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AsusTeK Computer, Inc.
800 Corporate Way
Fremont, California 94539

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Phone Number: (510) 739-3777
Fax Number: (510) 608-4555
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Asus USA Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Asus USA Executives

CEO: Jerry Shen
CFO: Raymond Chen

Asus USA History

Asus was founded in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1989 by cofounders T.H. Tung, M.T. Liao, Ted Hsu, and Wayne Hsieh. All cofounders were former employees of Acer computers, working as hardware techs. The name ASUS is the partial letters used for the winged horse, Pegasus. The cofounders decided to use only the last four letters so they would have an alphabetical advantage in listings.

The company is a multinational computer hardware and electronics company which produces desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, monitors, motherboards, projectors, servers, workstations, and tablet pc’s. Asus is the world’s 4th largest personal computer vendor. Total brand worth is estimated at $1.3 billion. Asus is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, as well as the London Stock Exchange, but not on any U.S. exchanges as of today.

Asus has more than 50 service sites in 32 countries and has more than 400 service partners around the world, in addition to 4 manufacturing plants in 3 countries.




Question 1: What is the phone number for Asus USA?
Answer 1: The phone number for Asus USA is (510) 739-3777.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Asus USA?
Answer 2: The CEO of Asus USA is Jerry Shen.

Question 3: Who founded Asus USA?
Answer 3: Asus USA was founded by in .

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Jay JUlian, Ph.D. March 17, 2018 at 5:05 pm

This company is one I would never recommend to anyone. They have no idea of what customer service is. Case in point: I sent my motherboard in for repair as the sound ports were not working. I get the computer back after paying $130.00 for fixing another component on the processor that had some bent pins. Repair justified. I reassemble the computer and nothing worked!~ I called they told me to send it back. I received it a few days later – same result! Nothing worked. I sent it back a third time. Received it and again nothing worked. So the tech told me to sent the entire computer to them. This time I get the motherboard in a separate package and no computer. I called and complained and told them to send me a free Fed Ex shipping label for the return of the motherboard with instructions to reassemble the computer, test to be sure it worked and return it to me n the same filled with a pile of parts. I called and was blown off by a supervisor who refused to do anything for me. I have now taken it to a local computer store to have them reassemble the computer. I will write a letter to corporate and include my bill de3maqnding reimbursement. How this company ever got tot be # 4 in the industry is beyond my comprehension. The retort from the supervisor was” we don’t offer that service and the tech who to told you to send in the whole computer was in error”. They made no apology and told me there was nothing they could do for me. They made a fatal error in judgement, they will pay for their mistake; count on it! This entire nightmare has been going on since January of 2018 and I will continue to pursuit to its logical end. I am now in the process of writing a letter to corporate.


john day February 12, 2019 at 8:03 am

I am disabled and have been unable to navigate your system either on-line or via email. I receive disability from Social Security and have the appropriate benefits letter to document that. After much rage and depression as a result and the professionally recommended advice to at least attempt to find someone who is responsible for handicapped or disabled access.

Take this as a request for said assistance under the ADA rules and regulations. I am unable to deal with this any further. Please call me in response as it is the inability to keep communications with your support group via phone. the emails and waiting on hold and the feeling that I am fighting just to be understood that negatively affects my mental state very negatively, endangering my safety.


John Day


paul krauth February 14, 2018 at 5:41 pm

case number: N180 108 896.

You will see a 3 hour failed attempt to fix a problem, then a 3 1/2 hour second failure. Then over 35 emails. There have been dozens of promises of call-backs from senior managers and only one call from a lower level cust service person who had not bothered to read one word of the issue in the case. I’m going to try to find a phone number for the executive offices so that I can speak with the Chief Operating Officer who is responsible for US service operations. It’s no surprise that so many people chose another manufacturer. You should all be ashamed of your failures to help your paying customers!


