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Earthlink Corporate Office Address

Earthlink Holdgins Corporation
1170 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Contact Earthlink

Phone Number: (404) 815-0770
Fax Number: (404) 287-1036
Email: Email Earthlink

Earthlink Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Earthlink Executives

CEO: Joseph F Eazor
CFO: Louis M Alterman
COO: Richard C Froehlich

Earthlink History

Earthlink was founded in 1994 by Sky Dayton in Pasadena, California. After trying to configure his own computer so that it could access the internet, Dayton decided to start his own dial up internet service. Within a one year period, Earthlink was offering dial up internet service to 95 cities. Earthlink was the first internet provider to allow unlimited access for one flat monthly fee.  The company began offering internet service for businesses in 1996.

The company went public on the NASDAQ in 1997 under the ticker symbol: ELNK. In 1999, Earthlink was the first ISP to offer high speed DSL service.

Earthlink has made numerous acquisitions over the years, the most recent being CenterBeam, Inc. in 2013. The company has more than 2,100 employees and annual revenue in 2013 of $1.2 billion.


Earthlink FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Earthlink?
Answer 1: The phone number for Earthlink is (404) 815-0770.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Earthlink?
Answer 2: The CEO of Earthlink is Joseph F Eazor.

Question 3: Who founded Earthlink?
Answer 3: Earthlink was founded by in .

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Robyn Grayson August 31, 2018 at 8:15 pm

EarthLink is the worst internet service I have ever had!
Allow me to explain!
We moved to a new area where Comcast was not available. We needed internet, as I am a college student who requires the internet for classes and assignments. We originally set up internet in July, a month later still no internet, and they charged us for the internet! Got that all figured out since we were told we could only get earthlink in our area. We later found out that we could get other service after they set up the internet because guess who hooked up our internet, none other than AT&T! Go a few months into our contract and we are on the phone with a customer representative a couple times a week for the internet not working. Finally, I have figured out that we are only able to get 12mbps and realize that they have been overcharging us when AT&T told us this when it was set up. It was in the file that we could not receive the full 18mbps, and yet they charged us for 18, not the 12. While that is only a 5 dollar difference it is still 5 dollars a month that they were overcharging us. Now by this time we are getting to the end of our contract, and we request that it get fixed and we can go on our way. Oh no, that would be the happy ending. When I tell them to fix the overcharging, they took it upon themselves to lock us into another contract without our consent. Now, a year later, we are tying to disconnect. ITs been almost 3 weeks since we attempted to disconnect, which they are refusing to do. And to top it off, charge us the 100.00 for canceling our contract! Yes, you are seeing that correctly. So they are trying to charge us the 100.00 while refusing to cancel our service.
The customer service is so horrible that I would never want anyone to use them. We have been told if we make a complaint that they are going to charge us more than if we keep quiet, to put the modem in the trash, to shut up and just deal with it, and my favorite telling me that this stuff takes time, and i need to understand that.
Calling headquarters myself and will get this fixed or I will hand deliver the modem to ATT as it does say ATT on them.
Side note, ATT will not do anything about this either.


Kay Marshall March 16, 2018 at 6:26 pm

Earthlink webmail cannot receive emails from Apple computers. This causes huge problems communicating with clients and others. I am told this is a KNOWN problem and I have to live with it – hello? After all of these years, can’t it be fixed? You can see I am a long time customer since I still have a mindspring email address….


ada johns December 16, 2017 at 11:55 am

I had to do a early termination on contract 4 months October 16,2017 would have been February 2,2018…I paid the $100.00 early termation fee and $45. total of 145.00, on November 28,2017 took modem to Att/UPS return to company that has been 2 months ago .. I have called and asked from October 16,2017 to today December 16,2017 exactly 2 months since deactivation THEY HAVE NOT RELEASED THE LINE, NOR RELEASED OUR ADDRESS, WE ARE DISABLED AND ELDERLY CANNOT AFFORD THE PRICE ANYMORE ELECTRIC BILL WENT UP AND HAD TO DOWNSIZE WITH INTERNET SORRY, THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM AND CAUSED US STRESS ME AND HUSBAND YOU LOOK AT NOTES aDA jOHNS, 850736XXXXX, PLEASE DISCONNECT LINE WE CANNOT USE IT… PLEASE DISCONNECT I OWE NOTHING JUST DISCONNECT ….ELDERLY CUSTOMERS THANKS


Mary Andersen July 7, 2017 at 5:25 pm

Mary Andersen July 7, 2017 at 5:20 pm

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Please help…
HISTORY When I bought my Dell Computer, I was provider with Earthink email it was free and perhaps a promotion of some sort. When I moved across town I had to pay for the Earthlink email as Time Warner, our cable company, indicated we were in a different district.

TODAY Now, I pay 62.95 for Earthlink on my Spectrum bill. I was told the reason it is on the Spectrum bill is that Spectrum did the billing for Earthlink.

TODAY (yes, it was a long day) I used the Text Chat and I asked who was my ISP and was told Spectrum. Please keep in mind, Spectrum indicated Earthlink was my ISP.
Furthermore, I was given the phone for Earthlink Care Dept 888 327 8454 during the Text Chat .

I called the Care Dept to ask who is my ISP and this you have to hear … please dial 888 327 8454 so you can appreciate the irony and my exasperation. Earthlink says one thing Spectrum says the direct opposite. All I want to know is who is my ISP? Please do not tell me both, I could not bear it. And why do I pay f62.00 a month for Earthlink when it was provided with my Dell Computer.

Mary Andersen
andersonmary at


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