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Gardner-White Furniture Corporate Office Address

Gardner-White Furniture Company, Inc.
4445 N. Atlantic Blvd
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326

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Phone Number: (586) 774=8853
Fax Number: (248) 481-2602
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CEO: Rachel Tronstein
CFO: Scott Gilbert
COO: Barbara Tronstein

Gardner-White Furniture History

Gardner-White Furniture  was founded in 1912 by Eugene White and John Gardner. The company was purchased by the current company president’s great grandfather who refused to change the name in order to save money on signs and company forms.

The company had only one store until 1974. Gardner-White Furniture now has 10 stores throughout the state of Michigan as well as a large warehouse in Auburn Hills. The company offers household furniture, sofas, mattresses, and consumer electronics such as televisions and microwave ovens.

Gardner-White Furniture is one of the largest partners of Best Buy and recently opened two locations inside Best Buy stores in Bloomfield Hills and Novi, Michigan. As of 2013, the company began offering same day delivery service within a limited area.

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Lynnette January 16, 2018 at 3:54 pm

In September my husband and I decided it was time to purchase a new living room set. We had always been Art Van customers but, I had seen a set that had really caught my eye on the front page of their current ad. We went in and placed our order. As we were browsing we saw a dining room set we felt would be perfect for us. Our set was over 40 years old as it had belonged to my in laws and passed to us. It had held up well but, the chairs had seen better days. Since we were doing some remodeling we decided to go all out and purchase that as well. Less than 24 hours after delivery my husband (who is not overweight) sat on one of the chairs. One of the legs snapped and he fell to the floor. The next day he called Gardener White and within a couple of days they sent someone out. After examining the chair the person who came out said it appeared the delivery guy hadn’t correctly assembled the chair. He ordered a new leg, said it would be here in about a month and instructed me to call when it arrived. He said he would come back over and install it. Months went by and my husband visited the store several times to inquire on the progress. He was given one excuse after another. In the meantime he was sitting on another of the chairs and discovered a wire/staple/sharp object was protruding through the cushion. My husband grabbed both chairs went to the store, told them this had went on long enough and he told them he was taking two display chairs. Within days one of the replacement chairs had a leg snap. The other was loose. He turned it over to tighten it and discovered it was cracked. We now have two defective chairs. My husband is so fed up that he hasn’t went back into the store. We purchased this set in September. It should have lasted more than 24 hours. I feel it is poorly crafted with sub par materials. I believe we should be offered a refund and a new dining set. Someone is going to sit on one of those chairs and get hurt. I don’t even sit at the table as I’m afraid the chair legs will snap. The service in this store is horrendous. They don’t care. Once they get your money they are done with you. I will be contacting headquarters which I’m sure won’t resolve anything as they seem have an “I don’t care” policy. If I don’t get results I will be filing a claim with the Attorney Generals office. Enough is enough. One more note. The replacement leg was supposedly ordered in September. It is now January and it still has not arrived. What does that tell you?? Would be nice if someone would take the initiative and take care of your customers.


Anethia Lyles February 13, 2017 at 7:41 pm

After being recommended by several close friends to shop at Gardner-White, I finally decided to make a purchase. After viewing the website for a few weeks, I finally narrowed down furniture to my liking. I went into the Canton, Mi location (January 22, 2017) and decided to purchase the Vulcan Bedroom set with the FREE 32″ Insignia TV. And I also purchased the warranty, because I was sold on Tony Ventrella and Micheal Lamb. A week later (January 27, 2017) I received the bedroom set and opened the bed first, which looked great and was defect free. As I began to open the box for the chest and the dresser, I noticed several issues, (loose backing, peeling, missing screws, etc). The following day (January 28, 2017), I called the Canton location to report the problems and they referred me to the corporate office, which I spoke with a “Marquita”. She set up an appointment for the technicians to come out the upcoming week to replace/repair the damages. I had requested for them to come out after 3p.m., when I would be home, but they came out during the A.M. When i got home, I noticed the replaced furniture was also damaged. I called immediately and spoke with Marquita , who informed me someone would not be available until February 13, 2017. when the technician came out and saw the damages, which would not be repairable, (the holes for which the screws went in, were stripped and the bottom of the dresser was peeled away). I expressed my disappointment and proceeded to the Canton store to see what could be done. I was told by the store manger, John (Very professional and I would definitely continue to patronize if I dealt with him) the District manager, Jeff Ballard only authorized a store credit which I didn’t understand because I didn’t finance and the damages were not of my doing. I also did not want to settle and pick furniture that I did not like. So after expressing that, I was referred to speak with corporate. I once again spoke with Marquita Moore, who informed me, after conferring with Jeff Ballard, that I could get a refund, but it would be less the amount of the television, which the charge is around $262. She stated this was due to the policy even after I explained the television was not open and I thought it was free. I was also told the warranty was non-refundable even though the furniture would be returned. When I asked to speak to the district manager, I was told he was in a meeting and that she held the same authority as he did and there was no other manager available to speak with. I was shocked she held the same authority as the District manager so I proceeded to ask her questions that I wanted to ask Jeff Ballard, but she would periodically put me on hold or continue to insist it was store policy. After I asked was Jeff available she stated he left for the day, after she stated he works until 6p.m. (it was 5:01pm). Then she said he was still in a meeting. I then asked her why did she feel the need to lie and it was unprofessional and very uncool. She said she felt she should not have to go back and forth with me after she told me that was the policy and nothing was going to change. I feel taken advantage of by these representatives of Gardner-White with the exception for the Canton store representatives. I know if they wanted, they could make the situation right, but they choose not to do the right thing. I feel like the information and reason given referring to their policy is a way to keep some of the consumer funds. I feel like this is a technical way of stealing from consumers. I also feel that Jeff Ballard could have handled the situation instead of hiding behind the customer service representative. The customer service representative named Marquita Moore, in my opinion, stepped outside of her spectrum of duties, and was some what rude, making the situation worst than it should have become. All that I am asking is to be reimbursed for the amount of the purchase, being that the television was stated to be FREE and they can have it back. Oh, and Best Buy actually sells that television for $129.99, so why is there an up-charge more than double the selling price (which is very close to the restocking fee price); which I was told I was not being charged. I offered to bring back the television, for it is in the original state in which I received. I am very bothered by how this entire situation is being handled and disappointed as well. All that I ask is to refund my correct purchase amount. I have no issue with returning all merchandise, including the warranty kit, which I do not need for I will not have the furniture. This first time shopping experience with the Gardner-White family leaves me stumped.


