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Cato Fashions Corporate Office Address

The Cato Corporation
8100 Denmark Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273

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Phone Number: (704) 554-8510
Fax Number:
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Cato Fashions Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Cato Fashions Executives

CEO: John P. Derham Cato
CFO: John R. Howe
COO: Michael Timothy Greer

Cato Fashions History

Cato Fashions was founded in 1946 by Wayland Cato, who left his place of employment to open his own clothing shop along with his son, Wayland Junior.

The company operates their stores under several different names including Cato Company, Cato Plus, It’s Fashion, and It’s Fashion Metro. Cato Fashions offers a wide variety of clothing including dressy, business, casual, sleepwear, dresses, coats, lingerie, shoes for both men and women, and costume jewelry and handbags as well as men’s wear, infants, and children’s clothing. Most items are sold under the company name of Cato Fashions with few exceptions.

Cato Fashions had annual revenue in 2013 of $905.7 million and more than 9,000 employees.

The company is publicaly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol: CATO..

Cato Fashions FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Cato Fashions?
Answer 1: The phone number for Cato Fashions is (704) 554-8510.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Cato Fashions?
Answer 2: The CEO of Cato Fashions is John P. Derham Cato.

Question 3: Who founded Cato Fashions?
Answer 3: Cato Fashions was founded by in .

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Leigh Sandlin October 12, 2019 at 4:44 pm

I bought a pair of pants two weeks ago in you’re Wetumpka Al. I didn’t have my receipts but the tags were still on them. I tried to take them back today for a smaller size and I was going to buy two more shirts. The white lady that works in there who I believe is the manager was very rude and said they didn’t have that color in the store. They did because I bought them there two weeks ago. I will not be back to Cato.


DKinSC June 5, 2019 at 9:50 am

RE: Store manager, Cato – Seneca, S.C.

The two times I have visited this store I experienced the terrible behavior of that store’s manager.
Apparently I was answering her quickly enough so she gave me the most disgusted look! She did it in front of other customers.
I have also witnessed the awful way she treats other customers and employees.
She intercepted various times while my register girl was working on the transactions by me and other customers. She took the merchandise from her hands and proceeded to scold her and ridicule her.
She acts like she’s on speed! She talks on the phone while helping customers. Even at checkout. She runs around in a very hyper manner.
She yells out that customers should buy this or that.
She also asks customers where they bought the clothing they’re wearing.
This manager asked me too each time I went into that store.
A customer had to use the bathroom because she was sick. When the customer cam out of the bathroom, this manager embarrassed her terribly because she used the toilet when she was ill. She did so in front of other customers!

I don’t understand why she is kept as store manager and working with people.
Customers now have a name for her.


Sharon Roane April 26, 2019 at 3:48 pm

I was just wondering how do you come up with your demographics when choosing your locations here in Michigan you have to drive at least 45 minutes to get to each location if you live in the Detroit Metro area, I live in Pontiac Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit and I have to drive to Flint which is 45 min drive or to New Baltimore that’s 1hour or more depending on the time of day it is. Have you considered Southfield, MI or Bloomfield HIlls, MI?


Lakishia Robinson March 20, 2019 at 11:11 am

I have been trying so hard to get my W-2 form.can someone please help me.Thank you.


tracey November 8, 2018 at 5:20 pm

I am very disappointed with the customer service that Cato provides and I would never shop there again! They have sent email about product that they sell that have never come in to their warehouse. They also post pictures on their website of lovely Christmas pictures that contain these items and they are not able to be purchased. I have made 4 calls to the supervisor of customer service and LEFT MESSAGES AND THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN RETURNED!!!! I MEAN WHO DOES BUSINESS LIKE THIS? I have also sent emails to the company about one item in particular that I loved ( notice I said loved) and I WANTED TO ORDER ( but now not so much) AND I HAVE NEVER HAD ANYONE CARE TO RESPOND TO MY EMAILS. In my profession, if I got a call from someone and I never returned it and they called my admin. i would certainly be called on it. I guess the same does not apply to retail , especially customer service supervisors. In as many calls that I have made to her, she has not once answered the phone it has always gone to voice mail
People leave a voice mail with the anticipation of a return call and whoever they are trying to reach would diginify them to care enough to all them back. I am currently reading over the CATO Corporate office website and it is stating about the founders, etc , I bet the founders would love to know how a potential customers are treated by the Customer Service Supervisor. In the building that i work in there are over 75 women that work there and our sister building has several more , Word of mouth is golden and I have shared this story with several of them. This is crazy and a shame when all that it would have taken was the supervisor to pick up the phone and care enough to return a call.


