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Baer's Furniture Company, Inc.
1589 Northwest 12th Avenue
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

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Phone Number: (954) 946-8001
Fax Number: (954) 946-8006
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Baer's Furniture Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Baer's Furniture Executives

CEO: Jerry Baer
CFO: Ira Baer
COO: Ron Baer

Baer's Furniture History

Baer’s Furniture was founded in South Bend, Indiana, in 1945 by Melvin and Lucile Baer. The company’s original name was Baer’s Home Outfitters. The company operates a chain of furniture and home decor stores.

The Baer’s moved to southern Florida in the late 1960’s and took their business with them. Today, Baer’s Furniture has 16 locations in the south Florida area, and two warehouses. The company is still family owned and operated by the Baer family. Headquarters are located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Baer’s Furniture offers design help, financing through Synchrony Bank, and sells brand name furniture, including Bernhardt, Natuzzi, Tommy Bahama, and Broyhill.

Baer's Furniture FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Baer's Furniture?
Answer 1: The phone number for Baer's Furniture is (954) 946-8001.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Baer's Furniture?
Answer 2: The CEO of Baer's Furniture is Jerry Baer.

Question 3: Who founded Baer's Furniture?
Answer 3: Baer's Furniture was founded by in .

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Marianne Blaicher April 25, 2019 at 3:32 pm

I wouldn’t buy a flipping thing again from this company!! They don’t stand behind their product and their customer service is absolutely unacceptable. We purchased a Leather Bernhardt sofa. We purchased the sofa in January 2019 and received it on March 9, 2019. Their delivery people were so rude and had no idea how to mount the battery for the couch, so they left. After I they left I noticed on the right side that there was a large gap where the side of the couch meets the arm, larger than on the left side. Within a week I notified Baer’s of the issue with the battery not being mounted and the gap that I am seeing. I had to wait two weeks to their technician out here to look at the problem, he came on 4/13/19 and was able to mount the battery and he took pictures of the gap and submitted it for a manager’s report.

I received a call from customer service that they would be coming to pick up the sofa and take it away for repair. After ending the call with customer service I thought about this issue and decided that was not acceptable getting the sofa repaired. We spent $ 3,000.00 on this sofa and it should have been perfect without any issues, manufacturer or otherwise. We would never spend this much on a sofa, but this time we wanted good quality and a piece of furniture that would last which is why we went to Baer’s in the first place. We have only had the couch for 6 weeks and it needs a repair, I don’t like the fact of repairing this issue, the sofa will never be the same once it starts getting worked on. On top of that now we will not have a sofa for 2 weeks or more by the time it is repaired and returned back to us. We work and I can only accept delivery on a Saturday, and now two of my Saturday’s are going to be spent waiting around for the sofa to be picked up and then again waiting for it be delivered. Then there is the worry about something happening to the sofa when it gets picked up and put on the truck, then comes off for repair, then back on the truck for delivery and once again off the truck, way to many chances of getting a rip, tear, scratch or anything else especially since their delivery people show no concern over the way they treat the furniture being delivered.

I have been emailing customer service for a week now trying to speak to a manager but getting nowhere. The email I received back was so disrespectful in the way i t was addressed I should have know what I was dealing with. It was addressed “Hello Blaicher” not hello Ms. Blaicher or Mrs. Blaicher or even Marianne? And all it said was management has decided they need to take the sofa to address the issue, after I already said not acceptable.

I see no reason for them to have to take my sofa to their shop to see what the repair manager has to say, Their Baer’s technician that came and looked at the sofa sent them pictures and measurements of the difference in the gap on both sides and I also sent pictures with my first email. I would think it would be more cost effective if the repair manager or any manager came to my house and looked at the sofa if that is what they need to do, the pictures tell the story and sending it to their shop does not change anything. It would cost less money to send the manager to my house then to send 3 delivery men to my house to pick it up and take it all the way down to Pompano Beach for it to be “looked at”. Of course your repair manager is going to say to repair it which is not an option in my opinion especially after reading the reviews on here, especially the one that says they stuffed his sofa like it was a second hand store, that is the exact reason I will not let them take my sofa away. The sofa will never be the same and I am not willing to take a chance of any additional damage being done to my sofa by taking it away and working on it and bringing it back with delivery people that don’t care how other people’s furniture is handled. I again asked to speak to a manager about other options and again received an email that they will pick up the sofa and assess it at the shop. This is a manufactures defect and should be addressed that way I have received better customer service from the less expensive furniture stores. Think about how much this is going to them, I work in the transportation business so I know the cost of moving…… 3 men and a truck to come and pick it up, take it back to Pompano, the cost to repair it, then 3 men and a truck to re-deliver it plus fuel, not to say my time of having to wait around for 4 hours for pick up and delivery for 2 Saturdays. I’m sure this would all amount to $ 500.00 or most likely more. I offered 3 other avenues of resolution that I could live with, but of course I am not able to speak with anyone, The managers hide behind a customer service rep and will not confront an issue. I am actually going to look into filing a class action lawsuit against Baer’s and encourage all of you having problems to do the same, they should not be allowed to treat people that spend their hard earned money in such a manner as this.


