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Publix Super Markets, Inc.
3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy
Lakeland, FL 33811

Contact Publix

Phone Number: (863) 688-1188
Fax Number: (863) 284-3302
Email: Email Publix


CEO: William E. Crenshaw
CFO: David P. Phillips
COO: Randall T. Jones, Sr.

Publix History

Publix Super Markets were founded in 1930 by George Jenkins in Winter Haven, Florida.

In 1935, a second location was opened.  In 1940, Jenkins mortgaged an orange grove to get the capital required to open Florida’s first supermarket.

In 1951, after rapid growth, a warehouse was opened in Lakeland.  The Publix corporate office was also moved to Lakeland, where it still resides today.

By 1962, there were 85 stores.  By 1969, there were 150 locations.

George stepped down as CEO in the 1980s and his son, Howard M. Jenkins, became the new CEO.

In 1991, the first non-Florida store was opened in Savannah, Georgia.  In 1993, the company expanded to South Carolina.  Expansion continued to Alabama in 1996.

George Jenkins passed away in 1996.

In 2009, Publix opened its 1000th store.  The company currently operates nearly 1100 stores in the Southeastern US.

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CW March 11, 2015 at 9:05 pm

The digital coupons are a FALSE! You fail to let the public know that only 700 manufacturer coupons can be used across ALL OF YOUR STORES!Even the management team said corporate knows about it, and working on it.Your customer service team that reply to email complaints send out a GENERIC RESPONSE! Promise to follow up, but NEVER DO! I feel very let down, and feel you really don’t care about your loyal customers who take the time to let you(corporate) know what’s really going on! Adios! !!


otilia navarro February 9, 2015 at 8:45 pm

I have been shopping at Publix of Dadeland for many years, but since they changed the Meat Manager we have seen a decline in the service, they are always out of some meat, blaming the truck for not arriving on time; shelves are empty. I have heard customers complaining about not finding the meat and how things are not the same since the previous manager left like a year ago. Assistant manager is very arrogant . If they continue like this you are going to lose many customers.


jones January 22, 2015 at 7:38 pm

Hi. Many people love Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer 1 pint ice cream but none of your stores in Atlanta and near by sells that flavor. We hope your stores will have that flavor soon. Many many times Ben & Jerry’s ice cream BOGO is the reason we shop at Publix. Thanks.


Klaus Gutjahr January 10, 2015 at 5:36 am


your WEB-Site “WWW.PUBLIX.COM” is from Germany not reachable !
This is independent of Device, Networkprovider and DNS Provider !

