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Sport Clips Corporate Office Address

Sport Clips, Inc.
110 Briarwood Drive
Georgetown, Texas 78628

Contact Sport Clips

Phone Number: (512) 869-1201
Fax Number: (512) 869-0366
Email: Email Sport Clips

Sport Clips Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Sport Clips Executives

CEO: Gordon B. Logan
CFO: Scott Perry
COO: Dan Miller

Sport Clips History

Sport Clips was founded in 1993 by Gordon Logan and is based in Georgetown, Texas. The company specializes in haircuts for men and boys. Sport Clips differ from other barber shops by offering hot towel treatments and shoulder/neck massages along with the usual haircuts and shaves. All locations feature a sports theme such as baseball or football.  The company also offers hair care and hair styling products. The company is also known for its support and sponsorship of two NASCAR racing teams; Denny Hamil in the #11 Toyota car and Carl Edwards in the #19 Toyota racing car.

Sport Clips is listed as #10 on the Entrepreneur list of Top Fastest Growing Franchises in America. The company began franchising locations in 1995. As well as a 20% discount for veterans who wish to open a franchise, Sport Clips has third party sources which finance certain start up costs.

Sport Clips FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Sport Clips?
Answer 1: The phone number for Sport Clips is (512) 869-1201.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Sport Clips?
Answer 2: The CEO of Sport Clips is Gordon B. Logan.

Question 3: Who founded Sport Clips?
Answer 3: Sport Clips was founded by in .

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Melissa Lucido April 18, 2019 at 12:55 pm

My 16 year old son went in for a haircut and came out with 6 huge cuts from the clippers on the back of his neck. They tried to cover it with a bandaid, and charged him full price. I had to call and go in to receive a refund, no manager on duty, so I called corporate the following day. Corporate answered the first day, took my information down. I emailed pictures, I called the next day, the next, and again, and they won’t return my emails or phone calls!


Jennifer March 1, 2019 at 11:17 am

I am trying to contact corporate. Took my son for a haircut yesterday. More than hair was cut! I severe gash to his ear! Traumatic experience. I have all info including photos. The company needs to take action and handle this matter properly.


Arlin February 12, 2019 at 8:49 pm

I had a bad experience at the Eden Prairie mn. Location. No one noticed I was there.or let me know I needed to check in my self. When the person who came in after me was put in front of me was serviced and I was told to check myself in and was told I would be at the back of the que. I LEFT. I WAS UNAWARE OF THE CHECK IN PROCEDURE.


Val T October 18, 2018 at 7:32 pm

I work at Sport Clips for 7 years started off great in the beginning my owner Jack Shattuck only owned 3 stores as he bought more store he became more about the money and less about his employees (my opinion) He micro manages everything his mangers do and now he has his so called “area manger” to do his dirty work. When there is a problem if you ask Jack about it if he doesn’t like the answer he send Whitney to do his dirty work because he isn’t man enough to have a conversation with an employee. I’ve always stood up for him with other employees but now that I’m no longer with the company I’m seeing and hearing all the things that are going on I wish I could up load pictures. He fixes things to the bare minimum we had no air conditioner for 2 years WE bought fans and finally when the customers started to complain he decided to fix it. We had rodents that went on forever mice running across the room while cutting hair is not fun. Don’t let your pay check be wrong and you ask them to correct it oh boy he gets upset about asking FOR YOUR MONEY I would stay away from any of Jack Shattuck’s stores


Jason September 24, 2018 at 2:03 pm

I made a visit to the Gahanna Ohio location off of Morse rd Stoneridge Plaza on the 21st of September. I was there at 9am when it was supposed to be open. I left at 930 because I had not seen anyone. This was a huge inconvenience as I normally go to this location but will not from now on. Great clips did a great job and were open when I had to run arcross town to get a haircut. Very disappointed as I feel this location in particular is horribly mananged


Andrea July 17, 2018 at 12:31 pm

I love sport clips and what the values stand for. I am a very hard working and patient individual, but my most recent experience working for sport clips at the Champaign IL location IL704 it is clear to me the this particular owner cares about one thing and one thing only and that is making a profit. No matter how unhappy his stylists are; or the fact the manager herself lacks the proper training. Even if she was trained to the extent that is expected of her she will still lack the empathy and emotion of a normal human being. I personally don’t think it is right to demote someone for a training error on the managers part and to threaten to fire someone based on the fact you don’t agree with them. Nor should you ever ignore your employees and create a hostile work environment that radiates anger not only towards other stylists; but the clientele as well. I will be getting away from this manager and owner as soon as possible; unfortunately even if it means I have to give up on this amazing company.