Kierra Tandy January 6, 2017 at 9:51 am

Words can’t even explain the indignation towards your company right now. I wasn’t even going to make a complaint about the egregious customer service experience my mother and I had inside the store because the wonderful manager handled everything so eloquently in store. However, everything went from bad to worse. Vanessia or whatever her name is got in my mom’s face and threatened her. We should have called the police and not bought furniture, but the store manager Karen defused the situation. Vanessia kept lying to my mother about the deals they had and when my mom questioned her about it, she proceeded to walk towards my mom and say “Girl Boom, you better get out of my face.” Then a MALE came over and stood directly next to my mom with his feed wide open and hand behind his back like he was security, so that’s when I had to tell him to back off of my mom. GHETTO PEOPLE!!!

Then the delivery men attempted to bring my couch in through my side door. Understandably, it wouldn’t fit. I suggested that they come through another door like my front door or my back door, and they refused to do so. All the man kept saying was “It won’t fit.” I asked him how does he know if he doesn’t try, he said “I just know.” He said that my ceiling was too low. I advised him again to please just try, and show me that it doesn’t work because you have space to go into the bathroom. Again, he said “Trust me, I don’t want to put this back on my truck, it just isn’t going to fit.” I told him I understand what he is saying, but to satisfy me, the customer, try it and see. There are two other door options to choose from. Again, he said no. So another grown man that argued with a woman for about 20 minutes about trying another door. I told him “Fine, just bring my chest in that I ordered and I will let them know that you aren’t even trying to get it in through the other door.” All he said was “Fine, I’ll call them for you.” That pissed me off even more because it showed that he obviously just didn’t care. He then told me that I could pay to have it disassembled and put back together. Why would I do that when you won’t even show effort of it not fitting instead of being lazy. They were totatlly lazy and just didn’t want to try. The younger guy stayed quiet the entire time, it was only the older boy that kept arguing with me.

I contacted corporate and all they said is they can take my complaint and someone would reach out. No immeadite solution. I asked how long would it be before someone get s with me, I spoke with Mara and she said “Can’t say what the turn around time is, I don’t know what they ahve on their agenda.” REALLY…. You don’t know what they have on their agenda??! Seriously?!?! As if my complaint isn’t warranted. I asked what would happen with my money and she said I can pay to have it disassembled (again hearing this is pissing me off even more), choose another couch, or get a refund. Nobody seems to want to help with this situation. I asked her to have the disassembly fee waved, she said I would have to contact the store directly. I feel like this is just one bad scenario after the other.

I contacted the store, and what do they tell me, to go measure my doors and call them back with the measurements and it will go from there. I feel like screaming right now. Isn’t this something that the delivery men could have tried? Isn’t this part of what they get paid to do or no? Corporate never called the next day either. I had to leave a message with the District Manager Jeff and finally, two days later he called. All he wanted to talk about was me paying to have the furniture disassembled. Not once mentioning the behavior of the employee’s there. Spoke with Pam Giacalone Regional Manager, and all she kept saying was to have the furniture disassembled. Again, why would I pay for that when they didn’t even try to bring it in through another door. The deliver manager never called to apologize either. So now, we’re pressing charges for the employee threats when all I want is to have my furniture and they won’t make it happen.


David Bianchette December 21, 2016 at 7:29 pm

I have a mattress I bought at Gardner white and Gardner white came out and looked at it and told me it was defective. They will not call me back to resolve this issue. Called the Auburn Hills location and left a message with Rob twice.


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