william lurcott October 7, 2017 at 10:28 pm

Rma No=USCYH92641
I sent my ASUS for repair as the hinge mounts were (by faulty engineering) incapable of supporting the hinge friction. Instead of replacing the case, ASUS replaced the entire computer with one that was so worn out that the hard drive failed within months. The technician that replaced that hard drive informed me that the machine had over 24,000 cycles on it and that the whole thing was past worn. He also pointed out the one screw holding the hard drive in had a stripped head. Tapes–which if torn or ripped would void the warranty were also no longer in one piece. This is what they sent to me, in spite of ASUS’s policy to replace at their option with a unit equal to or superior to that which was sent to them.
Les than a year later, I’ve returned the unit to them as the same hinge mount broke in the replacement unit (design flaw). Interestingly, they advise there is no record of any defect–despite replacing it once already. Their words to me: “There is no known issue/defect with this model.” “We do not have any known issues with this unit’s hinge.” LIES. LIES. LIES. And worse: “If this was a known issue, we would have just taken care of it.” MORE LIES.

Not only is there a misrepresentation of the highest order here regarding the lying to dissuade right action. Additionally, ASUS has–at their discretion, replaced my gently cared for and very lightly used laptop with a nearly unusable piece of junk.

We all make mistakes. I have given them every chance to make good on this, taking it to level three support. Though the support reps empathized, they were obviously disallowed to do the right thing. This company employs upper level support personnel that should never be in any relations work involving humans or animals.

This is my only laptop, and I have mistakenly put my trust in a company (ASUS) whose upper level administrators would rather LIE than do the right thing. Where is the responsibility? Where are the ethics of this brand?


Michael Anderson October 24, 2017 at 2:33 am

Sent my Asus laptop in for a warranty repair(screen was washed out) and while at the repair facility my laptop was damaged (dent in bottom half)..My laptop was in the facility for 9 days before they contacted me and claim they received it damaged..Initialy said damage to laptop made the warranty void.Sent me a invoice to pay for repairs…

Filed a complaint with customer care and exchanged emails with Cavar P. Asus Customer Care..After further investigation Asus came to the conclusion that dent on bottom had nothing to due with screen issue.Mr Carver P said he would have laptop repaired under warranty and send it back to me and He would see what He could do about the damages..

Received Laptop back with a letter that it was not repaired because I did not make payment for repair.Contacted Carver P Customer Care And he apologized and said it should have been repaired..He ask me to send it back again..I asked about the dent issue that wasn’t there when I shipped it to them and said He may be able to have it replaced with a recertified one..

Mr Carver P sent sent a email several days later after a reminder email from me that after He contacted corporate there is nothing he or they can do for me and apologized..So now I have a laptop that is still under warranty that has a bad screen and a dent on the bottom half..
Have since filed BBB COMPLAINT
Received response from Robert Tinsley

Dear Mr. Michael Anderson,

I very much apologize for the issues you have experienced.

I have issued an RMA for you to send the unit in and have it repaired in warranty. Unfortunately at this time you do not qualify for a replacement computer only repair of the original unit. A pre-paid label has been sent to your email along with shipping instructions.

I very much apologize for the issues.

Best Regards,

Robert Tinsley

ASUS Corporate Customer Care

He totally ignored my complaint that my laptop was damaged while in for repair..

Repair center
ASUS Service Center
4051 N. Hwy 121, Suite 100
Grapevine, TX 76051


Nicole Williams August 16, 2017 at 10:06 pm

I brought your Asus laptop in 12/2015. As you can see the laptop is not 2 years old yet and the hardware is malfunctioning. I have had to have the laptop serviced twice already due to malfunctions and now I’m being told since it has been over 1 year I have to pay for repairs if I send it in! The laptop cost over a $1000 and should not be malfunctioning in less than 2 years. I will not recommend your product to anyone and will not purchase your product again. This is such poor customer service! If a customer has been having issues since buying computer obviously its a hardware issue that came from your all and you want the customer to pay to repair. Unacceptable!