Other addresses like “” are working.
Kind regards

Klaus Gutjahr


Jeff James castillo January 8, 2015 at 11:29 pm

Flip bipolar crazy sex assault theft free


debbie ciolli November 29, 2014 at 8:26 pm

Well I will Attempt to Find a Real Email for Corporate for Publix since “if they don’t KNOW they can’t Fix It..and “IT” Needs “Fixing” or They will Find themselves like the Winn Dixies here and OUT of Business. We have resided in Brevard County full time and permanent for over 31 years. We’ve been in a certain area of Brevard for over 15+ years. We have tried to SUPPORT our Local stores and truly do NOT like “WALLYWORLD” although for Pure convenience my husband will go. Now we USE other stores for a multitude of Food items so we can get the Best. I have ALWAYS Cooked for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year my husband wanted us to go out for a dinner, but I still wanted the Left overs to give to our grandchildren. So I “repeatedly” had to Try to Place the ORDER for the so-called Thanksgiving Meal that the DELI Manager told me Repeatedly, when I asked..”Is this REAL Food and Home made?” She’d say over and over, Yes it is, probably won’t be as good as what You cook but it’ll be Great! So my husband and grandson picked up the ORDER Wednesday evening. I ordered a LARGE which was a 16-18 lb turkey, even though we have NO IDEA what Size it was, since it was NOT listed, and it wouldn’t have mattered since it was FULL of Liquid and a WHITE Substance, Looked like Crisco, have NO IDEA “WHAT” it was, but we went out, had our Meal, came home, put the TURKEY in the oven to HEAT it UP, and placed the “Home-made???” Sides in the Bag to send home with the grandsons. Well, I kept a little bit for my husband and when I opened up the “Potatoes and the Stuffing” and I didn’t even Bother with the REST, I was SO UPSET. My daughter and I are one a Vegan and other a Vegetarian, so we pay attention to the Potatoes and Veggies since that’s what WE Eat. I Immediately after she got home to Orlando told her to ‘for the boys” make sure they Put the Potatoes and Stuffing in the oven and maybe THAT would help…My daughter then asked me If I “read’ the Ingredients? I said, Yes, and have to say, when ANY “FOOD” has a LIST OF Ingredients that are LITERALLY “30″ or so, geez even more than 4 is BAD..if it’s Potatoes! THATS NOT FOOD. I will be bringing SOME of it back to the store in a bag and taking the $84.99 as a LOSS and a LESSON. People Lie, and apparantly not too many Care whether or not they OFFER This “FOOD” as Home-made that is clearly CRAPOLA in a tray. I would NOT feed this to ANYTHING. So, now we will CONTINUE to go to Many stores, But Publix will NOT be ONE of them. This after a gradual but Steady Loss of Quality and Customer Service at this Publix for years now. I know why SO many people and children are sick, we have a couple in the family, we ourselves completely changed OUR DIETS because there is SO MUCH FAKE and DANGEROUS “stuff” they CALL FOOD and it is NOT< it is Chemicals and Lab created Junk that can and DOES cause More Health problems than just about anything else..think about it…More Diabetes TYPE 1 in children then Ever before, NO CURE, More A.D.D more ADHD, More Celiac, Autism, and TONS OF Intestinal "ISSUES", FOOD ALLERGIES, More health problems when it SHOULD be Less. So, while I will NEVER Trust this or any Publix again, this was a costly LESSON in WHY NOT TO TRUST Publix. Sad after SO many years of it being a Premium store to what it IS now. We are done. Hoping for a Whole Foods store near us soon, anything Natural and REAL would be a Blessing..Tired of Reading a LIST of Ingredients a Mile Long..


Deb November 26, 2014 at 1:00 pm

“Poor Packaging”
Hello – I bought the already cooked sliced turkey and gravey from your meat dept. The packaging reflected sliced white turkey with creamy gravey. I opened the package and made the slices as stated on the directions and placed it into the microwave. I was really excited, as being a single person to have this gorgeous white sliced turkey in creamy gravey. but when I opened up the package and poured it into a bowl, all I got was hucks of dark meat ( not white sliced turkey) with dark peppery gravey… Very Sad and Bamboozled.. your packaging is very deceiving.
Let me just say this” My dogs enjoyed it “.. Never will I purchase a Publix brand…..


Carmine A Martorilli November 25, 2014 at 12:15 pm

good Morning.

I live in Wilton Manors on 6th Avenue across from where a Wal-Mart will be opened in 2015.(was a K-Mart) My complaint is that I do shopping at 5 points Publix. Love the store the cashiers and the pharmacy is really great. this Publix has turned out to be nothing but a glorified 7/11. they have limited goods and I find my self going either to Coral Ridge or 15th Street Publix (just spent $120.90 there) my third time in there since Friday 11/21 My concern is with Wal-Mart opening I’ll probably go shopping there rather than making the longer trips to Coral ridge or 15th Street. I really don’t want to shop anywhere other than Publix but must say it’s frustrating to go into 5 points and start shopping and have to go to the other ones to finish. The idea of walking across the street into a Wal-Mart may be to tempting to resist. Oh by the way I live in a 150 Condominium and shopping at Publix is where everyone in pour complex shop. It would be a shame if they also end up at Wal-Mar. Can you enlarge 5 point and stock more item????? With all the new condo’s etc being built in the Wilton Manors area I’m sure it would pay to make it a super Publix.
Thanks for your consideration.
Carmine A Martorilli


