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El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant Corporate Office

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El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant Corporate Office Address

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant
7500 Poe Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45414

Contact El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

Phone Number: (937) 890-6932
Fax Number:
Website: http://www.elranchogrande.info/
Email: Email El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant Executives

CEO: Francisco Magana
CFO: Gary Rodriguez

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant History

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant was founded in Dayton, Ohio, in 2010. The company operates a chain of casual Mexican style restaurants in the greater Dayton area.

The company currently has 13 locations, with a new one opening in late March of 2017 at a former Applebee’s location on Dorothy Lane. The company serves traditional Mexican food, including burritos, tacos, carne asada plates, Mexican style rice, beans, and more. All items and sauces are made by hand each day, including tortillas.

El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant has numerous positive reviews online, with most websites, such as Yelp and Zomato, showing a solid 4 our of 5 star ratings. In August of 2016, the company opened a new 6,400 square foot location in West Chester Township.

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unpaid work September 13, 2017 at 11:45 am

I worked as the dishwasher for the 1450 W Dorothy Lane Kettering, the Berkeley heights area. I was paid $10 an hour, which was an OK wage, if all I did was wash dishes. mind you, I’ve been to college, and I just need work and I just need pay.

The last week I worked was payday week– the payperiod ends on Sunday, and I worked that week even though it was the next period because I wanted to be there to pick up the first check on Friday.

Now it’s past time for the second period to be paid, and I still have not received my check for the work I put in. It would total $250-taxes, because even though I was hired for 40 hours or more, I was getting exactly 25, five hours a day, not ten/four days, because the store “was slow.” That’s in quotations because if the store “was slow,” I would not be coming in the morning to find a full day’s work, yesterday’s work, still lying there undone. The food has been left out overnight, and I have to kill all the ants/pests, and do that work since the “cooks” don’t have any serve ware, on top of doing the fresh present day work.

I was also required to do work that the servers could be doing. They would sit around doing nothing, on their phones — I legitimately saw one of them on f**kbook. Not Facebook, f**kbook. Google it if you must, but I don’t recommend you do. — and I would have to leave my station, stop my work, go around the corner, and refill the cup station. None of these extra task were described in the beginning, I was told “you do dishes. That’s all you do. If you don’t have a dish, you wait for a dish.” I’m not the exterminator, I’m not a server or a stock boy, and I’m not some psychiatrist or lawyer or something for all the illegals to come and tell me they’re illegal. Rule number one of being a fugitive, DONT TELL ANYONE YOURE ILLEGAL.

I just want my money, it isn’t much at all. I just want to report the ants to save any customer who might get sick. The cooks don’t even wear gloves half the time. The fact that illegal aliens are there is coincidence, I really don’t care. What I do care about, is that the gm would have to have illegally hired them, they don’t have papers or visas to have the number/verification that allows then to work in America. That’s what I care about.


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