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Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
345 Court St
Corapolis, PA 15108

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Phone Number: (724) 273-3400
Fax Number: (724) 227-1902
Website: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com
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CEO: Edward W. Stack
CFO: Timothy E. Kullman
COO: Joseph H. Schmidt

Dick's Sporting Goods History

Dick’s Sporting Goods was founded in 1948 by then 18 year old Richard “Dick” Stack in the form of a small bait & tackle shop.

In the mid 1950s, the store began selling general sports merchandise.  In the early 60s, the first Dick’s Sporting Goods store was opened.

The store flourished and a second location was opened in Vestal, New York.

Dick Stack retired in 1984 and his son Eddie, the current CEO, took over the business.

The chain expanded quickly under Eddie.  They began opened more stores across Upstate New York in the 1990s.

In 1994, the Dick’s Sporting Goods corporate office was moved from Binghamton, NY to Corapolis, Pennsylvania.

Today, the company operates over 450 stores in 42 US states.

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Jan March 4, 2015 at 3:39 pm

So what is the deal with this site? I, like these other customers, have a complaint, but apparently these comments are receiving NO response from this company? I’ll try writing to the Corporate Office, and hope that the mail isn’t handled by the same person who is supposed to be monitoring these comments. OH, and then you suggest SHARING the comment on Facebook IN ORDER TO GET MORE ATTENTION?? A customer who just has a complaint is not worthy of the same attention??? Absurd.


Tom ciocca February 13, 2015 at 3:12 pm

They were going to ship a pair of boots from your vestal store to syracuse. Surprise!!!!! You lost them. Who would imagine after following up 7 or 8 times that it would have happened my friends were all laughing as it would seem this always happens

Well they did offer me a gift card. Yea no thanks I would have liked the boots my wife wanted for Valentine’s Day Well at least this store is consistent you never follow thru with any thing so I guess I will have to find another place to buy sporting goods

Highly disappointed extremely unhappy customers , please try to get your act together get someone with some customer service skills , please Really some many of my friends shared the same experience. Happy Valentine’s Day. !


Scott R. Farnsworth February 11, 2015 at 10:20 am

I am lodging a public complaint to this site for the following reasons. The narrative that follows begins on Jan. 20th 2015. I was in need of a bicycle post (not seat or sleeve) for my Diamondback Wildwood model purchased from Dick’s a few yrs. back. My initial contact was Tina (Bike technician). I brought the Bike to Dick’s At San Tan Village Square in Gilbert located 2269 San Tan Village Parkway Gilbert, AZ. Tina measured the OD of the post and said she would need to order said part and it would be a few days. I never heard back so after 5 days I phoned to inquire. Tina would not be in the store until 3:00 this day and she would call. Never heard from Tina. Two days later I phoned once again and talked with Tina, she told me she had ordered it and would call when it came in. Two weeks pass and I decide to speak with a manager (patrick) I reiterate the entire story and let him know that a courtesy call would go a long way in this incident. Patrick says he is now handling the order and it would be two more days. 3 days pass and I go to another manager Yorgi (spelling) he tells me that his staff “dropped the ball” he would personally handle it and he would discount the part and allow me a gift certificate. I tell him I’m appreciative. 2 days pass and no phone call. I call again and am put in contact with Nick, whom states that he is ordering the part from a local bike shop and it would be ready at 5:00 pm same day. Yesterday, Feb. 10th 2015, yes, three weeks later, I drive the 12mi. to the store to pick up the bike. We now have a gentleman by the name of Jason or Jeremy (not certain of Name) and I explain, however brief, that I’m here to pick-up the bike. He says “well what is it”? I tell him it’s a Diamondback and “I can’t recall the brand”. He says” well they just ordered the part yesterday and no way it’s gonna be ready today”What’s the big issue” With that I tell him I need to see a Mgr. He says “I will get one.” , He now comes back after 5min. and states he is coming down and jwhy am I so upset? I tell him I’m not going to get another store employee that can’t help me involve. He than sarcastically states “you’re a real Peach aren’t you?” I said what did you just say to me? With that Patrick makes an appearance and attempts to quell the confrontation by putting his hand on me and telling me I need to relax. I told him he needs to excuse his staff member from in front of me or there will be a problem. Jason or Jeremy (name) slowly leaves and tells me that “I will be here all day”
If this is employee training had it’s worse I can certainly see how the proverbial ball was dropped. I am a retired Anheuser-Busch executive and if any of our people confronted a customer in this manner they would be seeking new employment today. I served my country in Viet Nam and have very little respect for the younger generation that speak to anyone in this manner. The obvious has been stated in a previous comment, that being the purchase of the Bike from dick’s along with many other Big ticket items over the years. I will not do business with a company that allows employees and free reign when addressing the customer. First rule of sales “the customer is always right”. Unless I was verbally or physically confrontational with him, there is no open policy to speak flagrantly to me or any other customer. Today, Feb. 11th 2015 is another day and we are now working on week 4 of the search for a bike seat post. Use the telephone people it’s an amazing tool and if used correctly can overcome many dissidents. Sincerely Scott R. Farnsworth