John December 5, 2017 at 3:12 pm

This Saturday past (12-02-17), my step-son and I were out driving; he is practicing for you DL test and we found a Sport Clip location and decided to pay it a visit. We generally go to a very good family owned barber shop that is half the price, but figured we’d give this one a try to avoid the wait and crowd at our normal location. The hair cut was not bad, I’ve had worse, and I have definitely had better (at half the price). The Monday after I received an email asking me to rate the service I received on Saturday. The question was “How likely would I be to recommend this store location to a friend”… I rated it 7 out of 10. There was a box for me to fill out any comments. I stated that I would rate the store higher, if the barber were more experienced.

I received an email from the store owner. This is where the fun begins. The store owner, Terry Klinker (who apparently owns several Sport Clips in the San Diego area) took offense to the fact that I said that his manager was inexperienced. It was an interesting email, that I gladly responded to. He questioned as to how would know the difference between an experienced barber and one without experience. Well, I think, since I’ve been getting hair cuts for nearly 50 years, and I get those haircuts 2-4 times per month, I am a pretty good judge of an experienced barber vs. a novice barber. He went on to explain that his manager, and barber who cut my hair had been a barber for 3 years (WOW!… 3 whole years?… really?). I explained to him that in most industries 3 years experience is nothing and usually only grants a person “basic” skills.

He responded to my email only to attempt to deflect his responsibility in the way that he choses, promotes and defends his employees. This is where I get frustrated. The client or customer is to be treated like a customer, not an employee. If a company puts out a survey, asking for honest opinions of the service they provide.. they then need to be prepared to hear things they may not want to hear. But, this is how a company improves their service. It is clear to me that the survey here is not a tool used to improve their service, rather, it is a tool used by corporate offices to estimate which of their franchises is doing a “great” job, so that they can benefit at the end of the year at their company conferences.

Yes, this company has conferences for their owners, managers and employees…

How about think about your clients first? how about value your clients and the rest speaks for itself…

I will never use sport clips again… this is a shotty business and they have a shotty business model with lackluster leadership.


Steven Barone December 1, 2017 at 4:33 pm

Dear business owner’s to sports clips and to all of your staff members,
I’ve been going to Sports clips in Eugene Oregon since 2007 even present. Also I am an athlete to Special Olympic. I sure love getting a free hair cut and even getting a message on my head and getting my hair cut Nina did a good job of cutting my hair the location she works at is on Green acres in Eugene Oregon it is even a lot closer to where I live at. Sports clips staff members are like a family to me. to get in touch with me you can call me at 541359XXXXX or you can explain the thing to me on my voice mail if I don’t answer. I was wondering to see if a business owner can make aception on saying ya we can do it at no cost for me not to pay to get a free hair cut and even getting a message each time when my hair grows fast. I receive SSI so I can’t be paying all the time to get a hair cut at sports clips each time. I feel like it cost a lot of money. Go Ducks and Go Nike and Go Disney. I would like to get my free hair cuts and a message plus hair washed for a life time at no cost. You all as a company are like a big family to me. My birthday is April 11th 1988 age 29 years old. Go ESPN. I am a huge fan of sports even to sports clips.


Jimmie November 13, 2017 at 3:40 pm

My wife worked at the Davenport, IA location. She was the manager since the day the stores opened. She busted her butt year in and year out to make sure the store ran as smooth as it could. She spent hours and hours at the store on top of her paid time because her employees weren’t reliable. Jackie, who deals with All the employees for the owner(Cary) tells her to hire anyone that applies and eventually they will find a good group. She then shows up to let my wife know that they were firing her because of bad turnover rate?!?!? The stores ran smoothly and were always turning a profit so this makes no sense. the fact that people could no call no show or call in every few days and it effect the managed job is a joke. We have 5 kids between the two of us and without a warning or a heads up they let my wife go. They don’t care for loyalty nor do they care about their employees. Sport clips is a great buisness but Jackie and Cary should stick to Chicago where the actually know what’s going on. They don’t hesitate to stab their employees in the back and if a manager of 4 years can just be gone one day then who is really safe? I have no other way of contacting Cary or Jackie personally or I’d be sure to let them know how I really feel.


