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Champs Sports Corporate Office Address

Champs Sports, Inc.
330 West 34th Street
New York, New York 10001

Contact Champs Sports

Phone Number: (212) 720-3700
Fax Number:
Email: Email Champs Sports

Champs Sports Facts

Founder: Division of Woolworths
Date Founded: 1997
Founding Location: Tampa, Florida
Number of Employees: 5437

Champs Sports Executives

CEO: Richard A. Johnson
CFO: Lauren B. Peters
COO: Lewis Phillip Kimble

Champs Sports History

Champs Sports Logo

Champs Sports was founded in the early part of the 1980s as a division of the Woolworth Company. Champs Sports began selling athletic apparel and shoes as the concept of the five and dime department store began to die out. Specialty stores, such as Champs Sports and Foot Locker, became more profitable. As Woolworth closed their department stores, they opened more sporting goods stores, including Champs Sports.

Today, Champs Sports is a subsidiary of Foot Locker and has 547 locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Champs Sports Store Front

In 2012, Nike and Champs Sports launched Nike Yardline. These are stores that specialize in NFL apparel and footwear. This collaboration has proved profitable and both companies state that they are looking to expand these stores in the future.

The company announced in mid-2018 that they were moving out of the Tampa University Mall and setting up shop in a nearby strip mall for improved visibility to the public.

Champs Sports has headquarters in New York, New York.

Champs Sports Logo 2

Champs Sports FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Champs Sports?
Answer 1: The phone number for Champs Sports is (212) 720-3700.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Champs Sports?
Answer 2: The CEO of Champs Sports is Richard A. Johnson.

Question 3: Who founded Champs Sports?
Answer 3: Champs Sports was founded by Division of Woolworths in 1997.

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James E August 23, 2019 at 10:43 pm

Okay , so I made a purchase on a ken Griffey authentic Jersey which normally cost 300, but I was on sale for 65. Now the issue i am having is that i wait 5 days for this item jus for it to be a mesh batting practice Jersey which is significant different from what I purchased, even though the bag and invoice had the correct info. So I call customer service to see if they could exchange for a different authentic for their mistake and also because the item is no longer available. So I speak w a Ashley who is a sup, and she says she sat exchange that hotel vfc or a authentic because it needs to be around the price I paid, yet the item I ordered was on sale so wasnt the 300 like it should be it was 65. So I explain I want an authentic like I purchased. She gets very rude and says it has to be 65 and then says we can give you a 10 dollar gift card. Now how does that equal the item I was suppose to get. Not to mention she was rude w bad customer service skills. So I call back and get whitney, I guess all champs supervisor have no training and are rude, so I am hoping to speak w someone from corporate to resolve this issue cause it hasn’t been resolved and I’m highly upset w my experience. I nva shop w champs anymore and when I do this how I get treated ??? CEO MR JOHNSON SHIULD CONTACT ME OR HAVE SOMEONE HOGHER THM A SUP. CUST I’D OF MINE IS 4778409. THIS A PATHETIC WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS U NEED NEW EMPLOYEES.


Lydia Amaral June 12, 2019 at 1:26 pm

I have been in the Champs Sports store located on 700 Paramus Park (Site 1030) for nearly 40 minutes attempting to do what should have been a simple exchange. Last week I purchased shorts for my son. One was available at the store and one came via mail. The shorts were a bit snuggly so my son requested I return them for a larger size.

I stressed to “Chels” the transaction should be completed at the same time since the shorts were “by one get on free”. She ignored me. So now here I stand 40 minutes later while “Chels” attempts to “figure it out”. Needless to say, I warned her the transaction should be completed at the same time. She decided to do the transaction of exchange from one pair of shorts to another then attempt the mail order. Of course I knew this would not work. She repeatedly asked Assistance Store Manager “Stan” for assistance. He ignored her, when I started to lose my patience “Stan” stated “I don’t know what your problem is”. I calmly stated my problem is your employee asked for help, you ignored her and now your inability to assist is now my over 40 minute inconvenience.