Kelli T. February 8, 2015 at 11:27 pm

The Dick’s Sporting Goods store on Pennsylvania Avenue (Quail Springs) in Oklahoma City, OK, should consider reviewing the actions of their manager, Steven, and his crew.
On Saturday, January 31, 2015, my son entered this particular store with the intent of purchasing a pair of batting gloves. He had waited to buy gloves until he could go to a Dick’s Sporting Goods because he knew they handled the specific gloves he wanted, unlike our local sporting goods chain. He was accompanied by three of his athletic friends. All of these young men were interested in looking at equipment for their particular sports (basketball, baseball, hunting, golf). Two of them went to look at golf clubs, one to look at guns and ammo, and my son to look for the batting gloves.
Each of these young men and their families have spent several thousand dollars a year at Dick’s Sporting Goods establishments for several years because these boys are multi-sport athletes. Those thousands of hard-earned dollars will now be spent elsewhere!
When these boys had made their selections but were still shopping, two of them noticed they were being “watched and followed” by one of the managers, Steven. They made their purchases–my son bought $30 gloves and one of the others a $10 t-shirt–and observed a small army of Dick’s employees standing at the front of the store watching them leave. Wondering what these people were possibly doing, they tried to figure out why these “workers” would possibly be watching them. As they drove away, one of the female employees was outside the store on the phone, examining their vehicle tag (they speculated that she was getting their tag number for some unknown reason).
Becoming extremely curious and not just a little irritated, they turned around and went back to the store to ask why the employees were acting in such a manner. Unfortunately, the manager, Steven, and his crew did not give the boys an answer. These young men were informed that they were “under investigation for suspicious behavior.” When the boys asked what they had supposedly done, they were informed by Steven that he “couldn’t tell them because they were still reviewing the footage.” They left the store still wondering and discussing what had sparked the crowd of employees’ suspicions…at the same time, each reviewing what he had touched, picked up, or even looked at. None could figure out what had started the parade of employees watching them.
As they related the story to my older son and me over lunch, my older son suggested they go back to the store once more, but with him, a more mature shopper, accompanying them. His reasoning was that if ANY ONE of them had done something to be ashamed of, that one would not want to go back!! They were ALL ready to return, ONCE AGAIN, to the store. They really wanted to know what had caused the suspicion.
When the four boys and one, more mature shopper, entered the store and went to the ammunition counter, STEVEN approached them and told them he was going to have to ESCORT THEM OUT OF THE STORE! My older son, being an adult, asked the reason for such behavior from Steven, and he was informed that “the boys were under investigation for an earlier incident” and they were not allowed in ANY Dick’s ever again (as if they would want to be there after this experience). When asked what the incident was, Steven answered that he couldn’t tell them because “they were still reviewing the footage.” This was at least an hour, maybe two, after the first encounter.
Needless to say, these young men contacted their parents and relayed the story to them (because they are honest young men and held accountable by their parents) . Two of their mothers immediately each called the store to find out what her son was being accused of doing. Neither of them was given a reason…Steven only said, “We are still reviewing the footage.”
I have several problems with this entire fiasco!
First, these young men were trailed and treated as common thugs or criminals, but the managing staff could not and would not produce, and STILL have not produced seven days later, any “footage” of what these boys had supposedly done. They were harassed, hassled, and humiliated by the managing staff when escorted to the front doors without being given ANY reason why. Not to mention being told they could NEVER go in any Dick’s Sporting Goods store anywhere again.
Secondly, if they were suspected of wrong doing, they would have been detained, or at the very least, encouraged to stay until the police arrived; not run off by the intimidation of being followed throughout the store. Also, if they had done something wrong, they would NOT have returned to the store when the employee was taking their tag number, and especially not when my older son suggested they return again! They would have wanted to stay as far away as possible.
My solution to this problem involves the removal of the problem manager at the Quail Springs Dick’s Sporting Goods store, first of all. I believe this individual targeted a group of high school students, and for whatever reason, really, really wanted to find something for which he could blame these young men. I would hope that Dick’s would not want this type of incompetent and incompatible personality to manage or even work for the sporting goods establishment.
Secondly, I believe that Dick’s Sporting Goods Corporation owes all five of these young men a formal, public and personal apology. The harassment by Steven and his crew, the confusion of trying to figure out what had triggered such actions, and the worry that they might actually be blamed for something that they knew they had not done were enough to merit such an apology to the four younger boys! When one considers the four young men and my older son were humiliated by being escorted out of the store for simply asking what the accusations were, it is obvious that Dick’s employees’ actions merit an apology.
After this experience with this establishment, it is easy to understand why the vast, VAST majority of comments on this website about Dick’s Sporting Goods are extremely negative!