Beverly October 31, 2018 at 7:07 pm

Used to love shopping at Cato’s in Uniontown, PA, not anymore. The length of the petite pants is long enough to fit someone 6 feet tall way too long for someone 5’2″ and shorter. Someone needs to go back to the drawing board to learn what petite sizing is. I’m 5’3 1/2″ and your petite pants drag on the floor! Never had this problem til recently. It’s not practical to purchase the pants then have to pay for them to be altered. Please resolve this issue so I can continue to shop there. BTW, the Manager said she has received many complaints from the petite customers about the length of the pants


J Russell February 20, 2018 at 7:17 pm

I don’t like the race issue, however I had a conversation previously with some members of my church regarding an outfit she purchased. I asked her was she greeted when she entered the store and she said no. Another customer who was white came in right after her and she was greeted with a welcome to cato. I had that experience to at the store located in Trussville, Alabama. When I walked in the store there was a young lady right at the door working on items. She never spoke or even acknowledge me. I wanted to see if she was too busy to notice me so I waited to see if someone else would come in the store. A few minutes later another white customer came in and she greeted that person and welcomed them to the store. I approached the person and asked her why I was not greeted by her and she would only say the person at the front counter welcomed me. She did not welcome me however there was the second lady that came in and she was greeted by both. This is not the first time I had heard of this type of customer service. I was shocked to find out that the person who did this was the MANAGER. This person needs training in customer service. You can’t the difference with the color of money. So why treat your customers like this.


Anonymous January 11, 2018 at 9:02 am

Bonita June 29, 2017 at 11:10 am
“I have shopped at Cato’s for many years. But the last two years the quality of Cato’s clothing is terrible. Not sure what has happened, but can’t find anything to buy that I would be proud to wear. I still stop in at your stores but find nothing of quality and buy nothing. I am sorry that Cato’s has lowered themselves to this standard of products.
I am sure this will be a factor in Cato’s store closings.

Yes, Bonita it is sad! They blame the fact that no one wants to purchase their poor quality of clothes that they are sending to the store on the store manager. In another word, the merchandise sucks, but you have to force customers to purchase it. If the customers refused to purchase the crappy products, guess what? The District Manager will confront you, and said, the Regional Manager. wants to demote you to First Assistant because you are at the bottom of the list for sale! It is a bunch of B S, the real reason is they both do not want to promote you because they are racists.


Anonymous January 11, 2018 at 8:47 am

I have been working at Cato full-time (More than 5 years)


I learned better discipline, organization, time management. I learned how corporate can corrupt one’s mind, just like politics…


All corporate is corrupt-New District Manager keeps interfering with issues that manager should handle causing assistant manager to show very little respect for store manager, including walking out on the job. District Manager specifically told 2nd Assistant over the phone to walk out on the job knowing fully well there was no coverage. Store manager attempted to text, call District Manager and was ignored the whole time. New District Manager is showing favoritism and is always defensive when it comes to a particular (2nd Assistant Manager) because he is sleeping with 2nd Assistant, so she can get away with everything she does wrong . Therefore, she does whatever she wants anytime she wants because District Manager got her covered…This company is absolutely disgusting, unprofessional, and RACIST- Worst of all, they do not pay.

Advice to Upper Corporate Management

They have changed too much, and it is affecting sales, but they blame the people working in the store, not the people who continue to make drastic changes. They expect miracle to happen, and they can even pay their employees. At Cato, they make you take on every role imaginable for such little pay. You have to be a janitor, electrician, plumber etc… If you expect your employees to work that hard for you, they need better pay for doing a great job, not all the negativity and racism that come with it. Increased pay would increase employee retention and building relationships with your customers is what sell products! Another thing, if you are going to question leadership- provide training for your employees, do not just throw them into a position, and expect miracle to happen. Stop making excuses all the time for not showing up to meet because you are too darn prejudice as a Regional Manager to sit and discuss important issues that could help increase business in the store. Be a better leader yourself so others can look up to you, and want to be like you. Leader like you is what caused Cato to have many lawsuits for age and race discrimination. Keep it up, and you will eventually run out of business.


Mary kutschke November 5, 2017 at 8:21 pm

I recently had a very unpleasant issue with a cato employee . I was treated very rudely and am a very big cato shopper and have been for a long time, the clerk was rude and would not help me . Even my husband who was with me was shocked at the rudeness of the clerk. Mary pat Kutschke. Birmingham, al. 35223. Phone. 205 967 XXXXX. Mary’ pat kutschke


Patricia Thornton November 1, 2017 at 3:50 pm

Terrible customer service Ellijay Ga store


Patricia Thornton November 1, 2017 at 3:31 pm

I don’t think I will ever shop at another Cato ever I have done a lot of shopping in your store I bought a pair of jeans that were mis sized I took them back but didn’t have my receipt so they would not give me my money back. I called corporate manager she told me it was unfortunate that I didn’t have my receipt I found my receipt but they were very rude and told me I. Ouldn’t get my money back and they talked to corporate manager and she told them she didn’t talk to me which was a lie needless to say she was very rude to me and I didn’t get my refund. So sorry because I shopped there a lot but never again