Ryan Miles February 7, 2019 at 2:53 pm

Baers sold me a Natuzzi sectional. The leather is not even close to the sample swatch that I still have!!! I have been complaining about the sectional since it was delivered. Baers delivery assured me that they could and would fix the issues. A week since the delivery and still no contact back from anyone at Baers. Baers is nothing but a scam. I would recommend anyone who wants a Natuzzi go directly to a Natuzzi store.


Elizabeth Riley December 27, 2018 at 7:28 am

I wanted to let corporate know the caring , capable and professional employee they have in Kelly G . at the North Naples store on Tamiami Trail . We had a problem with the hanger on a picture we purchased and she worked very hard and got the problem resolved for us. I hope she gets feedback from this comment.


Francis & Andrea Sheridan October 10, 2018 at 5:10 pm

We purchases our 5 piece Natuzzi sectional on 5-25-2018. Ted Katiraee was our salesman at the Sarasota store, and he assured us that if there was any problem with the furniture, Bares would replace any piece that was a problem. Well, we were notified that the sectional came in the end of August,but that it was sent with a stationary piece and not the right hand recliner we had ordered. At this time we were told that we can use this incorrect piece until the right handed recliner was reordered. At delivery on 9-07-2018, I noted the two additional problems with the sectional. The wedge piece didn’t line up with the connecting piece by 2 inches. Also, the armless recliner’s leather was ripped away from the plate where the controls were. The delivery man said we can note this on the delivery slip and Bare’s would take care of it. We contacted the Bare’s customer service dept and was told a repair service would contact us in 2 weeks to verify these conditions. The repair man came out on 09-25-2018 and said that because the pieces were delivered in this condition, they should be replaced. However, he did try to fix the armless recliner at the controls, but was unable to. He also said that his report would be submitted to Bare’s Corporate offices to decide what to do about the wedge and the armless recliner. I called Ebony McClaugh at corporate on 9-27-2018 to find out what was decided, however she never returned my phone call. I also left message for Kent Haas, manager of the Sarasota store, to find out if he could expedite the reordering of these two pieces, and never got a call back from him either. Your customer service has a lot to be desired. First of all, we were never told that we would have to accept a repaired piece of Natuzzi furniture, should it come in damaged. Why would we agree to this? You can be sure that we would never of placed this order if we were told this. We called Kent Haas again on 10-3-2018 to try to find out what was happening about the two pieces. He informed us that it was up to Your corporate office to handle this matter, and he emailed Ebony McClaugh about it. On 10-10-2018 we called Ebony again, since we never heard from her, to find out what was happening. Ebony told us that the wedge would be reordered today, however the armless recliner will be repaired after receiving the parts from Natuzzi because it was a special order. We just don’t agree, that we have to accept a repaired piece of furniture, when we were told that if we weren’t happy with any piece, it could be returned or replaced.
Now we only hope that the repair will fix this issue and the leather will match. We now have to wait another 3 months to find out because Baer’s Cannot expedite the order. Why would Baer’s do business with Natuzzi when their quality control is lacking and not producing quality made furniture for the price we pay? We did not buy from Baer’s expecting to have to settle with repaired furniture. Buyers beware!

Very dissatisfied customer.