Lisa Boatwright November 22, 2014 at 10:21 pm

Well today was the worst shopping trip for me at a Dothan, Al publix by the Home Depot. I brought two other ladies with me to help learn how to shop and use coupons. After all items were scanned, bagged and started scanning our coupons a csm came over and started stating we couldn’t use the ones that didn’t have a specific size listed. If it’s a mfg coupon and it says “any” than why does it need a specific size. Also they had chinet plates on sale and a peelie was attached but was told we couldn’t use that coupon. My goodness it is on the product in your store. What is going on with this new policy? Publix used to be the friendliest store to shop, not anymore. Publix prices are always higher but I enjoyed shopping there for the bogo deals and coupon friendly but I will go back to Walmart, they price match and saving money is what I need to do for my family. We left out buggies and went straight to Walmart. The manager followed me out and said “I just want to make sure we are on the same page” I said “yep, we are, not shopping publix anymore”. I really hate this.


Belinda Killian November 19, 2014 at 6:55 pm

I have been shopping at Publix for years. I had bought some hamburger patties that your people put together. I just bit into the last bite and bit into a piece of glass or hard plastic. I have the wrapper it came it so I will be taking it back to the where I purchased it. This could have been a critical situation. I will expect to hear from you. My phone number is 352-332-**** cell number 352-665-****. I live in Gainesville Florida.


concern person November 19, 2014 at 12:52 pm

I do understand public is give the manager high pay .most of them are using for drug abuse. for example Jeff Nardelli. the manger of public at 1455 state road 436 ste 221 ,casselberry ,fl 32707 who is drug addict and allow young people to use drug which will destroy their life. it is shame


a concern person b December 20, 2014 at 11:55 am

The supervisor of that manger is knowing for fact about drug problem. they know it for fact. they know the quality of food is decline because it is too expensive and many items such as fish and chicken breast is about to be rotten. every thing is fallen apart and I will not surprise that publlix is out of business


Patty Davis November 10, 2014 at 5:03 pm

To Whom it may concern
I have been shopping at Publix’s since I moved to this town in 1986. It was always a nice experience the pleasant staff and managers if it wasn’t for the older women at check out and each department so clean and friendly I would not set another foot in that store. Now the only reason I go in that store is for buy one get one free, bakery for bread and pomegranate yogurt (ALWAYS OUT} . The had a sale 10 for $10.00 so I went to get a rain check after a very long wait only one person at 5pm . She proceeded to tell me she could only write 8 I said that makes no sense it is on sale for 10 for $10.00 . I ask to talk to manger she came up and told me the same thing. I went home and looked up on your site and it did not say that . I called the next day ask to talk to manager it was grocery manager and he told me that I was right. I feel like the office staff needs to be better informed of the rules and not waste my time. Also it was 5pm and I told the girl she needed more help there where 3 checkers and one girl in office she told me they where all at lunch . I don’t know who does the schedule but they need to get someone else to do it because they don’t know what they are doing. Another thing when I’m buying 2 carts full of groceries during holidays and I walking out the door and manager is standing there I would like if someone would say thank you for shopping here. I can go to Winn Dixie or Walmart for that kind of treatment where they ignore you and atmosphere use to be so friendly and pleasant it total has changed the workers seem to be under a lot of pressure I truly feel sorry for them. Oh am I allowed to order a case of pomegranate yogurt my family eats about 20 in a week. I was told if the item is on shelf ,which it very seldom is, you are not allowed I would like to know if this is true.
From a very unhappy customer