Dr. Randall Smith June 30, 2017 at 1:51 pm

I purchased two U522B Asus laptop computers. One of them was clearly defective, e.g. ATK was not installed from the factory, so typing and mouse control were impossible. I have had to make literally dozens of calls to “tech support” to deal with a host of “weird” problems. My hope was that these were one-time occurrences, and that a level 1 or level 2 tech support rep could repair them once and for all. This has not been the case. No corporate telephone number is available either via Asus staff or the internet. I treat pediatric cancer patients, conduct research and teach at our medical school. I am no longer willing to play Asus’ game on Asus’ terms. Apparently, there are a great many seriously disappointed – even angry – Asus customers. What they make in the short run will disappear in the long run. As a former IBM Corp. field engineer, consulting systems engineer and marketing representative, and now as a physician, I have a sense of what constitutes top-notch customer (or patient) care. I will not commend Asus products to anyone at any future date. I will, however, advise as many individuals who are contemplating the purchase of a new Asus to avoid this brand assiduously. Eventually, Asus will follow the route of all businesses that attempt to operate as they do, i.e., poorly made products, incompetent customer service, etc. They just don’t seem to be aware of it.

Dr. Randall Smith, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Neuro-oncology
University of Arkansas College of Medicine


edmund pearson June 22, 2017 at 3:15 pm

I live in Montreal Canada. I bought an ASUS x200ma laptop in 2015. I started to experience a wandering typing position. i.e I would be typing away and suddenly discover that I was in a different place on the page than I expected. Or in a different place in a crossword grid. Contact with customer service by email elicited the suggestion that I do a reset. I did this and the problem persisted, spasmodically. I contacted them again and they suggested a hard reset. I was loath to do this as I felt that I would lose all software programs. In the end I did this. After reconfiguring etc, the problem still persisted. By this time the warranty period had expired so they suggested I send the unit back for an assessment of what was wrong. I was loath to do this, but the Customer Service then suggested that they could not offer any discount unless they knew what the problem was. So I spent around $70.00 to ship the unit to Markham Ont. I received an estimate of around $270 for the repair, but NO offer of a discount. Just pay or we ship it back. I told them to ship it back. Since I am unable to find any senior manager to send my complaint to, I plan to list the laptop on Amazon and ebay for sale at a higher than market price. This will keep the item listed longer. As it os defective, I will of course tell any potential curious buyer what has gone on with the unit. This way I expect ASUS will get some free publicity. They are the first major manufacturer with whom I have dealt that has a policy like this. Oh by the way. The entire claim was conducted using the original “in warranty” file number.


edmund pearson June 22, 2017 at 3:03 pm

I live in Montreal Canada. I bought an ASUS x200ma laptop in 2015. I experienced a wandering typing position. i.e I would be typing away and find I was actually in a different place on the page, or on the crossword grid. Repeated contact with Customer Service by email elicited the fact that I should do a soft reset. This did not work. Then it was suggested to do a Hard reset. This of course mean that I would lose all programs etc. However, eventually I did this. The problem persisted. Finally, once I was “out of warranty”, they recommended that I get an RMA. This despite the fact that it was clear I was using the original claim number from back in 2015. I balked at this. However, the customer service person said they could not “negotiate a discount” unless they knew what was involved. So I shipped the unit to Markham Ont at my cost.. around $70.00. They came back with an estimate of around $270.00. Of course this is ridiculous, so I asked them about the discount. They did not reply, just told me to pay or the unit would be shipped back. So I told them what I plan to do when it arrives. I plan to list it on Amazon and ebay for sale at a higher than market price as a defective unit, and to tell this story. Asus should get some publicity out of this.