I am still at this store while these two incompetent employees are trying to figure it out. May someone please call to assist them? The store number is 201-261-2407.

I desperately want to go home. I am exhausted, I am an RN that just completed an 18 hour shift and here I stand waiting


Richard A April 12, 2019 at 10:59 am

I am extremely upset with Champs regarding the purchase of some Nike Air Max’s yesterday. I used my Cash App Visa card to process the purchase. Let me break down the process of events. I sold an item to someone who paid me $68 on my cash app. With that $68 I figured I would by another pair of shoes from Champs. I spend thousands of dollars on shoes from Champs for shoes for myself and family members. You guys always have the better selection and prices in my opinion. So I had $68 on my cash app visa card which can be used anywhere visa is excepted. I tried to see if your system would allow the $68 to come off that card and I would also enter my visa debit card info for the remaining balance. The transaction was declined. I then added $51.07 from my debit card to my cash app visa card to total $119.07, the price on the sneakers it showed online prior to the purchase. At this time I selected “place my order” and as soon as I did that I received a notification that the process went through and my cash app balance was $0. Like the first transaction if there was not enough money the transaction would not have went through. I also received an email from Champs for the order confirmation. This was at 3:06pm. Now the transaction was declined the first time for not enough money on my cash app visa card. After I added the correct amount the order processed immediately. Now at 4:24pm Champs tried to make a 2nd transaction for 1 penny $.01. This transaction was declined since my balance was $0 on my cash app visa card. So now Champs canceled my order and my money is in limbo somewhere.

I called champs twice yesterday from phone number XXX-XXX-8228. The first call at 5:08pm where the call was answered but the rep never spoke and kept me on the line for a few minutes until I hung up and had to call back. The first rep I spoke with I gave her all the information I am giving you but she wasn’t listening to what I was saying so I asked to speak with the supervisor who’s name is Kevin R. employee ID 5829. We spoke for about 30 minutes going back and forth with no resolution. He did guarantee me that the money would go back on my cash app visa within 3-5 days. Please verify the calls to confirm. This is still unacceptable. I was told the transaction didn’t go through which would mean there is no need for a “refund”. So I am waiting for a refund for a transaction that didn’t go through. Next Champs canceled my purchase because the amount that showed online and is what I paid (119.07) was then changed that reflected a penny difference in the price. The sales tax in Nevada is 8.25% which would have been $9.07 on the $110.00 purchase I made. Because the tax was $9.075 your system rounded the tax to $9.08 after my purchase and tried to pull an additional $.01 an hour and 18 minutes later. This again is not my fault nor the fault of the cash app. I stated to the supervisor this is unacceptable and I wanted him to reverse the process and I will pay the penny difference which he stated can’t be done. Since I don’t know where my money is or when I will get it back I would like you guys to process the order and I’ll gladly pay the additional penny.

I can’t believe this is such an issue with such a large company. This again is unacceptable in every aspect. The supervisor even stated it seems like a system issue. How can you hold a customer responsible for a system issue?


Lakisha Hammond December 17, 2018 at 11:37 am

I placed an instore order. Ronnie H. at store #1814065 was very helpful as always. I have no complaints about the service he provided, the price, nor the products. However, I DO have an issue with the fact that I cannot track my package. I have been receiving a “404 error” and the page has been down. I called customer service yesterday, waited on hold for 58 minutes, only to find out that the representative (Dane Laufer) could not help me with finding my package. However, he DID help me with my linking VIP account. First of all, Champs Sports should have a faster customer service call center. Open more call centers so your customers won’t have to wait for an hour to speak to a call representative, only to find out that they have to TRANSFER you! And FIRE YOUR IT DEPARTMENT (package tracking)! Wowwww. Ridiculous.


