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Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Office Address

Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.
5500 Wayzata Blvd Suite 1600
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

Contact Buffalo Wild Wings

Phone Number: (952) 593-9943
Fax Number: (952) 593-9787
Website: http://www.buffalowildwings.com
Email: Email Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Facts

Founder: James Disbrow and Scott Lowery
Date Founded: 1982
Founding Location: Kent, Ohio
Number of Employees: 4000

Buffalo Wild Wings Executives

CEO: Sally J. Smith
CFO: Alexander H. Ware
COO: James M. Schmidt

Buffalo Wild Wings History

Buffalo wild wings logo

Buffalo Wild Wings (or BW3 for short) was founded in 1982 after friends James Disbrow and Scott Lowery were unable to find a good place to eat chicken wings in Kent, Ohio.  They decided to open their own restaurant and Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck opened in Columbus, Ohio.  A year later, they opened a second location in the Columbus suburb of Westerville.

The company began to offer franchises and the company took off. The name of the company was eventually shortened to just Buffalo Wild Wings but the nickname BW3 or B-Dubs has stuck.

Buffalo wild wings food platter In 2010, the company expanded operations into Canada.

A former employee filed a federal lawsuit in May 2019 stating that the company promoted a racially hostile work environment and that managers allowed employees to discriminate and refuse service to blacks and others if they felt they wouldn’t receive good tips.

buffalo wild wings restaurant front

As of February 2018, the company became a subsidiary of Arby’s, Inc.

There are currently over 800 locations (more than half are franchises) in 45 US states and Canada.  Buffalo Wild Wings corporate office is now located in Minneapolis, Minnesota but was previously located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Buffalo Wild Wings FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Buffalo Wild Wings?
Answer 1: The phone number for Buffalo Wild Wings is (952) 593-9943.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings?
Answer 2: The CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings is Sally J. Smith.

Question 3: Who founded Buffalo Wild Wings?
Answer 3: Buffalo Wild Wings was founded by James Disbrow and Scott Lowery in 1982.

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Shirley Jean Hightower July 31, 2019 at 11:11 am

This is what we found in our box when we get home burnt wings. This is very bad business unsatisfied customer. When we took it back to the store and ask for the manager all she could say was I can fix you another order. No thank you no kind of concern for the customer act as if it was a normal thing. Buffalo Wild Wings this is not good customer service the cook in the cashier had to know these Wings was burnt. The cashier never opened the box to let us look at the wings so she knew then the wings was burnt. Why would you give a customer burnt food like this very very bad experience. The pictures above speak for yourself. No gratitude I hope this is it a norm atmosphere are you a restaurant. When you play with people food and given service like this you will never succeed. Your cook needs to know this isn’t good customer service. Feel free to contact me through my email if you have any questions . So as a customer how can you help me to believe I can’t continue to order food from you and not get disappointed. I had to use extra gas to go back and take the food and my supper was ruined due to this experience . Sincerely a bad experience customer.


Calypso Jones May 21, 2019 at 2:49 pm

I want to commend you on your response to one of your employees threatening to spit in the food of The President’s Rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania last nite. As a supporter of the President it is stunning to me the reactions of some people regarding this president who is doing good for this nation. A food service employee who would spit in customers’ food over political differences doesn’t need to be working in the food industry and needs her head examined. I hope someone explains to her the concept of free speech and of unacceptable behavior in the fast food industry. Thanks again.


Denise Jackson March 13, 2018 at 3:37 pm

I absolutely love going to the Medina, Ohio location BDubs. The staff is awesome, always friendly and personable. The food is always prepared perfect to how we order it.
But the Buffalo Wild Wings app customer service is about the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. They hide behind emails and then continue to send you the same emails every week after you submit your receipt for the points your earn on the Blazin Rewards. After over a month of going back and forth I had enough of the nonsense of them being completely rude as they come. You need to improve on your customer service for your app because its terrible.


Anonymous September 28, 2017 at 11:11 am

I worked for bww for more than four years .north clyborn location in Chicago. Had a lot of good times met a lot of good people..but I’ve been put thru so much an not appreciated ..not just that over work ..example..we should never have two or three cooks on any day with the mass numbers we do at this location.then your hiering new people but not training an just throwing them in there is a set up for unsecesses. we have unlicensed an untrained workers if u look at the paper work.so there’s a lot of unsanitary issues. I even tried to grow with the company but they denied my nonviolent background.weres the opportunity u promised? Resenty I’m become more and more unhappy .because of major labor there putting on us because of there failure to heir more workers to the point .of inconsistencies .they actually told me I can’t us my PTO (paid time off) I acXXXXulated over the years with this company due to being understaffed ..how is that my fault I’ve been try for months .just un fare an illegal.an don’t let one of the cooks have a cold or family emergency or have kids we are penalized an doXXXXented because you are understaffed.theres been days I’m coughing sneezing feavers an still want u to work an running in an out of cooler making it worse handling food but can’t u sick time or can’t call off because we don’t have enough people to cover your shift an risk termination so I put thru it sick an all knowingly. now u are putting my job in jeopardy.my family everything.then u have all these young manager that really don’t care unless someone above them gets on them then they want to act like they care.to be. Completely honest .u should drug test all of them on the spot an see how many u have left.


Caitlin September 17, 2017 at 1:23 am

No Buffalo Wild Wings I did not bring my 6 month old daughter to watch the fight! No Buffalo Wild Wings I will not pay $20 to have the “honor” to sit in your restaurant that I have been in for 2 hours already because the fight is coming on. Beyond disappointed in how Buffalo Wild Wings handled a situation tonight. We were at Buffalo Wild Wings near Disney after some time in the park to grab some food and watch college football. Apparently a fight was coming on and right before we left, they tried to charged $10/person before we left. Are you kidding me?!?! Why don’t you charge our 6 month old while you are at it? Needless to say we did NOT pay it and we will NOT be going to a BWW EVER AGAIN!! “Manager” actually made me get up and point out the hostess who didn’t tell us about the cover charge (2 hours before the fight). Yeah sure guy, let me hand off my daughter and get up to do something that you should have handled way differently from the start. Thanks to a great waitress, Kristina, for trying to do the right thing even when management tried otherwise.


Jim September 14, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Did an employee of your store in Eastvale, CA intentionally turn down the volume on MNF so as not to be able to hear the National Anthem – on 9/11???? Because corporate said it might be divisive?

Better to respond to this one sooner than later as the story is already on the local CBS news in Los Angeles!

Seriously? Seriously ? Really? Seriously? Seriously ? Really? Seriously? Seriously ? Really? Seriously? Seriously ? Really? Seriously? Seriously ? Really? Seriously? Seriously ? Really? Seriously? Seriously ? Really? Seriously? Seriously ? Really?


Lee September 6, 2017 at 8:24 pm

A BWW franchise owner in Fort Walton Beach, FL posted this on Facebook to her employees, but the post is public for all to see. While she says to pray and encourages employees to be safe on one hand, she stresses that they may not have jobs to come back to, no paychecks and that BWW may not be there anymore. Her delivery is unbelievably insensitive. She is obviously far from supportive of her employees and definitely not very professional.

“Employees who are on my Facebook (I tagged all of you I think) Once we figure out where Hurricane Irma will be tracking we will make the decision to close the store or not. We should know by Friday at the latest. Since the storm wouldn’t hit our area until Monday or Tuesday, that would/should be plenty of time for evacuations. They may actually be mandatory if it’s the BDD. Please put back some money for evacuations now while you can. If this thing hits as a Cat5, there may not be a BWWs anymore and you may not have homes to come back to. Ivan knocked out bridges that kept people from returning for weeks! That means no work, food deliveries, paychecks etc. PRAY!!! We all have a lot to lose in this situation but it should never be our lives. Don’t be stupid and try to ride it out if it’s the big one. If it dwindles to a Cat3 we’ll have a party or something to celebrate. Gavin Smith, I don’t give a XXXXX what you say. You, Kylie Laws and those babies are coming when we evacuate to Memaw Connie’s. Yes, we’re strong Floridians who’ve been thru hurricanes before but never anything this big. We’re not risking it. Especially with BABIES! Keep you tanks full of gas!”


shawntelle hargrove July 26, 2017 at 10:35 am

I have been a restaurant manager before and am a parent of a current Buffalo Wild Wings employee. I have noticed and witnessed this restaurant having issues before and apparently the struggle continues. My son has been having to do “deep cleaning” while waiting and serving his tables causing him to neglect his tables and lose out on tips. This particular restaurant was sued not long ago for this same issue but it continues. 20% of wages are paid at minimum wage for cleaning duties such as: sweeping, cleaning tables, mopping, washing dishes, etc. Deep cleaning being: scrubbing drains, cleaning mold from behind ice machines, moving shelving out and scrubbing racks, etc. With deep cleaning they are to clock in at minimum wage to do these jobs so it doesn’t interfere with the customers dining experience and the employees aren’t getting paid $3.XX an hour to do this cleaning. When the employee told the general manager, Bret, in person as he was having to scrub the back room ice bin while waiting on tables the general manager, Bret, told him to continue cleaning at server wage because it affected labor too much to have him clock out and clock in at minimum wage. Then when asked again about it on the restaurants employee web page the employee was told by the general manager, Bret, to “come in and talk to him about in person like a man”. Which I not only found to be unprofessional and disrespectful but also threatening. This is what is tolerated and accepted with Buffalo Wild Wings and this is why they are suffering in the customer service area. I am hoping this matter is cleared up before another law suit arises.
BWW N Kansas Expwy Springfield Mo 65803


zhane June 29, 2017 at 9:13 pm

I recently visited your location in Sherwood, Arkansas on June 28, 2017. Having a limited amount of time for lunch, I decided to take-out an order of chicken tenders. I was advised by the hostess Kaitlyn that the food would be ready in 10 minutes. I arrived around 12:30 noon and promptly paid . The hostess said that i could take a seat on the bench while the order was being put together. After 10 minutes has passed, a waitress approached and asked if i needed anything. I told her I had placed a to-go order and I was just waiting. Since the order was taking longer than I was told, I asked to speak to a manager. The manager named Adam, approached and asked what was going on. Not one time did he introduce himself or try to see what ethe issue was with my chicken tenders. I politely explained to him that I hadn’t got my food after being at the location a little over an hour. He responded that my chicken tenders would be out right away and would I like a discount and I have payed for the chicken tenders an hour ago. Just right after that, a waitress comes from the back and give me the chicken tenders. I told the waitress that I would like a refund because my lunch is now over and I have to get back to work to clock in because I only get an hour lunch so I don’t have time to eat my chicken tenders anymore. Well thm arrived,e waitress went to the back to get Adam and he never came out. I started getting fustrated so I stopped another waitress and asked could she please go get the manager because I can’t wait any longer I have to get back to work plus I need my money. Adam still haven’t came out so I decided to leave my name and phone number and told the waitress I will just have to come back when I get off work at 5:00PM. I returned to the location right after I got off and specifically asked for Adam. When Adam arrived to the front , I politlely introduced myself and explained to him the situation and that I would like a refund on my chicken tenders. So Adam decides to go back aand forth with me that he couldn’t give me no refund because he thought that I had ate the chicken tenders. I argued with him that I did not eat the chicken tenders and that I left them at the location. While arguing, I pointed out one of the waitresses that was still there from day shift and the waitress witnessed that I did not eat the chicken tenders and that I left the chicken tenders at the location. Finally, Adam decides to give me a refund after the waitress showed him the chicken tenders I didn’t eat. I just want to let headquarters know that I was very upset because I work from 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday and I didn’t get a chance to eat until I got off that day because of Buffalo Wild Wings. I would also like to let headquarters know that Adam is very unprofessional not one time did he apologize or try to offer me anything to make me happy. I guess because of my height he may have thought I was very young but I am 30 years of age and also have some health issues so I need to eat my lunch being that I don’t eat breakfast all the time. With that being said, out of all the times I’ve been to this loccation I never experienced this problem. I will never eat at Buffalo Wild Wings again because of Adam.


John June 20, 2017 at 3:28 pm

I have been trying for a few months now to get my w2 from my time working with bww and I was told that I need to contact corporate, when I click the email corporate link the page never loads, can someone from corporate please get back to me?


Terry June 8, 2017 at 12:36 pm

The store on bardstown rd is full of attics and dope smokers .The servers are always high, service is awfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


Jim D April 19, 2017 at 10:21 am

BWW touts their feed back on their receipts. When you send a comment it says a team will review and respond. There’s never a response. BWW was ONCE a customer driven restaurant. Now they don’t care about loyalty. I’ve had multiple problems from only getting half my takeout order (on Super Bowl Sunday) to poor customer service. The manager nor the corporation cares. I tell all my friends that if they want wings, to drive by BWW and go to Wing Stop.


K Novak March 2, 2017 at 3:27 pm

I’ve called and all I get to do is leave messages I’m not a person that likes to leave a message especially when I have a piece of property that is 4 tense of I 75 in Florida I would like to get buffalo wild wings a chance to look at my property the area that I stay in is developing quick I have 14 acre there is 16 new developments being built as we talk restaurants stores Amazon too many items to listso you have my email please contact me and we will trade numbers


Thomas Smith February 13, 2017 at 7:02 pm

Don’t waste your time at the Grand Prairie, TX. Location (2315 I-20 W Grand Prairie, TX 75052).