Richard May 21, 2018 at 12:34 pm

No service after the sale. Once the sofa was sold it was up to me to relinquish any problems.
I purchased an all leather sofa and love-seat by Natuzzi for Baer’s. I was informed that the love-seat was on back order. I told the sales agent no problem that I would wait until they had both pieces available to deliver them together. I mentioned my concern about the two sofas matching since they would be from totally different lots of leather being that they were assembled at two different times. Sales associate Lisa assured me that they would match perfectly since that particular style and color of leather furniture was one they kept in stock.
When the furniture arrived I was so concerned with the leathers matching and possible scratches since I saw how the delivery guys took it off the truck that I took a flashlight and my glasses and went over both the sofa and the love-seat carefully and found no scratches or tears which made me happy but it ended there. After the delivery guys left my friend noticed that the love-seat had a divot out of the padding on the back cushion which I at first thought was a shadow but realized it was a lack of batting in the seat back. I called the Customer Relations number that the delivery guys told me to use if I discovered a problem and reported the first issue concerning the divot in the padding on the back of the love-seat within 3 hours of delivery. The agent reprimanded me for not noticing it when deliver driver was there.
Then I almost got sick to my stomach when I sat in the sofa and noticed that he large sofa cushions seemed over-stuffed and had a very firm density while the love-seat cushions had a super extra soft density making them very mushy almost lacking of the proper amount of fill. I did not realize that I needed to sit on every seat cushion on both the sofas to check if the sofas sat correctly and similarly like they did in the store when I purchase them.
I was sick about the how the 2 sofas did not seat the same and called back to report the density problems to get them on record
I called Customer Service 4 times because they would not confirm my concerns.
Finally after a week someone called me from a furniture repair company.
I waited another 2 weeks for them to come out to look at the furniture. I thought that they were only going to come and assess the issues but they did not happen. The furniture guy came out to my house and did not really know what he was there for. I explained the problems with the inconsistent densities in the brand new first quality sofas and had him sit on the sofas and he felt it instantly. He went to his truck to get foam to repair the love seat. Really! Repair the love seat it is brand new!
He ended up opening up the bottom of the love seat and shoving pieces of foam in the bottom. Again I purchased brand new $3000 sofas and they are shoving foam in the back like he was working a second hand repair store fix. And it wasn’t like he put in a whole seat cushion, he shoved pieces and bits in between the webbing and staples.
I was beside myself at this abomination of customer service but what took it over the top was that he reassembled the love-seat before testing it out to see if it was even or better. Once he turned it over I noticed that what he did was not even across the love seat, the left side cushion was firmer and the right side end of the right cushion still sagged in the corners. I said that they still did not match but he did not care and left. On top of all that he left a mess all over my floor from the foam shavings from that he cut.
I called the Natuzzi number and expressed my disappointment the young lady said that the pictures this repair person sent looked good so they are done with me. I offered to send pictures to show what I was talking about but she refused and said to call Baer’s to see what they could do for me.
I understand that Natuzzi builds these sofas especially for Baer’s but if I was Baer’s I would be concerned at what kind of inconsistent or lack of quality furniture they are producing for them. It certainly does not look good for the Baer’s furniture name or reputation. Too bad too because I really liked the furniture and accessories that I found there.
I paid for a brand new sofa and loveseat but what I ended up with was a refurbished set at the new furniture price…that is not acceptable.


Pam trow March 23, 2018 at 4:39 pm

Have just recently bought furniture from Baers. Love the decorator…but the manager of the store on Military Trail in West Palm Beach is impossible. Have a chair in my house that needs to be returned, need to check on a few lamp possibilities which he won’t allow me to take to my house to test, which is ten minutes away until returned chair is received. Feel like I am being treated like a thief!! If it weren’t for your wonderful decorator “Effy”, I would not have finished this order, but after this experience with your store and Marco I will never buy anything from Baers (and Marco) again!


Jayne scarola February 14, 2018 at 9:12 am

I bought a bedroom set. I love the FURNITURE but the bed in a queen and I need a king. I called as soon as it was delivered and am getting the run around on an exchange
I have been sleeping on the floor ever since. It seems maybe they are waiting for an expiration time for returning. I don’t know. All I want is a king size mattress and bed. I was going to purchase 2 leather living room set but now I will have to go elsewhere. Salesman told me that he is going to have to call the owner of BEARS FURNITURE to see if I can upgrade my new bed. I think this is probably be as I would think the president of a large FURNITURE store has bigger things on his mind. Either way I am highly disappointed and now stuck with a bed I hate. Still waiting and still sleeping on the floor . Thanks BEARS. I heard you had a great reputation but I am not seeing that at all. It’s not like I want my money back