T C December 11, 2018 at 7:05 pm

The company confirmed and charged me for a purchase and when it was too late for me to purchase elsewhere, canceled my existing order. On 12/8, I purchased a release shoe. The money was taken from my account on the same day, and this evening I received a very nonchalant email from the company stating they did not have the shoe. The email states that after searching all of their locations, they were unable to locate the shoe even after they took my money and sent a confirmation number out. The email goes on to say that my account was not charged; however, PayPal paid them on the same day. I had to call a call center where I was on hold for over 27 minutes, and I had no choice but to sit and wait because they had my money and the email stated otherwise. Once I spoke with “customer service”, I was told, “something happened with the inventory at the location where the order was originally sent.” I am still not exactly sure what that means. In any event, the rep. graciously agreed to give me my own money back and to “officially cancel the order.” Now mind you, he had to cancel the order and refund my money even though the email stated that the order was canceled and no money was taken. I was not satisfied with how my purchase or money was handled, so I asked to have my complaint escalated because I wanted to make a formal complaint. I was transferred to a “supervisor.” She proceeded to argue that a confirmation number is not confirmation of a purchase and that a purchase is only confirmed through a tracking number or shipment information. I explained to her that the website makes no mention that the order is only confirmed after you receive tracking information, and neither does the confirmation email that was sent after my purchase. I asked her to email me or screenshot the language from the website (she still has not sent the language). After discussing how I feel Champs was greedy when they decided to oversell the shoe, I asked how to make a formal complaint and my only recourse (from what the supervisor said) was to make a complaint on the Champs website, which appears to be laughable. Ironically, their own websites says when an order is sent via their website, it is processed as soon as you press “place order” so no changes or cancelations can be made. I guess that language is only true when it benefits the company. If my order was processed as soon as I hit “place order” why didn’t I receive some sort of kick back or error message for the shoe that they did not have? This is the first and last to time this happens to me because I will never patronize any Champs or their affiliates. It is disheartening that companies can operate in such a manner. Just one last note, I am really pissed too because I was in the process of paying for the shoes on another website when Champs confirmed the purchase. Of course, I ended that transaction after Champs confirmed. Just sheer greed and a lack of consideration for customers on their part. I prepared and planned for this purchase because it was for a my son’s Christmas gift. He is an avid collector of the brand of shoe that was released on 12/8. I could have made the purchase on another website if Champs had simply noted the shoes was not in stock or could not be guaranteed even after we take your money. They didn’t even have the decency to offer any type of credit for the inconvenience.


Carrie B. December 5, 2018 at 10:52 am

Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? You advertise to “see price in cart”, so I add to cart thinking you are getting a deal and it’s literally $.01 cheaper. Are you serious? What kind of advertising is this? I am highly offended that you would even put something so ridiculous on your web site. If you are not giving your customers a discount (and $.01 is NOT a discount), I suggest you remove this from your site. It’s a waste of my time to add it to cart to see that it’s not at all discounted.

adidas Tiro 17 Jacket
$65.00 See price in cart

This was $64.99 when I added it to my cart!
I would think making people think that they are getting a deal, only to see that they are not is false advertising. As a consumer I look for deals especially during the holiday when money is tight, when I see “see price in cart” typically it means there’s deal…for your company obviously not!


Bobby Brown September 19, 2018 at 9:46 pm

went into store 15055. the yardline was closed two days in a row. the manager whose name is Nate is very rude. not customer friendly there.


Roger Scott July 22, 2018 at 7:18 pm

I bought a pair of tennis shoes for 108.00 dollar and they charged my card three time i bought the shoes july 13 2018 and they have yet too refund my card for i kept getting a running fron customer service several time so im going to thee bbb. Do if u buy any thing from champ with a credit card check your bank account before leaving the store


Jennifer Mershon June 11, 2018 at 6:46 pm

I am absolutely never recommending your company to anyone. Got my son and his friend shoes, found out when we got home 1 was supposed to be a pair of size 10, received 1 10 and 1 8 1/2. Other box was supposed to be a 9 1/2, received 1 9 and 1 9 1/2. Called the store which is a 2 1/2 hour drive away for them to tell me that I would have to either drive there for them to fix it or have the right mate (can’t find the other 9 1/2 in the store mind you) shipped to a store an hour from my house. Then I will have to return the “9 1/2” and order the correct ones. I feel that they need to ship them to me then I can in turn ship (free shipping is a must) the wrong ones back. This is ridiculous customer service. Not only am I out at the moment all the money I spent at the store because the boys can’t wear there new shoes but I am also going to be out gas money and my time for having to travel to fix THEIR mistake. The customer ALWAYS pays for the company screw ups!