I was a regular at BWW. I would stop by on my way home and spend between $100-$350/week. I didn’t mind making this place my regular stop b/c I enjoyed some of the staff and enjoyed playing golden tee. Much like most of the people who know this location, new management came in after some managers were fired for misappropriating money, and they have definitely screwed things up.

I convinced some friends to come down to Grand Prairie and meet me there to play some Golden Tee and hang out. About my 3rd game I was told by the bartender that Jessy (a new horrible manager) had cut me off. Never did he come by to tell me why or speak to me. Apparently I was cut off for no reason. I was given my tab and the bartender said sorry. I’m in my late 30’s and have never been cut off before. What a coward. He couldn’t even stop by to tell me why. I have heard from many customers, and staff, that the new management is trash…I have experienced that first hand. I promise that they will not see one penny from me. I know this place will close down soon with the horrible management and mediocre food. You are better going to Wingstop on Carrier or Pluckers in the highlands. Don’t waste your time with this place. You will be greatly disappointed.



Kyle February 2, 2017 at 8:18 pm

Your corporate policy to take credit card information over the phone is terrible, I have called your corporate offices to complain this is insane, your store should keep a record of the orders that arent picked up and record of good customers, I refuse to ever visit another buffalo wild wings establishment ever again, I hope you can rectify this situation I feel wronged as a frequent loyal customer. get it together.


Desiree Romans January 30, 2017 at 5:26 pm

I need to request the login portal, and login information to get my W-2. I worked in Roswell, New Mexico and moved to Clovis, New Mexico.


laura mohr April 8, 2017 at 6:53 pm

My name is Laura Mohr and I just sent an email requesting ADP Ipay log in information. I was never given a copy of any of my pay statements so if I need one to complete my ADP Ipay registration I will need that info also. Perhaps you can send me a copy of my last 2016 pay statement please. I quit working at Buffalo Wild Wings in June 2016.
My correct address is

Loveland, CO 80537

I think I gave you the wrong zip in my last email.

Thank you,

Laura Mohr
laurajaquelynn at yahoo.com
PS I am sending this email to you via my mom’s email address. Her name is Diana Mohr


Desiree Romans January 30, 2017 at 5:24 pm



Deiara Williams December 14, 2016 at 10:40 pm

Very displeased. When we arrived, they were out of boneless while advertising the buy one get one free. It took them 2 hours to take, make, and deliver our order. We waited 45 minutes to receive napkins after our order was delivered. My fries were cold when delivered. I asked the waitress 3 times if they could sing happy birthday to my friend who paid $5 for 3 tacos that took 2 and half hours to be made. They never came to sing happy birthday. I spent $20 on a horrible service. I will not return to that bbw again.


Ash November 16, 2016 at 9:05 am

On November 12, 2016 I’ve had the worst experience at Buffalo Wild Wings, New Roc City location . We arrived at the restaurant about 5:55 pm, we were seated within five minutes and we waited for 35 minutes for someone to even acknowledge that we were sitting in the very busy crowded restaurant. After waiting 35 minutes from seeing that everyone else around us was being served except as we reached out to one of the nearby servers. She was very nice and apologized because she did not know that we were waiting to be served. She apologized over and over and said that she was not assigned to our table so she didn’t know anything had she known she would’ve taken care of us . We asked to speak to a manager. And we saw that she went over to the manager and ask him to come over to us, we look at the manager he looked over at us and then walked away to the back of the kitchen, he did not even try to come over to us. After the server came over she took our orders for drinks and our orders for food, we ask once again to speak with a manager. She said she had informed him and he would be over shortly. After about half an hour we received our food and had asked several times to speak to a manager, he finally came over and said he was sorry but was laughing while talking to us. It was very rude and insulting. He said he couldn’t do anything and he was the assistant manager.

We were eating when we found feathers in the chicken . It was disgusting and we couldn’t continue eating. We called the server and showed her . She said she would call the manager over. The manager never came over but they took the wings off our check. This is just ridiculous since he never came over to us and it was just the worst. We felt like it was discrimination since we were never taken seriously. I am very disappointed in the service and the quality of the food . I have reached out to the corporate office but have not heard back yet . I hope they contact me since this is unacceptable.


Tyair April 28, 2016 at 1:08 pm

It seems like every head is up another’s butt at my store. There are groups and factions. Politics decided your days on a schedule, not employee performance. There is so much gossip and drama betryal its less of a restaurant, more like a soap opera. A terrible one by the way. Managers feel untouchable therefore ab-using the power of their positions. Some yell and curse, some sexually harass. All mangers take frequent breaks, yet most of us have to XXXXXX and moan just for one. Most of the employees are miserable.
There’s too many mean fat people at this south las vegas location who litterlly know nothing about sports. There’s a disgusting sewedge smell that lives in the men’s restroom.


Ferrol April 18, 2016 at 7:06 pm

Let me just say you make a great product but some that you put in trust with your brand has not a clue on how to treat people especially they employees how can you live with 1 to 2 days workPay rent and just all-around feeling good about yourself it’s very depressing and when you have a manager that shows favoritism it’s not great atmosphere working at the new Buffalo wild wings on to to 230th st I know nothing is going to be done but I had to let you know how this saddens me please look into the situation books do not lie make drastic changes at that location


KK March 30, 2016 at 2:37 pm

Management at valley view Roanoke Virginia is unprofessional they are sexists and are not fair they give certain people a 100 chances and try to get others in trouble. They are having sex with employees certain mangers are always late. They show favoritism to certain employees. They need to be heavily monitored at all times. A lot going on behind closed doors.


jason February 14, 2016 at 5:12 pm

I need my w2 and bww has not sent them out.


Justin February 24, 2016 at 4:55 pm

I’m having the same problem


Rhea March 1, 2016 at 10:33 pm

You get them online through employee login portal


Anja March 3, 2016 at 6:27 am

What if we don’t have that login information?


lance March 18, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Do u know the portal web address.


manny January 4, 2016 at 1:20 pm

I live in Seymour Indiana and im sad to say the worst ran bdubs in the country is in our town.i have faithfully been going to watch football there on sundays since its opening. the managers generally have no clue about sports and ci see customers leave every week 10 minutes after tipoff because nobody knows how to program the tv and the people miss kickoff.people come to watch football on sundays and a lot go there because they have the nfl ticket…..instead every week it is total chaos and after about a quarter they normally have 3 games on the tvs in the bar of the 6..need to get a clue people come on sundays to watch the games and drink…..actually have seen the gameshow network on main tv instead of football on sundays. on top of nobody being in there better than 50% your order is wrong , cold or took over an hour to get…really should do some research into this problem…I suggest u shut it down and and strat over ant train the managers and workers again. laughing stock of southern Indiana



West Gate December 15, 2015 at 1:37 pm

Peter doesn’t even see what goes on in that place ,he gets the short hand of something and tries to put his two sense in ,just shows why his management team sucks so bad and is suffering so bad at West Gate !!!! Good Luck keeping all the good employee’s and finding new one’s They will realize how horrible it is their and quit .I am sharing this so they can give West Gate some help with better management there is talk about becoming a training store that’s a nightmare waiting to happen they can’t even handle there own staff cooks walking off the line whenever they want for smoke breaks managers making food on the line and baking cookies for themselves,Leaving to get dutch bros in the middle of a shift maybe if somebody took a deeper look into this they would realize and fix this establishment!!!!


West Gate December 15, 2015 at 1:23 pm

Worse management i’ve ever seen or herd of ,I worked there for 2 years and i can’t even believe how they treated me !First off that place is unorganized and has no real direction the servers there are lazy and don’t try there best and whose responsible for that the management i put so much good effect and time into that place .The management never appreciate good hard work there and the management just find the easy way out of things by comps which they do have one of the highest comps out of the buffalo’s do to lazy shift leaders and server management !I am embarrassed to say i even worked there. I have bad taste in my mouth about them and will be sharing it with alot of people in person and all over social media .Not only do they not know how to handle guest but there employee’s and they can’t even make us happy and end things in a good manner there just a horrible establishment!!!!! I would never go there again to eat or work .


Zachary Wise November 23, 2015 at 3:54 pm

I was working at one of the LAs Vegas stores. I had to quit due to family related problems. I have been trying to get my check for over three weeks now. I am now seeking legal council. Its sad when a company does not find the importance of paying someone. Buffalo Wild Wings should be ashamed of themselves!


Tysha October 8, 2015 at 4:30 pm

I was an employee at one of your locations in Houston, TX. I have been trying to get my 1st check for the last week or so because they entered my checking account number wrong and the check was deposited into someone else’s account. I am not getting any help or understanding from the managers at the location so I’m reaching out here to see if someone can help me


Trisha October 8, 2015 at 2:02 pm

First, I don’t appreciate the rude attitude received from your hostess Morgyn and the fact that the manager was standing there and didn’t say anything. Second the wait time of 2 hours because of the size of my party is unacceptable and third the manager was of no help at all. I was told repeatedly that we are a big party and we had to wait for 2 tables to clear so they can be pushed together. I don’t understand why it takes 2 hour to have 2 tables cleared, I got skipped over twice for your hostess sitting other parties at the wrong tables and then was given an attitude because I wanted a wait time. Your company really needs to consider reservations for bigger parties or at least allow us to call and put a name down, it makes no difference to you if I am there waiting or I am at home waiting.

I will never visit this location again (Simi Valley) and I can assure you neither will my family, if this location proceeds like this it is going to be out of business sooner than you know it. Whomever did the hiring at this location didn’t do a good job, it is a bunch of kids with probably little to no experience with customer service. They all look lost and stand around talking to each other because they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing.


t September 26, 2015 at 9:50 am

After reading some posts it appears the company cares little about management. Apparently if the restaurant is staffed it doesn’t matter what unethical behavior occurs. If this was your female family or friends would you sit idly by? We”ll see. Kamal needs to go back to Morocco where he can be king.


t September 26, 2015 at 9:42 am

Your mgr Kamal at the orland pk illinois store is sexually and physically harrasing the female staff. He pushes their breasts, slaps their butts very hard, twists their arms, hands and fingers. He tells them to kiss his ring. He yells at them in he restaurant in front of customers. He throws things like fryers across the kitchen. Regional mgr Liz knows what is going on and is doing nothing, as I dropped a note to her several months ago. The employees have spoken to her and what did she do, she dropped their names to him. Sounds like lawsuit material to me, if he and her are not dealt with in a timely manner.


John Black August 17, 2015 at 7:04 am

I’m a former employee who was fired two days ago because I’m black. I’ve worked for the company for a year and this is not the first problem I had. The GM Bradley Lone treated me different from the start. He suspended me for a week for something I was unaware u could get suspended for. He didn’t want to put me back on the schedule, so I told him I think it’s cause I’m black that I’m being treated differently. Months later a new manager is employed and I overheard him say I was a “XXXXy XXXXXXXX” and he was going to get rid of me. I went to the GM with the issue and he said he would look into it. Well 3 days later the new manager follows me around checking all my tabs and watched me make a mistake, waited for me to check out then accuse me of giving free beer. He got what he wanted, didn’t he. That manager name is Rob Walker and he moved from another store.


Jason Makenzie June 15, 2015 at 1:51 am

So me and my family decided to go eat at this location because a lot of our friends told us how great the food was so we decided to give it a try , the food was great but we had a terrible server his name was Jacob Villegas he was really disrespectful , ignoring us for a while , cussing out loud but what really go to me furious the most was when he was done taking our order turned around and called my wife a “XXXX” while he was walking away , it’s unbelievable they have this type servers working there and honestly I will like to sue buffalowildwings unless this server gets FIRED because it was unacceptable this guy disrepecting my family and specially my wife , I wanted to talk to a manager about this but I did not see a single management staff in the lobby Please feel free to contact me as possible. Thank you

Sincerely- Jason Makenzie


xy August 3, 2015 at 5:59 pm

Learn to spell check


Jen January 14, 2017 at 1:07 am

Would like to know what food handlers card bbw goes through?? The managers would be extremely rude if I called and asked from where I used to work and I need to know for my new waitressing job. I worked in Idaho


Annon May 24, 2015 at 5:04 am

On 05/21/12 I visited the Moorestown NJ Store . The food I had was fantastic and service was great but I did come accross strong sent of weed on what looked like a cook while leaving the restaurant he was a tall African American male wearing a red hat. I was with my children and having them smell that scent on person cooking their food did not sit easy with me. I do t think he should be fired but something should be done about the use of drugs by the people cooking guest food. Something should be done


Rain blck August 6, 2015 at 9:39 am

How you and ur kids know what it smell like if they never was exposed to it be4??? Stop this befoularey


John vines August 20, 2015 at 10:55 am

So your kids are familiar with weed. Get off your high horse dick weed and stop trying to make someone else’s life as miserable as your pathetic life


anonymous May 20, 2015 at 12:28 pm

Me and a manager got into and argument and he pushed me for no reason and I got fired after a year with no write ups attendance almost perfect and they didn’t do anything to him


Annon. May 12, 2015 at 8:44 am

I have only been working at Buffalo Wild Wings for two months now and am already extremely unhappy here. I have been getting harassed since week two and have talked to my managers Gm AND have gone to corp and no one is doing anything!!!!!!