Stacy Napolitano November 6, 2017 at 11:04 am

I can not sleep on my brand new bed. It is hard as a rock. Harder then the one we picked out in the store. I have cancer and I am in a lot of pain all over my body. This bed is making me sicker and creating even more pain for me. The bed feels like pins and needles into my body. The manager told me I had to keep the bed and had to give it time to get softer. I have to wait for my bed to get softer??? I am sleeping on the living room couch. It’s been 10 days. I am very upset!!! I am very sick! I am in a lot of pain!!! I called to exchange my bed for a softer bed. One under the firm. The bed we picked out in the store did not feel like this? The bed we picked out in the store was not this firm. No body told me I would have to wait for the bed to get softer. If I was told that I would have never bought this bed. Never did I ever have to wait for a bed to get softer.


GJ Thumudo November 2, 2017 at 4:10 pm

How much money do you have to spent with Baers to be treated like they care about you as a customer and respect you, I’m over 75K in about 3 months and that’s not it. Proceed at your own risk


Liz Loeffler October 2, 2017 at 7:57 pm

Sent to Chair Manufacturer:
I am contacting you for help with my newly purchased IMG Norway RM395 Verona Power Recliner. It was purchased June 2017 from Baer’s Furniture in North Palm Beach Florida. It’s a beautiful chair except that the headrest does not adjust as indicated in your online technical specifications and demonstrated by the floor model used to make the decision to purchase this chair.

The chair delivered by Bear’s Furniture does not have an adjustable headrest. It must be a defect in this particular chair. The chair pushes my head forward due to the lack of adjustment and is causing discomfort and pain from my neck to my hip.

I followed with Baer’s and followed their customer service procedures which lead to a series of impossible dealings. Sadly, I checked with the Better Business Bureau and online reviews for the company to find I worked with a company that has a track record of unsatisfactory customer service. In addition to these frustrations I did purchase from Baer’s a warranty on the chair which is a waste of money as they won’t even consider a repair option. I tried to work with American Express in an attempt to force Baer’s to take back the chair and refund the purchase amount. Apparently, Bear’s stamps their purchase receipt at the last step of the purchase Final Sale even though this was not a damaged chair and it was only reduced $100 which is nothing on a chair of this price.

Are there any options to repair this chair under your warranty or through Baer’s extra cost insurance policy? My decision to purchase was made on the fact that headrest adjusts and it does not. This is the link to your specification sheet on this recliner headrest.

Your consideration and help with this matter is very greatly appreciated.
Liz Loeffler

Sent to AMEX to dispute damaged new Chair:
Dispute Reference Number: MNG9610
Purchase Date : June 3 2017
Amount: $2274.48

The intent of this purchase was to have a supportive power recliner after several major orthopedic surgeries. I was primarily looking for a supportive body aligned recliner chair.

After four visits to be certain I found the correct chair I purchased the IMGN RM395 Verona Power Recliner. The chair was delivered June 15, 2017. It immediately caused pain. The neck rest pushed my head forward resulting in pain on my left side into my hip. This chair was different from the floor model.

I called my salesperson and was advised to call Baer’s customer service. Baer’s service representative came to my home July 6, 2017. He was unable to adjust the headrest unlike the adjustable headrest of the showroom model. The floor model had an adjustable head rest unlike the chair sent to my home. The customer service person called his office from my home and told them customer “not happy”. I corrected the man telling him the chair did not work as the demo did. I was advised by the office customer service person, Will, I would be called by Baer’s for resolution. Five days later I again called customer service and was told my salesperson would call. Days later my salesperson did call stating he was advised I was unhappy due to a comfort and construction switch issue.

With the problem diminished to comfort the store manager would agree to an exchange for a monstrously large chair of lesser valve with my remaining $900 balance trapped in a useless store credit or the used floor model. Any issues with the used chair would not be fixed. These are bad options when I paid for a new chair based on the demonstration model. Why wasn’t I informed of handmade differences before purchase?

My issues with this company prompted me to check on line customer experiences. The results were very revealing and consistent with my problem. I’ve attached several of these links for your review.

I’ve tried working with the store manager multiple times resulting in very one sided proposed resolution. The chair was not the same as the floor model nor does it work the same. I would like this chair removed from my home and a refund issued as notification requesting return of the item and full refund was handled in a timely manner.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Elizabeth M. Loeffler


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