C Porter October 28, 2017 at 7:09 pm

I was recently in the store, Abingdon, VA (Sat Oct 28,2017). Will never go back & this is why. I asked a sales clerk about my sizes and she was so busy talking and singing with the music…basically ignored me. I later wanted to try on some items and she was at the counter and I asked to try on and she continued with looking at her phone and talking about her kids!! I looked at her again and ask to try on clothing and she said I hurd you the first time!! So rude. She had the other clerk to show me to the dressing room while she continued looking at her phone!!! Hello, I would fire her in a second. So rude. Needless to say, I did not buy anything even if it did fit. Unbelievable that you would employ someone so unprofessional!


Cynthia Green October 11, 2017 at 1:07 pm

I shop at Catos all over . when I travel from city to city. But it never fails in Amarillo Texas at store
45th & counter. # When ever we or I go into that store the personnel are not friendly to black people. Not greeting welcome to catos. Or anything and as I walked up to the counter they turned and looked at me and still said nothing. Wow . Now normally I will spend $ 300 to $350.00 or more. Recently I was in the Houston area and spent $ 800.00 the store was awesome and the manager was very friendly and helpful.


Lynette Boehmer September 20, 2017 at 3:41 pm

Months ago I purchased 3 shirts, 1 pajr jeans and 2 necklaces, 1 bracelet – around 80.00. They did not fit and were not what i really wanted, but could not find the receipt – I kept looking and found it and sent it all back with the receipt to the Mitchell, SD Cato store. I asked for a credit on my visa . They sent it all back and I refused it…. how rude…anyway i messaged them and said I wanted a credit on my visa…they told me it was worth nothing to them and never sent or credited my visa – now they have all my merchandise, my original recipt and I have no credit back on my visa. I have been in contact with the sioux falls store trying to get them to help and they will not………that is the poorest customer service and thats really theft if you think about it on their part. Please do something with these managers that are very deceiptful and not willing to help and get my visa credited or send me back ALL my merchandise…I do not trust them in the least bit…..they probably took it home themselves or resold it and discarded my receipt and messages….thats the way they handle that business….


Georgia Pugh July 24, 2017 at 1:44 pm

On or around JulyJuly 7, 2017 I was in one of your stores located in Okmulgee, OK. I shop there regularly, and on this date was there with two of my sisters looking for dresses to wear to my nephew’s wedding held on 7-15-17 in Okc. MyWhen my baby sister, mother of the groom , found what she wanted, other sister, June, found a lovely blouse and when they got to cash register, baby sister paid for her dress, lovely dress, and sister attempted to pay for her blouse, and clerk stated wrong price tag was on it. Now there were several people standing in line and sister told her she got it off rack which was marked for sale for $4.99 Clerk told her she didn’t care,, theat was incorrece, and got a marker, marked off the $4.99 and wrote $113.99 on price tag…at this time sister told her she didn’t want it. That was so embarrasing to all of us, and so out of line and rude with what I thought your store and any store would do. Usually products are sold as advertissed. Whoever heard of somebody changing price while somebody is standing in line waiting to pay for it…..totally unprofessional…..Not saying this happened because we were the only blacks in the store; Okmulgee is full of black people and sure a lot of them shop there. We just happened to be the only black one in the store at the time and would have to surmise clerk thought price and been changed…..totally embarrassing.


Georgia Pugh July 24, 2017 at 1:48 pm

I made typo error on above complaint. The price the clerk changed the blouse to was $13.99, not $113.99. I’m not to good at this computer stuff, but do know when things aren’t right.


Amy Marcial July 9, 2017 at 1:11 pm

Bought a pair of shoes from Cato in Waynesboro Va wore them 2 times and the strapped broke didn’t keep receipt tried to take them back last that waited on me was very rude and wouldn’t let me exchange them. I would like for someone to call me at 540451XXXXX so I can send them back and get another pair I work too hard for my things and to only wear them twice I can send them to you they are brand new


Bonita June 29, 2017 at 11:10 am

I have shopped at Cato’s for many years. But the last two years the quality of Cato’s clothing is terrible. Not sure what has happened, but can’t find anything to buy that I would be proud to wear. I still stop in at your stores but find nothing of quality and buy nothing. I am sorry that Cato’s has lowered themselves to this standard of products.
I am sure this will be a factor in Cato’s store closings.