Anonymous April 29, 2015 at 11:15 am

I am a current employee of BDubs and I love my job. I enjoy coming to work and seeing customers happy. I am disappointed though in that some employees are not checked out as well as others. These people represent the brand and are what customers remember when they come and the reason they keep coming back. In particular there is an employee at the Greenville Ohio store that posted all over Facebook about how the people at our store are drug addicts and losers. She wrote about management and how they are liars but then she came back again and got a job. I can see her postings because I am on her friend list but there are many of us that are offended in that someone like this represents the face of our store as a cashier but goes home and writes terrible and untrue things about our team. I tried to paste a screen shot of the post here but it won’t let me. I do have them though because they are still posted. Her name is Allegra Clark and the post is from February 23rd. Please check it out and see if you agree that we should be better represented. I am proud of my job and my co-workers.


Emily April 15, 2015 at 10:09 am

I submitted the following complaint on the BWW website: “We go to the Brookings BWW frequently (once a week) and are always disappointed in the service. This visit on March 27th was one of the WORST experiences we’ve had. We arrived when it was busy and waited 40 minutes to be seated- this was NOT a problem, we were ok with this wait as it was busy. Once we were seated we gave our drink & food order immediately when the server came to our table. After we placed our order our drinks were brought relatively quickly. We then waited 30 minutes for our apps to come out and they were cold. Then we waited an additional 30 minutes after our apps came for our food to come out- again cold. Meanwhile another table of 7 was seated after we ordered and they managed to get all their food, pay, and leave as we were just getting our meals. I brought this up to a manager who was less than helpful. We actually talked to both managers that were working and they denied us being forgotten and said that was the normal wait time. When we asked about the other table they brushed it off and just said yeah well that’s the normal wait time- clearly it’s not if that table sat, eat, paid, and left all before we got our meals. I don’t usually like to complain but this was by far the worst service we have ever had. The manager did offer us a complimentary dessert to share amongst the table of 7, but we opted not to take that as we didn’t want to wait another 30 minutes for that to come out. I think this experience would be very disappointing to corporate BWW.” The thing both managers failed to do was actually LISTEN to what we were asking and to recognize the actual problem. We place our order immediately after sitting so if the typical wait time was 30 minutes then we should have seen our food come out in 30 minutes- not in an hour +. It was clear the server must not have put in our order to the kitchen as soon as we placed the order with her- ownership and recognition of this would have been nice instead of talking over what we were saying and not actually listening to us. I was shocked that we didn’t even get an apology. The manager did try to “make things right” by offering a free dessert to split among our table, but when we declined that and asked if there could be something taken off our bill she declined and said the dessert was all they could do. I find that hard to believe when on a few occasions we’ve had a male manager who has brought out free apps just because we were waiting a long time for our food- when we didn’t even make a complaint. It’s people like this male manager that bring us back to the Brookings branch.

Now, when I made the complaint through BWW website, I thought my issue would be addressed by someone higher than the branch manager (who I had a problem with). We didn’t feel the issue was appropriately handled at the time by manager Sara and the other female manager. I would like someone from corporate to take a look at what’s going on in the Brookings SD BWW.


Michelle April 28, 2015 at 8:36 pm

Why do you frequent regularly if you’re always unhappy with the service? Find a place you’re happy with and go there.


abdul majeed March 30, 2015 at 8:45 pm

Sr. i am abdul majeed from Barcelona spain.Like to talk Ceo company. Sr i am like to open in barcelona one brch of buffalo wild wings i need your premshen for this i like to tell u Barcelona one vere good business all of the world popel com here in summer. if u like com here for viste or i am show u this city. i hope u be like this city for business.

thanks of lot


e March 12, 2015 at 9:17 am

Hi, I am writing concerning my recent experience at the BWW in Williston, ND. On last night we a group of 6 were seated and we placed our orders 2 salads, a wrap, a flat bread and 2 people ordered all you can eat wings. We waited for an hour before our drinks were refreshed. There was another group that was seated after us and a couple all seated after us. They received their food and the couple even finished eating before we received our order. When our orders came out everything was cold. We asked to speak to the manager because the waitress stated that the reason it took so long was because the manager was trying to help and was not helping. The manager that was sent out we asked him to send the GM out that was there on lastnight and he never came out to speak to us. That speaks volumes of his character as a manager. Yes we received 1/2 off our meals but why wouldn’t the manager come out and speak to us. When our food was remade and brought to us again. My salad still want made correctly but after being there over an hour and half it wasn’t worth waiting to get my salad remade for a 3rd time. Our waitress didn’t want to hear our complaints so instead her co workers were taking on our table and they were great. After this experience I won’t return to this BWW again.


Venessa March 2, 2015 at 2:32 am

Today as my mom bit into her so she thought delicious burger from Buffalo Wild wings she came across a hair tie inside her burger as she took her second bite. Causing her to almost choke as she bit into her burger. How can you explain a hair tie inside a burger?? how irresponsible and unprofessional of the staff to let that big of a mistake go through. I will never again go to that restaurant or my family and I will spread the word. We have pictures and video of the burger I’ll be more than glad to send it to anybody who would want to see it.This is the one located in Brownsville Texas.


Anoymous Employee February 25, 2016 at 5:09 pm

There is no way it got inside the burger unless you put it there. The burgers come frozen.


Angelica Hernandez February 27, 2015 at 11:12 pm

I called the manager at the chino hills BWW due to a complaint I had placed the day before regarding me trying to place a pick up order and the wait to pick up was 1 hour or more!! That is ridiculous!! I spoke to manager Yvette who wasn’t much help I explained how I had promised my 5 year old wings for her doing great in school. My daughter loves Bww and we been to this Bww location since it first opened and nvr had to wait over an hour for a pick up. All that Yvette can say is “well we don’t control the volume of customers we get” I was shocked like I didn’t even get an apology or anything I asked to have corporates number she then said we have no corporate!! What?! I then asked to speak to someone above her she said all complaints go through management. This is no way to treat customers who are here on a regular base. I feel like not even going back to this place. Yvette was unprofessional and so rude to me. This is just unacceptable..I really hope this gets fixed soon or I will take my business else where.


john February 8, 2015 at 10:32 pm

contact me as soon as possible
recent post joh***@gmail.com


john February 8, 2015 at 10:29 pm

I was employed thru buffalo intill recently and im wanting to see if i can help futre employes and the company by saying the store 195 mesa, need to be looked at closer with there manegment personal and employees. i left the company after many yrs of ridicule and let downs of being always to go to cook in time of need and have saved our store many times and would feel over worked and would be hurassed by manegment many times. ive opened most of the companys stores in utah and az with the recent opening of talkingstick resorts location. i couldnt take the stress anymore and dosent feel like a corprate store at all. the staff give off a un wanting feel toward coustomers due to there work enviorment. if some one high on the scale in buffalo would go and check on store 195 and go over tapes of sexual hurrasment. verbal abuse from maengment in front of coustomers. lack of workmanship all together, i love my job intill about 9 months ago when we changed gms and the store has gone down hill majorly. cooks quiting many time a month constant retraining and so on. plz give me a call i would like to be able to talk and tell u more. i lost a lot due to this and would like a few sec of your time before more emplyees have to go thru this same ordil like mine.


Dena Hoewisch February 2, 2015 at 12:43 pm

I am a former employee of Buffalo Wild Wings Grand Chute, WI. As usual the managers at that store are less than helpful. We were suppose to be issued debit cards for a direct deposit account that was set up by Buffalo Wild Wings well over a year ago. I had later changed the account to my personal bank for direct deposit, however I was never provided information to access the other account Bdubs set up. My buffalo wild wings employee ID and login (which I no longer remember what they are) has rarely worked I’ve only ever been able to log in that one time only to find that I have money in an account that I was never given access to thanks to the disorganization and poor communication of the entire Buffalo Wilds Wings Corporation. I would like the information to that account so I can retrieve my money, or the account closed and the check mailed to me as I am no longer an employee there.

In addition, our 2014 W2 statements were apparently sent out and I have yet to receive mine. My name is Dena Hoewisch, DOB 12/16/1987, I had been employed from June 2012-November or December of 2014. Please mail my 2014 W2 to N894 Winchester Rd Fremont WI 54940, or email it to de****@gmail.com



Felipe Rodriguez May 19, 2015 at 6:08 pm

Hello Dena,

I have been waiting to recieve my w2 as well. I sent a fax to try and have them send it again, but still havent. I was wondering if they ever sent you yours and what did you have to do?



jason February 14, 2016 at 5:07 pm

how did you end up getting your w2? please help im getting pissed off. thanks Dena.


Jaimie November 3, 2014 at 1:12 am

The B-Dubbs in Lexington Park, MD might seem nice at first but upon further inspection you will find that this location unsanitary and finds clever ways to cover it up. The tables frequently go without being sanitized, the soda fountains seem to be infested with fruit flies, and the bathrooms only seem to be cleaned sparingly (as if only one person cleans them properly). Not only that but sexual harassment seems to go unpunished or just ignored by management, furthermore some of the management staff will participate in acts such as lewd/provocative dancing in front of customers. If that isn’t bad enough you can watch employees sneak out of the building for a smoke break while they are in the middle of their shift and they come back into the building smelling of smoke and then proceed to serve or otherwise handle food without so much as washing their hands first! The list of things that go wrong at this particular location could go on and on if you simply pay attention while in the establishment.
How do I know all this? I worked for this location for five months and in that time I saw more than enough to make me lose my respect for them. As an employee I would watch as my co-workers were scheduled for more than eight hours and weren’t allowed to take breaks if we were “too busy.” As of today I am no longer employed by this poor excuse for a B-Dubbs location. I was wrongfully terminated and felt bullied and harassed by not only my co-workers but by the management as well. I was accused of using an e-cigarette in the bathrooms which never happened but since a manager said it did of course i’m marked as a liar, now on the paper I received upon termination under facts and cirXXXXstances the words that I saw written there were so far fetched I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was clear to me that my “team mates” were anything but; they sought out to get me fired by telling managers more and more lies about my actions.
In summary, I was bullied and mistreated by many and in the end not even management seemed to have my back, instead they seemed to have driven the metaphorical knife further into my back which has left me uneasy.


Alex Milanes November 2, 2014 at 12:05 am

I will not be returning to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Wilkes-Barre PA, due to the sanctimonious treatment received by the young lady in a “black shirt”. I will encourage others from the community to do the same. This young lady really should not be in the restaurant business, regardless how she got her “Black shirt” status.


anonymous January 26, 2015 at 1:17 pm

We weren’t even opened til the 3rd of November so you obviously came and got a free meal before hand. Don’t complain when you get things for free.


Trogdor March 1, 2015 at 6:46 pm

The Buffalo Wild Wings in my area is always dirty, the staff in the kitchen does not wash their hands after handling raw meat, certain employees on the line sweep up dirt and then empty the dust pan with both their gloved and ungloved hands, without washing them they return to touching food… Whether it’s free or not is irrelevant. Your attitude is disgusting and I tell everyone I know not to eat at that restaurant. The chicken isn’t properly cooked or stored, having raw meat on the floor is not a smart move for DHEC. There’s a lot wrong with that place and I’m only hitting the tip of the iceberg here. One of the bigger problems is that I haven’t received my tax forms. I wonder why that is.


Trogdor March 1, 2015 at 6:52 pm

And by the way, my location is North Charleston, South Carolina. Should there be any fellow South Carolinians reading this board, I want to be able to persuade them to NOT eat at our local Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m also interested in how the corporate policy of leaving food in steamers for 6+ hours came into being. Coating such foods with gratuitous amounts of sugar to hide their rubbery, old taste is a shame. The food really isn’t bad when it’s fresh, but the policies are asinine. Like how about having to throw away a full meal of food, instead of being able to eat it? I accidentally made an order twice because the system of calling out food orders is completely inefficient, while I was training and I wasn’t even allowed to eat the sandwich. It was thrown away when I went to do my closing work, which in its own accord is completely worthless. There’s no point in having someone completely clean the kitchen when they’re the first cut and there’s 5 to 7 more hours of work. The means of doing things at this restaurant make it a glorified fast food joint, which by the way, is outdone by Zaxby’s in overall taste and texture. For a sit down restaurant with servers, the food should be fresh. People that go to restaurants know their food is being cooked, give them fresh food, not steamer muck. It’s appalling that you call your employees “cooks”.


Patty October 28, 2014 at 9:06 am

I called the BWW on 15 mile in Clinton Twp. MI to place a carry out order. I was left on hold 20 minutes and was able to drive to the restaurant without anyone picking up the phone. As I walked in the door (still on my phone) I saw the girl at the carry out desk pick up the phone and proceed to try and take my order. I confirmed that this was me walking through the door and she promptly hung up the phone and hid in the back. I was then greeted by another, equally rude, “worker” who treated me like I was wasting her time. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told to complete the survey on the bottom of my receipt. I tried making a complaint twice and never got a response. I have no plans to visit another BWW again. This is totally unprofessional and I refuse to give my money to a company that will hire these kids that don’t care about the customer. I can get this same service from McDonalds, and they have faster service.


korah October 28, 2014 at 2:43 am

I’ve grown up with bdubs. Between my sisters and I, we have over 70 yrs experience working for the Buffalo Wild Wings Corporation. I wanted to work at bw3s before I was even in high school and celebrated my 21 birthday with my sister whos been the bartender for 16yrs. Its where I’ve met a lot of my still close and personal friends and became close to several employees. I’ve had the opportunity to now, after all my older siblings have moved on, work for bdubs. I’ve worked in 5 stores in several cities. I loved training in every position; host, server, bartender, and even cook. I remember many nights concocting so many layered shots I smelled like a fruit basket all while rocking a stellar attitude. I loved using my veteran serving skills to anticipate each quests different needs and even the one who cant be pleased, I would always try extra hard to make them smile. I left bdubs last year to start my management career, but please know; my thirst for the knowledge of management comes from wanting to work for you. Hopefully one day I’ll be considered for the job I was meant for.


