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San Pablo (Shun Fat) Supermarket Corporate Office

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San Pablo (Shun Fat) Supermarket Corporate Office Address

Shun Fat Supermarket DBA San Pablo Supermarket
1635 S San Gabriel Boulevard
San Gabriel, California 91776

Contact San Pablo (Shun Fat) Supermarket

Phone Number: (626) 280-9998
Fax Number: (626) 280-5938
Email: Email San Pablo (Shun Fat) Supermarket


Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:


CEO: Hieu Tran

San Pablo (Shun Fat) Supermarket History

Shun Fat Supermarket was founded in Montery Park, California, by Hieu Tran in the mid 1990’s. The company operates a chain of Chinese/Vietnamese supermarkets.

The company name means “Prosperity” in Chinese and Vietnamese, but is often misunderstood in American Culture, so it is not unusual for the company to use the store location city as a part of their name, such as San Pablo Supermarket, with the Shun Fat name listed afterwards. The company is best known for its imported Asian foods, and the San Pablo, California, location also offers Filipino and Mexican imported brands as well. j

Shun Fat (San Pablo) Supermarket currently has 12 locations in 3 states; California, Nevada, and Texas. Headquarters are now located in San Gabriel, California.

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