CenturyLink Corporate Office

CenturyLink Corporate Office Address

CenturyLink, Inc.
100 CenturyLink Dr
Monroe, LA 71203

Contact CenturyLink

Phone Number: (318) 388-9000
Fax Number: http://www.centurylink.com/help/contact/
Website: http://www.centurylink.com
Email: Email CenturyLink


CEO: Glen F. Post III
CFO: R. Stewart Ewing Jr.
COO: Karen A. Puckett

CenturyLink History

CenturyLink was founded in 1968 as Central Telephone and Electronics Corporation.  In 1971, the name was changed to Century Telephone Enterprises and then to CenturyTel in 1999.

Oak Ridge Telephone Company originally served 3 states with around 10,000 access lines.  In 1968, Oak Ridge incorporated as Central Telephone and Electronics.

In 1978, the company went public and began to trade on the NYSE under symbol CTL.

In 1981, the company acquired War Telephone from WV.  War Telephone was sold 2 years later due to financial issues.

In 1989, Universal Telephone was acquired.  In 1992, Central Telephone Company of Ohio was added to the company.

In 2008, Embarq acquired CenturyTel.  In 2010, the name was changed to CenturyLink.  The CenturyLink corporate office is located in Monroe, LA.

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DJ July 2, 2015 at 2:54 pm

Hello general public. We have been trying to reach Alex Juarez from Centurylink Corporate in Phoenix, Az. This corporate entity is already aware that they are making billions of dollars and have NO intention of responding to customers or cleaning up their act. I “tried” to cancel with Centurylink within days of signing up and bundling with Directv. Directv is awesome but needs to divorce this company that is giving it a very bad name. We are planning a protest and full out boycott this month. Sadly Centurylink takes great pleasure in gauging & exploiting the elderly. The elderly is a large population in the state of Arizona. We will be heard! Extortion , bullying , threatening to ruin my credit, and full fledged tantrums over the phone have been my daily experience since April 2015 from this zero-one star company. We are organizing and will be standing our ground. Several media outlets have been informed. All I want to do is cancel and apparently malice and being vindictive is just another day at the office with centurylink corporation big wigs and their untrained reps! Sick and tired in Mesa Village


Ana morales June 30, 2015 at 8:33 pm

Worst idea ever to sign up with Century Link agent show no AER, the show no I could help you attitude none of them leave clear notes on the account the supervisors do not help you the supervisors and the agents won’t give you the agent IDs their stories do not match up and none of them seem to be able to give any kind of resolution and will not ask fact finding questions to top it off because of their in inability to process information or understand the situation a customer has to pay and not have services when needed to very sad for a very big company to lose their customer service also interested in sales handle time and numbers whenever I hear anybody trying to get Centrelink I will make sure to tell him not to because of the customer care experience on them my two days of frustration being transfer all over the place 19 and a resolution will forever prevent me from getting the services again sad because one of the other greatest companies is combined with Centrelink which is Verizon and DirecTV those two companies will hurt a lot with this customer care


Christine Rogers June 23, 2015 at 9:53 am

SO disappointed with this company…sorry I switched from Xfinity but I will be switching back !! They have no clue about customer service.


McKenzie M. June 22, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I hope nobody makes the mistake of signing up for services with this company. Their customer service and way of business is absolutely horrific. I work in the customer service industry and I would be fired if I gave the customer service they provided to me. I signed up to get wifi with CenturyLink and was going to bundle with DirectTv…… Within the next 2 days I found out I was unable to have the DirectTv dish at my apartment so I immediately called DirectTv to cancel and then called CenturyLink to cancel as well…. It turns out that they person who supposedly cancelled my account had never done that so I ended up being billed for 2 months of service that I never used. I called 4 more times to cancel again and after getting poor customer service from the representative they finally assured me that the account was cancelled. BUT it hats not all…… After another month, I received a final cancellation bill for $299.86 that I had to pay because I didn’t cancel within 39 days. How is that even possible when I called the very next day to cancel??? Once I received that bill I called, AGAIN!!! This was the 5th time….. I talked to 3 different people who told me they had NO record I called to cancel. After dealing with 6 or more differ met people from this terrible company I ended up having to pay $300 to take care of this. I will tell everyone that they shouldn’t sign up for your services and I plan on posting this on every website I can find. CenturyLink has poor customer service and poor communication, and terrible service systems. DO NOT USE CENTURYLINK. It’s a nightmare. Such a rip-off… Not worth it!


Joanna larose June 19, 2015 at 11:19 pm

I received a 14.99 one year for Internet service. Someone had called me and told me I
Could not receive this? Then I received an email stating I cancelled this? No I did not.
The person who gave it to me was in error. That they would extend the rate for six months.
Of course I am not happy about it.
Then I have had consistent problems with the modem it is always a three hour plus to
Get it straightened out. I have the replacement modem however, due to family
Emergencies was unable to spend that much time on the phone.
This is a problem. Why can’t this all be simple?
How could someone change my service? This is unacceptable.
Thank you


Rita Valenta June 18, 2015 at 3:25 pm

I would like to talk to one of the executives of CenturyLink regarding very very poor customer service I received from Theresa Employee ID TPJA046. She refused to answer a simple question regarding a franchise fee, then refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor.
I was a supervisor in a call center for 15 years and her behavior reflects poorly on the entire company.


William Comer June 16, 2015 at 1:32 am

It appears that others are having issues with CenturyLink. I have in a state of dispute over charges and billing from the beginning of service a year ago. Now, for me too, there is one more incident of communication failure. What irony! A communications industry unable to communicate efficiently and respectfully with it’s customers!


fred smith June 7, 2015 at 9:52 pm

They keep billing me for internet service after I moved and terminated the service. The customer service staff really doesn’t care. They have a bad attitude. Meanwhile, I refuse to pay another cent to them and enjoy my cable internet.


Denis Conroy June 4, 2015 at 11:19 am

I was faced by an aggressive rude Centurylink employee yesterday on my doorstep. He departed my home after he failed to scam me into buying Prisim TV Service shouting slanderous remarks about me that neighbours could hear. Lucky for me one of my neighbours actually wittnessed the incident. I contacted the Sherriff’s who with myself approached the TV sales team and filed a report.
I have spoken with someone at my local centurylink office, Another from the escalation dept who was less than helpful and then contacted the Corporate office who took my details before transferring me to an answering service. Now, a day later I am still waiting for the call to be returned! Do they really not care a bit about what go’s on?


No Name May 28, 2015 at 4:45 pm

I would like a communication from someone who can make decisions regarding a disputed $80 bill. Unhappy is a mild adjective for my feelings about Century Link and their employees over the last six month period.


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