Chris Perez October 25, 2014 at 9:29 pm

BWW in Matthews, NC must have a new manager…

I went to BWW to watch the UFC fights. When I got there, there were several tables leaving, so our wait time wasn’t long at all. However, once seated, the manager, Will, refused to change any of the TV’s to the preliminary fights, telling me that they were “reserved,” even though the area was empty. Of course, I cancelled my order and left.

Whoever this Will manager is, he’s losing customers for BWW….Not a good thing.


anonymous October 22, 2014 at 10:11 pm

I work at Buffalo wild wings in Harlingen tx and the managers can care less about the employees. They just sit in the office all day.. there is especially one who is always eating and not helping us out. And when we want to order she says no but is eating right in front of us. When we need a table to be ID they take thier take and the customers are getting mad at us for taking a long time when its them. Our keyholder helps us out way more then the managers because she understands us because before she got moved up she was serving and knows how the managers are. Oh and to top is off our GM had sex with an employee


Barbra M. October 19, 2014 at 11:56 am

Last night, Saturday Oct. 18th we met some friends to eat at BW3 in Nobles ville,Indiana. We were very disappointed with service but when are food finally came out 2 out of the 7 dinners were covered in long hair. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!! When we complained we were told by the manager that we were loud. Are you kidding me? She said she wasn’t sure how that happened, kitchen area wears hairnets. Her job is not to make excuses, just to fix the situation customer service. When we got the new food she said I adjusted the bills for you. It was a laugh because when we got our bills only 10% had been deducted. Not pleased at all, all 7 people said they were not returning. Being a server for years and years you have to be sensitive dealing with people and food. Shame on you BW3.


Tomoe Dalrymple October 11, 2014 at 9:08 pm

My daughter is working at BWW in Grapevine Texas. She is 17 and working as greeter.
Last Saturday, 10/04/2014. She was asked to work for a double shift. She worked 11 hrs and 45min break. First, they didn’t not give her any break and this female manager told my daughter that she didn’t have to give my daughter but if my daughter wants to have a break, she can have it. My daughter worked till 1am next day.

I will contact the professional to see if this is legal. I took this very seriously. Families with restaurant business as I was in it for a long time. The company need to investigate the management in this location. Is this harassment from this female manager? There are many other occasions.

If the company needs more info, please contact me at my email address.


Anonymous English February 3, 2015 at 9:17 am

Please learn English so we can understand you. Thanks.


Yolanda October 2, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Today my family and I were going to eat at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Northfield Stapleton, CO-However we did not due to the staff seems to think that you are invisible, they will walk by you and not say a word, won’t ask if you need any help. So the manager that I called and spoke with: Nick advise me that this happens all the time and he doesn’t know why. I advised him that is SAD! So I ask if you are the manager in charge and you know that your employees are not doing what they are suppose to be doing to service customer’s who are coming to your establishment to spend money and that you are put in charge of running: WHY ARE YOU A MANAGER! Why do I have to go to a location that is 20 miles from my home to the BWWINGS in Centennial to get service? So lets see if someone from corporate responds to this, or will corporate treat me just like their location in Northfield Stapleton, CO.


Julie Reese October 1, 2014 at 11:47 am

where do I begin.. well we’ve been coming to a Bww in Slidell Louisiana for years like a family reunion style… there was 18 people in my party…. this is the first time that I didn’t get to go in and reserve seating for all of them before they got there… so my my grandchildren and that are young … and my father who is 86.. had to rush to get there to be seated..# 2 no paper in the bathroom # 3 there was a big pole in the way of the TV # 4 dinner orders were wrong # 5 batteries in the games died…. and the most inappropriate was the air conditioner duct leaked on us the whole time we were there… Our bill was probably over $300 …. I am Not sure if we will ever return with everyone’s disappointment…. and this was something that we did twice a year every year for at least 15 years…. the waiter was very nice and try to keep up with all of us but the management was not nice at all…


Tanai Atlas September 11, 2014 at 3:44 am

Me and my son came to Buffalo Wild Wings in Moreno Valley California.. We made our order and where asked to pay for food we haven’t received, we where told that they needed to hold our Credit card in order to place an order. Because this was unusual I asked to speak with the manager. He said that our employees get scared so they ask ahead, he said because people tend to walk out a lot. Because I own my own business I felt like why would I ask people ahead of b time they might not like there service do I did not give the young lady a tip because how would I know if I liked the service. Also, the service was not the best and I won’t be returning …

Signed Tanai Atlas


Julie Reese October 1, 2014 at 11:49 am

Did you get a reply from them?


BWW November 7, 2014 at 4:17 pm

at the current bww i work at we all are required to ask for a cc if it is anytime after 10pm or during any kind of event.. usually it is posted somewhere in the restaurant. but this can get kind of frustrating and embarrassing to ask for cc upfront before you even order.. but like i said this is what some of the bww are doing now


jeanette roberson September 6, 2014 at 10:46 pm

tried to use a legitimate gift card purchased from buffalo wild wings.com. the manager
would not accept the e gift card. after asking him twice to please verify the 16 digit number on 2 e-gift cards. he refused and said they are not legit. when i returned home, after being embarrased, i wend online and contacted bbw. i entered the 16 digit gift card number and both of them are legit. I also called the gift card hot-line. guess what? legit. I am very furious that the manager, MIke, would not even attempt to see if my e-gift card was legitimate. just
refused on the spot…


Jen September 5, 2014 at 11:30 am

My daughter works at a Southern California location and she also does not get to take her mandated breaks. It’s absolutely absurd! She either gets snapped at by her managers when she asks for her break or to punish her for asking they cut her and send her home. I have no idea how they are getting away with this and why no one has turned them in for all the abuse that the employees of BWW go through. She has also experienced the “No Scheduling” punishment for asking for a day or two off. She will ask, well in advance for a couple of days off and there is no problem with them approving it however, they will “punish” her for the next few weeks by not scheduling her for more than one day a week. The problem is, they give a little bit of power to these undereducated, can’t get a real management job, idiots and it goes straight to their heads. The way that these employees of BWW get treated by their managers is HARASSMENT and something has got to be done about it!!!


Dalisha September 3, 2014 at 7:26 pm

I was so unhappy with my order and it was my first time ever odering from here and I had a pick up and it took more than a hour to receive my food


BWW August 21, 2014 at 7:27 pm

I currently work for bww in CA and there are so many things wrong with this store it is unclear why things havent been changed. ALL the managers are into all the gossip with everyone and talk about everyone even other managers. If your not liked by the ALL the management team than you get screwed on the schedule and if its only there mess up on the scheduling will they let you pick up an extra shift. They love to threaten about writing everyone up.. don’t threaten me just do it.. but they cant because its not a reason to write anyone up. One time the manager on duty didn’t want to give me any change because she already counted the safe and refused to help me out. Isnt that your job??? but if i tell anyone like the GM or another manager what happens to me? I get no shifts and if i do its a breaker shift or a non making money shift. So whats the point of telling anyone anything if it just hurts me.. but im supposed to do my job? Half the time they never check the schedules so whats the point in that.. I wish someone would come clean up there act here… but the regional manager is hooking up with our gm so nothing every will change i guess


Reginald Anderson August 18, 2014 at 2:11 pm

Hi my name is Reginald Anderson i have been at Buffalo Wild Wings working for 3 and a half weeks everyone else got paid friday eccept me my money didn’t come on my card like they said it would.But then come to find out they didn’t give me a number to clock in. So the day i started i tried to clock in with the card they gave me to clock in but it said invalid number every time i tried to clock in.So this past pay period which was last Friday everybody got their checks on their cards except me and i feel like im just there working for free i have been there for 3 and a half weeks and they still aint got not number for me to clock in but they want me to come to work,how can i go to work and i dont even have a clock in number. I have 28 hrs for the 2 weeks i have worked and i want to know if i’m going to get paid or do i have to find another job i really don’t want to cause i like my job but i’m not going to be working for free while everyone else getting their pay checks and i’m not getting paid for the job i do.They was suppose to give me a number when they hired me but they didnt every person that had the orientation with me got a number but not me.I’m just asking where is my check thank you


Carlos August 17, 2014 at 5:57 pm

Sorry to tell you that you have a problem in the new Queretaro Mexico Franchise
It took more ten one hour to get served after the waiter took the order
When I tried to bring my complaint to a supervisor named Lalo that came from the city of Chihuahua
he did not pay any attention as he was having fun having a friendly like conversation with a nice looking waitress for more than 20 minutes, so as I approached him to tell him that the whole bar was unattended, he asked me for the waitress that had been in charge, I told him that it was not the waitress fault and that it was his fault as he was not doing his job supervising as the whole bar in front of him had no food in front of any of the people at the bar as there was only one person taking care of all the people seated, he got mad at me harassed and shouted at me.
Not only that, also the wings were very dry, the greens also looked old and dry on the edges, I consider myself a restaurant critic as me and my friends like to go to new restaurants and often give suggestions as we like to have better places in our city, I have been in many cities in Europe The United States and also my wife is a pro chef,
My advice is that this business should be supervised by people who know better. I am very well known in our city, I was going to take action for the harassment received while I was only trying to contribute to the betterment of this place that looks very nice on the outside and is very badly attended, not through waiters fault but with a lack of organization, and awful product processing and quality.
But the worst is a having a startup Supervisor that gets back to you in a rage for pointing out that he is not doing his work while he is having a good time conversing with a nice looking waitress.


KATHY August 12, 2014 at 4:02 pm



Lo August 12, 2014 at 4:32 am

I started working at the BWW in Woodhaven,MI and I have never had such a horrible experience working there. What topped it off is that I requested a weekend off (which got approved) the following week they scheduled me one day (Monday) then had the rest off. I had a personal issue come up on the one day I was scheduled (Monday) and put it on the website for a shift pick up. A coworker picked that shift up and I had the email saying the pick up was approved. The next week they didn’t schedule me, I called and talked to Reggie the asst. manager and said I was fine. I went to get on the WTM site and I was locked out..I called and spoke with the asst manager again and he said he didn’t know anything and to call the GM the next morning. The next morning I spoke with Scott K (GM) and he asked why I was trying to get on the site and that I was terminated for missing “multiple shifts” when in fact I took a picture of my shift and the email saying I was approved for the pick up. I have proof I was not scheduled for shifts. I knew the exact dates and times and he didn’t specify anything (proving he didn’t know what he was talking about) Scott wouldn’t listen and basically blew me off and hung up. Most unprofessional employer I have ever had


Amani August 8, 2014 at 2:52 am

I work at the buffalo wild wings in cerritos,ca i was told not work today when i take a hour & a half bus ride just to get there plus i get doXXXXented for an incident 1 i had nothing to do with & 2 was made the day after the incident i feel that manager Jeremey is highly rude & inconvinces employees for the work that they do. I was suspended “pending investigation” which theres nothing to investigate i truly feel that this reasturant isnt what i expected when i was hired they say its a team enviornment but management barely plays there part in the “team work”


unknown July 30, 2014 at 3:46 am

We were in bw3s this evening. I mentioned the floor being slippery. I think its because the serves go into the kitchen and then walk into the dining area. Well my 1.5 year old who was walking with me while holding my hand slipped and I tried to catch. She dislocated her elbow and we had to leave right away and go to ER. They popped it back into place. I told the manager and he didn’t seem to care. Didn’t bother filling out an incident report. My question is who am I able to contact that is higher up and can handle the medical bills now?


Dominic Newsome July 23, 2014 at 12:00 am

Attn: Ms. Kathleen M. Benning

I spoke with GM Joshua Mendoza in Vacaville, Ca., he was a pleasure to speak with and referred me to your office, at this time I would like to introduce you to Dealsnapt one of this years finalist for small business of the year by the State of California. In short this local Social Media platform offers your business the ability to engage your customers on your terms in real time and you keep all of the money. Minute to minute analytics streaming in real time to your tablet or smart phone. I have enclosed some information for your review. I am looking forward to your feed back.


Best Regards,

Dominic Newsome
National Director
(707) 301-XXXXx



Corey Blair July 1, 2014 at 11:36 pm

My wife and me had the worst service and food at the Buffalo Wild Wings at west gate in Glendale arizonathe food was cold service sucked my wife and me don’t see eachothrt very much so when we go to dinner it’s special time this experience ruined are whole night I would not have fed this food to my dog very unsatisfied Corey Blair 623 694XXXXX


Wingwangwilly July 1, 2014 at 5:39 pm

I worked at the BWW in Cross Lanes, WV. While working there I was unpleasantly surprised as to what reallllllly goes on in a resturaunt..the GM was dating the kitchen manager..(which is ridiculous but whatever) on the days when the couple were fighting it created a VERYY hostile work environment.. If you want to work at that resturaunt then be prepared to pick a side.. U gotta be team Cece or Team Christina.