Patty Davis November 10, 2014 at 4:32 pm

I have been shopping at the Palatka, Florida Publix’s since 1986 when I moved in this town. The store has changed so much these last few years . I’m going to Winnie Dixie more than half the time now. The older ladies who check you out are so friendly and all the departments. The office up front one girl and assist manger do not know what they are doing. They where pleasant but need to better informed. I went in to purchase the sale on yogurt 10 for 10 dollars well they where out of pomegranate (as always) so I went to get rain check . The girl proceeded and told me could only write it for 8 yogurts . I said they are on sale for 10 for 10 dollars that doesn’t make any sense to me . The young girl said sorry that the new rules. I ask for manager she came up and told me same thing. I went home and looked up your polices and it did not say that . I called the following Sunday and talked to grocery manager and he told me that wasn’t right they should have wrote it for 10.
I also am upset at Christmas time when you have two carts for of grocery if manager is standing by door you don’t even get a Thank You for shopping at Publix’s . I can go to Walmart and get treated like that or Winnie Dixie. The stores whole atmosphere has changed in that store where you just don’t want to go back anymore. We go there now buy one get one free, bakery bread and pomegranate yogurt. My husband comes from a very large Italian family and I cook that way for him. Let me tell you that cost a lot and I use to spend a lot at your store at least 300.00 to 200.00 a week .
I don’t know who does the work schedule but a 5:00 pm 3 checkers and one person in office I was waiting for so long I said you need more people and she said they where all at lunch at one of the busiest times in the store really some in the store better learn how to do schedule better .


Jack nelson November 9, 2014 at 4:54 am

Jeff Nardeli ,the manger of Publix at 1455 state road 434 is a drug addict and drug is everywhere in the store. the standard of publix in cash for trash


GLENN MILLER November 7, 2014 at 10:20 am



Reginald T. Bennett October 29, 2014 at 2:30 pm

I do not know whether to complain about the new coupon policy or thank you(One competitor coupon per day). As a result, I now buy $30 to $40 in groceries at Publix at one time, and either wait to be out on an errand later in the week, or just go across the street to Winn Dixie, which I hate to do.
Gainesville florida 32608


Sue October 26, 2014 at 12:28 pm

I love the deli online order. It saves so much time and is so convenient. Our town is seasonal and the deli lines can be extremely long. Great idea and thanks for the great service!!!


Daniel monte October 26, 2014 at 12:25 pm

The store manager at breakfast point Panama City Beach by the name of Phil is the most unprofessional and rudest person. One thing is for sureI will never go back to that store, Ty.


Daniel monte October 26, 2014 at 10:37 pm

That is at the pharmacy


Concerned Citizen October 23, 2014 at 8:36 pm

Dear Sir:
As per Publix policies, please consider this letter a formal complaint against your store manager at your store in Pooler, ga
On several occasions that included October 23, 2014 I will like to bring to your attention the rude and incompetent behavior. His attitude toward Afro- American that shop at your store is outrageous. Today I witness him speak to two young Afro-American ladies like they were not human. It is my opinion that such behavior does not conform to Publix policies of appropriate behavior. I have seen these two young ladies on several occasions because infrequent your store with my wife. His behavior to me was racist and I’m a white male. If he acts in such a manner, then what will stop the other employees from doing the same. The manager followed these young ladies, made a scene checked there coupons . He is allowed to check them, but there was a white lady in front of me and my wife he didn’t check her coupons. He was saying lil smart remarks to them and even told one she was banned from the store because she told him to go to hell after she told him he was rude to the other young lady. Please address this matter before you loose loyal shoppers.


Elizabeth Johnson October 23, 2014 at 12:09 pm

I have been a loyal Publix customer for mmany years. The values are good, service exceptional, and the staff is awesome.

Earlier this year I bought some fund raiser “Enjoy the City” coupon books. According to the computer, Publix would honor the WinnDixie coupons, son it was a win-win situation, as each book had 4 coupons in it. I have been using the exclusively at Publix, keeping track of how much I am purchasing to be able to use a $5 coupon for each $30-$40 I buy, and have made each coupon use as a separate transaction per your regs.

I do not know whether to complain about the new coupon policy or thank you(One competitor coupon per day). As a result, I now buy $30 to $40 in groceries at Publix at one time, and either wait to be out on an errand later in the week, or just go across the street to Winn Dixie, which I hate to do. We are retired, on a fixed income, and gas is pricey, so I combine as nmabny errands at one time. I actually spent a good bit less on groceries this week as a by-product of your new coupon policy. I bought the coupon books in good faith, and will use them as much as I can.