Kim Frederick Snapper February 8, 2015 at 1:41 pm

We have had the worse experience with Dick’s online. We cancelled our treadmill order after ordering an elliptical and having the order completely delayed and the white glove service we paid for to have it assembled dragged out. I cancelled our treadmill order on 1/2/ 2015 and it is now 2/8/2015 and I have had 8 conversations with Dick’s customer service over the course of the last 5 weeks and each time we are told that we would get reimbursed and we have not been reimbursed. We never received the treadmill, it is sitting in a warehouse and Dick’s keeps saying that once they receive it back they will reimburse us, but this has not happened. We were frequent customers of Dick’s after this horrible experience we will never frequent the store again.


Elaina February 6, 2015 at 12:15 pm

I am so just completely speechless about how your company does things. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to order online with you people, and only the third time I have been a customer of yours and I assure you it will be the last. I placed an order Monday for new snowboard boots and paid $32.19 for 2-Day shipping. Not only was my order not even shipped in two days, but my entire order was cancelled because the item went out of stock while processing my order (even though Tuesday when I checked on my order it said the item had been located in the warehouse). After spending two days talking with rep after rep, supervisor after supervisor and putting another order in, you people never released the hold on my card for the last order YOU CANCELLED so I couldn’t even get the other pair of boots. After all that, you then tell me that you can’t release the hold and to call my bank. My bank won’t release the funds because you people haven’t posted the transaction. Except there will be no transaction because THERE IS NO ORDER! This has been the worst online ordering experience of my life and the way I was treated will assure that I will never again be a customer of Dick’s.


Stacy Capps February 5, 2015 at 10:22 am

I am appalled by the unprofessionalism of your management in Oklahoma City. I and three other families will NEVER give you business again. Your employees not only accused, but humiliated my teen and his friends by escorting them out due to “suspicious activity”. I have contacted managers, Carley and Steven as well as customer service representatives Sarah and Lindsay with complaints to try to get an answer to my questions. Steven is not qualified for his position and should be investigated more so than the 4 teens that they wanted to investigate on February 7, 2015. He is a disgrace to your company and has cost your company several thousands of dollars due to our no longer shopping with you. If my minor child has done anything to make you harass and humiliate him, then I would like to see the “footage” that your manager has taken 6 days to look through not before banning him and his friends from all of your stores! However, when I asked for that footage, I was told that I could not view it.

Sorry excuse for a business!


