there is no way I could have been merging. I was hit in the back left as a car tried to come around me on the left shoulder. They were not in the lane as they tried to go around me. They then lied and said I was going around them…..yet I was in the lane perfectly square. I took photos of the scene, had a private investigator and lawyer inspect the scene and they could not figure out how this was my fault especially when I was accelerating to get on the highway. I have requested to speak to a manager, however after 7 attempts, I have yet to be contacted.


Kenneth Maulden September 13, 2017 at 10:44 am

On 8-4-17 My vehicle was backed into while parked by a gieco insured driver. I filed a claim with gieco and it was the worst experience with a insurance company I ever had. I was told by a gieco claim rep that I had to take my vehicle to a gieco approved paint and body shop. I argued and I told the rep I thought I can take my vehicle to the paint shop of my choice? I was informed that gieco only pays out what there shop says the damage is worth. I am not a lawyer so I took gieco at there word. I went to the approved shop in ft. walton bch fl . The shops name was gerber collision. When I walked into gerber collision a lady behind the counter asked me if I had a appointment and I said yes.She asked me if my name was keen the and she also said my last name so I said yes and she said I need to fill this out and she handed me a clipboard.I asked what is this format for and she replied it is giving gerber collision permission to work on my vehicle.I said I am not filling this out because I am not giving permission for you to work on my truck. I was told to come here for a estimate from a gieco adjuster. The lady got mad and snatched the clip Board from my hand and went into the gieco claim adjuster office and told the adjuster I refused to give gerber collision permission to work on my vehicle. I automatically had red flags going up wondering how this is even legal? It was very obvious that if you give gerber collision permission to fix your vehicle them the check would be fair because they would be keeping the money in house. I filed a complaint with gieco and they refused to return my polite messages asking them to please call me back. So I filed a complaint with the state of florida.Then unfortunately I was rear ended 8-16-17 by another gieco driver only this time there was a police officer on duty who witnessed the wreck. I called gieco again only this time I got a completely different story from gieco after I told them that I had filled a complaint with florida and I was told I didn’t have to go to a gieco approved shop at all infact I was told that the other gieco rep was wrong for telling me I had to take my truck to one of there repair shops and this time the adjuster came to my work and I was treated fair. I see if you don’t file a complaint against gieco if you feel there being crooked then they will lie to you. They say there phone are recording you when you call so they can check all my calls and emails which none have been returned.The state of Florida needs to get tuff with these insurance companies because there over stepping the law and lying to people. I told my gieco rep that I was getting a sign made that’s says if you have gieco please don’t hit me. Everyone who feels like gieco has screwed them should have one made at a sign shop and put it on your car. Maybe the insurance companies will start following the rules when they see there not so popular. Where is the insurance commision and why aren’t they punishing these insurance company’s when there out of line. I was sent for a estimate thru gieco but instead I am met with a rep from a paint and body shop called gerber. Why did gieco give gerber paint and body my private info without my permission?? It’s my privatemail info not for everyone gieco decides to give it to. It sure looks bad that gerber paint and body just paid to put new tile in a gieco claims adjusters office while there trying to force people to give permission for repairs on the vehicle? Makes you wonder if there pulling a fast one to low ball you if you refuse them?? Why will nobody call me back with gieco?? I never imagined so many people are so disappointed in the way they are treated by gieco. Where is the state regulators who are supposed to be watchdogs for these scams??? I pay taxes and I follow the law so why isn’t gieco required to?


Laurie Maldonado September 11, 2017 at 2:35 pm

They took money out of my account when there was no payment due. When I called. They said they couldn’t refund it. They had several excuses. One was it was a late payment. I proved wrong. Two was I had made it manuel. I proved wrong. Three was it was supposed to be automatic taken out that day. Wrong again.


Gerry September 6, 2017 at 3:23 pm

This is the worst company i have ever worked with, if you ever have a claim, good luck they spend a lot of money trying to screw you over, I cant believe a company can do what they do and treat people the way they do and still be in business.
this is the most unprofessional company I know, Spoke with Emily Ard #157321, spoke to me like I was garbage, I asked her for her bosses information she said it was Kim Renfrew, but refused to give me her phone and then hung up on me.


Pamela J. Morse August 29, 2017 at 6:11 pm

I have been calling for the last week and a half to get my claim taken care of . I have a rental car because Geico told me to get my car fixed from the hail damage here in Colorado. No Geico has totaled my car and I can’t seem to get anyone to call me back so we can settle this claim. I am getting the run around from the claims department and I need to get the check from Geico so I can replace my car. I work every day and I don’t have time to be calling. Geico should be performing better than this, by returning my calls. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I called and asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told there wasn’t one there and when I called them on that and said there are always supervisors around, the guy found one, but the Supervisor gave him a message for me instead of coming to the phone and talking to me. I WANT SOME ANSWERS. I need to replace me car this week so I don’t have to pay for a rental car on top of having to get another car payment.


Terry Reed August 22, 2017 at 2:50 pm

I am a senior who only gets S.S, who had a tree fall on my car and did not have the 250 deductible. I called Geico asking if they could work with me on it. A lady I spoke to said she would speak to her supervisor. She came back and said, if I take it to a Geico repair location, they could do the estimate and include the 250 deductible in the price of the repair. I had the estimate done. Note that there was a small amt. of damage to the roof also, but after I heard how much it would cost just for the roof section, I told them I would live with those few dents, and to just do the remaining damaged areas because I felt it was not worth the cost for Geico and the work from the repair place. My point being that I was trying to be gracious to both parties. But when I went to get the car, they said I had to pay the 250. I called Geico and told them what happened and they said they had no record of any lady rep telling me that the 250 would be included in the repair bill. They gave me the # for the head of claims who said that what she offered was insurance fraud and Geico would not help me. I had to sell stuff to get the money. Now I don’t have the money for my premium. My insurance will be cancelled since the premium money went to my deductible. I was lied to and I am seeking another insurance company. How do you allow reps to lie to customers and then cause them to have their ins. cancelled? Why would I want to stay with Geico? Why would I not post this for the world to see?