Karen Carpenter October 15, 2017 at 7:24 pm

My complaint is about an area Manager in Gainesville Florida her name is Kristi Turner. I am a hair stylist with years of experience.When I first met her she did hire me for the new Butler Plaza store in Gainesville, I never ended up working at that location instead. I worked at the store on 13th Street #20 Kimber was my manager at this location. I worked part time Thursdays through Saturdays. I was scheduled to work Friday 09/07/2017 hurricane Irma was on her way to our area and I was told by my family and fema to evacuate the area so I did. I did not have power at my house in Micanopy Florida for 9 days. I was in touch with my Manager Kimber the entire time.She and her family had evacuated as well. I did not come back to central florida until Sunday 09/17/17. I had text Kimber my manager and asked her if i was still on the schedule. Kimber called me immediately and told me that Kristi Turner told her to tell me that she didn’t need a part time person anymore that she was down sizing because of the storm, I was no longer employed. I did apply for unemployment and because Kristy Turner lied and said I quit my job at Sport Clips my unemployment was denied. What kind of people are working for Sport Clips? Why would an area manager lie to a the State of Florida Unemployment Office? I did not quit my job and I really did enjoy working for Kimber at the store in Gainesville Florida #20. Kristi Turner needs to be stopped she is not the kind of person you want representing your company, she is committing perjury. And that is a reflection of your company.


Sherica October 22, 2018 at 2:10 pm

I feel you on. What type of people work here. Well people who dnt care about there employers. We dnt even get a lunch break. We can barely get to go to the bathroom. And where I work some of the girls dnt like cutting black people hair. That’s not far. And I dnt like that bc I am black. I’m sick of not being appreciate it.


Asaad Lutfi August 20, 2017 at 11:47 am

I am from Austin, Texas and i am writing about being deceived and cheated repeatedly by sports clips. So this all started a while back with the lady giving my mother a bad haircut. We contacted corporate and they sent us a free haircut coupon in the mail. On our way to use the coupon, I realized the coupon had expired 3 months before it was sent to us. Corporate apologized and their representative promised us some tree oils etc to compensate along with a free haircut. Now i go to the shop to get the free haircut, everything happens fine. At the end, the manager starts to argue with me that the coupon is only meant for the person whose hair the messed up. WHY WOULD THAT PERSON EVER COME TO YOUR STORE AGAIN? Not only that she asked me to pay for the haircut. I spent $24 after being promised a free haircut. Later, after I talked to corporate about this, they promised to refund me without even noting my credit card number or anything. Hence, as expected, i never got my money back. They stole my money, gave my mother a bad haircut and never sent those items they promised after sending their customers expired coupons. Lastly, i want to mention how the manager was arguing that the coupon is only for the person who’s hair they messed up. The coupon said nothing like that and humiliating a customer and arguing is simply not acceptable. My next steps involving TDLR should definitely make things right for the community where such a barber shop exists.


Sharon Bodenhamer July 23, 2017 at 3:11 am

I’m from Harlingen Texas, I applied to sportClips, anxious to here back, I got no response, so I called the local Sport Clips and spoke with the manager, she had me come in, just to let you know, I have over 30 years experience in this industry working in a salon, cutting men woman and children of all ages, I especially liked cutting men’s hair, that is why I am so interested in working for Sport Clips, I decided at this point in my life I just want to cut hair, as a posed to coloring and perming and so forth, I feel that I was a good fit for the job I applied to, (Sport Clips) so I had an interview with the manager, I thought at the time it didn’t feel like a interview, she didn’t really ask me of anything, it seams like I did most of the talking, I told her I was truly interested in working there, I felt I would be a good fit for the job, I told her of my experience in the business, I did mention that I had applied for the job but did not here back from them, she said there computer shutdown, she was sorry, but they had already hired some one, hmmmm, she did ask me if I would be interested in working weekends, I said absolutely, I was really excited about working there, she said she would give me a call, definitely keep me in mind, so that being said, I haven’t here’d anything back, it’s been 3 weeks I believe sense I spoke with that manager, now ! There’s a lot going through my mind sense I had that conversation with the manager, I noticed at the bottom of the application, it stated that sport Clips dose not discriminate against race,age,or disability, and so on that note, I’m a nice looking white lady, and I notice Sport Clips has only woman working there, I live in the “Rio Grand Valley” so it’s mostly Hispanic, don’t get me wrong, I’m not races, but I did notice when I walked in Sport Clips, it was all Hispanic woman, and the manager was Hispanic, I’m feeling upset because I know I would be a great asset for that company, and the fact that she was going to bring me on board for weekends, didn’t happen, and I’m getting notifications on my email that Sport Clips just posted today needing a hairstylist, WTH !!!! so I’m thinking, it’s because I’m white or maybe she’s afraid I might get her manager job, or I’m to old, I know this was long, but I’m varry upset about this, When you know you could make the company look good, and do an awesome job, and you realize you’ve been slapped in the face really sucks!!