Dean February 3, 2015 at 8:22 pm

Your new Fremont, CA store is a disgrace. I go to the store today Tuesday 2/3/15 and the front door is jammed. Another customer is standing there trying to get in but the automatic door will not open. An employee comes and forces the door open. We enter. I tried to purchase a few boxes of Remington target shotgun shells which was advertised on sale on Sunday, 2 days ago. I’m told they are sold out. I ask for a rain check. The kid tells me no. I ask to purchase a comparable substitute item. The kid tells me no. I ask to speak to the department manager. The kid tells me that he is the manager. I go to the front of the store and ask to speak with the store manager. The nice young lady pages the same guy I just spoke with. I tell her I want to speak with the Store Manager, not the kid because he wasn’t any help. She says the store manager just left. I ask just left for where? She says he quit and left the store. OKAY. Now I understand. Even the store manager got so disgusted with Dick’s that HE QUIT too!!! What a joke of a store. Do not shop at Dicks if you don’t want to waste your time and leave with negative thoughts. I intend to follow up directly with the CEO to ask him if this is the type of company culture he approves of. Unfortunately, there are way too many negative comments posted everywhere on social media so perhaps he doesn’t care either. I will continue to spread the bad experience I had to everyone I can. Shop anywhere but Dicks.


Matt January 30, 2015 at 9:21 am

Dicks Sporting Goods is a joke there a terrible place to shop at and even worse place to work for the managers are two faced and corporate is even worse they will do whatever it takes to throw you under the bus they are rude to customers and they treat there employees like slaves


Kurt Paulson January 27, 2015 at 4:04 pm

To whom it may concern at dicks sporting goods
i have been a loyal shopper for many
years .however toady 1-27-15 at about
the store in madison nashville tn at about 2:00pm i had the worst customer
service ever recieved from your employees. Apparently your young sales person thought his time at work was for getting a realestate agent instead of helping customers.I sat there for 20 minutes waiting while he talked to a lady about buying a house .very unexceptable. a few other sales people walked right by me without even speaking to me .Bad thing was there were barely any customers in the store.I thought this was a high quality store but after today will never go back . i guess employees discussing realestate instead of helping customers is a bigger priority for this store.
thankyou Kurt S Paulson


Gerd January 26, 2015 at 11:56 am

Our grandson had found a pair of soccer shoes on the Dick’s website. He wanted a pair (gold colored) for Christmas. Unfortunately they were not available on-line and only available in-store. The local store didn’t have any and after spending hours attempting to locate them, I found them in the Garland, TX store. There were no other stores in the nation that had his size in stock. I called Garland and made contact with a sales associate named Arturo. Within 2 weeks, I received a call that the shoes had arrived at our local store in Salt Lake City, UT. It made my grandson’s Christmas! Props to Arturo in the Dicks’ Sporting Goods store in Garland, TX for going the extra mile and ensuring a little boy got his Christmas wish!


tiara January 24, 2015 at 5:29 pm



Donny January 18, 2015 at 4:44 pm

dicks is a joke. I work for them and Ill tell you first hand the management sucks and the corporate people are even worse. how can you expect to feed your family on a 5 hour paycheck???!!!!


Jena January 13, 2015 at 2:25 pm

Let me just say I’m usually not the person to leave comments but when you go to your local Dick’s store in Chattanooga, TN to place an order(dec.18th) so you can make sure your child’s bike arrives before Christmas which DID NOT HAPPEN and I finally received it on Dec. 30th. So I called to make a claim “someone will contact you in the next 3 to 5 business days” has never happened. You should not make promises you can not keep. Just saying


Joe January 12, 2015 at 7:29 am

Been trying since 12/20/14 to purchase a product they had a Guarantee Christmas promo, but they don’t hold to the promise so after phone calls and e-mails Dicks reads from a text Sorry and the story someone would call, please don’t hold your breath. I spend Thousands at Dicks, and have rewards that I will not use because I will not spend another penny at Dicks, nor will my Hunt club for ammo & other items. The end


Tom G. January 11, 2015 at 10:24 pm

I ordered a woman’s North Face jacket the week before Christmas. The salesperson I worked with did a great job locating another store that had the particular size and color I was looking for. The order was placed at the Virginia Beach store but the order was to be filled and shipped directly to my address from the Washington, DC store. Christmas Eve came and not present showed up. Needless to say very embarrassed and annoyed come Christmas Day. Therefore, I called the DC store who denied ever receiving the order and proceeded to tell me this was not their policy(to ship for another store). I made several attempts to try and contact the Sales Rep that assisted me and finally got a hold of the Manager to track this down. I did not receive the courtesy of a reply. I plan to call the Manager for a full refund and advise him I will never buy another item at Dick’s Sporting Goods again. Package never did arrive and I am left with absolute embarrassment.
This company does not appear to be customer service oriented from my experience.


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