Segreg August 15, 2017 at 11:23 am

Geico is a joke! Have used this company for 15 years and filed a claim now after a month without a car the claims manager said they will not pay the claim as we hit a curb. I called the human resource office and they refused to allow me to talk to the CEO’s office. The woman in HR was rude when I asked to speak to someone she said you are talking to someone, again I asked for the CEO office she refused and got snippy with me. These people are rude and hateful and refuse to do their job by passing the buck to someone else. I am done with this company ripping me off not only through auto but home insurance as well. Bye, Bye Geico!!


mike adair August 12, 2017 at 4:34 pm



Murray F. Feller June 30, 2017 at 12:34 pm

The GEICO personnel in claims will not commit to certain unspecified coverage in writing, only on the telephone. This does not provide the assurance that claims will be covered by GEICO. Your attention is needed here. Please contact me directly for details. My tel: (352) 466-XXXX


YR August 11, 2017 at 8:10 pm


Did they ever get in contact with you?


Larry Estep June 21, 2017 at 11:51 pm

Talked to both Lauren and Steven from Geico today. They both sang the same old Geici tune. No conclusive evidence Rush Hathi from Waco TX hit the awning of our 2018 Avalanche on 5/28 when he was pulling into site 14 at Newton KOA campground in Iowa. We live in IL. Since the honest Mr and Mrs Hathi believe they didn’t hit us because they apparently didn’t hear or feel their trailor hit the awning…and despite the black awning motor having the chaulky white color of their trailor on our awning motor, plus my husband saw it with his eyes, and I heard the collision fron inside, looking ouy just in time to see the Hathi trailor end roll by…there is not one conclusive piece of evidence. We believe the Hathi’s were not aware of the accident, but do they and Geico truly believe we took the brand new 5th wheel which we had delivered to us on May 3, somehow did $1000.00 damage to the awning, took it to Iowa, put it on site 1 for nearly 48 hours, and waited for the Hathi”s to get there and then claim they hit our new pride and joy. Yep, me, a nurse, who cares about people, and just last week returned a check for $213.00 to my car warranty company because that money did not belong to me, yep, came up with this ingenious idea how to swindle $1000.00 out of Geico and the Hathi’s. Hey…at least we are sleepin good tonight. Share this story if you believe me. Contact me for photos.


janesmith June 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm

I worked for GEICO for a long time, I can promise all of you that are insured with GEICO that they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the complaints you are referring to.
They deny claims, they know they should pay to wear you out.
They overcharge you and pretend it is a computer glitch.
When you have a legitimate complaint they will pass you along from dept to dept until you are worn out.
Your only help is someone who cares to answer the phone, and they will probably get fired for trying to help you.


Brandon Dyer June 12, 2017 at 10:57 am

My wreck was one week ago. Although the Geico insured was clearly at fault, Geico refuses to accept liability until they talk to the 3rd person involved in the accident. It is understandable that Geico needs this person’s statement. What’s not acceptable is that I was promised that if my claims consultant Abigail doesn’t talk to the 3rd person by end of business on 6/9/17, that a decision would be made. Abigail has now made that promise for end of business day today. I can not go a week without my car. This cannot happen every day. I do not want to risk increasing my premium by filing a claim with my own insurance company. We need to get the ball rolling. I’m trying not to contact the BBB. All I want is a rental car. Please contact me at the email provided or on my cell.


Jozie July 13, 2017 at 1:11 pm

SAME HERE – OMG, they are telling me the same thing. I sent pictures and more, they still are telling me they have to wait for their insured. I’m pissed.


RHavay June 5, 2017 at 12:22 pm

Be advised I am extremely disappointed by CNN lack of Journalistic professionalism. I take offense to not one but two comments by two separate individuals. The first comment by some moron who called President Trump a piece of S—t. And the 2nd comment by a clown who preferred to “our esteemed” President as a disgrace to mankind. It is ridiculous for CNN to claim these two individual are on the air with their own shows but are not employees.
Finally, America just spent 8 years under the boot of an anti-sematic bigot. Barry used the IRS against his political enemies, he incite “black Lives matter” to murder white police officers and burn 3 or 4 cities. He collaborated with Iran and gave the leading sponsor of terror a path to nuclear weapons coupled with a $150B bonus. In addition he damaged our national security by allowing Hillary Clinton to operate her own private server to conduct Official State Department business.
I shall demand sponsors (GEICO) cut ties with CNN and Direct TV drop your network.
Thank you.
R. Havey USMC
Clovis, CA 93619


Annette Souder May 28, 2017 at 1:17 pm

My son is in the marine corp. he had problems with his last couple of payments going thru so he had to pay them manually. But they were paid. This last payment didn’t go thru but he was out in the field and didn’t have communications so they cancelled his policy. We both talk to Geico but the only way they would give him back his policy was 600.00. He is a marine that makes very little money how can he pay 6 months insurance at once. I explained that he was out in the field preparing to go to Iraq to defend his country couldn’t they cut him a little slack and she didn’t care. They are suppose to be a supporter of the military. But they don’t care. I will be taking this case to social media and the marine parent groups I belong too because I believe every one should know Geico doesn’t care about their military customers.


Terri A Moore May 4, 2017 at 6:09 pm

I phoned to get some information about an increase in my monthly payment and to insure I was being considered for any/ all discounts I was eligible to receive. I wanted to update mu information; indicated I may be driving LESS next month because my work options may be changing. The rep proceeded to tell me my new rates for the next six months – my rates went up. I asked why?! He indicated that I said my driving habits might change and he entered it and he can’t change it. WOW! Time for me to shop for a new company!