Lisa Gonzalez January 25, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your email.

This is a follow up email from your chat session today, 1/24/2018 as it
appears that we got disconnected. I have contacted my supervisor who
recommended that you email us a copy of your receipt to
customercare@ Once we can see the return receipt
indicating that the refund was issued back to the incorrect payment
method, we would be happy to further assist you. We look forward to your


Dustin M.
eCustomer Care Specialist

For the best customer service, please reply with email history and
reference customer number 5669539.

Original Message Follows:

lisa: My refund never hit my bank account.

Dustin M.: Thank you for contacting Champs Sports Customer Service!
Dustin M.: I can definitely check on that for you! Could you please
verify your name and full billing address?
lisa: lisa gonzalez

lisa: I have been getting the run around on this for days.
lisa: It has been over 2 weeks
lisa: I have live chatted, called, even called the store and spoke with
the manager, still no results.
lisa: I have filed a complaint with the BBB.
lisa: I don’t mean to take it out on you, but this is ridiculous.
Dustin M.: Let me check into this for you!
lisa: I spend a lot of money at Champs throughout the year and after
this, I will not spend another dime there.
lisa: I have invoice number, receipt, whatever you need
Dustin M.: I was able to locate the account. I am checking the account
notes and previous chat transcripts.
lisa: thx
Dustin M.: What did the store say when you contacted them?
lisa: I spoke with Andrew on Monday and he was supposed to get back to
me. Said he was e-mailing someone. I called today to speak to him and
what do you know, he’s out until Friday.
Dustin M.: One moment please…
Dustin M.: Just to clarify as I could not tell by the account notes, was
the item you returned to the store originally purchased online or was it
within our store?
lisa: And the weird thing is, on the refund receipt that he gave my son,
where it says amount tendered: -73.87; then it says Visa Acct:
***********7195. I do not have any cards ending in 7195.
lisa: Purchased online on November 22
lisa: Returned to store on Jan. 13
lisa: It was a Christmas present
lisa: My son took the invoice that came with the online order and the
hoodie to the store physically to return it.
Dustin M.: I sincerely apologize for the mix up. Let me check with my
lisa: thanks


Erick Jackson November 30, 2017 at 8:54 pm

Hey i went into champs on 11/30/17 and brought two pair of adidas grade school shoes , which had the price of 65.00 in them , as i got to the front Ruben at school 14085 took care of me which was great , we had a great conversation so i wasn’t paying attention to the price as he was ringing me up , after i left the store which is ( 14085 ) and got into the car i looked at my receipt and saw that he meaning Ruben charged me $90 for both pairs of shoes so i went back to the store the same day and told them that the shoes i saw and picked out was 65 bucks which i showed him meaning Ruben , Ruben called over his manger didn’t get his name and i told and showed him the same thing , he told me that the price wasn’t right in them shoes and he couldnt give me The shoes for the price that i saw which was 65 bucks , i didn’t have anything to do with the price being wrong so i think i should had gotten the shoes for 65


