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Publix Super Markets, Inc.
3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy
Lakeland, FL 33811

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Phone Number: (863) 688-1188
Fax Number: (863) 284-3302
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CEO: William E. Crenshaw
CFO: David P. Phillips
COO: Randall T. Jones, Sr.

Publix History

Publix Super Markets were founded in 1930 by George Jenkins in Winter Haven, Florida.

In 1935, a second location was opened.  In 1940, Jenkins mortgaged an orange grove to get the capital required to open Florida’s first supermarket.

In 1951, after rapid growth, a warehouse was opened in Lakeland.  The Publix corporate office was also moved to Lakeland, where it still resides today.

By 1962, there were 85 stores.  By 1969, there were 150 locations.

George stepped down as CEO in the 1980s and his son, Howard M. Jenkins, became the new CEO.

In 1991, the first non-Florida store was opened in Savannah, Georgia.  In 1993, the company expanded to South Carolina.  Expansion continued to Alabama in 1996.

George Jenkins passed away in 1996.

In 2009, Publix opened its 1000th store.  The company currently operates nearly 1100 stores in the Southeastern US.

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joanne christie April 27, 2016 at 5:49 pm

For the past year i had too take back pork steak and talked rudely by the delli on numerous times. Been going there for almost 20 years. Is there new management? Im going to start going to the publix in loggers run.


NATHAN LITTLE April 22, 2016 at 1:53 am

Quick question.
Your coupon policy states that acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon..what I would like to know what does this mean. If a coupon says limit 4 coupons per transaction does the store have to follow what the coupon says or can the store honor more then the 4 in the same transaction. I had thought the words “subject to” mentioned that the store could go by the store policy or if they wanted to the could choose to go with what the coupon it self has written on it.
Thank you


Jane Navarro April 18, 2016 at 3:29 pm

I am a resident of Town ‘n Country in Tampa, Florida and have been shopping at the Publix Twelve Oaks Plaza Store for almost 20 years. In the past, I have received coupons in the Tampa Tribune and Tampa Bay Times newspapers, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one in the paper. Today a friend gave me one that was in Sunday, April 17, 2016, newspaper for $5.00 off a $40.00 order. This is the second time that she had a coupon and I did not. When I talked to the store manager at Twelve Oaks Plaza, he advised me that some newspapers get the coupon because of the surrounding competition. What competition? The Publix that I speak of is at the corner of Hillsborough Avenue and Sheldon Road (taken over from Albertsons). The only competition that is there is Aldi, Walgrens (no groceries) and CVS (again no groceries). My location has Walmart (groceries), Target (groceries) and Winn Dixie (groceries) all about 2 to 2-1/2 mile radius. It might be more profitable for me to shop Winn Dixie or Target where prices are comparable or even cheaper. I think your Marketing Department should review the areas where they insert coupons in local newspapers. Or better yet, get rid of the 5-page glossy Italian ads (no recipes) that are probably quite costly. Needless to say, I feel discriminated against because I live in the area I do. My family and friends agree with me that it may be time to shop elsewhere.


Becky Pizor March 28, 2016 at 9:38 pm

I have contacted you in the past, so this is a follow-up. I live in Boiling Springs, SC. I love PUBLIX stores and our closest one is about 18 miles away from me ( on the east side of Spartanburg, SC). I contacted before to ask if there is any chance of Boiling Springs getting a store? We only have an Ingles (local chain), Walmart, BiLo (local chain) and recently an ALDI store. We NEED a Publix! We are the second fastest growing area in SC. We recently had our main highway widened to 4 lanes. I was told in a former email that “your people” we’re watching this growth. This past week another 220 apartment, 75 patio home community has been announced. We also have several new home neighborhoods being built. ( most have at least 100 homes). As you can see we need another grocery store and many people would love to have a Publix. Your stores are far superior to any of our others. What can I do to get a Publix store in our area? Please help! Thank you.