Charles April 23, 2017 at 12:33 am

I have been with Geico for 4 years now. I just recently got into a car accident. I was not at fault. My car was totaled I had a rental then had to return it because the adjuster was done appraising my car. Now I can’t get to my appointments and Geico has done nothing with the person who was at fault. I was injured seeking medical treatment weekly. They cut me a check and they don’t even have time to discuss it they just cut you a check. Im in my third week and nothing has been done. This is very poor Business practices.


April Hall April 21, 2017 at 5:36 pm

The way my claim is being handled is ridiculous. You provide an adjuster that goes straight out of town who tells me to call someone else who doesn’t answer and doesn’t ever call back. So is it really my fault it took 11 days to start the process… defiantly not. Then the body shop called 2 days ago for someone to go look at the car so we can move forward however no-one has yet to go review the car so i can get it back but you have the audacity to tell me the rental car is due back because the days are maxed out… not my problem… do your job that I’m paying you to do and the car might be done. Then you tell me i had coverage thru the 28th to find out you didn’t add in the taxes so really the rental is due tomorrow WHICH MEANS i have to pay out of pocket or walk…will have a new insurance provider ASAP!!!! CORPORATE NEEDS TO PLEASE CONTACT ME.


April Hall April 21, 2017 at 5:37 pm

Very cery dissatisfied


Aiesha Lockett April 12, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I was on the freeway when something fell off the back of a commercial vehicle and struck my vehicle. My car had been sitting at the shop for over 30 days because my adjuster went on vacation two weeks in a row. I called supervisors and the area manager that’s when I received a call from the adjuster. He finally went out check my car not to mention I had to pay for a rental being that my 30 days was up. After he visited the shop he gave me a call stating that my car was a total loss. A week following that call he called me again stating that my car was untotalled now. Never heard this a day in my life I don’t feel comfortable getting back in a car with my children that might possibly be unsafe. Geico is the worst and once I receive a call from Kyle Stormer or someone from corporate office and get this taken care I will be taking my business elsewhere.


Michael Erickson March 15, 2017 at 6:56 am

5 months have passed now after my car was totaled in a accident.Girl high on drugs passed out at wheel hit myself and 3 other cars.after given a number for totaled car received a call back waiting on other ins company to send in there claims before deciding new amount can pay me because all 4 need to be settledand I will only get a share of it.after repeated calls and emails I believe I am on ignore list as I cant get reply or return calls. first claim in 13 yrs of having geico.i will definatly be looking for new company.i would squish the little geico lizard if I could find him .


Roy Park January 28, 2017 at 5:14 am

Geico is the WORST!! they accuse me of fraudu lent activity when they are the frauds! No one answers any questions and blames another department. No on takes accountibility for anything, so nothing get solved. This insurance conpany is ridiculous and they just steal your money! Stay Away!!!


Corinne Wilson January 9, 2017 at 8:21 pm

I mailed my check on the 31th, Geico cashed the check but cancelled my policy, called to find out why, they said they didn’t receive the payment until the 6th, we asked them when was the letter postmarked, they said, we don’t know but your policy was cancelled as of the first of the month, we applied your payment to what was owed and we’re refunding the rest. We asked how can we reinstate the policy, they said we have to start a new policy and make a down payment, Geico sucks Bigtime after advertising that they have outstanding service, that they are the right choice for me because they will go the extra mile to help us save money Thanks Mr Nicely now I have no car insurance because of your failed policies and most unhelpful employees


J. Reveles November 15, 2016 at 7:23 pm

I too am a victim of Geico. Last month I paid my insurance as usual but there was a problem IN THEIR SYSTEM where it ran the wrong account or something else. This is after over TEN YEARS OF TAKING PAYMENT FROM SAME ACCOUNT! They cannot be bothered to call/email to notify me of the problem. Instead they send a nasty email stating they are cancelling me unless I pay them the full six (6) months premium to re-instate my policy!! It was THEIR ERROR but I am the one to pay for it!! This company sucks and all they want is money. When something bad happens they suddenly don’t know what to do, who you are or where to send you. I live in Pomona valley. When I had an accident the representative who was referring me to auto body shops kept telling me to go to Los Angeles. FROM POMONA!?? I attempted to get him to give me a more local shop but he didn’t know how to adjust the zip code or something and was absolutely NO HELP WHATSOEVER! Had to find my own body shop which turned out to be a major mistake because they did a shit job. I mean, how do you forget to put the screws back in the rear door to hold the window machinery in place??
THis company is shit. I highly recommend that no one ever entrust any part of their livelihood nor their possessions to them.


