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Charlie Brown's Fresh Grill Corporate Office Address

Charlie Brown's Corporation
35 Main StreetSecond Floor
Millburn, New Jersey 07041

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Phone Number: (973) 232-6570
Fax Number: (973) 232-6564
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Charlie Brown's Fresh Grill Facts

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Charlie Brown's Fresh Grill Executives

CEO: Russell D'Anton

Charlie Brown's Fresh Grill History

Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill, originally called Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse, but most often simply called Charlie Brown’s, was founded in 1966 in Warren, New Jersey by three business associates who wanted a restaurant nice enough for business lunches, as well as dinner out with friends or family.

The company operates a chain of steak and seafood restaurants whose specialty dish is prime rib and a special house salad. The company has been sold several times over the years and currently belongs to Praesidian Capital, a private equity firm.

Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill filed for bankruptcy in 2010, forcing the company to close 47 locations. Today, the company has 25 locations in three states.

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Angelina Calantropio February 1, 2018 at 7:16 pm

I visited your Millburn Charlie Brown and it was my worst experience between service and the food, My friend and I have stopped there before the theatre and always have been satisfied but today it sucked, first order was wrong so they redid it and the second order was a disaster ,the service was the worst we ever had, tried to call and line is disconnected, and so is contact.
It came brunt on one side and she did not want to complain because she already had and suffered with her sandwich, I did not know what was wrong with it until I had taken the other half home and seen why she didn’t eat it, I called and told her why she didn’t send it back, she said she was hungry and had waited long enough


BilliJo O'Kane January 12, 2018 at 3:30 pm

my husband and I go to dinner at least 3 times a week. Charlie Browns is included where we like to dine. Recently a new location in Forked River, NJ has opened. Last night we went there for the first time. My husband witnessed a horrible health issue. He was exiting the men’s room when he witnessed that a gentleman who worked there , who just finished a bowel movement, exit the rest room without washing his hands and walk directly in the kitchen. Our dinners sitting in front of us, we paid for our food and left the establishment without eating for obvious reasons. I feel this issue needs to be addressed quickly before there is a health outbreak there.


Joanne Gutzler October 7, 2017 at 1:16 pm

My Husband Art and I have been regulars at Charlie Browns in Springfield, PA for years and we always have the same wonderful server Denise. CB is one of our favorite places to go every week. We look forward to dinner there on Friday nights – it’s a place where everybody knows your name and you feel welcome. Our friends have joined us many of times for our Friday night dinners.

Every year in October we celebrate my husband’s birthday together with my daughter-in-laws birthday at CB. This year my husband turned 70 and I decided to give him a surprise party on September 30th , and there is only one place I felt I could make it special and that was at CB.

Sue the manager was so wonderful, helpful and accommodating. Our wonderful servers were Denise and Ellen.

Sue did a great job in setting up our space in the dinning room. I was not there for the appetizers but all of the guests told me that they were excellent.

The food, the salad bar, and everything was excellent. My husband felt his birthday was special! My thank you to the staff of CB in Springfield.

My intention was to write a letter containing wonderful comments which I think I have done, but, I am saddened that yesterday, October 4th, I got a call from Corporate because they were not sure when my party was going to be held and to inform me that they have closed the doors permanently in Springfield. I am so sorry to hear that because I know that there are other people also who regularly go to Charlie Brown’s, not to mention the short notice given to Denise and Ellen whom we have known for many years. We have been going there so long that the staff felt like family.

Springfield is a small community and it was so nice to have a restaurant that caters to the locals.

Again, I am very disappointed in your decision to close this location.

Joanne Gutzler


harold brilliant April 28, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Complaint…………..Complaint, petty, but irritating. Went to Fishkill restaurant last evening. Parking filled up, dropped niece’s husband off to get table. We (niece and I) joined him.
Had to wait several minutes, waitress was busy. After a few minutes she passed by–said she’s be with us shortly (okay), but waited a few more minutes. Finally got up, spoke to buss boy? Omar to find our waitress. Finally after a few more minutes she finally came by. We immediately ordered our meal along with the drinks at this point. I ordered a glass of beer expecting the Happy Hour price………Waitress said “No” it was seven minutes after the 7:00 cut-off. I explained we’d been there “before” 7. She basically said too bad. It’s not paying a couple bucks more, it was insulting! She knew we we there in time. Either bad waitress or crappy management policy. Interesting to see what he has to say.
Even if we had arrived at 7:00, one way or the other, the tie should go to the customer.
Is their whole operation that way? I live local, have visited there often, hosted small family functions there in the past. But getting insulted over something stupid???


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