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Raleigh Bicycles Corporate Office

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Raleigh Bicycles Corporate Office Address

Raleigh America, Inc.
6004 South 190 Street Suite 101
Kent, Washington 98032

Contact Raleigh Bicycles

Phone Number: (253) 395-1100
Fax Number: (253) 872-0257
Website: https://www.raleighusa.com/
Email: Email Raleigh Bicycles

Raleigh Bicycles Facts

Founder: Frank Bowden, Richard Woodhead and Paul Angoi
Date Founded: 1888
Founding Location: Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Number of Employees: 50

Raleigh Bicycles Executives

CEO: Chris Speyer
CFO: Sharon Robinson

Raleigh Bicycles History

Raleigh Bicycles logo

Founded in 1885, Raleigh Bicycles got its start when Richard Woodhead and French immigrant Paul Eugene Louis Angois, set up a small bicycle shop on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, UK. The company was incorporated in 1888 when the shop was acquired by Frank Bowden. By 1913, Raleigh was the biggest bicycle company in the world.

Raleigh is the oldest bicycle brand in the world. From 1921 through 1935, the company also produced motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles.

Raleigh bicycle old ad After WWII, the company was best known for making lightweight bicycles that were superior to other brands. The Raleigh Sports Roadster was exported around the world.

By 2003, assembly of bicycles had ended in the UK ,  and bicycles were to come “from Vietnam and other centres of ‘low-cost, high-quality’ production.” The final assembly takes place in Germany.

In April 2012, Raleigh UK, Canada and USA were acquired by a separate Dutch group, Accell for  $100 million.

The corporate office for Raleigh Bicycles in the USA is located in Kent, Washington.

Raleigh Bicycles logo on bike

Raleigh Bicycles FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Raleigh Bicycles?
Answer 1: The phone number for Raleigh Bicycles is (253) 395-1100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Raleigh Bicycles?
Answer 2: The CEO of Raleigh Bicycles is Chris Speyer.

Question 3: Who founded Raleigh Bicycles?
Answer 3: Raleigh Bicycles was founded by Frank Bowden, Richard Woodhead and Paul Angoi in 1888.

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