Troy Flynn July 26, 2016 at 6:54 pm

I would like to add I have went through Cancer twice and it has disabled me were I can no longer work in the Nursing fails anylonger . iam on Sochial Security Disability on a fixed income . So having to pay for a misteak that Geicos customer service rep made . I’m paying for her mistake . when you call Geico they state your call is recorded so I told the so called man playing manager I said listen to the recorded call from when I called and talked to the rep . go figure were sorry Mr. Flynn that call wasn’t recorded how convinant for them . I know darn well that it was recorded and he listened to the call and new that they were at fault . by lying to me and telling me that for some reason the call was not recorded that way they would not have to reimburse me the $200.00 in check fees as well as keep my premium at $126.08 . by lying and telling me that it didn’t get recorded they can make more money off me by ripping me off and by lying to me they get out of being accountable to reimburse me and keep my premium at my low amount . this way they get by with it . PLEASE LET’S STAND TOGETHER AGAINST GEICO AND START A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AND HOLD TGEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THER ACTIONS . WHAT THER DOING IS FRAUD . THEY NEED TO STOP STEALING FROM OTHERS LETS START AND MAKE GEICO A PRECIDENTS FOR ALL OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY THAT IS OUT THER STEALING AND RIPPING OFF CONSUMERS EVERY DAY . MAKE GEICO PAY FORCWHAT THERE DOING WRONG IF WE DO NOTHING THEY WILL CONTINUE TO RIPP OFF AND STEAL FROM THOUSANDS A DAY .AGAIN LETS STAND TOGETHER AS ONE IN A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST GEICO . PLEASE READ ALL THESE COMPLAINTS THER ARE THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS SUCH AS YOURS AND MINE OUT THER ON MANY SITES YOU WULL BE OVERWELMED IN WHAT YOU FIND AND READ . PLEASE STAND WITH ME . PLEASE EMAIL ME AT SO WE CAN START THIS CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT . I WILL BE WRITING MY STORY ON AS MANY SITES THAT GEICO IS ON . TO LET PEOPLE THAT ARE LOOKING TO INSURE WITH GEICO TO THINK TWICE ABOUT GETTING INSURANCE WITH THEM RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM GEICOVAS YOU CAN . CAUSE THER WILL CONE A TINE WERE THEY WILL RIPP YOU OFF AS WELK .WHAT GEICO DID TO ME IS FRAUD . I WILL NOT STOP TILK THEY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IN COURT . THIS HAS TO STOP AND MAKING THEM STOP STEALING FROM US STARTS WITH US SO PLEASE JOIN ME IN THIS CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT I HAVE ATTORNEYS THAT ARE WILLING TO TAKE ON MY CASE . WITH OR WITH OUT YOU . THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO ME .THE MORE PEOPLE THAT STAND TOGETHER IN THIS LAW SUIT THE MORE PEOPLE OUT TGER WILL STOP AND THINK B4 GETTING INSURANCE WITH GEICO . IAM A CHRISTIAN AND AS A CHRISTIAN I HAVE THOUGHT LONG AND HARD AND DID ALOT OF PRAYING ABOUT THIS . WHAT IAM DOING ISNT FOR THE MONEY ITS FOR GEICO TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE WRONG THEY HAVE DONE TO ME . I BET THE customer service rep that have me the wrong information and was the cause of all this still has her job and was not held accountable in any way for what she has done and has caused .So please email me asap and stand together so Geico will be held legally liable forcall the wrong they have done and will continue to do to several thousand of other inocent people out ther .Again my email added a is tf57145 at Thank you for all your time and again read all the complaints on this page and look up all the other sites that are out THER with all the complaints that are written about Geico .Take care Troy .F


Mrs. Isaiah July 29, 2016 at 3:09 pm

WOW I knew they were doing this to other people as well. In May 2016 someone hit our car on the freeway and kept going. We call GEICO and was told they will cover it but our deductible was $1,000. So my husband and I questioned why our deductible was so high that we have been with their insurance company for many years that it has always been $500 deductible the stated it changed in FEB 2016 when our policy automatically renewed. We asked why we was not notified about this changed. We immediately requested that our deductible be changed back to $500 and add uninsured motorists. The customer service rep agreed with my husband and told him they were making the change. Fast forward to JULY 2016.Two cars and myself was involved in a incident where a meld pipe of some sort was in the middle of the highway and was unavoidable so we all tried avoiding it but still hit it. The item put all my tires on flat except one and messed the side of the bumper a few thing underneath. So we call GEICO and report the incident and was told that we had another $1,000 deductible so we questioned HOW IS THE POSSIBLE WHEN WE JUST CHANGED THIS IN MAY INCLUDING ADDING THE UNINSURED MOTORIST. The customer rep stated that she see the uninsured motorist added but see NO CHANGE TO THE DEDUCTIBLE. So I requested to speak to a manager who stated the same thing I then told him to pull the RECORDED call and he told me the same LIE that they are unable to pull calls and the call was not recorded. I think asked him well how will your company fix this mistake your rep made because we know we requested the change because we was upset the last time we was surprised with the information. He said he would refer my claim to an underwriter who would look into this claim and make a decision so I asked why can’t I speak to that person who can make that decision because I don’t trust the outcome? He said oh she will be fair. So I call in Tuesday to check on the outcome and was told is was DENIED because they have no proof we requested the change. I explained to them how will you have proof it the customer service rep didn’t do their job by changing it and documenting the call. I then referred to the recorded call and asked how will a customer prove that they told that rep to change something if your company stating they can’t pull a recorded call. so the customer loses on both end. Because the customer service rep didn’t properly do their job and a incident happened so your company don’t want to honor they change so we have to find $1,000.00 to fix our car. I sad and painful that you entrust that they insurance company you choose to protect you if any incident or accident occur will have your back but instead the more focus on taking money from you and not investigating or being truthful when their employee have made a mistake or didn’t properly do their job. They want to cover it up so the customer pays more and try to save themselves money.


Sylvia Webster October 9, 2017 at 1:01 pm

October, 09, 2017
Hello Troy,
I am sorry you experienced the traumatic events with Geico agents. I am so emotionally distressed from a similar experience with Geico in which $1195.02 was fraudently deducted from my debit Master Card when I specifically requested that an amount of $317.16 be processed for a past due balance. I was reinstating my policy and confirmed the new quote and down payment required of $127.72 to start policy on 9/29/17. I too was informed by a supervisor that the transaction was not recorded because transactions are recorded randomly. Although I had requested an email receipt for the payment it was denied by the payment representative
and I did not know the incorrect amount was charged to my card until after the transation. I asked the Geico supervisors to credit the amount the $1195.02 back to my card but was told had to deal with my bank to get money. I now have a pending resolution dispute filed with my debit card devices. However, like u I need these funds now for medical needs and urgent living expenses. Please let me know what I can do to help. I will also try to get assistance from the President of Geico, Bill Roberts.
Sylvia Webster