George O. Fuhrmann April 10, 2017 at 12:06 am

This is about incompetence, a series of lies to cover it up, and in total denial of warranty repair. This is most troubling, because it is used with the Joly Joker method, that can be pulled on anything and anyone at any time.
I got an RMA to send in a Essence STX II 7.1 sound board. It comes in 2 pieces: a main board and a daughter-board. Was told 4-5 days to complete work. After 10 days (!) I receive an email that new RMA had to be issued. I inquired and an other email explained, that because I have sent 2 “units” instead of one new RMA was needed, and because 1 unit had no serial number it is not covered by warranty and I will get an other email with a quote. I was ballistic, it took another 10 days for a tech support agent to convince the rest of ASUS that this was indeed 1 unit and the second piece is not given separate serial # like in case of a laptop and a power adapter for example. So I get a tracking # and a week later I get back half of the unit – the main board – without the daughter-board. Accompanying paper says at “PROBLEM”: Test OK. Needless to say, you cannot test one piece, you have to test the two plugged into each other. Which was never done, because then it would have net gotten separated for shipping. When I called they could not find it an I was told that I will be noticed within two days when they locate it and then the main board would get shipped back. Next day I get a notice that it was shipped. I was furious. Rep. was told, that the unit could not be stopped because Fedex already picked it up and it is gone – no they do not have a tracking number … why? they only track it by RMA. Which is of course a lie, because the shipping label is printed at ASUS. I was also assured it was 2 days express considering all the messing around. To days later – the day I was supposed to get it, I get a shipping notice – this time with tracking – and FedEx Ground. I called to have it stopped and got the same BS like the previous time that it was already picked up. Now, in the mean time I received an email that informed me, that because I purchased the unit abroad, it is not covered by US warranty. I said I got it from Amazon, Asus answered it was probably 3rd party, I said yes Celluler Shack from Santa Monica CA. Some other agent “confirmed” that it was not for US market, which is determined by the Serial Number. However, there is no way to evidence such a claim by showing a list of American serial numbers. Clearly an RMA has been issued once I originally gave the serial on the phone. So this way, anything ASUS does not want to service under warranty, all they have to say, you did not buy it in the United States which of course you bought here but that does not matter.
I have read up on “ASUS warranty” in Google. It appears that you do much worse than my case – which by the way is preposterous by itself, but dwarfs and seems business as usual at ASUS.
As I have mentioned I am furious and contemplating my options and definitely rethinking my purchasing strategies for the future. It is a pity that good products have this dismal quality of corporate oversight, (yes You!) with reps screwing up and lying – driving away even the most loyal customers.