billy November 5, 2017 at 9:46 am

went to the Oak Park Mall location in Kansas City to purchase the new Ultraboost ATR. Asked one of the 2 guys standing there to grab me a size 13. they did and i bought them. When checking out the girl asked who helped with the issue. I pointed out it was the bigger of the two black guys and also noted it was the one wearing Ultra boost and jokingly said we don’t buy from people wearing vapormax. They all laughed and I proceeded to check out. at this point the gentleman who helped me with my shoes heard me mention him being the bigger of the two guys and flexed in the doorway to acknowledge that he was bigger than the other guy suddenly about two seconds later the smaller of the two guys comes out from the back claiming I called him an idiot at first I thought he was joking but when he starts to cuss at me saying he doesn’t need his f****** job and will beat my a** right here in the store while his employees were trying to hold him back I was caught off guard. I approached him and mentioned I never called him an idiot and asked why he was taking this all so serious and personal he continued to wave a shoe tree in my face and explain that the store closed at 9 p.m. and he would gladly meet me outside to fight if needed at this point there were minimum 30 customers many many children in the store and the guy said he did not give a f*** about the customers when his coworker told him to stop. when your customers whove spent THOUSAND OF DOLLARS between your mjlyiple brands and stores, to be threatened by an employee is unacceptable. ill never shop at your locations again and will be posting in all my local shoe groups about your employees and how the groups 25,000 kc shoppers should do so too! Dom at Oak Park Champs is everything wrong with the sneaker game!


Kimberly October 14, 2017 at 10:29 pm

I ordered two pair of shoes 3 weeks ago I called them on the seventh business day and they told me they couldn’t verify the payment so they cancelled the ordered but on the card it says they took away the $284 of the shoes so I kept calling them back every 3 days and they said they had the money on hold that it would take 72 hours for my money back I called 2 days ago and they said they never had my money on hold I checked up with my bank and my bank told me they don’t have nothing refunded into the account and everytime I call they always send me to the Payment center I left all my information twice and they never call back WORST EXPERIENCE! Never shopping here again ! I’m still waiting for my refund !


Cmisavage August 19, 2017 at 1:56 pm

I was there shopping on Tue 8/15/2017 The service that I received was terrible whenever I would ask the rep a question it was like I was bothering him then during check out I was asking a question on a product and he just ignored me to talk to a group of kids/friends that were there and proceeds to tell me you see that’s why I work here it fun we have a lot of fun here store was like a kindergarten class without a teacher.

When I got home my son was going to put on the socks he just purchased from Champs along with his new gym shoes from there and we noticed that the rep left the security clips on the socks, so then I had to go back several days later to the store to take them off and when I got there I was letting the rep in the store know what was going on with the service I received and letting her know how frustrating it is when you are treated so poorly as a customer and how if he would have paid attention to what he was doing this would have not happened, The manager Erika proceeds to verbally yell at me in the store saying that they are human and that I should not say what he did was stupid I told her she was not there to see how he had treated me and that I did not call him stupid what he did was stupid if he would have been paying attention to the customer and that there is a difference from doing something stupid to being stupid. She then yells at me some more in front of my children as well as other customers around us never asking what had happen to me with the employee on the day that I spent over $200.00, she only asked the young lady who was taking care of me who the employee was and when she showed her who it was the manager said nothing and continued on her scolding me the customer. I will not shop at this store ever again and I feel as though there should be some disciplinary actions taken. This is not a way to treat customers I can see why the employees behave the way that they do if the Manager of the store is so badly behaved herself.


Glover August 18, 2017 at 4:43 pm

Champs have the worst customer service and resolution team ever. This is an ongoing issue due to no communication skill representatives. Over shoes that cost 57.99. This company is only about taking your money. Poor customer service agents and they refuse to put management on the phone. You have to talk to a resolution specialist thats not hitting on crape. I guess 57.99 will make Champs richer. It’s too much hassle on returning merchandise. Zach and Clement have the wrong occupation and the lady who took my order in the beginning. Call corporate office no answer still after calling 10 times. Just worst company I have ever purchase from. This company will not ever earn my business again. Take it from me people, stay away from this company. I should have just waited and bought my kids shoes from Finishline, like I normally do. That’s what we get though when we jump to another store.