Sylvia Webster October 9, 2017 at 3:21 pm

To: Mr. Bill Roberts, CEO
This is to request your assistance to expedite actions for me to be refunded the amount of $1195.02 which was improperly deducted from my debit Master Card. I only
Authorized $371.16. (corrected) from initial reply. I have made several request to your service managers to credit my funds but was referred to contact my bank. My card services had requested Geico not to process the transaction on 9/28/17 when it was pending on my account, however, I was informed Geico proceeded to complete transaction. I am experiencing emotional distress due to the fradulent act because I need funds for medical needs and urgent living expenses. I would greatly appreciate your intervention to resolve this matter.
Sylvia Webster


Troy Flynn July 26, 2016 at 5:47 pm

I have been insured with Gieco for over 4 years . my payment has always been taking out of my checking account every month never missed or was late on any payments . my Mother suffers a bad stroke than 5 weeks afterward has a Gran Maul Seizure and went into cardiac arrest . she survived Thanks to my Heavenly Father . I love about an hour West of my parents and was spending around $500.00 a month in gas . my insurance payment was due to come out the next day so I called Geico and told her that I would be late on my payment to make sure they don’t take my payment out of my checking account that I would have checks bouncing . she assured me several times don’t worry Mr. Flynn we will not take any payments out of your account was told everthing was fine . to make sure in mail in my payment as soon as possible . So I go to use my card and was declinded . Geico took the money out of my account anyway . Geico cost me over $200.00 in check fees . So I called my bank and put a drop payment on the check than 2 days later within the grace period I was giving called to make my payment he than said we canceled your policy .without even a letter to tell me . So my payment for both vehicles came to $126.09 per month and because of that customer service being the one that misinformed me and gave me the wrong info they raisers my rates to $349.83 a month. I was told after the fact she gave me the wrong info that it takes 5 days to stop a payment .I said that’s not my problem not my fault I said you record the calls listen to it you will hearvim right she lied to me . So after over 4 years of being with them and I did nothing wrong they that employee made the mistake . I have to pay for it . I had to pay over $ 200.00 in check fees because of her as well as instead of paying $126.08 I now have to pay $349.83 a month for insurance because of her that mistake . Geicio is a FRAUD AND WILL RIP YOU OFF AT ANY COST THEY WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THER SCREW UP . PLEASE THINK TWICE IF YOUR THINKING OBOUT GOING WITH GEICO . I have written the Attorney General as well as the Mn. Consumer division and in the process of hiring a consumer Attorney to say Geico for what they have done ..They will suck you dry finatialy even if that 100% at fault . oh Mr. Flynn were sorry you were giving the wrong information by the Geico rep . were not only sorry we’re going to double your premium and not reimburse you the $200.00 in check fees that we caused you . This is Geicos way of saying were so sorry for the huge mistake we made so were going to punish you for our SCREW up that we made . This is how we treat our faithfull Geico customers that have been with us for over 4 years . PLEASE PLEASE THINK TWICE B4 YOU EVEN THINK OF GETTING INSURANCE WITH GEICO ” THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF TO . WE THE INSURED NEED TO START TO TAKE A STAND WITH INSURANCE COMPANYS AND NAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY DO WRONG . IF ANY ONE WANTS TO JOIN ME IN A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST GEICO PLEASE EMAIL ME AT WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND AND MAKE THEM PAY FOR THER OWM MISTAKES INSTEAD OF US PAYING FOR HER MISTAKES . MY NAME IS TROY PLEASE ENAIL ME SO WE CAN START THIS CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINS GEICO . Thank you let’s do this Insurance companies need to start being accountable for the own mistakes and own actions. Thank you again Troy


Tamara C Jones July 25, 2016 at 11:55 pm

I have been with Geico so long…can’t remember how many years at least 10. After having surgery in 2012. I have not been able to work 2 jobs. And as a Miami Dade Schools teacher……you know I need that 2nd job. I use to love Geico, but; lately I haven’t been to happy. I struggle to pay bills in one payment and every other teachers sponsored program does 2 payments per month. Then, Geico would not wait until after court when I could prove not at fault in 2 accidents…paid them anyway. Now, your automatic payment system would not update my new bank information after changing it 3 times and Geico refuse to refund overdraft fees or deduct from policy and threatens to cancel my policy on August 11, 2016. For what reason? I guess you don’t have to supply a reason for cancellation. What happen to Geico?


John Azzolina July 21, 2016 at 10:06 am

I was a victim of a bait and switch tactic at yesterday. My money was not returned to me yesterday as i requested. Full details of this fiasco i have given to numerous geico reps since i was victimized. I will not cease and desist my efforts t o get my story out until i see the $247 gas been returned to my debit card account. I NEVER authorized this insurance purchase at $247 per month….i accepted a quote of $110 per month…u cannot believe this is how your company does businessm my next action will be a telegram to the CEO’s office about this. I can be reached at 508 369-XXXX.
John Azzolina


Paige Foulks July 18, 2016 at 9:27 am

Geico is the worse when ot comes to settling claims. They pull all kinds of insurance tactics so they wont have to pay your claim even when there insure is at fault. They will investigate you but it was there insure who was texting and driving and slammed into my vehicle from behind. They want premiums every month but dont wanna pay out when there insure is wrong. All i wanted is a fair settlememt. My medicals come to 3200.00 and they have only offered me 1030.00. What type of foolishness is this.


