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Farmers Insurance Group, Inc.
4680 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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Phone Number: (323) 932-3200
Fax Number: (323) 932-3101
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CEO: Jeffrey J. Dailey
CFO: Scott R. Lindquist
COO: Jeffrey J. Dailey

Farmers Insurance History

Farmers Insurance Group was founded as Farmers Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange in 1928 by Thomas Leavey and John Tyler.  The first office was in Los Angeles, California where the company is still headquartered today.

In 1935, the company launched a division specifically for truck insurance.

In 1942, the company launched a division specifically for home insurance.

In 1950, Mid-Century Insurance became a subsidiary of Farmers.

In 1953, the company acquired New World Life Insurance Co.

John Tyler died in 1973 and Thomas Leavey became CEO.  Leavey retired in 1978.

In 1988, Farmers was acquired by BATUS Inc. in a hostile takeover that took 8 months.  Zurich Financial Services was created as a holding company for Farmers Insurance.

In recent years the company has acquired several larger insurers including Foremost Insurance Group in 2000, Bristol West Holdings in 2007 and 21st Century Insurance in 2009.

Farmers is currently the third largest provider of consumer home and auto insurance in the US.  They current insurance over 20 million individual policies.


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Kadih salman October 3, 2015 at 10:09 pm

I have not been a customer since 2014 all of a sudden now I’m receiving a bill I am having a hard time understanding why they are billing me when I had canceled the policy go back to my record and see why I canceled the policy if people would do their job correctly and I didn’t have to call every month to let them know payment should’ve
been senit lhome mortgage instead of sending it to me maybe I would still be a customer and stop all that mother decided that they want to put me in collections for a few bucks


Ron R September 28, 2015 at 7:07 am

Dealing with a arrogant agent myself. A small lunch at a lakeside restaurant in oakland. Turned into 2 broken teeth from a clam dish served with small rocks. Been to dentist multiple times now. Owners of restaurant already admitted fault and apologized. For some reason Jason from farmers. Insults my integrity, basically turns things into a complete joke. I’m so furious with farmers insurance. Here quickly I will turn my focus over to there disrespect towards me. I wanted to handle this serious situation promptly. Guess I’ll have to drag the restaurant to court. And somehow get the attention of a understanding and compassionate individual . Especially when I’m the victim.


Herschel L. Thompson September 21, 2015 at 3:24 pm

Herschel L. Thompson

September 21, 2015
Jeffrey J. Dailey,
4680 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Dear Jeffrey,
I have a concern about Farmers that I would like to direct to you personally. We are being harassed by agents of Farmers. My wife and son (who was living with us) called our local Farmers agent and ask if a storage unit he rented was covered under our homeowners policy because it was broken into, the answer she received was yes and we will open a claim. Since that time my wife, son, and now myself have been harassed over a very small claim. I do not know the value of the claim but I would guess it is $10,000 to $15,000. My personal account often changes much more one way or the other in a day. This is a very small claim and I have been with Farmers for 30 years and have thought that Farmers was an insurance company that was above the average. You have access to my records and can see we have not filed claims that I remember. We have three homes, three cars, RV, boat, and Umbrella policy with Farmers, and have been with Farmers for 30 years. I would think as a person who has been in business for many years that the people you have representing Farmers would also have this public information. Yet my family has been harassed over and over by Farmers agents and law offices working on behave of Farmers. I would guess from my experiences with my legal offices, that Farmers has spent close to the amount of money harassing my family as this claim is worth. Right now this is no longer about the money to me. I have already contacted the Insurance Commissioner, I will attach the letter. I would like to know from you Jeffery, is this your direction to Farmers and the way your company operates or is this something that happened because of the actions of someone working for Farmers that should not be working for Farmers. This is very important to me at this time. I would like to know because I have had persons working for me that made very poor decisions and hurt the company I worked for, they were always dealt with quickly. I want to know if it is common practice for Farmers to harass customers until they go away or is this just stupid on stupid behavior by someone or a procedure that is out of control and needs and will be fixed? My decision to go public in a major way with this will depend on the answer I receive from you. I was told by my local agent today Dan Evans, that I may need to get a lawyer. He said he has never seen anything like this and was very sorry. I will not get a lawyer and spend three or four times what this claim is worth to make myself feel good. I will go public if this is Farmers corporate behavior and then I know things will change or the company will pay in a way that will make me feel good.
Sincerely yours,
Herschel L. Thompson
Phone; 707-525-**** Address: *** Chanate Court Santa Rosa, CA 95404
email: hers****