FrancoBruno March 25, 2016 at 5:48 pm

Went to Publix store on N. Park Road in Hollywood, Fl. 33020
Its Easter Hollyday for some … But for me its Purim Holiday ery important day… Its a out 4pm Friday I asked if they had any Challa Bread? Manage was very Quick & rude to say no. I told him its early & its the Holiday. He shrugs his sgoulders oh well then turns his back on me …Its BS. Total disrespect I hope they disaplin this guy by Firing him


Nancy Goforth February 21, 2016 at 4:40 pm

I live in Nashville, TN and shop at the Publix on Hwy 100 since the day they opened. Glad to say I have never had a bad experience there. All the people that work there always go far beyond to make your shopping experience a very pleasant one. Especially love Cathy Price, she seems like family now. Every retail person should have to go to “Publix School”. Thank you for bringing Publix to Tennessee.


Tammy Tamasi January 29, 2016 at 1:31 pm

I placed a deli/bakery order at the Villages Gainesville Publix. When I arrived and asked for my order I was told, by the Deli Manager, that I was at the wrong store. She picked up the phone to call another store to check at the same time another deli employee told me that my order was store canceled the day before. Basically the Deli Manager lied to me leading me to believe I was in the wrong store! When I asked what a store cancel was I was told that the store canceled the order for some reason. Then I was told because I had called and canceled it. And then I was told that they had no way to confirm the cancellation because they didn’t have any contact information for me. I was told they’d recreate the order for me but it would take a few minutes. Which made me, the order, late for the luncheon it was intended for. I was assured by both the Deli Manager and the Store Manger that I would receive what I’d ordered as quickly as possible, including the desert tray. Nope. Not only did we end up being about 30 minutes late, but the order that Publix eventually provided for us was NOT what was ordered even though I was assured it would be. I just spoke with the store manager, who had no answers because he hasn’t spoken with the individuals involved and his attitude was basically I should be happy with what I got since I didn’t have to pay for it. Originally I was told by the manager they’d charge me 50% for my order, after waiting 30 minutes they finally decided I didn’t have to pay for it. How nice of them. I’m supposed to be grateful that the Deli Manager lied to me on several occasions, I had to wait for an order that was supposed to have been ready to pick up so I could be on time for my event, and even after waiting the order I received was not what I ordered??? I’m supposed to be grateful that Publix picked up the tab???? I guess that’s why I didn’t get my actual order. What I received for “free” was much less expensive than what I had ordered.


Shannon January 27, 2016 at 10:38 pm

Had purchased some baby formula from this location and after baby got sick we found out that the formula was expired .i called the store manger while on my lunch break advising him of this information he advised me that he still thought the formula was fine and that the smell it had was not from it being expired . ( in which is not true per gerber ) however I advised him that after I got off work I would be there to exchange the formula for some in date formula. Later that night ( 7 hours after I spoke with him ) I went to exchange the formula and once in the baby isle found that the very same kind of formula and several more were expired and still on the shelf. I looked at the other baby items such as he gerber snacks and some of the baby food and found over 25 items expired over 5-6 months and some a year or better . I then notified the manger on duty showing him these expired items and he was truly speechless . He is the customer service manger with a infant of his own he told me .so he started taking the items off the shelf . 7 hours of the store being open and notified of the expired formula and the store manger never check for other expired items ( the baby isle is very small at this location it took me ten minutes to find the items I had found ) however once the direct manger called me he advised me that store manger was a good guy that just made a mistake and that he had spoke to him about the information given to me in regards to the expired formula which is not the main reason for my concern . The once I notified the cooperate office in FL they said the store manger said he did go back to check the other baby formula but checked the wrong kind ( wow!!! ) after days of talking to publix about this formula that was the first I had heard that story!! Like I said small isle took me ten minutes to find over 25 items expired , once in the baby isle he expired formula was in the very front so no telling how many people bought expired formula / snacks /baby food … Publix wanted to express there concern and pay me 100 hahahahah !!! They were very rude and told every story in the book . My baby is still passing this expired formula so with lots of TLC we have hope it will pass soon . Please say a little prayer if you like for my 9 month old who has had a rough time with this for as j also got home the snacks I had that she had also been eating had also been expired … Moms check those dates formula has a use by date on there for a reason . If you don’t believe me call gerber or the FDA as well as your state . They will answer any questions you may have. If you bought from the baby section the month of January 2016 especially January 14-22 check your dates and your babies they may be fussy for. Reason !!!


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