Lyndon Boyd July 6, 2016 at 10:01 pm

Office of President and whom this concerns,

I am proud to say that ever since I began as a customer of Geico I never had to worry about issues of any kind. I personally believed Geico is the best insurance provider. That is proven completely wrong with my horrendous horror story of a claim (claim number: 051704842-0101-037) starting May 31, 2016. I write to you for help as all representatives refer me to the claims adjuster and their supervisor in which I cannot get a response from. At this point I am still needing a write-off amount to payoff my totaled vehicle and direct payment of rental costs until I purchase a replacement vehicle.

May 31st, 2016 I was unfortunately part of a 3 car collision and not at fault. The at fault persons insurance company took more than 48 hours to get approval for a rental. My car was towed to a collision center meaning I was car-less. I then was advised to go through my insurance to avoid further delay.

Ryan Church’s first estimate of damages was between $4,500- $4,900 on June 2nd. The estimate of damages turned into $10,342.76 on June 16th as told by the collision center. Church contacted me on June 15th that he would extend the rental until the 22nd of June as a second estimate of repairs will be done at that time. He said, “If my vehicle is not being worked on the rental could possibly be my responsibility.” From within the first 2 weeks of incident the Nalley collision center manager, Steve, stated that my vehicle is not safe to drive and would cost too much to fix. The assigned adjuster, Ryan Church, unprofessionally argued with Steve in a back and forth match that it can be repaired by utilizing profanity and raising his voice all while standing in front of me on June 29th. The final estimate of repairs totals $13,175.05 by Nalley collision and $8,322.51 repairs with a settlement of $15,381.82 by Church.

Later that day, Church then admitted that the vehicle is a total loss as of June 29th as it would be too much to fix. He refused to extend the rental and states I am responsible for the rental starting from June 22nd; Although, the vehicle was not deemed as totaled until the 29th of June and I have yet to receive payoff of my old vehicle to buy a new one.

Geico customer care agent, Charlene Boston, advised me July 6th to speak with Ryan’s manager, Jackie Hudson, to get the rental car extended since it made no sense that my car was not deemed a loss within the first two weeks as the collision center originally suggested to Ryan. I attempted to call Jackie Hudson with left voicemail messages as well as Charlene calling three times. She has yet to respond to either caller. I’m totally in disbelief that my insurance company treats me like this on my first claim or any claim.

I need help especially with the rental car being extended and to receive the payoff amount for my old vehicle so I no longer have to rent a vehicle. I never knew that I would undergo this much trouble going through Geico for a claim that I am not at fault for; I would have never chosen GEICO had I known this before. Church keeps stating its up to the collision center to pick up the rental bill. At this point there has been an extreme delay and complete lack of professionalism in the handling of my claim. Please help as this has gone on long enough.


Lyndon Boyd


osvaldo June 23, 2016 at 3:47 pm

Geico cancelled my policy. But i never got a letter or phone called that my policy was cancelled. Now my car got stolen but they tell me ur policy is cancelled sorry cant help u. Maybe da mailman lost ur letter. We cant help u.


John Szrejna June 14, 2016 at 7:28 pm

I have had Geico on and off for over 17 years. I have encouraged others to buy Geico but never again. I called tonight knowing I wouldn’t have money in my account for payment and the lady said “it’s to late we need 3 days notice to stop payment” I realize now you people look at your customers as just a number. I’m a single dad of two and struggle as it is. . I will not be renewing my policy. I’m sorry it took this long for me to realize how terrible your customer service really is.


Melissa from RI April 15, 2016 at 8:37 pm

I had the same issues. An accident over a year ago. Not my fault and damages over $5,000.00. If you are doing a group lawsuit, count me in. I have contacted GEICO many times. Tons of name calling and bullshit!


katie January 2, 2016 at 10:44 am

I was told I had 9 days after the date my payment was do before policy would cancel according to a GEICO customer service person. I called today policy still should have been good for 5 more days and they tell me its canceled sorry you received the wrong infomation from one of our agents. Then tells me I’ll give you a ext till the 5th. I said so I have car insurance then till the 5th? She said no its cancel so what is the point of the f-ing ext then if you canceled the policy already what a joke.


Cheryl Hague November 20, 2015 at 11:50 am

Shame on you Geico – that is all I have to say – I now have the Dept of Banking and Insurance involved. Not even worth getting into on here . . . just was curious to see what others had to say . . . you should be ashamed of yourself – all of you – esp the executive office personnel . .


richard jones October 14, 2015 at 9:57 pm

I went to pick up my car from Desoto Collision center..440 union ave. Memphis Tn..on 10 13 25 n it was in terrible shape..I have talked with Mr. Mike Dewoff n was not satisfied at all ..I need help in getting my car repaired..My claim no. Is 0336453320101014.I await yor reply