Unlike a lot of the staff there, all I wanted to do was come to work, take care of customers, make money and get outta there. I wish that corporate would realize what kind of managers are working at that establishment.

There’s another manager who is over 25 and he does a great job at making sure the building doesn’t burn down, but the young 16/17 yr old girls that are still in high school all have his phone number and he’s had sexual relationships with most of them. I so glad I am not working at the place. CeCe Kirkhart and Christina Fitzgerald will be the reason NONE of my family/friends/etc..will be dining at Buffalo Wild Wings


James F. June 26, 2014 at 11:06 pm

while playing NTN the other night at your Rockville Town Center restaurant. It was hard not over hearing “Dustin” a manager you have there. Discussing to much about his views on homosexualit . And the female server he’s dating there . Not what i go there for. Very offensive as i’m gay and so is my husband who was playing trivia with me. I like the place . And now your the Only place in town with NTN. And your wings are delicious . It’s just ugly . Thanks for listening


Kelli T June 23, 2014 at 12:12 pm

On June 11, 2014 at 3:03 am, I received a birthday coupon for an order of snack size wings via e-mail from buffalowildwings@buffalowildwings.fbmta.com. Yesterday, after my husband’s softball game, we suggested to the team that we visit the Lombard Buffalo Wild Wings location for our weekly post-game dinner and drinks. (We usually rotate between a number local of sports bars, BWW being a regular in the rotation and I was very excited to get to use my birthday coupon!) When we were seated and the waitress came by to take our orders, I brought up the e-mail on my phone, showed it to her and told her I’d like my free birthday order of snack size wings. She quickly glanced at the e-mail and wrote down the order. I then ordered a second snack size wings at the menu price. After our meal was done and we received our bill, I noticed both snack size orders were billed at $5.99 each. I stopped our waitress and reminded her about my birthday coupon and she said, “Oh yeah” and she grabbed our bill back and left. Many minutes later she returned to our table and said her manager wouldn’t accept my coupon unless it was printed out. I told her the coupon doesn’t state it needs to be printed and then reminded her that I showed her the e-mail BEFORE placing my order and wasn’t told it would not be accepted. She quickly offered to get her manager and I accepted. A woman named Jackie who said she was the restaurant manager then came to the table holding the bill. I showed her my phone and she indicated rather forcefully that she absolutely would not accept my coupon if it was not printed out. I showed her the language of the coupon wherein it states, “… Must present a copy of this email to redeem offer. …” She said that means it must be printed out. I told her I get other coupons from restaurants and while some do require printed coupons to be presented, they state so specifically. Jackie then, in front of the softball team, my children (who were also with us), and the rest of the crowded restaurant, many of whom were now watching, suggested that if my e-mail is not printed she has no way of knowing whether or not I’ve used it before. I told her I could have printed 100 copies and passed them out on the street and she would still not know if it had been used before. She steadfastly refused the copy of my e-mail and said the bill was correct as printed. I reminded her I’d showed my e-mail prior to ordering and there was no indication whatsoever by our server that it would be a problem. I told her I would not have ordered wings if they had indicated they wouldn’t accept my coupon when I first showed it. Further, even if I were to choose wings, I would NEVER have ordered 2 snack sizes and paid more than the price of (1) 10-piece. I told her it was unacceptable and a letter to the corporate offices would be forthcoming. She looked at me with disdain in her eyes and then took our bill and went away for approximately 10 minutes. When she finally returned, she brought the bill which was reduced by $1.69, the difference between 2 snack size wings and (1) 10-piece, stating it was all she was willing to “discount”. I have NEVER been treated like that by a restaurant manager. We are regular BWW customers but my experience with Jackie and your Lombard, Illinois location was as humiliating as it was disappointing, and neither my family nor my husband’s softball team will return there again!


Jules June 22, 2014 at 2:32 pm

I worked at the brand new Buffalo Wild Wings in Decatur, AL for about three months and i was recently terminated for being accused of being “messed up” at work. I am prescribed to my medication, and take it as it states on the bottle. They said i was slurring my speech and I know for a fact i was not. I had no makeup which in their minds they might of thought something was a little off. I asked for a drug test and they refused. After terminating me because they thought i was under the influence, they let me drive home. Now, let me ask you this.. If I was under the influence, why let your former employee drive home. Clearly they knew I was not.
Today I looked on my Facebook account and I see that half of the Buffalo wild wings staff went out to a strip club last night. I have a friend that is currently still working for this company and she said that most of them were dragging, and still seemed intoxicated but management is letting them leave work early without any consequences. How is this fair?


Joe June 5, 2014 at 8:14 pm

I went to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Easton, PA last night at 11:00. I was very suprised to go to the door and find it locked when it clearly says on the door that this location is open until 1am on a Wednesday night. I made a complaint about it on the website and got an excuse back from the manager which was the hot water heater was broken. If that was the case there shod have been a sign on the door and the people who walked out right before I got there would not have been able to eat. I noticed at least 6 employees out back smoking. This is not the first time that I have gone to this location later at night to find the door locked early and one time I was even told that I won’t be served at 12:15 because they already started cleaning up. Now I’m only writing here because the manager hasn’t fixed this problem and is obviously part of it. I have also written about it on Facebook and Twitter and still no response.


Adrian June 2, 2014 at 2:35 pm

BBWW terminated my daughter after another employee assaulted her all while the manager (Daryl) two notch rd store-columbia sc sat watched, listened,and laughed. BBWW you really need to look into some of the managers you have, this one clearly is a loser! What manager lets a verbal altercation turn physical while they just sit there. He got upset when I had a police officer come up there and do and incident report which he should have done. Didn’t do anything until I called coporate on him about the incident, so his way of getting back at my daughter was to fire her since I came up there to speak with him about the incident. Told my daughter he was gonna just give them a day or two suspension and then let them come back to work. smh…wasn’t gonna do anything like that until he saw I wasn’t playing about the incident being taking seriously. BBWW your lost. and what a loser manager.


javier espinoza May 13, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Just to let you know people is walking out the door cause no one is taking care of guest , im sitting right now here still waiting for over 45 min manager on duty STEVE we in indianapolis indiana at the store willow circle or lake dont really remember , I work for darden restaurants in the past and I do know when some like this happens and guest complaints they do something about it I wish you guys do the same.


Tracy May 2, 2014 at 1:59 pm

For the last 4 months I have been working at BWWs. Last Saturday we had a mandatory staff meeting in the morning, which I was unaware of. I worked Saturday afternoon and was told of this meeting by other greeters. They said they didn’t know of the meeting until recently. So when I worked on Wednesday, at the end of my shift I went back into the office to fill out paperwork that was supposed to be filled out when I was hired. They told me that they were emailing me 3-4 times a week with the files. I told them that a different manager had asked me to check my email a month or two ago to get that done. I checked and the only emails I got from that site were emails about new jobs being posted, not ones from BWWs. I suggested that they might have had the wrong email and kept throwing it back in my face that they had been sending them 3-4 times a week since I started there. (I have an IPhone and am fully aware of which emails I recieve, searched whole email and couldn’t find any even after this happened). Just so happened that the site was down while they were trying to get me to do the paperwork so we could not see which email it was being sent to. But they blamed me for not having done it already because they sent 3-4 emails a week for 4 months… which if its that important that you need to send 3-4 emails a week… wouldn’t this have been done a long time ago??? But its 100% my fault according to the managers. Also, after that happened they let me know that I missed the meeting that had been posted on the white board outside of their office for 5 weeks now. I asked them where it was posted because again, 100% my fault, they said right on the door. I brought up the fact that other people didn’t know about it until days prior. One manager told me that it makes their store look bad because 26% of employees didn’t show up to take surveys. Well, if 26% of people didn’t show up, whose to blame? Lack of communication? We all have phones, mass texts take 2 seconds to send out, and we all work there so the week before you could be like hey! meeting saturday! don’t forget! Then if we missed the meeting, it would be our faults. But with working at this store for 4 months, I was never trained or told to look at the board hanging on the office door… or even that this bored existed. But it was posted for 5 weeks at least so its 100% my fault! 26% of employees 100% at fault for missing that meeting. 0% managers faults. One of the managers was like im gonna start putting it on schedule. Mindblown. Such a difficult thing to think of. So now myself, and probably not the other 26% of people due to favoritism, are being written up for missing this meeting because we don’t have the common sense to know that a white board exists and that is where they post mandatory meetings instead of directly on the mandatory work schedule.


Tracy May 2, 2014 at 2:02 pm

And after that, I went out and asked one of the other people working up front who said that they didn’t know of the meeting until midnight the day of because her sister had a coworker sleepover to get to the meeting. Sorry I don’t have a sister or brother that works there to inform me of these things like all the other new employees who have worked there since I have to inform me of these things. But its 100% my fault. LOL!


TinaMarie XXXXMINGS April 11, 2014 at 8:49 am

I took my daughter and her friend to the BWW in Hicksville NY after a softball game. We ordered fried pickles to start. They both ordered boneless wings, and I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap which I have gotten a few times and really enjoy. We also ordered a side of potato wedges. As well as 3 sodas. The food came out very fast, but the pickles came with out meal and they forgot the potato wedges. The waitress apologized and went to get the wedges for us. While this was happening I picked up my wrap and when I tell you there was maybe 1 strip of cut up chicken in this thing and it was stuffed with only cheese and lettuce I am not exaggerating. I actually took photos I can send to you. So when the waitress came back I asked her why and showed her my wrap. She said she didn’t know and walked away. I am not one to start trouble so I just sat there and picked all the chicken I could out of one half and stuck it into the other 1/2 of my wrap and started to eat. 15 mins later the very uninterested manager came to our table asking about the problem. I showed her, she looked at it and said, “yep that is how much chicken is in there”, but they put too much lettuce and cheese so it seems like there is not enough. So I told her I’ve had this before and it was never like this. I picked it all out and it was maybe 1 strip of chicken cut up. She offered to have them make me another one, and added “but it will be exactly the same” but the kids were done and we were almost ready to leave so I said no thank you and she walked away and offered me nothing, not even a percentage off our $60.00 bill or a free sandwich or something on my next visit. Also, I don’t know if it was because I complained, but not once did the waitress come and offer to refill our drinks which were all empty about 1/2 way through the meal. I have visited this location many many times and this is the 1st time I have ever had a bad experience like this. I really wanted to let you know because this is not very good service, the management was unprofessional and the food for me was not good. I didn’t want a lettuce and cheese wrap. If you want to reply to me you can, but I don’t expect you to. But if you would like to email me I will reply and send you the photos I took that day You can see for yourself. I never complain like this and I apologize that this is so long. But it really frustrated me and I was so disappointed since this is normally one of our favorite places to eat.


John March 27, 2014 at 4:06 am

I came in with 3 friends just for a late snack and catching up, since my good friend Nick came back from Chicago the 6 hours before our dine in. As we arrived there at generally around 11:40pm Wednesday night. This was the Buffalo Wild Wings location in San Jose, Ca down Blossom Hill Rd. We ended up going for the bar. We sat ourselves down at a 4 seat raised table. My friend Nick as I was saying earlier felt a little jet lagged due to the time difference and proceeded to rest his head on his hand. We were at the table for nearly 7 minutes before a server came up and took our order. One of my friends ordered a Blue Moon on tap and an order of the triple threat nachos. Not to mention the server seemed extremely uninterested when I asked her about the different Draft options for the happy hour, and instead of answering my question which was “does the $3 happy hour apply to imported beers as well?” She responded in a condescending tone, “all of our beers are $3-$5 depending on cirXXXXstances”. I was baffled and didn’t order anything. As we were waiting for the next 5 minutes for our server to come back and take all of our orders. The manager on duty Frank, came and approached and randomly asked us what we were doing and how’s our night. 10 more minutes passed by and still our server is nowhere to be found. Our server without even asked us to take our order, said that my friend Nick had to wake up and that Buffalo Wild Wings can not have him resting in the establishment. I then asked a different server for a status on our order, and we were entirely fed up and asked for our nachos to go. My friend Nick ended up leaving to his car because he was embarrassed thinking he was the cause of our bad dining experience. Our server brought out our Nachos to go and I gave her a $20 dollar bill to pay and waiting another 3 minutes she brings out just our change and no receipt. I complained and even the manager Frank seemed uninterested to help me with my concern. I told him about the short and horrible experience we had at this location. He blatantly ignored me when I asked for a corporate number to express my concerns and when I repeated myself he was saying how he doesn’t give out 1-800 numbers because people no one really ask for then and also that he does not know the 1-800 number. He then asked me to take the survey to express my concern there and circled the website link on another persons receipt. We then asked why it was a a different receipt and he told us that it not everybody get ms receipt with a survey. And my friend angrily asked for the receipt and we received and was on our way. Worst experience at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Genia March 25, 2014 at 12:25 am

Let me start by saying this BWW I visited last was and had to be the worse experience ever! (3/19/14,Millville NJ 08332) If it wasn’t for our server and her welcoming attitude and politeness we would have ran for the door and never looked back! Our server was this tiny girl with the prettiest smile, I believe her name was kelley but then I heard the host call her miranda if I’m not mistaken but this girl really made us feel welcomed and in fact she had us focus on what we were there for in the first place and that was for my birthday!! She was sweet and kind and did her very best at keeping us happy and that wasn’t easy being that the environment that we were in was very distasteful! The management here like in all of the other BWW were very mean mannered and just so disrespectful to their poor servers that it just had my heart go out to them! They yelled at their girls in front of customers and treated them like they were trash!!! I even saw one manager yell at an employee for asking for help and that just blew me away. I was so set back at what I’ve just witnessed and to think that these girls bust their humps cleaning tables,doing extra work to keep their restaurant up and going and to get distorted by management all for XXXXXy ass pay can only make you wonder why!? So my husband asked kelley/Miranda why does she stay at a place where your hard work and dedication wasn’t being appreciated and she simply said ” I kinda hope for a change here cause I really love what I do here”… She was the reason we stayed and actually enjoyed ourselves. I would come back again because of her, oh and yea the food too cause let’s face it the food is Great! But the rude and ignorant managers gotta go because they are putting them girls thru sooo much bs! Someone can only take verbal abuse so much to where it’s enough and something has to be done.. LAWSUITE maybe.. We just wanna share our experience and hope that this BWW gets it together and losses their bad apples because it’s bad for business seeing employees getting treated like slaves! As for my beautiful server, Kelley/Miranda.. Thank you for being Great!! You were terrific!!! You are very good at what you do and that’s making your guest feel appreciated:)


Paige March 22, 2014 at 3:03 am


I have been an employee at Buffalo Wild Wings for over a year now. I called the administrator about ten months ago asking to reset my ESS password because my account had been locked from so many failed attempts. I never received a call back still to this day. I am wondering if I could get my account password reset because calling the administrator as it instructs does no good.