Luis Vega July 14, 2017 at 3:15 pm

My experience with Sports Clips has been in Summerville SC and the North Charleston SC area. Most all hairstylist that work there do NOT know how to cut hair evenly. I have gone there numerous times to give them the benefit of my doubts since there are many hairstylist and some have cut my hair and my sons hair very good but those have been few and far between. Over 5 times now I have been there for cuts and for my sons hair cut and they have cut our hair crooked. Even after we have asked for correction. I will no longer ever be a customer of Sports Clips since they lack experience and customer service. Most of the hairstylist working there are little girls with attitudes barely getting paid so I do understand some of their frustrations. Also I looked on the Sports Clip website to see if you can write reviews and upload photos of bad haircuts but could not find a way to do so. You would think corporate would want to know these things to correct them and further enhance customer service experience but it those not seem so unless I failed to find the proper way to communicate the lack thereof. If there is so please educate customers how to do so effectively on website. I understand there will be customers out there that will never be happy no matter what a business does or some that hold personal issues against humanity but the issues I speak of are simple hair cuts that most other places can accomplish. Two of my experiences at the Summerville SC Sports Clips in Azalea Shopping area were Assistant Managers whom should have experience to cut hair and needless to say they did not. Again if I could upload photos of the crooked haircuts this would speak for itself. Moving on and thank you.


Jennifer Ellis June 16, 2017 at 1:35 pm

Rude employee at SC store located at Washington & German Church in Indianapolis. Called and asked if my preferred hair stylist was working only to be hung up on. I thought it was a disconnection so I called back and was hung up on again. I seemed deliberate. This isn’t the first time a stylist there has demonstrated unprofessional behavior. I’m going to make an appointment somewhere else.


Jen Traynor June 10, 2017 at 6:58 pm

I am a previous employee of the har Mar sport clips in Roseville, MN. I Am Beyond Disappointed, & Blowen Away How I Was Treated After Leaving The Company..I Did Not Give A Formal 2 Week Notice, Due To Some Unpleasant Situations That Had Arised ,& How It Was Causing To Much Conflict Outside Of Work & My Family.. The Owner Had A Problem W Some PayChecks Being Direct Deposited, & Some not. So She Asked If It Would Be Ok If The Check Were To Arrive Direct Deposited On Monday.. I Had Informed Her, No Cause I Had A Large Automatic Payment Being W Drawen The Next Day.. So The Owner Worte Me A Check, & I Was Told There Was A Stop Payment On The Check To Be Deposited On Monday.. So I Was Told To Reimburse Them For The Amount.. I Stopped By That Sunday To Gather My Tools, & Leave Keys & Check.. I Didn’t Stop Payment On My Check I Wrote Them Cause I Didn’t Have The Funds To.. Now Months After Not Being Employed W The Company My check Was Cashed!! They Already Had The Problem Rectified & My Check Was Not Needed..SO VERY VERY Wrong!! I Will Not Recommend Or Suggest This Company For Services Or Employment..Very Disappointed..Expected More From Adults Whom Run A Business!!
Cell :612-910-XXXXX
Email:jltraynor1981 at


melanie lunsford June 5, 2017 at 11:16 pm

lunsfomba at went in with a coupon for SportsClip and told it was ok and that I could use it in the Sourh Pasadena, Ca. store even though Burbank, Ca. info was on it. Went into use the coupon and the manager Veronica stated I could not use it there even though I was told it was ok by Val! Terrible customer service skills!! I will be taking my business elsewhere!!!