Even though I should probably thank you for saving me money, I thought it was important to give you my input on the new policy. I have also shared this with the management at my Publix store

Thank you for your consideration,
Elizabeth Johnson


Disappointed Again October 14, 2014 at 1:31 pm

Please review the information you provided and make any edits prior to pressing Submit.

Store: 788

The Online Ordering At This Publix is Horrible. I ordered 4 Separate Times This Week From This Location 788

1.)Friday, 10/10/14 at 11:41 AM Pickup Number: 788-2454 Perfect Sandwich! ON Time

2.)Saturday, 10/11/14 at 4:45 PM Pickup Number: 788-2484 No Coupon Affixed Overcharged Sandwich Wasn’t ready till 15min after pic up time..Then Made incorrectly (Manager Resolved) Left Publix at 5:30pm!!

3.) Sunday, 10/12/14 at 11:21 AM Pickup Number: 788-2491 Sandwich NOT READY! And I Showed Up 10 minutes Late to give a grace period.. Only to See my partially made sub Sitting Cold on the Station(Tenders Sub is A Hot Sub No?) The Assistant Manager Comes over to Finish the Sub I guess She Started and Began Throwing The WRONG Ingredients on the SUB. So I Stopped Her because I knew This was my Sub She Was fixing And Told Her I Requested the Boar’s Head Garlic Pickles. She Tells Me That’s What These ARE..And They Were Not.. I Order Publix Subs Weekly!! Then When She Saw I Wasn’t Gonna Back Down She Says Oh We Are Out of those Pickles. So WHy Then Not Ask ME the Customer Who is Standing Before You What I’d Like instead. Horrible SERVICE.. Told Her To Cancel My Order Went Back to Customer Service and Spoke with Angie again(Ironically She was there the day before When My Order Was Messed up) She Apologizes and Again Offers to Remake my Sub Again.. I Told Her I Would Go To the New Publix Store#1454 Because It Seems They Can’t get it Together I Can’t Go Thru a 3 Step process every time I Order.. And Left. By The Time I Was Driving out Of the Parking Lot Angie had run Me Down With a Sub.. Apologizing Again

4.) On Monday I Decided to Go to Store Number 1454 for my Online pick up a lil further from home.. But Guess What My Order Was Ready Right and HOT! Kudos to Vince Harris and His Staff Pickup Time: Monday, 10/13/14 at 1:11 PM Pickup Number: 1454-4323

5.) Pickup Date / Time: Tuesday, 10/14/14 at 11:00 AM
Pickup Name: Mona
Pickup Number: 788-2531

Came 15 minutes Late.. Sub Was ready Yayyy! But Then I get Home.. And See They Didn’t Give me Boar’s Head Garlic Pickles AGAIN.. This is WHY I Am NOW Taking The Time out to Email.. Because This is Just Ridiculous.. 3 Out of 4 Orders made to Location 788 Were Made Incorrectly What is a Customer to THINK?? What Then Is The Benefit of Ordering Online?

I Find it Hard to Believe that Something So Black and White “A Written Slip With everything that is to go on the sandwich” No Special Orders no Special Request Just Selecting From the given Choices.. and Can’t Get What I Order..! I Didn’t Take my Sub Back today Because I’m Tired of Angie Having to Go Make Me another SUB.. The Issue needs to be addressed.. Some people Won’t take the Time To Tell You Why They’ve Stopped Visiting Your Location.. Why Your Sales may Be starting To Fall off..

I’d Appreciate Some Follow Up Because This is My Local Store and I Do Not Feel Like I Should Have To Drive To A Further Location When My Location Use to Be SO GREAT. I Like My Deli Manager Michelle She’s Always Run a Tight Ship and I know That MY PUBLIX Can Once Again Be The BEST Publix in The Neighborhood But This WEEK Was A Horrible Publix Week All the Way to Down to Running out of the The Bryer’s Indulgence Gelatos.. Not a One left on the Shelf..

If There is Any other information I Can Provide You With Feel free to Email me or call me At the Contacts Given.