Dave Joes, Insurance Commissioner
Department of Insurance

Dear Dave Jones,

We had a storage unit with SmartStop Self Storage located in Santa Rosa, CA broken into and all of my son’s belongings were stolen. The date was May 14, 2015. This was the day before he was going into the hospital for a major operation. He went to the unit with my wife to get his bed so it could be set up at my daughters home were no one was living at the time. The reason for this is the operation he was going through requires him to be in bed and not disturbed for a long period of time. This is one of the most painful operations done at UCSF hospital.
When he opened the unit the only thing in the storage unit was his mattress. They called the police and a report was filed with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. The officer who came out to the storage unit told them he had been out to SmartStop Self Storage many times in the last couple of months. The lock on the unit was a construction combination lock that has a master key that can over ride the lock. This is clearly how the unit was opened because the lock was not cut.
My wife Denise Thompson called Farmers Insurance, office of Dan Evans, and ask if the unit was covered under our Homeowners Policy. She was told yes if my son was living with us, which he was and had been for some time. My policy number is 90353-83-22. We have had insurance with Farmers for over 30 years, three homes, three cars, an RV, boat, and Umbrella policy. We have not made claims in the past.
On May 15, 2015 we received a letter requesting a Statement of Loss Form, Inventory of Contents Form, and a Proof of Claim Checklist. This all seemed reasonable. My son was working on making his list but was having a very difficult time recovering from the major operation he had gone through. On June 15, 2015 we received a follow-up letter requesting necessary documentation. My wife Denise had been in touch with Farmers and was trying to help my son.
On June 18, 2015 we received a letter stating that the claim was closed because they had made attempts to obtain information needed, and the claim is now closed. This letter came from John Brown, Oklahoma City, OK. My wife contacted Farmers and was told that the claim was not closed and they just needed more information.
My wife was then required to work with Matthew J. Brant, special Investigations in Santa Rosa.
We then received a letter on June 25, 2015 asking us to complete a Sworn Statement known as a Proof of Loss and it had to be notarized for all of us. They also asked for, “Supporting documents for claimed items and values, including original purchase receipts, owners’s manuals, etc. Police report or report number if unavailable. This was all done.
On August 27, 2015 we received a letter from the Law Offices of Pedersen – Lauderdale telling us that Ms. Paula Aulman at 408-271-5312 had to be contacted by September 25, 2015 at 5:00 PM to set up a EUO! They wanted us all three to drive to San Jose, CA for an examination that may take up to (7) hours. We told them NO, if they need to talk to us it would be in Santa Rosa, CA. They made it very clear that my wife, my son, and myself had to be there.

I called my Farmers Insurance agent Dan Evans 707-542-7405, told him this was harassment and Farmers was trying to continually come up with one more thing for us to do so they didn’t need to paid this small claim. He said that this was a small claim. He told me he was not aware of everything going on with the claim and he had never heard of them asking for all this information. He later told me that he was told there was inconsistent statements from us and the investigators would not tell him what they were and we must meet with them and do whatever they asked but we would not need to go to San Jose, they would meet with us in Santa Rosa.
A meeting was scheduled for the middle of October 2015 so Ms Paula Aulman could perform the EUO, whatever that interview maybe. I could not attend (Herschel Thompson) because I had a trip to see my mother out of state who is not doing well. Ms Paula Aulman called my wife and said I (Herschel Thompson) does not need to be there because I was not present when the storage unit was found empty. I had to be there before even though I was not present but now I don’t need to be there because I was not present?
On September 19th we received a Letter from the Law Offices of Pedersen-Lauderdale confirming the appointment on October 19, 2015 at the Law Office of Ian Godon, 141 Stony Circle, Suite 145, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. The letter states, “Unless other wise excused, you are required to provide the following records and documents at least two weeks before your EUO, or by 5:00 PM., on October 5, 2015, except for those documents which have been previously provided to your insurance company.

They do not know what has been given to them, they continue to ask for more and more information that is not information that they should have and is not reasonable at all.
They are making up things as they go, this is out of hand can you please help?


Herschel L. Thompson


Katrina Brady September 15, 2015 at 10:45 am

I wanted corporate to know that their agents, Maria Messimer out of Kelseyville, should win agent of the year. She has at least 50 clients who have lost their homes in the Valley Fire. She has been keeping all of them as well as the whole community up to date on the latest information on the fire on her Facebook page. She has gone to the shelters and found elderly people and informed them that they had hotel coverage through Farmers and got them a check. She is a local hero. Ask anyone in the community right now. She has people staying at her house as well as her office. One of her employees lost her home in the fire and has been staying in the Farmers office. Farmers is the only insurance company to have a physical presence right now at the evacuation shelters in both Kelseyville and Calistoga and Maria Messimer is the face of your company right now. She is Famers!


Edgar srapyan September 10, 2015 at 8:27 pm

My whole family and cousins and close friends have been with farmers for over five years never had problems but now they are known to be the worse insurance company nation wide they give you the run around no help at all to much information is givin out to other sources i found out that my social security number was gigin out by one of there investigators i had to find out from farmers that my social security number was being used by 3 ohter people i dont know about its time for all the people i know to change insurance company. When u call the company to talk to see what happened every one that is handling your case is on a vacation employees at farmers get paid to much for not doing anything. I think its time for farmers insurance to out of business. I wouldnt recommend farmers to a homless with a shopping cart for insurance if my life dependent on it.


marie murphy August 3, 2015 at 1:22 pm

here it is 5/03/2015 we had a 3rd party to come and check out are roof but they said you are not to allow to walk on this kind of roof they said they well have someone come out with a drone to fly over the roof to take pictures but he showed up and climb all over my roof I have video of the guy on my roof I though that drones fly did not know they have two legs my mom is hard off hearing but we all heard this guy stomping on or roof no one has call to let us know no updates wow great customer service thanks Marie murphy


Jose Cardenas July 14, 2015 at 1:07 pm

I have always been insured with mercury and just recently I bought a new car. So I thought Maybe I would look for other options. I called farmers and I asked them for the requirements to get insured by them he then told me an i quote ” driver lisence registration Vin number and I also need your social security number ” I then said to my self wtf!!!! So I decided to stay with mercury where I’ve been OK for the last 8 years


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