Joseph Colon June 4, 2017 at 3:19 pm

Went in a Jacksonville sports clips to get hairstyle day before my wedding. I showed a picture of the style I wanted. I specifically told her I was getting married.a What I received was a shave head. Completely shaved to a number one. This was not what I asked for or showed. Then she tells me it was my fault even though I showed a picture. The day before my wedding what am I supposed to do. Never again will I ever step foot in a Sports Clip in any state or city.


bad habit May 21, 2017 at 2:11 pm

you know I only wanted a hair cut. looks good from the last time but this time you wanted me to enter info on a computer at the cash counter. Let me repeat, “I only wanted a hair cut.”
the employee could not do anything other than stated, …” that is what management wants,”
well again that is not what I wanted to do fill out more info than needed. I asked three (3) time, “can I get a hair cut”. he said, “I fill it out for you”. Missed the point. I walked… no hair cut, no exchange of funds, no tip, no customer any more… Sad but true sunday 21, 2017.
thanks but no thanks. Ron And No I do not want any updates either…


Adela Casey May 17, 2017 at 1:42 pm


My name is Adela Casey.

I am currently an employee with Sport Clips stone oak location previous to this location i was employed with Sport Clips TX305 Selma location. I left that location due to the unfit treatment i was receiving from our manager Monique Lomas. Up until today i was unaware the treatment i received was illegal. The treatment i received along with numerous amount of other women include: being forced to clock out on the times i was scheduled between the dates of 11/10/2014-10/01/2015, Getting called off hour after hour until business picked up, i was being sent home numerous of hours early for example i was scheduled 9-5 if business was slow i would be sent home as early as 1pm, being sent to the bank for deposits off the clock for approximately 2 hours at a time. Willingly i showed my manager i was ready for a management position by offering to work more hours which in turn she took advantage of, she would ask that i come in on my days off to close the shop off the clock in order to send others home, i complained to her about this in the form of a text message and other stylist were aware of the situation asking me why i was there and not allowed to clock in. We were treated like robots threatened to hit commission or lose our job. I finally was tired of the treatment working like a robot with no pay i put in my two weeks in October of 2015. Due to this treatment i have filed a complaint with the workforce about this illegal activity, i will no longer keep quiet about this and will go full force to stop this illegal treatment to other stylists. I demand to be compensated for the time i was not allowed to work my full schedule and forced to stay off the clock at the shop or home until business picked up and i have witnesses willing to come forward for this unfair treatment. In no way shape or form does this change my view on Sport Clips as a company. i have been with this company for 5 years and love the activities and the over all aspect of the business as well as my new manager and team leaders Yolanda Perez and Christina James.

Thank you for your time.


Adela Casey.

contact information: (210) 643-XXXXX


Amelia cruz May 13, 2017 at 4:35 pm

I work for a location off kipling and morrison in lakewood co and have had nothing but issues with the assistant manager at this store. I had car issues out of my control and was told that I need to keep up maintenance on my car and when j hot to work that same day after walking to get there walked in to the assistant manager talking badly about me to the clients that were on the floor, when she was confronted she said that she didn’t feel badly about how she approached the situation and that the only reason she was apologizing is because it “hurt my feelings”. I also had a request off that was put in months in advance for my daughter’s first birthday and when the schedule was made my request was not granted and she said that my request never existed and she had no record of it. I switched shifts with another employee in order to be able to spend some of my daughter’s birthday with her and she said the shift was not completely covered and made it an issue that was talked about and handled incorrectly again. Her being the assistant manager this behavior is completely unprofessional and incorrect and something needs to be done. I have never dealt with anything like this before and it is completely ridiculous!!


Bryson May 9, 2017 at 12:35 pm

The sports clips in Riverton Utah off of 104th south and bangader decided to let my mother in law go on her vacation while she was using her PTO they claimed she wasn’t sports clips material. Even though she got the highest rated reviews and won multiple of their competitions. The reason why I’m rantin and pissed off is because they didn’t pay her the PTO time she was using! This stores management is pathetic and is giving a bad name to sports clips


Paulita April 22, 2017 at 1:36 pm

My daughters boyfriend went to sports clip here in Gadsden, Alabama and the girl that cut his hair did not do a good job at all and charged him $21. Once I saw the pictures of his hair I went to pick him up and took him elsewhere to get his hair fixed. I then the next day went to sports clip to get a refund and show them the mistake they did….the manager got upset and told me that they don’t do refunds and that she wasn’t sure if he indeed had gotten his hair cut there mind u the girl that had cut his hair had already admitted to doing so……….I’m very disappointed in the way the manager handled this situation…..I asked her for the phone number of the owner and she asked me to leave……I WILL NOT EVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO GO THERE unless some changes are made……all we wanted was a refund


Jeff Clum April 8, 2017 at 4:49 pm

It’s pretty bad when you get your haircut and then have to get someone to even it up and shave. 20$ plus tip when I can go right down the road and get neck massage hot towel And razor neck shave for 14$ I won’t be a repeat customer that’s for sure.