Tiffany March 28, 2014 at 12:02 pm

I’m in the same situation right now at this moment. Can anyone help??


The Prophet March 21, 2014 at 5:32 pm

You have something seriously wrong in your Polaris Store when management can verbally abuse employees to the point that customers can witness and hear it. Very unprofessional conduct is occurring at that location by some of the folks in charge…I think I’ll be going back to Quaker Steak for my wings from this point forward.

I thought it was just a one time thing, but the last two experiences with that restaurant have been less than pleasant. Seems to be a Central Ohio problem, because as I have asked around, I am finding that what I witnessed is not uncommon throughout the region. Must be a cultural thing in these stores. What a shame.


amber March 9, 2014 at 7:28 am

I would like to know why we as servers are not allowed to take breaks required by law IN LAS VEGAS N,V working 6-8 hours? And how are they getting away with this? We have managers and other severs that can cover for a 10 min break at the least.


Jen September 5, 2014 at 11:27 am

This is not only happening in the Las Vegas location. From what I understand and have read this is happening across the country in every store. My daughter works at a Southern California location and she also does not get to take her mandated breaks.


Bailey Anne Messmer March 1, 2014 at 10:32 am

I believe the Buffalo Wild Wings to start on tonight at 5-7:00 A.M.


Bailey Anne Messmer March 1, 2014 at 10:30 am

We eats the food.


Bailey Anne Messmer March 1, 2014 at 10:31 am

Is that all girls and my family can give?
That’s right.


Angelo February 24, 2014 at 7:20 pm

I’m recently a employee at the North Lake location in Charlotte, NC after being transferred from the Steel Creek location. I’ve been waiting on my employment folder since I transferred three months ago. Before transferring I decided to fill out my WCT booklet and test. After finishing I gave it to the General Manager(Tony) and never received any data on it. All this took action at the Steel Creek location. Now I’m here at the North Lake Location and still no updates on anything on what I’ve done at the other location, my folder is missing from what I know because after talking to three manager at the store I’m at now and going back to the other store getting the same thing repeated to me. Today is Monday Feb 24, 2014 and still no folder and two days ago one of my managers told me that in the system that I’m not transferred to their store, so I don’t understand that when I’ve been clocking in on their screen. I really hope it doesn’t effect me in the long run.


Upset employee February 23, 2014 at 4:57 am

I am a server and team member of the Parkersburg, West Virginia store. Recently, we hired a man to become our new general manager. Let me just ask, how is this man still employed with B-dubs after several corporate complaints? He is extremely rude to our guests and the most unprofessional manager I have ever met. I take pride in my work. I love my job and everything that I do. It really pisses me off when I have a table of regulars who visit with us at least 2-3 times a week and they feel as if they are unwelcome due to hostility and rudeness of our general manager. I want to keep guests coming in not push them away. Not only is he treating our guests bad, but our team as well. There are employees of 5+ years ready to leave this company because of him. Lets fix the problem in this store and not cause a bigger one. A happy place makes the money, not the man who’s power hungry.


Danilo Marquez February 12, 2014 at 11:21 pm

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc, today on 02-12-2014 at 2:25 pm, among several times in the near past, as I even waited in line the day before, “The Grand Opening” as a Happy customer and because I know the Mayor of Carson, Mr. Jim Dear, and as my father, Mr. Jesse N. Marquez Operator for a, Coalition For A Safe Environment for the South Bay area. Mr. Dear and my father are close friends and supporters so I followed. I love chicken wings, and met my cousin for a quick brunch. For the second time in a two week period in my account showed it was charged twice the same day. I then asked General Manager Jimmy about it and provided receipts to him and questions. At first he wasn’t sure why and said it was, “My Bank” Chase bank that’s at fault, “NOT US”, so I said Ok I’m not in any way denying you and I don’t want a refund or my money back,but why does my bank account show its charged for more, then I showed Jimmy on my phonemy account and he looks at it. He insisted it’s my bank chase and its no big deal my bank Bank of America does the same, it’s no big deal I just didnt trust his word. So I said let’s go walk to Chase bank together,since it being in the same plaza as the restaurant. We then walked to Chase bank together and waited in line for the bank teller. I feel he didn’t think I had the guts to do it and stick with it. Finally, we went a bank teller from chase, swiped my info with gm by side went through transactions together, and then the bank teller said they don’t hold a percentage, or open account or keep it open in case you want to tip, like Jimmy literally told me and that he insisted its the banks fault. The teller then said the restaurant is the only one who can overcharge, charge back or charge twice. Then the teller said 10 something was charged on tuesday which was true, but today was weds. When Jimmy said I was wrong, then blamed it on me and then on the bank. Later he said, I’m banned and going to call sheriff’s because, I was serious and was determined to solve the problem. Later on, he changed his mind and then said I’m more then welcomed back, but who would go back after that. I then said I’m here just to find answers and I don’t want any problems. After it was done and set, Jimmy was wrong and wanted to buy me a beer to ease the pains. In reality he just couldn’t face the pressure and was wrong, every one knows the customer is right and if im wrong deal with the problem in a business matter. He just didn’t want me to call Corp. I’m just fed up of being walked over. I have Video proof, receipts, and spoke with 3 managers. I have video proof to provide asap.


Renee February 10, 2014 at 9:30 pm

I walked into BMW with my 3 children and eldery mother. We was having a family dinner. First the waitress was rude. Then the manager told us he refused our services. I never in my life had ever experienced discrimination in my life. I was told reason we had to leave was because we are causing an health issue cause we are Black. I was like what came I have a black shirt. He says no cause we black. My children were very hungry we had a long day. He’s not knowing what kind of day we had after being in the hospital for 2 weeks with my children. I really didn’t need to hear that comment. I was so embarrassed right in front of my children. Now I have to go home to explain to my children what this man had said. If you reading this. Please stop the racism, discrimination I mean are you guys tired yet cause I know I am. No one should be treated like this everyone deserve respect and should allow to be invited any where to eat plus I was paying. This is so sad for my children, mother and myself. This was our first time being here too. I will never especially as our first time visit ever come to this place again.


The Prophet March 21, 2014 at 5:35 pm

I don’t believe this post for a minute…if that really happened, why didn’t you sue for discrimination. What a load of crap. And how could you be “having a family dinner” if services were refused? Please. If you are going to make up a story, at least be good at it. Pitiful.


sue June 9, 2014 at 4:01 pm

I agree with the Prophet….not only is this a bunch of made of crap, but learn how to spell, and complete sentences with proper grammar….


Nic February 5, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I work at bww in Edmond Oklahoma, and I have to say our managers are complete crap. And the truth is we only have to good managers who understand that most of us servers are in college. The other 3, Blake, Kyle and Phil, however do not understand and now are saying that if we can’t come in to work on the day because of either school or the weather that we will be fired on the spot and there is no point in us even coming back. They have fired 2 good servers so far because of the weather and it takes a toll on the rest of us having to work rediculous hours. Alex and Brittany are the only ones who are really even believing us employes at this point and pretty soon the rest of us are just going to quit. I personally think this needs to stop before it gets out if hand. Some of us don’t live close to work and it jeopardizes our jobs. Something needs to happen soon.


anonymous January 24, 2014 at 5:31 pm

How is it I am completely qualified to be server but because my husband works there they did not want to hire me. But they hired two people who were in a relationship. They told me they didn’t hire me because they didn’t want drama with a married couple but they think it’s going to be less drama in just a regular relationship?! In a marriage there’s more trust so it makes no sense to me. The girl who did my interview wanted to hire me but the manager did not want to because of that issue. Yet the manager hired boyfriend and girlfriend. Isn’t that against his own dumba** rules. Defiance Ohio bbw makes no sense at all and they’re all dumb. Maybe if they would stop buying drugs from one of the cooks they would have more brain cells!! If nothing is done about this I will happily come after them with a discrimination case! (:


Jess January 23, 2014 at 11:51 am

Also maybe random drug test would be ideal. A few girls sell pills to each other and the kitchen staff deals drugs to employees as well as people that come into eat. The one manager knows half the staff comes to work high and could care less. We ate there the last time and half the staff was tripping. Former employee at the Dothan Alabama Buffalo Wild Wings


A concerned customer January 11, 2014 at 9:05 pm

The douglasville Georgia store has a manager that sleeps with the staff, comps meals for his stripper friends late at night, smokes on the job and does some things after work that would get him fired if the corporation randomly drug tested. Nice job bww


sandy December 31, 2013 at 2:22 pm

Apple Valley MN. Last evening, my mother and I stopped by the restaurant about 4 pm to have a bite to eat and see if her grandson may be working. She had not seen him for awhile and thought it would be nice to see him since we were in the area. My mother is eighty years old and disabled. She is not able to walk great distances and does have some issues with hearing. When we came in, your hostess ignored us. I asked one young lady if she knew if “the grandson” was working. As she went to check the kitchen for us, my mother saw two empty tables near the door and sat down. A very lovely young lady, I believe she said her name was Tay, told her she could sit there and gave her menus. I joined my mother after learning that “the grandson” was not in currently. As we passed the time discussing the menu and options, it was soon obvious that no one had been by the table to serve. I caught the attention of the hostess and waved her over. She opened her mouth and said these words ” who said you could sit here?” and started to say that we would have to sit elsewhere because she didn’t have that table open…..Another server was standing behind her, and I asked him directly if he would wait on us. He immediately agreed. I rebuffed and ignored the rude insolent tone of the hostess which sent her off to her podium. I understand staffing concerns, I understand if this was an entire section closed off- this was the first table inside the door. The only other table open and apparently “closed” was the one right next to it- which was subsequently filled within moments. I do not understand for the life of me, how this young lady thought she was acting appropriately, I believe her name to be Austin. I do not understand how any type of restaurant could operate in this manner on what appeared to have been a busy football afternoon. That young lady should be made to attend sensitivity training to be able to continue in that position. People joke about the “Mean Girl” attitude- well, its alive and well represented in Apple Valley MN by Miss Austin. She needs to find a job where she can spend all her time flirting with men instead of dealing with the general public.

The server, Christian was friendly, attentive and was tipped accordingly The food was delicious and as ordered. I have no complaints based on the food.
The blaring sound on all those televisions was overwhelming. I still have a “bad taste” in my mouth from this visit to your establishment, and grandson or not- it will probably be my last. I apparently am not the only one with same complaint. Check out Yelp reviews for your location.

If I want to make sure Buffalon Wild Wings sees my complaint- I have to “like” the company on facebook??? Fat Chance. Letters will be sent.


Lindsey T December 29, 2013 at 3:20 pm

We visited the store on Brown St. in Dayton, Ohio. When we first ordered, our server casually mentioned that the manager was not very good. I had the ultimate nachos and they tasted horrible. The food runner ran the food and the sever never came back. I had to stop the manager, Jeff, to inform him that I didn’t not like my meal. He asked if I wanted to try something else and I said “yes, I need a menu”. He did NOT return ONCE to bring me a menu or to check up on me. The server came back several times, refilling waters but never spoke to us. The manager stood several feet from us for the rest of visit and I repeat, NEVER came back to check on us. I have worked in the restaurant industry for many years and that was terrible customer service.