sherry hinds March 17, 2016 at 7:42 pm

Don’t hold your breath
I have 3 claims with them, 1 from jan. 2015, a guy ran a red light and almost killed my granddaughter… 1 was stolen in sept 2015 but paid for & 1 was a fender bender in 2016…one is over a year old….i know that sounds like a lot, but I’ve had insurance since i was 17, i’m 56….those are the only one’s i’ve had…you know what they say…how things come in 3’s….but if you pull up my report on it shows 7, they are still trying to figure out why they are there, only 1 of them so far have they said “o that one was a mistake, it was somebody else’s, it was put on mine by mistake” but its still fing there….one of the claims was for theft of my car, while it was stolen they show it was involved in an accident, but don’t know who reported the accident and they never paid anything out. They want to TOTAL every car that is in an accident and leave you with nothing to drive and NO MONEY to buy one with. After the car was stolen i put full coverage on it, paid for it for 6 months, when i found it, it was pretty beat up, they gave me 1,000$ but the 2 estimates i got was 3200$ & 3400$ WTH, then i had 1 of the claims guy tell me “YOUR LUCKY YOU GOT THAT, BECAUSE SINCE IT WASN’T IN YOUR POSSESSION WE DON’T HAVE TO PAY YOU ANYTHING” ARE YOU KIDDING ME! They knew that when i put the coverage on it that it was stolen! AND then I had one of the “claims MANAGERS” call me a STUPID BITCH…..she thought she put me on hold, but she DIDN’T! My granddaughter was borrowing one of my cars, she got into a fender bender,they gave her a rental car, and NOW THEY WANT TO TOTAL THAT ONE OUT instead of having it fixed. They said if they had it fixed i would get less than 1/2 of what i paid for it – the deductible – the pay off – what THEY would have gotten by selling it to a salvage yard…. She has had to quit school because where she worked, you can’t use a rental car….she worked for papa johns while helping put herself thru school, she only had 6 weeks left, but now she has to quit school and get another job to pay her rent. Geico has had me very close to jumping OFF a bridge…my doctor wanted to put me in the hospital because he said i was having a nervous breakdown, instead i talked him into anxiety meds…just today i kid you not i tried calling some of the claims people, managers & supervisors and the first 13 people i got their voice mail, they also failed to tell me that it was 1000$ deductible for everything, your car, their car, their hospital bill, your hospital bill, they just told me it was a 1000$ deductible….They told me they pay 80% i pay 20%……what they DIDN’T TELL ME was they PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT PART OF THE HOSPITAL BILL THEY WANNA PAY.
Just say NO to Geico!!!! I’M DONE…ANY RECOMMENDATIONS ? TIME FOR AN ANXIETY PILL……… good luck everybody.


Mayra mercado August 25, 2015 at 6:20 pm

Geico where is your integrity ?!?! I was miss lead by your agent, giving false information that will cost me 3x more the amount of my monthly ” quoted” amount. All GEICO can say is we are sorry , oh you are sorry?!? How about you train your agents better so that your customers can have PEACE OF MIND like you advertise. And when you ask for a manager everyone is in a meeting, someone will get back to you! All I want is the corporate # so that I may be better helped. I WONT HOLD MY BREATH FOR A CALL OR A RESPONSE TO THIS BAD REVIEW !! Geico your cutomer service lacks integrity and support


sherry hinds March 17, 2016 at 7:58 pm

I was very mislead also, and you right about everybody being in a meeting but honestly the managers are no more help, nor are the supervisors . There is a corporate # i called it and ask to speak to the CEO they assured me they would send him an email….i said yeah right, i told her i would have a better chance to talk to the GD lizard …… i mean really geico, we will only put up with so much…’s looking more and more like a civil suit to me, if i live through it….good luck


Bernadette April 4, 2016 at 12:16 am

Hi,Sherry Hinds

My name is Bernadette, I was sitting here reading your information that you left online here and wanted to reach out you about a call that I had with a so call supervisor named David as I was trying to talk with him about my policy I guess he thought it would be nice to tell me how to pay my bills, so I ask to talk to someone else and he said no like that a shock to me lol.. So I ask why David, can I have the corporate office number and then told me that there were no such thing as a corporate office number, then David ask me would I like to pay my bill in a very rude way so I laugh big time, So am thinking god this guy has small balls to ask me that question lol so I hung on him…Before I called back again for the second time I got another supervisor name Mitch and told him what happen so Mitch started off by saying am sorry that should have not happen and that he would speak to his boss so I ask Mitch why are you going to talk to his boss about little David lol acting like a dick…..Mitch inform me that is not the way GEICO employees talk to people so Mitch inform me that he would like to take it a step up and give little David boss a talking to am thinking to myself WOW that would really set him strait lol….So I look up GEICO phone number to corporate & with the name of Mike Campbell & Bill Roberts to give me a call back ASAP am not sure if they will help me, but it was a good try…….My question for you is that did you get any where with your issues that you were having as well? Please post a comment letting me know weather you got that fix or not, so until then thank you for letting everyone know about your issues that you had with them as well it did help big time….


sherry hinds March 17, 2016 at 7:59 pm

Contact GEICO

Phone Number: (301) 986-3000
Fax Number: (301) 986-2068
Email: Email GEICO


CEO: Tony Nicely
CFO: Mike Campbell
COO: Bill Roberts


Kim Smith June 6, 2016 at 9:23 pm

That number goes straight to customer service.


Walter OLeary July 28, 2015 at 1:19 pm

I was involved in a car accident on May 9, 2015. The party that rear-ended my car and pushed my vehicle to hit the car in front was found to be at fault and their insurance company Progressive assured me that the repairs would be covered. To date over $5,000 of damages have been repaired. Well, it has now been almost three months and my car is still at my dealer’s collision department with an ABS problem making the car unsafe to drive. Geico notified me that since Progressive was paying for the repairs that Geico could not get involved with the repairs even if Progressive has deemed the ABS fault light going off on the control panel not related to the accident. I informed Geico that my insurance provider is not Progressive rather Geico. I was not a fault and my car is now not safe to drive. Geico has been receiving my premiums and now they are asking me to go to another insurance provider to get my ABS problem rectified and paid for. Please help as I can not make any sense out of this dilemma. First Time Accident & Loyal to Geico since 2002! Walter


Kim Smith June 6, 2016 at 9:26 pm

I just had an accident that wasn’t my fault, I’ve been a paying customer for over 16 years. They refuse to pay me loss wages. Geico sucks!


Steve Falkowski June 26, 2015 at 10:00 am

Where did comment number 6 go to ?


Steve Falkowski June 26, 2015 at 12:00 am

Mr. Nicely it’s been 5 months and no reply . Wealth you may have , honor and integrity in my opinion you surely lack.