Erin beardain June 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm

I went into the Denison tx location store and upon entering the store one of the employees looked but was with a customer talking. Myself and a friend started looking at clothes a black lady came over and asked if we needed help so I asked her about dresses. She then took me over to the other side and then left I looked through the dresses and then I noticed two of the women come look at me. Then those two walk away then another woman comes over and looks at me. So I went over to get my friend and she couldn’t find her size so I took her to the other side and as we were walking one of the ladies said do you need help I said no we are now just looking that was fine she asked that but she stayed there starring at me. I told my friend come on let’s go I will buy nothing out of here. I am black my friend is white I do not appreciate the behavior those ladies displayed I do not steal at all. If they are doing this to me I can imagine how the black lady that works there is treated. The white ladies were so busy following me around this store all because of my color I did not see them do this to no one else. I am sure the store camars take a look 6/24/2017 about 4 pm this hopefully gets addressed and different races should not be followed around the store I have plenty of money don’t need to steal this is just sick.


Melissa June 5, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Hi, Cato Corporate
I live in enid oklahoma and I have been into this store here. I would like to take the time and let you know the Manager Tanya has no customer service at all. I love shopping at your store, but I will no longer be going back. I was in the store June 5 and I over heard her speaking to an employee as she fired her. WOW!!! CUSSING AND SCREAMING at your employees, I honestly don’t remember when that was OK for a Manger to treat people like that. If any one should be fired it should be tanya the Manger for your store in enid ok. I’m a Manger for a store not to far from yours, we give your employees a discount everytime the enter our establishment. I will no longer approve this for your staff. You should be embarrassed to have her on your team.
Thanks and I hope to enter this location again in the near future. But not if it does change .


Virginia Manees March 8, 2017 at 9:03 pm

I shop both in the store and on-line. I recently accidentally purchased on-line 2 tops that were identical, therefore, I went to the Cato’s store on Baseline in Little Rock in the Mablevale Plaza. When I brought it to the desk, the manager said, ” You can do me a favor by purchasing in the store because my girls don’t get credit from on-line returns and it makes it easier for them to deal with it. She did this in front of other customers and staff. I shop on-line because you have a larger variety. I observed this manager one time before with a customer in a similar situation. This manager has the poorest customer service skills I have ever seen. She has a wonderful staff who made up for her behavior that day. So….I returned around $18.00 in merchandise and purchased $47.00 in the store that day. This is my typical buying habits when I make returns. This manager needs to work in the back or sorting clothes. She needs to be dealing with things and not people. She should definitely not be interfacing with customers. I will not be returning to that store, even though it is my favorite until she is gone. Give kudos to her staff that day for making a dreadful visit better. Let me know when she is not working for Catos and I will return to shop in this store.


Betsy Barricklow February 26, 2017 at 6:06 pm

I visit the Cato in Conroe, TX very frequently. My Customer Service Lady is Katrice. Katrice always greets me with a smile and ready to assist me. I am a “senior” southern Lady who like to dress classic, but my outfit must fit my sassy personality. Katrice always assist me in critiquing a well put together outfit and accessories. Katrice treats me like an old friend shopping in my closet together When Katrice is on duty the store is neat and displays are very attractive. Katrice is a very productive and hard worker. Cato please acknowledge, reward and commend this diamond Customer Service Lady Katrrice. thank you


Donna December 11, 2016 at 9:15 am

I worked for this company ! And fell on a hanger 7 minutes after I clocked in ! Your Workmons Comp is mean ! I’m so frustrated with them .my Doctor that put the medal in told workmons Comp too take out the metal and do a MRI on my knee / I have this letter along with the letter workmons Comp sent the Doctor denying me the right too take out the medal! Then went back too court and they decided too take it out ! To late I had MRSA ! I hurt everyday since 9/11/14 ! Can’t do anything with my children ! All the employees talk about how mean this corporation is ! My foot turned all the way around and tucked under ! It was so bad I went into shock but it ruined my life 🙁 hurting everyday now it’s affecting my other leg / have too take stupid pain pills ! I hate it can run NO more i limp ! I’m so mad I lost my full time job , got my Disibility without a Attorney ! Because they seen how bad my foot and leg was ! Workmons Comp lawyer said I poured water on it ! Yeah until I went too StLouis where Workmons Comp sent me ! Then the Doctor said I needed Vacymicin ! Never happen because your Insurance that you pay denied that ! So my foot looked like it was gonna fall off so I sent the picture too my family Doctor she said get too the wound center ASAP ,I had about 15 doses of Vacamycin through a pic line !!! Then I became allergic my whole body had blisters and it was in my mouth and nose ! My Doctors said they can’t go in and fix all the nerves and I will only get worse as I get older ! I’m just so upset ! Now I cant do things like a mom should do for her children ! All everyone thinks about is the oh mighty dollar/ And I will always have MRSA ! Galliger and Bassett ! There good at not taking care of patients !


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