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Jessica Mckenzie December 2, 2013 at 3:53 am

Let me just begin with saying my family as well as many of our close friends have always had great experiences with Buffalo Wild Wings however we were very disappointed in the service we received today. My husband, our baby and 2 of our friends came to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Calgary Alberta for 3pm on Sunday December 1st, I noticed there were only a few tables in the restaurant section although the bar section seemed busier, I also noticed all of the wait staff seemed to be standing around watching the games and talking to each other now I have worked in the restaurant industry as staff, manager and owner for over 20 years and staff standing around is a big no no in my books ( I don’t enjoy paying people to stand around when there is always something to do in a restaurant). service at the beginning of the meal was adequate the our drinks were slower but I figured it was due to the busier bar so I thought nothing of it. All four of the adults had ordered appetizers and a meal, the appetizers came out one by one with several minutes in between and the fourth came out with the meals by this time all 4 people needed our drinks refilled but the server left too fast for us to be able to ask for them and she did not return to do a quality check on the meals at any point nor did she return to ask about drinks. Half way through the meal we were very thirsty and our drinks had been empty since before we finished our appetizers however the server had not back, we were seated close to the service station and could see the pop machine so we literally got up and refilled our pop ourselves and NO BODY noticed despite 3 staff being in plain sight and still no body came! Until another server came and asked if we were done with our ketchup but then quickly left again. At this point even though the food was great as always I was so disappointed I decided to finish my meal at home where I could at least enjoy a drink with it. So I set out in search of a manager and explained the situation, he said he would take care of it and then walked away. The server came back with out saying a word to the table set down a pop refill for one person at the table and walked away! After that neither the server nor the manager came near the table until we started piling the dishes indicating we were finished. We eventually got our bills but we were all extremely disappointed in both the server as well as the management. As a restaurant owner I understand that you can’t please everyone and situations happen that are outside of peoples control however I made a comment on my Facebook page about the service and apparently at this location this is not uncommon for this type of service. I am not making this complaint for any other reason but that I suggest someone explains to your staff the importance or customer service within the service industry. Thank you, Jessica Mckenzie


Meghan Martin December 1, 2013 at 11:34 am

STEVEN PEAKE in RICHMOND KY was as rude to my family and the KENTUCKY STATE POLICE last night as I have ever witnessed a manager of a restaurant be. We had a phone stolen by an employee and were in the restaurant for over 2 hours trying to locate the phone which we could tell on the find my Iphone app was still in the restaurant. The alarm to locate the phone had been turned off twice within 15 minutes and the phone had been switched from ring to silence as well. The hostesses and waitresses all of whom we know from frequenting the restaurant were having to apologize for how rude and disrespectful their manager was being. He was not too rude, just not helpful, until the girls shared with us there were cameras and since there had been several phones stolen lately all they had to do was check the cameras! So we asked about the cameras, Mr. Steven Peake at that point flipped out! He refused said how were we even aware there were cameras? There were not cameras in our area of the restaurant? And then proceeded to kick the state trooper and his wife out of the restaurant that was not in uniform. Told him he was not talking to him due to him not being in uniform and how was he supposed to know what his badge meant he could be anyone! We continued to monitor the app that still was showing the phone was in the restaurant. At that point a uniform officer had arrived and told the manager he did not have a choice but to let him see the cameras, he was still being hateful, cursing, and making a way bigger seen than needed to be. At one point I told him he needed to stop talking he was acting crazy and sounded crazy it was really not that big of a deal we just needed all the info in the phone we were not upset or angry, just needed to find the phone since we knew it was still in the building. At that point when the uniformed officer went to the back with the manager we set the alarm off again as we had been doing periodically for an hour and all of a sudden the phone moved on the app, and the alarm starting beeping!! It was found 2 hours later in the hostess stand 5 feet from where we had been standing for 45 minutes! Needless to say whoever the BWW thief is they are good as they slipped it inside a menu and placed the menu inside the hostess stand as the KSP showed up! STEVEN PEAKE you should be ashamed of how you treated customers and the way you talked to your employees that were actually trying to help. We will be contacting headquarters and filing an official complaint. As for the KSP officer I’m sure they will handle BWW and their so called manager as they see fit. And we will never again dine at a BWW!


Katie November 12, 2013 at 11:07 pm

If you don’t go out and drink with your manager/sleep with him, you get no hours! Absolutely DISGUSTING management at the BWW in Olympia, Wa. I have been disrespected and embarrassed by my manager, Brian, in front of guests. There are two girls that go out with him to the local bars every week (and sleep with him from what I have heard, however, I have no proof) and they get overtime almost every week, while the rest of us are lucky if we get 10. Once I voiced my opinion to my GM and assistant GM on various issues at the restaurant, I was cut to to 10 hours, 5 hours, 3 hours and eventually no hours each week. I am trying to get unemployment to make up for the fact that I haven’t been scheduled in three weeks and now hey are disputing it! Terrible management!


Monica October 2, 2014 at 10:15 am

It’s the same in Lancaster, PA…


Terry Moldenhauer October 28, 2013 at 5:56 pm

I was at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Iowa City, Iowa on Saturday October 26th. After having several beers and dinner I asked for a cup of coffee and they informed me that they did not serve coffee. This is the first time in my life I have been to an establishment that server alcohol and did not serve coffee. I am shocked and appalled that they did not serve coffee.
I had to leave my guest and walk a block away to the local Starbucks, buy coffee., and bring it buck to Wild Wings. This is totally outrageous.

Please explain to me why they do not serve coffee.

Thank you in advance,
Terry Moldenhauer terXXXXXX@yahoo.com 216 224-XXXXX


katy March 8, 2014 at 12:55 pm

probably because it’s a sports bar,not a coffee shop. I’ve never worked at a bar that served coffee.


Charity October 19, 2013 at 1:35 pm

I have been trying to get my ex bosses boss number for a weeks now. I worked at the b dubs in Hobart In and there is a huge problem there. I am talking to my lawyers about the manager there. I need someone from high up to talk to me. I was so embarrassed and disrespected by my ex manager. He yelled and cursed at me in front of guest. I am also not the only one he has done this to. So many of the employees there want something done about the management, but cant get anything done because the GM at this store saves the company so much money. That is BS. I loved working there all the severs/cooks/bartenders/ and some of the management really got along and showed real team work. I really hope I hear back from someone cause its sad that ever since this one manager came here.


Stacey September 20, 2013 at 11:05 pm

My 17 year old son was just at your Frankfort, IL location. When he went to the counter for change, while waiting to sit down, he gave the girl a $20.00 bill. The girl gave him four five dollar bills and one hundred dollar bill. Him seeing her mistake walked back up to the counter, the manager was standing there as well, he showed her the money she have him and handed her the $100.00 bill back. He pretty much saved this girl her job and did not get even a thank you from the girl or the manager, something that at least the girl should have said as if this would have happened with someone else, they probably would have kept it. We frequent that restaurant, I was not with him tonight, but we will not be anymore. Plus I have posted on Facebook the story and for my friends to do the same. Something as easy as a “thank you” is apparently unheard of at this location. So disappointed.


John October 16, 2013 at 12:25 am

Stacey, the poor server and the manager were probably petrified at the error and neglected the courtesies. I bet they were pretty thankful.


Vinnie September 18, 2013 at 2:33 pm

I went to eat dinner with friends and family I paid my bill which was 40.00 and I tipped 6.30 well two days later I discovered that they added an additional 73.00 dollars to my bill because someone else didn’t pay I don’t know how other people bill became my responsibility I’m so irate that the waiter didn’t do his job and now I’m being told to wait for a manager to get a hold of me I tried coming to this sight and found corporates number which has not helped so I don’t how this is going to be resolved Vinnie, Tucson AZ . #5202405339


Kathy September 17, 2013 at 9:57 am

I took my Boyfriend to The Buffalo wild wings in Omaha off 76th Dodge some where around there, First we ordered wings the Wings were not even hot. I had to have them take them back the sliders we not warm we got the cheese burger and the chicken not worth the money at all I called the Manager who told me he would look into this and call me back. He never did I am not Happy at all with the Food or the Manager not calling me back


Scott January 23, 2014 at 11:46 am

I just want to point out to you that no corporation is going to take your complaint serious. Your complaint is compiled with grammatical errors, capitalization errors, and has run-on sentences. I had to read it twice to understand what you were saying. You sound very uneducated, therefore a manger of this restaurant is going to assume you are full of it and completely ignore your complaints. Why is the word ‘food’ and ‘happy’ capitalized in the middle of a sentence, but you failed to capitalize the name of a corporation, which is a proper noun by the way. This tells me you probably just want a free meal because your cheap. This complaint looks like a first grade student wrote it. No joke.


Renee April 15, 2014 at 2:27 pm



Sarah Morris September 16, 2013 at 11:29 am

I want to let you know how horrible my experiance was here. I always want to go to buffalo wild wings because I love the different wing sauces and good selection of beer. Haven’t been here in well over a year or so. My boyfriend never wants to go because he said how bad of service they give. Came for the Mayweather fight. Now I know it was a bad time to come and judge a place on service. There is a difference however in bad service and down right rude and ghetto. There were two managers. A white older man, larger in size. And then a middle age African American. Because of these two managers… We will never dine here again, it was shocking how awful we were treated. I’m sorry I work for an upscale hotel in Newport beach and I don’t act as stuck up as these two managers who work in palm dessert at a lower end food chain. I asked a simple question about how I can get in line for a seat in the bar and he acted like I was an idiot and laughed at me. We dropped a lot of money and I don’t deserve to be treated like that. We wanted to leave and tried to exit and the African American was to busy watching the fight to say have a good night or thank you for spending your money here. Who watches the game when you are working? Must be nice. He made us walk all the way around to another door while he slouched up against the gate and watched the end of the fight and chatted with another guy. He acted like a gangster and tried to intimate us, we will never dine with this company again. Disgusting. I will never done again at any buffalo wild wing Resturant. I will also make sure every person I know here’s how awful they are. Hire better management. Have pride in your work. It’s so sad that no one cares about who they are hiring.


Sandra August 26, 2013 at 2:21 pm

The management at the BWW on 5411 and west 1604 San Antonio, TX was terrible. Most unprofessional establishment I have ever worked for.


Eduardo E Budanauro August 6, 2013 at 2:50 pm

It’s abundently clear to me from my experience this afternoon and the comments posted here that there is an inexcusable lack of managerial acXXXXun from the top down at Buffalo Wild Wings. Poor service in the new Santa Fe service, no eye to detail, no floor management or leadership. I will never set foot in this location ever again.


kirsten July 29, 2013 at 3:55 pm

I worked in Visalia California, and iv never seen such an unprofessional environment. When I had first got the job everything wad going pretty good until I got to know everyone. It all started when I got a cold soar and my managers started telling my fellow co-workers that “she has the herps” or “don’t stand to close to the cake because I might drop my herps in it” also one other manager had picked up a lime off the ground and threw it at me while laughing and making fun of me because I screamed. Another manager had gotten so childish and asked me to get 10 buffalo circles so I came back with 11 and then she was accusing me of faking them all. And this isn’t even half of it. One day I was just so uncomfortable I came in for my shift and just quit because I could stand working with my managers anymore. After I quit the law states they have to give me my check after 72 hours of quitting. A week and a half later they put it through direct deposit but put it on hold until the next payday. I would never recommend anyone work for buffalo wild wings they are unprofessional and extremely childish.


Anonymous July 25, 2013 at 12:15 am

I worked at the location in Calgary, I loved working there, people were amazing and 1 manager was extremely professional. But the main managers, well… I have never truly worked in an environment that had favoritism. I would try and work my ass off, but would still get XXXXX on for well nothing, then i would watch employees not show up for shifts and nothing. I had one shift where i thought i had someone cover it but last minute changed their mind and i couldn’t go in, well after that they had me on the schedule for 2 weeks but no shifts and then completely removed me. They have done it to other employees as well, it is not a professional way to go ahead and make business and i will be making many complaints. As I made a mistake, and yes it happens but when i watch many other employees just not show up but still are there it is unfair. If you want to fire me, go ahead. But do it professionally, it is a business not high school. If you can’t do that simply, maybe you need a new job.


Anonymous July 25, 2013 at 12:16 am

And also, they didn’t bother to tell me. They told other employees that they were just going to fire me. The fact that i had to hear it coming from several other employees, absolutely childish.