Lilly Hall April 2, 2017 at 8:27 am

I have bought many laptops in my day and have effectively switched to ASUS thinking they were possibly the best products out now- so I ordered recently a ASUS ROG STRIX I’ve been wanting for a couple yrs now and its costing me well over $2000.00 US dollars. I also paid for expedited 2- day shipping and it came so defective that when I called ASUS support, and we tried everything; they told me to send it back at once- it is defective and so I had to go through an extremely long and most frustrating process of the return process which took about 2wks in total to finally get the return label from them and dropped it off at FedEx which was the carrier. Then I asked for the replacement which should have been the exact same one to the T, including the full version of MS office Home and office which was on the last one I ordered and this was one of the reasons I choose this in particular one because it included the full version not trial versions but the full version which is probably why I,m paying so much anyways. Well to my utter dismay-, shock, and horror the replacement was sent directly from ASUS Computer Int’l, 800 Corporate way, Fremont California 94539. When the replacement arrived and after charging the appropriate amount of time per manual, you can clearly see damage already-right out of the box- to the display as if someone had a magnet to close to the right side of the display for too long and it’s discolored from the right corner all the way down to the bottom corner. I figured ok, I can at least still see. Ill get it all set up and deal with this display later once I get it set up. But then when I tried to use my office products which should have been full versions its trying to say they are only offering trial versions and this replacement clearly did not include the home and office full version like the last one I ordered did, and and I called ASUS and they are trying to get me to pay for another office after It is clearly already included in my price. This is false advertisement, theft by deception, and, breach of contract, and at a minimum false and misleading. It should have already had Ms office Home-full version- installed and this is clearly not the same exact one being replaced cuz it would have included my MS Office Home and student or Home and Office or something like that, but it was supposed to include the full version as it does with soo many other laptops/desktops everywhere in every brand. You would think after everything I have been through purchasing a brand new, very expensive laptop they should be going out of their way to ensure I get everything I need and them some! Really. They never even offered me anything nice to show how truly sorry they really are that such horrendous things have happened to me as a direct result of buying their very expensive laptops. Usually when a good company sells you something defective they offer you packages of all kinds of goodies for free as a way to say sorry and to make the customer feel they can forgive and put it behind them and continue buying from their brand named products. This is how you develop BRAND LOYALTY. I can tell you this – how I’ve been treated thus far and the fact this is now 2 messed up laptops and they wont even give me back my MS office which was included all because it wasn’t in the replacement- they could have fixed it in no time but its OK. I asked the CS reps to give me the names of their managers and corporate office and I was denied repeatedly by a supposed supervisor at the customer service center named “FERANI”. HE CONTINUED TO REFUSE TO GIVE ME ANY INFO SO HE COULD PREVENT ME FROM CONTACTING THE CORPORATE OFFICE AND THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT I SPEAK WITH THE HIGHER UPS IN THE CORPORATE OFFICE. I HOPE AND PRAY THE CORPORATE OFFICE AND THEIR HIGHER UPS ACTUALLY DO VALUE US CONSUMERS AND ARE WILLING TO FIX MY ISSUES ASAP CONSIDERING THE ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY I’VE SPENT ON THEIR LAPTOPS AND PRODUCTS- SO PLZ IF ANYONE IN CORPORATE OF ASUS IN THE U.S.A. IS SEEING THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME by LOOKING UP MY CASE # N170401461. I am looking forward to speaking with someone at corporate office and resolving this ASAP. I really had high hopes for this laptop and this company brand name as I still have other laptops and desktops to buy for family members – we are all due for one and I really believed ASUS was the brand name I was going to buy but if this isnt resolved there is just no way I can risk spending even more money on products their company is not willing to stand behind and make right. thank you sincerely,
Lilly Hall. CASE#: N170401461 / 4-2-17
P.S. I also want to note that even when I did return the most defective laptop no one ever at any time even offered me any type of compensation, nice gestures of any kind to show me they were even truly concerned about my satisfaction or that they even cared about me at all. Even though I may order this laptop through a third-party,- the laptops are being delivered straight from ASUS as proven by the shipping labels/receipts being shipped directly from ASUS 800 corporate way etc. So they are still being sent out defective right from your own company. the third party may place my order but it is paid by them and sent to you for shipping and you ship it directly to me as stated with these receipts. Thank you. I really hope you do the right thing because this is not right on so many levels. Again, I would like you to understand how important my laptops are to me, this is were all my work is done, all my personal and business affairs as well as sentimental family photos, videos etc. my laptops means so much to me and Id appreciate it if you would please do the right thing by me, Ive already been through so much over this and I really need you to make this right. Thank you so much and God bless you!


Richard P Woodie February 23, 2017 at 8:57 pm

I was working with one of your techs to figure out why my Google OnHub S/No F9IABS00133 was not working. We went though all the troubleshooting steps and couldn’t resolve the issue. He told me the product was under warranty and would have to be shipped in to inspect the product. He said they would send me a label and gave me a case number: N170275906. I called back tech support to confirm where the label was being sent. I never gave an email address or home address. The new tech rep told me that you are a 3rd party and do not service the product. I asked him if the other rep lied to me and he said yes. I don’t understand why the guy would like to me, but I wasted 40 minutes with him and now have been on hold with google for over and hour ( I was on hold with google for 40 mins prior to getting through to asus on a different phone and ended the call with google). I already did troubleshooting with timewarner on the internet connection to determine the issue was with the router. So far I have spent 3 hours on trying to resolve the issue. Hopefully Google can send me a new product becuase a $200+ router should not malfunction in a yr. I DO NOT appreciate being lied to by one of your ASUS reps while trying to resolve this issue. He did try and help troubleshoot the router, but why would he lie about ASUS servicing the product? It did not benefit him to lie and he could have just told me I would have to resolve the issue with Google instead of wasting my time.


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