Amanda Wilson July 13, 2017 at 6:52 pm

I ordered a Kevin Durant jersey at champs sports mall st. Matthews . They did not have it in stock so they said it could be shipped to my home. The jersey came but it was not the one that was ordered. It was a Stephen curry jersey that was shipped to my house. I talked to 3 people
In customer service. The first two told me that the only way my 8 year old son could get the Kevin Durant jersey was to take back the Stephen curry jersey to the store and do an exchange. I explained that why should I have to use my gas money and time to take back something when it was you all that shipped the wrong item. They told me there was nothing they could do. I talked to a third woman who told me that they couthird woman who told me that they could ship out the Kevin Durant jersey and then I would have to mail the Stephen curry jersey back. I told her the only way they was going to get the jersey back is to mail me a slip I could put directly in with my mail. They agreed to do that. I was literally put on hold for an hour over and over again over a 26 dollar jersey. I told them that any other company would let my 8 year old son keep the other jersey for our hassle. I spent over an hour trying to get this resolved and it would have never happened if the right jersey was sent. I told them not only will I tell everyone I know how champs did us but I will also never purchase another item from champs or foot locker as long as I live. I have bought numerous pairs of shoes and clothing from there as I have 3 kids and they would no longer be receiving any business from me or
Anyone that knows me. They did nothing to fix to problem. The customer service agents were rude and disrespectful and did nothing to help. I wouldn’t even pay people like that to represent my company. You all must not care about the consumer. In all my years, I have never been treated this poorly. They did not even try to compensate for their mistake. I will never shop there again.


Emma April 29, 2017 at 6:49 pm

I was going to purchase a pair of shoes and they did not have matching laces. When I pointed this out to the manager, Ray, at the Champs in the Westfarms Mall of CT, he rudely refused to acknowledge this error. I asked to void the transaction but the gift card I swiped with already had been charged and the funds were emptied. Now I asked for a refund onto my gift card and they stated they did it but told me they could not print a copy of the cancelled transaction for my records. I spoke to mall customer service at a separate area in the mall and security was called to help escort me back to the store and deal with the Champs store employee incompetence. As of today I still have not had the funds returned to me and I never got the shoes since I asked to void the sale from the very beginning. The store stole the money on the gift card and I was told to wait 3-5 business days to see if the money is put back on the card. I will never shop there again. They committed a crime and never once did any employee at the store including the manager, Ray, I had to deal with multiple times during that day ever apologize to me. I’m very disappointed that customer service is not included in the training the Champs company is supposed to give their hired employees.


Elizabeth Tapia January 4, 2017 at 1:20 pm

I was very upset when the Champs at Dadeland, Florida told me their were 2 pairs of a particular sneakers available in the champs at Dolphins Mall in Doral. I manager at Dadeland told me they don’t hold shoes for anyone . I rushed to Dolphin mall and I ask the Champs manager for the sneakers and she told me yes we have it when she suddenly comes back to me and says sorry a worker is holding it to buy it for himself but he can not purchase it until he finishes his shift. Mind you his shift was ending at night . I was so upset that they would not sell me the sneakers a customer because an employee was holding it for himself. That is why is showed available. The other sneaker was not to be found. I think this is very poor customer service support. The managers just left me standing there and did not care to help me anymore. The two managers at this locations should be fired. It was a young girl and guy. I will never shop at Champs again and will encourage my friends not to shop their either


Mindy December 7, 2016 at 12:03 am

How does champs sports Store hire for holidays and only give employees 4 hours a week…. but yet when I called the store they claim they are still hiring… really give ur employees some hours instead of keeping hiring…. I know the store has to have certain amount of “bodies” for the sales but really don’t hire if u only going to give employees 4 hours a week…also why are store managers so rude to their empolyees?? Someone sure does need to look into this issue


Evann November 14, 2016 at 3:53 pm

The employees at the store in Evansville Indiana are telling people wrong time to get their Jordans so they can give them to their people had this happen to me 3 times


Jack June 12, 2016 at 1:37 pm

I just had the most humiliating experience of my life as a result of the actions of a Champs employee. This matter needs to be handled immediately before it escalates!


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