Anonymous July 3, 2013 at 9:05 pm

I work at a location in Ohio. Long story but I have never seen such unprofessional behavior by management and employees for any place I’ve worked. My last employer loved me, knew I worked hard, I got trained to work every area of their store and was begged to supervise an area after they had lost an employee which I got a $1 raise although every other supervisor didn’t receive raises for being promoted to supervisor. I got things done and was fast and accurate at my job. I started to work at Bws and I was the only girls in the kitchen over a year ago now. I got around 20 hours or more sometimes. First few months a manager didn’t write an accident report for when I chopped the tip of my finger off. After that he tried to write me up multiple times, the first time tho I didn’t agree I signed anyway. A few more times and I complained and they eventually got thrown out. A couple months ago I was wrote up again for not doing an out but when I talked to the other guy I’m the kitchen and asked what it was I missed or did wrong he realized how it was a complete misunderstanding and was sorry it got me wrote up. Now about a month ago rumors went around that I started working at a club and I called off one night with a doctors excuse but what I came to find out the next time I went in was that this same manager had gone back into the kitchen and started blasting and making jokes about how I probably take my clothes off to make money at this club. Another kitchen employee started going off on me for getting stuck there the night I called off and screamed “why don’t you go take your clothes off!”. The fact was I would’ve felt different had just been employees talking but a manager blasting me like that was absurd. Out of line, no question about it. It was no ones business that I worked at a club or what my position was at the club. I certainly didn’t tell anyone about it but it had leaked into that place from outside sources. Results of living in a small town and other people who work at the same club I do. I sent a message to one the managers who left but she had forwarded it to our general store manager and I expected there to finally be consequences for this manager. My hours got cut to about 6 hours a week and come to find this manager is still there and I don’t believe anything was done but maybe a talk with them. If you ask me I would’ve thought this manager should’ve been fired or at least suspended for a good time period for misconduct or technically we could say sexual harassment. I know that I’m trying to be pushed out of my job there and am lucky they even give me a few hours a week. But I’m blown away at the behaviors that just slide on by with no consequences. I just can’t believe it. I’ve been trained in that club to take every law very serious. It is a respectable club compared to some. There is no tolerated “funny business” so I hate the thought that I am being talked about in that place to the possibility that I’m working in a club that prostitutes or does anything out of line. That club taught me well in the laws and the fine lines of the business. I know its not a necessarily respectable business… bur It’s upsetting that I can be so misrepresented or talked about in a place I used to feel comfortable at. Now I hate the place and it angers me that that can be considered acceptable management! Unbelievable!


joe formuso May 2, 2013 at 11:58 am

Hi my name is joe formuso from toronto ontario i have been 3 times to your new location on majormackenize drive just east of weston rd my experience was very bad with the service and how little the quanties on the plate for example i ordered grilled chicken sandwhich with sweet potato fries and came 1 hour and 10 minutes later and 5 fries on the plate,the place is great for sport fans like myself who love to go to sports bars and enjoy the atmospehere that you have at buffalo wild wings but my experience all three time i went on leaf hockey games the place was busy but the staff and managers look like they had no clue how to handle the busyness and i live in richmondhill and drove 20 to 25 mintues to enjoy a night out for dinner with my family and the service and food was sub par but i love the setup of your establishment and all 3 visits we waited 1hour and 10 and 1 hour 30 min and 55 min not expectable if you want your clients to come back and support your establishment for more info please feel free to call me at 416 7384847 or email at joeformuso@yahoo.ca


Brittney April 30, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Worst management EVER !!!!!!


ADRIANE LOGAN April 22, 2013 at 3:22 pm

I Went to Buffalo Wilds Wings in Pensacola, Fl with a co-worker to catch the Knicks-Boston game saturday 4/20/2013. After me and my co-worker ordered our drinks I was apporached by the General Manger and asked to provide my ID,i provided my ( Military Retired) and was told i did not look my age which is 43 i was with my co-worker who is 14 years younger than me, was refused service also, so i went to my car and got my Florida drivers license and social security card, and showed the Manager and was still refused service, and she stated again i did not look my age. I feel discrimiated against and humiliated after supplying 3 forms of ID. lawsuit is what i am now pursuing.


Sabrina J. September 29, 2019 at 10:31 pm

The same thing just happened to my daughter last Sunday at the buffalo wild wings in Louisiana, Algiers location. She was discriminated against based upon what she looked like. My daughter is short and petite so she looks underage but she wasn’t. We normally go every Sunday during football season to watch the games there, so most of the staff know us. She ordered a drink from one of the waitresses and after she drunk the drink. This manager or who ever she was by the name of April snatched the drink out of her hand which was ice by than and told her to get out, then screamed at her saying your underage making a public scene. My daughter told her mam I am of age I come here all the time with no problem, and April literally kept screaming and insulting her for no reason. My daughter asked her politely to contact the general manager and April refused to do so until I got involved. Then all of a sudden April started going to random customers lying and saying my daughter was under age, which she wasnt, to cover up the scene she created at the table because April didnt expect us to argue back with her after she made the scene for no reason. After we walked out and sat in the car, we came back a minute or two later and gave the sane manager her drivers license who then apologized for April’s behavior, over a simple ID. It was ridiculous. The crazy thing about the whole thing was we sat there for hours and I didnt see many of the waitresses asking anyone else for an ID, not even the ppl that was sitting behind us, yet her having one was a big deal all of a sudden. It was straight up discrimination and harassment.


Jo Jo March 26, 2013 at 7:43 pm

I read an article about a Buffalo Wild Wings store in Virginia that refused to serve police officers in plain clothes because they were armed. How silly!
Your company should be ashamed.


Brayden Edgar March 26, 2013 at 1:09 pm

This is regarding my W2. I was never sent a hardcopy, and the Buffalo Wild Wings I worked for in Oklahoma never got back with me. I need it ASAP and need to know how to get it.


William watts March 9, 2013 at 5:43 pm

I work at the bww in monona wi. Im requesting my payroll check stubs for Dec.2012. I can b reached at:(608)5209826


YVONNE March 5, 2013 at 4:53 pm

I LOVE UR WINGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael February 16, 2013 at 11:25 pm

This was on 2/16/2013 6:37pm MST at your Grill and Bar #0190 10090 Grant Street, server was Jacobs. Order # 20033 This was a call in order wait time was 15 to 20 minutes…OK not a problem. I get there in 25 minutes, Jacob ask me if I have a phone in order and I say Yes I do! My name is Michael and he proceeds to tell me did you order 50 wings and I say NO! he keeps telling me the order… and did you order with that and I say NO that’s not me! and he keeps telling me about this order and finishes, I say NO THAT’s not me…He says You didn’t order 50 wings, AND I WILL SAY THIS AGAIN NO THAT’S NOT MY ORDER!!!!!!!!!!, OK there’s 2 orders for Mike. Then he told me the right order. The place was busy I will admit but not listening to someone is ridicules! So 10 minute later he brings out my order….You have 50 wings and I say for the fifth time NO THAT’S NOT MY ORDER!!!!, Oh wait I’ll get your order…….He brings my order out and hands it to me , not checking if it’s right or not and walks off, OK I’ll take his word….Wrong thing to do!! I get home and Both my order and my wife’s order have NO sauce on them, Just cooked wings! We call the store, wait on hold for 20 minutes and three people ask for our order. We explain we are waiting for a manager all say OK and put us on hold again. The third person came on line and asked us for our order and we told them that we need to talk to a manager and can you have them call us being we have been on HOLD for 20 minutes they took our Name and phone number and we never hear from ANYONE from this store. We ended up throwing away our wings being we didn’t have enough sauce to do anything with and going to one of your competitors and they made our wings without a problem!!
BOTTOM LINE YOUR SERVICE SUCKED!!!!! This isn’t the first time I have had crappy service here either!! it’s sad that we have to pay twice to get a good meal. VERY disappointed in Buffalo wild wings!!!!!!


Dave McGarry February 10, 2013 at 6:49 pm

I have eaten at B-Dubs across the US and they all have great wings, but tell them how you want it done. Don’t expect xtra crisp wings and don’t tell your server. The Restaurant has great Mgrs and employees and cook my food the way I like it. Very clean establishment is great as well.
If your ever in Robinson Town Ctr, Pittsburgh Pa……you have to go!


Richard Hundley January 31, 2013 at 8:50 pm

CEO: Sally J. Smith
CFO: Mary J. Twinem
COO: James M. Schmidt,

After reading the comments above it sounds like BWW’s has a management problem in many stores across the nation, including the one I am about to inform you about in Moore, OK. My daughter worked there only for a short time because she said the managers yell and disrespect the employees. She tried to pick up her check on payday and the manager said they couldn’t find it come back in a few days. My daughter went back to get her check 5 days later and they said they lost it, come back in a couple of days. It’s 11 days later and I go to pick up her check and the manager said he looked for it but couldn’t find it. He said the Gen. Mgr. will be in tomorrow between 2 – 4pm and gave me his number. I called the number and BBW answered the phone. I asked for Josh the GM and they said he was busy. I asked what store I was calling and they said the one I had just walked out of. The manager then took the phone and told me they were very busy and Josh couldn’t talk to me. I said no problem I will go inside and get him myself. When I asked for the GM and the manager the person at the front counter said they were not coming out, they stayed in their office till I left. I don’t have the time or the gas to waste on chickenXXXXX managers like these. My daughter worked the hours you wanted and all she wants is whats owed to her. My name is Richard and you can reach me at 405-824-9616.

Side note: It would be nice to see you on the undercover boss TV show. I bet you and everyone else would be amazed at what you would find.

Thank you.


The Prophet March 21, 2014 at 5:39 pm

Love the side note…maybe some “undercover consumers” should start recording their experiences in B-dubs!


Susan M. January 23, 2013 at 11:26 pm

CEO: Sally J. Smith
CFO: Mary J. Twinem
COO: James M. Schmidt,

I am writing to you regarding Jim, the General Manager of the Buffalo Wild Wings located in the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, New York. I, as well as others have witnessed his unprofessional and abusive behavior toward his staff. He is continually insulting, criticizing, using vulgar language, belittling, rude, and downright embarrassing his employees, many times in front of customers. He has brought them to tears, created depression, health and psychological problems upon many of these employees. What he is doing is, number one, illegal, number two, reprehensible. This particular restaurant has continually treated its help like trash; therefore, most of the employees do not stay. I am writing to request that someone takes action against this type of behavior, and punishes or fires those that are perpetrating these acts. If not, a lawsuit will be filed against the corporation as a whole in a class action suit. My attorney has advised me to allow you to revamp and rectify this situation before initiating legal action. I will be keeping tabs on the changes, or lack thereof. I have connections with people either currently or previously employed there, and I will not hesitate to stand up for them. I also have a well-known and respected Civil Rights attorney ready to pursue this matter. I suggest some changes are made very quickly, especially since this entire corporation is known for having these same issues in your restaurants throughout the country, so a class action suit will not be in your best interest.
Thank you,
Susan M..


Arnold Dahlberg October 24, 2012 at 3:05 pm

To whom should I direct a request for BWW’s participating in a local ad
for a school ball team?


Stephen October 20, 2012 at 11:58 am

Our family just tried your experience last night at the new location in Puyallup. I realize they have been opened less than a week and are just blasted with customers. This was very similar to Sonic burgers just up the street. Sonic had to use a parking lot adjacent for over a month just to divert cars…now the “excitement” is over and they do just OK I expect as I drive by it all the time. Here is why I am making this comment….to try and help your restaurant not become one of them, you may consider this bit of advice I tried to give the manager last night ( what do I know I am just the customer right?) but we sat in the bar and as I saw every table around me yelling to try and communicate…witnessed and heard the wait staff getting hoarse, not able to even hear ourselves speak, I suggested to the manager that they turn the music down. He said he would go listen to it and he did…I di not notice a difference. I did notice a sigh of relief with approx 5 tables around me and the wait staff when there was a lull in between songs. We got out of there as soon as we could. Have you ever considered lowering it down a bit? I work in the fire service and we stay away from 95 decibels if possible or we wear hearing devices. I bet it was way louder than that. Keep it loud but make it so your staff can service and your patrons can enjoy the experience. I could not get someone to get me a side of sauce for over 14 minutes…I can yell with the best of them but not a great outing. We can try it again but just apprececiate if you consider it. Our wait staff (Kelsey) was awesome and she really came through in a tough time. Puyallup store. Thanks for listening.


Paul Rosendale October 5, 2012 at 9:18 am

James M. Schmidt, COO,
I wanted to inform of you of my recent exeperiences at our BW3s located in Springboro, Ohio. Since Corporate has taken over, the service as been terrible. I will be honest and tell you it is not your servers, or your bartenders or waitresses, it is simply the management. The management at this Springboro location is absolutely terrible. They have no clue how to run their stores and they are losing customers, and we have been going to this BW3s since it opened. I have been NOT seated because the “kitchen is backed up” on several occaisions. Seat me anyway, I will have a drink. I have been told if I chose to sit outside, I will have to order my food at the counter, “nobody will wait on us”. I have seen the dining room open with 6 tables available, but told I have a 30 minute wait. Why? Please train you managers at this BW3s, they are bad. Very poorly managed. Thank you in advance. Paul Rosendale 937-603-XXXXX


sherry November 1, 2012 at 1:57 pm

Oh hopefully you never go to the BWS in Huber Heights Ohio! Talk about bad management! I have 2 kids of mine working there and they are totally disrespested there! I raised them to work hard and do your job and never let anyone tell you your not good enough! But management there tells other employees how they suck and how they plan to send em packing! Not company standard. They have been cut down to 11 – 17 hours a week from 30 + and new hires who call in get all the hours and raises and promotions while they get XXXXX on! Corporate has no idea how some of these employees are being treated! And they are the workers! Sad very sad!


Jess January 23, 2014 at 11:48 am

The Bww in Dothan Alabama has terrible management . The bar manager is rude and I’ve heard him say some nasty perverted comments to the girls. I’ve seen the one married manager in the parking lot at Popeyes getting it on with a waitress, the other manager goes out and parties with all the staff. We get nothing but bad service when we go in there, the food has become nasty and they have lost a ton of customers. So much drama at that bww. We are not from this small town but could tell you about half the town just by trying to eat there. Corporate needs to take undercover visits at all times of buisness hours they would be horrified they way they get represented.


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