Thanks For Your Speedy Attention to this Matter..


Sharon Giles October 11, 2014 at 1:51 pm

I just finished shopping at the Lexington, SC location–the bagging load has gotten out
of hand–I had a 48 oz bottle of Wesson Oil, 2 30 oz. bottles of Ajax dish soap, and 2 32 oz. bottles of All Laundry Detergent in one bag. Then I had 4 lbs. of sugar,
3 16 oz. bottles of salad dressing, and 1 6 oz. bottle of olives in another bag. This is not
the first time the bags have been overloaded and I am now completely fed up with this
situation. All the Bag People need to be trained correctly!!!! I love Publix but if I do not
see any changes I will go elsewhere to spend my hard earned money !


John October 8, 2014 at 5:41 pm

i have lived in South Florida for 32 years. I have lived in my current neighborhood in Sunrise, Florida,for 28 years. For decades we were loyal shoppers at Publix. We always felt welcomed and were assisted, all employees were pleasant and helpful. In the last two years the employees seem to be much less helpful, including management. We never went to Winn Dixie before but they have surpassed Publix with customer service and providing a positive pleasant atmosphere in which to shop. It is a shame but there are too many situations to share for explanation. Publix used to be home to us. NO MORE! I go rarely for a few specials. But both Winn Dixie and Wallmart have more product selection, better customer service and much better prices. It’s like loosing an old friend.


Ms Tasha Wilchcombe October 6, 2014 at 10:47 pm

Good night I’m hoping someone reads this. This is my 3rd problem I’ve had at Publix , on a Sunday around the middle of August went for ground beef for spaghetti there was not a single pack available, looked for someone in the meat department no one, so I end up buying ground turkey, 2- why is the price of watermelon and peaches so expensive considering they come from right here in Georgia, who pays $7 plus dollars for a watermelon. 3. I just left Publix with the worst cashier this Monday October 6 at 9:10 pm, this young man was just down right rude he had such an attitude I said to him I see you’re having a bad day but it’s almost over, he had a smart remark for that, so I’m finish baggin my grocery and he drops my receipt on the counter I give him a smile pick up my receipt and he goes sorry mam which was BS. His name is Darren store # 1056 Atlanta Georgia. I live in Miami Florida so I know how Publix operates, sometime should do a surprise visit to this store, you won’t be happy. I’m return a peach after looking at my receipt 1 one PEACH $3.35 how sad is that!!!


Julie September 1, 2014 at 11:57 am

Good Afternoon,

My family and I will be visiting Orlando, Florida next Thursday from the UK. I have already purchased 2 helium balloons for our children as a surprise for when we arrive at the villa we are staying in.

Is it possible I could take them into the Publix store near us (on the 27) and have them filled with helium?



Becky McLaughlin August 30, 2014 at 8:20 pm

I love Publix!!!! But….why is it I have a store 1 mile from me and I have to drive 10 miles to Jay Roughton’s store on Peachland to find the service I am use to after 45 years. Here is why: I arrive at Publix on Toledo Blade at 7:30 pm to prepare for a big event tomorrow…. I wait 12 minutes in the deli because they have only 1 employee… The young man was doing the best he could but there were 6 people in line…. Then I get to the produce department and it is ransacked…. No Romaine lettuce, no pickling cucumbers, no sweet onions… So I ask the clerk in that area and his reply was that it was a really busy day…when I ask for the department manager he said he was on vacation….. So when I check out I asked for the manager…. Told him I wasn’t one to complain but that I was going to have to return to Publix tomorrow because they were out of most produce… His name was Dustin and his reply was “food is ordered by people and machines”. Never said he was sorry…. Just left it with his one comment….. That brought me a lot of consolation…. : ( why be open if you don’t have staff or product???? This store is an embarrassment to your organization. I am a Publix stockholder and this isn’t the way you have trained us in the past. I look forward to hearing from you.


Rosy Ramos August 21, 2014 at 11:10 am

Hello. I would like to know if this company would consider bringing a store to Puerto Rico. I love this supermarket!


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