Lentez April 6, 2017 at 7:24 pm

I recently applied to work for Sport Clips and was told that Sport Clips only hire women, I thought Thru all the positive prromotional ads that Sport Clips was an equal opportunity employer that hired, all races, creeds, and genders I was greatly disappointed!


Michael April 3, 2017 at 10:50 am

At one point I gave up on Sports Clips because of the turnaround I could never get the same person twice the other day I wanted to give it one more chance to see if I could get a good haircut I met a girl named Sara who Not only was the most professional I’ve ever seen there super meticulous and she gave me a great haircut I will not only recommend Sports Clips in Orange Texas Sarah specifically but I will definitely be a repeat customer as long as she is there thank you for hiring a professional like Sarah


Michael Dagenais March 9, 2017 at 6:15 pm

Service was fine but the wait was awful. Took 1 hour 45 minutes to get in and get a haircut. Hour and a half wait. 4 people did 9 haircuts total in the 90 minutes I waited. Won’t be returning, prefer the 15 to 30 minute in and out hair cut. Not sure if they are supposed to average 40 minutes per person, but too much for me.


Veronica Garcia March 6, 2017 at 7:42 pm

We normally take my son to the Sport Clips in North McAllen but due to recent move we took him to the one at Palms Crossing which we will NEVER do again!! The worst experience for my son and us as parents. Our 3 year old is autistic and the sound of clippers along with them touching his head is an overwhelming experience for him his stylist at the North McAllen location has always cut his hair finger length with scissors only. Well due to my son’s crying the stylist at Palms Crossing with initials of M.T. refused to attempt to finish his hair with scissors and said she would only do it with the clippers knowing what this would do to my son I agreed because his hair was a disaster and he will be having his 4th birthday party on March 11th and I didn’t want his pictures to look horrible. We paid for that and took him to sport clips in North McAllen his stylist took him in and fixed the mess that was made on my son’s head. Therefore we paid for a haircut and a half for my son and another haircut for my husband if it wouldn’t have been for Lori we would be saying GOODBYE Sport Clips but now we will have to make a longer drive to see her.


Jeff March 3, 2017 at 11:38 am

Went to sport clips in bridgeville,pa on 3/2/17. Was told 20 minutes I waited 30 and someone walked over and said it’s time. I was waiting for Katie and was told she wasn’t in I would not have waited and would have come back later but your sign said she was in. Needless to say I left and came back later that day for a haircut. Please don’t post false signs. As it is I will not be returning as the treatment i received from “Sam” was offensive and condescending.


Blane Swanson January 11, 2017 at 6:39 pm

I have no gotten 3 haircuts at sport clips the very first time I got a haircut it was fantastic highly recommend too other people. Since then I’ve had two other haircuts the first resulting in me having to go back and have basically my whole head redone do two lines not being straight many other problems I was offered a free haircut and a free touch up so I went back again for the third time for my free haircut and my hair was jacked up worse this time the hair on my ears wasn’t trimmed my sideburns we’re not the same length as the rest of my hair and there was just a lot of problems I contacted the store through Facebook Messenger and on messenger it says they will reply Within 30 minutes on most instances spent a day-and-a-half I haven’t heard anything my hair is jacked up something needs to be done about this I think you guys need to quit hiring people that are fresh out of school unless they can really do decent work


Swarn roscoe January 2, 2017 at 12:43 pm

Greeting my name
Is swan roscoe I have been a hairdresser for 26 yrs for last 10 yrs I have owned my own salon and by grace of god I have very successful last week during my service to a guest I heard about the coustmer services great clips have been providing if you would have heard about this it would have disappointed you greatly the reason of my email is I know you need help in growing you establiment I am very resourceful I can help your business grow you should contact me my email and phone number is swarnroscoe at 703463XXXXX. Sincerely Swarn roscoe


Daniel November 16, 2016 at 3:09 pm

I had a horrible experience at the Mobile AL location! I would never recommend them or their staff.


Daniel November 16, 2016 at 9:20 am

I had a horrible experience at the Mobile AL location! I would never recommend them or their staff. I need a refund.


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