Steve Falkowski June 25, 2015 at 11:46 pm

Beware , don’t be misled by a low quote only later to find out what a misleading fraudulent company Geico is. Check out consumer Geico. Thousands of Americans have paid premiums only to find how poorly they actually service their customers. Remember 15 minutes will cost your family plenty.


sherry hinds March 17, 2016 at 8:08 pm



Carlos Hernandez June 17, 2015 at 3:48 pm

I have been with GEICO for almost 8 years , on June 4th 2015 I received a call from one GEICO’s competitors offering me a better deal, they took all the information and they provided a Better rate, When they asked for my Driving record I told them that I never had any accidents. they checked and they said that GEICO had an accident under my Driver liscence on sep 2010. which I NEVER HAD . I called GEICO and they were not able to prove that I had an accident under my drivers liscence, I asked for a Police report and they were not able to produce one. and I found out that for the last 5 years they have been overcharging me for that accident that I was never involved. after about 20 calls I decided to closed my account with GEICO and they told me that I would receive a refund of $165.00 in the next couple of days, after two weeks , June 16th I called to find out the status of the Refund and they told me that I was supposed to get a credit into my account since I had direct debit. a day later still no money. I called again and Now they tell me that a check will be mailed but instead of $165 it will be $145, when I asked for a reason of the difference , they could not explained it. I wrote corporate hoping that something will get resolved. But as of Now I will make sure everyone I know NOT to Buy any of their products.


Cheryl Hague November 20, 2015 at 11:53 am

Carlos – they were doing the exact same thing to me also. I now have counsel and for some reason the woman – Barbara in the executive office is not returning my calls. shame on them . . . I questioned them every renewal and asked to speak to underwriting – they would never let me. I would never recommend them to anyone . . .


sherry hinds March 17, 2016 at 8:15 pm



Bernadette April 4, 2016 at 12:18 am



Ms L Aull February 12, 2016 at 3:44 pm

Good Day Mr Bill Roberts Geico COO Geico overcharge me then claimed they would give me a refund for over charging me, after 30 days I have not received a refund. then they did not contact the motor vehicle after I informed them that I change my insurance.


sherry hinds March 17, 2016 at 8:13 pm




Bernadette April 4, 2016 at 12:22 am

Hi, Sherry Hinds

If there a group law suit could you please let me know by posting that information for me or you can email me that if you don’t mind…I will look for your reply when ever you get the chance…Thanks for your time..


Nicole Hill April 27, 2015 at 2:12 pm

I’m very upset with this Insurance Company
My son was in a car accident on Saturday (April 18th 2015), he was in the left turning lane on a green arrow to go. Before he could proceed through the intersection, Passangers and Pedestrians started to walk across the street as the bus was letting them off. At that point my son had to stop and slow down so he wouldn’t hit them. The back of his car was in the intersection. Out of nowhere a vehicle traveling southbound ran right into the back right side door. My son vehicle is not drivable and his back right passenger side door is smashed in.The other vehicle only the bumper has minor scratches and has my son paint on it. But did I mention that the other vehicle is drivable and was in an accident already. I was told this past friday that my son was in fault due to the fact he was in the middle of the intersection waiting for the Predestrian to pass before he went. I was told by the claim department the outcome came due to the fact the other party has (2) witnesses that seen and I quote both vehicles go through the yellow light. But it’s very puzzled since he did not stay around to talk to anybody, he gave my son his information and then pulled off. But he had (2) witnesses a man and a women ( WOW..) as of today no one called any of my son’s witnesses that were in the car at the time of accident. I believe all the news stations should be aware of this, why because something is not right . Just to let everyone know I was told by the Claim representative that the other vehicles involved was racing the light Maybe this is the reason why he could not stop his vehicle when he seen my son in the middle of the intersection.
Thank you have a bless one


Kathy Sage April 14, 2015 at 12:53 am

I have emailed Geico and still no follow up..Geico continues to push me to the side..when I am making my payments, and still waiting on them to reimburse me for a car rental that was authorized by the Geico representative that isn’t no longer there. The new representative doesn’t return my calls or even my email me.. I have been patient with them and now it must stop.


Jennifer Summeralls February 7, 2015 at 7:27 am

I am very Upset with Geico, My policy was due for renewal in January. I called on January the 16th and made a payment, The lady I spoke with told me I would have another payment Due by February 8th for 98.00 and some change. I went to log into my account today on Feb 7th to make that payment and my account was cancelled. I called the customer service department to explain to them my payment was not due until the 8th and they advised me my policy was cancelled on Feb 2, 2014 for non payment. I am not even a full month into my 6 month policy and they cancelled it for non payment 6 days before my payment was due. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they told me they would have to give me a new quote and my policy went from 467.00 every six months to 798.00 every six months. This is not right and I can guarantee you after this I will be shopping around for new insurance. I have been with geico for about 5 YEARS NOW AND HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS AND THIS WAS THEIR ERROR AND I AM PAYING FOR IT!!!!!! I WILL BE SENDING A COMPLAINT TO CORPORATE! The supervisor did not even try to pull up our call from the 16th to confirm if the rep advised me my next payment would be due on the 8th and then they sent cancellation notice to my email on FEB 7th, 5 days after the fact. VERY ANGRY SOON TO BE EX GEICO CUSTOMER!!!!


Jean Varagnat September 30, 2014 at 9:31 pm

I have been a Geico customer for 8 years….
I called three weeks ago and made a payment that I thought was for a month. Apparently, my policy was cancelled last week. I explained to the last operator that I would be able to pay off my 6 month balance around the first. I called this evening ready to make the payment and the operator said that my policy was cancelled and that if I wanted to start a new policy, my 6 month premium would be $50 more. He hung up on me.

I am really appalled at the lack of service that has taken place here. I have been trying to call to discuss this matter with a supervisor, but I keep getting transferred to a recording that won’t let me speak to a live representative.

Your company used to be more customer-oriented but I am getting the feeling that this is no longer the case. Please call me to discuss this matter as soon as possible, so that I may believe otherwise.


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